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Quatrain Beautiful Poems | Quatrain Poems About Beautiful

These Quatrain Beautiful poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Beautiful. These are the best examples of Quatrain Beautiful poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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A Walk On The Beach

Rough winds blowing
Washing wild waves ashore
Scattering about seashells
It always makes me want more

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Shield Love - Quatrain

Shield Love - Quatrain - A Collaboration

Embrace me In your soft tender arms.
Holding close within meek tenderness.
In close embrace I feel your soft charms,
I await the touch of your caress.

Shield me from life's hate,
On my knees Love's dying.
Do not hesitate,
From soft eyes tears crying.

Love's fights to survive,
As Love bleeds passion of forever.
Love must ever thrive
Let us now share our Love together.

Really all one desires now,
Knowing Loving you.
An essence of Love allow,
My heart ever true.

Queen of endless pleasure,
Holding you to the end.
My ultimate treasure,
Stay Lover and stay Friend.

In a flash of light,
As long as this world keeps on spinning.
You light up my night,
When sights of Love to my eyes dimming.

All I ask of you we stay strong,
Always sleeps one dream of endless beauty.
Ever In your light I belong,
To be within your heart Is my Love's duty.

Sings In your heart Love,
The song of Love's divinity.
We dwell high above,
In Love ever entwining.

A Collaboration by Liam Mcdaid & Michael Clarke.

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Soon To Join Two

Amidst this greenery and purple heather Azure blue skies grace our naked souls Beneath the Cullins on the Isle of Skye Two in love sharing adventurous goals On our tartan blanket facing each other Noses in touch sharing kisses aplenty Rapid they are in teasingly smother Tongues now fence, complimentary Wandering hands on porcelain skin Gracing, caressing, she sighs as I do Arching her back, her breasts in rise Pert to the air, this soon to join two Slowly in kissing crawl, to her lips I Caressing undulations, blushing she Our eyes meet, for they tell no lies In loving clasp she welcomes me Rhythmic we are in this rustic place Seismic groans of wonderment cry Skin to skin of loving abrasions Two fused astride my manly thighs Gyrating hips in sensuous grind Internal flows await their desire Passionate kisses now frenzied Fusion of two in wanting transpire

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Just a circle in the dark, paved roadway
A halo of light in a blackened world
Just a ray of sunlight in a forest of shadows
Pointing straight while others have curled
Moving on, and searching the horizon
Just a lighthouse on a stormy night
A beacon to the shops in the harbor
So consumed with pure terror and fright
Sunlight to the clouds in the sky
A rose in a hackle of thorns
Just a circle of light in the darkness
One in white among millions who mourn
You shine to all those who surround you
Don’t blow our for the need is dire
And with your light, you lead the way
You have the power to change and inspire


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Between The Kisses And Distances

       Between The Kisses And Distances

What is that shape now taking place out there?
If distance could have a name it would be passion
A hunger for my love as she draws near
Eye candy on the wind is fashioned 

Distances grow remote, in a faraway place
Filled with emptiness and the unknown
I’m fevered, with anxiety, until I see her face
Until she is here with me and safe at home

I study every step my precious love makes
Coming from the distance brings her closer still
A small figure against what a vast landscape takes
Hair flowing out along the cliffs and hills

Between the kisses and distances mysteries are born
Like magic she appears with glowing face and smiles 
Our love will keep us fireplace warm
To savor Valentine embraces and kisses along the miles

Created on 1/21/15 for Mystic Rose’s – “Magic Kisses And Valentine Wishes” – Poetry contest 

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Laughter The Best Medicine

Forty years of married life, the couple set out to celebrate
Fine dining beautiful wine, and a waltz with stumbling gait
Turning to her husband she demands for him to remember details
Quickly he answers, “Yes darling, your beautiful dress, my hat and tails.”

He walked beside her hand in hand she notices a tear drop that falls
Thinking he’s sentimental she demands to know what he does recall
Sighing wistfully looking at the stars he tells her, it was before they did wed
Your father had a shotgun, he said if I didn’t turn up I'd wish I was dead.

“Why do you remember that, is there nothing more romantic you can say?”
The virago of a wife demands more memories of the wedding day…
The husband sighs “He said he would send me to jail for forty years at the very least“ 
I just had a thought, if I hadn’t married you, tomorrow would be my day of release……

© 28/11/2012~GG~ 

Entry for Laughter The Best Medicine sponsored by Vie

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I Love How You Love Me

I love how you love me
In all you do and say…
Your love language I read
The words in sweet array

I love how you see me
Beauty flows from your eyes
The light does anoint me
It declares I’m your prize

I love how you praise me
A goddess in your mind
You let me rule supreme
Your heart to me is signed

I love how you touch me
Your hands awaken dreams
Everything falls away
And heaven nearer seams

I love how you kiss me
Your lips, travelers fine
They leave no virgin site
Every visit a shrine

I love how you taste me
You relish the refined
I flavor my body
For you, nothing confined

I love how you feed me
Satiate me with treats
I never go hungry
You reward me with sweets

I love how you take me
How you tenderly please
You hold back your fire
Till I beg for release

I love how you want me
Like the desert craves rain
You wait for the deluge
As I course through each vein

I love and adore you
For your delightful ways
My sweet essence of life
Take me through all my days

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Into Autumn we Walked

We waved goodbye to the summer skies
As we walked below the last canopies of green
Our memories in awe at mother natures blooms
Appreciative as we witnessed her scene

Fading colourful spectrum's shared many a bed
Butterflies and insects buzz out another year
Yesterdays scents captured in our minds
Her beauty simply amazes, even brings a few tears

The winds through the trees whistle mournful tunes
Whilst the weakened leaves start their spiralling fall
We walk as they drift on the Autumn breeze
To watch their demise leaves an eerie enthral

The evening descends absorbing the light of the day
Giant cathedrals of brown change to an ebony black
Invisible sounds resonate amongst shadows of dark
This seasonal change shows no lack

Hand in hand we have walked through this beautiful park
Stopping and staring at the most beautiful of views
We head back home contemplating tomorrows writes
My girl and I sharing natures inspirational muse

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Our Dear Charmaine

Everyone knows our dear Charmaine From the Mediterranean Isle of Malta A beautiful lady so loving and gentle My admiration for her never falters Charming and sweet are a couple of words Describing this dear loving soul I hold my breath till her name appears Since this ageing heart she stole Others on the site are sweethearts too Can't possibly mention them all But this is all about Charmaine Chircop That dear sweet Maltese doll Since the day Charmaine came into my life The sun has never stopped shining She fills each day with such joy and kindness Forever on her love, I'm dining © Jack Ellison 2014

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The Dandelion

The dandelion sat along on the hill 
watching the rose's play.
He asked to join the fun and games;
is it all right if I stay?
The rose's said, you can not play,
for you are not one of us.
Go back to your hill to your grassy clump,
and don't you make a fuss.
For we are tall with our beautiful stems
and nicely shaped leaves.
Our petals are grand,
the best in the land, 
so stay away you weed.
A beautiful flower, tall and grand,
you are, the dandelion sighed.
Your petals are grand, the best in the land,
but i'd rather be pretty inside.
For the rose's and their beauty so grand, 
will fade and wither with time,
but the dandelion's beauty within,
is one thing that will never die. 

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The Mirrors Spoke

The fear of her looks
Became thorns in her side
Her images were shattered
Because the mirrors decide

This beautiful girl
Who sees a different face
She hears the world laughing
No matter where she is in place

In her bedroom at home
She faces her demons alone
Unknown to her family
For years she has roamed

In her dreams one night
She receives her wish
Surrounded by mirrors
She cuts her wrists

Because the fear of her looks
Had penetrated so deep inside
This beautiful girl
Who now, no longer resides

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My Scarlet Woman

Amongst the oaks and the maples and shrubbery so green
Runs a translucent flow, a stream so pristine
It's meandering contours hugging the land
Takes me back to the day, we met unplanned

The sky was pale blue on this hot summers day
Cotton wool clouds in mesmerising display
It's as if you could reach out and brush with your hand
This candy floss coating ceiling our land

Many meadows I walked through capturing the sounds
Listening to her marvels in cinema surround
Technicolour rainbows so radiant to the eye
Such beauty in nature, understandably why

I reach the turn-style that leads to the forest walk
Listening to the breeze through the trees as if they talk
These pillars of stature, as old as grandfathers years
Many stories they could tell, that would bring you to many tears

As I stroll through the leafy lanes, mapped out over many years
Trampled underfoot by it's inhabitants, badgers and beautiful red deer
I now reach the stream as I follow it's meandering flow
To a pool at it's end where past maidens bathed in glow

My ears now pick up sounds of singing and a splashing
Resonating from the pool, a glimpse of pink now flashing
A lady stands before me, bathing in the stream
Scarlet clothing in sporadic lay, am I in some kind of dream

I call out to this beauty as she turns and looks at me
Towards the bank she walks, and invites me in with she
Knee deep in crystal waters our bodies close in touch
My clothing now drifts away, the two of us in clutch

Into our eyes we both now look as blood flows through my veins
Her touch is soft and gentle, my hands now stroke her mane
Deeper we edge out as she floats and hugs my waist
The two of us in join in this beautiful serene quiet place

Our emotion creates commotion as our undulations reach the shore
Ripples of joy they are as underwater hands explore
The coldness incites a reaction, in pert and firm caress
In delightful blend we release, two souls in loving press

Kissing we reach the bank, on her summer dress we lie
Sighing in breathless spoon, we stare at the green canopy sky
Many, many hours have passed, lying naked below the peeking sun
This is the day I met my scarlet woman, the day our lives began

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Storm over the Glen

Through my living room window
I see the most beautiful glen
With granites of grey
Towering up to a Ben

Greened spreads of heather
Purples and white
Amidst an ocean of green
A most wonderful sight

Forested slopes
Carpet the glens sides
Whilst a sparkling river
Centers the great divide

I look to the skies
As they turn battleship grey
An impending storm
Is heading my way

It looks like the glen
Is in for one hell of a night
The last storm we had
Was an explosive delight

Fork lightening, thunder
Obscured by clouds
One follows the other
Arcing out loud

I await the winds
And the vertical rains
Lashing with force
Against my cottage panes

Suddenly, theres a massive roar
More powerful than i have heard before
A sheet of lightening lit up the sky
Capturing the Ben of granite high

This man of old, caught in silhouette
Standing guard over his beautiful glen
This icon, this keeper of the Saltire Blue
Stands tall and proud like Highland men

Hours pass as i look on in awe
From my cottage window through the rain laiden panes
The power of nature in many scenes
Drums and a light show washed down with champagne

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Tough and hardy, this bushy shrub;
Roadside decor in blazing sun,
Flowers pretty enough no doubt
In sure rigour bear heatwave run.

Blazing colours in crystal tints:
Orange and red, purple and pink;
Range of flavours, violet-white hints;
Touch unafraid such tensile links.

Flowery bursts in hot weather,
Sparkle and shine, blooming clusters;
Tough with dry thirst in warm splendour,
Outlook feels fine in sheer wonder.

Hot evergreen with thorny hedge,
Sparkling colours that look so good;
Nature now seen on dusty edge,
Arid odours as harsh drought broods.

Unnoticed show that bears hot heat,
Blooming in hues that gathers lots;
Bear fast or slow as time retreats,
Flowers that cue in sun drenched plots.

Bourgainvillea vines in the sun
Tell a story of survival;
See joy appear in sparkling run,
Flowers breezy in recital.

Leon Enriquez
14 Apr 2014

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Struggles and success, Sufferings and happiness, Dreams and Goals building to life; Like colours of the rainbow making light.
A blessed day for you my dear readers :) Cheer Up, God bless

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The Break Of A New Day

It's another North Carolina morning,
Just before I see the sun rise.
To lighter blue the sky is turning,
And nature wakes opening her eyes.

©2013 Honestly JT

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Papa, Mama and Winnie

I’ve placed it in the most visible place
This old photo of black and white
Taken in 1943, the edges worn and frayed  
Papa, Mama, Winnie, eyes bright

Though one by one they’ve all gone
They’ve left legacies of love, faith
And the sweet memories linger on
This beautiful photo transmits

When I look at their eyes
Warmth and gentleness residing                   
Dressed in their best, wearing subtle smiles
Beauty is captured, surviving!
Inspired by a beautiful photo of my parents and eldest sister...R.I.P.

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Lifting Me Up

My heart is on Your shoulders,
And You are lifting me up.
With every spoken tender gesture,
I fall a little farther in love.

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We will cherish these moments
Because they are few,
But please always remember
I will always love you.

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A Fathers Perspective

I was scared oh so scared
Seeing my baby that way
Her tiny little body
Was all purple and grey

My heart feared the worst
I thought she was gone
Down a dark corridor 
My mind had been drawn

My heart became joyful
When the doctor touched her feet
A crying pink angel
This proud papa would meet

I waited to hold her
A truly special day
The cutest thing ever
What else can I say

Moments become years
Special memories are made
Ones that are important
In my heart I've replayed

Like watching musicals
Nick naming her, Gal Sal
My Christina would giggle
Her daddy's little pal

Her happy disposition
Would always make me smile
I treasured each moment
Saved them in a mental file

Like learning to ride a bike
Needing to do it alone
I loved the look of triumph
When she did it on her own

My little daughter growing
Still daddy's little girl
Her my special angel
A treasure and a pearl

My spirits had been low
She went with me on a walk
I felt so much better
Christina let me talk

She had become a woman
Sensitive, wise and kind
Within her heart a treasure
My answer I would find

Cruising down a river
In China mile by mile
Wishing for forever
Yet it passed in just a while

Still I can remember
I really saw her that day
Travelling on her own path
She had found her special way

Now today on her Wedding
I could not be more proud
There's special in her quiet
She is strong although not loud

I entrust her to Michael
My most precious gift
On the strong wings of prayer
Together may God lift

I wrote this poem using My wife Mary's, brother inlaw's memories.
Today July 26th, 2014 is his daughter's wedding day. May God bless 
Christina and Mike's union. 

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Beautiful Italy

I stood on top the leaning tower of Pisa
And watched as the tourists walked by.
I felt just a little bit closer to heaven
When surrounded by her bells in the sky.

I visited Rome in the springtime,
With its colorful flowers galore.
Seeing Saint Peters sparkle in sunlight,
You couldn't ask for much more.

I have ventured down and around
A narrow cobblestone street,
And marveled at ruins near the edge of the city
Where the old and new come to meet.

While viewing the beautiful fountain of Trevi
And watching as young lovers kissed,
I could feel the cool breezes blowing
As the fountain caressed my face with its mist.

I remember the wonder of Michelangelo's David
And the pigeons that flocked to his arms.
How proudly he stands in the city of Florence
With her glorious art that defines her charms.

Beautiful Italy, where rolling hills of 
Vineyards produce the finest wine,
And its grapes so plump and juicy
Can withstand the test of time.

In Venice, the city of romance,
Where lights in the evening dance on the sea;
Where all of one's cares seem to vanish,
And all of your worries will flee.

Oh beautiful Italy,
Where lover’s dreams come true.
A land of love and romance
Where I fell in love with you.

Italy - for "Somewhere Over the Rainbow Contest" by Debbie Guzzi

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A Forever Smile

No matter what you're going through
It only lasts a while
Only one thing lasts forever
That's your beautiful smile

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Fallen Victim

I have fallen victim so many times
To nobody's fault except only mine.
I will ask for forgiveness and have faith,
Even though I feel like I am not saved.

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The dark clouds are 
The farmer is 
He is busy sowing
And will wait and 

The dark clouds are forming
Little rose is happy
To dance out in pouring
Dancing is her hobby.

The dark clouds are 
The pilot is afraid
The hostess alarming
Passengers are dismayed.

The dark clouds are 
The homeless are worried
For the place of 
To avoid getting wet.

Oh!you earthly dark clouds
You bring joy and 
Though you are the same clouds
We think of our needs.

Watisungla Ao
24 april 2013

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Choices To Face

I have some choices to face,
But these are not my decisions to make.
God told me what He wants me to do;
He said, "Listen, Son, I have a plan for you."

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Enjoy This Place

Follow your dreams and follow your heart;
God has shown you the path to start.
Never give up and always have faith;
Do what you love and enjoy this place!

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Beautiful, Glorious Day

Run, run, run and give it all up!
Into His arms, commend your love!
Through Him, you are saved!
What a beautiful, glorious day!

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Not The Same Without You

It's not the same without you;
The days are rainy and the nights are blue.
My heart is crying and God is too,
But we are smiling, waiting here for you.

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Lord, I do not know what to do;
Please, lead me by Your side.
Decisions I'm facing are lost and through;
Please, lead me to do what's right.

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The kings of the night

The seemingly tranquil sky
blooming with stars soon
pierced by a distant cry
that seems to swoon.

Beneath dense trees standing tall
to touch dark canvas painted
after dusk, prowls the epiphany of all
mother nature’s tainted.

The wise are often alone
and the dangerous hated, 
but they express in moan
their solitude, once more grated.

Gradually their voices unite
in a song across the valley, 
seeming to smite
all of innocence’s nest.

The moon in her splendour moves
to comfort the carnivores that commence, 
and yet her beam soothes
not the beasts’ sense.

Torn between wrong and right
the moon spreads her swanlike wings amidst
the howls of her lovers, the kings of the night…
among the wolves in the mist. 

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The Robbery

Rob me of my purity,
But once again it's all my fault;
Fell into the trap of false promises
Because I pressed play instead of pause.

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A Glimpse of Heaven

This poem is a description of a glimpse of what I saw in Heaven.  Heaven is a reality.

There’s a glorious place called heaven
A place so imperial, a haven
A sight that is indescribable
A home that is incomparable

An elegance of design
A beauty, forever shine
The crowning of architecture
The dumb foundness of structure

Is the work of the Mastercraftman
Jesus Christ, the saviour of man
He designed it and built it
As the home of just spirit

The roof so exquisitely glazed
A kind to admire and be dazed
A glittering floor of jasper stone
A work that awestruck to the bone

A mansion walls of sapphire
A moment of an eye catching fire
The stairway sparkled like clear glass
An intricate pattern of class

As I gaze in amazement before me
I was enveloped in joy, peace and glee
The fragrance in the room ravished my heart
Overwhelmed with awe, I never wanted to depart

The Poet Preacher © 2014

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Snowflakes Floating

Snowflakes floating from the sky twirling, then settling down, they're in a race with each other to see which one first, hits the ground. Copyright © Cynthia Jones Feb.13/2013 It's starting to snow and this is a little something, I just came up with.

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Caseys Jury

beautiful beautiful princess
at the end of her trial
all the world was shown
her deceptions and denignals

mother queen mother
one who suffers strife
if given one more chance
could she change her wicked life

brother oh brother
how you did her wrong
turn against her mother 
while the trial was going on

father our father 
the one she tried to blame
she ruined your reputation
and trampled on your name

beautiful beautiful princess
did'nt you see the wrong
to miss your little baby
but party all night long

beautiful beautiful princess
only time will tell
will the jury find you not guilty
or sentence you to hell

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With the Dawning Light

I lean against the railing
Drinking in the setting sun
The breeze dances in my hair
The day will soon be done

I feel your arms around me
Your body pressed against mine
I lean back on your shoulder
Drink in your scent like wine

Your lips linger on my neck
I let out a gentle sigh
“Come inside, my sweet darling
Let the moon rise in your eyes.

I know I’m often busy
Love making seems so rushed
Tonight I’ll take things slow
In a room tranquil and hushed.”

You turn me round to face you
You claim me with a kiss
“Oh, come with me, my darling
Let me fill this night with bliss

You give me all that I want
You never withhold my due
Tonight, lie back, my darling
Let ME make love to you.”

You carry me to our bed
And gently lay me down
I close my eyes and sigh
As your hands undress me now

“Just let me love and hold you
Let me ravish till morning light
In liquid warmth of sweetness
Is where I will pass this night.”

I feel your hands caress me
I feel your lips of fire
I faintly hear your murmurs
As I’m taken by desire

Tenderly, gently, slowly
You tease my receptive mind
Knowing full well, it is there
My fantasies you will find

I listen and I follow
I surrender as I'm lead
Tonight you want to give
Tonight I will be fed

Passion has shut my eyes
Every touch...magnified
Your lips kiss away my tears
When in release I have cried

I finally resurface
Your hand toys with my damp hair
Your lips give a longing kiss
Of your need I’m now aware

I croon softly in your ear
“Let desire now take flight
Come in to me, my darling
Come now with the dawning light.”

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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After the Summer Ball

The last dance is over, the summer ball fades away
It's early morning as we walk along the esplanade
The love of my life in the most beautiful white gown
Hand in hand we whisper, kissing in love fuelled drown

We pause as we absorb the gentle rushing of the waves
Inner feelings of desire feed the thoughts we longingly crave
The moon above delights against a cobalt ebony sky
Whilst diamonds sparkle brightly captured in her eyes

Our home we finally reach knowing the dawn will soon be nigh
On entering our bedroom a most beautiful sight espies
Behind her back she holds the most delightful of red rose
Her back now bare to open showing porcelain skin exposed

She turns to me and looks, theirs an alluring in her eyes
Slowly I walk towards her on her shoulders my hands apply
To her nape I kiss, whispering sweet nothings in her ear
Another dance has started as our longing draws ever near

With gentle steps we take, to a spread of silken sheets
Her summer ball in fall, peachy skin my eyes now meet
Lacy lingerie of white attracts the man in me
Alone my love and I, two naked torso's touching free

Adventurous we become, caressing undulations each
Sighs interrupting kisses for the sweet spots that we seek
In my hand I take the Rose brushing the petals against her pert
Touching, we start to ignite, two in love now so alert

In sync our bodies bind amidst sheets on silken lie
Mirroring waves on the ocean our gyrations in loving reply
Inner warmth excites, our joyous release so beautifully free
We melt into each other, two souls asleep, appeased

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Orangy Pink Lava Flow

Undulations on the horizon
Leave a most beautiful sight
As their outline becomes clear
Whilst the sundowns at night

Above these darkened ancient
Are different colours of cloud
Their beauty quietly shows
For to me they shout out loud

As the suns about to sleep
I see an orangey pink lava flow
Cascading across the dark
Momentarily a beautiful show

Then suddenly in the blink of an eye
What's seen is now gone forever
For the memory will always live on
When I die, what I've seen, is treasured

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Universe Unwinding

  Universe Unwinding 

Wonder beyond 
Glide through clouds of doubt
Take to the clear rising at the edge
Evident as the light of day takes you down

Explode there
Merge first…. yellow gold red beams with blue
Fold on the mighty winds of distant lost commands
Cosmic tumbles to where the universe might go

Draw away from temptations false steps in space 
To all Moons and suns seen
There, the hole to the void looks through
Looks back at you

2 Mirrors face to face shine on themselves
In reflective endlessness in the dark
Making “nothing” no more or less their home
Avoid them if they shatter

Take flight on matter
Up front to the ever outward ends of time
Energy showers on in distant fractured lights 
Becoming once again no more

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You are the air that I breathe
The sunshine on my cheek
But a shadow of a dream
Mi belle magnifique

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Vegas Girl

She's looking good, under the Vegas lights
She's living like she doesn't have a care
Others choose, to sit alone in the dark
Vegas Girl knows that life's not always fair.

Quick with a story, she will make you smile
You'll be amazed at what flows from her mind
Walking along Las Vegas Boulevard
There's not a brighter light you will find

As I sit back and marvel, I watch and learn
How this woman can turn dark into day
It's all about, living in the moment
She has chosen to live life her own way

Sometime in life, you are dealt a bad hand
Those cards can be positively crappy
Yet Vegas girl takes one day at a time
It seems the city lights make her happy

Dedicated to a courageous friend. Vegas Girl Rocks!

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Below Skies of Azure Blue

The setting was lovely and blissful, the company so divine
In a flowery meadow we sat, this girl soon to be mine
We talked and laughed and cried a little, under blue azure skies
Reflections so true, of two in love, looking into each others eyes

So many things we discussed, about our today and tomorrows
Ahead in life are trials we'll face, being elation and heartfelt sorrows
The one thing that absorbs us two, is the wanting to extend our hearts
Children so very much wanted, will cement our future start

Our moment warrants distraction, hush! as we listen to the sounds around
Nature resonates in abundance, in her beautiful tranquil grounds
The symphony of insects and birds, our choir on this day
Colours that curtain our presence, in graceful rainbow display

We lie looking at the sky, and the freedom of the birds
Who glide and soar their thermals of life, their liberty never earned
Whilst we lie in this flowery meadow, two souls so free to roam
Freedom is granted to us, on this planet that we call home

For the rest of the day we embraced, in silence and loving bliss
Sharing kisses and moments of touch, with no other I would wish
When the time came to leave, over our shoulders we looked around
For this was the day that our future started, amidst natures beautiful ground

It's many years later now, and our children are as free as can be
We all should live this way, and raise them in liberty

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Bald Is Beautiful

It used to be a true sign of virility To possess a thick head of hair Today men walk around proudly Quite bald with a confident air I've seen more hair on a billiard ball Than on some macho men of today What do the ladies think of all this? Do they think it's sexy that way? Remember the afros back in the 60s? Such a laughable sign of the times Sure glad we got over that silly craze And all those ban-the-bomb signs Maybe we'll come back to our senses Perhaps compromise just a little The ladies will shave off all their hair That'll give us men a big giggle What about preservation of the species Maybe it'll slow us macho men down Before the world's overrun with people In a sea of humanity we'll drown! © Jack Ellison 2013

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Winter's Blanket

All night long the snow was falling
Day revealed a blanket white
Snow still floated from the heavens
Making such a pretty sight

Trees are weighed with heavy burdens
Fences topped with pointed hats
In the yard a complex pattern
Where the snow went through the slats

Quail are hopping by the window
Making little trails of tracks
Deer are stripping down the bushes
Shaking snowflakes off their backs

Though the day is white and cloudy
Still the snowflakes seem to speak
Saying, "Look at winter's blanket
It is perfect and unique."

I can't wait to make some snowballs
See the snowflakes flying by
And to feel the snowflakes stinging 
As I look into the sky

So I'll make myself a fire
And I'll heat myself some tea
Then I'll build a giant snowman
For the neighbor folks to see

When I get all wet and snowy
And my fingers get too cold
Then I'll make the biggest cookies
That my stove could ever hold

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If I Could Wave a Magic Wand and Make a Fantasy Week-

If I could wave a magic wand and make a fantasy week,
I would rent some cabins in the wilderness near a tourist town.
And fill each one with my family’s love…butterfly kissing cheeks. 
With all my children and grandchildren happily gathered around. 

Camp food aromas would fill fresh air, tantalizing and good.
We would joyfully sing campfire songs amid giggles and sparks.
Talk about the “growing-up” days while warmed by firewood. 
Each child snuggled under someone’s arm as happy as larks.

When darkness came, the moon would shine upon a distant owl.
Whip-or-wills would sing their tune; each child’s heart would thrill.
We would say prayers as a family thanking God for waterfowl.
Together on our beautiful earth, enjoying the quiet still.

In cabins nestled under the stars, amid the black of night, 
Beneath scented cedars and pines, we would dream our souls to sleep.
Anticipating sounds of dawn and beautiful mountain sights,
I would lie awake and soak it in, remembering sweetness to keep. 

Awakened by the sounds of dawn and crisp mountain air,
I would take my camera for a walk, photographing with flare.
In every bit of nature, I would recognize God’s care.  
Thanking Him for sharing sights of deer, antelope, and bear.

When the week was almost gone, we would take a family ride.
And go to the nearby tourist town to shop and look around.
I would buy each some western clothes, feeling good inside.
And tell them I am proud that family love flows unbound.

On that last day, while packing up, we would hear waterfalls cascade.
All together, my children would work, singing a wilderness song.
As I, watching grandchildren, would thank them for good memories made.
Then, upon returned to each his home we could carry this dream along.

© October 4, 2010
Dane Smith-Johnsen

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A Gift of Poetry

A gift of poetry, what a beautiful release
Falling out of myself and into imagination
My daily, not-so-guilty pleasure
Leaving reality behind for the joy of creation

The blank lines on the page tempt me
A gift of poetry, what a beautiful release
Thoughts take shape, begging to be set free
Stitching the words together will always bring me peace

When a poem takes on a life of it's own
That's when it achieves greatness
A gift of poetry, what a beautiful release
To which I am a witness

Inspiration flows from pen to page
And the glimpses of my passionate soul increase
I'm wrapped up in something I dearly love to do
A gift of poetry, what a beautiful release.

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My Eyes are Hungry

My eyes are hungry to taste of your smile
To devour luscious lips at a glance
They savor sweet flavor of sparkling eyes
Lick liquorish lashes at every chance

My eyes are hungry to nibble your skin
Driving appetite your essence to know
Wondering where scrumptious feast to begin
The take you, bit by bit and real slow

My hungry eyes drool my passion in tears
Releasing the strength of my desire
They eat their way into flesh of your heart
With their feasting, they ignite your fire

Feed these eyes; slowly undress now for me
For once hungry eyes have had blessed fill
My hungry hands can reach out for dessert
Invite lips and mouth to join in the thrill

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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silky smooth hair
covers my face
hands on your head
we pick up the pace

tongue rides the groove
that runs down the spine
you moan ever softly
I'm crossing the line

tugging your hair
I kiss the back of your neck
all defenses now gone
what did I expect?

now under the sheets
things start to unwind
as I stroke you so slowly
your hips start to grind

sweat pooled beside us
let's rest for a few
I'll stay here forever
just staring at you...

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Pacific Valentine

No one asked her to dance at their Prom that night It beggars belief in me, what's wrong with these guys Her beauty is all I see, personified within my sight To not even to approach, I'm in total amazed surprise Moving now to the present, although pasts have lived Paths of life have drawn us to be amidst of each other Recent discussions daily, our template to never sieve It beggars belief to me that others they would rather Now you have to be me to see to what my eyes declare Breathe with me to see, within politeness my eyes grace It beggars belief in me what's wrong with these guys stare To never to ask her to dance, their Prom, invited place <*> The night has finally arrived for my ask to come to light To see her standing there for my eyes to behold Draped against her tanned a dress that so delights My heart in pumping joy as our evening starts to unfold At the edge of our bed she stands, her beauty immaculate I offer my girl my hand as she smiles we begin to dance Hands to shoulder to waist, two in movement calculate Engrossed, absorbed, I'm caught, her scented fragrance Slowly our hands in roam, listening to 'The Flame' by 'Dare Eyes in glancing look, anticipating minds in thinking wish Lobe to necks now met, disheveled clothes reveal bare Our song now nears it's end, our hands in touching bliss <*> Buttons open straps in slide, shoulders where fingers walk Gravity about to be tested, soft cotton just can't resist Tongues like fencing epee's, when earlier they just talked Unison hand in hand, engrossed in naked to bare assist Covers turned lie silken sheets, rose petals sporadic adorn Two souls in facing look, kisses aplenty caressing touches Entwined in loving join, hips grinding torsos bourne Rhythmic writhing palms in palms, lovingly in clutches <*>

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'Me', full circle

A luv ma life sae full o' joy, I keep ma interests at full employ. Each day fur me is sic' delight, every day, aw' day an' ivery night. I go tae bed an' lay doon ma heid, aye richt efter ma supper feed. Ma thochts are o' beautiful things, an' tae ma wee brain sic' pleasure brings. Ah even dream afore ah sleep, aye, ah do, afore a count those sheep. Aw' the happy things that has been ma day, ma wife,ma daughter, sons an' all things ofay. I'm lucky growing plants is my joy, auld as I am noo, an' since a boy. Saft , verdant, vibrant, aw' kinds o' colour, that grow in winter, spring, autumn an' summer. I luv sculpture as weel as ma bonny plants, an' aboot them ah very oaften rant. An' a luv ma Gairden that's foo o' life, sno' though, as luvly as ma Bonny wife. An' ma bairns gei me luvly dreams, aw life's great, thats what is deemed. So when ma heid has passed tae sleep, aw thay luvly thoughts ma soul dis keep. When I awake frae ma gentle dreams, wae that first gentle saft sunbeam. Am oot o' bed like lightnin' jack, an' oaf tae work wae ma luncheon pack. Workin' among aw ma bonny fluers, ah tend no' tae notice ma wurkin 'oors. Of back noo ,tae ma ain luvly hame, luvly , 'cos nae ither hoose wid feel the same. Ma ither joy is cookin' fur aw ma folks, an' I'll no' mention ma luv fur jokes. Then there is ma luv in writin' poems each day, am sure oan FanStory yea arrr' aw' ofay. A guid night wae aw' ma kin beside, ma happy face yea canny hide. Hae ma supper then tae bed I go, thinking beautiful things, Aye, that is so. The Auld Yin.

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A friend once asked, “What is Love?”

And one replied Love is like an exquisite red rose flower                                                   

In a romantic, elegance, lovely shady bower

Been hooked by a gentle sexy dove


“What is Love?” he asked again

A pretty looking lady smiled and replied

Love is a magical feeling between a groom and a bride

It is the current that flows through my heart and brain


“What is Love? I want to know”

Finally, a handsome looking guy smiled and said

Love is when the heart, mind and soul are Fed

With one’s emotions and makes one’s star glow


So I asked, what is Love?

Some say Love is patience and kind

But I say Love is blind and can put you in a bind

Love I say can ignorantly give one a shove


Some say Love does not envy

Some say love does not boast

But I say Love is what others need the most

Love can actually make people go crazy


I have found out that Love is not a feeling

And that Love is trusting and caring

But Love can be a bit over bearing

And true Love when unwrapped brings divine healing


Some say “Adam and Eve created Love

Romeo and Juliet made Love

Sampson and Delilah betrayed Love

And Julius Ceaser died for Love”


The Love I found is a Love like no other

It was not the Love of Adam and Eve

Neither was it the Love of Sampson, who was deceive

Nor was it the Love between a sister and a brother


The Love I found was shed on old rugged cross

It was offered to you and me

He came into my life as a light so I can see

To sum it all up, “J-E-S-U-S is my Chili Sauce”

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Through My Window

Through My Window

Through my window
     I see spring flowers bloom
          Summer’s blazing sun
               Autumn's vivid plume.

I see white snows of winter
     Watch all the seasons change
          Wonder how this script was written
               And who directs this wondrous stage.

There outside my window
     The seasons go and come
          Life and death are witnessed
               Each does in turn succumb.

Somehow this play of life was written
     Only outlines of a show
          Scenes filled by our words and actions
               Those to come will know.

What will the story be?
     What act are they to follow?
          The script not yet all written
               Nor the ending of our show.

As I’m looking through my window
     And the many years that passed
          I can so enjoy the memories
               That thankful I was cast. 

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This is a song to be sung by a lady so if there's one out there who thinks this worthy, sings and writes music take this and run with it.  The only thing I want is the knowledge that someone used it...thanks if anyone can do this:

I remember when the boy next door first knocked upon my door
I’d seen him washing his ninety-six Chevy two days before
He was shirtless and sweating while wetting down his wheels
And that is when a lady’s desire and lack of better judgment congeals

I think it was blue with writing that read “Body By Design”
I’m talking about the shirt of a man I’d like to make mine
With ripples and his rough spots in all the perfect places
Yet soft enough to hold me and enfold me in his embraces

The boy next door had a two-door Chevy he named “Beth”
He saw me as I walked by in short-shorts and very short of breath
The boy next door was breathtaking with eyes of beautiful blue
Someone who could make this girl next door’s dreams come true

But who, I wondered, was this lady by the name of Beth
Could he have confused the “B” as in boy with an “S” as in Seth?
Yes, that’s the circumstance now I’m sure with certainty
His name is Seth, there is no Beth, and I know that certainly

I remember when the boy next door first knocked upon my door
I’d seen him washing his ninety-six Chevy two days before
He was shirtless and sweating while wetting down his wheels
And that is when a lady’s desire and lack of better judgment congeals

That boy next door went from door to door looking for a kiss
While I waited at my door for the boy next door to come and kiss this miss
Finally we kept kissing and his beauty made my feverish flesh cold
And still gives me chills and thrills while he carries me over the threshold

The boy next door had a two-door Chevy that he named “Beth”
He saw me as I walked by in short-shorts and very short of breath
The boy next door was breathtaking with eyes of beautiful blue
The boy next door who made this girl next door’s dreams come true
And now the boy next door is the boy next door no more
Since that boy next door and I now share the very same front door
The very same…………… front door!
                      © 2012…copyright PHREEPOETREE..~free cee!~ 

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Our Paradise Island

Our destination is an island out there
In an ocean of blue with sands so fair
It has everything you would want on a paradise isle
Scenery so beautiful you can't help but smile

We set of from the pier in the Florida Keys
Journeying down south going with the breeze
Down to Panama via it's amazing canal
Sailing into the moonlight me and my gal

From ocean to ocean, Atlantic to the Pacific
Through this engineering gem, just incredible, terrific
The expanse we desire is within our sights
Out past the horizon will be many our night

With the waves we sailed to our yonder blue
Amidst colouring skies of beautiful hue
Whilst shapes from the deep shadow our course
Through the waters they ease with effortless force

Ahead in the distance we hear a thunderous crash
Breakers of white in foamy strewn splash
Sea birds aplenty in torpedo dive
Their feeding frenzy for survival strive

We anchor offshore in a lagoon so calm
As we row to the shore viewing delightful palms
Swaying in the breeze like a chorus of arms
On this paradise island showing one of it's charms

We settle into the evening in our new island home
Sleeping into tomorrow around it's shores we will roam
Living life to the full in this blissful surround
Happiness in tranquillity around us abounds

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Rise Up Ye Armies Of Peace And Love

Rise up ye armies of peace and love Make known you're tactical plan To rid the world of this evil scourge Of wars and the killing of man It's not too late but it soon will be Beyond our efforts to change This world is still a beautiful place To neglect it would be a shame Not to acknowledge it's just a loan This beautiful world of ours The mountains high, the rolling seas The sweet smelling scent of flowers No more abuse let's all make amends And treat this planet with dignity Respect for providing this absolute beauty How tragic to miss this opportunity Let's put an end to this constant upheaval Start out as such innocent tykes Bewildering how we've gone so far astray And traveled this path so warlike Rise up ye armies of peace and love Put an end to this strife and selfishness We owe our life to this place of beauty Let's forget about all this foolishness! © Jack Ellison 2013

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Midnight Lullaby

“I just can’t sleep,” I wrote one night
“My poor heart just longs for you”
“Sleep, my dearest; I’ll hold you tight
And kiss you the whole night through.”

And though he was worlds away
I felt his presence so near
The comfort of his arms was mine
What more had I now to fear?

Those tiny lines my lullaby
They caressed me through the night
Though sleep did not touch my eyes
My heart was illumined with light

How comforting to surely know
That he could embrace my soul
And quiet down my beating heart
With words that made me whole

I read again each little line
And saw his love written there
All alone in that dark night 
I was cradled by his care

Midnight lullabies are sweet
They are angels from above
They are ever more the dear
For they are written in love

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Into my View She came

This day I sat pondering in San Andrés by the sea
Contemplating my tomorrows as I wonder where I'll be
It's getting close to noon as I absorb the morns suns rays
On the beach in Playa de Las Teresitas on this loveliest of days

Soft gentle breakers in caress across deep translucent blues
Thermals teasing natures kites, winged wonders grace her true
With the tenderest of applause they gently clap upon the shore
Soothing sounds of tranquility asks my desire to ask for more

I arise and turn to look back as I awe at these golds and blues
One can only marvel, at this most beautiful of views
My moment is drawing near for their is a lady I'm soon to meet
Kettle drums rule my heart, my footsteps match their drumming beat

Now absorbing where I am amidst subtropical greenery
In the Parque García Sanabria, admiring beautiful tall palm trees
I'm now standing beside the fountains so pure in their flow
Surrounded by natures gems I'm left in total bestow

Now enchanted by such scenery, I hear a voice as I turn around
Standing where I am, I view a beauty in natures surround
Into my view she came, her beauty magnified by the closer she nears
Her footsteps now match my heart, whilst the kettle drum disappears

Introductions are met, with a smile as we kiss cheek to cheek
An orchestra plays in my heart, in symphony of our meet
Strangely we retrace my steps, as we end up on earlier golden sands
Fate has finally clicked, sitting we are, chatting holding hands


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Our First Unification

This morning I awoke in this wonderful place
I turned and viewed, the most beautiful of face
She was lying beside me naked as birth
Blond haired and tanned, being the first was worth

She opened her eyes and prompted me to say
"My darling Eve you look beautiful today,
Your fruitful body all pinky and peached,
Our first unification is about to be seeked"

I stood, she arose as we headed to the stream
We blessed each other in this land of dreams
Washing and caressing under a sky so blue
Holding her to my heart this feeling of true

I look into her eyes as I pull my Eve to me
"Take my hand and I shall lead you to the tree.
Upon the ground we'll lay and reach within our souls
For on this very day, we shall rejoice in our eternal extol"

As we lay on the grass, with the roots of life all around
Plants and animals of different species resonate our surrounds
The sky becomes even bluer, whilst the sun rains down on us
Today's the day when woman and man express their loving discuss

Below the tree I say "Our moment will be so special, our fruits
will bear us son's. For we are the worlds tomorrow, it's future
has just begun" We lie wrapped in each other, consummating first love
To the skies we look we know he's there looking down at us from above

To my Eve, Simone Segal

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(we all created the same way)

As beautiful as the light that raptures at
And the gentle caress of the morning’s
As beautiful as the melody of a bird’s early
And a flower’s perfume that scents with

As beautiful as mountains that pierce through
                                                           the sky
And the clothed in green soft rolling 
As beautiful as the brooks that pass
                                                     Close by
And the glorious valleys where grass the earth

As beautiful as the grace of a placid
And the screaming beauty of the thunderous
As beautiful as a spring that water can
And the river’s murmur that life gently 

As beautiful as the beams of the setting
And the scattering clouds that are set
As beautiful as the moon when the day is
And the brightest stars that give to sky

As beautiful as the rainbow ever can
And a radiant drop of dew on an exotic
So beautiful, oh you LORD, have also created
With your compassionate and holly

 © Demetrios Trifiatis

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Here lies beautiful Elysium

Here lies beautiful Elysium
It shines from your brightest of eyes
Flutters lightly as you blink
And cures my most anguished of cries

Because love is a beautiful idea
Causes all anguish and pain
Removes all hopes and inhibitions
But I would go through it again

But no more of this love, unrequited
But it seems that its all that I get
I'll throw myself at it one more time
But I know it will lead to regret

Could you, or you
And your deceit and lies
Take pity on this fool
And show me loves juiciest side

I will not hold all these wild desires
I cannot stop this need to be loved
So my depravity knows no bounds
Till your grace falls from above

For here lies beautiful Elysium
It shines from your brightest of eyes
How long is this night without you
A wish, and a whirlwind of sighs.

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Zippety Do Da Day

Well, Zippity Do Da Day! It's an absolutely beautiful day The sun is shining ever so brightly What more is there to say? It's just like winning the lotto Feeling great about my health What more could I really ask for Don't need a bunch of wealth This may seem a bit over the top These phrases dripping with honey But hey that's how I'm feeling right now Can't change that for paper money I really wish I could transfer some Maybe scrape off a layer or two Gladly share it with my P-Soup friends 'Cause you guys are all true blue You support me when I'm feeling down Though that doesn't happen often You send me bouquets tied up in rhyme Surely couldn't help but soften Why am I blessed with this happy stuff While others are feeling despair? It really doesn't seem quite right to me It really doesn't seem very fair Don't know where it all originates So I'll sing Zippity Do Da Day! Enjoy this gift that's been given to me On this absolutely beautiful day! © Jack Ellison 2012

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Capture Time

Can we capture time
in a crystal hour glass
because these precious moments
all seem to quickly pass
Can we touch the stars
before they fade away
keep them in a little box 
and hide them from the day
Can we remain here sleeping
and hold on to these dreams
so they won't be forgotten and
unravel at the seams?

By Morgan Mise
Written December 5, 2012

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In Tenderness of Night

In tenderness of night
Restore my faith in ME
Caress in gentle ways
That make my heartaches flee

In tenderness of night
Clothe my name in your need
Touch me in every place
That fantasy will feed

In tenderness of night
Mend all my broken dreams
With promise drenched kisses
That carry sunshine beams

In tenderness of night
Let traveling hands stake claim
Dancing minstrels of love
That banish all my shame

In tenderness of night
Breathe over me your love
As I lay helpless, bare
Passion’s eagle turned to dove

In tenderness of night
Love out of me despair
With words of noble knight
Confess my beauty fair

In tenderness of night
On body free your soul
Mating of mysteries
Fragmented lives made whole

In tenderness of night
Let time be ever still
Neath eyes of silver moon
Your essence in me fill

Naught else but you and I
In tenderness of night
Yet what transpires now
Brings forth dawn’s glorious light

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Kingdom of Sgobharaidh

Their lies on the West Coast of Scotland
A Kingdom that's rarely been seen
Where it's beauty radiates through ones eyes
Even closed you can only but dream

Natures gems thrive through seasonal change
Blessing colonies of sea faring birds
To witness the call of it's wilds
So many voices just have to be heard

Cordyline australis grace her lands
They are palm trees to you and me
A native from a land down under
Not Australia, New Zealand is where they be

This area where this Kingdom lies
With it's rugged and beautiful scenes
Freshwater lochs lure many anglers
To catch the fish of their dreams

Many visiting tourists, some in family trace
To discover where their ancestors be
Capturing snaps of their homelands, a past way of life
Filling the blanks of their family tree

Sporadic green forests of pine
With ferns and heathers, carpet the lands
Rugged juts off an earth from the past
Spewed through her juvenile glands

And this land through your eyes that you see
Is the Kingdom that's rarely seen
If you live here we call it Scourie
So beautiful in natures scheme

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Black Hair

A black-haired dirty thinker
your words invade my head;
where lust and thirst become me
and love will see me dead.

Your body build a sailing ship.
Your keel at my back.
Your nods upon the ocean-
my death from your attack.

A bum to form a segment.
A fruit as firm as day.
A touch to stun the surface.
A helm to clear the way.

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A Tree With No Border

A tree; it's branches angled and bent
wicked and stained and breathing.
A bark gone gothic in paper slips.
It's holes lament through teething.

With knots swelled out and black as earth.
A crevice on center with cracks.
A hole been lined with a wet tree sap
and the woodpeckers entrance to axe.

The trunk wrapped 'round made firm to fit.
like straw bound tight in bale.
Engraved with dashes and with grooves.
All covered with pollen and pale.

The spaded leaves in green grass tone
rich in green stained fluids.
Rippled and cool with jagged edges.
Mysterious and puzzling as druids.

A canopy large as a dome in the air.
With jagged directions in every order.
Vast as the sky when viewed from below
and the love of a tree with no border.

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I found hidden beauty
In a heart of nobility;
Belonging to my dear duchess
Having a body ringed with luscious.

With solid character merged with simplicity
In her I found charm, grace and felicity;
Her story is not in a book to read
But in my heart which she freed.

Possessed by a benevolent mind
Gentle, pure and kind;
My heart and my soul continuously burn
Until the moment corporeal passions turn.

Only one solution to sanctify my soul
To make her heart totally mine and whole;
With this beauty the yearning too strong
Hidden, except from me, as our passions prolong.

This is a lady full of hidden grace
Forever imposing never out of place;
A once in a lifetime beauty of my life
Fortunately she’s is going to be my wife.

January 18th 2015

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A City Called Zion

Zion is a Kingdom Paradigm
Zion is an ideal Paradise
A City with foundations whose Architect is Judah’s Lion
A City encased in an awesomely inspiring Pavilion

Babel is built in a shallow Drain
Zion is built on a rocky Plain
Babel is built upon the mortal Hills
Zion is built upon the immortal Hills

Zion has a firm Foundation
Christ Himself is thy Salvation
Zion is built upon the Everlasting Mountains
On the mountains pinnacles flows Living Fountains

Holiness is thy weapon and Stability
It is thou that keeps thee in Tranquility
A ‘Greater One’ is born in thee, hence there is no Night
Christ is born in thee, He gives thee Light

Zion, thou art more Glorious and Excellent than the Nations
A peculiar people, a royal priesthood, a holy Nation
A people of mysterious speech beyond Perception
A people of a stammering tongue beyond Comprehension

The inhabitants do not say “I am Sick”
Therein they are forgiven their iniquity, even Tom and Dick
The Gates of Hell thou not spread their Sail
Within thy Gates the Glory of Judah’s Lion is Unveil

All my springs resides in thee O Zion!
All my fountains dwelleth in thee O Zion!
All my silver springs of Grace
And all my golden springs of Glory are in place

O Look upon Zion! The City of our Glorious Feast
O Behold Zion! The City of our High Priest
The Lord loves the City of Zion
That Blessed Eternal City of Judah’s Lion

But you have come to Mount Zion and to the City of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, to an innumerable company of angels, to the general assembly and church of the firstborn who are registered in heaven, to God the judge of all, to the spirits of just men made perfect, to Jesus the Mediator of the new covenant, and to the sprinkling of the blood that speaks better things than that of Abel. [Hebrew 12:22-24]

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The old man, and his dog, walked, with lantern in hand,
every day, to the park down the road
Just prior to dusk. As he passed by my store,
I waved, but he just never slowed.

It bothered me some and I just had to know
what made that man so self absorbed.
that he would ignore the greeting I made
and reject me with nary a word

I ventured to stop him and find out just why
one night as he tried to go past.
His story was touching, so I*ll tell you now
what he had to tell me at last

*I lost my eyes back in seventy six,
just after my wife passed away
but I come to her graveside with lantern in hand
to talk to her there and to pray*

I don*t need the lantern to help me you see
but I do keep it lit through the night
it shines for the comfort it offers to me
that I*m able to show her the light

Oh Lord! shine your light till I join her down here
at this beautiful place in the park.
When I go to be with her I*ll help keep her safe
she was always afraid of the dark*

The dog just came past and he*s walking alone
for the past week he*s all that I*ve seen
I guess the old man is now keeping her safe
at that beautiful place *neath the green

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Vessels of Honor

God has hidden great treasures

in vessels of seeming dishonor

who are out of funds, luck and favor

being different they incur our displeasure

Many stars are hiding in their shell

a beautiful soul masked as cursed

full of mistakes, failures and costs

allow our expectations to crumble to hell

Still many of these late bloomers

dream up a life many do envy

living beyond our rat-race slavery

they see our world with the eyes of groomers

Pruning our world with their dreams

thoughts, words, inventions and arts

from great deeds to such little acts

their legacy is to harvest our joyful screams

God has hidden star treasures

in odd vessels within plain sight

that we may learn to fear His might

learning not to incur His grave displeasure

Such lonely stars twinkle in the blue

heavenly treasures unknown to you.

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Second creation of delicate flesh,
lured by the Serpent's astuteness,
why did you promptly reach for that apple
and invited me to taste it and eat it all?

Linda, didn't God warn you to keep away from that tree?
Woman, once so sinless, beautiful and full of liberty:
you brought ruin to our sun-illuminated Paradise;
now storms rage and meadows are stripped of all flowers.

Our Creator took a rib from my body with good intention,
to give you life and companionship, and make you my possession:
bearing from your womb many children...multiplying in due time,
but His plan couldn't be brought to completion with a cunning lie.

Because of you disobedience and my weakness to swiftly accept, 
we are eternally punished to roam our earth without finding soothing rest;
and the eternal curse will hinder us from being happy and being protected,  
and with hot sweat, plowing the hard soil, I must earn our bread.

Dedicated to Marilyn for her beautiful heart and gentle soul.

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Our Love

I'm madly in love with my beautiful wife
And I'm not afraid to admit it
You'd think after twelve years of marriage
It would cool off just a wee bit

But our love affair is as strong as ever
In fact it's stronger, I would say
We confess our deepest thoughts of love
To each other every single day

Sometimes, two people are just destined to be
Together with each other forever
No one has been able to explain the reason
It's a mutual admiration endeavour

If there was some kind of special formula
I wouldn't keep it a deep, dark secret
I'd surely share it with the rest of you lovers
But I don't have the answer, so be it

I'm madly in love with my beautiful wife
And I'm not ashamed to admit it!

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Shepherds at Christmas

On a far away hill a glorious star shone so bright
As shepherds watched their flocks at night
An Angel of the Lord came down
And the glory of the Lord shone around

The Angel had no gold or diamond under his sleeve
Nor scented beautiful roses to give
He came to herald the gospel story
With many angels appearing in a heavenly glory

Gloria! Gloria!! The hosts of angels cry
We bring you good tidings of joy from on high
To you this day in the city of David a child is given
To crown the earth with joy and the love of heaven

When all hearts is filled
And the songs of Angels are stilled
When the star in the sky is gone
And Christmas begins at dawn

A voice was heard in the sky
A glorious voice was heard from on high
Shepherds heard a voice and found a Lamb
They found a savior, they found the I Am

The Poet Preacher © 2013
Then the Shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things that they had heard and seen, as it was told them. Luke 2:20

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One Beautiful Day

One beautiful day...
I asked you out;
And you gave me your number;
That is a day to always remember;
That is what a sweet day is all about.

One beautiful week...
We will be on our honeymoon;
Having strolls on a sandy beach;
Walking till sundown comes to our reach;
That sweet week is coming soon.

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Make Love to me in the Garden of Eden

There, life and peace do not erode.
Beautiful Garden of Eden
Then came the lies; passions explode!
Making love without abandon.

That place where knowledge grows on trees.
And fruits ooze juices sweet, alive.
Exotic scents waft in the breeze.
Quiet whispers watch loves' contrive.

Daily talks remember God.
His visits there, often and sure.
Two walked amid the goldenrod.
Together in innocence pure.

Ecstasy brought many downfalls.
Passions unfetter for all time.
That ancient place, my dream enthralls.
Make love to me there, sweet sublime.

Come, my knight in shining armor
Whisk me away; oh, ancient past.
Flaming angels and gifts of myrrh
Await honor and faith to last.

Take me to celestial glory
Forever to be in your arms.
Together, we on bended knee,
Loving forever, free from harms.

November 24, 2014

Written for poetry soup Member Contest: Make Love To Me In That Ancient Place
Sponsor	Justin Bordner

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They made a huge nest with straws of golden hay
on the top of a fragrant, shady apple tree;
and they were the beautiful bluejays of May
that constantly warbled until sunset vanished entirely.

They have gone to a warmer place with pretty cotton fields...
before winter approaches and turns into a white blanket,
but my nostalgia for the departed bluejays with soft wings
fills the chilly and stormy air with something I can't predict.

Oh, bluejays which other bluest sky you fly under...
without the fear of an impetous, frightful thunder,
to find that haven which delights even a restless lark  
when sunrise arises his desire to be a free heart?

Luckily, they won't be here when the frigid wheather will be coming...
when that glistening blanket of snow will cover every meadow;
they will remember spring battering the land with a sudden windstorm...
and listening to their cheerful song, brought true joy to my living. 

Oh, bluejays from this icy window I yearn for a celestial, melodic praise!
Could anything console me as the moon wanes,
if sunrise offers no hope for my deep longing
that soars over miles of frozen sky...until it awakens me from dreaming?

Copyright 2010 by Andrew Crisci

Written for Constance-A Rambling Poet
for Beautiful Birds Mini Blog Contest

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My beautiful body is another divine creation,
every part, so perfect, is guided by this wisest, most sinless heart,
which will not make it err when temptation
tries to weaken it by making it remember the bitterness of regrets. 

Nudity imparts its own beauty when it is considered a temple governed by purity;
nonetheless, it came from God's thoughts and artful hands;
so why should we be ashamed of it, if it is shown accordingly?
Many have exploited it for monetary gains and this is the plague of our society!   

My image is gladly seen in the clearest mirror,
inducing awareness, amazement and gratefulness,
never thinking of defiling it with unworthy offers;
even Satan is plotting against me and waving war!

Immoral persons won't hesitates to show their lewd interest,
thus taking advantage of someone needing the desperate break;  
these people corrupt any soul to rob it of dignity by their kind amenity... 
where's your sense of keenness, when it comes to view your sexuality? 

My beautiful body is another divine creation,
wonderfully and perfectly made to use it adequately;
glances of admiration by others may be full of inequity,
and adulating words will not flatter me, knowing their deception. 

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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This is a mixed up world
and im a mixed up girl
wait im a man
its just that everything's unfurled

and yet quite all together
true beauty under any weather
at times scary
but vastly beyond measure

if everything was flawless
it would seem lawless
for imperfection
gives individual solace

and its quite perfect
from every prefect
toss up the pieces
watch how they reset

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I used a hammer of hope to build some beauty
A carpenter with desire as his duty
I used wood rendered by golden good
Constructing a vivacious vision in a wondrous neighborhood

Every screw and each nail would nicely do
With eaves and shutters shaded bright blue
I drilled and thrilled to every beautiful beam
Because I was busy building a dream

Every single shingle shifted my heart
From being useless I became a pertinent  part
A relevant role in a real romance
And every shingle meant a brand new start

I built beauty with dutiful delight
Then I painted that loveliness with light
Darkness was dispelled by every smile
When I built beauty no man could defile

And so through storms that beauty steadfastly stood
And the soul of this carpenter at last found good
In a neighborhood situated near heaven’s front door
When I built beauty floor by beautiful floor

This house was a metaphor for love unending 
And a life that love was thereupon mending
Beside my house was a tree statuesque and shady
For a romantic relationship I built with a lovely lady
                              © 2012…copyright..~free cee!~

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happy i am when you love me down

happy i am when you love me down
you show that there are other sides to life
you introduce me to the other side of my frown
you are truly the queen when you entice

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The Water's Edge

Looking at the horizon of the ocean,
I see the water meeting the sky.
Glancing at these typical waves,
Coming toward the inland, I start to sigh.

Reflections of the clouds move fast,
As their rippled appearance catch my attention.
Beautiful and fluffy they all seem to be,
Floating through the sky with unique dimensions.

Now off in the distance the sun starts to set,
And the peaceful waves are still in resume.
The analogous sight that was once in the sky,
Has faded and I’m left with the beautiful moon.

The breeze, so calm as it caresses me softly,
I wish I could capture this moment to share.
I’d share it with anyone who’d like to feel,
Mesmerized by the passion, I breathe from this air.

It’s a beautiful experience to sit with Nature;
Kicking my feet off this rocky ledge.
With a soothting feeling of the warmth of the ocean,
As my feet are caressed by the water's edge.

Inspired by Laura McKenzie's
—Love for the Ocean Contest—

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I have beautiful eyes,
the eyes of a dreamer;
looking away as
if taken by wander...

Nothing goes by them
that I don't notice;
and everything but age
can change their glance...

Mellow eyes of dreamer, not much transformed
by the tragedies unfolding in your peaceful path;  
rarely distracted, always focused
on your strange selfishness that molds your wit...  

Distance is a mystery impossible to be explained or revealed,
that one which keeps its shadows active,
to hide what cannot be endured by fear;
and without an optimistic insight, nothing is ever discerned... 

I have beautiful eyes,
the eyes of a dreamer;
with many visions of bliss, without the gloom and the agony of demise;
an existence absent of pain, a life so despised by a clever achiever...

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Internal Beauty

Oh beautiful one
on the verge of the brink
on the rim of believing
you're oh what you think
Oh beautiful one
to declare delicate
all the virtue you have 
in integrity set
Oh beautiful one
don't be so eclipsed
by the shadow of words
that you hold on your hips
Oh beautiful one
you render and shine
with a thought which emerged
quite unique in design
Oh beautiful one
your wishes are true
on the verge of the brink
this reflection is you...

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Traveler in the Snow

White is the snow,
When winter comes,
As I look, I know,
My face, it numbs.

As I walk through the white,
And it wraps me like a ring.
How I long for the sight,
Of the beautiful spring.

My brain swims around,
And my hands feel numb,
I can’t make a sound,
So Heaven, here I come.

Then all of a sudden,
When my throat gets tight,
My body has deadened,
And there’s a beautiful light.

No more agony,
And no more pain,
In Heaven I am happy,
With Jesus again!