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Quatrain Beauty Poems | Quatrain Poems About Beauty

These Quatrain Beauty poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Beauty. These are the best examples of Quatrain Beauty poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Beauty Inside

Your beauty deep inside
Behind those bedroom eyes
Most men will fail to find
With you only as a prize

I can see it clear as day
Shining from your soul
Hiding from the prey
It truly makes you whole

So wipe away your tears
Set your beauty free
Leave behind your fears
Come walk away with me

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The Merry Go Round of Earth

One half is submerged in light,
the other in darkness.
Half says goodnight and the other
tugs the harness.

Kids climb backyard trees tinged
with school bus yellow.
As lovers play hide and seek
in the nighttime meadow.

Training wheels lay abandoned -
youthful eyes bear cornea confidence.
The silver spokes whistle through copper leaves -
once in a lifetime decadence.

August stars say their last farewell
in glorious beelines.
Whilst wrinkled fingers grasp the moon
in delicious daytime.

A woman dressed in white walks down the aisle -
her father proudly flaunts.
As a preacher recites Scripture at a funeral:
The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want...

A newborn's laugh lights the whole world up
with effortless ease.
Whilst a pair of liver-spotted legs
unbuckles its knees.

One takes the first step -
the other reaches the end of the line.
One is a wealth of wisdom -
and the other is a gift divine.

Tiny toes to caress the sand,
ashes to sprinkle in the sea -
as if Nature itself has read aloud
Ecclesiastes Three.

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Hidden Beauty


On the island of Comino
Naked rocks are burning hot,
Without mercy, sun at midday
Robs the shade from every spot.

It’s a bare desolate area, 
Here the snakes are free to crawl,
Lazy lizards meditating
Where the gnarled wild bushes sprawl.

I trudge on towards the inlet
Drawn by water cyan blue;
It’s deserted and inviting
For it’s known only to few. 

I arrive and there to greet me
On dry sand a wondrous sight
I behold, sensual, alluring
Virgin flowers dressed in white. 

*Comino is one of the islands that 
  form the Maltese Archipelago.
22nd January, 2015
Contest: Hidden Beauty
Sponsor: Rhonda Johnson-Saunders
Placed: 2nd

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You asked me to forgive you
Still you would cause me pain again
Your words rained down like daggers
Soaking my soul with so much pain

I know i was taught to forgive
It became harder every day
All the ways you had to hurt me
I was the game you loved to play

You had quite an imagination
The ways you would describe my demise
Thankfully I chose not to follow
Yours was a pathway paved with lies

In my mind I reinvented 
Chose a future that was worthwhile
Yes I took a few steps backwards
Still moving forward all the while

As the gap between us lengthened
God took my heart and made it whole
Yes beginnings are important
I learned forgiveness plays a role

It was not so much about you
Or all the things that you had done
My healing could not be complete
Without knowing God's only Son

There is light beyond the darkness
Perhaps one day I will see your face
I hope you asked God for forgiveness
Your sins will be gone without a trace

If my Savior can forgive you
The way he has forgiven me
There is more to who you were
Than what I was able to see

I forgive you dad

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The Lady in Black

Smoke comes off the chimney tops
Trails behind the breeze as the rain drops
Hurdles under the clouds to seek shelter
Disappears in the vapor of a darkest winter

Snapped under my coat I ran to shelter
My steps tracing the trail of glass
Sweat dripped down my palms elevated
I lift my knees and walk agitated

Took a second to notice, a scarf hanging
Neck loose, head bottled, scalp dangling
Cold breath sneaked up and down my neck
As the lady grasped sight of her final dread

My gaze slid under her skirt
Her undone hair and bloody shirt
All climbed to intertwine juxtaposed above
Merciless, spineless, slithering gloves

Ice-clawed eyes stared back in horror
Hands clenched in fists flagrant in color
Put a finger on his lips and whispered
A tone that struck my nerves unhindered

Speak a word and you're next
Don't put my patience to the test
Walk away, disappear, 'cause if I find you
You'll pray that god take you before I do

I couldn't hesitate twice abt walking
Suddenly, he cringed and started falling
Branches broke as his neck followed behind
Snapping backwards, dispersing his spine

I slowly walked over and found a note
To whom it may concern, sloppy hands wrote
I am but a victim, of this woman's throat
the day she stabbed me, the day she spoke

I'm but a lonely spirit roaming free
Why has this lady followed me
To murder all that I loved and once cared for
To sweep off the little things I'd die for

She was Lady Death,  the one we all fear
Seductively laying us to eternal rest
Drove me to heaven, doors slid clear
Her arms wide open, her warm loving chest

Then to hell I went for my earthly deeds
The torture I've seen for all those years
And you're next in a line of slaves
A queue of misery, a farm of graves

Your eyes have seen a deadly charm
Life as you know it is far long gone
Prepare for a sinfully long run
Here she comes, load your gun

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Painted Lady

The ev'ning sun reclines and dips
Her trailing skirts into the fire;
She lounges on the edge of dusk,
Her sultry lips, crimson desire.

With violet tints, her painted eyes,
Brazen behind a blushing cloud,
Stare into ev'ry lake and pond
To view the beauty she's endowed.

We sigh to see her slip beyond
The rim of sight; her lovely face
May never be just quite the same
As now, framed by the black tree lace.

May 8, 2014

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Our Love and Passion Always Forever

Since I met you my love the passion I harbor 
for you knows no bounds or limits since our
love is genuine, special, and from the heart—
I’m always so happy to be with you my darling.

Every time I see you and we meet, it’s just like
starting over with both of us so glad to see one
another with that hopeless expectation of two 
young kids with emotions and passions on fire.

Your kiss and your very touch release an ardent
and burning desire each and every time we caress 
and hold one another so rapturously becoming one
at times shedding true tears from Cupid’s very arrow.

Our love—so special, so sensual, so real and true
gives us that unique reality of two lives and souls
united as one and always so very confident in our
lives as lovers, best of friends, and soul mates. 

When we’re together no explanations are ever needed
as we both are most confident as one in what God has
star-charted for our destiny on this Earth and in Heaven
since the power and passion of our love is endless.

My Darling you and I are very much one of Cupid’s
success stories in finding one another, being always
together, and facing what life throws at us each day
yet always secure in our destiny and love as one.

My Darling, only poets and dreamers can see and
visualize the exquisite beauty of what we share in 
our life together and the love we possess which is 
worth walking to the very ends of this Earth for. 

My Darling, My Love this is indeed our storied walk 
together through this life and later into that infinite 
Cosmos beyond as two best friends and lovers as ONE
in love with true passion always forever and forever!

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved, 
(November 24, 2014) (Unrhymed Quatrain)

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Lullaby of the Night Crescent

Hold my hands and sing me to sleep

Before the dreams sink too deep

Through the night walk me to the shore

To a land where greetings are peaceful snores


Let the moon talk about the day

Let it tell off our journey to the bay

Let the stars carry me with the morning breeze

Back to the fields, the empty willow trees


Let the wintersun embrace the darkness in my head

Let it lift my soul from beneath the bed

Down the beach and on the shore

On the clouds with worries no more


Free of speech, my mind sinks to sleep

Free of love my heart trembles to keep

Free of fear, my shudders float astray

Free of noises my ears chase away


To safety to nothing make me see

To claim a state I may never be

Take me to the old willow tree

Where the white snow buried me

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Springtime Rose

Beside a gilded wall of white a dainty bench is resting;
Victorian accents swirl about the ornate room, providing
An elegance, a beauty in each line and curve, attesting
To cultured tastes and upscale life, and hours spent deciding
What shapes and colors best would suit the airy, springtime feeling:
But looking closely, something there upon the bench reposes,
A lady's fan and soft kid gloves, their jumbled state revealing
What hasty movements cast them all aside when fragrant roses
Arrived in state with baby's breath, and some white note, nigh hidden
In bursting blooms of rainbow hue, by unknown hands delivered:
And having noted thus, the eye could not but roam unbidden
To she who holds the rose bouquet, to she who slightly shivered
With thoughts that youths so oft imagine, thoughts that made her giddy
And blushed her cheeks the color of the rosy dress cascading
With lacy ruffles from her shoulders, looking just as pretty
As her face, which looks for all the world like roses never fading;
Two lips like shiny cherries, or the poppies that she tends to,
Complexion like a creamy rose with hints of pink surrounding
The fragile outer curling of its leaves; brown eyes that send you
A warm, quick-spreading feeling, like the first hot sunrays bounding
Thro' seas of blue to make the greengrass grow. Now look, she's taking
The little note from out among the stems; perhaps with quiet
And careful steps the message could be read; I have to try it.
"My dearest Rose, I never could imagine so befitting
A name for one who does resemble all that man finds charming
In lovely blossoms: beauty surely, grace as they are flitting
In breezes sweet of scent, and frailty, which I find disarming;
So here's a gift no prettier and sweet than you. Sincerely,
A man that loves you more than you could know.

Quatrains of decapentasyllabic verse followed by a single line of iambic pentameter.
Written by Isaiah Zerbst. Published for the first time January 26, 2015.

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The sun plunged in the space of silence

The sun plunged
In the space of silence,
The summer has been extended
In a slow wandering ...

The orb has been drunk,
Gradually, by fringes.
> We did not hear anything,
From the fall of the angel ...

The horizon has folded its wings around
Confusing the distants ...
Evening invades what remains of the day
In a jiffy.

Water reflections exchanges
The colors overrated,
With the sky full of oranges,
The trees are just  silhouettes ...

The night the already marks yesterday
This is a timely opportunity,
Where piercing      welcoming clouds
unfolds, shamelessly         ,the moon ...

It will take an earth tour,
And plenty of patience,
For the solar triumph reappears 
In its rebirth  ,

As clarity rises
And progresses slowly
Until the most intense moment,  at its solstice,
To the top of the firmament.

And the celestial body  draws,  now
All things ,        in gold drops  ,
..... -     And this is another day.
It drinks in his turn and evaporates it....

Le soleil a plongé
Dans l'espace du silence,
L'été s'est prolongé  
Dans        une  lente errance...

L'astre a été  bu,
Petit à petit,    par franges.  
>      Nous n'avons  rien  entendu,
De la chute  de l'ange...

L'horizon a  replié ses ailes, autour
Confondant les lointains... 
Le soir  envahit ce qu'il reste de jour,
En un tournemain.

Les reflets des eaux échangent
Des couleurs surfaites ,
Avec le ciel tout en oranges,
Les arbres         ne sont que silhouettes...

La nuit,            marque  déjà  l'hier,
C'est l'occasion opportune,
Où, perçant des nuées  hospitalières,
se dévoile, sans pudeur,        la lune...
 Il faudra un tour de terre,
Et beaucoup de patience,
Pour que réapparaisse le triomphe solaire,
Dans  sa renaissance ,

Que la clarté  se hisse
Et progresse lentement,
Jusqu'au plus intense,      à son solstice,
Au sommet  du firmament.

Et l'astre dessine maintenant ,
Toutes choses en gouttes  d'or,
.....    - Et c'est un autre jour.
Il le boit à son tour,                    puis l' évapore....



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The Shy Rose

Such a beautiful, blooming rose,
There is no reason to be shy,
So, why let your petals close,
When the sun is low in the sky.

Daisies and daffodils arrive in spring,
But, roses are rare, delicate flowers,
Brilliant sunsets are also amazing things,
So, why shy away in the midnight hours.

A rainbow of colors shine in daylight,
Pretty pink, sunny yellow, and rosy red,
But, don't be afraid of the night,
Don't go to sleep in your flower bed.

Look up, and behold the radiant moon,
Gaze at every shimmering, falling star,
The sun will be rising again, soon,
So, wait and see these beauties that are.

You do not experience any of this,
When you only awaken in early morn,
What celestial wonders you do miss,
But, every rose must have it's thorn.

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Peaches and Cream

She was looking my way, I had nothing to say,
Though I'd dreamed that this day would transpire;
With her beaux all around, why would she look at me
With such interest and playful desire?

She was heading my way, what on earth would I say
To the prettiest girl in the town?
And how could I bear all her sunshiny hair
Or her eyes, speckled golden and brown?

I thought, "This is the one! Mercy, here comes the sun!
If I stare, I shall surely be blind:
Though I be somewhat plain, if she choose to remain
I'd be last in the county to mind."

Then my eyes turned away as she sweetly did say
Pretty phrases I cannot recall;
And I mumbled replies, though they might have been lies,
Since I cannot remember at all.

Of that bright day in May but one thing I can say,
She was dressed in a soft yellow gown;
'Twas a lemony hue that was buttery too,
And with eight shiny pearls buttoned down.

Then I asked if she'd dance at the Cunningham's manse,
At the ball on the fourteenth of June;
She replied, "Oh, how good! Yes, I certainly would;
And I hope I shall talk to you soon."

What a wonderful day! Still with nothing to say
I just whistled an old happy tune;
Having primrosy dreams of sweet peaches and cream
As I counted the hours of June.

(Written February 12, 2014)

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In My Vibrant Dream

*Past silver groves of willows weeping near a crystal stream, I move with an excitement flowing in my vibrant dream. Those colors that I take for granted in the concrete world shine brilliantly like buds of roses that have come unfurled. Ahead there is a field of daisies - wild yellow in bloom. I’m feeling golden; such enchantment whisks away all gloom. Atop a hill as bright a green as Ireland’s emerald isle - as day’s last rays of sun shine down - is where I’ll stay a while. Inside my dream appears white parchment; in my hand a quill! Across the sky there splashes splendor; all the earth grows still. A white swan’s feather now dips into ink a cobalt blue. As sky bursts crimson, I am painting all this dream for you! *Past silver groves of willows weeping is a line I borrowed from Heather Ober's "Into the Gloaming" Written by Andrea Dietrich For Richard Lamoureux's Pick a Line Any Line Poetry Contest

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The Color Green

Grasshoppers and katydids
Cactus, growing in the sand
Palm trees near the ocean
May-apples in the woodland

Parrots squawking in the jungle
Moss creeping over rotten logs
Luscious ferns filling forests
Huge dinosaurs, tiny tree frogs

Watercress and lettuce leaves
English ivy, honeysuckle vines
Grass snakes and lunar moths
Cedar, fir, spruce, and pines

Myriad grasses, filling meadows
And blanketing every lawn
Fields of corn and sugarcane
Fat caterpillars, tiny inchworms

The stem of every flower
the fat shell of every bean
Looking around, it would seem
Our Father favors the color green

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Epilogue of Love

To have lived not being loved at all -

hunchbacked like a question mark-

your soul continuously on parole

imagine beauty in the dark

Perhaps we passed each other in the speed

of different trains colliding with the time

in one - abandoned newborn girl in need

the other - useless vagabond and wine.

Was it your Soul who shook the Jacaranda tree

and made it burst and rain with purple fairies?

Or just a whispered cry within the depth of me -

too much horizon and no space for prairies...

Imagine beauty in the dark

When wings demolish walls of sorrow

I'll die again an injured lark

Reborn in Phoenix bird tomorrow.

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The Lady In Red

The lady In Red

She missed out on the green silk dress; it was sold before she did buy
But when the red dress came to the store she did not let this one pass her by
The Lady in Red as she became known set out to dazzle and beguile
She would turn many a head with such a dazzling sexy smile.

This femme fatal set off, not realising the power she did now hold
The swaying of the hips, she was indeed a picture of beauty to behold 
Its low cut neck did display a white décolleté of rare fine beauty
Many came and offered his hand, on one knee as was his duty

The Lady In Red was not easily won, her heart she kept hidden away
Those that tried to win her, found there was a hefty price to pay
The lady in the fire red dress, sashaying down the street
Had them stepping out of doors, and stopping cars just to meet.

One day the Lady In Red fell in love, and then the problems did start
She found there was a price to pay, when she wanted to give her heart
From praying to the devil one day, a dazzling beauty she asked to be
He answered her request with a warning; “Your soul will belong to me.”

She was willing to pay any price to wear the red dress so beguiling
She didn’t look behind her or she would have seen the Devil smiling
The fine print on her request to the Devil, she did not bother to read
‘Your heart and soul will belong to me that’s the payment for your greed.’

The Lady In Red could not give love, just sashay far and wide
Sweeping young bloods off their feet, then casting them out with evening tide
Her heart would have broken, if it was still hers to keep
The young man she fell in love with, was the one that made her weep

He promised love and devotion if only her heart she could give
When she said that didn’t belong to her, he didn’t want to live
She tried to shed some tears but the devil dried them with his fiery finger
“Next time you want something so bad, you better not let your eye linger.”

You asked for dazzling beauty, you promised you were willing to pay
Don’t come weeping to me because you have given true love away
Beauty was more important to you than a genuine heart full of love
You can take this young blood with you, and join as the hand in a glove

But this love you found, this love you desire, the price must still be paid
You can take this handsome youth, but under the ground he must be laid
His life I ask in full recompense and then your love to him you can give
But it will have to be in this lifetime, because you will not be allowed to live.
© ~GG~3/12/2012

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Autumn Sensations

Colorful symphonies sound
As red and gold bells fall down,
Shook loose by crisp cool air,
Tinkling their way to the ground.

Displayed on the limbs of trees
Are rich orange marmalade leaves,
Visions of autumn’s dessert
Tasting sweetly upon the breeze.

Autumn brews warm concoctions 
With auras of perfection
And richly spiced aromas, 
Which soothe our frayed emotions.

Fall’s festive nature brings out
A spirited dancing shout
And lovely celebrations
With beauty bursting about.

©   08-16-2012
For: Autumn's Beauty Contest

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Idol Hands

I heard, idle hands are the Devils workshop
So I did my very best to keep busy
I worked, worked, worked, for the future
While so many others were taking it easy

Focusing on all the goals I must reach
All the while my life was flying by
Now here I am closer to the end
Missing so much and left to ponder why

My priorities wrong, I was in need of quiet
Moments that could have refreshed my soul
Time spent in nature away from it all
Pieces of idle, meant to make me whole

The devil, keeps us out of the garden
So that we don't contemplate the Lord
He tells us it's better, to keep our hands busy
if we're too quiet we'll surely be bored

Don't get me wrong, I value hard work
Yet in excess, these become Idol hands
Searching for happy, in material things
Failing to follow my Savior's commands

Thankfully He made this burden lighter
There are quiet times filled with rest
Thankfully there's peace, within balance
From God's hands I have been truly blessed

Inspired by Mel Merrill's short poem "Be There Still".

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Oh Gentle Rain

Oh gentle rain
come to me now
please wash this pain from me
in lifes unkindness I'm immersed
and need to be set free

Oh gentle breeze
please breathe new life
into this dying soul
from my travels I am weary
refresh and make me whole

Oh flowers sweet
let me hide
among your beauty fair
touch me with your loveliness
and leave your beauty there

Oh come to me
in kindness please
with your gentle ways
the world it has inflicted me
and darkened all my days

Oh come to me
and touch my heart
please change this dark to light
take away the ugliness
that turned my day to night

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Color of the Wind

Your love is like the color of the wind Where you surely have lovely green flared eyes The air burns with a hot flare from above Rage fires from deep within like one despised Harmony displays not one keen aspect She opens not my mind but my pure heart May my hair envelope, my souls escape To fill my cup with the divine impart Her eyes, a beauty that I can’t dispel She takes me down into the fiery depths Passion is king and love’s an afterthought No matter my happy heart, I have wept It goes deeper than any caves around Love goes beyond the boundaries we set The wind plays it part within the grand scheme I hope to always see and not forget The sunlight brings cheer to our tender lives Where the air burns like fire bringing passion Love harbors cloudless skies that’s softly here Where it all has brought love in pure action
Russell Sivey

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The Dandelion

The dandelion sat along on the hill 
watching the rose's play.
He asked to join the fun and games;
is it all right if I stay?
The rose's said, you can not play,
for you are not one of us.
Go back to your hill to your grassy clump,
and don't you make a fuss.
For we are tall with our beautiful stems
and nicely shaped leaves.
Our petals are grand,
the best in the land, 
so stay away you weed.
A beautiful flower, tall and grand,
you are, the dandelion sighed.
Your petals are grand, the best in the land,
but i'd rather be pretty inside.
For the rose's and their beauty so grand, 
will fade and wither with time,
but the dandelion's beauty within,
is one thing that will never die. 

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The Connoisseur

He was a connoisseur of beauty
But not of the usual kind
He saw the beauty within
Which others could not find

When he looked at a woman
He saw the sparkle of her soul
With his sweet knowing smile
Her virtues he did extol

His eyes caressed the beauty
That lay within her heart
With words of affirmation
Painted her as a work of art

He was touched by her beauty
That went beyond her face
In each line of her full body
Exquisite beauty he could trace

The connoisseur was an expert
At making her feel divine
He gently pointed out
Her hidden qualities so fine

When he had tasted her beauty
He lingered over each glass
Savoring her texture and fullness
He rated her as first class

The bottle she had come in
He held onto with a firm grip
Then he set aside the glass
Lifted the bottle to his lip

He licked the very last drop
Inebriated was he by her taste
A connoisseur of real beauty
Not a drop would he waste

And so she poured herself out
To the connoisseur of her soul
She gave him what he desired
For his love had made her whole

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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My Scarlet Woman

Amongst the oaks and the maples and shrubbery so green
Runs a translucent flow, a stream so pristine
It's meandering contours hugging the land
Takes me back to the day, we met unplanned

The sky was pale blue on this hot summers day
Cotton wool clouds in mesmerising display
It's as if you could reach out and brush with your hand
This candy floss coating ceiling our land

Many meadows I walked through capturing the sounds
Listening to her marvels in cinema surround
Technicolour rainbows so radiant to the eye
Such beauty in nature, understandably why

I reach the turn-style that leads to the forest walk
Listening to the breeze through the trees as if they talk
These pillars of stature, as old as grandfathers years
Many stories they could tell, that would bring you to many tears

As I stroll through the leafy lanes, mapped out over many years
Trampled underfoot by it's inhabitants, badgers and beautiful red deer
I now reach the stream as I follow it's meandering flow
To a pool at it's end where past maidens bathed in glow

My ears now pick up sounds of singing and a splashing
Resonating from the pool, a glimpse of pink now flashing
A lady stands before me, bathing in the stream
Scarlet clothing in sporadic lay, am I in some kind of dream

I call out to this beauty as she turns and looks at me
Towards the bank she walks, and invites me in with she
Knee deep in crystal waters our bodies close in touch
My clothing now drifts away, the two of us in clutch

Into our eyes we both now look as blood flows through my veins
Her touch is soft and gentle, my hands now stroke her mane
Deeper we edge out as she floats and hugs my waist
The two of us in join in this beautiful serene quiet place

Our emotion creates commotion as our undulations reach the shore
Ripples of joy they are as underwater hands explore
The coldness incites a reaction, in pert and firm caress
In delightful blend we release, two souls in loving press

Kissing we reach the bank, on her summer dress we lie
Sighing in breathless spoon, we stare at the green canopy sky
Many, many hours have passed, lying naked below the peeking sun
This is the day I met my scarlet woman, the day our lives began

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Poetic Amazon

Poetic Amazon

I can see sparks in your eyes
  mind stirred by an inner fire,
That touches and electrifies
  fingers with Poetic desire;

Crack of spark jumping gap
  from your tips to Poetic writ,
And, explode like thunder clap
  with satire and sizzling wit.

Dedicated to Poetic Killer A

28th Sept' 2013

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The Rose of Poetry

I see your work budding, like a flower each new day. Slowly blooming more and more, bringing color to a time that’s gray. Your colorful petals are amazing, the way you reflect the sun. And your beauty still remains, after the beauty of the day is done. For your work radiates, here on Poetry Soup. We are all poetic flowers; part of a big garden group. I am writing this poem, to the poetic flower you are. You glisten each new day, from way, way, afar. If life was a big garden, a flower you would be. With flourished poetic petals, named the Rose of Poetry. ______________________ For Belinda Parish a fellow souper for her supportive comments.

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by Sue K Green

Pretty are the snowflakes
As I watch them fall
Covering up the landscape
Pretty scene for all

I like to watch the snowflakes
They put on quite a show
As they flit and scatter
Everywhere they go

So many are the snowflakes
Falling down on me
I wouldn’t now start counting
A daunting task that be

Cold are the snowflakes
As too is the air
Hat, coat, and gloves now
A must for me to wear

White now are the snowflakes
Covering the ground
Careful not to slip now
Ice too is all around.

Streetlights on the snowflakes
Make for a pleasing glow
I watch now out my window
At still falling snow.

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Longing for the ride

Majestic he stands 
Head held high and proud
Until I draw near tack in hand
His mussel to my chest he bows

Our eyes fixed
With deepest affection
Respect from me
From him acceptance 

His nostrils flair 
He inhales my scent
A bond beyond fences
A mutual consent

About horse and rider 
How can I explain
This communion of splendor 
Perpetually sustained

With reverent candor
Can any man compare
Who would be considered grander
Horse or rider if you dare

Nobility without pride
Beauty without vanity
Majesty without disciple
Power without violence 

Do you still wonder why I'm longing for the ride
When he challenges the wind for speed
Brushed by heaven with every stride
Intimacy mounted here on "Spirit's Pride"

My steed and I in harmony
Exhilaration captivates my senses
Pounding hooves, his earthen scent 
Taut muscles ripple in sweat profusely drenched

He heeds the slightest touch of rein
His saddle is my alter of prayer
When he on oceans sands a trot
My soul is healed all disrepair

In bed I lay awake tonight my mind a heavy load
His blaze is blazoned in my memory burned
Of black night mane and chestnut coat
A quatrain tribute to his name he's earned

Still you may not understand
This yearning so many take in stride
Of horse and rider pure joy provider
And oh such longing for the ride

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The Break Of A New Day

It's another North Carolina morning,
Just before I see the sun rise.
To lighter blue the sky is turning,
And nature wakes opening her eyes.

©2013 Honestly JT

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Nature’s victorious armies of spring and summer
Marching are now, in a stunning glorious retreat, 
Proudly displaying the harvest’s banners of plenty
As their destiny’s undertaking is for now complete! 

© Demetrios Trifiatis
   16 SEPTEMBER 2014

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Lifting Me Up

My heart is on Your shoulders,
And You are lifting me up.
With every spoken tender gesture,
I fall a little farther in love.

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The Echo of a Soul

The Echo of a Soul 
By Andrew Weeden 

In the windswept hills of vibrant green, 
Here I sit at your lonely grave. 
The bright flower that made my heart beam, 
Is the wilted flower I could not save.  

From the beginning I did not know, 
I was oblivious from the start; 
Cancer’s blade cut away your happy glow 
And would thrust to pierce my very heart.  
Consumed in the darkness of raging anger, 
Ten years I stand alone in the rain. 
With death no longer a distant stranger; 
My only companion in the storm of pain.  

Now it seems no one remembers, 
But you did not cease to be. 
Your spirit still burns in glowing embers 
And lives inside the fire in me.  

The storm is passing; I finally see its end. 
Happiness smiles again and shakes me to my core.  
I realize every time I lift my pen 
My Grandma speaks once more! 

Reflections of your love 
Weave tapestries in time. 
As a singing mourning dove, 
Your words whisper in my mind. 

So though you had to go, 
You remain in your begotten; 
As an echo of a soul, 
Gone but not forgotten. 

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We will cherish these moments
Because they are few,
But please always remember
I will always love you.

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Summers morn

Summers Morn.

This summer morn the birds sing out with magic
Their mystic echo fills my heart with love.
Whilst far away those shells so loud and tragic
They shower down their murder from above.

The trees they dance in splendour all around me
As the morning sun it fills my heart with joy
And everything just feels so free and easy
Whilst mankind has the mind to life destroy.

It’s hard to understand the minds of Humans
They cannot rid themselves of fear and hate.
They cannot see the light, their eyes are blinded
Can they not see the Karma they create??

The lazy river sparkles in the Sunlight
It conquers all yet stays in serene bliss
Whilst man he has to kill, why can’t he see it?
The truth of all this foolishness of his.

Awaken man, awaken from your sleeping
Just take a look and see what you’ve become
Your madness it be sunken right into you
It seems to me your heart be really numb.

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Behold My Pen

Behold my pen
that writes and scribbles
and bleeds blue ink
in drips and dribbles.

That crosses paper
in bites and nibbles
and weighs my thoughts
in spite of quibbles.

Words as strange as
this and then.
Letters and numbers
like S and 10.

Thoughts and feelings
I've had before.
Memories waiting
the pen to bore.

Lines as long
as stretching can.
Jots and jolts
where each began.

Loving strokes
to those I send.
Messages made
that they might blend.

All these meanings
from the heart.
Behold my pen.
Their only art.

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Searching For God

We keep searching for God
Although he's everywhere 
We want to have proof
To prove he is there

Look up to the sky
The wind is his breath
He's the God of the living
The master of death

The gifter of sunshine
Feel his warmth on your face
All the trees and plant life
Rely on His grace

Listen to His laughter
When you see children play
Humanity His garden
He tends to us each day

Inspired by Gail Angel Doyle's Finding God Contest.
Not entered because like a guy I didn't read the directions.

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Fallen Victim

I have fallen victim so many times
To nobody's fault except only mine.
I will ask for forgiveness and have faith,
Even though I feel like I am not saved.

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Never Erased

Eternal faith;
Love in His name.
Saved by grace;
Never erased.

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Coral Pink

It's still alive, the rose he gave 
Coral pink like the blush of our cheeks
It's life makes my own so worthless
Thriving upon nothing, for weeks
They say that colors make the mood
I don't live by what others say
I only pick the ones I want to hear
And then I go on my way
If he is happy I know not
I only know this old rose is still pink
If the sky is crying, let me cry too
Washing away each tear as I blink
Fading as each day passes by
But faithfully retaining it's hue
Lying nostalgically beside my bed
Stunningly against the wall's blue

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Choices To Face

I have some choices to face,
But these are not my decisions to make.
God told me what He wants me to do;
He said, "Listen, Son, I have a plan for you."

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Beautiful, Glorious Day

Run, run, run and give it all up!
Into His arms, commend your love!
Through Him, you are saved!
What a beautiful, glorious day!

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Enjoy This Place

Follow your dreams and follow your heart;
God has shown you the path to start.
Never give up and always have faith;
Do what you love and enjoy this place!

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Not The Same Without You

It's not the same without you;
The days are rainy and the nights are blue.
My heart is crying and God is too,
But we are smiling, waiting here for you.

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A Walk On The Beach

Rough winds blowing
Washing wild waves ashore
Scattering about seashells
It always makes me want more

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The rose that grew from concrete

Many a mind hurries past
the gripping splendour
in search of beauty, not to last,
while continuing in rejection of grandeur.

I look as the moments pass
at the wounded walkway.
The sand flows through the hourglass
and time conforms to seconds and seconds to day.

There, in the heart of pain,
at the crack of dawn
grows through the mundane,
purity, life’s mystery in an image drawn

Red bursts open in colours array
but expectation it defied
as time had not intended bloom ‘till the following day
and still nature’s scarlet tears are cried.

Dusk was meant to encompass
the brooding gem in the snows
but the bud unfolded in its stubbornness
and yet not its pedals froze.

I suppose the dark of night
and the bitterness of day
could not smite 
what would have its own way.

The bud grew beautifully in strength
and blossomed in wisdom,
knowledgeable in great length,
yet its leaves forbade a future grim.

Somehow it lacked endurance
and what blind humanity refused to meet
became the trampling of our innocence:
the rose that grew from concrete.

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The tigress' mark

She prowls the night
with clenched jaw and pride,
nothing able to smite
her remorseless stride.

The ominous reflection of moon 
shines forth from devouring eyes
of a nocturnal beauty spun on the loom
of the Creator's bid and sighs.

Grace moves her every limb
and she precedes an enraged scream
caused by ruins of a forest now grim
and held alive by all but one stream.

Her claws prophesy of vengeance 
though her heart yearns for reconciliation.
Yet now there would be no leniency 
for a soul's annihilation. 

Now on journeys through lush valleys and ashes
she will embark
until all that remains after furious thrashes
will be the tigress' mark.

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Beauty In Imperfection

The rugged bark of an old tree
with imperfection due to its cracks
is a wondrous thing of beauty
and it's the imperfection that attracts

We know that a star-shaped flower 
does not make a perfect star
Yet it has a certain loveliness
that induces a sense of wonder

A hand-crafted ceramic bowl
because of its asymmetry
is a wonderful artefact
that is valued very highly

An old-time cobblestone street
has a unique charm and quaintness
due to its imprecise pattern
that gives it its loveliness

Perfection is not easy to attain
and even more difficult to sustain
Beauty lies in Imperfection
and they are a natural combination

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Lord, I do not know what to do;
Please, lead me by Your side.
Decisions I'm facing are lost and through;
Please, lead me to do what's right.

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White Pumpkin's Special Meaning

White buffalo are sacred to Native American tribes
Symbols of hope and prosperity, to see one you are blessed
A cart filled with white pumpkins offers our dear friend who scribes
To her unique and loving heart this harvest does attest

A gift of spiritual grandeur we are offered freely
Marvel at its beauty and behold its great power
Choosing from this selection might be easier ideally
If we think of it first as a special Halloween flower

Share the wealth among us, our sweet friend always does
I pick one that catches my eye, matching her ivory skin
Much like a white rose’s beauty compared to others outdoes
I’ll venerate this pumpkin knowing her kindness lies within

*Entry for Carol Brown’s “White Pumpkin” contest
October 24 by Carolyn Devonshire

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Valentine, I Wish You Well

Flew past me on the gustiest of gales.
I saw, but a glimpse as you still did sail.
My one great chance, neither head, nor of tail.
I stumbled on a rose, sharp as a nail!

My hair was askew, my attire a mess.
Me, a grain of sand, she a fine red dress.
All for naught, I loved our meet more than less.
This sacred moment, to curse and to bless!

And at ponder-some times when I can't sleep,
Gazing upon that distant starry sea,
I dream that cruel and impossible dream,
That you caught, but the faintest glimpse of me.

The rare and magnificent star that fell.
The briefest of moments, but she was swell.
And in this tale I weave only time will tell.
But oh valentine, how I wish you well!

For the Unbearable Beauty Contest.

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Winter's Blanket

I’m a daughter of the prairies
Where the weather is extreme
Well I know snow is not always
The sheer joy that it may seem.

Still the beauty of the soft flakes
When they first begin to fall
Can romance me and entrance me
As my senses they enthrall.

As they cover up the clutter
Of the fallen leaves debris
I see nothing but their beauty 
In the blanket spread for me.

Long lost memories are flooding.
I forget I’m not a kid.
I want to lie and make snow angels
As so long ago I did.

But that child is gone forever,
And I’ve had a busy day.
I go in to start my dinner
As the snowflakes stick and stay.

By: Joyce Johnson

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The Robbery

Rob me of my purity,
But once again it's all my fault;
Fell into the trap of false promises
Because I pressed play instead of pause.

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Metamorphosis of a Butterfly

Laid as an egg on a leaf by your mother
you patiently awaited Nature's magic spell
In a few days you became a caterpillar
then calmly chewed your way out of the shell

You feasted on the leaves as you grew each day
shedding your skin when it became too tight
Then attached yourself to a safe spot to stay
in a self-made cocoon to keep out of sight

Safe in the shelter of your silken enclosure
you matured to a fully developed pupa
Within which the body of the caterpillar
was transformed into a glorious winged creature

You split the enclosure when the time was right
and then crawled into the outside world slowly
Your wings expanded and they became bright
while the air exposure strengthened your body

At last you stood with opened gossamer wings
glistening with glorious colours of the rainbow 
Whose beauty brightens up the surroundings
and lifts the human spirit wherever you go

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The Canal

The working navvy did dig deep 
He followed Brindly’s new laid plan
A transport system to complete
A salvation for the labouring man 

As the furrow cut with sweat and maul
With breaking backs and torn sinew
Each man in turn to heave and haul 
Sustenance for starving kin renew

 Tracts of land transform through spade and pick 
 Veins enriching the countryside
Bringing new life, each shovel, each brick 
Levelling earth, raising national pride 

A true revelation this arterial plan
Almost lost through modernisation
Abandoned, grown dense, dispirit man    
As steam and diesel grew within the nation 

Each lock assiduously built 
Before first steam engine’s whistle blew  
Weeds strangle, progressive man’s new guilt 
The canals ebb, debris as seeds strew

More beauteous now than ever been
Our arterial chart of the waterway  
Each torn muscle, victuals did glean
Bed and nourishment for one more day

The navvy’s ghosts look down, heads held high
Their gnarled hands rest in heavenly peace
 Majestic waterways dug in sweat with sigh
A once industrial, now beautiful masterpiece.

© 16/11/2013 GG  Inspired by Harry J Horsmans' 
free verse 'The Cut' which is a colloquial name for a canal

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My Heart is in the Woods

There is a calmness that comes on its own,
When I rest underneath all these trees.
Perhaps it's because I feel quite at home
When pine needles speak in the breeze.

Or maybe the mother of nature
Loves those who were raised on her knees?
All that I know, is that there in the woods,
I feel quite at home. I feel free.

The quiet resonates within me;
It seems to be deep in my bones,
For I am aware of the stirrings of life,
Though to others, these things are unknown.

The sigh of rainfall, hitting green leaves,
The chatter of squirrels on the ground,
Nature speaks out in so many ways,
With vibrant colors and sounds.

Birds singing on misty mornings,
Owls hooting woefully at night,
The forest is where my spirit dreams
Whether it's dark or light.

How deeply I yearn for the forest,
To once again hear the wind's song!
Someday, I will go back there again,
For it's there that my heart belongs.

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Amazing love  begs perception,
wide the fields' uncertainty,
deep the valleys of depression,
Why me, Lord, why tragedy?

When difficulties we embrace,
is accident on purpose?
Seeds produced by misfortune's grace
lie just below the surface.

Roots of hope with blooms that rally
smother buds of pain and doubt.
These are lilies of the valley
turning breakdowns wrong side out.

Trust becomes our rose of Sharon
that is stayed by sacred sheath.
Watch the maze of weeds turn barren
as raring love springs thru the heath.

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Everyday Magic

The sun breaking dawn in the morning,
That invisible stream called the breeze,
The blazing burnt sunset at nighttime,
What magical mysteries are these!

Even the pulse in the city:
With ornate neon signs all aglow,
Is a castle in the eyes of a child,
Filled with wonders only they could know.

Strange to think that there's everyday magic;
Quite unlike what we read in our books,
But the world is filled with such wonders
So long as we know where to look.

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Autumn's Magic

On a day filled with autumn sunshine With colours so vividly displayed Painting a rich picture in texture and colour Stately pines, towering cliffs, a palisade Mother Nature's proudest achievements Unmatched by any of man's canvas Colours so rich, with so varied a palette A picture of serenity so infectious Absolute beauty that lasts only a short while But returns same time every year This ravishing beauty, nature's crowning glory The sight can bring one to tears People have called it autumn's magic That time of the year when we gasp At the vistas of our glorious surroundings I will revel in it's splendour to the last © Jack Ellison 2013

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                                               The mirror shows only a picture,
                                               that image does not define you.
                                                 When it comes to importance,
                                             what matters is what's inside you.

                                             Do you have patience and kindness?
                                               You have good looks, this I know.
                                       Though the things that make you successful 
                                          are the things the mirror does not show.
                                            Some people search for appearance,
                                               some people dig farther down.
                                            But what makes somebody perfect
                                             is not just seen, it must be found.

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In paradise

In Paradise

She sits within a paradise
Near fruits of orange hue
Upon a book, so gaze her eyes
Beneath the sky so blue

The birds in wonderful delight
Sing in this morning hour
Beneath the sun so softly bright
She feels life’s gentle power

Then her eyes they softly close
Her mind goes very still
This lady [ such a precious rose]
Such wonder she does feel

The birds, the flowers all around
Become a misty haze
Another paradise she’s found
Which her, it does amaze.

She feels a presence everywhere
Her heart begins to sing
As she bathes within a joy so rare
That only God can bring.

15 July 2014 @ 1020hrs.

    For Isaiah's contest 'A poem in Paradise'

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You are the air that I breathe
The sunshine on my cheek
But a shadow of a dream
Mi belle magnifique

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Scarred Dusk

A wolf cries for the goddess of the night
in the distant hallows of sound,
yet reality's claws rips fantasy with fright
and dreams between its teeth, ground.

Still the dark of death has not yet settled
for dusk still bleeds,
the scarlet tears into lakes and rivers and seas mingled
like wrists slit to sign creeds.

Pain is not to last long
for time heals the slights
and mourning should turn to song,
but the days will die and so will lights.

Night approaches the threshold of time
and heaven's wounds are healing
in a show so sublime,
one notices not the danger's gleaming.

Finally the light gives up life.
The final breath slips out from it's husk.
Ominous and eerie, night's knife 
plunges into the heart of scarred dusk.

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Cry Of The Whippoorwill

The mist seems to be covering the cool water this morning
Just like my grandmother's quilt lying across her feather bed
The sun is breaking dawn, on the horizon brightly shining
As I hear the last cry of a whippoorwill and wonder what it said

The nighttime creatures have found their place for sleeping
In their burrows and on highest branches, some now are perching
The daytime comes alive with the sounds of all of those
Who simply prefer life in sunshine I suppose

The faint light of the stars turns into sunrise golden hue
Then the sky above goes from darkness to pale blue
The mist disappears as though it had never been
Perhaps just being absorbed back to where last night it began

The trees gently wave as if to say hello to a new day
White clouds roll across the sky in an entertaining way
Making pictures as they go for all who take the time to see
What to make of each is up to you and me

Now the sun starts sinking as the breeze begins to still
I can see the moon peeking over the far distant hill
I once again hear the lonely cry of a single whippoorwill
The mist re-appears and with stars the night sky does fill

©Donna Jones

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Rose Garden

There`s a rose garden I planted - unpractical fancy,
I spend my days there lost, bemused and enchanted
Such beauty nurtured and grown is meant to be given
Lest the garden becomes a holding cell, a prison

I was told love tears down barriers and breaks through walls
But the roses keep growing, and no one answers my calls
The garden walls are high and strong; I`ve had enough,
My gardening tools onto the ground silently drop

The red on the roses suddenly seems like dried blood
The earth that gave life to such wonder is just mud
Roses, torture me no more with your splendor
I`m no more your defender, to my bitterness I surrender

The garden`s neglected, flowers and weeds grow wild
The fruit of this love is only thorns and this bastard child
Such beauty nurtured and grown was meant to be given
But the garden became a holding cell, a prison

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Dorian Grey

The painting showed his perfect beauty,
For that kept he’d sell his soul
And cast aside his godly duties
To pursue his evil goals.

The devil works in tempting lies
Waiting for the weak of mind
And for each righteous act denied
Would further grasp one of his kind.

With every evil deed he stays
Adorned with handsome youthful looks
While his painting shows decay –
Reveals the slash of Satan’s hooks.

“Let the painting age, not me –
No sins, no doubts, and no regrets
I’ll live my life just as I please –
No conscience pleading to forget”.

Yet in despair he could not bear
To see the picture of his soul,
Now old and ugly he would tear
With plunge of dagger sharp and cold.

Screams of pain shot down the lane
As Mr. Grey fell to the floor,
And the maid was thought insane
When she described just what she saw.

On the floor, a monster dead
With dagger deep within his chest
Yet there upon the wall she said,
Pictured beauty at its best.

The Picture of Dorian Grey was the only novel published by Oscar Wilde.

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A Journey into Darkness

I feel her chilling touch here in my sleep,
My girl of dreams is dressed in shades of night,
Her hunger for fresh blood upon her lips,
My senses know the darkness of her delight.

Her hour has come and now she takes control,
Such beauty burns in love’s eternal fires,
My weakness succumbs to her vampire want,
For she, the woman of my dark desires.

With one bite she purged and raped my soul,
As blood-filled veins became her wanton feast,
Yet beauty let me live another night
As she left before the dawn kissed the east.

Enchanted soul, I longed to feel her touch
To come alive in pain that is my need,
I wanted so much more than her sweet bite,
My own desires had come to take their feed.

Form: Sicilian Quatrains

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A Most Amazing Derriere

As cleaning gals go, we've got the sweetest She's cute little Erin by name She possesses the most amazing derriere Not that I've noticed, for shame! Another of her clients that we know quite well Alerted me to her fine attributes On my own I'd never have paid any attention My innocence is beyond repute Okay I'm guilty, I HAVE sneaked a peek To make sure she's doing a good job I ogled her attributes for quite a long while So embarrassed I'm such a slob So next time she comes to our humble abode I'll try not to stare at her bum Coz if Cathie catches me all hell will break loose It's the doghouse for me... duh, dum! © Jack Ellison 2013

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Portrait of My Lady

A delicate face, soft and white it glows Eyes of passion exist, planted on her She lives with supple pink lips, made to kiss No way would I ever come and suffer She doesn’t have an obvious nose, it’s small Her small hands do run smoothly down her face An influence to my heart is expressed She moves on with a good amount of grace I always desire to kiss those sweet lips My finger runs down these lips of glory Down to the perfectly formed lovely chin Where there are tales of a romance story There are moments when her eyes flash with pride And her hair blends in with her rare beauty The whole package is wonderful and true I will forever love her, my lady
Entered into FRANK H.'s "WORD PORTRAIT" contest 4/16/2013

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You're My Angel

I heard a song,
I studied the picture.
I read the title,
And I remembered you.

The song? It was about a guy,
Who loved a girl
His angel.
His only Sunshine, Whose arms he was happy in.

The picture? An angel,
Born new to the world,
Shattering her shell,
The bonds that he helped to break.

-The title? A game we used to play,
-A game I teased you with.
-A game that made us laugh.
-The title? You're my Angel.

"You're my Angel,
You're the only sunshine in my life,
Feels like heaven when you take me in your arms."
A moment in the song that tears me up every time.

I remember the game, do you?
I always teased you..
Called her my Angel...
You would always give me the craziest look and "gibbs" me

A slap in the back of the head.
And I'd go "fine. my angel of darkness"
And you'd smile and giggle...
And Id feel like im floating in the clouds.

those moments were when I were my happiest.
When I felt closest to you.
When I swear I could feel your heartbeat,
And hear your thoughts.

I guess what I'm trying to say,
Is that in my eyes, you'll always be my Angel,
And no, not an Angel of the Darkness,
But a true, pure Angel that saved me.

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A Morning Walk in the Woods

A woodpecker raps a rotary phone tone
Then redials because be gets no answer. 
Staccato hammer on a hard wood tree 
To the beat of a madcap tap dancer. 

Trees resplendent in their Autumn  finest 
A silhouette for a blue cloudless sky.
Cold dark shadows crawl across the wet grass
A black hawk is weaving circles on high. 

Fallen leaves crackle and crunch underfoot. 
Plump squirrels gather nuts for the Winter
Chipmunks scurry across worn man-made paths 
Like kids darting through a garden sprinkler. 

The sun's casting spears of light through the trees. 
You can almost hear the falling leaves drop. 
There's a vague sense of what we all may have lost
When we were expelled from that first garden spot. 

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Tuesday by the bay,
Garden tour dazzles;
Wonder now portrays,
Profound joy dangles.

Our first visit here
As monsoon rain wets;
Yet we feel good cheer
Greeting our mindset.

Stroll these spacious grounds,
Eco-friendly space;
Feel earthy surrounds
In timely embrace.

Take the audio trip
As the tram ride springs;
Glimpse a new-found grip
As a message flings.

There is a pulse here
In the atmosphere;
Vibrant garden steers
An amazing sphere.

My love and I feel
The swirl of fond fest:
A vital zest heals
Trials in journey quest.

This green agenda
Tells of plant foliage;
Flora and fauna
In sculptured passage.

A garden city
Comes alive right here:
Elegant beauty,
Poise and prize appears.

There is a deep soul
That waits for each man
To feel once more whole
As eyes search and scan.

Curious eyes caress
Walkway paths and trees;
Slow time can address,
Inner child set free.

The magic of awe
When wonder fills mood;
Watch nature now thaw
A grandeur that's good.

Round and round we go,
Mix and mingle sights;
Loiter with calm flow,
Reach a core delight.

Time once upon yore,
Babylon in myth:
Hanging gardens bore
That fabled fond wreath.

Now within our glimpse,
A touch most telling:
Gardens once a dream,
A sanctuary springs.

True worth speaks tons here,
A tribute to zest;
Earthly presence cheers
The radiance of quest.

Our sojourn tells more
In visual impact;
Primal pulse galore,
Indulge wit and tact.

A certain charm calms,
Mind and heart feel glow;
A firm healing balm
Streams a pretty show.

Curious eyes now spy,
Blooms and colours tint;
Flowers speak and sigh,
Rare and myriad mints.

Variety adds spice
To sensorial sights;
These gardens feel nice,
Craft and work surprise.

Words can only hint
What feasting eyes see;
Experience fine tints
Come to seed beauty.

A picture tells more
Than mere words can say;
Let gardens bring store,
Touch you on the way.

Now our weary feet
Falter with fatigue;
Leave for other streets,
Bear glimpse of magic.

Leon Enriquez
06 January 2015

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What Makes Women So Beautiful

What is it that make women so beautiful Is it their eyes, their personality, their smile Their alluring soft and mellow voice That whispers let's talk for a while Intelligence is definitely a very big factor Coz when the loving's all done Need to discuss the happenings of the day And the recent soap opera fun Love is much more that a roll in the hay To last, it needs friendship as well So hard to love someone if liking's not part It's really quite easy to tell So what is it that make women so beautiful Those things and a whole lot more That overwhelming totally feminine thing The beauty that all men adore © Jack Ellison 2014

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For No One But Me

For no one but me.

Autumn leaves fall from a tree,
Ordinary people never inquired,
But, from my view I do see,
And instantly I'm inspired.

For no one but me.

Roses seem to bloom out,
Only when I am around,
There is absolutely no doubt,
Poetry is a talent I've found.

For no one but me.

Snowflakes twinkle as they fall,
They're gently blown over and under,
Most people don't care at all,
I watch them with awe and wonder.

For no one but me.

The moon shines at it's brightest,
Only when I draw near,
I don't mind in the slightest,
Because poetry calms my fear.

For no one but me.

I see this world in a different light,
When it shows it's beauty to me,
I sit with paper and pen to write,
Of the shimmering deep blue sea.

For no one but me.

Instead of using canvas and paint,
I describe color with black and white,
And I wait until daylight grows faint,
As stars draw me toward endless night.

For no one but me.

Because I am a poet,
What I am able to see,
Only another would know it,
This is what I'm meant to be.

For no one but me.

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High atop the mountain's peak
Where the wind does softly speak
Brushed against the midnight flower
Locked up in her mighty tower.

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Frozen land feels raw,
Await days sunny;
Icy winter thaws
Slowly but surely.

Cold and arid grounds
Await warm returns;
Waking world turns round
Dash of freezer burns.

Swirl of windy draft,
Goose pimples ascend;
Melting ice can craft,
Flow of life attend.

Soon the burst of spring,
Lunar year caress;
Change of weather strings,
Greening to address.

The festive goat styles
A new lunar year;
Spring ushers warm smiles,
For blessings endear.

Icy moments soon flee
With sunshine delights;
Change of season frees
New movement and flight.

Leon Enriquez
18 January 2015

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Chesapeake Bay

Crystal clear blue waves kiss
the sands of Chesapeake Bay. 
We walk in gentle silence 
lost in the magic of yesterday.			
I must leave you soon, my love,
circumstance won’t let me stay,
the lonesome lullaby of the loon
echoes our dismay.
One lingering kiss, one final glance,
no words can ever say
for you have yours, I have mine, 
no promises  past  today.
Where the waters greets the sky,
my heart yearns to run away,
in my dreams I'll be here with you,
sharing our love on Chesapeake Bay.

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silky smooth hair
covers my face
hands on your head
we pick up the pace

tongue rides the groove
that runs down the spine
you moan ever softly
I'm crossing the line

tugging your hair
I kiss the back of your neck
all defenses now gone
what did I expect?

now under the sheets
things start to unwind
as I stroke you so slowly
your hips start to grind

sweat pooled beside us
let's rest for a few
I'll stay here forever
just staring at you...

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Surround by snow covered mountains
Glitter in the sun as if sprinkled with diamonds
A beauty worth seeing at least once in a lifetime
Takes you to a place of peace or even a slice of heaven

But that beauty is deceiving
Upon your beautiful landscape Mr Taliban awaits
Nightly raids of incoming incoming, horns blaring
Awoken heart racing, trying to remember your steps through fear and confusion

Two A.M. and I sit here shivering
Fully geared in my pajamas and military TA50
The cold of the snow seeps through my shoes
For in my haste I forgot my socks

I looked around at my fellow Americans
Ranging in ages from twenties and above
The man to my left could be my grandpa friend
And I wonder is this the night that I meet my maker

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The power of the Morning glory

The power of the Morning Glory

The morning glory reaches up
She tries to touch the sun
Her deep mauve flowers hide away
Until the days begun

When the sun it does shine bright
Those morning glory flowers
They open up to life again
Beneath the suns sweet power

Most look down on this lovely shrub
Because she grows too fast
As she takes over everything
And grows so very vast

Yet how she touches me with love
As she shows her strength to me
Oh, she with all her loveliness
Over powers the vastest tree

She proves to me that nature is
The highest kind of power
And dazzles me with the loveliness
Of each of her mauve flowers.

Quatrain 4 July 2014 @ 1322hrs.

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A blue bird sings,
a raven calls,
how sweet the sound,
how strange the fall.

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A Real Keeper

... dedicated to my devlish 10 year old grandson!

There's only one way to describe me
Can't wipe off this silly ole grin
A ravishing beauty I've turned out to be
With such gorgeous baby soft skin

With a face of unmatched perfection
Like Clooney and Pitt into one
Movie star stuff, there's really no doubt
Pure awesomeness second to none

It may seem a trifle bit pompous of me
But I'm such a ravishing hunk
Sorry but I can't even stand it myself
Pay no attention to the tabloid junk

I try to lead this exemplary life
In spite of this girlie adoration
A lesser person would certainly succumb
Causing a large brain inflation

Inside I'm really quite a nice young lad
You just need to delve a bit deeper
My surface beauty will surely distract you
But most say I'm a real keeper!

© Jack Ellison 2012

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Pacific Valentine

No one asked her to dance at their Prom that night It beggars belief in me, what's wrong with these guys Her beauty is all I see, personified within my sight To not even to approach, I'm in total amazed surprise Moving now to the present, although pasts have lived Paths of life have drawn us to be amidst of each other Recent discussions daily, our template to never sieve It beggars belief to me that others they would rather Now you have to be me to see to what my eyes declare Breathe with me to see, within politeness my eyes grace It beggars belief in me what's wrong with these guys stare To never to ask her to dance, their Prom, invited place <*> The night has finally arrived for my ask to come to light To see her standing there for my eyes to behold Draped against her tanned a dress that so delights My heart in pumping joy as our evening starts to unfold At the edge of our bed she stands, her beauty immaculate I offer my girl my hand as she smiles we begin to dance Hands to shoulder to waist, two in movement calculate Engrossed, absorbed, I'm caught, her scented fragrance Slowly our hands in roam, listening to 'The Flame' by 'Dare Eyes in glancing look, anticipating minds in thinking wish Lobe to necks now met, disheveled clothes reveal bare Our song now nears it's end, our hands in touching bliss <*> Buttons open straps in slide, shoulders where fingers walk Gravity about to be tested, soft cotton just can't resist Tongues like fencing epee's, when earlier they just talked Unison hand in hand, engrossed in naked to bare assist Covers turned lie silken sheets, rose petals sporadic adorn Two souls in facing look, kisses aplenty caressing touches Entwined in loving join, hips grinding torsos bourne Rhythmic writhing palms in palms, lovingly in clutches <*>

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As I walk through the forest
I hear the silence of the wood
Nature is at contest
Where beasts once stood

The wind rustling the trees
Shaking to the ground
Earth creeping with weeds
Smell nature all around

Creatures climbing high
Beasts burrowing deep
No birds in the sky
Cause nature to weep

As the one on two arrives
And takes nature in threes
Those on four will not survive
Save the five he never sees

This new beast that comes
And ploughs the land
Nature come undone
By this one hand

All the animals they scatter
To lands far and wide
As nature begins to shatter
Turn, to run and hide

Blood spills over the earth
From this hand that strikes
Against nature's last birth
The cry that fills the nights

As the earth turns to mud
I hear the silence of death
With a resounding thud
Nature takes it's last breath

As man turns and walks away
His unholy quest now done
Head hung low in dismay
For now in nature there is none

Falling to his knees
Precious air has gone
Along with the trees
Natures vengeance is long

Too late does man learn
That nature holds all
These things that he yearns
And by ignorance he'd fall

His body by earth reclaimed
To bring about new life
Man's name once shamed
Nature, reborn without strife

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First Embrace

Oh lover, fair with moonlit eyes
For you my heart sore aches
With depths of passion yet untapped 
By mortals, love to make.

Your silken hair of fire gold
Your eyes of twilight blue
Have put to shame the star-lit night 
In beauty next to you.

Oh lover of my waking thoughts and
Dreams that come by eve
Come to me now my love, my soul
Grant this heart reprieve.

These gentle lips do for you wait
These hands to show you grace
Will cause us never to forget this night
Our first embrace.

                   ~Christopher Thor Britt

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Beauty is Blue

Love is not spread by 
Mortal demise,
Love is blue,
Matching your eyes.
Hope is not seen,
Nor is it a word.
It is only felt when
Your voice is heard.
Beauty spreads the lofty view
Others stand so close to you.
I see the stars 
In your laugh,
You are my dream,
My epitaph. 
Love stained blue,
And beauty be,
Your stride is my

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The yellow moon

The yellow moon.

The moon she rides the morning skies
So big and round and yellow
There’s kind of mystic, magic feel
On this morning, soft and mellow

I walk along these lonely streets
On this sweet, precious morn
It’s just three hours away from now
And a new day will be born.

There’s so much blessed mystery
When the full moon rides the sky
It gives life such a magic glow
The morn it deifies.

I feel like howling like a wolf
As wild, he haunts the prairie
It’s a feeling that’s is kind of strange
It comes to me so rarely.

Such magic in this brand new morn
It sinks into my soul
As yellow moon, she rides the sky
And the whole world feels so whole.

9 July 2014 @ 1155hrs.

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Stillness speaks charm
In sculptured grace;
Silence now farms
Bliss in kind face.

Silence now floods
A soothing balm;
Feel pulse of blood
Echo pure calm.

Such a firm poise
On lotus grounds;
Glimpse beyond voice
In rapture found.

Textures and lines
Of craft that styles;
A touch divine
Brings radiant smile.

Rapture and peace
Inspire fond thoughts;
Touch of clear ease
In purge of plot.

Closed eyes reveal
Soul elegance;
A touch now heals
In bright brilliance.

A lotus pose
In a new light;
Truth in pure dose
Brings clear insight.

This sculpture tells
In bone china;
Fond spirit dwells
Love's agenda.

In a clear light
A message flings;
Sense now the flight
Of hidden springs.

Sense calm mercy
In face so pure;
Kuan Yin Lady,
Trance that allures.

Leon Enriquez
10 January 2015

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                           The peaks of mountains
              Are wearing the crown of sunrise with grace
                   Bellow the valleys are still struggling
                                 To escape dark night’s

©Demetrios Trifiatis
6 January 2013

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Just from a seed

From a single seed so much can grow,
The moment it starts, its beauty will show.
All that it needs is light, water and care,
Soon it will be strong and always be there.

Everything starts from something so small,
Then we are amazed as it begins to get tall.
The more that you nourish, the more you can see,
When you add faith it shall continue to be.

A seed is like knowledge it can continue to grow,
The more that you understand the more you will know.
It starts with a dream and then maybe a thought,
The seed can grow into something that was not.

Without care the seed shall wither and die,
Much like in life you must first learn to try.
So many pieces, yet none of them seem to fit,
Perhaps it will make sense, if I just wait a bit.

I see so much growing, the birth of spring,
Flowers pop up with the fragrance they bring.
Soon all the trees shall don their new leaves.
Open your eyes, dreams of beauty they weave.

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Celestial Being

Beyond all there is a light that shines
A spark far out in the horizon 
A wave of peaceful stillness 
Stuck in it's own contraption

Meditating a world beneath my feet
A dark ancient wisdom subsides 
The very steps of natural laws 
The possible outcomes defined

Seeking the traces to the origins 
From which this black hole arises 
To take all that nurtures the dark
The cold return of reprisal

Recenter the cosmos to align
With which all rises from the ashes 
Matter leaves what matters not 
Matter shan't kill what matters not

Centrifugal speeds, collisions
Intergalactic gruesome opposition 
Hollow and empty this star sways 
Sways from an abandoned airspace

Matter leaves what matters not 
Matter shan't kill what matters not

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Love is Like an Antique

Some people like to throw away
Things others consider a treasure
They simply are so ignorant
Of how it’s worth to measure

They think that because it’s old
It is ugly and outdated
That’s often how people feel
About the ones that have mated

They always look for something new
Something that is stream lined and sleek
And so the old they set aside
With brashness at the new they peek

Myself, I’m an ardent lover
Of antiques in all their splendor
My father taught me their true worth
I care for them with hands tender

I do confess antiques take time
To restore to an earlier state
A lot of effort is needed
To make these precious antiques great

Relationships are much the same
The older are more tried and true
They just take more love and more care
To make them compete with the new

So dear, don’t you dare throw me out
In love’s massive garage sale
The new may be more enticing
But that buy’s surely bound to fail

You’ll soon tire of simple lines
And long for the fullness of me
So, stick to this old antique, boy
I’ll make you happy as can be!

So polish me here and over there
Bring out my original shine
Caress me here and over there
I’ll serve you and make your life fine.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Eyes To See

Life is never perfect
Troubles come our way
Some are here for a while
Others come to stay.

Conflict, setbacks, disappointment
These are all our fare
But in our times of trouble
There are those who care.

Precious family members
Who take us as we are
When our need is greatest
They are never far.

The sound of children’s laughter
A tiny baby’s cry
A kitten, softly purring
A rainbow in the sky.

A peaceful Sabbath morning
Hearing church bells ring
Choir music so sweet
It makes the heart sing.

We fail to see the flowers
Just complain about the weeds
God’s blessings are there
Only for those who see.

His beauty all around us
Warmth, comfort, leisure, play
Flowers, trees, rivers, mountains
Quiet nights and bright new days.

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Into my View She came

This day I sat pondering in San Andrés by the sea
Contemplating my tomorrows as I wonder where I'll be
It's getting close to noon as I absorb the morns suns rays
On the beach in Playa de Las Teresitas on this loveliest of days

Soft gentle breakers in caress across deep translucent blues
Thermals teasing natures kites, winged wonders grace her true
With the tenderest of applause they gently clap upon the shore
Soothing sounds of tranquility asks my desire to ask for more

I arise and turn to look back as I awe at these golds and blues
One can only marvel, at this most beautiful of views
My moment is drawing near for their is a lady I'm soon to meet
Kettle drums rule my heart, my footsteps match their drumming beat

Now absorbing where I am amidst subtropical greenery
In the Parque García Sanabria, admiring beautiful tall palm trees
I'm now standing beside the fountains so pure in their flow
Surrounded by natures gems I'm left in total bestow

Now enchanted by such scenery, I hear a voice as I turn around
Standing where I am, I view a beauty in natures surround
Into my view she came, her beauty magnified by the closer she nears
Her footsteps now match my heart, whilst the kettle drum disappears

Introductions are met, with a smile as we kiss cheek to cheek
An orchestra plays in my heart, in symphony of our meet
Strangely we retrace my steps, as we end up on earlier golden sands
Fate has finally clicked, sitting we are, chatting holding hands


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Broken Beauty

struck asunder by the blow
broken pieces into one
glisten, sparkle gold will flow
beauty's what it has become

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Our Amazing Cleaning Lady

A sweet young thing comes to our humble abode Once every month without fail Sure ain't your average cleaner type person She zooms through the place like a gale A neighbour once noticed she had a cute li'l bum I told him I wholeheartedly concur We both could wind up with marital problems Accused of being a couple of voyeurs Once we thought of adopting this young sweetie But her hubby would never agree We had to settle for her once a month visits Such a shame between you and me It seems I might have lost my train of thought My engine almost left the station To get back to the fabulous job that she does Sure appreciate her monthly visitation © Jack Ellison 2013

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Queen of Autumn Splendor

She stands there all summer
in everyday ordinary green,
but amid autumn's bouquet
she wears a lustrous sheen.

Her gown is splendiferous,
she's the queen of them all,
transformed like Cinderella
'gussied up' for the ball.

Glowing flaxen and scarlet,
all who view her agree,
there's nothing more radiant
than the sugar maple tree.

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Poverties Face

There are all kinds of poverty
and no sin in being poor
yet, beauty in its truest form
always will endure.

Disparity has its price to pay
when greed becomes the lure.
How we handle lucre, it seems,
tells others who we are.

There’s poverty in China
and capitalism too,
yet, the desire to level the field
brings other factors in view.

They’ve seen the value
in selling culture, history
to world hungry for beauty
which disdains disparity.

The desire to care for the many
not cater to the few,
brings different kinds of order
still, poverties there too!

Nepal the Yin of planet Earth
where inward voices grow
has its own desperation
and rebellions to forego.

Individual beauty of spirit
was strongest here
they stepped inside, aside...
when discord did appear. 

Egypt has it marvels 
of man and Gods galore
but in the space of mosque light
truest beauty found its lure.

The face of child of mother
the straight-backed prowess of men
the coal black eyes of hunger
the starving animals in pens.

NO culture can climb the precipice
to sucess, all are destined to fall
as long as some have everything
and most have nothing at all.

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In Wonderment, They Stared

What a joy it would be to see you walk the Glens
On purple bloomed heather, on the lands of the Highlander men
To witness your aura, your smile, amidst the Ben's atop with snow
For no matter who stands beside you, being there they'll surely glow

Being there they'll surely glow, proud to be standing there
To your beauty they will look in awe, in wonderment, amazing stare
Whilst all around there grows, many ferns from a forgotten past
For no matter who stands beside you, your beauty will always last

Your beauty will always last for it's captured in many hearts
In wonderment amazing stare, from the Highlands you'll never depart
Now imbedded your heart runs free, to roam these Alba Glens
And this Scotsman chosen beside you, your choice of Highland men  

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The Simpler Beauty 2K13

Show I not scrapers of skies, but majestic
Snow-capped mountains in alpine glow.
Show I not individuals of plastic;
But verdure and sylvan where songbirds show.

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Cupid's Curse

I saw a woman walking by.
She wasn't all that fetching.
When just above her in the air
came Cupid like a fletching.

In taking aim he shot me twice.
Once in each balled eye.
And then he said in deepened voice;
"Now can't you see she's fly".

I notice then she came in close
and stunk of ransid hide.
Then Cupid grabbed his bow again,
My nose his taget pride.

The woman asked me how I was
with such a crackling voice.
I knew at once My ears were next
and Cupid had no choice.

Now I was blind and deaf and bloody
My nostrils without smell.
and now I could not hear his wings
that creature come from Hell.

At once the woman reached for me.
I falling cold in shock.
And if she didn't comfort me
and love began to knock.

Now I knew Cupid had a plan.
that left me all for dead.
but feeling all her comfort now
was coming while I bled.

Then Cupid asked, "You love her now"?
And I began to heal.
I looked at him and then at her
and realized I could feel.

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My heart hears music
In the mundane things;
My mind swirls mystic
In the sighs I sing.

A certain pulse flings
A passage of rhymes;
In sensorial spring
Poise in thousand chimes.

Feel the colours play
When spring comes calling;
Feel the myriad ways
That stir fond feelings.

See lovely displays
As flowers bloom bright;
See rapture portray
The sparkling sunlight.

Such a poignant pace
When the air brings buzz;
Such a wondrous space
When beauty greets trust.

Lovely faces smile
A dance of pure zest;
Lovely symbols style
A cheery new quest.

Spring enchants with voice:
Chinese lunar year;
Spring discerns a choice:
Celebrate fond cheer.

Traditions now steer
Oriental insights;
Good luck symbols cheer
The message of light.

A brand new year comes
With blessings of joy;
A time for fine sums
To fashion employ.

See auspicious signs
That attract sure good;
Good fortune aligns
The warm festive mood.

So here's to good cheer
For men of goodwill;
Let love blot out fear
As true peace distills.

Leon Enriquez
22 January 2015

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Little Patches Of Beauty

Plant a garden by the roadside,
so passerby's can see,
the beauty of the flowers
you have planted there for me.

"Me" meaning all of us,
who do not have a yard,
and appreciate the beauty
displayed in your front yard.

The beauty of bright flowers
are like a balm to me.
As if God's smiling face is there
for passerby's to see.

Flowers soothe the spirit,
and help the heart expand,
when I see little patches of beauty,
all over God's good land.

Those flowers in the sunlight,
their colors bright and gay,
are treasures I'll behold,
when again, I walk your way.

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Here by this park
The flowers bloom,
Bright colours spark
As fragrance grooms.

Butterfly moves
From here to there,
Flutter and groove
To seek new fares.

A pair in chase
Over green leaves,
In cheery craze
Over wind drifts.

Ancient lovers
From times before,
Light now shimmers
With joy galore.

There's a lightness
In the cool breeze,
I taste brightness
In easy whiz.

I take a stroll
In sunlit dawn,
Feel calmness roll
On grassy lawn.

In sun and shade,
The moments spring,
Watch stillness trade
A precious fling.

Here for a while,
Colours now tint,
I sense a smile
Style face and mint.

My thoughts now rest
On waves of rhyme,
Soul feels fond zest
Arise in time.

Too soon, the world
Cramps out free style,
With haste, I swirl
Away from smiles.

Thus, I now spy
The ebb and flow,
Watch cares now try
To alter glow.

Yet I keep heart
Light with sure light,
Keep feeling art
In fond insight.

Leon Enriquez
29 November 2014

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Feel ample heart
In words that flow;
Know profound art
In thoughts that glow.

Think with clear poise
In blooms that grow;
Show in sure voice
The words that flow.

Watch words weave say
In tact that signs;
See to wordplay
To draw the line.

Now each new strain
Can fling a tact;
Gain spreads refrain
In word compact.

Leon Enriquez
07 January 2015

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Let humour farm:
Wit spreads a balm,
Cheer wears a charm
In savvy calm.

Let passion spur
The heart to know
A lovely stir
That faith now shows.

Let joy now start:
Fit love in place,
Faith firms the heart
With a true face.

Let all things good
Gather in peace
Each sanguine good
That brings increase.

Let love and light
Sculpt peace and hope
When faith gives sight
That primes and scopes.

Let mind and heart
Know lofty soul
In craft and art
That feels a whole.

Leon Enriquez
23 January 2015

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A woman's beauty
Lies not in her nudity
But in the functionality of her brain
And the direction of her thought's train.

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Recollected childhood trips seem an intensely hot affair.
We took a bus, tight-filled with sweaty people’s feet
For hours;  but then at the end,  there was  air.	
And gone were the constriction and glaring heat  - 

In the tranquil cool shade of the springtime wood.
There were spreading red campions and more -
In places where a little sun shimmered and could
Make yellow pools  on the woodland floor.

And everywhere  the fairy  bluebells  all
Nodding in crowds blue and thronging.
In life I carry with me and oft recall 
That day, the happiness, the feeling of belonging.

I picked armfuls hoping to preserve their beauty till later,
Wrapping them in wet cloth in a water-pail
To survive the torrid heat of the bus-incinerator,
Unaware that their happy lives I would  thus  curtail.

An intensely-lived child-experience does not diminish,
But telescopes into a longer event, perhaps with fairies,
Sometimes without  any definite finish.
Tiny spaces can morph into prairies. 

Maybe  the bluebells  were just  there in some  garden to find ,
But I did see them  somewhere,  and I  really made the trip,
I really smelled them. They were not just a dream in my mind :
And for years after, I wanted to relive their friendship.

But   trying  to recapture childhood memory
Is like trying to preserve  beauty   a-flowering
By picking it for a collection in a repository.
Its beauty is gone with the garnering.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Written for  Paula Swanson's Contest   "I Carry With Me"

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The shining Path of the walkway

My hands are embedded in your skin,
And your body is rambling,
To the sea of a thousand waves,
>       I am a boat ...

I have the heart that fails,
Engraving on the ocean,    my wake
When under the terms of travel
You also ondoies the hips

... If it is falling into oblivion
After the course of the hills
Fingers hanging with saline scents
On the pleated waves of your bed,

When the desire        is resting
It has neither beginning,  nor end,
But resurrects while whith its whole hunger,
It combines us,     and overlays us ...

My mouth keeps         in mind,
The taste of passion in fruits,
Always present in the heart of the night
>   Shining Path of the walkway.

--- ( own translation from french )


" Le sentier lumineux  du promenoir"

Mes mains se sont incrustées dans ta peau,
Et ton corps qui divague,
A la mer aux mille vagues,
Je suis un bateau...
J'ai le coeur qui flanche,
A graver sur l'océan, mon sillage,
Quand aux termes du voyage,
Tu ondoies aussi des hanches,
...Si c'est basculer dans l'oubli,
Après le parcours les collines,
Les doigts accrochés de senteurs salines,
Aux ondes plissées de ton lit,
Quand le désir                   se repose,
Il n'a ni commencement,    ni fin ,
Mais ressuscite,         tout à sa faim,
Il nous combine,       et superpose ...
Ma bouche               garde en mémoire,
Le goût de la passion,            en fruits,
Toujours présent, au coeur de la nuit,
>        Sentier lumineux de promenoir.


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She Wore MY Dress

I’d kept the dress through the years 
Hoping one day it would fit
Loved how it had made me feel
Others were taken by it

It was a lovely summer dress
Black with flowers of spring
When it adorned my body
Lots of stares it would bring

I hung it on my closet door
Hoping that weight loss fairy…
Would wave her magic wand
And I’d hate sweets and dairy

It went back into my closet
But it would call out to me
Every time I saw it there
I was as sad as can be 

My daughter came to visit 
Her body is quite divine
With curves in the right places
I just can’t believe she’s mine

She waltzed into the room
She had found and worn “the dress”
I stared at her in silence
She knew how to impress

Without a word I just looked
At my sweet 18 year old
The dress clung to her body
Made of her a woman bold

I gazed at her dumbfounded
And then I started to cry
My beautiful precious girl
Surely knew the reason why

She said what she always did
When I just wanted to die
“Mama, you’re still beautiful”
In her eyes I saw no lie

She was the one I turned to
When I needed the real truth
The honesty she dished out
Was at times quite uncouth

I’m padded more now than when…
I was at her tender age
Maybe I should accept this
And finally turn the page

Even with this cuddly shape
Been told I've got sex appeal
But I still want to go back
Wish weight was not such a deal

Beauty is not your body
It’s in a state of the mind
To be sexy on the inside
Is a rare and precious find

Now I see her wear the dress
And I smile as people stare
I’m proud of my pretty girl...
A very proud Mama Bear.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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A Mourning Dove

She sits above the rolling waves,
Her golden waves capture the sun,
The sunlight beckons wistful slaves, 
Enslaved their hearts are led to dun.

For her beauty entraps the soul,
The soulful songs she sings at sea
As eyes see her beauty cajole,
So cajoled they can ne’er be free.

And I, the poet, gave my art,
In artful words pleading for love,
But can love touch her wicked heart,
Or leave my heart her mourning dove?

Form: Wreathed Quatrains

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Fine porcelain vase:
Lines of sure grace;
Curves that encase
A swirling face.

Love birds on tree
Spreading a calm;
Textures that free
A soothing balm.

Charm wears a face
That silence knows;
Chinese verse trace
A profound glow.

Shape of a gourd
In man-made craft;
Empty space wrought
In fiery draft.

Pure white as snow,
Etchings now talk;
Watch porcelain show
Nature that stalks.

Stillness can form
Voice in silence;
No wordy norm 
Can fling brilliance.

See beyond sound
The lovely art;
Cheer holds the grounds,
Content seeds start.

Leon Enriquez
07 January 2015

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She was everything he could dream of, 
Fantasy given a live heartbeat. 
An unattainable rare jewel, 
Leaving a taste beyond bittersweet. 

An angel sent from the high Heavens, 
The epitome of perfection. 
A beautiful spirit blossoming, 
Wearing an untainted complexion. 

Hypnotic, mesmerizing motions, 
Elegance persuading the skeptics, 
The definition of modesty, 
Silencing the jealous heretics. 

An angelic smile providing light, 
Contagious, spinning heads turn around. 
Starry eyes glittering in the night, 
A dreamers search ends, paradise found.

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Your Beauties Glow

To you alone 
My heart is sold
As the days go
Your beauty grows

As time flies by
i have to sigh 
When you walk by
And catch my eye

I cannot think 
Or even blink
As it may seem 
Only a dream

To you alone 
I have to sigh 
And just walk by 
Your beauties glow

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Natural Scene

In the middle of the grove, I look up I see the traversing light from the moon And there are some straggling stars all about The planets will be coming around soon The trees of the clearing have a true feel Reflecting the light of the moon above I love the sight, polka dot starry night Diamonds enhanced the sky of night love Majestic peaks send chills through the cool air I see this only through the breaks of trees The brush of the landscape looks overrun But the scene brings joy and a lot of ease
Russell Sivey

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In Search of that Name

Up and down I quickly scroll
In search of the poet’s name
So desperate to feed my soul
And my anxious thoughts to tame

I scan with my longing eyes
This heart igniting to flame
I wonder where it could be?
The halo around that name

I breathe a sigh of relief
There it is, glorious sight
The name that is sure to bring
Dreams vibrant into my night

I click with growing ardor
Read and savor every line
Each thought entwined with magic
Transports me to the sublime

I sigh with deep contentment
Nourished by all he has shared
Dressed with the robe of his words
A gift of the soul he bared

Refreshed, I rise from my bed
A brilliant start to my day
In this little heart a wish
That his name is here to stay

Eileen Manassian Ghali

PS....Welcome to the world of technology, Soupers! ;) Our poetry must reflect our changing times. Computers, text messaging, posts...etc. Also....Read my Sonnet XX to know what I think about guess work! ;) Let the poet write in peace....enjoy the thoughts....and let mystery reign supreme! :) I'm sure you all look for names of poets whose work you relish, so you can relate.

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FREE CEE dedicated to a lady who in Vienna we were poetry

i found her on a beach in belize
if you please
just sunning herself and taking in the sights and sounds of the gulls
watching ships past by with steady courses set and sturdy hulls
the sun dripped from her shimmer
as i sat blinded by her glimmer
she showed me what was beyond the shore
and so much more
she pointed to the horizon where blue meets the darkness at night
there she sat contemplating mankind's possible destruction and plight
her beauty shone like the sun i tried to hide my eyes from viewing
and being beautiful is all she was doing
and in so doing telling a story that was a warning to all
telling humanity to answer her fervent call
all she wanted was to lay on the beach unafraid of what was to arrive
if all of us didn't get together and learn to mutually survive
no waste to last for a million or more years
no more wars born out by tepid tears
no destroying the balance of nature of which she was too aware
as she sat by her father Neptune's lair
her mother shone as did the daughter i speak of
born from a family of peace, tranquility and of course love
so as the gulls flew by
and their chicks learned to fly
i continued to watch the ships past by sturdy and strong
and no one can convince me that her assertion was wrong
for most assuredly this was no ordinary girl
because this beauty was born of an oyster and her name was pearl
           (c) 2012....PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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Black Hair

A black-haired dirty thinker
your words invade my head;
where lust and thirst become me
and love will see me dead.

Your body build a sailing ship.
Your keel at my back.
Your nods upon the ocean-
my death from your attack.

A bum to form a segment.
A fruit as firm as day.
A touch to stun the surface.
A helm to clear the way.

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An empty page awaits my muse:
I sit and wait for feel to fling,
Let passion stage and hurl new use,
Here at the gate watch words now sing.

I keep my poise in fragrant style:
Align my heart to pen fond writes,
Match simple choice with thoughts worthwhile,
Words swirl and start as message cites.

Ink stains address the way of rhyme:
Feel sums and seeds the magic lines,
Wit can process a vivid chime,
Feel and thought feed a touch most fine.

Verse flows and flows in calm imprint:
The voice makes waves in profound span,
I fashion glow to hurl clear hint,
Soul now awakes to spice most grand.

Leon Enriquez
21 January 2015

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A Tree With No Border

A tree; it's branches angled and bent
wicked and stained and breathing.
A bark gone gothic in paper slips.
It's holes lament through teething.

With knots swelled out and black as earth.
A crevice on center with cracks.
A hole been lined with a wet tree sap
and the woodpeckers entrance to axe.

The trunk wrapped 'round made firm to fit.
like straw bound tight in bale.
Engraved with dashes and with grooves.
All covered with pollen and pale.

The spaded leaves in green grass tone
rich in green stained fluids.
Rippled and cool with jagged edges.
Mysterious and puzzling as druids.

A canopy large as a dome in the air.
With jagged directions in every order.
Vast as the sky when viewed from below
and the love of a tree with no border.

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Pictures speak well
Beyond word tell,
Image can spell
Where words can't dwell.

Pictures urge feel
In thoughts surreal,
Go beyond will
To worlds that fill.

Pictures can trick
Fond pulse and mood,
To niche and prick
The sanguine food.

Pictures can grace
The path of light,
To greet the face
As pleasure sights.

Pictures now stay
Within the mind,
To promptly spray
Such curious finds.

Leon Enriquez
29 November 2014

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Preserve Mother Nature, with Love

Mother Earth in beauty shows the fruits of her fullness.
Interwoven destiny amid the living and the dead.
As God designed, she wastes not, each atom a success.
The future lies within man’s hands and death upon his head.

Replenishment was the Creator’s plan and his first command.
Mother Earth has done her part, autonomously from the start.
Man, since then, enjoyed the mirth and bounty of her land.
Avarice and intellect gone astray, disastrous results impart.

Man has capacity for conservation, compassion, and greed, 
Intellectual choices he makes can build or destroy.
It is with preservation mankind must proceed.
Reuse and recycling must, today, be man’s main employ.

Cricket sounds and chirping birds lull the weary heart.
Dawn and dusk paint the skies, exquisiteness from above.
And so it was from the start, her beauty God did impart.
Let us all together work; let’s preserve Mother Nature, with love.

© May 6, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

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In My Hometown

In my hometown, there lies a street,
A buzzing, busy city street,
Where cars speed forward in roaring fleets
Toward places to be and people to meet.

And on this street lies a bouquet,
A busty, bountiful bouquet. 
Next to the cracking curb, it lays
And braves the the traffic of midday.

And the bouquet has leaves of red,
A lustful, lively, bloody red.
It's sad such life will soon be dead,
Crushed by our killer tire treads.

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I found hidden beauty
In a heart of nobility;
Belonging to my dear duchess
Having a body ringed with luscious.

With solid character merged with simplicity
In her I found charm, grace and felicity;
Her story is not in a book to read
But in my heart which she freed.

Possessed by a benevolent mind
Gentle, pure and kind;
My heart and my soul continuously burn
Until the moment corporeal passions turn.

Only one solution to sanctify my soul
To make her heart totally mine and whole;
With this beauty the yearning too strong
Hidden, except from me, as our passions prolong.

This is a lady full of hidden grace
Forever imposing never out of place;
A once in a lifetime beauty of my life
Fortunately she’s is going to be my wife.

January 18th 2015

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Feel how peace feels,
Watch joy now start;
A touch can heal,
Feel then dear heart.

Feel bliss that swells,
Watch that sure calm;
A flame now dwells,
Feel soothing balm.

Feel then within,
Watch madness cease;
A depth unseen,
Feel stillness ease.

Feel poise that cheers,
Watch deeper urge;
A voice now steers,
Feel ample surge.

Feel a kind nudge,
Watch soul awake;
A charming touch,
Feel health re-make.

Feel senses sharp,
Watch surge of health;
A pulse that harps,
Feel happy wealth.

Feel how you feel,
Watch beyond cares;
A fond goodwill,
Feel more aware.

Feel that sure bliss,
Watch zest happy;
A truth and ease,
Feel love merry.

Leon Enriquez
12 February 2015

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Breath Again

Could such coarse hands
strike forth such sweet music
drawing gently the strings of your tunic
heavenly melodies I vaguely understand

Could such stuttering lips
eloquently call forth pleasure
drawing out the decibels we treasure
from the grooved fountain of the deep

Could blind eyes dare to see
the face that launched a thousand ships
imprisoned in blissful smile of companionship
dares me to be what I must be

What strange roars I hear?
what crimson storms rage?
feeble feet wobble shy courage
as my body shudders in pleasing fear

At the moment of little death
buried in arms we bring birth
to noble life as we breath again here.

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Where there is beauty
Much hate lies
The love given freely
For same another dies.

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In the middle of the universe, I stand, probing its soul

In the middle of the universe, I stand
Wondering at where does it all start, where does it all end
Science keeps coming up with its facts
Religion has its own proof, which it shows with tact

There, in the middle of it all, I stand and look at it all
It is believed that its matter does make up my soul
It is made of beauty, of stars taking birth, of planets dying
It is beauty, beauty as does seem to be the sun, setting or rising!

It is mystery as do seem the words of a Chinese poem
To a child coming from the land singing the British anthem
It is mystery as would seem the life of a seer of spirituality
To the one who does thrive in many a one mundane activity

It is magic
It is mystic
It is our essence
Yet, we understand not its cadence

In the middle of the universe, I yearn for the maker of it all
Surely, He does be, surely, He would hear my call
I am sure He is made of goodness
I am sure He fills up our consciousness

Unimaginable universe,
Seeing you now, I would never have guessed your content be so diverse
Life does thrive in you in all sorts of forms
Yet, I see not Him who can claim to be the ruler of all these kingdoms

So I choose not to keep standing in the middle of the universe
I choose to walk and probe, to love it, so that with Him, indirectly I do converse
Yes, I would love this thing of mystery
While going about with my quest, hoping someday, He shall be revealed in all clarity!

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Farewell, Sweet Summer

Farewell, Sweet Summer!

Autumn near, flowers bent towards the sun
Almost prostrating themselves-so distressing 
Like beggars clutching at Jesus, craving the One
Sunbeams turn their backs without even a blessing

So the brightest star pulls away, off somewhere else
It’s got other appointments to keep
In the distance toll the old mission bells
Like a dirge, and the whole garden weeps

Alas, summer is dying, sucking its last muggy breaths
As crickets scrich their sharp taunting jeers
Not many seem saddened at all by this death
And for this passing mourners won’t raise a bier

Autumn is born, its gestation complete
We excitedly awaited your cool advent
No longer stuck in thick, cloying heat
Gone is the summer of our hot discontent

Yes! Fall is born! Let’s give it a name!
It will spend its time blowing chilled breezes
Soon it will set the landscape aflame
As it whirls all the kaleidoscope leaves

Freed from arthritic twigged branches
As fingers release shiny gold coins
Nature’s allegro pirouette dancers
Auditioning for the autumnal Bolshoi

Others float gently through brisk afternoon air
Like large brilliant harvest snowflakes
Landing softly on a grassy blanket there
To wait defenseless, for the merciless rake

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FREE CEE a lesson in confession



I am confessing that you are a blessing to me
Especially whenever your are caressing me
If sometimes it seems like I need my solitude
Believe me baby, I’m not trying to be rude

Oftentimes when the spirit moves me
 I’m moved by your beauty that behooves me
Even when I’m alone with the all the lights out
You remind me of what kindness is all about

You are the midnight moon and the afternoon sun
You are where the beauty of brightness is begun
My world begins and ends with your smile
And the way you make me smile all the while

You own a patent on the laughter both of us share
And every time you grin I’m convinced how much you care
Your concern is evidenced by all the loving things you do
And I am confessing that I will never stop loving you

So let this be my confession thusly stated
That your loveliness cannot be overrated
Because I’m confessing that no one should be guessing
That you are this maudlin man’s main and only blessing
               © 2012…..PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~….

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                I’D VIE FOR VIENNA

I’ve visited Vienna because the universe urged me to go
and on the subject of Vienna I have all I need to know
I know the city sings and writes poetry for all to read
And were I to dance with Vienna I’d let it lead

From a small café I idolized what my eyes espied
And the beauty of Vienna will never be defied
Vienna is the sound of violins and the aroma of violets grown
And owns a beauty such as I’ve never known

I strolled the streets of Vienna in awe of its grace
Vienna’s streets seem to be formed by lavender and lace
It’s akin to a purple and violet sky to behold
And it’s shimmer is more alluring than gold

Vienna sweetens the sour and acrid taste of phools
It takes them and teaches  love’s true rules
Vienna has the power to make a rose bloom in the snow
And nothing compares to Vienna is all I know

So if you ever go to Vienna please appreciate it like me
Because I’ll never have the qualities that you will see
In Vienna I heard poetry with its lilting simplicity
And had I never visited Vienna would have been a true and utter pity
        I thank invisible beauty for her kindness
                And her consisten encouragement!
© 2011...Phreepoetree  ~free cee!~

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Cleaning Sally

Sally's wiping the walls
and the walls are wailing out.
Ripples from within them
shouting clean and clout.

Surfaces seen shining;
glaring they're looked after,
from one small tiny rag
with Sally as it's Master.

Echoes round the roomside
Sally's tamed with cleaner.
Scents invade your nostrills
as cleanliness got meaner.

Oasis's reflecting
in glass around the room
as images and mirrors
merge as if to bloom.

Squeeking little wipes
as Sally rubs her rag.
Music in the air
and joy from in a drag

Smiles surrounding Sally.
Her clean from in her cloud,
with radiating beauty
and Sally standing proud.

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Blizzard, Blizzard Everywhere

Blizzard, Blizzard Everywhere

Frozen branches scratch against the window. 
Snow flakes flash like daggers through outside lights. 
Frigid wind comes howling down the chimney. 
Pine trees take on a wonderland delight. 

Bare branch trees rocked down to their foundation. 
Black sinewed roots hold fast in frozen ground. 
Snow drifts pile against back doors and fences. 
As more snow is falling, swirling all around. 

The ocean is a pounding frothy mess
Colliding waves throw geysers in the air. 
Dune fences cannot halt beach erosion. 
Home owners look on helpless in despair. 

Traffic lights shine garish through the whiteness
Consistent switch above deserted streets. 
Heavy branches form a cozy arbor
In an attempt to stretch across and meet. 

Commuter traffic ground down to a halt
School children still tucked safely in their beds 
Thoughts of teachers, homework, boring lessons 
Replaced with thoughts of downhill runs on sleds

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A stray breeze blows,
Three wind chimes sing
A haunting flow,
Where wind gust flings.

A touch now steers,
The wind chimes move
Random noise cheers,
Musical grooves.

A floating shrill,
Brisk mellow sighs
Align and thrill
Wind lullabies.

A straying voice,
Now pleasures fill
With gusty poise,
Wind spreads a will.

Wind chimes set score
In actual feel,
A surreal core
Of sound appeal.

A cryptic flow
Of haunting voice,
A piping glow
In dreamy poise.

Leon Enriquez
30 January 2015

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Muse takes a break
In foreign chimes,
In random takes,
Swing jerky rhymes.

Muse feels a need
To leave me grief,
As if to feed
Impulse set brief.

Muse can dictate
The course laid sound,
To brew odd fate
In lines that ground.

Muse feels amused
To sense struggle,
To dare confuse
Nudge and trouble.

Muse comes to tease
Or else to ease,
Watch patterns please
Or distort peace.

Muse is fickle
As a lost buzz,
A slow trickle
To break the crust.

Muse can mingle
With lovely fling,
Yet spreads ripples
On writer's spring.

Muse is most bright
With sanguine feel,
Then dawns a light
That shines with zeal.

Muse knows a way
Beyond just write,
For words can play
To tell and cite.

Muse frees the good
Within the shell,
Aligns with mood
To show and tell.

Leon Enriquez
29 November 2014

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Joy to the world

I breathe my joy into the world seed to take root and leaf unfurl within the troubled hearts of those whose thorn may turn into a rose

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Love Is 2K13

Love is but a gift whence golden memories do
Consist of to which are often revisited.
Love is an ageless, priceless, tried-and-true,
True-blue of moral value into hearts deposited.

Love is a lifetime of actions displayed
In caring kind manner affirming it.
Love is something when genuine; undelayed
Unconditional, unselfish without quite.

Love is but a tree which shelters you and
I therefrom the nagatives of stale hatred.
Love is the conforting warmth of a hand
Unto anothers to which each sacred.

Love is a tangible shoulder which to lean
Upon therewith presance of blue woe.
Love is free, bought not by currency of green.
Love is grand and hatred its villainous foe.

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Red Ribbon Sally

Red-ribbon apron drawn to her spine.
Tilted red hat in the air.
Black shining hair bundled in back
as Sally stands simple and fair.

Her mouth stout with beauty.
It's light the moon's surface.
Lips scored in finished pride
and grin drawing love to a purpose

Her stance like a doll.
Her shoulders gone limp.
Plush are her arms
and form without crimp.

Her smile soft as canvass.
Her spirit abroad.
Humble to a tee
and loved to a nod.

A skin lit and glowing.
A mask demure.
Her coco brown eyes
guiding and sear.

A face staring humble.
It's secrets inside.
Questioning; thoughtful.
A love to abide.

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The Sun

The sun shall shine after the rain.
Drying all tears, erasing the pain.
It shall heal all the wounds inside.
Show the way, the light it provides.

The sun allows all things to grow,
Providing light so beauty can show.
All you need do is look all around.
In every corner beauty is found.

It graces the horizon chasing away night.
Reducing the shadows while increasing sight.
It brings forth life to our entire world,
In its light the beauty is unfurled.

The sun brings warmth I feel in my soul.
When it shines down I feel quite whole.
It warms the ground, the sand under my feet.
It warms the waters making swimming a treat.

When it shines down, light it bestows
When it does set the colors explode.
I close my eyes and dream of the sun.
I draw from the strength, join in the fun.

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                                               LOVE IS MY LOVER

Allow me to describe my love
Not my lover
My kind of love
The way I love
Like when lilies lack only the lamentable
And violets vie with violins for temperance
When the clouds strike a deal with the sky to make Sunday afternoon’ssun sing and spout soliloquies soothingly
Or that ocean waves not awake the water
To calm a swell of saltiness
And make of the sea your subject
That blue might bow unto beauty beheld
 With the countenance of divinity
While I’d wish that you could reason with infinity
And let your beauty be immune to immediacy
That your being never be beholden to the golden years
That age might forget your name
And freeze forever a face for a fantasy’s dream
With the iciness of your stare
and the sensuous heat of passion that always follows whenever two people care and share so tenderly
as kisses conspire to ignite a fire with flames only an inferno claims
As we sit so close that friction begs for forgiveness
And forgotten are the petals fallen from a rose wilted by the arrogance of time
That a bud be reborn
And blossom into the beauty you beg not shall I ignore

Allow me to describe my kind of love 
Which is like waking up each morning at Springtime’s front door
With all her flowers flaunting their fragrance thereof
…………….Now that’s my kind of love
                                                      © 2012  copyright PHREEPOETREE….~free cee!~

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My Dark Angel

My mortal soul meets an Immortal Angel
My dark Angel, of a specie , so rare
Beautiful within, dark only in shell
Your pretty Owlish eyes erase my fears

Your smiles soothe my spine, like fogs do on hills
Esteemed hills, cuddling cold and chilly clouds
Your thought kills and heals my heart with sweet pills
Your saint touch Confines my worries to shrouds

On your wings, Angel, I steal Flight
Sights of your winking balls, float me asky
 My dark Angel, with glows of torchless lights
And cherubic affluence that golds cant buy

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The Sum

The sum is much greater than just its parts.
More than a thought it grows in your heart.
I look at all these pieces that make up me.
When they join together, beauty you see.

I look across a field and see many trees.
Upon a closer look, grass and a river I see.
They all present beauty when they are apart.
But put together, they are a painting in my heart.

I look up and see the grandness of the sky.
My imagination grows wings like birds fly.
There also is the sun along with the clouds
When put together the picture it allows.

It all seems to change as I head toward night.
The sun explodes in colors, the sun still shining bright.
Darkness soon approaches the stars and moon in sight.
It paints a picture of peace and everything is alright.

As we journey through night it shall start over again
The sun greets the horizon much like a good old friend.
The light shines downward, revealing each and every part.
 When they join together, they are a painting in my heart.

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A Real Keeper

There's only one way to describe me
Can't wipe off this silly big grin
A ravishing beauty I've turned out to be
With such gorgeous baby soft skin

With a face of unmatched perfection
Like rolling Clooney and Pitt into one
Movie star stuff, there's really no doubt
With a beauty that's second to none

It may seem a trifle pompous of me
Just because I'm a gorgeous hunk
Sorry but I can't even stand it myself
Pay no attention to the tabloid junk

I try to lead this exemplary life
In spite of this girlie adoration
A lesser person would certainly succumb
And surely cause expectoration

Inside I'm really quite a nice old guy
You just need to delve a bit deeper
My surface beauty will surely distract you
But most say I'm really a keeper

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There starts right here
 Here with sure wit
   Wit that weaves clear
    Clear as a hit...

Heart knows the way
 Way to sculpt zest
   Zest in fond play
    Play in sure fest...

Mind seeks a plot
 Plot that frees thought
   Thought in prime lot
    Lot funds sweet spot...

Soul is the core
 Core that springs reach
   Reach for grand shores
     Shores where stars hitch...

Faith sums fond hope
 Hope spreads a balm
   Balm that sculpts scope
     Scope that keeps calm...

Live what you love
 Love what you live
   Live like a dove
     Dove that peace gives...

Joy comes to stay
 Stay that brings charm
   Charm leads the way
     Way from harsh harm...

Peace now fills day
 Day turns to night
   Night claims the moon
     Moon beams in sight....

Here and now be
 Be what you see
   See soul set free
     Free fun and glee...

Come then my friend
 Friend of my days
   Days that nights trend
     Trend then that strays...

Now we can glow
 Glow with fine spark
   Spark in deep show
     Show in sure arc...

Time and space wait
 Wait at the gate
   Gate that springs bait
     Bait that lures fate...

Mark then the date
 Date wears sure poise
   Poise to fill plate
     Plate sums fond choice...

Rise to the dawn
 Dawn that charm brings
   Brings light that spawns
     Spawns that joy springs..

Leon Enriquez
01 October 2014

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Our Hidden Beauty

On this amazing little island
In our universe of black
We are the people
And nature i thank for that

We are the same but different
We would stand out against a wall
But there is a hidden beauty
That is born within us all

The next time you go shopping
In the center near your home
Sit in silence and look around
And watch our beauty roam

What your eyes will capture
Will fill your heart with glee
Its the hidden beauty within us
That surfaces in front of thee

You'll see children with their mothers
Couples walking hand in hand
People laughing, enjoying themselves
In feelings we all understand

On this amazing little island
That we call planet earth
The beauty born within us all
Is more than riches worth

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Shepherds at Christmas

On a far away hill a glorious star shone so bright
As shepherds watched their flocks at night
An Angel of the Lord came down
And the glory of the Lord shone around

The Angel had no gold or diamond under his sleeve
Nor scented beautiful roses to give
He came to herald the gospel story
With many angels appearing in a heavenly glory

Gloria! Gloria!! The hosts of angels cry
We bring you good tidings of joy from on high
To you this day in the city of David a child is given
To crown the earth with joy and the love of heaven

When all hearts is filled
And the songs of Angels are stilled
When the star in the sky is gone
And Christmas begins at dawn

A voice was heard in the sky
A glorious voice was heard from on high
Shepherds heard a voice and found a Lamb
They found a savior, they found the I Am

The Poet Preacher © 2013
Then the Shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things that they had heard and seen, as it was told them. Luke 2:20

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Window Adornment

The decor on the window is awesome A beauty undiscovered until now There are gems of all shapes and sizes there Lace all over the place, a solemn vow I don’t know how the wonderment got there It has a sense of whiteness in control Curtain like set-up is truly divine Not a piece of it falls off, it annuls It is nice to see this marvelous sight Perfect are the pieces of jewelry That fills the massive window with color Sparkling it refracts all that is lovely Main stone’s in the center of the window It casts colorful light throughout the room Makes that white lace hang that much prettier This adornment is best outside the moon
Russell Sivey

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Pristine White Morning

In the predawn quiet,
imagine my surprise
when a sparkling wonder
greets my sleepy eyes.

As I slumbered, Frosty 
opened wide to blow
and sent a special gift.
I totally missed the show.

A shining cloak blankets
the earth, pristine white.
Snow steals down in darkness,
unveils in morning light,

Glistening in the sunshine
and sheltering underneath,
many guests of summer, now
wrapped in Nature's sheath.

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An Entreaty to Sleep

Come to me, Sleep. Please let me drink 
Of the sweet silver essence that brings us our dreams.
All that I seek is a restful respite
From Reality's bite and its deafening screams.

Envelop me quickly--take me away,
 trap me in starlight that glitters and gleams.
Hide all my thoughts from the tedious day;
Lead me to Heaven on shining moonbeams.

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There are men who may never walk on water
Who will never trade our happiness for butter
Who do such mere things full of kindness
That reminds us of the Son in his vast goodness 

There are men who may never raise our dead 
Who into our wilderness may never be lead 
Who eagerly and earnestly love with their hearts
That reminds us of the Son who laid love’s path

There are men who may never rebuke our storms
Who may never be transfigured into His glorious form 
Who are eagerly ready to lend a helping hand 
That reminds us of the Son who we don’t understand 

There are men who may never have an exalted name
Who may never be rich, glamorous or acquire fame
Who are beacons of light in our times of darkness
That reminds us of the Son shinning in righteousness 

There are men who may never die upon our cross 
Who for our sake live a life full of great loss
Who are our secret heroes saving our poor soul 
From lives bitter batter and devils ultimate goal

To these unknown, unheard, unseen men untold 
Who live to see our smile light up eyes that unfold 
Who live a life without a lie
Your names shall never die

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A voice calls me
To feel and write
To let things be
As words now cite

Song for the wind
To blow and send
To realms unseen
To distant lands

In easy lines
A prompting urge
Brings thought made fine
In feel and surge

Insight can flash
Some message here
In plain old flesh
To forge some cheer

Rhymes come on cue
In strains laid plain
That cast what's due
To word new gains

All in due time
Feelings fling form
Unleash new rhymes
Unfurl clear norms

Plain metaphors
Converge to be
An urgent store
That love sets free

I do not need
To work so hard
Nor force new seed
To free the bard

Flow comes to me
As I see fit
Let echoes be
To move sure wit

There is a place
Beyond this world
Where time and space
In stillness swirl

God waits for us
To clearly know
To assuage thirst
To feel life's flow

Leon Enriquez
15 Feb 2014

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Flowers of all sorts,
So many colours;
Floral design wrought,
Such fragrant odours.

Rose and lily fresh,
Orchids and hybrids;
Auras in a flash,
Flowery new breeds.

Carnations adorn,
Sunflower yellows;
Lavender, pom pom,
Lotus most mellow.

Lilacs most lovely,
Tulips in full bloom;
Baby Breath surely,
Perfumes fill this boom.

So many flowers,
Names fail to describe;
Such earthly showers,
Joy flavours fond bribes.

Here in this nice shoppe,
Florals ply most sweet;
Diadems and teardrops,
Flower most complete.

Flowers of all sorts,
Tell of mystery;
Joy in sweet report,
Love's vivid story.

Leon Enriquez
19 December 2014

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Pools of Sapphire

Pools of Sapphire

It was a moment locked in time
The first time I saw her there
A moment inspiring me to rhyme
As I was lost inside the stare

There inside those pools of mystery
I saw such beauty all around
Never throughout my history
Had such beauty been found

The colors of the ocean
Filled with such exquisite life
So peaceful as we basked in the sun
No pain, no sadness, no strife

We walked the golden beaches
Holding hands, I smile as I see
The look that warmly reaches
Deep down into the soul of me

Each second was as a year
Incredible love we would share
Few words could I hear
In that glorious ten year stare

I was hers forever in just one year
My love gradually grew in year two
Three, the words I longed to hear
In four and evermore, “I love you”

Such joy we shared in year five
So naturally we belonged together
Our love making us glad we were alive
Our hearts light as a feather

Years six through nine were sublime
But it was ten that went so fast
Then I was slowly brought back
Only those few seconds had passed!

As we break the stare I see
The smile upon her sweet lips
I wonder if she was with me
In the land where time slips

In my dreams I see and feel
Those eyes that fill me with desire
To give to her, to yield my will
Floating in pools of sapphire

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See thaw and flow
As winter goes;
Observe the glow
Spring ritual lo!

See the mood swing
From low to high;
Lunar year springs
As magic sighs.

See colours bright
In flowers' hymn;
Vivid delights
For the spring nymphs!

See myriad births
As death keeps still;
Life springs with mirth
With joys that fill.

See faces smile
As sun brings birth;
Nature re-styles
Good Mother Earth.

See bright glories
In little things;
Warm tapestries
In swirl and swing.

See sun and rain
Create a show;
Metaphors stain
Arch of rainbow.

See so much more
That words can tell;
Sense a pure core
That ever dwells.

See vivid change
Surround and ground;
Wonder meets strange
In range now found.

See soul and heart
In season's mind;
Start to craft art
In hearty finds.

Leon Enriquez
06 February 2015

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Broken strands of opaline pearls,
dot emerald lawns as evening falls;
night lights aglow, fireflies bed down
lulled by whip-poor-wills' soothing calls.

Mother moon, her blue chair rocking,
unfolds blush blanket-clouds to wrap
wee stars in warm muffs of wonder
upon the Milky Way’s broad lap.

In nests of silky eiderdown
earth’s smallest creatures pause and sleep,
while the sun, robed in peach splendor,
pillows her head on angels’ feet.

The tranquil hush of purple evening
brushes a breeze, soothing and cool,
across the fevered brow of day,
weary of men who live as fools.

July 27, 2014

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Crystal River

Crystal River

There is a crystal river flowing somewhere
somewhere it is flowing in my dreams.
When in my dreams I have a chance to wander
I wander to this gentle flowing stream.

As the sunlight dances happily upon it
quietly I sit and watch it play.
Time stands still within this golden moment
and I can feel my anguish slip away.

There grows a tree that weeps upon the water
where birds are singing sweetly from her veil
and as the sun weaves diamonds through her tresses
with tears of joy she weeps a radiant trail.

With abandon, her love flows to join the river
that is waiting, as a lover, for her kiss.
The beauty of their joining is resplendent
and I prosper from the glory of their bliss.

Nighttime never falls upon this river
which is forever flowing in my mind
yet in the days when I am filled with darkness
to all this shining beauty I am blind.

In those times I need a golden beacon
to light my soul and help me find my way
to the path that leads me to my precious river
where all my sorrow can be washed away.

There is a crystal river flowing somewhere
I hear it calling softly from my dreams
tempting me to come and sit forever
beside this bright and gentle flowing stream.

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Sword's Superior

My tongue is mighty and heavy
Moving into action it looks wavy
Greater it is destroyiog
Than the blood the sword is good at spraying

I kill internally with the tongue
Collapse it brings to the soul not for long
Undoubtedly regret the sword to the dead
My tongue respect, it gets for its deed

Capable is my tongue to correct
Owing the result of its effect
Victims seeks re-think
But sword's casualties never get a wink

Rather solving, the sword brings anger
My tongue finite ending to danger
Mightier is my tongue to save life
To the sword's weakness to take life

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In the Meadow we Lay

In her ear i WHISPERED
As we lay in a meadow of colours
Amongst LAVENDERS in blossom grow
Your beauty rivals all these flowers

In this beautiful BLISSFUL setting
Two hearts will beat as one
Loving under her SPLENDOR of light
Under the rays of the midday sun

FRAGRANT perfumes grace the air
WAFTING over this meadowy land
For in the distance a chorus sings
From the hedgerow their songs expand

The LILTING of their voices
Enhances the TRANQUILLITY of our day
As we lie under an ocean of blue
Surrounded by natures bouquets

There is no better language
Than sheer beauty and ELOQUENCE 
The DULCET sounds of voices sweet
Natures songs and natures scents

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The lady was flawless
I, however, am lawless
A confessed king of fools
Best at breaking the rules

I am best at harming myself
I told her “charming art thyself”
In her I found no imperfection
Until I suffered her rejection

I am unbelievably unruly
And I suffered her farewell unduly
Her beauty was disparate than her speech
I was desperate for a soul I could not reach

Between the line of being law abiding and anarchy I cross the border
With me it’s a circumstance of law and disorder
Because for unblemished beauty I finally followed the law
And her farewell was definitively the very last straw

Her perfection was the straw that broke this mammal’s back
And now it’s her loveliness this lover came to lack
So now I’ll go back to breaking a legion of laws
Because the lady left me with scars created by her figurative claws
    © copy write 2012…..PHREEPOETREE free cee!

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The worlds beauty unfolds

I awake to commence this brand new day.
Contentment does stir like the calm in a bay
I have much on my mind with little to say
Soon I must go and be on my way.

The sun hits the horizon the red is so bold.
The air is crisp and beginning to grow cold.
I open my eyes to the beauty that unfolds,
Every player seems to have their own role.

The song birds join together in harmony,
They perform their concert just for me.
One bird flies over its colors I see.
Its beauty is a mystery as it lands in a tree.

The tree is so colorful the leaves changed overnight.
They provide a rainbow of color much to my delight.
Soon they shall fall and blow from sight.
For now everything is perfect, all is right.

All I see seems to have its own part
Contentment still grows inside my heart
Everything around me seems to join together,
Defying gravity like a floating feather.

I don’t know of the day, it doesn’t really matter.
As I take in the sights my thought start to scatter.
It seems that the puzzle is complete today.
As I see my world in a different way.

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i'm sorry i meant this is 4 all u lousy poets who don't know poetry from pottery


I showed her the steamier and seedier side 
A place where the desperate have tried, cried and died
Young Ms. Suburbs took to it’s derelict charm
As we’d stroll downtown with arms tangled in arm

She had never been confronted by the pitiful and the poor before
They never showed up at her mahogany and gold leafed front door
The beggars on Broadway fascinated her
As beauty in the burbs had created her

I led her to a land of underground sorrow
Where beleaguered moles belittle tomorrow 
I showed her both the glory and the fear
In a land difficult for a body to bear

The shoddy sidewalks spit out steam
Where the lost ones don’t even dare to dream
Their nights are as dark as their prospects seem
While manic depressives scurry and scream

I showed her the lives which led to death deep underground
The place where subways vomit out the unfortunate found
She was profoundly effected as we strolled down concrete curbs
And it was evident my tour was a life altering trip for Little Miss Burbs
            © 2011.….Phreepoetry 


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A BEAUTY BORN OF THE BURBS yet more verbiage by a poetic genius


I showed her the steamier and seedy side 
A place where the desperate have tried, cried and died
Young Ms. Suburbs took to it’s derelict charm
As we’d stroll downtown with arms tangled in arm

She had never been confronted by the pitiful and the poor before
They never showed up at her mahogany and gold leafed front door
The beggars on Broadway fascinated her
As beauty in the ‘burbs had created her

I led her to a land of underground sorrow
Where beleaguered moles belittle tomorrow 
I showed her both the glory and the fear
In a land difficult for a body to bear

The shoddy sidewalks spit out steam
As the lost ones don’t even dare to dream
Their nights are as dark as their prospects seem
While manic depressives scurry and scream

I showed her the lives which led to death deep underground
The place where subways vomit out the unfortunate found
She was profoundly effected as we strolled down concrete curbs
And it was evident my tour was life altering  for a lady born of the burbs
            © 2011.….Phreepoetry 


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This is a mixed up world
and im a mixed up girl
wait im a man
its just that everything's unfurled

and yet quite all together
true beauty under any weather
at times scary
but vastly beyond measure

if everything was flawless
it would seem lawless
for imperfection
gives individual solace

and its quite perfect
from every prefect
toss up the pieces
watch how they reset

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Old Man's Ploom

The old man's dipping bread.
An earthy porous piece.
He's plunging in his coffee
and drawing forth in peace.

And when he's sipping from it,
he's weening at it's lip.
His thoughts befuddled actions.
His stare a slow, dumb dip.

His sip is quick and quickening.
He's quick to raise his cup.
His last sip before leaving-
His paper folded up.

A shadow of a man
that's left within the room.
A quiet hush around it.
A ghost he's left to bloom.

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Sudbury Children

Poem about Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

The bush out back
where children play.
some trees, some rocks.
A love to say.

The house out front.
It's porch cement.
The dog tied up.
His dropping pent.

Your parents home
where light is warm.
You come in late,
despite alarm.

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The One

The One

Endless source of inspiration
Her beauty without peers
To hold, to touch, ever the temptation
Heart beating faster as she nears

If I touched her would she be
Like the reflection in a lake?
Would her features be blurry to see,
Her beauty lost in each wake?

If I caressed her, would she be
Like a painting so masterfully drawn?
Would The Artist’s vision be lost to see
Smeared and chaotic, displaced and wrong?

If I kissed her, would she be
Cold and frozen as winter morn’s frost?
Rigid and unyielding, refusing to see
That I am in her beauty completely lost?

If I dared to take her hand
And from this pedestal help her down,
Would she beside me forever stand
Or turn and walk away without a sound?

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Abiding Beauty

Abiding Beauty
     By Dane Smith-Jonsen

Above the fern at the forest's edge, a butterfly gracefully glides.
Beautiful yellow flittering near tastes the sugary buttercup.
Flashing sulphur wings, happily spreading, upon a placid breeze rides.
The wild flower bed will not subside as the beauty drifts up and up.

Long slender wings black with light stripes, zebra longwings come hovering.  Sight!
Seemingly weak, suspended in air, they waft between passion vine blooms.
Family ties.  Who would realize?  Communally sleeping at night.
Seven, eight, no, eleven there were hovering beneath the new moon.

Dipping, floating, skipping in the breeze, viceroys mimicking regal lines. 
Willow branches and cherry trees, disguised, chrysalis covered with leaves.
Colorful viceroys mimic.  Hiding in willows they will sleep and dine.
Majestic, monarchs on milkweed feast; then, migrate to Mexico’s trees

Beautiful red-spotted purple or is it a pipevine swallowtail?
To grace blackjack cherries and willows that grows at the woodlands door. 
Flipping.  Flying!  Bright orange.  Fritillary finds food from flowers, frail.
Delightfully sips on passion vines, warming in the sun as before.

Spring’s sweet trip into summer slips; too soon the butterflies will be gone.
Chrysalises metamorphose on: twigs, beneath leaves, cleave to host trees.
Birds fly south ‘til caterpillars emerge. Then, return to sing hunger’s song. 
Cycles of life!  Interlocking beauty.  Upon distant pasts proceeds.

Human hearts, over whelmed, skip beats.  And God’s beauty bestows souls’ relief.
When in love’s peace and solitude, man rests in nature’s lovely abode.
There is no loss of life or pain, nor hurt, that can lessen one’s belief.
Abiding beauty becomes a crown when on the straight and narrow road.

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I showed her the steamier and seedy side 
A place where the desperate have tried, cried and died
Young Ms. Suburbs took to it’s derelict charm
As we’d stroll downtown with arms tangled in arm

She had never been confronted by the pitiful and the poor before
They never showed up at her mahogany and gold leafed front door
The beggars on Broadway fascinated her
As beauty in the ‘burbs had created her

I led her to a land of underground sorrow
Where beleaguered moles belittle tomorrow 
I showed her both the glory and the fear
In a land difficult for a body to bear

The shoddy sidewalks spit out steam
As the lost ones don’t even dare to dream
Their nights are as dark as their prospects seem
While manic depressives scurry and scream

I showed her the lives which led to death deep underground
The place where subways vomit out the unfortunate found
She was profoundly effected as we strolled down concrete curbs
And it was evident my tour was a life altering alliance for Little Miss Burbs
            © 2011.….Phreepoetry ~free cee!~


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I used a hammer of hope to build some beauty
A carpenter with desire as his duty
I used wood rendered by golden good
Constructing a vivacious vision in a wondrous neighborhood

Every screw and each nail would nicely do
With eaves and shutters shaded bright blue
I drilled and thrilled to every beautiful beam
Because I was busy building a dream

Every single shingle shifted my heart
From being useless I became a pertinent  part
A relevant role in a real romance
And every shingle meant a brand new start

I built beauty with dutiful delight
Then I painted that loveliness with light
Darkness was dispelled by every smile
When I built beauty no man could defile

And so through storms that beauty steadfastly stood
And the soul of this carpenter at last found good
In a neighborhood situated near heaven’s front door
When I built beauty floor by beautiful floor

This house was a metaphor for love unending 
And a life that love was thereupon mending
Beside my house was a tree statuesque and shady
For a romantic relationship I built with a lovely lady
                              © 2012…copyright..~free cee!~

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And when I speak
Word metaphors
Flow from fond peaks
In rhymes galore.

And when I sigh
Verse comes to tell
Joy in new highs
To forge new spells.

And when I write
Feel thoughts that come
As words now cite
A cheery hum.

And when I gaze
Upon the wind
That charms this maze
With joys unseen.

And when I see
Truth in beauty
That calls to me
Heed melody.

And when I cast
A play and pun
That mirrors past
I sense clear fun.

And when I say
My lines in verse
That hurls fond play
Stop to observe.

And when I think
A thousand things
That seem to link
That urgent fling.

And when I pause
To tell my tale
That springs a cause
That rhymes avail.

And when I ask
For words to sing
In steadfast task
Let the muse string.

And at the end
Of this retreat
May love attend
The words I greet.

Leon Enriquez
05 August 2014

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God's grace

I’m trying to relax so I just envision your face
I'm surrounded by your beauty thankful of your grace
You will always be with me in my heart you will be safe
I try to think of something better yet this is the best place.

I watch in amazement as I see you start to soar
Although I wanted you I wanted this more
Although you're quite the same you will never be like before
I'm really quite uncertain of what God has in store.

So I pray for you and wish for you only the best
I have many fond memories of you and forget the rest.
Also thank you for your help, always there at the right time
I drop to my knees because I'm finally doing fine.

The faith you had in me became a relationship with God
Just like the grass was once a seed before becoming sod
Then I'm not quite certain if we really are apart
There is away a home for you inside my heart

Because of all you do I have this special bond
Life is only temporary yet this goes far beyond
Thank you for your kindness and continued show of faith
You show me by example the beauty of God's grace...

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Jade flowed from sullen eyes
Disdain from fiery hair
A soliloquy of anguish 
Captured by a snowy stare 

I found rose petals on her lips 
The remnants of a trusted man 
Who had forsaken the pleasure 
Of holding heaven’s only hand 

I had dreamt of her touch 
Kissing her angelic face 
Whispering those words 
Only eternity can embrace
I found her silent sorrow 
Trapped behind shivering eyes 
Offering her my shoulder 
When she was ready to cry

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I showed her the steamier and seedy side 
A place where the desperate have tried, cried and died
Young Ms. Suburbs took to it’s derelict charm
As we’d stroll downtown with arms tangled in arm

She had never been confronted by the pitiful and the poor before
They never showed up at her mahogany and gold leafed front door
The beggars on Broadway fascinated her
As beauty in the ‘burbs had created her

I led her to a land of underground sorrow
Where beleaguered moles belittle tomorrow 
I showed her both the glory and the fear
In a land difficult for a body to bear

The shoddy sidewalks spit out steam
As the lost ones don’t even dare to dream
Their nights are as dark as their prospects seem
While manic depressives scurry and scream

I showed her the lives which led to death deep underground
The place where subways vomit out the unfortunate found
She was profoundly effected as we strolled down concrete curbs
And it was evident my tour was a life altering alliance for Little Miss Burbs
            © 2011.….Phreepoetry 


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I'll Never Forget

Eagerly, with baited breath, I await the morrow
Contemplating the fulfilling effect of the bliss
Dreaming about the beauty of the relationship
From the meeting someone new, to a surprising kiss

Contemplating the fulfilling effect of the bliss
I feel excitement in knowing what is in store
Two minds coming together as one, for one goal
Fulfilling one another, while providing even more

Dreaming about the beauty of the relationship
We are two minds that come together, now as one
Knowing the other’s thoughts and schemes
Playing, as well, in the burning heat of the sun

From the meeting someone new, to a surprising kiss
I recall just how we two needed each and met
Coming together with a bond, mutual goals
Now I have a friend, a kinship to never forget

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(Dedication: For Gail Angel Doyle,
who is leaving the PoetrySoup community.)

As you go away, 
Let your heart be light; 
Go beyond this day, 
Live well your new sights.

Purge all sad dismay, 
Let joy fund new flights;
I read your wordplay, 
Glimpsed plain soulful writes.

Follow then your heart:
Listen well and heed;
Each ending now starts
Journey that you need.

Purge all bitter gall
As you now align
Your sure, swift footfalls
With an open mind.

Your true heart must tell
You like your best friend:
This sure guide in-dwells
To show yet fine trends.

Then, from time to time
Visit this our place:
Write then a verse rhyme
If your muse must trace!

God bless your sure trip
From now here to there;
Observe rapture grip
Your new joys somewhere.

Each day we loiter
In quick surge of writes;
Each poet's pen triggers
An impulse that cites...

Leon Enriquez
21 July 2014

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I am a bee amongst a million beautiful butterflies
They are wisps of beauty but I’m the only one who can sting
Alas their beauty is just a caterpillar’s disguise
And only this bee can talk to shadows while butterflies choose to sing

Butterflies flutter bye and children chase them with glee
Everyone runs from me because they know I can sting
Butterflies are disguised with rainbow wings and fancy do they flee
They may be all dressed up for a ball, but man, I’m the real fu**ing thing

Don’t mess with  me because I ain’t no butterfly flitting all about
And then hold black-tie balls to dance the night away
I’ve a destination, a hive, a home where we buzz but never shout
And I have the power to curse and ruin any soul’s day

An important caveat now would be beware of my stripes
While you encase butterflies in frames and glass
Butterflies come in varied and sundry types  
I suppose that’s why you collect them and just look to kill my ass 
       © 2011.…Phreepoetree ~free cee!

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Her Natural Charm

I stared into the heated sun
The brightness blinded me this morn
I must have died, when I gazed upon
I felt as if, I was then reborn

The brightness there before my eyes
Left dots before my very sight
A body warm and sunny full
Filled my eyes with radiant light

She walked just seven steps ahead
As my eyes caught up to see
The radiance emitted by this woman
Had melted a hole in me

Her beauty that was naturally born
She wore with taste and pride
It’s why her beauty was so outshone
By what she had inside

For she walked with an air about her
A certain grace she had to her feet
That’s why the sun had blinded me
This morning on the street

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Let Us Be Thankful

The winter comes now as I feel the departure
Of warmer weather and leaves of green.
Still, I look forward to the change in weather
As it will give way to a snowy white scene.

Upon the horizon, the sun announces day
And I welcome it, in awe, as beauty and art.
This signifies new life, a beginning for all,
Like Spring, it offers us a new start.

See, daily on this earth, one of God’s gifts to us,
Changes occur and always occur for the good.
Let us welcome them and embrace them, whole heartedly
And love them, as we know we really should.

Let us be thankful for the natural beauty,
The earth’s wonders and changes are its treasures.
Let us each look into the sky this evening
and realize, as people, we are allowed these pleasures.

Let us be thankful to the Lord, our God.
If your god be different, still give thanks and praise.
Let us be thankful for having each other
And for the world’s beauty of nights and days.

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Beautiful Death

Bright and beautiful colors,
Here for a season.
Red, yellow, and orange,
To die is the reason.

Why beauty last for a season?
I don't really know.
Lovely sight for a week,
Leaves die and don't grow.

I want to photograph the tree,
At the end of the road.
But I never have my camera, 
To give the oak its ode.
I look forward to next fall,
When again it beckons me. 
The beauty for a week,
I long to see.......

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I'll Never Forget

Eagerly, with baited breath, I await the morrow
Contemplating the fulfilling effect of the bliss
Dreaming about the beauty of the relationship
From the meeting someone new, to a surprising kiss

Contemplating the fulfilling effect of the bliss
I feel excitement in knowing what is in store
Two minds coming together as one, for one goal
Fulfilling one another, while providing even more

Dreaming about the beauty of the relationship
We are two minds that come together, now as one
Knowing the other’s thoughts and schemes
Playing, as well, in the burning heat of the sun

From the meeting someone new, to a surprising kiss
I recall just how we two needed each and met
Coming together with a bond, mutual goals
Now I have a friend, a kinship to never forget

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Among the most natural of things you could see
The Practice of Wicca is something magickal to behold
Something far greater in wonder than you or me
Its a sight to see, or so I've been told

This ancient craft is as old as our kind
Yet the New Ones Sought to Kill the ones they said would sin
They bear no grudge, they heed you no mind
Forgiveness is the way of the Pagan, 

The world is to be worshiped
But not admired from afar
Unlike the bud of a rose a gardener has nipped
The Beauty of the world, they seek to not mar

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Your Light

Your beauty makes the sun jealous of you
The earth wants to keep you for her own
The light of the moon shines only over you
While the seas crest in your very direction

Your beauty makes the sun jealous of you
It feels pallid in your very presence
It cannot compete with the shine you emit
It is lacking and wanting your very essence

The light of the moon shines only over you
Casting a luminary spotlight on your being
It, too, wanes in comparison to your glow
It is from your light that everyone is seeing

While the seas crest in your very direction
The universe seems to revolve around you
Making you the center of everything good
Celebrating you, your light, the truth

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I Am Grateful

As the surf breaks with the morning sun giving light,
Reds and oranges against a sea of unending blue,
I am reminded of the beauty here in my life.
I am reminded of the beauty which is you.

I have sought many days to only arrive at this conclusion now
Thoughts coming to fruition as the new colorful sun ascends.
I recognize the cycle of life represented by each new day
And the many chances, with you, to make amends.

Oh, my love, I cannot compare you to this vision of loveliness.
For this even pales to the beauty, the forgiveness you share.
Thank you for allowing me hope again, opportunity
To witness your splendor, to know that you care.

God may have made scenery for all to appreciate and share
But you, never, will I again offer unto the rest, for their view.
I am grateful and sorry, my love, for all my misgivings
My every thought from now on, is always of you.

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Breath of Spring

<<>> <<>> <<>> <<>> <<>> <<>>

I look from my deck at the spring garden 
Violets wear the most beautiful gowns 
Fit for any girl en route to the first prom 
Daffodils below promise the gold storm... 

Crocuses said good bye two weeks ago 
I am ever thankful for their divine glow 
But often you have to say a good bye
Though a beauty of a lily you can't deny. 

Tulips - those are forever vain and merry 
In suits of emerald, amber and boysenberry
Their beauty always takes my breath away 
They will be with me through a perfect May... 

Trees dressing up, weary of winter's rage 
They are boastful of their newly found sage 
Trees have a soul, they exuberate freedom 
Nobody can attempt to rival their stardom. 

And so - the spring fills my soul with joy 
Divine spring - forever my Helen of Troy... 

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Scent of plumeria,
Early evening stroll;
Stray of nostalgia,
Moist winds hurling toll.

Curbside walkway route,
Straying feet trample;
Flowers grounded loud,
A carpet ample.

Old tree in moonlight,
Streaks of radiant waves;
A poignant insight,
A pulse comes to save.

In silence I
Feel the stillness speak;
A touch brings a sigh:
Joy plus sadness peak.

Leon Enriquez
23 February 2015

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Beautiful Things

The sweet innocence of children
As they play there on the hills
The laughter aloft in the air
As they roll in daffodils

The morning colors on the sea
As the sun greets each wave
The color changing ocean hues
That morning there displays

The smile that you show to me
Each time I see your face
Casts memories from my mind
For your beauty does replace

Sweet beauties placed upon this earth
So each day, even more, I can enjoy
Truth be known, compared to you
Your beauty is much more

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Beauty of Life

The painted rose is displayed there on the table
Where peering eyes can gaze and therefore see
Adorned in vase, transparent yet so beautiful
It sits there waiting, but forever will not be

So placed by hands that wanted for possession
Yet, from the dirt, they stole the rose’s worth
As scent and beauty dies, its imperfection
Unless remained so planted within the earth

For there, if left to die, its beauty comes back
As stems beget the buds left there to thrive
The beauty then comes back with new flourishing
As if that one rose again was still alive

The choice here then is simple, do we cut it?
Or, do we let it grow for the entire world to see?
The rose was not meant for solitary pleasure
But rather meant for all of you and me.

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I look out on this desert brown
In a cool of an evening breeze
And thought no living creature found
Could there sustain a life of ease.

Parched and scorched, full of sand
Dry as powder, chalk or dust
Not fit for beast, fowl or man
Not one thing there for to lust.

Yet, immature blooms on gray sage
Glisten in insipid paling light.
It relished here for an age
With its pungent scent and sight.

Through sparking air an insect flew
On buzzing wing around a bloom,
A desert flower of beauty true
In this cathedral of unsealed room.

As departing sun began to sit
Color filled clean desert air
I wondered at God's own wit,
That He gave such beauty there.

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Birth Right

The evening sky covers the field like a blanket
As the moon appears as a nightlight for all to see
The beauty of the land’s new reflective splendor
Opens to the eyes of those who wish view happily

As the moon appears as a nightlight for all to see
My eyes squint to retrieve the beauty falling before
I smile as my heart sighs with the image bestowed
At this time of the evening, the earth now adorned

The beauty of the land’s new reflective splendor
Is a daily reminder of the many gifts on the earth
I remain thankful for my time and my witnessing
These many gifts granted as a right, from my birth

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Where Beauty Lives

Where beauty lies is foreign
A land not under feet
To one day travel, venture
To go there, for to meet
With hopes and aspirations
Of dreams, then, to come true
With beauty there, I’ll wander
Across the waters, blue

For there is all the passion
As two then grow to be
Like a flower in the garden
Grown, from one small seed
A blossoming of feelings
A bouquet of new rewards
A blessing of ascetic wonder
For two beings in accord

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I am Reminded

The sun rises majestically this clear morning
Shadows bring life to the surface, the ground
The morning sounds echo hope, a new day
A sense of beauty and of love certainly abound.

Shadows bring life to the surface, the ground
The little squirrel scurries. The dog barks a tune.
The morning dew; wet and glistening droplets,
Has fallen upon the earth, from as far as the moon.

The morning sounds echo hope, a new day
You can almost hear the alarm clock of the sun
Greeting early risers and all who wish to partake
As the day is as much mine as for everyone.

A sense of beauty and of love certainly abound
On this fine day as I stare with complete awe.
I am reminded of hope, of grace and, yes, of beauty
I am reminded, the earth was created without flaw.

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Beauty Held

No darkened night can be too dark
That mine eyes could never see
The beauty that exists therein
The sky that blankets me

Nor burning light can blind my eyes
And take away their view
The celestial beauty that so exists
Is nothing next to you

With eyes then closed, they still see
The wonder, I call you
As your face is etched in my mind
And always loved so true