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Quatrain Father Poems | Quatrain Poems About Father

These Quatrain Father poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Father. These are the best examples of Quatrain Father poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The little soldier boy

His daddy is fighting in Iraq.
His mommy is fighting tears.
His brother is fighting death.
He is fighting his desolation and fears.

Friends are but a dream
and companions are an illusion.
School is a concentration camp,
but he stands, though alone, in the midst of confusion.

His training school is loneliness.
His milestones are fears, thrust in lies.
His only weapon is faith
and his bullets are soft "hallelujah" cries.

Strength left his fragile body
and he lost the fight in life so coy,
yet on his knees he conquered agony
and I call him the little soldier boy.

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You asked me to forgive you
Still you would cause me pain again
Your words rained down like daggers
Soaking my soul with so much pain

I know i was taught to forgive
It became harder every day
All the ways you had to hurt me
I was the game you loved to play

You had quite an imagination
The ways you would describe my demise
Thankfully I chose not to follow
Yours was a pathway paved with lies

In my mind I reinvented 
Chose a future that was worthwhile
Yes I took a few steps backwards
Still moving forward all the while

As the gap between us lengthened
God took my heart and made it whole
Yes beginnings are important
I learned forgiveness plays a role

It was not so much about you
Or all the things that you had done
My healing could not be complete
Without knowing God's only Son

There is light beyond the darkness
Perhaps one day I will see your face
I hope you asked God for forgiveness
Your sins will be gone without a trace

If my Savior can forgive you
The way he has forgiven me
There is more to who you were
Than what I was able to see

I forgive you dad

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12,045 Days ......(and counting)

My affirmation deceitfully severed
forever robbed by selfishness
Left to tackle life alone 
Tumbling in the wake of my dad's mess

He left when I was three 
The crevasse has increased for 33 years
Traded his life with us 
For another woman and a couple of beers

He wasn't there to pick me up
When I fell off of my bike 
To teach me how to fish 
Or enjoy a nature hike

Now I'm a father to my son 
Hoping not to make the same mistake
Living day to day on this lake of life
My son in tow through my own wake

It's been nine years and we're going strong 
Six more years with my son
That's more with him than I had with mine 
My son I guard in a web I've spun

A web of love, discipline, and nurture
Full of "I love you's" and "see ya in the morning"
A kiss before school and one before bed
Lots of playing, talking, reading, and singing

My son doesn't know the pain I feel 
To not know my dad in intimate ways
No hands to comfort me or words to heal
No dad in sight for 12,045 days.............................(and counting) 

My son and I have a great relationship and for this I am thankful......

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He Was Once a Politician

That's not my elephant! my father said to me
Mine is pink with wings, funnily, he likes to eat spaghetti
I think I'll call him Ella, named after a girl I knew
We danced at the 2nd graders ball, her dress was so see through

My father was once a politician, until his marbles began to set
I visit him as often as I can, introducing as if we'd just met
But somewhere in his confusion, he can recite The Bill of Rights
And once he does he smiles, to me he can still delight

As I turn to leave, to wave goodbye, in his eyes I see a tear
Still reciting The Bill of Rights, smiling from ear to ear
With Ella from the 2nd graders, he smiles in self triumphant
As he points towards the window, it's not pink, that's not my elephant!

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Dad's Last Ball Game

Being the shortest in my high school gym class
Attempts to play basketball brought no success
Broke my finger while trying to catch a pass
Leaping to take balls from tall girls? What a mess!

Always loved football, baseball and soccer too
But in basketball I succumbed to defeat
Just couldn’t get into it, that is true
Till Dad took me to see the Miami Heat

Startled he was, watching me jump up and down
Although my enthusiasm was contrived
The cheers of other fans my loud voice did drown
This was the last time I saw my Dad alive

I’m so thankful now that I went to that game
Dad was so grateful for these moments we shared
When I watch basketball now, it’s not the same
It was Dad and not the sport for which I cared

*Entry for Deb’s “Play Ball” contest

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Dream of Death

I dreamt my father came to me
From beyond the grave words spoken
He held my hand and said to me
Your life cycle has broken

Mom sent me here to fetch you
And take you home to heaven
I rejoiced and hugged my Dad
Eager to see my late folks and husband

But before I could get dressed to leave
My father had departed
Does he still wait to take me home?
Answer, Dad, I'm broken hearted

To join all my loved ones in the afterlife
Brings great joy to me, no fear
So I will sleep lightly again tonight
In hopes Dad will reappear

*Entry for the "Dream Land" contest.   (Based on a real dream.)

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When I look into your eyes
I see right through
To the back of your mind
What’s bothering you

Everyday you carry guilt
Never bother to pick up the phone
Just to straighten it out
But it seems you want to be alone

You say you want to make up
The lost birthdays and years
For destroying our family
For the dreaded tears

Over a year no letter in the mail
Over year there’s no call
Over a year no sign of life
Over the years you never cared at all

You only want to get it out
Just so you don’t feel bad
Only for your benefit
So your life is no longer sad

Y say you want to be close again
By buying me anything I desire
But love you can’t buy
So all you are is a liar

I know you have regrets
But you’ll eventually pay
You might be happy again
When you grow up one day

You let the pain stand in your way
You tried to block us out
But you only put distance between us
Now your own kids you know nothing about

You never know what to say 
Being selfish and covering up the pain
Never saw what it did to us
Tired of losing now you want to gain

Over the years I forgot how you hurt me
I forgot to call you dad
I forgot you all in all
I forgot everything  bad

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As Far As I Can

Sore to the bone
Running on a drop of energy
Just gotta push through
I'll rest eventually

My shoulder has gone numb
But my body feels her weight
As if she's gotten heavy
Since her unconscious state

If I could, I'd stop right now
But who knows how safe it is here
And if I could even start again
I may fall asleep I fear

Soon my body will give up
But I'll make it as far as I can
And hopefully haven isn't too far
And I can put her in helping hands

Walking all day and night
It's hard not to think on past
And any thought I come up with
Has me struggling to hold sobs back

I've kept my ears open
Trying to focus on only sounds
But all I keep on hearing
Is my shoes crunch on foreign grounds

Bang. I hear it softly.
So far but still so near.
Bang. Another gunshot sounds
And I've collapsed in fear.

I close my eyes but another goes off
This time in a memory
And now I'm filled with rage
At how repulsive humans can be

My thoughts turn to my baby
Slipping off of my shoulder
I set her down and examine her
Bloodstained gown and skin colder

My worst nightmare but it can't be true
I listen in for her sweet breath
No. No No. No No. No No.
What's this silence? This isn't death.

This time I don't close my eyes
I see a sight that makes me sob
Memory of the last I saw my wife
And now my baby's with her mom.

Each one of us left covered in crimson
By a monster, a gunshot, a blow
Their death is the death of me.
This is as far as I can go.

May 2010
Inspired by Morris Gleitzman's novel "Once," a historical fiction about a boy in Poland
during the Holocaust.

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Dad Was The Last Snowflake

The last great snowflake standing
Little snowflakes fell swiftly
All around the house they fell
Eight male flakes_three little girls

House was lively in winter
As they all warmed by the fire
Boys' boistour tales, girls brush long hair
Then silence all rested heads

At four A.M. each morn_chores
Breakfast, lunch packed off to school
Walking that long mile was rule
School was important dad said

Soon the oldest snowflake wed
As life goes all followed him
Leaving the warm hearth behind
Some of them to produce twins

As life goes_death visited
All their humble doors sadness
Some had children die at birth
And some at very young age

What they saw in their lifetime
Changes that took place_cars_planes
Atom bomb that ended war
None their warm family disgraced

Death started visiting doors
One above  middle went home first
Then slowly they all went home
But dad was the last snowflake

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In the darkening room I stood:
tears welling in my eyes:
by the windowed-wall, looking out,
my small chest full of sighs.

Headlights bright white and tail lights red,
paired, meandered down the street,
yet the white headlights that I sought
seemed only to retreat.

Cold, calm, singular, tear drops fell,
soon reaching down turned lips;
as in the house across the street,
the living room was lit.

A Father held his baby high. 
He hugged that toddler tight.
I wiped the corner of my eye,
and gazed into the night.

Above the darkened woodland near,
beneath a cobalt sky;
the highway brought their Fathers home.
alone again stood I.

Horns blared out in drives near by
sweet laughter filled the air,
and, in the drive across the street,
their Fathers did appear.

The children ran out slamming doors,
on small unshodden feet,
with tiny squeals, and upturned cheeks,
their Father they did greet.

Where was the father who I sought
our lives incomplete
a traveling man, my Father
did nothing but retreat.

*A memory from when I was 8.

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Average Age 19

Once again, the powers that must
In rise again in what we trust
An overseas conflict, another war
Just what in the hell are we fighting for

Families are asking, Korea has just passed
Generations again reft, how long will it last
A country in need, to rebuild again
Flags at half mast, in wind and rain strain

Once again into war, sent by the Washington Post
To send back reports to hit home the most
Military observers were the first to be sent in
Another chapter of man entering existing sin

I'm witnessing our ariel power, Lam Son 719
US planners determine their incursion, saying all will be fine
Along the Mekong River, we'll carpet bomb their supply trail
Tons of munitions and napalm, this spread surely cannot fail

Many sorties are being flown, for the wounded and the dead
Whilst Nixon and his cronies, aren't thinking with their heads
The news of losses has reached me, nineteen have been killed
Eleven missing, fifty nine wounded, more American blood spilled

Seven fixed wing aircraft, more sons in action loss
Whilst back at home more protests, fading the dyeing's gloss
To to this job that I do, I was never prepared for this
To witness such bloody scenes, and ignore that life is bliss

How can I write about a soldier, whose name I'll never know
Killed at nineteen years old, his family he'll never see grow
Or even explain to his parents, when carried from the AH-1
His body bullet riddled and limp, when lifted it bloodily run

I never went back to the theatre, called the Vietnam War
Having witnessed the wanton killing, what were we fighting for
This colonial conflict that started, us on the side of France
So many came back as strangers, many to live in trance

James Fraser's entry into the contest " WORLD OF WAR: VIETNAM "

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A Dark Tale

I laugh as I think of it now, the dire warnings of hell
Nothing could scare me it didn’t matter, on this teaching I never did dwell.
I wondered why one dark night, again begging for sleep.
No fear of death of dying no foolish promises to keep.

It was then I found the answer as I slipped down through the floor
Could this be a dream or am I now no more.
Has death come upon me, I feel the air exude from my chest
Through eons of time yet seconds, maybe days or years at best.

Before me an evil thing but there are no brimstone and flames
“Now we will see this hell you mocked and you will know my name.
You never flinched about the hell threat but you are now here
Not only that I am your father and now you will know real fear.”

He breathed in deep; my skin scorched, it left my body in one piece
The agonies, I must be dead my skin floating in front just like a fleece
My muscles sinews and skeleton were all that I now had
“I thought you were my father I screamed you can’t treat me this bad.”

A thousand legions of devils all came round mocking me
Each breath they turned my way seemed to rip parts off of me
“You will learn to master them but until then you have to pay
You start at the bottom in this work.” then the hounds of hell did bay.

“To inflict the tortures required to give me the satisfaction
You must first suffer them all, that is my attraction.
When you have suffered them all you will know what to do
My work will be in your hands this is my legacy to you.”

“But how can you be my father?” I screamed as the hell hounds tore at me
“My mother was the sweetest woman on earth and all around could see.”
“Ha! I am the devil why would I want a whore,
 They are already down here; it was sweetness I searched for.”

“Your mother scorned me, she did not believe in all the hellish games I play
So I showed her my powers and you are with me from this day.
You should have listened to the teachers teaching of my home called hell.”
He waved his finger at me and the screams I could not quell.

Now I wish I had listened and taken an earthly fear
It could have made a difference, I may not now be here.
I take delight in dismembering and gouging out the eyes
Flaying the skin off the ungodly, yet I do it for a prize.

One day I will rule this place then my turn will come
I’ll leave this underworld one day and do what my father has done
I’ll take a woman for my wife the sweetest there ever walked
And pass on my inheritance to the offspring that hell balked.


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Danny's Song Upon the Death of His Grandfather

When crashed to earth that mightful Oak
O'er that long. a'frighted night,
His tears did so high homage speak
As to slumber passed his Light...

Shoulders small, no more host to hands
Whose tender firmness helmed
Their little lad, and life, and joy
In eternal love enrealmed.

Trudged he stoic, that deserts waste
With heart beset and stormed,
His soul a stone-turned edifice
Then from parched dreams was formed

A kind but spectral silohette
Up from the nighted sands,
As boyish eyes enlivened gazed
Once more upon old hands...

They held a heart which yet did beat,
"For you, my bonnie Dan!
I'll love you from Forever, boy,
And in Love, live as a man..."

Ah, but dream, for now he wakes-
But so curious a thing!
For in his grasp there rests some sand
Which waking did not bring!

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I'm sure you think I'm crying.
You think it hurts so bad.
The only thing that truly hurt,
was when I lost my dad.

He really wanted me to know
the way life was meant to be.
He always tried to help me out.
He truly cared for me.

I pray one day I'll see him
laughing once again.
He was so much more than people knew.
He was part of a bigger plan.

Now he's gone to heaven
and I hope he's looking down.
I need him still to guide me
when I laugh and when I frown.

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He was the bard from Stratford, and as a teenager
he helped his father in his trade; he married and had children
and became the most popular and admired play writer
in all England...acting was also his other pleasurable passion.    

Curious Queen Elisabeth was one of the thousand spectators,
who came to see him in the Globe theater...she shed tears, 
and was stunned by the performance of his timeless plays,
and yet, some of his fellow-poets criticized him for his writings!

I wish I had lived in that Victorian era so intellectual and refined,
and had met him in person and had showed him my ample admiration;
I would have asked him the secret, which made him so legendary and loved...
and he would have whispered it to me, to make me revel in that revelation!     

I have read his inspiring works, and tragedies rampantly occur
from " Romeo and Juliet"...the Verona's immortal lovers, through" Hamlet "
whose insanity was undoubtedly caused by the specter of his father; 
and why didn't Shakespeare choose less dramatic plays not ending in death?

He wanted to teach us indelible lessons to show us how the human spirit
can be passionate, adamant, loveless, envious, cruel, unfair and treacherous...
to outline all kinds of guilt: from murder to envy so well-expressed with eloquence;
it's no mystery to anyone how he conjured up such plots with grief, madness and wit!    

Shakespeare was no ordinary kid, and he played with his siblings on Henley Street,
neighbors saw him trot to his grammar school, later he would make everyone weep; 
early in adolescence, did his prodigious mind envision one from a vague thought?
It's no wonder that he is widely read even today...hear his speak, he'll impart worth!  

Entered in Amy Green's contest, " Wow Me With Inspiration "

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My Great Grandpa

Great Grandpa Zerbst, I wish was here
I'd like him still around
He had a herd of Hereford cows
His farmin' sense was sound

He passed away when I was young
I'd only seen him twice
But even though his life was rough
I'm sure that he was nice

At first, he had some horse-drawn rigs
To grow his crop of wheat
A tractor then, in place of them
That had a metal seat

He had a herd of ninety cows
A huge Wyomin' spread
But now a herd of oil-rigs
Are drillin' in their stead

A lot of things Great Grandpa knew
From distant Germany
But now these things I wish I knew
Are buried 'neath a tree

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Then Fate Took It's Turn

My hero to me, was just a simple man
He was ill throughout his life, but he raised two sons
Two jobs he held down until he couldn't anymore
Then fate took it's turn, and turned his heart sore

First was the youngest, on a broken bottle he fell
His artery slashed, was the start of his hell
I recovered from my trauma, nearly losing my life
But my accident increased, his ill health into strife

Over the next two years he was hospitalised
His sons fostered out, in fatherless cries
To children's homes they went, from pillar to post
Yearning for the person, who loved them the most

He gradually recovered, we became a family again
Once again fate took it's turn, returning life's pain
On a Monday night back in nineteen sixty nine
What every parent dreads, returned him to ill health decline

His two boys excited, joining the local Boy's Brigade
Running as fast as they could, for time to be made
The older was faster, he ran well ahead
The younger lagging behind, his little legs so delayed

On turning the corner, all I could see
Was my older brother, running well ahead of me
Without looking left or right, onto the street he ran
A split second later, he was hit by a van

My life entered slow motion, whilst I witnessed it all
To see your brother knocked down, a sibling to fall
He was caught under the van and dragged down the street
At seven years old, too terrified to greet

Over the next six years, his heath gradually became worse
He was more in hospital, in illness immersed
That's why he is my hero, to my lost brother and me
He's the kind of man that I've turned out to be

He had no quality of life, but what he gave meant more
The love for his two boys all through his life's sores
Holding down two jobs through illness and strife
Admirable, that's just a word, he gave me my life

My entry for Crystal Wilkins contest 'My Hero'

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Fallen Victim

I have fallen victim so many times
To nobody's fault except only mine.
I will ask for forgiveness and have faith,
Even though I feel like I am not saved.

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Bigfoot's Ancient Great Granddaddy

Who is Bigfoot’s Great-grand Daddy?

Whether living in a city or on the mountain side,
People from the world around astound us with their views.
He’s nine-feet tall, a hairy thing, uprightly he flees astride.
Only tracks are left behind and the mystery accrues.

They say that Big Foot does exist and for eons has survived.
A humanoid of greatest size a hairy manlike beast.
Is he really all they say, or are the stories contrived?
And if he lives, tell me, are our imaginations fleeced?

(Genesis 27 … paraphrased…) 
Jacob goes to get two goats and steal his father’s blessing. 
Their mom prepared a feast of goat, delicious, to Isaac’s taste.
Then, tied goatskin to Jacob’s neck and hands, realizing. 
Jacob dressed in Esau’s clothes calmly goes to his father with haste.

Meanwhile, Esau, far away was hunting for venison as asked. 
Traipsing around through the scrubby woods tracking.
Moving quickly with his great might to fulfill his father’s task.
A man with hair like that of a goat, his birthright was loosing.

Jacob smelled like Esau and the fields, but his voice…
Isaac questioned, so he felt Jacob’s goatskin clad hands.
Satisfied by the goatskin disguise, destiny made its choice.
Jacob received a blessing of wealth and all of his father’s lands.

When Esau returned with the venison feast, deceit was revealed. 
But it was too late his birthright was gone; he was very mad.
“Give me a blessing, father please.” He begged as he kneeled.
You shall live on the fat of the earth…unyoked…his father said.

I wonder –
Is Bigfoot, like Esau, a hunter-gatherer with hands as hairy as a goat?
Does he live independently, a type of man, a scary giant beast?
Wandering upon earth, too and fro, with life barely afloat.
Brothers separated by that ancient deceit filled feast.

Is Bigfoot the hunter-gatherer living on the fat of the land?
Has he since the day of Rachael’s scam lived secluded and beastly?
Have generation upon generation descended that ancient hunting man? 
Could Isaac in the Bible be Big Foot’s ancient Great-grand Daddy?

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Never Erased

Eternal faith;
Love in His name.
Saved by grace;
Never erased.

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Choices To Face

I have some choices to face,
But these are not my decisions to make.
God told me what He wants me to do;
He said, "Listen, Son, I have a plan for you."

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The Orchid

The Orchid
As the orchid blooms its long beautiful flower
The perfume of which fills the air hour by hour
The strength in its leave when open from bud
No decay just a little wrinkle as in age it should
If Orchis the son of the nymph and satyr
Had not drunk of the vine and showed his desire
As he drank long and hard at the feast of Dionysus
His eyes fell on a priestess and caused all the fuss.

He wanted her, was his drunken decree
And he didn’t care if she didn’t want he
He coveted the priestess as he drank by the hour
Determined he was soon her going to deflower.

His advances she said she would not take
But he did not listen and her he would make
But for this insult to a revered priestess
The gods were determined he’d pay for her distress

He would not go unpunished this was THEIR decree
And ripped limb from limb they decreed he would be
The bacchanalians did tear him apart and justly so
He should have accepted the priestess she  said NO!

The father of Orchis prayed the Gods would restore
The son that he loved and would for evermore
After they listened to the prayers of a father distraught
The Gods returned Orchis not as a man but as a flower they thought.

Orchis became the flower with the strange sounding name
Whose beauty enchants and its perfume does the same
The orchid, the bulbs shape we will recognise today
The part under the body, where a man likes us to play.

© 9/02/2013/~GG~

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Happy Father's Day Mom,
Without you this day would be,
Completely non-existant;
This day just would not be.

Dad is great, don't get me wrong,
I think that he is grand.
He's always there to play some game,
Spend time or lend a hand.

He taught me how to cast a line,
When we go out fishing.
He taught me how to speak my mind,
That there's no gain in wishing.

I don't think I'll e'er repay,
All that he's done for me.
I know for sure in all the world,
There's no one just like he.

I'd like to give him something,
To show there's none like he;
But you already did that,
On the day you gave him me.

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Playin' Man

A completely true story....

My grandpa was a playin' man
He had a local four piece band
I was without a doubt his number one fan
Grandpa and music went hand in hand

Get together's on Saturday night
A little moonshine to start out right
Dancin' a jig under stars so bright
Dancin' and playin' until mornins' light

My grandpa was a playin' man
He played harmonica in his four piece band
I was was without a doubt his number one fan
Grandpa and music went hand in hand

Singin' songs of long ago
Happy voices singin' way down low
Grandpa puttin' on quite a show
Where he learned those songs I don't know

My grandpa was a playin' man
His guitar makin' magic in that four piece band
I was without a doubt his number one fan
Grandpa and music went hand in hand

Fiddles screamin' out loud and clear
Folks would gather round from far and near
Everybody grinnin' from ear to ear
Those memories to me are oh so dear

My grandpa was a playin ' man!

©Donna Jones

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I've had so many moments in life
full of love, loss, hope and strife, 
never have I fully lived as I do now
with loneliness my only pal.

I feel the earth as it moves on
toward the setting of the sun,
when all of life has gone away
no more night only the day.

God the Father on the throne
never more to be alone,
heavenly angels sing above
always peace, hope, and love.

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Humble but Heroic

He was the leader of the band till age ninety-three Won the Senior Olympics five-mile race thirty times In the Depression Dad worked to feed his family And succeeded by pinching all nickels and dimes Never raised his voice in anger; that was not Dad’s way Gave money to educate Native Americans But he didn’t once mention the cash he gave away To animal rights causes and disabled veterans At six feet, broad-shouldered, he handled Mom’s depression And brightened children’s lives with his dramatic antics Making up stories on the spot with imagination He mastered the art of pulling laughs from his bag of tricks Friends were jealous; none had a father as kind as mine Imagine the pride I felt when he walked me down the aisle A humble man who never complained, not even one whine Though I’m alone now, Dad made my childhood worthwhile He didn’t wear Superman’s cape or have a magic ring Some might have mistaken him as an ordinary man But Dad set the bar so high, to me he was a king No boys could ever match him, the hero of our clan
*For Jeanette Fisher’s “Holding Out for a Hero” Contest

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Redeye Gravy

Now sits the redeye gravy in the pan
It certainly is not at all like jam
Mom made it years ago  for her man
Fry some country ham, pour  coffee bam

Never knew why it was called redeye
Then my grandson informed me just why
Men who had been out late had bleareye
Who looked like they had been drip-dry

I always thought that it was because
It had dark red color from drippings
In my home it  got an applause
I thought that it was God's blessings

I learned my husband doesn't like it
My grandson doesn't like redeye gravy
When I make it only make a bit
Always redeye gravy left heavy

Today decided to place on grits
Feed to the cats see if they like it
Now cat is running around won't sit
I guess that caffeine gave them lift

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Happy Father's Day, Dad,
You know, You Da Man,
And I just want to let you know,
That I'm your biggest fan.

There's no one else in all the world,
Who'd do the things you do.
You're there whene'er we need you.
No matter what, there's you.

You're the man who has the plan,
The one I always turn to.
My buddy, pal, my mentor,
There's fathers, then there's you.

                                   Judy Ball

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Jake Sure Loved His Beans

My stepdad’s name was Eldon, but his best friends called him Jake.
“Missoura” born, he loved guy  things like fishing on a lake.
He’d gone into the Navy after having grown up poor
and then got shipped across the ocean for Korea’s war.

Later with three kids, divorced, he met my mom and then
he married her, and we became a family of ten!
This new dad, Jake, a simple man, worked hard to keep us fed.
He liked his breakfast “Wheaties” and his lunch made out of bread.

He told us how he’d walked to school with cardboard on his feet,
and how they’d not had much to eat of costly things like meat.
I don’t know if Depression Era kids ate many greens,
but one thing we became aware of. .  . Jake sure loved his beans!

I couldn’t understand how he could be so crazy for
the one food that he ate so much of back when he was poor.
But Eldon liked all kinds of beans, like those slow cooked with ham,
then topped with ketchup, and he liked beans straight out of the can.

In summer we’d be packed into his station wagon car,
a camper hooked behind us, and we always traveled far.
We’d eat bread and bologna, chips, and cans of pork and beans.
No fancy eating out for our large clan, by any means!

And on those rare occasions Mom was not around to cook,
Jake had a recipe not in Mom’s Betty Crocker’s book.
He’d mix some pork and beans with fried ground beef and heat it up
over buttered cornbread and we  heartily would sup!

Recalling happy supper times like those, I sometimes wish
that we could all again be meeting for that great bean dish!
For Mom fixed lots of kinds of meals, and Eldon’s attitude
was “Clean your plates” so I (thin then)  became a fan of food.

We kids moved on; Mom cooked for only Eldon. How time flew!
Our step dad passed away, and Mom no longer cooks for two.
She eats Weight-Watcher’s way now, but I bet she’d love to make
a pot of Navy beans again for her good man called Jake.

For the relatives poetry contest

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Son to Father

When I was just a kid, 
I’d watch you dress in blue. 
Knowing that someday, 
I’d be just like you.
When you’d leave my eyes brimmed, 
And quickly started to stream. 
I idolized you in everyway, 
And wanted to live your dream.
Now that I am older, 
I realize I’m like you. 
Polishing my badge, 
And walking in your shoes. 

I think about your words, 
While filling in my blotter. 
I’m pleased to be like you; 
The pride of son to father. 

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There Will Come A Time

There came a time, When you was a baby boy. Nestled in the womb, Through the dark, I knew your voice. If we had ever gotten to meet, I knew your warmth would’ve had charm. I’ve dreamt of holding you, ‘til you fell asleep, Within the confines of these arms. I wanted to be blessed by your life, But that dream did not come to pass. Through that weakest moment in my life, I had to grow up so fast. So here I boldly am, Missing that little reflection of me. Walking the world abroad, Thinking of you, hoping you’re thinking of me. But there will come a time, When we’ll get to laugh, play, and run. And on that distant, verdant horizon, I shall walk with you, my son.

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Why Red Roses Flow

Every year she returns to the scene
This place in question where life has been mean
On muddy banks down by the waterline
Alone in her tomorrow's, solitary resigned

Having already lost her husband in his freedom fight
No mother should enter this fateful night
Her baby, her son, that a mother sees to grow
Wandered from her safety to that fast water flow

All innocent and fearless little steps slowly walk
In playful surrounds just barely in talk
Noises up ahead attract this mind to peek see
So curious they are when they get a chance to break free

Down an unclimbable bank he faces his lure
Once a slow flowing stream soon to take natures pure
Yesterdays storms allowed the heavens to cry
Whilst his mother kneels down and still asks herself why

In her hand she clasps a bunch of Roses so red
Tears fill her eyes knowing her tomorrow's lie dread
Once again she looks back, facing a mothers fear
A last glimpse of the flow, feeling her lost sons tears

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                 I BLESS HIS SUCCESS

If a father’s success can be measured by that of his son
Then with certainty I am as successful as anyone
If a father’s job ends when his son is a success
Then I have a victory to openly confess

I look at a man and see the man I would have liked to become
I am brimming over with utter pride and then some
My son has taught me humility and the meaning of self-esteem
And has brought to fruition every father’s ultimate dream

If I am not the man that I had planned to be
but at least I can say my son has done much more than me
He continues to astound me with every passing day
By how he gives back to the world in every way

If a man’s character can be gauged by that of his son
Than this father has as much character as anyone
Although he has no real reason to be proud of me
I am more than proud of the man he’s come to be
     clarence darrow opined that the sins of a father fall on the shoulders of his am I glad that didn't hold true for you!

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Am I nothing more
Than an ominous date
A wisp of genetic wonder
A curse of conscious fate
Behold the burden
Nestled in newborn hair
Innocent eyes etched
Into life's coarse lair
Is there nothing more
Than this tactile plight
Torn tears of birth’s bliss
My fingers weep sight
Is she nothing more 
Than death’s deciduous seed
Baptized by superstition  
Comfort’s posthumous need
Who will hold her
When my embers grow cold
The walls of winter creep closer
And the silence grows bold
What have I done
This curse that I share
Too buried to breathe
Too naked to bare
How can I tell her
Forever stalks our door
That there is no tomorrow
For life is nothing more

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I met a man the other day,
His clothing was so fine,
His smile was quite infectious,
And his manner warm and kind.

He said that he had been to schools,
Of great import and stature.
He said he'd studied all the laws,
Of Mankind and of Nature.

He spoke as though he knew for sure,
The destiny of Man;
But then he said to my dismay,
"There is no God or plan."

He said his schools had taught him that,
There is but one conclusion,
The law of all creation just,
Goes back to evolution.

I thank my God in Heaven now,
That I was lowly born,
And never went away to school,
And learned to laugh and scorn,

The One who always loved me most,
And gave me all I need.
Lord, let me stay the way I am,
That I may never lead,

The kind of life,
This man has lived,
And share his destiny.

                                                                              Matthew 10:32

                         "THE WORLD'S SIN IS UNBELIEF IN ME."
                                                                               John 16:9

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Flowers That Grow

Morning glory wanders, twining through trees.
Wildflowers invite curious insects around.
Roses blossom and fragrance the breeze,
“Where?”  I ask. “Can greater beauty be found?”

Digging in the garden, I feel right at home.
Praying for plants, each seed, my next muse.
Breathing in nature’s life giving loam. 
Dreaming about flowers, anticipating views.

A child planting corn rows with grandfather near.
He’d make the hole; I would drop three seeds there.
No wonder my passion is a garden so dear.
It is there I met love, grandfather watching with care.

Now that he is gone to heaven above,
I thank God for creation and flowers that grow.
When I work in the garden, I feel grandfather’s love.
Rejoicing in our Father whose wisdom does flow.

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Ailing Father 2K11

In the blink o' an eye, absent thy might.  
Great pain eclipses the dawn once of thine eyes.  
Oh Father, how ye have aged o'ernight!  
Thou fadest ailing Father; Dusk thine eyes.

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Rappelez Vous, Remember

(English translation below original French)

Rappelez-vous les petits fils 
Qui ecoutaient leurs grand-peres
Raconter des histoires d’ infanteries 
Et de battailles de la premiere guerre.

Rappelez-vous des braves garcons 
Qui s’imaginaient etre des soldats,
Qui plus tard servaient le drapeau American 
En tant que veritables soldats.

Rappelez-vous des pauvres parents
Qui ont recu des telegrammes et des lettres,
Et qui apres ont place indefiniment
Des etoiles d’ors aux fenetres.

Rappelez-vous de chaque petite amie
Qui esperait un jour se marier
Avec son beau voisin-ami
Qui ne va jamais plus rentrer.

Rappelez-vous des nouvelles jeunes veuves,
Avec ses petits orphelins des peres,
Qui devaient subir les enormes  epreuves
D’elever leurs enfants sans l’aide des peres.

N’oubliez pas les anciens jeunes garcons—
Les chanceux qui ont survecu
Et regardent souvent  les horizons lointains
Cherchant leures ami-fantomes qui ne sont jamais revenues.


Remember the grandsons
Who listened to their grandfathers
Tell stories of infantries
And battles of the first war.

Remember brave boys
Who pretended to be soldiers
Who later served the American flag
As real soldiers

Remember the poor parents
Who received telegrams and letters
And who afterward indefinitely placed
Gold stars in their windows.

Remember each girlfriend
Who hoped to marry someday
Her handsome neighbor/friend
Who will never come back again.

Remember the new young widows,
With their little fatherless children
Who had to undergo the enormous ordeals
Of raising children without a father’s help.

Don’t forget the former young boys-
The lucky ones who survived,
And often look at the far horizons
For their phantom-friends that never returned.

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Father, Grandfather

I can remember in your arms
I saw you as a grown up me
Now I have your looks and charm
That you are not right here to see

You left this Earth when I was young
I understand you had to leave
And understand my day will come
To leave the ones who're after me

Just like the one who brought you here
That gave to you his very name
I see it all so crystal clear
After you left he still remained

He took the role of father and
Grandfather to his own son's son
Then left this cruel Earth a man
To live again beyond the sun

When my time has come I will be
Everything that both of you are
To me to my own lil' kiddies
I'm hoping it will take them far

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Ditsy Moment

Ditsy moment, wow!
This takes me back a few years
I think I was aged about twelve
It left my father in tears

It was on a summers morning
I was sound asleep in bed
Subconsciously I heard my father shout
And throw something at my head

"Hey James get up,
Your going to be late for school"
I sat up straight in bed
Hurrying not to break the rules

Quickly I got dressed
As I rushed for a bite to eat
It's then that I noticed my father
Crying in his seat

His tears turned to laughter
As he struggles to calmly say
"I'm sorry my son I just couldn't resist
In fact it's really Saturday"

Looking back at that time
Today it's still funny to me
But you really had to see
Me sitting up as stiff as a tree

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Through the window of life I look
To tomorrow, a different day
Thoughts of my husband my love
Lost to wars theatre decay

When I awake every morning
And look at the faces of our kids
When do I tell them their daddy's gone
And lift our lives from this rid

What do I tell them
Every time they hear the door
When they think its their father 
Who won't be coming home anymore

What do I tell myself
When I retire every night
Touching the side where he once lay
The one who held me tight

What do I tell them
When I'm tear laden day to day
What do you tell twins of one year old
When they don't understand what I say

When do I tell myself
That tomorrows a different day
Reflections are left of what could have been
For war has left its say

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DADS LITTLE BLACK BOX…. When I was a tiny tot, just up off the ground, My dad had a little black box, which mad a lot of sound. It would go off, during the night, on with the boots,& out of sight. My dad is, a fire fighter you see, Being all that he could be. Through the summer, he was gone a lot, Fighting fire which, burnt so hot. Winter came, as did rain, Dad’s black box would, sound again. He is a fire fighter, you see, Mending things for you and me. One day when I was older, I made a decision that would make me bolder. I would to be a fire fighter Making peoples days much brighter. I’d climb into to that big red truck, With my dad and all our luck, We’d fight the fire, side by side Clean the mess with the greatest pride. I’ll wear the black boots, just like my dad, Wear my yellows, and whistle a tad. I know the next time my black box will sound I’ll be on my way, to the fire ground. I’ll meet him there and when we’re done I’ll hug him tight and say thanks for the fun. For my dad is a fire fighter you see Just like him, I’ve come to be.

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Successful Relationship

For a joyful
Successful relationship
You need spiritual and mental union


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This was written in 2009.....I never gave it to him:


A man of infinite intellect told me to start thinking about thinking
And believe me that his is indisputable intelligence
The only problem is too much of the time I am thinking about drinking
Or doing the distinctly dishonest thing with duly deemed diligence

So I decided to write these words for no good reason at all
The only reason for scribing this is because I felt it was what I was supposed to do
I’ve discovered it’s difficult to think when you’re banging your head on a wall
And thinking about doing the right thing, to me, is a concept too brand new

So I am sitting here thinking about thinking with dedication
Yet with perseverance I am perceiving the dark and the dim
This man of infinite intelligence spoke words with an important implication
And I am also thinking about my father and how advantageous it would be if I were more like him
Too late now, sadly

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The Cloister

“Gossip is the fastest form of communication” 

seven small homes on a cul de sac
seven homes from the rest, set back
time passed and brought a mystery 
seven sets of twins, neighbors see

one boy, girl pair all the same age
the blond, blue eyes fueled a rage
questions asked of mothers alone
the father never seemed at home

ignorance fueled gossip, bred hate
they wanted answers which relate
who was the father who so spread
from mom to mom and bed to bed

answers came, they slowly evolved
legal contracts can’t be dissolved
their father’s name thus protected
never faced charges formally read

the secret team had gathered facts
they were convinced of evil acts
gossip spread certainly fueled it
but "in vitro" was named the culprit. 

Aug 27 2011 Charles Henderson
for Rambling’s “Mother” contest

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FREE CEE apeteen seventy nine


I don't care if it doesn't matter to you
but it means a whole fuc**ng lot to me
you want to treat old black Jim as if he's a gorilla in a zoo
while I want to set the human being free

his grandfather spent years picking cotton in the field-
for a pittance as payment and a beating if he was late-
his grandfather ended up with scars that never healed-
and they aren't from a whip but rather from hate-

that cotton went to make debutantes look pretty on New Year's eve
with crinoline, ribbons and a tall dark and handsome beau
while Jim's grandpa was freezing in a cabin he was never allowed to leave
and the same went for Jim's black buddies Bill, John and Joe

they worked their fingers to the bone for payment in bread and a bit of rum
while Debbie the debutante looked lovely in her pink and purple gown
Jim, Bill, John and Joe tilled the soil all day long while crawling for a crumb
and if either of the four defied the master they were kicked and knocked deleteriously down

I know this all took place a life time ago
and that's the reason I have such hostility toward you
long gone are Debbie the debutante and her beau
but I will not allow you to keep old black Jim behind bars in a zoo
        © 2012.....PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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Living with Mother Nature's Bruise

We turned to each other when we heard on the news
Our daughters place of work, enduring mother nature's bruise
She worked on an island now swamped with wrath
To her we now travel to retrace her last path

To go there blind never knowing if she breathes
Thoughts think the worst as we subconsciously grieve
Our daughter, our life, as we make plans to depart
Facing hours of torment as our minds tear apart

To this island we head where she enjoys life to the full
Thinking back to her young years, learning in school
This paradise as she calls it, in the Indian Ocean
Our minds picture, her love to live notions

We step of the plane into a world far from home
Praying we find her, dead or alive, to never roam
To the north of the island, Aceh is it's name
Is this where we find her, with no one to blame

We reach the village, it's where our daughter calls home
Teaching the youngsters English along the beaches they combed
We wander dazed and confused, joining the crying and the grieving
Emotional rescuers surround us, they just keep on believing

Hand in hand we stare hoping, as our eyes glimpse the lost
Our daughters not there, as we join the emotional exhaust
Suddenly I feel a tugging on my sleeve
Lady lady, you my teachers mama, come with me please

Looking down, my eyes cascading with tears
A beautiful young girl, momentarily relieving my fears
Lady lady, please please, come with me please
To a makeshift hospital she takes us, our hearts so in unease

To a door we arrive, she cries, mama's teacher mama's teacher
As she is led away by the hospital preacher
We are greeted by a doctor, taken through corridors of death
The relieving earlier felt, now replaced by inner reft

The stench of death drifts, lost souls we feel crying
Resonating sounds echo, the last breaths of the dying
Cubicle after cubicle, every curtain our hearts run
In broken English, is she the one, is she the one

The second curtain from the last, the doctor once again opens
Despair and tears increase, parents lost in their hoping
Before us lies, a broken twisted bandaged soul
The tattoo on her ankle, I cry Nicole, it's our Nicole

Engulfed with emotions our cheeks streaming with tears
Viewing the earlier posters, parents losing their fears
Living this moment, realising their daughter has lived
As we look back to the pictures, knowing families are sieved

Words we will remember until the day we are gone
That moment we heard, is she the one, is she the one

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I stood before truth
Unsure of what to say
Shadowed by life’s absence
The martyred words of May
Why didn’t we speak
If only to taste a spring day
To rejoice in a warm glimpse
Of winter’s interrupted fray
I still have the pictures
Framed by years of neglect
Too dusty to fondly recall
Too painful to reflect
I only wished to hold you
To bask in your pride
To hear my name spoken
As if truth never lied
I stood before him
Knowing this was the end
That my father had left me
And I wasn’t even his friend

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To Bunkers And Bad Lies Charlie Hebert, (RIP), my father-in-law,
    with respect and affection

Wind-swept and sunburnt alone on the fairway 
he fusses and frets with his lie; 
he's been here for ever commanding the course, 
ever since you and I were knee high. 

Golf is his passion, he lives and he breathes 
for the chance to play just one more round, 
replacing his divots, observing the rules 
and keeping his feet on the ground.

Always nattily dressed he is ready 
to tee up and go for the green; 
the young guns are anxious to unseat old Chuck, 
but he's crafty and wily and mean!

It's the day of the championship and he's all ready 
to teach these young men how to play; 
at the turn he's ahead with a three under par, 
he'll show them, he'll have the last say!

On the final hole two men are tied for the lead, 
they are edgy as each eyes the pin; 
Jim misses his putt, it goes wide to the left, 
and Charlie makes par for the win!


In the clubhouse they congratulate the old boy on his score, 
he thanks them from the bottom of his heart;
here's to Charlie then, to bunkers, to bad lies and to rain, 
to another shot at glory when he climbs aboard the cart!

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The Day Dad Planned His Funeral

They said you needed surgery.
You said 'There's business I must do.'
I drove you to the funeral home.
The arrangements were for you.

I had to wait outside that day.
I couldn't go in there.
I don't know how you made those plans.
You showed how much you cared.

You knew you wouldn't make it.
You feared the end was near.
I hate what your life did to you.
I wish you were still here.

How do you plan your funeral? 
Were you as scared as I? 
What were your thoughts heading to the docs? 
Did you know that you would die? 

If I could turn back time and say
the things I'd like to say, 
I'd say 'I love you' and 'I'll miss you.'
'I wish that you could stay! ' 

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A Found Man 2K12

There no longer staggers "The Broken Man",
A higher power called upon his number,
On June Twelfth, fate rendered him a found man;
Long last a tired body found its slumber.

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Fear Would Come At Lights Out

Remembering once again childhood days
When mother would on warm days let fire die
Maybe she would stop me from my fun play
We would go for that afternoon walk__sigh

Down long road to the branch across the way
With our small pails probably once held lard
Back then everything was fried in that day
We would look for vein of whitewash real hard

After gathering the whitewash head home
Where mother would clean around fireplace hearth
She would remove ashes; set the soft tone
For our home, on her hands_ knees clean no mirth

She would then whitewash the hearth inside rim
Glistening clean white, adding wood stoke fire
It  would crackle send tiny sparks to  swim
Briefly in air like stars of  night  aspire

Gathering around the fire family time
News, stories, tall tales; safe and warm no doubt
Gradually  fire would die into bed climb
Fear would come for daddy would say lights out

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Mortal Angels

Mortal Angels as people are unemployed these days
Ask help for certain Mortal Angels
Today and everyday
They will not refuse to assist you


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How Strange, the Heart

How strange, how strange, the ways of God,
to my simple way of thinking.
How strange, how strange, that once my dad
just kept on drinking and drinking.

With wife pressed down, his children working
and coins weighed in his pockets.
Around every bend, the evil there lurking,
to wrench his bones from their sockets.

No matter what became life's tenure,
his soul stayed bound in sorrow,
his family snagged deep in penury,
their hope fixed on tomorrow.

How strange, how strange, the hand of God,
whose strength lay in my mother.
Although Dad's knife had sliced her thin,
she gave her heart to no other.

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The many Faces of You

Your eyes maybe small and deep set
But so piercing are their look
They maybe dark as the deep sea
But their shine and sincerity are my hook.

Your face is open like the sky
On which a canvas has been animated
It denounces a soul so alive
A mind so wide, a spirit so liberated.

Your look opens up a view
Of a will connected to the divine
Strong, unwavering around the truth
Beheld by a heart warm like the sunshine.

The lines around your face
Denote a life devoted to all
Sometimes rising in humorous waves
Either in amazement or having a ball.

Other times so very serious
with deep concerns, suffering
with those whose suffer, furious
At the evil forces that today cause such enmity.

Your face is like the book of life
A tapestry of many colors
That shows me what heaven is like
A portrait imprinted on my mind forever. 

By CarolineCecile
Copyright © 04.17.10

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Seeking Trouble

The devil seeks trouble
Like a roaring lion
        Devours double
We are God's scion

Stlye after the writer George Herbert...

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South to North

eggs and grits squash and shrimp cocktail
is what I ate living down South
living here had some lobster tail
sadly there’s no grits for my mouth

dad reminded me that for years
he was a Rebel to the bone
besides the South he loved his beer
and down South eateries he own

but when he died he had nothing
I was with him on his birthday
happy Birthday I did not sing
Not knowing that’s his last birthday

y wive's from the South
a great cook as well
great squash to my mouth
we're both living well

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Infinite Love

Infinite Love

I was there the day he came home
He had been gone such a long time
Through many lands he did roam
And now he returned without a dime

I watched the somber look on his face
I felt his anxiousness; his fear
As he walked, he slowed his pace
To his father’s house he drew near

He had prepared a speech to give
He didn’t deserve to be called son
He didn’t even deserve to live
He knew all the wrong he had done

In the distance he heard his father shout
Surprised and perplexed, he waited
I then wondered what this was about
Soon my curiosity would be sated

His father ran up to him, embracing him
Not at all the reaction the man expected
The father then said how he’d missed him
Amazingly the man’s fear was not reflected

Stuttering and stammering he now stumbled
Flowing, the tears were in a steady stream
As he felt the love, he was so humbled
He had not imagined this, even in his dreams

I know the story of that man so well
Who receives forgiveness from above
The reason it was so easy to tell?
I am he, set free by an infinite love!

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My Father

So now it all comes down to this
I’ve said my last goodbyes
I’ll hold his hand and try to smile
while tear drops fill my eyes

Tonight he’ll pass through heavens gates
and loved ones he will find
His journey here is now complete
the pain he’ll leave behind

This letting go is hard to do
I’ve struggled everyday
I see the look upon his face
he waits for me to say...

Go on my Father….please let go
I need to see you nod
The angels wait to take you home
you’ll see the face of God

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You will never meet him
Never embrace
Never have a meaningful conversation
Never lovingly kiss his face

You will never touch him
Never tangle your fingers in his hair
Never realize his dreams
Or exchange a loving stare

And because he rejected you
You've reshaped him as something you could despise
And brought a vendetta upon his family
Waging a war of bitter, empty lies

And yet, he is so much more 
Than your limited mentality could create
The jagged, pathetic lines of jealousy
Put limitations in their place

Yet, you desire what you call a monster
You have lost at your own game
And he will never forgive you
Never hear you speak his name

You hold him hostage to your dreams
Try to rob him of happiness and wealth
Disgust him with your obsessions
But the biggest victim you've created is yourself

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MY FATHER-IN-LAW My father-in-law's an awesome fella named Jim, He's a crusty old codger with a heart full of gold. He'll do anything for you, no matter the task, Has a great sense of humour, tho' sometimes it's bold. He loves being 'round people, the funnier the better, He enjoys a good laugh - but don't touch his lager! He's a master at tinkering, fixes almost all things, Give him a good movie and he'll watch the whole saga! He helped us a ton with this old shack that we bought, He toiled away months and cursed up a sweat, Whipped the shack into shape, even windows and doors. Now this shack is a house, no sturdier you'll get! He's a fine builder, fisherman, snowmobiler, too; He's got a new Yamaha - when he's on it he's tops. He loves his new truck, his boat and his camper, And I love this old codger - I just call him Pops. © ELR 2013

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My Father, The Teacher

Matthew 18:3
And he said: "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little
children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven".

I remember my father's decline
A man of respect and polish
Becoming more and more infantile
Until the inevitable finish

I ponder this strange process
Leaving exactly as he came in
Eyes bound by laws of trust
Never contemplating the idea of sin

Do souls of such integrity
Heartbroken from limitations
Offer one last gift of love
Without any explanations?

And was his love so great
That until the very end
He put away his pride
Trying to show me how to live?

For my coworker and dear friend Ray, whose father is experiencing
the exact same decline as my father two years ago.

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Father and Son

He came into your world
at just the perfect time
His eyes were fixed on you
the cries you didn't mind

His mother was so proud
an heir to keep the name
You bragged to all your friends
life never was the same

He watched you every day
quite often mimicked you
The words you chose to use
he often spoke them to

And now the son is grown
his ways are fixed and firm
A child he soon will have
his ways that child will learn

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Independent with People

We are independent with people on earth
Our mortal angels are always there to assist us
But, we can never be independent in everything
God is our everything


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My Hero

	My Hero

I didn’t know there were bad folks
In the world, when I was small,
When my mama, dad and siblings
Were my very all in all.

My daddy was my hero and
I’ve never changed my mind.
A better man in entire world 
I am sure you couldn’t find.

He worked so hard for all of us
And never did complain.
A farmer all his working years,
He labored, sun or rain. 

He would rest a bit on Sunday
After church and Sunday school,
For to keep the Sabbath holy
Was a Ten Commandments’ rule.

He put our needs far above
Any wishes of his own.
If he had desires besides our welfare,
He never made them known.

He loved our mama dearly,
Never said cross words to her.
A rich man or my daddy,
It’s my daddy she’d prefer.

I never heard bad swear words 
Or dirty jokes when I was young. 
He warned each of the hired men
That he better watch his tongue.

He was not a truly big man,
Only five feet nine inches tall,
But when it came to manly virtues
Was most heroic of them all.

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Never stood still on battling ground,
watch the vicious and villainous carnage,
and not fight with true courage...
to increase the sword clanking sound.

Never been humiliated by slandering words not timely, 
my silence banished them as they picked up velocity;
I did nothing to vindicate my anger with visceral grief...
and today my memory still evokes that encounter too brief.  

Never are valorous men nailed to an undeserved cross,
making those nails penetrate their hands and feet,
no guilt is ever found in them, innocence is their plea;
but the loud, infuriated voices still demand their death.

Never withheld feelings of compassion,
and put a distance between myself and them,
poverty was caused by those who greedly governed;
why blame the common people for a corrupt institution?

Never looked away when the smallest hands 
reached out through profound silence, and in those youngsters faces
anyone could see their misery and sense their desperation arise;
they had needs, not wants like we have, when their food and water were scarce.

Never broke any law of the land, but abode by it
with a good character and willingness to spread peace,
not rebelling and causing damage to property and harming citizens;
in any civilized country violence doesn't solve anything, it only hardens the hatred.

Never got drunk or smoked marijuana to avoid the ugliness of reality, 
although peer pressure was there and by pushing it away, I resisted it;
it cost me their friendship;  and looking back, I am glad I kept my dignity... 
and who needs friends like that, when they lead you down the wrong path?     

Never cursed God for the ills of others impinged on me,
and for the misfortunes I endured for endless years without a shout;
my tongue always hollowed His holy name...knowing that
He had put me to the test, and in due time He would have blessed me.

Never planned revenge on anyone who had conspired against me,
this conscience was spotless and no action was needed by me;
if I had retaliated, they would have rejoiced and responded with laughter;
a fox is known for its slickness, and my instinct was alike it, if not better. 

Never allowed doubt, or foolishness to contradict what was beautifully created,
the cooling breeze on steaming days, the pouring rain for a rich harvest,
the brilliant sunshine to make everything grow:  from trees to grass;
and in the fluffy snow...I saw my purity and the peacefulness of winter so revered. 

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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                  ALMOST DIED AND JOY

“please dad, I need the toy fire house bad
oh my son, come with me and i'll make you glad
and so to quell a child's woeful tears
I purchase it and those were the Leggo years

“come on dad, it's just a set of wheels”
yes your right son and that's really no big deal
how much I love you is impossible to gauge
and that was the skateboard age

“check it out dad, surf's up and I need a new board”
and that was something I could easily afford
and as a father you figure that generosity pays
and those were the surfboard years

“pops, dig it, there's this chick and I need some fast cash
and Joe T. is trowing a really rad bash”
if I remember correctly her name was Vera
and that there was the girl craze era

“damn dad, I need a cool care quickly”
of course to a dad the word “need” is a father's reality
I hope he can hitch his car to a star
and that was the time of the very cool car

“oh dad, what could the matter be,
there are none so blind as those who will not see”
oh the secrets my growing son hid
he thought I didn't know but of course a father did

“oh dad, I hurt really bad inside”
and oh how a father cried
talk about a frustrated father's fears
and that was the dawning of the heroin years
   © copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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Child or Adult?

Angered by the system 
Imprisoned by fate
Filled with emotion
Outlined with hate

Every minute with him 
Is a moment filled with pain
A father causing hurt
A child labeled insane

Picking at every wound
Determined to make him bleed
Father giving orders
Son longing to be free

Father swings in anger
Son hits back in rage
Father walks away free
Now son is in a cage

He wants to do the right thing
And live by all the rules
The law forces him to stay
How could they be so cruel?

He is no longer a child
He’ll be tried as an adult
Not allowed to make a choice
Though he’s allowed to vote

His father will not let him leave
Or do the things he wants
Tied by the laws of man
Tortured by fathers taunts

His mother wants to help him
She hasn’t the means
Witnessing as an outsider
In this horrible scene

Copyright © 2009 Lena “Lolita” Townsend

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Who was the foster or guardian and what are the natures of our Lord Jesus Christ

The foster father and guardian is St. Joseph
The husband of Blessed Virgin Mary
The natures of our Lord Jesus Christ are True God and
True Man


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Saint Paul, Witness of Hope

St. Paul immersed in difficulties
Trials of various kinds
Wrote to his disciple Timothy
Must go back with Risen Jesus to Damascus

Follower the Law of Moses
Determined to fight
Every means
Even kill those regarded God’s enemies

On the way to Damascus
To arrest followers of Christ
Was blinded by mysterious light
Heard himself called by name

Saul, Saul, 
“Why do you persecute Me?”
Fell to the ground, asking
“Who are you, Lord?”

“I am Jesus
Whom you are persecuting” (Acts 9:3-5)
After encounter
His life changed dramatically 

He received baptism to Paul
Became Apostle of the Gospel
Inwardly Transformed by Divine love
Had met in the person of Jesus Christ

He wrote “Life I now live, in the flesh I live by the Son of God”
Who loved me and gave Himself to me
From being a persecutor
He became a witness and a missionary

Founded Christian Community
In Asia Minor and Greece
Travelled thousands of miles among all kinds of dangers
His martyrdom is all for the love of Christ

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Hey Dad

Hey dad, I met a big head today
Always boasting of sports, hey come see me play
Anything I wanted, he had one at home
From a mountain bike to a mobile phone

  Hey son, these guys are all ten a penny
  Manners they have not, whilst my boy you have many
  They buy their friends and their allegiance is none
  Your life has started, his has barely begun

Hey dad, he waffles in class, about this about that
Even being rude to the teacher, creating a spat
Where we try to learn and get on with our work
Constant interruption by this incompetent jerk

   Hey son, one of these days his fingers will get burnt
   And all in your class, will have forgotten more than he's learnt
   As you get older, you will become wise to your surrounds
   And I doubt very much, this big head will be around

Hey dad, I can always rely on you
To give me guidance and help see me through
Absorbing knowledge will be my life's learning curve
And this incompetent jerk, will get his just deserves

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I may look very naive and vulnerable,
hiding the pangs of my distress so well,
looking normal and walking too brisk...
only when God is walking down my path.

I seem to look away and shun the troubles,
but inside I am hurting like anybody else,
who dreams of a coming universal peace...
only when God is walking down my path. 

I nourish my body and thank my Creator
for every slice of bread and drink of water,
the essential things that not everyone has...
only when God is walking down my path.

Since my birth, I have been sheltered by a roof top,
feeling no rain, hearing no wind, bearing no bitter cold;
blessings are added daily, not taken away by wrath,
all this is possible...only when God is walking down my path.

I was given a loving mother who cared for my daily needs 
watched me grow and I spiritually grew to praise Him in my hymns; 
and her unforgettable and soft words still echo, as when I knelt down and wept,
not making me stray from my course...only when God walked down my path. 

I have been fortunate enough to have lived and survived
this long and witnessed may events that have shaped
a changing world in constant turmoil, unwilling to get rid of ugly hate;
I feel very sound and safe...only when God is walking down my path.

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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FREE CEE even in vienna they believe


Today is the day they hid our Lord's body in a cave secured with a stone
and therein they left his body hushed and all alone
they fashioned a cave into a tomb because they feared the ground could not hold him down
all this before the cross and they wove thorns into a crown

so now we hold this day as sacred to teach, reach and to learn
as we, the righteous await his promised return
His father had forsaken Him but Jesus did not care
because he realized that what mortals were doing was not the least bit fair

He bled for our sins because His Father told him He must
but there were too many men like Judas whom Jesus could not trust
when the crow was heard clearly and loudly thrice
Jesus of Nazareth knew it was time for Him to pay the price

He had already chastised the money changers for defiling His home
after 40 days and nights in a desert in which He chose to roam
then once his eyes were closed forever and they were certain he was dead
they laid Him upon a rock hoping it would become his eternal bed

ah, but how foolish those errant mortals had been
because they laid to rest perfection and a soul sans any sin
and so today I send you the blessings of a blessed soul such as you all should receive
hose who write with beauty about that which you shall ever believe
            © 2012.......PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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FREE CEE bows from a beau


I don't care if it doesn't matter to you
but it means a whole fuc**ng lot to me
you want to treat old black Jim as if he's a gorilla in a zoo
while I want to set the human being free

his grandfather spent years picking cotton in the field-
for a pittance as payment and a beating if he was late-
his grandfather ended up with scars that never healed-
and they aren't from a whip but rather from hate-

that cotton went to make debutantes look pretty on New Year's eve
with crinoline, ribbons and a tall dark and handsome beau
while Jim's grandpa was freezing in a cabin he was never allowed to leave
and the same went for Jim's black buddies Bill, John and Joe

they worked their fingers to the bone for payment in bread and a bit of rum
while Debbie the debutante looked lovely in her pink and purple gown
Jim, Bill, John and Joe tilled the soil all day long while crawling for a crumb
and if either of the four defied the master they were kicked and knocked deletiously down

I know this all took place a life time ago
and that's the reason I have such hostility toward you
long gone are Debbie the debutante and her beau
but I will not allow you to keep old black Jim behind bars in a zoo
        © 2012.....PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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Rhythmical gestures and steps
make for a happy dancing in present days...
either to worship God if the purpose is sacred,
or to worship Satan, if the purpose is wicked..

A genuine, artful and heartfelt dance
is devotion to our true God, who blesses
all dancers performing before His shining throne;
even a danseur or danseuse can never feel alone.

When the absence of light invites darkness to rove,
don't be and be dazzled from above;
God's chosen people became impatient and rough,
and started dancing before the golden, glimmering calf. 

Invite all believers to your dance,
young and old, poor and rich: forget no one in your search;
everyone must share in the glory which enlightens each,
count me in...I'll lift my praying hands!  

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A letter from Prison

Dear Dad,
Though you're not my real Father
I know you tried your best,
to raise a wild rebelious child,
I put you to the test.

 You were young and so was I,
when once we started out
I know I made my Mother cry,
when we would scream and shout.

My real Dad left when I was Two
he never cared for me,
and there was nothing I could do
to make my Mother see,

that we could make it on our own
she couldn't stand the pain,
of living life so all alone
she had to love again.

I stayed out every night I could
as I became a teen
what I did just wasn't good
but I was caught between,

friends who tried to really care
if I lived or died
and life at home that seemed to only
push my world aside.

I never meant to kill a man
when we set out that night,
to have some fun was just the plan
but nothing turned out right.

I'm writing this on Father's Day to say 
please don't be sad,
It's not your fault I went astray,
and yes........
I love you,

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He was crucified by the Romans with the sharpest nails
by the will of an angry mob;
did anyone hear Jesus's sob?
Pilate refused to find him guilty and washed his hands.

Betrayed by Peter, hated by rebellious Barabbas;  
whipped at every fall, He patiently carried that cross to Calvary,
but a kind, humble woman felt much pity for Jesus 
and with a clean cloth wiped off his blood as an act of mercy!

And dragging His heavy cross through the narrow
streets of chaotic and uncompassionate Jerusalem,
someone, who had heard him preach about God's Kingdom,
picked up his cross and relieved some of the pain and sorrow!

Many believed Him to be the Christ, 
but the envious Pharisees did not,
and accusing him of blasphemy, they mocked him...
not noticing how the April sky was becoming dim!

He was laid in an empty, cold tomb amid palm trees and stones 
and on the third day, as Jesus promised the twelve disciples;
He miraculously rose...ascending the heavenly throne,
where God the Father handed Him the glorious crown!

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No one can see the steadfast force
guiding me toward infinite peace,
an untroubled and limpid sea...
with glittering, foaming waves!

Some call it faith, I call it strength;
and somehow leads me to believe in destiny...
that the spirit cannot be broken easily
when the foundation is built on courage!

I strum my guitar and sing Alleluia, and as 
I carefully walk...I can't ever stumble
on a smooth road, where evil is not present...  
to give a sign of premonition to an ever-faithful!

I go past the pear' orchards in a remote farm,
and the pheasants sit in the golden branches;
the fruits look so succulent inviting me to taste them,
others have wished to savor such a sweetness!

A surge of sublime joy swells inside like that of songs,
and gracefully I sing them by allowing sustenance...
the steadfast force guiding me to enjoy the supreme moments
as if sighting a supernova, which will not lose its brilliance!

An oath of obedience I have made to God,
and being humble, I will honor Him repeatedly...
in all kinds of prayers and proclaim Him Lord
whose hand is the steadfast force guiding me!

Cpoyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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My beautiful body is another divine creation,
every part, so perfect, is guided by this wisest, most sinless heart,
which will not make it err when temptation
tries to weaken it by making it remember the bitterness of regrets. 

Nudity imparts its own beauty when it is considered a temple governed by purity;
nonetheless, it came from God's thoughts and artful hands;
so why should we be ashamed of it, if it is shown accordingly?
Many have exploited it for monetary gains and this is the plague of our society!   

My image is gladly seen in the clearest mirror,
inducing awareness, amazement and gratefulness,
never thinking of defiling it with unworthy offers;
even Satan is plotting against me and waving war!

Immoral persons won't hesitates to show their lewd interest,
thus taking advantage of someone needing the desperate break;  
these people corrupt any soul to rob it of dignity by their kind amenity... 
where's your sense of keenness, when it comes to view your sexuality? 

My beautiful body is another divine creation,
wonderfully and perfectly made to use it adequately;
glances of admiration by others may be full of inequity,
and adulating words will not flatter me, knowing their deception. 

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Our wonderful planet, for millions of years,
was never this inspiring and beautiful...
until God with His skilful, perfect hands
beautified it for the first human couple.

I dispise the whipping wind, somewhat michevious and insolent,
brushing my short and dry hair as if it wanted to rapture me,
when I stand on the top of a majestic mount as the Tibet...
haven't monks lived there for centuries and endured it like me?

Volcanos can be dangerous, but also make the soil fertile when they spout flames;
making lava flow downhill towards the turpid sea, and I could retrace history...
to experience the horror that all Pompeians felt when hot ashes fell on their city,
and without a way of escape, they asphyxiated and died in unimaginable ways.       

How can we survive without water? Aren't waterfalls, springs and rivers 
the source of our existence? Imagine this Earth resembling the Moon, where no life exists...
a desolate landscape made of craters and vallies so barren and arid.  
We discovered it, but then we realized it was extremely unlivable, so we never returned.

I have amply explained the elements for our survival and co-esistence with Nature itself;
it's very important to be aware of them, although they can be as unpredictable as death.    

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What effects of Anger in our soul

Anger begets in our souls impatience
And too often habit of cursing

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Positive People

I really like positive people I like to keep them around They always have such good things to say Wearing a smile, not a frown Negative people upset my day I try to keep them away When they start talking negative things Won’t listen to what they say My wife has a cousin who is blind But she just never gets down She always wants to make you feel good She’s fun to just be around First meeting with someone I don’t know It doesn’t take too long If what they say is too negative Before you know it I’m gone Just like, I won’t go to a movie Knowing the ending is sad Makes no sense to pay someone money To see what makes me feel bad Maybe I should take off the blinders Life is full of ups and downs But I’m here to tell you, I won’t change I don’t like wearing a frown

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Dad s Cop Car, revised

Dad was a Deputy Sherriff My uncle a city cop My Dad’s car was an unmarked one My uncle’s had lights on top Dad had mounted a big siren In the grill, under the hood The switch was below the dashboard He hide it as best he could I was still going to high school Dad told my brother and me “If you even touch that siren, You’ll be in trouble with me” Being one to test the limits Friends in the car seeking fun We had just stopped at the stop light I gave the engine the gun The guy in the car beside me He stared me right in the face Then when he revved up his engine We knew we in a race As the light went from red to green We ripped right out from the scene Let him get a little ahead Then I turned on the siren Well that scared the snot out of him He pulled right over and stopped We laughed so hard as we drove by It was fun being a cop We thought that was just so much fun We had to do it once more The back seat guys got excited Stomping their feet on the floor A couple of stop lights later We had a race on the way Again as we both were speeding And he was pulling away That’s when I turned on the siren But to my total surprise A car that was right behind me Turned on a siren likewise I quickly pulled the car over My uncle right in my face Oh my God how he chewed me out I hung my head in disgrace Uncle Lloyd can be a tough guy Said I’d end up in the jail You impersonated a cop Your family you have failed After he finished his lecture So shocked when he let me go The guys got out, I headed home What happens next I don’t know I got home, went straight to my room I’ll have to face what’s to come My Dad’s is also a tough guy I know what I did was dumb My Uncle never told on me When I was grown I told Dad Even after all those years It actually made him mad

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My Dad

When we talk, he calls me Gal
and it always warms my heart
Especially when we're on the phone
cuz we're so far apart

I've never told him this
how much it means to me
That no one else has ever
used this warm metonymy

So tenacious all his life
In his ways he's very set
No matter what he does
It's right, on that you can bet

Do what you think is right
To us he's always told
Our decisions were always backed
My father's loyalty is GOLD

I hope he knows I love him
I tell him every time we speak
Don't ever quit calling me Gal
And I'll always kiss your cheek

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Getting off the bus along Hillside Avenue,
I heard a loud commotion coming from a speaker;
and getting closer, I saw the face of a sweaty preacher... 
calling all souls to Jesus and make them new.

I looked and paused and saw this preacher with sweat on his face...
as he was telling the crowd a true story of The Godfather's son, who was
in the dark about his father's activities, and when he was finally told,
he didn't care if he died;  and to the authorities he went to report his dad.    

What a righteous young man he must have been, and how noble
it was to reveal that well-kept secret which would have cost his precious life,
giving up a chance at being powerful and not dedicating himself to a lifetime of crime; 
I can visualize him bowing his head down, and pray to stop the vicious cycle.

I sat next to an elderly lady whose who's veiled head shone through a gentle light,
" Sing along with me, and your lost soul will be reedemed by the blood of Jesus!" 
I shared her song book and began singing an evening prayer of repentance,
as the preacher cried out, " Raise your hand, and I will pray for you tonight!"

How many folks, like me, wanted to see that preacher proclaim the Lord's message;
and how lucky I was to have encountered a stranger who sounded like Jesus,
to add another sheep to his herd as he prayed for the sins of the repentant ones!
How glorious it was to hear him glorify Christ and His father with his voice of grace!  

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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What effect has Lust on our souls

Lust begets in our souls a distate for holy things
Perverted conscience
Hatred of God
Frequently leads to complete loss of faith

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What is actual sin

Actual sin is any willful thought
Or Omission contrary to the will of God

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Father Christ Deal

Eternal Father saw outnumber of people’s sins 
Sad with what He created
He wanted to destroy the world
People hurting each other

Father Christ stopped Him
Told the Eternal Father He would go down to earth
Take People’s cruelty
To start His power over people

He told the Eternal Father people would understand
Ransom Himself
Not to destroy the world
Believed people to be one

Eternal Father searched a woman
To conceive and bear a Son
Angel Gabriel spoke to Mother Mary
You have found favor from (Eternal) God
Holy Spirit will shine over you
You are to name Him Jesus
He will save people from their sins
To save destruction of the world

Father Christ started a Church
For People to be Universal
People don’t understand
In His Church people are saved

What are these other churches?
In there you are not saved
Don’t be fooled
By the Christ’s like religions

There is only one
Deal to the Father
Be Universal to His Church
Roman Catholic

To understand the Two Greatest Commandments
“Love God all your mind, heart, body and soul”
2nd is “Love your neighbor as yourself”
When we love our neighbor, Covers the 1st Greatest Commandment

Other Churches are misleading people
Thought they loveFather Christ
Person who created their Church 
Was the person they believed  and loved

Father Christ is very hurt
People don’t know in His Church 
You’re saved
In others you’re condemned


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Why the Rose Bled

Parents so proud
Four sons they raised
From the Highlands of Scotland
In the pre-war days
On their crofts they worked
Morning till night
Unknown to them then
Off a future fight
The Germans have invaded
A country so free
Poland was taken
The world shaken visually
Britain declares war
As our men enlist
To rid the enemy
As the fighting shifts
Europe's engulfed 
In a feverish war
Many are dying
To comprehend what for
The four brothers
Sign up to fight
As a mother will pray
Every night

Campaigns they fight
In these theatres of war
Witnessing horrors
Never seen before
In their garden at home
On the family crofts
A bed of roses
With petals so soft
Then one day 
With a passing glance
A pink rose dripping red
In deathly stance
Their mother turns
To the gate she looks
Telegram in hand
From the postman she took
With trembling hands
She opens with care
Upon reading the message
In tear laden stare
Their eldest son
In Africa was lost
As many many others
Deaths global cost
Every day
As she passes the rose
It's pink petals bloom
Her tomorrow's fear grows

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We're Adults

In life, we need to stand on our own
This was my mistake before
I thought I'll get you
Without you learning how to take it

God taught me a lesson
That you're still there
Pray and ask God to help me win the poetry
It can be before the 1st before I can send you

This is being strong honey
We can do this
When you're a child
People say 'what if you dont have your parets or mother?'

That's how children learn responsibility
Okay, what if I get to the hospital or Something bad happen to me
Who will be there to talk to you?
You can't do anything, you have to live like that

But it will not be forever
We need to pray and ask God for graces
Pray for the one taking care of you
We need God'help in everything

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A Fathers Loving Arms

Miss him, yes you always will

But pain, he will no longer know.

You'll see his face again, in every passing cloud

But now the time has come for him to go.

In your heart he will forever live.

Try not to shed endless tears.

In your dreams and your thoughts

His voice you'll always hear.

May you find comfort in these words 

For this you should always know.

When its your time to leave us, 

You're fathers loving arms will welcome you home.

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Even when my mind was only balloons
Icecream cones, and pocket full of knotty strings
I stared into your eyes and I saw ruins
My dreams would not go near, even without wings.

                    I would not inhabit the distance and silence
                    That wrap around you, becoming walls
                    And for all my glory I would bring evidence
                    Nothing could make my ambition stalls.

O time is a river and we flow to the sea
From the hills where we were born, and you are gone
But footprints like fossil my write history
And my footsteps follow downhill into your dawn

                    And I can see my face in the stream's flood
                    My footsteps retraced to the salt edge of tears
                    Find you lingering in latent tides of my blood
                    And I become more like you in the coming years.

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FREE CEE one impaired father reared by his son


Oh how I wish I’d been a father like him
Rather than a father whose future was duly dark and dim
I raised my son in the starkness of a future filled with fear
 A wondrous young son a frightened father was somehow to rear

Oh if only I had the wherewithal to have known it all
Rather than a father who couldn’t even teach his son how to crawl
I had too many other concerns in my body and mind
While my son had a father who was metaphorically blind

My eyes were incapable of seeing too much
While I reveled in my tiny son’s most tender touch
Otherwise I was numb to my son’s naturalized needs
With a litany of habits to satiate and feed

I saw that father pushing his son on the swings
While I was a dove wounded with withering wings
That father in the park was all I truly wanted to be
But alas, I was a father who was a father like me

I risked my son’s life time and time again
While pretending I could be just like most other men
Men who owned the wherewithal to do something worthwhile
Yet and still my little son always imaged a soothing smile

While he was smiling I was frowning and filled with fright inside
Since the age of seventeen when my self-control died
I was a father wrought and fraught with anxiety and fear
And if only I could have been a dad like that father by the swings over there
© 2012…..PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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The Day I Lost Dad

My Dad was known by everyone As a fisherman “first class” No matter who he took with him At catching fish, he kicked ass Dad had a bad heart already He’d suffered one heart attack He said, if I have another I don’t want to make it back Well that exactly what happened He’d gone fishing alone Across the lake he heard a shot And a man making a groan Then he heard someone cry for help He paddled quickly to shore Then ran up the hill to his car His bad heart could take no more He used his police radio Called for help and told them where They found him slumped over the wheel When the aid car got up there The man accidentally shot himself While he was hunting that day The aid car got there soon enough So today, he is OK Doc had told Dad: “take it easy, Overdo it and you’ll die” Still he did what he had to do Dad was just that kind of guy

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I have many qualities and talents 
that make me popular and likeable for my kindness,
and unpretentious gallantry;
ask me if I'm blue-blooded like the gentry!

I exist for a purpose and I intend reveal my cause;
honesty and shrewdness will guard me against errors...
do weeds grow in a well-maintained and embellished garden?
A grubby garden attracts gloominess, mine appeals to sunshine!

I have traveled down rough and dark roads,
grabbing the attention of bad-wishers,
who handed me gooseberries, not gorse;
it was a clumsy course swarming with rocks and thorns!

I exist for a purpose that puts fear into my unseen enemies,
who grumble and judge more than the-assumed-righteous-ones,
they are obsessed with their perfection and like to impose it on me;
but do they know that I control my destiny by spinning my fortune' wheel?

My belief is not to accept anything of worthless beauty,
I love to hide myself in the grain fields,and shake their stalks...
to celebrate a harvest more bountiful than sunflowers;
and I imagine myself gorging on fresh-baked bread daily!

O golden grains, your seeds satiate many that earn their hard living,
saying grace at God gives them His blessing;
and those hands that cut the husks off are much detested   
by the elite with a feeling of inferiority and a lack of gratitude!

I exist for a purpose to bring glory to the Heavens,
that magnificently dazzle upon me in times of desperate need;
pity is an unacceptable word whenever they attempt to make a deal;
I change no direction and try not to fall into the trap of moral weakness!

 Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Infringement before Absolution

I see my woman of love, divine.
Just a minimal distance away,
Banned are we until, full-grown like wine.
She can never be mine, this they say.

Differences of stature define.
Mysteries of the past describe sway.
Our lineage caught in bitter design.
Father tells of the shaky dismay.

My love for her true, she will be mine.
Love I know is greater than today.
We must depart our families vine.
Forgiveness in love shall come one day.

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I wonder what it feels like
To be all alone
I've been there before
So, I don't need to be shown
My mom is alone
But, now, so am I
Even my own brother
Found it hard to say good bye
Would my dad be mad
If he could see me now
I think he'd be happy
With my life, somehow
He told me to do
What I thought was right
"Don't let anyone hurt you
Always put up a good fight"
Yes, he sees me now
I can feel his warm smile
I have memories of dad
To last for quite awhile

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Losing Dad

My life was changed so harshly.
It feels like yesterday,
when God said you have had enough
and that you couldn't stay.

I miss you more than ever...
Your guidance and your love.
But, I know you're still watching
silently from above.

The love you gave still warms me
the way it always will.
But leaving left an empty space
that time can never fill.

From heaven you're still giving
the love you always had.
I know you hear me talk to you.

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I hate being by myself
In this house, all alone
I start thinking about dad
Then my heart, it turns to stone
I twitch and I cry
And somehow I can't stop
I want to talk to someone
About that man, my dear old pop
I find it hard to explain
My feelings, enough to share
I thought everyone knew
With my dad, I'll always care
I know he's not here
And will never be again
But all I have to do
Is just pick up my pen
I start writing and thinking
Because he's given me this gift
I can see him anytime I want
With each line his memory uplift

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Fisticuffs at 42

A tussle
A fray
A skirmish
A soiree

A fracas
A fight
A scuffle
A blight

A scrap
A brawl
A melee
A free for all

A quarrel
A clash
A donnybrook
A birthday bash

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Answer the Call

It rang and rang
I tried to hide
And cower away in a corner
I ran away or at least I tried

It rang through my head
Over again and again
So reluctantly I picked up
"Where have you been?"

There was no lying so I told Him the truth
And simply, He calmly replied
"I need to you spread a message..."
"...To anyone who know's one that has died"

I knew I couldn't avoid it
I don't know if I am sane
But I did what I was told
Because with Him there is no shame

When He called on me
I ran to hide
When He calls on you

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My Dad

Dad is what you are
You slid into my life like a shooting star
You brought balance and comfort in
You brought me into a land with your grin

For a long time we were alone
For a long time we didn’t have you in our home
I still remember the absence of your presence
I still fill joy from gift of your essence

The way you worked so hard every day
The way you smiled in your loving way
The things you gave me that I never had
The way you walked in and became our dad

Though not borne to you as your own
Still my heart is filled with the love you have shown
My heart knows the love present in your hands
Through each callous and line I understand

You are the father I wanted before I knew
This I know in my heart is true
The man who took us to a humble home
And crafted it into a Palace of Rome

This it might seem to me
You brought us from the straights of poverty
You loved my mother with all your heart
You loved us all from the start

Yes, you are the father I love
The one sent to me by the angels above
I thank god for you each day
I thank god for sending you our way

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If Isaiah, Jeremiah, Moses and King David prayed to Jehovah,
why is it that His name is no longer invoked?
The Old Testament name has  been erased
from everybody's mind...and we still sing," Hallelujah! "  

God's name cannot be's a sacrilege, a violation of Jehovah's law!
How many times, in my anguish I have called on His holy name!
He wants us to use it and not be afraid of saying it aloud without shame;
so that the wicked, the wretched and the faithless will not curse it anymore!  

Here on earth, many declare to believe in one God,
who through the Prophets gave us a Holy Book to live by;
instead they make their own interpretations and shamelessly lie...
no wonder they have lost every blessing and can't see beyond!

O Jehovah, eternal and just, I declare you my God as all Prophets did,
sacred is Your name, and I proclaim it without fear; and let every hypocrite 
hear it in their cathedrals and synogoges! Oh, how they'll manifest their wrath,
because they are the modern, self-righteous Pharisees who will condemn me to death!   

God's name cannot be changed, it was spoken by humble David,
the shepherd who faithfully served a God of honor and integrity;
God's name cannot be changed to suit human's foolishness and vanity...
a name so magnificently set in stone must be called upon and be praised!

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Remember The Father

It seems to me we notice
All the little things
Only when he yells
Or his words sadness brings

He isn’t some giant hero
Sent from outer space 
He is just a man
Offering loves embrace

He gave us a smile
Then he gives us all
He is always here
No matter when we call

He reaches out to hold us
Protects us from all harm
He might be harsh at times
He offers open arms

He gives us his attention
Tucks one into bed
Listens to our questions
Kisses our forehead

We never stop to thank him
Expecting him to be there
He is only human
There is no time to spare

Life is to short
To let this slip by
Just call The Father today
Even if you just say “Hi”

Take the time to remember
All he is to you
Remind him that you love him
And that your love is true

Whether it is your father
Or one that you have known
Send out a special greeting
In case they are alone

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Love for the Game

She stood there strong, fully armed
Ready to swing when the time was right
She saw it coming, so confident she was
She swung the bat and kissed the ball goodnight

With one girl on, no score as of yet
She was ready and had known what to do
So when she hit that ball, the bright yellow orb,
It went so far in the sky, it was lost from my view

Seeing what she did, she gave me a smile
She wanted to see the pride in her father’s eyes
For I wasn’t only viewing, but I’m also her coach
When she hit that ball, I wasn’t the least bit surprised

She is my athlete, a pure body of talent at ten
Her team is also grateful for all she has done
She’s a pitcher, first basemen, even a catcher too
She thanks God for all the games she has won

She knows she has talent, but laughs it all off
She just wants fun and to play with her friends
But she does give thanks for all that she can do
For a smile up to heaven, she also sends

Now, she’s running home, score number two
Her team has just won that long dragged out game
They were screaming, so happy they all seemed to be
As she touched home plate they were yelling her name

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In the dawning of my manhood
As boy grew into form
I dreamed of being half a man
With a need to be reborn

I hoped to take his temperament
And all decisive ways
But I went on to do things hastily
Succumbing to teenage days

When I finally thought I grew to be
A man to take control
I saw my life was not like his
And had to take a hold

My father was my example
But, I had failed to be
Half the man I saw him as
I had failed, you see

I put things in perspective
I needed then to change
I stopped as quickly as I could
My life, I rearranged

Now, that I am older
I have a son like me
But, he is like the boy I was
I hope one day he’ll see

I must remain steadfast
Let faith remain with me
I hope to be half the man
That he would try to be

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Her Ways

So, there I am within her spell She breathes her words, I come alive Her name to give, I’ll never tell But without her near, I can’t survive She holds the power of my heart Her gentle smile and her lovely ways So, from her then, I’ll never part I am entranced for eternal days So, I’m then captive to her whiles No other way I’d choose to be To know what lies behind her smiles Is how my daughters set me free

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Talk to Them

Come here you, yeah you.
Where do you think you’re going?
What’s wrong, can I help?
How long has this been going on?

Children, they are the future
So very cliché but true
But, we must step in at times.
That, we must do.

Ask the questions above
To start your dialogue of hope
Let them know you are there for them
They will soon be able to cope.

The road may not be easy
It is surely winding and long
But with people there to love and help
How can any help be wrong?

Communication, yes that is the key
To open the door to the hearts
Let them know, continue your best,
Tear their walls apart!

Barge in, take by the hand
Then calm with your soothing voice
Let them know, no matter what
It will always remain their choice.

They need to know you will be there
And not rule or take control
But be stable, strong and true
And ready to console.

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My Girls Own Me

Within their smiles, there lies the trust
They give to me so freely
I cannot ever let them down
As I love my daughters deeply
They count on Daddy to save them when
Their monsters come to call
They also know I am their friend
And will drive them to the mall
Most of all, I say with pride
My love forever lingers
For Daddy’s girls are very smart
As I’m wrapped around their fingers

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In the dawning of my manhood
As boy grew into form
I dreamed of being half a man
With a need to be reborn

I hoped to take his temperament
And all decisive ways
But I went on to do things hastily
Succumbing to teenage days

When I finally thought I grew to be
A man to take control
I saw my life was not like his
And had to take a hold

My father was my example
But, I had failed to be
Half the man I saw him as
I had failed, you see

I put things in perspective
I needed then to change
I stopped as quickly as I could
My life, I rearranged

Now, that I am older
I have a son like me
But, he is like the boy I was
I hope one day he’ll see

I must remain steadfast
Let faith remain with me
I hope to be half the man
That he would try to be 

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Sleep Tight

Sleep tight my little lovely,
for Daddy is always here.
Dream only dreams of beauty and color.
You have nothing then to fear.
That dream you said you ran
from that monster under your bed
was only your imagination.
It was only in your head.
I’m glad you came and woke me
so I could hold you tight.
So sleep tight my little lovely,
for Daddy’s here tonight.

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What is a Man?

Man is not defined by age, or ever by muscle
One is not a man if old enough to take wine
He is not a man if his caring is only for himself
So how can a man then be so defined?

Well, a true man is a person of valor and virtue
He will stand strong in the face of adversity
He will do what is right, not following a crowd
He is one who admits weakness and has integrity

For a man truly is one that is a hero
Though an underdog he may rather himself to be
I hope, son, that you will be that type of man
For then, you will be more of a man than me

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Speak To Me

My sculptor diligently crafted me
For I am a recipient of his
Love, shining bright for all to see
And has given me a choice to kiss

That I shall take to seek my course
Though, the truth was planted in me
But my youth was brutally forced
To embrace things I should not be

Doing so, I conceded out of fear 
To the burning stone of promises
Ruined myself for I didn’t hear 
The final warning of the voices

Its fake brightness crippled endeavour
Moaning in solitude for I lost the trust
‘Cos I did not hold firm to the fervour
In vain, my life I unwillingly entrust

Now, I’m seeking his loving-kindness
Calling only in his name again and again
Let not impatience once more repress....
Begging him to recreate me, to ease the pain 


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Lost Cause

 is no option
to hurt you solves 
no crime

I took you for adoption
to be a child of mine,

you stabbed me in the evening,
you stabbed me in the night,

I somehow kept believing,
that love could make it right,

your bloody knife keeps bleeding
your hands are red and bright,

but my sad heart keeps needing
to save you in your plight,

you killed me in the ocean,
you killed me by the sea,

But I still have the notion,
the answer lies in me.

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I'll Tell You Now

When you came upon the world
Naked, cold and crying
We told you of the possibilities
So long as you kept trying

As you went through all your days
You never once had wavered
You’ve shown me the true way of life
Just how good ones can be savored

For now I know my true destiny
My place, now, is defined
I’m a father more than anything
For each day, you remind

I see within you, all the goodness
How you always try your best
You always consider other people
For that you shall be blessed

Yet, know this now, before I die
You gave this man his worth
My pride in you was multiplied
Each day upon this earth

Know this now and forever always
Here on earth and from above
I always keep my eyes on you
With smiles and with love