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Love Star Poems | Love Poems About Star

These Love Star poems are examples of Love poems about Star. These are the best examples of Love Star poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Free verse | |

In The Stars

       Written in The Stars 

Two hearts bleached by the sun
        A poem's - fallen wish
               The Love 
            Of A Life Time

Majestic beams fall from heavens medow
Two hearts sewn by the constellation
Under the moons glow 
         You and I
Staring up into the Starry Sky
Tonight we sit under the dazzling diamond dust
Our eyes feel and meet tonight 
Stars twinkle a poem of each paired heart
Listen................... The God's Whisper!

What Is Love? 
They asked
A wish so gentle by the stars 
Greeting young couples heart  
Poor but, in love
Mockeries of old shadow
Light embracing this Auspicious moment 

-Aster Flares-
Intrigued by a sad lovers tale
Two souls forever rich- 
Sharing eternity through celestial bliss
Gravitating  in a world owned by the stars
Unfortunate turn of events, 
Romeo & Juliet
Collapsing stars rising with a hymn 
From the moment they fell
Only to reveal how beautiful-- 
-- the stars in the dark
Ever so wealthy, around Orion's Belt
Taking notes of every rhyme, every heartbeat

Stars fall every eve entering the atmosphere
Seeping through the soul making love a part of light
Illusion of permanence
Fireflies Flaring up  
A love that lives last longer than moments
Zodiac unfolds the lines
The stars tell you, who you are 
Gaze upon the infinity
Follow the Northern star
Beneath your peaceful splendor 
They will bow
The evening star, 
"My Star Of Love"  
Like glitter dust upon a timeless shore
Never will the memory of love be gone
Look up at the stars,
For some where out there 
I read about YOU in a poem. 


Details | Light Poetry | |

a gift from cyber space

to my cyber love
whom i may never see
who's words are my comfort
who loves me with keys
you who writes to my soul
apart of my life i give control
between us we share
a box with words
that instantly care's
and feelings preserve
we try to give
some sorts of gifts
but unlike other lovers
we cannot kiss
but give what i can 
to you this day
to make you feel special 
in my special sort of way
have you ever seen lovers 
look up in the night time sky
and one pick out a star
and say that's yours and mine
of all the stars in heaven
i've chosen the best one 
the star i chose for you
is the star we call the sun
of all the stars in heaven 
none compare to it's light
it's beauty and majesty
to everyones delight
it warms and makes you happy
and even makes you grow
to say the least a lot of other things 
that you may not even know
it will always be there
tomarrow and tomarrow
just a simple gift 
need never have to barrow
so when morning comes 
and you see the dawns first light
think of it as me
sneaking in to your life

(This is dedicated to the one I love.)

Details | Couplet | |

A Sparkling Star

Faraway ambassador of light distant dream sailing ocean waves
begging golden spear of destiny strikes midnight bells ring 

Spotlighting beautiful stunning to the eyes priceless gem 
diamond brightly sparks on a shining jewel treasure find

Mystery shades gasping warm breathless smiles tides turn flutters the heart
beating drum roars as the arrow strikes sexy moonlighting beauty

Hot flushes sweeping deeply skipping flames on magic dust
wishes warm touching inside the darkest night glowing thoughts 

Haunting full lips silver pearl whispers silently dancing tunes sing
blowing across deep sands echoes over oceans kissing paradise moonbeams 


Details | Free verse | |

Darling It's You

To take you in these arms right now 
flower you rise regal sunflower 
Sparkling petals over a princess
Whispering silently and softly 
I am your pilgrim 
who would do battle
for your sweet loving hand

Fluttering in deep tongues of light
Waving lashes turning over inside the brain
Totally smitten in your shining jewels 
silver dazzling in a milky smile 
Shimmers in your deep delicious beauty love
Always will be forever with me 
inside you my dream

Lady of light you shine a promise made 
sparkling crowns a vision rose
The moon is my banner there and back 
Standing on the edge with you
when sunsets dance their brilliance 
This is were I make my peek 
my total love open 
I have to you 

At those words 
falling I am at you're feet
Worshiping the very ground 
on which you stand out  
Queen of hearts 
who captured this soul beautiful

This I co wrote with someone whom I spent time with writing just to say it has taken to now to post for me this was a very special piece took months to write from a heart 

Details | Rhyme | |

black pebbles and violet streams

star stream
mundane dream...
whispering "everything's alright
she's thriving like a spring fed rose
in saintly gardens
an angel brightly glowing

...of this dream.
i staggered along
a ragged oragami path
through a battlefield of metal devils
quartered living,
faith folding and unfolding
garnished with ogres slinging
burning orbs of fire -haloes of insanity...
this is when 
violet star 
sashayed in
soothing me
shielding me
her singing rosary
telling me 
that she loved and missed my heart
re-fastened our very being with a satin dream kiss 
that had tattered in the talon of time...
lifted me across the bloody
broken battered fields 
 ...into the arms of forever
where the beat of pristinity only flies

so fly 
my love,
fly ever so softly into me
If dreams mean anything
I know it wont be long 
till we dance
the dance of butterflies
over green sprigs and lacy things
in a warm wind
in the heart pond of gilded tomorrows,
we'll gently drift about
make origami sunflower love
high upon a gilded glade...

if dreams mean anything
death is just a splash 
of black pebbles
in a violet starry stream....
if dreams mean anything

Details | Free verse | |

Burning Star

Oh baby 
these eyes fell down 
you're amazing beautiful body 
Tingling with warm liquid gold 
slowly began melting in fingers 
chocolate over soft velvet sweet honey 
I began dreaming undressing 
deep inside with burning hot desire 
Shimmering light of candle 
stirring passion flickering memory
gentle kisses burning embers
In the fire ultra warm
sizzling dreaming hot 
touches inside desiring love
Once upon a time begins 
our enchanting fairy tale dream 
From out of the deepest forests 
walking on these sands footprints 
forever and always will remain special
Left in the heart touching beats
wishing you were here right now 
A star shining 
catching you inside the magic dust 
charming precious held 
Within a breath of silver thought priceless
silken wrapped gifted treasuring gem 
Faraway whispers sweetly 
in silver breaths of air blowing
carried over the moon and back whistling
Echoes sweetly over the hill through the valleys  
far beyond time unraveling truth over beauty
almost felt I was making love to you 

Details | Narrative | |

Faraway Dream

Thorns tearing as a soul cries out 
For a magic star to appear in the Heavens
Lost in the silver of the moon face 
alone inside a chandelier 
star lighting crystals a rainbow of love
In each teardrop one star falls
Within thoughts dust a trail 
falling water sparkling over jewels glistening 
in each and every wish granted
Shimmering silver treasure 
falling in love you are so beautiful 
sweetly beyond this world and the next 
Twinkling behind dazzling sparkles
jewels of everlasting happiness
bliss will be the joy it brings 
in never ending beauty sings 
Each a warm fluttering inside wings
blushing ruby red lips kissing desire 
deeply turning keys passion hotly breathes
Warm with a fire burning bright
flames openly embracing you love
softly and tenderly sighs sweetly
Touching this dream a gentle warm glow
holding the heart open 
to one stunning beauty of a queen

Details | Free verse | |

Silver whispers

One night I saw a shooting star
flashing golden memories  
wishing for someone beautiful
just like you babe

Dazzling dreams each night 
silver trailing thoughts faraway
looking at the moon face 
over and back howling echoes
a soulful plea cries

On this cold winters night 
your love is the warmth one needs
deep inside that breathes out 
free wild as the breeze blowing
Winds in a thousand whistles speak

Utopia's everything whispers your beauty
one in a million star silently blinks
I have fallen under spells 
casting on magic fell in your dust
sailing without wings loving you

Details | Narrative | |

My Cousin's Wedding

My cousin shared her wishes and dreams, On our star gazing night, she whispered them so sweet As a shooting star glided down from the sky, She said, I wish ….. I wish…. all I wish are these tonight Someday, I will marry a smart, rich and handsome guy And have a grandiose banquet on my nuptial rite We’ll be dancing like a lovely prince and princess , With all my wedding sponsors on their best suits and dresses All in pink ,that’s the motif I will surely request. She kept into her dreams as several years passed by, Still searching for her prince charming who’s hard to find Unconsciously going beyond the age to give birth to a child, In a hurry at age of seventy, she took a rich ninety years old guy. The wedding was held after a day or two, The guy seated on his wheelchair with rheumatism on his toe She headed slowly at the alter to accept his shaking hands, Two nurses followed, so with sponsors dressed up in printed brown. The highlight of the wedding rite started at once, They held tightly with a nebulizers on the other hands, But the words of oath, they took time to pronounce False teeth were both misplaced and nowhere to be found. Reception followed grandiosely in the guy’s mansion, I saw many old men and women still eager to dance on the floor, With hunched back, shaking knees, they twisted rock and roll Then, sweet music played and my cousin danced with her groom. But, we all wondered how did he stand alone? He’s so heavy , I knew my cousin couldn’t help him at all, With our great surprise, his nurse was at his side like his crutch Everyone thought , he’s really a smart guy! Was he not? Then, everyone followed them so happily on the spacious hall, And in trio, they held each other so tight and moved like a fool.
Written: Sept. 15, 2012 First Place Contest: My Cousin's Wedding (funny poem) Contest Judged: 9/30/2012 Poet Sponsor: Joann Grisetti

Details | Triolet | |

You Shine Your Light

You shine your light in darkest night
Your beacon burning there so clear
If I had wings then I’d take flight 
You shine your light in darkest night 
I feel your warmth holding me tight 
As in your arms you draw me near 
You shine your light in darkest night
Your beacon burning there so clear

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 

Details | I do not know? | |

Wish I Was Your Addiction

Wish I was your addiction,
Upon a star non fiction,
never ending hole so deep,
Life would seem more complete

If you'd wake up, 
crack open my bedroom door,
To think you'd been dreaming about me,
God gave you everything you need and more,
What Id give to feel those arms hug me,
genuinely, honestly, no love withholding

If I was your vice,
I would be the answer to your stress,
Of all else you try,
I'd always bring out the best,
You'd spend time with me ,
defend me to the end,
You'd be incredibly loyal,
I'd consider you my best friend

No recovery program could treat,
the connection we'd share no one could defeat,
You'd need to see my all the time,
reminders of me everywhere, your life would be a shrine,

Wish I was your addiction,
Upon a star non fiction
never ending hole so deep,
Life would seem more complete

Details | I do not know? | |

The Star was Falling

The Day I sat outside
The stars twinkled
Very bright

The wind was calm
The moon big and white

That night I thought
Was the end

That night I fell asleep
In the meadow 
Of my love

This meadow that I lay in
Was found by my heart

I've come here for years 
I come there still

I spent the night
In this magical meadow

To wake 
At the end of the next day

And as I sit and gaze at the Stars
I see a shooting star

'Oh shooting star, oh shooting star
Grant me my one true wish

I'm in need of a loved one
I'm in need of a friend

Let this be the day
I find him '

And then it disappeared
With a trail out behind it

Out of nowhere
There you were

So lonely 
laying in the grass

Now that I found you
It will be easier

For you 
For me

So now we sit in this meadow
Where three years ago we met

We look up at the sky and see
That the same star was passing by

'The star is falling'
I replied

You smile and say in the silence

'Yes, The star is falling'

Details | Epic | |

On The Road To Vezalay Part 1

I was on the road to Vezalay, for Richard and his
quest. All the Christian knights would gather from
countries east and west. The papal hordes would
vindicate, and our swords and banners blessed.
As I walked the woods of Avalon, in peace and
serenity. By a stream in the shade, a vision came 
to me. There she stood before me dressed in purist
lace, against the sun her silken form, my eyes 
could easily trace. With her eyes she beckoned me
to a place where blossoms lay. From her shoulder 
the garment slipped, a moon and star above the 
breast stole and transfixed the eye, all was haze 
and peace below the bluest sky. Jasmine filled the
air as we lay that summers day, we questioned 
nought and let our feelings play. Her fingers of 
such tenderness, danced and skipped my 
nakedness. Her skin against my chest, I leant and
kissed the moon above her breast. Longing sighs
and the joining created, sensuous tones until our
love was sated. The evening grew cooler, the light
began to fade, our bodies locked in passion, all was
love in shade.
The morning proved a darker place, of my love there
was no trace. No bright star to light my way, no kind
lips for me to play. I searched with a heavy heart but
could not find, the love the heart so kind. I asked
myself with great contempt, surely not, I had not
dreamt. Then I saw in the blossoms there, lay the
flowers from her hair. With a heavy heart and heavy
soul, duty called and gained control.

Details | Free verse | |

This one is for you

  From time to time I find myself staring into the heavens lit by our stars
The elders spoke of each star having its name, and how God knew the all by it
  At a very young age I grew much interest in adventure, to be an explorer of such
Dream after dream, a huge imagination for images costed no money, dreams of much
  I lived by my creativity and will to be strong
Not many believed in me
  Some of which even put me down, stateing that I was worth nothing
With a shattered heart I saw the days evolve into night
  Patiently awaiting the sight of the first star
Dropping to my knees making a wish upon the first star in view
  Who would know that the stars grant no wish
My first language was spanish
  Not a single word of english or french I spoke
Growing up in grade school, I was the cause of many jokes
  I had not much but a few rags that I kept clean as best to my ability
Shoes with holes made my month
  None mattered because the love I searched was not of school but of my own home
Always been so different
  A mind of a genius
The will of a warrior
  But the love of...
When the tide is high swim not
  For a tormented sea might just never return you
I play guilt
  Guilt I know not for I made it as best I could
Sing me a song that I may sing to
  Paint me a portrait so that I too may loose in the form and color
Write me a poem so that I may see it play
  Pardon me for not being what you wanted me to be
Pardon me for being me
  I hope one day you may forgive my life
I meant no disrespect, what did I ever do to you
  You abused me and stomped on my heart
You punched my soul right out
  I'm sorry for not being you
And I pass to find my joy
  I will live to meet my future
This one is for you dad

Details | ABC | |

Just a kiss

Count the stars one by one an put one 
in your pocket.
Give it a kiss and name an place it in
a locket.
If your star should ever lose its shine
just give it another kiss an you will 
that your star will always be near to 
keep you strong an to never have a 
If your star should ever loss its
Just give it another kiss and whisper
its name.
If your star should ever get weak just
give it another kiss and a promise you'll
forever keep.
But if the day should ever come that you 
forget your stars name
Dont feel bad or feel any shame
Just give it another an you will reacall
that the only name for your star will 
always be baby doll

Details | I do not know? | |

Somewhere Out There

Somewhere out there on a distant star is a 

place where we belong all to ourselves where 

there's no words nor a familiar face. On 

this star is where we eternally exist 

without critiscism or anyone's sultry words. 

On this star you'll never cry, except from 

tears of joy. Somewhere out there our love 

has no bounds, out there were never alone, 

always in each other's arms. Though no 

matter how bright this star maybe it still 

doesn't compare to you or me. Some where out 

there on that star we'll find each other and 

finally be at peace. Until then somewhere 

out there we shall meet.

Details | I do not know? | |


The stars seem hidden,

 yet I know they are

 out there. I have seen

 them on clear nights,

 bright wonderful twinkling

 starlight. It shows the

 vastness, the extraordinary

 feat of our Heavenly Father.

 It brings upon me a smile

 of delight.

Details | Verse | |

Mind and Sound

Only light can penetrate the 
that resides in the default state 
of mind
I descend from beta to delta 
binaural beats; instantly caught 
between frequencies beyond 

I absorb amplitudes of acoustic 
and I learn to just be earth 
Since I am the earth 
and because I am of
the one that is the source of its 
I've owned the power of 

I realize now that I AM because
HE is since I am from that, a 
Created in the image of a 
and a feeling from the 
Universal Mind
I tune in to this vibration from 
pulse that manipulates 
subconscious minds

Immersed  between 4 and 7 
brainwaves halt to a conscious 
All  chakras are aligned shining 
crown energy 
and now my consciousness 
begins to reap! 
and light begins to penetrate 
the harmonious beams
that were already there
constant and always there 

is now flooded with sound 
that force brainwaves to submit 
to power
of omnipresent sound that 
always was 
and always will be connected to 
the Source from which I came
so I extend exponentially 
physical time and space

I long to embrace the intensity 
of gamma rays
I give way to the coded sounds 
that resonate from the inner 
and continue to connect 
through the binaural beats that 
remind me of before

Always familiar but ignored
until found by gaining 
knowledge of self
I listen with the intent to excel 
while reaping an abundance of 
benefits and rewards
It's already yours

Just reach out and grab it 
as long as intention and ego is 
the universe will correspond 
it will deliver a life to you divine 
and orderly
Just listen to the sounds that 
were there from before
They will guide to to the 
vibration from the core
and it will guide you to connect 
directly with the source 

Details | Ballad | |

A New Day

I might sparkle in the night but I'm not the only star you might not see them in the sky it depends on where you are Am I the only light in your eyes that makes you smile when you cry if your favorite's what you say don't you blink it might fade away Only when we give everything we're truly ready for better things we invite ourselves off to drift the steam rises and our spirits lift Follow me, into sun sets be brave and strong with no regrets and when the sea takes the light we'll find a new day after the night there's still a new day after the night

Details | Free verse | |

Sweet child of mine

The stars they used to bring tears to my eyes
Dark skies, I cried as I prayed for daylight
You were my fragment of pain
I became swallowed in memorys of darkness
That used to come and go so haunting, the loss of you
Still is killing me, for you were gone so suddenly..

My first child
My first love
Now all I have left
Are the stars above
Not to mention
The glow of the moon
That always reminds me
That you were taken too soon
Tears fall down my cheeks
When your name is spoken, that's when 
These demons become awoken
The heartbreak
The despair
Losing your child
Is too much to bear
Sleepless nights
Dreams full of terror
Seeing the pain in your eyes
Everytime you look in the mirror

I can look at the stars now
With hope, instead of pain
You my child, did not die in vain
You will live through me, glow bright star
Glow.. Glow for me
And for all of 
The mommys to see
Be my guidance, keep me from the ledge
To you child, this I pledge:

I see your glow and I can now smile
Though I might shed a tear every once and a while
Just because, I'm missing you
But I promise I will pull through

Thank you spirits
Thank you stars
For welcoming my child
With open arms
Keep him safe
Give him love
And let him know I am with him
Everytime I look above..

Details | Rhyme | |

Christmas Magic

A small bundle, briquette, blanket wrapped
held close to heart. Soon the new.
We wonder will we be trapped?
When we travel along the road, back
through time to our roots, our father’s
father and beyond our mother’s mother.

Lamps turn down, collars turn upward.
Blue night ablaze with stars, some fall
Burst. Like the whisper of prayers, the word.
One star shines brighter than all, Venus?
Candlelight flickers from doorways.
Laughter raucuous, cheerings of praise.

The balance between my life and my passage
flickers as if blown between the worlds
whose love would I hold up high like a mage?
No matter, the answer flows through me 
chaos of love the answer to all I seek
love to each, hugs to the other, cheek

to cheek. Lights out we are still ablaze
remembering all the light flickering down
like scents of pine, coal, cinnamon for days
and fall about us like snowflakes, we taste
wine, warmth burning through to numb toes
Are we there yet? When have we left? Who knows?

Sheri Fresonke Harper 11-30-2013

Details | Quatrain | |

Their reflection in my eyes

For all the stars that shined their light
And found their reflection in my eyes
Not one could illuminate this cavernous sky
For their vision was constrained by sight

You peer into the depths of my galaxies
Without a word my heart falls to knee
So loving, piercing, so all consuming
Are your eyes when beholding me

Your touch like brilliant colors tracing the sky
You wrap me in your light while my old skin takes flight
Peculiar the way without you for hours or a day
My body feels naked my world in dismay 

A word with more power than loves been explained 
Is thee expression I seek yet fail to attain
It resides in the sound I hear in your voice
Or how it feels on my lips to say your name

No lyric or poem nor work of art
No celestial body that lingers on high
No beauty that lies where ocean waters hide
Describe how you search me with your eyes

You exhume a surrender I once buried so deep
From that first time my heart skinned its knee
Which taught me give only your soul to this point
Relinquish not your own needs... Quickly wish them Godspeed 

Yet you say without words in those sapphire pools
That you'll honor the treasure of my trust
My surrender is your prize the apple of your eye
Your bride and the love of your life 

Our dreams and our needs no longer be carried alone
For infinities love ever winds
My joy is your smile your crown is my throne
Your happiness is mine intertwined

Yes so many stars have shined their light
And found their reflection in my eyes
But only yours has shined so bright
it begs a loving surrender... known as a wife

Details | Kyrielle | |

Christmas Pinoy Joy

Our cheeks and noses barren from snowflakes, gladly filled with whispers of coconut flakes, falling gently on bibingkas* made dear Welcome to my holiday home this special time of year… Kitchen’s abuzz, humming pots and pans Hamon, embutido and leche flan! Food is happily shared to all who come here Welcome to my holiday home this special time of year… Lights twinkle outside, reflect warmth inside Reunions everywhere where love abides Songs fill the air, voices resonate clear Welcome to my holiday home this special time of year… As day gets ready to embrace the sun, church bells toll gladly, dawn Mass has begun True meaning of Christmas touch hearts and ears Welcome to my holiday home this special time of year… Bright light now fills skies but a star reigns free As parols** adorn homes, big or tiny to show the way to homey atmosphere, Welcome to my holiday home this special time of year… Problems forgotten even for a while, hope and love take center stage, bright with smiles Family and friends just alive with cheer, Welcome to my holiday home this special time of year! --Pinoy is a slang word for Filipino :) * bibingkas—rice cakes—we have a whole slew of rice cakes here, but the most common garnish for these would be grated coconut; bibingkas in particular is sort of like a thick pancake cooked in banana leaves, made with rice flour and coconut milk—can also be topped with cheese & salted egg ---the other foreign sounding words here hamon (ham); embutido is something like these small log-shaped meatloaf and leche flan is similar to a delectable egg custard- or hmm crème brulee although it’s cooked with the caramel at the bottom and inverted upon serving so it has its own caramel sauce instead--oh yummy ** Parol is a typical Filipino Christmas lantern, usually hung outside homes and have lights inside--can even be multi-colored—to signify the star of Bethlehem- they come in the simplest kind (made with bamboo sticks & paper/plastic) to the most intricate ones made out of capiz shells Nov 26 2010 –for Linda’s Holiday Home contest :)

Details | Rhyme | |

the love we had seemed so far away

i look to stars and wishes flew through space never to be heard again
fun to friends hearts do meld and break facing until time ends
this loop that plays and beats that syncopate become but a gem
pleasure a chest opened in surprise feeling no need to defend
galaxies away lonely planets  please keep me in mind
 distance could grow something fond or lost between the lines
gps my love you can see  its still where I  left it behind
thoughts fade away with life love lives forever in my rhyme

Im sorry, I wanted more,with  all this space between
disconnected and I still look to that day
we talked on the phone, our separate homes
the love we had seemed so far away

without air i couldnt breathe squeezed until I'm passing by
no water flow my skin would dry and I return to the sky
sunny days would blacken out, attracting need for desperate lies
to make up for the beauty lost from death slowly closing my eyes
that fire once sparking motion snuffed in huffs slipping away
dwifting I sway shaky grounds where once I sat easily and stay
upon my feet I still float drowning out all thoughts that stray
Tho these ends can come swift its worse to miss and hear you say

Im sorry, I wanted more,with  all this space between
disconnected and I still look to that day
we talked on the phone, our separate homes
the love we had seemed so far away

down the road,flying free, I ride the wave and hope for your return
through several seas and cloudy peaks, storms of sand, I will not turn
helpless to fate and future events, nothing prevents something to learn
  sights may not sore, nothing much looking more, isn't my concern
I hope the best and happyness is true to bless you, not just in dreams
we can meet when we sleep discussing life while sleeping seems
thanks for trying Im not exactly dying, banes of  sentient beings
real enough moving on is rough, i'll love you forever, writting my means

Details | Lyric | |

A star song

 Make me believe in stars,
even when the sky is full
I wonder who put them so far
leaving the nearby sky so dull.

Let’s cross the silver gate
entering in a playground,
let’s keep spinning until it is late
the carrousel round and round.

When we return to our home,
You wait for me on the bed 
Whispering dreamy: “Come, Come,
let’s pretend we just have wed!”

I will hold near your hand
and marvel how it was done,
I also saw stars crawling in the sand
but during the day, all stars were gone. 

Details | Didactic | |

Champion's Chomp

A Champion must lust for that ancient adrenaline
the primal prize alive in the eyes, trophy of thunder in the pulse,
a Champion's heart welcomes adversity with teeth gleaming sharply,
worships the battlefield with risk righteous in ripped tradition,
doesn't celebrate the strikes that knock the foe into awe
finds glory in striving for the impossible
creates Legend from the unthinkable become visible,
buries the adversary's soul in the winter of forever woe,
the Champion says with disciplined effort and presence pure in practice,
lightning is comin for you, blasting your bones, bashing your boasts
tear you up and down and all around
your dreams nor dare, will not be found,

The Champion must adore the trauma of training,
remembers the humility of a Beginer's trouncing,
must pray with innocent instinct, thank Providence with confident conviction,
makin bravery out of bruises and being headstrong amidst hecklers,
invents technique like a Freeborn freak,
they shame the opposition into reverence with indisputable excellence,
true Champions are unforgettable, architects of shock and hope irrevocable,
indestructable like a titanium pyramid,

To be a Champion is to have a demolishing drive,
they must excel when underestimated
and must dominate when expected to succeed,
the Champion's Faith devours fear and punishes pretenders,
to finish the foe with decisive declaration, " Check Mate! "
a Champion always defies, and never dies,
there is no calculation of defeat for an Angel following a Divine beat -


Details | Ballad | |

She held a handful of stars

These eyes bright 
Hair the colour of night 
Queen of starlight 

She held a handful of stars 
She tossed them far 
Scattering through, 
the midnight sky 

The star that landed on me.......... 
Was my destiny 
For this star, 
choose to be.............. 
the star for me 

Scattering through, 
billions of stars 
There is one waiting for you 

Glittering glow, 
from my chosen star so 
Scattered throught the blackest night 
This one, I won't let go 

This star 
So bright 
It came so far you see............. 
yes bright 
Hair the colour of night 

She held a handful of stars 
She held one for me 
The star she held................ 
Was my destiny 

One for me........ 
One for you........ 
Travelling too........ 
Such stars are meant to be.......... 

These eyes bright 
Hair the colour of night 
Scattering starlight 

Details | Iambic Pentameter | |

Sapphire Star

Among the stars she searched for one
to be her friend on distant dome;
her thoughts to lay and whispered gnome,
her childhood tales and scopes undone.

Among the million bright sparkles,
she chose one that kindly signaled,
her lone thoughts to him syllabled
mind's endless lines and traced circles.

And in the endless astral fire
she saw his friendly blink to smile
similitude of a Greek isle,
it was the sparkling of sapphire.

A song ascends from the pine woods
to meet the smiling star of blue
and is their solitude untrue,
unsolved of questions understood.

And then she slept on distant fare,
along the bless of blue sapphire,
the tunes of a Greek ancient lyre,
accompanied their dreams in air.

And while she slept the sapphire weaved 
blankets of light she softly held
the lyre star song dreaming she spelled,
and then for nothing else she grieved.

© G.V. 04-08-2013, All Rights Reserved

(The poem is composed in Iambic tetrameter form.
The Iambic pentameter form is closer to it, as a substitute.)

Details | Free verse | |

Mirror Flicker

I draw honey blowing wind
thinking of you ore precious
like a snowflake pure unique
One of a kind in seventh Heaven
arriving within the eyes kissing a diamond

You're my angel rays touching outside
inside the one in a thousand dreams 
beautiful nine is the cloud singing 
with the silver treasuring dream lining
A beam shining over her pale full face 

Brightly pearl cut ivory and back frosted jewels
silver trails on wishes sparkle enchants in a trance
From the vine floating bubbles burst
rainbow magic coloring in your light drunken
bursting celebrations wishes in the mind 

Dripping starlight desires your company
delightful feelings of passion burns 
Inferno of flickering flames dancing
in each warm breath touching beat
deep warmly kissing emotions
Budding rose craving sweet scent
new life arising stirs beginnings 
so glad it's you I fall to 
Surely as the sun forever rises in the east
Replaced in my nights sailing set to my best mate

You who raise sails with me without wings
on deep tides upon this ocean waves turn
under the moon and stars we bathe silver
Dripping love sparkling in starry eyelids 
Jewels the dewdrops each morning speak

Upon the ground as destiny calls sweetly
embracing the echos over sands golden
a lone wolf howling out lonely cries
in a cold winter lunar sky 
snow lays on the ground

Crystal true blue loving white  
in two loving arms 
holding your name smiling 
heart of beauty
beating with your love complete

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I Made A Wish - A Waltz Wave

fell from
the sky. I
closed my
and made
a wish. I
wished for true love
to find me,
own me.
Wonder of
wish came


Details | Rhyme | |


The First Gift

There’s news for the young and news for the old,
And news for a world lonely and cold,
And down through the ages this story’s been told
How Love was revealed to all.

Into the world that was full of strife 
God told Mary that she would give life
To a boy-child, and become Joseph’s wife 
And not to be afraid, at all.	

In order to keep the law of the land, 
They traveled in winter over hills, rocks and sand. 
To Bethlehem they went, hand in hand
But there were no rooms for them all. 

The inn keeper said, ‘I’ve no rooms inside
But out here there’s a stable; around the side,
So in you all come, it’s dry and wide.
They all trooped inside, one and all.

The donkey and ox shared their bed in the straw.
Joseph spread their blankets over the floor
He put hay in the manger, and then saw 
Mary give birth in the stall.

He went to her side and beheld the sight.
In wonder he helped her through the long winter night.
They placed the babe snug and tight
In the manger; He slept through it all.

The first to hear were watchers of sheep 
Wrapped up in their robes, their watch to keep,
Staying awake, they did not sleep, 
Until the sun appeared over all.

While they sat in the fields all through that night,
The light from a bright star gave them a fright,
Until the messenger came within sight, 
And pointed the way to the stall. 

This brightest star shone across every nation;
It showed the way on this special occasion,
For three wise of men, who with elation, 
Followed this star to the stall. 

First shepherds, then kings entered the door
Of the humble stable, where Jesus they saw, 
Among lowing cattle, in a bed of straw;
God’s brightest star; born for all.

Each offered their gifts to the one who would give
His life, so we might know how to live.
When we do wrong, with love He’ll forgive,
So we can forgive one and all.

At Christmas time, like that first gift from heaven, 
There’s love received with each gift that is given,
Wrapped in fine paper and sparkling ribbon,
To remind us God’s love, shines for all.

The words set to rhyme and rearranged,
This story throughout time, unchanged.
Just as God's love has never changed,
It is here and now for all. 

written by Wordancer

Details | Narrative | |


Maybe there's just one star in the sky.
Harbor it, keep it, you and I.
Our secret gem, our weekend retreat,
char on the path to which we sneak.

A day of rememory of the crisp night air.
12:10 in the woods; sweet speech in my ear.

Drissle turns to downpour which electrifies the dark.
A towel dabs a leak where the roof splits with bark.

I vaguely remember slipping into a taxi.
A light! Our star! Seen from the back seat.
Another! Two stars? And more, and more
lining the way to my front door.

Too many! That's enough!
They are burning my face! 
Oh no! Oh dear!
And it all went blank.

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The soul of the Crab

The soul of the crab

Oh how she hides behind that shell
Lets no one see her feelings
She’s practical in everything
But those feelings have her reeling
She’s sensitive, and hurt easy
And her moods they be so many
And yet she has not one bad bone
Malice, she has not any.

She be the one for queen and country
Digs into history
She’s always loyal to her kin
She loves her family
She’ll protect them with her life
Don’t no one touch her man!!!
She has a brilliant memory
And she’ll get you when she can.

Her mother, she loves very much
But her children more than that
Wherever there be family
That’s where she would be at
And how she loves to entertain
And cook delicious food
And always she will be a mother
In her heart will be her brood

9 August 2013 @ 2000hrs.

Details | Iambic Pentameter | |

No one will ever come to esteem you a star in their bosom

alone,and scarred, no hope for you to gain
that which you've sought with love and pain.
No one will ever come to esteem you a star
in their bosom nor visit from afar.
The arrow sparred you no victims for food
You wonder the wasteland a starving man,
moribund by starvation whom none wooed.
You cried out and none heard you dying on the sand.

Details | Rispetto | |


Oh, Goddess moon, Selene, sister to the sun
raven haired matron of celestial star light,
reign in your chariot's twin dragons be as one.
Rise refreshed reborn from Oceanus's delight.
Gift the heavens with your ever changing sheen.
Wash the seaside fresh and make our bodies gleam. 
For love is always with you, as mankind basks  
in your star filled bounty, your heavenly mask. 

Details | Ghazal | |

Olympus Opium

tears fall from the eyes of a broken soul
lost without her mate of choice the shrunken soul

ask for the truth of the lie to be revealed.
From beyond, the Sufi whispers to the forsaken soul

 frantic like a child without bottle
she to the machine has become the token soul.

Asked if her pride could bear the truth behind lies
 she questioned the worth of pride to a stricken soul

and prepared to swallow the pill of truth. 
summoning the mauve star of the Aladdin soul

truth blinded her eye and buckled her knee 
causing her tongue to cleanse her awaken soul.

All has become enlighten to this new humble spirit
while I, Taylor, splinter an impious dormant African soul ! 

Details | Free verse | |

I lay my tender heart

I lay my tender heart at your feet
and my soul and very being I surrender
My desire and quest
to fill your heart with joy
and summer
by the sweetest of emotion and affection.

To stand by you
to provide and protect you
a bond so strong nothing can tare it apart
until death do us part
and later
we meet once more
in a much better place
once again

Peter Dome. copyright.2012.

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Starry Dreamy Night

I found myself sweating last night
From a dream I shared with you in perfect sight, 
The place is dark, a corner without a light
You pulled me agressively, I felt uptight! 

I heard your urging breath, so warm, so sweet
Planted owning kisses on my nape indiscreet, 
As you own me wildly, felt you were in
I can feel the rushing pumps you made in between! 

Oh, but at the wanting of this dream's delay
Woke up sweating; grabbed my robe; got up from where I lay, 
Cold water didn't help cease the burning chill
This starry dreamy night, I feel that sizzling dream still.

Starry, starry night, as I look outside
Saw the vast sky and I felt chill inside, 
Wrapped myself and whispered, "Where are you tonight?"
Hear my starry dream, hold me forever tight...

And I whispered as I saw the falling of the shooting star
Crossing my fingers and stared from where it will fall afar: 
"I wish I may I wish I might, 
Have my wish I wish tonight!" 

Inner Whispers

Details | Rhyme | |


When the twinkles shimmer in the cloudless night And the dreamy moon is shining bright When shooting stars streak silver across the sky, Angelic babies hushed asleep by a sweet lullaby, Wrap me cozy in the blanket of stardust. When snowflakes waft and the icy winds blow Specs of gold in the dark as fireflies aglow... When starry Andromeda casts her magic spell And the longing of a lovelorn heart is easy to tell, Wrap me warm in the blanket of stardust. When it is stark and cold, pitch black outside And mirroring through eyes, my feelings tide Ride on Pegasus, my knight in shining armor Galloping away to our castle, me and my charmer Wrap me secure in the blanket of stardust. When Angels sprinkle their Pixie-dust from above And I bask in the Celestial glitter of Love When the incessant longings of the heart cease A journey quenching desires leading to release, Wrap me close in the blanket of stardust. When the shiny eyes droop and begin to haze An aching soul surrenders as hopes faze Lend me your shoulder to shed a pearly tear Beneath the diamond studded canopy, hold me near.. Wrap me Love in the blanket of stardust. When shadows eclipse the Sun of my life Engulfing daylight, darkness with sorrows rife.. Blaze my world like bright million galaxies Whisk me forever to the land of iridescent fantasies, Wrap me eternally in the blanket of stardust. Yesha Shah 26th Dec 2012

Details | Ballad | |

Chance Meeting

It was on a dusty mountain crest one night that she stood,
wondering if the world around her retained any good.
She had lost her father.  She had almost lost her mind.
Thereafter she lost her job in the jungle most unkind.
But, it was up there that she saw him at that dusty peak.
It was love at first sight, though they would hardly speak.
He held her in his arms for the longest long time.
She kissed him on the cheek, though it might have been a crime.

And so, on that rocky mountain top the two there would stand-
two new found lovers - stood silent, hand in hand.
Gazing into the star lit night, darkness still on high,
filled with amazement, they breathed in a sigh.
They never wanted the time they had there to end.
Perhaps on a shooting star home a note they could send.

But, what would they tell their families? What could they say?
Would people understand them?  It was this they did pray.
And so, it was on that peak that they built their small home-
vowing to each other from there never to roam.
And they're living there happily together to this day.
At least that is the rumor.  It's the buzz that they say.

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Aquila (The Eagle) Constellation

Aquila (The Eagle) Constellation

Strong and brave, you are my eagle.
Soaring strength; gliding above earth.
Your light shines past the dark of day.
And brightens love along the way.

Your kindness perceives my wishes.
You fill me fully with your love.
Your helpfulness precedes my need.
You sacrifice your time, good deeds.

Because you are so caring, dear,
The brightest star both far and near!
A humble gift with this love rhyme,
Shall shine throughout eternal time.

Oh, Aquila, constellation.
Gaily in this new kingdom found.
The deed to your bright shining star,
Bought for you where angels abound.

High in the heavens up above,
I give this gift with all my love.
Far away, gleaming in the sky.
Waits your wishing star named, “Ingrid”.

Commemorating life, we two.
Anniversary love renewed.
Forever, dreaming as one heart.
Loving as millennium stars.

© Name withheld for contest
April 15, 2010

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In Your Beautiful Eyes


Amid a star ferried night loves tears came falling ~ 

Into Your beautiful eyes, their dreams were calling

Through the whispering tides a heart left drifting

While I stood by Your side; the pain was melting....

And the moon cast her glow as a choir bringing, joy

To sweep this night with heavens Angels singing 

As I stood by Your side; these tears left falling 

Unto tides that wash away the pain; still drifting 

Afore loves moon cast a light; dreams went calling ~

Upon a star ferried night; and hearts were melting....


....“In Your Beautiful Eyes” *

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In Bloom

Written July 29, 2013

The wind blows the rainbows down
Turns your frown upside down
Then spins it back around

The sun hides the moon
Underneath its coat in bloom
The flowers came late this June

The rain in a teardrop
Falls like dew from a leaf
When she looks at me

See that look upon her face
Used to take her to the stars
Now she's headed back from Mars

Now that Venus loves her more
Wouldn't throw her to the floor
Like before

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Stardust Wink

In louver I waited ‘til night confined the sky
Incandescent stardust once made me starry-eyed
That tempestuous evening hid the Milky Way
Nocturnal beetle mimicked pristine light that I prayed

In a flick, my desire to see you restrained by distance
I just clutched to stargazing to show me moments of you
An interlude to make feelings in alliance
Where kisses and hugs are free to view

Lurking in the sky, time held its breath
As my eyes glowed luxurious in our love affairs
My heart sang louder to clamor the light in stealth
In flower’s scent enchanted time as I stared

For I knew evening panorama would soon disappear
Last moment I spoke lover’s prayer so powerful
As stars tried filching a moment to appear so near
Came pouring stardust in my longing to reunite with your soul

By: Noel N. Villarosa

Details | Verse | |

I Let Myself Go

Soft And Warm Like The Quiet Storm
I Let Myself Go
I Let Myself Go
With Nothing To Hold On To
Not Even Gravity
I Let Myself Go
And Fall Deep Into A Fantasy
I Close My Eyes
Live In My Sleep
This Feeling Is A Dream
The Pain Of Waking Up Hurts So Deep
I Let Myself Go
Now Im Gone
And I Can’t Find Me
I Don’t Know Where I Am
But With You Is Where I Want To Be
My Mind Feels Lost
My Soul Feels Like Its Dying From Love
Because I See My Life Flashing Before My Eyes
When I Release From Your Hugs
If I Could Write My Words
On The Clouds In The Sky
I Would Use Ink
Made Of The Tears That I’ve Cried
So Whenever You Look
In The Air Up Above
You Can Read My Emotions
And Remember My Love
In The Garden Of Passion Is Where My Heart Grows
Right Next To A Beautiful Lavender Rose
So If My Heart Stops Beating
Let My Tombstone Show
That This Is The Place Where I Let Myself Go

Details | ABC | |

Grey Bird

On that cloudy weekend in June 
I hear a soft and graceful tune 
from the grey bird on the tree 
Singing sweet lullabies felt 
blessed in the moment 
My body tingles of joy at sight 
Gazing out through 
my open door,
Letting thoughts fly free
Releasing love out into the horizon 
Heart filled with emotion came 
over me 
Grey bird stood playing its tune 
for awhile and on the wings of 
letting go
Then as the rain fell from the 
sky the grey bird flew away 
I blew a kiss to the clouds and 
utterd these simple words of I 
Love You father ( who's now in 
heaven ) and yet I hope to hear 
that grey bird sing again once 
more for me 
Farewell, love your son

Poem contest for Debbie -referential

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Death of a Star

It seemed so long ago, my star was born
Pure white brilliance, blinding and warm
A beauty unrivaled by queens and kings
Even more fair than Saturn's rings

Pulled into orbit against my will
I was shaken and given more than my fill
There I was plucked from my Pleiades
Lightened and darkened and brought to my knees

So when did it all go so wrong
The starting of a mighty collision
Who silenced the sonorous song
And first foresaw this asteroidal vision

Was it Sagittarius's sharp arrow
Or Electra, my own sister star
Do I dare pick up the nebular bow
And battle this fearsome quasar

The galaxies began at once to collide 
Gravitationally turned with nowhere to hide
My clear, radiant star fought at my right arm
Struggled and warred to inflict lasting harm

But the loathsome rival was too strong
The fray too immense, too harsh and too long
Luminosity of my star was brighter than the sun
And then came the explosion, the evil deed was done

It seemed so long ago, my star was born
Pure white brilliance, blinding and warm
A beauty unrivaled by queens and kings
Even more fair than Saturn's rings

Now I'm iced over, my flame turned blue
I'm moved aside and left in the view
Swallowed and shadowed, mourning my star's dark death
Left in its place, a black hole loved nonetheless.

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Swept By Sight

Over and across the moon
In this lonely night,
I stare at the castellation
Which glitters your face.
But because I miss you
The wind whirls out your name
Then eventually it feels like rain in my heart.
As the clouds draw near
Deep down within, my river turns to a sea.
With tears in my eyes,
I look away.
Because I refuse to let the storm determine my destiny
Because it's your hurricane that I fear the most.

Details | Quatrain | |

Black Diamond Night

                      Black Diamond Night

The rapier of light cut through the black velvet night
Two lovers looked up at the first star tonight
Look see, that star light above
But she could not see, the star was her love…

Bodies lying spent under the warm black sky
The rapier of light like a javelin poised high
His body glistening in the extending glare
Her eyes blocked by her lovers breath to share.

He stands and looks up to the gods above
You thought you could take me from this woman I love.
Thor looking down at his son now a mortal
Power he would give to his grandsons  through his portal.

His son once a demi,-god, now a mortal man
He vowed he would help, in any way he can
The light strikes his son from the black velvet sky
His back arched in pain his thoughts wondered why!

His lover lay replete on the damp flattened ground
Unaware of the pain and the light all around
Her lover stands his beauty abounds
In his hand a weight his fingers surround.

His heart is heavy, his father has cast him
As he opens his hand, his breath he does gasp in.
There in the palm of his hand he held tight
The most beautiful diamond from the black velvet night.

His heart is softened, he know it does mean
His father’s not forsaken him, his love he has seen
He takes his lover in arms, holds her tight
As they make sweet love under the black diamond night. 
© ~GG~ 18/08/2012

Details | Ballad | |


trees whispered her name
for a queen was born
from a faerie and an archer
who had the soul of a poet
the love of his moondust
in an early summer dawn
a girl came in to this  world
filled with magic and the love of all things 

 aquila took his bow
drew forth an arrow
which the feathers were brown and gold
aimed towards the sky
and let it go
the arrow arced high
burst in to stars
that fell
among them
a star to carry
a star to keep
a star to remember
a new queen
that would join
all living things
under the forests of richest green

 the summer queen
laid a single leaf upon the child’s chest
it glowed, then shrank
became part of her
this, i had never seen
for the leaf
carried all of natures’ magic
in an extraordinary child
whose birth
signified all that is good
upon the great good earth

the queens and kings
the princes and princesses
all of heartstone
to see a tiny girl
who had the power of a single leaf
that lay close to her heart
that she knew
of the wise ways
that what lies within us
means, you are never alone

our tiny girl
who, in her time
would become the greatest living being
lay quietly in the great hall
surrounded by magic and majesty 
past kings and queens
from above
their hearts filled with wonder
most of all,

the leaf as i came to know
came from the great earthen king
who had passed on long ago
that there is always a past
a history
that can never be broken
it will always last
forever heartstone
never alone

we celebrated until dawn broke
sweet faerie music filled the air
darting lights everywhere
whispering trees spoke
i felt within my heart
as i held my moondusts’ hand

Details | I do not know? | |

The Canvas of Night

The Canvas of Night

Stars like sprinkled sugar,
lay strewn across the canvas of night,

enthralled by the wonder of the cosmos,
my dreams take to the heavens in effervescent flight,

I bathe in the beauty, soaked in sublime delight,
absorbed in moments of bliss, transfixed by the serene sight.

Stars like sprinkled sugar,
lay strewn across the canvas of night,

and my being is infused with feelings of hope,

for even in darkness  I find the sprinkled sugar of hope's light.

note: special thanks to one of my heroes, the late Dr. Carl Sagan, for making science accessible to younger me, many, many moons ago.

Details | Acrostic | |

Halloween Costume Ball

Hairy eyeballs hanging from a wizard’s crown.
Arachnids sprawled on his black sparkling gown.
Ludicrous marks scar his face beneath a frown.
Luscious blood dripping very slowly down.
Opulent jewelry shaped like bones.
Worn around his neck amid creepy groans.
Ecstatic bats wait around for deadly moans.
Eerily suspended from their master’s belt.
Nonchalantly walking, his evil presence is felt.
Coming down the stairs was a star bejeweled queen.
Overcome; such beauty he had never before seen. 
Stunned into submission by her piercing eyes.
Trapped by love’s intrusion and compassion’s cries.
Unveiling beauty, cajoling pleasant sighs.
Miraculously transformed his evil heart; love flows.
Enticed by the moment, together, attraction grows.

Bedazzled by the grandeur of the Halloween Ball
Altruism curiously sealed love that fall.
Laughter filled the man with the eyeballs on his crown.
Loved by the queen in her star bejeweled gown.

© October 15, 2010
Dane Smith-Johnsen

Details | Free verse | |


When all my dreams had faded away,

when all my thoughts had gone astray

you suddenly came to rescue me,

and brought me back to where I should be

you help me reach the unreachable star,

and heal my heart from a previous scar

you added and strengthened my confidence,

you held me up to reach the heavens


It was indeed great and amazing!

I had everything I want but something's still missing

I looked at you then I knew,

you're all I need and all my dreams will come true

but I realize you are far,

harder to reach than the farthest star

I stepped back and I fall,

I thought you'd catch me, so your name I call


Sad to know you weren't there,

in my lonely nights and great despair

sad to say I could never have you,

because I was careless and my love was so true

and now I'm back to my old sanity,

my fame is in deep vanity

for the man I love had faded away,

and caused my thoughts to go astray!


Details | Rhyme | |


Dear star up in the sky
May i have one wish to buy
I'll give it all don't make me cry
Please oh please I want to try
Try to wish away these lies

The hurt the pain I'll sacrifice
What ever it takes I'll pay the price
To know the truth would be so nice

Please don't leave me out to dry
I'll beg I'll plead just hear me why
Why's my heart left to die

Really please look in my eye
Do not be shy

Star I need to know why
Why my heart was left to die
On that cold dark night he said good bye.

<3 Kalee Lynn

Details | Sonnet | |

Revealing to Me

Laying down on my back I look straight up Sky’s filled with small dots and the moon’s a cup Specks are bright with a very brilliant white They are awesome to see, a gorgeous sight The stars bring an aura to me with life No problems in the world I see, no strife I relax when the dots are before me Superior is their glow, completely As I lay on the ground I do notice This sky harbors peace within its darkness For the moon and the stars sure envelope The unmoving specks of light develop The stars move me in my heart seeing true Revealing to me how much I love you
Russell Sivey

Details | Romanticism | |

Star Dust

Star Dust
			By Elaine Roy

Lost in your eyes, as they glitter and seem to turn into stars.
I'm hoping to make a perfect wish, so that my love falls, and doesn't miss  your heart.
My love for you, shines as bright as the Northern lights
May my love fall, like a shooting star, to find it's way into your heart.
Shall my love find it way to reach your heart, before it burns out!
It doesn't take much to reach for hope; when it lies inside of a heart that you want to call home
Why does love lose it's star dust and find it's self shatter into lost particle of space , that once gather to create such a amazing star
I'm hoping that it does this, so it can take all the star dust of our love emotions and joint two stars, like us. So, together we create a love,that evenually becomes our brighten sun! 

Details | Sestina | |

Wishing to Hold Her Hand

How I greet thee star with my wish tonight!

Will you grant me a twinkle from your sky,

Do I dare dream upon your beauty bright?

Burning like candles with eternal flames,

Shine down, shine down and fill me with your light,

Fulfill the desire to hold her hand.


I want to reach out and hold her sweet hand,

How I wish upon you shining tonight.

I shall watch you glow until morning light!

Till dawn shall awake with my blue heart sky,

For my dreams burn hotter than the suns flames

She lives in my soul, eternally bright.


There is no other that can burn so bright

I long for her touch, the softness of her hand

Can you hear my plea, my words are like flames.

Will you wink your approval down tonight,

How long shall I stare into your dark sky?

I shall stare until the breaking dawn’s light.


Grant me this wish and be my guiding light

Lead me to the touch that makes my life bright

A love that’s as deep as your endless sky.

Let me melt into the touch of her hand,

This shall be the only wish I wish tonight,

Cast all other dreams upon unending flames.


I will light the match and fan my dreams flames,

Promise me her touch before the day light,

The smile on her face I can feel tonight.

Dear star, oh dear star, that shines down so bright,

Do you feel the pain as I long for her hand?

Feel the depth of my love in your moonlit sky.


How many wishes shall I place in the sky

Will you fall from the heavens in a ball of flames

Because of my request to hold her hand?

Please hear my words for I shall have no light,

Can you catch a falling star, no longer shining bright?

My wishes are yours to answer tonight.


I dream of her hand and pray to the sky

Searching tonight for the lustrous flames

My wish before sun light, grant me star bright!

Details | Free verse | |

First love, you know silly things happen

Sometimes silly things happen,
like that, now, old night,
when we named a star,
just to enjoy the following of the cliche,
the sibling from the one that brought us apart.

Hearts filled with the whole innocence from,
You being the one,
and I being the best one.
What contained bits of the irony of us calling our first love,
knowing with our premature fascination for words that,
is the start of a sequence,
is what comes before all others in time or order,
which was indeed what it was.

And sometimes not so silly things happen,
like us growing apart.
or mainly, growing,
for us to realize that we were - actually - not that into each other.

But back then, in those minds and hearts of two young and naive preteens,
we would believe anything that came from the others lips,
those lips that were our firsts and till then our only ones, or so we said...
to keep up with our diminishing innocence.

Do you...
do you remember how our star was called?- I asked, that one last night.
hoping you did remember, knowing you didn't.
To receive the expected answer,
which just confirmed what I already knew, 
and apparently,
you did too.

After that kiss you said good bye,
and never looked back,
which was actually fine,
cause I had already done that,
just that,
not out loud.

Now you know,
sometimes silly things happen,
like me saying it now,
Thank you my first love,
I'll never forget those lips of yours,

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To Infinity and Beyond

Astronomy is asinine,
the solar system useless,
and the sun completely irrelevant.
As far as I'm concerned,
the world revolves 
around YOU.
Believe me when I say
my thoughts of you 
are more abundant
than the stars in heaven
and my love for you
is as infinite
as the universe.

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Broken Heart

And the love of a white birch tree bent,
lowered her branches like gray hair.
In the middle of life somehow inadvertently
I looked at the sky, dropped a tear.
I saw a world of childhood, love and happiness.
There and you shine, my star,
But you lit late or too early
This sky star, in this life.
You looked at me in love look
I became a bride, but we are not close.
You said crying again disappearing into the stars:
"In this world strange to start late."
I stand and look at this height I wanted,
I'm looking for my long-awaited star there.
I stand and look up, the stars are very snowy,
I'm looking for a star there, my most tender.
I ask and pray that you come back soon,
Will join us on the earth warme

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My African woman, you earthly diamond that glitters before my eyes
My African angel, you heavenly star that shines in my smoky feelings
My African queen, you precious gem that settles in my webby heart
My African goddess, you succulent pebble of love
My African miracle, you smoke in my feelings

You are a star, a blue star with sparkle
You are so bright, so bright that sun’s rays belong to you,
You are a gemstone, so precious that you command the pearls,
Aren’t my eyes just stunned? Turning green like a true peacock,
Aren’t you the one, who smokes in my feelings?

I feel glued to your succulent curves, I feel like holding and gluing them in my hands,
But you shine, your sunny rays distort my feeble magic flutter
You the flower of life, your scent is fragrance to romance
You unroll your sweetness before my very eyes, the illusions rub my disillusion
Just before I wake, you smoke in my feelings

My African Woman, the gracious river of my soul
I want to hear you speak, your whispers are musical to my heart
Your breeze pushes my chill away, your warmth boils my cold blood
Nothing really compares to your impeccable beauty, but i know now you know,
That you are the smoke that smokes my feelings

Yours African,
Mzee Emmanuel Mwau.

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Flowers and stars

Little flowers, little flowers, what’s your name?
When god gave you colors and the first star shone
Did your sweetness and glamour stay the same?
Were you afraid of light and was your allure gone?
A sage had those queries
upsetting his idle mind,
then a swift gust of wind
carried dazzling faeries
dancing in his drowsy mind.
They sung about the day
when God made a star,
and placed it very far,
Yet we see its bright ray
journeying from afar
Their laugh has a silver glow
and the sound of a small bell,
The sage could not tell
how the faerie winds blow
twinkled the small bell.
They continued to dance,
When God’s used his power
to bloom the first flower.
Sweet was the new fragrance,
sanctioned by holy power.
When the sun lightened the day, the sage left his dream
with a sunflower on his hand:  orange and dark blue:
Those are the wrong colors, what they could mean?
The sage could be a poet, because he had not a clue…
Then he heard a laugh,
and saw a woman by his side,
smiling jolly and wide:
Knowledge is for naught
if you wake with love by your side.

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My Brightest Star

Today, my brightest star is still my baby This reference she may find disagreeable Sometimes the things she says make my head spin Leaves me speechless as I listen to her opinions My first and only, beautiful and a definite miracle Although that’s another story Sent to me when I’d given up all hope Through her I’ve leaned some patience Well, at least much more than before She inspires me to live life to its fullest Without fear of neither present nor future To love without expectation Finding a peaceful existence within She may not enjoy the art of cooking And has no green thumb for gardening Yet has this extraordinary love for people Which shines in beautiful smiles easily shared She is my brightest star in this life! ~*~

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I often look into the stars
And think about just where you are
And can you see what I can see
Is there a time you think of me

When I’m alone I talk to you
The unsaid praises you were due
Alone I listen carefully
A word a sign you sent to me

But maybe it’s too far away
The things I lost to yesterday

The images that I hold dear
Make me believe that you are near
Again upon my knees with you
Forgive the sorrows we’ve been through

Or maybe it’s too far away
Those things I pay for yesterday

I ask you to look through my heart
The moments we shared at the start
And if you see that I’m untrue
I do not know what more to do

Still maybe you’re too far away
And maybe there’s no yesterday

But still just once in a while
There’s hope I still make you smile
Till then
And when
I’m with you again

Remember that was yesterday
And yesterday is far away

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Falling Star

When the dawn embraces the universe
Darkness intensifies to cloak the sky
The gaze of mortal sees nothing but night
Then you rise from above exuding your light
You are the moon that reigns above
Enduring the sleepless time of wicked sky
The prowess of the knight flawlessly conjure elegance
A strength that marks within my weakened heart
I came to see what hell is all about
Just to find out that heaven’s is within my grasp
That when I tried to touch its mysterious existence
It disappears right before my naked eyes
Nightfall conquers the universe
Then you came at the darkest hour
Shadows are only seen when there’s light
And you don’t need it with your contrasting might
Blinded oath and selfless dreams
Becomes the reason why there are transient wills
No one is accepted for well-minded ruler
Frosted hope vanishes from nowhere
If wisdom is your sanctuary of hope
Where principles are vows that cannot be broken
Choice is a myth older than a Merlin
I am a casualty of this unorthodox ideals
Let me be the garish star
The fixed luminous shining dot of the night
Let me descend and be at my daunting hours
Until I find my perfect place in the sky
I might be seen by others as the brightest
Playing with the gleaming cadence light
Again let me subside for several times
Or perhaps forever until fate becomes mine
A prisoner of this dream might lost
Cease to live with passion to change the order
But if it’s the only way towards the moonlight
I shall walk with this illusion until I die
Because my hopes shall live forever
That there will come a time
That the keeper of the sky might fall
To the illusion I weaved, it shall exists
To free the soldier of the night
To have the liberty in chasing all the odds-
And give the privilege
To catch this Falling Star…#

-dicychael21 3/26/13-

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Forver Growing

You followed my footprints and came with a hand full of stars.
You planted them like little seeds in my garden and waited patiently for beauty to grow.
I started to bloom and now I stand tall.
Your eternal sunshine-showers keeps me growing.
I'm happy and content knowing 
that your world welcomes me and every part of me.
You are my univers and I've learned that no star is out of reach....
I will continue growing till I can pluck each and every star and give them back to you.
My love...My everything.
I will stand proud with you and my roots will run deep.
My branches will reach out to every part of you and the fruits I carry will be of the sweetest 
taste only for you
- by you.

So my dearest you... please stay wonderful and continue to grow next to me.
The world is not big enough for us... lets reach above and beyond.

Forever growing...

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Tough As Nails

Hopeful doesn’t mean stupid
That doesn’t mean I wasn’t stupid
I was in a state and messed up
Simple as that.

I could dramatize
Spill all the stars from my eyes and mouth and cry out for answers but,
I won’t. 
My spirit can dance alone.
A lapse in judgement will not throw it off beat because it dances to a cosmic drum. My heartbeat and no one else’s.

Dropped my shield 
Set myself on fire 
Burned up a daft dream 
And fell to ashes.

I’ve proven to relate to the phoenix 
Both of us know what it’s like to die a quick death and come back stronger
Time and time again
Our ashes swirl into the manifestation of our desires and in that I find my comfort.

Hard topped, granite counters
Tough as nails kid
But kid is man or at least he pretends to be.

Smart phones aren’t so smart but, I’m writing this on one
Sedatives and sad, country music mood swims through my veins.

Excuse me, while I go have a drink with that phoenix.

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My Valentine

My valentine's a star above
that leaves me all alone.
It seems to know I'm happier
when left upon my own.

At night it sparkles brightly
and holds me to my stare.
My eyes left feeling helpless
as my lungs are filled with air.

My valentine's a star above
as faithfull as I've known.
But not for being a wonderer;
for aligning God's own throne.

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Joan Of Arc

Come with me
Deep in the stars
We shall lie upon this grass
For a few hours, touching
Gently blow a kiss
Into the depth of the sky
And all apologies
Shall be caught in eased sigh
Allow me to lead you through this world black
Around it and back
You wear pain
As though chains
Were embracing all loves luxuries
Alas we will not die in slight defeat
Waiting for the night to stare
A star gazing through your eyes
Knows you truly do care
And slightly dims when you cry
For there is a star in the sky
And a glow in the moon  
Guiding your way with its light 
Tranquility will subside soon
So if you believe in pretend
And reach way up high
The stars angel shall descend
Abolishing all tears from your eyes
It’s painful to you
So is the truth
Can’t you understand?
Words are forgivable
For when we clasp our hands
They become retrievable
Now words are meaningless
And forgettable
Far too late to change events
Time for consequence
Again you kiss the sky
Wave your goodbye
A star smiles and begins to cry
Washing away all pain
You arise from the grass
In the warm blanket of tears in rain

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My Wish

When I look at the sky at night
I see the stars with their twinkling light.
I wish I could speak to them.
I wish I could know how they reached that height.
I want to be successful in life.
I want to be in everyone's sight.
I love the present as it is now.
I love the future to be bright.
I become dreamy when I look at you.
(Oh, stars)I become hopeful when I see your light.
I wish to be a star in the life.
I wish to be a star with never ending light.

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See See I can do it too

Words elevated to a dazzling height
Silently answering perfections plight

Love strung together to make a sentence
Hate molded to become a pen

Time yields to patience
Rage bows to zen

Transcending a mind
A unique voyage just to find

That my pain is not my own
The dark is not for me to own

A star sits in a dark corner weeping
Its light flickering, its tears beckoning

Waiting to be rekindled, be reborn
Its essence weakened, its passion torn

Unable to help, my flame long since extinguished
But her whispering screams need to be relinquished

My history a possible remedy to her heart breaking agony
So I slowly open scars I closed indefinitely

I bleed memories and thoughts, hoping her tears will stop
Synchronized … as her tears and my blood drops

For every memory, a tear is traded, for every thought the corners of her mouth move up a inch
The darkness recedes as her light increases

Her tears slowly transform into pieces, pieces of poetry
Convincingly showing my blood a forgotten beauty

… I smile …

Sometimes the dark holds a star waiting to soar
People see it as scary, but the dark, yes the dark has so much more

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the gravity that pulled all of this together

                                           the star dust in your soul
                                                      amazes me
                                         it spills between my fingers
                                              between my synapses
                                                      unto ground 
                                                      made of air

                                         i see the places i have been 
                                         and the places i need to go
                                             when i lay witness to
                                           the star dust in your soul

                                                  it's all consuming 
                                                       the big bang
                                                    within the brain

                                                     just to observe
                                                    your effulgence
                             the nimbus that crowns your lovely head

                                                        this is worth
                                              the 5 or 6 billion years
                                                    i've been waiting

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Shine Bright Tonight

another night I run to you
only for a kiss
and within a whisk, 
you're off 
into the land you want to be in 
I have come home 
to see you leave 
and then I'm left 
here daydreaming
when you say you'll come back 
but you never do
until my eyes 
have already turned blue 
until I can no longer want to think 
you'll be back in time 
for you to see
the light on my face 
when you make me smile
someone has been gone 
for quite a while 
and you tell me to wait 
and wait I do 
until I can no longer want 
to wait for you
oh, if I could stay out 
I'd dream all day 
of things I want to do
but work keeps me this way
and you can dream all you want 
because I've given that to you
but now I want my turn
yet I'm still turning blue 
I keep hearing you say 
great things are coming now
but all I see 
is my bank empty
and me, working 
struggling to buy shoes 
when you 
shine with all your gold 
you buy for yourself 
as I resist from buying pants 
I might want but don't need 
you shine some more 
and I become lonely. 
Oh shine bright tonight, 
wherever you are 
I've begun to not care 
how you'll be a star
because I need to let myself go too
and all I see are diamonds 
shining bright on you. 
maybe if I could do what you do 
I'd shine like a star 
I'd shine just like you.

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A Kiss of Sunshine

Beautiful light that lasted for long
Your lightening shine suppress the cloud

Brilliant Beauty from coast to coast
Your brighter shine rule my world

My lovely kids love painting in your midst
Cos your presence add meaning to their paint

Myself as well stock under your bountiful
Likewise my firm, my wife roam through you

Your fins and flippers eat the sea
But your dominant serve the plant

That is why I love to kiss you
Cos you never demand without supply

My sunshine, you are the haven
That shine my home and my coats.

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I'm going shopping for a very special star
I'll travel to the end of the world no matter how far
I want my star to be big heart warming and gentle
Because these are qualities in my husband that I feel
I want to give you this very special star
Because in my eyes that's exactly who you are
I want my star to shine bright each and everyday
Like the smile on your face when you look my way
I want this star to be a symbol of my appreciation and affection
Because with this star you can always feel our powerful connection
The top of the star will represent my love for you
The corners will be for the love of our children too
The bottom will represent family like a family tree
Because that is how special you all are to me
My star is called the family star because 
It makes you feel good all around
When you pick it up it gives you such a special feeling
Makes you never ever want to put it down


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Mom has died.
We did not see each other for some years.
But I always knew - she lives in Nizhni Novgorod,
In a small apartment of a five-floor house,
On a high hill above the big river.
I often phoned her. 
I knew - the good woman helps m?m,
Looks after her, like one would a child, 
Sometimes they drink tea together , watch TV,
And, probably, they talk about me.
We had no possibility to meet. 
But both of us hoped -
Soon my legs will better,
And I shall come.
But one month ago,
In the solar July morning, 
I have learned - Mom has died. 
Mom is not present more. 
I never shall visit to her. 
I never shall argue with her, 
And I never will hug her.
A very dear string of my soul has been torn. 
My favourite rain has dried up somewhere.
The star of tenderness, of understanding and hope has died out.
But a new star has flashed -
It is the brightest of all stars - MY LOVE OF MOM. 
... The summer is continues. 
August gives warm rains, flowers and fruits.
This August is the first for me - without Mom. 
Mom has died.
And now I love her so, 
As never in life.

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a couple's stroll

above an autumn's moonlit sky
'twas there in flight, a hurtled star
then visions land as from afar
what wants 'came focused on mind's eye
was it shining gold that called?
a better man it's left enthralled
fame and power? the skill to jest?
so many dreams, thy brain was mauled
but out from selfish musings sung
a thought so single, bright, and true!
on crisp night air I felt it hung
it melted over, then I knew
for next to me my lover strode
i wished for us a sweet abode

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My Light

Have I darling, lately told you?
Or have I honey, lately showed you?
How much it is I care for you.
My forever ocean of deep blue.
The one who keeps me warm at night,
who's right there for me to latch onto.
The one for whom the world I'd fight.
Like a star shining bright, you are all of my light.

That smile you save that's just for me.
The way you make me so happy.
And how you fill the air around,
the sweetest thing I love I've found.
My early morning waking sight,
those eyes that stare right into me.
A piercing gaze so that I just might.
Like a star shining bright, I am bathed in your light.

My enchanting sweet, petite, red rose.
For you my love it always grows.
Climbing in ways I can not speak,
you are a mountain with no peak.
I love you dear I do so quite.
My moon, my sun, my sweet my queen,
everything with you just feels right.
Like a star shining bright, I'm washed away by your light.

You give all butterflies,
as you send me to the skies.
The wind on my sails,
to which all else just pales.
You take me to a brand new hieght
and I am so lucky that I have you.
So I thought I'd tell you on this night,
like a star shining bright,
my whole world you ignite.

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Always Shine

Tame thy shattered heart, with thou tragic tears;
of lost love tyrannies, of many truth less years.
I give you back my heart, fort it’s near a bust;
a ruptured, leaking vessel, pumps hatred and lust.

As the stars shine brightly, they softly speak your name;
the tongue slips gently, and casts it’s shameless blame.
Near a deadly defeat, of a broken spiritual bliss –
Casts one vibrant, beautiful star, which we’ll forever miss.

I’ll relinquish this guilt of who must now be found;
this diminishing self-serving star, whose now never around.
As the night turns into darkness, I’ll search for that star –
just to capture a glimpse, of this brilliant stellar very far.

And when I’m sad and lonely and are in need of my friend;
I’ll always remember that fading star and this broken heart I tend.
I’ll close my teary, weary eyes, and cast a wish far above –
Shine, shine little star – so brightly filled with love.

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Shh, the Stars are talking

The stars have called me…
And whispered in my ear:
“Why stay in…
when the lights of her eyes haven’t ceased shining?
Shining as bright as the stars in heaven,
And as unique as the snowflakes the clouds send down…
Quiet…and alone she stands,
Fondling with her hair strands…
Glancing at the moon with a vibrant gentle face…
…watch as she sighs and slowly closes her eyes 
With a tear streaming down her face…
Alone she stands…
Become her cape and keep her warm,
Hold her close and tell her you won’t let go…
Whisper in her ear and tell her:  “I am here…”
If she asks what has brought you here, ask her this:
“If our meeting wasn't because of fate, then why have we met?”
But if she insists…
Whisper to her…
”The stars called out to me… asking me to guide you home,
Back to the heavens where you have left your wings…”
That I’m sure she’ll believe…”
I swear…that’s what the stars said…
And…alone here you stand…
Fondling with your hair…
Gazing at the moon…with a tear mark on your face…
…Pardon me miss…but you seem to have left your wings back home…

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The Snowy Life of Two Loving Ghosts

Taking suggestions especially on this poem. This is a first draft and I like it, but I don't have time to edit at the moment. Thank you!

The two ghosts dance through the barren forrest,
leaving footsteps to be pondered about
by the man who owns the land in the morning.
Howls and Screams and Laughter and Love
fill the dewy dark sky.
The two, lovers in death,
never knowing of the truth,
that their lives were taken
Snowfalls before,
being murdered in these woods,
their throat slits and their bodies mutilated,
No one knew who they were.

But here they are again,
running through the spindly trees,
taking in the scenes of their
eternal winter.
He takes her hand,
leading her to an opening in the trees,
a perfect circle, no light insight
but the stars above,
so beautiful,
so prominent.
Theres not a place in this town
better than this
to see the future amongst the stars.

They came here that day,
tent in one hand,
telescope in the other;
their thoughts in the air.
They were seventeen,
Seniors awaiting the approval
of a diploma,
They should be studying,
mid-terms next week.
They took a fatal break,
spent the night together,
only belonging to each other.

The ghosts;
who's sight doesn't recognize
the spot of their demise. 
They sit on top of a large smooth stone,
Left their by the world in it's hurry.
They gaze upon the stars,
waiting for the world to reveal itself.
The screams and wails and love still permeate the air.

They fell asleep in each others arms,
and so they never heard the footsteps,
the drunken laughs of men full of sin,
ready for some action.
They found the tent,
they killed the innocent souls,
but instead of leaving they bodies,
they left the ghosts,
taking the bodies and
depositing them in the freezing lake.
They then sat upon the rock,
laughing about the deed done,
passing out in the deadfall of snow.

The transparent lovers jump to the snow,
throwing themselves down to sleep the night away.
They cuddle,
protecting each other from the snow,
the danger,
the truth.
The smile,
and with one last scream,
they kiss,
merging with the snow,
Part of the world,
and this spot full of false truths.

No longer do lively bodies wander about the woods,
and the owner hardly visits.
But a few times each winter,
when the snow has fallen so deep,
You can hear the screams,
the howls, 
the laughter
and the love
of two ghosts
dancing in the snow.

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eternal prayer

          (10/9/11) love

This is my eternal  prayer with god I do share
All my life I have searched for love
And prayed to you up above.
Love seems to take a turn, and the passion
In my heart does burn.

I see the beauties that you have created
Yet with my dream you have hesitated.
Is it that something special is coming my way?
Oh dear lord- to you I pray.

So many years have gone by- and as I see
Other lovers- I do sigh.
The passion in my heart is a eternal fire
As I seek someone to join this fire.

I feel like I’m a star up in the sky
Everyone can see the beauty, but it’s
Beyond  their reach, as I search
For eternal loves peace.

Will I be that star in the sky , or can I be
Like mother earth, that everyone can see
My beauty and smell my fragrance
And touch the gentleness of  my heart
And from their hands I will not part.

As the plants need water to live
I have so much love to give.
Let me be the water that touches their heart
So that it may grow, and from me they will know.

This is my eternal prayer that with the world I will share.

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Friday 13th

I looked to the star studded sheet sky above, Gazing with admiration I whispered “thank you”, Gifted with everything that made me complete, I felt like a shooting star – shining bright in awe beauty. With entwined fingers locked with his I gently squeezed, Re-assuring myself that I for once was not day dreaming. With a jolt of his arm he twisted our bodies to face one another, He pulled me comparatively to feel his warmth, With a palpate of his fingertips he tilted my head to his, Breathing in one another with parted and just licked lips, Locked eyes infused an addicted draw of that single moment. Lead to the centre of a destination path I percolated, Fear boiled in my sickened concerned heart, The nauseas vibration through unknown anticipated heart ache, Heart ache that would obliterate everything, Or heart ache that would lock impudently our created moments. Our entwined fingers still lay infused, His eyes fixated with such intense admiration, This memory before me will forever ache my heart, With impassioned devotion I was being seen, Mesmerising love poured from his focus. With a heavy intake of the particle moments around us he began, With each memorial second he diffused me, Melting my soul So long I had abided this moment, Forever it now lived ingrained in my fated journey, That fatal Friday 13th

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the Triumph of the Pen

Oh winging Heart on a mission
to the edge of forever,
speed to the beloved with a message of Love.

We look in a different way,
with the Heart do we see,
and in that wondrous seeing,
is the feeling of awes majesty!

Yeah, that's the way to overcome
the 'thought police' inside the head;
doubt is the Heart killer
and so with this pen,
we’ll write our Hearts out again and again,
and if they judge the words we say,
to dash our Dreams in any way,
then we'll write even more to soothe the Soul
for the writing life is our Loving goal!

This triumph of Love carried to our pen
where in our written words Love lives again ...

A writer writes and never stops writing
and rewrites and writes again and again ...
and he never stops writing except to Dream,
perhaps to reach for that Star in that Star crowded Sky
and bring that Star to the end of his Pen
and write like plasma all over again ...

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An Astronaut

I think I was an astronaut
Aimed for the stars.
They fill me up;
They refuel my tank.
They enable me to believe,
Telling me to never give up
As they follow me all of my days.
If only we could see the beauty
That they truly are.
They shout out dreams
That we can reach so far.
Climb into the rocket
And liftoff!
On a journey to discover ourselves,
We are taught so much more,
Learning our goals are only a plan away.
Even thought we must return,
I know that I will be back.
I am an astronaut,
And we always reach for the stars.

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In the Sun the Moon the Stars

I do not trust my form,
to act as an adequate vehicle to carry my Love for You.
It aches with decadence and decomposition.

Skins cells flake in exhaustion,
Hair follicles abort out of fatigue
Finger nails and toes nails crack , peel and tear.             

Bones creak in warning,
Muscles retreat in lethargy 
Skin hangs, falls and sags.

So I place my Love in the sun,
the moon,
the stars,
the grass,
the leaves.

So that I may continue to adore you in everything,
with everything.

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8-15-2012 Grief

As I watch a star fall
You lean in close.
I make a wish
For the impossible.
Your smile so coy
Your lips a tease.
I'm just a boy
You'll do as you please.

You watch my star fall
And steal my one wish.
You laugh aloud
And look at me.
Am I not the one
Who will take your hand?
Will we watch the sun
Disappear beyond the land?

I'll swear to you
A heart that's confused.
I'll remain true
If you're not amused.
With a heart of holes
I'll give all I can.
With a soul damaged from time
I'll forgive everything I can.

The thoughts I have
Aren't always pure.
We will carry on,
Until our lives are gone.
Reach out with me
And touch the sun.

I'll hold you
Past heavens gates.
We'll dance through
Defying our fates.
In the end
It's about us.
In the end
It's about you.

It's always been about you.
Always for you. 
This one is for you.
This is for the fallen star.
For the stolen wish.
For never grasping your kiss...

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Wish Upon a Star

                          One day I wished upon a star to send me a love from afar.
                                     I wished for a love with bright red hair.
Hair as red as a bright winter fire.
                              I wished for him to have lips as juicy as strawberries and
eyes as brown as an autumn leaf that falls to the ground.
           I wished for him to have a touch as gentle as a cool summer breeze,
I wanted him to knock me to my knees.
                    Little did I know I had already found my bow!
      We danced and talked under that bright star I wished upon until the early dawn.
 I was lucky to have the star that fateful night, for I found the love of my life that night!

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Stargazing by Kenny Davis

As I look up at the many stars
Of the clear midnight sky
Admiring the many works
Of God that caught my eye

As I began to count and make out
All of the endless constellations
A tingling urge to compare to the beauty of you
One of God’s most precious creations

Twinkle, twinkle brightly
My angel, my star
What an luminous light you have
Drawing others towards you from afar

Now those stars? Look there!
They remind me of your eyes.
Glistening and gleaming
Like pure cut diamonds in the skies

When I am fortunate enough
To witness that of a falling star
It reminds me of the many tears I have shed
Wishing I could be wherever you are

When I am blessed to see a shooting star
Though only once in a lifetime
It reminds me of just how rare and special you are
How hard a gem like you is to find

As I gaze upon
The majestic allure of space
The overwhelming imagery pales to that
Of the beauty of your sweet, angelic face

After spending a wondrous night
In the midst of stargazing
All it did was see how glorious you are
So unbelievable, So amazing
© December 2011 k.davis 

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Deep Blue Sea

We were meant to be
Our love could fill a sea
A sea of hopes and dreams
Hopes forever you and I
Dreams of floating toward the sky
Holding hands
Way up high
Watching the clouds go by
I look out of the window
Just at night
Hoping to see a star go by
Then I see that star go by
And I think of you and cry
Because I think 
That if I lost you
I would die
When I promised to never let go
Baby, it wasn't a lie
Your love is true
It's as deep as the deep blue sea
Suddenly my dreams 
Turned into reality
I have that key
That I promised to keep
That key is the key 
To your heart
You see?
You're all I need
And much much more
Watch the tide come up to the shore
We're walking hand to hand
Across the sand
I look at you
Then look at the blue sea
I say "This was all meant to be"
You look down at me
Then kiss me
Suddenly I realize 
The wish I made has gone by
I see that star every night
And wish for a kiss goodnight

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Dead Stars

'Those stars,' she says while pointing, 'are balls of hot gas
Consuming themselves, and most of them are gone by now,
But their light remains for all of us
To see.' She smiles...
She says goodbye 

She smiled.
She's gone. (Another star dies from a distance.)

She smiles so elegantly, I remember, She wore a dress.

She was captivating. I remember,
'It's the light that we find beautiful in the dark.' she said.
(A beam of light creeps into my eye)
It pains to remember a moment when a star still lived
but it holds its own on days past goodbyes.

I could only wait for her beauty to grace me yet again
(Finding a similar star set on the self-same sky).

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my shooting star

youre like a shooting star
that never dims
a steady flame
over uncertain boiling wax
of a crooked candle 
in a darkend room
time on a clock
that goes away
but the hands still they remain
and you
the feeling of youre touch
that still remains
even when your gone

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My Only Star

I used to wonder why there isn’t a star in the sky.
Pondering on the interstellar ado
Staring endlessly at the blank cosmos.
I searched for an answer.

I look up and far for my star 
Unknown to me the answer had come
I was able to see my star
The star that would shine for me

As days passed, I quietly found an answer
I waste no time to pass
I seemly had a riposte.
I quickly held her hand.

I know why the stars reside
Coz they know you are the brightest
At this canopy I wrote an emblem of my love
I gave to you 

This forlorn world might be dark 
And even when things are undone
Always remember why I love you
For all eternity you will always be my star. 

(This is for you my love Sarrah)

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Star spangled

Here I am darling 
at the center 
of my everything,
gazing over a lake
looking upon 
silver stars lovingly
dancing inside ripples.

Sparkling in 
a moving mass
kisses gently ,
touching deep waters,
blinking diamond thoughts
upon a moon face,
reflections flooding 
through the mind 
every last one shines
sweetly on 
you my love.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Where would I be had I never met you?
I suppose it would be in yet another bar
now I love you and everything you do
and to me you've become an newly discoved star

you shine as brightly as any star in the sky
be it the north star or any other you can name
now everyday I pray to never hear your goodbye
and if you do leave I will be the one to blame

you suffered so much when I went off the wagon
yet never dismissed me out of your days and nights
too often i'd become mean as a fire breathing dragon
yet you suffered through my unjust fights

you keep me tethered to the ground
and pull the string to bring me back to earth
I feel safe and secure whenever you're around
and I can't compute how much to me you are worth

you are worth all the money i'll ever own
and my devotion and love will never even the score
what I fear most is that you'll leave me all alone
because I couldn't love you any more
           © 2012...PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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No more

I guess I had been just a little too late,
How did our love get sabotaged and so quickly slip away.
I tried to resurrect what was lost,
It was such a beautiful thought.
You let love fall listlessly by the wayside,
If I could have moved faster could it have been caught?

There’s no prescription for the pain,
 Sitting high up on this ridge.
I can’t bridge the gap now between us,
Yet still I had more that I could give.
No more holding hands,
There will be no more one last kiss.
No more late night candle lit diners,
There’s no more first star of the night where we would wish.

I guess this book now has been read,
The story has now grown cold.
I guess I missed a few chapters.
I didn’t think this was the way it would unfold.
When I look your way and see your heart, 
 Now I only see a closed door.
The facts are all there.
It’s all gone there’s no more.

The rain has now stopped falling,
Still it so cloudy here outside.
You have packed up and taken all your belongings,
This has been such an emotional ride.
You were kind enough to give me back my heart,
It’s back in my hands but ripped in two.
I guess it will take awhile to mend,
I guess I just stay out here and wait it through.
Quiet conversations over coffee,
Well now they are all long gone.
No more dancing slow in the living room,
Listening to our favourite song.

There’s no prescription for the pain,
 Sitting high up on this ridge.
I can’t bridge the gap now between us,
Yet still I had more that I could give.
No more holding hands,
There will be no more one last kiss.
No more late night candle lit diners,
There’s no more first star of the night where we would wish.

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Be My Butterfly

The sunset glows and no one knows it's you
Don't be afraid
The stressful day has pulled you away from love
Once again
All the shade will slowly fade in time
Behind your eyes

You try so hard, it falls apart
Hold on tight with all your might
Extended arms open wide

Be my butterfly
Take flight butterfly
Fly high butterfly

The moonlight stares while taking care of you
Through the night
Every tear you cry a distant star will die
Until you sleep
A shooting star is what you are to me
I promise you

You try so hard, it falls apart 
Hold on tight with all your might
Extended arms open wide

Be my butterfly
Take flight butterfly
Fly high butterfly

Before you wake the morning waits for you
With a smile
A great release of graceful peace arised
Inside your heart
You begin to stand with both your hands held high  
Stretched to the sky

You try so hard, it falls apart
Hold on tight with all your might
Extended arms open wide

Be my butterfly
Take flight butterfly
Fly high butterfly

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Heard Her Radio Song

Sweet voice calling me 
From pedestal so high 
Might never come down 
So I'll climb up

Still remembering past joy 
When love was new 
Innocence still on lips 
Trapped now in glory 

Face in electric windows 
Looking back at me 
Once there each morning 
Cheek on my chest 

Singing passion in ear 
My body her instrument 
Played it so well 
We became as one

Copyright © 2014 Robert William Gruhn - All Rights Reserved

"A poem to me is the essence of any thought,
Being built from its foundation into tower scraping sky.
It can fly like no other bird to places never seen,
Even spaceships can only dream of taking its place."

© 2014 Robert William Gruhn

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An average person no I'm God's angel.

But sometimes it's hard for me to stay stable.

God ingredients for me was a passionate mixture.

Even Micalangelo wanted to paint this picture.

I'm passionate and sweet as a cherry cake.

That's why I can't stop now because there too much at stake.

I have a dream like Martin Luther King so I have to be great.

Diamond are for ever so I can never lose fate.

Can't close my eyes I got to stay awake.

I'm here for the community just like an artificial lake.

So I can't take a break I already shed blood and tears.

I'm not a star I'm a pioneer so I'm going to write until I disappear.

My heart is fill with love that's why I'm so sincere.

I'm never going to back down so you could say that I'm persevere.

And now I'm glamorous but my life wasn't always great.

I went through pain and suffer many heart aches.

But now I can feel the sensation.

And I love the temptation.

To be a star is my final destination.

To be the best is an hell of a inspiration.

Dion A Bess

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my star 2

To catch my star I followed the rain

And catch each drop, I thought this is pain

To catch my star I chase the wind

And hugged it tight though nothing I gained

I realize then that I was still alone

Thought I could follow you with my wild imagination

But to my dismay though  I've done everything

I still ended up with nothing

'Where are you my star?’ I cry

Everyday I look for you in my dreamy sighs

You hide yourself with your shimmering glow

While I try to catch you with my heart full of sorrow

Let me touch you even for once...

And I'll be happy just watching you from a distance.

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A Starry Night

Among those twinkling stars,
One just finds me and stares.
Among the many crowded people,
I look at the star through the water ripple.

As the night goes on and on,
The star uses its shine to don,
In order to hide from me,
As I disappear into the sea.

I wander how we will ever,
Again come to see each other,
By the night of this very river.

In a single star, I find memories.
In a single star, I find love.
In a single star, I find loneliness.
In a single star, I find respect.
In a single star, I find poetry.
In a single star, I find my mother, my only mother.

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Many wonderful voices are heard...
the brighest star is seen;
o joyful bells ring in glory!
In the blue Heavens....see
the angels proclaim God's Word;
this night is cold for those 
sheperds watching their restless sheep
on the Bethlehem's hills.

A shining angel startles them,
as he tells them...the Child
prophesied long ago, 
has born! And that star will lead 
them to the manger, where He
sleeps so calm and mellow;  
doesn't Mary know that Her baby
will soon save Humankind?

O joyful bells ring in glory!
Let every angel praise
the glorious birth of a Prince,
who'll be the Sheperd of many...
whose hearts have longed for real joy!
O sweet child sent from God,
you've come to redeem the sinful world!
O joyful bells ring in glory!

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Beautiful, Beautiful is She. Never has there been such A Destructive power; be so astoundingly Beautiful. With Death; There is Rebirth; With Destrustion; Come's Life Star Dust to Star Dust are we; Slowly spiraling towards Creation Star Dust to Star Dust, So Shall we Become.

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Many wonderful voices are heard,
the brightest star is seen...
o joyful bells ring in glory;
in the blue Heavens...see
the angels proclaim God's Word!
This night is cold for those
shepherds watching their restless sheep 
on the Bethlehem's hills!

A shining angel startles them,
as he tells them...the Child,
prophesied long ago,
has born! And that star will lead them
to the manger, where He
sleeps so calm and mellow.
Doesn't Mary know that her baby
will soon save Humankind? 

O joyful bells ring in glory!
Let every angel praise
the glorious birth of a Prince,
who'll be the Shepherd of many...
whose hearts have longed for real peace!
O sweet Child sent from God,
you've come to redeem the sinful world! 
O joyful bells ring in glory!

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To Say the Least

Take my heart and let it beat
Till it’s last try.
Take my smile and let it shine
Till it dies.

Till it’s last try,
The world will fight.
Till it dies,
The sun will bite.

The world will fight 
With all it has.
The sum will bite
Back the night.

With all it has 
This star has fought
Back the night
To win the war of life.

This star had fought
Till its death 
To win the war of life.
To say the least.

Till it’s death,
Take my smile and let it shine.
To say the least,
Take my heart and let it beat.

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Galaxy of Love

As our star sets, our moon shall rise
A star shall twinkle in your enchanted eyes.
Use your enchantment to take a glance.
Our star, our moon, a lustful romance
The moon so innocent, a precious thing,
yet our star is burning a desire within.
A comet floats by overflowing with emotion,
like a force held it down and injected love potion.
Everyones happy, the wind, the rocks,
even our winged friends floating in flocks.
Yet out of the blue our star's flame died,
the moon stopped glowing, the ocean lost its tide,
the comet lost its emotion to see that moon cry
yet something good will happen with those birds still flying.
Keep your head up, my love still burns,
and dont ever forget that our world still turns!

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Never Say Love Never

Everything you want,
Any Star you wish,
I just promise can,
Give me please your dawn.
Never say Love "Never"
Never say Love "No"
Love should be forever,
I am still remember
Your magic freaky look,
Your eyes for me a shelter,
Your soul-unwritten book.
Let me read your letters,
Let me write a novel,
And it doesn't matter
That my heart is throbing.
We should be together,
We must seek for Love,
Love is greatest treasure,
Love is all above.
Everything you want,
Any Star you wish,
I just promise can,
Give me please your dawn.
Never say Love "Never"
Never say Love "No"
Love should be forever,
© Copyright:Andrey Fisht

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Star of Light Trilogy (Senryu Series)

darkness turns to light, 
gracious star illuminates; 
beauty of your love!
supreme above all; 
your creative beauty shines, 
everlasting star! 
opens heaven’s gate, 
guiding star shines for my feet… 
walking the right path! 

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The Night Sky...

I just lost my love and find her I must.
The thoughts of her drift through the open skies.
Reaching to touch her but bringing back dust,
And the tears that have fallen from my eyes. 

To her I gave up all my affection.
Gazing into the night to see her face.
A star always shoots in that direction,
And I know she is in a better place. 

I will always worship her golden lights,
Her love, her beauty, and her faithful touch,
That shines through every star in each night.
Giving her all my love is not even enough. 

She contains no flaws in any feature.
In my eyes, she is God’s greatest creature.

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star gazing

She plays in the rain
Laughing like a child
Then she turns at me
And give one of her big smile

Everything about her
Are just so amazing
And when I look at her
I’m always court star gazing

She runs around circles
Between the coconut tress
And she doesn’t notice
She got a bruise on her knees

She’s in the falling rain
But her beauty are blazing
And when I look at her 
I’m always left star gazing

And how I love this girl
She is everything to me
And my love is deeper
Than the deep blue sea

Baking a chocolate cake
She puts strawberry glazing
And when I look at her
I’m just left star gazing

And everything she does
Makes me love her more
She gives me a smile
As she puts cloths in the drawer

Then she opens the window
With the curtains raising
And when I look at her
I’m always left star gazing

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Presciption : LOVE

1 Star - Omar Sharif                                5 The Star is Myself
      Movie - Dr. Zhivago                                Movie - LOVING MY LENORE
      A story of LOVE                                      A story of LOVE

   2 Doctor and Poet                                6  A Chef and POET
      Revolution : Civil War                            Fighting my own Civil War
      Russian Countryside                               Vermont Countryside

   3 A man with two LOVE’S                      7 A man with two LOVE”S
      Each has a hold of his Heart                   Each has a hold on My HEART
      Each is in his Heart                                 Each is in MY HEART 

   4 Onward, through turmoil                     8 Beloved , BARBARA
      Across the desert of ice                         MY FOREVER LOVE is YOURS
      Melted by his LOVE                                Melted : BY YOUR LOVE

Inspired by Frank Herrera’s Contest : “Describe your favorite performance by 
Actor or Actress in a movie"


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Five points of a star

Figure like Orion’s belt
An extended arm to the left
Points the way to her heart
To the source of the force field

Hair in a drag like a comet
Her direction anticlockwise like an orbit
Gaining speed the closer she gets to my heart
Traversing space faster than a lightning bolt

Moving light years from left to right
The sentinel to my darkest nights
She’s made of nothing but dark matter
Heaven sent like a sealed love letter

Understanding beyond age and maturity
Both feet firmly grounded in victory
Unshaken she’s the centre of me
Unmoved by prophecy a powerful deity

Her being shining from head to toe
Bearing more than just a simmering glow
Pointing from the centre of the cosmos
In all directions forever as photons

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id like too

before I pass through the moon and stars, I would like too have a family in the woods, by a creek hearing birds chirping as they stay in the trees I'll tell my children that there talking bout you, when the night comes we will count all the stars see how full the sky is and pray for a shooting star when you go to bed I'll stir up some hot chocolate and surprise them in their room, how great it is to have these things when your fast asleep in peace.

Raymond Geisel- id like too

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May Rebirths a Diamond in the skies of June

Big Explosion ,Balls of gas 
 hydrogen and helium
 hundred billions of stars
we could never hope  
to count .Galaxies
islands made of dust 
and millions of stars,
we are  there creating,
sculpturing our poems
our ideas,our emotions,
our care for one another.
In our galaxy we are all stars
above the sky, there so high
in our own universe we are ,
all stars twinkling bright 
in our own darkness ,we are 
all inividually unique yet we
share so much in common,
YOU-the one who loves
to scare me to your hands!
the one i love to entertain!
YOU-THE STAR born from
interstellar gas clouds,
you shine by  nuclear fushion
of love then dies again in your
darkness in a dramatic way.
You're the sun ,the source
virtuality of light heat and energy
reaching the earth ,you're the nearest
 to my beating  warming heart.
The stars all needed together united,
all individually special,form this exquisite
mixture of literature love streams,
The stars shine burdens,struggles of life,
fantasies imagination and realities too,
their inner voice in verses.The stars
little or huge all give heart's and soul 
inspiration in their own different way.
The stars found freedom in their own galaxy!
they found their own world,i found mine too!
many stars all decoring the sky so beautiful
just by being there!together forming
shaping our galaxy,stars shining bright,

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A Dreamless Tree Dweller

Swaying. Dancing. Let me carry you.
Dance for me. Dance for me. Dance for me.
It's beautiful how you hold on so tight, but reach so far.

Up and Up and Up.
Begging sunshine and starlight and moon beams to fill your cupped palm.
We' can sip from it together but we both know you'll never be satisfied
Until your silver leaves can dance to the symphonies of singing constellations.

The diamonds sprinkling down your face would look like tears.
But you, and I? We both know this isn't real. Put away your fears
And dream for me. Dream for me. Dream for me

And please darling, Let us never wake.

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Together at last dancing with the stars

Stay up with me and gaze at the stars.
Far up and up,together we  gaze. 
Sinking into the view of connection. 
Stay up with me and share this connection.
Would you stay up and up with me, 
sharing the view of an astronaut. 

Running from the suns heat.
Running on jupiter,enjoying its mysterious beauty .
Off to mars, where we consume intoxicating green glowing goo.
Stumbling drunk to Pluto,creating ice sculptures of each others faces. 
Freezing mental pictures in our warm frame of mind. 
Stay here on Pluto my dearest, take my love it will keep you warm.
Ill soon be back. Off to saturn to steal its orbiting ring. Running back to pluto with a hang over. 

Damn those martians on mars!!!
I stoped on jupiter to vomit and back to pluto I arrived.
She says:baby,honey,my shining star iam glad your back.I am sorry I took so long.I kneeled to the ice and gazed at her eyes saying would you married me.Pulling out saturns ring and making it condense with the power of love.As I placed it on her finger a shooting star passed by.Then I asked her  would you stay up and up with me for eternity, gazing at the stars?she saide yes.

Together at last dancing with the stars.

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The Star

She stands facing the ocean, majestic in awe
Her tears flooding freely for all that is gone

It is the not knowing why, she whispers aloud
An emptiness inside she cannot understand

She did her best, to be his lover, his friend
The crying won't stop, will this ever end

She wipes away a tear, a light catches her eye
She looks up, it disappears; figures she says

She brushes the sand off her trembling body
The light reappears and it is a solitude star

It is tiny and far, though brilliantly lit
She stands up tall and faces the star
She asks for guidance, the how and the why

The star flashes once, then dimly fades away
She pauses and stares, what does this mean

This tiny star will guide her to hope
She feels this light will carry her far
To a place as calm; as the brightly lit star.

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The Broken Beauty

    A new star like a diamond from a Nile
    And her stem seems stronger than mine
    Her pearl complexion is like to a fairy
    And the beast that loves the beauty
    Fighting for this star an honor was mine
    Thus I your beauty of the ever told story
    Lowly bowing my head to a shame
    Your sunlight to her shining your rays
    Towards that powerful looks of a new rose
    And sharing the tale of love that was ours
    Now the beauty of the ever told story
    Trapped in the world that courage has died
    Fears conquer all, rejection I gained all
    But I the beauty loves the beast so
    May my sweet petals and brown complexion
    And the fairy tale of my true love to you
    May guides you to the tail of the earth
    And reminds you of that sea, so mysterious
    So passionate which rushing to your head
    And may help you bind the winds of time you face
    And you find the beauty your eternal happiness

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Love is an emotion that can’t be seen 
It’s not of a stoplight so you can’t wait till the light turns green
There is good and bad love and even some in between
Love has no limit and can never be wiped clean

Strongest feeling that lies in our soul
Ye must know with each drive you must pay a toll
No matter how far you drive ye can still wind up in a hole
Ye heart you stole
So finding love is not an ultimate goal

Losing your love in the cold breeze it will blow
Even though it’s still with you as you try to let it go
Ye must just let love flow
After ye feel the power it has ye shall never be below
Have thy faith so thou feelings will only grow

Something we take for granted and says to soon
That’s why most of the time our love ends up in the sky like a lost balloon
We can hope and pray for love but let’s face it life is not that of a cartoon
Ye can sit and wish on a star or star at the moon
Or ye can take action for thyself and make your own personal tune

Living life with the one who means the most 
Overcoming the obstacles we shall share and becoming one
Venturing out and exploring not thy heart by thy partner soul
Everyday respecting the other one and not just playing a role

That is the meaning of love which to most people is blind
Because small minded and selfish to them love has already been defined
Thinking the way you do will only leave you a step behind
So if ye not knoweth thy true meaning then leave it undefined
Because one day you will have a contract of love that must be signed

It’s not the same as an I like you
Because we all know half the people that say that aren’t true
It’s not the same as you mean the world to me
Because you still don’t have thy ultimate key
It’s not the same as I miss you
Cause thou can say that while you are sleeping with your other boo

So don’t take love light
If thy do ye wont be able to sleep at night
So until ye know what it truly means then stay on the ground and don’t take flight
Just wait for that light to shine on you ever so bright
When you’re standing across from the one you truly love in black or white

© Jeremy Fennell

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"Star Baby"

Pockets are so empyt today
searching for the right gift to say...
Everything you meant to me without a bow...
So much love inside Im trying so hard to show...
A thought of where you put me now, a little tear as I cry out..
So up in this sky,  I see everyhting you mean to me..
I reach for a star and call it baby..cause you shine like that just
for me.. My baby is in the sky tonight and she is shinniing
oh so bright.. Guiding me  through day or night...
This gift my love can't be wrappped or exchanged at a store..
Its from my heart as I tip my hat to the only one I adore..

"Buying a Star contest"

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A Love Story

The stars reflect her beauty
While competing for her smile
Each one thinks her love is their's
While filled with blind denial

She continues to entice them
As each one feels her stare
Her love belongs to all of them
But none will choose to share

A falling star is nothing more
Than a star with a broken heart
Crippled by her rejection
It will suddenly fall apart

Whenever you see a twinkling star
It's just the Lover's dance
Dying for her attention
In its quest to find romance

The Dippers, both big and small
Were formed to quench her thirst
They stand in line to honor her
As they battle to be the first

The Northern Star takes precedence
As he points which way to go
His countenance is blinding
As he absorbs her radiant glow

So, don't forget to watch the stars
And smile each time they swoon
For now you know this love story
Between the stars and moon

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Janet (Dedicated to Janet Anderson from Sweden)


There is a blue star, Janet . . .

(from an unknown English poet)


Somewhere is a distant star

called Janet. Why?

One little girl flew there many years ago.

Nobody knew why she did this

or how she flew there.

But one familiar wind told me

about a great love Janet had

for the Little Prince

who lived on the star «B-612».

The famous French writer-pilot,

A. Saint-Exupery,

told about him in his book,

«The Little Prince.»

Janet flew toward the star, B-612,

but lost her way in the galaxy.

So now she is the Princess

of another star. 

Her little house is made of flowers. 

Many kind animals and beautiful birds

live near her. 

The star people love their Princess. 

But every evening, 

Janet goes to her garden. 

She looks at the sky

for a long time.

Janet waits for her beloved Little Prince,

and she believes he must fly to her.

Some day. Maybe.



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Shady's poem, a poem dedicated to my dog, not quite finished

The night sky is lit up by stars
One by one each flickers away
One by one each love is dead
Until the sky is black and gone

One bright star is all that remains
I reach for the light
but it pulls away
and flickers just the same

Let me fall; so it can rise
Let me dullen; so it can shine

I pray with all my heart
I cry with all my tears
I work until I sweat
Just to save that last star in my sky

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Star Light

Star Light…
By: Clarence B. Bowser Jr. the III
As I stare into her eyes all I can see is star so bright,
There’s nothing but love and joy inside of my little star light!
She gives me a smile and takes hold of my hand,
So this must be the joyful feeling of being a man!
I embrace her in my arms and hold her close to my chest,
I tell her I love you, as I fill her tears falling down from chest!
For my star light I must be strong, but I can’t understand where her life went so wrong,
She barely came into this world she didn’t live long!
As the doctors come in and tell me to please let go,
There so many things I want to tell her that you’ll never know!
As I look at her mother not even a single tear has even left her face,
I say to myself I wish it was her to take my little star light place. Because there’s a
pain so deep that will never be erased.
Now and forever I will never let you go, till the end of time I will always let your love
show. When will we meet again that I do not know, but the love I have for you I will never
let go!
My life is a living hell and that’s a fact, because my little star light I will never get
back. I blame her mother because she was stung out on Crack, and she is the reason why my
star light is never coming back!
My Little Star Light May God Bless your Soul Baby
Daddy will always Love You
Star Light…

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A Beautiful Diamond

When you feel to cry
And a tear falls from your eye
Just wipe it gone and dream
Your heart may hurt but you will see
Your love is strong
For those who come along
Like a star that is perfectly fine
You can make them shine
Like a beautiful diamond that's crowned
You will always be around

When you're found alone
Your love no longer known
Just start to walk away
You will find someone some day
But until you do
Just remember that we all love you
Like a star that is perfectly fine
You can make them shine
Like a beautiful diamond that's crowned
You will always be around

When you can't go on
It's just your heart's con
Just hold my hand
And gaze up from the sand
With me you can confide
I will always be at your side
Like a star that is perfectly fine
You can make them shine
Like a beautiful diamond that's crowned
You will always be around

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Lonely mountains, and tragic spells, 
forbidden potions, from haunted realms.
Seas of star dust, like years apart.
See the dragons that'll rip your heart. 
I've faced them all, and I survived to be right here as you arrived. 
And when I heard your voice, I knew that I finally belonged. 
Now I know we'll never part because your magic lives inside my heart.
no one can come between us
we share a magic no one can touch
spelled love fades, true love stays
like the Lonely mountains, and tragic spells, 
forbidden potions, from haunted realms.
Seas of star dust, like years apart.
See the dragons that'll rip your heart.

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They say the light shining from the outlying star
Has been streaming for eons, it's coming so far.
The star that has sent it may no longer be there.
My mind can't comprehend that light comes from nowhere.
The astrologers tell us, so it must be so,
There's much more to the universe than we now know.

I just know what my senses tell me and they say
The star still shines from there, though it's far, far away.
As my heart still refutes what they tell me is true,
You've been taken away and the love that we knew
Is over and now I must go on with a life
That is empty of meaning if I'm not your wife.

As the lovely light tells me the star is still there
So my love burning brightly assures me you're near.

By: Joyce Johnson

Posted for Laura's contestwon 8th

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I viewed from afar 
the things I saw 
That lay in my heart 
Burning star 

The fire flickers 
Burning star 
Burning heart 

I was there, 
in the cold of space 
My heart 
Laid bare 

The fire flickers... 
The dying embers of my heart 
Burning star 

Such things, 
viewed from afar 
Such detachment, 
burning star 

The fire flickers 
Burning heart 
Burning star 

I reached out to a star 
Say what you mean 
The heart quickens 
The fire flickers, 
from afar 

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Star Princess

There once was a girl who lived all alone, She walked in bare feet on gravel and stone.

No one knew who she was no one knew her name, she watched in the shadows as people called her insane.

Both of her parents had gone up to the skies, Where the moon and the stars stood bravely up high.

Oh how she wished she could see them once more, Then maybe her heart would not be so sore.

One day she said that day will come, When the moon and the stars all become one.

She started to slowly drift off to sleep, Trying verry hard not to weep.

But before she could even start to dream, she heard what sounded like a scream.

She quickly ran to her back yard, and say a great star that wasnt that far.

She quickly ran up to the light, it's five big points shining bright.

She found out that it was a fallen star, a fallen star that had traveled far.

She knew that this star was sent from up above, a gift from her parents sent with love.

She knew what this star meant, she knew why this star was sent.

Her parents missed her and want her to come home, This is great, she will no longer have to be alone.

All she had to do was wish on this star, The star that would make her go far.
She closed her eyes and made her dreams come true, This is hopefully what this star will do.

With a flash of light and a clashing sound, the little girl was no where to be found.

From that day on if you look up in the sky, ignore the lights and planes that pass by.

You'll see three stars stuck togather, you will see them in all different types of weather.

The stars you are seeing are the best, The king, the queen, and the star princess.

Who is this girl look at me, take a guess, look hard and you'll see I am the star princess.

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Noisy When Touched

Sunrises with a different color this morning
Pale pink whispy clouds adorn all the upper sky
A very small crescent moon in the southeasterly sky
Where the morning star resides this time of year

The mist rising from the creek Seems to mingle
With the mist from the smaller
Creek one-quarter mile away
Beyond is the pink striated with gray on the low horizon

I heard the gobbling of turkeys 
Or is that hunters doing their calls
Do the turkeys know the difference
If they don't their number is up

As the great star comes on up
The light pierces the golden hickory
Radiating the glory from that tree
Into my line of vision just a few minutes

In the front yard the hugh oaks
Lay down a rug decorated with leaves
Varying colors of tan, brown, and red
It is a noisy rug that crunches when touched

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No hope in Love

They met at Star Bucks
Ordered two coffees
She wanted a muffin
The ones that have no more than three toffees

They sat away from the crowd
Where they did not have to talk loud
He wanted to tell her of his success
But never did for what she told him next

He asked her the question 
As he did many times before
And her answer used to be
“I love you and more”

But today was different
Something he had expected
Her long hesitation
Told him he was being rejected

She said “If I tell you
 It would give you false hope.”
“We cannot be together,”
Her words were as if it were a hang man’s rope.

“Did you love me?”
She said “Yes,” her answer was true
Her eyes confirmed from what he could see
But this was the end and he knew they were through

He offered her a part
Of the world that he owned
And promised her
Life in a happy home

And all she could see
Was sadness….
Without words she expressed
The idea as madness

They both were married
With a secret love
He tried to tell her
Of the heaviness he carried.

But it was set in stone
As they departed Star Bucks
To their separate homes

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Keep me close

The feeling of your hands
clenching onto mine.
We lay side by side
giggling once and a while.
Keep me close

From the time you said hello 
to my tears on your shoulder
We avoided the conversation us separating
until the day before.

You knew what I thought
you knew when I was lying
My favorite person in the world
I loved you from then until now.

I think about you every day
wondering if you still  feel the same
that star is the only star I wish upon
wishing the same thing every night

Your freckles and dimples,
you smile, you're so unique.
The mud between our toes, 
and rain on our eyelashes.

The only regret was leaving you.
I want to remember feeling of your breath.
If I ever see you again
keep me close

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A Love Wish Come True

Star light, star bright
the brightest star I see at night.
The wish I made came true with delight,
you came and appeared before my sight.
I knew the moment I first met you,
you'd be with whom I'd fall in love.
You're who I can rely just to,
for you're a gift sent from God above.
Your bit of sense of humor,
is one thing I love in you.
And your care makes more sure that we're,
going to make a great match,too.
Who else could find a better one,
for you're just the one for me.
You're the wish I was wishing upon,
and I thank God how he blessed me.
So I tell no lies and speak no false,
when I say the words, 'I Love You'.
My love's one thing that can't be lost,
for you're a love wish come true.

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To Stella, To Stars

Lonesome moment fades by time
The awakening or my past sublime
L'ho provato sulla mia pelle
Or just maybe
L'amor che move il sole e l' altre stelle
Shines forth
The you and me
Like pleiades could be
The apple polishing of your smile
You sailed fervor under favor of cloudless skies
I could catch you from a million times
Because you're my winning festone
Simply looking in your eyes
To Stella
Cupidity exists in dreams
Your the pastime in between
I am born out of nothing
Love is faith and fate is mean
To love you is everything I could ever do
Your the light that I keep
To Stella, that's all I believe...

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With every bit of lightening and all the rain that falls
the winds that blow with fierce pride like the storm it seems to call
I know that when its over I can look up toward the sky
and see that precious star twinkling in my eye

I have but little time to do what I want to do
it seems even shorter when I spend it with you
When I speak the words "I love you" rest assured that's what I mean
Each day you're fulfilling another piece of  my dream

When dusk begins to settle in and the sun begins to fade
and darkness brings about a lonely escapade
I sit upon a little rock and look up toward the sky
and see that precious star twinkling  in my eye

You know that star is only you that's brightened every day
and every night it's shining in a bold and noble way
It brings about a peace so delicate inside
a very subtle way of saying it's going to be alright

With every bit of lightening and all the rain that falls
the winds that blow with fierce pride like the storm it seems  to call
I know that when it's over I can look up toward the sky
and see that precious star twinkling in my eye

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Star Shine-

I wish I had your star shine
That light that beams within
your soul.....

Shining brightly upon my skin
Lingering, head to toe.....

I long to taste your kiss, and
feel you caress my skin....

I'd love to pull your chest to me.
Heartbeat in my ear.....

I would forever glow of-
Star light and moon rays

I would for always make you smile
Even on your darkest day......

I would be your forgotten path
For if you lost your way.........


Follow the trail of star shine love
For I am here to stay......

Heart is all a glow, my dear
.....glimmering wonderfulness.

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Loving From Far, Far Away

The tears falling from a star,
Careses the moon one darkened night.
The star cradles the moon in her arms,
Sheltering it with all of her light.

As the star continues to weep,
The moon lovingly looks on.
Wanting to show her how he feels,
But just doesn't really know how.

He casts his icey cold shadow,
Along the fire of her tips.
To let her know that he is there,
Kissing her lightly with his lunar lips.

The powerful moon is pulling at the star,
Like he does at the changing tide.
Trying to show her that he's there,
The true love he's been trying to hide.

Afraid to touch her sweet smile,
His eyes undress her from head to toe.
He is in awe of her angelic innocence,
As she is laying there shining and exposed.

Another night falls and he is alone,
Sitting there dreaming at the star.
But until they finally meet again,
He will be loving her from a far.

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Cheph 111

 Cheph 111 
Cheph 111 
The pilots name was Marylin Mist she was tall and a nerd with glasses and short 
hair parted in the center not too tall but not short at all she wore her flight suit 
loose and was all business. The orders had come in from Central "
"the new star system has a planet 
OBIRON star system 111 has a third sun with a third planet intact 
We are not kidding you Mary (short for Marylin) {a nickname for the stake of this 
story and my poetic liscence is in place) ed.note. 
Mary Mist the planet is called Cheph 111 after the name of the chef on the diner 
of the spacestation in orbit around OBIRON 111. 
We are counting on ewe to get a good crew and fly your white needle nose ship 
Take as much time as you need your credits are trillions. 
For this trip you are on now there will be no 
More communication with earth 
needle nose ship the "AMARYLLIS TWO". 
Take as much time as you need your credits are trillions. 
For this trip you are on now there will be no 
More communication with earth 
MarylYn the transmission is garbled just continue your mission this has been a 
recorded mess.................................... 
She carefully turned off her laptop and read the latest CHARLAX poem she loves 
the way this poet makes his Private stories to be poems. Then she carefully 
makes her way into the Newtonian City of Bostonia to recruit the crew for her 
infamous star shippe. 
This is the first installment of this epic book poem a science fiction classic hint 
hint to DOUBLDAY books to l()()K at this for serious consideration.ed.note. 
Chapter one: Crew for MarYlin Mist. 
Soon to be released. 
L()()K for this at 

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Love's Dipper

Even the moon can see our love
Whenever we're apart
I'm the first star in the dipper
And you, the fourth that stole my heart

I try to be the second star
And hope you'll be the third
But I can't ask the second star
'Cause stars can't speak a word

I love the way you wink at me
It really makes me shine
The other stars see you wink
But they know that you are mine

The third star tries to wink sometimes
But you won't look his way
He looks at me with envious eyes
While praying for the day

I wonder if the earth below
Look to the Heavens above
Can they see the dipper's first and fourth
Are truly stars in love?

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Star Child

The time has come,
For the sun to set.
I become frightened of the night,
And what preys my presence.
But what’s this?
O, joy!
It is you, my moon, shining bright and full,
To light my way.
You take the sparkles,
From my eyes as I look up towards you,
And create the shining silver spots,
Known as the stars.
Then soon I’m floating,
Up towards you like a cloud.
I myself become a star,
But not just any star.
I am the Star Child,
The only star in your eye.

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Simply Simplicity

Simplicity is her beauty
Merely is her touch
When she enters into moments
Time isn’t relevant enough

Shadows befall her
Becoming silhouettes
Crowning halos avail her
Of morning suns and sets

The falling rain
Serenades her
In writhing rhythms
Cascading through Spanish hair

Beneath the pale
Of moonlight mist
A Madonna draped
Gowned within a twilight dress

Countless shooting starlets
Down, falling free
Just to glimpse her
Landing near her feet

Merely, simply, clearly
All of a woman
Everything to everyone
But, always she’s in love with me

Dedicated to my wife Milagros

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Hope you can see us from high above.
Help us be strong and brave forever no matter.
Be with us always in every which way you can in your kindness.
I will always find your light and keep it in my young heart in my best way possible.
You left us for a reason and we love you in our hearts.
You saved my life to give yours away which l'll  never forget.
It breaks my heart in tears terribly.
Your star will follow me everywhere to guide me in good and bad times.
Your in presence when were in pain and in happiness.
Lead us where we will be safe like the star you carry for each of us.
Let us accept who we are and why were on this earth.
Let your angels carry us where you are so peaceful when our time arrives.
My Prayer, Your Prayer, Our Prayers
Forever in our hearts.
With love always,
Your niece, your family.

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Star gazed for you!

I’m star gazed of a moon that shines so bright.  A bright moon that lights up my night.

I’m star gazed of the beauty that aluminates in the darkness that shines through.

Beauty that opens your heart and makes you dance with the shadows of truth.

I’m star gaze of this beauty and this beauty is you!

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Star For Momma

Momma since you've been gone things just haven't been the same
I look up at the heavens and this one star shines like a candle flame.
When my heart would ache, I would look up into the dark sky.
That star would awake sweet memories of you in my minds eye!
I felt an uncontrolable urge to name that particular star.
Because when I look into my telescope , it gives me hope knowing where you are!
I found the information about purchasing stars in the "Cosmo's Magazine."
Without hesitation I purchased my star and called it "Billie Jean!"
Momma I named that star after you because of how the star made me feel.
After all I've been through, I know this star is so very real.
Not only does it exist in the sky, it exist in the heavens like a canvas of art!
So when I look up I feel you nearby, and you're forever in my heart!!!

*Written for Linda Marie's Contest "Shining Star"
But I'm too late getting my entry back.  Contest is already closed and judged.

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A beautiful star fell

A beautiful star fell

To ground

Amongst the trees

At Heartstone

Its’ light shone

Upon the leaves

All around


A beautiful star fell

Swirls of colour

Of every hue

Rose through the trees

Soft angel light

Star bright


Angels of Heartstone

To travel

Amongst the stars

Coming home

To nature and magic

Of all things…known


There is no time

To distance

The merest thought

To travel through



And magic too


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One Yellow Star

One yellow star
Part of a constellation 
Trillions of miles away
A ball of hydrogen gas
Surrounded by unseen planets
It burns with immeasurable heat
Trillions of miles away
A young girl lies in a field of night flowers
Looking into a pitch black sky
She sees the one yellow star
And she wishes on the first star she sees that night
She wishes for love
She wishes for happiness and health
Trillions of miles away
That one yellow star burns
The unseen planets orbit around it
It may never hear the young girl’s wishes
The wishes that will never be granted
That one yellow star doesn’t know about the wishes
Or maybe it just doesn’t care

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The Angel and Fallen Star

       Fallen Star searches the constellations./ So many destinations./ Rolling through time, 
passing generations./ After so long something catches his fascination./ A luminous light / so 
bright/ roaming a planet in the distance./ Without a second thought he ends his existence!

       A Fallen Star blazes across the midnight sky./ A woman walks by./ In disguise/ as an 
Angel from above./ The Fallen Star has literally found love./ He does cartwheels to impress/ 
this gorgeous princess./ What must he do to win the heart of this chic?  The Fallen Star is 

       He asks, "Come fly with me/ spread those wings and be spiritually free."/ She's unsure,/ 
and insecure/ of love that is melting into obsurity;/ ignoring it's purity,/ refusing to explore/ 
his hearts door,/ and it's ability/ to heal her pain,/ and give her security./ She has nothing to 
lose, but the world to gain;/ He means each word sincerely!/

       Time has no significance with them./ A raging passion begins between her and him./ A 
desire/ so intense;/ The flames of this fire/ is evident!/ The Fallen Star is hell-bent/ to 
worship this creature that is heaven-sent./ This bond is no coincident./ This angel is oh so 
confident!/ Seeing is believing,/ and these two beings/ can be seen on any radar./ A radiant 
light/ in the night;/ is the Angel and Fallen Star!!!

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' To Knight ... Tonight ' Medieval # 3

‘ Ode,  To  Knight  …  Tonight ’  

(Loosely) Medieval Lines # 3

To Knight … Tonight
Wherever You Are
Ride by Moonlight
and Bring Me A Star …

… A Star for Each Tear
Drop, Shimmering Bright
Thru The Darkness, Appear
Please … Tonight …

To Knight … Tonight
Oh, Where Are You?
In Peril and Plight
or Perhaps Prayer Too?

 “ … He’s Racing Beneath, The Same Hallowed Sky
With Truth On His Tongue and A Torch in His Eyes
With A Swift, Sure Sword and Strong-Shield as Allies
… Sounding Forth, Joyous, Victorious, yet Humble-Battle-Cries … “

To Knight … Tonight
Bring Me A Coat of Arms
Tis’ Your Man’s Might and Right
To Keep Me Warm

To Knight … Tonight
Bring Me A Noble Crest
For with Your Loyal Height
… You Rise A Prince … The Best

And My Hope Beams Farther
My Heart Beats Faster
As Abraham, was to Sarah …
Be Mi’ Lord and Master …

… and I wilt’ Polish Thy Armor
Til’ It Gleams, like Gold
I wilt’ Welcome Thee Warrior …
… like Ice doth’ Cold
Yea’ … like Ice, doth’ Cold
… like Bravery, doth’ Bold
… like Clay, needs A Mold
… like the Blind, Welcomes … Behold’

To Knight … Tonight
If Thee Be Late
 Others are not Quite …
… On Thee, I Wait

To Knight … Tonight
 Who Is To Be You ?
I Beseech Thee, Have Insight …
To Love and Prove True

… So Tonight … To Knight
Wherever You Are …
Ride By Moonlight
… and Bring Me A Star

A Star for Each Tear
Drop, Shimmering Bright
Thru, This Darkness, Appear !
… Please … To Knight …

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you're my star girl
but you're to far away from me
I'll give my all girl 
so bring it back to me
I won't be long girl 
I'm running right to your heart
it can't be wrong girl 
I loved you from the start

oh girl.... save your love for me, oh girl bring it back to me

you're my star girl
I'm getting closer everyday
it's not too far girl 
my love is here to stay
it won't be long girl
til' I'm right by your side 
to your arms girl
where love is open wide

oh girl.... save your love for me, oh girl bring it back to me

my love will remember 
without you I am dark
forget you, no I'll never
let go of the star of my heart.... oh

(vs. 5)
you're my star girl
my love I give to you
in my eyes girl
you know just what to do
you're my star girl
the wait we've overcome
and all my days with you I'll stay 
cause you're the only one.

oh your love for me, oh girl bring it back to me. (x 8 fade out)

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Forever Wish Dished

Wish's Forever Dish Once a stars twinkled beckoning a wish Love desired was wished, when we met, it was dished We loved, as no other could ever imagine Two becoming one in every fashion Twilight found us in warm embrace Never more a star’s wish would we chase When our wished upon star lost its twilight hold and you in turn left from our earthy home a new star was birthed within the heavens winking I gaze on it still our love ever twinkling We melded, like shadows combined and interwoven, against all odds our unity never broken Hands firm, still, on the rails of endless time Soulmates forever starlit entwined © Debra Squyres

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Mr. Moon and I

You an I are one, alone, not star stands by your side;
Although, many may admire you, you sit in solitude in the sky.

I understand your plight, many associates, yet no companions;
They pop up once or twice, but mostly they leave you, up there abandoned.

Yet you continue to shine bright, never letting the cycle dwindle your shine;
Oh how you an I resemble, never letting the isolation dwell to deep within your mind.

It is nature's will you see, some gain strength by being alone;
But I ask you my dear friend, have you ever wanted a star to call your own.

That one star you can count on, a star as beautiful and gentle as could be;
A vision of heavens loveliness, a star that allowed you to be who you wanted to be.

Is this a dream you and I share? Has the idea ever made you stop and think?
Or do you enjoy the solitude of the sky? Is that something which makes you feel distinct.

You know I respect all that you do, All alone shining bright Mr. Moon;
Only thing that we do not have in common is, for you the stars will be out soon.

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You look for the shooting star going across the sky.

You look for that pot of gold maybe at the end of a rainbow.

You haven't found it yet so you give up hope.

Then out of no where a star comes out of nowhere.

It isn't like most stars because it is filled with so many things.

So you create a circle for the star to let out its awesomeness.

Each day your days get better as the star shows off its charms

You are his lucky charm.

Bringing him a good luck charm with  a pot of love.

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The Last Piece

 Your body , Your body , I like when it move real slow -
I can't sleep and when i think my mind is where my body need's to go -
Just thinking about you make's my heart spin -
My wild sex imagination is only during it with you , my friend -
I wish you would answer -
 Oh ! How i wish you would call -
But , I see your wishing upon a star got you in love so , I'll take this as my 
down fall -
It was a walk that i would never walk again -
It was a run that i tripped the whole time i ran -
 You knew you had me from the first time you said , I'll be back and you never 
came -
When i should have closed the door's ; I allowed the storm to pore down more
rain -
It would be nice for one last time to sit down and eat -
 Pretend that this is the first time we would meet -
But , when one is in love there's only a star to wish upon -
This is the last piece of my broken heart , I'll be bringing in 2006 all alone -

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eternal prayer

          (10/9/11) love

This is my eternal  prayer with god I do share
All my life I have searched for love
And prayed to you up above.
Love seems to take a turn, and the passion
In my heart does burn.

I see the beauties that you have created
Yet with my dream you have hesitated.
Is it that something special is coming my way?
Oh dear lord- to you I pray.

So many years have gone by- and as I see
Other lovers- I do sigh.
The passion in my heart is a eternal fire
As I seek someone to join this fire.

I feel like I’m a star up in the sky
Everyone can see the beauty, but it’s
Beyond  their reach, as I search
For eternal loves peace.

Will I be that star in the sky , or can I be
Like mother earth, that everyone can see
My beauty and smell my fragrance
And touch the gentleness of  my heart
And from their hands I will not part.

As the plants need water to live
I have so much love to give.
Let me be the water that touches their heart
So that it may grow, and from me they will know.

This is my eternal prayer that with the world I will share.

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Evaporating Star

Reflections are dancing across the lake Take my soul and please do not break My heart is dying inside of chest But I'll be okay because I've been blessed Baby blue eyes guide my enduring path And please banish me from all of this wrath Rendezvous stars glisten in the skies Take my dying heart and make it rise Don't fall out now, we've been through too much To not be together or feel each others touch For in a small amount of time we made history But how we work with each other is still the mystery Don't give up now, we've made it so far To stop believing in your tiny star Your star can be bright and shine up high Please don't let our love evaporate and die For I am your shining star up in the night When we evaporate, remember I'm your star so bright

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Elvis a Tribute


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I once knew a star
   That lit up my life
It lit up my days
   Along with the night
It's brilliance so bright
   It blocked out the sun
Outshined every star
   That the universe spun

This star was so special
   That i followed it's light
I followed it's path
   And trusted my sight
The rays from the star
   Filled my dark life with joy
Something i haven't felt
   Even as a young boy

But, this star, it betryayed me
   And right from the start
Used it's white hot bright rays
   To burn a hole through my heart
It blinded my eyes
   Got me lost on my way
Turned my daylight to dark
   Only nighttime, no day

This star nearly killed me
   From blindness of sight
I kept falling and hurting
   I could only see night
'Till finally i stood
   Turned my back to the star
Now my sight's comming back
   I can see very far

The star went away
   Left me cold in the night
Though fearful and lonely
   Other stars shined for light
I'll miss the bright light
   But i remember it's cost
And the lesson it taught me
   Will never be lost.

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My Star

Every night I stare at the same star wondering if your staring at it too.
Come to think about it I think I'm going to name it after you.
You and the star are quite the same,
that's why I am giving it your name.
It sparkles when the moon hits it just right,
as do your eyes when you hold me tight.
It's always there when you need it to be
and you to are always here for me.
It's always in the night sky shining brightly.
Just like you, no matter how sad you may be.
So every time I think of you my love, I look at that star
and remember your not that very far.

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Born under a starry night.... 
This I must tell.. 
The night, the star fell.......... 
Sent a daughter of light 

This clear night....... 
she came as a gift...... 
you see.... 
A daughter of light, 
in a world of night 
It was meant to be 

The heart was right, 
when that star fell 
It sent a daughter of light 
These thoughts dwell 

Only love can bring......... 
a girlchild..... 
on a night.... 
so calm, 
so mild........ 
Bathed in starlight, 
her heart did sing 

When stars fall, 
on clear nights 
Daughter of lights, 
come into the world 
Bringing their love unfurled 

A beautiful and rare event......... 
When a star can fall 
What a star sent, 
love unfurled, 
on a clear night 
A daughter of light, 
to illuminate the world 

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Close But Far

When I feel your arms around me
it's like the ocean hugging the shore
crashing on the rocks
getting closer to me more and more,

You're not the one I love
but you're the one that I adore,
you raise me up stronger
and each second I see you 
I feel my life going longer,

You're the closest heaven I could reach
always close no matter how far
I'm the dark sky
and you're bright as the star,
a star the leads me to the right way
a star that tells me exactly who you are..

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They say the light shining from the far distant star
Has been streaming for eons. It's coming so far,
The star that has sent it may no longer be there.
My mind can't comprehend that light comes from nowhere.
The astrologists tell us, so it must be so
There's much more to the universe than we now know. 
I just know what my senses tell me and they say
The star still shines from there, though it's far, far away,
As my heart still refutes what they've told me is true,
You've been taken away and the love that we knew
Is over and I must go on with a life
That is empty of meaning, if I'm not your wife.

As the lovely light tells me the star is still there
So my love burning brightly assures me you're near.


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Memory Necklace

String me a necklace, a lunar eclipse
of shadows, of baubles, of eternal bliss
Memory make me in frozen star dust
and roll out the heavens just like we discussed
You are my anchor in times of distress
my haven, my shoulder, my afternoon kiss
You salve my wounds with a quiet decree
and string me a necklace with gifts from the sea
Opposite shores pushing waves to and fro
in the moonlight we met, in our liquid we flow
With a braiding of star dust we necklace the moon
so she's dressed to the hilt of the luna de lune
We are the music of husband and wife
Trailing our memories behind us in life
You decorate me with love from the sea
You are my passion, eternally.

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Star Light, Star Bright

Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight.
It’s been awhile since I’ve gazed upon you.
As I lay here, weary from life’s brutal fight,
I’ve come to ask a rigid question; what do I do?

I’ve hit so many curves on this chosen path,
Drastically clinging to everything I hold close.
Behold I’ve been stricken with such a wrath,
A wrath that cripples me with its lethal dose.

Suddenly I was left alone, helpless and left to bear,
She didn’t want my love anymore, it wasn’t enough.
Her heart went cold, leaving me to exist on a prayer,
Even though all of this is in the past, it’s all still so tough.

I’ve fallen to my knees, wishing for an answer,
Why am I plagued with all these darkening fears?
My father battling valiantly with his carnivorous cancer,
Devouring whom I admire, driving me to angered tears.

My mother battles so nobly with her own illness,
Also beset by her very own devastating worries.
I think of her sanity dwindling as I lie in stillness,
Leaving my soul cold as the wind of a thousand flurries.

Tonight, I stare up at you, hoping you can guide me,
Wishing for what isn’t very likely as the tears weld.
But you’ve shined a vigorous light that I clearly see,
One once witnessed in my past, one I’ve gratefully held.

Maybe you can take me away from all this grueling pain?
To be a star that shines down on such glorious nights.
Maybe I will bring about happiness, a hope I wish to gain,
But this is just a shattered dream from which my hand writes.

So, I bring all of this to you, dear old friend,
Though it’s been awhile, I see you shine so bright.
I leave you with one last wish; to bring all this to an end,
I wish I may, I wish I might, grant me this wish I wish for…tonight.

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The Stars

Every star burns a whole in your beauty
Yet you still are the only thing that consumes me.
Every word melts away with the fire of the stars.
They burn so bright, I can't see your beauty
yet you still mean everything to me.
I can't wait till the stars fade away
leaving only the Son
Together we dance the day away
bowing at the feet of the Son.
I can't wait till every star fall tickles your body
and the ocean's waves are the only thing that calm me.
Your love is all around me
the stars are the only thing preventing
I'll take the rain and give you life
Let Him calm the storm and take the strife.
One day our beauty will be divine
and our love will be in perfect time
We'll both answer our Creator's Call
And at his feet we'll both bow.

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It's her stupid red shoes,
they make me miss her even more
she'd call me at 9,
she'd want me to come lay under the stars with her
we'd pick out constellations,
naming them after people we once knew
but all i'll hear now is the reminiscence of her
voice over that awkward dial tone
& i'd tell her to find the same star i'm looking at,
as long as that star was still there, we'd be happy
i left monday, i left for good
now all i get is phone calls,
its been weeks,
and weeks,
since that last call
that star burnt out last night
well i got a call,
she killed herself.

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She held a handful of stars

These eyes bright 
Hair the colour of night 
Queen of starlight 

She held a handful of stars 
She tossed them far 
Scattering through, 
the midnight sky 

The star that landed on me.......... 
Was my destiny 
For this star, 
choose to be.............. 
the star for me 

Scattering through, 
billions of stars 
There is one waiting for you 

Glittering glow, 
from my chosen star so 
Scattered throught the blackest night 
This one, I won't let go 

This star 
So bright 
It came so far you see............. 
It chose me 

These eyes bright 
Hair the colour of night 

She held a handful of stars 
She held one for me 
The star she held................ 
Was my destiny 

One for me........ 
One for you........ 
Travelling too........ 
Such stars are meant to be.......... 

These eyes bright 
Hair the colour of night 
Scattering starlight 

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Falling Stars

i saw a falling star last night
i made a wish with all my might 
i wished for you on that falling star
i wished for you near instead of far

i saw a falling star last nite 
when all of a sudden i had a fright
i was frightened i'd loose you once more
and i wished on that star for you once more

i wished for us to be one again
but i guess every good thing has an end
so next time i see a falling star
i'll catch it and put it in my poket
it'll be our star
and our love will shoot like a rocket
straight up to the sky


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Hope you can see us from high above.
Help us be strong and brave forever no matter.
Be with us always in every which way you can in your kindness.
I will always find your light and keep it in my young heart in my best way possible.
You left us for a reason and we love you in our hearts.
You saved my life to give yours away which I’ll never forget.
It breaks my heart in tears terribly.
Your star will follow me everywhere to guide me in good and bad times.
Your in presence when were in pain and in happiness.
Lead us where we will be safe like the star you carry for each of us.
Let us accept who we are and why were on this earth.
Let your angels carry us where you are so peaceful when our time arrives.
My Prayer, Your Prayer, Our Prayers
Forever in our hearts.
With love always,
Your niece, your family.

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These eyes bright 
Hair the colour of night 
Queen of starlight 

She held a handful of stars 
She tossed them far 
Scattering through, 
the midnight sky 

The star that landed on me.......... 
Was my destiny 
For this star, 
choose to be.............. 
the star for me 

Scattering through, 
billions of stars 
There is one waiting for you 

Glittering glow, 
from my chosen star so 
Scattered throught the blackest night 
This one, I won't let go 

This star 
So bright 
It came so far you see............. 
It chose me 

These eyes bright 
Hair the colour of night 

She held a handful of stars 
She held one for me 
The star she held................ 
Was my destiny 

One for me........ 
One for you........ 
Travelling too........ 
Such stars are meant to be.......... 

These eyes bright 
Hair the colour of night 
Scattering starlight 

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Steady beat 
through the night 
It is you..... 
I am fated to meet, 
this cloudless night 

Starry starry night 
My heart to travel, 
on this flight 

North star 
Guide me 
For I fly far, 
to the place 
I want to be 

Still of night 
Star bright 
Unceasing flight 

North star 
I follow you......... 
So very far 
This brightness 
Draws me too 

Cloudless flight 
Unceasing beat 
through the night 
On the wing 
I must meet 

North star 
be my guide 
I fly far 
This girl 
I want you........ 
By my side 

Red fire 
Red star 
This is what we are 
North star 

Steady beat 
Steady heart 
Feel your heat 
Feel your heart 

North star 
I follow you 
Course set..and true 
This girl 
She wants it too 

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Final Wish

Star Light Star Bright, Think of me when you see this star tonight.
Remember the Good Times we had, me an you, 
And never forget my love was true blue.
Think of the first time that we chilled, when we met
And remember the last time how terribly upset,
still we always manage  to make up in just the nick of time, 
For this night the Lord said "Come with me you'll be fine,
enter again to a feeling of bliss and forget all the pain.
There's nothing you've missed so agree to my terms, I'll show you a twist
to replace all your tears you've shed living through your hardest of years.
This is the time an there is the place look beyond the open door the rest of your 
life awaits.
Any place you may want, you may need to be, remember the bell means an angel 
has wings; so they can give guidance an help others through in the end you may 
find the one being helped has been you.
You have the power to change your own life so take my hand for now children, 
please Say Goodnight.

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Friendship Trust and Honesty

You were my shinning star in my darkest night
Your gentle voice arose above the cries of the demons 
And took my tormented spirit into your calming light
Searching for the person I lost so long ago
All that was left was an empty shell and a man I didn't know
You saw what others failed to see
Looking past the walls I built around me
I could feel your spirit touch my very soul
As if you placed all that was lost to me back again 
And made me once again whole
Giving me friendship, trust and honesty
But more than that you believed in me
 So many things I didn't say
I thought I would maybe someday 
But alas that never was to be
And all those thoughts and words are gone for eternity
Now I see though too late what I had been searching for all this time
The pity was I was a fool not to see it or just too blind
And so I face this time and place alone
 My shining star you will have to go on for now here is where you belong
To give to others what you gave to me
 Your friendship, trust and honesty.

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Born under a starry night.... 
This I must tell.. 
The night, the star fell.......... 
Sent a daughter of light 

This clear night....... 
she came as a gift...... 
you see.... 
A daughter of light, 
in a world of night 
It was meant to be 

The heart was right, 
when that star fell 
It sent a daughter of light 
These thoughts dwell 

Only love can bring......... 
a girlchild..... 
on a night.... 
so calm, 
so mild........ 
Bathed in starlight, 
her heart did sing 

When stars fall, 
on clear nights 
Daughter of lights, 
come into the world 
Bringing their love unfurled 

A beautiful and rare event......... 
When a star can fall 
What a star sent, 
love unfurled, 
on a clear night 
A daughter of light, 
to illuminate the world 

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we come across a windmill
hidden in the trees
reminiscent of Don Quixote
and his misguided beliefs

a star crossed lover was he
Dulcinea was her name
an allusion to illusion
he chased her just the same

in his suit of armor
with Rocinante his trusty steed
his faithful sidekick Sancho
to help carry out his deeds

not a gallant squire
as he thought that he would be
always chasing windmills
in search of his lost dreams

my dreams are about to shatter
in the shade of the giant blades
lightning in the background
threats of impending rain

you tell me you are leaving
and this will be goodbye
that we too are star crossed
something you can't deny

you kiss me quick and hug me tight
say you're sorry for the pain
and as my tears begin to fall
you turn your back and walk away

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Love from a far

As i gaze in the sky i see a beautiful star 
The star is more beautiful than a work of art 
My feelings for the star i just cant part
It's amazing how i can see it's beauty for so far 
Far Far away...........................................
I just hope and pray that me and my star can be together one day 
Together and for ever we will always stay 
As i wait untill that day 
I hope that my star will never go stray 
So in my bed i lay 
As i look to the sky and await my special day
When my love for her will end its delay.

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When a star is ready
It is filled with love and magic
When a star must go
For, its' journey is about to begin
It must be released 
From the highest parapet
So that others can see its' glow

To rise slowly
In a Western sky
Glitter bright
For, we never die
We are nothing but light

In a room full of stars
The love you have inside
Your light too
Is placed in a star
By a Princess
When a star is ready
It will climb high
The light filling the sky
Capturing the magic
Of you.

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The Star Catcher's Mishap

Scooped up a bucketful of dripping stars
Liquid lights luminary streaming down my arms
Pooling like electric muse gone melting in the wind
Leaving brilliant footprints in the places I had been
Spun my hair to flaxen with a single shooting orb
Glowing green too shocking for my brain waves to absorb
Slipping in a star pool while they bounced and realigned
Perhaps my days of star catching were simply in my mind...

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A Star For Wishing

I spied a star for wishing on 
  Atop a world wrapped up in white, 
A silver furnace dead and gone, 
  Yet through the aeons blazing bright. 

The tails of comets streaking through, 
  A sky of mystic diamond gleam, 
Create a matrix red and blue 
  Imprinted on the heaven's scheme. 

I count the cost of missing things, 
  Of sadness scouring deep in me, 
To you my heart cries out and clings 
  To loving, yearning desperately. 

I spied a star for wishing on 
  And as a child I wished I might, 
Speed through the days 'till they are gone 
  And once again you grace my sight...

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The wind fell away
Clouds broke
By evening
The suns' hazy glow
Changed the light
The ending of the day
The first star shone
On a horizon
Tinged with red and gold
It shone bright
With a soft silver light
The deepening blue
Replaced a red sky
The coming of the night
A star in the west
To follow
Until landfall
A wooden ship to find
All the things that lie
In a shadowfire heart
A wooden ship to carry
The heartstone gem
From the world of men
Tapestries too
The treasures that lie 
In your heart
On a ship
On a course
Plotted on a captains' chart

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Beautiful Star

Beautiful o' Beautiful Star 
upon the midnight hillfar 
i see you but do you see 
your sparkling love enticing me 

beauty beyond the furthest sea 
i seek for you on wounded knee 
my heart and my soul combined 
will long for you until the stars unwind 

O' Beautiful O'  Beautiful Star 
no unworthy wound or scar 
could ever befall this seeking knight 
who follows loyally, dutifully by this silvery light 

o wondrous o beautiful star 
i will serve and i will lead 
i will journey near and i will go far 
and i will win, i will fight, i will cheer and bleed 

for this mighty star i will love 
i will serve and i will lead 
for all glorious nights to come 
i am here forever more 
to be only yours

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Your Love

                                     My heart began to fade
                                   and my love was to blame
                         Then one bright star in the evening sky
                              showed me your love, It leght up 
                                 the sky to show me the way;

                             It was the dream that burned inside of me
                                    to never sleep an to  never die
                     so with the wind it shall go to find you waiting for me;

                               An on the air a soft love song heard by all,
                             I'd sin for ower love if the time came to fight.

                       It's time to love, It's time to see an to reach for thee
       One voice alone crys for love, But two heart together one star burns bright above
                              so lets carry ower love deep into the night.

             When I found "your love" I found me,"your love" gave me the faith in the 
            evening sky that showed my" your love "was burning and waiting for me.

                              Waiting for you to give me "Your Love"

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Few words

Are you looking at the same star as I?
as I stay up late at night
I look up in the sky as I see shades of black
and yet there's one star that shines bright
Do you see it as well?
I hope you do.  
It's our connection
that we both can see
Do you think of me
as I think of you?

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a beautiful lady

when I look at you.
I see a beautiful lady.
everyday I count my blessings.
your a precious star that I found
in the sky.
I didn't know I was falling for you
your the angel in my sky.

your the star that shines in my sky
eveytime I see you,
I'm speechless and i'm shy.
she's so beautiful..
your a beautiful lady.
I wish I can say that too you.