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Life Soldier Poems | Life Poems About Soldier

These Life Soldier poems are examples of Life poems about Soldier. These are the best examples of Life Soldier poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The Soldiers Lullaby

She once walked with him and stopped with him
when they heard that familiar refrain.
She'd stand beside him while he'd salute
her pride for her Soldier was plain,

and every night, 
while he'd hold her tight
contented and happy, she'd sigh.
They would drift off to sleep
listening to the beat
of the Soldiers Lullaby.

They play the National Anthem
to fill us with fire and pride
and the last one they play every evening
is the Soldiers Lullaby.

Twice a day at nine eleven
when her Soldier was in Iraq
she'd bow her head in silence
to remember that September attack,

and when she'd get home in the evening
tired and lonely, she'd cry.
She'd pray that somewhere he was listening
to the Soldiers Lullaby.

Now she stands at the gate in the airport
heart pounding as Soldiers stream by,
so excited she can barely contain it
overwhelmed she's starting to cry,

and the crowd is beginning to thin now
the tears and the laughter all die,
heart broken and lonely, she stands there
when she hears his voice simply say "hi"...

It's been years since she's thought of that moment,
they've been busy with life passing by.
Two girls and two boys
now fill their lives with joy
and time really does seem to fly,

but at night when she's tucked in her family
she still bows her head with a sigh
and she never forgets to remember
The Soldiers Lullaby.

~For Jenn with love

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Holding Back His Tears

Holding back his tears
In front of him, a soldier kneels
As the mourners look on saddened
Inside the little boy feels

To grow up without his father
As he grows up without his friend
To play ball with him in the park
When he needs him, so much to depend

To be there through out his school life
To make him oh so proud
But not to be there when he graduates
Clapping and shouting out loud

To be there when he gets married
Be a grandfather to his kids
At his fathers funeral he attends
His life in battle rid

In front the soldier kneels
Holding the Stars and Stripes
Presenting it to the little boy
Holding back his tears, from his eyes

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The Center's Footsteps

Thoust message rings,
But it is a wretched beauty.
Sew up thine tongue;
It forks in many directions,
Ensnaring, passing through the centers,
Weaving a thread gleaming, deceivingly white,
Yet drenched in the black goo,
The sticky gobs of our source, our blood.
Cast aside thine needle,
Let time make it blunt.
Wallow in thine sorrow,
But only for a moment.
Up, up with you!
The sticky gobs cannot protect thee.
See me, Hear me.
For I see thee...
Thou hast split thine tongue
To hide, to forget.
Thine forked words, black to all, clear to me.
Go on, go ahead,
Walk through its enveloping black.
And when you cannot run,
And when you can’t do that anymore, 
Find someone to carry you.
Thou art strong!
Let thine center give you new feet!
If even thine center falls weary,
I shalt be thine legs.
I shalt carry you, my friend.

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The Injured soldier

He fell, fell to the ground
At the gunshot that created such a sound
Nobody took notice of the injured soldier
He was left there lying as the war grew thicker.

He screamed from the pain growing in his shoulder
Nobody realized the pain he would suffer
Trampling feet and screams grew monotonous
The injured soldier tried to ignore the pain that was so venomous.

He made a decision for himself
If he was to survive he'd have to help himself
Nobody was going to come to his aid
Not when each one was looking out for their own head.

He winced in pain as he got to his feet
He wouldn't give up now, not when he still had an army to beat
His shoulder cried out to him in vain
He had already chose to ignore the pain.

He took his rifle up
He adjusted his helmet and refused to give up
He kept fighting till the war was over
Each soldier fighting for their country, their home and their lover.

When the war was done and the battle was won
Every single soldier put down their gun
the injured soldier's shoulder still bleeding
now blinded him with pain and made him lose all feeling.

This time they gave him attention
This time he was treated to friendly affection
He wondered what would have happened if had given up that night
Would they have still won after all that fight?

But he was glad he hadn't for he would have been seen
As a pitiful injured soldier who wasn't keen.

It's the choices we make
And the chances we take
That set us apart
Only when, of course, the decision is made from the heart.

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The Walking Man

The walking man walks with no place to go,
Head tucked down with his eyes lookin' low.
We gotta reach out 
We gotta hold his hand
We gotta reach out 
To the walking man

He's seen it all, lived the wars out there.
Now he's blowing around like a leaf in the air.
We gotta reach out 
We gotta hold his hand
We gotta reach out 
To the walking man

Walking man don't mean no harm he don't mean to lie.  
He's just one careless face from a way to die, a way to fly, to say goodbye…..

So it's you and me and the walking man makes three;
Such a better number to be.

He's tired and warn like a piece of coal,
But he could light the city with the light in his soul.
We gotta reach out 
We gotta hold his hand
We gotta reach out 
To the walking man

Walking man don't mean no harm he don't mean to lie.  
He's just one careless face from a way to die, a way to fly, to say goodbye…..

Because it's you an me and the walking man makes three;
Such a better number to be

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If Old Men Fought

An old man looking out his door,
gaze fixed on a distant shore,
reminiscing to a time, not of happiness,
or, the prospect of a bright future,
to when he was sick to his very core,
to when as a youth, he went to war

A time before infallibility had meaning,
patriotism and bravado the craze,
the future was still unknown,
vigor for life at its all time high,
a time for romance, partying, buying,
no thought of pain, deformity, dying

Too young to understand or question,
ship to foreign shore, medals abound,
will impress the girls next time in town,
sacrifice not temporary,
forever more,
a legacy etched into a wall, few will remember,
flesh shredded, burned, torn,
families mourn

A time, when he willingly went to war,
will happen no more,
all lost in youth, now unrelenting,
no blind obedience,
minimal risk,
long life, his number one ambition

As he turns back from the door,
he thinks of the youth,
here now, soon no more,
lessons never learned,
the call to war,
to common the roar,
complacency the mood,
another generation removed

The old man agonizes
over what was originally not known,
war is preventable,
life too precious to waste,
the solution simple,
his vision, maybe too late

Send old men to the front to fight,
arthritis, heart disease, poor eyesight,
let the youth enjoy their life,
his near over, its only right

Send old men, to the front, to fight
ask them to give up their life,
patriotism and bravado, still alive,
will and desire would not last the night,
old men do not rush to death in their twilight,
failure inevitable, the old man smiles,
knows he's right

Wars not possible,
if old men, are sent to fight

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One of the happiest days,
Is  bringing our soldiers home alive,
To where they can be seen,
By their families once again,
To show them we love them,
And care about them,
In the ways we should,
Cause they gave up their time,
And their lives for this country,
For our freedoms we often take for granted,
To protect us from the domestic evils of today,
Whether we see them or not,
We should praise them all,
For all that they have done,
Including those who have fallen,
And can Not walk back through the gates of home,
For they have fallen and given more for this country,
And sacrificed more than we pay attention too,
To save us all for our freedoms,
Which our country will often forget,
With time the fallen one's,
Because we often pay attention to those,
Who are here in front of us and can fight,
One day at a time,
Which is the wrong way to be,
Cause all soldiers are made the same,
And should never be forgotten in anyway,
Day after day cause we have what we have,
To remind us all of all who have sacrificed their lives,
For the freedoms we have to keep us safe,
Each and everyday!

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A soldier's friend

Slowly breathing with a steady beat
Boots are crunching you feel the heat

You inch on closer, looking around
Watching your friends make not a sound

You have been told to kill this man
A threat he is to freedoms plan

Hold up your rifle, take careful aim
Let go of the guilt your not to blame

Orders you follow a good soldier you are
Try not to think the size of the scar

That this order will bring deep in your soul
We raise the flag on top of this soldier's hole

I will give support, I will lend my hand
So you can brother, continue to stand

To fight for the freedoms of people everywhere 
Down your rifle I, with you, shall stare

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4 - Messenger from the Dead

Alas there is no more confusion,
finally found my last conclusion.
Expect me as if Jesus will return,
from a ghost to a realm of concern.

Your dreams are portals like doors,
welcoming spirits into hasten wars.
Leaving the thoughts without trust,
keeping your fears in much disgust.

And though you sought no consequence,
deeds that confirm a wicked malevolence.
Awaiting in your nightmare of screams,
enjoy what is left amongst your dreams.

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a welcome home: part I

as the hypocrite talking head
seeking re-election in 2012
tells us all that this empire (which continues to wield its
sledge hammer upon the world)
this “land of the free”
(who demands that all others follow in its 
is one which “unlike the old empires,”
does not force its will upon the people of this planet
“for territory or resources,”
a soldier watching
shoves their finger down their throat
forcing themselves to vomit up the 
utterly visceral disgust
which accompanies the knowledge that
s/he has taken part in making Iraq

the soldier is coming home to a country
whose chose the spending of money on
bashing Afghanistan & Iraq 
to be more important than providing employment,
universal healthcare,
affordable housing or
a decent education system
to its own citizens---
instead we have taken pleasure in killing those abroad
so that they will be forced to be like us---
so that one day they can have
skyrocketing unemployment,
no health care,
no affordable housing or
a decent education system 
(that is, if they don’t already reside in such a state as a 
product of our entrance & extraction of all their
resources for use within our borders).

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To young to die

Too young to die

They take a boy, too young to shave
Who has never lived his life
While his mates are chasing girls
They fill his life with strife
They send him off to a brand new war
Over some damned fools Ideal
I don’t understand their wars
And I guess I never will

The folk who like to run the show
Or most of them at least
Have never even been to war
They’ve never felt the beast
As he rips right into one’ intestines
That hollow hole of fear!
Each leader should be sent to war
Then the picture might grow clear

Then when they send young boys to war
They’ll see the whole damned show
The weight of endless terror
 And then maybe they’ll know
What it’s like as a fine young man
To be sent out there to die
He might then know, how a mother feels
When she’s lost her little guy.

1 August 2013 @ 1443hrs.

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An Amulet of Peace

An amulet of peace hung ‘round my neck,
An AR16 rifle in my hands….
Seemed like such a paradox,
In the paddies and jungles of Vietnam.

An amulet of peace hung ‘round my neck,
A man’s life was in my hands….
That life was not only mine,
While trying to survive in Vietnam.

An amulet of peace hung ‘round my neck,
Hoping for guidance by God’s hand….
Ignore our sin, keep us alive and safe,
While fighting in Vietnam.

An amulet of peace hung ‘round my neck,
My duffel bag in my hand….
After 13 months, I was going home,
No more to fight in Vietnam.

An amulet of peace hung ‘round my neck,
An Honorable Discharge in my hand….
Only to be spat upon, called ‘baby killer’,
By ‘peaceniks’ against the war in Vietnam.

An amulet of peace no longer hung ‘round my neck,
The challenge of a new life was at hand….
Found love, happiness and some success,
And tried not to think of Vietnam.

Again, that same amulet of peace hangs ‘round my neck;
And I hope my friends all understand….
I want our courageous young men and women
Out of Iraq and Afghanistan.

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SOLDIERS NIGHTMARE contest waking up from a nightmare

                         VIETNAM VET SOLDIER'S NIGHTMARE

Another dream –
I could not wake –
Escape from what would follow--
Grasping for a secret word, the letters stark and hollow--
I was trapped entangled there,
Just beyond the reach
Of men that could release me
Or a hill that could be breached

Gunfire was a backdrop 
Soft and pungent was its sound
Fell on me like raindrops--strangely harmless on the ground

Smoky gray encased me like a piece of sleeping net
Tunnel faces hidden —easy killing, no regret-- 
Felt terror and the aching for the friends around me cold
Standup guys with stalwart hearts--just did what they were told

Then my cell phone beeped a beep---
A message had come in ....
Now awake I saw your name---
My new day would begin.

Victoria Anderson-Throop
November 25, 2012
waking from a nightmare contest

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What People Were and What People Are

People were
Many things.
Strange or not

People were
Different and
Odd and fun.

People were
Monsters but…
That’s not all

People were
And still are
Strange and odd.

People are
People. For
life is life. 

Yet not.
Not is lies.
Truth seeps from

Every mouth
Lies, lies, lies
Move, move, move

But somehow
Lies prevail.
Lies are life.

Lies are death.
Lies are homes.
Lies are pain.

Lies are truth.
Yet somehow.
Truth prevails.

Truth is life.
Truth is death.
Truth is home.

Truth is pain.
Truth is lie.
Truth is that.

Lies will die.
Lies will cease.

Truth will live.
Truth will be.

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A Soldier's Cry

A soldier’s cry of the kings Bleeding still from his heart Opened by what he brings During the war impart Straightened by the narrow Encased by fear’s early plunge The soldier fight’s with arrows Daring any man to lunge Secretly over his eyes Both corroded by life’s gross All around him the despised Another sight given close A king he will become After they see his true self Never will he be lonesome An image onto oneself Power of this immense mind Common thoughts brought on through He aligned, surely resigned Meandering softly into The offer of knighthood Has been left cast aside So he would be what he should King of the land from inside
Russell Sivey

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A moment of rest,
Refreshing the eyes and brain
From life commercials

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We Are One Nation

He laid there, warm and happy. Defeated as one, but successful as two.
A bullet hole straight through his chest. Another dark green uniform stained,
By the dark red liquid seeping through the torn fabric.
One hundred and one desperate young soldiers, laid to rest by the tip of his pistol.
A rifle jammed and abandoned just a mile away.
The last puff of smoked tobacco, freely evaporates into the broken spans of oxygen.
Fought for his family, his country, his land and our land.
Breached toward liberty, and founded it. At the tip of another’s Beretta M9…
This is America, America is you. America is he, she, and me. 
I am “The America”.
Open and free, to you, including me. I’ve held my guard, stood stiff and tall.
Fought hard, till this day, to wave “hello”, to the one race “individuals” every single day.
Wave back, or don’t wave at all, I’ll respect you as an American and not a flaw.
United or divided; we are one nation, that stands under religion, we are one nation.
Black, white, tall, or small, whatever it is, WE respect all.
Our flag does and will, stand to protect us all.

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We The Lost People

Our government says were incompetent –
our weapons they must take.
The 2nd Amendment no longer applies,
life, liberty and the pursuit happiness
is now at stake.

Our forefathers were merely mistaken –
this Constitution they’ve drafted in vain.
So they tear it apart piece by piece,
as We The People watch with disdain.

Your opinion doesn’t matter here –
Freedom of Speech belongs to them,
to a perverse, corrupted society,
too ignorant to see their condemned.

The Bill of Rights once ever so protected –
the Ten Commandments in every courtroom,
both now are strictly an abomination,
to this Godless Country in doom.

Take heed to their acts of subtle changes –
to their intensive need to change our creed,
People! It’s not about protecting us!
It’s about control, domination and greed!

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Might these be

Might this be a wonder,
Might this be a sunder,
Might this be the blocker,
Might this be the warder,
Might there be a plunder,
Might it pass the border,
Might there be a dweller,
Might they be lodgers,
Should they be squatters,
Should they be trespassers...

Might they squander,
Might it scatter,
Might this be a sputter,
Might there be a clutter,
Moght there be to many clusters,
Might this be the controller
Mightit get power...?

Might these be handlers,
Might these be forcers,
Might these be the squashers,
Might these be the breakers,
Breaking some of the order...

Might this be a night,
Going to a wretched midnight,
Coming from a raging twilight,
Until these be ended, throughout nighttime,
Later waking from our bedtime,
Maybe dying to see the morning light,
Might this be happening tonight...?

Might there be a knight,
Might there be a fight,
Waiting for a shining might,
Coming from some rainbow's light,
coming slight from the nighttime,
With some waiting for their fly...

Might these fight the ghouls,
Might they get to their goal,
Might this vanish some ghosts,
Whom want all of our souls...

Might this be other things,
Might these be the lives of life,
With some asking, might these be I...?

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Brave hearts beat Hidden in silent men Boots hide exhausted feet Yet no complaints tumble with their tears Brave hearts beat Chasing death on foreign soil Targets placed on dusty streets Hollow death parched days on end Brave hearts beat Dodging dead eyed schoolboys' guns Nightmares of red defeat Yet waking to go back again.
V Anderson Throop Nov 2014 ©

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Please don't
They are angry
At us for deceiving
We're left in this cold alley
Thrown like dog's
Im waiting for the right time
But my pulse is not going so fast as when they were here
Because of a religion im a target
Because i want to be myself
They want me
And my beloved 
Please tell me your ok
Tell me is over now
All she asked me
My self with frozen tears falling down
A little bit longer and we are gonna be in heaven
She said i am lying
I said
Sometimes truth is hidden between lies
She want's me to hold her tight
But we must play dead until every one else die
I asked her back
Do you remember?

When We met each other
Playing dead with the dogs
She said back
I do
And look at us now
Playing dead again with death by the side
I told her there how much i loved her
She stood quiet
After long seconds she said with her trembling voice
Me too
Snow is cold
Heart is not strong
I told her to focus
It was gonna be over soon
Then she said repeated i love you
Then i stood quiet
I was gonna say love you too
When a soldier jumped at us and started shooting at the dead bodies
I looked at her pretty eyes
Her frozen lips i say the move and i spelled "I Love You"
Right there bullets got her
Her blood was every were
The soldier wasted all his bullets
Then he left
My cried there
But the cold didn't my tears fall

Two nights later
The invasion was over
I was able to stop playing dead
I ran to her body
And hug it tight
Saying sorry and repeating i love you hundreds of times
For that time the sun shined bright on that solo tunnel
I looked at the sun with fear
And asked why did she left...
She promise me before they came here she wasn't gonna die
Not with my son inside
Then tears broke from my eyes like a river
Two lives in one
How can that embrace my life
Then i stood up and walked away
Leaving behind
The note i never lend to her...


My love, much time have passed since last time, i am most certain i haven't called either
send a picture of me, but everything is fine, hope you are too, by the way i wanted to
remind you how much and how strong i love you, i promise one thing, I will not die, you
will see me one more time, a time that will cut forever, hope the sun is burning bright
there, i heard snow is bad, i will come back home in 6 days, ti'll then put your love on
the pocket, i'll be back home darling... 

Much Love, your Husband Wes Ortiz

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Good Morning, Apocalypse Now : A Tribute to a Vietnam Veteran

Untitled 5
(My Uncle: Good Morning, Apocalypse Now)

My uncle doesn't speak much
about Vietnam or the stuff
he witnessed when he 
was just a boy. See,
he likes to drive the back roads fast 
and honk at random cars that pass.
His friendly gestures always lead to how
he grew up compared to kids now. 

Jumping and racing trains on the tracks
became dodging bullets and carrying his buddy on his back.
The marshes and dirt valleys here
became the forests and trenches of the military frontier. 

Last year, my sister donned his jacket
a fatigued fatigue that hung in his closet. 
In color and memory darkened,
kept out of sight for fear it would harken
the PTSD he's stuggled to avoid. 

He saw his brothers, young like him
to Vietnam succumb
while on American soil
and he promised he would never speak,
for fear his stomach would coil, 
when remembering rice - a dish he no longer enjoys.
And there's no orange on his clothes to remind him of the agent that destroyed.

When he speaks a calm 
"Good morning", I wonder if he's thinking of Vietnam
or if he knows
that I admire his strength and 
bravery and how 
he continually fights against 
the "Apocalypse Now".

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Loving A Soldier

" Loving A Soldier "

Loving A Soldier is hard to do so many folks will say
losing them in a battle is a price that you could pay
its being so young and happy while also feeling old
Loving A special Soldier takes a heart of gold.

He will softly whisper all his love for you
as you gently say to him that you love him too
you give him a kiss and a promise that you'll wait
knowing it could be a while before another date.

Its such a painful experience as you have to watch him leave
hoping you are not the one thats left alone to grieve
you wave good-bye to him with eyes that are full of tears
left standing all alone with his dreams, his hopes and his fears.

Always together with hearts as one while he is so far away
his growing love is stronger with the passing of each day
Loving A Soldier is hard on you and its not much fun
but in the end its all worthwhile when his service is done.

Remember how he is hurting by having to be away
he is thinking of only you every minute of every day
you truly love your soldier and you always tell him so
its the most important thing that he needs to know.

There is nothing in this living life more important to him than you
defending the freedom for us all is what he has to do
Loving A Soldier is hard to do as many folks will say
he will come back with open arms to me on christmas day...

Penned By MPK

Quote: Life Is Poetry In Motion, Great Poets Reflect Emotion.

Quote: The Best And Most Beautiful Thing In The World Can’t Be Seen Or Touched.
It Must Be Felt With Your Heart...

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A Brave Soldier

In a war torn land

Out in the desert sand

Lies a soldier in wait

Not knowing his fate

He thinks about his home

About this desert land he'd roam

About his life and the freedom he's had

This war and the fighting which makes him sad

It was a job he chose you see

A soldier is what he wanted to be

Until he got to this desert land

Now waiting for the enemy, the other man

Destruction and chaos all around

Gunshot and explosions do resound

He wondered what he got himself in

His nerves seem to be shedding thin

But who would fight if he did not

Who would be posted in this hot spot

His only dream is to survive

Until another brigade arrives

Out  in this barren land

Lying in the desert sand

Whether this war is right or wrong

Lying here, this soldier must stay strong

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The American Soldier

We are all the colors a Patriot depicts,
the red’s the blues and whites a mix.
We honor the soldier’s creed till death,
protecting our nation with every breath.

Quitting is not an option you’ll see,
for a soldier’s pride and honor succeeds.
A soldier’s mission will always come first,
hungering for freedom with a thriving thirst.

The American Soldier, our warrior of choice,
will serve their people will a victorious voice.
They are comrades in arms, till the very end,
no one left behind, fellow man they’ll tend.

The American Soldier doesn’t accept defeat,
heroically they’ll fight, in the cold and the heat.
They are the guardians of freedom we forget,
the American Soldier does not identify regret.

Our way of life is because of their strength,
for decades they’ve served at every length.
The American Solder conveys honor and pride;
for fallen soldiers, many tears they have cried.

Honor our troops, for freedom is not free –
it’s the American Soldier whose provided liberty.
Take a moment to praise the dedication and pride,
of the American Soldier that never dies…….

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                                   RESTLESS SLEEP
                            On downy pillow his head lies 
                            He’ll  toss a bit and then relax
                            And when he wakes he’ll fight surprise--
                            nightmare dreams don't alter facts

                            She’s awake --her passion heats
                            On downy pillow his head lies
                            She reaches out and meets defeat--
                            These sleepless nights her sacrifice 

                            In his dread dreams tormented cries
                            Fallen friends haunt every turn  
                            On downy pillow his head lies--
                            Some secrets she will never learn

                            He is her darling, life’s glor'us glow --
                            For work he dons a smile's disguise
                            Tonight she'll kiss him head to toe--
                            On downy pillow his head lies

Victoria Anderson-Throop

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SAPPHO'S SISTERS    Song of Ulysess

is this Sappho to whom i speak
the bride of lesbos with the low forbidden voice
who climbs the rocky mountains’ dangerous  peak?

call in the blue daughters of twilight to rejoice
in the bursting spring. 
war weary are my men--- far from familiar arms of home.

she , obliging, twirls her tantalizing songs and lyre--
lights my camping soldiers with the fire
of her bold call-- vibrates them with darkness of unknown desires
but she, unknown to me, orchestrates a horrid tune of tragedy unforeseen.
sirens of her sisters , assisting, yearn--
ablaze in fragrant beauty unmanly to resist--
the lyre of Sappho spins the tune that turns the doom of noble heads 
the most valiant heroes desert their posts-- slaves to lush open arms that hold them ‘til they burn.

Victoria Anderson Throop ©
(rewrite from 2012)

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It hurts so deep,
And you make me cry,
That maybe back at the station,
That, that was our last goodbye. 

We both know that you're strong,
But we both know the chances,
That things go wrong.

I wait for you,
Wait for your call,
And never get a notice,
That battle,
Was your downfall.

Come back safely,
My Soldier Love,
My Captain,
Come home to safety.

March on home my Captain,
March on my solider love,
Keep you head up high,
And look to him above.

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The soldier, the war, and I

The soldier, the war, and I

Today I am home and thinking to my self..
What would I be doing if I had a soldier coming home to me and my family?
What would I be doing if I was the soldier looking to going home to my family?
And then, I look back at all the years passed since this last war..

Many children have grown to become men, Others have grown to become soldiers
Where would I be if I had gone to the war and fought for my country?
Where would I be if I had gone and came back safely?
Where would I be if I had not gone at all because I was not qualified to go?
Would I be with my family or in a hospital injured?
Would I be standing proud, and laughing with my friends and family?
Or would I be dead, as I never got to come back?

Today I am home and thinking to myself..
Thinking of all of those brave soldiers, children still
Who are out there, suffering.. And some ill

Today I am home and thinking to myself..
How many woman are crying because of their gone loved ones
How many men are crying for their loved and missed ones
How many children are fatherless or motherless, or both!

And at the end I stop. I think no more..
I am grateful for the things I have, 
I am grateful for the people who surround me...
And I am sure grateful to never have gone to a war; yet, 
I sure appreciate the thoughts, courage, life, and suffering
Of all of those who have been touched by it.

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Little Solider

together with our broken hearts
a little life within our hands
and heavy burdens on our backs
you and i, we used to laugh

together, when the rain would fall
and when it seemed and felt like all
and everything was going wrong
you and i, we used to cry

together, we used to play
and pull the strings of life away
and then back to us again
you and i, we were one

little soldier on the guard
let me stand by you
hold on tightly to my hand
you know my love is true
i will walk you home tonight
dont cry, everything's alright

but life's a cruel and painful game
and things are so quick to change
and it feels so hard and strange
to go on without you

i feel so lone and lost inside
long nights i have cried and cried
please tell me how can i
go on without you

its so hard to believe
you're no longer here by me
and i have tried everything
but i cant go on without you

and yet these days carry on
and before long a year has gone
ill wake up to another dawn
my friend, without you

little soldier on the guard
let me stand by you
hold on tightly to my hand
you know my love is true
and if somehow we come to part
you'll always be within my heart

little soldier, my dear friend
11 years since you've been dead
i watch these seasons come and go
in my memories you live on

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Distant Warrior

I get this wondrous chill as night falls
in mountains or desert sand
and I find myself dreaming about
home, my fondest memory
from this far away land.

I miss the special lady who 
stole my heart, my thoughts
and all there is of me;
and I deeply cherish 
our final moments together.

I think about the children 
I left behind, how I miss them 
and pray they’re  fine -
and it’s hard Lord,
it’s so very hard.

It’s times like this that I wonder
why I volunteered and I
get this knot in my stomach -
then I cringe and find myself 
trying to hold back tears.

Soon the battle will begin
when I’ll hear my own heartbeat
through the creepy sounds 
amidst treacherous mountain sides or
drifting sands and whirling winds.

It’s  time spent in worry,
fear, and some regret
as I encounter my fate
in the war so near
and I must admit, I’m scared.

This stench of war, 
the sight of it all,
it’s that awful image
of how I imagined hell
after Lucifer’s fall.

I wonder to myself,
“Does it have to be
that generations of people 
can’t seem to agree 
to the simple concept of peace?”

Soldiers don’t start wars
but they surely fight them,
making all manner of sacrifice
and I doubt that even once
did a soldier ever like them.”

Then I think of  “Old Glory”
and I’m filled with pride.
It’s a warm patriotic feeling
which overcomes me
from deep down inside.

I’m confused, scared
and battle weary.
I worry about those I love
as I cling to my faith  
and pray to God above.

I’m a distant warrior,
an American fighting man;
not an aspiring hero,
but just a simple soldier 
trying to do the best that I can.

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Fallen Hero Heartbreak

Alone and frightened on the street
Shunned by everyone he meets
Hungry stomach-- Dirty clothes
A life of sorrow---painful woes
No one stops to chat and see
All about his misery
Never knowing this young hero
Was risking his life at ground zero
Saving babies, kids and strangers
Never thinking of the dangers
Doing his job as a soldier
Victims flung over his shoulder
Through the panic and the terror
Not on moment did he ever
Lose sight of what's he's there to do
Training for this all day through
But now he's left to wonder here
Coming home---nobody there
To hug him tight and give him kisses
This soldiers hurting and he misses
The loving touch of his young wife
Leaving him because his life
Turned around the day he lost
His legs-- he didn't count the cost
No welcome home this hero found
When he became wheel chair bound
He put his life on the line
Someone please just take the time
To be a friend and say hello
He'll tell a story that will flow
Touching your heart--you realize
This young man before your eyes
Is not the "bum" he seems to be
But a hero to you and me
That deserves love and respect
Not the pain from the neglect
Every passer by has shown
Since the day that he came home

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Little Soldier

my little soldier
stand tall 
be proud of who you are 
and the things you acheive
never let them put you down 
you are my little king 
now put on your crown 

my little soldier 
be brave
appreciate the things you have
and the things you do 
be careful throughout your life 
look after your children 
take care of your wife 

my little soldier
show love
care for your family
and the friends you have
follow your dreams 
keep people close to your heart 
things are never as difficult as they seem  

little soldier 
make me proud

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Baggage Claim

Drained to my very heart by our slow-paced arrival, 
          I wander through tasteless decor to the metal arches 
                                                Beyond which a future is unfurled.
My bag’s innards are spilled like blood in the Bible
          Before the cold gaze of the armed man who marches;
                                                He holds the key to this new world.

The mechanistic arch stands and takes quasi-sentience 
          Beside passport control, piercing my finely popped 
                                                Eardrums with sonic solemnity.
I am refused by technology but stagger forward hence 
          Into baggage claim where a suitcase pile is propped 
                                                Up like a holiday Tetris calamity.

My suitcase is soul black and with difficulty is found,
          In its lucid eagerness to fasten itself a faux family;
			   Airports are filled with pretences.
Now we are away again, small trolley safe and sound,
          On the road from snow, heat is where I plan to be.
                                                Our intrepid journey commences...

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One Last Breath

When you truly know that life is worth living
When you truly feel that love is for giving
To die is a beautiful thing.

When you truly feel that hate is forbidden
When you truly know that death is worth heeding
To try is a beautiful thing.

Fate then becomes no more than a brief sweet moment,
Hanging upon anyone’s stiffened husky throat,
Waiting for our merciful God’s healing,
To release it in: 

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When Enough is NOT Enough

woeful dreams of shattered hearts
bode cries of weary souls adrift 
in sorrow’s  impossible embrace

its deathless spirit forever longing 
unknown questions  overwrought
in darken corners without sound

till quiet whisper’s passing hope 
their bosom bursting with secrets
in vain consciously disappeared

a shadowy mystery’s forgotten
nightmare knowingly awakened
in blindness’ forbidden retreat

a senseless loss yet unexplained
engulfed by continuous despair
in a maelstrom’s hidden depths 

its tipping point deeply mired 
by nonstop waves of lost tears 
in a tempest of howling winds

of returned dust e’er scattered
from east to west and beyond
in the cycle of life now undone

when enough is NOT enough
and Hade’s thirst is quenched  
in limbo men’s souls remain

© Eugene Harvey

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A Brave Soldier

In his heart he holds courage, 
In his hands he holds our lives. 
A Brave Soldier he may be, but only at the the front lines. 
He is weaken by all the death, 
He is haunted by there souls. 
For he knows in this battle, hatred rules one's goal. 
He does not fight for hatred, 
He fights for there lives instead. 
Cause he knows hatred has no value, when so many are dead. 

As he lays in death, knowing it will come, 
He glances at the sky and makes peace with all he's done. 
For on the battlefield, life is as precious as gold. 
And one must always choose should it be friend or foe? 
He closes his eyes and hopes in his death no more victims will fall. 
But, in his heart he knows his country one day will call. 
For A Brave Soldier to take the front line and give there his life as he, 
He just hopes all are content knowing A Brave Soldier he will always be. 

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a welcome home: part II

the soldier knows many of the 4,500 who died 
in bashing Iraq,
the soldier may be one of the 32,000 who have been wounded,
or s/he may know any number of these individuals
who for 9 years spent their time
killing the 104,000 (estimated by Iraqis)
or perhaps 600,000 (Lancet estimate)
or perhaps even more civilians than that, 
as estimates of over a million
come to light through further studies,
not to mention the deaths caused by the 
strangling sanctions which the empire administered upon the 
between 1991 & 2003.

the soldier knows that the american embassy in Iraq
will NEVER EVER be gone &
that it is the largest in the world---
the soldier knows that the oil companies have been
feeding on the land since the first green light
like vultures tearing apart a carcass---
the soldier also knows that the contractors 
who have been getting paid more than him/her
since the get-go
are flooding into Iraq
like it was going out of style
as s/he goes home for a short time
before they are called up again
to go to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran or
even Australia
to bash bash bash the world into a bloody pulp
even further.

and over the “holidays”
the same soldier can discuss with their veteran relatives
from the Vietnam police action
just how great the empire is that they live in,
knowing first hand
better than anyone
just how far its greedy bloody talons can stretch---
then in tandem
they can all shove their fingers down their throats 
to vomit up all that disgust again
because it never goes away.

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Street Soldier

My baseball cap is my helmet and my Nike's are my boots, 
My country is my hood and my colors on my flag are niether red white or blue, 
My weapon of choice is my two hands, 
sometimes it can be whatever when I am threatened with a great fall from my stand,
 I have no general or soldiers but I have family and above all I got heart. 
My battlegrounds remain in my own home and sometimes even in the local Wal-Mart.
 Every inch of my hood is up for friendly fire, 
Violence remains apart of life around here searching for peace is far from desire,
 Everyday remains but another day someone will die, 
but more importantly is that another mother, brother, sister or father will cry.
 But I am a street soldier so I am prepared for anothers or worse yet my own demise,
 And as a street soldier I must keep the battle in check, no not with what I see with my two eyes, but what war is really going on inside the mind,
 My battles dont come from without but from within......I am a street soldier fighting through time.....

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A red sword cut him down on the rocks where he stood--
Nearby his kin  lay moaning in graves laced with mud.

Betrayed by their own the brave Scots held their ground---
Dashed were their hopes burned with hearths and dear homes.

The scree of pipes flared high through the ranks
Called the last surge of courage to guard their flanks.

He lost his bonnet somewhere in the fray--
But all was lost in this frigid foray.

A grim calling grabbed a chance feather by air--
Nipped from a bonnet–like a trick at the fair.

Bedazzled he gazed to the left,then the right--
But the feather escaped into the night.

Blade deep was the ghastly odd sadness he felt--
As the British death blow to Scotland was dealt.

But her ghillies danced sweet amidst clouds in the sky.
Like her kiss was the tempo --but twas his day to die.

Tragic the cries of the battle she heard
Death whispered on wings from a flock of blackbirds.
She screamed his name to the tragedy breeze--til
Keening she fell to the rocks on her knees.

V Anderson Throop
Nov 2014  ©

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A Soldier In Iraq

To a soldier here in Iraq,
it's not the war, I dread or fear,
nor how soon, I may face the enemy.
It's the waiting, and the silence,
for the mail I don't recieve,
from my loved ones,
that help keep my mind at ease.
I think of home, and family there,
and wonder, what they'd do,
if someone bombed the country,
that we all love, dear and true.
I don't like the job I have,
but I give thanks,
to God in heaven,
that I'm not fighting, 
on American soil.
I wonder, if they have forgotten me,
now that I am gone, and wonder,
when I'll next receive, 
a letter sent from home.
You wonder, how I know so much,
of what they think, and do,
well I'm still sitting here, 
in Iraq,
and I am that soldier to.

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A Soldier Departs

A soldier dies for the sake of his country
He lived in a land where we’re all meant to be free

Bleeding from his wounds he speaks before his life is done
“Not every soldier goes to heaven and I fear that I am one”

“I fought to save the innocent from suffering”
“I fought so hard but I couldn’t save them from dying”

He gasps as he chokes on his tears
His mind is but a fleeting memory thinking of long forgotten years

“My parents said to grow up and live strong”
“If they could see me now, would they hold me before I’m gone?”

“Or have I crossed the line between man and beast?”
“Oh Lord I beg of you, let this pain cease”

“Or has God forsaken man?”
“Does it matter? I’ve already fought and died for this land”

Hovering between life and death
He speaks with his last breath

“Is God watching now, have I done well?”
“If not heaven, where else can I go? For I’ve already seen hell”

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His Boo

I’m a "soldiers" girl,
Not the "soldier" you probably think
My "soldier" is a street soldier so to speak
This life does not allow us to be weak

A soldier of his kind takes a strong soul and mind
A color and a  group of guys is what completes this bind
Whether he is fighting for everyone or just his own life
Its  still a battle….a war with pain and strife

In the streets only certain deeds will earn your stripes
But everyone only hears the good parts, all the hype
To look at him, you see someone mean and uncaring
To know him, you know every part of his life is daring

He can never just relax, have a good time and unwind
His “soldier life” never stops with all things happening  unkind
You hear about the parties and the unbreakable bonds of their brothers
But there is only room for them, no family and no others

He can never truly “get out” and leave that life behind
It takes a strong girl to be with him, a special kind
We deal with “the life” and the things that come with them
Every thing they go through, we also go through with them

Everyone judges my soldier for his wrong doings and life style
Maybe he had no choice to be like this all the while
Not born with a “silver spoon” in his mouth or a loving family
Maybe just maybe……a soldier he was always meant to be

I know that side of him no one else cares to or does
The love he shows me….couldn’t come from anywhere but above
To pass up a love as pure, intense and kind as his Im unable to do
So yes, I'm a soldiers girl......or as you would call it  "his boo"

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Preach to the full moon soldier
It's all you've got left as the nights grow colder

Mother has child that father denies
Leaves when his baby lets out those first cries
Excuses flying, lies sailing; words without care
Feelings are complicated so share you don't dare
Lips that smile hold some bruises and a cut
Hands that have done the damage slam the door shut
You watch him out the window glass
Retreating figure gone at last

Preach to the full moon soldier
It's all you've got left as the nights grow colder

Things get harder, mothers fired
Baby is toddler and much too tired
Money is in short supply
If only father would just comply 
To help raise his growing kid
Instead he ran and lost his bid
A single tear stains the cheek
Of a mother's soul who's much too weak

Preach to the full moon soldier 
It's all you've got left as the nights grow colder

Mothers dead, everything's blown
Toddler is small child left alone
Father drunk, stumbling back
Custody left to this piece of slack
Days are long and too far gone
Nights are worse, he's never done
Talking his beer scented words speaking
He says to his child be kind, PREACHING

Preach to the full moon soldier 
It's all you've got left as the nights grow colder

Small child has developed
Distinguished individual moving up
Swearing to the sky blue
They will be nothing like you
Father in jail thief from the night
Cell lit dimly with pal moonlight
A smile to the grown child
A tear from the man of the wild

Preach to the full moon soldier
It's all you've got left as the nights grow colder

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             THE SOLDIER'S WIFE

                     Lies bleeding
                    On the snow
                  Message from a guy
                       You know
                   You played with
                    His heart and head
                      It's all your fault
                    the life you've led
                        i loved him too
                      but he chose you
                        i hate you for
                  what he went through
               Wounded soldier back from war
                        As he entered
                           his own door
            Heard sex crooning ---grunts of man
              Turned his back—away he ran
                   Put a bullet in his head
                Now you cry that he is dead
              stop your tears -- can't be undone
               hope your peace -- forever gone
                     what made you treat
                        A good man so
                             Love lies 
                                on the

Victoria Anderson-Throop   12/01/2012

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American soldier

heaven patiently watches
the American soldier
from beyond this life
as his  wife cries and his brave son waves goodbye
father holds his mother as she prays ( god  keep my son safe)
the American soldier
so far  from home
you will never march alone
so brave
trying not to be afraid
as he fights  for all the world's rights
the American soldier

the American soldier
may angels surround
you ever 
second of day
and night as we pray

heaven watches and the 
American soldier stands high
in God;s  grace
we ask God please protect  our American soldier
and keep in safety,s sight,
 shield our american soldier within  god;s greatest light
shield our american soldier
with god;s greatest light
shield our american soldier in god;s greatest light
shield our american soldier
with god;s greatest light
shield our american soldier
with god;s greatest light

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The cry of the soldiers

          The Cry Of The Soliers

         The cry of the soldiers I hear so loud 
    and so clear, praying that the day light would 
     soon appear.
     I say to my self how lucky I am to have these 
   men and women risking their life so I can keep mine.
   As they do battle from far and wide I pray to god 
    to keep them alive   I wonder to my self how I would feel if I were in
 their shoes not knowing if I was going to becoming 
  home or stay there until things were through
  We take so much for granted the freedom we have,
  that we forget the men and women out their,
   So as I lay down at night and it peaceful and calm,
  then I hear that cry of that soldier in my mind,
   I place my hand over my heart and pray to god 
   to wipe the tears from their eyes.
   So to this day ill never forget the cry of the 
  soldier that led me to this,

   I take off my hat and salute you my friends
  for standing tall and not giving in,

   The cry of the soldiers ill never forget.,

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I saw a burning soldier in the sand

I couldn't tell if he was friend or foe

I just stood and watched him burn

my heart and mind accustomed though

to what would make the state side stomach churn

Mothers holding children charred

black or sometimes white

faces frozen forever pain and fright

I curse the day my heart grew hard

I still and will obey

I took the oath 

I raised my hand

I saw a burning soldier in the sand

I hoped he had found peace

and turned to walk away

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what its like to be that soldier?

risking your life and sacrificing alot

but not every one can call themselves that

think of what you do during the day while they dont sleep

that chance to not come back home, their families that weap

scary?? hearing and seeing bullets fly

rounds striking skin battle buddies that die

feeling of mortar rounds striking the ground beneath your feet

IED's exploding under one of your battles HUMMWV

the sound of a 50 cal going off nite and day

bodies falling around them now what do you have to say?

you think your story is hard

try being a soldier for once and you tell me

try living their life and seeing what they see

days in and days out with no relief

and you say you think your scared??

im scared for their families grief

being a soldier is not what you think, its what you are

being strung up in a gang killing dont make you that star

that real soldier is defending this country and whats right

firing rounds down range not giving up with out a fight

seeing your buddies shot and die with their blood on your hands

are you really that soldier or do you stand back in the stands?

waking up and breathing each day hoping its not the last you make

the fear is what keeps them alive but thats a give or take

soldiers losing everything that they once adored

spouses leaving them cuz they cant wait or get bored

its not easy being that soldier even from the good you do

its not a get up one day, kill and walk away thinking you're through

when you're a soldier thats what you are each morning you wake

you live it and you breathe it in with out a rest or break


by Taneia J. Nelson

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A soldier in a world of hate,anger,lies and madness.
That is what makes a world of sadness.
I'm a soldier fighting a battle to win a war.
In this battle if death comes in the air I'll soar.
When I'm awake I'm filled with fear.
Cause I feel death is very near.
Our Lord only gives us what we can bare.
Please help us and try to be fair.
I'm a soldier with a life to live.
I'm a soldier with a life to give.
                    Teresa Skyles

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The Soldier

He chose to take this profession because it was in his heart. 
He knew the day would come when all he loved, he would soon part. 
As he trains for his great mission, he still hears the chants ringing in his head 
Remembering the protesters and their right to say what they said. 
He smiles for a brief second, 'cause thats really all he's got 
"Do they actually know how blessed they are?" he shurgs, "probably not." 
They have the wrong impression,  for it's them he is training for. 
Along with our country, oh, but there is so much more... 
There are others who long to be in this place we so causually call home. 
They swim shark infested oceans or die of thirst in the desert alone. 
There are children who will never know what clean water is to drink. 
Yet, we swim in water cleaner and don't even stop to think. 
Women who are tortured because they dare to show their face. 
And we go without makeup and think we're a disgrace. 
As a kid we would hate to get up so early to go to school. 
Never thinking about children half a world away, where learning is forbidden by their 
The Father who cries silent tears for he feels as a man his honor is gone. 
Praying for someone to help his people take back what was once their home. 
Across the world is a soldier, who somehow feels his prayers. 
He vows silently to come and help them get back what is rightfully theirs. 
He knows the people are scared, their will has been surpressed. 
But, the soldier and his allies are training and their determination will not rest. 
Yet, still somewhere out there the chants still go. 
They rant and rave over something they don't even know. 
For it is not them who felt the prayers of a man half a world away. 
Nor is it them who insures they have the freedom to chant another day. 
It is the Soldier and the others who will go and make the wrongs right. 
For his country, the world and humanity in our honor he will fight!

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Soldier of Fortune

There will come a time
Maybe today, or tomorrow
Where a soldier of fortune
Will gloat in his sorrow

For his trackers and he
On a mission to tame
Will hunt him down 
And leave him in maim

Through the wires of code
In binary bite
This soldier of fortune
Will, with all his might

Where will he start
It's for his prey to guess
When he knocks on his door
Instant distress

Before he is taken 
A justice is served
For some times in this world
Some things are deserved
He is handed over to their FBI
In the land of the free, their justice he's tried
For if he was left, with the soldier of fortune
He would remember that day
His day of misfortune

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the rogue soldier

the “rogue” soldier

one US soldier gets blamed for killing 16 civilians in 
and the whole world is chattering 
like they did when the qu'rans were burned---
this time, after the 16 were shot dead,
they were rounded up & set ablaze---
this time, humans were burned.

so as the media affixes Staff Sgt. Robert Bales’ head
atop a sharp stake
has this put anything in perspective?

for the idiots out there who still give a *****
about the burning of a “holy book” that has been
responsible for torment & deaths throughout history,
this should be a wake up call---
this “rogue” soldier is only one,
he is a pubic hair in comparison to the vast US military
that continues to stomp & kill,
stomp & kill,
all over the world---
yes, he was being deployed for the 4th time &
yes, that is a bunch of bullshit, if in fact the military said that they wouldn’t do it again,
correct me if i’m wrong,
but didn’t he sign the dotted line?
didn’t he agree in the very beginning to become a hired killer?
was he able to write all his own personal exceptions to the rules in the margins of the contract, in hopes that when pressed to the wall,
someone would read them & care?

the way that his “massacre” is being pursued
shows how full of *****
the whole world is,
when they disregard all of the killings that have taken place in much worse situations,
like a Vietnamese baby getting taped to the top of a broken down jeep,
surrounded by c4 & then
subsequently blown to pieces by US soldiers back in Nam,
in order to pass the time---
the examples of the US military destroying civilians across the world
are endless &
there are no “rules of war,”
despite the overwhelmingly naïve belief to the contrary---
this one hired killer
who killed like he was hired to
(kill kill kill &
kill some more),
is being held up as an example,
to pretend as if the US military has standards,
to give another shallow “i’m sorry” to the people that we have been pummeling for 10 years,
while working to cause new friction with the Taliban
so that peace will never be attained,
so that the war in Afghanistan will continue &
Lockheed Martin, Boeing & Northrop Grumman amidst others,
will continue to fuel the military-industrial complex &
when mr. hope & change condemns the soldier’s actions publicly,
he’ll get some election campaign bonus points
from those who still go into the voting booth,
thinking that it matters.

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fallen leaves , soldier tree

torrent of tear's fall , as a springtime rain
the earth quakes , rumbles , from all the pain

my chest heaves from the anguish i see
fallen leaves from the Soldier Tree

the hurt inside is'nt easy to hide
blood stained sleeves is all i find

as one leaf fall's amongst from thee
all the rest will follow thee

one loss is everybody's loss
why do these war's have to be fought ?

when did it all begin , when will it all end ?

not every good soldier get's to come home
your courage will be forever known

you are not just anybody's son or daughter
you are everybody's brave sent to slaughter

i will alway's remember the pain i see
as i watch the leaves fall........
from the Soldier Tree .

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Something to it.

 Baby blue sets in. A little baby boy. Soldiers in the cradle make 
 little soldier noise. A single drop sets in. A monkey on her back
 is patiently awaiting for a quick monkey attack.
 Now I can't help but think that there's something to it all.
 Though there's a pudred smelling fungus in the corner down the hall.
 Where sweaty men play with a brown leather ball.
 Now I can't help but think that there's something to it all.
 Something in the sunshine. Something in the wind. 
 Something in it's whisper to make me feel alive again.
 Something in its madness, like slushy winter snow.
 Where drunken men find lonliness,and laughing children go.

 And I can't help but stumble, and I can't help but fall.
 And I can't help but think that there's something to it all.
 And I can't help but get up, and i can't help but fall. 
 And I can't help but think that there's something to it all.

 Baby blue sets in. A little baby girl. Solders in the cradle
 form little soldier curls. A single drop sets in a monkey on
 her back. Is patiently awaiting for a quick monkey attack.
 Now I can't help but think that there's something to it all.
 And I can't help but stumble, and I can't help but fall.
 And I can't help but get up, and I can't help but fall.
 And I can't help but think that there's something to it.

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A long time ago
A way of life used to grow
First born meant first to die
To protect
The cycle of life
But then the chain was broke
When a soul separated at birth
Became the fist
An army began
Heaven sent as fast as they can
The smallest strength to survive
Became the strongest fate
For keeping others alive
One rulers slave
Becomes anothers soldier brave
When sent to the grave

A long time ago
A way of life used to grow
First born meant first to die
To protect the cycle of life
But then the chain was broke
When a soul separated at birth
Became the first
An army began
Heaven sent as fast as they can
The strongest strength to survive
Becam the strongest fate
For keeping others alive
One rulers slave
Is anothers soldier brave
When sent to the grave

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i'm a soldier in my own heart and mind
no matter how much these fools think 
they have taken from me
they are dead wrong
what they have taken from me
isn't enough to bring me down
im' a soldier,not afraid of them
but rather
of what they would do to me
but i wonder now
what do they hate
is it what i do
or the soldier that i am

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My Wife--An Angel In Disguise

It’s said she’s an angel in disguise.
She grew up in a small French town,
Playing on her Re’ island’s shores.
She’s a mother now, and all that implies,
Routinely going about her nightly chores, 
After working in the neighboring town.

Like many other soldiers’ wives,
Moving yet to another Army town,
She got used to packing and unpacking drawers
She followed me across the skies,
Without complaining or keeping scores.
Without ever seeming to get rundown;

Now that I’m retired, there’s no more goodbyes.
She doesn’t have to run the house alone.
Painting the bedrooms, fixing faucets and doors,
And finding other problems—SURPRISE!
Tearing carpeting off a real wood floor.
We now have a real house of our own.

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Spotting a Soldier

It is easy to spot a soldier.
Easy to choose one
out of a large crowd.
Some are obvious.
The boots, fatigues, or hat
worn eagerly by a veteran.
The regulation hair cut
also called a high and tight.
The unbreakable glasses
also know as birth control glasses
or BCG's.
Other signs are more subtle.
The way a soldier carrys himself
is very definitive.
The air of confidence he
exudes is palbable.
The respect given to elders and superiors
is a learned trait all soldier have.
The soldier has a specific walk,
one that ticks to a rhythm,
a rhythm developed by 
miles of marching.
A soldier acquires many determining habits.
All are developed rapidly in his training.
All make the person a better soldier.
All make the soldier a better person.

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Soldier in the Dust

I, a small feeble man boasted with joy
over the deceased body of the enemy, a young boy.
Days had passed since the soldier had see his own men,
his thick beard slightly decayed to grey,
shadowing his entire face from the outside world.
He again peered over the sprawled out figure in the dirt.
This time with more disgrace then before.
His face stood hidden beneath a thin stream of blood,
from the mellowed out hole to the left of his ear.
Darken blood ran, darker then the shadow of a fallin pier.
Enlightment bestowed itself in an ackward place,
victory meant freedom, but not for the soldier in this case.
This lifeless figure lying in the dust, held for a moment,
grasp upon my very own life, first I took his out of lust.
Had his prayers been answered, I'd be in his place,
his boot would have elasped the impressed mold of mine.
This man I do not know,
this man could have taken the life of mine.