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Quatrain Miracle Poems | Quatrain Poems About Miracle

These Quatrain Miracle poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Miracle. These are the best examples of Quatrain Miracle poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Blackberry Winter

Down where the blackberries now bloom
      Blackberry winter is near
Jack Frost comes tonight maybe doom
      With you here there's no fear

'Oar's frost might kill the early plants
       But in dreams they returned
Strong and better for fall's harvest
       Orange pumpkins weren't doomed

Blackberry winter has entered 
       My life left me barren
Devoid of warmth feeling much strifed
       Need again warmth of grandchildren

Holding little one close_ touch softness
       Strange how one misses small
Things like tenderness, acceptableness
        A kiss that comforts squall

Blackberry winter here to stay
        Or  miracle will come
For a miracle  steadily pray
        Baby on knee awesome

Copyright © Sara Kendrick

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My Christmas Miracle

. If I could have a Christmas miracle, I would surely like to go Back to Mama’s bounteous table And the ones that I loved so. My dear daddy would still be there, My brothers and my son, My young husband and my mama Before the sad times had begun. And because this is a miracle, My sweet granddaughter too, Would be sitting by her grandpa Whom in life she never knew. My daddy would give the prayer of thanks, The rest would say amen. When all the food was passed around Grand feasting would begin. Every morsel would taste just like it did, When I was an active child And had whetted up my appetite With hours of running wild. My brothers would do some joshing, My daddy would joke a bit. With so much love around that table You could stick a fork in it. Not another thing could I ask for Nor more blessings from above, It I could have a day again Of such pure and endless love.

Copyright © Joyce Johnson

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My own Treasure Chest

While walking on a sunny beach
I suddenly gave out a screech
For my feet tapped
Down to a dark trap

It was none other than a chest
Written on it was, for the best
I opened it at last at dusk
And wowed at its fragrance of musk

A gem was placed in it
Colored bright and pulsating like a spirit
Full of life, it spoke
Thou must not take me for a joke

For I have the portal
I am the one so magical
With me, you shall travel
All over the universe O sheer Marvel

Keeping the gem safe
Finding in it hidden solace
My treasured chest became my grace
And became my most precious mace!

Copyright © Anoucheka Gangabissoon

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It's like a weight lifted off of my heart;
I am no longer torn apart.
Thank God you are safe;
Everything is okay.

Copyright © Kevin C. Martin

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Breath of Love

The life that breathes in me would be no more
If the breath of love would not have been shown to me
Life did push me to my knees, living did become sore
But that spark of love did revive my soul willingly

I did not ask for it
I expected not to be given such a treat
I did choose the worst
Hoping it would quench my soul's thirst

But when love shone, I melted away
Caring not whether the skies remained blue or grey
For love of such kind is given to few
Love of such kind is the only kind of love that is true

Armed with it, I now can smile once again
For its breath did blow away my pain
Life is now made of sweetness
That Love did wash away its bitterness!

Love, love, love, being the cause of everything
Love, being so true, so fulfilling
To my beloved I shall say thus, thank you for your breath
If not for it, I would have indeed already met with my death!

Copyright © Anoucheka Gangabissoon

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Nature's Lesson For Parents

I watched a hatching baby chick
struggling to break free from its shell
that was its home for many days
but now was time to say farewell

Mom had pecked into the shell
a tiny hole to start the process
She did her part dutifully
Now the chick must do the rest

I felt sorry for the struggling chick
and could almost feel the pain
I wanted to break off the shell
thinking it would ease the strain

Then I remembered someone said
The chick must struggle on its own 
to start its heart and lungs working
for it to become fully grown

I stood and watched as a miracle
unfolded right in front of me
All by itself the chick broke out
and stood there so cute and furry

There is a lesson here for parents
who are raising a family
Be protective of your children
but do not do it overly

*I actually witnessed this event.
I wrote this after reading Evrod Samuel's

john beharry, Any poem/Any form - for new poets of soup, 12/1/2013

Copyright © john beharry

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Stand and deliver

Shot out like a cannon ball
As mother lay there in her bed
Twisted and contorted 
Push down hard the nurse had said
Audience at bottom end
Were quick to save the head
What a pair of lungs cried out
Went from purple blue to red
Cleaned up cord cut and swaddled
Poor child's hungry wants be fed
Mum and dad proud as can be
Holding babe that they have bred

Copyright © Anna-Marie Docherty

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Miracle of the Hudson

On early Thursday morning, 
  Terror filled the New York sky.
And two engines were disabled,
  By a flock of birds passing by.

Departing from La Guardia,
  Bound for Charlotte, N.C.
US Airways flight 1549,
  Departed at 3:24 from NYC.

And moments after departure,
  A calm subtle voice was heard.
Stating to brace for impact,
  Before the impact occurred.

The plane essentially became,
  A 170,000 pound glider.
As the 58-year old captain,
  Became the flights safety provider.

And in a controlled descent,
  He steered the disabled craft.
Over the George Washington bridge,
  And safely sailing it like a raft.

155 passengers survived as his,
  Courage and heroism was outstanding.
On 1-15-09, the pilot of pilots, 
  Performed an amazing splash landing.

Inspired by the courage and heroism 
of Captain Chesley B. Sullenberger, III,
for the Miracle of the Hudson on 1-15-09

Copyright © Raul Moreno

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Miracle in the Mine

Miracle in the Mines

Dear Lord, you’ve been with them thus far
Please stay with them until they’re out.
They’ve shared unselfishly what they had.
They know what brotherly love’s about.

Please be with those who seek a way
To bring those buried men to light.
Seventeen days before they were found,
Not knowing whether day or night.

Please soften the rock through which they drill
And make their refuge stay secure.
Please keep their minds and thoughts on you
If four long months they must endure.

May their loved one’s voices comfort them
And let them know the whole world cares.
Loving people everywhere
Remember them with fervent prayers.

By:  Joyce Johnson

Copyright © Joyce Johnson

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Miracle Mending

In the air these miracles swirling, 
Swinging down to hold her, twirling
Dancing in disparity,
tears filling oceans to cope,  
Another day to keep on living 
in the arms of divine given hope...

Copyright © Tatyana Carney