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Life Holiday Poems | Life Poems About Holiday

These Life Holiday poems are examples of Life poems about Holiday. These are the best examples of Life Holiday poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Wise Men Still Seek Him Today

W-hen the fullness of time had come, Jesus was born behind an Inn in a cave-like stable.
I-n the Inn there was no room for the Son of God, no room for the Saviour of men.
S-tar was shining so bright above the stable for the shepherds to find their way to Him.
E-ven angels proclaimed His birth to those shepherds "Unto you is born this day."
M-anger is where Mary and Joseph first laid him.  It was filled with hay.
E-very animal there must have known that their Creator had come that day. 
N-o one knew the depth of love God had, to give His Son to dwell among men.
S-ame star guided three kings from the Orient, who studied the stars and heavens.
T-hese wise men from the East came saying "Where is He that is born King"
I-n their hands they brought him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrr.
L-ike these three wise men, wise men still seek him today! 
L-ove is the reason that God sent His only Begotton Son into the world to save us.
S-eeking for you and me, yes God was seeking for us because we had left Him.
E-veryone, yes, all we like sheep have gone astray. Everyone to his own way.
E-ach one has to make his on decision to follow Him or not to follow Him.
K-ing, born to be a King. King of the ages. King of the past. King of the future.

H-eaven, He came from Heaven to earth to show us the right way.
I-niquity, the Lord hath laid on Him the iniquity of us all.
M-elody, He gives us a sweet melody, we sing many songs of praise to Him.
T-ree, A Christmas tree, the love that Jesus had for us, to die on a tree.
O-nly one life and how soon it passes. Only in life can we accept His Love.
D-eliverance, He came from Heaven to preach deliverance to the captives.
A-cknowlege Him and accept Him. Behold now is the accepted time.
Y-ou, Yes, this Christmas Love was for You.  Will You accept this love?

For Brian Strands Christmas Love contest.

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What Easter Means To Me

Tears of joy streak down
My dust covered face
As I just wandered by and witnessed
The utmost glorious grace

Just three days ago
I watched them crucify
The son of God himself
The man called Jesus Christ

They poked him with their spears
Wet his tongue with a vinegar sponge
Nailed him to a tree
And taunted “you’re not God’s son.”

He hung there ‘til he died
From his side water did drop
They buried him in a tomb
Where today I had to stop

Past three days the door was covered
A large stone placed there that day
But, today as I walked by 
An angel rolled it away

He had kept his promise
Only 3 days would he lay dead
To forgive us all our sins
And, I believed in what he said

He glided out of the tomb
As if floating in the air
“Do not be afraid” he said,
With gentle love, and care

He represents new life 
And all the wounds he can heal
Is Easter day your resurrection?
Can Jesus Christ be your shield?

I weep to think of the pain
He endured for you and me
So he could take away our sins
And one day, set us free!

By: Miranda Lambert
For: Gwendolyn Rixs’ contest: What easter means to me
Written: 03/21/2011

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Time Out

Make no haste,
your work is restless.

Aeon give me pause--
no more ticking
gears grinding
ever towards the
lonely end.

Live the now.
Even Death took
a holiday,
veering briefly from an
eternity of reaping

Take your time
on earth and
overindulge in
Rest assured,
oblivion can

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Halloween Diamond

Bones Pale, chalky Hating, stalking, gripping Skull, skeleton, Jack-O-Lantern, candle Humbling, pleasing, comforting Orange, hollow Pumpkin
Russell Sivey

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whispers in silence

What keeps me awake
When the cool breeze bears whispers of things to come
Promises to be fulfilled on the morrow?

Is it my joyless moment of cognizance
knowing that this stagnant night ripples from no real breeze
Only imagined promises birthed on the whims of a longing heart?

Yet, what keeps me awake
is not these dreams of flattering winds
but it is this night of lifeless branches and unrifled leaves
the lack of real whispering winds taunting my heart
What truly keeps me awake
Is the silence of tomorrow.

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The Mission Trip To Please

On mission trip overseas
At least one week will do
Hold babies gently squeeze

Whether in cold where freeze
In rain forest where view 
On mission trip overseas

My hearts desire will please
Feed hungry babies stew
Hold babies gently squeeze

Give up my life of ease
Place on feet needed shoes
On mission trip overseas

Help babies who cough wheeze
For mothers good tea brew
Hold babies gently squeeze

Perfect week just do these
Open heart my love grew
On mission trip overseas
Hold babies gently squeeze

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The ' Hoppy Ban '

So sad..Hopping in and Out of one' s life....

It's Peter Rabbit for Pete's" sake...

He comes by each and every year...

For this they say we should fear ?

Just to share a Spring holiday ?...

He's a horrid creature, so they say...

He has big ears and a cotton tail...

And sometimes he even carries a pail..

Full of candy, and colorful decorated eggs...

This day is between Valentine hearts , and Green Beer kegs....

He's rarely ever seen...

And has never ever been mean...

So why are all these American States...

Having all these holiday debates ?..

I await my basket filled with a chocolate kiss..

I only hope his picture does not end up on...

The Post Office " 10 most wanted list "...

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Isaac's son
saac's son
O Israel where are you
I know you are not a Jew
Joseph come home
come home O child come home

I spy David's thrown
we'll have to make preparations
to bring it back to Jerusalem
so that when our savior comes home
he will have a proper place to sit
there upon his fathers thrown

for sins the Lord with held the blessings
over twenty five hundred years
and then we suddenly received them
swiftly they fade away
think we will ever learn our lesson
think we'll ever straighten our ways

"Be sure to observe my Sabbaths
keep the sanctified day
do not go around worshiping idols"
now blessings are fading away
does anybody else know
what does the word of God say

soon the skies will be iron
and the land will turn to brass
plagues shall scald our people
and our cities will break like glass
that fell down from the heavens
shattered and scattered all to pieces
we should have obeyed the laws of our father
like we were told to by the great king Jesus

O Ephraim, O Manasseh
I pray we learn our lesson fast
so that the pain doesn't have to last
we will all soon be slaves
God's will and try to be brave
still I pray
my God have mercy
and I pray to see the day
when we all learn to live
within God's laws and learn his ways

O America, O Britain
nation overseas and mine
don't you know God is going to punish us
time after time after time
until we learn the way to happiness
and inherit eternal life
we will walk by the river of life that flows
I guess we’ll have to learn the hard way
I guess that's just how it goes
they don't believe God and they wont believe me
I guess that soon enough
everybody in the world will know
everybody in the world will see
(Jer: 50:4-6)
In those days, and in that time, saith the LORD,
the children of Israel shall come, they and the children of Judah together,
going and weeping: they shall go, and seek the LORD their God.
They shall ask the way to Zion with their faces thitherward, saying, Come,
and let us join ourselves to the LORD in a perpetual covenant that shall not be 
My people hath been lost sheep: their shepherds have caused them to go astray,
they have turned them away on the mountains:
they have gone from mountain to hill,
they have forgotten their resting place.

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Love Triumphs

pure love triumphs – Joseph bears burden quietly marries his Mary

*                           *                     *                       *                       *
                   *                     *                *                         *
Note:  #6 in the series - 24 Monokus reflecting the holy season of Christmas *
*             *                        *                      *                        *
       *                *                      *                     *        *               *

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Enigma Of Time

Arriving there, open door to floors bare
Moist was air, dwelling effusive with peace
The enigma of time began to cease
Oblivion to all but ocean, just stare

Simplicity for a few days; nowhere
To go, timeless, watch Gulls instead of Geese
Yesterday's ravenous problems release
Now live on sublime seaside oasis' air

Aster, Willow won't sway in zephyr this day
Only kaleidoscope color 'pon water shone
Exquisite view for me, myself, alone
This ecstasy delight not auspice by they

Lilac, Lily doesn't bloom, chrome rust away
Impervious bug repellent glistens in defiant stone

Contest: Secret

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Near Halloween

When witches go riding, And black cats are seen, The moon laughs and whispers, ‘tis near Halloween!
Author Unknown

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If you were my Valentine
That would mean you're completely mine
I'll tell you how beautiful you are as my 1st line
Then I'll order some nice and smooth wine
A wonderful meal we'll dine
I'll shower you with gifts that shows true love
Then instantly you're know it's straight from above
I'll be the perfect gentleman
By treating you like a real woman
Making sure you know just how special you are to me
And this isn't just words,from my heart here's the master key
As the night unfold
I'll try hard not to be bold
If you want me to go further I won't turn you down
Proving I'm the best man in town
As you began to make faces,mourn,and frown
I'll know I gave my best,my all,and  a job well done
As you whisper in my ear yes daddy you're the only one.

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A Thin Line

I love you; I hate you
Jealousy is not the cause
Killing you wouldn’t justify
Lustfully breaking the laws

The third line is not an option

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We Salute Our Veterans This Memorial Day

We salute every soldier who’s served this great nation. And offer a heart of thanks and appreciation! We salute each member of our armed forces. And are thankful for their efforts and resources! We salute the many who protect our borders too. We’d be in trouble… If not for people like YOU! We salute every son and daughter lost in a war. YOU are what serving this country is meant for! We salute the officers who’ve guided our women and men. Our prayers are with you! And our love from within! We salute our veterans! Wherever they may be! Those who served on land, air and sea! Offering prayer to the Lord is our belief… That he will guide our Commander-in-Chief! As we observe Memorial Day this year… Let’s offer our soldiers love, hope and cheer! May God bless them in all they endeavor And his peace be with them today and forever!! By Jim Pemberton

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Family Grief Family Happiness

   Have you ever written anything without sub combing to tears ?
    My Family portrait in my mind , 2 older sisters , 2 brothers
        My Mother caring about all five in different ways
      Just with Mom & Dad there having the best of Holidays 
     My sisters laying out on the deck of river bank for 4th of July ~
      Listening to " Honkey Chateau " and all by Elton John. 
       music  a great memory ~Disco , Donna summer , Grease ~ Jaws !

     Dad's records to Tony Bennett , Hank W Sr. , Count Basie & Louis Armstrong.
          The music  takes me home in a wagon filled with children and a dog "Lucky "    
      My Older brother , athletic , always fishing & hunting.
                 My younger , my Rock , Swimming and netting for fish,
        feeding our Fat cat Perch off the rocks patiently awaits her food               
       the yelling , slamming of doors ,  tempers Flare , passion 
         Our Parents , passionate love yet passionate Hate .
        After being a Family of Seven , Divorcing their fate ..
         Why did that show " Dallas " bring out the Divorce in all ?

       Scottish ~ Irish ~ French Iroquois ~ Cherokee  
                 No matter what the mix ..Our curse Alcohol ~
          the  Screaming , Drinking , this memory I wish to shut the door on .  
        Going to A & W or making Cheerleading ,The Bears of course~
             Excited in Chicago !  seeing Elton John in the Summer of 1976 ~
        Cubs ,  museum of Wax , Museum of science & History , Pizza !
       Expeditions of discovery ,little brother & I finding arrowheads on the Shore.
             Our Grandparents Faithful Celebrations ! Chiffon cake , Apple strudel `  
        Our Cousins on Holidays , going for ice cream cones , 
          scent of wet rain on oak leaves ~Before Halloween was bought in stores.
           ~ That is the Family I Love ,
                     that is the Family I choose to miss ~    

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The Greatest Gift of All

Tis’ the season born of love
He was born up in a stall
Enjoy the gift’s you receive

Christ, the greatest gift of all
Hope is what he offered us
Redemption for our sins
I know that I have been set free
Salvation from within
Tis’ the season born of love
Merry Christmas to all
Amazing grace we have received
So lets answer the call 

Giving is the greatest gift
If given from the heart
Follow yours and you shall receive
The gift that never parts

I know that times are tough but please
remember that many families are much 
less fortunate than us. Many families will
turn to homeless shelters for they have 
no where else to go. Their are many ways
to help and the rewards are priceless. The
gift of giving is truly the gift of love.

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Redneck FATHER'S DAY------


"Storm over yet...?"

"Well hay'ell ye'ah! 
 sum'body git me a da'gumm cole beer.
 whadda'bou  that boy th'er?
 sum'body git him'a cole beer too!"

"Diddy! that boy ain't nothin' but 8 years old!"

"Wha'choo sayin? 
 na'I don't give a jolly'durn, if he ain't nuttin but 8 year'owed!
 'dat boy dun' sat him thr'ew a big ol', storm! 
 torna'durr warnin' too!
 he gonna have him'a cole burr;  
 on me!"
 my treat!
 mama, git him'a cole burr! 
 ro'tt now; 
 ta'days father's day!" 

© 2011  ~JSLambert Esquire


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This Memorial Day We Salute Our Veterans

We salute every soldier who’s
 served this great nation.
And offer a heart of thanks
 and appreciation!

We salute each member 
of our armed forces.
And are thankful for their
 efforts and resources!

We salute the many who 
protect our borders too.
We’d be in trouble…  
If not for people like YOU!

We salute every son and 
daughter lost in a war.
YOU are what serving this
 country is meant for!

We salute the officers who’ve 
guided our women and men.
Our prayers are with you!  
And our love from within!

We salute our veterans!  
Wherever they may be!
Those who served on
 land, air and sea!

Offering prayer to the
 Lord is our belief…
That he will guide our

As we observe 
Memorial Day this year…
Let’s offer our soldiers
 love, hope and cheer…

May God bless them in
 all they endeavor
And his peace be with them
 today and forever!!

By Jim Pemberton  

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Eyes of Seminary

Eyes of Seminary – Zamreen Zarook

Every day in our lives has different fragrance,
God give us various things in abundance,
Day by day knowledge is gained in accordance,
Things depend according to the attendance.

Two years of studies,
Helped us to come out with various abilities,
Extremely joyful moments with buddies,
But life said every aspect has its boundaries.

Teachers become very friendly,
They approach us very kindly,
They speak on us exaggeratedly,
Because they know, if not we might behave badly.

Big shots in the school boundary,
These are years of foundry,
It helped us to find and go for laundry,
Marvelous days, fully packed with sundry.

Various angles the kith and kins are civilized,
It’s because our knowledge is enhanced,
Guys and girls turned well experienced,
That’s why we call it levels of advanced.

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Playing Peek A Boo {Edit}

<                             coniferous tree
                       playing peek a boo .... shuffle                                
                              candid smiles glisten

{ Christmas }

Entry For
Deborah Guzzi's
Holiday Haiku Contest
G.L. All

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                                      Sitting at a sidewalk restaurant
                                     The sun is shining like a diamond
                                          Looking at life around me
                                     foreign country, foreign language
                                               and foreign culture
                                      Tanned smiling faces that greet:
                           Hello, a beautiful day - are you having a good time?
                                I get served steaming fresh coffee in my cup
                                            it smells and tastes so good
                                      but not like the one I have at home
                                New baked cake on a platter, tastes delicious
                                    but not like the ones we have at home
                                     Everything is strange and yet so dear
                            How lucky I am that can travel to a foreign country
                                 and enjoy all the benefits they have to offer
                                   Strange smell of food, flowers and herbs
                                Listening to a language I do not understand
                                Just sitting here on my sidewalk restaurant
                                 and enjoy my coffee cup and life while I can

A-L Andresen

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Pork And Kraut---Good Luck Meal

If it were not for the pork and black eyed peas
My husband would not be eating this meal with me
I love my pork and sauerkraut for our New Year good 
luck meal
Hubbie hates kraut and would take bad luck that is
just the way he feels
I will have the kraut and him the black eyed peas
Then he will share in the good luck meal with me

Details | Pantoum | |

Into a Haunted Forest

I walked into the haunted forest at night I desire to be alone, to feel the full effect I don’t know many who would do as I did Many are fearful of what lies deep within I desire to be alone, to feel the full effect It’s quite the journey going at it alone Many are fearful of what lies deep within The forest comes alive with all its forces It’s quite the journey going at it alone The land sleeps until it’s quite disturbed The forest comes alive with all its forces And I secure myself, get ready for the darkness The land sleeps until it’s quite disturbed I walk deep within the depths of its core And I secure myself, get ready for the darkness What comes out from this darkness disturbs I walk deep within the depths of its core Holding my breath knowing something’s coming What comes out from this darkness disturbs For ghosts follow and werewolves howl Holding my breath knowing something’s coming The inside of the forest comes forward to meet For the ghosts follow and werewolves howl They pounce upon me and I feel their presence The inside of the forest comes forward to meet An evil collection of creatures dire and unholy They pounce upon me and I feel their presence Now I run from the forest, fearful with fright An evil collection of creatures dire and unholy I don’t know many who would do as I did Now I run from the forest, fearful with fright I walked into the haunted forest at night
Russell Sivey

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The Autumn Affect

There's something unspecific about the autumn nights
A certain shade of color that uplifts my inner child's eyes
Beside a cashmere moon Venus and Jupiter shine bright
Complimented by a sea of blinking infinite twilight
The scent of burning oak lingers in the air from home made fires
Reminiscent of a time when this man was just a child
Careless and so free to dream and any dream to live
Like feathers floating across a field carried by the wind
As a gentle breeze blows through the leaves shivering delightful gloom
Unlike flowers of springtime the disheveled autumn vibrance bloom
Leaves crackle beneath my feet along the skeleton tree path
Where I try to find my peace or a song to make me laugh
The air is so much crisper and also soothing when I breathe it in
Underneath a starry sky and brighter constellations of Heaven
Amidst the trail I pass a lovely couple holding hands
While their children run aside frolicking in a playful dance
An old man and his wife admire the view from a wooden bench 
With smiles on their face as if nostalgia is still their closest friend
Its these specific autumn affects that bring me sorrows and joy
Reminding me of all theses things Ive wanted as a man since I was a little boy 
Its times like these that I wish I wasn't always so alone
Because I would light an fire with my family and call it home

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You are now past “Hogwartz age”
Time to let you out of childhoods “cage”
To turn your life’s book on a new page
So get ready to take center stage

Witches’ brew and Wizards spell
Joyful ringing of heaven’s bell
It’s now the time, can’t you tell
To cast on you a Birthday Spell

Age old wisdom from Dumbledore
Pouring out to you from heaven’s door
All good tidings endlessly pour
Making sure you need not ask for more

A kiss of courage from Harry Potter
The strength of soul is what really matters
Quick wit and charm from Hermione Granger
To preserve you from any danger

Minerva showers you with luck
With misfortune you will not get stuck
From Ron Weasley a friendly smack
That will always protect your back

Snape sends a potion of notion
To ward off all kinds of temptation
From us, our endless love and devotion
A love that is deeper than any ocean

May you always be as glorious as a queen
May your life always be serene
As we cast this spell on you Josephine
On the day that you turn eighteen

This poem was written for my lovely niece Josephine when she turned 18.
I wish her all the best this world has to offer.

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A Material Christmas

It's Christmas! Christmas!
That time of year
When people are filled...
With holiday cheer?

Yeah right. . .
I really do wish it were true
But people are people
Through and through

It's not about happiness anymore
Or in respect to what matters.
In reality it concerns what you get
And the food that is piled on the platters.

What has happened to the world of today?
Where is the 'loving and giving...'?
Now it is all just me, me, me.
Is this a nightmare? Or are we actually living.  

Yep we might have a lot of things
Hang on! Let's add some more
It isn't the family that I'm expecting
But the postman knocking at the door.

When the topic turns to Christmas cheer
Lets go stuff our faces...
Break out all that lovely beer!
Chuck away those graces!

But... Suddenly the month is over
There go all the gifts you gave
Your debt payments crawl closer and closer
And you become a material slave.

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Dancing Angels

Angels in heaven
Dancing on a small puddle
Always stay afloat

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Evil Breaks the Silence

An evil breaks the silence of this day A harbinger of the darkest of nights The horror escalates to more dismay The darkness of evening she will portray Her wickedness and horror she delights An evil breaks the silence of this day She would break the silence as surely say A spell greater than what speaks out tonight The horror escalates to more dismay Cauldron boils a potion without delay Potion to instill fear deep in alright An evil breaks the silence of this day She put in dead flowers, quite the bouquet She then boards her broomstick, flies out of sight The horror escalates to more dismay Now her flight brushes her up with some hay Takes her up high with some very great height An evil breaks the silence of this day The horror escalates to more dismay
Russell Sivey

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Black Friday

<                     ladies ~ gentlemen ~ start those ...... engines
                         miss  ~ Ho ~ down - prices .... would be a sin
                                        best buy - circuit city
                                   black ~ friday .... how pitty
                        5 am ~ now ~ who ~ wears ~ smiling ... grins 

                          k- mart ~ wal - mart ~ target ~ pennys
                              red tag sales of many and plenty
                                 but you must buy in bulks
                        and ~  get ~ guy ~ like ~ the ... hulk
                to ~ push ~ cart ~ while ~ you ~ chat ~ with ... jenny

                         let's ~ all ~  hop ~ on ~ over ~ to ~ I - hop
                         your one stop for christmas breakfast slop
                                sure pancakes sounds yummy
                                     but wait till hits tummy 
                                 be sitting on stool till it plops

Entry For
Carolyn Devonshire's
Commericialized Holiday Humor Contest
Gl All And Happy Holidays
Love Kathy & Jenny

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4:20, Four- Twenty, The Earth Day Birthday

Contractual agreements with publisher caused DELETION

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The Mantle at Halloween

The mantle is the place for Halloween It holds the black and orange candles Plus a mirror to reflect everything seen There is really enough for you to handle It holds the black and orange candles Bats come out and dangle by a string There is really enough for you to handle It’s just the right amount of everything Bats come out and dangle by a string Two pumpkins are lit from the inside It’s just the right amount of everything They all combine for fear of the outside Two pumpkins are lit from the inside Plus a mirror to reflect everything seen They all combine for fear of the outside The mantle is the place for Halloween
Russell Sivey

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Valentine's need apply

I gave up on you years ago
Felt love in my life had to go
Felt free and strong without care
Never needing wanting another there

Life has changed so much since then
Looking inside I take to pen
Wonder have I grown up yet
To include something more than a pet

Another February comes to be
Alone again hello, just me 
Valentine's day it comes and goes
Will I again receive a rosé? 

Will this be the year I'm ready to see
If someone can share their life with me?

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It is that time of the year
When all the shopkeepers begin to cheer...
They've started the season sooner than before
In hopes that it will bring people to their store.

I am more tied to the traditions
Than I am to these indiscretions...
So it makes me go bananas 
When Halloween is followed by Santas!

Who would have ever believed
That this kind of irreverence could be conceived...
It's not for glory, for thanks, or for wishing us luck
It is only that they want the almighty Buck!

As for me, I'll sit home and drink a beer
I never shop, until December 24th of the year.

Have a Merry Christmas!

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Circle of Love

Evergreen leaves that lovingly embrace
Embrace the candles that bring light
Light that glows with faith and love
Love which comes from the One above
Above the stars and back to earth after 
After the sun sets, candles glow bright
Bright hope shines deep within, buoyant
Buoyant hearts sharing in God’s embrace

Dec. 18, 2010 for Dr. Ram’s Christmas Wreath Contest :)

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Conspiracy: Who Killed The Easter Bunny

A crowded table, all suspended in shock 
The sound of the shot dimming to a ‘knock’
Only silence, except for the marching clock
The weapon still smoking; an anonymous glock

Loud cries arise from the elongated table,
Jack Frost is shocked, the Tooth Fairy unable
To speak whilst Santa is checking the stable
For clues on the erstwhile maidservant Mable

They searched for hours, called in C.S.I,
Panic set in, would the children all cry?
Sandman confirmed the bunny had died
Batman suspected somebody had lied

Guests were quizzed, interrogations began
The mystery unfolded when Santa Claus ran,
Grabbing the pies, he tried escaping in a van
But was stopped in his tracks by superman

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Tropical Getaway

Carpooling in the Monday traffic jam,             
Wondering what we are and who I am.
Since we’ve already raised a family,              
Is there anything left just for you and me?
Seems each day is just like the one before.           
Exactly what have we both been working for?
So many years lost from nine to five...              
Making ends meet, but barely feeling alive.

I wanna find us some tropical getaway--        
Somewhere lost where the locals play;
With fishing boats and mango trees,                 
And spicy scents carried on the breeze.
I wanna find us some island Shangri-La—      
A quiet spot with no hoopla...
Some place where it’s easy to hide,                   
That can’t be found in a tourist guide. 

I wanna find us some tropical paradise             
Where nights are warm and folks are nice,
And green birds sing exotic melodies                
While monkeys play high in coconut trees 
We could lounge in that tropical paradise,         
As bonfires spark like fireflies;
Watch lovers dance while steel drums play        
Calypso tunes from dusk till day. 

I wanna hold you close on an empty beach,
With a full moon just out of reach.
We could sneak behind a big sand dune
And celebrate another honeymoon.
Let’s forget about all the noisy mobs,               
Grown-up kids, and annoying jobs,
And swing in a hammock made for two—         
And snuggle close,  just me and you. 

Bamboo torches and starry skies       
Will be mirrored in your big brown eyes.
We’ll dance away each endless night,              
Lost in love, with no dawn in sight. 

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Angel Dust

The creatures that could fly, flew out this night They brought forth their powers, with them their might The black dragon is largest on the list They are the strongest, waving their clawed fist Next would have to be the fairies so trim Wielding dark talents purely on a whim The dark gargoyles fly around with great ease Spreading the fear of death and dire disease As sure as you think the darkness would win An angel flies high, way up in heaven She saves the Earth from all evil around Drops down some angel dust right to the ground And quick as a flash evil leaves this place Angels left to sing the beauty of grace
Russell Sivey Entrant into Gail Doyle's "Angel Dust" contest 10/9/2012

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The holidays are a time when we hold loved ones close

making New Year's resolutions to be better and not so morose.

With trimming the tree,  the gifts, the cards, the good wishes for all

Spending too much time and money at the mall.

Our hangover on Jan 2nd makes our resolutions go out the windows.

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Orange Full Moon

The night is full of fear and of dread The large moon was orange with fright The night brings with it a fearful edge Pumpkins are lit below an ancient tree The large moon was orange with fright There’s a haunted mansion which sits empty Pumpkins are lit below an ancient tree A graveyard holds only the walking dead There’s a haunted mansion which sits empty Bats fly freely through an upstairs attic A graveyard holds only the walking dead Skeletons love to laugh at the passersby Bats fly freely through an upstairs attic Horror that night brings, this place is worse Skeletons love to laugh at the passersby Terror escalates throughout the night Horror that night brings, this place is worse The night brings with it a fearful edge Terror escalates throughout the night The night is full of fear and of dread
Russell Sivey

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Silver Moon

The silver moon hides behind the grey clouds Largely hidden, full of life, and quite proud The werewolf howls great and mighty tonight Brings fear to many, showing lots of fright Lit pumpkins at the entrance brings warning Where hollers are heard that are alarming The pumpkins guard an old house, house of fear Legends hold victims galore in its rear Within the graveyard they’re held without bail Their souls removed, their life was very frail Turned into animated skeletons They roam the cold cemetery commons The light was quite dim, as the moon peeked through In the dark night creatures will come for you
Russell Sivey

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Vegetable Garden Does Not Make Smiles For Me

Purple conical blooms lure bumblebee
Foxglove trumpet flowers scent that please
Vegetable garden doesn't make smiles for me

Weeping Willow with grace lures so artsy
Under which lies Butterfly Bush which tease
Purple conical blooms lure bumblebee

But in the vegetable garden foresee
Sweat, toil in heat but food that heals disease
Vegetable garden doesn't make smiles for me

On trellis adjacent pale pink rose see
Just a dewdrop, but not on Butterfly Bush with base
Purple Conical blooms that lure bumblebee

In the vegetable garden no Sweet Pea
More flowers for me and food plants decrease
Vegetable garden doesn't make smiles for me

All I see toil, sweat no trip to the sea
Please do not let the flower garden cease
Let purple conical blooms lure bumblebee
Vegetable garden doesn't make smiles for me

Contest:"Villanelle Me"
Sponsor:Catie Lindsay

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The days are cold and the nights get colder
Each of us finds ourselves another year older.
As Winter's snow will soon appear
Welcome to my "Holiday home' at this special time of year...

We prepare ourselves for a Thanksgiving fest
Many doors open to welcome their guests.
My home too, will be filled with those I hold dear
Welcome to my "Holiday home' at this special time of year...

The tree will be decorated with toys and lights
So many can enjoy the festive sights.
There is but one phrase that I'll want to hear
Welcome to my "Holiday home' at this special time of year..

Long ago, shepherds to the stable came
To honor the Child for Whom this day we name.
The Lord of All was so humbly born there
Welcome to my "Holiday home' at this special time of year...

Wise men, too, came from the Eastern lands
Riding their camels across the dessert sands.
Presenting Him with gifts of Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh
Welcome to my "Holiday home' at this special time of year...

O'er the years the Holiday traditions we employ
As this is the time of year for us to enjoy.
But forget not the One whose birth returned man from fear
Welcome to my "Holiday home' at this special time of year...

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Thank You for Your Sacrifice

Help given is a wonderful thing.
Giving of your time is quite suitable.
Giving your money, unselfishness showing.
Laboring to clean this world is also very noble.

Yet there is one type of person that stands out
The one that says I will go at the drop of a ball.
Not asking why or where on the commanded shout,
But, stands ready and willing to heed the call.

These are the ones that protect our freedom.
That give us a security that not many know.
They leave families not sure when they will see them.
They sign their name not knowing where they will go.

Our armed forces are the elite of humanity.
They serve not only the US but humankind.
Some giving their life, some their sanity.
All to protect the ones they leave behind.

So I say THANK YOU to the families of the graves now visited.
For the time you have given and family memories lost.
I say THANK YOU, to each veteran and those now enlisted.
For you go even though some have and will pay the ultimate cost.

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Some Limericks...

She’s out there chasing a cricket

Through bush, through shrub & through thicket

Together they hop

Fugitive, cop

But when she gets it, she just wants to lick it!

A cat whose vet took his eye

Just cannot quite understand why

His eye’s been enucleated,

3-D vision reduciated,

So now, he keeps an eye out for an eye

Ya gotta keep limericks loose

Think green eggs, or perhaps Dr. Seuss

They’re structured, it’s true,

But they’re also a zoo

Whose tenants are all on the loose!

I frolic in fountains of words

Overflowing with serious absurds

Each poem I write

Wakes up and takes flight

Joining angels and faeries and birds

You ask that we write a good limerick

How to do so, I haven’t a glimmerick

So I struggle and frown

Teaching  poems to clown

So a smile on your lips will be shimmerick

A cat with a mouth full of mouse

Brought her feast right into my house

She played with her food

Who was not in the mood

To be a banquet of mouse in the house

The nightmares that shadow my sleep

Stampede the proverbial sheep

Right out of my mind

When I try to unwind

I find my appointment with sleep hard to keep

In her search for original truth

She met people unsavory and couth

She knitted and purled

But only unfurled

Yarns told by new age and old youth

Cat, suddenly pink,

Drinks her water from out of the sink

She looks so absurd

Since she’s been de-furred

I really don’t know what to think!

If one and one is two and two is four,

And there’s only two ways to go through  a door,

Then, is earth up or down?

And, where is down town?

These are questions we need to explore!

A was that is an is

Tried to mind my biz

But I sent it packing,

Its presence was lacking

And I don’t have time for such shiz!

A couple who lived in Los Lunas

Loved the wide desert sky’s crystal blueness

They’d stare at the air,

Over here, over there

And rejoice at the feeling of newness

A cat with a very fat gut

Found it easier to walk on his butt

He’d drag it around

Across carpet and ground

And use it to slam the doors shut

Said the Missus to her dear Mr. Otter,

“There’s something I think that you oughta

Do before we get old

To protect us from cold –

You oughta make the hot water hotter!”

The ghosts who live up in my attic

Make noises that sound much like static

I’ve tried to send them away,

But they’re here to stay,

Those staticky ghosts in my attic

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Give Them A Miracle This Year

Two teachers were given this precious gift, with your guiding hands. One daughter they named Mali and she has all your lesson plans. To choose the best for Mali, with all the fear and doubt you raised. This gauntlet that was posed and run is a testament of their praise. They have surmounted each obstacle and hurdle that was made. With fear and doubt they have fought so, she won't be dismayed. Lets pray, a long life for this child, breathing this earths fresh air Creating a deafening echo from all of us repeating the same prayer I'm seeking a miracle for two teachers, a parents simple request Mali wins life after BMT, defeating Hurlers Syndrome, is my request That these two children grow together to live a long and happy life Would be Grandpa's wish for his Christmas, in this world of strife

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Full Moon Rises

Full moon rises over haunted house Things move there quiet as a mouse At the front porch are some pumpkins Lit as though there’s a soul within Nothing will come and surely douse Outside sits a large scarecrow louse Beaming eyes like a great lighthouse Bats fly inhaling all the sins Full moon rises A graveyard sits near the nuthouse No skeleton bears shirt like blouse Cat will scare you out of your skin Beneath the ancient tree like limbs Field they came from is a madhouse Full moon rises
Russell Sivey

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I'm so Thankful For My Father

Lord…  I’m Thankful For My Dad!

Lord, during this special day, I’m so glad…
For giving to me such a special dad!

He’s been very thoughtful and kind!
Fathers like him are very hard to find!

I remember growing up with my brothers…
He was special to us, like “no other!”

As a young boy, he taught me God’s ways.
And I’ve kept it throughout my days!

I’ve often sought his advice and counsel…
Especially when life 
was looking “awful!”

He was there to give support
 the best he could.
Trying to help the best way
 he understood.

I suppose now that I’m growing old…
I’m remembering more things that my dad told!

“My father is one in a million.”
 Is what I believe.!
Many blessing from him
 I have received!

May the blessings of God daily surround him!
I’m so thankful that my mother found him!

Thank you Lord for giving to me a dad like this!
May his days ahead be happy
 and blessed!

By Jim Pemberton

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Reason for Easter Celebration Footles

Man lost
Paid cost

Great Love

On cross
Such loss




He rose
We chose



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Wishes for Magic

Wishes for magic
stored in an innocent mind.
Stockings on mantles,
sharing Christmas joy and mirth,
never happened in our home.

Connie Marcum Wong © December 5, 2011 

For Russell Sivey’s Christmas Stockings Tribute

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A wreath is laid upon each soldier's grave
Christmas time at Arlington
A tribute to the brave

Krazy Kimo Contest

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Beautiful Lies

December 18, 2012

Beautiful lies known as little white lies
yet one is no more deceptive than each
The truth is what makes it afraid of light
It's important we practice what we preach

Imagination built on lies destroy
Imagination built on truth create
Conquering evil we try to avoid
Tooth fairy, Halloween, Santa abate

Perceptions and images make it real
Origins of Pagan rituals true
We've wandered down this path for a bum deal
Now more lies are created all brand new

The mask behind a beautiful white lie
is the truth with a constant shield, but why?

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The True Meaning of Easter

The True Meaning of Easter! The true meaning of the Easter story, Is God’s Son came down to Earth from glory. Jesus really does love you and me. He was born to die that you might be free. For 33 years, he lived among sinful men. Then one day was to be an atonement for our sin. He who was born of the virgin Mary’s womb. Was to one day rise again from an empty tomb. So many people today have gotten into a bad habit, of replacing Jesus with the bunny rabbit. So please reach out to others and let them know, Of the lover and redeemer of their soul. The true meaning of Easter must forever be said. Of God’s son who died, but arose from the dead! By Jim Pemberton

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Haunted House on Top of the Hill

Haunted house on top of the hill Scares many kids that sure walk by Ghouls and ghosts make their display known Deep inside this hold there’s all sorts They moan and groan and carry on Loud enough so many others may hear They bring life of misery to all
Russell Sivey

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The Night The Angels Came


On a dark and lonely night in Bethlehem
A multitude of the Heavenly Hosts
Visited with shepherds in a field
To proclaim news of a special birth

A King had been born in a stable nearby
And laid in a manger for a bed
The shepherds marveled at this great news
They turned to each other and said

Let us go and see for ourselves
This miracle that we've been foretold
And so they went to the stable
Wondering what they would behold

It was just as the angels had told them
For there on a soft bed of hay
A baby was sleeping soundly
So the shepherds knelt to pray

They praised God for all they had seen
Their lives would never be the same
They made known the birth of the Savior
The night the angels came

	Curtis Moorman
	19 November 2012

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live another year

try to beat the odds
doctors gave me little hope…
     live another year

*Entry for Tracie’s New Year’s Resolution contest     

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The Great Bonfire

The great bonfire at Halloween The biggest one you’ve ever seen You can warm up to its great fear Scariest time of all the year Evil that drives them did careen The fright is the best that has been We found that the bonfire is mean Creatures that come out aren’t that dear The great bonfire Monsters of the dark do redeem They aren’t exactly what they seem They exit the fire from the rear To party this night, friends are near Fear lives on now it’s Halloween The great bonfire
Russell Sivey

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Roses For Mama


I took a trip to the florist,
This past Christmas Eve morn.
And happened by a homeless man,
Who seemed lost, and forlorn.

He said: “Good sir, I need your help,
I don’t seek to deceive,
I need some roses for mama.
For it is Christmas Eve.”

“But they act as though I’m not there,
These florists must be blind!”
He handed me his change and asked,
If I would be so kind.

He’d saved enough for three long stems,
Not much of a bouquet,
But cheerfully he shook my hand,
And then was on his way.

Convinced that I’d done my good deed,
I bought some for my wife.
Two dozen beautiful roses,
For the love of my life.

Driving past the cemetery,
I saw that homeless man.
Kneeling beside his mother’s grave,
And so I parked my van.

My heart was broken by that sight,
I knew not what to say.
I mindfully approached the grave,
Offering my bouquet,

He said: “You meant those for your wif
They should not leave your hand.”
I said, my wife knows I love her,
And she will understand.

I placed them on his mother’s grave,
As tears rolled down his face.
And I was lost in the moment,
Suspended in that place.

Then from behind, a man inquired,
If I had been a friend.
I told him “no, I’m with her son,”
He did not comprehend.

When I pointed at the roses,
The homeless man was gone.
The stranger said, “You’ve seen him too?”
Was he putting me on?

He said, “I believe your story.
For I’ve seen him as well;
On Christmas Eve, six years ago,
A tale I rarely tell.”

He said there’s something I should know,
And quickly clarified.
“It was back in nineteen ninety,
When this homeless man died.”

He came here every Christmas Eve,
Until his final breath.
It’s a practice he’s continued,
All these years, since his death.

Sometimes it takes a miracle,
To make someone believe.
Mine came with roses for mama,
One special Christmas Eve.

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I Want

I want to sing you
I want to write you
I want to watch you
And describe you

I would like to compose you
You, my ninth symphony
To put you on a stave
To play your melody

I want to sculpt you
Without engraving too much
Hardly anything to change
Some details to fix

I want to photograph you
Under different lights
To whip with the flash
All those artifices that are hiding you

I want to break your records
Go through your body's limits
Jump higher, run further
When man an athlete is one

I could go on with other arts
But none of them seem good enough to define you
So I'll go on in which my words are the finest
For you, I'll never stop writing

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12 days of kiss-mas

On the 12th day of kiss-mass my true love sent to me
12 dirty undies
11 socks a stinking
10 shoes a humming
9 shirts for pressing
8 trousers 
7 days of take-out boxes
6 flagons of beer
5 D V D's
4 mischievous children
3 dozen wine bottles
2 ex partners
and an engagement ring under the tree

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Vacation Work in Florida

We are going on vacation today.
Leaving for nine days to play,
At least one of us is, I say.
Me, I have to do list on display.

I don’t mind it at all, you see.
To help someone out in degree,
I love to fix everything that is me.
A workaholic is really my plea.

I get to see stepdaughter that I adore.
While we go to many places, I am sure.
New sights, faces, visiting galore,
Different choices, scenes, are my cure.

Vacations are always way to short.
I would never be happy at a resort.
I enjoy giving by gallon or quart.
Fixing things will never be distort.

I never enjoyed vacations ever at all.
But to be with my loved ones, is a ball.
My working on vacation is a call.
Rest for me will be after my fall.

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Storm Part I

Gathering grey clouds
Whip crack of frothing thunder
Is this Africa?

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Me Ireland

My Husband’s family is from Ireland, and his family’s name is Scoles.
They say they have a city there… called Scoles Corner… We are told.
We don’t know about the city or why it was named just so…
Were they so very many, or named, as to let the good know, where not to go.

I think it was the numbers that lead directly to that famous name, 
For they are truly a hardy bunch and I see in them lots of fun, not shame.
My family were Cohagens, and I suspect we often kissed the Blarney Stone.
For many a time, a few of my folk would disappear, as others came around.

The McDermotts were our friends, a solemn group for sure, I do tell you so.
Still the light of kindness glowed from them, I am sure that, you must know.
Still we’re all Americans now, in a country deeply seeded in Gaelic love.
For every one among us… has a small or large, touch of Gaelic blood.

As St. Paddy’s day comes near us, I’ll share and salute you with a green beer.
And if any go to Ireland, I’ll tell them… to kiss the Blarney stone, so dear.

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Cast of a Full Moon

There are screeches from the door of the coffin That reverberates throughout the graveyard There is a fire nearby that acts as a beacon That infiltrates the undead, the great diehard Ones that obey the commands of the witch The creatures of the night roam the courtyard The place of a warlock, a man that is very rich One who rules all this evil by his beck and call Where the powers goes off without a hitch A scarecrow hangs with his pride quite tall That scares all creatures nearby, bringing fear Eyes that blaze fire, it makes all those near fall The spider webs in the mist come and appear Glowing vividly within the cast of a full moon Black cats are going to go spread some evil cheer Halloween is when these things bring their doom
Russell Sivey

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Cherry Blossoms Jamboree

Cherry blossoms bloom; the townspeople sing, laugh, dance: hope springs eternal.

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An Irish Redemption

An Irish Redemption

Downtown lights glimmer off in the beckoning distance
I watch them twinkle a dewiness as I lie
Safe and sweet in the fresh softness of the Irish linen
Watch them lights reflect starry halos off the deep dark bay tonight

This harbor a mirror to my soul
Glittering black, like a miner’s coal

Wood carved cherry oak, plush vinyl, rain battered glass, a setting
To remember I insist
Their voices hovering, yet their songs I am forgetting…
To know I cannot resist

Ebbing tide retreats, a salty mistiness on my skin
I see his wings caress as they unfold. I see his prey.
A quick dive to catch, and then…
He and I fly away.

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A Happy Halloween

A skeleton dances On top of an old coffin Evil pours through him A ghost prowls on by Looking for someone to scare Who’s the next victim A black cat sits near Superstition is his craze People fear his kind Bats scurry about By the moonlight they go on Seeking fearful kids The Jack-O-Lanterns Sit with their huge ginning smiles Wishing you Happy… A Happy Halloween!!
Russell Sivey

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Sail by
Leaving me
Waving goodbye

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There have been times in our land
When our nation has had to take a stand.

It first began at Bunker's Hill
Where so many men were then killed.

All through that war with the British King
Men here in America were fighting and dying.

They were the first "Veterans" of the US,
When duty calls, there was always a surplus.

Always men of courage it takes it seems
Like those with Jackson at New Orleans.

There were "Veterans" who fought both South and North
When the country was split, her sons poured forth.

Healing those wounds would take some time
But in the end it came in line.

Of course no one remembers the row with Spain
Where America sent her men once again.

The "War to End All Wars" was more than a saying
As loved ones and sweethearts were left home praying.

Oh, Chateau Thierry, the Argonne, Belleau Wood and more
Are now in our history as battles of that war.

Then came the biggest war of all
When the world went crazy in '39's Fall.

Our "Veterans" were there too,
In Africa, Europe, and the Katmandu.

From Casablanca and Casserein on Africa's shore,
To Sicily, Anzio, Normandy, and the Bastogne's of that war.

The Pacific saw its share of death and hell
From the first bombs at Pearl Harbor to Gaudalcanal.

Many "Veterans" died at Iwo Jima, Saipan, Okinawa too,
They shed their blood for me and you.

After the end, we thought we might have some order,
Until the Communists in Korea crossed the border.

The Vietnam era was one of upheaval and race,
Some "Veterans" coming home even received a spit in the face.

For their part the "Veterans" were not to blame,
And for our country, it was a time of shame.

Dessert Storm and Dessert Shield put them in the MidEast
Where terror reigns with sate for a feast.

Yet, the soldier, sailor, or airman know,
If his country calls, he must go.

They follow the traditions of other "Veterans" you see,
They put their lives on the line for both you and me.

To the ones who have worn our country's uniform I say
"Thank You, Veteran", we should honor you with more than one day!

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A New Year Reflection

Partys for couples new lovers and just friends.
Music to fill the night the streets of New york 
breath life to old flames keeping even jaded souls warm.

The lonley gather round the TV.
sharing a glimpse at something we all yern to have.
And from the up high the streets seem magic tonight.

the soudtrack of the night will echo
into are hungover minds with a painful yet happy reminder 
of last nights celebration.

Late night lovers will smile and go there awkward ways.
So many acts in so many different plays.
creeping back to are corners in lastnights suit and tie.
Tight little black dress kiss worn lips 
acting happier than two kids ragged in need of a shave
you with hair in a mess.

And for friends that gather to relive not so real 
past glory.
The pages are left to the writter.
To add to lastnights not so original story.

As the barflys gather to battle another unsober day.
I watch this first new day anew.
Take a sip from my flask and thank the lord 
for one more year with you.

And tonight I say to you all raise that glass.
kiss that stranger you know so well.
Laugh love and live.
And thank whomever ya choose weve made it through another
year to tell.

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Dad's Gone Fishing

<                                        Well Lets See
                                          If This ~  Will 
                                          Work Out For
                                          All Wonderful              W
                                       Dads Here At Soup        E   F
                                           I                H          N    I
                                          W                A        E       S
                                           I                 P      C         H     
                                           S                P     I            I
                                           H  You All A Y    N             N
                                           F                H  A               G
                                           A                E                    P
                                           T                R                    O
                                           H                E                     L
                                           E                 I                     E T O  CATCH
                                           R                S                      F                   S
                                           S  D  A Y   So                        I  S   H   E  M  O

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Going Home

What is it to see the soil of home again?
A welcome, snow-struck and a return
To cold; sharp white contrasts sunburn.
We converse in broken tongues to men

We know, hooked on holiday language
Comprised of wandering hand signs.
Collect the car and pay parking fines,
Drive through towns and over a bridge

Until we reach the Western gateway.
Oh when will we arrive at our house?
No camels there, only field mouse
Which are eaten by our cat anyway.

The plane flies for an age, slyly yawning
Through the stretching, pealing sky,
A knife through air; what it is to fly.
Our travels over; a new day is dawning.

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The Bells

The restless wind will not put by
Ring out wild bells to the wild sky
It pulls and pushes and bends at will
Those ancient bells will not be still

To celebrate the new year nigh
Ring out wild bells to the wild sky
Down the valley to the far shore
Sweep the heather and bathe the moor

Ever the new year's fervent cry
Ring out wild bells to the wild sky
Blow away these tears of sorrow
Now the bells ring for the morrow

For Dr Ram's contest

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Easter Morning ( a vignette)

Frilly dresses ironed
by Mama's hand.
Starched with a sprinkle
from the giant Pepsi bottle.
Four New spring Bonnets.
Four new Bow ties.

Hen's eggs carefully dyed.
Daddy chose the best
Peeking and poking into each
and every nest.
One a duck egg.
Daddy called it a prize.

Oh a special Sunday.
The day Jesus arose.
Every Church pew Filled.
Families together dressed
in their very; very best.

Ham and Mama's Potato salad.
Both Grandmas joining us
at the overflowing table.
Using our best Manners
we try to hurry.
We are ready for the hunt.

The Azaleas burst forth
with bright blooms and
secret spots holding eggs
of lemon yellow and sea foam green.
Little feet Running with excitement;
baskets bulging with glittery grass;
Chocolate bunnies and jelly beans.

Collapsing with Laughter
we count and count.
Hidden too good,
a few eggs will be
an opossums supper.
Long after we are fast asleep.

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Storm Part VI

Water licks your feet
Far cry from the beating sun
Desert sand to sea

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What Easter Means to Me

kids with clothes as bright as sun
eggs and chocolate lots of fun
but Easter means much more to me
then all of this frivolity 

we condemned cursed sentenced Him
we scourged spit hung Him to a limb
our sins hung nailed Him to a tree
now there is life for you and me

He gave pure love from heaven above
laid down His life this beautiful dove
because He chose the tree you see
you and i can now be free

He did not cry He did not groan 
He knew three days He rolls the stone
He did it one time for eternity
conquered death for love for all you see

we no longer hunger no longer thirst
because His love removed the curse
He does not follow He takes the lead
Rejoice, Rejoice, HE IS RISEN INDEED!

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What If Christmas Never Came

What If… Christmas Never Came??? What if Christmas never happened? What if Christmas never came? Things around here would be different! It wouldn’t be the same! What if the baby Jesus was never born in a manger? Mankind would be in serious trouble! We’d all be in danger! If the baby Jesus wasn’t born. There would be no nativity. We wouldn’t be able to display this during our “festivity.” It’s almost like this now! It’s an “ever increasing business.” It seems like nearly everyone wants “Christ out of Christmas!” Why does it seem like Christmas is losing it’s true meaning? The very words; “Merry Christmas,” seem to be quickly disappearing! Many say; “Happy Holiday.” They worry they may “offend.” Having a “holiday” without Christ…. Once again! We need to put Jesus Christ back into our CHRISTmas season! He is what Christmas is about! HE is the very reason! May we all take some time to rejoice in our savior’s birth. May there be shouts of JOY! From the corners of the earth! Let’s not take Christ out of our joyous celebration! We need him so much right now! All over this great nation! May we bring to him a heart of love for everything he’s done. As we bring honor to Christ. God’s precious son! May we continually offer to him a heart filled with praise! Not only at Christmas time… But all of our days! By Jim Pemberton 12/05/11

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The Perfect Tree Search

                                              Soft needles shapely
                                         Perfection was overlooked
                                              Simply adorned_star

(The topic is tree)

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Holiday Frolics

Holiday Frolics
Shoppers walk to tunes;
Mall’s cacophony rings loud,
Santa listens well.

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colors of freedom

colors of freedom
remind us what wars have cost --
we must not forget

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When the Candy Corn Attacks

When the candy corn attacks The yellow and the orange And the ever sweetened white All come after you They take you in their sweetness Enveloped and morphed inside Grand scheme of candy delight To take you within Just when you thought you were safe Candy corn comes attacking Right on the offensive track With high awareness The yellow slows you way down And orange curls your stomach And white takes and knocks you out Combination punch Of all the Halloween tricks This one seems the deadliest To the weary partygoers Trying to have fun
Entrant into Joyce Johnson's "My Favorite" contest 9/1/2012

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In your thoughts -2

By : Sashi.Prabhu(zeauoxian)
Written on 15/4/2012 at Kaloor , kerala

Within you I lose myself full of ecstasy and free of earthly pains, Without you I find myself wanting to become lost again. How I wish to be always with you, So that could everyday feel anew. Sooth my weary eyes, By your comely face which to my heart feels nice…… Kiss me and I can make you sense and feel the heavenly stars; Love me and I will give them to you and heal your hearts troubled scars Within you I lose myself full of ecstasy and free of earthly pains, Without you I find myself wanting to become lost again. Blood & heart, Our hearts never do move apart. Heart & pulse, They pulsate heavily and throbbing never dulls. Pulse &soul. Live life loving and blissfully content living our goal. Soul and body After all we have gone through, its pure love that they embody…………………….. Within you I lose myself full of ecstasy and free of earthly pains, Without you I find myself wanting to become lost again.

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A Perfect Day

I sink into the steaming bath and soak my cares away,
A glass of wine to cure the pain the damp brought on today;

No screaming son to demand my time, today is just for me,
A book is all I need to be as content as I can be;

I call the local pizza place as the water cools and bubbles fade,
I order up a large for me and hope it’s not delayed;

Soon the delivery man is on his way with a heavenly pizza pie;
And I intend to enjoy every slice, just me, myself and I;

The rain is coming down in torrents as I snuggle up on the couch;
I slowly start feeling more like me, instead of Oscar the Grouch;

I turn on my favorite movie, the one I’ve seen a thousand times;
I enjoy every second as I relax, feeling sublime;

My family will be home soon and their needs I’ll have to tend;
The sun sinks lower in the sky, as my perfect day draws to an end.

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Spells Spun from a Drunk Pen

The dark witch laughed as she held a drunk pen Which she used to write spells without pity Spells that are out of whack in the open She can’t align her papers perfectly Her powers are evil and shown darkly But the fun the pen sure had shows this day The spells falter and fail, dissolve away The sputter of a wand after the spell Messes up and coughs up evil today She sure finds herself in a lot of hell
Russell Sivey Was an entry into Joann Grisetti's Drunk Pen contest But found out it had to be Free Verse, Narrative, or Prose

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Thank you for fighting for my freedom

You fought over the smallest of sand
For my country in a foreign land
Advance all the time and never retreat
USA is number one and can never be beat
The military taught you how to survive
I hope you can make it home alive

When everything is all said and done
You fought with your life for my freedom
Thank you for fighting for me
Now I know freedom doesn’t come free
What you did for America makes me feel over come
Thank you for fighting for my freedom

Remember them for the blood the gave
To make America home of the brave
Army Navy Air force Marine
Toughest old boys you’ve ever seen
Hopefully they’ll get back to those crying mothers
They will be alright with they’re band of brothers

When everything is all said and done
You fought with your life for my freedom
Thank you for fighting for me
Now I know freedom doesn’t come free
What you did for America makes me feel over come
Thank you for fighting for my freedom

They sent them to the school of hard knox
Now they’re coming home in a pine box
Put their remains in a body bag
In honor they gave their family a folded flag
Remember them when you pray
Stand tall for them and remember them on Veterans Day

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Christmas Everywhere

Is it Christmas everywhere?
Christmas parties and stuffed teddy bears.
Songs of merry Christmas delight.
Snow covered rooftops glowing at night.
Gifts of sparkling diamond rings.
Christmas memories and special things.
Holiday feasts and decorated doors.
Chocolate covered cherries, Oh! Give me more.
Trips to the mall to buy gifts galore.
Paying with plastic I depleted my stash.
Let us make a loan I need more cash.
Is it Christmas everywhere?
Are you sure without a doubt?
Because some poor child this Christmas will be without.
Give hope and love.
Give prayers and faith.
For those lonesome people on this Christmas day.
Is it Christmas eerywhere?
With war overseas?
People dying and starving,
and no shoes to cover their feet.
Is it Christmas everywhere, with so much poverty?
Families who go hungry, with nothing much to eat.
What about the homeless and natural disaster stricken lands?
It would make this Christmas merry for the wealthy to lend a hand.
With death and crying, and cold and mourning,
an unfortunate road to a path with no glory.
Oh! What a very sad Christmas story.
My home is my castle that shelters me,
but don't forget the homeless that beg on the street.
So, make this Christmas merry if you're able to give.
Share your heart with someone and allow them to live.
The best Christmas will be without a doubt,
God will bless you for giving to those who are without.

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Magic Mirror Pieces

The magic mirror Many years of vicious use Lays shattered The evil witch of Hollow Street Cries now like a little baby The magic lost The power of the ages Now in pieces She picks them up One at a time as tears drop Then power ensues An ancient power comes to life Where a single piece carries spells With the single piece She now continues her terror Hope is now lost
Russell Sivey Entrant into Gail Angel Doyle's "Picking Up The Broken Pieces" contest 10/20/2012

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Storm Part V

The English weather:
Rainclouds follow us from home
There is no escape.

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The Fourth Of July: A Lie 'or The Star Spangled Banner

We clad ourselves in colors as we march,
saluting independence through a foggy dream;
gazing at the night alight with flashes,
and firefly screams.

Rockets made in China, cascade/
to the backdrop of the Star Spangled Banner;
a flutter to the wind blown flags made in Brazil
and "I Love America Pins" upon our lapel;
(made in Mexico).

We stand on oceanfront (it’s owned by France)
gazing ‘pon the open sea,
the port is owned by Saudis/
but at least we stand here free.

Our hands steadfast upon our chest,
saluting whichever freedoms still remain,
those freedoms, their going fast;
and they’ll disappear one day.

We gaze into the abyss of night,
the twinkling tears that kiss our cheek,
immersing ourselves in awe of moment,
before it fades our dreams to sleep.

We stand enamored with this land,
the love that lurks within our hearts,
we celebrate this love/ part;

fore tomorrow, standing is banned.

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Lifetime Valentine

Thine heart is true with such emotional bliss.
Thee are my strength, sealed with one kiss.
Valentine of mine; holds me tight above the mist.
Secures my spirit, supports me in slippery snow.
Thou are my sweetheart, sunshine on my spring list.
Our life together rises, faster than any sapling grow.
One day a year is not enough to celebrate how I feel.
Each day mine and ours affection seals, lifetime deal.

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Lord of the Pumpkin

Lord of the pumpkin The warlock chants a dark spell Pumpkin’s evil light
Russell Sivey Entrant into Tracie ~*~ Indigo Dreamweaver's "~....Spooky Ku'.....~" contest 10/12/2012

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Rules of the surprise Holiday

a coin for every day, five maybe six
tossing away one a day of a diiferent value depending on the day
color coded lets everyone know when and how you gave
where the freakshow will take you to for their gratitude now
one day to feast
three days to collect
circus games to play
like an allowance for underprivelledged

two different types of coins are worth anything
on certain days while everything else is void
two different types of coins not allowed in any store
pay to charity or leave the store

names and numbers
and a slide of literary sciences from one hand to the next for lottery numbers
one wining ticket among millions
same numbers drawn, winning numbers nothing more than the secret of the village
a secret the codes are meant for

a six day event
a nine day holiday
streets littered with money
how little you neeed to give
to see how much it adds up
how much you do give
how little difference its making
and why
why cant things be altered?

shift of power?
power of the have nots?
then take it back, and offer us this
meet us half way
give us our surprise holiday

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What is Christmas Really About

Quickly is coming Christmas day,
Perhaps you ponder with dismay
Amidst the shopping and the shouts,
What is Christmas really about?
Is it about reindeer and elves,
The gifts we wish for ourselves?
Is it about wrapping paper and bows,
Stockings stuffed with goodies clear to the toes?

Is it about family, friends, and feast,
The smell of bread baking rising with yeast?
About trees, lights, and cute decorations,
Parties, eggnog, and celebrations?

These commodities make the holiday bright,
But something else is required to make it right;
For Christmas is not about programs and costumes worn,
But about a miraculous baby that was born.

About Mary and Joseph, man and wife,
Who came to Bethlehem pregnant with life.
No room was left for them in the inn,
Shelter was found in a cattle pen.

The time of her delivery would not waiver,
In that stable she experienced labor.
Born into a place smelling of manure,
Christ arrived our salvation to assure.

Nearby shepherds tending flocks by night
Were startled by a glorious light.
Angels while seeking to calm their fear
Came proclaiming this event of cheer.

Told of a birth of a baby boy,
A king, a savior, who would bring joy.
His mission was one of peace,
From our sins to bring release.

Then with haste they went with glee,
Marveled at what they did see;
Found him in a manger yet filled with glory
Then left with excitement to tell his story.

So as we gather this December
May this jingle help us remember,
Christmas is not about dear old Santa Claus
But about the Christ who saves us from our flaws.

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marking my friends on poetry soup.- the Lord helped me fight death and won.

i don't want to be just marking

time.  i died on november 20,

2008, during surgery.  i was

on a vent when i awakened 

december 2, sisters'

birthday. what made me llive

i'll never know.  i know there

are things to do on this side

of death.

i have no time for marking time.

i have a stupid bag hanging from

my side now.  i am supposed to

"get comfortable with it".  well

that was a laugh.

that was a laugh until i thought

of the people that had these

things with no hope of ever

getting away from them.

i am so lucky.  14 days i laid

on a vent, then 22 more.

i came home 3 days, 


i had
great pain in my chest...
well this is great i said,

a pulmonary emboli, 15 more

days, three days home.

then back to e.r. blood pressure

too high.  this bought me 

4 more days in e.r.

i am home now and finally 

have spent 19 days home.

i feel every pain and i feel

every time that i feel good

yes, i am never marking

time again.....there is

something about fighting

for your life and your sanity

that straightens things out.

i don't recommend it but

i wish i could let your hearts

know what i know.


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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Storm Part III

An azure ocean
Displaced by mighty blackness
The horizon dies

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Uncle Sam's Hokey Pokey -- shaped as his top hat


Uncle Sam's Hokey Pokey
                                     l      l      l       l        l 
                                     ya' put your red flag in
                                      put your red flag out
                                       put your red flag in
                                               and ya'
                                       shake it all around.
                                       *           *          *
                                  ya' stop this hocus pocus
                              and we'll turn this thing around
                                end war's what it's all about!

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Pumpkins Swelled

Outside his home a Geek finds a surprise Three lit pumpkins desiring compromise They wanted people to know their power He soon found them giving him a shower The evil resonates from deep inside Each Jack-O-Lantern shows off its great pride Fear that one experiences from each A fresh heart is just what they do beseech The Geek not knowing his untimely fate Approached the pumpkins which he fears of late Pumpkins swelled and grew absorbing his soul He fell, leaving his mark right on the knoll Halloween is not what it used to be When children walked around getting candy
Russell Sivey Entrant into Cyndi MacMillan's "TIMELESS YET CONTEMPORARY, A SONNET THANG" contest

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Why is it?

Why is it that school's say that they are preparing you for life, 

But really they are preparing you for more school?

Who knows?

That has always been on mind for the past few days.

*comment if you know why or if you have any ideas*


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I Am There

I'll be there watching when you awake,
this silent morning on Christmas day.
The children plaing in the snow,
I'll be there too, I hope you know.
The snow drops falling, that is me.
I'm the one that kissed your cheek.
I'll see your tears silently fall,
though you will not see me at all.
The childrens laughter fills the air.
I hear it all, I am there.
The garland and lights that trim the tree,
the bright star on top, that is me.
I hear the distant church bells ring.
I hear the angels sweetly sing.
I see your sadness and dispair.
I feel your heart and I am there.
Now dry your tears and wipe your eyes.
You will keep my spirit alive.
Remember when we use to be,
and cherish then the memory.
I see the children full of joy,
and watch them playing with their toys.
The house is full, people everywhere,
and in the corner an empty chair.
I am there.
Then everyone has taken their place,
and gathered around the table for grace.
Look outside through the falling snow,
I'm the one with the halo.
I am there.

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Vacant Throne of Grace

crown of gold laid aside- abandoned throne of grace vacant...all for man! ~*~
* * * Note: #4 in a series of 24 Monokus reflecting the holy season of Christmas * * * *
By: Audrey Carey Contest: "Amazing One Line" Sponsor: Constance La France

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Heart and Soul

~ Heart & Soul ~

It’s not just about that one person
You can’t imagine your life without
It’s so much more than that

It’s waking up each morning
Knowing you have a family who loves you
It’s a group of friends 
Who care about you 
Not just 
Some made up version of you

It’s that feeling you get when you help someone out
Or when a dream comes true

It can be happy or sad
It can lift you up or break you down
It can break your heart
Or it can heal you
Yet one thing is true

If you have felt it even once
You’ll never want to let it go

It has so many forms 
With so many different ways you can feel it
Even a day to celebrate it 

It is a feeling that 
Is hard to live without 
Those who have never felt it 
They are the ones I feel sorry for

A four letter word 
That says so much
Means so much 
Has such an impact on so many lives

It’s so important 
In so many ways
A couple just starting out
Two people spending the rest of their lives together
A family
A lifelong dream
And so much more
A feeling
Called Love
I prefer to 

~ Heart & Soul ~

By: Jean Bonella

February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!
To all my family and friends
Thank you, for all the love you give

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Halloween Creatures

Bats that fly outside on Halloween night Through a light yellow-orange tinged full moon They scare easy from the ghosts that delight In bringing fear to all those that would swoon From the evil zombies that are in sight To the witches flying around with brooms All these wonderful creatures are laughing Where the Jack-O-Lanterns lay their blessing
Russell Sivey

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Festive Times

Woke up with the sounds of the neighbor’s dogs barking
Normally it would end after a few times
But Today wasn’t any morning
It was the morning of festive lines
Children running in joy 
Innocent smiles and laughs
As Satisfaction of a pirate chanting ahoy
Spotting shore after enduring miles
Girls are Cheerful and ecstatic
Chasing each other all the way to the attic
No shouting or sneering
Today all the anger and stress was ceasing
The Firework will light the sky 
And Moon and the stars will pry 
They wonder all the sudden alleviation
Upon a race that losses hope, faith and sanity by the slightest temptation
The scene of a perfect entrée
Ballerinas twirling dancing fouetté 

But good times pass and people forget
Sinking in their busy lives 

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Storm Part IV

Culminates in a washout
Stuffed camels get soaked

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Valentine Romance

Valentines day is always something special to me, I explained. 
So I planned a romantic evening and got ready for my campaign.
The children were at a sleepover with their favorite friends they adore.
So I met my hubby as he came in, accidentally tripping and making him hit the door.
Thank God his head is hard as he hit that, the nearby TV, but very little more.
I made Cherries Jubilee as a snack while he sat there with an ice pack to his head. 
But before I knew it, I’d knocked it over and almost burned down the house instead.
When he finally put the fire extinguisher away…
I got up and got some of the kids’ apple tarts I had made. 
He bit in deep and burned his mouth, declaring he wasn’t hungry and the pain would fade.
Next he decided to go upstairs, but I had put rose petals down everywhere in spades.
And yes you probably guessed it… he slipped and ended up needing a little aide.
At this he decided to take an aspirin and lay down upon the couch. OH  HHWell…
But I knew the rest needed to happen above, to totally create this romantic spell…
I had to get him to the candles and bubble bath, where my romantic dreams still dwelled. 
So I got out some scarves and danced toward him, tying up his hands before he fell.
He never knew what hit him as he was lassoed and gently bounced up the stairs.
I guess I wouldn’t have had to tie his feet… a few words would have done as well.
But you know me when I get going, my mind tends to lose a few brain cells…
He was flustered, exhausted and bruised when he got there, but he’s made of the right stuff.
Though as I took off the scarves, he flopped on the bed pulling the covers over his head kind of rough.
He said he loved me, but living with me could be kind of tough.
He said it was better to leave it to him, for the romantic endeavors and such.
He said he had reservations and play tickets in his shirt pocket for later on that night.
But what he needed now was some aspirin and a few moments of quiet respite. 
So with a sigh he started snoring, and my romantic dreams were momentarily crushed.
I dearly love the man you know. But, do you think maybe I tried too much?

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Happy Fathers day Repost

You’re gone now but I am forever proud
I go to your grave and speak out loud
I say I love you and I know you hear
The kind of man you were I will always revere
You set an example of right from wrong
I remember you all the time even when I write this song
From when I was young to when I grew older
You were there to help me brush my problems off my shoulder
Learn love laugh in life you immersed
Be strong with pride and put family first
You showed me how to strive to be my best right from the start
Live life well and follow my heart
I’ll miss you forever and let my soul be free
But always know that a piece of you resides within me
You were there for me in every way
The best dad there was so Happy Fathers day

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Love Will Out

In February? Sun burn from looking up at the sky? 
My Oh My… Yes, it’s so very nice and warm.
The trees are blooming and it warms my heart.
Even the groundhog came out, smiled, and looked around…
Six more weeks of this winter? The Best there’s been…
I’ll get out my Valentine trappings tomorrow at dawn.
Then I will go get our leaf blower and make it to blow…
Bubbles and Valentine hearts high in the air…everywhere… 
When my Hubby reaches our home and walks in the door…
I’ll cover him in hearts full of love… with kisses galore…
Yes, I’ll show him my heart… As he walks in… 
I’m sure… On Valentine’s Day our hearts will soar, again…

Happy Valentine’s Day to All and your Loves…

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What If Christmas Never Came

What If… Christmas Never Came??? What if Christmas never happened? What if Christmas never came? Things around here would be different! It wouldn’t be the same! What if the baby Jesus was never born in a manger? Mankind would be in serious trouble. We’d all be in danger! If the baby Jesus wasn’t born. There would be no nativity. We wouldn’t be able to display this during our “festivity.” It’s almost like this now! It’s an “ever increasing business.” It seems like nearly everyone wants “Christ out of Christmas!” Why does it seem like Christmas is losing it’s true meaning? The very words; “Merry Christmas,” seem to be quickly disappearing! Many say; “Happy Holiday.” They worry they may “offend.” Having a “holiday” without Christ…. Once again! We need to put Jesus Christ back into our CHRISTmas season! He is what Christmas is about! HE is the very reason! May we all take some time to rejoice in our savior’s birth. May there be shouts of JOY! From the corners of the earth! Let’s not take Christ out of our joyous celebration! We need him so much right now! All over this great nation! May we bring to him a heart of love for everything he’s done. As we bring honor to Christ. God’s precious son! May we continually offer to him a heart filled with praise! Not only at Christmas time… But all of our days! By Jim Pemberton

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(R.O.C.)This One born the son of Mary

this One from above,
He who descended into the darkness of this life
through a humble birth-

This One ray of Hope
to a world enshrouded in darkness,
the darkness of sin-

This One born the son of Mary
would destroy the shackles
from off those who would accept Him
as Savior and Lord, Messiah and Deliverer.

who came on a rescue mission for His Father
would gain back that which was rightfully 
God’s in the beginning:
His prize creation.

Unlikely in the minds of some that salvation 
would come in the form of One from such humble beginnings
and that He would be largely unseen as life’s Answer
in the eyes of this world.

But that matters not
as God’s Greatest Gift has come
to each of us in every age:


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dancing "hora"
in honey heavens`dream ,
while many soldiers try to win, 
the rain. 


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Stone Mountain

At the base of Stone Mountain in early spring, the view is overpowered by the height of the round rock. Gray cold granite exposed rock draws many visitors to view this unusual phenomenon.

cold massive hugh stone obstructs view for several miles white narcissus bloom
Climbing onto the sky lift, we inch to the top. At the top of Stone Mountain, we can see for miles around. The beauty of spring is exhibited in the different shades of green on the trees' leaves. A sprinkling of white dots the forest as Dogwoods bloom. Haibun form..

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Beach Blanket Bingo

Beneath the umbrella rainbow canopy,
Elvis croons from an old man’s radio.
As he smears lotion on his nose and knees,
Children hop by screaming in stereo
Hot hot hot! The sand’s hot on my feet!

Blasting sand onto sun-bathing girls,
Laughing boys race to the sea.
Avid readers get lost in their worlds,
Not noticing the shade retreat.
Kite flyers whirl and twirl,
Enjoying the breeze on the beach,
That causes the beach towels to curl.

Buried treasure inspires kids
Into digging deep in the sand.
Names are called when it’s time to quit;
Grown-ups leave, relaxed and tanned.
Optimistic for tomorrow’s plan, of more beach blanket bliss! 

Received 3rd place in the "Beach Blanket Bingo" Contest

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Dirty Hands

Dirty hands Caress the evil pumpkin Light shines bright The candle burns from within Attracting the lost souls near The air dissolves Where the ghosts reside They come swiftly Speaking a tongue Foreign to our lives Fear swells inside The darkness harbors my soul And kidnaps my lost being The whirlwind Of the deep dark night Allows fear to thrive
Russell Sivey

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One thing, we all have in common worldwide.
Because we need it to be human to provide,
Secrets fantasies keep most from going insane.
Even though each knows they will not gain.
Sure enough we all have these thoughts or deeds.
Spending money, wasting time to plant these seeds,
Inventions of the desires prepare the mortal mind.
Obsessions vary from the wild to tame we find.
Now step back and think about your life’s fixation.
Seek out your fantasy or reality that steals passion.

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Through the Fog

The fog makes it hard to see on the path Candlelight is all that breaches the dark She holds a pumpkin that gives glowing bath The eeriness shows death its every mark Stumbling, seeing darkness and its dire wrath Following the path, surely to embark Death follows close behind as she wanders The only voice she hears is her masters
Russell Sivey

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The Meeting

A great meeting place 
Callaway's Gardens
The Fantasy In Lights slow pace
Our horizons to broaden

Carolyn all the way from Florida
Doris and Sara join from Thomaston
A wonderful fun filled evening
Lights, sounds, nature but no sun

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Halloween Haunted House

There’s an old mansion On top of an eerie hill Where path runs crooked And candles are lit inside Where ghosts triumphantly float The place exudes hate An evil holds firm within Manor feels desperate Bats gloat of their great catches And black cats find their mice here The place warns of fear By Jack-O-Lanterns hither Lit with dark presence They guard the cemetery That envelopes the front porch No trick or treaters Come by this mansion at night For even the devil Avoids the creepiness here Pain and suffering present Spiders live nearby Capturing the larger prey Trees are dead, spooky Set off fear beyond the grave A Halloween haunted house
Russell Sivey Entrant into ~ SKAT ~'s "Tanka me this, Tanka me that, Tanka me any poem you want :-) " contest 10/6/2012

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Vacation Close To Home

Once upon time, come every summer
Vacation travel was so much funner
Now I must stay close to home
Share with my dog a bone
O man, life today, what a bummer!

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Firecrackers (Alliterations)

In a pick pack boom a wonderful light in the sky
Beaming gleaming screaming people out in the street
Watching the parade of light danced, glanced tranced
Happy sappy snappy to watch the firecrackers so beautifully
Amazing as it make the sky lively sparkly wonderfully
It shone in the dark out in the park making the mark
A sign of celebration in a cloud nine look so divine
Graces in the space a part of beauty to embrace


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The Last Will And Testament Of Senor Turkey

I watched with awe, 

as you came ashore, 

after sailing from far, far away lands, 

You built your towns, on none were frowns,

 with sheer grit, determination, faith and bare hands,

 I figured that one fateful day, 

where we would play and share our future destiny as friends,

 For that fateful chance,

 to laugh and dance, 

where our mutual goals would depend, 

I have my ways, and you have yours, 

on each others strengths we could lend,

 and we could build, and see fulfilled, 

a new World Order for all to comprehend:

 We are so different, in so many ways, 

I didn't think this day would ever come to be, 

That in the end,

 instead of try to befriend ;

 You would treat me just like a piece of meat 

 Gobble! Gobble!

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Skeletons in the Moonlight

The dark, dismal, mausoleum at night In a moss covered graveyard that’s spooky The gravestones posting deadly dates tonight Fresh dirt to show fresh meat for the hungry The skeletons all walk in the moonlight Bringing fright to all people that can see The timeless glowing eyes deep in their skull Feast on the living till they reach their full
Russell Sivey

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This Thanksgiving Day

This Thanksgiving Day... During this time known as Thanksgiving Day. I hope you'll give thanks and pray. A prayer of thanks for everything God has given. He has blessed us in the way we've been livin'! Our country is blessed like no other. God has supplied our "bread and butter." He's given us the freedom, we've all enjoyed. Be thankful for your food, home and being employed. For those who've endured hardship... Thank God too! It's no secret how much he loves YOU! We find in the Bible... God clearly said; "I've never seen the righteous forsaken, Nor their children begging for bread." Thanks be to Jesus, for his love, mercy and grace. And for making my heart, "his special place." I am blessed and thankful to Jesus indeed. He's given me salvation and supplies my every need. I thank God for this special day in November. Thanksgiving is a day... I will always remember! By Jim Pemberton

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Scenes of Boogiemen and Vampires

Night is suffocating with lots of fear Scenes of boogiemen and vampires quite near A haunted house sits on top of a hill Where spiders scatter about on the sill A single light is lit in upstairs room Looking frightful as if to spell some doom Lightning flashes to reveal a graveyard Where the dead lives again in his backyard The pathway up to the dark front entrance Is littered with Jack-O-Lanterns that dance There are snakes that wait for one to walk by So they can strike at him, cause him to die The whole land smells of great fear and of fright Bad place to visit on Halloween night
Russell Sivey

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The Fourth of July

Picnics, parties, barbecues,
Hotdogs, hamburgers, watermelon, too,
Ice cream, baseball and frisbee throwing,
Hot sun, bathing suits, lake and beach going.

Sun sets and skies alight,
With fireworks bursting in the night,
Exploding colors in the sky,
This is how we honor the Fourth of July.

On July the Fourth, our Independence Day,
Our nation's flag is proudly on display.
We celebrate our freedoms won,
By frolicking with family, friends in the summer sun.

But lest we all forget the cost,
Let's take a moment to remember those lost.
The men and women, who through the years,
Have paid the price with blood, sweat and tears.

They gave their all to keep us free,
From deadly enemies and tyranny.
We enjoy our privileges and rights today,
Because on freedom's altar, their lives they laid.

So while you celebrate this joyous time,
Keep our Armed Forces in the front of your mind.
Thank them for the job they do,
Protecting this country for me and you.

7/4/12  by Kim Merryman
Entered into PD's "Any Poem During the Month of June or July" contest

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Never second guessing living souls blessing.

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Valentines Of Pain Or The Blood Cocoa Bean

Saint Valentine, supposed,
ushering forth with love;
your tender anniversary with a whip.

A chocolate kiss, with calloused hands,
vacant, listless eyes without;
...neither seeing nor feeling love.

Every drop of corn syrup, unfed,
corpulent and fetished;
whose essence lingers 'pon the lips.

Every drop of ebony perfum, 'pon breath;
staining the love of virtue and couplehood;
staining the ignorance and denial;
whose fingerprints of a child
seep through every morsel you ingest.

You ingest pain, you ingest fear,
you ingest exploitation
and you ask for more.

You call it love but is it?

- Another reminder that the chocolate you eat or give out as gifts on this worthless
holiday has most likely been farmed and harvested by children working on a pittance and in
harsh exploitative conditions.

Every penny you spend enables this torturous exploitation to continue.

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Mummies Candy

Mummified body Scouring on Halloween Lurks into the night The bandages falling off Creepy skin is rotting There are many treats Within the old mummies heart Candy corn inside The living sweets Keep the mummy alive Gives kids their snack The black cats keep watch To guard these candy sweets People avoid the cats For fear that bad luck will hit Mummies love their pets
Russell Sivey

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Glitter World

Glitter World
I see the world as my pearl
My place to take a whirl
And twirl around like a sexy girl
A place where there is little turmoil
My world is place
Where all flags can
Freely unfurl
Where a boy’s hair can curl
Everything’s glitter in my little world.

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Harvest Time

Honey combs swollen..sticky and sweet
Apples candied or  chopped for  mince meat
Raisins dried from my Daddy's grape vine
Verily I say.. it's again  harvest time..
Eager for Winter and sun shortened days
Storehouses busting we bring in the strays
Tilling and tending ... the work and the grime

Toiling and teamwork.. we receive Harvest time..
Intervals of hours.. of weeks and years
Miles of work.. with blood.. sweat and tears..
Every time to a season.. every season for a time
      ~With our hearts full of gladness.. 
            we celebrate Harvest Time!

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My Conversion

My conversion, on hallowed night I left my life for the dark sight My existence comes without day I must recite spells, go and say It’s a feeling that is just right I create a storm from what’s bright And make it dark just for tonight I hope to keep children at bay My conversion I wanted this great change alright I am quite good at making fright It’s in my heart to be this way I now find hate where it may lay Casting spells in my new delight My conversion
Russell Sivey
This poem is purely fictitious and made only for dramatic effect

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Snow Angel

Snow Angel
Waving arms and legs;
Smiling at moon and bright stars,
Angel trails behind.

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Ancient House

There’s an eclipse of a full moon tonight Shining down upon a cemetery There is an old tree growing there by night Surrounding fence is quite old and rusty Within the fence is a decrepit sight An ancient house, haunted, dark and scary Ghostly noises coming from deep within Causing fear to those that pass by again
Russell Sivey

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Friends with a Girl

"Friends with a Girl"

        She stood on a hill.. with the sun in her hair..
     I.. was frozen in fear..
          In a valley of heart.. slowly sank..
      As she walked.. ever closer.. and near..
  hands.. tried to move ..
             Not a chance.. 
       Lifting my eyes fell across her..
           She seemed to a dream..
        I was amazed.. how her eyes drew me in..  
             Like a hunter.. she quietly found me..    
     So you want to be my friend.. she asked..
          Not a question.. her answer ..she knew..
      So you like to walk me on the path.. she said..
          Again.. she told the truth..
                             I was just a boy.. hardly able to breathe..
                       So it seemed..
               She took my hand.. and broke the ice.. 
           My curse was no longer found..
                Suddenly the world in which I lived.. became alive..
       All around.. everything I knew.. had been a lie..
              The world was black and grey.. before her kiss..
          I watched.. the colors exploding in the sky..
               So this.. is what I would have missed..
         Only now.. I know.. this girl's a friend..
                        Before we met.. I ask.. did I exist?                    

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Christ Has Risen

C hrist lives within our
H earts and he has
R isen from the dead
I norder to offer us
S alvation and eternal life
T oday and forever more.

H e’s our Savior and
A lmighty God, forgiving of
S ins and cleanses our souls.

R emembering always that he
I s our Father and
S aves us for all
E ternity and he will
N ever turns his back.

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India-The Land Of Festivals

India is a land full of festivities,
Lots of relaxation to the Indians surely it gives-
Most of these are ceremony leaves -
Some are due to great men's deeds.

All direction does it cheer-East,West,North,South,
It fills with sweets every big and small mouth,
The year begins with the New Year,
Every 'life' remains busy sending cards to nears and dears.

The 26th January follows-the day of our constitution,
The Gandhi Jayanti makes us realise the power of his non-violence vision.
The Saraswati Puja Specially for the students,
During which they pray for the result in the forthcoming examinations.

15th August is the day of glory,
The Indians on the graves of sacrifice respect garlands of flory.
5th September is celebrated as the Teachers's day,
This is the day when wisdom feels proud and gay.

The Ganesh Chaturthi,The Durga puja comes with the chill in the Autumn sky,

Joy seems unlimited ,time seems to fly;
Like the enjoyment a child gets on seeing a muticoloured butterfly;
Near and dear ones return home in flights-
When the sky is rent with dazzling 'Diwali Lights'.

Soon after a month-the festival X-mas fills us with lot of fun,
It comes when the weather cools the hot sun.

These are some and there's many others-
Which make our mind light as a feather.
The written festivals are some of the noted-
But there are so many that they can't be jotted. 

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Miami Nights

Miami Nights
Calypso music plays;
Hips and arms sway to the beat,
Hearts melt in the heat.

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Sixteen - A time where innocence shouldn't exist 
Parties, dancing, drinks and drama 
Devil horns and feathered wings 
Sleepless nights, Lazy afternoons 
School activities 
Greasy caf lunches 
Learning how to grow up 
without changing for anyone but yourself 

Sixteen - A canvas of neon colours 
Birthday Parties and Campfires 
Favourite Songs and the brilliance of Vampires 
Waking up to a brand new day 
Taking in the beauty of the little things 
Crying so hard you think you could drown 

Sixteen - A year of firsts 
The first time you locked onto his sweet brown eyes 
The first time your heart beat so fast it hurt 
Your first Valentine 
The first time you told somebody you loved them 
The first time you felt your heart break 
The first moment you realize you'd die for someone 

Sixteen - A time for mistakes 
You finally let yourself believe he was all you ever needed 
The people you can't trust 
Not following your heart 
Losing your best friend 
and so much more.. 

Sixteen - A year to admit who you are 
Learning that family is more than the people you are related to 
Laughing too loud at 4 a.m 
Home made t-shirts 
Drinking games late at night 

Sixteen - The last time you feel prepared 
Wasting days wishing everything could change 
Seeing yourself in the mirror and not knowing who was looking back 
Choosing courses 
and Final Exams 

Sixteen - Welcome to all your new beginnings 
The 3 girls that never let your happiness escape you 
Forgetting the boys that have forgotten you 
Finally talking to that special someone 
Weekend Girls nights 
Summer Parties 
Hook-ups and heartaches 
Teacher Crushes 
Saturday morning head rushes 
Hockey boys 
Dancing & singing without a care in the world 

Sixteen - A year to look back on 
Believing in lies that are too serious to forget 
Taking back the people you should have left behind 
Waking up and knowing who you love 
Fighting for what you want 
Running in the rain 
Screaming at the top of your lungs 
Crying in pain 
Pushing the people that hurt you aside 
Allowing yourself to change... 

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                                                      Blue Ocean Water
                                                Softly touch blue horizon
                                                  Great blue Heron flies

                                           Great Blue Heron camouflaged
                                                  Easy fishing jolt attack

Contest: "blue"
For: Francine Roberts
Written by: Sara Kendrick

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This Thanksgiving Day

This Thanksgiving Day... During this time known as Thanksgiving Day. I hope you'll give thanks and pray. A prayer of thanks for everything God has given. He has blessed us in the way we've been livin'! Our country is blessed like no other. God has supplied our "bread and butter." He's given us the freedom, we've all enjoyed. Be thankful for your food, home and being employed. For those who've endured hardship... Thank God too! It's no secret how much he loves YOU! We find in the Bible... God clearly said; "I've never seen the righteous forsaken, Nor their children begging for bread." Thanks be to Jesus, for his love, mercy and grace. And for making my heart, "his special place." I am blessed and thankful to Jesus indeed. He's given me salvation and supplies my every need. I thank God for this special day in November. Thanksgiving is a day... I will always remember! By Jim Pemberton

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Pumpkins Peek Through

Pumpkins peek through bright orange eyes Look awkward in their strange disguise They are seemingly with great fright Fear is emitted through their sight They shine about casting some lies They offer much more than some sighs People sure see them and despise Suffering hatred all the night Pumpkins peek through Perfect glow before the sunrise They present hatred on the rise The fear they do show is airtight A signature of pumpkins might These pumpkins sure look to the skies Pumpkins peek through
Russell Sivey

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yule time
celebrating Jesus life
overwhelming sense of joy

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Why Is Christ Taken Out Of Christmas

Christmas is the only holiday we often don’t call by name. We often forget about the true reason that Christ came. It’s the only holiday that we often call “a holiday.” It’s true meaning, is often, taken away! It’s more than the tree and all of the glittering lights… It’s time to think about the Bethlehem star so bright! It’s more than going shopping at the malls… More than, “Jingle Bells,” or “Deck the Halls!” It’s more than seeing how many people we can buy for. Or that clearance sale, you’re willing “to die for!” It’s more than buying the “newest in entertainment.” Or receiving a gift that may “cause an embarrassment.” Beyond all of the presents and all we truly believe in. Let’s all come to Christ Jesus and receive him! Let’s think about his birth, and his death on the cross! Without HIM… The true meaning of Christmas is lost! He brings the hope, joy and cheer that’s needed! Won’t you listen to his voice? That often goes unheeded? Christ is what’s important! And shouldn’t be left out! He’s what matters! And is what Christmas is all about! Let’s be joyful! It was for all of us that he came! And take this time to bring honor and glory to his name! By Jim Pemberton

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Day Dreamer

Where do I roam?
Well, mostly in my head.
Always the day dreamer,
drifting from sea to sea in my floaty mind.

I went on holiday
to a hot far away land.
We all had an amazing time,
but in my head I'm often still there.

I close my eyes, 
and I can feel that warmth.
It wraps round me, not letting go.
I embrace those thoughts a lot.

Where do I roam?
Often on cloud nine.
But then sometimes dreams are better than reality.
Maybe it's the poet in me that makes my mind drift away?

By Emma Buckeridge
For the contest "I Roam"

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How to Invest in your Valentine Hours ?

How to Invest in your Valentine Hours ?

Daisies are Stubby,
Daffodills have a Spout,
Watch out for Cupid,
For He's Sure to be Out.

Poppies are Red,
Forget-Me-Nots are Blue,
Be Sure to get Flowers,
For your Little Missy-Sue.

Marigolds are Short,
While Sunflowers are High,
Chocolates are Sweet,
Prepare for your Cutie-pie.

Pink Pansies with Petals so Soft,
Lily of the Valleys that Smell so Sweet,
This Time and Day you Must Share,
Dinner on the Town will Be a Nice Treat.

Some Flowers like to Climb,
While many Others Seem to Crawl,
A Smile - Tight Hug with a Gentle Kiss,
Realizing your Efforts were Worth it ALL !

Written by William Arthur Tell

Lu 12:27 Consider the lilies how they grow: they toil not, they spin not; and yet I say unto 
you, that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Dessert in the Deserted Desert

Boiling, baking and blazing,
               Other synonyms for heat.
My camel is happily dazing,
	He was not a restful seat.
Poolside I’ll later be lazing,
	Resting my sunburnt feet.
Air conditioning is amazing,
               Ice cream is a lovely treat.

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    BACKSTREETS OF PARIS (Monsieur L'Vampyre)
One spring and sunny day I set my sight
behind my darkened lenses, feigning night,
so I might stroll in my own way
and see what's life in light of day,
my thread put to my back, I travelled light;

when Paris comes to all its greenery,
there's not a sight that means so much to me
as flowers holding to the hair
of Madamoiselles out ev'rywhere,
and laughing children, that's how life should be.

The beat of Paris leads a steady pace
and if you stop, you're holding up the race;
there's not enough time in a day
to walk all of Champs Elysees
and so you miss the smile of ev'ry face.

But there are places few would dare to go
with streets so narrow, darkness is the glow,
where yesterday's not in the past,
but here and now, and here to last,
with cobble stones layed many years ago;

a world of silence, far from natures care,
a place of echos, snapping here to there;
the signs of life flow past your feet
and to the Seine, just down the street,
but leaves the scent of pissoires ev'rywhere.

This is a time, more than a place to be,
the soul of Paris few can ever see,
the very secrets of her heart,
where light of Paris had its start,
and left here for the likes of you and me.

We'll hear her whisper in the mid of day,
or we might hear a concertina play,
but all that's Paris surely lies
right here for us before our eyes,
and it's the dream Parissiens want to stay.

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Fly Away

Fly around the world
that would be great
start in the US of A
touch down in every state

Visit the continent of Africa
love the city of Cape Town
so much colour there to see
makes one never to frown

Travel across all of Europe
visit many great places
London, Paris, Rome to name a few
showing many different faces

Then down to lands down under
New Zealand land of Kiwi
crossing all over Australia
such vast land to fully see

There's so much more to see
but time gets in the way
maybe for another time
and on another day

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My Twitching Fingers

My twitching fingers
recoil from the sizzling bang
stealing the lightning

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The True Meaning Of Easter

The True Meaning of Easter

The true meaning of
the Easter story,
Is God’s Son came down
to Earth from glory.

Jesus really does
love you and me.
He was born to die 
that you might be free.

For 33 years, he lived
among sinful men.
Then one day was to be
an atonement for our sin.

He who was born of the
virgin Mary’s womb.
Was to one day rise again
from an empty tomb.

So many people have
gotten into a habit,
of replacing Jesus
with the bunny rabbit.

So please reach out to others
and let them know,
Of the lover and redeemer
of their soul.

The true meaning of Easter
must forever be said.
Of God’s son who died,
but arose from the dead!

By Jim Pemberton

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Fearful Lighthouse

In the grey, cold, and misty fog tonight The lighthouse stands dark and is quite frightful It’s a scary place to walk in the night Ravens fly high looking for those soulful The only light comes from the full moon bright Ghosts move within the lighthouse that’s fearful The evil deep inside holds a power Hate emanates from the broken tower
Russell Sivey

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Where Fear Expounds

The freezing front porch Holds many Jack-O-Lanterns Glowing with great pride Flooding the front porch with light For this very special night Witches fly about In the air with their old brooms Sure to curse someone With their evil laugh they have They work very late at night Black cats prowl the porch Looking for those who fear them They find some victims Over by the neighbors door A fear composed on this night This time of the year Where it’s cold and fear expounds People walk the streets Looking just for something sweet All this on Halloween night
Russell Sivey

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A Powerful Mist

A powerful mist Where skulls have all the power And skeletons are the primary Reason for swift death The undead sweeps up the night Opens the evening with fear
Russell Sivey

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Just Another Happy New Year

Another year of poverty and grief
To stand on welfare lines for dough
To beg the government, the biggest thief
For what I deserve, and what they owe

I can laugh and cry at the drop of a dime
This isn’t the life I was meant to live
And feeling hope is a waste of time
When I used up all I had left to give

I wish Kutcher could say “you’ve just been Punk'd”
And Murry could tell me “Trump is your father”
If life is a school, I’ve surely flunked
And I’m wondering why I even bother

Can’t off myself either, I’d die with regrets
Ten thousand dollars is the Reaper’s fee
It’ll only add to my parent’s debts
Because nothing in life or death is free

Go on and shrink my masochistic brain
Nothing cures poverty like an addiction to pills
Replace my love for self-sabotaging pain
With a dependence on numbing refills

Money can buy the happiness I need
So like a starving dog, I beg and yelp
I ask God for money, but not out of greed
But because it’s the only thing that can help

New panic attacks set in for ‘09
No job, no money, no cure for my fear
Just another day to pretend that I’m fine
It’s just another happy new year

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Black Cat Fear

There is a great fear that many secure Fear that completely stands the test of time It’s a fear that I have, timeless for sure When a black cat crosses the path of mine I go and turn around, right on a dime But first I must mark him off, a crisscross For the powers of a black cat possess Is beyond the realm of the normal world I know they leave me in a complete loss I have fear of them, they make my blood boil
Russell Sivey Entrant into Tanya Harrington's "What's Your Fear?" contest 10/24/2012

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Random Thoughts on a Chlly Afternoon Pt. 1

     Thanksgiving’s just a few days away.  Yet, I feel the sudden need to write down these 
random thoughts about Christmas!  The weather today brings to life memories of the 
season!  My favorite holiday season of the year! This chill in the air, the earth-tone autumn 
leaves like kites flying so high, tripping over each other as if in a race, the beautiful giant 
oaks and elms, with their branches shivering in the cold wind…. Already, I’m picturing a 
wonderful, fantasy-like landscape of snow; the whitest fluffy, snow drifts!  Catching glimpses 
of old bushy tail digging out some buried food, from some time ago.  The rising smoke from 
chimneys reaching for gray skies, snow-covered roof tops, the unforgettable smell of 
homemade bread, baking in Mama’s oven! Then, at close of day come, the brightest 
twinkling stars, glistening like diamonds on velvet throw of mid-night blue!  And when the 
moon shines so bright, you would think it was day... so clear you could see Jupiter if you 
look closely!  And I imagine how absolutely beautiful God must be!! The most beautiful spirit 
there is! A view to die for because such beauty man's heart can not behold and remain in 
this flesh!!!  For who else would create all this magnificent beauty around us? From the 
genuine smile which graces the face of an innocent child emanating from the purest of 
hearts, to the single blade of green grass that leans into the wind, daring to stand against 
such mighty force which threatens to break huge branches off trees!


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Winter Winds

Winter winds blow all around. 
I’m astonished by the sounds of Jingle Bells and reindeer stomps. 
All of this should never stop. 
Snow lies on the ground, if only that weren't too profound. 
Time only leads to decay, but not on Christmas, not today. 
You should see the angels pray. 
Toy trains, and rag dolls are the things kids used to want. 
But time has changed, yes so have children… 
Santa seems as if a villain. 
So much fighting, so much crying, it sounds as if the kids are dying. 
“I want money, I want fame, and these toys are just so lame.” 
But that’s the product we provided. 
Second chances are no more, Santa’s plot we wait for. 
He’s sick of this, he doesn't care, it’s as if he’s not wanted here. 
He gets ready to take it all back…. 
There’s still one toy left in his sack, it’s for a little girl, half a world away. 
Now how could he have missed this, on the perfect Christmas day? 
He turns around, not time for war. 
This toy, the girl is waiting for… It’s not a toy like you’d expect. 
She didn't ask for electronics, or stupid games such as Sonic. 
She just wanted one small thing… 
She’s waiting for something EXTRA special this gloomy day. 
In a bed she sits and stares, at the window near a chair. 
She’s so weak, and all alone. 
She doesn't even have a real home, not where there are bright lights anyways. 
They've decorated a weeping willow, the only tree around the “home”. 
So she has lights to see. 
It’s Christmas after all, but there’s no way to calm the raging sea. 
She’s dying, it won’t take much longer, and she doesn't care about the tree. 
She needs a new heart extra bad. 
So, Santa’s bringing her the one thing, that will stop her parents from being sad. 
He rushes to the hospital in his golden sleigh, and climbs right down the vent, 
He’s saving Christmas today. 
Santa rushes in just in time, finds a doctor, the girl is dying. 
It’s not what he usually does, but he stays and watches as they save her life. 
He waits for her to wake up. 
“Santa, you saved my life, oh thank you so much! I needed my heart to be touched.” 
He just smiles, and kisses her hand. He’s so glad he didn't destroy the land. 
Christmas is still a special day. 
There’s no more sorrow, no, not today. Santa smiles though some are still ungrateful. 
There’s that one child, standing in the snow, her life can now be started in the evening glow. That’s life for the grateful, loving, caring, and the thankful. Most of the time Santa just gives toys. For all the good girls and boys. But not today, and not tomorrow, once a year he gets rid of sorrow. So sleep tight and say your prayers, Christmas time is but once a year.

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The soldier, the war, and I

The soldier, the war, and I

Today I am home and thinking to my self..
What would I be doing if I had a soldier coming home to me and my family?
What would I be doing if I was the soldier looking to going home to my family?
And then, I look back at all the years passed since this last war..

Many children have grown to become men, Others have grown to become soldiers
Where would I be if I had gone to the war and fought for my country?
Where would I be if I had gone and came back safely?
Where would I be if I had not gone at all because I was not qualified to go?
Would I be with my family or in a hospital injured?
Would I be standing proud, and laughing with my friends and family?
Or would I be dead, as I never got to come back?

Today I am home and thinking to myself..
Thinking of all of those brave soldiers, children still
Who are out there, suffering.. And some ill

Today I am home and thinking to myself..
How many woman are crying because of their gone loved ones
How many men are crying for their loved and missed ones
How many children are fatherless or motherless, or both!

And at the end I stop. I think no more..
I am grateful for the things I have, 
I am grateful for the people who surround me...
And I am sure grateful to never have gone to a war; yet, 
I sure appreciate the thoughts, courage, life, and suffering
Of all of those who have been touched by it.

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Full Moon at Halloween

There’s a full moon at Halloween this year With characters being dressed up as death Everyone loves to bring a lot of good cheer While evil tries to go and take your breath There are flying creatures that fly by night Owls, ravens, and bats are to name a few They love the full moon with lots of fright Going all about scaring everybody and you The haunted house which is upon a large hill Is the most frightening place you’ve ever seen A place of great fear, a place to give a thrill All these things are on this night, Halloween
Russell Sivey

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- to all- good night.

angels are sprawled 
in the longest reach my children could snow-afford on my former green lawn
over-played carols over-play the car ride to the store, where they will continue 
an embarrassment of lights dangle ‘side a staple-holed roof trim
somewhere not ‘nough off too far
there  are
yards watching snowmen come and go
behind the windows that hold kitchens
the bills are a pilin’
the car’s in the driveway needing to be plugged in
the mailman’s griping ‘bout the weight of his sack
dropping off cards he’d gladly drag back
the t.v.’s got little relief
there’s a log burning on a 24 hour channel
that someone someday will commercial 
the crap out of
office parties forum the drunk, “Here’s what I really think of you…” 
spark the  short lived, misappropriate romance
the mall cattle call. . . from parking lot to till
warrants wrappings to be hauled away
to some landfill
waiting for Valentine’s Day

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Storm Part II

The Med between us
The gusts make me think of you
Storms... it’s just like home.

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My New Years Resolution

Stop judging harshly 
Wipe the "doormat" off my head
Learn to love myself.

(To achieve these goals is a process, but I am determined to get there.)

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A Spider Pumpkin

A spider’s nest They all crawl out Scared to death The fear is all yours When they walk on you There’s a loud scream Looking for its source You find it’s you Spider pumpkins line up They all have a face to carve Calm eyes with fierce mouth Lighting their hearts They glow from within They are lit With feelings inside A hollow soul
Russell Sivey

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The Creepy Mansion

The creepy mansion Old and decrepit it sits Dark save a lone light That glows red in upstairs room The sounds are eerie within The night sky is green Where the moon glows beneath it Clouds cover at times Lightning flashes bringing fear And thunder scares all around Evil radiates Throughout the dark old mansion Passersby fear it As skeletons lay in yard And zombies walk over graves At Halloween time The mansion is all aglow Terror is brought out The night howls at its horror Halloween is its main show
Russell Sivey

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Times That Can never Return

Those were other times,
times so long ago,
times very different back then.

Memories of places
I know longer know
writing these lines with my pen.

Gloomy is this sad day 
and a hard, cold wind blows
as my thoughts return there again.

Glimpses of festive times,
shadows of younger days,
O, I remember back when.

Like Dickens’ Christmas Carol
were those times that once had been,
times that can never return.

Happy, carefree times and yet.........

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More than weather, can be frightful or Unseasonal Christmas

Used to be the weather was frightful
People covered themselves from head to toe
Now, despite the fact it’s Christmas season
I see more sand, than I see snow
The temperatures keep on elevating
To the moon, they just seem to rise
Oh, where is the Christmas of yesterday
The rosy cheeks, windows fogged with ice

It’s just too warm now for Christmas
Too hot to shop, too hot to run around
Santa’s working at the pole in a speedo
That’s nothing, we wanna see come to town

Frosty, it seems we’re not gonna see him
Heat miser, now, has gotten his day
Can’t ole Jack Frost do something about this
And chase the warm weather away
No need to chop wood set for burning
The heated air replaces that in the hearth
I hope it gets cold and very soon, too
Because Christmas puts warmth in everyone’s heart

It’s just too warm now for Christmas
Too hot to shop, too hot to run around
Santa’s working at the pole in a speedo
That’s nothing, we wanna see come to town

Oh, when Christmas day finally gets here
Right now, I’ll tell ya, all I wanna see
Are people with scarves and gloves on their hands
And snow bringing life to all barren trees
I want the temps to chill me right to the bone
That’s when I’ll know it’s Christmas time
Who wants to look up and see a sleigh
With a fat man in a speedo, flying around

It’s just too warm now for Christmas
Too hot to shop, too hot to run around
Santa’s working at the pole in a speedo
That’s nothing, we wanna see come to town

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Holiday's Circle

holiday's circle
 bright colorful traditions
 emptiness inside
© Christine A Kysely All Rights Reserved
 (December 16th, 2011 Wausau, Wisconsin USA)

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A Lone Candle

A lone candle On Halloween night Softly burns The traces exuded Doesn’t burn my eyes The light it creates Lights up a small area Confined spot The shadows grow Across the table Is long and eerie There’s a soft glow That comes from the wick It burns real slow Down to the quick Leaves soulful imprint
Russell Sivey

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February's Valentine

Valentine’s Day is a day of great romance
One of which two warm kisses might enhance
During our short kissing trips
You fall and your dress rips
Our hearts must not be in a magical trance

Russell Sivey

Entrant into Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S.'s "FEBRUARY FUNNY BONE" contest


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Witch's Elixir

On a beaten path There sits a great cauldron With a witch stirring She puts a wing of bat Into her dark mixture The elixir boils She dips her vial inside To gather a spell She drinks the liquid It turns her to a dragon A fierce red one That breathes horrible fire And has sharp pointed horns Perfect enemy To all those innocent She strikes a blow
Russell Sivey

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I Am So Very Thankful

I’m So Very Thankful… I’m so thankful for everything the Lord has made... Everything he’s created… His beauty is displayed! I’m so thankful for the breath I have to breathe… Until that one day, from this earth, I shall leave. I’m so thankful for the way God has made so evident. The principles of his word… Are so relevant! I’m so thankful for the beauty and glory he’s shown… It has brought blessings and healing to my home! I’m so thankful for the many things he’s done for me… He’s given me his love which flows abundantly! I’m so thankful that each day,.. Is another to live for him… He’s taken away my pain and has forgiven every sin. I’m so thankful that I can write these words from my heart. I know that he’s with me. And he’ll never depart! I’m so thankful that you’re reading what I’ve been saying… May this cause you to once again start praying! I pray that this same Jesus I know… Who’s merciful and kind… Will speak words of hope to you and give you a peace of mind. I pray that before you go to bed and this day has ended. You’ll allow Christ to have your heart “amended.” Thank you Lord! For what you’ve done and are going to do… It’s another way that I can say “I LOVE YOU!” Thank you Lord! For all that I‘ve received and so much more… You’ve made my life complete… And are worth living for!

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Ghosts Live

Ghosts live inside Haunted sideways Reside within
Russell Sivey

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Curse of the Night

It’s known that witches fly on wooden brooms Their cackling can be heard from miles away They swoop down hard making you meet your doom Soon you’re engulfed in a fire heightened sway Ravens all come to visit with their croons Cursing your soul more than what’s done today Black cats cross your path scaring you further There’s not much that could make your day darker
Russell Sivey

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Another Year That Came and Went

This has been another year that came and went!
I often wonder, where has my time been spent?

It  seems like yesterday, we rang in the new year!
But, very quickly, it has all just “disappeared.”

I think about my accomplishments, goals and dreams.
Do they matter anymore?  Do they mean anything?

This life I have, is just but a brief moment in time.
One day, I’ll simply leave everything fast behind!

My relationship with Christ is what really matters!
Everything else in life, is just “empty chatter!”

I pray that as this new year comes and goes…
My relationship with Christ will continue to grow!

The older I get, I’m beginning to see!
I need much more of Jesus, and less of me!

He is what’s needed!  Whatever this year holds!
I need him more, as each year I grow old!

With each year, that comes and passes me by…
I want more of Jesus, until the day I die!

He is my friend, what is certainly needed!
With him in me, my life is completed!

Thank you Lord for this brand new year!
You are the one I’ll hold ever so dear!

By Jim Pemberton   

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The Great Pumpkin Man

There were many rats here Inside rafters of my house But bats ran them off Then the skeletons came around And the bats all flew away Then the pumpkin man Would frighten the skeletons And the pumpkin man Is quite smart, he scared away The humans that live in the house The great pumpkin man Survives all of these creatures And also the humans By the smarts of its light source A brilliant glow from within
Russell Sivey

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It's All Hallows Eve

All hallows eve, wonderful night Fear abounds, quite a scary blight The witches will sure make you see A fierce look they give timelessly Their existence bring lots of fright They make potions to grant them sight To see into the souls tonight Bringing fear to those frightfully All Hallows Eve She’s the most wicked before light Cackles loudly with all her might Her evil is shown completely She hates happiness absurdly Wants none to have any delight All Hallows Eve
Russell Sivey

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Hung Skeletons

Being hanged The skeletons drift In the wind They died a long time ago But still remain in a noose The pumpkins Have all turned white Still carved Evil faces Are bestowed upon them Terrifying all They are wicked in their eyes Darkness dwells around them The skeletons wait As the pumpkins do For Halloween
Russell Sivey

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Black Pumpkin

An old witch turned a pumpkin solid black She had to prepare for a horrid spell Once she’s gone forward there’s no turning back The curse would send unwary ones to hell Keeping her deal with the devil in tact What she gave for her powers she won’t tell The pumpkin glows with a burnt eerie scene Knowing that its strength will surely redeem
Russell Sivey

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Orange Lights

Orange lights that say What Halloween means to me At this time of year Comes rushing into my heart Each time it fairs to be real
Russell Sivey

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Hallowed Events

Hallowed events, candles describe Drink no blood, just wine to imbibe Skeletons reach for their lost souls No raven can sense their own tolls An alchemist will write as scribe Zombie walks asking for a bribe There on gravestones you go inscribe Where grave diggers have dug large holes Hallowed events Witches watch their spells they prescribe Where their elixirs do transcribe And the moon is part of the whole A curse might turn you into a troll You feel obscured when you describe Hallowed events
Russell Sivey

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Witch's Hat

The witch’s hat Mysterious are its powers Fits precariously Creates and eerie feel While it is worn
Russell Sivey Form Gogyoka

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She was Returned

It has been many years since his daughter was lost
If he could bring her back, he would at all costs
Ever since that day he has wandered and roamed
Turned his back on his family, and their loving home

His life on the road left him dishevelled and broke
When he thinks back to the past, it leaves him in choke
Another day on his lonesome travels
A stranger he meets and their discussions unravel

This old man he has met all mysterious and dark
Told him of times going back as far as the Ark
Tales of the Templar's and Merlin the Magician
After hearing the mans story he began to begin

       "I lost my daughter a number of years ago
        She drowned whilst on holiday under a still water flow
        I couldn't comprehend the loss of her life
        The pressure of living, I left my home and my wife"

   "What would you do if your girl could be returned
    Have you ever wondered if fate could be unearned
    If this was possible, would you offer your life
    For your daughter to return to her mother your wife"

   "Remember, many years have passed her death by
    For her past to be relived, there is a reply
    Knights of the ages will descend from their dark
    They will then strike you down, as you begin your embark"
       "My life I have not lived for many a year
        For me to lose mine, I gladly volunteer
        I will die happy for all eternity
        Knowing my daughter will grow old, as it should be"

The old man chants a script of the past
Of an ancient time when fate was cast
The power of they to be able to reverse
To balance their return, they have to reimburse

   "Midnight skies will turn to purple cobalt blues
    Six Templar Knights will stand and surround you
    At your request they will strike you down
    On the sixth stroke, you will face your death gown"

   "A light will appear of which you'll travel through
    But before you do, a young girl runs to you
    Your daughter, in pink and red will run from the light
    She'll run through your soul, as your sleep starts tonight"

The old mysterious man continues on his way
As he passes a house on a hot Summers day
In the garden there sits, a daughter and mother
Discussing the loss of her father, as they begin to recover

She tells of the day whilst on holiday years ago
My husband your father, lost under a still water flow
As we comprehend the loss of his life
Leaving behind his daughter and wife

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fourth of july

Fourth of July..

Dead bodies, a cry
People must come back home soon…
Enough with the war!

To all of those brave men who will never be home to celebrate our Independence 
day this weekend, and the years to come!


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Orange Glow

Those cold days Of the mid-fall months Halloween comes The orange glow of lights Placed inside Jack-O-Lanterns Trick or treaters Bundled up for the night Desiring candy Lanterns light up The streets this night Giving orange light There seems to be fear tonight Where All Hollows Eve presents Costumes frighten A great many passersby Come late October
Russell Sivey

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Trees in a Grove

Group of creepy trees All located within a grove Each have glowing eyes Who worship deadly pumpkins Some evil grinning red gourds
Russell Sivey

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Wise Saying

An interesting Saying goes, “If the broom fits Fly it” great wisdom pronounced In words to the wise Only one thing left to say… “Fly away, friend, fly away”
Russell Sivey

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The Wonderful Lens

A number of tasks to handle,
and not even a space left to enjoy,
as the work needs to be completed,
as fast as it can be done,
in spite of the hard work,
we do daily,
we do need some respite, 
and these could be done,
in a number of ways,
by walking,
or jogging
or by watching television,
or by watching films,
in the multiplexes,
those which lie in every nook and corner of the street,
but some derive pleasure,
through travelling, 
others by travelling through the forests,
accompanied by a special companion,
some large and some small,
known as the camera,
taking a step at a time,
as silently as possible,
as to not to wake up the wild living in here,
by capturing the photos of these lovely creatures,
living in here,
some of the these wonderful creatures are seen,
roaming as freely as possible in the wild,
look how carefree they are,
but their ears are opened quite wide,
to heed for any danger,
heading their way,
it’s time for me to return home,
from the wild,
as it is time for me to deliver,
these photos to my manager,
as this has been my job,
for which I do get paid for,
to look after my family,
I do need to hurry,
as I do not travel by four wheelers,
or two wheelers,
as the pollution created by these,
could endanger the wild living in here,
I do travel far and wide,
with my bicycle,
for all the work I do, 
and I do not mind this,
as my love for the wild,
exceeds boundaries forever!!

From:-Mr. Manu Nair.

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Halloween Nights - Halloween Night

Halloween Nights The image of death Complete with scythe and old robe Walking towards you Down harshly-lit pumpkin path Through dreary cemetery Old leaves decaying Crackling sound scare passersby Darkness of the night Keeps everyone on the edge Ghosts play, riling each other Terror impedes growth Of poor small children passing The haunted mansion With all bats flying around Screams of unwary people Dances of creatures And skeletons scaring all Who dare to walk by All of these pieces of hell Happen on Halloween nights
Entrant into Gail Doyle's "Halloween Night" contest 8/23/2012

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A Deep Crypt

In a deep crypt With moss covered walls All damp and musty Candles cover all the niches And dark shadows cast There’s a light Coming from a crystal ball In center of the room Showing twisted faces That can be used for evil The witch controls them Through the channels of the ball She takes over her devious ways And brings pain To innocent people All for fun
Russell Sivey

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Jamming Commercials

Starting earlier every year,
Christmas costs more and more with less cheer.
This year Santa fell flat.
His diet took the fat,
Elves said,” this will not be good” they fear.

Watching commercials, they got idea.
Close diners, except pizzeria.
Each ad on T.V. now,
Pictures of pizzas wow!
Santa gains, without diarrhea.

Ads worked, he got a jolly belly.
Elves solemnly sat in a deli.
Commercialized just right,
His red suit fit so tight,
They needed petroleum jelly.

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Catching the Darkness

The bats that fly Beyond the rooftops Catch the darkness The skeletons romp Deceased on the ground All Hallows Eve With pumpkins all lit An evil likeness The witch’s broom Sweeps up majestic heights She lives for the dark Emptiness overcomes The front porch looms A boiling cauldron With a devilish potion At Halloween
Russell Sivey

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Unicorn For Your Birthday

In the dark, mysteriously gloomy night There floats a very damp and destructive fog In this disturbing sight is a mighty light A figure appears directly on a log She has a beautiful horn on her head There’s nothing bad about her that can be said She can fly and grant wishes for a birthday Heard yours has come, unicorn’s here for your day
Russell Sivey This poem is dedicated to my good friend PD for her glorious Birthday! I don't know how old she is but I'm sure she will tell us all exactly her age soon, ha ha! Nevertheless I hope you have a fantastic birthday on Oct 7th my friend, this poem is just for you!! En!trant Into Poet ~ Destroyer's "Poet ~ Destroyer" contest 9/29/2012

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Buffet

Arabic labelling on bottles of water,
Room overlooking bricks and mortar,
Men want tips for being your porter,
Getting to food is a pitiless slaughter.

Piles of olives and eggs sit just right,
In bowls coloured an abyss of white,
Odd cuisine makes a peculiar sight,
This is the date I’ll be having tonight.

Cold meat and ham sit on your plate,
Plenty queues; too much time to wait,
Stomach rumbles, hunger won’t abate,
Hurry it’ll all be gone if you arrive late!

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In a land of Christmas dreams

There’s a special place not to far - you know
A special place where we all can go
A place where dreams run as free as our mind
A place where we stop the happiest of times
To live our fullest at being who we are
To share and listen in each others beliefs of who we are.
To be happy being who we are

In a land of Christmas dreams
Is a special place for you and me
Somewhere to go and always see
How truly life can really be

Listen to our loved ones how we want to be heard
Understanding completely with out stating a word

Where giving is a pleasure with a hug and a kiss
Open minds and hearts and feelings as this

In a land of Christmas dreams

In a land of Christmas dreams
Is a special place for you and me
Somewhere to go and always see
How truly life can really be

For this beauty of freedom and dreams
Every night stares at you in your sleep
This giving and caring is special indeed
This giving and caring is shared between you and me

Expressing our gracious love for our friends and family
Always supporting our love and devotion
Being there for each other through times thick and thin
Always to return strong in message of the truth within

In this land of Christmas dreams
All of it’s beauty of freedom sings
Every night sings to you in your sleep
This giving and caring is special indeed
For this giving and caring of Christmas dreams
Is all behind the spirit of you and of me.

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Happy New Year

We’ve decorated beautifully a New Year tree,
The smell of pine needles has filled our flat.
Champagne, chocolate…and we’ll start a spree,
With colorful candles at midnight we’ll chat.

These candles will be our spiritual world,
The New Year party is always a nice glee.
Our hearts will be twirled and purled,
Burning of troubles these candles will be.

With champagne we’ll fill the crystal glasses,
We’ll say many thanks to the old year.
You were generous but you’ve passed,
Now we’d like to say: “Good bye, our dear!”

We’ll never forget you our old friend.
You’ve given us so many wonderful days
We’ve managed to overcome all troubles
We’ve happened to see the beautiful rays.

Exactly at twelve we’ll make a wish.
We won’t ask for a golden fish
It will be our hearts and souls agreement,
It will be our life’s prudent statement.

As anyone we would love to be happy.
As anyone we would love to dispel all doubts
To be always merry and lucky,
To be out of danger and crazy shouts.

We would like a success enter everyone’s door
We would like the loved ones to be always near.
Happy New Year! Happy New Year!
The New Year we’d love to be peaceful and clear!

Meet the New Year with good deeds and smile!
Don’t curse our sinful and distressful Earth!
Let the New Year be peaceful and we are kind!
Our New Year comes after Jesus Christ birth.

©Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)
The 31th of December, 2012

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Pumpkins' Souls

They are tortured souls Breaking life through the night Pumpkins take their tolls Living with their greatest light A climax of their dire sight
Russell Sivey Also in Tanka form

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city lights

midnight city lights
reflecting in wide eyes—
colorful beads


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Tree and Scarecrow

Tree in barren land can’t be right Done growing, it dies more each night The limbs sway and sure look spooky Kids walk by looking for candy But finding no hope, only fright Near this old tree, barely in sight A scarecrow, scaring with delight Standing, producing fear proudly Tree and scarecrow The head of the scarecrow is light A pumpkin with eyes that shine bright It complements the dying tree It’s just what people surely see When going past these sights tonight Tree and scarecrow
Russell Sivey

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Your Favourite TV Programmes, Now Even Less Understandable

Gargling, a gargoyle’s groan gulps
From the bilingual blackness of TV,
A clockwork advertisement pulps
Knowledge into your worn mind free
Of charge. Nothing but gobbledegook
Everywhere, an insistent humming bee
And you just volunteered for the hook.
You can’t understand it, but still can see

That it’s appealing. Someone wants it.
We now return you to your film with Mr T,
But subtitled. There’s nothing to do but sit,
enjoy – all else is static - and sweatily agree.
Your mind is a sad wastebasket of re-runs;
Rom-coms galore, dubbed films about keys,
Action films with loud explosions and guns.
Poor translation aside, I enjoy foreign Telly.

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For Happiness

Love, Peace and laughter 
Let it come into your heart
Hold it dear and don't part

Details | Tanka | |

Warlock's Ploy

Warlock stands atop Entire world, splashing hatred Into each person That ever hopes in getting Ahead in this world of death Where the plush is gone Hope is ever elusive And the spider weaves His daring web of deceit Luring the lost inside it Warlock laughs at us Thinking us to be lost souls Without the darkness That he so envelopes in His dark soul, eaten distraught Now the warlock preys He looks towards the missing The lost ones inside And he converts them into The deepest darkest minions Servants of his craft Do his bidding whenever He desires them to He tries to get as many People under his hate spell He will try to spin The web of disillusion So people may think He is something that he’s not To one day rule this planet
Russell Sivey

Details | Rhyme | |


I love experiencing all our firsts,
 The first time you walked me to my car,
underneath the shiny stars.
 mmmm our first kiss,
And how I couldn't wait 2 taste your lips.
 The first time we made love,
so confident and equipt.
 Never took our time for granted,
we were thankful for this gift.
 The first time you stayed till morning,
had me taken by surprise.
 To wake with this hansom man,
was all worth my wild.
 The first time we had a fight,
And saw who we really are,
 We still made the decision to love each other,
till death do us part.
 The first year of first holidays,
we spent building what we have.
 To turn our loved ones into family,
And continue on our path.
 The times we feel were worlds apart,
you'll always have my heart.
 And now to have you in our lives forever's just the start.

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Halloween Spiders

Creepy spiders A Halloween favorite Many fear them Walk around on lit Jack-O-Lanterns Waiting to bite the unsuspecting They’re on brooms That await the witch’s travel The witch’s grand show Bats swoop down To try and eat the treats That the spiders catch All bugs that are caught in webs Are wonderful foods for them both But Halloween spiders Still love the human taste Ones to fondly bite
Russell Sivey

Details | Quatrain | |

Haunted House

They cling to both my legs in terror
My little ones who just wanted  a thrill
Approached with laughing anticipation
The haunted house just filled the bill......

First was the bowl of white eyeballs
That floated in what seemed to be blood
A hand reached out from the middle
The shrieks of horror came in  a flood

Then a skeleton  who slept in a coffin
Sat up and shrieked with all its might
His hand reached for the nearest child
They screamed in wonderful fright

Evil black bats kept flying above us
And their fangs were a sight to behold
A bite on the neck was anticipated
 Bloody shreiks their enjoyment told

I could hardly walk their hold so tight
Ages six to nine and two in-between
After a cup of hot cocoa they confided
They'd never had a better Halloween....

A true story for the Halloween contest..
Barbara Gorelick

Details | I do not know? | |


Grasp the anguish, of the dank do-

Gooder, bursting across

The local track.  Kids bored silly

Outside the school, sneer as

She slips past.  The brassy broad clings

In the wind to her hat,

As shoulder straps preclude her sack

From sinking, she is an-

chored by her leather bag, the last

Treasure she can hold fast.

Since the rain washed away the mirth

Of the carnival day.

Details | Rengay | |

Light in Upstairs Room

Green eeriness Comes from a house That’s truly haunted Webs come from all corners Spiders like to leave their mark There’s a lone light Glowing from upstairs room Screams from within There are crawling bugs All types of creepy creatures To bring fear to all There is a lit pumpkin Cut and carved from outside Ugly insects Crawl in and out Of the fierce pumpkin
Russell Sivey

Details | Dodoitsu | |

My Wish

I wish to tell everyone here
Something straight from my heart true
I want to say, show I care
Happy New Year to you!!

Russell Sivey

Details | Rondeau | |

Demon Scarecrow

He hung way up high intently Fear he delivers corruptly Scarecrow lives only for the night Absorbing any signs of light Sending chills to all hatefully Arms spreading along perfectly Scarecrow looks down menacingly Causing fear is his main delight Demon scarecrow There’s nothing peaceful seemingly Evil comes straight through heedlessly Fright comes to those who are in sight Power of the scarecrow tonight Tortures your hurt soul endlessly Demon scarecrow
Russell Sivey

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What does she store In those terrible jars Above the fireplace They look to have crazy things Like spider and newt eyes What ingredients Does she still keep around What spells are they for I would hate to fall Victim to one of her curses Turning me into a newt This dark curse would truly hurt Taking me down into the ground Falling helplessly Into a big pile of goo Nothing but newt eyes
Russell Sivey

Details | Acrostic | |

Happy New Year

H-ave a very Happy New Year 
A-nd I just want to wish you a wonderful one with 
P-rosperity and good health sent from me to you,may 
P-leasure,joy and love be in your heart now that 
Y-ou are embarking in this brand-new one. 

N-ew year is almost here again and 
E-nd of the old one, it may be hard to say good-bye to, but with God's help, 
W-onder and look forward to new one now that 
Y-ou know it's almost here, with many hopes and dreams,and with 
E-xpectations so many,O yes, that's right! Now that you are 
About to see that big ball at midnigth fall at the count of one,so go ahead, and 
Relax and enjoy this most wonderful journey into this brand- new one. 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 


Details | Tanka | |

Ghosts For a Function

Have you ever seen Ghosts all dressed for a function Some elegant dance Which they will be attending A scary Halloween whirl
Russell Sivey

Details | Rhyme | |

Winter now

Wow!Its winter now
It is time for some snow
Indeed a beautiful show
From morning till night
Every moment a delight!

Infront of the Fireplace
Life becomes a chilly place
We put on cashmeres and cottons
So comfortable  and always  so very warm
Gods heavenly light reaches us each dawn!

It is winter now
So lets renounce
War and hate
Lets polish our world
With peace and love
Until Laughter and happiness
Envelops each and every place!

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Evil Concoction

The witch’s brew Concoction of many things All evil inside She stirs it all with a large stick Gnarled and old it stirs and stirs The potion is for Unsuspecting young lass That wants love She’ll do anything For her tender hearts desire Even ask the witch The witch that has another motive Than to unite two lovers as one She wishes to see This handsome young man Turn into a newt
Russell Sivey

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Inviting the Undead

Signal in the sky A pumpkin, fierce, glowing Showing teeth Tells of a certain graveyard Where the dead moves again Ghosts float Chains rankles along the ground Surely causing noise The haunted house Located right next to graveyard Inviting the undead There is a lone light on within Is there really someone home? Just a ruse To get the living inside To meet their doom
Russell Sivey

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The True Meaning of Christmas

The True Meaning of Christmas During this Christmas, let’s celebrate Christ’ birth. It was for all of us that he came down to earth. As we think about Bethlehem and the baby boy… We shout glad tidings to all! And peace and joy! This young child was to one day touch all of mankind. His message of salvation… Today… You can find! As we celebrate and fill up with holiday cheer… This same Jesus is alive today… And is always here! Though 2000 years ago, he was born in a manger... You can know him NOW! He doesn’t have to be a “stranger.” Won’t you spend some time and reflect on Christmas’ true meaning? It’s in the merciful arms of Jesus that you need to be leaning! The good news of Christmas can certainly be found… Across this nation. Every city… And town! This same Christ can bring peace to your life today! He loves you much more than words can say! May HIS love bring peace and healing to your weary soul… It’s only in him, that you can be complete and whole!!! By Jim Pemberton

Details | Rhyme | |

My Christmas Wish For My Souper Friends

Each year I write a Christmas poem
For my closest friends to read
I try to make the message plain
And one I pray they'll heed

How Christ was born the world to save
But first, He had to die 
Be buried in a borrowed grave
All for you and I

The third day after His death
He arose in victory
His triumph over death and hell
Was done, my friends, for thee

The message heard on Christmas
Is a message of joy and cheer
Its meaning is there in simple truth
It's one I pray you'll hear

If He is not your personal Lord
I'll tell you He can be
If you respond to His Holy Word
And on your bended knee

Ask Him to come and take control
And guide you from now on
He'll change your life and make you whole
And heaven will be your home

So think about my Christmas wish
For all my Souper friends
You'll experience such spiritual bliss
A bliss that never ends

Written especially for all on Soup who read these simple words, I pray they have a different meaning for you all than ever before.  In Jesus' Name, I wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS

Details | I do not know? | |

Happy Mother's Not

Thank you mother,
you birthed me,
you nursed me,
you fed and clothed me.

You loved me,
when seems, the word had loathed me.
I'd not want that love in vain.

However this is not your day.

Thank you mother, 
for your support,
and your optimistic sheen,
it's inspiring
and always has shaped the person whom I am.

But this is not your day.

It belongs to the greeting card companies.

Who've robbed another holiday.

Robbed it of all meaning, 
all substance and heart.
Robbed it of it's very soul.

Deformed it,
corrupted it,
chewed it up and spat it,
till it's obscure meanings long forgot;
faded into history, a mother's not.


Dedicated to my mother, whom I love. 
Also dedicated to Julia Ward Howe who invented a holiday meant to end war and poverty.  And to 
celebrate all families.  Who died before her dream could ever be realized. Anne Jarvis who forced through the holiday, hoping to continue Howe's work and end war 
and poverty and create a better world for all,  only to see that dream shattered as Greeting Card 
companies and greedy conglomerates perverted it's ideals to nothing more then lip service 
dedicated to selling cards and candy.

To celebrate some mother's publicly, while other's have their health care raised and their social 
security stolen.  While single mothers have to risk their health and their lives to barely feed their 

This holiday is an abomination.  It doesn't celebrate motherhood, it degrades it. Women don't need 
to be celebrated nearly as much as they need a good world in which they can better raise their 
children.  A world in which they can feed their children. This holiday is a Mother's Not and so is this 

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Details | Rengay | |

A Halloween Treat

During a full moon The light shines eerily down On a barren tree The black cat roams through the night Shows fear to all in its way Ghosts float around tree Wispy nature about them Producing great fear The glowing pumpkins Beneath the old dying tree Attract the cats near The bats fly with the ravens Near the straw enhanced scarecrow All these creatures bring About their creepy strange ways A Halloween treat
Russell Sivey

Details | Rengay | |

Halloween Fairies

Fluttering wings They float way up high Each holding a light They hold lanterns Within their little hands All flying around The beautiful goddess Are gorgeous fairies All entranced For this special night They’ll be busy Must bring good cheer To those of darkened hearts Those that were hurt By the evil of Halloween The terrified minds
Russell Sivey

Details | Tanka | |

Creepy Halloween Evening

Feelings for this month Brings chills to my weary bones A skeleton’s romp Creepy Halloween evening Skulls to laugh the night away
Russell Sivey

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Guarding Gargoyles

Gargoyles guard The evil haunted house Where ghosts live Skeletons reside within The caskets outside the house The dark corners Contain the deadly warlocks And witches that fly In the full moon The bloody landscape contains Jack-O-Lanterns Candles light up the area Around the dug up grave Where zombies walk Within the old graveyard All evil roams tonight
Russell Sivey

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The True Meaning of Christmas

The True Meaning of Christmas! During this Christmas, let’s celebrate Christ’ birth. It was for all of us that he came down to earth. As we think about Bethlehem and the baby boy… We shout glad tidings to all! And peace and joy! This young child was to one day touch all of mankind. His message of salvation… Today… You can find! As we celebrate and fill up with holiday cheer… This same Jesus is alive today… And is always here! Though 2000 years ago, he was born in a manger... You can know him NOW! He doesn’t have to be a “stranger.” Won’t you spend some time and reflect on Christmas’ true meaning? It’s in the merciful arms of Jesus that you need to be leaning! The good news of Christmas can certainly be found… Across this nation. Every city… And town! This same Christ can bring peace to your life today! He loves you much more than words can say! May HIS love bring peace and healing to your weary soul… It’s only in him, that you can be complete and whole!!! By Jim Pemberton

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: The Market

Shuffling sandstone, infinite shimmering coloured pots,
TV remotes lie in tandem with jeans, shiny toy robots
Act as magnets to the unwary tourist, conspicuous in
Their presence, shorts and cameras, humid hair in knots.

Spices of hues in their hundreds to make you salivate,
Groaning shack tables of suspicious sunglasses sate
Your appetite for purchases, the sun beats down on
The market, Medina bursting with life which cannot wait.

Eyes flicker over unsuspecting strangers, enticing you
To buy, trapped by the lure of a carpet woven new
By sweating men grasping, chasing any chance to sell
The future. Will you ever use this carved snooker cue?

Details | Rondeau | |

There's Fear For All

With the orange and black tonight There seems to be an absent light Halloween comes, frightens many Perfect season, quite uncanny Many forget about the fright I say Halloween is for sight And the sounds of evening’s delight There’s no complaint for smells plenty There’s fear for all Orange for pumpkins, black for night I don’t know the skeleton’s plight Darkness consumes, breaks vanity Allows the creatures travesty Corrodes old minds that aren’t bright There’s fear for all
Russell Sivey

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Tortured Jack

Slowly singled out
Squash are sawed and set alight
All for one dark night

Details | Sedoka | |

Fiery Black Cat

In a tired full moon A beautiful witch sits down Petting a fiery black cat That purrs near her legs Next to a Jack-O-Lantern All ready for Halloween
Russell Sivey

Details | Grook | |

I'm A Chump

<                                        emphasis of labor day

                                        symbolic's end of summer

                                        picnics and parades display

                                     American workers get chummier

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In the Cemetery

In the cemetery the undead live once again They kill all who enter, even next of kin Halloween resurrects the dead with their sins
Russell Sivey Entrant into Debbie Guzzi's "Trinity" contest 10/23/2012

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Twas the Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas Everyone was snug sleeping in bed When down came Santa Bringing gifts for the good, it is said He was quiet as can be Didn’t let out a noise So he wouldn’t wake All the girls and boys As fast as he entered He was off into the air Saying, “Ho, ho, ho… I love everyone there!” Then it became morning Zoom, down the stairs the kids go Finding all their presents That Santa left for them below They were all smiles These grateful little kids Thankful that Santa loves them And brings them these nice gifts
Entrant Into Kim Merryman's "Here We Go A Caroling" contest 12/3/2012

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The Warlock

Next to a flask of a potion Stands a man of pure emotion He holds a wand in his right hand And a carved pumpkin to expand Candles surround, sure devotion The man moves like locomotion Lightning quick for a promotion Casting spells to take hold the land Warlock takes aim Warlock moves just for his motion If he wants you, you are his sanction He will pump you full of dark sand He does have his coven, his band Evil kills if it takes notion Warlock takes aim
Russell Sivey

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Witch's Lone Retreat

There are orange leaves down today Witches love the sight I must say They play with leaves full of delight To gather strength needed tonight I don’t know how this is the way There must be some spell on this day That gathers sparks when they go play They don’t sweep these leaves, it’s a sight Witch’s lone retreat They wallow, take their cares away Keeping trepidations at bay This tradition may not be right They’re fully charged ready this night They venture, telling all will pay Witch’s lone retreat
Russell Sivey

Details | Couplet | |

No Longer Numb

He was my vision of a good life.
I soon, became his new wife.
Celebrations were grand
Then, we did not demand.
Together we shared goals…hoped.
Disappointments came, we coped.
I gave all that she had.
Through the good and the bad.
At Christmas, I lavished him with gifts.
I could have written his book of festschrifts
Anything he wanted, I would try to buy.
I went all out, do or die!
Birthdays came, I was never remiss.
My joy was his happiness.
Material things for me, he did dismiss.
Instead, he gave me his sweetest kiss.
At first, I was only sad.
Later I became very mad!
Later, the economy failed,
Some of our dreams bailed.
But love was not lost.
Amid differences tossed.
Eventually, I began to learn
Even through disappointment’s burn.

Wisdom brought its hum.
Now, I am no Longer Numb.
Pure love is loveliest…
When selfishness is lowliest.
To give freely without expectation of return is bliss.
To give with dreams of reciprocation… dismiss.

© February 21, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen	

Details | Free verse | |

Tumble, twirl, with the tidal swirl

Come dance in the waters
that summer has warmed
amidst the froth of the seas
Hear the sighs that echo from tides
as the crescents ripple in breeze
Join the surfers 
as they ride in on the waves
balancing bravely so tall
watch as their confidence grows so high
until showing off some do fall
It’s one enormous bath 
with the plug left in
where people swim around in the quay
and in that huge sink, the ships sail in
with the goods coming home from away
See how the bathers go in for a dip
desperate to cool down in the sun
and children play sports 
on the beach with their new friends
running around with such fun

Details | Rispetto | |

The Witch Before Me

The witch was waiting for me, waiting up high She smiled, a crooked smile, with a cool wink She’s a wryly young witch one you can’t deny She swooped down on me, quicker than you might think I was in fear of her awesome, great power Right in the corner I would go and cower There before me I’m face to face with her eyes She flayed me with evil, direct from the skies
Russell Sivey

Details | Sedoka | |

Hanging by a String

Hanging by a string Are white skeletons and ghosts For a Halloween party Twisting in the breeze And really flying high In the Autumn night event
Russell Sivey

Details | Triolet | |

Skeletons Will Rise

Candles are placed upon a grave In hopes that skeletons will rise It takes a fighter strong and brave Candles are placed upon a grave Underground darkness like a cave Is where the undead will arise Candles are placed upon a grave In hopes that skeletons will rise
Russell Sivey

Details | Rhyme | |

The Colors of Halloween

The colors of Halloween spark such great interest
Like the orange of a pumpkin that delight
With a face that can bring a lot of fright

The great ghoulish color green surely brings unrest
Could be seen as the color of their deep eyes
That the undead have inside when they rise

The color purple has a mighty sheen, could be best
This eerie color comes forth from the dark spell
That the evil witch casts, bringing forth all of hell

The color black is Halloween, greater than all the rest
The color in which the deep darkest shadows cast
The ones that call forth evil that will surely last

All these Halloween colors bring life one would jest
They brings a delightful feel to all on Halloween
A playful feeling for everyone is truly seen

The colors of Halloween spark such great interest
The great ghoulish color green surely brings unrest
The color purple has a mighty sheen, could be best
The color black is Halloween, greater than all the rest
All these Halloween colors bring life one would jest

Russell Sivey

Form Costanza

Details | Rengay | |

Demons Lurk

Demons lurk Flying high into the air Spreading their wings They follow demonic code To frighten all who walk alone They try to posses The lost and unwary Taking them alive They create evil Within the stray pumpkins That just lay about Making them frightening Forming dark Jack-O-Lanterns Demons will ruin Through the eyes of a pumpkin Any person’s evening
Russell Sivey

Details | Rondeau | |

Evil Specter

Evil specter is out tonight Floating over the graves of night They want to touch you and take you To bring pain to you that’s not new Sucking the youth out through your sight Graveyard holds fear of a dark light Using hate to bring them delight Victims that survive are quite few Evil specter Nighttime ghosts bring a lot of fright The specters show off their great might As fear displayed it surely grew The ground it covered fills with dew Power it shows is very bright Evil Specter
Russell Sivey

Details | Tanka | |

The Gaurding Pumpkins

There are some pumpkins Some well-lit Jack-O-Lanterns That guard the front gate Of the dark haunted mansion Where ghosts and spirits fly free The air permeates With an aura of evil When a mist arrives Carries through the blackest night Just the pumpkins give off light
Russell Sivey

Details | Dizain | |

Strong Pumpkin

On the mighty heights sits a strong pumpkin It glows greatly so deep into the night So evil it clomps down, absorbs your sins Bats fly around it looking to bring fright Skeletons walk scaring all those tonight The Jack-O-Lantern shares a heart of fear A form of compliance it demands queer There are red eyes within the holes of trees Evil splashes with every moment near The end is close; death is here if you please
Russell Sivey

Details | Verse | |

Darkness Saturates

Darkness saturates, surrounds Palms
Gales force winds whip_ glass door
Shakes with the gust, lights slowly glide 
Across ocean or shore

The wind brings mixed emotions
Sounds of surf, trees sighing
Bring a relaxed peace but also
Fear_could get worse_storm bring

Most all situations seem worse
In nights deepest darkness
But when dawn cracks the horizon
Rising sun fear undress

Thank you, God for the early morn
When quiet rules the scene
Peaceful time to commune, hear your
Call, on you learn to lean  

Details | Rengay | |

Ancient Tree

The base of a tree Sits a great Jack-O-Lantern Fear emits from within The hollow nature of his eyes Bring about a sense of death The tree is ancient It’s the oldest tree around Time hasn’t been kind The limbs are gnarled Crooked as limbs can be They sit very lifeless Bats sit atop the lone tree Waiting for some passerby Light seems to dim Whenever you near this tree Evil lurks here
Russell Sivey

Details | Rengay | |

The Three Witches

Pumpkins are made Into freaky Jack-O-Lanterns Fear made within They’re delivered to an old house Decrepit place, unkempt and scary People talk about Three witches that live inside Evil they are Turn children into Vast numbers of toads Simple spell spoken Now on this night, Halloween night They come out to roam the streets Looking for strays Those innocent victims Fun for Halloween
Russell Sivey

Details | Dizain | |

Spider Tattoo

In the night of a large orange full moon Bats and ravens block the light coming in There’s a witch standing there with a great broom Casting spells breaking the spirit of kin Evil fills her eyes looking for pained sin There’s spider tattoo attached to her arm Showing how much fun she has causing harm Her hand holds a potion of great evil Shows to any human a huge alarm Only in the moonlight can it be real
Russell Sivey

Details | Tanka | |

Cemetery Spirits

The top of the sky A moon is filtered in clouds Leaving off a glow That leads into a graveyard Where an old dead tree resides Inside the graveyard There are some floating spirits Evil that they are They try to reach all people To take goodness out of them Those that do wander Deep into this graveyard when These spirits are out Must be wary of their fright They need to go walk elsewhere
Russell Sivey

Details | Narrative | |


...this is so intimate of time, as a first kiss of time close of soul, so near, so dear of heart beat, so precious a rhyme that flows so intimately,
deep of time, down by the Crystal Seas...
...this is so intimate of dreams,
dreaming reality,
as the Crystal Sea so reveals of destinies galore,
destined as the night light of the moon-glows of starry eyes,
upon the waters,
...seeing tranquility upon the waves...
watching to the depth of a dream,
and a sun-rise
being so true...
for underneath and within this a moon-lit poem of starry night eyes, down by the Crystal Seas, a vessel sets sail upon the deep...into a kiss of dawn...
Sea to shinning Sea.

Details | Dizain | |

Pumpkin Man Potion

The cauldron bubbles over with evil A black cat meows nearby to bring fear Its whiskers used for a very dark seal Pouring potion into a pumpkin near Witch turns it into pumpkin man to scare He gets on a horse to ride into night Riding real quick, soon going out of sight He scares any who come by his lame head He causes fear, a horror run tonight There are real bad feelings for the undead
Russell Sivey

Details | Rengay | |

Bringing Fear

In a dark cottage There’s an old witch That boils a potion The cauldron bubbles over itself Wafting smell about the room Near the elixir Sits a Jack-O-Lantern Light glows inside There are shelves That hold some ingredients Some are still alive Candles still burn eerily Casting long shadows about The witch has use Of everything that’s here To bring fear this night
Russell Sivey

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Dancing with the Ghosts

In the moonlight Where clouds cast shadows Dark and fierce There’s a haunted house nearby Dark even in the full moon It’s all boarded up Fear envelopes all around Light in one window A cemetery Exists within perimeter Terror expounds There are dug up graves Where skeletons used to lay Now they party Within the haunted house Dancing with the ghosts
Russell Sivey

Details | Rispetto | |

Witches that Flew By

The night belonged to the witches that flew by Over the orange moon, quite the pumpkin shade That casts eerie shadows from their house that lies They have a boiling cauldron so nicely laid Within the orange moonlight spells have been cast Causing children to turn into frogs at last Being the evil witches that they are known There’s no better hatred than this that’s shown
Russell Sivey

Details | Tanka | |

Clock Tells

As time leads me now Reaching Halloween evening My clock tells me so An evil grin it does show With boo written on my face
Russell Sivey

Details | Rubaiyat | |

In the Dark of Halloween

In the dark the creatures come out It’s that time of year, some do shout The creepiest ones come out late Living in shadows they wait no doubt The darkness is the most extreme When you walk alone it seems There are no other people alive That would risk the darkness like me I love Halloween, and it sure does show I follow no one’s way, for that I know That my heart allows me to live With what people want to see, and to grow My soul lives within the nighttime hearts Everything that it does show or impart I belong with the darkness and its show I want to be there when the darkness starts
Russell Sivey Entrant into craig cornish's "Night-Dark-Black-Happy-Sad" contest 9/13/2012

Details | Tanka | |

Ravens Await

The bats fly by night Through a dark eerie graveyard Where ravens fly down And move onto the gravestones An eerie darkness exists The moonlight comes in Opens whole new spark tonight Leaves the witch within Perfect spot to make the curse Cauldron contains all she needs Jack-O-Lanterns guard Protect the evil inside The grove holds the spell To bring the youth of the young Straight onto the wicked witch Then the bats return To the old rickety tree Which to roost after - Their long search for devil’s blood To keep them alive so long The ravens watch, wait Their turn will come soon enough Where they will be called To show their mark of the dead On a strange Halloween night
Russell Sivey

Details | Rengay | |

Green Glowing Moon

In the light Of the green glowing moon A witch’s brew It holds evil within Ingredients of hate Simmering nearby Some Jack-O-Lanterns With deadly looks They keep guard Watching for anything good That might try to taint The skulls all glow real bright Helping the pumpkins watch They laugh at hope And tear down walls of love With forceful hate
Russell Sivey

Details | Rispetto | |

Nighttime Cup

The full moon escalates the fears of the night Leaving shadows from the tall frightening trees Branches reaching out to the tombstones of fright Fear envelopes by what people sure believes The bats scare, ravens bring fear, and moon heightens Everything in sight the moon laughs and brightens As the night cools things down, the moon warms it up Darkness never fully wins the nighttime cup
Russell Sivey

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Tipping

Gracious smiles, a waiter waiting.
The service: quite nice actually.
The drinks cool and food sating
My average appetite factually;

Who knew they had coca cola here
In the middle of the desert... odd
Isn’t it? I ordered water and beer
And here arrives our saviour, god

And leader, dressed in a brown
Shirt despite the pre-mentioned
Heat. He never wears a frown,
Even at rush hour not tensioned.

7.30 comes and goes, morning
Or night, we arrive, are seated
And eat. The waiter is fawning
But nice, the food is all treated

And we eat it all up, fulfilled by
A fountain of beverages he will
Provide. Full, we give a goodbye,
And place tips away from the till

So the manager cannot see, risky
Business. But how to divide the
Cost? Calculators grant only frisky
Fractions, I only had a mint tea!

Details | Crystalline | |

All Hallows Eve

All hallows eve the evil spreads
And engulfs even the greatest soul

Russell Sivey

Details | Rhyme | |

Jubilation (Christmas In July)

I'll decorate the trees outside
with sparkling tinsel 
and dreamy ties

the sun beating down
in all hope and all joy
a beautiful picture under a mid-July sky

colors aglow of reds and greens
a spirit of inspiration
a story to apprise

a hymn of a miracle 
we gather to sing
embracing each one, his story arise

a loving sense of our being 
a Christmas jubilation we all cherish
a celebration of our king, with each breath a surprise......



Details | Dizain | |

The Witch's Spell

She laughs at the small children that are out Wandering the streets of this ice cold night Walking as though there’s not a soul about She’s waiting for them to come in the light Then she’s going to give them a big fright A witch she is, who’s much worse as of late Waiting for innocence by the front gate Wishing to turn a child to a small toad So she can complete a spell for a mate Love is all she wants, love for her abode
Russell Sivey

Details | Rengay | |

The Witch, Warlock, and Raven

The wind blows Through the dark forest Where they reside The witch and the warlock Fierce in their evil ways One holding a skull The other with a spell book Looking for victims When a black raven Comes by their evil sides Wanting to curse A curse for those unwary Bringing hate to their souls The pain they inflict The witch, warlock, and raven Hurts for a long time
Russell Sivey

Details | Dizain | |

To My Front Door

To the front door they do come Many witches and goblins shine Seeing my house they’re overcome For the decorations are all in line Scary enough for even the divine Jack-O-Lanterns are lit from inside And skeletons laying on their side Children love my house at night And the candy they get they set aside For its time to play, it’s quite a sight
Russell Sivey

Details | I do not know? | |

Mom's Cobbler Pies

Mom slaved over cobbler pies for a dinner-time surprise! Applauded, she sighs...

Details | Rhyme | |


Tag! Your it! Like in the school days.
I got your mind lost, like you were in a corn maze.
This isn't Halloween, just another day of the week.
I'm always getting candy. I say forget trick or treat.
You can forget Flasnick. People just call me Flash.
My rap game's so scary, I say hell with the mask.
Forget Jason, They call me Lil T.
Wake up it's not Freddy, it's me you see in your dreams.
I'm rated X. Noway I'm PG13.
Sisco and Ebert said not to see the damn thing.
So if you do, you better call me the king.
I'll give you six days to live. I'm more hard core then the Ring!

Details | Haiku | |

Life Is No Picnic

the fourth of july
is no kind of picnic for
our fallen soldiers

You Are Not Forgotten

Happy Fourth Of July To All

Details | Rengay | |

Halloween Jubilee

Group of skeletons Carries a lone casket Grave destination The ground was dug Casket was put in Cats do prowl To cemetery they go Meow of prestige They’re black as night Superstition comes with fears The cats reign tonight Pumpkins lit Shines until late Shadows are formed From its greatest light A demon’s look
Russell Sivey

Details | Ottava rima | |

Aura from the Jack-O-Lantern

Jack-O-Lanterns glow with an eerie sight Light that dances within fills one with joy Ghosts avoid the masters that rule this night Pumpkins show their powers that it enjoys The witches all get their brooms to take flight They want to avoid pumpkins that destroy Aura from the Jack-O-Lanterns is strong By the shadows issued, which are quite long
Russell Sivey

Details | Rhyme | |

The Season of Christmas

The aroma of pine, fills up the air
In jolly moods, without even a care.
Some decorate trees, and some bake away
Getting all ready, for that special day.

The lights are so dazzling, shining so bright
The hustling and bustling, is quite a sight.
Santa Claus helpers, everywhere we go
Watching the children, playing in the snow.

The Christmas Carolers fill, the night with song
Celebrate and rejoice, all season long.
Candlelight service, to honor Christ’s birth
It’s quite an event, all over the earth.

Waking up early, and sneaking downstairs
Peeking in stockings, if anyone dares.
Children’s eyes sparkle, as they laugh with glee
Who had brought these gifts? Did anyone see?

Families gather, to celebrate the day
Children so happy, laughing as they play.
The season so special, all filled with love
We can give thanks, to our Father above.


Details | Lyric | |

Christmas - It's Just Another Day For Me


It's just another day
Another day for me

I won't get any presents
I won't sit beside a lighted tree

It's just another day
Another day to try and survive

Another day to try and find food to eat
Another day to try and stay alive

It always seems to be just another day
Another day to try and do my best

Another day to hug my children
Another day to pray to God to help me rest

Christmas is just another day...
Just as previous years have come before

Another day to sit and wonder
Where I'll be, when I don't have a house anymore

It's just another day to think about
Where and when things went all wrong

To wonder if all of our elected politicians
Care to see what is really going on

I am just an average American
who has always been just fine

But without a job to go too
I've fallen below the poverty line

I don't want to be here
I don't want to lose everything I own

I want to be able to afford the Internet
I want to be able to have a phone

I want to be able to have a car to drive
I want to able to go to work

I want my children to be safe and warm
I want to have some money in my purse

I am sick and tired of all of my days
Being unproductive and the same

I am sick of sleeping hungry and cold
I am sick of not knowing where I am going to stay

I am sick of my life being on hold
I don't want to have to live this way

So Christmas is just another day...
Another day for me to see

All the things that I am missing
Another year my children won't have a tree

But another day to love my children
The bright spots in my life

Another day to go to church and pray
for those who are living just like me
Those who are still living
Daily with my strife.

(December 23,  2010 Wausau, Wisconsin) 

(c) Copyright 2010 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved,

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Halloween Evening

Halloween evening When skeletons rise from dead And bats move around the night The witch’s hat creates Rounds of complete fearful sights Pumpkins come alive tonight
Russell Sivey

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Demon Conversion

A man was walking Alone down an unlit street When a demon came And converted him into A Jack-O-Lantern of fear
Entrant into Black Eyed Susan's "Single Tanka" contest 10/4/2012

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Witch's Pumpkins

The witch sure does love The orange hue, like pumpkins She searches the night For candles to put inside To create Jack-O-Lanterns The light given off These meager little pumpkins Allows the witch sight To make potions within her Large boiling cauldron tonight These very potions Used for evil, she’ll sprinkle On the unmarked graves They will either make zombies Or walking vile skeletons The witch takes care of All these looking and staring Pumpkins of the night Magical powers of these Jack-O-Lanterns is immense They frighten many Those that don’t understand them Sure find them puzzling The pumpkins are the witch’s friend They will always stay with her
Russell Sivey

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Sweet Peace

In the early 
morning hour
enjoying earth and hour
even writing in the faint light

The birds speak
Sweet peace here
To all who will listen

I only recognize 
The sound of the Gull
Those that are in flight
Speak to me

Did God program joy 
into their ability to fly?
Do they long each morn
to catch a breeze and sail?
Do they chirp in Joy?

First the Seagulls dot
the sky coming from the south 
headed north..
Then the heavy odd-shaped
Pelicans(that is like the pot calling the kettle black)
fly low over the nearly calm waters
headed to north end of the isle
What if I could join their flight?

Seagulls must be early risers
Out to get the best spots on beach
or to get the best food scattered on shore

Pelicans must be night owls
they fly low like a slow sunrise
taking their time to reach their 
little piece of property up north beach

Now earth and sky seem to meet melting into each other

The moisture laden air seems to saturate my being
What a morning to enjoy God's Good Earth....

Sponsor: Nikko Palmario
Contest: Beyond Earth and Hour Writing Challenge
Hint for saving the earth: Use salt and lemon to clean pots and pans....

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Guided by a Jack-O-Lantern

She stands certainly with a kind of poise Loves the holiday that comes once a year Gives up nothing to walk like she enjoys She struts down holding a pumpkin of fear It shines with a power that it employs Being guided by light she did appear The Jack-O-Lantern grins a deathly grin Leads her down a path she has never been
Russell Sivey

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It's Halloween Night

Ghost of a bat haunts this night From a tree limb way up high Scaring those that walk on by Fear mastered by it There are spider webs around It’s known the spiders are there Somewhere near the tree tonight Waiting for victims Up the path is the mansion Haunted by ghosts of the past Scaring those that do venture Who might come and see These frightful things all come out Just one fearful night of year A night of witches and ghouls It’s Halloween night
Russell Sivey

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Inside the Spooky Fence

Magic is rampant inside the spooky fence A witch stirs her potion which comes to a boil Evil creatures that exist here are intense Her mighty powers take its form from the soil The Jack-O-Lanterns hold a devilish eye Making for certain no-one ever gets by There are trees that are gnarled and seemingly dead Everything lives in a haunted house ahead
Russell Sivey

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This Father's Day

This Father's Day...
 I am so very glad.
For giving to me a 
very special dad.

I've put him through 
many trials and tears.
He's been patient and loving 
during the years.

He taught me to love
 my parents and God.
Giving godly discipiine with 
a firm hand and rod.

He was there to help me
 to understand.
With a father's love and an
 outstretched hand.

Much godly advice... 
he was willing to give. 
Teaching me how a man
 of God ought to live.

A gift from God...  
In my father, did I find.
Who was there for me
 time after time.

He provided us kids a home.  
We were blessed!
My father to me... 
 Is simply the BEST!

By Jim Pemberton

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Ghost of Christmas Past

I was just a little kid when you left
homeward bound for heaven on a chariot
I remember that christmas day
the day you got me y first bike
I remember the eggnog the cookies
but most iportant I remember the laughs
I remember the gifts and the whole family
I remember the feel of of pure joy
I remember the smell incense candles wine and food
the games we played and the jokes to
those days seem to never end
and yet were not long enough
for I long for you now
to embrace you once again
to say that I love you
to say merry christmas

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Happy New Year!  Time will tell.

What lies ahead.  Come toll the bell

Kiss your love.  Eat pork and kraut.

Sing Auld Lang Syne.  Throw troubles out.

Make resolutions.  Add the old.

Pray for peace.  God make us bold.

Happy New Year!  As the bell does call.

Ringing in,  New hope for all.

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Trick or Treaters

Candles burn within the hollow of a skull Brightly illuminates the darkest of rooms Where witches meander about and mull Getting ready to fly away with their brooms At the door would certainly be a black cat Casting evil curses on the welcome mat He then shies away at the incoming bunch Halloween trick or treaters with stuff to munch
Russell Sivey

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Wake up to find its not just a dream, 
the morning rips a new wound of reality. 
Forever gone, Forever missing, 
All the regrets building up inside of me. 
I could have been better, 
cause you were the best, 
I love you with everything 
now you took your last breath. 
You went, happily 
and chased the birds over that rainbow bridge, 
I hope your watching from above c
ause when you left you took a part of my heart

...RIP My Beautiful Puppy. I Love You Camille Baby?

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a day to be mindful of

have you ever had that perfect day?
the day when no matter what the world can seem to do no wrong?
when everything seems right?
savour it i tell you!
cherish every last moment of it for tommorow may not be the same,
for you see though you may have one good day,
 many bad days filled with dark emotions shall follow,
however you see,
even though your in a bad spot,
youve had good times,
many of them too,
and nothing on earth,
not evan death can remove them from you,
for moments may last a second,
but memorys last forever.

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Freak Show

Hello? Hello? Is anyone here? I am here for the “Freak Show”. Fine don't come out. If you can't see yourself in a mirror, Come here Come here. If you don't fit in, Come here Come here. If you're full of terror, Come here Come here. If your made of tin, Come here Come here. Cause it's time, it's time, for the Freak Show, To unleash their wild pack, To come out of a shack, To show your wild side, To show you won't bite. Cause it's time for the Freak Show, To come out from the dark, To do your freaky march, To come unrap, To lay down flat. It's time for the Freak Show. Down here we don't judge, We don't care if your fudge, If you have flames, Or even fangs, If your made of fur, or if you purr, Come down for the Freak Show. 30 seconds on the clock, Those hands go tik tok, It's almost time for halloween night, Get ready for a real fright! Cause it's time, it's time, for the Freak Show, To unleash their wild pack, To come out of a shack, To show your wild side, To show you won't bite. Cause it's time for the Freak Show, To come out from the dark, To do your freaky march, To come unrap, To lay down flat. It's time for the Freak Show. Just scare those kids, Into little bits, I'm sure they won't mind, It isn't a crime, Invite them inside, For a little surprise, You are supernatural, Or even bichemical. Cause it's time, it's time, for the Freak Show, To unleash their wild pack, To come out of a shack, To show your wild side, To show you won't bite. Cause it's time for the Freak Show, To come out from the dark, To do your freaky march, To come unrap, To lay down flat. It's time for the Freak Show. WELCOME HOME.

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Heart of a Pumpkin

The light is on In the heart of a pumpkin The center is fresh The middle carries a doom Within its known creepiness The beating nature Of the inside’s confines Flickers with a candle The groveling heard Increased with each footstep A quirky smile given The Jack-O-Lantern brings fear To the people that pass by No matter the pain An individual my possess It won’t compare to this
Russell Sivey

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Family and Friends

A time to celebrate
Family and friends
Food all cooked and shared
Gifts come all together
First we eat, a banquet
Excitement remains
Now the presents are put
Given to their place
Share and share together
We hold our own dear
When the gifts are opened
Joy enters our hearts
And holiday spirit 
Shows lovingly true
Timeless year tradition
Where we all share peace
Each heart comes together
And love runs true again

Russell Sivey

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Irritating Bats

Outside my door, bats They fly all around my house Scaring away anyone That comes near my place Implanting fear in people The bats are surely a bane
Russell Sivey

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I would like to see,
Snow, frozen  H2O this year.
It hardly does here.

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Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree Not Rated PG

I've missed you honey.

The kids are not home.

I can't wait until you're home.

So that we can get busy.

So that you can rock around,

The Christmas tree with me.

I've got mistletoe all over me.

Come on honey let's play,

All over the house! My holly berries,

Are filled with juice so,

Come on ,you fun loving man,

We can play all night and all day.

You can gift wrap me and open,

Me up, of your loving I can't get

Enough! We don't have to be,

Quiet as a mouse. There is no,

One here. The neighbors will,

Know our names again. Oh well,

We heard theirs yesterday!

I want us to deck the halls,

With screams and shouts,

And moans and groans,

 Until the cows come home.

It's lovely weather for a,

Sleigh ride on top of you.

Baby it's cold outside,

The mistletoe is hung

On me. Hey jingle me

All the way all night

And all day. The carol

Of the bells will ring 

For each round of

Us rocking around 

The Christmas tree.

Untinsel me. Take off

My garland. Turn off

The lights. Unwrap my,

Skirt. Your candy cane,

Will licked and not bitten,

And and the Christmas tree,

Stand I'll be sitting. 

My ornaments you may 

Move to the side,

And on the cane I'll slide.

I will soon sing,

Or rest you merry  man

After you sing, let it snow,

Let it snow, let it snow.

You'll then shout a laugh,

Ho, ho, ho, Merry

Christmas to you and,

To you a good night.

You rocked with me,

Around the Christmas tree

With all of your might.

wrote 12-12-10

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Sweet Halloween

Pleas for help Come on deaf ears Near the old house Bats roam throughout property Taking blood where possible The calm black cats Take up with the neighbors Where rats live They commune with the owls That love innocent children Spiders spin webs Near the entrance to the house Of an old witch Where potions are for sale That steals blood for her soul
Russell Sivey

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Shines as a Light

Orange pumpkin glows with a candle inside The terror it creates deep within its soul Loves to plant upon all those that don’t abide Halloween’s greatest when unknown is its toll The light within the mouth of this pumpkin makes The lives that it stalks it surly goes and takes The very heart of each person that’s engulfed Shines as the light of the pumpkin never stuffed
Russell Sivey

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Ghost She Loves the Most

A coffin lies empty in the light fog mist A woman sits near a candle casting spells She hopes to see her master who can’t resist The lure of her voice bringing him out of hell She hears a noise right behind her in the woods She fears a curse but instead sees men in hoods They combine forces with hers to bring this ghost She hopes her master lives for she loves him most
Russell Sivey

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This Thanksgiving Day

During this time known as Thanksgiving Day. I hope you'll give thanks and pray. A prayer of thanks for everything God has given. He has blessed us in the way we've been livin'! Our country is blessed like no other. God has supplied our "bread and butter." He's given us the freedom, we've all enjoyed. Be thankful for your food, home and being employed. For those who've endured hardship... Thank God too! It's no secret how much he loves YOU! We find in the Bible... God clearly said; "I've never seen the righteous forsaken, Nor their children begging for bread." Thanks be to Jesus, for his love, mercy and grace. And for making my heart, "his special place." I am blessed and thankful to Jesus indeed. He's given me salvation and supplies my every need. I thank God for this special day in November. Thanksgiving is a day... I will always remember! By Jim Pemberton

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Witch and Her Mansion

There are glowing pumpkins that take their watch To guard the witch’s mansion, haunted and all She loves ghosts that wander, those she can’t catch Her spells increase within the fence that’s tall No one dares to enter these gates that latch For doom comes when you’re up against the wall Black cats purr at the witch’s dark pointed feet This house’s eerie at the end of my street
Russell Sivey

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A Modern Place

As the sun rises over the ocean
And breezes swirl the palms
My thoughts turn to when I was young
Not that long ago this island
Was a different kind of place
Now every inch is robed in condos
Gone is the quiet of solitude's grace
Gone is the simple gait
A new era has entered
Where life is a noisy honky tonk pace  

Written June 04, 2013

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Two Pumpkins

Two pumpkins might be too many Too many for Jack-O-Lantern fun
Russell Sivey Entrant into Debbie Guzzi's "Two Timer's" contest 10/12/2012

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Jack-O-Lantern's Grins

The evil of the Jack-O-Lantern’s grins In a world of the most hideous sight There runs a fear of the pumpkin’s sins The evil of the Jack-O-Lantern’s grins The light of the candle is where it begins Deep into the depths of the darkest night The evil of the Jack-O-Lantern’s grins In a world of the most hideous sight
Russell Sivey

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Old Halloween Jingles

Trick or treat Smell my feet Given me something good to eat If you don’t I don’t care I’ll pull down your underwear Unknown Author

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Man of Vanquished Spirit

An unseen ghost Knows just who to scare By bringing fear He meanders down an alley To find an unsuspecting man One taste he wants To indulge to the fabric Of this life’s being He appears to him This man of vanquished spirit So pained he ignores The fearful ways of a ghost So rarely cast aside by pain No soulless being Has ever withstood a ghost’s Intricate forceful ploys
Russell Sivey

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Cauldron Boils

The cauldron boils with the witch’s brew Ghosts prowl the darkness fearlessly Jack-O-Lanterns lit, shining through The cauldron boils with the witch’s brew Black cats walk the streets like they do Halloween holds these completely The cauldron boils with the witch’s brew Ghosts prowl the darkness fearlessly
Russell Sivey

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Terrible Elixir

She boards her broom Going for a trip in the sky Traveling over the moon She looks for her potion An evil concoction To spray in the heavens With the foul smelling devils brew A terrible elixir A toxic mixture That will feed the demons Within the dark ground The skeletons will so soon rise And start to walk the Earth That’s just the start Of the Halloween sequence Compliments of the witch
Russell Sivey

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Old House

A house on my street Falling apart and creepy It’s old and quite dark Shutters hanging on their side And the lights are always off On the cold front porch There is an ancient cauldron It’s surely eerie Uninterested in who Might come to visit this house Coming to the door I only once rang the bell Never forgetting The horrid sounds that came out Of that deep dark cauldron there A witch’s shriek and laugh Is the cackling I did hear A fear that I felt Is just indescribable I never went there again
Russell Sivey

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The Little Vampires

The little vampires Are dressed in their very best Drinking red grape juice Acting like it was some blood The little rambunctious ones They toss it away Acting like the blood escaped No matter the mess You must understand their view The fun Halloween brings them Excitement with glee Their hearts beat with candy corn They think the world’s great Full of the evil monsters All crawling within their lives So let the vampires Play like they do love to play With their red grape juice And the mess it sure creates For they’ll always remember… The fun you let them have tonight!
Russell Sivey

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To My Dad On This Father's Day

Lord, during this Father's day, I’m so glad…
For giving to me such a special dad!

He’s been very thoughtful and kind!
Fathers like him are very hard to find!

I remember growing up with my brothers…
He was special to us, like “no other!”

As a young boy, he taught me God’s ways.
And I’ve kept it throughout my days!

I’ve often sought his advice and counsel…
Especially when life 
was looking “awful!”

He was there to give support
 the best he could...
Trying to help the best way
 he understood.

I suppose now that I’m growing old…
I’m remembering more things that my dad told!

“My father is one in a million.”
 Is what I believe.!
Many blessing from him
 I have received!

May the blessings of God daily surround him!
I’m so thankful that my mother found him!

Thank you Lord for giving to me a dad like this!
May his days ahead be happy
 and blessed!

By Jim Pemberton

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Value comfort and consort on named holiday

Attend to needs and wishes of prized partisan

Love the small moments and the grand gestures

Eat delicate foods in pleasured accompaniment 

Nourish emotions and flames of passion

Take joy in every touch and caress

Initiate contact and dazzle senses

Never ignore an opportunity to spoil 

Enjoy every minute

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Soul of a Hollow Pumpkin

Soul of a pumpkin Creates shadows all about Fiercely within There is always a skull That lives near the pumpkin It speaks the truth Of a forlorn witch nearby That likes to curse She mixes spiders And their many beady eyes Into a cauldron Where magic comes out All for the Halloween season Here the magic flows Straight from the hollow pumpkin The light shines inside
Russell Sivey

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Dark Graveyard

Midnight hours display the horrid sights found As evil shows its powers in this realm The night allows the dark putrid hell-bound Skeletons bring forth terror at the helm For graveyard is not a place for the sound Where screams are heard, never a place of calm The night brings the heartless ghouls and undead It’s a horrendous place, not safe to tread
Russell Sivey

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The Witch and Her Cats

The witch carries her lantern and broom Black cats saunter around the cemetery The evil of the night doesn’t come too soon The witch carries her lantern and broom She shows the coffin which holds her groom The light from her eyes pauses momentarily The witch carries her lantern and broom Black cats saunter around the cemetery
Russell Sivey

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Give me a whistle, I will blow.
make me run, but rather slow.
keep me warm, for dreams to glow.
gift me a joy, I'm happy though.

Buy me a smile, for years to come.
trade me a life, for a zero sum.
pinch me hard, 'coz soul so numb.
paste me a song, with an upbeat gum.

Kiss me a bye, to start afresh.
cut me a sky, no more no less.
cry me a heart, to clear the mesh.
try me a trick, let life refresh.

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An Old Sign

There is an old sign That is made of a scarecrow Head made of pumpkin It tells you the way to town And number miles to get there
Russell Sivey

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She Is My Lady

And there she sits, the lady who takes your breath away;
Her absence from my life would just mean a flay.
She sits with a smile but her eyes twinkle,
She would take whatever given, but a ray of expectation would still sprinkle.

Not an admirer of glamor and she would never clamor,
All she needs to know and learn, that where ever you go to her you would return.
If not a diamond ring, if not a love song you sing;
She needs to read it in your eyes, that the relation was never built on lies.

You want to kiss her and she kisses you back which ain't right,
Don't push it further, just sleep off the night.
Next morning when you wake up to the sun,
She'll deliver her love to you, that kiss will engulf you in stun.

You slide just next to her, wondering what she would think,
Her eyes inviting blue, and when she smiles pink.
Pull out the red rose from behind & see the contentment in her eyes.
And that moment you know, she is your angle love in disguise.

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Tired feet walk far;

many moons on our journey,

lifetime trip for all.

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Interesting Shadows

An old tree at night Casts interesting shadows From the light of the full moon The night holds darkness Where tree holds the vampire bats That feast on fearful people
Russell Sivey

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Louisiana Support Me Today

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wrote 12-10-10

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Memories Of Christmas

Memories of Christmas through the years,
Have brought lots of laughter and many tears.
Memories of those who have gone on home,
Sometimes leave us sad and alone.
The good times that were had by all,
Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, their happy faces I recall!
The gifts that were given, the fellowship we shared,
The love we all had, showed each other we cared.
The trees were so pretty, the food, oh so good,
Sometimes we would go caroling in the neighborhood.
We would exchange gifts by drawing names,
Some would get clothes, others might get games.
The homes would be decorated with ornaments and lights,
And we would all feast on the many delights!
There would be cakes, cookies, sandwiches, pies, and punch,
Some might eat a lot, others would just munch.
Before you knew it the night would be gone,
And the wait for next year would seem so very long!
But Christmas means more than just these things,
As we remember the birth of the Christ child and the salvation He brings!
He came into this world in a meek and lowly way,
Born of a virgin and in a manger lay.
The Shephards were frightened as the angels came to say,
The great news of His birth on this special day!
Born in Bethlehem, God's only son,
Savior from our sins, He is the only one!
So as I remember the Christmas's of old,
The greatest of all, was the one the prophets foretold!

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Light of the Pumpkin

The life of a carved pumpkin reigns In the night it glows very supreme Edging the ends of the light inside Glowing face to gleam on those near A great Halloween piece that lives Deep within my heart to shine all night
Russell Sivey

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Gathering Evil Dust

The evil dust floats down from the darkened sky The bats go in and out of the grey matter The witches use the dust from which they imply Evil is done here, spells are left to scatter They collect their due and walk up to their house Pumpkins are all lit, scaring even the mouse The dead trees start to catch on fire, bringing fear Hatred lurks in hard crevices, death is near
Russell Sivey

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Deep Fears

You see the ravens Skittering around old bones The ones on the graves Of the recently surfaced Here skeletons walk and talk Looking right at you Asking you over to them In front of a grave Just asking you to get in With the group laughing at you All fun and laughs, then Skeletons get serious Take you by the hand Yank you deep into the hole Of your final resting place Then you wake up fast Cold sweats running down your back But very happy That you are alive and well Lying in your comfy bed
Russell Sivey

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House on Haunted Hill

On the top of a large hill Fear envelopes, hate carries on Ghosts play and have a thrill They live it up on the lawn People avoid this place until dawn There are Jack-O-Lanterns by the door Lit and prowling for the innocent Smiling and gracefully lying on the floor Glowing and growling like the indecent People frown at them, for they aren’t decent The graveyard surrounds this mansion Where skeleton dance in merriment They play with the zombies in succession The ravens fly with death hell sent Onlookers run through where they went They say they house is haunted Nobody knows, for its unseen The ghost brings fear undaunted People have never come and seen Just what happens on Halloween
Russell Sivey

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An Old Coffin

Some lighted pumpkins Sit outside an old coffin That houses a decaying Skeleton, rotten Are the old bones from within That pet the Jack-O-Lanterns
Russell Sivey

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Front Yard Scene

In my front yard there is a very old tree Filled with Halloween tricks for this heinous night Light of a full moon would eventually Set up the scene of some skeletons tonight They play with the black cats that sure walk around What horrors that this night creates does astound There are witch’s brooms and their assorted spell books That sit on top of gravestones giving wry looks There are fearsome scarecrows with their outstretched arms And ravens that fly around and fly so free They show the evil of the yard and its harms All fictitious true, but still a sight to see Halloween brings out intense feelings within Shows us just how bad it surely could have been But the fun leaves its mark, as this dark sight does Over the top scene I have for front yard shows
Russell Sivey

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Lightning Flashes

The ghosts float within the sky In the gates of the graveyard Where rodents run by gravestones Marking the deceased Lightning flashes, accenting The haunted house, gruesome sight Where Jack-O-Lanterns reside At the front entrance This is the home of the witch Where her spells are being shown Under the full moon she’s evil She grasps Halloween
Russell Sivey

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Pyramidal Design

Tucked away in tiny alleys
Golden secrets in pyramidal design,
Tumbling layers of flats and homes
In blocks of cream and golden limestone,
Indistinguishable behind screens and doors
And built to withstand the heat and cold.
Fertile land farmed in terraced slopes
So precious it’s preserved for crops,
Animals seem hidden away
In sunken pits, not on display.
A different world in the Mediterranean,
So much so it is a haven
Of safety from the wider world,
Let’s pray it can be preserved.

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Halloween Mansion

Halloween is in full force in this cold place Spooky old mansion looks purple in the light Sky’s green with clouds covering the moon with lace Leaving the ground dark causing a lot of fright There are skeletons parading through the yard Looking pale walking across the dark graveyard Dying tree brings hate within the boundary Halloween mansion in the cemetery
Russell Sivey

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One Special Night

One special night with star above Seeing the Son of God, Christ was born
Perfect without sin To save us within Russell Sivey

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Seasonal Surrounds

Up and down the stairs they go The pumpkins are part of the show Some are lit others are not They are the best that I got The colors that surrounds these gourds Are oranges and reds, greens and golds There are flowers and leaves all about They are seasonal, this I should shout The Jack-O-Lanterns shine so bright During the deep hours of the night Each step has a glowing pumpkin on it A delightful sight to see when I sit I can’t imagine a greater scene than this An Autumn and Halloween décor bliss
Russell Sivey

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Month Long Party

All events planned in the special month of May
I look forward to your parties that you’ll do
Many being illuminated today
Every day a party is just for you

Welcome to your grandiose bash that you’ll have
You will dance for so long you will hurt your calves
That festivity you will be so admired
Proudly you will certainly find yourself sired

Russell Sivey

Entrant into Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S.'s ""MAY MAGIC"" contest


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exploding colors

exploding colors
sounds enrapturing the crowd --
silence of their awe

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Salty Spray

Salty spray upon the glass
                                              from the stormy sea

The wind blows  

                  this way and that

                                          leaving its view obscuring 

salty residue

Written around 5:30 on Friday before packing to come home..

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The skull of night Out of sight eyes Sees right by me
Russell Sivey

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Center is a Pumpkin

Under candlelight There’s a glow of great nature Illuminating The table runner which holds Many small pumpkins for looks Center’s a pumpkin A grand scene, Jack-O-Lantern It contains a light A wondrous candle to show The beauty of the table
Russell Sivey

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Holiday Gift

The greatest gift I ever got, came with a year that definitely was not.
Health costs and a scam had emptied everyone’s pot.
The tree was bare with nothing to hand out…
And my son had to work thru the Christmas Holliday, we all sought.

We wished him home but he had to work if he was to eat.
And for several years he had not wanted, with us to be.
But this year had taught him we were better than he had perceived.
And he wanted to come home to hold and be hugged, you see.

At the last moment he got the Christmas Day off.
Our gift to him was the price of gas and food on the four-hour trip back.
But his gift to us… you see was the greatest of all…
For he wanted to come home and simply be with us all.

Twenty-four hours minus 8 hours on the trip.
Dinner wasn’t much but it was all we could give.
But no one noticed as everyone talked…
It truly was the greatest holiday present of them all… that we ever got.

Thank you God... your gift to us wasn't lost.

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Death Wielding Fire

Death comes wielding fire in his hands A flaming pumpkin with his evil smile The master of the dark, devil of these lands Death comes wielding fire in his hands Works closely with hell and the outer bands He shows the darkest powers with great style Death comes wielding fire in his hands A flaming pumpkin with his evil smile
Russell Sivey

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December Night Snowfall

Drifting snow, so sweet, so silent- but echos in the dark blue sky
The trees, so dark, are now bright with the snow's lullaby

They sway to the whisper of the sweet wintry wind
While the animals hide and huddle, feeling cold and chagrined

The snow stops falling, and there is hardly a sound
Save the wind making the trees push the snow on the ground

The sparkle of the snow reflects the light from the moon
and the trees eat it up with a light silver spoon

No footprints exist in the pure land of sparkly white
but the prints of a doe who passes too quickly for sight

The clouds come back in- slowly, they creep in
Whispering to the trees that another snowfall will begin

                                                 WINTER SCENERY :P
                                                   a winter couplet

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My Florida Vacation

If you're trying to push your Coupe' DeVille
from Panama City to Jacksonville
You've got to journey through Gadsden County.
So you better mind your P's and Q's
if you plan on driving through
and keep both eyes wide open for the County Mounty.
'Cause Gadsden County Jail's no place to be
it's overcrowded and dirty and it smells like pee
and every dime you have will surely be taken away.
They'll impound your car and arrest your wife
the kids will all get twenty-five to life
and your family will surely rue the day
You decided to take a Florida Vacation
and you all came back sentenced to probation
just because Gadsden County was on your way.
If you're guilty or not doesn't matter with them
their bank accounts are mighty slim
and they're gonna get your money whatever it takes.
There's a booking fee just to get you in
you gotta pay for your food which is awfully thin
so friend, avoid Gadsden County for goodness sake.

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The Horrid Truth

She is one that hurts For she was one that was made Fun of during this Time of the year, Halloween Was not kind to her, she hurts A witch she’s just not Nor is she a Frankenstein She is not a bat Nor a skeleton is she She doesn’t fit in right now Though all the other Days of the year, she’s a freak Different person Nature has played a cruel joke And she hurts from within her So on the day at Which she could fit in the most She abhors with pain For it just reminds her of Her ailment, the horrid truth
Russell Sivey

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Castle Walls

Full moon approaches Showing its languid powers On the land tonight Lighting the eerie castle Casting shadows off the walls
Russell Sivey

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Lady Holi'Day - 
"I Love You, Porgie/Don't let 
them take Me/..." her lush 

sad-voice, coarsed & closed 
& the '40's "Strange Fruit" All 
and I am White, Shame!

                             (Revised- To Haiku/Senryu - 1.19.MMviii.)

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This Fourth Of July

This 4th Of July To my fellow Americans, during this 4th of July. I have a thought.. . Here's why… When we salute our flag ever so grand. Our country's foundation is sinking in "quicksand." This is because. From God... We're way "off course." Driven by lust, greed and an "immorality force ." Our ungodly government continues to rule. Anything of God has been removed from the school. We hear of "separation of church and state." Anything of God... Many people seem to hate! America! Listen to what this message is about! Everything of God is slowly being taken out! We must return to Jesus!... He gives true freedom indeed!. The truth word of God’s . Our country must read! Living for God is worth the cost! Without HIM... America is forever lost! By Jim Pemberton

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Hurt on Halloween

Jack-O-Lantern, please She sleeps through this very night She wants to avoid All the spry black cats tonight As the ghosts come out to play She desires to leave Behind her, all the deceit Wearing a costume Brings a false image that she Does not want to entertain There was a pain that This night brought to her in the Not so distant past When witches came and brought out Cursing relationships harsh Party tonight she Desires to avoid, aversion Of highest degree The night creatures will stay In their own places this night She will have nothing To do with the evil of Of this evening Hate so large pain envelopes Her soul and tears form within Always hurt inside Just a blind man searching life With a broken cane Never knowing sure what you have Just a vague image she has
Russell Sivey

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Scarecrow's Ploy

Outside the house of a great and despised lord There hangs an awesome scarecrow of might and fright He’s ferocious and heartless in one accord His beady eyes light up red, glows in the night He starts fires in the pits under his control To create fear in mortals inside this hole Other scarecrows surround the fire just smiling Knowing man’s time has come, they will be dying
Russell Sivey

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A Spider Web

There is a spider web On a Jack-O-Lantern’s mouth Smiling with a light Filling up the outside path With an eerie glow within
Russell Sivey

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Halloween Explosion

The black cat purrs in the depths of darkness The tree weeps for the torment That evil brings throughout The moon is yellow with a special fear Allowing pumpkins to glow With an eerie like spark Halloween night explodes with all these things Feelings play on each other Convey a certain fright
Russell Sivey

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New July Holiday

Warmth that flows within the seasons cheer,
To have peace on earth proclaimed again,
A giving time for all women and men,
To be able to see the children faces clear.

Smelling the pine that frames Christmas time,
Gloriously celebrating his birth so sincere,
Christmas in July comes but once a year.
Guiding happiness in this season’s prime.

Serving picnic cuisine with prayers enriched.
Family time together bringing love to all,
Dreaming of Christmas in July breaks a wall.
Bringing memories of an episode of Bewitched.

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Frightening Picture

There’s an old, creepy, and frightening picture Of a horrid man with evil beady eyes That sits atop a scary fireplace juncture A great fearful portrait of angry surprise On the mantle is a well-crafted pumpkin An ugly Jack-O-Lantern with orange skin This is a lit pumpkin with a fearsome face Which brings fear to all that walk into this place
Russell Sivey

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Holidays are Here

The holidays are here, they feel so warm
Even if outside the snow is causing so much harm

My Christmas tree is glowing
With little lights and decorations, so lively and flowing

There, I sit and enjoy the glowing essence
Of the festive season which makes me reminiscence

With eagerness and zeal, I anticipate,
The golden surprises Santa shall leave for me and my cellmate

Yes, the jail is my home,
Not a house but one with love and care, yes, my home

Here, I spend with my brothers of deed
This Christmas holidays, even if the aroma is one of bitterweed

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New Year

I look forward to meeting the New Year
Each one changing parts of me
Combined to form whole self

Russell Sivey

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threshold adornment… 
           customized love
                    awaits caressing touch

Written for

Sponsor Andrea Dietrich 

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Life at Diverse Angles

We’re all at rivalry with an undistinguished universe
 let the truth be known;
politics are garrulous about freedom and what they’re going to do
hell of hands their helpless.

Before the world goes to fire,
I hope all is done,
No one is here to help us possessive and acquisitiveness.

New Orleans living life underwater;
only thing that can seem to save them is sensitivity.

We live life on the passenger side:
We’re fearsome to stand,
but willing to only follow.

We all have problems
no one is overcoming.

Faith is no longer here,
luck has overturned the man above.

Black people must keep voting 
too many people on us joking.

God has many blessings to bless
but we’re giving up too fast.

We all riding on love and money
it can’t buy happiness.

This world is helpless,
it’s too late for us to go back,
sometimes, too late to move forward.
We all think the future has 
nothing more we can hold.

Helpless of taking life for granted;
everything in life isn’t perfect.

The war is a battle fought
but we all looking like cowards,
thinking we fighting for a reason
now is our biggest tragedy.

Sometimes a tragedy let us know its over;
we can not win.

Over shoulders we must stay strong,
he won’t put more than we can not bear.

The economy has reached it’s next worst peek.
Here is the morning sun
all we have is racing hearts
and prayers.

Don’t let no one steal your pride
it’s yours inside.

Born in the U.S.; where people think we’re blind,
where we live secrets and lies,
as people we’re not listening,
anything that is said, we believe.

Many lives lost,
many waves in the ocean lost,
we’re left in a world of nothing.

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Crystal Ball

Skeleton’s hand holds a ball A crystal ball for reading - Those minds of the unwary To spy on victims Skeleton just holds the ball So the witch can look through it To peer right at the evil - She’s recently done She cackles a wicked laugh With a flourish she takes off Riding her small broom of death With her crystal ball Waiting below her is fear For her power is immense She curses those that oppose Causing great torment
Russell Sivey

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Plight of her Eyes

A spider web hangs Off her eyes, sadly, palely Dancing with darkness Enhances plight of her eyes Signifying Halloween
Russell Sivey

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Molded from the best God has for humanity,
Offering your time, your love, even your sanity.
Trusting in Him to keep us safe from the unkown,
Honoring God with your life and love you have shown.
Enhancing my life with all the prayers offered up,
Requesting nothing in return for filling up my cup.

To my mom

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The man, in my infancy, who said there were people 
on the moon, was laughed at; he was wrong, but not 
wrong in thinking there was other life forms on remote 
planets. Years ago a big plane got vanished and landed 
on the back of the moon where temperature is an even 
22 Celsius and there were an abundance of green fruit 
that looked like, bananas and nutty tasting blue grass.
Adults missing meat ate each other till there was only 
one left, the pilot, and dejected jumped off the moon. 
The youthful passengers and children got used to their 
surroundings and could cook bananas in fifty variations. 
They built caves and decorated them with chairs from 
the plane and as beds they used dried banana leaves….
 And as time went by the earth became a myth an idea 
of paradise lost. This generation of moon dwellers wore
no clothes, what´s point? Only women, on certain dates, 
wore dried green skirts. So the man who believed there 
was life on the moon may be right after all.      

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Haunted House

There’s an abandoned house down the lane A dark place that no one ever dares to enter through It’s been said that all who lived there went insane So they shut it down, yet it holds an evil way of staring at you You might here the creaking of large iron doors As evil lurks beyond the gates, hatred is its score Only the bravest of men should dare enter its lure Even those will be screaming "I don't want any more" The windows reflect red piercing eyes that look deep within your soul Seeing the fear that runs a chill through your bones Because you know the history that this house dwells A gateway people say leads to the depths of hell The house is the epitome of what is evil A living, breathing entity of which is hate A deep darkness, a fear that this is real Kills all that enter here, meeting their fate Last Halloween night, one person was dared to go in So he walked over to the door and turned to look at his friends where they stood Then suddenly the door violently opened wide and something grabbed him Ever since then they see him as a decaying ghost that roams around the neighborhood
Created by: Gail Doyle and Russell Sivey

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Haunted Whiteness

The sky was infused with an abnormal moon It was so large showing off a great white light The whiteness carries on causing one to swoon Casting dark shadows off the trees in the night There is a white candle in an upstairs room That illuminates the bristles of a broom Somewhere the occupant loves to fly on by Leaves a blazing white trail within the night sky
Russell Sivey Entrant into Anthony Slauson's "Whiteness" contest 10/4/2012

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Towne Centre Clock

The Towne Centre clock shows that it’s midnight Chiming with that eerie sound that’s morbid Middle of town lives in a spooky light Bringing a feeling of gloom that’s horrid The pumpkins are lit from within this night People are walking with fear, sadly said There’s nothing greater than the scare that’s made Than the Towne Centre clock’s great serenade
Russell Sivey

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Gathering at the Cornstalks

The coffin lid slowly rises, opens Followed by skeletons and ghosts galore To the side are the pumpkins with their grins The scarecrows with their ravens to implore All gather at the cornstalks shedding sins They wander off to some homes to explore They spring fear straight to the hearts of many Who run for life, pleasing this company
Russell Sivey

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Fear Runs Rampant

All hell breaks loose on Halloween Things sure get bent all out of shape It is strange how things truly seem It’s real dark no light can escape Ghosts and ghouls to make their debut All hell breaks loose on Halloween Wizards, witches put spells on you They’re all more wicked than you’ve been Mummies, the scariest you’ve seen Black cats bring superstitions out All hell breaks loose on Halloween Pumpkins’ faces all seem to pout Brilliant minds all work together They live in a world that’s a scream Where fear runs rampant here and there All hell breaks loose on Halloween
Russell Sivey

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Between The Palms

Between the palms on soft warm sand recline
Eyes lightly closed;  beauty,  sound saturate
With your hand perfectly enclosed in mine
Sensory elements accelerate

Opening my eyes to gaze at the palms
Dark color that look like a peacock's feathers 
In full plummage while he struts very calm
Peaceful the scene almost like the heather

Of Scotland when in full bloom brings peace_calm
Beauty surrounds me now and enfolds me 
Into an inner world in time such balm
Pink cotton candy sky calls let life be

Carefree carefree just live your life carefree
As on island recline lost to all time
Carefree carefree live in total free glee
Ah! what life could be if this island mine

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Christmas Wreath

Wreath of spiritual colors enriches visions of beauty.
Beauty of life, love, faith, flow in charismatic style.
Style with glory of simplicity us each day share.
Sharing respect, with no distraction in daily life,
Life that surrounds every leaf that adorns nature,
Nature wrapped circle that envelops its gift.
Gift of peace, goodwill, graced in silver bells,
Bells ring of sounds of joy of New Year’s beauty.

Sponsor Dr.Ram Mehta 
Contest Name Christmas wreath 

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I'm So Thankful For Everything

I’m So Thankful… I’m so thankful for everything the Lord has made... Everything he’s created… His beauty is displayed! I’m so thankful for the breath I have to breathe… Until that one day, from this earth, I shall leave. I’m so thankful for the way God has made so evident. The principles of his word… Are so relevant! I’m so thankful for the beauty and glory he’s shown… It has brought blessings and healing to my home! I’m so thankful for the many things he’s done for me… He’s given me his love which flows abundantly! I’m so thankful that each day,.. Is another to live for him… He’s taken away my pain and has forgiven every sin. I’m so thankful that I can write these words from my heart. I know that he’s with me. And he’ll never depart! I’m so thankful that you’re reading what I’ve been saying… May this cause you to once again start praying! I pray that this same Jesus I know… Who’s merciful and kind… Will speak words of hope to you and give you a peace of mind. I pray that before you go to bed and this day has ended. You’ll allow Christ to have your heart “amended.” Thank you Lord! For what you’ve done and are going to do… It’s another way that I can say “I LOVE YOU!” Thank you Lord! For all that I‘ve received and so much more… You’ve made my life complete… And are worth living for! By Jim Pemberton

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Witches on my Roof

I hear them on the Roof of my house, the flying Witches land on my Shingles, laughing and cackling Wishing ill to all within
Russell Sivey

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Seasonal Clothes

I have see your clothes Your selection of outfits Just for the season Black and orange ensemble Dressed perfect for Halloween
Russell Sivey

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Somebody Loves Me

Produced 50 yrs ago
My master Pravin Pant Sr.
Felt it was time for my Just Born coop to grow
So he introduced me to some other chicks
Bunnies bats cats pumpkins and
Even thought of placing some lucky stars
In for the heck of it what a day of cellabration
Now he has flipped his lid once again and took a few friends back
Had turned them into lip balms but I don't mind
For they will stay forever fresh on my lips as I speak of them
I been dropped off buildings had been steam rolled over
And each time I bounced back with zest
So please come rescue us from this crazy farmer
Place me in a warm basket or cake or even a dressed table 
For I m just a little peep looking for somebody to love

To The Peep 
In All Of Us    LOL

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Home of the Undead

Where is the birthplace Of the unholy and corrupt The place of the lost Where evil stems and harbors Final home of the undead
Russell Sivey

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What If Christmas Never Came

 UNSUPPORTED CODE What If…   Christmas Never Came???

What if Christmas never happened?  
What if Christmas never came?
Things around here would be different! 
It wouldn’t be the same!

What if the baby Jesus was never born in a manger?
Mankind would be in serious trouble. We’d all be in danger!

If the baby Jesus wasn’t born.  There would be no nativity.
We wouldn’t be able to display this during our “festivity.”

It’s almost like this now! 
 It’s an “ever increasing business.”
It seems like nearly everyone wants
  “Christ out of Christmas!”

Why does it seem like Christmas is 
 losing it’s true meaning?
The very words; “Merry Christmas,” 
seem to be quickly disappearing!

Many say; “Happy Holiday.”  
They worry they may “offend.”
Having a “holiday” without Christ….  
Once again!

We need to put Jesus Christ back into 
our CHRISTmas season!
He is what Christmas is about!  HE is the very reason!

May we all take some time to rejoice in our savior’s birth.
May there be shouts of JOY!  From the corners of the earth!

Let’s not take Christ out of our joyous celebration!
We need him so much right now! 
 All over this great nation!

May we bring to him a heart of love
 for everything he’s done.
As we bring honor to Christ.  God’s precious son!

May we continually offer to him a heart filled with praise!
Not only at Christmas time…  But all of our days!

By Jim Pemberton

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They come out at night

They come out at night
Frightful creatures knocking doors
Tricking or treating

Distorted faces
Little monsters carrying bags
Eating sweet victims 

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Outstanding Mother by Kenny Davis

“Outstanding Mother” by Kenny Davis

Outstanding Mother
A woman like no other
Who is willing to give hugs and snuggles
To help you pull through the struggles

An Outstanding Mom
So gentle and calm
Who makes all the pain go away
With just a touch of her palm

An Outstanding Mama
Through all the trauma
Is willing to love and guide me
Despite all of my drama

No matter what I call her
She is still a mother to me
She is still outstanding
Beyond understanding

Mother, dear Mother
Speaking for me
Thank you for giving me wings
And setting me free

Wings to fly
And the strength to survive on my own
For keeping a means of sanctuary
One I can gladly call home

You are an angel in your child’s eyes
That’s why you don’t use your arms when we hug
You use the feathery wings God gave you
So warm and snug

You tightly wrap them around me
And gently wipe away all the tears
With the overwhelming blanket of security
You do away with all my fears.

For all you’ve done for me, I know of your love
And I love you too
It’s so obvious God loves me
Because he richly blessed me with a mother like you.

© May 2009 k.davis

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Ghosts of the Night

In dampness of night Ghosts play in the candlelight Their shrieks cloud the sky They have translucent bodies To move in and out of things Ghosts stirring around Carrying with them great fear That moves them forward Screaming with your heart inside Laughing at your awesome fear
Russell Sivey

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Caravan, caravan,
taking me where e're you can.
A place to rest, relaxing, fun,
whether in wind, storm, rain or sun.

To go any where we want to roam,
to take a break away from home.
Be it inland, town, woods or sea;
hills or vales, you'll shelter me.

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Pumpkins in a Tree

Way up high in a lonely tree Are pumpkins seemingly glowing I feel that they are completely Way up high in a lonely tree Out of touch of reality I do hear that they are knowing Way up high in a lonely tree Are pumpkins seemingly glowing
Russell Sivey

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The Thief of Time

The Thief of Time We arrive in the sun; it’s warm and so bright We throw down our bags and go out in the light. We are kissed by the breeze rustling through our hair As our cheeks blush in the sun, we are willing to share. It surrounds us and warms us, freckles pepper the skin In the brightness and warmth we are still standing in. Not a minute to waste before the sun sets We stand pulling coats off, and our arms we outstretch. The days are before us well that’s what we think Before long though we see the first days sun sink. It comes around quick it rises the next morn One day gone a new one is born. All too quick the seventh morning is here The holiday is ending that much is clear. We waited so long to be kissed by the sun To unwind and relax and to have some good fun. The time is gone we feel robbed, there was not any The clock stole it away the days were not many. Its over where did it go we didn’t get to do much Just enjoyed each others company and food and such and such….

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Giving Thanks This Thanksgiving Day

During this time known as Thanksgiving Day. I hope you'll give thanks and pray. A prayer of thanks for everything God has given. He has blessed us in the way we've been livin'! Our country is blessed like no other. God has supplied our "bread and butter." He's given us the freedom, we've all enjoyed. Be thankful for your food, home and being employed. For those who've endured hardship... Thank God too! It's no secret how much he loves YOU! We find in the Bible... God clearly said; "I've never seen the righteous forsaken, Nor their children begging for bread." Thanks be to Jesus, for his love, mercy and grace. And for making my heart, "his special place." I am blessed and thankful to Jesus indeed. He's given me salvation and supplies my every need. I thank God for this special day in November. Thanksgiving is a day... I will always remember! By Jim Pemberton

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Halloween Hooting Owl

The great hooting owl Upon the branches tonight Just carrying on Letting those beneath know that Halloween is here to stay
Russell Sivey

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Color Combination

Best color combination Any season could muster Must be the orange and black Of our Halloween
Russell Sivey

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Ghosts Appeared

Jutting out from a giant dark mountainside Sits a gruesome haunted mansion fierce and feared Where ghosts are said to live with the guests inside They float up the stairway where they first appeared Some say they greet them at the door of their rooms Where a couple said to have died, wife and groom Some ghosts have all their skin while others do not Ghosts rule this mansion no one has yet forgot
Russell Sivey

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Death's Breath

Twilight hours brought devil remarks Evil sleeps within the pumpkins What terror comes forth and embarks When the fierce nature of one’s sins Corrodes the fabric of times skins Screams are displayed, a tale of hate Having pains which you can’t relate Symbols of horror shown forward Death breathing on you it’s your fate Shows Halloween’s presence inward
Russell Sivey

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Stroke of Twelve

At the stroke of twelve Midnight comes and the wind blows The full moon shines down Opens eyes of the pumpkin Sharing its wondrous powers Laying on the ground Is the old skeleton, strong Twinkling with the moon Where magic casts its shadows All throughout Halloween night
Russell Sivey

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Orange and Black Candles

Orange and black candles are made this way There are forces unbelievable and true Feelings abound created from being gray Truth be known they keep you from feeling blue I feel a calm ease when I’m around them Orange and black candles are made this way There’s no greater feeling than when This candle is brought into the light of day There is a glow that wafts from their stay Orange is like a pumpkin, black is like the night Orange and black candles are made this way The smell from them bring about love tonight They may not create much light in a room The shadows are long, and light is okay They don’t inflict an aura such as doom Orange and black candles are made this way
Russell Sivey

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Parade for Christ by Kenny Davis

Parade for Christ by Kenny Davis

I open my eyes, excited for today
As I await the parade with Christ leading the way

His children march on with their banners waved high
Their very voices of praise lifted towards the skies

The sounds of glorious trumpets and laughter aloud
As all the songs and hymns pierce the clouds

A fellowship gathering between sisters and brothers
Showing love and compassion, cherishing one another

Watching as their flags are valiantly waved
Making a stand for the lord, in hopes that others will be saved

Songs of Zion shake the walls and rock the streets
As the children of God march on, proudly stomping their feet

Voices continue to climb, reaching beyond the gates of heaven
His followers go on for miles, marching seven by seven

To the people of the world, they proudly sing their song
Praising his holy name as they are marching along

This majestic event, monumental celebration
On behalf of the Lord, whose love serves as inspiration

The world shall witness and the people shall hear
On how the masses of God shouted and cheered

Dancing through the town with smiles on their face
As they praise the lord for his love, his mercy, and his grace

People will ask one to another, “Have they heard?”
On how the children of God marched, proclaiming his word

Showing appreciation for God who sits high
Demonstrating to the world how much he has worked in their lives

As they continue to march over the horizon in line
They continue to let their light so brightly shine

© November 2010 k.davis

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Thanksgiving through...

A red, orange, brown fuss
in autumn once more
as fog comes upon us 
Halloween ghouls to the door

The trees turning yellows
rains tumult and pour
thunder bellows, 
winds blow cold with a roar

and puddles they widen 
until they're almost a lake
then out we need go 
for the leaves we must rake

So we dig out our gloves
and we wrap round our scarfs
Then we shop for our loves,
friends and then some other halves

For Christmas  approaches
but fireworks come first
as Guy Fawkes encroaches
kids pennies do thirst

Then it's time for the lights
as the children do sing
And Santa's nearly in sight
while the church bells do ring

Then Jesus Christ's birth
we will try to remember
the meaning of 'worth'
on 25th of December.

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No Sleeping Tonight

Are you set to sleep, if you dare to do so Music starts for no one on this fearful night The pumpkins shine brighter so that we may go Sleeping without an escape plan for tonight The headless horseman comes out for your head now Listen in the deep for the great cat’s meow To bed my little one, to dream land, it’s time You won’t have the saving grace, there’s no lifeline
Russell Sivey

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A Bell Toll

The dark night comes rushing in, an evil bask The evening spawns many Halloween creatures Sky a deep purple, poison to do its task Darkness comes in full force with all its features The moon comes rolling out, a dark orange glow In a distance a bell is tolling real slow Festering the nighttime air with hate tonight Symbolic of the pain imbued on this night
Russell Sivey

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Halloween Cake

Orange and brown cake Perfect for Halloween night As partygoers enjoy All the fun of the evening The tastiness is perfect
Russell Sivey

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Behind the Masks

What’s behind the masks That float around the brick wall Each has a warm glow With an orange radiance Behind each smooth veiled disguise
Russell Sivey

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Halloween World

The Halloween world moves only at night
        We’ve got spooky food, a mighty skull cake
	Full of little skulls and blood that is fake

The witches arrive and fly out of sight
	Leading the way of all the devilish fiends
	Where monsters follow evil and hate it seems

The Jack-O-Lantern is lit and stays on tonight
	Warming the hearts of many people around
	The feel of Halloween, it comes and surrounds

Halloween is the night that fills me with delight
	A comforting intensity fills my humble soul
	Where terror and fear comes and takes its toll

The Halloween world moves only at night
The witches arrive and fly out of sight
The Jack-O-Lantern is lit and stays on tonight
Halloween is the night that fills me with delight

Not for Andrea's Constanza contest

Russell Sivey

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Happy New Year

The last twelve months have been long

There has been good times and bad times but we remain strong

Do you remember the things that happened from beginning to end

Now there’s a fresh new start right around the bend

So gather your family and friends around

Party it up and turn up the music sound


So fill yourself with good will and cheer

And when the clock strikes midnight shout

Happy New Year


Father times dying baby New Year is ready to be born

Write a new book of your life the old one is tattered and torn

Don’t forget the past but let the pain slip away

Let the sun shine upon you on the first New Years Day

Be a better person live in the now

Enjoy your life more make a solemn vow


So fill yourself with good will and cheer

And when the clock strikes midnight shout

Happy New Year


Remember loved ones who have fallen in the past

Raise a toast to them and yourself to make their memory last

Grab your sweet heart and kiss them when the bell tolls

Pray for peace and all the departed souls

Make a New Years resolution don’t break your word

Be true to yourself and others and let your voice be heard


So fill yourself with good will and cheer

And when the clock strikes midnight shout

Happy New Year


Make this one better than the year before

The sands of time are wasting away each day a little more

Make each second count always strive

Go face your fears and thank heaven your alive

Indulge in your passions make your dreams come true

Good luck God bless Happy New Year to you

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Sky Has Darkened

The sun has just fallen and the moon arose The night sky has darkened and has become black From light of the candle I seemed to have dozed Darkness has taken over, taken me back My orange pumpkin’s glowing right next to me Taking me into dream’s sweet tranquility The night air is very cool, calm, and peaceful Jack-O-Lantern’s equal and quite powerful
Russell Sivey

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Thanksgiving Day

Today and everyday is worth being thankful.
Having warmth and love given is always thoughtful.
All of us should carry this feeling throughout year.
Not being thankful is just selfish, shows your fear.
Kindness should be showed to all each and everyday.
Sure, it may be tough at first, for your heart to sway.
God gave everyone a mind, heart and soul the same.
Individually we must all prepare and play the game.
Victory shall be the joy and happiness, you bring.
Inventory your heart; let your spirit free to sing.
Never let a sour soul, spoil your delightful song.
God is alive, great, awesome, he is never wrong.

Discover loving essence; make it your quarry.
Allow his honor to grace your existence and story.
You and you alone are the keeper of our Lords glory.

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July in America

July in America!
Sweetest blueberry month
Everybody’s desires
Enjoy its bountiful
Even the taste inspires.

July in America!
Enchanting fireworks month
Beautifully display
For people enchantment
Children and adult plays.

July in America!
Delicious ice cream month
Eaten tremendously
Because of its coolness
Taste magnificently.

July in America!
Palatable hot dog month
Jumbo or regular
Mayo, ketchup, mustard
Sounds familiar?

July in America!
All-Parenting month
Where youngsters and parents
Learns the meaning of life
That’s heaven sent.

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how safe are luxury liners

Luxury liners 

A crew of thousands mostly 
low paid men and women 
who works long hours 
for little reward. 
How to train them to be 
competent seafarers?
Add four thousand passengers 
who know little of the perils of the sea. 
It takes so little a fire in the engine room
that cannot be stopped;
a navigational error? 
I was a seafarer but I would never 
dream of joining those floating palaces
of restaurants and nightclubs and 
trendy officers who are chosen for their
looks and not sturdy ability.  

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Halloween Roads

The Halloween roads That run in all directions Like Howling Alley And Cemetery Circle Take you from the telling sign
Russell Sivey

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Table set with yummy things -a
Holiday for food
Apple pie and pumpkin roll- that 
Nice Aunt Donna brings
Kids run up and down the stair
Singing through the day
Giving thanks for childish things
In each and every way
Very hungry gentlemen
Inspecting every dish
Needing each a plate or ten- a
Grand Thanksgiving wish!

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Webs, Pumpkins, and a Cauldron

Here we go, Halloween is here, finally I sure look forward to these happier nights A wondrous short segment of reality A grand time brought to us full of sweet delights Outside where the lamppost rests are spider webs Waiting for the fog to reach, perfectly said And the great aura that Halloween night shows I completely and wholly desire to know To feel the awesomeness, the fully dark sight The bleak wind slowly breezes its way inside I devour the nature of Halloween night Sometimes I find myself wanting to abide Giving all of me into the creation Pumpkins becoming a delightful nation Sitting next to the sleek lamppost they’re glowing Halloween’s got its powers and is showing It reaches a nice place so perfect and true This night is special, cool in its unique way You want to display everything that’s brand new A brand new Halloween which you see today There’s a cauldron near the lamppost just sitting Whistling a tune from over its hot kindling The scene with the webs, pumpkins, and a cauldron Bringing Halloween its power, just hang on
Russell Sivey

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Witch's Tree

The witch’s tree of old Where it’s said witches reside They wait for people And once they are close enough They spring out and curse each one
Russell Sivey

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Hear & Now: The Cold

Sitting here on this cold day Wishing the cold would go away Feeling happy and having fun But from this cold I want to run When will it stop, when will it end Because the cold is not my friend Leave I say and away from my sight Let me have just on peaceful night

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On a Grey Tombstone

On a grey tombstone The date of death was early But the ground is fresh A corpse lies on top of grave With the skull wielding power It crawls towards me Wanting to borrow my heart So that it may live I scream running far away Never to return again
Russell Sivey

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Wait A Minute

Pause a moment for Jesus
Asked not why
Solance is golden
Solidarity is the key 
Obscurity becomes nil
Victory shall be ours
Eternal flame flickers
Relic in thy body of Christ our Lord


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A is for apple her favourite food.
N is for nelly fortado her favourite singer.
G is for green her favourite colour.
E is for easter her favourite holiday.
L is for lilly her  favourite flower.

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Halloween Thoughts

If I didn’t think that Halloween was so special
I would think that it was dull and quite boring
I love Halloween and all of its wonder
I think it’s the greatest holiday of the year
But if I never thought of it that way
I would think it was the worst possible day
I’m fascinated by all the devilish things around
The sincere innocence of this time astounds
If I didn’t think of all of this splendor
I would think that the innocence is just a front
A front of the evil that could be played
But I don’t think that, I believe it is a great time
A time of joyful glee and trick or treating
Dressing up in costumes and going to parties
I would hate all of this, if I thought differently
I wouldn’t enjoy the full moon, and the black cats
The witches and creatures of the deep would be my boon
But my heart is with this Holiday, everything it stands for
The fun of the skeleton dances and the bats that fly
I love to think of the Jack-O-Lanterns that smile at night
But if my thoughts would change, I wouldn’t enjoy
All of these feelings that I do love to employ
Spiders and maggots, creatures of the night
I wouldn’t stand for them, I would hate this sight
I however think what I do think, simply delightful
I will always love Halloween and all its wonder
The festivities of the season will remain in my heart

Entrant into Nancy Jones' "If I didn't think what I think, here's what I'd think" contest


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Sand and Sea

A light with bite that wounds the eye
is breaker borne. Ashore,
this bright morning burns
black holes into the retina:
sun spots that dot the dunes.
My vision sweeps, south to north,
a stretch of beach. Each wave,
which breaks then smooths to ripples,
retreating leaves its flotsam:
spume-laden seaweed and shells the sun
will bleach to blinding white in hours.
A swimmer bodysurfs to water's edge.
I sip my tonic, sponge my brow,
and, through tinted glass, confront
the terrace crowd of others, cowed,
like me, by youth, by sun, by sand and sea.

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Glowing Delight

Asked by a husband, each year before November ends.
His wife sits waiting, to see the tree upon the hill.
Messages of waiting, upon the first night, she sends.
To the building, that displays a tree, so still.

Each year, a tree lit on an, November night
She patiently waits at first, with anticipation growing.
Looking out her window, she gazes upon one delight.
This is a sign; Christmas is near as this tree is glowing.

He tells me she is watching, upon the mark of twilight.
He says it brings joy to her heart and tears to eyes.
To see the giant tree adorned, in brilliant color of white.
Truly a scene of beauty, which floats below the skies,

This tradition, handed down, before nineteen forties.
Vividly seen for miles, marking the seasons cheer,
Tree of lights that adorn a building rooftop with ease,
We all see this view, admiring, until the New Year. 

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Thoughts from the Clouds

Endless White, billowed dreams of squatting men,
I stretch out to grasp an insubstantial floating sky,
A fluffy purgatory, a Grayscale cycle revolves again
Forever out of reach, I extend arms, choosing to fly.

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Erupting Fire

There’s fire near the house Evil house that’s quite haunted Windows are all closed And boarded up, eerie fence Surrounds the building of hate It’s a fearful place One that frightens the older People who visit Trying to go see inside The fire simply shows the pain The fire erupts to Bring hate right to the forefront An evil consumes Seemingly house lives within There are no people inside
Russell Sivey

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Adorned Fireplace

The fireplace is filled With wondrous Halloween tricks Hollow pumpkin light And real witch’s hat with black cats With a branch to frighten them Lights adorn mantle The orange and purple ones Secure the fireplace For when it becomes dark out Fireplace glows with eerie light
Russell Sivey

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fields of bold daffodil bells ring in the Chinese New Year wealth and prosperity spread from wild, yellow blooms bright bells of distinction sway a sweet fragrance on the breeze tell of flowers bringing gold a gift to behold By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders HM in Brian Strand's 8 max/ any form, any theme contest

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No Room!

There wasn't room at the inn,
For Mary and Joseph to stay.
So our Lord Jesus was born,
And in the animal manger He lay.

The world made no room,
For our Savior to be.
Even though He was coming,
To save you and me.

In this fast paced world,
Going from here and there;
We've crowded up our lives,
Like we no longer care!

Is there no room for Jesus,
In the fast paced life you're living?
Shouldn't we make room for Him,
Because it's our sin He's forgiving?

Now slow down and examine,
Your whole life situation.
Make more room for Jesus,
Because He is your salvation!

Look back at that night,
So silent and still.
Will you make more room,
So your heart He can fill?

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Flying on Broomsticks

The witches all go Flying on their great broomsticks I fall to their strike
Entrant into Black Eyed Susan's "Single Senryu - no nature poems please" contest 9/17/2012

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The Haunted Mansion

The ghosts all come out at night In the haunted mansion with no light The spider webs are prevalent here Creating a case of unnatural fear This place is never out of sight
Russell Sivey

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U Turn

U Turn

Look around my Lord
it's not even thanksgiving
and people cannot wait
to celebrate Christmas in your name
"Not one stone will be left upon another"
and I know, that Santa Clause is a false god
and that heaven has her holidays
I don't know why we prefer all the others

I wonder if anyone understands
what I'm trying to say
the abomination of desolation is probably a cross
we we're told not to make idols
we should all put these things away
and there is no escape
because when you try and tell people this
your friends, your family, and the world
will become filled with animosity and hate
they'll even call you a false prophet
because they love the world and her ways

but they did not murder our Lord
because they loved him
and the things that he had to say
but because they preferred their sins
so love your enemies and pray
few accept the truth
even though it's what we crave
very few understand
even tyrants think they're saved
even though they take and take and take
heaven away
come judgement day
some will rise up to shine like the stars
others will find everlasting contempt
the blind lead the blind into a ditch that's
just around the corner I'm afraid

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A Tale Of Two Tales

Santa was good to me when six years old
Several presents for me, blessed was I 
Bike under tree and I had never rode
Learned to ride that day, felt that I could fly

Then again when I was fourty-seven
Received bicycle as a Christmas gift
On that bike could fly like wind_ enliven
On it once more downhill moved so swift

Then there was slight accident on that bike
Pain and agony ended up being end
Surgery for injured back was my plight
Never road that bike again; there's more, friend

Three bikes in life, I've been blessed to posses
I've told two tales; one more poem due, I guess.

Sponsor: Gwendolen R
Contest: My Bicycle


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Skeletons Walk

Sky is orange made by the light of the moon It glows revealing trick or treaters about There’s also a witch in the sky on her broom Flying and casting spells causing fear and doubt There are skeletons walking the streets this night Looking to find children to bring a great fright Goblins lurk in dark places and spiders too Halloween’s looking to scare the pants off you
Russell Sivey

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Witch of the Forest

In a dark forest A nightmare presents itself By a spell that’s cast From a black witch that torments Those that see her do cower She has an aura A heavy feel about her She’s evil and plain She tortures souls brazenly Carries about her ill hate People run from her They hide, when she is around Forest is her home Her domain, where she worships Cast’s evil, forbidden spells This night is her night Where her dark spells work stronger Stronger than normal It’s the darkest night of year It’s evil, it’s Halloween
Russell Sivey

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Light of the Moon

Light of the moon hangs Delivers slight disruptions To the midnight scene Girl seemingly beautiful Flashes of light reveals truth With each lightning strike She turns into an old hag Corrupting those near Her evil eyes, hollow, pierce Taking down those unwary She walks lazy streets Where the unsuspecting seen All fall under spells That she deftly crafts along Takes them down one at a time A victory dance She graces at the finish After her quota All the souls she has bequeathed For this latest Halloween
Russell Sivey

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Scarecrow on the Edge of the Ridge

The land skims along the edge of the ridge And the trees themselves look quite creepy Limbs sprout outwards making like a bridge The land skims along the edge of the ridge There’s a scarecrow that sure holds a grudge Powers of the scarecrow makes one drowsy The land skims along the edge of the ridge And the trees themselves look quite creepy
Russell Sivey

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Forlorn Field

In the midst of a forlorn field Hangs a scary scarecrow Working hard to fend of the crows Catching them, giving throws The raven then approaches him Looking quite evil, sly Death follows this horrible bird Wrongful death won’t deny He lifts up, flies above the fields Not a fear in his blood Until somehow the scarecrow grabbed And destroyed all he could The scarecrow then celebrated Where the raven lies dead He knew his powers were greater Than the ravens small head
Russell Sivey

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Chanted Spell

As the dim house weeps nearby She starts her spell here Chants are engaged from her soul Blood spills from a tear Boils the potion made From the cauldron that she holds Powers strewn she laid
Russell Sivey Form Seguidilla

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Love On The Beach

Sur la plage in France,
I thought I'd found romance,
My olive skinned beauty with cascading hair,
Smiling so sweetly, I tried not to stare,
Her body was bare but for a peach thong,
I was there naked, she saw nothing wrong,
We spoke in a broken half-French, word by word,
But thoughts unspoken were louder still heard,
I said 'I'm Nick' and she said 'I'm Celeste',
Oh Celeste, as you rubbed sun oil onto my chest,
Your eyes they were burning, they encaptured me,
More sparkling, more blue, than the Cote D'Azur sea,
I longed for your neck to feel my kisses sweet,
So I looked at you not as I massaged your feet,
Our chaste romance ended before it began,
Your boyfriend returned and I cowardly ran.

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Curse of Middleton

Upon a fleeing Man, the curse of Middleton Raven kept an eye On his ill begotten path Terrible fate crosses him He saw the horrid Unthinkable truth of past Of a man who killed For fun, left his place of rest Now runs free to curse again How he fears this ghost For he murdered families While they’re in their sleep Dreaded evil of the town Is free to frighten again The raven watches And sure sees his every move The man knows time’s short The ghost will be upon him And the curse will be complete The curse imposes That the man who found evil Will carry the soul Of the raven, to do more Of the murders as before Now he must warn all That live in this humble town What comes this dark night So they can prepare for him And cast his soul to darkness
Russell Sivey

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The Children Of The Streets 3 (2008)

This poem is of gross content and viewers are warned of such.
This is written for the children, none of us knows the sufferings they must endure
by the hands of their captors. Let their voices be heard in the night. Do not
turn a blind eye just so you can attempt an escape from reality. Listen for once and maybe 
one child will be safe in the night.
   Wickedness lives in our world and children will continue to suffer by their hands
unless we the responsible take charge of our responsibilities and keep watch
over them, That is our solemn duty, do it right.
   For the sake of the children.

Tonight I search for tasty treats
All the lovely children of the streets
They are everywhere walking
Alone, serene
I'm going to love this Halloween.
   Hello there children, lovely night
Don't grip your bags of candy so tight
Smile my sweet
Have fun, lets play
Tomorrow you will not see the day.
   Try not to be frightened, all is well
Although you think that you are in hell
Come here my love
Lets dance, lets sing
I am going to do everything.
   Tommy, you and Sarah play
On top, yes right, that's the way
Does it feel good?
Isn't this sweet?
This is wonderful, EAT YOUR MEAT!
   Did that hurt? Well lets try it like this
There my dear now this is bliss
I love you Tommy
So smooth, so soft
I'll leave you to sleep here in the loft.
   Oops, I'm sorry, Tommy died
Come here Sarah, you'll be the bride
Touch me there
Thats right lets taste
Turn around love while I hold your waist.
   Do not worry love, it's supposed to bleed
This is how two now become three
Oh well, too bad
You didn't last long
Your cries, your whimpers were lovely song.
   Now will I sleep amongst the dead
While sweetened thoughts dance through my head
Until next years Halloween 
The night will bring me beautiful treats
All the lovely children of the streets.

     Placid Poet
     September 13, 2008

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For You

I made something quite
Special for you mom and dad
For Christmas this year.

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Trick or Treat

Dressed in costume
on streets appeared
I and my crew
so unafeared,

but when we came
upon a spook
we ran away,
confidence shook.

I'll never leave
my room again;
but don't bereave
Sequestered Friend.

I'm scared and not
this poem is
real symbolic!


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Eerie Lanterns

Wall of many lights Where lanterns collect their glow The eerie feel they give Their yellow amber etched glass Where a flame grows from within
Russell Sivey

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Pumpkins in Stairwell

Pumpkins in stairwell I follow them down the steps Each has eerie glow From the small candle within Lighting up its soul on fire
Russell Sivey

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I am part of the land
the granite and limestone
that contain relics
of man's beginnings.
I stand on the mountain looking
over the water, pure in its shades
of blue as it reaches into the 
caverns along the coast.
The land rises to unknown heights
daring man to conquer it, to live on it.
The remnants of fortresses align the coast
standing guard against unknown forces.
From the Greeks and Romans I draw my blood
continuing the ways, the languages, as I observe
the Europeans with their yachts using
my land as a playground.

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A Time For Thanksgiving

During this time, of our way of living… We take a day that we call; “Thanksgiving.” The early pilgrims took time, to thank the Lord. Though there wasn’t much, they could “afford.” They wanted to thank God, for all he gave them! This was their way to really thank him! Over the years, and how this country’s leaning. It seems like we’ve lost it’s true meaning! We’ve so much pleasures and entertainment. I think we’re becoming “complacent.” As many are proud of they’ve “achieved.” Giving thanks to God is seldom received… It’s more than serving a turkey and dinner meal. Isn’t it time to thank God? Who made this all real! As we approach this time of the season… Let’s be thankful to God! And for good reason! He’s given everything we call as “our own.” He’s given our health and our home! It’s no secret what God’s done for you… Be thankful to him in everything you do! He makes it possible for you to be here! Let’s honor him! As Thanksgiving draws near! By Jim Pemberton

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This Memorial Day

We salute every soldier who’s
 served this great nation.
And offer a heart of thanks
 and appreciation!

We salute each member 
of our armed forces.
And are thankful for their
 efforts and resources!

We salute the many who 
protect our borders too.
We’d be in trouble…  
If not for people like YOU!

We salute every son and 
daughter lost in a war.
YOU are what serving this
 country is meant for!

We salute the officers who’ve 
guided our women and men.
Our prayers are with you!  
And our love from within!

We salute our veterans!  
Wherever they may be!
Those who served on
 land, air and sea!

Offering prayer to the
 Lord is our belief…
That he will guide our

As we observe Memorial Day this year…
Let’s offer our soldiers
 love, hope and cheer…

May God bless them in
 all they endeavor
And his peace be with them
 today and forever!!

By Jim Pemberton  05/21/10

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Children At Easter

C...Cute, cuddly, wiggly dressed dressie
H...Holding Easter Baskets..fancy

I...Interested in the candy
L...Laughter smiles aren't they just dandy

D...Daughters, sons next generation
R...Reason for different celebration

E...Excitement bubbling forth fills air
N...Nothing like love of child is there

(Couplet and Acrostic combination..)

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If There Was NO Christmas

What if Christmas never happened? What if Christmas never came? Things around here would be different! It wouldn’t be the same! What if the baby Jesus was never born in a manger? Mankind would be in serious trouble. We’d all be in danger! If the baby Jesus wasn’t born. There would be no nativity. We wouldn’t be able to display this during our “festivity.” It’s almost like this now! It’s an “ever increasing business.” It seems like nearly everyone wants “Christ out of Christmas!” Why does it seem like Christmas is losing it’s true meaning? The very words; “Merry Christmas,” seem to be quickly disappearing! Many say; “Happy Holiday.” They worry they may “offend.” Having a “holiday” without Christ…. Once again! We need to put Jesus Christ back into our CHRISTmas season! He is what Christmas is about! HE is the very reason! May we all take some time to rejoice in our savior’s birth. May there be shouts of JOY! From the corners of the earth! Let’s not take Christ out of our joyous celebration! We need him so much right now! All over this great nation! May we bring to him a heart of love for everything he’s done. As we bring honor to Christ. God’s precious son! May we continually offer to him a heart filled with praise! Not only at Christmas time… But all of our days! By Jim Pemberton

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A Day Of Thanks

On this special day we give thanks for all we have been
granted in life.
Often forgetting those less fortunate than us.
So as we gather with our loved ones to enjoy each others
company let us take a moment and remember those that are
alone and have less than us.
Say a prayer that although they may not have someone to
share this day with or may have little to eat that God
continues to watch over them as he always has.
Pray that they know this without a doubt and that their
faith never falter just because they feel alone and
Let them be reassured that they never walk alone.

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The Raven

The raven, so smart It’s evil in its own right Talks to very dead Flies like the bat, just higher And can read a person’s fear
Russell Sivey

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Witch in a Dungeon

There’s a spooky haunted house upon a hill Follow the winding path up to the front door Inside you can hear laughing that gives a chill There’s an evil witch within, she hopes to score Way down into the dungeon she will take you She’ll place you under her spell, surely it’s true You will wake up to find yourself with a tail With a squeaky little voice, dark without fail
Russell Sivey

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Jack-O-Lantern Lamp

A bright Jack-O-Lantern lamp Sits in my autumn hallway Shows my love of Halloween While shedding great light
Russell Sivey

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glorious october sunday

The Last Sunday of October. 

Vilamoura marina on a glorious October day, tourists gone home
leaving the promenade for us elderly to walk sedately along it.
I saw an ancient lady walking forcefully, using a Zimmer frame,
It looked like she was trying to set a new personal record, and
we gave her space. We saw a once famous footballer, sad really 
you see them running around a big green field and the next day 
they are dated and forty. In case you ask, it wasn’t Beckham. 
 Many yachts tied up and their owners are allowed to drive their 
cars on the promenade, my old socialist heart was ready to revolt. 
Cafes  were open and served food for us old at reduced price; still 
too expensive, it was as idle waiters were eyeing us malevolently.
The Zimmer lady returned I think she had beaten her old record. 
 Then it was late afternoon and the sea breeze cooled our ardour; 
time to go home and drink our cacao.

Details | Rengay | |

An Arched Pergola

An arched pergola Filled with flora and leaves Seasonal décor Leaves of many colors Attach to the archway A lit pathway Made from Jack-O-Lanterns Reaches the porch Great pumpkins All carved very nicely Evil faces sour The lawn is dark No light reaches its bank Evil may lurk Deep into the night Stay on the lit path
Russell Sivey

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Love of ants brings love of life

Love of life comes in openness and delight in small wonders—
Bowing, kissing, shaking hands
The magic of a million colors lighting up a concrete night
And ants tripping daintily over boulders of sand.

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Massive Dark Tower

There is a massive tower holding evil A full moon opens the night with awesome fear There are bats that fly seemingly true and real Black ravens showing just what darkness is near The eyes of the warlock glows like a demon’s Where he casts his spells, calls upon the legions The skeletons rise to walk again once more Around this dark tower, to again explore
Russell Sivey

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Pumpkin Man

In the large front lawn Outside the haunted mansion There sits pumpkin man Sitting with a carved out face Glowing from hollow inside Beside him are cats Black cats cursing those leery With spiders around And lampposts with candles lit So you may see the terror Living in this fear Would drive me completely nuts I avoid this house Where these demons go to live At the end of our feared street
Russell Sivey

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Field of Jack-O-Lanterns

The light field is all aglow Filled with Jack-O-Lanterns made Glowing for the enjoyment Of all the children They light up the entire field With their scary faces told Brightening the kids’ faces Seeing their hearts smile The pumpkins guard the children And watches out for their souls They can play through the safe field They are protected Slowly the candles lose strength Protection powers are lost No one is left out this late Evil has been cast
Russell Sivey

Details | Rispetto | |

Jack-O-Lantern Spirit

Fear evolved from the center of the pumpkin Where light radiates out in an eerie form The Jack-O-Lantern carries the corrupt sin Leading fear out to many through its great storm Within the center of the weary pumpkin There’s an evil spirit that’s surely akin To the witches of old with their wicked ways Serving the darkness throughout all of their days
Russell Sivey

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Dark Enchanted Forest

In a dark enchanted forest ravens fly Looking for trespassers that enter this space They report back to their masters that rely On their guidance, which causes fear in this place Evil that these witches and warlocks possess Would harm any person that would sure digress To enter this cursed zone, sure plagued and harmful None would want to enter, here pain’s plentiful
Russell Sivey

Details | Tanka | |

Hooting of an Owl

Owl upon a tree Just hooting along tonight Under a full moon It delights in the fear made From what’s created within
Russell Sivey

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mother's vacation

Mother’s Vacation 

1946 the warmest May ever in Norway, mother went camping 
with her lover on an island. I was 8 and could boil potatoes and 
look after myself, but evenings that had no darkness was long, 
and this was before TV. A big war had just ended; mother was 
free to be young. I was reading a travel book “Argentina” when 
mother came back a bit earlier than planned, she looked radiant
and sun tanned. She spoke excitedly about fishing for crabs at 
midnight boiling and eating them warm. I think she came home
 feeling guilty for leaving. When she had spoken I continued to 
read the book about the pampas of Argentine. She could not bring 
herself to say she had missed me, and I was unable to tell her how 
 much I missed her... Next morning she went back to the island and 
I boiled potatoes and ate them with tinned sardines and continued 
to read books about great adventures.

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Why Do We Take Christ Out of Christmas

Why Do We Take Christ Out of Christmas? Christmas is the only holiday we often don’t call by name. We often forget about the true reason that Christ came. It’s the only holiday that we often call “a holiday.” It’s true meaning, is often, taken away! It’s more than the tree and all of the glittering lights… It’s time to think about the Bethlehem star so bright! It’s more than going shopping at the malls… More than, “Jingle Bells,” or “Deck the Halls!” It’s more than seeing how many people we can buy for. Or that clearance sale, you’re willing “to die for!” It’s more than buying the “newest in entertainment.” Or receiving a gift that may “cause an embarrassment.” Beyond all of the presents and all we truly believe in. Let’s all come to Christ Jesus and receive him! Let’s think about his birth, and his death on the cross! Without HIM… The true meaning of Christmas is lost! He brings the hope, joy and cheer that’s needed! Won’t you listen to his voice? That often goes unheeded? Christ is what’s important! And shouldn’t be left out! He’s what matters! And is what Christmas is all about! Let’s be joyful! It was for all of us that he came! And take this time to bring honor and glory to his name! By Jim Pemberton

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From “Daily Given and Other Poems”

Come forth, dear friend
Squeeze my hand and kiss my face
Even under the shadows of a pencil away
But you should not forget
You and I are human in our right moment to die

Not day I hope
Not in this particular month and not the next month either I should say
Alas! This is my bridge and I’ll wait for you to cross it together
Bring your body to me: Embracing and laughing and capping 
What I left for you, and much more.
We should live one, two, or three hundred years
It can be for anyone who would like to sing which it allows you and me to understand.

Speak up like cuckoo’s soul or pulling in front of you the intimate uncertainty
Because you would see eventually we are going to find
That trail that today appears confuse.
No matter what day will make an end
No matter what hour rendering may seem thrust that for others
Sometimes like this, in exact order, find blindness or butterflies.

If you fall believe it or not
I would make for you and the others as a soldier
Pinching wet ground and crushing the living creatures out of my way
But I would carry you and with a best-known smile I would indeed reach 
The other end that appears identical from the beginning.

Now I wish you Merry Christmas from this humbly and lonely man
The undone four-letters with which my mind usually I skip
Which by voice-over in a period of utmost solicitude
I should deliver it to you. 

Details | Tanka | |

All Hallows Eve

And here are the trees Spooky silver tendrils flow With webs all throughout Tangling with the branches there Where screams of fears carry on A pumpkin farmer Harvests his crop to share it The neighbors love him For his pumpkins make perfect Jack-O-Lanterns for the night And the skeletons Of the yard just lay alone Fear is their approach To life, a great interlude Shining brightly in moonlight The scarecrow scares none None of the crows that fly there Nothing frightens them But a man and his rifle Then they will leave fearfully The bats in the air Stay atop of our large tree Waiting for children To cross their paths, and scare them They fear the cats however These black cats prowl The dark night, causing great fear To the passersby The superstition reigns high And scares most people at night Ghosts do fly around The undead love to see them They play all throughout The haunted house, imposing Fear to all those kids nearby Spiders are a stay This fearful time of the year They spin their white webs Scare anyone unprepared Feelings of dire pain is near Witches play their part In the cauldron of great fear Their cackling supreme Crawls down your spine when she’s near And her skin creates disgust All these great creatures Of the darkness in the night Do bring emotion Whether fear or elation Halloween sparks interest
Russell Sivey

Details | Tanka | |

Lit Pumpkin Path

I have lit pumpkins Leading from very bottom Of my winding path Going to the feared front porch Where many pumpkins are lit Each has an image Carved deep into the pumpkin And each lit with care This is so lovely children Can see to get their candy
Russell Sivey

Details | Tanka | |

Soul of a Pumpkin

Scariest of times Tricks of the season to see A smile, a frown shown Creepy face reveals itself Within soul of a pumpkin
Russell Sivey

Details | Haiku | |

I Remember

Labor Day
honoring those served
with remembrence

Tribute To
Fallen Soldiers

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The Older I Am

The Older I Am… It seems like the older I am, with each passing day. There’s someone that I know who “passes away.” I remember as a child, 40 seemed to be “old.” Now, it seems quite young. As I’ve been told. This life that I have is wonderful and God given. He wants to be with me each day that I’m livin. The older I am, the more I begin to see. I need much more of God, and a lot less of me! Whatever path in life that I might choose. Without God in control. I’m going to lose! He’s the one that I need to take control. His word brings nourishment to my soul! His word and commandments need to be obeyed. There’s nothing for HIS LOVE I would ever trade! I thank you my lord for the life I have received. An eternal life with you, I want to achieve! The older I am…The closer I get to my mansion above God has blessed me and given me his eternal love! One more day with Jesus is sweeter than before! No matter my age. I’ll always need him MORE! He is and will always be with me till the end of time. I’m so glad that I am his. And he is MINE! By Jim Pemberton

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The shining blue and white

The shining blue and white 
White enters inside, 
the psyche is being blurred,
a tree’s chalky smile…

Winter, I am here now,
mist roams midst my mind
shining blue is worn by sky.

The eyes follow truths
reach a garden. Lost Eden.  
A white unicorn hops 

over my nervous system.
Is it love I see
in the shadows around me?
Migratory birds 
flying over the blue lake. 
My hands touch hers.
            © 2008 - All Rights Reserved Kushal Poddar

Details | Light Poetry | |

New Year

The holiday I love the most is the one we call New Year,
They say that it is the season; you know - the one filled with good cheer.
To me the holiday denotes an end to the year gone by.
The things that made us laugh at times and the things that made us cry.
The good times we can now post in our memory box
The bad things we can post, but hope they do get lost.

The New Years here, a new start, the winter will come to an end.
The warmth will come; we grasp it to us, just as a dear loved friend.
The days grow ever lighter; I look out and see each day.
They struggle through bad weather, until the full warmth comes in May.
I stay awake that night, the last one of the year
Not to party and drink constantly,
But to welcome without fear.
The New Year brings new challenges, and these we all take on.
To get us through this New Year,
 So that we can welcome the next new one.

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Witch's Coven

A witch’s coven went into a dark forest The clan met together to plan a town curse They debated and picked the one they liked best An evil would come, hurting the youngest first The townsfolk were oblivious to this deed The did not know the power of this dark seed They all got sick with some horrible disease The witches came laughing, pretty as you please
Russell Sivey

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Worst Christmas

This is the worst day
Christmas was just plain awful
No one the stop by
No presents exchanged
There was no celebration
No joy in the house

Russell Sivey

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At Autumn Harvest

At autumn harvest Pumpkins used to show season Surrounded by garland Some are carved with light inside To signify joy of times
Russell Sivey

Details | Free verse | |

A week to i aspired!

No office no studies anymore
A week to do something for-
Happiness of the pretty soul
Yearned for a break so long
Prepared a pleasing plan…
Give time to loved ones home
No longer feeling of being alone.
Early Morning Prayer to care
Shower blessings today to ever
Then an ecstatic dine together.

A trip to start some adventure
See beautiful sights with recite
Fearing away haunted fears
Living life in true dimensions
Capturing pictures in digital sense
Back home with reminiscences.
Enjoyed days one to four
With a voyage longed for
Without any worries in mind 
Realizing wishes in store…

Another tale to come on floor
Unwrap the reading pleasure
Let the fantasy world explore
Insights to thoughtful galore
True two days to compose more
Burning lamp to enlighten hope
In lives of God’s home for old
Sharing laugh among faces of Gold 
Whole day more than pure
True living as thoughts enrolled

Week of being true Human being
Each day going with I meant “Me”
Circling life with family tree
Angel bliss! Days of glee…

Details | Tanka | |

The Halloween Porch Formula

One part fall flowers To two parts Jack-O-Lanterns That’s the formula For warm greeting on my porch Sending in Halloween guests
Russell Sivey

Details | Verse | |


Full moon Tracks through the sky Over mansion Which is haunted with ghosts Screams are often heard from it Frightening Pumpkins Are there aglow Jack-O-Lanterns Bring joy to most, their smiles But to some their smiles are fear Frightening Bats fly About the sky Within the dark Scaring the innocent Some say they turn to vampires Frightening Lost bones Skeletons walk Restless beings Looking for fresh drippings Of kidneys, livers and hearts Frightening People Walking around Not knowing fear That will be coming soon A Halloween spectacle Frightening
Russell Sivey Form Vignette

Details | Epulaeryu | |

Easter Lamb Special (Inverse Double Epulaeryu)

Leg of lamb with rosemary Herb sauce and berries Mouth-watering aroma Blend of paprika Get a plate in haste Such a great Taste! Nice! Easter crust Slice of delicious Tasty gingerbread Baked with touch a Easter wine Going to my head Ready to royally dine! © Joseph, March 19, 2008 © All Rights Reserved This poem about a delicious dish starts with the regular format of seven syllables in the first line, and it progresses down to one syllable in the seventh and last line. However, the second section starts with an inverse of the first section, whereby the poem starts with the seventh and last line of one syllable and ends with the first line of seven syllables. The form is 7/5/7/5/5/3/1/ and inverse 1/3/5/5/7/5/7. This form was created by Joseph S. Spence, Sr.

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Summer Nights

Despite my fondness for summer days
And all the fun I've had on the way,
There are some things that can't happen in light;
Hence my sweet memory of summer nights.

The earliest memory I can recall
Was the night of a warm rainfall.
Lightning and thunder clashed in the sky
But I wasn't afraid (I didn't know why)

And of course on the Fourth of July
We watch fireworks adorn evening skies.
Perhaps even with a hot-dog to consume
While watching displays of gold, red, and blue.

The summer nights I probably remember best
Involve a campfire around which to rest,
As well as a supply of sticks and marshmallows
And fireflies flying with tails aglow.

These memories and more, I have in my heart
As well as the people with whom they take part.
And as long as my mind keeps these memories in store,
My fond summer nights will last ever more.

Details | Tanka | |

Onyx Black Candles

They’re made of bees wax Colored in all onyx black Candles of the night Cast eerie shadows about Halloween’s unearthly show
Russell Sivey

Details | Lyric | |


I’ve been saying
Saying I’ve been on my own
And I’ve been saying
Saying I’m all alone
Don’t wanna be away
Away from your holidays

Yesterday it snowed
Somehow we lifted a lighter load
And I wandered
I wonder where you went
The beauty in fallen leaves 
The bronze and auburn tint
Shaded by a breeze

I’ve been saying
Saying I’ve been on my own
And I’ve been saying
Saying I’m all alone
Don’t wanna be away
Away from your holidays

I’ve cursed my aptitude
And to no one I allude
What more is there to prove
A warm touch is something I could use
I used to say, “I don’t know how to lose”
But lately I’m walking in everyone else’s shoes

I’ve been saying
Saying I’ve been on my own
And I’ve been saying
Saying I’m all alone
Don’t wanna be away
Away from your holidays

My holiday song this year
I’ve brought myself away from tears
The cold, it chills my bones
But my stones are rolling home

"a song i wrote to john mayers "waiting""

Details | Prose Poetry | |

Without The Box

So, there you are
Returned from fighting another mans war
Heard you’re quite the hero
Good for you my friend
Twenty years young
Couldn’t wait
To kick some terrorist ass
And so you did
So very well indeed I hear
Now you’re back
Nothing more to kick
What are you to do with yourself
Lying there as you are
Look at all of us here
To welcome you back
Can you not hear the joy
Can you not see the happiness
Or is it all hidden behind the tears
So here you are returned
In a flawless uniform
Lying there all smug and confident
With a peaceful look
Here you are returned
Fresh off the plane
In a nice tight package
Here you are returned
To never leave again
Good to have you back my friend
Only wish it could have been
Without the box

Details | Tanka | |

Special Decanter

I have a soft spot For my special decanter Halloween teapot Where I create my hot tea And my great hot chocolate
Russell Sivey

Details | Rispetto | |

A Fleeting Spell

In an old and rickety cottage there flows A rare evil that stems from a black candle The witch cackles and laughs like she only knows Casting a spell that’s more than she can handle Black smoke fumes out of the old and dark chimney It reaches nearby town full of mystery Filling the forest floor with a damp feeling People are packing their things and are leaving She feels like there was success in what she did Evil doing has beaten real happiness But slowly she felt the spell come back and bid Her life a blow, causes her more emptiness Back to her house she went to hide from the spell That ultimately caused her life lots of hell She prayed to her demons and the filth therein But nothing could save her from a life of sin
Russell Sivey

Details | Alliteration | |

Dining Dames

Dandy daffodils delight
Dainty Dames dining
Complimenting the crispy crossiants
Making their meal magnificent

Details | Tanka | |

Dark Cemetery

Why do crows stay in Inside the confines of a Dark cemetery Fearful tombstones their haven Why do they enjoy the dead
Russell Sivey

Details | Rhyme | |

Full Moon Eclipses

The night’s full moon eclipses Greater than pumpkins A scene masterfully done Cast over their sins Jack-O-Lanterns scream From their blood thirsty innards The moon does redeem
Russell Sivey Form Seguidilla

Details | Etheree | |

HOT (Etheree)

HOT! (Etheree)

April 3, 
Sun is scorching!
The birds are silent
Not a cloud in the sky
Nor a gentle breeze blowing
It is unseasonably      HOT!
The weatherman promises melt
Guess what I’ll ask God to do for Easter?

Details | Dodoitsu | |


According to traditions
Celtic and Welsh ideas
Masks to cover the living
To hide from the dead

Russell Sivey

Details | Monoku | |

Unwavering Faith

unwavering faith accepting most holy will salvation plan ~*~
* * *
#2 in series of 24 Monokus reflecting on the Holy Season of Christmas * * * *

Details | Diminished Hexaverse | |

Halloween Fun

The blue color is strong For an eerie feeling That is on Halloween Green is another one A great prominent hue Also so is orange There are many things That are these colors Moonlight in evening A fresh new eyeball Or a great pumpkin Spiders are out At Halloween Spinning white webs Beautiful sight Red as blood From the hearts Of vampires Kids scared With fear Fun
Russell Sivey

Details | Diminished Hexaverse | |

Silver Springs

Silver Springs
Spring break 2009

Devastation by
Hurricane strong winds
Totally shocked when
Eyes viewed the scene
Water still ran clean

Wanted to share joy
Of the fun zoo
With my grandson
And you, grand day

Day saved
Jeep ride

Eggs eggs


Details | Tanka | |

News of Pumpkin Man

News of pumpkin man With a pumpkin for a head A great big, large man Going down, waiting for you Looking into your window With him seeing in You find him, and scream in fear You flee, run away Never to look back again The fear lives in you always And the pumpkin man Lives on, story never told For the fear welts in A large lump within your voice He may still look in on you
Russell Sivey

Details | Tanka | |

Headless Horseman's Head

Large skeletal hand Holds the great headless horseman’s Head, a huge carved gourd A pumpkin that glows within For all of Halloween night
Russell Sivey

Details | Tanka | |

On My Dark Dresser

On my dark dresser I have some fun for season I have lit pumpkins Some evil looking pumpkins Great Jack-O-Lanterns tonight
Russell Sivey

Details | Rispetto | |

Heartless Shadow

The pumpkins brighten the area tonight With the aura of fear brought into its wake Their power absorbs life, signifying night Creating direct line of turbulent hate The light given off is a possessive hue A grand display of ultimate sadness true It’s a heartless shadow of a demons heart Master of evil shown never breaks apart
Russell Sivey

Details | Tanka | |

Legendary Scarecrow

The legendary Scarecrow, corn stalks, pumpkin head Owner’s invention Full with cloak and overalls Outstretched arms seem inviting
Russell Sivey

Details | Rhyme | |

What Inspires Me

I get really inspired When it’s truly seen What has transpired For just Halloween
Russell Sivey Entrant into Patricia Ellis' "You Are My Inspiration" contest 10/1/2012

Details | Rhyme | |

The Christmas Letter, dedicated to my mother

I thought I would have, all my cards in the mail
You can tell that my pace, is that of a snail
I’m such a “go getter” and I hate sitting still
One things’ for certain, I haven’t lost my will.

All the testing, the blood work, x-rays and more
Thank goodness the lab, has a revolving door.
I’m covered in bruises, from head to my toes,
I say it’s ‘cuz, I punched a guy in the nose.

This pill, and that pill, it is hard to keep track
Is this for my stomach, my eyes or my back?
All of my treatments, are a thing of the past
I don’t have to see doctors, I’m free at last.

Believe it or not, hubby’s quite a good cook
And he doesn’t follow, a recipe book.
I’ve had to scold him every once in a while
“Please don’t leave that clean laundry, sit in that pile”.

He vacuums, does laundry and even does chores
Fixes washers, dryers and paints all the doors
He’ll relax in his chair, and he snores quite fast
When he gets loud, I’ll turn the TV full blast.

I have to admit, that it’s funny to see
Looking out that window, as he trims the tree.
I still try to figure, why men can’t “just trim”
NO, they hack, saw, and pull and leave just a limb.

The Grandchildren are growing, fast every day
Time passes quickly, which is scary to say.
Thank goodness for family, and friends such as you
May all of your dreams, and wishes come true.


Details | Light Poetry | |


I remember waiting at the garden gate so filled with joy
Waiting for my hero to come and picks us up -i was just a boy
We only saw you on the weekends through no fault of your own 
I knew you would always be there ,you would never have left us alone

Those summer days when you would take us away
I remember them as if they were yesterday 
Walking through the fields, climbing the hills
Playing in the sea, flying a kite as far as the eye can see

The caravan holidays playing in the arcades
So many memories no one can take away
The fun fair rides that would take me up high
Seeing you laughing as i went whooshing by
I remember sitting on the dodgems laughing as we bumped into each other
Thinking to myself how lucky i am to have you as my father

Christmas mornings waiting for you to come over
Not wanting to open our presents untill we were all together
Sundays all around nans for tea
Setting of the fireworks i would watch from under the big tree

We went to the cinema i had to lie about my age
I hope these great memories i have never fade
Two old ladies sitting in the sun there skirts up to there knees
You brought them both an ice cream they turned and smiled at me
Those long days spent together fishing 
Running up the canal laughing because you had fallen in

So many memories i have 
I'm so glad to have you as my dad
You worked so hard to give us kids a good start 
I will always love you from the bottom of my heart

Details | Tanka | |

Bats Inside

Bats are in the house Flying all around the place Calling out your name With a flutter they fly by Looking for your lone heartbeat
Russell Sivey

Details | Rispetto | |

Where Skeletons Lay

The witch and her black cat stir up some evil In the darkness and the stillness of the night The old graveyard brings up feelings that are real They bring upon some fear as well as some fright The grave markers tell of where skeletons lay Crawling out of the ground full of ripe decay Ghosts float above the Earth looking for some game Everything in the graveyard moves to his name
Russell Sivey

Details | Tanka | |

Seasonal Decor

A set of pumpkins One atop of the other Each with a letter And spelling out the word boo Lovely seasonal décor
Russell Sivey

Details | I do not know? | |

More Than a Mother by Kenny Davis

More Than a Mother by Kenny Davis

You’re more than a mother to me
You’re a better part of my heart
Through all the tears, I look to you
For me, that’s where the joy starts

You’re more than a mother to me
You’re more like a guiding light
There in the mists of the darkness
I am drawn to you, burning so bright

You’re more than a mother to me
You’re like the sunlight after the rain
A comfort after the troubles
Removing all of my pain

You’re more than a mother to me
You’re my calm before the storm
Keeping me grounded, keeping me focused
So my faith may take its form

You’re more than a mother to me
My personal North Star
Finding myself following your glistening glow
For times, when I shall stray afar

You’re more than a mother to me
You’re like the first day of spring
Each smile from you, a simple ray of sunshine
Angels and birds would sing

You’re more than a mother to me
You’re my absolute best friend
Of all the times we have spent and shared
I hope and pray they never end

You’re more than a mother to me
You’re truly one of a kind
I am truly blessed to have a mother like you
I am glad to say you’re mine

© May 2010 K. Davis

Details | Rhyme | |



'08 I hate and disregard, as we bring in a new year;

'09 should be fine, and  I have plans; to shift into a new gear.

Excuse my bitchin and whinin, but this last year was a bust;

Plans of change I've made them, and this year their  a must.

No self pitty, no procrastination, no bitchin that life ain't fair;

I'm gettin on the positive wagon; and I hope to see you all there.

Father time has been a friend to me but, even he can grow weary;

We best do what we want in life, cause time goes by quickly deary.

Life is all about livin, it's out there and I'm gonna grab it;

'09 will find me jammin, cause im gittin all I can Git !

Details | Kimo | |

Grateful Host

Thanksgiving is for friends and family
However for you it’s stress
Will you make it pleasant

Russell Sivey

Details | Tanka | |

Each Story

Each of our stories Has a carved pumpkin inside From feared spooky ones To happy delightful ones They are all fun to enjoy
Russell Sivey

Details | Tanka | |

Hallowenn Cookies

I want those cookies In shapes of many creatures Like black cats that prowl Pumpkins dressed up and spiders And of course the scary ghosts I do want them all For they are the tastiest When it’s ghostly time And when ghouls and goblins roam On special Halloween nights
Russell Sivey

Details | Tanka | |

Hanging Pumpkins

Could you imagine Pathway filled with lit pumpkins Beauty to behold Light fills surface around it With carved pumpkins hanging there
Russell Sivey

Details | Couplet | |


I know I haven’t been there yet,
It’s the one thing that I do regret;

There’s no place I would rather go
Such history from so long ago

Someday I will make that trip,
Maybe by plane, maybe by ship;

To see the Pyramids and the Sphinx,
Abu Simbel and the “missing link’s”;

To visit Luxor and Valley of the Kings,
Egypt is filled with so many things;

From Giza to Karnak and Abusir,
To Saqqara and the Oasis of Ahm Shere;

I can’t wait to see them all up close,
Of Egypt I need a healthy dose;

I’m saving up to travel there,
Readying my mind - so much to prepare;

So many places in Egypt to see,
The only thing missing there is me;

~10th Place in the "African's Attitude" Contest by Adeleke Adeite~

Details | Rhyme | |

Ho Ho Ho

Go to sleep 
Go to sleep
My little ones

Or Santa
Just won't come

For he knows when you are awake
For He knows when you are asleep

Close your weary eyes now
And I'll go take a little peek

Tap Tap Tap
Upon the roof

It's santa coming 
For I hear reindeer's hoofs

Hush Hush now
Don't say a word

Better hurry 
And fall fast to sleep
Or he just may leave you a big turd

Let sugar plums
Dance in those pertty little heads

As I made sure
Santa was nice and fead

Cookies and milk
With nothing else

Oh thank you my dear Lord
For this nice little cord

For they are fast to sleep
Now I can go back to bed
And count my own lost sheep

Details | Free verse | |

Home for the Holidays

Thanksgiving Eve at Motel 6,
a day from home, five hundred miles
of brake-lights, everybody trying
to gather back together into family.
	Most of what I know of family
is with me in these one-night
rented walls.

Bedtime, time to walk the dog.
Behind the dumpster she wags her tail,
smiles, and here’s a man’s
face, by reflected light. I can’t tell,
he might be somebody’s old
high school teacher, squatting
beside the cardboard box
where he’ll be spending the night.
His breath haloes in the cold.

I don’t know him.
My dog licks him in the face
as if she did.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.
A laden table, warmth between the walls.
People who greet me by name.

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Witches on the Mantle

Halloween tricks, treats With witches on the mantle Doing their flying Right next to Jack-O-Lanterns And delightful skeletons
Russell Sivey

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The Children Of The Streets

   Night fall,
The moon in the heavens full,
A mist has taken the sky,
The air is still and cool.
   The night is chilled,
Haunting thrills,
From the depths of hell,
Evilness spills.
   The haunting of Halloween,
The beast released,
Stalking their prey,
The children of the streets.
   Around every corner,
 Hiding in the shadows of the alley ways,
The creatures of the world,
Are gathering today.
   Coming with their needles,
Pins, and fills,
Of acid laced candies,
And cyanide pills.
   A nightmare of hell,
All Tricks no treats,
The world’s waste tonight stalk,
The children of the streets.

   Placid Poet
   OCTOBER 18, 1994

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Love, In its Purest Form

Love, In its purest form Heaven sent, Manger born You know the story God, seated in glory Manifested himself in flesh To give us glory Born, That we may be eternally blessed Yes, that’s just it He came down, To spare our expense As a man But first, as a babe He lay, In a manger of hay To show, Me the lengths, He’d go To retrieve His people, from sin Even when, There was no room in the inn He came To redeem Offering redemption Standing in the gap, For death, Which was our distinction He came, That through His sacrifice The world would be saved …That’s love, Pure Patiently waiting, for His people to mature As He has given us a choice Given us the key Given us His word, to heed If only we, would listen to His still voice, Saying, “You’re Free” Free to live By the example He portrayed That we’re more than just Lumps of dirt and clay In the sense that we have, Purpose Just as He had, As He came, From heaven, to earth, to the grave And ascending, back to the heavens above, …That’s love, And on this day, we celebrate Glory to God in the highest, we exalt His holy name Emmanuel, Emmanuel We praise Him, in the same Because just like those Three Wisemen I have to see His face, Feel His warm embrace Just as He embraced humanity, Born, to change our eternal fate Just as He embraced our destiny, When He conquered death in the grave Only to give us life By way of His mercy and grace Oh how great, He must be King, and carpenter God and man Exalted and crucified The Great I Am How great is He That He came To set the captives free The likes of you and me Dead, until he revived us again Again and again Alleluia, my soul sings, From the outside in Melodies of joy and peace ‘Tis the season of giving, As God has given so much to us In its purest form, God gave us, Love

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The leaves are falling, on the ground
You can’t hear them, there is no sound.
For it is fall, the weather cool
Some carve pumpkins, decorate too.

Picking costumes, for kids to wear
Some want cute ones, so not to scare.
Putting on make-up, or a mask
It usually is, a parent’s task.

Kids will dress up, go door to door
They get candy, and want some more.
“Trick or treat”, you will hear them say
Saying ”thank you”, and walk away.

The children ask, “Can I eat one”?
You know darn well, they’ll eat a ton.
“Only one”, the reply will be
“Dinners waiting at home, you see”.

Witches, cowboys, a ghost or clown
The children walk, all over town.
Bags are filled, with a yummy treat
By night’s end, many tired feet.

Getting home, their bedtime is near
Knowing now there’s, nothing to fear.
Halloween night, has come and gone
It’ll be back, before too long.

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A Gravitational Pull

Stone upon the water front/
Next to the cashmere pillow,
The pier near the gallow shore/
A man began to speak,

Within this land there shall be no way out accept I tax,
This gravitational pull may bring some down,
Yet if you stay and listen very carefully/
You will live through this time and be very happy !

Many of you have become lazy in the manner of laws,
A decree will be summoned to let us know/
The waiting may be hard to comprehend,
Yet within time you can grow to depend/

The fat of the land,
Let this man take you by the hand/
There can be no further excuses or escape,
The way will depend upon the hearer's !

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Pumpkin Delight

There’s a decaying old shack Where pumpkins are out back A stunning show of Autumn care Where there’s nothing that lacks A beautiful sight of fall flair Where pumpkins show their lair Another holiday comes roaring in Halloween approaches if you dare A great scene from the porch den Is a collection of Jack-O-Lanterns Clearly lit by candles on the inside Inviting goblins and next of kin There are no pieces that scare the tide The children come happily from the outside Candy delivered from the door where I abide They know my house from far and wide
Russell Sivey

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Green Aura

With a green aura That surrounds this house of old Sits a spooky feel Lamppost out front casts shadows Working eeriness about A lone light is lit By candle in upstairs room Visible on street Helps create the dim green glow That permeates all around
Russell Sivey

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Radiant Gift

Her eyes tell of her deep compassion and love for all.
Glistening in beatitude, a gleaming star so divine,
Heart beating with passion, deserving everything fine,
Upon her celebrated day of birth, I made the call.
As I gazed into the Heavens, upon the beauty I saw.
My Baby’s face came into mind; I named the sign.
She deserves immortalization upon the skies design.
I purchased a celestial body from a map on the wall.

For her day of blissfulness, I gave her a reflective piece
From the firmament of heaven, she will last forever.
Now she can gaze upward and feel a loving peace.
Her spirit held and guided, with such glorious endeavor.
Truly, definitely, she deserves more than this lease.
My lover and friend, and her star, will never sever.

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Join the ice cream army, as they head off to the coast
In the stationary traffic, they sit there and they roast
By the time that they arrive, the day is nearly done
Join the ice cream army as they race to catch some sun

Join the ice cream army, sitting safely on the sands
Lazing in their deckchairs with their cornets in their hands
Basking in the sunshine, laying like they’re dead
See the ice cream army, watch them all turn red

Join the ice cream army as they hurry home at night
In the stationary traffic with their skin no longer white
Glowing in the darkness like a red hot burning coal
Watch the ice cream army as the sunshine takes its toll

Join the ice cream army, on Mondays drive to town
In the stationary traffic, there’s no sign of turning brown
Flesh still glowing brightly, almost any movement hurts
Observe the ice cream army as they get their just desserts

© John W Fenn 04-06-2009

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Beautiful Happy Brithday

Happy birthday on this beautiful day,
There's so many things, I just want to say.
You inspire many, with your thoughts and actions,
We're all so grateful, for your calm reactions.

Happy birthday on this beautiful day,
You've always been there, when we needed you to stay.
Kindness and thoughtfulness is your forte,
Our love for you, we wish to convey.

Happy birthday on this beautiful day,
We wish you the best, without any delay.
Hope you enjoy it, from beginning till end,
Here's a hug and kiss, we're ready to send. 

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The Black Kitten

The black kitten is learning her special arts To scare those that tend to be afraid of her But the worst that she can do is give them warts The witch tries to train that she could be a lure Bringing the unwary to the front doorstep Those visitors would find themselves quite inept By the pretty little kitten that she is A kitten whose powers are as slick as this
Russell Sivey

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Just For A Moment

Just for a moment close your eyes,

Just for a moment listen to the sounds.

Just for a moment think of the the past,

Just for a moment imagine their rounds.

Try to remember as you celebrate the fourth,

all the meaning behind it and all it's worth.

Be thankful you see pretty colors in the sky,

and all you are listening to are fire works...

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From a child to adult,
You’ve always been right there
Willing to lend a hand,
To show how much you care.

Through good times and bad times,
We’ve made it together
Remembering them all,
I’ll cherish forever.

We talk about problems,
Willing to lend your ear
Helping in life’s struggles,
We laugh or shed a tear.

I’d never have made it
Without you by my side
Forever your baby,
Through life you’ve been my guide.

Thank you mom for being,
So special in your way
I’m writing to wish you,
A Happy Mother’s Day!

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Creepy Spiders

The creepy spiders Crawling all around the place Wanting to bite you All they want is some candy Bit of candy corn will do
Russell Sivey

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Anticipation of Halloween

Anticipation Of Halloween’s greatest fun Kids look forward to All the lit pumpkins and bats Spiders and mummies delight Skeletons galore Werewolves, owls, haunted houses Graveyards and full moons The smells and sounds of this time Is so vast and filled with fear Perfect collection A lovely grouping of things That Halloween brings Feelings even ghosts will share On this holiday we care
Russell Sivey

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Don't Chop Green Trees!

.  .                                                           Oh!
                                                          Each year
                                                        A foot or two
                                                      Making Oxygen. 
                                                  You sacrificed my life.
                                               Chop! Chop!  Chop! Chop!
                                             Some siblings died, also.  Every
                                      Christmas, Buzz!  Chain saw sounds.
                                   Buzz!  Buzz!  Buzz!  Buzz!  Buzz!  Buzz. 
                               It’s all for you, the timbre that sings each year.
                            Ever grew?  Fragrance chopped at the age of new.  
                         My mother matured for many years.  My brothers, too
                       Straight, tall, scented, they stood.  Shining with the sunlight.
                   Fragrant fields of furs and pines, oh, how numbers have declined.  
                  Four.  Six.  Eight.  Twenty feet tall, decorated, in someone’s house 
            Against the wall or in the center of a spacious hall, many trees down are we.
                                                          Green trees!

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Spring holiday fever

Daffodils bunch, spring has sprung,
Sun raises higher to waken sleepy heads;
No time for hibernation now as spring fever hits, - 
create time to get together; go fly a kite, 
or sit and chill, make daisy chains.

Let the sunshine bring warm sunny days.
In meadows baby lambs take their first steps;
whilst mad March hare hops and plays
with baby bunnies dotting the green fields 
of the countryside.

A season where everything wants to bloom,
time to trim those lawns and weed again;
and all just in time before spring rains
will once more aid those thirsty 
flowers and bulbs as they grow.

For it is now that gorgeous butterflies 
flutter gracefully by giving nature a helping hand;
pollinating the kingdom while watching little chicks -
crack open their Easter eggs, just in time
to join in the madness of this happy holiday season.

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A Mother's Love

She felt bone-tired and weary 
it was such a cold night 
on this 
the most magnificent 
of her life 

She had ridden for miles 
offering her husband 
brave smiles 
their faithful donkey 
plodded along 
on this miraculous night 
sung of 
in our Christmas songs 

As the pain tore through her 
she suffered 
in silence 
meeting each wave 
with love in her heart 
meeting each in awe of 
the life that would start 

The night was clear 
a sky full of stars 
but none could compare to 
Bethlehem’s star 

Mighty kings looked up in wonder 
hastening their pace 
they had a long way to go 
to reach that blessed place 

There were sheep 
and cows near by 
but no baby's toys 
just a new world 
of love and joy 
at the birth of 

one special boy

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Intensifying Ghosts

The heat lightning sky Intensifies all the ghosts That are on the ground Perfect scare for onlookers A frightening ghostly sight
Russell Sivey

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Land of Silent Night

S o very long ago
I love the story told
L ovely night was bestowed
E nd of the great road
N owhere to sleep for the night
T own was full tonight

N ow the two went to a barn
I nsanely beautiful the sight
G reat baby born to us
H alleluiah to the newborn King
T omorrow made brighter due to Him

Russell Sivey

Entrant into Francine Roberts' "Holiday Acrostic Challenge" contest


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Masked Man

I remember that night so long 
ago yet it feels as if tonight. 
You strolled into the room 
music was playing. 

A boy not all man yet and 
you were in no hurry had 
no worry was just out 
for the evening. 

You stole away with 
my heart that night under 
the warm July skies 
with that provocative smile. 

We walked awhile for a mile or 
so and learned all the things 
that made each of us tick. 

You were laid back and 
I was so mellow. 
We came and went well 
together back then. 

You were wild and untamed 
I was gentle and bridled 
in your cowboy spell. 

I fell totally for you that 
night masked man. 
But you were wild and 
so untamed like a 

You wanted to roam 
I wanted a home for 

July nights greet me 
now with your provocative 
smile in the warm breezes 
I shiver and quiver so 
longing still for you 
masked man. 

I watch the direction 
you rode out into 
that night. 
My heart rides out 
every now and then 
to see if you... 
remember too. 

This Saturday December 15th I am making memories on my life big time My birthday and now
My wedding day. No Name change the masked man came home to stay {Micheal}  sorry for all
the time away these past few weeks been wedding planning. With Christmas and Holiday tasks
and now the wedding  it takes most of my time.  Will catch up commenting all your
beautiful works.

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Just An Inkling

Just an inkling of affection
Can melt a frozen heart
Just an inkling of attention
Can lift your mood right up
Just an inkling is all it takes
To see a smile on someones tear stained face

Just an inkling of emotion
Can show a person that you care
Just an inkling of everything
Can make your life seem right
Just and inkling is all it takes
To make the world seen bright

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Horrid Touch

In the night desires Next to the fireplace I sit Looking at the fright Items designed to bring fear To instill them in my heart The witches on top Of the black enhanced mantel Seem to stare at me Black hats with purple ribbon And the witch’s red ruby shoes This brings fear to me A horrid touch, scary fright The witch’s harmful eyes Burning brightly inside me Causes me to falter and cry
Russell Sivey

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Christmas... The Pirate Way

Red and green
Rojo y verde
Christmas…. The pirate way.

Verde y oro
Green and gold
We’re strong and brave and bold.

Seasons Greetings!
Feliz Navidad!
Maligayang Pasko! (Filipino)
Giáng Sinh Vui V? (Vietnamese)
Happy Holidays!
We wish you today,
Merry Christmas … the pirate way!

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Devilish Ghoul

A devilish ghoul Receives an impish feeling Downtrodden evil
Russell Sivey

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Remember it's November, then it's December

    “ Remember it's November, then it’s December”

Old Tom was a fellow; who carried some weight;
It’s the first thing you noticed; by the style of his gait.
   He talked to the women; he talked to the men;
   He told all his stories; again and again.
Back in the old days; he claimed he could fly;
But you could tell he’s too heavy; by the size of his thighs.
   The widow Mrs. Ball; complained and she muttered;
   While eating her corn meal; deep fried and buttered..
She lost her good husband; to the pick of the draw;
She hated the choosers; she hated them all.
   A state of confusion; was causing a mess;
   Someone was going; but who they can’t guess.
The guys and the ladies; were counting the days;
It now was November; and life was a haze.
   There on the ranches; and out on the farms;
   The demon comes dancing; with death in his arms.
Living in fear; it’s no way of living;
And the worst of it all; is they called it Thanksgiving.
   Life as a turkey; you eat till you die;
   Then you’re served up for dinner; with hot apple pie.


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Halloween Sparks the Love

Love of the holiday Halloween sparks the love Reserved only for the greatest A realm unknown Beating for only the fearless A truth held strong Where Jack-O-Lanterns reside Covering my porch Near the skeletons laying Moving to the sound Of a passerby And a graveyard outside Zombies find their way in Real cats roam An old tree sits With its barren limbs Where lights hang Awaiting the ghosts And vampires of the night To earn their candy They must venture Through the forest of fear Where everything Halloween Exists here Full moon would be beneficial But not always present Witches sit on the chairs Next to the orange door Lights flash Bringing intensity A scarecrow is near And ravens might allow Themselves to grace My front yard That holds all of this At Halloween
Russell Sivey

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Away In The Manger

out in the pasture sits a church
homemade by brothers hands and filled with dirt

given to Mother so it stops her hurt
decorated each Christmas for what's its worth

as Mother lays down the cotton skirt
out comes the angels the manger and baby Jesus without a shirt

next comes her towering soldiers buried into the dirt
holding their swords that really can hurt

strewn lights gazes upon the pasture's dirt
frozen in time like a star that shivers and quirks

Mama's eyes glistens like fireworks bursts
for all her effort and time even when she hurts

as mother kneels in front of her church
she praises baby Jesus for all he's worth

comes in from the cold and winters bursts
gathers the children as they all look at her work

and tells us the story of a Christmas birth
as we sip on hot chocolate and felt the hurt

of how Jesus died for our sins on this earth
as we wiped our tears with our night shirts

I was glad to run out and relight the candles burst
and give baby Jesus one more kiss and fix his grass skirt

Tribute To Nativity Scenes

Merry Xmas All      
Love Kathy And Jenny

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Willing Pumpkins

I have twenty-two Ready and willing pumpkins Waiting for the time Of all hallows eve coming Doing Jack-O-Lantern thing
Russell Sivey

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Wants of the Season

Wants of the season A little apple cider Toasted marshmallows Some delightful pumpkin pies And snickerdoodle cookies All are what I crave They are wants of the season Temptations for sure Delight to savor these things I love these flavorful treats
Russell Sivey

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October Breathes

October loves me
September baby
Virgo across its face 
Out of it’s play pen
This child 
decides to spin

In a vacant scenery
Thinking back
On what yesterday 
meant to me
He’s going on
It won’t be long
As he’s carried home

Don’t you love me sober
Days I’m drifting
Along In October

She just sits there
Someone hold her
Kiss her sober
Missing all the fun
Just growing older

Flowers ale
Paint you pale
Broken, shapeless
Only strangers notice
The rain 
That follows hail

Jesus Seekers
Leaves bristle 
a fallen preacher
your father’s gone
Running home
No ones worried 
That your gone

Don’t you love me sober
It’s almost over
For days I’m drifting now
Alone in October 

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Gargoyles Keep Watch

The bats fly away in the deep of the night
And the ravens aren’t that far behind
These creatures filter and are thusly aligned

The black cats skirt around the coffins alright
The ones which contain the skeletons
Where the night surely goes and beckons

Jack-O-Lanterns bring about a lot of fright
Their frightening faces will scare anyone
With the eerie light deep inside that’s molten

The cemetery is the zombie’s great delight
Where they eat to their fill from the graves
The gravestones all have their names engraved

There are witches that fly about in the firelight
Casting curses to all that dare to walk about
Scaring all those fearful below without a doubt

All these creatures wander about this midnight
Under a full moon, the gargoyles keep watch
And life within Halloween kicks it up a notch

The bats fly away in the deep of the night
The black cats skirt around the coffins alright
Jack-O-Lanterns bring about a lot of fright
The cemetery is the zombie’s great delight
There are witches that fly about in the firelight
All these creatures wander about the midnight

Russell Sivey

Form Costanza

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Spider's Webbing

The boys were laughing And carrying on with fun They were entangled Within a spider’s webbing A reminder of my youth
Russell Sivey

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What Christmas Means

During this Christmas, let’s celebrate Christ’ birth. It was for all of us that he came down to earth. As we think about Bethlehem and the baby boy… We shout glad tidings to all! And peace and joy! This young child was to one day touch all of mankind. His message of salvation… Today… You can find! As we celebrate and fill up with holiday cheer… This same Jesus is alive today… And is always here! Though 2000 years ago, he was born in a manger... You can know him NOW! He doesn’t have to be a “stranger.” Won’t you spend some time and reflect on Christmas’ true meaning? It’s in the merciful arms of Jesus that you need to be leaning! The good news of Christmas can certainly be found… Across this nation. Every city… And town! This same Christ can bring peace to your life today! He loves you much more than words can say! May HIS love bring peace and healing to your weary soul… It’s only in him, that you can be complete and whole!!! By Jim Pemberton

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New Year's Resolutions

Resolutions made the first of the year,
vague and illusive, significant at the moment
but fleeting as foolish, idle thoughts.
"Absorb and observe" sum up my needs
as I become an element of wherever I am;
perceive the aura surrounding me,
enjoy the soft rain, the warmth of the sun,
the fragrance of nature and its untouched settings.
I will walk and feel the earth under foot
trying to put my thoughts to words as I
seek to become as one with the setting.

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You're Going To Get A Good Whoopin Now

there was 
a naughty girl
and a naughty 
girl was she
for nothing 
would she do
but peek at 
christmas gifts
with glee
she would
look for name
like was a game
still curious
and bound
little pokes
in presents
were found
now she
had to
grabbed tape
oops late
in came mom
without sound
she laughed
I cried
said sorry
gift taken
from thee
how dad
spank me

Happy Holidays To All
Love Kathy & Jenny

Entry For Brian Strand's 
Bio Christmas Parlour Poetry Contest
GL All

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So beautiful, yet poisonous is the poinsettia. 
Protecting herself from us with a vendetta.
We put it out as a center-piece decoration.
Withering away and weakening, during our celebration.

Its magnificent, bright red leaves a stern warning.
Ignored while we brazenly look adorning.  
We see her brilliance and forget to be cautious. 
A little mistake with her and you'll become nauseous.

We know that when a plant is plucked from the ground,
it stops growing and slowly fades, without making a sound.
We will nourish it and give it water to make it last longer.
Eventually she ceases the care and cannot become stronger.

A few weeks after the holidays, her splendor can no longer astound.
She has lost all her luster and her leaves have browned. 
We no longer need this now hideous thing and we'll toss it out.
We'll wait for the next season, when the new fields start to sprout.

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A New Year, A New Walk

Here upon a chilly eve
A new year is conceived
People sing with lavish joy
Praising all the year has been
Yearly we meet and celebrate

Now what has become of us
Entails us to new journeys
Wherever they may lead, we shall go

Young and old tread new walks
Every path becomes anew
And the journeys left behind us
Remind us of who we are

(Inspired by Carol Brown's contest, "HAPPY NEW YEAR")

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New Years Double Acrostic

Hoping your times are all easy and not rougH All to be considered a triumph without dilemmA Passing into a new year without any hardshiP Pervasive good luck follow you down or uP Your entire new year, may you laugh and be happY Never may you worry or have a concerN Ending the old year with hope that’s genuinE With the coming new year, may blessings reneW Your entire family, may they all enjoY Each and every day in the new year completE All your harvests amount to a plethorA Repeating as they did last yeaR This is a double acrostic. The last letter in each line is the same as the first.

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June 1

The Sun comes up with invitation to kids
To go outside and have a good time
Play in the pool, refreshingly cool
Oh so nice to have no school
To touch flowers that peak from the ground with natural power
To witness vowels being said so that the words come off as a novel
With heat that causes your pores to leak
And an intense light allowing for lunch outside
Birds are chirping, Meat is barbequing
For a family, a feast, with nephew and niece
Fruit-filled, watermelons and lemons
Ice cream to turn your exhaustion to a dream
Combined with grasses in vast masses
And the smell of overheated vehicles
A Sunny Day can be any day

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Christmas 365

I'm still enjoying the gift. Praise God! Christmas is not over for me. I'm still shouting 
in victory not for the gifts under the tree but due to the fact that God so loved me that gave His only begotten Son to me. Do you want to enjoy and celebrate Christmas 365 for the rest of your life? Read John 3:16. "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life." God gave you a gift. God gave one to me. Did you open it, or is it still sitting there unwrapped waiting for you? I can only advise you to open it by saying this:” O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that 
trusteth in him.” God loves His children tremendously so He gave us the gift of life 
and life more abundantly by giving us His son with a mission to save us all by dying 
on the cross at Calvary. He was conceived immaculately and was born to heal the 
hearts that are torn. He lived on the planet earth and performed His first miracle at 
a wedding. And he performed many more in his life and still is right now. He knew 
His purpose He died and rose on the third day with all power of the earth and 
heaven in His hands so that you, me, your family can finally walk in destiny and live 
eternally. Yes forever be alive. I love my gift. It took me awhile to unwrap it, but as 
soon as I did my life is not the same. I’m still enjoying the gift. Christmas is not over 
for me. I’m still shouting in victory for the gifts under the tree but due to the fact 
that God so loved me that gave His only begotten Son to me. Yes He came with a 
mission for all of us to be forever alive. That is why I celebrate Christmas 365.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosever 
believeth in Him shall not perish nut have everlasting life." John 3:16
” O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.” 
Psalms 34:8
“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life 
and have it abundantly.” John 10:10

wrote 12-26-10

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In the world of man and isle,
Lies the skies for miles and miles
Hills and meadows,
Plateaus and plains 
Makes It a beautiful lane,
The sun and the moon-
Like the bride groom,
The rainbow high up in its
Sparkling colors blooming above,
The ocean beneath with water in it,
Makes its beauty unique.

The seasons which comes in a circle,
 makes the nature sparkle,
Starts the year with a winter,
Somewhere cold which is bold,
Somewhere snow which is told,
But goes away the winter with the spring and summer,
Nature comes out with sparkling blue,
Looks as if laughing after a long sorrow,

The daylight makes it glitter,
The moonlight makes it jitter
Watch it in day and it will give you a fragrance,
Watch it at night and it will give you a tolerance.

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Halloween Gala

Halloween gala Enormous party tonight She’s wearing a dress A long black and orange gown The most beautiful girl there
Russell Sivey

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Broken Promises of This Year

Hello New Year
I heard you'd be comin soon
At midnight I waited 
Standing under the sparkles and gleamers of hope
Counting down the mistakes of 2011 
Counting up the calories of a resolution
Better luck next time 2013
Here's to you weight watchers
I guess I didn't do so good just watching

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Ghostly Mirror

Are there ghosts in your mirror I believe mine is haunted In the dark I see their forms Scaring me to death
Russell Sivey

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Never Doubt It

God loves you and please never doubt it
My friend, Jesus came and died too for you
He’s our creator, our Savior and our King
And without Him you wouldn’t be here too

Through Jesus Christ, His only Begotten Son
You have a chance to go to Heaven one day
If only you come to Him and really repent
He’ll just come and enter your heart, you’ll see.

There’s no one like God and His Son Jesus Christ
He sticks to you closer than a brother or any friend
He loves you and wants to provide and protect you
And from any harm He wants to defend till the end.

There’s so much sinfulness in this world and so much pain
Everywhere there’s so much stress and so much unrest too
And if your heart feels empty my friend let me tell you that thru Jesus Christ
You can turn your life around and fill it with so much Joy starting today too.

Because Jesus is God in the flesh and He can make you inside new
And He’ll give you a new outlook in life and everything you do too
Your life will change for the best, try it for yourself and you will see
There’s nothing for you to lose but everything to gain and for your soul eternally.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


Have A Very Happy And Safe Merry Christmas and a Most Wonderful Holiday Season!

Details | Senryu | |

Thanksgiving Alliteration (Senryu)

Living and laughing Gathering, gleaming in grace Thanksgiving today! © Joseph 11/22/07 © All Rights Reserved Author’s Comments: The Japanese Senryu format has three lines as follows: the first has five syllables, the second seven syllables, and the third five syllables. The pattern is 5/7/5 for a total of seventeen syllables. The Senryu is about an emotional expression, human nature, and things in the human realms which maybe satiric or humorous.

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Some Pumpkins Laughing

Hung on a string by a tree Some pumpkins laughing Bats that fly all about them An aura baffling Full moon is rising Lights up the whole scene unique Fear is surprising
Russell Sivey Form Seguidilla

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Black Cat

Sitting on a bench By the door with evil grin The black cat does wait For the passersby, children Who will pet his well-groomed head
Russell Sivey

Details | Free verse | |

The Children Of The Streets 2 `96

The demon hides off the corner street 
Listening to the little scrambling feet. 
Only the purest can fill its need 
An appetite for blood, transfusional greed. 
Once for love a second for joy 
Thrice to end the lovely boy. 
The blood of life an ecstatic swirl 
Its next victim will be a girl. 
Life passes through the devils brigade 
Allured to death in silent serenade. 
Handsomeness transmogrified the sinister treat 
Darkness awaits the children of the streets. 
Pestilence in vivo death ensemble 
God of Hades sacred evil. 
Devils sibling unnaturally defiled 
Feeds on the loving tender child. 
Once to tempt a second to please 
Thrice to rest the heart at ease. 
Tonight the little ones feel the curse 
Tomorrow to sleep within the earth. 
Beware the night behold the screams 
The demons tarry on all hallows eve. 
The heart is strong the mind is meek 
Darkness awaits the children of the streets. 

Placid Poet
October 6, 1996

Details | Terzanelle | |

Yellow Glowing Jack-O-Lantern

Through a green landscape sits a lit pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern beaming brightly outward Sense of dire need to those with a great sin Knowledge of pain and suffering inward Fierce orange pumpkin hates to be picked on Jack-O-Lantern beaming brightly outward The pumpkin strives higher, a witch’s pawn Evil graces its engraved face throughout Fierce orange pumpkin hates to be picked on Powers of the pumpkin, never in doubt Showing its might by the eyes about it Evil graces its engraved face throughout Aura about the pumpkin that is lit It reeks of evil through the open holes Showing its might by the eyes about it To keep the darkness as part of its goals Through a green landscape sits a lit pumpkin It reeks of evil through the open holes Sense of dire need to those with a great sin
Russell Sivey

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Beautiful Witch Watches

A beautiful witch watches Looking for some cheer Wanted to cast wicked spells Harshest of the year Find someone charming A man of mighty stature Spells will come charging
Russell Sivey Form Seguidilla

Details | Tanka | |

Curse of Hate

The witches held men Up against the wall of pain Where they are shackled To take the brunt of the curse Leaving them helpless to hate They will infect more Of their own people in town Creating hate throughout The townsfolk fear their return How they will spread hate around Death sure soon follows To kill the many lost ones The curse will live on Through the few that were taken Where Halloween brought a curse
Russell Sivey

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I know God loves us
and so does Jesus the Mesiah
I like to think
that they'd like to stand beside us
but, we turn our backs on them day and night
I wonder how he bares the sight
when he looks down upon you and me
look around at what he sees
we trash the earth and stomp his laws
then many blame him when things go wrong
and what happened to his nation and it's culture?
it scarcely exists outside of his words, prose, and songs
even though it is readily available
in almost everybody's home
no faith and his culture will disapear
so long my love so long
for what purpose will we exist
at war with creations thrown

Details | Free verse | |

Early Morning At Riverside Park

Independence Day is over
A sweltering night has been gathered up and trucked away
The faint fragrance of burnt offering still hangs low
              sweat, of a long, grey cloak.

The park still echos with faint "ooooh's" and "ahhhs"...
lingering in the sultry air, 
and bouncing off the silent bandstand
If you try, you can almost hear the High School band, 
   playing tributes to Souza and the homeland flag

Where eyes glistened and reflected a night sky alive with fire
now, the only sounds are chattering squirrels, 
              as they scurry and nibble on remants of a celebratory feast, 
                  hiding in the dewy grass

The morning air is cool and the ground is damp
Park benches, the bandstand, hilly mounds of grass and playgrounds
                                      abandoned, save of their mourning clothes
Of candy wrappers, watermelon rinds, mustard coated paper plates
Spent sparklers, fire crackers, a lone sneaker...
Where just hours from radios, laughter, cheering, hooting, jeering
Deafening man-made thunder made babies cry
                    dogs tremble, children clap their hands over ears
Now so silent in this early somber morn
The only sound this morning
 comes from a slight breeze that stirs....
   a tossed Pepsi paper cup....
       as it clatters a pop, pop, popping it hops
                        among the dried, brown leaves down a hot, empty sidewalk...

Details | Tanka | |

Bats Everywhere

Bats are in my house They are in my head as well They’re looking for food They flutter around upstairs Catching the leery stray bugs
Russell Sivey

Details | Free verse | |

Holiest of Nights

A star did shine
on the holiest of nights.
Down on shepherds
came the bright light.

Above a lowly manger
into a world full of danger.
Came the light unto all men,
the keeper of peace within.

The babe born and wrapped
in poor swaddling cloths.

Cherubim and seraphim
thronged the cold air;
announcing their glories,
and gift sent by
heaven above.
Wise men still wandering
on the endless journey.
Guided by the bright shinning
Star in the East.
Heaven declared him the one
called Wonderful.
Born in Bethlehem 
 this night.
Behold the beasts of the
manger bowed their knees
To worship at the foot of
The lowly manger of
the Christ Child.

9:6  For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon
his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The
everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

To view this in presentation for Christmas visit this link for art and music!

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Forever Free

In the land
Where brave men die
Stories are told
Where these men lie
Of how they fought
And what they sought
Glory not for themselves
But freedom to die
As they chose
So they did
And gave their all
So those that follow
Might know free will
Brave men in troubled times
Who lived not to count
Rich men’s dimes
Lived lives full
Rather facing death
Than to live as slaves
Men of honor who drank their fill
Feasted on life
Till filled with hope
Riding into battle already won
Free to feel the sun
With the wind in their hair
Free to choose their day to die
Oh to be so free
May we always be
To always remember the legend
Of a man and men
Who so believed in integrity and honor
In the face of challenge and strife
Rode off to face death
To put their lives to the test
For a greater cause
That we might live
Forever free

Details | Tanka | |

Dressed Up Pumpkins

I enjoy pumpkins That are dressed in many forms A witch, skeleton Mummy or even a bat Each filled with a light within Each bring a special Feeling deep inside of me A glowing pumpkin Showing off its great powers That Halloween brings to me
Russell Sivey

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Worst Costumes

I can’t believe its Halloween These are the worst costumes That this world has ever seen Those that see are the victims An experience it’s really been To be here on this Halloween
Russell Sivey

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In His Heart- Christmas

In His Heart

I can see it in your eyes,
feel it beating in your heart.
Where does it end and start,
the heavy sighs and reasoning.

They fill the Holiday seasoning
with silver bells, drink, food, and merry.
People who would not stay up in prayer
with you for the lost and hurt.
But made it to the Christmas
morning bonanza at 1:00 A.M. for
those expensive sales.

Spending beyond their means for
some electronic gadget that will rust.
Tossing the left over penny change
to the bell ringer freezing outside the door.
Some  will be at the Church for Christmas
dressed in their very best.

I see it in your eyes Lord and
feel the beating of your heart.
The sadness is you been replaced with
shopping madness and computers, gadgets
that rust your Birthday party they forgot.

For the real reason for this CHRISTmas season
was your birth the one of light in
a world of darkness.

Word CHRISTmas is done on purpose to show the true meaning for this season.
Merry Christmas PS Family.

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Take A Moment

So many times we fail to see
Why we’re able to live free
We take for granted it’s the way
It’s supposed to be
Oh but there’s millions of reasons why
Lying in the bloodied ground
We walk the backwoods
And open fields of our hometown
Never thinking about the price
Of our feet walking on the grass and dirt
Paid for in blood of the millions
Who long ago passed this way
Just so on this very day
We can walk where we please
As free as ever man has been
We look around us
But mostly see our own gripes
We act as though
Everything is owed us
The world revolves around our needs
Only one thing matters
Just what we feel 
We deserve today
But buried in the ground
We think we own
Are the stories told in blood
Of why we’re able to make our claim
And walk as free men
Through the backwoods and open fields
Of our hometown
So take a moment to kiss the ground
Thank the millions
Who came before us
Just so on this very day
We can walk 
Where we please

Details | Tanka | |

Halloween Treat

Web of excitement Ghosts that follow you around And pumpkins are carved With trees spreading in moonlight Monsters play in your backyard
Russell Sivey

Details | Free verse | |

porch swing

the cold came in
like a sideways glance 
from a once spectacular friend
it froze my movements
just as the labrea memorialized
the bones of other
trying beasts
with thick,

to shed such matter
in such a manner
is difficult at best
easy at worst

i cannot help but to think
of the last star in view
just before 
the death of the old
giving way to
the new chrysalis

developing new
forging methods
in the midsts of 
all the crazies
and megalomaniacs
washing tides tell me

i've been all of the above

just a look
at me
i still love me
i am here
despite everything

society beats the skatt out of people
it doesn't matter who you think you are
you are human
you feel

i am humanesque
i resemble something that remembers

let's go-
don't give away your given place 
to the fools waiting
for your  compliance

shriek and call out into the darkness
to fish for those  who are neccessary
to get us
out of the b.s. swamp


Details | I do not know? | |

40+ Santa

Merry Christmas my siblings
Let's talk about happy stuff
family dysfunction and 
....... dysfunction
Let's sit around a nonexistant fire
Let's laugh and tell on each other
Let's try to be the better child
Let's argue and seek attention 
Let's act like we're completely wild
Let's make everyone uncomfortable
And that includes ourselves
I'm oldest so I'll be Santa
and you can be my elves

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Holding for a Witch

Orange pumpkin man Holding a broom for a witch He bows to her strength Beyond his control, her spells Which confound his large carved face
Russell Sivey

Details | Didactic | |

making It great in2008 by watching what wise men do (part 25)

we're all natural born watchers just looking around
at the TV, the Internet and newspapers all over town
be it something or somebody we usually just watch and wait
to look up to anything that may reinforce our faith
be it something constructive or counterproductive
to watch what others do and then try to imitate
to look at success and then try to emulate

the Wise Men, the Magi were 3 men you should look upon
for they knew to follow that star which was on the horizon
yet King Herod who was the ruler of that little town
could not spiritually ascertain what was really going down
he had heard that the nation of Israel would have a new born king
and then he became paranoid and anxious over everything
he was under the impression that God would have told him first
of the Saving Son who was about to appear on earth

God did a new thing in a completely new way
but many missed the true meaning of the birth that day
but the Magi those 3 Wise Men were in step with God
they were spiritually aware of what was about to start
it's not about man's logic, rationale nor reason
for God is the omnipotent One for all seasons
don't let anyone try to diminish the awesomeness of God's might 
don't let anyone try to dim the brilliance that is His guiding light
making it great in 2008 by watching what wise men do
making it great in 2008 by believing that God is watching over you

to be struck by the mystery that is God's power
to believe that He is with you at any given hour
to follow that star whenever you hear the angels sings
to trust that God will guide you in everything 
there's no need to fear the unknown or what's down the road
just watch what wise men do when they give God total control
by following a star which led them to a child born in a manger
and not to reveal what they found for to tell would have brought danger
and after presenting the gifts and thus fulfilling the prophecy
they left Bethlehem by another way and continued their journey

when God gives a revelation and then tells you to get up and leave
let no one stop nor hinder you from doing what you believe
don't ever put reason before revelation as reason will only go so far
for revelation is the exclamation that will reveal to you a star
so making it great in 2008 by watching what wise men do 
and by following that star wherever it leads you to

Details | Rhyme | |

For Unto Us

"For unto us a child is born, 
Unto us a son is given: 
And the government shall
Be upon his shoulder: 
And his name shall,
Be called Wonderful, 
Counseller, The mighty,
God, The everlasting Father, 
The Prince of Peace."
He came to save us
From what lies beneath.
He was born to a virgin,
In a manger long ago,
And died for us when 
He was only 33 years old.
He had a mission to
Save all souls via his
Death, so that we could
Be united with the Father
Again, because we were
Disconnected from early
Sin. So when you shop 
This weekend, think 
Don't be so concerned
About spending money
To be in debt for the rest
Of your life. Give the 
Gift of Christ. 

wrote 12-15-10

"For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his 
shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counseller, The mighty God, The 
everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace."  Isaiah 9:6 

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Demons Minions

If you see black cats This time of year, they’re cursed They bring us bad luck Watch out if they cross your path You must mark them off or else They may seem friendly You might desire to pet them But be quite wary They are the demons minions Working hard to take you down So you must listen And heed my direct warnings If you don’t comply Curse of the black cat will hit And you will wish you listened
Russell Sivey

Details | Narrative | |

Be Safe My Friends

It's almost here,
Thanksgiving Day,
when families celebrate,
in their own special way.
Miles will be traveled,
as the food is prepared,
that special home,
full of love, and prayers.
Be safe my friends,
in the air, and on road,
as you travel to loved ones,
to eat that turkey baked brown, and gold.
We will meet here again,
after this day,
take care my friends,
on this busy day.

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The Tomb

Tomb where darkness traps Where hate broods from deep within Where the sadness grieves Even to point of terror And fear wallops a great blow
Russell Sivey

Details | Free verse | |

Succulent Mangoes (Whitney)

They grow on 
Short and tall trees
All year long.
Their juice so sweet,
For everyone
Who loves tropical sweetness.

© Joseph, 11/14/07
© All Rights Reserved

The Whitney poem is a titled, syllabic, one verse form created by Betty Ann 
Whitney.  It has seven lines with a syllable pattern of: 3/4/3/4/3/4/7. The form can 
be written with or without rhymes.

Details | Tanka | |

Darkness Reigns and Conquers

She sports a witch’s hat Trying to fit into dusk Not knowing it has Just begun, transformation So she may be one of them Creature of the night With the ghouls and bats and such Moving freely here Around are the newly changed All she wanted was darkness Now she’s walks with them Trying to gather candy It’s a true disguise Of what they really are Darkness reigns and conquers them
Russell Sivey

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Rat Infested Pumpkin

Rat infested gourd A pumpkin taken over The insides emptied There are holes throughout pumpkin Which contains these nasty mice
Russell Sivey

Details | Free verse | |

Merry Christmas, Dad

Merry Christmas, Dad
     by Amy Swanson   


    I always think of you
           every day...
              but holidays like this

can make it a little harder.

I hear the Christmas songs of cheer
     see the lights up in the square
           the busy murmurs of people
               shopping for their loved ones...

It seems almost perfect.

The tree, the lights,
      the gifts,
          the songs and plays
              joyful vacation days;

but something's missing.

The voice that rang throughout the house
      Christmas season
            singing triumphantly, beautifullly
                  "O Holy Night"

I still can't listen to that song
    without hearing
         your strong voice
               in my ears.

The hands that wiped my tears,
     wrapped my Christmas presents
           made his special "banana pudding recipe"
                left me letters from Santa.

Oh dad... how I miss you.

I know they say time heals
      and life goes on
          and all those other wonderful cliches
                 that people always tell you

simply because they don't know what else to say.

I will never forget you - my hero, my protector.

I speak of you often
    to my own little girl
         want her to know
              the grandpa she can't meet yet...

the grandpa who would love her so.

Dad, you are always in our hearts and minds,
     I never got to say thank you...
         for everything.
              for helping me to be

the woman I am today.

I look at my reflection in the mirror - I can also see you.
   I sing my songs - and I can also hear you.
       I laugh... and sometimes I can hear your laughter too.
           My daughter smiles at me... and you are in her smile.

I wish that you could know how much
     you've always meant to me
         and all the things that you have done
              to shape my life, so positively...

But all that I can say,
        is this:

Merry Christmas, Dad.

I love you.

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Amen, Good Times

Her special month is November,
 My special month is December, 
Gather around the fireplace,
 look at the burning ember
 My special time to remember,
 Listen to the wind chimes,
 These are my good times,
 Hear my voice,
 Please feel rejoice.
 No time for depression,
 Time for love and affection,
 Streets filled with snow,
 We're under the misltoe,
 There we had our first kiss,
 I've never felt so much bliss,
 Listen to the wind chimes,
 These are my good times,
 Hear my voice,
 Please feel rejoice. 
 Its time for joy,
 Kids playing with their favorite toy, 
Gathering around the Christmas tree,
 Always something jolly to see,
 Looking back at the year,
 Not a single tear,
 Flying reindeer, 
Doing the shopping at the mall,
 Merry Christmas to all,
 Listen to the wind chimes, 
These are my good times,
 Hear my voice,
 Please feel rejoice. 
We're coming home,
 As a kid thats all we've known,
 Our homecoming,
 Our family singing,
 We're coming home again,
 Celebration with our children,
 We're coming home again,
 Bringing our souls closer to Heaven.

Details | Senryu | |

Thanksgiving (Senryu)

Thanksgiving to heart Loved ones apart now gather Beaming with His love © Joseph 11/23/07 © All Rights Reserved Author’s Comments: The Japanese Senryu format has three lines as follows: the first has five syllables, the second seven syllables, and the third five syllables. The pattern is 5/7/5 for a total of seventeen syllables. The Senryu is about an emotional expression, human nature, and things in the human realms which maybe satiric or humorous.

Details | Tanka | |

Child's Dreams

How strong is it now
How mighty are the forces
The true carrier
Of such wonderment and joy
Christmas is finally here

Russell Sivey

Details | Tanka | |

Feared Front Porch

Pumpkin spreads dim light All about the feared front porch Where skeletons live And path that leads to old tree Delights in scaring children
Russell Sivey

Details | Free verse | |

December Pictures

fog licks the cedars
with a lover's tongue
and a mobile of geese
hangs over the mountains
you play air-guitar
homage to a decade long gone
as your son sleeps
against my shoulder

heart of the artist
eye of the beholder

a millennium is poised
in the balance
as fireworks mock
austere and distant stars
we twine cold fingers
in frosted darkness
while one tear for past and future times
slides to oblivion

eye of the artist
heart of the beholder

Details | Tanka | |

Mummified Zombie

Mummified zombie Walking down the streets of town Collection of cats Scampering alongside him Threatens all that enter path
Russell Sivey

Details | Tanka | |

Christmas Breath

Love this time of year
Brings joy into all of me
The trains salute me
And the presents call on me
I find love in the moment

Russell Sivey

Entrant in Matt Caliri's "Anything" contest

Details | Rhyme | |

T'was The Night Of Thanksgiving

(Humorous silly holiday poem)

T'was the night of Thanksgiving,and I couldn't just fall asleep
I tried everything I knew,even trying to count  some dumb sheep,
But nothing happened and I was getting more angry and mad at myself,
The leftovers were still on my mind and my stomach went just bleat!

I jumped over my bed and I raced to the door with all my power and might,
And right in the kitchen I landed,where some food was still on sight,
My heart beat it so fast like a train gone bad,when I saw all the turkey leftover galore,
White and dark meat were waiting there just for me, to my profounded delight!

There was cranberry sauce,apple pie and the most wonderfully sweet, pumpkin pie!
My heart aglowed and my mouth watered all over in front of all this sight,
For there I saw some chocolate pudding just sitting upon  a tray,
So I gobbled and gobbled, till I thought I couldn't see another new day!

I felt myself swelling up all the sudden, right to the size of the house!
Then I heard this  terrible noise,and I've just burst and rip off my blouse!
As I went off straight to the ceiling like a Speeding Gonzalez balloon!
I felt again so sick and so big as I went flying right past the face of the moon

But I still managed to YEEELLL to everyone in the whole town,
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!and pass me all your chocolate PUDDING! Please!



Dorian Petersen Potter
aka laydp2000


Details | Lyric | |

So You're Getting Older

Ah! Another birthday is 
About to be upon you again
It is so close 
But don't feel too frighten 
My friend.

We all have them
Or either we don't
We are here or 
Of course already gone.

But these birthdays 
Lordy why must it be
We wake up one morning 
And they have affected 
The way we see.

We kid ourselves thinking 
Our eyes will focus back
We deny it is time for permanent glasses 
Although we know it has to be.

We wake up one morning
And our joints feel kinda weird
They feel like something
Walked on them during our sleep
Like something attacked our body
But Lord what could it have been?

Then one day you get up and 
Your skin doesn't feel as tight
Feels like maybe it loosen
Up during the night.

Next thing you know 
You're paying more attention
To your bodily functions
Hoping they will remain in tact
Talking to them more often
Thinking that will keep them
On the right track.

Let's don't forget our memory
Somedays it plays little games
It likes "Hide and Seek" 
And at any time 
Off it may go in a run!
Leaving you thnking
This time it is gone for good. 

Oh but be not afraid
For there are alot of others
Among you
About the same age.

Some may seem more livelier
Or some may seem more dead
But they are all headed down
That path called 
The "Elderly".

So here's to you 
On the 18th day of November
Happy Birthday and may you have 
Many more to come.
Don't worry about getting old
For I have been told it was 
Alot of fun!!!!

Who knows maybe one day
A national holiday
This day may become.
You may set a record
By growing old in numbers
But remaining always young!

Details | Tanka | |

On Halloween

Full moon overhead Jack-O-Lanterns a-glowin’ Black cats on the prowl Witches flying on broomsticks Stars twinkle on Halloween
Russell Sivey

Details | Tanka | |

Witch's Hat

Witch’s hat worn during A full moon, she wears for fun To entice fear in To little children who come To her wickedly dark door
Russell Sivey

Details | Tanka | |

Skeletal Freedom

Over a large cauldron A lone skeleton stirs up Some old recipe Smiling at nearby black cat Wishing it would catch a rat For the rat could bring The concoction to a boil Leaving the potion With what the skeleton needs To finally set him free
Russell Sivey

Details | Tanka | |


Orange fantasy Carved smiling face, a candle Lit inside its soul Flickering beauty inward A calm feeling from within
Russell Sivey

Details | Acrostic | |

Silent Night

So much for that in my childhood.
Irrational idioms slinging often.
Loads and loads of arguing.
Everyday from 6am to 6am.
Not at home anymore in my own place,
To get over him.

No night I had peace had to go to bed angry at dad.
I hated the awful experience of him opening Hell's
Gates with his hurtful words of hate towards me, my mom, and others
He did not love. He loved some but not all
The awful turbulent troll rolls in guilt while I'm at my own home with silent nights.

Details | Verse | |

Floating Skulls

Floating skulls On a barren tree Halloween Brings the fear Into the hearts of many The unwary ones
Russell Sivey Form Shadorma

Details | Tanka | |

Halloween Night

Moon is out tonight Bright and full of life within The bats are about Flying thru an old mansion The one with Jack-O-Lanterns Eerie fence outside Keeps in skeletons of old Past engraved on stone Ancient trees hide fearful dreams Searing thoughts into one’s mind
Russell Sivey

Details | Tanka | |

Haunted Mansion

Sitting on the lawn Is the lanky pumpkin man Looking across street At the large haunted mansion The scary devilish building An old story told Of a rich couple that lived He killed her in rage Then later he killed himself You can still hear her loud screams Beware of this house Being boarded doesn’t stop The terror within Every year at Halloween Screams terrorize passersby
Russell Sivey

Details | Rhyme | |

Hallowed Trick or Treat

The night has finally come Hallowed trick or treat Children love the chocolates The candy is neat Dressing up is fun Many friends do love to scare Making kids go run
Russell Sivey Form Seguidilla

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The Vampress

Deadly pumpkins, their harmonious hum The rates that the goblins move is greater When the skeletons come out never dumb The neophyte, a devoted hater Brought forth ideas of evil barraged The rates that the goblins move is greater Her neckline was sumptuous, with corsage She was the vampress, taker of others blood Brought forth ideas of evil barraged What a torrent she is with her black hood Waving at all her pumpkins, skeletons She was the vampress, taker of others blood She strikes strongly, swiftly breaking tendons Taking down the mightiest men around Waving at all her pumpkins, skeletons She is alarming even without sound Deadly pumpkins, their harmonious hum Taking down the mightiest men around When the skeletons come out never dumb
Russell Sivey

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Season of Love

Season of Love
        by Amy Swanson (c) November, 2008

Holidays are here, and with them
    comes the time of celebration…
times of love and laughter,
    times of joy and exultation.

Moms and grandmas busy
    planning out the special dinner,
while dads and grandpas talk about
    who’ll be the playoffs winner.

Kids are full of laughter,
    cousins run and play together,
while aunts and uncles gather
    to discuss the news and weather.

Times are hard - but love is here,
    and this is the real treasure…
It’s not about what we can buy -
    it’s that we’re all together.

It’s more than gifts or parties,
    and more than buying toys…
it’s not about the money spent.
    It’s all about the joys,

of being loved by those most dear
    to us, and loving them;
of reaching out to those in need,
    to be a helping friend.

It’s not about what food we eat,
    nor the clothes we wear;

the real celebration
       is love’s free gift,
            our hearts forever
                 in it’s warm care.

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Mrs Catherine Antrim

I for one can't help but wonder
how the Kid's life would have turned out, 
had he not lost his mother.
The one true individual in his life 
whom he loved devotedly like no other
and so too was her love for him, 
the devoted unconditional love of a loving mother.
Catherine was a strong, independent, gregarious lass
whom everyone seemed to like and enjoy very dearly.
She earned a living selling baked goods 
to customers she had amassed
and by doing much of the neighborhood's dirty laundry.
She also dabbled in real estate, 
purchasing what little property she could afford,
and to earn extra income 
she'd often open the door to her home and welcome
all those willing to pay room and board.
Many a tenderfoot would show up at her door 
and Mrs Catherine Antrim (the Kid's mother) 
would nurse them, feed them 
and provide them a nights board.
It's very obvious that Billy's fine qualities 
were passed down to him from his mother.
Had she lived an average lifetime, 
In my mind there is no doubt,
Billy, the Kid today may have been 
a most different legend 
that may have come about.
He most likely would have been
a very outstanding model citizen,
as well as a great humanitarian.
Today he may have been 
an even greater prouder legend
had his mother's life not been 
so abruptly brought to an end.
Dedicated to all The Great Mothers
who have Greatly Influenced Their Children.
Happy Mothers Day.

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Soulful Delight

A soulful delight An orange curvaceous smile A candle within Giving an amount of fear With a splendor of the night
Russell Sivey

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The Way I See Halloween

Signifying the season One that my heart follows Flowing through my veins She laughs at me And my desires Trick or treats lasts only For as long as dusk But then the real life Of Halloween begins Even days before The love is shown The house full of Delightful pumpkins Carved in horrid faces Witches potions around With the hats to show They were there The skeletons baste In the yard Glows under the moon Spider webs spread about Mummies sit on the porch With the many pumpkins Of the Jack-O-Lantern sort And with the skeletons Are the scarecrows That hold the ravens That follow me around Lights are eerie And turned down low This night keeps me up With its electrifying show Dancing with the evil Only found on this night Brings a subtle joy inside No man can comprehend It’s truly amazing The enormous feelings That ghosts feel too This is why she laughs at me
Russell Sivey

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Clean Slate

driftwood drawn words~
sandy slate washed clean
under  waves of the sea.

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This Fourth Of July

This 4th Of July

To my fellow Americans, 
during this 4th of July.
I have a question. Here's why;

When we salute our flag
 ever so grand.
Our country's foundation
 is sinking in "quicksand."

This is because.  From God...  
We're way "off course."
Driven by lust, greed
 and an "immorality force  ."

Our ungodly government
 continues to rule.
Anything of God has been 
removed from the school.

We hear of  "separation of 
church and state."
Anything of God...  
Many people do hate!

America!  Listen to what 
this message is about.
Everything of God is 
slowly being taken out!

We must return to Jesus...  
Our freedom indeed.
This is the right direction our 
country must lead.

Godly living is worth the cost.
For without God... 
 America is forever 
doomed and lost!

By Jim Pemberton

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Loving Pumpkin

The loving pumpkin stays firm in his ways He smiles with his only smile where he lays His owner places a candle within his face That sends chills by glowing all over the place He seems to delight all the little girls and boys He gives his all in everything he employs This pumpkin showers everyone with glee His heart is true, he loves all sincerely
Russell Sivey

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Dormant Skeleton

On spooky table Lies a dormant skeleton With his skull lit up Candy surrounds the body A great treat for the fearful
Russell Sivey

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Carving Pumpkins

I love pumpkins sure All those big and small are fine The big ones are best But the miniature ones Can be lots of fun as well I enjoy carving Pumpkins into feared faces Those creepy dark ones Then I light them from inside Perfect for Halloween night
Russell Sivey

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Great Locomotive

Great locomotive Blowing glorious whistle Rumbling down the tracks Leaving sense of longing peace With rhythms greatest moments
Russell Sivey

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The Bloodiest Vampire

The bloodiest vampire Doesn’t live very far I can hear his scream Every morning it seems He stays out late And doesn’t quite make His way back to his lair To only evaporate in despair
Russell Sivey

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The Christ in Christmas

Oh!!!! I forgot the new playstation
The I-pod as well
Hell, don't even ask me did I get the new I-phone
There is nothing to return because it was never brought

But I did remember on this 25th day...
The newly packaged love
Wrapped with a great bow covering U.S. to Japan
So the whole world can see

No, it didn't cost me a thing
It was free, and please don't call me a cheapskate
I got a bargain of a deal
And so did you

What does it do? well, it creates
An image of serenity that I believe 
We all possess
Every year when we should upgrade

Technology makes us downgrade instead
There is no version 6.0 or any of that
But here I hold my heart
And please pass it along

So that many will remember
What I couldn't give you in the physical
I will always bless you with love
Because of this date on the 25th day

May you see why Jesus was born and died
So that every year when the Christmas rush
Steals away the momentum
He has reminded me of that gift 

He was holding it for you all year round
You won't see it or hear it
But know that it exists 
because he gave it to me as well

I will always be able to send it to you
Even  on the 26th when you try to return it
You'll find no reciept 
For the cost was never there nor a price

On love

P.S. (please keep love and harmony respect and empathy the real gift of this 
season even if you don't believe in God himself. I hope everyone has a beautiful 
holiday and a prosperous New Years as well)

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Surroundings Saturate

Cut off vision Listen Open-mindedly Surroundings saturating Enter Every Yearning cell_totally Engage Spirit
Click on about this poem

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Skeleton Bodies

Skeleton bodies All stretched out along a wall Full of skulls and ribs Even feet to be complete Together for Halloween
Russell Sivey

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Trick or Treat

Finally dusk comes The bound excitement breaks free The ghouls and goblins Make it to doors of neighbors ‘Trick or treat’ has surely come
Russell Sivey

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Skeletons Hanging

Skeletons hanging From an old, decrepit tree A shady worn place A scary place for people For fear is running rampant
Russell Sivey

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Merry Christmas in This Recession

Merry Christmas to all of you,
I hope that you enjoy your family,
Even if you can’t buy your kids any toys.
The real reason for the season  should stand clear,
Especially this year that we are in a recession.
It is a vast blessing that we are here,
Whether we are employed or not,
Whether we are far from friends or near.

Jesus is the reason  why wee are here,
And it is a great thing to celebrate his birth,
Because he is worth more than anything we can buy.
So this Christmas look into the sky to give the big guy,
Not Santa Claus, praise for His first day of life.
Husbands’ mega love your wives.
Mom’s and dad’s ultra cherish your kids,
And let them know whose birthday it is.

I don’t have much this year,
But I will still spread cheer.
To be here it is more than a blessing
Merry Christmas to you in this recession.

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Skeletons Dance

In foreground color The orange glow that surrounds The skeletons dance And the ghostly reverie Plays in the depths of darkness
Russell Sivey

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Halloween Tree

The Halloween tree Fearfully stark and barren Empty of Fall leaves But holds creatures of the night The moon rests on its branches
Russell Sivey

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As the holidays draw near,
Anxiety starts growing;
I empty out my mailbox,
Which is close to overflowing.

It isn’t bills or greeting cards
That’s taking all the room;
It’s catalogs, so fat and full
Of items to consume.

Every store and company
Appears to be contriving
To ram their products down our throats,
And more keep on arriving!

Their shiny pages catch our eye
And, like a siren’s song,
They lure us to the land of debt,
Where we do not belong.

For though we flip the pages
With desire and with greed,
We realize there’s a lot to want
But nothing that we need.

Even gifts don’t have to be
Extravagant and shipped;
I know that I would much prefer
If presents could be skipped.

So let’s take all the catalogs
And chuck them with the trash.
Perhaps our friends and relatives
Will settle for some cash!

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Ardent Eeriness

Mysterious light That lies outside my dwelling Is a black candle With an ardent eeriness A skull plastered on the face It reads fear exists Written right on the candle Condemning all those Who might try to enter here Ward to keep evil at bay
Russell Sivey

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Happiness and Joy

Christmas, the magical time
My family celebrates 
And share happiness and joy
Our hearts carry love

Russell Sivey

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Witch's Tower

Candlelight leads up To the witch’s grim tower Where evil happens Like painful experiments On unwary travelers This is just the tip Of the terror that happens Cats are converted To slaves of master witches Who rule their scary towers Desperate people Looking for love, find potions From these dark witches Instead of love which they seek They find pain and suffering There is nothing good That comes from witch towers Only pure evil Lasts in this horrible place Terror survived by hatred
Russell Sivey

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Christmas Car

I was seventeen, and in my senior year.
I got a Christmas gift from my old man dear.
I was able to drive after I got my license.
This was my first car.  I’ve had many others since.
It was a Falcon model car made by Ford.
This must have been just about all he could afford.

A discard from the Bell Telephone Company,
this car was not very much to see.
It was a stripped-down model with a three-speed stick.
Getting started in the morning sometimes took a trick.
It was transportation that got me anywhere.
I delivered pizzas with it here and there.
I think about back then, and I consider it funny.
The car got me my first job to earn money.

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Thank You ,Lord, This Christmas

Another holiday season.
Lots of success.
Legacy being built.

People may hate on me.
Refuse to let them shake me.
All things work together for my good.
In Your plan for my life. 
Seeds being sown.
Everyday is a winding road.
So, I’ll roll with the punches.

Tough days I had this year.
Owe mighty praises to You mighty Father.

You helped me do things that I never thought I could do.
Only You are the key to prosperity. You Father,
Unlocked the doors that I had locked due to my negativity.

wrote 12-25-09

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Cute Little Ghosts

My cute little ghosts Trick or treating all night long Smiling a ghoul’s smile Fantasies lived this evening Full of mouth-watering sweets
Russell Sivey

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Time For a Tender Trip

When the Blithe sky Becomes Dark faster than I could rise When the Life of the Trees Falls away--the Wind takes them where he wants them The Remnants Singed by Strife of the averageman In Its Depths the Cold will come, faster than I did The Sanguine Moon tells its TimeFor the farmer-to work again-to carry again Atmospheric Silence fills the old Daylight's dark I Remember the Days of Yore, when the Sun's Grace used to shine When Green Dominated all--yet fell for brown Its Time For a Tender trip.

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Dejecting Curse

Flying witch above Wanting to get close to you Share toxin or two Let you know how much she cares With dejecting curse on you
Russell Sivey

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Another Year Most Wondrously Blessed

You've added another year onto your life
And with it, wisdom and trust
Another year of friendship
Of happiness, thought, and love.
You've added a new job
As well as a house in a new place
New people have come into your life
To listen to the things you have to say.
I'ts been a while since I've heard your voice
Two or three months, in fact
I miss you dearly, Beth
Even as everything's out of whack.
But today, I think I'll call you up
To see how you are
To wish you a happy birthday
Because the phone is not that far.
I think I'll think about you
As I admire you fondly, Beth,
And please remember that I love you
Good luck on this year most wondrously blessed.

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Looking Back

Today’s a day for looking back
To see how we have fared.
Did we tackle all our problems?
Get some broken things repaired?

Have horizons been expanded?
Were some buried truths revealed?
Some relationships cemented?
Have some painful wounds been healed?

Did we rise to every challenge?
Or just skulk away to stew?
We can tally up the columns
For an end-of-year review.

But the numbers do not matter,
If we chose to grin or grieve.
We can wipe the blackboard clean,
For tonight is New Year’s Eve.

So we’ll celebrate an ending;
All the bad will disappear
As we set the clock to zero
And begin a brand new year!

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A Fine Carriage This Will Make...

Sized up, weighed, and purchased.
Handled with care and taken away.
Heavy and delicate, quite the combination,
Very prone to self-destruction.

Gingerly set in place, elevated.
Rotated to find its face in the light,
Then stabbed violently.

The sawing motion, the sound, the smell,
All very unpleasant, but the worst is yet to come.
The blade comes full circle now
And the top has been removed.

Exposing the internals, filling the air
With it’s repugnant odor.
Then the scooping begins.

The squishing, the pulling
It’s ceaseless in its cruelty
The viscera exposed to the world
Only to be used for the pleasure of others.


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"THE YEAR 2008!!!"

The year 2008
In my world every things going to be great
I'll have my very best date
And I won't be late
Everything goes well she'll be my new mate
I'll get my best job ever
Everyone will say I'm very clever
Getting my own place is definitely in the mix
And with my new wheels,family getting closer all my problems will be fix
I'm really going to hit it big with the poetry I write
With  the money I make alot of people going to want a chunk or a bite.

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Christmas Tradition

Christmas time
We gather as one
To go share
Presents we give together
Open united

Form Is: Shadorma

Entrant into Paula Swanson's "Traditions" contest

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Gingerbread Creation

Gingerbread Creation, fall food Sweet icing A great taste Ghouls and goblins surround it A Halloween treat
Russell Sivey Form: Shadorma

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the weeping willow
shelters a laughing maiden ~
a young man searches

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In the dark corner Of this old dimly lit house Are two used broomsticks Their occupants are witches This is their transportation
Russell Sivey

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Mild Fright

Skull and crossbones bag Filled with delicious candy Sitting on the porch Where orange wreath lies on door Looks inviting to the young Decorations sit Abounding the well-lit porch Carved smiling pumpkins And spider webbing around And small orange lights on fence Not very scary As young children run about Simply beautiful This concoction of delight Bringing around a mild fright
Russell Sivey

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The Maypole is as the Pillar of the community,
Wrapped by ribbons of love.
To be wrapped in love that comes from above;
Is all I am thinking of.

It happens in May the spring of the year;
And by many this festivity is held near and dear.
New birth, new life; the birthing of a soul,
Is represented here by the Maypole.

Mayday, Mayday; new beginnings is on the way.

It all springs forth as a new dawn begins,
And then the Maypole festivities comes to an end.
Around the same time the very next year;
All of the festivities... reappear.

Just as life cycles, so does this day,
I wonder will it ever go away.
Mayday, Mayday; it will never end,
As your life transitions, a new one begins.

Penned 2/10/2015

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Valentines day let me count the ways

   Dear valentines day,
         I write you a letter to say let me count the ways it sucks when you make me feel 
deprived. It sucks when you make my boyfriend pretend that he loves me with a bundle of 
flowers and a box of candy. I know he'd rather be with her and I know she probably got 
some roses as well. I hate that you make my best friend cry because she has no one to 
spend the day with. She is a vision, a beauty and all she can see is her dateless self as 
insignificant. Dear Valentines day I love how you make " single people" feel like their 
not ok just being alone, when two days ago I could have sworn I saw them at a rally 
screaming independence rules. Now I see them sulking, Their not proud on this day... I 
wonder why Valentines? Why do you make them feel afraid. Let's get to the cheery part of 
this day for all the people who thing I am just being a downer on this lovers holiday. 
All the holding and valentines day cards they hardly mean anything and will probably be 
thrown out tomorrow. But you still make this into a something big, Every broke guy just 
trying to make a living has to surprise his Mercesdes riding girl friend who is so rich 
she doesn't notice the romance is draining. When he surprises her with flowers or she 
surprises him with candle light dinners " they don't even seem to notice that the other 
is trying to be romantic. Instead they say things like" Oh baby I have to work late" And 
oh honey you shouldn't have where's there jewelry"? L-O-V-E a four letter word that 
started this whole thing. If your lucky enough to know how you feel I don't think you 
would need a holiday to celebrate what's already in your heart. I know occasionally you 
forget to say I love you, and occasionally you don't remember Annerversaries but it's in 
there somewhere and I don't need flowers as a symbol that you care. I want to feel it in 
your touch, your compassion, they way you kiss... It should always be filled for fire 
works. So I say dump this holiday and let it sink. Maybe as it's falling some of the 
hearts that turned cold will start falling again as well.

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Tidal sands

Water rushes, sweeps.
Tide enfolds as ground moves round.

Feet engulfed. Swallowed.

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Today is a Gift

Happy Easter Baby
Today is a “Gift”

My heart, it jumped a beat today when I answered the phone
As I listened to that familiar voice, I couldn’t help but feel at home
As we talked it occurs to me, it’s like so many of our days
The clock stops, the sun goes down, and time just flys away
I’m honored to be with you, on this “Special” day
You’re my Happy Easter “Baby”, and it will always be that way
I love you with all my heart, your love is so true
When you take me in your arms, and again it feels so new
I figured out when love is real, you never have to choose
To settle for less than what you have become, for now you know the rules
Always be true to who you are and listen to your heart
Then you and your soul will never be apart

This poem is dedicated to man that changed my life 
I am forever grateful for his love and friendship 
And for every moment of sad and happiness spent on our behalf
And for showing me what true happiness is all about

With Eternal Love & Respect, 


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Large Spiders

People fear large webs Created from huge spiders When spiders come back To see what they have captured People quickly run in fear
Russell Sivey

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Little Skulls

They are still laughing Those little skulls in the wreath Surrounded by pine The needles jab in their sides Through pronounced evil faces
Russell Sivey

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Light Breaches Darkness

The infinite light Of the greatly lit pumpkin Piercing through the night Where the darkness has been breached Quite enlightening tonight
Russell Sivey

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Halloween Compilation

Eerie light of the night The moon casts a shadow A pumpkin glows so bright More than what I allow There’s a hooting owl near I can hear him sing I need to visit a mighty seer And see what she’ll bring Lanterns show off their glow Where skeletons walk on by Halloween is more than you know It’s a great time, I don’t lie
Russell Sivey

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Thanksgiving Challenge

Within the autumnal period there exists a special day.
As in the past it was spent doing special things;
Reflecting on past moments and looking forward 
To future moments with friends and family.
Today, Thanksgiving remains true to form.
We still give thanks and look forward to tomorrow.
However, I challenge you this year to understand.
Take a plate of food to a homeless man or woman,
Or, perhaps, invite him or her in for kindness and a meal.
The thanks that you receive would be immeasurable. 
Thanksgiving isn’t reserved for those who have turkey,
it is reserved for those who share turkey, or their time.
It is important that when giving thanks, you must give.
How better to give, than to give to someone in need?
It’s easy to allow family and friends through your door,
but more so appreciated to hold the door open for others.
Maybe, if time permits, feed others in a soup kitchen;
donate time instead of food, yourself instead of a check.
When you sit down at your table, remember those you helped;
they will be thanking you and you will then be able to thank them.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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Comes specially in the months of Summer and Winter,
It is the liking of everybody,
Giving respite from unending work and study;
When it ends all wishes it had ended later.

Some wish to spend in holy places,some in homes,
Some in maternal houses ,some far away to Buddhist domes;
While some to Singapore and Switzerland
But I tell you there's nowhere better than own country's sands.

My dream holidays I'll like to spend-
In lands far away from worldly scent;
Full of beauty,happiness and fun-
Pollution ,studies ,tension -there will be none.

Even God took rest on the seventh day of his creation-
Here lies the importance of holidays in our sojourn.

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Family Gathering

The food was great, pumpkin pie
Shared our stories between meals
All souls care for each other
Family love glows

Russell Sivey

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The End, The Beginning

Time is ticking on by throughout the night
Just about time for the end
The beginning’s begun

Russell Sivey

The end of 2011 to the beginning for 2012!

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Warlock's Demise

Fear permeates from the depth of his soul As he scrapes the sides of his deep hellhole A sweet incessant chant keeps calling him out It tells him to join the others that are about His soul leaps feeling that there are more like him Out of his hole he crawls following his masters whim He now notices that they, like him, are all skeletons Been dead for many years, some really rotten ones He has been instructed to bring some innocent lass To this graveyard for his curse to be complete alas His soul is bound to the warlocks dark iron will No matter the skeletons displeasure he has this chill For the warlock is always deep within his mind And commands are simple and aren’t very kind Somehow the skeleton reaches enough strength To resist the powers of the warlock in length He finds the warlock chanting besides his spell Unaware of the skeletons presence and his hell He chokes the warlock with his powerful grasp Bringing him to his death causing both to collapse Without the dark warlock’s spell to be chanted The skeletons all fail to animate, to be enchanted The next morning the groundskeeper found a sight Skeletons all littered the graveyard from last night
Russell Sivey

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Happy New Year

Hear the ramblings as the count down now begin.
A few seconds later toasting with champagne or gin,
Pressings tender kisses upon loved ones lips.
Preparing for a new year with precious tips,
Yes, we all make a promise to stop something.

Nearer to our loved ones, our heart does sing.
Even the children at home, watch the ball drop.
Wearing pajamas celebrate, drinking milk or pop.

You and I my dear we kiss and hug for our love so.
Every year the same though we find a different glow.
Again, this year, we find ourselves growing old.
Realizing that our faith and love, worth more than gold

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Comfort of nostalgia

The rising, into its holder
All eyes a gaze 
Completed, so Dazzling and oh the owe 
The Christmas tree towers above the rest of the room 
Bringing color to the space it looms 
As you look through your decorations you are reminded
Of Christmas’s in the past 
Oh how the years have wheeled on so fast 
Each ornament has meaning 
Each decoration that was given to you by your Mother
Or passed down from hers   
Their memory held in your hand
As though it was planned 
The scent of pine fragrance lingering in the air 
As you and your loved ones create cheer 
Old holiday music that never gets old 
Its then you’re brought back to your days of innocents 
Those childhood days 
The sheer excitement of preparing for the big day 
You and your siblings wild with anticipation
 Freedom from school and gifts and food 
All in the comforts of nostalgia
All in the memory of 
A mood    

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My bad SANTA

I'm scared of Santa  

He knows who's been naughty
he know's who's been nice
It's got me kinda nervous
He knows my vice
He knows what I've been doin
And I wasn't so nice
I'm on the list
I didn't think twice
I'm startin to sweat
I'm startin to plan
I gotta get that list
before I get canned
He's got an army of reindeer
and they're all lookin for me
I've heard about this Rudoulph
He's especially mean
He has this nose
this nose that glows
Santa's gonna get me
Cookies won't help
Santa Claus is comin to town
God help me.

originally written under Janetta Harrington

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My Buddies (Epigram)

Poison is very real but in no way would I drink it to make my day. Real or may, the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and Santa Claus are here to stay! Na-na-na-na-na!!! © Joseph, 11/11/07 © All Rights Reserved Don’t spoil the fun. These are my buddies from way back, they are still my A- Team, and will continue to be for a long, long time to come and they are very real! Epigram is derived from the Greek word “epigramma” meaning “inscription.” The epigram is short, satiric, humorous, and witty. It used at times to express social criticism or political satire, and is often written as a single rhyming couplet.

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Skeleton Head

Ever wonder what Is inside the dingy head Of a skeleton Is there a cold mushy brain Maybe it’s just candy corn Could be eroded From the long days under ground A dissolving state He’s a spoiled creature living With a small decaying brain
Russell Sivey

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Peace on Earth

When Christmas 
sends peace on Earth,
it must stay here for ever,
because this love comes from the stars.

I wish days like Christmas 
will stay on Earth and never go,
with the bird's song on the snow
while heaven sends its own music.

Laughter and million lights,
like the rays of the star,
like the angel's song
like the wind's soft whisper.

This is Christmas, this is peace,
this is love in our hearts;
for the rich, for poor, for young and old,
God's treasure will open.-

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Christmas Time Is Here

I think back to many a year
when Christmas time was very dear
our tree aglow with lights and fruit
having spent many hours in rubber boots
trudging the woods for that special tree
snow had fallen clear up to our knees
we'd trim and cut then make a stand
our Christmas tree just  looked so grand
we dried some fruit that  hung with care
even strung popcorn which was very rare
the lighted candles stood so tall
praying each night that they wouldn't fall
our Christmas time so very merry
none of that rush with cash and carry
we had things made like socks an shirts
never worried if the shirt didn't work
stockings were filled with fruit and nuts
we never expected or had very much
oh i think back to toughs wonderful days
wishing many could  have seen our ways.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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Waiting for the Wind

Sitting in the morning just waking up on my side of the world today
I turn on the news see if anyone has anything good to say
Stock markets falling and another landslide while the politicians try to deny
Global warming and more killer storms and another thousand people die
and the advertiser says I’d be happy if I bought bigger car you know
I’ve got my sails out...and I’m waiting for the winds to blow
I got my sails out...and I’m waiting for the winds to blow.

Sometimes I think the world’s gone mad and I can’t stand to hear the pain
One place burning in holy fire and another in a deluge of rain
Sometimes I think that hatred and war is the only way we know how to be
And I want to sail away, a world made for you and me
Sometimes I wonder at the pace of it all, where’s everybody trying to go
I got my sails out...and I’m waiting for the winds to blow.
I got my sails out...and I’m waiting for the winds to blow.

Why can’t we see the beauty of it all in the sun rising every day
Life holding on to the sides of mountains and the waters rushing into the bay
Why can’t we live as if nothing on earth mattered more that the love that we bring
I want to sail away,.. and become part of everything
Why can’t we care just a little bit more, maybe let a little kindness show
I got my sails out...and I’m waiting for the winds to blow.
I got my sails out...and I’m waiting for the winds to blow.

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My Musical

A reflection 
Is that enquiry
That touches 
Our past 
My wintered rose
As centered
My prose
My splinter
As the mist rose
The path taken 
The path of that
No often chose
And in the ending 
I say goodbye 
To those 
Whom greet me
The cure 
A smoothly 
Moved cello

Snow flakes
On days 
It doesn’t mist
The spectacles 
That un-flower
My fist
The seasons 
Of my life 
With told 
From an 
Hour hand
Of a glass
That fragilely 
The treasure 
Our collapsing 

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It’s December. And bold
Blackberry is young. All freeze nothing a poet can do.
What a winter's palette
Spread out of mercy
Ah, holidays! How sharply
Hearts can bite

With color gray and wave
And evening pregnant with stars
Here and there a dared bloom
In wild-geese high from above, the seasons
Come. Tomorrow
The pleasanter will gentle beam.
 And an old year will be gone.

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Suffering from the Truth

I just want to say
I forgot my friend
And if it were 
Any other day
It just would not end

And I’ll see you 
In another life
And I’ll see you 
In another day

Some loved ones remain eternal
Others we hold below a murmur
Sometimes the means of what it takes
Tires us, a bit sluggish
Life waving goodbye
With a palm full of luggage
From here, as individuals
To where do we roam
When lost is gone
And nowhere is home 

I just want to save
The whereabouts
We once knew
Yet here I am today
And I’ll see you 
In another life
Yes I’ll see you 
In another day

And I just want to say
I forgot my friend
And if it were
And other day
It just would not end 

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You’ve watched me grow up
Throughout all these years,
We’ve shared in laughter
But also with tears.

You’ve paved my life’s path
Not leading astray,
Always there to help,
Even when I’m okay.

We may not agree
But yet understand
You lend me your ear,
And give me your hand.

I wouldn’t be me
Who I am today,
If you were not there,
To show me the way.

From my heart, Thank you,
In my heart, you’ll stay,
I love you father,
Happy Father’s Day!

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In His Glory And Grace


A long time ago a King left His kingdom and His throne 
To pay what could be paid only by Him, and just Him alone, 
A Mighty Lord who was willing to die for yours and my sins, 
And make us all brand-new again when we invite Him in 

Knowing full well the rewards of His salvation plan 
Help us remember that we are all held in God's own hand, 
One day when we arrive to Heaven, what's it first we'll see? 
But Jesus, with arms opened wide as happy to greet you, and me! 

I am but a sinner, who's now living by His blessed grace, 
Washed clean by the Blood of my Lord Jesus, who died in my place, 
By surrendering everything I have to God, each and every day, 
I can be certain for sure, I'll not be that easily led astray! 


Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000



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As the fragrance fades,
of love once so deep,
into the unknown,
where she now weeps.
Silent she stares,
at what once was there,
pictures, a reminder,
when her children were there.
Silver is her hair,
her body frail, and weak,
she calls their names,
as the tears roll down her cheeks.
Where have they gone,
why don't they call,
forgotten in time,
trying to recall.
Miles are between them,
their busy days, and nights,
just trying to survive,
and a mother cries.
Lonely she is,
and lonely she will be,
as she hangs their pictures,
on her Christmas Tree.

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Beside the Seaside

She lay there naked
hoping to catch the guys' eyes
Oh, Sunburned fool!

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From Our House To Yours

It is the day before the day,
of Thanksgiving Eve,
and the kitchen is steaming,
cooking vittles to eat.
Possum, and Armadilla,
hope we have enough,
last year we had complaints,
the meat was to tough.
Corn on the cob,
steaming the room,
in run the cats,
chase them out with the broom.
Deviled eggs,
oh man the smell,
grandma had to look,
at the little ones tail.
Potatoes slightly burned,
we'll just scrape that off,
Aunt Julie's got the flu,
gee, what a cough.
Pallets on the floor,
we're all wall to wall,
three days, and counting,
we're having a ball.
Hope your day is happy,
as the gang piles in,
from our house to yours,
welcome, family, and friends.

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The New Year Is Coming

The new year is coming,
the old winding down,
how many will see it,
how many will not be around.

Parties have been planned,
new outfits have been bought,
how many will stay sober,
how many will get caught.

Fireworks will glisten,
and rumble into the sky,
how many will be careful,
how many will die.

Families, some will gather,
to welcome in the new,
how many will be here next year,
how many, if we only knew.

My family, and friends,
please be careful, have fun, enjoy,
but just remember,
we are not guranteed another day,
love, laugh, and be grateful for the
many blessings that have been given to us.
I love you all.....

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Rat in my head

ruling the world from my living room
a definite utopia we are striving for
all on the same team worldwide
but whats left is the proof of consequence
if you stray a little
if you forget your next line
the act of man

Ruling the world from my living room
a goal in mind, a happily ever after
but we strayed a little
gotta start over
its just not the same
the next movement of soul
don't stray a little

in this line i stand
soo many people like me
know whats going on
the big dream
made our statement
now were on our way
step by step
bouht you the perfect lie
to do it again
the perfect line to do it again

can't stick to simple rules
even when you get a cheat sheet
mastermine for peace
mastermined and deadlocked for peace
don't stray a little
not even a little

masterplan of a holy act
humble our planet
show you what i can do
world on my shoulders is on my side
masterplan toward your utopia
step by step
acty by act
you find yourself deadlocked
dont stray a little
until we stray a little

when the proof is in the pudding
just another black and white day
colorless fabrications
mid day mindlessness
back to the last step
if we can we'll try again
back to the start of the story
blinding society as we swim away
go to town to do our part of what we understand
this is the only way
legendary for controlling the world from my living room

your all deadlocked
gonna do it to you again
sorry for the leash
but the consequences are too great for all concerned
don't stray a little
don't forget to stray a little
shine on until we fade
can't go on
not in this way

From the gutter to your door
don't stray a little
stick to the plan
and we get what we deserve
cleaning up hell is a nightmare alone
long way from home
the gutter says
don't stray from the middle
don't stray from the middle
if you want the angels to shine
just stray a little

the riddle unfolding
boldly onward going
haunting your hair from a world away
tomorrow is coming day by day
we'll never see it again
gone again
never liked it that way
the consequences are great
don't stray a little

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Jesus The King

Christmas Eve,
with family, and friends,
our tradition,
the way it's always been.

Children excited,
huddled around the tree,
as a story is read,
about shepherds, and sheep.

Where one little boy,
was born on this day,
years ago,
in a manger with hay.

So many questions,
about how He lived, and died,
and why did those people,
make Jesus cry.

Then all the presents,
are given to them,
and they sing Happy Birthday,
to Jesus The King.

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The Unsurpassed Magic Of Autumn

It's not just the colorful display by mother nature,
With her painted trees, nor her whispy clouds,
Escorting in the premier chills of this sweet time to be alive,
Or the eye treat of our little dressed up trick-or-treaters,
Nor just the first hint of comfortable sleeping weather,

I somehow associate Autumn with a magic moon,
Hanging in the sky, it's light dispelling all gloom,
A sight that never failed to thrill me....
It's moonbeams passing though my windows,
Enriching my bedroom...and all that I see...

In Autumn, I'm always a child....
I time travel back...
And the joy is more than wild,
I remember how it meant,
Christmas was coming soon,
I'd take possession of the Speigel Catalogue,
And walk in circles in the dining room,
Dreaming of toys I wanted so bad...
Staring at their pictures, the longing so sad...

Then there was the outdoor fun,
Of jumping in leaf piles,
And Halloween traditions.
Scary stories,
Bobbing for apples,
Cupcake parties in school,
Anyone not excited, was some kind of fool...

Yes, Autumn has always been,
My favorite time of year,
A time we all face,
Our sub-conscious fear...

But fear is an activator
Of many fine things,
We grow closer to our families,
To protect us from harm...

And at it's root core,
Autumn has so much charm.

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Turkey Day And All The Trimmings And Stuff

Come on in my family, and friends,
let us all work together, as the preparation
Grab that turkey, and warsh him real good,
better make sure we have plenty of wood.
Fire up the stove, and get it real hot,
sure hope paw got out all the buckshot.
Cut up them onions, and chop them real fine,
make sure you don't cut your fingers this time.
Grab you a chere, and sit down right here,
grandma is busy icing down all the beer.
Uncle Pete is piled up, watching the game,
he is hollering for snacks, the only reason he came.
Pick that dishrag up off the floor,
this is the last one, we don't have nary more.
Set the table with paper plates, and cups,
maybe this year, we just might have enuff.
Save all them cans, and put them in this box,
we sure wish grandpa could be here with us, but he
is still in detox.
After we eat, and our bellies are full,
the guys will jack the cars up, and get under the hood.
From our house to yours we wish you the best,
Happy Thanksgiving from us all, now it is time to rest.

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Last acts

How heat of sultry summer's eve consumes me.
Feisty bloody crimson glow ignites a flaming skyline;
dusk radiant decorates the golden amber melt.
Performance interrupted only by whistling voice.

Westward night cloud drifts, a gentle floaty dream.
A melody of feathered choirs gather - 
fatigued; vanishing into the moonlight to slumber.
Delightful promise of attractive sunrise.

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I drove

I drove my car
Down to the sea
It was so far
And was not free

My girl would drive
But has no license
We will arrive
Without a crisis

I walked the beach
We went for miles
Was out of reach
And full of smiles

I drove out so far
On my Jet Ski
Felt like a star
Whose ride is free

When I came back
I was so tanned
It was so “whack”
Better than I planned

I drove on home
A thousand miles
And not alone
My wife all smiles

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Bobby's Last Dance

Looking at his hands
praying no one noticed
how they trembled.
He was feeling his age.
Life catching up with him.
Needing a left handed smoke.
He had peeked out back
Every one was in attendance.
Nosy bunch. His sisters kids.
Bull dogs he had called them.
The Girls weren't too bad,
he almost liked one of them.
But those four boys. Bull dogs.
Even he had been bitten.
Fighters every single one.
Better left alone.
Made him proud to be kin.
They would argue over his gift.
Him making monkey faces
as they fought to get his dishrags
with his hard earned money
hidden away on the inside.
She always wrapped them for him
laughing together like old times
as they chose her prettiest paper.
He loved her like no one else.
"Oh my sweet sister!" he smiled
thinking about their life. Twins.
Her husband was a wonderful man.
Their love for each other pure.
He had never found the dream
love they shared. He had tried.
God knows he had tried.
"Hurry up!" his Partner called.
"We need you to Dance."
Strut Miss Lucy. A children's game.
Every year they played silly games
But he liked getting the prizes.
With a wink and a nod at himself
He slipped his silly putty
back inside his front pocket.
"I can't wait" He yelled.
He knew he owned that game.
He danced through the house 
down the walkway and across the yard.
Then Bowing to his partner
he stepped out into the joy
of  Bobby's Last dance.

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I Am Grateful

As I sat and ponder about what I want to say,
I have so much be grateful for on this special day.

I’m grateful for life itself and all it has to bring.
I’m grateful for the ups and downs,
                 even the many stings.
I’m grateful for every test and the lessons that they bring.

I’m grateful for the storms of life that has come my way.
I can sing " Through it All ", 
I have certainly learned how to pray.

I’m grateful for the friends I found upon this very site.
They have laughed with me, cried with me, 
and even taught me how to write.

I’m grateful for all the blessings the Lord has sent my way.
I’m grateful-grateful-grateful  on this 
            Thanksgiving Day!

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Tantalizing torrents

We swam exotic tide,
beneath waterfall froth a tumbling of turquoise-white.
A dizzy scented solace creating
chilled cascade, carrying shimmering waters.

Liquid paradise swirls around us,
twinkling, bubbling and reflecting our passionate embrace.
Exquisite freedom releasing tense moments,
bringing uninterrupted lovers bliss.

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Tides wash over painted toes.
Rum rains down;Reptiles sun.
Ocean waves; Oracles with desired lies.
Palm treed Paradise with insects.
Islands with beautiful barefooted influences
Careless days and nights; secret caves and coves.
Abundant atmosphere; fruited alcohol attractions.
Lovers under the lagoon's night sky.
~ ~ ~   Leafy layers of Tropical Life.

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Cram, Cram, Cram

The stores are busy, readying the shelves,
Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, what a mess.
Too much stuff, crammed into three months,
all at once, put out in front.
Buy, buy, buy, now wait a minute folks,
Santa is now wearing a Vampire cloak.
I see ghost dressed like elves, and turkeys
pulling the sleigh, I'm confused here, about
the Holiday.
One at a time, is all we can stand,
not, all at once, cram, cram, cram.

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May Love Come Your Way

She says have a nice day,
Her words hard to find,
For she is not happy,
Feeling left behind.

Every so often,
Every now and then,
She dreams of a new love,
But where to begin?

She wakes in the morning,
To greet a new day,
Hurry, hurry your warning,
Must be on your way.

No time for breakfast,
Not even a snack,
She dodges the tourist,
Respect they do lack.
And now she arrives,
In plenty of time,
Which is no surprise.
It’s quarter to nine.

So her day has begun,
Just as any other,
Without much fun
Thinking it’ll get better.

Then in walks this man,
Silver/grey hair,
A flower in hand,
So debonair.

He walks up to her,
Whispers this is for you,
Makes her day a little brighter, 
 Now not so blue.

Happy valentines day,
Is my wish for you,
May love come your way,
And start something new.

Wishing you a beautiful day,

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Mystic love

Love speaks of hazy lochs,
stealing dreams
languishing your smile.

Mistaken silhouette vanishes,
dissolves into dusky cloak.
Apparitional insanity attractive,
everything consumed – soulful -
a heavenly trance.

Our gentle embrace ignites as we touch
and amber flame cruelly bakes us,
as hint of monster disappears, un traced

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Always Happened

Childhood remembrances of red and green
As the twinkling lights adorned the trees
The anticipation mounted until the eve
To when sleep became this child’s enemy

I couldn’t wait, I jumped with each sound heard
Thinking that Santa was finally there
Oh, but to have him catch me awake, never
As my eyes would sink in act of pretending

Alas, I don’t know how, but off I went
Quietly he always came with never a peep
Just once I hoped to catch the man in red
But this child lost the battle and fell to sleep

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The Day After Thanksgiving

It's the day after Thanksgiving, and all across town,
people getting up early, shopping malls bound.
Sleigh gassed up, and purses are too,
don't forget those credit cards, what ever you do.
Sneakers on the feet, gotta move real fast,
sales start early, the goodies won't last.
Santa will be waiting, perched high on his seat,
screaming children, and after this, he is sure to be beat.
When, from a store close by, someone began to shout,
they will sell you a gift, but there is nobody to wrap.
Some started fussing, where are the elves,
not too many toys left on the shelves.
Ho, Ho, Ho, came a familiar sound,
I will do the wrapping, somebody help me down.
I gained some weight during the year,
eating real late, and drinking the cheer.
So, let's get this season started, with laughter please,
just look at the presents, and all the beautiful trees.
Ho, Ho, Ho.....Merry Christmas

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We listened deeply to the sounds 
of seed power of duality. 
I was very restive 
there was no time to review 
the veracity of benevolence. 
It was a flight of songs, 
a passage through silence.
The event and nonevent, 
became burning topics enslaving the angles of lips 
and splitting the smiles. 
If you wanted to feel the truth, 
you must undergo splendid mutation,
to read the grains, 
the sun, the rains.

Here comes the moon 
sailing on dry bones
of our trivialities; 
of our banalities, 
shutting off our thoughts. 
Multiples of our arts, 
our performances, 
had the plasma oozing 
from our buried themes.


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An Easter Kiss

I wish that you a Happy Easter in person.
I hope that you are okay.
I still love you in a special way.

I wish that I could give you an Easter kiss.
I really hope that you are thinking of me.
If you were here, 

I would have on my bunny ears.
Giving blessings of love, kisses, hugs, 
And caressing your carrot,

Even though this time I know,
 You are once again getting married.
I’m blowing you a kiss.

I am sure that it will reach you
Again Happy Easter from me
I love you and you’re the only man,

That I’m thinking of other than God.
I thank Him for the time I spent with you,
I pray that He will send you back to me,
So that we can share more precious memories.

wrote  3-23-08

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O, One who bled and died for me,
Your death was not in vain.
Was Love that held you to Calvary's tree
while separation from your Father caused pain.

If not that You had come for me
to do what I could not on my own,
it would have been me upon that tree
and a life without You all I had known.

But I am not left to a life without You
as You rose from the dead in power.
And because You did, my life is made new
along with all that You've kept to this hour.

O, I could never repay what You've done
but I can live this life for You.
You came here for me, Eternal One;
What could You ask that I would not do ?

Douglas L. Ace

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Far Away..

Far Away.. 

Are you far away?
Please come back soon and stay..

Are you thinking about me to?
As much as I am thinking about you?

The time we spent together, how can you forget?
Will you gamble with fate and win the bet?

Escaping from reality is this love real?
Or is it what I think I feel.

Your smile, your eyes and your touch..
How can I forget that much..?

I long to see you and you hold me close..
Your the one I miss the most...

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Little Treeling

Little tree don't weep today,
your limbs so tiny, and frail,
but stronger, and stronger,
with each passing snow,
as nature watches you grow.
You're just a treeling, 
in the forest of life,
waiting for another season.
One day you'll be the one,
a family calls their own,
decorated in lights of color,
adding beauty to that home.
Dry your little branches little one,
and drink from the nourishing soil,
time will get you ready,
for that special girl or boy.

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Little hands that loved to touch
would one day be pierced through.
Little feet that ran through fields
would be spiked for me and for you.

This Little One so free from care
would one day know sins weight.
This One so young with love to share
would be crucified outside the gate.

This Boy who grew in favor with God
would in time be rejected of men.
This Youth working wood in Nazareth
would be brought to a shameful end.

He journeyed this life from infant to man
to identify with every generation.
He went once for all time from death into life
to bring forth a new creation.

Douglas L. Ace

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June 17, 2007

Sitting on the front porch steps
I looked at the man
The weathered skin
The squinted eyes
Listening to him speak as he stared
Into the distance
Never flinching
As he reminisced
He told me of times past
When he was young
Happy times
The war had ended
He came home to his wife
His first born greeted him

The smile on his face at that moment
Told me all I needed to know
That this man, though strong
Was a person with heart
A person with feelings
That required the many
Touches of life
That only others could provide
Though older now
Not looking like the boy
He described in his stories
The man he was to become
He now resembles
A man of leather
Where nothing could permeate
But I can see how
My tone, my questions
Entered his mind
And how he spoke through his heart

As another father’s day
Comes and goes
I think back to my youth
Listening to you
Your stories
Your music on the violin
I smile, knowing
That I touched you
As the memories
Of you touch me now
I love you
As you look down
From the heavens above
I wish to say
I couldn’t have asked
For a better man
To guide me
To be my father
Happy Father’s Day

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To Each Of You

My Christmas wish for all of you,
is that your smiles are many, not few.
The path you take, on your journey through life,
will bring you happiness, and your nights be bright.
Velvet will be the cushion, that breaks your falls,
and rainbows of beauty will follow you all.
You will have peace in your heart, that we all search for,
while any shadows that linger, will be gone forever more.
This is my wish to all my friends near, and far,
our distance may be great, but we gaze upon the same stars.
Merry Christmas from the South, to every corner of the world,
each of you are so precious, Soups finest, diamonds, and pearls.

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Easter morning.

here's a poem I thought I'd write 
                         maybe early this morning or was it last night?
knock knock knock the fourth day of spring at my door,
     opening it I see a familiar friend early that's for sure,
the light of Easter rushing inside,
    the smell it brings and the joy it hides,
the church bells ringing in the distance at the top of the hour,
   baskets fill the house waiting for kids to shower,
March 23 a early Easter on a early Easter morning,
   a day that came a bit fast now sits before me,
the colors of yellow, green purple, pink, and even blue,
   Easter eggs and gift filled baskets for kids, the big ones too.
how dose one day bring so much joy, so much hope,so much love,
  not only in candy and gifts , but in worship and thanks to up above,
you can't beat a day that opens your mind and touches your heart,
  a day remembered it the testament years before that plays a big part,
what was done how it came about, how he rose and how he stands today,
  this day fills me like no other spiritually, mentally, and physically I must say,
Easter... touch life, touch your heart, move your self to tears as well as others,
  take part in this day enjoy family and friends sisters and brothers fathers and mothers,
your kids home and away those who have past who loved Easter day,
  look up to the ski and say thank you lord for all you do and for a gift like today.

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The Clock

The clock is ticking on down

Tick tock tick tock tick tock

The second’s is turning into

Minutes “tis coming forth to

That magical hour”

“Bout time to break out the


The fire works or ready to fire


Welcoming the

Beginning of this New Year

Is fast approaching..

My resolution of 2008

Will not be written in ink

Nor will there be any mind


For I do declare my life holds

Enough of life issues


Rather not start anew..

So, I’ll just remain laid


With a thank you prayer

And see where it all goes

Thank you Lord for this New

Year beginning,

“Hooray, Hooray & All That Jive”

Happy New Year 2008

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Receive the Gift and Be the Gift


As Christmas brings us joy and peace this time of year,
   Keep your heart merry and filled with admiration and good cheer.
A simple and kind act here and there,
   Share your blessings with those who have less and cannot share.
Don’t be a Scrooge, don’t be unkind,
    Give of yourself, you’ll have peace of mind.
If you see a family in need somewhere