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Quatrain Family Poems | Quatrain Poems About Family

These Quatrain Family poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Family. These are the best examples of Quatrain Family poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The Love of a Gentle Man

There is a place where the land bows down to kiss the misty tide,
Where rolling waves bring memories of the place my heart resides.
There among the old fishing shacks that stretch along the shore,
I find the thing I’m longing for, in your sweet embrace once more.

We sit together on a weathered log I carve my initials on,
And as you mend the fishing net, I sing your favorite song,
“Oh Danny Boy”, falls on the wind and floats across the bay,
As you smile at me and melt my heart, with words you do not say.

Beneath a golden sun with the fish and the smell of wild flowers,
A little girl and her Grandpa, sit happily and while away the hours,
And when the sun dips in the bay, we put the mended nets away,
And hand-in-hand walk home again, to the end of a perfect day.


Author:  Elaine George

(In loving memory of Theodore Evans - My Grandfather)

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Lost, Found, and Now Just Missing

Going through some old things that just had to go, I came upon something that nearly got tossed. Memories came to me from long ago. . . . I thrilled that my treasure was no longer lost. Toys come and toys go. In the 60’s, one fad was to own an odd doll not seen much today. This doll had long hair and was scantily clad but wasn’t a Barbie with which I would play! Its body was squat and it had a pug nose. I probably loved it because it looked droll. Its hair could be orange, green, yellow or rose, but if you don’t know yet, that doll was a troll! How I wish I could dredge up some memory to know what was happening inside my head as a pre-teen with friends and what it might be that we did with those dolls and what fun things we said! The trolls that I owned must have been at least four - both sexes so they'd make a small family - their hair different hues, each a doll to adore. But one day they no longer mattered to me. . . I can’t say where all of my playthings got stashed. When I left for college, they vanished from view. But knowing my mom, they must have got trashed. She doesn’t hang on much to things like I do. Now four decades later, I looked at my prize, bare naked and smudged but its hair still jet black. It stared up at me with its cute amber eyes. I couldn’t believe how I got that thing back! It somehow had ended up in my new state. Good luck for that troll, I throw few things away! That doll would be learning soon of its new fate and meet other troll dolls with whom it would stay. Just like Peter Pan, I refuse to grow old, and new trolls I’d bought with long bright spiky hair when troll dolls again in the 90's were sold! But I had to recall where I’d stored them….. oh, where??
(I found the dolls and added the old one to the new collection, but my daughter's family moved in with me a few months ago. My daughter is a clean freak like MY mom is (apparently it skips a generation or something), and my daughter took my troll dolls and put them out of sight somewhere so currently they are floating around who knows where! For Paula Swanson's "Yard Sale" Contest

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Christmas Magic

The magic came to Christmas Day when shepherds first were told, When wise men brought their frankincense, their myrrh and gifts of gold, When heaven opened wide its gates and angels came to sing; For in a manger on the hay, lay Christ, the newborn king. I found it first at Grandma's house, so many years ago, When she prepared her Christmas treats and Grandpa seemed to glow. The house was full of warmth and love, so sweet, so pure and real; And what I cherish most of all, that Christmas magic feel. It's in the music, on the air; just turn the dial to find Inspiring songs that sing of peace, goodwill to all mankind. They sing their praises unto God and spread their Christmas cheer, And everywhere the songs are sung, they find an opened ear. Its clamor, sparkle, warmth and hope, of which we try to write In pretty lines of words and rhymes that never sound just right, Can best be seen in children's eyes when they awake to see What Santa Claus has brought and placed beneath the lighted tree. The magic feel returns each year with warmth on coolish nights, With memories steeped in seasons passed, in songs and blinking lights, At Grandma's house, her Christmas treats, aromas rich and spiced; To recognize the best in man, and honor Jesus Christ.

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The Whispered Song

The warrior lays her weary head, 
With heavy heart she cannot bear, 
Burning tears stream down her face, 
As whispered memories touch the ear.

Her armour tarnished by remorse, 
Her battle-cry a wimpered row, 
Her wounds, of which bleed solitude, 
Will never know forgiveness now.

The song began two score ago, 
When two came knocking at her door, 
In need of refuge from the world, 
Of that, and love, and little more.

Forced to fight for every smile, 
Her only solace found in song, 
She longed for love to rescue her, 
And plant her where she could belong.

Jealous tongues are seldom kind, 
Self-seeking hearts know nought of love, 
The caged canary only sings, 
When coaxed to praise from up above.

For the steely spine that now I own, 
Forever shall I grateful be, 
A gift from her, and from her own. 
Courage mounted inwardly.

I'll not forget how I have loved thee, 
And youthful memories I will prize, 
Til on the shore of His forgiveness, 
Whereto now, we both shall rise.

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12,045 Days ......(and counting)

My affirmation deceitfully severed
forever robbed by selfishness
Left to tackle life alone 
Tumbling in the wake of my dad's mess

He left when I was three 
The crevasse has increased for 33 years
Traded his life with us 
For another woman and a couple of beers

He wasn't there to pick me up
When I fell off of my bike 
To teach me how to fish 
Or enjoy a nature hike

Now I'm a father to my son 
Hoping not to make the same mistake
Living day to day on this lake of life
My son in tow through my own wake

It's been nine years and we're going strong 
Six more years with my son
That's more with him than I had with mine 
My son I guard in a web I've spun

A web of love, discipline, and nurture
Full of "I love you's" and "see ya in the morning"
A kiss before school and one before bed
Lots of playing, talking, reading, and singing

My son doesn't know the pain I feel 
To not know my dad in intimate ways
No hands to comfort me or words to heal
No dad in sight for 12,045 days.............................(and counting) 

My son and I have a great relationship and for this I am thankful......

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Cup of Love

It is a family tradition 
Passed from year to year
That we spend together 
And celebrate with cheer

As the first snowflakes fall
We hear mama’s voice call
"It’s time for hot cocoa;
Come one and come all"

She asks nothing in return
Just quality time to share
Making each cup special
To show how much she cares

Now anxiously we wait
When leaves begin to fall
That cup of love to come
With winters first snowfall

Copyright © 2009 Lena “Lolita” Townsend

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Eternal Everlasting Joy

Sometimes, I think about my life
And the prices I have paid
All the places I have been
The choices I have made

Seems somewhere along the path
I stumbled upon a stone
At that moment I realized
I’d forgotten my way home

My home became a prison cell
My memory was forgotten
My soul was like an egg
An egg that had gone rotten

Sorry I had to go away
You didn’t deserve my shame
I moved very far away
No connection to my name

My life has always been a lie
One I kept hidden from you
When you thought I was in college
Serving time up in the zoo

On the day I was released
You thought I graduated
The moment you were most proud
Another lie to be hated

I have learned it’s never to late
I believe those words are true
Grandma I’m on a mission
I will graduate for you

I really want to earn the pride
You gave me so long ago
I think it will bring some peace
Releasing guilt up in my soul

I’ve learned in the game of life
We must earn our pride
Even if the people are gone
Resting on the other side

I’ve learned in the game of life
Even though they may be hard
Choices aren’t like rolling dice
They're not like flipping cards

Choices define who we are
I know these words are true
Every choice I know make
Are bringing me back home to you

Grandma, I know where heaven is
It’s right here inside my heart
Inside of mine your memory
Until death will never part

During the time I have left
I vow to always let it show
All the seeds you sowed in me
I shall nourish as they grow

In the end I’ll sit with you
Just like when I was a boy
We’ll sing and praise Jesus’ name
With eternal everlasting joy

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My Sister Is An Alien!

My sister is strange
There's no doubt about it
She's an Alien,  that's why
Just get up and shout it!

Her mind control crying
Gets her anything she wants
I say "That's not fair!"
But she just looks at me and taunts

My sister is strange
There's no doubt about it
She's an Alien,  that's why
Just get up and shout it!

It's just a disguise
I'm on to her
Is she scaly
Or covered in fur

My sister is strange
There's no doubt about it
She's an Alien,  that's why
Just get up and shout it!

She's spying on us
They 're ready to invade
So don't just be frightened
Be very afraid!

My sister is strange
There's no doubt about it
She's an Alien,  that's why
Just get up and shout it!

She knows I'm on to her
She's calling for friends
So run for your life
And hide till it ends

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Titanic Forever

My father had been out of work for way too long.
At night, I often heard him and mom weep
Food was scant, but love was strong. 
As was that hunger pain when I lay to sleep.

My little brother was too young to understand.
Still a babe in arms, he brought our only smiles.
I loved to play with him and hold his tiny hand.
It seemed to take away the hurt from life trials.

Then, one-day dad came home all excited.
He was talking so fast, grinning from ear to ear.
He said that our future was well fated.
That we were in for adventure was clear.

It was that new ocean liner, the Titanic. 
Dad had been hired for the maiden voyage.
We were going along as his sidekick.
A family destined for American homage.

In just five days we boarded that ship.
Immigrating was a dream come true.
Accommodations would be a hardship.
But it was worth opportunities…new.

Dad worked as a scullion in the restaurant.
We were housed on the lower deck.
It was a very crowded lodgment.
We stayed together until the shipwreck.

Sirens were screeching people screaming.
We could not find dad anywhere.
Was he locked up as a cageling?
Could it be true; was he trapped down there?

Lifeboats were being lowered.
Mom held my brother, crying.
Dad must be somewhere cloistered.
We all feared a dreadful dying.

Someone put me in a lifeboat.
I reached for mom as it descended.
The Titanic was still afloat.
But my family separated.

The water was freezing.
I had forgotten my coat.
People crying, sniffling, and sneezing.
The lifeboat soon became an iceboat.

Within a few hours, death began.
Shivering, I crawled beneath two corpses.
A young girl destined to live without her clan.
Hidden from polar breezes.

That was the last time I saw my mother.
My mind holds the image clearly.
She, calling for dad, was cuddling brother.
Oh, how I loved my family dearly.

When rescuers finally arrived.
I was the only one alive in the lifeboat.
Beneath those bodies, I survived.
Then, I was wrapped in a warm coat.

I never did see America.
I was sent to an orphanage back home.
Life had dealt a great trauma.
Forever had sunken in the ocean's foam.

© April 9, 2012
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest:  My heart will go on and on.... Free Poetry 
Sponsor	Tracie ~*~ Indigo Dreamweaver

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Too Much Nasty Poetry

I don't like nasty limericks.
I don't like vulgar words.
I'd rather write of better things, 
like maybe watching birds.

So many poets feel the need
to write such graphic things.
The art of poetry to me
is making words that sing.

It's easy to be nasty.
It takes no brain at all.
But I can't keep from wondering
where you get the gall.

My poems may not be 'genius'.
I'm sure they don't compare
to many other writer's work
but mine, I like to share.

No matter if you're ninety
or if you're only nine
you needn't feel ashamed to click
on poetry that's mine.

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The Owl and the PusyCat Sail

Together the Owl and the PusyCat were married
Then again sailed out over the deep blue seas
Searching forever for the great Land of Nod,
To the place where they could find true peace.
True peace, true peace… Where they could find true peace.

The love that twined forever within their hearts
They sought throughout all the wonderous lands
Going to the place where they would live in peace,
A place where true peace, rules and lives in the hearts of the land.
The land, the land… Where true peace lives in the heart of the land.

Alas, the love of the heart, though truly not easy to find…
Is easier to find than the love of peace, found throughout the land.
So it’s said they will continue to sail, until that day comes true,
And when they land for the final time, will be up to me and you.
Me and you, me and you… That day will be up to me and you.

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The Stars Spoke Right To Me

She looks up at big brother
She looks up at the sky
"You can't even reach the stars
So how in the world will I?"

He kneels down by his sister
And drops his voice down low
"Do you want to hear a secret?
But only you and I can know"

Her eyes and teeth show big and white
And she holds out her little pinky
"Tell me! Tell me! I wanna hear!
And I promise you can trust me!"

He chuckles and puts on a grin
And sets her on his knee
"Okay so first you have to know
That the stars spoke right to me

Before you were even born
Shooting stars fell down towards me
They told me something really special-
That anyone can touch them if they reach

They said it may be hard
But can happen if you try
They said you don't need to be tall
In order to touch the sky

They taught me how and said I'd show you
One day-- I guess that's today
So close your eyes and dream real big
Soon you'll be in outer space."

April 2010

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Do angels really come to earth,
And sit beside me by the hearth;
And do they watch me through the night,
And keep me safe till morning's light?

Does God really send them here,
To keep me safe so I won't fear;
And do they watch me night and day,
And stay close by me while I play?

Do they watch me climb each hill,
Just in case I take a spill?
God must love me very much,
To take such pains to keep in touch.

                                                                   Matthew 18:5-6

                         Proverbs 22:6

For Children In Rhyme Contest by Francine Roberts

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As Far As I Can

Sore to the bone
Running on a drop of energy
Just gotta push through
I'll rest eventually

My shoulder has gone numb
But my body feels her weight
As if she's gotten heavy
Since her unconscious state

If I could, I'd stop right now
But who knows how safe it is here
And if I could even start again
I may fall asleep I fear

Soon my body will give up
But I'll make it as far as I can
And hopefully haven isn't too far
And I can put her in helping hands

Walking all day and night
It's hard not to think on past
And any thought I come up with
Has me struggling to hold sobs back

I've kept my ears open
Trying to focus on only sounds
But all I keep on hearing
Is my shoes crunch on foreign grounds

Bang. I hear it softly.
So far but still so near.
Bang. Another gunshot sounds
And I've collapsed in fear.

I close my eyes but another goes off
This time in a memory
And now I'm filled with rage
At how repulsive humans can be

My thoughts turn to my baby
Slipping off of my shoulder
I set her down and examine her
Bloodstained gown and skin colder

My worst nightmare but it can't be true
I listen in for her sweet breath
No. No No. No No. No No.
What's this silence? This isn't death.

This time I don't close my eyes
I see a sight that makes me sob
Memory of the last I saw my wife
And now my baby's with her mom.

Each one of us left covered in crimson
By a monster, a gunshot, a blow
Their death is the death of me.
This is as far as I can go.

May 2010
Inspired by Morris Gleitzman's novel "Once," a historical fiction about a boy in Poland
during the Holocaust.

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Dad Was The Last Snowflake

The last great snowflake standing
Little snowflakes fell swiftly
All around the house they fell
Eight male flakes_three little girls

House was lively in winter
As they all warmed by the fire
Boys' boistour tales, girls brush long hair
Then silence all rested heads

At four A.M. each morn_chores
Breakfast, lunch packed off to school
Walking that long mile was rule
School was important dad said

Soon the oldest snowflake wed
As life goes all followed him
Leaving the warm hearth behind
Some of them to produce twins

As life goes_death visited
All their humble doors sadness
Some had children die at birth
And some at very young age

What they saw in their lifetime
Changes that took place_cars_planes
Atom bomb that ended war
None their warm family disgraced

Death started visiting doors
One above  middle went home first
Then slowly they all went home
But dad was the last snowflake

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Pink Bundled


We’re welcoming our newest,
a little girl has come has come.
She’s sweeter than a melon
or a ripe and juicy plum

You’ll find her by her mommy’s side,
in pink from head to toe.
When she has rested just a bit 
she’ll be ready for her show.

She has a lot of long black hair.
This is a great surprise.
The wisdom of the ages
is showing in her eyes.

The world must seem so strange to her.
She’s handling it with aplomb.
She’s stolen all our hearts away,
a beauty like her mom. 

She is less than one day old,
and as I meet her gaze,
I wonder what it would be like
to have no yesterdays.

No sorrows and no sad regrets
and no what might have beens,
only her name upon the page
as her new life begins.

For Royal's "Pink Joy" contest

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Average Age 19

Once again, the powers that must
In rise again in what we trust
An overseas conflict, another war
Just what in the hell are we fighting for

Families are asking, Korea has just passed
Generations again reft, how long will it last
A country in need, to rebuild again
Flags at half mast, in wind and rain strain

Once again into war, sent by the Washington Post
To send back reports to hit home the most
Military observers were the first to be sent in
Another chapter of man entering existing sin

I'm witnessing our ariel power, Lam Son 719
US planners determine their incursion, saying all will be fine
Along the Mekong River, we'll carpet bomb their supply trail
Tons of munitions and napalm, this spread surely cannot fail

Many sorties are being flown, for the wounded and the dead
Whilst Nixon and his cronies, aren't thinking with their heads
The news of losses has reached me, nineteen have been killed
Eleven missing, fifty nine wounded, more American blood spilled

Seven fixed wing aircraft, more sons in action loss
Whilst back at home more protests, fading the dyeing's gloss
To to this job that I do, I was never prepared for this
To witness such bloody scenes, and ignore that life is bliss

How can I write about a soldier, whose name I'll never know
Killed at nineteen years old, his family he'll never see grow
Or even explain to his parents, when carried from the AH-1
His body bullet riddled and limp, when lifted it bloodily run

I never went back to the theatre, called the Vietnam War
Having witnessed the wanton killing, what were we fighting for
This colonial conflict that started, us on the side of France
So many came back as strangers, many to live in trance

James Fraser's entry into the contest " WORLD OF WAR: VIETNAM "

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Evil, Wicked And Demented

We sisters three are scary as scary can be.
 Evil is tormented, haunted by choices of her past.
Wicked is hollow, and the most bitter of the three.
 Demented is angry, and so cold that her blood turns icy fast.

All paranoid and suspicious in everything they do.
 Evil has had her dreams snatched from her grasp.
She feels alone, and her ghosts are from her missing crew.
 Her pain is enough to make even the strongest gasp.

Each one is afraid to let anyone breach their wall.
 Wicked is a lover who has been badly used.
She never thought she'd love, but eventually she did fall.
 Only to be lied to, cheated on and abused.

They only have each other to trust and rely on.
 Demented has been the victim of ominous play.
She was captured and used like a chess pawn.
 Now all will pay the price and rue that fateful day.

So as you see Evil, Wicked and Demented are strong.
 If you see them coming, you might should run and hide.
They will forever be trying to right the wrong.
 Be careful if you are a user, a liar, hateful or snide.

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In all my years I've never seen 
a face so weathered, yet seldom mean.
A semblance of a younger man
of whom I was the biggest fan.

A tired soul in eyes so hollow,
where he went this kid would follow.
Now he's resting more and moving less.
Is this what's left for God to bless?

Disease and age have beat him down,
yet no one ever sees him frown.
Mortal thoughts creep in as days go by.
What's it really like when we die?

But he won't dwell on that, with time so fleeting,
and his mind still sharp, despite the beating.
No he won't complain, why even bother?
My hero is this wonderful father.

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The Dandelion

The dandelion sat along on the hill 
watching the rose's play.
He asked to join the fun and games;
is it all right if I stay?
The rose's said, you can not play,
for you are not one of us.
Go back to your hill to your grassy clump,
and don't you make a fuss.
For we are tall with our beautiful stems
and nicely shaped leaves.
Our petals are grand,
the best in the land, 
so stay away you weed.
A beautiful flower, tall and grand,
you are, the dandelion sighed.
Your petals are grand, the best in the land,
but i'd rather be pretty inside.
For the rose's and their beauty so grand, 
will fade and wither with time,
but the dandelion's beauty within,
is one thing that will never die. 

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I love you mama

Many reasons
Have led me to this
To leave this world
Of negative bliss

Boyfriends, who wants them
Parents who fight
To be in my shoes
I will no longer tonight

My diary is written
As to why I must leave
I have felt this for years
As I internally grieve

My i-pod is charged
As I take my last walk
Goodbye grey clouds
I'll miss your thunder talk

I touch the walls
Of buildings I've been in
Leaving my trace
As I graze my skin

Through the park
Where my innocence was taken
By my boyfriend I thought
Left me distraught, forsaken

I reach my last door
Its just a gap in the fence
As I see where I'll lie
My desires immense

On the sleeper I sit
As I await my fate
Say hello to tomorrow
I'm sorry I can't wait

The light gets brighter
As it nears my life's drama
Tears stream from my eyes
I love you mama

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Mice For A Very Good Price

I opened the door,
Saw two nice mice,
At Pete's Pet Store;
For a very good price.

I bought them that day,
With money I had saved,
Raking and hauling hay;
For my neighbor, Mr. Dave.

I purchased a bowl,
Just for their food,
And a bottle with a hole;
For drinking water through.

I named one Ice,
He had clear blue eyes,
The other, I named Spice;
He was the smallest in size.

Ice would take small bites,
Of cheese and treats of rice,
Spice made noise at night;
Munching bread - I had sliced.

I'll never forget the day,
Mom said, "Look Price!"
And lying in their hay;
Were two bald baby mice.

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Life Unexpected

I sat quietly weeping 
My womb forever sleeping
No baby ever to grow there in.
Doctor says that I am barren.

Years go by I try to cope.
Lovers leave there is no hope.
Strange these flutters in my belly.
Sick so sick, everything is so smelly.

Flutters turn to kicks and wiggles.
Labor pains, and I have the giggles.
Husband standing by my side.
Now four children are my pride.

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He was the bard from Stratford, and as a teenager
he helped his father in his trade; he married and had children
and became the most popular and admired play writer
in all England...acting was also his other pleasurable passion.    

Curious Queen Elisabeth was one of the thousand spectators,
who came to see him in the Globe theater...she shed tears, 
and was stunned by the performance of his timeless plays,
and yet, some of his fellow-poets criticized him for his writings!

I wish I had lived in that Victorian era so intellectual and refined,
and had met him in person and had showed him my ample admiration;
I would have asked him the secret, which made him so legendary and loved...
and he would have whispered it to me, to make me revel in that revelation!     

I have read his inspiring works, and tragedies rampantly occur
from " Romeo and Juliet"...the Verona's immortal lovers, through" Hamlet "
whose insanity was undoubtedly caused by the specter of his father; 
and why didn't Shakespeare choose less dramatic plays not ending in death?

He wanted to teach us indelible lessons to show us how the human spirit
can be passionate, adamant, loveless, envious, cruel, unfair and treacherous...
to outline all kinds of guilt: from murder to envy so well-expressed with eloquence;
it's no mystery to anyone how he conjured up such plots with grief, madness and wit!    

Shakespeare was no ordinary kid, and he played with his siblings on Henley Street,
neighbors saw him trot to his grammar school, later he would make everyone weep; 
early in adolescence, did his prodigious mind envision one from a vague thought?
It's no wonder that he is widely read even today...hear his speak, he'll impart worth!  

Entered in Amy Green's contest, " Wow Me With Inspiration "

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Who They Are

His innocence lies in the very unknowing
Of what is the truth as he just keeps on growing
He questions the birds in the sky up above
He warms us with laughter and endows us with love
Every question from him is so serious, yet
I have to laugh, from the look that he gets
He’s often a handful, but with a heart that’s so wide
As he often states feelings that he just cannot hide

She is his sister; she’s a bit stronger and taller
Which makes him seem younger, just so much smaller
There in her heart, she, too, has her ways
Of giving us sunshine on the darkest of days
She’s dramatic and active, an athlete to boot
She’s the younger of my girls, who’s so very cute
She’s willful, demanding, but yet can be coy
She’s a blessing from above, an angel of joy

There, even older, another girl blessed us so
It’s been fun watching her age, fun watching her grow
She’s not yet an adult, but seems to just know it all
I hope in her assumptions, she never suffers a fall.
However, she my daughter and a real beauty at that
Who often asks us parents if her clothes make her fat
I guess it’s her age, but that’s the norm for these girls
I’ll love her like my baby girl, as she outgrows her curls

Then there’s the man, my oldest boy, he’s so wise
He grew up so fast, right before our very eyes
He’s sensitive and caring, so smart, gives respect
He’ll be quite the man, very successful I just bet
Though, he too, is a teen and subject to the pressure
He still does so much to which others don’t measure
He rounds off the family, he, my oldest boy
As all of them, together, bring just so much joy

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The Mighty Kern (The end of many dreams)

You’re not real deep as rivers go
You’re really not that wide
When it comes to my feelings of you
They’re feelings I just can’t hide

Through giant boulders you descend 
Winding through canyon walls
Inside you many have met their end
As rapidly as your water falls

Merle Haggard wrote a song of you
You took someone he loved
His song is very beautiful and true
A gift from God above

At four I stood upon your banks
Watched my mother die
Like those before and after her
So many left to cry

Your pools are pools of death
Calm and still they seem
Whirlpools lurking underneath
The end of many dreams

For Brian's contest

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You women
Know how to make 
The best of what you've got in you
You do it everyday in your life

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The Hunting Trip

Daddy went hunting.
Mamma went too.
Daddy got a deer,
but Mamma got two.

Mamma told her story
while Daddy stood by
looking like at any time
he was gonna cry.

We all thought "He's jealous
he only got one."
But, Daddy had a reason
he didn't shoot his gun.

The buck was at his blind.
He seen him at close range.
The path was clear and all at once
Daddy felt something strange.

He knew that she was waiting
over in her stand.
He had bagged so many deer.
Her fate was in his hands.

He tossed a stick to scare the deer.
He sat and watched it run.
He prayed she wouldn't miss her shot

He sat patiently waiting 
for the gunshot near her stand.
When he heard her yell "I GOT ONE!"
he finally unclenched his hands.

The deer was his gift to her
although she never knew,
why Daddy only got one deer
and she got two.

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Family Heirlooms

Family heirlooms

Some collect old art pieces, jewelry or photos.
Others, end tables, organ benches, or beds
If it belonged to Grandma or Grandpa it’s a keeper.
Especially fancy needlework and piecework spreads.

And if it belonged to way-back generations,
Better hide it from inquiring siblings.
Like an antique trunk full of precious junk,
Be ready for some serious quibbling.

An agate marble with variegated colors,
A bone handled knife with Grandpa’s carved notch,
Grandma’s wedding ring many memories bring,
As does Uncle Henry’s gold pocket watch.

Many collectibles and few places to keep them.
We hold on tightly like a determined fanatic.
If embedded memories bring such pleasure to treasures
Why do they inevitably drift to the garage or attic?

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On Grandma's Farm

There's an antique red barn
Sits atop the hill
And a small little pond
Chock full of blue-gill 

There's old rusty cars
Which haven't ran in years
And a hundred year old house
Once manufactured by Sears
It's loaded full of memories
It's filled with lots of charm
It's a place I know and Love
It's all there...On Grandma's Farm

Used to go there every Sunday
From as far back as I can remember
Sledding down the hill
In the snow come December

I Loved it out at Grandmas
Playing with toy tractors in the sand
Going to help split wood
Just to lend a helping hand

I Loved it winter, spring and summer
But my favorite time of all
Was when the leaves all turned
The wonderful colors of fall

I was carefree and happy
The world was free from harm
Way back when I was a kid
Out On My Grandma's Farm

© 2011 Kevin Stock

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A Warm Welcome to Aimee

I cried along with you when I heard on the phone
Your first cries as you made yourself known
With little fists flying and a voice to be heard
You let everyone know, you would not be deferred.

With angelic eyes and a cute little nose
You were pink and rosy, right down to your toes
Everyone cooing, laughing and yes a tear too
For the new life and blessing on your day of debut.

With a head full of hair the color of fawn
Born in the morning just before dawn
You visited awhile and then went out like a light
An angel needs rest to shine that bright.

So welcome Aimee Michelle, we’ve waited so long
To have you with us; to hear your life song
Never doubt for a moment how much you are loved
You are our blessing that God sent from above.

*To my son who lost a son last year but was blessed last night with a daughter.  I
couldn't be there due to illness so I only got to hear her first cries over the phone.

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Christmas Time's Around the Bend

The time has come to string the lights and decorate the tree, Fix-up the barn an' house a mite for all the folks to see, Cause Christmas time's around the bend, an' Santa's underway A-makin' toys for girls an' boys, an' gifts to fill his sleigh. The widder Jones, from down the road, her cook-stove's bellerin' smoke, She makes tamales ever year for passin' city-folk. But through the year she cusses 'em for just a-passin' by, An' raisin’ dust she’s gotta to sweep when that ol' road is dry. The school put on their annual play and that turned into fun. They cast my nephew as the babe; he played the Holy Son! The Wise Men never had a chance. They got a real surprise, When baby Jesus tossed his milk an' caught one in the eyes. But ever year I'm still amazed by changes folks can make, Like Mister Groves, a stubborn coot I'd often like to shake. He turns a leaf at Christmas time, an' acts just like a saint, He'll drive to town an' do for folks that's crippled, sick an' cain't. On Christmas Day, the kids in town get stockings filled with loot. For some it's still a mystery but it's that "stubborn coot". I saw him late one Christmas Eve a-tendin' to the chore; For ever kid, in ever house, he left one at the door. It never snows on Christmas Day, it's mostly never missed. No sleighs to ride or sleds to slide, the things could fill a list, But there's no other place on Earth at any time of year That holds a light to what we have, the people livin' here. We've shared our lives an' memories, each dream, desire an' plan. We've touched each other ever way that God designed for man. With all their strengths and weaknesses, we love 'em still the same When Christmas time's around the bend, an' times that have no name.

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Lifting Me Up

My heart is on Your shoulders,
And You are lifting me up.
With every spoken tender gesture,
I fall a little farther in love.

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From the cradle to the grave

I wish to leave a legacy, 
A memory of me
I wish to leave a legacy,
Something my mother left for me

Death took my mother when I was three
So all she left was what she taught me
So as I sit and sew, I see
My mother looking down on me

Her hands guide my fingers as I make
A cradle for my daughter to take
For all the children that follow in her wake
Will rest in peace and sleep till daybreak

Surrounded by love for “oma’s” sake
For each child anew a small remake
Will forever preserve this family keepsake
And I will be there forever to partake

As each new child lies cradled here
All the ancestors will be near
To bestow their love and guidance clear
On the newborn and his parents dear

While we support there is no fear
Because the child will always hear
The sounds of love sincere
And know his family is near

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Questions Unanswered

Lightning flashes and the rain falls
as the storm rages on tonight,
the family is so worried about you
and wanting to know you're alright.

Late, last Sunday afternoon
you tried to take your own life,
twice with the same medication
that was supposed to end your strife.

You were taken away and we don't 
even know where you are right now,
but everyone is just hoping
that you can comeback somehow.

What ever happened to you,
that caring person you once were,
who could always make me laugh
oh, how I do remember her.

You took care of me when
I needed someone to be there,
so many good memories flash back
of the fun times we would share.

We are all still wondering why
you are suffering in depression,
and how could you ever hurt us
with such unexpected aggression.

You left your teenage son
alone in a state of panic and fear,
now we can only wish and wait
for some kind of real cure.

I wrote this after my aunt tried to commit suicide last Sunday, June 15th. 
Thankfully, she was not successful. She has been struggling with depression
for about 10 years and this is the worst state that we've ever seen her in.
Our family and the doctors keep trying to help her, but nothing has worked yet.
So, we will have to wait and see where things go from here, as we still have no
word on her current condition.

We are not a religious family, but it might help if you could send out your 
positive thoughts, and maybe keep us in your prayers during this difficult
and confusing time. 

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                                          THE MEDICINE MAN

When I was a girl,
We lived way out back,
In the swamplands where life,
Was hard but no lack,

Of love and good humor,
And inventive fun,
We were tired but happy,
When day was done.

One evening my uncles,
Were chasing me,
In a game of tag,
Near a big Oak tree.

I couldn't see,
The tree in the dark,
So I hit it full bore,
And there made my mark.

I was down for the count,
Out like a light,
They took me to Grandpa,
Who, seeing my plight,

Set to work right away,
To bring me around.
He reset my nose,
Made sure I was sound.

My face was a horror,
A regular mask,
But with his tender care,
I was soon the same lass.

He made poultice, used herbs,
To take down the swelling,
Relieving my pain,
And discomfort quelling.

He was quiet and gentle,
And didn't say much,
But he knew a lot,
And he had the touch.

He doctored our family,
He doctored our friends,
And many an animal,
He came to tend.

He was just an old Indian,
But I never forgot,
The things that he did,
Proved he knew a lot.

He lived his life quiet,
The best that he could,
And he did his best,
To live like he should.

He never stole,
Wasn't given to drink,
Said too much booze,
Made it too hard to think.

Didn't hold much store,
In money or fame,
But he knew the importance,
Of a good family name.

What others think,
He said with a grin,
Depends much on you,
So try not to sin.

He taught by example,
And he taught us a lot,
And the things that he taught us,
I never forgot.
                                              Judy Ball

For Tell Me A Story Contest by Debbie Guzzi

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Choices To Face

I have some choices to face,
But these are not my decisions to make.
God told me what He wants me to do;
He said, "Listen, Son, I have a plan for you."

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Enjoy This Place

Follow your dreams and follow your heart;
God has shown you the path to start.
Never give up and always have faith;
Do what you love and enjoy this place!

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All in one

urge to be in two places now so strong
heartrending cries for help yelled out loud
inability of dividing myself feels so wrong
highways ahead too narrow and too long
ticking times merciless running out

wishes to change the times lifelong
desired bless of magically being endowed 
both soul mates in a distant throng
watching their struggle and storm cloud 
praying for their health in a swan song

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The Innocence of Youth

To hold, as 'twere, the mirror up to nature,
embracing truth as only reflection can hold.
While our mind concocts fastidious pleasure,
in search of mottled excuses bent to unfold.

Some threaten openly, words of censure,
hurled against the family tree displayed therein.
Yet which innocent, casts with stoic composure,
a stone of malicious word for the game to begin.

While the tree of life muddles fate in quiet solitude.
Its restless soul begging for optimistic pleasure,
It thinks its time before the mirror, but an interlude,
when in fact, the angel Gabriel takes his measure.

Only the tree of knowledge, cannot be maligned.
Within the face of it, read this significant truth.
From a reflection, the soul of man, you will not find,
only the sweet, sweet face, of innocence of youth.

© Apr 17 2011 Charles Henderson 
for Constance "the tree" contest
a family tree, tree of life, tree of knowledge

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Lord, I do not know what to do;
Please, lead me by Your side.
Decisions I'm facing are lost and through;
Please, lead me to do what's right.

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More Than Gold

What is the worth of a long, long life,
If when that long life ends,
One has more than enough of earthly wares,
But is devoid of friends?

When I am called before the Lord
To kneel at His Holy Throne,
I hope to report I have treasured love
Over anything else I may own.

The love of family and friends
Is a gift that's beyond compare.
The longest of lives would go unmarked
Without family and friends who care.

For Gareth James' Inspirational Contest

Shared no. 1

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Grandma's Legacy

My grandma had a green thumb
She loved to garden, plant and grow
Didn't matter where they're from
Snatching cuttings wherever she'd go

Her pockets filled with seeds from trips to and fro
Labeling the envelops with names as she was home
Plant variety was something she would know
She also knew specific times when seeds should be sown

Her garden was her solace throughout her hardened life
She planted seeds and grew her plants anywhere she stay
Always fed her family through depression and strife
Many rows of vegetables were planted in her day

Years have passed and she is gone her love of planting seeds
Was passed on through her family who now are pulling weeds. 

Jennifer Marie Oliver

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The Family Vacations

My wife is a hardheaded lady So when she makes up her mind Whatever it is that she wanted Is just a matter of time She wanted a family vacation Everyone must make the scene Including our kids and their families We are a group of sixteen The first one took us to Oregon To a motel on the beach Although everyone had lots of fun It was just too far to reach The next one was also held out of town A nice place on Lake Chelan With boats and skis and a swimming pool Everyone thought it was grand Went to Lake Chelan for two more years Then we found a brand new spot It was a big lodge in Idaho We all loved that place a lot We had that big lodge all to our self It was on Lake Pend Oreille It rained the whole week were there We played games inside all day Even though we had that bad weather The vacation was the best The place so big, kids played hide-and-seek Good visit, fun games and rest We returned there again the next year It has its dock and bay Water sports, fishing and paddle boats Then someone sold it away The next year’s vacation was different We rented two large house boats A week boating on Lake Roosevelt I got sick and almost croaked Then we went to Marrowstone Island To my daughter’s new beach place They caught crabs and clams, then bought oysters Crammed sea food into our face Then the guy boated to Port Townsend But when they were coming back Yellow boat died in the ferry’s lane They barely avoided a smack The next year it was back to Lake Chelan But at a different place One of the kids brought a small scooter Road it all around the place Two years ago, back to the beach house Played games and had lots of sun The tenth family vacation for us For two year’s now there’s been none My wife and think it is so sad To lose such a tradition Let’s start now and plan one for next year That is this poem’s mission
NOTE: There always seems to be confusion on pronouncing Chelan, but the locals say it "shuh-LAN" (short "A"). Also, Pend Oreille is pronounced "PAWN-do-RAY"

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Find your center

To wake with the sun, as it's rays touch Mother Earth
I give thanks for it warming this great land
and watch the beauty of a sunrise as mirth returns to earth
I hear birds announce this rebirth as if on command

I see happiness in all faces, while greeting the relations
as all work to prepare our lodge for a morning meal
A sample of foods taken from this land for our nation 
Give thanks and only take what's needed to feed and heal

Work for common good, while giving kindness and respect
to all beings of this land, as we greet them each day
Wolf, bird, fish, plant and man of this land all interconnect
for without this union, life would not greet this day

At days end, watching the sun retreat beyond the horizon
all life feeds and prepares for nights darkness to return
Relations gather, speak of the day and return of the bison  
A white bison's return is one of our lessons to learn

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Wary of Snakes and Possums

Five free range chickens surviving earth’s natural selection...
Spring flowers began to emerge while “Hefei” and hens explored.
Wary of snakes and possums, they moved about with caution.
Hunting, pecking and scratching, together in one accord -

One hen snuck into a pitched tent to lay her lovely eggs.
Behind some plants over wintered in a place nice and warm.
With shattered wing and broken shells, she felt survival plagues.
She emerged escaping death this time, enduring deform.

A few days later, she was gone, feathers strewn about.
One hen, then, another hid…sitting on precious eggs.
Within a month, the strutting rooster crowed his prideful shout.
Nineteen little chicks scurried out close to two hens legs.

ã June 7, 2012
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest:  Eggs, but NO epulaeryus
Sponsored by: Black Eyed Susan

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Rules for a Happy Life

Rules for a Happy Life

Husbands love your wives for all eternity
This is the way to live your life eternally
Bring your marriage petitions before me on bended knee
Husbands love your wives for all eternity

Wives respect your husbands for all eternity
Your heavenly Father knows all your special needs
Bring your hearts’ desires before me on bended knee
Wives respect your husbands for all eternity

Children, honor your parents for all eternity
The laws I wrote on sacred stone is available for all to see
Bring your earthly struggles before me on bended knee
Children, honor your parents for all eternity.

Written by Gwendolen Rix and her heavenly Father

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A Christmas Tradition

So many traditions run deep in all of our families, And each holiday calls for a memorable and worthy gathering. At Christmas, one tradition fills our hearts with glee! When caught up in the season of joy; sadness, never harboring! We find that it matters not whether a leaf has fallen from our tree, And sailed on angels' wings to join the celebration above. We reminisce of yesteryears assured their spirits are free... Free from turmoil and chaos; free to taste purest love. High upon the Christmas tree, there, amongst sparkling colored balls; Tucked between precious old ornaments and brilliant, festive lights, Hang these amazing balls of glass; bearing the names of all. They're protected by the extra padded skirt made of satin- red and white Time will not dissolve memories or the love and affection which flows, When kindred spirits, on Christmas morn, gather to hear the sacred story. We’d recall the prudent sayings; simple stories that nurture, still, our souls, While in harmony, young ones and old, celebrate God’s majestic glory! ~*~
Note: For the Contest, "Traditions" 12/11 *Ist Place

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In blue jeans and a sweatshirt, 
tousled hair, a cheeky grin, 
she whistles and the birds sing back, 
she puts a load of laundry in. 

A country girl with country manners, 
"Thanks so much!" blesses her lips, 
her daughter shares her airs and graces, 
dancing now, mom sways, she dips. 

Dressing up for Church on Sunday, 
mom and Peanut looking fine, 
mom's pleasant voice outsings the others 
with mellifluence divine. 

Skipping home from God's Communion, 
licking ice cream cones they smile, 
playing Hopscotch on the corner, 
laughing, leaping all the while. 

A six-year-old with imitations 
of an adult's ways and means, 
she's the Perfect Little Lady 
sharing Mommy's hopes and dreams!

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My step-mom brought her stuff today.
It really made me mad.
She moved right in and changed the house.
She even changed my Dad.
She makes my bacon way too crisp.
She tries to fix my hair.
And when she shops for nail polish,
She buys enough to share.
To make it worse, she brought her cat
It hides beneath my bed. 
And then she made me go with her
To a hill where we could sled.
My step-mom' isn't like me
and there are different rules,
But just between the two of us
My step-mom's kinda cool.

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Go ahead, ask me Am I'm proud of my dear son Scott You can bet your sweet little bippy I am Proud as one of them peacocks Turned out to be a guru In the fast paced world of computers There ain't no problem my Scottie can't solve Nuttin' can stump my Scooter Destined to make big bucks In the fast paced world of promotions Not too long fore he's living on easy street People will say what's this commotion The commotion will be my Scottie Setting the pharmaceutical world on fire With ingenious solutions to all their problems Reaching goals to which I aspired Was once a guru like Scooter Was a whole lot different in those days No computers, just a big bunch of magic markers Creating ads the old fashioned way Go ahead, ask me Am I'm proud of my dear Scooter boy You better believe it, I'm over the top thrilled He's my absolute pride and joy! © Jack Ellison 2013 Do you think I'm a proud Papa?

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Sister Wife And Uncle Brother

Sister wife and Uncle brother,
didn't really like each other,
so they left it up to me,
which one I liked the best you see.

Sister wife, now she could cook,
not too bad with line and hook,
but Uncle brother had good traits,
why he could name all 40 states!

Both of them were good in bed,
least that's what Cousin mommy said,
but Sister wife she had one ace,
and that there was her purty face.

Her eyes are green, and blue and brown,
one of them looks off toward town,
and she has no hair beneath,
her lovely, crooked yellow teeth.

Uncle brother, he's my friend,
I'll love him to the very end,
but he stops to scratch his britches,
'cause he says it always itches.

It is so embarrassing,
to watch him scratching at that thing,
but what am I supposed to do,
when Sister wife helps scratch it too?

Sister wife and Uncle brother,
suddenly they like each other!
I guess it's just a lucky me,
that has a great big family!

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Thursdays Recalled By the Family's French Fry Girl

The number of us children growing up was eight. Each Thursday night was special, for our Dad got paid, and we would eagerly and hungrily await his bringing Henry’s fries and burgers home. Hurray! We weren’t allowed to pick and choose; we had to take two burgers each with “everything” and one bag of fries. While we grabbed our own allotment, happy to partake, Jenny scraped off from her burgers -onions she despised! Dori chewed so slowly, from her we all would steal. The baby, Theadora, just sat there and played with her food. I was strange and always made this deal: Both my burgers for two brothers’ French fries I would trade. And so the number of my French fries always came to three. Even with no burgers, I loved each Thursday night. for the Henry’s fast food and time with family. Oh, to go back to those days with loved ones in my sight!
*Henry's Hamburgers was the name of a fast food place in my hometown For Paula Swanson's "Traditions" Poetry Contest

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Treasure In The Cellar

I walked down the steps
To those musty gray walls,
And breathed in the air
Of hand soap and moth balls.

I saw the oil tank
Near the pipes to the well;
And the concrete sink,
With its dank, clammy smell.

Some jams and preserves
Lined the shelves with great care,
With labels that read -
Straw-, Rasp-, Gage Plum and Pear.

Then as I walked ‘round,
I hit line overhead;
Where aprons were hung,
That were stitched in fine thread.

At that I glanced down,
Seeing box under sheet;
Near a braided rug,
Which was under my feet.

I grabbed hold the box,
Where its sides read “C. James;”
And lifting the sheet,
Saw in bold print, “Ann’s Games.”

With that, I dove in,
As I opened the case;
And when I saw “Rook,”
Beams of joy filled my face.

Then reaching I pulled,
“Go Ahead of the Class;
Then Old Maids, then Snap,
And Monopoly last.

But after these treats,
Came another as well;
With old comic books,
That were all made by Dell.

I sat there and read
For an hour or two;
Then put all away,
With the box tucked from view.

Then climbing the stairs
To the kitchen once more;
I marveled the child
That my mom was before.

Copyright - By Paul Ray

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Adult Dark - No ADULT content AT ALL

It's the last afternoon and we run for the school bus,
me and my brother, Mick, finally free,
'cos it's summer vacation, no teachers, no homework,
all the time in the world, well, a clear month or three.

We sit down for dinner with thoughts of the outside,
the playground, the carnival, so much to do!
"Say Grace, eat your veggies, and then do the dishes,"
said mom. "Kiss your Grandma, and Aunt Mabel, too. (ugh!)

I told Mick, "You be Tonto, I'll be the Lone Ranger,
it's MY mask, (you be Super Hero tomorrow,")
"OK, but I'm not gonna polish your pistols,
and I must make pee pee before we can go!"

"Come on! The light's fading, bad guys are escaping!
the world won't be safe from the wages of sin," 
so down to the pasture and up to the old barn
we galloped, 'til mom's voice commanded, "Come in!"

"Aww, mom, it ain't FAIR! What this is is 'ADULT dark,'
us kids can see, it's you old folks might fall."
Said mom, "then, there'll be no hot cocoa and cookies,"
"Oh, MOM! of a sudden, we can't SEE at all!!!

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Nature's Lesson For Parents

I watched a hatching baby chick
struggling to break free from its shell
that was its home for many days
but now was time to say farewell

Mom had pecked into the shell
a tiny hole to start the process
She did her part dutifully
Now the chick must do the rest

I felt sorry for the struggling chick
and could almost feel the pain
I wanted to break off the shell
thinking it would ease the strain

Then I remembered someone said
The chick must struggle on its own 
to start its heart and lungs working
for it to become fully grown

I stood and watched as a miracle
unfolded right in front of me
All by itself the chick broke out
and stood there so cute and furry

There is a lesson here for parents
who are raising a family
Be protective of your children
but do not do it overly

*I actually witnessed this event.
I wrote this after reading Evrod Samuel's

john beharry, Any poem/Any form - for new poets of soup, 12/1/2013

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In blue jeans and a sweatshirt, 
tousled hair, a cheeky grin, 
she whistles and the birds sing back, 
she puts a load of laundry in. 

A country girl with country manners, 
"Thanks so much!" blesses her lips, 
her daughter shares her airs and graces, 
dancing now, mom sways, she dips. 

Dressing up for Church on Sunday, 
mom and Peanut looking fine, 
mom's pleasant voice out sings the others 
with mellifluence divine. 

Skipping home from God's Communion, 
licking ice cream cones they smile, 
playing Hopscotch on the corner, 
laughing, leaping all the while. 

A six-year-old with imitations 
of an adult's ways and means, 
she's the Perfect Little Lady 
sharing Mommy's hopes and dreams!

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Ever Present Memories

The leaves were golden...brown and brittle
Rustling as the autumn breeze blew
Do I miss it, yes, a little
As my fondness, it there grew

The suns warm rays glanced off the water
Of the pond at the foot of the hill
Each summers day grew hotter
Yes...I miss it still

The Love that filled the Sunday air
Simple, heartfelt and true
A Grandmother's Love, something so rare
And but flew

The visits these days, too short I'm afraid
I can never recapture childhood innocence
But the memories I carry will never fade
No matter the moment, the motive, or absence

One day my spirit, it will return
And I will never leave there again
It is where I will one day adjourn
Forever and ever...Amen

© 2011 Kevin Stock

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Video Games

Video Games
My children were reared on video games
Not my choice I know, but I take the blame 
The hours they spent on a computer screen
Sent spears through my heart and caused me to scream

A necessary evil, my husband did say
They can learn from these things that they want to play...
How can that be, its nothing but blood and gore
His answer, I don’t know what you are looking at but try it some more

The games that they played were frivolous and fun
Not the one that I heard of that annihilate everyone.
No that came as the boys grew in their understanding
And hid them away in the blanket box on the landing.

By now though our boys are well rounded men
When road kill is on the road they won’t look at them
They are sissy’s with blood of any and all kind 
They know the difference in a game and real human kind.

They have mastered parts of foreign languages
By playing on line with all races and ages.
Their knowledge is far more than they learnt in school
So I am not so afraid now of technologies new tools
© ~GG~ 28/09/2012

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A Nature Walk

Stop for a moment, to only admire The wondrous, warm world, where I do reside; These gigantic trees do serve to inspire, Notice the beauty, with nothing to hide. The golden orb shines through neon-clear leaves, From the canopy falls a single drop Of dew that is unstirred by any breeze, landing on my palm with a tiny 'plop'. Next is the meadow, so spacious and fair, Filled with daffodils, and fat buzzing bees. This fantastic scene, tends Nature with care, Yet Home must I go, now back to the trees, For with this family, I must be sure, Found at Home to make a nice, hot breakfast, Since my love for them, is ever so pure, So I bid farewell, as I'm Home at last.

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Adoptive Mommy

“Where’s my Mommy?” Whimpered a fearful voice, As the little blind girl cried, She couldn’t understand why her mommy was gone No matter how hard she tried. It was only her third Christmas, And Mommy was the only gift she sought. Searching the worn-torn streets, she said, “Oh, Mommy!” As a tender arm she caught. A soldier girl from a foreign land Felt a tug on her uniform sleeve, And said as she reached down with heart and hand, “I’ll be your Mommy this Christmas Eve.”
—James E. Tate

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Oft when folks are talkin',
They'll use a phrase or two,
That can be taken wrongly,
The meaning misconstrued;

And so they get the text all wrong,
And spread it far and wide,
And when you learn what you have said,
You wonder why they lied.

Some people just don't listen,
When others talk to them,
So just part of what you're saying,
Ever gets through to them.

Here a word and there a phrase,
Is stored within their mind;
Then they weave it all together,
And Oh what they can find.

It pays you well to watch your words,
Speak plain, don't joke around;
For what you say in jest my friend,
Will later on rebound.

Then just try to 'splain it.
Explain it if you can;
But most folks won't believe you,
'Cause they just don't understand.

                                          Judy Ball

So often people spread around gossip that has no real bearing whatsoever simply because they misunderstood what someone said to them. 
Sometimes people will say something in jest that others take as serious talk so that's the story they spread to others.
Why is that?
Because it's often more fun to some people to believe the worst than it is to believe the best about someone else.
Remember, when someone tells you gossip about someone else it's a good idea to ask yourself what that same person says about you when you aren't there to defend yourself.
A gossip is like a loaded gun.
When it goes off all it causes is destruction.

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Happy Father's Day, Dad,
You know, You Da Man,
And I just want to let you know,
That I'm your biggest fan.

There's no one else in all the world,
Who'd do the things you do.
You're there whene'er we need you.
No matter what, there's you.

You're the man who has the plan,
The one I always turn to.
My buddy, pal, my mentor,
There's fathers, then there's you.

                                   Judy Ball

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Long Good Byes

You left me, oh so, long ago
my baby, my only child
before I wanted to let go
you'd said your first good bye.

For you had so much work to do
you needed space to grow,
and surely could not do so
with a fretting mother in tow.

My son you walk beside me now
rejoined, grown up, a man,
trying to explain to me,
you're doing the best you can.

You didn’t mean to cause me pain
such anxiety and fear
all of those small good byes
were just meant to get you here.

The whole world we gave to you
and it took a quite awhile
to see the sights and sounds 
around to, wander and compile.

Now, you are searching for a wife
hope one day to have a child,
and as you walk beside me
we ponder your learning style.

How each of us has our own path
which parents can’t walk for them.
How children grow to be men
that’s what good byes were for then.

Contest: The Second Hand Emotion
Poet: Debbie Guzzi
 *Love of a child....emotions sadness /anxiety


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The Fool That I Am

I am such a fool
For trusting you
I had strong faith
You stole it away

I am such a fool
For believing in you
My kindness and respect
Meant nothing to you

I am such a fool
For loving you
I cared for you
Nothing was returned

I am such a fool
For defending you
Stood behind you
Every step of the way

I am such a fool
For allowing you
To take advantage of me
You escaped so easily

Im am such a fool
Took your abuse
Endless betrayal
No sigh of relief

I am such a fool
I own to my fault
Should have known better
Than to follow my heart

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Pearls Before Glass

Behind the facade, angry gnashing of white,
Eyes filled with hatred as they flash past the plea,
Locking steel shovels powered by thew and by might,
Throw love's trust like freed pearls into the night sea.

The fiend, altered in form, while its rage to her known, 
Now desperately trying, his guilt to conceal, 
Whispers of innocence to lambs he now moans, 
As she buckles beneath the contempt they all feel.

As the gavel meets ice, the truth finally sown,  
Stained glass cuts deeper than glass with no zeal,
No longer hidden, the wounds he must own, 
But God will call forth the harvest to heal.

She prays her bruised heart will never grow cold, 
Looking forth to a time of deep sorrow with dread, 
If this hardship she faces brings glory untold,
Dare she ask it be given another instead?

YLE   Feb 2011

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Hates' Jungle

Running through flowers in the glen,
Curly hair and golden skin shining,
Beauty  in the sun, fleeing maiden.
Gunshot sounds in the distance blasting.

A new dawn dying to begin.
Her mother lost behind her ... found.
Black ... bound and beaten by madmen.
But Bea ran faster than the hound.

War Between the States had begun.
Her hope soaring like an eagle,
Freedom glaring in the bright sun.
Brightened her way through hates' jungle.

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My Life at Fourteen

I'm just fourteen years old, and a father I'll be
Around Christmas time, what a present for me
The excitment of puberty has now taken it's toll
I sit here lost in thoughts, a worried young soul

Responsibilities I now face to the challenges of life
Do I stand by my girlfriend, do I make her my wife
What if I can't cope, shunned by family and friends
To become another statistic, modern societies trend

I find myself very fortunate, I'm surrounded by kin
Whom their patience has been a blessing as I take it all in
My friends have rallied round, their support has been strong
It's having people like them, I'm fortunate to belong

December has come and gone, my daughters getting married
As I look back to fourteen and the trials that I carried
Many thoughts I had to ponder as I look back at my young life
The young girl whom bore my daughter, many years has been my wife

* Three-quarters of a million teens between 15 and 19 become pregnant each year in the USA *

For Gwendolen's *~* Mom, I'M PREGNANT! contest *~*

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The Tale of the Opium Tears

Eyes that cry in anguish, 
Uncertain and alone. 
Seeking some solution 
And searching for a home. 

When we used to play as kids, 
In contentment’s warm embrace, 
Was the smile I saw each day 
But a mask upon your face?  

Haunting memories past, 
Trapped in voracious pain. 
A chance to fill an empty heart, 
You push a needle in your vein. 

You become the living dead, 
But pain rises from its grave. 
The tortured mind seeks freedom, 
While the needle makes a slave. 

Each night you come and go, 
Looking worse for the wear. 
Life hangs by finest thread, 
To you it’s of no care. 

Everyone gives up on you, 
They say nothing can be done. 
Your tears have gone from hate to pain, 
To the tears of opium. 

Why escape the chains that hold so tight? 
Arms dependence is soothing bliss. 
Once you have had just one taste, 
You will crave the dragon’s kiss. 

A lost orphan in a cruel world 
Cast aside by your mother. 
The needle becomes one with your flesh, 
So death is now your lover.  

As you dance with the shadow of death, 
I wish I could stop the tragic harm; 
To the little girl who played with me, 
As she injects death into her arm. 

I’m afraid one day you won’t return 
From the misty eyed walk in the night. 
With your needle as your boarding pass, 
You go forth to take the Devil’s flight. 

No more pain left to feel, 
No more sights left to see; 
Nothing but vague memories 
Of my friend who played with me. 

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Why Fireworks Scare Me

People just don’t understand
Why sometimes I jump in fear
Or why I cry and cower
When a loud noise I hear

People find it amusing
When I start to shiver and cry
They simply have no idea
Or know the reason why…

Fireworks are a horror...
To try to enjoy the display,
I have to cover my ears
And pretend that I’m OK

Loud noises send me screaming
Away to find a safe place
They make my go for cover
As I try to hide my face

I just feel like suffocating
As I relive bomb shelter days
The smell and the sickening sounds...
How I was always in such a daze

Dad would yell at us to hurry
As he’d lift Mama on his back
MS meant she couldn’t walk
Would they survive this attack?

We scrambled down the stairs
The bombs' whistles in our ears
I could hardly take a breath
I was choked by incessant fears

In the dank and smelly shelter
We could do nothing but pray
As we counted all the neighbors
We wondered how long we’d stay

Then came that awful day
The blasts set the campus a flame
Our pine trees were burning up
The men tried that fire to tame

I ran to the bomb shelter
But no family was there in sight
I started to scream and cry
Would my family be alright?

They finally put out the fire
But oh, the devastation
People were dead and dying
In all parts of this nation

Shrapnel came through our closet
And chewed up all our clothes
We were thankful we weren’t there
Or we too would be full of holes

Then on campus they brought a tank
But they’d warn us when they’d start,
That gruesome work of shelling
I saw our lives just fall apart

My friend’s father lost his life
Some saw loved ones blown away
My brother and wife were lucky
But they carry scars to this day

Lebanon is steeped in beauty
But the war has marred me for life
Sometimes memories flood back
And I’m reminded of all the strife

It’s when I hear those loud noises
And I feel the ground start to shake
I feel my life will be over
“Protect me, for heaven’s sake!”

So when July 4th comes along
And you celebrate liberty
Think of the firework display 
And what that does to souls like me.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Family Picture?

What is a family picture? 
Is it all for real? 
Are the people that you see
pretending they don't feel? 

Can you see their anger? 
Can you smell their fear? 
Do you sense unhappiness
in the picture that's so clear? 

We're trying to be perfect, 
to look a certain way.
A family picture says so much
when there's nothing nice to say.

You plaster on the fake smile.
You put your arms 'just so'.
You show the world your family
without letting your family show. 

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Precious Heirloom

This precious heirloom from my grandma
is more than a little bit worn.
Sewn with infinitely tiny stitches,
it was much used  before I was born.

She was just twenty- three when she sewed it.
Her beloved was fighting a war.
Made I would guess for her hope chest,  
dated eighteen hundred sixty-four.

She had added her maiden initials,
so we know she was not married as yet.
I wish she had told me her story,
but my grandma and I never met.

It was passed down to me from a cousin
who had used it to cover her bed,
without giving a thought that our grandma
had made it before she was wed.

I’ve handed it down to my daughter 
who now gives it meticulous care.
This coverlet has long outlived the designer
but is elegant proof she was here.

Won no. 3 in "Anything Handmaid contest

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Old new year

Yes it fits
That one fits too thank 
Each year I play similar 
My brain must have lots 
of records

Merry christmas
Happy new year to you 
Each I say about similar 
My lips can't take 
anymore rewinds

Those are pit stains
Those are patches too
Each one I'm given has 
got similar flaws
Nomore can I stand these 
called gifts

Thats Rebeccas dress
Thats Tonis too
With the old each new 
year begins
One day I'll say that dress 
is so last year too


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A Day And A Night At The Lake

Devoted rays of sunshine heat, 
Like ribboned baubles on the lake, 
Ride slow the roll of waves to meet 
The pebbled shore where urchins bake. 

Sporadic faded slate-gray clouds 
Invade the space of empty sky 
Away from crushing caustic crowds 
Where silent sounds are sure to die. 

The gilded glitter mixed in sand, 
Will sparkle through late afternoon, 
When new dawn wakes another land 
And evening breezes greet our moon. 

The darkness calls eternal stars, 
As old and bold Orion sighs, 
We drink our tea from half-quart jars 
And plaintive loons cry their goodbyes. 

The moon is blue and cold-bone white, 
Illuminated lunacy; 
It steals your mind away at night 
Transforming your identity. 

A fairy tale we know untrue 
But children love to hear it told 
Though even they don't misconstrue 
What is the truth as lies unfold. 

We huddle round a heated pit 
With sleeping angel progeny - 
The product of a perfect fit 
When eros was reality. 

The measure of this treasured day, 
Now dimmed by night's consumptive cloak, 
Is cherished children as they played 
With us the shell around the yoke. 

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Country Life

The night descends with a button down moon
against a powder blue comforter sky,
fluffed and puffed with the down of seed
cat and nine tails bursting with pride.

The mothers have called the dinnertime
and the scent of soups on the wind,
sneakers are stacked by the backdoor, 
the dog knows, it time to come in.

The table once set is abandoned
for the trays by the big screen TV,
and autumn gourds and chrysanthemums
abandoned on the tables display.

Soon, silhouettes form on the den walls
and children are hurried to bed,
with the call of a wild coyote they run
diving beneath their bedspreads.

All the human light dims, as they hideout
and starlight covers their ceiling,
Mom has places plastic stars of Venus and Mars
to usher in dreams, as they’re drifting.

Oh, the night with its warmth will not last
and soon the chill dawn will arrive
with the call of a neighborhood rooster,
ah,  the country’s the place to be alive!

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Why Red Roses Flow

Every year she returns to the scene
This place in question where life has been mean
On muddy banks down by the waterline
Alone in her tomorrow's, solitary resigned

Having already lost her husband in his freedom fight
No mother should enter this fateful night
Her baby, her son, that a mother sees to grow
Wandered from her safety to that fast water flow

All innocent and fearless little steps slowly walk
In playful surrounds just barely in talk
Noises up ahead attract this mind to peek see
So curious they are when they get a chance to break free

Down an unclimbable bank he faces his lure
Once a slow flowing stream soon to take natures pure
Yesterdays storms allowed the heavens to cry
Whilst his mother kneels down and still asks herself why

In her hand she clasps a bunch of Roses so red
Tears fill her eyes knowing her tomorrow's lie dread
Once again she looks back, facing a mothers fear
A last glimpse of the flow, feeling her lost sons tears

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If I Could Wave a Magic Wand and Make a Fantasy Week-

If I could wave a magic wand and make a fantasy week,
I would rent some cabins in the wilderness near a tourist town.
And fill each one with my family’s love…butterfly kissing cheeks. 
With all my children and grandchildren happily gathered around. 

Camp food aromas would fill fresh air, tantalizing and good.
We would joyfully sing campfire songs amid giggles and sparks.
Talk about the “growing-up” days while warmed by firewood. 
Each child snuggled under someone’s arm as happy as larks.

When darkness came, the moon would shine upon a distant owl.
Whip-or-wills would sing their tune; each child’s heart would thrill.
We would say prayers as a family thanking God for waterfowl.
Together on our beautiful earth, enjoying the quiet still.

In cabins nestled under the stars, amid the black of night, 
Beneath scented cedars and pines, we would dream our souls to sleep.
Anticipating sounds of dawn and beautiful mountain sights,
I would lie awake and soak it in, remembering sweetness to keep. 

Awakened by the sounds of dawn and crisp mountain air,
I would take my camera for a walk, photographing with flare.
In every bit of nature, I would recognize God’s care.  
Thanking Him for sharing sights of deer, antelope, and bear.

When the week was almost gone, we would take a family ride.
And go to the nearby tourist town to shop and look around.
I would buy each some western clothes, feeling good inside.
And tell them I am proud that family love flows unbound.

On that last day, while packing up, we would hear waterfalls cascade.
All together, my children would work, singing a wilderness song.
As I, watching grandchildren, would thank them for good memories made.
Then, upon returned to each his home we could carry this dream along.

© October 4, 2010
Dane Smith-Johnsen

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In Heartwood Forrest

Subtle comes the mourning
In light laced with night
Like concentric circles forming
In the Forrest's biography of life

For children grow in truth like trees
It's lesson is wisdom's offering
Spiral layer of night and day
Concealed an annual weathering

In heartwood forest you were raised
By its protection you survived
Though it is dead this central wood
At your core does it reside

Tiny saplings like newborn cries
Sunlight tapping your tender leaves
Tears turned sugar transformed you thrive
For the sweet lifeblood you need

When something dies it's natural
Of sorrow to be prone
I'll follow the path of your tears your anchor
Through the storm I'll not leave you alone

For I am your taproot in rocky soil
I'll hold you secure as you grow
Take your tears and turn them sugar
Photosynthesis of life to bestow

Your Daddy was your heartwood
I know you mourn at his stone
Though Mommies leaves dawn new colors
I'll teach you to grow your own 

For when he died your sapwood 
With tears like resin filled
For from his bedded seed you came
A new tree with heartwood instilled

Under my branches my son you are planted
And Daddy's new home is our sky
Together we will shade you and light your way
Stretching my roots to hold yours while you cry

Someday when life's rings they gather
Hidden under your fortress of bark
You'll know the storms I too have weathered 
In this silent breaking of my heart

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What effects has covetousness or Greed in our souls

Covetousness or Greed begets 
In our souls unkindness
Dishonesty, deceit
And want of Charity or Love

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Nine Sisters An Me, Ole

One and one doesn't always make two Not in our house anyway One and one made ten sweet offsprings Nine sisters and me, olé! Spoiled? You certainly can believe it But lovable just the same The makings of a girl's baseball team And a mascot with the same last name We were all very far apart in age Though fame awaited us guys But now there's only one sister left An opportunity has passed us by Very sad but perhaps way up yonder We'll earn great fortune and fame Known to all as the Felines Plus One A symbol of a wonderful game © Jack Ellison 2012

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My Antique Table

Of course, there was a time when it was new,
This pretty antique table that I own,
And too fine for the little homestead home
Where Daddy worked the land and lived alone.

His mama came to visit him one time.
She was shocked at the bareness of his life.
She bought this lovely table as a gift,
Hoping it might impress a future wife.

This was in year of nineteen hundred two.
Daddy married Mom in nineteen hundred seven.
They moved into a brand new rental home,
The table brightened up their private heaven.

As eldest daughter I lay claim to it
And luckily no one disputed me.
I hope after me it will be cherished
As heirloom handed down in family.

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Christmas Biography


Five are one, loving each another
I was last of the Jolly children.
Cedar tree from the woods, I ‘member
my fifth Christmas in ’50.

Jovial times for the five of us
the mistletoe and snow uncommon.
We had holly Jolly Christmases
before Burl Ives in ’60.  

Ten more years added two grandkids quick
when brother wed his sweetheart and friend.
Kids once more wait for jolly St. Nick
toy gifts to buy in ’70.

When next the decade finds me checking
I’m a wife, mother and aunt again.
This season three extras come decking
the Jolly halls ’80.

We add a son. My oldest niece weds.
“Jolly” tables now serve six and ten. 
Fourth generation – her two “great” kids 
help Christmas rock in ’90.

Death takes its toll, both parents succumb.
Divorce claims two, four go to heaven.
New mates are found and babies still come
Christmas was rough in ’2000.

No more gath’rings of Jolly’s in sync
but love still counts, I number the kin.
We’re up to thirty-three now I think
my sixty-fifth Christmas 2010.

*My maiden name is Jolly which adds a lot of fun and joking especially at Christmas time.
Heart's Warmth Contest

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That White Building

We left New York City, moving to a Mid West town Where the sky was a pretty blue, and a land of greening gown Buildings painted white, stood out against the scene But a sensing of the untouched made my mind internally scream I always got this feeling as we walked their streets of old What could I be not be seeing, what have we not been told When we stopped to say hello, we felt that we were all alone It's not what we seen in the brochure, when we decided to move our home As the weeks and months progressed, our daughter became very withdrawn Which is very out of character, for she's normally as fresh as the dawn Then the day arrived that would change our lives forever She never came home the previous night, the worry of parental sever As we awoke the following morning, it appeared so different from other days The skies were a strange shade of red, no voices from children's play No sounds of life could be heard, no insects or birds on the wing When normally it's as vibrant as life, buzzing whilst others sing We set off to look for our daughter, shouting her name as we go Walking through empty streets as our minds drift in worried grow We hear some strange kind of chanting, it's from that white building ahead Whilst above us the skies turn a redding grey, I feel a sensing dread We reach this building of white, past the river turned red by the sky Peering through the window, I'm now in parental cry For standing by the alter is my daughter in demonic stare Around her are hoards of locusts, whilst down her body a snake she wears Strange chantings resonate with echo, as the congregation screams in wild display What events are unfolding in front of us, it should be a normal summers day As they turn and look towards the window, so many eyes stare through the pane We become suffocated by their hoards, it appears the locusts reign Somehow we escaped this horror, from that white building beside the river Every time I look into my thoughts, it's leaves me in a cold cold shiver The same brochure appeared for years, alluring families to this Mid West town Who would move where no children play, in it's silence you could easily drown

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Family Love 2K12

Dear family, we cannot promise the world,
Nor turn palms upright to foretell futures.
Without our love lies an emotional third-world;
Cherish priceless moments of hearts pictures.

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A Thanksgiving Wish

I wish I could sit ‘round the corner,
And take in all of the clamor;
I’d hear laughter and conversations,
I would hear what really matters!

I would hear dear familiar voices,
Distinctive laughs I would know right away.
Dinnerware clanging with silverware,
And the smells of Thanksgiving Day!!!

I would thank my God for family,
Both at home and those miles away.
If I could just sit ‘round the corner,
That would be a spectacular day.

What you have, when gathered together,
Is a gift every heart longs to share.
The gift of just loving each other,
And the prize of each person that’s there.

Though I’m not sitting there ‘round the corner,
My heart is most certainly there.
My love, adoration and thankfulness,
Is in spirit, at everyone’s chair.

I love you dear family, and send my best wishes:
For holiday health, wealth and mirth.
Tis Thanksgiving Day! Thank God for right now!
It’s the best seat to have on the earth. 

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Pretty Pink Bunny Suit

You're the sweetest little duffer
In your pretty pink bunny suit
Guess Aunt Bea still loves you
Still thinks you're oh so cute!

She really doesn't realize
How many years have passed
You're not a little kid no more
You're growing up real fast

Don't have the heart to tell her
Such a kindly gentle soul
At Christmas every single year
You play this bunny role

You make her oh so happy
To see you hopping round
Just like many years ago
You've always played the clown

Well another year is in the books
Maybe now she'll see you grew
You're no longer her little nephew
You're almost thirty-two!

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Adam's Side Kick

I’ve been a pain in your side “Why let me see…”
“You’re made from God but you say I’m made from thee?”
You talk to the animals and to the sky?
As the moon lights the night you talk to my…thigh?

You want to run bare arse all through the woods
We’ll if you keep doing that you won’t have ANY “goods?”
So, you don’t like the fig leaf. It’s a bad choice?
“Well, use your words! Speak up! You got a voice.”

“You work? So you say. Just what do you do?”
All we eat are the fruits and some vegetable stew.
I cry at the sunrise. I’m not used to these eyes.
And I still can remember being inside God’s sigh.

I cry cause the wind blows dust at moon rise
I’m frightened and wonder what’s the next …SURPRISE!
Neighbors? What neighbors? Toss the leave use a peel
what care I for the wonder of what you’ll reveal.

Eden was wonderful, and ignorance bliss
yet so is the delight of a your so human kiss.
I love you, I’ll stay no mater the plight
and raise up our children and handle the fright.

*dedicated to Larry Belt's Adam / A Pain in my Side

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How quickly it is over,
This game of life we play.
All the days that we're allotted, 
Oh, so swiftly pass away.

The roses lose their glory,
As their petals fade and fall, 
While evening shadows lengthen,
On life's westward facing wall.

But there yet is time for loving,
Time for family and friends--
Time for sharing tears and laughter,
Ere the game comes to an end.

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Suzie's Easter Adventure

There once was a gray cottontail rabbit.
All of her brothers and sisters were brown.
The gray one, named Suzie, had a habit.
She would hide when the family went to town.

One Sunday they were on their way to church.
All the brothers were clean with white pressed shirts.
But Suzie did her brand new dress besmirch.
Chocolate and yummy nutty filberts -

Come now, my sweet bunnies their mom did call.
It's Easter Sunday, let's be of good cheer.
The babies ran to mom who counted all. 
A perfect celebration please, this year.

But they panicked when they found Suzie gone.
Once again, they went searching everywhere.
They saw Suzie's tail, a pink bow thereon.
She was hopping to a basket with flare!

“Come here, now, Susie rabbit.” Mother called.
But inside the basket were colored eggs.
Thus, Suzie had become very enthralled.
About then Suzie felt some hairy legs.

Giant bunny put his eggs on the ground.
When he saw her, he jumped back pretty quick.
All the while, Mother called her with a frown.
I must be brave, she thought, in a panic.

Her whole family swiftly hopped to her side.
But Easter Bunny picked Suzie up fast.
He stood straight tall with two feet far astride.
Wide-eyed, terrified, Suzie shrieked aghast.

Easter Bunny held Suzie in his lap.
I heard that you hide when you go to town.
You must stop or ensue an evil trap.
Then he hugged her and set sweet Suzie down.

Her mother, brothers, and sisters all sighed.
Alas they were together once again.
They hugged her and loved her; everyone cried.
Then, took Easter eggs to the preacher, Ken.

© February 28, 2012
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

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Because of you my life is full,
I've grown in many ways.
You've helped me climb life's every hill,
And brightened up my days.

It seemed to me before you came,
I'd lived my whole life through,
In search of something yet unknown,
To fill me like you do;

And though I know it seldom seems,
I have the nerve to say it,
I love you, Dear, I always have,
Together we can make it.

For My Valentine For You Contest by Frank Herrera

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I'll Make Him A Nerd Yet

Oh dear, I just realized what I could do,
with the Hungry Caterpillar plushy, 
enveloped by paper, for my cute new
nephew. He’ll learn to spell his name by three.

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Oh Mum:
Oh mum I’m so sorry I have to send  this to you
You never wanted me to go, but I am not one of the few
Oh mum, remember when you kissed away my pain
I wish you could do that once more - yes again.

I’m so sorry mum on the day we did part
I remember your bravery even though I’d broken your heart.
The noise and the wet here and the terrible smell
I never believed your teachings of hell…

But I now know there is hell on earth
I’m here for a while for what it is worth
Remember when I had a stick for a gun
We played at war as children, it was such great fun.

I wanted to be a hero or soldier at best
A hero with a gun, and bullet proof chest…
You soothed and cajoled but I never did change
Oh mum how I wish this wasn’t so strange…

Remember when you wiped away my secret tears
I was angry you saw back then I had fears.
The rain is mingling mum, with tears running now
If only you could wipe them from me, someway, somehow.

The stench is overpowering the noise is intense
The bombs all around, dead men hung on razor-wire fence.
The death and destruction is all around 
I’m floating and falling my thoughts do abound.

Oh mum, I wish I had listened to you
The glory I thought would be mine - and yours too
Be proud of me mum but I feel so helpless and small
I am not sure now- but I think I will fall.

 I love you mum and I remember it well
The storms after dad died but you managed so well
You did a good job that’s what I like to think
You saw me through boyhood, manhood and drink.

I am here mum, I signed up I know I left you that day
I thought it would be fun like when I used to play
Here is death and destruction, and I don’t want you to read this
But I must say good-bye mum, your love I do miss.

The kisses you gave, you never did falter.
You watched over me, and I think I did alter...
I came to this war a man, I never realised the boy was still there mum
Today mum my last; I am your frightened little son.

My fears are now that without me, will you cope?
Without me mum - there is no false hope
I love you so much more everyday
But it’s time to say goodbye and I feel today is that day….

I wrote this after doing my family tree and found one of my great Uncles, the only one of thirteen siblings signed up and went to WWW1, not needing to do this as they were farmers. He died in the last week in France

©GG 18/07/2012

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Do you hear what I hear

Through the laden branches, how it glows
I wonder if they are waiting there for me?
A light unlike the others I have known
Is shining through a clearing in the trees

I wonder if they can hear what I can hear?
As the night wind whistles winter lullabies
Resounding breezes sing of miracles
And clouds begin to gather in the skies

There is ice upon the river rushing by
With frost upon the windows white as foam
The windshield wipers keep rhythm of a tune
And seem to chant a song of coming home

I hear my heartbeat beating like a drum
As the snow begins to fall to winter's song
Awaken all my loved ones, here I come!
My heart is back again where it belongs....

For Kim's Contest: "Here We Come A-Caroling"

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Sometimes when things begin to close in,
I'd like to sit down and chill out,
Find someplace to just get away,
And refigure what life's all about.

Sometimes it seems life's too full of demands,
My talents are spread way too thin.
There aren't enough hours to be found found in one day,
My duties begin but don't end.

Life cannot be just all work and no play,
Our youth is gone way too soon.
Think I'll start chilln' out before it's too late,
Learn to sing me a brand new tune.

It's good to know duty and good to know fun,
And when each begins and when ends.
One must learn life is filled with both duty and fun.
Learn to organize so it all blends.

                                                            Judy Ball

If you burn the candle at both ends you run out of candle too fast.

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Old Blue

Soon after Dad bought the little farm He bought a Jersey milk cow Said Old Blue's a real milk producer I’ll hand milk since I know how Then we had fresh raw milk all the time Made butter by using a churn Sold all the raw milk we didn’t use So some extra bucks were earned There was no waste from butter or cream The pigs would just get a treat Of course dad milked early each morn Tote hot water, wash the teats No getting away with a milk cow Twice a day Dad milked Old Blue Hated to milk cold winter mornings Just something he had to do The farm let Dad get back to his roots Said it was good for the boys That why he bought the farm and live stock To live a life he enjoyed

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I did it my way

There came a time, when i was given the choice Either walk alone and be happy, or Follow the crowd and pretend to rejoice Even if such an act shall make me all sore! I braved the impossible, I learnt to say no No to the practice of false marriages No to the illusory life they promise, filled with sorrow No, said I, I wish not to have my life filled with pretentious pages I did learn to walk alone Though such did make me a lonely drone As time went by, I emerged as a stronger woman A woman with an iron rod in her heart, surely a unique one! As time went by, I learnt to know myself, I am the one in love with the Lord of Stealth I am the one Queen of poetry I did it my way, and today, I do feel pleased at my own bravery!

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Ailing Father 2K11

In the blink o' an eye, absent thy might.  
Great pain eclipses the dawn once of thine eyes.  
Oh Father, how ye have aged o'ernight!  
Thou fadest ailing Father; Dusk thine eyes.

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A Woeful Family 2K12

Herein the throes of our family's tragedy,
Herein our woeful daze, we're not the defeated
Nor victors; Simply the bearer's of tragedy.
Yes, Jonas was here; Thence we're the cheated.

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Letter to Mum and Dad

Letter to Mum and Dad

Dear Mum, Dear Dad, you're gone from my life.
I remember you now as a good husband and wife.
Dad, I saw you lay there. Lifeless, quite still.
The shocks that they gave you, zapped at my will.

When I touched you, your body, still warm, lips blue.
A far cry from the father, the man I once knew.
Your cheeks in contrast, stood out, quite bold.
Your hand I touched. That memory I hold.

Mum, I never saw you, when you passed away.
You were alone in your bed, so it's for you that I pray.
I remember you most, for the love that you gave me.
Always caring, never judging, I wished I could save thee.

Now that you're gone, I don't feel alone.
You're the best parents in life, this child could have known.
So it's with you in memory, my life has begun.
I remain as always, your ever loving son.

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Sleep is what I need today
Last night is when she escaped
She opened up my window
and slid down both the drapes

She disappeared and 
I didn't notice until I awoke in fear
Realizing I WAS awake
and Sleep is no longer here

Searched the closets 
Searched the hall
I searched up & down
Found nothing at all

Sleep must not miss me?
She's upset with me still
No remedy can help me now
Not warm milk or sleeping pills 

Sleep is what I need today
and she's causing quite a stir
everyone needs her.

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People as Mortal Angels

We are independent with people on earth
Our mortal angels are always there to assist us
But, we can never be independent in everything
God is our everything

Mortal Angels as people are unemployed these days
Ask help for certain Mortal Angels
Today and everyday
They will not refuse to assist you

For a joyful
Successful relationship
You need spiritual and mental union with people

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Gransmother's Legacy, Number 2

On a trip to Grandmother's, 
we'd hear Mother say,
"Your next botany lesson 
will soon be on its way."

A visit invariably meant 
an immediate tour of her garden,
while the roast in the oven 
began to shrivel and harden.

Our stomachs would growl, 
our patience would wane,
as she spoke each plant's
 history and worth again.

A friend questions
 my knowledge of flowers.
Stomachache returns briefly,
 recalling all those hours.

Slowly, awareness dawns 
of my grandmother's legacy;
a love for earth's harvest 
stems from the gift she gave. 
Her words wash over me, 
the scene before me transposes,
as her voice again expounds
 the virtue and fragrance of

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Where I am From

I am from humor, wit, and playing nice,
to constantly writing on my own device.
I am from softly sassy smiles,
From running and running for many miles.

I am from a family filled with green eyes,
From not giving up and many tries.
I am from parents who always laugh,
and do so much for another's behalf.

I am from being the monkey in the middle,
Being tirelessly teased but looked up to a little.
I am from having just one older sister;
When she went to college I really missed her.

I am from a hard-working military dad,
and Mom who’s a computer software grad.
I am from family paparazzi grandma
With old, silly, sweet-toothed grandpa.

I am from drinking hot chocolate all year round,
From eating Grandma’s cooking without a sound.
I am from Mom’s Mexican, Italian, and more,
From oodles of dishes that become a chore.

I am from a wild-western state,
From watching bright sunsets from the gate.
I am from a city steeped in tradition,
with smart folks filled with ample ambition.

I am from happy green playing fields
Fraught with kids riding bikes without any yields.
I am from “love yous” and “don’t hurries” 
From “stay safes” and “don’t you worries.” 

I am from old fashioned picture frames, 
from fading pink paint with many names.
I am from blooming buds and wilting roses
to lanky limbed trees grown in unique poses.

And in this world that can be so bleak,
It’ll be those memories that I keep.
Locked deep and safe in my own heart;
I've loved them all, every simple part.

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Father, Grandfather

I can remember in your arms
I saw you as a grown up me
Now I have your looks and charm
That you are not right here to see

You left this Earth when I was young
I understand you had to leave
And understand my day will come
To leave the ones who're after me

Just like the one who brought you here
That gave to you his very name
I see it all so crystal clear
After you left he still remained

He took the role of father and
Grandfather to his own son's son
Then left this cruel Earth a man
To live again beyond the sun

When my time has come I will be
Everything that both of you are
To me to my own lil' kiddies
I'm hoping it will take them far

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Sharing with the Rest

I had to share some of my meals with my neigbour
helping poor little ones is mum`s delight
Taught to be kind so as to gain God`s favour
Our home is full of them waiting for the night.

The meal is sweeter and soothing when it is shared
plates raised,waiting to be served as mum does her thing,
Smiling faces;this flow of joy cannot be compared,
Sounds of belch,farts filled the air as normal routine.

Festive periods are bee hived of activities as gifts flow,
clothes and other items are donated with decency,
they are happy to accept without feeling so low, 
We are all delighted to give out with no deficiency.

*My childhood memories...*..

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Why Do I Feel Responsible???

I still have dreams that haunt me.
I'm back there as a child.
I see the drinks, the drugs and all.
I watch our family be defiled.

In my dreams I try to help you.
I try to stop the pain.
The stress of changing whats been done
is driving me insane.

I know that I was little.
I couldn't have changed a thing.
Then why do I feel so responsible
for almost everything? 

I feel I should have told you
I hated how we were.
It hurt to be so hungry.
I was afraid, alone and unsure.

I know I was only one of five
and we all went through the pain.
I just can't keep from going back
and feeling it all again.

If only I could have stopped you.
I could have saved you from the drugs.
I could have held you and begged of you.
But, oh hated hugs.

I try not to visit back there
but my dreams go where they may.
Each night I take a step back in time
I hear a little girl say......

Why do I feel responsible? ? ? 

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The sweetest things I've ever known
Is both of my grandmothers' love
I'm still their baby though I'm grown
To hear their voice would be enough

To count the times I think of you
Would be seventy times seven
When it is my dream come true
I'm seeing you both in Heaven

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I never felt a part of things,
Never felt like I belonged,
Never felt like I was wanted,
And I always really longed,

To feel like someone wanted me,
To feel like I fit in,
To be included in the things,
With family and friends.

For reasons that I couldn't know,
I always got pushed back;
Kept quiet and out of their way,
As though somehow I lacked,

Some social graces that perchance,
Might cause some consternation,
If I should come into the room,
And spoil their celibration.

I could have some food, some cake,
Then get out of the way.
Don't mingle with the guests at all,
Sit down if you will stay.

My sister's wedding hurt the most,
That's when I really saw,
I was like a well known guest,
Not part of things at all.

They did not even want me,
In the picture with them all.
I was told to stand aside,
And wait till I was called.

Not part of the wedding party,
I was not allowed,
To be photographed along with them,
In case it might becloud,

My sister's perfect moment,
Immortalized in time,
And I did not fit in with them,
There wasn't room in line;

And so it's been most of my life,
Rejected most by those,
Who should be closest to me,
Even the mate I chose;

So it's no wonder that I built,
A wall for my protection.
When I reached out I got pushed back,
I'm tired of such rejection.

                                        Judy Ball

It's very important to consider the feelings of your children.
What happens to us in our formative years often stays with us forever.

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                         GOES AWAY

They give me only one simple answer
and that is “it's only malignant cancer”
so they ran out of my medication
and no one will help because they lack motivation

they must have known I was going to run out
of that there is little dispute or doubt
or perhaps they just didn't remember
but what if this happened to their family member?

I know what the answer is to that query
and it leaves me lethargic and leery
the answer is that family member would have his medication
even if the doctor was out golfing or on vacation

but it's only me, another victim of inconsequential care
and this is pain a person like me cannot bear
it's not the least bit right nor is it fair
and concern for me is retroactive and rare
so now I lay in bed unable to think
because i'm a boat's captain and the ship is about to sink
I never wanted to be a singer or dancer
and I never wanted people who would say “hell, it's only cancer”
         © 2012.....copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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Your conversation centers 'round,
Complaints of one kind or another.
I swear sometimes I think for sure,
You're someone's sainted mother;

Or more likely someone's maiden aunt,
Come back from the dead,
To punish me for all my sins,
And fill my life with dread.

You need me though, you know you do,
Without me who would listen,
To all the things you have to say,
All your pearls of wisdom.

You gripe about the world at large,
Politics, law, religion;
It seems to me that no one's safe,
From critical inspection.

You pick at me from morn to night,
About my faults and screw ups.
I'll never change, you know I won't,
So why don't you just shut up.

(In other words:
(If the meal ain't to your liking, don't shovel it in with both hands.)

Some people can't find anything good to say about anything but they won't leave.
They hang on for dear life with both hands and won't let go.

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To know you is to love you.
You brighten my whole day.
Just what I'd do without you,
I really couldn't say.

Without you to guide me,
I'd not know what to do.
I'd prob'ly think I was okay,
I'm lucky I've got you.

Without you to point it out,
I'd miss most of my faults.
I'd probably just vegetate,
Eat chocolates and drink malts.

You tell me what to say and when,
And what I should wear;
You're quite a find I must admit,
That just shows you care.

You're so well informed and smart,
Not at all like me,
I couldn't do without you,
I really must agree.

Always there to lend a hand,
With "helpful criticism".
I'm so dull and dumb I miss,
Your clever witicisms.

You really ought to leave me,
But that just isn't you;
Because you're so long-suffering,
And your heart is true.

You're so good to stay right here,
And take such care of me;
Showing me where I fall short,
'Thout you where would I be.

You're such a little honey bun,
You fill my life with laughter.
The last time I had this much fun,
They'd just put back my bladder.

(Some people are so busy correcting the faults of their family, friends and neighbors they forget to take stock of their own. People like that don't get invited back very often.)

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Successful Relationship

For a joyful
Successful relationship
You need spiritual and mental union


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Black-eyed Peas and Hog Jowl

Black-eyed peas and hog jowl
That's what my grandma said.
Ham or bacon, but never foul.
And don't forget cornbread.

People up North may eat sauerkraut.
But in the South we eat collard greens.
The young and old, without a doubt
Know what this lucky meal means.

The more beans you eat
The more luck and good cheer,
A 365 bean gastric-atomic feat…
Tooting beans we all welcome the year.

Each in the family fully stuffing his face,
The well wishes soon squeak their way out.
Some of us eat at a very fast pace.
Then, “Happy New Year and Good Luck!” we all shout.

© January 5, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

Written for the Poetry Soup Member Contest:  Good Luck Meal 
Sponsored by Russell Sivey

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   I guess you could call me a silly guy
   For humor is how I get through the day.
   I love telling stories, writing poetry, and romance
   Each in its own separate way.

   I could be called a "Hopeless Romantic"
   As I have always been sentimental inside.
   I learned that feeling growing up
   Watching my parents, and their worlds collide.

   I knew my Dad better than anyone...I think
   He and I worked together for some time you see.
   And when he died at an early age
   Everyone seemed to be in tears but me.

   Of the six kids in our family growing up
   I had a brother named Ron that I was closest to.
   He had a sense of humor and devotion to his family
   And he would always find strange things for us to do.

   We loved driving around in his old MG
   When it worked it could do no wrong.
   He took me for rides I'll never forget
   To teach me his favorite Irish drinking songs.

   His death really put me on the writer's path
   As I eulogized him with "Remembering Ron".
   But afterward I could not stop the words from coming out
   As if a spigot had deliberately been turned on.

   So I have written poetry, stories, and a few songs too
   I'd like to publish something some day.
   Getting to read and write here on the Soup
   Pehrhaps, I will finally find the way.

   I believe in the goodness of man's inner soul
   And that God intended for us to be happy here.
   The love of Wife, Child, and Family
   Just make me want to stand and cheer!

   I'd like to see us not have wars
   Or even have cross words with others we meet.
   Sometimes I plead my case in the words that I write
   And sometimes, the proverbial "Dead Horse" do I beat.

   I look at history as a great learning tool
   For I've studied Antropology in college you see.
   And all the past comes into the present time
   At least, it does for me.

   So I will write works about historical things
   As much as I write about family, love, emotions, and silliness too.
   Just so others can get some insight into me
   And perhaps their own lives as they should do.

      I don't know who will read my work
   Or if they benefit at all from the things I say.
   I only know that this passion to write
   Is one that is here to stay.

   Some people think I'm kind of grumpy
   I guess that is also true.
   But the words I write fill that void inside me
   This is but one more poem...for you.

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One Plus One

One plus one usually makes two
But not when it comes to young love
Soon a sweet little bundle arrives
And gives that theory a shove

Been like this since time immemorial 
When Adam and Eve were around
Nothing is sweeter than a newborn babe
With their cute little cooing sounds

This feeling surpasses everything else
Nothing can compare to the joy
Of snuggling this darling little treasure
Whether it's a girl or a boy

It's always made the world go around
The drive to propagate mankind
Create an offspring to carry the torch
It renders us all peace of mind

©Jack Ellison 2012

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Inspired Byard

You all know me as Percival Jack But my real name is Charles Byard So you know, it's pronounced by-yard Living with this name has been hard You guys are probably wondering Where did that name originate Certainly never heard it ever before At least that's what most people state Well here's my tale, every bit is true Uncle Byard in World War One Died a big hero and was given a medal But he never ever carried a gun Before the war he was incarcerated For his nefarious safe cracking exploits The army thought they could use his talents At burglary he was very adroit So Byard was released and joined the army To make use of his safe cracking skills Sadly, one day while defusing a bomb My uncle, the hero was killed Was nicknamed Jack, but won't get into that It's what I've been called me ever since I'm thinking of changing it to 'Inspired Byard' But my wife will be hard to convince 'And now you know the rest of the story' As radio man Paul Harvey used to say I've hated that name since I was a pup But 'Inspired Byard' is okay! © Jack Ellison 2012

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Windows in the dark

She walks in the night
In hopes the chill will ease her heart
suspecting not the nip that came
when she looked through the windows in the dark

A fathers belt
high in hand
Thinking this will make
his rebel son a man

She walks in the night... 

Pretty girl, barley a teen
holding the joint to her lips
In search of feeling anything 
than the empty life inflicts

She walks in the night...

He sits before the monitor
a gamers fury colored screen
In rage he screams profanities
trading reality for make believe

She turned around and walked the night
her chill turned bitter cold,
her only thought to hurry home
and her children she longed to hold

Are the days of gathered families
enjoying a movie and playing cards
or sharing an evening meal together
found no more through the windows in the dark? 

Where are the lovers
dancing around the living-room
fathers and mothers loving
knowing life will end too soon?

She thinks of all the images we used to dream
and the heart we hoped to impart
when we ourselves were children on our walks
looking through the windows in the dark.

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The Quakers, being religiously persecuted, set sail from expatriated England;
they were the first settlers to reach the shore of New England: a free land!
Later the Puritans came and settled in other eastern, bustling colonies
seeking the same religious freedom, but their urge was stronger than dreams.

Many moved westward on foot, on horseback and on overloaded wagons...
exploring the American wilderness plundered by indigenous Indians;
they searched for grassland everywhere, to let their cattle roam and graze;
first they built wooden shacks on vast, lush prairies full of Queen Ann's Lace. 

And out of this American westward expansion, came the fearless pioneers,
who sought gold mines...despite the wild cowboys causing troubles
with heavy drinking and desire for unscrupulous women, seeking money and pleasure, 
who served them more whisky and lured them to a room with a demeaning measure.

Beyond the Rocky Mountains' and the Appalachians Mountains' skies,
these diligent pioneers obtained wealth with sweat and sacrifices...
changing and shaping the wild landscapes of arable land,
avoiding the drudgery of getting stuck in mud and sand.

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Living with Mother Nature's Bruise

We turned to each other when we heard on the news
Our daughters place of work, enduring mother nature's bruise
She worked on an island now swamped with wrath
To her we now travel to retrace her last path

To go there blind never knowing if she breathes
Thoughts think the worst as we subconsciously grieve
Our daughter, our life, as we make plans to depart
Facing hours of torment as our minds tear apart

To this island we head where she enjoys life to the full
Thinking back to her young years, learning in school
This paradise as she calls it, in the Indian Ocean
Our minds picture, her love to live notions

We step of the plane into a world far from home
Praying we find her, dead or alive, to never roam
To the north of the island, Aceh is it's name
Is this where we find her, with no one to blame

We reach the village, it's where our daughter calls home
Teaching the youngsters English along the beaches they combed
We wander dazed and confused, joining the crying and the grieving
Emotional rescuers surround us, they just keep on believing

Hand in hand we stare hoping, as our eyes glimpse the lost
Our daughters not there, as we join the emotional exhaust
Suddenly I feel a tugging on my sleeve
Lady lady, you my teachers mama, come with me please

Looking down, my eyes cascading with tears
A beautiful young girl, momentarily relieving my fears
Lady lady, please please, come with me please
To a makeshift hospital she takes us, our hearts so in unease

To a door we arrive, she cries, mama's teacher mama's teacher
As she is led away by the hospital preacher
We are greeted by a doctor, taken through corridors of death
The relieving earlier felt, now replaced by inner reft

The stench of death drifts, lost souls we feel crying
Resonating sounds echo, the last breaths of the dying
Cubicle after cubicle, every curtain our hearts run
In broken English, is she the one, is she the one

The second curtain from the last, the doctor once again opens
Despair and tears increase, parents lost in their hoping
Before us lies, a broken twisted bandaged soul
The tattoo on her ankle, I cry Nicole, it's our Nicole

Engulfed with emotions our cheeks streaming with tears
Viewing the earlier posters, parents losing their fears
Living this moment, realising their daughter has lived
As we look back to the pictures, knowing families are sieved

Words we will remember until the day we are gone
That moment we heard, is she the one, is she the one

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...for Larry and Mary

Sun's a risin', critters stretchin,'
trailer park's a comin' to,
on my way Mickey D's
for coffee, boy, I'm missin' you!

Papers puddlin' in the driveways,
guess we had a storm or two,
belly's grumblin', heart's a yearnin',
crusty-eyed and feelin' blue.

Windows leakin', curtains drippin',
we are sure not weather-tight,
walkin' stiffly 'til I'm supple,
cravin' you with all my might.

Passing by a yellow homestead,
Mary beckons me inside,
coffee with a neighbour sure beats
'have a nice day,' as your guide.

Larry's tendin' to the cats, I swear 
he loves 'em like they's kin,
three are heathy, full of mischief,
fourth one needs some doctorin'.

Not just coffee, but some bacon,
hashed browns and a mess o' eggs,
community, and gracious livin'
set this boy back on his legs.

She won't let me leave without
a great big hug, a kiss, a treat,
and a pack of cigs from Larry
make my gloomy day replete!

I'm still longin' for my sweetheart,
phantom kisses, hugs and such,
but with this couple's downhome carin'
it don't seem to hurt as much!

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Natalie at 14

Watching her grow and remembering me
As a teen of changeable mood.
Seeing her thrive and thankfully so - yet
As her parent I’ll need to stay shrewd.

From a spiky-haired smiler at 7 months old
To a graceful and slender fourteen.
She has bloomed through the years in so many ways
That even I could have never foreseen.

When I was her age, I thought I was so smart
And, in some ways, l see now I was right.
Now it’s her turn to venture further into the world – 
Face big choices when out of my sight.

True, babies will test you in myriad ways
Utter dependence, refusal to nap….
Dealing with food, diapers, doctors and daycare
Juggling those almost seems like a snap.

For next week, my first baby heads to high school
Whether or not she and I both feel ready.
But I know she’ll do great (even envy her some) 
May she be ever brave, kind and steady.

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Memory of Bread

Whenever I smell warm loaves of bread
The mouth-watering smell gets me thinkin'
Of my childhood at my grandparents' house
And kneading bread dough in the kitchen.

When I bite into bread, fresh from the oven
The present is soon chased away,
For I'm back baking bread with my Lola
Though I can't bake my own bread today.

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The Day Dad Planned His Funeral

They said you needed surgery.
You said 'There's business I must do.'
I drove you to the funeral home.
The arrangements were for you.

I had to wait outside that day.
I couldn't go in there.
I don't know how you made those plans.
You showed how much you cared.

You knew you wouldn't make it.
You feared the end was near.
I hate what your life did to you.
I wish you were still here.

How do you plan your funeral? 
Were you as scared as I? 
What were your thoughts heading to the docs? 
Did you know that you would die? 

If I could turn back time and say
the things I'd like to say, 
I'd say 'I love you' and 'I'll miss you.'
'I wish that you could stay! ' 

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A Found Man 2K12

There no longer staggers "The Broken Man",
A higher power called upon his number,
On June Twelfth, fate rendered him a found man;
Long last a tired body found its slumber.

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Amazing How Much a Mother Gives

Danger gripped that day so long ago.
Sunshine and a picnic should be fun!
One mom and five children, friends, you know.
Hysterically shouting, mom screamed, “Run!”

There they were, skipping rocks on the lake.
Two boys, one was ten and one seven.
Both carefully watching for a snake,
Sisters nearby played, each soft spoken.

Boys had fun counting skips.  One.  Two.  Three.
Mom by the grill, busily cooking,
Watched; two girls laughed and giggled by a tree.
The toddler hugged her mom, clinging.

The boys, soon, tossed some stones at a log.
Competition: who could hit it most?
One after another in the bog,
Counting their hits, they both were engrossed.

All of a sudden, the log rose up.
“Come get the baby; go climb a tree!”
Life or death seemed to be a tossup.
Terror stuck; like mom screamed, we did flee!

Boys in a tree, girls on a table,
Mom and the gator stared eye to eye.
He moved forward, each step gradual.
She stood her ground; I feared she might die.

Not one step back, she stood there and dared.
Would he attack?  We all watched Mom’s back. 
He wanted to…Mom won as she glared.
He slithered back, Mom’s courage, no lack!

The picnic was over; we packed up.
Mom loved her babies; she saved our lives.
Needless to say, it was a shakeup.
Amazing how much a mother gives.

© October 8, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

Oops...too late for the "Stand Out Day Contest"

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Sitting by a moss-covered tree illuminated by sunlight at three,
he plays the very song that his anscestors played yesterday;
remembering what the peaceful and wild land was and will be...
by accepting the fact that his tomorrow is decided by destiny.

He can spend an entire afternoon playing a hand-made flute color chestnut,
as every breeze-lulled maple tree seem to vanish in the increasing, grey fog;
and if his music with shrilling, melodic notes is a devise to find his stranded dog,
he will have the best friend to guide him safely home through beams of twilight. 

Play, handsome warrior the melody you forefathers played on those efflorescent days
underneath the same oak tree to celebrate their free manhood;
and resembling them with long hair and piercing, dreaming eyes,
you don't expect that intruders from other lands would compromise your happiness.

Foxes, grizzly bears, coyotes and buffaloes hear your music and come around to peek:
they know that you wouldn't hurt them and they wonder who's the Great Spirit;
little they suspect that they will be hunted down by the new-comers from the East;
be their friend, warrior...promise them protection when they'll encounter the Beast. 

All that you behold today, may be gone tomorrow making you weep,
grasslands and prairies will tun into towns and cities to make way for greed;
and blood will flow abundantly on meadows where only wildflowers grew...
devastation everywhere with mother's screams by red rivers not so blue.

You must have had dreams of what was coming with a spectacle so gruesome,
take heart...your tomorrow is decided by destiny, pray that you won't be harmed;
continue playing your flute by remembering everything that you deeply loved,
and if you'll die fighting heartless men, I'll remember that look so lonesome.

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How Strange, the Heart

How strange, how strange, the ways of God,
to my simple way of thinking.
How strange, how strange, that once my dad
just kept on drinking and drinking.

With wife pressed down, his children working
and coins weighed in his pockets.
Around every bend, the evil there lurking,
to wrench his bones from their sockets.

No matter what became life's tenure,
his soul stayed bound in sorrow,
his family snagged deep in penury,
their hope fixed on tomorrow.

How strange, how strange, the hand of God,
whose strength lay in my mother.
Although Dad's knife had sliced her thin,
she gave her heart to no other.

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Mortal Angels

Mortal Angels as people are unemployed these days
Ask help for certain Mortal Angels
Today and everyday
They will not refuse to assist you


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Fear Would Come At Lights Out

Remembering once again childhood days
When mother would on warm days let fire die
Maybe she would stop me from my fun play
We would go for that afternoon walk__sigh

Down long road to the branch across the way
With our small pails probably once held lard
Back then everything was fried in that day
We would look for vein of whitewash real hard

After gathering the whitewash head home
Where mother would clean around fireplace hearth
She would remove ashes; set the soft tone
For our home, on her hands_ knees clean no mirth

She would then whitewash the hearth inside rim
Glistening clean white, adding wood stoke fire
It  would crackle send tiny sparks to  swim
Briefly in air like stars of  night  aspire

Gathering around the fire family time
News, stories, tall tales; safe and warm no doubt
Gradually  fire would die into bed climb
Fear would come for daddy would say lights out

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To The Past

If clicking heels worked, I would go back
to that happiest time of all,
when love was young and exciting
and our children exceeding small.

My parents, my brothers, young husband
were still all alive and well.
How happy I’d be to see them again
there aren’t enough words to tell.

My son was a young and happy lad
with no thought of what lay ahead.
I would go back to those fun-filled days
when he and his daddy weren’t dead. 

Don’t you think I have wished all the wishes?
Don’t you think I have tried all the spells?
If  tears could have floated them back to me
I’d have cried enough tears to fill wells.

My grandchildren were still of the future
where they were well contented to be.
It was my time to be nurturing mother
to those children so loved by me.

When they were all here, I loved them.
I’m so happy that I told them so.
For the present is all that we have for sure.
To the past we can never go.

Don’t tease me with thoughts of the might haves.
To taunt me with wishes is rude,
For the past is not a prescription
That can be refilled or renewed.

By: Joyce Johnson for "Close Your Eyes and Click Your Heels" contest

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In blue jeans and a sweatshirt,
tousled hair, a cheeky grin,
she whistles and the birds sing back,
she puts a load of laundry in.

A country girl with country manners,
"Thanks so much!" blesses her lips,
her daughter shares her airs and graces,
dancing now, mom sways, she dips.

Dressing up for Church on Sunday,
mom and Peanut looking fine,
mom's pleasant voice outsings the others
with mellifluence divine.

Skipping home from God's Communion,
licking ice cream cones they smile,
playing Hopscotch on the corner,
laughing, leaping all the while.

A six-year-old with imitations
of an adult's ways and means,
she's the Perfect Little Lady
sharing Mommy's hopes and dreams!

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Little Feet

Recalling special holidays past,
my favorite thoughts would be,
three pairs of feet running down the hall
to wake up the Christmas tree.

The excitement and the chaos,
as wrapping paper was torn,
squeals of delight throughout the house
as Christmas day was born.

At times I thought it might be nice,
to be free of all the riot,
just to enjoy an hour or two
with things a bit more quiet.

It’s funny what you wish for,
sometimes regretting what you say,
changes that look better
often don’t turn out that way.

Children grow and then they’re gone,
now that my time’s more free,
I realize hearing those little feet
meant everything to me.

So this year as we celebrate
And raise a glass of cheer
my grandchildren run through the house,
I’ve got new little feet to hear.

They are the magic that is Christmas,
so bring on the noise and clatter,
for being together with those you love
is all that will ever matter.

Liz Reilly
Children in rhyme contest

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What effect has envy on soul

Envy begets in the soul a want of charity for our neighbor
Produces a spirit of detraction
Backbiting and


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Is Life Fair

Is Life Fair

Often I ask the question-Is life fair
Soul cries out daily burdens hard to bear
So much comes at me that I can not shake
My life rumbling about like an earthquake

Yet through all the pain there is some relief
Knowing there’s a purpose for all this grief
The purpose one day I will plainly see
Just what the Father has in-store for me

So in the meantime I will sit and wait
Try to do my best to keep my face straight
While looking at my seeds sprouting about
The sins of your past you cry out no doubt

Who can help me press through all of this pain
So much happens in life I can’t explain
Feeling like my heart is being torn apart
Fixing up mistakes cutting through my heart

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A Family's Loss 2K12

Murder! Tragedy! A perfect storm of
Emotions; Our emotions in which a
Close-knit family feels out of its love.
May you Rest-In-Peace Miller Jonas A.

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Pre-Mortality Angst

We’ve been together since creation.
You’d be my mother, I’d be your son.
We watched each passing generation,
Hoping mankind would continue on.

Our assigned ancestors lived and died,
While perpetuating onward our lineage,
In spite of disease, famines, genocides--
Or wars for lands, religions, or just pillage.

Civilizations rose and fell, rise and fall;
Empires, city-states, kingdoms, and nations.
Our ancestors were amidst them all
Back to our earliest generations.

You and I were held back to a modern age.
Happily mankind managed to carry on
Long enough for us to take the stage.
But there’s a new terror for us: abortion.

Your parents happily wanted you to be,
So I wished you godspeed at the portal.
Saying “see you later” you promised me
That I’d have a chance to live as a mortal.

Now I’m left with my potential descendents,
Hoping that you will soon keep your word,
Because now on you we are all dependent
To perpetuate our family ever onward.

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The UFO at Cary Forest

Nestled among the trees in a primitive campsite,
A cub scout and his mother were on their third camp-out.
The tent was pitched; double foil wrapped food was cooked just right.
The young campfire cook gave his skills a great workout.

In the past they had stayed there several days at a time.
Driving through the forest just the mom and her young boy.
Thinking about those days brings back memories sublime.
It was a lot of work, but brought them so much joy.

Nights were spent listening to the serenading bullfrog.
At dawn, she photographed wildlife while he made bird-calls.
One morning when they came around the bend in the fog,
A long-necked majestic doe stood tall and enthralled.

The angle was such that she could not get a good shot.
So, she handed him her Cannon; he aimed, then, clicked.
It would be days prior to seeing the picture he got.
She and her son took pleasure in the woodlands frolicked.

In the hours of darkness they finished playing cards.
Their lantern was glowing; it was time to go to sleep.
Outside there was a whirring they could not disregard.
The mother turned out the light; whispered, “Don't make a peep!”

Her heart was pounding faster and her eyes opened wide.
She was afraid to move, but tried her best to be brave.
She unzipped the tent slowly and took a look outside.
The unlikely sight she saw gave her heart a shock wave.
Up in the sky was a circle of lights… humongous!
The outer ones were orange and the inner ones flashed white.
The sound was so loud that soon the boy became anxious.
With a quiet hush she said, “We're going to be alright.”

All she could think about was fear and their abduction.
Teenage daughters, not camping, needed her to survive.
She was so terrified her mind could hardly function.
There was nothing she could do to get out of there alive.

Would sharp-witted life forms from outer space understand?
She had no choice but try; inside she shed silent tears.
Begging aloud to the alien craft, words unplanned.
Daughters, with no one to tend them would struggle for years.

When she explained their situation, the noise ceased quickly.
She peeked outside again to see only stars in the sky.
He, now a man, was not allowed to look out…hazy.
She thanks God for the night the aliens went bye-bye.

©  October 8, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

P.S. Years later, she saw the same craft in NASA space photos listed as something not 
seen before…unidentified!  When she went to show her husband, the picture had 

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                                                 YOU TAUGHT ME

You taught me the difference,
Twixt right and wrong,
And helped me to find,
Where I truly belong.

You taught me that honor,
Love and respect,
Is much more important,
Than casual sex.

You taught me to earn,
The things that I own,
To take pride in a job,
Well done on my own.

You taught me to smile,
When I found no reason;
You taught me to laugh,
In spite of the treason,

That I had experienced,
In life's cold, hard school,
Feeling abused,
And used as a tool.

You gave me confidence,
In a world of confusion,
And though there were times,
I'd resent your intrusion,

I just want to say,
That I'm glad you were there,
Each time that I stumbled,
To show me you care.

                                                      Judy Ball

Even though they don't appreciate it when they're growing up, when they have kids 
of their own they always come back and say thanks.
Mine did.
Thanks to you Sherry for saying it.
It means a lot.

For The Right Time Contest by Michael J. Falotico

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Cyber Sister And Brother

Started writing poetry then joined Poetry Soup When submitting a poem I’m really cock a hoop Have a cyber brother I did meet on line Think he's quite amazing his poetry's divine He said one day we were separated at birth His comment amused me and filled me with mirth Soon was confirmed we certainly were twins Both write silly poetry and both have hairy chins My cyber sister Jan started my big old heart a-ticking Since entering my life it's sure been a-clicking Wake up each morning can't wait for sister Jan Even check my inbox before going to the can She never disappoints though we're an ocean apart Start's my motor racing, got a hold of my heart Haven't figured out why I deserve such a friend Separated at birth we'll be friends to the end Noticed on some comments people call him ‘Kenny’ He’d love to sing with Dolly – I guess he’s one of many Jack and Dolly’s greatest hits I see it in my mind But Cathie said no, I guess she’s being real kind From Jack’s picture, think he’s more like a Santa We get on great as bro and sis with much silly banter I’m so very fortunate to find my cyber brother If I had to choose one I couldn’t wish for another It's a well known fact, Brits lack a sense of humour Sister Jan sure puts a kibosh on that silly rumour She makes me cackle and wet my pantaloons Sometimes I snort like a silly old buffoon At my ripe old age of fifty-eight plus twenty Things don't work well, I have heartburn a plenty But the heartburn I have is caused by my love For dear sister Jan's given my heart a big shove Collaboration between J Allison and J Ellison © Jack Ellison 2014

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Poppa Jack

In our close circle of friends and family I've been known as old Poppa Jack Really like it, I can feel all the love What I give comes bouncing right back Always been known to love the whole world Enemies? Not a single darn soul Some people I like a bit more than others They're in the minority on the whole There's nobody I'd really classify as someone I wouldn't spend time with, by crikey Or give pretty ladies a sweet tender hug That person's never entered my psyche So here's this old guy baring his soul For the world to see and to know My inner workings are still working fine The secret? Just let it all flow Here's old Poppa Jack signing off for now With a dirty big smackeroonie For all my multitude of friends and family Whose love is so precious to me © Jack Ellison 2013

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Blessed By Heavens Light

I wait for them to wake up
Those two sleepy heads inside
I’ve fixed a yummy breakfast
Shall I pull their curtains wide?

I just want to start this day
With my loved ones close to me
Yet most patiently I wait
For them the dawn’s light to see

I’m left to sit and ponder
All the blessings in my life
I am a doting mother
And honored to be a wife

We live quite a simple life
No trappings of luxury
But what we have is special
Quite grand in its modesty

God has granted us this life
Each one has dreams to fulfill
We have love that binds our hearts
And a God who makes storms still

We have a sweet home of praise
A little piece of paradise
I’m thankful for all I have
Wouldn't want it otherwise

Sure we have our own problems
And often times we just fight
But when it’s all said and done
We are blessed by heaven’s light.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Mine Anger 2K12

Good morrow anger! Found am I not less
Angered more so; Pray thee hinder not more.
Kindred stolen of murder; Most senseless!
O murderer, locked are frigid doors; Naught honor.

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Kingdom of Sgobharaidh

Their lies on the West Coast of Scotland
A Kingdom that's rarely been seen
Where it's beauty radiates through ones eyes
Even closed you can only but dream

Natures gems thrive through seasonal change
Blessing colonies of sea faring birds
To witness the call of it's wilds
So many voices just have to be heard

Cordyline australis grace her lands
They are palm trees to you and me
A native from a land down under
Not Australia, New Zealand is where they be

This area where this Kingdom lies
With it's rugged and beautiful scenes
Freshwater lochs lure many anglers
To catch the fish of their dreams

Many visiting tourists, some in family trace
To discover where their ancestors be
Capturing snaps of their homelands, a past way of life
Filling the blanks of their family tree

Sporadic green forests of pine
With ferns and heathers, carpet the lands
Rugged juts off an earth from the past
Spewed through her juvenile glands

And this land through your eyes that you see
Is the Kingdom that's rarely seen
If you live here we call it Scourie
So beautiful in natures scheme

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Thank You

You watched when they were gone.
You cared when no one knew.
We never would've made it
if it hadn't been for you.

You grew up way to early.
You gave up all you had.
Your mother never thanked you
and you've never known your dad.

There's no way I can say this
to make you understand.
I realize how much you gave us
when you could barely stand.

You cared for us and sheltered
the ones she gave away.
The thanks you got were never heard...
that is, untill today.

A sister through the troubled times
is an understatement at best.
But, I hope you know you're loved,
and you're held above the rest.

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My Treasure Chest

I was doing yard work the other day,
planting some flowers all around.
While digging in dirt, close to the fence,
I heard a clackity sound.

As if the metal of the spade was hitting some wood
and some metal, too, I heard.
To my surprise, I remembered just then,
the chirping of the birds.

See, there was a time, for memories sake,
when my family and I stored our thoughts
within a chest of metal and wood,
from the antique store, we bought.

We placed the chest out in the yard
on a bright and sunny day
and while digging the hole to place it in
the birds were just chirping away.

My sons and my daughters, my wife and I
placed pictures and such within
So, one day in the future, when we need it most,
the memories will come back to us again.

So, just knowing they’re there, is memory enough
for me to be content for now.
One day when my children have all grown up,
my wife and I will dig deep down.

So, I covered my hole with plenty of dirt,
but, first threw flower seeds in
with hopes that the memories, like seeds that they are,
will grow and flourish, again.

So, my treasure chest, there, remains in the yard
waiting for that one special day
when my family and I need to return
to those years that have gotten away

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Family Life

Brother, Big “J”, was the first born I was the last to arrive Born to some loving parents Our family life did survive In my family as I grew up It was Dad who was “Da Man” And Dad and Mom would speak as one That’s how our family ran Never did I hear a cross word Spoken between Dad and Mom If waters churned behind closed doors I only saw waters calm My folks both come from the old school Sparing the rod’s not their thing Dad did most of the discipline Sometime he punished with pain When Big “J” or I, did bad things Mom would say in a low tone Words that we both hated to hear “Just wait till your Dad gets home” As I grew older, I soon found A whipping isn’t so bad Punishment by a tongue lashing Could really make you feel sad It was off to church each Sunday Then we would go out to eat To Luby’s Cafeteria To me that was such a treat We took a family vacation To a new place every year It was planned to fit our budget We did things kind of austere Most of his life, Dad was a cop Of one sort or another A grandson became a cop too As did one of his brothers Now Dad was a “Jack of All Trades” Must have learned lots on the farm My Mom was an excellent cook Our food was always served warm Both had a great sense of humor My Dad could tell a good joke He did have one bad habit though For many years he puffed smoke I lost Dad at age fifty three Mom left at seventy two I’m the only one still alive Brother Big “J” is gone too Of course I miss them all so much They left me here all alone Those memories from my early years No longer shared, since they’re gone

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Family Interest

A photo from another day.
A picture of a tree.
My memory of it flowering
back when time would be.

A memory of a relative
standing by the tree
fresher in my memory
calling out to me.

Time that I have shared
standing in my mind
reminding me of everything
in feelings that are blind.

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                                     THE WATERMELON THIEVES

Once when I was oh so young,
My mom decided she,
Would show us where some melons grew,
Beneath some large orange trees.

A farmer man she knew of,
Grew them there she said,
So folks would leave alone the fruit,
That grew above their head.

The melons were okay to take.
Just let the oranges be,
So off we went to pick some,
My mom, my sis and me.

I was only five years old,
So I sat in the car,
With Mama's friend who drove us there,
No light from moon or stars;

Because the orange trees blocked their light,
And I was sore afraid,
Because it was so dark in there,
Hidden in the glade.

Suddenly I saw my mom,
Running like the wind,
Right behind her came my sis,
A melon 'neath each limb.

Then in a flash my mom went down,
She tripped and broke her melons.
"Run Ruth, Run!" I heard her say,
They're runnin' and they're yellin'.

Mother! Wait! I heard Sis call,
For she had gone down too,
Stepped in a rotten one and fell,
They both were in a stew.

A flashlight beam then pierced the dark,
They made the car just barely;
And we took off just like a shot,
Took out the fence gate squarely.

We made it back home just past one.
They laughed until they cried.
I was so young I just sat there,
Agape with my eyes wide.

My mother had skinned both her shins,
My sister, she smelled funny,
Because that melon she stepped in,
Was rotten and real funky.

Some thought my mom as mothers go,
Not what you'd call high scoring,
But I can tell you life back home,
For sure was never boring.

                                                     Judy Ball


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Another Kind of Man

To be intrusive to another's mind to taste what the hells going on
To be different from other men as they sing a different song
For this, this blind man seeks to be the seeker to see and scan
To go inside the mind of another, another kind of man

History has shown and reminded of the monsters that have been
This trait of human man, as each generations scene
What makes us be so different, to hurt whom we care and love
Is it some form of weakness we allure, against family loving doves

As I enter their minds even deeper, the appalling rise to view
Standing proud in their deathly mask, their hurting of others true
Rapists, serial killers and dictators, or even the family man
What possesses their power to indulge, that this blind man can't even scan

My thoughts go out to you all, who have suffered at the hands of man
Evolution is not the answer, to really be who they can
This blind man he said to me, if I look into you what will I find
My reply to him was simple, I'm just a different kind 

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What You Say - for 15-year-olds

You tell me that I can't go out
or walk around alone,
'Cause 15 isn't old enough
to keep up on my own.

You say that judging character
is something that you learned,
But guess what? My respect
is something that is earned.

They say that being 15
is the hardest age to be,
Not quite a woman, or a girl,
but caught right in between.

So then, I think, you'll try to see,
who here is really boss,
But during rocky teenage years
I say "try", and it's your loss.

You turn your back and walk away,
we'll have to wait until,
You try again to say I can't
which means that now I will.

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The Quartet

A little boy is made of
his mother’s love and dreams,
embodiment of the future
fulfilling Daddy’s schemes.

A mother’s heart will melt and run
at wonder in his eyes
when he first espies a rainbow
or bright star in the skies.

Can Mother’s heart contain the love
or Dad’s such intense pride
as must be theirs when their four sons
are lined up side by side?

Though sometimes it is hard to pray
amidst unending noise,
they know God hears their gratitude
for their loved little boys.

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You will never meet him
Never embrace
Never have a meaningful conversation
Never lovingly kiss his face

You will never touch him
Never tangle your fingers in his hair
Never realize his dreams
Or exchange a loving stare

And because he rejected you
You've reshaped him as something you could despise
And brought a vendetta upon his family
Waging a war of bitter, empty lies

And yet, he is so much more 
Than your limited mentality could create
The jagged, pathetic lines of jealousy
Put limitations in their place

Yet, you desire what you call a monster
You have lost at your own game
And he will never forgive you
Never hear you speak his name

You hold him hostage to your dreams
Try to rob him of happiness and wealth
Disgust him with your obsessions
But the biggest victim you've created is yourself

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Raise up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he won't stray;
And teach him the laws of good common sense,
To ensure his well being, and pray;

And remember to teach by example as well,
For in preaching he hears only words.
He must see these ideals at work in your life,
To accept them in his and concur,

To live each new day the best that he can,
And cleave to the straight, narrow path;
For they learn what they live, these children of ours,
And today's all the time that we have.

                                                                              Proverbs 29:15

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Summers long ago

Nestled in coconut groves and lush fields of paddy,
with the love of a large family, each day warm and tardy,
Ever poised and elegant, stood my trove of memories,
as boys and girls innocent, played under mango trees.

Soon as grandma came in sight, her hair grey with age,
we rushed to hold her tight, dropping our baggage.
It felt as soft as feather, touching her frail hands,
her eyes filling with tears, to see us back on her lands. 

Dewy mornings crawled by, as we grew lazy by the day, 
sultry afternoons passed by, watching cows feed on hay.
Breaking the serenity of dusk, came a fishmonger yelling,
catch of the day cooked with much spice, there was no telling.

Swollen with the monsoon, the dark night sky,
eager to pour it down soon, still as the earth did lie.
And soon, when will I see you next, grandma would sigh,
Feeling sad, as the moment came, for another good-bye. 

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Sometimes stuff can happen,
Through no fault of your own.
You'd think all that is over,
Once you are fully grown.

People sometimes say things,
That are often taken wrong,
Then they repeat what they have heard,
But sing a different song;

And when the word gets back to you,
You can't believe your ears,
And all that comes about is pain,
Hurt feelings, anger, tears;

Because of what someone has said,
Repeating what they heard,
Though not exactly what was said,
Not stated word for word,

But only what they thought they heard.
It's what they understood.
When you repeat a tale like that,
It does nobody good;

For when you throw bad light on one,
A faint light washes back,
To the place from whence it came,
So you can trace the scat;

And though for some it takes o'er long,
We all eventually learn,
That if you stand too close to fire,
You're gonna get a burn;

So those who tend to carry tales,
Drop names and repeat stories,
Cannot be the best of friends,
They'll just compound your worries.

                                                 Judy Ball

(Scat - The poop animals drop in the woods. The sign hunters look for.)

Have you ever noticed that it's easier to learn to speak in two or more languages than it is to keep your mouth shut in one?

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                                                A COUNTRY BOIL

Get some fresh swamp cabbage,
And get yerself some ham,
Get yerself some snap peas,
And the biggest pot on hand.

Boil it up together,
Over a nice slow fire,
Until it's all real tender,
Then take it from the pyre.

Don't forget the seasonings,
Just salt and pepper's fine,
And serve it up with cornbread,
And folks will stand in line.

(Swamp cabbage is the heart of a Palmetto tree)

(My mom likes to add a dash of Franks Red Hot Sauce to hers.)

For Low Country Boil Contest by Sara Kendrick

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Old family photos

the drama of others lives
etched deep in their eyes-
unheard sighs,plea, release me,
scar deep in our psyche

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Youthfulness is not about being young or old
It's about enthusiasm
When enthusiasm fades, pessimism begins
As  true Christian our hope keeps up our enthusiasm and our youth


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Manifold Blessings

Shadows stretch, and hungrily
they gobble up the cold and homeless,
Joe and Mary shiver, searching 
street fronts for some sign of meekness.

Mary is pregnant, Joe is jobless,
faith and hope belie their plight,
all is dark, but wait, a flicker
penetrates the inky night.

Ken and Ted's auto repair shop,
first to greet the business day,
a welcome in with smiles and hugs, 
our supplicants have found a way,

a refuge from the icy blackness,
blankets and a warming brew
revitalizes souls in torment,
homemade biscuits, homemade stew.

Daylight breaks, it's Christmas morning,
Ken and Ted know time won't cease
for squeaky fan belts, faulty starters,
broken soul mates seeking peace.

German shepherds watch in awe
as Mary's baby cries and sputters,
workers give what they can muster,
"Praise the Lord!" the 'midwife' utters.

A lowly place, a sacred mission
celebrated there this day,
Joe and Mary ever thankful,
all God's Children kneel and pray.

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The Little Girls Abyss

Ever since I was young
I always had this dream
About a little girl who lived next door
Who drowned in a nearby stream

I don't know what possessed me
But I always knew one day
She would turn up at my door
And ask me out to play

I mentioned it to my parents
They said "listen" and sat me down
It happened before we moved here
Her bigger sister let her drown

The family we bought the house from
Moved on from the fear of this
Their teenage daughter suffered nightmares
And dreamt of a wet abyss

Many years have passed
I am now well into my teens
But this aura that still surrounds me
Everywhere I look she's seen

One evening I went to shower
As normal I pulled back the screen 
I turned to look in the mirror
She was there, staring back at me

There was an incredible similarity
She looked like me when i was young
Now having shown herself, is it over
Or has it really just begun

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Three running down the driveway in delight
Or two racing around in one baby walker  near the fence
Or one practising the piano  at night :
They  were the end reason for my privileged existence.

In the garden  planting and sheltering flowers  from the hot sun,
And the struggle with the tree in the wind, with  ropes securing it,
And her reading lessons from school made bright with  fun, 
And the two boys making a soft place for the cat  to sit  -

Outshine all the places I’ve been, people I’ve  known.
Successes I’ve had:  they  are nothing.  All the achieving:
Absolutely nothing.  Compared with the memory of those three  -  now grown  - 
Running down the driveway when I came home  in the evening.

And how they started to look like their parents, girl or boy, 
In such sparkling  and unpredictable ways
Churns up my soul with feelings of  thanks  and joy,
Against which brightness all else dims throughout my days.

Being their father  is the greatest privilege, for which I would gladly pay. 
At the end  I will wish for nothing  except the pleasure to be 
Once again there and see them running down the driveway
Laughing, shouting, flinging  six arms around me.

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Finding Jesus

Story of Jesus from Luke chapter two --
Mary, his mother, was coming undone,
anxiously searching midst those trav’ling through,
hearing her Lord ask, “You can’t find my Son?”

“Was it yesterday, that I saw Him near
Joseph's side?” but quickly dropping her brow.
“How could we lose One most treasured and dear?
Should we return to Jerusalem now?”

Safe in the Temple, at end their pursuit,
capably teaching, God's Son sat unfazed.
Hearing this Boy/Man’s replies so astute 
those who attended His words stood amazed.

Story of Christians from that time to this,
quick three days' journey away from your Lord.
Noticing nothing of what’s gone amiss.
"When did I lose Him – the One I adored?" 

Busy with church, His presence you exclude
without knowing He's been out of your care!
Stopping to listen, fellowship renewed,
your heart's engulfed when Christ speaks to you there.


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Love Is 2K13

Love is but a gift whence golden memories do
Consist of to which are often revisited.
Love is an ageless, priceless, tried-and-true,
True-blue of moral value into hearts deposited.

Love is a lifetime of actions displayed
In caring kind manner affirming it.
Love is something when genuine; undelayed
Unconditional, unselfish without quite.

Love is but a tree which shelters you and
I therefrom the nagatives of stale hatred.
Love is the conforting warmth of a hand
Unto anothers to which each sacred.

Love is a tangible shoulder which to lean
Upon therewith presance of blue woe.
Love is free, bought not by currency of green.
Love is grand and hatred its villainous foe.

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Candles and nightlights flickering bright,
blackout curtains shutting out the moonlight.
Snuggle down cosy with blankets tight,
perhaps the war will end to-night.

Dripping setting from Sunday's roast,
spread so thick on Monday's toast.
Meat bones simmer on the old gas ring,
Pa's homemade soup,the 'real thing'.

Paper chains cut and glued,
beer in glass bottles brewed.
Christmas puddings with threepenny bits,
the Meccano present made to fit.

Sunday school outings upto Coombe hill,
my first ever train ride,so quite a thrill.
Walks over corn fields  to the Bugle Horn,
crisps and lemonade upon their lawn.

A weekly soak in a round tin bath,
towelling off by a fire in the hearth.
A viewpoint from childhood scene,
 growing up at sixteen,Beech green.

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                                             THE PIGS AND THE PINE TREE

Once upon a time,
So very long ago,
I took my dogs out for a run,
Not far from home and so,

I thought we would all be fine,
Beneath the cooling shadows,
Of the trees and bushes,
As we ran past field and fallow.

The forest was the place for us,
Where we might see a deer,
And mayhap chase some rabbits,
And splash through streams so clear.

We loved the forest and the fields,
Loved resting in the shade,
Of the Pine grove way out back,
Where squirrels and wild things played.

One day while we hunted there,
To see what we might find,
We happened on a bunch of pigs,
Not tame, the wild kind.

Big black tuskers that they were,
With humps and slopeing heads.
You can't chase them, they won't run,
They'll chase you instead.

Immediately the dogs gave chase,
And just as quickly scattered.
I went straight up the nearest tree,
Escape was all that mattered.

The dogs went home and gathered 'round,
The porch and Mama knew,
Something was wrong and called the boys,
And they were worried too.

The dogs went home without me,
A sign something was up.
They told them, "Go find Judy",
The trail was soon picked up.

The pigs had gathered 'round the tree,
Where I hung and cried,
I could hear Mom calling me,
Worried what betide,

Her wandering girl out in those woods,
She sent the boys to find me.
Meanwhile the pigs got tired and left,
So I came down the Pine tree.

My uncles laughed and laughed at me,
As they told the story,
Of how they found me in the woods,
Climbing down a Pine tree.
                                                    Judy Ball

Pine trees don't have limbs. But I climbed it anyway.

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"Easy Does It"

We walk up to the building
but don't know what to say.
It seems warm and familiar...
the sign just reads ''AA''.

Dad came here to get sober.
He's trying to get clean.
I know I'm only 7 
but I know what they mean.

He's been here for awhile now.
I've missed him very much.
He couldn't even call us.
''Not Allowed'' to keep in touch.

''Thirty days is nothing! ''
she says into her drink.
''He needs some time away from you! ''
''Some time so he can think.''

When he comes home it's her turn.
He says ''I know she can.''
I'm scared to meet this stranger...
my dad is... not this man.

Now he wants our room clean.
He wants to cook a meal.
I'm not sure what to think of this.
I'm not sure what to feel.

In thirty days she then comes home
to a brand new clean up crew.
We're nervous how she'll treat us...
we don't know what she'll do.

Given a months sobriety
they're at eachothers throats.
There's no more happy dinners.
No more inspiring notes.

They fall off that old wagon
like they've both done before.
Get ready for survival
cause we are bound for war.

The cycle never ended.
They never kept it clean.
They mimicked ''Easy Does It''.
Yet ''easy'' was never seen.

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Independent with People

We are independent with people on earth
Our mortal angels are always there to assist us
But, we can never be independent in everything
God is our everything


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The Day That He Returned Home

Its been many many centuries
Since the day I left
My fathers visions have been foretold
Of our country that has been left so reft

If you stand where I return
Look to the skies and you will see
For after the blinding flash
I will appear in front of thee

Beside me now you stand
A man of history
This day that I returned home
In memory of my family

To be here once again
Where I once stood as a boy
With my family and my friends
The most ultimate of joys

Our castle that was once our home
Where my family were safe and slept
Everyday my clan prospered and grew
Then to a new world, I crept

For that misty night in the Minch
Strange lights rose from its dark
Breaking from the waters so blue
Their silver ship did park

They had lain in patient dormant
Awaiting the birth of me
For thousands of years in the dark
They decided I was the one to free

This quiet son of Kade
To a different world called theirs
Stepped into their ship that parked
Gone from their clan, their heir

He turns to those who stand
Who witnessed his arrival
And the dereliction of grey
His clans castle, and their survival

Its comforts in weathered worn
Surrounded by poppies high
Where once were fields of wheat and corn
All that grows are red of die

For those that stood beside him
Just after that blinding flash
Was Semaj, the son of Kade
Their ancestor from their past

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The Sordid Affair

There's money___then there's love
Looking back at him __desiring 
Brief encounters above
Husband's comments deriding

So handsome fire__home ice
Guilt, shame, remorse____desire
One last glimpse maybe twice
Marriage but children__can't transpire

Inner turmoil__wishing
Should I walk away now
Turn turn around running
We'll say the wedding's vow

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Daughter Number Four

November of sixty, we took the same name.
We had a son and two daughters right away.
Nine years later, daughter three came...
A joy to us all every day

We are proud of all of them, of course.
They are grown, families of their own.
They have been our life and source,
of true happiness, on and on.

Our fourth daughter married our son.
She is exquisitely exact in every way,
concerning her work, home, family and fun.
She revels in life every day.  

She is intentional in each mode of life
and performs each with excellent skill.
She loves working, being a mom, and wife
and tubing down a snow covered hill.

We all love her and claim her our own.
She rewards me with ginger bread men
The seeds of family have been sown.
Nurtured and grown........not worn thin.

© Apr 20 2010

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Sleep now my sapling child
Safe ‘neath the rocking cradle hood;
Though the wearing wind be wild
And the ruining rain in flood.

Think of the toy ‘neath the stair
Or thy  ribboned hair a-curled.
Think not of thy father’s care
Nor  the turn of the world.

Thy smile reflects all I see;
Laughter echoes  in birdsong;
Loving eyes look deep in me: 
Seeing where thy roots belong.

I will clear the rocks away,
Removing each unwanted  weed.
For thy future – it’s this I  pray:
A tree will grow from this seed.

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Who was the foster or guardian and what are the natures of our Lord Jesus Christ

The foster father and guardian is St. Joseph
The husband of Blessed Virgin Mary
The natures of our Lord Jesus Christ are True God and
True Man


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Pier Twelve Memories

I have memories of pier twelve
Right at the Norfolk Naval Base
Those memories I’ll never shelve
McDonald’s’ there to feed my face

I stood some sentry watches there
As my sister was in port too
During winter there is cold air
Without ID you won’t come through

I’ll never forget last time there
With my walker saw the Nimitz
And with a shipmate things to share
Today my life has some limits

Can’t run like I did back then
I drank and smoked much more too
Back then the ship was all men
Some say co-ed ships are true

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The Candles In The House

The candles in the house
Bring all the love around.
Warmth is shed for us to share;
The calming night erases all despair.

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I`m damned if I do,
And damned if I don`t,
In questions of will,
And questions of won`t.

Each time I try,
To converse with him,
He misunderstands,
And patience wears thin.

Although I agree,
With his views on most things,
He questions my feelings,
Because I don`t bring,

A host of these matters,
To discuss and debate,
To the table with him,
And sit and relate,

Deep matters of course,
On religion and such,
Political views,
And the law over much,

Because I`m so tired,
Of listening to him,
As he groans and bemoans,
How the future looks grim.

I want to talk,
About happier things,
That don`t cause you worry,
Things that don`t bring,

All manner of problems,
To weigh on your mind,
So your life becomes burdoned,
And time just a grind;

So now I avoid him,
As most others do,
And he can`t understand,
Why his friends are so few,

And even his wife,
Takes her leave to go hide,
Because he`s so tiresome,
She needs to confide,

In someone more easy,
On her poor strained nerves;
No boyfriend or lover,
Just someone who serves,

A someone to lean on,
Just one true friend,
In whom to confide,
When her patience wears thin.

                                        Judy Ball

Some things that aren`t happy are important and need to be discussed but a steady diet of it morning, noon and night is a bit over much.
It starts to weigh on a person`s mind and they need a break from it.
Especially if you talk about it even during dinneer. 
That knots the stomach and you can`t eat let alone digest your food.
A little light conversation is necessary too.

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What does the name Christ signifies

The name Christ signifies Messias
The Great Prophet
High Priest and
King of the New Law anointed as a man with the fullness of divine power

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The 90s

I somehow missed the nineties
As far as pop culture was concerned
I spent a lot of it overseas
Watching as the Balkans burned

I had learned Russian for the Army
But the Russian Bear was no longer wild
About the time they reunited Germany
I gained a brand new wife and child

With the fall of the Soviet Union
I thought the world might finely be sane
Then I cross trained into Serbo-Croatian
As Yugoslavia went up in flame

The Army was not a free ride
I did several deployment rotations
Monitoring war crimes like genocide
Or in Macedonia with the United Nations

The nineties ended quietly
At least from what I remember
I was focused then on family
Until that fatal 11 September

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What virtues are opposed to 7 Capital or Deadly Sins

Humility is opposed to Pride
Generosity to covetousness
Chastity to lust
Meekness to anger
Temperance to Gluttony
Love to envy and
Diligence to Sloth


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I may look very naive and vulnerable,
hiding the pangs of my distress so well,
looking normal and walking too brisk...
only when God is walking down my path.

I seem to look away and shun the troubles,
but inside I am hurting like anybody else,
who dreams of a coming universal peace...
only when God is walking down my path. 

I nourish my body and thank my Creator
for every slice of bread and drink of water,
the essential things that not everyone has...
only when God is walking down my path.

Since my birth, I have been sheltered by a roof top,
feeling no rain, hearing no wind, bearing no bitter cold;
blessings are added daily, not taken away by wrath,
all this is possible...only when God is walking down my path.

I was given a loving mother who cared for my daily needs 
watched me grow and I spiritually grew to praise Him in my hymns; 
and her unforgettable and soft words still echo, as when I knelt down and wept,
not making me stray from my course...only when God walked down my path. 

I have been fortunate enough to have lived and survived
this long and witnessed may events that have shaped
a changing world in constant turmoil, unwilling to get rid of ugly hate;
I feel very sound and safe...only when God is walking down my path.

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Eat Your Veggies

Eat your veggies you'll grow up big and strong
That's what parents used to tell little boys
I'm wondering what they told dainty little girls
Must have used some other devious ploy

Like eat your veggies you sweet young thing
Boys will come knocking at your door
This underhanded method of cajoling offsprings
Was quite normal in the days of yore

The kiddies of today are much more aware
The Internet's where they get their facts
If you try to bombard them with the stuff we got
They'll look at you as if you're cracked

Time marches on in a time honoured fashion
Yesterday's technology is old hat
You no sooner buy the latest up to date gadget
When a newer version supersedes that

When will this joy ride ever come to an end
Probably never so best get used to it
Keep eating your veggies it's still a good plan
Eating healthy will help you stay fit

©Jack Ellison 2012

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Is Jesus Christ more than one person and what do we mean by that

Jesus Christ is one in 3 Divine Persons
God the Father
God the Son and
God the Holy Spirit (Ghost)


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Fruits of the Holy Spirit

Love, Joy, Peace
Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness
Gentleness and Self Control
Gal 5:22-23

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New Testament

The second part of the complete bible
It contains the specifically Christian Texts
Namely the Gospels, the Acts of the apostles
Fourteen letter written by Paul, Seven Catholic letters and Revelation


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Bedside Lights

Our first night together, bedside lights out Tomorrows our new day, our worlds to restart Union of two is what our lives are all about Happiness with kids, with love in our hearts

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Thanksgiving Guests

Gathered ‘round the Thanksgiving table, Are the folks who are dearest to me. I know, as they talk to each other, They aren’t seeing the faces I see. Grandpa and Grandma, and uncles and aunts And a few even closer than those, Are indelibly written on a memory page, In a book that I can’t bear to close. I lovingly gaze at these dear ones, Toward faces that aren’t really there. With thanks to our generous Maker, That another has filled up each chair. I cover my sadness with gladness, Amused at their jokes and their quips. Trying not to let on that my thoughts are far gone, To the pictures fond memory flips.. Just the last year, he was with us. The one who’s the most on my mind. I vainly search those at the table. That missing, beloved face to find. My daughters and precious grandchildren, Bow their heads for my Thanksgiving prayer. Praising the Lord for those present, Remembering the ones who aren’t here. This day, too, will soon be a memory, I shall add to my burgeoning book, And when this day is done and I am alone, I’ll turn each page for a comforting look.
By: Joyce 10/24/2000

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Chasing the Ball...

                                                          Simply for sake of conversation,
                                  On one chilling, dark December evening,
                I challenged my son to one-on-one;
Time offered me the reason.

                                                       Spotlights glaring...hours playing,
                                 My tall, gaunt black-haired boy,
               Submitting his secrets on that day,
Love I willingly offered to my boy.

                                  That red cobblestone alley...two lives altered,
                    Girls...friends...not ~ we discussed;
            Countless questions...answers with integrity performed,
     Honesty I offered...conquering trust.

                                                            So many demons surround us,
                                 Fresh snow...digressive days
When I search for him as the wind argues before and behind us,
              My heart shall find my son in that alley...

I love you, Tyler.  Mom xo

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From Greek laos = people
The common state of life in the church
Baptized, non-ordained Christians
Who belong to the people of God


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What does incarnation mean and what does redemption mean

Incarnation means act of clothing with flesh
So our Lord clothed 
His divinity with a human body
Redemption means to buy back again


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                                   sMOKEY - FAITHFUL FRIEND TO THE END

As we grew older, Smokey and I,
Our lives would change a bit.
As a teen there was school and friends,
In the kitchen he'd quietly sit.

All alone he'd wait for me,
To finally end my day,
And come and spend some time with him,
And maybe gently play,

A little game of dangle the string,
Or scratch behind his ears,
I didn't know, how could I know,
He neared the end of his years.

At night I did my homework,
At kitchen table with him.
He lay across my books and watched,
And rubbed my head with his chin.

Then when I was just eighteen,
I came home from a swimming date.
He staggered 'cross the yard to me,
I almost was too late.

He laid him down right at my feet,
I took him in my arms,
He closed his eyes and then was gone,
And with him all his charms,

That he displayed throughout his years,
My buddy, playmate, friend.
He remained so all his life,
Faithful to the end.

                                                       Judy Ball

(There will just never be another Smokey)

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How were the merits of Jesus Christ applied to our souls

The merits of Jesus Christ are applied to our souls through the Sacraments
Especially Baptism
Which restore us to the friendship of God


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A letter from Prison

Dear Dad,
Though you're not my real Father
I know you tried your best,
to raise a wild rebelious child,
I put you to the test.

 You were young and so was I,
when once we started out
I know I made my Mother cry,
when we would scream and shout.

My real Dad left when I was Two
he never cared for me,
and there was nothing I could do
to make my Mother see,

that we could make it on our own
she couldn't stand the pain,
of living life so all alone
she had to love again.

I stayed out every night I could
as I became a teen
what I did just wasn't good
but I was caught between,

friends who tried to really care
if I lived or died
and life at home that seemed to only
push my world aside.

I never meant to kill a man
when we set out that night,
to have some fun was just the plan
but nothing turned out right.

I'm writing this on Father's Day to say 
please don't be sad,
It's not your fault I went astray,
and yes........
I love you,

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Green peas and all kinds of beans
are split open to release their seeds,
like those peas in a green pod,
that mother cooked in a huge pot!

One of my dad's friends who wore a veteran's brooch, 
would shamelessly cheat to get a delicious split-pea soup;
mom didn't know he was a cheater, and surely would have hit him
with the wooden dough roller when he peaked with a grim!   

And mom slowly stirred the vegetable soup,
she used to say, " The longer it cooks, the better it tastes! '
And my mouth was drooling to taste those soft peas...
that I took out of the seeds' casings without miscue! 

Mother rushed in the kitchen with a roar of an enraged lion,
" That idiot is playing no fair game! He is a menace to all!
And he passes glasses of brandy to get everybody drunk! " 
" He wants to win no matter what the cost...oh, clever maven! "

The split-pea soup steams like a hot volcano erupting,
the cover of the pot blows off, " What a mess on my stove! " mom  screams...
" It's all his fault that I am in this state! " she continues yelling...
" I still hear his big mouth mocking...wait 'till I have finished cooking these peas! "

Entered in Nathan's Laccese contest, " Two peas in a pod " 

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Love Aligns

Love Aligns

Of names given at birth, one blooms special. 
Mary seems to me a popular name.
Common folks and royalty likewise called.
But no two named Mary are quite the same.

A young girl named Mary lived righteously.
By God she was favored, is history.
She willingly bore God's begotten son. 
Obscure to man…virgin birth mystery. 

Infant queen, Mary of Scotland, betrothed,
Had escaped Henry the Viii rough wooing.
Life's whirlwinds, deaths and romance havocked her life.
Politics sent beheading ensuing.

Mary Read of Devon County, England
Surrounded by death, raised as a boy.
Captured by pirates of the Caribbean Sea,
Became a pirate herself, lived wild joy.

Mother and Daughter, writers named Mary, 
Mary Wollstonecraft, swayed by T. Paine, wrote
"A Vindication of the Rights of Woman," (1792)
The thoughts of a mother, by death made remote.

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, sweet sixteen,
Strong spirited, influenced by her mom
Left home to be Percy's mistress…outcast.
Sorrows in life are Frankenstein's where-from. 

Mary Anning, a woman paleontologist,
Prepared fossils from Jurassic era beds.
Well-known by geologists, financially poor,
Put new ideas in scientific thinkers heads.

Famous women named Mary nowadays abound. 
From Mary Anne on Gilligan's Island
To Mary Poppins flying through the air.
Each Mary, in her own way has some life brightened.

All of the women I have presented herein.
Have one thing in common: strength and chagrin.
But, there is not one Mary I read about or met.
Whose loves like my grandmother's was fashioned. 

She, was a woman of strength, strong will, and spunk.
But, tenderly, she comforted many a tear.
Teaching young children from her sewing machine,
She consistently worked to keep family near.

She offered fresh fruit from the family tree.
I know her sweetness from Heaven shines.
Without her love, I wonder where I would be.
When I hear the name Mary, love aligns. 

© July 17, 2010

1.  Mary Queen of Scots:     
2.  Famous Pirate: Mary Read:
3.  Mary Wollstonecraft & Mary Shelley:
4.  Mary Anning:

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Conversations of Love

I hear you speaking words of love
  Although the words are sweet 
Don't forget they're right above 
   Your bitter heartbeat

The yelling and shouting hurts
  Speaking words of anger 
Acts of kindness in spurts 
  Bitterness is the danger

So remember to forgive 
  All the pain reminded of
I'm yearning you to live
  Conversations of love

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How did Christ show and prove His divine power

Christ showed and proved His Divine power chiefly by His miracles
Which are extraordinary works that can be performed 
Only by the power received from God
Therefore, His sanction and authority


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The Evening of my soul

   oh 'tis the evening of my soul and though I've often claimed it so,
now must pause and truly show 
the scars and twisted wounds herein
for onward is no option now
and time must take its' bloody bow

where are the hands that soothed my burning brow
and where the smile to cheer me in my grief?
why they have gone to dust and none remain
the evil in the heart of time,the thief.

so pull the shades and bank the dying fire,
and please don't try  to tell me that you care,
it really matters not  how cold the bier
for when you look,there's nothing really there.

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What effects of Anger in our soul

Anger begets in our souls impatience
And too often habit of cursing

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When the well-rested rooster woke up at noon, he found himself in the lap
of a gorgeous boy and he was telling his mom with urgency,
"I want this rooster, he can keep the lonely and moody parrot company!"
And staring at him," It's a rooster, not a pet!" she exclaimed.

Mothers always try to please their kids, and sometimes they really spoil them,
not according to their customs and beliefs, controversially fathers are stricter than them;
"I'll take care of him and soon he'll be living in our ranch home" he promised...
and continuing,"From now on, his name will be Harbor: the lovely place where I found him!"

The gentle boy kept his promise and Harbor became part of the family,
and the talkative parrot taught him to say the exact words he said;
and months went by, but nobody knew that he could speak so humanly,
and how did they find out that Harbor was smarter than an ordinary bird?

They overheard him in a challenging conversation about finding a perfect mate, 
in the shortest time and the shrewd parrot thought he surely would have been the winner,
but to his surprise, Harbor used his accumulated wisdom and searched the nearby farm,
where chicks were bred and then put in perforated carboard crates on a freighter.

Harbor looked around and didn't really like any of the chicks he saw,
and was he about to give up on his search? Suddenly not! He trotted past the noisy farm,
and to his bewilderment, he spotted a young chicken on the grass below...
and gallantly approached her, and with a chat started a romantic affair by keeping her warm.

Harbor and the young chick clicked and they quickly were talking about marriage,
lots of baby chicks to feed: the ultimate dream of two domesticated birds; 
at first, the upset boy wasn't too happy about their agreement, and exploded in rage,
but realizing what was best for Harbor, he finally gave him his blessings.

On the same farm the newly-wed live, and have big plans for a large family;
one more thing, if curious folks decide to visit them anytime soon, they need a reservation.
They will show them around with their fowl hospitality, but rule out temptation;
none of them will end up on their plates for the next Holidays or any other special festivity!

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What do we mean by grievous matter

By ‘grievous matter’ with regard to sin mean that the thought
Word or deed which is committed must be either bad in itself
Or severely prohibited
And therefore sufficient to make a mortal sin if we deliberately yield to it

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What do you believe of Jesus Christ

I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God
The Second Person of the Blessed Trinity
True God and True man
Great Prophet, High Priest and was anointed as the fullness of divine power


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Mr Hamuel Porkington

Meet Mr. Hamuel Porkington
His closest friends call him “Hammy”
A special hard working farmer
With an extremely industrious family

With his pretty and faithful wife “Porksy”
And their ten little chopperettes
They're known in the town of Swillsville
As the nicest pig family you've met

For providing hot meals to the needy
And sheltering them from the cold 
They've received a special recognition
One of the greatest stories told

The President recently visited them
Warmly welcomed by the Porkingtons
They treated their guest to Hominy Grits
And homemade Tennessee bourbon 

The President granted them a special honour
Which everyone was in total accord
With tree bark, worms and garbage for life
And a prestigious achievement award

So raise your pitch forks, raise 'em on high
In salute of this family of corkers
Heroes like these don't come by very often
They're a very special breed of porkers

©Jack Ellison 2012

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White Lightnin

It's a proud family tradition

Here in the hills of Tennessee

My grand daddy brewed White Ligntin

And my daddy, before me.

It's just Cornmeal, water and yeast

Brewed in the family still.

Them revenuers can't find the place

They probably never will.

Don't drink it down, you sip it slow

It kicks like a stubborn ole mule.

There's a reason it's called White Lightnin

Some folks call it fuel.

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Unhinged the face dwelling beyond the pale.
Seeming slightly off, a kilter, behind the glass
a semblance of a mother, grand and wife
whose sojourn upon this life is passed.

How familiar yet, not..that face can be
each wrinkle timely placed by strife
whose sojourn upon this life is passed
a semblance of a mother, grand and wife.

Are we not to be ourselves at all
must mere copies be we, alone alas;
a semblance of a mother, grand and wife
whose sojourn upon this life is passed.

Few sightings of an inner self are seen
the form, the flesh, the vessel so contrive
whose sojourn upon this life is passed
a semblance of a mother, grand and wife.

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What 3 sins seem to cause most evil in the world

Dishonesty and
They are therefore to be carefully avoided at all times


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Thinking Thoughts of Her Past

This lady of age Thinking thoughts of her past Through the window she looks It's like her looking glass She sits still and ponders Thinking thoughts of her past The growing up of her children And how the years have lapsed This lady of age Thinking thoughts of her past With memories of her life Absorbed and so amassed In her mind she follows Thinking thoughts of her past Many more joys than tears A most wonderful contrast .

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What do we mean by our predominant sin or ruling passion

By our predominant sin
Or ruling passion
We mean the sin into which we fall most frequently and
Which we find hardest to resist


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He's retired, at last he's free,
Released from bondage now.
No longer must he watch the clock,
No slave behind a plow.

His time at last is his alone,
He'll do just as he wishes.
His wife still has a job and so,
He cooks and does the dishes.

She goes to work to earn her pay,
So he does household chores.
He thinks,"What gives!? For I could swear,
T'was not like this before."

"Where does all this dirt come from?
That woman is a pig!
Before the house was nice and clean.
My job was not so big."

"She stayed home and watched T.V.
She cooked and made some buns.
I worked all day to earn my pay,
Relaxed when day was done."

"Now I work and slave and cook and clean,
Till I can hardly stand,
And then at dawning of the day,
I do it all again."

"It's not supposed to be this way.
I wish I had a job.
Then I could work and then get paid,
And not be so bedaubed,

With so many different jobs,
Instead I'd have just one.
She could stay here just like before,
I'd slave under the gun."

                                       Judy Ball

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

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                         GOES AWAY

They give me only one simple answer
and that is “it's only malignant cancer”
so they ran out of my medication
and no one will help because they lack motivation

they must have known I was going to run out
of that there is little dispute or doubt
or perhaps they just didn't remember
but what if this happened to their family member?

I know what the answer is to that query
and it leaves me lethargic and leery
the answer is that family member would have his medication
even if the doctor was out golfing or on vacation

but it's only me, another victim of inconsequential care
and this is pain a person like me cannot bear
it's not the least bit right nor is it fair
and concern for me is retroactive and rare
so now I lay in bed unable to think
because i'm a boat's captain and the ship is about to sink
I never wanted to be a singer or dancer
and I never wanted people who would say “hell, it's only cancer”
         © 2012.....copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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I raised my deep voice like the maddest villain,
to make you aware of every wrong decision
leading you down a wretched path...
offering not more than heart-break!

I couldn't wait until mistakes made you bitter and sad,
and with no regret to feel, and no valued self-esteem:
you would have grown into a selfish and truant brat;
should I apologize, and offer remorse for my mischief?  

The obedient child doesn't need constant reminders,
no temptations and pressures can make him or her ever disobey,
see how many mistreat their parents and are unwillingly put away?  
Only discipline and respect can keep them at home and share their joy!   

Out-there in dark and filthy alleys, they smoke pot and crack;
and the unpleasant odor turns into a stench that stays their clothes and breath!
They consume alcohol and ridicule the behavior of their folks with their cruel jokes;
if they led a clean life, their parents wouldn't mourn them in morbid morgues! 

And jail is their next destination, for those not yet rummaged by  death,
there they will have ample time to reflect on their angry and unforgivable words
shouted without pity, without hurt and shamelessly demoralize;
and their isolation may change them and make them desire what they can't get back! 

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Fishing Fun

Our fishing trips arn't fruitful,
but they're always lots of fun.
We always have a story
about losing "the big one".

Most of the time we're casting
while dad says "Watch your pole!
To be a real good fisherman
you have to play the role!"

"You can't keep reeling in your bait.
Patience is the key.
If you just stare right at the tip...
You'll get will see."

"Stop making noise!", "Stop fidgeting!"
"Who drank up all my pop???"
"Don't hit her!" and "Don't look at him!"
"This fighting's got to stop!!"

Just when we reach the fishing hole
of course you need to pee!!
Next week we'll try it all again!
It'll be fun... REALLY... You'll see!

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                                           I REMEMBER SMOKEY

Once when I was just a kid,
My sister eight years older,
My sister's boyfriend came to call,
As we were playing soldier.

Stationed in the jungle we,
Cut off from our troop.
Surrounded by the enemy,
We must escape, regroup.

To do this we must make a stand,
Take out that lone guard.
A local girl distracted him,
So we could hit him, hard.

My sister led him to the porch,
To kiss her friend good night,
Not suspecting they were watched,
Or what we planned that night.

They stood before the porch steps,
In young love's sweet embrace,
I'm sure the neighbors heard his scream,
You should have seen her face.

We snuck up very slowly,
They never heard a sound,
They thought that they were all alone,
With no one else around.

The timing perfect as we leaped,
I yelled to him,"ATTACK!"
And Smokey did as he was told,
He ran straight up his back.

The young boy screamed, jumped off the porch,
And made tracks for his car.
My sister cried to Mama,
"He'll prob'ly have a scar!"

The young boy swore that he was bit,
Felt teeth in his behind.
I grinned and said,"But not the cat,
The teeth he felt were mine."

Mama laughed so hard at that,
That we did not get punished.
My sister went into her room,
Her reputation tarnished.

She felt no boy would date her now,
She had a rabid sister,
Who hung out with a feral cat,
No one could resist her.

So cute and sweet, she had it all,
You'd think she had it made;
But with me no one would call,
She'd die as an old maid.

                                                   Judy Ball

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Lullaby for the Grieving

Lay your head down precious one
And dry your eyes right now
For dreams of happy endings
Will be coming anyhow

The rains will stop, that much we know
Though we may not know how
So walk ahead to dryer ground
Where my love will abound

Know that when you're all alone
I've never been more near
And when you think I'm gone from you
I'm holding you, my dear

The nights will pass before you know
The sun will rise once more
I'll be with you in the sunshine
And with you in the storm

In the sunshine, in the rain
Just look up to the sky
And wish you may and wish you might
And to you, I will fly

I'll never leave you, never go
Where you can't find me there
Just look inside your heart to find
The love we share

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My Red Corvette

I was in grade school, we did something rare		
Dad took the family to the Texas State Fair			
On display was GMC’s first Corvette				
Someday I said, that’s what I’m going to get			

Graduated from college in ’59						
Then into the Army, had to do my time				
My orders stated, I had six months to go			
And they said I’d be stationed in El Paso				

When my tour was done, I was ready to flee			
Boeing in Seattle held a job for me			
Then my childhood dream really put me in debt		
Returned to Seattle in a red Corvette				

Lived pay check to pay check, spent all I could get	
Just a stud about town, in a red Corvette			
So many parties in a beer drinking flat		
Love ‘um and leave ‘um, like an old alley cat			

Then along came a red head that caught my eye		
I couldn’t resist her, so in love was I				
A wedding, a honeymoon and my red corvette		
Life was perfect; I can remember it yet				

Then I got blind-sided, things turned all-around		
My Honey informed me that we’re family bound		
When that one hit me, I broke into a sweat			
Suddenly I realized, I’d lose my Corvette			

A Corvette is great for a family of two				
But a “two seater” with kids; that just won’t do		
I finally caved-in and I sold my Corvette				
Bought a Volkswagen “bug” to get out of debt
Today, whenever a Corvette comes my way			
I think about the red one I bought that day			
As I enter into my second childhood				
I think another Corvette would do me good	

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On That Polished Pebbled Beach

As i look back on that Summers day in August 44
Soon to be transported back to Normandy's bloodied shores
I know i will be leaving, the girl of my dreams
Face to face as we say our goodbye's and tears like loving streams

The day that we first met on that polished pebbled beach
Her flowing blond hair and eyes of blue and complexion of ripened peach
The backdrop of the waves as they echoed within my heart
Rippling undulations, impart

On a tartan blanket she lay whilst her siblings threw skipping stones
Momentary our eyes were captured, two souls on a beach unknown
As we furthered investigation, with glances of blush and stare
This blond and the entranced soldier, now becoming aware

Just as we finished glancing, to the waters edge we look
Her sister of five years old, was caught in wave surge soak
My training instincts show as i react to this little girl
Inhibitions drain from my heart, postponing my previous swirl

On this polished pebbled beach, a young life's barely begun
Nearly taken from a family rich, on a sands where there was no gun
I step back from the tartan and reflect on my tomorrows
Not knowing what i walk into, to visualise hidden sorrows

A changing surrounds us, where two were in captured glance
Turning to this unknown soldier, and smiles with grateful please
She flutters her eyelashes like butterfly wings
With the grace of a Summers breeze

We gather our thoughts as we look back at the stones
Where living can succumb to our future and die all alone
I survived the war, fortunate to return home
As i think of my colleagues, who will out there forever roam

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I did not stop to tell you
I didn’t even try
I did not think about it
I’m not real sure why

You are always there for me
And yet this remains
I don’t tell you near enough
That I am just the same

All the things I wanted 
In everything I do
I see that I’m a mirror
Reflecting what is you

I should have told you sooner
I could have let you know
I will always love you
Thanks for helping me grow.

Happy Mother's Day Mama

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Suicide Survives

Fictitious families
Dysfunctional means
Compromised children
Capricious teens

Serrated self-loathing
Culling scarred skin
Dapper diagnoses
Dulling depression’s din

Psychotropic pulses
Sedentary screams 
Subjugated subjects
Catharsis of dreams

Dusk dawning
In convenience’s vanity
Vociferous voices
Pilfering sedated sanity

Slurred smiles
Lithium lies
Hanging from vestiges
Suicide survives

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Latin envolutio = unfolding, development
The growth of the final form of organisms over millions of years
Viewed from Christian perspective
Evolution takes place as God’s continuous creation in natural processes


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My Love {Swap Quatrain}

This is written for my love
The one that I hold above
Precious as a newborn kitten
For my love this is written

We make a perfect team
As we live out our dream
Nothing left to forsake
A perfect team we make

I am blessed to have you
Our love strong and true
Your love I do caress
To have you I am blessed

You are my dearest friend
Always with an ear to lend
My life’s brightest star
My dearest friend you are

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Greek = origin, beginning
The first book of the bible which describes
Among other things
The creation of the world and of man


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When he was just a baby
Upon his mama's knee,
He was smaller than an elephant,
And larger than a flea.

And when he was some older,
And had to go to school,
He was duller than a genius,
And sharper than a fool.

Then, when he was a young man,
In the prime years of his life,
He was younger than his mother was,
And older than his wife.

Now that he is middle aged,
He's really very glad
To be older than his grown-up son,
And younger than his dad.

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Should we give up trying to be good when we seem to not succeed in overcoming our faults

We should not give up trying to be good when we seem not 
To succeed in overcoming our faults because
Our efforts to be good will keep us from
Becoming worse than we are


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What effect has Lust on our souls

Lust begets in our souls a distate for holy things
Perverted conscience
Hatred of God
Frequently leads to complete loss of faith

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The Changing Times

What's happened to modern day families
They once were a tight little group
The kids would visit Granny and Gramps
Someone would bring homemade soup

Folks arrived bearing goodies and sweets
And put all their stuff in the fridge
The kids would play their hide and seek games
While the old folks played Euchre or Bridge

Granny didn't mind that the house was askew
Afterwards we sat down for a chat
It sure looked like a big bomb had gone off
It was weeks before they located the cat

Today they email to say they can't make it
It's their time to scrub out the bath
And Susan broke a finger nail last night
She's sulking but I'm sure it won't last

Maybe in June we will find time to visit
We'll slot you into our journal
Between Tommie's first ever baseball game
And Susan's play, "Love Eternal"

©Jack Ellison 2012

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Memories of Gram's House

Gram, today we celebrate your birthday, so I decided to write you a poem
To tell how you were like my second mother, and your house, my second home

Many precious memories; my earliest one is sitting in the washtub taking a bath
Making cookies from leftover pie dough, sneaking over to see you by crawling on 
the path

Meals at the picnic table, gliding on the porch swing on a warm summer night
And when Gump came home from work, how I loved to jump out to give him a 

Many hours of playtime I fondly recall; under the steps, I was in a plane flying high 
Playing house in the yard with three rocks for my chairs, herding toy horses, as 
the hours passed me by

Thanks for all those holiday meals, for encouraging me to read God's word when 
I was young
Just for being such a wonderful grandma, giving me so many memories to 
cherish in the years to come!
                                                          Love Always,

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Old Age??

My age is getting up there
middle age is knocking on my door
They say I shouldn't worry...
I'm only thirty four.

I'm noticing the wrinkles.
I sense that double chin
is creeping right up on me.
Fight gravity?? I can't win!

I use to feel so youthful.
I thought I'd never age.
Back then I planted flowers.
Today I'm growing sage.

Sometimes I forget my own age.
It's not that I contrive.
Like when I wrote my bio here

Is that a sign of old-age?

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What effect has sloth upon the soul

Sloth begets in a soul
A spirit of indifference
In our spiritual duties and
A disgust for prayer


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What is actual sin

Actual sin is any willful thought
Or Omission contrary to the will of God

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How is sin divided

Sin is divided into the sin we inherit from our first parents
Called original sin
The other we commit ourselves is Actual sin
Actual Sin  is sub-divided by greater amount of sin or mortal sins and lesser sins is Venial sin

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Out of love, Eternal God sent Father Christ
His Son into the World
Because of sin, dying
Death of our earthly bodies, also eternal death

Father Christ spoke often about eternal fire
Awaits all those who reject Eternal Father’s merciful love in Father Christ
All who reject the Eternal Son rejects eternal life
He alone who he brings are condemned already

The condemnation is eternal separation from God
What Father Christ refers to as the “hell of fire”
The “furnace of fire”
The “unquenchable fire”

Hell is something man chooses
There are only two ways
Leads to Life
The other leads to death

For the gate is narrow
The way is hard
Leads to Life
Those who find it are few

The narrow way is Father Christ Himself
He said “I am the way
The truth
The life

Following Father Christ means
Following the Church He started
Following the way
Following truth and the life
No one comes to the Eternal Father
But by me”
In Jesus, the Eternal Father has made
A way to life for us

How foolish of me to refuse
I don’t like the means of help He has chosen
For my salvation
I chose to take the help He gave


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O Jesus Christ

To turn away from You is to fall
To You is to stand
To remain in You is
To have a sure support


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The Old Campfire

If the grandkids come to visit
In the nice warm summer time
Our favorite way to babysit
Is to go outside to dine

Out behind the cabin,
Is a fire pit in the round
With lots of wood available
From trees that we’ve cut down

Our dinner will be hot dogs
We’ll cook them on a stick
Then sit down on a great big log
Don’t put mustard on too thick

As we sit around the campfire
No doubt we’ll sing a song
All Together we’ll be a choir 
And I’ll have my uke along

Then we’ll let the fire burn low
Toast Marshmallows til they’re brown
Embers pop out, continue to glow
They can burn and make you frown

Now douse the fire it’s getting late
It’s time for the kids to retire
What we did today that was truly great
Was have fun around the old Campfire

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                                        SMOKEY - MY FIRST FRIEND

Smokey was a funny cat,
You could see him think.
His favorite place to do this,
Was table or kitchen sink.

He'd loll about for hours,
In seemingly deep thought,
Musing o'er life's mysteries,
Or the mouse he never caught.

He looked so wise just sitting there,
Mysterious and ancient;
Never bothering anyone,
Complacent and so patient.

The only thing he didn't like,
Was being combed and groomed.
If you picked up his comb and brush,
He'd quickly leave the room.

I sweqr sometimes he read our minds,
Knew what we were about,
He understood our every word,
Of that there was no doubt.

He was my friend from babyhood.
We were babes together.
He taught me climbing, stealth nd patience;
our bond could not be severed.

He taught me to look nonchalant,
And even innocent,
If by chance I should get caught,
Whene'er house rules were bent.

Whenever Mom and Dad were cross,
He taught me how to blend,
Into the background or become,
So cute they had to grin.

My memories of him are fond,
I thought he'd live forever.
He taught me fun and love and loyalty,
He won't die, not ever.

                                                          Judy Ball

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What is Sloth

Sloth is laziness of mind and
Through which we neglect our duties
On account on the labor they require


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What is Anger

Anger is an excessive emotion of the mind 
Excited against any thing
It is an excessive desire for

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Father Christ Deal

Eternal Father saw outnumber of people’s sins 
Sad with what He created
He wanted to destroy the world
People hurting each other

Father Christ stopped Him
Told the Eternal Father He would go down to earth
Take People’s cruelty
To start His power over people

He told the Eternal Father people would understand
Ransom Himself
Not to destroy the world
Believed people to be one

Eternal Father searched a woman
To conceive and bear a Son
Angel Gabriel spoke to Mother Mary
You have found favor from (Eternal) God
Holy Spirit will shine over you
You are to name Him Jesus
He will save people from their sins
To save destruction of the world

Father Christ started a Church
For People to be Universal
People don’t understand
In His Church people are saved

What are these other churches?
In there you are not saved
Don’t be fooled
By the Christ’s like religions

There is only one
Deal to the Father
Be Universal to His Church
Roman Catholic

To understand the Two Greatest Commandments
“Love God all your mind, heart, body and soul”
2nd is “Love your neighbor as yourself”
When we love our neighbor, Covers the 1st Greatest Commandment

Other Churches are misleading people
Thought they loveFather Christ
Person who created their Church 
Was the person they believed  and loved

Father Christ is very hurt
People don’t know in His Church 
You’re saved
In others you’re condemned


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Greek = measuring God, rule, norm
The authoritative collection of 
Sacred scriptures in 
The Old and New Testament of the bible


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I never angled for a laugh
for being known as bickerstaffe,
an English clan devoid of fame,
an ordinary family name.

I mused, then through the ages cast
in hopes to find a storied past
and found my folks had expertise
in cultivating honey-bees. 

I prize my humble pedigree
and praise the noble honey-bee
for all the sweetness that it brings
if I can just avoid those stings!

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How long did Father Christ lived on earth

Father Christ lived on earth for about 33 years
Most holy life 


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                                                  SMOKEY AND ME

Smokey was a funny cat,
Filled with fun and love;
Adventurous as all cats are,
And Master of the Hunt.

He stalked the house in search of that,
Which posed some kind of threat,
A bug, a mouse, a ball of yarn,
No pest escaped his net,

That he had formed around our house,
He took responsibility,
To protect us from it all,
Because we were his family.

From babyhood he was my ken,
He always slept with me,
We played for hours in the yard,
Beneath the old Oak tree.

We climbed my swing set, climbed the tree,
Played in my sand box too,
Imagine my surprise to find,
He used it for a loo.

Kitty cat and little girl,
Fought jungle wars, climbed trees,
And then we sailed the Seven Seas,
Buccaneers were we.

We'd hide behind the sofa,
The curtains or in the hall,
And wait in ambush for our prey,
We really had a ball.

My sister's boyfriend happened by,
One night as we were hiding,
I yelled,"Chaarge!" and Smokey leaped,
The boy knocked off the siding,

On the book case in the hall,
As Smokey climbed his leg,
And we were sent to bed that night,
'thout supper though I begged.

Incarcerated pirates we,
The game continued on,
We'd wait until they were asleep,
Then eat til it was gone.

Then we'd escape into the night,
With valuables they cherished,
We'd be away by early light,
Leaving the guard embarrassed.

                                                    Judy Ball

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Top of Form 1
I don’t know very much at all
I know red means stop and green means go
I don’t live in the deep south yet I have a southern drawl
And I also know the things that I don’t know

At first it was difficult admitting that fact
To tell people that I’m not so wise
Then I’d explain all the things which I have lacked
Such as a traditional upbringing which is no surprise

Perhaps it’s the fact that everyone in the family has bruises
Yet no one goes to the emergency clinic for aid
And in this family there are no winners nor fu**ing losers
Everyone beats every one just for a minuscule mess he may have made

Two ostensibly ordinary people are bringing their kids up with military rules
There was a lawyer down the street but we could never nerve up and go
We may be mistreated, mishandled but we’re no damn fools 
And as I said, the only thing I know is that which I  don’t know
©   (2011)….Phreepoetree ~free cee!~ 

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Happy Birthday, Sister

Your strength possessed is so admired
I am nothing, except in awe
As all you do, breathes perfection
For you show no sign of flaw

As mothers go, I see your love 
Through the many things you do
As a sister though, I know your love
And it’s always given, true

Another year has come and gone
And I have truly yet to say
How much you mean, how you’re admired
How I look up to you today

As years ago, I was so young
When you were older and so mature
But, I never said what I meant to say
So, I’ll say it now for sure

Happy Birthday, sister
Please take these wishes true
You deserve them all. May it be the best
And know I love you, too

From this brother to his sister
May love and happiness fill your days
I wish you all the very best
And have a very Happy Birthday!

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Graces in each moment

God doesn't ask much of you
Just cooperate
With each grace
He gives you in each moment


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the 2nd line

The 2nd line
Is the music hard to find?
The 2nd line
I’ve the rhythm on my mind!

You dance with umbrellas
And sometimes a fellow
You dance with umbrellas
Just like Cinderella

Some dance with towels
But please don’t make a foul
Some dance with towels
And yes we do howl

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From Latin creation = making, producing
The idea that God Himself by His direct action 
Created the world all at once
As if the book of Genesis were an eyewitness account


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When will people understand, 
what marriage is all about?
When entering into a vow with God,
there is no getting out.

Just because things get rough,
we shouldn't  run to the Courts.
Forgetting about our vows to God,
and granted a divorce.

Forever doesn't mean next year,
or a little further down the way.
We're all bound for eternity,
by promises we make today.

Its time for all the Judges, 
that rule within our Courts,
to realize that no one,
is a winner through divorce.

We must all stand behind
the promises we made.
And stop this terrible insanity,
of breaking families up this way.

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Why the Rose Bled

Parents so proud
Four sons they raised
From the Highlands of Scotland
In the pre-war days
On their crofts they worked
Morning till night
Unknown to them then
Off a future fight
The Germans have invaded
A country so free
Poland was taken
The world shaken visually
Britain declares war
As our men enlist
To rid the enemy
As the fighting shifts
Europe's engulfed 
In a feverish war
Many are dying
To comprehend what for
The four brothers
Sign up to fight
As a mother will pray
Every night

Campaigns they fight
In these theatres of war
Witnessing horrors
Never seen before
In their garden at home
On the family crofts
A bed of roses
With petals so soft
Then one day 
With a passing glance
A pink rose dripping red
In deathly stance
Their mother turns
To the gate she looks
Telegram in hand
From the postman she took
With trembling hands
She opens with care
Upon reading the message
In tear laden stare
Their eldest son
In Africa was lost
As many many others
Deaths global cost
Every day
As she passes the rose
It's pink petals bloom
Her tomorrow's fear grows

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Things necessary to make sins mortal

Three things are necessary to make a sin mortal
A grievous matter
Sufficient reflection
And dull consent of the will

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We're Adults

In life, we need to stand on our own
This was my mistake before
I thought I'll get you
Without you learning how to take it

God taught me a lesson
That you're still there
Pray and ask God to help me win the poetry
It can be before the 1st before I can send you

This is being strong honey
We can do this
When you're a child
People say 'what if you dont have your parets or mother?'

That's how children learn responsibility
Okay, what if I get to the hospital or Something bad happen to me
Who will be there to talk to you?
You can't do anything, you have to live like that

But it will not be forever
We need to pray and ask God for graces
Pray for the one taking care of you
We need God'help in everything

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Locked Away

My husbands actions locked with my soul and remained at our frount door,
He reenlisted again and had left for the Afganistan war.
My eyes became swollen the tears begain to pour.
Then all of a sudden, for some reason, one day I wasn't mad at him anymore.
I inwardly waited to hear his keys rattle and his duffle hit the floor. 

Quatrain - a hopeful heart

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Boogey And Boopy

...for Tarah and Alina

Boogey and Boopy will never be droopy
as long as they play in the grass(es),
they'll rumble and tumble with nary a grumble,
so cute when they fall on their ***** !

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A Massachusetts Family

In Massachusetts, there is a family. Perhaps you have heard of them, their name is Kennedy. Father Joe and mother Rose raised children by the bunch. They became rich, and never needed a free lunch. However, they have gotten unlucky turns of the card. Despite their money, their lives have been hard. Joseph Junior became a casualty of the war. Because of that, he is around no more. Second son John gained great popularity. He was elected the president of this country. However, an event in Dallas left him undone. Bullets to the head, and he was buried in Arlington. Bobby was next in line to succeed. An assassin in Los Angeles did a dirty deed. While campaigning, Bobby walked around unprotected. He joined his brother John before he could be elected. Youngest brother Ted was not blessed with fame. A drowning incident left him marked for life with shame. As a politician, he had plenty to give. His health condition curtailed his time to live. Therefore, that is how I describe this Irish Family. There have many descendents carrying the name of Kennedy. Not much has happened to this clan as of late. Many of us know they deserved a better fate.

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Snow and Silence - For Ellie

Shine a candle in the shadows
break the glow stick green
Conquer those New England days
You know what I mean
Tree limbs tapping at the window
frost on rivulets grey
Open up the blinds and melt them
into words you've yet to say
Soak in bubbles brought to boiling
swirled in steam and sleep
Break the silence with emotion
I am yours to keep.

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Soccer Lessons

With speed of light
Fast, furious feet
The little boy ran
Not skipping a beat

With breaths of fire
A wish for a goal
He escaped from the pack
With the ball, there in tow

He ran down the field
To the yells of the crowd
Soccer was his game
With a smile, he was proud

He pulled back his foot
He thrust it for a shot
His face turned beet red
As he gave it what he got

But the goalie was hot
As my son took his kick
Sad at that time
That the goal didn’t stick

Off from the field
Still a smile on his face
He knew he did his best
So he still took first place

My boy was so wise
To know at just eight
Not the place that you finish
That makes you seem great

It’s the effort of the person
Doing the best that you can
I couldn’t believe the wisdom
From my boy, this little man

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Desire in this World

Take time to establish your desires both your soul
Life on this earth
This period should lead with accomplishments from the past
Most people in this world take long to discover what they really want


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Lingering long after your death
The fragrance forever yours
Chantilly, lace, and Grandma’s face
Together in thoughts endure.

A subtle scent as you passed by
Showing kindness, endearing love.
Perfume my memories of you
Even though you abide above.

I never dreamed that fragranced whiff
Barely noticed as you rushed by,
Would engrave itself upon my mind.
And bring my heart to you on high.

It has comforted through a lifetime.
Your favorite fragrance makes me smile.
So, I save some on my dresser
To remember mile after mile –


© July 7, 2010

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What are chief sources of sin

Chief sources are Seven
Pride, Greed, Lust
Anger, Gluttony, Envy and Sloth or laziness
Commonly called 7 Capital Sins or 7 Deadly Sins 

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After reading kind comments
On my decision to leave
What was i thinking off
When i have still so much to achieve

As i sat down and thought
About you poets, The Soup
Who have not just become friends
But my family troop

So much i have learnt
In such a short space of time
But i need to learn more
And the Soup suits me fine

Postings will continue
Comments will be written
For i shall be here for many years
Because i am basically, smitten

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From Latin magister=teacher
Term for the mandate of the Catholic to present a faith
Interpret it with the Holy Spirit
To protect it from falsifications


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No Distance, Seperate

At times it seems so distant
As love there seems so far
But know this darling always
My heart is where you are

My eyes, always upon you
Through time and space my dear
When I whisper all those words
You’re sure to always hear

As now, I know we’re distant
But, so is the closest star
We still feel close to it’s beauty
So I’m there, just where you are

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What kind of sin is drunkenness

Deliberate drunkenness, always a mortal sin
If the person is completely deprived of the use of reason by it
But drunkenness is not intended
Or desired may be excused from mortal sin 

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The Yoyo Man

I was a kid about eight years old Went shopping with Mom downtown The Duncan man’s in store I was told Isle three, where yoyos are found I had a yoyo I got somewhere Could make it go up and down I saw there was a crowd over there Checked it out, here’s what I found A man had kids watching his scene Had a yoyo in each hand Doing yoyo tricks I’d never seen They called him the Duncan man Duncan yoyos became such a hit I begged Mom and she bought one The yoyo string’s not tied at the end Spins free, unlike my old one I practiced till some talent unfurled At most tricks I was able Like “loop the loop” and “around the world” “Walking the dog” and “rock the cradle” Time moved on, put the yoyos away Till my kids became that age They asked Mom for a yoyo one day Told her it was all the rage Found my Duncan yoyos, bought new strings My kids were outside at play Started doing fancy tricks and things Old Dad amazed them that day

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What is Covetousness

Covetousness is Greed
Part of 7 Capital Sins
Or Deadly Sins
Greed is an excessive desire for worldly things

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God Gives What You Give

If you give just a little
of yourself from time to time,
You're bound to see the benefits
of being true and kind.

God finds ways to thank us
that we may never see..
like driving in a winter storm
and getting home safely.

So many of the little things
go unnoticed everyday.
I make a point to thank the lord
for the luck that comes my way.

Sometimes I fail to notice
how he helps me when I'm down.
Like how my children make me smile
without making a sound.

If you can take the time to ask
"How are you doing today?"
to someone that is feeling low,
I'm sure you'll be repaid.

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Infringement before Absolution

I see my woman of love, divine.
Just a minimal distance away,
Banned are we until, full-grown like wine.
She can never be mine, this they say.

Differences of stature define.
Mysteries of the past describe sway.
Our lineage caught in bitter design.
Father tells of the shaky dismay.

My love for her true, she will be mine.
Love I know is greater than today.
We must depart our families vine.
Forgiveness in love shall come one day.

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There are hungry mouths
in every country of this planet,
and everyone should help with little or much;
how can we stand see them suffer, and helpelessly die on their beds?

North America the wealthiest nation, which God bountifully blessed, 
has its poor living in drug-infested and run-down neighborhoods,
faces that are never seen by the unsuspecting visitors;
these unfortunate people have known hunger, not savored a delicious banquet! 

Whose fault is it the Government's or the uncaring parents'
who have neglected them, and is it their permanent plagues:
rugs, indifference and lovelessness that have reduced them to this awful and shameful state? 
They should blame themselves, not those governing and giving them handouts!

Africa is the worst continent hit by a lack of food caused by corruption,
everywhere the eyes turn: they witness the fate of those dying without a word of consolation;
mothers clutching their little ones and their daily laments are still unheard...
seeking water, while all beasts have become the skeletons of their devastated land! 

The Vatican always sends missionaries to the African people to proclaim Christ, the Savior;
and it has vehemently invoked the pity of the wealthy and the kind to ease their misery;
and Pope Benedict XVI prays on his feeble knees, asking for their generosity!
Why can't He relinquish His guarded treasures and feed them a hundred times over? 

I am not a KIng or President  and slabs of gold, locked in volts, I have not; 
and with the little I have...I will share with them and keep my conscience intact!
Reach out, world, and eradicate this disease that's killing millions of unlucky folks;
leave your seas and deserts, your cities and towns and be among them to end this curse!

There are hungry mouths in each corner of our earth so marvelously blue,
mouths with lips that are cracked and dry; bodies writhing in undeserved pain!
Find them in Africa, in South America, or anywhere you'll be traveling to:
unattended perishing souls....dying without dignity and so alone! 

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Revelation means
God opens Himself
Knows Himself and
Speaks to the world voluntarily


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Losing Dad

My life was changed so harshly.
It feels like yesterday,
when God said you have had enough
and that you couldn't stay.

I miss you more than ever...
Your guidance and your love.
But, I know you're still watching
silently from above.

The love you gave still warms me
the way it always will.
But leaving left an empty space
that time can never fill.

From heaven you're still giving
the love you always had.
I know you hear me talk to you.

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What is Pride

Pride is an excessive love
Of our own ability so that would
Rather sinfully disobey
Than humble ourselves

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Golden and Gorgeous

Just over four years ago
A question was asked
Do we get a pet
And answer our ask

So we consulted the kids
As they gave us choices
For in our family
We listen to voices 

A cat would be nice
But sadly not
As we have asthma in the family
So a cat was not sought

No bird or rabbit or even a fish
Was in the thoughts of our children's wish
One thought, that did spring to mind
A breed of dog of the most beautiful kind

They are small and cuddly
With different colours of coats
But the one we went for
And we forever dote

His name is Digger
Which is his Pedigree name
He is a Golden Cocker Spaniel
From dog show fame

Through good days and bad days
He is always happy and playing
Our most delightful pet
Who treats all days the same

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What is Gluttony

Gluttony like Greed
Excessive desire of Food or Drink
Part of7 Capital sins or 7 Deadly sins
Jesus Christ requires one to confess

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Twelve Apostles

Greek apostolos = someone sent, messenger
The names of the twelve apostles are these
First Simon, who is called Peter [Roman Catholic’s 1st pope] and 
Andrew his brother
James the son of Zebedee 
John his brother
Matthew the tax collector
James the son of Alphaeus 
[Judas [Jude]] Thaddeus
Simon the Cananaean and
Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Him
Mt 10 2-4


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What is a mystery

Mystery is a truth in which we cannot understand
Every truth we cannot understand is not a mystery
Very revealed truth which no one can understand is a mystery
We should and often believe when proof of their existence

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deeply, as i sit, i look far beyond
there exists a whole time before now
knowing, or not what's come upon
i can't seem to recall it somehow

your name, your place, your very face
in my existence mean so much 
i think back, try to valiantly retrace
who you are, where we met, and such

yet i see you now in this very moment
and think i recollect an idea put forth
to "live in the now" persuasively potent
that's the best i can manage henceforth

when i grow old, should i be demented
please remember as i try, but cannot
my expressions to you blank, absented
my love for you that i mostly, forgot

© Goode Guy 2011-06-22

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Love Is A Verb

Love is a verb.
Why don't you understand? 
It's not just something you can hold
or give from hand to hand.

When I say I love you
you don't know what I mean.
But, when I gently touch your face
the love can then be seen.

You need to see the action
not just hear me say
I love you and I will show you this
with actions every day.

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Morbid Angel

Morbid angel
With that crooked gothic grin
Smearing licorice lipstick
On the licentious lips of sin
Morbid angel
Whimpering salacious sighs
Snagging the souls of men
In your fishnet thighs
Morbid angel
In sable studded noir
Matching spiked collars
With your high heel scars
Morbid angel
Black lace over ashen skin 
You’re late for school again
Much to your parent’s chagrin

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Family means the most to me

Family means the most to me
And yet it is dry ice in my hands
Wind across the shivering sands
El Dorado of wilted destiny

Family means the most to me
From the beginning of my quest
My heart like a tongue yearning at its breast
The stag the fawns forever flee

Family means the most to me
O God, give my fingers strength to hold
Volumes of its shreds of gold
Family means the most to me.

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What is mortal sin

Mortal sin is grievous offense against the law of God
This sin is called mortal because it deprives us of spiritual life
Sanctifying grace
Brings everlasting death and damnation of the soul

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Confessions of a Teenage Catholic

You hate my purple hair
You hate the way I dress
You hate the ones I call upon
When I am in distress

They hate my righteous attitude
They hate the way I drive
They hate the lies I tell them
In order to survive

You hate my independence
You hate the way I sing
You hate my strange addictions
And the consequence they bring

He hates my hidden heartstrings
He hates our time apart
He hates the distance in my eyes
When it’s not what’s in my heart

I hate myself with you
I hate myself with him
I hate myself for being here
Confused in wretched sin

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Why did Christ lived that long on earth

Christ lived for about 33 yrs to show us the way to
Heaven by
His Teachings and


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If I Only Knew

If I only knew.....
how all of this would end.
Would it change my thoughts of you?
Would you become my friend?

If I only knew.....
how much time that we've got.
Could I let my guard down?
Could I take that shot?

If I only knew.....
You wanted to know me.
That would make the difference.
It's what I just can't see.

The only thing I really know
is that you are too late.
I've tried to beg, to cry and scream.
This life may just be fate.

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What is Envy

Envy is feeling sorrow at another’s good fortune and
Joy at the evil which befalls him/her as if
We ourselves were injured by the good and
Benefited by the evil that comes to him/her


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I wish it were this...

When I look into the darkness
All of the colors can be found
When I look into the darkness
All is finally safe and sound

With your arm around me
Holding me so tight
With your arm around me
I can finally sleep at night

When you say "I love you"
You block out all the pain
When you say "I love you"
You are the sunshine in the rain

You protect us
My brother and me
You protect us
Give us a light to see

You take away the danger
I can finally laugh and smile
You take away the danger
My house no longer seems vile 

I love you forever
I don't have to cry all night
I love you forever
My family no longer fights

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What are the effects of Venial sin

The effects of venial sin are 
Lessening of the love of God on our heart
The making us less worthy of His help
And weakening of the power to resist mortal sin

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From the Latin credo = I believe
The first word of the Apostle’s Creed became 
The name of various formulas of the Church’s profession of faith
In which the essential contents of the faith are authoritatively summarized


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Ring of Truth

It’s not with finger, you’ll wear this ring
It’s to be worn with heart and soul
For there was a man who wore it proud
From whom, death took its toll

He knew one day, the ring would find
Its way to the destined one
So wear it proudly for him now
You are that man’s only son

You may not know, he loved you so
But life has a way to turn
It’s with grief, you take possession
But with hope that you will learn

The man, from where the ring had come
Was strong, proud and true
A sickness came, stole him away
But he left this ring for you

You may harbor anger, that’s your right
That may never go away
Remember, there was a man who loved you so
With this ring, carry him, today

When my brother died, he was wearing a claddagh ring I had given to him when he was sent 
to the Persian Gulf during wartime there. It was my ring and I told him to bring it back to 
me. His son was 1 year old when he died and I hadn't been able to locate him until last year 
and now he's 17 and he told me that his mom (the devil) told him that I took his fathers ring 
when he died. I sent it to him along with this poem because I didn't have the heart to tell him 
the truth.

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Any good quality a thing should have
A thing is perfect when it has all good qualities
God is infinitely perfect
For he possesses all good qualities in a highest possible degree

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Keep Trying

Water washes over me
pushing me further down.
I keep trying to stay afloat
afraid one day I'll drown.

Someday life will get easier
for us, I'm sure it will.
Just now it feels like we are pushing
dead weight up dead-man's hill.

I love to know we're in it
together till the end.
No matter how much stress we have
We'll always be best friends.

My partner, lover, but mostly friend.
You are my everything.
When I am tired and can't stand up
that's when you whisper in my ear...

Thank you for your strength.

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"Our family isn't normal!",
you often like to say.
What's wrong with popping wheelies
in a mower race with Ray???

So what if dad likes mooning
and showing off his rear.
You might see when you're older,
You will face your biggest fear.

Your house will be just like ours!
Your kids will all be nuts!
I hope you're ready for this life...
Do you think you've got the guts?

Will you laugh it off
when your "sweetheart" needs a ride...
(even when she say she hopes
you'll duck your head and hide?)

I hope you will remember 
how it felt to be thirteen.
When your family isn't normal,
and your dad's "King of the Bean".

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I search the world for answers
to the questions in my mind.
Although, it seems those answers
are the ones I'll never find.

In dark despair I call out.
I scream for help and light.
The source of deep depression
is something I must fight.

I try to "keep my chin up"
and "focus on the ball",
but everytime I take a step
I also take a fall.

For those of us who fight them,
the demons in our head, 
we have to force ourselves to sleep
each time we go to bed.

Without my faith in Jesus
and my love of family,
I don't know where I would end up
but I know I wouldn't be free.

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Thinking Of You

As I lay upon my pillow fell
Upon the pillow I know so well
Resting with each feather 
Savoring one inch after the other

Resting upon this bed so clean
I think about the sorrows means
Reaching and look back
The way events seem to stack

Flickering through the reel
Thinking about how I feel
Fueling out my anger
Ignoring all the danger

Thinking always that it will change
Realizing the falsehood as I rearrange
Nothing more can I do
But rest my eye and not think of you

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Why I Love It Here

It happened fast, oh yes it did
The time here wasn’t long
But I made friends who I admire
With feelings oh so strong

Each day I wake, with hopes to see
All the friends that I have made
I want to hear all of their reviews
And read what they have to say

I want to absorb any meaning
That they may post in verse
I want to laugh if they joke
For all their words, I thirst

I want to be there for them too
To teach and maybe inspire
If I can share something I know
Then of writing, I’ll ever tire.

I love to read and then review.
I love to write mine too.
But most of all, I love it here
Because of you and you and you and you.

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My Early Departure

The house, it is quiet this cold winter morning
The heat, set real low, to about sixty eight
The dog, she whimpers, needing to go out
And I, readying for work, cannot show up late

The kids, looking cozy and warm in their beds
The wife, in warm repose this cold early morn
The house, seems to be alive within its quiet
As I, off to work, leave from the bosom of home 

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My Battle

People often ask me
how I ever stood my ground, 
when trouble just surrounds me
and people push me down.

I say to them (with tongue in cheek)
I'm sure my work's not done.
I may have fought the battle,
But the war is not yet won.

I will always manage
to hold my head up high.
(Even though that enables them
to better see me cry.)

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As I Watch, I Think

The silhouetted loveliness that only she possesses
Shines through the room divider as she undresses
The image that so permeates the core of my mind
Seeks refuge from darkness as love’s there to find

To see all her details, the beauty, she is so adored
I cannot have a fill of her, I always want her more
She controls me with her look, her smile, her glare
Her beauty’s truly overwhelming, I give in to stare

Does he know what she does to me, to my heart?
Does she know she is my morning, my very start?
Does she have then a clue of the love that I have?
Whether she does or does not, with her I am glad.

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My Dad

Dad is what you are
You slid into my life like a shooting star
You brought balance and comfort in
You brought me into a land with your grin

For a long time we were alone
For a long time we didn’t have you in our home
I still remember the absence of your presence
I still fill joy from gift of your essence

The way you worked so hard every day
The way you smiled in your loving way
The things you gave me that I never had
The way you walked in and became our dad

Though not borne to you as your own
Still my heart is filled with the love you have shown
My heart knows the love present in your hands
Through each callous and line I understand

You are the father I wanted before I knew
This I know in my heart is true
The man who took us to a humble home
And crafted it into a Palace of Rome

This it might seem to me
You brought us from the straights of poverty
You loved my mother with all your heart
You loved us all from the start

Yes, you are the father I love
The one sent to me by the angels above
I thank god for you each day
I thank god for sending you our way

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Help Me

Exigent words
Cogent and plain
Hanging beneath
A precipice of pain

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Remember The Father

It seems to me we notice
All the little things
Only when he yells
Or his words sadness brings

He isn’t some giant hero
Sent from outer space 
He is just a man
Offering loves embrace

He gave us a smile
Then he gives us all
He is always here
No matter when we call

He reaches out to hold us
Protects us from all harm
He might be harsh at times
He offers open arms

He gives us his attention
Tucks one into bed
Listens to our questions
Kisses our forehead

We never stop to thank him
Expecting him to be there
He is only human
There is no time to spare

Life is to short
To let this slip by
Just call The Father today
Even if you just say “Hi”

Take the time to remember
All he is to you
Remind him that you love him
And that your love is true

Whether it is your father
Or one that you have known
Send out a special greeting
In case they are alone

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End of Lineage

Their will be none to follow after
my footsteps tramped in the wheat,
no surname left to hear the laughter
no eye to see, no heart to beat.

Time will never stop its running
with sun and moon and touch of heat
like old stones lie in their sunning
not caring for the strong or weak.

By the drought or in the flood
storms of winter's wind-full passing
flowers of May and October’s mud
will matter to only lineages lasting.

Neither a hair nor drop of blood 
not shade of eye or crest of bone.
Of myself I leave only love
and not my name to carry on.

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Keep The Faith

A mother's job is to shelter.
A mother's job is to care.
It's my pleasure to do these things for you,
and enjoy the life we share.

Problems may surround us
and try to keep us down.
But, I will never give up the faith
on the love that we have found.

Our family is precious.
To me, there is no end.
Not only are you my children,
You also are my friends.

I know you will be happy.
I know you'll set your mind
to go after the success in life
only a good person can find.

Don't let them tell you different.
Don't let them break your stride.
Don't let their hatred hurt you. have pride.

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So Long Old Friend

My very best to you old friend
As you venture on your way
I hope you find your place with God
And we meet again one day
You’ve been more than a friend to me
A father figure too
I hope you did not suffer friend
I pray the best for you
Be not so worried of your wife
Your kids are there and strong
Even though she’s crying now
We hope it won’t be long
Look down on us from time to time
We could use you as our guide
My very best to you old friend
I know you’ve reached His side
O’er Newfoundland just one more time
Look on it then, with cheer
We smile just to know you’re there
As we smile, too, to feel you here

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From the Latin credo = I believe
The first word of the Apostle’s Creed became 
The name of various formulas of the Church’s profession of faith
In which the essential contents of the faith are authoritatively summarized


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Our House

Our house was just an empty box.
We filled it with our love.
At first it was just you and I.
Then 3 more (with help from above.)

We fixed the rooms and filled them up
with things we like to share.
Some of our things are "different".
I like to call them "rare".

Like your bull horns and antlers
as well as all my books.
We just care that "We like it!"
We don't care how it looks.

Some people call it "cluttered".
Some call it "shabby chic".
Our house fits us just perfectly,
because like us, it is "unique".

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Our Differences

Have you ever noticed
how some people look away?
They turn their head and watch the ground
untill you walk away.

What is it they're afraid of?
What is it that they see?
Don't they know we're all alike?
We're all HIS family.

The peace I need is hard to find
in a world so torn by hate.
Why can't we see things eye to eye?
Is it that hard to relate?

The differences we share
make each of us unique.
Then why is it when we look around
the world just seems so bleak?

If ever you should pass me
please hold your head up high.
I may not know just how you feel
but I promise I will try.

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Love for the Game

She stood there strong, fully armed
Ready to swing when the time was right
She saw it coming, so confident she was
She swung the bat and kissed the ball goodnight

With one girl on, no score as of yet
She was ready and had known what to do
So when she hit that ball, the bright yellow orb,
It went so far in the sky, it was lost from my view

Seeing what she did, she gave me a smile
She wanted to see the pride in her father’s eyes
For I wasn’t only viewing, but I’m also her coach
When she hit that ball, I wasn’t the least bit surprised

She is my athlete, a pure body of talent at ten
Her team is also grateful for all she has done
She’s a pitcher, first basemen, even a catcher too
She thanks God for all the games she has won

She knows she has talent, but laughs it all off
She just wants fun and to play with her friends
But she does give thanks for all that she can do
For a smile up to heaven, she also sends

Now, she’s running home, score number two
Her team has just won that long dragged out game
They were screaming, so happy they all seemed to be
As she touched home plate they were yelling her name

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Out by the wall; scattered seeds of my youth
fighting to grow against the wind.
And out in the distance; perched, two upon the gate,
The bluebirds begin to sing:

Take me to the castle garden
where the sun forever covers the plants,
where darkness never enters
and where all the people dance.
Take me to the castle garden,
the place you enter in your dreams,
where loved ones lives are never ending.
Reality; stems from your dreams

Now, I remember walking hand in hand
with my father, to the lake.
In his eyes, I could hear him saying
hearts are never made to break.

But, now, now that I am a man
I finally realize
those important words he was saying
when I looked into his eyes:

Take me to the castle garden
where the sun forever covers the plants,
where darkness never enters
And where all the people dance.
Take me to the castle garden,
the place you enter in your dreams,
where loved ones lives are never ending.
Reality; stems from your dreams

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Inner Turmoil

I cry so loud, yet you never hear me weeping
I stand so tall, though I feel like falling down
I must go on though, life is so worth keeping
As tears now gather, could make a person drown

My existence questioned, seldom ever answered
My thoughts then turn to the faces of the young
My wife she looks to me for strength, so absurd
For in my heart there are songs just never sung

Yet, I must smile and move so steadily ahead
While my body’s weak, with dreams to stay in bed

I know so well that I must shake these feelings
But each day just brings so much more new strife
My inspiration lies within my loving family
I give them praise, my children and my wife

Without them there I’d forever be so vacant
As dreams and goals would never take a shape
So, actions now are ones I must just warrant
And from depression I must then escape

My family keeps me going as best I could
For them I’ll reach the goals just as I should

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The poor little boy who cries in the night
His stomach is giving him pain
I wish I could make him all better right now
But now my stomach’s feeling the same.

A bug, it has entered into my home 
And seems to have hit us all hard
Oh, I can’t wait until we’re all better
Because we can’t even leave our own yard

Staying close to the house is what we do now
Running…oh, yes, that is what we do
This stomach bug’s got its claws in us
And is making us sit here and stew

The image, I know, it isn’t that pretty
Nor is it happy or pleasant at all
But I’m only sharing so you’ll lock your door
When that bug comes to your house to call.

Watch what you eat and watch what you drink
Don’t step outside not properly dressed
Or you’ll get this bug like the rest of us
And be your own worst house guest.

Take my word, please, oh friend of mine,
Six of us are sick all at once
With only one bathroom in this whole house
Being sick just isn’t that fun.

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My Rock

You are my rock, my savior.
Without you I would die.
I can't imagine life alone.
I couldn't even try.

You make each day worth living
with your jokes and goofy ways.
No matter how messed up life gets,
you're the one who always stays.

I never worry you'll leave me.
I know your not that kind.
I'm sure that I could search the world
but a better man I'd never find.

I thank God for sending you to me.
I hope I am deserving.
I'm letting you read my thoughts of you
and yes, it IS self serving!

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Thank-You Garden

The garden is producing food
as we go about our day.
Without so much as a thank-you
this garden goes away.

While in full swing, we pick it's fruit
and never look back.
We haul it in as if it's loot
that fills our empty sack.

One day I'd like to thank-you
for the goodness you provide.
I hope I'll have the time to
but time passes like the tide.

No matter what you're thinking
I appreciate your care
Maybe you're just a garden,
but I'm sure glad you're there!!

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Hot Dog Man

Each day, it is get up before the sun, prepare the cart
Stock until it’s full and it is on with the day.
Mr. Johansson now has his work cut out for him
Selling dirty waters on the corner of 5th and Broadway.

For 34 years now, this has been his trade,
The vendor of food for the passers-by.
He never really made a lot of money it seemed,
But, he still never stopped and I know just why.

His family had all for which they ever asked.
His time, he had given to them with love and ease.
A bank would never know him as a rich man,
But, it’s through family and friends, that he succeeds.

He is a quiet man, just wishing to make his way,
Doing whatever it takes to provide and just get by.
An honorable man, no one could ever deny.
Truly more successful than you or I.

He never asks for help, independence he has.
He, however, is always willing to lend a hand.
If you are ever near the corner of Broadway and 5th,
You better stop and say hi to the hot dog man.

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Women are quickly adjusting to modern times
by being more liberal and independent of men;
gone is the housewife, mother and wife,
who stayed home and took care of her children...

On the other hand, men seem to have lost their power
as breadwinners by becoming less caring and loving husbands;
families rarely gather at dinner to discuss matters, 
and this daily celebration pleased their Creator...

Martin Luther was assassinated and John F. Kennedy followed him,
so did his brother Robert and America watched and mourned;
these were, indeed, difficult times that changed the image of a nation,
and the innocent blood spilled by hatred spread more indignation...

Unexpectedly, something marvelous happened which brought awareness;
and soon after the American astronauts landed on the barren and grey moon,
everyone wanted to declare their rights as abiding and loyal citizens
of a country that suppressed freedom and created unneccessary choas and gloom...


This teen was powerless and horrified witnessed these events that changed America,
peace, justice and fairness were far cries from reality, more needed to be done; and mama
didn't want to lose me when the Vietnam War started and hippies refused to pick up arms;
and their peaceful songs are a  reminder of a youth spared by God for His great purpose...

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Nature at your door
A spectacle of wonder
Live on channel four
Raucous reporters flailing
Beneath whistling knifes
Glued eyes anesthetized 
By potential loss of life
Ratings rapidly rising
Above muted horizontal rain
Complacency collapsing beneath
Just another hurricane
Clothed carcasses floating 
Down raging river roadways
My God was that my neighbor
With whom my daughter plays
Excuses evacuated
As a tragedy tunes in 
Nature doesn’t play politics
But it will kill your kin

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Don't Forget the Kids

The silence shared is oh so loud
It has a resonating force
With decibels high, reaching the sky
As we stand here in the courts

The lawyers speak of new demands
With wants and disregards
Who will get the car and kids and
Who will get the house and yard?

With great intention I do now say
Speak up above the noise
We must put things in perspective
And speak then with one voice

The children are affected now
As love gave into fighting
Let’s keep from them, the bickering
And the sparks that are so igniting

Reinforce the value of family
And that love for them’s the same
Let them know it’s not because of them
That they are not to blame

Let them see some smiles as 
Their world then opens wide
Speak to them, don’t lose that touch
Let their feelings not then hide

Let them know, though separate
Our efforts are as one
While raising them to love, respect
And to never come undone

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I Loved You.

I loved you like that passing thought
you struggle to wear all day
to mull, to shine, to pearly polish
before it slips away
I loved you like a memory 
I knew I wanted to keep
to bless, to carry, to hang ornamental
to bring with me deep into sleep

I love you now like the burst of scent
before a passing storm
which calms, which slips into sensory pockets
which leads me right back to my home
I love you now like I loved you then
but with knowledge, reflection and pride
to the enths of the earth, from my death to my birth
when I'm with you, I know I'm alive.

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Painted Winter

She asked me for the poppies
painted twenty years ago
half still fresh and vibrant
half, decrepit, old
She asked me for a moon beam
a song for her to ride
something that would calm her
that her soul would recognize
She asked me to be solid
to be sound and to be true
wishing that our lives would twine
and I would mirror you
She asked me to come visit
to elaborate and stay
but she knows that I must leave her
on this painted winter day.

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Talk to Them

Come here you, yeah you.
Where do you think you’re going?
What’s wrong, can I help?
How long has this been going on?

Children, they are the future
So very cliché but true
But, we must step in at times.
That, we must do.

Ask the questions above
To start your dialogue of hope
Let them know you are there for them
They will soon be able to cope.

The road may not be easy
It is surely winding and long
But with people there to love and help
How can any help be wrong?

Communication, yes that is the key
To open the door to the hearts
Let them know, continue your best,
Tear their walls apart!

Barge in, take by the hand
Then calm with your soothing voice
Let them know, no matter what
It will always remain their choice.

They need to know you will be there
And not rule or take control
But be stable, strong and true
And ready to console.

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Jonji and the Mountain

Chipping at the slate heart
carving colors pure
Underneath your hard despair
one thing is for sure
You are built on mountains
You are set in streams
You possess the grandeur
of a million triumph dreams
Snapping back your heart strings
cold and frozen stiff
Underneath your marble polish
you still glow within this gift
You are precious to me
You are whole and sound
You denote the pinacle
of breaking solid ground
Wincing at the truth dance
carved and chipped so pure
I find you climbing up from pain
a mountain you've endured.

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Life, Over Easy

I'll be the sweeper of dust and of dreams
and eggshells left over from sorrow
I'll rally to you when all the else fails
and you close your eyes to tomorrow
It's not the end of the world at 3:30
just 'cause the sun hides it's head
It's not up to darkness to break us in pieces
dusting our shell hides with dread
You are the spark in a lifetime of living
carefully glued and unglued
You will be solid, detailed and delicately
repaired while the springtime ensues.

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While daydreaming through the park
One day, I came upon a scene
Children harassing an elderly man
Times changed, they’re so mean.
Don’t they know or even care
That one day, they’ll be that man
Then they’ll think about what they did
And regret not offering him a hand.

Further down the path I went
Noticed some families by a stream
Blankets and food sprayed about
Pictures of perfection, what a scene!
A child running with a kite
The father, there, just standing by
Ready to jump if the child cried
Allowing growth, the child to fly.

Two different scenes I saw this day
And was able to come to a conclusion;
The family unit is strong and sound
And provides without confusion.
Questions, at times, we may all have,
But family is there for us in every way
Offering, teaching and guiding us well
Making us look forward to each new day.
A future they give us, with morals to use
So, we all can make better choices.
Stand up today and thank your family
Let them hear your loving voices.

Give back today, what tomorrow may not allow.
Always be grateful for that opportunity, the time.
One day they may be gone, but you will have learned
That through your family, your life will be fine.

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Sit as a Family

The challenge of a dinner
To sit the family
Is one that’s ever going
Worth it though, you see

For if you come together
To have a daily meal
Conversation then comes in
With lives to be revealed

Share in daily banter
To learn about each day
Values will develop
Help children on their way

So take the time to listen
Make the time to speak
Enforce the time to sit and share
Make family strong, not weak

By enforcing conversation
Your children’s values grow
Share with them your days spent
Teach everything you know

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My Son's Day

Never was I so proud of him
as I was upon that day
when he stood up on his own
and drove the competitors away.
It showed, the work paid off
and his efforts not in vain.
My son had proven to his dad
that he could work through pain.
You see, there was a time
when, he was pushed around.
The bullies had a field day
and knocked him to the ground.
I am thankful that he took his time
and he did not try to race.
Because of all his patience
he was able to take first place.
Now, when he walks out his door
full of glory and of pride
he knows that he can kick their butts
and from those bullies he won’t hide.
So he again has proven
he could stand and take the foes.
I am proud and awful thankful
He had studied Tae Kwon Doe.

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My Girls Own Me

Within their smiles, there lies the trust
They give to me so freely
I cannot ever let them down
As I love my daughters deeply
They count on Daddy to save them when
Their monsters come to call
They also know I am their friend
And will drive them to the mall
Most of all, I say with pride
My love forever lingers
For Daddy’s girls are very smart
As I’m wrapped around their fingers

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She carried you with anxiety into her heavy womb,
and listened that gentle heartbeat...
much quiter than a drum's beat;
alone to hear your baby's voice in the silent room!

Love and sacrifice that's what the word, " Mother " means
to any small heart which is fully loved, but still weak; 
and her warm hands never tiring of cuddling and touching...
will, indeed, protect you from many harms coming!

And didn't her ever-sweet eyes move away from your cosy crib,
to tend to those infant's needs with life-giving milk?
and before her lullaby ended, you rushed to sleep...
being watched over by the love' angel to weave your first dream!

Little darling, with eyes reflecting the color she herself owns,
how excited she gets when you stare at her and wiggle your toes!
Little darling, struggling to say the words , " I love you, mommy! "
your expression is enough to make her proud and happy!

Love and sacrifice are sacred words that outweight the cost,   
and devotion and dedication are the bonds she can't break;
adorable one, she'll guide you down your dark path
with the wisdom's light, so that you may never be lost!  

Copyright 2009 by Andrew crisci

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Memories We Made

Laughter about us 
While the children play
The sunshine has faded
The sky turned grey

An innocent child 
Out in the rain
Sounds of a distant
Yet inbound train

These are the things
Of a neighborhood park
With playground and benches
Tables and basketball court

A dog walks his owner
Gentle rain subsides
Still behind the clouds
The sunshine hides

No one is leaving
Due to this spring shower
Drops of water 
Collect on the flowers

As day turns to night
The rain comes to a stop
A child tells his father
“Daddy, you rock”

Headed home from the park
After a long day
Loving the memories
That our family made

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Where I Should Be

Seeing through the distant window
While sitting, working at my desk
I see a world outside and thriving
While within my world, an awful mess

I work each day to earn more money
I dream one day, my bills be paid
Imagine that, such simple dreams
Because of many choices made

I opted for a family
I’ve no regrets of that I say
For there’s a love that makes me rich
I’d have it just no other way

But due to having made my choices
The need to work, provide’s a must
I toil each day, often missing
The little things that mean so much

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Sunday's Sermon

To use one’s hand to touch a heart
Is to caress one’s inner being
To let them know that you are there
That kindness is never fleeing.

To sing a song, deaf ears can hear
To prepare the food for others to taste
To provide them warmth on bitter days
To allow, not time to waste.

To do these things, not seek reward
Your reward’s found in the giving
Waste not your time and grieve a loss
But focus on the living

It’s now that we all need your touch
Of our lives, please be a part
Reach out your hands to one another
And learn to touch a heart.

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The laundry piles in mountains.
It covers the whole floor. 
Just when I think I've done it all...
OOPS!Here comes some more!

"I'm sorry Mom, I forgot this."
and "Hey, if you don't mind...
I need this washed before tomorrow...
That is, if you have time."

"Oh sure" I say "No problem,
I'll do it just for you."
After all...I'm sure you know...
I have nothing else to do!

If I could just have one wish
to help with a daily chore,
It'd have to be that laundry 
wouldn't be needed anymore!

I might have time for reading
(or watching a trashy show!)
I hear there's great stuff on T.V...
I fear I'll never know!

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Ava's Smile

In your smile, I see:
skinned knees
laughing eyes
butterflies caught
sad good byes
wishes blown
to azure skies
all bottled up
in your grandmother's eyes
stories told
tear drops caught
kisses given
never bought
dreams kept
in your sleep
wrapping them 'round me
as I weep
a wish for winter
a love for snow
a mind full of wonder
and wanting to know
future forgiveness
and hearts trimmed in gold
all in your smile
at 3 years old.

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Know, that time is constantly moving,
therefore, our time will one day end.
It is, now, that we should be constantly living;
the life is, now, we should defend.
For though tomorrow, there is hope
and even yesterday, it’s now gone.
Today, the day that we all share in,
is the day we should all bask in the sun.
My message is strong, it should be clear now.
Do not forsake the things that you have.
For today is the day you have to enjoy them
before they end up as part of your past.
Remember, now, my friends and family,
there is a life, of which, that we all know
and if, we give it up for tomorrow,
then, within the life we’ll never grow.
We must stand strong, while living today.
We must realize friends and family we have.
We must acknowledge all others around us,
for if not in our present, they’re part of our past.

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Oh, Why?

Oh why, oh brother, did you leave?
Did you really mean to go?
Was there something you were searching for?
What was it you needed to know?
And how, dear brother, will the children bear
the burden of what is true?
What will they think and what will they feel
and how shall I talk of you?
So, help me brother, on my way,
to help them with their strife.
And tell me brother why you chose
to take your very life.

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The Truth About Kids

Oh, my sons they are a handful
 and my daughters, they are a prize.
Despite it all, I love them dearly
with open arms and open eyes.
For, if you turn your back upon them,
they, in turn, will look to do
anything that they could think of
just to really infuriate you
Don't get me wrong, I do adore them.
They are my life. They make me whole.
But just beware, if you're around them,
they're very apt to lose control.
And, if by chance you are to meet them,
be very wary. Be on your guard.
For loving them, is oh so easy,
but, controlling them is oh so hard!

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My Daughter's Nightmare

She came to me with watery eyes,
Screaming of some bad dreams, she had.
My question, I asked of my little girl
Was, “Why are you crying? Why are you sad?”

She told me she thought of us leaving,
My wife and I, from her world and sight.
She cried hysterically at thoughts of our passing,
That all I could do was comfort, hold her tight.

This poor little girl had a sense of reality,
Though, luckily death hasn’t happened as of yet.
I reassured her we’re not going any time soon
And if life were a gamble, I’d place a bet.

She looked at me through her red-teared eyes,
Smiled briefly, as she questioned life with God above.
I realized my ten year old was growing so fast
And at this moment was sharing all of her love.

I told her that we would again, one day be together
Provided we live well and always do our best.
She said, “Daddy, I think I understand it all now.
We have to work together in life. That is our test.”

She showed me age doesn’t give wisdom, love does.
She let me know of her true unwavering love.
She taught her father a thing or two, this night,
About life and death, both, being gifts from above.

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Embrace Now

We shall not be here always
As one day, too, we’ll leave
Fear not that day of passing
For now’s no time to grieve
With love and admiration
Hold strong, within your hearts
The love that knows no boundaries
The love we now impart

Today, we have each other
A family proud and true
As it continues always on
All our love is here for you
So, hold it now, smile a smile
You’ll know no greater love
Than the love, we, as a family
Were gifted from above

Today’s the day to make a vow
Not to another, but unto you
Keep love within your heart, always
You’ll forever keep us there, too

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Fine Floyd

You're a fine man.

You have peeled your exterior
to reveal polished gold
Never holding out
Never growing old.

You're a fine man.

You have held out your hands
and fit both of mine in your palm
You laugh in constant good nature
and carry with you an infinite calm.

You're a fine man.

You have taught me as a father
and slipped me under your wing
Protected and secure and happy
as a child's ever been.

You're a fine man.

You have left a legacy of giving
and received much happiness too
I'm a fortunate girl in a million ways
and one of the ways is you...

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Never Look Back

Two steps ahead of darkness
Three steps ahead of fear
I refuse to look over my shoulder
No, never, not this year

My life, my family, I‘ll stay driven
I have dreams, an ultimate goal
Not for me, but for my family
This year is mine to control

So, into sunshine I’ll stare openly
With no intention to come off track
I’ll keep my eyes set there and focused
To look ahead and not look back

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What is a Man?

Man is not defined by age, or ever by muscle
One is not a man if old enough to take wine
He is not a man if his caring is only for himself
So how can a man then be so defined?

Well, a true man is a person of valor and virtue
He will stand strong in the face of adversity
He will do what is right, not following a crowd
He is one who admits weakness and has integrity

For a man truly is one that is a hero
Though an underdog he may rather himself to be
I hope, son, that you will be that type of man
For then, you will be more of a man than me

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My daughter's a devil

  She's as cold as Springtime
dark as the sun
she wants to be strong
but she's just too much fun.

  she tells me she's saving
for shoes and a car
but I hear her raving
for earrings that are...

diamonds and rubies
and gold all entwined
my daughter's a devil............
the heavenly kind.

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Dear Sis in Law

Dear sis-in-law, you are never older
You are now getting wiser by the year
I hope the knowledge that you acquire
Let’s you meet things head on, without fear

The sun will always rise for every morrow
As will it set, when day turns into night.
Into your future, with the sunrise, may you walk
Towards the sun, so that your face is always in the light.

When evening comes, the moon will then smile
Rising to allow you light, romantic and serene
Let the moon assist you this year and ever after
And let it grant everything you’ve ever dreamed.

So, Kathy, I have to say now, Happy Birthday!
I’m sorry that this poem’s a little late
Forgive me please, time is of the essence
You’re 41 now, with not much time waste. 

Ha Ha Ha!!!

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I'll Tell You Now

When you came upon the world
Naked, cold and crying
We told you of the possibilities
So long as you kept trying

As you went through all your days
You never once had wavered
You’ve shown me the true way of life
Just how good ones can be savored

For now I know my true destiny
My place, now, is defined
I’m a father more than anything
For each day, you remind

I see within you, all the goodness
How you always try your best
You always consider other people
For that you shall be blessed

Yet, know this now, before I die
You gave this man his worth
My pride in you was multiplied
Each day upon this earth

Know this now and forever always
Here on earth and from above
I always keep my eyes on you
With smiles and with love

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My Babies

She’s growing up just way too fast
My baby girl with dimpled face
The love she gives just makes me smile
As the love I have shan’t be replaced
No matter how old she will get
To when adulthood steals her gaze
I shall remember my baby girl
As I cherish all her gentle ways

And, too, so of my baby boy
A little man beyond his years
I can not bear to see him age
As growing away becomes my fears
His gentle heart and serious ways
Take him past his years of eight
He’ll always be that little one
My baby boy who captivates

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Hats Off to Lori

I need just to tip off my hat to inspire
this palest of blonds in her bristling fire
From glints in her eyes which force me to smile
to dreams she lays out like a feast.
I wish to be near her and wander her presence
from every word which becomes every sentence
From family to friend in a spark of an instant
this sister of mine is complete.

All of your dreams are quite safe with me
I'll fill up my hat with you eternally
From moonshine to cold in our hair in the city
we memorize every street.
Let's always promise to keep this connection
of just you and me and a night of perfection
From winter's embrace to our laughing reflections
Replacing my hat, I'm complete.

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Kenzie and Ava

One has a sleeping bag
One a knit hat
in pink with a pearly
heart button at that
One loves her poetry
One loves to sing
She hums with maturity
whispered age brings
Both love to dance
(they sure do love to dance)
They hold hands in waltzes
and butterfly prance
They twirl with no music
and laugh twinkle eyes
They tumble in heaps
of their sweetness surprise
Both are identical
Both are unique
Both hold my heart
trapped in moments they keep
One has dark curly hair
One in straight blond
Plastic barrettes 
to the ball and beyond
One loves her somersaults
One loves her art
Both love each other
and never will part...

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He's No Weiner

Each day it is get up before the sun, prepare the cart
Stock until it’s full and it is on with the day.
Mr. Johansson now has his work cut out for him
Selling dirty waters on the corner of 5th and Broadway.

For 34 years now, this has been his trade,
The vendor of food for the passers-by.
He never really made a lot of money it seemed,
But, he still never stopped and I know now just why.

His family had all for which they ever asked.
His time, he had given to them with love and ease.
A bank would never know him as a rich man,
But it’s through family and friends, that he succeeds.

He is a quiet man, just wishing to make his way,
Doing whatever it takes to provide and just get by.
An honorable man, no one could ever deny.
Truly more successful than you or I.

He never asks for help, independence he has.
He, however, is always willing to lend a hand.
If you are ever near the corner of Broadway and 5th,
You better stop and say hi to the hot dog man.