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Goodbye Quatrain Poems | Quatrain Poems About Goodbye

These Goodbye Quatrain poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Goodbye. These are the best examples of Goodbye Quatrain poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Since Youve Been Gone- A 24 Year Old Poem

Since you’ve been gone….
	The flowers have lost their color
		The sun refuses to give its light
			The moon weeps in her sorrow
				And days have turned into night
					Since you’ve been gone

Since you’ve been gone…
	The birds sing a mournful requiem
		The wind moans at the windowsill
			The sea threatens and billows
				The starlight has grown suddenly dim
					Since you’ve been gone

Since you’ve been gone…
	My world has crumbled down
		The people laugh at my pain
			My strength has withered away
				My tears mix with the rain
					Since you’ve been gone

Since you’ve been gone
	I’m haunted by the beauty of your smile
		I count the endless seconds and days
			I moan your name to my bedroom walls
				I wander around in an endless maze
					Since you’ve been gone

Nothing, no nothing has been the same…
Since you’ve been gone

Eileen Manassian
Circa 1991- 1992

I know there are some changes that need to be made to this, but I wanted to share this with you as I wrote it when I was about...24ish. I wrote it for my then boyfriend who is now my husband. He is the only man who has ever made love to me. I've known him since we were 12....

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If You Have To Go

Don't tell me when you are gone
just call me from where you'll be
this bad news I do not wish to here
recalling the good times to a certain decree.

I don't want to know whose fault it was
knowing what was, doesn't do us any good 
I will not fight the decision you have made
though I will try to keep on loving you if I could.

Just don't leave in silence and without a word 
tell it to me straight to my face
I won't get angry and slam the doors
I don't wish that we depart in disgrace.

I don't want long faces and no profound exchanges 
you should go the way you came in with a smile
the same smile that used to make my heart gallop
that way it will not be difficult to reconcile.

Disregarding my feelings is no way to end
also I don't know how to say goodbye.
instead I should embrace and kiss you on the cheeks
and when you leave I'll go to bed and cry.

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Blood-eyes shutting bluntly Slicing twilight of May, Fingers numb quietly To search what's far away. And as threadbare evening Bathes the darkness of night, Remembrance from a dream Soar where gray winds alight. Blue moments shrink on hours Within cold edge of time, This love rakes choked flowers Without need to align. The piercing of thorns does sting Where stars can never go, Questions void of meaning What moon will never know. I adored all your ages Trying to hide the shade, So that sweet exchanges Will never ever fade. But what is forever Without the vow of grace? My lips bleed and quiver Upon farewell's embrace. Rhyme Battle , Juli- Michelle 10/3/13

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Saying Goodbye Was Hard

I dearly miss my friends at The Glen Where we spent eight very happy years Never realized how happy they were Each day was filled with good cheer Friends galore, lots of things to do It was our choice to join in or not Help was there, if we ever needed it The friendships were over the top The choice to sell up and move away Was certainly a difficult decision Financially things got overwhelming So the logical choice was written Truly wish we could have stayed forever But sadly it just wasn't in the cards I'll always remember all the good times Saying goodbye was oh so hard! <3 <3 <3 © Jack Ellison 2013

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Through my eyes, he sees his true self
and is disgusted by what he sees
Citing vulgar obscenities one moment 
and then the next desperate pleas

He knows he is morally wrong
and that I could never forgive
He compromised my health!
Now with himself he has to live

Integrity he has not a ounce
Compulsive liar, I found out!
Was he born without a conscience?
To intentionally hurt, a heart he is without!

I'm glad that I found out what he's about
He would have sent me to an early grave
I know karma will one day find him
and he will get back all that he gave

My guardian angel guided me
Showed me what I failed to see
All my nagging doubts have been answered
I finally found the truth to set me free.

Sponsor 	Kim Morrison
Contest Name	Tell Me A True Story

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Never Compromising

Never Compromising

My heart has moved on and tears have been shed.
Patience spread thin, relationship is dead.
When I talk you don't respond, withdrawn!
Tears have been shed and my heart has moved on.

Love was not enough, so much for destiny!
Tough, walking on eggshells is misery!
This life together has gotten rough
So much for destiny, love was not enough!

Never compromising, always a fight
the times I get the urge to write!
Constantly struck over-analyzing!
Always a fight, never compromising

Mind is wandering, strangers to conquer,
to much time has already been squandered!
Suffering has passed, now prospering!
Strangers to conquer, mind is wandering!!

For Andrea Deitrich's "Swap Quatrain" contest!
Name withheld until contest is over!

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October Fire

Dancing smoke
black as night
floats above flames
burning bright
twisting wind
spreads the fire
fueling life
to dark desire
the nights are dark
with moonless skies
shadows see all
with empty eyes
fallen leaves 
make trees bare
the flame still burns
but the heats not there
blazing touch
meets hearts of frost
the burn feels sweet 
but then it's lost
now hands of ash 
reach out once more 
for October Fire
as they did before

By Morgan Mise
Written April 25, 2012

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Our time together over now
We could not grow in shade
Pale and fragile we emerged
Trying the commitment made

So our paths go different ways
But I leave you a kiss or two
Blown on the breezes of regret
I bid you dear a fond adieu 

Barbara Gorelick 
Poet II contest
9/5/14  " Leave You A Kiss"

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Our hearts can't touch, our minds deflect
Absurd conclusions, I'll regret
Breaking up so many times
Your reasons do not rhyme

I think I better off this way
I love you, that's what i will lay
Rupturing my soul, hope that I can
Last breath. . Goodbye. . 'til we meet again

061314 (13:50)

An entry to "Breaking Up With You" contest
Sponsored by: Poet Destroyer
6th Place

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FREE CEE it is time to say good cry

sometimes it's easy not to cry when you say goodbye because you've taken enought
times when times and time spent together gets too rough 
days that pass by after nights of frustration and wide eyes
sometimes it's easy to smile after a litany of goodbyes

sometimes it's time to say that the time for good times are over
and there are just too many mountains which lead to dried up clover
just close the door to a bore and move on to the next conquest 
because sometimes saying goodbye is undoubtedly what's best

sometimes times mean too much work to stay where you are
so you move on to the next sparkling star
until that star grows dull and falls from the sky
and again it the time to say an easy goodbye

sometimes annoyance is an avoidance one must deal with in the end
and two make too many mistakes for either one to defend
so you stand up with a strengthened spine and get on with what comes next
because i can preach on how to say goodbye easily by chapter and text

so long honey, i wish i could say it's been a gas
but darling sometimes love becomes a test you can't pass
so you look over all the wasted time and years
and say goodbye without shedding any tepid tears
      (c) 2012....PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~