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Quatrain Loss Poems | Quatrain Poems About Loss

These Quatrain Loss poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Loss. These are the best examples of Quatrain Loss poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The Whispered Song

The warrior lays her weary head, 
With heavy heart she cannot bear, 
Burning tears stream down her face, 
As whispered memories touch the ear.

Her armour tarnished by remorse, 
Her battle-cry a wimpered row, 
Her wounds, of which bleed solitude, 
Will never know forgiveness now.

The song began two score ago, 
When two came knocking at her door, 
In need of refuge from the world, 
Of that, and love, and little more.

Forced to fight for every smile, 
Her only solace found in song, 
She longed for love to rescue her, 
And plant her where she could belong.

Jealous tongues are seldom kind, 
Self-seeking hearts know nought of love, 
The caged canary only sings, 
When coaxed to praise from up above.

For the steely spine that now I own, 
Forever shall I grateful be, 
A gift from her, and from her own. 
Courage mounted inwardly.

I'll not forget how I have loved thee, 
And youthful memories I will prize, 
Til on the shore of His forgiveness, 
Whereto now, we both shall rise.

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Living In the Past

Play for me, Long May You Run,
to shed a tear and reminisce
of open roads when life begun,
to think of those now gone and missed.

Play for me a tender song
to share with some good friends like you.
Let's laugh and cry and sing along.
I know you feel the way I do.

Faced with the choice of moving on
or falling in the past's abyss,
I'd rather meet each day's new dawn
with those dear souls I love and miss.

Long may they run, sun-kissed somehow, 
though I have changed so much since then.
I wonder if they'd know me now
and warm me with their love again.

Inspired by Neil Young's Long May You Run, 11/12/2014

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My Torment

A fleeting still small voice tries to warn me
A sudden overwhelming desire to run
The tell tale taste of metallic flakes
Means my nightmare has begun

Everything around takes on a ghostly pallor
A landscape of anguish and corrosion
A moment of silence before the violence
The flash of light, the brilliant explosion

The sound of the Sun fills my ears
Fear, my throat, though none escapes me
And paralyzed I clench my eyes
As my tormentor prepares to rape me

And it's endeavor is absolute
Consumption is its ultimate goal
It exists to chase me so it can erase me
Whilst feasting on my soul

And then that familiar salty smell 
The sudden rush of warmth so stings
Engaging me relentlessly
In vile unspeakable things

Over and over and over again
My limbs stretched and wrought
As it's teeth tear my bones bare
It's mind defiles my thoughts

And still wounds beget wounds beget wounds
As in the mouth of madness I suffer
And with every injury he just seems to be
Rougher and rougher and rougher

Then just as suddenly as it began it ceases
And for a moment I am clearer
And then the true horror of it all
Is revealed in a darkly lit mirror

There in front of me stands my destroyer
Face flush with it's fill of my pain
And I find that it's eyes and mine
My God, they’re one in the same

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Another Hand

God touched another hand
as last breath slipped away.
Cradled a loved one’s head
as hearts began to pray. 

God whispered I love you
while angels near him stood.
Raised his soul to heaven 
cause He promised He would.

God granted his soul peace
from life of constant pain.
Freed body from struggles
and further family strain.

God allowed him to love
to know all life’s pleasure.
But God loves him more than
one can ever measure.

Copyright © 2011 By Caryl S. Muzzey

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Shrouds of Mist

Shrouds of mist did cloak the day.
Whispering winds with list did play.
Upon the graves of human minds
shrouds of mist were left behind.....

Well-wrought webs of darkness dim
vibrant thoughts held within.
The minds of humans do decay
as shrouds of mist on sorrow play.

Shrouds of mist did cloak the day
as waves of senses swept away
and all of those who dare rebel
were swiftly grasped and swirled to hell.

*Written at 16

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One picture at a time

A toddlers Crayola masterpiece marks the box
Where the story of our days now tarry
Passages tilting the axis of a bittersweet equinox
As photographs eclipse yesterday and today unvaried 

The plans we made for a life
After years of work and worry
Useless installments when your partner dies
The crumbling of everything you once held firmly

Riveted, uprooted with every slide
Scenes of "our time" bring you back to life
I step from earth, you from the sun, for yet another goodbye
And the dam finally collapses behind brave hazel eyes

But not the brokenness your death left behind
Still, though no more than ashes it resides
Like faded photographs etched in the mind
Fanning the embers... one picture at a time

Rage rises, for you left me alone
Without refuge for all life's trials
And our sons fatherless before they were grown 
Every step feeling more like a mile

I've grieved so long 
And tried to move on
Like river water never looking back
But it's motion sings the the words to our song

Leaving me afraid I'll never belong
Or live out the plan we devised
For all my days my efforts give way
Blundering, burdened and blind

How does one truly recover
When the mate of their soul is no more
Or pass from one realm to yet another
When the walls of your heart no longer have a door? 

Frustration builds like Lego towers
toppling to the floor under the weight of the world
Is it grief or something disguised by cowards
When a heart gets stuck from the pain that it's learned? 

This ode to a man 
Who in covenant took my hand
The marriage equator engraved a permanent mark...
For his death left a total eclipse of my heart

Crazy as a loon
But my God... how I loved you
My eyes fixed upon our favored moon
And I wonder... Do you miss me too?

Anniversaries used to be a joyous accomplishment
Marking years of selfless love made
Now it serves only an acknowledgement 
Of a life interrupted by a cruel twist of fate

Of ill trusted hopes 
And a future unmade
For us left behind to cope
With memories and photographs fading away

On this the 2nd anniversary...
            Of your passing away

In memory of my husband of 25 years
Charley Romani 
(My Beloved)

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As Far As I Can

Sore to the bone
Running on a drop of energy
Just gotta push through
I'll rest eventually

My shoulder has gone numb
But my body feels her weight
As if she's gotten heavy
Since her unconscious state

If I could, I'd stop right now
But who knows how safe it is here
And if I could even start again
I may fall asleep I fear

Soon my body will give up
But I'll make it as far as I can
And hopefully haven isn't too far
And I can put her in helping hands

Walking all day and night
It's hard not to think on past
And any thought I come up with
Has me struggling to hold sobs back

I've kept my ears open
Trying to focus on only sounds
But all I keep on hearing
Is my shoes crunch on foreign grounds

Bang. I hear it softly.
So far but still so near.
Bang. Another gunshot sounds
And I've collapsed in fear.

I close my eyes but another goes off
This time in a memory
And now I'm filled with rage
At how repulsive humans can be

My thoughts turn to my baby
Slipping off of my shoulder
I set her down and examine her
Bloodstained gown and skin colder

My worst nightmare but it can't be true
I listen in for her sweet breath
No. No No. No No. No No.
What's this silence? This isn't death.

This time I don't close my eyes
I see a sight that makes me sob
Memory of the last I saw my wife
And now my baby's with her mom.

Each one of us left covered in crimson
By a monster, a gunshot, a blow
Their death is the death of me.
This is as far as I can go.

May 2010
Inspired by Morris Gleitzman's novel "Once," a historical fiction about a boy in Poland
during the Holocaust.

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Eyes To See

Today was much like yesterday
another day to hide...
The feelings anchored to my soul
carrying wounded pride

I try my best to wear the mask
and hope she doesn’t see...
Yet deep inside my heart I know
my love has eyes to see

It’s hard to carry on each day
when all I do is cry...
But even though you see no tears 
there is a flood inside

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The Vietnam War

The pro-Hanoi Vietcong many years ago
In the 1950's Diem's government they'd overthrow
All opposition was crushed killed or jailed
These elected ones to their people they failed

This Buddhist country so religious in belief
Now politically torn apart, impending future grief
In the early 1960's with the CIA in place
Discussing with Vietnam's generals, Diem, assassinated in disgrace

With the Vietcong army, growing from strength to strength
Another communist foothold, going to any lengths
In 1965, with 3500 U.S. Marines in place
By December of that year, 200,000 in many a base

These U.S. Marines, in their defensive mode
Over the coming months, peace would soon erode
With the Tet Offensive upon us, and the "Battle of Hue"
The Americans were now involved, this bloody war now brews

One decision to end this conflict, came in 1969
Nixon sent 18 B-52s, bordering Soviet airspace line
He wanted to show he was capable, to end this bloody war
But as the months and years progressed, the body count would soar

The anti-war movement was gathering strength, also in 1969
But the "Green Beret Affair" started to undermine
A U.S. Army platoon raped and pillaged, the village of My Lai
Where civilians were massacred, and many left to die

In 1970-71, Cambodia incurred wars wrath
Where they and the country Laos, were in the U.S. bombing path
Also in 71, there was the cutting of the Ho Chi Minh trail
But arms and supplies got through, this mission to no avail

Later in the same year, the Anzac's withdrew their soldiers
The U.S. also reduced, many of theirs from Vietnam's borders
In 1973, Nixon declared the suspension of offensive action
The Paris Peace Accords took place, peace with this warring faction

Between the years 73 - 74 under Trà, the Vietcong grew in strength
There was no mass offensive, to lure the Americans to their trench
Gradually they marched to their target, to see their enemies eyes
To their city of Saigon, now over a million humans have died

The average age of the American to die in this bloody war
Was just nineteen years old, never knowing what they were fighting for
So many came home from this horror, leaving themselves behind
Because so many came home different, home with a different mind

Even to this day, many Americans look back and ask
Why their elected Congress, feed them to these tasks
The sad thing about Vietnam, it continues to this present day
Where governments make decisions, asking guns to hear their say

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Never a Day Goes By

Never a day goes by when she walks the shore alone
Grief stricken she has become now his spirits having flown
Seafaring was in his blood, ancestral like his past
For the seas take no prisoners, life very seldom lasts

Never a day goes by when she walks the shore alone
Her heart forever tormented for his seed shall never be sown
She weeps constantly for the love that grew with her soul
To grow old in their marriage, having children their only goal

Never a day goes by when she walks the shore alone
Loyalty in her remains as the past decades have always shown
The stone that now lays in remembrance, stands battered and worn
For the seas display their wrath, leaving the future of some unborn

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Average Age 19

Once again, the powers that must
In rise again in what we trust
An overseas conflict, another war
Just what in the hell are we fighting for

Families are asking, Korea has just passed
Generations again reft, how long will it last
A country in need, to rebuild again
Flags at half mast, in wind and rain strain

Once again into war, sent by the Washington Post
To send back reports to hit home the most
Military observers were the first to be sent in
Another chapter of man entering existing sin

I'm witnessing our ariel power, Lam Son 719
US planners determine their incursion, saying all will be fine
Along the Mekong River, we'll carpet bomb their supply trail
Tons of munitions and napalm, this spread surely cannot fail

Many sorties are being flown, for the wounded and the dead
Whilst Nixon and his cronies, aren't thinking with their heads
The news of losses has reached me, nineteen have been killed
Eleven missing, fifty nine wounded, more American blood spilled

Seven fixed wing aircraft, more sons in action loss
Whilst back at home more protests, fading the dyeing's gloss
To to this job that I do, I was never prepared for this
To witness such bloody scenes, and ignore that life is bliss

How can I write about a soldier, whose name I'll never know
Killed at nineteen years old, his family he'll never see grow
Or even explain to his parents, when carried from the AH-1
His body bullet riddled and limp, when lifted it bloodily run

I never went back to the theatre, called the Vietnam War
Having witnessed the wanton killing, what were we fighting for
This colonial conflict that started, us on the side of France
So many came back as strangers, many to live in trance

James Fraser's entry into the contest " WORLD OF WAR: VIETNAM "

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Alone in the Dark

Evening softly pours down from the hills..
The birds quiet , I hear the old dog bark
Another day will soon be put to sleep
And again I will be alone in the dark

The scent of lilac now comes to me..
The breeze gentle as a baby's sigh
The old back porch a haven now
As I prepare myself to say goodbye

Never thinking it would be this way..
So many days without much meaning
Hearing the creak of the rocking chair
Now to the past my thoughts are leaning

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If You Ever Cross Me

I am never jealous, but theirs an evil in my eye
Step forward and cross me, and soon you'll wonder why
No matter where you are, it doesn't matter where you hide
For I'm the clever one, who'll find you and watch you slide

There are some things that you will never own, nor I, so read my words
For if I have to find a reason, my actions are seldom heard
These actions I speak about, are the watching of your life fade
And the squealing through your last breath, your body in dying cascade

I am never jealous, but theirs an evil in my eye
Step forward and dare to cross me, and soon you'll wonder why
The world is small enough, it takes nothing for me to try
I can only ever promise, take what is never yours, and you will rightly die

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She sits upon the hightest point
to deal with crushing blows
A place where she can be alone
and where no one will know

A place with perfect solitude
to contemplate her loss
Where she can cry or scream out loud
and no one comes across

She looks for meaning to it all
no answers can be found
She replays moments in her mind
but silence all around

The wind blows gently through her hair
some comfort from her pain
But soon her troubles reappear
and then it starts again

She knows her life is different now
but where to go from here?
This wasnt how it should have been
her heart is filled with fear

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Swallowed Death

I wade the waterside enticing death.
The sea extols the brash to th’ outermost
Abyss. A ‘know it all’, I challenged this 
Watery host.

I capsized in the tumultuous seas;
I’m in the heart of the abyssal deep.
The billowing waters; they crest and fall,
Enmesh and sweep.

Disjointed and astray from sight, I strive
Complacently for that redemptive shoal.
This mortuary that’s surrounding me
Entombs my soul.

I look toward the surface as I scan
The depth of darkness for some tethered hope.
I clutch my hands into the obvious
End of my rope.

The moorings are beyond my grasp. I gasp
And struggle for air as I hold my breath.
The hint is clear enough; I closed my eyes
And swallowed Death.

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Farewell To Her

I grieve a life that can't exist
for things that could not be
of cherished plans that upped and left
of a girl no longer me

I grieve my dreams that slumber on
that I can not wake from sleep
and as another does drift away
for it's emptiness I weep

I mourn the loss of who I was
of possibilities and more
and wave farewell to a life not had
as she walks out through the door

I sit and ache for what is not
for the girl that can't be me
of things that only might have been
for the she that can not be.

Brian Strand's contest 'A first 50 posting' (July 2011)
1st place

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History Lesson

Crimson mist in the Dallas sky,
a frantic wife's mad dash.
The world watched us as we cried
for hope gone in a flash.

Brilliant poet with timeless verse
and enduring message of peace.
A murderous fan fulfilled his curse.
Does lunacy ever cease?

Perfect day in the city
until the towers fell.
Religious zealots who had no pity.
Their resting place is hell.

So look at history if you can
and learn from such hindsight.
As long as evil has a plan
we must not quit the fight.

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A Letter to My Son

Your going has left a hole in my heart that time,
The Great Healer, cannot repair.
Your going has left a hole in my existence
That forever and beyond will not heal,
A hole ever expanding from its own nothingness,
A hole through which all the goodness,
All the kindness of you is slipping through.
You were my sounding board.
Trite ideas offered, came back
Enhanced, brilliant and sparkling.
Borrowing intelligence from you, I grew wiser.
Doors opened before me as I strove to be worthy
Of you, my beloved son.
I go on now as you would have me do,
Searching in Nature for the joy 
You found in its wonders.
Hearing bird songs with your ears,
Relating to others with your empathetic instincts.
Striving, ever striving to be the person
And mother that you believed me to be
And never letting your memory grow dim
For those you loved and for whom you sacrificed.

You came into this world with a wisdom
That did not come from me.
I thank God each day for His lending you to me
For the time that I had you near
And I cling to His promise
That I will see you again.

I could not tell from whence you came,
Born with a wisdom that did not come from me,
And I do not know where you have gone,
Part of myself, the better part--into Eternity.

Originally entered as verse


A Letter to my Son

Your going has left a hole in my heart
That Time, that great healer cannot repair.
Your going  left  space in my existence
That forever and more will still be there.

Ever expanding from it nothingness
A hole from which your goodness has slipped through.
The kindnesses you wore as a halo
Have disappeared as well since I lost you.

I used you as a sounding boad to measure
The wisdom and the beauty of the world.
Your ideas were so clear and brilliant,
Through you my own best aptitudes unfurled.

I'm trying to live up to your standards.
I want to be more worthy of you, Son.
You told me once I was the perfect mother,
And with you life was such a lot of fun.

I thank God every day for loan of you.
The time we had was more than worth the pain.
And now I'm clinging tight to his promise
That some day I will see you once again. 

I do not know from whence you came,
Blessed with wisdom  that did not come from me.
Each day I pray I know where you have gone;
Taking my heart into Eternity.

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Burning Sins

It is for sure, not springtime here
Shorter days now how bare His trees.
And looking back draws eyes to tear
For waste and loss of all my greed.

To sail the seas and not return
My ship sinks in the straight of dire.
Its keel has split, its hull to burn, 
A spark to start my driftwood fire.

My greed will feed this driftwood fire.
Heap high this waif to be no loss.
No wisdom from my follies liar
Burn high! Oh! Burn you holocaust.

My ship of dreams I build no more
Fragments be hacked my vain desire
To toss like trash and be ignored
Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.

Self-indulgence fed driftwood fire
Now as to turn from what it seems
Left to me a works of priers
Never to sail my ship of dreams.

I pondered from my window long
Fanning my passion ever higher.
I cursed His name to sing my song, 
A blast to stoke this driftwood fire.

Arrogance torched this driftwood fire.
Let my sins perish with my ships.
To right my wrongs I now aspire.
So let them burn without my kiss.

Resurrecting souls dreams have killed
To pull myself from deep quagmire.
And warm my heart which time has chilled.
Remorse now fuels my driftwood fire.

Self-pride will feed my driftwood fire.
These cords of which I gladly burn
Dreams or follies of mud are mire
No loss to me and no concern.

I've heard the sirens song too long
Uncharted seas with sails which tire.
With all my dreams and fancies gone
Let crackling rings my driftwood fire.

Steam hisses from this driftwood fire.
Stream's me toward sweet isles of peace
Bright flash and gleam of my attire
Shall fall in lour of my decease.

For fortuned Isles my eyes have cryed.
My dreams I leave to whom I sire
I'm cremated before I die
Consumed within this driftwood fire.

Upon my filthy, driftwood fire
When in my grave I take my task
Point for my Lord my vain desires
As chilled ember and cooling ash.

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Jesus Christ, a Maverick

“Hate the sin and love the sinner”,
This maverick King of Jews declared.
He was like no king before him,
And none could be to him compared.

“Let he who has not sinned,” he said,
“Cast the first stone, should he so dare.”
And all the guilty parties stayed
Their deadly missiles in midair.

This King had no powerful weapons.
He ruled by purest love alone.
He feared not to touch a leper,
Nor die for our sins to atone.

At betrayal in the garden
He kindly healed the soldier’s ear.
And before it even happened
He had forgiven Peter’s fear.

On the cross, he asks forgiveness
For all of those who caused his death.
Forgiving of wicked sinners,
Was this maverick with last breath.

He forgave his wicked …accuser……..
Who laughed and called him a loser.
They didn’t understand him.
Although his future grim
He bore heavy cross
Deemed it no loss.
Our king died
We cried,

I tweaked my quatrain by adding a nonet form as last verse.

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The Mirrors Spoke

The fear of her looks
Became thorns in her side
Her images were shattered
Because the mirrors decide

This beautiful girl
Who sees a different face
She hears the world laughing
No matter where she is in place

In her bedroom at home
She faces her demons alone
Unknown to her family
For years she has roamed

In her dreams one night
She receives her wish
Surrounded by mirrors
She cuts her wrists

Because the fear of her looks
Had penetrated so deep inside
This beautiful girl
Who now, no longer resides

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grant me grace
walking through
this ghost of faith

burn the edge
of my desire
numb the burn
red of fire

my dullest friend
let me wake
and sleep again

blur my fate
bring me low
humble quiet
liquid soul

dream no more
search not of
look not for

passion's gate
deep within
dreams will float
a lake of sin

oh life unsure
blurring  days
a quiet cure

yes I thought
more in youth
now a lie
blessed truth

your will is mine
live between
space of time

bring me forth
heaven's gate
lacking love's
forgiven hate

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An Evening in with the Cat

If I had a bottle of pills
I’d dump them out inside my mouth
Take the last few swigs of vodka
And swallow all of them down

If I had a big sharp knife
I’d drag the cold steel across my skin
If I thought for a moment it might
Bring this feeling to an end

I’d stare down the barrel
If I had a gun
Find the trigger with my finger
Pull it and be done

If I had a car
I’d park inside the garage
Leave the motor running
Till the poison filled my lungs

If I had a rope
I’d make myself a noose
Dangle there in my own doorway
Till somebody cut me loose

If I had someone to love
I'd probably treat them bad
Since that's all that I've known
In relationships of the past

 If I had a heart in my chest
I'd be able to forgive and forget
But there is nothing left
Of that beating mass of flesh

So I'll just continue
Sitting all alone and in the dark
A typical evening in with the cat
Doesn't seem that bad after all.

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A Cry for Help

My name is Peter the Pelican I'm nothing special at all I fly around as I'm supposed to But this day I was close to a fall Every day when I take to the skies They are blue and sometimes grey But this day I never imagined That my bluey seas would decay Oozing from metal giants Now appearing after millions of years Mans honey as they seem to be happy Every find I hear all their cheers One day their tears turned to shouts For much of it was getting away My blue was turning to a distasteful mix In the place where I always played One day without a care in the world As I dived for a meal one morn On surfacing I struggled to respond Splashing I became so worn My feathers were not responding I'm drifting close to the shore Amid a sea of thickening black I sense the closing of my pores What little strength I have left As I lie in decaying kelp I flap my wings and hope in my heart Someone hears a cry for help

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I love you mama

Many reasons
Have led me to this
To leave this world
Of negative bliss

Boyfriends, who wants them
Parents who fight
To be in my shoes
I will no longer tonight

My diary is written
As to why I must leave
I have felt this for years
As I internally grieve

My i-pod is charged
As I take my last walk
Goodbye grey clouds
I'll miss your thunder talk

I touch the walls
Of buildings I've been in
Leaving my trace
As I graze my skin

Through the park
Where my innocence was taken
By my boyfriend I thought
Left me distraught, forsaken

I reach my last door
Its just a gap in the fence
As I see where I'll lie
My desires immense

On the sleeper I sit
As I await my fate
Say hello to tomorrow
I'm sorry I can't wait

The light gets brighter
As it nears my life's drama
Tears stream from my eyes
I love you mama

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Another Man's Pain

A small grave, and for it's weeds was bare
with only a handmade wooden cross.
Easy to see that a child rest there.
Poor unloved young soul was my first thought.

Well I read this cross, for this child of grief.
"John my young son so frail and fair
my joy, my love, my life I leave
to the arms of your mother and Lord's care."

The back read; "To doctors all my money I gave
I cannot buy even a simple stone
with a borrowed spade, I have dug your grave,
I carve this marker, and am now alone."

That wooden cross, seemed to rise
high above great marble markers.
Thoughts rush my mind as I realized
the pain this poor man's heart had harbored.

Never again his son he will see
knowing his child would rests under cold ground.
As unkempt as this grave seemed to be, 
with it's wooden cross and it’s weeds all around.

I pulled at those weeds with my bare hand
then my flowers I laid at the foot of that cross.
I prayed "Please God, help me understand" 
as I felt the pain of another man's loss.

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In Your Heart

God’s will came shining,
  When He called Aaron home.
For now he dwells in heaven,
  Next to God, by His throne.

I will pass the words,
  Robin, keep your faith on high.
For one day you’ll reunite,
  Far beyond the blue sky.

And on that distant day,
  Your heart will rejoice.
Up in your place in heaven,
  When you hear Aaron’s voice.

My heart goes out to you,
  It’s sad we must part.
Aaron’ll always be with you,
  Right there, in your heart.

Robin, if something is missing 
or inaccurate let me know.
Thanks for your appreciated 
and loving comments...Raul

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Heaven's Invitation

God came May the 15th,
  And took Aaron in His arms.
He took his little soul,
  Away from earthly harm.

A beautiful bundle of joy,
  Quickly turned to tears.
And pieces of my grief,
  Are hidden through the years.

His short-lived life,
  Sadly broke my heart.
Six and a half years ago,
  He began his heavenly embark.

One day we’ll meet in Heaven,
  And reunite in celebration. 
Until then, I will muster on,
  Until I receive Heaven’s invitation. 

Robin, these are for you,
I hope you like what I've written.
My best friend was murdered,
and it is still fresh on my mind.
It's only been 2 years,
And I remember it like yesterday.
Take care and Happy Holidays...Raul

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One Life to Live

My heart yearns to be reciprocated
Every good heart deserves to be loved

The passion is still strong yet dimly lit
Keeping the faith as the fate is growing
I’m feeling faint and falling to my knees
Loss of breath, depth, and height

I'm losing my firm grip slowly letting go
My palms are sweaty, my spirit is frail
Disconnected from the rest of my being
I’m weak, limber...fluctuating high and low

I am invisible, silent like dead flies
Falling from the night's sky like a tear drop
In mine eye, a red river is flowing
You can see lonesome shadows of despair

Hearing cries of help during the midnight breeze
Pain and agony, hurt and betrayal
Blank slate is naive too soon to prevail
Escaped from reality and plumeth...

Buried six feet under with soil and dirt
Ashes to dust like crumbling particles
My soul evaporates into thin air...
Was my identity lost or stolen?

You have one life to live so live it
To the fullest as if it were your last

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God called for you untimely,
  Six and a half years have passed.
But I can still remember,
  The lovely time I saw you last.

You was a welcomed surprise,
  On May 15th, 2002.
But then for some reason,
  The good Lord summoned you.

A feeling I can’t explain,
  The letting go of a son.
He will always be our child,
  We love and miss you Aaron.

For Robin and the Gass family
With love and respect from 
one poet to another.
Robin, this is from your perspective...Raul

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I'm sure you think I'm crying.
You think it hurts so bad.
The only thing that truly hurt,
was when I lost my dad.

He really wanted me to know
the way life was meant to be.
He always tried to help me out.
He truly cared for me.

I pray one day I'll see him
laughing once again.
He was so much more than people knew.
He was part of a bigger plan.

Now he's gone to heaven
and I hope he's looking down.
I need him still to guide me
when I laugh and when I frown.

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I sign in my messenger,
And scan my buddy list.
As my cursor scaled the names,
My finger couldn’t resist.

I clicked the mouse on your name,
Like I’d done a thousand times.
I stared at the blank page,
Where you used to write your rhymes.

I’m overgrown with sadness,
Happiness ceases to begin.
It reads, you’re unavailable and
You’ll receive the message upon signing in.

That’s where things get tough,
I know that will never be.
The moment you left my life,
It felt like someone robbed me.

They stole my bestest friend,
Leaving the greatest memories behind.
My whole list has yellow faces, 
As yours appears permanently...offline.

‘Bestest’ is misspelled purposely, 
dedicated to a friend that I greatly miss.

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In Heaven with the Lord

Three years have almost passed,
  Since God called you both home.
He summoned you untimely,
  Up to Thy golden throne.

Kayla Brianne and Elijah Kyle,
  Were both their names to be.
But God had other plans,
  And brought them to Thy glory.

Though time is filled with sorrow,
  There are things to be thankful for.
For Kayla Brianne and Elijah Kyle.
  Are up in heaven with the Lord.

Dedicated to Cody and Brandlynn Young,
two fellow soupers who lost two children.

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Is your soul blood red
A dowry of bitter wine
Spilling mortality
Staining the divine

Is eternity a prison
The rusty knife of time
Carving your senses
Caging your mind

Is flesh a pardon
A tactile bribe
Begging the question
What is alive

Is there a reason
In this chalice of mine
To sip my faith
And fear no demise

Is there a forever
In your crying eye
A word to grasp
When your child has died

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In the Sand

He walked down to the sea, lonely and bored
then dips his hand in the warm ocean brine.
Forty years she was the one he adored,
so he kneels to pray for her, one more time.

He spells out her name in the smooth beach sand
then he watches a wave wash it away.
Whispers "Goodbye" just as he starts to stand
he wishes there was more that he could say.

A gentle rumble as breaks a small wave
he can smell her perfume as on the breeze.
He has not the strength to visit her grave
self-pity and pain is all that he sees.

Watches seagulls as they swarm a shrimp boat
as it makes a turn back toward the bay.
Hollow and empty he feels without hope
and wishes a wave would wash it away.

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If you never hear these tears,
How will you know I'm crying?
Inside out they fill me
And my love for life is dying

I never saw it coming
The torrential pour of lies
Down the stairs, they're winding
There's a silence in my cries

I never understood you
God knows I tried my best
But your heart is in some turmoil
And your soul is not at rest

A two way street to me
Thats what love should be
These prison walls that hold me
Will never set me free

You destroy all the sensitive
The side that makes my heart
The kindness that's inside me
You tear that all apart

The innocence I had in me
Was thrashed from your own hand
And the naive inner child
Drifted off like sand.

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I'm With our Redeemer

Mom will you remember,
   All the thing’s we’ve done?
I know I must travel on,
   To Heaven where I’m from.

I know I lived a short life,
   But it was worth the breath.
I was more than a memory,
   But memories are all that’s left.

I’ll always be your angel,
   For this God let me know.
I’m with our Redeemer,
   Where the little angels go.

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USA Vs Canada

I watched the USA beat the USA today,
Losing a winnable hockey game.
We had a great defense, but then 
Chose to give the gold to Canada again.

©2014 Honestly JT

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The Mighty Kern (The end of many dreams)

You’re not real deep as rivers go
You’re really not that wide
When it comes to my feelings of you
They’re feelings I just can’t hide

Through giant boulders you descend 
Winding through canyon walls
Inside you many have met their end
As rapidly as your water falls

Merle Haggard wrote a song of you
You took someone he loved
His song is very beautiful and true
A gift from God above

At four I stood upon your banks
Watched my mother die
Like those before and after her
So many left to cry

Your pools are pools of death
Calm and still they seem
Whirlpools lurking underneath
The end of many dreams

For Brian's contest

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In French Canada  no legend is more tragic than that of Celine, 
A beautiful Quebec maiden who, long  ago, fell in love with Alain. 
He  came galloping by on his white horse,  a handsome young marine -
They wanted marriage and  happily prepared their wedding plan.

They would go to the church  in a horse-drawn  carriage 
They would buy the  tidal watermill near their house by the river 
Next to  Montmorency Falls : a small whitewashed cottage
With garden and daisy flowers;  and he would become the  miller.

But one day Francois was  called to military action in a war terrible-
Every evening, pallid and wan,  she searched by the river  for her lover in vain.
Her beloved lost his life in battle, and Celine's bridal grief was inconsolable. 
“Alain,”  she called, convinced in her heart that they would meet again. 

After a year Celine could stand her  painful  loss no  more - the searching, the calls. 
One ashen moonlit night,  in her immaculate  pearl-blossom wedding  gown
She ran to the river, climbed onto the white horses of the misty Montmorency Falls. 
And disappeared  into mystery, as the swirling  ivory-silver waves swept down.

Calling his name, she slipped into the foamflowers.  Her snowy bride’s dress 
Was transformed into the falls’ watery cascade, and her long wedding-veil floated away
And became  a smaller waterfall nearby,   as she  swooned in the mist’s caress,
Listening  to  the soft loving words  she heard  Alain say.           

On moonlit evenings  the  maiden  in white  is still seen through the misty cloud
Of shimmering water cascading like daisy petals off the falls in their course:     
They say that his name can be heard in the surf and spume  of the torrent loud  
“Alain,  my life-love,  wait for me on your white horse. . . . .”

This is a well-known legend about the tragic love  story of the White Lady of Montmorency
Falls. The waterfalls ( Les Chutes de Montmorency) are located between Quebec City and Ile
d'Orleans, on the St. Lawrence River. These spectacular foamy falls are well worth a
visit.  Their height is 50% greater than Niagara; and the nearby ancient city of Quebec is
unique in North America.

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Pride Never Dies

Bingo halls and liquor stores,
what's happened to this land?
They call it a reservation,
a word you cannot stand.

The deep gut ache that you feel
as native blood boils deep inside
comes from where spirits roam free
with a fiercely eternal pride.

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One Stormy Night

A storm torn boat thrashed on the ocean waves
As gales of wind knocked out their lanterns’ glow.
A frantic captain yelled “all hands on deck!”
Then watched as sails tore free; they’d moved too slow.

Brave as a lion, captain steered their course
Though jagged rocks scraped ‘gainst the hull with force.
The seamen battled through the dark of night
Until the seas grew calm at morning’s light.

They stood in silence, those that still remained
And bowed their heads for mates who’d met their fate.
Time and eternity told tales of mighty seas
That claimed the brave, then crushed their ships with ease.

Entry in the contest: On the Ocean Waves
Sponsor: Francine Roberts 
Iambic pentameter; no particular rhyme scheme. Three quatrains.

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One Out Of Three

That homeless guy out on the corner,
Carrying a sign that says he’s hungry;
Maybe he’s just a drunk or a ‘stoner’, 
But he might be that one-out-of-three.

That one-out-of-three is a veteran,
Who in uniform served his country.
There’s a good chance he has an addiction,
Or is still suffering from PTSD.

One out of three of those ones-out-of-three
Fought in one of America’s wars.
Did he scream on a beach in Normandy,
Or did he at Inchon go ashore.

Did he hunt Charlie in a rice paddy?
Was he in the Balkans, or lost in the sand?
One out of three of those ones-out-of-three,
Were the heroes who once took a stand.

If you can spare a few dollars, then feed them.
If not, at least hear what they say.
Their country may no longer need them, 
But they don’t deserve to be thrown away.

They might not have all bled in battle, 
But each one came home a casualty.
With your help, they may someday be able
To leave the ranks of the one-out-of-three.

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The Echo of a Soul

The Echo of a Soul 
By Andrew Weeden 

In the windswept hills of vibrant green, 
Here I sit at your lonely grave. 
The bright flower that made my heart beam, 
Is the wilted flower I could not save.  

From the beginning I did not know, 
I was oblivious from the start; 
Cancer’s blade cut away your happy glow 
And would thrust to pierce my very heart.  
Consumed in the darkness of raging anger, 
Ten years I stand alone in the rain. 
With death no longer a distant stranger; 
My only companion in the storm of pain.  

Now it seems no one remembers, 
But you did not cease to be. 
Your spirit still burns in glowing embers 
And lives inside the fire in me.  

The storm is passing; I finally see its end. 
Happiness smiles again and shakes me to my core.  
I realize every time I lift my pen 
My Grandma speaks once more! 

Reflections of your love 
Weave tapestries in time. 
As a singing mourning dove, 
Your words whisper in my mind. 

So though you had to go, 
You remain in your begotten; 
As an echo of a soul, 
Gone but not forgotten. 

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Moment of Madness

Vultures of doubt hover in my mind
Death beckons me
Live like a Stranger in my abode
Naught for me to live

Sparrows tweet around
On the soil beside me
Bend down, I sip water
Made muddy by rain

Came out of my walls
Tears flow down my eyes
Quench my parched throat
My hearts start beating

Feel light and tranquil
Sky is my home
Birds are my friends
Dogs line up to seek food

Push all away, I laugh aloud
My plate was empty a moment ago
Brimming with madness
My hands are full

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Then Fate Took It's Turn

My hero to me, was just a simple man
He was ill throughout his life, but he raised two sons
Two jobs he held down until he couldn't anymore
Then fate took it's turn, and turned his heart sore

First was the youngest, on a broken bottle he fell
His artery slashed, was the start of his hell
I recovered from my trauma, nearly losing my life
But my accident increased, his ill health into strife

Over the next two years he was hospitalised
His sons fostered out, in fatherless cries
To children's homes they went, from pillar to post
Yearning for the person, who loved them the most

He gradually recovered, we became a family again
Once again fate took it's turn, returning life's pain
On a Monday night back in nineteen sixty nine
What every parent dreads, returned him to ill health decline

His two boys excited, joining the local Boy's Brigade
Running as fast as they could, for time to be made
The older was faster, he ran well ahead
The younger lagging behind, his little legs so delayed

On turning the corner, all I could see
Was my older brother, running well ahead of me
Without looking left or right, onto the street he ran
A split second later, he was hit by a van

My life entered slow motion, whilst I witnessed it all
To see your brother knocked down, a sibling to fall
He was caught under the van and dragged down the street
At seven years old, too terrified to greet

Over the next six years, his heath gradually became worse
He was more in hospital, in illness immersed
That's why he is my hero, to my lost brother and me
He's the kind of man that I've turned out to be

He had no quality of life, but what he gave meant more
The love for his two boys all through his life's sores
Holding down two jobs through illness and strife
Admirable, that's just a word, he gave me my life

My entry for Crystal Wilkins contest 'My Hero'

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The Irony Within A Song (Englyn Form)

I can still hear the song of the spring breeze...
About a love went wrong
When two hearts hid for so long...
Now I hear the requiem's gong

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Weep No More Madiba

An Elegy for Anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela

Oh Madiba! My Warrior! My Rolihlahla!
Madiba a proud warrior of ancestral savannah
Thousands of your children sing your name
Many of your children chant your fame

Your fame that flows like blood in our veins
All veins are broken for the loss of a great son
A son we stood tall, proud and strong
A strong tree has fallen and is now cruising along

Tell me Madiba! Tell me Rolihlahla
Is this your bow that is broken?
This bow that once shot western kings
Now sleeping in the Lord of the rings

You were taken forever from your children
You were taken deep into the woods
Torn and tortured in the dungeon of great pain
Only to be gathered and think off in our brain

Weep no more Madiba! Weep no more great son of Africa
Now, like never before we are standing together as one
Freedom you fought, we’ve had for many a day
God be with your soul great Madiba as we mourn and pray

The Poet Preacher 1 © 2013

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The City Sleeps

Corridors, power, call it what you like When shadows fall, on this hot June night These walls, this place, I'm absorbed I wonder why They, the inflicted, their embers, we now throw them to the sky Sleeping giants of Auschwitz, in mass production die Good boy psycho killers, into their new world they tread To look for new horizons and leave behind their dread Behind half moon meadow, now decaying in ancestral creep Amidst discarded gates and ditches, this, the city sleeps Their corridors of Epiphany, whilst Christianity weeps <> Written using the track titles to the Touchstones album <> The City Sleeps

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I stood and watched them
One by one by one
Working ever so lovingly
Until all the work was done
There were parents and adults
Kids of all ages too
All this was for
In memory of you-know-who
They were washing headstones
Using shaving cream, to clean
There were so many of them
And even more in between
Others were raking leaves
Some were cutting brush
There were people everywhere
But, no one was in a rush
Some were planting flowers
Together in several rows
There were wheelbarrows
Tractors and even track hoes
They were laying bricks
And also walking about
But, the hardest thing was
Brennan, we were without
He wasn't there in person
He listened to God's call
His Eagle Scout project completed
In spirit, he saw it all

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What You Wish to Know

When you see me cry don't be afraid
Sometimes dads emotions overflow
I know you wonder what's going on
There are things we don't want you to know

Perhaps we're wrong to insulate you
As parents we try to do what's right
We wish for you only sunny skies
That's why we try to bathe you in light

The fact that you care it warms my heart
I will tell you what you wish to know
Today you've grown up you are a man
That's a process I don't wish to slow

Sometimes life it can throw us a curve
I lost my job a few days ago
So now I wonder what will I do
I am at my wits end I don't know

Please come to me I can use a hug
It will help me to feel it's okay
In the end I put my faith in God
With his help things will turn out okay

For F.J. Thomas's "To Heal a Heart" contest

Oops I went over by four lines so I know
I'll be disqualified. I still wanted you to read 
the poem you inspired.

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All in one

urge to be in two places now so strong
heartrending cries for help yelled out loud
inability of dividing myself feels so wrong
highways ahead too narrow and too long
ticking times merciless running out

wishes to change the times lifelong
desired bless of magically being endowed 
both soul mates in a distant throng
watching their struggle and storm cloud 
praying for their health in a swan song

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Reflection of you

Looking in the mirror
Is this dark image true
Your look is deceiving 
It doesn't reflect you

In search of protection
Appearance you neglect
You look for reactions
You've learned what to expect

Who will see the real you
Beneath the tattooed skin
Your outward appearance
Hides the spirit within

You don't wish to be hurt
You've experienced too much
If someone sees beyond
There is a heart to touch

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All That Simple


A lamp flickered, 
flickered, a weak vermillion.
The old maid walked, 
walked a gait crocodilian.

Lamp flickered more,
dark room, no windows, 
she paced inches, sobre
lump limbed and in torn rags.

On the grumpy floor
Flies buzzed on in profuse,
greedy over an open sore
A blessed grub busy on the mousse.

The team o’er fed, 
fed happily on the oozing sore
on her forehead parched,
wiped her off the days of yore.

She unlatched, 
unlatched the squeaky door
like an insect she darted
An insect almost no more.

A wild light stabbed her face
the lamp flickered no more...
she closed her eyes,
And nothing forever more.

Stillness and silence,
And that was all, death,
Where all reach in resonance
And yes,  all that simple.

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Haunted by your memory,
You're in my thoughts and dreams,
They say you never forget your first,
There's truth to that it seems

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The Tiger Rock and Leopard Black

From the wood where coyotes play
Blackie cat came on a summer’s day.
Called seemingly, to fill the place 
where Rocky the cat lay dreaming.

A proud old tom who’d seen his end
Rocky had held it long at bay.
A Guardian was he of Mom you see, 
but when he passed she’d stay.

And he’d not leave till he knew
she would not be alone…
He’d found ole Blackie for her
to give them both a happy home.

Blackie and he had many a day
of lolling in the grass and sun.
But Rocky’s porch he would not share
that was for Mom and he the only one.

She feed them both, each to his own
and cared for both in kind.
Rocky’s plan, he was the man…
was to not leave her alone inside.

So, Rocky's sweet self sacrifice
of staying much too long
was blessed with painless passing
He died in Mommy’s arms.

Now everyday, ole Blackie comes
as Rocky told him too.
To keep his Mommy company
another Guardian true.

Still too frightened to come inside, 
Mom’s sure he will one day. 
And on that day they’d both be sure
that Blackie’d come to stay.

*Debbie Guzzi

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She has great legs

She smiled the smile of a bankrupt barrister
No one suspected her files were out of order
Walking across the floor on staccato heels
They stared as she strutted through the corridor 

They had fallen prey to her honeyed tones
Her breath had declared their innocence
They gladly paid her fee in advance
Deceived by confident indifference 

Unimpeded by the facts of the case
She only practiced the art of beauty
Her greatest successes gifted by men
Who were bewitched while on jury duty

Sometimes though, there would be a lady Judge
Demanding to hear the facts of the case 
The accused was no longer mesmerized
They had a look of concern on their face

The scales of justice weighted against them
Sad for them, no get out of jail free card
She's off to the next unsuspecting fool
They're unaware that she should be disbarred 

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The same deadly story unfolds
Mumbai, Pune, Varanasi
Bombs rip apart our souls
When will stop this atrocity

They come in the form of Demons
Kill in the name of God
Nature created species and humans
Why Humans created God?

Bloated egos fill some minds
Hatred makes the world go blind
We are all born to die
This is not the way, we cry

Swear in the name of dead
To slay in the name of God
Dangerous game triggered by man
The same God will destroy man

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Alone And Blue

The wind whispers through the night
Cool against the mist on my skin
A neon sign that reads "Motel" lights my way
Hundreds more have lit where I've been

This night isn't unlike countless before
Walking endlessly with nowhere to go
I pass a drunk in a doorway
And think "now there's something I know"

All I own is here on my back
And the memories I have of you
Lost everything when you left
Now I walk Alone and Blue

Alone and Blue
Living with memories of you
Alone and Blue
What the hell am I going to do

Alone and Blue
No matter how hard I try
Alone and Blue
You never even told me why

Sometimes I wish it would all end
All the pain and suffering gone
Putting my weary mind at ease
My soul could then carry on

But until then I walk through the mist
That rides upon the whispering winds
And go on hearing your voice
My sanity... I try to defend

Alone and Blue
Living with memories of you
Alone and Blue
Are you lonely too??

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She walked and talked in a world called theirs
Worries she had with her earthly cares
Found near Hadar, this specimen of old
A lady from our past, lying stone cold

She walked her lands amidst horses so small
In the Awash Valley where trees were so tall
Naked to bare, all her kin were the same
In a land so different, to she not strange

What would she be seeing if we could see through her eyes
Would there be hate and hurt and a typical despise
Maternal and loving we can only assume
In the valley where she lived, we have the same front room

And just as we, she was born to die
Evolutionary in exist, below the same blue skies
She walked and talked in a world called theirs
Worries she had with her different cares

This lady I talk of, Lucy we have named
From our past she existed, with a different fame
She was the oldest of us ever found
Lying stone cold on earths ancient ground

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"Hope" - A Star For Me

When parents don't have a choice and die
And all alone survive the loss
As I lie down to sleep at night 
They send in dreams... A Star For Me...

When Motherhood gets disappointing
And all alone survive the loss
I borrow scissors from my heart
With trembling hands I cut... A Star For Me

When trains don't stop and soul mate's gone
And all alone survive the loss
I row my boat on lakes with moons,
I jump and catch reflections of... A Star For Me

When I am old, and years fly by
And all alone survive the loss
I won't be sad, would even smile
As I lie down, a final sight... 
                                  ...A Star For Me...               

For John Heck's Contest "Blink"         

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On The Brink

Misbegotten pair, 
two-faced aggravation, 
the seduction of sweet solace 
or the inarticulation of despair. 

Uneasy 'neath the spell of peerless rapture, 
false respite from the ravages of fear, 
or defenseless and imperilled 
by a sadness that is too extreme to bear.


...for all bi-polar sufferers.

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I Shall Get Back Our Liberty

Motherland, my native-land,
Thou hast been again reduced to sand;
Once again these men have made you
That Old Woman, my motherland!

I look from here to there about
And my heart crosses this doubt
As how could it ever be:
Can I Not Help My Dear Country?

They freed thee years ago--
They drove out mortal enemy;
But worse fates have brought you down,
These three scores and years three...

Give me your voice my Motherland,
I'll do my best for all to see;
I'll free thee from all--all's enow:
I Shall Bring Back Our Dignity!

In times when your sons leave--
Desert their mother in troubled-sea,
I promise Mother, give a word
And I shall bring back Liberty...!

...Tell me your heart my Motherland,
Share your sorrows do, with me;
None could doubt, I shall bring back:
Get back our lost Liberty.....

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Falling of the Edge of the World

I travelled into my thoughts
To somewhere I've never been
The horrors that awaited me
Took me to our human extreme

I cried when I looked through
The windows of our past
And marvelled at what she gave us
I was left in total aghast

In the year two thousand and six
Seven hundred and eighty four
That graced the lands we borrow
Were shown the extinction door

The Tasmanian Devil never nasty
To the Wolves that roamed Alba's land
The Dodo so strange a bird
Were in natures future plans

Twenty eleven now awaits us
Whilst us humans continually strive
Nine hundred and five is now the total
That will never be found alive

Us humans, before we go to sleep
Their falling of the edge of the world
But hey! we'll never change
We're ignorant, and incredibly absurd

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My Pain

I feel the blinding pain inside,
It rips my soul in two;
No matter how I try to hide,
My growing pain from you…

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Whisper In My Ear

I know the end is coming soon
their faces I can see
For them I stood to say goodbye
they gather now for me

For months I’ve felt a disconnect
a longing in my soul
To see the one they took from me
so very long ago

From time to time the spirit world
It opens up a door
But as I try to pass within
the opening… no more

Oh darling whisper in my ear
                 I know you’re here with me                   
Please say those words I long to hear
then set my spirit free

To feel your breath within my ear
and hold you closely too
Is all that I can think of now
please tell me...I love you

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The Days are Water

The days are water
trickling by,
dripping, dropping globules
falling from somewhere high,

past the clouds,
past the trees,
past the hands of the thirsty
trembling on their knees.

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Adoptive Mommy

“Where’s my Mommy?” Whimpered a fearful voice, As the little blind girl cried, She couldn’t understand why her mommy was gone No matter how hard she tried. It was only her third Christmas, And Mommy was the only gift she sought. Searching the worn-torn streets, she said, “Oh, Mommy!” As a tender arm she caught. A soldier girl from a foreign land Felt a tug on her uniform sleeve, And said as she reached down with heart and hand, “I’ll be your Mommy this Christmas Eve.”
—James E. Tate

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Renew on the Serengeti

The rains in fall on the Serengeti lands
It's impending approach is in natures plans
From barren to lush bringing droplets of pure
Seasonal they are, but will it remain her renewing cure

For we treat her lands so bad, so mean we don't console
Will we ever understand to our neglect that we extol
There will be a day, when these vast expanses turn to dust
And humans and their wants, will turn their iron into rust

We have to take a stand, before it's all to late
And sit around the mediating table before we reach hell's gate
Decisions for the good to be made for our futures kin
As the heads of State's shake hands, from this room within

Inspired by Wilma Neels poem "Renewal" ty.

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Future Shock

Future Shock
Scheming together years ago, before the weekly executions,
dreaming of days we'd lift the fog of ignorance from the masses
and paradigms of stagnation shifted with cerebral solutions.
To no avail our heady course in theory only passes.

We knew the day, the hour, the minute how texts would be rewritten.
The generation of our spawn in classes they would read it.
History so enthralling, with learning would they be smitten.
Instead the propaganda beast so ravenous and we must feed it.

The old men while away their time with tales of a foiled coupe,
and students smile and avert their stare, it's better to be a number.
The One he loathes such minions who wish to think or do,
so all the day of arduous labor leads to fitful slumber.

Yes you and I, my loyal friend, matyrs in the making,
outwitting cowards that march us to the death of liberty.
But threats and greed lead to your word finally forsaken.
In brutal death at least my soul will wonder this world free.

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The Fool That I Am

I am such a fool
For trusting you
I had strong faith
You stole it away

I am such a fool
For believing in you
My kindness and respect
Meant nothing to you

I am such a fool
For loving you
I cared for you
Nothing was returned

I am such a fool
For defending you
Stood behind you
Every step of the way

I am such a fool
For allowing you
To take advantage of me
You escaped so easily

Im am such a fool
Took your abuse
Endless betrayal
No sigh of relief

I am such a fool
I own to my fault
Should have known better
Than to follow my heart

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A Child's Day

School time is over
Nothing to cheer
No one at home
Till eve, left alone

Grounds full of houses
None to play around
Virtual world seems so real
Reality is like a Dream

Laptop sits on my Pa's lap
Mama shoos me around
Class work is a chore
Homework is a bore

I can't do what I like
I don't like what I do
I can't even sleep
How can I Dream?

Mornings’ can't even cry
Mouth thrust with paste
Milk does not taste
I am back to my drill

The slum boys out look better
They play in open pools
Like me, they look no fools
They don't even go to schools

                               Children’s Day is around.
               This Poem is  written to depict the Angst of a Child
                                in a Middle-Class family of Modern India

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Twenty brand new angels
arrived just yesterday.
Frightened and confused
they only wished to stay

with parents now left empty,
and shattered beyond belief.
Their babies’ precious little lives
stolen by a spineless thief

with evil in his heart,
and killing on his mind.
Dear God where are you now?
It’s getting hard to find

a reason for the carnage,
and the acts of the insane.
Can we still find eternal love
surrounded by such pain?

Now twenty brand new angels
who only yesterday did die,
and with them, too, the innocence.
Why, dear God, why?

for the Sandy Hook children.  RIP.

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Words of Sympathy

My condolences can’t ease the pain,
That you have come to feel.
Nor fill the void in your heart,
That often seems unreal.

But it lets your heart know,
That you are in my prayers.
And when sorrow digs its heels,
There is someone here who cares.

I offer healing words of comfort,
And many hugs for sympathy.
When sorrowful clouds blotch your sky,
You can always depend on me.

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Down from the Pedestal

You fell from the pedestal
With a strong resounding crash
I rushed to pick the pieces
To throw them out with the trash

I worked to clean the rubble
That your falling left behind
Surprised that I had no tears
For I knew I had been blind

I had simply adored you
I had worshipped at your feet
I had seen you as perfect
To be near you was my treat

I made you a demi god
Invested you with great charm
Couldn’t see the tell-tale cracks
You used devotion to harm

For I thought you were splendid
My life revolved around you
Little did my trusting heart
Believe what they said was true

But then my eyes were opened
Caught a glimpse of what is real
My heart started to crumble
Each piece unable to feel

You fell from the pedestal
I see you with different eyes
That lie was the fatal crack
That brought about your demise

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So Long

We said goodbye two years ago today -
I'll never forget the way I felt that day.
I couldn't breathe when the door closed between us
And your taillights dimmed as you drove away.

I never thought i'd breathe the same again,
As pain took away all my wind -
And i stood there deflated and broken
Refusing to accept the bitter end.

It happened on my best friend's wedding day.
I'll never understand why you did it that way -
I had visions of our wedding as I was standing there
But you ruined that for me and left my heart betrayed.

I never thought i'd get over it, not in a million years.
I cried what seemed a river's worh of tears.
I mourned for you like someone mourns the dead -
It was the realization of all my fears.

But once the salt left my wounds, I realized I was free,
Free from all the emotional torture you gave me.
Free from wondering where you were -
Free from the fragile little girl you made me be.

And I never looked back once you were gone.
I learned how hurt can make you strong,
I learned what a real man should be.
And with that, my old dear lover, so long.

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Once More

I see your name here and there
Suddenly, I can’t get you off my mind
I catch your fragrance on the air
Remembering when your lips touched mine

I feel your presence all around
In the night and the sunshine, warm
I would give all, and all again
To hold you once more in my arms

                       ~Christopher Thor Britt

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It was on a Sunday morning in the village where I stay
Out walking with my dog, I heard some pensioners say
Did you hear about the earthquake, it was somewhere in our State
No magnitude has ever been like it, it's impossible to relate

Quickly I headed home, to view this terrible news
Upon turning on the TV, I'm in horror at what my eyes now view
The awesome Golden Gate Bridge, against an azure bluey day
Lies broken, distorted and twisted, as if it's foundations had given way

The camera now focuses on the mainland, capturing plumes of choking black
Freeways lie twisted and contorted, trains running from their tracks
Gas lines spew throwers of flames, sirens resonate in blaring sound
What was level hours before, have dropped from it's original grounds

Many reporters are now on the scene, as they pan out across the blue
From the helicopter of CNN, Alcatraz disappears from their view
Slowly the island it sat on, as if by magic, now it has gone
Words are heard through the speakers, what the hells gone wrong

The daylight turns to black, a city lies in shreds
Memories of 1906, when three thousand plus were dead
All through the night, tremors came and went
Has history repeated itself, the San Andreas Serpent

I am awoken in the morning, having left the TV on
Panic stricken reporters screaming, most of San Francisco's gone
Where once stood a city, lie pillars of battered ruins
Deep gorges surround them, in bloodied scattered strewn

There's a break in the programme, it's from Yellowstone National Park
The land is starting to rise, incredible is the remark
Geysers that once flowed often, have receded in their shower
Are we about to witness, another of her powers

Back to the CNN studios, more footage of the morning
Towering inferno's in sickened tears, the clock, the warning
I fall to my knees in remembrance of the date
It's December the 21st, has earth met it's fate

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Why Red Roses Flow

Every year she returns to the scene
This place in question where life has been mean
On muddy banks down by the waterline
Alone in her tomorrow's, solitary resigned

Having already lost her husband in his freedom fight
No mother should enter this fateful night
Her baby, her son, that a mother sees to grow
Wandered from her safety to that fast water flow

All innocent and fearless little steps slowly walk
In playful surrounds just barely in talk
Noises up ahead attract this mind to peek see
So curious they are when they get a chance to break free

Down an unclimbable bank he faces his lure
Once a slow flowing stream soon to take natures pure
Yesterdays storms allowed the heavens to cry
Whilst his mother kneels down and still asks herself why

In her hand she clasps a bunch of Roses so red
Tears fill her eyes knowing her tomorrow's lie dread
Once again she looks back, facing a mothers fear
A last glimpse of the flow, feeling her lost sons tears

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Untimely Death

It came to me that night to take me to its home
But indeed it appeared just a little too late
For when it showed up, I had already packed and gone
And I had previously arrived at its place

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True Knight

I used to dream when I was new
Of midnight curls, eyes sapphire blue:
Long years ago, it now does seem
When I was new, I used to dream.

I must confess, as dreams are free
I didn't see you wait for me.
My eyes were shut, my heart no less
As dreams are free, I must confess.

Then years flew by; I woke at last
My childhood dreams became my past.
With just three words, a dance, a sigh
I woke at last – then years flew by.

The love I found, it went away;
I lost your hand one sunny day.
It slipped from mine, fell to the ground:
It went away, the love I found.

My strength, my world, I watched it fade,
Those years of light fell into shade.
My body done, my soul unfurled, 
I watched it fade, my strength, my world.

The past is haze but I’m not done;
I linger on: alone, I’m one.
I fear my grief will drown my days,
But I’m not done – the past is haze.

The love we share, it’s all I need,
For though I’m lost, I know you’ll lead.
I’ll follow you and break despair – 
It’s all I need, the love we share.

(a swap quatrain poem for Andrea Dietrich’s 'Swap Quatrains' Contest)

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Break and Repair

Bah, rake together the bloody pieces,
if you leave them lying about, they stain.
Any good, that memories hold, decreases,
as does future joy you hope to obtain.

Embrace solitary stillness, silence.
Rediscover a solid foundation.
Gladness can thrive in romance’s absence.
Expired connections lead to damnation.

Clean up wretchedness before it bitters
killing chances before you are aware.
Forge yourself into a net that glitters.
Leave the pain and sorrow to just reap air.

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Estephania was the Spanish horse,
with a chestnut coat and mane   
and a lighter long tail...and she ate
alfalfa for strong teeth and bones.

She was domesticated, losing her liberty
and neighing she showed keen ability:
to spot dangers on a perilous path...
Estefania even stopped for a stranded cat.

In summertime she fed mostly on grass,
but bees stung her many times to protest,
and struggling to get them off her tail...
she hit a shrilling raven in the head.

And feeling sorry for the dying bird wincing, 
Estefania licked his semi-open
him a little comfort as he folded his wings;
and whinnying she wept a river of tears.

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Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

War is just a means tae a’ end
Deaythe’s the price o’ life.
Famine comes upon black horse 
fillin the gullet o’ Deaythe’s strife.

War is just a means tae a’ end
Deaythe’s the price o’ life
Power swings War’s blood red swuird
the weak an’ the old suffice.

War is just a means tae a’ end
Deaythe’s the price o’ life.
Conquest raises mighty bow
crownin’ Kings with rare delight.

War is just a means tae a’ end
Deaythe’s just the price o’ life
on pale horse the banshee rides
binna matter what your fief.

In deayth we fertilize the field
Life is aw an’ Deaythe's real.

*In the style of Robert Burns

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I Miss You

There was a time when you and I 
Where near and dear to each oh my
I loved you and you cared for me
Between us two there was a we

What has happened to you my one
Your words now gone no song now sung
I never thought you would go dear
I imagined you would stay near

I guess I was a fool to think
That one so lovely would not blink
With so much youth but you're not mine
The lass to me she was so fine

Why do I write this she'll not read
A thing I write though my soul bleeds
Why has she left me am I to old
Is there another who is more bold

The one was a time that you and I
Where near and dear to each oh my
Is there another who is more bold
Why have you left I've not been told

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Lack of perspective 
on a burdensome life
leaves us in pieces
near a sharpened, slick knife.

Smashing heads yet again,
to the wall I beat mine,
trying to break through
to our friendship in time.

My appearance lacks 
motivation and heart,
locked away in my mind,
I am falling apart.

I don't treat such a treasure
like one should be loved,
stopped giving time of day to 
my friend from above.

Care too much 
and stow it all away,
making it look like I don't care
whether you leave me or stay.

A painful gut feeling may 
nibble at my gray heart,
but I just fear the truth
and I don't know where to start.

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Forever Be With You

So many years of memories
they gather here for me
Each time I come to visit you
your spirit sets them free

The silence here is so profound
my thoughts so clear and true
Perspectives are in harmony     
there all in tune with you

I wish that I could turn back time
and hold you once again
To run my fingers through your hair
and see your lovely grin

I long for days so long ago
when we were young at heart
We couldn’t know a day would come
when we would be apart

One day My Love I’ll come to stay
forever be with you
We’ll walk  in places yet unknown
the sadness we’ll undo

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I started with so many
My pockets overflowed
All those many memories
From the past that I had sowed

Then there came a silent thief
A pickpocket in disguise
Taking precious memories
Before I realized

Now my pockets are empty
I see faces I don't know
Grasping for recognition
From my mind it does not flow

Just a body in a room
With fleeting thoughts in my head
Pockets filled with emptiness
I'm among the living dead 

What happend to all my love
Did he throw it all away
Or is it waiting somewhere 
To collect some future day

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The Example

When I didn't see it your way
You Just couldn't let it go
It became your one focus
That is why you stooped so low

You made me an example
To fill your need to be right
Now the damage has been done
I've experienced your bite

You may have won a battle
Possibly even the war
But what you don't realize
We can't be friends any more

I can no longer trust you
You will never have my back
I know if I don't agree
I will be under attack

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A Moment of Silence

A moment of silence
Reflection of heart
Feelings so intense
So sour and tart

A moment of silence
Stiffening of life
Feelings so tense
So full of strife

A moment of silence
Surviving of souls
Feelings on the fence
As the bell tolls

A moment of silence
For all those lost
Feelings so immense
And for what cost?

February 2010

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That White Building

We left New York City, moving to a Mid West town Where the sky was a pretty blue, and a land of greening gown Buildings painted white, stood out against the scene But a sensing of the untouched made my mind internally scream I always got this feeling as we walked their streets of old What could I be not be seeing, what have we not been told When we stopped to say hello, we felt that we were all alone It's not what we seen in the brochure, when we decided to move our home As the weeks and months progressed, our daughter became very withdrawn Which is very out of character, for she's normally as fresh as the dawn Then the day arrived that would change our lives forever She never came home the previous night, the worry of parental sever As we awoke the following morning, it appeared so different from other days The skies were a strange shade of red, no voices from children's play No sounds of life could be heard, no insects or birds on the wing When normally it's as vibrant as life, buzzing whilst others sing We set off to look for our daughter, shouting her name as we go Walking through empty streets as our minds drift in worried grow We hear some strange kind of chanting, it's from that white building ahead Whilst above us the skies turn a redding grey, I feel a sensing dread We reach this building of white, past the river turned red by the sky Peering through the window, I'm now in parental cry For standing by the alter is my daughter in demonic stare Around her are hoards of locusts, whilst down her body a snake she wears Strange chantings resonate with echo, as the congregation screams in wild display What events are unfolding in front of us, it should be a normal summers day As they turn and look towards the window, so many eyes stare through the pane We become suffocated by their hoards, it appears the locusts reign Somehow we escaped this horror, from that white building beside the river Every time I look into my thoughts, it's leaves me in a cold cold shiver The same brochure appeared for years, alluring families to this Mid West town Who would move where no children play, in it's silence you could easily drown

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First, let me say I'm sorry
This isn't your fault, it's mine
I don't feel for you what you feel for me
And I know that seems so unkind

But, the passion we used to have
I don't feel it anymore
The flame that burned inside of us
Has dwindled to nothing, and nothing more

I'm sorry for you, who came out of the blue
I fell in love with a girl, but my love is no longer true.

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Walking Dead

Christmas and birthdays have now past.
The hustle and bustle is now done
The pain in my heart still does outlast,
Even though another year has begun.

Another year for me to grieve,
Another year for me to get through.
No longer the mom that is so naïve,
Yet my dreams I still pursue.

There are times I just feel
That I am going through the motions.
Nothing I do seems real,
Yet tears shed can fill all the oceans.

One day down and now there is tomorrow
For it is a day to really dread
As I am still so full of sorrow
And now I am the walking dead.

Yet, as dead as I am
I can still move on
Knowing I am no mild lamb,
Yet my children are still gone.

Maybe tomorrow something will change
Maybe, just maybe, I can smile more
And not seem ever so strange
Nor, hopefully, others I no longer bore.

I know I am a contradiction
Wanting more and grasping straws
Yet always speaking with conviction
Even though I am still so very raw.

Tomorrow is an entirely new day
Yesterday is now long gone
I shall continue to daily pray
While trying not to be withdrawn.

Yet, I am who I am
This agony I will try to shed
As tomorrow comes like a ram
I pray I am no longer the walking dead.

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Believing the heart to be true to it's calling, 
While wrapping it safely in caution's warm quilt, 
Flying too close to the flame that entrances, 
Hope's wings have been singed both by trust and by guilt. 

Forging through pain that had sought to destroy her, 
Enveloped in memories she wanders through time, 
Revelling in feelings too distant to waken, 
Provoking the heart to speak freely in rhyme. 

Love can not lend her the courage to fight on, 
Memories can't save her, nor send aid to bear, 
They stand by her helplessly watching and waiting, 
For silence to meet with her cowardice there. 

She stands at the door, and yearns to step through it, 
To the side of the threshold that pain can not touch, 
Her heart beating ardently, longing for refuge, 
But refuge at this point is asking too much. 

Tomorrow may bring the resolve she so yearns for, 
To stand up and walk as though none were aware, 
Of the shame, and remorse she's allowed to enslave her, 
To break free for all time from this prison of care. 



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Am I nothing more
Than an ominous date
A wisp of genetic wonder
A curse of conscious fate
Behold the burden
Nestled in newborn hair
Innocent eyes etched
Into life's coarse lair
Is there nothing more
Than this tactile plight
Torn tears of birth’s bliss
My fingers weep sight
Is she nothing more 
Than death’s deciduous seed
Baptized by superstition  
Comfort’s posthumous need
Who will hold her
When my embers grow cold
The walls of winter creep closer
And the silence grows bold
What have I done
This curse that I share
Too buried to breathe
Too naked to bare
How can I tell her
Forever stalks our door
That there is no tomorrow
For life is nothing more

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I'll Follow On

So much of life a struggle now
the years have gone so fast
I'm grateful for the memories
and pleasures from my past

The road ahead is fraught with fear
my friends are numbered few
The courage is so hard to find
and strength to see me through

I think of Mother and my Dad
so wish that they were here
Although they left so long ago
their presence I feel near

I'll follow on the best I can
and try to make you proud
Will move on to a better place
then meet you in the clouds

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New Year's Eve in a Casino

There’s a lot of people in the casino. That is one fact that can’t be denied. We see a big crowd wherever we go. Nearly all of the machines are occupied. This is one scenario we can easily believe. After all, today is New Year’s Eve. People will be gambling long after midnight. There will be a big crowd up until the first light. With losing their money, plenty are willing. The casino is bound to make a big killing. Nothing has changed. It’s the same as before. The gamblers are back to lose a lot more.

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Trusting Spring

I don't have time to watch it more 
- the crooked clock of ironed past - 
I don't believe I can feel spring 
Unless I grab your hand and jump 

Together in the blossom maze 
Perhaps we bring ourselves alive 
In poison-free redwoods up north 
And secret Jacaranda wonders. 

If eyes don't open - I understand 
You don't need them to see our Heaven 
But bear with me for falling seconds 
And hope cocoons will burst and open 

I sprout again through solid pavement 
Against the reconstruction site 
And I do know I can bring spring 
Together with your warmth from Heaven.

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Tuesday, January 12 2010

Be happy for you have not witnessed it
The time where Haiti shook and fell
On this paper I transmit
This event worthy to tell

It started like any other day
Everything was calm and nice
Maybe it was nature’s way to repay
Us for our vice

In a split second it begun
Everything was going up and down
No matter what, you couldn’t outrun
This destructive force shaking the town

After a while it ended
The place was filled with dead silence
I was with my siblings that I defended
Saving them from this death sentence

I saw a man running with blood
All over his face, and lost his arm
The rest of his body covered with mud
With an organ sticking out of his underarm

During this catastrophe
I lost a lot of friends, and family members
I would like to destroy that part of my history
But everywhere I go that feeling ember’s

I was unlucky to see the remains
Of what was left in this desert
I had to close my eyes for it pains
Me to see my people trapped under the dirt

Just the thought of writing about it
Makes a bed of tears in my eyes
On that day I was whit
My friend as he lays and dies

For what happened to Haiti
Pray it doesn’t happen to you
This pain will cause you to worry
When they say you’re safe is it true?

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What is my purpose

day dusk dawn
sun moon earth
when i'm gone
what i'm worth

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She was Returned

It has been many years since his daughter was lost
If he could bring her back, he would at all costs
Ever since that day he has wandered and roamed
Turned his back on his family, and their loving home

His life on the road left him dishevelled and broke
When he thinks back to the past, it leaves him in choke
Another day on his lonesome travels
A stranger he meets and their discussions unravel

This old man he has met all mysterious and dark
Told him of times going back as far as the Ark
Tales of the Templar's and Merlin the Magician
After hearing the mans story he began to begin

       "I lost my daughter a number of years ago
        She drowned whilst on holiday under a still water flow
        I couldn't comprehend the loss of her life
        The pressure of living, I left my home and my wife"

   "What would you do if your girl could be returned
    Have you ever wondered if fate could be unearned
    If this was possible, would you offer your life
    For your daughter to return to her mother your wife"

   "Remember, many years have passed her death by
    For her past to be relived, there is a reply
    Knights of the ages will descend from their dark
    They will then strike you down, as you begin your embark"
       "My life I have not lived for many a year
        For me to lose mine, I gladly volunteer
        I will die happy for all eternity
        Knowing my daughter will grow old, as it should be"

The old man chants a script of the past
Of an ancient time when fate was cast
The power of they to be able to reverse
To balance their return, they have to reimburse

   "Midnight skies will turn to purple cobalt blues
    Six Templar Knights will stand and surround you
    At your request they will strike you down
    On the sixth stroke, you will face your death gown"

   "A light will appear of which you'll travel through
    But before you do, a young girl runs to you
    Your daughter, in pink and red will run from the light
    She'll run through your soul, as your sleep starts tonight"

The old mysterious man continues on his way
As he passes a house on a hot Summers day
In the garden there sits, a daughter and mother
Discussing the loss of her father, as they begin to recover

She tells of the day whilst on holiday years ago
My husband your father, lost under a still water flow
As we comprehend the loss of his life
Leaving behind his daughter and wife

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Sandy Hook

Today, it just doesn't seem fair
That we are still able to breathe.
They have given us their air-
Our duty to lead the life they leave.

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Terror Within

Trying to make sense of senseless murders...

among the flock there seem to be
a few without remorse
they want their name for all to see
no matter what the course

so silently they await the day
they've planned down to the minute
misfortune soon has it's way
with the poor souls caught up in it

and families left to grieve alone
while a killer still remains
with empty eyes and face of stone
he most certainly is insane

but deep within his twisted mind
lies coherence with evil purpose
psychopaths aren't well-defined
yet another will surely surface

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Your Words

Your words are weapons in disguise
inflicting so much pain
From time to time a truce declared
and then you strike again

The wounds within my soul are deep
you chiseled everyone
No mercy in your character
I'm listless and undone

Words have power...Be careful in what you say to people...Words can give life or bring death

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More Agony

My friend I want you to know
 That happy for you I am
As before the coming snow
 You will have a baby in a pram.

Your shower today was nice
 I thought I could handle it.
But my heart is not ice
 For jeaousy I feel this I admit.

I feel like a loon
 My babies gone
No lullabies to croon
 No being woke at dawn.

I thought I could handle this
 Be here for my dear friend
But there is gaping abyss
 And I do not want to offend.

This your day to shine
 And do well to not frown
And to not even let out a whine
 Though in sorrow I drown.

I leave the shower
 My wounds to lick.
In my own space cower
 Pain in my heart does stick.

I am now alone 
 I lay here and cry.
In agony I moan
 And in misery I sigh.

I really am a lousy friend.
 For how can I feel sad?
How can I make amends
 and tell you why I am bad?

No more baby showers for me
 I cannot do this
To much pain for this to be
 For me there is no bliss.

My arms do so ache
 For the babies that are mine.
How much more pain can I take?
 How much longer will I pine?

Can anyone understand
 What I truly am?
A mother in no man's land
 Whose tears have broke the dam.

A mother who misses 
 Her children each day.
I miss thier kisses,
 Their bedlam and fun way.

Why can I not heal?
 Why must agony sear
And my fate and theirs seal
 For this I do fear.

I thought I was doing good
 But as you can see
This pain gets me where I stood
 And still gets the best of me.

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A Woeful Family 2K12

Herein the throes of our family's tragedy,
Herein our woeful daze, we're not the defeated
Nor victors; Simply the bearer's of tragedy.
Yes, Jonas was here; Thence we're the cheated.

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My mortality is speaking
Breaking words over my bed
A cracked ceiling for comfort
Speckled reflections unsaid

My mortality is speaking
Undaunted and unknown
Days numbered for posterity 
Chiseled into nameless stone

My mortality is speaking
Conspicuously confined
Patiently plodding
Stalking a paralyzed mind

My mortality is speaking
Breaking silence with death
Blinking in affirmation
This is my last breath

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Rappelez Vous, Remember

(English translation below original French)

Rappelez-vous les petits fils 
Qui ecoutaient leurs grand-peres
Raconter des histoires d’ infanteries 
Et de battailles de la premiere guerre.

Rappelez-vous des braves garcons 
Qui s’imaginaient etre des soldats,
Qui plus tard servaient le drapeau American 
En tant que veritables soldats.

Rappelez-vous des pauvres parents
Qui ont recu des telegrammes et des lettres,
Et qui apres ont place indefiniment
Des etoiles d’ors aux fenetres.

Rappelez-vous de chaque petite amie
Qui esperait un jour se marier
Avec son beau voisin-ami
Qui ne va jamais plus rentrer.

Rappelez-vous des nouvelles jeunes veuves,
Avec ses petits orphelins des peres,
Qui devaient subir les enormes  epreuves
D’elever leurs enfants sans l’aide des peres.

N’oubliez pas les anciens jeunes garcons—
Les chanceux qui ont survecu
Et regardent souvent  les horizons lointains
Cherchant leures ami-fantomes qui ne sont jamais revenues.


Remember the grandsons
Who listened to their grandfathers
Tell stories of infantries
And battles of the first war.

Remember brave boys
Who pretended to be soldiers
Who later served the American flag
As real soldiers

Remember the poor parents
Who received telegrams and letters
And who afterward indefinitely placed
Gold stars in their windows.

Remember each girlfriend
Who hoped to marry someday
Her handsome neighbor/friend
Who will never come back again.

Remember the new young widows,
With their little fatherless children
Who had to undergo the enormous ordeals
Of raising children without a father’s help.

Don’t forget the former young boys-
The lucky ones who survived,
And often look at the far horizons
For their phantom-friends that never returned.

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Tethered Souls

Consuming heartache never ends
as years go passing by
A wounded spirit cannot thrive  
no matter how they try

When tethered soul mates rip apart
there’re like the walking dead
A mask is worn for all to see   
pretense displayed instead

Sometimes the hurting is so bad
the angels start to cry
The overwhelming emptiness
another day we die

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I Guess You'll Never Know

It always starts out so lovely,
Talking all the time - 
“Can’t wait to see you,
I’m so glad you’re mine.”

But time fades the colors,
And makes the petals fall.
What once was so exciting - 
Now seems a little dull.

And I know you’ve had your drama
From people in the past.
They didn’t see what they had in you -
Well, I could’ve fixed that.

I wouldn’t hurt you like she did,
I wouldn’t push you around.
I wouldn’t take you for granted,
I guess you’ll never know now.

I just want you to know this:
My intentions were pure.
And if I’d let myself love you -
It would’ve been for who you were.

I’m learning every fairy tale 
Won’t have a happy end.
‘Cause now I’m sitting here crying,
Missing my friend.

And now we’re looking at a goodbye
Because you just cant seem to see -
Just what you could’ve had
If you’d just picked me.

I wouldn’t hurt you like she did,
I wouldn’t push you around.
I wouldn’t take you for granted,
I guess you’ll never know now.

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Why Do I Feel Responsible???

I still have dreams that haunt me.
I'm back there as a child.
I see the drinks, the drugs and all.
I watch our family be defiled.

In my dreams I try to help you.
I try to stop the pain.
The stress of changing whats been done
is driving me insane.

I know that I was little.
I couldn't have changed a thing.
Then why do I feel so responsible
for almost everything? 

I feel I should have told you
I hated how we were.
It hurt to be so hungry.
I was afraid, alone and unsure.

I know I was only one of five
and we all went through the pain.
I just can't keep from going back
and feeling it all again.

If only I could have stopped you.
I could have saved you from the drugs.
I could have held you and begged of you.
But, oh hated hugs.

I try not to visit back there
but my dreams go where they may.
Each night I take a step back in time
I hear a little girl say......

Why do I feel responsible? ? ? 

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Love is Like an Antique

Some people like to throw away
Things others consider a treasure
They simply are so ignorant
Of how it’s worth to measure

They think that because it’s old
It is ugly and outdated
That’s often how people feel
About the ones that have mated

They always look for something new
Something that is stream lined and sleek
And so the old they set aside
With brashness at the new they peek

Myself, I’m an ardent lover
Of antiques in all their splendor
My father taught me their true worth
I care for them with hands tender

I do confess antiques take time
To restore to an earlier state
A lot of effort is needed
To make these precious antiques great

Relationships are much the same
The older are more tried and true
They just take more love and more care
To make them compete with the new

So dear, don’t you dare throw me out
In love’s massive garage sale
The new may be more enticing
But that buy’s surely bound to fail

You’ll soon tire of simple lines
And long for the fullness of me
So, stick to this old antique, boy
I’ll make you happy as can be!

So polish me here and over there
Bring out my original shine
Caress me here and over there
I’ll serve you and make your life fine.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Daily Despair

another day seeps down the drain,
I cannot find the leak.
what am I if not insane?
my thoughts too dark to speak.

the daily flogging of my spirit
is more than most could bear.
my fate reveals that I should fear it,
yet it's jaws cannot ensnare

my mind and will are still my own,
despite the efforts of big brother.
the path less traveled I'll take alone
only to find there are always others

who dare traverse the same dark trail
and challenge the righteous rank
whose morality is a living hell
for those who choose to think.

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Through the window of life I look
To tomorrow, a different day
Thoughts of my husband my love
Lost to wars theatre decay

When I awake every morning
And look at the faces of our kids
When do I tell them their daddy's gone
And lift our lives from this rid

What do I tell them
Every time they hear the door
When they think its their father 
Who won't be coming home anymore

What do I tell myself
When I retire every night
Touching the side where he once lay
The one who held me tight

What do I tell them
When I'm tear laden day to day
What do you tell twins of one year old
When they don't understand what I say

When do I tell myself
That tomorrows a different day
Reflections are left of what could have been
For war has left its say

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Coffee At Ruths

 The rain has been pouring
 for most of the night
 I really am worried
 I might lose the lights
 They soon start to flicker
 the power goes out
 A log on the fire           
 many more no doubt

 This old house gets lonely
 on long nights like this
 I wish I had someone
to hold and to kiss             
 The children are grown  
 my wife laid to rest
 I stay so damn angry
 alone and depressed

 I have to do something
 To live life again
 Each day is a struggle
 I will not pretend

 I’ll wait for tomorrow
 and go into town
 Go do some shopping
 and then look around  

 So I'll call up a friend
 I knew in my youth
 I hear now she’s single
 maybe coffee at Ruth’s

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My night palace is a dark abode,
a mortal passage to salvation.
I play the day just as I'm told,
until night's invitation.

Paternal guidance at night sublime,
dead days are simply props.
But night brings life into it's time,
mine starts when their life stops.

Blood tells all in many ways,
my passenger confides.
Those who think crime truly pays,
wind up as blood-splotched slides.

So murder, greed, and godless souls
stray down that darkened trail.
I'll be there when your bell tolls
and we'll see who goes to hell...

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Angry Earth

The power we now witness is only the start An angry earth she is, her tectonic plates in depart Seconds later they again meet with abrasive force The reaction to the action is just a matter of course Crustal deformation from the abyss of her deep For she'll care not for, the thousands who will weep Translucent displacement in furious rise The energies are now released that will swamp victims cries Substantial volumes gather at a tremendous rate No care for our future or the disaster it will create Whilst out at sea we can can't determine the size For we will feel the anger as she forcefully applies Sirens now sounded, on the horizon it's been sighted Evacuation to the listening, the unheard will be blighted As it now approaches the shore, wave shoaling compresses the wave It's speed now slowed down, we now await what it craves Like a silent assassin it's now ready to pounce No prisoners it will take as it lands in thunderous trounce Smashing and crashing as it collects in it's wake No care for the living or it's material take The gathering of debris amidst gas mains that erupt Power lines and buildings feel her anger so abrupt Losses of many are now caught up in this sadness From she angry earth, or has she entered madness

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How To Live Alone

Can I wrap my hand?
Round orb, in this
Can I walk on arid
As a prisoner desire
to land,

Can I be in
To my ending love
and attention,
Can you sign this
letter for sanction,
Inside, I sentenced
your detention,

Will my wrath and
anger end,
Can anyone make me
So I am able to walk
or wend,
As I have nothing to
write and send,

Can you give me a
piece of time,
Nib now dead, So I
begin with the lime,
To write a slaying
tale of love crime,
But contrary to
sime, (Simenon)

But, Now I give up
all this d*mn
For which I ruined,
a treasury,
So-called love with
all its brutality,
So begin to live
alone fiercely.

And call it quits at
absolute span,
So a balmy turns to
amiable man,
And love hangover
shed lightly,
So I can live alone

Shahid Hussain

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Hitting a Writer's Block

I've hit a Writer's Block, I fear,
For now nothing makes sense,
My subject matter is farily bland,
I can't make it intense.

Perhaps I need a break from writing
But such ideas I cannot bear,
For I find joy in intriguing
All of my readers out there.

I've hit a Writer's Block, I think
It took out the rear tire
Of all the dreams I rode upon
Of the goals to which I aspire.

I look to the sky and beg for help,
Or some weird idea; I'd try
To use what I'm given to fix my dreams,
For if I don't write, I will die.

I've hit a Writer's Block; I might
Have injured it somewhat badly,
Unfortunately, as blocks don't die,
It will pursue me, madly.

What does a writer do, to have 
Earned such horrid fate?
Should I have had a headlight on
When I was writing late?

I've hit a Writer's Block; it's true,
Even as I now pen;
But the Writer's Block hit back,
And it will hit again.

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(PART 2 of 2) Where the Sky is Black, And the Cold Wind Blows...

A new chance has blossomed
Til the police pull up
She ain't feelin' too awesome
And her mind is made up

Chance to confess
To drop to her knees
But she's under all this stress
And she runs with the breeze

With a click and a blast
She screams her last breath
Chance for redemption at last
But she still chose death

Not a single angel sings
As she walks up to the gate
She wonders if she'll get wings
Or if damnation is her fate

Sex, Drugs, and Crime have one goal
And messing with that could cost you your soul

All the mourners stand back 
As she's buried with a rose
Where the sky is black
And the cold wind blows...

So if life hands you trouble
You have to think twice
Or you could die bleeding in the rubbel
Payin' your high price

You could have a knife pulled on you
Or a bullet in the head
But we all know one thing is true
You could end up dead

You better remember this girl
All the s*** she went through
Don't let your life unfurl
Or your soul could be due

Life comes with pain
And life comes with tears
But don't hop on that train
To run away from your fears

Remember this crazy train
Is on a rickety track
And once you enter the wrong lane
There ain't no turnin' back

I know this 'cause I've walked on the path
I held this girls hand in the dreams I once had
Now I stand back looking at the aftermath
I'm lucky I lived, but it's hard to say I didn't like doin' the bad

Sex, Drugs, and Crime have one goal
And messing with that could cost you your soul

One of these days you might need to think back
To this little girl's last night of woe
Where the sky is black
And the cold wind blows...

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The surreal world I live in                                                   
Thrust there over night
It was a stroke that hit him 
Since then just nothing’s right.

The frustration of it all.
The many hats I wear.
The tasks that never end.
The new roles that I bear.

All these hats I’m wearing
Some are very new
So many different directions
So many things to do.

I wake up in the morning
Wishing for the past,
Stick to his routines
And never move too fast.

There’s someone living in my house.
I know there’s someone here.
Why do I feel so all alone
Even when he’s near?

Some days he comes to visit
And talks of things we share,
‘tho conversation’s brief
And oft’ too short to bear.

I try to see it his way.
I try to help him out.
I know he faces struggles,
For him, no easy bout.

I’m with him in the morning
I’m with him in the night
I try to be there for him
I hope I get it right.

A different world he lives in
His own pace that he’s set.
I try to make him understand.
He sometimes tries, and yet…

Can I know the effort that it takes
To put together words to talk?
Can I feel his inner struggle 
When he tries to walk?

I can only be there,
Let him know I’m here.
I can sit beside him
And try to ease his fear.

It’s a surreal world we both live in,
Just ‘one day at a time.’
With some days still a struggle
When all is not sublime.           

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The Blackbird

The blackbird’s footprints seemed to trace
The footpath to the resting place
Through the bright new layer of snow
They led the way, showed where to go.

They laid your baby in the ground
A tiny heart that made no sound
I scattered earth and shed a tear
Scared and lonely, wracked with fear.

For two weeks before we’d tied your hair
With a band from mine as you lay aware
Things would never be the same
A tiny being would have no name.

I never saw you cry that day
So I hid my sadness as I walked away
I saw the blackbird that day too
Wise eyes watching, I think he knew.

The year is new, joy may it bring
As Winter changes into Spring
And when dragonflies dart in the sun
I’ll  think about your little one.

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Living with Mother Nature's Bruise

We turned to each other when we heard on the news
Our daughters place of work, enduring mother nature's bruise
She worked on an island now swamped with wrath
To her we now travel to retrace her last path

To go there blind never knowing if she breathes
Thoughts think the worst as we subconsciously grieve
Our daughter, our life, as we make plans to depart
Facing hours of torment as our minds tear apart

To this island we head where she enjoys life to the full
Thinking back to her young years, learning in school
This paradise as she calls it, in the Indian Ocean
Our minds picture, her love to live notions

We step of the plane into a world far from home
Praying we find her, dead or alive, to never roam
To the north of the island, Aceh is it's name
Is this where we find her, with no one to blame

We reach the village, it's where our daughter calls home
Teaching the youngsters English along the beaches they combed
We wander dazed and confused, joining the crying and the grieving
Emotional rescuers surround us, they just keep on believing

Hand in hand we stare hoping, as our eyes glimpse the lost
Our daughters not there, as we join the emotional exhaust
Suddenly I feel a tugging on my sleeve
Lady lady, you my teachers mama, come with me please

Looking down, my eyes cascading with tears
A beautiful young girl, momentarily relieving my fears
Lady lady, please please, come with me please
To a makeshift hospital she takes us, our hearts so in unease

To a door we arrive, she cries, mama's teacher mama's teacher
As she is led away by the hospital preacher
We are greeted by a doctor, taken through corridors of death
The relieving earlier felt, now replaced by inner reft

The stench of death drifts, lost souls we feel crying
Resonating sounds echo, the last breaths of the dying
Cubicle after cubicle, every curtain our hearts run
In broken English, is she the one, is she the one

The second curtain from the last, the doctor once again opens
Despair and tears increase, parents lost in their hoping
Before us lies, a broken twisted bandaged soul
The tattoo on her ankle, I cry Nicole, it's our Nicole

Engulfed with emotions our cheeks streaming with tears
Viewing the earlier posters, parents losing their fears
Living this moment, realising their daughter has lived
As we look back to the pictures, knowing families are sieved

Words we will remember until the day we are gone
That moment we heard, is she the one, is she the one

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Your laxity will encourage the pirate
     Do not go in slumber, act, act, act

Crying over your destiny will not help
               If this doesn’t work, do that.

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Away Thou Goest

Pass me by
Oh you who speak
With silver tongue
No words to keep.

Who doth appear
To be so sweet
With honey voice
And whispers deep.

Turn now away
Round corner go
And ease my pain
For I am old.

Deceive me not
This day must end
Open the door
To peace again.

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Today I heard a good man died
I counted him a friend
The news it caught me by surprise
he fought until the end

Bill had a way to make you smile
he often touched our hearts
His time was always ours to share
we knew that from the start

So many times he found a way
to help us understand
That laughter changes everything
and days are not so bland

So long my good and faithful friend
I'll see you in a while
You'll live on in my memories
I wont forget your smile

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Sweet Amy

Sweet Amy it’s now time
to set each other free…
For too long we have hurt
and chosen not to see

Running from each other
then standing face to face 
Each day we hurt some more    
here in this wretched place  

You couldn't close your heart
i couldn’t let you go
We couldn’t cross the line                       
I guess we'll never know

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If Ever Comes The Day

I have a question for you
For it's something that I fear
So please answer it true
For I live for you dear

And I'll always love you
No matter what you say
I just want to have a clue
If ever comes the day

If ever comes the day of bargain
Of a once in a lifetime chance
Will you leave me to embark them?
Or will you take a stance?

If ever comes the day of promise
Of more than you can ever dream of
Is this something you'd be willing to miss?
Or would you take off and miss my love?

If ever comes the day of a deal
Where you'd get everything with a quick snap
And you'd just have to leave me for this steal
Would you run and never look back?

I'd like to know
So I'm not so surprised
If ever comes the day you go
And our love is compromised

Except, my dear, my eyes are closed
As yours are at this moment
And my question will stay un-proposed
For I hope that day never comes to visit

January 2010

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The Day Dad Planned His Funeral

They said you needed surgery.
You said 'There's business I must do.'
I drove you to the funeral home.
The arrangements were for you.

I had to wait outside that day.
I couldn't go in there.
I don't know how you made those plans.
You showed how much you cared.

You knew you wouldn't make it.
You feared the end was near.
I hate what your life did to you.
I wish you were still here.

How do you plan your funeral? 
Were you as scared as I? 
What were your thoughts heading to the docs? 
Did you know that you would die? 

If I could turn back time and say
the things I'd like to say, 
I'd say 'I love you' and 'I'll miss you.'
'I wish that you could stay! ' 

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Sitting by a moss-covered tree illuminated by sunlight at three,
he plays the very song that his anscestors played yesterday;
remembering what the peaceful and wild land was and will be...
by accepting the fact that his tomorrow is decided by destiny.

He can spend an entire afternoon playing a hand-made flute color chestnut,
as every breeze-lulled maple tree seem to vanish in the increasing, grey fog;
and if his music with shrilling, melodic notes is a devise to find his stranded dog,
he will have the best friend to guide him safely home through beams of twilight. 

Play, handsome warrior the melody you forefathers played on those efflorescent days
underneath the same oak tree to celebrate their free manhood;
and resembling them with long hair and piercing, dreaming eyes,
you don't expect that intruders from other lands would compromise your happiness.

Foxes, grizzly bears, coyotes and buffaloes hear your music and come around to peek:
they know that you wouldn't hurt them and they wonder who's the Great Spirit;
little they suspect that they will be hunted down by the new-comers from the East;
be their friend, warrior...promise them protection when they'll encounter the Beast. 

All that you behold today, may be gone tomorrow making you weep,
grasslands and prairies will tun into towns and cities to make way for greed;
and blood will flow abundantly on meadows where only wildflowers grew...
devastation everywhere with mother's screams by red rivers not so blue.

You must have had dreams of what was coming with a spectacle so gruesome,
take heart...your tomorrow is decided by destiny, pray that you won't be harmed;
continue playing your flute by remembering everything that you deeply loved,
and if you'll die fighting heartless men, I'll remember that look so lonesome.

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A Found Man 2K12

There no longer staggers "The Broken Man",
A higher power called upon his number,
On June Twelfth, fate rendered him a found man;
Long last a tired body found its slumber.

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The Cape

I should just let you go
But it feels a little like
Holding your beautiful face under the water
Watching your reflection flicker into your last breath

I should just
Summon suitcases to pack up
Our summer beach trip
When your hair was like wheat, and disappeared into the grass

You were bright against the drawn curtain of clouds
My star sister, with our heels dirty with sand and motherhood
I secretly waited for your heart to misfire
The corners of my eyes recognizing the embers

I can still see how you picked apart your food at dinner
Bite by bite-- your slender fingers reminding me of a crabs
This is also how you sorted and shelved your life
Empty carapaces gobbled up clumsily by the waves

Red fire, gold and silently
You picked me clean and set my crown on the lacquered shelf
No longer awake and calm in your heart
I am neat and tidy, far from all things remembered

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Soul Searching

I seek lyrical justice from my conscious thought

My fate seems undefined

Tired of what is not

I keep searching for peace of mind

My decisions have come at a cost for me 

I feel the need to vent

Not all the worse things in life are free

Like the freedom from my own judgment

What I have done is not who I am

The bones in my closet could fill a casket

Even if I have enjoyed the sham

I am going to hell in a basket

I wish to hold experience in high regard,

But life’s lessons have left me taunted

My road has left me scarred

My dreams remain haunted

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Is there such a flower as a despised blue rose...
the one I desperately chose
to sign end under a sad story,
which had neither passion or glory?

With tears so rageful, she thought it was the final goodbye;
why I didn't choose a more charming rose with a different color,
perhaps not as red as her unfaithful heart? It wouldn't have been a lie! 
Ever since, I have shunned and hated blue roses despite their splendor.

They tell me that the reason for my unbearable loneliness
is the urge for touching a face slipped from my grip and will;
if I am to blame...why did I love her with intense sweetness,
and nothing was returned besides a promise so brittle?

Let me see only red and yellow roses...but no tempting, blue roses;
I couldn't relive moments rejected by a woman so deceitful and ravishing,
and she smiled as they did, but that trust was distant from the beginning...
marring the lovely appearance of that blue rose standing out from others.

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The sounds of war

The sounds of war, 
Are far too real, 
Civilian's wounds, 
Too severe to heal, 

Wounded and dying, 
The dead line the streets, 
The fighting continues, 
Yet no heart longer beats, 

After the killing, 
What will be left? 
A world of corruption, 
Madness and theft, 

What are we fighting for? 
No-one really knows, 
There is no real reason, 
Yet the blood still flows, 

Innocent families, 
Torn apart by the war, 
When you look in their eyes, 
You see into their core, 

Sadness and sorrow, 
You can tell death is near, 
You want to get rid of, 
All the hatred and fear, 

Yet how do you stop, 
Another mans war, 
Please can you help me? 
Mend the hearts that are sore.

Copyright Kayla Yovich 2006

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Through Tearful Eyes

What can she be seeing as she looks through tearful eyes
Images of her love, being downed from war torn skies
The needle in her hand now paused, she contemplates
For she knows he'll never be home, for her love she truly waits

What can she be seeing as she looks through tearful eyes
Images of her past, when they met through love struck sighs
The children that she wanted, no memories will be of he
Tormented torn and tearful in sullen looks does she

What can she be seeing as she looks through tearful eyes
Revisiting cries of old, to wars in total despise
To rob her of a lover, a husband, friend and father 
For decades she has sat and sewn, past memories always gathered

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The night keeps falling into the stars... (Feeling down)

The night keeps falling into the stars
And the dampness drags on the grass
Somewhere there is music and laughter
False and foreign, they falter

I wish to look nowhere
Casting my eyes adrift
To throw out all worldly cares,
With no memories to sift

Ask me to lay my life to waste
To do nothing in haste
Send away all the familiar faces.
Go back two or three paces

Until I can believe again
Let my soul just be a stain
Or another sad song's refrain.
Let me be alone in the rain

When the heaviness in my heart
Tips the scale in too much pain
I'll brave myself to pull out the dart,
And watch the month's moon wane.

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Swallowing sickness
Perfecting the pain
Reaping my happiness
The killer not slain

Don’t leave me begging
I won’t be left on my knees
Stay here evermore 
Time forever will freeze

I feel you in my mind
This sick, gray place
I reach out to touch you
All I find is dark space

The music of your language
Changing my cynical heart
Your glorious mind
Discerns the eminence of art

But such a distance
Leaves great detriment in my soul
Knowing time keeps us apart
Leaves my existence a saturnine hole

Just promise you’ll think of me
I will wait outside
Tally days on the wall
Till the sentence subsides

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A Family's Loss 2K12

Murder! Tragedy! A perfect storm of
Emotions; Our emotions in which a
Close-knit family feels out of its love.
May you Rest-In-Peace Miller Jonas A.

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...for Hart Crane - In Memoriam - (1899-1932)

Words of purpose, carved and beaten,
chipped from granite's cold confines,
fashioned into filigrees
that shocked and startled feeble minds.

The Bridge, that span of subtle magic,
metaphor of time and space,
stretching skyward, swooping low,
connecting man to style and grace.

Letters of sophistication
sent to those who praised and scorned,
ever striving for perfection, 
friends were used and heros mourned.

A man at odds with bland conventions,
drunk, debauched, yet tried and true,
companionship oft cold and faithless
fostered with a dockside crew.

On a ship, confused and homeless,
wandering, he yearned for ease,
the ocean summoned this poor vagrant,
in its depths he found his peace.

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Imagine You're There

Close your eyes and imagine you're there
You're naked and shaved as they stand and stare
Watching your loved ones herded away
As you await your fate, it's their lies that say

Earlier that day we disembarked from the train
We're in a place called Auschwitz in the pouring rain
An unfamiliar smell hangs in the air
This feeling I get, is of total despair

We enter a building where clothes and shoes lie in mounds
On the periphery of me I hear screaming sounds
Families, fathers mothers daughters and sons
In our Hebrew tongue, why are we the chosen ones

We exit this building and enter another
Where we are told to remain calm and await our shower
No water is felt as the quietness delivers
Motionless some lie, as I await my deathly shiver

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Dark Days

We haven’t seen the sun for several days,
Is this our usual September fog, or
Has smoking grief from many miles away,
Deepened our natural darkness, even more? 

Our hearts, our limbs are weak from bitterness.
We feel the hurtful hate run through our veins.
Be with us Lord, and guide us on our way.
Harming the blameless will not ease our pains.

A week ago today, the skies fell in
On beloved husbands, parents daughters, sons.
Their deaths a dreadful act of corrupt hate.
Let no more harm occur to innocent ones.

Let not our leaders be in too much haste,
Let only those to blame feel righteous wrath.
May your guidance be with them each day.
Your light before them as they walk this path. 

 01 9/18/01

Written in those first days after September eleven

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Good Morning

As the morning sun illuminates my face, 
And the birds sing joyous songs of the new day, 
I turn over and slowly open my eyes, 
Staring at the empty spot where you used to lay. 

Renewed is the pain that sleep had pushed aside, 
Renewed is the longing of a broken heart, 
Renewed are the sad memories of the day, 
When you packed up and left me, for a brand new start. 

As the warm water cascades down my body, 
And washes away the dried up tears of a lonely night, 
I close my eyes and dream of cleansing my soul, 
Of selfish misery now basking in the limelight. 

My reflection serves as a portrait of despair, 
A painful reminder of the happiness that was once there. 
Each piece of clothing a sadder memory than the last, 
They are weighed down by more regret than I can bare. 

Before I open the door I straighten my back, 
Raise my chin and paint a smile on my face. 
In one hand I clutch my crying soul, 
And shove it in my heart's padlocked case. 
I turn the knob and look out in the distance, 
To a blissful, sublime, nonexistent place.

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Sleep Little Angel

Within your smile,
Fates hid ends eyes cannot see.
The false set of your lips,
The angel mourning 'till asleep.

Weep no more.
Angel, just dream.
Lie your head down,
Listen to the clear blue stream.

Dont pry at your wounds.
Angel ,you may permenantly scar.
Always keep to heart,
I shall never be far.

Sleep little angel.
Sweet dreams as well.
Close your tired eyes,
Untill morning, Farewell.

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This love,unconsummated,is left
upon our poems few,
sweet words of passion,bereft-
contenetment,neither knew

Bright Star -Story of Fanny Brawne&John Keats see the movie for more

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In a Different Dream

I awoke this morning
In this UK land
Where people went about
Their daily plan

Someone else awoke
In a different dream
All he left behind
Were silent screams

His twin brother
Their Solicitor at work
A colleague, a friend
What lit this spark

His rampage continued
From village to village
Hindsight, gun sight
Leaden pillage

Many others perished
To this mind from 
The flick of a switch
His internal bomb

Then the inevitable
To a wooded covering
Can't face the music
No guilty hearing

Once again
There's the ones left behind
Who have to unravel
This man from mankind

America and Finland have seen recent events on a tragic scale.
The UK has in the past seen such events also with Hungerford
and the children in Dunblane. Sadly we see it once again.

May his soul ROT in HELL.

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(PART 1 of 2) Where the Sky is Black, And the Cold Wind Blows...

This is 'bout a girl from just a while back
It's a grusome, sad story, I know
It begins where the sky is black
And the cold wind blows...

She's got looks to kill
And an attitude to match
She's lookin' for a thrill
Lookin' for a soul to snatch

A mind like a knife
She's sharp and she'll cut you
She can change your life
Nobody thinks like she do

Not one can out run her
She's quick as a whip
No magician could trick her
She'll just make your mind trip

Got some patched up jeans
And shorn off hair
She can act real mean
'Cause she just don't care

Got a heart of gold, she did all she could 
Had lots of romance on the brain
She acts much older than she should
Because this girl knows real pain

Now she might look bad
She might look rough
But you forget to look beyond the mad
And see that she was decent enough

She's been through a lot
Thinks she's seen too much
So she gets to smokin' pot
And she's felt God's touch

She runs further from the law
And closer to the light
Harder drugs hide in her bra
She can't hold up this fight

Starts trippin' too hard
While she's runnin' from the cops
Her brain is being scarred
And her heart begins to stop

Her eyes are rolling back
And her world begins to spin
She's run right off the track
Her life is caving in

She sees the angels cry
As she walks up to the gate
She asks her Father, "Why?"
He tells her she must wait

Sex, Drugs, and Crime have one goal
And messing with that could cost you your soul

She plummets on back
To her body below
Where the sky is black
And the cold wind blows...


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Sleeping angel sent down here from heaven above
Unweeping angel never more to feel sorrow or fears
Mommy holds you in her arms wrapped tight in eternal love
Daddy kisses your soft cheek trying to hold back his tears

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elegy eulogy

and all the words congregated somber,
passing observations and glasses around,
and smoked 'em if they had 'em,
and looked woefully at the ground

mentioned how he was so good to them
that he never played any, for favorites
always a mensch, and very gentle too
they all agreed he was very literate 

some words got together in lines
with handkerchiefs and glistening eyes
slowly passing the paged remains
wished his epilogue another reprise

one said, how once he'd looked it up
after a very long absence of use
and prominently displayed its meaning,
written decisively, never misused

another of the first-person singular, 
well-known, of worldly feminine gender
said he'd given her existence a purpose 
and was someone she'd always remember

but now he's written his last retort
they've signed themselves into his book
to be given tearfully to the next-of-kin
and tucked WAY back in some closet or nook

'cause nobody much reads them anymore
no one wants to be made to recall 
that words live longer than their writers
after the author is done with his scrawl

© Goode Guy 2013-08-09

elegy: a mournful poem; a lament for the dead
eulogy: a formal expression of praise

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The Unfinished Chapter

The beginning was a question,
Dealing the the heart's true want.
The prologue filled with innocence,
And lovely sober thoughts.

Then stories took an awry twist,
And things came complicated.
The feelings that were filled with love,
They soon became sedated.

Now drunken, hopeless lonliness,
She walks the path alone.
You chose another over her,
And cast her from her home.

With founding hate the mourners cry,
And wear their veils of black.
The girl you cast into the Earth,
Has had her "heart attack."

With seizing pain the letters scream,
Up at you from the grave.
To know that this is all your fault,
It sets your soul ablaze.

But not for long, you'll see her soon,
In hell or heaven; both,
Are good as any other choice,
So you won't have to be alone.

With hate and tears and love and fears,
You bid the world good-bye.
Take one last breath and then you jump,
A soulless suicide.

The epilogue will bear your name,
Forever, etched in stone.
You gave your life to end her strife,
And so she wouldn't be alone.

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As we Await the Next

Another night of shelling another night in hell
To lie in stench filled trenches watching bodies swell
Seeing the grimace of death engraved on ones so young
From Utopia they were born, now I'm in among

I can't think how ludicrous it is to await the next
Seeing futures disappear, oh! how it leaves me vexed
Trenches, bolt holes and craters, filling with rotting flesh
Barbed wire like human snares, now a crimsoned mesh

My eyes in tears now close as I hear the dying cry
Whilst a solitary shot sounds out, invisible through the sky
This silent assassin awaits their unsuspecting foe
For through a lapse in theatre, another life will slow

The evening I dreaded is upon us, this is no fireworks display
It's another sign of man, and their self destruction play
Many hours ahead now await in this shell shattered surround
How many of us will still be standing, or swallowed by the ground

The above is all I can remember from those days from a war torn past
I'm so fortunate to recall so little, whilst many colleagues cast
I've lived a life of years, so many more than them
What or who decided to chose from these heroic fighting men

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I lingered near the edge too long
just couldn't let you go...
I waited till there was no hope
the painful process slow...

Letting go of hopes and dreams
a dagger in my soul...
A gaping wound beyond repair
the blow, a tragic toll...

The emptiness within my heart
a void too deep to fill...
There's nothing left to hold on to
my spirit, cold and still...

The darkness overshadows me
and light has slipped away...
The angels weep beside my bed
they'll escort me today...

All Rights Reserved Jon Arno 2013

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Dark Love

Soft and gentle I come to you....
My voice drips with honey
You'r enraptured with my skin
On the bed you leave your money

And then the knife begins to sting
You fool, you never had a chance
I wanted you for blood and gore
You came hoping for  romance

Your look is uncomprehending
As the red seeps to the floor
I drink from your life force
And then quietly close the door....

For That Dark, Dark contest.....

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Another Kind of Man

To be intrusive to another's mind to taste what the hells going on
To be different from other men as they sing a different song
For this, this blind man seeks to be the seeker to see and scan
To go inside the mind of another, another kind of man

History has shown and reminded of the monsters that have been
This trait of human man, as each generations scene
What makes us be so different, to hurt whom we care and love
Is it some form of weakness we allure, against family loving doves

As I enter their minds even deeper, the appalling rise to view
Standing proud in their deathly mask, their hurting of others true
Rapists, serial killers and dictators, or even the family man
What possesses their power to indulge, that this blind man can't even scan

My thoughts go out to you all, who have suffered at the hands of man
Evolution is not the answer, to really be who they can
This blind man he said to me, if I look into you what will I find
My reply to him was simple, I'm just a different kind 

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The Blame of Disloyalty

No more disloyal and
If call allegedly is
For what thee
And finally, thee

No more regretful
and remorseful,
If called rebel and
For what thee
And finally, thee
lose famed,

No more curse and
If called liar and
For what thee
And finally thee

No more betrayal and
If called
untrustworthy and
For what thee not
And finally thee not
No abuse, greater
than disloyalty,
If call allegedly is

Shahid Hussain

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Love Forlorn

The sea and mist
Have lightly kissed
The shore again
And all points when

I take my bow
To heed the stern
The sea again
By ocean yearn

And rain my face
In transient place
To sea again
An algae lace

I turn to see
The rain is gone
Forever now
My love forlorn

She tells me not
Like storm before
When we began
Or when it tore

Surprise to me
Upon its end
Do I refresh
Or never mend

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I hear his words, from Father to Son

As I walk with his Procession
I hear his words from Father to Son
My life has finally ended
Whilst yours has just began

For someone so young and innocent
You've sailed the Seven Seas of Rhye
But Some Day One Day
You'll be in love and never cry

This Ogre Battle of life will erode
By the Fairy Feller's Master Stroke 
The March of the Black Queen is broken
Now weakened she's lost her cloak

A White Queen shall enter your life
No longer are you the Loser in the End
It's Funny How Love Is newly found
Nevermore will your heart descend

In this poem are the tracks from Queen's album, Queen II.

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dented and painted

dismissively lined as "dented and painted"
protesting violence and raping of women 
those self-appointed, oh holy and sainted
can we turn another cheek and forgive them?

to relate to another with an iron-bar
to relate to another with utter disdain
to relate to another without human care
is this the civility we wish to attain?

you who are better, more worthy than other
you who are truer, in eyes of your god 
you with blood bluer than natural mother
might discern that it's you, who is flawed

sticks, or bars, or clenched fists attest
that you're no better than the rest with
casting of glances from eyes that detest
superimposed superiority is but a myth

want and ignorance are alive and strong
in all nations, so in all the world today
actually, it's been that way - all along
if we wish to civilize we must go all the way

and speak for every individual that spins
on this ball of rock that we call our home
to evolve higher form we must be, in the end
and remember, what is reaped, is what is sown

© Goode Guy 2012-12-29

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Conjure me a time when I 
Was happy to believe
‘fore rules and complications
Filled with smog my birthday eve
Set the table ring the bell
For all to take their place
And time machine with me back to
The edge of memories long erased
Serve me up on paper plates
And help the candles blow
Soothe the hunger pains with joyous
Innocence we used to know
Tell of bedtime stories
Grant a blow afar for wishes kissed
Pray a blessing on the ones 
Whose presence we so sorely miss
Whistle in remembrance as
We take our turns to reminisce
Though life is short we take the time
To sympathize oblivious
Eventful is the journey next
Forever onto future realms
Unknown to each and all of us
The light that overwhelms

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Life's Story

The rain falls fiercly,
As I look up into the skies,
Only to see the sun,
And white clouds floating by.

I walk into the woods,
Feeling sharp thorns beneath my feet,
I stare down to the earth,
To see grasses, soft and sweet.

At last I see a rose,
Lying dried up on the ground,
I gently touch it's petals,
And my life is newly found.

All along ive been yelling,
At the wind for being cold,
And shouting at the rain,
When life's story has been told.

I ignored the graceful beauty,
As i blocked out meaningful sights,
For when it's gone I will regreat,
Shunning the flawless story of life.

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Empty Chair

In class he was a clown,
Picking on his classsmates and doing what he wanted.
In all he was a good kid,
Very friendly and never hurt anyone here.

The last I saw him, his mother was in the hospital. 
He wanted to leave school but couldn't, he wasn't allowed.
He was only 15 years old, why did God take him too?
Too many young lives are dimenishing too fast.

All he did was attend a party that night,
Many here at Hampton High did too.
That van drove by, he was standing in target,
Several shots fired, one hit, one died.

Why him, why now, why that way?
What was the reason God wanted him so soon?
Is it better than living his life to the fullest?

In class, he has an empty chair,
No one picking on his classmates.
In all he was a good kid, very friendly,
And never hurt anyone here.

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Night Visions

Rainbows  gently  touch your face
and clouds adorn your hair…
Mountain peaks that touch the sky
your beauty they declare…

Eyes that penetrate my soul
your message there conveyed…
The memories of so long ago
are here again today…

Darling bid me come to you
and hold me close once more…
Kiss me gently on my lips
just like you did before...

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The Wannabe

I hear the scream in every thought of every life on our world Which is tearing its self appart Few will hold it together so around by eachother we’re twirled And I can’t stop it breaking my heart

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Read Earth

Harsh beauty spreading far and wide
Mother's creation by nature's own bride
Iron grain canvas under bright atmosphere
Where arid, baked land meets water cool and clear

Streaming cruel heat reigns over all
Beating down on a land held in subjugating thrall
Parched artistry spreads over miles of land
Rocks, hills and animals, and course shifting sands

Fevered earth burns on an unshod sole
Trees give sparse shade to those who stroll
Along a path, that's been walked by few,
Over millennia past; now awash with soul's residue

Land red with iron and actions abhorred
With laughter and bitterness, with hope deeply stored
A vast stunning world, a back drop so grand
A future and history that's held in the land

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Take anything you want

I feel so sad that I can’t be
With both eyes I still don’t see
A smile from you sets me free
Take anything you want away from me.

When I’m alone there remains a hole
It is the place where I once kept my soul
I feel like a fish swimming in a fish bowl
Take anything you want I need to feel whole.

I look beyond today wish for tomorrow
With all that has gone I feel quite hollow
I try to pay back things I just borrow
Take anything you want release all the sorrow.

Time stands still yet passes me by
I can’t help myself God knows I try
I think about you I break down and cry
Take anything you want I just need to fly.

I used to hold the world in the palm of my hands

I used to think everything was within my command
I try to hold on but feel like I’m less of a man
Take anything you want I will try to understand.

I stand to stand up and see on my own
I wish I didn’t have to stand here alone
The wind creeps up and chills to the bone
Take anything you want this soul needs a home.

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Broken Heart

At twenty two she fell in love
he swept her off her feet
The world he promised he would give
his kisses were so sweet

Her life was filled with happiness
her heart rejoiced each day
He promised her a wedding ring
their union set for May

One day he said he had to leave
but soon he would return
He promised she would see him soon
no need to be concerned

For days she waited by the door
to see her lovers face
Each night she cried herself to sleep
she longed for his embrace

The months passed by and then the years
she waited patiently
Her hopes were dashed a thousand times
her heart broke endlessly

One day her spirit flew away
she soared above the clouds
A broken shell was left behind
wrapped in a purple shroud

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Taken For Granted

If only I had known
  how little time we had,
I would have surely shown
  how much I was glad.

To have you for my mother
  and to count you as a friend.
To know you as a teacher
  of how to love and mend.

To see the many little ways
  you brought joy to my life,
To know your strength and grace
  in times of trouble and strife.

You did for me most everything,
  I never gave it second thought, 
For I took your love for granted
  and never realized all I got.

TLH  © 04-22-2012

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My nightmare returns as it always does,
Wearing a long, black sheath and formal gloves,
It bares taupe teeth then glares with onyx eyes,
Then every shade it so deftly denies.

The sky is no longer a shifting plain
where eventide dances with misty rain,
And lofty evergreens are green no more,
Violets of grey shroud each pale forest floor.

Rubies lose their reds, sapphires their blues,
And youth’s pretty blush dulls to sallow hues, 
A candle’s flame keeps not one hint of gold,
And a scarlet rose turns tarnished and old.

Van Gogh’s flowers bear the hues of concrete,
All mangos are pallid, tasting less sweet,
The bride’s lacy veil is now tinted stone,
A glass of rosé, a palette of bone.

Yes, my nightmare returns both day and night
since with your last breath you snuffed out my light,
Gone are the rainbows of our vibrant life,
I now wear the garb of a mourning wife. 

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The Little Girls Abyss

Ever since I was young
I always had this dream
About a little girl who lived next door
Who drowned in a nearby stream

I don't know what possessed me
But I always knew one day
She would turn up at my door
And ask me out to play

I mentioned it to my parents
They said "listen" and sat me down
It happened before we moved here
Her bigger sister let her drown

The family we bought the house from
Moved on from the fear of this
Their teenage daughter suffered nightmares
And dreamt of a wet abyss

Many years have passed
I am now well into my teens
But this aura that still surrounds me
Everywhere I look she's seen

One evening I went to shower
As normal I pulled back the screen 
I turned to look in the mirror
She was there, staring back at me

There was an incredible similarity
She looked like me when i was young
Now having shown herself, is it over
Or has it really just begun

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Mollie Rose

The smiling face that looks out at me
from that funny old picture frame-
Can no longer hold me in her arms
or call me by my given name

Always a part of my daily life
it sits right there on the shelf-
Sometimes when I look at her
it seems I'm looking at myself

Beloved mother gone to soon
forever you are my Mollie Rose-
Waiting there for me to join you
where the river of life forever flows

For the Picture Frame contest...
I have an old picture of my mother
Mollie, taken when she was about 16.
I am her

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I'm trying to be patient.
It's taken many years.
I've gotten through the toughest part.
I'm all cried out of tears.

I'm waiting for the mother
that is coming back for me.
I'm sure she will come back real soon...
She'll be will see.

I've told her how I need her.
She knows how long it's been.
She walked away 24 years ago
when I was only ten.

Some say 'Give up, it's over! '
That just could never be.
I will wait for her return
as long as there's breath in me.

I've talked to her, she knows me
She'll be back and then we'll sing
Till then I'll just be patient
I'm here..........Still Waiting. 

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Goodbye Fall with all the auburn leaves of the reddest sunset,
goodbye crackling path where I met the last songbirds,
whose melody accompained me to winter's doors;
and with deep sadness I kept on looking back.

Welcome gloomy winter with short afternoons and long evenings;
watching the advancing shadows and loudly hearing
the furious sound of the squall rampaging the stately trees,
and making them weep when the icy rain comes down with lightining. 

Sitting in a rattling, rocking chair, I peruse through pages of sunny places afar,
forgetting the dreariness of this frigid season and be consoled by a warm fire;  
and still nostalgia abounds...thinking of the pleasant strolls of a past season,
which thrilled me with its colors, and through delight I justified my reason. 

O winter, don't linger as you always have...shorten your stay, avoid foul play; 
and could I ever stand a pale sun, hardly giving off with its luminiscence,
in this house hidden among the maples and the pines of a squalid valley?
Old winter, don't mislead me with days without snow...that's utter pretense!

Goodbye explorer fedora hat keeping my dreamer's head cool, 
sparing my skin another ugly wrinkle, allowing late beauty to rule;   
goodbye iced coffee sipped from my Big Apple plastic cup,
which I bought along Fifth Avenue in a crowded, variety shop. 

Ummerciful winter, pity the desperate state I am in,
reduce the wrath of your devastation, step inside and to tell me your amazing tales...
hoping that I will write them down for everyone to read and enjoy for immortal ages;
relentless winter, reduce the dreariness of this frigid season.

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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A Mothers Love?

How can a mother not hurt
when her child cries out in pain?
How can she turn and look away
when there's so much to be gained?

If only her heart would open
and let God show the way,
to happiness and love everlasting.
For this, I'll always pray.

Is it possible to just feel nothing
towards the child you gave away?
Please say there is at least a hope
that you will love me again some day.

When I look at my child I feel love.
I could never turn my back.
But you never felt that way towards me.
Is it something that I lack?

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Beautiful People

Beautiful people
Standing around
Eyes are closed
They make no sound

Beautiful people
Hurting souls
Ailing loved ones
Life's black holes

Beautiful people
Life gives and takes
Deaths door opens
A new existence awaits

Beautiful people
Sharing pain
As beloved kin
Aren't seen again

Beautiful people
They're gone for now
No rhyme or reason
No telling how

Beautiful people
Suffering loss
Lives are taken
By the coins wicked toss

Beautiful people
Never knowing why
The end has come
The time is nigh

Beautiful people
Friends are gone
To shores unknown
Led by the holy one

Beautiful people
Watching them die
Departing souls
The bodies last sigh

Beautiful people
It hurts inside
When they must go
Share sorrow far and wide

Beautiful people
The heart does love
Beautiful people
Watching from above

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One Nagging Perpetual Question.

Rapid rifles, fearful aim
from secret, secure nests,
They select a random target,
blow holes into his chest.

The medic cradles gently,
Dour comrades bid good night.
Close his eyes, collect his tags,
prepare his box for flight.

Now home- a name and number,
the bugle blares farewell.
Mourners clutch the folded flag
he earns for where he fell.

Rigid rifles, solemn aim,
assault a steel blue sky.
Great God above, embrace him.
Why did he have to die?

Rapid rifles, taking aim,
Count up the endless dead.
Mankind is so inventive
to silence life with lead.

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The Poetic Skies

I’m writing of my neighbor,
Who sadly passed away.
She planted the poetry seed,
Of the poems you read today.

A piece of me left with her,
The day her casket closed.
She spawned my poetic inception,
For her, my work’s composed.

It’s been eleven lonely years;
Her poetic sun set, to never rise.
I’m still in mourning far from setting,
Illuminating the poetic skies.

Her presence cast infectious beauty,
But her life’s light untimely set.
Leaving a wealth of memory,
That my heart will never forget.

Her poems speak forever,
Reminding my tortured soul.
Of their creator’s radiance,
That sadly had to go. 

I’m up here with other stars;
My poetic rays sting the eyes.
It's my time of day to shine,
And grace the poetic skies.

For Chris' "Get Your Rebel On" contest

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She Sits Alone

She sits alone
On a rock on the shore
Where days before
She sat with one more

Her boyfriend her love
On holiday
When fate befell
On this tragic day

Swimming and enjoying
The times of their lives
Two dived in
Only one survived

She still sits alone
On this rock on the shore
She will do it next year
Like the year before

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Not another Girl I would rather forget

Love ain't a feeling, its a state of being
So if you feel in love, you probably ain't.
The anger and frustration will build up
Lie to yourself and your bound to erupt

Hes greasy, hes slimy, hes lying
He laughs behind you back when your crying
You don't know how you got onto his ride
Who hurts a 'friend' when they are crying on the inside

Don't be surprised if your dreams never go away
At night it is all connected like a rape
Feels like we were together just today
Just think about your father and what he would say

How could you do the things you did?
How could you live with the things you hid?
It is okay to be alone sometimes
Life doesn't always have to be a lie

You sold your soul for a glass of wine
You lost your mind at a bad time
And now you don't even know who you are
But deep down I still know you are a star

I don't know if you ever told me the truth
You looked after me when I had a bad tooth
And then we had that crazy new years eve
That is when I knew it was meant to be

But the lies they build up and broke me down
Still I will never forget our time in Cape Town
When the trust is gone, the trust is gone
But the love lingers like a ghost

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Forgiveness (The true test of love)

I reckon the thing I try to say
I say with all my heart
After all the fun of being high
Your life will fall apart

Life to me is like a river
One with many falls
And I have rode the rapids
Living for the call

Don’t know how it happened
Or if I ever will
But somewhere deep inside 
I changed how I feel

I guess my heart was so broke
Nothing left to break
I was left all alone in a cell
Nothing left to take

About truly understanding love
Believe these words I say
You will truly learn to treasure it
When love’s taken away

I don’t mean when love is lost
We all have broken hearts
Bleeding red down the page
Not even knowing where to start

When you still love each other
One gets taken away
Through the fears, tears and years
The other will go astray

Forgiveness is the test of love
It is the test of time
Wife and I withstood the test
We are doing fine

Know the trials hurt real bad
Shadows filled my soul
As years I spent full of hate
Living in a hole

When they finally set me free
Our eyes came together
We each knew there was no test
Love could not weather

When you love with all you are
All you are is who you love.
Never jeopardize that or let it go.
Everything but that love is just 
another illusion. MJ

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I Thought Love Came My Way

I didn’t know what hit me
When I thought love came my way
It came almost out of nowhere
But it would not stay

It made its camp for several years
The best years I thought I’d had
It made me happy now and then
It mostly made me sad

Sometimes it left me alone
Just desperate to hold on
Trying hard to save something
That was already gone

But it vanished quickly
It left me in the cold
And any smiles it brought me
Were replaced by tears tenfold

And so I’ve come to realize
That wasn’t love at all
It wasn’t even close to love
It was just so flawed

Because real love is perfect
Real love doesn’t leave
Real love makes you stronger
It doesn’t make you weak

Real love can’t be broken
It doesn’t fade away
It stands strong through any storm
And it cannot be swayed

I hope that love will find me
And that I’ll know it when it does
I hope that it comes quickly
And that its all that I’ve dreamed of

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The Sadness and the Cost

A fictional write of deep sorrow and loss. A betrayal that cannot be undone

Another night we sleep apart
an aching in my soul...
We can't keep living life like this
It's all out of control...

We stumble over yesterdays
unable to move on...
Keep fading in and out of love
afraid you'll soon be gone...

I'm terrified of losing you
How do we make this work?... 
We always seem to circle round
the place where demons lurk...

For now we cling to threads of hope
each day I feel the loss...
I can't keep dealing with it all
the sadness and the cost...

All Rights Reserved Jon Arno 2013

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Flight To You

Sometimes the loneliness is hard
a desperate restlessness…
An overwhelming flood of thoughts
I try to then suppress…

A longing deep within my soul
that can’t be satisfied…
A wounded spirit all alone
a love that never died…

I try to reach you with my thoughts
to touch you from afar…
Somehow I hope with all my heart 
you’ll hear them where you are…

If I could fly to be with you
and soar upon the wind…
I wouldn't wait a moment more
my flight would now begin…

All Rights Reserved Jon Arno 2014

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The entire island of Manhattan is being swiftly raptured
by a heavenly force, the Harbor is badly shaken...
it seems that Judgement Day has come as prophesied;
there Lady Liberty still holds her torch, before it's gone!

If this vision is true fiction, how awful the real event will be
with Lady Blind Justice and Lady Fairness with a set of scales;
they are standing on the terrestrial globe to warn the stubborn Human race,
which has contributed to this state of chaos...defiling morality and honesty! 

So terrified are the seagulls that called this haven their home, a real bliss;
the Big Apple's greatness has vanished from everything else;
Atlantis disappeared into the depths of the ocean, Manhattan's wealth 
is taken back by the Almighty to punish the evil ones, and reward the just!

Entered in Carolyn Devonshire's contest, " Phoenix Rising "

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Utter chaos
yet so calm
shaky palm
thought lost.

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For days on end I’ve thought of you
while looking deep within
These feelings for you haven’t changed
but shame, it now begins

What started out so innocent
now covered up with lies
We've both been risking everything
our friendship a disguise

We said we’d never go this far
we broke all of the rules
So now we have to make a change
or else we all will lose

My heart is torn in many ways
I cannot walk away
Too many lives would be destroyed
for this I have to stay

I think we both know what to do
we’ll have to say good bye
My heart will always be with you
please go, I'll close my eyes

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Bosnia Seen from Above (1992 - 1995)

On quiet Sundays between the revolutions,

After the bombing and before the morning,

The soul returns in tired, injured steps

to help my grandpa pick mushrooms in the forest.

When dirty victims go back into their drawers,

for reasons only politicians know,

I see the kitchen where my mom was panicked

The stew's too bland - no salt or bread at all.

When spy detectors clean the human race,

Black suits and ties push buttons of decision,

I stick a branch in quaking wicked pace

to stop the rhythm for the ants in trouble.

There's so much air - sometimes you suffocate

"Atlantis" - can you see me cry?

Important sightings trying to locate?

There's just the black box and my final flight...

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Don't Forget the Roses

The doctor found me and tapped me on the shoulder.
She said I’d better hurry, that you were fading fast.
I had gone for coffee. You had drifted off to sleep.
I guess I really didn’t believe, our forever wouldn’t last.

I took a breath outside your door, and then pushed it open.
It was stupid. A breath couldn’t stop my hands from shaking.
Your dad had said your mom had needed to see him strong.
How strong can a rock be, a tear away from breaking?

You’re lying there, frail as a doll made out of china.
I saw your eyelids flutter as I walked over to the bed.
You asked who’s there. I said, it’s just me sweet baby.
Then took your hand, wishing I were dying instead.

I lied, when you asked if it has suddenly got colder.
When you said, everything around you was growing dim.
I shook my head, and said it’s just getting a little cloudy.
You know how cold and wet this spring weather has been.

You said rain is good for your garden, then mouthed come closer.
I could barely feel your breath, as it brushed against my ear.
You whispered, Honey don’t forget to weed my roses.
Remember, their all supposed to be in bloom this year.

I go to say, don’t worry. I’ll take good care of your babies.
But the words get drowned inside my broken mind.
You’re gone, and God how I wish I was going with you.
Half a heart, half a love, should never have to stay behind.

I never really knew how much I truly loved you.
Now I know how cold it can get, when the fire’s finally gone.
How hard it is to take a breath, when the air is rare and thin.
I thought I knew how much I truly loved you. I was wrong. 

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Second creation of delicate flesh,
lured by the Serpent's astuteness,
why did you promptly reach for that apple
and invited me to taste it and eat it all?

Linda, didn't God warn you to keep away from that tree?
Woman, once so sinless, beautiful and full of liberty:
you brought ruin to our sun-illuminated Paradise;
now storms rage and meadows are stripped of all flowers.

Our Creator took a rib from my body with good intention,
to give you life and companionship, and make you my possession:
bearing from your womb many children...multiplying in due time,
but His plan couldn't be brought to completion with a cunning lie.

Because of you disobedience and my weakness to swiftly accept, 
we are eternally punished to roam our earth without finding soothing rest;
and the eternal curse will hinder us from being happy and being protected,  
and with hot sweat, plowing the hard soil, I must earn our bread.

Dedicated to Marilyn for her beautiful heart and gentle soul.

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Came from work, exhausted and moody,
fall is advancing with an improvised, swift pace,
but the meteorologist defies it with the happiest face;
and tomorrow I'll wake up and trot away! 

Planned a day in the merry sunshine,
with a basked full of treats and a bottle of red wine,
to be consumed by the shade of an elm with my dearest;
and all the songbirds I will invite to my afternoon's feast!

We lay on the neatest blanket, facing the calmest, eastern sea
as sailboats drift by...a toddler listens to his mom's nostalgic song,
and in her tender voice that soldier's smile, on rippled waves, appears;
and tears, with a solar luster, fall on the pristine sand to recall her lost love.

Seagulls glide over to announce the close of an August's evening
still huddled in intimate embrace, the rushing waves tickle our toes,
and not minding their amusing play, we carry on and not withdraw;
before we lift the damp blanket, we are greeted by stars in throngs.

Planned a day in the merry sunshine,
a fantasy realized by two who will dream of this passionate season,
remembering our tanned faces and skin glittering with sand;
waving goodbye to the disheveled mother and trembling child.

Note:  These are the observations of a happy couple spending a day on the beach,
but  the happiness they felt wasn't shared by a mother and child who both missed a husband 
and father; and by the sad look on their faces, gazing out to the sea...he had gone to the  
Iraq War, and unfortunately had never returned home.

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The Traveller

The sun beats down on a leather face, 
The burnt remnants of a trying past. 
Saddened eyes gazing towards nothing, 
The empty stare of a life harassed. 

A single pair of footsteps trailing, 
Disappearing into the distance. 
Weighted footprints from a heavy heart, 
The proof of lonely perseverance. 

Barely standing on two blood stained feet, 
Supporting old knees so rickety. 
A silhouette wavering in wind, 
The epitome of frailty. 

Essence escapes from every pore, 
A heavy musk, reeking of defeat. 
The remains of a figure once proud, 
Desire's fire finally obsolete. 

Well versed in the language of failure, 
Silent screams, shattered dreams so hollow. 
The crying sun eternally sets, 
Dark shadows stretch until tomorrow. 

A weary soul in search of haven, 
Quickly rejected by Heaven's Gate. 
Overcome with exhaustion, yet still, 
Reluctant to surrender to fate.

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The Long Goodbye

For months on end I've felt detached
I stay so damned confused
I don't know how to deal with this
afraid what I might lose

My children have been whispering
some words behind my back
Their faces showing deep concern
afraid what I might lack

I can't remember anything
Dear God what do I do?
It seems as though my mind has gone
I know that can't be true

I wish that Jane were still with me
she'd know just what to do
I hope this all will go away
please help me see this through

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Never stood still on battling ground,
watch the vicious and villainous carnage,
and not fight with true courage...
to increase the sword clanking sound.

Never been humiliated by slandering words not timely, 
my silence banished them as they picked up velocity;
I did nothing to vindicate my anger with visceral grief...
and today my memory still evokes that encounter too brief.  

Never are valorous men nailed to an undeserved cross,
making those nails penetrate their hands and feet,
no guilt is ever found in them, innocence is their plea;
but the loud, infuriated voices still demand their death.

Never withheld feelings of compassion,
and put a distance between myself and them,
poverty was caused by those who greedly governed;
why blame the common people for a corrupt institution?

Never looked away when the smallest hands 
reached out through profound silence, and in those youngsters faces
anyone could see their misery and sense their desperation arise;
they had needs, not wants like we have, when their food and water were scarce.

Never broke any law of the land, but abode by it
with a good character and willingness to spread peace,
not rebelling and causing damage to property and harming citizens;
in any civilized country violence doesn't solve anything, it only hardens the hatred.

Never got drunk or smoked marijuana to avoid the ugliness of reality, 
although peer pressure was there and by pushing it away, I resisted it;
it cost me their friendship;  and looking back, I am glad I kept my dignity... 
and who needs friends like that, when they lead you down the wrong path?     

Never cursed God for the ills of others impinged on me,
and for the misfortunes I endured for endless years without a shout;
my tongue always hollowed His holy name...knowing that
He had put me to the test, and in due time He would have blessed me.

Never planned revenge on anyone who had conspired against me,
this conscience was spotless and no action was needed by me;
if I had retaliated, they would have rejoiced and responded with laughter;
a fox is known for its slickness, and my instinct was alike it, if not better. 

Never allowed doubt, or foolishness to contradict what was beautifully created,
the cooling breeze on steaming days, the pouring rain for a rich harvest,
the brilliant sunshine to make everything grow:  from trees to grass;
and in the fluffy snow...I saw my purity and the peacefulness of winter so revered. 

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Today's Youth

I look out the window, 
Yet nothing is there, 
The darkness surrounds me, 
As i'm frozen in fear, 

Then all of a sudden, 
The night is ablaze, 
Fire and screaming, 
I'm stunned in a daze, 

Communities broken, 
Families torn apart, 
Who could have done this, 
And how did it start, 

They had no real reason, 
To set it alight, 
To cause so much chaos, 
In my town that night, 

My small little school, 
Was burnt to the ground, 
But the very next day, 
There was more to be found, 

Bodies lay broken, 
Ripped apart by a sword, 
This is now what happens, 
When our youth got bored. 

Copyright Kayla Yovich 2006

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Eyes Closed Shut

After thirteen years time embeds
The cutting knife in deepened said
Twisted in torque in my wreaked abyss
Eyes closed shut, could be my wish

Maybe I'll awaken in a different world
Where nobody hears, because nobodies heard
The bleak in me from cobalt to black
Eyes closed shut, there will be no lack

And upon the out, where I'll drift with time
Knowing I've decided to leave ones prime
No roaming in the gloaming, no more pain
Eyes closed shut, never to open again

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Never much do birds fly south;
I wonder-
if they have stronger legs now.

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Absolutely contented people,
Banking collapse in America,
Dropped like a bullock, lay like a block,
Lost to meltdown.

Umpteen colossal buildings,
Symbol and homage to science,
Devastating earthquake , tumbled down,
Lost to meltdown .

Avid bewildered desires,
Rising high with a dash but going adrift,
Bemused their zing to malady prostration,
Lost to meltdown.

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An Entreaty to Sleep

Come to me, Sleep. Please let me drink 
Of the sweet silver essence that brings us our dreams.
All that I seek is a restful respite
From Reality's bite and its deafening screams.

Envelop me quickly--take me away,
 trap me in starlight that glitters and gleams.
Hide all my thoughts from the tedious day;
Lead me to Heaven on shining moonbeams.

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For what reason
must one extraordinary legacy end
and shameful era begin;
opprobrious season.

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I left my heart in another place
But it's not like I dropped it;
I took it out when I fell in love
And without it, I forgot it.

The only reason I remembered
Was because I looked in the mirror
And in the hole where a heart should be
Were two words: insert here.

Bereft of heart, I cannot love;
What misery I am in;
My chest feels cold and hollow as
If I was made of tin.

If you find an extra heart,
Or a willing donor,
Would you give the heart to me?
Without one, I'm a goner.

If I could have a heart again,
I would brave storm or blizzard,
And if you gave your heart to me
I'd treat you like a Wizard.

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Angels Here On Loan

There are angels here on earth
Who are only here on loan
This place is not where they are from
This world is not their own
They're sent to light the paths they walk
To embrace us when we're sad
To share in joyous times we have
To make bad things not so bad
They come in forms of mothers
They sometimes are our friends
They share in our beginnings
And soften bitter ends
These angels came to teach us
How to love our fellow man
To share the blessings that we're given
To be all that we can
While these angels walk with us
We'll never be alone
They'll always be within our hearts
Not contained by flesh or bone
And while we journey in this life
May it comfort us to know
Our angel is never far away
No matter where we go
Holly Miller

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They made a huge nest with straws of golden hay
on the top of a fragrant, shady apple tree;
and they were the beautiful bluejays of May
that constantly warbled until sunset vanished entirely.

They have gone to a warmer place with pretty cotton fields...
before winter approaches and turns into a white blanket,
but my nostalgia for the departed bluejays with soft wings
fills the chilly and stormy air with something I can't predict.

Oh, bluejays which other bluest sky you fly under...
without the fear of an impetous, frightful thunder,
to find that haven which delights even a restless lark  
when sunrise arises his desire to be a free heart?

Luckily, they won't be here when the frigid wheather will be coming...
when that glistening blanket of snow will cover every meadow;
they will remember spring battering the land with a sudden windstorm...
and listening to their cheerful song, brought true joy to my living. 

Oh, bluejays from this icy window I yearn for a celestial, melodic praise!
Could anything console me as the moon wanes,
if sunrise offers no hope for my deep longing
that soars over miles of frozen sky...until it awakens me from dreaming?

Copyright 2010 by Andrew Crisci

Written for Constance-A Rambling Poet
for Beautiful Birds Mini Blog Contest

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you tell yourself maybe it's good news
you tell yourself it's not what you fear
you tell yourself this just can't be happening
you tell yourself oh God, -- it's here

you tell yourself I just talked with him
you tell yourself but, she loves me so
you tell yourself you'd better not cry
you tell yourself you can't let go

you tell yourself it wasn't accidental
you tell yourself it wasn't suicide
you tell yourself this is so detrimental
you tell yourself that you can't bear goodbye

tears and tears of the soul's well existence ![rips & saline]
you're numb and cold and wilted with shock
with truth comes grieving without resistance
seconds become minutes as turning hands clock

trite homilies on God's purpose and being
wash through the days as waters from a tide
others might see the hole in your wellbeing 
as you slowly accept, that part of you died

enlightenment dawns as we see life without
a lover, a child, a friend, an acquaintance
the soul, fresh-watered, grows from this drought
continuing forward from old life's resemblance

© Goode Guy 2012-11-23

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Wretched Snake

The head
Of the snake
Is gone
Though it seems

It's coming
Back to me
In terrible

Will there
Be a party
A dynamite

But detonate
And more then
Just hype

A jet of vacation
An unaware crew
To fall from the sky
But they never knew

And where
Will it end
The snake
Does it mend?

If growing
The head back
Will time tell
Us when?

The body
Must go
As well as
The head

And finally
This wretched
Will end

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All I Want

I try to stay distracted
To cast the thoughts aside
To push away the memories
But my heart just won’t comply
All I want is you to want me
To be the one that you adore
All I want is you to hold me
To be wrapped up in your arms
I want you so much I’ve been wishing
On every eyelash, every star
And every time I close my eyes
I end up right there where you are
All I want is you beside me
With our fingers intertwined
All I want is you to tell me
That your feelings match with mine

But I know its just a vision
Not reality by far
It was just a flicker quick to dim
Just a one-time shooting star

All I want is it to be real
To never wake up from this dream
All I want is you to love me
But you never will, it seems.

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I, Claudia

(A Spoon River Poem)

You loved me well, you loved me long,
even with joy fading from my eyes,
my beauty your heart's silent song,
and sorrow hidden in burnished skies.

Six strapping sons feathered our nest,
pride your meat, and hope your drive
for peace to rest within my breast,
watching our sons grow and thrive.

My pride lay seated in one alone,
a daughter, supping from my dish,
her grace shining like a midnight sun, 
her presence fulfilling every wish.

Death came feeding at her door,
in a single day, her light was gone.
I sewed to clothe her one time more
in her five years, I'd always done.

Each day after, I lived to mourn;
you burned to melt my frozen core.
Our boys also, with fibers torn,
became crippled casualties of war.

Why couldn't I see them clear,
with such longing in their eyes;
that in my grief-stricken sphere,
wounded egos shrank and died.

Though she and I, at last, conjoin
reduced to dust and mingled here
she's one of seven from my loins
steeped in years of guilt and tears.

Too late discerned, my own selfhood,
they’ve scattered and can't be found.
So undeserved, my peaceful shroud
atop this hill, beneath this ground.

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Could we ignore those heroes and heroines,
who fought for freedom and gave us many choices?
Every country has them and their valor we should revere!
I'd like to be one of them...but I hesitate to dare!

More than five thousands of years people have lived on our planet,
and powerful civilizations rose to subdue the ones with a weaker sword...
even today when knowledge is supreme, the mighty ones continue to do so!
O inhuman and foolish race...have you lost all consciousness and grace?

How can the human heart be enslaved by mighteness,
if precious freedom is a right given by God without prejudice? 
All, I repeat all peoples are entitled to liberty...O heroes and heroines rise!
I'm not inciting anyone to rebellion, but protest they should with their voice!

O inhuman and foolish race, how much longer can you brag and not be erased?  
Rome crumbled with its marble idols...others followed and lost what they highly praised!
Now justice is veiled by a feigned appearance: haters of faith and lovers of money abound,
bringing more destruction and danger to anyone alive...will they return to God?  

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One never realizes where inspiration comes from,
I found mine while strolling along...
a land with beautiful landscapes
that wouldn't let dreams escape.

One isn't born a poet, it's a revelation of fateful events 
that are analyzed by an inner feeling...
so immensely simplistic and revealing,
absorbing the essence of prudence. 

Some dissident strongly pointed out the strange isolation of an intellectual,
being estranged from real people who are more amicable...
how would he know how desolation confines
that soul in search of a serenity redeemed by prize?

Not living on the edge, but tasting the richness of slowness,
which controls the pace of the footsteps,
always keeping them in the right track...
how could peaceful thoughts trigger a violent death?

Thrilled to admire a head full of white hair, when that time arrives,
and reading names on limestone graves, 
deepens my comprehension...
comparing their age to mine.

Walking in the true faith, seeing the wonders and the miracles,
and that fervent faith will make me walk 
in the spirit for a testimony to all believers...
and as a follower of Christ, I stand on His rock.  

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Amidst my Futures Past

For what purpose after purpose do we come and go
Entering from utopia whilst life bestows
Sharpened corners lacerate living skin
Unknown of it's actions that happen within

Reflection to selection ones choice is made
To deliver one from breathing with the help of a blade
Elation to relief in translucent surround
Whilst my crimson flows without a sound

Weakened ripples run as I feel myself drain away
Another statistic, on just another of my days
Tunnelled tired eyes in tearful strain
As I turn my light to black, my living no longer reigns

Look at me I'm nowhere to be seen
Drifting in time as if in a long lost dream
The soul of I amidst the futures past
We are born to die not one of us lasts

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My Heads Not Right

A few weeks ago, about 9:00 AM My head started aching; loss my vigor & vim It’s didn’t let up; just got more intense At midnight to the hospital I went In the ER and seeking some relief Had to just wait as the cause they did seek While they did MRI’s and scans and stuff I had to suffer and hang in there tough The staff got their data; gave me morphine On it for two days before I was weaned My head got better; still took Percocet On the fourth day I was about off that “A pituitary tumor”, they said “Has been growing for years inside your head” Headache came and went, that threw them a curve The tumor could damage the optic nerve The neurosurgeon sized it up this way Your sight may stay just as it is today As long as the tumor grows very slow To restore loss sight, the tumor must go If your Cardiologist thinks your fit You can opt to have me get rid of it My heart doctor scared the hell out of me Then agreed I could have the surgery At this point I wanted it out right now By waiting I could lose more sight somehow My wife only wanted things to move slow Scared of the surgery I’d undergo The third doctor involved in my case This endocrinologist takes First Place He studied my situation and found Something which actually turned things around Labs from Arizona, done months ago Didn’t jive, things were high - should be low A rare condition when the thyroid fails Is making the pituitary swell The doctor knew of this rare condition No surgery now was his position It mimics a tumor, but best of all Fixable without surgery at all The endocrinologist said it’s rare Never seen in his years of giving care The neurosurgeon also said the same Man! my lucky day, I won this health game Surgery was scheduled inside a week Such an outcome, no better could I seek My family can now get back to living My thanks to God, I’ll never stop giving Charles Sides

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On that Marble Ledge

On a marble ledge she sits
Pondering her fiances loss
Who will never see her tomorrows
Warfare becomes her boss

Whilst the moonlight shines
Time lapse captures the scene
Thoughts from a second ago
No longer say what they mean

Many nights she will sit there
Head in her hands thinking why
Conflicts we continue to engineer
Why we still have to kill to die

On this marble ledge she sits
Tomorrow her windows of life will reopen
And just maybe we will come to our senses
For our future generation I'm hoping

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Lost in the Back of My Car

I lost it in the back of my car.
I need to know: Where is it?
I've looked high, low, near and far,
and I'm really beginning to miss it.

I looked under the seat.
Lots of quarter and pennies I found.
I just can't figure where it could be,
if it isn't anywhere around.

I've looked all day and all night. 
Yet I've ended where I'd begun.
All shall never again be right,
for my innocence is done.

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without so much as

without so much as...

Thinking back on that spring day
you walked out of my front door
without so much as "see ya later"
"I'll be around", or just "goodbye"

I never thought about it back then
I just naturally assumed on return
and picking up where we'd left off
that morning you went into the world

It's logical to assume the future
will be much the same as the past
so out you went to do your thing
without as much as a quick look back

"It's a dangerous business 
going out your front door" *
the attitude is to be an optimist
and look forward to what's in store

The thing is you didn't return
The thing is that I don't know
what you thought that day you left
The thing now I miss, is just you

More aware now of the "now" of things
that our time together is precious
mindful of what the future may bring
knowing expectation isn't portentous

Whether esteemed colleague or close friend, 
whether daughter, son, husband, or wife,
we never know what providence will send
to take that ally from our lives

A simple advice is to mindfully remember
in the now, to express aloud your heart
forget angst, set aside hurry, quell bad temper
just tell 'em you love 'em, as you part

© Goode Guy 2012-06-21

for Pepper
* J. R. R. Tolkien - The Hobbit

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Haiti: Dreams Betrayed Beneath the Sun

Haiti: Dreams Betrayed Beneath the Sun

Our “Mother Earth” has filled her graves; dread stays.
Entrapping thousands in her hungry jaws.
She quivered with her deepest rage, oh, day.
And from her belly under seas roars cause.

Spitting fire, destroying, homes; thus stealing breath.
Disaster bound its heart to tears affright.
Rescuers search the rubbles heaped with … Death.
She killed the young and old with just one bite. 

Gone; children ripped from parents while they played.
And Old folks lost in thought found not their stay.
In moments those that lived had passed away.
Now destitute, survivors to God pray.

The rich and poor together work, none tire.
Will hopes and prayers revive their stolen days?
The rescued, shocked, and dazed reap horrors’, ire.
Life lost beneath debris turns to a blaze.

The world looks on with wonder, all amazed.
Resilient, pained, some brave survivors’ fight.
For tragedy had thrust death’s dreadful phase.
But human strengths arose to face their plight.

As help from other lands aid dreams betrayed.
Reminding all who lived that we are one.
United humans, tasting dread; strength stayed.
Compassion, peace, and love beneath the sun.

© © Dane Smith-Johnsen
January 31, 2010

Poetic form: Quatrain

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Each Other's Light

Smiles and happy memories
Laughing til we cry
Silly things you'd say to me
Learning how to fly

A perfect summer spent with you
Us riding in your car
Being side by side those days
Becoming who we are

Walking in dark places
We became each other's light
The constant in a spinning world
Made everything all right

A bond that seemed unlikely
To everyone we knew
We are so very different
That it surprised us too

You taught me to be stronger
By building on my strengths
You pointed out the best in me
While pushing to my lengths

And in that way you changed me
Alterations so complete
That I can barely recognize
Who I used to be

I couldn't help but notice
How you became so free
Your smile was so infectious
To everyone you'd see

Such a precious chapter
In the story of my life
I'll hold on to it with all I am
I'll carry you inside

While struggling to let go of it
Dealing with the change
Knowing there's a reason
But wanting things to be the same

And while i'm sad its over
I'm thankful that it was
I was blessed to meet you
In that i'll always trust

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Heart Fortress

Why am I upset?
 I am unsure,
But I hope for this bitterness 
That there is a cure.

This indifference toward living
Is burdensome so,
But my broken heart
Will not let it go.

Could it be that 
I've hardened my soul,
To the point where even I
Do not have control?

It would be a sad thing 
To no longer take part
In the inner workings
Of my fortified heart.

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One Voice

One minute we're fine,
The next, we're done.
One minute you're mine,
The next, you're gone.

First it was just us two,
Just you and me;
Then there was someone new,
And two becomes three.

Mistakes are made,
And time won't go back.
We're forced to face
The reality of our act.

One became two,
Then two became three.
Three became two,
And two became me.

I'm all that's left,
Because I make a choice.
The love I had left,
Because I silenced a voice.

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Lullaby for the Grieving

Lay your head down precious one
And dry your eyes right now
For dreams of happy endings
Will be coming anyhow

The rains will stop, that much we know
Though we may not know how
So walk ahead to dryer ground
Where my love will abound

Know that when you're all alone
I've never been more near
And when you think I'm gone from you
I'm holding you, my dear

The nights will pass before you know
The sun will rise once more
I'll be with you in the sunshine
And with you in the storm

In the sunshine, in the rain
Just look up to the sky
And wish you may and wish you might
And to you, I will fly

I'll never leave you, never go
Where you can't find me there
Just look inside your heart to find
The love we share

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The countless flights of noisy seagulls
seem like my days once idled away,
sitting by the ocean appeasing the relentless loneliness of my blues...
beyond that horizon, so traveled by ships, another sunset faded away.

Being brought here by destiny's hasteness,
I am unable to return to my adored land...
hinderd by unknown forces more devastating than summer's violent storms and hurricanes;
even the gentlest breeze can erase those memories still imprinted into the smooth sand. 

Springs have been short and winters last much longer, 
and only the red Lighthouse surrenders to darkness;
the gelid winds of the North batter the snow-decorated docks making the waves rise higher;
this calm harbor resembles a Norvegian fiord from where the Vikings left in small vessels.

Serenity is deeply felt, but not readily greeted as in other milder seasons,
and I can endure the harshness of any winter day with this heavy coat...
the cold and hungry beggar could use it and keep herself warm and sleep peacefully at night;
where's she? I've been sitting by the ocean, she hasn't come to melt away my frozen tears!

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Youth seemed an eternal joy
for a gorgeous and happy boy...
no worries over necessities,
with desires without sequence.

The fear of dying was far from pondering,
only beautiful days ahead for the youngest heart....
longing for a tenderness other teenagers never sought,
and sometimes sleeping away the afternoons was invigorating. 

Like glass sheding water, his soul was pure and epic
and he never shook his fist to seek revenge;
he never shillied to shin a tall tree with panic...
always used pragmatism whenever on perilous edge.

He lives miserably, living on a day-to-day existence,
but the fear of dying is to exemplify weakness,
not to exert himself and to better before he hits dead-end;
yesterday God was his sunrise, now that light is glimmering instead.

He justifies his misfortunes with an inadequate story,
while his friends enjoy a happy life, he frolics like a sky-lark 
feeding on what people discard in a garbage pail daily...
and weeps occasionaly, instead of coming out of the  dark.

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I lost my shoes, and I was sure
That I had lost my mind;
I couldn't remember yesterday,
So I must have left it behind.

Nor can I recall all the things
That I probably saw,
And I'm feeling lightheaded
As if I'm made of straw.

Do you know of some way
To repair my condition?
Magic spells? Surgery?
Some kind of a mission?

If you know of anything,
I'll treat you like the best,
Like I girl whom I once knew
Who came from the Midwest.

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Thunderstorms are fierce,
bringing devastation to Nature and humans;
and such are the Monsoon rains of all seasons:
a reminder of India's tragedies.

Torrents from clouds form wild rivers,
and everything is subdued by their force,
it brings to mind the Biblical Deluge
when only a faithful family found refuge.

Where houses, squares, churches and trees once stood,
now there are floods drifting people and animals... 
struggling to keep their heads above water;
many will experience horrible deaths without finding a road.

After they pass over the devastated region,
they will go the the next destination to cause more death
and incite survivors with ire and desperation...
then is God responsible, or is it Man who has no respect?

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command six

kill the Catholic, kill the Jew
kill them all, draw sword 'n' slay 'em
kill the Muslim, the Buddhist too
spill their blood, creating mayhem

kill the Taoist, kill the Zen
kill the agnostic, kill the skeptic
kill all religious, come back again
wash away everyone seen as septic

kill the women, kill all the men
that other tribe, who you eschew
everyone who might be your brethren
take weapon in hand and kill them too

kill that other race of beings
kill the innocent, kill too, the guilty
kill anyone with peaceful leanings
kill wholly with unspeakable cruelty

kill all hope of ever finding peace
kill yourself for your own release
kill believing you'll justify
all these hates that in you lie

© Goode Guy 2011-06-04

the only good ___ is a dead ___ ...know it's sarcasm, ok

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Skies of Blue

If today is but a minute long,
and tomorrow is on a distant shore,
will I be thankful for the time I had,
or will I be praying for a little more?...

If my time has come to pass,
will I regret the loss of years?
Will all the things I never did
bring me to a river of tears?...

My only regret can be of us,
of our time gone, now that I'm through;
I'm so sorry for the loss of time,
but I'll see you again in the skies of blue...

Until that time does arrive,
I'll be waiting here for you;
I want to hold you forever,
in these skies so very blue.

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beauty in the face

tossed upon the seas of love
the hateful soul unrepentant
sloganed roses read OsLove
to show humanity's decedents

what the stronger will stand for
bury the hate after the tears
no heating up of this cold war
speak to each in higher prayers

hate may have a home in Hades
but the people here won't bite
held high cool love to cascade
renounce hostility abolish fright

each individually, and as a race
stands at a fork in their road
turn toward love or a darker place
either way picked emotions flowed

these now stand voicing tolerance
flowers of acceptance held high
instead of falling into malevolence
individuals as a nation do reply

© Goode Guy 2011-07-26

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When I'm Grown

Where is my daddy momma?
Where has he gone to?
Daddy, if you can hear me,
I really, really miss you.

Mom, you said God took him,
And now he’s in Thy grace.
But can you tell me momma,
Where can I find this place.

I miss my daddy momma,
When will he come home?
You always say you’ll tell me,
Whenever I am grown.

Am I not growing momma?
I feel grown, as grown can be.
Where has my daddy gone to?
Momma, can you please tell me.

I’ve waited by the door,
I’ve waited by the phone.
And I’ve waited for you to tell me,
When daddy’s coming home.

But you just sit there crying,
About the things I’ve said.
At night I listen at your door,
And you cry louder in bed.

Was it something I said?
Was it something I done?
To make daddy go back,
To heaven where he’s from.

Where’s this heaven momma?
Where’s this land of glory?
So I can go tell daddy,
I miss his bedtime stories.

I miss everything about him,
His kisses made me feel better.
Momma, can I have paper and pen,
So I can write daddy a letter.

So he’ll know the things he’s missed,
Whenever he comes home.
I can’t wait to grow up momma,
So you can tell me when I’m grown.

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Morning Thoughts

My first morning thoughts
went searching for you
They came back alone
afraid we are through

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What A Waste (Tribute to Janice Joplin's Bobby McGee)

Some songs make their impressions
Lasting forever in our minds
They may fade or not mean as much
As our soul society blinds

They tell us what they want us to hear
Trying so hard to keep us blind
But through the Songs Janice used to sing
We were some how able to find

How would you love to be Bobby McGee?
Or the trucker far as goes
I’m sure they had a hell of a trip
Writing the song that all of us know

Addiction took her from us one day
In fact it has taken a few
So before you fly know that it’s no lie
Like Janice it will take you to

I think I got way off track here
but this for Brian's contest and
it is one of the impressions in
my mind that will forever stay.
I loved her music, God Bless

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The Rambling of a pen

Why dose the thought of god
Bring us tranquility
Why does the loss of control
Bring us harmony

Is it the Hands of God we fear?
	Hands that smite and take
Is it the Hands God we love?
	Hands that create

Is there a throne in the afterlife?
	Or is it a thought of men
Is there a throne in paradise?
	Or is to question it a sin

Shall we rest upon the clouds		
	To sleep in heavens peace
Shall it be a peaceful slumber		
I hope it will never cease

Shall I dream of this a little longer	
Until I see the face of God
Shall it be as the preachers say	
 My heart seems so flawed

Why don’t I dream of God
No care for his face
Why am I forlorn to doom
In this fated place

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Moody's in the mood to short sell
Congress's word to someday pay
sounds harsh but might be as well
political kids spoilin' just to play

forget the lunch, can't break-the-fast
for some, free is freedom to turn away
ignore basic facts, easier to lambaste
opponents and leave tomorrow in disarray

empty rhetoric is taxing my patience
'stead of taxing our monied ability
planking on opinion without complaisance
cliff leap before compromise with civility

chaotic lurching of well-oiled-machine
still with fits and spurts it grinds on
how democracy runs, is anything but clean
gentlemen statesmen's days are long gone

if ever there were, a whole other debate
with contemplative points to be sure
the pros and cons can't always equate
political work is anything but demure

© Goode Guy 2011-07-14

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Lost Love

Lynn Mibell and I slept
on a flattened futon and dreamt
of better days. Days when her 
dear brother was not dying of AIDS.

Days when our love life flourished.
When we walked hand in hand
along the bold face of 
Stone Mountain. We were giants.

We danced all night in New Orleans.
After partying all day on the horse-
racing track of the Heritage
Jazz Festival. We danced on clouds.

As if our legs, our feet were
divinely influenced, kissed, kissed
kissed, by the gods, superhuman.
Now, Lynn Mibell lays 

on that old bed and dreams of
nothing short of  monumental
change. Nothing short of
ending good and evil universally.

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Twelve Labors

In punishment now
My labor be done
By Heaven divine
Conviction is won

Twelve efforts twelve years
Too much to conceive
With club and a bow
Although I'm bereaved

The mighty enforce
Has stolen the day
From King and alike
And naught but to say...

"I've finished these deeds
You've asked to perform
I must go back home
And weather the storm

A family gone
Now shredded to tears
The labor undone
I go face my fears"

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Wine, Women, and Song

Wine, women and song-
delirious impressions
both over- and understated.
Nonsense to the uninitiated.

This is how my daydream began:
gyrating  on stage with long hair
like and adolescent shaman-
visions of a young Jim Morrison.

Wine, women and song-
punk, funk, southern boogie drunk
battle ax guitars, pounding drums
blacken and brutal beer soaked bars.

This is the dream come true:
an insidious reality
that suddenly struck rude.
Nonsense to the uninitiated. 

Now, it is still the wine
women and song that I long for. 
Indelible impressions
both over-and understated. 

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Demise Of Jellyfish

Blobby thing you came in from sea
Fading away here on the beach
Life once had swimming around
Ending in waves just out of reach

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I've seen it now
His bedroom, so dear
Everything is the same
No more reflection in the mirror
His cars, his Lego's
Yes, even his bed
Everything is the same
She knows the last words he said
The colors are brilliant
The ceiling's bright stars
Everything is the same
So much pain with the scars
His clothes, his hammock
And, yes his Boy Scout shirt
Everything is the same
Why must all our hearts hurt
Let's try to remember
Hold a memory in your heart
Everything is the same
Except we know we're apart
So love and honor him
Show someone you care
Everything is the same
And always say a short prayer

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War of Contempt

Without the quest for redemption
The populace play idle games
Gigabits won’t grant exemption
When sovereignty goes up in flames 

Genocidal business mission
Funding both sides of each conflict
Stoking the flames of ambition
Bankrupt countries fail by edict

New orders rooted in the past
Proffer real wealth for dead paper
They sow ignorance vile and vast
Freedom dissolving like vapor

Warranted balance sheets dictate
Suitable loss as they see fit
Diseased airwaves warn us to hate
While poisons infect the mess kit

Failing sweet liberty’s daughter
Uranium shells pierce and spall
Embedding explosive slaughter
Self-righteousness annexing all

Peace proves a word of corruption
Imposing control serves their end
Troops and camps to quell eruption
When cheated free souls won’t pretend

Babel rebuilt before our eyes
Covert designs from ancient times
I recognize the Fourth Reich’s rise
Never ignoring their war crimes

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Why the Rose Bled

Parents so proud
Four sons they raised
From the Highlands of Scotland
In the pre-war days
On their crofts they worked
Morning till night
Unknown to them then
Off a future fight
The Germans have invaded
A country so free
Poland was taken
The world shaken visually
Britain declares war
As our men enlist
To rid the enemy
As the fighting shifts
Europe's engulfed 
In a feverish war
Many are dying
To comprehend what for
The four brothers
Sign up to fight
As a mother will pray
Every night

Campaigns they fight
In these theatres of war
Witnessing horrors
Never seen before
In their garden at home
On the family crofts
A bed of roses
With petals so soft
Then one day 
With a passing glance
A pink rose dripping red
In deathly stance
Their mother turns
To the gate she looks
Telegram in hand
From the postman she took
With trembling hands
She opens with care
Upon reading the message
In tear laden stare
Their eldest son
In Africa was lost
As many many others
Deaths global cost
Every day
As she passes the rose
It's pink petals bloom
Her tomorrow's fear grows

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When Sympathy

When sympathy seems not enough
and tears would win the day,
remember how your loved one lived,
and how they led the way.

When heartache is all that you feel,
please let your teardrops flow.
That loved one is alive in you
they showed you how to grow.

When sorrow empties out your soul
and nothing's left to give,
remember that you shaped them too,
you're part of how they lived.

Soon, heartache yields to memories
of times you shared and knew.
Remember that affections forged
are strong and always true.

For friendships forged in life's good fire
sustain us in the fray.
Live on, good friends, as alloys strong,
as they did, day by day.

                       When Sympathy

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From Hades he Came

He of the depths
To the surface he came
Horned demon from Hades
To cleanse your surface with flame

This beast of the dark
Surfaces to spread his plight
To enhance his black
Extinguish your light

Your skies will become red
His heathens will march
Your world as you know it
Will become torched and scorched

His cloven children
Will spread like the flames
For you will be eternally dark
Kneel down and proclaim

Chant to your master
The Dark King has come
When your chanting is over
Your new world has began

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The Sharpest Edge

The uncertainty of Winter
with its monochromatic norm.
The leery loss of color
the painful loss of warmth.

The sharpened edge of white
the transparency of cutting ice,
the indeterminate length of night
leaves man to his own device.

Even the occasional shimmer
of sunshine lends only harsh relief
though death will end life’s cycle
rebirth will soon end grief.

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Locked Out

I stare at this blank piece of paper,
Wondering where to begin,
Wishing to unlock the vault of my brain,
And reach the ideas therein.
I know there are tons of juicy thoughts
That I have stored within,
But it's barred from inside with three locks,
And my mind won't let me in.

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His Spirit moves over me as I see
Something that could be good, will depeople
My tax dollars will go for genocide
Lord have mercy on this very great people

Not only will this cost pass on to states
God who loves earth how long will you abide
Lord have mercy on this very great people
My tax dollars will go for genocide

We won't be fit for the kingdom of God
This nation is to be an example
My tax dollars will go for genocide
Lord have mercy on this very great people

If we do good, centuple blessings come
When we do bad, God's grace can not abide
Lord have mercy on this very great people
My tax dollars will go for genocide

(First attempt at Mirrored Refrain..Thank you Jared for the challenge..Not an entry in the 

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A bon vivant lyfestyle 
of the Bohemians de Paris,
has always saddened and deluded me...
by seeing it in someone's happy smile.

Mademoiselles and jeunne hommes, 
exchanging artistic and poetical ideas
at the Cafe' de Flore, or at the Les Deux Magots...
with coffee aroma on their breaths.

Living in legendary and vibrant Hollywood 
is an honor to be seen with the admired and respected wealthy;
and whoever struggles, can't keep up with any of them...
whose only desire is the glitter of money.   

And steadily dreaming of a bon vivant lifestyle with an aloft
imagination, I let this want often disrupt my peaceful sleep...
not being able to accumulate, quickly enough,
fortunes and stand on that pedestal of greed.

So snap out of fantasy and don't peruse into La Dolce Vita
of Hollywood! Stay away from those extravagant fashion shows!
And at the Cannes, Capri or Venice Film Festival, avoid contact with movie stars,
stare at them from far...they are as contagious as influenza.

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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My rebellion is based
on ufairness and repudiation,
I'm not blame and won't say a word...
you've fed your fantasy on illusion.

You have put a price on love,
and it's not my fault for the wrong assumption;
this heart of gold gave you enough, if not more...
you still accuse me of cheating with foul intention.

Make me swear, and still truth will shine,
make me go and you'll lose everything you possess;
I will show no shame in defending my innocence...
but giving you another chance wouldn't be my desire.

Beat your angry hands against my chest,
it will not hurt; and although I will withstand any madness,
don't fling any accusations to get quick explanations...
you have no proof I've done such things in the past.

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Daddy Told Me

Daddy told me not to drink
I should have listened to him
it happened so fast I couldn't blink
everything went so dim
when I awoke during the night
I felt so cold and lonely on the ground
I saw some bright headlights
they say i was found 
by some old guy
they say it was a woeful plight
and that I would die
I guess daddy was right
daddy told me not to drink
if I listened I wouldn't have to fight
so listen or you will be on the life and death link

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Love Sick

Illness has broken my inner passion.
Wondering when my senses will not be forbidden.
Captivating my minds relaxation,
Not knowing that my anticipation is hidden.

written for

Sponsor Catie Lindsey
Contest Name Lost and Found

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flowers are for living

see the roses, red and white
see the glads, serene and noble
the bouqueted mums, radiant and bright
see the orchids, beautifully boastful

smell the scents for all intents
pulling our memory back in time
remembering joys from past events
family and friends, the days sublime

petals soften life's hard terms
the leaves greening up the day
the pollen sits on stamen's tips
reminding, life carries on, what may

flowers are for the living
from the wellspring of existence
remembered, even in our grieving
blooming our hearts to reminiscence

© Goode Guy 2011-12-13

for a dear friend

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"I am appalled," the administrator said
..."I am appalled by your recommendation."
yet utterly correct, it soon proved to be
for years anonymous, the implied accusation

Challenger "slipped the surly bonds of Earth"
and surely those scientific souls perished
to "Touch the face of God" was said henceforth
but always, in all ways, their memory cherished

Roger Boisjoly*, and a few who knew the truth
also, felt smacked-in-the-face by appalling
as guilt and horror were revealed through proof
let "only the facts speak" was the higher calling

when timetables are allowed to tip the scale 
without regard to even more profound losses
we could learn to let probable facts prevail 
and overrule overbearing bosses, whatever the cost is

foregoing of foretelling, is unfortunately compelling

© Goode Guy 2012-02-07

* pronounced: (Fr) Beaujolais

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East Berlin
Before the wall fell
Under the lamppost
In silhouette tell

So still they stood
To a window they look
They put the fear of death
In scare ridden spook

These Ministry shadows
Who haunted neighbourhoods
Persecuting the weak
Because they know they could

After the wall fell
It became their demise
This Stasi, State Security
In all out despise

Many people died
Or simply disappeared
By these silhouettes under the lamppost
That a nation feared

After the wall fell
They were hunted and traced
This Stasi, State Security
Have finally been erased

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My Filthy Fire

My ship of dreams I build no more
I hack to fragments my vain desire
To toss like trash and be ignored.
Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.

To sail the seas and not return
My ship sinks in the straight of dire.
Its keel has split, its hull to burn
Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.

To hear the Sirens song too long
Uncharted seas with sails which tire.
With all my dreams and fancies gone
Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.

I pondered from my window long
And fanned my passion ever higher.
I cursed "His" name to sing my song.
Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.

For fortuned Isles my eyes did cry.
My dreams I leave to whom I sire
For I am cremated before I die
Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.

Resurrecting souls my dreams has killed
To pull myself from deep quagmire.
To warm my heart which time has chilled.
Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.

It is for sure, not springtime here
Shorter days, how bare "His" trees.
Looking back pulls eyes to tear
For waste and loss of all my greed.

Upon my filthy, driftwood fire
Now as to turn from what it seems
Left to me a works of priers
Never to sail my ship of dreams.

Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.
Heap high this waifs, to be no loss.
No wisdom from my follies liar
Burn Oh! Burn you holocaust.

Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.
My sins may perish with my ships.
To right my wrongs I now aspire.
So let them burn without my kiss.

Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.
This cord of which I gladly burn
Dreams or follies of mud are mire
No loss to me and no concern.

Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.
Stream me toward sweet isles of peace
Bright flash and gleam of my attire
Shall fall in lour of my decease.

Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.
When in my grave I take my task
Point for my Lord my vain desires
In chilling embers and cold gray ash.

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It's over for her
Such suffering and pain
She is up in Heaven
Where there's so much more to gain

her darling little face
Full of tenderness and love
Knowing for sure, somehow
She was sent from above

Her cute little hands
And her stout little nose
Everything perfect to us
Right down to her toes

Her purpose in life
Was to give others strength
Even though it only lasted
About fifty-three hours in length

Her stay here for us
Was such a short one, you see
But she taught us so much that life
Can be wholesome, gentle and free

Yes, dear Lord, please
Take her to a place that's new
To that place up and beyond
Where forever she'll be with you

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This Mother's Plea

I once had a bright, little gem 
How she'd sparkle, how she'd shine
With laughing eyes and a perpetual smile
What a gem, that daughter of mine

But one day the smile faded
And the laughter left her eyes
Somehow my little gem turned dark and cloudy
Such a change made this mother cry

I miss my bright, little jewel
I no longer recognize
The dim and gloomy gem that has lost her sheen
Brokenhearted, this mother sighs

Can my gem's luster be restored?
I wonder, what would it take?
Perhaps some of God's tumbling and polishing
Please, oh Lord, for this mother's sake                                                  

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Why Did You...

Why did you leave
I feel much pain
I fell to my knees 
As they engraved your name

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I wonder what it feels like
To be all alone
I've been there before
So, I don't need to be shown
My mom is alone
But, now, so am I
Even my own brother
Found it hard to say good bye
Would my dad be mad
If he could see me now
I think he'd be happy
With my life, somehow
He told me to do
What I thought was right
"Don't let anyone hurt you
Always put up a good fight"
Yes, he sees me now
I can feel his warm smile
I have memories of dad
To last for quite awhile

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Hi mom, it's nice up here
Looking down on you and dad
I see my big brother too
And I'm not feeling so sad

I know our time together
Was so short and not long
But up here with Jesus
That's where I belong

I see grandpa and others
Please don't cry for me
Because up here, it's pretty
And so happy and free

I do miss you all
But please try not to cry
And take good care of Kenyon
But don't ever say good bye

Don't ever forget me
I know the time was short
You did the right thing mom
I'm so glad you didn't abort

So, for now I'll be going
But I will see you again soon
You will see me when you look at the stars
Or whenever you look up at the moon

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Herded humans
Sweltering trains
Dead cargo
Suffering remains

Gunshot glory
Spurting spite
Guarded genocide
Barbwire lights

Warsaw widows
Stripped of food
Numbered days
Ribs that protrude

Anesthetized surgeons
Screaming knife
Smoldering smokestacks
Vacating life

Conveyor belt corpses
Rolling into ravines
Six million taken
Will no one intervene

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Losing Dad

My life was changed so harshly.
It feels like yesterday,
when God said you have had enough
and that you couldn't stay.

I miss you more than ever...
Your guidance and your love.
But, I know you're still watching
silently from above.

The love you gave still warms me
the way it always will.
But leaving left an empty space
that time can never fill.

From heaven you're still giving
the love you always had.
I know you hear me talk to you.

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It's that time of year when all the leaves fall
And the colors are brilliant and bold
I remember when I was younger, you see
Boy, the stories that I haven't told
Maybe right now, is the time to reveal
A story that no one else knows
A story about my childhood days
That was not pretty with how the wind blows
I was about ten, I believe, was the time
I got up to see the leaves fall
But, someone interrupted me, for sure
He told me to come stand by the wall
I did as he told me, so scared, as I was
My hands in the clinch of a fist
I saw things I didn't want to see
My eyes were in such a mist
He looked and touched and that wasn't all
He made me do "things" to him
The violation that took place
Was so dirty and nasty and dim
So, when I think about the leaves falling
It takes me back to a childhood time
That doesn't make any sense to me
For there was no reason or rhyme

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miss you like the rain

I miss you like the rain
when sky is closed
to Texas summer’s 
dying rose

when flowers bloom
to find no mist 
upon there leaves

the earth that strains
and pulls apart
the dry and dusty 
cracking heart

of rivers winding 
that brought the thirsty 
to there knee

the panting wolf
in desert heat
who sees a ghost 
he tries to meet

But moving forward 
the moving water
only tears

the corn and wheat
the cropper’s share
birds they feed 
in summer air

and dust that travels 
without the glue 
the earth to flee

in clouds that tear
the eyes and strain
I miss you like 
I miss the rain

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So full of life
With a cute little grin
Every girls dream
Each heart he could win

Riding bikes around
And playing with his dog
He would take him out
For a short little jog

When he was at school
He would talk about cars
He would think about planets
And how to count stars

Boy Scouts was a passion
His LIFE badge he earned
Now that is not something
That is easily learned

His life was cut short
But his memory will stay
Embossed in our hearts
Forever, day after day

So, let us remember
His laughter, his love
His jokes and his pranks
As he watches above

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It’s going on three years, And I can’t forget that day. Go write your heart out, Is what you used to say. . I’m still reaching dreams, That you didn’t get to see. I’m still blessing people, Through my poetry. . My thoughts are colliding, I’m always asking why. And I‘m always asking God, When I look at the sky. . I’m left with the silence, As I sit by your grave. Thinking of how you died, Exceeding the word brave. . To face that gunman, Who held that S-K-S. It hurts to remember; You was shot in the chest. . They was looking for a hero, And you gave them that. I was looking for my friend, And God took him back. . In the blink of an eye, I lost my best friend. It’s hard facing reality, Not able to see you again. . My mind’s still spinning, My heart’s pounding fast. My whole life changed, At the sound of the blast. . All my poetic accolades, And my poetic gifts. Mean nothing to me man, Without you to share them with. . I miss how you pierced the calm, With the beat of your drum. My work's full of introspection, But my emotions are numb. . And it’s hard to go on, Without you in my life. And I long for your help, With my pain and strife. . On the edge of malfunction, With my buttons all pushed. Make the most of your lives; It can be gone in a swoosh.

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Name in Glass

I see my name frosted in glass,
A portrait of me and some friends,
An image of the graduate class
Where friendships came to an end.

Many relationships will break and rend,
Our ideals and thoughts change, alas;
We still have losses with which to contend,
Will our names be all that will last?

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deeply, as i sit, i look far beyond
there exists a whole time before now
knowing, or not what's come upon
i can't seem to recall it somehow

your name, your place, your very face
in my existence mean so much 
i think back, try to valiantly retrace
who you are, where we met, and such

yet i see you now in this very moment
and think i recollect an idea put forth
to "live in the now" persuasively potent
that's the best i can manage henceforth

when i grow old, should i be demented
please remember as i try, but cannot
my expressions to you blank, absented
my love for you that i mostly, forgot

© Goode Guy 2011-06-22

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What does it feel like
When you're given a nod
By the good Lord above
Do you really see God

What does it feel like
Looking down below
At mommy and daddy
Are your eyes all a glow

What does it feel like
Seeing us every day
I do hope my child
For us, that you pray

What does it feel like
I know my heart does mourn
For I miss you so much
I'm so glad you were born

What does it feel like
Now that you're not here
My darling, I love you
In my eye, there's a tear

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He lived Within A wall Of form

 He lived within a wall of form
A simple, humble, dwelling place
And as he lived, time had worn
Boards gray to a heartless trace.

Within this track once did abide
A lonely, forsaken, unraveled soul
He suffered much before he died.
And never played the lover's role.

No one can be just an observer
Yet what is all he tried to be.
The bells toll for served and server
A vision of love he could not see.

I have shed a tear or two
For a love which broke my heart
Glad I was to taste love's dew
Sad I was at love's depart.

Yet to live and not to love
Not to touch love's joy or pain
Lonely as a one-room hovel
Loveless is to live in vain.

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You've been the ones
You have been there
To ease our minds
Of this cross we bear

You've been the ones
When there's something to barrow
When life seems so dim
In our hardest times of sorrow

You've been the ones
You all can share in our grief
When we are with you
Our hearts find relief

You've been the ones
The ones to help us along
You've made us feel
As if we truly belong

You've been the ones
To help ease the pain
And our love never ends

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Sometimes I feel like no one cares
As I live my life each day
I remember how they used to be
Now it's for them, that I pray

I feel they see me
As someone that's new
Like a person in this town
What's wrong, what did I do

I didn't mean for this to happen
It was God's will or way
Why is it now, they turn and run
All I want from you, is to stay

I don't want your pity
Even though it would be nice
Just think about how I feel
When you turn and look twice

Think of me just as a person
Not a killer with a plot
I miss my baby so much
And all that I haven't got

So the next time you see me
And you don't want to speak
Think about how I feel
And just turn the other cheek

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On Love Sublime

On Love Sublime by Rick Rucker Love is something very much Personal, our hearts it doeth touch, Once we feel it, there is a need, Alas, one that some don’t heed. A loved one’s loss can cause a void, That our spirit cannot be buoyed, Feeling at once cast adrift, In our heart, there is a rift. Waves of sadness try to make us founder, But truly, we will be far sounder, After having loved that time, We can find once again a love sublime. I keep thinking every minute, Of the feel of love, and being in it. Those who choose to not love still, Are deciding to their heart kill. If we encase our heart in ice, We can still live a life that’s “nice,” We won’t have a joy that will leaven Never again will we feel Heaven! I prefer, though out of fashion, To live my life with all the passion, That I can summon to the fore, And search myself for even more. I would rather hear love’s bells, Than opt to live in Dante’s Hells, Afraid to lose again, Only breathing, but what then? If my heart were ruptured by Love’s arrow My flesh seared off, to the marrow, All of these, I would brave, Rather than be a knave, Believing the pain of loss too much, Who does shy away from Love’s touch. Knowing I would die, on the morrow, I would try for Love, not for sorrow. Love is that thing most unique, Having had it, we do seek To regain that state for all time, The feel of Love Sublime!

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If I Only Knew

If I only knew.....
how all of this would end.
Would it change my thoughts of you?
Would you become my friend?

If I only knew.....
how much time that we've got.
Could I let my guard down?
Could I take that shot?

If I only knew.....
You wanted to know me.
That would make the difference.
It's what I just can't see.

The only thing I really know
is that you are too late.
I've tried to beg, to cry and scream.
This life may just be fate.

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I hate being by myself
In this house, all alone
I start thinking about dad
Then my heart, it turns to stone
I twitch and I cry
And somehow I can't stop
I want to talk to someone
About that man, my dear old pop
I find it hard to explain
My feelings, enough to share
I thought everyone knew
With my dad, I'll always care
I know he's not here
And will never be again
But all I have to do
Is just pick up my pen
I start writing and thinking
Because he's given me this gift
I can see him anytime I want
With each line his memory uplift

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Shore of Time

By the shore, the sun now sets.
Here I stand, but time forgets
Standing, looking upon the sea
Will time be my enemy?

Memories flood from way back when
My head now filled of now and then
Some good, some bad, but all are mine
If only now, I had the time.

Whoa, to be able to one day return
Go back to the days for which I yearn
The life of love, I shared back then
Then, all my love, to you I send.

But, here is the now, present and still
No chance to go back, except for the will.
I have that want, so maybe you’ll see
A better tomorrow may come back to me.

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In The Rain

I have never felt so much pain
As our lives went down the drain
I guess our love was all in vain
I left my heart out in the rain.

Every day I start anew
But there's nothing I can do
All my memories of you
I'll spend my whole life being blue.

I call your name and no one hears
It's time to face my greatest fears
Looking back at those happy years
Gonna cry a million tears.

Now my heart, it still does churn
Guess it has a lot to learn
Dreaming of the day that you return
And cross that bridge we didn't burn.

I'm wishing I could take a plane
Or maybe hop an old freight train
And get away from all this pain
I left my heart out in the rain.

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I was lost to yesterday
She had fled to tomorrow
Distance growing between us
A foreshadowing of sorrow

Sticky sweet love
Intertwined in doubt
Spooning our secrets
As suspicion mounts

Her feet are cold
The sheets emotionally bare 
Refusing admission
To the requiem of a love affair

Soured by silence
Truth coalesced
Yesterday doesn’t want
Tomorrow to confess

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Tripping through the forest,
Of my blazing, black desire
Sipping deep red wine
Lying languid by the fire
The flames  caress the hollows
on my hot and tearstained face
Bring back the painful mem'ries
Of the sadness of this place
I once sought isolation
to ease the emptiness inside
No hand to wipe the tears away
From the face I always hide
No heart to touch the heart
That beats inside of me
My very prison that now binds me
Is what I thought would set me free
How sad to think I longed for this
The emptiness I feel
Even now, though time has passed
Nothing seems quite real
A mind to touch my mind, 
That is what I need
To patch the tearing deep inside
Yes, loneliness will bleed
Perhaps alone is for the strong
And I'm not one of those
Is it too late to wipe away
This empty life I chose?
I feel the tears like lava run
Hot, and deep, and fast
Though I hate the loneliness
Love never seems to last
So what a waste of time,
Changing life would be
To spend my life with someone else
I still would not be free.

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Thinking Of You

As I lay upon my pillow fell
Upon the pillow I know so well
Resting with each feather 
Savoring one inch after the other

Resting upon this bed so clean
I think about the sorrows means
Reaching and look back
The way events seem to stack

Flickering through the reel
Thinking about how I feel
Fueling out my anger
Ignoring all the danger

Thinking always that it will change
Realizing the falsehood as I rearrange
Nothing more can I do
But rest my eye and not think of you

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All parents are devastated
by the death of their youngest;
did strange behavior or premonition
pique their curiosity at all?

They got out of hand at the neighbor's party too wild and intense,
and without supervision, they binged and laughed hysterically;
blasting music, making obscene gestures, dancing madly and cursing loudly,
and they felt too powerful with those drinks in their irresponsible hands!   

Actions aren't justified when they are premeditated so perfectly,
killers make plans to murder someone, then claim insanity;
kids tell their parent lies to do things that are harmful and shameful,
down the road across Lisa's house, four kids barely seventeen drove into a light pole!

Their blood is still there, and thousands of flowers can't cover those stains,
unconsolable mothers kneel by their angels' beautiful pictures;
friends sob and hold back their tears, fearing they would be next!
Why trust kids fully, when a cautious word can definetly put some sense into them?

All parents are devastated by the death and tormented by the demise of their youngest:
when agony rips apart their wailing chest for not having done enough;
and to carry that guilt inside is a costly price: to have seen a young life wasted and lost!
Let's learn from these tragedies, and do more to prevent more fatalities!

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Have You Ever Wondered?

Have you ever wondered...
how it feels to be alone,
to wonder if you'll eat today 
or where you'll have to roam?

Have you ever wondered...
how it feels to be afraid,
to know you can't cry out for help
because you can't be saved?

Have you ever wondered...
how it feels to cry at night,
to wonder if there is a God
and if He'll ever make things right?

Have you ever wondered...
how it feels to ache inside,
to know you can't find happiness
and there's nowhere left to hide?

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I Hope You'll Remember Me

To those who do not know me

I'm a husband, father, brother and son.

I accepted the call of my country

Now my race is run.

I died an angry death

Lying on foreign soil.

For my family and my country

In hope a terrorist, I might foil.

To the mother of my children

I hope you'll remember me.

As a good and loving husband

Just as I tried to be.

To my children Karen and Jacob

I hope you'll remember me.

As the dad you could always turn to.

I loved my family.

To my brother and my sister

I hope you'll remember me.

As a good and decent man

The way a brother should be.

To my mother and my father

I hope you'll remember me

As a loving, trusting son

Proud of me, I hope you'll always be.

To the Country that I served

I hope you'll remember me.

As a soldier, as an American

Who died for liberty.

Fear not your loss

For this I guarantee

I'll see you all in heaven

and I hope you'll remember me.

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Handprints in your Heart

Sometimes you got disheartened, 
Because I was so small.
I seemed to smudge my handprints,
On the pictures down the hall.

But here’s the final handprint,
I left in your heart to remember.
Of the fragileness love of life,
Before I left you last November.

So when you think of me,
Know that we’ve not grown apart.
You must look within to see,
The handprints in your heart.

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The sunlight dances in his eyes
He sees right through my disguise
He runs his hands through his hair
Keeping a straight face, he tries, he tries

This just isn't fair
Does he really not care
He left me here all alone
Into emptiness I now stare

Our names should be carved into stone
We should be sitting on the throne
But under this mask I now hide
While my heart is being re-sewn 

I duck away from the rising tide
I can't just take again his side
He told me all those horrible lies
And now, I am left... terrified

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Wandering Souls

As we meander through the lifeless days
Escaping true bliss and the heated blaze.
Aimlessly searching for a better goal
We traverse this world as wandering souls.

Most times days are dark as a mystery
Dropping as dead leaves from a sunlit tree.
Wasting our time as though prodigal trolls
We circumnavigate as wandering souls.

Born bad seeds falling through steep cragged cracks
Trying to fill empty holes to get back.
Ogres and gargoyles can't rock but we roll
Destined to ramble on, wandering souls.

Our hell is excursions with nothing said
One can't change agony and lifelong dread.
Always a party filled with laughs,so droll
Not for us vagabond wandering souls.

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Help Me

Exigent words
Cogent and plain
Hanging beneath
A precipice of pain

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One Leaf

Wind takes the first leaf
from a tree and it lets it fall.
Leaves that lie out on ground
and the tree cares not at all

for the loss of two or three
the branch sounds no alarm
plentiful are the leaves
their loss brings it no harm.

When the winter’s chill is gone
the stems will bud again?
Leafs will grow eternally 
trees never see their end.
I have wondered woods of green
through underbrush and leaves
and littered every where it seems
are trunks of old dead trees.

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I miss you like there's no tomorrow
I clench my chest to sooth my hearts sorrow
My head spins round and round
The reason He chose you cannot be found

My eyes water when your name is spoken
Your death, has me awoken 
These salty tears stream down my face
Life is going at a too fast pace

I ask God every night and day
I pray, I pray, I pray, I pray
My house is quiet with you gone
I just don't know what went wrong

My knees shake at the sound of your name
My life will never be the same
Nightmares wake me up each night
I can never reach you, when you're in my sight

You left my world a bitter and alone
My life is harder then a stone
So I loose, you win...
So let me be, let this darkness close in

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Cruel Joke

Was it just a cruel joke 
or did you feel the same? 
How could you kill a grown man's soul? 
Why did you play this game? 

He says he'd still forgive you. 
I pray he NEVER will. 
No matter how much pain you've felt, 

I hope you carry the torture 
with you for all your days. 
I hope your life is MISERABLE 
just like you wanted Ray's. 

They say that God will punish 
and make you feel the shame. 
For what you've done was heartless 
and there's ONLY YOU TO BLAME!

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The Woman In The Mirror

When I pass a mirror
and catch you watching me,
I'm stricken with the strangest chill
that no one else can see.

The resemblance is uncanny.
The face, the hair, the nose.
I'm even just about your height.
I guess that's how it goes.

I'll always be reminded 
of when you went away
each time I pass a mirror...
(That's every single day.)

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Nature at your door
A spectacle of wonder
Live on channel four
Raucous reporters flailing
Beneath whistling knifes
Glued eyes anesthetized 
By potential loss of life
Ratings rapidly rising
Above muted horizontal rain
Complacency collapsing beneath
Just another hurricane
Clothed carcasses floating 
Down raging river roadways
My God was that my neighbor
With whom my daughter plays
Excuses evacuated
As a tragedy tunes in 
Nature doesn’t play politics
But it will kill your kin

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Global Warming

When they cry
You let out a lonely sigh
When they sing
You let your ears ring

There tears filled with salt
Are not only your fault
But that of your generation
Who did without hesitation 

When the shores disappear
Beneath the waters a clear
And we're all crowded into one place
Just imagine the look on their face

And when the ice caps melt
Imagine the heat they will have felt
And when the ozone layer finally breaks
We'll be at the highest of stakes

When there is no more room
We will reach our doom
Our final fate
Death does not mistake

You will die at fault
With tears of salt
Because you killed without hesitation
You and your generation

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Self-Destructive Page

I never hold a candle to you
never shine a light
There's no internal force
which keeps me yearning through the night
I'm horrid faced with paperwork
and technically unsound
There are no love notes hidden about
since you're not around
This town is vacuum-packed and rude
with heartstrings cut asunder
I can't help but wonder if you're still strung to me
I wonder, do we still love each other?
Our history is pasted 
on the walls of mind and matter
Electric smiles light up our lips
in glass too thick to shatter
But now my candle's flickering
on the edge of youthful age
I'm a story with no ending
on your self-destructive page.

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Like Vietnam

Where do we go after this war is done
Will life go on as it was before
Like Vietnam, nobody  won
Like Vietnam, an unjust war

We put our children on foreign soil
Media fueled the people's fears
Did we fight terror or look for oil
Like Vietnam, with blood and tears

The death toll climbs each passing day
Sons and daughters are dying
Is it democracy when we have no say
Fathers and mothers crying

We've come to that point in history
When we calculate the cost
The toll is not a mystery
Like Vietnam, we lost.

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One Silent Night

The moon and its crescent shape 
The owl in his flight
Seeing a deer out to play 
One silent night

For his whispering sighs
To hear them I’d fight
He went far away
One silent night

The rain on the roof 
His smile so bright
The things I missed 
One silent night

After all is done
I know I am right
My heart was broken 
One silent night

Forgiveness for self
A brand new light
I continued to love him
One silent night

Looking to find me
Almost but not quite
I don’t need him now 
Not One Silent Night

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Her Knife

Autumn and Winter come to pass
and each thought lingers onto the last
a meaning hidden or implied through life
but none so sharp as her jagged knife

a stroke to the heart was she needed
to cut from me so harsh and conceited
a wound so cold no love warm
just a cut to mend and mourn

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Traveler in the Snow

White is the snow,
When winter comes,
As I look, I know,
My face, it numbs.

As I walk through the white,
And it wraps me like a ring.
How I long for the sight,
Of the beautiful spring.

My brain swims around,
And my hands feel numb,
I can’t make a sound,
So Heaven, here I come.

Then all of a sudden,
When my throat gets tight,
My body has deadened,
And there’s a beautiful light.

No more agony,
And no more pain,
In Heaven I am happy,
With Jesus again!

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Cardboard Box

Cardboard box
dormant and faded
tell me my life
forgotten and jaded

If God peeked in
would the Almighty sigh
he took my mom today
she taped your tattered side

Report cards, pictures
even a lock of blonde hair
grandma don't tell grandpa
I'm crying in his favorite chair

Why must we lose someone
to truly reminisce
was I really this happy once
him too I miss

Cardboard box
dormant and faded
tell me my life
forgotten and jaded

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We All Fall Down

 I used to own a castle fair
 On a hilltop high
 It vanished into misty air
 And I really don’t know why

 I used to have a diamond ring
 Of the very finest gold
 I lost it in the coldest spring
 I have ever known 

 I used to love a charming prince
 Once upon a time
 But he left me here all alone
 Once upon a rhyme

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The Awakening

the truth lies within me
and yet I know not why
I fidget and I fumble
fall to My knees and cry

skeletons clamor and stumble
over My demise
wicked vexed undaunted
last roll of the die

ire tears sear through Me
lips curse a weighted sigh
stripped illusions rape
My dreamless, ebony sky

on shattered bent knee
I succumb to Him on High
fragile diamond, jealous rose
on bruised thorns I lie

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The Worst Warriors After Wars

Having suffered years of grueling tyranny, 
Sand is still red which should be tawny. 
Iraq has become a land of widows 
Men are cruely killed there in rows. 

Due to war when families are separated, 
Children are those who are worst affected. 
Phan Thi Kim Phuc is name of that woman, 
Who became goodwill ambassador in 1997, 

UNESCO gave her this honorable position 
She was photographed in a piteous condition, 
During the Vietnam War, in her childhood. 
But every child victim's luck isn't so good. 

War ends, in some years country recoups, 
Civilians honor their patriotic brave troops. 
Injured soldiers medicated at country's cost, 
Children loose their shelters when they need the most. 

Educatlion is far from such kid's dream
They have to leave their self-esteem
Fighting for food, having memories of terrors, 
After a war, they are the worst warriors. 

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They say words can heal
the most difficult of times,
strengthen your resolve 
and ease your mind.
But these are more than words,
they’re tears from my pen;
think of them as a warm embrace
offered by a grieving friend.
Please accept my condolences
and these words of mine,
written to comfort you
during a most difficult time.

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News of Her Passing

She stood among the many faces of the volume
Yet, she remained a silent presence in the active world
She looked about, feeling lost and deep isolation
Just too much to truly handle for this little girl

Though a woman in years, her mind was so very young
There was no complete understanding grasped, ever held
Her wish, to fit, to fill, to just be a major part of the rest
With dreams and hopes, alive within, to never quell

The sunlight turned a blind eye upon her that June day
As darkness overcame her thoughts, creating then more strife
That lost, lonely girl, may she find the peace she always sought
For on that day in June, the world cried, she took her very life

A poet of the world, a gift for many hungry minds
For our eyes can only now look upon her written past
As no more dreams to write of, nor thoughts expressed
I pray she found her happiness and that it lasts

Godbye my friend, sorry I wasn't there for you. I am also sorry and saddened that 
time and so many miles came between us.

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My Love

You are like the sunshine
But little do you know
I am like the moon
A reflection of your glow

As each day turns around
You bring something new
I close each night at dawn
Surely missing you

As we pass but do not meet
Our hearts are steady still
We'll meet again one day
I'm certain that we will

As I call upon the heavens 
And walk the path on earth
I wait to join you there 
With death comes rebirth

Our mission though unknown
Was greater than you or me
I walk this path alone
Not knowing where it leads

Tonight I say I love you
Tomorrow I love you still
I hope you're watching over me
I pray you always will

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Wounded Soul

Burdened by harshness, overcome with grief
The young man pondered, complete disbelief
It was only yesterday, a smile she had brought
Yesterday is gone and now he has naught.

At the hands of another, she was taken too fast
Wet roads, blurred vision, wasn’t meant to last
She was coming to meet him, nightcaps for two
When the other, abruptly, changed what was due

The phone it then rang, “Mr Johnson? Sargeant Stedt”
That’s all he could remember of the words I just said
“Your wife, sir, she had an accident, please come quick”.
His heart then stopped beating, he was violently sick.

He arrived at the scene. Two cars were torn apart.
He still hoped for a chance, with all of his heart.
It was too late. She had gone. He felt so alone
As he bent to kiss her softly. Oh, the love he had shown.

With my arm around him, asking him to take a seat,
I saw how he weakened. He must be off his feet.
I explained how the other seemed to have lost control
Yet, he did not hear me, this poor wounded soul.

Knowing his burden of the many days ahead
I gave him a card, of which he now read
A plain old hallmark that seemed to say it all
And I knew that it helped when he started to bawl.

“Weep not for the loss; the love of your life
Think of those happy times, those days with your wife
Be grateful of your time and sharing each breath
Celebrate her living, grieve not of her death.”

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 corrugated soul survivor

scraping sustenance each day,

insulated taxi driver sees and says.....

just go away.

someone's hand extends a dollar,

for a jig danced on the side

Can you hear them hoot and holler,

as they purchase shreds of pride.

  Homeless when the day is finished

homeless as the night descends,

just another life diminished,

poverty that never ends.

he was once some mothers' wonder

he once bounced on daddys' knee,

long before his fatal blunder,

he was home like you and me.

now he sold his last posession,

now he gave away his pride,

In the mirror ,his confession.......

he's not even home inside.

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Nocturne in C minor

Saturated with decision
words in grain and grass
broken into tiny pieces
shards of biting glass
Born of music, lost reflection
calling from the pool
Fill me up with stars creative
sugar dipped and new
Hollow out the heart in motion
stain it iridescent
Carve the moon a silver locket
shavings from the crescent
She will hang like butter beige
stone and marble breath
on the living and the dying
'luminate their death
Breathing words of whispered sage
Tiny slivered glass
You're my music in the moonlight
lost in evening's past.

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The Vacant Eye

Blinded as a child, 
by a rock thrown at my eye
The pain was great, I'd demonstrate, 
but I'd hate to make you cry
I found a marble on the street
and figured it would do
Popped it in that vacancy
so I could stare at you
Now 'scuse me sir, it's rude to gawk
at someone else's head
even if my real eye's green
and the other crimson red.
Beggar's can't be choosers,
that's what I've always known
This shiny red is better still
than just plain hollow bone
Now turn away and eat your soup
you perfect featured fellow
Be glad your eyes are real and match-
They could be blue and yellow...

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Mother's Silent Words

Weep not, dear sweet child, 
Your mother lives in the sky
Remember she loves you
And will be keeping an eye

She is smiling so pretty
As she watches you grow
She is ever so proud
She wants you to know

She wants you to be happy
Not shed any tears
She wants you to be strong
To control all your fears

She holds in her hands
A trinket of her love
She’ll bestow on you, child
When you meet her above

Now, she wants you to know
It’s important to go on
Keep her in your heart, loving
And forever be strong

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Weeping Willow Wish

Blue toes, willow blows
weeping while I sleep 
Grey mist, shadow kiss
warming the breath I keep
Tears fall, blanketing all
crystal quick crunching to ice
Sad eyes, a million good byes
in the arms of a friend's good advice
Sleep now, remember how
Slip into memory's hand
Blue eyes, silently wise
determined to take their last stand
Raw bones, cold and alone
calling the wind a friend
Weeping tree, come to me
It's a fitting, if not perfect end.

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Death Quiver

My heart begins to twist and spasm,
The little things that I used to adore,
The closer that we sit, the farther the chasm,
Its time is over; I am beginning to bore.

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Backyard Memoirs

Tangerine shells, hollowed of pulp
left out to dry like pumpkin debris
Surinam cherries, peppered with bite
red juicy flesh, but mostly just seed
Sky line of rain trees, cloud chomping blue
to eat up my dreams and float me to sea
But, mostly there's you, laughing with eyes
that right now resemble the woman in me
I'm not a fool, to live in these dreams
balmy and breathing the salt in the air
I've given up all of my conjuring thoughts
smashing up memories 'till you appeared
Tangerine shells, skin of my skin
now part of the soil at a home that's not ours
Leveled of trees, blown to the ground
Lifetime of growth stripped to earth in but hours
Still, mostly there's you, laughing with eyes
listening strong as I storied my dreams
I'm not a fool, with wisdom defunct
but there's no leveling me by my memory's decree.

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Time On the Run

Tragedy pooled up in your footprints
in oil, in mud and in steel
Far out in front at the edge of the road
it grinded your thoughts at the wheel
Powdered to mist and to dusty debris
tragedy blew with it's lips
All at once time took a turn to the left
and skimmed by your cheek in a kiss
You never reached out and touched time before
with all of it's plodding and pain
Thoughts to the wind and it's over your head
like the refuse of chaff leaving grain
Tragedy temperance, heaving with bite
setting your gait and your eyes
Scattered and shattered with time on the run
to the place where it goes when it flies.

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Lost Cause

 is no option
to hurt you solves 
no crime

I took you for adoption
to be a child of mine,

you stabbed me in the evening,
you stabbed me in the night,

I somehow kept believing,
that love could make it right,

your bloody knife keeps bleeding
your hands are red and bright,

but my sad heart keeps needing
to save you in your plight,

you killed me in the ocean,
you killed me by the sea,

But I still have the notion,
the answer lies in me.

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Something's Changed

Your face has lost complexion
Your eyes no longer glow
Your smile appears now waning
You heart has dimmed below

No longer is that twinkle
That shone there in your eyes
What happened, what had changed you
That leaves you paralyzed?

I’ve tried to chase then for you
The monsters there at bay
To bring you from the darkness
Into the lightened day

My hand’s extended outward
With love there left to hold
Yet nothing offered back from you
Which leaves me feeling cold

Now, stars exploding in the sky 
As the earth ducks under trees
The mountains are taking cover
Oceans swallow the debris

The vast amount of space
That now exists out there
Is dead and soon forgotten
As we fall into despair

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My Tears

These tears I shed, I’m not ashamed
For love they flow, just so free
I know they’ll stop, one day soon
But right now friend, I cannot see

I heard the news from your wife
My wife and I feel awfully sad
The kids will miss you too my friend
In fact, everyone just feels so bad

We knew your illness held you hostage
But also hoped and prayed you’d heal
Sadly, my friend, you had left us
With sadness then to always feel

I’ll look upon your house each morning
When I go off to work each day
But know this friend; I’ll take you with me
For in our hearts you’ll always stay

I promise to look in on her
I know she’s burdened now with weight
The grief can be so overbearing
But we’ll look in without delay

So, know this friend, all will be fine
For we’re just saddened by this time

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I love you when you're lucid
(or when your mind is going)
and even when the whiskers
of your confidence are blowing
I love it when your tannins 
filled with acid burn my mouth
and even when you stop short
asking what I'm all about.
I love it when your voice
all crackling, sunlit, fills the room
I love you even though I'm mourning
and you left too soon...

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When You are Old

When you are old and your bones are cold
	as you sit beside the fire.
While your eyes blink or sleepily wink
	in the early evening hour.

So, near to dreams that vision streams
	and your past comes flooding back
To when we were young and full of fun
	With the love, we never lack.

Through fires haze, peer at the blaze
	try your best to see my face.
If it you cannot see, then think back to me
	and gaze far out in space

With a tear in your eye, in the evening sky
	in the stars, you will find my embrace.
This shall be your tie to me for entreaty; 
	Forever together and forever always.

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Old Soldier

  He had sailed the living oceans
fought great evil in the war,
but  inside the broken boundaries
of his world,
I found a scar,
running from the massive mountain
of his hero heart of hearts
to the ever flowing fountain
of the goodness 
he imparts,
t'was the scar made by a maiden
with a silver handled blade,
slicing through foreverafter
to the horrors of the shade
left for dead the new tomorrows
lie in tatters on the way
to the memory of sorrows
that she excised on that day,
when at  last she put assunder
what no man should tear apart
broke the vows that they were under
and betrayed a broken heart.

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Messages from Out There

I listen for a rhythmic tapping 
in the dark. As if it might 
be coming from the stars,
a ticking like a distant heart.

Beyond the breeze in inkblot
woods, beyond the cricket song
and echo-signals of the bats:
is it imagination or a sigh?

Soft, like a lost dog at the door
and yet insistent. Just like 
an old forgotten friend tapping
at a shut-tight door.