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Love Name Poems | Love Poems About Name

These Love Name poems are examples of Love poems about Name. These are the best examples of Love Name poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Free verse | |

My Cat

I love my cat.

She has 4 legs 

and a tail 

and nice ears 

and a cute little nose.

She is gray with black stripes.

Her eyes are kinda green

kinda yellow.

I don't know what colour this is?

Her name is Bast.

This is the name of a very pretty cat goddess

who lives where the pyramids grew.

When my cat is happy she purrs.

So do I.

My cat is soft and warm.

My cat likes to eat food.

Right now I am feeding her special food for young cats.

She likes this better than the last stuff.

She eats all day long.

I do too.

If I become fat

or she becomes fat

I will cut down on our food.

My cat also likes to drink water.

So do I.

I got rid of her cat bowls.

Now she uses the same bowls I do.

I think this makes her feel extra special.

When my cat wants to play outside

she meows and scratches at the door.

This is how I know if she wants to play outside.

My cat poops in the neighbour's yard

so I don't have to clean her litter box too much.

I love my cat.

If I was a cat I would marry her.

We could have a honeymoon in the park.

I would dance around

and watch her climb trees.

At night my cat sleeps on top of me.

If she moves around too much

she wakes me up.

This makes me mad.

But she doesn't care.

She just looks at me.

And looks at me.

Then waits for me to fall back asleep

so she can sleep on top of me some more.

But I still love my cat.

Very much.

Even if she makes me mad sometimes.

But only now and then.

She creates far more happiness than anger.

I suppose this is how it is for some married couples?

Cats are great.

I wish more people had a cat like mine

because then everyone else would be happy just like me.

One great big happy world

filled with peaceful thoughts instead of so much pain and war.

I hope she lives a long time.

When she dies I will get another cat

because they are so nice.

And when I die 

I will meet all of my cats

up in heaven.

I love my cat.

And she loves me.

Details | Free verse | |

These ribbons I tie as you leave

Blue – 
for your arm wrapped around
my clavicle. I thought
I would loose my breath.

Red – 
for the cusp of our hip bones
struggling to pull the drunken color
from our orange cheeks.
and our sweat, our sweat, our sweat
in the drenched summer air.
Our pants futile afterthoughts
Left crumpled on the floor
It is here I asked for your respect
And you filled me with it.

Orange – 
for the musk smell of our blanket den. I would watch the way dawn light
speckled your shoulders, pale, white-blue
I would trace the ink
of your skin, fingertip hovering a half inch
from your bone. 

Green – 
for how my name would hesitate
on your breath in brief puffs 
like dandelion seeds blown from 
My wistful lips when I was 
waiting for them to bring back my wish.

Black – 
for my sleeveless dress, as we strolled from 
your father’s funeral.  

It was the only time I watched you cry.

There were little holes in the cement sidewalk.
They filled with rain, oil
And your tears.
I watched your face change through 
their watery colored reflections.

Pink – 
for the way your skin repels from my 
Touch, quivers as though my finger- 
print were a red hot poker.
You haven’t allowed me to touch you
In a year.

Purple – 
for the color of her font, as she responds to you. It is an eager
Color. She responds with all the passion of an Eskimo kiss. 

You left her waitng..always.

I have been special to you,
she replies to your

Her letters 
Who blush
like a maid
Who’s felt the hot moist
whisper of something naughty
tickle against her ear lobe.

White – 
for the way your eyes punch accusations
sharper then your razor tongue.

They spit 
blue crackled lightening,
like an angry alley cat.

My words cannot reach you here.
You will leave.

We will divide our booty

Words that once held my name like a piece
Of carefully folded origami
now hiss cold 
devoid like the plaster of our empty room.

for the morning 
now knocking on my window.

I am livid in my withdrawal, tossing and turning
I can find no comfort
the tangle of these vacant sheets. 

Details | Rhyme | |

My Only Flame

My Only Flame

Love, like fire, is all-consuming,
And forever should be blooming.
Endless courtship is not a game.
As we watch each year’s seasons turn,
My torch for you will ever burn.
No regrets giving you my name.
You always will my soul inspire,
Forever be my one desire--
My first and last and only flame.

Originally posted in June 2014

Details | Free verse | |

Rivers of intense reverberations

Wind Wind whistle,Blow his name up in the sky,where it belongs.
Blow his name amongst the Stars,where radiant angels play their
golden harps and Faries play their horns.
Clouds,Clouds,be his cushioned pilows,the place where he can rest.
Moon,Moon shine his darkened night,and be his rocking cradle nest.
Crickety Crickets play  in clattering melodies,as raindrops fall in
tick tick waltz on the dancing trees in wafting breeze.
Handsome red chested cardinal,open your wing of passion to your
silky whitye pure dove,as the wind blows her to your shelter,
Sing for her the song of love.
Wind Wind,whirl again and blow his name up in the sky,above all 
Greek gods,above highest of the high,where she holds him,
till all crushing waves,wild tides and oceans die.

Details | Verse | |

On Names

I once met a farmer,
Who showed me the plains.
“What is this beauty?”
And he told me her name.

I once met a shaman,
He lived in forests of rain.
“What is this beauty?”
And he told me her name.

I once met a sailor,
Who showed me the waves.
“What is this beauty?”
And he told me her name.

So when I met you,
I was struck by your face.
“Who are you?”
And you told me your name.

Details | Sestina | |

On my face is a smile- sestina contest

The feeling of happiness, I see in your smile
Wonder what the secret is, what is her name
How long have you felt this, is it for real
Don't get hurt boy, look loosely at this
Did it start with a look, maybe a kiss
Watch what your doing,your face is bliss

Went for a walk talked, in the light rain what bliss
Saw your reflection, echoed in a puddle, love that smile
Looked down as I looked up, stole a kiss
Known you a short time, not your full name
Just call you cariad,I know you like this
Is this far too soon, for you is it real.

I know what I'm thinking, for me it's real
Loving you as I do, is pure bliss
Am I rushing you boy,  do you feel like this
When I look into you face, and see your smile
Who is it my cariad, is it my name
Please tell me, so I can seal with a kiss

We carried on walking, rain like a butterfly kiss
Fell on our heads, making you feel real
Did you whisper something, did I hear my name.
We stopped for a while, looked up to kiss
Your handsome face, it lit up with a smile
Couldn't believe, someone could affect me like this.

Stopped off to eat  at a nearby cafe, not sure if he would like this
Was lovely hot food , puddings light as a hummingbirds kiss
The coffee was delicious, he gave a big smile
Said loved being with you, time will tell if its real
Had to settle for that, life I knew could be such bliss
Good night cariad, or maybe I should call you by name.

Slept well that night, dreamt I hear you calling my name
Broke into a smile when I heard this
Woke up with a start,  in heavenly bliss
Was I dreaming or maybe 'twas the pillow I did kiss
Please put me out of my misery, make our love real
Say those magic words, on my face put a smile

Called you up, you voice echoed my room, I liked this
Listened for awhile your voice is sur-real, ending our call with a kiss 
Heard you say you have my heart, on my face a beaming smile

Penned with stress this form is hard 04/06/2014

Details | Free verse | |

My Emily

She never did come back home that night
Me pacing the floor
Walking for miles in search of her
Leaving me torn apart
Spewing with the turmoil of wondering
Just what happened to her
Who had she been with and why?
Engraved on to my mind
her name
etched in my heart
her love, her sighs
Spiking my tongue
her name cries out
My heart splinters
my gut receives another jolt
God I loved that girl
and didn't even know for certain until today
But now it is too late
I left it too long
to proclaim my love for her
afraid of the pain 
which comes from being knocked back
still even that is not as I suffer now
in the whispering of her name
I look in the mirror 
yet see her reflection stare back at me
smiling and tossing back her flowing locks
her very presence is felt in abundance
Her huge eyes dark as purest deepest sapphires
class more expensive than purest diamonds
with a charismatic magnetism radiating out
overwhelming all within reach of her personality
Stolen from this world she was
No notice to anyone that she would be leaving
Nothing makes sense anymore
And I long to know if we shall meet again
Some new day in a realm beyone ours
Another time another place
I'll wait for her as I hope she will for me
For true love will never die

Based on a true story from Christmas when a young woman went missing - found murdered...  My thoughts went to those around her and inspired to write came this, but I have changed the girls name for the sake of those that knew her...  So sad to still have these things going onin our world...

Details | Free verse | |

Groundswell Girl - Named by JB

Enter a storybook tale
Where I can be 
The heroine you hail
Lucid dreams of soft reflection
A touch heated with lust and desired protection
A breathe a gasp as we succeed 
Join the fairytale with me
Valiant night within dark eyes
the right movement and I make them shine
like moonlight on the steamy hot spring
care to follow for a little dip with me
Trailing like the water at my fingertips
Grasp me around my hips
As close as the breeze on my skin 
Whisper lies as I let you in 
Lips mumbling up my thighs
bare heart exposed to the sky 
fire burning in my veins
Am I a mistress of this lust or simply a slave
Trembling with desire
Take me till we've lost count of the hours
enter this storybook tale
Where I can be the heroine you hail

Details | Dramatic Verse | |

A girl, a boy, a rose

Act I
Evening. A boy offer to a girl in a balcony a white rose.
Flower among wild flowers, white flower, white rose,
Come now to the balcony and stretch your hand fair.
I shall boon you with a flower worth to be your pair:
Flower among wild flowers, white flower, white rose,
If my name do not cause you shame or a light blush,
Then give it to the four winds and offer me a trade:
Your name so I can follow the open road ahead
In the woods of ancient trees and newborn lush.
I climb to you under the crimson lover’s moon
And leave after in your lips I see a new bloom.
Even for the sun, it is hard to go in a maiden’s room,
The window’s glass does not mean to halt his strike,
Both heat and love can be gentle and scorching alike:
Even for the sun, it is hard to go in a maiden’s room.
Without a key, even the wind will remain outside,
A key with gold and silver blending also so rare
That truth and beauty merge with the same share.
Is it true? I will keep my purity and forfeit my pride.
Oh, give me a full moon night to dream and return
With another boon to make my face and heart burn.
Act II
The girl goes to the backyard of her house where we see a rose tree.
Oh, my heart wakes with such sweet melody.
I wonder if angels are dancing while hearing.
How is it possible? My heart is under custody
of three small words, my eyes are now tearing:
what do I see in the three of my youth days?
A rose is gone? And the same rose that I hold?
Now a sharpening grasp on my heart I can feel,
Why the truth was hidden, why didn’t he told
He came to steal? Better if he also tried to steal  
Red Rose, proud Rose, sad Rose of all my days?
Before the balcony. It is morning. The boy is alone. With another rose.
The girl came with a hand on her bosom,
Carrying white roses on an osier basket.
“here” ,she said and then a white cascade
Appeared and covered the young lad,
“do not stand still, why just one blossom?
Better to love as many as you can get,
Make all flowers, all white roses be mine,
And my heart will be your love’s shrine.
The boy danced under the white rain:
“Tomorrow”, he said, “I will steal again”.  

Details | Prose Poetry | |

A Kis

A Kis



 Do eye need a kis. Eye need a girl to kis. Eye have a girl that eye can kis. 
Eye have kis her in the rain. Eye have kis her in mye heart. Eye have kis her in 
mye start of every day for years of love. Eye have only to the kis to go to read more 
into kis to find the place she dwells in this old mortal frame of yearning 
dwelling place. The kis is purple bliss of alarm blazing love waking me from 
death like a Snow White Charmed young man a captive smith to Pocahontas 
fame. A dandelion flower lost in the caverns of the depths Ianthe drowning mee 
in sea ward tufts of left and right bouts of beating on the air to keep from sliding 
to the depths of drowning in her arms of love. A leap at faith a death reprieved 
from Grounded Grave a leaping portent making waves of Gragon wings. An 
attitude of love refrained in every tuft of wind again the sound of love the beating 
of the water on the roof of tin the sound of kis inside the wind and rain. A younger 
man and woman would have hardware in the way the nose and yes the nose gay 
and the corners of the vampyrific fangs. The center of the tongue is one the belly 
button too. The snooker table has a cue it’s called the ball extender bridge it's a 
cheater it’s made to let the basest man to reach her in the wind. There is so 
many problems with people the gas is oughta sight at the pumps this country is 
no longer prominent but a third world country going south. The end of time has 
come and arrived the ruthless and worthless rule in the name of god money and 
time. Take a number wait in line what’s your name please fill this out and wait. 
The number of his namme. Have you got a credit card or payment of any kind iff 
you can give me seven dollars for an office visit eye will help you the doctor is inn. 
The man was lighting a candle in front of the computer and the lieberrian asked 
him what do you think you are doing he said eye cannot see the screen. There is 
not very many rich people in all those cars on the highway whizzing by the most of 
them is middle class or less the plastic hose on the back seat is a siphon they 
use it to get gas. Eye had too many problems at home growing up to ever be a 
father. The age factor plus the drug indicator keeps me from trying to further my 
benefactor with fodder or with mudder. The morality of this hurried fable of 
dividing documents is this a kis. 


Details | Rhyme | |

When Love Becomes Easy

When loves becomes e-z the world will B a better place
holdin you will B more often N kissin U will have a better taste
spendin time will not be spent but it will B remembered
When loves becomes e-z the doubts U have U wont remember
N When loves becomes e-z we will walk hand and hand with our enemies
when greed becomes powerless we will sail back from overseas
When loves becomes e-z it will B e-z 2 love,
sympathy will have a name N it's name will B love
When loves becomes e-z we will finally let our graud down
when i find love U'll B safe when i'm around
i could love 4ever and hate just once,
and that hate will back fire on me like a broken gun
hate is so e-z and love is so hard,
we love to hate the devil and fear to love God....

if we could love jus 2 love, my love will be everlasting
it will be bullet proof instead of plastic
When loves becomes e-z i will love like the 1st
mayB my mind will unfold, mayB this bubble will brust
it's better not to love at all then to love and lost
because trying to gain that love back is a debtly cost
and when loves becomes e-z a smile will become a gift
5 fingerz will become a hand N that hand will become a lift
When loves becomes e-z the most meaningful word will B firend
and When loves becomes e-z i will love you again


Details | Free verse | |


For Thee…Oo my Love
I hand over all of love and life of mine
In the name of life
whose sharp claws have a grip on the heart of death
In the name of love
whose flapping wings cool down the flare-up of hate
I surrender
Thou are all in all to my love and life.

Details | Rhyme | |

Today I Saw A Teardrop

Today I saw a teardrop 
Just resting on my sleeve
He said his name was "Heartache"
And he came to watch me grieve

He showed me many horrible things
This drop of liquid pain
I tried to wipe this tear away
But it turned into a stain

The stain said, "Look a little closer,
And tell me what you see"
The more I looked the more I tried
To rid this stain from me

Another tear ran down my face
And was sitting on my cheek
My sleeve again wiped it away
Then he started to speak

He said his name was "Past Regrets"
"And the things you see are true"
But as I peered inside this tear
All I could see was You

Details | Free verse | |

Stella Married To the Sea

O fair lady- lady of the sea
by the name so fairly called, Stella
Yes! that name ever so dear to me.
And Stella who rides a ship-
marrying each wave- caressing the salt
Rides, boldy rides until a shore she haults.
But no land in sight, so Stella ride!

A bell be rung, a song that sung
From home town Oklhoma to Stella who's gone.
So sadly at a distance, people see her blood
trapped under the salty surface as the ship does run.
The death portray but people not know the 
O fair lady- lady of the sea
by the name so fairly called, Stella
Is merely with and married to the sea.

Details | I do not know? | |

1-17-10 nicks poem

i slipped, rocking, and crying, and shaking...
but, you stayed by my side, till i could no longer cry...
the blade was in my hand, and there were already four crimpson letters bleeding...
but, you coaxed it out of my hand, so gently, till i fell to your chest unable to breath...
you brushed my hair with your hand, kissed my tears so delicatly...
again, you saved me, just like you always do...
you whispered i love you in my ear, and i started to cry again...
and, you held me like you thought you would break me...
listening to you breath, and the steady beat in your chest, made me breath again...
and, looking into your eyes, and seeing the love and worry, made me see...
feeling your skin against mine, i wispered, your all that i need...
you are my angel, my love, my only lover...
when im alone or scared, you protect me and show me that your still here...
if i slip again, i know ill fall into your arms...
when i cry, your lips will kiss away the pain in my heart...
i sit and trace the ink on your inner arm...
i sit and trace my name over your heart...
your name is etched into my soul, i just want you to know...
even if i can never show it, the way i should, i love you...
i see your halo, when no one else does...
i fell, into your heart, rocking in your arms...
i finnally know peace and love, oh, heaven resides in your arms...
in your arms...

Details | Epic | |

For Charlie, With Love

To thee I sing O’ muse of verse,
Of our world that the Gods do curse.
For what Gods are these who cruelly play,
Their wicked games, for which humans pay.
Not content with a world of joy & love
They spite us all from Olympus above.
To try us all & break our backs,
As this is drama their world lacks.
For even Achilles was to die,
Yet his name lives on as time goes by.
So let me sing to you of a Great man,
Who’s name too lives on, after his sands have ran.
Charlie his name a heart so pure,
Full of love & passion, & courage sure.
Strode in he did to save poor souls,
One loving lady & her three foals.
‘Tis true his anger at times did boil,
But his effort was not mere toil.
‘Coz though the fires sometimes burned,
He & the foals soon were learned,
That in peace & harmony, joyous times were had,
A man found proud to call Dad.
With he at their side those foals matured,
& They to his nature became inured.
His fair traits & wit passed down,
Championer of rights, humour of renown.
But alas the Gods were not appeased,
Their unending anger had not eased,
So Zeus sent down his violent bolt
& struck Charlie down, what was his fault?
Who knows but they I shall not dwell,
‘Tis but part of the story that I do tell.
For when he passed on & spirit released,
His body slowed & heart was ceased,
He left himself without a sound
& found himself to Olympus bound.
 As he soared high like the dove
To the mount of the Gods high above,
He smiled to us all & sent a kiss
To all the people that he’ll miss.
& miss him back so we will,
That emptiness which we know can’t fill.
But hush your mourning & your sadness,
As he wished it show your gladness
That Charlie came & he all did touch,
Be thankful that we have that much.
So as I close this verse I do sing,
Aphrodite’s love & the fire Hephaestus does bring.
I say to thee be angry not at the Gods,
At Hera’s scheming & Zeus’s vile rods.
For they too bow to the fates,
Who plan our loves & plot our hates.
I thank thee all for your time,
For listening to my Ode to Charlie; my idle rhyme.
How I wish though, the outcome I could reverse,
I sing to thee, O’ muse of verse.

Details | ABC | |

Just a kiss

Count the stars one by one an put one 
in your pocket.
Give it a kiss and name an place it in
a locket.
If your star should ever lose its shine
just give it another kiss an you will 
that your star will always be near to 
keep you strong an to never have a 
If your star should ever loss its
Just give it another kiss and whisper
its name.
If your star should ever get weak just
give it another kiss and a promise you'll
forever keep.
But if the day should ever come that you 
forget your stars name
Dont feel bad or feel any shame
Just give it another an you will reacall
that the only name for your star will 
always be baby doll

Details | Free verse | |

Yume Seken (Part I)

Search your heart now
Now tell me the truth
Do you want to be with me forever?
You are always on my mind
I think of you constantly
If you should ask the same question
Then you should know my answer
Lets take it to the next
And let me ask you another question
Baby would you stay with me
On this planet?
Babi step with me into the vortex
Now that you are...
With me...
On this planet

You don't know
How often I wish
That you were with me most of the time
I wish to hold you
I wish to touch your 
Soft, beautiful skin
Now everywhere I go
I see illusions
Illusions of you
That make my heart jump
Now I truly understand
What love is now

You're always on my mind...

I know I told you that I'd wait
But to tell the truth, it's near impossible
Because I can't stand to be separated
From you for a few minutes
But hearing your voice
Almost everyday
Makes it easier for me to last
And to say thank you for your help
I'm going to give something back

Just name anything
That you want
And I won't stop until I get it for you
I'd like to see you happy
That way I know I'm doing my job
Just name anything
That you want
I'd try to grant your...
Biggest wish
I'll push myself to my limits
Just so you can have it

Sure at first it seemed as if I didn't love you
But that was because I was foolish
And also because I was protecting meself...
Protecting myself from being hurt again
But you changed my opinion in less than a few minutes
And you are the only girl that's able to change me
If it weren't for you, I'd probably be lost
And I'd like to love you forever...
I'll love you... I'll always...
Love you forever...
I know for a fact that you love me as well
And now I show it more than I used to
Now that I've found my true love
Will you stay with me on this planet?

Details | Free verse | |

You Played

You Played with my emotions
You Played with my life
you took away the only thing
i ever seemed to have
you used me and even abused me
you left me blinded and hopless
you betrayed me and rejected me
forgot the love i once gave you

Now days go by and i sitll remember
why cant i just seem to forget you
why does your name run through my brain
I dont know
bloddy tears seem to slip
they drip and fall and even poor down

Your name is not forgotten
now that i've brought it back to reality
i dont need you i never did
this was all pointless
it was all just a wast of time

i will love again
just not now
but forever i will stay 
true to myself

Details | Pastoral | |

where is the lost

he that walks alone has now created a safe passage for himself, he has caused his life to
be perfect in his sights, he has said in his heart there is no GOD, he has caused pain in 
the lives of others with the thoughts of himself blameless, she has not cried ourt to the 
LORD in truth, but has prostituted the word of GOD, she has used witchcraft in the lives
of others and caused them to go astray without the LORD, he has cheated and lied on the 
people of GOD, she has stood on the corners of life and claimed them unto satan, yet GOD 
has all power, he has charge over the adversary, he has placed the evil one at bay, he 
HIS AWSON LOVE FOR MANKIND, by giveing his only SON as a ransomk for all that come unto 
him we have but to ask, he has asked nothing of us yet he offers so very much,l if we but 
call upon the name that is above all names, and that name is JESUS CHRIST, and bleive
we shall be saved, and live forever, in the kingdom of GOD, it has cost nothing yet the 
LORD looks on our sins in love and so gracefully forgives us, what shall man give that 
can equal the giveing of so great a GOD, can we create any thing from nothing, can we as
man breath life into lifelessness, can we as man create a new heaven, can we as man 
conquire death hell and the grave, can we as man forgive sin do we have a heaven to place 
the saints of GOD in, do we as man sit at the right hand of GOD, where in does our 
understanding begain, shall we forever think of ourselves as our own malkers, are we to 
forever not give GOD the glory, for all glory is his, all praise shall go TOWARDS GOD, we 
should at all times praise GOD with a constant p[raise from our mouths, we shall not be 
moved if we are in CHRIST, for he shall foght all battles that come before us, he shall 
FRIEND, consider who is lost, then consider, where is the lost.

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Tesu A Folk Love Story of India 4

Tesu A Folk Love Story of India Part. 4 Prelude Note: The story as painted here on Poetry Soup is the sole creation and imagination of the writer, except the names Tesu and Jhonjhi. The Poem Tesu is based on a folk story of India. The Tesuwalas* (little children with a earthen lamp on their heads) as depicted in the Poem are gradually diminishing with the passing of time and changing life styles. It's a tribute to that great warrior and lover Tesu, who sacrificed his life because he had given words to someone. How and when you would come to know soon .... With best wishes before the festival of Dewali (Light) ...Ravindra Tesu A Folk Love Story of India Part. 4 This is how , the existence of the name & deeds of Tesu Was saved by small village children who are carrying it since ages On their pretty little heads. 09 Though the name and story has lost Its real warmths and glamour In the mind of those Who have forgotten This non painted hero Of the bygone age. 10 By coming only once in a year near Dewali* These little children Carry Tesu and Jhonjhi, While singing the Songs Of their forgotton love story As a rememberance of a Hero And his lovely bold beloved Jhonjhi. 11 To continue... Ravindra Kanpur India 10th Nov. 2012 Protected under the copy write provisions of Poetry Soup as per US laws. Copying this story without the permission of the writer is strictly prohibited and would be subject to legal remedies taken by the writer. Clarification of Hindi words* Dewali* - The festival of light. Tesu* - The Name of the hero of this Poem. Tesuwalas* - Hindi word. The young boys and girls, who carry The decorated earthen pot with holes and a light inside on their head and come Once in a year near Dewali are called ‘Tesuwalas/center>

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Tesu A Folk Love Story of India 3

Tesu A Folk Love Story of India Part. 3 Prelude Note: The story as painted here on Poetry Soup is the sole creation and imagination of the writer, except the names Tesu and Jhonghi. The Poem Tesu is based on a folk story of India. The Tesuwalas* (little children with a earthen lamp on their heads) as depicted in the Poem are gradually diminishing with the passing of time and changing life styles. It's a tribute to that great warrior and lover Tesu, who sacrificed his life because he had given words to someone. How and when you would come to know soon ....With best wishes before the festival of Dewali (Light) ...Ravindra Tesu A Folk Love Story of India Part. 3 The festival of light is again very near Tesu would be seen Perhaps once again on the streets, Till these little girls and boys Would carry them on their heads In the lovely decorated Handiya* (earthen pot) Which resembles Tesu’s charming beloved, Jhonjhi.07 This is how, the existence Of the name & deeds of Tesu Was saved by small village children Who are carrying it since ages On their pretty little heads. Though the name and story has lost Its real charms and glamour In the mind of those Who have forgotten This non painted hero Of the bygone age. 08 By coming only once in a year near Dewali* These little children Carry Tesu and Jhonjhi, While singing the Songs Of their forgotten love story As a remembrance of a Hero And his lovely bold beloved Jhonjhi. 09 To continue..... Ravindra Kanpur India 08th Nov. 2012 Clarification of Hindi words* Dewali* - The festival of light. Tesu* - The Name of the hero of this Poem. Tesuwalas* - Hindi word. The young boys and girls, who carry The decorated earthen pot with holes and a light inside on their head and come Once in a year near Dewali are called ‘Tesuwalas’
Protected under the copy write provisions of Poetry Soup as per US laws. Copying this story without the permission of the writer is strictly prohibited and would be subject to legal remedies taken by the writer.

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She called herself London
On that day 
She fell from the sky
Child of apple blossoms
Dancing wildly
Into your mind

The snake that hung from her neck
Bites your hand
Expels you from Eden
Tears into the cool flesh
Of your madness
Posing as reason

Kisses you like a sweet lover
As though she really cares
Lets you 
Taste the passionate orchard
In her body’s secret lair

Wrestles with all your demons
Nothing quite compares
To the pain 
The indecent pleasure
In the waters that you share

Her name was London
Call her London

She called herself London
On that night
She prayed to the moon
Apollo’s lyre
Played darkly
In a portent 
Of your own doom

The hell she hides 
In her soul
Toxic drug you’ll never escape
You crave the milk of her touch
Her strange and dangerous ways

Kisses you like a sweet lover
As though she really cares
Lets you 
Taste the passionate orchard
In her body’s secret lair

Wrestles with all your demons
Nothing quite compares
To the pain 
The indecent pleasure
In the waters that you share  

Her name was London
Call her London

My baby, London
Call her London
My moon-girl, London 
Call her London

I love her, London
Call her London
Forever, London 

I call her London……

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he is leaving home

                  In great respect of the band I grew up listening to
                       as sure as Mom passed down Saturday Chores 
                      for I had been chosen to scrub bathroom floors `

                    Yet a familiar sound would bring me to keep scrubbing
                       The red album, The blue album , The White album 
                        Then .. Abbey Road , always remembering the sad look on
                  Ringo's face ,  something hard to understand underneath~
                      I get it now, what you were saying all those years ago ,
                    the many sad lonely tears , secret tears , secret fears 
                    For Maxwell's Hammer was a real one . It wanted silence

                    Going back ..remembering when John Lennon died 
                      I was in Arkansas saddened with the world .
                      Then seeing his face saying " Drag isn't it " 
                      No .. this was not my hero in music and song .

                      he was a stand in hired William , he filled his shoes 
                      bringing diversity to create so much beautiful music from loss

                       One left standing , alone;; grief struck on back cover ~
                       The other identity hidden, tried to be part of ..coming together
                            his  world of secrets
                        He to suffers today , in fear , Faul~
                        Too many years gone by .let us tell the Truth. Let us be free
                         The very sad long and winding Road ~
                         Let us Bury our real Paul. 

                         No more " Mystery tour "
                             No more fear 
                                Let him be in peace ~

           Inspired by " The Last Testament of George Harrison , Is Paul Dead ? "


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Incineration of Love God Madan Cupid 7

Incineration of Indian Love God Madan (Cupid) 7 
Originally written in Hindi by my late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor
1899 to 1994
English version by Ravindra K Kapoor.

Prelude to this epic.
According to Indian mythology Madan the Love God or Cupid was asked to divert the attention of Lord Shiva*, the supreme God of Hindus, who was lost in deep meditation,  so that Lord Shiva may be requested to help the Gods from the attacks of the demon supreme immortal Tarakasur. However, when Madan disturbed Him in meditation Shiva became too furious and opened His third eye. Madan the Cupid God got burnt by the fire of the anger of his third eye. This epic reveals many interesting incidents about this story later in this series…..

Hindi name ‘Madan Dahan’  07

Buds were all smiling to bloom and
To welcome the Lord of the day,
By opening their pretty mouths 
To absorb the dew bubbles kissing their faces.

The living and even the lifeless too,
Were all fascinated by the charms of Nature,
Madan* entered in such an intoxicating arena,
And became mad with the flowing passion.

But finding Shiva* in deep meditation,
He thought about his domination,
And its influence on the entire living being,
Which exists on this pretty Earth.

Kanpur India 27th April 2012
To continue……….
Protected under the copy write provisions of Poetry Soup as per US laws.

Madan*- Hindi name of the Love God Cupid
Shiva*- The Lord of destruction and creation as per Indian mythology.

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written 10th Aug 2013

I am God's child, first and forever
I am known by many different titles, a daughter
I am a wife
I am a mother
I am a grandmother
I am a poet
I am by several ways, known as a sister
I am an acquaintance
I am a loyal friend
I am a stranger
I am a cousin
I am an Auntie
I am a niece
But who is this person, they all call "Denise?"

She is a child to God
She is a niece
She is a cousin
She is a stranger
She is a loyal friend
She is an acquaintance
She is known to many, a sister
She is a poet
She is a grandmother
She is a mother
She is a wife
She is known as a daughter to many
She is everything, she'd ever dreamed her life to be....
She is happier than she ever imagined possible

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One Country, One World

Which nation of the world
Do I belong?
I belong to the nation 
Of unity,
No transgression,
And freedom for all.

I belong to the nation 
Of  Equalities-
Equality between 
Proletariat and aristocracy
Disabled and abled
Woman and man
Young and old
Black and colored
People and nation
Right and rule...

I belong to the nation of peace
Across the land, the sea and the sky.
And peaceful stretch to the arboreal.
And Peace of souls,
Of bodies
And minds.

My belonging
Is my strength-
The rhythm that keeps me growing.
Though I was born a Nigerian.
Not I neglects being call
American, Ghanaian, Portuguese
Chinese, Korean, Indian...
Though I'm by virtue 
Of land mass
An African      
Not do I dismiss 
In unison unit 
That type me Asian,
North American,
South American,
And Antarctica.

I belong to
A nation,
A voice...
One country,
One world.

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What was His Name

Pondering past loves in the dim light of age,
the memories float upward, smiles engage sounds.
Ah, what was his name that handsome man from the stage?

Blindfolded, he lifted me and reality disengaged.
The sound of the harmonica swept all around.
Pondering past loves in the dim light of age.

A serenade planned, the empty ice-rink re-staged,
I was placed in the sweet spot, I drowned in the sound.  
Ah, what was his name that handsome man from the stage?

Once unmasked, I tumbled to his arms, my eyes glazed  
like Ophelia sinking on love's waves to drown.
Pondering past loves in the dim light of age.

Oh, the places he took me, my senses ablaze
in sunlight, in moonlight, in starlight, un-gowned. 
Pondering past loves in the dim light of age.
Ah, what was his name that handsome man from the stage?


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LOVE Conquers All - Scene 3

Scene 3 - Easy Rest Adult Care Fascillity - Harry's Room

     "Do you know this Young man; Harry?" Yes his name is Kenny. "Where did you meet him?" We went to School Together. "What was the name of the School?" It was umm, I don't recall. " You see Mr. Potter he can't place Faces to his past. He may recognize your face but does not know Why or where. Let's go down to the office now, You can sign the intake papers. "NO no! Chef who won the World Series in 2004??" " World Series that's Baseball right, I should know this, was it the Yankees or the Cardinals??" Mr. Potter you told me yourself ; if he doesn't remember the 2004 World Series then he should be committed" " Chef please Think: surely You haven't forgotten "Ma Rock, Barbara Jean, Liz, or YOUR LIFE, Your Existence, Your FOREVER, Your Wife LENORE"
Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock Time stands still for no one, but memories of Time, are never buried 
"Ma Rock, finally a Mother that LOVED Me. Barbara Jean Gorelick, the Woman that Holds my Heart, the POETESS that healed my Broken Heart, Liz, my best student in 12 + years
of teaching, She died in a car accident 2 months before Graduation. LENORE my Most Only beLOVEd, soon we shall join as ONE with our GOD. Dr. Mendelsohnn I'm going Home Where I can be With All I LOVE"

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the very first time I saw you you totally captivated my heart never had any idea or single clue but I’m already in love with you since the start just your name is such a beauty without a doubt I could hardly believe that you’re real until I’ve finally touched and held you one by one falling down from those wand-like branches as in hail carpeting the dark green bermuda grasses on the ground with all my zest I gathered you gladly all around your big round petals shine so bright like a brilliant sun my faint notion that you’re a hand-made crepe paper now has passed its way and finally gone all I wish, when I dance you’ll adorn my hair I’ll be proudly making you into garlands for a special affair in my eyes, you’re one of the emblems of royalty in this beautiful kingdom and lovely place while local and foreign folks are all enjoying their stay you’re providing them an atmosphere with solace in your yellow color is a shaft of light for peace Supannika, with my piquancy I am taking you home to introduce you that you’re such a special kind a radiant flower to float on water will lastly bloom most especially I’ve a great idea in my mind you’ll be a wonderful gift to my loved ones on Valentines Written: Feb. 10, 2012
Second Place Contest: Simple Title Judged: 3/9/13 Poet Sponsor: Greatest Poet PD

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Yes, it's You

It's been almost 8 years since the day we've known each other,
but it's still fresh on my mind.
The moment I saw you, I already knew that we would be like good friends 
and I was right.
I first felt the little thing called love on you. 
Some said He was my first, but deep inside I knew it was not him but instead it was You.

My feeling for you started when we treated each other as best friends.
And yes, I find myself jealous every time you talked to me about your feelings for her,
but I hid my feelings because I know it would only ruin our friendship.
So, I just let my eyes close even if it was obviously hurting me
Every time I utter her name in front of you.

Days passed, I stopped expecting that someday you'll love me more than a best friend.
'Til one day, I was on my room, 
my brother received a text message but he's not around
So I went up and read it.
It was from You, I saw your name on the inbox and read carefully your message.
I was shocked! I can't believe it. 
My heart smiled as though it did not smile before.

It was the day that I knew that you loved me too.
It was memorable for me.
From that day, I felt your love.
Every time you went into our house,
we spent time together and would even say the magical words.

'Til one day, when I woke up, my feelings changed.
I started hating you and I don't know why.
I didn't talked to you and I always ignore your ideas.
I knew, you've been hurt by my words
And it was another girl who fixed your heart.
I saw how she made you felt better.
And I unexpectedly got jealous, again.

Today, I'm coming back to you, 
to love you for the second time.
I don't know if we could have the feelings back,
Yet I'm trying my best to win again your heart,
To hear you saying those magical words and promises, again.
I won't expect for something,
But I am willing to wait 'til our hearts will finally be reunited and beat as one.

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God Received An Angel

In the summer of 2007, God received an angel.
The Angels name was Katie. 
Katie was sweet & Katie was good
But I guess God wanted sweet old Katie
Out of the hood.
She did all she could, she gave all she had
But never in her life treated anyone bad.
Jesus, I know that she’s good
I know that she is great
But sometimes I just hate, 
Hate that she is gone
Hate that she is away
I think about her everyday.
Everyone & Everything is changing
Family is falling apart, 
Oh why it’s breaking my heart.
Tearing the house down acting like pure clowns
God you got a gift 
But sometimes I wish,
Wish you hadn’t took my Angel
Wish you would have let her stay a little longer.
God received an Angel.
The Angels name was Katie
 I hope Katie is with me daily
Until I die & visit her in the sky
House is up wholesale, everyone thinking
Angels, Angels, Angels
Angels flying here, Angels flying there
Angels are flying around just about any & everywhere
You took a couple of my families angels in strange ways 
I get up in the morning wondering when is my day
& who will be next to depart us.
My heart was broken when you took my Angel
Oh, why did you have to take her,
Her out of all people
She followed the rules and the laws 
But I am wondering is that all.

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She Walks

"She walks between this world and that............ 

  Searching but never  finding 
  though she goes on anyway
  hoping ,,against all  hope
  The smell of the wind will tell you 
  She is out there searching away 
  Moaning winds blow across the lands

  As the smell of her perfume pass's by
   It tell's you she's out there searching  

 As shadows float across the moonlit skies 
 Her tear drops drip as though they were 
 midnight thunderstorms plummeting down 

She was all of 16 when she took his name 
It was the war that took him from her that day 
 She had no idea till she seen the headstone 

She had came to sit beside her mother's grave
She had loved to sit there like that all day 
There was a crow that just wouldn't go away  

As she turned to tell it to leave her sight 
She caught the name that was engraved  
She touches the headstone and weeps
As she walks between this world and that
       Forever more !!!!!

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Mother, Forgive Us

I used to walk in dark places and know that I was safe.
Because I knew that I loved you.

I have abused my brothers and sisters.
I have contaminated your purity with murder.
I have raped your daughters.
I have kidnapped your children.
I have brought your blessed bosom to the brink of destruction.

And now, even when I walk in daylight I do not feel safe.
For now I am aware of what I have been to you.
Worse than a prodigal, I have endeavored to exploit the very mother who nurtures me.
And now that I have worsened whatever imbalance was in you before I arrived,
I endeavor to flee you like a coward through the grace of an oblivious savior.

I have dreamed a dream of water.
I have dreamed a dream of living water.
And in this dream Jesus, my Savior, told me that he was not oblivious.
And in this dream Jesus told me that he was fully aware of my crimes against you.

I have dreamed a dream of fire.
I have dreamed a dream of unquenchable fire.
And in this dream Jesus reminded me that I was sent here to heal you as you taught me of manhood.
And in this dream Jesus told me that if I could not love you, my mother, who I could see, then how could I love my Father in heaven who I could not.

I have dreamed a dream of air.
I have dreamed a dream of whirlwinds.
And in this dream I breathed in the breath of forgiveness and I realized that it was not too late for us.

I have dreamed a dream of earth.
And in this dream, Mother Earth, I see you and us together, fighting for our freedom.
Fighting against the delusion that our fates are not eternally intertwined.

Mother earth,
Please forgive us.
For true, we have betrayed you.
But it is not too late.

I promise you that as sure as my savior is in heaven we are going to make it.

I present myself to you as a living witness.
The Lord has not forsaken us.
For within our DNA is the secret to your healing and the end of our insanity.

Thank you for loving and protecting me, even as I raped and wounded you.
And now it is my turn.

“In the name of Jesus, the earth and all of the earth’s inhabitants are one mind, heart, and body.  In the name of Jesus, we are one person, one planet, and one purpose.  In the name of Jesus, the lion will soon lay down with the lamb and this beautiful sound, this sound of the sacred Gaia will know harmony!!” 

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                    Michelle ~
                        my sister we have been through life suffered loss
                 you making conscience effort to make amends for past

                         Je Taime Cheri  ~
                    my sister finding her own path without orders 
                 never have I left your side knowing in time you will see

                             so proud to be called yours 
                    Michelle ~my sister
               Loving you always unconditionally 

              we all stubble and fall on this ridged road 
                      Michelle I love you 
                                    not enough told ~

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Sweet Pleasure

Sweet wreath from the sky
Too soon did our paths part
How I often wondered why
Ever were you near my heart

Your scent is ever calming
But your flowers excite my core
Passing these days longing
Wanting, desiring you even more

Your beauty now shines bright
In a once cold darkening place
Giving a familiar warming light
To this dull disappearing space

Your reappearance captures heart and mind
Now will we go forward or remain left behind

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Our Jakob

Our Jakob

I’ll tell you a little story
About a little boy, I know
He has a mind at ten years old
That has a kind of glow
That says, “this boy’s intelligent”
He’s got something to say
He glows with curiosity
And learns more every day.

He has this sense of fairness
He’ll never let you down
And with his sense of humour
Each time he sees you frown
He’ll put a smile back on your face 
We love him oh, so much
This boy, he has a way with him
A kind of magic touch.

He be my one time only friend
He’s only ten years old 
And yet he has a heart so big
And made of purest gold
No matter where this boy goes to
My heart, it will go with him
I guess I’ll love my grandson Jake
Until my light grows dim.

30 July 2013 @ 1757hrs.

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If I had lied like everyone else who achieved their goal,
I could have spared myself an useless headache,
and it seems late to realize that my honesty caused a mess!
There was a table for two sweethearts
in the finest restaurant, my first date supposed to have been perfect
with all the enthusiasm and the sorrounding athmophere:
a boutique of roses and scented candles! 

The girl's name was Amenda with big eyes of sapphire,
the boy's name was Andrew a little outspoken but funny;
everything went smoothly, the food was superb and the waiter
with an Italian accent was humorous and helpful,
but happened next is something nobody would believe.

Amenda had too much wine and started to talk non-sense
asking me, " What kind of work do you do?" 
I promptly replied, " I am a chief ! " and boasting with pride,
silly words flowed from my mouth, " You should see me
in my uniform...everybody loves it! "  Amenda with angry eyes
yelled, " Everybody...including the dumb blonde
and the red headed who order food just to see you? "
I jolted as if in a powerful earthquake, " How do you know that? "
But she with a malignant glance exploded, " I saw them
flirting with you while they waited for their order! "  

" Oh, pretty boy, you brought me here to listen to your aspiration,
I must be stupid enough to believe everything you say? "
I stood up, pushing back my seat and swore, " I never intented to lie,
Amanda...I am sorry for getting you upset, and if my honest caused a mess,
I apologize with all sincerity. " Ah, you even mention the word sincerity:
here's you reward, fool! " And splashing a glass of wine all over my sharp suit,
she left...while the crowd started to laugh, thinking it was a movie scene.  

Here's my deepest reflection on telling little, white lies,
" Guys, on your first date...don't say what you actually do for a living,
invent a profession that brings in tons of money, like a surgeon or attorney;
go ahead and have fun, and the more excited you get her,
the more she'll believe you...who wants to be a loser on his first date? "

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The Man Who Loved Gimewanookwe

He searches her face, scarcely remembering a time
He did not know her; seeing now her dark eyes
Surrounded by age and closed against the pain.

He searches her face, remembering the first time he saw her
Stepping lightly across the river carrying the basket filled with berries.

He searches her face, remembering for a moment the sparkling defiance
Brought about by the choice she made for love.

He searches her face, scarcely daring to hope her eyes will clear
And she will know him again, know him as once she did when their love was new.

He searches her face, willing her to come back,
To lose the demons that return again and again to steal her power
And shut her away from him.

He searches her face, not wanting to look away,
He softly speaks her name, Gimewanookwe, remembering the first time
He whispered her name in love.

He searches her face, smoothing back the graying hair, stroking the lines of pain,
Feeling the faint, weak pulse of her courageous heart.

He searches her face, he speaks her name again, Gimewanookwe, she whom I love,
Gimewanookwe, Rain Woman.

He searches her face, willing her to open her eyes, willing her to remember
And rise up from this bed, rise up and be healed of this crippling fever.

He searches her face, praying for a sign, praying she will return to him
As she was before the white man’s illness.

He searches her face, wondering where she will go when she passes from him,
For he knows she is nearly gone; he takes her gently in his arms.

He searches her face and hears the first drops of rain falling softly upon the quiet land;
He knows what he must do.

He searches her face as he gently lifts her from the bed; she weighs no more than a child.
He wraps the blanket tightly around his only love and carries her out into the night rain.

He searches her face as he lays her down on the grass beside the garden.
Rain falls softly on her face; the quiet touch of God

He watches her face; her eyes widen and brighten.
Once again he searches for life, then softly whispers her name, Gimewanookwe,
Before he gently closes her eyes.

{In Honor of Constance, the Rambling Poet, 
in gratitude for inspiring this poem with her contest ‘Rain’.}

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Being Depressed Is My Way of Living

If it’s that easy to lose you… then go
People always leave, trust no one even yourself
I love myself for losing you
You can’t deny the fatal truth.. I don’t love you
I’ll never regret the decision to lose you
My soul won’t rest until I forget you
The longer I live the lesser my heart beats for you
You’ve decided to leave me, I’ve decided to hate you
People pretend to love you, turn your back
They wish you to disappear
In my life I trust no one, cause this life is based on lying
I never thought that I would cry when you leave
My heart was strong when you were around
But since you left it weakens by the moment
You made my world rain with sadness
What’s the meaning of friendship if eventually they’ll leave?
I live in a world full of sadness, so why should I be happy??
I’d wish to die than seeing you leaving
I’d wish to die than living like this
I wish to be hopeless, cause I suffer when I hope that you’ll come back
I’d wish to be blind than seeing you leaving 
I’d wish to be deaf than hearing you cry
I wish I had no tongue to taste the bitterness of loneliness
My middle name is misery 
My first name is hopeless
My last name is treachery
I thought it was a dream come true meeting you
But no it’s not a dream, it’s my personal hell
My blood is cold, my heart is stone 
My veins are crumpled, my soul is crushed 
My life is gone with you
I can’t eat, I can’t drink
I can’t see, I can’t hear 
I can’t talk, I can’t walk
I can’t live my miserable life
I see another girl, I feel nothing for her
Where are my feelings? They’re gone with you
I’m just like a rolling stone
You were my twilight, now darkness followed your absence
And everything is dark
I'm lost, I can’t find my way
I'm lost in this place, and this place is my life
Just save me from my misery 
Just let me fade away
My breath is taken
And my heart stopped beating
My heart is cut in splits
No wonder why its so cold
Cause your still here
I'm running out of choices 
I'm running out of clues 
There’s nothing I can do to make this go away
You are like a scar in my heart, that’s tearing me apart

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Remembering Your Lost Love Again

Many many years from now on a busy morning, suddenly for a moment Mallika my name in your mind, it will force you to stop and look at the sky and from your heart will come out a deep sigh, memories of love, suddenly so fresh like a 'dewed' morning rose remembering your lost love again absentmindedly you will touch my last gift with moist eyes, "love thy name is eternity" your fingers will follow this line on that bone china vase, I know time will go slow though tears will flow faster and I will be nowhere near you "before the next teardrop falls", only my memories closer,nearer to you, happy,joyful,cheerful,pleasant days when the moon rose in the sky just for us, will these glimpses of happy days wipe tears from your eyes? If not,if you are still running on empty just listen to my words floating in the air, "love thy name is eternity". © kash poet 2012 ===================000=================== Placement: 5th (June 2012) Contest:Mish-Mash Sponsor:Tracie RULES FOR THIS POEM (HA HA HA HA...enjoyed the challenge) =========================================== Line 1.. must have 13 syllibles Line 2.. use the name of someone you love in this line Line 3.. must rhyme with Line 4 Line 4.. see above Line 5.. can only have 3 words Line 6.. must contain a palindrome Line 7.. use the title of your poem in this line Line 8.. must rhyme with line 3 & 4 Line 9.. must be one of your favorite short quotes Line 10.. use the name of a country in this line Line 11.. 5 words in this line must rhyme Line 12.. use only 6 syllibles in this line Line 13.. Add all or part of a song title to this line Line 14..use a synonym in this line Line 15.. use 4 different words that mean the same thing in this line. Line 16.. you cant use the letters A D or L in this line Line 17.. Use the words happy and eyes in this line Line 18.. the words 'running on empty' must be used in this line Line 19.. must rhyme with line 12 Line 20.. Use a line from one of your old poems in this line.

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Beautiful Lady

You may find in this life if you’re not too shady
Someone who is precious, like my beautiful lady
The person whose name at the end will be written
The one who will know by this verse that I’m smitten

The words that I write come straight from my heart
About a beautiful lady whom I hope won’t depart
A verse of what each individual letter means to me
A verse that will show just how wonderful is she

B  is for beguiling, that look of love in her eyes
E is for emotion, for her love that gives me the highs
A  is for adorable, her captivating charm
U  is for unabashed, the love which cannot harm
T  is for tenderness, witnessed in her every touch
I  is for intensity, in our love making theres is so much
F  is for faithful, of which I have never a doubt
U  is for unembellished, without make up, her beauty still shines out
L  is  for loving, and treating me like gold
Please read on for there is more I must unfold

L  is for lingering, her kisses long and full of passion
A is for absolutely, given love with no short ration
D  is for dress, she wears her clothes with such great style
Y  is for yearning, for me just to see her smile

At last you say you’ve reached the end now please shout
Whose this beautiful lady  that you are writing about
I would tell you her name but she is so shy
Yet still the most beautiful lady underneath the sky

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When You Say My Name- Double Tanka

When you say my name
Stars rush down from the heavens
Dressing me in light
I become goddess divine
Fashioned by love in your voice

When you say my name
The world is too small a place
My soul wanders free
Gliding down the Milky Way
The Queen of the blessed night

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Fast and Rough - Adult Content

You bend me down, I hit the ground,
With a hard tug on my hair, and a bare slap on my ass
You spread my cheeks and push hard into my ass
My whole body shivers and aches, with the force thrusting in me.
I scream with pain and pleasure, 
This is the first time I’ve felt this much pressure.
You pull out with a loud groan which makes me moan, 
You can feel me quiver as I beg you for more
so you flip me over lifting my arms up over my head and start to bore 
Holding them fight in one hard, so there’s no escape left.
Moving your hand down to my chest, 
Rubbing my nipples till they are on edge
Your lips move down my neck licking and kissing coursing no more stress.
Finding me wet and warm, you slip it inside with a force like never before 
You thrust up and down, pushing deeper into me,
I whimper and your name falls from my lips, 
Giving you that pleasure I know you seek
I start screaming your name as I can feel I’m about to peak
I start shaking when I feel us both sigh and finally realise
Dews of sweat drip down my chest, as you hold me in that tight embrace. 

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A letter from a Father to his Daughter

My dearest Cordellia, I miss you, so I thought I would send you a note
Telling you all that I have been going through and asking you to give me hope
I walk this dark and lonely road carrying all this pain
Wondering, were all these tears I have cried simply cried in vain
Using my heart and not my eyes to navigate the darkness in this place
The only thing that remains clear to me is the memory of your face
I have missed you since you have gone, I have to confront this on my own
Can not put into words this pain I feel it is something I have never known?
If it were not for all the love you poured into my heart
I would have no strength to keep myself from falling apart
You have left this life and have gone to where only the angels are permitted to soar
But the love I have for you has allowed me to open up another door
The love this father has for his daughter has consumed his very heart
And all these memories of you have allowed me to make a brand new start
Daddy’s little hiny, that was my name for you, because of your tiny baby butt
How you use to make me laugh, you were such a little nut
Cordellia Miriam, your name was as unique as you were
A piece of heaven on earth is what you were to me and that is for sure
I never knew that I was capable of feeling a love as strong as the love I felt for you
And now since you are gone I become confused at times for just what I should do
I could gain pleasure for hours just by sitting and watching you play
I would try to understand everything you had to say
So my sweet child I hope you can hear me when I speak to you each night
I hope that you are listening and I hope you understand my fight
This pain and love seem to be tearing each other apart, leaving me as a shell
I pray each night to God in hopes that you are doing well
I miss all the times you would run down the hall just to greet me
You would jump into my arms to give me a hug and tell me how much you missed me
Well my little one Daddy has to go for now but I shall certainly visit with you again
I will talk to you everyday until we shall meet again

The End
By Greg P

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Happy Anniversary!

The anniversary of your treason
Disturbs the air—again! Like every year
Floating, whispering, the one real reason
You left me; the name never leaves my ear.
“Him!” a name I can’t even speak, wouldn’t dare.
For it would cause chaos and confusion  
Too daunting, distances too far to bear, 
Can’t even comprehend that illusion.
You left me here to sit—sick! And the thought
Of you and him in that beautiful embrace…
It’s a damn shame what you did! I OUGHTA!!!!!
Just, calm down—please! Dear Lord, please give me grace.
	The love you gave—your perfect portrayal,
	The love you took—your perfect betrayal.

Submitted for Olusegun Adelana's "Betrayal" contest

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wanna come thank me for getting bin laden shot america

or do you want to tell the person whose first name is sang by sinead o connor
middle name is sang by fred durst
and last name is mentioned by fred durst

do you want to tell me, the person you just spent 13 years mad at
singing and dancing to my misfortune
and rubbing your happiness in my face as you exclude me from sex

do you want to tell that person whose name you plastered all over your war
that he had nothing to do with surviving it
do you want to tell that man
Troy Jeremy Nelson
who just lost everything 17 times
to start over
that he was not your allie
in whatever that was?

let me put your name alll over a war
and then wait for your enemy to show up
and ask you
what does that guy got that i don't?

everything now
you murdered my grandpa
you murdered my friends
you murdered my sex life

and you sang and danced to my misfortune to the tune of your lies
pretending i was your friend called an alibi
you didnt bother to even try to keep alive

do you want to come telll
Troy Jeremy Nelson
that your country just did that too
that thats not what happened?

Im not sure how long your going to live that lie
the thousands of people concerned and involved in that persons endless
and i mean endless nightmare
might just come tell you what has been making them cry.....

Happy Halloween tho

oh and p.s.
next time you put somebody else in the middle of your war
to play the victom of that person's nightmare
you caused
take notes to pass into the future
as to what is about to occur
to you
may be a life lesson
to history

Thank you for not caring (sarcasm)
thank you for not answering my letters (sarcasm)
thanks for going the wrong way, in the wrong direction, to do the wrong thing
that whole time i kept pointing out a drug ring blackmarket, you people didnt care 
about (sarcasm)

thanks for calling me a liar as to what has taken place in my life(sarcasm)

so whenever you are free to hand me a bunch of things with your smiling face, and 
names all over them
to make me feel better for the way you treated me
singing and dancing to the sound of getting away with murder
for the miracles youve stolen

my big brother doesn't like to dance around and play house, pretending to be 
someone hes not
in a singing competition, racing against his sense of fear
do you want to come tell the man just tortured by malpractice
with his name on your war in your music,
he had nothing to do with winning it?

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Romancing Distant Moments

Romancing Distant Moments

I am romancing with distant moments
Distance, I keep trying to connect by dreaming
In a time difference, so hard to get a full time so meant
For my child and wife, I longed for reaching

God is so kind bestowing us a child
As we never thought we could have at least one
The passing of time charmed and leave us beguiled
But in prayers, answered us by granting us a son

We gave him a Christian name Pio Noel
Derived from the name of Saint Padre Pio of Pietrelcina
And Noel from my name, a kind idea of my wife Cecille
A name he will carry as his insignia

I listened to their voice over the cell phone
Or watched their videos, I took during my last vacation
Still longing for more moments of them to be shown
To alter depression with deep sign of elation

Through messages, I cherish the distant moments
As my wife will relay to me my child’s notable deeds
As I record every details on my diary as my attunement
Of his daily childish act finely registered on my head

For a picture of table, Pio tells ‘it is table’
For a picture of chair, Pio tells ‘it is sit’
My wife will not dare to show him that it is laughable
But gave him a nice lecture to improve his wit

Whenever he sees his grandfather with fellow friends
He will run to them and kiss their hands as a sign of respect
An instance, my wife eagerly drew a rabbit using a crayon pen
And hardly could be identified as rabbit, but Pio proudly said ‘rabbit’ in all aspect
(My wife kissed him and said ‘Pio you are very clever because even though my drawing is 
hardly could be noticed as rabbit but still you interpreted it very well’)
At the age of 1 year and 6 months, Pio knows how to save money
Upon seeing coins inside my wife’s bag, he got this in his hand
And pointed into small piggy bank and dropped in the coins so eagerly
Dirty clothes out of the basket, he willingly put this back without a command

Every time my wife’s cell phone will beep or ring
Pio immediately bring this to my wife and tell her that father text
Pio is fond of watching television and get a chance to lip-sync
He enjoyed for someone blowing on his tummy and find his mother to play suplex

Upon entering our room, Pio will point to our family picture
And loudly will recite ‘this is Pio, mother and father’
Every distant moments of them, I need to capture
While away, I am romancing distant moments sweeter but farther

Previously posted in poetry site
Written last October 28, 2009
By: Noel N. Villarosa

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Peaches McFee

Peaches McFee is a classmate of mine.
Peaches is actually her given name.
Her parents say they knew that she would be
as sweet as a fresh peach, thus her name.
Okay, Peaches McFee is a sweet person,
maybe as sweet as a pear, but a peach,
please, give me a break, no one is that sweet.
But even Peaches McFee’s parents would
never name a child of theirs “Pear McFee”.
Then, again, they did name their son Snap McFee.

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Enjoy This Place

Follow your dreams and follow your heart;
God has shown you the path to start.
Never give up and always have faith;
Do what you love and enjoy this place!

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Inevitable Bear

Oh lonely Inevitable Bear,
Padding claws, death in white
Sorrow in recurring nightmare
Instinct’s test; fight or flight?

Camouflage against the fence,
A challenge; my subconscious fear
Ominous slowly moving silence,
“Let me in, there’s a bear out here!”

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Last Day of My life

My heart is broken in this night,
her words have again stolen my light.

What she said made my dreams fall apart,
leaving nothing but a hole for a heart.

For it was not my name that fell from her lips,
and through my soul that name now rips.

This pain is more than I can take,
I lay on my bed and weep and shake.

Without her by my side i will not survive,
I can no longer find a reason to be alive.

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My Charming Introduction

Poetic Charmer
My faithful introduction  
My name is Mike, who am I to you?   
If you always prayed 
For a smile on your face 
I will give you eternal joy and laughter
If you always prayed I
For a single drop of water from the waters of life 
To heal your broken   and betrayed soul 
I will be your personal ocean of spring waters; of life
I will kiss away your   and nurse your broken heart
I will baptize you in the name of love, tender   care
And I will give you new meanings to appreciate life

If you always prayed 
To see a paragon of beauty, inside-out
Then look in the mirror and see 
Why you take away my breath every time I see you   
If you always prayed 
To taste a fruit form the Garden of Eden and Third heaven
That Adam and Eve never succeeded to taste
I will introduce you to my sweet lips and tongue 
 Which were made by the same fruit and honey

If you always prayed 
To experience a perfect kiss 
No matter how many times you kissed 
You never a perfect kiss 
Until you face the burning passion in my eyes
And let those lips embrace these lips 
And be swept off your feet with 
My wild   gentle kiss  
If you always prayed   
To experience a perfect love passion session 
Though love making is not a perfection
I will make art to your body like poetry 
And make you compose a love song 
resulting from your satisfaction 

And mostly, lf you always prayed     
Not to feel lonely and alone 
just close your eyes and reach deep in your soul
I will be your strength, I will be your friend 
Lien on me I will comfort you, I will appreciate you 
I will complete you 
If you always prayed  
To find eternal love and destiny 
Then I was   to love you 
By: Mike Michael Maimane ©

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Lord, I do not know what to do;
Please, lead me by Your side.
Decisions I'm facing are lost and through;
Please, lead me to do what's right.

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You, Me, Us, Everyone

Not named
Unknown to those with no curiosity
Buds, that dream of one day blooming
Being, more than they are
Flowers living
Touched by those who love
Protected by those who wish to love
Wishing to be more than they are
Buds, not truly knowing if they are ready for the world
Hoping they are strong enough 
Wishing to be the best
You, Me, Us, Everyone

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Mrs Hemorrhoid

You messed around 
and married a real 
"pain-in-the butt" man 

known throughout the land 
for ripping
completely deserting 
then leaving 
women hurting

his only claim to fame 
is over reacting 
and lacking class
a self-proclaimed pain in the ass
a crook with line 
and hook to cast 

things will never be the same
trade away your maiden name 
to Mrs. Hemorrhoid 
and wear his name with class.

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William part 1

I ask all to be open minded as I tell the story of my friend,  William .
There are so many prejudice in this World , from color to sex 

To me it has always been the soul , the person inside 
For one that is shallow will not experience life in true blessing 

William my friend was African American , he was fun and personality full of 'I am here "
William was Gay , William disowned , William called "A queer "

Well this is a lesson for all to know
God does not care what color , but the heart , what color it shows .

I had left my 1st Husband , with 2 children I had to support .
I was depressed , felt alone in the civilian World of a sort 

For when I got to Monterey bay , I was on a Military base 
Very shy and recluse , not leaving the perimeter of the land 
I opened such a big door when I left that abusive Man 

I had the tiniest apartment with 2 little rooms , probably 550 sq. feet I presume .
I will never for get the night He came to my door , William ," Girl, lets go dancing 
Let's go explore ! He called me 'The platinum Blonde "

We went out together and danced , he was amazing ! William energized any room . He Lit it Up ! 
For he had something inside his beautiful soul , no money could buy, nor silver or gold.

Well years went by in Monterey bay , I had fallen in love with a man , Lost so much time .

Time went by , after the man broke my heart ,I remember "where is William "
I missed something that lies  deep in my heart . The true Love and friendship of he I craved .

Now this story is long so go to  "William part 2  "be patient , be brave .

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A Rose by Any Other Name

All the names are just the same
If you are sweet like a rose
I confess, I’m not impressed
Oh, how little that bard knows

For the name of your loved one
Can make you completely melt
When it’s breathed in your heart
Its vibrations are deeply felt

The name of your loved one
Is a promise in one word…
That his love is eternal 
His unfaithfulness, unheard

The name of your loved one
Is with passion intertwined
Your lips caress each letter
Your heart echoes it in rhyme

The name of your loved one
Is salvation’s greatest treat
Though you pass through gates of hell
It’ll take you to heaven sweet

The name of your loved one
Is simply beyond compare
No other name can match it
No other would even dare

And so it is, beloved
When we’re making love sublime
Your name bursts out from my lips
Making your sweet name… divine

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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her name is love

her name is love

i am so pregnant with love
when she's born, call her love
by the winds and treasures of love
i (will) wrap her in comfort of love
and grow her a culture of love
in tears and joy for love
to love and share love
cuddle with her in love
seduce to stand by her with love
stick besides her like love
with pure love 
without denial by love
carry me as you dry me, 
a tear of love
as i am caught between love
to tease me for love
and brand me a love
to call her love
....let me call her love

extracted from 'her name is love' an except from 'hands of hope' book no.9 of 2012 (august) .
ntema's unique poetry (nup)

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The name

Not all flowers I call by one name
Not lady, miss or even Madam
All beautiful, all just the same,
But one flower I call by one name.

She answers with a single word
Not sir, mister or even milord.
Every time I hear a sweet Chord
when she answers with this word.
May everyone find one flower,
Not in a garden, road or tower,
With this same uncanny power:
To be a love-named flower.

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Dear Super, SOUPERS

I have all the Entrees for My Contest "Personify A Tear" A few have already been 
Eliminated not following The Theme. Thank-YOU, Thank-YOU so many Magnificent 
POEMS It will take me awile to finish Judging If YOU did not put YOUR Name on YOUR 
POEM YOU will have time to do so; No name , No Placement With LOVE ALWAYS, 

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	I wanted to be adopted again,
Guardianship wasn’t enough,
I wanted to bear your name with pride,
Have love that was tough.
	I needed to be called “Daughter” again,
For you to look at me with pride,
I needed you to smile at me with love in your eyes,
To call my name and say, “Stand by my side.”
	But then I realized I was already taken,
Not by you but by Someone up above,
I realize I had been spoken for all along,
Spoken for with love.
	“He destined us for adoption
As His children through Jesus Christ”,
It says that in Ephesians 1:5,
Adoption by God feels nice.
	He gives me all the love I want,
The things that I need,
He adopted us here on Earth,
He planted a seed.
	I’m glad I was taken,
Not by you but by God,
For being spoken for all along,
Spoken for with love.

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At You

Let me at first
sight split in your
To see the look you
will wear on your
Let me seize foods
and fruits from your
For three morning
and night
To see your mood in
this condition
Let me empty your
purse to water and
To look up to your
disdain temper of
Let me pressurize
you under the sun
To see how vengeance
discomfort your
heart will beat
Let me knife you a
wound on your body
To witness your
impatient state.
Let me axed your
To hear what your
mouth will
Will it upon these
tortures and
Withstand to
sonorously call her
Or will it renounce
her name to a
Endless is a love
that never resist
all odds;
Fall-out is a
weakling love
Which waits only in
all good accord.

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physical pain as a luxury

So i inhale, and almost choke trying to breathe out, when i realize;
i'm the physical couonterpart of this emotional wreck
I crash into him someway loving the pain we seem to create
Sanity will never define this, the definition is insane
Wanting to let go, only if you will allow me to become what you've made
Whats the extraction of my pain?
Engraved onto my heart the story of the game
Addicted to the plays
An attic of the rules we've made
This blade watched him carve his name into my heart
No explanation as to why his voice pumps blood into my veins
You broke the rules and left the blade
My mind a maze; 
Now every corner i turn i see his face or hear his name 
Please leave, just let me be
Even now that your gone your in every one of my dreams
How could this be?
This hurts more than any physical pain; i would die for that luxury
Infatuated with his love
Never thought to be a need
My tears a mute witness of my screams
Why me?

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Your name created in poetry 
Only imagination could conceive such beauty
Language once taught, the profit was to curse
Love now sought, in which I do immerse
She who must be admired
This truth already known
She who is now desired
To this end have I grown
Hope gives wings to imagination
The future bright like the morning sun
Despair gives rise to agitation
The past can never be undone
Only time will tell what is to be
As I look into the stars
What is there to see
Will you heal all the scars
Or was it not meant to be

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His Name

His name just rolls of my tongue
Reminds me of when we were young
Of the songs we left unsung
Of Love’s picture left unhung

His name makes my heart dance
Reminds me of our sweet romance
How I lost him by circumstance
How I long for one more chance

His name leads me to dream
Of meeting him by a stream
Of seeing his eyes gleam
Of releasing passion’s scream

His name makes my heart desire
To add substance to that fire
To make love and never tire
To be free again to conspire

His name brings exquisite delight
Whispered softy in the night
Floods my soul with its light
Turns all that’s bad aright

His name every night haunts
Laying bare all my heart wants
My resolve to be strong it taunts
The potential for passion it flaunts

His name, his name, his name
Has made of my life a game
Has shown I can’t be the same 
When my heart makes love to that name

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Caleb C


My last name is Culverhouse. My first name is Caleb.
Words that describe me are kind, smart, shy, and curious.
My dad is Wayne C.
My mom is Doris C.
I think the government should get their money cut until they fix things.
I think if my dad could get free time he could be a pro artist!
The only things I fear are stinging bugs, certain spiders, and death.
An animal I like are my three pet geese, ideas are the PS3, and things that are EXPLODING!!!!!
I would love to see Tybee island again.
I would love to see Stone Mountain Park.
I want to go to Myrtle Beach N.C.
I live on Waymanville road
Thomaston G.A.

Written by my son, Caleb C., for school 
He is 13 and in the eigth grade.

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A New Beginning


When I think of the time
      Called January 2011
I think about the people
Who had gone to Heaven?
      Just before Me
To greet the Father and the
         Holy Son
With full disclosure
    Of the Spirit
With a total dispensation
       From God
They left this World
They left for a new start
Leaving me behind
In the hands' of the Lord

Fore the Saviors' Kingdom
Where Restoration was part
Only due to the restoration
Restoration of the Heart....
In memory they must leave
The life and all of their love
That which was there....
In the Name of GOD
In the hands of loved one's
Many of whom...WHICH
I didn't understand
Gone to be with Jesus'
Who is waiting there?
Where we shall all meet
And we all shall be there
And when it is time....
The time for Judgement 
    Hath come'
Then it is time for Judgement
        At the 'Cross Roads'
Where Life first begun..
And let Thy Will be done
In the name of the Father
        And the Son
And the Holy Ghost....


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My Name Is

My Name Is

I am the reason people
Lie to one another
Hatred, jealous, and envy
Toward their brother
I will make you cry
Don’t care how you feel
And if you are not careful
Your very life I will steal
My name is what, and
Who you think it is
I am the big dog
The one and only thrill

I am known to cause
Confusion on the spot
I been chased many times
But never ever caught
I’ll make you do what 
You never thought you could
I am bad, I rule this hood                                                                            
Don’t take me lightly or
Say what I wouldn't do
Anything is possible when
I choose to do it to you

All this time and you still
Know not my name?
When bad things happen to you
Tell me who do you blame?
My job is to keep all of you
From reaching Heaven
I bet you know me now
My name is the devil
I cause wars and fights
In every single town
I stick out like a sore thumb
I am easy to be found

When a person pulls a trigger
And takes someone’s life
I made them do it;
I brought hatred in their sight
I told you to leave your wife
And your husband as well
You love what I offer you
I make great sells

It’s easy to plant a seed
In most people head
Some people is easy 
Prey to be led
Once you open up and
Let me inside
You will repeat all kind
Of jokes and lies
I love it when people let
Me have my way
I dance you like a 
Puppet on a string
And there’s nothing
 You can say

My name is, and always 
Will be
Mr. devil to you
Hey! That’s me                                                                                          
I am cunning, and come
In so many forms
If you are not a child of God
My spirit you fail to learn

I am a peace breaker
I hate to keep things together
Continue to do what I say
We can spend eternity
In hell together
So the next time you are lonely
And crave to do wrong
Call me on the phone
Or visit my home
I live between purgatory
And the inferno in hell
If you forget my number
You can send me an E-Mail

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Blame it on the Moon

          Underneath a magic moonlit night as 3 shooting stars take flight

          twinkling silver blue shimmers , it was the passionate love that night

          The moon and stars held a party and sent one of their own    

          a creation in the making , a star rising from one star fallen

          entranced with the magic night and my solider Fitton ~

          it was an Angel's decision a gift bestowed one to cherish and hold 

         Never a doubt in my mind through watching him grow well Fitton ~    

         Full of creativity and charm , the young women that follow him enchanted 

          character and wisdom , success driven , as the moon whispered one night

         This Son will be one all will know , he will be loved by many .. your gift given

         poetry in truth of fate on a magical moon lit night , a story told

          Blame it in on the moon , or blame it on love and desire Fitton ~

          I know I was chosen by he , Your given Mom and Dad in code ~

      For my Son in Film and 1st AD "House of last things " 3rd season of Grimm :)

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A Musical Name...Claire Elise

It's almost as if Beethoven, had seen her gamin face
And had composed a match her given name
My grandchild, sweet Claire Elise, I love your name, so fair
You bear the name, so filled with grace of fragrant springtime air
Each letter, bound together, forms a soothing lyrical sound
She has mischief set between her eyes...and with cheeks the color rose
Such a name that fits her many moods, like a poem so filled with prose
She is daughter of springtime, impatient as the seasons
Twirling like a whirlwind, never needing any reason
She's an imp, she's a beauty, she is like a butterfly's cocoon
She is living on the threshold, of a flower soon to bloom
Summer glistens in her raven locks, winter hides behind her pout
Autumn waiting in the colors, she is changing all about
Her beauty leaves me breathless, like the sound of her sweet name
Claire love unfolds....a greater beauty still untold
Beneath the moon, beneath the skies, just as your name implies
You are the greatest gift, I've ever received,
You are heaven sent, on angel wings
From your mother's winsome smile 
And the teasing loving twinkle in your daddy's gleaming eyes

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I Breathe

My moon shun windows have been unhinged
and a panoramic mind binged on self deplore freed
Indeed by the defined journey I’ve moved through.
Through you the miraculous reflections of self-love I find
once blind, now bare to the rendezvous of this world,
of sound mind I realize my every breath is filled
as I am willed towards the prodigy I feel around me
I breathe…
and life is seethed by the seed that we breathe.
My solo soul drum beats its pure sound
of unbound rhythms found above ground as I stargaze
my eyes glaze over raving in shimmering light,
feeling every word that I write authenticated,
painted across my heart untainted…
I aspire to be a living love…
and I breathe…
as life is seethed by the seed that we breathe.
I am not alone with thought as I walk,
wobbling along the road of existence I implode
knowing another heart in hand senses what I feel
as though the wheel of vitality destined it to so be…
so it be…
A waterfall of awakening spirit I drink its sugary taste,
mingled around my space…that place you give me,
and a gift I graciously give to you…
my undistorted expression undressed I stand astonished,
forgiving regrets I’ve gathered on my shawl of shame
as if a new name within my name has unearthed me
and I breathe…
as life is seethed by the seed that we breathe.
The bird of dreams sang to me one morning I woke,
invoked in me the music I once spoke without doubt,
and now as you attract me out from my hiding place,
leave your unforgettable trace amidst my days
I find new ways to stroke my pen across this page…
Uncaged…an aged energy of new I feel within you
and I breathe…
as life is seethed by the seed that we breathe.

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The Name Above Every Name

The Name Above Every Name “ 9Therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name,10 that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, 11and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” Phil 2:9-11 NIV Christ took the nature of a servant And was created in human likeness. He humbled himself before all; His obedience provided our righteousness. God exalted His humble Son And gave Him The Name Above Every Name. At this name every knee will bow, In heaven and on earth His praise proclaim. Every tongue will confess That Jesus Christ is Lord of all. He glorified the Father above And harkened death’s necessary call. He made us children of God; Changed from slaves to heirs instead. The Name Above Every Name— The lamb of sacrifice to wed. The Name Above Every Name Is upon the lips of His faithful servants, Not through force but love alone; The Holy Spirit's implants. We should be so grateful, That Christ died for us to be saved; That He rose again from death’s pit; Eternity on our hearts engraved. The Name Above Every Name Is to be glorified for all time. Let’s worship Christ and give him thanks, For His love so heavenly divine. Let us shine like stars in the evening sky, So that all who look up will see, The Name Above Every Name, To be worshiped for eternity! Copyright © 2011-2012 Maureen LeFanue Featured in my Easter Poems Book published 2012

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My Love

my love...

my love blossoms amidst the thunder

across the oceans and the beyond the seas

my love reaches out and touches

the moments of bliss as the loneliness flees

my love is simple
with profound feelings of yearning desire

my love rages within
the furnace of this aching heart's unquenchable fire

my love basks in the warmth of the knowledge

that in the spring it takes root and it will flower

my love breathes in the light fragrance

of her hair after her warm and delicate shower

my love remembers drowning in her eyes

of those ethereal moments frozen forever more

my love recalls the fleeting ticking of the clock

each minute apart stabbing at my very core

my love she knows I need her so

for she needs me just as much

my love she sprinkles light flourishes of her sensual touch

as my love for her continues to ceaselessly grow

my love reaches down into the crevasses of my of being

my love for her is held onto deep inside

for in the coming of the cold ache of seperation

my love settles between the folds of her heart, for 'tis there that my love for will reside

my love like an eternal dream caresses me in wakefulness and in sleep

and that is the feeling that I shall cherish

a feeling of love that has settled in me 

a feeling so pure and a feeling so very deep...

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For Bruce Springsteen

for bruce springsteen...

it was a rain-swept monsoon day

way back then, so many moons away

when i felt the music strumming in my veins

setting me free like a runaway horse without any reins

you sang of simple truths, 

your verse spoke to people just like me

in my lonely, wasted, and desolately quiet night

as you screamed out tragic human wrongs, and of everyone's plight

'bobby jean' spoke to me

of that girl down the street

glimpses of whom, we as innocents would furtively meet

and 'the river' that flowed through my ever-barren heart

led me down further roads of thunder

when slowly i finally learnt that the hardest part was fighting on

and never to surrender

to the hard-luck dreams that were born to run

while i danced in the dark 

with memories vivid and stark

even as i whined like that dog who for forever lost his howling bark

and then a 'human touch' came along

and 'better days' seemed real, not just words in a song

and still you sang and swayed and spoke straight into my unseeing eyes

as gardens of secrets were opened, and as your fist punched the skies

in an anger that i too felt and in whose cauldron i too burned

as we saw murder get incorporated, while on its wobbly axis, our fragile world apathetically turned

and then suddenly i was told that i was all grown up

working on a highway of scattered ideals

and absolving myself by sprinkling some coins in a waiting cup

well, after all these years of walking along so many a thorny road

with an armour of your verse covering me, even as i hear them taunt me and even as they continue to goad

but now i can feel myself fading away, into the bleakness of this coming night

just like the ghost of that old tom joad...

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              SOUL MATE
I came in the name of He who gave you breath.
As certain as the emptiness of time,
as hopeful as your life, and meaningless as death,
I came to stay.

No holy water, no exorcist's demand,
can quench your thirst; your need for all I am.
I fill your head with things not meant to understand,
I came to stay.

I breath your name, tormented you may seem,
and sleepless is your night, I fill your time.
I am the joy of life beyond your dying scream,
I came to stay.

I came in the name of He who gives you death.
I am the calm and blinding of the light.
Forever part of you, I am your very breath.
I came to stay.
...........© Ron Wilson

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I love you more

What can I render to the Lord for all His gifts to me
His love
His Grace 
His forgiveness
His sacrifice
His faithfulness
His Joy
He who took MY SINS
His abounding Mercy
His fathomless love
His total commitment to my salvation
To my wholeness
To my welfare
To my emotional stability
To giving me eternal life
He gave a pure white robe to cover me with HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS

Because of Jesus-I now know Him as an adoring Father. 
A Brother who will always walk so close I feel His presence and who always watches over me.
A mother whose words and affections surround me daily with care like a Mother hen

What can I render to the Lord who took my pain
Who in His own body was wounded and bore the sorrows and my grief I was to going through and the mistakes and the sin ready at every moment to try and trick me out through my life-time- 
He sent His WORD- His LIGHT to enlighten my darkness and show me clearly the road I should take-(Proverbs: chapters 1to 9)

Yes YOU were always ready to defend me, a helpless orphan- for without YOU as my Dad and as my mother- I was abandoned to this world-
But Now I can cry with all my heart- ABBA FATHER I love you - But YOU say
     LOVE  Y  MORE 

What can I render to the LORD- MY God- whose precious pure blood was spilt to bear the sins of all our humanity- I will take ‘the cup’ of Your salvation and honor your name with my life- For only your pure blood is worthy to pay for all sin-I will confess your name before the world for which you died to save -and I will call upon your HOLY name - for your name alone is WORTHY- JESUS.

© Brenda V Northeast 28th  January 2012 

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Widow's Peak

Her name is now a legend 
Before her name was feared
The lady Henrietta 
Lean close and lend an ear

They say her status started
One night long time ago
She found her husband cheating
With the girl she knew next door

Her mind did snap
Her heart grew cold
With a knife she stole their souls
Cut the beating heart away 
Ate flesh when cold

Within her veins flowed the blood
Of the one who done her wrong
Gave her everlasting life
Her age in death was old

But one small thing that should be said
About the spell she cast
That beauty would always be her guide
In death she looked her best

Word spread quickly through the town
Where Henrietta lived
About the spell she cast the night
Her husband committed sin

Women came to ask for help 
To change their husband’s ways
For they had also messed around
Now love for them had strayed

With each one she gave the spell
Steps to end their grief
Now in the town such beauty found
In women who’s husbands cheat

With new found beauty each started life
Fresh and young again
And if the man they loved did cheat
Revenge was sweet again

Many many years went by
And soon the town was gone
Towards the end all that was left
Were women who were scorned

But in woods outside the town
In a placed called Widow’s Peak
You find plots of all the ones
Whose death came from a cheat

So this story lives today 
If you doubt then ask around
For the one you love and share a life
Could be a widow from that town

All men beware all women ask
Before you start your cheating
In every city and every town
A Widow’s Peak is forming

Believe me if you will or not
In the end you’ll heed the warning
Just let the one you love find out
To Widow’s Peak you’re going

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Names have power.
They say Allah has 99 names. 
My lover showed me
How if you look at your hands
The lines on your palms 
Create the Arabic characters
For one and eight-
This makes 81 on your right hand,
and 18 on your left hand;
Their sum is 99.

Names have power.
You may better understand something by 
Understanding its name.
The word Christianity comes from the word Christ, 
        meaning anointed one; the prophet.
Judaism comes from Judah, who was the son of Jacob;
        the Jews are the descendants of Judah. Judah also means "praise."
Islam means peace, or accepting the natural way; accepting God.

Names have power.
How we name ourselves
Reflects who we are.
I name myself

Names have power.
My lover calls me 
Habeby, my love;
Rohi, my soul;
Taebny, my sweet pain;
Amera, princess.

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the distance

your name is the distance
between life and death
my own existance
my next breath
your name is the distance
between laughter and tears
my reason for happiness
the cause of my fears
your name is the distance
between nothing and everything
the matter of my hopes
the substance of my dreams
your name is the distance
between love and life
your name is the distance
between man and wife

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Free Base Fable

My baby brother had the face of an angel;
One proud young lion all supple grace and golden hair
Shamelessly evocative against the backdrop of life.
My baby brother...untutored gigelo from birth. 
His eyes: sapphire blue and beautiful
And he could shame a whore back into innocence
If he chose that part.
One lazy smile like a laser beam through the heart..  
One inexpensive smile to melt raw anger to a shrug,
Or a return for our rage,
However well and truly earned.
Enticed us all to willing hugs for any sin,

And so, as always, forgiveness came
Because there were so many hate filled things uncounted.
He seemed intent on the tally of invisible wounds...
Useless transgressions turned expensive through the years.
They festered behind those beautiful eyes
And a cracked glass pipe;
Using that deadly grin to blind those who loved him still...
But still....we saw the danger, denied a name in deference
To us all - who could not - would not act.
And he wasted all that love he so loudly demanded;
Shrill and greedy, emotional baby brother.
Pouring love into him like molten gold
Hot and bright and blinding
Into an empty vessel that never seemed to fill.

My pure bred lion turned alley cat;
Turned indolent, arrogant, dangerous and dirty.
This magnificent human turned crazy,
Investing his money - and ours - into the art of throwing his life away
With vengeance and malice aforethought.
My baby brother:
Proud owner of his own self destruct button
And a .38 revolver,
Well hidden, until recently...
Until junkie fantasies gobbled up the truth
And the veneer of his sanity.

Oh Mark, where have you gone..?
Sweetheart, where are you now...?
What White Mountain have you climbed this time
Dealing yourself madness and death in a locked room...
And blaming everybody but yourself
Witih a torch made of nightmares and hate...
Hot enough to crack the glass.

Crying for a Father - long dead - to come and "save" you..
Come and get you....
Crying for a man you would not love in life.
Punish him still, lost and ugly child.
Hideous child grown and almost lost forever...
Perhaps he remains just one more demon
In some toxic level memory
Shoving hard for elbow room
Among all the other monsters shrieking in your head.
Oh Mark, where are you now..?

Baby brothers don't grow on trees, you know.
What will we do if you are really lost
And long gone beyond the medicines of love and speech..
And human tears...all wasted.

My baby brother, no baby any more;
Psychotic fallen angel
Who never grew to manhood by any man's side...
Who will not climb out of the stygean darkness by himself,
Even though we all share your guilt if not the crimes.

My baby brother:
Obscene imitation of some one especially loved;
Living proof of a bad attitude gone beserk.

Your life in the real world begins
When you lose your name at the tip of your tongue;
The moment we finally call you junkie loser...
Junkie liar...junkie weapon...out loud,
And you agree.

One split second after you know it is true...
The day - that moment - when you reach out and say,..."Help me...
Oh my beautiful Mark,
Where are you now...

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Between Love and Hate

Is there a name for that place we go
Between love and hate but are afraid to show
The place where smiles turn into tears
And one more day turns into years

Do you know that place where someone's touch
Unexplainably turns from pleasure to pain
Of this place do you know of such
Where blue skies fall like rain

Where the playful wink becomes a stare
And the light you see in their eye becomes a glare
The heartfelt kisses of long ago
Now a peck on the cheek just for show

Trusting each other becomes suspicions untold
Never each other again to hold
The I love you becomes I don't care
The same dreams you no longer share

Is that place fear or maybe despair
When you realize they no longer care
Is there a name for that place we go
Between love and hate but are afraid to show

©Donna Jones

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True Love of a False Lover

Disturbed in daily thoughts
Thinking U all the way through
Longing for our old memories to flash.

Impressed by YOUR possessiveness
Also impressing U by my care
Trying to keep U with me alone.

Love which occurred strangely
Caused holding U tightly - when
U said I never leave u forsaken

Intending to make U close – though
Knowing that U’va been stolen by another HEART,
In U I fell in TruE LOVE for the first time.

Pretended to kiss, hug and embrace
Made my mind set to co-operate with UR actions
Made to forget UR first Love.

Chanceless Loving WORDS from UR mouth – which
Guided to share my incompleteness
Thereby aroused a pinch of Lust.

Hardened to control my Emotions
I SURRENDERED myself unto U
Been excited and ejaculated with UR hot touch

Altering my valued hours to spend conversing with U
Never expected such things would happen
Dragging UR presence all where and at all-time in my mind.

Nature’s call of age bonded us elastically
But its not our faults – it’s the situation that made improper future ideas
Still finding the reason – why U’va started avoiding suddenly ?¿
Still finding the reason – for what
Purpose U proposed even though having another girl’s heart in UR mind
Still finding the reason for our New Love
Its now impossible for me to return back to my old attitude
Where have my concentration went?
Where have my devoted feelings went?
Will I get back to it or not?
My mind is not under my control
Please don't see back my love
I don have another Heart to loose.

Daring new courageous behavior in my day-to-day life
U are the only reason beyond many things
My future is (?) with OUT UR hands holded
These are not just a stanzas which can be erased easily~
Its my lovable and unforgettable PERIODS – which
Makes to remember UR name and bitter sweet thoughts
Only few or no one can understand the hidden message in these lines. It is – *!!! THIS REVEALS UR NAME IN 
I’ve learnt how to live my forthcoming days.
Really THANK U love for the creation of certain Best characters in me.
I’ll never forget U till my last breath
May U have a wonderful and peaceful Married Life further.
For the first time I feel reality more strange than imagination
In fact it seems to be a TrUe LOVE of a FALSE Lover. It covers-
  A poetic story from	         Your’S & Only YOURS,
				         - Hannah (with tears° ° °) 

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Thoughtless Act

I lay in my hospital bed
knowing in a day or two I’ll be dead
because that’s what the doctor said
my body crushed from toe to head
in the auto accident the other day

you see I drank too many drinks
before I drove home
now I lay here all alone
thinking of the life 
that I’ll never live
and the love to my wife
and children I’ll never give

I’m still a young man only 33
I had so much life ahead of me
now never to walk in the park again
never to talk and have fun with my friends again
my work was just taking shape 
and all the money I’ll never spend
now that my life has come to a sudden end

how will my family survive
I won’t be here to see my children grow
or ever hear them say again
daddy I love you so

all because of my thoughtless act
to drink and drive

the doctors told me about an hour ago
you also killed a lady in the accident
if I meet her on the other side  what will I say
I’m sorry that when we met you died
and left behind a husband and a child 
who also needed you so I don’t know

the very thought of my thoughtless act
is killing me as well
I know my destiny is hell
as death stands patiently at the foot of my bed
to take me away the moment I’m dead

my name is not to be known
because my name could be your own

I have only one last thought to leave before I die
for God's sake and one ones you leave behind 
please don't drink and drive

this poem was written by me a long time ago
my hope is that this poem will stop and make people 
think about drinking and driving
actually this poem came to me one day while I was 
driving on the San Bernardino Freeway in West Covina Ca.
it was so powerful and over whelming that I had no choice but to write it down
the next day a story appearded in the news paper about a 
young man who died in the West Covina Hospital because of
a drinking and driving auto accident

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It is the 27th January,
And I sit here all alone
My memories keep me company
Of times not too long gone

Started again just last night
When a show was going on
They call that show the “Heartbeat”
Filmed over on British lawn.

The man whose name is David
He lost his beautiful dog
It died right there so near him
With never a moan or sob

In six more days now coming on
It will be the 2nd Feb,
It’ll be just two months further on
From when I lost my friend

There are just no words to tell you
The lost I feel inside
My wound still hangs there gaping
And festers really wild

One of by biggest worries
Is just how did he die
I know that he was old then
With youth not on his side

The vet said he was quite confused
When I took my dog to him
He said it looked like toxins
Shutting down and setting in

He gave my Zig a checkup
And listened to his heart
He concluded that his tick collar
Could be the blame for starts

But things have happened since then
And I’m really not convinced 
I feel that there’s been foul play
From one whose name is Chris.

I know I’ll never know now
What is the purest truth
I really hope I’m wrong here
Why was his end not mute

I miss that dog I tell you
For years just him and I
I had a love I cherished
That shone from those brown eyes

I’ll never have another
That will take my heart like he
He will always be alive here
While I have my memories.

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Thus The Wind Shall Lead Me

Oh, spiteful wind!
Thou leave me not an ounce of sanity.
Thou hurls his name 'round the eves,
whisk it across the stone chimney.
No melodious sound, a long mournful plea.
To my soul an icy pierce.
Oh, spiteful wind!
How long must my heart be thus immersed?

Oh, vengeful wind!
Sleep does draw nigh, I pray thee tarry not.
Perchance to not dream of him,
if his name, be not sought.
Thus, I will not cry out,
when within my sleep, I spy his visage.
Oh, vengeful wind!
Why do you persist in this missive?

Oh merciless wind!
Thou follows my every step,
along the path I keep.
When thou knows, hearts love, I've kept.
Thou persistent presence weakens me,
to send me back into his arms.
Oh, merciless wind!
why does thou leave my resolve disarmed?

Oh, restless wind!
Thou, so like my own spirit.
I wander through my days,
listening, so as to hear it,
his name upon your breath.
To sit softly upon mine ear.
Oh, restless wind!
Has thou caused me to give in, I fear?

Oh, blessed wind!
I thank thee for thy perseverance,
in not allowing me to forget.
Not letting me further feign indifference,
For into his arms, I have returned.
Happy and soon to be wed.
Oh, blessed wind!
Did you know, it was my destiny, to which you led?

This is a new form I have created.
I have given this form the name "Beseech"

There are 5 stanzas in this form
As you can see, there is a repeated line 
in each stanza, the "Beseech" line.
Each stanza ends with a question.
Each stanza takes the same topic, yet proceeds 
with a decreasing severity of the topic,
example: The wind went form spiteful, to
vengeful, to merciless, to restless, to blessed.

The rhyme scheme for  "Beseech" is:
"Beseech", A,B,A,C,D,"Beseech", D

This will be the theme for my next contest

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Harmony 69 movement 5

Will you burn the earth`s  skin  to glass?. 

Yet, right there , in Harmony of `69
I bent  in adoration 
before the dusky pearl of your forehead
the soft slopes of your never-ending body
shifting under a sea of blankets
Oh! treasure of treasures !
to life 
in the inner-sanctum of the 
tent-temple of my emerald heart,
filling it with that attar fragrance , 
that compassionate smile,
that yearning voice,
quieting my storm 
urging me 
to swim your sultry sea.

How could the world ever be the same again ? 

rooted like stark brood of  the Black stone ,
rocks parried thuddingly the capricious charge of waves
and subdued the swell and swirl of a dark ,disturbed sea.

The summer night was short
and I      
cleaved to you like a calf to its mother.
Your dark-eyed nipples breasted the blanket ,
occulting the coarseness of Harmony .
We rocked to cradle the peace in the galaxy, 
with  love milking the way
to the morning star .

Winking over the mount, 
Venus caught us intertwined ,
drooling like babes, 
I, summer cloud paramour of 
you Landie ,
altar of my sensuous sacrifice
sweet naos forever  
undraping your  
compassionate cosmic essence 
for a gallant stripling 
starving for affirmation.

i nested in mouths 
now enchanting,
now strident symphonies, 
keen enough to split  
into mutual opposites 
that grappled , grinded and finally clashed ,
giving birth to a higher union. 

I tattoo your name , Landie, on the stretched skin of the earth.
I pullulate the waves in your name 
sackbutting the syllables   
till tremolo breaks it breathlessly to foam   
on the glistening beach of your belly   
Wrinkles I didgeridoo into the dark blanket of our night,
stringing out your diadem of stars  
I spiral you stately across my deep. 

Breaking away
from the tug of your knees
i trolled our anchor through  love`s flow 
girding it close to my wound-up heart.

"Go now love….spare me a thought "
 Your voice and a gentle seabreeze wafted me out.

Diving at dawn with a whale of love
between waking dunes 
capped by sourfigs , bleary-eyed revellers,
the blue-blue sky warbled
“one and one and one is three
One thing you got know ,is you got to be free
Come together, right now , over me.”


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do you know...

Do you know, baby, I am not even angry with you; 
I don’t even feel the slightest trace of resentment 
No burden of hatred sits heavy on my heart – 
Even though you violated me, 
In your subtle but predictable way, 
And even though you snapped my heart like a twig 
And then ground it to dust beneath your polished shoes – 
Even though you left me weeping hollow tears; 
Even though I am dying a slow death, suffering…
Still I find the strength to love you 
And despite the winter snows that fall inside my soul, 
Blanketing my mind with dismal white, 
Your name and the memory of your face shine out, 
Bright and blazing as the fires of happy homes – 
And when I whisper your name into the empty night…
Oh god, the specter of your beauty looms, 
Ethereal, out of the gathering gloom – 
And I find myself prostrate at your phantom feet 
Crying, and pleading, and wishing you would come back to me 
Just for one more hour, one more precious minute 
So I can gorge myself on your angelic grace – 
And for a short while forget the world’s ugly, murderous face…

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Great Grandfather

I knew an old wise Angel
Who was generous with his’ time
He could make anyone feel special
Until the stairway to heaven he did climb

He took me to my first confession
And had my rosary beads blessed
He introduced me to religion
And finding my faith became my quest

He told me the most wondrous stories
And had the wildest imagination
His stories still live in my memories
Cos we were characters in his creation

His lap was where we’d love to sit
He made us feel at home
Loving vibes he did emit
Love, the reason I wrote this poem

His name was Spencer Gagan
He was my Great Grandfather
A wonderful Christian, a great man
To me there was no other

He did what he could for everyone
And received nothing in return
Even his partner, and Peter, her son
Took him for granted without concern

He loved Peter like his own
Taking the place of his Dad
But when Peter was nearly grown
They up and left him alone, sad

He lived many hours away
So I treasured the time we spent
When he’d stay at Nan’s for a holiday
Until back home he went

He became ill and placed in a hostel
Where I think he was alone quite a lot
I’m not sure if he was cared for well
I hated the place, it was a depressing spot

We knew he wouldn’t last much longer
We would visit every second Sunday
His spirit weakened, where it used to be stronger
I would hold him tight, not knowing what to say

The last time I saw him, we held each others’ hand
He went to say my name but stopped
His memory disappearing like the sifting sand
My heart filled with sadness, just popped

Then a week or so later, while lying in bed
I awoke in early hours of the morning
To my Great Grandfather gently stroking my head
He had come to give me a warning

He had just passed and was on his way
He comforted me as I lay crying
He told me he wished he could stay
But the time had come, there was no compromising

He said so much but spoke not a word
And I understood the silence
Our bond grew stronger, my emotions stirred
As I witnessed his spirits disappearance

I woke my Sister to tell her what I knew
Tears falling from my eyes
The phone started ringing out of the blue
To inform Mum of Great Grandfathers’ demise.
©copyright Juanita Torr

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Midnight Pearl

A real short story of a coal-black mare,
her name was Midnight Pearl!
She lived on a giant horse farm,
her owner, a teenage girl.

The girl was the farmers daughter,
her name was Lucy Gwen.
She got Midnight, when she was five,
they've been real close friends since then!

They were attacked by a rabid coyote,
one day on their daily ride!
Midnight was startled, and Lucy fell off,
she lay on the ground and cried!

Midnight, started snorting and kicking,
nothing more needs to be said!
Lucy was safe, cause when Midnight was done,
that rabid coyote, was dead!

By:  Ralph Taylor
Contest: Midnight Pearl

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My Darling Pinkee

Name: Pinkee
Alias: Alias the Pinkster
Likes: Game's, Sponge Bob, Dancing
Height: Midget
WT:  35 lbs.
Age: only four (04)
Education: Smart as a Whip
Claim to fame:  feel's no shame


When I am feeling lonely
And feeling kind of blue
I count on my darling Pinkee
She will know what to do
Let's us play game's
That is what she would say
She love to kiss and hug
She sing's all day
She is a real character
Whether she is at work'
         Or at play
I know that she is happy
So long as thing's are her way
She taught me the word
That mean's I just don't know
And if you ask me why
Then, I will tell you so
It's the Pinkster you know
      She told me so         
One day we made a song
Something that you might not
      Want to miss
And then she gave me a little kiss
     And it goes' a little
Something like this
Wee Luv uhr Pin-kee
O'h yes wee do-oo-00
We wulve uhour pink-eey
I must be-ee true-uho-uho
Now, I know that I do Love her
And the baby she in mind
Their are so many thing's to do
Just so little time
I know that I love you
With heart body and soul
I know that the thing's
That you do for me
Make's me young and bold
Her name is P-ink-ee
She is taught and she is tame
With-out her is this world
My world would never
Be the same
She is smart
She really knows' how
To play the game
On top of that
She knows' how to
Spell her name
My name is P-ink-ink-ee-ee
O'h, yes it is--s-is's
My name is Pink-yee
Have lot's of chee-ree-rs
She is smart
Smart as a whip
Even when though
She is four
She always give 
Me the slip...

If not, then 
She will give me
A tip
And who can ask
For more


******Note: ********
Her name is Faith Renee Wiggins -AKA- the {Pinkster}

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Say queen what's your name?
in a moments delay, i caught a glimpse of your smile, looked in your eyes and saw someone i knew. someone i loved. a face of she that completed the entity of me holistically. I'm sorry your name is..
the spirit beckoned for my presence, i listened but in hesitation i declined the conversation. i remembered the moment my heart shattered into pieces with ends that would no longer be proportionate to any puzzle. the moment my breath became my suffocation, the more i swallowed i saw cloudy pictures i lost sight. i thought i was dying, no one to resuscitate me. she left me in that space hopeless.
speak again, what's your name?
the eyes delivered my trance, thoughts spinning, emotions flipping, i was turning into a ball of confusion, i heard the name but the familiarity was expelling too much energy, i couldn't find the rhythm of me lost in my memory, it's good to remember her, in fear i ran to the the lowest hole but climbed the highest and still didn't reach ground level. i still need her.
you asked my name...
the voice of my sanity, it rang like anita baker angel on a sunny sunday stunning sun rays beaming of the beams of my forehead, tingling the roots to the follicles of my tendrils. speak to me spiritually because verbally i submerge in blue hues with purple colored canvas i become a lush of words. speak to me emotionally with your hands covering mine, feel my pores into yours, drowning in love. whisper slowly in the pits of my being, i need your words to linger this moment may not happen again...
your name  happines huddled around ampled eager evident total tenacity heighten humility eventually enmeshed rhythm rupture.

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The Light of a Child

There was a child born to man, who made every body smile.
Born at night but fair of heart, she made the morning rise.
She sprinkled the magical light of stardust where ever she appeared.

Her laughter filled the hearts of those who came close enough to hear.
Her sparkling eyes full of wonder filled every heart with cheer.
Her generosity dispelled the gloom and made the flowers grow.
Her fair contingence spoke of treasures, still as yet untold.
Her antics opened up the world, bringing vibrancy alive.
Her head would bow with prayers, which opened every mind.

Thru her came a radiance that chased away the clouds.
Thru her contentment came a peace that showered all around.
Thru her actions came a beauty that strengthened every soul.
Thru her love she filled every heart, till they over flowed.
Thru her came a wealth for all, through heart, mind, and soul.
Thru her came a restful peace which everyone proclaimed.

She really was a beautiful child, who was greatly admired.
And what would you name such a wonderful child?
I would name her Hope, wherever she is born.
I know you might have thought I was describing someone else…
But she was a precious token left to us, a much needed gift… 
From God and our Beloved Christ above, for our benefit.

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His Name is Jeremy

Justice his goal, his words polite

Eager to help friends with their plight

Relies on small things for delight

Expressive in what he does write

Mighty in love, peaceful and quite

Yields to actions that are forthright

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What is love

Looking I see that maybe you weren’t such a good idea, in theory yes, but in reality no.
Can u commit to me?
Am I good enough for you?
Or am I meant to be alone…
I feel it deep in my bones this aching need to be better but failing everyone even you.
So maybe I’m not your girl
So maybe you can just use me like gum then throw me out when you’re done.
Truthfully ill take whatever you give but secretly want more.
Secrets, do you have some because I know I sure do.
Would you look at me the same if you knew mine?
Would you at least still fake your love like I fake my smile? 

I like the way you hold me, the way you kiss me, the way you touch me.
But are we real?
Will we ever be? 
Or do I only have these few minutes to try and hold forever ?
What is love if you cannot name it?
What is lust if you cannot name it?

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I see that you have been in a coma for two days and I hope you can hear me,Johnson, I'm going to check your vital every two hours just to see if there ant changes,Johnson,my name is ruthie your nightly nurse, and while I'm here with you I will see to it that you are giving the best care while you here,Johnson, I will clean your wounds and chang your bandages too and when I'm finished doing those thing I will comfort you,Johnson, my name is Ruthie your nightly nurse I'm going to check your vital every two hours just to see if there is any changed,with tears in her eyes, thses are her words, I going to sit right beside you,I'm going to write your wife and kids for you Johnson,I'm going to tell your wife how much you going to miss her and how she's going to miss you,I going to tell your kids that you love them and you wish that if it God will that you can be there to watch them grow-up,I'm going to hold your hand while you are here,Johnson, my name is Ruthie your nightly nurse ,I will be the person you will hear talking with you and I will be the last person to hold your hand, and I'll kiss you for your wife and kids and I'll tell them how good a soldier you was Johnson,I'm going to tell your parent that you are a brave soldier and that you love them very much,and I will also write and tell your conrade to always keep you in there heart,and Johnson when it's my time to go who will sit beside my bed? and hold my hand? and who is going to write my husband and kids and tell them how much I'm going to miss them and who is going to kiss me one last time???Johnson, my name is Ruthie, your nightly nurse It's time to unplug you from my machine, I can't check your vital anymore, I'm going to clean you and dress you in your dress blued and pin your awards upon your chest, and call for someone to bring your body out PVT Johnson will be miss. time of death 1400hrs. stay in a coma for five days....................this is dedicatedto Pvt johnson and his family and love ones......................SSG KIRT JACK

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MLK - 1929 - 1968

(January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968)

they shot you down
all those years ago


your dream lives on
and always will

for though much has been
gained since you dreamed
your dream

there is much to fight for
and much more to struggle for

and much, much more
to fight for still

your dream resounds in
our hearts and we pledge 
this to you today
for though they shot you down
all those years ago on a memphis day
we shall overcome
this we do believe
deep in our hearts
we shall overcome

(for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.)

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There’s a fire on the stage, 
And the fans feeling the heat,
To them it’s a sign of stardom,
But the first spark of this fame, 
Burned my home, my kingdom,
Left me with few broken promises,
The fire brought me a fortune, for a Scar,
And yet I’m a Demigod, and yet I’m a Rockstar.

Blinding neon lights, outshine the Sun,
A humanoid zombie fiesta, a never ending run,
The fury within, punishes my hands on strings,
The red sins melt in the symphony that it brings,
And when I cry out the agony inside,
The rhythm is given, but tears are denied,
They enjoy the show of suicide, the weapon being my guitar,
And yet I’m a Demigod, and yet I’m a Rockstar.

I had all I desired, but is this borrowed life worth?
Fond of my naivety, will they hold my truth?
Yes! They do love me, but isn’t Love the name of my fears?
Of the prince of their Songs, will they hold the tears?
Will I ever be a fool again, to take the fall, in love?
Can I again wish for you, from a Wishing star?
Will I ever take you name again, in my unheard song?
And can your arms be the world to which I belong?

Every apprehension derived; leaves me aghast,
I’m stuck at the medley; of my future and my past,
Of a short lived empire of masked men, of which I’m the Czar,
Or for that cradle of love, for eternity that can last,
Where my transgressions, redeem their yield,
A premonition I carry, is to meet you in that field, 
The only escape so I see, is that Field, with the door left ajar,
Where I’m just a human, where I’m not a Rockstar.

(Based on the Bollywood Movie - Rockstar)

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Are we looking at the same stars tonight

Standing alone in the middle of nowhere. Look up and pray for an answer. What happened? One minute you were there The next minute I am pulling my hair out On my knees I am screaming in pain. Trying to figure out where things went wrong. I draw your name in the stars But before I’m done your name is gone. Is this the end? Will we see each other again? How could my heart be torn in two? All I want is to be with you. Why can’t you see that we were meant to be? Opposites attract and we have proven that Why won’t you just come back? I can’t take the pain.. My flame is out and you're nowhere to be found. Looking at the stars I wonder where you are. Are you looking at the same stars I am looking at?

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A bit of love and humor:What the cat saw

Oh,Stan is feeling happy.
His wife has gone away.
She’s gone out to Australia
She won’t be home till May.

Oh,Stan has got a mistress,
She lives next door to him.
She is very curvy.
She won’t go to the gym!

Her first name it is Sukie
She loves Stan and his cat.
She wears far too much makeup.
Her cheeks are very fat.

She wears bright coloured stockings.
Her handbag’s apple green.
She wears a dark red jacket,
In case she meets the Queen.

Stan loves Sukie dearly.
He loves his wife as well.
What will be the outcome?
I’m damned if I can tell.

They’ve been in this threesome
For twenty seven years;
Even though Stan’s mother
Said it would end in tears.

Mary is Stan’s wife
They only had one child.
Her name is little Lyra.
and she is very wild.

She looks quite like a tiger
Her eyes are very sharp.
But Lyra’s a musician.
She plays an Irish harp.

Stan wanted more children
But Mary went off sex.
She never let him love her
Except via a text.

She called him her sweet baby.
She called him “little lamb”.
Stan gets very angry.
For Stanley is a man.

He wants to join with Mary
Like couples usually do.
He wants to unite with her
But she always has the flu.

Now she’s giving lectures
In the southern hemisphere.
So Stan makes love to Sukie
And swigs ten pints of beer.

The cat Emile is watching.
He keeps a daily log.
Stan has bedded Sukie
Right there on the rug.

He’d vacuumed it that morning
To Emile’s great surprise.
The antics they performed on it
Have opened Emile’s eyes.

Now they’re in the kitchen
To microwave a meal.
Then Stan says to Sukie
“I like the way you feel. “

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In your name...

I’m sorry I’m letting go 
We’re both drowning below 
Deep into an abyss of confusion 
We’ve enjoyed every moment, but merely an illusion 
Please, my one, please, baby understand 
I will always be the one to hold your hand
Even if you’ll turn your back as doubt prevails
I will always see beyond your anger and wails
Forgive me, but I have to let go 
The reason is of this we might never know
Baby, in your name 
A martyr I became
Without regret or gain
I’m letting go, immersed in pain 
Baby, in your name 
I extinguish my flame 
My heart will shatter forever
But your happiness I won’t sever
On this path you have to travel
Make me proud and my agony will unravel

True as always, I say “baby, I love you,  
And, adieu, my one and only, adieu” 

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Why should a man marry
  Not only your name will she carry
What about the love she has for you
  You must have feelings for her to  
You can really make her heart sing
  Ask her to marry you and give her a ring
It has to make you feel good that she will be in your heart
  When she says yes and a new family you will start 
You set the date then comes that day
  Now that day is here and the words I do you both say
Now that she has your last name 
  Your wife and your kids will share something the same
Some days will probably go by
  You will argue and you will make her cry
Stop to think don’t let bad words tear your love apart
  It may just take a few kind words and kiss for a new start 
In years to come you will feel good
  The way a father and husband should
You will be proud your last name will carry on  
  Your kids will be grown, get married and move on
Your kids will still call you dad
  That’s a great feeling a great family is never bad 
Don’t let things and time go by to fast
  Try to make everything and every minute last

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So what's so wrong of emulating him?

For you are so against saying His name and/or acknowledging what He has done!

What's so wrong of wanting to emulating Him..

He left several examples to follow

for us humans to live life in a peaceful way.

To Love each other

To forgive one another

To not steal

To not kill

To advise us a soft answer turns away wrath and a harsh answer stirs up anger

To not worship anything other than Him..

For ALL things He created.

So what is so wrong of emulating Him and acknowledging there is NO OTHER like Him...

Are you so hung up on if he was Black/White if he was Jew or Gentile, if His hair was long or short

Did he really turn water into wine...

Look at the bigger picture and realize there isn't another God/Jesus that is like Him...

For God created Jesus out of His spirit to save us ......

Think about it why are you so against Him if you say His name causes wars, deaths, etc tell me if you read the Holy Bible and see His main intentions is to love one another and trust in Him before it's too late..

Written by Patricia Lewis

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Million tears


   To feel the pain of a million tears pour from somewhere deep inside is that just 
good for the soul?

  To see the love in their eyes as they walk with someone else,
 does that make life a pity game?

   Never to have felt love is that the way to grow,
 no tears wasted no tingle up the back when the phone rings.
 Summer days replaced by the thunder of words that ends a dream?

   Let them fall or hold in tight feel them on the horizon for to let go is to go insane. 
Happy sounds or angry words a joy to feel as they call your name as you sleep at night,
 You call a name hold a hand it’s just in your mind and they silently fall.

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Appreciation in full

So much you have been to me and for me. when there was the concept of lost love you 
brought with you the meaning of true love. At times when I felt that I suffered alone,your 
tears told me that my miseries were also yours. When trouble came pouring down, you were 
my shelter. Even when everything seemed to be going wrong your touch let me know it 
would be alright. As confusion surrounded me and I lay on the brink of insanity, youbrought 
me peace of mind. In the darkness when I was lost and searched for friends, you came as 
the light by being my truest friend. In this world where there is said to be no garauntees 
youve proven to be my only garauntee...How do i show my appreciation in full?

Maybe if I were able to have the planets rotate around you, or reach into the sky and gather 
the stars to put at your door step to forever light the path you walk on...That would be 
appreciation in full.
To shed tears until the deserts of the world are no longer dry but instead blossom with roses 
that match the complexion of your skin, or to have a single drop of your own tears be the 
secret of the fountain of youth...That would be appreciation in full.
Having the angels of heaven proclaim you as Gods most precious angel on earth and the 
priest of the world know the love your name brings as its own religion...That would be 
appreciation in full.
Directing the bees from every continent to bring their honey only to you as a representation 
of how sweet your touch is, or a million butterflies to explain to you what my stomach feels 
like when i am in your presence...That would be appreciation in full.
To go back in time to the begining of my life and be born for the purpose of being with you 
and only you,or to make the blessings of your first and second child becreated from my 
seed...That would be appeciation in full.
Having the waves of the ocean spell out your name within every ripple of motion or to make 
love to you under the stars in the middle of that same ocean while lying on the waves...That 
would be appreciation in full.
Spending my life in prayer thanking God for having you, while looking into the sky seing 
your face in the clouds or hearing your voice within every breeze of wind, feeling your touch 
within the suns warm rays...That would be appreciation in full.
My pride in life is having you and for that I trust solely in us, you are my love, my life, my 
wife...How do I show my appreciation in full?

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You Don't Exist Anymore

This midnight blackness draws
Vivid dreams coloured with 
Pretty unpainted toenails where you 
Sleep with breaths saved only for 
The prettiest hummingbirds the 
Song we just wrote keeps playing 
Over and again in that space behind
My eyes but I can’t get past the line 
Where I’m kissing that crescent 
Shaped scar on your thigh I seem 
To remember but I’m not too sure 
If I stared so long into your eyes 
That I lost count so I start from 
One again / two/ I'’m painting your 
Canvas with my tongue by numbers  
Whispering dirty lines of this f*cked 
Up poem my breath held tightly like 
I’m scared to pull it out like goose 
Bumps appear magically in puffs of 
Steamy showers  my fingertips playing 
Your curves like strings on that 
Acoustic guitar I never learnt to play 
Till tonight that playlist we love to dance 
To rolls off your lips but tonight this 
Movie runs so slow it’s almost like 
Reverse and we’re going to end at 
Foreplay the second coming of 
“Oh Christ!” cuts through the darkness 
And I swore it was yours but sh*t 
That voice sounds too much like mine 
On a scratched CD begging your name 
Begging your name the moonlight casts 
Contorted shadow puppets bodies 
Twisted and tied like fleshy sailors 
Knots like Chinese finger traps but
This ain’t my finger You’d swear they
Were reading pages in a Braille cookbook
But it’s really beads of sweaty skin 
Marinated in all types of lust I’ve fornicated
With God herself  made love to the petals
Of an orchid coloured sunrise which means
It’s morning Now and you don’t exist anymore

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You never saw me JCO

It is so strange. You were gone, then I needed you. I needed your voice. I needed 
to see your face. I sat there in front of you, still so defeated, but I couldnt move. My 
feet were planted.  I was so in love with you. You never saw me.

I never heard Im sorry escape your lips, you felt no guilt. I heard I needed you. I 
heard I still love you.  But you left me. YOU just left me. I watched you move, I 
pleaded within myself to not fall this time. I made no attempt to get closer. I 
reached for the lighter, you never saw me, when you reached for me. 

Then you put the arms I needed, around my body, and kissed my head. I closed my 
eyes trying to contain everything I wanted to scream. I just cried. You never saw 

I listened to you talk. So much excitement in your voice. I was focused on the road, 
and listening to the passion come from your lips.I felt so broken inside...I knew you 
never said my name with excitment, because you avoided saying my name at all. I 
cried again. You never saw me.

I watched you as you took the wheel, the way your skin glowed in the full moon 
light. The way my hand looked as it touched your face. I was so hurt inside when I 
felt the phone continuously vibrate, I knew once again it wasnt me. I realized at 
that moment, I dont know that I love you anymore. I cried when I lay in bed that 
night. You never saw me.

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My Vera Rosina

My Vera Rosina

I love all the birds in the meadow
I love all the flowers that grow
And send out their perfume
In sweet, sweet perfection 
Yet much more my love, it does grow….

For Vera Rosina
My wonderful lady
Who opens my heart like a flower
Because of your beauty
Your sweetness and your goodness
I am filled with true love’s hazy power

Each time that I think about Vera
My heart sings a song that’s so sweet
A beautiful melody
Touches all my being
And all of my world feels complete.

My Vera Rosina
I can’t help but love you
With all of my heart, oh, yes I do
For you have the essence
The sweetness and the beauty
There’s nobody sweeter than you.

Till death us do part I will love you
For you be a song of sweet delight
Whenever you are with me
My beautiful lady
My world feels so wondrous and so bright

7 January 2011

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Oh, how's this work, how to reFrame?
The s p i n  I'm in
"I hear your Name and I'm aFlame!..."

In Portraits to arabesques in Castles in Spain
And belles letteres of A. Nin
Oh, how's this work, how to reFrame?

Perhaps a chanticleer, puffed jactate, abreast of whether, vained
For thy meadowLin 
"I hear your Name and I'm aFlame!..."

ReSown seeds, reap our grain
Grapes to wine, nary raisin'?
Oh, how's this work, how to reFrame?

A burning untamed
Unassuaged by Verse, unlessen'
"I hear your Name and I'm aFlame!..."

Will girasoles thrive arranged
Or Lilies' parure Daffodils akin?
Oh, how's this work, how to reFrame?
"I hear your Name and I'm aFlame!..."

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She doesn’t remember what
she loved about me
so i hold her in my elbows
as if she needed someone to save her
and i hate that i’ve always believed in
things i couldn’t touch

tree house ladder i climbed you
with the weight you swung into me
told the sky
glow heartbeat
glow strong
glow window pane
hold me tight with your seatbelt arms
i am hammock swing
stardust cough
xylophone fingers
bruise easy rock swing
the meaning of yes
the language of whales
she doesn’t remember what we felt like together
she pauses like maybe i won’t see myself in hers
bones i shift
and the city deserts me deep
and indigo sky knuckle down nosebleed
i resorted to creating new memories with you
by looking at old photographs
and pretending i had been in them
glove compartment hawk heart i pulled
sky captain kite punch like
you name me adventure
name me skip trunk keys scrape
name me stranger
like elevator kiss
like storm clouds
like hummingbird heartbeat
i said i like who i am as a person
and you pulled away
as if my skeleton wasn’t big enough to hold both of us
you wore apple core lips
like i should never be sad
that i spent all this time kissing someone who
didn’t want to be kissing me
as if i tasted like relief
like you wanted to cut me into your esophagus
and hush
like quiet city
like loves becoming a plea bargain
like spit me out as a watermelon seed
you say lets get married and name all of our children ribcage
i pull through her thumb locked
and aware of all the times she said apologizing would
just sound empty
and i whisper i hope if i’m getting old
it’s because you make time nonexistent
do not cantaloupe smile
do not flashlight heart
do not risk what you cannot promise on me
do not wear me like we are the same size
i’m building life with slice wounds on the bottom of me feet
deep enough to hide hopes in
so i can wear them into the ground
how to reach from my heart
so you don’t apple adam promises that
sound like
i never lied to you
i want you to teach me
to glow heartbeat
glow strong
glow windowpane
with blood in your
mouth like you thought climbing trees
could teach us to fight distance
remember to hold me
like you know how to shake
remember to keep everything at arms length
remember to palm scoop crayfish
remember to break me
like you know what you cared for about me
these are my confessions on a street corner
bent shattered and proud
I promise to never use words like always 
refer to you and I in the future tense 
or reveal wishes before they come true 
because every person I’ve ever loved 
has said I was the best thing 
that ever happened to them when they left me.

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         A SPECIAL NAME 

My mom never had much thought about my name.
So when it came time for me to be born.
Into this world short,fat and hair the color of corn.
But my dad said"he wouldn't be the blame".

The first name my mom thought of was Teresa.
I was named after no aunts or granny's or any other.
Not even named after my mother.
But my dad really liked the name Lisa.

The doctor looked at me and said"oh what a face".
I wasn't named after an angel or a saint.
I  was so big she almost had to faint
and all dad could do was pace.

I love the name my mama gave me.
Middle name is Ann after my granny Ann.
Mama says I look like her side of the clan.
Her love made me be what I should be.
                     Teresa Skyles

Entered in Linda-Marie's"what's in a name"contest

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The wanderer

One day I scribbled
Letters dear to me upon dust
A name more precious than gems and diamonds
Resting in timeless fortune.

Then came storms of wind
Erasing my precious with fortunes of dust
Which glitter gold in rays of gold.
I wrote a second with life

Again,I scribbled her name upon
Them in blood,pure as love.
Came those winds in mockery
As they made prey mine pains.

Victor assay heard she echoed
I languished as dust speckled red
Balm as love  flows through the veins
Deaf heaven sang a new song

Wan grew they under my feet
At the rise of a victor 
Conquered all but a tender warrior
A name in a heart,a name among stars.

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N Love With U

 What woman has failed to recognize your shine, your beauty from within each bar, your strength? She must have been foolish not to have seen what I have found.  My eternal flame that will never cease to burn, engulfing your knowledge.  You are more then just average, more then just bars and hooks, you are a radiant light, a breathe of fresh air that has allowed me to breath, relax and release.  Supreme being it is a blessing to dwell in your presence... Our bond can never be broken no matter who exist in our inner circle, we remain as a reflection of the sun that other ear's are too sensitive to embrace.  It is misunderstood yet my love is relevant and essential to have in similarity to life, love and respect for the art.  Who was she that has denied the voice of kings and queens crowned with every element not known to man but ordained by a higher power.  Captivating the heart of a woman such as I.  We were soul mate's even before eye's had the pleasure to embrace.  Vibrations in your voice touched every part of me, with every verse you had a chance to recite captivated and locked under your spell as time brought forth the realization of a culture that I belonged to, a mental stimulation nation. You complete and free me from the stress of everyday life, for me you battle the ill street bullies. Beat and break the chains. Your rhyme's untangle me and walk through my mind like a lyrically exercise... So I dance RESTLESS in connection to your cypher and color graffiti. Casting out the fake one's who speak in your name but they are lames, I know you by your name HIP-HOP!!!!!!

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I have a name that has a meaning so do you
My name gives meaning to my character
It gives me identity and introduces me
God has many names
Each of his names is alive
Each has Power
Each has Meaning
Each bears Purpose
Elohim means Creator
Strong, Great, Forgiving and Righteous
Jehovah means I Am
Pure, Holy, Willing, Loyal and Honest
Elashadi the All-Sufficient One
Author, King, Prince, Divine and Patient
Yeshau the Son of God
The First the Last the Everlasting
The Truth the Word the One, the Only
EL ROI the God who see’s and knows all
Lead me to the cross
That is greater than I
Adonai my master now you are risen
I belong to you
Draw me close 
Rid me of self
Restore all that is broken.

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All in that road

All in that road

I find myself full of tears when I imagine it again

The bright light that used to shine for us so brightly

So bright that I can almost see what paradise is

A paradise designed for the two of us

And then in a blink of an eye it’s gone

That beautiful and lovely paradise was gone

Because there was no road to lead me there

I walked home alone in a long and dreamy boulevard

I wrote those names in the midnight stars

And I said to myself you will be the last star

The last star that will ever lead me to that paradise

Where no reason at all to cry in the middle of dawn 

Though you break my yearning heart 

Your name that was beautifully written among those stars

Your name that makes me weak whenever I hear them 

It will never stop from adoring your sweet presence 



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If I Had A Broken Heart

If broken is the name I take,
All for my shattered heart,
I will tie it up with twine,
Rest it upon stolen bark,
Set it to sail on a river,
And wait for it to get dark.
Losing you ripped at me,
Set fire to my veins,
Now when you come to mind,
Tears emerge and I'm filled with pain,
You were my beautiful wife,
And now I wish death were my gain.
Now I'll follow the shore,
To find my precious shards,
I'd let the wind carry me,
If you had gotten that far,
Just because losing myself,
Wouldn't be extremely hard.
I'll follow the spirits,
Just to say to you my dear,
You're always with me,
Even though I'm full of fear,
You haven't really left me,
I know you're always near.
So if broken is the name I take,
All for my shattered heart,
You can watch me tear up my insides,
Until I'm finally ripped apart,
No matter what happens, though,
I'll always be searching the dark.

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When You Fall For The Wrong One

I guess I always knew
That it was too good to be true
That I never really had you in my hand
Just a filler, a time killer
Just a soft place you could land
Not the girl that you’d imagined or had planned
But now your ring is on her finger
And her name is on your heart
And I’m left here with my memories
Trying not to fall apart
‘Cause you let me
Slip through your fingers
You never looked back
And you let me, pick up your pieces
But I never thought that
I’d be the one in pieces
When it was over, said and done
But I guess that’s just what happens
When you fall for the wrong one
As crazy as it sounds, I still wouldn’t change a thing
I wouldn’t take a moment back from us
I don’t regret the moments
When you told me everything
Won’t forget the side of you
That only I know
But now your ring is on her finger
And her name is on your heart
And I’m left here with my memories
Trying not to fall apart
‘Cause you let me
Slip through your fingers
You never looked back
And you let me, pick up your pieces
But I never thought that
I’d be the one in pieces
When it was over, said and done
But I guess that’s just what happens
When you fall for the wrong one
It’ll hurt one day, mark my words
One day when everything falls apart
When she breaks your heart
One day you’ll reach for me
You’ll see me in your dreams
But I’ll be gone
I’ll be gone
‘Cause you let me
Slip through your fingers
You never looked back
And you let me, pick up your pieces
But I never thought that
I’d be the one in pieces
When it was over, said and done
But I guess that’s just what happens
When you fall for the wrong one
But I’ll be gone…
I’ll be gone…

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Dignity and infraction

I dip the tip of quill
deep in my hearts inkpot
and cross my name with blood
out the record I got.
My name will not be found
in the book of passion.

I wish I could erase
my desires madness.
But how forget the past
if remaining sadness
still painful hurts my soul?
Rainbows turn to ashen.

The open gates to dreams
tempting and forbidden
are with repentance closed.
I will keep them hidden,
ask pardon for my flaw,
fighting my dispassion.

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Jesus Your Name I Will Cherish

Jesus, Your Name I Will Cherish!

Jesus...  Your name I will 
always cherish.
Without you.  I would 
certainly perish.

Knowing you has been a delight!
You are with me,
Each day and night!

YOU are my best friend! 
 God's precious son.
My daily provider!.  
The all sufficient one.

You loved me!
When I was lonely and sad.
I have joy and happiness,
 I once never had.

You are my savior and best friend!.
That's why I fall in love with you
 all over again.

Your life, for mine,
 is what you provided!
Living for you, 
Is what I decided!!

By Jim Pemberton

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My Desire

My Desire “1I will confess and praise You [O God] with my whole heart; before the gods will I sing praises to You. 2I will worship toward Your holy temple and praise Your name for Your loving-kindness and for Your truth and faithfulness; for You have exalted above all else Your name and Your word and You have magnified Your word above all Your name!” Psa 138:1-2 AMP My Desire is to reveal God’s love and power And to exalt His word and name; To bring glory to our risen Savior Not to be in any hall of fame. I desire to protect my Lord’s reputation, And make known to all His lavish love; To praise His name above all names, And delight in His peace and joy from above. My Desire is to uplift my Savior, Who died so humble and obedient, So He may save this one lost world, So ungracious and willfully defiant. May those who receive an abundance of grace And heaven's gift of righteousness, Reign in life through their Savior And demonstrate His loving kindness. My Desire is to reveal God’s promises To those who feel weak, That they might be strengthened, Because His word they now seek. May my readers find their Savior And experience His mighty power; May they reach out for His mercy When the roaring lion attempts to devour. My Desire is that we are all thankful For the Father and the Son. Thankful that both would deem us worthy To sacrifice so much that our redemption be won. Thankful for the Holy Spirit And the numerous gifts of heaven; Thankful for God’s tender mercies And His abundant love so graciously given. Copyright © 2012 Maureen LeFanue

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Shakespearean tragedy me

path of least resistance
the souls do choose
and thus we have a soul mate
what better way for a god
or demi god to rid themselves of one not to be
me the shakespearean tragedy
living in a world
far from fair
my gut tells me i shouldnt be here
and love needs to be spared
plan to fail
plan to fail
sorry love
i must turn you away
away in disgust
become everything i truly dislike about myself
and hold it to the extreme

the one left loving me
the one left there by my side
the one who stands tall with me as i plan to fall
is my murderer to be
my soul mate
the one the gods have cursed
alas they have cursed me

the path of least resistance
is it in your life?
when the tough gets going do you get tough?
or do you do what you can while you can
in the name of beauty and love
and show the gods what they shoulda woulda could of

a war in the name of using love as a weapon

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The Boatman's Song 19/ Many

The Boatman’s Song                                                     19/Many 

He asked her in a very natural tone
“Who you are, and why you are telling me those things
About which, I know nothing?”

Urveshi revealed her identity

Urveshi knew, how this warrior like Youngman would react,
And told, “I am Urveshi* the Apsara from heaven,
I came here Youngman to hear those beautiful melodies
Which you were singing from earth, but its echoes were
Ringing even in heaven”,

Your songs and melodies have brought me, here on earth 
And I am happy to be here, to find that you are not only a singer, 
But, in actual a warrior and scholar, with extra ordinary va lour,
In your body and arms 
Gifted with the sharpness of mind, that too with a noble loving heart
It’s time O Chandragupta*, you should help your love
I know you don’t want to let your name be called before anyone
Till you are in seclusion and exile, due to your differences with the kingdom
But there is no one here to know, what I tell you as a sincere friend
You have to save your love the Princess, 
From the poisonous jaw of her Uncle’s clutches  

Urveshi exclaimed! Put strength of va lour in your arms, Youngman 
And polish your fighting techniques
So that you may end the vicious circle engulfing your love
By killing those treacherous men in black in her kingdom

I know you are alone, without men to fight with you
But you are the same, who can even fight with an army alone
And you have given a pledge to your Guru* Chanakya* 
To save your land from King like DhanaNanda* 

Even Alexander* the Great, was in praise of your va lour
As no man ever had shown to him, such a courage
To face and fight his men,  as you were alone 
And made them wounded in few moments
And escaped using your mind’s alertness
Like a lightening appears and vanishes during rains

Your destiny is going to change, the future of this land
And you are going to rule on the entire Aryavarta*
As no one has done ever, in the history of this land 

Ravindra					19/Many   to continue……

Kanpur   India 21st January 2010

      * Urveshi (One of the beloved Apsaras of Indra
      * Guru Hindi word means teacher 
* Aryavarta. Ancient name for northern and central India
      * Chandragupta.  Name of the Boatman. His full name was Chandragupta       
   Maurya, Born in 340 BC
     * Chanakya. The name of the great teacher of Chandragupta & a great politician
     * Dhana Nanda. The wicked King Dhana Nanda dethroned by Chandragupta

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Does it matter

She sat in the cafe
Thinking about her day
How it was so long
And how her love life was so wrong

Is there anyone out there for me
Tall, dark, and handsome
But she was soon to find her answer

She raised her head to see 
A guy approach her table
He had no name tag, but a label
He was tall, handsome, but he wasn't dark

She had a feeling that slowed her heart
She said to herself, she couldn't, she wouldn't dare
He smiled with interest, this was way too different
My name is Paul, can I ask you yours

She thought they came from two different worlds
And she wasn't that type of girl
He told her how beautiful she where to him
And how he would love to take her out

She tried to speak, but nothing came out
She was in complete shock
She finally said my name is Brenda
While his blue eyes stared at her

She was thinking what people would think
But her heart said yes
When her brain was saying no
But I would be different, and say yes

And she did

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What Must I Do

What does it take?
To find what we search for,
and, even harder, to keep it?
What must we do?

I seek no endless glory,
I do not desire that my name be sung
down through the ages
or even remembered by more than a few.

I seek no greater affluence,
I do not desire that my name be known
as a merchant's, a rich man's,
hopefully just comfortably well-off.

I seek no pile of women,
I do not desire that my name be screamed
in the throes of passion
by ones who shall forget it thereafter.

I seek no store of power,
I do not desire that my name be heralded
as one of influence on others,
on anything much more than my own life.

The one thing I seek is companionship;
I do desire that my name be shared
with one to talk to and be near,
one to walk the winding ways of this world with me.

What does that take?
To find happiness with my other,
and to keep the fire alive?
What must I do?

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4evr minus 1

I vowd 2 luv 4ever
4evr & a day
i'll always keep my promise
n my 4evr luvn way.

we sealed r vows n concrete,
we set r hearts n stone
u carvd my name n silvr
i carvd ur name n gold

4evr ended quikly
u had no sense of time
cause wen u say "4evr"
its alot shortr thn mine

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With My Heart

I have written your name across my heart,
a love story for only you and I.
No matter what comes my way,
my love stands, my love stands up against the
wind and the rain...
With my heart, I have written your name.
I have written your name across my heart,
searching for your love with all of my soul.
Even if you decided to stop loving me,
I will still hold on to the thoughts of you,
When you used to love me, my love for you
would always remain...with all of my heart,
I have written your name.

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My happy memory box

You whispered her name in your sleep last night The same name I saw in your diary last week With hearts adorned It took me back to days long gone When it was my name Encircled by hearts You drew it on a napkin that day, In honor of our very first date The napkin’s still lying in a box, It is still a part of my happy memory box…

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today i saw A white car with big antennas in the back
Out stepped a man in a uniform of blue and black
He knew my name as if I have seen him before
My heart had sank  to the floor
He said my name is officer green
I was the first  to arrive on the scene
My hands were shaken,my legs wouldn’t stand
I had to sit down clinch to my wedding band
I closed my eyes and hoped for the best
My heart felt like it was going to pound right through my chest
Officer green said I’m so deeply sorry to meet you like this
He said its not easy for me to say as he clinched his wrist
You could see him swallow then take a deep breath of air
Officer said my intentions today was not to bring anyone despair.
I finally asked him if he would just say what he needed to say
my nerves are shot and with my emotions you cant play
Officer said there was a wreck and I did what I could
But he didn’t make it and I deeply hopped he would
I looked at officer green;my eyes filled with a tear
Told him my world is flipped ,my husband is no longer here
No more late movies or holding each other in the dark
no more afternoon picnics after a stroll in the park
I told him our anniversary was just around the corner you see
Its just not fair  his life and mine have been taken from me
Officer said sorry is there anything you would like me to do
I was so upset I screamed  BRING MY HUSBAND BACK WOULD YOU
down on my knees crying you must have it wrong
 the last thing he said is I love you honey I wont be gone for long
Reality sank in but it took quite a while
My husband is gone its true there’s no more denial 
Officer green gave me his card said don’t hesitate to call if a need arise
 my heart goes out to you and I will listen to all your cries
Officer said I am not suppose to hug you but going to instead
You are my mom I love you  hope you don’t blame me cause dad is dead
I made sure I was the officer to tell you so it might maybe give a little ease
Mom even though I am an officer tell me it is ok to cry please
Mom I wish my visit was just to sit and talk
It is the hardest thing ever harder than learning to walk
Mom I know I am an officer and suppose to stay  tough
dad died in my arms mom ,that hurts  my days ahead rough
My shift is over mom I will be here and stay by your side
Mom I know dad is in heaven waiting to see his son and lovely bride
Now as you drive along road one hundred and ten
You will see a fathers and husbands cross standing just around the bin 

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to the Lord

Oh, Lord 

Oh, Lord we belong to you from the pea size of your magnitude
Oh, Lord we are yours lest we fall away swallow by sin and temptation
Oh, Lord there can’t be other gods greater than your utmost eternal vision
Oh, Lord we love you and praise your holy name above all name at the far end of 
Oh, Lord I was drowning in sin and through trial and worse circumstance you 
reach out and save me. 
Oh, Lord I don’t know what to say, but to stumble upon a transformed heart you 
did convert my life
Oh, Lord Furnish my life in your pattern on the road of contradiction.
Oh, Lord I have failed to obey your words and instead of believe that you were 
there I bend over my doubtful philosophy.
Oh, Lord you have done all that you can to keep me away from upcoming danger.
Oh, Lord you made my mother known in strength to carry us when we were in 
Oh, Lord you made my mother known in strength to nourish our thought to make 
the right decision
Oh, Lord, give us this strength to carry her till today.
Oh, Lord I give thee thanks, when I had not a bit a penny in my pocket.
Oh, Lord you bought us out and gifted us with your marvelous grace.
Oh, Lord there is non other that can surpass all that we ask for, it is in you the 
greatest love cometh.
Oh, Lord romances our passion and desire to seek you everyday , and do what is 
righteous before you.
Oh, Lord you are the creator
Oh, Lord your words is true 
Oh, Lord youre everything to us
by stanley jeanjacques 

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Silent Whispers

Stuck in this hole
Depression hits
My heart beats so slow
Is time even moving
I have thirty-five more days to go
I feel so isolated
I could be with millions and still feel so alone
As I sit in this cubical
The cold cruelty takes hold
In the form of silent whispers in my mind
Reminding me of everything I have already known
Guilt starts to spread within 
The results of my most dark and recent sins
Whispers refuse to stop
My strength starts to thin
Asking myself how could I let this happen
Knowing it is my fault like everything else has been
"It is your fault she is moving away
She is ashamed to have dated you"
"It is your fault she cannot stay
Because her parents hate and don't trust you"
"You deserve this torture in every way
Karma has finally caught up with you"
I know my name  is ruined
But more importantly I've lost she whom I love
She was and is the queen of my heart and my world
And of all the stars above
I had thought my return would mean the return of her love
But now I have nothing worth returning to
I am so emotionally messed up
"Why should you return at all
They kicked you out of your home to watch you fall"
"Yeah the whole school is ashamed of you
Not to mention your name is now the biggest joke in the halls"
These silent whispers are destroying my soul
No one to run to
Nowhere to go
So day after day
I sit in this hole
Silent whispers making me feel 
Hurt depressed and alone

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Who Shotcha

After all of the hard hits

And you hitting the fake witch

And calling the sweet schoolteachers name

You feel the fires of  hell  and have the

Smell of urination and defecation

And you're tired from a beating

And penetration from all those dudes

Three strikes you're out. No doubt

Jail three times in year and freaked

A darling dear called her another name

The freaking name of fame. Bullets fly

To finish you off to let you know who's

The boss of the BR streets, not ya.

They all wanna know who beat your

Ass. How and why you left alone the

Head of the class for a witch who is

Low class and called the head of the

Class's name as you did your thang

Because she both has your heart

And your brain and for a split second

You realize that you she did tame

You call her name but realize she

Not anywhere near you anymore

She let you in her door as a stranger

And loved on you and now you're

In danger and can no longer see

All of the peeps in the streets

But the lady who loved you and

Was so sweet indeed and wish

That you never treated her the

Way you did and they shoot

You again and all you can think

Of is how she attacked you with

Her love and you did to her the

Same and the last love encounter

You wanted to have her name

Tatted on your rib and you know

What that symbol is. All you don't

Know is who shotcha? But that

Teacher ain't around it wasn't

Her. Cupid shotcha heart but

Who shotcha on your legs

Lower part? Who Shotcha?

Was it that other witch or

Was it the peeps in the streets

From teacher they blockedya?

Who shotcha?


wrote 12-28-10

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Ode of Rain and Veil

She’s the princess of the world of silence.
Existing outside our normal human touch,
She sees every good, bad, deed we do.
She passes no judgment, just perseverance.
Realizing this world has choice, as such.
Caring not what we decide, or even a clue.
Her soul was guided by plain experience.
Her mind unrivaled, and new very much,
Her name, Rain; with eyes of light blue,
Lips that glimmered, true, effervescence,
Her name was given from her first touch.
Upon the day she was born, it came anew.
Christening with name in natures balance,
Her destiny preordained in gentle touch.
Who would win her heart, capturing dew?
Dew, one of her two faithful acquaintances,
They chatted in a language, Double Dutch.
Mist, the second, now you know of the two.
Stallions, white twins, with no ambivalence,
Only she could speak, hear, revealing crutch.
No other could tell differences in her crew.
One to be her prince in adoring excellence,
Must win confidence of dew in his touch,
No mistake, no second chance for woo.
Many have tried to no avail in adolescence.
Only one pauper’s son left to offer such.
One chance to know, to choose right skew,
His mind, unconsciously knew adherence.
When he prepared his choice, a quick clutch,
His choices correct, all others they bid adieu.
Her companion was chosen, forever attendance.
He rode mist, she road dew, in blissful touch
His heart and soul was, sincere, more than true
Princess and pauper together, rode into silence.
Peace prevailed in their land, never violence.
Princess Rain, now Prince Veil road in balance.

Written for

Sponsor Constance La France ~ A Rambling Poet ~ 
Contest Name Rain, The Story 
Written by cecil Hickman

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Bishwanath Mukherjee

among others he 
stands marvelously taller 
full of life and love

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Sleeping Angel

I lay my head down on my pillows, I’m fussy, I have four just for comfort,
Three hours later and it’s four o’clock, again I’m unable to sleep,
I look at my partner and see her in slumber so sweet,
Then I have an idea.

I stare at her and smile for I never noticed the way her eyes twitch,
I’m intrigued to know more about this creature of utmost beauty and perfection,
So I listen to her dreams, she mumbles the name of another man,
But I don’t worry for I know of this man, it’s a name we have discussed
In previous times, the name I would give to my Son if ever I am blessed
With such a gift, But this also brings great sadness to me as well for I know
That this is a gift she is not able to bless me with.
I watch as the tears role down her face, I hold  her in my embrace,
Then as I lick the tears from her cheeks, I softly kiss her eyes, 
As she smiles a smile of Angels she reaches out and holds me tight,
I feel her warm breath on my neck and as she breaths heavily in my ear
I feel the chills run down my spine and again I watch her sleep.

She’s running, not from but to, to what I do not know, I slip into the 
Image of her mind and I find peace and pain, I want to help, to tell her how much
I love her but all I can do is watch for interference is not an option,
I see her scream and cry as she witnesses the death and loss of a person
Who she holds dearer in her heart than even myself, and with great reason,
I cry as I watch her struggle through life with the absents of love, 
And as I see the use and abuse she has suffered, I fall to my knees and think,
After all of this how can I possibly make a difference in her life now?
And I cry streams of endless tears.

I watch her as she opens her eyes, she knows not of what has a been saw this night,
I try to talk as I wipe the tears from my eyes, to say words, to comfort her in some way,
She looks towards me and asks  the reason for my tears, I tell her not for she has already
Endured pain this night, I tell her I had a bad dream, then she gives me a hug,
Gently kisses me on the lips an says with the voice of an Angel,
“I love you”.

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Can anyone or should they say anything about loves effect.
Only one issue I feel is important, that they are both adults.
Undeniably love knows no bounds, or even any sect.
Granted in the bible, they chose younger women with respect.
Age is just a factor, when it comes to loves depth of realism.
Reason, whether be older men or women, having no schism.

Each day that passes unhappiness rages, in relationships of close age.
Forever love is in the heart and soul; it really has no classic cage.
Forever love is even rarer these days, than ever before.
Every soul has a soul mate, this I do believe with Heavens score.
Craving the closeness and touching of spirits bound, with true tenderness.
Taking to name this the cougar effect, is lending thoughts that are lecherous.

written by

Cecil Hickman

written for

Sponsor Dr.Ram Mehta 
Contest Name Cougar Effect 

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It's like the winter turned to spring
It's like a renewing fling
Indulgence of impulses
It's like I've ascended to the throne of a king

As her name starts at the depth of my throat
To the tip of my tongue
Dancing around my mouth
A new love has begun

It's like a drug, so consuming
It's like the fog, so confusing
Looming between my head and my heart
Attempt to broom it away,
Only dragging me astray.

How can I have the strength to cast you aside
If my strength is derived from the love we confide
It's like the sound of your name rumbles the earth
And I open my eyes to rebirth

It's like everything I need is within arm's reach
But my arms are trapped and simply can't breech
My head tries to fight the parasitic winds
Until my heart pushes forward and the vicious cycle wins
As my head spins and my mouth grins
And the recycled infatuation begins again

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Let Me Hint The Worlds Around Thy Name

Ha! Ha! The first letter’s the last,
 Like the zinnia, the zho, the zufolo, the zoo of animals, the zebra of Sahara, or the zeal of youth.
The second letter’s the first,
Like the Kashmiri apple, the Turkish apricot or the almond of Badam-waar 
The third letter’s the second, 
Like the beasts in the Lidder-forests, beer of Afghani grapes, beads of rosary, bed of dreams or bell of South-Indian temple.
The fourth letter’s the fifth,
 Like the eyeball of eagle, ear of rabbit, emerald grasses of Gulmarg, evening of mid-summer or in autumns’ nights—enlightened streets of Srinagar.
The fifth letter’s the fourth, 
 Like the duck in Dal-lake, dog of my street, den of Himalayan lion, deer of Danchigam, the drama of life, the drink of heavens, dying of a saint, the door of heavens or the desire of my heart.
The sixth letter’s the first, and not nothing like the second!
Oh! As plain as this art in my verse or as obscure as that art in thy beau.

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Alone and Love

My name is Alone, come walk with me in a world that very few have seen. A world you may
have seen only in dreams. A world I rule and a world I made. A world untrue and a place
that fades. but it's a blissful world that only what I want will happen. It's a place that
people that talk to themselves walk and vampires burn in sunlight and werewolves are
selfish and demons roam across the country side. And I sit on my throne and watch the
land. I always knew something was missing. My thirst of knowlegde? No. but it was my
thirst for Love. Love is this beautiful girl that I wanted to rule with but alas I feel
into though of my flaws. I sought out Love but I was afraid she would reject my company.
So I waited and waited. and I left my world soon after. I then learned she had wanted my
company too. Now I have her as I have wanted for so long. It is great. but something is
wrong. I have yet to see her. I now hope my changed looks and my more romantic and wussy
attitude. My heart can bare the thought of that. I only have one word to say to here. of
which I will say soon. Meet me in this bliss- cause I just want her kiss. I guess you
wouldn't understand because my name is Alone and her's is Love. Why would ever be
together? Because we can.

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I open again my window
Looking for a person I know
To steal a glance and say hello
Whom I have met few thousand days ago
I did it half of the day
Because to my surprise,
I almost forget
Yesterday, I don’t remember
where are you?
Who are you?
What you do?
What do I want?
What am I doing?
Who am I to you?
And why am I here,
Looking at you…

But today I was so anxious,
Searching your name and remembering everything
To your world I tried to encroached
On my way up to yours,
I was unfortunate to lost my path
Failed to trace the prints of you on the ground
Tonight I scribble letters to find you
Armed with hope and betrayal
Without thinking I write
With my restless soul 
and empty mind
I am reaching you

Today I almost forget
The day that is especial to you
I no longer wait for this as an excuse
To re state my name and shake your hands
Because today I remember to remind myself
That I no longer have the mementos of you
Washed out with new memories 
Of someone you have met

Yesterday was you 	
My unforgotten past
A history that reminds me,
Reminds me that I was with you
Today is still yours but no longer my name
The sound of your heartbeat
Doesn't echo with mine

Those I remember and never forget
For I vividly seen them even in my dreams
But it is you who can’t be freed
from the stillness that you are trapped in
Hoping to forget what had happened
And how it had ended
But how can you stay away
from the memoir that you are hiding
If what is left with you is half of the whole
Because the other half that you tried to leave
Is always tracing its way back into you

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It was a bright sunny day, though mixed with scattered sprinkles of snow, 
The Lord had a special soul yet to be given a name this November morning and so…………..
Looking down upon his mother earth,
A young man named George and a young woman named Rose
A beautiful day, a fresh new birth,
Unto these lovers he choose.

(So chipping off a piece of the moon and the sun 
The soul of a poet was born and they named him, Don Juan.)      

Curly hair and a beautiful smile,
Never before a more handsome child.
Little did they know, the looks and the name,
Would be his ticket to the Player Games.

So as time went on there was formed the perfect player,
Old school pimp, poet, lover, fighter, and heartless woman slayer.
The looks, the name, pushed him on this path from the start,
No one, but Don Juan, knew that none of this was truly in his heart.

So day in, day out, up, down and around about the play,
Don Juan went on his way-a different woman every day.
Wondering just what was really the big deal?
Was this admirable life of his times just a cover?
Would he ever find true love from a real true lover?

Fast cars, money, guns and drugs, 
Young cats and old alike praised him as the players’ thug.
Although he was very good at all he tried to do
This meant he was very good at being very bad, too!

After several narrow escapes from the law,
And gruesome murders he can’t admit he ever saw
He decided this thug life, this lonely player’s role
Was only good for a short life. 
The road to death of a Poets soul.

All the while all he wanted – All he would ever yearn
Was one true love and family……..

(But alas, this soul had a lot to learn).

With truth and faith came much heartache,
Wine and beers flushed with rivers of tears,
Of failed love affairs, year after years.
Still masking the pain with his smile and his name,
Though deep inside his tears poured like crying rain.

There were false threats of a son then came his beautiful little daughter
By an alcoholic woman who couldn’t give her daughter a quarter
Nor get out the bed to give her a drink of water!

He stuck by his daughter from the second she was born
She has his last name and a similar first name of, Dawn.
Three years passed with no sign of the mother-his ex-lover,
Till one day she poked her jealous head 
From under her alcohol vomit stained covers.

(continues in part 2)

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The Lovely Name of Jesus

The Lovely Name Of Jesus!

There’s a lovely name of Jesus that I know!
It brings strength and healing to my soul!

There’s a wonderful love that’s expressed!
Because of Jesus, I am graciously blessed!

There’s a peace that I cannot find elsewhere!
It’s in Jesus name!  His presence is everywhere!

There’s grace and mercy that Jesus extends!
It has brought hope and peace deep within!

This same Jesus can do the same for YOU!
Whatever you face!  Or what you’re
 going through!

Why not reach out and call on his name?
Right now…  Your life can be
 100% changed!

Jesus’ name can change you throughout!
He is God!  And this is what he’s all about!

By Jim Pemberton

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They are the Friends

Out of the million heads I see around, 
There are very few who rise in the
crowds to look for me. Out of the million
hands, that work and toil each day, there
are very few which come to my rescue
in the hours of my need. Out of the million
cameras treasuring the beauty and zest, 
there are some few which rejoice in
picturing me and out of the million legs, 
there are some few which are willing to
share a mile with me.
I ask lord a name-a suitable name to call
them, a name that can acknowledge the
miles they share, the words they utter
and the love that they shower. Only
one strict dad to clear the school bill, 
only one sweet mom to comfort the lill’
but a hundred Friends to paint the memory, 
some to have fun, some to hang out and
learn and some to offer a shoulder to weep
upon. At times they are the dad, at others
they become the mother, to guide-to teach, 
to fight and reconcile, to practice-to preach, 
and to love and hate-they are the friends, 
friends who combine and bind every
relation in friendship. They’ve no greed, 
no ego and no reason to stand by us but
from the spoilt son to the truant, each
one of them, somewhere is a great
Friend! ! 
Saket Suman

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Your Name

Your Name.

Your name hast been mine breathe,

At moments when air I gasp for,

I have clang to the mention of it,

As others die ,

I thrive


Your name hast been all the same,

The unchanging sweet melody,

In my ears,

During moments of silence


Your name hast been mine hope,

For another day to live,

And another life to give,

When all tomorrows' cannot be seen,

And what lies  ahead is hazy 


Your name hast been the joy in mine heart,

When all I see is hurt,

It has put an unending smile,

In my face,

Made me walk a mile,

To the promises you made


Your name hast been mine glory,

In battles I have fought,

The teachings you had taught,

As I sat and did listen,

I have a glory that doth glisten


At the mention of thy name,

I see myself at thy side,

Filled with love abounding,

Peace confounding,

Without sprinkles of shame,

In truth I abide


Your name is a precious jewel I love to hold.

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My Love Letter

Oh! my  dear love
How  can I say how much I love you
Words in this world are not enough
Still I am trying to convey you in different languages
But they are not sufficient
I can't compare you either with the sky or the full moon
I can't compare you either with the miss world or miss Universe
Nothing I found to compare with in this universe
And If you are a pain
I would like to kiss it with happy
If you are a sorrow
I would like to hug it with joy
Even I can die millions times
If you are a death
Even then I will born for you my love
I am loving you more than my life
I will still love you after my end
I just want your love forever
And I need you my love
Not just for 1 life
But in every single birth
In the name of you
And in the name of your love

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Every Night

In a dark room 
Our bodies collide 
Burn in fire 
Indulged in pleasure 
The screaming has never been so wild 
The beginning of the “Yes” 
is the end of the “baby”  
They go together side by side 
But the “baby” is soon to be gone
And a name comes instead 
A strange one bangs my head 
A name repeated again and again 
It’s not me I know 
It’s him…it’s him 
Every night 
I hear you in your sleep
Calling his name 
With so much passion yes indeed
With so much longing mixed up with pain 
The name keeps banging my head 
With no mercy keeps killing my soul
My aching body tosses and turns in bed 
I’m afraid I’m about to fall
And with all these nights that pass us by
Every morning I wake up next to you
I just don’t know the reason why 
I don’t ask for the truth and if I do 
Would you tell me and say you’re sorry?
In that case I will forgive you
Would you make up some story?
I’m sure the silly me will believe you 
It doesn’t matter what you’d do
I will still hear the name every night
And every morning wake up next to you 

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Her first word to me ''Hey''

She started calling not by my name but ''Hey''

I love to hear the word ''Hey'' from her

And I forget my name completely

I used to celebrate each and every festival

I used to party for every single thing

And her ''Hey'' feels like I am in heaven

The word ''Hey'' stamped directly on my heart

And I am in a deep love with her and ''Hey''

But she left me alone in this world

With a single word to me ''Hey''

I stopped celebrating the festivals

I am nowhere at the parties

I am alive with just a word ''Hey''

And now I am falling in love with someone  who calls me ''Hey''

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I Do Not Deserve

I lay here, trembling from the cold and bitterness of this world. Frozen in place, wondering 
when you will take me. But no, you cannot. Let me stay here, cocooned in my never ending 
misery, crying out in despair, encouraging it to keep coming forward, for it never slows 
down. Why? Why must you give me so much? So much grace, mercy, compassion. So much 
that I do not deserve. For I know that the torment stuck inside me, would write it’s name with 
dark red lines across my wrists, flowing with unsaid remarks. That the smoke would write its 
name upon my lungs and brain cells. That the substance crawling down my throat would 
write its name upon my liver and my good judgment. That males would intercede on my 
desolation and write their names upon my virginity. If not your name was written upon my 
heart, mind, and soul, all would come to pass. But no, let me dwell upon this corrupt nature 
only to make me feel worse. Much worse do I deserve. The purest lamb’s blood poured over 
me washing me clean. Washing me clean of anything and everything. My troubles and 
despair lifted up to Him, only to cause me to become filled with joy. No, why must you love 
me this way, bless me when I do not deserve. Lead me, work through me, let your will be 
done. Let anything and everything glorify you, but do not bring joy upon me, for I do not 
deserve. No matter. You will still give me things, bring me hope and joy, and bless me. For 
you have my best interests at heart and know what I need. You will provide and I will put all 
my faith and trust in you. Nothing I have, compares to Calvary. But I still lay it at your feet 
and all I can say is thank you. and I love you.

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Once on a yellow piece of paper with green lines

he wrote a poem

And he called it "Chops"

because that was the name of his dog

And that's what it was all about

And his teacher gave him an A

And his mother hung it on the kitchen door

That was the year that Father Tracy

took all the kids to the zoo

And he let them sing on the bus

And his little sister was born

with  no hair

And his mother and father kissed a lot

And the girl around the corner sent him a valentine signed with a row of X's

and he had to ask his father what the X's meant

And his father always tucked him in bed at night

And was always there to do it.

Once on a piece of white paper with blue lines

he wrote a poem

And he called it "Autumn"

because that was the name of the season

And that's what it was all about

And his teacher gave him an A

and asked him to write more clearly

And his mother never hung it on the kitchen door

because of its new paint

And the kids told him

that Father Tracy smoked cigars

And left butts on the pews

And sometimes they would burn holes

That was the year his sister got glasses

with thick lenses and black frames

And the girl around the corner laughed

when he asked her to go see Santa Claus

And the kids told him why

his mother and father kissed a lot

And his father never tucked him in bed at night

And his father got mad when he cried for him to do it.

Once on a paper torn from his notebook

he wrote a poem

And he called it "Innocence: A Question"

because that was the question about his girl

And that's what it was all about

And his professor gave him an A

and a strange steady look

And his mother never hung it on the kitchen door because he never showed her

That was the year that Father Tracy died

And he forgot how the end of the Apostle's Creed went

And he caught his sister making out on the back porch

And his mother and father never kissed or even talked

And the girl around the corner wore too much makeup that made him cough when he kissed her

but he kissed her anyway because that was the thing to do

And at three A.M. he tucked himself into bed

his father snoring soundly.

That's why on the back of a brown paper bag

he tried another poem

And he called it "Absolutely Nothing"

Because that's what it was really all about

And he gave himself an A

and a slash on each damned wrist

And he hung it on the bathroom door

because this time he didn't think

he could reach the kitchen.

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He yearns to be her
Lover I covet the name 
She calls me I am stranger
To her and he is not me for
I do not recognize this
Man wearing my smile his
Eyes are warm my stare is 
Cold strangers but the same
Lonely scent Siamese twins
At the soul but me he is not I
Long for shadows he prays for
Light we battle in the darkness
Behind midday’s shining lust he
Craves to love her but suicide will
Be my companion before I let her
Love me or adorn my existence with
Her naked ornaments forever to be a 
Stranger to her dreams that dream to
Dream about her doves so instead I 
Dream stranger dreams so I’d never 
Have to fall in love she won’t know 
This man who meets her gaze to forget 
I breathe to forget I stare she’ll know 
My name as stranger her would be
Prince he loves her but I live in 
Content to be a Stranger things
Have happened…

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The Unknown Poet n' the Lover with an Immortal Heart (Part 2)

Your hands n’ your caress traced intimately across a mortal’s flesh a thousand years ago, for 
she is a stranger in the dark of my distant karmic past,  though I know her serenading 
immortal heart sings in this body of mine now…
I refuse to hear your long lost name for I’m afraid to know all those who you loved with such 
lust in this place where you linger by your grave, I only wish to see the sweet beautiful 
memories of the love we made…

No!!! I refuse to hear my long lost name for I’m afraid to know all those who you loved with 
such lust in this place!!! where you transcend your grave, for there is a weaver n’ a loom of 
destiny n’ I’ll not repeat that chant ever again by the sea…
From the castle to the crest, to the sea, to the waves crashing on the rocks, a hundred times 
the journey from the womb to the grave I have made while you lay in your tomb n’ your 
soul yearns in suffering to make amends…

I sense you invite me to listen to your evocation in this prevailing wind, it seduces my skin n’ 
ascends from the depths of my soul from beginning to end, an eternal poetic essay of an 
immortal heart’s legend…
By this ocean of our dreams you tempt me to inhale the perfumed scent though I’ll never 
know whose breath it was that I now breathe in as the wind n’ the moon feathers the sea in 
eternal waves…

Along this coastline the breath of mother earth has nurtured many lovers, lifted angels on 
wings n’ called forth mermaids who play n’ sing on the rocks n’ dance in the shadows with 
the ghosts of shipwrecked sailors in their watery graves but it’s been a thousand years since 
my immortal heart heard a poet...
Today this storm blows across the lands of my ancestors, the siren of your poetic beckoning, 
an incantation travelling the sea n’ time heralds the galloping horses thundering, racing upon 
the shore with the chariot of your enchantment never faltering…

Their manes dancing towards the crest  n’ crash upon the rocks nearby where we made love 
a thousand years ago in the soft familiar sand, your poetic voice romancing the sunset n’ 
painting the waves in glorious tones of carnal lust ...
Within the evening storm clouds I can see the rain though I’ll never know the name of the 
lovers whose thirst it quenched with pleasure or who was cleansed of their pain as the blood 
washed from the rocks upon opening Pandora’s box in their mind n’ lost sight of hope as 
their fateful love turned to dust…

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Whisper My Name

If you whisper my name as evening falls
The breeze will carry your smile
The leaves all listen to hear me sigh
From your words that's meant to beguile

The stars look down with an envious gaze
For you shine above them all
Defeated and broken, they surrender the night
As each one begins to fall

The trees begin to bow to your voice 
As it whispers through their leaves
You've stolen the beauty away from the rose
And the attention the flower receives

The other night voices begin to be hushed
Enchanted by the love in your word
Silence now fills the long starless night
When your whispers of love are heard

If you whisper my name as evening falls
The noises will just disappear
For God Himself makes all things quiet
Just to make sure that I hear

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He was an old man, limping down the hall,
She was an old lady, leaning against the wall,
            He said," Isn't your name Ellen?"
            She said,"No, my name is Helen."

So here they met, in a hospital hallway,
             On a very warm summer day,
               He was 80, her age- 75,
    Neither had family still alive.

Two lonely, old people, wandering life's hall,
    Needing somebody to buffer their falls,
 Who would believe that in a hospital  hall they met,
               I would surely have lost that bet.

        Two lost souls, lonely and blue,
        Looking only for what was their due,
            A little company, a little love,
        Before their date with God up above.

        They found it there in that hospital stay,
                  It's with them still, to this very day,
                A Love so tender, a love so deep,
                  It will be theirs, forever to keep.

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Every line not just the bus the cafeteria at least in the lesser smaller rules would 
have a line and must produce the TICKET to get the product eye can sense it 
does not matter now ewe eye has glazed and interest has wandered back to the 
television or the window even oh please ewe pay attention. A stub of counterfit 
will not benifit the lame or halt or worried for there gender there they must have 
the goods in hand the concrete tender the dough rey mee the stuff that makes 
mens greed the money. After carefull consideration of the facts it takes the 
monkey on his back to make the money that he needs to carry greed to pinnacle 
mountains on his overactive garden of imagination he is ON the MARK he is 
Standing Toe to Toe with JOE and active in his quest and merciless at rest he 
makes his way down the line with TICKET in his hand no matter if its milk or 
meat or love or final resting place. Who is that on that cactus patch does it rally 
matter MOE his name was JOE they ALL was JOE he could have went on down 
the road but stayed to die in cactus OH what was his name it never matters to a 
martyer his spirit fled when they killed his body his name is JOE. He had his 
ticket in his hand a purple flower clutched so hard he bled. He hollard out her 
name he called her Violet and then he came to knoe his GOD again this time in 
person he has his TICKET in his hand but what is left is NOT man just another 
NUMBER on the list just another burial to be placed he had his TICKET in his 
hand a violet flower he is now a man at rest. 

Jesus Freak Homeless 

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Brotherhood of the Blank

Hi, how are you, my name is blank to your sight just another passer-bye,
Nice to meet you, others of your gentle gender call me Mr. Blank,
Since to you all my name matters not nor the tears I cry,
Apparently an odor insidious I exude therefore I must conclude by my tumultuous stank ,

Forgive us, those of the blank kind, as we shuffle along,
Our self-imposed martyrdom seeming only by this the attention we might receive,
Your kith and kin's secondary stare, giving us that look all are wrong,
Thanks for the pretense of a moment thought we finally in her we could believe,

Empty were our blank hands, to your kind we reached out to,
With your venomous dejection our fodder the callous rejection and dismay,
Our shoes sullied, the laces untied, the wounds uncovered, introduced to agonies anew,
Farcical the hopes fraying the breaking ropes with one empty hand you returned 
back to us two blank again the dullest day,

Our blank desires that us you would want more than just in what our wallets contained,
The mistakes turned our once hopeful hearts blank back to the game of waiting for not,
Nothing and none perhaps if ourselves perfect we could clone an Adonis with no blemish or 
Hair so thick, muscles of flexion a perfect complexion easy on the eyes for all you gold 
diggers a worthy price bought,

To the blank left turn we thought could escape your promises broken,
Your happiness thought we could obtain by sacrifice and time,
You first before us of the Brotherhood of the Blank only requirement to join is upon 
rejection's tears in which your dreams destroyed and stolen,
Us the slime you all have, are, and will be making us feel no vindication possible  
or paroles release from this cultural crime,

Either right, straight, up or down did the blank ones leave,
Trod they tried a history they could no longer defy back to the shadow's grave,
Metaphorical and deplorable this Brotherhood none may find any reprieve,
The power of pain and the agony of shame no Mrs. for this Mr. Blank to hold from life's 
languid game she desires not him to save.

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you called my name

i heard a cry thats in pain , i feel it in my heart as hear her calling my name jordan , jordan , 
jordan she said she need my love my caring heart ., that is who i am . i awnser to me name 
bllod came out her heart like she been stave right throught her heartbut god love over come 
anything i say unto her don't let him break you break it out of you self in everything heal my 
calling is caring heart who is your calling.

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Faith'n Begorragh

Scot Dane Gael Celt all went into the meld
Brit and Moor aye even more it took to make
This Erin brood that kills itself
All in the name of Christ
Who was this chief
This pure white thief to take
To set this price
Who’s stolen Irish fame
And in its place in name of grace
Has caused her so much shame?

Has some fool put out druid eyes
Removed their tongues
Cut off their ears
To cause this foolish waste of tears
Celt warriors would despise?

Where is the love of growing green
The taste of love so seldom seen
In other races who have been
Less noble less inspired
Is grudging blood too proud to say
We’re bloody sick and tired?

No Irish lad should have to carry 
burdens meant to break him
Stand up and spit into God’s eye 
and tell him you forsake him
Embrace your kin and worry not 
about a heaven’s fears
Hold Truth and Honor high and dry
And wade through Shannon’s tears
To live and laugh and love and die
In long thick Irish years

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Since you have left, my one and only,
the sun became perfectly cold.
Its golden heart,
completely forgotten, lies in the golden cradle:
Oh, Lord, the sun is so cold,
it wrapped itself around my heart,
like a vampire's golden claw.
Its cold fingers of gold
are ripping off parts of my heart
and throwing its bloody food at death's feet.
I am looking for the shadow to save me,
the same shadow
in which you used to read my poems,
whose verses were so touching and yearning,
so perfectly life-like and human
when your soft voice sent them on their way to people's hearts.
If I knew that I'd touch the sky with my verses
and revive you
to warm my cold heart,
and the entire cold world around me,
I would agree at once to brand my verses with my own blood.
But the sun is still so cold
and shining like gold:
cold and deadly blinding;

They say that the night,
the dark night,
is the right place for dying,
but you know, my one and only,
that this is not true,
because you left me when the sun shone at its brightest,
and when the golden stream murmured across the white heavenly fields
gilding our verses.
Oh, Lord, death in a golden dress must be so noble,
when it takes the soul to meet the angels.
You know, my one and only,
that our verses
that joined us with an unbreakable brace of love and immortal memories,
these dear and painfully lively verses are my only link to you now.
While solitude whips me, I voice myself in our verses
into the sky,
to approach you
so closely as to hear your voice
when you read our verses to angels.
While the present haunts me to the past,
I am chasing my spirit towards the golden cradle
to become a blood brother to the newborn verse,
because my end is near;

They say that the night,
the dark night,
is the right place for dying,
but my place is on the golden hearse,
right next to the golden cradle,
right next to the newborn verse,
when the sun is at its warmest and brightest,
when the sun's golden hearts is lively ticking in fiery breasts –
so that death may await me in the golden cradle,
like you, my one and only,
so that we may sow our verses
along white heavenly fields:
because it cannot be any other way,
it should not be any other way
in the name of eternal love.

©Walter William Safar

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I am your ghostly lover (Possess your Friends)

Ever sense I killed myself on that horrid day....

You mourn my death from afar
You Speak of me to your friend at school, whats his name again, Jfar?
Up in heaven, I ask god to let me speak to you one last time -
- To tell you sorry for my wrongful crimes

God see's this as an opportunity for me to learn (A lesson)
He says, "I'll grant your wish buy you must give me something in return,
once you go back to Earth you can possess any one soul,
for a short hour, and no longer, and only one person may hear your cries."

I say, "That's fine" but then remember the catch,
I ask god, "And what do you want in return?"
He says, "You must remain on Earth,
to mourn yourself, banished to the shadows, as eternal damnation."

Without hesitation, I tell God, "An hour of Godliness is worth an eternity of Damnation."
And with a snap of His fingers, I desend gently into Earth.
I see your still talking to Jfar, I match my body's position, size, and figure.
And as soon as I take control, His body, me, falls to the ground

You ask me, "Whats wrong?" I open my eyes,
I look up at her and begin to get up starting with one knee
I grab her hand as I rise and say her name in a way only she could recognize me as
"Macy..., Your cheeks are turning red."

Your eyes generate a single tear and falls down your face
You say, "Jake? Is that really you, please don't tease me."
I say, "yes my love it's me, I have returned, choosing damnation to speak to you one last 
"I'm sorry to leave love, for the lies, the heartache, and the long days I was away."

She says, "That never mattered..."
"Your actions wern't entirely my fault."
"Our families anger kept us apart."
The pressure of the few minuets had suduced me.. ->

-> I run towards her with full force with arms open
almost knocking you down, and while she still in shock,
I lock my stare into hers and thank her,
I say, "take care of yourself, my time here is up, remember that my heart is always yours."

She cries and pleads me to stay, not to leave her again.
I brush her tears off her face, and kiss her in a way I only could
Then seconds later, I'm thrown out and the guy falls unconcious on the ground

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into a world of sorrow and pain it's good too know god's love will away's rain!earh,air fire and rain give life in his great name know now that this be i ask this jesus set it free and let it give life for all to see,this i ask in his great name knowing love will always rain!

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There Was Only Me But There Only You

There Was Only Me But There Only You

I am me
I am myself
I am one half of your soul
I am the other half of your soul
Together we come closer and we create
A whole soul for we was once half of ourselves and now
We are whole and closer then before,I think not for I am the right and you are
The left proud and strong while you are the right simply and clean but when together I know one thing for certain
We are perfection.Your name is my name your love is my love my time is your time no matter what I will walk side by side as your equal
I walk by your side as your double for we are now whole of the half we once was,there are no secrets between doubles between equals between soul of heart that wander together
If everything was to break in front of us who are two in one I want you to be by my side for you are forever mine,For I am only me
And I will treasure you of something priceless and let nothing harm you for I am pride and strength,For I am only me 
Together we are now whole with are words of union and the marks of each other together we shall stand.

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Poetry I'm loving you

Poetry where were you and why didn't I love you when I 
was first introduced to you? The last seven months I've 
loved and lived you, almost like I ate and drunk you, slept 
and breathe you. You speak to me magnificently, let me 
use my imagination emotionally and sensually. When I'm 
asked what inspires me to write, you simply say because 
the love you've introduced to my past life to.

Poetry I speak your name but never in vain, I search the 
depth of my soul to express you, you call my name so I 
write you. You flow through me so fluently, like a non-stop 
rainfall through a valley, so this love I feel for you is 
unconditionally. I first learn to you spiritually, through the 
bible you teach your love clearly so thank you for mommy 
and daddy. Love through poetry I'll continue to write because 
I'm loving the peace it brings to my life.

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Something About The Name Jesus

Something about the name Jesus
That reigns within my soul
Makes me know without a doubt
This name is purer than gold

Oh how I love that name
That God gave too us
And we can forever know
On this name we can trust

This name is a healer
and filled with so much love
It shows the blessings of God
All the way from Heaven above

Thats why I surely know
Gods love is for all of us
And yes there is no doubt
There's something about the name Jesus.

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Prayer for Parents

In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen…

Almighty and everlasting God
Who, in the secret counsels of Your ineffable (indescribable) Providence (Fate)
Have been pleased to call us into life by means of our parents
Who therefore partake of Your divine power in our regard
Mercifully hear the prayer of filial (familial)  affection
Which we offer to You
In behalf of those to whom You have given
A share of Your fatherly mercy
In order that they might lavish (produce in abundance) upon us
In our journey through life
The consoling gift of Your holy and generous love.
Dear Lord
Fill our parents with Your choicest blessings
Enrich their souls with Your holy grace
Grant that they may faithfully
Constantly guard that likeness to 

Your mystic marriage with Your Church,
You did imprint upon them on the day of their nuptials
Fill them with the spirit of holy fear
The beginning of wisdom
Continually move them to impart the same to their children
Such wise may they ever walk in the way of Your commandments
May their children be their joy in this earthly exile
Their crown of glory in their home in heaven
Finally, Lord God
Grant that both our father
Our mother may attain to extreme old age
Enjoy perpetual health in mind and body
May they deserve to sing
Your praises forever in our heavenly country in union with us
Their children
Giving You most hearty thanks
You have given upon them
In this valley of tears
The great gift of a share
In the light of Your infinite fruitfulness
And of Your divine fatherhood.

In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit

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Isis in the Smoke

Isis in the Smoke
A hush has rested this quiet afternoons sunless wing
While his thoughts hang on a trembling tip between nowhere and knowing
And the flowers in his garden drip diamond drops of rain
The cool wet darken colours suffuse the window pane
As from his frozen fingers smoking drifts
The quietude is humming mute words that breathing softly gives 
A curling pathway carrying so many memories
To the vacant love inside his eyes sent to another moments kiss
While the tapping rhythm of the sky dusts day to fallen dusk
These mysteries of living have perceived some other or another gentle task
The ghost of a soft bewitching smile calls once more to his heart
And his dreams are born by a sighing only her touching could impart
As a thundering roll echoes to lightning skies when the silence broke
Through the wafting layers and spiralling vines of blue grey drifting smoke
He espies the passages and the fields where only the lonely talk
Calling him once again to the place and time where only Angels walk
The room has slipped from dim to sheltered dark
While his breath in a cloud forms a ghostly unspoken remark
He raises the glowing ember to remind him of the time
To when all his love had a language in the vision in her body and her mind   
No voice has uttered through the day the name that lay burning in his throat
From the dark and from all the stars fashioned a velvet shaded cloak
Which he swept about her naked shoulders in a universal flight
But from his dreams her pale form danced throughout the suffusing night
In the warmth of her arms he raised his soul and to her breast he lay the word 
Her hair became his shadow his eyes became her smile and their name was once more heard
In a proclamation of a silence where lovers sometime walk
And so entwined they where carried to the time and place where only Angels talk
As suns wing lightens upon the shaft of a burgeoning morning
He swore by all that is sacred and by all his love he heard a distant laughing 
And a garden filled with the green of flowers ignites his waking eye
Isis languished in the dazzled window pane with a smile he could not deny
As a thundering roll brings lightning skies to where the silence broke
Through the wafting layers and spiraling vines of blue grey drifting smoke
He espies the passages and the fields where only the lonely walk
Calling him once again to the place and time where only Angels talk

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You Didn't Notice Me

I hold my breath 'til you walk by
So you won't see my fear
My heartbeat screams your name each time
While hoping you will hear

My eyes meet yours in silent dance
Blinded by your fame
I listen close to every word
Praying you'll say my name

My body numb, I cannot move
Your shadow touches mine
I long to reach and take your hand
Please give me just one sign

My lips in fear, refuse to speak
A prisoner of my mind
My words betray me one by one
They're just too hard to find

You walk away, my breath relents
My blinded eyes can see
My lips scream out your name in vain
You didn't notice me

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Joey (6)


JoAnn was the birth name of my wife
To me Joey was her name for a lot of our married life

One of the best things anyone could ask for in life
Is to have a good and loving wife

When it comes time for me to pass no matter day or night
I hope and pray that my wife will be my guiding light

I did not complement my wife as much as I could of
But with all my heart I gave her my love  

My wife is in heaven watching over our family
Hoping we could be the best we could be

I am now living by myself and on my own
I have my dogs and my family but I feel alone

I never thought I knew how bad pain could ever be
Until my wife died and left me

At times my wife lets me know she is near
She turns off the picture frame to let me know she is here    

On a chain around my neck I wear my wife’s wedding band
I also still wear mine on the finger of my left hand

To anyone who reads this poem
 Do not let the time with your family go
Everything is gone before you know

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Jack Of Hearts

(This is my god damn card
Fucking sbullshit
This shit is good and shit
But fuck this.
I never, I fuck
Fuck. )

I love to grace your pages swiftly
Driving out the things that need be
Sparking thoughts of love and passion
But, jumping for the stars often ends in earth
And the flight, treasured by few
I often open my eyes in the sky and cry the morning dew
Looking at everything, Everything looking back at me
I cry the morning dew, waiting for the earth

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For Love 4

i got this ache, a calling from my core
skin on fire, nerves tingling at the slightest touch
my eyes feel heavy, my hands roam
and if i think of u...

just lay me down
kiss my body
i wont go nowhere
give me real love

my lips are saying your name over and over
my heart is racing beneath my ribs
i am begging for this journey to begin
and then i think of you...

please just lay me down
u know what i want
i only need you here
to love u for real

when youre watching me
i get a little shy, but like a magnet 
i am drawn to your side
and my skin blushes red, waiting...
for the lips that i crave
for your hands on my face
your body pressed into me
my name coming from ur mouth

lay me down
hold on tight
this is just a dream to me
but the realest dream ive ever seen

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how can i forget

i wish i could forget  the smallest things 
your smile, your kisses ,your voice when you sing
to me you were  the one 

and 'till now ur memories remain 
unwillinginly yet with effort they refuse to go away
i'm in deep despair within since u set my heart stray
its like i feel a tingle every time i hear your name 
i feel  affection like my souls' been snatched
there's no doubt about it even though its not realistic my heart seems to shout it 

i wish i could forget
the things u used to say
impossible because to me 
your love 
your name 
are forever to stay 

in my heart your name is engraved 
with the words i wish i could forget effortlessly 
but when my heart revolves around you 
like the earth around the sun 
then my mind cant control this and leaves me to regret the day i ever met you
now how can i forget ?

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A Requiem for Love (Dothnie Thompson)

It is not fair to day nor night
That I should call your name without delight
Of you smiling upon my sight
Memory calls to you in frequent flight
Leaving behind only a line
Of Khalil Gilbran where I pine

And then perhaps it's best you hide
For memory calls what was long ago
A younger woman, morning's bride
Whose ebon hair is beginning to snow
And whose curves now to straight lines turn
While in my fantasy I yearn

All that's left is the magic smile
Perhaps, resisting still old grief's assault
And wan stars, and moon so senile
The hay rots green in love's sorrow brimmed vault
Youth is past, our chance is gone, yet
Love stays for you stronger than death

I will not yield the joy of hope
And shall forever call your name and wait
I have no other means to cope
With the curse upon our fate. Yet too late
To be bold and tell of love the plain truth
Since we feared rejection in our pursuit  

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I’m going to tell you a story…
filled of delight for you all
Read in the book of a lifetime…

Bliss…  Love … Dance… and   Cheers…
under the steam of that manuscript
Gladness found   around its cover…

On one occasion in life
Begins the feelings and needs
We ought to have or we wish for...
Charming nights …SATURDAY NIGHTS

We are young, filled with belief
May be come across our soul mate
And obsessed with that reflection …
We all love   … SATURDAY NIGHTS

Endless nights with no deception
Happiness is always there
Young or senior, gay or lesbian

This story has no end
I hope this takes  pleasure on you
.. as it reads on the cover
of the lifetime great story
Gorgeous named… SATURDAY NIGHTS

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love that was never spoken

there once was a girl
her name was Jaelyn
she liked this boy
his name is Jason
the only thing is
they're best friends
they had been since 3rd grade
they hung out every day
and they never fought
then one day
the truth came out
they were at the park
just hanging out
Jaelyn looked up
into his eyes
and she got lost
her thoughts turned into words
her eyes got wide
as she realized what she said
and she ran off
that night
Jason tried to call her
but she never anserd
so he went to her house
her parents said that she hadn't been home
they were all worried
the next day the police showed up
she had been in an accident
there was nothing they could do
they found a note in her poket
it said
 dear: Jason
    I'm sorry for today. we have been friends for seven years and i'm sure you don't like
me that way. I LOVE YOU, bye 
tears started rolling down his face
and he said

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Capricorn Capicorn Capricorn, Aquarius Aquarius Aquarius, Pi-ces, Aries Aries 
Aries, Taurus Taurus Taurus, Gem-i-ni, Cancer Cancer Cancer, Leo Leo Leo, Vir-
go, Libra Libra Libra, Scorpio Scorpio Scorpio, Sag-i-tar-ius (repeated throughout 
[Verse 1]
Keep an eye out and make sure you look around, I got a small hunch that i'ma 
find what i'm searchin' for. That prime king B that knows just how to please me, 
i'm aaskin every guy i see his name and his sign, if he got the lucky answers i'ma 
have to make him mine
 Boy whats goin' on wit you i'm tryna get to chill wit you, Whats yo name and 
whats yo sign because you shonuff fine, it's the zodiac attraction, zodi-zodiac 
[Verse 2]
I'm glad that you caught me now because i'm feelin' real good, or maybe bein' 
next to you got me feelin' hot, you send out these sexy vibes and got me wantin' 
you more and more,and more and more,and more and more and more, man 
whats goin' on wit me, why am i actin like this? yo sign is callin' to me i can't help 
Just bring your hand to mine thats all that it will take, to set this fire to a 
spark,we've got a special bond and thats the zodiac bond

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There's Power in His Name---Jesus Christ

Alone in the darkness, Nothing around
but hearing, the creeping of evil sounds
Coming closer and closer
Over whelmed me with Fear

I started to pray...Lord, Get me out of here
Please Lord, what can I do???
My Lord replied, Use what I have given you...
I said Lord, What's that? 
as hearing evil sounds...coming closer..

Then came a reply, My Child, My Name
I said Lord, I don't understand
as I wept... in fear,being so scared
Then a Strong Voice said In A Command
Say It...Now...
For there is Power In The Name... 
                                                Jesus Christ

I then said I can't... oh I can't
while... sounds getting closer and closer...
Then a reply... 
In The Name of Jesus Christ get me out of here

I was so beside myself in such.. Fear
I Screamed it... Out Loud...
for Everyone to hear
In The Name of Jesus Christ 
Get Me out of Here
Then all of a sudden...  there was a change
Everything... was all rearranged
I found myself...
Laying on a beach
With the Sun... Rising
With so Much Peace

I then said... 
Thank You... Father 
For Freeing me...
For I know Now...
By Giving of your Son, Whom died for us... 
Giving us the ability to use Divine Name... 

It is so, Powerful
For this is True...  Use it 
A way to be Free...
From any evil lurking...

God gave us His Divine Son and His Name Jesus Christ
For all of Us to use...
Praise the Lord... For All these Wonderful Gifts... Given 
Thank You, Father

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Imaginings of Fr. Rupert Mayor

My whole body was trembling in shock
My blood, as if flowing back to my heart, dizzied
My vision as I kept on
In my delirium to aid the young man spitting
up his own organs beside me.

His organs are my organs.
The sound was clear and very loud and
My leg was gone. And if I was so permitted
I was to rage on for the Lord on one.
For to rage on I must.

This passionate young man, Adolf,
Exciting them all among beer and music, politics and games.
Straining his voice.
What do they want me to say?
His voice is my voice.
And he is just a boy, and I just a messenger.
The crowd before us like wet clay pleading for shape.

Then let it be so, I will try,
For to rage on I must.

Only my voice with Him now and the damp
Stone that surrounds high above in this prison
With suited men loaded with guns below among
Trampled flowers that carried my name across
A still-molding country and
His guns are my guns, and His name wants my name,
And I will give it to Him because
Still! Still! Still I rage on.

Though no one is here
                                  to hear.
So I pray. I pray still.

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Your name is in my heart now
Engraved with steely blood.

No way you'll be forgotten
Unless life takes me away.

But then we'll be together
And your name will be said aloud.

To make me happy
Instead of sad.

I can talk to you
Instead of about you.

I can give you a hug
Instead of wishing I could.

I can tell you I love you
Instead of praying it to you.

That simple name in my heart
It will take me places.

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sweet diseption

i see a smile on ur face but i kno whats really there 
only sorrow and pain that fills the air 
you breath in the pain suck it deep inside yourself 
but you choke on what you taste the sweet diseption of hate
the pain inside it seeps into my vains threatening my every breath
 weakening my every step 
far and far and far away i see what you dont see 
my god yes i hear the voices calling me 
screaming name calling out for me reaching scratching 
at what i only wish you could see
sweet diseption calling my name sweet diseseption its all but a game

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I’m in love with a girl name siana
With green eyes and hair like gold
But if she find out, she will grrrrrr at me
So this secret must not be told

I’m in love with a girl name siana 
With elegance and style
But if she find out, she will grrrrr at me 
So must keep quiet for a  while

I told her she is beautiful
She says she is not
 Tell her again, she grrrrrr 
And made me stop 

I’m in love with a girl name siana 
She sparkles like stars in the night
But if she find out, she will grrrrr at me
I must keep my lips tight

I’m in love with a girl name siana
So refreshing like the summer breeze
But if she find out she will grrrrrr at me
So you must not tell her please

Just to see her 
Walk and smiling
Makes the sun
Comes down shining

I’m in love with a girl name siana
 Got my whole life in her hands?
But if she find out, she will grrrrrr at me 
So keep this hush the best that you can

I’m in love with a girl name siana 
And angel sends from the sky
But if she finds out .she will grrrrrr at me
And then tell me goodbye

She is as precious
Like a cool drink of water
Still thinks she an 
Ordinary Welch man daughter

 Bet if you see her
 You will say she,s  a pure beauty 
But don’t tell her 
Because she will grrrrrr at me

I am in love with a girl name siana
That’s all I’m going to say
Because she can grrrrrr at me tomorrow
But I don’t want to upset her today

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The Boatman's Song 24/ Many

The Boatman’s Song  					24/Many 

The Princess was briefing the Boatman about the guards
Of her Uncle and she continued ..

There are two hundred soldiers, in side the fort and Palace [repeated line from 21/..]
And rest outside the fort, who live in the army camps
Scattered here and there,
Apart from main fighters, who have gone on a battle
Evoked by a notorious neighbor, 

That traitor keeps always nearly twenty persons around his chamber
And some around King’s chamber, to keep a watch so that no one can meet the King
As he fears that some loyal army men, may go with the King
And his silent designs may get foiled and his efforts may go in vain 
Especially when the Chief of Army has gone for a battle and is quite away

Now, it is up to you to make the next strategy
To finish all the vicious men and their chief
To protect my father and this Kingdom
I will see you now, O my dear love, 
Around midnight in my mother’s chamber

She showed the boatman the secret door, leading to the 
Chamber of her Mother the Queen
The Princess left the boatman and his small army of men
And very silently she vanished from the Temple,
Before anyone could have noticed anything

The Boatman waited for the midnight to come
And took the same route, as was shown by his love the Princess
He reached the chamber of the Queen along with his ten men 
And found the Princess was waiting for him, with her mother the Queen
She introduced him to her mother and briefed
That he has come to help her to get rid of,  
The treacheries of that man, whom I call my Uncle

The Queen spoke very slowly, “My dear Youngman,
I see only darkness all around me and every where,
This is a trial of your sincerity and bravery,
After meeting you I can say that you will 
Come out as a Savior, on whom, the King and
The Kingdom would be proud of”

Chandragupta* greeted the Queen of Malla* and said, 
“You keep trust on me and on your daughter’s courage
By tomorrow only, you will find a complete elimination 
Of your enemies”
“I will see you next only tomorrow morning, O mother like Queen
And now would like to take leave with my team,
Without wasting even a moment’s time”

Ravindra					to continue on  25/…………..

Kanpur India  23 January 2010   

      * Chandragupta.  Name of the Boatman. His full name was Chandragupta       
   Maurya, Born in 340 BC
      * Malla. A name of the Republic of ancient India of  400BC
      * Chanakya. Name of the great teacher of Chandragupta & a great politician

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Do Not Ask Me

Do not ask me for an hourly love
A love with pinch in pinch out
I am not civilized yet.

Do not ask me for a burger love
With bad cheese, 
I do not have the taste for it
I can not afford it anyway
With my minimum wage salary.

Do not ask for a minimum feeling
And maximum love
This is a different chemistry, 
A different language
And another type of skill that takes time

Do not put my name in a list
On top or in the bottom
It does not matter 
Being hired and fired are not options I am considering 
This is for the skillful less
And I do not invest in the feeling and utilitarian market.

Do not ask me why I dream of the moon; 
Cause the moon is not just 
A face, 
Of smile, 
Or  dark eyebraw.
It is the first circle i draw, .
The swoon when i am lost, and
Your eyes' tune, sand dune.

Do not ask me
What is my name is, 
Where I come from, or
What type job I have; 
But ask what name I will give you and 
What name you will give me from time to time; 
Ask me where I will take you and you will take me
Without plans or exits.

Do not ask me if I could keep
The same smile; 
Cause, a smile is like a golden ring
It does not create your hand
Neither my face.

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Bouquet of PRAISES

LORD your name is exalted
LORD your name is divine
LORD you have sent your Son
So, we could shine

LORD you are full of Glory
LORD you are soo Holy
LORD you have saved us from sins
cause you want us to live

Marvelous are your works
Where kindness and goodness dwells
Sacrifices you don't like
our Righteousness makes you delight

You call us name by name
empowered us with divine fame
strengthen our feeble knees
so we bent and ask for peace

LORD I feel like praising you throughout
Grateful to you for you took me out,
LORD I love you soo much
for you were their whenever I was crushed

You took me out of a Slimy pit
So my lamp should never diminish
You presented Your Holy Spirit to me
Therefore my lamp is shinning within me

Trying to share the love you gave
For that's the fruits I desired and craved
Bless me so I can come up to the best
Renew me so I shall never will rust

LORD you have made me complete
When I was just so Obsolete
In YOU I had finally reached
Thankyou LORD for am no more weak.


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Owner Of My Heart

When I wake up and see you,
I cant help but to smile from ear to ear.
When we sit up and talk,
It feels like I've known you forever not only a few years.

When you take me by the hand,
I cant help but to love you more.
Even though I don’t think that is possible,
I already love you right down to the core.

When you see me down you give me a hug,
You are my life my glimmer of hope.
With you standing beside me I can do anything,
With you in my life with anything I can cope.

When you lean in and give me a kiss,
My heart aches even if it’s not a kiss goodbye.
When you tell me I love you or call me best friend,
My eyes fill with tears of happiness to cry.

When you call out my name Momma, my heart flutters,
For that name you are the only one allowed to say.
I could never of wished or dreamed,
Of anyone or thing I could ever treasure more than Jori May.

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There's Only One

“Hear, O Israel: the Lord your God is one Lord!”
This is what was spoken by the true and only majestic one.
To a people whom He had hand chosen,
And all He wanted in return was a people to love, this is how it all begun.
And how He could just speak things into place with His Word.
When you think about the days of creation,
It testifies to the astonishing power of His Word,
Which later on would take on another relation.
The Hebrew words are El, Elah, or Elohim,
This is the name that SOME knew Him by.
Another Hebrew name that comes to mind,
Elyon meaning “God the highest”, some knew until they died.
Another Hebrew name is Adonai meaning “master”,
Telling me that I am to respect, worship and pay homage to
But always knowing that there is only one true that can be called Master.
We were made to adore, reverence and exalt Him,
This is the whole purpose of man.
But to which one can adore reverence or exalt,
If I am seeing more than one on hand.
The very first commandment tells us, 
“Thou shalt have no other Gods before me.”
Which lets me know that there can be more than one,
But only one can I serve TRUTHFULLY!!!
El Shaddai was another Hebrew name He had
Which signifies almightiness or “All-sufficient”
Then we have the Hebrew name El Olam “Everlasting God”
Which goes along with one of His characteristics which is “omni-present.
“JEHOVAH” is another one of His many names which means “I AM THAT I AM,”
He was known as “JEHOVAH-JIREH” to some, “JEHOVAH-NISSI” to others.
because He is our peace and He is always present,
Being not only a provider but also a banner as a Father to His brothers.
because He is our peace and He is present always.
Whatever the occasion called for is what they called Him,
But His “SAVING NAME” had not been revealed yet until the right days. 
but I want to as ask you this with all sincerity,
For us in this “Grace Dispensation” where do we stand.
For if you notice after the “Day of Pentecost,”
All things were done in His impressive “SAVING NAME.”
“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God,
“…and the Word was made flesh” and dwelt amongst us just the same.
I leave you with a question of thought, if Jesus was not Almighty alone,
Then when was God manifested in the flesh…Received up in glory taking the name?

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Secret Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde

I'm Clyde's missing rib his drug to get high, but I'm also the lover who told him a lie.
We went to town and for a day we did linger, so I went get his name tattooed on my finger,
But the guy he messed up, and the ink it bled out, you should of heard me create, scream
and shout.
Now I should of come clean and told him it went wrong, instead I sang Clyde a different song.
I told him it looked pretty just wait for the picture, instead of telling the truth of
this permanent fixture.
I told him it's pretty night after night, and secretly strived to get it put right, the
damage was done I had told him a lie, and now this means the end of Bonnie and Clyde!
See Clyde really loved Bonnie, but his policy was clear, "Bonnie you ever lie, and I'm the
hell out of here, no matter how much it would kill me and hurt,
if you lie to me Bonnie, this love just won't work!"
But I never thought that this was a lie, and from one simple song, I would eternally cry.
"I was trying Clyde to give you the best,
but I lied, and now you Clyde, just can't let this lie rest, remember me Bonnie, the girl
who you love,
whose fidelity matches the white of a dove.
All I can hear is you asking me why? Why, Why Bonnie, Why did you lie"? Lie to the world,
lie to all them,
Bonnie, baby, don't lie to your man! How now can I stay without saying it's fine?
Anytime Bonnie, cross that lying line"?
Clyde took his bullets, he loaded his gun,time now to finish what Bonnie begun.
He aimed the gun real close to his head,and as Bonnie cried no...! Clyde was dead.
He did as he told her in deed and in part,for her lying to him, he Martyred his heart!
What happened to Bonnie well do I really need say?she followed Clyde in the exact same way!
She took the gun held it close to her head,and said "without you Clyde, I'm already dead"!
they found them next morning Bonnie's hand on the trigger,and his name spelt out on her
wedding finger!
Your probably thinking that Clyde was being mean, but you got to remember their love was
extreme,extreme in its nature, extreme in its truth and extreme to the end where both
lives were took!
If this was to happen to lovers today do you think they would act in the very same way?
Bonnie and Clyde 21st century lovers, would they find a way to ever recover? I like to
believe that their love would survive,
head on his chest, he 'd wipe tears from her eyes,
so if to your lover your tempted to lie, please remember the ballad of Bonnie and Clyde.

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The birth of a child will make you smile 
A beautiful baby boy, what a joy 
Brings tears to my eyes 
Because of the joy that is inside 
His name, what should I claim 
Dewayne is his name 

The name of your father 
Who I love so much 
My pride and joy 
I will always thank God 
above for giving me so much love 

The birth of a child will make you smile 
A beautiful baby boy, what a joy 
Brings tears to my eyes 
Because of the joy that is inside 
His name, what should I claim 
Dewayne is his name 

The name of your father 
Who I love so much 
My pride and joy 
I will always thank God 
above for giving me so much love 

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Adieu To Unheard Melodies 26

The Boatman’s Song 					26 Last on PS
							Rest would be 
concluded in the book

This story of the Boatman’s Song is taking a break/stop here,
As enough of its Episodes I have already placed,
On this wonderful sight which we call and know as PoutrySoup. 
The love and appreciation which I got from you all 
Would linger and glow like a lamp light in my heart

Stories come and stories go
Poems also come flashes on board, illuminate us and one day go
Sometimes they leave an impression on our mind and heart
But often they vanishes like a Tarang*(wave)
Which after rising high and very high
Just mingles in the sea of life, leaving no impressions
As if we never saw them high or low

This is the beauty of life
Which keep on moving without ever stopping
Playing, singing, loving or hating, smiling or laughing
Reading or writing or singing a melody touching our hearts
Or get busy in life without wasting a minutes time
Or waiting and waiting for something to happen
Which sometimes takes place 
And often keep us only waiting 
But this is how the life moves on?


Note: What happens in the ceremony celebrations on Vasant* at the Kingdom of Malla*
And what happens to the Princess and Urveshi  who were in love with the Boatman,  who 
was actually the young Chandragupta Maurya,* of the Ancient India who ruled between 321 
BC to 298 BC under the guidance of his Guru Chanakya*, whose role was the base of 
establishing largest ever a kingdom in India and how he married the daughter of Seleucus* 
the Greek warrior whom Alexander* had appointed after he left India. Chandragupta  
expanded the boundaries of his kingdom up to Iran in West, while coving all most the whole 
of current India. He established a Great kingdom and his period is known as the golden 
period of India History. 

These & many more interesting characters would be things to be covered in the book I am 
writing as an epic. The book would also be coving what happens to Urveshi* who was waiting 
for the Boatman and how long she stays on earth to see more of his love the Boatman.

      * Chandragupta Maurya Boatman’s actual name in the ancient History
      * Chanakya. Name of the great teacher of Chandragupta. He met Alexander in      
          326/325 B.C
     * Vasant.  The season of spring  
     * Malla.    Name of a Republic of ancient India
     * Tarang  Means wave. Here a nymph 
     * Alexander.   Alexander the Great, the Macedonian king remembered as one of the   
        most successful military commanders of the ancient world

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Take a look inside my heart baby 
You’ll see that I love you so truly 
Take a look inside my eternal soul 
You’ll find my love for you is whole 
Take a look inside my mind darling 
You’ll know it’s only you that I’m wanting 
Take a long good look inside this man 
And know that you’re my only one 
Yes honey, take a good look inside me 
See that I love no one more than I love thee 
Feel and see the essence of my being 
It’s your name that my soul is screaming 
I know that in this life I mean nothing 
Without the woman that my soul is wanting 
But it’s your name that’s etched in my eternal book  
So I beg you darling, oh please take a look


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The Boatman's Song 20/ Many

The Boatman’s Song  					20/ Many

The world would come to know one day
The real strength of your arms and the balance of your mind
And your love would be,  the inspiration of your life
Making you,  an extra ordinary King of this land
Who would rule the hearts of its people and not the  land

The boatman heard and grasped every word
He looked at Urveshi* and thanked her, from his heart
“I am so much grateful, O Princess of Heaven,
It’s a dream or a reality, I do not know
But I am going to save my love, from those traitors
Who are trying to capture her kingdom

I have taken the training of fighting and warrior hood
From my Guru Chanakya,*  the most worthy of all teachers at Takshila*
And I will finish those traitors,  of the kingdom of Malla*
In no time only, I can make a small army of my own"

He looked at Urveshi* with a look full of friendly love
And thanked her by saying,
“I shall always remain indebted, for what you have done for me,
From You only I have come to know, where and how my love is”

Same day  the boatman gathered,  his ten  trained young men, 
Whom he had trained silently, as the men of his army 
And all of them were the men of great strength, courage and dedication
Ready to sacrifice their lives, on just one call of the boatmen, 
Always willing to go any where 
That day they were ready to give, their first test of warrior hood
Along with their Chief, who knew the art of making an army
Even without a kingdom, 
And that he had learnt from his Guru*  Chankya*
Who was a man of Great learning

Same day,  the boatman with his ten men of mussels
Reached a place, near the fort Palace of the Malla* Kingdom
And he found out many things, about the Princess and came to know, 
She visits a nearby Temple everyday
The boatman and all his men, separately waited 
In the premises of that Temple, waiting for the princess to come

The time came and the Princess along with some of her friends
Came to make her daily prayer
And went inside the Temple, where only the Princess could go
The boatman waited for the Princess to come
The time came and the Princess arrived, like the Moon appears
On a dark lonely night, and travels alone the sky 

She came and made her payer to her deity

Ravindra 					20/….	to continue….

Kanpur India 22nd January 2010

      * Urveshi (One of the beloved Apsaras of Indra
      * Guru Hindi word means teacher 
      * Malla. A name of the Republic of ancient India of 400BC
      * Chanakya. Name of the great teacher of Chandragupta & a great politician

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A Requiem for Love (Dothnie Thompson)

It is not fair to day nor night
That I should call your name without delight
Of you smiling upon my sight
Memory calls to you in frequent flight
Leaving behind only a line
Of Khalil Gilbran where I pine

And then perhaps it's best you hide
For memory calls what was long ago
A younger woman, morning's bride
Whose ebon hair is beginning to snow
And whose curves now to straight lines turn
While in my fantasy I yearn

All that's left is the magic smile
Perhaps, resisting still old grief's assault
And wan stars, and moon so senile
The hay rots green in love's sorrow brimmed vault
Youth is past, our chance is gone, yet
Love stays for you stronger than death

I will not yield the joy of hope
And shall forever call your name and wait
I have no other means to cope
With the curse upon our fate. Yet too late
To be bold and tell of love the plain truth
Since we feared rejection in our pursuit  

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love that was never spoken

there once was a girl
her name was jaelyn
she liked this boy
his name is jason
the only thing is
they're best friends
they had been since 3rd grade
they hung out every day
and they never fought
then one day
the truth came out
they were at the park
just hanging out
jealyn looked up
into his eyes
and she got lost
her thoughts turned into words
her eyes got wide
as she realized what she said
and she ran off
that night
jason tried to call her
but she never anserd
so he went to her house
her parents said that she hadn't been home
they were all worried
the next day the police showed up
she had been in an accident
there was nothing they could do
they found a note in her poket
it said
 dear: jason
    I'm sorry for today. we have been friends for seven years and i'm sure you dont like
me that way. I LOVE YOU, bye 
tears started roling down his face
and he said

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Valley of Life--Walking within Jesus Christ

In Life each step we take
Given by Our Lord
For the moments we make
For our choices.. to do God's Will
Walk in Truth.. Steps to Fulfill

If we do step away
Then we find trouble in the day
Tis ever so True..
Always Walk in the Love God

If we get off track
God always brings us back
Closer unto Him
Closer Walk within Christ.. again

His Love is Far.. far more
Then we could ever imagine
Praise Our Lord.. for His Blessing
Each day.. Each Breathe we take

God has given each of us.. our path
Following days.. within Jesus
Tis Like Valley of Life

Yea tho we walk though the Valley of the Shadow of death
We Shall Fear No Evil.. for the Lord thy God is With Thee
Thy Rod and Staff comfort me..
On this earth tis a Valley of death

But.. Behold Jesus.. within your heart
Once You are Born-again
Then within my eyes.. within my heart
Tis the Valley of Life.. 
For within me.. tis Living Jesus Christ

I shall Fear No evil.. For God is With me
Wherever I may go.. He Will take care of me
This I do know.. For He Loves me
For Everything I do.. or to be done
Is always in the Name of Our Father’s Son
Tis In the Name of Jesus Christ
Walk always Closer to Jesus
Then each step in the path you take
Forever walking in Love
Faith Hope and Love..
And the Greatest of the Three tis Love
Then Peace is given.. among the Living

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A Heart Thats True

If I was an angel
I'd make all your wishes come true
But I'm not
I'm just human
And a woman in love with you
Would you, could you, hold me tight
As we looked at the moon and the starlight
Would you feel the swoon of your heart
As the darkness gave way to the lights start

Would you care for a woman who cared for you
Her hands making you happy not blue
Would you care for the specialties of life
That woman who could give you love not strife

I wrote your name in the sand
And the water washed it away
I wrote your name in the sky
And the wind blew it away
I wrote your name in my heart
Where I hope it will stay. . .

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You Three

Unique from the start, temper of flame. 
Tiny but tangy, you best know her name. 
By evil nor grief, did she take her blame, 
But morals of integrity, her anger did claim. 

To hurt one she loved would put you in fire. 
Her Motherly, inherent, protective, desire, 
Would tear you to shreds in the blink of an eye. 
Herself she'd not think, for beliefs she would die. 

Sacrifice and self deny, 
For all her charges sanctify 
Not a day did she regret, 
Never a need did she forget 

Remember her and be not cold, 
For she our Mother this story told 
And I who write with eyes so dim, 
See clearly with this ink and pen 

To your hearts, I send this plea, 
Your sister younger than you three 
Raw emotion consumed by flame 
She's gone and forgiven but I carry her name 

With me she travels and every day 
This grief, my burden, I must weigh 
Her only sin as my eyes see, 
Was to leave so early for eternity 

Now sisters dear and brother too 
I pass this verse from me to you 
Your little sister, to you request 
An hour of honest and heart felt rest 

How can this by you, to me deny 
This is my prayer before I die 
Just one hour face to face 
I hold for you a love of grace 

Her name she gave me with out knowing 
Her heart I carry and contents glowing 
It's full to brim with all she taught me 
And overflowing with love for you three 

In Christ her children were taught to believe 
And of the gifts they would receive 
The knowledge of his holy word 
And strength to face a world absurd 

To bring her back to Earth to share 
I dare not wish, not we compare 
For Heaven's gates have opened wide 
And Mother's there, on the other side

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Angel of Music

My teacher, my mentor, I love him so
Without him my music would not be the same
My teacher, my mentor, my maestro
The angel of music; he gave me that name 

Without him my music would not be the same
After the fire, ashamed of his face
The angel of music; he gave me that name 
The labyrinth is now his holy place

After the fire, ashamed of his face
He bids me to sing; his rage it’s true
The labyrinth is now his holy place
Raoul how I need you, what can I do

He bids me to sing; his rage it’s true
I know not which, my love or my passion 
Raoul how I need you, what can I do
Maestro taught me to sing in this fashion

I know not which, my love or my passion 
The angel of music, my singing aglow
He shows me such tender loving compassion
My teacher, my mentor, I love him so

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Alone the darkness beacons,
Words of innocence that reach my ears,
The chains constrict yet I still feel you.

I can't see you for your soul is bright,
but you can see me through shadows that consume my right.

You know my true name, but you never say it.
Your presence is becoming distant.

I speak to you in the devils embrace,
I say your words yet I can't hear you.
Call my name once more,
My heart craves your voice.

The darkness holds me back. 
I want to see you, but even if I could you light would destroy me.
For I am darkness and you are light.
We were born to be apart yet my lips long to touch yours.

I curse the Devil in vein, I curse to God in disgust,
yet how can I hate such an Angel like you?

Your words break the chains around my heart,
Your voice makes the devils arms numb.
I don't care if I die, my love if I can only see you.
My life would be complete.

As I run from the darkness my shadow fads.
I think of you my love even as my skin peals away,
Even as my soul starts to decay.

My skin turns to ash, my eyes become stone,
But even if I am blind I can still see your light.
Please say my name before I fade away,
Please hold me in your embrace.

I feel your arms around me as you pull me to your breast,
Blood spills from my eyes a devil cry.
Your love is apparent in every breath.

“Anonymous…” I hear you say as I fade away.

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There is a man,
his name is Shane.
he is my father.
and for that i am eternally grateful.
he gave me life
and encouragement.
he wasn't always there
in the beginning of my life.
but now i am here living with him
and i couldn't be happier.
he gives me strength 
and keeps me safe.
there is a man his name is Shane
and i am proud to call him dad.

" This poem is dedicated to my dad the best dad ever. I love him very much. I love you dad "

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Randy Andy

Yesterday I had a beer 
In a place that was near 
Soft light and music filled 
The sight of you left me thrilled 

Your name I did not know 
But oh I loved your body so
Thick but lean, muscled and tanned 
What a fine specimen of a man 

I sat and sipped and watched all night 
At lips that promised sheer delight 
Of arms that could capture me 
Unbridled passion now set free 

Your eyes blue grey with such depth 
Languid lust that silently crept
Arousal concealed under shadow of lash 
Upon Love's shore I yearned to crash 

Someone said your name aloud 
I heard it float through the crowd 
Andrew they said your name to be 
Randy Andy I hoped to me 

Randy Andy with hair so fair 
Magnetism that caused all to stare 
A body made for hands to explore 
Leaving me yearning and needing more 

I decided to try and attract you 
So up beside you to give you a view 
For such was the ache inside off me 
Begging loudly for you to set it free 

You turned your head and found my eyes 
As if you suddenly heard my cries 
Reaching out you touched my hand 
Lust's fire burned and did so expand 

I was so focused on your sexy lips 
As you gently moved your fingertips 
Lost I was in your touch 
I wanted you so very much 

So imagine my shock when you spoke 
In that high pitched little girl croak 
I shook my head, I didn't believe 
Your voice did so absolutely deceive 

My beautiful sexy dream of a man 
Had a voice as scratchy as a old tin can 
Lust took off and went straight to bed 
Reality quickly raced through my head 

If that wasn't bad enough you see 
Your breath stunk and your IQ was three 
Within a minute I knew you were a Neanderthal 
Clearly visible even through all the alcohol 

It shook me from my dreamy reverie 
What had I been thinking anyway 
To fall for someone from afar 
Is like wishing on a blessed star 

For wishes rarely turn out to be 
What you thought you wanted to see 
So now I know the right thing to do 
Look past the looks to the inside and true 

Ah Randy Andy I thought you were the one
In you I saw the rising sun 
But once it shone, I found the glare 
Way to harsh to sit and stare 

So now my search begins anew
To find love within my view 
But I will always look deeper within 
For someone to spend my years in sin

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love that was never spoken

there once was a girl
her name was jaelyn
she liked this boy
his name is jason
the only thing is
they're best friends
they had been since 3rd grade
they hung out every day
and they never fought
then one day
the truth came out
they were at the park
just hanging out
jealyn looked up
into his eyes
and she got lost
her thoughts turned into words
her eyes got wide
as she realized what she said
and she ran off
that night
jason tried to call her
but she never anserd
so he went to her house
her parents said that she hadn't been home
they were all worried
the next day the police showed up
she had been in an accident
there was nothing they could do
they found a note in her poket
it said
 dear: jason
    I'm sorry for today. we have been friends for seven years and i'm sure you dont like
me that way. I LOVE YOU, bye 
tears started roling down his face
and he said

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Cheph 111

 Cheph 111 
Cheph 111 
The pilots name was Marylin Mist she was tall and a nerd with glasses and short 
hair parted in the center not too tall but not short at all she wore her flight suit 
loose and was all business. The orders had come in from Central "
"the new star system has a planet 
OBIRON star system 111 has a third sun with a third planet intact 
We are not kidding you Mary (short for Marylin) {a nickname for the stake of this 
story and my poetic liscence is in place) ed.note. 
Mary Mist the planet is called Cheph 111 after the name of the chef on the diner 
of the spacestation in orbit around OBIRON 111. 
We are counting on ewe to get a good crew and fly your white needle nose ship 
Take as much time as you need your credits are trillions. 
For this trip you are on now there will be no 
More communication with earth 
needle nose ship the "AMARYLLIS TWO". 
Take as much time as you need your credits are trillions. 
For this trip you are on now there will be no 
More communication with earth 
MarylYn the transmission is garbled just continue your mission this has been a 
recorded mess.................................... 
She carefully turned off her laptop and read the latest CHARLAX poem she loves 
the way this poet makes his Private stories to be poems. Then she carefully 
makes her way into the Newtonian City of Bostonia to recruit the crew for her 
infamous star shippe. 
This is the first installment of this epic book poem a science fiction classic hint 
hint to DOUBLDAY books to l()()K at this for serious consideration.ed.note. 
Chapter one: Crew for MarYlin Mist. 
Soon to be released. 
L()()K for this at 

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Vasava - An Untold Story 9/Many

Vasava –An Untold story                                                          9/Many

Lots and lots of people of Patilputra* and of Magadh
Were assembling in the beautiful court of Magadh

A group of singers were singing a chorus song
Be in life like Bharata* the brother of Rama
Who never tried to establish him as a king, although 
Rama gave him his entire kingdom for fourteen years, but Bharata*
Ruled in Ram’s absence, without using any royal powers for his own 

Over joyed by the feelings and happiness of the day
All the citizens of Magadh were singing 
And playing the musical instruments and drums
While denouncing Ravana  as a tyrant and demon king
Who had committed atrocities on the people of Bharat*

The presence of king Udiyan* in the ceremony
Had made the occasion more charming and attractive
To see only this handsome king of Ujjain’s kingdom
Lots and lots of citizens of Patilputra* and Magadh*
Were assembling in the beautiful court of Magadh

Candles were burning in colored chandeliers and glass lamps
Spreading their beautiful lights in the darkness of night
In the shaking flames of the burning candles
Happiness was showering on the Palace of Magadh
But a rare light was also spreading from the beauty of Vasava

Ravindra                                                                  to continue in 10

Copy writes protection as per Poetry Soup automatic Copy write provisions also.

Kanpur   India   20th March 2010 

*Lord Rama*	                Lord Rama is one of the most commonly adored gods of 
                                                Hindus and is known as an ideal man and hero of the epic 
*Bharata                                   Bharata  is a legendary king of Aryan tribes in Hindu 
                                                mythology. He was the first to conquer all of Greater India, 
                                                uniting it into a single entity which was named after him as 
                                                Bharatavarsa or India

*   Patilputra    .                         The old name of Patna - a city of India in Bihar state

*   Magadh                                The Kingdom of Magadh was located in the current
                                                State of Bihar and other adjoining states of India.

* Bharat                                    Short old name of Bharatavarsa or India

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Your Name

I wrote your name in the sky,
but the wind blew it away.I wrote your name in the sand,
but the waves washed away.
I wrote your name in my heart, 
and forever it will stay.

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The Visit

Today as I visit ~ this place of grass and stone
I trace your name ~ as I stand here alone
In the air I smell the presence ~ of a cold winter rain
Each visit I make ~ causes heartbreaking pain
Dark clouds move in ~ and the sky turns black
I kneel down and cry ~ as the rain pounds my back

I see white roses ~ placed beside a white stone
The pureness of innocence ~ their aroma alone
A streak of lightning ~ flashes across the dark sky
Lighting images on this field ~ as my eyes start to cry
I stare at the marble ~ feeling lost by myself
As an image of you ~ passes by with a smile

A cool breeze blows in ~ as snowflakes start to fall
Goosebumps take their toll ~ as the cool air turns raw
I look to the sky ~ with tears in my eyes
I call out your name ~ in whispering cries
As an emotion of delight ~ sends me what I crave
I return my sight ~ on the stone and the grave

As my visit ends ~ I kneel and kiss the stone
Then I wade through the snow ~ to my car all alone
Looking back I see ~ two footprints below
There side by side ~ There in the snow
As I enter the highway ~ I feel your presence dissapear
Whispering I love you ~ as I shed a tear

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If I Could Dance With My Father Again

My earliest memory of times with my earthly father 
was when he told me to put my feet on his
hand in hand a smile on my face
as i looked up at him 
we danced to a song 
I thought to myself that he could do no wrong
he was a hard working man
who had an intimate relationship with JESUS
his favorite poem was Foot Prints In The Sand
while incarerated  I was visited by him nine years straight
I never knew when he would come 
but it was worth the wait
he once told me that my name was very pretty
he said "A pretty name for a pretty woman."
with a bright smile upon his face 
it seemed as if we were the only one's  occupying that space
he told me to read Psalms 40th 
beginning with the first verse
if worse comes to worse
On valentine's Day he sent me a poem 
telling me that I was his Valentine
it was the same year 
that a terrible accident  damaged his body and mind
the day I was told that he said he saw GOD
I knew it  didn't damage his heart
it was then that I knew I admired him from the start
it was the ninth of September 
a day I'll always remember 
that would be the day 
that my daddy passed on to another life
leaving behind some loving children
and a bereaved wife
I love you Daddy
GOD bless you
may you rest in peace
love always
your daughter

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only one way

Ah, God, the way your little finger moved 
As you thrust a bare arm backward 
And made play with your hair 
And a comb a silly gilt comb 
Ah, God—that I should suffer 
Because of the way a little finger moved.
Dear, I to thee this diamond commend, 
In which a model of thyself I send. 
How just unto thy joints this circlet sitteth, 
So just thy face and shape my fancy fitteth. 
The touch will try this ring of purest gold, 
My touch tries thee, as pure though softer mold. 
That metal precious is, the stone is true, 
As true, and then how much more precious you. 
The gem is clear, and hath nor needs no foil, 
Thy face, nay more, thy fame is free from soil. 
You\\\'ll deem this dear, because from me you have it, 
I deem your faith more dear, because you gave it. 
This pointed diamond cuts glass and steel, 
Your love\\\'s like force in my firm heart I feel. 
     But this, as all things else, time wastes with wearing, 
     Where you my jewels multiply with bearing.
My lady\\\'s presence makes the roses red,
Because to see her lips they blush for shame.
The lily\\\'s leaves, for envy, pale became,
And her white hands in them this envy bred.
The marigold the leaves abroad doth spread,
Because the sun\\\'s and her power is the same.
The violet of purple colour came.
Dyed in the blood she made my heart to shed.
In brief: all flowers from her their virtue take;
From her sweet breath their sweet smells do proceed;
The living heat which her eyebeams doth make
Warmeth the ground and quickeneth the seed.
The rain, wherewith she watereth the flowers,
Falls from mine eyes, which she dissolves in showers

One day I wrote her name upon the strand, 
But came the waves and washed it away: 
Again I wrote it with a second hand, 
But came the tide, and made my pains his prey. 
Vain man, said she, that dost in vain assay 
A mortal thing so to immortalize! 
For I myself shall like to this decay, 
And eek my name be wiped out likewise. 
Not so (quoth I), let baser things devise 
To die in dust, but you shall live by fame: 
My verse your virtues rare shall eternize, 
And in the heavens write your glorious name; 
Where, whenas death shall all the world subdue, 
Our love shall live, and later life renew.
Diaphenia, like the daffadowndilly, 
White as the sun, fair as the lily, 
          Heigh ho, how I do love thee! 
I do love thee as my lambs 
Are belovëd of their dams—
          How blest were I if thou wouldst prove me!

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Woman of Many Names

Woman of Many Names by Kenny Davis

She was a woman of many names
Though none of them were hers
The name of every man she has been with
Tattooed and stretched along every one of her curves

From Larry to Harry,
From Mike to John,
Followed by many more,
The list goes on

Almost a woven tapestry
As my lips would take its trips, down the smoothness of her hips
Every inch they lead as my eyes read
I couldn’t help to keep asking her, “Who was this?”

As she explained each one to me
I noticed tears overflowing down her face
Feeling the pain of every name
Feeling humiliated and ashamed

She told such dark tales of each and every lustful sin
From each tattooed scratch that drew blood from her skin
Tear after tear continued to have reunions under her chin
As she opened many wounds from the agony she was in

I held her in comfort
As I softly caressed her body
Crying over the names of those who loved and left this woman
Would never be forgotten

Every past ex who had left
Was engraved from her feet beyond the seam of her breasts
Never fathoming or imagining
All the internal pain this woman had felt

Every tear that shed from her head
For every deceitful name that was inscribed
Could never describe all of the pain that was inside
How each one drastically, tragically, dramatically affected her life

The more she tried to rub them away
The heavier were her scars
No matter how many names she managed to erase
None could ever nullify the damage to her heart

For the way I embraced her in my arms
She vowed to never forget my name
Inscribed on a part untouched, her heart
For loving her way beyond her pain								 

© January 2012 k.davis

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Love's Whisperings

Can you hear the whisper
This 'psst' of love emitting from my heart
Listen very intimately for faint is the pulsation
Afraid of reopening the wound so skillfully concealed

Can you hear the whisper
Of my soul resounding from your nearness
Filling the hollowness that has searched tenaciously
From afar in hopes of a curative balm of love

Can you hear the whisper
Of a spirit struggling to be released
Freedom from the pains and hurts of yesterday
Freed from the disappointments and disillusions of today

Can you hear the whisper
It’s calling your name ever so sweetly
Come be my knight in dented and dinged armor
Ride with me into the morning light and the nights setting sun

Can you hear the whisper
It’s calling your name ever so sincerely
Come complete me, make me unconditionally yours
So that when you whisper my name, I’ll follow you anywhere.

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Prayer For Family Blessings at Christmas

Heavenly Father,
In this season many are in need
Send Your angels to comfort and lead
Robotics is taking over and jobs are lost
Employment downsizing is a mighty cost
Companies are moving south of the border
Families are frustrated with sleep disorder

Gracious Father,
Help those struggling for an anchor
Save their homes from the mean bankers
Preserve their cars for the family and work
Bless their finances and allow them some perks
Many are trying and the obstacles won’t go away
Open new doors for them as a sign to a new day

Merciful Father,
Look upon the management at their work sites
Teach bosses how to lead and manage in Your light
Transform the hearts of those who are discontented
Preserve those who are about to be railroaded
There is enough prosperity in Your world for all
There is no earthly reason why a family should fall

Almighty Father,
Touch the heart of those in power
Show that by each and every hour
That Your love and grace will preserve
Even the little people who deserve
The blessings of life in their hearts
Your love and mercy will never depart

Dear Father,
In Your name we pray
Bless each heart today
In the precious name of Your Son
I know that the battle is won
This is Your season of grace
Keep them in Your embrace


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The HereAfter

here there is  sorrow and fear after there is great peace 		                
here some madness sadness day and night after the endless double joy	                
here dying crying with pains after a tearless good morning 		                
here wars begun some cease after that none captives set free forevermore	                
here some lost some saved after this all walking the golden path paved	                
here some love and hate repenting forgiving others apathetically apostate	                
after all in perfect love in one accord kneel thanking you for your will	                 
here doors open some shut tight after the beautiful gates are open always	                
here some stumble darkly in their own light after some walking clearly to your true light     
here sin born a thief birthing death after new life begins giving running overflowing	    
here enemies abound even as I frown after with victorious smiles casting their crowns     
here running patiently by faith the course after it is finished resting in the Amen              
here some calling on thy name while others sadly don’t won’t to hear Jesus   	                
after time no more the name above all is loudly praised by all gladly adored 	                
here holy blood cries up from the ground afterward righteously worn whiter than snow 
Glorious Jesus thy perfect love endures forever what I long for now and hereafter

Details | Carpe Diem | |

let Him order your steps

take a step out on faith
let nothing hold you back
let God order your steps
follow in His son's tracks
step into the water
and in His name be baptized
come unto Jesus Christ
and let His Father give you the prize

step with the spirit 
step into the Light
step up to the plate
and fight the good fight
be willing to trust in Him
let your faith be increased
take Him at His word
for It will never cease
submit yourselt to Jesus
relinquish all to He
let Him order your steps
walk as He wants you to be
be a servant to the Lord
be a child in Christ
glorify the Living God
and in His name sacrifice

Jesus, the son of God
was His Father's earthly rep
let Him guide you in life
let Him order your steps
He will always love you
as His very own
He will always protect you 
and guard your home
He will give you joy 
and happiness too
come to Christ with a heart
that is contrite and true

step up to God 
His arms are open wide
He will never leave you
he''ll be forever by your side
give all to the Lord
and increase your spiritual depth
walk in the ways of Christ
and let Him order your steps

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What is in a Name

What is in a Name ! ?
I have been walking the hallways of, and have to say,
" this has been one long and very Blue Monday. "
I think of the Beauty in your name Xiao Ling. -
( Xiao, meaning the dawning - dawn of a beautiful day )
( Ling meaning the exquisite - a lovely voice to sing ) -
of all that is beautiful, exotic and good.

This day, I seem unable to see - but if only I could
leave these blinding Blues behind.
If only I might be able to find
among - a little peace of mind !

If only my thoughts, my words, would bring forth
all the beauty in you - that comes with your name.
I feel the innocence in the dawn, the twilight of your days.
I love all I see, I feel in your funny little ways.
When I look into your soul, I see of coarse,
not one - like so many - who plays the game .

What lies hidden inside morning drops of dew,
refract into rainbows from the hiding place within you
and my Blues dissipate, true light comes into view
and my sad world becomes a place beautiful and new.

B. J. "A" 2
June 19th 2010

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The Boatman's Song 22/ Many

The Boatman’s Song                                               22/Many

After the Boatman left for the Palace of Malla
To rescue his love, on the advise of Urveshi*
There was no one to witness and see
The throbbing and weeping heart of Urveshi*

She knew that her liking for the Boatman 
Was getting more and more deep
Although, she was aware that it was not the Boatman’s fault
That her liking was changing gradually into love

Tarang* knew that Urveshi* was in deep thoughts
And also that in her mind, a conflict was still going on,
To leave the Boatman and the earth, and go to heaven or 
To stay a little more here on earth
So that she may at least hear, few more songs of her serene love 
If not for ever, at least for some times more
Such was the powerful attraction of earth
That it became difficult for Urveshi,* to leave its alluring charms

Tarang* reading her mind intervened and said
My dear Princess charming, I know what you are thinking
But remember one thing Urveshi,* that now it would be very difficult
Even for the boatman, to keep on singing those songs and melodies
As his hidden quality of warrior like man, has come–up
Leaving behind, his heart felt songs and melodies
This man is an extra ordinary human, and for the sake of his motherland
He can sacrifice any thing including his love
Such is the beauty of this land Urveshi, which has given birth,
To a gem like Chandragupta,* whom we know as the Boatman*
And his life is going to change completely,
And you would find it very soon
Perhaps then, it would not be possible for him,
To sing those melodies, even if he want to give you a song

And such is the fate of human heart Urveshi*, where poetry flows only
When the mind and heart both, overflows with powerful feelings
Emerging from the depths of one’s soul,
And from every nook and core of human heart 

Urveshi’s* heart still wanted to preserve, the memories of these moments
Which she wanted to keep with her for ever 
To bloom like a fragrant flower, in her loving heart
Spreading the fragrance of love, throughout her future life
As that was going to be, a treasure for her in heaven,
For ever and for ever

It was a difficult time for Urveshi* to control her deep emotions

Ravindra						to continue on    23/………

Kanpur   India 24th January 2010 
      * Urveshi (One of the beloved Apsaras of Indra
      * Chandragupta.  Name of the Boatman. His full name was Chandragupta       
   Maurya, Born in 340 BC
     * Tarang (A nymph) A name. Tarang is a Hindi word means waves 

Details | Quatrain | |


Harvest the wind
And glean it too
My mind has heard
It speak of you

Cull the rain
Now reap and sow
In never-ending time
You grow

Destined we
All this I know
Your season shines
In dazzling show

And you're the one
That's come to me
Your name is whispered
Shore to sea

You're the light
In front of me
Your name is softly

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The Boatman's Song 23/ Many

The Boatman’s Song                                                                     23/Many

She found that love was such a wonderful feeling
Which change the human hearts, so intensely and so completely
She remembered, what Tarang* was telling 
“That once in true love, the human heart becomes Godly”

Tarang* intervened here and tried to reassured Urveshi*
You can wait a little more, for the Boatman to return
And then Urveshi* take leave from him,
And make this love a most beautiful feeling of your heart,
And your entire self 
So that it may cherish with you in your heart, like an evergreen tree
Unlike the physical pleasures & charms,  
Which shines very bright till the youth remains
But quickly dilutes and often vanishes soon, with the passing of time

Make your love for the Boatman and his songs Urveshi,* immortal in your heart, 
And your love will shine like a Moon and Star, 
So long as the Sun shines last
And then you will find that even in heaven,
You would continue to hear all his melodies, which you have heard here
And even those, which remain to be heard and are his unheard songs

Urveshi decided

After realizing that what Tarang was telling,
Was the reality of her love for the Boatman and his songs, she decided
To go back to heaven, after seeing the fate of the Boatman’s love 
For which she would stay here some more days,
To finally say a good bye to her first love, the Boatman and his songs

But she had never imagined that these few days of waiting
For that man, whose songs had already stolen her heart,
Would be like waiting since centuries, when the time too 
Would forgot its speed and would be crawling like a limp 

Perhaps, she had never and never thought that one day, 
Urveshi,* would be waiting for someone on earth
As earlier in heaven, only others use to wait for Urveshi*
And she never waited for any one, even for any Gods 
Such was the beauty of Urveshi in heaven,
And to find what she has become on earth, 
Urveshi* even could not recognized herself and she asked to herself? 
“Am I the same Urveshi*? Or it’s a shadow of someone else”?

Ravindra						to continue on    24/………

Kanpur   India 24th January 2010 
      * Urveshi (One of the beloved Apsaras of Indra
      * Chandragupta.  Name of the Boatman. His full name was Chandragupta       
   Maurya, Born in 340 BC
     * Tarang (A nymph) A name. Tarang is a Hindi word means waves

Details | Free verse | |


Forever I’ve longed for this feeling
But got confused by the way that it felt
You cured me with your emotional healing
Your tender sweet words made me melt

Wishing to feel your touch
Or at least a slight breeze of your subtle lips
Words are not even enough
To express these feelings I cannot resist

Wanting to tell you how I feel
But my shy words run and hide
Knowing that your feelings are real
Mine still sit and waits on the inside

Sits and waits to be finally released
To tell you how much I really do care
With my trust I hope that you’re pleased
Don’t ever think that my love isn’t there

I had never tasted love before.
Well at least until the day I spoke your name
Every time your name caresses my lips
I think, “Oh, how sweet the taste”

I savored the delicate texture of your name on the edge of my lips, on the tip of my 
I wait for the moment to inhale the heavenly aroma of your warm loving scent.

Be patient with me 
Be gentle with my love
Take care of my heart

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In Love

Out of nowhere, he showed up.
Such an unexpected surprise is rarely appreciated.
Yet, still, I took the time to see what was behind this shadow of a man.
Days passed and in time I came to see that this man's name was LOVE.
LOVE and I got closer than close and found out that what we needed most in our 
 lives was each other.
LOVE needed me and I needed LOVE.
Others don't understand what is between us.
Others think that I don't need LOVE.
Others think that LOVE will leave me.
You see, nothing is perfect and I will admit that.
As I found out his name was LOVE he found out my name was HATE, a name 
 given to me by those who have distracted and destroyed me on my quest to find 
Although LOVE hasn't fully developed into his wholeness, he has transformed
 me into what he is.
HATE needed LOVE and LOVE needed HATE.
Now LOVE is in me...and I am in LOVE.

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when you say your evening prayers
blessing those that you love most
does my name ever cross your lips
blessing one you once held close

when you pray for saving grace
and blessings for less important things
in your mind's eye can you see my face
blessing me for what lays spent

when you say your evening prayer
blessing those that you love most
does my name ever cross your lips
blessing one you once held close

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Let's Do These Things Now

Let's have compassion for the world
Extend your hand to help someone you can.
Stop all the abuse and the tyrany of this world
And forgive in time always your fellow man.

So much corruption and wickness abound us all 'round.
Show some pity and spread some  kindness. Respect people and everything!
Show that you really care and stop tearin' others down.
Tell the truth and stand tall.Show some courage!

Be cautious but don't let fear always dictate your heart.
Be happy for what you have and never look on others down.
Be humble and thankful to God and don't judge others folks harsh
Because we don't really know what really transpires behind their door.

Let's pray to our Almighty God for peace and love upon this whole planet.
We all need around warriors who stand for love truth and peace.
Let's strive for real love and peace and let's defeat wickness and violence of any sort.
Let's protect the children against kiddnapping and all those those horrible crimes we hear.

Stop bringing the sacred and precious name of God where it doesn't belong and has no place 
to be in any way.
Stop abusing God's perfect name in everything bad that happens 'round in this world or 
wrong choices you or other are bent to do.
Let's not use God or Jesus as an excuse for all the bad things that only you had chosen to 
mess-up dangerously with.
Offer with all your love and heart the best you can to others in need. Give and do it with no 
strings attached but in the name of love.

Believe it or not, God watches everybody and everything, and no matter what you think, 
always God has a way to reward us all.
Let's find a way to spread more seeds of love tolerance and peace, let's rid of all these stupid 
hatred and intolerance around.
Let's stop all this hatred and abuse...Let's stop all this insanity! This is so horrible and sick , 
and it doesnt do any good for anyone.
I am so tired of hearing all this forms of abuse, let's work harder at making this world  better 
instead of making it worse and sadder.

Lets pray to our Almighty God for peace and love all upon this whole planet.
We just can't do alone anymore, we need God, we need his Holy Word to guide us all the 
way thru.Let's stop all this pretendence and do good.
Men take heed, without God there isn't really much that any one of us can do, we need his 
loving guidance to light each one our way.
I know men won't  listen.But remember before any fall there's pride.Still man heart to Gods 
frozen.Men listen and take heed,before it is  too late for you!

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Why Curse His Name?

You curse his name out loud.
Do you think it makes him proud?
He`s helped you through so much pain.
Why must you say his name in vain?
He`s felt so much more pain than you ever felt.
What would you have done if his cards were the ones you were delt?
Why must you curse his name?
Why must you leave him with some of the blame?
You say he does nothing right and that he doesn`t care,
but just because you can`t see him,doesn`t mean he isn`t there.
So please don`t curse his name and think before you say what you want said,
for the lord Jesus is always there and has never been dead.

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A Prayer in the time of need

Something happened today that I couldn't believe
that's why I'm down on my knees
saying this prayer and asking Jesus 
please forgive me.

Jesus,I come before you now
knowing that I'm not on holy ground
I ask that you move away 
all my sins,so my family
will love me once more
and again.

Jesus all I can do right now is cry
because my mother taught 
me never to tell a lie 
but I deceived her by talking 
to this guy,but I know I was wrong
and I told a lie.

Jesus please help me because I'm in need
of your guidance....but right now I'm 
in silence.I don't believe they care 
about me anymore and your love is what I 
need you to restore.So right now Jesus I 
confess with my mouth that you are the father 
and I need your healing because what I'm believing
right now,I don't know if it will soon be leaving.

Jesus in Psalms it explains 
that you saved me because you are 
the God of truth it was true I 
know because if it wasn't you
wouldn't have let them beat you 
or place the crown of thorns 
around your head or on Calvary cross all the 
blood you shed.

You said in 3 days 
you would rise,know Jesus your 
words have come to past 
and you are alive.I ask this 
prayer in the name of the Father,the name of 
the Son,and the name of the Holy Spirit,I
pray that you give my faith 
and keep me near it.



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Kinda Love

You've got that raise your hands 
Kinda Love
do a HOLY GHOST dance
Kinda Love
praise your name 
Kinda Love
love thy neighbor 
Kinda Love
get my knees 
Kinda Love
lift your name on high 
Kinda Love
trusting in you
Kinda Love
leaning on you
Kinda Love
reading your word
Kinda Love
having faith in you
Kinda Love
I want it more and more
Kinda Love
peace grace and mercy
Kinda Love
everlasting never-ending undying
Kinda Love
LORD help me in the only way you know how
Kinda Love
HEAVENLY FATHER you've got that
I love you LORD
Kinda Love
from up above

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Her name was Eileen
Also called Baby Doll or Queen

With lovely eyes so big and brown
They said how she felt without her making a sound

The lips that I kissed and I loved to touch
And said for so long, “I love you so much”

The words they spoke you could trust as true
Lips so alluring to create lust in you

The touch of her skin as soft as milk
With hair so fine it felt like silk

The warmth of her heart shows on her face
She also has style and so much grace

She’s kind and gentle and so generous
She shares the love within her with all of us

Intellect, charm, strength and personality
She has it all, plus humility

Creating desire and passion I can’t express
A body so perfect like a temptress

Her name means light, and she does shine
I was so proud of this woman, and proud she was mine

Spoiled by her love no one can replace
Left only with memories and an image of her face

The face of an angel is what I see
The love of my life she will always be

Not only lovely, but wonderful
Described in one word she’s


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left behind

This whole place is set ablaze. 
Smoke is filling these lungs. 
I'm looking for the fire escape. 
The sirens ring aloud. 
I can't make out a single face in the crowd. 
Where are you? 
You said you'd never leave me behind. 
Where do you hide? 
I can't breathe. 
These fumes are looking to take the life out of me, but still i push to make 
my way out. 
Forced to crawl as the flames reach for the skies. 
How desperate i am just to find you. 
I scream your name as i make my way through this burning building. 
Struggling as this structure tries to make its way to the ground. 
It's going down! It's going down! 
Searching for you, my eyes blinding by this haze. 
I'm trying to find my way out of this maze. 
Where'd you go? 
You said you'd never leave me behind. 
I'll make it out of this alive or die trying. 
I hear the siren's cries. 
Pushing forward trying to make my way through the door. 
I don't know how much more i can take. 
It's getting harder to breathe with each breath that i take. 
Save me. 
This is exactly what it seems. 
Trying to survive as this fire tries to baptize me. 
Get me out! Get me out! 
You said you'd never leave me behind. 
I scream your name in one last attempt as this fire consumes me. 
I'll never forget your smile as much as it haunts me.

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Just Jesus Christ

Just Jesus Christ

                       Just Jesus Christ saved me, from death took me too his
holy place, his mercy and grace hugged me, into another dimension
next to the holy one. I pray, he tells me he love's me I belive him.
In my Jesus Christ I could rest, 
Peace after all I could experience when I worship him.
Something happens you gotta know this my Lord,
Is alive his not death men, I love him so, I say "Then I follow his voice I'm obedient let me be judge, but by my Jesus "  because, his fair to his children.
I some times don't understand his plan, but some how always belive his right when everything is going wrong. My sufferment he has observe, carefully his chosen the word's my path is Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ is the path.
His mercy is unique, his name should always be uplifted in any moment, one man in flesh 
Came to save the rest.
This tme I take to dedicate this feelings, I need you on this everyday!
Walk my love there's no me, if your not with in, don't let go. Because, I rather die
Jesus Christ, my bautized is coming up Im suprice I made it this far thinking of me and forgot there's an Almighty God 21 year's past, but your name is above all titles or anything, it wont be forgotten or in the past,
Jesus Christ is the name of the savior I'm talking abaut, John 3:16 
Tell's a man really in love, not just for me but, for all society in particular.
His own people, didn't accept him, I give him a chance Jesus dosen't fail this he prove's to me all lthe time.
I love you Jesus Christ the last thing I want to do is fail, you because It hurt's inside, you died for me in the cross the only thing I could do Is give my life and, who I was to the only one who truelly cares "Jesus Chris" . I'm done!

                                 by; Crystal Padilla

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encroach on proper approach

I never intended to incubate what I articulate,
Particularly speaking of spoken words,
For I need vindication of words I abdicate,
After my expressions pull me downwards,

Anytime I declare affinity amounting to you,
I play chess making all the wrong moves,
Keeping me from knowing what to do,
Until enrapturing isn't capturing and my courtesy improves,

In a way where I don't suffocate you,
So I can come with the right approach,
Instead of encroaching with imprudent impromptu,
To allow conversational topics to broach,

In only one way for me to seek,
However bleak there's a way for pursuit,
Learning from the originator of the week,
Firstly I'll patiently wait for his recruit,

And along comes the spider to capture me,
And like leaves I'm gone with the wind,
Entangled in webs in moments I see personality,
In this love can be real not pretend,

Without further instruction here's my introduction,
My name is such and so,
Gallantly requesting without chasing seduction,
I'll politely ask your name without yelling yo.

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 A name what is in a name a confidence we have with no other person on this 
earth a nickname given to mean something only to the one who hears it so 
sweet in ear so loud though spoken soft so nice though looked at by someone 
who does not knoe the care involved beware they laugh and scorn us there they 
deride the love they snide the things the very things we love the world at large is 
dumb they only needed love oh pookey eye love ewe oh pookie please stay mine 
ooh poOky so sublime. 

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A day in life

That day oh yes I remember it well, the day was so long and scary was the night
It was like one of those days, one would never even try of remembering
But the day started out fine, as usual you were in front of me 
Oh so beautiful, I would spend my whole life just seeing you
Your smile that would stop the pace of earth, stop everything
Your voice which makes everything moves, my heart moves, lips imitate
Each and every nerve in my body, the blood they move faster
Heart pumps at excellent rate, mind creates an imaginary heaven filled with nothing but you
Lips moves along with yours, says nothing but only your name 
 Hands move for nothing, just to touch you, of course if they could
Legs leap ahead of virtually stopped time, for nothing, but to reach you
Feelings I get in my head, I want nothing, but you

Then, don’t know form where but I got nerve to talk to you
It started with hi…my name is ……
Just few words made me feel I already had got you
I remember me talking to you, you talking back to me 
I was there just looking at you, sorry that I was not listing to you
Who would? Listen...When you have the most beautiful sight in front of your eyes
Even when those gods send you here he should have done mistake 
I guess they were looking at you, without a single idea of you being sent here
Do you know what? I fell that they are in great remorse now as they have send you
Even now when I look at your picture and cry
That very god above shows that he has got more tears than me….ha-ha he cries to beat my 
And when I realize that you are not with me and I scream he screams too
But so greedy he is…I can’t do any thing to hide you from him…anything
And when I look at beauty in the sky at day he blocks it with blaze of sun…
And when I look at the beautiful moon, I heard he arranged some eclipse thing to hide her
Sorry but I’ve never looked at moon like I’ve looked at you
I’ve never loved the moon like I’ve loved you
That god can’t compete with me for loving you so he is jealous
 That is why; he never let me be with you
 And even when I’m trying to get to you he isn’t letting me
But that doesn’t discourage me to love you more…
I will still love you if that god makes me the only person in this world
I will never be alone, till I live, coz till the day I live
 You’ll always be in my heart my mind 
My eyes and the blood in my heart 
The air that I breathe and everything 

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Forever Alive...

The sparkle in your eyes is like a knife,
A knife filled with love and magic,
And when you look at me
I feel the stab right through my heart,

When I met you my life changed
It became like a magical world,
I saw the angels in the purple horizon,
I saw the rainbow that colored my day,
I heard voices whispering your name in the dark,
And every time I cried, my tears changed into smiles when I thought of you,
But now, you're gone, forever...

I miss you,
I need you
I can't live without you
Come back
My heart is bleeding
My tears are filled with pain
your absence makes me die every single day
My soul was yours,
And when  you left, my life turned into hell...
I carve your name under my skin
I bleed myself to see you again,
In my dreams I see your soul above the sky
And in my heart there'll always be place for you all the time
I'll keep a part of you with me forever,

Until the day I die...

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I want to hear you say my name 
A soft whisper in my ear 
I want to feel your heartbeat 
As you pull me tightly near 

I want so much to feel your breath 
Caress my neck, my shoulder 
That simple touch of sensual warmth 
That makes my heart beat bolder 

I want to feel your soft sweet lips 
Glide gently cross my skin 
Kissing, suckling tenderly 
Down my neck, then up again 

I want to feel your hands on me 
Gliding up and down my spine 
Your fingers pressing gently in 
Feeling warm and so devine 

I want to touch my lips to you 
Place kisses on your chest 
Run my fingers through your hair 
My heart pounding in my breast 

I want to escalate our emotions 
Build the fire with every touch 
Stroking, touching, tasting skin 
Wanting more so very much 

I want to feel us lose control 
With want, desire, and need 
As you lay me down and love me 
With abandonment and greed 

I want to hear you groan my name 
On a wild breath of ecstasy 
As we collapse in each others arms 
When you're done loving me.

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A Best Achivement

IRA; a strong idealogic and separatists,
At last surrender to the democratic values,
Over decades, after a long fight to achieve,
Thousand innocents blood on their name.

When a religion has a fight against a religion,
What a person can achieve in this invisibility,
He can kill himself on the name of a religion,
With a belief God will honour him in heaven.

But God never honoured to anyone,
When Lord Jesus was fighting for justice,
Tarrents hanged him innocently until death,
A miracle was disappeared to punish cruelity.

Lord Mohammad was fighting for justice,
To deliver a better service on the name of God,
But no power came to save innocents,
They were martyred as Hassan and Hussain.

Lord Krishna pretends that a man borns,
For his duty, he has to do that as he did,
Million people were killed in a battle,
As respect for a lady is a story of Mahabharta.

Lord Rama has a fight for his honour,
To defeat King Rawana who was seeking justice,
For his sister she was insulted to cut her nose,
Is Rama respects for ladies as Sita was banished?

Guru Govind Singh when declared a Khalsa,
Society killed his innocent family to stop him,
To establish a religion in a religion’s boundary,
And killed thousands innocently who followed him.

At last they admit that religion can’t survive,
Without a state power and a state power,
Can’t deliver peace without a belief in God,
They also surrender at last to democratic values.

Democracy where a person can enjoy his liberty,
Thousands lost their innocent lives to replace,
A better system to remove dictatorship,
As Iraqi nation is fighting for democracy.

Democracy is a best from for governments,
If they know how to respect and honour a law,
Law is superb in democracy, law fails there,
A system is corrupted, nation has no respect.

All likes peace because peace is only a tool,
That provides sources to develop personality,
To understand a cause of birth to identify him.
Who achieves a best achievement of nature?

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Our Romance is a Song

Our romance is a song
A melodious utterance that was sung by God before the foundation of the earth
But heard by us both at the appointed time
When He created us both He knew together we rhymed 
My last name connected to your first name and you being mine
Or rather we being each others
He said "He that findth a wife findth a good thing and that good thing I discovered
I spent years dealing with fakes,phonies,and frauds in search of a real lover
And when the time was right and right was time 
He said love her
And love her I do 
And she loves me 
Like an arrangement of sounds that agree together we make beautiful music
A sweet melody
Thats heard in the ears of those around us and serenades the ears of our God
Whose always present
I thank Him for this blessing
This beautiful musical composition that He thought of then sung 
And when he was through 
He titled the song "Love" and we listened
Our romance is a song

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The Angel of Hatred and Death

I hated who I was before
And I hated my previous life
I was too weak 
And very passive
I was not fit to be in this world…
So I was thrown into Hell
Swallowed by the Lake of Fire
And the end result
Was my rebirth
And now I’m back to correct my mistake

Hatred and anger fuel my body
I arise from the dead better than I was before
People that took advantage of me
Will now suffer the consequences of their actions!

Ooohhh…Look at what you brought upon yourselves
Ooohhh…The chaos that I cause will be the beginning
Ooohhh…No longer is my name the same, but the Angel of Death!

Now my heart has changed
It is black and hard like a diamond
Never again
Will I open my heart
To anyone for they take advantage…
Pray to God for forgiveness
For I won’t be so forgiving
Because once they’re done
I will silence them
And wipe them off the face of the earth!

With the Sword of Destruction in my right hand
I will slash the earth, purifying it
Chaos, death, and doom will be brought by me
And so the earth shall be reborn, forming a new Genesis!

Ooohhh…There will be fire falling down like the rain
Ooohhh…Not a single soul will be spared by me
Ooohhh…The world will come to know me as the Angel of Hatred!

Fear me and hide for that is they can do
Hate me and mock me for it won’t last too long
Say goodbye to your loved ones, for you won’t see them again
By the time that they are dead, they won’t see Heaven or Hell!

Ooohhh…Look at what you brought upon yourselves
Ooohhh…The chaos that I cause will be the beginning
Ooohhh…No longer is my name the same, but the Angel of Death!
Ooohhh…There will be fire falling down like the rain
Ooohhh…Not a single soul will be spared by me
Ooohhh…The world will come to know me as the Angel of Hatred!
Ooohhh…Now they know the pain that I had to go through
Ooohhh…There will be no mercy given by me
Ooohhh…The Angel of Hatred and Death has spoken!!!

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If Isaiah, Jeremiah, Moses and King David prayed to Jehovah,
why is it that His name is no longer invoked?
The Old Testament name has  been erased
from everybody's mind...and we still sing," Hallelujah! "  

God's name cannot be's a sacrilege, a violation of Jehovah's law!
How many times, in my anguish I have called on His holy name!
He wants us to use it and not be afraid of saying it aloud without shame;
so that the wicked, the wretched and the faithless will not curse it anymore!  

Here on earth, many declare to believe in one God,
who through the Prophets gave us a Holy Book to live by;
instead they make their own interpretations and shamelessly lie...
no wonder they have lost every blessing and can't see beyond!

O Jehovah, eternal and just, I declare you my God as all Prophets did,
sacred is Your name, and I proclaim it without fear; and let every hypocrite 
hear it in their cathedrals and synogoges! Oh, how they'll manifest their wrath,
because they are the modern, self-righteous Pharisees who will condemn me to death!   

God's name cannot be changed, it was spoken by humble David,
the shepherd who faithfully served a God of honor and integrity;
God's name cannot be changed to suit human's foolishness and vanity...
a name so magnificently set in stone must be called upon and be praised!

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Sweet Dreams And Good Night


                   I gently whisper your name in the breeze
	And it echoes quickly through the trees
	In my soul you answer me
	For that's where your spirit is bonded with me
	Separated in this time are we
	Yet joined in soul for eternity
	Though I will never fell the touch of your hand
	Or walk with you upon this land
	Yet I know you are here
	And I can always feel you near
	So I whisper you name on this night
	To wish you sweet dreams and good night

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Just Jesus

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, the sweetest name I know.
I'll spread the word of His goodness, and tell it everywhere I go.
Oh, my Saviour Jesus, how majestic is thy name,
Without your love and presence, my life would ne'er be the same.
Oh, that great name Jesus, such wonders to perform,
 I have that blessed assurance while I'm safe in His loving arm.
Oh, my precious Jesus, who died to set me free,
The cross is such a comfort to be nearer my God to Thee.
Just speak the name of Jesus, the name I truly love,
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, the Son of God above.

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Is the name he call's out,
Is the name he spreads around,
She's so sweet,
Will whisper in your ear till theres tears,
So beautiful,
So kind,
I'm sick of you,
Your not mine,
Just go away,
come back when we are right,
I stop this war you win the fight,
Why is your name so hidden,
But yet its you that blinds him,
I'll never give up,
But this time i will,
You'll just show him what is fake,
Why does he believe your even real?
For you are more,
For when he pushes you away,
Here i will be for i have the patients to wait,
He call's your name,
So sweetly,
It cuts through my veins,
Agian you are more,
I'm stop this feeling i have for him,
Once again you win

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November 27th

Dear Mother:

Nov 27, 1985 There was boy name Nicholas Jones as I was conceive by Tracey 
Washington and Todd Jones. But I

Stood out the only child in my mom eyes. The only man she really needed at the 
time. Not really depended on a man that

could walk on his on two feet. but a person that she know will always be there 
and stand right by her. An when Nov 27 

of 1985 came it came her man. Nicholas Christopher Jones an 20 years later we 
still go at it like we Shaq and D.Wade.

you want catch one with out the other because I stay in the post, I want to know 
who said we couldn't love are moms 

more than dad's. nutthing against mines but just know he wasn't here all twenty 
years, He Like Lindsay Hunter he was 

there for the first 7 years and then got traded, But then I say around 2000 he 
come back like everything suppose to be 

aight you know I'm jus playing My defense correctly so he would never walked 
over my D.wade again because I would 

hate to have to face him like Kobe had when Chris Childs gave him a five figure 
discount. An i want be sure that my 

defense is played correctly. Correctly i say i will be 20 on this Day just a different 
year and different Decade 2005. I 

want to thank this women for keeping me the way she could all these years It 
took heart and help from the man upstairs

because i knew she couldn't do it all by her self, not one time have he gave up on 
us as a family he stood there and said

he will be in good hands when you dropped him off at school out of your eyes. He 
still would be watch. Allow me to 

Re-Introduced Myself My Name is N.I.C.K. Ceo of my family, got the hottest 
mother on my team just let me told you

how i defend her 85% from the field because i can't miss. baby i'm hot out here 
just like she called me i'm her one and 

only. Because how i feel Only God Can Judge Me. all that to say Happy B-day I 
made it. Love you Mommie

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My Father's pen

The ink flows in my veins, it drips as I cry
I figured life was joy
I was wrong, for there is much evil walking in our streets
Lies upon lies, death herself points at me
Who am I to pretend of joy, when I break inside
I bleed, I shall not bare any seed
O' how I desire to be a father yet I weep I may not see the day
Cast unto me your burden as I drown in tears already half dead and all I have is my name
Why must I deny to be poor, to be worth nothing
As I, who am I
Father embrace me as I break
In the eyes of the inocent I see myself being judged beyond content
And I fall to my knees as I know death will swallow my dreams
She will sit on my hopes to be
Will I too go down as nothing in history
Let the pages be blank, write in my name as I love my name
It marked me when I was born and the first ray of light and sin crept into my eyes
I see not tomorrow
I can't peek into the sunset for I am consumed by sorrow
Plea, O' Father I plea to Your name
Deliver me from this heart ache
Free me so that I may at last find peace
I drown lower in strife and and I grow weak
Will You strengthen the ones who shall see me pass and love me?
I beg, to my humble view Father I trust in You
The clouds spit onto me, as I
Eduardo is the name you gave me and I shall embrace it for You my God are my all
Age sit on me, and I grow in time seeing twenty-one years of life I cry out
For my future, as I am to be what?
I sing, and I weep to my pain
Will tomorrow bring me back, or will I still fear the rain
I love my name, Eduardo, Father I am your pen
Allow not the ink that flows in my vains to dry
Surely You know that if it does I will die
Father in your keep I leave my life as You gave it me, only You can take it

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soul mates

a dim lit room, a slow and steady groove
I feel his stare on me; he watches as I move
a man of mystery, a man of intrigue
my heart races as he slowly moves towards me

one dance he wants, one dance he asks
to be close to him is not so hard a task
I’m hesitant, though, as he pulls me near
he leans in to me and whispers in my ear

‘you are so beautiful’ he says to me
‘what is your name?’ he asks anxiously
‘for I need to know before I depart
the name of the woman who’s stolen my heart’

a smile I gave him to show I was pleased
his style and his approach made me weak in the knees
‘you call me a thief and expect a reply
how bold of you, love, your request I deny’

he smiled at me as we finished our dance
‘I offer to you a night of romance
let me assure you that only good intentions remain
then will you tell me, will you give me your name?’

for the rest of the night I enjoyed his company
he seduced my mind, touched my heart; he was truly unique
‘if it’s love that u want, then you’ll no longer seek
you’ve found it in me, my name is Dominquette….’

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Charlexes Fabels
A Mexican sweat is just a teepee with a fire made hotter and a rock placed where 
you can pour the water on the hot rock to make some steam come up and they 
add some pine to make a smell so sweet to tired alcoholic lidded eye eye did my 
time cold TURKEY and never needed one. One man who works in landscaping 
as the gardenor becomes too busy to notice the other man escaping on the 
sidewalk it is the thief the gardenor is using both his hands in his effort for 
release the other man in shadow land appearance coinciding with the worker 
there just thinking while he is walking hands in pocket just holding on to nothing 
as he sort of Saunders bye? Saunders
For over 60 years Saunders Manufacturing in Readfield, Maine has made top 
quality Form Holders and Clipboards for millions of customers worldwide. Now 
our new Portable Desktop line continues the tradition. Just a coincidence please 
Gentile reader ewe must understand the non commercial usage of this poem 
business. A Random act of kindness to your senses.
Charles (surname) 
Charles is a given name for males, and has its origins in Common Germanic 
where it originally was used to indicate a free man, but not one belonging to the 
While eye was typing this the contact email on the link opened up into a brand 
new page and never made connected to the name? please people if you put the 
actual name of your email address then we the customers can copy and then 
past the thing and then you could have read my fable and had a much better day 
oh Mr. and the Mrs. Saunders. The Gardenor may read this missive iff eye bother 
to make the translation into Spanish for the bulk males of the working force is 
GARDINER: From the Danish for "garden keeper." A noble profession and a vivid 
name. Relatives: Gardener, Gardenor, Gardner, Gardnard, Garden, Gar. 
Namesakes: Erle Stanley Gardner, John Gardner. Eye am just a Charles 
derivative a CHARLAX iff ewe will of some great import a relic not a derelict of 
duty a lover never a fighter a want to be husband to the ewe oh ewe please smile 
as ewe aer reading this one and be sure.
Jealousy is never meant to make us harm but only to make love come back so 
strong to make the other one in love return a little stronger than she was before 
the Jealousy.

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Remember when we said I love you
It was supposed to mean no worries
If you remember the good and forgive me
There might be a good ending to this story

Trying to get you to eat dog biscuits
Kissing and holding you at night
I cooked for you one time
But you said the food didn't taste right

From the clubs to extra duty
We were always together
Traveling and playing in the snow 
I'll cherish those days forever

I was there your first time rolling
I was the first to put it in that hole
No matter what anyone said
We were together, forget what I was told

Your name is branded on me 
My name is tattooed on you
The question of a lifetime is
Now want are we going to do?

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Lynne Ireland.editor 



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Lover of My Soul

I have found
The Lover of My Soul
His name is Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Oh Jesus- Jesus loves my soul  

I have found
The One who makes me whole
His name is Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Oh Jesus- Jesus makes me whole

I have found
The Lord is in control
His name is Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Oh Jesus- Jesus take full control

I have found
The Lover of My Soul
His name is Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Oh Jesus- Jesus loves my soul  

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A Tightening in the throat, 
a shifting in the sand. 
A movement: 
 near my heart ------------------when. 
I hear ewe name or see ewe name on the letterhead. 
A snail mail letter or just an email too. 
Anything at all from ewe causes me to change 
the way I sit the way I move the way I seem to be. 
Completely at ewe mercy is how i want to stay, 
i love ewe i love ewe i love ewe 
a broken record stuck in a groove 
words of love and time to tell ewe 
there would be no end to days of love 
theres only one thing left to say 

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I hope
You are safe
From your desire
From the tatoes
you drawn on me
From the name you gave me
From the name i gave you.

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Bespoke The Name Unknown

Surf the clutch of drifting hair, 
The breeze of perfume caught the aspect, 
Her face poised to kiss the world 
And lip-synch my sullen ego. 
This and that and everything 
Bespoke the name unknown.

Claws the benediction near 
With Venus lines in every respect 
To blend my palmistry into clones 
And bless my longing eyes. 
This and that and everything 
Bespoke the name unknown.

Divulge the guarded secret wish 
That dared to dream and in reflect 
Did drive my tentative advance 
And blow my dust away. 
This and that and everything 
Bespoke the name unknown.

Brush the arc of dipping moon, 
The night bird cry of freeborn reflex, 
Of moral fibre in the instinct 
And hold her beauty tight. 
This and that and everything 
Bespoke the name unknown.

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I wrote your name

I wrote your name in the sky,
but the wind blew it away.
I wrote your name on my hand,
but washed my hand the next day.
I wrote your name in the sand,
but the water washed it away.
I wrote your name on a peice of paper,
but accidently threw it away.
I wrote your name in my HEART,
and FOREVER it will stay.

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She never forgave him for not giving her his last name or
letting their only child be sold on the auction block.
When she was raped he didn’t hear her screams.
When their second child was taken away he just watched. Then he went away.
She never forgave him once…

He never forgave her once for having the bastard child,
Blonde hair, blue eyes too good for the sun.
How his ears went numb from the wails of her ecstasy.
She was always in their kitchen cookin’ up sumthin’ and
he never forgave her once…

They jumped the broom but never made it over.
Five-hundred years later, things haven’t gotten any better.
She still hasn’t forgetten that he didn’t give her his last name and 
He didn’t forget when she shared a bed with the massa.

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My Aunt in California, she called to tell me good morning.
Her name is Tu, it's true and she's a gem of an Auntie too.

From Vietnam she came, in the year past my mother's flame.
With her eyes she looked at me, in her smile, my mother I see.
Her voice a reminder to me, that my family is near.
Dear to my heart  while far apart, her words wash away my fear.

A charm of broken accent, her words are heaven sent.
"You smaaa and much to gib, big heaaar and li to lib"

You're smart she says, with much to give, a big heart you have.
There's life to  live!  A charm of broken accent, her words so pure
when sent.  

Deciphering is what I did, through my life the words they gave.
Through the times of love and pain, charm of the broken...
whisper my name.

"I go to America schoo, wor tree job to do"
"I come here at forty fi, go to schoo when I forty.Ni"
"I cry, becau no one know my nam"

I love my Auntie True.  Her name my friend, is Tu.

She came at 45, went to med school at 49, 
learning English at the same time.

Now as I sit in rhyme... 
I find courage in broken chimes.

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Showing Off

We're not showing off
And we won't put it off-
We're just praising the name of Jesus
But if we're showing off
Still we won't put it off-
We'll keep praising the name of Jesus   (Chorus)

There are those who think the Lord requires a solemn face
And there are those who quench His Spirit in this place
But there are those who sing and shout with hands and hearts to raise
And they are those who're free to give God all their praise

And if we're getting on your nerve-
And if we don't fit your format-
Well we've got a God to serve-
And we know it's going to take all that
He's pleased with that-	  (Bridge)


There are those who feel they know just how much it takes
And there are those who say we're going through a phase
So there are those who clap and dance with hands and hearts to raise
And they are those who're free to give God all their praise

(Bridge)    (Chorus)

Praise Him for his goodness, praise Him for his love
Praise Him with your voices, praise Him all ye lands
Praise Him with the timbrel and all your instruments
Praise Him with a loud noise, sing and clap your hands  (Repeat)

(Bridge)  (Chorus)

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A Mother Pleas

A Mother Pleas
A True Story
He was only seven when she lost him. Her name is Francis eye did not get his 
name but he is 23 now and if you can read this poem boy your mother is in 
Tucson alive and riding on the bus. My name is not important and eye look for no 
reward just contact pleas your mother for she is aPARENTly annoyed at missing 
you at last and wanting love. What is a life real life worth at least a poem and a 
hope. A love eye heard her speak so calm about you she is never given up.

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Thinking Of You

Part of growing up is learning to forgive, I made mistakes but I never forget the 
beautiful things you did, when you talk it may seem like I’m not listening to a word 
you say, but if you tell me your problems I’ll try my best to kiss them all away, my 
heart is fragile and can be broken easily, they say love is blind but I can see you 
clearly, when I hear your name I can’t go wrong, the name came from a beautiful 
mom, you are a person that is nice and kind, and when I think of gorgeous you 
come to my mind, it’s just like the saying never say never, you and me are for life 
but our love is forever.

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Lord of All

Lord of all
I magnify your name 
Lord of all
I give you all the praise
Lord of all 
I lift your name on high
and you're everything
You're everything I've got

Lord of all
I put my trust in you
Lord of all
Please show me what to do
Lord of all
I'm walking with you now
and I know you will be glorified somehow

Lord of all
I'm thanking you today
Lord of all
Please guide me along my way
Lord of all
Please rain down on me 
And just help me be as Christ-like as can be

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The Earth's soul, sun, refutes thy space
because without thee, I stand open with no face
to call thy name the way I cry,
and lift some rigid temple that implies
my will is not of God and thee,
but only second try,
and lastly gain reply ~

I want to call thy name as I,
without the wind repeating in my eye.

For only thy revere, not reasons why!

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I Write Your Name

I write your name in the sand 
but the water washes it away
I write your name in the sky 
and the wind blows it away
I write your name in my head
and my other thoughts push it away
I write your name in my heart 
and forever it will stay

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Jayden Makieh Kelly (Part 2)

Jayden Makieh Kelly
  As each day and the third month passed by I was still shocked.  But, my love for you was solid, set firmly in place and locked.  At four months pregnant I felt your fluttering, and at first, thought it was quite bothering.  I also got to hear your tiny heart beat.  The sound was so sweet and pleasing to my ears of course, but at the same time it reminded me of a galloping horse!  At five months I started to feel a little less sick and even got to feel your undeniably, strong kick!  Now the feeling of you moving around and kicking, nestled in my stomach where you resided,  comforted me because it allowed me to know that you still safely existed right there inside me.  From the beginning, my family and I had been hoping that you would be a girl and allowed that feeling to deeply sink.  We went to stores looked at all the girls clothes and imagined how pretty you would be in pink.  At twenty-two weeks on October 13, I had the ultrasound that would determine your health and sex.  Deep down inside I knew that I wouldn’t hear the news that I had expected.  The doctor typed on the screen ‘Boy’ alongside your little wee wee, and I must admit the news kind of upset me.  I was upset because I had gotten used to thinking about all of the pink and the girl names, however no matter what my love for you would undeniably be the exact same.  Boy or girl it makes no difference, because for life my baby boy I am in this.  At almost six months, your name was decided and planned with good meaning behind it.  Jayden Makieh Kelly is who you will come into the world as.  Your name starts with the letter ’J’ just as your dad’s.  Your middle name is Makieh and was derived from a very special person in my life.  He recently passed away and his name was Mack William Sandidge, Junior.  I could not give birth to you and not include him as part of our future.  For almost twenty years he did things that I don’t think could be done by no other.  He provided and took care of me as if he was my father.  Even though biologically he wasn’t, psychologically, and every other way he was.  There wasn’t a limit to all that he gave, all that he shared, all of his love.  I still don’t think I could ever thank him enough, so with your middle name I provided  a small token of such.

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Elizabeth, yes that name has spoken through my heart of power
I've heard the name in a thousand hymns and seen the face
a trillion times through a thorny bush or some velvet flower.
And the miles of difference from Roman Greece to Paris France
of the Eiffel Tower is so little compared to the name I have thought.
And so long have you been called that word Elizabeth,
the word that drowns me in a deep brook of the forbidden woods,
that name that explodes to my tongue whenever said,
That word that's forever longed to lie aside of my own death bed.

So when I seek upon a silver star of moonless night,
or the rivers that forecast the silky sand a wetness to its texture
or the ways I look upon the day, the night and its own mixture
of sunrise and sunset, has the name been spoken followed within the wind.
And I ask why the word Elizabeth follows like a cat to a fly?
I've sought to look at the classic face of Elizabeth but no 'hello'
nor 'goodbye'? Just that silent word who strictly follows on by.

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Your Name

I wrote you name in the sky,
but the wind blew it away.

I wrote your name in the sand, 
but the waves washed it away.

I wrote your name in my heart,
and forever it will stay.

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She was just a child in seventy-two. The man they called JESUS, she never knew.
His name, she was never supposed to say. Only to GOD, was she allowed to
pray. As she grew, her life seemed so very hard. She often wondered. Who is
this man they call our LORD? Until one day she met him face to face.
She will never forget those words He did say!
             My name is JESUS! I've been with you right from the start!
              I am your LORD! I love you with all of my heart!
              Accept me, and I will wash away your sins!
              Do this, and you will never be alone again!
She found HIM! He was what she had been searching for. Now she knew, she
would never have to walk alone anymore. For the first time in her life, she
could finally see. With JESUS by her side, she would never again be in need.
Times were still tough for her along the way. At times she didn't know if she
could make it through another day. She would fall to her knees and call out
HIS name. Then she would remember those words HE did say.
                My name is JESUS! I've been with you right from the start!
                 I am your LORD! I love you with all of my heart!
                 Accept ME, and I will wash away your sins!
                  Do this, and you will never be alone again!
The years went by. She had a family of her own.She taught them about JESUS,
and how they would never have to walk alone.Just seek HIM first and everything
will fall into place. HE will be the light in your darkest hour.HE will show you
the way. Before she goes to sleep each and every night, she thanks the LORD
for what HE has brought to her life. She will never forget when JESUS saved
her soul on that blessed day, or for those precious words HE did say.
                    My name is JESUS! I've been with you right from the start!
                     I am you LORD! I love you with all of my heart!
                     Accept me, and I will wash away your sins!
                      Do this, and you will never be alone again!

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i love you

As you walk into the room all i could do is stair. The light shinning above you 
shows that it is  all you. I smile and glance and then stop staring at that  face of 
you. I look at you like an angle just stole my heart away from me. All i see is you 
no one else but you.  my angle gave me my heart back after you came to me and 
said hello. My face full of droll my mouth open wide and no word would come out 
as you ask me what  is your name i say nothing but a stair he walks away i say 
wait my name is Sarah what is your name. Thy name is Kelly and i talk with thee 
most cutest can be. what though i do to tell you i love you. so i ask do you believe 
in  fairy tale cause my love you are my fairy tale.  Fairy tales you are thou mine i 
love you so much by i hardly know you. my love we shall always know we will 
soon  know everything about each other my love thou shalt say goodnight my 

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People from my past

    I hate seeing people from my past and I know it may sound bad to say that but you were apart 
of me like a glove; you stole a piece of my heart from the first glance. I hate it when they mention 
your name especially because it makes my heart skip a beat. It never fails in my mind I just 
count the seconds until they enter your name into the conversation. You were truly magnificent 
and people will always talk about you but that doesn't mean I want to hear it. Even though I can't 
help but smile whenever I hear about you I get upset whenever the news isn't good. I can't help 
being stuck on you like glue... I want you but your miles away and I can't reach. A confused look 
comes across my face everytime I get back to feeling like a 13 year old. You were in my day 
dreams and in my head whenever my forehead hit the pillow I was thinking about you. So why 
now I mean how after all this time could I still want you to be mines? I am constantly confused 
and I am constantly upset that what I want I can never get.

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my friend kim

I have a friend whose name is Kim
and she has a dad whose name is Jim.
Kim is fun and nice, and sweet
to everyone she's such a treat!
I love Kim with all my heart
and when I'm with her i wanna fart.
Kims so special, so very dear
without her life would be so drear!
She's always my friend without sin
even when my stalker's closing in!
She passed her driving test,
and without fail she was the best!
I love it when she quotes The Ringer
and she is a great great singer!
That fatty shannon can just die,
it wouldn't matter, no one would cry.
Kim Kim I love you so
please don't change into a hoe.

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Change my Name

I guess I should change my name now
It's from my ex ya know

It all I have left from him
I just can't let it go

I've become used to its place
Over the many years

My heart, soul, and name
All go with his tears

Pick a name for me
And I'll see what I can do

To get you off my signature
And get my heart and soul back too

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Admire Me

Craving admiration she displays herself for the entire see
Reeling in the sunshine shone towards her she continues the path to destruction
Petty compliments and pretty lies
So many jokers in their thin disguise
Lying in wait
Ready to pounce when titillated
Kudos and praise in this confusing maze
Only confuse the seeker about what she is seeking

Candlelight nights hide away your bad intentions
Moonlit walks help you deepen your clever facade
But gentle rains wash away your false exterior
All that is left is this pathetic creature

Talking to him is like a game of chess
Must be careful when strategizing my next move
Who knows no truth because he is a lie
His first name is deceit and his last name is debauchery.

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A Not Called Feeling

This feeling still can’t leave my mind.
It’s disobedient.
It should have a name of some kind – 
Please, try to be patient!

I can’t find any proper name -
It’s unpredictable.
No other feeling is the same -
It’s so valuable...

I’m wasting my time to name it.
I give up. It’s your turn!
You know the feeling very well...
Go on! The die is thrown!

But I see you go pale, my love.
Why are you terrified?
You evade it. I’ve had enough!
It must be clarified... 

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I wrote your name in the sky

why did I write your name in the sky
I guess your wondering why
It's because my love will never die
and I want the world to see
how much you mean to me 

I wrote your name in the sand

why did I write your name in the sand
I hope you will understand
that you are my number one fan
and the love I have for you will always stand

I wrote your name in my heart

why did I write your name in my heart
this love I have for you will never depart
because my love for you has been strong from the start
and only you my love have captured my heart

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Is it really? (obsession)

    Is it really? Can you hear me through the glass window i'm looking through.
 I can't see you all I know is I want to be near you, Your all I think about, If they had 
a box of cereal with your name on the front I would buy it just to taste your flavor.
 Is it really? Did I just make a fool of me again... I swore this was finished the moment 
you walked off after graduation. But I keep eating, it's like i'm a Canabalist for your 
loving. Is it really? Raining in my heart every time I think of you. Boxes of candy, none 
of that bling bling I walk by the many fans of me and not even notice. But if you were to 
even call my name just whisper it I will go insane and maybe i'm stuck on your table and 
I can't get off. I watch as you eat, bring fine lobsters home and all the while I want to 
be your treat. I whisper in your ear my secret desires, you blow me away like the wind. 
Am I too expired for you liking? Is it really? I can't believe i'm still falling and 
maybe it should be beneath me to feel this way about someone who is constantly balling. 
But I want to play your game, in fact I would be fine sitting on the side lines not even 
getting a bounce. Just to be near you. My feet quiver and I feel unstable. Is it really? 
Don't come near me... I have to lose you or I will never be free. Is it really? Your gone 
and I can't stop thinking... I'll see you next life time or maybe eventually.

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In the end ill have questions was i realy in love with "men" who's smile could 
brighten up whole america. in the end ill have questions was my last name 
realy "Trotter" the name every body under the god for saken sun questiond was i 
realy me my soul myself. in the end ill  ask was i realy myself was i realy who i 
thought i was or was i somethig i wasnt at the begining of 1988 the 11 day of july 
in the end ill ask a question and hopeing for you to answere it and not to see you 
pause on one single question "IN THE END ILL  A QUESTION "May i Can i ask a 

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Into the wind...

A feeling, I need to walk in... 
this touch I cannot recover... 
...knowing from beginning to end... 

...for me, for you...for us no other... 

this feeling I need to walk... 

I heard your name on the wind today... 
this place I've never been... 
this love, she's a crazy thing... one can stop the sun from seeing 

our world, sits under a natural canopy... 
where trees reach the sky... 
where free birds fly... 

where kisses blown into the wind... 
find her lips...destined- 

this joy I scream, your name serene... 
I'll lay beside you rest a while... 
whisper a message to the breeze... 

I've got your hand in mine... 
this love we share... 
"what a beautiful life,...our love to 
one another, we release...without despair 

...beautiful creature, your spirit rescued 
mine, we bask together, in universal time... 
this is where I want to be, just you and me...
sharing the wind, her birds, her trees, her free... 

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Dearest name.Volodya is more simple name of name «Vladimir»)


(Volodya is more simple name of name «Vladimir»)


My dawn called Volodya  lights up my life.

Each morning he is near me 

again promises a happy day.

At any time, in any weather,

When my hope could lose itself in a gloom of troubles,

The sun named Volodya

disperses that gloom and black clouds.

We shall float on the white ship

to the country of heat and light.

And there will always a warm summer in my soul,

While my star named Volodya shines for me!