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Quatrain Dog Poems | Quatrain Poems About Dog

These Quatrain Dog poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Dog. These are the best examples of Quatrain Dog poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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My Life As A Dog

My life as a dog would indeed be fine
Knowing I could nap anywhere, anytime.
On the porch or in a chair,
I could dream without a care.

With my legs, I'd set a pace
And find a cat or car to chase.
If that prusuit for me did fail,
I'd turn around and chase my tail.

With my nose, I'd take in smells
And see what things I could tell.
Like who is cooking, what and where,
Or who passed by, here and there.

With my ears, I could listen good
To the sounds of my neighborhood.
When the sun went down and all was dark,
I'd take heed of the twilight bark.

With my voice, I would make known
Visitors who approached my home.
My bark would make all foes flee,
Yet to friends it'd be welcoming.

With my eyes, I could implore or beg,
For a scrap of food or a pat on the head.
The neatest thing is - is that I could see
In the dark of night, what there might be.

With my tail, I could express
The degree of my happiness.
And when I'd head out on the go,
My tail would wag, to and fro.

For all the ways that I can find
To put myself in a canine's mind,
It's quite plain to see,
My life as a dog would be grand indeed.

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My Dog named Shiva

My dog, named Shiva

I had a dog, named Shiva
So very long ago
Then one day I did grieve her
The tears how they did flow

We used to walk for miles
Us two, Shiva and I
Oh how she fills my heart with smiles
As the days they pass me by

My Shiva she took ill one day
My best friend she did die
My days oh, how they turned so grey
As in death she did lie

A dog is such a wonder
Mans best friend he be
My heart it felt like thunder
I was in such misery

When I was sad and miserable
So loving she would be
Oh, Shiva was so wonderful
I adored her endlessly.

17 November 2014

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Cats or Dogs?

Dogs love to chase cats
And cats love to tease.
They race up a tree 
Then do as they please.

Dogs love to play 
To bark and sleep 
But most of the all
They love to eat.

Cats love to relax
On a warm sunny sill. 
At night they chase mice
When it's quiet and still. 

It’s hard to choose
The best one for me,
Because I find both
Are great company. 

I can take a dog for a walk
But a cat's right there, 
Waiting to be loved 
Curled up on a chair. 

A dog gives you kisses,
A cat purrs when it's glad,
Both make you feel better
Whenever you're sad. 

With a dog and a cat
There are tricks you can teach,
But which one should I choose? 
I must have one of each!

For "One For the Kiddies contest" by Joe Flach

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Little Girl's Dog

Princess, mommies mad at you
you chewed her favorite shoe...
I heard her say some real bad words
she tried to find you to...

I think you better hide somewhere
she says that you've been bad...
The other day you hid her socks
that made her really mad...

She says that you've been digging holes
when you go out to play...
She tripped and fell because of you 
and that your gonna pay...

I know your not a real bad dog
some things you just can't touch...
Mommy wont be mad for long
we love you very much...

All Rights Reserved Jon Arno 2013

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Pet Sit Panics

Not My “Buddy”

When my friend Nancy moved to a new apartment
For the remainder of her Senior year
Her doggone dog “Buddy” was not allowed
As she asked for my help, I was moved by her tears

A tiny brown mutt who wore a red bandana
Was not a visitor I wanted to take in
But she thought her dog was the top banana
To ease Nancy’s concerns, I finally took him

He was supposed to come with food and instructions
Never before had I provided for a dog’s care
But when Nancy drove up and Buddy arrived at my house
His food and care guide had vanished in thin air

My cats were upset, hid under the couch and bed
As Buddy sniffed around the house for playmates
I called Nancy when Buddy tore up my new rug
She said he was lonely and just needed a date

Nancy suggested I take him on car trips
Buddy fancied himself to be a world traveler
But dog smells linger and I gave him no rides
So he found vengeance by climbing into a sewer

The nine-month school year lingered forever
By now my cats had taken to escaping in trees
When June finally came, I couldn’t wait to say goodbye
But that’s when Nancy sobbed and moaned, “Oh, pretty please.”

Her mother didn’t want Buddy at her house either
And Nancy asked me to keep him all summer
When I replied, “No, he needs to spend time with you”
I quickly lost my best friend, what a bummer!

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Are You For Real

The nerve you have to assume
Like calling your dog to heel
You can just command me home
Tell me this are you for real

Ok so I am not getting your respect
I can’t take you back to the family
Neither have you shown any regret
They all think from you I should flee

In this relationship I was the one to spend
You said come home yet no offer for fare
Now my precious emotions are all spent
There is nothing left to salvage here

I am not the remnant of your conscience
I won’t be the recipient of your spiked dream 
I am not the dog you taught obedience
To run in attendance to your dry scheme

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She Doesn't Know She's a Dog

Her name is Apogee Sausalito,
she is tiny, feisty and black;
when she romps with Tricia,
she thinks she's a cat.

The crafty feline hides
on the dining room chair;
'round and 'round the table,
the dog circles her there.

Behind the tablecloth,
the cat keeps watch;
reaches out with her paw,
and gives S'Lito a swat.

It's a game they both love;
each day's regular routine,
we enjoy their frisky antics
with morning coffee and cream.

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                                 SMOKEY AND THE GOLDEN RETRIEVER

Once when I was just a kid,
My mom thought 'twould be nice,
If I'd invite some friends to play,
And we could swing outside.

I had a swing set in the yard,
Where I would play for hours.
My daddy built it just for me,
Away from Mommy's flowers.

It stood beneath a large Oak tree,
And even had a sand box.
We played and swung and had a ball,
Got sand in clothes and socks.

Our neighbors had a big red dog,
A loyal, patient friend,
Prince often came to play with us,
He wagged his tale and grinned.

Another dog came on the scene,
And Prince was not amused,
They postured and they sniffed each other,
A dog fight soon ensued.

We screamed and cried and climbed the set,
As Prince and dog fought on,
Smokey heard our frantic cries,
And raced across the lawn.

Prince was huge with big white teeth,
And muscles big and stocky,
But Smokey feared him not and leaped,
And rode him like a jockey.

Smokey sank his claws in deep,
With teeth he grabbed his neck,
The big dog took off down the street,
With Smokey firmly set,

Upon his back, he rode him well,
They soon were out of sight,
We worried that he might get hurt,
In yet another fight;

But he came strolling home real soon,
The hero of the day.
"Don't worry kids', he seemed to say,
He won't be back today."

                                                               Judy Ball
For Fraqncine Roberts Pick A Pet Contest - July4,2011

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Man's Best Friend

Emerging from the downtown hardware store I saw a strange funeral procession Two black limo hearses were at the front Then walked a man without expression The man had a shaggy dog on a leash A long string of people followed him All of these people were in single file That’s why I addressed the man on a whim “Forgive me for asking; I’m curious” “What type funeral procession is this”? My wife’s in the lead hearse; my dog killed her When she Bi*ched at me, he just went amiss But I see there are two hearses up front Alas, my mother-in-law was killed too When she tried to help my wife, he killed her Once my dog got mad, I knew they were through I thought for a minute; then spoke real low “I have a strange request, if you don’t mind” “Is there a chance I could borrow your dog”? Well sure, but you have to go get in line

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Lost and Found Basset Hound

Fuzzy and I driving along Going to Ricky’s to eat He had to swerve his truck to miss A Basset Hound in the street Fuzzy! Stop the truck, let’s go back And check out that Basset Hound By God, that’s got to be “Shorty” It Ricky’s dog we have found I don’t think he knows where he is His home is three miles from here Catch him and put him in the truck That is Ricky’s dog, that’s clear As we pulled into Rick’s yard Shorty got out of the truck Ricky your dog had runaway We caught him so you’re in luck Ricky said, “You’ve got the wrong dog Shorty is right over there” Get that dog back where he belongs Before the owner’s aware” Fuzzy and I returned the dog And thought about what we’d done Had someone seen us steal their dog We could be under the gun

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Golden and Gorgeous

Just over four years ago
A question was asked
Do we get a pet
And answer our ask

So we consulted the kids
As they gave us choices
For in our family
We listen to voices 

A cat would be nice
But sadly not
As we have asthma in the family
So a cat was not sought

No bird or rabbit or even a fish
Was in the thoughts of our children's wish
One thought, that did spring to mind
A breed of dog of the most beautiful kind

They are small and cuddly
With different colours of coats
But the one we went for
And we forever dote

His name is Digger
Which is his Pedigree name
He is a Golden Cocker Spaniel
From dog show fame

Through good days and bad days
He is always happy and playing
Our most delightful pet
Who treats all days the same

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My brother had a dog named DOG Certainly no pedigree Took him from the pound, just signed a log This dog, he named Dog, was free You can be sure this dog wasn’t dumb Smart as any pure breed And like most dogs he’d eat every crumb He got big; grew like a weed I chuckled when visiting their house When Big “J” called for his pet Those were strange words that came from his mouth I can remember them yet DOG! DOG! Come here DOG! DOG, come on home! He called out from his back door Then DOG came trotting back with a bone Which he soon dropped on the floor DOG had a good life, lived to be ten A family member was he When I think about DOG, I still grin Should a been SPOT, seems to me

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The Naming of Dogs

The naming of dogs is a serious matter,
as dogs are, by nature, a serious lot.
A name sets the tone for a pup’s pranks and patter;
and long into dog-hood. So, give it some thought.

Call a pup BOZO, he’ll just be a clown,
playing dead, pirouetting when you command “DOWN!”
If you dub your dog KING, you’ll be swelling his head;
he’s born to do nothing, he’s royally-bred.

You could call a dog BOOMERANG (comes when you call);
or SNAPPY, or FIDO (most faithful of all).
But to be realistic, here’s my advice.
It takes so much training to make a dog nice.

You give a command of obedience, NOW!
The dog’s suddenly deaf, he says “Say what?” or “How?”
So christen him WHY? – philosophical pup.
When you say “WHY SIT!” he’s bound to get up.

You could call him WHO ME? or perhaps NEVERMORE.
My personal choice, DON'T, no dog can ignore.
Just yell at him “DON’T COME!” He’ll see it’s his game
and run off to prove that he’s true to his name.

(with apologies to T.S. Eliot)

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Scamp -78 Quatrain-

He's such a cute little dog enjoys it, when you play around his chew rope he loves to hog loves being wrestled to the ground. Copyright © Cynthia Jones Jan.27/2013 We've had Scamp now for almost 6 months. We adopted him from the SPCA, just down the street from where we live.

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Upon the falling leaf
There exists a little ant
Falling slowly to the earth
Held within His hand

Out, in a darkened jungle
From a leopard, lemur got away
Helped up to a higher branch
To live at least another day

Somewhere, in a desert
A prairie dog and a snake
The dog had escaped the danger
No life, for serpent to take

Think for just a moment
As to how they got away
There must be someone watching
And helping them on their way.

In life, there is a presence,
Though at times, remains unseen
Isn’t it nice when this presence
Sometimes intervenes?

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Sleeping Problems

My day is finally complete
I can now rest my head
Next to my wife
There, sleeping in bed
The doors are all locked
I have turned off the lights
I’ve checked all the kids
And I’ve kissed them goodnight
The windows are shut
The thermometer is set
Everything is now quiet
As I rest then my head
But alas, there’s a noise
So quickly I rise
I run to the kitchen
While rubbing my eyes
Where there in the corner
Just waiting to relieve
Is the family dog, Lucky
Who whimpers to me
So I unlock the door
Turn on the backyard light
I tell her to go out
And make it quick on this night
I’ve work in the morning 
I must soon retire
But the dog did not hear me
As she ran, like on fire
She cornered a critter 
Who crawled under the fence
Then so did the dog
So outside I went
When the door had shut closed
It locked fast behind 
I hadn’t a key
I then lost my mind
For the dog had come back
With no way to get in
As I in my skivvies
Was sporting a grin
I knocked on the door
As loud as could be
The whole house had awakened
And just laughed at me 
So back to bed they went
I double checked all again
Then quickly ran to bed
And out then I went