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Quatrain Friendship Poems | Quatrain Poems About Friendship

These Quatrain Friendship poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Friendship. These are the best examples of Quatrain Friendship poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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An ancient river, centuries-old shops and restaurants steeped in a 2000-year history and 
culture set the scene. The ambiance seemed divinely contrived to facilitate the purposes of 
our meeting and the very fodder from which the greatest poets are sustained.
Not newcomers to the area, Kay P. and I were assigned to the Army Security Agency Field 
Station in Augsburg, Germany in 1974. We were colleagues in the intelligence community 
with no romantic overtures to our relationship, save an appreciation of poetry and profound 
philosophical discussions. Kay wanted to spend the evening with a poet, so we planned the 
evening to be appropriate for the purpose. 
At the time and place, we quickly found ourselves hopelessly immersed in the philosophical 
foundations of my writings throughout the evening. It was the first time since Vietnam that 
I'd felt worthy as a person. I still recall sipping the red wine and feeling the warmth of the 
large hearth inside the Balkan eatery. I still see the swans gliding by on the Lech flowing by 
our café.

When windowpanes begin to weep with autumn's chilly dew, I'm taken back through seasons passed to one delight held true, A rendezvous that time allowed, a gentle evening spent Amid a time of long discord when days were dreary bent. I feel the stretch upon my lips, the smile returns once more. Again, I smell the Balkan fare prepared on Lech's old shore, The mood is cast in high regard, the wine is tart and dry, As Augsburg ripples in the wake when swans go gliding by. The ancient windows frame our view and day begins to wane As rivulets meander down and streak the dampened panes. The ambiance of ages passed beseeched us not to leave And held us in its warm embrace throughout the ebbing eve. My heart was scarred, without regard and hardened by the war But her esteem unveiled its worth, while nothing had before. She saw the child that once was me, I'd long since cast aside, And bade he climb astride his mount, engage his life and ride. Now, she is but a memory, whose kindness soothed my heart, For we embarked upon our lives on paths ordained to part. Her subtle way escaped my eye till time had made it clear That her esteem had set me free, that night I hold so dear. The poetry that filled my soul remains these many years, Impassioned in my warmest thoughts when autumn first appears, When windowpanes begin to weep, a-glisten with the dew, And I return to seasons passed, to one delight held true.

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Stand By Me

Whether I'm right, whether I'm wrong,
You stand by me, so easy to find,
like the repeating words of a song,
always right here on my mind.

Daylight shines and again, I see your face,
night comes near and still you stand by,
forever, with arms awaiting an embrace,
even if stones were falling from the sky.

You're feet never tire, they never ache,
as you stand by me for endless years,
steady and strong, even if the ground should quake,
now I have a reason to never shed tears.

That ocean was deep, but you pulled me through,
and saved a life that was sinking fast,
you just stand by me and I'm no longer blue,
a feeling that I want to ever last.

Because, my friend, you are so ideal,
with promises that stay unbroken,
I often wonder, how can you be real?,
a question that will go unspoken.

Whether I'm right, whether I'm wrong,
you stand by me, so easy to find,
like the repeating words of a song,
always right here on my mind.

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Summer Nights

The smell of the summer night air 
Takes me back to times we shared
You and I dancing beneath the moon
Crickets playing a lovers tune

Trees full with lush green leaves
Whispering poetry to you and me
A view from beneath a Missouri bluff
Talking of passion, love, and lust

Your hand in mine strolling the path
Sitting on the deck and looking back
Picnic tables and barbecue grills
Driving and parking, is this for real?

My memory’s filled with your sweet love
Do you remember that snow white dove?
A kiss goodnight under a star filled sky
Best friends forever, a promise, no lie

It excites me to think that every year
Whether life or memory I return here
We will create magic again I know
On a summer night in the moon’s soft glow

Copyright © 2009 Lena “Lolita” Townsend

*inspired by John Heck’s “Summer Celebration” contest

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Walking through the orchard 
Amongst so many trees
Fruit lay on the ground rotting
The trees had a strange disease

They were lost in their apathy
No longer fruitful anymore
Sheltered in a land of beauty
On the Okanagan shore

The birds sang soft and sadly
A strange poetic song
Flying together in arcs
All they wanted was to belong

In search of warmth and protection
They landed on branches reaching high
A transplanted tree from Jamaica
Majestically framed by the sky

Uprooted from the island
Oh so many years ago
With branches reaching outward
His leaves had a golden glow

I sat beneath his branches
So his story he could tell
Into my outstretched palm
A perfectly formed apple fell

As I bit into the fruit
I could hear his voice so clear
A different kind of listening
I heard him whisper in my ear

"Within my laughter there is magic
Yet I am serious at my core
Let me help you find your wisdom
A wooden key unlocks the door

I have traveled many places
Felt the sand beneath my feet
I have known the joy of victory
Yet I have learned more from defeat

The things I thought so important
Slipped from my clutching hands
As I chased after foolishness
In a world filled with demands

Not connected to my quiet
That silent outcry of my soul
My branches stripped of everything
As I played my worldly role

Once true to myself I found freedom
In a city perched by a lake
Lush branches fully outstretched
I now give instead of take

Not born to be a conquerer
Love is my soulful call
Rooted within my spirit
Available to one and all

I bring you peace from my island
See how less can be so much more
Come have a taste of freedom
Beneath my branches on this shore!

Inspired by and dedicated to Rawle James.
Rawle is the founder of the "Inspired Word Cafe".

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Fireside Conversation

Unravel your ego
sit down for a spell
Let the cool green glass
of deception dispel
Wind all your hair 
'round the wheel and dissolve
Tell me your story
and we'll be involved
You will be captain
and I your first mate
in the skies of forgiveness
pop bubbles of hate
We'll write out our names
with invisible ink
and laugh 'till we hadn't 
a thought left to think
Sipping hot cocoa
'round fires of trust
we'll bandage depression
with cider and rust
and blow concentration
'till wishes ensue
and glisten in glass 
like reflections of you

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Heaven's Grocery Store

Marching down life’s highway, my feet became very sore
I then came upon a sign that read “Heaven’s Grocery Store”
When I got closer the doors swung open wide
Next thing I knew I was standing there inside
I saw a flock of angels positioned everywhere
They handed me a basket and said, “Child shop with care.”
Everything a human required was in that grocery store
With many commodities to carry, you could always come back for more
First I acquired some Patience; Love was in that same row
Further down was Understanding, you require that everywhere you go
I grabbed a box of Wisdom and Faith, a bag or two
And obtained Charity of course but more than just a few
And then reached for Courage to help me run this wicked race
My basket was almost full but remembered some loving Grace
I then chose Salvation for it was advertised as free
I tried to collect enough of that for both you and me
Then I started to the counter to pay my grocery bill
For I thought I had everything to do the Master’s will
As I went up the aisle, I saw Prayer and proceeded put that in
For I knew when I stepped outside I was bound to encounter sin
Peace and Joy were plentiful, the last thing on that shelf
Song and Praise were hanging near so I just helped myself
Then I asked an angel, “Now how much do I owe?”
She smiled and said, “Just take them wherever you may go.”
Again I asked, “No really, how much do I owe?”
“My child,” she said, “God paid your bill a long time ago.”

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All the Little Things

Understanding all the little things
And how they make up the big,
Knowing the difference between climbing a mountain
And a hole that you might dig.

Know how reading the pages every day
Because it's knowledge, you're told, you need
Just isn't enough to enrich your soul
If you're not living the words you read.

The choice to change for the better
Is better than pretending to be who you're not
And understanding all the unpleasant things
Enlighten you of the beauty you've got.

Enjoying every precious moment in time
Brightens everything you ever will do,
So keep your face turned toward the sunshine
And the shadows will fall behind you.

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First Words Over Coffee with My Friend, Carolyn

We've enjoyed phone conversations and emails quite, liberally
Shared ups and downs, our faith and the friendship grew, naturally

This second visit to the Orange State could never be too soon
From the moment I walk through the front door I feel at home

No surprise, Carolyn's outgoing personality matches her lovely voice 
Laughter comes easy with her, an extraordinary poet, by choice

One who will go the extra mile to show how she genuinely cares
A special trait each yearns to find in friends throughout the years 

Our toast would be, 'To lasting friendship found on Poetry Soup
To honor poetic gifts- spices, flavors shared by poets in this group


By Annalise
For Michael's "First Words Over Coffee" Contest

Dedicated to one of my favorite people I've known for little over a year and
a half- Carolyn Devonshire.

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Riding on Ellison's Qua-Train

It is on this day
Into his elegant horizons
Where cirrus clouds are sprayed from sunrises and sunsets
Attuned within throat of violins

An example of his concave humanity
Preaching fond memories in baritone clefs
An embrace of admirations’ core within exhaled stanzas
Forcing trembled knees to stand against robe of Death

His double entendres know no bounds
My iridescent conundrums become resolutions’ pavement
As I grab aloe-coated tissues
Wiping joyous tears from his laughter induced statements

He pours wisdom in foaming, oat-flavored pints
While we relish in his charming, devilish wit
Slowing down a rushed humanity
Bit by luminescent bit

Yes, it is on this day
Where I choose to declare in Quatrain formed sentence
To the one that puts the “man” in humanity
An affirmation on why I bow in Santa’s reverence

©Drake J. Eszes
Dedicated to the almighty Jack Ellison and my 1st Quatrain!

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Peaches and Cream

She was looking my way, I had nothing to say,
Though I'd dreamed that this day would transpire;
With her beaux all around, why would she look at me
With such interest and playful desire?

She was heading my way, what on earth would I say
To the prettiest girl in the town?
And how could I bear all her sunshiny hair
Or her eyes, speckled golden and brown?

I thought, "This is the one! Mercy, here comes the sun!
If I stare, I shall surely be blind:
Though I be somewhat plain, if she choose to remain
I'd be last in the county to mind."

Then my eyes turned away as she sweetly did say
Pretty phrases I cannot recall;
And I mumbled replies, though they might have been lies,
Since I cannot remember at all.

Of that bright day in May but one thing I can say,
She was dressed in a soft yellow gown;
'Twas a lemony hue that was buttery too,
And with eight shiny pearls buttoned down.

Then I asked if she'd dance at the Cunningham's manse,
At the ball on the fourteenth of June;
She replied, "Oh, how good! Yes, I certainly would;
And I hope I shall talk to you soon."

What a wonderful day! Still with nothing to say
I just whistled an old happy tune;
Having primrosy dreams of sweet peaches and cream
As I counted the hours of June.

(Written February 12, 2014)

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If I Can Make You Feel

Although some are blessed with healing powers,
I can only offer comfort to you.
At your side I’ll be in your darkest hours
when your greatest hopes and dreams go askew.

Of monetary wealth I have little,
just concern, uplifting words to impart.
Feelings of trust are my best transmittal
when you feel crushed and your world falls apart.

For some it seems that friendship is fleeting,
but a commitment is what I can make.
As long as my true heart is beating,
take my unwavering hand when you shake.

If I can make you feel self assurance
when others have abandoned you in plight,
then count on me smiling -- a hope-filled glance --
a nonjudgmental friend who’ll not indict.

*Entry for Brian's "6-16” contest

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The Unicorn Dedicated to Pd For her Birthday

~The Unicorn~ There is a woman who has a passion Not for a man and not for a fashion Her passion is for a horse, a horse with a horn. Commonly known as a mystical unicorn. This mythical beast from days of yore Did it walk on this hallowed land before? The Bible mentions this unicorn But the science says it’s a beast with one horn. It’s placed where the horn is on a rhinoceros So what is that trying to tell the lot of us? Those unicorns did not roam about I know that’s hard love, please don’t shout The mythical beast of charm and of love Is just a rhinoceros to you and me, my dove? The Bible talks of it with other beasts Not mythical ones, that now have all ceased. What it means is a beast with just one horn But not the mythical mystical unicorn But for you PD I will start to seek For a horse with a horn that would be labelled a freak. I will scour the lands up hill and down dale I will lift every stone and turn every hay bale If this horse with a horn is what you desire I will spend my time searching-until I expire. For you with a passion for a horse with a horn I’ll search for ever to find your mystical unicorn But if I expire before my quest is done I’ll get an apprentice, and he can find one.
© 10/09/2012 ~GG~

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You Say I Say

He wrote down his ideas
So that the whole world could see
He held them with conviction
Creating controversy

There were different opinions
Each person expressed their own
An exchange of ideas
Without casting any stones

I stood on opposite ground
I said I didn't agree
We didn't have to be the same
To remain in harmony

Like voices in a choir
Each one unique sings its part
If all of them were the same
The song would lack so much heart

We agree to disagree
Neither of us play pretend
We don't take it personal
After all we are both friends

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The Green Eyed Lad

~The Green Eyed Lad~ Nah Then, I’d like to spin you a yarn and weave a story for you to enjoy It’s about a lad I know and I would have liked to have met as a boy He is well traveled and I believe well read His family worldwide they now seem to have spread. Age is there now and his maturity abounds, A deep sense of fun though is still around. His eyes are green even though I’ve not seen He says they are fading, but I bet they still gleam. We have never met we are miles apart. But I don’t have to see him for him to capture my heart He has a deep affection for the place of his birth He writes with a skill a longing and mirth. It would have been nice to play up Wingate Nick Share spice, have fun, and then take the mick. We could have made up such fanciful fables But we can’t go back or wish no, no one is able. And round Heber’s Ghyll and perhaps Sugar Hill At the bottom of which the Post Office is still. His words that soothe and manipulate my senses Upbuilding and mindful, no need for defenses. If ?we met for a dinner He’s say “Get yourself outside of that” I think… Because that’s the way they speak, they are violets that don’t shrink It would have been fun to meet him weaving and plying his trade Bought up with the clickerty clack that the weaving looms made. But time passes us by and at too great a speed Events mold our lives how they want, and not how we need So to this green eyed lad I say thanks for being there You know who you are, it's up to you if you share….
©~GG~ 17/08/2012

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Where She Stands

A wildflower stands erect
Soaking in rays of radiance
As the bees and townsfolk buzz
And the wind sways in a slow dance 

Contentment is where she stands
Until she spots something missing
Among all the townsfolk talk
She was bound to start listening

Was in the clouds but now on land
Leans in to get a better view
A life involved with others
But she doesn't know what to do

Clueless but curious
Tries to start a conversation
In search of a smile
Doesn't find it in rejection

Caring but cautious
Hoping to look approachable
In search of a word
Doesn't happen when you're invisible

Confused and crushed
World doesn't make much sense
In search of a friend
Everything is better in ignorance

Laughter among all but her
She hides her eyes in sorrow
A life void of others
No hope for tomorrow

Disappointment is where she stands
Teased by something she can't have
Alone among a crowded crowd
Her heart wounded by lonesome's stab

A wildflower builds a wall
Unsure if she can be saved
Brick by brick is stacked
Her own prison's being paved

May 2010

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I Remember the Day

I remember the day when comments were the main
They're all very instrumental to the Soup's mainframe
Some comments are influential that created other writes
And many were like tuition that kept us crisp and bright

But there now appears a drought growing larger every day
We need to increase our comments as they help us write our says
Maybe it's time for change, for the Soup to alter it's route
Many foundations have recently left, will others follow suit

The columns showing us the views, tells us nothing at all
How many have clicked on a poem thinking that's a bit of a trawl
So another poem was open and not a word was read
So basically the views are worthless, because comments are our thread

We can learn from our comments but we will never learn from the views
It's our democratic choice for all, of what we do and choose
Nothing stays the same for ever as it appears to be
It's still the worlds best poetry site, that's down to you and me

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Dear Dear, Donna Jones

Dear, dear, Donna Jones Told you your poetry would shine Many others have also noticed It's not just an opinion of mine Remember when you first appeared You thought you might not fit in You're now one of our shining stars Many hearts you surely did win Knew your poetry was very special Tried to convince you to stay Happy you found a home at P-Soup Brightening us up every day Dear, dear, Donna Jones Just knew your poetry would shine Talent like yours doesn't come along often So happy you're a friend of mine © Jack Ellison 2013

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Our Dear Charmaine

Everyone knows our dear Charmaine From the Mediterranean Isle of Malta A beautiful lady so loving and gentle My admiration for her never falters Charming and sweet are a couple of words Describing this dear loving soul I hold my breath till her name appears Since this ageing heart she stole Others on the site are sweethearts too Can't possibly mention them all But this is all about Charmaine Chircop That dear sweet Maltese doll Since the day Charmaine came into my life The sun has never stopped shining She fills each day with such joy and kindness Forever on her love, I'm dining © Jack Ellison 2014

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Attracted to Pretty Cloth

The poor girl is lost
Thinking she is found
Grasping other peoples answers
Straight lines going round and round

Light at end of tunnels
Leads her back to black
She can't keep moving forward
Without truly looking back

With butterfly wings
She flys like a moth
Attracted to pretty fabric
Instead of gold she looks for cloth

The wind seems to take her
From here to over there
Instead of finding her focus
She is the queen of everywhere

A can can dancer
With her two left feet
Exuberantly stepping
Yet completly off the beat

No one can help her
Her ears fully blocked
Sometimes people have their patterns
Within those lines they are locked

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A Souper New Year! (Co-written with James Fraser)

In early spring I found you on Poetry Soup
A haven where wordsmiths congregate to recoup
Some sense of sanity in a world filled with grief
Your friendship, dear Highlander, has brought much relief

     Being new to writing, I decided to try
     So I joined the Soup, and a name caught my eye
     Carolyn Devonshire, was the name in question
     Her guidance has taken me to a different dimension

Who'd know the Soup would bring a Scottish writing mate
It was our destiny; now I believe in fate
A braveheart's pen paints history and mystery
Erasing fear and lifting me from misery

     No sooner had I arrived beautiful comments were received
     My writing was enjoyed and I now started to believe
     An American lady has become a soul mate and teacher
     Her words of kindness enhanced my words to be featured

So much loss I'd incurred just before we met here
Never had I dreamed of finding a comrade so dear
He reached across the sea and took me by the hand
And together we've escaped to fantasy lands

     Before the Soup, I posted somewhere else
     If you were not one of them you were left on the shelf
     But the Soup's beach babe led me by the pen
     I was absorbed in her circle right there and then 
James and I propose a toast to many Soup friends
Whose talents are displayed here again and again
Too many great writers to mention each one's name
A new year comes as you enter our Hall of Fame

Happy New Year from James and me to all of the Poetry Soup Family!

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From a Friend to an Angel

When you meet someone who brightens The darkest of your days Who cheers you up and turns you around Because their lovely heart displayed Their lovely heart displayed Words of warmth and kind Encouraging laughter and poetry Now written from my mind Written from my mind Are poetic pieces shared From an angel to a friend For this special one who cared This special one who cared Will remain forever in my heart We will only be thoughts away One day our tomorrows will start 'Written for a friend to a friend'

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Song Bird

If I were a song bird
I'd soar on feathered wing
to light upon your window sill
my song for you I'd sing.

Each note I'd fill with tenderness
as much as I employ
if you would let me sing for you
I'd fill your heart with joy.

If I were a song bird
to you I'd sing my story.
If it would fall on willing ears
my sad heart would know glory.

Each note infused with sweetness
I would sing with all my heart
the songs you have inspired
right from the very start.

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I have entered many poetry contests
to display my amazing number of sixty or more,
only one of my poems has won first place;
poets are like enduring athletes who fight to the very core! 

One big hurray goes to myself for the first win,
congratulations to the other participants
who are on the top of that list, or have been
awarded Honorable Mentions for their efforts!  

When my poem doesn't make it to the finalists's list,
I don't feel discouraged, I brazen out the doubt and try again;
even Lance Armstrong, with his skills, can't always win his race,
and the trophy must be given to someone else!

I rejoice when some of the chosen poets appear 
on the winners' list; I am happy for their accomplishment,
and into a word-restricted message's box I gladly comment
on their poetry...with the insight of an achiever!

And for those whose names never made it as previously thought,
I honestly tell you, from experience, not to be a bit discouraged...
your time will come when your enthusiasm will require a big shout;
never put the word, " Winner " to rest, write for fun and persist instead! 

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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If you see me stumbling
and you're watching me to see
if I'll fall or make it...
reach out your hand to me.

If you hear me crying
and you sense my misery,
offer me a helping hand
but please...don't cry for me.

If you know my weakness
and you fear my strength is low...
Stay with me untill I'm strong.
If you love me, let me know.

If you ever need me
just look and I'll be there.
You'll never have to wonder
just how much I care.

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My heart

My heart is not a poem, you may come
And sit awhile apart from the drowsy day
And measure in silence the sweet sum
Of all I am to him in him when I pray

My heart is not a poem, do not read
My lips for syllables sly in sentences
That ever mask our inherent need
It's too naked for pride and pretences.

My heart is not a poem, I'm a man
Simple in form and capable only of love
When you come, bring not a plan
But come to give freedom to this dove.

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He waits to greet her each and every day
Patiently awaiting his turn to smile
He knows it can’t be more than friends
But yet, he dreams away, all the while

He, too, thinks that she feels the same
As she’s always eager to laugh and play
On each morn, you can find him waiting there
Awaiting her presence, day after day

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Living Through Your Words

May the world see the person in your writing
For the person, you, is buried there so deep
May the world see the person in your writing
Allowing chances and friendships then to keep

May the world see the light within your writing
As it shines so brightly, blinding all who see
May the world see the light within your writing
Allowing you, the person, to stand free

May the world share the pleasure of your writing
For in each line, there are images on display
May the world share the pleasure of your writing
For between each line there’s so much more you say

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Entangled In Ivy

Oh, what a heart this one does have
As she writes words for us all
Left for reading, while heart is bleeding
Yet, able to make us feel tall
She pours emotion, honestly, wonderfully
Allowing us all to be a part
So, for this, I say to my dear friend
Thank you for sharing your heart

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Friendly Inspiration

Words of a friend greet me this morning
As a smile returns to a once barren face
They enliven my spirits, exciting me deep
What once was despair, my friend has erased

Alive in a feeling, where thoughts now permit
Come words through a voice, that echo within
I’ll write them all down, allowing my thoughts
To form into poems for you then again

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Magical Things

I think I’ll live forever
I think I’ll refuse to die
Plant my body in the ground
My spirit’s going to fly

Please come fly away with me
Once this journey is complete
Universe can be our home
Our own magical retreat

Two celestial bodies
Darling lets take to the sky 
Forget the why, when or how
This dream is for you and I

Gliding upon golden wings
We can dance from star to star
I would travel anyplace 
So I could be where you are

Angel’s dance like fireflies
Through trails of glittering dust
In heaven magical things
Exist for people like us

It seems we have come so far
Seems the limit is the sky
When I think of who you are
Tears of joy I need to cry

Everything is what you are
You are everything to me
Long as eternity last
My soul shall be one with thee

So let’s live on forever
We will each refuse to die
Plant our bodies in the ground
As our spirits take to the sky

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The Hunting Trip

Daddy went hunting.
Mamma went too.
Daddy got a deer,
but Mamma got two.

Mamma told her story
while Daddy stood by
looking like at any time
he was gonna cry.

We all thought "He's jealous
he only got one."
But, Daddy had a reason
he didn't shoot his gun.

The buck was at his blind.
He seen him at close range.
The path was clear and all at once
Daddy felt something strange.

He knew that she was waiting
over in her stand.
He had bagged so many deer.
Her fate was in his hands.

He tossed a stick to scare the deer.
He sat and watched it run.
He prayed she wouldn't miss her shot

He sat patiently waiting 
for the gunshot near her stand.
When he heard her yell "I GOT ONE!"
he finally unclenched his hands.

The deer was his gift to her
although she never knew,
why Daddy only got one deer
and she got two.

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Best Friends

Best friends can communicate without speaking
Have no fear of their secrets leaking
Know you are sad without being told
Are far rarer and treasured above pure gold

You live in their heart, and they in you
As each new day starts, you know they feel it too
Even if seperated by years or many miles
You can sooth each other's tears or bring a smile

A best friend sees, beyond your skin
And know what there, lies within
Your hopes, your dreams, the other things
Others miss, without even wondering

They feel your joy and also your pain
No greater friend could you hope to gain
Than one who'll be there, through it all
Than one who'll answer, when you call

©Donna Jones

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Here goes...
she said
it loudly and

l`m a miss
and  l miss 
you inside out

I miss you like
bees really miss
their honey

water for my thirst
food for my hunger
scratch for my itch

want to take
to you like 
duck to water

you draw me
to you like
moth to light 

you are my cake
my cup of goodies
my hot ice-cream

at night my moon
daytime my sun
your love my light

take a seat
I sold that heater
for your heat

you bathe in milk 
l bask in your presence
a sublime quench

what she did not
say is that we`re close
strangers on the net!

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Reservations Please

I'd like to make a reservation please,
A quiet table on Friday at eight.
There will be a total of four that night,
I'm so excited I just can't wait !

You see, some friends I've yet to meet,
Are coming here from distant places.
We're going to talk of many things,
It's going to be a thrill to see their faces.

Do you carry Silver Oak Cabernet,
And what specials might we expect?
They will enjoy the Napa Valley,
Over delicious food we will connect.

I know I do ramble on a bit...
But these are poets from the Soup.
So looking forward to this dinner,
It's going to be such a fun group!

Barbara companions will be

Carolyn Devonshire
Larry Belt
Robert Hinshaw

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Great poetry requires
finesse and rhyme,
this impatient poetess
gives it her time.

Poetry needs heart
and soul and tears,
I showed you what
was hidden for years.

Poetry requires thoughts
running free on the page,
you were the key
that unlocked my cage.

Poetry has a rhythm
if given a chance,
you were the one
who asked me to dance.

I give it my all
with time and finesse,
and together with heart
have made a success.

Written for Just That Archaic Poet's contest - 
"Reinvent, Reimagine, Revamp!"
Inspired by his poem, "You and I and I and You"

(My interpretation was "opposites attract". I am the total opposite personality of what a poet should be. Yet, poetry and I get along great!)

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Lifting Me Up

My heart is on Your shoulders,
And You are lifting me up.
With every spoken tender gesture,
I fall a little farther in love.

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You called yourself a Nobody 
And you were so sincere 
But have to know my friend
That to me you are so dear

Yourself you see as worthless
An insignificant part of society
But you don’t recognize though
That you, too, are part of reality

All things around you that take place
Each work and every single thing
Nothing would ever have happened 
If you were not here it to bring

You are as important as any
Of those so called great men
They really would be nothing
If didn’t help them now and then

For once stand up with pride
Let them know who you really are
You are the work of our Creator
Destined to do better things by far!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
  20 OCTOBER 2013

*A friend of mine thinks that is a NOBODY! With this declaration I do not agree at all, for I believe that, that person is a wonderful human being worthy of my respect and support, for that reason I wrote this little poem to honor that person! I only hope the person in question reads this little tribute of mine!

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Don't be alarmed by me
I've always been a hugger
In touch with my emotions
No one calls me slugger

In fact I have been known
To wear my heart on my sleeve
It really is dangerous
More than you might believe

If not for the hugging
It would have turned to ice
Instead it's toasty warm
All this hugging is so nice

If you come to see me
I'll greet you like a bear
I'll hug you really close
You'll see how much I care

Even more than giving
They are great to receive
Remember to hug a friend
It will make their heart believe

To hug is to be human
It brings joy to our face
We can release sorrow
By sharing an embrace

Something that is so simple
Can make our life worthwhile
The more of them I'm given
The larger that I will smile

My goal is to be happy
Reach out and give me a hug
From there access my heart stings
If you wish give them a tug

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The Perfect Recipe - for Michelle

For these ingredients, check life's pantry.
But be warned: most are hard to find!
However, when mixed in a bowl most pure,
They make a 'dish' that's one-of-a-kind!

Take equal parts of honesty
And gratitude beyond mere words ;
Add to this loyalty, generosity &
Strong conviction in healthy thirds.

You'll need devotion, compassion
And kind thoughtfulness ;
A pinch of pure dedication -
Wrapped in warm trustworthiness.

Now stir in a sense of humour,
Don't go easy on the laughter -
As you'll find this fashionably tasteful,
With a tang that lingers long after.

What amazes about this intriguing dish
 Is how it rises above adversity,
Due to its special resilient essence
Based on home-grown spirituality!

When of this unique creation
You have truly experienced,
Life will no longer be the same:
For it will be immeasureably enriched!

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I stood and watched them
One by one by one
Working ever so lovingly
Until all the work was done
There were parents and adults
Kids of all ages too
All this was for
In memory of you-know-who
They were washing headstones
Using shaving cream, to clean
There were so many of them
And even more in between
Others were raking leaves
Some were cutting brush
There were people everywhere
But, no one was in a rush
Some were planting flowers
Together in several rows
There were wheelbarrows
Tractors and even track hoes
They were laying bricks
And also walking about
But, the hardest thing was
Brennan, we were without
He wasn't there in person
He listened to God's call
His Eagle Scout project completed
In spirit, he saw it all

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Different Kinds of Friends

Some friends temporary.
You may just share a coke.
Sit down at a table.
While you listen to jokes.

You may have sports buddies.
With whom you have some fun.
They may lend you a hand.
If you ever need one.

You have your old school chums.
With some shared history.
You have those old stories.
Of who you used to be.

They may be from a club.
The same hobbies you share.
Sure they're considerate.
But do they really car?

With whom do you share thoughts?
Who are the one who cares?
Only a true friend knows.
When your heart's in despair.

He won't abandon you.
When things start to get tough.
He'll be your source of strength.
When you don't have enough.

With a little laughter.
He will help you get through.
True friends are rearly rare.
Be thankful for a few.

For if you have been blessed.
With as little as one.
You my friend are lucky.
Your battle is half won.

Others may have many.
But are they the same kind?
True friends are like diamonds.
They're not easy to find.

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Saying Goodbye Was Hard

I dearly miss my friends at The Glen Where we spent eight very happy years Never realized how happy they were Each day was filled with good cheer Friends galore, lots of things to do It was our choice to join in or not Help was there, if we ever needed it The friendships were over the top The choice to sell up and move away Was certainly a difficult decision Financially things got overwhelming So the logical choice was written Truly wish we could have stayed forever But sadly it just wasn't in the cards I'll always remember all the good times Saying goodbye was oh so hard! <3 <3 <3 © Jack Ellison 2013

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Enjoy This Place

Follow your dreams and follow your heart;
God has shown you the path to start.
Never give up and always have faith;
Do what you love and enjoy this place!

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Whats Your Fear

The fear of my heart stopping, when I first say hello.
But worse would be if yours stopped, what a way to go
The fear of not seeing you after all of this long time
That fear is the greatest, that would surely be a crime

The fear of you not liking me, I’m a disillusionment
A fear of you finding, I was not from heaven sent.
A fear of something happening to stop me meeting you
A fear of all these things, what would I now do?

The biggest fear of all would be liking you too much
What would I do then, if sparks flew when our hands touch.
The fears they are just growing to proportions that are phobic
Perhaps I should concentrate on certain things more aerobic.

Deep breaths in to calm the heart, reduce the blood pressure too
And rubber gloves to catch the sparks, if I ever do meet you.
They say face your fears to cure them, that’s what I intend to do
Looking forward to that day whenever I meet you...
© ~GG~2?11/2102

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Haunted by your memory,
You're in my thoughts and dreams,
They say you never forget your first,
There's truth to that it seems

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If I Could Reach Across the Miles

If I could reach across the miles 
I’d be reborn with just your smile
Looking straight into my path
Finding you alone at last.

In our secret place of rendezvous
Where time and space are old and new
You and I will thus converge
As if two atoms split were merged.

Above the clouds and down in the flowers
I’d find you any place or hour.
Down in Juarez or out in Spain
The Mojave Desert where it never rains.

The cold North Pole or Italian Alps
At the old Grand Canyon I’d surely shout.
To you out there with the long dark curls 
And eyes like stars that shine like pearls.

Sitting by Old Man River
Watching it wander to the sea
With flowers all around on the green grass ground
Patiently waiting for me.

Knowing my arrival means both our survival 
As birds can’t live without wind;
We’re one complete mind 
You’re rhythm I’m rhyme, 
I’ll find you my dear, sweet friend.  

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The Tiger Rock and Leopard Black

From the wood where coyotes play
Blackie cat came on a summer’s day.
Called seemingly, to fill the place 
where Rocky the cat lay dreaming.

A proud old tom who’d seen his end
Rocky had held it long at bay.
A Guardian was he of Mom you see, 
but when he passed she’d stay.

And he’d not leave till he knew
she would not be alone…
He’d found ole Blackie for her
to give them both a happy home.

Blackie and he had many a day
of lolling in the grass and sun.
But Rocky’s porch he would not share
that was for Mom and he the only one.

She feed them both, each to his own
and cared for both in kind.
Rocky’s plan, he was the man…
was to not leave her alone inside.

So, Rocky's sweet self sacrifice
of staying much too long
was blessed with painless passing
He died in Mommy’s arms.

Now everyday, ole Blackie comes
as Rocky told him too.
To keep his Mommy company
another Guardian true.

Still too frightened to come inside, 
Mom’s sure he will one day. 
And on that day they’d both be sure
that Blackie’d come to stay.

*Debbie Guzzi

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Wish I Knew

It was just words that we would whisper 
To get us through the nights
Or dreams that came to visit us
When life just wasn't right

A comfort from being lonely
Thoughts to occupy the mind
Never really possible
It was never the right time

And after I was quiet
When the lines began to blur
You found where I was hiding
Knew right where my thoughts were

And you swooped in and won me
Took me right off of my feet
Showed me what is really out there
When two unselfish hearts meet

Showed me how to share in a moment
To be kissed without a rush
To be held onto with a passion
And be graced with your soft touch

Now you've set up camp inside of me
But you've gone so far away
So the part of you that's mixed in me
Misses the real you every day

And you took some of me with you
I'm not sure you even know
If you feel me thinking of you
Wishing you didn't have to go

Always waiting for a word from you
Hoping you're happy 
Wishing you the best there is
Even if it isn't me

But somehow looking for the happy end
Hoping you miss me too
Wondering where our story leads
I really wish I knew.

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I don't want to spread bad news,
So I can't say who told me,
But So And So was seen down town,
In most unsavory comp'ny.

It seems a shame that she can't see,
Her actions tell her story,
But you know me, I don't tote tales,
I just can't help but worry.

You should have seen her carry on,
Or so I'm told of course;
I can't say for sure myself,
And can't reveal my source;

For that might cause them untold shame,
And throw bad light on me.
I wouldn't want the town to think,
That I'd drum up such folly;

But mark my word, sure as I'm born,
That girl will rue the day,
That she set out and marked her course,
Along the wayward way;

But I don't like to carry tales,
So see this goes no further.
Just pray for her and ask The Lord,
To bless her poor, dear mother.

                                                    Proverbs 26:22

(Did you know that learning to speak in two or more languages is not nearly as hard as learning to keep your mouth shut in one?)

For Conversation contest by Frank H.

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Edward Blair Leighton: The Windmiller's Guest

How blessed are the green hills below
Upon which doleful eyes are cast
And the quiescent river flowing  by
Contented each day going pass 

She is barred from being in his company 
As she belongs to another
Yet, love is alive in her elaborate dreams
Where they are free of her brothers

In dreams they are riveted in discourse
Of love in hearts and all it brings 
The run down old windmill is their cozy home
Where white doves courting nest and sing

Soon, time draws nigh when she must wake
The thick, distant fog rolling fast
It hangs like gauze over the face of the sun
She is saddened her dream can't last

Her eyes flutter open, they fill with tears
In vivid recall there they stand        
Deeply conversing on the threadbare deck
His eyes reflecting love so grand 

Note:  For Isaiah's Edward Blair Leighton's Painting Contest-"The Wind miller's Guest"

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White Pumpkin's Special Meaning

White buffalo are sacred to Native American tribes
Symbols of hope and prosperity, to see one you are blessed
A cart filled with white pumpkins offers our dear friend who scribes
To her unique and loving heart this harvest does attest

A gift of spiritual grandeur we are offered freely
Marvel at its beauty and behold its great power
Choosing from this selection might be easier ideally
If we think of it first as a special Halloween flower

Share the wealth among us, our sweet friend always does
I pick one that catches my eye, matching her ivory skin
Much like a white rose’s beauty compared to others outdoes
I’ll venerate this pumpkin knowing her kindness lies within

*Entry for Carol Brown’s “White Pumpkin” contest
October 24 by Carolyn Devonshire

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The Grand Old Game Charlie Hebert, with respect and affection

Wind-swept and sunburnt alone on the fairway 
he fusses and frets with his lie; 
he's been here for ever commanding the links 
ever since you and I were knee high. 

Golf is his passion, he lives and he breathes 
for the chance to play just one more round, 
replacing his divots, observing the rules 
and keeping his feet on the ground.

Always nattily dressed he is ready 
to tee up and go for the green; 
the young guns are anxious to unseat old Chuck, 
but he's crafty, and wily, and mean!

It's the day of the championship and he is ready 
to teach these young men how it's played; 
at the turn he's ahead with a three under par, 
he will show them how great shots are made.

On the final hole two men are tied for the lead, 
they are edgy as each eyes the pin; 
Jim misses his putt, it goes wide to the left, 
and Charlie makes par for the win!


In the clubhouse they congratulate the old boy on his score, 
he thanks them from the bottom of his heart;
here's to Charlie then, to bunkers and to bad lies and to rain, 
to another shot at glory when he climbs aboard the cart!

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Tides of June Memories

The tides of June carry me over yesterday's sparkling waters to the distant shores preserved in my mind. Playful summer memories are just a light twinkling in my eye, pressed into worn photo albums, I find. Hotter days conjure thoughts of friends, no school to muddy the rippling lake and hours of summer fun. 'Last one in 's a rotten ..., splashing 'round, we kept cool, cannonballs and belly flops, a relief from the ruthless sun. An old boat dock became our fort, buckets of tadpoles were our mascots. Our neighborhood breathed new life and laughter... bikes flung upon the grass, lake waters beckoned of adventure 'til the ice cream man's music brought sweet dreams to chase after. Michael Jackson, The GoGos and Duran Duran played the soundtrack for our restless days. From our fort, the radio blared across the yard. Warm breezes held music and secrets of boy versus girl attacks. And though we often complained, the boys were never barred. Many years ago, summer time brought treasured carefree days of hide and seek, dodge ball, board games and cold lemonade. Slip and slides, cool lake swims and running through sprinkler sprays, all happy memories of our never ending June days on parade. By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders for Memories of June Contest (Joann Grisetti)

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wasted my time

No curse words allowed
are you confused, lost, ignorant
you are no artist, you have shunned art
and its true purpose
what is art? but an expression
the low and vile are the most potent
Did you forget, Emerson The Poet
He would call you "selfish and sensual"
"an umpire of taste"
"proof of the shallowness of the doctrine of beauty"
in a world of suffering, of loss
Art isnt happy, and flowers in the park
you, in your confusion, hide in the dark
hide any truths of pain and suffering
and by doing so you have lost your soul
You are only half a person
art is an expression of life and its hidden
what is in a word? something to hide from?
something to fear? to censor? to fight?
are you that ashamed of language?
honesty? expressions of shame?
You are no poet, no artist
you are no immortal, 
of course you are so cowardly and weak
you will hide from me, censor me,
avoid the truth, lie to the world
if you cant stomach a curse word
then you cant handle me 
any immortal would crush you
and leave you wounded
truly contemplating your life
breaking you open, forcing you alive
then, maybe then, you will have an emotion,
worthy of expression into art. 
but dont get mad at me, angry or hurt
You may just use a curse word

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Some folks spend more'n half their life,
Discussing other's business.
The way they talk and carry on,
Can really shock the senses.

It seems sometimes they know much more,
'Bout certain folks than they do.
They don't care 'bout who gets hurt,
Because, you see, it's all true.

They huddle 'round their tea and cakes,
Discussing all and sundry.
No one's safe from their critique,
They'll air your dirty laundry.

Of course they're sure to let you know,
That they don't just spread gossip,
And if by chance such word gets out,
You're duty bound to stop it.

Why they would never meddle 'round,
Just spurring fabrication.
The very thought they'd stoop so low,
Is quite beneath their station.

Just cut it short right here and now,
And see it goes no further.
Just keep it here between we two,
And just a few close others.

                                                               Proverbs 16:28

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A Shoulder To Cry On

What would we do without friendships It'd sure be a lonely existence Life would have no meaning, no purpose No one to brag to for instance To brag about all our many successes To talk to when things go wrong A shoulder to cry on every once in a while We don't always sing happy songs It's really quite normal and actually healthy These feelings of angst and despair It wouldn't be normal if we're always upbeat So it's good to be able to share Why do we need these really close friends Kind of obvious wouldn't you think No one's a solitary ship on the ocean Need friends to help in a wink That's why this site is so important to me The friendships I've made in a year Are hard to replace, this unique li'l group Your friendships I hold very dear © Jack Ellison 2013

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WANTED: One True Friend


A friend loyal and true
One that will always be there
Not a fair weather “sometimes” friend
But a friend that truly cares


That sticks by you 
As you travel a difficult road
To rejoice with you in happy times
Or help with your heavy load


Friends are hard to find
The kind that never waiver
Through the good times and the bad
Those friendships we all savour


A loyal true companion
To walk with you side by side
Who doesn't ask for a reason why
Just goes along for the ride

©Jack Ellison 2012

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These thoughts that I run from
These dreams of you
I reckon they won't rest
Without knowing you do too. 

You do wonder 'what if'
And you'd kill to explore
Those roads we abandoned 
Those 'could have been's unsure. 

I admit being at fault
For despairs galore
I beg you to set me free
I can't take this anymore
Do you wonder 'what if'?
Would you kill to explore?
Those roads we abandoned 
Those 'could have been's unsure?

Just take me with you
Let's just go back in time 
Let's start from where we left..and
I wanna get it right this time...

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The Love of a Friend- To Guru Jad

Sitting here in my office
Sobbing the day away
Almost unable to breathe
And too weak to even pray

Paperwork before me
My thoughts losing the way
Not knowing if I'll make it
To the end of this day

My eyes are tired and swollen
My lips are cracked and dry
And yet the tears just flow
From the fountain of each eye

I reach out to a friend
Typing “Talk to me a while….”
Though I was incoherent
He tried to make me smile

And then my phone just rang
He was on the other end
“Hey, please just hang in there
And some pics to you I’ll send.”

He sent pictures of his home
And the beauty of the place
Gardenias and palm trees
Brought a smile to my face

He said he wanted to see me
But things were not so stable
In the South there was bombing
To risk it, he was not able

His voice was reassuring
Coaxing me to  survive
Maybe I’ll get through this day
Perhaps tomorrow I’ll be alive

The love of a true friend
Who can try to measure?
It is surely more precious
Than the biggest earthly treasure.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

PS It's been a very bad weekend for me. Yesterday thoughts of my Mother brought a flood of tears, and today the constant loneliness made me close to lose my battle with depression. My eyes are heart is heavy...I'm really down, but thanks to Guru Jad...who talked me through it, I'm still around. Thank God for true friends.

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NO MAN IS AN ISLAND "I don't need anyone" I once heard a young man say My heart cried out to him To tell him, nay, nay, nay. For we all need someone We can talk to, to guide us on our way Someone who understands us And can keep us from the fray. Someone who will counsel us And lead us by the hand When we don't know where we're headed In this vast, ungracious land. We need that special someone Who is always there to offer love And a hand to ease the burden When we're ready to give up. No man is an island In this life of ups and downs There's a sea of friends around us - If we'd only look around. © ELR 2013

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When I Think Of You

When I think of you I see a shy man full of grace
A seemingly indifferent exterior-and a handsome rugged face
Knowing you know what to say, when I am feeling blue
A pair of shoulders to carry whatever I throw at you…

Your charm and uplifting words have kept me steady when I feel low
When I think of you- I feel a warm and friendly glow
You correct any mistakes, just like a true friend should
Your encouragement and comments uplift-and leave me feeling good…

When I think of you, I know you have your own black days
But hopefully we both know- this friendship works both ways
You give me the time to moan and my load you tend to carry
And for this much I would like to thank you, my very good friend Harry.

When I think of some of your harsh writes, I know that's not the real you
I love the way your work unfolds, your love of music too
I never feel the day is good unless you have left me a comment
I thank you so much for being there, so please do not yourself absent…

Mandy Tams for her friend Harry Horsman
©~GG~ 11/09/2012

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Friendship's Queue

I wear the gifts of friendship wreathed about my face
all the gifts of friendship, I try to wear with grace
I'm not adorned with gold, no idols fill my space,
just the blessed gifts of friends are all that I embrace.

Their love is held in trinkets small, old cards still displayed,
held within my memory or on the printed page.
Bits of their love dangle on chains about my shades,
all these cherished winsome tokens show me love conveyed.

I am blessed and without want for my world is full
of friends from here, friends from there, even Timbuktu 
On each continent I'm bound lured by friendships pull
if you wish to live without want make a friend or two!

*Dedicated to all my friends on Poetry Soup
  new and old!

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Oft when folks are talkin',
They'll use a phrase or two,
That can be taken wrongly,
The meaning misconstrued;

And so they get the text all wrong,
And spread it far and wide,
And when you learn what you have said,
You wonder why they lied.

Some people just don't listen,
When others talk to them,
So just part of what you're saying,
Ever gets through to them.

Here a word and there a phrase,
Is stored within their mind;
Then they weave it all together,
And Oh what they can find.

It pays you well to watch your words,
Speak plain, don't joke around;
For what you say in jest my friend,
Will later on rebound.

Then just try to 'splain it.
Explain it if you can;
But most folks won't believe you,
'Cause they just don't understand.

                                          Judy Ball

So often people spread around gossip that has no real bearing whatsoever simply because they misunderstood what someone said to them. 
Sometimes people will say something in jest that others take as serious talk so that's the story they spread to others.
Why is that?
Because it's often more fun to some people to believe the worst than it is to believe the best about someone else.
Remember, when someone tells you gossip about someone else it's a good idea to ask yourself what that same person says about you when you aren't there to defend yourself.
A gossip is like a loaded gun.
When it goes off all it causes is destruction.

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:sigh of relief:

Words spoken in silence,

[When language does not suffice]

Like a look or a tear, although concise

Can echo a lifetime in your ear,

Much louder than those you can hear.

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West Coast Richard

Discovered a new friend, he lives in B.C.
Nicknamed him West Coast Richard
Most days he's up at the crack of dawn
Like me, but he shaves off his whiskers

His poetry's creative, exceptional bar none
He's just about to publish a book
Wish him luck he's certainly gonna need it
Watch for it at your local book nook

Sometimes friends just happen on the scene
Unexpectedly enriching our lives
Richard most definitely is one of those souls
Like me he's enjoying the ride

Strange how friendships suddenly develop
Without prior notice or warning
A sincere young fellow without an agenda
Wakes up with a smile each morning

Without getting sloppy or overly verbose
I'll end this with a wish that you all
Find a good friend like West Coast Richard
Enjoy life and just have a ball!

© Jack Ellison 2012

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If I am who I say I am,
And what I claim to be,
It won't be hard to figure out,
My actions tell the story.

I cannot sit 'midst muck and mire,
And claim it isn't so.
I can't ignore the things I'm taught,
And say I'm trying to grow.

I cannot sway this way and that,
And still expect to see,
The same old trust,respect and love,
That once was given freely.

If I'm to keep that love in tact,
It must be guarded fiercely;
Else I may find that love will die,
From being nourished poorly;

For I am what I wish to be,
It's no one's fault but mine.
I cannot blame what I have done,
On some mistake in time;

So if I wish my friends to see,
The dignity I claim,
I cannot hide it deep inside,
While I play foolish games.

                                                                           Living Bible  James 1:26

Living Bible  James 1:27

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Ephraim Crud

My old pal from another site Contacted me today He wondered where I'd gotten to Wondered where I'd strayed Quite a catchy monicker eh? Grabbed your attention I bet He's way out there in the outer limits Hit it off as soon as we met Looks like he might be joining us Here on Poetry Soup A great addition but please beware He often uses the word poop So join me in a big hearty welcome To my good friend Ephraim Crud I know you're going to love this guy So send him a big verbal hug © Jack Ellison 2013

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Old Friend

We haven't been in touch for years
Our paths took us a different way
We've just connected yet again
Today feels just like yesterday

We have an awful lot to say
About the things that we have done
Some Memories so good to relive
While others they are not much fun

It seems some years have not been kind
Thankfully now our health is fine
We talk about the good old days
Our lives have aged just like fine wine

It will be nice to keep in touch
I'm glad an effort has been made
We've reclaimed friendship once again
This is a gift I would not trade

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The Tale of the Opium Tears

Eyes that cry in anguish, 
Uncertain and alone. 
Seeking some solution 
And searching for a home. 

When we used to play as kids, 
In contentment’s warm embrace, 
Was the smile I saw each day 
But a mask upon your face?  

Haunting memories past, 
Trapped in voracious pain. 
A chance to fill an empty heart, 
You push a needle in your vein. 

You become the living dead, 
But pain rises from its grave. 
The tortured mind seeks freedom, 
While the needle makes a slave. 

Each night you come and go, 
Looking worse for the wear. 
Life hangs by finest thread, 
To you it’s of no care. 

Everyone gives up on you, 
They say nothing can be done. 
Your tears have gone from hate to pain, 
To the tears of opium. 

Why escape the chains that hold so tight? 
Arms dependence is soothing bliss. 
Once you have had just one taste, 
You will crave the dragon’s kiss. 

A lost orphan in a cruel world 
Cast aside by your mother. 
The needle becomes one with your flesh, 
So death is now your lover.  

As you dance with the shadow of death, 
I wish I could stop the tragic harm; 
To the little girl who played with me, 
As she injects death into her arm. 

I’m afraid one day you won’t return 
From the misty eyed walk in the night. 
With your needle as your boarding pass, 
You go forth to take the Devil’s flight. 

No more pain left to feel, 
No more sights left to see; 
Nothing but vague memories 
Of my friend who played with me. 

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Five Sisters

To buy a star, I wouldn’t buy just one,
For one all by itself cannot be fun.
I’d buy a group, and five to be precise
because two, three or four would not suffice.

It’s five I want, and five that I would buy,
and if you ask me, I will tell you why.
A special daughter each would represent,
Our mother’s shining dears, all heaven-sent.

Each one so lovely, mother says, So GOOD.
We came to earth to share a childhood!
With eyes so light, and dimples when we smile;
alike and yet distinctive in our style.

Such happy memories and so few bad.
What secrets shared, what revelry we had.
Divided now, we each live far away
from one another; what a happy day. . . 

If once again together I might be
with Thea, Jenny, Dori, Melanie. . . 
And give them something named for what we are:
“Five Sisters,” for we each deserve a star!

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The greatest treasure on this earth, 
A joy that knows no end,
Is the timeless, never failing love 
Of a true and faithful friend.

And thus you are to me, my friend,
And thus you'll always be.
Your sincere love and friendship
Means the world, and more, to me.

In times of need you were right there
To lend a helping hand.
When my soul is heavy-laden,
You seem to always understand.

With abundant wealth of friendship,
I know I'm heaven-blest, 
But of all the friends I've ever known
To me, you've been the very best.

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Inside Stories

Nobody knows your dirty clothes,
Like your best friends do.
The small detail that few know,
Back roads that lead to you.

©2014 Honestly JT

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A GIRL'S BEST FRIEND What is it really that's a girl's best friend? If you thought it was diamonds or a fine precious gem Take it from me, my misinformed friend A girl needs giggles, any place she can find them. Perhaps with a beau, or maybe a friend, or just by herself She's looking for fun and relaxin' - on this she depends Say, from a fun book from the library shelf For sure 'tis laughter that's a girl's best friend! c ELR 2013

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I Smile

The tables have turned
A new chapter in my book
I was giving up hope
But risked a second look

Strolling into my life
With speckled shoulders and toothy smile
Saves me from it all
Tells me holding on could be worthwhile

A raging, fast current
Leaves me head over heels
Changing souls into fire
Rather than rusting steel

In a look there was love
That had never been spoken
Mending and healing
The things that should never be broken

Life and love just keeps growing
And I’ve stopped biting my tongue
I’m collapsed in a heap of smiles
And I feel fresh air replete my lungs

My heart thumping felicity
Through my once hollow veins
Accepting all of life
And cleaning out the stains

Dancing on my toes
Eager for your lips
That have shown me what’s real
Replaced old life’s script

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What effects has covetousness or Greed in our souls

Covetousness or Greed begets 
In our souls unkindness
Dishonesty, deceit
And want of Charity or Love

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Random Acts Of Kindness

ACT ONE Send flowers to someone anonymously In the phone book just pick out a name This simple gesture will bring on a smile They'll never catch on to your game ACT TWO Leave a short note praising someone It could be one of your friends Watch as they find your very kind words They'll look puzzled then smile in the end ACT THREE You spy a parking meter where time's run out Some coins from your pocket you place When the owner returns expecting a ticket You will love the smile on their face ACT FOUR You're in a restaurant enjoying a meal Your waitress hasn't been too sweet Whatever the reason it just doesn't matter A big tip, her frown you'll defeat The loads of joy you get from these things Are simply just good for the soul Random acts of kindness my friends Should always be your goal! © Jack Ellison 2013

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The Definition

The definition is not words,
It's moments are often silence;
The message is always heard,
You  finish each other's sentences;

The meaning is in the actions
Being there when no one else is,
Stone hard traction,
Listening to hopes and wishes;

The solidarity is a thorn 
as much as it is a flower; 
Together when feelings are torn,
Friends forever after.

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HUGGEROONIES! It's a word I've been using a lot lately To describe how I feel bout you guys When I think of all you dear dear friends I get weepy and all teary eyed HUGGEROONIES! You make my day each and every day Without you life would be a bore Don't know how else to say thank you my friends Really couldn't ask for anything more HUGGEROONIES! There's nobody here I'd scratch off my list In your own way you're all quite unique I learn something from every one of you folks Your words are in my heart for keeps HUGGEROONIES! How else can I express this feeling of love This overpowering affection so alive However much time I have left on this earth May our friendships flourish and thrive HUGGEROONIES!
© Jack Ellison 2012

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Teddy Bear

Alone he sits in my room
    and waits for me patiently,
He was my comfort, my friend,
    he was my security.

Once I showered him with Love
    he was always there for me.
I'd hold him and hug him tight
    in my arms eternally.

My teddy bear was my prince,
    defender against all fears
Great or small, and together
    we discovered new frontiers.

I felt he was a great knight
    against the thundering boom,
And storms ne'er scared me, but now
    alone he sits in my room.

So I picked him up today.
    I embraced him all night long,
And it made me feel so warm
    to know his Love was still strong.

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Lack of perspective 
on a burdensome life
leaves us in pieces
near a sharpened, slick knife.

Smashing heads yet again,
to the wall I beat mine,
trying to break through
to our friendship in time.

My appearance lacks 
motivation and heart,
locked away in my mind,
I am falling apart.

I don't treat such a treasure
like one should be loved,
stopped giving time of day to 
my friend from above.

Care too much 
and stow it all away,
making it look like I don't care
whether you leave me or stay.

A painful gut feeling may 
nibble at my gray heart,
but I just fear the truth
and I don't know where to start.

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The Example

When I didn't see it your way
You Just couldn't let it go
It became your one focus
That is why you stooped so low

You made me an example
To fill your need to be right
Now the damage has been done
I've experienced your bite

You may have won a battle
Possibly even the war
But what you don't realize
We can't be friends any more

I can no longer trust you
You will never have my back
I know if I don't agree
I will be under attack

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Let Me Touch You

Please let me touch you, I really must, you see
Your being is so special, you mean so much to me
I need to touch you daily, please, won’t you be so kind
I’ll touch you when you want me to, so be it you don’t mind

Please let me touch you, it would make me feel so good
It would fill me with such happiness, but if you only would
My touching you would please me like you would never know
If you would be so kind, please then accept my request just so

Aah, there it is, that’s perfect, do you see just what I mean?
My touching you is elating me like you have never seen
The response is great; it’s turbulent, yet so inspiring still
The very touch of you, my darling, it gives me such a thrill

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Philosophical what does that mean?
Calm in the face of difficulties unseen
Maybe I should philosophise
Discuss in a philosophical manner, what a surprise…

Philosophy, the study of the meaning of life and knowledge on life’s outlook
Nah, not into that I’d rather read a good book
Haven’t got time to philosophise or speak philosophy
Just got time to throw some words out for you to read with me.

Feeling a little glum the weather is depressing
But does the rain really wet you, if no ones out there dressing?
Did the tree make a noise when it fell in down in the wood
Who cares I wasn’t there so it doesn’t do me any good.

Worrying about this or that if you are not around to hear it
Life’s to short my good friend lets live it a little bit
Tress may fall and rain may tumble, but life still goes on
So no more philosophy for the day, it's time I did get on 
© 29/08/2012 ~GG~

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Free For All in the Forest

Each spring the pine trees become quite distraught 
considering it a mere childish ploy
that neighb'ring maple trees without much thought
must litter the ground with their silly toys.

The willful maple trees with tensity 
find life each fall extremely distressing
since pine needles have a propensity
for clutter by untidy undressing.

The hybrid elms proposed a postulate
attempting proof that those who are living
with a roommate's rude failure to placate
must learn the pensive art of forgiving. 

The plan was to establish parity
between the two trees, the maple and pine,
by having each tree speak a parody
putting the other's habits on the line.

Sadly the prose from the trees went south bound
when a pedantic oak cast its acorns
like aspersions upon their common ground
and the gum shed its sap on the hawthorns.

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Close Encounter (Co-written with James Fraser)

Galactic gases with oxygen mix
Inject my pod for my mission to earth
To search the galaxies and look for life
Universe quadrants, many left in dearth
          What is that I see shining o'er the trees?
          A bright orb, green lights, hovering above
          I'll don my robe and step outside to see
          Could be a project of the U.S. Gov
My craft lands on this planet earth
In a wooded hillside above a small town
My computers tell me it's near Helena
Will I have been seen touching down?
          From this small craft a tall man emerges
          Slim with a broad chest and large, gentle eyes
          His face looks so kind, my heartbeat surges
          From where comes this man and the ship he flies?

My ancestors were right it's a beautiful place
Forests of green, that nearly touch their skies
Incredible sounds resonate from their surrounds
Are the people the same, or do they still despise?

         "Are you hurt?" I ask, hoping he'll say no
         I cannot help stare; his eyes mesmerize
         Extending my hand, he reaches, takes hold
         Sharp currents run through me; I'm hypnotized

I sense no fear as I introduce myself
My name is Semaj from a planet beyond
The warmth I feel as I touched her hand
A touch of humanity, two millennium in respond

          "You are an alien?" asked I so meekly
          "You look like one of us; how can that be?"
          But the energy coursing through my veins
          Said he had been sent by God lovingly

We look the same but we have many differences
Our bodies have evolved in certain ways
Your faith and love endear me to you
I know what you're thinking and what your heart displays
          You read my thoughts well; somehow I sense yours
          It seems all my life I have waited for you
          A "starman" has finally found his way
          And I vow that our friendship will prove true

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First Date

A late bloomer to say the least Timid , always in the background A date? you've got to be kidding To be asked would really astound A brainy girl with thick glasses A male friend that was "nerdy" too With stuttering anguish he asked How this happed I finally knew It seems our mothers had a sly plan To the junior prom we should go It was a disaster from start to finish We got through it, how I don't know We are still friends after all these years Those memories bring a laugh and tears Now my glasses are stylish apparel And he teaches kids how to conquer their fears....

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I am but human
I began to live when life created me
I live to love, I live to hate
I live in pain, I live to gain

I am but human
I am good and bad
I am sane and mad
I live in fear, I live to dare

I am but human
I am bond but free
I am healthy but sick
I live so poor, I live in wealth

I am but human
I am judged by me and judged by all
I live to give, I live to hoard
I live in despair, I live for hope

I am but human
The good, the bad; I live to see
They come and go, wolves like sheep
Light and darkness, they co-exist

I am but human
Life is cruel, humanity is mean
Perfect is God, human is me
I bruise, I cruise and life goes on

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How quickly it is over,
This game of life we play.
All the days that we're allotted, 
Oh, so swiftly pass away.

The roses lose their glory,
As their petals fade and fall, 
While evening shadows lengthen,
On life's westward facing wall.

But there yet is time for loving,
Time for family and friends--
Time for sharing tears and laughter,
Ere the game comes to an end.

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All You Need To Know

I just wanted to say
you blow my world away
Give me brightest days
and you take my breath away

I really must tell 
that you make my heart swell
Our souls forever dwell
after I saw you and fell

I think I should explain 
that you take away my pain
In my mind remains
infectious love on the brain

I feel the need to shout
what my life is all about
I'm yours without a doubt
I'm taking this new route

I've got the urge to say 
I just hate to be away
So keep here to stay
in your arms, if I may.

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Big Old Palooker

My mood is down and utterly despondent
When friend Ron doesn't show up for euchre
Michelle has him running errands again
Really miss that big old palooker

He makes the evening a total blast
With his kibitzing and strange look at things
The evening ends with nary a sad face
Totally ruckus good times he brings 

Kissed me once on the anniversary of my birth
But not on the mouth I must add
He's a real good friend and I like him a lot
Must admit though he's sure got great abs

Hey wait a minute. hang on there my friends
You may have the wrong impression
Both macho males at least that's what I thought
It's just to teach young guys a lesson

Us men should be able to be huggy and kissy
Without rumours making the rounds
The tabloids are hungry to dig up some dirt
In our case it's totally unfound

© Jack Ellison 2012

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Meet Again

Here we two are
 Telling our tales
In this bar
 Over our ales.

Two old friends
 Who lost touch
Trying for amends
 And what not and such.

Life has been
 Not very kind
Talk of back when
  We do remind.

Seeing you here
 Once again
How many years?
 Why it has been ten.

Though we are broken
 And were apart
Everything we've spoken
 Shows you are in my heart.

You will always be
 A very special friend
And so dear to me
  'Til we meet again.

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Luscious lips, dark hair, and hazel eyes.
 Eyes that turn blue when you're in the "mood".
Talented, smart, and a gentleman in disguise.
 For one so young, confidence you exude.

The way you can be silly and smart at the same time.
 To think I almost didn't say hello because of your age.
It would have been wrong since a number was your only crime.
 How quickly the story turns the eager reading page. 

You have a heart of gold and don't deserve the wrong done to you.
 I am just an old woman who will be your friend forever and a year.
So I must say thank you for saying "Hello gorgeous how are you?"
 If you hadn't said those five little words we wouldn't be here.

I wouldn't be awaiting to finally see where I was born.
 Stay at the American Arms Hotel and visit a real castle. 
I know being halfway across the world alone has you torn.
 But this will be a breeze for someone like you that's facile.

Bite your bottom lip, kiss Ville, and rub your upper thigh.
 As long as you need friends, you will always have me and Illy.
We'll be here to smile, laugh, send you a card, a phone, or wave hi.
 And when we come to visit, you get to show us how to be young and silly.

Play beer pong and beat all the locals, thanks for being an amazing friend.
 You always have a smile for me and that makes me feel so good inside.
You have no idea the happiness your kind words bring to my end.
 Thank you Goddess for allowing our worlds to collide.

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Rastafari certainly was a young man of magnificent talent indeed...
He praised God, as Abraham did, in his chant and dance with true glee,
Bob Marlyn and Peter Posh helped him become a raggae star;
some folks thought he was crazy with those long, braided hair.

Since ninenteen-seventy when hippies abounded,
and revolted against the American Government with protest...
Rastafari wrote great songs of many themes for the oppressed
and poor who were denied civil liberties in their own land.

Listen to those songs, feel the vibrant beat in the his unique music
and walking in his shoes you can sing with him and become his friend,
because Rasatfari dreamed of seeing all peoples embrace around the troubled world...
has he died in vain or left an indelible legacy for those adoring his everlasting beat?

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A Simple Moment's Joy 2K12

Suddenly a familiar voice transmitted through
The telephone, overjoyed we laughed for moments
As true colors  of friendship showed through;
So showed joy therein our simple moments.

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To share yourself, your inner thoughts
is sometimes hard to do,
there is often someone to laugh
and make fun of you.

Others turn away and do not hear
the heart-felt things you say,
or do not understand you
as you guide them on their way.

But God gives himself for us to share
for he knows every need, 
and knows how to draw from within us
another's hunger to feed.

Our inner thoughts are what we are
and what we are belongs to God
to use in his own special way 
to ease another's lot.

Never be afraid to share yourself with me 
to laugh, to cry, to talk quietly, or to shout
For we are his workmanship
and being what we are is what sharing’s all about.

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A Superhero

Hap hap happy day everybody It's that annoying Jester once again Sending giggles and great big guffaws To each and everyone times ten Too much happy? Then click delete Coz it's actually going to get happier Don't blame me, it's why I'm here I'm paid to make you guys jollier It's not a lot of dough but I get by Money is secondary in my life Most important is making you guys laugh Helping get rid of your strife I'm still a bargain at twice the price Zero times zero equals zero So come on back my Souper friends I'm Jack the Jester, Superhero!!! © Jack Ellison 2013

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Pity the poor evangelist.
He must always be so perfect.
Not for him the down cast brow,
For fear of it's effect,

On those that he may chance to meet,
Who know of his profession.
A man like him must always greet,
A critical procession.

For friend and foe he must remain,
A beacon in the sky;
To sing his song with glad refrain,
And never dare a sigh;

For if he lets the barrier down,
Even for a moment,
The crowd is sure he's lost his crown,
And thinks his spirit dormant.

We all are made of flesh and blood,
And though some think this odd,
It's hard to stand on a pedestal, Friend,
Even for men of God.

Sometimes we thinnk so much of someone we put them on a pedestal in our mind's eye.
When we do that we don't really do them any favors. Actually we do them a dis-service.
Because then we expect much more of them than we should.
That's not fair. People are people, no more and no less.

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A New Page

The old page has been crammed, used up and torn Its million pieces scattered, tossed out in the wind Each beautiful memory reserved; errors, I rescind Not worthy of preservation, keenly I did burn Memories of a few special ones who conferred love With stunning new “songs” enriching my life They live in me, as they were sent from above Forever in my heart until the end of all strife! A new page lies open, crisp, and fresh as morning dew! Like a child, I am curious of what will be written today That is so deliberate, unfair, and that would not do For I trust my Maker; whose gifts require no defray And I’ve made no new resolutions, no promises I can not keep Instead, will try living each day in the spirit; a higher place To praise, love, laugh, dance; yes, cry, when paths turn steep Strive to be joyful not by my will; surely by divine grace ~**~
01-01-2011 Note: Thanks for your love, true friendship, caring-you know who you are..These I will forever cherish in our unbreakable bond.

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A bright star, my friend, you are 
In the dark sky of indifference 
And although you shine from afar
For me, you make all the difference.

© Demetrios Trifiatis
  3 January 2013

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Thrilled Still

You guys are totally amazing These friendships that I have found Sends warm fuzzy feelings coursing through my veins It's euphoria and it literally abounds It can't be found anywhere else On that you can bet your last buck We're a most unique collection of loving individuals Blessed to be showered with such luck Must have done something very unique To have earned this fabulous adventure Whatever this thing was, it was sure worth the effort You guys are smack dab in the centre My life without this Soup of poets I don't even want to contemplate I'd walk around the streets kicking stones all alone I ain't kidding, I'm telling you straight You guys make an amazing difference Getting up each morning's a great thrill To see who's written some loving words to l'il ole me I am constantly thrilled by it still <3 <3 <3 © Jack Ellison 2013

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The Cyber World

The world is small in cyberspace
Where friendships are large and peace abounds.
Thought by thought we interlace…
Around the world similar people are found.

Those who care to share their love.
Those who see parallels in life…
Those who know the peaceful white dove.
And communicate goodness…not strife.

A world where ills all melt away,
Where affection grows a brighter day.
Where hope enjoys a colorful array.
 And people across all nations pray.

Anonymous friends who set aside pride.
And develop emotions of kindness inside.
In cyberspace understanding comes alive.
People greet; then, within tolerance thrives.

(Cyber-friends set examples for the real world.
Associating in a place where possessions matter not.
With our deepest hopes and fears unfurled,
We go where wisdom grows without being bought.)

Amid the worlds of fellowman we learn.
Acceptance and tolerance delivers dreams.
Where man is kind and does discern.
But beyond the world of cyber space…power schemes –

© January 1, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

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(To Those Who Like To Talk)

"Use No Hurtful Deceit. Think Innocently And Justly And When You Speak, Speak Accordingly."   Ben Franklin

He said, She said, every word,
Is often less than perfect;
And When we repeat what we have heard,
It's often not correct;

So if you must repeat a thing,
Make sure of all your info,
Or you may cause extreme distress,
Creating quite some side show;

For often we misunderstand,
What has been said to us,
Repeating what we think we heard,
Creating quite a fuss.

Feelings get hurt, good names are lost,
Relationships are wounded,
All because we spread abroad,
A story not well founded;

So if you hear about a thing,
That shocks you to your core,
Before you spread the story,
Find out what went before.

Exactly what was said to me?
Did I hear that right?
If I repeat this will it help,
Or will it cause a fight?

Sometimes it's best to let things lay,
Leave sleeping dogs alone.
Most talk is simply talk, no more,
Just people picking bones.

                                      Judy Ball

                                                                                               Proverbs 17:14
                                                                                            (Living Bible)
                                                                 Proverbs 26:21-22
                                                                 (King James)

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Successful Relationship

For a joyful
Successful relationship
You need spiritual and mental union


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HE LOVES ME, HE LOVES ME NOT He loves me, he loves me not, A childish game as girls we played. But now we're older, girls no more, A little older, a little greyed. But still, we'd wonder in years gone by, In earlier times, younger married years, Raising children, too busy for each other, Drifting far apart, thus shedding many tears. Then the children left the nest, And we came together once again. The old familiarity's still there, The love is back; we're friends. He loves me. © ELR 2013

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Jesus Teaching

Amen, amen I say to you
No one can see the kingdom of God
Without being born of water and

No other man-made religion can see heaven
With-out being baptize by Catholic or Roman Catholic Church
We go to Church to receive the Sacraments
For the spirit>

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   I guess you could call me a silly guy
   For humor is how I get through the day.
   I love telling stories, writing poetry, and romance
   Each in its own separate way.

   I could be called a "Hopeless Romantic"
   As I have always been sentimental inside.
   I learned that feeling growing up
   Watching my parents, and their worlds collide.

   I knew my Dad better than anyone...I think
   He and I worked together for some time you see.
   And when he died at an early age
   Everyone seemed to be in tears but me.

   Of the six kids in our family growing up
   I had a brother named Ron that I was closest to.
   He had a sense of humor and devotion to his family
   And he would always find strange things for us to do.

   We loved driving around in his old MG
   When it worked it could do no wrong.
   He took me for rides I'll never forget
   To teach me his favorite Irish drinking songs.

   His death really put me on the writer's path
   As I eulogized him with "Remembering Ron".
   But afterward I could not stop the words from coming out
   As if a spigot had deliberately been turned on.

   So I have written poetry, stories, and a few songs too
   I'd like to publish something some day.
   Getting to read and write here on the Soup
   Pehrhaps, I will finally find the way.

   I believe in the goodness of man's inner soul
   And that God intended for us to be happy here.
   The love of Wife, Child, and Family
   Just make me want to stand and cheer!

   I'd like to see us not have wars
   Or even have cross words with others we meet.
   Sometimes I plead my case in the words that I write
   And sometimes, the proverbial "Dead Horse" do I beat.

   I look at history as a great learning tool
   For I've studied Antropology in college you see.
   And all the past comes into the present time
   At least, it does for me.

   So I will write works about historical things
   As much as I write about family, love, emotions, and silliness too.
   Just so others can get some insight into me
   And perhaps their own lives as they should do.

      I don't know who will read my work
   Or if they benefit at all from the things I say.
   I only know that this passion to write
   Is one that is here to stay.

   Some people think I'm kind of grumpy
   I guess that is also true.
   But the words I write fill that void inside me
   This is but one more poem...for you.

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Memories are golden nuggets of the past
those fleeting moments that does not last
stored in the vault of a tempered heart
drives these weary feet down it's present path

Memories of a lost laughter, a stolen smile
when naive innocence happily lingered a while
when toddling hearts were not ruled by needs
love lost call were boldly answered indeed

Memories striving to meet up and grow up
listening to advice of those responsibly atop
losing the secret pathway back to virgin Eden
living a sad lie with hearts so openly hidden

Memories of you and I do linger still
at the fading footfalls of the sun's heels
in quiet moments of truth and noble silence
I face you seemly naked without pretense

Memories are gone just like yesterday
like early morning dew that hates to stay
memories, a slice of heaven made true
because of someone as special as you

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Sensitive Ears

Our mouths at times have quite a bad habit Getting us in a whole bunch of do-do Forgetting that sensitive ears can sometimes Unintentionally be hurt, so true We must always be cognisant of other's feelings Those things that make people hurt Insensitivity can lead to misunderstanding Making others your friendship to avert Our hearts are really quite delicate at times We must always be mindful of this When in doubt we best say nothing at all Being hurtful is never our wish Not only will someone feel more at ease What I've realized over the years You'll also feel more at peace with yourself Not bruising someone's sensitive ears <3 <3 <3 © Jack Ellison 2013

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Best Friends

For years I've come to share my heart
to work the hard things out
There’s not an issue in my life
that you don’t know about

You've been my friend throughout my life
your loving counsel true
You've helped me make the pieces fit
and even shared your views

So many times I cried with you
I shared my brokenness
The time alone I spent with you
it soothed my loneliness

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Found Paradise

I never really realized How important friends can be I used to think that one or two Would be enough for me But now I think I'm changing How I view this need to share The good things and the heartaches With ones who really care We moved here from the city With a group of folks like us To wile away our golden years To relax and avoid the fuss Since moving to this paradise I'm now a different man I welcome conversations Bout neighbours and their plans To share each other's happiness And cry when losing one We're all so very much alike No matter where we're from It's not a competition To see who wins the prize It's all about companionship To feel the bonds that tie Now if I were just to count them There'd be twenty-five I'm sure Some more close than others But all of them top drawer So if you see me walking tall And whistling a happy tune It's because I've found my paradise No more doom and gloom © Jack Ellison 2014

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My Apologies

Sharing cold kisses
and another numb f***
I don’t want a future, dear
I guess you’re out of luck

Where there used to be electricity
all there is is stale breath
So touch my darkened heart goodbye
I’m sorry we part before death

Love should never be a chore
I care, but like you’re a brother
And incest isn’t really my thing
So you’ll have to love another

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A Brief Encounter

While basking in the sun at Sarasota Bay A couple approached Cathie and me Nicest two people you'll ever want to meet Welcomed us to the land of the free They were from the town of Elmira, NY A couple of miles south of the border A small world when you really think about it Us guys are one and two in that order Sadly we didn't even catch their names No matter, we were really impressed Two of the warmest most charming individuals As they welcomed their Canadian guests We really wish we could meet them again It proves I'm right on with my belief There's a bunch of nice people wherever you go But our encounter was far too brief © Jack Ellison 2013

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...for Larry and Mary

Sun's a risin', critters stretchin,'
trailer park's a comin' to,
on my way Mickey D's
for coffee, boy, I'm missin' you!

Papers puddlin' in the driveways,
guess we had a storm or two,
belly's grumblin', heart's a yearnin',
crusty-eyed and feelin' blue.

Windows leakin', curtains drippin',
we are sure not weather-tight,
walkin' stiffly 'til I'm supple,
cravin' you with all my might.

Passing by a yellow homestead,
Mary beckons me inside,
coffee with a neighbour sure beats
'have a nice day,' as your guide.

Larry's tendin' to the cats, I swear 
he loves 'em like they's kin,
three are heathy, full of mischief,
fourth one needs some doctorin'.

Not just coffee, but some bacon,
hashed browns and a mess o' eggs,
community, and gracious livin'
set this boy back on his legs.

She won't let me leave without
a great big hug, a kiss, a treat,
and a pack of cigs from Larry
make my gloomy day replete!

I'm still longin' for my sweetheart,
phantom kisses, hugs and such,
but with this couple's downhome carin'
it don't seem to hurt as much!

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Before Poetry

Whatever did I do to wile away the time
Before poetry took over my brain
Walked around staring blankly into space
Burping and expelling methane

Really no direction I was truly a lost soul
The word 'zombie' enters my mind
But now I'm alive and cooking with gas
Rhyming away line after line

Friends all say, “knock that stuff off!”
Love to but my brain is obsessed
Even rhyme when I'm ordering a pizza
With this affliction I've surely been blessed

I lovingly remember the carefree days
Before poetry took over my life
I went to the park and did normal things
Like threatening little kids with a knife

If you think that line wasn't appropriate
Couldn't find another to rhyme
So don't go writing me nasty letters
I'm really not the violent kind

To end this silliness on an upbeat note
I've ended up on Poetry Soup
Met a big bunch of real friendly people
Sure happy I'm now in the loop

©Jack Ellison 2012

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Whether you're Christian, 
Or Muslim, or Jew,
You are my neighbor, 
And I truly love you.

Let us not quarrel
About doctrine and creed,
Come, take my hand,
We'll sow harmony seed.

Look not to culture,
Or color of skin.
We share our beginning--
We're all kith and kin.

All life is sacred;
I'm sure you agree--
Your life and well being
Are precious to me.

So, come stand beside me;
I swear this is true,
You are my neighbor,
And I truly love you.  

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To Bunkers And Bad Lies Charlie Hebert, (RIP), my father-in-law,
    with respect and affection

Wind-swept and sunburnt alone on the fairway 
he fusses and frets with his lie; 
he's been here for ever commanding the course, 
ever since you and I were knee high. 

Golf is his passion, he lives and he breathes 
for the chance to play just one more round, 
replacing his divots, observing the rules 
and keeping his feet on the ground.

Always nattily dressed he is ready 
to tee up and go for the green; 
the young guns are anxious to unseat old Chuck, 
but he's crafty and wily and mean!

It's the day of the championship and he's all ready 
to teach these young men how to play; 
at the turn he's ahead with a three under par, 
he'll show them, he'll have the last say!

On the final hole two men are tied for the lead, 
they are edgy as each eyes the pin; 
Jim misses his putt, it goes wide to the left, 
and Charlie makes par for the win!


In the clubhouse they congratulate the old boy on his score, 
he thanks them from the bottom of his heart;
here's to Charlie then, to bunkers, to bad lies and to rain, 
to another shot at glory when he climbs aboard the cart!

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Stand Up

Stand up for the broken,
'Cause they are people too.
With hearts and souls in ruin,
They just want to be like You.

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They Know Not What They Are

And if they know not what they do
The lonely weary souls
Who share the common goal
Imbibe a sense of disbelief

They wander aimless through and through
Panic stricken sullen
Risen and the fallen
Reality obscured by grief

To make amends from me to you
My proposition is
Give solace and forgive
What timeless would consider brief

End excursion black and blue
In the deepest ocean
Swim through tears forgotten
The joy we'll feel from such relief

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The Ghost and the Dream

We dreamed in a dream
That we were on the beach
The girls in costume
But the ghost was within reach

Iolanda and Danielle on the beach did they stand
Whilst Karen and Barbara, skipped with Carolyn in hand
Unknown to them, they were being watched from a far
A ghostly figure with a lengthy scar

The very next morning, at breakfast they were
Eating cheese covered noodles, in sight of the ghost with the scar
To the balcony they retired, sun bathing naked as be
As the ogling ghost, looked over the balcony to see

In strategic display, the straw hats were in place 
So that the Souper girls would never be disgraced
But who is the ghost that all these girls see
This figure of white, at their balcony

Their day turns to night, into the town they head
For drinks and a meal, and then they retire to bed
But in the deep of the night, there is a cry and a shout
As all the girls wonder, what was that all about

In the morning they discovered, someone fell in their pool
A peeping tom was reported, someone was just playing the fool
The sad thing is, that they never discovered who
So when they all go to sleep, watch out for the BOO!

< Taken from Carolyn's dream, and for some of the ladies on the Soup 
        Iolanda, Danielle, Karen, Barbara and of course Carolyn >

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Tell no man all that you may know.
Don't show him all your treasure;
Else you will wish you'd held your tongue,
Repenting at your leasure,

All that you have said to him,
And all that you have shown,
Regretting oft in great distress,
The seeds that you have sown;

For what you say to one man, Friend,
Is retold to another,
And blesssings best kept to yourself,
Will be lost to your brothers;

For oft times Man will envy Man,
And brother envy brother,
It's often best to hold your peace,
Than later to discover,

All that you have said to him,
And all that you did show,
Has been aspersed to everyone,
To everyone you know.

Don't be too friendly.
Don't be too open.
Don't talk too much.
It's better to be a good listener than a speaker.

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She'll take a tincture of time and teach you
she'll take you to a realm where she'll reach you
she'll take that time and education then mix them
together as one
and won't stop until her mission of mercy is done

warm up a glass of brandy
or open a box of candy
look at an old family picture in brown sienna
and you've got the loveliness and sweetness of Vienna

nay, not the country but Vienna Bombardieri
and her poetry will make you smile or teary
you can bring problems home from work at night
but her words will make the evening bright

when you feel unnecessary or useless as can be
she'll lift your spirits poetically
I can't count the times her countenance has compelled me
and if only, in friendship, could she have held me

this then is Vienna as I know her to be
she dispenses smiles, hopefulness and joy all for free
she's a unique and intelligent woman with whom I love to spar
but to me she's all that and a newly discovered Heaven's star
            © 2012.....copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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The Cape

I should just let you go
But it feels a little like
Holding your beautiful face under the water
Watching your reflection flicker into your last breath

I should just
Summon suitcases to pack up
Our summer beach trip
When your hair was like wheat, and disappeared into the grass

You were bright against the drawn curtain of clouds
My star sister, with our heels dirty with sand and motherhood
I secretly waited for your heart to misfire
The corners of my eyes recognizing the embers

I can still see how you picked apart your food at dinner
Bite by bite-- your slender fingers reminding me of a crabs
This is also how you sorted and shelved your life
Empty carapaces gobbled up clumsily by the waves

Red fire, gold and silently
You picked me clean and set my crown on the lacquered shelf
No longer awake and calm in your heart
I am neat and tidy, far from all things remembered

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It's exponentially sad to see someone go
someone you only recently got to know
it's even worse when the person's got wit and style
and a very warm and encouraging smile

it's very upsetting to see them leave
but this is the quilt fate has decided to weave
to form a union with a new found friend
and all too fast destiny demands an end

I recall first meeting a person like this
someone now I will severely miss
when I walked through her door I was guaranteed joy
akin to the feeling of Christmas and getting my favorite toy

she's a wonderful woman who deserves a fond farewell
and how much she'll be missed no words could ever tell
there's only one problem and i'll tell you why
because all of these wondrous words are based on a lie
 © 2012....copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~
P.S. this lovely lady took no offense at the last line and knew i was just joking
so don't think i'm that mean, i mean i mean to be mean, just not mean with the usual meaning of the word mean.

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Mortal Angels

Mortal Angels as people are unemployed these days
Ask help for certain Mortal Angels
Today and everyday
They will not refuse to assist you


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What effect has envy on soul

Envy begets in the soul a want of charity for our neighbor
Produces a spirit of detraction
Backbiting and


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For John Ecklin

I've buried a brother.
I've buried a father, a mother.
Into the ground have gone aunts 
and uncles at one time or another.

Friends I have lost by the score.
Seems there could not be any more.
But every day it wears my brain sore,
realizing who will never again grace my door.

Best friends are by name defined.
They only come once in two lives affined.
If one leaves, no one steps up as if assigned.
The empty spot forever seems that way designed

My best friend is now no more.
He surely is waiting on some far shore.
Which will be shown to me when I'm no more.
A new world, where for eternities we can explore.

John and Teany left a hole in my heart allowed only to friends.  

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The King of Hearts (Tribute to an ill friend)

Arnie's been on my mind all week
Our class valedictorian
His cancer discovered too late
Little time now lays before him

He asked to see friends one more time
This meek request heard nationwide
From North, South and West all will fly
So many flocking to his side

Treating us all as his equals
A genius graced our high school halls
And when a tutor was needed
Arnie always answered the calls

His intellect was much admired
But it was his humility
Added to his warm, welcome smile
That gave him popularity

And as we gather together
From lives that have drawn us apart
We thank the Lord for knowing him
He is our high school's King of Hearts

Friends, I am flying to NJ this week to join at least 30 other classmates who can't wait to see 
our dear valedictorian again.  He is a loving husband and father and I hope you will say 
prayers for him and his family.

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A Fool Am I 2K12

A fool am I to have never said hello.
A fool am I to have proven Mister Shy.
A fool am I to have been such fellow.
A fool am I to have been a passerby.

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For the last seven years I've had a buddy I call him “Later-On-Ron” Became good friends much later in life Never known a tighter bond Could even go years without seeing Ron Nothing would change I know A friend like him happens once in a lifetime Going on like a great river flows A friendship that no matter how we feel Just seems never ever to falter At this advanced stage in both of our lives A friendship nothing can alter We see each other on Wednesday evenings On our regular Euchre night It's enough to keep our friendship alive Through our ferocious Euchre fight So three cheers for my good buddy Ronald If I move many miles away I'll always remember “Later-On-Ron” I think of my friend every day For the last seven years I've had a buddy I call him “Later-On-Ron” © Jack Ellison 2013

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The gentle man said words he'd never said to a man before
he spoke as honestly as when a pacifist says “i hate war”
we both came from the north and were exiled to the south
as I listened to the gentle man say words from a heartfelt mouth

we tried to spend as much time together as we could
I, a man not so gentle and he, a man born to be good
he said those words and it touched my heart
and the worst feeling was when he would have to depart

those words emanated from the soul of a heart made of gold
and often he would play his guitar only for me to behold
before him all my friends were junkies and fools
this gentle man followed orders as we fools broke all the rules

he said words he'd saved, I suppose, for someone he knew who cared
and we'd trade stories, some of them embarrassing yet they were bared
I speak to the gentle man as if he were my friend for years
and though we only met recently as he spoke I was loosed from my fears

we were both heterosexual but were made to be brothers
and as I mentioned, he was unlike any others
a true friend who appreciated the time we shared
and by some inexplicable force we somehow were paired

this gentle man spoke words he'd saved for a lucky man like me
and those words flowed from his mouth so easily
in mid-step he stopped as if by cue
and said “i've never said this to any man but brother I really do love you”
      © 2012.....copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~       

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Thumb Twiddler

I've become a ruddy thumb twiddler Checking out the box called “in” Haven't eaten properly for days and days Starting to look a little bit thin Not obsessed with accolades though The small talk is what I'm missing Okay I fudged that just a tad wee bit I do crave the hugging and kissing But when you really get down to it We pay for all this smooching To receive a pant load of happiness Gotta do a little hoochy cooing So I'm no longer gonna jazz you You guy's have nailed me cold Poetry is second to friendships Worth more than its weight in gold © Jack Ellison 2012

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A May day delight

If we go into the woods today
along the path where bluebells sway,
'neath cool beechwood shade
to our secret ever glade;
Salad and cooked meats to eat,
champagne for this treat,
we'll read,paint or write
of this May day delight

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My Treasure Chest

I was doing yard work the other day,
planting some flowers all around.
While digging in dirt, close to the fence,
I heard a clackity sound.

As if the metal of the spade was hitting some wood
and some metal, too, I heard.
To my surprise, I remembered just then,
the chirping of the birds.

See, there was a time, for memories sake,
when my family and I stored our thoughts
within a chest of metal and wood,
from the antique store, we bought.

We placed the chest out in the yard
on a bright and sunny day
and while digging the hole to place it in
the birds were just chirping away.

My sons and my daughters, my wife and I
placed pictures and such within
So, one day in the future, when we need it most,
the memories will come back to us again.

So, just knowing they’re there, is memory enough
for me to be content for now.
One day when my children have all grown up,
my wife and I will dig deep down.

So, I covered my hole with plenty of dirt,
but, first threw flower seeds in
with hopes that the memories, like seeds that they are,
will grow and flourish, again.

So, my treasure chest, there, remains in the yard
waiting for that one special day
when my family and I need to return
to those years that have gotten away

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I'm Worth It

My friendship might take effort
I am high maintenance too
But if you face a problem
I’m the one who’ll stand by you

Time investment’s an issue
My love needs nurture to grow
But if you’re ever alone
You can count on me, you know

Some people don’t like “intense”
They just want to keep things light
But when they struggle with grief
I’m the one they call at night

The truth is life has bad times
That can make the strongest weak
It is in these thunderstorms
Words of comfort I will speak

So, yes…you may not be sure
If  I deserve time of day
But when you want someone near
I’m the one you’ll beg to stay.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Superfluous- Silliness to Satisfy

Yes, I am SO superfluous
Filled with lots of gooey gooness
Yummy words that drip so sweet
A hug and kiss for all I greet

It just may seem… over the top
My kind of sweetness just won’t stop
The sugar coated words I say
Will surely brighten night or day

So, please don’t think me insincere
Believe my every word you “hear”
I will not “say” what I don’t feel
These honey drops are, oh, so real

Kisses coupled with “I love You”
Come straight from my heart, ever true
Superfluous sure can be fine
If blessed to be a friend of mine 

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Oft'times I see my friends all 'round
Lke leaves of Autumn, floating down
And softly drifting, side-to-side
A passive dance, on zephryn tide

Then when the ground is covered o'er
A million leaves! A billion! More!
Each leaf contributes its full size
Then, on a stormy gust, they rise

'Til once again back to the groung
With only a faint rustling sound
They cover Earth like coats of paint
And never from them one complaint

For leaves, it seems, were bor to fall
In answer to their maker's call
So, after their day in the sun
They pay the piper, ev'ry one

God's peple, too, could learn fom them
We hang by life=thread, very slim
We live our lives as we see fit
While kowng there's an end to it

That thresd will tretc, but one day break
Then ev'ry triumph ad mistake
Will only be a memory
That's shared by friends and family

Our mem'ries are like building stones
That shield us from the tears and groans
A pebble here, a bolder there
The joys we could together share

Wallsgrow thick, and shields grow strong
A  love, and lift, and help along
Each one who shares this life with us
The ones wo give to us their trust

And as we journey toward our home
It's never good to be alone
That thread may break at any time
And end our Earthly pantomime

Life's Earthly gain (and this we know)
Will wash away in time's great flow
Just gifts we've made and good we've done
Will keep our mem'ries in the sun

To shied our loved ones from the storm
Reflect sunshine to keep them warm
'Til each must turn the river's  bend
We never know just how or when

So nw, dear friends, my point of view
Theere's just one thing for us to do
Please build a shield for me, will you?
I'll build, the best I can, for you
Walls grow thick

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Tall Tales

With muse in hand I must come up with great stories
That it keeps it's seeker longing for more of it's caption
free verse sonnet haiku or just stopping on by
I'm sure that there's something you may find very interesting

Tribute To Writers Here At

Also Entry For 
Brian Strand's
Poulter's Measure
GL All

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We All Become Each Other

We all become each other
When we read each others writes
Its because we all learn from each other
That in our mind they turn out right

We all become each other
Its the nature of the feast
The poetry forms the words we use
On paper they are released

We all become each other 
On this community on the net
Names with images, some bio's follow
With time we all inter met

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Zero Times Zero

This joyous season will soon be over But the memories will remain in my heart Of all the warm wishes from all you sweet people So sad though we're so far apart Surely these long distant friendships Were the way it was supposed to be Otherwise I'd be torn between too many sweeties I'd start babbling incoherently So here's to all of my dear lovers on the Soup I adore every one to the moon You're all in my will and will share in my fortune But zero times zero is “aucune” <3 <3 <3 © Jack Ellison 2013

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Dont Ever Think Ive Forgotten

Don’t ever think I’ve forgotten
Or that somehow I do not care
I wonder what’s become of you
And the reason you’re never there

Don’t ever think I don’t wonder
How you spend your day and night
I do hope and pray you are well
And that your life is filled with light

Don’t ever think that I’m indifferent
Take my silence to mean I’m cold
I’m afraid that my words will betray
And you’ll think I’m brazen, bold

Don’t ever think I don’t read
Every single line that you write
I read, I go over and ponder
My heart troubled in the night

I am certain that you are aware
That I hold you in high esteem
You’re good, judicious, and kind
Yet you’ve forgotten how to dream

For now I must keep my distance
And sometimes I just want to weep
That my traitor mind works against me
But my heart your m’mory will keep

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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How often and how loud
words wanted to burst out,
and let everyone know with my tender blink...
what I felt all along, but never had showed it!

Here's my chance to unafraidly talk,
let's chat while we take a long walk;
would a sincere heart hold back its love in deeper, quiter sound,
when everything it has done...was sweet, lovely and profound?

Adored friend, listen to these sad regrets
locked in enduring silence...once so doubtful and unwise; 
help me reveal them, and how glad these eyes
would be, if you could catch them in your caring hands.

Forgive me for not having been honest,
and hidden these precious words behind this timid chest;
you must have felt that need for utterance,
and anxiously waited for that moment with kindly patience.

And finally, I've found that courage to openly say them,
" Love shouldn't be held back, but be truly free to express itself;
I have repressed all the beautiful feelings for a foolish fear,
now, be certain that they will delight you in wonderful ways, dear!"  

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Our Journey

Traveling this road alone
My heart mourns for you
The time we had together 
Has ended way too soon

Looking through the glare
Of a windshield dimmed by tears
I think of me and you 
Traveling all these years

I recall with vivid color
How your eyes would shine
The sweet sound of your laughter
How you touched my heart and mind

Friends gathered ‘round me
To help me celebrate your life
Stories flowed like water
Their friendship eased my strife

So not in sadness do I mourn
But strictly out of love
The life we had for over twenty years
Was blessed by God above

You were everything to me
And now that you are gone
I will cherish every moment shared
As our memories journey on

*Written for Red Buckler in loving memory of his best friend and companion for twenty three 
years Patsy (Pat) Cunningham

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There is a rose that grows in a sacred place
a garden where petunias and pansies embrace
this rose has no thorns, only a bud of beauty
and the aroma of ambrosia heeds the rose's duty

it's a rose that never bends into the wind
has never cursed, caused harm or sinned
it's a mystic rose where mysticism rules
and makes wise even a bunch of fools

no one would dare cut down this rose
and I know precisely where this rose grows
it's home it where angels lay down to sleep
as its roots grow ever deep

the roots make certain the rose can fight the cold
and its loveliness is something to behold
its color is cherished as rosy cerise
and this mystic rose grows in a garden of peace
   © 2012.....copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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Sometimes stuff can happen,
Through no fault of your own.
You'd think all that is over,
Once you are fully grown.

People sometimes say things,
That are often taken wrong,
Then they repeat what they have heard,
But sing a different song;

And when the word gets back to you,
You can't believe your ears,
And all that comes about is pain,
Hurt feelings, anger, tears;

Because of what someone has said,
Repeating what they heard,
Though not exactly what was said,
Not stated word for word,

But only what they thought they heard.
It's what they understood.
When you repeat a tale like that,
It does nobody good;

For when you throw bad light on one,
A faint light washes back,
To the place from whence it came,
So you can trace the scat;

And though for some it takes o'er long,
We all eventually learn,
That if you stand too close to fire,
You're gonna get a burn;

So those who tend to carry tales,
Drop names and repeat stories,
Cannot be the best of friends,
They'll just compound your worries.

                                                 Judy Ball

(Scat - The poop animals drop in the woods. The sign hunters look for.)

Have you ever noticed that it's easier to learn to speak in two or more languages than it is to keep your mouth shut in one?

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Daughter to Mother

Knick-knack paddywack
Give the dog a bone
Grown up quick
But you didn't go wrong

Criss-cross twist toss
Over and under
Wonderful memories
Are always of blunder 

Clip-clap snap back
Shakin my head
Fed up people
End up red

Stop-skip jump trip
Lick up the wound
Noon is the time
To just sit in your room

Flair-fall stumble stall
Live to love your life
Strife and grief
Make it all the more bright

Give-got taken shot
The higher you climb
I'm still with you
So smile all the time

I'm the daughter I'll have you know!


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Friendships Flourish

Well cross my eyes and call me Lucy Met a young lady on the Soup She turns my crank, gets my motor a-racing For poetry I don't give a poop We should rename it “Meet A Sweetie” More appropriate don't ya think This real cutie's on my mind the whole day From her cup of nectar I drink Age doesn't matter when it's a fantasy affair Thirty years don't mean a thing As long as our cravings are satisfied each day The world continues to sing Met a real bunch of sweet ladies here Not enough digits to count 'em All I can say is my whole life's been enriched Each of these darlings is a gem So this is my way of thanking the Soup Where our creativity is nourished Making all our lives a lot more worth living And allowing friendships to flourish © Jack Ellison 2014

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Youthfulness is not about being young or old
It's about enthusiasm
When enthusiasm fades, pessimism begins
As  true Christian our hope keeps up our enthusiasm and our youth


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The Day CNN Shut Down

If only love happened round the world That would be a pretty slow news day Actually CNN would have to shut down No “JUST IN” bulletins, per se Weather reports predict nothing but sunshine Temperatures high in the 80s People goin' round wearing dirty big grins Things all coming up daisies Wake up, wake up, my real good friends Time to rise and start your day Don't try watching the morning news CNN has shut down they say No point in broadcasting only good news Boring and humdrum for sure Imagine watching nothing but jubilation It would sure bore one to the core Wake up, wake up, my good friend Jack Seems you were having too good a time You had a great big smile on your kisser If only real life was so sublime © Jack Ellison 2013

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read the woman's words and just take a peek
you'll be looking at the thoughts of a lady unique
whether she's scribing about sorrow or writing about grins
when you peruse her page is when your amazement begins

she'll make an amethyst colored sky from an umbrella of gray
her words have even taught this sinner how to pray
each morning I look to see what godliness has created
and my happiness and hope is never abated

she's lifted my spirits and for no cost or fee
and that's a lot for a sorrowful soul such as me
so if it's a sky of colors shaved from a rainbow you seek
you need only search out the words of a lady unique
 © 2012......copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee~
            written with respect and gratitude!

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Goodbye For A Season

Goodbye to my bestie,
My lover, Husband,
To someone I never wanted,
But without, I can't stand.

Farewell to my happy,
The kind without reason,
To my truly better half.
Hello to lonely season.

I wish it not to last long,
But the blink of an eye,
Before we say hello again,
And give us one last try.

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Robin Gass

Right as rain and true of heart
the first bird of the spring
this fine poet this gentle one
was made for finer things.

From rough beginnings to ends
from hardship to sorrow
her words sang out to all
her time only borrowed.

The needs of family must
come before her own need
to write, to sing, to be
before her own soul's creed.

We miss our song bird, Robin
we miss her words her heart
pray she'll come back to us
to Poetry where she started. 

Poet: D. Guzzi

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Whom May 2K12

Whom may genuinely possess the master key?
Whom may unlock this heart's finest within?
Whom may Houdini I with such hidden key?
Whom may love this man for the man within?

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Found a new friend, love her a lot Country charm is what she's got An absolute sweetie through and through Her tender heart shines, bright and true Knew right away she was sumptin' special In her down home charm I've started to revel Love the lingo from back in the hills She promised to use it, sure hope she will Dagnabbit, she's gone and done blowed me away As she prances round with that old sashay Her charms overflow, so hard to resist Ain't gonna try, just enjoy the bliss Sure don't wanna make her feel uncomfortable But this dearest new friend is simply adorable Found a new friend, I sure love her a lot Her closest friends all call here Tot © Jack Ellison 2014

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Poetry Soup Is Like Oscar Night

Poetry Soup is like Oscar Night
With the stars and adulation
Poets need this constant praise
From folks of every nation!

All a bunch of star performers
Each in our own little way
Presenting a different slant on life
With little or lots to say!

There's never discrimination here
Just joined to have some fun
We post a bunch of our latest gems
And see what others have done!

Most times we get glowing words
Of praise for our masterpiece
Of course we surely return the favour
With a five star rating at least!

It gives us sensitive older people
A reason to greet every day
To go straight to our li'l ole computer
Read what people got to say!

Almost nine times out of every ten
The reviews you get will be fives
You'll walk around the rest of the day
Feeling invigorated and alive!

Poetry Soup is like Oscar Night
With all the stars and adulation
Poets need this constant praise
From folks of every nation!

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The Right Side Of The Turf

How am I feeling today Hang on let me check All things being equal I'm pretty good, by heck! Woke up this morning On the right side of the turf Nothing can really drag me down My days are filled with mirth I'll try to pass some along So my heart's not on overload Gotta watch my dear old ticker There's a danger it'll explode Anyone who'd like to share my love Can send a written request To this Poetry Soup Jester guy To accommodate, I'll do my best Contrary to what you probably think I don't have an unlimited supply But have no fear, I've still got a bunch To send you guys in reply If the love I send you, my dearest friends Happens to have a defective part My service department is open till 10 To mend the broken heart! © Jack Ellison 2013

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Farewell, Dear Nightbird ( Cowritten with Carolyn Devonshire )

You were but three inches tall that day
When I heard you cry and ran outside
To stand between you, my beloved owl
And a swooping hawk, wings three-feet wide
          Little me, new born owl of the night
          Staying in my wooded habitat
          Being brave enough to venture out
          Golly, Ollie, thinking what was that
Each night you have serenaded me
But today I bring sad news, sweet friend
I must move away and leave you here
Our life together's about to end
          To part, but in different places
          The lovely times we shared together
          This so sad Barn Owl and his neighbour
          We two birds will always be tethered

And when the moon overcomes the sun
I'll listen for your cries o'er the waves
Your gentle croon brought peace and comfort
It's a memory my heart will save

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One must have change,
to understand and appreciate the past,
in order to move on!

(c) Rosemarie Schrock
 Dec. 11, 2008

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How could the woman know me so well?
How can the woman be so wise?
The lady knows she is Heaven and I am Hell
yet we've never looked in each others eyes

she sends me missives like missiles through my mind  
waking me up to what I need to know most
i've never brushed my arm against hers but I can tell she's ultra-kind
and she never demands, gives wrong advice or begins to boast

I write something down and she only need read every other line
yet she knows precisely the reason i'm writing
she takes mediocre and makes it into something i'm proud to call “mine”
and I never get insulted or angered if her comments are bitter or biting

how could a woman I hardly even know know me the way she does?
she dons no costume, no camouflage and certainly no disguise
the lady seems not only to know the “now” but even what was
and all I know with certainty is that the woman is wondrously wise
          © 2012.....copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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Independent with People

We are independent with people on earth
Our mortal angels are always there to assist us
But, we can never be independent in everything
God is our everything


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With You

When I think of where my life is going
And where my life has been
The most precious days in all my life
Have been spent with my Best Friend

If my time on earth were to end tonight
I’d die with one sure truth
If I had to do it all again
I’d do it all with you

© 2001, R. Erin Lenth

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He's of a bright yellow and auburn color,
and Autumn leaves match his feathers well;
what a gorgeous canary stands on my window-sill...
and I call him the friendliest, most talented warbler!

Next door, there are heartless and crazy boys who harm birds
by using slings and stones to bring them down,
and then watch them die by inflicting more pain;
that's so cruel, don't ever do it to another canary, rascals!

Kids, don't kill my bird...he's a useful animal
with the biggest heart in the Fauna's kingdom,
if he ever died, I would be confined to dreary boredom!
Let him live, so that I can continue living through the Fall!

He comes to visit me hardly flipping his wings so fragile,
and he surprises me sometimes, while I play at the piano so carried away
by the notes that himself sings for me in a triad chord so simple;
would you want to hear him sing that melody...are you listening to me?

Birds are put in cages, if they were wild animals like lions and tigers,
but they are the beautiful and gentle creatures of the Wild and they run from hunters,
not from bird-watchers...and you say,"They aren't intelligent or wise!"
Watch them in their habitat:  you'll learn to adore them, and love them for life!

Kids, don't kill my bird...he has caring parents like those in a loving family,
I rescued him from a forest's trap...his legs were caught and they bled;
I took him home and gave him first aid, and he miraculously survived!
Did God send this bird to test me how compassionate I would be?

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FREE CEE i wish wishes could come true


despite time, distance and/or space
i can still feel your warm and friendly embrace
just a caring carress to warm my heart
and it seems it's been that way from the start

though we've never touched each other's hand
it's somehow difficult to understand
but when i need comfort i think of you
because that's how much i respect your point of view

i write you words and you write me back with expertise
you write words that edify me and with insight that will never cease
there are times when i feel fear for you but then realize you'll be all right
because angels always deliver a last message before they take to flight

when the one closest to me i wish were afar
i search for my keys and start up my car
then i drive around aimlessly wishing wishes could come true
and all the while thinking of you

i don't really understand the emotions i feel
all i know is that they are tangible and real
if friendship is supposed to be forever i hope that's true
and for that reason i thank you humbly just for being you
    (c) copy write 2012....PHREEPOETREE   ~free cee!~

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Never stood still on battling ground,
watch the vicious and villainous carnage,
and not fight with true courage...
to increase the sword clanking sound.

Never been humiliated by slandering words not timely, 
my silence banished them as they picked up velocity;
I did nothing to vindicate my anger with visceral grief...
and today my memory still evokes that encounter too brief.  

Never are valorous men nailed to an undeserved cross,
making those nails penetrate their hands and feet,
no guilt is ever found in them, innocence is their plea;
but the loud, infuriated voices still demand their death.

Never withheld feelings of compassion,
and put a distance between myself and them,
poverty was caused by those who greedly governed;
why blame the common people for a corrupt institution?

Never looked away when the smallest hands 
reached out through profound silence, and in those youngsters faces
anyone could see their misery and sense their desperation arise;
they had needs, not wants like we have, when their food and water were scarce.

Never broke any law of the land, but abode by it
with a good character and willingness to spread peace,
not rebelling and causing damage to property and harming citizens;
in any civilized country violence doesn't solve anything, it only hardens the hatred.

Never got drunk or smoked marijuana to avoid the ugliness of reality, 
although peer pressure was there and by pushing it away, I resisted it;
it cost me their friendship;  and looking back, I am glad I kept my dignity... 
and who needs friends like that, when they lead you down the wrong path?     

Never cursed God for the ills of others impinged on me,
and for the misfortunes I endured for endless years without a shout;
my tongue always hollowed His holy name...knowing that
He had put me to the test, and in due time He would have blessed me.

Never planned revenge on anyone who had conspired against me,
this conscience was spotless and no action was needed by me;
if I had retaliated, they would have rejoiced and responded with laughter;
a fox is known for its slickness, and my instinct was alike it, if not better. 

Never allowed doubt, or foolishness to contradict what was beautifully created,
the cooling breeze on steaming days, the pouring rain for a rich harvest,
the brilliant sunshine to make everything grow:  from trees to grass;
and in the fluffy snow...I saw my purity and the peacefulness of winter so revered. 

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Religious Freedom

The right of every man to follow his conscience 
In choosing and practicing his religion
Acknowledgement of religions are not saying
That all religions are equal or equally true


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Constance holds the key to freedom,
she'll never sit down and die of boredom;
all the free things we don't think of or see,
are there for everyone to experience and enjoy.

Employers buy our time to give them service;
if nothing is for free what's happened to your awareness?
The air we breath, the sunlight we feel, and the fragrant flowers we smell...
weren't these also given by God to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden?

Look around there many more for us to discover...
the incessant waterfalls and rivers still supply their water,
and without them the earth would be an arid desert;
and in this wasteland, only spiders can try to cheat death.

Constance holds the key to freedom, inspiring us timelessly, 
and the beauty of her revelation is that we can pursue it adequately;
she doesn't boast as the rich do, humbleness is her inborn virtue...
welcome her suggestions and begin living your day as busy folks do.

Inspired by Constance's Blog MONEY MAKES THE WORLD GO AROUND

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Journey to the Center of My Mind

You scared me with the owl thing,
I wet myself and cried.
You supported me as Weebleking;
I'm glad you're on my side.

When the English man was in my head,
You did not scream and flee.
You grabbed him by his whiskered lip,
And stayed right here with me.

I told you of the mystery men,
Who always follow me;
You did not scoff and mock my words,
You offered sympathy.

And when I dubbed you Willowart,
You did not blow a fuse;
You took it all in gracious stride,
And proclaimed it happy news.

The kind of friend you've been to me,
I could not hope for more.
You've stuck with me through waves and troughs;
Past every rocky shore.

For years I've never given thanks,
Which was definitely rude.
So here today I send you this,
To show my gratitude!

I hope you've liked the trip so far,
Following my wandering brain,
I'll let you rest here for a bit,
Then off we'll go again.

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Often wondered bout people down under
Do they have to stand on their heads?
Do they have to tie down all their possessions?
Is flying off into space their dread?

We hope they all stay attached to the earth
We love them and their cute little bears
Once I was told by this Australian lady
Their breath can sure foul up the air

All my Aussie friends here on the Soup
Refer to their land as paradise
I was also told that the biceps on women
Are huge from hanging on for dear life

Now I know this must be some great myth
Olivia's seemed quite normal to me
You can't believe all the rumours you hear
But in case, hang onto to that tree!

Often wondered bout people down under
How do they keep their beer in their glass?
Do they chain themselves to the bed at night?
Do roots pop up instead of grass?

@Jack Ellison 2012

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Who was the foster or guardian and what are the natures of our Lord Jesus Christ

The foster father and guardian is St. Joseph
The husband of Blessed Virgin Mary
The natures of our Lord Jesus Christ are True God and
True Man


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Introspective, and charmingly coy,
her shyness enchanted my heart;
she wandered along in her own private world
quite unwilling to ration a part 

of her intricate mind full of poems
and novels abstruse and arcane, 
they would challenge a D.Phil from Oxford
their mangled motifs to explain. 

Then I discovered her Achilles heel,
the way to steal one little kiss;
it was Rilke, he was the key to her soul,
'rigor mortis' to absolute bliss!

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Our Noon Time Nibblers

With bushy tails and shining eyes
our noon time nibblers come
to sit upon their pole and eat
and give us noon time fun.

They jump and scurry all about
to get what we leave there.
Wee paws, they use so cunningly
to chonk their daily fare.

The peanut shells, they pile up
but we'll always leave them more
to be entertained at lunch time
with their antics we adore.

This is dedicated to Moggie Bonner,
a wonderful women who I had the blessing
to be her aid and companion for the last six years
of her life.  I wrote this for her during my employ.
It was a daily joy for both of us to watch the squirrels
"chonk" which is a phrase she always used. She kept
this on her table and read it everyday.  She passed away
in 2006 at the age of 95.  I miss you Moggie
and I'll always love you. Robin

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Saint Paul, Witness of Hope

St. Paul immersed in difficulties
Trials of various kinds
Wrote to his disciple Timothy
Must go back with Risen Jesus to Damascus

Follower the Law of Moses
Determined to fight
Every means
Even kill those regarded God’s enemies

On the way to Damascus
To arrest followers of Christ
Was blinded by mysterious light
Heard himself called by name

Saul, Saul, 
“Why do you persecute Me?”
Fell to the ground, asking
“Who are you, Lord?”

“I am Jesus
Whom you are persecuting” (Acts 9:3-5)
After encounter
His life changed dramatically 

He received baptism to Paul
Became Apostle of the Gospel
Inwardly Transformed by Divine love
Had met in the person of Jesus Christ

He wrote “Life I now live, in the flesh I live by the Son of God”
Who loved me and gave Himself to me
From being a persecutor
He became a witness and a missionary

Founded Christian Community
In Asia Minor and Greece
Travelled thousands of miles among all kinds of dangers
His martyrdom is all for the love of Christ

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Pier Twelve Memories

I have memories of pier twelve
Right at the Norfolk Naval Base
Those memories I’ll never shelve
McDonald’s’ there to feed my face

I stood some sentry watches there
As my sister was in port too
During winter there is cold air
Without ID you won’t come through

I’ll never forget last time there
With my walker saw the Nimitz
And with a shipmate things to share
Today my life has some limits

Can’t run like I did back then
I drank and smoked much more too
Back then the ship was all men
Some say co-ed ships are true

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What does Christian mean

Christian, a baptized person
To believe all that Christ has taught
To do all that He has commanded
As necessary for our salvation

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Catching Up

All of the someones
Keep trying to be some-
One who will keep on
And trying to become

But we are the people
The backbone is equal
Who never stop trying
Despite the bad sequel

And to our lament
Though tired and spent
This movie becomes
A lesson repent

We cannot go on
We find after-while
To be someone not
And live in denial

Find colorful way
To catch-up and play
The one you were sure
Did better the day

But then to find out
The awful gray true
Their lives were no better
Then me, or then you

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What does the name Christ signifies

The name Christ signifies Messias
The Great Prophet
High Priest and
King of the New Law anointed as a man with the fullness of divine power

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           (to vie in re: the poem “the sun the sea etc.)

The lady doth bequeeth unto me too much praise
I write of struggling through nights and she about laughter filled days
two divergent lives woven together by words she said were mine
and all this must be created by some grand design

I wrote a banal poem that needed life and a soul
and somehow she saw my poem less then amateurish and droll
so she took my words and gave life to lifeless sentiments
while she and I took two metaphorical sacrements

we shared some wine from miles away
and she wrote a line to express what I had to say
interwoven words that fit together as if we were one
and I was in awe from beginning until the poem was done

so she wants to give me credit when she polished my shoes
shoes being metaporical for a poem, whether up-beat or the blues
I gave her a sow's ear and she gave me back my pride
by making a pearl as I read the poem wide-eyed

well I say to you all, here and now
if you want to know how to make magic she'll show you how
so when she tells you it was a poem I wrote alone
now you know what you needed to be known
   © 2012..copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~
p.s. “take another little piece of my heart now baby---you know you got it------ if it makes you feel GOOD!”

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Fruits of the Holy Spirit

Love, Joy, Peace
Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness
Gentleness and Self Control
Gal 5:22-23

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Guitar Playing Singer

One day at a bluegrass jam of mine
A guy was playing guitar just fine
I told him you’re be up before long
Are you ready to sing us a song?

He nodded yes and gave me a grin
So next song I gave the mic to him
I found out he could really bellow
Or back way off and just sing mellow

His song was a hit with the locals
And I was impressed with his vocals
At that first meeting, little did I know
How close Bill D. and I would grow

He can do more than play and croon
Like, write lyrics and compose a tune
One song he wrote’s, a favorite of mine  
Titled “Slow Dancing”; Man, it is fine!

We’re both members of a bluegrass band
And his rhythm guitar is truly grand
As for his vocals, I’m his biggest fan
Guitar play and sing, Bill D.’s “Da Man”

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Is Jesus Christ more than one person and what do we mean by that

Jesus Christ is one in 3 Divine Persons
God the Father
God the Son and
God the Holy Spirit (Ghost)


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New Testament

The second part of the complete bible
It contains the specifically Christian Texts
Namely the Gospels, the Acts of the apostles
Fourteen letter written by Paul, Seven Catholic letters and Revelation


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My Roomie

Boyd and I graduated from high school Then college roommates; we thought that was cool Texas A and M became our new home Bunk beds in a dorm room without any phone It’s a military college, of course You’re either in the Army or Air Force And there’s a rivalry between the two And things just might get out-of-hand, it’s true At times, it was fun to sing songs at night I played the uke; Boyd sang harmony tight We acquired that Homer & Jethro sound When singing their songs, we acted like clowns We started writing new lyrics to songs Making a point with words that were wrong On day Boyd said, “I got a great idea” A song to give the Air Force diarrhea We worked it hard and finally got a wrap The song “Hey Joe” changed into “Hey Aircrap” The lyrics turned out great and was quite a slam When our seniors heard it, they said, “Hot Damn!” “At three AM, come ready and in-form!” “To broadcast that song to the Air Force dorms” We practiced the song and we were all set Boyd said I think we’re as good we’ll get A PA system aimed at the angle To hit their dorms across the Quadrangle Two speakers so big they could raise the dead Cranked it all up till it was in the red They said, “Charlie and Boyd, you’re on the air” “Just give sing it into the microphone there” We “let it rip” and everything worked fine Woke everyone, just like they had in mind Lights were being turned on in every dorm Out all the doors from the dorms they stormed With trash cans full of water; quite a sight! An Army versus Air Force water fight! Watched from our window and didn’t get wet We started something that we may regret Then we entered the Aggie Talent show Singing Homer and Jethro stuff, you know When we started our performance on stage Half the audience was screaming with rage They were yelling, “We want the Aircrap song” We caved in and sang it and that was wrong The words of the song were really too strong For a Talent Show they didn’t belong You know, I think we could have been winner A reprimand instead for the sinner Still these are highlights of my freshman year I’d do it all over, let’s make that clear And Boyd, the best roomie without a doubt Wanted him to know, so I wrote this out >/center>

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The miles can never separate,
The hearts of friends held dear,
Nor can they sever bonds of love,
That bind them ever near;

And as the sands of time pass by,
And memories seem to fade,
The visions of a dear one's face,
The years will ne'er erase;

And though it seems so long ago,
That we could laugh and talk,
A time will come when Golden Streets,
Together we will walk.

                                   Judy Ball

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From Greek laos = people
The common state of life in the church
Baptized, non-ordained Christians
Who belong to the people of God


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Latin: inspiration = inbreathing
God’s influence of the human writers of the bible so
He Himself should be regarded as 
The author of the Sacred scripture


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How were the merits of Jesus Christ applied to our souls

The merits of Jesus Christ are applied to our souls through the Sacraments
Especially Baptism
Which restore us to the friendship of God


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What does incarnation mean and what does redemption mean

Incarnation means act of clothing with flesh
So our Lord clothed 
His divinity with a human body
Redemption means to buy back again


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                                   sMOKEY - FAITHFUL FRIEND TO THE END

As we grew older, Smokey and I,
Our lives would change a bit.
As a teen there was school and friends,
In the kitchen he'd quietly sit.

All alone he'd wait for me,
To finally end my day,
And come and spend some time with him,
And maybe gently play,

A little game of dangle the string,
Or scratch behind his ears,
I didn't know, how could I know,
He neared the end of his years.

At night I did my homework,
At kitchen table with him.
He lay across my books and watched,
And rubbed my head with his chin.

Then when I was just eighteen,
I came home from a swimming date.
He staggered 'cross the yard to me,
I almost was too late.

He laid him down right at my feet,
I took him in my arms,
He closed his eyes and then was gone,
And with him all his charms,

That he displayed throughout his years,
My buddy, playmate, friend.
He remained so all his life,
Faithful to the end.

                                                       Judy Ball

(There will just never be another Smokey)

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Fifth Step Zanzusie With a Joy, Joy!

Plodding, trodding, onward I went,
Through a life of self-targeted perfidy. 
Onward, outward, straight up and bent,
Toward Second Half-Century City.

Finally lost, with nothing but need,
Flailing, wailing, and sick,
I sat myself down, drank the last of my mead,
And saw a gecko, sunning on a stick.

Its eyes were opals, skin of amethysts,
Garnets and emeralds, square and round.
When it spoke, the air danced in fits,
And out came a euphonious, female sound. 

“I’ve been waiting; at last, you finally came!
Though you’re more worn than you should be.”
Shocked though I was, I asked for her name,
And she laughed singing out, “I’M ZANZUSIE!”

You’re a female, I cried, I didn’t understand,
And feeling just shy of frenetic!
“Of course!” she replied, “I need no man for my plan.
I’m a gecko. I’m parthenogenetic!”

“I am mother, sister, daughter and aunt.
I am every tear that you have ever shed.
I am truth, repose, raving and rant,
And I know the loneliness that you have fled.”

 “Oh, I am so glad to meet you,” said I, “I’m not well prepared.
There is little but dust in my pack.
Up at yonder gate, when they see how I’ve fared,
I’m afraid that they’ll turn me back!”

“Well let’s have an accounting,” said she, “of just who you are,
Where you’ve been, what you think, what you’ve done.
Tell me all, sweet spirit, banal and bizarre.
Oh quit sniveling, come on, it’ll be fun!

So I told every tale, every deed, every woe,
I had wrought, from the sane to the sick.
I purged out my life from a place far below,
To a gecko, sunning on a stick.

At the last, I was spent, gasping for air,
Not really sure I was through.
She reached out Loves touch and pushed back my hair,
Saying, “I have two things that belong to you.”

She opened her pack and took out pure light.
“Here is your Love, which you left behind.
You had to let go, during your plight,
To keep from losing your mind.”

Then she reached in and took out a song
That exalted every spirit and being.
“This is Forgiveness, its healing is strong,
But you dropped it while you were fleeing.”

“It is Forgiveness that now will make you complete
As you impart it to those who cause pain.
Give it to all, the mean and the sweet,
Absolve them all, again and again.”

Then she bade me go on toward the gate of my time,
And I knew that my life had at last begun.
And I owe it to her, so smug, so sublime.
Zanzusie, on a stick, in the sun.

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Calling Mimunna Mimunna

******Calling All Poet's*********

Mimunna is a switch/bate scham on the internet that has infiltrated our rank's......
Poet's, write and give her your love. Poet's take the floor and express your love
via E-mail!!!!!!! Get the write-up, up! Kiss>Kiss>Kiss-up!

*****She is at( Let her know we care!!!!!


Mimunna, Mimunna
I know that you love me
But, tell me is it me
          Or maybe
       My money
That you are trying
             To free
You wrote me on the internet
Told me that I was a catch
But, you are nothing to me
Not even an even match
I told you that I love you
      But, who love's who more
Are you a real person
       Or are you just
An inter-net whore
A whore on the internet
Writing me back
Seeing if I will fall for you
Maybe give you some scratch
Baby, your'e Scheme is kind
            Of wack
Sure, you can write me
           On the internet
And that is true
So, remember that
Their is just a little bit
More than just loving you
And that is this simply
This thing called {Poetry)
So, don't be a stranger
Check me out on Poetry Soup


Your friend in the pen/G.FIELDS

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Note to Linda

You are pure delight, you are royalty You paint people’s lives with your perfection You have delivered love to all of us Never have you given us rejection Your heart is so huge, so very tender You care for so many, you give your all I want to give you some compassion back And to love you the same, I must be tall If I could give a piece of me for you I would share my heartbeat along with yours To bring vibrancy and step to your life To have you be healthy with good colors Please know that we are all thinking of you We wish you well, to be on the Soup again I know you’ll be strong, cause that’s how you are You’ll be back soon I just know it my friend
Russell Sivey

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Screaming Shadows

She called out to me one stormy night
Screaming shadows on the wall left her in fright
Her covers she drew back as she welcomed me in
Whilst my eyes graced her ebony, exciting my skin

Before this night we were very best friends
As our warmth intermingled signals did send
Face to face our naked bodies so close
Heightened by the storm, something in us grows

In the midst of the dark we glimpse traces of thee
Whetted lips close in touch, desiring sweet harmony
Touch we do like a soft whispering kiss
Two souls in want in the most delightful of bliss

Seconds lead to minutes like the hands on a clock
Undulations of both on our skins they so talk
The meeting of torso's below silken sheets
Subconscious of the storm in writhe as we greet

A candle flickers in the atmosphere of the room
As it awaits the screaming shadows, soon to be soon
Dancing silhouette's will thrall the wanting flame
Whilst the storm abounds outside, internal passions tame

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Friends are worthier than gold,
remembering their kindness as days unfold;
let's embrace and wish goodnight,
soon daylight will vanish from our sight. 

Nothing I will forget...from the kindest smiles
to those comforting hugs when I had no hope,
considering myself lucky to be able to cope;
what's more priceless than the soundest advice?   

Friends are worthier than gold,
or gifts given on special occasions...
and they can't compare to any encouraging word,
to instantly lift the unbearable weight of our sorrows.  

Everything I will remember and although I will die,
their love and generous deeds I'll immortalize in these lines;
read them aloud and realize how they make me smile
and appreciate their worthiness when their lovely image shines.

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Bon Voyage, Joan

Bon Voyage, Joan

I wish you had a laptop
to take with you on your cruise.
So you could write and say to us
“Good Morning.  How are yous?”

It was not very long ago 
that we had never met.
But, quickly we have come to know
our friendship is a great asset.

Reciprocating a kindly word, 
we introduced our pets.
To others that might seem absurd,
we have done so with no regrets.

Whether walking in the forest
or down those country roads
We know and love a fun brunette
although she chases toads.

(To keep her “Bear” 
from eating them…
She does so with great care.
No frogs allowed; he is her gem.)

But you do not have a laptop,
to take with you on your cruise.
So go have fun, sing; dance ‘til you drop. 
We shall wait to hear cruise news.

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
    January 18, 2010

Poetic form: Quatrain
Dedicated to our friend named Joan.  Bon voyage!  
(But come home soon even if it is too cold…)  LOL

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What effects of Anger in our soul

Anger begets in our souls impatience
And too often habit of cursing

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What 3 sins seem to cause most evil in the world

Dishonesty and
They are therefore to be carefully avoided at all times


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Each Other's Light

Smiles and happy memories
Laughing til we cry
Silly things you'd say to me
Learning how to fly

A perfect summer spent with you
Us riding in your car
Being side by side those days
Becoming who we are

Walking in dark places
We became each other's light
The constant in a spinning world
Made everything all right

A bond that seemed unlikely
To everyone we knew
We are so very different
That it surprised us too

You taught me to be stronger
By building on my strengths
You pointed out the best in me
While pushing to my lengths

And in that way you changed me
Alterations so complete
That I can barely recognize
Who I used to be

I couldn't help but notice
How you became so free
Your smile was so infectious
To everyone you'd see

Such a precious chapter
In the story of my life
I'll hold on to it with all I am
I'll carry you inside

While struggling to let go of it
Dealing with the change
Knowing there's a reason
But wanting things to be the same

And while i'm sad its over
I'm thankful that it was
I was blessed to meet you
In that i'll always trust

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When the well-rested rooster woke up at noon, he found himself in the lap
of a gorgeous boy and he was telling his mom with urgency,
"I want this rooster, he can keep the lonely and moody parrot company!"
And staring at him," It's a rooster, not a pet!" she exclaimed.

Mothers always try to please their kids, and sometimes they really spoil them,
not according to their customs and beliefs, controversially fathers are stricter than them;
"I'll take care of him and soon he'll be living in our ranch home" he promised...
and continuing,"From now on, his name will be Harbor: the lovely place where I found him!"

The gentle boy kept his promise and Harbor became part of the family,
and the talkative parrot taught him to say the exact words he said;
and months went by, but nobody knew that he could speak so humanly,
and how did they find out that Harbor was smarter than an ordinary bird?

They overheard him in a challenging conversation about finding a perfect mate, 
in the shortest time and the shrewd parrot thought he surely would have been the winner,
but to his surprise, Harbor used his accumulated wisdom and searched the nearby farm,
where chicks were bred and then put in perforated carboard crates on a freighter.

Harbor looked around and didn't really like any of the chicks he saw,
and was he about to give up on his search? Suddenly not! He trotted past the noisy farm,
and to his bewilderment, he spotted a young chicken on the grass below...
and gallantly approached her, and with a chat started a romantic affair by keeping her warm.

Harbor and the young chick clicked and they quickly were talking about marriage,
lots of baby chicks to feed: the ultimate dream of two domesticated birds; 
at first, the upset boy wasn't too happy about their agreement, and exploded in rage,
but realizing what was best for Harbor, he finally gave him his blessings.

On the same farm the newly-wed live, and have big plans for a large family;
one more thing, if curious folks decide to visit them anytime soon, they need a reservation.
They will show them around with their fowl hospitality, but rule out temptation;
none of them will end up on their plates for the next Holidays or any other special festivity!

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What do we mean by grievous matter

By ‘grievous matter’ with regard to sin mean that the thought
Word or deed which is committed must be either bad in itself
Or severely prohibited
And therefore sufficient to make a mortal sin if we deliberately yield to it

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What do we mean by our predominant sin or ruling passion

By our predominant sin
Or ruling passion
We mean the sin into which we fall most frequently and
Which we find hardest to resist


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Harvests of Trust

Harvests of Trust

Friendly embraces link two hearts,
Delicately delighting free wills threshold.
Uplifts the soul; then, happiness imparts. 
Genteelly accepting goodwill, like gold.

Loves profoundly; no limits transgressed.
Brightens reality; removes fears and lusts.
Drips with honey; two hearts thrive, caressed.
Dazzling dreams amid harvesting trusts.

An affectionate hug shows forth love's caring.
Strengthening life from friendship's mountain.
Respects new passions fragrantly appearing.
Replenishing kindness, a most joyous fountain—

Simple acts tempered with heartfelt affection.
In a moment connects to an instant shared.
Enjoyed by the shy as well as the brazen.
Shall be like unto natural beauty compared.

Kisses as soft as butterflies fluttering,
Wisps away fantasies surprising, deeply.
Flits serene, feeling breezy and ambling.
Like cherry blossom scents wafting; trusts freely.

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
June 7, 2010
Poetic form: Quatrain

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Spineless & broken hearted

He speaks with so much trust and love it hurts,
Leaving her so mindless and shattered everything is now nothing.
She feels the world revolved only around him,
Keeping her so intact that she bows down as if it was nothing.

We all now see her as a follower who's mind has been warped,
To the views of love that is not shown.
One movement of disagreement and he knocks her into shock and sadness,
Left with the thoughts of pain and regrets from her heartbreaking moans.

Only i feel sorry, and only i hate to see her look unhappy,
Others can't stand, nor ever will they care anymore of her pain.
& only i give in to let her know i am there to listen,
To try and keep her spirits high & remain sane.

He brings her gifts to try and apologize for his mistakes,
& after all that has been said, seemed  to go out the other ear,
She runs to him with tears and relief,
Now i have great fears for her and no doubt that she will come back with more 
Bruises and tears.

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Been There Bunch

We had ourselves a time last night
the card game bordered on theft,
but there was no trouble at all thank God
the losers paid up and left.

The younger men with wives and kids
went home to their early nights,
with their egos went the worry
of there being any fights.

We old divorcees and widowers
would stay until the dawn,
there being no comforts left at home
all of them long since gone.

Alone except for each other
we share an age old bond,
gruff old men with ailments
our camaraderie has grown fond.

We know better but it’s too late
nobody listens anymore,
making the same old mistakes we did 
trashing marriages and fighting wars.

Our poker is penny ante
like our income and politics,
others ended up with the money
while we were getting our kicks.

All of us have stood at the forefront
with weapons or tools in hand,
to build a better safer world
we never broke or ran.

Suffering mud and disrespect
long hours with aching feet,
facing up to the challenges
refusing to be beat.

Companies governments and exes
stripped us to the bone,
taking all we had salted away
even the comforts of home.

But we know for certain in our hearts
the kind of race we’ve run,
finishing without gain or glory
still convinced we won.

Because our nation stands intact
where our children are living free,
built with nerve and sweat and blood
and that’s reward enough for me. 

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The countless flights of noisy seagulls
seem like my days once idled away,
sitting by the ocean appeasing the relentless loneliness of my blues...
beyond that horizon, so traveled by ships, another sunset faded away.

Being brought here by destiny's hasteness,
I am unable to return to my adored land...
hinderd by unknown forces more devastating than summer's violent storms and hurricanes;
even the gentlest breeze can erase those memories still imprinted into the smooth sand. 

Springs have been short and winters last much longer, 
and only the red Lighthouse surrenders to darkness;
the gelid winds of the North batter the snow-decorated docks making the waves rise higher;
this calm harbor resembles a Norvegian fiord from where the Vikings left in small vessels.

Serenity is deeply felt, but not readily greeted as in other milder seasons,
and I can endure the harshness of any winter day with this heavy coat...
the cold and hungry beggar could use it and keep herself warm and sleep peacefully at night;
where's she? I've been sitting by the ocean, she hasn't come to melt away my frozen tears!

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Giving advice is a great way to start;
they may not listen from the very beginning,
but ponder they will until their heart
makes changes and starts loving and living.

Helping partners grow in all their ability and amplitude;
it's a duty and an obligation on your part...
keep on persuading them and take them to that altitude, 
and they will learn and thank you for that!

Some brag about lending their hand with a hint so broad,
to demonstrate how much that individual has accomplished,
but why lay it in the open and let everyone alive know?
Friends never take credit for anything they've given or said!

Helping partners grow by the measure of your sympathy and tenderness,
can bring an overnight change; even a tender hug
is a hope glimmering...when all doors are shut and excessive droopiness
clearly shows in every action, word, look and feeling. 

Reminding others how helpful and kind you have been...
dredges up old vanity and exposes all your credits with intent,
but eschewing humbleness as an estranged, vague secret:  
is an eulogy spoken to deaf ears to get praise for your deed. 

Helping partners grow is the truest example of sworn loyalty,
to make the bonds of friendship stronger and steep them in deep sincerity, 
banishing bad thoughts and exciting the individual's interest in everything...
by letting that mind express new ideas and explore that extrasensory feeling.    


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Latin envolutio = unfolding, development
The growth of the final form of organisms over millions of years
Viewed from Christian perspective
Evolution takes place as God’s continuous creation in natural processes


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My Love {Swap Quatrain}

This is written for my love
The one that I hold above
Precious as a newborn kitten
For my love this is written

We make a perfect team
As we live out our dream
Nothing left to forsake
A perfect team we make

I am blessed to have you
Our love strong and true
Your love I do caress
To have you I am blessed

You are my dearest friend
Always with an ear to lend
My life’s brightest star
My dearest friend you are

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How wrong is the notion than having two great loves...
doesn't make a heart absorb what it immensely adores.

My natural motherland is that southern European country
kisses by the warm waves of the Mediterrean sea,
where a great empire rose and conquered others,
only defeated by the barbarians like the Huns.

My adopted motherland was discovered by Columbus,
who with three ships sailed the Atlantic Ocean confidently, 
hoping to find a route to India, the land of spices and mystery...
and he thought all along it he had found it without any loss.

The first one made a dreamer out of me overnight,
and inspired me with her breathtaking landscapes and skies;
who has ever see Mount Vesuvius throught a teenager's eyes,
and be somewhat moved by the magnificent sight?

The second one nourished my erring and poetic spirit so sensible:
seeing snow-capped mountains, green vallies and sun-drenched canyons;
there all thoughts fled to find kids playing with crayons,
attempting to draw with ingenuity images very awesome and beautiful.

These two countries are loved by me as I loved sweet mother;
the old one holds her strict religious values and the other has more realistic freedom,
not suggesting to quickly discard one, and embrace the other;
I will definitely love them both and honor their flags with the joyful beats of my drum.

How happy and grateful I am to have had these friends fulfilling my worthiness
that  daily shaped my character and broadened my avenues towards success.

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I had hoped to beat the violent storm's shooting hail,
struggling through falling branches, some broken and some whole;
my mutt with a rigid tail growled steadily and pinned his teeth to my jeans,
and I stuck in mud, vainly tried to break loose, but nobody heard my screams.

Trucks loaded with tar drove by and the burning smell made me terribly sick,
someone thought I was the farm's scarecrow and threw a beer can at me,
and he even hissed and cursed with a deriding tone for my disheveled shape;
I waved like humans do, but he thought the gusts had shaken my hands with frenzy.  

Lucky me it wasn't winter, the warmest wind slapped my unconsoled face,
naughty quails flew over to pick strawberries hanging from my torn hat;
all of a sudden a few became a herd, and my body was being mouled into pieces, 
and before I turned into rags and bruises, the farmer came running with his rake. 

And I stuck in mud, I yelled for help, then all the birds flew away with discontent,
the middle-aged farmer introduced himself with his sourthern friendliness;
what would I have cared about his hospitality, if he hadn't pulled me out of the dirt,
and hadn't taken me straight to the shower, and given me some clean clothes?    

This was my immediate need, and he saw it in my disgusted mood and slow thought,
and with his witty Tennessee accent, he addressed me as sir as if I were his officer superior;
respectable and kind, without prejudice for a yankee, he picked me up without effort,
and singing a country tune, he lied me down on the back seat without slamming the door.

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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FREE CEE i've got someone kind on my mind


You thanked me for being there
and made yourself amply clear
but more importantly I care about you
and the friendship we both share

you thanked me for my words of kindness written
well i'm not really smitten
i'm just thankful to have a friend who knows how I feel
and the mutual kindness I believe is real

I was once at a loss for words to say
but suddenly they came to me in a very special way
they were forced from my muddle mind
granted unto me by you, a lady so kind

and so now that my voice and words have returned
I no longer feel lonely, alone and spurned
so you thank me but in truth I thank you for so very much
even though our hands will never touch
          © 2012....copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee~

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We Understand Each Other

We winter down south in Arizona We stay down there six months cause we wantta My friend Bob is about six miles away And often we’d get together to play The model airplane field, was where we first met And that meeting I will never regret After the flying, went out to lunch that day Decided right then this guy’s is OK We had fun sharing our RC Hobby As Model Club Officers we did lobby We even taught a model building class We held that school once and that was the last Bob has a wonderful wood working shop How to use all the tools, he was on top When I wanted to build a mandolin Asked Bob if he had some time to lend We used Bob’s shop, the project turned out neat Took lots of time; not a task to repeat Just recently, I had it set up by a pro And it’s sounding great, I want you to know He’s an entrepreneur and that’s a fact His past working history verifies that We’re much alike, one way or another It seems we always understand each other Bob and I get together now and then Go out to breakfast or lunch with a friend But I’ve got plans for some things we can do Working a project, like we use to do

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Should we give up trying to be good when we seem to not succeed in overcoming our faults

We should not give up trying to be good when we seem not 
To succeed in overcoming our faults because
Our efforts to be good will keep us from
Becoming worse than we are


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Reaching my golden age 
was an improbable, distant image...
rarely thought of, or even visualized by me,
I still cherish the fancy-free boy that was me!

My careful footsteps have become slower,
and my skin is losing its gleaming, brilliant look;
I stand before my photographs displayed underneath
the hand-painted coat of arms with a disillusioned, displeasing glare!   

Could that handsome young man be me?
His skin is so smooth and his teeth dazzling white,
lots of strands with curly hair reflecting a resplendent light...
he's smiling staring at his friend, who's kissing a girl called, "Mimi."  

And unstoppable, bitter tears relentlessly flow; why haven't
childhood and youth waited another year, or even another longest day,
to let me breath with more easiness, seeing myself once again a virile lad...
how horrible and scary is to face the merciless phantom, who will take me away!

But this faith is too strong, and I can defeat any evil force;
and although I seem unable to fight as I did when strength was mine,
an angel will escort me to the gate, which will open to greet this faithful one...
not regretting anymore that improbable, distant image retreating and fading as reality itself!

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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What effect has sloth upon the soul

Sloth begets in a soul
A spirit of indifference
In our spiritual duties and
A disgust for prayer


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Is friendship opinionated?
Intolerant of diverse views…
Inflexible, lacking patience…
Do good friends spread another's news?

Is friendship a carrot waved?
Tossed aside when views contend?
Does it allow disagreement?
Does failure to “comply” bring its end?

Is friendship a get-ahead tool?
Or egocentric networking –
Does friendship vanish once consumed?
Devoured like ice cream…melting.

Manipulation and Friendship,
Do they go hand in hand?
Must a friend bow to every whim?
Definitely not…are my thoughts.

Friendship is none of that…to me.
Friendship knows faults… stands anyway.
Friendship understands and is kind.
Friendship lasts more than just a day.

Friendship endures pains and hardships.
Friendship cherishes, loves, and cares.
Friendship strengthens, and makes better.
Friendship trusts, helps, hopes, dreams, and shares.

Friendship gives compassion…forgives.
Friendship uplifts during sadness.
Friendship safeguards trust, privacy.
Friendship preserves joy and gladness.

A special thanks to you my dears,
You special friends with smiles arrayed,
Consistently, with keyboard near,
You share your worlds with love displayed.

Forgiving faults…as friendships win.
Thank you God, for each poet friend.
Lifetime links, true through thick and thin.
Who share their souls and kindness lend.

Far away friends that talk and play.
Not just folks passing…ending sway.
True friends that brighten each new day
I, thank you, God for friends sweet stay.

© July 9, 2010
Dane Smith-Johnsen

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What is actual sin

Actual sin is any willful thought
Or Omission contrary to the will of God

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A Soul Borrowed for a Time

Sharing thoughts can be a curse
When turned against one’s soul.
A trusted friend, my heart did burst.
What was that friendship’s goal?

Compassion finally did me in.
I shared too much of me.
A lesson taught…a lesson learned.
Forgotten eternity.

Tossed aside like rubbish
When there was nothing left to give.
Not one spot of privacy
Was left in me to live.

I try to hide within myself
Just to ease the pain.
My sacred self fell off its shelf
I bared my soul again.

Every time I read more words
And inspiration’s rhyme –
I wonder if it came from me.
A soul borrowed for a time.

© July, 7, 2010
Dane Smith-Johnsen

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What is Sloth

Sloth is laziness of mind and
Through which we neglect our duties
On account on the labor they require


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                                        SMOKEY - MY FIRST FRIEND

Smokey was a funny cat,
You could see him think.
His favorite place to do this,
Was table or kitchen sink.

He'd loll about for hours,
In seemingly deep thought,
Musing o'er life's mysteries,
Or the mouse he never caught.

He looked so wise just sitting there,
Mysterious and ancient;
Never bothering anyone,
Complacent and so patient.

The only thing he didn't like,
Was being combed and groomed.
If you picked up his comb and brush,
He'd quickly leave the room.

I sweqr sometimes he read our minds,
Knew what we were about,
He understood our every word,
Of that there was no doubt.

He was my friend from babyhood.
We were babes together.
He taught me climbing, stealth nd patience;
our bond could not be severed.

He taught me to look nonchalant,
And even innocent,
If by chance I should get caught,
Whene'er house rules were bent.

Whenever Mom and Dad were cross,
He taught me how to blend,
Into the background or become,
So cute they had to grin.

My memories of him are fond,
I thought he'd live forever.
He taught me fun and love and loyalty,
He won't die, not ever.

                                                          Judy Ball

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Out of love, Eternal God sent Father Christ
His Son into the World
Because of sin, dying
Death of our earthly bodies, also eternal death

Father Christ spoke often about eternal fire
Awaits all those who reject Eternal Father’s merciful love in Father Christ
All who reject the Eternal Son rejects eternal life
He alone who he brings are condemned already

The condemnation is eternal separation from God
What Father Christ refers to as the “hell of fire”
The “furnace of fire”
The “unquenchable fire”

Hell is something man chooses
There are only two ways
Leads to Life
The other leads to death

For the gate is narrow
The way is hard
Leads to Life
Those who find it are few

The narrow way is Father Christ Himself
He said “I am the way
The truth
The life

Following Father Christ means
Following the Church He started
Following the way
Following truth and the life
No one comes to the Eternal Father
But by me”
In Jesus, the Eternal Father has made
A way to life for us

How foolish of me to refuse
I don’t like the means of help He has chosen
For my salvation
I chose to take the help He gave


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How long did Father Christ lived on earth

Father Christ lived on earth for about 33 years
Most holy life 


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Greek = measuring God, rule, norm
The authoritative collection of 
Sacred scriptures in 
The Old and New Testament of the bible


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How is sin divided

Sin is divided into the sin we inherit from our first parents
Called original sin
The other we commit ourselves is Actual sin
Actual Sin  is sub-divided by greater amount of sin or mortal sins and lesser sins is Venial sin

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                                                  SMOKEY AND ME

Smokey was a funny cat,
Filled with fun and love;
Adventurous as all cats are,
And Master of the Hunt.

He stalked the house in search of that,
Which posed some kind of threat,
A bug, a mouse, a ball of yarn,
No pest escaped his net,

That he had formed around our house,
He took responsibility,
To protect us from it all,
Because we were his family.

From babyhood he was my ken,
He always slept with me,
We played for hours in the yard,
Beneath the old Oak tree.

We climbed my swing set, climbed the tree,
Played in my sand box too,
Imagine my surprise to find,
He used it for a loo.

Kitty cat and little girl,
Fought jungle wars, climbed trees,
And then we sailed the Seven Seas,
Buccaneers were we.

We'd hide behind the sofa,
The curtains or in the hall,
And wait in ambush for our prey,
We really had a ball.

My sister's boyfriend happened by,
One night as we were hiding,
I yelled,"Chaarge!" and Smokey leaped,
The boy knocked off the siding,

On the book case in the hall,
As Smokey climbed his leg,
And we were sent to bed that night,
'thout supper though I begged.

Incarcerated pirates we,
The game continued on,
We'd wait until they were asleep,
Then eat til it was gone.

Then we'd escape into the night,
With valuables they cherished,
We'd be away by early light,
Leaving the guard embarrassed.

                                                    Judy Ball

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The Commute

I worked for Boeing when I first met Fred Liked him the instant he called me “brain dead” We were both part of the same office mob Both engineers fairly new on the job I was single then, but didn’t last long Got married and then my Corvette was gone Being married soon my budget was tight When Fred said, “Let’s car pool”; I said, “Alright” Fred drove first on our initial commute The car he was in, was tiny and cute “It’s a Vespa”, he said, “easy on gas” I’m thinking, “In a wreck, I’ll lose my ass!” The engine inside was like a lawnmower A small two stoker, but still was a goer It wasn’t long before carpooling died Fred could drive so cheap, all I did was ride What Fred charged was ridiculously small And on every commute we had a ball Other commuters would stare at the car Till finally I said, “This has gone too far” If someone stared, we’d talk about their car Really loud, so they’d hear something bazaar It was always a put down of some kind We got really good at it over time Every trip to work and back, we had fun Except an earthquake hit while on one run Seeing telephone poles sway to and fro Just wasn’t my bag, I want you to know From his house to mine, wasn’t very far I played the uke and Fred played guitar We’d get together; play and sing a song Our friendship today is still very strong Just as we are close friends, so are our wives We’ll be that way for the rest of our lives Space between triglyphs in a Doric frieze? If you see Fred, ask for an answer please! (I’d sooner Lipton!)

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Father Christ Deal

Eternal Father saw outnumber of people’s sins 
Sad with what He created
He wanted to destroy the world
People hurting each other

Father Christ stopped Him
Told the Eternal Father He would go down to earth
Take People’s cruelty
To start His power over people

He told the Eternal Father people would understand
Ransom Himself
Not to destroy the world
Believed people to be one

Eternal Father searched a woman
To conceive and bear a Son
Angel Gabriel spoke to Mother Mary
You have found favor from (Eternal) God
Holy Spirit will shine over you
You are to name Him Jesus
He will save people from their sins
To save destruction of the world

Father Christ started a Church
For People to be Universal
People don’t understand
In His Church people are saved

What are these other churches?
In there you are not saved
Don’t be fooled
By the Christ’s like religions

There is only one
Deal to the Father
Be Universal to His Church
Roman Catholic

To understand the Two Greatest Commandments
“Love God all your mind, heart, body and soul”
2nd is “Love your neighbor as yourself”
When we love our neighbor, Covers the 1st Greatest Commandment

Other Churches are misleading people
Thought they loveFather Christ
Person who created their Church 
Was the person they believed  and loved

Father Christ is very hurt
People don’t know in His Church 
You’re saved
In others you’re condemned


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What is Anger

Anger is an excessive emotion of the mind 
Excited against any thing
It is an excessive desire for

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From Latin creation = making, producing
The idea that God Himself by His direct action 
Created the world all at once
As if the book of Genesis were an eyewitness account


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Just a tear drop more
shed for the one I hold dear
does she know that it's she I adore
even when she is not near

A wish silently left aloft
nothing more than a wistful thought
such a friendship forged in a bond so soft
that it is all a man like me has sought

Laid to rest upon a bed of clover
rose petal satin and silk sheets pulled over
o' what dreams such a beauty has dreampt
and it's with her that I wish I slept

But she sleeps alone tonight, as do I
under cold stars this night, as I lay here and sigh
What lonely sleep takes me in its stride
I rest without peace because she is not by my side

Alas, the morning is short in birth
and I look ahead for all that it's worth
with the day comes her waking grace
and maybe there's hope to see her face

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Locked Away

My husbands actions locked with my soul and remained at our frount door,
He reenlisted again and had left for the Afganistan war.
My eyes became swollen the tears begain to pour.
Then all of a sudden, for some reason, one day I wasn't mad at him anymore.
I inwardly waited to hear his keys rattle and his duffle hit the floor. 

Quatrain - a hopeful heart

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                                           SPEAK LITTLE, HEAR MUCH

Speak little and hear much,
For words can get you in trouble.
Too many words confuses things,
And then your problems can double.

Some people talk to show friendliness,
And some to be entertaining,
And some to show how much they know,
But talk can tend to be straining;

For too much talk can get on your nerves,
For everyone needs peace and quiet,
And a steady drone like bees in a hive,
Isn't good as a steady diet;

But everyone likes a quiet man,
Who shows courtesy and listens well,
One who is pleased to hear what they say,
But that which he hears, he won't tell;

For a wise man knows when to speak and when not,
And doesn't run off at the mouth,
He knows the less said is the best as they say,
For words are oft turned 'round about;

So keep to yourself the things that you know,
Or your praises will not be sung,
You'll gain more friends and be more at peace,
By simply holding your tongue.

                                                 Judy Ball

                                                                                      Proverbs 17:28

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The Empty Cup

First time since I took pen in hand
I do question why
Does any of help in any way at all?
Just smoke in the sky

I try to pour all of myself out
Emptying my cup
Just a tired old bag of bones
Inside I’m a pup

Many of you are now my friends
As I seek the truth
I have dealt with all my pain
Back to my youth

I live my life inside of a shell
I am breaking free
By the lessons I have learned
I only wish to see

How to offer you other folk
Things that I know
Kind of like that old farmer
Reaping what I sow

I never look in my cup
Empty or its full
Either way that it turns out
Writing is my tool

I do love you all I hope that
it shows, for this love is real.

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When Sympathy

When sympathy seems not enough
and tears would win the day,
remember how your loved one lived,
and how they led the way.

When heartache is all that you feel,
please let your teardrops flow.
That loved one is alive in you
they showed you how to grow.

When sorrow empties out your soul
and nothing's left to give,
remember that you shaped them too,
you're part of how they lived.

Soon, heartache yields to memories
of times you shared and knew.
Remember that affections forged
are strong and always true.

For friendships forged in life's good fire
sustain us in the fray.
Live on, good friends, as alloys strong,
as they did, day by day.

                       When Sympathy

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Time Slipped Away

I started reading early
The poetry on this site
I had so much fun 
The day turned into night

I’m not sure when it happened
Or what I can say
I enjoyed myself so much
The time just slipped away

It wasn’t really my plan
To read all day long
But everyone writes so well
The time was just gone

I really love this site
And all that I have read
I am honored to be here
But now I’m heading to bed!

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I used to work all night
And I slept all day
Sometimes I even 
Forgot to pray
I liked my job
It was plain to see
I liked to work
With the elderly
They made me feel good
Even in a mess
It was a nice warm feeling
I hope God will bless
The patients with love
To give and to share
I can tell the people
That it's me...I care
So if you're near
And you need a friend
Go to a nursing home
It's a friend 'til the end

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What are chief sources of sin

Chief sources are Seven
Pride, Greed, Lust
Anger, Gluttony, Envy and Sloth or laziness
Commonly called 7 Capital Sins or 7 Deadly Sins 

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What kind of sin is drunkenness

Deliberate drunkenness, always a mortal sin
If the person is completely deprived of the use of reason by it
But drunkenness is not intended
Or desired may be excused from mortal sin 

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From Latin magister=teacher
Term for the mandate of the Catholic to present a faith
Interpret it with the Holy Spirit
To protect it from falsifications


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Connecting the Dots Part 2

God mentions in the last days there
will be an increase of knowledge.
And, yes, we certainly do have many
young people heading to college.

But it really goes alot deeper than that,
I mean, we now have the ability to clone.
So it's kinda scary when we look around 
and wonder if it's a "copy" or one of God's own.

As we look back over the last hundred years,
the period we refer to as the "industrial age."
We find; autos,jet planes,TVs,fax machines,computers.
all things considered, can we really turn another page?

Jesus told of some other things to take note of ---
signs that we really should be looking for.
wars and rumors thereof,earthquakes, hunger,
even pestilence(disease) will soar.

In fact, He even went as far as to say that
man will be perplexed by the tossing of the sea.
Hurricanes,cyclones,typhoons.... almost too 
many to count.... if we have eyes, let us see.

He also said that it will be like
a woman in delivery--- having labor pains.
Which indicates an increase in frequency
and intensity, yes.... too tough to tame.

One can't help but notice that is
 exactly what we are experiencing today.
Wars, terrorism, continual earthquakes,erupting volcanoes,
droughts, floods, disease galore... that's just God's way

of warning us that these truly are
the final days in our history.
And it won't be long now until
true believers see Him in all His glory.

Now I have finally come to the end of my poem
and I hope I've helped with "connecting the dots."
Judgement day is fast approaching but remember
He would certainly rather have us be ready than not.

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I'll Never Forget

Eagerly, with baited breath, I await the morrow
Contemplating the fulfilling effect of the bliss
Dreaming about the beauty of the relationship
From the meeting someone new, to a surprising kiss

Contemplating the fulfilling effect of the bliss
I feel excitement in knowing what is in store
Two minds coming together as one, for one goal
Fulfilling one another, while providing even more

Dreaming about the beauty of the relationship
We are two minds that come together, now as one
Knowing the other’s thoughts and schemes
Playing, as well, in the burning heat of the sun

From the meeting someone new, to a surprising kiss
I recall just how we two needed each and met
Coming together with a bond, mutual goals
Now I have a friend, a kinship to never forget

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In the master plan by the MAN
Who created the human race
All humans were made sociable
And earth became their place

Friends are such a necessity
An important part of your life
You couldn’t exist without them
That would bring on too much strife

Casual friends maybe abundant   
You can never have too many
There are also special friends
 And it’s nice if you have plenty

There is still another friendship
That on rare occasions can exist 
Lucky to have just one of these
It’s number one on my Short List

These people are my “Peerman” friends
If you’re “Peerman”, you are the best
These are special people to me
I’m tighter with them than the rest

A relationship built on trust
Where it easy to be yourself
A leaning post that always there
You’re never put on the back shelf

There is a mutual respect
You’re always free to speak your mind
 An open book to each other
That can be read at anytime

Throughout the stages of my life
I’ve been blessed with some friends like this
Some of those from way back in time
Are now lost, since I was remiss 

I vow that will never happen
To the “Peerman” friends that remain
I know that friendships such as these
May not ever happen again

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Above Poetry Soup

Take pen in hand and make your stand
Tell the world who you are
Be not afraid of prices that are paid
Have faith you are a star

To all of you my feelings so true
I hold you in my heart
Will never be a day that I go away
For here is where I start

Times a moment or two is all I can do
I love the words we share
Without a doubt they help me out
Foundation of my prayer

Beginning to end you are my friends
Poets sharing my soul
That is a bond that is so far beyond
Anything else I know

I love the flow and I love to grow
Planting a tiny seed
No need to shout I just write it out
Hoping to fill some need

If it does or not I gave it a shot
Simply because I care
Anything I can do ask and its true
I’ll give all I can spare

I sink my hooks and write my books
That is this poet’s plight
For when your blue what I hope to do
Offer a little light

We can turn it around or upside down
Find what’s hidden inside
It’s a good thing the poems we sing
Each its own special ride

I love to teach but hate to preach
That just isn’t my place
I’m a lamb be blessed or be damned
I hold you in my grace

We make it right by sharing our sight
The knowledge that we know
Sisters, brothers, fathers and mothers
All just trying to grow

Grow into what, you can like it or not
Alliance is our group
That’s why in the sky angels do fly
Above Poetry Soup

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What is Covetousness

Covetousness is Greed
Part of 7 Capital Sins
Or Deadly Sins
Greed is an excessive desire for worldly things

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A really true friend as priceless as gold
A treasure in life to seek and to hold
The greatest of treasures and one we can bless
Is to have one to help you when you're in distress
Rare is this person who stands by your side
Who will shoulder your burden and do it with pride
So remember to cherish this gift to the end
This "wonder of wonders" a true loyal friend
God up in heaven I'm sure has the score
For those who help others with kindness and more
And the point totals high as angels defend
Each person like you who is a true loyal friend

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Infringement before Absolution

I see my woman of love, divine.
Just a minimal distance away,
Banned are we until, full-grown like wine.
She can never be mine, this they say.

Differences of stature define.
Mysteries of the past describe sway.
Our lineage caught in bitter design.
Father tells of the shaky dismay.

My love for her true, she will be mine.
Love I know is greater than today.
We must depart our families vine.
Forgiveness in love shall come one day.

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Revelation means
God opens Himself
Knows Himself and
Speaks to the world voluntarily


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miss you like the rain

I miss you like the rain
when sky is closed
to Texas summer’s 
dying rose

when flowers bloom
to find no mist 
upon there leaves

the earth that strains
and pulls apart
the dry and dusty 
cracking heart

of rivers winding 
that brought the thirsty 
to there knee

the panting wolf
in desert heat
who sees a ghost 
he tries to meet

But moving forward 
the moving water
only tears

the corn and wheat
the cropper’s share
birds they feed 
in summer air

and dust that travels 
without the glue 
the earth to flee

in clouds that tear
the eyes and strain
I miss you like 
I miss the rain

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Love is like a breeze
It comes and it goes
It's like a plant
You talk to grows
Love is like the rain
Sometimes you fall down
But if you listen to God
You wont feel like a clown
Love is like the Spring
The blossoms start to bloom
It's like finding a house
With just enough room
Love is like a story
It should never end
That's when it's nice
Because it's a never ending friend

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It's coming soon
That time of year
For diving deep
And seeing clear
For finding things
You might have lost
From having fun 
At your instructor's cost
It's time again 
for that first Sunday noon
And being sunburned
In the early June
Then trying to find
Some large mouth bass
While taking pictures of
My friend's bare ass
You find your dive buddy
Gasping for air
From laughing so hard
Because you're not there
You want so much
To be on that boat
If only you knew
It would stay afloat
So, if you'd like
To come along
I'm sure with us
We'll make you belong
Come on and bring
Your diving gear
And stay with us
The entire year

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Connecting the Dots Part 1

When you were a young child,
did you ever play "connect the dots"?
And all the while you were doing it,
you'd wonder what it was and what it was not.

Back then it was to satisfy boredom when,
on a rainy day, you needed somethin' to do.
Or maybe you couldn't go out and play with
your friends because the flu had you.

Many believe,including myself, that 
"connect the dots" takes on a new meaning today.
It has a great deal to do with this "snake"
who is bent on leading us astray.

It seems as if he is running out of time,
so he is really focused on the task at hand.
The one thing he wants more than anything else 
is to capture and forever bind the souls of man.

But for those very  souls, God had another plan.
Yes, His only Son gave His very life for us.
And oh the peace and joy that can forever 
be ours if, in Him, we place our trust.

We know for sure that the God of the Bible
is real, just witnessing creation alone.
But not stopping there, the hundreds of prophecies fulfilled
further prove Him out, He so much wants to be known.

Oh yes, one may say "But I can't reach
out and touch Him...... if I dare."
And I say "True,but neither can you
touch the wind, but you know it's there."

And it is this living Creator God that
tells us in His Word that He has a time table.
When the world, as we know it, will cease
to exist and He is the only one able

To determine exactly when that will be.
But He gave us glimpses into the future for all to see.
For He wants none to be banished to hell.....
instead to be ready as He climaxes history.

One thing that He mentions in His love letter is
that His beloved Israel would again become a nation.
And that in our final years here,the Jews,
to this original home,would complete a vast migration.

So as we "connect the dots," we find that 
indeed Israel did become a nation in 1948.
And ever since that time, God's chosen ones did
return there and they endear themselves to that date.

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What is Gluttony

Gluttony like Greed
Excessive desire of Food or Drink
Part of7 Capital sins or 7 Deadly sins
Jesus Christ requires one to confess

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Twelve Apostles

Greek apostolos = someone sent, messenger
The names of the twelve apostles are these
First Simon, who is called Peter [Roman Catholic’s 1st pope] and 
Andrew his brother
James the son of Zebedee 
John his brother
Matthew the tax collector
James the son of Alphaeus 
[Judas [Jude]] Thaddeus
Simon the Cananaean and
Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Him
Mt 10 2-4


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What is Pride

Pride is an excessive love
Of our own ability so that would
Rather sinfully disobey
Than humble ourselves

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deeply, as i sit, i look far beyond
there exists a whole time before now
knowing, or not what's come upon
i can't seem to recall it somehow

your name, your place, your very face
in my existence mean so much 
i think back, try to valiantly retrace
who you are, where we met, and such

yet i see you now in this very moment
and think i recollect an idea put forth
to "live in the now" persuasively potent
that's the best i can manage henceforth

when i grow old, should i be demented
please remember as i try, but cannot
my expressions to you blank, absented
my love for you that i mostly, forgot

© Goode Guy 2011-06-22

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Love Is A Verb

Love is a verb.
Why don't you understand? 
It's not just something you can hold
or give from hand to hand.

When I say I love you
you don't know what I mean.
But, when I gently touch your face
the love can then be seen.

You need to see the action
not just hear me say
I love you and I will show you this
with actions every day.

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Fiddling Sam

There a guy with a fiddle in Tucson town
Known by everyone for miles around
He been around the corner, and back
Eighty eight years old, and that’s a fact

 He’s stays active by riding his bike
Seven plus miles is the ride he likes
At fiddle events where Sam abides
His wife, Georgia, is there at his side
Long a member of Old Time Fiddlers
And that’s the fiddle style he prefers
Sam has a notebook in his pocket
With the fiddling dates on his docket

It was at the first Dove Mountain Jam
That I first saw this Old Fiddling Sam
Knew right away Sam’s a real showman
Watching Sam perform was an omen

We’ve played lots of music together
At many jams in all kinds of weather
We’re even members of the same band
And that experience has been grand

Now Sam and I are very good friends
A close friendship that will see no end
You’ll never heard a musical yarn
Like Sam singing, “Out Behind The Barn”

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What is mortal sin

Mortal sin is grievous offense against the law of God
This sin is called mortal because it deprives us of spiritual life
Sanctifying grace
Brings everlasting death and damnation of the soul

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Shelter From The Storm

           Through the woods, childish feet ran
               With my demons chasing me
                 Fleeing from the turbulence
                So young in life I had to see

           Away from hatred, and from WORDS
                  Far away from all the pain
               To a place that I found shelter
                   From all this broken rain

               I could see you in the distance
                  Like a beacon in the sky
              I ran to you, I knew you'd care
              You'd let me break down and cry

              In giant branches, I found safety
                As you held me close to you
             I confessed to you of my un bliss
                  You always listened, too

             You cradled me inside your arms
                  And held my sobbing face
                   Until the agony was gone
                  And happy found its place

             I would dream beneath your arms
                    Of heroines of Power
                 He loves...or loves me not...
                 With petals from a flower

            I would draw pictures of my dreams
                And like a child I could sleep
                Knowing here that I was safe
              And my secrets you would keep

                 Oh, mighty Oak, Eternal, tall
                  You stood so very, very high
                     So Stately and imposing
               I thought you reached the sky!

                You will always be remembered
                 Then, you were my only friend
                  I cherish you inside my mind
                  Your memory will never end

               How I wish your brilliance stood
                   Upon my new land too
            For, tears still find my face at times
                   But I just can't run to you!

Dedicated to "Peter" my mighty Oak

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My Final Decree

I’m still flying high in the sky
Because I have my friends
In this place I’ve found grace
No rules I need to bend

Without a doubt it comes out
The evil from within
Times it’s hard to forget the yard
Glad that I have my friends

Pain in my soul you’ll never know
But I think that’s ok
Cause I write it out without a doubt
It’s just another day

As of yesterday what can I say?
Love broke open the stone
Friends to my heart always a part
I’m soup down to the bone

A special place home is grace
Let us all join the feast
In the end I love my friends
The belly of the beast

Opened wide nowhere to hide
Finally I am free
In this life I love my wife
And all she means to me

It’s also true that I love you
And all of your advice
Led me home and broke the stone
I am free of my vice

Friends are back I feel like Jack
Just running up the hill
I have no doubt it will work out
Through all the love I feel

You guys got me to be set free
Sending my friends a book
Through the pain the loss and gain
Forgive me take a look

Now I’m as free as a man can be
My heart I fill with love
Once again I’m a worthy friend
A gift from God above

Now I’ve said what’s in my head
I’m tired as can be
I end this write with goodnight
My day’s final decree 

If anyone has any idea how to reach
our fellow souper Margaret Okubo 
could you please give me her hookup
now. We always send each other copies
of our books but I have no idea where 
to send hers to now, God Bless, MJ

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My friend

I am inspired by the inspiration
I inspired in you
Strange, this conversation
Yet, so very true
You are my friend in words
And you believe in me
So inspired by the confidence
Inside of you I see
This person that you are within
Is very good, and kind
The most amazing thing about you
Is what's inside your mind

To my friend Micheal on Poetry Soup

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Diving in April
It's sure to please
If you're like me
You're about to freeze
Diving in April
be sure to bring some towels
For those long boat rides
And the wind that howls
Dicing in April
Don't forget your hood
For if you do
It will not feel so good
Diving in April
The hot tub at its best
Just make sure
You include your favorite guest
Diving in April
You'll need a few to go
Because it's cold down there
When it's 48 below
Diving in April
and meeting new friends
Knowing for the season
You'll know them to the end
Diving in April
Starting a new year
Keep diving with us
No matter what you hear

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If I Only Knew

If I only knew.....
how all of this would end.
Would it change my thoughts of you?
Would you become my friend?

If I only knew.....
how much time that we've got.
Could I let my guard down?
Could I take that shot?

If I only knew.....
You wanted to know me.
That would make the difference.
It's what I just can't see.

The only thing I really know
is that you are too late.
I've tried to beg, to cry and scream.
This life may just be fate.

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Distant Beacon

Tossed around by contemplation
seeking answers I must find
to sever pain and kill the darkness
that dwell within my mind.

Weak and weary, needing solace
blessed by God I saw a light
burning somewhere in the distance
that I now keep in my sight.

Still unsure of where I'm heading
I pray for God to carry me
toward that light that's in the distance
if that light is meant for me.

Everyday I'm one step closer
to this beacon burning bright.
Holding onto hope I travel
through the thick and stormy night.

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Raise a Glass for Cheer

To you my friends, I raise this glass
of love, good will and cheer.
For, may we meet again, for laughs,
at this same place next year.

Fear not the passing on my friends,
should you, not then, appear.
For, we will fill a glass for you
at your setting every year.

For, if you show in spite of death,
to raise a glass for cheer,
well my good friends, I say to you,
“you won’t catch me here, next year!”

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Why did Christ lived that long on earth

Christ lived for about 33 yrs to show us the way to
Heaven by
His Teachings and


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What are the effects of Venial sin

The effects of venial sin are 
Lessening of the love of God on our heart
The making us less worthy of His help
And weakening of the power to resist mortal sin

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A Cut Above

Look not beyond the very tip of your nose
Look not elsewhere for strength or guide
Look not to others for your own self worth
For you are one who should stand with pride

Look not for a tip of a head for affirmation
Look not outward for what you think to be best
Look not at others as if they are all better
Because, my friend, you’re a cut above the rest

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Tula My Faithful Friend

You were always there
Whenever I needed a friend
You were comfort to me
Right to the very end

My sadness at losing you
Has brought me to tears
But your memory will be with me
All through the years

I know that you are safe now
In the heavens above
My faithful friend and guardian
Tula the angel of love

This was written for a friend of a friend that recently lost a family member, her faithful friend and puppy Tula. Many blessings to her and may her grief be replaced by the wonderful moments that she shared with her faithful friend. Smiles from Lena

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From the Latin credo = I believe
The first word of the Apostle’s Creed became 
The name of various formulas of the Church’s profession of faith
In which the essential contents of the faith are authoritatively summarized


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What is Envy

Envy is feeling sorrow at another’s good fortune and
Joy at the evil which befalls him/her as if
We ourselves were injured by the good and
Benefited by the evil that comes to him/her


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I'll Never Forget

Eagerly, with baited breath, I await the morrow
Contemplating the fulfilling effect of the bliss
Dreaming about the beauty of the relationship
From the meeting someone new, to a surprising kiss

Contemplating the fulfilling effect of the bliss
I feel excitement in knowing what is in store
Two minds coming together as one, for one goal
Fulfilling one another, while providing even more

Dreaming about the beauty of the relationship
We are two minds that come together, now as one
Knowing the other’s thoughts and schemes
Playing, as well, in the burning heat of the sun

From the meeting someone new, to a surprising kiss
I recall just how we two needed each and met
Coming together with a bond, mutual goals
Now I have a friend, a kinship to never forget

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Any good quality a thing should have
A thing is perfect when it has all good qualities
God is infinitely perfect
For he possesses all good qualities in a highest possible degree

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Why I Love It Here

It happened fast, oh yes it did
The time here wasn’t long
But I made friends who I admire
With feelings oh so strong

Each day I wake, with hopes to see
All the friends that I have made
I want to hear all of their reviews
And read what they have to say

I want to absorb any meaning
That they may post in verse
I want to laugh if they joke
For all their words, I thirst

I want to be there for them too
To teach and maybe inspire
If I can share something I know
Then of writing, I’ll ever tire.

I love to read and then review.
I love to write mine too.
But most of all, I love it here
Because of you and you and you and you.

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Help Me

Exigent words
Cogent and plain
Hanging beneath
A precipice of pain

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Houston, Dawn.

Just like the blanket pulled up over morning
sliding down off of the sun
A stretch of the air through the wings of the night
remembers us when we were young
Stiff from still sleeping the world starts to spin
and we steady our feet to inspire
More than one nod to the sky with our prayers
directed and spiraling higher
We are the mirrors to morning's reflection
We still assure her she's ours
We never let her get down and discouraged
sleeping with moon dust and stars
She is the soothing to insomnia
She is the get up and go
She holds our hands on the cloudiest days
when winter odd winds start to grow
Just like the matchstick lit up in the dark
shadows in orange, softened and sweet
we are in shadows 'till the blanket is pulled
and the sunshine rolls over to waken from sleep
Every new hour of life and of love
starts with the crack of her smile
Dawn of horizons, new morning hope
to bathe in and relish a while...

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Never Stop

(Dedication to a very dear friend) 

When things don't seem to go your way and the load 
You carry now is so heavy to bear one single day more 
That's when you feel like you may be just falling down 
And realize that things are taking its toll like never before 

Bear in mind, that you can always depend on Him and me too 
You can always stop and push all of your troubles away 
And leave behind all your cares and your woes any time too 
Just try to find some sort of joy and happiness in every single day 

Concentrate a little harder in every thing that you do,the choice is yours, 
Focus and reach all your goals, take the walk, right to the top! 
Start today by fighting, and reaching out, for a better tomorrow 
Achieve and make every single one of your "dreams" come true and never stop! 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 

June 13, 2009 

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I'll Miss You

My friends, I must be leaving
Sorry, but I have to go
Vacation, now, is calling me
My family needs me so

I will continue writing
So then upon return
I’ll let you read my poetry
And all that I have learned

I know I’ll miss all of you
Yes, each and every one
For reading all your poetry
Provides each day with fun

I hope you aren’t saddened now
You, who I depend upon
My friends, I need to know one thing
Will you miss me while I’m gone?

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From the Latin credo = I believe
The first word of the Apostle’s Creed became 
The name of various formulas of the Church’s profession of faith
In which the essential contents of the faith are authoritatively summarized


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Flowers for my Friend

I am going to visit with a friend today.
She has invited me there for some tea.
I would like to take a gift for her,
but have nothing to offer, except me.
She said not to dare to bring a thing,
for scones and croissants shall be served.
Knowing I shouldn’t go empty handed,
I have to get what she deserves.
She is the dearest of friends, so full of hope.
Generous? Oh, yes, to no compare!
Yet, she tells me not to bring a thing?
I have to, but what do I bring there?
Ah, flowers for her, that’s what I shall take.
Something aromatic for her to display.
Though, my money is scarce, my little bit
will be better spent on her today. 
When our tea is over and I have gone,
from this woman on whom I depend,
I know that I have done what was right
by bringing flowers for my friend.

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Our Differences

Have you ever noticed
how some people look away?
They turn their head and watch the ground
untill you walk away.

What is it they're afraid of?
What is it that they see?
Don't they know we're all alike?
We're all HIS family.

The peace I need is hard to find
in a world so torn by hate.
Why can't we see things eye to eye?
Is it that hard to relate?

The differences we share
make each of us unique.
Then why is it when we look around
the world just seems so bleak?

If ever you should pass me
please hold your head up high.
I may not know just how you feel
but I promise I will try.

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Internal Beauty

Oh beautiful one
on the verge of the brink
on the rim of believing
you're oh what you think
Oh beautiful one
to declare delicate
all the virtue you have 
in integrity set
Oh beautiful one
don't be so eclipsed
by the shadow of words
that you hold on your hips
Oh beautiful one
you render and shine
with a thought which emerged
quite unique in design
Oh beautiful one
your wishes are true
on the verge of the brink
this reflection is you...

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My Rock

You are my rock, my savior.
Without you I would die.
I can't imagine life alone.
I couldn't even try.

You make each day worth living
with your jokes and goofy ways.
No matter how messed up life gets,
you're the one who always stays.

I never worry you'll leave me.
I know your not that kind.
I'm sure that I could search the world
but a better man I'd never find.

I thank God for sending you to me.
I hope I am deserving.
I'm letting you read my thoughts of you
and yes, it IS self serving!

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Season to Heal

Raw is the nature and talent of birds
Fearing the holes of dark art
A coping will against sin so divine
Bull’s-eye in the path of a dart
Course of bold habit, stick with a lifter
Ransacked with promise and gleam
My floating shell sinks to the depths of hell
And I know I’m hard cracked in dreams
Stay in without chancing the sting that must come
Flaw without need to be spawned
Primaly still in near creeping demise
Overbearing life pressure’s begun
Won’t bliss or convey this dormant dismay
Creational slip below reason to feel
Though loaded with pride and glad you reside
‘Tis not yet my season to heal

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What Ever Will I Do?

Where do I go now?
What can I do?
I wanted to write
But where are you?

I turned on my computer
And you were not there
All I found was empty
I just sat there and stared

I didn’t think I liked it
But now I’m sure I do
I don’t know how I’ll live
Without visiting you

I really didn’t notice
The first thing that I do
I get up in the morning 
I go straight to you

I find my list of poems
And then I start to write
I even catch myself
Looking there at night

No it’s not an addiction
It’s just the way it’s been
I seem to have found a place 
I feel like I fit in

Some may think it’s silly
Maybe obsession
I don’t care what they think
This is my confession

I want to see my poems
Filtered through the loop
I like to have the feedback 
From my friends at Poetry Soup

I wrote this poem this morning while the service was unavailable. This is just for 
fun and I guess I was really bored. LOL  

I want to say thank you to all that have commented on my work and made me feel 
like I fit in. Smiles from Lena "Lolita"

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Happy Birthday

We all sing and wish Happy Birthdays to friends
To family, too, we always wish them the best
I’m here to say and maybe sing a song for you
Thereby overshadowing all you heard from the rest

Happy Birthday to you, my dearest of friend
You make my life better just knowing you
You’ve given me gifts since we first met
I give back some love that you can hold true

It’s not in a pretty box, nor comes with a card
There are no lottery tickets for you to scratch
Happy Birthday to you my dearest of friend
From the person whose heart you did catch

Happy Birthday, today you’re only twenty one (haha)
May you be blessed with love, joy and glee
Happy Birthday to you my dearest of friend
This is sent with honest love, to you,  from me 

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Between Us

Don't tease me
a common word exchanged
between friends who are lovers
excitedly rearranged

Just stick around
so easily spoken
among the closest of people
but tragically broken

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Just a Second, Mable Applebee

I'll meet you in the backyard
with chinaberries and tea
with cut-offs on and marigolds
and photographs to be
We'll dig a trench and tunnel
We'll run through sprinklers too
We'll tangerine the afternoon
until the sky is blue
The world will whirl around us
the summer bolting by
We'll lay on woolen blankets
and blow kisses at the sky
We'll plant another fig tree
and push around our thoughts
'till they all line up in obedience
and produce the goods they've brought
If you will speak a story
then I will hum a song
and maybe the birds on the back phone line
will fly on down and sing along
If we can muse the day light
to bite a chunk off the moon
then maybe the day will unravel away
on this perfect afternoon...

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This Time of Year

At this time of year, thoughts of thanks come to mind
Appreciating friends, family and all those who touch us
Though I’ve said this before my friends, many times,
Thanks. My wish is that your Thanksgiving is glorious.

I’m so sorry for repeating myself, as I know I am doing,
But I don’t think I can express enough gratitude and praise.
See, I was like a boat, floating aimlessly on the darkest ocean
Until I found my friends, to lead and brighten my days.

So, my friends, a gift of thanks I wish you all to have.
I too, wish that I could give just so much more.
Know this that thanks goes hand in hand with love
And for that reason, you all are blessed forever more.

Be blessed with good health and happy days.
Be blessed with love and good friends.
Be blessed with the chance for new memories
And thank you all for a friendship that never ends.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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He says he's thinking
about what, i don't know
but my wonder ain't shrinking
Soon he'll tell me though

My patience is little
it's already snapped
his mind still like a riddle
But at least on the door i have tapped

waiting and waiting
just a little bit more
his thought he will be stating
i still don't know what in store

tick tock tick tock
click click click
there goes the clock
the seconds will slowly slip

yet still here i stand
my wonder ain't shrinking
i fiddle with my hands
As away he is thinking

wrote this in school, while i was waiting for my friend to talk to me next block.

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The hand that reaches softly
May not be one that’s near
But belongs to one so distant
Yet still you hold so dear

For distance cannot suppress
The feelings that arise
By the hand that reaches softly
That makes you feel alive

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Laid Out

I was bound to bed, not for good
For sickness had overtaken
Getting up was just so difficult
I felt, just so, forsaken

No talking to my friends at work
Nor poetry for me to read
For sitting up was difficult
So I couldn’t fill my need

The hospital, doctors sent me home
Saying, for days to get some rest
Until the stomach bug disappears
But do they know what’s best?

My kids, they even did me in
By disabling my PC
Not having time to sit, to fix
Left me so unhappy

I cannot wait to be better
Then reading I will do
From my office I’ll work and play
And catch up with all of you

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Just Me

I'm not the "Scum from Swartz Creek".
I'm not the "Geek from Gaines".
I'm not the "Brat from Byron",
but the stigma still remains.

I've worn so many labels
and I've lived up to them all.
Refuse to be on display.
I just can't take the fall.

If what you see is ugly,
or just not what you'd be,
try to see how important it is
that you be you and I be me.

I'm not the Scum from Swartz Creek.
I'm not the Geek from Gaines.
I'm not the Brat from Byron,
but the stigma still remains.

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Showing of Stars

Silence and shooting stars
Icycle wind
Spins me in every way
Beckons me in
Night of the deepest blue
Moon on my face
Air of the mountains
mingled with space
Winter is on the wings
Let's sip the silence
I'm filled with shooting stars
nature's compliance
Pines on the evening watch
Protectors elite
You by my side
makes this moment complete...

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News of Her Passing

She stood among the many faces of the volume
Yet, she remained a silent presence in the active world
She looked about, feeling lost and deep isolation
Just too much to truly handle for this little girl

Though a woman in years, her mind was so very young
There was no complete understanding grasped, ever held
Her wish, to fit, to fill, to just be a major part of the rest
With dreams and hopes, alive within, to never quell

The sunlight turned a blind eye upon her that June day
As darkness overcame her thoughts, creating then more strife
That lost, lonely girl, may she find the peace she always sought
For on that day in June, the world cried, she took her very life

A poet of the world, a gift for many hungry minds
For our eyes can only now look upon her written past
As no more dreams to write of, nor thoughts expressed
I pray she found her happiness and that it lasts

Godbye my friend, sorry I wasn't there for you. I am also sorry and saddened that 
time and so many miles came between us.

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I Am Your Muse

Where dwells the fire of your burning passion?
Is the flame extinguished before the match can strike?
I ask, no, I beg to know where exists your flame
For I am here to help it on and to ignite

Where are the dreams that do so fill your fantasies?
Are they present and do they carry you away?
I ask, no, I beg to know where exists your mind, now
For I am here to guide you through your day

Relax, give in, let your mind and body feel
The presence of my hands as they stretch upon your skin
I am here to provide you with all that you may wish
And be able to write about all that lies within

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Thanks for Being You

No words can ever say so much
Nor properly express
The way you make me feel, always
You make me feel so blessed
A person of genuine nature
Who inspires just the best
I want to say this properly
You’re a cut above the rest
You always bring me sunshine
On the cloudiest of days
When monsters enter nighttime dreams
You chase them all away
When hopes are lost to extreme winds
You catch them just for me
So thank you very much, dear friend
For the person you so be

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Just Know

If you need me I’ll be here
I’ll be there, be everywhere
If you don’t, know still I’m here
So you know I always care

If a moment, take some time
For you, yes you, I have an ear
Or just be quiet and give a smile
For then it brings me so much cheer

If verbose, fear not at all
I am ready to listen and give aide
For it is my reason to be here
For you’re the reason I was made

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Sunday's Sermon

To use one’s hand to touch a heart
Is to caress one’s inner being
To let them know that you are there
That kindness is never fleeing.

To sing a song, deaf ears can hear
To prepare the food for others to taste
To provide them warmth on bitter days
To allow, not time to waste.

To do these things, not seek reward
Your reward’s found in the giving
Waste not your time and grieve a loss
But focus on the living

It’s now that we all need your touch
Of our lives, please be a part
Reach out your hands to one another
And learn to touch a heart.

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Missing Andrea

When I am in your presence
and our souls are drawn in line
we pale the day in an eccentric way
within the folds of time
When we are separated
our souls demagnetize
We crumble in our delivery
dust to dust and rust inside
I watch the clock impatient
with my fingers tapping your tune
Make ready your feet to be with me complete
under one and the same golden moon
I'm catching the next constellation
to fold and unfold wrinkled time
I'm internally set by the pulse in your wrist
just as you are incumbent with mine...

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More Than a Friend

Through many years, all good times had My sister, more to me, than friend Our love, it grew, to always last This friendship grown will never end Through hard times faced and pain endured You’ve been there for me, always strong My legs were weak, yet you held me high My one true friend, so held lifelong For you have been much more than friend A saving grace, a blessed soul Thank you, my friend, for all you are For being a part, that makes me whole My life would never be the same If you were gone, for even a day So love and thanks I wish to send For your health and joy, I’ll wish and pray

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More Than Gold

Not more than silver. Not more than bronze
But, greater value, so I’m told
I never thought, but so often prayed
That I’d be valued more than gold

Such words so said, have made my day
For friendship’s felt over the miles
Same back to you, my poetic dear friend
And thank you for the many smiles

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Inga's Voice

The scents I hold intangible
yet haunt me still, they do
and noises are uncageable
I remember but a few
But feelings, thoughts and elements
I've found with great delight
are caught between my sentences
and this without a fight!
So baubles, bubbles and the like
are light upon my page
and float they do upon my lips
on days I'm filled with rage
They calm my inner spirit
and sweeten up my tongue
and remind me of the laughing hearts
we had when we were young
So capture up your own my friend
the memories of your choice
The words flow easy out your pen
Immortalize your voice...

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I'll Be Your Dream

I’ll hold open your door,
Gladly pull out your chair.
On a bus, I will stand
So, you can sit there.
I will let you walk first. 
I’ll throw my jacket down
When you need to walk through
The puddles on the ground.
I’ll come to your aid
If you should ever scream.
Your knight in shining armor,
I’ll be your dream.
Some say it is chivalry,
But I know what is true.
Why I do all these things
Is to love and respect you.

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Whispering Winds

Whispering winds, from where did you come?
Did you come here to entice and excite?
Were you the thought of one sent to another
to gently seduce, in the night?

Whispering winds, where do you go
after you affect all of us here?
Are you just that, lingering about,
ready to drive us to tears?

Whispering winds, don’t go so fast,
I need you to speak to my friend.
She needs the whisper in her ears
and here’s the message I’d like to send

Just close your eyes, oh lovely one,
let the wind whisper to your soul.
Dream your sweet dreams, dream on and on
and let yourself lose control.

Come back to earth another day,
just so you can dream again.
When you need to hear my words,
the whispering winds I will send.

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Chelynne's Book

Sand between my toes I've saved
along with flowers pressed
A tortoise shell of black and green
from when I lived out west
On my desk I even hold
a ruby found in ancient Rome
and opal shells made just for me
from snails I met in the Aegean Sea
But what I hold dear to my heart
comes clear the best in ink
So I seal them down indelible
and kiss them with a wink
I hold them here inside this book
along with thoughts of you
For, sister, you and I are one
instead of only two...

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Hand Out

Her spirit lives within her words
Although you may not understand
But look between the lines she offers
You’ll see her holding out her hand
If not for holding you when needed
Then for you, to hold her, very tight
Just take it then, it’s there for you
To give her strength when there’s a blight
Her friendship given is a blessing
For smiles she’ll leave upon your face
A treasured friend unlike another
One in fact you can’t replace
So, when you see her hand for holding
Take it fast before it’s gone
You’ll find her friendship is worth having
And will remain forever strong

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Know, that time is constantly moving,
therefore, our time will one day end.
It is, now, that we should be constantly living;
the life is, now, we should defend.
For though tomorrow, there is hope
and even yesterday, it’s now gone.
Today, the day that we all share in,
is the day we should all bask in the sun.
My message is strong, it should be clear now.
Do not forsake the things that you have.
For today is the day you have to enjoy them
before they end up as part of your past.
Remember, now, my friends and family,
there is a life, of which, that we all know
and if, we give it up for tomorrow,
then, within the life we’ll never grow.
We must stand strong, while living today.
We must realize friends and family we have.
We must acknowledge all others around us,
for if not in our present, they’re part of our past.

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Make Me Feel

I am calling you, where have you gone?
How come you’re not about?
I need to hear from you right now
Or I am going to shout.

Please calm me down, just as you do
I need your touch right now
My head it hurts, I’m so stressed out
I need relief and how!

Only you can truly make me feel
Obliterate my strife
Thank you oh so very much
For entering my life

Now, come right here, need you now
My head it truly spins
Soothe me with your gentle touch
Caress me now, my skin

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Your Words

I read your many written words today
My mind was pulled to then
The many, lovely days we played
I wish for them again

I had to go, had much to do
A focused mind to hone
But, now I stop to think of you
And the love to which you’re prone

You may not wish to speak to me
Or then again, you might
I only wish that you could see
Your words bring me delight

So, I’ll read your words again tomorrow
And for every day there after
You’ll always chase away my sorrow
By filling my days with laughter

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Now, See It

It lies within your very soul
Just let it out, wake the dormant beast
Allow it to feed on the day, the night, everything
The words you then write will be for us, a verbal feast

It is not always recognized, nor seen
But, yes, it is there, I can see it within you
Come to terms with your power, the strength of mind
Your talent will shine bright toward everyone, with all you do

One day, I know, I will read your books
I will smile to know that I was there when you began
Before you knew who you were and all that you could do
Then you can come to terms with it, because of all your fans

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She is...

She speaks with fierceness towards her own self,
But never a bad word does she speak for another.
She is truly one, who is special and loved, 
If only she would let herself discover.

She has a strength that is seen right to her soul.
She has a power to woo with her words, too.
She has quickly become a friend to all, here.
She is like all of us. She is even like you.

You may not know her, if to ever see her.
You may not even have known her name.
Know this, though, she feels she’s different,
But I know different, she is the same.

She’s got feelings just like us all.
She will bleed if she’s hurt and will scream out.
Yet, she still feels like she’s all so different,
But, there she knows not what she’s talking about.

Though smart as a whip and possesses one, too, (hehe)
She’s vocal and vibrant, now part of my world.
She’s very quick witted and therefore so funny
And I’m happy to call her a friend, this girl.

She weeps when she’s lonely and fears overcome,
She is just an old softy, you see.
Though, she may be rough on the exterior,
She’s every bit a woman and a friend to me.

So should you come to one day meet her
And get to know her, as you should,
Remember that she is a winner who
Can be your friend the best she could.

She is the one that would always help you.
She is the one who steps up to bat.
She is the one that offers encouragement.
She’s just so good and that is that!

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Thanks for You

You’re just so downright generous
With the gifts you give to me
From words, expressions, hope and love
All things to set me free

You always make me feel so good
As you brighten every day
Because, oh special friend of mine
You love to play and play

So, thanks to you, my special friend
You’ve changed my life for sure
I hope to do the same for you
And even give you more

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Hats Off to Lori

I need just to tip off my hat to inspire
this palest of blonds in her bristling fire
From glints in her eyes which force me to smile
to dreams she lays out like a feast.
I wish to be near her and wander her presence
from every word which becomes every sentence
From family to friend in a spark of an instant
this sister of mine is complete.

All of your dreams are quite safe with me
I'll fill up my hat with you eternally
From moonshine to cold in our hair in the city
we memorize every street.
Let's always promise to keep this connection
of just you and me and a night of perfection
From winter's embrace to our laughing reflections
Replacing my hat, I'm complete.

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Friends to the End

I know we never met, really, never saw each other.
That isn’t something that should even have relevance.
Realize, dear friend, that through our correspondence
We have grown closer, a friendship with elegance.

I have come to know you, your dreams and wishes
And you, oh friend, now know me, equally, as well.
Those secrets in your heart and your wonderful mind,
Don’t worry, they’re safe with me. I’ll never tell.

I have come to know you, the person that you are and
The things, your essence, that keep you going each day.
I know your fears, your hopes, and even your desires
And that there are things you will never wish away.

You have come to know me, my thoughts and dreams,
The way I view life and my feelings for all.
You are a true friend, perhaps more another time,
But know this, I’ll come when you beckon and call.

For, our friendship, something I value more than myself,
It dictates that on me you can always, in every way, depend.
You have my love. You have my thoughts and prayers.
You have all of me! We are friends to the end!

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Soft, the Memory

For, here they lay amidst the clouds,
Two lovers bonded by their desires,
With hopes of tomorrows filled with love,
Never quenching their internal fires.

Two lovers bonded by their desires;
They awakened, but separate, upon that day.
Their hopes, though eternal, had seemed empty.
For they had awakened in utter dismay

With hopes of tomorrows filled with love
They realized their friendship was all they could share
Upon separating after the dance of their dreams
They realized for each other, they could only care

Never quenching their internal fires,
With hopes of love for each new day,
These two lovers, in dreams, forever bonded,
Separated that night and went their own way.

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Good Wishes to You

My friends, I must say
How you’ve all touched me dear
In your own special ways
You’ve brightened this year

The lights that you show
Stemming right from your hearts
Set my life aglow
With the love you impart

As authors and friends
As poets with songs
May your words never end
For here’s where you belong

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I'm Always Close

No matter how I ever wander
Nor where I place my feet
I will be forever grateful
To the many friends I meet

I will never be too far away
Just hold me yet so dear
So if one day I am to leave
In heart, I’ll still be near

My friends do not ever worry
I will always be in view
For every road I ever wander
Forever leads me back to you