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Quatrain Ocean Poems | Quatrain Poems About Ocean

These Quatrain Ocean poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Ocean. These are the best examples of Quatrain Ocean poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Sea of Dreams

She drifted on black starlit glass
beneath the full moon bright
captivated by the beauty of
the tranquil, lovely light
floating on the gentle waves
the stars kissed her goodnight
and rocked into her deepest dreams
she floated out of sight

By Morgan Mise
Written January 6, 2013

Copyright © Morgan Mise | Year Posted 2013

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The Lighthouse - Sentinel

The clouds above ooze and billow, And the ocean is howling and thrashing; A lighthouse is lost in the vortex, Oh, will the bricks hold or start crumbling. Wild and angry is the blustering wind, Blowing up huge white foamy waves; Screaming with gale force strength, Oh, will the keepers go to watery graves. Biting cold that thundering whiteness, Frigid and raw and loudly savage; Penetrating and freezing to those trapped, Oh, will the sentinel survive the ravage. Although, I stand in awe of the beauty, I am filled with sheer panic and darkness; The apprehension is upsetting and scary, Oh, the dread and horror and sad distress. ___________________________ April 6, 2016 Quatrain For the contest, Sentinel Quatrain Form, sponsor, Eve Roper First Place

Copyright © Broken Wings | Year Posted 2016

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Out of Water

Here on the shore, no voices spoil 
my peaceful time of early morn.
He comes to beckon where sands roil 
on pristine beach as tides are born.
I call to calm the wind and sea
with victory of a rising sun.
Stirring the silence, he waits for me
to wash in waves before days done.
He guides me to his ocean deep
where blues and greens blend holding hands.
We laugh and watch the dolphins leap.
Then dive to rest on silky sand.
There on the ocean floor, I leave
my every worry, stress and care.
We rise to surface where we weave
our hopes and dreams, tomorrows shared. 
Caressing salted skin, we sleep
here on the shore, no voices spoil.   
Then out of water, blue oceans weep;
waves crash with dreams where harsh sands roil.

Copyright © Rhonda Johnson-Saunders | Year Posted 2015

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The Heart Of The Ocean

You pick me up and fly me away;
Oh my baby, what a beautiful day!
Like a rock, you are strong to withstand the motion,
And your love runs deep, the heart of the ocean.

Copyright © Kevin C. Martin | Year Posted 2013

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One Stormy Night

A storm torn boat thrashed on the ocean waves
As gales of wind knocked out their lanterns’ glow.
A frantic captain yelled “all hands on deck!”
Then watched as sails tore free; they’d moved too slow.

Brave as a lion, captain steered their course
Though jagged rocks scraped ‘gainst the hull with force.
The seamen battled through the dark of night
Until the seas grew calm at morning’s light.

They stood in silence, those that still remained
And bowed their heads for mates who’d met their fate.
Time and eternity told tales of mighty seas
That claimed the brave, then crushed their ships with ease.

Entry in the contest: On the Ocean Waves
Sponsor: Francine Roberts 
Iambic pentameter; no particular rhyme scheme. Three quatrains.

Copyright © Lucretia Crouse | Year Posted 2012

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A Sailor's Tale

I sail across the open sea,
Moonlight kissing my skin,
The rushing waves inviting me,
My voyage finally begins

The air is cool upon my face,
The night is dark as coal,
My sails are flowing at a fast pace,
Sounds of the ocean comfort my soul

Upon the water lays the moon's silhouette, 
A beautiful sight before my eyes,
This memory tonight, I shall never forget,
Sail the night until the sun shall arise

Crashing of waves to and fro,
Silence and solitude I embrace, 
The heart of the ocean I long to know,
Finding myself in this magical place

Wishing upon the nearest star,
Dreaming my dreams on this cool night,
The song of the ocean I hear from afar,
Sailing in darkness until day's coming light

Copyright © Roxie Perry | Year Posted 2014

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Watery Sun

As summer’s hope dreamt it had caught him,
days tallied boardwalk planks one by one.
Candles became golden skies burned dim
beyond evening’s watery sun.

How I tried to help you with my friend,
but she had built a sandcastle there.
Only time and advice left to lend
on a beach came that one morning’s glare.

Another wound to scar that bled youth,
ran over before it had begun.
By the grains of chance and a tanned truth,
tides washed another watery sun.


Copyright © rob carmack | Year Posted 2015

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The Waves

Strolling along Myrtle Beach
Collecting shells in the sand
The waves become hypnotic
And the mood moves into grand.
So many thoughts and memories
Come rushing back with the waves
Thoughts that flood and can’t be stopped,
Some get panned, but some are raves.
Again and again
They flow in and out
Life reliving every decision
Life reliving every doubt.
Then sanity reasserts
For the mind knows what it knows
And hypnosis grinds to a halt
With the sand between my toes.
By E. Marshall Evans

Copyright © Ed Evans | Year Posted 2014

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Our Paradise Island

Our destination is an island out there
In an ocean of blue with sands so fair
It has everything you would want on a paradise isle
Scenery so beautiful you can't help but smile

We set of from the pier in the Florida Keys
Journeying down south going with the breeze
Down to Panama via it's amazing canal
Sailing into the moonlight me and my gal

From ocean to ocean, Atlantic to the Pacific
Through this engineering gem, just incredible, terrific
The expanse we desire is within our sights
Out past the horizon will be many our night

With the waves we sailed to our yonder blue
Amidst colouring skies of beautiful hue
Whilst shapes from the deep shadow our course
Through the waters they ease with effortless force

Ahead in the distance we hear a thunderous crash
Breakers of white in foamy strewn splash
Sea birds aplenty in torpedo dive
Their feeding frenzy for survival strive

We anchor offshore in a lagoon so calm
As we row to the shore viewing delightful palms
Swaying in the breeze like a chorus of arms
On this paradise island showing one of it's charms

We settle into the evening in our new island home
Sleeping into tomorrow around it's shores we will roam
Living life to the full in this blissful surround
Happiness in tranquillity around us abounds

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2010

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The Vikings

The Vikings were a race of men
That conquered many lands
They fought their wars with might and main
And power in their hands
They sailed the sea in dragon ships
Explored and conquered well
But now their greatness lies beneath
The rolling ocean swell

Copyright © Isaiah Zerbst | Year Posted 2013

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A dance of elegance they leap
in grace of movements sweep
moonlights skipping on the waves
upon the circuits the currents paves

A Spanish Dancer twirls her skirt
whose painted like a rainbows shirt
Your works oh Jah blanket the Sea
where creatures frolic internally

Where Leafy Dragons in Reefs foray
the clown fish in anemone play
the razor fish like knives in sand
but foolish men think it's not planned

Where fierce and tender Orca steals
the infant pups of many Seals
where coral forests the oceans floor
the groves of Kelp hide many more

Odd companions the crab and shrimp
who share a hole like common tent
on flows the cisterns of the Deep
the lair where Leviathan do sleep

There flying fish cavort on wing
wild aquatic souls live and sing
here Dolphins cartwheel in escapade
in pods their dancing a parade 

Who understands the Songs of Whales
who carry calves and smack their tails
to starfish who cling the rock of Beaches
here low tides the mussels reaches 

These lives mankind has proved a danger
to poison Seas palace he is no stranger
Here predator man competes with Sharks
in every Sea his fatal marks

The Shark only does his hunt for meal
Mankind's a predator who kill and steal
Toxic pollution down rivers flow
the dead zones that kill the life below

Life perpetuates itself by designers plan
We question it's survival , it's death by Man
Those who love the earth these traits resist
There's too much beauty divinely kissed 

COPYRIGHT © 2014 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

Copyright © Poetryof Providence | Year Posted 2014

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A church by the Ocean

The long waves of the ocean beat
Below the minster grey,
Caverns and chapels worn of saintly feet,
And knees of them that pray.

Watch the low green hills of Windsor                            
The low sky silver grey
One ashen light and no other color
On tower and one lonely tree sway.

But there is HE that woke the sleepless love                        
With more than mortal tears
And there is grave that has been wept above 
Sleeping through many years.

July 13, 2014
Form : Quatrain (ABAB)
Fourth Place Win
Contest: No just that quatrain by Kelly

Copyright © Dr.Ram Mehta | Year Posted 2014

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The Stars Reflection

He sat there on the edge
of the rocks above the shore
lost there in his thoughts
like many times before
he noticed how the water
seemed to glow with life
and for a couple moments he
forgot about his strife
the light came from the moon
high up in the sky
and he longed to be among the stars
but had no wings to fly
so he climbed down from the rocks
and waded past the shore
he drifted away on the stars reflection
with a heavy heart no more

By Morgan Mise
Written January 6, 2013

Copyright © Morgan Mise | Year Posted 2013

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Standing by the Ocean

It's a quiet night
Warm, without a breeze
Stars descend slowly
Into the calm sea

Copyright © Jim Wilson | Year Posted 2009

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Ocean's Rites

The Earth rotates around …spins The moon carries its own power The ocean, it focuses on Seeking the meek, lighthouse tower The waves are created …splash We play within the froth and foam Lowering myself to its side I know its love within the zone Into the sea the sky …reflects Makes the waves a romantic blue Entranced I follow the shoreline There is no greater love than you The heavens and with them …power And the ocean lives with its own I carry along with me strength To survive when the Earth does groan Spins, the world moves for life loved Splash, the oceans crash for desire Reflects, thinks of ancient days past Power, holds enough to quench fire
Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2013

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A Sobering Moment

A most ordinary, a tad-bit hazy day,
Fishing from the pier, a black cat came my way.
A mere kitten she was, "was she wearing a hat?"
a man's blue top hat? a black, blue-eyed girl cat?

She sauntered on down and I could tell, this is odd.
I called out, "Here, kitty!" as I reeled in my rod.
I offered her a fish I was gonna throw back
"I don't eat fish!" she scowled, giving my catch a whack.

"Just, who you calling, Kitty?" she sneered in exhale,
"Watch this!" she attacked me, put her hat on the rail.
She took off in a huff, forgetting her prize
trotting into the sand as I blinked my eyes.

I went back to fishing but I watched that chapeau.
It changed colors three times, taking on a red glow
and floated on the ocean waves out of eye's reach
as I heard my wife calling from down the beach.

I gathered my gear, got up, somewhat less canned. 
My wife claimed the red hat as it reached the land
jawing on about some ladies society,
or was she yakking about sobriety?

Copyright © Reason A. Poteet | Year Posted 2012

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A tale of suffering at sea

Lost in the ocean with you by my side
For our survival we solely relied
On each other's wills and in you I confide
Until one stormy night you were swept with the tide

I cried as the thunder crashed up in the clouds
Floating alone, I swore to make you proud
Instinctual survival with which I'm endowed
Though hurt to the core for I thought you had drowned

I drifted and floated, I saw planes and ships
I yelled and I waved, this surely was it
I thought they would save me but none of them did
Left to drift on for what felt like years

I slept on some driftwood, awaking unharmed
To my amazement the water was calm
The sun, it shone down and it raised the alarm
For on the horizon a beach littered with palms

As I drew closer, malnourished and dazed
Flashback to the moment you were lost to the waves
I heard cries from the island but I was unfazed
Because you were lost, I cared not to be saved

A man swam out to fetch me, he pulled me to shore
His friends clothed me and fed me in a hut with no door
I glanced to the corner, don't believe what I saw
An old television with a face I'd seen before

I ran to the beach, I screamed to the sky
Ecstatic, euphoric, I welled up inside
The torment I'd been through was left far behind
For I knew in that moment that you were alive!

Copyright © Isaac Rye | Year Posted 2015

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Ocean Waves

Life of endless ups and downs
with a stroke of luck to survive.
Breath deep before living drowns
and everything real takes a dive.

Like ocean waves, existence brief
and sketchy; ripple to confuse.
Take a stand, search for reef
before there’s nothing else to choose.

Strength comes from a hardened core
that is true through spiritual gravity.
Unleash within to flow to shore
refill an empty cavity.   

Copyright © 2015 By Caryl S. Muzzey 

Copyright © Caryl Muzzey | Year Posted 2015

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Fantasy Fish in a Fantasy Ocean Contest

Fantasy Fish In a Fantasy Ocean Contest
Sponsor: Julia Ward

               From reality to imaginary,
                   Fantasized by unrestricted reason,
                      Mental images sink below the ocean,
                            These are the aquatic creatures this season.

               This gigantic body of water,
                   No longer blue with a green tint,
                        Has become a nature mystery,
                             Now a deep purple aquatint. 

                The cold-blooded creatures,
                     No more gills and no eyes to see,                         
                         Pectoral fins connected to each other,
                              Making it very hard to flee.

               Their caudal fin helps them swim,
                     It has grown six feet long,
                          With a measure of three feet in width,
                               Making the main fin very strong.

                 That is just my favorite fish, Bassy Trout,
                         I've seen thirty-five thousand more,
                              All unlike in nature and vibrant,
                                   From global warming they have morphed.

                   Red, orange, yellow and blue,
                         All rainbows swimming in the purple,
                             Pink, green, cerulean and black,
                                  Sleep all day, and at night nocturnal.

                   This is no dramatic day dream,
                         Or a strange obsolete hallucination, 
                             I've sailed the oceans determined,
                                  To see God's beautiful creation.

Written By: Laura Urbaniak
Date: November 18, 2015

Copyright © Laura Loo | Year Posted 2015

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Hermit Crab

Scurrying across the ocean floor
leaving faint tracks in the sand
moving sideways to go forward
nothing mapped or even planned.

The sand is always shifting
ever changing the terrain
all creatures are in hiding
misdirected or insane.

Go on and on forever
waving claws in wild defense
abandoned ocean creatures know
that none of this makes sense.

Seaweed waving, beckoning
hypnotic dance of death
trust not the grinning clown fish
blowing bubbles with their breath.

The ancient crusty oyster shell
protects the tender meat
a grain of sand the irritant
spits pearls in mock defeat.

The current is relentless
overwhelming constant motion
and serenity's unheard of
at the bottom of the ocean.

Copyright © Danielle White | Year Posted 2008

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Two Lenses

In my youth, summer meant spending my days at the beach,
Trying to get that ultimate dark tan,
A large bottle of baby oil always within reach,
Laying out and sizzling like bacon in a pan!

In my mature years the beach is still a lot of fun,
I spread my towel evenly upon the sand,
Staying under the umbrella’s shade and never in the sun,
With my bottle of SPF 50 always close at hand!

written on 2/21/16 for "Two Lenses" contest sponsored by Sara Kendrick

Copyright © Genevieve Mika-Stevens | Year Posted 2016

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Ali'i Drive

Famed gold crepuscular rays angling down Knifing in between, through volcanic haze Hualalai and Mauna Loa’s crowns Fire Goddess Pele greets fresh island day Fuchsia blooms explode, steal attention Pollens mingle on zephyr coastal breeze Hallowed entry, this tropic dimension Surf thunder backdrop, soundtrack of the sea Running shoes crunching the roadside lava Kaleidoscopic blooms, soon to transmute Mango, papaya, lilikoi, guava Untended harvest of paradise fruit Slow tempo set to the island perfume Soul dances in the fragrant sensation Unbridled speed would be this journey’s doom Not to give in to the exultation Entering town, the cast of characters Pungent whiffs of spoiled fish atop stale rice Green Shangri-La’s dingy inheritors Tropical Bukowski's frayed paradise Amphetamine native, drawn skin and bones Wincing eyes, loose grasp, cigarette homespun Tribal markings long burnt, faded blue tones Completed journey, dark side of the sun Manicured denizens clutter the way Fair guests at the Royal Lik’a’Heini Young surf seekers grimace to greet the day Pakalolo Hostel, skunk-and-briny Volta at the pier, Triathlon’s temple Hallowed asphalt, footfalls of history World’s smartest man living life so simple Broom pushing, tune whistling, smiling at me I should run faster; it's Ali’i Drive Temple of Ironman’s Marathon pride Vainglorious dreams have boiled alive Burgeoning pace, a seaside suicide Fair breeze has halted, sharp rays now reigning Blanket of torpor fights progress forward Through fragrant pillow, all fight is draining A ballistic migraine arcing southward Demons exorcised, sultry purgation, Epic journey ends in clear sacred brine Feet dive in wet sand, a bless’t sensation Gaia’s ocean of sweat swallowing mine 4/28/16 © Thomas W. Quigley

Copyright © Tom Quigley | Year Posted 2016

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The countless flights of noisy seagulls
seem like my days once idled away,
sitting by the ocean appeasing the relentless loneliness of my blues...
beyond that horizon, so traveled by ships, another sunset faded away.

Being brought here by destiny's hasteness,
I am unable to return to my adored land...
hinderd by unknown forces more devastating than summer's violent storms and hurricanes;
even the gentlest breeze can erase those memories still imprinted into the smooth sand. 

Springs have been short and winters last much longer, 
and only the red Lighthouse surrenders to darkness;
the gelid winds of the North batter the snow-decorated docks making the waves rise higher;
this calm harbor resembles a Norvegian fiord from where the Vikings left in small vessels.

Serenity is deeply felt, but not readily greeted as in other milder seasons,
and I can endure the harshness of any winter day with this heavy coat...
the cold and hungry beggar could use it and keep herself warm and sleep peacefully at night;
where's she? I've been sitting by the ocean, she hasn't come to melt away my frozen tears!

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2010

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Front Row Seats - Sentinel

Shards of raindrops shatter against
vigorous winds of a maelstrom
touching the top of an erect pillar
Brave and ready for martyrdom. 

A percussion of drums ensues
to delight the Makers Phantom
accompanied by claps and snaps
fulfilling tradition and custom.

Sounds reach impossible soaring heights
that stretch beyond the farthest kingdom
and finds the peak of uncontrolled descent
which echoes through the pillars bosom.

Triumphant bass dawns the finale
Bellowing from below the bottom
As quickly as the song arose it falls
To keep the pillar ready at random. 

Sentinel Contest
~7 April 2016~

Copyright © Lukas Ficklin | Year Posted 2016

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Transparently wild Sentinel

TRANSPARENTLY WILD. Sentinel. Ghosh! a cataclysmic mega quake in its menace, rumbling tertiary large water wall roars. Engulfs the red shining bright cutie sentinella, that stands melancholic but firm with no fears. Oh! the rustle of the wavy crescendo and a thud, merciless devastation proceeds to swallow. Coarse tsunami heads for its mission, hopefully peeps the light with glow facing the throw. Yes! come what may,it will not budge, to direct,protect land and save more lives. To save mother earth from severe wounds, under its surveillance,its foresight thrives. Ah! the fierce aggressive waves carry on, changing colours from white,crystal to beige, All the more cinderous it gets expanding on shore. In its struggle, the lighthouse will not age. Quatrains with line 2 and 4 with same rhyme and same syllables. 1 st quatrain-11 syllables. 2 nd quatrain-12 syllables. 3 rd quatrain-10 syllables. 4 th quatrain-10 syllables. Contest:Sentinel. Sponsor:Eve Roper. 11/2/2016

Copyright © Rizwana Bhurani | Year Posted 2016

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Lighthouse Sentinel Collaboration with Stephen Pennell

Lighthouse Sentinel Mountainous seas roaring straight in your face Where the clouds and the waves meet The lighthouse stands defiant, man's sentinel Mankind braves nature to save the fleet Standing on her pedestal unwilling to relinquish Her eternal roll to the frothing rages of the sea The lion roars trashing its waves to extinguish, But the watchtower refuses to buckle to bend the knee The crashing wave wraps itself around A fleeting hug from one of life's true bullies Releases then returns cold to the touch Treating man's attempts at defense as follies Her shivering and drenched embodiment Endures its deadly dark flooding wrath Hindering navigating movements Of sailor’s Guardian Angel’s path Like lions waiting to be fed The storm devours all in its way relentless wave length Ignoring man's conceit as natures master With Its ever growing powers and show of strength. 4/16/2016 By: Eve Roper Collaboration With Stephen Pennell

Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2016

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        In panic’s metered dirge,
           A sentinel of hope;
          Amid a parlous surge,
      One swirling lumened rope.

   Vexed vessels churn and gaze,
         In rabid waves of froth,
       For safety’s tethered rays,
  Through nature’s taloned swath.

 One hopes that through the rage,
      Lost souls will see the light;
   Veer toward that flickered sage
      …Escape Poseidon’s smite.

              **09 Apr 2016**

Copyright © david mohn | Year Posted 2016

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Angel Across Oceans

A for Angel who loyally hums another anthem 
Adam's role in my life he himself cannot fathom
Across the oceans he streams out opportunities
My dormant dream he fulfilled with unruffled ease.

March 29, 2016
The Alphabet Contest : A For Angel

Copyright © Balveen Cheema | Year Posted 2016

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If you are the ocean 2

 So  quiet the tidal blue pooled eye,

what seashell dreams lie on this oceans' floor?

what jagged stones of grief and love and hate,

are tossed and smoothed 

before they go ashore?

  and far below the surface of your soul

what pearl like dreams are shut tight

from the sun?

in every part the ocean is a whole

there is no end,

where nothing has begun.

Copyright © Johnette Loefgren | Year Posted 2006