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Quatrain Lonely Poems | Quatrain Poems About Lonely

These Quatrain Lonely poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Lonely. These are the best examples of Quatrain Lonely poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The Dead Of Winter

Here under the cold winter sun,
Beneath the old, lifeless tree,
My winter mourning has begun,
When no one comes to visit me.

Left out here on the edge of town,
Underneath the gray and gloomy sky,
In a lonely cemetery, with not a soul around,
Where every lone wintertime, I cry.

As I lay here, frozen and numb,
Crystal snowflakes are falling down,
The dead of winter has finally come,
Like icy teardrops upon the ground.

The wind howls like a lonely, lost spirit,
Through grass overgrown this December,
And it still hurts me to hear it,
That nobody even came here to remember.

Icicles have formed on the iron gate,
And the days now become dark so soon,
Forever sealing in my forgotten fate,
My only friend is the bright, shining moon.

And so I'll just lie here all alone,
No one will come until the spring,
And while you are staying, warm at home,
No one has left me flowers or anything.

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Cry In The Dark

As you cry in the dark and your tears find the pillow
You think I don't know, those tears filled with such sorrow
Are for that long ago love, then comes tomorrow
I wish for today, your heart I could borrow

Dreams filled with the memory of her face
Wisps of her hair, visions of ribbon and lace
The look in her eyes, another time and place
I wish this from your mind, I could forever erase

But war time came and took you away
And never knowing your fate, day after day
Time took its toll, as time will do
She went on with life, her life without you

As I cry in the dark and my tears find the pillow
You'll never know, these tears filled with such sorrow
Are those longing for love, again comes tomorrow
I wish for today, your heart I could borrow

©Donna Jones

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Forever Blue

I am forever blue,
Just like the sky,
All the rain that falls on you,
Is how I feel when I cry.

I am deep blue like the sea,
Barely breathing beneath the waves,
How lonely can one be?,
There's nothing left here to save.

This feeling is not once in a blue moon,
It lasts all day and night,
It's as deep as a blue lagoon,
With no end in sight.

The frosty air is so cold,
On this blue December night,
Here is what my future holds,
And I know it isn't right.

My whole life has been so blue,
With so many turns like a river,
The water is so cold now, too,
It makes me really shiver.

My future is so blue,
And this is my only end,
I want to tell you, I love you,
Because you're my only friend.

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Lonely Dreams

I never knew following dreams could be this lonely,
But up on the hill, looking back, thank God I'm not the old me.
If the tears will fall, let them be;
I believe this is God's plan, follow your dreams.

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Jailed Innocent

Never thought I would adorn prison stripe
of black and white without fashion or flare.
News coverage was an exaggerated hype
that could give me a lifetime to wear.

I proclaim that I am blameless and innocent
with no record of violence anywhere.
My heart is heavy with sorrow for this gent
whose loving soul I did willfully snare.

I didn’t know his heart was weak and frail
from loss of his aged dying wife.
I plead don’t incarcerate me to lonely jail
for the rest of my young passionate life.

I have given my all, consoling lonely men
who have lost a loved one present or past.
Do not belong in jail, haven’t committed a sin
please reconsider your honor, I asked.

The old callous judge scowl faced with denial
sentenced me to life of community service.
Since the old gent died with a smile,
jail was not my rightful justice….

Copyright © 2011 By Caryl S. Muzzey

Tenth Place Winner ~ "A poem that has never been entered in any contest” Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Poet Destroyer 
March 24, 2013

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Tears In Heaven

Lovebirds sing a duet up in the clouds
tulips pucker up to kiss the butterflies,
I am surrounded here by serene beauty
with the tears of heaven in my eyes.

Where bright rainbows never fade away
and stars twinkle in the moonbeams,
yet, what is all of this beauty worth
if there is no one to share my dreams.

Still, you shall find me there someday
and maybe want to stay for awhile,
making sure that my tears in heaven
accompany only laughter and a smile.

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My Sister's Apparition

My parents often spoke of a twin
A sister who had died during birth
Strange hollowness always felt within
In teen years I doubted my self worth

Too shy to interact with my peers
On prom night I drove to Crystal Lake
Streaming down my face were lonely tears
This half of a whole whose legs did shake

From the edge of the bridge I looked down
A fifty-foot plunge, I’d surely die
But beside me in my reflection I found
A pleading form I could not defy

It was my twin, fully grown like me
For the first time I was free of pain
And though she disappeared suddenly
I have never felt lonely again

Written for the Ghost contest

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The Legend Of Lonely Street

The night was dark the moon in hiding, squeals and giggles around the streets 
All the children dressed in costume begging sweets on trick or treat.
None dared to go to Lonely Street, no treat could entice them there
The legend of the cloaked man with a staff still lingered in the air.

The riches of the gilded street does not welcome Halloween footfall
Lonely Street would remain so, this year none would call.
The legend said the cloak-ed man glides along the street
None heard footfall, as he followed those indulging in trick or treat.

A blood curdling scream assaulted the ears, followed by another
Children ran and scattered, screams and tears they could not smother.
Along Lonely Street the cloak-ed man was heard to give a laugh
“Why scream my little ones?” in his hand he raised a staff.

“You are here to celebrate the waking, and walking of the dead
Come hither my little ones this is what tradition has said.
You dress as ghosts and spirits long gone, begging for some treats
But then when somebody refuses you, you trick them, that is weak.”

To do this on the night that we, the dead awake
You should surely know its time for us to teach you your fate…
I am here to collect all your souls, you will join us in the flesh
You celebrate and dress to please now you will visit the devils crèche.

He raised his staff high, his cloak opened wide
With a howling wind the children were blown inside
His cloak was full of all the souls of the young 
Their screams were heard, to the night they clung.

No more was there a Halloween night in that area or surrounding
The souls on Lonely streets stay  in and still their hearts are pounding.
The Cloak-ed man is waiting; he is waiting each year on Lonely Street
For the sound of children laughing as they dress as ghosts on trick or treat…

© 29/08/2012.

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Coral Pink

It's still alive, the rose he gave 
Coral pink like the blush of our cheeks
It's life makes my own so worthless
Thriving upon nothing, for weeks
They say that colors make the mood
I don't live by what others say
I only pick the ones I want to hear
And then I go on my way
If he is happy I know not
I only know this old rose is still pink
If the sky is crying, let me cry too
Washing away each tear as I blink
Fading as each day passes by
But faithfully retaining it's hue
Lying nostalgically beside my bed
Stunningly against the wall's blue

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Last Night

Last night your faded memory came to me,
As in the wilderness spring comes quietly,
?As, slowly, in the desert moves thew breeze,
?As to a sick man, without cause, comes peace…

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Not The Same Without You

It's not the same without you;
The days are rainy and the nights are blue.
My heart is crying and God is too,
But we are smiling, waiting here for you.

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In the quiet he sleeps

Darkness abides save flickering candle light
Illuminating his silhouette of masculinity 
exhaustion renders an end tonight
Supplanting all previous antiquity  

In the quiet he sleeps 
Leaning close to steal his breath 
As the wanting piques 
With the rise and fall of his chest

My lips fall slightly upon his own
Sleepily he begins to stir
For his pause my darling he soon atones
As his hands they caress my curves

You set my passion ablaze again
Our appetite whet for more
Soon transported to a lovers realm
The key which unlocks my door

Though intimacy sweet
It's ecstasy adored
Permanency is what I seek
Our days and nights in one accord

In times passage you'll leave and then
My eyes will covet your face
Abandoned and lonely  I'll pick up my pen
Repeatedly this scenario retraced

How I long for the time
Your wife I'll be named 
Together our lives redesigned 
A longing no more to be feigned

When all our tomorrow's 
The missing knows no place
In your arms I know no sorrow
My home in your soul interlaced

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Faces of Lonliness

A soldier breathing his last breath

A scarred wife left behind

A father-less son now contemplating death

A son-less father losing his mind

                             ~Christopher Thor Britt

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One Can Get Lonesome

Oh he's feeling mighty lonesome
can’t seem to sleep a wink,
walking the floor try to fathom
and in between does drink.

Is this kind of love a toxic brew
or a nectar so sweet
when loving words towards you drew
yet left in lonely street?

He just keep talking to shadows
since the blues came to life,
a love so passionate foregoes
normality for strife,

Now a man is born for loving
and some have past regret
an instinct of turtle doving
yet in you an asset.

So this feeling low to the ground
is driving one crazy,
when an Angel he knew he’d found
time spent apart mazy.

© Harry J Horsman 2013   

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To myself

Is it a must to be in a couple?
I find life pleasurable as a single
It gives me time to write
Time to search for my height

If it is such a must to be in a couple
Why is is that around me, I see only pain
Everything becomes always disagreeable
Love, after some time, does become a disdain!

Why, I have had my share of love
Once, when I was yet a joyful dove
Chirping madly away, laughing the day away
But love showed me its evil side on that day

Since then, I chose to live only as a single
But it seems that being single means being weird
So, should I succumb and be no more abominable?
Should I follow the route as does most of the herd?

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Remembering When

I remember when
I was a frilly butterfly
With a need to be loved
While flying happily up the sky

I remember when
I met him my sweetheart
He was made of pure innocence
And gave my life a new start

I remember when
He broke me up badly
I was still a frail butterfly
But I could now only see love as my enemy

I remember when
I took the vow of turning into Narcissus
True, treading the path alone get lonely
But it is yet better than to be Sisyphus

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High atop the mountain's peak
Where the wind does softly speak
Brushed against the midnight flower
Locked up in her mighty tower.

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Crying, waiting, hoping

Stuck in the friend zone, oh what a misery
I dream of giving you all my loving 
I wish that you and I were meant to be
But instead I’m crying, waiting and hoping

There are lonesome tears in my eyes
It’s all too much to keep deep in my heart
A million cries for each million goodbyes
It’s driving me crazy and tearing me apart

I want to tell you but I’m afraid you won’t stay
Sometimes I wish that I was dead
Don’t pass me by; don’t walk away
I’ll try to be happy but I’ll cry instead

I’m tired of crying, waiting and hoping
I really want this pain to end 
I’m barely breathing and slowly dying
But you are just my everlasting friend

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Memory of a Lost Love

Memory of a lost Love

He sat, motionless, a hard static stare,
Sat there, frozen, to a small rocking chair.
Looked out over garden, so wonderful, so wild,
Bringing back the memory, of when he was a child.
Thoughts of auburn hair, emerald eyes,
Many nights spent, with low muffled cries.
No children to share, for impotent man,
Bed time rows, the tears that ran.
Love now gone, was such a temporal game,
Some amorous nights? So who was to blame?
Tears like rain for this solitary soul,
Such a resting actor who has no role.
She left him she said, "cause all was not fine",
For him, it was, just a matter of time.
Knowing of others, she'd seen for the night,
No doubt his heart was too broken to fight.
Although, outside, was now breezy, quite warm,
Inside his heart bled, so tattered and torn.
Clinging with care now, to what he had left,
Pictures, happy times, memories were best.
Where could he go now? He could not complain,
Sat there, anguished, was her victim inane?
Why are some people so selfish with life?
They make a bad lover, husband or wife?
I only pray that from such I am free,
Hoping in my life, True Love is for me.

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Letter to my Ex

Love, is it possible?
when heart is unable
to speak and to feel
whether us is for real

Trust, faith were torn apart
left me behind, so dark
is it my fault or yours?
blame myself, yes of course

I cannot give you all
dream house, cars, can't afford
Home is enough to live
Walk together indeed

I can't buy jewelry
'cause I gain less money
Wish you understand me
this is reality

Free my heart from hatred
He's the one you've chosen
handsome, and no doubt, rich!
I am down, and low pitch

Hope that he will love you
I don't want you to sob
although my wealth is few
but you felt true love

Be happy and be still
live your whole life with him!
and continue our dreams
That's the last I can give

Lost, but finding my way
got a few words to say
I love you and goodbye
keep this letter. . don't cry . .

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Four Bottles of Tears

Hello Jack...It been a long time
since I held you, close, and you stay.
Hello Jim, your wearing me thin,
‘cause I just can’t keep you away.

And then,
every sip that I take,
sure to keep me awake,
thinkin’ how lonely I’ve been. 

Hello George...Will you stay if you can,
Mr. Beam has gone and left me dry.
Hello John, just walk right on in
seeing you just makes me want to cry.

And then,
every sip that I take, 
sure to keep me awake,
thinkin’ how lonely I’ve been. 

Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, George Dickle, Johnny Walker

© Jun 07 2010   For Amy's choose one (alcohol) contest

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restless heart in need of flight
the time is drawing near
future bliss within his sight
in the present lives his fear

what he has and what he needs
inhabit different pages
conscience shamed by guilty deeds
such sin has costly wages

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With your evil eye you stand against my happiness
My amulets have become my weakness.
You creep me out with every rhythm of your suspense
Soulless I’ve become as I waddle in your sentence.

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The Edges Of Time

Sleep evades his presence missed
Her lonely reflection shines back
By windows glass her wine she sips
But liquid comfort cannot acquit

The sentence of her choosing
Where lonesome miles consist
A blind eyes scentless bouquet 
An agony she couldn't predict

Now morning breaks
A ridged winters chill
Another dawn of sorrow wakes
As her bitter tears be spilled

For what love in sincerity arrayed
Could possess someone so young
To betray their continuum of days
For the hope of "The One" delayed

Reason defies the desires of the heart
No cost could be too grave
For all the petulant hours apart
The bond of their souls are enslaved

Walk with me dear on the edges of time
Of these days we sorely lament
The poetess keeps sanity by nature of rhyme
Finding solace in the moments we've spent

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How To Live Alone

Can I wrap my hand?
Round orb, in this
Can I walk on arid
As a prisoner desire
to land,

Can I be in
To my ending love
and attention,
Can you sign this
letter for sanction,
Inside, I sentenced
your detention,

Will my wrath and
anger end,
Can anyone make me
So I am able to walk
or wend,
As I have nothing to
write and send,

Can you give me a
piece of time,
Nib now dead, So I
begin with the lime,
To write a slaying
tale of love crime,
But contrary to
sime, (Simenon)

But, Now I give up
all this d*mn
For which I ruined,
a treasury,
So-called love with
all its brutality,
So begin to live
alone fiercely.

And call it quits at
absolute span,
So a balmy turns to
amiable man,
And love hangover
shed lightly,
So I can live alone

Shahid Hussain

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Broken Heart

I fell in love with a boy named John
He broke the branches of my heart
It was that painful, but life must go on
I dust myself and head for a fresh start
I fell in love with a boy named Jarvis
He broke the branches of my heart
Mama told me there would be days like this
So I dust myself and head for a fresh start
I again fell in love with a boy named Frank
Hmm! I parted with a broken heart
He left the pages of my life blank
And said, “Young lady you can now depart”
I'm thinking of taking my final bow
I want to move on and take a big stride
Yet, am feeling very depressed now
This depression has eaten all of my pride
Every day, I hear people talk about love
I see people in love and wonder “why can’t I?”
I see people like me express their love
And I wonder and ask “why can’t I?”
Friends mock and laugh at me
So I put myself in a very little box
Where I can be alone and be free
To me this is a yoke, because I feel like a fox
I'm thinking of someone who has my best interest in mind
His unswerving love echoes through my heart
His love is kind not selfish, greedy and blind
Thank you Jesus for repairing the broken branches of my heart
The Poet Preacher © 2013

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Your Beauties Glow

To you alone 
My heart is sold
As the days go
Your beauty grows

As time flies by
i have to sigh 
When you walk by
And catch my eye

I cannot think 
Or even blink
As it may seem 
Only a dream

To you alone 
I have to sigh 
And just walk by 
Your beauties glow

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I Was Not Meant For Love

I must try to hide my love
Keep it under lock and key
For I was not meant for love
And love was not meant for me

My love is everlasting 
Unlike the changing season
My passion is so intense
It goes beyond all reason

Better to be without it
To live without constant fear
That the one whom I adore
Will make these hazel eyes tear

It’s better to keep myself
Tightly under my control
Than to give myself away
To someone without a soul

I was not made for love
And love was not made for me
It’s a sad and damning truth
All the same, it sets me free

Instead of being a dreamer
With my head up in the cloud
I’m a converted realist
My heart’s covered in a shroud

I’m dead to life and to love
What I tell you is so true
I was not made to be loved
Unless I am loved by YOU!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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The scroll

My heart signed
For the prince it pined
Yet, horror has just struck my inner being
The news read that to a lovely maiden my prince will be marrying

Horrible was such a messenger who brought me such a miserable scroll
Surely he must be mad, why maybe he was even a troll
Working for the evil witch
The one who always wished to be rich

The one who sent us all this message
Reading which my heart went into a rage
Yet, as I look out at the scenery
I saw, the prince walking over the balcony

He was coming towards me
Surely to enjoy a chat
As was his usual habit, 
He did claim to love my eye's clarity

I re-read the message again
If the prince did love another
In such amorous ventures I would never gain
Strongly I would try to let go of him forever!

Invited you all are, to the town's grand wedding
Please be dressed and all decked up
You shall enjoy some dance and some pleasurable sup
After all, the prince's wedding is surely a unique happening

How could it be
What shall become of me
My heart beats only for his eyes
Now I shall have to live on with lies

Bold, I chose to face him
Maybe he shall get over this mad whim
Maybe he has come to seek forgiveness
Come, let me go, hopefully, relieved shall be my distress!

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The Fortress

This fortress is coming down;
It's been a long time in the making.
This bastion can't hold its own;
All these walls are shaking.

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Nothing turned out right
I'd wished and tried
It isn't their fault
It's rightfully mine

Maybe I should have tried harder
Now I'm on the run
Because by default
I'm the one that is done.

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You left me low in the high Sierras
standing naked and all alone
there stood I midst sorrow and sand
sorrow, sand and stagnant stone

there was one lonely cactus
almost lonely as lonely me
both of us begging for sustenance
neither of us to ever be set free

I can't find the path that led me here
and you might say that I can't take no more
you might say i've reached the end
and no one has ever been so right before

why can't you just get it through your head
there will never be a time where the middle will meet the end?
I'm stuck in the arid air of sadness and it's cohort
it's comrade called the wind that makes both that cactus and myself bend

we are blown to and fro, from left to right
and every morning greets me with a sun that cooks my blood
one moment of sanctuary from the heat would be a gift
instead yet another night I wilt like a a lily or a blood red rosebud

I tried to hold you but the sun got in the way
I tried to keep you but no water might I find
i'm stuck in the acrid humidity of improprieties
and that sunlight has left me sweaty and blind

so here I am laying low in the high Sierras
knowing full well there ain't no escape
I remember love sworn on dunes of sand
and picnics midst the misty beauty of the cape
 © 2012....PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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This is for the lonely dreamers, 
who fantasize of a life of grandeur, 
Who never cross off the possibilities, 
of whatever their minds can conjure. 

For those who look forward to the rising sun, 
to set the skies ablaze and burn away, 
The stagnate and unequivocal nothing, 
the dark secrets of yesterday. 

For those who wait for the forgiving moon, 
a single shining light illuminating the night, 
Helping to embrace the cold, lonely solitude, 
helping take off the heavy mask of fright. 

For those who stare at the clouds, 
to escape their mundane reality. 
For those who gaze at the stars, 
in search of some unknown entity. 

The inextinguishable light of hope burns, 
deep within our hearts for eternity. 
As we search for the courage, 
to take a step onto the winds of destiny.

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Danny down the hall
just behind the door.
Thunder coming  from it.
Presence made galore.

Cozy with a two-four.
Danny home to drink.
Left upon his own.
A girl to make him think.

T-shirt with a logo.
Danny's casual dress.
Smell of smoke right through it.
His ball cap holding mess.

Shoes left in the hallway
leaning to the wall.
Just aside the pathway
where Danny sweeps the hall.

Sunshine from the window
Danny stands in view.
Watching those who enter
whenever one comes through.

Danny down the hallway.
Asking what is new.
Pray it's not a foul mood
or Danny's on the brew.

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FREE CEE auntumn need not be so ordinary

Setting now is another Autumnal sun
Another late October day is nearly done
And now I’ve another night all alone to face
Without a lasting and loving embrace
Sans a kindly kiss good-night
And a “sleep well my sweet” wrapped in delight
With sincerity sequestered in each word and her last smile so blueberry bright
No, just another very lonely night

Tonight my desires matter not since I am alone
Yes, of course there is always the telephone
But then all I hear is a disembodied voice
And if I had a choice and were I to make that choice known
I’d choose not to be quite and quietly so alone

Pictures of the past hang on a wall bare but for images of yesterday
Scenes of what sorrow and celebration had to say
Some in color and some in burnt sienna brown
Most that make me smile and only some that make me frown
The sad ones are photos taken while I must have been envisioning the sorrow of this day that has so suddenly set in
And the darkness yet another twilight has let in
Another night to chase away with sleep and a prayer for serenity
An evening made imperfect for a perfectly maudlin man like me
Sereneness that may never arrive for a lonely man who longs for long-term love
Yet finds only fleeting lovers who are tourists in and out of a life made from madness and too many changes
With all the obscurity uncertainty arranges
As I think of all the good times I must surely be forgetting
But alas, yet another Autumnal sun is just about setting
© 2012 copyright PHREEPOETREE…..~free cee!~

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The Lonely Poet

Why must a poet write such things
Of sorrow and despair?
Does he not understand he brings
The darkness with him there?

He brings a hollow lonesome wind
That chills us to our souls
Each time he waves his mournful pen
The breeze of heartache blows

For he writes with pure emotion
Where demons sometimes sleep
He will write of his devotion
He's ever reaching deep

He will write of his rejection
He lives with every day
He knows no words of affection
His mind don't work that way

So write on now lonely poet
And tell us of your scars
Tell us of your lonely prison
With heartache as your bars