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Birthday Quatrain Poems | Quatrain Poems About Birthday

These Birthday Quatrain poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Birthday. These are the best examples of Birthday Quatrain poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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To Lily

                                                       Deep red the garnet
                                                 And carnation petals bright
                                                   Snow white the tiny child
                                                   A dainty snowdrop white

                                                        Soft as the blooms
                                                    Are cheeks of rosey red
                                                       She is carried quietly
                                                    And softly tucked in bed

                                                  Someday the little princess
                                                      Beloved girl first born
                                                    Will wear a garnet ring
                                                    To welcome in the morn

                                                       As January passes
                                                    And winter slips away
                                           A book with these pressed flowers
                                                  Will remind us of this day

A repost

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My Birthday Treat

Tonight is my birthday and I'm in for a surprise
My darling desires to thrill my eyes
The living room is set and the lights are turned low
Scented candles are lit as I await what she shows

Soft ballads play from rock bands we adore
To my left she enters such beauty amour
In sexy black lace with traces of deep red
Her curvaceous shapes play with my head

Teasing and taunting in her gypsy style dance
Erotic she is, my eyes captured in trance
Pouting she writhes alluring my clutch
Staying out of reach, denying me of touch

Scintillating movements as she edges real close
Her perfume entices my desire to pursue
My hearts now pumping in manly crave
As I catch her kisses in loving threw

Closer she dances as she takes my hand
As I arise and join her as we take to the floor
Embraced we are on this special night
Passion awaits with my girl I adore

Touchingly we kiss as our hands declare
Revealing to each other our bodily joys
Blissful caressing declares our time
Our bodies unite in loving employ

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The Face of an Angel

So many poemless years,
   Not describing your true beauty.
You’re more than an Angel,
   Here on angelic duty.

Your face echoes truth,
   Of divine radiance on earth.
Your presence warms my soul,
   And gives my life its worth.

You’re the one I think about,
   With an honest heart so true.
I just want to speak from my within,
   And wish a happy birthday to you.

As I bring you a little closer,
   Your angelic dust disappears.
I have always wanted to whisper,
   Happy birthday in your ear. 

Today is the day of reckoning,
   As my lips whisper this greeting.
And praise a wonderful day,
   While in our secret meeting. 

Not a meeting of lustful acts,
   But a meeting of a warm embrace.
I have always been mesmerized,
   When I look upon your face.

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The Witch's Birthday Bash Part 2

Just when they thought the house was pristine
They were blinded by flashes, purple and green
A psychedelic flare shot up through the roof
Then crashed back down with a loud, smoky POOF!

It hissed and it fizzled in the middle of the room
They all backed away from the kaleidoscopic plume
But before they could leave there was an almighty flash
Then an explosion that ended in an ear-banging crash

When the smoke cleared they all looked around
The house had been razed all the way to the ground
The cat's fur was singed, the furniture was dust
The guest's clothes were blackened, their expressions nonplussed

The goblin was fizzing, the ogre displeased
"Well this was a disaster!" the scorched elves teased
The fairy was frowning at her charred, blackened wings
Whilst the pixies were playing in the soot, of all things

Suddenly the witch burst into pained tears
This debacle had confirmed her very worst fears
She'd never tried to have a birthday party before
And after today, she wouldn't try to any more

Her sobs were so desperate, so sad, so forlorn
That her friends felt quite guilty for showing such scorn
They each gave her a hug and said not to fret
The party wasn't done; at least not yet!

"You see," said the wizard, "the house might be charred,
But we can always continue in your perfect back yard
The witch looked at her friends with hope in her eyes
And felt the cloud of despair beginning to rise

"Do you mean it?" she asked, her tears drying up
"Yes," they all smiled, "let's get it set up!"
They used all of their skills and magical tricks
To create a new party; it was really quite slick

Then for the finale the ogre did bake
An amazingly huge strawberry cake
The witch blew out the candles and made her wish
Before sampling the cake, which was simply delish!

She looked at her friends, her smile so bright
"I'm so lucky to have you, you're all a delight!"
The beamed at the praise too touched to respond
And nobody noticed the still sparking wand...

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Happy Birthday Jesus

I finally get it. 	
It has nothing to do with me. 
I opened the eyes in my heart
and now I truly see.

I know that I'll be locked up
and that I wont get a toy.
But my heart is beating like a drum
and it's drumming in the Christmas joy.

Happy Birthday Jesus!
Thank you Father for your Son.
The gift of my salvation
after my time on earth is done.

What an awesome present.
There isn't anything I want more.
I asked Him to come into my heart	
and He walked right through the door.

I was feeling sad and lonely.
It's hard to be happy here in jail.
But when I think of Jesus' Birthday. 
It makes me smile without fail.

Merry Christmas everybody!
I hope you feel it too.
If you've got the bah humbugs.
It's not about me or you.

It's about our Lord Jesus.
The gift that everyone can share.
God gave to us His only Son.
So let Him know how much you care.

I wrote this one Christmas when I 
was in jail and thought I lost it
but there it was in my memory.
Merry X-mas everyone and God Bless you.

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The Witch's Birthday Bash Part 1

It was her big day, she'd waited a while
Her excitement was building, but so was her bile
She'd planned this party to the final detail
Invited all of her friends, she just couldn't fail

Picking up her new wand, she began to get ready
Her nervousness making her a little unsteady
She waved the wand and muttered a spell
That would make her hair look simply swell

But halfway through, she felt quite green
She mixed up the words and said something obscene
Sparks flew form her hair and set fire to her shawl
She leapt up in the air and let her wand fall

Screeching and cursing she danced round the room
Jerking so violently, she kicked over her broom
It shuddered before leaping high into the air
Knocking her over and into a chair

That would have been fine if she hadn't squashed flat
Her magical, but cranky, black and white cat
It meowed very loudly and flew into a rage
With claws and fur flying it went on a rampage

It flew at the witch, angry and wild
It's sleep now disturbed, it's temper quite vile
The cat landed squarely on the poor witches head
And digging it's claws in, it started to shred

The witch screamed quite loudly and stumbled right back
Screeching and pulling 'til she heard a loud crack
Holding the cat she looked down to check
And saw her new wand lying broken on the deck

Looking in panic at the defective magic stick,
Which was sparking and spitting out magical tricks,
She lifted her foot, backing away
But the cat suddenly panicked, abandoning the fray

The witch lost her balance and tripped over her dress
Tearing her stockings and hem in the process
She put out her hand to stop herself tumbling
And grabbed hold of the broom, still groaning and grumbling

Then the bell rang, her guests had arrived
Looking at the mess, she felt her hope dive
She'd had such high hopes for tonight's monster bash
She'd planned it for ages, made it quite flash

She went to the door with a tear in her eye
Her dress was ripped and her make-up awry
She opened it wide and beamed a feigned smile
But her friends saw through her attempt to beguile

They peered over her shoulder and exclaimed at the mess
Then looked back at the witch, she looked so depressed
"Don't worry," they said, "we'll help you out.
After all, that's what friendship's all about!"

The fairy waved her wand, the warlock cast a spell
It all seemed to be going exceptionally well
For a while it looked like the show would go on
But no-one had noticed the still sparking wand

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For Your Eyes Only

They said we'd never make it
They said we would not last
And though we've had it rough, dear 
For us, the dye's long been cast

They don't seem to understand it
They don't have a single clue
That though we have our problems
There is a magic glue

A glue so rare and precious
A glue so exquisitely fine
Forged out of our young love
Making you forever mine

We have a precious daughter
She is the forever bond
The union of our souls is she
Of whom you are so fond

Today as I watched you sleep
I longed to kiss you awake
With passion dipped words to say:
“Wake up, sweet love let’s make!”

And so I teased and I pleased you
Laid your head on my bare breast
I smiled at myself for I knew
That would bring on all the rest

I was not disappointed
You made me scream and sign
With techniques tried and true
You took me to the heavens high

And now you're getting older
You're climbing the ladder of time
Remember when you're old and grey
I'll still think you are sublime! 

Eileen Manassian Ghali

A Little Background:

I wrote this some time ago for my husband, but I added to it to post it today. I met him when we were twelve, he asked me out at 14, I accepted him at 17 when I came back from the States, I married him at 26.  We were neighbors, but our families were rivals of sorts. Regular Montegues and Capulets. His parents threatened to disown him if he married me. He was willing to go through the risk. This explains the beginning of the poem. It's been twenty years now. We are still together. The Title of the poem, a song by Sheena Easton, was "Our SONG."

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Thy Birthday 2K11

O Ima - this day be thy special day, Mayst thou hast joy as smile upon thy face. For I've not cake nor candles for thy day; Only kind prayers hoping they'll find there place.

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Do You Hear What I Hear

Do you hear what I hear
in the far off fields?
Farmers tending to their crops
and counting out their yields.

Sheep are mewing,cattle too
like those so long ago.
When little baby Jesus
did set the stars aglow.

Three wise men did travel far
to see this glorious sight.
They carried precious oils and such
to give to Him that night.

The babe was wrapped in ragged cloth
but never did He cry.
He smiled sweet as heavenly hosts
did flutter wings nearby.

So do you hear what I hear
into this night as then?
A chorus of angels,shepherds too
singing good news again.

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Happy Birthday Piper!

Happy birthday! It seems that time
    has ran its course for another year;
         the only difference, that I can find,
              is that I love you, even more, my dear.