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Quatrain Halloween Poems | Quatrain Poems About Halloween

These Quatrain Halloween poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Halloween. These are the best examples of Quatrain Halloween poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The Hollow

The October night was dark and cold,
As the autumn sun was going down,
When I recalled the legends I had been told,
About this sleepy, little town.

There were tales about the haunted woods,
They say the wind seems to call your name,
I was going where no one should,
And if I survived, I'd never be the same.

I walked through the covered bridge,
As the harvest moon rose into the sky,
I had made it around the darkened ridge,
Just as I heard a lone wolf's cry.

I walked the path of the dark, gnarled thicket,
Through the fallen leaves of maple and oak,
I heard the chirping of a cricket,
Near the hollow, where the bullfrogs croak.

Then, I heard the "hoot" of an owl in a tree,
And the "caw" of a raven on it's perch,
The headless horseman I hoped not to see,
As I passed the graveyard near the church.

I told myself I would be alright,
Just as I heard the hooves of a horse,
But, I knew I would make it home tonight,
Because there are no ghosts, of course.

Written by: Kelly Deschler

(This was my tribute to "The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow" by Washington Irving.
I wrote it from the perspective of Ichabod Crane.)

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Night Of The Living Dead

Rising from their graves,
Breaking through the ground,
Raised by radiation waves,
They are coming to your town.

Board up all your doors,
Nail them good and tight,
Or there will be blood and gore,
By the end of the night.

They tear down your walls,
Break through your window pane,
No one can help you at all,
When they try to eat your brain.

Those dead eyes make you shiver,
You scream out with alarm,
Zombies try to eat your liver,
And, chew on your leg and arm.

There is no point to tell her,
That it is just too late,
Go hide down in your cellar,
You cannot escape your fate.

Zombies are the living dead,
They do not easily expire,
So, cause injury to their head,
Or, burn them with fire.

Hungry zombies do not give,
Oh, you better run,
Or you will not live,
To see the rising sun.

Written by: Kelly Deschler
October, 11th, 2013
For Leonora Galinta's contest -  
"Halloween-Only One Theme...Zombies!"

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It's Elementary

The work I did was playing with the angels
We read and painted, dressed up for Halloween as rangers
The Universe so close from dry, paper mache
With older kids we even wrote an Etheree 

The work I did was traveling to Europe
With twenty of my students and an antelope
We colored windows facing the lights of Paris
and even opened a brasserie  "Gateau de Bliss"

So, Carolyn, you made me smile opening this album
When asking "Where the Wild Things Are? " Ka-boom!
Again it's "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs"
...but empty are long gone  Elementary School halls...

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Apple Pickin' Time

Pick those crisp, red McIntoshs, 
And warm some caramel for dippin',
Pick those green Granny Smiths,
And heat some cider for sippin'.

It's time for apple pickin',
Down on the rural farm,
And Halloween treat or trickin',
With some rustic country charm.

From the beginning of September,
To the last day of November,
We will be gone apple pickin',
Makin' fun moments to remember.

Pick those crisp, red McIntoshs,
And warm some caramel for dippin',
Pick those green Granny Smiths,
And heat some cider for sippin'.

None of you will be sobbin',
Cause right before your eyes,
There's a game of apple bobbin',
And some homemade apple pies.

Written for Isaiah Zerbst's contest -  
"Apple Pickin' Time"

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Teeth for corn in yellow molars.
Green-leaved ears entwined.
Stalks of husks for backbones.
Layers wrapped in rind.

Goblins out to play.
Scarecrows in the field.
Hands with teathered grasses.
Wheat that's left to yield.

Moonlit yellow haystacks.
Straw in crooked threads.
Monsters in behind them.
Ghouls without their heads.

Pumpkins thick with pulp.
Orange and wet and ripe.
Stripes in fatty circles.
Stems bent like a pipe.

Halloween is here again.
Man puts on his armour.
Time to plow the field.
The man we know as farmer.

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The WitchTrain

The night of the living dead is coming…
Take heed and lock your doors
The witch trains blow the whistles
As they leave the devils jaws.

He strikes the boilers on this night
He lets the witches catch his prey.
They dress as zombie’s ghouls and ghosts
But they are here to take you away

The witch trains come to take your mind
The bokor controls your undead life.
The devil sends the zombie’s
For undead flesh to hand out strife.

The zombie has no thoughts to own
He is controlled by higher authority.
So lock your doors on the night of the dead
Or the zombie will come and take thee.

Use your mind, the one God gave you
Put thoughts of good into your head
Revile the zombie that eats your brain
You don’t want to end up a living dead.

© GG 15/10/2013

In south Africa the .witch trains. were believed to be staffed by Zombie workers controlled by witches that took the night time passengers and turned them into zombie slaves.
 In Vodou Bokor is a sorcerer that revives the dead and controls the mind.

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Black Witch

Born and raised as a little child in a Witches’ coven,
the Black Witch was indeed a very precocious child
whose hell-spawned soul was seared in Hell’s oven,
and like Medusa herself was a creature gone wild.

The Black Witch had a craggy, malevolent demeanor
and at a glance was stark, sinister, menacing and unholy, 
with jet black snake-like hair making her even meaner;
she was a reincarnated spirit dispelling all things good and holy.

The Black Witch was imbued with uncanny, unearthly powers
and had dark probing eyes and exceptional sensory perception,
and a bulbous, bile-ridden black wart was prominent among her powers,
and protruded close to the tip of her nose from the time of her conception.

She used the bile, putrid liquid extracted from her black wart to capture
and poison and corrupt the life essence of her victims—if they resisted;
she acutely honed her pagan skills in the Black Arts to the highest rapture
while using her Gorgon-grimaced face to strike fear in all who resisted.

As the most favored disciple and mistress of the Dark One,
the Black Witch possessed a withering and wicked mesmerizing gaze
used masterfully to corrupt and control souls for the Dark One,
dooming her victims forever to a land with an impenetrable haze.
The Black Witch brewed alchemic poisonous potions to a hideous effect,
using them to startle, stun and paralyze her victims with unending fear
while unmercifully taunting and tormenting them with equal evil effect,
using Witchcraft to destroy once innocent souls and harvest fear.

Intoning “Our Father, which wert in Heaven,” the Black Witch
began her Black Mass sessions with spirited evil and debauchery,
conjuring terrifying dreams and consigning victims to a black pitch
all the while laughing and reveling in all the evil and debauchery.

The Black Witch delighted in being “The Devil’s Concubine” by name,
for her liaisons with Lucifer made her omnipotent and devoutly unholy.
Her unbridled sense of power and invincibility was the Black Witch’s aim,
for this fed her conviction to do vicious and evil things—to be unholy.

To know the Black Witch was to realize a gorgonesque damnation forever 
while she pursued the unholy glorification of her master—Lucifer.
The Black Witch was granted the power of all hell-spawned demons forever
to support and consummate her unholy activities in the name of Lucifer.

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved (August 19, 2014)
(Rhymed Quatrain)

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The Legend Of Lonely Street

The night was dark the moon in hiding, squeals and giggles around the streets 
All the children dressed in costume begging sweets on trick or treat.
None dared to go to Lonely Street, no treat could entice them there
The legend of the cloaked man with a staff still lingered in the air.

The riches of the gilded street does not welcome Halloween footfall
Lonely Street would remain so, this year none would call.
The legend said the cloak-ed man glides along the street
None heard footfall, as he followed those indulging in trick or treat.

A blood curdling scream assaulted the ears, followed by another
Children ran and scattered, screams and tears they could not smother.
Along Lonely Street the cloak-ed man was heard to give a laugh
“Why scream my little ones?” in his hand he raised a staff.

“You are here to celebrate the waking, and walking of the dead
Come hither my little ones this is what tradition has said.
You dress as ghosts and spirits long gone, begging for some treats
But then when somebody refuses you, you trick them, that is weak.”

To do this on the night that we, the dead awake
You should surely know its time for us to teach you your fate…
I am here to collect all your souls, you will join us in the flesh
You celebrate and dress to please now you will visit the devils crèche.

He raised his staff high, his cloak opened wide
With a howling wind the children were blown inside
His cloak was full of all the souls of the young 
Their screams were heard, to the night they clung.

No more was there a Halloween night in that area or surrounding
The souls on Lonely streets stay  in and still their hearts are pounding.
The Cloak-ed man is waiting; he is waiting each year on Lonely Street
For the sound of children laughing as they dress as ghosts on trick or treat…

© 29/08/2012.

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Autumn Air

It’s near, it’s here you can feel and smell it too
Autumn has blown in; the air is worn out, not new
The decaying of the leaves fills the autumn breeze
Blowing free and fast it brings in the autumn sneeze…

Flu season has arrived with the decay filled autumn air
It’s not right we didn’t get a summer, it really isn’t fair
All the seasons strike a fear in someway for all of us
Winter snows, the north wind blows and makes you want to cuss…

Spring brings with it hay-fever, another sneezing season
Summer gives us sunburn, but we risk that for a reason
We all need the sun we bathe and wallow and breathe it in
But when the autumn reaches us, it really is a sin...

Dark nights swoop on down, just like a Halloween ghost
Winds batter us all inland and not only on the coast
Rain is ever constant, breeding fresh new bugs for flu
So autumn air is for the flu-jab, it’s now time for that to renew.
© 31/10/2102~GG~

Contest entry for “Up In the Autumn Air”

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Witch's Brew

Her jack-o-lanterns flicker in the room Bringing that eerie feel to those who look The witch cackles as she stirs her cauldron An evil brew which inside looks like gook The smell is terrible, she laughs with glee She knows what this potion can surely bring A curse to an entire town that shunned her She’ll make each and every one of them sing She clips a few hairs off of her black cat Puts them into the boiling concoction She zaps a flying bat, takes out its eyes She makes it complete, spits in the potion With an evil laugh she gets up and pours Takes the brew and places it into vials Knowing that each person in the whole town Will suffer with pains and lots of trials
Russell Sivey

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White Pumpkin's Special Meaning

White buffalo are sacred to Native American tribes
Symbols of hope and prosperity, to see one you are blessed
A cart filled with white pumpkins offers our dear friend who scribes
To her unique and loving heart this harvest does attest

A gift of spiritual grandeur we are offered freely
Marvel at its beauty and behold its great power
Choosing from this selection might be easier ideally
If we think of it first as a special Halloween flower

Share the wealth among us, our sweet friend always does
I pick one that catches my eye, matching her ivory skin
Much like a white rose’s beauty compared to others outdoes
I’ll venerate this pumpkin knowing her kindness lies within

*Entry for Carol Brown’s “White Pumpkin” contest
October 24 by Carolyn Devonshire

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Awaiting Halloween

My front door, the color of pumpkins As a skeleton adorns the screen door Jack-o-lanterns plenty about the porch And spider webs exist upon the floor Owl sits on the deformed tree in the yard Filled with many spooky eyes in the holes A scarecrow stands guarding my open gate Cats, all black, run around looking for moles A witch laughing sits in a dark corner Moving to the sound of a passerby We wait for the first sign of fearful kids On Halloween night, I love it, no lie Russell Sivey

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Monster Groove

I went to a monster party,
At Castle Frankenstein;
With lots of food and spirit,
The fun kicked off at nine!

Ol' Frankie did the robot,
I stepped to a jitterbug;
The floor began to quake,
We really cut the rug!

I moved on to a sexy witch,
We slid across the room;
I broke down in a two-step,
While dancing with her broom!

I was jammin' to the Charleston,
The Werewolf joined in too;
Igor failed to fight the beat,
He danced without a clue!

Dracula did the tango,
I boogied with the Bride;
The Mummy looked bewildered,
As we did the electric slide!

I tap danced on a table,
Three zombies did the same;
I stripped down to my boxers,
They shouted out my name!

Jekyll was rather classy,
Wielding his futile pride;
When the music struck within,
He turned to Mr. Hyde!

The chandelier was shaking,
Skeletons hit the floor;
I danced to a rumba,
The crowd was wanting more!

Everything was peachy,
Oh what a beautiful night;
Along came the Invisible Man,
And started an awful fight!

He squeezed the Bride's booty,
Other ladies felt the same;
And when the dust had settled,
Guess who took the blame?!

Off went the music,
So long to our fun;
I had no other option,
But to tuck my tail and run!

Those who partied with me,
Were raising such a chatter;
The crowd was crying out,
"Put his head on a platter!!"

I aroused the little lady,
To an ear-piercing scream;
Hallelujah for a nightmare,
It was just an awful dream!

Was it really just a dream?
A thought raced through my head;
"Honey, I have a question",
"Why's that witch hat on our bed?"


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Orange to Purple Night

The sky has a glow, a hue of orange That leads to the joy of jack-o-lanterns Bats do fly through the air looking for food And lights in the house come from small lanterns Vampires prowl tonight as mere creatures do Moon begins to rise by the edge of night Looking orange as any other glow Right before nightfall there is little light The witch approaches the graveyard gateway Carrying her cauldron with her laughing Knowing that this night has special powers She looks for spiders that do the eating A pile of spiders find their way on her She puts them inside her boiling cauldron Magically her potion comes into view She uses this drink to bring a demon The beautiful creature goes with the witch Into the night looking for some poor sap To mess up his life completely before Ruining all that he has this poor chap The night starts to lose its bright orange look Now is replaced with a deep purple glow Color enhances this festive Halloween The witch and the demon bring their own show
Russell Sivey

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Happy Halloween

The Batmobile was ready
Four-year-old arms were steady.
His baby sister by his side
Cute and ready… Halloween ride.

Daddy was a fireman.
Mama was a nurse.
Stephen would be Batman
And remedy every curse!

Nana, Aunt, and Uncle
Would join the sidewalk rides.
Armed with hollow pumpkins
Mamas close by their sides.                                           

A classy group of children greet.
To parties they may go.
Or down the roads for trick or treat
Young eyes shining with a glow –

Where ever life may lead them,
What ere the future holds,
Though memories at times grow dim,
Young days shape the childhood mold.

My wishes may be from afar,
But you are in my love, daily.
Grow faith, have fun, be a shining star.
I love you children; live life with glee!

To Two of my grandchildren
Love, Memaw, Dane

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Pumpkin Head Scarecrow

Dark clouds trying to cover the full moon Creates an eerie feeling all throughout An old farmhouse sits upon the great height And haystacks sit down the hill and about This is where the great fearsome scarecrow sits Awaiting strangers that may come to view Ravens fly about his glowing pumpkin head Evil face exudes what it wants to do When you come face to face with this scarecrow Your days will sure come to an abrupt end A scythe he carries he surely will use And the ravens will take your soul to send Owner of the farmhouse won’t mess with him For the fear of death that’s within his bones He works around him during daylight hours Avoids him in the night within his zones Scarecrow has more power in the full moon And his alluring calls just isn’t right The great pumpkin head scarecrow glows fiercely He rules the dark fields, prowling in the night
Russell Sivey

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Halloween Haunting

A deserted house awaits spirits to enter,
trapping whomever chances temptation.
Secret rooms align front and center,
hoping to give an antic sensation.

On the porch a jack-o’-lantern waits,
to scare someone with his ugly face.
Howling winds blow the rusty gates,
just in time for the black cats race.

Naked arms stretch for the moonlight,
planning to snag a witch on her broom.
Shadows hide in the blackened night,
waiting for Dracula to leave his tomb.

A dense fog cloaks the dank cemetery,
where the dead lie with rotting remains.
Rising to an itinerary of skeletal vary,
dragging their lengthy rustic chains.

Grizzly ghouls sleep in a stagnant swamp,
awaken only by sounds of screaming laughter.
Suddenly the leaves rustle with a stomp…
leaving a Halloween haunting here after.

Copyright © 2007 By Caryl Muzzey

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Pumpkin Patch

Shapely to coarse green stem, 
sitting alone; wanting to grin.
Patiently waiting for the take,
wanting Halloween to begin.

A few more weeks left to grow,
inviting; nestled in straw.
Children soon make their choice,
with little eyes in awe.

Fields abundant in orange hue,
serenading a season of rest.
Large or small or fat or thin,
any grab will be the best.

Cold winds blow just enough 
to take its nipping bite.
Scarves and hoods, snuggly warm,
fending autumn with wraps pulled tight.

Little arms try to carry 
the most perfect pumpkin around.
The patch now shrinks very thin,
remnants of a once lush ground.

Copyright © 2009 By Caryl S. Muzzey

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Every Night is Halloween

Every night is Halloween
When ghastly ghost hovers near
I toss and turn in my dream
For I know the fiend I fear

Goblins and ghouls have no chance
I scare them all back to hell
Yet, one thing is viler still
I know its evil full well

Every night I shut the door
I shake while I lay in bed
For soon the door is ajar
A form hovers by my head

A eerie glow fills the room
Familiar breath on my face
Fingers slide over my lips
Unseen hands my body trace

Every night your ghost appears
You, who to my heart are DEAD
You come not as fearsome ghoul
But as angel to my bed

Your lies now you whisper sweet
“I am moved by love not lust!”
Yet I feel your groping hands
Stroking away broken trust

My bed is aflame with heat
You tricked, now you want a treat
I know your wishes full well
To bring to life passion sweet

I tremble in morbid fear
For you have come to possess
I buried your cheating heart
But ghost fingers now caress

You linger over my form
Your presence so very real
The night moves in ghostly charm
Every touch and kiss I feel

Morning light breaks through the night
I awake alone and bare
Halloween, my every night
Your scent lingers in the air.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Wise One

Accompanied by my black cat,
See me fly by the harvest moon,
With my broom and a black hat,
And singing an enchanting tune.

It will not do any harm,
To commune with the dead,
Using ancient crystals and charms,
And the rhymes within my head.

With an initial from an apple's peel,
And with these rites of incantation,
My rune stones will reveal,
What will be my true destination.

For the one I'm dreaming of,
I'll chant an ancient spell,
By the bonfire, with stars above,
And only for me my true love fell.

A brew within my cauldron boil,
I make an ancient magic potion,
Using fire, air, water and soil,
And filled with spirit and emotion.

Using herbs to cure the sick,
The witch's spell is almost done,
As I light the candle wick,
Helping all and harming none.

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My Memories Of Halloween

The glow of a jack o' lanterns light,
Walking among the fallen, dead leaves,
Vampire bats that are taking flight,
What a great night for All Hallows' Eve.

Sweet candy corn, cupcakes and chocolate bars,
Plastic skeletons rattling their bones,
A bright full moon among the cold stars,
Zombies roaming among the tombstones.

Girls dressed as fairies and ghosts in white sheets,
Kids in spooky costumes and monster masks,
My cousin and I couldn't wait to trick or treat,
And we never failed at our candy collecting task.

Mom putting a lot of scary makeup on my face,
A wicked witch with a broom and pointed hat,
Boys dressed as mummies and aliens from space,
The green glowing eyes of a curious black cat.

The haunted forest full of spooky owls,
Crisp caramel apples and a crunchy popcorn ball,
The chilling feeling of hearing werewolf howls,
And that mean little devil who scared us all.

Everyone almost wanting to get a good fright,
All of us quickly passing by the graveyard gate,
Lost spirits roaming on this dark, chilly night,
And getting home before it had gotten too late.

Caped grim reapers stalking the sidewalks,
Old, dark, haunted houses full of ghosts,
Steps and porches with pumpkins and cornstalks,
This is the one night that I love the most.

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Yellow-Orange Moon

Great, spooky feel from yellow-orange moon Flows from the sky at the darkest of nights Clouds at times try to cover the full moon Leaving and eerie feel, with lots of frights From the belfry fly a group of blind bats Flies right at you, like they knew where you were The old church has been abandoned for years But there have been creatures that have lived there Ghosts love this church, it’s near a cemetery The light of the moon shines onto the church Orange glow bringing fear into the hearts Of any mortal that screams with a lurch The beauty of the pumpkins on the steps Being lit from inside and by the moon An eerie glow transported from within Casting glows that light up every known goon Goons lead down the street on this Halloween Sure lit by the moon, and its yellow cast All the jack-o-lanterns light up the way For all these creatures to reach you at last
Russell Sivey

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Full Moon at Halloween

There’s a full moon at Halloween this year With characters being dressed up as death Everyone loves to bring a lot of good cheer While evil tries to go and take your breath There are flying creatures that fly by night Owls, ravens, and bats are to name a few They love the full moon with lots of fright Going all about scaring everybody and you The haunted house which is upon a large hill Is the most frightening place you’ve ever seen A place of great fear, a place to give a thrill All these things are on this night, Halloween
Russell Sivey

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Brown Shoes

Do you ever feel like the world's a tuxedo And you're a pair of brown shoes? Have you ever felt you had two left feet? Or the ship's already left for the cruise? Please take heart, we've all been afflicted At one time or another in our lives There are those who appear a lot worse off They forget to wear pants when they drive There ain't no cure for this strange affliction Embarrassing as hell, heaven knows Walking across the floor at the prom With your dress tucked up in your hose Out for a walk, met my cranky old boss He was taking his dog for a stroll Chatted and then after saying good luck Turned and smacked into a pole Or when you attend a Halloween party You're the only one dressed up in the room Then you realize it was a black tie affair But you're dressed like a pregnant baboon Just dig a deep hole and climb down inside Hope nobody notices you're gone Don't come out until four in the morning Slink home by the first light of dawn © Jack Ellison 2012

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Halloween Dare

I found a trail, one of lit pumpkins here Which is leading up to the haunted house I followed them as I am truly dared Then rain started to fall, quite a good douse Just then a werewolf howled in the darkness While the full moon is unblocked by the clouds I make it to the porch, there’s no kindness Claps and bangs from inside are all aloud Lightning flashes showing a great dead tree On the dark side yard of this fearful place There are seeming loud whispers wanting me When I turned around there’s a fearful face I run, as fast as I can, through the yard Looking over my shoulder as I do I then trip over some wood that is charred And fall in a grave with a ghostly boo I try to get out, screaming as I try Fearfully knowing I might be stuck there And I find some roots that gets me out high Avoiding headstones now, I left my dare
Russell Sivey

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Halloween Story

Quatrain Poem (23 Stanzas)
Halloween Story-by Trevor McLeod

As a child I remember well
how Halloween would interest me.
When school would end and I'd head home.
The leaves ground low and chasing me.

The air was cool that I'd feel light
and scents of leaves gave strength.
As I would rush into the wind
and think of home in length.

Where mom stood by the counter
and tea sat on the stove.
It's cozy sending signals
in mom's eyes by the drove.

My father came in early.
The rush was on the night.
My parents and my sisters
excited by the plight.

Slow to reach the table.
Cautious in our manners.
We all sat down to supper
content as little planners.

Quick to leave the meal.
My sister first to flee.
We rummaged through our costumes
deciding who'd we be.

For clothing we had everything.
All we'd mix and match.
We thought of our ideas
for costumes that we'd hatch.

I knew already what I'd be.
I searched through clothes with zest.
Till soon I found a simple mask
then later found a vest.

This night I would be Robin.
A hero of the night.
The clever Batman's partner
who loved a challenged fight.

I almost had it all.
A costume near complete.
Until I saw the panyhose.
The thought that made me freak.

My mother shot towards them
strengthened by my choice.
Then boldly said she'd dye them
in green with full rejoice.

The time soon brought the darkness.
On time to trick or treat.
As anxious as we were
we're scared with lighter feet.

We stepped out in the cool night
fearing we're to early.
Then when we reached the second house,
began to walk more surely.

And surely was the way I felt.
Now floating in my tights.
Why Robin every wore a mask
was just one of those blights.

Free to leap to peoples doors.
The breeze between my legs.
A Catholic I thought quick of sin
while fast upon my pegs.

The time I saved as I could run:
in tights seemed nowhere there.
collecting candy door to door
not acting like I care.

The night went by in simple grace.
My leaping in light bounds.
Contributing to much more candy
and look some said astounds.

Arriving home when it got late.
My shame checked at the door.
I said that I would do it again
and shook right from the core.

I stepped inside with greater zounds.
My sisters home awhile.
All holding bags of trick or treat,
they dump them in a pile.

My mom and dad are quick to speak.
They warn us all of blades.
They tell us throw our apples out.
Don't take a chance in spades.

I dumped my bag out on the floor.
The kisses everywhere.
While not my favourite candy made,
I'll trade for something fair.

We chomped the candies for an hour
till bedtime saw us done.
We quietly slipped into our beds
all tired of having fun.

Then as I lay and start to think
how Robin lived with tights.
I remembered all the candy got
with speed -and maybe frights.

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White Halloween

We're having a white Halloween
as it snows to the brim.
Where the pumpkins lie buried.
Their candles going dim.

There's a cold spell upon us.
White frost on the vines.
Their stems peeking out
to ceasing our spines.

With sheets of white cotton
torn between branches.
Ghosts with black eyes.
Spirits in blanches.

Webs of white cotton
stretching the trees.
Home for a spider.
A place on the breeze.

Blankets of snow
covering the ground.
Spirits lay dormant
when evil is crowned.

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Haunted House

They cling to both my legs in terror
My little ones who just wanted  a thrill
Approached with laughing anticipation
The haunted house just filled the bill......

First was the bowl of white eyeballs
That floated in what seemed to be blood
A hand reached out from the middle
The shrieks of horror came in  a flood

Then a skeleton  who slept in a coffin
Sat up and shrieked with all its might
His hand reached for the nearest child
They screamed in wonderful fright

Evil black bats kept flying above us
And their fangs were a sight to behold
A bite on the neck was anticipated
 Bloody shreiks their enjoyment told

I could hardly walk their hold so tight
Ages six to nine and two in-between
After a cup of hot cocoa they confided
They'd never had a better Halloween....

A true story for the Halloween contest..
Barbara Gorelick

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Pumpkin Pulp

Pumpkin Pulp a hunger real.
Toothless meal a vomit fill.
Rumpy flesh to hold the meal.
Tasty strands of flavour seal.

Pits of seeds for spitting out.
White tidbits all hard and stout.
Strands of web to reach the heart.
Spirits strong where pressures part.

Fetch the scoop to scoop out goop.
Scrape the wall and cause it droop.
Oust the pulp on old newpapers.
Save the seeds to fry in vapours.

Pumpkins lit and glowing lanterns.
Angled eyes shine light in patterns.
Flickered smiles from waxy wicks.
Labotomys, the night of tricks.

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Graveyard at Night

Into the graveyard I walk all alone Save the spirits that follow me at times The gravestones show dates that are very old Seems the church saw me and begins its chimes All at once the ground does begin to shake And up the ghosts and spirits come to fright They scare me nearly to death, fly at me My fellow spirits join them with their might I run and hide behind an old dead tree But the owl gives up my true whereabouts And they all plow right through my lost being Fear brings out my soul and I start to shout I’m torn from my body, flowing around They now force me into the ground alright Into the depths of hell to burn always Because I entered the graveyard at night
Russell Sivey

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My Curse

Red eyes glow, stare at me in the shadows Right near the jack-o-lanterns of the night I can hear wicked cackling of a witch As she stirs in eyes of newt for insight On wooden fence walks a weary black cat Not seeing my presence where I’m nearby Superstition gets the best of me here I shoo him off so I may not be shy I approach the witch to rid of my curse One I’ve surely suffered since I was born I get behind her and try for her neck But she vanishes into smoke, I squirm I turn to walk away from this dark scene When skeletons come up from the cursed ground They all run to me, I’m frozen in fear I don’t know what to do, I look around Just then I’m grabbed by rabid skeletons The witch reappears looking rather mad Laughing she takes some of the potion there Swallows it all, looking fearful I’m had I can’t run, she comes to me with anger Now quite serious is her torn up face Black cat now hisses at my trembling feet The next second I find myself disgraced I am face to face next to the black cat And I noticed, I too am a witch’s pet I meow as I am cursed even more now I hiss, hoping some petting I will get
Russell Sivey

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House of the Dead

The windows have a dark blue cast outside Except for where the candle lights the stage Where the gore that flows within the dark house Evil signs the home that bears its old age Jack-o-lanterns are lit on the doorstep Trying to invite the unsuspecting Leery are many that walk past this house For the darkness seems to go engulfing The moon slashes the sky with awesome grace Lighting the dirt path for any approach The dark house looks inviting in some ways The flickering candle stays as it’s broached No matter the lure I will never go I’ll never enter the house of the dead If you listen you can hear them laughing And it won’t just be what is in your head
Russell Sivey

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Three Haunted Houses

Everyone’s heard about the three houses That reside at the end of the dark street Seems just candles are ever lit inside And shadows wander all about this beat There is always some sort of ghoulish sounds Coming from the confines of this building Ghosts are said to come rampaging the street During all hours of the night, house stalking It is said the residents of these homes All committed vile suicide one night Halloween night, done in a ritual So they may live always and scare with fright Ghosts of their long past, they may kill at will Thus all the residents of the street fear The group of evil beings that just prowl On Halloween nights, their souls do appear The neighbors all leave on Halloween night For they know the ghosts will kill them all there In their sleep or even awake they’ll strike All the lights are out this night of terror But they can be heard at any distance Their voices of anger and pain exist Only by the next morning is it safe Evil has subsided leaving a mist
Russell Sivey

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Lost Halloween Queen

We are at it again Time to lose or to gain Tricking or treating Becomes as fun as flying Shivers run up my spine Oh I wouldn't refuse a glass of wine Witches howling out loud Vampires roaring aloud Craving to see an angel To have with him a story with no sequel I make of myself the night belle Dressed as a loose tinkerbell Blood dripping from my south Snakes pouring from my breath I walk the streets To give tricks or treats! Walking along, I heard a mournful song It was the lone werewolf He gave me not a bluff But sang of his tender heart And how everyone saw only his cruel part Pity overcame me And I gave him my company I hardly knew when I was swallowed Now no more would I walk the road Oh bloody Halloween This year, on your day, I became a lost Queen!
Name Anoucheka Gangabissoon Date 13 September 2013 Contest : Everything Halloween

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Powers of the Moon

The moon engulfs the house in a distance The deep pale yellow glow that it carries Is often covered by the clouds that flow Bringing fright to all people that tarries Jack-O-Lanterns sit on the cold front porch Frigid due to the ghosts that reside there Loving to scare those that come and stop by There’s a nip and fearfulness in the air The graveyard sits outside this creepy house With gravestones showing dates of long ago Skeletons come to life wanting your skin Your soul is a treat, sure that’s all they know Rumors are that witches live in the house Loving to cast spells on Halloween night Turning unsuspecting guests into toads Leaving legends of great fear at their sight The moon really brings these things to light With its deep amber glow it does possess The whole scene is lighted on down below The powers of the moon, full of distress
Russell Sivey

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Black Evil Pumpkins

Three pumpkins, just sitting there, are lit up Seemingly harmless to many children But far from the happy pumpkins they seem The pumpkins take more than what is given These black evil pumpkins stay on porches Looking quite innocent with their calm eyes But deep inside are the souls of witches Awaiting children that come in disguise Then with her spells she converts them to frogs And in the process steals their souls this way Laughing can be heard inside the pumpkins Striking fear into all the frogs that run away Many children are lost in the pumpkins Remaining tortured souls of the old witch Her dark power grows with each soul she takes Again Halloween goes without a hitch
Russell Sivey

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Death's Hand

Smell of burnt wood is wafting in the air Creating tears within my tender eyes House is in the graveyard, is oddly real Scary is its presence with no disguise It’s frightening that it’s so dark outside Only jack-o-lanterns flooding the porch An eerie otherworld light from above Centered right on the front door with a lurch There are some sounds of chains moving and howls Wandering through the graveyard on this night Halloween makes me tremble with great fear They appear in front of me, what a sight Ghouls and ghosts, with the vampires and werewolves All show up wanting to tear me apart But I don’t want any of this, I run I go straight in the creepy house, I dart As I go in the creatures outside leave As if knowing something worse is inside So I look by the light of the pumpkins Right there is death himself right by my side His bone hand reaches out and touches me And I feel quite cold, thus I start to freeze Death extinguished me and before I go I hear a woman scream, she’s very pleased
Russell Sivey

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Spirit Collection

Flying on a broomstick the witch goes high Seemingly through to the moon and above She cackles a laugh as she moves onward Below her flies nimble bats without love A blood sucker awaiting her return So he can become the greatest vampire Outside the haunted mansion sits pumpkins All lit for this night, for evil desire Door opens, there seems to be no one there A ghostly outline stands in its own place As if by quick lightning the witch appears Holding a spell to cover all this space She finds the wondering bat, to convert Making him the greatest vampire ever Power envelopes all about himself He enters the house to find more power Once energized, through the evil controls He teleports into the nearby town Here he will feed on the young innocents And make each soul of theirs his very own After the collection he returns home And puts the victims into crystal ball So the dark witch can use them as lost ghosts To play evil throughout the land and all All that’s left is smiling jack-o-lanterns To carry dead spirits within its core They’re placed at most houses within the world To complete the spell, the spirit will roar
Russell Sivey

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Demon Cursed House

A young family entered their new home A beautiful house, seemingly a steal Went on sale just weeks before they found it They immediately jumped on this deal Their furniture was already shipped here Waiting for them to move right on inside They never questioned why the price’s so low But they found out who will surely abide Family goes to lay down that first night Looking for a nice quiet, peaceful sleep Right after the couple’s eyes closed they found Sounds scraping and hearing a baby weep The father gets up to check the noises And walks down the hall to the children’s room They were all asleep, but a noise wakes them All of them walk the hallway into doom In front of them a demon walks the floor With a crooked, wry smile on his dark face A noise behind them shows some human ghosts They surely wanted to run from this space The family screams as they close their eyes Then the sounds abruptly vanish near them They look around, the daylight filters in They all are wishing this house to condemn Frantically they get ready to leave As the father is packing his suitcase He notices a photo on the wall Not of his family, it’s an old face When he looked closely fear enveloped him Seems they are the fearful ghosts from last night Demon was the old man in the picture They are still afraid even in the light Surely knowing now why the house’s so cheap They ran fast as they could away from there Never to look back at this evil house Let someone else live with this intense scare
Russell Sivey

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Death Glen

On the dark ancient dirt path they’re walking A young girl and boy going down the path Each with a lit jack-o-lantern pumpkin With faces of evil, lurid with wrath They shake with fear on this Halloween night Knowing there are things lurking beyond sight Just then Judy trips on an old raised root Down she goes, to the mercy of the night A specter, from the deep forest, greets them The two scream, just for it to be taken And absorbed by the fearful ghost present They run, two spooked kids running, not faking At once they stop, and look where they are now Somewhere deep inside the midnight forest The full moon offers little light for them While a witch flying, there’s no time to rest After running again in sheer terror Seeing their lives in real danger again They see lights ahead, hope it’s the city After they enter, they know the Death Glen Witches of all shapes and colors great them Offer them protection from the forest However they stay away from pumpkins Kids realize now the jack-o-lanterns jest Their parents knew just how to protect them Through another path they find their way back Will always keep a lit pumpkin with them Halloween is frightening in all black
Russell Sivey
It Has Begun!!!

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Moon Shines Brilliantly

The wrought iron fence with metal pickets Separates the real world from this horror The moon shines brilliantly down onto you Catches the graveyard tombstones of splendor The mighty tree in the yard looks horrid With shadows that are long and frightening At base of the tree lies a lit pumpkin There to scare all those who’s enlightening There is a gate with skulls set on the fence You enter at your own risk, ghosts live here They’re in the haunted house in the graveyard The ones that will freeze you when they appear Stars shine very brightly on Halloween Shooting stars as to give a great warning That this night’s purely evil in all ways Nothing here tonight is truly charming You can hear the voices calling your name Holding a real attraction to your ears The silver moon shines even brighter now Taking away inhibitions and fears
Russell Sivey

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All Hallow's Eve- Our Coven

The moon is full shedding a glimmering light,
My Coven and I gather for All Hallow's Eve,
Magic in the forest shall take place tonight,
The fall air is crisp with a gentle breeze.

Our High Priestess shall draw down on the moon,
She'll speak in a trance through our Triple Goddess,
Beauty and wonder shall invoke very soon,
Power of 13 witches shall soon be upon us.

There's power to behold on this lovely night,
Phases of the moon, our Priestess, shall speak,
The magnificent witch in our plain sight,
All Hallow's Eve is when our energy peaks.

My family in magic this Coven of witches,
The Priestess flows with elegance and a wise mouth,
Showing this power which few knew existed,
Our gathering here among the 13 devote.

People call us evil and cast us aside,
Oblivious to our intentions and what we seek,
No matter the cost, by my oath I abide,
Mess with my Coven and we shall conquer the weak.

The power of the moon tingles upon my skin,
We leave the calm of the forest after our rite,
The magic invoked is still pulsing within,
All of us leaving with wicked delight.

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Fortress of All Hallows

The creepiest of all pumpkins lays here Right on the front porch filled with mystery Lit with powers of drawing people in So children could come and get their candy The house is lighted by creepy candles An atmosphere of night stalkers about Spiders crawl across the yard with purpose Spinning their glorious webs without doubt No skulls can scare all those unwary guests Skulls may frighten, but brings up a good laugh Candy is their main goal and nothing else No pranks can scare them away from their path Halloween, may it be the best one yet Children must have a great and merry time That is the main goal, for guests to enjoy The fortress of All Hallows, fun divine
Russell Sivey

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Yard of the Undead

Demented trees exist outside the house The frightening house of the cursed demons Red fire skin, with some black char on their face They love Halloween as they are heathens The trees bend and creek in odd and strange ways Seemingly dead as they’re bare without leaves Screams are sometimes heard deep inside the house None should dare to enter for they’ll just grieve The full moon hides behind some eerie clouds Seemingly made to make the night darker And the dead rise, they roam the land outside Don’t enter or you’ll find your grave marker The yard has the undead wanting to kill Wanting to take out your scared heart to eat You must get away from this horrid place Keeping your eyes open on this night beat
Russell Sivey

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Graveyard Ghouls

Wispy smoke trails slither,
float across the empty tombs
calling forth waiting spirits,
luring the pale witch's moon.

Bones jangle, clack and clatter,
ribs and vertebrae intact,
causing fur to rise and twitch,
on the hapless, hissing cat.

One night only are they free,
one night only on the prowl,
laughing at the creature's fear,
inducing the wolf-man's howl.

Shadows dance on the gravestones,
wild wind moans in bare branches.
Children, goose bumps on their flesh,
brave the night, taking chances

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A ball of orange
A pumpkin ball
Fat and round
stripes that drawl

Orange and bright
White with glow
Stem on top
Bent and frow

Skin that's speckled
Flat and cratered
Glossy, shiny
Like a gator

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The leaves  will slowly fall away
After the harvest  work  is done
Now  soon the winter comes to stay
And the sky will lose its warming sun
Leaves, leaves, leaves,  autumn leaves

We  rest and gather  fruits around
And smile with thanks : we work no more
The nuts, the seeds in the  barn abound
Give thanks for the fruitful  store 
Leaves leaves leaves,  autumn leaves

The leaves are gold, the days are cold
The  Halloween fire flares up high
There’s time for stories to be told
Time to smile and no longer  sigh  
Leaves, leaves, leaves,  autumn leaves

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My Halloween, Your Horror

It was a Halloween night, one like tonight,
on which this event had taken place
There was a bloody and grizzly murder
by a man, who had no face.
She was just seventeen and all alone,
when that knock came to her door.
That poor little girl, with a future so bright,
is now gone, she’s nevermore.
Blood everywhere, but there was no body,
none the detectives could find.
There are so many thoughts and theories,
but only one really comes to mind.
You see, I have seen this man, too,
this man without the face,
but that was in another far off time
and also in another far off place.
I thought it was over, the murder, the bloodshed.
I guess, now, that I am wrong.
The killer had returned, with blood in his eyes
and now I wish I was wrong.
He lurks in the shadows to cover his trail,
an empty soul, traveling by night.
He seeks those who dared to do him wrong.
Killing them is his delight.
If you were unlucky to ever see his face
you would know he doesn’t have one at all.
For he lost it so many years ago,
when from a rooftop… a nasty fall.
To this day, he seeks his revenge 
on those who had thrown him down.
The rage and the killing doesn’t stop with them,
but also anyone who is around.
How do I know so much of this man?
All you really have to do, is ask.
If I say, I would have to kill you then.
To tell you, I’d take off my mask.