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Quatrain Confusion Poems | Quatrain Poems About Confusion

These Quatrain Confusion poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Confusion. These are the best examples of Quatrain Confusion poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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You make me feel numb

I do believe in magic
I so believe in peace
I believe you know undoubtedly
Of beauties and of beasts
The human spirit can withstand
And rise above the shrine
Belittle all you want, my dear
I’ll be the dwarf in time
But I’ll evolve as I hold dear
These sentiments that haunt you
I’ll cherish every single tear
Because you’ve plagued me to
I’ll turn the other rosy cheek
Though undeserved it may be
I will forgive, but won’t forget
The promised growth inspired in me
Further more, I wish to say
Remind me that I’m still alive
Disturb the sleeping monsters 
Please provoke me to survive
You compliment this hypocrite
Attention seeking scum
And help stick out the finger
That outranks the sorest thumb

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Things I Don't Understand

There are things I don't understand
And would really like to know
Such as why they call it rush hour
And you move so freakin' slow

How come you get a learner's permit 
To get a license to drive a car
But they don't give one for a marriage license
Now I think that's going too far

Why do they put deer crossing signs up 
Do you believe there is really any need
In all my years of driving
I've never met a single deer who can read

I was reading a map in the park
And it definitely astonished me so
It had a red X that said you are here
And I was wondering how they know.

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nailed down

i took the nails, and the cat too.
the hammer, the sink and the bed.
i burned them all.  except the cat.
cos she loved me much more than the one i wed.

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My Torment

A fleeting still small voice tries to warn me
A sudden overwhelming desire to run
The tell tale taste of metallic flakes
Means my nightmare has begun

Everything around takes on a ghostly pallor
A landscape of anguish and corrosion
A moment of silence before the violence
The flash of light, the brilliant explosion

The sound of the Sun fills my ears
Fear, my throat, though none escapes me
And paralyzed I clench my eyes
As my tormentor prepares to rape me

And it's endeavor is absolute
Consumption is its ultimate goal
It exists to chase me so it can erase me
Whilst feasting on my soul

And then that familiar salty smell 
The sudden rush of warmth so stings
Engaging me relentlessly
In vile unspeakable things

Over and over and over again
My limbs stretched and wrought
As it's teeth tear my bones bare
It's mind defiles my thoughts

And still wounds beget wounds beget wounds
As in the mouth of madness I suffer
And with every injury he just seems to be
Rougher and rougher and rougher

Then just as suddenly as it began it ceases
And for a moment I am clearer
And then the true horror of it all
Is revealed in a darkly lit mirror

There in front of me stands my destroyer
Face flush with it's fill of my pain
And I find that it's eyes and mine
My God, they’re one in the same

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The Paradox of Love

We love those who don’t love us
And we don’t love those who do
We long for the unfaithful
And neglect those who are true

We give to those who have no need
And withhold from those who do
We run after those who run away
And run away from ones who pursue

We flirt with those who are aloof
And are aloof with those who flirt
We treat like gold the worthless
And the worthy we treat like dirt

We die for those who’re indifferent
And are indifferent to those who die
Tis the state of our foolish hearts
Will someone please to tell me why?

He says I am his heart and soul
You’re indifferent to my needs
He vows he’d die without my love
Yet it’s for you my heart bleeds

He claims I’m his oxygen
Carbon dioxide I am to you
His eyes want to eat me up
YOU’RE my honey through and through

My foolish heart has lost its wits
The world has gone crazy too
I love him who loves me not
Tell me, is this true for you?

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Falsifying Truth

The concerned politician was running for re-election
   But a very cool, steamy sex scandal he struggled to hide
He used his thick, bald head to provide some harmful protection
   By taking a scholarly, dim-witted babe to be his bride

By hiding appearances this loser won the seat he sought
   But the love/hate relationship with his former mate went on
Under cover, above reproach the governorship he bought
   The wickedly good scheme went awry, the lover suddenly gone

In the shadows of limelight his true love would no longer stay
   The powerless governor didn’t want his private life public
And his charming, boring wife soon suspected there’d been foul play
   Lying alone in her separate room made her healthy heart sick

A sleazy, reputable reporter showed her photographs
   Of her husband and his lover in a platonic embrace
When confronted, the governor made a fortuitous gaff
   Laughing contritely, he told his wife their love he’d not debase

But well-intentioned cons have a way of gleaming through darkness
   For the long-lost mate found his way to the governor’s mansion
Startled resignation on his wife’s face so expressionless
   To explain he was gay led to consolidated expansion

The news was revealed, the governor was forced into hiding
   For he was no longer viewed as a truthful politician
He’d not been upfront, but back down in a closet confining
   And he’d risen to downfall with a concealed revelation 

*For Kristin’s “Oxymoronic” contest

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His Apocalypse Come True

It started with one utterance that grew into a shout. That cry grew louder in his ear. He could not get it out. The bellowing prolonged itself, and then one cry was two. His frightened eyes searched faces on the teeming avenue. Amidst the bustling multitude, he gaped at strangers’ lips, but mouths stayed shut and mocked the truth of his apocalypse. The cries that he was hearing came a hundredfold or more, a deafening cacophony, an oceanic roar. And nightmare revelations that had brought this din in dreams were now his actuality - enwrapping him in screams. The throng pressed on around a man who crouched, with eyes half-dead. And now inside a room he rocks to screams inside his head.
Fpr the Impress Me II Contest of Giorgio Veneto

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Choosing Life

Eighty-four pounds at age 27
An illness nearly claimed my life
“You have an option,” the doctor said
But the choice was one that cut like a knife

“Pray for a miracle; linger in pain
Or negate any chance of having children”
My husband had died, my hope long since drained
In a sense I already felt barren

No way to rejoice, given such a choice
Knew I’d never feel like a real woman
So I sought guidance from my inner voice
Made the sign of the cross, said, “Amen”

“Do it,” I cried, tears welling in my eyes
My body dying, I saw no option
It seemed better than facing my demise
This was my darkest hour without question

Career struggles I faced in years ahead
And there was no man standing by my side
Empty within, faced the future with dread
Had I made the right choice? Still can’t decide

Perhaps a miracle would have occurred
I believe God watches over us all
But to a pain-free life I had deferred
Instead of trusting blessings would befall

* For Ryland's "Darkest Hour" challenge

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In the darkening room I stood:
tears welling in my eyes:
by the windowed-wall, looking out,
my small chest full of sighs.

Headlights bright white and tail lights red,
paired, meandered down the street,
yet the white headlights that I sought
seemed only to retreat.

Cold, calm, singular, tear drops fell,
soon reaching down turned lips;
as in the house across the street,
the living room was lit.

A Father held his baby high. 
He hugged that toddler tight.
I wiped the corner of my eye,
and gazed into the night.

Above the darkened woodland near,
beneath a cobalt sky;
the highway brought their Fathers home.
alone again stood I.

Horns blared out in drives near by
sweet laughter filled the air,
and, in the drive across the street,
their Fathers did appear.

The children ran out slamming doors,
on small unshodden feet,
with tiny squeals, and upturned cheeks,
their Father they did greet.

Where was the father who I sought
our lives incomplete
a traveling man, my Father
did nothing but retreat.

*A memory from when I was 8.

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~Confusion~ The sun kisses my fresh washed cheeks It’s warming on my face The breeze rustles my just brushed hair The mist disappears, its fingers leaving a wet trace. The birds start to sing They are late it’s already past dawn The insects start to buzz On this fresh brand new morn… We are happy to awake A new day to explore New challenges we take As we exit through our door. A chance to do good or bad The choice is up to you To be happy or be sad Or spread a smile or too. The pink fingers of cloud in the east Mean red sky in the morning Will the old saying come true? Is this a shepherds warning? As the sun set in the west Only sunset just last night The red sky was at its best That should mean shepherds delight… Is it shepherds warning or is it shepherds delight? Now I am so confused, is it morning still or night? Is it going to be fine, or are storms on the way? I wish the bloody shepherds would make their minds up today.
© ~GG~ 7/06/2012

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Why is it poetry, is a like dirty word and talked of in undertones?
It’s like a naughty postcard, more flesh than there are bones.
Poets tend to deny their art, “I’m not a poet, I’m a rhym-er”
Come on you lot get stuck in don’t be a poetry two-timer.

After a glass of alcohol some may admit-“I like a little verse”
“But no I m not into poetry…” It’s like a speech they did rehearse.
Now poems I’m getting good at, but famous poets I don’t know any
Don’t ask me if I’m a poet, because in wages I don’t earn a penny.

Now rhyme I am not bad at, but at free verse I would stink
As for haiku, senryu, and other forms, I stink I really think…
I listened to some so called poets; decry their art the other day
They denied their art while they listened, to what each other had to say.

Standing there with their poems held high, “I’m not a poet” they all said
Well get down from the microphone and let’s hear a poet instead…
They pass their poems around the table, like some black market currency
Not wanting anyone to see it, but they are at a reading for poetry.

So be loud and proud you poets stand firm for what you believe in
Tell them you are a poet, and just get used to all the teasing
I used to be a shy poet and I write verse with some frivolity
But the definition in my dictionary says “words with a pleasing quality.”

So now I am open to judgement from all of you wonderful poets
You have all commented on my work, but do you really know it?
You all have qualities that scare me, you really seem so clever
So can I finally admit to being a poet, from now on  and forever?	
~GG~ 27/09/2012

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Why can't she learn to do that right?
You'd think that she'd know better.
Someone should tell her what to do,
To hone her each endeaver.

What is he doing over there?
He should be over here.
He should be told where he belongs,
And make it very clear.

She never does as she is told,
Although I've tried and tried;
What she should do and how and when,
I took it all in stride.

I spoke to her, I spoke to them,
To bring her back in line;
But she is stubborn, wants her way,
But she will learn in time,

That I am right and she is wrong,
I'll teach her that I know,
Much more about her work than she,
I'll tell her where to go.

It seems my help and good advice,
Is just ignored and spurned.
I only want the best for all,
The best for all concerned.

I guess my help's unwanted,
But if 'twere put to test,
They all would see that I am right,
And my way is the best.

No matter where you go or what you do you're going to find some people in the world who think they know more about eveything than anyone else and they will do their best to force their opinion on everyone they come in contact with. Th ebest way to handle someone like this is to give them a wide berth. Stay aloof but friendly in a distant sort of way. However, don't hesitate to let them know you cannot and will not be bulllied because this type of person capitalizes on your weakness. Whenever they start something with you it's important to make sure everyone knows exactly what was said and done when it happens so you don't end up looking the fool instead of them. When they find out that instead of keeping quiet you will fight back using their own methods against them they will back off and leave you alone.

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Your life is a journey
Which will never wax or wane
A beacon of bottled moonlight
Anchored waves of radiant rain
There is no demise
Or salvation of plundered plight
Cast into a sea of superstition
In the depths of torrential night
Your life transcends flesh
That sinking vessel which we mourn
It resides in a shipwrecked message
Found on the shores of faith’s forlorn

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Surrounded by casualty, fatality, and injury.
Deafened by bombings, gun shots, and agony!
Pain, sadness, despair, and misery.
At this point, there is no chance of victory.

At war, men with power,
Tend to hide and cower.
Whilst the enemies prevail and empower,
So in despair, our heads we lower!

A lifeless body with a doll,
Blood is smeared upon the wall!
Amidst this chaos I feel so small,
As our weak defenses fail and fall.

When your enemies are merciless,
There will always be injustice.
And the only way to stop this,
Is to fight with justice.

War is caused by prejudice, hatred, and greed.
Why do we cause so much pain? Is it a need?
Why do we have to make each other bleed?
Why is it that only by slaughter could anyone succeed?

Peace binds all mankind in a chain.
A chain without agony and without pain;
A chain without hate and without disdain,
It is THIS peace that we cannot attain!

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Minor Discomfort

Does everybody feel the same as I do?
Lost? Adrift? Disconnected? Confused?
Does anyone know how to ease the hurt of truth
For the accuser, as well as the accused?

I've heard there's bliss
Found somewhere in ignorance
For those who have been stripped
Of their already fleeting innocence

So I continue to move through this life
Practiced smile, that doesn't quite reach my eyes
Which instead reflect the emptiness
That fills me up inside

It hurts to feel so alone and uncertain
Consumed by doubt and fear
Eventually life becomes a burden
Damaged beyond all repair

The temptation to numb all sensation
It more powerful than one might believe
I'll sacrifice the pleasure, to relieve the devastation
As passion gives way to apathy

Say whatever you want
About those who dwell on the past
Go ahead and judge me from your moral soapbox
While you cower behind your mask

The opinions of most matter very little to me
It won't be taken to heart as you intend it to be
First you'd have to practice the words you preach
If you ever do then I promise I'll start listening

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I'm sure you think I'm crying.
You think it hurts so bad.
The only thing that truly hurt,
was when I lost my dad.

He really wanted me to know
the way life was meant to be.
He always tried to help me out.
He truly cared for me.

I pray one day I'll see him
laughing once again.
He was so much more than people knew.
He was part of a bigger plan.

Now he's gone to heaven
and I hope he's looking down.
I need him still to guide me
when I laugh and when I frown.

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In the Mist of Life

In the mist of life, I have found myself
  lost and alone in a wood dark and gray.
A chill to the bone, a fall to the depth
  a longing to feel the warm rays of day.

There was but one road which ran to a church.
  There was many roads that ran far in the wood.
Like a fool I have run past Elm and Birch
  this lost road turned to a trail where I stood.

 A dark cloud now forms a narrow cold sky
  a wind from the North, which blows coastally. 
My choice brings no answer only a sigh 
  it made years ago and so willfully.

Weary am I of a life on this path
  wishing to visit my option again.
Fearing my Lord or fearing His wrath 
  I backtrack this road but only in vain.

Before me a puzzle of rock and stone  
  reaching far back before a road in time 
planted me deep in a mist with no tone 
  searching for a life, that I could call mine.

This narrowing track turns back on itself,
  the undergrowth soon will stand in my way.
In the mist of life, I have found myself
  Lost and alone in a wood dark and gray.

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Tangled up

I'm breaking inside like shattered glass
The shards cut sharp and deep
Noone sees within these walls
Or know the secrets that I keep

I become so lost and helpless
Like a little child crying
My hands are weak and fragile
And my will to fight is dying

I donot understand myself
Or this monster that I see
Reflecting from this mirror
Broken eyes look back at me

Once so proud of who I was
Now ashamed to know at all
I'm fighting off the agony
And I've never felt this small

Help me, someone, can you hear?
I'm bleeding where I cannot find
Tell me that it's all a dream
That I'm not losing half my mind

The fire of pain that burns me
Leaves scars inside my heart
It rips in two, my belly
And pulls my soul apart

I'm stripped of all my dignity
As I lay there in my tears
A pool of hurt becomes a river
And I realize my fears

You changed, and life has changed
Will I ever feel I'm free?
I looked into your eyes that loved
And I no longer could see me

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Sharpening the Knife

So what
Don't give me that look
It was just a cut
I am no crook

I feel better
To see my arm bleed
You yell, "Get Her"
But the cut is my feed

Why do you make me stop?
It doesn't hurt that bad
You are not some sort of cop
Cutting makes me glad

I don't feel anymore
But the sharp blade
I am no longer hurting in the core
All the feelings fade

I wear a jacket
To cover the scars
And I'll have to hack it
They are my permanent memoirs

So I'll just sit
And sharpen the knife
Don't throw a fit
This is my life

It's not like you know pain
I do, more then others
I live life in vain
And I won't get help from my mother

I don't want your help
Just leave me alone
So just hush your yelp
Don't give me that tone

This is my choice
Not yours to say
The cut is my voice
So just let me waste away...

This is for anyone, who has felt alone, you aren't, things can never be as bad as they seem, just keep 
moving and never give up.

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For You...My Friend

I get the silent phone calls.
I know she's on the line.
Why don't you be a man for once
and choose her home or mine?

You say I must be crazy
because I do accuse...
You must have forgotten
how much I have to lose.

I've given you the better part
of my unhappy life.
Why can't you just be satisfied
with me being your wife?

Have I made you be unfaithful?
Do I not fulfill your needs?
Or is it just your selfishness
that makes you do such dirty deeds?

I'll get the strength to leave you,
and believe me...when I do,
You'll Pay for all the pain you've caused
when she does the same to you!

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My Chagrin

Once again to my chagrin
     This nightmare perseveres
And through the glass it comes to pass
     To feed upon my fears

And it seems to slay my dreams
     And in their stead leave blind
Mine own two eyes to that one prize
     My soul doth seek to find

Still I pray that night gives way
     And cures this circumstance
That captive holds my weary soul
     Within it's darkened trance

And perhaps lay loose the straps
     That bind me to this cross
And free from 'round my neck now bound
     This curs'ed albatross

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Mystic Tinklings

                   Mystic Tinklings

Mystic tinklings
	Ancient echoes from the past
Fleeting inklings
	Glimmer just beyond your grasp

Phantom footfalls
	When you know that you’re alone
Echoed choircalls
	Of a long forgotten song

Shadows slipway
	From the corners of your eye
Darkened hallways
	Hints of time passed by

Brief reflections
	Of things you did not see
Vast collections
	Of the things that used to be

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A Mother's Son......For Dustin Cunningham

A smile that warms her heart.
 With bright, shining Angel eyes.
Soon his whole world would fall apart.
 When he sadly watched as his Mother dies.

No one to listen or believe what he saw.
 For years the truth lie in wait.
Each passing day, the pain made him raw.
 And for his step-dad rose a new level of hate.

A troubled youth is what he'd come to be.
 Violence, drugs and alcohol to deal with the pain.
When the truth came out it didn't set him free.
 Watching for Santa as his Mother was slain.

After years, Justice was served for his Mother's death.
 But her kids would have no justice at all.
They would never hold her again so they remained bereft.
 She'll never be there for them to hug, kiss or call.

She loved her kids, especially her eldest son.
 She was taken too soon by a drunk, selfish bully.
He didn't care who he hurt or what he did to anyone.
 Its not something her children could understand fully.

Her son now sits in his own personal Hell.
 Taken away from society to pay for his unrelated crimes.
So now he stays in that six by six prison cell.
 Hoping that he'll heal in a matter of time.

I'm here for him and I remain his friend.
 I wait for that shine to return to his now haunted eyes.
For that smile to brighten from his sad, dull grin.
 I'm someone who can love him and quiet his cries.

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Moment of Madness

Vultures of doubt hover in my mind
Death beckons me
Live like a Stranger in my abode
Naught for me to live

Sparrows tweet around
On the soil beside me
Bend down, I sip water
Made muddy by rain

Came out of my walls
Tears flow down my eyes
Quench my parched throat
My hearts start beating

Feel light and tranquil
Sky is my home
Birds are my friends
Dogs line up to seek food

Push all away, I laugh aloud
My plate was empty a moment ago
Brimming with madness
My hands are full

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Fallen Victim

I have fallen victim so many times
To nobody's fault except only mine.
I will ask for forgiveness and have faith,
Even though I feel like I am not saved.

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Along lush woods that slither on hills between Evening of Life recalls a town ,so quaint For joyride cruising new borders, my dream! Though on sharp ridge, pale oak warns of restraint. Held by twisted stems coiled on ruined track Grasses freeze, sad among twigs from the glen More sad than death, or all deaths can exact A calling of Time stirring its bleak omen. In a wham, a daze passes through my head Scenes of auto crash splinter like ripped gown, Thrown in a realm farther than black-wired sky My body sprawled on pools of blood’s seabed. Succumbing to visions erased by clear light Pulse rouses to chimes of Amazing Grace; A gruesome day I won’t relive, despite Promises of thrills that wait to amaze. What I Woudn't Want To Relive Contest Sponsor: Black-Eyed Susan

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Goodbye Heartache

What have I done? 
Have I thrown it all away? 
Can I ever get it back? 
Has my life gone astray?

Questions with no answers
Confusion my only friend
I keep hoping to find me
It’s like spitting in the wind

I look all around me 
I see you standing there
But nothing that you do
Shows me that you care

One minute I think I see it
A love so pure and true
Then as I blink I realize
There’s nothing here but YOU

You want me for what I give 
And use me for all I do 
Nothing I’ve ever wanted
Seems to be important to you

It was a simple promise
A vow from within my soul
Now I’m trying to find myself
But feeling very alone

As you sleep I hear the sighs
Born within the man I know
Wanting me to be different
Accepting me; OH NO

I have given everything 
To make this marriage work
But now I feel I must move on
No matter how it hurts

Goodbye to the heartache
So long to the pain
It’s time to find the little
Of my heart that still remains.

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Lord, I do not know what to do;
Please, lead me by Your side.
Decisions I'm facing are lost and through;
Please, lead me to do what's right.

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I went to war in Vietnam which wasn't my idea
the army never asked for my advice
I slogged on through the jungles there and watched some soldiers die
out country where the farmers grow their rice

The months went by like in a horrid dream of blood and death
and nothing I could say made any change
one mission here. one mission there just made no sense to me
but there was no way it would rearrange

We came to do our duty and to save South Vietnam
from communist incursions from the north
The tunnel rats went into where no one should ever go
And daily, squads were sweeping back and forth

The enemy was everywhere so telling friend from foe
was just about the hardest thing to do
then just about the time you may have thought you had it pegged
some little "friend" would make a fool of you

I finally got home last month, free from an ugly war
but landing at the airport gave me pause
a woman with a little kid called me a nasty name
and spit at me without a hint of cause

This war I did not advocate and never wished to go
I never had a choice in going there
I only wish the people at my home would understand
and put the blame on those who sent us there

I simply cannot understand the hatred aimed at me
for doing what I really thought was right
it seems that people aught to see the reasons why we go
and know that it's our duty makes us fight

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For I Had Lied

Dada was everything to our youth
Our wide faculty was his help
Our recognition was his sooth
Nobody does it than his rep

Many youth he carried up there
Without seeking any penny
Many services he rendered
For free. All of which we did see 

He was not a king or a prince
Perhaps he was just a God sent
To his community, king and prince...
He begot not but was begot

Mindful of his predicament
But dare not showed it on earth
Till that Friday night he drove out
Of town and took to a scar oath

The next hour we heard he had died
And left us belated letter
"Don't cry for me, for I had lied.
...I'll die now before later"

*cry for...: Mourn


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The Mess In My Head

I used to think it was just you
That messes with my head
But now I've got to thinking
It's actually me instead

I'm the one that taunts myself
To live inside my dream
That conjures up impossible
Of things that might have been

I goad myself with half truths
And lie myself to sleep
Then plague my soul with nightmares
For the things I can not keep

I hate to face my world alone
So hide myself instead
And conjure up impossible
That messes with my head.

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Mystery Crash

Recall a moment on Friday evening
waiting for the bus, I heard a loud bang
a car careened into a pole, debris
scattered, pedestrians stared, bewildered.

What happened? all inquired, much confusion.
various causes considered – drinking
likely, most supposed, the occupants still
inside, stunned, immobile, then one emerged –
unscathed, no injuries apparent.  

Female occupant unstable, impaired
by drink or shock, indeterminate right then
the bus arrived at this juncture - this tale
incomplete – what happened next? – unknown cause. 

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Alone And Blue

The wind whispers through the night
Cool against the mist on my skin
A neon sign that reads "Motel" lights my way
Hundreds more have lit where I've been

This night isn't unlike countless before
Walking endlessly with nowhere to go
I pass a drunk in a doorway
And think "now there's something I know"

All I own is here on my back
And the memories I have of you
Lost everything when you left
Now I walk Alone and Blue

Alone and Blue
Living with memories of you
Alone and Blue
What the hell am I going to do

Alone and Blue
No matter how hard I try
Alone and Blue
You never even told me why

Sometimes I wish it would all end
All the pain and suffering gone
Putting my weary mind at ease
My soul could then carry on

But until then I walk through the mist
That rides upon the whispering winds
And go on hearing your voice
My sanity... I try to defend

Alone and Blue
Living with memories of you
Alone and Blue
Are you lonely too??

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My Untold Secret

I feel your eyes on me
As I turn and walk away,
Although you truly can't see
The reason I can not stay.

On the balcony you stand
For I know that I must part,
Your pocket will hold your hand
Only you have held my heart.

I wish that I had told you
From the start it was a lie,
Yes I'm married this true
That is why I've said good bye.

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These thoughts that I run from
These dreams of you
I reckon they won't rest
Without knowing you do too. 

You do wonder 'what if'
And you'd kill to explore
Those roads we abandoned 
Those 'could have been's unsure. 

I admit being at fault
For despairs galore
I beg you to set me free
I can't take this anymore
Do you wonder 'what if'?
Would you kill to explore?
Those roads we abandoned 
Those 'could have been's unsure?

Just take me with you
Let's just go back in time 
Let's start from where we left..and
I wanna get it right this time...

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Doctor Them

       Doctor Them  
Dr. Them and himself remind us 
There is no cure for life or after life
They give their assurance without playing with themselves
It is only the here and now that counts

Doctor has a dual personality of balanced size
To help keep you alive, so do comply, happy side by side
Turn over your wallet so you don’t expire
Not for any other reason, but medical, of course

The need to visit golf courses is purely coincidental
If you give us your insurance card we’ll throw in dental
With multiple personalities we need more fees now and then
New pools and houses would please us to no end

Dr. Them says; for all things medical, medieval or stormy
Take 2 aspirin and call him in the morning, (which him is up to you)
Accordingly, they will tell you about storm warnings you can use
If you call him or them a meteorologist, that will be billed too 

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A Weight Upon My Shoulders

A Weight Upon My Shoulders

Sometimes the world feels heavy
Its weight upon my shoulders
As I seek to find some order
And sort things in mental folders.

There are things I know important
Things that shan’t be missed
But it’s hard to remember all
With daily additions to my list.

It’s tiring and stressful
But also quite rewarding
Knowing it is my loved one
I help cross the streams he’s fording.

I know it can’t be easy
Each day as he does wake
But he puts forth the effort
Knowing what’s  at stake.

Our priorities are different
As are the places we can go
But it’s the steps we take together
In this new world we grow.

Yes, we both are tired
Our view of things have changed
Ever since his stroke
And our life was rearranged.

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Christmas madness

Twas a few days before Christmas, shoppers
dazed and bewildered, wandered through the store
selecting groceries from off the shelves,
paying for purchases, minds are elsewhere.
In quick succession, three people stepped out
there in front of my cart - could not stop quick
so each  was hit gently, not one was hurt
just dumbfounded why I ran into them!

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Bucket List

I decided to put some thought
Into my bucket list today
I examined some metal ones
And worried they would rust away

I remember that plastic one
I really liked the way it felt
But if it becomes hot out there
I'm afraid my bucket would melt

Are there buckets made of rubber?
I think that would be really fine
If they haven't been invented
Then I could create the design

So many choices and colors
I'm going out of my mind
My list is getting much longer
Why's my bucket so hard to find

I've heard of kicking the bucket
I guess the frustration'sreal great
Oh where oh where is my bucket?
That I need to carry my Bait

The most important thing to do
Is to go fishing with my son
To hell with this dumb bucket list
I'll just use my tired old one

Bucket List

Better to live and enjoy people instead of being caught up in
The details of all the things we wish we had done. Live in the now.

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I Know The Truth, But Can I Face It

I see the writing on the wall
but just can't seem to read
I know deep down what I must do
but can't seem to see the need

Questions going to and fro
debates that wage their war
a heart that's feeling heavy 
and a conscience getting sore

Am I just avoiding
what I know is right
is this all just temporary
a little short of sight?

But it's so hard to start again
when feeling numb from care
and emotions that you thought you had
are now just barely there

I know that I'm the one to blame
for opening up the door
and in storms my confusion
and throws me to the floor

So is this really what I want
a life I've know forever
or is it time to cut and run
a past completely sever?

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True Boredom (Englyn)

You have built a wall no one can tear down
because of your heart's woe.
You refuse to let it go.
Being free? You'll never know.

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Selective Memory

If I could remember
Half of what I've forgot
That sure would be something 
I have forgot a lot

The older that I get
The better my life seemed
I can't tell the difference 
From real and what I've dreamed

Short Poem Contest

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Our unbelief

Far away as we can be from one another
As if separated by oceans and lands
Contentment resides when no matter
The distance, I believe in you to the end.

Expectations can alter the view
When a deed does not fit
That will affect that precious bond
That connects our souls, causing a shift.

Your disbelief widens the gap
And suddenly you see a distorted picture
That tears your insides apart
And your heart has been hurt.

But when you remember your belief
And you keep reaching out
Because you can't let go, though you grieve
Something unexpected is found out.

As wounded you are, another is hurt too
Your actions have caused grief
To the one you thought had failed you
Stricken by the pain of your unbelief.

Far away as we can be from one another
As if separated by oceans and lands
Contentment resides when no matter
The distance, we believe in each other to the end.

Soon we will be close to one another again
We will understand the gift we have received
Our bond will reach a strength beyond gain
Because our love overcame our unbelief.

By CarolineCécile
Copyright © 03.29.11

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The Shovel

Golgotha seemed no risk to view, As the Place of the Skull beckoned anew. My heart hammered for I saw no escape From the man with a shovel and tattered cape. His shovel waved, as if to attack, And he gave the ground a wicked whack. He shoveled some dirt and filled a hole, Then I recalled the story told. After the Crucifixion, like one possessed, To fill every hole was this man’s quest. He said, “I caused His death, to my shame. The hole for the cross was my blame!” I replied, “Sir, he died for you and me, To fill holes in our lives, don’t you see?” As he stood weeping, his mind in shock, I said, “Sir, we need to talk.”

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This Poem

This poem has yet to finish.
It's barely past the start.
It hasn't any followers
and isn't yet an art.

The subject is not written:
direction not quite clear.
My reason for it's being
is only what is here.

The length is getting longer
with nothing more to say.
Without a proper ending
it just might run astray.

I'll say my final thoughts
in hopes they'll bring an end.
But really; who'm I kidding,
a sequels 'round the bend.

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Family Picture?

What is a family picture? 
Is it all for real? 
Are the people that you see
pretending they don't feel? 

Can you see their anger? 
Can you smell their fear? 
Do you sense unhappiness
in the picture that's so clear? 

We're trying to be perfect, 
to look a certain way.
A family picture says so much
when there's nothing nice to say.

You plaster on the fake smile.
You put your arms 'just so'.
You show the world your family
without letting your family show. 

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Swirls ,twirls. kaleidoscopes of color
Dreams and  schemes the whole night long
Ideas unleashed, boundaries unknown
The winds of  frenzy blow so strong..

Keep turning the wheel..yet one more time
My kaleidoscope gives another scene
Seeds of insanity.. tumbling shades of red
Looking and looking .. what can it mean

Hoping that reality does not preclude
The kaleidoscope of dreams I view
The madness masked in deepest sleep
Turn to brilliance? I wish I knew...

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I feel as though I'm drowning
in a non-existent sea
being thrown about by waves
that just wont let me be.

I try so hard to reach dry land
my breath to try and catch
but this tide is just too strong
for it I am no match.

This ocean keeps me choking
while it's hold gets ever tight
I feel as though I now exist
in some never ending fight.

But as this sea does drag me
into it's waters deep
I just add to what is drowning
with the rivers of tears I weep.

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House Flies

Now what? I utter under my breath What's next on my list of subjects? I know, I'll write about house flies! That should stir things up I suspect Much maligned, they have a purpose Not sure what that purpose might be So I looked it up on good old Google They're the greatest carrier of disease That's really not what I expected to find Thought they had some redeeming factor Seems that's all these insects are good for If you can, run 'em over with a tractor Swat 'em, stomp on 'em, any old time Try aiming for the females if you can Each can lay approximately 500 eggs It's for the overall good health of man! © Jack Ellison 2012

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Fallen Angels

So much pain
Innocent lives lost
Separation from spirit
Now evident, the cost

Blame will be easy
Anger, quick to rise
Unite must we all
For peace, no compromise

Understand may we never
What drives such evil minds
Heal must we now
To each other, be kind

Hate may come quickly
Justified by most
Reach out where you can
Turn tragedy to hope

Find in yourself
Strength to carry light
For together we are strong
Brighter future still in sight

Hold tight those you love
Honor those today lost
Be the change you seek
A bridge together, we can cross

* Dedicated to those lost and those left behind – December 14,th 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School
Newtown, Connecticut *

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Burden Feelings

Those burried feelings you get, where you always ignore. So that your situation won't break, that you fought ups and downs for.
I don't know what to label. 'Cause those feelings are unstable. Is it friendship or love feelings? It's crazy, 'cause they are unexplored feelings.

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What effects has covetousness or Greed in our souls

Covetousness or Greed begets 
In our souls unkindness
Dishonesty, deceit
And want of Charity or Love

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Spiritual but not Religious

Spiritual but not religious what does it really mean This claim is quite prevalent on today's scene Is it just a new age fad or is it contradictory If in fact it is the latter then what is the discrepancy Religion has divided a person into body, mind and spirit It says it seeks the spirit's welfare and is sincere about it If religion really deals with the spirit then why is there such a fuss that many still continue to claim they are spiritual but not religious please comment if you are such a person or otherwise

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Lurking Shadows

I sense there's something lurking
Out the corner of my eye
But when I turn to take a look
Away it seems to fly

Maybe I am haunted
By a dream that's all but vanished
Perhaps it's by some buried thought
That refuses to stay banished

Maybe it's a memory
I thought I'd slain at best
Escaping from it's prison bonds
It must be laid to rest

I feel that something's surfaced
Like a ghost it must be chased
Can't keep fearing shadows
My demons must be faced

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First Step

I am here on that brink again 
I realize that I never left 
Thought I had moved, but then
I realize I am once again bereft.

Why am I yet again on the brink
Feeling once more that I must always choose?
Why do I always seem to think
That I will be the one to inevitably lose?

Light is shining ahead of me
Darkness is to the back
Shadows in Light I see
Yet,Dark does attack.

I am tired of being lost
I want to finally, FINALLY find
Myself no matter the cost
And to leave Darkness behind.

Can I really do this?
Can I take that step?
I desperately want the bliss
So frantically I do so prep.

I lift my foot to go
Forward and Dark
Fights me, although
My journey does embark.

Can love be there? 
May love I receive?
No longer unaware
I do now believe.

This is no mere affair
That he does so care
So Darkness BEWARE
I do now have my Bear.

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Contemplating Saturn's Rings

Many years ago Galileo scanned the sky
And was astounded with a wondrous sight 
Colorful rings around  this planet
Saturn's glory in the starry night

Those  rings are made of  coldest ice
Just like the rings around your heart
You will not break those telling bands
Nor let my love pull them apart

The rings and moons of Saturn
Far beacons in the distant sky
Give rise to our  contemplation
And the age old question.".why?"

For the Ring contest..

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Big Half Price Sale

I've often suspected the big box stores When announcing a half price sale Of bumping up their regular prices So discounts seem larger in scale They're probably giving us 10% off But it seems like a big bunch more I guess they're legally within their rights But morally a bit shady for sure I guess I'm guilty like everyone else Of searching for that deal of deals So when I get back I can brag to my wife How I really got away with a steal Who am I fooling, I just got skinned There are no free tickets in life The deal I thought I got away with today Is not really that good of a price I've often suspected the big box stores... © Jack Ellison 2012

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Indiscretions and more lies
a captive of my will
I try in vain to fend you off
addicted to the thrill

My days go by in silent thought
I’ve left you far behind
And then a phone call beacons me
and soon it all unwinds

Your ways are toxic to my soul
my flesh it comes alive
How long can we keep doing this?                     
It’s all so damn contrived

It seems we both are prisoners
unable to be free
We both can't seem to end this thing
that strangles you and me

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Memory of a Lost Love

Memory of a lost Love

He sat, motionless, a hard static stare,
Sat there, frozen, to a small rocking chair.
Looked out over garden, so wonderful, so wild,
Bringing back the memory, of when he was a child.
Thoughts of auburn hair, emerald eyes,
Many nights spent, with low muffled cries.
No children to share, for impotent man,
Bed time rows, the tears that ran.
Love now gone, was such a temporal game,
Some amorous nights? So who was to blame?
Tears like rain for this solitary soul,
Such a resting actor who has no role.
She left him she said, "cause all was not fine",
For him, it was, just a matter of time.
Knowing of others, she'd seen for the night,
No doubt his heart was too broken to fight.
Although, outside, was now breezy, quite warm,
Inside his heart bled, so tattered and torn.
Clinging with care now, to what he had left,
Pictures, happy times, memories were best.
Where could he go now? He could not complain,
Sat there, anguished, was her victim inane?
Why are some people so selfish with life?
They make a bad lover, husband or wife?
I only pray that from such I am free,
Hoping in my life, True Love is for me.

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God's Plan

There was a schoolboy,
He would always say,
Why do bad things happen,
Why must we suffer in this way?

A wise man answered him,
It's because of sin,
Adam ate the fruit,
In the Garden of Eden.

It's so not fair,
He would say,
Because he ate,
Why should we pay?

The wise man asked,
But why should we go free,
Because one Man,
Died on a tree?

He pointed to the cross,
Where our Savior died,
The boy scratched his head,
His ears open wide.

We were cursed by just one man,
Then saved by another,
It's all part of God's plan,
Which is fair he discovered.

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Few Days Of Love

Few Days Of Love.
If two days are what a soul receives,
are those days for loving adequate,
when a blissful spring, the garden leaves--
is the right response to blame the fate.
When two days are all a soul does need
such a trek cant deem a lover then,
might all us consume our bodies greed
and give this world more lonely men.
For two days are what a soul had found,
should the love regret this painful grant,
to a lucid dream the trueness bound
while in craving that which have you cant.
Why two days are what my soul did bring!
and did bring with them, the perfect love,
I have embraced it like a gifted wind
and embraced would die, in fleeting of.
But, two days are what my soul did get,
so I love my dame to the full extent,
for no realm can such a clock beget,
at a quit which wont our love lament.
So two days are what my soul did gain
and did the error of loving commit,
you can lock me up, and write me pain,
but never two loving souls can split.
R.N.Khan, © 2012

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Let's Go Have A Brew

I don't know why we have to hate The world seems really changed of late I don't know why there's so much fear We're all alike between the ears Us guys so often get it wrong Remind yourself of this old song While storm clouds gather across the sea Let's all be glad our land is free We're always free to live and pray To just say no, to have our say So next time someone threatens you Say “let's go talk and have a brew” There's lots of things that I don't know Don't know why men must come to blows Don't know why men have to die Could you explain the reason why? © Jack Ellison 2013

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Coursing through my veins
Infecting my brain
Drives me insane

I'm feindin' for those uppers
I'm feindin' to get down
I need to feel that ecstasy
That overwhelming sound

I'm cravin' me some instant death
I'm asking to raise hell
I hear my familiar shallow breath
That comfy, cushioned cell

I need to feel my insides out
I need to taste the pills
I feel the love and that's no doubt
That wretched, lovely taste that kills

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Can't fight this feeling
not even sure it's there
It whispers in the dark to me
a little taunting dare.

It even haunts my dreams at night
so I don't want to sleep
Like echoes in the silence
from the shadows of the deep.

This quiet voice inside of me
that i'm not sure is real
Is there to take my peace away
my mind to try and steal.

Maybe it's insanity
the things I think I hear
But panic starts to mount inside
as my ghosts I start to fear.

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More Agony

My friend I want you to know
 That happy for you I am
As before the coming snow
 You will have a baby in a pram.

Your shower today was nice
 I thought I could handle it.
But my heart is not ice
 For jeaousy I feel this I admit.

I feel like a loon
 My babies gone
No lullabies to croon
 No being woke at dawn.

I thought I could handle this
 Be here for my dear friend
But there is gaping abyss
 And I do not want to offend.

This your day to shine
 And do well to not frown
And to not even let out a whine
 Though in sorrow I drown.

I leave the shower
 My wounds to lick.
In my own space cower
 Pain in my heart does stick.

I am now alone 
 I lay here and cry.
In agony I moan
 And in misery I sigh.

I really am a lousy friend.
 For how can I feel sad?
How can I make amends
 and tell you why I am bad?

No more baby showers for me
 I cannot do this
To much pain for this to be
 For me there is no bliss.

My arms do so ache
 For the babies that are mine.
How much more pain can I take?
 How much longer will I pine?

Can anyone understand
 What I truly am?
A mother in no man's land
 Whose tears have broke the dam.

A mother who misses 
 Her children each day.
I miss thier kisses,
 Their bedlam and fun way.

Why can I not heal?
 Why must agony sear
And my fate and theirs seal
 For this I do fear.

I thought I was doing good
 But as you can see
This pain gets me where I stood
 And still gets the best of me.

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The Truth

I wove a web of lies,
It came back for me.
Trapped me in its net,
Ripped me from my disguise.

I planted a picture of a smile,
It haunted me at night.
Showed me how forced it was,
Wiped off my beam of beguile.

I hid my pain in a jar,
But I got locked inside instead.
I panicked---- There was no escape,
But to let it out in a secluded bar.

I packed up all my secrets,
It flooded my mind,
Conscience bugging me,
Relief in cigarettes.

So I ignored the cruel world,
Hiding in my words.
This arrangement has worked for years,
Life's been just fine this way.

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Rastafari certainly was a young man of magnificent talent indeed...
He praised God, as Abraham did, in his chant and dance with true glee,
Bob Marlyn and Peter Posh helped him become a raggae star;
some folks thought he was crazy with those long, braided hair.

Since ninenteen-seventy when hippies abounded,
and revolted against the American Government with protest...
Rastafari wrote great songs of many themes for the oppressed
and poor who were denied civil liberties in their own land.

Listen to those songs, feel the vibrant beat in the his unique music
and walking in his shoes you can sing with him and become his friend,
because Rasatfari dreamed of seeing all peoples embrace around the troubled world...
has he died in vain or left an indelible legacy for those adoring his everlasting beat?

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A Spitting Image

Okay I saw your spitting image today! Tried to give her a real big hug She was your utter and absolute clone my love Came so close to getting slugged Thought there was really only one of you With your bubbly personality Will check a lot more closely next time Could have ended up horizontally Never thought two could look so alike To run into her it was surely fate One of those spooky occurrences in life But her boyfriend set me straight Uncanny is a very good word to describe it Weird is another word that fits She even had a luscious body like yours And your gorgeous 34B... uh... eyes! © Jack Ellison 2013

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Math can be confusing,
With numbers, equations, and more
Hard to understand,
Try to break it down to the core

When there is no where to turn,
You wonder, does math involve lore?
Probably not, but it's worth a try,
Since the stress makes you sweat through pores

Math can be confusing,
With numbers, equations, and more
Hard to understand,
Try to break it down to the core

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A Woeful Family 2K12

Herein the throes of our family's tragedy,
Herein our woeful daze, we're not the defeated
Nor victors; Simply the bearer's of tragedy.
Yes, Jonas was here; Thence we're the cheated.

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True Cynicism

Often I humor at things I read
I am growing exceedingly  cold
Maybe it's not at all in me but 
Their words both young and old

In a search for any kind of reason
We go afar and many times astray
Can I be now so tediously cynical
Their ideas don’t even near gray 
There motivation prolly attention
What inspires them in this quest
An endeavor for true originality
Funny, most assuredly I now jest

Who reflects on the truth inside 
The only things I know are real
Why do I think I get to decide
What is writing, if not to reveal


Penned by Wayland Bunch 2/2/2013

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Falling and Cut

Falling and cut, the ground far 
The music box plays, winds blow
Her words lie, untruths rein being
Still dark and cold, the river flows

Yet falling on, the silence holds
The dancers spin, a dance in vain 
And it goes on, this life we’ve won
The sad song sings over and over she falls like rain

Where is the end? The black crash burns
Reality cries, and silence calls for collision 
Screaming mute and the fall still clear
To hit the bottom, a timeless decision?

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Sunflowers they bloom, heralding summer,
But my heart’s blossom, all year round do preen.
Deciduous the tree, that sheds in winter,
My love all seasons, remain evergreen 

The patina of your presence lingers. 
The miasma of your essence stays,
Long after my skin felt your soft fingers.
Your sudden leaving knocked me like a mace.

- In celebration of the female psyche, which leaves men cheering as they die  :o)

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A Fire Burns

It seems so distant to me now
and memories fade each day
What happened to our way of life?
I really just can’t say

Somehow a stupor settled in 
and apathy laid waste
A generation lost its soul
and values were replaced

My heroes disappeared one day
and rights turned into wrong
Confusion now so strong and clear
To whom do I belong?

Yet now inside a fire burns
I know we're still the best
I pledge allegiance to the flag
my hand upon my chest

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Why Can't We All Just Get Along

“Why can't we all just get along” Rodney King once uttered these words As current today as it was back then Our “head in the sand” thinking, it disturbs We're all just members of the human race Why divide us up, us and them Brothers that will meet our maker one day What's so very important until then In the overall scheme of earthly things Only love should rise above all Colour, language and religion all secondary Co-existence must be installed Maybe I'm just whistling into the wind But if my small voice does make a difference Then hear me loud and clear as I shout To reject it is a display of ignorance © Jack Ellison 2014

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I Without Love 2K12

I'd pitifully be of loves absence.
No hugs warmth, and soft kisses awaits naught.
Walking about endless paths of nonsense.
Seeking therein a world wherefrom time waits not.

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A maniac drummer
Beats through the chest
A rhythm unheard of
With which I’ve been blessed

Shots of adrenaline
Tickle the brain
Our one more chance
To go completely insane

The mind going numb
In the madness of night
In the midst of it all
There’s love at first sight

A dark, tempting flower
Blossoms black in the nox
No attention is paid
To the tock of the clock

Newborn ideas
Sprout from minds of the mad
Betwixt insane and sensible
Doors between the good and the bad

Soul and mind are demented
Inhibitions are shed
Brainsick and unhinged
Real life is dead

Impractical imprints
Unbalanced and sick
Infatuated with pain
As this time bomb ticks…

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Darkness Swallows Me Part One

Time passes and I wonder how did I come to be here.
 I remember watching you from across the misty lawn.
My heart seems to stop beating and I'm almost in fear.
 One minute I see you so clearly, the next minute you're gone.

Maybe I'm dreaming and I never saw you at all.
 And why am I scared at the same time drawn to you?
Your sultry stare captivates me completely in thrall.
 I shake my head as if it would change my perfect view.

I will myself to walk far away from your entrancing eyes.
 I'm shaking and I can't figure out why I'm so scared.
This has to be my imagination playing tricks on me I surmise.
 Then you appear before me as if by magic and I'm unprepared. 

I panic, breathing heavy as I turn to run where you can't find me.
 All of a sudden you're before me and I never even saw you pass.
I try to go in another direction, my instincts say to run, flee.
 Hiding in a room, hoping you won't see me thru the stained glass.

No such luck, you somehow breathe my name from parted lips. 
 How could you know my name, I've never even met you before.
You swoop behind me and my body is lost to your shadow's eclipse.
 Grabbing me, tearing into my throat, lapping up the blood and gore.

My knees give way and I'm too stunned to even manage a scream.
 White spots cloak my vision and I'm feeling as if I may just faint.
I look down at my favorite dress, in the moonlight my blood gleams.
  A calm washes over me and the biting feels good, isn't that quaint?

Darkness swallows me and to my relief, I am feeling nothing more.
 Visions of gnashing teeth, and spurting blood haunt my once peaceful rest.
Jerking awake, only to realize I lay in a crumpled heap, incredibly sore.
 I see that I have a bite on my throat and an even bigger one on my breast.

How will I explain this, and what do I do now, where do I go?
 No one will believe me, I'd never believe it if I wasn't here to see.
How odd, I seem to be healing fast, I see that scabs are starting to grow.
 I walk towards nowhere, this night was something I didn't foresee.

I sniff the air and smell an oddly familiar scent of earth, musk and fur.
 It seems to pull me in that direction, as if I no longer have control.
My instincts tell me that I am going somewhere safe and secure.
 I'm healed now, my dried blood now leaves me wondering, do I still have a soul?

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restless heart in need of flight
the time is drawing near
future bliss within his sight
in the present lives his fear

what he has and what he needs
inhabit different pages
conscience shamed by guilty deeds
such sin has costly wages

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I Don't Know What To Do With My Life

When that feeling rushes in-
I don't know what to do with my life-
I need to search from within
And look up toward the light.

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My night palace is a dark abode,
a mortal passage to salvation.
I play the day just as I'm told,
until night's invitation.

Paternal guidance at night sublime,
dead days are simply props.
But night brings life into it's time,
mine starts when their life stops.

Blood tells all in many ways,
my passenger confides.
Those who think crime truly pays,
wind up as blood-splotched slides.

So murder, greed, and godless souls
stray down that darkened trail.
I'll be there when your bell tolls
and we'll see who goes to hell...

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A toddler's stumble, a parent's catch,
he'll walk alone so soon.
Freewill negates most every latch.
No song without a tune.

Now adolescence binges nightly.
Some see a future bleak.
Those who can't their minds closed tightly.
Deaf minds will never speak.

Middle-aged, depressed, he paces.
How did he lose his edge?
Frozen feet, yet a mind that races
while he's stepped out on the ledge.

For reality now he sees more clearly,
and present cannot be past.
For no one wants to be just nearly.
In the human race, first is last.

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Fright of The Living Dead 2K12

O Tony, wherefore dost thou feel out of sorts? Existing so - tho' not soothly living. Haps thou art the living dead which resorts Into its cold chamber ne'er living.

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She Walked- A Poem About my LIFE

She walked along life’s pathway
Dejected and alone
She walked along life’s pathway
Her course was yet unknown.
She passed by many people
Who wouldn’t even smile
She passed by many people
Who would not go the second mile.
She sighed and looked around her
The journey seemed so long
She sighed and looked around her
No one could sing her song.
She soon passed by Happyville
The people seemed alright
She soon passed by Happyville
She couldn’t spend the night.
She needed a happy pill
To get her through her day
She needed a happy pill
They wouldn’t let her stay.
She then passed by Strongville
The people seemed so tough
She then passed by Strongville
She wasn’t tough enough.
She rushed by Beautyville
They didn’t let her in
She rushed by Beautyville
She was plain and not thin.
She passed by Successville
The people with degrees
She passed by Successville
They’d bring her to her knees.
She passed by Churchville
The people there were saints
She passed by Churchville
They preached about constraints
She sat down and wondered
A tear rolled down her cheek
She sat down and wondered
Why she was so very weak.
She thought to just stay there
The world could pass her by
She thought to just stay there
It would be easier to die.
Just then he sat beside her
“You can lean on me!”
Just then he sat beside her
“There's much for you to see!”
He pulled her to her feet
He straightened up her hair
He pulled her to her feet
“There is beauty everywhere!”
He had learned the secret
It was no mystery
He had learned the secret
Contentville would set her free!
The people there were normal
They all had struggles too
The people there were normal
They’d make her feel brand new.
She walked along life’s pathway
She held on to his hand
She walked along life’s pathway
Glad that he could understand!

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As I Wander Down the Highway

I'm lookin' to be in the right place,
But I'm walking in the wrong direction,
I'm lookin' for a smiling face,
But all I'm finding is my own reflection

I'm lookin' for someone to hold me tight,
But I'm wand'rin' through a sea of cold shoulders,
I'm asking for this tunnel to end in light,
But I feel like I'm just gettin' older

I'm lookin' for somethin' that makes me smile,
But all I find on my face is a disappointed frown,
I'm thinkin' that all this waitin' better be worthwhile,
But I just keep gettin' pushed on the ground

I'm startin' to give up hope,
But something reminds me to keep moving,
I'm starting to throw out the mope,
And I trade it so I can start improving

I was lookin' to be in the right place,
And I found out right where I belong,
It's right here, staring at your face,
In your arms where nothing can go wrong

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Why Can't I Be Happy?

Why can't I be happy
when the world is at my door? 
I have all that I'll ever need.
I couldn't ask for more.

Then tell me why I'm empty.
Why do I feel so low? 
I wonder what is wrong with me
and if I'll ever know.

My brain say's 'stop debating..
you over-think too much! '
But, my heart just screams and begs for things
like time and things of such.

The little things I'm needing.
Just little, thoughtful things, 
not the fancy houses 
or the cars and diamond rings.

Maybe I'm just greedy.
I should be satisfied.
So I will do just like I should.
My feelings I will hide.

Perhaps I am too different.
I feel my heart can't show.
I fear I'll always be this way...
deep in sorrow when no one knows. 

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(PART 2 of 2) Where the Sky is Black, And the Cold Wind Blows...

A new chance has blossomed
Til the police pull up
She ain't feelin' too awesome
And her mind is made up

Chance to confess
To drop to her knees
But she's under all this stress
And she runs with the breeze

With a click and a blast
She screams her last breath
Chance for redemption at last
But she still chose death

Not a single angel sings
As she walks up to the gate
She wonders if she'll get wings
Or if damnation is her fate

Sex, Drugs, and Crime have one goal
And messing with that could cost you your soul

All the mourners stand back 
As she's buried with a rose
Where the sky is black
And the cold wind blows...

So if life hands you trouble
You have to think twice
Or you could die bleeding in the rubbel
Payin' your high price

You could have a knife pulled on you
Or a bullet in the head
But we all know one thing is true
You could end up dead

You better remember this girl
All the s*** she went through
Don't let your life unfurl
Or your soul could be due

Life comes with pain
And life comes with tears
But don't hop on that train
To run away from your fears

Remember this crazy train
Is on a rickety track
And once you enter the wrong lane
There ain't no turnin' back

I know this 'cause I've walked on the path
I held this girls hand in the dreams I once had
Now I stand back looking at the aftermath
I'm lucky I lived, but it's hard to say I didn't like doin' the bad

Sex, Drugs, and Crime have one goal
And messing with that could cost you your soul

One of these days you might need to think back
To this little girl's last night of woe
Where the sky is black
And the cold wind blows...

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There'll always be questions
Begging for urgent answers,
As long as life in continuum
Revolve within its perimeters.
Far from anyone's wisdom
Are all the daily occurrences
Which in different episodes
Appear from variant courses.
Despite all the sought clues
By man in every walks of life,
The law of darkness still rules
As the world keeps to strife.
Who was there at creation
That would not weep bitterly
For that beautiful perfection
That has become disorderly?!

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I stood before truth
Unsure of what to say
Shadowed by life’s absence
The martyred words of May
Why didn’t we speak
If only to taste a spring day
To rejoice in a warm glimpse
Of winter’s interrupted fray
I still have the pictures
Framed by years of neglect
Too dusty to fondly recall
Too painful to reflect
I only wished to hold you
To bask in your pride
To hear my name spoken
As if truth never lied
I stood before him
Knowing this was the end
That my father had left me
And I wasn’t even his friend

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Best And Beast

Oh, to be the victim of the conflict you create in me,
Internal opposition from the masterful dichotomy, 
You beautiful confusion, you're the cause of chaos constantly,
And I rely on your command: you're both the best and beast in me.

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Unanchored Boat

The boat floats, alone on the lake
Unanchored but so far away
That boat soon held emotions close
Alone on the lake, the boat floats

Isolated, drained emotions
Dark clouds, stained waters, depression
At once dreams are devastated
Drained emotions, isolated

Radiant beams, pierced the darkness
Sunlight  penetrated hardness
Those joyous tears streamed; light extreme
Pierced the darkness, radiant beams

Feelings of love, swiftly returned
The boat wasn't alone unanchored
Above flew the white Turtledove  
Swiftly returned feelings of love

Written: March 03, 2014
Sponsor: Andrea Dietrich
Contest: A Swap Quatrain: Let's See What You've Got

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Story of My Life

A tear fell today,
The first one in a while.
I had made a promise
To only think of us a smile.

I'd say I'm sorry,
And I won't do it again,
But I'm sure I'd be lying,
Because when I think I can't, I can.

I can still cry a little
And miss our happiness,
Especially on days or in moments
That are even close to this.

Every night I dream
Of when we'll be happy together
And every day I wake
To the reality that you want her.

You tell me everyday it's temporary.
You swear that it's all for the best,
But it hurts because I swear you're lying.
I think you are just like the rest.

I thought you were better than that.
Sometimes, I think I still do,
But then a day like today comes up.
Story of my life. It's nothing new.

You'd think I'd be used to it.
I'd adjust to ruining my own happiness,
But I honestly don't think I could ever.
I don't want to get used to this.

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Electric Shock Treatment

I'm sure this has happened to most of you You come up with a brilliant thought Before getting a chance to write it down It vanishes just like a shot! You try and try so hard to remember Could it be some great new invention? Your mind's travelled south for the winter And has no capacity for retention You start to sweat and feel the panic Was it a marvellous new discovery? Was it going to change the way we live? The odds are slim for recovery You consider the electric shock treatment Sticking your finger in a socket Reconsidered 'cause your hands were wet Jammed 'em back into your pocket So you resign yourself and figure it's gone Then back it pops into your brain What you were trying so hard to remember Was your Mom and Pop's last name! ©Jack Ellison 2012

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Anthony, The Confused 2K12

O confused Anthony; strike true - for you're down. Blind as a newborn pup which has yet to see. 'Neath thy surface concealing much frown. Yea - war has been waged; 'Tis I versus me.

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Night blankets all with darkness deep;
Light struggles here to free bold sight;
Night brings sure gall in troubled sleep;
Light smuggles cheer in moody plight.

Night is the time when darkness stalks;
Nocturnal things bring fearful quest;
Night spins grim rhymes as echoes walk;
Nightmares now bring sinister fest.

Night wears a face that feels so black;
Notions of cold converge at dusk;
Night floods a trace of empty slack;
Note what unfolds in sullen gust.

Leon Enriquez
03 June 2014

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They Know Not What They Are

And if they know not what they do
The lonely weary souls
Who share the common goal
Imbibe a sense of disbelief

They wander aimless through and through
Panic stricken sullen
Risen and the fallen
Reality obscured by grief

To make amends from me to you
My proposition is
Give solace and forgive
What timeless would consider brief

End excursion black and blue
In the deepest ocean
Swim through tears forgotten
The joy we'll feel from such relief

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A Found Man 2K12

There no longer staggers "The Broken Man",
A higher power called upon his number,
On June Twelfth, fate rendered him a found man;
Long last a tired body found its slumber.

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Adrenaline races to her heart
As air escapes her lungs
Her mind is being torn apart
Her life cannot be done

She counts out her last breath
And counts out her frustrations
She curses the great blue depths
And curses life's expectations

She fights the weight tugging at her
She fights for her own whim
She fights the tempting urge
To simply, weakly give in

The road to freedom is not in sight
She is sinking in a worn out trail
She tries to stray with all her might
As she lets her pen set sail

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The sounds of war

The sounds of war, 
Are far too real, 
Civilian's wounds, 
Too severe to heal, 

Wounded and dying, 
The dead line the streets, 
The fighting continues, 
Yet no heart longer beats, 

After the killing, 
What will be left? 
A world of corruption, 
Madness and theft, 

What are we fighting for? 
No-one really knows, 
There is no real reason, 
Yet the blood still flows, 

Innocent families, 
Torn apart by the war, 
When you look in their eyes, 
You see into their core, 

Sadness and sorrow, 
You can tell death is near, 
You want to get rid of, 
All the hatred and fear, 

Yet how do you stop, 
Another mans war, 
Please can you help me? 
Mend the hearts that are sore.

Copyright Kayla Yovich 2006

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A Family's Loss 2K12

Murder! Tragedy! A perfect storm of
Emotions; Our emotions in which a
Close-knit family feels out of its love.
May you Rest-In-Peace Miller Jonas A.

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You Don't Want to Love Me

You don’t want to love me,
You’re scared of giving in.
Just don’t want to take the leap -
Because of where you’ve been.

You don’t want to love me -
Because it’s far too real.
Because you know how hard you’d fall,
If you let yourself feel.

You don’t want to love me,
You’re scared you’re not enough.
You think we would fall apart
When times in life got tough.

You don’t want to love me,
I’m too close of a friend.
I’m different than the others -
Territory where you’ve never been.

In all your reasons not to,
In pushing me away,
In denying how you feel -
I think you’ve loved me every day.

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What effect has envy on soul

Envy begets in the soul a want of charity for our neighbor
Produces a spirit of detraction
Backbiting and


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Hope you find all you desire, 
In your world filled with denial
Before you grow you must plant a seed
And that requires trial

Effort means little when you simply speak
It's actions you must prove
Amazing how different things can happen
Once you actually move

I'm taking this situation to heart, 
And letting God mold my fear, 
Before it was to lose you,
and now to God my worries veer

Our struggles may appear alike,
But one thing you must consider
At the end of the day I have the Lord
And you continue to grow bitter

You can't hide your problems, can't ignore your thoughts
For each of us has our vice
Covering the issue up under the rug
Will only create the same mistake, twice

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Always Praise God

My parents think I'm crazy!
Why is my mind so hazy?
Yet I wil still praise the Lord
More wisdom than I could afford!

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Wish I had half a brain 
Bricks to fill the void in my head 
Wrinkled and stained 
Intelligence is but a soul beheaded

Big words were never an attribute 
Amassing descriptions to loneliness 
Why can't we just call it solitude 
Synonyms alongside this dark fortress 

Half wits aren't so bad 
Rest assured your worries diminish
Analysis a loyal companion 
To every syllable I intend to finish 

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Secrets in a special place 
That I wish you could know, 
Bundles that are neatly tied 
And never meant to show. 

Did you see past the curtains? 
Did my secret get to you? 
Did the light behind them catch your eye 
When the wind once blew? 

I wonder if it's possible 
That you have a secret too. 
I thought I saw a flash of light 
When the wind reached you. 

Secrets that could hurt us 
Or that could make us grow, 
Secrets that would change it all 
If we both should know. 

These bright secrets that are happy 
We want to give away, 
But fear makes us silence them 
And hide them every day. 

Secrets that are neatly tied 
Are never meant to show, 
But if the wind sheds light once more 
Everyone will know. 

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She Wondered

She wondered if she deserved it
That slap on the face
Had she stepped out of line
To deserve such a disgrace

She chided herself again
For letting feelings show
She thought that she was safe
But how was she to know

That life was a masquerade
And she always got the blame
Though others played as well
She always lost the game

She wondered if this time
She’d get pushed over the edge
She stood there for some time
Wanted to fly off that ledge

She seemed to be tough and strong
But inside fragile and frail
She had tried to end it once
But it had been to no avail

And now she came full circle
And cursed her foolish heart
She wanted to scream and cry
Of the world she’d have no part

She’d come out of her shell
Only to be abused
Maybe she’d crawl back in
She refused to be used

It was never a good thing
To wear her heart on her sleeve
Now she was left with anger
All that she could do was grieve

The lesson that she had learned
She would carry to her grave
Never let your feelings show
To your reason be a slave

As she wiped away her tears
She felt her weak heart harden
Only God could help her now
She needed grace to pardon

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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The Quest(ion) remains

“Why do I keep hitting myself with a hammer?
Because it feels so good when I stop”

Searching fulfillment in each written sentence
On route to becoming a great moral being
Voids of feeling should start with repentance
Relaying the outcomes to all that I’ve seen
I stumble and rise as I journey forward
When obstacles bring me to stubbing my toe
I persevere ever through each raging torrent
And question the norms of the status quo
I climb as I bang my head against walls
Halting progression to sky phases next
I carry on further the burden to fall
Blinded in ventures through mazes perplexed
So why do I torture myself it may seem 
Continually beating my way to the top 
The fight for the cause does justify means
The shifting of balance feels best when I stop

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Dark Days

We haven’t seen the sun for several days,
Is this our usual September fog, or
Has smoking grief from many miles away,
Deepened our natural darkness, even more? 

Our hearts, our limbs are weak from bitterness.
We feel the hurtful hate run through our veins.
Be with us Lord, and guide us on our way.
Harming the blameless will not ease our pains.

A week ago today, the skies fell in
On beloved husbands, parents daughters, sons.
Their deaths a dreadful act of corrupt hate.
Let no more harm occur to innocent ones.

Let not our leaders be in too much haste,
Let only those to blame feel righteous wrath.
May your guidance be with them each day.
Your light before them as they walk this path. 

 01 9/18/01

Written in those first days after September eleven

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(PART 1 of 2) Where the Sky is Black, And the Cold Wind Blows...

This is 'bout a girl from just a while back
It's a grusome, sad story, I know
It begins where the sky is black
And the cold wind blows...

She's got looks to kill
And an attitude to match
She's lookin' for a thrill
Lookin' for a soul to snatch

A mind like a knife
She's sharp and she'll cut you
She can change your life
Nobody thinks like she do

Not one can out run her
She's quick as a whip
No magician could trick her
She'll just make your mind trip

Got some patched up jeans
And shorn off hair
She can act real mean
'Cause she just don't care

Got a heart of gold, she did all she could 
Had lots of romance on the brain
She acts much older than she should
Because this girl knows real pain

Now she might look bad
She might look rough
But you forget to look beyond the mad
And see that she was decent enough

She's been through a lot
Thinks she's seen too much
So she gets to smokin' pot
And she's felt God's touch

She runs further from the law
And closer to the light
Harder drugs hide in her bra
She can't hold up this fight

Starts trippin' too hard
While she's runnin' from the cops
Her brain is being scarred
And her heart begins to stop

Her eyes are rolling back
And her world begins to spin
She's run right off the track
Her life is caving in

She sees the angels cry
As she walks up to the gate
She asks her Father, "Why?"
He tells her she must wait

Sex, Drugs, and Crime have one goal
And messing with that could cost you your soul

She plummets on back
To her body below
Where the sky is black
And the cold wind blows...


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Mine Anger 2K12

Good morrow anger! Found am I not less
Angered more so; Pray thee hinder not more.
Kindred stolen of murder; Most senseless!
O murderer, locked are frigid doors; Naught honor.

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A Difficult Choice

Some decisions are as clear
And stark as black and white
But gray will come and go at times
Oh, what if wrong is right!

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You're all I wanted, but nothing I need
These present thoughts, should my own advice I heed?
Why do I try so hard for something that causes so much pain
Is it easier to suffer or to simply refrain?

I've sat too long at this stand-still
Emotions piled up like a land-fill
Constantly questioning why or how
I'm leaving it all in God's hands now

It will be easier for me to get over you
Easier for you not to feel so bad
Why try when there's no use trying to
Pretend something serious was what we had.

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00:22 - Gem in Eye

Thank you, sorry, maybe neither,
I am the altered, for better, for worse.
Lovestruck, hateful, always either,
Confirming confusion: whichever comes first.

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Leave The Scars

The sunlight was falling between peaks of veil-like beams
I felt your presence surrounding me
As thunder clashes it's majesty unseen
Helpless I fell to my knees

Why can I only remember your strength 
Your deeds of valiance when lives were in need?
Years of hunger famished for hope
Why now when another seeks to ride your steed?

I miss you and It's not fair to him
He's loving kind and true
He's beautiful like the morning mist hovering over mountains
When I look at our children I know, still he will never be you

Tonight I sit by candlelight staring up at the moon
Craving so pathetically just to talk with you
Gazelles they dance on precipice steep... no fear
And I... Trembling terrified of betraying two

How do I keep breathing tell me?
Draw for me the answers in the stars
You can play now among the black holes and galaxies 
Just heal my wounds though you must leave the scars

You know he wants to marry me
In his eyes there's a love I've never known
Was it my capability to trust that you took from me
That now renders this choice not my own?

He draws me close I push away
He gives me space come back I say
A beautiful mess his every dream come true
Although I don't really know to whom 
... they wonder why I pray

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The Many Uses Of PACT

Wrote half a poem on a rat
Then realized I’d spelled it wrong
It’s not “Pact” Rat, it’s a “Pack” Rat
This write is just taking too long

Did a search on the Internet
To see how the word can be used
Wanted a unique use of Pact
So all of them there, I perused

Gave up and threw-in the towel
And decided to use them all
Although it may not make much sense
It’s a way around a brick wall

Like a treaty between nations
Pact is a formal agreement
Accord, alliance, protocol
A bond, a deal, an arrangement

PACT, a maker of underwear,
Hawaiian family service 
Makes digital power scales
It’s also an adoption service

PACT is a citizen work group
And also bunch of other things
This has been going on too long 
It’s over, I’m stopping the pain

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The Woman I Once Was

What happened to the woman
that I once use to be? 
When did I start being afraid
of jumping from a tree? 

I use to climb those branches
right to the very top.
My dad would yell up at me
'OK, You better stop! '

I use to be so fearless.
I never was afraid.
Now I cringe at just the thought
of stepping from the shade! 

My courage must have left me
like so many have before.
I have to reach within myself
to get through what's in store.

I know that woman's in there.
She wants to take the plunge.
For now I'll just look off the edge
from a very distant lunge. 

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Ghost Writer

I wracked my brain and bit my tongue
but no words would come to mind.
Frustration choked my heart and brain
as I struggled to pen a line.

Disgusted then I capped the ink
and flounced off to my bed,
leaving parchment blank and bare
with nothing to be read.

Returning at dawn to stoke the fire
I was chilled through to the bone,
for there were written pages
with words not of my own.

The door was barred, windows sealed
no one there but me,
but the quill was wet and ink near gone
with verses there to see.

Those words just soared and rhymed so well
I read till sun was high,
then tried again to add my own
but the muse was nowhere nigh.

My spirits sank with the evening sun
tears moistening the page,
bereft of hope and talent
I retired in smoldering rage.

Then again in the thin grey light
awaited lines of musical words,
gently flowing and graceful
flitting by like birds.

Fear gripped my heart like a talon
who was having this cruel jest?
Composing exquisite poems
far beyond my humble best.

These would sell I knew
fair value was in each line,
only to besmirch my name
if proven they were not mine.

Then came a whisper of the muse
saying; “Buy ink and parchment of lamb,
sharpen your quill and leave them
for the unfolding of the plan.”

I did as she bid by stocking the desk
then retired to sleep so deep,
returning to find a single line;
“Those verses are yours to keep.”

The next ones came in profusion
flowing easily from my hand,
familiar feelings translated
and I began to understand.

Our waking and our sleeping 
are sides of just one coin,
the spirit and the body
being prepared to join.

Incomplete until combining
hand and eye with soul,
each complimenting the other
becoming a useful whole.

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You will never meet him
Never embrace
Never have a meaningful conversation
Never lovingly kiss his face

You will never touch him
Never tangle your fingers in his hair
Never realize his dreams
Or exchange a loving stare

And because he rejected you
You've reshaped him as something you could despise
And brought a vendetta upon his family
Waging a war of bitter, empty lies

And yet, he is so much more 
Than your limited mentality could create
The jagged, pathetic lines of jealousy
Put limitations in their place

Yet, you desire what you call a monster
You have lost at your own game
And he will never forgive you
Never hear you speak his name

You hold him hostage to your dreams
Try to rob him of happiness and wealth
Disgust him with your obsessions
But the biggest victim you've created is yourself

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Life's Story

The rain falls fiercly,
As I look up into the skies,
Only to see the sun,
And white clouds floating by.

I walk into the woods,
Feeling sharp thorns beneath my feet,
I stare down to the earth,
To see grasses, soft and sweet.

At last I see a rose,
Lying dried up on the ground,
I gently touch it's petals,
And my life is newly found.

All along ive been yelling,
At the wind for being cold,
And shouting at the rain,
When life's story has been told.

I ignored the graceful beauty,
As i blocked out meaningful sights,
For when it's gone I will regreat,
Shunning the flawless story of life.

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the absence of presence

Four wheel room, ulter silence
My mind looking,for repentance 
These thoughts, filled with hidrance
Hence over shadowed by nonsense 

I have lost dreams in abundance
And wonder about my existence
And all I ask is a chance
To stop these dreams of penance

I dream, a dead bird at first glance
And i watch it, fall in a religious trance
And started with death a wierd type of romance
Or was it a game? A game of chance

These two fought with remarkable endurance
And the birds soul, started to fade a way in distance
And the body stayed there, as it decays in essence
And that's when it happened, the absence of presence

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You mask your emotion
It locks you in confusion
It's a good thing you are confused
Love is never understood.

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Sometimes stuff can happen,
Through no fault of your own.
You'd think all that is over,
Once you are fully grown.

People sometimes say things,
That are often taken wrong,
Then they repeat what they have heard,
But sing a different song;

And when the word gets back to you,
You can't believe your ears,
And all that comes about is pain,
Hurt feelings, anger, tears;

Because of what someone has said,
Repeating what they heard,
Though not exactly what was said,
Not stated word for word,

But only what they thought they heard.
It's what they understood.
When you repeat a tale like that,
It does nobody good;

For when you throw bad light on one,
A faint light washes back,
To the place from whence it came,
So you can trace the scat;

And though for some it takes o'er long,
We all eventually learn,
That if you stand too close to fire,
You're gonna get a burn;

So those who tend to carry tales,
Drop names and repeat stories,
Cannot be the best of friends,
They'll just compound your worries.

                                                 Judy Ball

(Scat - The poop animals drop in the woods. The sign hunters look for.)

Have you ever noticed that it's easier to learn to speak in two or more languages than it is to keep your mouth shut in one?

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Say goodbye
I shall never have a voice
Because I'd rather die
Then make this choice

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I don't love you for your wit
You're always spitting bile.
Reluctantly  I now admit
I do not love your smile.

Nor do love your manly touch
And I don't love your smell.
I just don't love you very much,
So why's your silence hell?

I do not miss your lilting voice,
Nor do I miss your kiss.
I've never seen your laughing eyes
So what is there to miss? 

I don't love your hand in mine
It's strictly for the birds.
Without your love I'm doing fine,
But how I miss your words.

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I'm trying to be patient.
It's taken many years.
I've gotten through the toughest part.
I'm all cried out of tears.

I'm waiting for the mother
that is coming back for me.
I'm sure she will come back real soon...
She'll be will see.

I've told her how I need her.
She knows how long it's been.
She walked away 24 years ago
when I was only ten.

Some say 'Give up, it's over! '
That just could never be.
I will wait for her return
as long as there's breath in me.

I've talked to her, she knows me
She'll be back and then we'll sing
Till then I'll just be patient
I'm here..........Still Waiting. 

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A Mothers Love?

How can a mother not hurt
when her child cries out in pain?
How can she turn and look away
when there's so much to be gained?

If only her heart would open
and let God show the way,
to happiness and love everlasting.
For this, I'll always pray.

Is it possible to just feel nothing
towards the child you gave away?
Please say there is at least a hope
that you will love me again some day.

When I look at my child I feel love.
I could never turn my back.
But you never felt that way towards me.
Is it something that I lack?

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Mercy should've killed me

He lived to strive toward the light
He reached to touch her halo of glory
His solace and compass in coldness of night
Flighted companions in moth to flame story
Headed by perfect though blinded ambition
Placed on pedestal compound clouds
Left to be burnt beyond recognition
Grounded by hurdles and shadows of doubt
Beckoning over some lost mountain dews 
Summoned and broken in every way
Down in the dirt roads of minuscule views
Self loathed and lynching the order of day
Driven by fragile wings aflutter
Subtle assassin hypnosis in tune
Baroness flight where angel wings suffer 
Forcibly taken from lonely cocoon
Filling the lungs with breathes of love
Choking on words that once relayed trust
Ashes on white feathered wings of a dove 
Betrayal of concepts spurred to combust 
Voice box burnt in scrambled confusion
Battered in silent dark without choice
Toe end of star embossed blanket illusions
Struggling to find the way with no voice
Prettied and buffed up, only to hide
The human condition, by the sound of it
Pretty damn close to losing his mind
Grown up to rise and snap out of it
Metamorphoses mailing wings to thee
Adapting to change, forgetting to fly
Blinded and giving up hopes to live free  
Feeling uneasy when taking to sky
Accept that he would’ve done all for her
Mercy expects nothing less in return
The wonders of love obscured by a blur
Through eyes that could kill him but left him to burn

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My Guilty Heart

I didn’t wait forever 
To have you by side
Maybe I was foolish
Because I have my pride

I wanted so to please you
And keep you for my own
But here I sit just writing
Feeling quite alone

He stands by me through everything
No matter big or small
My heart continues to love you 
And hurts him through it all

He didn’t ever really leave 
And now that you are gone
He's the one that helps me
To get up and move on

I beg for his forgiveness
Each and every day
He knows that I love him 
But what  more am I to say

He knows I still miss you 
And I know what he asks
He wonders if after all
I’ll really work to make us last

So now I sit here waiting 
For answers I can’t find
Because my guilty heart
Haunts me all the time

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Please Let it Go

Are you gay?
Afraid to say!
How will God respond 
On Judgement Day!

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Wizard----What Did I do

The spread is very nicely draped. Slipping into my new made bed, I pause to ponder how it’s shaped And where my fine top sheet has fled. I wonder what I’ve done to her. Why did she put fitted sheet on top And not the flat I much prefer? What did I do to make her swap? I give a muffled little moan As I’m foiled at every turn I take. I’m sleepy and tired right to the bone, But now I lie here wide awake. At last I am right on the edge Of falling asleep, but can’t deny That I must make a solemn pledge Her wounded feelings to pacify. I dwell upon my painful plight, Then give my pillow a good shake. If I can but get through the night, I’ll seek the answer when I wake. For Andrea’s contest I used draped, slipping, pause, edge muffled, foiled, wake, deny, dwell, pillow

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Let them sleep

So then Death what will you offer?
Life what profit give to me?
Profit? soul! you selfish scoffer
Riches share you here to be?

Glass of eye, seek your answer
by the breath I give and share
grip your wisdom pose and dance her
questions me with sound of air?

Death engage this vital storm
will in silence thus behave?
sting the tongue, you jagged thorn
Lift your chalice from the grave!

Laughter, oh , I love it so
comedy by tears is much
truth in secret, precious gold
what men venture forth to touch

Ask me fool, require my time
beat your chest and  pull your hair
bring it forth, all that is mine
give it me, that which I spare

Death, my void of conscious will
what sword of blood will you deploy
be you  brave or be you still?
fainting weak, and then destroy?

Yield! you son of memory
release your shoulder from the weight
ask the blade why do you bleed?
inquire of providence your fate?

Yield, I yield, my quite soul
leave me to this thin despair
there I find you death so old
Life the youth that didn't care

Predictable! you do agree?
Life: surprise, I long to touch
Death: to think he questioned me!
man: I thought I knew so much

Yield my soul! Spirt flee!
Escape by holes of hollow sight!
Where my master? I believe
The flesh is shallow for it's height

I do not care why question now
escape the night, we haven't time
but night is full, completely round
without a star or spark or shine

Life: I know they need so much
frail the skin that holds the soul
Death: I long the warm to touch
let them sleep and never know

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Painted on Smiles

As days go by,
I slowley fade,
Into the shadows,
Of the day.

My eyes grow dull,
My voice gone weak,
My steps get slower,
And hope, I forseek.

Nobody notices,
How my heart slowley tears.
I'm just another weed,
In this garden of despair.

So I walk around,
Shoulders heavy with denial,
As my life goes on,
With this painted on smile.

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Independent with People

We are independent with people on earth
Our mortal angels are always there to assist us
But, we can never be independent in everything
God is our everything


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"Easy Does It"

We walk up to the building
but don't know what to say.
It seems warm and familiar...
the sign just reads ''AA''.

Dad came here to get sober.
He's trying to get clean.
I know I'm only 7 
but I know what they mean.

He's been here for awhile now.
I've missed him very much.
He couldn't even call us.
''Not Allowed'' to keep in touch.

''Thirty days is nothing! ''
she says into her drink.
''He needs some time away from you! ''
''Some time so he can think.''

When he comes home it's her turn.
He says ''I know she can.''
I'm scared to meet this stranger...
my dad is... not this man.

Now he wants our room clean.
He wants to cook a meal.
I'm not sure what to think of this.
I'm not sure what to feel.

In thirty days she then comes home
to a brand new clean up crew.
We're nervous how she'll treat us...
we don't know what she'll do.

Given a months sobriety
they're at eachothers throats.
There's no more happy dinners.
No more inspiring notes.

They fall off that old wagon
like they've both done before.
Get ready for survival
cause we are bound for war.

The cycle never ended.
They never kept it clean.
They mimicked ''Easy Does It''.
Yet ''easy'' was never seen.

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Five Young Children

Five young children.
Lost and alone.
No one to care for them.
No one home.

Where are their parents?
Sitting in the bar.
Once the drinks have all been poured,
The fights will go too far.

Remember those poor children
waiting there at home.
They're too young to change their lives
or live them on their own.

Are there other children?
Lost and alone?
No one to care for them?
No one home?

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Some say we control, 
Our feelings inside, 
Some say that these, 
Are what we hide, 

We bottle them up, 
Inside ourselves, 
All filed away, 
Upon the shelves, 

It takes just one word, 
To cause these to shake, 
And all the glass jars, 
Start to fall and break, 

Our emotions get freed, 
To cause havoc around, 
Inside our bodies, 
Without any sound, 

We then start to show, 
Our true feelings inside, 
No matter how hard, 
We try to hide, 

Then we get angry, 
At the one person who, 
Caused us to shake, 
Just 'cause they're shaking too.

Copyright Kayla Yovich 2006q

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Today's Youth

I look out the window, 
Yet nothing is there, 
The darkness surrounds me, 
As i'm frozen in fear, 

Then all of a sudden, 
The night is ablaze, 
Fire and screaming, 
I'm stunned in a daze, 

Communities broken, 
Families torn apart, 
Who could have done this, 
And how did it start, 

They had no real reason, 
To set it alight, 
To cause so much chaos, 
In my town that night, 

My small little school, 
Was burnt to the ground, 
But the very next day, 
There was more to be found, 

Bodies lay broken, 
Ripped apart by a sword, 
This is now what happens, 
When our youth got bored. 

Copyright Kayla Yovich 2006

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The Culinary Asylum

I write this sitting in the kitchen sink
All my friends have left me behind.
I know not what I want or what I think
I have a dark and empty mind.

I fled to the outskirts of sanity
And I found I was not alone.
For I’m wont to be just a vanity
On the marbled desert we roam

How can one be sane in an insane world?
It’s much easier than you think.
Just remember that we can all be pearls
Our ever-changing world is pink.

So now I think this predicament is
Not as bizarre as it may seem.
And now I must wish you a good night miss.
Safe travels in this land of dreams.

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I Just Don't Know How to Say Goodbye

I never had problems talking to you before.
I never was unable to look you in the eye.
But the thing I'm saying now, I never said before--
I just don't know how to say goodbye.

I just don't know how to say goodbye,
For every time I try to say it, I just wanna cry.
Every time I hurt you more, a little of me dies,
Now I just don't know how to say goodbye.

The howling winds of destiny have blown our love away,
And we can't get it back, no matter how we try.
You can't give me a reason to make me want to stay,
But I just don't know how to say goodbye.

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In this day and age, I want some recompense
I don't understand it, it jus' don't make sense
that we can write through our entire lives
with all of these damn defective pens

Now, you all know what I'm taking about
a thought comes to you, and you look around
grab one to jot down and just blankness comes out
a clear transcription of thoughts ain't found

Cups, bags, heck whole drawers of colored inks
rattle around days like maracas of empty thought
a reliable pen can't be that difficult me thinks
yet makers design defective models to be bought

that seem to flow like water in a mighty river
when opened and used for the very first time
effortless lines arc mind to paper to deliver
only to sputter, and spot, and splotch the next time

How many brilliant tomes, how many cures for cancer
how many Nobel-winning ideas of sub-particled find
how many deeply spiritual thoughts went unanswered
because, like a well, the damn pen went unprimed?

Maybe I'm unreasonable, and have a penchant for perfection
but if I pick up a pen it should write every curved line,
'stead of pennies, I want it to rain pens from heaven
that work the first, the penultimate, and the very last time

© Goode Guy 2012-09-06

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What does Christian mean

Christian, a baptized person
To believe all that Christ has taught
To do all that He has commanded
As necessary for our salvation

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What virtues are opposed to 7 Capital or Deadly Sins

Humility is opposed to Pride
Generosity to covetousness
Chastity to lust
Meekness to anger
Temperance to Gluttony
Love to envy and
Diligence to Sloth


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What does the name Christ signifies

The name Christ signifies Messias
The Great Prophet
High Priest and
King of the New Law anointed as a man with the fullness of divine power

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The night lasted forever
I slept so long
The sun shined so bright 
Now nothing but darkness 
Where did the time go?
Was I sleeping or just at rest?
Dreams or nightmares?
My eyes closed and I never really knew
My eyes opened and I was never really sure

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Is Jesus Christ more than one person and what do we mean by that

Jesus Christ is one in 3 Divine Persons
God the Father
God the Son and
God the Holy Spirit (Ghost)


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New Testament

The second part of the complete bible
It contains the specifically Christian Texts
Namely the Gospels, the Acts of the apostles
Fourteen letter written by Paul, Seven Catholic letters and Revelation


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Unmendable Sorrows

Sometimes I wonder if I'm living a lie,
you tell me one thing and do another,
'cuz here I am thinking you held to your morals,
yet you slept with 4 guys in a month.

It took us 6 months to go that far,
I was still pure and innocent.
I wanted the change and you seemed
to think it was the right time.

Did you think that the whole time?
Did you lie to me when you said
that you didn't want to,
early in our relationship?

I've always taken to honesty,
yet sometimes your word means nothing to me,
you've broken it so many times.
Sometimes I wonder if it's worth it.

I trust you, sometimes too much,
what am I supposed to do?
I feel so unwanted.

Sometimes it seems
like all you want is sex and kisses
then you turn around and say no to me
when you say yes to them.

It's like im not good enough,
I'm amateur and they're veteran.
I'm your amateur but you didn't care,
you thought only of you.

You slept with a guy in 3 weeks of dating,
and another you hadn't dated in 6 years,
and with me it's 6 months?
and I was first.

It's like you got a taste,
and wanted momre.
and you left me in the dirt.
You really hurt me.

And even though it was months ago,
it still hurts,
I still wonder if you're worth it,
and I don't know if it'll ever mend.

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Could we ignore those heroes and heroines,
who fought for freedom and gave us many choices?
Every country has them and their valor we should revere!
I'd like to be one of them...but I hesitate to dare!

More than five thousands of years people have lived on our planet,
and powerful civilizations rose to subdue the ones with a weaker sword...
even today when knowledge is supreme, the mighty ones continue to do so!
O inhuman and foolish race...have you lost all consciousness and grace?

How can the human heart be enslaved by mighteness,
if precious freedom is a right given by God without prejudice? 
All, I repeat all peoples are entitled to liberty...O heroes and heroines rise!
I'm not inciting anyone to rebellion, but protest they should with their voice!

O inhuman and foolish race, how much longer can you brag and not be erased?  
Rome crumbled with its marble idols...others followed and lost what they highly praised!
Now justice is veiled by a feigned appearance: haters of faith and lovers of money abound,
bringing more destruction and danger to anyone alive...will they return to God?  

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What does incarnation mean and what does redemption mean

Incarnation means act of clothing with flesh
So our Lord clothed 
His divinity with a human body
Redemption means to buy back again


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How were the merits of Jesus Christ applied to our souls

The merits of Jesus Christ are applied to our souls through the Sacraments
Especially Baptism
Which restore us to the friendship of God


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From Greek laos = people
The common state of life in the church
Baptized, non-ordained Christians
Who belong to the people of God


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A kyrielle for today

There is a path
ready now-
Today is here
be ready dear

There is a choice,
take it now-
Hark,that voice?
Its whisper clear

There is a place,
its empty now-
earmarked for thee,
with just one vow !

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Melt it Down

Ice is breaking
Heart reawaking
Process in making
Love's pure baking

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Mind's Insecurity

Mind’s Insecurity

Why is it hard to hear your own words?
speaking truth but refusing to hear…
fine showing, hard swallowing
leave bitter tastes, easier to say
conflict inside.
Knowing there is no opposite
one real the other fake.
Yet the mind hurts the heart
with accusations or clues
even if it’s not true.
What do you do?
act like there isn’t pain
while attempting to be the same.
Silence surrounds speaking volumes
difference in intimacy become problems
left out for part of a plan
telling your mind to understand.
How do you recover from distance?
that your mind created
we know how misled that can be
flighty, focused on the worse
surviving all is its only course.
Upsetting solved issues
making it hard to get through
stupid when brought to light
already advising what is right.
One extreme to the next
bad habits hard to forget
practice what’s said
follow the heart
release the mind’s insecurity instead.


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Just Another Day

I was climbing down a mountain
When I fell up to the top
Came upon a green light
Decided I should stop

Turned on my right blinker
Proceeded to make a left
Turned my stereo down
Even though I’m deft

I saw a man hitchhiking
Ask would you like a ride
Then all at once I took off
What was I trying to hide?

I got where I was going
Though I truly didn’t care
For I had absolutely no idea
What I was even doing there

Written for Kristin's march
madness contest. Written
in regards to Inner-Furion
treatment for hep-c. The
treatment made me violently
ill and I ran a high temperature
for months on end. I would
start to go somewhere and
get a few blocks from home
and realize, "I have no idea
where I'm going".

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Having always used words,
to express the emotions inside.
Now unable to find words to define,
allowing the feelings to hide.

Not knowing where to start,
lost as to how to begin.
To remain bound and gagged,
no where to turn, no way to win.

Left with feelings of hopelessness,
lost within sorrow and despair.
Does no one see me drowning,
doesn't anyone care.

Alone, left drifting through life,
unable to speak, unwilling to feel.
Longing to open up and scream out,
"Help me to remember what is real!"

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He was crucified by the Romans with the sharpest nails
by the will of an angry mob;
did anyone hear Jesus's sob?
Pilate refused to find him guilty and washed his hands.

Betrayed by Peter, hated by rebellious Barabbas;  
whipped at every fall, He patiently carried that cross to Calvary,
but a kind, humble woman felt much pity for Jesus 
and with a clean cloth wiped off his blood as an act of mercy!

And dragging His heavy cross through the narrow
streets of chaotic and uncompassionate Jerusalem,
someone, who had heard him preach about God's Kingdom,
picked up his cross and relieved some of the pain and sorrow!

Many believed Him to be the Christ, 
but the envious Pharisees did not,
and accusing him of blasphemy, they mocked him...
not noticing how the April sky was becoming dim!

He was laid in an empty, cold tomb amid palm trees and stones 
and on the third day, as Jesus promised the twelve disciples;
He miraculously rose...ascending the heavenly throne,
where God the Father handed Him the glorious crown!

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What effects of Anger in our soul

Anger begets in our souls impatience
And too often habit of cursing

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My beautiful body is another divine creation,
every part, so perfect, is guided by this wisest, most sinless heart,
which will not make it err when temptation
tries to weaken it by making it remember the bitterness of regrets. 

Nudity imparts its own beauty when it is considered a temple governed by purity;
nonetheless, it came from God's thoughts and artful hands;
so why should we be ashamed of it, if it is shown accordingly?
Many have exploited it for monetary gains and this is the plague of our society!   

My image is gladly seen in the clearest mirror,
inducing awareness, amazement and gratefulness,
never thinking of defiling it with unworthy offers;
even Satan is plotting against me and waving war!

Immoral persons won't hesitates to show their lewd interest,
thus taking advantage of someone needing the desperate break;  
these people corrupt any soul to rob it of dignity by their kind amenity... 
where's your sense of keenness, when it comes to view your sexuality? 

My beautiful body is another divine creation,
wonderfully and perfectly made to use it adequately;
glances of admiration by others may be full of inequity,
and adulating words will not flatter me, knowing their deception. 

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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What do you believe of Jesus Christ

I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God
The Second Person of the Blessed Trinity
True God and True man
Great Prophet, High Priest and was anointed as the fullness of divine power


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What do we mean by grievous matter

By ‘grievous matter’ with regard to sin mean that the thought
Word or deed which is committed must be either bad in itself
Or severely prohibited
And therefore sufficient to make a mortal sin if we deliberately yield to it

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Evil-silhouetted images,
Dancing and Prancing in the Darkness...
Please tell me, am I dreaming,
Of these, Marionette Demons???

written: 04-06-1997 OCJ

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What 3 sins seem to cause most evil in the world

Dishonesty and
They are therefore to be carefully avoided at all times


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What do we mean by our predominant sin or ruling passion

By our predominant sin
Or ruling passion
We mean the sin into which we fall most frequently and
Which we find hardest to resist


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I Just Can't Win- Nobody Wins

Member contest scores on Poetry Soup
Have me completely confused
My first contest; I thought I’d won first place
Comments I read, gave that news

When I viewed the actual contest results
Looked for name on the top
It wasn’t there; it was fifth on the list
Multiple winners should stop

To make things worse, I received some comments
About a contest I tried
Got Congratulations on my placement  
Thirty four of thirty five?

Why not just list the poems in order
First place is truly first place
There is no need to have twelve number ones
Not winning is no disgrace

Of course this is one person’s opinion
I may be totally wrong
And I’m sure it will make no difference
I just had to sing my song

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Spineless & broken hearted

He speaks with so much trust and love it hurts,
Leaving her so mindless and shattered everything is now nothing.
She feels the world revolved only around him,
Keeping her so intact that she bows down as if it was nothing.

We all now see her as a follower who's mind has been warped,
To the views of love that is not shown.
One movement of disagreement and he knocks her into shock and sadness,
Left with the thoughts of pain and regrets from her heartbreaking moans.

Only i feel sorry, and only i hate to see her look unhappy,
Others can't stand, nor ever will they care anymore of her pain.
& only i give in to let her know i am there to listen,
To try and keep her spirits high & remain sane.

He brings her gifts to try and apologize for his mistakes,
& after all that has been said, seemed  to go out the other ear,
She runs to him with tears and relief,
Now i have great fears for her and no doubt that she will come back with more 
Bruises and tears.

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Into Unknown

Live a little, or leave it all?
A time to run, or time to crawl?
A leap of faith risks falling short,
But when we fail, we grow: we're taught.

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Youth seemed an eternal joy
for a gorgeous and happy boy...
no worries over necessities,
with desires without sequence.

The fear of dying was far from pondering,
only beautiful days ahead for the youngest heart....
longing for a tenderness other teenagers never sought,
and sometimes sleeping away the afternoons was invigorating. 

Like glass sheding water, his soul was pure and epic
and he never shook his fist to seek revenge;
he never shillied to shin a tall tree with panic...
always used pragmatism whenever on perilous edge.

He lives miserably, living on a day-to-day existence,
but the fear of dying is to exemplify weakness,
not to exert himself and to better before he hits dead-end;
yesterday God was his sunrise, now that light is glimmering instead.

He justifies his misfortunes with an inadequate story,
while his friends enjoy a happy life, he frolics like a sky-lark 
feeding on what people discard in a garbage pail daily...
and weeps occasionaly, instead of coming out of the  dark.

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free cee IT MIGHT BE delight

             IT MIGHT BE DELIGHT
You may never know when or where
You might never know when the moment is near
You may never know when destiny will be done
And you might never know when you’ll find the one

It might be at your most darkest hour
Or when you think you’ve lost all your power
It may be while you’re walking in the rain
Or when a smile is what fate will ordain

You may never know when serenity is evidenced by trust
Or when true adoration is born of simple lust
You might never know when proof turns into fact
Or when fate provides what you lacked

You might never know when angels arrive
Or discover why the sinister survive
You may never discover what peace can provide
Or figure out where the harmonious hide

You may never know just how or why
Nor be certain why hello turns into goodbye
You may never know when  you’ve found true delight
But the one who truly loves you just might
        © 2012….copyright..PHREEPOETREE...~free cee!~

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The plan for escape comes together, 
Desperate to leave the past behind. 
Ready to venture out the front door, 
Unsettling thoughts consume the mind. 

Frightened feet reluctant to step out, 
Fragile courage quickly collapses. 
Fingers cross, hoping for a moment, 
Ruthless reality relaxes. 

The blinding sun uncovers secrets, 
Hidden beneath a reticent face. 
As the path begins to meander, 
Towards an unfamiliar place. 

Exhausted legs carry hopeless dreams, 
Towards paradise in the distance. 
Doubt extinguishes anxious desire, 
Reminiscing blissful ignorance. 

Determined to find new direction, 
Ignoring the strong urge to look back. 
The winding labyrinth never ends, 
Insanity births a maniac.

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Moody's in the mood to short sell
Congress's word to someday pay
sounds harsh but might be as well
political kids spoilin' just to play

forget the lunch, can't break-the-fast
for some, free is freedom to turn away
ignore basic facts, easier to lambaste
opponents and leave tomorrow in disarray

empty rhetoric is taxing my patience
'stead of taxing our monied ability
planking on opinion without complaisance
cliff leap before compromise with civility

chaotic lurching of well-oiled-machine
still with fits and spurts it grinds on
how democracy runs, is anything but clean
gentlemen statesmen's days are long gone

if ever there were, a whole other debate
with contemplative points to be sure
the pros and cons can't always equate
political work is anything but demure

© Goode Guy 2011-07-14

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Latin envolutio = unfolding, development
The growth of the final form of organisms over millions of years
Viewed from Christian perspective
Evolution takes place as God’s continuous creation in natural processes


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nowhere to be found

the other day i stumbled upon
something i'd been trying awhile,
to find but it was contingent on
my memory being more versatile

to where it was when last seen
by me or anyone else i think,
not right or left but in between,
recalled location my missing link

with much glee i picked it up and
my palm turned and rolled it around
what occurred after memory offhand
said it was nowhere to be found

© Goode Guy 2011-07-13

now where did i put that fourth stanza?

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Greek = origin, beginning
The first book of the bible which describes
Among other things
The creation of the world and of man


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democracy may look to some, to seem
a hell of a way to run a government
can two parties be on the same team?
that it works at all is a wonderment 

what rancor could be made of this?
this would pass for a party plank
be it elephant's or a donkey's to kiss
it's squeaky wheels we have to thank

we engage in rhetoric harsh to prove
our point is the truth or so we say,
so take your firm stance, and move!
be it right or left, the other way

we're gonna block your filly buster!
horse tradin' is 'fer checkin' teeth
uncompromisin' deals pass 'fer muster
some party's purpose is to deceive

our founding fathers, gentlemen all
taught that with good speaking skills
our House divided can not fall?
it's Senate's turn to pass some bills

our leaders are honest ones, with ability
vision for the nations future direction
turn this ship with statesmen's civility
to please citizenry's best cross section

yet with serious tone of impending disaster
if esteemed colleagues should get their say
they speak to press with sound bites faster
to sway opinion polls, today's power play

the whole process makes the thoughtful wonder
about the ability of political men to work
for their point to prove, and pull asunder
national harmony, as we all go berserk

democracy may look to some, to seem
a hell of a way to run a government
two parties can be on the same team,
as compromise doesn't breed discontent

to know political relations are symbiotic
the nature of democracy is a bit chaotic

© Goode Guy 2011-06-24

dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

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What effect has Lust on our souls

Lust begets in our souls a distate for holy things
Perverted conscience
Hatred of God
Frequently leads to complete loss of faith

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Should we give up trying to be good when we seem to not succeed in overcoming our faults

We should not give up trying to be good when we seem not 
To succeed in overcoming our faults because
Our efforts to be good will keep us from
Becoming worse than we are


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Old Age??

My age is getting up there
middle age is knocking on my door
They say I shouldn't worry...
I'm only thirty four.

I'm noticing the wrinkles.
I sense that double chin
is creeping right up on me.
Fight gravity?? I can't win!

I use to feel so youthful.
I thought I'd never age.
Back then I planted flowers.
Today I'm growing sage.

Sometimes I forget my own age.
It's not that I contrive.
Like when I wrote my bio here

Is that a sign of old-age?

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What about peace is funny?
View of life should be sunny!
Don't let the fear dwell in you
Or else it will turn quite blue!

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What effect has sloth upon the soul

Sloth begets in a soul
A spirit of indifference
In our spiritual duties and
A disgust for prayer


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what was meant

to start, eviscerating her muse
cut her up and analyze her
throw her heart into tea leaves
meat her mind and so dissect her

her depth is unfathomable
enigmatic as an ancient nation
was she down in the consumables
drinking deep the Muses libation

entrails lain out in between
what came into her head
what she inspires, what she means
how good is she in bed

what was meant of point of view
each to glean from field of meaning
seeds of inspiration equal to
what was meant and what was seeming


to start, eviscerating his muse
cut him up and analyze him
throw his heart into tea leaves
meat his mind and so dissect him

his depth is unfathomable
enigmatic as an ancient nation
was he down in the consumables
drinking deep the Muses libation

entrails lain out in between
what came into his head
what he inspires, what he means
how good is he in bed

what was meant of point of view
each to glean from field of meaning
seeds of inspiration equal to
what was meant and what was seeming

© Goode Guy 2011-10-03

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What is Sloth

Sloth is laziness of mind and
Through which we neglect our duties
On account on the labor they require


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What is actual sin

Actual sin is any willful thought
Or Omission contrary to the will of God

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Greek = measuring God, rule, norm
The authoritative collection of 
Sacred scriptures in 
The Old and New Testament of the bible


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O Jesus Christ

To turn away from You is to fall
To You is to stand
To remain in You is
To have a sure support


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What is Anger

Anger is an excessive emotion of the mind 
Excited against any thing
It is an excessive desire for

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brushing up

i brush up on my painting skills
the room in my mind is slated clean
pastels under foot bring cheap thrills
actively brewing my mental caffeine

with keen anticipation i open the can
and scents arise from creamy hues
to stir my emotions i alight cyan
thoughts stir to pigmented chartreuse 

kneeling down i brush away worries
and bristle with newfound anticipation
at the thought of bright plains i hurry
and spread my floor with new elation

glistening pigment flows on smoothly
a shiny coat of colorful armor
untimely realization comes on cruelly
i've painted myself into the corner

a cascade of colored phrases come to mind
glossing over the predicament i'm in
trying for semblance of this puzzled find
some solution elegant to dissuade chagrin

should i wait it out for paint to dry
only now i read directions on the can
six to eight hours as time goes by
can my bladder hold on to this game plan?

pigment slowly dries as bladder does not
frustration grows as i search other ideas
could someone come rescue me, a long shot
if i called out, would they hear my pleas

no easy way thought to get off the hook
the whole plan was just full of holes
whatever made me decide a new look
my path is clear as i paint my soles

© Goode Guy 2011-06-22

oh those colorful phrases ;-)

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Graces in each moment

God doesn't ask much of you
Just cooperate
With each grace
He gives you in each moment


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Considering all the do's and don't's
in any given day
To savor all the in's and out's
in every special way

While messing with the up's and down's
to wait for them to bloom
Incorporating low's and high's
expecting them too soon

The stress of all the when's and how's
to labour for the love
The purpose of the then's and now's
to see push come to shove

For all the sense of why's and where's
connecting as they lie
The sureness of the if's and but's
to know there is no 'try'

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Things necessary to make sins mortal

Three things are necessary to make a sin mortal
A grievous matter
Sufficient reflection
And dull consent of the will

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Locked Away

My husbands actions locked with my soul and remained at our frount door,
He reenlisted again and had left for the Afganistan war.
My eyes became swollen the tears begain to pour.
Then all of a sudden, for some reason, one day I wasn't mad at him anymore.
I inwardly waited to hear his keys rattle and his duffle hit the floor. 

Quatrain - a hopeful heart

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What's the world coming to
I say to myself again
There are kids being raped
Don't they know it's a sin

They're killing off the old
And robbers galore
You'd think they would stop
If they knew what was in store

There are children missing
No one knows where they are
They'll drive up and say
"Want to ride in my car?"

Why doesn't it stop
All this nonsense and crime
I know if I were the judge
They'd be serving lots of time

I will always remember
God will get they in the end
Only if we have some help
Will the hearts ever mend

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From Violets to Violence

Faces and figures that only he can see.	
Heart sounds emit from his friend, the radio.
The past and the present are entwining him
As a once-hopeful future is lost in the din.

Upon dawn’s early light and throughout his days, now,
He knows to bear witness to all that they say now
From, “You are waste” and “Nobody wants you”
To, “Take your life now. You know that you want to!”
Shadowy forms on the ceiling and walls
Reach down to him: his tormentors’ calls
Where light is the dark and dark is the light;
Where night is the day and day is the night.

It’s a foregone conclusion, these garbled voices,
Bedlam’s intrusions interrupting his choices.
The velveteen violets too calmly revealed
Will soon be replaced by violence concealed.			

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My rebellion is based
on ufairness and repudiation,
I'm not blame and won't say a word...
you've fed your fantasy on illusion.

You have put a price on love,
and it's not my fault for the wrong assumption;
this heart of gold gave you enough, if not more...
you still accuse me of cheating with foul intention.

Make me swear, and still truth will shine,
make me go and you'll lose everything you possess;
I will show no shame in defending my innocence...
but giving you another chance wouldn't be my desire.

Beat your angry hands against my chest,
it will not hurt; and although I will withstand any madness,
don't fling any accusations to get quick explanations...
you have no proof I've done such things in the past.

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Desire in this World

Take time to establish your desires both your soul
Life on this earth
This period should lead with accomplishments from the past
Most people in this world take long to discover what they really want


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How Do I Tell Him

People problems are the worst A heart ache, to be frank First learned this when promoted To a supervision rank That was a long time ago But things still haven’t changed Today I’m leader of a band That must be rearranged My fiddler’s a close friend Eighty seven years old Has trouble with his left hand But has a heart of gold I have told the band members Although Sam’s getting slow He’ll have to decide to quit Before I’ll let him go Old Fiddling Sam’s legendary A showman from way back Lost his touch on the fiddle Appeal he doesn’t lack Fiddler Emeritus! Is something we might test Only play songs he does well Then sit out all the rest Then find a new fiddler To share the stage with Sam He would have to be one willing To let Sam be “Da Man” I’m losing sleep on this one Can’t tell Sam he must go Time for that conversation What’ll happen, I don’t know

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Unspoken Tokens - by Bob Atkinson

Unspoken Tokens - by Bob Atkinson

he walked over desert sands
for miles stumbling as a wild man
up to a fellow he did approach
to tell of the journey he made for gold

with quiet eyes this gent appraised
the needs of one who tramped so far
no canteen upon his back he saw
just tattered clothes and skin rubbed raw

"you need a bath" he said so softly
"the dust of road sets on you now,
I have no water for your dried lips
but here's a fountain in which to dip"

"please sir, a drink of water now
or I will die within the hour"
he showed his mouth dry of moisture
lips cracked open, face afire, broken

"no man," the gent respoke with irritation
"no water to drink, just to soak in,
you set out on this journey when you had duties
many things more important than wandering remotely

yet you proceeded to trek across desert
your lack of duty left your life useless

now you want water for drink of mouth
re-arranged priorities to that of the obvious
sit down on that rock and ponder all of this
how you ignored responsibility for a fools quest

take your bath with pleasure there
yet sip not the water, as you don't care
for those strong ties of devotion
to others and life's unspoken tokens

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Schizophrenia (What I Think It Feels Like)

Running away,
Stayng behind. 
Not knowing what, 
Is on my mind.

Not wanting to change
'Cause I think I'll lose
Then wanting to try on 
Someone elses shoes.

I'm feeling serene
I'm feelin' no pain
But now I think
I'm goin' insane.

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What are chief sources of sin

Chief sources are Seven
Pride, Greed, Lust
Anger, Gluttony, Envy and Sloth or laziness
Commonly called 7 Capital Sins or 7 Deadly Sins 

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What kind of sin is drunkenness

Deliberate drunkenness, always a mortal sin
If the person is completely deprived of the use of reason by it
But drunkenness is not intended
Or desired may be excused from mortal sin 

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                                                  MUCH A-DO

We cannot worry over-much,
'Bout things we can't control.
Too much worry disrupts life,
And at length rots the soul.

Worrying 'bout this and that,
Can spoil your whole demeanor,
Causing you to disdain,
What makes your pastures greener.

Reality of fact is that,
Life has it's ups and downs,
Stomp and snort all that you please,
And growl and glance around,

To find someone to blame it on,
Although no one's to blame;
Sometimes things happen, this is true,
And it's to no one's shame.

Often we avoid some things,
But sometimes we just can't,
If we could go through life unscathed,
We'd be some kind of plant,

That simply sits, says not a word,
And never does a athing;
So learn to take life as it comes,
Relax and learn to sing;

For worry never solved a thing,
In fat it gives you ulcers,
And makes you old before your time,
So relax, gain some culture.

Learn to control your inner chi,
Your yen and then your yang,
Because worrying all the time,
Won't gain you one dang thang.

                                              Judy Ball

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Fight's On!

Oh my gosh - it's the real me?
Full of sin and blasphemy!
I may lose; but probably win
Fighting the devil again and again

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What is Covetousness

Covetousness is Greed
Part of 7 Capital Sins
Or Deadly Sins
Greed is an excessive desire for worldly things

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Twelve Apostles

Greek apostolos = someone sent, messenger
The names of the twelve apostles are these
First Simon, who is called Peter [Roman Catholic’s 1st pope] and 
Andrew his brother
James the son of Zebedee 
John his brother
Matthew the tax collector
James the son of Alphaeus 
[Judas [Jude]] Thaddeus
Simon the Cananaean and
Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Him
Mt 10 2-4


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What do I do
What do I say
Do I believe all this
Or do I just pray
I've heard this story
Is it truth or a lie
Do I believe others
Or sit down and cry
I love him so
That I know wont stop
Do I believe the stories
Or let it all drop
Tell me God
Please let me know
Do I believe only You
And let it all go
So give me the answers
Make them clear as can be
do i believe myself
And let my heart be free

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What is Pride

Pride is an excessive love
Of our own ability so that would
Rather sinfully disobey
Than humble ourselves

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A stranger place

I'm just a stranger here
the neighbors smiling at me from ear to ear
I've been gone for far too long
even though it's only the first year

There are sparrows walking this ground
a scarecrow stand forgotten and on the porch a dead coon hound
This is a nexus, a rip in my common space
I'm standing amidst this crowd but I'm no where to be found

And raindrops are falling beneath my feet
A mother losing her way hangs up her bedroom sheet
I want to run away from this melancholy shame
but there are so many faces here forcing us to meet

The sharper the knife the duller the man
My daddy had once said this but how was I to understand
that a man aint just a body walking around a town
and that if a life he takes then he's to be judged by the land

There is blood on the highway, yet no body to be seen
all these empty ghosts here must make it Halloween
but I'm just another puppet opening up a closet
just to see the backyard to find out what it might mean

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What is mortal sin

Mortal sin is grievous offense against the law of God
This sin is called mortal because it deprives us of spiritual life
Sanctifying grace
Brings everlasting death and damnation of the soul

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Why did Christ lived that long on earth

Christ lived for about 33 yrs to show us the way to
Heaven by
His Teachings and


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***Why Can't You See?

Why can't you see
He's not the one for you?
Don't you realize how happy you'd be
Once you say your love is through?

He's not worth your time
He only wants one thing
You need a real relationship
Not just a little fling

When he's with other girls
To you, he doesn't say a word
You need to have your say
And make sure your voice is heard

He never gives in
You always compromise
He says that he loves you
But you don't see it in his eyes

If he only knew
How hard you try
Yet he always seems to do 
The things that make you cry

You always go to him
He never comes to you
He doesn't understand
Oh, if he only knew

He calls you names
Things you know you're not
Why should you even care
About what he thought?

I say all these things 
To get her to see
But alas, all "these things"
Are happening to me

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       BUT DO YOU?

I remember that September
But do you?
I remember that December
When the wicked winds blew

I recall all the fun we had one day at the shore
You splashed, you giggled, and you made my day
You wiggled through the water your lanky arms tore
And Mother Nature grew pansies for you on a day at the bay

I can envision you bouncing down the hall
With all the feminine guile a woman can own
My laughing like a schoolboy was due to it all
But some days like that Satan will only loan

Sometimes the waves get far too rough
Yet the devil will grant your wishes come true
Losing a lady like you is torture enough
And I remember those days………….. but do you?
   ©  2011.….Phreepoetree ~free cee~!

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Confessions of a Teenage Catholic

You hate my purple hair
You hate the way I dress
You hate the ones I call upon
When I am in distress

They hate my righteous attitude
They hate the way I drive
They hate the lies I tell them
In order to survive

You hate my independence
You hate the way I sing
You hate my strange addictions
And the consequence they bring

He hates my hidden heartstrings
He hates our time apart
He hates the distance in my eyes
When it’s not what’s in my heart

I hate myself with you
I hate myself with him
I hate myself for being here
Confused in wretched sin

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If I Only Knew

If I only knew.....
how all of this would end.
Would it change my thoughts of you?
Would you become my friend?

If I only knew.....
how much time that we've got.
Could I let my guard down?
Could I take that shot?

If I only knew.....
You wanted to know me.
That would make the difference.
It's what I just can't see.

The only thing I really know
is that you are too late.
I've tried to beg, to cry and scream.
This life may just be fate.

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Sometimes I feel like no one cares
As I live my life each day
I remember how they used to be
Now it's for them, that I pray

I feel they see me
As someone that's new
Like a person in this town
What's wrong, what did I do

I didn't mean for this to happen
It was God's will or way
Why is it now, they turn and run
All I want from you, is to stay

I don't want your pity
Even though it would be nice
Just think about how I feel
When you turn and look twice

Think of me just as a person
Not a killer with a plot
I miss my baby so much
And all that I haven't got

So the next time you see me
And you don't want to speak
Think about how I feel
And just turn the other cheek

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Tears of Blood

The salty tears had come like a flood
But now I only cry tears of blood
The buckets worth, gallons and gallons
Like my eyes and heart were cut with razor sharp talons

I'll hand you back each bucket
I'll tell you, you can suck it
You better not come running back to me
Because I'll probably just slap you in the face, you'll see

I'll give you back everything, every ounce of love
Because I feel like it's raining these tears of blood
I want you to feel it, feel what I felt
To feel something painful on your heart, a welt

Like someone's ripping out your emotions
Leave yourself, feeling more raged then the oceans
Was this not what you were anticipating?
Was I all too suffocating?

Well how am I to know if you don't give me a sign
Now I feel that you have a weak spine
You could have said something to me
So I knew how you had wanted things to be

But if you just start pulling away 
Then I don't know what I should say
The only thing I knew to do was hold on
I tried so hard, I tried to be strong

But you gave me nothing, left me alone
You must have a heart of stone
Because my tears once came like a salty flood
But now all I have, are tears of blood...

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What is Temptation

Temptation is anything that
Or Urges us to offend God

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Keep Trying

Water washes over me
pushing me further down.
I keep trying to stay afloat
afraid one day I'll drown.

Someday life will get easier
for us, I'm sure it will.
Just now it feels like we are pushing
dead weight up dead-man's hill.

I love to know we're in it
together till the end.
No matter how much stress we have
We'll always be best friends.

My partner, lover, but mostly friend.
You are my everything.
When I am tired and can't stand up
that's when you whisper in my ear...

Thank you for your strength.

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What are you thinkin'
When you act this way
Not one kind word
In my world of dismay
What are you thinkin'
When you act so absurd
Your actions to me
Speak louder than words
What are you thinkin'
Comin' into my home
Tryin' to make my life
As bad as your own
What are you thinkin'
I can't figure you out
One thing I do know
You're on the wrong route

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Before you I never believed
that love was real
I didn't believe in fairytales
or about this way I feel

I didnt believe in magic
or wishes coming true
I failed to believe a lot 
till i met you

In my imagination
were castles in the sky
but they become real
when your love made me fly

I saw Angels and heaven
I felt warm sunny days
And then one day
you took that away

It seemed like a nightmare
the pain was too harsh
it hurt very intensely
that we had to part

If ever i did something
I didn't want to do
It was taking my love 
and departing from you

You seemed unhappy
and you wanted another
What was the point?
What was the bother?

My wings would not carry me
I could not fly
No longer could i see 
the castles in the sky

I cried a river
With all my tears
I cried a thousand 
for each and every year

You were so special to me
and yet you still are
that will never change
You are my noble star

That place in my heart
You yet still hold
It's just now 
My heart turned cold

I still love you
I still can't hate you
I still can't reach you
I still can't hold you

You are still my Angel
but you took my wings
I'm sitting here restless
Like a fallen queen

Maybe the magic
will repair all thats done
Maybe one day
You will know i'm the one

I know that you loved me
I just don't think you knew
and i think that it scared you
the more that it grew

I cry no more 
but i think of you every day
and there is a smile 
on my face, by the way

But i am a woman
who needs to fly once again
just letting you know 
where i am and where ive been


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Why do people
That you love fight
You'd think they'd try
To make the world right
It's so sad, you know
To see all that hurt
You can see in their eyes
They've been treated like dirt
You can't make
The hurt go away
You wish it was love
That would come and stay
So, how do you change it
So they wont cry
I guess give more love
Why not give it a try

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With the use of intellect
Negativity in mind you can dissect
And become a brand-new you
Praise the Lord for helping, too!

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Every Single One

I laugh a lot
I cry a lot
I get mad a lot
I get surprised a lot

I'm a person of mixed emotion
It's not like I can help it
I try hard to stop it
But it just doesn't stop

I'm a teenager
Things just get jumbled up
My mind doesn't work
The way it's supposed to

My brain doesn't understand
Half of the things
I go through everyday
It just doesn't make sense

But I guess 
Every single one of us
Has to go through this stage
At some time or another

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I search the world for answers
to the questions in my mind.
Although, it seems those answers
are the ones I'll never find.

In dark despair I call out.
I scream for help and light.
The source of deep depression
is something I must fight.

I try to "keep my chin up"
and "focus on the ball",
but everytime I take a step
I also take a fall.

For those of us who fight them,
the demons in our head, 
we have to force ourselves to sleep
each time we go to bed.

Without my faith in Jesus
and my love of family,
I don't know where I would end up
but I know I wouldn't be free.

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The sunlight dances in his eyes
He sees right through my disguise
He runs his hands through his hair
Keeping a straight face, he tries, he tries

This just isn't fair
Does he really not care
He left me here all alone
Into emptiness I now stare

Our names should be carved into stone
We should be sitting on the throne
But under this mask I now hide
While my heart is being re-sewn 

I duck away from the rising tide
I can't just take again his side
He told me all those horrible lies
And now, I am left... terrified

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The Price of Progress

A time remembered from a different era
A warm and gentle memory
When families prayed and stayed together
And you were here by me

We walked holding hands by the river's edge
Alone and at peace with the earth
Conquering the universe on our own
Giving it all it was worth

We were moving mountains and changing the world
Standing strong for what we believed
It seems as though it were all in vain
We spent a lifetime being deceived

Could it be that we were better then
Surviving misbegotten ideals
Were we a force to be reckoned with 
The secret that nature reveals

Maybe the world didn't need to be changed
Maybe it was best left alone
There were people who spoke of living their dreams
While we had dreams of our own

I guess in the name of progress we gain
But in the end there is so much lost
There once was an innocence in all that we did
Was the progression worth the cost?

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The Eagle

Like an Eagle, untamable
With wings that spread the sky
Dipping down to land on earth
Back to heaven, again, he'll fly

My hold on him is tenuous
My hands, they slip away
At night, I cry, as tensions break
It's not a game I like to play

Something concrete I can hold
Is what I'm searching for
I hold him to me only briefly
Then he flies the sky once more

An Eagle needs to know it's free
I'm terrified to let him go
I cannot hold him, though it hurts
And these emotions cannot show

He's so beautiful, and so wild
All my insecurities will show
But if I care enough for him
I will have to let him go

If he returns to me again
Then I know he wants to stay
Though, at times, he'll want to fly
Maybe, he'll never fly away.

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I miss you like there's no tomorrow
I clench my chest to sooth my hearts sorrow
My head spins round and round
The reason He chose you cannot be found

My eyes water when your name is spoken
Your death, has me awoken 
These salty tears stream down my face
Life is going at a too fast pace

I ask God every night and day
I pray, I pray, I pray, I pray
My house is quiet with you gone
I just don't know what went wrong

My knees shake at the sound of your name
My life will never be the same
Nightmares wake me up each night
I can never reach you, when you're in my sight

You left my world a bitter and alone
My life is harder then a stone
So I loose, you win...
So let me be, let this darkness close in

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The Woman In The Mirror

When I pass a mirror
and catch you watching me,
I'm stricken with the strangest chill
that no one else can see.

The resemblance is uncanny.
The face, the hair, the nose.
I'm even just about your height.
I guess that's how it goes.

I'll always be reminded 
of when you went away
each time I pass a mirror...
(That's every single day.)

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Just one thing

If you could see what I see
If you knew what I knew
If you felt what I felt
If only, If only

I need to tell you just one thing
I need to tell you I miss you
Tell you I love you
How unfair this has to be...

One hundred calls won't bring you back
I know because I've tried
Neither will one hundred tears
I know because I've cried

I don't know what to do with my life
When your not always around
My world revolved around you
Now I'm left, crying on the ground

I'm in a time of mourning
While my world tries to get a perspective
Tries to find a place, without you
A way I can be affective

I need to tell you just one thing
I need to tell you I miss you
Tell you I loved you
How unfair you've been to me...

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Cruel Joke

Was it just a cruel joke 
or did you feel the same? 
How could you kill a grown man's soul? 
Why did you play this game? 

He says he'd still forgive you. 
I pray he NEVER will. 
No matter how much pain you've felt, 

I hope you carry the torture 
with you for all your days. 
I hope your life is MISERABLE 
just like you wanted Ray's. 

They say that God will punish 
and make you feel the shame. 
For what you've done was heartless 
and there's ONLY YOU TO BLAME!

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Season to Heal

Raw is the nature and talent of birds
Fearing the holes of dark art
A coping will against sin so divine
Bull’s-eye in the path of a dart
Course of bold habit, stick with a lifter
Ransacked with promise and gleam
My floating shell sinks to the depths of hell
And I know I’m hard cracked in dreams
Stay in without chancing the sting that must come
Flaw without need to be spawned
Primaly still in near creeping demise
Overbearing life pressure’s begun
Won’t bliss or convey this dormant dismay
Creational slip below reason to feel
Though loaded with pride and glad you reside
‘Tis not yet my season to heal

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My make up is running
Two black lines down my face
My body is burning
I return to that place

Hiding in my sorrow
My tears wetting my face
Always returning to tomorrow
I’m close to the place

As a sigh escapes my lips
A familiar voice speaks more unheard words
I feel the light caress of fingertips
I look above and see black birds

I’m in that place

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Our amazing age has been called both uncertain and troublesome, 
and with all the advances and discoveries,
many still refuse to believe that God exists;
gold is avariciously kept by the wealthy, not released to feed anyone!

They march to a warfare beat, to invade, to defeat and mercilessly loot;
and will their militia be strong enough to hold back the armies
of the glorious Christ appearing in the noon's golden clouds?
All the prophesies came to pass, and this one will, too!

The destructive forces, not yet known to Man's blurred mind,
can desolate entire cities and destroy disobedient Nations;
the Black Death that rampaged and terrified Europe can't be compared to this!
But to cause confusion and death, the Anti-Christ must usurp and fight! 

What greater pangs are more real than the ones to come in the latter days?
The life-giving sun will sink into the depths of the inscrutable Universe, 
and the lovely stars will not appear at night;
that total darkness will induce immense fright! 

The prophecies that have come to pass...were completely ignored,
and others more frightful are unfolding before these very eyes;
how long can we not discern their real message and realize
that every Biblical event was foretold by the prophets of old!

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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The Ring

How does it feel to wear it?
How can you keep it there?
You must hate being reminded
of how much he use to care.

It doesn't really fit you.
It's just a size too small.
But then, did he never tell you
that it isn't yours at all?

Do you ever wonder 
what it is that people see
when you show them all your finger
wearing the ring he bought for me?

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The Awakening

the truth lies within me
and yet I know not why
I fidget and I fumble
fall to My knees and cry

skeletons clamor and stumble
over My demise
wicked vexed undaunted
last roll of the die

ire tears sear through Me
lips curse a weighted sigh
stripped illusions rape
My dreamless, ebony sky

on shattered bent knee
I succumb to Him on High
fragile diamond, jealous rose
on bruised thorns I lie

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My Last Poem

To write no more, shall be hard to do.
to push never again my crocked pen
across the page which once was new
now so stained from pain within.

No more I write to an ascending voice
to hear their laughter from the back.
Knowing full well this be my choice
to write no more for skill I lack.

There shall be no loss to none but me
to find my thoughts uncarpeted then
to let my poets heart blow free
my scatter verse unto the wind.

I write no more I've had enough
to feel their sneer at my printed word
their descending mock for that I love
I drop bitter tears upon my verse.

From my heart so torn and I forlorn
so this shall stand as my final poem. 

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Black Tears

From all the hurt
That you have thrown my way
And all the fear
I have nothing to say

How do I escape?
Your enveloping presence
Why must I go through this?
Knowing your essence

No one tries to know
Or maybe they don’t care
That the words they say
I can hardly bare

I walk through the world
With my head hung low
I shall never ever let
My pain and hurt show

For every black tear
That falls to the ground
Has a silent scream
And I never make a sound

My stare becomes cold
And my blood is not red
And I reach the point
That I have no more tears to shed

Every night 
I go home and cry
Till my pillow is soaking
With the black tears I cried