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Quatrain Art Poems | Quatrain Poems About Art

These Quatrain Art poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Art. These are the best examples of Quatrain Art poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The Rose

Tis the rose that wants to live
That rails against the frost,
Tightly closed, the petals warm
The autumn heart that summer lost.

The dew that drips from rose to leaf
Like tears from cheek to breast,
Once was cold, now shimmers warm
To earn, at last, its' rest.

The blackened bud, once struck with cold
Appears to others dead,
But burns within, a passionate soul,
And heart of bright and crimson red.

And bursting forth it cannot hide
The will to live within,
Its' bold and subtle softness tells
Persistent hearts can win.

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No Greater Love

For God so loved this sinful world, He gave us all His son; That we might live with Him one day, when life on Earth is done. No greater love was ever known, no greater gift bestowed, And for the love He sacrificed, no greater debt’s been owed. The time was short for Jesus Christ, but what He gave mankind To lift our hearts and save our souls has yet to be refined. The grace and style in which He moved through politics and fools, Has paved the way for paths we trod through worldly ways and rules. His teachings spread throughout the land, His miracles renowned, He only had to touch a life to show His love was sound. Two thousand years have come and gone since Christ communed with man; And with his dying saved us all, to serve God's ancient plan. He rose from death, as He had said, and proved His word was true, That life eternal waited those who choose to suffer through. Salvation came that fateful day, the Bible tells us so; And time has shown that through God’s love the weakest spirits grow. Now, modern times are hard on us and cause us all to doubt, For change is there at every turn, and Satan’s always out. It’s now we need the love of God, for always, as before; Just lift your heart and ask for it, and see what lays in store. It’s through God’s love we handle change and how it makes us strong In ways we deal with worldly things and sort the right from wrong. For change is just another way the Lord sees fit to use To make our days seem fresh and new with paths to take and choose. It’s by our faith we live our lives and seek a brighter day, And how we find the confidence when doubts get in the way. But most of all it’s happiness that faith’s been known to give When our misfortunes come to cloud these modern times we live. We need not fear what God has wrought. We need not know His plan. We only need to know He’s there, and love’s in store for man. Just think the words you’d ask in prayer, and ere a sound be heard, His perfect love will fill your heart before you’ve breathed a word. No greater love was ever known, no greater gift bestowed, And for the love He sacrificed, no greater debt’s been owed. But God forgave our debt to Him, we live in grace today; The greatest love you’ve ever known is just a breath away.

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Another Day

A torch carried on forever, indeed,
for the aggressive rhymer in me,
is alive again, unshackled and freed,
rising to challenge another day, I see.

As I found myself lost deep in Tolkien,
with epic Star Wars, never ending,
surrounded in a geek paradise, serene,
optical illusions before me, suspending.

Life's songs on guitar strings strummed,
an epiphany unlike they've ever heard,
euphoric dreams in my visions hummed,
as I pen archaic word after archaic word.

Artistry is born only to be my brother,
encircled this star, a pentagram made,
my day is done, I have conquered another,
as the sun slowly brings down the shade.

A Word Collage For Chan Hurst

(Cyndi MacMillan's contest)

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My Tears

My love for you is magnified
By the curvature of my tears
I'm lost within the corridors
Of my loving you all these years

My tears are not filled with sadness
They are permeated with joy
You have helped me become a man
Who's connected to inner boy

Within the chambers of my heart
My true self has now been revealed
When you live beside an angel
There is nothing that can't be healed

I dance within our memories
Anticipate the ones to come
You're the source of my happy tears
I don't regret a single one

For Flo's "Sing to My Heart Contest"

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Cry In The Dark

As you cry in the dark and your tears find the pillow
You think I don't know, those tears filled with such sorrow
Are for that long ago love, then comes tomorrow
I wish for today, your heart I could borrow

Dreams filled with the memory of her face
Wisps of her hair, visions of ribbon and lace
The look in her eyes, another time and place
I wish this from your mind, I could forever erase

But war time came and took you away
And never knowing your fate, day after day
Time took its toll, as time will do
She went on with life, her life without you

As I cry in the dark and my tears find the pillow
You'll never know, these tears filled with such sorrow
Are those longing for love, again comes tomorrow
I wish for today, your heart I could borrow

©Donna Jones

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The Day She Left

He's staring again, standing by his balcony door
The way he did each morning, even when I was there
Writhing in pain after my heart from my chest he tore
And as I walk away, my heart on my sleeve I wear

The emotional abuse was unconscionable
Yet for years I clung to hope he'd appreciate me
But his anger just grew, attacks became physical
Till I'd had enough and desired only to be free

My clothing, my perfume, many things remain behind
I'm standing now an I'm finally walking away
Wondering why for far too long I chose to stay blind
Proud I had the strength to leave, I greet a new spring day

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I Want Someone

I want someone to pamper me
To bathe me with love and care
I want someone to cherish me
To say he’ll always be there

I want someone who hears the sigh
That no one else can hear
I want someone who bears me up
When my heart trembles with fear

I want someone to adore me
And tell me I’m his guiding light
I want someone to caress me
All through the lonely night

I want someone to play with me
And cuddle me like a child
I want someone to entice me
With passion to drive me wild

I want someone to make love to me
Like I’m some goddess divine
I want someone to touch my soul
To take me to heights sublime

I want someone to nurture me
To keep me under his wing
I want someone to humor me
And give my heart songs to sing

I want someone to ravish me
Make me forget time and place
I want someone to possess me
Make me vanish without a trace

I want someone to kiss me
Like he’s tasting nectar sweet
I want someone to taste me
Like he’s savoring a treat

I want someone to adore me
Like I’m the sacred grail
I want someone to follow me
Down each and every trail

I want someone to look at me
And see what lies within
I want someone to guard me
And keep me safe from sin

I want someone to hold me
And sing a sweet lullaby
I want someone to console me
With the truth and never a lie!

I want someone who is daring
Who'll fight enemies old and new
I want someone who's divine
And that someone, my dear, is YOU!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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A Fairy Tale

A Fairy Tale
     By the Poets Listed After the Poem

Once upon a time, long-long ago there was a wishing star.
She, unlike a billion other bright shining stars, was magic.
Bored with her galaxy, she began to wander far away.
Streaking through the atmospheres was very hot, but not tragic.

Pausing to wonder with much time to ponder, she cast her spell.
“Tiny goblins on Halloween, by light one wish I will grant.”
Who should be the recipient of this very special wish?
Earth children roaming streets that night in one hand my gift, I'll plant.

Oh who should receive my amazingly special gift of light?
So many young ones, in who's humble heart this wish I could grant.
Out of all the precious children that have come within my sight.
The child who has the purest wish is the one I will enchant.

I'll sprinkle on my chosen one, crystal glitters, gold balloons.
A ride follows to fairyland, ending on the golden moons.
With a magical flight through a rainbow high where dreams come true,
And a house of candies in the land of Marshmallow-Lagoons...

Oh, that magical light shining through sweet cotton candy clouds,
Her wish she may...her wish she might...there's one ghoul she'll bless that night.
Of princesses, fairies and goblins, a good heart will be found.
Quickly child, make your pure wish, before the magic star takes flight.

CONTRIBUTING POETS: Charmaine Chircop, Carolyn Devonshire, James Marshall Goff, John 
Loving III, Robin Gass, Raul Moreno, Ruben D. Ortellao, Patricia Prescott, 
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

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Springtime Rose

Beside a gilded wall of white a dainty bench is resting;
Victorian accents swirl about the ornate room, providing
An elegance, a beauty in each line and curve, attesting
To cultured tastes and upscale life, and hours spent deciding
What shapes and colors best would suit the airy, springtime feeling:
But looking closely, something there upon the bench reposes,
A lady's fan and soft kid gloves, their jumbled state revealing
What hasty movements cast them all aside when fragrant roses
Arrived in state with baby's breath, and some white note, nigh hidden
In bursting blooms of rainbow hue, by unknown hands delivered:
And having noted thus, the eye could not but roam unbidden
To she who holds the rose bouquet, to she who slightly shivered
With thoughts that youths so oft imagine, thoughts that made her giddy
And blushed her cheeks the color of the rosy dress cascading
With lacy ruffles from her shoulders, looking just as pretty
As her face, which looks for all the world like roses never fading;
Two lips like shiny cherries, or the poppies that she tends to,
Complexion like a creamy rose with hints of pink surrounding
The fragile outer curling of its leaves; brown eyes that send you
A warm, quick-spreading feeling, like the first hot sunrays bounding
Thro' seas of blue to make the greengrass grow. Now look, she's taking
The little note from out among the stems; perhaps with quiet
And careful steps the message could be read; I have to try it.
"My dearest Rose, I never could imagine so befitting
A name for one who does resemble all that man finds charming
In lovely blossoms: beauty surely, grace as they are flitting
In breezes sweet of scent, and frailty, which I find disarming;
So here's a gift no prettier and sweet than you. Sincerely,
A man that loves you more than you could know.

Quatrains of decapentasyllabic verse followed by a single line of iambic pentameter.
Written by Isaiah Zerbst. Published for the first time January 26, 2015.

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Self-gratification is the fruit of one's love,
making the artist's delighted face glow...
when every vision has been achieved,
and each intention joyfully revealed.

He will envision the shape and colors,
then transfer those images to canvas;
and with the gentles strokes of his brush...
real faces will appear and suddenly blush.

Thinker and dreamer, let passion and imagination flow,
don't be distracted by worries or external sounds below;
work diligently with your brush, transcending your own credibility...
but later, it would be too hilarious to scream out your insanity.

Self-gratification is the fruit of one's love...
that enduring, timeless legacy hard to ignore;
when others show admiration, you'll be so pleased
and motivated to add more laurels to your prestige.     

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Jew #18

I would not call my love a flower
Lest she languish in the sun and fade
I could not kiss my love a brief hour
My desire is deep as Jove's high glade

I would not compare my love to day
With all the traffic of commercial vice
And nights are poor in their bright display
And drip not sweet as her in love's spice

I would not call my love a river
Lest the rains deny her, she abates
Not as supplier and a giver
Of my constant joy her heart dictates

There is no word or thought for love, poor
Images everything, hence I wait
Each hour for eternity to pour
Itself in us, finding better state

Where two are one in fact, truth and deed
And love can never more be apart
And all our sweetest shall we exceed
When are cradled heart to beating heart.

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From the Heart of a Country Line Dancer

I ponder marks cut into cliffs
or drawn in caves within the earth
and wonder if I have the gift
to leave a mark of equal worth.

As jet planes streak across the sky,
I think of modern man's advance;
will my profile engraved in stone
say only, "She excelled in dance?"

With silver trophies on my wall
and music thumping in my brain,
I long to weave a warm refrain
one worthy of someone’s recall.

Will sweet notes fall on future ears,
spit from my heart onto the page
and brand me as the wise old sage
whose written words a world reveres?

I read yarns penned by bards of old
and learn of fame poets begat.
Within my breast a yearning burns,
a wish that I could write like that.

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The Lonely Poet

Paste on your passion smile
Crisp all your words
as you settle yourself 
to be self-consumed, heard
Whisper sweet nothings
which only you know
Don't stop the banter,
the words or the flow
You've reached the summit
of the loneliest point
You're king of the vacancy
best in the joint
Write all your poems
on the back of your hand
and read them at supper
of cream pie and sand
Your siblings will stand up
and whisper applause
You've felt all emotion
and ridden all stars
They bid you good-bye
for you're out of their league
and to think you just wanted
to be heard, succeed...

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The Paradox of Love

We love those who don’t love us
And we don’t love those who do
We long for the unfaithful
And neglect those who are true

We give to those who have no need
And withhold from those who do
We run after those who run away
And run away from ones who pursue

We flirt with those who are aloof
And are aloof with those who flirt
We treat like gold the worthless
And the worthy we treat like dirt

We die for those who’re indifferent
And are indifferent to those who die
Tis the state of our foolish hearts
Will someone please to tell me why?

He says I am his heart and soul
You’re indifferent to my needs
He vows he’d die without my love
Yet it’s for you my heart bleeds

He claims I’m his oxygen
Carbon dioxide I am to you
His eyes want to eat me up
YOU’RE my honey through and through

My foolish heart has lost its wits
The world has gone crazy too
I love him who loves me not
Tell me, is this true for you?

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The Madness In My Mind

Walking through the darkness
of the madness in my mind
I stumble on the pieces
of the twisted thoughts I find
I think about the way I am
and what I'll never be
as I sort through the wreckage
of what once was known as me
Searching for the sunshine
I am drowning in the rain
submerged in black emotion
I'm infused with all it's pain
There is no way I can escape
this hell inside my head
and though I am still breathing
I've become the living dead
In my heart I'm grieving
for a life I'll never know
I'm begging for my freedom
as I feel my madness grow
I am praying for redemption
as I choke on bitter tears
but I cannot find forgiveness
as I'm swallowed by my fears

I wonder if they see it
when they look into my eyes
I'm torn apart and weakened
as in silence my heart cries
and all the feelings that I hold
are suffocating me
as they cut and claw my mind
until they're all I see
Time is rushing by me
I am tired, growing old
the winds of change are blowing
and their bite is harsh and cold
I keep fighting for my freedom
but my freedom I won't find
as long as I am living
in the madness of my mind
Living with my madness
is the only life I know
and so much time is wasted
as my useless teardrops flow
I don't need to see tomorrow
should it be just like today
while I'm living in my madness
I'm not living anyway

Note: This was written after a bout with my depression and all is well!  To quote a dear, 
beloved friend, I am “Making lemonade”!  Love, Robin

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Questions Unanswered

Another day comes
another one goes
and when it will end
no one really knows
time marches faster
with each passing day
as I'm watching life
just slipping away.
The hours tick by
as into the night
hurting and hopeless
devoid of my light
I'm seeking answers
to set my mind free
should I keep trying
or should I still be?
Where am I going
and what should I do
am I a failure
who's washed up and through?
The rest of the days
that I have left here
surely are numbered.
my heart sheds a tear.
So much time wasted
so many dreams killed
I feel my heart quake
another tear's spilled.
The morning draws near
no answers I find
searching these chambers
alone in my mind.
Do I have value
and what is my worth
am I just wasting
my time on this earth?
Answers evade me
as time ticks away
my heart is weeping
as I kneel to pray.
Dear God please tell me
please give me a sign
am I just crazy
by my own design?
Will I be able
to conquer my pain
or will I always
feel like I'm insane?
What is my meaning
where do I fit in
before my life's through
why did it begin?
Questiond unanswered
I notice the sun
another day's over
another's begun.

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The First Time Ever I Saw Your face

The first time ever I saw your face
It was at the wrong time and in the wrong place
There was no coffee bar but a castle for two
That’s the first time, that I ever saw you.

The look of surprise and of love shone my way
No discomfort no shyness made a wonderful day
The first time ever I saw your face
I never thought it would really take place.

The touch of your hand on my waiting fingers
The spark of love still sits there and it still lingers
The first time ever I saw your face
My eyes closed, I can feel where my fingers did trace.

To learn the lines and the smile that I love so much
To feel the warmth of your heart in every tender touch
The first time ever I saw your face
That now haunts me and fills every single space.

A face that looks my way, although from afar
A face I see next to mine, that shines as a star.
The first time ever I saw your face
Is embedded in my heart and will never be backspaced.

© 1/12/2012~GG~

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Ever-Bright Eyes

There you speak an unspoken word
within the laughs and the cries,
and I hear what goes unheard
deep in your ever-bright eyes.

When I notice you winking
there are no hidden lies,
I know what you are thinking
deep in those ever-bright eyes.

When you look right into mine,
so warmly, like the sun's rise,
I can feel them brighter shine
deep in my ever-bright eyes.

Our hearts are forever contained
in a part of us that never dies,
the soul has always remained,
deep in our ever-bright eyes.


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A Cruise of Dreams

It’s been a lonely journey,
Without you by my side.
I still cherish your memory,
That I’ve stored away inside.

You’re the love of my life,
The one my heart still loves.
My green eyed beauty,
That I’m so proud of.

It’s been thirty-seven years,
Since God has called you home.
And for thirty-seven years,
My heart has been alone.

On November 4th of 51,
My dear Nubbies was born.
Since August 25th of 71,
My heart still sadly mourns.

And on that distant day,
When Heaven opens its’ doors.
I’ll walk into Thy glory,
And be with my Lenore.

My tears will be of joy,
No more sadness they will stream.
And we will continue to sail,
Along a cruise of dreams.

This poem is for a friend of mine,
who lost something special and close,
HGarvey Daniel Esquire a fellow souper. 
Also For Lenore Ellen Adams Johnson
who is in Thy tender care...Raul

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Jimi Hendrix

Electric poems reverberated,
Within the walls of a London abode.
A psychedelic haze fueled the gift,
That a creative heart was bestowed.

Far from his broomstick days,
Passionate strums…electrified the room.
Emphasizing the pain from within,
Recalling the days he strummed the broom.

Acid rock...illuminated the winding path,
That led his creative heart to fly.
Good intentions laced by corrosive thoughts,
Inspired the work…from his daily supply.

Guided by his artistic soul,
The frets…fretted to that day.
Captured by a recording device,
Were the anthems…that we replay.

What began in London ended in London,
In the same lonely…workplace room.
He was here that day, then gone the next,
In the blink of an eye, he was gone too soon.

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A Mind Made Up

A Mind Made Up

What are you looking  for
Knocking on my door
Your heart to be returned
Now that I am spurned

With pleasure it is yours
Slammed shut are the doors
Take it in your hand
And try to understand

It’s no good coming back
When it’s love for me you lack
All my trust in you is gone
Since you found another one

No matter what you say
There will never be a way
You can talk until your blue
My love has gone for you

So take your heart and go away
And forever from me stay
No more knocking on my door
I’m not what you’re looking for.

R.D.Seal.     25 Jan 2013

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My Heart is Set

My heart is set in love for thee
I sha'nt be satisfied
Until thou come along with me
The swells of life to ride

My heart is set upon thy face
So lovely, so sublime
Could I but drink thy charming grace
'Twould end my earthly time

My heart is fixed on that of thee
I find it ever true
I would thy servant gladly be
If serve I could for you

My heart is fixed upon thy voice
With silver tones and clear
To hear it oft would be my choice
Throughout my ev'ry year

My heart is set upon thy smile
Upon thy sparkling eyes
For thee I'd walk the extra mile
And comfort all thy sighs

In all, my heart is wholly placed
Within thy tender hands
To hold or break as well thou say'st
Upon life's shifting sands


 ~ metre- ABAB rhyme- Iambic rhythm ~

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My Heart is Amazed

My heart is amazed by His boundless compassion
My heart is in awe of the love of the Lord
The hand of His mercy endureth forever
What riches of kindness in heaven are stored!

My heart is amazed at the sight of creation
My heart is in awe of the works of the King
The fountains and river, the depth of the ocean,
The rock and the trees of His greatness shall sing!

My heart is amazed on the height of the mountain
My heart is in awe of the stars in the sky
Unmoving, unchanging, the Lord is eternal
Though years of the mortal so quickly fly by

My heart is amazed by the lamb and the lion
My heart is in awe of the birds in the air
Created for man by the hands of the Master
The heights and the depths of his dwelling to share

My heart is amazed by the King of the nations
My heart is in awe of His death on the tree
The Lamb that was Slain, by the word of the Father
Arose from the grave my Redeemer to be!

-- By Isaiah Zerbst-   Feb 9, 2013 - metre --

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Sweet Solitude

*Inspired by Edmund Blair Leighton's painting of the same title
She wanders into the garden,
A glorious book in her hand.
It's bound by the loveliest cloth,
And the story inside is grand.
The story provides an escape
From a life of duties and rules.
The characters become good friends
And prose adorns pages like jewels.
As lavender perfumes the air,
It mingles with wind through the trees.
She loses her place for a time 
As pages are blown by the breeze.
Surrounded by flowers and shrubs
And shaded by trees that seclude,
She clutches the book to her chest 
And basks in this sweet solitude. 

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I Grieve A Dream

You are the tear that follows me
the ache within my soul
the bitter-sweet that sings to me
my heart you came and stole

You are a dream beyond my reach
a wish I can not touch
it breaks my heart to be so close
for I love you far too much

You are a kiss I can't make real
a whisper never spoken
a cherished thought that stays asleep
a smile lying broken

You are the one I can not have 
no matter how it pains
my dream for which I sit and grieve
a shadow that remains

You are the sun that has to set
our time just couldn't last
I need to wait for the dawn to break
while I mourn for is past.

'1st poem on poetry soup contest'
6th place

Brian strand's 'One off contest'
1st place

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Foolish Demented Heart

Foolish Heart, since you don’t stop
That most foolish rant and rave
I will have to tie you up
And bury you in a cave

That would surely silence you
And let me live in peace
For now you just torment me
And I can’t live in ease

You’ve not given wisdom right
You’ve left me bruised and torn
When I gave heed to your voice
I was left to grieve and mourn

You are a foolish foolish heart
Your chambers devoid of light
Wisdom you beat and tied up
And you plunged me into night

You made me share secret thoughts
You made me open to slight
And I had to suffer shame
Flagellate myself with might

You’ve proven a real traitor
I see who you really are
You chose to see his beauty
And have left me with a deep scar

You fell for those angel eyes
You fainted at that warm smile
Made me act like a schoolgirl
Too innocent to beguile

But I fell flat on my face
With myriad eyes staring on
You are a damned wretched thing
I demand that you be gone

Stay hidden in that dank cave
With your mouth gagged till you bleed
You put me through hell and back
Your damn voice I will not heed

Aw…I’m a free woman now
I will go and seek revenge
Of all those who mocked my love
My spilt blood I will avenge

Devoid of love and feelings
I’m a Snow Queen made of ice
I enact your wicked ways
For they think I’m soft and nice

My foolish demented heart
Stay tied up until you rot
You did your damndest uptmost
But love’s fool…I AM NOT!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Black Diamond Night

Mornings of  rubies and sapphires are fine
  Afternoons  of Topaz and turquoise  divine
Evenings with Emeralds   shine bright
But nothing compares to a Black Diamond night

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The Owl and the PusyCat Sail

Together the Owl and the PusyCat were married
Then again sailed out over the deep blue seas
Searching forever for the great Land of Nod,
To the place where they could find true peace.
True peace, true peace… Where they could find true peace.

The love that twined forever within their hearts
They sought throughout all the wonderous lands
Going to the place where they would live in peace,
A place where true peace, rules and lives in the hearts of the land.
The land, the land… Where true peace lives in the heart of the land.

Alas, the love of the heart, though truly not easy to find…
Is easier to find than the love of peace, found throughout the land.
So it’s said they will continue to sail, until that day comes true,
And when they land for the final time, will be up to me and you.
Me and you, me and you… That day will be up to me and you.

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The Lady In Red

The lady In Red

She missed out on the green silk dress; it was sold before she did buy
But when the red dress came to the store she did not let this one pass her by
The Lady in Red as she became known set out to dazzle and beguile
She would turn many a head with such a dazzling sexy smile.

This femme fatal set off, not realising the power she did now hold
The swaying of the hips, she was indeed a picture of beauty to behold 
Its low cut neck did display a white décolleté of rare fine beauty
Many came and offered his hand, on one knee as was his duty

The Lady In Red was not easily won, her heart she kept hidden away
Those that tried to win her, found there was a hefty price to pay
The lady in the fire red dress, sashaying down the street
Had them stepping out of doors, and stopping cars just to meet.

One day the Lady In Red fell in love, and then the problems did start
She found there was a price to pay, when she wanted to give her heart
From praying to the devil one day, a dazzling beauty she asked to be
He answered her request with a warning; “Your soul will belong to me.”

She was willing to pay any price to wear the red dress so beguiling
She didn’t look behind her or she would have seen the Devil smiling
The fine print on her request to the Devil, she did not bother to read
‘Your heart and soul will belong to me that’s the payment for your greed.’

The Lady In Red could not give love, just sashay far and wide
Sweeping young bloods off their feet, then casting them out with evening tide
Her heart would have broken, if it was still hers to keep
The young man she fell in love with, was the one that made her weep

He promised love and devotion if only her heart she could give
When she said that didn’t belong to her, he didn’t want to live
She tried to shed some tears but the devil dried them with his fiery finger
“Next time you want something so bad, you better not let your eye linger.”

You asked for dazzling beauty, you promised you were willing to pay
Don’t come weeping to me because you have given true love away
Beauty was more important to you than a genuine heart full of love
You can take this young blood with you, and join as the hand in a glove

But this love you found, this love you desire, the price must still be paid
You can take this handsome youth, but under the ground he must be laid
His life I ask in full recompense and then your love to him you can give
But it will have to be in this lifetime, because you will not be allowed to live.
© ~GG~3/12/2012

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Foolish Heart

"The heart is forever inexperienced"
It has made me play the fool many times.
I try and I try to understand it.
Yet it leaves me pondering all the whys.

Why does it continue to be broken?
Nothing is ever quite as it seems.
I do my best to keep my heart open.
Yet in pain I listen as it screams!

Why don't I see when trouble is coming?
It seems to flow towards me like a stream 
"The heart is forever inexperienced"
In the end it is the vessel of my dreams.

Write with your Heart Contest.
Sponsored by Julie-Michelle

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Why is it poetry, is a like dirty word and talked of in undertones?
It’s like a naughty postcard, more flesh than there are bones.
Poets tend to deny their art, “I’m not a poet, I’m a rhym-er”
Come on you lot get stuck in don’t be a poetry two-timer.

After a glass of alcohol some may admit-“I like a little verse”
“But no I m not into poetry…” It’s like a speech they did rehearse.
Now poems I’m getting good at, but famous poets I don’t know any
Don’t ask me if I’m a poet, because in wages I don’t earn a penny.

Now rhyme I am not bad at, but at free verse I would stink
As for haiku, senryu, and other forms, I stink I really think…
I listened to some so called poets; decry their art the other day
They denied their art while they listened, to what each other had to say.

Standing there with their poems held high, “I’m not a poet” they all said
Well get down from the microphone and let’s hear a poet instead…
They pass their poems around the table, like some black market currency
Not wanting anyone to see it, but they are at a reading for poetry.

So be loud and proud you poets stand firm for what you believe in
Tell them you are a poet, and just get used to all the teasing
I used to be a shy poet and I write verse with some frivolity
But the definition in my dictionary says “words with a pleasing quality.”

So now I am open to judgement from all of you wonderful poets
You have all commented on my work, but do you really know it?
You all have qualities that scare me, you really seem so clever
So can I finally admit to being a poet, from now on  and forever?	
~GG~ 27/09/2012

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Tried & Tested - into the sunset

I am so far out of my element
It almost seems unreal
When in truth, which I always seek to find
Pretence is all that I feel
In this, my second language
I aim to express the glistening skin
That hides the shallow graves of conscience
Trapped so deep within
The pottery I shape in craft
Though pedistilled and on display
A camouflage that’s merely drafted
words of wisdom most portray
And in the spirit of fairness
As a virtue which we all possess
Accept my resignation
For this sport has had its best 
I’m off to party hard and waste
My life as best as I know how
The animal within this chest
Needs freedom to survive for now
The playing game of words
is but a winding road that’s filled with stone
I’m parched in parts unheeded
As my cluttered soul heads home

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To The Moon

If I could take you anywhere 
I’d take you to the moon 
Far above the trees and clouds 
And we would go there soon. 

The first thing I would do for you 
As we went along the way 
Is pluck a few stars from the sky 
And make you a bouquet. 

We’d walk along the moon dust 
With only our bare feet 
And feel it come between our toes 
Then our eyes would meet 

We’d sit on the edge 
With our legs dangling free 
And every trouble would leave my heart 
When you smiled at me 

And then you would take my hand 
And I’d give you the grand tour 
Because this moon is a place 
That I have been before 

You see, I’ve been to the moon often 
In my dreams throughout the years 
The moon is my special place 
That I’ve treasured and held dear. 

Never has a person 
Been to the moon with me 
And I told myself the one who would, 
To my heart would hold a key. 

And so my moonlight loved one 
It is you who holds the key 
And I’ve brought you to this place 
That is cherished unto me 

I want to say I love you 
It is you whom I adore 
Will you use the key you have 
To open my heart’s door? 

And in one sweep you’d take me 
Into your warm embrace 
I would see the look of forever 
Etched upon your face 

In that single moment 
My life would change for good 
I’d find my true love on the moon 
As I always knew I would… 

February 16, 2006 
Holly Miller

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Under the Oaks

Under the oaks where we first kissed, And made incessant late night love. Is shaded with memories of great times, That my heart and soul are so proud of. · Under the oaks where time stood still, I held you many times in my arms. Where light dappled in the gaps of leaves, As I gave you, your first gold charm. · Under the oaks marks the place, Where you rest to the end of days. I visit your plot with my heart on my sleeve, Asking why God took you away.

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A Hearts Path

Do you ever stop to wonder
as you go on about your life
why when people try just to be normal
you see dreams put to the knife

when you walk down the road
that you have chosen as your way
and you see the beaten path
as you walk it day by day

Do you ever look out from the path
and think it so unfair
that you often can glimpse beauty
and only wish that you were there

When the sight can take your breath away
do you smile,  hope and pray
only to sadly drop your head 
as the path once more turns away

Why fall prey to the hopelessness
and pain of dreams unwrought
why live a life filled with what ifs
when for those dreams you could have fought

The next time you catch a glimpse
of a place you want to see
tear your feet free from the path
and go where your heart wants you to be

So don't follow the path
but to your heart be true
to be alive is one thing
but to live is something new

So don't try to be normal
if your special let it show
let others be gently guided
by your hearts contented glow

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A Letter to My Son

Your going has left a hole in my heart that time,
The Great Healer, cannot repair.
Your going has left a hole in my existence
That forever and beyond will not heal,
A hole ever expanding from its own nothingness,
A hole through which all the goodness,
All the kindness of you is slipping through.
You were my sounding board.
Trite ideas offered, came back
Enhanced, brilliant and sparkling.
Borrowing intelligence from you, I grew wiser.
Doors opened before me as I strove to be worthy
Of you, my beloved son.
I go on now as you would have me do,
Searching in Nature for the joy 
You found in its wonders.
Hearing bird songs with your ears,
Relating to others with your empathetic instincts.
Striving, ever striving to be the person
And mother that you believed me to be
And never letting your memory grow dim
For those you loved and for whom you sacrificed.

You came into this world with a wisdom
That did not come from me.
I thank God each day for His lending you to me
For the time that I had you near
And I cling to His promise
That I will see you again.

I could not tell from whence you came,
Born with a wisdom that did not come from me,
And I do not know where you have gone,
Part of myself, the better part--into Eternity.

Originally entered as verse


A Letter to my Son

Your going has left a hole in my heart
That Time, that great healer cannot repair.
Your going  left  space in my existence
That forever and more will still be there.

Ever expanding from it nothingness
A hole from which your goodness has slipped through.
The kindnesses you wore as a halo
Have disappeared as well since I lost you.

I used you as a sounding boad to measure
The wisdom and the beauty of the world.
Your ideas were so clear and brilliant,
Through you my own best aptitudes unfurled.

I'm trying to live up to your standards.
I want to be more worthy of you, Son.
You told me once I was the perfect mother,
And with you life was such a lot of fun.

I thank God every day for loan of you.
The time we had was more than worth the pain.
And now I'm clinging tight to his promise
That some day I will see you once again. 

I do not know from whence you came,
Blessed with wisdom  that did not come from me.
Each day I pray I know where you have gone;
Taking my heart into Eternity.

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My heart would please one soothing word from anywhere,
All whom I know no one could one pleasing word spare.
My skin could use one pleasing touch and any care,
But all that cares is the loneliness that she left.

My heart had been amused like a happy village,
And smiles had in two divided my moonstruck face,
But now day breaks and it has sent my moon away,
And I’m no doc to think to treat this cardiac case.

She left that just my loneliness should care for me,
Yet she’d not want another damsel on my knees.
To leave so that my swinging mind freely should swing,
And swing and swing until to rest it’d come to be.

Leaving me thus is not a noble renegade
In spite this truth; there was no time that you reneged.
Your actions oft, lately so harsh and soft, I make
To be your blurry close on all my heart might say.

Of one who would despite my woes remain I want
My eyes can’t search: love’s arrow’s made my vision blunt.
For all I’d see is what would for one night feel strong,
Cos by the breaking of the dawn it will be gone.

Iambic Hexameter

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There’s torture of the body
And the torture of the mind
But the torture of the heart
Is the most horrendous kind.

To know you must not express
The wealth of emotions felt
To have to suppress the dream
Is to burn until you melt.

You are careful of each word
And you laugh despite the pain...
It’s torture to be in doubt
If his love can keep you sane

To know it can never be
For you’re lost inside love’s maze,
To accept it’s a lost cause
Is to set the heart ablaze

Torture is a painful thorn
That your little heart impales
It won’t stop till you’ve bled dry
You don’t dare to voice its tales

He is near enough to touch
But his heart is worlds away
Can torture be worse than this?
No, the rest is just child’s play

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The Dandelion

The dandelion sat along on the hill 
watching the rose's play.
He asked to join the fun and games;
is it all right if I stay?
The rose's said, you can not play,
for you are not one of us.
Go back to your hill to your grassy clump,
and don't you make a fuss.
For we are tall with our beautiful stems
and nicely shaped leaves.
Our petals are grand,
the best in the land, 
so stay away you weed.
A beautiful flower, tall and grand,
you are, the dandelion sighed.
Your petals are grand, the best in the land,
but i'd rather be pretty inside.
For the rose's and their beauty so grand, 
will fade and wither with time,
but the dandelion's beauty within,
is one thing that will never die. 

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Danny's Song Upon the Death of His Grandfather

When crashed to earth that mightful Oak
O'er that long. a'frighted night,
His tears did so high homage speak
As to slumber passed his Light...

Shoulders small, no more host to hands
Whose tender firmness helmed
Their little lad, and life, and joy
In eternal love enrealmed.

Trudged he stoic, that deserts waste
With heart beset and stormed,
His soul a stone-turned edifice
Then from parched dreams was formed

A kind but spectral silohette
Up from the nighted sands,
As boyish eyes enlivened gazed
Once more upon old hands...

They held a heart which yet did beat,
"For you, my bonnie Dan!
I'll love you from Forever, boy,
And in Love, live as a man..."

Ah, but dream, for now he wakes-
But so curious a thing!
For in his grasp there rests some sand
Which waking did not bring!

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I never saw little Cupid,
he was silent and he was hid,
but I can tell you all about him,
and all the things he did. 

And how a golden arrow 
with loves hot glowing flame,
struck my heart like lightning, 
and delivered to me her name. 

And how it hit my heart so hard, 
and spun me all around,
and before I even knew it, 
I was Sheri bound.

I put aside my boyish ways, 
and took on a manly charm.
I worked it long, and worked it hard 
to get into her arms. 

I'd go and see her often, 
but often wasn't enough.
I found I never tired 
from this magical thing called love.

I still have that age old scar 
deep within my heart,
where a golden arrow landed once, 
and gave my love its start.

Though its been so long ago 
I can say I love her still.
And because of little Cupid 
I know I always will.

His aim was true and steady 
when he released that bolt to fly,
and caused this love inside me 
that will last until I die.

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My Darling Tink's

We photographed this shoot
Against frosted glass
In the shape of hearts
That captured her class

Her long blond hair
Catches the light
Her curvaceous shape

Peachy skin
Immaculate pose
She looks
My love for her grows

White silk robe
In midriff drape
This vista, my view
I am left agape

Our shoot closes
The applause we take
As i turn to my Tink's
My darling, its you who makes

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From a Friend to an Angel

When you meet someone who brightens The darkest of your days Who cheers you up and turns you around Because their lovely heart displayed Their lovely heart displayed Words of warmth and kind Encouraging laughter and poetry Now written from my mind Written from my mind Are poetic pieces shared From an angel to a friend For this special one who cared This special one who cared Will remain forever in my heart We will only be thoughts away One day our tomorrows will start 'Written for a friend to a friend'

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In Your Heart

God’s will came shining,
  When He called Aaron home.
For now he dwells in heaven,
  Next to God, by His throne.

I will pass the words,
  Robin, keep your faith on high.
For one day you’ll reunite,
  Far beyond the blue sky.

And on that distant day,
  Your heart will rejoice.
Up in your place in heaven,
  When you hear Aaron’s voice.

My heart goes out to you,
  It’s sad we must part.
Aaron’ll always be with you,
  Right there, in your heart.

Robin, if something is missing 
or inaccurate let me know.
Thanks for your appreciated 
and loving comments...Raul

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Little Song Bird

Little song bird in my tree
singing your sweet song for me
singing sweetly, singing clear
your song, it fills me with good cheer.

Little song bird sing your song
with all my heart I'll sing along.
A gift from God you grace the earth
there is no measure to your worth.

Little song bird, wild and free
when you leave, will you take me?
Together we could soar so high
across the endless, azure sky.

Little song bird, singing high above
your song, it fills my heart with love.
little song bird in my tree
with your song you set me free.

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One Life to Live

My heart yearns to be reciprocated
Every good heart deserves to be loved

The passion is still strong yet dimly lit
Keeping the faith as the fate is growing
I’m feeling faint and falling to my knees
Loss of breath, depth, and height

I'm losing my firm grip slowly letting go
My palms are sweaty, my spirit is frail
Disconnected from the rest of my being
I’m weak, limber...fluctuating high and low

I am invisible, silent like dead flies
Falling from the night's sky like a tear drop
In mine eye, a red river is flowing
You can see lonesome shadows of despair

Hearing cries of help during the midnight breeze
Pain and agony, hurt and betrayal
Blank slate is naive too soon to prevail
Escaped from reality and plumeth...

Buried six feet under with soil and dirt
Ashes to dust like crumbling particles
My soul evaporates into thin air...
Was my identity lost or stolen?

You have one life to live so live it
To the fullest as if it were your last

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Abe Lopez

Not only is he my friend; He’s the Mayor of my hometown. His eyes oversee the place, That I so love to be around. Whether it’s canvas or a page, He graces it with artistic hands. Bringing out his desired emotions, That his patient heart commands. With a love for teaching art, His creative mind explores. And amps up all who know him, To want to accomplish more. We have the same passion, In the landscapes that we shoot. And have our haiku sessions, And post them on Poetry Soup. He has a vast love for helping, And likes to dab in carpentry. He gives his best to the canvas, And to his stanzas of poetry. His giving heart keeps giving, And he loves it is what he says. He’s a master of the short form, And his name is Abe Lopez. ________________________ For Abe Lopez, a fellow souper and friend for his support on and off Poetry Soup, God bless you.

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The Romantic Past

A true-love gone to tears, As lost-love came to be. Sandy writes her heart out, Through her love of poetry. Her ex and her children, Moved to a different state. When left all alone it caused, Her aching heart to break. With a flood of memories, Of the past and all its’ hurts. She embedded all her pain, In the stanzas of her work. Her heart channeled through, The writings of her pen. Describing the life of love, That she was living in. She had found true-love, But the love did not last. Sandy Schermerhorn loves, Writing the romantic past. ____________________________ Dedicated to Sandy Shermerhorn, for her constant support and her love of romantic poetry.

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Song Bird

If I were a song bird
I'd soar on feathered wing
to light upon your window sill
my song for you I'd sing.

Each note I'd fill with tenderness
as much as I employ
if you would let me sing for you
I'd fill your heart with joy.

If I were a song bird
to you I'd sing my story.
If it would fall on willing ears
my sad heart would know glory.

Each note infused with sweetness
I would sing with all my heart
the songs you have inspired
right from the very start.

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He was the bard from Stratford, and as a teenager
he helped his father in his trade; he married and had children
and became the most popular and admired play writer
in all England...acting was also his other pleasurable passion.    

Curious Queen Elisabeth was one of the thousand spectators,
who came to see him in the Globe theater...she shed tears, 
and was stunned by the performance of his timeless plays,
and yet, some of his fellow-poets criticized him for his writings!

I wish I had lived in that Victorian era so intellectual and refined,
and had met him in person and had showed him my ample admiration;
I would have asked him the secret, which made him so legendary and loved...
and he would have whispered it to me, to make me revel in that revelation!     

I have read his inspiring works, and tragedies rampantly occur
from " Romeo and Juliet"...the Verona's immortal lovers, through" Hamlet "
whose insanity was undoubtedly caused by the specter of his father; 
and why didn't Shakespeare choose less dramatic plays not ending in death?

He wanted to teach us indelible lessons to show us how the human spirit
can be passionate, adamant, loveless, envious, cruel, unfair and treacherous...
to outline all kinds of guilt: from murder to envy so well-expressed with eloquence;
it's no mystery to anyone how he conjured up such plots with grief, madness and wit!    

Shakespeare was no ordinary kid, and he played with his siblings on Henley Street,
neighbors saw him trot to his grammar school, later he would make everyone weep; 
early in adolescence, did his prodigious mind envision one from a vague thought?
It's no wonder that he is widely read even today...hear his speak, he'll impart worth!  

Entered in Amy Green's contest, " Wow Me With Inspiration "

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Jeremiah is his name

An empty room was the scenery to his death
Not a single living soul was present to witness the events that took place
A sliding door covered with a mirror spoke back to him with his own reflection words spoken and breath
A change he saw in the playful mirror, he had a different face

A broken heart powered his spirit, a spirit that had lost all sense of direction
Fake, selfish to the heart he crawled into his path
All along yearning for his fathers attention
A feeling that he never met, for he was truly lost in the yearning of affection

Anger flowed in his heart
Hope was locked up, it wasn't free always it had a bail
He never truly mean to harm anyone, yet the ones closest to him felt it all, saw his spirit fail
Alas all was lost, his family, his dreams slapped him awake, awake to his reality in part

All alone, at the bottom of the pit
His heart was bleeding and not a soul around to aid him, he fell to his knees
With his heart in his hand, reaching for the sky, he asked Jesus to take his heart and dwell in it
An ugly howl of the mind with the spirit and soul all at one, gasping for air, for life he said "please"

Shattered, his all, he was nothing but dirt with dirt
His eyes blinded by the endless tears could not see the sky, a beautiful night it was
He asked with all his mind, heart and spirit to be forgiven for his past, for his fault for his flaws
At point zero he blacked out, he died

In his death he saw a light, brighter that the sun itself, it blinded the heart 
A presence he had never felt before came over him, yet there was no fear
Pleaing to his understanding, he knew it was good, and that shortly he would awake from his sleep
Wrong, for the light drew closer and it even spoke, at the words that vented into him, he did weep

A sense of security, of purity overwhelmed his body
Afraid he was not, for His Lord was the light
In the beginning, from the very start He was there to guide him into life herself, teaching him how to fight
Darkpoet died that night, but a new being was born! In the name of Jesus Christ, he was called Jeremiah

-God, father I have been seeking you all my life,
Here I am Lord to serve You, My King.
Jeremiah I shall be, to write for You Father.

Jeremiah Eduardo Orozco 

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This Heart of Mine

You know I hate to love you baby

You're only playin with my heart.

So many dreams you've shattered

So many lives you've torn apart.

If only I could walk away

If my heart could just forget

If the tangled web of love you've spun

Didn't pose such a threat.

Then I could love to love you baby

My heart it could take wings.

I could fall into this love affair

One that had no strings.

But in your hands, my heart a weapon

To be tortured and teased.

My dreams, the ones you've shattered

To be tossed out as you please.

You know I hate to love you baby

Because this heart of mine

Is fragile and it's tender and it's

Living on borrowed time.

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My heart

My heart is not a poem, you may come
And sit awhile apart from the drowsy day
And measure in silence the sweet sum
Of all I am to him in him when I pray

My heart is not a poem, do not read
My lips for syllables sly in sentences
That ever mask our inherent need
It's too naked for pride and pretences.

My heart is not a poem, I'm a man
Simple in form and capable only of love
When you come, bring not a plan
But come to give freedom to this dove.

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Entangled In Ivy

Oh, what a heart this one does have
As she writes words for us all
Left for reading, while heart is bleeding
Yet, able to make us feel tall
She pours emotion, honestly, wonderfully
Allowing us all to be a part
So, for this, I say to my dear friend
Thank you for sharing your heart

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Still Life Imperfect

Bitten fruit in still life oils
shined by light internal
shows there is no sweet perfection
immortalized eternal
Portraits crunched, pureed and such
by hands dissolved, ungifted
wipe the paint from canvas skin
until the stains are lifted
Soak the sky with thoughts of art
Speak like a simpleton speaks
Scour the ground for a speck of emotion
to hoard in your hollows for weeks
Reconcile to read a book
Bury your heart in it's sleeve
At the moment you feel like a still life imperfect
you humbly ask and receive...

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Tear in the Hourglass

A tear in an hourglass
so slowly it falls
a sorrow for every dream
that lay shattered against the wall.

So fragile is such a thing
that withers in part
what sadness she brings
in broken heart

Doth do we cringe
bent on broken knee
wounded in love
wounded by thee

Dulled is the sword
that had swung with such force
splintered is the shield
but the heart injured worse

All heroes are slain
killed in passionate war
every heart breaks
to love nevermore

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The Comedian

Filled up with quips like a clanking balloon
blown up with coins not with air
Clittering, clatter on golden paved streets
his winsome words, plenty to share
Brilliant performance, he's taking his bow
on a bed of burnt peacock feathers
The skycap he wears filled with holes and with tears
has protected him well from the weather
The crowd gangly gathers with popcorn and fruit
with the wish and the will just to laugh
He juggles emotions with unending devotion
and doubles his jokes up by half
By the end of the night the whole room is alight
with marshmallow bellies still shaking
From the butt of all jokes to a friend of all folks
he's a super star right in the making...

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The One

The One by Rick Rucker When you have found “The One,” That person that outshines the Sun, Then you will understand the fuss, Your heart convinced with the first buss! Your lack of focus is normal, don't worry, Love will guide your heart, don't hurry, True Love is the force that cures, Your heart of all the past sutures! True Love has the power to change, Your mind, to rearrange Your whole life, To take a husband, or a wife. If all your life, you've lived alone, Talking to suitors on the phone, It's so nice to sit together, Without the phone cord acting as a tether. Something as simple as holding hands, Takes on new meaning with wedding bands. A wedding changes everything, Makes you feel a Queen, or King! That this person wants to spend Their life with you, 'til the end. What might have started out with lust, Has ended with a promise: 'til dust! Marriage won't be only Wedded Bliss, But if each day starts and ends with a kiss, Doing this, and other things, Will mean you don't have to pawn your rings! If you don't marry, out of fear Angel's bells you'll never hear. That gentle tinkling far away, The one that makes you want to stay. Imagine your surprise, When you look into your lover's eyes, Your Love, your spouse, The one that shares with you a house. Being in Love, after decades still, Each one feeling marriage is a thrill How long can True Love last? I'll tell you when a century's passed!

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Jailed Innocent

Never thought I would adorn prison stripe
of black and white without fashion or flare.
News coverage was an exaggerated hype
that could give me a lifetime to wear.

I proclaim that I am blameless and innocent
with no record of violence anywhere.
My heart is heavy with sorrow for this gent
whose loving soul I did willfully snare.

I didn’t know his heart was weak and frail
from loss of his aged dying wife.
I plead don’t incarcerate me to lonely jail
for the rest of my young passionate life.

I have given my all, consoling lonely men
who have lost a loved one present or past.
Do not belong in jail, haven’t committed a sin
please reconsider your honor, I asked.

The old callous judge scowl faced with denial
sentenced me to life of community service.
Since the old gent died with a smile,
jail was not my rightful justice….

Copyright © 2011 By Caryl S. Muzzey

Tenth Place Winner ~ "A poem that has never been entered in any contest” Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Poet Destroyer 
March 24, 2013

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The Essence of Solitude

In subtle silence runs a river of hopes and dreams To find the essence of solitude, I must bridge its width So I wait, with patience, anticipating the quiet hush Its powerful roars come with solace, peace and true girth It drapes the busy walls like rich, velveteen brocade Tranquil, I find myself in its unfettered embrace I become a cocoon enwrapped in comfort and warmth Captivated, in the moment I savor the sweet taste In recline, my heart beats to its rhythmic chant And my breathing becomes slow, deeply sublime While I inhale the soothing fragrance of lavender oils The world is shut out and heart reaches its climb Peacefully drifting, light as leaf upon a river My soul rises to sing sacred songs of praise Enthralled in beauty of suspended animation And I breathe in the silence with solitude encased ~*~
Note: For Paula Swanson's "Breathe in Silence" Contest By : Audrey Carey

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The Cry of Heart

              Neither thy face, nor features, lips and eyes
Nor it is my yearning for mirth which my heart fries

My feet are advancing towards the hangman’s platform
     O sword of tyranny! It is for thee my heart cries

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my saddest christmas ever

my saddest christmas ever
has'nt came to be
but in a very few days
it will happen to me

the presents i thought of
will never be bought
the gifts and decorations
have all come to naught

the love i wished to happen
won't happen this christmas day
because the one i loved the most
has sadly passed away

so i have yet to greive
on that wonderful occasion
no one will love me
with such dedication

my heart has need to give
that special kind of love
but with no one to give it to
my heart it seems stopped up

i can only imagin
the fun we would have shared
exchanging our silly presents
showing how much we cared

going out shopping
will be a lonely task
there won't be anyone there
for me to share romance

but still i'll spend this christmas
with her on my mind
i wish she were here
we would have had a good time

so this will surely be
my saddest christmas ever
will my saddness ever leave
my heart keeps saying never

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A Poet's Pen

“Paper lavished with verse by poetic quill” 

Write me a line or two,
like feather on a breeze.
Words with emotion true
that quietly floats with ease.

Make my lifeless heart swell
with joy that does surpass.
Like crude gushing from well
merit of royal class. 

Inform me of annals
to smile from verses light.
Woo from diverse channels
to make dull days feel bright.

Pen words of rainbow cast
lift spirits to great heights.
Leaving cold heart aghast
from what a poet writes.

Copyright © 2011 By Caryl S. Muzzey

Fifth Place Winner ~ "A Poem Please” Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: A Rambling Poet
Sept. 20, 2011

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Soften Your Heart to Me

Soften your heart to me
For I long for your embrace
Turn that lock with lover’s key
Once more, let me see your face

Soften your heart to me
Hear me whisper in your ear
Reminders of "used to be"
When your heart to mine was near

Soften your heart to me
Break down these walls of pride
With your heart, my sorrow see
Let me lie down by your side

Soften your heart to me
Let these eyes forget to weep
Banish doubt; let all else flee
Give life to what's buried deep

Soften your heart to me
For I ache to taste your kiss
Let your lips with mine agree
And carry my soul to bliss

Soften your heart to me
For my days will not be long
The end of life I foresee
Let your heart to mine belong

Soften your heart to me
Please, love me like days gone by
Listen to my heart’s decree
Make love to me; make me sigh

Soften your heart to me
For soft is my heart and true
Take heed to my ardent plea
I'll soften the world for you

Eileen Manassian 
December 24, 2014

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From the Courtship Collections--The Call

Poor wisp of life, upon the billows whisper
A love assailed by storms of uncertainty and defeat.
Across what cruel seas of hope we flee,
My heart and yours alone to steer the course!

My pen is dull, my sword of little force
Our dreams lie open to the winds beat
As out from Love's harbor we pursue
Fleeting with our love, our charm, our hearts true.

Let the night be ours
Let heaven be our seat.
Till the break of day
When we must be gone, away.

How vain the joys our past has sent,
How wrong the love our heart has pent.
But here friendship lies as love springs forth
Bountiful, happy days-left for us-once more!

Seek nor part, 
brave the tempest's ire,
Our fated course, this day, 
My love, your love, our heart's desire.

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In the Wizard's Garden

*Inspired by George Dunlop Leslie's painting of the same title

The wizard's slumbering garden 
spins magic with ivy thread.
The lure of this mystical web
snares the beauteous girl in red.

He christens this damsel "Scarlet"
for the hue of her crimson gown,
for the tint of her blooming cheeks
that contrast the ashen ground.

The garden robs her rubescence
to fuel the wizard's dark spells,
draining her beauty and vibrance 
until Scarlet becomes a mere shell. 

But to her, this yard rivals Eden,
teeming with flowers and fruit,
bursting with colour and light, 
from tallest tree to deepest root. 

But her vision is mere mirage
in a garden half-dying and grim,
in a graveyard of latent runes
that veil this labyrinth of sin.

Here in the wizard's garden,
warm breath and cold death collide.
In the guise of a noble pardon,
Scarlet becomes his blind bride.

For Isaiah's "George Dunlop Leslie" contest
Here is a link to the painting:

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Beautiful Italy

I stood on top the leaning tower of Pisa
And watched as the tourists walked by.
I felt just a little bit closer to heaven
When surrounded by her bells in the sky.

I visited Rome in the springtime,
With its colorful flowers galore.
Seeing Saint Peters sparkle in sunlight,
You couldn't ask for much more.

I have ventured down and around
A narrow cobblestone street,
And marveled at ruins near the edge of the city
Where the old and new come to meet.

While viewing the beautiful fountain of Trevi
And watching as young lovers kissed,
I could feel the cool breezes blowing
As the fountain caressed my face with its mist.

I remember the wonder of Michelangelo's David
And the pigeons that flocked to his arms.
How proudly he stands in the city of Florence
With her glorious art that defines her charms.

Beautiful Italy, where rolling hills of 
Vineyards produce the finest wine,
And its grapes so plump and juicy
Can withstand the test of time.

In Venice, the city of romance,
Where lights in the evening dance on the sea;
Where all of one's cares seem to vanish,
And all of your worries will flee.

Oh beautiful Italy,
Where lover’s dreams come true.
A land of love and romance
Where I fell in love with you.

Italy - for "Somewhere Over the Rainbow Contest" by Debbie Guzzi

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Dead Poet Society

Is it painful to convey your art,
or is it artful to convey your pain?

Does the torment carry the weight of a thousand suns,
when the love of words slowly but surely drains?

As the heart is healed the poetry departs.
Poets' pens left straining in their hands.

But it's ok, in Love we are all One.
Let's melt into the heavens and flee this barren land.

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My Colours

When I search for blue
Which blue should I use
Is my blue a violet
Or is my blue a blue

When I need a sunset
Of orange and yellow hues
To describe a moment
Making words a view

Today my red is velvet
Yesterday a rose
On lips red is passion
And without words they propose

The sky has expressions
Shades of grays and blues
Sometimes it shows its rainbow
A splinder of its colorful use

Green gives birth to many colours
Innumerable flowers and fruit
They smell and taste delicious
With sented petals and flavorful roots

Colours tell us something
Words can never supply
Colours measure sweetness
And colours measure life

In the winter is snow
Made of purest white
In the midnight hour
Black is the darkest night

When we want attention
We make our colours bright
To mirror images in our minds
And gives the readers sight

Exotic and erotic names
Doesn't fit my fancy
But there are those that tightly hold
Strong colours in their fantasies

When red is mauve and purple fuchsia
And whites confused with peril
Seems like colours were once all men
But now some colours are girls

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My Man TS Eliot

Doth it not thrill thee, Poet, Dead and dust though thy art, To feel how I press thy singing Close to my heart? Dust to dust, ashes to ashes, my poems recite my plight. As two souls mix heart stashes, inspired of mastery might. A precept building ahead of time, TS Eliot dubbed the dark poet. Poems compare the heart and mind, T. was fearful human concepts blow it. Listen, I recite God’s prophet poet, the waste land be the human mind. Eliot recites death as concepts sow it. Valley shadows death, human kind. Branches, the parasites of human rubbish, as Eliot compares God’s precept dovish. Sorrow and blood slaughter is unleashed, as humans seek beasts’ minds for publish The human shall not cease of beast, mind-wilderness concept abominations, until he return to origin of flourish east. Hear wisdom of T’s dark connotations “TS near quotes Of roots that clutch of which branches grow, of its stony rubbish is only concepts of man. Broken images of rubbish, cannot flow, for of the red rock is the precept grand. “TS near quotes The blood drained of the eternal red stone. Fear is but a handful of flesh-turned dust. Death shadow dust is swallowed of throne, as the red stone shall bud of evergreen thrust. For Dear Heart And Contest The Passionate Reader Welcome back Dear Heart

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First Love

You were the first of all my loves
the first to wake my heart
the one to make it beat so wild
pierced now with cupids dart

You looked my way and stole my breath
you turned a school girls head
I was love struck there and then
hung on every word you said

Perhaps I was a little young
but my heart at your feet I lay
and gladly offered you my soul
to do with as you may.

How I longed for you to want me
I was just the sister of a friend
still I would sit and dream of us
…..but dreams are just pretend

Years ago I fell for you
but for me you were never right
and though my heart may flutter still
it no longer leaps on sight

You were the first of all my loves 
and so you'll always stay
but in my heart the space you hold
is now a corner out the way.

Saturday 9th April 2011

Written by Emma Mantle
2nd place

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Not The Same Without You

It's not the same without you;
The days are rainy and the nights are blue.
My heart is crying and God is too,
But we are smiling, waiting here for you.

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the river trip revised

fishing at a river
not knowing what he'd catch
he casted out his line
not hopeing for the best

sometimes you get a nibble
and sometimes you get a bite
but you never know what's on the line
until you reel it in for sight

fishing at the river
not knowing what he'd catch
he caught a fish named charlie
some say that it's the best

she fell for it hook,line, and sinker
and surely did'nt resist
for all the fishermans trickery
he did his very best

he'd caught her with his words
and suduced her with his rhymes
pulled on her emotions
tightened up his lines

he had to be persistant 
and hold on don't let loose
reeling in his biggest catch
gave his ego a boost

but when it came to falling in love
she'd put him to the test
the fisherman was surely happy
with hit lastest catch

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Thine Love And Mine

Art thou my one true love?
Then let our hearts entwine;
allow our souls to dance at will
and I shall call thee mine.

I claim thee as my only one,
thou knowest this is sure,
my heart hath finally found a home,
my love for thee is pure.

Tell me dost thy heart exist
to beat with mine forever,
and through the years that yet to cometh
will our souls still dance together?

Will our lips still grace a kiss
when age hath left its mark,
and will thy love still hold a flame
like a candle in the dark?

When time dost sap our vital force
thy love I'll still behold,
for I shall seeth in thine eyes
a love still young and bold.

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His Hands

His hands are mesmerizing;
They move with easy grace.
With wide palms and long fingers,
He stirs this breathless place.
His melody is haunting;
It strikes my deepest chord.
His hands pluck at my heartstrings,
Touch regions unexplored.

I can't help but imagine
Just how those hands would feel
Playing tunes against my skin -
A world of notes unsealed.

He concentrates so deeply, 
Immersed in making art.  
And here I sit - Pathetic!
Jealous of a damned guitar!

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Charming Hug

She has great freckles and a live wire voice And red hair with beauty that can’t compare Green eyes and lovely tonal lips displayed Can hear her love by her motion she shares I always hold her deep inside of me Her glory lies outside of her beauty Her real charm is beyond her simple looks Her whole loving heart is just how I see Her longing gaze is what I surely see Deep within my soul I long to view her So when I am near her I want to be One with her heart, a Hug I must confer Charming and inspiring are her great looks There’s not a man on Earth that would not see Her gorgeousness that’s fueled by her power Not a second goes by that she’s not free She always desires a lovely warm Hug From any good looking man that surrounds Hugs are her thing, no matter her beauty All men win, from her heart of love astounds
Russell Sivey Contest: HUGS Sponsor: S. K. A. T. 5/28/2013

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Crimson Slippers

Opening the doors to the old studio I find A playful capriole sprinted across my mind Into a sashay and a glissade I drifted back I could hear the teachers stick go tap.tap.tap Once a prestigious ballet school of great poise Filled with music as our slippers sounded with noise The mirrors are cracked and the floors dusty Rain soaked wood left the room smelling musty The charm stayed behind as if waiting for me Spotlighting a ballerina to The goddess of the sea The young girl danced flawlessly then took a bow Then sashayed off the stage without a moistened brow An old battered piano appeared across from me Bearing red ballet shoes like a crimson canopy Charm embraced her while honoring her memory As I looked into the mirror I saw that girl was me Carole Cookie Arnold 2010

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The Art of Making Love

Tonight we play our favorite duet
 to an audience of celestial stars.
Variations over years; a song we never forget,
 stroking familiar notes within each bar.

Andante: pianissimo: slow caresses as whispers,
 giving attention to those sensitive keys.
Each to the other, a part we deliver;
 Entwined we perform with such ease.

Allegro: increasing our synchronized tempo
 as our chorus delightfully sings through.
Vibrating heartstrings deeply now flow;
 enjoying our art as if new.

Vivo! As the beat of two hearts now race.
Crescendo! Intensively, climax is reached.
Pausing in arc at this euphoric place;
 echos in afterglow; encores in dreams.

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wasted my time

No curse words allowed
are you confused, lost, ignorant
you are no artist, you have shunned art
and its true purpose
what is art? but an expression
the low and vile are the most potent
Did you forget, Emerson The Poet
He would call you "selfish and sensual"
"an umpire of taste"
"proof of the shallowness of the doctrine of beauty"
in a world of suffering, of loss
Art isnt happy, and flowers in the park
you, in your confusion, hide in the dark
hide any truths of pain and suffering
and by doing so you have lost your soul
You are only half a person
art is an expression of life and its hidden
what is in a word? something to hide from?
something to fear? to censor? to fight?
are you that ashamed of language?
honesty? expressions of shame?
You are no poet, no artist
you are no immortal, 
of course you are so cowardly and weak
you will hide from me, censor me,
avoid the truth, lie to the world
if you cant stomach a curse word
then you cant handle me 
any immortal would crush you
and leave you wounded
truly contemplating your life
breaking you open, forcing you alive
then, maybe then, you will have an emotion,
worthy of expression into art. 
but dont get mad at me, angry or hurt
You may just use a curse word

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The Robbery

Rob me of my purity,
But once again it's all my fault;
Fell into the trap of false promises
Because I pressed play instead of pause.

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When the Chalk Dust Fades

A creative heart stopped beating, Its amazing potential has ceased. The sidewalk bears its final goodbye, Before it entered into peace. · Although your voice was silenced, You still speak to us through your art. The concrete still echoes the memories, That dwell within our hearts. · Loneliness speaks in volumes, In the chalk art you portray. And may the memories carry on, When the chalk dust fades away. __________________________ For Anna Mayall A wonderful student of art and poetry!

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The Heart Of The Ocean

You pick me up and fly me away;
Oh my baby, what a beautiful day!
Like a rock, you are strong to withstand the motion,
And your love runs deep, the heart of the ocean.

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Be My Valentine

To call a rose by any other name
Could never do justice to you
To see you name there in the frame
Makes my heart go out to you…

A rose as fair, perfumed to perfection
The palest yellow petals that glow
Make my heart beat as though with infection
My temperature it raises so.

So Mystic lady I ask you this one time
If I were a boy, rich, strong and tall
Would you then be my valentine?
And we can leave now, and sod them all.

©  10/01/2013
 Entry for Mystic Roses' contest: Be my Valentine

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Write for me a love poem.
Use words I long to hear.
Tell me of your love for me,
And that you hold me dear.

Tell me that you love the way,
Light plays upon my hair;
That star light twinkles in my eyes,
And that you find me fair.

Tell me of the first time,
When you became aware,
That it was I who stirred you,
When first you knew you cared.

Tell me how your heart beat,
Increases when I'm near.
Tell me that to lose me,
Is your only fear.

Speak to me of moon light,
Soft breezes, gentle things;
Lovely words that touch the heart,
And cause the soul to sing.

If you cannot find the words,
To make my heart beat faster,
Then read some poems of long ago,
The sonnets of the masters.

They knew how to turn a phrase,
Could touch your very soul.
The words they wrote reach out through time.
Such words just don't grow old.

Speak to me of beauteous things,
Words soft as a silken glove.
Speak the words I long to hear.
Speak to me of love.

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A heartfelt ride

My heart is on the ride, bouncing
Upon a masterpiece of art
Painted by His hand, taunting
Stroking brush across the canvas.

In the pursuit of a vision
He attempts to bring it to life
With His expert hand in motion
At time forceful, other times light.

He takes my heart upon a flight
Above a magnificent land
The measure of His love to light
The walls of its chambers, His plan.

Yet to ride the land He designs
Takes it through valleys and steep hills
Upon a thorny path hard to climb
But along with the song of two whippoorwills.

If not for the grace of seeing
The beauty of His will while it flew
It would have given up its beating
With the pain found in coming true.

By CarolineCécile
Copyright © 05.14.11

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Lost Pieces

My heart shattered into pieces
The sad day you said goodby.
You had sworn you'd love me ever,
Now I know that was a lie.

When your new love has betrayed you
And you find yourself alone,
Please don't think I will be waiting.
I'm not answering my phone.

Once a loving heart is broken,
It will take a while to heal.
Since you've shown your sly duplicity,
You have lost your great appeal.

When I picked up the pieces  of
My heart from off the ground,
The part that held my love for you
Was not there to be found.

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There is a place inside,
Maybe deep in my heart,
Where I sometimes hide,
When I fall apart.

Many secrets here I keep,
All my feelings, too,
The dreams when I sleep,
And my wishes to come true.

It is where I can go,
When life is just to much,
I let my emotions flow,
And I am out of touch.

I am happy in that place,
Even when my heart is sad,
All the troubles that I face,
Suddenly don't seem so bad.

In this place I can fly,
Way up to the stars,
The moon passes me by,
And I could soar so far.

It is a world of fantasy,
Maybe deep in my mind,
It can take away my misery,
There's no better place to find.

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You are the breath I take in order
To live
And the light that enables me
To see
You are the melody that rhythm 
To my life give 
And the reason that I wish forever
To be!

© Demetrios  Trifiatis
    10 APRIL 2013

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Portrait of a Man

The man examines his portrait painted by life
The life he lead, desires dulled, so much strife
A wanton spirit crying out, needing to be caressed
A disillusioned life, little remains to feel blessed.

His dream to carve memorials in stones
Poetry his hearts desire, deep within his bones
Waiting, but for what, that he never knew
Until his heart was pierced and his melancholy slew.

A meaning now he found to put his chisel in hand
To carve a stone of life, now inspired and not bland 
A battle before he was unwilling to get up and fight for
Poetry flowing through his veins, he needed to pen forever more.

Pen words of love, words of desire of flowers not yet smelt
Words of wisdom, words of hope, feelings not yet felt
The toxic waste, the dregs of life abandoned and now gone
With words of love, ruby red lips, kissed away everyone.

Hope rages and surges through once clogged arteries  
The disillusioned man now gets up from bended knees
No need to beg for the entrails of love never shown
The piercing freeing his heart when the arrow struck home.

Love abounds freely given just there waiting for his grasp
A love true, a deep love, and a love that er will last.
He got up and with love and understanding he started to build
His soul now cleansed with a love so strong and his heart filled.

© ~GG~08 03 2013

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I Shall Get Back Our Liberty

Motherland, my native-land,
Thou hast been again reduced to sand;
Once again these men have made you
That Old Woman, my motherland!

I look from here to there about
And my heart crosses this doubt
As how could it ever be:
Can I Not Help My Dear Country?

They freed thee years ago--
They drove out mortal enemy;
But worse fates have brought you down,
These three scores and years three...

Give me your voice my Motherland,
I'll do my best for all to see;
I'll free thee from all--all's enow:
I Shall Bring Back Our Dignity!

In times when your sons leave--
Desert their mother in troubled-sea,
I promise Mother, give a word
And I shall bring back Liberty...!

...Tell me your heart my Motherland,
Share your sorrows do, with me;
None could doubt, I shall bring back:
Get back our lost Liberty.....

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You have taken all that's left of me
And placed me on  dark shelf
I gave you every ounce so free
You bled me dry and then I wept.

Why must you wrap my soul in knots
and unwind me when you get the notion?
The pain inside it simply rots
I realize there was no real devotion

I toss and turn upon my bed at night
my pillow has a covering of tears
You watched me twist in the wind with sheer delight
My heart has stopped from self inflicted fear

I must ask you now just why and how
you knew I gave my most emblazoned passion
Does the mirror show you truth of my breakdown?
Like a raging river my lonely tears are crashing.

Memories they race into my mind
haunting echos of  time that was
I laid upon our bed close by your side
how can you disgrace the two of us?

I feel my heart has been the punch line
and jokes are played with me as the expense
You told the world our deepest loving times
on top of that you said it with pretense

so now my love I fear this is the end
It's sad to see our love crushed like a rose
I guess those things you said were all pretend
and like they say I guess that's how it goes

My petals they have fallen to the ground
Your princess lost her crown along the way,
Like a thief you stole without a sound
I would have loved you 'til your dying day.

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Yes It Is

Cryin' seems such a useless thing to do
yet, all I do is sit and cry for you now.
I see you in each sunrise and it's so true
your black heart has cut me to the marrow.

I begged you not to leave me and that's wrong
a rakish smile was all you left me with then.
But, here I sit and write out this damn love song
tryin' to melt your hardened heart with a pen.

I cry for you each night as the sun sets
no car headlights come to fill my darkened room
all i have is memories and deep regrets
I'll surely take them with me to the tomb.

Black and blue you've left me and it's true
you never cared as much as I did, hear me.
losing you was best for me, long over do
the crying's done, it's over I so decree.

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Something Like You

Something like a love song
Crossed my mind,
Sang to my soul,
Made my heart fly.

Something like a daydream
Drove me wild
Had me on cloud nine
Free like a child.

Something like a miracle
Hit me hard
Had me jumping and skipping.
I was touching the stars.

Something like a love story
Took my by surprise
Feeling like I won the lotto
Gave me butterflies.

Something like a love song
Played softly to my heart beat
Its all your fault
And I'm swept off my feet.

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The Youthful Valentine

I spotted something on the ground
A crumpled valentine
And when I picked it up I found
This valentine was mine

"Why won't she be my valentine?
She turned her face away
Come back and be my valentine
Oh please come back and stay."

But still she walked the path ahead
A glance she did not waste
I tossed away the heart of red
And ran to her in haste.

"Why won't you be my valentine?
Don't turn your face away
Come back and be my valentine
Oh please come back and stay."

"I cannot be your valentine
Because my heart could break
If all my heart were bound in thine 
Perhaps my heart you'd take."

"Oh won't you be my valentine?
Your heart I'd never break
Were all your heart bound up in mine
I ne'er your heart would take."
"So sweet you are to seek me out
So kind to understand
I did not mean to run or pout
So please accept my hand,

"Because I'll be your valentine
I'll turn no more away
Oh please do place your hand in mine
For I am here to stay."

First place entry in "Be My Valentine" contest.

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The Fountain Within

Warmth upon my cheek
His arms 'round me, embrassing
His breath so close to me
Heating my whole being.

The sun has come and I sing
Has entered my thoughts, and I feel
My heart opened and all trusting
For it is inside to stay, and I'm healed.

He's made me who I am
Right from the get go
His essence part of who I am
It took me so long to know.

The fountain of youth is love
Let us all be connected to its source
That we may all sense from above
The soul and heart of eternal force.

By CarolineCecile

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Black Diamond Night

                      Black Diamond Night

The rapier of light cut through the black velvet night
Two lovers looked up at the first star tonight
Look see, that star light above
But she could not see, the star was her love…

Bodies lying spent under the warm black sky
The rapier of light like a javelin poised high
His body glistening in the extending glare
Her eyes blocked by her lovers breath to share.

He stands and looks up to the gods above
You thought you could take me from this woman I love.
Thor looking down at his son now a mortal
Power he would give to his grandsons  through his portal.

His son once a demi,-god, now a mortal man
He vowed he would help, in any way he can
The light strikes his son from the black velvet sky
His back arched in pain his thoughts wondered why!

His lover lay replete on the damp flattened ground
Unaware of the pain and the light all around
Her lover stands his beauty abounds
In his hand a weight his fingers surround.

His heart is heavy, his father has cast him
As he opens his hand, his breath he does gasp in.
There in the palm of his hand he held tight
The most beautiful diamond from the black velvet night.

His heart is softened, he know it does mean
His father’s not forsaken him, his love he has seen
He takes his lover in arms, holds her tight
As they make sweet love under the black diamond night. 
© ~GG~ 18/08/2012

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The Beat Goes On

Grandma was German raised to value beauty,
her art found in nature the flowers and the trees. 
Grandpa, a Wentworth, from an English family
whose Great Grand sailed the Mayflower, across the sea.

In the time of William Morris, when craft was art,
Great Granddad was a shipwright that's how we got our start.
So, we valued craft and beauty and adventure charted. 
Through tough times, poverty, still wisdom was imparted. 

Born in a place of splendor miles from the bay, 
Mom was raised on the poetry of Edna Millay.
I was born there to and in the woods I played
amongst maidenhair ferns and violets unafraid. 

In art born, with brush and pen, often did I write,
raised on Lord Tennyson to great my delight.
And, I adored the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright
how he blended craftsmanship into each homesite.

Schooled in modern art Warhol and Mies Van De Rhoe,
my mind opened blooming to many new tableaus.
All my contemporaries were part of art neuvau.
Each masterly artisan's work helped me to grow

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Web of Chaos

Tangled in a web of chaos; 
confusion there at every turn, 
but somewhere in the mesh of mayhem 
were lessons that I had to learn. 

Many times my will has wavered. 
Many days and nights were strewn 
with ups and downs of smiles and sorrows, 
while in my heart the passion burned. 

Compassion for the cries of many; 
those who wail and those who mourn 
for those now lost and gone to heaven 
drifting on the breeze of death. 

In my heart the love is burning; 
its glowing embers feed my soul. 
At my core the tide is turning; 
the fractured mirror now a whole. 

Say what you feel to those around you. 
Speak in words of trust and love 
for one day they'll be gone forever 
lost to ethereal realms above. 

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The Line between Love and Hate

I hate you for not caring
I hate you for not being there
I hate you for not responding
I hate you for your pompous air

I hate you for mutilating
This sensitive heart of mine
I hate you for not seeing me
As possessing beauty fine

I hate you for your incessant
Playing with my deep emotion
And I hate you for the ridicule
Of my ardent strong devotion

I hate you for not giving me
The dire attention that I need
And I do hate you for making
This little heart of mine to bleed

I hate you for being indifferent
And I hate you for being rude
I hate you for being handsome
And I hate you for being crude

I hate you because you make me
Forget to be vicious like you
And I hate that you make me want
To give my love to you anew

I hate the truth that proclaims
A thin line twix love and hate
I hate it that you’ve made me
Want to cross that line of late.

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Chinese Ribbon Dance

Chinese Ribbon Dance Ribbons fly in wide circles Flung by hands of maidens fair, As they dance with turns and twists, Satin ribbons fill the air. Loops of wonder, colors soft Like a rainbow, mesmerize… Music, synchronized, combine Gifts of art through ears and eyes. Ribbon circles rise and fall Twisting, turning high and low... Follow movements of skilled hands, Twirl in endless color flow. Round and round and round they go, Ribbons foster mystic trance Through the art of maidens fair… Dancers of the Ribbon Dance. © Sandra M. Haight 2015 All Rights Reserved ~3rd Place~ Contest: Chinese New Year & Celebrations Theme: Ribbon Dance Sponsor: Debbie Guzzi Judged: 02/15/2015

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Distant Thoughts

As she sat in the garden, her book on her lap She hoped time would come to a stop How cool, how pleasant it was here It smelled of dreams, oh of that she was so dear! She wondered what she would be like as an animal Surely, she would be cruel and bestial Hungry and thirsty, filling up her hunger With those little beasts for whom she would be a predator! She wished she could have, at the tip of her fingers, magic Oh she would have surely tried every little trick From bringing back time to travelling further in time She would even sweeten the sour lime! She hoped someday, to travel to the sun Oh this was her dream, surely not a pun For, full of mystery is life and all that surrounds it So why not try to broaden further her knowledge a bit? The air was stifling, studies were boring, Romances in books are thrilling She wished for an eternal lover, Someone she would not be bored with, never ever! With these thoughts in her mind, she slept Her mind to great distances, stepped And she became there, her living dreams, her whims She became there, the Queen of her own films!

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My Soul Awakened

Surrendering my heart to her I cry Tears of joy does fill every part of me I have found life once again in my soul Her eyes send shivers of love completely My soul is awakened, she’s brought me life Every moment I spend will be with her No holes will be left within my old soul Our hearts together, our souls will confer Unified we rightfully blend ourselves Caringly we placed our souls to align We have awakened our love from inside Tenderly we harbor within this sign Her eyes enter my heart, sighting it all Viewing my real love for her which is true It grows greater with each heartbeat each day My soul awakened by her heart anew
Entered into Gail Angel Doyle's "A Soul Awakened" contest 4/13/2013

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A Nature Walk

Stop for a moment, to only admire The wondrous, warm world, where I do reside; These gigantic trees do serve to inspire, Notice the beauty, with nothing to hide. The golden orb shines through neon-clear leaves, From the canopy falls a single drop Of dew that is unstirred by any breeze, landing on my palm with a tiny 'plop'. Next is the meadow, so spacious and fair, Filled with daffodils, and fat buzzing bees. This fantastic scene, tends Nature with care, Yet Home must I go, now back to the trees, For with this family, I must be sure, Found at Home to make a nice, hot breakfast, Since my love for them, is ever so pure, So I bid farewell, as I'm Home at last.

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Waste not the love of a lady

Waste not her love in all it's tender exhibits
Nor take for granted the look in her eyes
Lest her softness be calloused fictitious 
Or her trust in your heart be despised 

The strength of a man lies not in his stature
Nor the kingdoms he's built in his name
It's not in the dreams defeated or captured
Or heroically owning some blame 

The love of a lady discerns what is true
The child's heart that dwells in her man
His need to be nurtured vulnerabilities debut
Entrance to an unguarded land

There's a bravery more gallant 
Than the absence of fear
When in loves sweet embrace transparent
Gratitudes strength displayed by way of unbridled tears

Ah so few things in life so precious
As the slow dance between woman and man
Fewer still are the moments that leave you breathless
When love finds it's way past adversities plan 

I say... Waste not the love of a lady
Your rugged stance will have its due
Lavish her with pure surrender
Her last breath will whisper... "My love is true"

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What Kind Of Flowers

Getting close to eighty, not a great idea To shovel snow anymore The danger of a heart attack is ever present Certainly not something to ignore Up in our brains we're still young as ever But the body's fallen way behind So don't you go thinking, that's not me I'm still young and able of mind What kind of flowers d'ya want on your coffin That's if you don't heed my warning It's not really a subject to make jokes about But it may help you see next morning When we're up in years, it's more on our mind It used to be way off in the future Then all of a sudden it starts getting closer Thinking about age, ain't so super So to hurry it along, keep shovelling snow You ain't a young pup anymore It's up to you if you wanna be a smart ass Maybe make out your will before © Jack Ellison 2014

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As you peel back one layer you will a bit more of me
Each layer defines parts that the naked eye may not see
The outer layer is tough resistant and seems weather proof
Just one more layer down is where you start to find the truth.

Peel off a third one and that’s where my feelings are hidden
Not on the surface to be played with or abused when bidden
Another layer down is where my tears are caught and held back.
Until the hurt of death and squalor, that layer attack

The last layer you may peel from me, I hold on to so tight
 I don’t want you to see my heart naked, in the harsh light.
The layer that covers my heart and keeps it safe from abuse
Life constantly picks at it and it’s not really much use.

I tried so hard to keep that one in place and safe from harm
Then life produces its peeler, which I would like to disarm.
It endlessly peels away at the layers of my protection
Leaving me vulnerable and weak and open to infection.

To fight back at life I have found a small good cure all
And that is what lets me walk on the edge, I totter but not fall.
In times of trouble and death, pain, anger and even love
Look for the silver lining that helps give this life a little shove.

Shove these things aside; they will get dealt with in a while
Knowing that whatever it is, will be behind us - so smile.
The layer that keeps our minds strong and yes even clear
Needs the most attention, it gives us hope, love, and even fear

Good things and bad things all come and go day by day
But we find we always look back on them and so we can say
Another day passed though we never forget the pain
Let me replace that layer now and cover my heart again

A smile helps to build up the layers and keeps me on life’s path
As does love, friendship and forgiveness, and a smile turns back wrath.
When we feel we can never smile ever again in a thousand lifetimes
We will look back and find the memory dims and the sun returns to shine

My layers are there I try to build them and keep them supple and strong
But sometimes they get ripped in a wrench and I think I am wrong
Straight to the point where my heart beats and is exposed to life’s ills
Time to pay the piper, as he comes to collect on life’s bills.

Laughter the best medicine and that I truly believe
But there’s a time to laugh and then there is a time to grieve
Time to think and to fight, love and to perhaps even pray
I hope my layers will keep intact, and get me through another tough day.

© ~GG~ 25/12/2012

My son had to work today, he is a supervisor on a motorway service station. He came home to us at the end of his shift for any comfort we could give him because of a motor accident just past where he works that took the lives of two children and an adult and seriously injured two more. He had to get access for the emergency services and then deal with angry motorists as he had to block them trying to re-enter the motorway, while things were dealt with.  His one thought was how the families would now cope, not only with the losses but that fact that it would taint their Christmas celebrations for the rest of their lives.
Although we do not celebrate Christmas he is so concerned for their feelings he is finding it difficult to cope with. My heart grieves not only for them and their horrendous ordeal, but my son whose heart has been laid open to their pain.

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Green land

The land is green
In flag and corns
Her coat is green
And her steeds' horns.

The land is green 
So footest her harvest
Her coat is green
And so win her chest.

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The Poem You Can Never Read

Sometimes fear can catch our tongues
Keeping truths enclosed
Barring words to pass the lips
Words leaving us exposed

And maybe that's what's safer
Than what I'm about to do
But we only get one life to live
And in my life, I want you

You've been inside my heart now
For a long time, but I've been
Afraid that it was just me
Just a dream that I was in

But then you came and touched me
And the feelings came alive
But I've still kept them quiet
Waiting for the perfect time

But time keeps ticking past us
And perfect, time is not
And life goes on without you here
And this isn't what I want

You won't believe how great you are
Well when you're viewed by me
You're really unbelievable
I just wish that you would see

I've seen you become a man
In the years you've been around
I've seen you go through many things
Seen you be up, and then down

I've seen you fight for who you love
I've seen you win and loose
I've seen you go through hard things
I've seen you have to choose

I've seen how you remember
Little silly things each day
That means so much more to me
Than I could even say

I know we come from different worlds, 
But thats alright by me
I know that there are obstacles
Probably more than I could see

I think I'd go a thousand miles
If I could end up in your arms
You see, you broke through my hearts barriers
Leaving me disarmed

As many things as you are
One thing that you're without
Is eyes to see how much I care
I guess I'll have to spell it out

My heart wants to be with you
For us to have our chance at love
And maybe it would work out
To be all we've both dreamed of

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A Soft, Cool Blue

Into two pools of a soft, cool blue
My soul dares to take a dive
The mistress whose orbs my heart subdues
Is a shipwreck I can’t survive

My knees grow weak, my palms do sweat
In my stomach flutter butterflies
Her eyes entranced when first we met
My cause is lost you realize

Into two pools of a soft, cool blue
My freedoms are sure to drown
But a heart unbroken is a heart turned cruel
To dive and perish, is better, I’ve found

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Diamonds In Your Eyes

Diamonds In Your Eyes

Your eyes like diamonds
Sparkle now at me
Can I take that as a sign
That we two are to be?

Your eyes like diamonds
Their glare blinds my every thought
My strength is draining
This my love has wrought.

Your eyes like diamonds
Is it that you feel the same
A sparkle in your heart
Struck now by Cupid’s aim?

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10 Minutes to Decide

With his back turned he looks away from her He depends on his trusty watch and waits Her response will be today, he knows it He hears them talk behind him, which abates What did she say, what was her sure answer His friend said that you may now turn around He begins to turn then she says no wait And back to their discussion they went down Minutes went by then it came upon ten He said he’ll turn around now and visit The women stopped their chatter together And he turned, what’s her answer, what is it?
Russell Sivey Contest: George Dunlop Leslie Sponsor: Isaiah Zerbst 5/19/2013

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The ides of March are upon us.
The air is crisp and cold,
 And I set out with my two dogs,
To see what the night enfolds.

I love my nightly walks with them,
Just me and God and them.
It's how I set my heart to rest.
It soothes me once again.

My walks with them do calm me,
They soothe and heal my spirit.
This time with Him is like a balm,
Against the things that sear it.

The air is cold and sweet tonight,
It's overcast and dark.
No stars bejewel the sky this night,
As we walk through the park.

The night bird's call is sweet tonight,
Upon my weary ear.
I look for him in vain, I know,
For he will not appear.

Here and there are sparkles,
By my feet amid the grass,
Like fairies flitting to and fro,
Twinkling as we pass.

His touch is everywhere it seems,
We only have to look.
His promise never to forsake,
Is written in The Book.

There is one thing only,
That our God just cannot do,
He cannot lie, for He is Truth.
He's here, I tell you true.

Thus reassured I start for home,
My heart no longer heavy.
My step is light for He is here,
To lift my tax and levy.

"Faint not, for I am here for you."
He speaks to my lonely spirit.
I just have to take the time,
And listen so I'll hear it.

He's here for me, I know He is,
And He will never leave.
I just have to do my part,
So there's no need to grieve.

The road is long and rough, I know,
It's filled with twists and turns,
But if I lift my hands to Him,
My spirit soon returns;

For He will catch me up to Him,
In His strong arms I'm safe.
My Father's here, no need to fear,
I'm covered by His Grace.

                                                                                                         Psalm 46:10-11

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Sign Language for Love

I got a sweet text yesterday
That brought a tear to my eye
It was from my 18 year old
And it almost made me cry

She somehow had remembered
Everytime she’d perform up front
The violin or some school play
For our faces her eyes would hunt

And when she would spot us out there
I’d make sure I would catch her eye
Then I’d quickly sign, “I love you”
Giving her courage to really try

As I stared down at my phone
I thanked God for this daughter of mine
How after all of these years  
She remembered that little sign

As a parent I’ve made mistakes
Done some things I wish I'd forget
Now that she is so far from home
My heart just fills up with regret

But in her message short and sweet
There was love written in each line
I thank God that He’s gifted me
With a precious daughter so fine.

Parents, the small things that you do
May not seem like such a big deal
But when each sign bears your love
Your child’s heart you’re sure to steal

When the years have all sped away
And you remember that sweet smile
I hope a text will assure you
That each effort has been worthwhile

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Prick the finger of this flame
Let it bleed upon the land
Cherish nothing and forsaken
A broken warrior will stand

Disallusioned by the hatred
Torn asunder by the tears
Hypnotized by all this fire
Life within him disappears

Agony will scorch his body
Burning memories of hate
Take their toll upon the soul 
That nirvana sought to late

Profound the grief that penetrates
Into the deep recesses
Of a heart that beats with anger
That he feeds as he obsesses

Walking streets of solitude
What a dismal life to find
He searches unsuccessful
For someone to share his mind

This flame is burning fiercly
Like the blood of many men
He cringes, as with punishment
He is broken yet again

Terrifying visions dance
Like electric currents fanned
Volcanic, these eruptions
That were buried in the sand

Roaming wild thru the jungle
Of a heart that habors hate
Fighting fiercly resignation
That will seal up his fate

Despite determination
Inevitable surrender
Mock his protestations
For he always will remember

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Remembering When

I remember when
I was a frilly butterfly
With a need to be loved
While flying happily up the sky

I remember when
I met him my sweetheart
He was made of pure innocence
And gave my life a new start

I remember when
He broke me up badly
I was still a frail butterfly
But I could now only see love as my enemy

I remember when
I took the vow of turning into Narcissus
True, treading the path alone get lonely
But it is yet better than to be Sisyphus

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The Aborigine Boy

The aborigine boy, his poor young heart was yearning
For the young raven haired girl, a passion was quickly burning
He was to carve his first boomerang to prove he was a man
If it returned back to him, he would carry out his plan.

He took the mulga branch and checked it was just so
The angle was correct, he couldn’t wait for his first throw
He split the branch and picked the piece that he knew would work
He had learnt from his ancestors, his walkabouts he never did shirk.

The branch he split, he took a stone and carved his mulga with care
He wanted it to fly and return, then win his maiden with raven hair
He inscribed it with his love and painted it with ochre of red
He took it to the outback and threw his first throw with a dread.

The boomerang did spin, it twisted and then dropped
The young aborigine felt his love and life, had suddenly stopped
He tried again he flicked his wrist it spun up heavenward
It spun it’s last spin and once again it was then floored.

His love was slipping away, a man he was not to be
His raven haired love, his bursting heart would never see
He tried and tried and then with a long last flick of his wrist
He had learnt the way he saw; he pounded the air with his fist.

His boomerang started to turn; it started on its first return
He danced as he watched it, and he felt his loins begin to burn
He jumped up and down waiting; he saw a glint of red
He knew he had done it, when it smacked him in the head

He had learnt to make his weapon 
But his plan did not quite hatch
In learning to make the boomerang,
He forgot to learn how it to catch…

© 21/01/2013~GG~
Contest entry:
Inspiration came from Seren Roberts Poem 'Always To Return'

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Why Fate Why

Came upon my doorstep
Once upon a winter's night
A man with a heavy footstep
In need of a new day's sight!

Pity overcame me and I gave him my heart
And he made of me his own sweetheart
Yet I knew not when I was all torn
And held of life as an object of mourn

Long ago that was,
Today, breathing are my scars
Even I let go of all those wars
I cannot dream again of those stars

Blurred was my whole life
Once a lover, now seeing only strife
I can only ask Fate,
You who watch my gait,

You who gave me such a sorry state
Why, Why?  Could you not wait?
Could you not let me be
Happy in this reality?

All I ever wanted was to help
All I ever did was to whelp
Like a wounded animal
Like a disillusioned girl in need of her pal!

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The Clerk

I've shown my work to others
who rate it for themselves.
The feeble simply love it.
The intricate act like elves.

The wise man gets behind it
encouraging me to write.
It's only when the humble;
thank me that it's right.

My works in many countries.
Each nation reading from it.
Trading new ideas
when words to thoughts become it.

It has a narrow following.
Yet; larger than did once.
I wonder what is popular.
I wonder if I'm dunce.

I know I'm getting better.
I think I like my work.
I envy what I've written.
Like someone elses clerk.

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True Knight

I used to dream when I was new
Of midnight curls, eyes sapphire blue:
Long years ago, it now does seem
When I was new, I used to dream.

I must confess, as dreams are free
I didn't see you wait for me.
My eyes were shut, my heart no less
As dreams are free, I must confess.

Then years flew by; I woke at last
My childhood dreams became my past.
With just three words, a dance, a sigh
I woke at last – then years flew by.

The love I found, it went away;
I lost your hand one sunny day.
It slipped from mine, fell to the ground:
It went away, the love I found.

My strength, my world, I watched it fade,
Those years of light fell into shade.
My body done, my soul unfurled, 
I watched it fade, my strength, my world.

The past is haze but I’m not done;
I linger on: alone, I’m one.
I fear my grief will drown my days,
But I’m not done – the past is haze.

The love we share, it’s all I need,
For though I’m lost, I know you’ll lead.
I’ll follow you and break despair – 
It’s all I need, the love we share.

(a swap quatrain poem for Andrea Dietrich’s 'Swap Quatrains' Contest)

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Amidst a Heathery Hue

Amidst a heathery hue below a towering Ben
A beautiful maiden graces this proud of Highland men
From overseas she sailed her visions now finally clear
She lies before me in witness my heart pounds she is so near

Face to face we are chattering like birds on the wing
My hand she takes to her bosom her heart now starts to sing
Of melodies about love and the wanting of loving arms
No more hurt and sorrow just days full of romantic charms

Future days in blissful awakenings, just as it should be
My arms like canopies of green all wrapped around this loving she
Many kisses and cuddles that anoint this blissful pair
Speechless amidst a heathery hue, for all I can do is stare

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A Penny for your Thoughts

The dreams inside my heart are never ending.
I find some comfort in the people I’m befriending.
I look all around to find a solution.
 Maybe I’m just part of human evolution?

I think there is something locked inside the dream,
It just seems to flow, much like a rushing stream.
As the water passes by, I peek around the bend,
When I view before me, my heart begins to mend.

I can’t always wrap my mind around this,
Moments of despair, wrapped inside of bliss.
Sometimes they create balance inside of me,
Opening my eyes, so I am able to see.

Some  I get while some I don’t understand.
Sometimes like a stranger from a far off land.
I gather up the pieces, hoping they will fit.
 The answers are illusive on this bank I sit.

I watch as the water washes ashore,
I see in my heart I desire some more.
The ripples are like changes, sparkling with light,
 Reminds me of the stars that appear every night.

I think I see something through the corner of my eye,
Perhaps it is the life that simply passed me by?
 I seem to wonder often where the time just went,
 A penny for your thoughts, For I only have a cent.

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Love Betrayed

I gave her my heart and life,
but it was such a deep illusion,
which cut my soul and being with a knife,
I stood by her during trails and diffusion.

Due to leadership tussle at my work place,
which led to my set-up with a big error,
I thought she was there to save my face,...
My sentence to six months was a big terror.

I believe she`ll stood by to put more pressure,
This was not suppose to be my portion,
With her love,I`ll serve with all pleasure,
At the end,our love will have a wonderful caption.

It was like being hit by a hurricane,
When I learned that she left with my lass,
My Baby,that I cherished more than sugarcane,
I wept!,wept like a teenager with a pain in the ass.

she left me empty with no money,
Faraway to an unknown land by air,
Even though I love her more than honey,
This treatment is killing and strictly unfair.

I doubt whether I can still love again,
For my heart is damaged and irreparable,
Even if passion and love fall like rain,
my love is dead,gone and irrefutable.

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Waiting for Her to Come Home

Everything around me is still
The soft lights ward off the cold
My worried heart is unsettled
Every minute is making me old

Time seems to drag on and on
Not sure I can take much more
I’m waiting for my angel
To walk in through the door

There is nothing to do but wait
So I wonder about her day
But what’s taking her so long?
Did she somehow lose her way?

I think about my visit
My first time to see her place
In my glimpse into her life,
A touch of tiredness I trace

She flew away to this isle
To try out her angel wings
And in following her dreams
She untied our heart’s strings

“Our children are not our own”
Oh, great Gibran, can’t you see?
My precious 18 year old 
Will always belong to me

Oh yes…she will live elsewhere
Have a family of  her own
But she’s my little baby
In my heart she hasn't grown

I wait and I wait and I wait
Please God, let her be alright
I look out of the window
At the blackness of the night

I think of all those mothers
Who wait for their children dear
Whose arms are tired and aching
To hold their loved ones near 

My heart shares their sorrow
My soul weeps for their plight
For though my daughter is late
I know she’s coming home tonight!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Embracing my Heart

You entered my dreams once again
As you have done so many times before
Your touch becomes ever so real
Embracing my heart that's been sore

Every time you enter my dreams
You take me to places unknown
It's as if you know where to take me
Embracing my heart that just roams

When you entered my dreams this morning
It's as if you had always been there
A matter of time was all that I needed
Embracing my heart, because you care

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I Wish

I wish I hadn’t told you
Or…covered the truth with lies
But you’d know the way I feel
Cause it’s written in my eyes

Or maybe you can hear it
When you’re standing close to me
The pounding of my poor heart
As it struggles to be free

I know you cannot fathom
How I could love you this way
You just smile and look amused
Thinking this is all child’s play

Perhaps I AM quite childish
Impulsive in all I do
But beware, I’m ALL woman…
A woman obsessed by you!

You believe it’s just a phase
This craze is not meant to last
If only you could know, dear
That I’m going downhill fast

I have no way to fight it
For my heart my will denies
My soul is so tormented
There are cracks in my disguise

Resolved, I keep my distance
For I know you are not brave
But your heart must surely know
Your presence is what I crave

To touch you is forbidden
To worship you is pure sin
Heaven help this poor woman
There is no way that I can win!

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In every classic fairytale
Comes a happy ending
But in life some people fail
To see it as a real thing.

And I tell them "just keep hope 
You're on the right road
Although you think that I joke,
I know you'll find your toad."

And then some ole fella says
"Your heart has never been broken,
You're gonna get yourself a mess
If you keep your heart so open."

I argue "Sir, hearts are strong,
I know you think that I'm wrong
And that mine may not have broken
But at times it has been torn
Yet it's still a precious token
-Glowing and gracefully worn.

And others can't take it away,
That's what you can do.
Or you can choose to let it stay
And wait out dreams come true.

Yes wounds are inevitable,
Make you feel very dumb,
But what can make more trouble
Is being tough and numb

If you don't give things a chance,
You may pass up the best
And never get your ballroom dance
Or get a peaceful rest.

So which one will it be:
Deprive yourself of any love
Or live a fantasy?"

September 2009

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A Deeper Understanding

When I was young the way ahead was clear,
The simple choices lay in front of me,
But easy street is such an empty one,
And I forgot the thrill of living free.

My heart must rue the blindness that held me,
The chances missed as I embraced my fear,
Those nightly dreams I thought could ne’er be mine
When walls of doubt denied all I held dear.

My eyes opened within a leap of faith,
And I stepped out of normality’s line,
I took a chance to live and be myself,
And there I saw my life could now be mine.

My heart may break into helpless despair
So it may know the wonder of a kiss,
To know love is to know bitterest pain
But love, wondrous love, makes life what it is. 

Form: Heroic Stanzas

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Chances took

When days were young and carefree,
he was young, took chances, too...
anything at all girls wanted,
that’s the thing that he would do.

Mattered not what consequence
resulted from the act,
there was not a chance in hell
that he could take it back.

Many came, the chances took,
sadder, his heart would break,
“Oh, that’s the way of life!” they'd say.
“Don’t pout, for goodness sake!”

Despite his cost, their needs fulfilled,
what all he gave they’d all embrace.
Footloose was life and fancy free,
but love he never could replace.

Someone, once, had said to him,
“Venture naught, and naught you'll gain!”
But, every chance he took for love
wrought him naught but deeper pain.

Each chance he took, colder his heart
until the day would come,
that he’d look back in recompense
to rue his chance-took sum.

You see, his craving heart had starved
from childhood to a man,
that life had so deprived of love
before his life began...

can now recall each time it was
that he’d gave all he could,
that taught him in the end of it,
some chances are no good.

So, choose well your chances
and value who you are,
for who you hold and holds you back
says much of you, by far.

Please, judge him not, he’ll not judge you...
well he knows, your chances took;
for, love’s now took a chance on him,
and he's since ~ been off the hook.

    Rascal Jones
    ©1 Oct 2011

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Disillusioned by the words of hate, 
Disatisfied with present fate, 
Hope crouches in the corner there, 
Muttering rebellion at despair.

Before the heart is torn to shreds, 
Between the words alive and dead, 
It must be bruised and brought to shame, 
And eagerly accept the blame.

Life it seems is forcing me, 
To choose between breath and liberty, 
My transient soul would have me trade, 
True love for oaths that I have made.

It beacons me to enter in, 
And forms a soul for mine akin, 
And bleeds and sheds it's tears as bait, 
Treasonous wretch, it lies in wait.

The door has closed, distrust returns, 
The heart that kills, is that which spurns- 
the tender beats of a trusting heart, 
And builds of words a wall to part.

I make an adder's nest my home, 
And dream that I am not alone. 
I pray that time would not stand still, 
But into future pain would spill.

Grant me leave from this life's scars, 
The treachery that wounds and mars, 
God if indeed Your love is true, 
Call me swiftly home to You.


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Sharing My Hopeful Heart

One with God, this hopeful heart I dare to define. I search for a tomorrow, life's gloom shall pass me by. Communing with the Lord, the bread and taste of wine is the body and blood bringing hope. My Lord feels nigh. Praise be to God even on my darkest of days with ev'ry breath of my soul and hushed beat of my heart. Damaged and bruised, this broken heart had gone astray. Mended in communion, I feel my sorrow depart. Sharing His love, my hopeful heart has been set free. I bring all of my troubles to the foot of the King. He wipes ev'ry tear, His sacrifice was for me. Remembered in communion, a hopeful heart will sing. *Theme is a Hopeful Heart By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, May 23, 2012 For Three Forms, Three Themes Contest (Francine Roberts)

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Loving Duty Reveals Beauty

If your working is not systematic
You may find life damn difficult
As negative will be the result
Great success, you can't pick

Please attend to work judiciously
And take efforts to attain victory
Regard loss as a guiding injury
Never do your duty suspiciously

Plan your duty and finely execute
Learn the trade with great interest
All your skills, you wisely invest
Prove to all that you are very cute

Take up a job and well-perform it
Use maximum prudence wisely
Discharge your duty very nicely
Develop a hard-working habit

Learn the intricacies of your trade
And become an expert in work
Your duty, never at all shirk
Try to register greatly A-grade

Those tasks that are damn tough
May confuse your mind severely
But, you can master them surely
Just sheer hard-work is enough

A shrewd person never is worried
As he is sure of his toiling truly
He regards doing duty as holy
He never waits for luck's need

He will work showing real enthusiasm
His heart will have a positive outlook
All opportunities, he will wisely book
By exhibiting maximum dynamism

With grit, he will chase to at last win
His motto is to try and use the chance
He will enthusiastically start the dawns
With optimism, he will hopefully begin

He will make his level best attempt
And lose not heart in case of defeat
He is honest, tidy, brainy and neat
His mind, worries can never tempt.


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Believing the heart to be true to it's calling, 
While wrapping it safely in caution's warm quilt, 
Flying too close to the flame that entrances, 
Hope's wings have been singed both by trust and by guilt. 

Forging through pain that had sought to destroy her, 
Enveloped in memories she wanders through time, 
Revelling in feelings too distant to waken, 
Provoking the heart to speak freely in rhyme. 

Love can not lend her the courage to fight on, 
Memories can't save her, nor send aid to bear, 
They stand by her helplessly watching and waiting, 
For silence to meet with her cowardice there. 

She stands at the door, and yearns to step through it, 
To the side of the threshold that pain can not touch, 
Her heart beating ardently, longing for refuge, 
But refuge at this point is asking too much. 

Tomorrow may bring the resolve she so yearns for, 
To stand up and walk as though none were aware, 
Of the shame, and remorse she's allowed to enslave her, 
To break free for all time from this prison of care. 



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The Artist

She faced the fury of an angry sea
Screaming to the wind “You’ll not get me!
For I’m no stranger to crushing waves,
and have no desire for a watery grave.

"So bring on your worst, I’ll meet it head on,
and still be standing, when you’ve moved on.
I’ll set up an easel and take up my brush;
I’ll paint till it’s finished in the post-storm hush.

"All those who view it will relive again
the force of the storm, and the thundering din.
I’ll treasure the memory as they pause to inspect;
I’ll count my blessings, as I rest and reflect."


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Burial of my Love

My love, the true feeling that I exude Was put beneath the Earth sometime today She hadn’t died, at least not that I know But the emotion of love went away So I buried the heart I chose to love She means so little to me at this time So to lose her heart surely means nothing I buried my love for her, it’s a sign I feel nothing for her, not like before She won’t exist in my life anymore I care for my own heart, and it still cries Weeps for the sad loss of our love once more But now I can rest, I bury my love No ceremony, no dedication Just laying of love down into the ground I’m glad, I have time for contemplation There’s no regrets, no feelings of remorse Just a future for true love, right on course
Russell Sivey

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Red Red Heart

The heart like a bottle of fine red wine
Grows only sweeter and more precious over time
Through the heart flows the blood of yours and mine
As does the life giving sap in the fruit of the vine

The grapes take time to ripen, wine longer to make
And the stronger love is, the longer the heart may take
If picked too soon, grapes are bitter every one
A heart broken too often, can't be undone

Both take many things to really become
What the one thing by themselves could not be done
The contents of either are not best opened alone
But better shared with a special someone

If not carefully protected each can easily shatter
And quickly to unknown places scatter
But treated as they were intended to be
Bring happiness given so easily

©Donna Jones

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Abstract Image

I see the blue which seems to be infused Blended together with red that refused Refused to be alone without purple As one resembling that of a gurgle Yellow seems to be put within the red With orange coming into view instead Instead of just the fading blue within All the colors blending with what’s taken There’s spokes, just like on a bicycle wheel Those that look like bark, a white brown feel Tree placement within this illusion placed Veins spreading out at the bottom like lace What is this delightful illusion scene Of abstract nature which isn’t obscene This scene might be of a faraway land Where colors everywhere comes to and band Organized and true, this image is right Right within the mind and harbors some light Soft and well formed the warm sight truly is Even cool blues bring a warmth such as this Mixture of colors bleeds in each other There’s nothing like it, just not another I enjoy the color blast with the trees I will always visualize this a breeze
Russell Sivey

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Shutting the Door of my Heart

I’m shutting the door of my heart
To give myself time to heal
I’m entering into silence
I'm numbing myself not to feel

I’m going to stoke the fire
And throw painful memories in
I’m going sit and watch them burn
For what you’ve done to me is sin

I’m going to purge my heart of you
Use the strongest lock on the door
I’m going to survive and move on
Won’t accept the hurt any more 

I’m going to wrap myself in beauty
Will burn incense to the Divine
I’ll pray for the needed wisdom
To bring grace to this heart of mine

I’m going to have a good cry
Unleash the torrent of pain
I’ll wait for cleansing to start
Be purified by salty rain

I’m going to learn the hard lesson
To never mean words that I say
I’ll be my heart and soul’s sentinel
Guarding the entrance night and day

Yes, I am closing my heart’s door
You've demolished and torn the place
I’m going to trash reminders
That make me envision your face

I’m going to make this a fortress
A haven from the storm without
I’m going to make the walls sound proof
So I can rant  and rave and shout

I’m going to endure withdrawal
Live through this madness and pain
I’m going to reclaim my life
I’m going to be well and sane

I'm shutting the door of my heart
But the window's open, you see
How I hope that you will climb in
And make passionate love to me

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Marian Doesn't Drive

Marian gets around just fine
Although she prefers to stay home
That's where her Heart belongs
Never much of one to roam

Church on some Sundays
The grocery store and a restaurant or two
Are the places Marian goes
But only when she has to

Marian's got her collection of spoons
From everywhere everyone else has been
And looks up those places in an atlas
Puts a little dot there with a pen

No, Marian doesn't drive
She prefers to stay home
It's where her Heart belongs
It's where she's never alone

Marian doesn't drive
Never been on a big ol' jet
But she's traveled halfway around the world
And isn't quite done yet

Marian's Faith, Love, Hope and imagination take her
Where no car or plane ever will
My Grandma is an inspiration to me
From right there in her home on top the hill

All the years of Love and Laughter
Fill Marians home with memories
And keep her company
With thoughts of her 8 sons, a daughter and their families

No, Marian doesn't drive
Never been on a big ol' jet
But when she makes her way to Heaven
It'll be without one single regret

© 2011 Kevin Stock

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The Dawn of Love

As the sun grew brighter each day 
You let your light strike far away 
To let my heart feel the beating 
Of a love that is unending 
I wake up just to see you laugh 
As if I lose all that are tough 
Like a star I fell just for you 
In my days, hug me like I do 
The dark cold night is my distress 
When you are far from my caress 
I long to see your face so bright 
That the world stops at my sight 
Be with me 'till I have no fears 
Until the clouds empty its tears 
The sun goes down but not our love 
Conquer the night, put on our glove 
I have the courage to alter 
Just to save you from another 
Stay for a while in my arms 
I now hold you a pearl in clams 
For me you are exceptional 
Shining among girls in global 
Just be with me till the world ends 
To see how colors of love blends 
Some people say I am insane 
Yes but I take you as my lane 
That refreshes me as I heave 
And hope not to see you leave 
I must embrace you tightly dear 
I long that you will calmly hear 
Words of love that touches my heart 
And pierce me like a flying dart

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I wait for the flapping sound of wings
Come for me, sacred falcon of ancient kings!
With penetrating eyes it examines all who calls
A worthy soul if it sees, upon them it swiftly falls

Unhesitating talons sink into grateful flesh and bone
Tired blood spills and returns the earth an ancient loan
Dead weight is lifted, carried ever higher, but
They cannot enter the lofty realms of desire

What was made of dirt must return to the earth;
The falcon raises its head and strikes at my chest
It seems to ask me, “Are you ready to be bled?”
Skin is pierced, bones are cracked; my heart is opened
(Am I dead?)

Blood-red rose wrought on the cage of my ribs
The falcon strikes again, it bits and it spits
It digs deeper, fiercely it seeks a treasure
It`s torture, it`s pain - dark twins of pleasure

My heart is torn, suddenly the falcon shrieks
As a shiny pearl in its beak it reveals
This, my essence, it keeps, the rest must fall
The pearl is my life, my spirit, my all

The falcon keeps climbing to an immeasurable height
Starlight greets us; there`s silence there and might
The pearl is released, quietly it glows
And its lonely light back onto the earth it throws

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Memory of a Lost Love

Memory of a lost Love

He sat, motionless, a hard static stare,
Sat there, frozen, to a small rocking chair.
Looked out over garden, so wonderful, so wild,
Bringing back the memory, of when he was a child.
Thoughts of auburn hair, emerald eyes,
Many nights spent, with low muffled cries.
No children to share, for impotent man,
Bed time rows, the tears that ran.
Love now gone, was such a temporal game,
Some amorous nights? So who was to blame?
Tears like rain for this solitary soul,
Such a resting actor who has no role.
She left him she said, "cause all was not fine",
For him, it was, just a matter of time.
Knowing of others, she'd seen for the night,
No doubt his heart was too broken to fight.
Although, outside, was now breezy, quite warm,
Inside his heart bled, so tattered and torn.
Clinging with care now, to what he had left,
Pictures, happy times, memories were best.
Where could he go now? He could not complain,
Sat there, anguished, was her victim inane?
Why are some people so selfish with life?
They make a bad lover, husband or wife?
I only pray that from such I am free,
Hoping in my life, True Love is for me.

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Few Days Of Love

Few Days Of Love.
If two days are what a soul receives,
are those days for loving adequate,
when a blissful spring, the garden leaves--
is the right response to blame the fate.
When two days are all a soul does need
such a trek cant deem a lover then,
might all us consume our bodies greed
and give this world more lonely men.
For two days are what a soul had found,
should the love regret this painful grant,
to a lucid dream the trueness bound
while in craving that which have you cant.
Why two days are what my soul did bring!
and did bring with them, the perfect love,
I have embraced it like a gifted wind
and embraced would die, in fleeting of.
But, two days are what my soul did get,
so I love my dame to the full extent,
for no realm can such a clock beget,
at a quit which wont our love lament.
So two days are what my soul did gain
and did the error of loving commit,
you can lock me up, and write me pain,
but never two loving souls can split.
R.N.Khan, © 2012

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I did it my way

There came a time, when i was given the choice Either walk alone and be happy, or Follow the crowd and pretend to rejoice Even if such an act shall make me all sore! I braved the impossible, I learnt to say no No to the practice of false marriages No to the illusory life they promise, filled with sorrow No, said I, I wish not to have my life filled with pretentious pages I did learn to walk alone Though such did make me a lonely drone As time went by, I emerged as a stronger woman A woman with an iron rod in her heart, surely a unique one! As time went by, I learnt to know myself, I am the one in love with the Lord of Stealth I am the one Queen of poetry I did it my way, and today, I do feel pleased at my own bravery!

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Seven Days Who knows

Seven days it was so long ago
Your loving heart you then did show
Seven days it seems eternity
That you gave all of your love to me.

Seven days for you to understand
You hold my trust in the palm of your hand
Seven days how long the days do seem
Was it all in a seven day dream?

A dream or a fantasy who does know
Seven days and my love for you does still grow
A love gift from where it came who knows
Who knows from whence loves wind blows.

Who knows how the heart it does entrap
Who know why our lives do overlap
Who knows where these things will end
Seven days and my love I will still send.
A day for a year a year for a day
That what the Bible in scripture does say
So seven days or seven years, numbers count not
As every ounce of my love you have now got 

© ~GG~ 22/01/2013 

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My Desire to Roam Shall Be

The place where I desire to roam
Lies just of the African coast
The Canaries is where I desire
It's where my heart will rejoice the most

My life in Scotland is through
It's time for my soul to move on
To Tenerife or Lanzarote
A new country is where I'll belong

For my heart has been bruised and battered
Left out in the cold for many a year
Frozen to the point of no return
Reigniting was always a fear

For it doesn't happen every day
Meeting someone with like's, like I
And to look into Spanish brown eyes
If you'd witnessed, you'll understand why

Then came the day it all changed
It was like looking through the looking glass
My eyes met these Spanish brown orbs
The most beautiful looking lass

With a smile to delight any looker
Her personality sure lures me in
For her music taste I so noted
Like the hairs always rise on my skin

For the place I desire to roam
Lies just of the African coast
The Canaries is where I will stay
Many years in love I will so toast

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More Agony

My friend I want you to know
 That happy for you I am
As before the coming snow
 You will have a baby in a pram.

Your shower today was nice
 I thought I could handle it.
But my heart is not ice
 For jeaousy I feel this I admit.

I feel like a loon
 My babies gone
No lullabies to croon
 No being woke at dawn.

I thought I could handle this
 Be here for my dear friend
But there is gaping abyss
 And I do not want to offend.

This your day to shine
 And do well to not frown
And to not even let out a whine
 Though in sorrow I drown.

I leave the shower
 My wounds to lick.
In my own space cower
 Pain in my heart does stick.

I am now alone 
 I lay here and cry.
In agony I moan
 And in misery I sigh.

I really am a lousy friend.
 For how can I feel sad?
How can I make amends
 and tell you why I am bad?

No more baby showers for me
 I cannot do this
To much pain for this to be
 For me there is no bliss.

My arms do so ache
 For the babies that are mine.
How much more pain can I take?
 How much longer will I pine?

Can anyone understand
 What I truly am?
A mother in no man's land
 Whose tears have broke the dam.

A mother who misses 
 Her children each day.
I miss thier kisses,
 Their bedlam and fun way.

Why can I not heal?
 Why must agony sear
And my fate and theirs seal
 For this I do fear.

I thought I was doing good
 But as you can see
This pain gets me where I stood
 And still gets the best of me.

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Lovers Apart

A love as sweet as the promise of heaven
Imperiled destruction as never been seen
Like the ever present fear of Armageddon
Full blossomed to explode with feelings pristine

Would you be willing to accept this fate?
Or endure the longing forever postponed
And wait in line at the pearliest gates
Where angst expectations are accident proned 

Everyone lives for the eye blinding glance
That causes the heart uncontrollable swells
But it’s hard to trust the potions of chance
That could cure the being of thirst quenching spells

In having to alter the passage of will
The curse and the worry of dying alone
Is broken assuring the outcome fulfills
The heart of the lover who braves the unknown

I’d forfeit heaven for the woman I love
If it meant that she could take my place
The earth and its stars way up above
Amazing together and never a waste

Conditioned you stay just a little bit longer
And shelter these words within your heart
I love you for loving me deeper and stronger
On heaven bound chariots set to depart

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A Sliver of Gold

From the darkest depths of life’s darkest season
The man could find neither rhyme nor any reason
He read the scrolls, the names they just passed him by
But a sliver of gold did then catch in his eye.

He sent out words, to find this name he really must
Aware of false gold, that’s hiding beneath rust
The seasoned man of jaded and cold feelings
A spark of life awoke in his heart sending it reeling.

That sliver of gold grew to a shaft oh so bright
The mighty man searched all through day and the night
To find that sliver of gold first and he then knew
Maybe it could turn his darkest season blue

He polished his armour and his charger he rode
Determined if needed to search the whole globe
The shaft of light entered his heart and pierced his eye
Determined was he, never to let it pass by.

Little known that shaft of light golden and, shining bright
Saw this great man,in the depth of dark with no light
Her place in chains against which she oft did chafe.
In her heart she knew now the place to keep him safe

His charger he rode he found his new bright light
He lifted her up and he forgot his darkest plight
She sat behind him on his charger so white
They rode off together in golden glowing daylight

They loved together, the dark season did now lift
Hearts joined together, and now never will drift
That sliver of light the colour we have been told
Will hold them together as a strong band of pure gold.

©~GG~ 17/01/20

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Word flow

Syllable counts and rhyme schemes
Give a poem form and distinction
But the free verse has no restrictions
And your words may flow as you deem

 The number of lines are important too
Five for the Tanka and three for the haiku
Limericks have five,  there are  three in the senryu
A four line bio is called a clerihew

For : Poetry about Poetry contest 

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To Paint Pictures 2K11

Creativity - heart - soul - imagination!;  
One needs not canvas, easel's, brushes, nor paints 
To paint pictures thereof inspiration.  
Self - rhyme - originality; Choose your paints!  

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Heart to Heart Resuscitation

Come lay your heart now over mine
Cause it to feel the rhythmic beat
Let your nearness revive…bring life
Electric shock of body heat

My heart is faint, about to die
Weary, sure to give up this fight
Come lay your heart, love, over mine
Bring monitor to life with light

Heart over heart the beat transfer
From your quickened electric pace
My heart catches the vital spark
As I look up into your face

Lips to lips now resuscitate
Your limbs on mine now intertwine
Body upon body infuse
Call me back from heav’n divine

My heart flutters and starts to beat
Intensifies, responds to kiss
Body tingles with healthy glow
Heart beat is strong… nothing a miss

When life imparting work is done
You slowly start to pull away
Checking for vital signs of life
Your face over my heart must stay

You listen for the rhythmic sound
Your head rides on my heaving breast
My breaths of life your hair caress
Your head turns as you kiss each crest

My body, soul, and mind refreshed
I reach for you, love reignites
Now my heart lies on top of yours
Resuscitating from the heights!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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You-Itty Bitty

                               As I lay alone beneath the sheets
                             I think of you and feel my heartbeat
                             It starts to get stronger with delight
                                    In anticipation of your sight

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Poetry's Legions 2K11

Poetry's Legions, for asker's are we;  
Asking for open minds and open hearts?  
Poetry's Legions, for basker's are we;  
Basking therein soothing warmth of much hearts.  

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" She danced the way it should be danced.
   And the way she wanted."

  -Raymond Carver

Eddying in a commotion of color, 
fall's dispensation of red, green and gold;
blended with Zephyrs' mysterious rhythms,
a stately ballet that never grows old.

Spread 'cross the firmament planets are spinning, 
silently cold and majestically clear;
gliding through eons in pre-ordained tempos,
gracing the night sky all throughout the year.

'Shining Light' at the 'School of Terpsichore' 
a twelve-year old warms up and waits for her chance 
to show those judges just what this young girl can do, 
nothing means more than her passion for dance. 

She dreams of fame and of making a difference,
the world is too large and her room is too small;
she's too young yet for abstraction and symbol,
in time she will grow, find her place in it all.

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A Living Statue

She stands as a frozen, colorless statue;
But she is pliable as warm clay.
Searching for any remaining virtue,
Hidden in a core of unyielding dismay.

Is a statue formed by its own hand;
Can it chisel its self from the stone;
Or mold its self from clay of the land;
Can it create its self alone?

The artist tries to create the image desired,
Is the creation obliged to the creator,
To become a work that is inspired,
Or the possession of a captor?

The statue waits for unbiased opinion,
From those  who may view her with admiration;
To give her strength to create her own dominion,
To be her own muse, her own inspiration.

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A Tribute: to Ganel Gibbs Nee Johnson

In case you wonder why time is past and keep going by
Since last we spoke again, it is my way to retain
Some pride of memory, not crumbling the mind's eye
Like old newspaper stained and littering the drain

I would still read your news don,t get me wrong, I'm sure
No history written now can blot that splendid brow
That nurtured me and cure the heart waves on its shore
Restlessly beating to the flow of what we did not know

Each morning fresh I came to your school to help tame
The brute in all the brats and me, we sang the rats
That took cheese and all, flame our love for life's game
Making a child that's contented so, a show of stats

A better man, a better woman held by reins of our letter
And figure in the dust of chalk, and your bright talk
Of praise each while unfetter my heart's invisible teeter 
The sleeping genius that sparked and was embarked

Away from dusty floor to earn the prize of something more
And after all that circling we again return time dizzy  
Washed out and beyond restore from chalk dreams galore
And you on the phone, a glee glints in wheezy memory

Not this my heart to endure, not this on the gritty shore
Still gold and fresh, and yet we with rasping breath
Did not even rip the oar full way. Silence loves you more
For all you gave than wet morns more than we forget.

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A Kiss Under The Mistletoe

She's been gazing, staring, all the night long
I've been scared, sheepish, stupid, and sad
I'm kissing her after the next love song
If my insecurities aren't that bad.

She's so effervescent, she doesn't know
It's not even about the looks, it's deep.
I swear I'm looking into her soul, woah!
Into this mystery I'll glide, don't weep.

Come on Derrick, it's time to rise and shine
Be the man, be the love, be the best, try.
She deserves it, make her smile just divine
Look at the mistletoe, over her, high.

Here I go, no longer holding this back
"Hello, you are beautiful, and you glow.
I know how I sound, I sound like a quack.
But please, one kiss, under the mistletoe."

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The Greatest Love Story

The greatest love story ever told Is right here in my heart It isn't fancy with fancy words It's sweet like the song of a lark Material things are not important To prove the depth my love Just holding your body close to mine A warmth that fits like a glove Many words have since been written About how true love endures Words expressing inner feelings Feelings intense and pure Life on earth is a fleeting thing We're here next moment we're gone Love until your very last breath Too soon you'll pass the baton My heart sings with the joys of love Words flow out like a river It's the greatest love story ever told It makes my eager heart quiver The greatest love story ever told Is right here in my heart © Jack Ellison 2012

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Midnight Lullaby

“I just can’t sleep,” I wrote one night
“My poor heart just longs for you”
“Sleep, my dearest; I’ll hold you tight
And kiss you the whole night through.”

And though he was worlds away
I felt his presence so near
The comfort of his arms was mine
What more had I now to fear?

Those tiny lines my lullaby
They caressed me through the night
Though sleep did not touch my eyes
My heart was illumined with light

How comforting to surely know
That he could embrace my soul
And quiet down my beating heart
With words that made me whole

I read again each little line
And saw his love written there
All alone in that dark night 
I was cradled by his care

Midnight lullabies are sweet
They are angels from above
They are ever more the dear
For they are written in love

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Voice outside alone

There is stupid in your tone...
your voice outside alone...

...For your words speak without

...Your stupid lacks great depth...

...The wise understand with little 

...You encounter conversation...
your eyes meet with no conviction...
self demise...

...We know what and how you say it...
with descriptives you delay this...

...regurgitated information cries...

...Just recalling without reason...

...You yourself have a difficult explain...

...Yourself confused...
...others bemused....

...The uncovering...

...You have only cheated yourself...

...In the actual act you yourself display...

...The aware zero tolerance ricochet...

...You with held information...

... Borderline corruption...

Truth in lies now follow you everywhere...

...A piece of work for sure...

...your life all meaning dis taught...  

...Now all heir achy over you...
like a rash...

re-explained facts re-examined... 

...and the lies they confiscate...

...With known self explanatory...

...The end result no joke...

...In life self rule...experience eludes obey...

...All reason suffers no fool...

...your signature dictates...

...only the fool itself frustrates...

...Play the victim if you dare...

...your reputation you have smeared...

...I have bowed out stronger and more aware...


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Why Can't I Be Happy?

Why can't I be happy
when the world is at my door? 
I have all that I'll ever need.
I couldn't ask for more.

Then tell me why I'm empty.
Why do I feel so low? 
I wonder what is wrong with me
and if I'll ever know.

My brain say's 'stop debating..
you over-think too much! '
But, my heart just screams and begs for things
like time and things of such.

The little things I'm needing.
Just little, thoughtful things, 
not the fancy houses 
or the cars and diamond rings.

Maybe I'm just greedy.
I should be satisfied.
So I will do just like I should.
My feelings I will hide.

Perhaps I am too different.
I feel my heart can't show.
I fear I'll always be this way...
deep in sorrow when no one knows. 

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Romani Gypsy

Gypsy soul born a wandering way
Bearer of passion age old and new
Who can tame your unbridled day
And live as Romani's do

Calloused hands speak not complaint
Who's bearings steer by twilights cue
A leisured life such charm forsake
To walk as Romani's do

To bitter end thine heart defend
For right to prove love true
Un-soulful touch could not pretend
To love as Romani's do

To give not weight to emotions sway
Is a labyrinth worth stumbling through
So lonesomeness owns not the day
To cry as Romani's do

A gypsies search to revel in spoils
In solitudes song or convivial crew
Between extremes it's harmony joins
To sing as Romani's do

Coursed by vein to entertain
An artists heart steeped and brewed
Banjara kuchi meets tambourine  
To dance as Romani's do

Mysterious eyes tint hardened lives
Breeding bonds so deep and few
To be a part of this honored tribe
And die as Romani's do

The gypsies way one does not choose
It's spirit inborn and it grew
From India's caves to the vagabond strays
A Romani remains forever on the move

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A Poem By Me

Consecutive syllabic lines
I'm needing all my words to rhyme
With subjects from love to nature
Written on college ruled paper

Many different styles and forms
Learning the make up of a poem
Put together pieces by piece
To say something that's none the least

Every word is sounding smart
'Til it becomes a work of art
That will belong to only me
And last throughout eternity

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Remember when we met 
That Lover's Day, 
Our hearts connect 
In your heart I vowed to stay 

And then we parted 
My heart was guarded 

Remember when I first told you 
Those sweet words? 
When I heard them 
And tears came down my face? 

Dear lover, 
Lest you know, 
Promises made or not, 
This is not a lie, 
My love for you, 
Will never die. 

As I sit on my bed 
And think about you 
A smile creeps from the corner 
Of my mouth going farther 
Because your thought 
Makes everything better. 

Dear lover 
You should know, 
I give my all 
And I live for you. 

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Liven My Heart

If you could see the inside of me Around my heart where it internally bleeds It sits there shattered on the pieces past All alone in the shadows in darkened cast For many a year in dormant lie It's been so long to hear it's cry To feel the touch of a woman so Liven my heart and watch it glow If you could see the inside of me There lies a dormant heart so beautifully It sits there shattered on the pieces past Sleeping it may be, how long will it last

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Great sadness is my portion now
I watched you walk away
It seems so unbelievable
I even begged you’d stay

We’ve been together for so long
I can’t believe it’s true
In just a moment all was gone
I’m still in love with you

You said you loved me many times
and that you’d never leave
I gave you everything I had
my heart was on my sleeve

How can you leave me just like this
without a reason why?
Although my heart is breaking now
you will not see me cry

Fictional write

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What She does to Me

What she does to me
As I view her naked as she
Woman of earth she shines
Oh my heart does pine

What she does to me
Excites me electrically
Her spark of womanly want
Eyes in loving taunt

What she does to me
Side by side in bodily glee
Her hands in caressing touch
Oh my heart yearns her clutch

What she does to me
Control she takes of thee
Wrapped in each others arms
Seducing my manly charms

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What is as gentle as a Butterfly? What is it that helps you reach the sky? What is it that makes life a joy to live? What is it that gives, gives, gives? So see and love that gentle one, to be with for all time to come. A blessing to wish for at a time in life, that time, when longing for a loving wife. We worry that when we choose, we make the right choice and do not lose. A single man's freedom of course, is at stake, could it be the largest single mistake? I married a gentle Lass, married to that give, give, giving Lass. This lass lets me reach the sky, forever and forever she will until I die. A Lass that thinks of all around, this Lass's loving will astound. Her heart is cast of solid gold, her beauty is a joy to behold. She is my Golden Bonny Lass, my wife, my lover, now and of all times past. A face of gentle smiles, so soft and quiet, her touch as light as a Butterfly's diet. I remember well that quiet, 'I do' my heart racing, my brain in a steaming stew. 'You may now kiss the bride'. Wow! Helter skelter what a ride :) Now twenty odd years have since gone past, Gillian Lynette is still that gorgeous Bonny Lass. She is that wonder in the sky, that gentle, beautiful, generous Butterfly. The Auld Yin.

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Beautiful Imagination

By artist's hand, it was lovely crafted
Perfect strokes that it has
A rare beauty of a lass
First to behold on canvass


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Breaking Down of Walls

Initial separation attempts
Are now in the past
I’m curious to see
How long this thing will last

Confused by new thoughts
And if emotions prove true
Where would that lead us
And what would we do?

My heart and soul are shaking
You amaze me without trying
You seem to really understand
My heart’s intricate design

You spark a fire inside of me
You enlighten my life, my ways
You’re the artist playing my heart strings
Upon which my emotion lays

Once an unrequited queen
My attempts to remain strong
Are broken down by what seems to be
Hearts beating the same song

Not knowing where life could take us
We pause to ask ourselves why
Were we chosen to be more than friends
Or simply passers-by?

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My Desk

My desk was once a fallen ancient tree,
And I was never what I want to be.
My heart was once a sheltered enemy,
Until these walls were opened up for me.

And now I write my heart into its grain, 
This desk is strong and manages my pain.
Your halo heart to which I will remain,
Upon my desk until you come again.

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...inspired by M by Seamus Heaney

Her cranium, its bumps and hollows
cradles secrets stored beneath,
neurons firing, never tiring
of their journeys to belief.

Thin vibrations mold, embolden,
prophecies, cunabula
suffuse the soul, engage the spirit
of the tortured Akhmatova.

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The UFO at Cary Forest

Nestled among the trees in a primitive campsite,
A cub scout and his mother were on their third camp-out.
The tent was pitched; double foil wrapped food was cooked just right.
The young campfire cook gave his skills a great workout.

In the past they had stayed there several days at a time.
Driving through the forest just the mom and her young boy.
Thinking about those days brings back memories sublime.
It was a lot of work, but brought them so much joy.

Nights were spent listening to the serenading bullfrog.
At dawn, she photographed wildlife while he made bird-calls.
One morning when they came around the bend in the fog,
A long-necked majestic doe stood tall and enthralled.

The angle was such that she could not get a good shot.
So, she handed him her Cannon; he aimed, then, clicked.
It would be days prior to seeing the picture he got.
She and her son took pleasure in the woodlands frolicked.

In the hours of darkness they finished playing cards.
Their lantern was glowing; it was time to go to sleep.
Outside there was a whirring they could not disregard.
The mother turned out the light; whispered, “Don't make a peep!”

Her heart was pounding faster and her eyes opened wide.
She was afraid to move, but tried her best to be brave.
She unzipped the tent slowly and took a look outside.
The unlikely sight she saw gave her heart a shock wave.
Up in the sky was a circle of lights… humongous!
The outer ones were orange and the inner ones flashed white.
The sound was so loud that soon the boy became anxious.
With a quiet hush she said, “We're going to be alright.”

All she could think about was fear and their abduction.
Teenage daughters, not camping, needed her to survive.
She was so terrified her mind could hardly function.
There was nothing she could do to get out of there alive.

Would sharp-witted life forms from outer space understand?
She had no choice but try; inside she shed silent tears.
Begging aloud to the alien craft, words unplanned.
Daughters, with no one to tend them would struggle for years.

When she explained their situation, the noise ceased quickly.
She peeked outside again to see only stars in the sky.
He, now a man, was not allowed to look out…hazy.
She thanks God for the night the aliens went bye-bye.

©  October 8, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

P.S. Years later, she saw the same craft in NASA space photos listed as something not 
seen before…unidentified!  When she went to show her husband, the picture had 

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A Poet 'Neath Each 2K11

Let us venture externally the box, Let's discover - let's rediscover a Poet 'neath each prelude an earthbound box; Students we'll remain e'er in a day.

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Folie a Deux

Mosaic beauty upon a canvased mind -
Abstracts' thought of two;
Spiritually carving an essence defined -
Sculpture's alluring view.

Model charisma, transcendent panoramics -
Chiseled utopia, kissed;
Shapes sexing and molding, sealing ceramics -
Tracing mystiques', blissed.

Embossed lines erect, curves aligning -
Signature beings, weld;
Engraving couplet, trademark entwining -
Crowning bijou, held.

Marbled terra cotta knows statues' Arcadia -
Concrete and clay conceive;
Porcelain angel now lives in Fantasia -
All set in stone make believe.

© March 2013

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Arranging on my canvas, colors inhabited

The window opens on our secret travels

Mist of saline uproar raids on the space

What keeps us awake and makes us sagacious

Under this afternoon luxuriously blended,


The addition and ebb, mineral materials

To leave the sea , invade us of yesterday:

The small square of ocher resists , without thoughts

But in colors, only expended


Without words, without wetness intruse of summer lands

Evasive shade of olive trees, in this unique moment,

Witnesses of thousand years, of Italy close to Sicily

A look,put in mythological world, and islands …


Still yet, under the wind jerks

Witness of our way,  and our instant

Without risking me to invite eternity

Arranging on my canvas, colors inhabited ….


own translation from  french--- (see original below )


La fenêtre s’ouvre sur nos voyages secrets

Buées du vacarme salin des rafles sur l’espace

Ce qui nous tient éveillés, et rend sagaces

Sous cet après-midi luxueusement malaxés,


L’ajout et le reflux, matières minières

À laisser la mer nous envahir d’hier :

Le petit carré d’ocre résiste sans pensées

Mais en couleurs seulement dépensées


Sans paroles, et sans la moiteur intruse des terres d’été

En cet instant unique, à l’ombre évasive des oliviers,

Témoins millénaires de l’Italie proche de Sicile,

Du monde en regard mythologique, et en îles…


Immobile encore, sous les saccades du vent

Témoin de notre passage et notre instant

Sans pour autant me risquer à convier l’éternité

Disposant sur ma toile, des couleurs habitées…

RC  2012

(avaible  on    with a painting  I've  done )


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Heartless Inside

                                              I gave you my little heart
                                        Wrapped up in bright dreams so fine
                                            You tore past the soft tissues
                                         And you bruised this heart of mine
                                      Your strong hands mulled and pawed it
                                            Wondering what made it beat
                                           You were gleeful to have found
                                                 Such a dainty little treat
                                                But you quickly tired of it
                                            And you tossed my heart aside
                                                I’m one of the living dead…
                                              You left me heartless inside.

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Our roam has brought us here 
Under these slicing and cold air
We stood toe to toe
Under this mistletoe.

I saw an escape of light in your eyes
It is just like the goodness of ice
Your hands found my longing neck
Rested as if on a deck.

It was a moment awaited
Now that we are wedded
Love sparkles from my inside
And my fingers trembled as 
I touched your side.

The whispers of your vows again 
Came to my memory like a shower  of rain.
The laughter now is different
Its echoes, the trees rent.

Your forehead my hair oil painted 
A passion true my soul flooded
Invincible lines  your fingers drew
On my coy face and I felt new.

Grey painted the light
And the twilight had such a sight
The weather here blew fine
Your lips wrapped in mine.



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She Wondered

She wondered if she deserved it
That slap on the face
Had she stepped out of line
To deserve such a disgrace

She chided herself again
For letting feelings show
She thought that she was safe
But how was she to know

That life was a masquerade
And she always got the blame
Though others played as well
She always lost the game

She wondered if this time
She’d get pushed over the edge
She stood there for some time
Wanted to fly off that ledge

She seemed to be tough and strong
But inside fragile and frail
She had tried to end it once
But it had been to no avail

And now she came full circle
And cursed her foolish heart
She wanted to scream and cry
Of the world she’d have no part

She’d come out of her shell
Only to be abused
Maybe she’d crawl back in
She refused to be used

It was never a good thing
To wear her heart on her sleeve
Now she was left with anger
All that she could do was grieve

The lesson that she had learned
She would carry to her grave
Never let your feelings show
To your reason be a slave

As she wiped away her tears
She felt her weak heart harden
Only God could help her now
She needed grace to pardon

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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(PART 1 of 2) Where the Sky is Black, And the Cold Wind Blows...

This is 'bout a girl from just a while back
It's a grusome, sad story, I know
It begins where the sky is black
And the cold wind blows...

She's got looks to kill
And an attitude to match
She's lookin' for a thrill
Lookin' for a soul to snatch

A mind like a knife
She's sharp and she'll cut you
She can change your life
Nobody thinks like she do

Not one can out run her
She's quick as a whip
No magician could trick her
She'll just make your mind trip

Got some patched up jeans
And shorn off hair
She can act real mean
'Cause she just don't care

Got a heart of gold, she did all she could 
Had lots of romance on the brain
She acts much older than she should
Because this girl knows real pain

Now she might look bad
She might look rough
But you forget to look beyond the mad
And see that she was decent enough

She's been through a lot
Thinks she's seen too much
So she gets to smokin' pot
And she's felt God's touch

She runs further from the law
And closer to the light
Harder drugs hide in her bra
She can't hold up this fight

Starts trippin' too hard
While she's runnin' from the cops
Her brain is being scarred
And her heart begins to stop

Her eyes are rolling back
And her world begins to spin
She's run right off the track
Her life is caving in

She sees the angels cry
As she walks up to the gate
She asks her Father, "Why?"
He tells her she must wait

Sex, Drugs, and Crime have one goal
And messing with that could cost you your soul

She plummets on back
To her body below
Where the sky is black
And the cold wind blows...


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My Heart The Mirror

My heart is breaking piece by piece
a little every day.
I bury each and every shard
so that in the dark they lay.

The pieces cut like broken glass
a mirror that's been shattered
no longer there to reflect my soul
but severs what once mattered.

I wish that I could resurrect
this heart with pieces lost
and put it back once more together
then forgive what it has cost.

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By the Light of a Rose

I leave the sorrows of life 
   In dust behind my heels, 
Lost to a frenzy of strife, 
   Long, long ago. 

Now awake within a hopeless world, 
   And seek angels’ wings 
Cracked by the tears of a womb. 
   Can you feel it touch your soul? 

I meditate in the grasp of nirvana, 
   But come up so far and so short. 
The rose of pale light by the moon, 
   Has withered the flower so soon. 

Hanging by the tip of an umbilical string, 
   Desperately trying to climb back to spring. 
I shake hands with the devil and blow a kiss, 
   Gently running in a stream of bliss. 

I sleep in a house with no door, 
   Chilled by thoughts I want to go. 
Dear child, steeped in falling clouds, 
   Can we hear the sorrows of moonlight sounds? 

I climb up, only to fall down; 
   Summer, winter, fall, and spring have all drowned. 
Wouldn’t it be sad if I touched the earth, 
   Just to see the tears of a gentle frown? 

I climb again to touch the moon, 
   But a tear has fallen unnoticed and engrossed. 
I sleep quietly in the river we choose, 
   My soul trapped, in the light of a rose. 

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FREE CEE a complicatd fate d compli


Your bedroom closet is larger than this room
Where fears father plays the part of Lady Sorrow's groom

Your master bath is three times larger than the one I enter using a key of regret
The one I share with the masses
you commanded me here
where the heat of loneliness comes to swell
in this tiny hole in a hotel near Hell

This is where my wretched heart hears the echo of wrath
no, unlike you, I have no spacious bath

A kitchen?  Nay, I have none
no stove like yours beside which you'd stand
grand as the room within which you stood
I have no place to keep cool my pantry's pride
nor cupboards stuffed with non-essential purchases
this room bears itself bereft of benefits
where only sleep is claimed within
that is to say if I should one day be blessed with rest
for respite is requisite, yet for me, remains denied
as I share isolation with a myriad of ghosts
and hatred plays host to a hurtful hush

in this room where the fingertips of my outstretched arms touch two walls

while the eyes of gloom glare at the heart of doom
and fettered fruit is harvested from a grievous grove
no, unlike you, I own no stove
nor backyard have I to enjoy while sipping tea
like the one you share with doves who dine on your greenery
where torches glow at night with halos of hopefulness and heat
and where we once sat in the same sanctified space
devouring hours with delight
no, my backyard is a bar with a backdoor to debauchery 
and the tar on its driveway that sears the souls of my feet
when the sun threatens to bake the brick with its breath
as I stride across the asphalt and drink to a fault
until I'm dreadfully drunk and scathingly scarred
no, unlike you, I have no back yard

your house, 
rather a palace persuaded by prominence
dwarfs this den of deprivation I find myself situated within
a paltry place, where not a pittance of pity might dwell
within this tiny hole in a hotel near hell
with only a tortured tale of which to tell
     © 2012....copyright  PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~               

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Where Frozen Ember Still Burn

For I cannot look straight into your eyes
Or you will know I’m lying. I’m churning.
Scared that my eyes will give it all away
In the cover of friendship I’m hiding.
Silently true, I have forgotten you
A familiar lovesong. From long ago.
For if there’s no fuel, the fire dies out
But deep in my heart there’s an ember of you.
It’s a masquerade game that I’m playing
You and me. In this lifetime it can never be.
You stood right there for everyone to see
And there was me, wanting to cross the boundary.
With heart heavy I had to run away. 
Suddenly. Or your presence will burn me. Completely.
There only from where no one would e’er see
I’ll let the frozen ember from my heart consume me.

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Colonial Skyline

From the heart of their country to a new world they did sail
Over an expanse of ocean through storms and gales 
They settled in New Amsterdam, this Dutch colonial place
To create a new world in their progressional space

Many years later after conflicts took their toll
New York was born, under British control
The gate to this city is passed by a lady so proud
A gift from the French, freedoms torch raised to her clouds

The Big Apple, this city in the year 2001
Where infidels and cowards tried to bring this gem down
But deep from their depths from the loss of their Twin Towers
Feel its heart and strength, its unity powers

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Sleepless Nights

Your thoughts hold
My heart prisoned
And my sleep eludes
As scenes in me unfold.

I stand at a cross-road
Again read your letters
The love each word exudes
Leaves me arms crossed and 

It's been a fortnight
That my soul relished not a sleep
My hollow inside concludes
You stole my sleep-right.

I must have stole yours too
For the mail man again
Out there in the rain
Has dropped the inked-you.

My sleepness night continues
As I await your coming news
A million miles away
For the day, I earnestly pray.

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Your words fly, wings to my heart
The blank page from which we start
Holds promises of thoughts unheard
Pray my pen finds a phrase, a perfect word
From you I see a life unknown
Emotions and thoughts, I am not alone
Bound by rhyme we stumble on
Lives exposed in poetic song
They like to say that poetry died
In beat and sonnet, confused they lied
My words and yours march along
To a different beat and a beautiful song


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Ghost Writer

I wracked my brain and bit my tongue
but no words would come to mind.
Frustration choked my heart and brain
as I struggled to pen a line.

Disgusted then I capped the ink
and flounced off to my bed,
leaving parchment blank and bare
with nothing to be read.

Returning at dawn to stoke the fire
I was chilled through to the bone,
for there were written pages
with words not of my own.

The door was barred, windows sealed
no one there but me,
but the quill was wet and ink near gone
with verses there to see.

Those words just soared and rhymed so well
I read till sun was high,
then tried again to add my own
but the muse was nowhere nigh.

My spirits sank with the evening sun
tears moistening the page,
bereft of hope and talent
I retired in smoldering rage.

Then again in the thin grey light
awaited lines of musical words,
gently flowing and graceful
flitting by like birds.

Fear gripped my heart like a talon
who was having this cruel jest?
Composing exquisite poems
far beyond my humble best.

These would sell I knew
fair value was in each line,
only to besmirch my name
if proven they were not mine.

Then came a whisper of the muse
saying; “Buy ink and parchment of lamb,
sharpen your quill and leave them
for the unfolding of the plan.”

I did as she bid by stocking the desk
then retired to sleep so deep,
returning to find a single line;
“Those verses are yours to keep.”

The next ones came in profusion
flowing easily from my hand,
familiar feelings translated
and I began to understand.

Our waking and our sleeping 
are sides of just one coin,
the spirit and the body
being prepared to join.

Incomplete until combining
hand and eye with soul,
each complimenting the other
becoming a useful whole.

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A Child's Christmas

Christmas should be a time of joy
For every little girl and boy
They gather 'round the Christmas tree
Little hearts beating eagerly

Their eyes closely scan each present
Wondering what Santa has sent
Some hope they have been good enough
And would get their requested stuff

Mum picks up each present gently
And reads to see whose it might be
A little heart leaps at its name
And then joyfully makes its claim

After presents are given out
Then it's time for another bout
It's time for presents' unwrapping
One can feel excitement growing

Tiny one still in diaper
Tries to peel off wrapping paper
Mum assists the eager beaver
Expectation growing stronger

Squeals of excitement fill the air
From the other kids gathered there
Their delight they cannot contain
Santa has delivered again

Once again thank you Dear Santa
Setting little hearts a-flutter
Making Christmas a time of joy
For every little girl and boy

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I became damned and destined by danger
The signs were there and clear to see
I was in the amorous arms of a stranger
I didn’t know her and she didn’t know me

Yet still her eyes told me a story
Her blues blurred my better sense
But you know what they say about glory
And sitting upon the fence

So I made my move toward a potential threat
The peril and risk of losing my heart
The lady would make me flee or fret
Either I would stay or I would part

How does a man leave such doe some eyes,
And a stare that would dare me to remain?
I’ve never been that clever or too wise
And each mistake meant further pain

I asked the lady for just one dance
So she sweetly sashayed to my side
She asked if I wanted to take a chance
So who was I to let her be denied?

Just one dance led to my bed
And one single kiss led to many more
By desire and provocation we were led
But somehow I knew what lay in store

Just like the ones who came before her
And just like all of the rest
My bed led to what would occur
After her selfishness was confessed

It seems my love grew ever stronger
As hers faded quickly away
Now the two of us dance no longer
And damn if I don’t miss her sexy sashay
     © 2012…copyright PHREEPOETREE ..~free cee!~

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When You Are Young

...dedicated to W.B. Yeats, in response
   to his poem 'When You Are Old'

When you are young sweet innocence abounds,
your step is gentle, all your dreams are free
of grim disquietude, such joy you see
as gaily you discharge your daily rounds.
Your heart is light, bereft of grave concern
that troubles him whose purity is lost,
who argues and contends at any cost,
who complicates and twists at every turn.
Simplicity must be your cornerstone,
strengthen your heart against all sorts of strife
that undermine a childlike view of life,
strive and prevail, lest innocence be gone!

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Dark Mother

Oh Queen of night, thou art my dreams,
In dreams Lady of Death I see,
I see thy light to calm my screams,
My screams for thee to be with me.

The lily white of palest skin,
Inside my skin, my heart beats wild,
On wildest night I call thee in,
Deep within I become thy child.

Thy silver eyes reflect the moon,
The violet moon that haunts my soul,
O’er my soul marked by ancient rune,
This runic night my Queen shall stroll.

O Goddess of the dark divine
The divine flame that lights the night,
This night embrace my heart with thine
For thine is this, my sacred rite.

For thou art all before my eyes,
The eyes that trust your secrets shown,
Dark Mother show thy child the highs,
The wondrous highs before thy throne.

Form: Wreathed Quatrains

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How swift the years have come and gone;
Aware of change, we now awake;
Sense far and near the range that dawns;
Things feel so strange yet it's not fake.

Too soon our days loiter and dash;
A sudden flood of empty dust;
Even fond play must end and crash;
Note surge of blood in ebbing lust.

Soon all must end in earthly grave;
From dust to dust our weary toil;
Abrupt this trend of blends we brave;
Death is a trust that ever spoils.

Look to each dawn to live with zest;
There is no place better than home;
Live glorious morn aware of quest;
Do fill your space with joys that roam.

Our transit here is surely brief;
Do all you can to fully live;
Sorrow greets cheer with heavy grief;
Dreams you attend, fall as you give.

Our moments then are filled with stuff;
A candle flame that burns briefly;
A fading trend not quite enough;
Forgotten name soon completely.

We come, we go and come again;
See the great law that binds our days;
So sense a glow beyond all pain;
Love wears no flaw in profound play.

Our brief summer on earthly plains,
Each to his own as discord spins;
Dear newcomer live no complaints;
Let seed be sown to harvest wins.

Leon Enriquez
09 June 2014

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Our Journey

Traveling this road alone
My heart mourns for you
The time we had together 
Has ended way too soon

Looking through the glare
Of a windshield dimmed by tears
I think of me and you 
Traveling all these years

I recall with vivid color
How your eyes would shine
The sweet sound of your laughter
How you touched my heart and mind

Friends gathered ‘round me
To help me celebrate your life
Stories flowed like water
Their friendship eased my strife

So not in sadness do I mourn
But strictly out of love
The life we had for over twenty years
Was blessed by God above

You were everything to me
And now that you are gone
I will cherish every moment shared
As our memories journey on

*Written for Red Buckler in loving memory of his best friend and companion for twenty three 
years Patsy (Pat) Cunningham

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It Sets Our Dear Hearts Free

Big surprise, this poem's about love Foremost on this old man's mind Old but still a very passionate soul In spite of the passage of time Never realized that in our older years That one only ages physically Our minds, our hearts, our basic souls Remains forever still free Still free to think, to admire, to love Just like in the prime of our life Bodies weaken but minds grow stronger Much more worldly in spite As a younger man I was very insecure Life has a way of changing us Passage of time helps us gather strength To deal with all the negative stuff Still got a bunch of happiness to give Heart's overflowing with glee Really can't imagine a life without love It's what sets our dear hearts free © Jack Ellison 2013

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The Mayor of Heaven

The Binger streets are empty, The Mayor’s mansion sits alone. When God remembered Thy son, He summoned Big H home. His giving heart stopped beating, Within an April day. His memories continue on, For what he’d say. For the spirit of his giving, Was the community’s best ally. Then God requested his council, For the meetings in the sky. The golden life he lived, Was eulogized by the reverend. God promoted his giving soul, To be the Mayor of Heaven. ______________________________ In memory of Howard 'Big H' Taylor for his giving heart and warm friendship to the community of Binger Ok.

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The Quartet

A little boy is made of
his mother’s love and dreams,
embodiment of the future
fulfilling Daddy’s schemes.

A mother’s heart will melt and run
at wonder in his eyes
when he first espies a rainbow
or bright star in the skies.

Can Mother’s heart contain the love
or Dad’s such intense pride
as must be theirs when their four sons
are lined up side by side?

Though sometimes it is hard to pray
amidst unending noise,
they know God hears their gratitude
for their loved little boys.

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Mark’s sent me a card of Mic’angelo’s “David”.
I’m really not sure how I’m meant to react …
Did he think I’m pining to see a nice body?
Or is he half-hoping that I’ll send it back?

The truth is, I don’t feel the least bit insulted.
I’ve studied male shapes ever since I was five!
I really enjoy all their planes and their contours:
‘Tis pity they’re seldom this good in real life …

This statue of David is one of the finest.
He’s firm and he’s smooth, and his muscles are taut …
If he were to step down and walk through the gallery,
The one thing to wobble is the one thing that ought!

His face is the image of very young Elvis …
And so is his body, the bits that we’ve seen.
They could be the same man … a re-incarnation …
Translated from Florence to Hollywood screen.

This picture just fills me with such mixed emotions!
I’m eager to see him: to touch, taste and smell …
And yet, it occurs, I’m too old for such notions …
But this old bat’s not dead yet … so, hey, what the Hell!


Entry for Debbie's "Change for the Meter" contest.
This is a dactylic tetrameter ... I think!
Tell me if I'm wrong, please!

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FREE CEE ignore it if it RINGS


It's strange but so many people say the same fuc*ing thing
they say “take back that necklace, that bracelet and diamond ring”
those same people hand out the very same advice
they say “that heart you thought so warm ain't very nice”

I was busy thinking about today while they were talking about tomorrow
I was hoping for kindness while her cold heart was bent on dispensing sorrow
the dreams I built on prayers were swiftly coming apart
which urged them to say “don't depend on a hardened heart”

sometimes I can't express the depression I embrace
because she says ugly things time can never erase
she tries to justify her lies with one more falsification
and fading fleetingly now is a long deceased fascination

maybe my first mistake was trying to hold on to a lie
or perhaps it was believing a romance like ours could never die
but sometimes the sun seems so bright I'm made blind by the moon
for instance that she was using a man born with a silver spoon

and so that bracelet, necklace and ring remain in her possession
although she owes me more than a singular confession
so when those people tell me to listen to what my soul has to say
all I hear is my love telling me not to simply run away

but suddenly one person says something that finally reaches my ear
and the joy we once shared turns into sadness and fear
that's when I find out that no matter how sweet love seems it can still so stalwartly sting
and that's why a pawn shop now owns that bracelet, necklace and diamond ring
     © 2012.....PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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She and I, Await to See

I stand in awe at the arrivals gate As she walks towards me, my heart now waits In-trepidation now sinks in My hands to touch her Spanish skin I feel a feeling never known before Emotions of love ooze through my pores Closer she walks into my world I joy to witness her hair being twirled I understand after we've talked for a while Mitigating circumstances, but we still smile Tomorrows take their time because of this As we continue our holiday, in hope and wish I reflect on the days that we spent together How happy she was in the Scottish weather Now she has returned, I'm again left all alone I hope and pray Scotland will be her new home I meditate, contemplate, in understanding to believe In wonder muse I marvel when we met my eyes did see As she walked towards me, my heart now awaits Will she ever return, through the arrival gates

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She left them alone to do what they had to do
their ages were from twelve to two
she expected the eldest to keep things under control
but she had a desire deep in her heart and soul

she left them with cereal and milk for two and a half days
selfishness and demanding voices warned the lady of her wicked ways
but her ears would not hear and her heart would not feel
and I don't consider cereal and milk a meal

so she walked out the door and told them all to go to sleep
as she unknowingly buried a few graves six feet deep
she went out to party with crack and weed
and didn't care what her children might need

day turned into night and night once again into day
and for her that was too long to be away
but she couldn't surrender to a deeply disturbing desire
and when she finally came home she found her kids had died in a fearsome fire
             © 2012......copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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young buck, half buck, maybe two buck duo
maybe troubled like infamous Dutch painter
maybe a whole gang'a bucks that you know 
shakin' cans for markin' their container

a mark of art - some meaty graffiti
you see it's in the eye of the beholder
some show as crass trash junkin' thinkin'
some show as true talent a bit bolder

tag lines, Graffito, in muraled center-city
socio-arterial politico feigned angry, witty
truth's not pristine, it's dirty and gritty
walled-up feelings sprayed out upon the city

been runnin' the rails since the rails converged
been runnin' in streets since ancient antiquity
been runnin' since peoples opinions diverged
been runnin' thoughout civilization's calligraphy

there's been ugly crap - there's been beauty
there's been lies lined up on concrete walls
there's been tags behind corner cops on duty
there's graffiti hanging in the MoMA art halls

ever'body's got som'thin' they wanna say
ever'body wants their ideas to have weight
ever'body really wants to have their own way
ever'body's clean-slatein' with urge to create

Bomb the wall with eight cans o' Rustoleum
like Jef Aérosol, Avoid pi, and Cha in Barcelona
Bomb it good t' let 'em know where you're from
picture your mind floatin' with that aérosol aroma

so, is it some peoples art of expression
or is it an eyesore with no merit to us
that conversation is a never-ending question
really depends on tags you put on it, I guess

© Dave Lego 2013-01-14

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Broken Heart

At twenty two she fell in love
he swept her off her feet
The world he promised he would give
his kisses were so sweet

Her life was filled with happiness
her heart rejoiced each day
He promised her a wedding ring
their union set for May

One day he said he had to leave
but soon he would return
He promised she would see him soon
no need to be concerned

For days she waited by the door
to see her lovers face
Each night she cried herself to sleep
she longed for his embrace

The months passed by and then the years
she waited patiently
Her hopes were dashed a thousand times
her heart broke endlessly

One day her spirit flew away
she soared above the clouds
A broken shell was left behind
wrapped in a purple shroud

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L'Age d'Or Trochee

L’Age d’Or is an old flick from nineteen-thirty. Watching this thing made me sick. It’s nonsense to me. Do you know who wrote the script? Salvador Dali! You would think this guy had flipped. It’s not worth to see.

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Love is when Mama carried me
Her pains when I was coming
The beauty she saw in my eyes
Such that joy spiced her cries.

Love is when love begins in my heart
The grown passion in my chest part
The eyes that can behold
Feeling that makes you happy and cold.

Love is when I give you my food
With a heart of love and thought of good
When I could hunger for your fill
A peace that keeps my crises still.

Love is when I know God
And I take Him my Lord
Love in Himself
On such that I cling myself.

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Saturday night tour walkabout:
You and I stroll briskly along
To check the lights with the big crowd
With carefree souls pushing sing-song!

By transit train, we found our way
To breeze on-site to see the lights;
But Earth Hour strain brought lights-out stray, 
Humid airs strike a deep dark night.

Two hours around Marina Bay
We circled paths with easy feel;
Explored the grounds, peeked shoppes by bay
More than enough such rustic thrill.

The humid night with hot air still,
Flings sticky sweat on freckled skin;
There's scant delight as fatigue steals
Moments that fret with punctured pin.

Round and round we amble around
Just you and me in sure reprise;
Movement new found in old-time grounds,
With fancy free to greet surprise.

Stroll promenade as Merlion sights;
Here on the verge, old vintage finds;
Lost serenades in obscure light;
As visual merge in heart and mind.

By Esplanade, we loiter here;
Explore the sights with eyes that search;
Watch crowd charades through random spheres,
No beacon lights the curious urge.

We want to see what we came for,
To seek to know the cause of ease;
Watch what's to be the pulse that soars
In the clear show that fumbles tease.

Such is the noise that highlights here;
The dazzle fits the puzzle route;
Poise wears a voice that speaks most clear;
Bits of torn wit that signs now shout.

From time to time, we now explore
The vast expanse of worldly hues;
Seek to fit rhymes with plots that shore
The myriad sense that life can cue.

Then, we back track the way we came
To go around in spree and trip;
Assume a tact to play the game
In joy well found to get a grip.

A tryst in time to flavour choice;
Now hand-in-hand as echoes drift;
Timeless such chimes that follow poise;
Swift moments blend as love now sifts.

Leon Enriquez
31 Mar 2014

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True Growth

Dolphins and unicorns
Butterflies and rainbows
These are underlying
But not all there is to know
While facing trials and sorrow
Taking good with bad I guess
With every thought and feeling
That I’ve chosen to express
Although I see the silver
That outlines the cloudy facts
As human being I must admit
That I’m just built like that
I never could imagine
That this voice would be so hard
In fact it’s not a choice at all
I’m forced to play these cards
I’ll paint the sky with sunshine
While the system I explore
But if the day converts to rain
The storms won’t be ignored
The thunder might be muting
As in silence I release
Not meant to flood the eardrums
But to wet my soul with peace
The wrong side of the bed sometimes
Can sound just like a cockatoo
Permit this broken record or switch off
As I can never do
The place that keeps me sane within
Though sheltered far from evil
Pretentious surface smiles aside
Inside there’s great upheaval
I'd hope to stay on wishful clouds
of love until the end of days
Though realistically I know
Life doesn’t work that way

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Wrapped inside a dream

Love is like a gift wrapped inside a dream
Everything I’ve known is not quite as it seems.
It’s raining and cloudy, rather cold outside
A new light in my heart keeps me warm inside.

The days just drift by not as much time as before
Like a flower awakening I see what the future has in store.
The inspiration flows like sands through an hourglass
I have a front row seat to view each one  pass.

The night becomes a place of hope and light
Gone is the past and the demons of night.
It’s been many years but they have gone away
Inspiration grows inside of every word I say.

I can’t wait for morning to greet what this day brings
The love inside my heart makes my soul just sing.
I can’t wait to hear your voice it seems a part of me
I hear it in the wind and in all the things that I see.

The hope just keeps on rising like the ocean's tide
I find a new comfort in this love I shall confide.
As the waves crash in sweeping the sands away
I have found some comfort in the safety of the bay.

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Black Lace and Ebony Curls

She stands before me
Ebony curls in drape
Gracing porcelain shoulders
Hiding her sexy nape

She turns to me so slowly
Black lace beautifies her so
Eyes in alluring stare
Inside me I readily grow

Her silver jewellery glints
Sparkling just like she
To be adorned by her beauty
As she stands in front of thee

With gentleness of slide
Black lace cascades so slow
Revealing pert breasts of woman
Beauty in delightful glow

Silver tassel's in pendulum swing
Captures my watching eyes
My heart internally craves
So pert my body cries

The speed of which it glides
Past hips so shaped as she
In slow motion to the floor it falls
Naked she faces me

Step by step she moves real closer
As my eyes fill with desire
Her lobes, her nape, her body
My heart singing like a choir

Into her emerald eyes I stare
Caressing her to the floor
Working my way back up
We kiss and start to explore

Sitting back she sits astride me
Face to face in kissing touch
Paradise beckons us both
Internally we will clutch

In sync our hands rejoice
We undulate like the waves
Our urge for inner joy
Explode our wanting craves

Our scented sweating bodies
Grace the evening air
My hands through ebony curls
Into her eyes I stare

At the point when our lava flows
I whisper in her ear
My love for you so grows
Prospering from year to year

Whenever she stands before me
Her ebony curls in drape
I love her so much more
My love, my loving scape

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Internally, I'm Emotionally Rocked

As I await another hour
And the watching of the clock
I'm torn between two lovers
Internally, I'm emotionally rocked

I'm wearing different faces
Daily, for months I do
In fear of addressing my fears
I've too much too lose

Living in the lives of hearts
So different they are to me
One I have fallen out of
The others heart I see

My life now needs addressing
For a corner I must turn
I'm wearing different faces
Whose heart shall I earn

As I await another hour
And the watching of the clock
To run from one to another
Internally, I'm emotionally rocked

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Vessels of Honor

God has hidden great treasures

in vessels of seeming dishonor

who are out of funds, luck and favor

being different they incur our displeasure

Many stars are hiding in their shell

a beautiful soul masked as cursed

full of mistakes, failures and costs

allow our expectations to crumble to hell

Still many of these late bloomers

dream up a life many do envy

living beyond our rat-race slavery

they see our world with the eyes of groomers

Pruning our world with their dreams

thoughts, words, inventions and arts

from great deeds to such little acts

their legacy is to harvest our joyful screams

God has hidden star treasures

in odd vessels within plain sight

that we may learn to fear His might

learning not to incur His grave displeasure

Such lonely stars twinkle in the blue

heavenly treasures unknown to you.

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I've struggled with thoughts.
Grasped those from the heart.
Have written them down
and posted as art.

Some of them perfect.
Shiny and bright.
Others less sharpened
to senses and sight.

Together they're telling.
My gallery belt.
The strengths and the weakness
my body has felt.

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Untitled 7

The heart can survive outside
a body for 6 whole hours
but a body will survive
without the heart forever.

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In My Blood

Writing poetry is in my blood
It's a fairly recent thing
Only been writing for about three years
It's sure made my idle heart sing

Before I began I stumbled around
Lost my direction in life
Discovered my poetry wasn't too bad
Tried it out on my wife

She encouraged me to pursue it further
Soon realized this was for me
Passion's been lying dormant for years
It's set my idle heart free

There's been a number of turning points
Since I was just a young boy
My life's been enriched in so many ways
Now poetry has filled it with joy

Writing poetry is in my blood!

© Jack Ellison 2012

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Normal Rockwell

Rockwell was my rock The reason I became A graphic designer Seeking fortune & fame Achieved my portion Of the fortune part And fame, at least locally Graphics was my art Long before computers I will king of the hill Even after, my design skills Were valued still Worked on the art table Longer than most Wasn't sent out to pasture Till later, I can boast I still miss the challenge That faced me each day A big part still longs To revisit yesterday Surely at my happiest While practicing my art That pleased my clients 'Twas the best part Receiving recognition I sorrily still miss Coz I know I'm still able Now I just reminisce Norman Rockwell was my rock! © Jack Ellison 2013

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Why won’t this feeling fade
My heart beat’s slowing pace
They say slow and steady wins the race
But here I am in second place

My minds running everywhere
This just isn’t fair
So much for being there
And what I hoped we could share

Feelings thrown around
Careless moments bring me down
You got my emotions all unwound
Thought my heart was safe and sound

All I wanted was you
I thought you wanted me too
Do you understand what I’m even going through
Looks like hello heartache round two

Why did you tried to hide it
It’s wrong, no use in trying to right it
All along I thought you were trying to fight it
Never knew these feelings were unrequited

You tore me down broke my spirit
I listened but almost refused to hear it
I offered my heart, to volunteer it
But now my thoughts are just to fear it

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To Chance an encounter

The sunshine today is warm on my skin but his stare burns deeper
Refusing to look does not make me less aware of his maleness
I wonder if tomorrow he will come to the street to chance an encounter
How can I enquire his name and be discreet but fearless

Desire has my thoughts racing and hoping he is a romanticizer
Like myself, he desires a chance meeting to be a start of us
I like the sound of us, dreaming...perchance I am too eager
Tomorrow will be the bearer of my fate, to wait, I can bear more or less

Hollow is my fufillment, he is not present in yon window, peeper
Together will not be, fate has other plans for this heart and for us
Tears fall, heart is exploding, questions...why? Feelings tender...
No gentle caress across my face, no tenderness, no masculinity,  joyless... 

For the contest of Iolanda written about the Painting-- A young man at his window.

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Not another Girl I would rather forget

Love ain't a feeling, its a state of being
So if you feel in love, you probably ain't.
The anger and frustration will build up
Lie to yourself and your bound to erupt

Hes greasy, hes slimy, hes lying
He laughs behind you back when your crying
You don't know how you got onto his ride
Who hurts a 'friend' when they are crying on the inside

Don't be surprised if your dreams never go away
At night it is all connected like a rape
Feels like we were together just today
Just think about your father and what he would say

How could you do the things you did?
How could you live with the things you hid?
It is okay to be alone sometimes
Life doesn't always have to be a lie

You sold your soul for a glass of wine
You lost your mind at a bad time
And now you don't even know who you are
But deep down I still know you are a star

I don't know if you ever told me the truth
You looked after me when I had a bad tooth
And then we had that crazy new years eve
That is when I knew it was meant to be

But the lies they build up and broke me down
Still I will never forget our time in Cape Town
When the trust is gone, the trust is gone
But the love lingers like a ghost

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The Great Divide

A void
To Altruism

A means
A path
To more division

The color
The people
Is purple
Ever equal?

Is there
Some way
To span
Across the Steeple

In truth
We lie
And know
Consistent evil

The populous

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Free From Critics Quake

Dreaming of my art in a museum somewhere.
A bounty of ideas displayed from my heart.
Bold colors combined with unusual flair.
A vision, a feeling, fresh art I impart.

Year upon year painstakingly practicing,
Until ideas unfold and talents increase,
Speckles and flings, various stokes in full swing.
Fantasy envisions another showpiece.

Oh success, that monolith of the art world,
Access more political than brains can bare.
Paintings, are rolled up and upon a shelf hurled
With thoughts that someday when I’m dead, folks might care.

A plethora of dreams comes racing to mind. 
Perhaps, I should hide them in a secret cave.
Secured in a vault meant for someone to find.
Centuries later perchance people will rave.

Now, in my hovel of a studio curled.
That place in the woodlands where I love to be,
My greenbrier Zareba, hidden from the world
Where the soul of this artist just God can see.

Transparent hopes cast upon an opaque past.
Admirable paintings free from critics quake.
Then, what was worthless may have value at last.
Living for lauds only after my death’s wake.

ã February 13, 2014
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: Dreams 	
Sponsored by: Shadow Hamilton

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Pay Attention

Pay close attention...
less you're unaware...

New order on it's way...

The elderly a summons...
work harder every day...

Drive prices even higher...

Grass is greener? Not you see!

For riches will be starving...

Bar codes will be poorer...

...Spending will decrease...

Out the door goes money...
Computers they will cheat...

Holidays four weeks?

No staff (no one to cover)!!!

Less and less go out to play...

...less risk found in their homes...

...So adapt and all get ready...

...Save your money...(every penny)

...Sell the car and buy a bike...

...Avoid the petrol hike...

...Boycott the oil barrel...

...Dinosaurs met with obsolete...

...Stay home curl up with chocolate...

...and watch movies on T.V...

It isn't all doom and gloom...

...But change is on the way...

...Avoid the over spending...
especially if you cannot repay...

Don't be like the greedy...
and crash into a wall...

Pay attention...

Less you're unaware...

...Less jobs, less cash in store...

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Pressing in the darkness seeks,
To quell the Hope that burns inside,
Confusion sends the message loud,
Love will die along with pride.
Lord, why is pain the only path,
From it's first beat, this heart has known,
Why was love so small a gift,
Offence no longer grace could drown?

Betrayal echoing words so void,
Once drinking in this soul did bless,
Before the truth came crushing in,
Leaving shame, and doubt, and brokeness.

As love seeks refuge from the storm,
One thing this bruised heart comfort gives,
The form and voice I hold so dear,
Will in this memory branded live.


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Christmas Folly

I recall when I once sat,
Sticky spiders spindled about my lap,
Twisting and twitching within my place,
Lost to another incurable case.

Bent and broken, we struggled to find
A compromise between heart and mind.
Pretences built high, but still would fall,
Spitting out a lamented lovers call.

Too short to grasp your jaded frame,
Inventing passion became our game.
You played few and I won less,
Melancholy mind made me a mess.

I left you solo within your cell,
Where you clashed musically with dwell.
Savoured a gash infecting my heart.
Restrained dramatics daring to depart.

Until you grovelled, back to my chest.
Laid your mutated heart on my breast.
Pitiful and weak, you called to my pain,
Sobbed out a tragedy, feigning insane.

Pinching promptly at my skin,
Endeavouring to worm back in.
Roughly plucking at my strings,
Clammy hands to scratch and cling.

Biter-sweet poison, force me to taste.
Romantic lunges; too late, a waste.
With Christmas looming, a desperate coo,
Festive folly; Do I love you too?

Not out of pity, or misplaced guilt,
I slung him the love that he let wilt,
Spiders ruled its hollow shell.
There is the cell where I did dwell.

A saddened smile for whispered regrets.
Misty eyes for lynched love we forget.
Unyielding hands that were offered, now wisp away
To the dance of fresh love that entices today.

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For days on end I’ve thought of you
while looking deep within
These feelings for you haven’t changed
but shame, it now begins

What started out so innocent
now covered up with lies
We've both been risking everything
our friendship a disguise

We said we’d never go this far
we broke all of the rules
So now we have to make a change
or else we all will lose

My heart is torn in many ways
I cannot walk away
Too many lives would be destroyed
for this I have to stay

I think we both know what to do
we’ll have to say good bye
My heart will always be with you
please go, I'll close my eyes

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Quick As A Wink

When looking at an empty page
And it seems that gone is the sage
Grab your camera and go for a walk
Be it morning, noon or dusk

In the morning look at the dew
See what is reflected and take a few
If at noon time and raindrops abound
See if there  are some on plants around

Be it at dusk when there is faint light
Catch shots of critters running out of sight'
When surrounded by dark and none's around
Use the flash and ghost may be found

That should fill a few pages by a sage
Down through the long, long ages
Keep in touch with pen and ink
Take those pictures quick as a wink

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Poetry's an after-thought.
One put aside for life.
A record of your being.
Some would say your strife.

The day you met a woman
when words led to a child.
The poetry of living-
a life no longer wild.

The tree where you proposed
where all the poet's see.
It's limbs to make a verse
to say the heart is free.

The sun on the horizon
A floating ball of rage.
A clock to set the wind~
a poem of the age.

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Guiding Choice (Quatrain)

The heart and mind battles with faith and hope entwined.
Each heart has hope for faith with empowerment for glory.
Our minds analyses factual existence,
He gave us both, heart and mind, choice the different guidance.

quatrain form in a poulter's measure style for Brians contest.

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I sent you words that Shakespeare wrote,
his poems and sonnets too.
I chose his words to express myself, 
and the way I felt for you.

I sent you words that Shakespeare wrote,
because his were the very best.
His words are known throughout the world,
and stand out among the rest.

I sent you words that Shakespeare wrote,
so you alone would know,
just how my soul longs for you,
and the way I love you so.

But the strings of your heart blew in the wind,
and became tangled with another.
And now your heart is mesmerized,
and bound to this new Lover.

And its plain to see, that my memory
has disappeared like mist and smoke.
And the last thing that you care about,
are the words that Shakespeare wrote.

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She left them alone to do what they had to do
their ages were from twelve to two
she expected the eldest to keep things under control
but she had a desire deep in her heart and soul

she left them with cereal and milk for two and a half days
selfishness and demanding voices warned the lady of her wicked ways
but her ears would not hear and her heart would not feel
and I don't consider cereal and milk a meal

so she walked out the door and told them all to go to sleep
as she unknowingly buried a few graves six feet deep
she went out to party with crack and weed
and didn't care what her children might need

day turned into night and night once again into day
and for her that was too long to be away
but she couldn't surrender to a deeply disturbing desire
and when she finally came home she found her kids had died in a fire
             © 2012......copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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I dream of better times

I think of you often seems every single day.
I see pieces of myself in the words you say.
The snowflakes start falling as I wonder why.
I see that there is no one luckier than I.

I look in your eyes and then see into your soul.
The glitters they possess make me feel whole.
I hear what you say and dawn a smile,
With you beside me I can see for miles.

I dream of the day when we shall meet.
I walk for a while and then take a seat.
I drift off to somewhere inside my heart.
You are right here though we are apart.

I think to myself I have much to be thankful for.
As the future is revealed I see what is in store.
I see us together standing hand in hand,
While time slip away like grains of sand.
I know in my heart I shall never be alone.
You have made my house into a home
I dream of better times yet to come,
With love in my heart I offer you some.

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This pen feels lifeless in my hand tonight
black blood just refuses to flow
I cannot form the words just right
soiling this page of virgin snow

Scattered about are some older works
phrases and words I scarcely know
ideas that twist like bejeweled dirks
but tonight this flesh proves fallow

One single word, the image forms
pulsing pen scribes to and fro
free will refuses to conform
my hand now can only follow


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Stupid ants
Wreck each other
Kill yourselves
As none other

Repeated cycle
All in vain
Teach another
Undue pain

Who will play
King of the hill
When one is never
Better still

The pretense being
He can never
Be all seeing

Wrest each mandible
From the other
Lay these weapons
Down asunder

Was the whole
All worth the end
Does the act
In worth amend?

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The Stare

A primate with disfigurement...

His stare, facing back at me...

A crystal he was holding...
his light ascended truthfully...

His wild cry escaped-with defiant will...

This dream no script pretend...

his judgement sorely with impale

his identity has been refused...

his freedom in deep detail...

Soon the same will fall to some...

due to cruelty and abuse...

His denial remains, 

his life locked somewhere in his truth...

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He called himself the king of the street
and so did all the people he'd meet
after all, anyone who has what you want is king
and one must bow down and kiss his ring

if you were dope sick the man was a healer
and so you headed straight for the dealer
after all there comes a time when you admit defeat
and that's why he was called “King of the Street”

he had no heart and business always came first
and his patrons didn't know it but they became cursed
cursed by a king who had no heart or sympathy
and treating his subjects with apathy

one day a neighbor of the king looked out the window
and lo and behold what do you know
the king was a cross dresser is what the neighbor had seen
so I suppose instead of king he should be dubbed queen
    © 2012.....copy right PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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Nothing is quite as alarming as white.
It gives an illusion of purity
when it sinisterly scorched away sight.
Leaves existence lost in obscurity.

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Talk if you must
 Must be at ease
   Ease with your trust
     Trust that brings peace

Walk with calm sway
 Sway to get where
   Where words can play
     Play that springs there

Learn to have fun
 Fun in clear style
   Style that flings pun
     Pun as wit smiles

Glow as you greet
 Greet in calm poise
   Poise as eyes meet
     Meet fields of voice

Here as you task
 Task in warm show
  Show in fine task
     Task tends sweet flow

Now is the time
 Time to weave spell
   Spell claims a rhyme
     Rhyme lives to tell

Dwell in this space
 Space out fun times
   Times to sculpt face
     Face where soul primes

Do you dare see
 See poise in charm
   Charm wants to be
      Be glad to farm

Make a big list
 List what you seed
   Seed in clear gist
     Gist fruits to feed

Leon Enriquez
02 October 2014

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There are men who may never walk on water
Who will never trade our happiness for butter
Who do such mere things full of kindness
That reminds us of the Son in his vast goodness 

There are men who may never raise our dead 
Who into our wilderness may never be lead 
Who eagerly and earnestly love with their hearts
That reminds us of the Son who laid love’s path

There are men who may never rebuke our storms
Who may never be transfigured into His glorious form 
Who are eagerly ready to lend a helping hand 
That reminds us of the Son who we don’t understand 

There are men who may never have an exalted name
Who may never be rich, glamorous or acquire fame
Who are beacons of light in our times of darkness
That reminds us of the Son shinning in righteousness 

There are men who may never die upon our cross 
Who for our sake live a life full of great loss
Who are our secret heroes saving our poor soul 
From lives bitter batter and devils ultimate goal

To these unknown, unheard, unseen men untold 
Who live to see our smile light up eyes that unfold 
Who live a life without a lie
Your names shall never die

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Lament of a Burdened Heart

The haunting coo of a mourning dove
Shrouded in a rainy haze
A burdened heart seems void of love
Recalling carefree days

The cup that is held is empty now
With no one to refill
The promise once kept, now disavowed
And blamed upon God’s will.

Looking out with hollow eyes
Behind them, an anguished mind
Calling out with silent cries
With no relief to find

The burdened heart has left its song
To the laments of the mourning dove
In hopes that angels come along
And carry it to the Lord above

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I left my heart in another place
But it's not like I dropped it;
I took it out when I fell in love
And without it, I forgot it.

The only reason I remembered
Was because I looked in the mirror
And in the hole where a heart should be
Were two words: insert here.

Bereft of heart, I cannot love;
What misery I am in;
My chest feels cold and hollow as
If I was made of tin.

If you find an extra heart,
Or a willing donor,
Would you give the heart to me?
Without one, I'm a goner.

If I could have a heart again,
I would brave storm or blizzard,
And if you gave your heart to me
I'd treat you like a Wizard.

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The Plan

These days my heart pumps slowly 
For fear of faling too fast
It clings to what it desires
And hopes the feeling will last

My spirit has taken a detrimental glide
And I'm free falling on faith alone
I am learning to trust God's will be done
And to live as he would condone

Days are rough and I can't help but think
Of you, your thoughts, your heart
I'm trying to be strong and with God I can
But I've missed you from the start

Little things we've done and the good times
Are all I seem to recall
I know had we done things accordingly
God would have ensured we'd never fall

You have a great heart and gentle spirit
Some recent things I don't understand
But I know it's not up to me to fear it
Because somehow, it's part of God's plan

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Passion Love Needs

No light is brighter than the heart,
Once the heart lies touched by love’s kiss,
As lips kiss, the souls can impart,
The parts of love that reminisce.

Memories like water-quenching thirst,
With first pleasurings of love’s song,
Passion songs that make the heart burst,
Joyful bursts as love comes along.

Love the talisman of desire,
So desire becomes more than a need,
The heart needs to know of this fire,
Fiery passion is love indeed.

Form: Wreathed Quatrains

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(Dedication: For Ann, who knows.)

Follow your heart and listen well:
Do what you love and let it show;
All good things start when urge in-dwells;
Your musing dove inspires warm glow.

Go with the flow with inner voice;
Dare to dream big as wonder flames;
Discern and know your steadfast choice;
Sweet as a fig your primal game.

Your sure heart knows just what brings joy;
Love with passion as purpose drives;
Ask that you know your steady ploy;
Live bold action as your heart strives.

Dare to be bold with courage fond:
Look within you for inspired cues;
Let thought unfold in your own pond;
It's up to you to create you!

Live your best form each brand new day;
Focus and see a world of change;
Love is the norm that brings grand play;
Truth and beauty connects your range.

When things look bad as failure flings,
See through the dark that engulfs pain;
Cheer hides in sad: watch good times swing;
You heart will spark success again.

Learn to discern your time and space;
Be unafraid as failure comes;
Stare at concerns to yield your place;
Fear is a dread that zero sums.

Live with fond joy and dare to play;
Life is a game that you can win;
Defeat the ploy that fear portrays;
Wear well your name with faith within.

On earthly spheres right now and here,
Each man is born to a set tune;
Success is near beyond all fear;
Let work adorn what pulse attunes.

Know who you are as heart knows mind;
Walk your path well and do have fun;
Cause is a star that seeks and finds;
Result now dwells within life's pun.

Rhymes and reason follow the sun;
Do what you do with end in mind;
Sync with season and prime your run;
It's up to you to seek and find.

Keep mindset clear when things turn bad;
Love will know grace that governs each;
Keep heart sincere when sad turns mad;
Love firms your face to glimpse fond reach.

Here by your side, pure passion springs:
Here as you think a thousand deals;
Here for the ride, sure purpose brings:
Here as you link a hearty feel.

Keep doing now what your heart knows;
Keep faith and hope that lives love here;
Keep love's endow in sacred flow;
Keep poise and scope and work with cheer.

Remember well the words you say:
Encrypt your voice with pleasant poise;
Describe and dwell from play to play;
Live well your choice and thus rejoice.

Leon Enriquez
29 June 2014

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My Heart's Door

My heart’s door is broken
The hinges are rusty and worn
Everytime I lock you out
You simply push in that door
I try to put up barriers
To make my heart full proof
But then you go barging in
And I am left unglued
I need to get a new door
One made of iron and steel
And a lock that safely shuts
My heart to your appeal
I need to do this quickly
Before another day
Brings you traipsing in again
To blow my doubts away
My heart’s door is broken
I’ve gone and lost the key
But next that you come around
You’ll find a different me!

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Agonizing thoughts of Betrayal

Here i lie, paralyzed by the sinful thoughts cursing my heart with deceptive tranquil blood clots,
who ever knew falling in love could bring so much heartache.
My eyes widen & my nerves are shocked by visualized images of a possible of misleading my Love(s) into another heartbroken faze of believing that i am meant for them... when i'm not.

suffocating from my own vapors of fear & guilt.
Auhh!!.. my mind is going crazy for i am torn between the love of both.
one walks through hell from those angrily shunning the love he has for me causing his heart to sadden & wilt.
And the other, whom i invited into my secret garden of trust, purity, 7 love...while as i face the Bible, lying to those who believe in me most under oath.

out of all the billions of people here on earth why must i be the one to face depression?
why must i be given so much care and concern in my heart to make either one feel so deplorable?
i never knew that today would be the day for me to feel so dumb founded about the deadly poison of confessions.
And to know that whom ever i choose to grow with, i still let pain weaken my soul for the grief of the other who now voodoo's my life and for me not to ever feel loveable.

And still in the broad views of nature and silence from the birds singing, i am still dazed and slumped over by old Lucifer's form of misery riding my back.
Wishing and praying that God could send me some where i can feel pure and innocent of all commandments and forbidden mistakes of the Bible.

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I have miles to go

I’m driving down the road I have miles to go before I sleep
I was standing in still water when it seems it got too deep
The sun goes down as I am pulling in the drive
The daylight is fading, night has arrived.

The stars shine so bright they catch my eye
There are so many I give counting them a try
It seems to take forever as the time passes by
The vastness of the sky so much larger than I.

The moon begins to rise as calm begins to grow
It seems the sky at night is putting on a show
I wonder where I fit and if anybody knows
All of a sudden a cool night breeze blows.

As I sit down to write my heart feels content
I look at the time and wonder where the day went
I receive some replies to intentions I sent
I smile when people understand what I meant.

I still have miles to go but they will be there tomorrow
The joy inside my heart overwhelms all the sorrow
I lay my head down and close my eyes
It’s funny how every day time just flies?

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An Artist Deserves His Pay

When all our birds have flown
and milk-weed stalks pose bare,
the katydids are all gone
and leaves scatter here and there;

why would the prince come,
laden with bundles of grain—
his arable year's sum—
and not expect to gain?

We who scoop his yield,
feast on his amplitude,
then bare his playing field,
are insulting and rude.

Please accept this check,
portion out a bit more;
lift us off this poop deck,
we most humbly implore.

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Thank you for sight,
Thank you for feel:
Each hue of light,
Words that can heal.

Thank you for love,
Thank you for light:
Grace from above, 
Spirit moves sight.

Thank you for joy,
Thank you for time:
Love now employs,
Words set to rhyme.

Thank you for good,
Thank you for gains:
Touch fills each mood,
Sense pleasure-pain.

Thank you for life, 
Thank you for touch:
Love conquers strife,
Now bears fond much.

Thank you for peace,
Thank you for soul:
Stillness and bliss,
A wholesome whole!

Thank you for tears,
Thank you for pain:
Faith edges fear, 
Grace floods again.

Thank you for art,
Thank you for science:
Live wholesome heart,
True Spirit signs.

Thank you for more,
Thank you for each:
Grand, boundless store,
Abundant reach.

Thank you for zest,
Thank you for zeal:
Urge and life quest,
Fond heart and will.

Thank you for taste,
Thank you for touch:
I work with haste
Feelings that nudge!

Thank you for sight,
Thank you for smell:
Empathy lights,
Compassion tells.

Thank you for sound,
Thank you for feel:
Senses flood round,
Wisdom now heals.

Thank you for sense,
Thank you for thought:
Purge my pretense,
Watch beyond plot!

Thank you for day,
Thank you for night:
For work and play,
For zesty sight.

Thank you for health, 
Thank you for more:
Life's precious wealth,
More attracts more.

Thank you for path,
Thank you for road:
Soul knows enough,
Wholeness bears load!

Thank you for light,
Thank you for truth:
I feel insight,
I see love's proof.

Thank you for mind,
Thank you for thought:
Ego lives blind,
Watcher sees lots!

Thank you for all,
Thank you for style:
I heed soul's call,
I discern smiles!

Thank you for "Now",
Thank you my Lord:
All You endow,
My Darling God!

Leon Enriquez
22 Feb 2014

(Note: These verses were written in Nov 2008 after I had both cataracts in my eyes operated and new lens implants done. My eyesight was restored to full clarity for which I am forever grateful! For the first time, and ever since, I enjoy crystal clear eyesight. What a joy! Verse number 2 has become my everyday mantra.)

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No More to Wait

I sought the haven of her love
to be scorned and sent away,
bitter sad and grieving
day after dreary day.

All my best had fallen short
found lacking by her measure,
the ecstasy of love’s rare bloom
is the memory that I’ll treasure.

With its petals plucked and withered
and my heart an empty shell,
I sit now in a cold dark room
to forever herein dwell.

The joy of love was fleeting
flickering out after but awhile,
our cup of happiness empty
reeking sour now of bile.

Will there ever come a knocking
at my bolted door,
a woman to refill my cup
and share it forever more?

I’ll sweep out the dusty chambers
and light candles in my heart,
if she would but redeem me
bringing love to never part.

Transform my dreary dungeon
to a terrace bathed in light,
putting wind beneath my wings
so my heart again takes flight.

For this I will throw back the bolt
and open wide my cell,
eagerly scan the distance
for her to whom I’d tell;

Welcome now my lady
to this heart whose thirst is great,
for a taste of love’s sweet draught
now to drink, no more to wait.

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Achilles Abides

Watching mundane seconds tick away
Linked together they form passing years
This flimsy chain around my neck does not betray
Nor can my stinging eyes squeeze back the tears

Dreams begin to float out of my reach
Tormented by what makes me so distressed
Losing many of my hopes I feel besieged
Yet still reflecting on the way my life is blessed

The silence puzzles me and pierces with its thunder
The foundation bucks the shaking of its core
What God has joined together no man puts asunder
The waves are beating hard upon our shores

Weary eyes look towards damp clouds and search for light
Desperate to feel some warmth deep within my bones
Will its brilliant glow supplant the bluish night
Giving a sneak peek into the great unknown

Chasing those rainbows now seems like wasted time
The pot of gold was a seductive ruse of lead
Perhaps we were just lonely partners in crime
Caught up in reveries we thought surely lied ahead

Waiting for the stars to fall into my hands
To turn this to profound from the surreal
Nobody but the stars can understand
That I’ll fall victim to my poor Achilles heel

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Since childhood my vivid and alluring aspirations
painted my rainbows with different colors,
not the ones I was after and truly adored...
who has ever heard of a teenager being bored?

Anytime I saw a train leave the station with its smooth rhythm,
I wanted to be that conductor who could never fall asleep,
and at every stop he would look carefully before closing the doors...
then, laid-back, watch the changing landscape and whistle his tunes!

If imagination had not been there to tackle my reflective tendencies
that were, indeed, rooted in all aspects of the present wilderness,
I wouldn't have cultivated this passion and turn it into a realistic dream...
which allowed inspiration to enter the subconsciousness of this thinker's realm!    

The fast-paced postman delivering mail to mailboxes seldom locked, thrilled me;
he looked so sharp and handsome greeting folks, and it would have been an honor
to chat with them, listening to their suggestions and helping them thoroughly...
I visualized myself as such, and even practiced it daily in front of large mirror!

If tons of ideas hadn't fed the urge to jot down details with ebullient imagery,
unless I wasn't aware of their poignant meaning and powerful message,
I wouldn't have let fantasy create an extraordinary dreamer out of someone so ordinary...
to adorn dullness with my cheerfulness and change winter to spring!

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Putting thoughts on paper, connoting their portent;
contesting guilt by being lyrically concordant
with symphonic tones of poetical elegance,
expressing a mere necessity rather than extravagance.

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Welcome to my world

Hopper's enigmas
     drip by drip,
     into me-
life's melancholy

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My Flower

There is a place I sometimes visit
When the worlds got me feeling low
Where my heart can stop pretending
and I can let my true self show

In a meadow next to nowhere
In a place I used to know
who's peace helps to ease my heart aches
where my special flower grows

It's just a simple flower
most others just can't see
why a tiny little flower
means so much to me

Sometimes I think that flower
is just a map of my own heart
with the roads of my emotions 
leading to each different part

the petals are not flashy
in fact they almost seem to hide
but each holds a world of meaning
and shows me how I feel inside

To some its just a flower
blooming once before it goes
for me it holds life's secrets
and what my heart wants me to know.

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My God knows the way I am,
He knows my every thought.
He knows the things I've said and done,
And seen the dreams I've sought.

He knows my heart for what it is,
Knows each and every mood,
Depending not on what He's heard,
From those who think me crude;

For Man looks on the outer crust,
And sees not what's inside.
He hears but words that oft times twist,
And turn the truth to lies;

But God looks on the heart of Man,
And judges that instead,
Not foolish thoughts or actions,
Words that twist inside the head.

So do not judge your neighbor, Friend,
You don't know what's inside.
You only know the words you've heard,
That play tricks with your mind.

If you truly love your friend,
The way you love yourself,
You'll make the same excuse for him,
That you make for yourself.

                                                 1Samuel 16:7
                                           Proverbs 26:20

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My Way Back Home

Where has the time gone, That we shared so long ago? When we walked side by side, Down the lovely leafy road. Those were the good old days, In that Autumn breeze. Planning what we’d become, Beneath the maple trees. Man, the seasons change, And so do people’s hearts. I remember that awful day, When loneliness embarked. Since then, I’ve stopped counting, But my heart knows the exact days. As it grieves of distant joy, That will never come its’ way. Do you ever stop and wonder, Where our lives could be? As you live in happiness, I’m stuck in memories. You were the abode of my life, That my heart has ever known. Since that day you evicted me, I’ve been looking for my way back home.

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She left them alone to do what they had to do
their ages were from twelve to two
she expected the eldest to keep things under control
but she had a desire deep in her heart and soul

she left them with cereal and milk for two and a half days
selfishness and demanding voices warned the lady of her wicked ways
but her ears would not hear and her heart would not feel
and I don't consider cereal and milk a meal

so she walked out the door and told them all to go to sleep
as she unknowingly buried a few graves six feet deep
she went out to party with crack and weed
and didn't care what her children might need

day turned into night and night once again into day
and for her that was too long to be away
but she couldn't surrender to a deeply disturbing desire
and when she finally came home she found her kids had died in a fire
             © 2012......copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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Christmas is in the air

Christmas is coming people are rushing around.
With joy in their heart the love shall resound.
It’s been many years since I’ve felt this way.
It has been much too long I have to say.

In this season spirits seem to uplift.
This is but one of many Christmas gifts.
If you need to find only one place to start,
Let compassion flow freely from your heart.

One simple thing and the world shall change.
The love in your heart you should never estrange.
An act of kindness to someone that’s in need,
Will grow and blossom if you plant the seed.

Maybe the fighting can stop and we will understand,
The world becomes better when we are the best we can.
Nothing could be better than peace in our time,
It starts with and act and then infects one’s mind.

Christmas is a time of peace and good will.
The miracle is before us it can happen still.
Think compassion it will spread to your heart.
The world will join together instead of falling apart.

Something is growing I can feel it right now.
If we begin to care we shall make it somehow.
It starts with you and you need just to care,
Peace to you all, Christmas is in the air.

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The Critic - Art and Poetry - by Bob Atkinson

 The Critic - Art and Poetry
 - by Bob Atkinson
'tis always easier to criticize
than is to do it yourself
although in truth the latter
contains far more fun and mirth

my point lies somewhere in between
good and bad of poetry
adjustment for the mainstream
how we absorb idealistic dreams

to see this in a different light
with crystal covers on the lens
we can, with open eyes
love writers with sharp pens

those who look beyond the fluff
and understand good meaning
divest themselves of constraints
and pursue a different dreaming

they see a world with tearfulness
not holding on to chains
which produce establishments
that grate and agitate

my desire in this arena
carries to all a simple message
don't let the future be determined
by past usage and direction

what you see is fabricated
a reality far from real
poo pooing things that matter
holds their only zeal

me, I've grown accustomed
to my meaning zipping by
heads of those who look
only at the surface side

doesn't mean I'm disheartened
to try is not hard at all
when you feel compunction
to rearrange it all

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Into the Darkness

Into the darkness,
The heart craves,
The peace and warmth,
Into which it caves.

Feeling of  despair,
The heart hungers,
Someone to care.

For affection,
The heart forgets,
Its' protection.

Into the darkness,
The last beat taken,
The heart breaks,
Its' love forsaken.

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I've got the headphones in my ears, but nothing's playing. 
I've got you on my mind, but you're not here.
I've got you in my heart, but I can't feel you.
You're always right there, but yet, you're never near.

Our song is playing, but I can't hear the music. 
I'm just waiting for you to walk through that door.
I said, well shouted, some things I didn't mean.
We argued, but you've always come back home before.

Now, I'm curled up in your t-shirt on the big chair.
Now, my stubborn nature has kicked into gear.
Now, I don't really want to see your face.
Now, when you come home, I hope you feel fear.

I hope your heart starts racing as fast as your thoughts.
I hope you're nervous because you may have ran that red light.
You always love to make me mad, because you think I'm cute angry.
Then again, you're always afraid to lose me when we fight.

Your headlights flicker on the wall across from me.
Despite myself, I'm not angry anymore.
In fact, my heart won't stop racing, and I actually have butterflies.
All of this in anticipation of you walking through the door.

I keep my hardened, stubborn composure.
Until I see you come in with your tail between your legs and your puppy face.
One look and all of my stubborn attitude fades,
And I can't even remember why we were fighting in the first place.

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I was trudging with deep thirst amid scorching sand dunes,
when suddenly the desert wind
hurled me against an ancient tomb;
and as the swivel door swiftly opened, my fear increased.

What was this mysterious, mystic place...
beneath one of the Great Pyramids
embellished by massive sphinxes? 
Why did the Egyptians believe in after-life?

Scary mummies in long, beautiful 
hand-painted sarcophaguses appeared,
and the foul smell induced more dread 
than an imminent vomit...I screamed!

And into that labyrinth of adorned walls,
I couldn't find an exit...painted faces 
and sacrificial eyes hunted me all the while...
was I going to be their next victim?

I heard chariots wheels screech...
they were coming for me, I panicked,
a pang pierced my chest encroached by hands...
and glancing at those mystical frescoes, I fled!

And running faster than a tiger, trying to catch my heavy breath,
I collapsed into the coldest corner crying out,"God, please help me!"....
No human voice echoed but mine in the hallways of the Pyramid;  
how would I have been been able to combat anxiety, fear or even death?

I found myself by the tomb of Tutankhamun's,
he didn't seem dead, but vividly alive and well...
and he kindly smiled, handing me his scarabe necklace...
saying, "Take it and end the curse of the robbers!" 

Why didn't he punish me for disturbing his peace?
Sudden death could have been experienced by me!
What ever happened to the Anubis guarding his tomb
and treasury? Did the Pharaoh send it away to warn me?

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Those said words 
hurt so much 
like swords 
sharp to the touch 

Complication set in 
all of this hard 
like swallowing straight gin 
falling down like a house of cards 

Why say them when u know 
it only makes it worse 
words still there 
now my heart feels cursed 

Heart is in pain 
eyes full of tears 
numbness took over my Brain 
I can't sense my fears 

What a waste 
I'm in despair 
your lips won't be mine to taste 
your touch won't be there 

Eyes are cold 
as the arctic air 
my heart no longer bold 
love no longer lives there 

Those words you won't say 
eats me alive 
no escaping to get away 
no way for love to survive

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I am without anything now that I’m not with you
And Lord knows I miss the taste of your smile
I miss a perfectly designed dream come true
Because you made mounting a mountain seem a mild mile

You gave me butterflies and lightning bugs as a gracious gift
Because of you the morning wasn’t agony anymore
It didn’t matter if I worked in the day or the midnight shift
When I returned you would be there with a smile at our door

Ain’t nobody’s business how deeply we loved one another
But they could tell in our eyes and the way we held hands
Ain’t nobody’s business how I loved you, not even my brother
While I kissed you under the elm tree in the peaceful place it now stands

When you used to approach me it would make my heart race
Now that I’m without you I want to know exactly why
And it’s difficult when I need to forget your emphatic embrace
So now you know from whence comes my woeful wish to die
          © 2011.….Phreepoetree ~free cee!~

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The Godhead

Oh, let the citadel of freedom rise 
from brash Poseidon’s embryonic sea,
rise writhing on the waves of discontent.
Oh, rip, the fluid surface of man’s soul free.

Oh, fill the listless heart of earth's psyche,
call Amphitrite, nymph wife, goddess of the sea
from their love’s embrace will rise a pinnacle
Oh, new home of justice and liberty.

Oh, see the Dove fly over all with grace
for He most High wishes all his people free.
Oh, laud the principles of Republic
from the Atlantic to the Pacific sea.

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I am able to fly

As I soar to new heights my feet touch the ground,
I dream of the sky yet it’s to earth I am bound’
I feel like some pieces of the puzzle have been found,
I’m glad to see you here and you still are around.

I venture into the world yet they can’t see me,
All of the potential I have and what I shall be.
I open up my heart and then I feel free,
With love I can see all I can be.

People just smile yet they don’t understand.
I can’t find the words to tell who I am.
The word flow freely as I make a stand,
I feel like I come from some far away land.

The time is before me as I see what I want.
My needs no longer have a reason to haunt.
I know what I do but can guess at the rest.
I still have some time to clean up the mess.

Everything joins together as I start to believe.
This is my place so there’s no need to leave.
I wish that the answers were clearer to me,
With hope in my heart I guess I shall see.

I see this transition from darkness to light,
I dance in the moon light and soak up the night.
I have so much hope it is as big as the sky,
I just spread my wings and I’m able to fly.

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The long and winding road

The long and winding road is the journey today
Time flies by regardless of what I do or say
The rain commenced falling down from the sky
Teardrops from heaven as the angels all cry.

No big adventure so I feel a bit lost
I would pay any price regardless of cost
I just go out, I have many chores to do
Grocery shopping is perhaps the hardest to get through.

 Never quite get all the things that I need
Though I conceal my hurt, I still bleed
My heart feels heavy I don’t know if I can go on
Things suddenly appear, then disappear and are gone.

Some of them I wish would stick around for a while
They make my heart happy as I dawn a smile
 Like everything I care for I know soon it will be gone
It’s like history repeating, that same old sad song…

It sounds sort of sad but I have learned to adapt
I lose the four walls where once I was trapped
The road may be long but I am back on track
Just one step forward yet ahead of the pack.

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It's strange but so many people say the same fuc*ing thing
they say “take back that necklace, that bracelet and diamond ring”
those same people hand out the very same advice
they say “that heart you thought so warm ain't very nice”

I was busy thinking about today while they were talking about tomorrow
I was hoping for kindness while her cold heart was bent on dispensing sorrow
the dreams I built on prayers were swiftly coming apart
which urged them to say “don't depend on a hardened heart”

sometimes I can't express the depression I embrace
because she says ugly things time can never erase
she tries to justify her lies with one more falsification
and fading fleetingly now is a long deceased fascination

maybe my first mistake was trying to hold on to a lie
or perhaps it was believing a romance like ours could never die
but sometimes the sun seems so bright I'm made blind by the moon
for instance that she was using a man born with a silver spoon

and so that bracelet, necklace and ring remain in her possession
although she owes me more than a singular confession
so when those people tell me to listen to what my soul has to say
all I hear is my love telling me to simply run away

but suddenly one person says something that finally reaches my ear
and the joy we once shared turns into sadness and fear
that's when I find out that no matter how sweet love seems it can still so stalwartly sting
and that's why a pawn shop now owns that bracelet, necklace and diamond ring
     © 2012.....PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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      Your Ways Of Love
So many ways your love is real
I couldn't bring my heart to know
nor think upon each one I feel
so many, and they come and go
     to make my mind a carousel
      all dizzy with your love I swell;

I lay my kiss upon your lips
before my mind can dwell on it
then touch you with my finger tips
'for my poor heart would feign a bit
     in desperation and my need
      upon your ways of love, I feed;

in silence you set my heart free
with just one warm and velvet touch
then all the ways that you love me
are plain to me--I need so much
       of ev'ry way your love can be
        and you will get the same from me.

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My Heart's Chambers

 My heart has many chambers
To some you have never been
Some you easily enter
Some only a few have seen
Each chamber has a purpose
Each holds a cherished one
Some inner chambers have locks
Some outer chambers have none
I decide who is welcome
I know who brings joy or pain
Some have been told they must leave
Others I’ve begged to remain
Some want to have just a peek
To know what I keep inside
Others want to belong there
They want a place to reside
My heart’s chambers are cozy
The walls are sturdy and bright
They lure many a traveler
Who long to bask in the light
Inside the depths of my heart
There is a an enchanted room
Magic and passion live there
Much larger than life they loom
Their shadows play on the floor
Their whispers promise delight
I implore YOU to enter
Only you…by day or night
I grant you this room’s key
Lock tightly this secret door
I’ll be at your beck and call
You won’t have to beg for more.
Forget the other chambers
Forget who has come before
Just now…this moment…this night
What wonders I have in store!
I’ll dress you in my passion
I’ll fulfill your every whim
You’ll want to be my captive
The world outside will seem dim!
My heart has many chambers
Each one is a special place
But my heart of hearts is yours
On every wall is your face!

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Why did you ask why we did that?
Who know?
Who knows why a rebel held a rose
A rose who rose to the occasion
And lent the rebel lessons on how to hold a flower
Properly and not property as such
Tender to the touch
Lest the remnants of lavender be shed from lips of moisture born
For that rebel realized upon this rose she bore no thicket nor thorn
Two souls so close
Yet with minds set so far apart
But heart met panting heart on nights of youthful yearning
The younger rebel bent on learning
That rose dripping virgin dew
And suddenly the garden seemed brand new
The rose laid the rebel’s head gently on a cloud as angels declared it her bed
While a rebel was held captive by every petal 
And that which the rose had said
She said “I am a rose for a rebel to behold,
I, a bit older, yet here to stoke two smoldering desires
A rose who grows and a rebel who starts fires”
Why did you ask why we did that?
Who really knows?
Do you my rebel’s rose?
 © 2011.….free cee!
(this was written for a woman clouded by a teen's clandestine desire to defy 
authority, and impressed a woman recently whomI know not but for her glorious, 
thought provoking and nestalgic words knit together so as to create sweaters to keep 
us all warm....a fire for all of us to stoke...many of you know her words, and by her 
stats i'd say she's crowned every bit a poet......and with surety I say "thanks teach, 
now could you get some people to read the stuph you don't seem to deem trash, you 
know, like the little innocents they now find bi-weekly in a landfill near you?  ~f!~

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Pruned the Root

In the silence of my mind...

stands the tree of reason...

Baring fruit, food for thought...

Pruned the root of understanding...

Tireless autumn leaves fall free...

Like flares of seasoned knowledge...

In the silence of my mind...

stands the tree of reason...

In pruned root...

...the seed I find...

In the silence of my mind...

...stands the tree of reason...

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The Lamentation Over The Dead Christ

Michelangelo covered with the hood
Weeping tears as holding Christ, he stood
At the head of the man, who is the Lamb
That became the perfect sacrifice, the great I Am

Putting himself in Joseph of Arimathea's place
Helping Mary Magdalene and Mary Jesus' mother face
The tragedy, that they felt ended Jesus' race
His chance to be the Savior, sent to grace
The world with salvation and kingdom of love;
How each stroke of the hammer guided from above
Perfection of this work you desired for the Dove
When an error occured, you were not proud of

Gave this unfinished work away (to Antonio)
Who for a profit did sell the work for pay
Reconstruction by Tiberio Calcagni paved the way
For the look of the Florence Pieta' today

(The information that I got about this work said that Michelangelo used himself as a model 
for the hooded figure.  I could just see Michelangelo feeling the agony of the person when he 
put himself in their place.)

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The Artist Formerly Known As God

Black canvas
Curved space
Sterling stars
Evolved grace
Painted planets
Yellow sun
White noise
Prodigal son
Bleeding brushes
Dripping plight
Solemn strokes
Sequestered light
Turgid sky
Acid rain
Burning questions
Dangling reigns
Charcoal commandments
Acrylic themes
Smeared signature
Scientific schemes 

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Just like life my dreams always end for me
Another day to fake what they want me to be
Put on a tie or don a pair of old blue jeans
Yet I don’t know what my dreams or my life really means

It’s been difficult to understand why I survive
And I know not where and when I will arrive
So I run to my mother and I ask her for advice
And she says “son, too oft life is lived for a price”

“but mama,” I beg, “how great is that cost,
because as of now I feel totally lost?”
She couldn’t  answer that query without mitigation
And she didn’t want to give me any false information

Where I am headed is a question only fate can reveal
And I know what you sow you will reap and that is for real
Reality is something I’ve tried to avoid for far too long
But then I say “my mama couldn’t have been wrong”

So as sure as tomorrow I will probably awake
With no black tie affairs nor parties to partake
Because I know not how they want me to act
All I know is there have been too many of life’s answers I’ve lacked
          © 2011.….Phreepoetree ~free cee!

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what was meant

to start, eviscerating her muse
cut her up and analyze her
throw her heart into tea leaves
meat her mind and so dissect her

her depth is unfathomable
enigmatic as an ancient nation
was she down in the consumables
drinking deep the Muses libation

entrails lain out in between
what came into her head
what she inspires, what she means
how good is she in bed

what was meant of point of view
each to glean from field of meaning
seeds of inspiration equal to
what was meant and what was seeming


to start, eviscerating his muse
cut him up and analyze him
throw his heart into tea leaves
meat his mind and so dissect him

his depth is unfathomable
enigmatic as an ancient nation
was he down in the consumables
drinking deep the Muses libation

entrails lain out in between
what came into his head
what he inspires, what he means
how good is he in bed

what was meant of point of view
each to glean from field of meaning
seeds of inspiration equal to
what was meant and what was seeming

© Goode Guy 2011-10-03

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Left to chance

            Left to chance

So much in this life is just left to chance
What I see becomes different upon second glance.
Sometimes I get lost and don’t know where to go
I’m so glad to see you yet I seem to choke on hello.

I head to the east the sun shines in my eyes
The possibilities open up to the bluest of skies.
Still my mind wanders and wonders about why
Seconds become hours as the day passes by.

I see all these things yet I’ve seen them before
All I was quite certain of today I’m not so sure.
 As a window just closes, it opens a door
I think right before me I see what is in store.

Sometimes its tricky things aren’t as they appear
What I view in the distance are different when near.
I still stay my course; I have nothing left to fear
I find a place in my heart for all that I hold dear.

The sun goes down and the day does end
I feel like my heart is beginning to mend
A new start arises from the ashes of an end
Maybe I’ll find my place around the next bend.

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FREE CEE he she and what he would not see


He couldn't look behind him to see what he might see
it was a sorrowful vision he ordered his eyes to remain blind to
he wouldn't cock his neck to witness sorrow's decree
nor would he turn around to witness what sadness would make true

with all the trees between the two
with the sun blinding his vision's aim
he refused to see what was happening 'neath a sky of blue
and he had only one person who could stand to take the blame

his selfishness had caused a scene he never meant to be
his neediness caused his heart to remain cold to her desire
there had been too much history paused between this he and she
and there he stood wishing his eyes would become a liar

he would not tilt his head to see yesterday's demand
he would not stand or sit and watch that passing day
he would not listen to what his heart sounded to command
and he would not sing that song as his lover walked away
     © 2012.....PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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Brian Strand

With a vast love for the worlds,
  Art, music, and poetry.
His active heart devours,
  All ekphrasis poetry.

For some of his writings and art,
  Grace the pages of magazines.
With many forms of print,
  Largely online publishing’s.

For he is an outlaw poet,
  Who writes his heart away.
Educating other artists,
  Through the night and day.

Motivated by Ephesians 2:10,
  “Each of us are God’s work of art.”
Helping others realize their artistic gifts, 
  Brings an enormous joy to his heart. 

Thank you Sir for blessing us,
  With the mastered art of shorthand.
For the world will always know,
  Buckinghamshire’s Brian Strand.

Dedicated to the one and only Brian Strand
Thanks for all your support...Raul

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The Ways Of Love

The way to a man's heart is through his belly
That's how the old saying goes
The way to a woman's heart is through love 
She feels it down to her toes

We've all been programmed to live this way
This isn't against the ways of men
If love didn't continue as in olden times past
The world would most likely end

We all must follow the established patterns
Been in place since man first appeared
To try to invent some new rules at this stage
Is fraught with headaches and tears

So love away as you've always been doing
Be happy that you're able to feel
This unbridled joy that's known only to man
Enjoy life and love with much zeal

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Be of good cheer
For joy lives here
With love that steers
A heart sincere.

Be glad of heart
For joy reveals
A precious start:
That urge to heal.

Be happy here
No matter how
Pain dilutes cheer
As peace floods now.

Leon Enriquez
21 June 2014

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Time etched itself into my face,
and my body has grown old.
I find comfort now in simple things,
and I'm not near as fast and bold.

My heart somehow eluded age,
and refused the effects of time. 
It didn't grow old like the rest of me,
giving way to cracks and lines.

It's still filled with so much life,
and desires to sing and run.
It's filled with places yet to go,
and songs waiting to be sung.

I wish I could return somehow,
to innocence and youth.
Before my bones and joints did ache,
before so long in  tooth.

Soon I'll be resting in the ground,
after life with me is done.
And it's because my body grew old,
but my heart always stayed young.

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free cee A GRAVE situation

                         A GRAVE SITUATION

Ain’t no one in this world gives a damn about me
They don’t care what I do or say
Ain’t no one in the world gives a sh*t about me
They don’t care if I should die today

There are lying ladies and very bent gents
Swear they have an interest in what I do
But I’m telling you man, they don’t care
And by the heart of God I swear neither would you

I awake in the morning ain’t no one by my side
I fall asleep alone and wake up just the same
Looking all around for someone to give a damn
And in my head and heart is where to place the blame

I got parents, an ex-wife, a son and grandson
Hardly ever get a call or a god damned letter
But my life as it stands today couldn't be more boring
And month to month it don’t get no better

Ain’t no one who would even visit my grave
Ain’t no one who cares if I should live or die
Ain’t no one who gives a sh*t about me
And by God I swear, neither do I
© 2009… cee

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Mind the Brain

Mind the brain game on...

the conspicuous lay in taunt...

lessons well observed

A leader has become...

The tide she leaves distinguished...

All sands will follow her...

She dwells in her own pool...

With a gift, 

The heavens bestowed...

Her futuristic mind scape... 

Past lends her a glimpse...

Mind the brain game on...

Lessons well observed...

Message with feeling dialect

She understands all word...

All prophecy sent from hindsight

All lessons well observed...

No clutching at the straws...

A moments rediscovery...

message spelled out from grave...

Mind the brain game on...

All lessons well observed...

Once quell now ink on bread crumbs...

Message in feeling dialect...

A leader she has now become...

All lessons well observed...

The grave in turn protect

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FREE CEE read this and every seagull that skims the waves will die


It's strange but so many people say the same fuc*ing thing
they say “take back that necklace, that bracelet and diamond ring”
those same people hand out the very same advice
they say “that heart you thought so warm ain't very nice”

I was busy thinking about today while they were talking about tomorrow
I was hoping for kindness while her cold heart was bent on dispensing sorrow
the dreams I built on prayers were swiftly coming apart
which urged them to say “don't depend on a hardened heart”

sometimes I can't express the depression I embrace
because she says ugly things time can never erase
she tries to justify her lies with one more falsification
and fading fleetingly now is a long deceased fascination

maybe my first mistake was trying to hold on to a lie
or perhaps it was believing a romance like ours could never die
but sometimes the sun seems so bright I'm made blind by the moon
for instance that she was using a man born with a silver spoon

and so that bracelet, necklace and ring remain in her possession
although she owes me more than a singular confession
so when those people tell me to listen to what my soul has to say
all I hear is my love telling me to simply run away

but suddenly one person says something that finally reaches my ear
and the joy we once shared turns into sadness and fear
that's when I find out that no matter how sweet love seems it can still so stalwartly sting
and that's why a pawn shop now owns that bracelet, necklace and diamond ring
     © 2012.....PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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There are too few people who get me
The ones that know what I am and what I do
Some of them understand and let me
And one of them was you

There are certain people who are aware
They know where I’m headed and set for what course
There are certain people who were just born to care
And they’re concern isn’t born of force

No, these are the people who see what I am and don’t mind
The ones who worry but somehow know I’ll make it through
People created by this universe simply to be kind
And too oft I don’t know why they do what they  do

Perhaps it’s the smile I wish was inside my frown
Or the happiness I’ll probably never see in a world of pain
Someone who lifts me up when I  fall down
A humanitarian who protects me from a torrential rain

Some people see in my eyes that I ain’t all that wise
Yet they put up with the things my body tells me to do
Certain individuals who I consider an unexpected prize
        Phreepoetree   ~free cee!~

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Go with the flow
As urge finds you
In sanguine glow
Right here on cue

Go with fine show
As fling now finds
Light that funds know
That blooms in kind

Go where you know
Fond merge that comes
In seeds you sow
As harvest sums

Go beyond fill
To feel a sense
Of deeper thrill
In simple tense

Go now from here
To write a page
That ushers cheer
In open cage

Leon Enriquez
30 September 2014

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I love you dearly

I hear a voice and then think of you.
Sometimes I don’t know what to do.
The sun comes up and then sky is blue.
Its beauty is nothing compared to you.

You made my heart beat slow then fast.
You brought light to my heart home at last.
You parted the shadows that darkness cast.
But I hit the wall and then I crashed.

When I felt sad you made me feel not alone.
You always made me welcome in your home.
I look into the mirror yet I see you.
This is the measure to a love that’s true.

You always were the best part of me.
You opened my eyes so that I could see.
I promised you that I would just let it be.
I love you dearly so I set you free.

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I remember when you didn’t remember the time nor the place
I recall how you didn’t recall our first kiss and how it made your heart race
I know you’ve forgotten what you swore you’d never forget
And I know you didn’t know that I’ve loved you since the moment we first met

Simply to help your memory function well and be precise
You opined that if this is what forever is you wanted a slice
Your words spoke softly of romance as well did your heart
And I’m certain you don’t recall promising to give me your all from the start

You can’t envision the first time I came into your vision
Or swearing to every god there is we will never suffer division
You swore we’d be one and never be done making each other’s heart race
Yet I remember our firsts of everything especially our first emphatic and embryonic embrace

You  don’t understand that I still don’t understand why you had to go
I suppose to you our love became obsolete and that’s all I know
It’s sorrowful how fast a first can so easily become a last
And now years later all we are is part of each other’s past
                                © 2011.…Poe free  ~free cee!~

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God will Lead the Way

This poem’s for Gary and Elizabeth,
The parents who lost a child.
I hope that what I’ve written,
Has given your heart a smile.

May I help to lift your joy,
And sustain your happiness,
For my chosen flow of words,
Have been divinely blessed. 

I don’t know you but I care,
For my heart too has cried.
And when we stop remembering,
Is when our loved ones die.

I welcome you to read my work,
That I’ve written for the world.
For my words are poignant lines,
That my heart and mind unfurled. 

Thank you for the opportunity, 
To share my gift with you.
Keep progressing with your lives,
Don’t get stuck with I miss yous.

My name’s Raul Moreno,
And healing hearts is my goal.
It’s not about the poems I’ve written,
It's about the ones that touch the soul.

I love writing countless poems,
I hope you love what I have to give.
Let us not remember our losses,
Let us muster our strength to live.

I am a God fearing poet,
I hope you enjoy the message I convey. 
One day you’ll reunite with Nathan,
And God will lead the way. 

I was inspired by Michael Torres' 
Tribute "Nathaniel you Touched our Heart's"
This poem stemmed from his great tribute.
I wrote this for Gary and Elizabeth Reese.
Time does not heal all wounds,
but it gets us closer to our loved ones...

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Ekphrastic afternoon

while sitting at a local literary Louvre
with artists and some other radicals
waiting for return of grammatical groove
that had left me on today's sabbatical

I stumbled for some heartfelt words
to share with you of artistic notions
of whether art is abstract or more absurd
can it cure our ills with colourful potions

and quietly the souls walked the walls
of painted lands and many female forms
to search their own inspiration's calls
outside their box of artistic norms

macroed with micro muted brush lines
of sultry legs and strong countenance
whatever treasure is sought we will find
with some ingrained artful provenance

like Samuel Morse as student of masters
copied Da Vinci from the Parisian museum
hued new light on Mona Lisa to recast her
and express his own artistic freedom

we give out hope of showing of ourselves
that bit of soul our heart holds close
down new pathways that we delve
our hands stretch toward divine, almost

© Goode Guy 2011-09-17

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How Do I Tell Him

People problems are the worst A heart ache, to be frank First learned this when promoted To a supervision rank That was a long time ago But things still haven’t changed Today I’m leader of a band That must be rearranged My fiddler’s a close friend Eighty seven years old Has trouble with his left hand But has a heart of gold I have told the band members Although Sam’s getting slow He’ll have to decide to quit Before I’ll let him go Old Fiddling Sam’s legendary A showman from way back Lost his touch on the fiddle Appeal he doesn’t lack Fiddler Emeritus! Is something we might test Only play songs he does well Then sit out all the rest Then find a new fiddler To share the stage with Sam He would have to be one willing To let Sam be “Da Man” I’m losing sleep on this one Can’t tell Sam he must go Time for that conversation What’ll happen, I don’t know

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The Pied in the Piper

As the Pauper sleeps...

The king no longer counts...

His castle stands dishevelled...

...his jester eats the mouse...

More gold arrives on boats...

...His men they build a moat...

Wring a Wring a rosy...

A pocket full of lint...

The scavengers are circling...

The kings pinnacle is spent...

Cadaver a his only Ali...

Coma broken...infection sent...

No more time to harvest...

The cow snatched the moon
with the sheep...  

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The lady held ransom a heart locked tightly such as a vault
And only she had the keys to call our love to a halt
Many times I’d seen those cursed keys
She’d use them to torture, torment and tease 

Sometimes she’d come to the vault to make a small withdrawal
there wasn’t many things for which I had the wherewithal
She’d use what she stole from a heart bled and dry
Then demanded luxury to which I’d avidly comply

I recall the jingling of those keys as she’d sashay her way away
A fascinating form flowing fluidly into a fantasy’s array
She helped herself to a buffet of blood and retrograde regret
And those were days and keys this ex-paramour will ne’re forget

Her beauty was born for me, of that I do lay claim
Alas, too many other men knew her naked and by name
One year, four months and twelve days is what she granted me 
While all the time she was in possession of a f*****g skeleton key
        © 2011.….Phreepoetree ~free cee!~ 

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People's eyes are not what they proclaim,  
if only they reflected their truest selves by being fair....
they certainly would offer charming smiles when they wink,
and nobody would keep from them or resist them...

On the boulevards of the big cities,
they briskly glance to admit surprise...
perhaps not too friendly as the country ones,
but still fascination sparkles in them to stupefy us...

People's eyes tell of love's tragedies and tales of past glories,
Juliet's eyes madly in love with Romeo who saw beauty and poetry in them...
Shakespeare who wrote of the madness in Hamlet's eyes,
the Danish Prince, who swore revenge when his father's ghost appeared to him...

On the suburbs' streets different faces are seen,
not as sophisticated and cold as the metropolitan, scurrying ones...
warmer and less irritable, not chasing after missed busses and trains,
a big difference in the fast-paced rat's scene...

People's eyes staring from sullen and joyful faces, immortalized by the images
of the serene and angelic ones chosen by the painters of the Middle Ages;
saints and innocent souls calling upon God's forgiveness and clemency,
and the Renaissaince gave us endless works of art so admired in all of Italy...

Observe me and look into these bright and confident eyes,
what is the feeling you get from their friendliness...
sincerity, unpretentiousness and a loyalty too unquestionable?
Are there any other charms that make them so noticeable?   

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Before I had a boy's perfect body,
the sharpest mind and a spirit full of energy;
even strangers complimented me
on my selflessness, asking God to bless me! 

Had I known then that youth wasn't eternal, unlikely the indelible seasons
that renew themselves accordingly, I would have had
a different view of how it should have been lived...
with a more purposeful insight, which allowed no time for regrets! 

And that boy's perfect body, carved by loveliness , 
could be seen in photographs belonging to another century;
thick hair and a smooth face defined a neat appearance...
to make plenty of girls stare at me desirously! 

O young years, why didn't you warn me of your hastiness?
I could have made the effort to slow you down,
and enjoyed you more without ever wasting time in idleness!
Beautiful and care-free days, how can I posses youth again?

I am still kind of handsome, much older now,
and ladies adore my good looks, once flashing a sweet image   
in those attractive and radiant smiles of long time ago,
not worried about any wrinkle revealing their true age! 
Before I had a boy's perfect body...
magnificently sculptured like Michelangelo's David;
my adolescence began with my physical beauty,
and ended with that ravishing vanity tossed aside!    

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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The Day I Lost Dad

My Dad was known by everyone As a fisherman “first class” No matter who he took with him At catching fish, he kicked ass Dad had a bad heart already He’d suffered one heart attack He said, if I have another I don’t want to make it back Well that exactly what happened He’d gone fishing alone Across the lake he heard a shot And a man making a groan Then he heard someone cry for help He paddled quickly to shore Then ran up the hill to his car His bad heart could take no more He used his police radio Called for help and told them where They found him slumped over the wheel When the aid car got up there The man accidentally shot himself While he was hunting that day The aid car got there soon enough So today, he is OK Doc had told Dad: “take it easy, Overdo it and you’ll die” Still he did what he had to do Dad was just that kind of guy

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She Entered my Dream

She entered my dream
Wearing nothing but pearls
Have you ever been asleep
As your heart whirls

She entered my dream
In curvaceous pose
Asleep but my senses
Detect her fragrant rose

She entered my dream
I felt my love for her grow
Her presence i felt
Over my body she did throw

She entered my dream
As i joyously felt
My passion inside
Oh now my heart melts

She entered my dream
That stayed with the night
As i awoke the next morning
Smiling at last nights delight

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If dreams became reality
if wishes could come true
then where I live, I'd live in peace
until my days were through.

If all the tears that I have cried
could wash away the pain
then every teardrop I have shed
would not have been in vain.

If my heart was made of stone
my soul forged out of steel
then arrows, sheaved in hateful words,
never could impale.

But dreams are not reality
and wishes don't come true
and tears cannot erase the pain
I've known my lifetime through.

Of flesh and blood I have been made
and my heart has no shield
and with the many arrows slung
I have been impaled.

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stonewashed song

dragging in denim notes 
through a tide-pool creek
laughing lyrics bubbling on
wearing wet my mystique

dragging those blue chords
rinsed in aqua and stone
awash, panting, melodic remember
eight bars rockin' overblown

smokin' blues, roachin' rhythm
trilling trumpet tonin' notes
words sung growling aphorism
textiled chords from our throats

riffs cascade rock and fall
pants and moans fit real tight
cottonin' tactile harmonies enthral
glissando down jus' feels alright

singing chorus warbled lines
don't matter to know the words
stonewashed song feelin' fine
bright sun-dried waterworks

© Goode Guy 2011-11-27

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About Poetry

Poetry is nothing hard,
The words just come to you.
When it's quiet, just enough,
The words come out of the blue.

Poems can tell of happiness,
They can also tell of pain.
Some tell of sunny afternoons,
As well as all the rain. 

Depending on what you do,
And mostly how you feel,
What you write in poetry
Is your choice to reveal.

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Beauty through Native Eyes

His soul’s on an art quest,
  Voicing the passion of his heart.
And this artistic journey,
  Brought us metaphysical art. 

For his wild artistic touch,
  Graces the canvas today.
But setting the tone for tomorrow,
  And brightly paving the way.

Brilliantly improving the use,
  Of land, water, and sky.
With hints of true emotion,
  Comes beauty through native eyes.

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Classic Sharon

There’s a kind loving person,
  Who is reading up a storm.
Commenting on poems,
  Of many styles and forms.

She’s given us her time,
  Reading our poetry.
When I look below my work,
  Her comments I’m glad to see.

She’s done us all some good,
  Her heart is pure as gold.
She’s warm as poetry soup,
  When the nights are bitter cold.

Her poems are incredible,
  Her loving thoughts are too.
I think I speak for many,
  Thanks, and God bless you. 

You’re a timeless person,
  Who's number one at everything.
Thanks for being friendly,
  You know not the joy you bring.

You are unforgettable;
  A loving heart so carin’.
Thanks for your support,
  And for being classic, Sharon.


This poem's for Sharon Weimer,
a fellow souper and a kind and loving soul.
Thanks for all your lovely comments,
and your beautiful, appreciated support.

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Longing from Your View

Longing from Your View

You walked into the room; my heart quivered.
Your beauty far outreached the distant stars.
Wanting in my body dreamed and shivered.
To spend a night with you, I’d fly from mars.

They say that in your heart lies mystery.
Impossible; what searching cannot find.
When hurt struck deeply, hope burned blistery.
Forsaking every lusting, love might bind.

Intrigued into the night by you, so fine.
The fantasy within my head grew strong.
Restraining boldness, dreaming up my line.
I’d gain your trust and sing a new love song.

By two a.m. courageousness had grown.
Decidedly, I put my bottle down.
And took a step toward the great unknown.
To promised her the world, king of the town.

You looked into my eyes; my heart quivered.
Your splendor far outreached my dreams by far.
Suppressing any fear, my hope shivered.
And fantasy was living under stars.

© Dane Smith-Johnsen
April 18, 2010

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The artist-poet
lives out loud
with words and pictures
that attract a crowd

after Zola's dictum

see the first of my ekphrasis/art series

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Infringement before Absolution

I see my woman of love, divine.
Just a minimal distance away,
Banned are we until, full-grown like wine.
She can never be mine, this they say.

Differences of stature define.
Mysteries of the past describe sway.
Our lineage caught in bitter design.
Father tells of the shaky dismay.

My love for her true, she will be mine.
Love I know is greater than today.
We must depart our families vine.
Forgiveness in love shall come one day.

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M'Ladies' Favors

With heart divided between old and new both loves so dear and warm and true; 'Cross continents covered with morning dew, so fleet I ran to be with you. Cloth marked, banner blazoned, dearly tried; on I ran to be by your side. Storm gathered, tide washed, a dear heart so true, still on ran I, till I found you. To your widespread arms and warm auburn eyes, your red full lips and limb filled sighs; Onward I wandered thus dreaming of you, to touch your hand and kiss your eyes, Her blason banner so stiff, bright and new, hung on my right for all to view. You saw her colors favor by my side. Your tears welled, coals banked, heart torn pride. You held a silken scarf in your wee hand, turquoise token, woven with golden strand. Your gaze so crestfallen slowly wavers, Yet, reaching forth I accept your favor. Placing your keepsake upon my left side, to be my shield, to be my guide; silken, soft symbol of my hearts delight, to the battle I march on that dark night. And, as the clash of weapons loud, Immersed the days dawn in horrific sounds, Of mortal pain, and death's story; So fervent fought I to return to two. Blessed by M'Ladies' Glory.

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When You Are Young

...dedicated to W.B. Yeats, in response
   to his poem 'When You Are Old'

When you are young sweet innocence abounds,
your step is gentle, all your dreams are free
of grim disquietude, such joy you see
as gaily you discharge your daily rounds.
Your heart is light, bereft of grave concern
that troubles him whose purity is lost,
who argues and contends at any cost,
who complicates and twists at every turn.
Simplicity must be your cornerstone,
strengthen your heart against all sorts of strife
that undermine a childlike view of life,
strive and prevail, lest innocence be gone!

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It feels like spring

I’ve come to realize I have no place in the past.
There is sadness and sorrow in the shadows it cast.
I need to go forward and move on.
All that I once knew, it is all gone.

As the clouds parted there is a new light.
The love in my heart wants to burn bright.
Where once I felt that I was bound to the night
From out of the darkness there shines a new light.

There is happiness in my heart that I want to share.
When I was all alone I had thought I did not care.
Now there is someone with life I can share,
I never want to turn back and return there.

She smiles her heart is much like the sun.
I see that I already love her a ton.
What she wants, I also want some.
She is the glue so I don’t come undone.

She is much like the stars and moon in the night.
Sparkling with delight and shining so bright.
A beacon to guide this once troubled soul.
With her at my side I start to feel whole.

I get excited with what the future may bring.
The love that I now feel makes my heart sing.
With her at my side I feel I can do anything.
It is the middle of winter yet it feels like spring.

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lost and know iam found

looking behind my window wit no where to turn to. 

why  do i feel so hurt and sad the only thing i can do is cry my heart and tear out . 

the tear that reach my face is the ones fill with pain and hurt from the pasted and love that run away from u 

looking in sky wishing every day will be a hole new world full with love and peace that life can change for the good .

looking deep in your eyes reading the past that give you the name cold heart harded bitch wit no joy and laughter why do you follow mw and keep me under your every move not this time im breaking free from 

the hurt and pain  the love you shown  me was lie to turn me like you i want to be me and only me  known im found look at me known

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My Heart's Still Sore

Your words are like red iron pokers,
Poking my heart ‘til I learn.
Though the argument was yesterday,
My heart still feels the burn.

The blow you give with your words,
Fills my heart with gore.
Though the argument was yesterday,
Today my heart’s still sore.

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Style says a lot
In cool design;
Let ideas plot
To free your mind.

Smiles works the face
To hurl fond feel;
Let joy now trace
To soothe and heal.

Speak words of cheer
To bridge the gap;
Let peace spark clear
To link mind map.

Sound and rhyme trace
The way of words;
Let verse lines grace
The passage heard.

Stillness funds poise
In ample space;
Let silence voice
Feelings that glaze.

See sights that stream
The myriad things;
Let us dare dream
Of happy flings.

Soar like the bird
In open skies;
Let voice be heard
In sacred sighs.

Sense a new way
Of sight that lights;
Let delight play
With easy flight.

Leon Enriquez
05 August 2014

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If I could write a painting
with words of line and form
this pen upon the canvas
your heart I would transform 

My carefully chosen palette 
would color every phrase
with tender loving strokes
painted vividly upon the page

Stephen (Stoic)

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Be of good cheer
When pain flings fear;
Let love now steer
Echoes you hear.

Word each thought well:
Let soul cast spell
To surely tell
The way to dwell.

Health starts with heart
To fund fond times;
Wealth follows art
As reason rhymes.

Do all you can
To live with zest;
Just understand
The way of quest.

Leon Enriquez
23 June 2014

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The Holy Cross Church with its neo-Gothic facade was too beauteous and too rare,
so clustered among the aristocratic neat palaces,
choked by the shadows of less ancient buildings;
I often looked up to glance at its tall bell-tower with a chill in my curly hair!

When I was the altar boy, I had to climb a thousand steep steps 
to pull the rough cord and make that brass bell merrily ring,
and it relentlessly tolled far into the fertile valley kissed by spring,
and its resonant strokes summoned all to Vespers at six!!

By all means I should have wisely chosen the priesthood... 
wine and bread I placed on a silver plate to be offered
before the altar, where the invisible eye of God watched me;
I worshiped Him and He blessed me for my sincerity!   

The Holy Cross Church still stands there and its steps invoke my footsteps,
the gentle footsteps of a fine boy who turned his faith into a fervent creed;
and even if sunshine never hit my cold face slanting upward like a shield...
through the glass-stained windows it dazzled to restore the presence of grace! 

How I would like to hear that huge organ play the lovely," Ave Maria"  by Mozart,
making the gathered faithful cry and moved by its inspiring sound I contemplated an art ,
which revered and honored God in His exuberantly expressed by Man's spirit!
No other place, more beautiful than this, can make me forget the awe and joy that I felt!

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Surrounded by silence and draped with a linen sheet,
to keep dust from your natural sheen,
and protect you from direct sunlight;
not from the loneliness and gloominess of your night...

How thrilling and gratifying was to hear
the gleeful or moody notes,
when these careful fingers 
played an octave:  either lower or higher!  

Never abandoned for a long period,
always tuned-up, free of dust and ready for play;
a companion that loved being spoiled,
by letting me improvise the melody of the day... 

Let me see myself in virtual reality, stately and taut, 
sitting in my stylish pose, and hit the keyboard,
transcribing a musical comedy by sharp memory
as the chords make up my distinct harmony...    

Be dormant no more, come alive and rejuvenate your tones: 
as the spirit that inspires the mood of your melodies;  bring back
all the tenors and sopranos to this forgotten stage so dark, 
and let them sing the arias they choose within the range of their keys....  

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My Final Decree

I’m still flying high in the sky
Because I have my friends
In this place I’ve found grace
No rules I need to bend

Without a doubt it comes out
The evil from within
Times it’s hard to forget the yard
Glad that I have my friends

Pain in my soul you’ll never know
But I think that’s ok
Cause I write it out without a doubt
It’s just another day

As of yesterday what can I say?
Love broke open the stone
Friends to my heart always a part
I’m soup down to the bone

A special place home is grace
Let us all join the feast
In the end I love my friends
The belly of the beast

Opened wide nowhere to hide
Finally I am free
In this life I love my wife
And all she means to me

It’s also true that I love you
And all of your advice
Led me home and broke the stone
I am free of my vice

Friends are back I feel like Jack
Just running up the hill
I have no doubt it will work out
Through all the love I feel

You guys got me to be set free
Sending my friends a book
Through the pain the loss and gain
Forgive me take a look

Now I’m as free as a man can be
My heart I fill with love
Once again I’m a worthy friend
A gift from God above

Now I’ve said what’s in my head
I’m tired as can be
I end this write with goodnight
My day’s final decree 

If anyone has any idea how to reach
our fellow souper Margaret Okubo 
could you please give me her hookup
now. We always send each other copies
of our books but I have no idea where 
to send hers to now, God Bless, MJ

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The Heart Stays

The Heart Stays
     By Dane Smith-Johnsen

Morning Glory cuddled high in the oak. 
Your bright lavender enlivened my heart,
Fear and pain overwhelmed; a dreaded yoke.
Then, God, outside my window, love starts.

Verdant!  Vine winds upon the gray-brown bark.
High above the unexpected is found.
Cascading like a bride’s bouquet, please hark!
Beauty was God’s simple gift yet profound.

Knowing, when all seems hopeless, even love.
That Heavenly Father knows how to give.
The simple things in life, gifts from above,
Like today’s Morning Glories, that there live.  

Tomorrow borne of sorrow, life may be.
Today, the darkest hour fades away.
Beyond the fear of death that one may see.
God lends a hand uplifting; the heart stays.

September 25, 2009

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The Orpheum in Winter

Eating the paint on the Orpheum walls
are the voices of every performer
Some dressed in black with pearls in their hair
Some straight from England (Paul Weller)
Truthfully, I've been left freezing myself
eating the cup of the deep yellow moon
lifting the music out past the old walls
of this beat up Victorian room
Frescos are heavenward scrolling and spun
faded out velvet on chairs
A spit of a girl now behind the tall mike
not a one of the men in her life still is there
She is a replica of each of these seats
and what they contain there with in
The crying and torture of bruised and bled souls
left over from yesterday's sin
She is the voice of collective remorse
They're sorry for spilling the moment
The room heaving breath from her following's sigh
releasing their beaten up torment
All of the paint absorbs the dark air
and peels on like acid to rain
Orpheum walls, once a grand concert hall
Now home to, and bursting with pain.

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Your Love

Your love is like a melody
softly singing to my heart.
Your laugh is like the air I brethe
something I cannot, will not part.

Your heart is like a red balloon
that grows bigger with each breath.
Your life is like eternal time,
neverending, not even by death.

As long as I breathe air and live,
you will always be alive and kind.
Your memory will live with me,
in my heart and in my mind.

You have left, footprints on my soul.
Our memories have scarred me true,
and the absolute truth is,
I cannot, will not, live without you.

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Tears of Blood

The salty tears had come like a flood
But now I only cry tears of blood
The buckets worth, gallons and gallons
Like my eyes and heart were cut with razor sharp talons

I'll hand you back each bucket
I'll tell you, you can suck it
You better not come running back to me
Because I'll probably just slap you in the face, you'll see

I'll give you back everything, every ounce of love
Because I feel like it's raining these tears of blood
I want you to feel it, feel what I felt
To feel something painful on your heart, a welt

Like someone's ripping out your emotions
Leave yourself, feeling more raged then the oceans
Was this not what you were anticipating?
Was I all too suffocating?

Well how am I to know if you don't give me a sign
Now I feel that you have a weak spine
You could have said something to me
So I knew how you had wanted things to be

But if you just start pulling away 
Then I don't know what I should say
The only thing I knew to do was hold on
I tried so hard, I tried to be strong

But you gave me nothing, left me alone
You must have a heart of stone
Because my tears once came like a salty flood
But now all I have, are tears of blood...

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On Love Sublime

On Love Sublime by Rick Rucker Love is something very much Personal, our hearts it doeth touch, Once we feel it, there is a need, Alas, one that some don’t heed. A loved one’s loss can cause a void, That our spirit cannot be buoyed, Feeling at once cast adrift, In our heart, there is a rift. Waves of sadness try to make us founder, But truly, we will be far sounder, After having loved that time, We can find once again a love sublime. I keep thinking every minute, Of the feel of love, and being in it. Those who choose to not love still, Are deciding to their heart kill. If we encase our heart in ice, We can still live a life that’s “nice,” We won’t have a joy that will leaven Never again will we feel Heaven! I prefer, though out of fashion, To live my life with all the passion, That I can summon to the fore, And search myself for even more. I would rather hear love’s bells, Than opt to live in Dante’s Hells, Afraid to lose again, Only breathing, but what then? If my heart were ruptured by Love’s arrow My flesh seared off, to the marrow, All of these, I would brave, Rather than be a knave, Believing the pain of loss too much, Who does shy away from Love’s touch. Knowing I would die, on the morrow, I would try for Love, not for sorrow. Love is that thing most unique, Having had it, we do seek To regain that state for all time, The feel of Love Sublime!

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An Artist and His Art

My ear is connected to,
But not limited to my art.
What I hear about my work
Will have an effect on my heart.

My heart is reflected by,
But not just shown by word of mouth.
My fingers display my soul
And raises my mind from the south.

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Initials carved In A Heart

She carved our initials in a heart 
To last for all of time 
With razor blades of pain 
For all the world to see 

She later X’d it out. 
It wouldn't have hurt so much 
Except, the heart she used 
Happened to belong to me.

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Ring of Truth

It’s not with finger, you’ll wear this ring
It’s to be worn with heart and soul
For there was a man who wore it proud
From whom, death took its toll

He knew one day, the ring would find
Its way to the destined one
So wear it proudly for him now
You are that man’s only son

You may not know, he loved you so
But life has a way to turn
It’s with grief, you take possession
But with hope that you will learn

The man, from where the ring had come
Was strong, proud and true
A sickness came, stole him away
But he left this ring for you

You may harbor anger, that’s your right
That may never go away
Remember, there was a man who loved you so
With this ring, carry him, today

When my brother died, he was wearing a claddagh ring I had given to him when he was sent 
to the Persian Gulf during wartime there. It was my ring and I told him to bring it back to 
me. His son was 1 year old when he died and I hadn't been able to locate him until last year 
and now he's 17 and he told me that his mom (the devil) told him that I took his fathers ring 
when he died. I sent it to him along with this poem because I didn't have the heart to tell him 
the truth.

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In The Rain

I have never felt so much pain
As our lives went down the drain
I guess our love was all in vain
I left my heart out in the rain.

Every day I start anew
But there's nothing I can do
All my memories of you
I'll spend my whole life being blue.

I call your name and no one hears
It's time to face my greatest fears
Looking back at those happy years
Gonna cry a million tears.

Now my heart, it still does churn
Guess it has a lot to learn
Dreaming of the day that you return
And cross that bridge we didn't burn.

I'm wishing I could take a plane
Or maybe hop an old freight train
And get away from all this pain
I left my heart out in the rain.

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Artists and Lovers

When it comes to love,
    and creating art.
Anyone may perform,
    for it flows...from the heart.

Behind professional aspects,
    of being creative and pure.
Know that the artist and lover,
    were both...first amateurs.

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Recent Problems

I’m battling demons I do not know
The ones you can never see
They seem to be always winning
Keep getting the better of me

My mind, it’s so weary from battle
My thoughts, they cannot get straight
I wish my life was just simple
But complexity remains my true fate

You’d think I’d have it together
With family to help, if they could
But no, my life’s just a mess
And it seems my choices, no good

My heart, it is in the right place
Always ready to fight a good fight
But my mind, it does no more pushing
It rolls over and says then good night

If the two could just come together
Then maybe I’d be sure to succeed
But alas, they always fail to align
While my heart is left there to bleed

So, these demons that seem to persist
Push me and poke and they prod
They weaken my very own will
They’re crowding me back to the sod

They’re burying my every attempt
I almost feel like just giving in
But then I’d have nothing at all
Because I’d let them all win

So, though my mind is now mush
My heart will carry my true
I know somehow I will beat them
If it’s the last ting that I ever do 

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Heart of my sky

The sun
My hope
My faith
The sun

It warms my face
Rids of the cold
It brings good
Forbids evil

Shining so bright
Up high above my head
Showing me my life path

The rays beating down
In a friendly way
Cradling us all
It's children

A lesson
It teaches us
To never stop shining
In the darkest hours of life

Never ever stop fighting
If what you are,
Is worth it

The sun
The heart of the sky
The heart of all hope
The sun

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My Dad

Dad is what you are
You slid into my life like a shooting star
You brought balance and comfort in
You brought me into a land with your grin

For a long time we were alone
For a long time we didn’t have you in our home
I still remember the absence of your presence
I still fill joy from gift of your essence

The way you worked so hard every day
The way you smiled in your loving way
The things you gave me that I never had
The way you walked in and became our dad

Though not borne to you as your own
Still my heart is filled with the love you have shown
My heart knows the love present in your hands
Through each callous and line I understand

You are the father I wanted before I knew
This I know in my heart is true
The man who took us to a humble home
And crafted it into a Palace of Rome

This it might seem to me
You brought us from the straights of poverty
You loved my mother with all your heart
You loved us all from the start

Yes, you are the father I love
The one sent to me by the angels above
I thank god for you each day
I thank god for sending you our way

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Whom I can barely see

The one off in the distance
Whom I can barely see
The one off in the distance
Will one day marry me

Though he doesn't know it yet
I assure you, he soon will
Though he doesn't know it yet
His heart soon I will fill

He is the heart to my soul
Soon he will know
He is the heart to my soul
But for him I'll take it slow

Though he doesn't know it yet
He will hold me tight
Though he doesn't know it yet
He will kiss me good-night

The one off in the distance
Whom I can barely see
The one off in the distance
Will one day marry me

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Season to Heal

Raw is the nature and talent of birds
Fearing the holes of dark art
A coping will against sin so divine
Bull’s-eye in the path of a dart
Course of bold habit, stick with a lifter
Ransacked with promise and gleam
My floating shell sinks to the depths of hell
And I know I’m hard cracked in dreams
Stay in without chancing the sting that must come
Flaw without need to be spawned
Primaly still in near creeping demise
Overbearing life pressure’s begun
Won’t bliss or convey this dormant dismay
Creational slip below reason to feel
Though loaded with pride and glad you reside
‘Tis not yet my season to heal

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Sometimes in anger words are said
Rage prevails, venom flows
The bitterness inside your head
Your heart is cold, your feelings froze

You fight those feelings from inside
It is ripping you apart
You put your common sense aside
With hatred in your heart

You've never known respect at all
In this angry life you live
You built your dreams and watched them fall
Never learning how to give

Reach out for Him and take His hand
Let your heart in His reside
It was for you the cross He manned
It was for you He died

If you have faith, if you believe
Hang on till the hurt has past
You'll find respect and no longer grieve
You'll find peace and love at last.

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Holding the Key

I could never reach the stars so high
Above me twinkling in the sky
But now, you are my star
And the sky isn't seeming so far

You are watching over me
And to my heart you hold the key
The sky was always dark at night
Until you cam and made it bright

You're voice is the music in my life
You take away all of my strife
You make my heart flutter and soar
You give me diamonds more and more

Mistakes are nothing but a paper cut
But we will always get out of the rut
You are not a drug but I am addicted
And there is no way I can get convicted

I could never reach the stars so high
Above me twinkling in the sky
Now the sky isn't seeming so far
Because now you are my shining star

I wrote this one, last November, but after we broke up I shoved it away.  I only just found it, and I am ready 
to share it.

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CONtempTUouS ConCErn

                     CONTEMPTUOUS CONCERN
I’ve never held such contempt for a woman I love so much
I’ve never been so repelled by a lover’s tender touch
I’ve never woken up with dripping eyes for a true lover lost
And no other lover ever made me fall sleep feeling so tired and tossed

It’s what I find despicable about her that makes my smile fade
It’s what I mind when she does the things a preacher once forbade
The sun is ignited by the fire that burns inside of me for her
And it’s the agitation and aggravation she so easily can spur

It’s difficult to face the day knowing somewhere she exists
And so the darkness of my detrimental determination persists
For I am determined to scream loud enough that she can hear from miles away
And she’s also the reason I hold a heart full of hatred from day to miserable day

The lady may never hear of my feelings and soulfulness she stole 
And before I met the heat of her heart I was still a man with soul
These are all the facts and admissions the woeful woman may never know
And as for myself even I do not understand why I still love the woman so
    © 2011.…Phreepoetree ~~free cee!~

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Just a Second, Mable Applebee

I'll meet you in the backyard
with chinaberries and tea
with cut-offs on and marigolds
and photographs to be
We'll dig a trench and tunnel
We'll run through sprinklers too
We'll tangerine the afternoon
until the sky is blue
The world will whirl around us
the summer bolting by
We'll lay on woolen blankets
and blow kisses at the sky
We'll plant another fig tree
and push around our thoughts
'till they all line up in obedience
and produce the goods they've brought
If you will speak a story
then I will hum a song
and maybe the birds on the back phone line
will fly on down and sing along
If we can muse the day light
to bite a chunk off the moon
then maybe the day will unravel away
on this perfect afternoon...

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My Hope Still Floats

Where on this very ship I travel
Upon the waves so crested strong
The mast it breaks, the sails unravel
For here is where I don’t belong
My heart is there with you, my dear
But, on this sea, alone, am I
With dreams to just then hold you near
As soon this ship will sink, I’ll die
Yet, for the love that we had shared
I’m grateful then and this I cry

But, if the sun should warm the bow
Calm the waves that break the stern
I’ll pray again, that here and now
My love for you forever burns
As God may take me in his hands
Sparing my life then on this day
I’ll find you on those distant lands
I will, my love, of this I say
My heart forever remains just yours
To see you again, this too, I pray

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Painted Winter

She asked me for the poppies
painted twenty years ago
half still fresh and vibrant
half, decrepit, old
She asked me for a moon beam
a song for her to ride
something that would calm her
that her soul would recognize
She asked me to be solid
to be sound and to be true
wishing that our lives would twine
and I would mirror you
She asked me to come visit
to elaborate and stay
but she knows that I must leave her
on this painted winter day.

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The Poet's Dance

You have me at an advantage
You know all the features of my aging face
You calm me with your conversation
while you wrap me in rhythm and spin me with grace
We always stay deep in the shadows
dancing the dance of two souls in the night
You string me with pathos and cling to my hand
while you delicately hide your eyes from my sight
You cover my gossamer glow
with petals dipped velvet in words
You pardon my errors in a poet's empath
and crying a river ensues
So I give you the song, the advantage
I bow to the shadows which cradle your skin
I wish to be always beside you
Your fragile spun muse, hidden solace, within...

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The Plaintive Fish (or

In the heaviest hour I'm transparent
in skies that you've painted green
Carnivorous, blatant desire
replaced with a boyish need
May night creep beside me slowly
and nudge me along your path
The loveliest, calmest sea
flows gentle beneath my past
Oh hours and winters and all
the fish which do dive just for you
can't carry my sleepy ambition
or safely follow me through
You pray that our door can be found
but back to the edge of the road
we're pacing once more going 'round
envelope me kindly but slow
A fire when ebbing is shiny and blue
I really don't mind gazing long
despite the upcoming tragedy moon
I carry it 'round with your song
So sweet is the taste which you left on my brow
So warm the study with in
I'd crawl through if only you'd teach me how
to trade me some legs for these fins.

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Heart Aflutter

I placed my heart for all to see I hoped to have it catch its due No one stopped, nor even cared Until then came the heart of you You seemed to glow from fires within Your natural aura deeply burned A beauty owned that lets you win The heart of me, for you, now yearns Unto the clouds, the setting sun Unto the heavens past the sky My heart does leap, your heart it’s won Your heart’s the reason that mine does fly Without your love, I’d surely die For with your heart, two hearts now sigh

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Birth of a Novel

In a troublesome mood, half engulfed firelight
with a silk sheen perspire, emerging a thought
In round wire glasses, too light to be noticed
and a brass nib in ink, the moment was caught

It was twirled 'round a finger, half calloused with ink
with a wedding band clasp, from a lifetime ago
to be mulled an enigma, in bled scroll designs
on pages which only his fingers would know

By the crack of the fire, he stretched to the brink
every nuance he carried, like whispering skin
The embers died down, 'till he caught up a chill
but he couldn't conclude, what he didn't begin

The words were in charge, in general ink
and he wrote in a fervor, and shook until still
with bones turned to ash, in the blue of the room
a novel was born, but the author was killed.

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Nocturne in C minor

Saturated with decision
words in grain and grass
broken into tiny pieces
shards of biting glass
Born of music, lost reflection
calling from the pool
Fill me up with stars creative
sugar dipped and new
Hollow out the heart in motion
stain it iridescent
Carve the moon a silver locket
shavings from the crescent
She will hang like butter beige
stone and marble breath
on the living and the dying
'luminate their death
Breathing words of whispered sage
Tiny slivered glass
You're my music in the moonlight
lost in evening's past.

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Have a Heart

The heart of man is not just interpretation
It’s defined by actions and the words they say
When looked upon, a heart may seem to flourish
Provided that they give in many ways
He may speak and always have a kind word
He may do and never for his good
That reflects the biggest heart one could have
For that would mean he’s doing as he should	

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In his eyes

It was an old house, built for four, a warm place it was
New dreams walked at my side holding hands ofcourse to not get lost
As the sun arose again and again, so passed the feeling of something new 
One dream did stray away, never to find a place by his side again

His foot prints too fled in fear from his presence
A lost soul in search for direction without a map he was, looking for something not in fact
His journey was long and without true sence of direction he toppled lots many times
Yet his art in word flowed out like the rays leave the sun in all direction always warm

A soothing feeling come over that broken heart, pathced together with a bandaid it held wholw
And with every race of emotion the band aid strched a little until it no longer held the poets heart
It broke, tossed and turned, it bleed out words of love and of life itself, poetry flowed out
Many saw yet no one bothered to act on affection, the heart did bleed to death, fate? I really doubt

With not much love in it, its spirit flew to higher realms, it wasn't a dream
As it parted it felt so much peace within, and for once in its mass not a single sin
For the world is based on lies and struggle
The prince that dwells in these realms is the father of all evil, but truly I tell yee heshall not prevail

A new scene takes act
The heart came back anew, bonded by the love of Jesus Christ my Lord
I no longer am a darkpoet, but a poet in love with God to His word I shall live and measured by his sword
Look in, what do you see in his eyes?

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'                     A weakened mind, when stilled the heart

                             A lifeless mass, not yet to start

                           To one day beat, a pounding drum

                          For victor’s dance, with love it’s won

                           Resounding percussion left to hear

                             Upon an arrival of love, sincere

                        T’is then is when my heart shall beat

                        As heart takes life, it’s then complete

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When You Are Young

When You Are Young
...dedicated to W.B. Yeats

When you are young sweet innocence abounds,
your step is gentle, all your dreams are free
of all disquietude, such joy you see
as gaily you discharge your daily rounds.
Your heart is light, bereft of grave concern
that troubles him whose purity is lost,
who argues and contends at any cost,
who complicates and twists at every turn.
Simplicity must be your cornerstone,
strengthen your heart against all sorts of strife
that undermine a childlike view of life,
strive and prevail, lest innocence be gone!

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Answering Jonji

Walk on almond paths
of winter sprigs and thyme
floating upward under steps
you left for me in rhyme
I wish to counter balance
your magnitude and flow
with a whisper and an echo
like the winter winds which blow
Crisp inhale and wonder
with a cup of fresh brewed bliss
while the loose exhale of winter
turns my thoughts toward those I miss
You always memorize me
while you turn to me in kind
with a moment and a whisper
which you always leave in rhyme
I love you like forever
as you warm my hands in yours
as we wind on down our sensory paths
and land on different shores...

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The Storyteller

You spin the world
You shake with pride
as tales of wonder
tear your eyes
You're ageless now
You flood the room
and force us to 
your heart entomb
You never stop
You never think
of all your grandeur
stamp and ink
You took the role
You spoke the words
and now you've left us
cold, disturbed...

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Words can never ever express the real way I feel,
The pleasure you give me, the smiles you make.
I am just so eternally grateful that I did not lose you,
Else, it would be my heart that would silently break.

They say men are the strong ones, but that isn’t so.
Yes, we have feelings that can bring us our demise.
Those of us you think have the answers and are strong,
You would be wrong, because silently we cry.

No one person ever has all the answers or can know.
Just remember, life is always just days of learning.
Realize, too, sweetness, I want to give you the world,
While silently crying and helplessly yearning.

I have never stopped being the person that cared.
The caring can’t stop, my heart won’t allow it.
But, here in my darkness, where I silently stare,
I send you my thoughts, though you may doubt it.

I do know, though, that together we are fine,
For you complete me and offer me joy in days.
My only wish is for your happiness, my dear,
While I wish, I could grant that in so many ways.

So, please, enter this day with a smile on your face,
Truly believe, in your heart and all that you are.
I still wish to be for you all that I can, darling,
Because you will always remain a bright shining star.

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You have engraved my heart
with the nib of your pen dipped in ink
I never would be one to don a tattoo
but you colored me up before I stopped to think
Irregular beating and vascular crunch
slipped over beautiful walls
Adrenaline master, a natural disaster
responding to each of your calls
Whisper my name in your most fitful sleep
eyes twitching, light of the moon
My heart will respond yet in kind to your voice
with a beating of words to resume.

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Want, No More

No tourniquet, so tightened, can stop the flow of blood
As mighty rivers shan’t recede with wound, inflicted deep
It’s as if my heart was stolen, it was never mine to keep
I am left to perish, wallowing deep within this mud

I gave to you my essence, the very every heart of me
With dreams that you would at least do the very same
But it feels like I was a trophy and victim to your game
For with me, truthfully, is where you didn’t want to be

So go, take with you, darling, all that you say is yours
I want no memory of you to ever plague my mind
For of you there is nothing that I wish to have a bind
My love depleted naturally and wasted on our floors

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Do It!

In the blink of an eye it could all be over
What, then, would you have to say?
Oh, I shoulda, woulda, coulda just won’t work.
You should have stopped to savor each day.

Don’t worry, though, you’re not alone,
Many have failed to fulfill their dreams.
The truth is, a dream can be worked at to achieve
And fantasies, well they remain as they seem.

If your heart is a poet’s, then write.
If with vocal talent, then sing.
If good with color, then paint the world.
Into your life, some joy you’ll bring.

Take advantage of the talent you have
And share with the world, if just for a day.
Let the world know just who and what you are.
Fear not! Put your heart on display.

Take the risks or just enjoy your dreams.
You’ll love that you put yourself through it.
Remember, my friends, fear not reactions!
Just go ahead and do it!

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My Last Poem

To write no more, shall be hard to do.
to push never again my crocked pen
across the page which once was new
now so stained from pain within.

No more I write to an ascending voice
to hear their laughter from the back.
Knowing full well this be my choice
to write no more for skill I lack.

There shall be no loss to none but me
to find my thoughts uncarpeted then
to let my poets heart blow free
my scatter verse unto the wind.

I write no more I've had enough
to feel their sneer at my printed word
their descending mock for that I love
I drop bitter tears upon my verse.

From my heart so torn and I forlorn
so this shall stand as my final poem. 

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my heart feels
which is something
one thing

my heart cries
razed tears
which is one thing

my heart wraps
ravaged wasted years
into something

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Here and There

I’ve not the place to give to you
As distance allows not touch
I’ve got the heart to share with you
And wish to very much
My dreams, they have been just of you
The heart you so possess
As nightly then I come to you
And consider myself blessed

For in my dreams, my happy times
Our hands, they hold as one
They wander too, to where we wish
And guide us to the sun
Where heat of passion warms the depths
The inner feelings shared
And though I’m not there next to you
I still feel you as there

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I Saw

It all can change in a single moment
My heart beats faster than before
My life now altered, for the better
I pray for help, forever more

My heart beats faster than before
I saw the planes that ruled the sky
In that moment, the blinding evil
Made me stop and ask Him why 

My life now altered, for the better
Some may ask, why not the worst
I saw the evil, but then saw goodness
For people’s goodness, that we thirst

I pray for help forever more
For we will need it every day
As in this world, forever fighting
We need one light to show the way

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Reading Rilke

You wind your will around me
spun and sugar coated stiff
to engulf and winterize me
with the words upon my lips
I'm quiet in cacophony
inside your sugared wish
as the stories you have woven
sink their soul into my hips
I listen to the printed page
as if you whisper in my ear
the silent yearnings of your heart
Coated sugar, crystal clear
You mesmerize me with your voice
from the land where you hold your pen
These words are the best laid, sweetened thoughts
in the ears of poetic men.

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Speak to me soft, then through your eyes
For in that picture, there you gaze
What were you thinking or seeing, dear?
What then, pray tell, was on display?

Were your thoughts, then just of me
Or were they for someone else to see?

Alas, I know your heart is mine
I have no doubts, I’m just insecure
I know that was so long ago
I won’t bring this up again, anymore.

I wish you to know I only want you
From deep in my heart and all that I do