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Quatrain Daughter Poems | Quatrain Poems About Daughter

These Quatrain Daughter poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Daughter. These are the best examples of Quatrain Daughter poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Lost, Found, and Now Just Missing

Going through some old things that just had to go, I came upon something that nearly got tossed. Memories came to me from long ago. . . . I thrilled that my treasure was no longer lost. Toys come and toys go. In the 60’s, one fad was to own an odd doll not seen much today. This doll had long hair and was scantily clad but wasn’t a Barbie with which I would play! Its body was squat and it had a pug nose. I probably loved it because it looked droll. Its hair could be orange, green, yellow or rose, but if you don’t know yet, that doll was a troll! How I wish I could dredge up some memory to know what was happening inside my head as a pre-teen with friends and what it might be that we did with those dolls and what fun things we said! The trolls that I owned must have been at least four - both sexes so they'd make a small family - their hair different hues, each a doll to adore. But one day they no longer mattered to me. . . I can’t say where all of my playthings got stashed. When I left for college, they vanished from view. But knowing my mom, they must have got trashed. She doesn’t hang on much to things like I do. Now four decades later, I looked at my prize, bare naked and smudged but its hair still jet black. It stared up at me with its cute amber eyes. I couldn’t believe how I got that thing back! It somehow had ended up in my new state. Good luck for that troll, I throw few things away! That doll would be learning soon of its new fate and meet other troll dolls with whom it would stay. Just like Peter Pan, I refuse to grow old, and new trolls I’d bought with long bright spiky hair when troll dolls again in the 90's were sold! But I had to recall where I’d stored them….. oh, where??
(I found the dolls and added the old one to the new collection, but my daughter's family moved in with me a few months ago. My daughter is a clean freak like MY mom is (apparently it skips a generation or something), and my daughter took my troll dolls and put them out of sight somewhere so currently they are floating around who knows where! For Paula Swanson's "Yard Sale" Contest

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The Whispered Song

The warrior lays her weary head, 
With heavy heart she cannot bear, 
Burning tears stream down her face, 
As whispered memories touch the ear.

Her armour tarnished by remorse, 
Her battle-cry a wimpered row, 
Her wounds, of which bleed solitude, 
Will never know forgiveness now.

The song began two score ago, 
When two came knocking at her door, 
In need of refuge from the world, 
Of that, and love, and little more.

Forced to fight for every smile, 
Her only solace found in song, 
She longed for love to rescue her, 
And plant her where she could belong.

Jealous tongues are seldom kind, 
Self-seeking hearts know nought of love, 
The caged canary only sings, 
When coaxed to praise from up above.

For the steely spine that now I own, 
Forever shall I grateful be, 
A gift from her, and from her own. 
Courage mounted inwardly.

I'll not forget how I have loved thee, 
And youthful memories I will prize, 
Til on the shore of His forgiveness, 
Whereto now, we both shall rise.

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I Planted a Lily

I planted a lily
A long time ago,
And was given the chance
To watch the plant grow.

I'm sorry to say,
That chance I refused.
A delicate flower
Should not be abused.

It needs to be nurtured 
With plenty of sun.
Not shoved in the darkness
Where damage is done.

I planted a lily.
I hope you can see.
That without my presence
A flower's set free. 

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Wild Orchid; Is She The One

filling the radio with words of availability lot lizards selling their souls to diesel driving “Joe-s” in and out of truck cabs under a weeping moon’s protection Jane, works the night, wondering if her daddy knows lipstick on and high heels strapped as the sun sets in May call sign; “Wild Orchid” …. “Anyone looking for a good time?” a traffic jam of radio chatter…… congested air waves the August sun rises on a night of sexual crime Orchid petals caressed with greased stained hands her pale white color quickly wilts to brown the young November night is holding her final bloom evidence of violent pruning becomes talk of the town a knock on the door……………….. a flower delivered Wild Orchid’s father is asked, “Is she the one?” he checks her stem, quickly recognizing his roots inevitably, the withering of his blossom has begun……

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Sweet Memory

When looking at you
I know that it’s true
You resemble no other
But your mother.

You walk with a swirl
And turn with a twirl
You resemble no other
But your mother.

Your hair is one flame
The colour the same
You resemble no other
But your mother.

Your eyes deep and wide
Green diamonds inside
You resemble no other
But your mother.

Enchanting your smile
It flows like the Nile
You resemble no other
But your mother.

A heart full of gold
So carefree and bold
You resemble no other
But your mother.

You hear and you care
Determined to share
You resemble no other
But your mother.

[But now she’s gone far
 Tiny twinkling star
In peace like a dove 
Departed with love.]

And you my sweet girl
You twirl and you swirl 
You resemble no other
But your mother.


Author: Paul Callus ~ March 2014
Contest: Poem For Mommy
Sponsor: Leonora Galina
Placing: 1st

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Pink Bundled


We’re welcoming our newest,
a little girl has come has come.
She’s sweeter than a melon
or a ripe and juicy plum

You’ll find her by her mommy’s side,
in pink from head to toe.
When she has rested just a bit 
she’ll be ready for her show.

She has a lot of long black hair.
This is a great surprise.
The wisdom of the ages
is showing in her eyes.

The world must seem so strange to her.
She’s handling it with aplomb.
She’s stolen all our hearts away,
a beauty like her mom. 

She is less than one day old,
and as I meet her gaze,
I wonder what it would be like
to have no yesterdays.

No sorrows and no sad regrets
and no what might have beens,
only her name upon the page
as her new life begins.

For Royal's "Pink Joy" contest

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The Mirrors Spoke

The fear of her looks
Became thorns in her side
Her images were shattered
Because the mirrors decide

This beautiful girl
Who sees a different face
She hears the world laughing
No matter where she is in place

In her bedroom at home
She faces her demons alone
Unknown to her family
For years she has roamed

In her dreams one night
She receives her wish
Surrounded by mirrors
She cuts her wrists

Because the fear of her looks
Had penetrated so deep inside
This beautiful girl
Who now, no longer resides

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I love you mama

Many reasons
Have led me to this
To leave this world
Of negative bliss

Boyfriends, who wants them
Parents who fight
To be in my shoes
I will no longer tonight

My diary is written
As to why I must leave
I have felt this for years
As I internally grieve

My i-pod is charged
As I take my last walk
Goodbye grey clouds
I'll miss your thunder talk

I touch the walls
Of buildings I've been in
Leaving my trace
As I graze my skin

Through the park
Where my innocence was taken
By my boyfriend I thought
Left me distraught, forsaken

I reach my last door
Its just a gap in the fence
As I see where I'll lie
My desires immense

On the sleeper I sit
As I await my fate
Say hello to tomorrow
I'm sorry I can't wait

The light gets brighter
As it nears my life's drama
Tears stream from my eyes
I love you mama

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I'm sure you think I'm crying.
You think it hurts so bad.
The only thing that truly hurt,
was when I lost my dad.

He really wanted me to know
the way life was meant to be.
He always tried to help me out.
He truly cared for me.

I pray one day I'll see him
laughing once again.
He was so much more than people knew.
He was part of a bigger plan.

Now he's gone to heaven
and I hope he's looking down.
I need him still to guide me
when I laugh and when I frown.

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Who They Are

His innocence lies in the very unknowing
Of what is the truth as he just keeps on growing
He questions the birds in the sky up above
He warms us with laughter and endows us with love
Every question from him is so serious, yet
I have to laugh, from the look that he gets
He’s often a handful, but with a heart that’s so wide
As he often states feelings that he just cannot hide

She is his sister; she’s a bit stronger and taller
Which makes him seem younger, just so much smaller
There in her heart, she, too, has her ways
Of giving us sunshine on the darkest of days
She’s dramatic and active, an athlete to boot
She’s the younger of my girls, who’s so very cute
She’s willful, demanding, but yet can be coy
She’s a blessing from above, an angel of joy

There, even older, another girl blessed us so
It’s been fun watching her age, fun watching her grow
She’s not yet an adult, but seems to just know it all
I hope in her assumptions, she never suffers a fall.
However, she my daughter and a real beauty at that
Who often asks us parents if her clothes make her fat
I guess it’s her age, but that’s the norm for these girls
I’ll love her like my baby girl, as she outgrows her curls

Then there’s the man, my oldest boy, he’s so wise
He grew up so fast, right before our very eyes
He’s sensitive and caring, so smart, gives respect
He’ll be quite the man, very successful I just bet
Though, he too, is a teen and subject to the pressure
He still does so much to which others don’t measure
He rounds off the family, he, my oldest boy
As all of them, together, bring just so much joy

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You women
Know how to make 
The best of what you've got in you
You do it everyday in your life

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Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
this flower bed,
is just for you.

Among the stone,
and in the mud,
a flower shone,
a beautiful bud.

It grew so tall,
proud and strong,
it learned all,
right and wrong.

Giving it water,
and warm sun,
your only daughter,
learned about fun.

Mommy come see,
look what I did,
now I can be,
a grownup kid.

This flower bed,
is just for you,
with roses, red,
and violets, blue.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

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Reflections of You

Today I dedicate a verse to you

For you are the one to fill me with hue

Whether red, green or purple

By your side I keep laughing in ample!

I find none more caring than you

Seeing me through and through

All the times when I cried

Pretending not to notice each time I lied

For a mother, I would not wish for another

Even if I did, I could not get any better

Hey I do dream to hold your hand

And I do dream to cherish you for times on end

A verse so bejeweled

Spelling harder than those life spelled

For without you, I would swim in the blue

Devoid of any joys, oh a truth so true!

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A granddaughter is a joy
a real genuine treasure,
to make the heart sing
with unequaled pleasure.

Her smile can brighten
the gloomiest afternoon.
In her sweet presence
my heart becomes immune

to trouble or sorrow,
defeat or decline.
In her, so clearly,
we see God's design.    

A grandson fills the gap
and completes God's plan.
In his face, I catch 
a  glimpse of the man.

His smile brings sunshine,
love defines his embrace.
My load becomes lighter,
worry's gone without a trace.

He will always hold
a large chunk of my heart.
No force can alter our
bond, it's off the chart.

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Something New

I’ve written of the happy times, 
I’ve written of the sad. 
I’m looking through my memories
For something that is bad.

Perhaps I should tell  my great age,
But that would be contrary
To vow I made not to reveal it, 
Even in my obituary. 

I must try to think of something
That would give me claim to fame.
That I can’t recall a single thing 
Should give me cause for shame.

I’ve walked the straight and narrow
In the middle of the highway,
And thus missed all of the pitfalls
That were hidden on the byway.

I did hit Ripley’s column, at 
Urevealed time of my birth.
(Ripley gathered strange facts
From the far ends of the Earth).

I arrived the seventh member
Of my family you see.  As 
Seventh granddaughter of each grandma
I was deemed a rarity.

It was Sunday, seventh day of the week,
When I uttered my first cry,
And  the seventh day of the month, 
The year’s seventh month, July.

Mamma cut that column out
And kept it in the Bible’s pages.
She and Daddy often called me
Their little “Marvel of the Ages”. 


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Lifting Me Up

My heart is on Your shoulders,
And You are lifting me up.
With every spoken tender gesture,
I fall a little farther in love.

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My Christmas Miracle

. If I could have a Christmas miracle, I would surely like to go Back to Mama’s bounteous table And the ones that I loved so. My dear daddy would still be there, My brothers and my son, My young husband and my mama Before the sad times had begun. And because this is a miracle, My sweet granddaughter too, Would be sitting by her grandpa Whom in life she never knew. My daddy would give the prayer of thanks, The rest would say amen. When all the food was passed around Grand feasting would begin. Every morsel would taste just like it did, When I was an active child And had whetted up my appetite With hours of running wild. My brothers would do some joshing, My daddy would joke a bit. With so much love around that table You could stick a fork in it. Not another thing could I ask for Nor more blessings from above, It I could have a day again Of such pure and endless love.

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A Fathers Perspective

I was scared oh so scared
Seeing my baby that way
Her tiny little body
Was all purple and grey

My heart feared the worst
I thought she was gone
Down a dark corridor 
My mind had been drawn

My heart became joyful
When the doctor touched her feet
A crying pink angel
This proud papa would meet

I waited to hold her
A truly special day
The cutest thing ever
What else can I say

Moments become years
Special memories are made
Ones that are important
In my heart I've replayed

Like watching musicals
Nick naming her, Gal Sal
My Christina would giggle
Her daddy's little pal

Her happy disposition
Would always make me smile
I treasured each moment
Saved them in a mental file

Like learning to ride a bike
Needing to do it alone
I loved the look of triumph
When she did it on her own

My little daughter growing
Still daddy's little girl
Her my special angel
A treasure and a pearl

My spirits had been low
She went with me on a walk
I felt so much better
Christina let me talk

She had become a woman
Sensitive, wise and kind
Within her heart a treasure
My answer I would find

Cruising down a river
In China mile by mile
Wishing for forever
Yet it passed in just a while

Still I can remember
I really saw her that day
Travelling on her own path
She had found her special way

Now today on her Wedding
I could not be more proud
There's special in her quiet
She is strong although not loud

I entrust her to Michael
My most precious gift
On the strong wings of prayer
Together may God lift

I wrote this poem using My wife Mary's, brother inlaw's memories.
Today July 26th, 2014 is his daughter's wedding day. May God bless 
Christina and Mike's union. 

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Choices To Face

I have some choices to face,
But these are not my decisions to make.
God told me what He wants me to do;
He said, "Listen, Son, I have a plan for you."

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Enjoy This Place

Follow your dreams and follow your heart;
God has shown you the path to start.
Never give up and always have faith;
Do what you love and enjoy this place!

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Ditto-Heads Are Overfed

Some people think I'm crazy 
But I'm not an empty suit, 
Though sometimes I sound hazy 
When I take that extra toot. 

I don't mind if people find 
My long lost indiscretions. 
Errors past are cast from mind 
Along with all confessions. 

Priest and pastor vanities 
Indecently abundant 
Do reflect debaucheries 
Perversely now redundant. 

My politics are changing 
As the years are rolling on 
But I am not arranging 
To become a Limbaugh pawn. 

Ditto-heads are overfed 
Dumb people who must flatter 
Oxycontin Limbaugh led 
Mysogynistic chatter. 

Blubber-belly Huckabee 
Is just a perfect gomer 
Add to that hypocrisy 
You have a fat misnomer. 

Sara Palin made some hay 
While daughter made a baby 
Sara says "No sex, no way" 
But daughter said "Well, maybe." 

The daughter did cohabit 
Under mother's halo glow 
But randy as a rabbit 
Her young lust just had to grow. 

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Lord, I do not know what to do;
Please, lead me by Your side.
Decisions I'm facing are lost and through;
Please, lead me to do what's right.

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(Born with a Cleft Palate)

She's loving, trusting and sweet
exudes an innocent charm
She wears sparkles on her feet
jangle bangles on her arm

She chatters ceaselessly
her mind in a dizzy whirl
She's a precious anomaly
a rare and radiant pearl

Cede to the surgeon's knife
thrice by the age of three
allowed her a chance at life
almost, but not quite free

Dreams of future promise
to one day win the prize
vows that she'll be famous
and robed in crooner's guise

Although she's only nine
life has dealt her course
Flung upon by savage fate
muscled threads of divorce

Still undaunted she designs
much as a perfect rose
a future world so benign
freely she comes and goes

Given the power to confer
sunny days without storm
will gifts and grace be hers
lavished on face and form

Or might her spirit then
shrivel as if burned to ash
or complacency begin and
apathy become love's cache

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Glitz Glam

In the world of glitz and glam 
Allured she was to it's shine
Seeing dollar signs and adventure
To become a different kind

She knew the door she was going through
For in media spread it tells
To ignore it's hidden obstacles
And it's abyss of darkened hells

The photographers leer surely professional
Capturing an innocent in her pose
Cogs turning in his background
As his willingness in him grows

A click, the shutter, then charm
As he instructs her every move
Closer he becomes to the intended
His needle to be in her groove

As she lies there spent and used
Like so many in past years before
Distraught, fading dollar signs
Saying goodbye from the glitz glam floor

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Scars Left Behind

In the black of night they come to me.
The hauntings of old have begun.
Memories of hatred and fear
of such evil under the sun.

A tender shoot was I back then.
Blooming in the spring of my years.
I'll never fathom or understand
swimming in a cascade of tears.

Life had dealt me a difficult hand.
Innocence had been ripped to the core.
Shame and misery in my young heart
and I couldn't feel love any more.

Broken and drifting in a haze.
Crushed beneath his weight.
Silently screaming"daddy,stop"
and learning the way of hate.

Children should not have to cry
for safety and peace of mind.
Wee ones needn't have to worry
how love's cruel and so unkind.

These memories of way back when
have left their scars on my soul.
Through grace I somehow made it
though the heartache took it's toll.

written by Deb Wilson for Gail's contest

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Why I Love You

People just don’t understand
Why I love you as I do
They think I am too intense
And perhaps, dear, it is true

But you see, Love, they don’t know
That you are the best of me
They simply cannot fathom
What your presence means to me

For you’re the living product 
Of a love truly sublime
The precious witness of truth
Of two bodies that combine

You are the reason we hope
For the better things in life
The reason that we dream on
Of when daughter becomes wife

But not just for the future
You are why I face each day
Sometimes I want to check out
I know you want me to stay

I sometimes think that this life
Is much more than I can take
But I know I must go on
I survive for your sweet sake

As long as you need Mommy
As long as you need me here
I’ll invest myself in you
I pledge always to be near

You’ve seen the good and bad
You know the demons I fight
Yet you say that you love me
And my world is filled with light

So, dear, why do I love you?
Why do I keep going on?
In a world filled with sorrow
YOU are my heavenly song!

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Isle of roses

Once before, I had walked down a red carpeted isle
to glimpse your solemn face, a memory forever mine.
Why fate had to be so vile,
I still can’t comprehend, and yet here I stand before your shrine.

I had thought of the future, of what lay ahead,
and it stung. I would tread an isle again,
without you. My supposed joyful day would be my dread.
My white gown would bear sorrow’s stain.

Still, I could envision it: beside a rocky shore,
in the rain, ravished by the wind, beneath a veil of thunder…
Would you have thought it foolish lore?
This fantasy and chase after nature’s wonder?

NO! You would also have seen it, wouldn’t you?
The ocean rising violently like a stampede of wild mustangs,
the wind racing for its destination: adventures new,
the heaven’s shower baring its fangs?

Or would you have had me trod in a valley
under crystalline dusk and precipices,
appearing unbroken, all smiles and glee,
along the isle of roses?

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Sign Language for Love

I got a sweet text yesterday
That brought a tear to my eye
It was from my 18 year old
And it almost made me cry

She somehow had remembered
Everytime she’d perform up front
The violin or some school play
For our faces her eyes would hunt

And when she would spot us out there
I’d make sure I would catch her eye
Then I’d quickly sign, “I love you”
Giving her courage to really try

As I stared down at my phone
I thanked God for this daughter of mine
How after all of these years  
She remembered that little sign

As a parent I’ve made mistakes
Done some things I wish I'd forget
Now that she is so far from home
My heart just fills up with regret

But in her message short and sweet
There was love written in each line
I thank God that He’s gifted me
With a precious daughter so fine.

Parents, the small things that you do
May not seem like such a big deal
But when each sign bears your love
Your child’s heart you’re sure to steal

When the years have all sped away
And you remember that sweet smile
I hope a text will assure you
That each effort has been worthwhile

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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My Life at Fourteen

I'm just fourteen years old, and a father I'll be
Around Christmas time, what a present for me
The excitment of puberty has now taken it's toll
I sit here lost in thoughts, a worried young soul

Responsibilities I now face to the challenges of life
Do I stand by my girlfriend, do I make her my wife
What if I can't cope, shunned by family and friends
To become another statistic, modern societies trend

I find myself very fortunate, I'm surrounded by kin
Whom their patience has been a blessing as I take it all in
My friends have rallied round, their support has been strong
It's having people like them, I'm fortunate to belong

December has come and gone, my daughters getting married
As I look back to fourteen and the trials that I carried
Many thoughts I had to ponder as I look back at my young life
The young girl whom bore my daughter, many years has been my wife

* Three-quarters of a million teens between 15 and 19 become pregnant each year in the USA *

For Gwendolen's *~* Mom, I'M PREGNANT! contest *~*

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Oh Dear What Can the Matter be?

“She’s pregnant. Oh my God!”
“I’m going to be a father!” He beams.
“What will we call him honey?” He says.
“What have I got myself into…her chest heaves.

Day after day as she grows, he works, this father to be.
“Honey, careful now!” He lends a hand as she sits down.
“Careful,” she sighs. “Shoulda thought of that…”
and her labor begins with a scream.

Hour after hour in pain …”My wife.”
Hour after hour he paces his life.
A squall from the far room and in rushes he.
“I’m a father!” He preens. “Honey? What will his name be?”

Up honey looks, no smile…so abashed
“Honey,” she says. “We have a fine lass…..”
Crestfallen he stammers. Eyes caste to the wall.
“It’s alright.” He says “We can have more………..”

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A Dear Dear Friend

Was really disappointed today Was supposed to meet a dear dear friend Things got in the way and sadly Had to postpone our meeting again I'm adopting her as my daughter An honour that I accept with pride Sadly her relationship with her real dad Was very much on the rocky side So I'm the fortunate benefactor Of a soul that's longing this connection I'm truly only too happy to oblige As I shower her with affection A sweetie this dear dear friend of mine My undying love runs deep Adore this girl more than words can say With tears of joy, I weep She's happily married with kids of her own But there's been a void in her life So honoured to be her replacement dad Sure didn't have to think twice <3 <3 <3 © Jack Ellison 2013

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Waiting for Her to Come Home

Everything around me is still
The soft lights ward off the cold
My worried heart is unsettled
Every minute is making me old

Time seems to drag on and on
Not sure I can take much more
I’m waiting for my angel
To walk in through the door

There is nothing to do but wait
So I wonder about her day
But what’s taking her so long?
Did she somehow lose her way?

I think about my visit
My first time to see her place
In my glimpse into her life,
A touch of tiredness I trace

She flew away to this isle
To try out her angel wings
And in following her dreams
She untied our heart’s strings

“Our children are not our own”
Oh, great Gibran, can’t you see?
My precious 18 year old 
Will always belong to me

Oh yes…she will live elsewhere
Have a family of  her own
But she’s my little baby
In my heart she hasn't grown

I wait and I wait and I wait
Please God, let her be alright
I look out of the window
At the blackness of the night

I think of all those mothers
Who wait for their children dear
Whose arms are tired and aching
To hold their loved ones near 

My heart shares their sorrow
My soul weeps for their plight
For though my daughter is late
I know she’s coming home tonight!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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A Fantasy

I'm captured in a fantasy
a prison so it seems...
A never ending search for you 
each night within my dreams...

I can't escape the way I feel
no matter how I try...
This longing deep within my soul
sometimes I sit and cry...

Oh come and take me in your arms
and hold me all night long...
Whisper words I long to hear 
and stay where you belong...

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Am I nothing more
Than an ominous date
A wisp of genetic wonder
A curse of conscious fate
Behold the burden
Nestled in newborn hair
Innocent eyes etched
Into life's coarse lair
Is there nothing more
Than this tactile plight
Torn tears of birth’s bliss
My fingers weep sight
Is she nothing more 
Than death’s deciduous seed
Baptized by superstition  
Comfort’s posthumous need
Who will hold her
When my embers grow cold
The walls of winter creep closer
And the silence grows bold
What have I done
This curse that I share
Too buried to breathe
Too naked to bare
How can I tell her
Forever stalks our door
That there is no tomorrow
For life is nothing more

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She was Returned

It has been many years since his daughter was lost
If he could bring her back, he would at all costs
Ever since that day he has wandered and roamed
Turned his back on his family, and their loving home

His life on the road left him dishevelled and broke
When he thinks back to the past, it leaves him in choke
Another day on his lonesome travels
A stranger he meets and their discussions unravel

This old man he has met all mysterious and dark
Told him of times going back as far as the Ark
Tales of the Templar's and Merlin the Magician
After hearing the mans story he began to begin

       "I lost my daughter a number of years ago
        She drowned whilst on holiday under a still water flow
        I couldn't comprehend the loss of her life
        The pressure of living, I left my home and my wife"

   "What would you do if your girl could be returned
    Have you ever wondered if fate could be unearned
    If this was possible, would you offer your life
    For your daughter to return to her mother your wife"

   "Remember, many years have passed her death by
    For her past to be relived, there is a reply
    Knights of the ages will descend from their dark
    They will then strike you down, as you begin your embark"
       "My life I have not lived for many a year
        For me to lose mine, I gladly volunteer
        I will die happy for all eternity
        Knowing my daughter will grow old, as it should be"

The old man chants a script of the past
Of an ancient time when fate was cast
The power of they to be able to reverse
To balance their return, they have to reimburse

   "Midnight skies will turn to purple cobalt blues
    Six Templar Knights will stand and surround you
    At your request they will strike you down
    On the sixth stroke, you will face your death gown"

   "A light will appear of which you'll travel through
    But before you do, a young girl runs to you
    Your daughter, in pink and red will run from the light
    She'll run through your soul, as your sleep starts tonight"

The old mysterious man continues on his way
As he passes a house on a hot Summers day
In the garden there sits, a daughter and mother
Discussing the loss of her father, as they begin to recover

She tells of the day whilst on holiday years ago
My husband your father, lost under a still water flow
As we comprehend the loss of his life
Leaving behind his daughter and wife

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That White Building

We left New York City, moving to a Mid West town
Where the sky was a pretty blue, and a land of greening gown
Buildings painted white, stood out against the scene
But a sensing of the untouched made my mind internally scream

I always got this feeling as we walked their streets of old
What could I be not be seeing, what have we not been told
When we stopped to say hello, we felt that we were all alone
It's not what we seen in the brochure, when we decided to move our home

As the weeks and months progressed, our daughter became very withdrawn
Which is very out of character, for she's normally as fresh as the dawn
Then the day arrived that would change our lives forever
She never came home the previous night, the worry of parental sever

As we awoke the following morning, it appeared so different from other days
The skies were a strange shade of red, no voices from children's play
No sounds of life could be heard, no insects or birds on the wing
When normally it's as vibrant as life, buzzing whilst others sing

We set off to look for our daughter, shouting her name as we go
Walking through empty streets as our minds drift in worried grow
We hear some strange kind of chanting, it's from that white building ahead
Whilst above us the skies turn a redding grey, I feel a sensing dread

We reach this building of white, past the river turned red by the sky
Peering through the window, I'm now in parental cry
For standing by the alter is my daughter in demonic stare
Around her are hoards of locusts, whilst down her body a snake she wears

Strange chantings resonate with echo, as the congregation screams in wild display
What events are unfolding in front of us, it should be a normal summers day
As they turn and look towards the window, so many eyes stare through the pane
We become suffocated by their hoards, it appears the locusts reign

Somehow we escaped this horror, from that white building beside the river
Every time I look into my thoughts, it's leaves me in a cold cold shiver
The same brochure appeared for years, alluring families to this Mid West town
Who would move where no children play, in it's silence you could easily drown

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Living with Mother Nature's Bruise

We turned to each other when we heard on the news
Our daughters place of work, enduring mother nature's bruise
She worked on an island now swamped with wrath
To her we now travel to retrace her last path

To go there blind never knowing if she breathes
Thoughts think the worst as we subconsciously grieve
Our daughter, our life, as we make plans to depart
Facing hours of torment as our minds tear apart

To this island we head where she enjoys life to the full
Thinking back to her young years, learning in school
This paradise as she calls it, in the Indian Ocean
Our minds picture, her love to live notions

We step of the plane into a world far from home
Praying we find her, dead or alive, to never roam
To the north of the island, Aceh is it's name
Is this where we find her, with no one to blame

We reach the village, it's where our daughter calls home
Teaching the youngsters English along the beaches they combed
We wander dazed and confused, joining the crying and the grieving
Emotional rescuers surround us, they just keep on believing

Hand in hand we stare hoping, as our eyes glimpse the lost
Our daughters not there, as we join the emotional exhaust
Suddenly I feel a tugging on my sleeve
Lady lady, you my teachers mama, come with me please

Looking down, my eyes cascading with tears
A beautiful young girl, momentarily relieving my fears
Lady lady, please please, come with me please
To a makeshift hospital she takes us, our hearts so in unease

To a door we arrive, she cries, mama's teacher mama's teacher
As she is led away by the hospital preacher
We are greeted by a doctor, taken through corridors of death
The relieving earlier felt, now replaced by inner reft

The stench of death drifts, lost souls we feel crying
Resonating sounds echo, the last breaths of the dying
Cubicle after cubicle, every curtain our hearts run
In broken English, is she the one, is she the one

The second curtain from the last, the doctor once again opens
Despair and tears increase, parents lost in their hoping
Before us lies, a broken twisted bandaged soul
The tattoo on her ankle, I cry Nicole, it's our Nicole

Engulfed with emotions our cheeks streaming with tears
Viewing the earlier posters, parents losing their fears
Living this moment, realising their daughter has lived
As we look back to the pictures, knowing families are sieved

Words we will remember until the day we are gone
That moment we heard, is she the one, is she the one

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Natalie at 14

Watching her grow and remembering me
As a teen of changeable mood.
Seeing her thrive and thankfully so - yet
As her parent I’ll need to stay shrewd.

From a spiky-haired smiler at 7 months old
To a graceful and slender fourteen.
She has bloomed through the years in so many ways
That even I could have never foreseen.

When I was her age, I thought I was so smart
And, in some ways, l see now I was right.
Now it’s her turn to venture further into the world – 
Face big choices when out of my sight.

True, babies will test you in myriad ways
Utter dependence, refusal to nap….
Dealing with food, diapers, doctors and daycare
Juggling those almost seems like a snap.

For next week, my first baby heads to high school
Whether or not she and I both feel ready.
But I know she’ll do great (even envy her some) 
May she be ever brave, kind and steady.

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Sitting by a moss-covered tree illuminated by sunlight at three,
he plays the very song that his anscestors played yesterday;
remembering what the peaceful and wild land was and will be...
by accepting the fact that his tomorrow is decided by destiny.

He can spend an entire afternoon playing a hand-made flute color chestnut,
as every breeze-lulled maple tree seem to vanish in the increasing, grey fog;
and if his music with shrilling, melodic notes is a devise to find his stranded dog,
he will have the best friend to guide him safely home through beams of twilight. 

Play, handsome warrior the melody you forefathers played on those efflorescent days
underneath the same oak tree to celebrate their free manhood;
and resembling them with long hair and piercing, dreaming eyes,
you don't expect that intruders from other lands would compromise your happiness.

Foxes, grizzly bears, coyotes and buffaloes hear your music and come around to peek:
they know that you wouldn't hurt them and they wonder who's the Great Spirit;
little they suspect that they will be hunted down by the new-comers from the East;
be their friend, warrior...promise them protection when they'll encounter the Beast. 

All that you behold today, may be gone tomorrow making you weep,
grasslands and prairies will tun into towns and cities to make way for greed;
and blood will flow abundantly on meadows where only wildflowers grew...
devastation everywhere with mother's screams by red rivers not so blue.

You must have had dreams of what was coming with a spectacle so gruesome,
take heart...your tomorrow is decided by destiny, pray that you won't be harmed;
continue playing your flute by remembering everything that you deeply loved,
and if you'll die fighting heartless men, I'll remember that look so lonesome.

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She Wore MY Dress

I’d kept the dress through the years 
Hoping one day it would fit
Loved how it had made me feel
Others were taken by it

It was a lovely summer dress
Black with flowers of spring
When it adorned my body
Lots of stares it would bring

I hung it on my closet door
Hoping that weight loss fairy…
Would wave her magic wand
And I’d hate sweets and dairy

It went back into my closet
But it would call out to me
Every time I saw it there
I was as sad as can be 

My daughter came to visit 
Her body is quite divine
With curves in the right places
I just can’t believe she’s mine

She waltzed into the room
She had found and worn “the dress”
I stared at her in silence
She knew how to impress

Without a word I just looked
At my sweet 18 year old
The dress clung to her body
Made of her a woman bold

I gazed at her dumbfounded
And then I started to cry
My beautiful precious girl
Surely knew the reason why

She said what she always did
When I just wanted to die
“Mama, you’re still beautiful”
In her eyes I saw no lie

She was the one I turned to
When I needed the real truth
The honesty she dished out
Was at times quite uncouth

I’m padded more now than when…
I was at her tender age
Maybe I should accept this
And finally turn the page

Even with this cuddly shape
Been told I've got sex appeal
But I still want to go back
Wish weight was not such a deal

Beauty is not your body
It’s in a state of the mind
To be sexy on the inside
Is a rare and precious find

Now I see her wear the dress
And I smile as people stare
I’m proud of my pretty girl...
A very proud Mama Bear.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Hot day at the beach  -   time to catch some sun, 
Maybe also catch some son.

She was a twelve year old girl -  tousled  hair -
In  a tussle  between herself and mum 
It was too low at the top  up there
Too high at the bottom -  you could see her bum.

Pull it up and fail to cover some bits
Pull it down and can’t  find anywhere  it fits

Bare midriff,   yellow with tiny dots of  black.
Economical on material mum laughed  -
Almost  all gone at the front, and none at the back.
To be honest, it was somewhat  daft:

They  argued  -  yes I will ;  no you won’t;  and then -
Not at your age;  if not  at my age,  then when?

But it was impossible to stop her  (so  willful ! )
Without actually putting the dress out of reach.
She  couldn’t stop  her  from wearing the dress so awful:
Girl  cringed as mum wiggled it up and down the beach.


Written by Sydney Peck  

For competition  THE SUNDRESS  (Constance La France )

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Mortal Angels

Mortal Angels as people are unemployed these days
Ask help for certain Mortal Angels
Today and everyday
They will not refuse to assist you


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The Lost Child

She had ten little fingers
and ten small rosy toes
she wore a gorgeous smile
and a little button nose
she laughed the sweetest laugh
and her skin was soft and fair
around her face, dark ringlets
she got my curly hair
she had her daddy's eyes
a vibrant greenish-blue
she was my little girl
that never made it through

By Morgan Mise
Written November 3, 2012

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Charlie Girl

While walking through the store I caught your scent,
A lady stood beneath the neon light,
She held a bottle of perfume in hand,
And memories returned into my sight.

Outside the school gates waiting for the bell,
I saw my mum; she’s standing, waiting there,
With me running out ready to go home,
The essence of Charlie kissing the air.

I see the old man stop all of those cars,
In his white mac with his lollipop stick,
Of course it was magic in a child’s eyes,
Like Paul Daniels performing a staged trick.

Past the airfield and rails, Blue on her lead,
Over the bridge to check the lizard hill,
Were they bathing in early summer sun,
Then on home where Peter was lying, still.

Sweet memories that I have in my heart
You may wonder on the what, why, and how
My mum will always be my ‘Charlie girl’,
Although it is me who wears Charlie now.

Form: Sicilian Quatrains

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The Little Girls Abyss

Ever since I was young
I always had this dream
About a little girl who lived next door
Who drowned in a nearby stream

I don't know what possessed me
But I always knew one day
She would turn up at my door
And ask me out to play

I mentioned it to my parents
They said "listen" and sat me down
It happened before we moved here
Her bigger sister let her drown

The family we bought the house from
Moved on from the fear of this
Their teenage daughter suffered nightmares
And dreamt of a wet abyss

Many years have passed
I am now well into my teens
But this aura that still surrounds me
Everywhere I look she's seen

One evening I went to shower
As normal I pulled back the screen 
I turned to look in the mirror
She was there, staring back at me

There was an incredible similarity
She looked like me when i was young
Now having shown herself, is it over
Or has it really just begun

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These Dreams

She wakes every night
Around the same time
Shivering and sweating
As 3am chimes

This nightmare she carries
Fills her with fear
As every night draws
Her death she feels near

At eighteen years old
With her whole life ahead
What attracts these dreams
As she sleeps in her bed

The nightmares increase
As the weeks pass by
To a party she's invited
As she gives life a try

Her previous nightmares
Seem a distant past
As she dances the night away
Praying that this is the last

She indicates it's late
To home she must head
In the back of her mind
Is the dreams that she dreads

She takes a shortcut
Only to hear footsteps behind
Before she knows it
There are two by her side

Taunting in ridicule
Down a dark alley they lure
Screaming and scratching
This daughter so pure

To a darkened room
With this evil of two
To her naked flesh
As they do as they do

Her eyes start to close
And the last thing she sees
Through a small basement window
A clock face strikes three

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A Mothers Love?

How can a mother not hurt
when her child cries out in pain?
How can she turn and look away
when there's so much to be gained?

If only her heart would open
and let God show the way,
to happiness and love everlasting.
For this, I'll always pray.

Is it possible to just feel nothing
towards the child you gave away?
Please say there is at least a hope
that you will love me again some day.

When I look at my child I feel love.
I could never turn my back.
But you never felt that way towards me.
Is it something that I lack?

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Daughter Number Four

November of sixty, we took the same name.
We had a son and two daughters right away.
Nine years later, daughter three came...
A joy to us all every day

We are proud of all of them, of course.
They are grown, families of their own.
They have been our life and source,
of true happiness, on and on.

Our fourth daughter married our son.
She is exquisitely exact in every way,
concerning her work, home, family and fun.
She revels in life every day.  

She is intentional in each mode of life
and performs each with excellent skill.
She loves working, being a mom, and wife
and tubing down a snow covered hill.

We all love her and claim her our own.
She rewards me with ginger bread men
The seeds of family have been sown.
Nurtured and grown........not worn thin.

© Apr 20 2010

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“so tell me daddy, why do you only have one arm?”
a query posed by seven year old charm
a daughter in crinoline who daddy won't let come to harm
and when daddy held daughter in his one arm it brought about calm

it was a long story to tell
about entering and exiting hell
there were intricacies to recall
and they all hang on his memory's wall

he thought long and hard about what to say
she hadn't ever asked until that day
she was so pink, so perky and pretty
but the last thing he wanted was his little girl's pity

well honey, he stammered and began his tale
in one part of the story we win, the other we fail
we were all doing what we were called upon to do
a hundred and ten men thrown into the jungle without even a clue

no one had any idea why we were the only ones there
we all hoped there was some help coming from somewhere
but none ever came even as we ran out of ammunition
and surviving that battle became our ambient ambition

but we were all alone and bullets were flying
and when I say I was scared, sweetie, i'm not lying
so you ask why I have one arm and it's because our enemy was strategically strong
and we were in the midst of war in a place where we didn't belong
       © 2012....copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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What does Christian mean

Christian, a baptized person
To believe all that Christ has taught
To do all that He has commanded
As necessary for our salvation

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Love Is The Answer

We read about it in the news
Sad parents given right to choose,
Decided gift of life should go
To daughter of their ancient foe.

Not ours to say who’s right who’s wrong
In war that has been waging long.
Violence will not end the fight,
But oh, a love like this just might.

Now our own country is at war.
Our loved ones’ blood flows out once more.
Before that next heartbroken cry,
Why not give love another try?

A foe this year could be a friend,
If we could only learn to mend
Our differences with acts of love
As taught by our own Lord above.

		(Written about the case of the Israelite parents whose daughter was felled by violence and they made the decision to give needed organ to Palestinian child.)

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to da 8 people who read me did i mention i'm in a mental asylum


“Shall we dance?” the lady asked ever so politely
And oh how the lady danced ever so lightly
It was as if she  \hovered an inch above the floor
And I never enjoyed dancing with a partner more

I begged the band to belabor the point
For it was the music the woman would anoint
She baptized the band as sanctified oil
And to the lady my soul became loyal

She took to the tile, a temptress, my muse
And when she asked for more no man could refuse
The brass played with class and the flute wasn’t mute
And her elegance was a fact God Himself could not refute

Mine eyes beheld the majestic majesty of grace
And simply holding her caused my heart to race
She dance me into a dream of loveliness and lace
Whilst the band grew jealous of  what was in my embrace

Her gracefulness begot beauty and grandeur so bright
While the vocalist sang a song about undying delight
But then I heard four words that dimmed every light
When the M.C. announced the final dance of the night
               © 2011.…..Phreepoetree  ~free cee!~
all resonses are handed to me by the nurse along with my psychotropic drugs, thanks!

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My Little Daughter

I have a little daughter
she can be very sweet
and being with her is great fun
and such a pleasant treat.

But then there are the other times
when Laura Elizabeth Gass
no matter how cute and smart she is
can prove she's a pain in the a**!

Note:  I wrote this when my daughter was
about 3 yrs. old.  She is in college now
but she will always be my baby.
I love you Laura.

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They are my Life

The best day of my life
To me there's more than one
They are the birth of my daughter
And the births of my three sons

To all expectant parents
Whether its girls or boys
To life we introduce them
Our children, they are our joys

The title of this contest is
The best day of your life!
Nothing beats what i have written above
Because they are my life

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What is actual sin

Actual sin is any willful thought
Or Omission contrary to the will of God

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FREE CEE what hapPENED TO ThE OTher oNe


“so tell me daddy, why do you only have one arm?
a query posed by seven year old charm
a daughter in crinoline who daddy won't let come to harm
and when daddy held daughter in his one arm it brought about calm

it was a long story to tell
about entering and exiting hell
there were intricacies to recall
and they all hang on his memory's wall

he thought long and hard about what to say
she hadn't ever asked until that day
she was so pink, so perky and pretty
but the last thing he wanted was his little girl's pity

well honey, he stammered and began his tale
in one part of the story we win, the other we fail
we were all doing what we were called upon to do
a hundred and ten men thrown into the jungle without even a clue

no one had any idea why we were the only ones there
we all hoped there was some help coming from somewhere
but none ever came even as we ran out of ammunition
and surviving that battle became our ambient ambition

but we were all alone and bullets were flying
and when I say I was scared, sweetie, i'm not lying
so you ask why I have one arm and it's because our enemy was strategically strong
and we were in the midst of war in a place where we didn't belong
       © 2012....copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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Hi my dearest Kaylissa
It's me, your mom
I haven't written to you
Because things haven't been calm
I've thought a lot about you
And can't get you from my mind
Like Kenyon says "I've lost you..."
All I want to do, is find
I miss you more
Than words can say
And I wish I had you
Here, to stay
I know you're okay
But I want to hold you
I know I can't
So what am I to do
I guess just remember
Even though it wasn't long
One thing I do know
Nothing you did was wrong
So for now, I will be going
Hope to write again soon
When I think of you honey
I will hum a little tune

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Try This On For Size

She doesn't like my style of dress 
her taste is different so I guess 
I must confess her clothes are nice 
all put together with pizzazz and spice 
Soft and big, warm and comfy 
she says it makes me look so frumpy
Her body's tall, sleek and slim 
she can wear clothes that hug her skin 
My body's aged from giving birth 
it's changed my shape, my walk, my girth
Some day she'll find that just like me 
her body slim will no longer be 
And I do know some future day 
you'll come to me and you will say 
The old baggy jeans and flannel shirt 
may I borrow to wear instead of my skirt 
And your old worn slippers may I keep 
the high heeled shoes don't fit my feet 
Those worn out pj's look so good 
I'll get some like them, I think I should 
So together in the rocking chair 
feet put up, down with the hair 
Sitting in our comfy clothes 
we'll be together under the throws 
Oh dare to dream that'll be the day 
in the mean time I will say 
Just smile at me when you come around 
all dressed up to go out on the town
And know that I'm now warm and happy 
you look just fine so cold and snappy

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This Mother's Plea

I once had a bright, little gem 
How she'd sparkle, how she'd shine
With laughing eyes and a perpetual smile
What a gem, that daughter of mine

But one day the smile faded
And the laughter left her eyes
Somehow my little gem turned dark and cloudy
Such a change made this mother cry

I miss my bright, little jewel
I no longer recognize
The dim and gloomy gem that has lost her sheen
Brokenhearted, this mother sighs

Can my gem's luster be restored?
I wonder, what would it take?
Perhaps some of God's tumbling and polishing
Please, oh Lord, for this mother's sake                                                  

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It's over for her
Such suffering and pain
She is up in Heaven
Where there's so much more to gain

her darling little face
Full of tenderness and love
Knowing for sure, somehow
She was sent from above

Her cute little hands
And her stout little nose
Everything perfect to us
Right down to her toes

Her purpose in life
Was to give others strength
Even though it only lasted
About fifty-three hours in length

Her stay here for us
Was such a short one, you see
But she taught us so much that life
Can be wholesome, gentle and free

Yes, dear Lord, please
Take her to a place that's new
To that place up and beyond
Where forever she'll be with you

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Hi mom, it's nice up here
Looking down on you and dad
I see my big brother too
And I'm not feeling so sad

I know our time together
Was so short and not long
But up here with Jesus
That's where I belong

I see grandpa and others
Please don't cry for me
Because up here, it's pretty
And so happy and free

I do miss you all
But please try not to cry
And take good care of Kenyon
But don't ever say good bye

Don't ever forget me
I know the time was short
You did the right thing mom
I'm so glad you didn't abort

So, for now I'll be going
But I will see you again soon
You will see me when you look at the stars
Or whenever you look up at the moon

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An Angel's Request

Listening to my child at play
Through laughter with her dad
My little girl made one request
It kind of made me sad

Whispered in a tiny voice 
She asked him on this night
Daddy can you promise
 To love me for all my life

Her words did not shutter
She waited for him to say
Yes my baby I’ll always love you 
Forever and a Day

In my sadness I did find 
The innocence of my child
She only wants to be loved 
And see a caring smile

As he took her hand 
For one last dance just before bed
I saw her eyes light up
And then she bowed her head

She wanted one more time to hear
That he would always stay
She needed one more reminder
Before they end the day

As he tucked her in to sleep
He whispered in her ear
I will always love you
I promise you this dear

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What is a mystery

Mystery is a truth in which we cannot understand
Every truth we cannot understand is not a mystery
Very revealed truth which no one can understand is a mystery
We should and often believe when proof of their existence

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Unknown Angel

You are my oldest angel.
Your name will go untold.
At first you were too young for this.
Now you are too old.

Just so you know I love you.
Your thoughts, your smile, your heart.
You've been with me through darker days,
but you loved me from the start.

It's strange to look you eye to eye
and see how much you've grown.
I wonder where we'll end this journey.
Will it be far that you will roam?

Even though you are much older
than a "baby" or a "child".
Don't go thinkin' you're all grown up.
The world out there is wild.

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What does it feel like
When you're given a nod
By the good Lord above
Do you really see God

What does it feel like
Looking down below
At mommy and daddy
Are your eyes all a glow

What does it feel like
Seeing us every day
I do hope my child
For us, that you pray

What does it feel like
I know my heart does mourn
For I miss you so much
I'm so glad you were born

What does it feel like
Now that you're not here
My darling, I love you
In my eye, there's a tear

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Morbid Angel

Morbid angel
With that crooked gothic grin
Smearing licorice lipstick
On the licentious lips of sin
Morbid angel
Whimpering salacious sighs
Snagging the souls of men
In your fishnet thighs
Morbid angel
In sable studded noir
Matching spiked collars
With your high heel scars
Morbid angel
Black lace over ashen skin 
You’re late for school again
Much to your parent’s chagrin

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Sometimes I feel like no one cares
As I live my life each day
I remember how they used to be
Now it's for them, that I pray

I feel they see me
As someone that's new
Like a person in this town
What's wrong, what did I do

I didn't mean for this to happen
It was God's will or way
Why is it now, they turn and run
All I want from you, is to stay

I don't want your pity
Even though it would be nice
Just think about how I feel
When you turn and look twice

Think of me just as a person
Not a killer with a plot
I miss my baby so much
And all that I haven't got

So the next time you see me
And you don't want to speak
Think about how I feel
And just turn the other cheek

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"Our family isn't normal!",
you often like to say.
What's wrong with popping wheelies
in a mower race with Ray???

So what if dad likes mooning
and showing off his rear.
You might see when you're older,
You will face your biggest fear.

Your house will be just like ours!
Your kids will all be nuts!
I hope you're ready for this life...
Do you think you've got the guts?

Will you laugh it off
when your "sweetheart" needs a ride...
(even when she say she hopes
you'll duck your head and hide?)

I hope you will remember 
how it felt to be thirteen.
When your family isn't normal,
and your dad's "King of the Bean".

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Closed Closets

Summer dresses
Sunset smiles
Intertwined fingers
Infatuation by trial 

Giggling glances
Fidgeting hair
Anticipating lips
Confessions spared

Teenage tongues
Passion spry
Inviting innocence
Naive thighs

Misplaced moment
Serrated sigh
Ripped restraint
Something awry

Smothered trust
Eyes of escape
Groped distress
A cry of rape

Muffled scratches
Screaming tears
Convulsing portrait
Of frozen fear

Scared secrets
Trembling outside 
Closed closets
Daughters inside

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Love for the Game

She stood there strong, fully armed
Ready to swing when the time was right
She saw it coming, so confident she was
She swung the bat and kissed the ball goodnight

With one girl on, no score as of yet
She was ready and had known what to do
So when she hit that ball, the bright yellow orb,
It went so far in the sky, it was lost from my view

Seeing what she did, she gave me a smile
She wanted to see the pride in her father’s eyes
For I wasn’t only viewing, but I’m also her coach
When she hit that ball, I wasn’t the least bit surprised

She is my athlete, a pure body of talent at ten
Her team is also grateful for all she has done
She’s a pitcher, first basemen, even a catcher too
She thanks God for all the games she has won

She knows she has talent, but laughs it all off
She just wants fun and to play with her friends
But she does give thanks for all that she can do
For a smile up to heaven, she also sends

Now, she’s running home, score number two
Her team has just won that long dragged out game
They were screaming, so happy they all seemed to be
As she touched home plate they were yelling her name

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Ava and Me in our Rainy Retreat

Amaretto morning
just like the earth to be grey today
Time for the old dog-eared book
all the while begging the rain to stay
I couldn't buy a moment like this
even in Lion's Head Antique store
I couldn't wish for a better excuse
to sink into myself, or to love you more
You grab the pillows and blanket
I'll fill the room with Red Star music
We will tell stories 'till we're laughing out loud
Ions of rain and the pressure diffuses
We are no longer dealing with death
We are no longer frazzled and wild
Just give us the rain on a Tuesday morning
and we become silly, as mother and child...

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The Woman In The Mirror

When I pass a mirror
and catch you watching me,
I'm stricken with the strangest chill
that no one else can see.

The resemblance is uncanny.
The face, the hair, the nose.
I'm even just about your height.
I guess that's how it goes.

I'll always be reminded 
of when you went away
each time I pass a mirror...
(That's every single day.)

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Her Ways

So, there I am within her spell She breathes her words, I come alive Her name to give, I’ll never tell But without her near, I can’t survive She holds the power of my heart Her gentle smile and her lovely ways So, from her then, I’ll never part I am entranced for eternal days So, I’m then captive to her whiles No other way I’d choose to be To know what lies behind her smiles Is how my daughters set me free

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Talk to Them

Come here you, yeah you.
Where do you think you’re going?
What’s wrong, can I help?
How long has this been going on?

Children, they are the future
So very cliché but true
But, we must step in at times.
That, we must do.

Ask the questions above
To start your dialogue of hope
Let them know you are there for them
They will soon be able to cope.

The road may not be easy
It is surely winding and long
But with people there to love and help
How can any help be wrong?

Communication, yes that is the key
To open the door to the hearts
Let them know, continue your best,
Tear their walls apart!

Barge in, take by the hand
Then calm with your soothing voice
Let them know, no matter what
It will always remain their choice.

They need to know you will be there
And not rule or take control
But be stable, strong and true
And ready to console.

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My Girls Own Me

Within their smiles, there lies the trust
They give to me so freely
I cannot ever let them down
As I love my daughters deeply
They count on Daddy to save them when
Their monsters come to call
They also know I am their friend
And will drive them to the mall
Most of all, I say with pride
My love forever lingers
For Daddy’s girls are very smart
As I’m wrapped around their fingers

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Ava's Smile

In your smile, I see:
skinned knees
laughing eyes
butterflies caught
sad good byes
wishes blown
to azure skies
all bottled up
in your grandmother's eyes
stories told
tear drops caught
kisses given
never bought
dreams kept
in your sleep
wrapping them 'round me
as I weep
a wish for winter
a love for snow
a mind full of wonder
and wanting to know
future forgiveness
and hearts trimmed in gold
all in your smile
at 3 years old.

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Dream Sifting

Sleeping sprawled with open mouth
like bears, in caves, in winter
Dreams cling to your lady bug lights
and rain back down in splinters
Splinters of thoughts carried away by the day
and absorbed into weavings of nights
Swirling around in your room at the sound 
of my footsteps ~ a luminous sight
Thick in the midst of your sweet mind's spring cleaning
True hibernation of youth
In the peace of your sleep, I watch over you, keep
all the dreams that you don't want to let loose...

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Sleep Tight

Sleep tight my little lovely,
for Daddy is always here.
Dream only dreams of beauty and color.
You have nothing then to fear.
That dream you said you ran
from that monster under your bed
was only your imagination.
It was only in your head.
I’m glad you came and woke me
so I could hold you tight.
So sleep tight my little lovely,
for Daddy’s here tonight.

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The Truth About Kids

Oh, my sons they are a handful
 and my daughters, they are a prize.
Despite it all, I love them dearly
with open arms and open eyes.
For, if you turn your back upon them,
they, in turn, will look to do
anything that they could think of
just to really infuriate you
Don't get me wrong, I do adore them.
They are my life. They make me whole.
But just beware, if you're around them,
they're very apt to lose control.
And, if by chance you are to meet them,
be very wary. Be on your guard.
For loving them, is oh so easy,
but, controlling them is oh so hard!

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Mother's Silent Words

Weep not, dear sweet child, 
Your mother lives in the sky
Remember she loves you
And will be keeping an eye

She is smiling so pretty
As she watches you grow
She is ever so proud
She wants you to know

She wants you to be happy
Not shed any tears
She wants you to be strong
To control all your fears

She holds in her hands
A trinket of her love
She’ll bestow on you, child
When you meet her above

Now, she wants you to know
It’s important to go on
Keep her in your heart, loving
And forever be strong

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My daughter's a devil

  She's as cold as Springtime
dark as the sun
she wants to be strong
but she's just too much fun.

  she tells me she's saving
for shoes and a car
but I hear her raving
for earrings that are...

diamonds and rubies
and gold all entwined
my daughter's a devil............
the heavenly kind.