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Inspirational Dream Poems | Inspirational Poems About Dream

These Inspirational Dream poems are examples of Inspirational poems about Dream. These are the best examples of Inspirational Dream poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Tear drops trickle down your cheeks
I know how hard you've tried
Put your heart and soul on paper
Only to be denied

You've thought..
If only someone really knew
If somehow they could understand
These works I write are my last dream
My hopes of a promised land

You long to be a special girl
Not just a number in the crowd
With skill you paint a masterpiece
The canvas makes you proud
Your words are filled with royalty
They're lofty and incredibly deep
And for the casual passerby 
The climb is perhaps too steep

You've thought..
If only someone really knew
If somehow they could understand
These works I write are my last dream
My hopes of a promised land

But what if one already knew
Only one, but they understood
And this one believed in your dream
They longed for all you could

Would just that one be enough
To renew hope of a promise land
I tell you girl here and now
There is one.. And I'm that man!

Date: 8-15-14

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A Soul With Dreams

I would like to show you something That your eyes can not see It will give you a sense of feeling Allowing your thoughts to run free I want you to look within yourself Only as a simple earthly being Look into your heart for passion Where destiny fulfills your dreams We are here to gain enlightenment That we may pass onto others Not to fill this world with hate Nor to judge one another Through this forever endless search Of needless earthly things We can choose faith,hope and love To surpass all earthly dreams It matters not the type of pillow You may lay your head upon A gift of love was given to all That shall forever carry on Never worship those who enlighten you Only the true creator of all things For with his gift of a soul within us He communicates through our dreams
Dan Kearley:2-21-13

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writing to inspire

I want to write something that makes people say “I wish I wrote that”
I want to write something that gives the hopeless their hope back
I want to write stuff that Tupac would be happy to have on his notepad
I write for everyone who had a broke past

I write to cure heart-break
I hope my words offer light to those going through dark days
Good times are ahead even though they appear far away
Sometimes you have to get things the hard way

I’m writing for that girl who just got cheated on
Hope my words are a bandage to people who don’t know where they’re bleeding from
I’m writing for people who think their chances of succeeding’s gone
I write for those whose parents chose to lead them wrong

I write for those fighting discrimination
I only get offended when people give me limitations
Notorious B.I.G told me the sky is the limit
So I write till I’m out of ink or my pen is breaking

I write for those battling depression
I write for those struggling to see their reflection
I write for those who want to stand up tall
I write to inspire but I can’t please you all

My rhymes are far from perfect
But I’m honest in all of my verses
I’m trying to give worth to those who feel worthless
Because I was made to feel like I had no purpose

I’m not trying to save people
Just trying to offer a little help
I believe everyone should be made equal
Regardless of age, race, sex, looks or wealth

I hope my words will one day lead the blind
I hope my words encourage people to go against the system
That doesn’t mean to commit crimes
Just don’t be afraid to be different

I may not make a change in the world
But maybe I can help to take away the pain from a girl
Or offer a little guidance to a fatherless boy
I hope my words inspire, but I started writing to fill a void 

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There is a place

There is a place you can go that is full of only love and Warmth .
you will be surrounded by a light that shines from the Heavens ,
Sprinkles of Silver and Gold. 

This place is filled with brilliant colors of Purple , vibrant Gold, all colors.
not one Color is less significant then another ,
for every color is equal here .

This place is surrounded by the beauty of different Flowers.
All flowers have significance here . No one Flower is better then another .
All Flowers are equal here .

It is important you know , you can cry here , and should cry as often as needed .
For  the tears will cleanse your Soul and give the Flowers water to grow.
No  one Tear is insignificant here , every tear has value and not one is better then another .

 money holds no value ,  Where you live , what you own,  has no significance here .

You will be surrounded by a beautiful light that shines from the Heavens .
A shining warm light will encircle you and allow nothing to hurt you . 
Hate will be shed at the door light a old jacket of no use. 

There is a place of beauty and  Worth.
This place will not be found on Earth .
It is a place where no one person is better then another .

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A poem for YOU

In this world of Uncertainties I’m the man that you can trust And in my words of sincerity That my love would never last. And if you could only feel, what i feel for you You can ask me “why?” so you can see the truth Like our love that tightens the rope, Like a light that would give us hope. As you watch the dark skies Let me grab the moon for you, And as I catch the bright stars That’s the way you can see me through As this planet turns as it always will And things go wrong and you don’t know what to feel Hold my hand for it will make us strong Like a wind, we will carry on The wind blow that sings a hymn for you For they know what does love means for the two Love is blind, and not deaf So how’s success if you’re not ready to bet? In this poem with full of rhymes, A full of love, Babe can you be mine? I don’t expect too much from you Why should I? If you complete my whole. “Till death do us part” that’s what they have said But why do struggles crash them ahead? Don’t ask me when my love will last, To count all of our quarrels, is that a must? Now and Forever is all that I promise No day dreaming and without reminiscence As the matter of time, as the time passes by Together we stand, together you and I
A poem for my Girlfriend for our anniversary :) pls comment and rate... you are free to judge and criticize my work :) God Bless

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World above the clouds

Far away from this bonded crowd,
Far away from these layers of 
Oh wings of the air glide me away,
To the world, world above the 

To the giant mountains of mist,
Where sparkling houses of rain 
be built,
World beneath where would be 
And sun rays where will be cold 
and soothing.

Where I won’t be bound by laws,
And I could speak freely about 
things I love aloud,
Yeah to the world with cloud 
above the clouds,
Where everything just everything 
will be allowed.

Sliding on morning dews that stays 
till night,
Diving in the night’s sky that looks 
like morning light,
With no paths to follow,
I’ll glide free and fast,
Yawing, pitching, bouncing, 
Like the endless penumbra it’s 
unknown where I’ll last
Yeah endless it is,
And it’s unknown where I’ll last

For Above the CloudsContest
I think I am late :-( posting this 

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The days seem to go by so fast. there is a void in the air, the birds have lost their vibrant beat, the ocean has lost its luster, the soil feels solid and dry.
My soul feels as if it has left my body before my death, my dreams haunt my day, the tears stain my steps, my doctor says that it is depression, I say that it is reality, I am intoxicated by society,I am numb by perscriptions.
Why do I feel so isolated within myself? is there no one in my painfully tight shoes? can anyone understand my pain? can anyone melt in my sorrows? why am I this way? why is the world so cruel? why can't I be normal?
Wait! I am normal, what am I saying, I know now, the veil has been lifted, humanity is my enemy, the sins that drip from their sweat, the dread that follows their shadows, their souls of black, their intentions of greed pull a shade across their eyes.
They are destined for doom, they will not be saved, they will not find salvation, they belittle me, they curse me, they shame me, but they are right about one thing, I am different, unlike them, I will be saved in the last days.

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Lonely Dreams

I never knew following dreams could be this lonely,
But up on the hill, looking back, thank God I'm not the old me.
If the tears will fall, let them be;
I believe this is God's plan, follow your dreams.

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My Son Moon and Star

            My Son Moon and Star ~

        Approaching the celebration of his Birth 
                cherishing the gift I received 
           within weeks of conception I knew
            something amazing was in Creation ~

            the Stars held a party
            sending me with one of their own  
    Gazing at 3 shooting stars twinkling crossing the sky   
       It was magic  It was destiny taking its flight.  

           In love with an October full moon 
               drawing and painting I liked 
             thinking of Vincent Van Gogh ~
                caught in a loss of time 

          Hours going by as choosing my color  
           a wittness to three falling stars 
             A clear night sky sparkle's
           A once Famous Star was sent 
            inspiring the tiny child inside ~ 

           Never a doubt in my mind at all     
       child bearing was worth any pain received
      yours will be in a pursuit of a dream ~
             one to cherish and hold
          My Son was born the following August ~

    working on the set of Grimm 3rd season this year  
         as the set of Leverage for 3 years .

              Has done a Indie movie here  
             In Paris it was seen and honored
             coming soon filmed in Portland ~
                 "The House of Last Things "

        awaiting the credits , you will see
    1st Assistant Director ~ production assistant 
                 My Young Lion Mans dream ~
        A proud mom I watch every show and the credits 

        as foretold in a whisper to me 25 years ago
              My Son &  Moon and Star  
               A name you will all know ~

            Happy Birthday to my creative Son
             you will exist in my heart forever~
                        and thereafter               

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A young girl who believed in rainbows
all those colors were just so cool
You grew up, life's storms battered you
these last few years have been so cruel

Hard to remember dreams from long ago
a beautiful Princess you wanted to be 
Floods of tears blinding future's hope
a single mom with a child your reality

But this morning a rainbow greeted you
all those colors were still cool to see
Young girl's dream to chase that rainbow
this time you did and it led right to me

You finally found the end of a rainbow
indeed there was a pot of pure gold
Not the kind found in rocks or rivers
But a man with many secrets untold

And he longed to share them with you
called you Princess and took your hand
My first secret when I was a young boy
was to grow up and become your man!

Contest: SKAT's "One Word Title"
Date: 6-12-14

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My Dreams

I want to dream
Like flying across the sky
Finding out greater heights
Seeing others view of reality
And be one with the sky.

I want to dream 
Swimming underneath the ocean
Searching water creatures
Fishes, clamps, and corals
Discern what their importance’s are
In our existence and health.

I want to dream
Walking underneath the ground
Exploring things that make us
Wealthy and abundant
Seeing the sources of gold, diamond
And any mineral alike.

I want to dream all my life
To enjoy everything
With my dream Self
As I always know
It’s another form of my reality.

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Last night while you were sleeping

Last night while you were sleeping, I could not help myself. I had a silent story for you, I just had to tell. 

I drew pictures with my fingertips, of hearts and "I love you's". Covering your soft smooth skin, with invisible tattoos. 

I saw you smile once or twice, it made me smile too. Right then and there I realized, I truly do love you. 

All choked up I grabbed your hand, and pressed it to my heart. Then gazed right down upon you like, a masterpiece of art. 

Your beauty overwhelmed me, I broke down into tears. Then whispered how much I love you, into your sleeping ears. 

I smiled as goosebumps on your skin, started to appear. Then laid with you and held you close, I had to have you near.

I ran my fingers down your spine, and gently through your hair. The peaceful flicking candlelight,  lit your skin so fare. 

I softly pressed my ear against, your back to hear you breathe. Then hummed a tune inside my head, singing "I believe."

Though far away in dreamland, your heart is mine to keep. It's softly beating lullaby, helped sing me to sleep. 

I hope that you will dream of me, I know I'll dream of you. I'll hold you right here in my arms, you are my dream come true. 

For life's a tale of many things, and powers from above. But I know now without a doubt, the greatest one is love. 

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Being One

Glitters spread all over
Seeking reflections amidst
becoming steadfast

Long lost better half
Reunite even afar
Sharing out fragments

Standing still staring 
Beyond space and time searching
A spark that mislead

Now after decades
Attracting as one fellow
When moments unfold.

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The missing light,
What's behind.
Just believe,
That love comes again...

The skies,
Are like a hard glide,
In a shining rainbow's light...

All dreams and fantasies,
Can be reality,
'Cause fantasy,
Is based on reality...
But all histories aren't the same...

Sometimes, we dive,
In our lives...

Don't judge,
For what you see,
For what it is...,
'Cause time passes,
But, memories remain...

To your heart,
The body, does,
The mind, thinks,
And, the heart, feels...,
While, the soul, lives...

Always remember,
To remember the past,
To live the present,
And to wait and pursue the future...

Listen to your heart,
Before you are telling goodbye,
'Cause destiny,
Might lead to demise...,
But, remember that destiny can be changed...

Life is unpredictable,
But space and time,
Could be controlled...
And even if some die,
We may survive...

That life,
Might have an endless beginning...

All that remains,
Is to be reborn...

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Ashes of my dream

Strings all over me
Pulling me backwards
Tying me down
Down the ashes of my dreams

My fear blazed like a wild fire
Their tongues scorched me like devouring wild fire
Their tongues had no positive utterance in my dream 
I could see my dream in ashes

Despite scorching heat of criticism
My dream never died 
In the ashes of my dreams I could see it striving
I could see a flicker of a flame surviving the dying fire 

One complement snatched me out of a blazing fire 
Like a helicopter, it flew me away from my fears 
Up in the sky my dream withered ashes like a tree tilt its old leaves
It was not just a ride but a revival of my dream

Like a surviving little piece of wood in ashes 
My dream is alive and has kept me fighting 
My dream is now a reality; you can do the same with yours 
Never let your dream perish in ashes of your dreams

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Heaven For A Poet

My own piece of heaven, a quiet little nook,
With only the finest parchment in a leather book,
A feather quill pen and an ocean of ink,
My thoughts would never stop to think,
Every single line I write would rhyme,
My poetry would be beautiful and sublime,
I'd be entertained daily, by Dr. Seuss,
And, put to sleep nightly, by Mother Goose,
Lessons from Byron, Shelley, Coleridge and Poe,
Teaching me every single thing that they know.

My own piece of heaven, will have to wait,
Until one day, when I must meet my fate,
So, for now I will have to be content,
With my own words that may be heaven sent,
Inspiration from my idols is all I need,
Writing poetry in a notebook from Mead,
With this cheap, plastic Bic pen,
And a dream to be, just like them.

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my dream

i dream of a place where i have not been
a place that would satisfy me deep within

i dream of a song i have not sung before 
a song that would open every freedom door

i dream of a better Southern Africa
united nations and generations would take us far

i dream of a tribe of kings and queens
a place where there's better food than maize and beans

i dream of smiles in every ebony face
of different colour feet running the same race

i dream of a big African dictionary
where AIDS and poverty are not part of the vocabulary

in my dream i hear God's voice deeply say
"dreams come true, and if you believe, this one may!"

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Groundswell Girl - Named by JB

Enter a storybook tale
Where I can be 
The heroine you hail
Lucid dreams of soft reflection
A touch heated with lust and desired protection
A breathe a gasp as we succeed 
Join the fairytale with me
Valiant night within dark eyes
the right movement and I make them shine
like moonlight on the steamy hot spring
care to follow for a little dip with me
Trailing like the water at my fingertips
Grasp me around my hips
As close as the breeze on my skin 
Whisper lies as I let you in 
Lips mumbling up my thighs
bare heart exposed to the sky 
fire burning in my veins
Am I a mistress of this lust or simply a slave
Trembling with desire
Take me till we've lost count of the hours
enter this storybook tale
Where I can be the heroine you hail

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Far beyond mans intrusions, 
A vast hidden world lives on.
An ancient fortress lost amidst,
Historical reference, a faded shade,
Amongst remembrances memory.
Imagination limitless vision, 
Separating conscious truth, 
And make believers legendary
Conjuring mystical thoughts,
Simply, Drifting aloft, 
Revealing a forgotten golden age. 
Let castaways adventurers fly away 
Into magics paradise,
As sunshine's rays, flicker amidst 
Mid summers softening light. 
Illuminating forgotten stone gardens, 
Secret courtyards in splendors array.
Rose covered vines, weaving down 
Walled trellises evergreen.
Ruined towers jetting upward, 
Blanketed by thickened mosses
Crystal clear water streams, forth 
Through cupid fountains.
Nesting song birds, sing loves, 
Harmonious music.             
Wooing hearts at winged flight.
Glide without tethers strings, 
Rejoicing carefree, 
Within natures solitude.
Reclining, beside a shaded, 
Willow tree I'm resting,
Completely to mine ease.
Watching clouds placing,
By as dusken stars.
Pass beneath nights, 
Blackening sky’s.
Knowing at last the beauty, 
That is Avalon.



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Forgotten You

Forgotten you
As your mind collects the memories of yesterday
Forgotten You
Epiphanies tie into knotty strings of realization
That very moment. . . 
You merely exist

Back then. . .those smiles
Those. . .distant laughs
Some you remember by name
Gone now maybe
Like the exhalation of the wind
Others dispersed in the world of arbitrary happening
Like leaves from falling, man-made trees
There is no doubt that they have
Forgotten you

Activate the bomb
Ignite the fuse
And you’re on next year’s history book
Never forgotten
But drained of all remaining good

That smile you gave
That happiness
The warm embrace so long ago
Salt-coated with piles of rubbish
Over last remaining mental spurts of comfort
Evil, evil, evil, evil, EVIL. . .
Always absorbed and remembered
. . .though never forgiven. . .

All good and gracious sentiments
Packed up in a box set nonchalantly in Downstair’s storage
. . .that chair with the broken leg in the corner of the room
That mangled cobweb holding a dangling, lifeless spider
A drowned sailor’s hat drifting through the current of the ocean
The single tear from a soldier’s vigilant, memory-stricken eye
The frustrating thoughts of a mute
The unchanged. . .HATED deformations

Forgotten you. . .
One soul brings to light weary, unthought-of happenings
Wedged deep into what she can only imagine
With not even a hint of understanding
. . .of the pain. . . .of the bewildering distortions
Of the ugly. . .
One soul merely vomits sickly verse after verse

As humanity embraces its downfall
The poet hangs onto her unjustifiable, forgotten. . .

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The Poetry of Hope

Every once in a while I lose myself
But I’m glad the dreams are coming back
I feel the thrill filling me
I feel my heartbeat rising
I see redemption rising in the days ahead
I still realise once again that I’ve earned another chance to begin anew
Still glad that it’s early in life
...and I can apply the lessons I’ve learnt before I’m twenty five

Phew! Boy, my heart’s beating fast
I shall no longer look at my past
For the past is just that
...opportunities gone with the wind, never to come back
I look towards the days ahead
I spend today to dream of the future I intend
For I know now tomorrow is bound to come
Today was but a dream ten years back
Had I realised then how soon today would come
I’d already be rich riding on the wings of independence
I pledge never to make that mistake again

Today I shall live like I plan
...and not like my neighbour Mr. Wright
For I know not how much he earns to spend the way he does
Today I shall not live like the society around me
For I don’t know whether they think ahead 
...of the days that are bound to be raining with storms of emergency
I pledge to live as befits me
I plan to live today in a way that enables me to save
For now I know I was right ten years ago
But I hadn’t the courage to follow a route of my own
Now I’m determined ten years to come...
I’ll be riding on the unicorn of delight

I pay no care for what those here and there may air
I wanna be happy today in my moderate ways
Knowing all too well I’m headed where
There, in the future where my heavy dreams will float in the air
I’m no hater so for the rest of the players here
I wish all the goodwill and good wishes my subconscious can air

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For them

For them.

To her the word love refers to a boy.
Something she yearns for and misses dearly.

The day they met was cold and fraught with January chill.

“Oh, that does seem so long ago.”

That is the untarnished memory she replays over and over again when events in her life go array.
Back then it was tangible and real, their lives together had not been succumb to so much misery and woe.

They have triumphed, failed, and even caused each other more pain than can be imagined; But through it all they always walked the path together, holding each others hand.

She loves him unconditionally and for that some people cant understand but love needs no excuses, certainly not for them.

She adores him for working so hard, slaving to the man trying to base a future and a plan for them, but she feels guilty that  their small American dream over the years has always led down a dead end.
With today’s hard times she knows they are not to blame, but still her idol hands carry burden with them.

A plot of land, a small farm, and a home to call their own so they may grow old.
that’s all the pair desire.

He loves her to, a thought that at times is unfathomable.
He admires her dreams, even if they are bigger than the world and never distills fear in her that they wont one day come true. She thinks ill rationally and believes in things as a child would, but this merely makes him smile at her spontaneous outlook.

To him she is like a wild bee, searching ferociously for something.
At times he doesn’t think she will ever find it, that’s why its so hard to see her cry.

Life hasn’t been fair for them.
It’s a tragic book that just keeps reading on.

But they muscle through living on their dream and knowing that as long as they have each other, everything will be alright.

And as they drive home to their house with no walls, catching glimpses of each other in their ratty car they don’t feel so alone.

Behind those blue eyes, she will be forever nineteen to him and to her, as she gazes into his brown large pupils; the boy she knows has grown into a man and at that moment they know, one day all the sacrifices they have made will pay off.

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Dream On

  Believe in no obstacles and limitations.
  A sweet song can heal, cure and delivery a massive storm out of your life.
   Shake off depressions, rejections, discouragement, sorrows and tragedies.
   Dream on, dream on, dream on, dream on and dream on!
   Doubters are foolish to underestimate your power of greatness.

Details | Monorhyme | |

Do You Ever Wonder

Do you ever wonder
Why some times relationships go asunder?
What were the short comings and/or the blunder?
What caused that awesome storm to lose its thunder?
Do you ever wonder?

Did you ever dream
A dream so big, It became a theme?
A dream so rich, it reigned supreme?
A dream so proud, it bolstered your self-esteem?
Did you ever dream?

Do you ever think
In the chain of your life, what is the missing link?
How quickly that life can change in just an eyes blink?
That something big and wonderful was on the brink?
Do you ever think?

Did you ever share?
Expressed the hopes and fears you hide in there.
Speak of your imperfections and flaws, did you dare?
Feel so confused, that you could only find the answers in prayer.
Did you ever really share?

Did you ever win?
Such as the marathon from fat to thin.
Or the sport of discovering who you really are within.
The war on quitting bad habits, you begin.
Tell me, did you ever win?

Did you ever tell?
Tell that special someone, you were proud when they would excel.
Tell that you loved them no matter what, even if they fell.
That what’s important is inside, that the outside is just a shell.
Did you ever tell?

Do you ever speak?
Express the dreams and wishes that you seek.
Tell someone you thought they were special and unique.
That you were awed by their mystique.
Well, Did you ever speak?

Did you ever explore?
Move out of your comfort zone and tread on a distant shore.
Look for answers not from others, but deep within your core.
To realize that beyond what you can see, you know there is more. 
I wonder, did you ever explore?

Did you ever partake?
Really experience life and not just fake.
Get in touch with and allow all your senses to wake.
To permit any and all emotions, to rumble and quake.
I ask you, did you ever partake?

Did you ever shine?
Do you share a memory with others that hinges on divine?
Can you still feel the passion that a special friendship can define?
I seek this for my future; I will plan and create my own design.
Here is my question, did you ever shine?

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First Love

First Love

Her eyes showed me a way,
Her unique smile let my tears go away,
Her Beautiful face made me to say,
Is this Love, or what???

Started to have feeling of love,
Started to behave nicely and different,
Started to smile when there was no reason to smile,
Still, Is this Love, or what??

Tried to approach her, but felt belittled, lowly, shy,
Tried to ask her for date, but felt afraid, scared, shocked,
Tried to express my love, felt would be rejected, hurt, unheard,
Well still, Is this love, or what?

I can fix anything, why not this thing,
I can talk to any girl, why not this girl,
I can really convince anyone, why not this one,
Came before many girl, why not this girl.

Do please not tell me its just nothing,
Do tell me how to do something about this thing...Love,
Do tell me anything about this thing…Love,
Will there be rejection or appreciation??????????

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Thoughts and Dreams

So many dreams, so many thoughts 
Going through my mind
Although it seems, I may have lots
I still need to find

A way to put these dreams,
These thoughts into motion
Because sometimes is seems, 
I just make a commotion

About the good that could be done
About how I should act
About the direction I could run
About how I should react
To each and every one

But what good are my thoughts
What good are my dreams
Unless I find the means
To make them a reality
Unless I find a way
To make them part
Of each and every day

So I won’t just think about
And then right away doubt
The good that could be done
The way I could act
The direction I could run
The way I could react
To each and everyone
The victory that could be won

Instead when I see
The part I could play
I won’t doubt but believe
That there is a way 
To put these dreams
These thoughts, into action
Because now it seems
It might give me satisfaction

To be the person, to be the one, 
Who doesn’t just dream
About the direction he could run
Who doesn’t just think
About the victory. that could be won
But does the things,
 the thoughts and dreams
That have long been, left undone

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Generic Minds

generic minds listen to generic music
have generic thoughts that are unknowingly abusive
watch generic things talk about generic things
gee this generic *****is spreading like a disease
better get your flu shot 
thats what they said to me
a suicidal vaccine 
a subliminal killing spree
its contagious and the outrageous
thing about it is that the people are blind in an eye
that they didn't even know they had
it's sickening to watch these clueless civilians 
inside the looking glass
with nightmares of being free
without a key to their mind
for it is trapped in the frequency
in the illusion of time
bathed in our universe
killing all that refuse to see
those that admit to hypocracy
or see the message in hip hop
how cant you see
the message in the lyrics that
bring adolescents to their knees
from bullet wounds conflicting their flesh
contradicting that they're the best
but the songs keep telling them that they dont need no rest
that they dont wanna go home
that they should ride alone
with the gat as their only companion
and so the only path they choose is the one that they're told
until they grow old and hope turns to a window pane
inside a window pane, until all they feel is pain
they realize that the music itself is ashamed
so whats to look up to
when you cant even speak when you cant even walk because you look so bleak
your eyes are sunken from the tv you're infested with the dee zees
now its too late to turn around and live for your conscious
so when youre screaming oh please
close your eyes and bring your mind to life
open your eyes for the first time
and never wonder why
since the answer this entire time
has been inside
and you better find it before you die
you dont want your soul to be in a pool with all the others
a buncha brothers missing their mothers
but only seeing strangers
only feeling the haters
wishing they would have used their minds when they had them
and now its too late,
now it's time for another new born fate to grab them

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A Spark of Hope

A little girl lost her home this year, for her, Christmas wouldn't be there.
Her family was angry from all the troubles, they simply couldn't repair.
Don’t bother us about presents her parents said, they were depressed by their fate.
With bitterness they said, you’d be lucky to have dinner tonight, or even a plate.
Life was harsh, nowhere to go, anger and fear had put their souls, in a terrible place.
The little girl had found no hope or joy, lurking near their old car, of late.
The car was their home, gas money was scarce, and with few places they could park.
Yes, their troubles had slowly extinguished, that precious hopeful spark.
Without that spark, they’d never find their way, from this terrible place of cold and dark.
And life’s darkness grew deeper nightly, as hope vanished under a reality so stark.
Even the very fiber of her family, seemed to be shattering slowly, slowly, apart.
The child felt alone here in this dark car, as sadness tried to engulf her little girls heart.
The future seemed filled with hopelessness, as shame and dread, were leaving their mark.
Embarrassment to be seen and turned away, made it hard for them to reach out, to restart.
But life goes on, and we can’t fear to rebuild, or the future will be hard to impart.
The girl suddenly declared there’s more to life, and she wouldn't let it conquer her heart.
She decided triumphs will come, and all will get better, if she held to that hopeful spark.
Seeing the desolation and anger here, she couldn't stay around, she had to get away…
So she climbed out of the car, and she walked into town, not so very far to stray.
She went and looked at the store windows, where Christmas was being displayed.
The music and people filled her heart, lifting her spirits, deep inside, that day.
She noticed a store, way down at the end of the row, on the next block, where it lay.
No one was there, it seemed lonely, and the darkness was again, spreading it’s decay.
She ran there in time to see an old man closing up, with sadness on his face betrayed.
What use were his goods, if no one would shop, or come down along his way?
The super store down the block, was daily making him lose more and more in the fray.
He could no longer afford to hire people, and the season had very little time, to stay.
As they talked the girl saw that she couldn't let the darkness take another, so she prayed.
Then she told the old man, if he’d open the shop, she’d bring customers down his way.
She added, she’d find reasonable workers, if her family could live upstairs, she portrayed.
First bring the customers, he said, and the rest will be yours little friend, he conveyed.
She had him put his best toys, as a contest prize, and to add lots of lights on the display.
He set a contest, “Winners-the best collectors for families in need” on Christmas Eve.
He put out a bright contest sign, but still nobody came to his end of the block, to survey.
So she had him call the Salvation Army, for a kettle, Bell ringer, and Carolers, who came 
Lickety split, their way.
Then she had him call a dear old friend, and farmer, to bring a tractor full of bails of hay.
Another volunteered his horse and sleigh, both, to see the city lights thru New Years Day.
This was a great idea, since the older drivers, could use the help, for their bills to pay.
The girl ran all over spreading the excitement, and to come see the prizes, his way.
The families suddenly started heading toward his door, and to those wondrous rides.
At that moment her parents came, and she explained what her hope, had improvised.
Her father talked a contractor into building a disabled family a home, to help advertise.
He could get a tax break; come to this store for supplies, and hire unemployed workers, he devised, so wise.
In the end, each night grew brighter, because of a girls hope, and heart-warming delight.
And the old man began smiling for the first time, in a long, long, time, starting that night.
All was saved, a home was found, and another built, as a sad little girl taught grownups to smile along the way… 
You might say, A Spark of Hope lit a candle, then a raging fire, which was burning bright by Christmas day.

The moral to my story is:
Never give up on Hope; it’s your best friend, as life brings its troubles your way…
Know that with time, a good heart, good will, and friendly ways… 
You can find God’s gifts again, if you don’t let the dark take you away…

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The Sooner Recruit

Fifty years, boy and man, I’ve been a Sooners fan;
And watched thousands of recruits try to make my Sooners Team.
Often, I’ve enviously wondered what it must be like
To be a touted Sooners recruit, living out his dream.

He’d had a great career through high school;
Made good grades, was a football star, played baseball too.
Coach said college recruiters were watching closely;
So, he tried his very best to make his dream come true.

You see, he’d played on the L’il Sooners as a kid;
Started getting serious about the game when he was only eight
Played with older, bigger boys and practiced hard;
Always told his friends, “To be a Sooner, ya gotta play great”.

Oh yes, his parents raised a football player;
And, even more important, a Sooners fan;
But he wanted more, to be a Sooner,
To feel the glory raining down from the stands. 

Now, the Sooners’ Head Coach is in his living room.
“Son, you’ve got talent.  We think you fit our scheme.
We’re offering you a scholarship, an opportunity
To be an important member of our great Sooners Team”.

His mother smiles her biggest smile.
His father nods proudly and pats him on the knee.
“Lord knows, son, it’s a dream come true.
Go be the very best Sooner you can be”.

He walks into the locker room,
Not quite sure what to expect;
But sure that to play for the Sooners
He will first have to earn respect.

He looks each man straight in the eye - 
Other recruits, trainers, assistants, and every coach.
“Be proud, but respectful”, his mother had said;
Your character, more than your performance, must be above reproach”.

His handshake is firm and he smiles.
“Only one chance for a first impression”, his father had said;
"Always put yourself in positive light, on and off the field.
That’s what it will take to play for the mighty Big Red”.

He meets so many other recruits, each one a high school star.
He’s played against a few and knows they share his dream.
And, to a man, each knows before any chance for Glory,
He first must prove worthy to play for this Sooners Team.

He knows a few will fail to meet the coaches’ expectations.
For some, the scout team will be their fate.
Many will suit up, but rarely play.
Only the very best will ever dare to be great.

Coach says, “If every man learns and executes when called on,
Then this team, we Sooners, will win a lot of games;
But, win or lose, if you play hard and give your very best,
You’ll never have to hang your heads in shame”.

“But gentlemen, with or without you, this team will win.
Every season, the Sooners strive to win it All.
So, listen, work hard, and prepare yourselves.  Each game is war...
And you must be ready when Victory calls”.

Through grueling practices, he finds himself.
As he walks to class, his closest friends are aches and pains;
But, just the other day, Coach helped him up, smiled, and patted his helmet.
“You’re doin’ fine, son.  Keep pushin’.  Remember, no pain, no gain”.

He sees his name on the "open scrimmage" roster for the very first time.
It’s a moment he’ll never forget, another milestone in his dream.
He calls his Mom and Dad, knowing they’ll tell his family and his friends.
He hopes they’ll actually see him play, proof he’s made the Team.

As he suits up for the last pre-season open scrimmage,
He wonders if the coaches would really let a freshman play at all;
But Coach puts him in for eight plays against the first team;
He makes two great open-field tackles and intercepts the ball.

He barely hears the roar of the crowd, as the whole defense “gives him five”.
He’s so excited, he forgets to ask if he can keep that ball.
Fans are buzzing, “Did you see that hit”!?  “Who is that kid”!?
“Will he red shirt or will Coach let him play this fall”? 

He sees his name in the Sunday paper, hears it on local sports.
He’s happy, but he doesn’t let it go to his head.
He keeps his focus and uses it as motivation.
After all, he wants to start one day for the mighty Big Red.

Yes, we’ll hear more of this young recruit.
Perhaps, one day he’ll be the hero of the game.
A seasoned veteran, maybe All Conference or even All American,
Who’s tasted Victory many times and helped glorify the Sooners’ name.

Oh yes, there have been so many who’ve aspired;
But many fewer who’ve actually made our Sooners Team.
They are our heroes, each and every one;
For it’s through their accomplishments, we fans can live the dream.

Billy Vessels, Steve Owens, Billy Sims, and Jason White,
The Selmons, Little Joe, the Boz, Josh Heupel, and “Q”
They, and so many others, were once touted Sooners recruits;
Who set a higher mark and built the Tradition that is OU.

So, c’mon! c’mon! all you great young football players!
Dedicate your talents to OU’s Team and OU’s Fans.
Make Oklahoma’s Owen Field your Field of Dreams,
And feel the Glory raining down from the stands. 

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Mind and Sound

Only light can penetrate the 
that resides in the default state 
of mind
I descend from beta to delta 
binaural beats; instantly caught 
between frequencies beyond 

I absorb amplitudes of acoustic 
and I learn to just be earth 
Since I am the earth 
and because I am of
the one that is the source of its 
I've owned the power of 

I realize now that I AM because
HE is since I am from that, a 
Created in the image of a 
and a feeling from the 
Universal Mind
I tune in to this vibration from 
pulse that manipulates 
subconscious minds

Immersed  between 4 and 7 
brainwaves halt to a conscious 
All  chakras are aligned shining 
crown energy 
and now my consciousness 
begins to reap! 
and light begins to penetrate 
the harmonious beams
that were already there
constant and always there 

is now flooded with sound 
that force brainwaves to submit 
to power
of omnipresent sound that 
always was 
and always will be connected to 
the Source from which I came
so I extend exponentially 
physical time and space

I long to embrace the intensity 
of gamma rays
I give way to the coded sounds 
that resonate from the inner 
and continue to connect 
through the binaural beats that 
remind me of before

Always familiar but ignored
until found by gaining 
knowledge of self
I listen with the intent to excel 
while reaping an abundance of 
benefits and rewards
It's already yours

Just reach out and grab it 
as long as intention and ego is 
the universe will correspond 
it will deliver a life to you divine 
and orderly
Just listen to the sounds that 
were there from before
They will guide to to the 
vibration from the core
and it will guide you to connect 
directly with the source 

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A Shady Tree

I know its the summer time because of how naturally 
Your beauty compliments the caress of a summer breeze
As I watch the world from beneath a shady tree
I take in the delightful comfort of everything I see
But in the same breath I am holding up my hands
Lord will you please give me back the things I no longer have
They are even more a part of me now that they are gone 
As the sun falls below where the horizon is still holding on
Somewhere between the falling light and a star lit night
Is a dream that last forever and will never say goodbye
As the wind gently blows through the brush and shakes the leaves
It begins to hum a melody that I want to sing
At that very moment I smile for all the joy I have
Its so uplifting for me to see melancholy dance
Soon the morning sun will rise and capture my eyes
As I watch the hand of God paint a brand new sky
With every stroke of color I swallow all my pride
And I find a new place to dream of endless times
If I should ever get to the place I left my broken heart
Only then will I believe this brand new day will start
Again Im reminded of why my heart beats so restlessly
Only the speed of thought and my soul beneath this tree

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Wake from Anxiety

Do dreams come true? Certain as the sea is blue I know that somewhere grass is greener Lands that sleep brings ever nearer Where rainbows sail across the sky Just follow them and hope to find A pot of gold, full, overflowing With galleons and silver pieces Good wishes, butterfly kisses And I will dip my hand inside To take for me all of what´s mine But then I wake and it all fades In light of stark reality Where everyone and everything Is so much more intimidating And every choice, move or decision Seems like a be all end all mission So when it comes to push or shove Moment of truth, ready or not Will I fall or will I fly? Will I even dare to try? To grasp these thoughts and make them real For they all say don´t think just feel If you want it then just take it Neat and simple Like a dimple Doesn´t seem so complicated And still yet I hesitated It is somewhat paralyzing All this nonstop analyzing Evaluating calculating Listing all the pros and cons And thousand possible outcomes Mind keeps spinning round and round And when it stops what will be found? I´ll never know with time enough Doubtlessly hindsight´s the stuff It makes me yearn and moan if only This or that I´d not be lonely So wait not waste not Seize the day, take a chance The dawn may change the circumstance For better or worse Whatever the course Just do it, close my eyes and jump Have faith I will survive sans bumps And though the landing likely won´t be Exactly like I pictured it That doesn´t mean the choice was wrong ‘Cause when all is said and done I´ll still look back with satisfaction For I had the strength and gumption To risk it all, answer the call To take control I took the hits And it was worth it!

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Brown Eyes

Brown eyes that matched her hair
Sad and unhappy as she stood there
Waiting for her love to return, maybe yes
maybe never, only time will tell
Such sad brown eyes that matched her hair
Tied from behind in the most romantic way
Head slightly tilted gazing down in despair
Looking, but not looking staring into space
Memories, dancing inside her head
As she spoke silently “He promised to return” 
Talking to herself said… “I had to believe
What am I to do this is just my grief”
Time is just a lie man invented it to be wise
When two lovers are together
It doesn’t need Einstein.
He gave such a wonderful love
Love only known to a lonely heart
For what is life if not with him, I prefer to die.
Fool I am to think he will return
He’s been gone so long maybe minutes
maybe days.

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My Avocado

My fruit from the tree of love/ 
Branches of sweetness with no bravado our future’s fragrance is bravo/ 
I have no words without your rubbery skin and smooth lips/ 
I dished up smiles before your visit with no limits/ 
Though you grew in the woods/ 

Allow me to welcome you in my hood/
Life is drying up and dying rough/
Hunters peel any moving dressed up skins it’s no bluff/  
Ship from your town to my township and that’s a tip/
Your fleshy vivid body sparkles predictable smiles and love from a distance trip/ 

Your body I would climb if you let me/ 
Your brunches I would massage if you let me/ 
I dream to seed your womb with vigorous multiple fruits till eternity/ 
I dream to rescue you from discarded cuddles and refrigerators/ 
Your cold days will be warm in my arms/ 

My avocado this is my shameless affectionate avow/
My heart holds no snakes, monkeys, scratchy cats, lizards or mythical wizards/ 
My tongue your shower/ 
My lips your perfume/ 
Your tears I will screen clean till they’re embittered no more/
And that’s a promise with a sexy salad/

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The Glass Slipper

"The Glass Slipper"

I was waiting for a glass slipper
For my prince in shining armor
to take me away from my sorrow
into my happily ever after.
I sat around wishing on stars;
Kissing frogs wherever I went;
Dropping coins in wishing wells;
Waiting for true love's kiss.
It was only after he never came
that I realized what it all meant.
Magic is not naturally present,
but created through love for another
I did not encounter magic until I looked in my daughter's eyes;
Did not get my fairy-tale until I worked toward a better life.
I learned happily ever after does not exist,
not in the way we imagine.
It does not mean princes balls, and perfect hair,
but the feeling of fulfillment that follows
a life well spent caring for others
and pursing the dreams we had hoped to achieve
So don't be like me.
Do not wait for your prince to come for you. 
Create your own happy ending
and I promise it will come true.

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Two Trees

Oh tree to my right how you mirror the left
Tree on the left, with great vigor you grow
When waters run dry, your roots search below
To the ends of all branches; lush fruits like Eden
Hundred thousand leaves dance in the wind

Oh tree to my right what phantom did come
Yielding fruit no more; nor vivid leaves to sway
All branches have ceased, no more but a stump
Fifty thousand leaves dance in the wind

Oh tree to my left so valiant, so true
A whip of your branch & firm grip of the wind
To the right, one seed you give; let life grow anew
Solitude tis as fire bound for a tree, a simple truth to all
Fifty thousand leaves dance in the wind

Oh tree to my right; look, now you're grown
As was, now are; from the tree to the left came your rebirth
Teeming with life & beauty displayed
Hundred thousand leaves dance in the wind

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March Fourth

I was born on March fourth, 1983.
But, I believe I was born, to march forth.
What I mean is, I was born to never give up.
To never quit.
To keep trying.
To walk my own path.
To keep going, no matter how dark my days get.
To continue on, no matter how bleak my outlook is.
To keep my head up, even when others look down on me.
I am tough, I am strong, I am a survivor.
I always was, and I always will be.
I will never stop reaching for my dream.
I will never stop going forward,
even when my shoes have worn out.
Even when my socks have torn to shreds,
even when my feet are broken and bleeding.
Because, I was born on March fourth.
To march forth.

Written by: Kelly Deschler

Giorgio V.'s contest - "Impress Me With A Small Poem" - motif: epic

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Final Adieu

Final Adieu

Let another sun set,
Let another flower wilt,
Let another autumn cast its gloom,
Let another tear role,
As ye part, and bid
The final adieu.

Suyash Saxena
St. Stephen’s college

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A Dream for U

A Dream For U

If I could dream a dream for u, in your dreams all would come true.
You would be that person that gets the last scoop of ice cream.
You would measure up to almost any and everything.
You would be that person that people loved the most.
The type of person that just don't boast.
You would get the best part in the play.
And nail it solid, on opening day.
If I could dream a dream for you.
I'd dream the sun is always shinning.
The sky always blue.
You would have more wealth than you knew what to do.
If I could dream a dream for you.
I would wish you well.
And for your secrets knew,
I would wish no one tells.
I would wish the finest things for you.
Even when you awake, I do too.

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The Righteousness Of Love

Love is a wonder shared by one another it's the only reason I'm not six feet under Love in which I believe in a will to sustain I give back to life, now in dormant states of pain The power of Love may not alone be enough locked inside my dreams escape only from above higher than any human being has ever gone before I must have evolved rise above hate, great once more My Father taught me wisdom I am imprisoned no longer now an beast not of burden I am no lion, I am stronger on my shoulder sits twin dragons long awaiting the day evil forces come forth to take what Love is left, away A Hero of Love light are what the world needs angels, not demons exist where ever you believe follow your heart's direction and you shall achieve objects of affection rid of materialistic greed My bright energy has awakened to a fire never consuming the source as the flames just grow higher that is the desire of a product we call Love Fear, the counterpart what I was once made of I am slowly learning how to win when my peace is harder to sharpen so I have given my pen leave the sword has its uses I must say I believe to vanquish the evil in the minds too diseased to serve any purpose except their own selfish ones tomorrow a new day in the clarity of the sun where we two are now one and one done now does bring about a great change lit by the righteousness of Love.

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Fair and Equal World

We come to this world of surprises at a time we don't choose!

Not knowing if we'll get to a paradise or hell would break loose!

We are born to parents whom we yet have to know well enough!

We've no clue if our home is a cosy palace or cottage too rough!

Yet to discover who would be there among our family and friends!

If we will have many to pamper us or left on our own to meet ends!

Will we make it into the Ivy Leagues or ghetto streets be our schools?

To groom us into scholars for the academia or workmen using tools!

We don't even know if we'd be able-bodied and have a lucid mind!

Or ones with some special needs who depend on others to be kind!

Sent into the uneven terrains of life, we have a battle of survival to fight!

Told no matter how we are ambushed, never choosing wrong over right!

We see all kinds of folks, some playing by the rules and others free-style!

With foul play giving a winning edge, the righteous gets shaky for a while!

Some have all the odds on their sides and still prey on the hapless ones!

When sweet words could bring peace, they want to play with their guns!

We quietly see the humans being massacred, scream on shooting a bird!

Why listen to the divisive, not giving peacemakers a chance to be heard?

There are already lots of differences in what we are blessed with at birth!

Some are destined to live a life in misery, others always giggling in mirth!

It is not the gross inequalities we are born with, which agonize us the most!

What grieves us is how we share the bounties of world, that's our only host!

The hungry and poor don't ask for having every luxury in its perfect equality!

What those suffering souls need is just to afford a square meal with frugality!

We excel in our armchair lip-service, whether we are a politician or a nerd!

When we know it's our right, why don't we strive for a fair and equal world?


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Freedom Uprise

We will not ride alone on this momentous journey. 
We will ride gathering our numbers, from the great mountains. 
We will travel to the valley of rivers, towards the great ocean.
For we have a great army.

Those who enslaved us with their power, stand on the top of the hill.
They stare down over the army below.
An army of vengeance we have gathered.
We will ride to the battle field at the great buildings.

Our intent is to wage war.
Fear will not take us.
You are weak supremacy, you will die by the sword. 
You will die by the hand of my fellow warriors.

This is war.
Blood will be spilt. 
Men will draw their last breaths as they fall back onto mother earth.
Mother Earth will soak up the spilled blood of our brothers and sisters.

We will be fierce and haste not.
We the suppressed will not retreat.
We the people will rise, with swords and fists. 
We are ready to die for what is equitably ours.

This is not an illusion. 
The fight against the money mongers, the powers that be.
Those that hold the power, will feel our angry wrath.
None will go unscathed.

We will watch the blood spill in and about the great buildings. 
Down the concrete stairs it will flow, rich, deep cherry red. 
Into the green of the grass, it flows.
Fear will choke your breath.

Reflections of your past, rushing before you. 
Thoughts of the dead, invade your mind.
Hollow is the cry of war, as we charge ahead to fight the battle.
To take the final stand, to give it our all.

Justice will reign by the sword and the all mighty hand.
Judgement day has arrived with this great army gathered beside us.
We will ride, steadfast into the fray.
Make no mistake this day will come upon the powers that be.

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It's not a lesson to be taught
Or a skill to be acquired
It's the nudge to move forward
Open when the time is right
It's the spirit inside
God leading on the way
On the journey to discover
He is all you need
It's the courage to let go
Say yes instead of no
Reveal what you've been holding back
As Jesus takes the wheel
It's the realization that it doesn't matter
What others think of you
God leads you where you're meant to be
Just allow you to be you
It's the standing up to fear
Proclaiming "fear's not gonna win!"
The battle has been fought too long
Time to let the stalemate end
It's the inspiration you've been holding
For others and for yourself
The light we've been dimming
Rather than shining on His behalf
It's the spontaneity in the decision
To follow His call all the way
Discovering peace in being you
Wide open as the perfect creation you are
The world out there is brutal
But there's a Holy Man holding out His Hand
His bravery now is all we have
But His bravery of love is all we need
May God bless you!

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Green wave

a wave of green
carrying me away
to a land of hope
a place with just peace
the green wave flowing along the tough hill
screaming the impossible I will kill
the soft leaves running on the face of rocks
changing every unpleasant view
green carries welfare,true
the green wave running through me
planting harmony
with earth
what a lovely view,
what a dreamy place!

inspired by:

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You Alone

Look at you, you have found my heart
With love I stare into your eyes
With passion I devise
I can not part with you or can not stop the things I have started

So I raise my hands to embrace you and you alone

Look I walk by your side and I found my self crying
With your hands so soft with gentleness
With your smile so beautiful with carefulness
I do notice life with you without sighing

So I raise my hands to embrace you and you alone

Without a fear of losing you, you are in my visions
With beautiful roses by your side 
I love you more than twelve times
Without doubt I do love you, I care for you and you alone

So do not walk away 
Please lets talk about things anyway
With feelings of letting you go is make me ache in the heart
Do not stop believing my passion has fallen apart

So I raise my hands to embrace you and you alone

Look I want us to grow old with each other through years of journeys
With hope of sharing life of fulfillment that gives us memories
With this I hope to give all of my faith and I hope it is not to late
I Look into your eyes with such full life because you have been my life date

So I raise my hands to embrace you and you alone

And you alone

So I raise my hands to embrace you

you alone

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It's funny isn't it?
We all work so hard to be different,
Which makes us all the same.
We all play the same game.
"I want to be the best!",
"Better than the rest!",
And in that quest,
We are all united in the dream for difference.

We all wish to be the hot new product,
Wearing our new designer style Prada.
So we can obtain attention we never got before,
Thinking it'll make us feel a whole lot more...

And this is what brings all people together,
We all want the same thing,
To be a little different in this ring,
We call society.

So if you want to be different,
Understand that everyone makes a difference.
But you must do it in your own way,
Don't just go out and copy Tina Fey.
Because you do have something to offer,
And you are special.
But you are special in your own creativity,
Not in your copycat version of Justin Bieber "Believe in Me".
You are the superstar version of yourself,
But not when you are trying to copy someone else.
Be the UFC superstar you dream of,
But don't think you can copy Anderson Silva.
Because he has fought his journey and chased his own dreams.
But now it's time for you,
To show them where you set the bar to.
Let everyone else try to copy you,
From North America to Timbuktu .
Be the best,
But don't copy the rest.

Role models are great to have,
They are what set the bar.
But that bar can be a ceiling that isn't too far.
Making your potential smaller than it could have been,
Because you looked up to your father whose cleaning out a trash bin.
With a potential greater than Einstein,
Your working at McDonald's looking up to the supervisor with overtime.
With more power and strength than King Kong,
You're sitting at home playing with your ding.
Be more than the rest,
And be better than the best,
By being...

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My Best Friend

My best friend
Is your best friend too!
He died for me;
He died for you!

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Glisten in the Moonlight

Your glorious emerald eyes 
Glisten in the moonlight 
Glisten in the moonlight 
Delight dances in the water
I watch it joyfully
You are set free from the cage...
You're like a dove soaring in the sky
You are the rain...
drizzling down in ecstasy 
A hint of ecstasy is shown in your reflection...
When you caress me... I'm relieved... 
From the stress that forced me in chains
I knew we'd be on the brighter side of tomorrow 
We're glistening in the moonlight 
I knew we'd become candles in the heavens above us
We're glistening in the moonlight
For a moment, I felt your presence...your radiant with sympathy 
I saw at first glance the dark side of you
Tonight, we'll be together and fly through the horizon 
We'll watch the sunset say its last goodbye...
We'll wave a greeting at the moon! 
We glisten in the moonlight...
What if I was as handsome as the lion...
Roaring with pride and pure courage
What if we were glistening in the moonlight?
Would it bring health to our bones tonight?
Would it make our heart rejoice and overflow with delight?
Would we be able to survive this horrifying plight?
Would we be shimmering like a candlelight?
We're glistening in the moonlight... (6)
Ohh...yeah...ooh yeah...ooh yeahh...
We reach to the stars and hope we can trace a shooting star
I feel the coolness run down my fingers...
We're glistening in the moonlight
You're the dandelions in the fields
You're the gorgeous view that I marvel at everyday
When you kiss me, I live my dreams
We glisten in the moonlight
In a quick moment, I sense a feeling of endless renewal 
I roam inside of your illuminating maze 
Glow on... sunshine... 
Glow on...sunshine...
Glisten in the moonlight...
Listen to the truth and rub it in
You are ravishing like the sunset
But you're ascending while I'm descending
I feel extremely guilty
I wish I could glisten with you in the moonlight
You're glistening in the moonlight (6) 
Ohhh yeahh... oohhh yeahh... ohh yeahh
You're glistening in the moonlight (4)
We go our own way
I wish we can glisten like the moon
Glisten like the sun 
There's a dream concealed inside of me...
Reveal your light and pour it upon me
You glisten in the appealing moonlight
While I'm subsiding... you're fulfilling your dreams
Of gliding across the horizon 
You're independence... keeps on scorching with satisfaction
While I'm below you... 
Your emerald green eyes
Stared me down like a hawk...
Your emerald eyes
Gaze down at me genuinely...
I wish we could flee together in reality...
That could be a possibility
To glisten in the moonlight in glee
We were glistening in the moonlight (3)
But that was only a dream...
I'll pray that it turns into a reality
We were glistening in the moonlight 
Now, I've misplaced my delight...
Will I ever experience such a brilliant night?

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Haikus About God: V

Omniscient guy
Yet he lets bad things happen
How can he exist?

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I once was like a catipiller young,naive,and new
Always living from my heart not knowing what
else to do.Easy to take advantage of, that is 
just the case, people would walk over me
like I was their dirty used up suitcase.
Now I feel a newness coming, like a light
shining from the sky, colors fill my world
and I know I am blooming into a butterfly.
Purple,Pink, Blue and Green I can feel them
flowing through. Colors of the rainbow raising
me into full bloom. Wise and strong I am becoming
My faith leads me where I need to go giving me
insight and wiseness for only me to know.
I have not  done this on my own you see
I have been guided by God and Angels
on this Earth. Wise words the wisdom at
it's best comes from a wise lady who
seems to know me best. Lucky, I am 
to have her in my life, she always shoots
it straight and tells me like it is, knowing
her words touch my heart and gives me tons of faith..
I feel like flying through the sky or climbing 
a tree way up high. I feel like observing the 
world just like a brand new butterfly so as I
Bloom I become Anew something unlike the past
Smart and wise beautiful on the inside and outside 
 a touch of color here a touch of color there
makes me glow and become a beautiful blooming butterfly...

Written By: Christina A McCullouch 

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No Job Can't Pay the Bills TRY JESUS

Here I sit, uncertain of what lies ahead.
I’m still wondering how my family will be fed.

I once had a job that provided a sense of “security.”
Now I don’t…  And I have a lot of uncertainty!

I have unpaid bills, and I’m not sure what to do.
I’ve asked for help.  But not sure who to turn to!

I get discouraged, and feel life “pulling me down.”
I’ve tried just about every job that’s in town.

The dreams I had, have been shattered and smashed.
At times, I feel like I’m just “a piece of trash.”

My wife tried to support me, the best that she can.
But she doesn’t know me…  Or even understands!

Dear Jesus…  You’re the only left that I haven’t tried.
There’s been many nights I laid awake and cried!

I read in the Bible, where your love for me is real!
When I call on your name...  There’s a love I can feel!

Whatever happens, please help me Lord, to trust you!
Whatever tomorrow holds, may I still love you!

I know that you’re a foundation, that I can stand on!
Jesus is a friend!  That I can always depend on!

Jesus, if I lose everything that I have or that I hold on to...
My I always remember your faithfulness
 and never forget you!

Here I stand… With my burdens lifted from me!
It’s because of Jesus!  And how much he loves me!

I praise HIS name!  And lift my hands to the sky!
He’s in control now!  I don’t have to ask the reason why!

Jesus…  Please take control of my worries and desires!
Above all of my problems, I lift your name up higher!

By Jim Pemberton

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Haikus About God: III

Beauty of nature
Why condense it down to God?
Isn’t life enough?

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My Story Telling Can You Trust Me

Gun fire all around, bombs going off in the distance
It was some of the angry mobs and resistance
Father was the king of SafeHaven a small kingdom
Like all other kingdoms it fell in random
Fire started in the castle
And along with it came a battle

It was a distance memory now because the child has now grew
Many things in this child that made memories stew
My name is Mastrey, a young orphan who was there that night
Mastrey saw her in the distance and her father and mother in his sight
Everyone was loud that night and made all the children hide
But that evening Mastrey saw her mother and father die

She ran into the bushes in such a fright
And evil doers were running around with flashlights
Mastrey remember it as he distracted them 
Her eyes was so confused with problems
Mastrey new that it was because of what just occurred
His feelings of what those people did was not awkward

The distraction worked, he went back to were she was
Hiding and very scared she was, he asked her, can you trust me just because?
Her answer that night depended on her lively hood
As Mastrey was their with his hand reaching out to her as he stood
Pulling her up from the ground he looked into her eyes that were SeaBlue
Mastrey had made a life long friend and love, She knew it was true

Next: My Story Telling,  Who is this Princess

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Oh, in inspirations winter dreaming, I’ve dream't
Of a mystic valley of the Aurora Borealis,
A chambered realm of frozen colors,
Exploding within reflected light aglow,
In the hushed silence of ice and snow.
Here the pondering thoughts are set from beyond
Limitations of realities boundaries.
I'm a poet on a free fall dive, into the human imagination,
Behold my polarized world of enchantment.
Tender are the delicate wildflower petals,
Gleaming beneath the frozen sun, ice blossoms adornments,
Brilliantly shining in the fields of glitter, amongst
The snow dust's razzle-dazzle, beguiling the eyes of this poetic
A Floral tapestry of permafrost, drips with a frothy moisture
Mist of sleet, creating a dappling effect upon the white
Dandelions and ivory daisies.
Taste the frozen honeysuckle upon your lips of warmth,
As the swarming frost bees pollinate this arctic garden,
Stinging with their chilling venom of flash freezing.
Palest crystallized roses, with thorny prongs sharpened edges,
Embraces the colds icy light, but reject the soft touch of
The mortal hands of loves devotion.
The haunting sounds of the Arctic owl echoes, against the
Walls of these alpine fiord's, as waterfalls of avalanches,
Crashes downwards, cascading into the deep valley basin below.
Swirling arctic foam blasts across this translucent terrain,
Shattering the magical splendor of stillness,
And splintering the tender reed unto nothingness,
Except for the spreading of germination's life giving 
Seeds of renewal.
Yet it leaves refineries thin fluffy powder, scattered for
The crystal humming birds, it is their sweet nectar’s
Refreshment to feast upon, as the swift wings sparkle,
In the dusk's afternoons setting sun last rays.
Welcome to my symphony of Tiffany, gems stones sacred
Meadow of frozen jewels, radiating luster's regalia
Of glitz and glamour, leaving behind a twinkling celestial display,
That comes from a rich imagination of a poetic heart.

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Lifting Me Up

My heart is on Your shoulders,
And You are lifting me up.
With every spoken tender gesture,
I fall a little farther in love.

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My Future Generation

I can act insane
Make me feel worthless

I belong in God’s family
He will bless my future generation

Don’t punish me for
Being myself –
Don’t envy my glee 

I can act like an
Adult, but I’d 
Prefer to have joy…

Not stress…
That piles upon us in our 
Everyday lives

Being childlike is

A rare beauty – 

No one prizes it…

No one came across it…

In this lifetime…

I can laugh all day
I can make you smile
If you’d accept my 
Childlike dreams of mine
Don’t treat me like a sick swine

Renew my young heart
Give me the ability 
To kill the old man…

I have my place in God’s family
He’ll be adored and glorified 
We’ll exchange prayers and hugs  
By my future generation

I beg of you – 
Don’t kill my childlike mentality
I’ll behave myself…
I’m positively sure that I’ll make you happy

I’ll still have pieces of a child in me

And pass it on to my future generation…

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The Puzzle

I don't have all the pieces together;
This puzzle is just too much,
But God already has it figured out
As He is solving this from above.

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Sweet Dreams

All tasks done, at last...
time to tuck the kid in bed,
that's me peeps! Sweet dreams..
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Life Bubbles of Joy

~The fount of life’s bubbles having a desire to be, becomes many bubbles 
of love’s own state or desire to continue. Life bubbles into four seasons for 
reasons of changes preventing mere human concepts from becoming obsolete 
conservations in control. As life's being bubbles forth holding uniqueness in life forms, each and every  one is remarkable in itself of origin. Many would say, 
"Life is like an assortment of lively bubbles."

~The human species is a dream bubble of the higher nature, “I would Say!” A paranormal dream living in its lower nature pending one's transition into the higher 
consciousness. Can a dream respond against one's own identity as man's 
knowledge and develop a model army of one's own ego; love being the first
impulse? Can an individual formed reply, “Why was I formed thus?” Life bubbles 
are akin to human consciousness, of Love’s paradoxical notion, to be are not to be.

~"We shall today we shan't tomorrow!" Humanity hath not expression of his own 
destiny this or that way, "For human nature hath not yet conceived in adulthood, the 
exuberance of man place in infinity. Love knows not a today or tomorrow for 
love is today and tomorrow, in the bubbling off of shape.

~For life's stream of a human being that persist in shallow government would not 
yet be a person format in full payment by faith in the source, would he? For the now, 
the subject of testimony provisioned of, is the constant guide, people should rely 
on its divine tracks; besides nature's plan guided by divine reference, there is non 

~As for me, I will recommend, support and arise as a bubble of humanity’s 
meaning in life, as long as I have the paranormally significant amount. I shan’t 
exchange nor change my right of authority. I shall provide bubbles of irrepressible 
joy and happiness as they are the paranormal measure; I shall hear of and rest in the design of divine pattern... "I THINK!"

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Haikus About God: IV

God made all people
But some better than others?
Stop being silly.

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Oh, Science

Oh science, unforgiving in its might,
Hast found its words in the mouths of many.
Stopping people, as they seem to take flight.
Halting those whose minds imagine plenty.
I ask those who hone science as an art,
Why must you crush our dreams and desires?
For we and our dreams, we never shall part.
You would not know a dream from a wire. 
As you prove to some, God does not exist.
You do not see all their hope torn to shreds.
Heads down faces low, their life gone amiss.
It’s amazing how you hold up your head. 
Science, I ask you to tread from my place,
So that I may still show dreams on my face. 

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To Be

                  to be considered a poetess ~
          to be told by so many talented people here 
               This is a beautiful write , keep writing 
           I love the way you gracefully put the words together 
            To be the Mother of three amazing children 
                For my Daughter to tell me she is proud of me 
           for she thinks I write beautifully ~
           To be loved infinitely ..and for me to love in return 
            I was asked for my Autograph 3 times in a year  
                 I will not lie ...that was amazing !

            To be told " has anyone ever told you you're beautiful ?
               Well ..I didn't want you to forget ."
            to be called Yvetteishka ~
               to be entered in  ~The best compliment Contest ~

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Questioning Life

Forget! Regret not, for it all has intention...
To attempt comprehension leads to double block wall.
In searching your question, much more loss is gotten, 
Confusion, dismay a deeper dug hole.
Infinitely seeking you strive for some meaning, 
the truth is quite simple you are not sole at all! 
Infusion connection the union eternal, 
Is easy to grasp when knowledge of whole,
is truly encountered from deep within query
The meaning the truth the love of it all...
Once trouble & strife and struggle are missing,
The clear light of being shows beauty once more.
Accept what is given agree to the treaty.
Fight not with your fears, and answer your call.
Find substance in living, step over delusions. 
Regardless of meaning, life’s radiance will soar.
So use this awareness these words and this practice,
Come forth tall and sturdy, head high and recall..
When sad and when empty in need of intention,
No doubts I plead! No need to explore!
Emotions you hold are sensed by your siblings,   
Your waves of sensation your truth and your soul... 
Are parts of us all, we are all together we are all but one!
In oneness we’re whole! 

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Words of Life

Drowning in the pool of anguish…oh…oh…
I’m venturing into the forest…and I want to hear the words seep out 
Release these aching sorrows…I worry my soul’s drying out…
like a drought…
Drain out the fluids from my heart
It’s gouging me…bruising me to the core…

Embrace the light…embrace the midnight sky…
You fall in my arms – you die so warm
Shed me more sun to lift up my spirits
From the…underground…and release me – I’m breathless
I’m drowning in doubt…ooh… oh… 

Remember me…I’m falling…into my swirling fate…hanging on the roots 
Strangling my heart…distorting in my veins… I’m bleeding so softly – cut out the wood…
Splintering me…I’m shattering… and I’m falling in the abyss
Bring me more radiance from my candle light
Warp me up in bliss…don’t let the midnight sky…don’t take away my delight
From the…ocean…and save me—save me…oh… oh…  I’m failing 


I’m drowning in regret…ooh..oh…
Hit the bull’s eye in my heart…embrace the light
And don’t leave me hanging in the abyss…hand me a kite!
Save me before I fall apart…shut out the night
And don’t let the dusk escape us…

I must confess…
I must confess…
I hate to see you abandon the light…
But I’m not the one to save you from the night


Splintering lies fill your heart 
I want to kiss it goodbye…
But you’ve mastered it like a piece of art
I want to kiss the abyss and die…
Dry… I wanna touch the sky with my whole soul
But I’m failing and the end of time has taken its toll
Tainted sorrow…swims around me…I dwell where the waters depart
But the anguish still swarms in my heart…
I’m failing…my heart stops beating
And my desires are fleeting
From my grasp
And the monsters laugh at me…as I fall… 


Embrace the midnight sky…catch me…catch me…
As I fall in death’s arms…I die so cold
And your heart is made of gold

Untangle the darkness & take away the nightmares 
Answer our prayers & block out the night 
Erase the heartaches & wipe away our tears
Unravel Your words of life & delight

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The Glass Goddess

All around me
Great cities made of sand.
Green sky scrapers poke through the ground 
To thrive in life’s strict conditions
And melt away with the tide…

Great houses made of cards
Form lines, and tightrope walk existence,
Knowing that any moment, the wrong brick may fall
And buckle our world to its knees
As Mother Earth shouts Jenga! from the sidelines.

So while were here
We dance with the Glass Goddess 
Poised miles above reality,
Leaping over the heavens on our domino stilts-

We floor it in the sky
Living death in the fast lane, 
Seizing the day
Because any moment 
We could disappear 

Jacob Reinhardt	

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Missing and Knowing

Your hand in mine
My weary heart has swept
The wishes into dreams that kept
You here

Fate can’t deny
What two souls take and bind
On the other side, I will find
You there

Traditional Cinquain
Contest: Cinquain
Sponsor: Dr. Ram Mehta

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Parasitic Life Form

It‘s alive!
A life form 
Thriving on hatred
Reaped from societies
Greatest blunder 
Like lighting
Follows thunder  
We are following our ancestors 
Reproducing civilization   
Disregard the fact
That we are all human
our blood is red
I smirk when I’m contented 
And shed tears when I’m poignant
We are all equal
cease  this schism 
And trounce racism

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Higher Meaning

Higher Meaning (Sonnet) Waking from a dream of higher meaning complete with joy not letting the dream fail, when pure heavens delight is revealing kingdom bright that does gloriously hail, where everlasting blessed spirits fly with an enchanting melodious heart like a tale of the pleasing sunlit sky and never letting the charm from it part, over the beautiful, earthly evening shine with the wonders of the mountains and sea and natures wild flower, graceful divine, a sweet rose fragrance forever to be. Thick clouds overshadow a rainbows love all ever so colorful from above. Erich J.Goller Copyright 3.10.2011

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A dream is something to try and strive for
A dream is something that could be more. 
They say dreams never do come true
But they are wrong, I say they do.
What is a dream if you can’t achieve it
What is a dream if you don’t believe it
Please dreams never go away, I want them to last
Dreams are also lost thoughts from our past
I dream of memories that are past, or experiences to come. 
Too many dreams, I just need one
I sleep so there for I must be a dreamer
I love Jesus so there for I know I’m a believer 
So many dreams of mine are unwritten songs
To which I've known the words all along
Dream till the night, has no more dreams for me, 
Sometimes I wish I was living in a dream, So I can feel free.
Free from the limits of reality
To me a dream you keep, 
It is important that every time you dream you seek.
I dream of  today, which is good for tomorrow, 
And when I think of yesterday, it’s only a memory of happiness and no sorrow.

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Choices To Face

I have some choices to face,
But these are not my decisions to make.
God told me what He wants me to do;
He said, "Listen, Son, I have a plan for you."

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Joseph the son of Jacob and Rachel by his own brothers he was betrayed
a young man with a gift of dreams whom they threw in a pit and wanted to slay
they were jealous of their father's affection for him and his gift from God
they couldn't understand the nature of his calling nor the compassion he had in his heart

not many people get it when they meet a person who possesses a godly perception
many are somewhat envious while other tend to take an exception
but to be a dreamer to be anointed with that special gift 
with the ability to help others spirits to be lift
to dream during the good times as well as the bad
to dream no matter the situation be you happy or sad
to dream as an encouragement to others even when you're down and low
to dream to let that gift from God in you continue to flow

most dreamers are visionaries who have experienced some sadness in life
most dreamers are able to see beyond humanity and into the heart of Christ
and even when they've been cast down they will lift their eyes to the hills
and no matter the circumstances they know to trust in the Lord God's will

a victory for a visionary, a victory from God's righteous plans
the providential mercy and grace which come from His omnipotent hands
from the pit to the palace, from the ravine to righteousness
Joseph sought no revenge nor displayed any bitterness
Joseph had an opportunity to ruin his brothers but he understood his role
he was a gifted dreamer entrusted with a godly perception entrenched in his soul

so no matter what folks put you through God can turn the tide
for vengeance is the Lord's so put your grievances to the side
Joseph forgave his brothers' betrayal and he lived to tell the tale
and despite all the hardships he suffered his life turned out quite well

so if you find yourself in a pit situation or you're feeling pitiful about your life
know there's a victory for a visionary if you follow the teachings of Christ

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Enjoy This Place

Follow your dreams and follow your heart;
God has shown you the path to start.
Never give up and always have faith;
Do what you love and enjoy this place!

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Just like Dr. KIng I too have a dream
I have a dream that one day children of all ages and colors will receive a better 
Where they will one day have a better life after graduation
These students will hold their heads up high whether they become the next 
lawyer or doctor in the world
By stepping up to say I am now a man or woman, no longer a boy or girl
I have a dream that every child will go to school and put forth effort in all their work
So that they will not need or want for anything, a life full of happiness rather than 
These students will sit in that chair or that desk and take in everything that's 
being said
Taking in knowledge rather than putting foolishness in their heads
In this dream children will be able to thank teachers for everything they know
College is where we should further our education, so its college we shall go
I have a dream that students will not go home to parents and lie about what 
they've earned 
But go home to parents and show them exactly what it is they've learned
Children of all ages will realize that its best to attend school
Instead of sitting at home doing nothing with time,smoking drugs which is not 
very cool
I have a dream that we all will come together and help each other succeed
A place where we will be able to thank us and not you and me
I have a dream that no child will be left behind in grades
They will be able to thank teachers for the education they gave
A dream where students will work extra hard
Knowing that later on in life we all will play a major part
This dream will live across the nation as if its the last words to be heard
Because an education is not something that should be kicked to the curve
Students will not play when their teacher is trying to teach
Because not much  can be understood this way even if you are sitting in your seat
In this dream everyone will be all that they can be
Whether it comes from nursing in the hospital or on the streets
If my words can matter like Dr. Martin Luther KIng
Then guess what, I TOO HAVE A DREAM

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Like A Sytematic Automatic Replay

This record player has a switch
Then there is the pitch and ditch

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Your  love pricks me like a rose each thorn grows but no one knows Your so full of 
it as it shows so carry on now go on, go. I'm fed up with the phony and  i'm 
through with the tears, you couldn't pay me all your money to make up for those 
years. Someone help me I feel faint how could I think he was such a saint and 
worst of all I let me fall into a spiral down below. A magic called love carried 
by the dove of someone I use to know.

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A lazy cartoon Saturday
Me and my sister in the house
When mom came in and said,
"Go outside and play Mighty Mouse"

Mighty Mouse was a Super Hero
In spite of his small size
He had untold strength and power
Sis said, "And don't forget he flys!"

The power of imagination
Formed over years being outdoors
Wanted super strength and vision
I would play and long for more

Oh, in times of great conflict
When danger would surround
Everything seemed hopeless
No help could be found
When you needed a Super Hero
And you didn't know what to do
Just look up and cry out for help
The Super Hero would come to you

One night while I was dreaming
Heard a voice say I'm Atti Ant, dude
I'm here to offer you super power
Through a force called "Attitude!"

Attitude is not a super power 
How lame a Super Hero is Atti Ant
Strength only in determination
And avoid sayings like, "No I can't"?

"Just try it" said the super bug
And so quickly you will see 
If you concentrate on Attitude
There's no limit to what you'll be

It didn't happen immediately
But over time I decided to try
I discovered the power in "Attitude"
This Super Hero within can fly

Oh, in times of great conflict
When great danger surrounds
Everything seeming hopeless
There's no help to be found
When you need a Super Hero
And you don't know what to do
Look within and find "Attitude"
The Super Hero is there in you!

*Geared for older children but suitable for all

Contest: Carol's "You're A Super Hero"
Date: 8-10-14
Poet: Lyric Man

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Inevitable Bear

Oh lonely Inevitable Bear,
Padding claws, death in white
Sorrow in recurring nightmare
Instinct’s test; fight or flight?

Camouflage against the fence,
A challenge; my subconscious fear
Ominous slowly moving silence,
“Let me in, there’s a bear out here!”

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The Risk of Choice

It would be too easy to not believe
And not have faith in all He wants us to see.
But I don't want to risk my life being saved
Because of a choice I was refusing to make.

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Follow your heart

You've heard it said... "follow your heart"
For relentless desire bleeds for craven want
Yet when indecision weighs on life's many parts
Those opposed abandon not incessant haunt 

Pin pricked light shines brighter 
Through onyx colored scene
Weakness revealed when life is darkest
Specks of defect in the fortress of our need

Ones heart can be a complexity
An up hill struggle when obscurity feels blind
A quandary of perception in a house of mirrors
Reflections twisted by perplexities of the mind

Follow your heart yes live your dreams
Leave not your mind unreasoned
To walk the path less traveled leaves
A consequence of actions completed 

So it is with indecision 
To scale the weight of what's to come
When precious life hangs trembling in the balance
A calculated measure of the hearts true sum

Can we really overthink those choices we make
For somewhere every road has an end
Rugged or velvety destinations take root
And blossom where choices were stemmed 

I've heard of double minded fools
Tossed like waves in the sea
Perhaps it's simply this woman's folly
To think it couldn't happen to me

Oh to measure the value of dreams
Which to follow or leave for not
Simplicity frowns on passions extremes 
Such answers must be skillfully wrought

I pray that with my every tomorrow 
I'll be wiser than today
Knowing when it's time to seek the dream
And patient if I must wait

For now I wish but only
To know my own heart in truth
And weigh the scales of value correctly
Then follow with greater wisdom when in naivety's youth

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The Right

People ask me,
Why do I write?
And I tell them,
Because I have the right!

The right to chase a dream that no one else will.
The right to make the world stand still--
To listen to my words of freedom.
My dream is to change the world.

Laugh if you want,
It's to be expected.
Martin Luther had a dream and he was neglected,
And Broken.
But he chased his dream and his people united,
And I will do the same and open the eyes of the blinded.
I will unite the world from every continent.
Making everyone hold hands with the content--
Of their hearts...
This is my right!

People tell me it's impossible.
I don't care,
That's not the point.
If everyone thought that a black president would not be appointed.
I have to try because if not me,
Then who else?
I see now how Nelson Mandela felt.
I will travel the world spreading my message.
Giving people the hope that should be expected.
And I will start in this room,
And then move on to the next.
Till everyone in this city knows my text.
This is my right!

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My Wishes are Simple

My Wishes are Simple

My wishes are simple,
my desires few,

to gaze upon an ocean,
and marvel at a solitary drop of dew.

My wishes are simple,
my dreams not too grand,

to feel the waves teasing my tired feet,
with no footprints left in the cool, wet sand.

My wishes are simple,
my thoughts serenely gentle, calm,

my heart resting beneath a swaying palm,

healing my being, caressed by nature's soothing balm.

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Living the Dream

Dreams cascade into my life.
Some I have lived.
Others await me in my dream catcher,
for me to full fill.

I walk the silver threads 
that weave them together.
This is my path, 
to have a dream to follow,
to make these dreams come true.

Yes, I have a dream,
And am living it!!

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Relax, slow,down, and enjoy life!
You're the only you, "you have" so be gentle.
Really notice what's right in front of you and enjoy deep within.
Sounds so relaxing the mind drifts gently in and out of sleep seemingly from dream to dream. Completely at peace, surrounded by beauty; a soft breeze gently blows past.
A smell so delightful it sends shivers through your body. A taste to your mind; your mouth waters as if eating a delicacy rich and pure!
Allow life's moments to become memories; treasure heartfelt friendship and love; follow your dreams and live in the moment. Life is too short; don't let it pass you by!
Doc, slow down, and enjoy life! Look and see what's right there, dream; they do come true, smell a rose or two; make more memories than you ever thought possible!
Doc, treasure you, "because I sure do".

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If its money I got its money ill keep. If its money I have its money ill weep. If its love that I give its love ill receive. For I am but no one who just see's beneath. Some say your only as strong as you feel, but how could we a place that's so unreal. People are hearing but..not really hearing. Why is the world so blind. I keep on screaming and screaming and screaming for things to be revolutionized. I am just a small song in a world full of cries, laughter, tears and french-fries.

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Finding A Box Of Life

One late night, I fell asleep in my chair
I dreamed of finding a box with a treasure so rare.
In this dream was a soldier and a good one at that.
I saw his old suit and his old tattered hat.

He had tried to stay youthful, but old he must be.
He walked with a limp because of his bad knee.
In the dream I visited with him one day.
And he told me a story that put me in dismay.

He said, "Here's a box that I'm giving to you.
It has a great treasure, if only you knew.
It contains this old coin, as you can see it's so old.
But to me it's worth more than all the silver and gold.

For you can see in the middle is a great big dent.
And there was so much force, that's why it's so bent.
I was out on the battlefield one dark night you see.
When a bullet was fired and it came straight at me.

This coin I had placed round my neck, next to my heart,
Was a prayer from my mother, she had sent from the start.
The bullet hit the coin and knocked me to the ground.
So I thank the Lord for this treasure that I found.

This coin in the box saved my life on that day.
Now you take it, treasure it and go on your way."

Thank you grandmother for listening to the Lord one day.
And sending dad this precious coin, which in this box I'll lay!

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Will I turn back? No, why?
Cuz this is my path, in life.
Will i stop, and wait for death?
Or will I live life, Breath by breath?
I choose to live day to day, with this life,
Cuz death can take us at any time.
Why not make the best of what we have now?
I REFUSE to keep my head hanging down.
I will try to live life to the best of my ability,
With peace, love, and tranquility.
i choose to be and think positively,
If I dont, I'll be self demolishing.
I chose the path I walk, Whether it be with someone or alone,
I'm pleased with myself and maybe a place to call home...
Who knows?
I will mature even wiser than before
Don't be jealous because YOUR decisions were poor.
Happier more than I ever was, now uncovered,
A life out there, WORTH being discovered?!?!?!?!?
Will I turn back? No, Why?
Cuz this is my path, in LIFE.

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Beyond the Frontier

Where am I? Why is it dark?
This isn’t what I had in mind when I left the park…
Why isn’t the wind whispering…the songbirds singing?
All I remember is a telephone ringing…
A scream and a crash and a pain in my side…
Is this what happens after one’s died?
I don’t feel like myself, I feel wild and free,
Yet I’m cold and alone, 'stead of filled with glee.

My whole life I’ve studied, and pondered, and prayed,
Trying to fathom what would happen this day
But now that it’s here, I’m beginning to fear
Maybe the afterlife’s not what it appears…
It’s certainly not what I’ve been told by my preacher
Or my parents or brother or best friend or teacher…
Is it a bad thing, or is it good?
Maybe it’s just not quite understood...

While I was on Earth, I just couldn’t wait
To meet good St. Peter at the heavenly gate
And ask him a question or query or two
“What was my purpose?” “What good did I do?”
“What’s it all for?” “How does it all flow?”
“Can I have one more body, one more try, one more go?”
But where is the angel? Where is the gate? And
If this is Hell, then where is Ol’ Satan?
Am I a lost soul? Am I forgotten?
Am I to be left here until I am rotten?

Lo and behold! what, now, can this be?
Is this a wonderful spiritual epiphany?
Is this the magical feeling all souls receive
When they leave Earth? Oh! was I that naïve?
How could I have not seen the realism?
Why was I consumed in man-made idealism?
This is more wondrous than all I was taught
Oh, all the times I argued and fought
With others, ‘bout how their views were asinine
Now I see, theirs were just as wrong as mine!
Little I thought was actually correct!
How, why, did I let others petty beliefs infect
My untouched, my pure, my virgin mind?
I regret all the hours I self-tortured to find
That compared to what I see now, I was empty and blind…

Wait - - What is this that I see?
What is this gateway that is revealed unto me?

Now a door is opened to my immortal soul
I am expected now to enter my life’s final goal…
I am scared, intimidated, but still I am glad…
For the truth I have just seen is anything but bad.
This is the end of my journey, I’ve nothing to fear,
For now I am going Beyond the Frontier.

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Lord, I do not know what to do;
Please, lead me by Your side.
Decisions I'm facing are lost and through;
Please, lead me to do what's right.

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The halo effect

If there is one thing I remember
It is what life told
Just open your eyes
All that glisters may not be gold
So who is to blame and whose fault I hold
The halo effect, the one in disguise
Manifesting deception in front of thy eyes
Treat one different because of their look
Why read? Judge the cover of the book?
But you do read others because they don’t have the look
If you understand, how long has it took?
The halo effect, we magnify a trait
Condone the flaws, we magnify a trait
Attractiveness, is this what you mean?
All this talk, my perception a feign?
What I see, aint what it seem?
Huh, thanks for this, as well as that.
The halo effect, my mind was hacked. 

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more than fascination

When I first met you 
you were so cute that
my brain just couldn't compute 
so I went mute
 As I stared in awe 
Wanting to know you
Noticing that 
the reason my heart ached was 
 because of you
A girl much more than a pretty face 
I never wanted to make love out of lust
but then I realized 
that it was in you I trust
So I must change 
to show you
this isn't simply fascination 

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Going Home

What is it to see the soil of home again?
A welcome, snow-struck and a return
To cold; sharp white contrasts sunburn.
We converse in broken tongues to men

We know, hooked on holiday language
Comprised of wandering hand signs.
Collect the car and pay parking fines,
Drive through towns and over a bridge

Until we reach the Western gateway.
Oh when will we arrive at our house?
No camels there, only field mouse
Which are eaten by our cat anyway.

The plane flies for an age, slyly yawning
Through the stretching, pealing sky,
A knife through air; what it is to fly.
Our travels over; a new day is dawning.

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Natures Mirror

Mirrored trees reflecting so clear,
Mountains with snow peaks seem so near.
Tranquil lake sweet balm for my soul,
Seldom within a wave will roll.
Natures mirror lined with sky makes me shed a tear.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans

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From A View Unknown

The bright sky after the storm.
The rains smell washed clean.
confessions of the innocent gentle and forlorn.

As in visions we seek the a place beyond
what others can claim to have seen.
As the view does vanish.
we reflect apon its perfection as is 
caught within a dream.

Hands of ice thoughts as stubborn 
cast in stone.
To bitter to admit the pain
So prison from a view unknown.

In a dark landscape there may exist light
over the next ridge but who will journey to see.
It's a choice we must make to try and fail
or wallow in misery.

Children dream without limits so why should
we stop with time.
Age effects all like the pages
of a book of rhyme.

We dream so long only to marvle to the
monsters weve grown.
Thoughts for sale are a mystery.
from this view unknown

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Turn On The Love

Turn on the love to motivate me;
There's no energy on hand.
When work to be done is shadowed by rest,
Remember you were saved by a crucified man.

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Storm Part VI

Water licks your feet
Far cry from the beating sun
Desert sand to sea

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Delusive Dream

Delusive Dream This world offers up A truly Delusive Dream To make myself happy, By taking milk from the cream. Giving to others leftovers, Not the best of which we’ve been blessed; Selfishness succeeds in this; We fail heaven’s test. Expensive homes and cars fail us; We become complacent so soon. Our souls are still empty; Filled only with darkness and gloom. With a world full of hunger And for water many do thirst, So how can we build mansions With pride to falsely burst? The Delusive Dream of satisfaction Can’t be filled by worldly things. Nothing permanently satisfied us— Whatever wealth itself brings. It’s only by doing for others And showing God’s love along the way, That brings true satisfaction That in the heart does stay. The world’s so caught up in the delusion Of this false Delusive Dream, That material things bring happiness— For others it may seem. The Delusive Dream is a lie Created for our deception. It’s loving others that brings happiness and true heart-felt satisfaction! Copyright © Maureen LeFanue 2012

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Last Sonnet

Hither I stand, at crossroads,
And then I gaze, at the yonder end-
The vague horizon from where I began;
And all that I may ever deem
Is that- my days
Have been a waken dream.

Hither I stand, at the edge of my dream;
Then I wonder, at the depth of my trance-
An adventurous journey through the wondrous woods;
An idyllic stroll through the vicissitudinous meadow;
And from the final station as I depart,
All that I can ever say, is that
Perpetuation has been a rouge
Of fleeting phases of my life.

Suyash Saxena 
St. Stephen’s College.

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Close your eyes and dream with me

Close your eyes and dream with me

the way things are suppose to be

the Love inside will set us free.

Close your eyes and dream with me

the way things are suppose to be

the burdens we carry lets share today

Lets do things in our Lords way.

Close your eyes and dream with me

lets walk in the way He made us to be.

Close your eyes and hear His voice

things are crazy in this world of pain

close your eyes and let Him lead

also help me see His truth in me.

My life bounces back and forth

close your eyes and dream with me

on how things are suppose to be.

Help us Lord to live free

in your way,please reveal

Your heart to me.

Close your eyes and dream with me

Take my hand and walk with me

to the ends of the earth

show our true worth

His love in us,

this is the way its suppose to be.

Close your eyes and dream with me.

Written by:©Betty Bolden

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In your memory

Thank you for the beautiful memory
you left on my mind
you are not dead
 but you are not here,

to me you are gone,
cos i cant feel you the way i used to,
everything you used to do are left untouched
the space you ocupied is empty,

our yesterday is fading away like the rainbow
so beautiful but so short,
how can i forget the endless yesterday?
when you are here with me.

in loving memory of my sister (you are not an angel but you did what an angel can do,you fly to heaven.)

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My Love Intended

My love intended for the girl of my dreams,
she walks from side to side,
not knowing that I walk alone.

She is beautiful than any other thing in this simple world,
everything around her shakes and trembles
as she walks on by without a spare of a passing glance.

The wine is drunk
the last cigarette smoked,
the pain of heartache gone away.

It feels good to see her go my way,
to take the pain with her away from me,
as I sit in the wayward cafe on the river of ashes.

A beautiful girl she is mine,
but that course of life shall no surpass mine,
and my heart beats and takes me away
in hope of falling in love.

Irony of love and hate,
it is similar in many ways,
as I sit and think of her.

She angers me,
but when the vail of anger falls over my eyes,
the passion of love enters my mind.

Come now, take me away,
hold me in your beauty,
and love me with your gentle body.

Go into the gardens,
where the nightingales sing,
and sit at the patio's crossway.

Watch the artists paint pictures of the garden,
watch the writers write about the garden,
and watch us go and pick flowers in the garden.

The air smooth and wind breeze calms the nerves,
the pain of my sorrowed heart is soothed,
by her sweet intellegence and beauty.

Her eyes, orbs of blazing sunlight,
blind me with the beauty of her beauteous face,
her lips and skin smooth and pure.

She is glorious,
My love she is the dream girl,
who comes and takes my nightmares away from me.

As I sit on the park benches,
I light my last cigarette,
and reminicse on the days with my love.

I close my tired eyes only for a moment,
and the moment is gone,
my beauty is gone.

The tears are all gone,
the pain has gone,
the feelings of everlasting love are all gone.

Where did it all go?
Where did my beauty go?
Where did my love go?

All gone now, all gone now,
as I grow old,
the feeling of death takes me by surprise.

The park bench is cold,
the cigarette is burnt out,
I am longing for a drink.

I lay in a wayward cafe
drink a coffee and talk to myself
discussing a book of poetry.

Looking over to the right
I am blinded by beauty once again
this time this is no dream.

Alas, my dream girl came
that appeared in my sunny pleasure dome,
who has walked barefoot in the gardens of my mind.

She sat with me,
I looked at her
and we smiled together.

We held hands together,
and dreamed together,
forever and ever.

Love everlasting,
everything everlasting,
cigarettes smoked together.

A cloud over our heads
in the shape of a heart
my love.

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Living in the Nation

You made a choice,
You broke the mold,
You raised your hand
Now you’re living bold
	Oh, yes!  You did.
	Oh, yes! I did.

You turned your back
On pain and lack.
You said “No, thanks,
I’m not going back!”
	Oh, yes! You did.
	Oh, yes! I did.

When everyone else
Was still asleep,
You opened your eyes
And took a peek.
	Oh, yes! You did.
	Oh, yes! I did.

You saw the path
You made a way
You challenged fear
Now you’re here to stay.
	Oh, yes! You did.
	Oh, yes! I did.

Mama said “NO!”
Daddy said “No!”
Sista said “No!”
And so did your bro.
	Oh,yes! They did
	Oh, yes! They did

But you turned your back
On mediocrity and lack,
Said “Oh, no! This is it!”
I’m done with  trouble
I don’t miss pain
I’m looking for joy
Personal growth and gain.
	Oh, yes! You did.
	Oh, yes! I did.

Yeah, you turned your back
On sorrow and lack
On worry and grief
On fear and blame
You took the steps
You  fought the fight
Then you stormed the stage
On Saturday night!
	Oh, yes! You did!
	Oh, yes! I did!

You had a four step plan
In the palm of your hand.
You fought your fear
Courage brought you here
	Oh, yes! It did!	
	Oh, yes! It did!

Now you’re happy and bold
You broke the mold
You’re living large
Fighting the fight
Taking your cruises
Changing your life 
You’re done with the bruises
	Oh, yes! You did!
	Oh, yes! I did!

You’re soaring now
Taking life higher
Nothin gonna hold you
Did what we told you
	Oh, yes! You did!
	Oh, yes! I did!

The warmest of the warm
Came along for the ride
Shoulder to shoulder
They stand by your side.
	Oh, Yes! They did!
	Oh, Yes! They did!	

Mama said “No!”
Daddy said “No!”
Sista said “No!”
And so did your bro.
	Oh, yes! They did!
	Oh, yes! They did!

You know it don’t matter
Roaches gonna scatter
You got  new familia now
Go on, take a bow!
We got elevation
	Heart elation
We’re all one family
Livin in the Nation!
	Oh, yes! We did!
	Oh, yes! We did!

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bucket list of wants

Tons more I wish to do, Much more I want to do, Before I am laid on the pyre facing the sky deep blue, Much more I wish to do………. I want to scale scary heights, I want to bungee jump without any fright. I want to travel rough terrains on bikes, I want to make it through forests and go on long hikes. I want to wander singing songs, I want to sing about how I mended my wrongs. I want to be creative again , I want to write about my joys thrills and pain. I want to pour my heart and passion in my works, I want to write verses & haikus without reactions knee jerks. I want to take many a calculated risks, I want to learn from the entire process without shortcuts or fancy tricks. I want to contribute for a good cause, I want to give without siphoning material or emotional dross. I want to untangle messed up issues, I want to wipe off tears with empathy laced tissues. I want to work on taboo subjects, I want to solve regression of y on x. I want to listen to my music loud, I want to pen my work in a place far from the madding crowd. I want to sow seeds and many a plant, I want to bask in sun rays that into my room slant. I want to drench in the rains, I want to make paper boats and sail them in the drains. I want to pick up from the ground and smell fresh wet earth, And then joyously have my speech filled with mirth. I want to boldly write about myself only for me, I want the world to know me & my mind as they will always see. I want to meet often the persons, who mean a lot to me, I want to be able to emote my passions and feelings of love and glee. I want to be happy about just any small thing, And all this I want to do before the last breath to my nostrils I bring. Facing the blue skies on my funeral pyre, I want to be on the best craft my soul can hire…. All this I want to do very soon, Before sets into me dreaded gloom. But the life I live is taking its toll, I am yet to get out of this oblivious hole. Time is just right to set aside, And take a ride Fulfill my wants and dreams that I nurtured in me to grow, And I had put away sheathed in a cocoon of time many years ago. Now I don’t want a moment long, And I will do what I want and sing my own song, And do what in me I let grow, Many, many years ago.
by: Sashi.Prabhu

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I Messed Up

Lord, please forgive me.
I need You.
I messed up.
Please, save me.
Thank You.
I trust You.
I love You.
I am a hypocrite.
Please, change me.
Thank You.

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Your Only Friend

     YOUR ONLY FRIEND       
Out of the night she's called for you
and raised you from a restless sleep
into the life you're going through,
into the life you can not keep.

She's known by all, her name is Death,
you see her, then you realize,
she is your very final breath
and you have seen it in her eyes.

You look again, to clear your head
but truth is truth, and now you know,
your book is finished, it is read,
and now it's time to go.

So long you wondered who she was
if she would ever be a friend,
but now you see the love she does,
and it is there beyond your end.

She whispers all the things you've done
and sings them in her song
each rising star, each setting sun,
it all played out, but played out wrong.

And there is nothing here for you,
so welcome her, she is your end,
and go to where you must go to
to know sweet Death, your only friend.
        ©  ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

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The Settlement of the Four Ligures

The stones slipped through the great fingertips of God
Each ligure staked its existence on the four corners of the universe
The quadrivial region began to spin and pull into a sphere
And pathways revealed their footholds 

The fourth ligure bravely landed in the midst of history
So that one day the future settlement of the second 
Would be moved by the last—by the past
Suffering much it stayed
Manifesting in incandescent words
Thrusting evanescence upon the weak
Selfless, it's sorrow would move the merriest
Would move the unmovable

The third lies in the profound valley of mystical guardians
Star-recruited, they are the very light above the canvas of gray
They embrace the stone—are inspired by the stone  
The very reflection of their creator was evident
Upon their unremitting glimmers
Unafraid to stare the others down
Motivated and construed by the glower of death
Eyes move fixedly beyond the simple vast

The second ligure rested upon the shoulders of invisible martyrs 
The hopeful power it planted on the sufferers was unbelievable
For spectators used their disbelief to cover their ever-placed envy
They never were part of the battle—they merely watched
Always seeing truth
But they never quite absorbed
Like a rock hitting the water
The inevitable fate was to fly and sink

The first of the ligures settled in the very reservoir of Satan himself
Even the very heart of the devil is marked
Though rebellion embarked  
The cold stone landed upon his naked bosom
He despaired not to the pericopal truth the gods had bestowed upon him
He merely despised it
But wished not to lose it
For such a stone to fall upon that dark corner—he felt pride for the gracious wound

In truth, there are twelve ligures of stone 
And four were dispersed, dropped into the universe
The last eight the great Eternal wears upon his breastplate 
And only He can re-move these ligures

-July 20, 2013-
-For Shadow Himilton's Any Subject Contest-
-Thanks for the inspiration-

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Broken Pen

Broken pen

I wanted to write the truth that came from my heart but in the end I wrote the problems that been eating me from the start. Can you image the pen writing solely for this purpose just to be knocked down by my own thoughtless words? Those unwritten words, those shreds from my heart, the pointless promises, and the overbearing confident, how did I manage to corrupt them all?
Hiding from my own pain while I hurt other, is this not the demon I create?
No more a hypocrite then you is lost filled. Stampede, riot, tear down, these are how I describe my own action. My own words burned me, my own words destroyed me, my own words bound me, and my own words create a world filled with my own lies. Funny isn't it? Destroyed by the very thing I created. Be I Frankenstein and my word Frankenstein such a reference defies me to the point of fear. Forgive and forget, walk into the sun and burn, become my bride and let’s walk toward a moon rising wonder. I struggle to find out who I am and who we are but won’t this lead me to my grave? Is it a mission I wish to take and for who sake? Dreaming for an innocent heart but done so imperfectly it too late.  Let my unwritten words love me and lose me, damaging me with blue fires, be forgotten from my memories and sleepless night trying to recover. Such a helpless thing as I watch a demon take me away and bring me back from time to time again. Bloody mask full of lies, full of fear, and tears. Where does the words fly to once I forget them, I wrote my own truth and the heart filled problems that had eaten me. What a way to use my broken pen .

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It's like a weight lifted off of my heart;
I am no longer torn apart.
Thank God you are safe;
Everything is okay.

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Beautiful Children

Singing around in love;
Smiles built from the ground.
Holding hands in the dance;
Laughing with brothers and sisters,
All in His Glorious Name.
Throughout His perfectly sculpted land:
Look around because this is it;
Look around because this is love;
Look around and know, understand, comprehend,
Rejoice because you are perfect;
You are God's beautiful children!

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as we face the end of the music,
faced with mistaken thrills.
as teh agenda of a destiny unfolds;
better left to be untold,
about the aftermath trauma,
livelihood in the hood drama.
situations that are just not scenery;
sweat of blood with every tear,
packs a punch with every tear,
full of weariness,
not to mention teardrop mixed with blood.
not even novacane can stop the hurt of the clot;
missing the thrill of the aftermath showdown,
missing pieces of morality not shown.
like beating down the edge of a clef note,
rare but possible to do.
unworthy throw down faced with a mistake,
with unknown meaning of teardrop blood is at's stake.
unfulfilled unworthy desire pass you by,
self eanial worthy,

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Ants Verses Goverments

If only governments and people
would take head of the tiny Ant or Bee
and work together
in harmony
for the good of creatures 
our sacred earth
and humanity.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013. Dec.

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Will You Travel With Me To Heaven PART ONE

Poem: Will You Travel With Me To Heaven?

When you wake up in the morning
From a dream you think is okay
You see your spouse and family
Get ready for another day

The dream you saw, the things you see
The bed on which you soundly sleep
Your kids all grown up, your husband
And old memories that you keep

Who do you think created them?
Were they created from nothing?
If there is no god who made these
All, then what's the point of living?

D'you think we were made from nothing
Then from nothing we live for fun
To eat and drink, to love and hate
Then when we die, what comes is none?

The eyes with which your body sees
Those sockets that keep your eyeballs
The mouth you use for food and speech
The way you answer random calls

The languages you use to speak
And another –your mother tongue-
The way you carry yourself, and
How you breathe through your heart and lungs

The muscles that stretch when you smile
Your friends who often make you laugh
The words you try to understand
And how you sign your name so fast

Your kids who once stayed in your womb
The months you carried them in you
Your feelings when you saw their first
Walk and when they smile back at you

The food you eat and cook each day
The rainfalls that fall from above
The earth you walk on each night and
Day, and the things you've learned to love

The blood that flows 'neath your skin each
Hour, the foods you eat, sweet and sour
The clouds you see above your head
The scent of various plants and flowers

The many colors of people
You see, and many sounds you hear
All things in this universe make
You think that a God must be near

A God who is not in this world
But because of Lordship –Above-
Above the skies and on His Throne
Above anything you can think of

A God who is the Most Powerful
A God who does not eat or sleep
A God who is Above all things
A God who does not sweep the streets

A God who sees us all the time
A God who knows our hidden thoughts
A God who hears us all the time
A God who gives us lots and lots

A God who made this universe
A God who is the King of all
A God who knows the good and bad
A God who causes rain to fall

A God who made all kinds of colors
A God who rotates day and night
A God who knows all languages
A God who gave the moon its light

A God who knows the past and present
A God who sees the future of all
A God who gave all kinds of sounds
A God who gave all forms –short and tall


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You Are Alive

You're alive even in the darkest place;
Even when we can't hear Your Name,
Even when we can't see Your grace,
You're alive!
Even when we can't feel Your grace,
You are alive!

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I like to call myself a inspirational person
And i do like to write my poem's with lots of passion
With powerful words that come out my mouth like a gun
I have learned to do this from the life i have run

There is no point in beating around the bush
You need to learn to shove not push
Nobody in this life will wait for you 
Its up to you to make the choices for what you want to do 
Everyone wants to be a winner but one day we all loose 
At a fork in the road its your decision what to choose 

Dont let people tell you what to do 
It is not there life they do not control you
I have been victim of this before 
But i will not be anymore
Friends will be won and some will be lost
But the ones you loose destiny says they were not worth the cost

Dont let your mind worry about the past 
Live for the present make memory's that last 
Because one day you will be old and frail 
when you body starts to fade and your skin turns pale
Look back at the decisions you have made and think they were right
Because worrying will get you nowhere when it comes to your last night 
This wasn't written to cause scare or fright
But to some of you i know it might

Always look after number one
Live your own life make sure you have fun
One day you will look back at the race you have run 
And i hope you dont say to yourself what have i done

sandy jack 

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Stand And Wait- A Song

This is where my heart is,
This is where it beats,
Singing a song  
Every moment we meet.

This is my life,
Where you're my star,
Glittering and shinning,
But always so far.

Out of my reach,
Making me cry,
Forever and ever,
Looking at the sky.

I can't go near you,
I just might burn.
Being hurt is something 
I wish I never did learn......

(But I know.....
That one day.....
It will show .......
And I'll be okay.....)

(This is where my heart is
This is where it beats,
I know you have one,
Held back by the heat.

I've watched you rise,
I've watched you fall,
Don't you know 
I've seen it all.

I could be your plasma,
I could be your flame,
God only knows I'm the only one 
Who can recall your name.

I won't let you go,
You may only feel hate,
But as long as you're here,
I'll just stand and wait.....)

You met a girl,
she seemed so sweat,
Little did you know it was your heart,
That she liked to eat.

I watched your hurt,
I seen your pain,
The flames surround you
Like a lion's mane.

If only she could see,
The things I can,
She'd never ever,
Say you couldn't be her man.

I feel so bad,
But you have to learn,
if you let down the flames 
No one else could be burned.



One day you'll let down all the flames,
So I can see you,
Cause baby you know,
I'm in love with you....

Oh, Cause


I'll just stand and wait....
Until you come,
I'll.... just stand and wait.

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The Canvas of Night

The Canvas of Night

Stars like sprinkled sugar,
lay strewn across the canvas of night,

enthralled by the wonder of the cosmos,
my dreams take to the heavens in effervescent flight,

I bathe in the beauty, soaked in sublime delight,
absorbed in moments of bliss, transfixed by the serene sight.

Stars like sprinkled sugar,
lay strewn across the canvas of night,

and my being is infused with feelings of hope,

for even in darkness  I find the sprinkled sugar of hope's light.

note: special thanks to one of my heroes, the late Dr. Carl Sagan, for making science accessible to younger me, many, many moons ago.

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It's Simple

It's simple.
We make it much more complicated than it is;
Just live.

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The powerful silvery stardust

On that starry night, as I sat on the open balcony Of my own pigeon home, so cosy I saw, mesmerization, O pure adoration How beautous was this great attraction! A blanket of stardust, a black one full of stars Faced with it, so trivial seemed my scars Life itself seemed so mysterious And so full of grace so imperious! As I watched with wonder, came running down my cheeks Those tears, seeking their way out of their creeks Merciful must be the high Lord None knew why he did create a world so haggard! Somewhere, thought I, must be an abode There, sing the fairies, an eternal ode While switching on and off the blinking lights Of life and death, such must be its sights! On that starry night, living seemed a must A travel from a forgotten place to an unknown one To live simply with the wills of just Shall someday give me the high stature of the great swan!
Name : Anoucheka Gangabissoon

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W-here men and brave thrive
H-is dreams made him strive
I- have a dream he said and died
T-ill his race was enthroned high
E-ligible his color wasn’t but his dreams
H-ail the white house for it light beams
O-verjoyed is the world for Luther sings
U-nto us the dream is come though he love to see
S-ee he may not but i am fulfilled that he lived
E-xcellent i accord him et Lutheran et king

(And ode to Martin Luther King jnr)

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The Broken Girl-not me

Is my life not tortured enough for you to see? 
I am broken as can be. 
My heart is torn. 
My tears stain these perfect floors.  
Why are singing with glee? 
Why do you not care about my every plea? 
I am trapped in your arms. 
I am the hopeless moth. 
How did you pick me? 
What is it that you see? 
A girl untouched by life? 
A flower blooming in the desert? 
I have said goodbye to my loving integrity.  
You took that from me through R-A-P-E.

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God's Grace

The blue waters,
The green trees,
The blue skies,
The light breeze,
The crisp air,
The birds sing,
The puffed clouds;
The awakening.

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Storm Part IV

Culminates in a washout
Stuffed camels get soaked

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I choose to believe in my dreams
That nothing is as it seems
And I dream with open eyes
Because I try not to see all these lies
That`s why I dream every day
And I don`t care what people say
For I was born that way

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Worry Not

I re-dedicate this poem to my sweet friend, Stephen Pettye, who is full of power and strength as he travels this lifetime in a number one status to reach the goals of his full inner growth.  This poem is to help clear his path along the way:

Take those piled up worries And let your troubles go They always go back and forth In our minds to and fro On a clear day With no clouds in the sky Cast you worries away Leaving no questions to ask why Giving more time to count blessings And be thankful for what you’ve got It feels so gloriously wonderful To truly and completely worry not Just clear your mind Away from all thought And enjoy the great feelings That fill the space you’ve caught There are messages to read When the clouds are out That’s when we’re given Something to think about On a clear cloud free day Leave all worries behind Well that’s what I do To clear my mind Yes, it feels good To be worry free And to leave it all With the one Almighty So when the sky is clear I will always worry not And thank our dear Lord For all the blessings I’ve got Florence McMillian (Flo)

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Shooting Star

You are a shooting star.
You're light shines here from far.
A burning fire in the sky.
To dream, like a star, you fly.

To let the insults of the world pass you by.
Always keep your head held high.
As a dreamer you are strong.
To keep following the dream along.

Keep pushing forth with all your might.
Never give up your will to fight.
Find strength deep within your light.
Keep your fire burning bright.

Though there are people that doubt.
Follow your dreams, don't push them out.
Within yourself, believe in you.
When you follow your dream they will come true.

As a shooting star leaves a trail of dust.
In your dreams you must trust.
Let your dreams take you far.
For in everyone lives a shooting star.

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Pledge Not The Allegiance

It's the third verse,
I got the urge to purge
All the curt words I've splurged,
I've submerged in sin,
I'll go to church repent,
Then go curse again,
Lets reverse this trend
We nurse tolerance,
When it might offend,
If I white wash my fence,
So try to not get tense,
When I do not defend, 
Those who chose to be dense
And not use their two cents,
To show kids the reverence,
For the pledge of allegiance.

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The Reality of a Dream

I have felt the bliss, of a daughter’s kiss,
and realize what heaven must seem.
For in all my life, thru happiness and strife,
my daughter’s laughter consumes my dreams.

I have sailed afar, and traveled the stars,
in search of a more beautiful feeling.
I’ve flown by air, for this beautiful love affair,
that sends my heart and soul a reeling.

I’ve rode the train, in search of a domain,
where love feels as brilliant as this.
I’ve swam the ocean, with perfect motion,
yet always amiss to finding this bliss.

I’ve treaded the bush, in Australia I push,
demanding they show me the path to glory,
but I leave empty handed, though I’ve demanded,
a beautiful ending to this tormenting story.

I’ve lived my life, searching for who I am,
and always do I come up short.
I fret and I ponder, for a love that is fonder,
than this love in my dreams I distort.

Still I fail, to no avail, to find a reality as grand,
than the laughter I hear, in this dream I command.
I ‘ve walked life’s path, in search of a resolution,
mindless to an ultimate desperate conclusion.
For a dream is an illusion, a visionary infusion,
a poignant resolution to all confusion – and a dream is just that….a dream.

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Comin' to You

Now at night I lay alone in bed
I wipe away the tears I've shed
But you're still gone and could care less, do you?
Oh heaven's dove has left her love
she gone to be with God above
So here I lay and dream of comin' to you
Comin' to you, Comin' to you
Comin' to you, Comin' to you

 A vial of pills sits side the bed
 and waits for me to tilt my head
But, He won't let me get there that way will you?
I'd rise then fall, for He won't call
until I've kissed the wailing wall
So here I lay and dream of comin' to you

Comin' to you, Comin' to you
Comin' to you, Comin' to you

The years have come the pains still here
some thoughts of you are crystal clear
But your still gone and I still care, do you?
I search the sky for your on high
my need for you I'll not deny
So here I lay and dream of comin' to you

Comin' to you, Comin' to you
Comin' to you, Comin' to you

I saw the Doctor just yesterday
He said the cancer' has had its way  
But, all I see's an open gate before you..
I see a dove she flies above
a holy ghost that's full of love
So here I lay but I'll be comin' to you

Comin' to you, Comin' to you
Comin' to you, Comin' to you

*dedicated to all whose love's have past
know they're waiting....

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Wake up every morning, 
Knowing it will be the same;
Feel an endless longing, 
Inside a rage that can't be tamed.
Haunted in my thinking, 
I let my big chance pass;
And with it all believing, 
That my song would always last.

Invited to The Boot to hear a band, 
Saw a flicker of what I used to be;
A young man lost in his music, 
Yesterday that man was me.
I remember making melodies, 
The world was in my hands;
But it slipped through my fingers, 
I had to grow up and be a man.

Let my hopes just fly away,
All my dreams of entertaining;
Now I'd give any thing to know,
 There's still one dream remaining.

Sitting at this restaurant patio, 
The guitar's magic in his hands;
His voice is smooth and effortless, 
Oh how I wish I was that man.
The joy of being lost in the music, 
Alive, young at heart, and free;
The tapping feet and smiling faces, 
To see how good your song can be.

Let inhibition just fly away,
He lives the dream of entertaining;
Looks out at the admiring crowd,
Says there's one demo remaining.

Play your songs for all their worth, 
Never let them go;
The world is your audience, 
Give them your best show.
Don't let your chance pass you by, 
You can't stop believing;
Life is in the music, 
And love is in the feeling.

Let inhibition just fly away,
I took the one demo remaining;
My soul moved by the music,
Tonight my dream reclaiming!

Sponsor: Nathan A.
Contest Name: any poem #5 

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Cherry Blossoms

The silk like blossoms

That bloom in the night time air

It captures moonlight

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Her Final Words

"No." She whispered before drowning into her sorrows.
Her life had been a simple happy one. 
There were no pains and no troubles.
Life was life and people were people.
Life was simple.
and life was all about tomorrows.
Life didn't know about sorrows.
Her sorrows.
Those same sorrows that she drowned in never existed. 
They were never there, but where?
First to be sad in the naive town of joy.
Sorrow became contagious and what was known as happiness no longer was there.
It was non-exististent. 
A meager thought 
and a blessed memory.
She tried and tried.
She failed and failed.
Life was no longer hers.
For Pain was her only possession.
Her curse.
She lived and she died.
Yet, her legacy was passed on.
Never was it gone.
"No." She whispered before drowning in her sorrows, 
"Save them."

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I stand infront of a mirror...
Beholding my reflection in an hour..
As Slowly, I am amused to devour..
I notice changes more and more..

Have I grown old that fast?
Stressors and problems that pass
I sighted it's effects that may last..
I do not like to gush and rush..

For I want to enjoy in as much..
Tic tac! tic tac!, says the clock..
Don't get stuck, Don't get stuck..
Liking myself from a boulder or a rock..

Though a wind flows strongly aghast..
There's assurance it will not break or crack..
outside, I wanted to be like that..
yet inside, nothing but a soft firm lass..

Good or bad experiences, I have..
Not that I don't care as long as I'm love..
I don't want to rough but definitely tough..
Fearless yet Heart-full like a vamp..


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The Dream

Sensations is the word for the entire treasure, And life is what allows to say That feeling every single pleasure, Makes people find their dream away. And in that dream they put desire, And they put hope for every scent, And all the senses we admire And never let their will to bend. The so called peace that all we need, The so called light we're searching for, That's what the dream is for indeed That's what we all have dreamed before. And when the light's about to reach, And when the peace it's on it's way You feel the kind in every speech And bless you find in every pray. The blind can see the stars that dance, The deaf can hear the wind that sings, And every whisper is a trance That makes even the rocks find wings. And when the dream is no more pain, And all the chains are no more doubt, You know your heart contains a stain And that the dream is love about. 01/13/2008

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All I Need Is You

I don't need any money,
I don't need fancy shoes.
I don't need to buy happiness, 
'Cause all I need is You.

I don't need expensive clothes,
I don't need things to choose.
I don't need five-star meals,
'Cause all I need is You.

I'm smiling here so wide;
I feel like I'm brand new.
Today is the start of something big
'Cause all I need is You.

My soul is eternally fulfilled;
My heart is being led through.
I don't need anything else,
'Cause all I need is You.

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One spring and sunny day I set my sight
behind my darkened lenses, feigning night,
so I might stroll in my own way
and see what's life in light of day,
my thread put to my back, I travelled light;

when Paris comes to all its greenery,
there's not a sight that means so much to me
as flowers holding to the hair
of Mademoiselles out ev'rywhere,
and laughing children, that's how life should be.

The beat of Paris leads a steady pace
and if you stop, you're holding up the race
there's not enough time in a day
to walk all of Champs Elysees
and so you miss the smile of ev'ry face.

But there are places few would care to go
with streets so narrow, darkness is the glow,
where yesterday's not in the past,
but here and now, and here to last,
with cobble stones laid many years ago;

a world of silence, far from natures care,
a place of echoes, snapping here to there;
the signs of life flow past your feet
and to the Seine, just down the street,
but leaves its scent, it's with you ev'rywhere.

This is a time, more than a place to be,
the soul of Paris few can ever see,
the very secrets of her heart,
where light of Paris had its start,
and left here for the very likes of me.

You hear her whisper in the mid of day,
or you might hear a concertina play,
but all that's Paris surely lies
right here for you before your eyes,
and it's the dream Parisians want to stay.
© ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

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Difficult Trials -Part 2-

Turn the wheel
*******he sea...
Push aside the misery...
The abominable agony...
Endure this hardship...with me
Fight off the tears and let us roam to sea
Don't make it hard for me
To determine the waters

We are the same kind
If you can be so KIND, let me show you your destiny -
To dwell with me in tranquility  

We will try to share our responsibilities...
Take turns and share our possibilities...

How have you been?
Sorry we have shut our ears
To your deafening cries
I'm turning the wheel for you
You're losing still - why are you so blue?

I'll shut out the feeling of anguish

You'll get what you wish

We will start anew
We will start on a fresh start
We will fulfill our dreams and make them come true
We'll brew away the sadness
I'm determined to eliminate
The distress... swallowing us like a tidal wave...
Behave, you wild childlike waters!! Behave!

Don't worry - we'll get rid of
The limited happiness
And make our heart pump with merriness
Don't be a magnet of depression stress

You'll experience a wonderful opportunity 
So you may feel  at one with
Our world full of possibilities
And eliminate those cruel, wretched words
That tore apart our responsibilities...
Our activities... our reveries... our possibilities...
That brought us back together

We'll be hiking
These somewhat difficult hardships together 

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New Life

New place, New life
Livin' it up and havin a good time.
No more rules, No more excuses,
No more bull, and no more losin'.
It's time to start over now, New job, New friends,
Time to party it up until the end.
Gotta get it right, New place new life.
Let nothing hold you back, and get your life on track.
New place, New life
Livin' it up and havin a good time.
Live it up to the fullest,
Have a blast and enjoy it.
It comes and goes so fast, like a dream
So hard to believe that it's reality.
No more rules, No more excuses,
No more bull, and no more losin'.
It's time to start over now, New job, New friends,
Time to party it up until the end.
Life is short don't ya know?
Now its time to go with the flow.
Cuz it's a New place, New life
Livin' it up and havin a good time.

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Love Endures

Love floats by,


tip-toeing past pain,

leaping through walls,
weakening the barricades,

of the most private heart.

Love settles in,


quietly beyond anguish,

erasing the desolation,
soothing a battered spirit,
enveloping the shivering soul.

Love stays, it is true,

love endures, as do you

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God Doesn't Give Up

This is not going to be easy;
No one ever said it was.
We're going to have to be strong now
'Cause God doesn't give up.

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Some people dream about being a star,
a gorgeous vacation, a house or a car.
Some dream of making that game-winning play.
Others may dream of a place far away.

For many it’s simply acceptance they seek,
courage, that they should no longer feel weak.
Some are consumed with making a name,
a quest for great riches, fortune, and fame.

For me, it’s quite simple, my one true desire,
is help people find their passion and fire.
What is it inside that tears at their soul?
What is their cause, their purpose, their goal?

I’ve found that if I inspire others to find,
the talent that’s buried somewhere in their mind,
then I too will somehow accomplish it seems,
the thrill of observing them capture their dreams.

So, let me ask you, because you have asked;
Do you have a dream you have taken to task?
And if it has no body laughing at all,
know that your dream is likely too small.

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EYE Don't See -Part 3-

My eyes
Witness your departure
My eyes
Are dripping with hopelessness…
My eyes start to blur…
Melancholy put me under pressure…
Is there a cure to my disease? 

You don’t see
The shards of hope that once brought us back together
Just let me search for safety
I’m strong enough to realize that I’m no longer
The weakest prey out there…

And I’m left in my solitude…
Do you hear me whimpering like a distraught puppy left on the train tracks?

I’m close to my demise…save me and take me home

Nourish me…and be my beloved friend

Will this friendship last forever?

Hopefully it has no end

Will this cheerful moment help us get along with each other?

Because of you…I feel the need to run 
I keep an eye on you – I worry that you’ll hurt yourself again
Because of you…My freedom is nearly gone
I don’t wanna be caught off guard again
Because of you…EYE can’t picture a solution for our vexing dilemma 
Because of you…eye can’t focus on my long-term goal 

And I’m left in my solitude…
Do you sense that I’m giving in to failure? 
And I’m close to my demise…
Only to find myself disappear…I can’t endure 
The hardships that you place upon me…
Could you boost up my confidence to overcome 
My atrocious anxiety? 

I’m just waiting for some sun
To keep me in good hands…
To strengthen me with perseverance …
I’m just waiting until His son
Leads the world outtah Egypt and reveals to us…
His radiance…His dazzling Kingdom – 
Vibrant with glee

Your undying sympathy dawns upon us
I’m overflowing with indescribable joy  
You’re a candle in the night…
We meet eye to eye…
What a sight…what a precious sight

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South Africa salutes Dr Martin Luther King Jr

South Africa salutes Dr. Martin Luther King Jr!

They gunned you down,
on this April day,
all those years ago,

yet you live, you breathe!

They gunned you down,
just as they did Chris Hani and M.K. Gandhi,

and they failed, as they always will,

for they can never kill,

your dream, your ideals.

Your dream, your ideals,

live, and breathe,


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he bud of my dream blooms color in the dead of winter, but i must not utter a sound for fear 
it will wither/ for if i speak too loud, surly i will kill it/ but what is darkness will always come 
to life, until there is light/ & through the silence, i will submit myself to birth it, nurturing it/ 
liken it to spring, turn summer which is winter’s only cure, it, growth's natural current/ it 
will be worth it, for i shall worth it/ for if i am worthy enough to dream it, i am worthy 
enough to create it, become it. #AK47

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The Lord's Peace

The chaos is shedding
Of happiness is floating
The madness..chaos is concealing
Comes from the Lord - 
To Him who mends us all...
To Him who forgives all of our sins
And downfalls
And answers everyone's calls

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Where Dreams are Real

You know the place
not far from here
bout half a pace
past doubts and fears and ‘maybe not’
past ‘we all think you shouldn’t aught’

And those who smile and cross the line
to stake a claim in the sands of time
will pit a notion of the mind
against predestined force of time

And in good time they will find
that in that place where one’s dreams are as real as cats and cars
you’ll find the portal
to the stars

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All that happens is really inside,
From the love and desire, 
To the cosmic tide.
The coming of Christ,
The going of God,
The devil's rise, 
The morning fog.
The dark naked nights,
Of torment and fear,
The atomic bomb and the rumours I hear.
From the beginning of time,
Till the end of space,
The prison bars in front of my face.
The labyrinth of lies,
The weaver weaves,
The kaleidoscopes patterns,
Of the autumn leaves.
All born of tears and blood and guts,
Of suffering children crying for love.
The inside is real,
The outside is dead,
An empty shell,
I dreamed in my head.
The you and me, 
Are forgotten and gone,
In the rumours I hear,
In the atomic bomb.

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Surreal Love

I pray to God that it will be a brighter day; 
I want his warmth to clothe me day after day 
Someday, the sun will erase all of my doubts
 and push away the clouds…
I want to be a positive schoolboy – but the clouds 
Cover me like mesmerizing, despondent shrouds  
I want to be a positive youngster – I need to stay
 True to my unaccomplished goals everyday

Lord, I know life has its ups and downs – but, I must keep a steady pace…
I want to develop a stable mentality with no trace of pity 
Lord, I know life gets problematic in the long run – I FEAR I might fall on my face
I just want to be content – I want my dreams to become a reality 

I'll be loving you forever… 
for you’re the last thing on my mind before I go to sleep at night
I’ll take a moment just to ponder… 
About you and our time together – thinking about you restores hope, joy and might

our love is wholesome and so much more…
our love will grow on forevermore…
our love is real and it’s a great deal…
our love is beyond measure and it’s totally real…
Our Love is oh so surreal 
You melt my anguish away…
Our love can heal a broken heart
You cherish me in the month of May 
You blow away winter’s dismay

I pray to God for a more optimistic mindset…
Hopefully it doesn’t result in forfeits  
 Push away the gray…and laminate it with a striking sunset, 
I’m drowning in his inclement, rainy regrets

I’ll make sure to embrace competition…
for you're my reason I run the extra mile, winning honor and applauds
I’ll take a moment to pursue my ambition...
Of being with you always and forever – I fear I might lose all of my odds 
With you…your heart isn’t pumping with vile frauds 
Every single second spent with you…
Makes my spirit soar anew...
I never experienced such surreal love
Our love flourishes rapidly from up above 

I’m sick with a love flu *cough* *cough*

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I Stand, Alone

I stand, alone.

Scratching for my truths,
peeling away the veneer,

I stand, alone, before this
impregnable cliff so sheer.

Cocooned in my solitary shell,
wrenching a smile from a tear,

I stand, alone, a little odd,
and definitely quite queer.

I stand, alone.

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Simply not infatuation

When I first met you 
you were so cute that
my brain just couldn't compute 
so I went mute
 As I stared in awe 
Wanting to know you
Noticing that 
the reason my heart ached was 
 because of you
A girl much more than a pretty face 
I never wanted to make love out of lust
but then I realized 
that it was in you I trust
So I must change 
to show you
this isn't simply a fascination 

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Where did you think I would be ?

*** A dream that I remember......****

I remember opening this great set of wooden doors which led out onto a city street. Everything was as it should 
be except that there were no people; not a single person anywhere. This was perplexing to me, but did not 
distract me from my goal as I was in quest of a certain person. I remember the urgency in wanting to find him. It 
was as if finding him would answer a number of questions for me. I ran out across the street and up a number of 
steps to this great cathedral. Swinging open the doors, frustration mounted as I looked inside the great 
sanctuary. No one was here, he was not here. I ran down a number of other streets and still no one. Not one 
voice until
finally I rounded the corner of a tall building and heard the sound of a crowd in the distance. I emphasize the 
word crowd for it was as if every one in the whole city was there, gathered in this one place. Almost exhausted, I 
began the endless task of parting through this sea of people for I had to know why they were gathered there. 
reaching the front, I saw a lone figure laying on his back on the ground before me some ten feet distant. 
this person and the crowd was a man kneeling with his back some what facing us. Never rising, he slowly turned 
and looked questionably into my face. It was Him, it was Jesus laying hands on and healing this person. While 
never saying a word, His look asked:”Where did you think I would be ? It was as if Love was looking right 
through me for I never forgot that feeling nor this encounter. My quest was over, my questions answered.

***this was a dream that I remember***

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Cascading Words

I told my Hubby I needed a fountain to help the words to flow.
It seems in the shower my creative juices, really know how to go.
My Hubby says it’s because I become relaxed, in body and in mind.
That releases everything to flow with ease and in record time.

But then he stated it might also be: the water pounding on my head.
It’s beating me senseless to release the flow and to open it up, instead.
This may be true with a hard head like mine, sometimes it needs a touch.
But I think a fountain would be way more fun, and not hurt near so much.

And what would be more beautiful, than water as it’s simply cascading around.
My lovely birds could have a drink, as my barriers come tumbling down.
My Trolls could frolick and play all day in water as the sun comes beating down.
My dogs would jump to catch the droplets as they fall upon its crown.

And all I need is to get a basket to collect my wandering thoughts.
Truly nothing could be more worthwhile, no matter what the cost.
Droplets falling thru my thoughts would become a rainbow for my mind.
With a prism throwing forth-countless words, to arrange within record time.

I wish! I wish! Oh, how I wish! To bring forth this dream of so much renown.
So many words bubbling to the surface, before they’d come tumbling down.
They’d fill my mind, and fill my soul… before touching each other’s soul.
My fountain would finally be complete, as cascading words did achieve this goal.

Now I truly know, I’ll have no fountain, or any great renown.
Still I am grateful, for the few, who’ve read the words, which I have written down.

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Difficult Trials -Part 1-

Turn the wheel
Out of curiosity
I'll be'll receive
Something special...something to make you whole
Though the trials you must run through
Are a great struggle that can easily
Pull you down
And I want to erase your frown

You will feel way better about yourself
Just trust me...take my hand...
I'll encourage you to have a satisfying time
Just for your own liking
We'll be hiking
Those somewhat difficult hardships 
Together for eternity 
We'll spend time in the future 
Together in unity

*******he sea...Let's flee and be free!
LOOK how nice you look!

Trample those insufferable nuisances
That dare put you down
To the sea floor
I'll push them to the core!

Feel free to walk the 
Road of Recovery 


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Just What Is A Broken Dream, Anyway

A strange sight upon a lonely road.
A dream ripped in half.
Looking closer, I wonder what was the travail.
An old price tag attached, making me wonder at what price it was sold.
Along the edges, tattered and torn, it gave forth an evil laugh.
As if some sly devil concocted a way to turn someone pale.

Onward I traveled, with pack upon my back.
To the left and right of the road were littered with more broken dreams.
So many that one could not keep track.
Some having been blown into the parallel stream.

So, I checked the pack upon my back.
And, yep all my dreams were there in a stack.

Cold winds howl, trying to rip my back pack to shreds.
Freezing were the winds, but forward I march.
Never losing sight of my dreams in spite of many dreads.
They all hold up strong even though many times I'm in a lurch.

Suddenly I see people returning to the road.
Going back and picking up their dreams.
Dusting them off and restoring them to their pack.
Each and every one said to me, you are quite bold.
To go forth and not let the cold winds of fate not destroy your knack.
To face life as it comes and not give up even if offered gold.

Good, bad fortune, are likewise of no importance.
Put a failed dream back in your pack and maybe a new day will appear.
Where you can unpack that dream and give it another go.
But, for today, march forward, today's failure might tomorrow's dance.
You gave it your best, and win or lose, that game has ended with a spear.
Win or lose, that game is done so pack it's knowledge away in your pack and grow.

Suddenly down the road a new vista appears and a brand new game.
Left high and dry or victorious are the two possible ends of any venture.
But in truth, knowledge is all you will have, win or lose.
For tomorrows game is just around the bend, all the same.
Win or lose, the game of life only ends for the moment within sight of the new adventure.
So, to quit and call it the end, only makes you look like a goose.

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Dream Liberty -- Butterfly Effect

Butterflies quietly fluttering In my soul Transforming my life Morphing into something so unreal So Different, silently beautiful So hidden and lost A fire dances on my pale iced face Lively prancing as each sheds more light The embers glow in your singed shadow Was this eternity meant to last forever? I couldn't believe that a simple flap of butterfly wings could cause such a storm, a storm in my mind The simplest things causing the greatest of pains Why cant I be one of them Forever and free I'll be with my dream of liberty Punishing the dead Can you never let anything go Is it all to hard to see That your bias takes you on a blinded delusion Where all they plunder is hate Terror is a virtue When becoming a king So cut off the strings of my life With your power And you will see the strength of the dream of Liberty I couldn't believe that a simple flap of butterfly wings could cause such a storm, a storm in my mind The simplest things causing the greatest of pains Why cant I be one of them Forever and free I'll be with my dream of liberty I couldn't believe that a simple flap of butterfly wings could cause such a storm, a storm in my mind The simplest things causing the greatest of pains Why cant I be one of them Forever and free I'll be with my dream of liberty

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A Dream Catcher of Psalms

A Dream Catcher of Psalms Slumber cradled me in her grasp Pulls me toward a wind filled glass Swirling my spirit upon a ragged canvas Plunging me into an ancient warriors headdress The medicine mans enchanted dance captured a doe We were lifted by a thrust of wind combining our souls Into the headdress our reflections were etched in the glass Capturing all of our dreams both present and past White became the feathers and beads became pearls Our hearts flowed onto the canvas as painted swirls Eye to eye, Mother Earth bathed my humanity in her song The antiquity of the headdress became a dream catcher of psalms Carole Cookie Arnold

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Anchored on the Shore

It seems
the longer I wait
on this dry shore
the farther you get
as I watch you sail
from my place
on this dry shore;

the winds pick up
and your sails unfurl
and with every breath I lose
watching you drift away
a gust of wind
sends you with blessings
of wasted breaths;

and I see you still
distant as you are
going to that place
I dreamt for you,
a place that grows farther still
as I dream for you
grander things
and grander places
that you will visit;

And on currents
that seem to flow
to the beating in my chest
you sail farther still
and with every dream I breathe
you sail farther yet
and you’re so far away now
from where I am
on this dry shore;

and I wonder if things would have been different
had I not sent you away
and kept you here
on this shore
where I can still see you
no matter how far you sail
from this shore
that you have never left
and I have never left.

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Beautiful Black Woman

Beautiful black woman 
You're a Queen.
Beautiful black woman 
You have to dream!

Beautiful black woman 
You're worth more than the finest gems.
Your love,
Holds the presence of God's healing hands.

Beautiful black woman
You're the reason why I breathe.

In this follow follow society
Zombies follow I gotta lead...

Beautiful black woman whom,
birthed me into this crazy world,
I came from your womb 
not to be cast down and quietly consumed,
By the rage and fury of a people in a hurry.

You born me...
To be a catalyst of change!
To stand against rape!
To fight for your freedom!
To bring on the new Kingdom!

Beautiful black woman
You're a Queen.
Beautiful black woman 
You have to dream!

Beautiful black woman 
You're worth more than the finest gems.

The world is starving for LOVE. 
We need you ...
For you are LOVE.
Your Unconditional Love holds the keys.
As a matter of fact you have the power to put the world at ease.
Create Peace.
Please forgive us men who fail to understand that
Your LOVE holds the presence of God's healing hands.

Beautiful black woman
You're a Queen.
Beautiful black woman 
You have to dream!

Your LOVE holds the presence of God's healing hands. 

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I am looking for dream interpreters.
My name is Goodluck
Don’t swear yet please, don’t “****”
I am no president or “less”
Neither am I clueless
Parents christened me Goodluck
So if there be name sake as me
Well, that is bad luck

Like I said,
I am looking for dream interpreters.
I had a dream last night
I saw ancestors.
Breathing fire like dynamite
Asked me if I am insensitive
Or just clueless
Out of respect for ancestors, I asked them
‘Insensitive to or in what?’
“Insensitive to or in what???”
Was their angered response
“Even in this, you are still clueless”?
Their lead speaker asked

“Okay, fine! Mr. clueless” he continued
Under your watchful eyes
The plane you are saddled with,
Cries out for a pilot
For the auto-pilot can’t land it
And you are a clueless pilot
The ship you are saddled with
Cries out for a captain
For you have broken the compass
And an inevitable sink might come to pass”.

“Mr. clueless” he continued again
The streets of Jos,
Blood has become a river.
Have you seen the butchered women…
Have you seen the opened bowels…
Slain infants.
Religious insurgencies on the instant
United Nations office and police headquarters
All crashed landed with a bang…bomb

Churches are smashed, even mosques
The blood rivers of Jos has flowed beyond us
Now, it’s a national flood above us
Yet your greed is on the oil well
You have weakness for debt accumulation

Your greatest height of insensitivity
What happened to profits of yester years?
Same old promise of good roads,
Good education, a better tomorrow
Yet, forty billion, a former house of reps
Single handedly stole it.
Are you leeches never ever tired of loots?
Or fear of insurgence of the deprived youths?

The people raped by empty promises of bandits
If you are in all these things clueless
Then our dreams for the country is hopeless
All leaders before you
Have creatively out done you
Hate has come to the surface
And you have lost your grace”.

Then from the dream, I woke up!
Somebody help!!!
I need dream interpreters.


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Feburary 27th 2012 i lost the most important person in my life. Helen

I was at a goodwill, when i prayed to her that i would find a metallica shirt. I was then looking through the shirts and found two metallica shirts. I got them both. i started wondering if it was her, if she answered my prayer. A few days later i had a dream. She was standing in the window yelling down at me telling me she bought me something and it was on her bed in a bag. i told her how much i missed her and i went to go see what it was. i open the bag on the bed and see the two metallica shirts i had bought at that goodwill. i now know that she answered my prayer.

Another dream i had.

I had often wondered if she considered me a grandchild.. because im not realted to her by blood. I had a dream it was at her funeral. i seen her sitting in a chair next to me. my sister and some of her grandchildren were carrying her casket to the hurse. My sister fell and dropped the casket and several of her family members were yelling at her. Helen the women who these dreams are about sat and said she loved all her grandchildren even if there not blood related.

I believe Helen answers my questions in my dreams.

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My book is fine
It’s okay to write one time
I am working on it every time
I have the happy working time 
Taking care the lines of mind
I give my ideas
I am making myself laugh
I know that is not good enough 
Yes, for the easy read to spot
An encouragement to part 
A poem that help inspire me to write
It’s a good poem I like
When I discover a new way to something 
To express myself of many thing
I become at peace with what I am writing
For I am doing less struggling
Indeed my book is fine! 

Saturday, 16 Mar 2013, 8:28PM
Sandakan Nature City, Sabah, Malaysia

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Moon Light Bright

                                                     Moon Light Bright.

                                                Oooh you shine so bright 

                                in every full autumn night without your friend in cite, 

                                       that helps you dominate the night sky 

                                                with your dens chilling light 

                    which helps me seek my ways throw the hunting mystery of the night,
                                                  without a single flashlight.

                                        Theo I wish on every day and every night 
                            nature can deliver such a beautiful cite... Moon Light Bright.

Poetry 2/23/11 by Keith Kadell

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Day dreaming… My mind refuses to see The real world… Half asleep… My reality broke free From the strain… Eyelids close… The meaning of living here ASTOUNDS ME! Half awake… My dreams are so spellbinding PINCH ME, please?

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This Dream To You! Coming true on Inauguration Day..

I could have run,
And tried to hide.
When God said, 
"Go against the tide." 
Preach Unity,
And never fight.
All races on earth, 
Have equal rights.
In Peace and Love, 
"I Have A Dream."
No prejudice,
0r hatred, 
Life Serene!
I could have tried,
To run and hide. 
But either way, 
I would have died.
So I chose,
To carry on.
To show in peace, 
We can be strong.
"I Have A Dream."
 It must come true!
And now God gives, 
This Dream To You.. 

------- Author's Notes -------
In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. and Our new President Obama

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Exist in Dreams

A dream that dances in waves, and mirrors all you do
So you dance, and hope that some day the song will come from you
This dream is all that exists, and all you’ve ever known
The song is picking up speed, so it’s follow or fail alone

A flame that flickers in sync with the shadows by your side
The rain puts out the light, and causes you to hide
This nightmare is all that exists, and all you’ve ever known
But this song still hasn’t stopped, and so you dance alone

You cherish sand on the banks of a path winding through a storm
This desert trail is all that you see; too blinding to look beyond
This path is all that exists, and the only way to go
Holding close the sand as you sing, just so you’re not alone

The sand is part of the storm that makes you close your eyes
But now the wind starts to slow, and the scenery makes you cry
This life is all that exists, and the only way to go
The sand falls through your hands, and you carry on alone

A love that blooms into being beneath the darkest skies
Is a life that will venture out despite the lonely nights
So scared, but so unafraid to find what you need to be
Despite the fear that prevails, and tells you what to see

The flames steady and still, and a shadow kneeling down
The rain cleansing your heart as all your fears drown
The sand creating a path, and shielding you from pain
And now, with the wind at your back, you remember why you came

To dream a light shining out for all the world to see
To be more than you think, and beyond all that will be
To create a desire to be the creators of our dreams
To become the mirror of self, and reflect our unity

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Sometimes I Like To Pretend Things Never Came To A End

Sometimes I like to pretend, things never came to a end. But over time, our love became a crime. I didn't know what we had, would ever end so bad. But then I knew things weren't right, when we started to fight. Now I walk down memory lane all the time, the pain is worst then committing a crime. We only caused eachother pain, but we were eachothers maine. I thought things would be alright, but I cried alot that night. I don't want things to change, without you my life is strange. You said you wanted me so much it started to hurt that you couldn't wait, now im just another person you hate. When you said you didn't care, I knew the person I loved was no longer there. You aren't the same, the new you is lame. We both fell, now it's hell. You use to always be here for me, like family. But now your nowhere in sight, things aren't right. Empty is all that I can feel, I still can't believe this is real. I didn't mean to let you get away, I didn't know what to say. Am i with the right guy, or am i telling myself a lie. I was afraid to loose what we had, but to you that choice was bad.

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Much closer to my end year wishes..
Much closer to my simple small dreams..
Much closer to what I have been planning for..
Much closer to the persons I love..

It's time to break away from the routine..
It's time to make bit of noises..
It's time to actually just enjoy..
It's time for meaningful celebrations..

I did stopped caring..
I did stopped understanding..
I did stopped too much thinking..
I did forward on forgetting..

All deserves to be happy..
All deserves to go once in awhile for party..
All deserves to rediscover life..
All deserves the feeling of being loved...

True, we may never know what lies ahead..
For tomorrow, either we live or die..
So long to really live with rumors and regret..
Find happiness & contentment deep within..

By: olive_eloi

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Carl G Jung


visionary dreams
alchemy magic red book
history's image

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Baggage Claim

Drained to my very heart by our slow-paced arrival, 
          I wander through tasteless decor to the metal arches 
                                                Beyond which a future is unfurled.
My bag’s innards are spilled like blood in the Bible
          Before the cold gaze of the armed man who marches;
                                                He holds the key to this new world.

The mechanistic arch stands and takes quasi-sentience 
          Beside passport control, piercing my finely popped 
                                                Eardrums with sonic solemnity.
I am refused by technology but stagger forward hence 
          Into baggage claim where a suitcase pile is propped 
                                                Up like a holiday Tetris calamity.

My suitcase is soul black and with difficulty is found,
          In its lucid eagerness to fasten itself a faux family;
			   Airports are filled with pretences.
Now we are away again, small trolley safe and sound,
          On the road from snow, heat is where I plan to be.
                                                Our intrepid journey commences...

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Sicklied Breezes

Here comes that familiar breeze again Emptied of hope, it always returns to refill Some other abandoned soul A soul that delves deep into my own, Drifting in an almost shameful stance Festered ignorance, time, and thought Resting under the wing of frightened hope It is cool, like any ordinary breeze It pleases all that feel it, save I For I know it longs to take all that I have In one…single… swoosh You overlooked demon! Why are you so gentle? Why must you manifest in sorrow and woe? Sleeping in the convent of my soul As others praise you and thank you You take me under tow Forever more, lost in this sicklied growth With a silent tune of rests within notes I remain where the breath is taken I remain your host The breeze grows painstakingly warm Filling all with passions unfolding Each soul finds its home Leaving me alone with a soul untold Always awake and crawling… and screaming Bold, all-knowing and thoughtless Wingless, tainted…filled with dread It is warm and hated by all that behold it And I grasp it, and hate it, and LOVE IT For it takes nothing and gives me all In multitudinous shrouds Beloved angel—why do you burn me so… Leading me into your sick embraces As others curse to your face You forever release in me A despairing freedom that I know longer wish for The melody caught—no room to breathe Harmony caked with ignorance does seethe For all no longer see… I was always the caller

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Our Divine Haven

This town was the place we used to call our haven 
You don’t remember which road we’ve driven on 
The stars were shining against your cherished soul 
You’re a part of my belongings 
You’re ascending above the ground 
The peace is still like hidden treasure – it’s bound to be found

I believe in you…I put my faith in you
After the miracles you’ve performed 
You don’t agree with what you truly are 
The sky is grieving 
You jump from puddle to puddle
You’re struggling to meet your destiny  
Even if your body is saturated in sweat
You must keep your head above the sea

Follow me and I’ll lead you to divine haven 
Forgive the past that embraces you with remorse and think upon our jubilant future
It’s tempting to just give up and turn around 
I could tell you've been stressing out 
But rest your head on my shoulders and let loose your strain on me  

Each melody is an exquisite sound that bounces into our ears
Commotion and strife will cease and your heart will be free
We’ll flee  together…despite the unwholesome weather 
The voyage has just begun…hold my hand and we’ll rise like the sun
Trust me…we will be strengthened and well-equipped before we take that road of victory  

Follow me and I’ll lead you to divine haven 
Forgive the past that embraces you with remorse and think upon our jubilant future
It’s tempting to just give up and turn around 
You’d rather be drifting away and never be seen again 
I wanna change your mind and erase your frown
Take your mind off of the distressful past
Let loose your strain on me  

Hey! I know you’re stronger than you realize
You’re not a failure – don’t be disheartened  
Don’t worry…you and I will earn our future prize 
This mess will clear up in a moment
Just stay by my side and never depart 
From the light… I promise that we’ll endure till the end
Just stay nearby and our hope won’t tear apart
We are willing to do anything to attain our wishes and delight  
Let’s take action and snatch our glory before our time is up 

Follow me and I’ll lead you to divine haven 
Forgive the past that embraces you with remorse and think upon our jubilant future
It’s tempting to just give up and turn around 
You've been trying to keep a steady pace 
But rest your head on my shoulders and let loose your strain on me

Let loose your stress on me…
Don’t be under pressure
Let me handle your anxiety…
Reach towards our divine haven
Do you need a helping hand? 

I wish you a carefree 

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EYE Don't See -Part 4-

My heart is beating with upbeat delight 
You astound me…in every shape and form 
My spirit is dancing with unbreakable might
You surprise me…when you take my hand
And pull me outtah my jail-like dorm

And He dismisses me from my solitude…
My eyes are glistening with bliss… 
And I’m far from my demise… 
Only to find that there’s no need to feel helpless

Why do you spoil me rotten with your fatherly affection?

Just protect me from any harm 
Let me make my own decisions…
To see the results in the long run 

You prize me as if I’m cherished like your carefree child
You don’t understand – I’m TOO foolish and wild
I haven’t even reached to full maturity 
But how eye hope to see myself grow and be set free
From the world’s mayhem
Is there a solution to this problem?

And I’m left with no answer…
My eyes are eager to see…another bright day 
And the night is coming to haunt me… 
I find myself slowly disappearing from sight…
When will God give me a purpose to fight? 
When will He feed me His awesome might? 

Just support me…especially during my downfalls
Please answer my calls!

And I’m left to venture off into His path…

Eye can’t escape my terrible nightmares 
Consider my calls of acceptance…my grief weighs a ton
Let me pour forth my tears – 
Do me a favor and cast away my fears
Steer me away from disorder and confusion

Eye can see you’re making great progress
You’re heading towards a brighter, superb future…

My eyes 
No longer witness oblivion 
My eyes
Looks beyond the earthly pain…
bEyOnD the affliction 

I spot a rope in the distance. . . . . 

Push aside the waves…and let me
Grab it this instant!
God feeds me His love…and treats me
Like a newborn infant!

Eye see my Father with brand-new eyes  
I feel rare content
And I feel hardly any resentment


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When You Open Your Eyes

Its late at night and your scared from the storm,

your cold from the icy air and u need to be warm.

ur eyes are closed but its just darkness you see

but when you open your eyes its gona be me,

me thats gona hold you close in my arms all night

whispering in your ear that everything is gona be alright

me thats gona stay up with you till ur sound asleep,

lookin at your beautiful face that makes my heart leap

i know your scared but i dont want you to be,

im right here with you and i will never leave

so sleep tight and dream about a future that will surely come,

dnt dream about negative pasts or ppl.. they were just bein dumb.. 

but when you do wake up and finally open your eyes

the storm will be over & u'll be welcomed with a breakfast-in-bed surprise :)

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I have a dream.
A dream to live for.
A dream to die with.
I am a dreamer.

I want to go to a place.
I want to do something.
I want to make a mark.
I am a dreamer.

I don't have money.
I don't know nothing.
But I have a dream.
I am a dreamer.

I can do it.
I will get there.
I can achieve it.
I am a dreamer.

I believe.
Believe is miracle.
Miracle is a dream.
I am a dreamer.

I want to keep memories of the past.
i want to have hope for the future.
Future is a dream.
I am a dreamer.

Nothing can stop me.
Nothing will stop me
Because am in a dream.
I am a dreamer.

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written 9th June 2013

See the sight of a full moon in the dark of night
 if done just right, it's a magical sight

Watch, as the sun descend's off the edge of the earth
 it's flame's extinguish, as if by the ocean's thirst

Look deep, into the sky at night
 you'll be "surprised by your delight

All of the heavens glory
 will return again, the next morning

So send a wish, upon your favourite star
 you'll never guess that your wish, went so far

So at the end of every busy daylight
 breathe in the gift, of heaven's blissful night 

I guarantee, it'll help you sleep peaceful and right
 well, into his new mornings delight

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That's The Amazing Thing About Love

That's the amazing thing about love:
Love doesn't matter who it melts together,
'Cause He will never give you up.

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My Dreams

I dream of sun , I dream of star .

I dream to go beyond too far .

I dream to run , I dream to fly .

I dream to rise above  the sky.

I dream to love , I dream to smile .

I dream to catch happiness for a while.

I dream of fun , I dream to dance.

I dream to renew world at a glance .

I dream of a birth , I dream of  a life .

I dream of a love that needs me to survive........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Garden of Enlightenment

it itches
it burns
it makes me yearn
for things i seem so unsure of
yet sure they are for me
how confusing and revolting that must be?
a lady who just cant make up her mind
on what she wants to be!

Perhaps a dancer, a singer, a animal lover and trainer or even engineer
idk, the path just doesn't seem very clear.
And with all that inspiration floating in the air
its pretty hard to put a finger
on what exactly is my passion
but i know it's around here somewhere

I suppose i could be an artist
an artist of spiritual awakening
an artist of the soul in the making
an artist who holds creativity and inspiration in much regard
an artist who is grateful that she might have just found the spark!

spark of passion
spark of joy and fulfillment
spark that embeds in daily environment
pleasant surprise
presents itself as the garden of enlightenment

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Sliding Down

I’m hoping for my dreams to become a reality
I’m hoping for a phase of gratitude
I’m rejecting my hopeless fate
I’m accepting your side of the story…but don’t intrude 

Unexpectedly, I believe in love in first sight
I grab the rope for extra support
It burns like a vertical line of fire
I’m unable to climb, but I seem too far from my desire 

I’m sliding down the rope, hanging from heaven 
They’re distraught by my absence
They’re cheering for me from down below
I’m sliding down… 

I cherish you like my own belongings
I designed you on my bedroom wall
I have you displayed deep in my heart
Believe me – you’ll never split it apart 

Every day I long for your touch – you changed my life around
My heart is blazing like the zealous sun…I prize my freedom and progress
The world is spinning endlessly as I kneel upon my knees 
And I imagine the memories we share with each other 

I’m sliding down the rope, hanging from heaven 
They’re distraught by my absence
They’re cheering for me from down below
I’m sliding down…

When I reflect upon the joyous times,
My heart never fails
To pound vigorously for you
I’m sliding down 
I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you 

I see the light in your eyes
I don’t see an insidious nature in you…
I wish I hadn't believed in the lies
I never felt like a hopeless victim until I gave in to the darkness 

I’m sliding down the rope, hanging from heaven 
They’re distraught by my absence
They’re cheering for me from down below
I’m sliding down…

I’m glad I've met you in the first place
We’re a perfect match – 
Don’t deny it…you made me feel handsome
We’re on the road of victory
We’re making great progress
We’re hanging on the edge,
But we were rescued 
From sliding down…

At least we’re kept ourselves alive……

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Moment to Reflect

Today I’m a lonely man living in a cold, cold world filled with indifferences and malice. As time marches on a harsh reality come to my mind, time is on no one’s sided, it is only given once and all must die and tomorrow is not guaranteed. This seems so mean because having no one to really love or so it seemed, I was just a lone no one was on my team.
I started to think and reminisce about the think in life that I missed. Tears appeared in my eyes and my heart skips a beat so I lay down and felled into a deep, deep sleep. Suddenly and to my surprise I was on a beach with soft sand underneath feet. The sky was so blue and the air smelled oh so sweet; it dawned on me that this was a place few have ever seen.
I walk down to the water and what did I see; the sea was strange so let me explain; it was made of crystal with a glow all of its own and the waves gave off a musical tone. As my mind adjusted to sounds and the sight I spied out another wonderful delight. There across the sea, a city brighter than the northern lights, oh what a beautiful sight.
I fell down to my knees overwhelmed by the glory that was before me. I thought that I had died and stepped to the other side. I knew what I was seeing before just could not be true, such beauty, it could not exist, not in my world, never like this. A melody that I have never heard before arose from the City across that crystal sea. It had to be played by Angels, the music was so, so sweet; that I felt a joy from my head to my feet and knew deep in my heart that was where I belong,
Just when I decided to dive in and swim to the other side, I heard a soft voice call out my name. I turned around to see who it was that called out my name. There He was this gentle looking Man with sadness in His eyes. He spoke to me and this is what He said; my son, my son you cannot dive in and swim to the other side. So I ask Him why I can’t swim to the other side, that’s easy for me, am going to try.  No, no, no it not for you it not your time was His only reply. I did not understand His reason but I felt His command and suddenly my feet was stuck in the sand, I cried out with hurt and pain in my voice; what lies on the other side, who are you and why can I not go on the other side?
This is the story that He told:
The city that you see beyond the crystal sea it belongs to me and it has streets that are paved in gold. Many mansions lining the roads and in each one there are treasure that are a wonder to behold. There is no hunger, sickness or death, life everlasting and there you can find rest, for all eternity you will be My guest.  Now I will answer your second question, my son, my son; I Am, who I Am! I came to earth a long time ago prepare The Way for all my children to come home. This is some that you should know, for it was written for all a long time ago and I am always with you in your times of needs you are never ever all alone. Last but not the least you ask me why; my son, my son it not your time. 
Seek and you will find, knock and the door will be open, and until you love Me, it will never be. Now go back and remember what you seen and what you have heard, because time grows short. Spread My words that My kingdom draws near, repent, repent and stop causing Me tears.
I suddenly opened my eyes and I was home in my bed and I start to cry. Never have I felt such joy and peace deep within. I went down on my knees and I ask the Lord Jesus to please come in and would you please forgive me of all of my sins, please live inside of me until the end. I sow the seeds and when the harvest comes you will know where it can from. Keep this in mind cause when it is time He will separate wheat from the weeds and set all of His children free.
(Warning, Warning)
The time is now, and do it before it to late! 
Time is on no one side.
Everyone want to go to heaven but no one want to die.
You do not have to worry if you have Jesus inside.
He there for the asking want you try
Do you want Him? He want you, it about free will and you must choose.
The Gift is free, Heaven are hell which will it be?
I hope that I have sowed a seed and it will grow, but it will only grow if you truly believe and have faith deep within your heart and soul.
Time waits for no one!
Faith is something sight unseen will you not set your spirit free? Is it so hard for you to believe that Jesus is the answer and all you need? The door is open want you please come in? Don’t you think it time to find that Kingdom that is way up high filled with riches up in the sky?

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I Don't Know What To Do With My Life

When that feeling rushes in-
I don't know what to do with my life-
I need to search from within
And look up toward the light.

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A Chipped Heart

A Chipped Heart...

Dreaming, my heart brittle as glass,
my solitary facade a pitiful farce,

shards tearing out of my skin,
seeking release, from cages within,

I am lost, in the dream,
bellowing out a silent scream,

torn from reality, drowning in the now,
yet I refuse,
I refuse to succumb,

I refuse to bow.

My chipped heart, may be wounded,
wreathed in pain,


I believe, love, truth, belonging,

will take my hand,


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Come life and death of it you blessed rhapsody
you've played for long enough and now it's time to go
there's not a better time than now to let it be
insanities its own and best reward you know

deep in the night while there's no certain thing
but passion for the grief that lingers on and on
as damp and cold as fog as hot as summers sting
come life and death of it before this act is gone

there must be question to the ends uncertainty
that's led us guessing, why was this thing said
and is the act onstage or what the actors see
beyond the blinding light among the walking dead

who come to be amused right through our greatest fear
of no aplause; or laughter where there should be none
and we must speak each word for everyone to hear
exactly as they plan so that the show goes on.

and yes they knew the end before the curtain call
but made production's costs a thing to bear
and every star that's in the sky could surely fall
from how it shines tonnight unless the fire is there

they cannot see the moving of the props around
sometimes in pandemonium, at best in haste
nor setting of the stage--this is our holy ground
the tinting of each face the tightening of waist

there no one dares to tread except for those who see
the detail of it all must blend into the play
as carefully as we make this, our tragedy,
the making up must be complete in every way

we must not let the ending go beyond the end
or all is lost and all we'll hear is mumbelings 
and lack of press where there has never been a friend
so life and death of it come down though pain it brings

let not the curtain to ascend the play is done
and weary are the actors they've performed quite well
as real as life so now the show must not go on
past curtain fall there's nothing more we have to tell.
©ronwilson aka veebdosa the doylestown poet

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One Thing

We can wake up,
And this all might be changed.
But one thing remains:
We are saved.

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I give my word a breath of life
and those who give me strife
I willingly do what needs to be done
and do not wish to be won
I smile a smile that lights up any face
and hope to never disgrace
I do what I am taught to do
and that my help would be true
I clam my words together
and hope times will never weather
I do have some faith in all matters
and things to reach with ladders
I hope for many things in heart
and I cherish everyone that is part 
I do know one thing is set
and with my life I would bet
I will hold true to my words
and make my world good towards

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Gods Perfect Plan

Today I saw a bird in flight and began to wonder why
God made us to walk on earth and made the bird to fly

Then I began to think way back when I was just a kid
I often dreamed of flying then some time I think I did

I still can see me flying high while looking down below
oh' the dream it was so neat I wish it had been so

God had a plan for man and what he wanted him to be
it wasn't flying through the air or swimming in the sea

But now as I think back on this I see God's perfect plan
he never meant for beast or foul to take the place of man

Yes he made the birds to fly and made the beast to roam
but man he made to rule them all and walk the road alone

Then God saw that it was wrong not to give the man a mate
so he took a rib from Adam's side and women he did make

God put them in a garden there and took great care of them
now I think you know the rest what separated them from him

But God still had a plan for man and sent him Jesus Christ
and now we have to pray to him to forgive us of our past

now I still dream of flying high and know some day I can
when Jesus Christ will take us home forever to be with him

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Lives to Live

We have dreams to fulfill.
We have goals to achieve.
We have hearts to inspire.
We have love to give.
We have faith to teach.
We have hope to send.
We have strength to create.
We have bravery to find.
We have positivity to shine.
We have courage to build.
We have stories to tell.
We have hands to hold.
We have lives to live.
All in Your Heavenly name,
We pray,

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MLK - 1929 - 1968

(January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968)

they shot you down
all those years ago


your dream lives on
and always will

for though much has been
gained since you dreamed
your dream

there is much to fight for
and much more to struggle for

and much, much more
to fight for still

your dream resounds in
our hearts and we pledge 
this to you today
for though they shot you down
all those years ago on a memphis day
we shall overcome
this we do believe
deep in our hearts
we shall overcome

(for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.)

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A Terrible Trance

I saw the radiance of reality fading away,
the little stars were silent at night,
Cloud stole the rays of moonlight...
Dusk and dawn shared shades of gray.

In the midst of a furnace was a fountain,
my desires dried up on the platter of pain
never to be wet by dewdrops or rain...
Alas, there was a mansion on the mountain.

The arrow of our candle-light sparkles,
roses and rythym roused our room.
Love at first-night burst out in bloom...
My enslaved heart lost its shackles.

Vengeance was born by repentance,
regret was something I had to forget...
Losses are lost, I found an asset;
it was all a mirage, a terrible trance.

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I Can't Believe It's Really Over This Time

I really hate this feeling, sometimes I wish I could stop breathing. I don't wanna try, just leave me here to die. You were the thing that made my life living for, but your no longer mine anymore. I feel so much pain, sometimes I believe I'm going insane. I'm missing what we had, although it was bad. I'm always walking down memory lane, why can't you see my pain? I know people change, &&' things get strange. I guess I gotta face it, she's my new replacment. I can't believe it's really over this time, I feel as if i have commited a crime. I live in a world of sorrow, so I don't ever worry about tomorrow. I didn't even have time to cry, because i had already said bye. I feel like I'm digging a deeper whole, so I'm hoping Jesus will take control. I'm sorry for my dumb mistake, but baby now I'm wide awake.

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These pass years, I have been in a quest..
There are times I want to stop but I guess..
If steps and risks aren't taken, I'll be waste..
Thus, I try and try slowly not in haste..

To become a Saint, one must be chaste..
To become a hero, must death be faced?
To become renown, must fame be chase?
However, to be love, must one be on same race?

Building long lasting & steadfast relationships..
Will require from you more than stewardship..
Even more than a deal of companionship..
And more than just friendship..

It takes the right time...
Sometimes months extending to years..
Or a whole of a lifetime..
Only God knows yet stay on cheer..

By: olive_eloi

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EYE Don't See -Part 1-

My eyes
Pour forth feelings
That I’ve felt in the past
They make my heart ache…
Take it all away…
Oh my God…
They’re making me sink in dismay

When will they break away?
When will they give me a break?

And I’m left in my solitude…
Do you hear me weeping?
And I’m close to my demise…
Only to find myself disappear…
When will peace draw near?

Eye don’t see
A happy ending in this scene 

My eyes
Journeys into the unknown
Who knows what will happen…
They’re like hidden treasure…
They’re buried far below…

And I’m left in my solitude…
My eye’s weeping…
And I’m close to my demise…
Only to find myself disappear…
When will peace draw near? 

Oh my God…
They’re driving me insane
When will they see my reflection?
When will they heal the infection?

Eye don’t feel
Raindrops of hope and relief 
All I feel…is grief…
Eye sense no peace…

And I’m left in my solitude…
My eye’s sagging…from endless mourning  
And I’m close to my demise… 
Only to find myself disappear…
When will peace draw near?

Does He hear
My supplications?
Does He sense 
My fear?

My eyes
Conceals the tears that dare to spew out
I feel trapped and lost without a doubt…
They erase my delight…
They seek my hurt…
Oh my God…
They’re casting me away into the perilous sea

And I’m left in my solitude…
My eye’s weeping…
And I’m close to my demise…
Only to find myself disappear…
When will peace throw out my fear?

Eye don’t see
A ship in sight…to save me from my demise
My lifeless body...
Drifts away in the wild ocean...
Without a sound...
Without emotion...

Eye don’t see
A rope to hold on to…
My hope for peace
Has drowned…

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Is Life but just a Dream--Reality

Many say we in a dream world
Tis all just a dream 
We all be in
and one day we shall find
As we wake up..
that life was just a dream 
all this time...

As I told this person
Tis if all this be so..
If be such a dream
Pinch yourself...
Then you feel 
The extremes

But then tis person 
said... yes you can feel 
within your dreams
but as life itself.. 
is just a mere dream

Then I said..
for tis if this be so
Then explained
Where???... when you wake up
Where? would you be???

For Jesus said..
"You Must become born-again"
As we born upon earth
Be reborn as of Eternally born-again.. 
so we be Eternally Liven.. 
When time comes for Heaven...

Tis be... Truth.. Reality
Life is Not just a dream
For Jesus did die upon the Cross
His Blood was shed
God had His Divine reasons
for us all to be cleansed 
from all our sins
God did raise up Jesus from the dead..
to save our souls.. for us to gain
Eternal Life tis Truth is to gain..

If you think within this life
is but a mere dream
You need to Wake up.. Now
for Satan has blinded your eyes
For Truth tis.. 
                           Now is Reality...
For Time soon shall be
The coming of our Divine King
Jesus Christ will return..
Rapture will take place
Those whomsoever belongs to Him
Those whomsoever is Eternally Born-again
Will go with Him
Glorious Divine Place.. Heaven
Given by God's Loving Grace..

Don't Fall for… Life tis but a Dream.. 
But for tis..  Truth is.. 
                                  Reality.. is Now
Choice for each of us… tis Now
Who do you Choose?
Choose Jesus.. Our Divine Christ
Then You will Never Loose...

For if Life tis be…  just a dream
For time when you do  ??? wake up...
Then tell me
Where will you be???

Come to Jesus...
Know ~Truth~.. Shall set you Free..

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She smiled, gently,
her warmth infusing me,
with a serene stillness of time.

She settled, slowly,
in my waking thoughts,
a soothing balm of simple joy.

She remains, scribbled,
on the walls of my fractured heart,
memories of happiness that once breathed...

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EYE Don't See -Part 2-

My eyes
Refuse to see tragedy
My eyes
Marinate in dread…unable to embrace ecstasy 

And I’m left in my solitude…
My eye’s sagging…from endless mourning  
And I’m close to my demise… 
Only to find myself disappear…
When will peace draw near?

You don’t see 
What damage you’ve done
Just let me be
Leave me alone…hand me a gun

I yearn for unspoiled glory
To make me feel perfect once more
I yearn for flawless serenity
To make me feel no regret…don’t ignore
My calls…don’t hang up on me

You don’t see 
What damage you’ve done
Just hear my plea
Listen to my excruciating cries…
Listen to the truth, not the malicious lies  
Our journey has just begun   

And I’m left in my solitude…
Do you hear me weeping?
And I’m close to my demise…
Only to find myself disappear…
When will peace draw near?

Eye can’t handle the stress
Let me release my horrendous distress
Eye can see you making that same mistake
At least MY life isn’t at stake

And I’m left in my solitude…
My eye’s weeping…do You feel my lament
And I’m close to my demise…
Only to find myself disappear…Stepped on like cement
I’m aching with discontent… I abhor this torment    
When will peace scrub off my fear?

I can’t believe my eyes
Your guiltiness flows into me…
I can’t believe I fell for your lies
Your heartless action rape my mind…you don’t see
What my EYES see…

You’ll never see 
How much pressure you put me under
Unchain me from this chamber
And watch me flee…

When will you be set free?

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Overnight Change

He locked the large wooden office door,
Walked alone to a home left hours before.
Then when he reached his humble abode,
The familiar  surroundings of which forebode.
Inserted his key, changed the locked mode,
And walked across the creaking floor.

A candle he burned in the darkened room, 
Dimly lit now, and still full of gloom.
On the stove put a meal atop to heat.
And every morsel alone he did eat.
Then to the chamber he would retreat,
To retire for the night of doom.

After donning his nightly attire for bed,
Upon satin pillows he laid down his head.
Tossing and turning, asleep at last,
A ghoulish dream he has of his past.
Thoughts that before had seemed so crass
Streams through his mind from the dead.

 Haunted visions he had, one by one.
 A cast of mistreated and over run
Connecting a past of many heartless deeds
To a present and future of uncaring greed.
 Throughout the night the dream would proceed.
Until the lunar crest gave way to the sun. 

As the sun through his window began to shine
With his haunting dream still fresh in his mind.
He arose and stepped to his window to view
Something different, he thought.  Could this be true?
The streets were the same and the people too.
As if nothing had changed but time.

His view of the world was different that day.
It was he that had changed from his wicked way.
The preceding night put his head in a spin.
The world he now saw was as it had been.
But he had been changed from within;
With a new attitude, and kind things to say.

The world, not knowing of his demise.
Were skeptical at first, then realized
That something, or someone affected him.
More generous and friendly he was to them,
Not as the old man who was so grim.
He now saw the world through new eyes.

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When You

I love watching your hands 
when you hold the camera 
when you touch the area 
when you move the spot 
when you caress the glass 
I love to meditate on the art 
describing your joys

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The Things I want, The Things I Get

Once upon a time I loved a girl but she didn’t love me back.
Once upon a night I wished on a star but my dreams never came to pass. 
Twice I think I hoped for the sun and not the rain pouring in.
But my cover flew away and the drops soaked through my skin. 

I think I could wish for hard times and the dark,
And just to spite my soul the world would set ablaze from a single spark.
My money would pile high, 
girls would wave as they walked by.
And the one thing can I say for this life,
Is no one ever got a damn thing from goodbye. 

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Nighttime Wonders

There is a place,
a magical wonderland
that sits at the end of your mind,
and everybody dead and living
goes there when they are tired.
It is a place that is special
and is diffrent to stand to your approval.
It is a nighttime wonder
only open from eleven to five
and you can only come,
if you truely believe.

It is a place
where the streets are paved gold,
peace runs through every corner and avenue,
no jails, no hospitals
because there is no crime and no sickness.
The skies are always blue,
and the clouds are all white,
the sun is blazing hot
and the woman all give you a wink of an eye
and all blow you kisses,
where the men want to be you,
and where the women want to sleep with you.
It is a nighttime wonder,
a special place,
in the back of your mind.
It is real, not imaginary,
nothing is fake about this place,
this is where dreams come true,
where there are no cancers, headaches, toothaches,
no wars, no enemies, no hangovers,
no schools, no politicians, no lawyers, no greed,
no sin, no temptation, no demons or devils;
everything is beautiful, and everything grand.

A piece of Heaven on Earth.
Everyone is happy,
all with a smile on their face,
not a frown in sight.
Songs are sung with the most beautiful of voices
and the sweetest of songs sung.
This place is a nighttime wonder.

When you tuck yourself under the sheets,
grab your pillow, or girlfriend, or boyfriend
husband or wife, or even your favorite stuffed friend,
we all go to this special nighttime wonderland.
A place of joy, a place of happiness,
a place where you go to forget
and enjoy,
a mini vacation.
Till that alarm clock's annyoing buzz comes on
and pulls you out of that nighttime wonder
and places you back into reality.

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I Wish

If a genie offered me 3 wishes I’d be too prideful to use it
I know all about survival won’t lose it
But I wish people could be truthful, before having to be lied to, to produce it
I wish for the day there’s no pain behind my smile
I wish to one day have a family to make up for what I missed as a child
Sometimes I wish I could write like others
But realise I can only write about the life I suffered
I wish for the day all of my scars heal
I wish for the day I’m no longer numb & my heart feels
I wish someone will buy my scars before I sell them
 I wish to stop someone & for them to understand before I tell them
I wish to die before the day I need help breathing
I wish to have a threesome with Kaley Cuoco and Michelle Keegan
I wish my girlfriend doesn’t take that line too serious
I wish to just enjoy my time and experience
I wish people could see I’m emotional and not feminine
I wish to meet my idols Cristiano Ronaldo and Eminem
I wish to not suffer writers block & never struggle with my pen again
I wish to never lose the things which hold sentiment 
I wish people wouldn’t judge me based on my tattoos
And realise they are a part of my life
I wish you’d stop calling people a failure
When you don’t see how hard they tried
I wish my happiness doesn’t cause another person’s sadness
I wish my brother and sister weren’t heroin addicts
I wish people would realise I’m not a wannabe gangster cause I listen to hip-hop
I wish people would realise I don’t always want to be found when I get lost
I wish some people would realise I hold them dearer than most
I wish they could understand I fear being close
I wish for the day everyone will feel free 
But most of all I wish for people to just appreciate the real me

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Within Me

Within Me

Flowing through the rivulets of my everyday thoughts,
memories of you surface, gasping for air, breathing in,
permeating, absorbed by the pores of my ageing skin.

Famished, greedily gulping mouthfuls of fractured life,
awash in distant yesteryear, when your feathery kisses,
banished the vacuum, dispelling my anguish and strife.

You are eternally carved, and embroidered into my soul,
I wash ashore, smashing against the boulders of the now,
seeking solace, begging for absolution with my empty bowl.

The book of fate is sealed shut, the tea-leaves have been read,
nothing remains within me, the burden of smiling has been shed.

Now I am stranded, between dreams and the empty years ahead,
searching for forgiveness, in the miles I have yet to wearily tread.

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Turn All Your Worries

"I don't know where to go,
And I don't know what to do."
Turn all your worries out to God;
Trust Him,
And He will lead you through.

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Friendly Love

There are a lot of things to say
Why do I feel so alive when you're around?
There’s so much to do today
But how do I get rid of the clouds – shadowy and gray
We're lying on the ground...
Looking at the stars overhead... 

You are my beloved friend – 
Our love won’t break or bend
I’ll love you until the very end…
I’ll love you endlessly…our happiness blends
Like coffee and cream– yum! 
I know…these rhymes are quite dumb…aren’t they? 

Our light will shine and burn out the night 
Maybe there’s a star in the sky that scorches with love 

You are my superb friend – 
Our love won’t wear off or wither away
I’ll love you until the day I die
I’ll love you every day…our delight will be
As sweet as pie – how appealing 
I know…these words are overused…aren’t they? 

Our flight will be as dazzling as the elegant eagle 
Trained to ascend for more than half his life – or we’ll be like the seagull!! 
We could fly there and catch it someday
Fly……with me! Shoot the bull’s eye!
Our love will never die…so don’t say otherwise
Or I’ll sink in dismay

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I had a dream that one day
One Black African Male American
From the great state of Illinois 
Crossroads of a nation
Bless by the perfect God of creation
Shall take the "Yes we can't"
Make it into "Yes we can, Yes we can"

I had a dream whispered by slaves
Path the trail now in their graves
That Barack Obama
A Chicago Senator
Shall become President, America it is now evident
Yes we can, Yes we can

There was a King
That took us to the mountain top
Now there is a King, who says "Yes we can" non-stop
Did you see the races, the faces
Serenading in joy
Victory for their boy from Illinois 

I had a dream yes he can
Bring justice and equality
Yes he can to opportunity
Yes he can please the old
Yes his rhetoric is good as gold

He said there is no Liberal America
No conservative America
Just the United States of America
Yes he can, yes he can
Barack Obama believes in change

©Copyright November 2008 by Brian Pierre-Alexander 
© All Rights Reserved

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In the Coals

The sky danced a glimmer of setted sun blue
Softly through into the night
Like rafters keeping us safe on our path under heaven
Trees wove themselves over us
Breathing light from coals washed the five gathered faces
Flickered in their eyes and over their bodies
In the quiet I saw

In the south like the waves from beneath the sea
One spirit shone with a shimmering breath
And another in the west settled on the rafters there
With a sighing light barely seen and hardly felt
Amid the rafters of the north one other spirit swayed
There too an ethereal visitor echoed in the east
In the quiet I saw

Faces bright, strong and painted with a wash of . . . 
Contentment, save two, both fallen of crest
And still under the watchful eyes of Nokomis high in the skies
One rose to smile holding a light before him closely
But woe fell across the other for being there within already
As if unable to escape for eyes unseeing
In the quiet I saw

I watched a struggle between three spirit cousins
Over and all around they fought where he had fallen
So vicious this fight, it cast a shrouding over everything of him
For these two beasts snarled and slashed for dominance
While the third sat quietly as if waiting or perhaps just watching
With great patience for one to fall and it too was evil
In the quiet I saw

The sky shone softly in the ambient light of stars unglimpsed
For Nokomis with her watching eyes held us 
As only grandmothers do for having loved and loved her child’s children too
All through the night she held us as we sailed without a sound
Across and over the blue of setted sun somewhere next to here
With the warmth of coals burning nowhere save inside 
In the quiet I saw

In the quiet I saw five souls glimmering
In the quiet I saw a war cross one red road
In the quiet I saw the spirits of four ancestors
In the quiet I saw everything, nothing all that I needed
In the darkness of the madodoswun it is dark as pitch
And still, and yet . . .
Before the door whispered to open
I saw in the quiet still

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Screaming silently for that one breath

of life...

that whirling maelstrom of beaten-down loss upon wrap-around defeat

of life...

that mercilessly shovels heaps of leaden rubble as you try to get back on your feet


mute and dumbly flailing in the raging torrent

of being...

but a mere speck of dirt on the tapestry of a world, that at times, is quite abhorrent


quietly wishing to surrender to the nothingness that seductively beckons, as you gasp


hoping against all hope that a lifeline would appear suddenly within your grasp


yet caught in the ghastly waters of unchartered isolation


a trickle of hope amidst the gushing liquid of sheer desolation


whilst holding on to slivers of sanity when blistering madness calls out to you


faltering weaknesses snap and gnaw at your state of being, out of the pristine clear blue


i have felt the pull of life's devious current as it has stripped me of my self and left me naked and bare

and still...

i fight with every suffocating breath left within

to surface and to cling onto

another gulp of life's coarse and putrid air...

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-Death Is A Nothing Word-

                                                     DEATH IS A NOTHING WORD
                                                     for Death was once called
                                                      D'aarth in ancient of ancient
                                                       times, then translated to Death
                                                       to control and cause fear.

  Death means nothing to the dead

   but it sure means a lot to the living

   because death is a nothing word

   for the dead is glorying in their living

   and the living is left to mourn the dead

   Death means nothing to the dead

   for the dead is now living a life free

   free from worry, free from pain and body

   the living finds the missing of those love ones

   who have passed on from this earthly road

   sometimes too terrible to bear

   but the dream of the dead goes on instead

   The door of death is there for all already awaiting

   it's only those that are scared of that word of death

   that makes it hard to go thro' that open door

   for that open door leads to a world of dreams

   the dream of walking in a dream

   till the passing on is fully realized

   that more the living is done on the other side

   tho' without a body, you the "Spirit" is now free

   So it is now very important to realize in truth

   that You are You the Spirit in a body encased

   and not the other way round that you are told to embrace

   and so go on to knowing of your Immortality

   and that makes the door of death easy to go through

   to make the new living so much easier to propound.


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An Astronaut

I think I was an astronaut
Aimed for the stars.
They fill me up;
They refuel my tank.
They enable me to believe,
Telling me to never give up
As they follow me all of my days.
If only we could see the beauty
That they truly are.
They shout out dreams
That we can reach so far.
Climb into the rocket
And liftoff!
On a journey to discover ourselves,
We are taught so much more,
Learning our goals are only a plan away.
Even thought we must return,
I know that I will be back.
I am an astronaut,
And we always reach for the stars.

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living in a dream world

you were there
and so was i
you in youre world and me in mine
yet somehow we werent there at all
and our worlds were just to small
together we would unite
leaving our old worlds behind
creating a new worlds together
one that we would share forever and ever
now here we are
as we have and always will be
in a world that we created
for only you and me
no longer in our own worlds 
but in our dream world

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Eternal Spring

With each stone,
A certain size,
A distinct color,
Water flows gracefully
Over each backbone of the brook.

Along the brook,
The water is pristine,
Yet calm and quiet,
Rolling over stones
And pebbles, the water streams into
A natural spring.

The spring dwells
Eternal life,
Once drank,
Life everlasting.
Offering life after passing.

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Looking Forward

Believe in yourself
No matter the cost
Even if it means
Being ‘lone and lost.

Be true to yourself
Honesty is key
Don’t lie or make fibs
Hold integrity.

Dream of the future
You want there to be
And try to make it
A reality.

Inspire others
To follow their dreams.
And to be the best
people they can be.

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~Life~ (Rhyme) Today is truly a present Which can disappear in a moment Life can be just like that So enjoy life right where you're at. Don't let anything rob your peace Because quality of life decreases Life is too short to live it sad It's much better to be glad. Life is a such wonderful gift from God He wants us to live it right! Even with our shortcomings and flaws We can change darkness into light. Without love and God, what good life is for? So enjoy life,confound strife and higher soar! Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2006 January.24.2015

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Tipping

Gracious smiles, a waiter waiting.
The service: quite nice actually.
The drinks cool and food sating
My average appetite factually;

Who knew they had coca cola here
In the middle of the desert... odd
Isn’t it? I ordered water and beer
And here arrives our saviour, god

And leader, dressed in a brown
Shirt despite the pre-mentioned
Heat. He never wears a frown,
Even at rush hour not tensioned.

7.30 comes and goes, morning
Or night, we arrive, are seated
And eat. The waiter is fawning
But nice, the food is all treated

And we eat it all up, fulfilled by
A fountain of beverages he will
Provide. Full, we give a goodbye,
And place tips away from the till

So the manager cannot see, risky
Business. But how to divide the
Cost? Calculators grant only frisky
Fractions, I only had a mint tea!

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How do you wanna be remembered

Has that question ever sneaked its way into the conscious of your third eye? 
Have you ever took pause from your self and viewed yourself as a he was or she was?
Release that parachute from flight and ground your soul with the memories of others thoughts.
The limits down here are not as high as the sky. 
We get one chance to imprint the fixture, the movement... The tone of a legacy left by indifferences that makes you you!
The day my handkerchief floats no longer and drifts to the ground, I envision the power outage of the world. 
Darcel stood a monument that people just had to get a glance at. 
Darcel spoke with his heart while even in defeat. A lyric can’t harmonize the music that D. Sharp stands for. 
A silence of over joy for him applauded over the art of tap. 
Heads rolling back accepting the embodiment of fruits picked from me. 
Screams of loss jamming frequencies of those trying to pick and hold on to one of the many memories of me.
I call on the locksmith that is you and you and you to unchain what is me, myself, and I with a twist of your key. 
God allowed me to plant it, to water it, and nurture it within a bunkered facility. 
Some might say he aint this and he wasn't that but remember.
I say remember because at one point in your life I was perfect for you. 
I aided you to or from a circumstance that gave u clean air to breathe. 
Now aint that some shit!
That’s how I will be remembered!

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It Took A Lot of Faith

If they ask me how I did it,
How I got here today,
I will love and laugh and smile
And say, "It took a lot of faith."

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In this world of live do God give or do God spend.
In god we trust your money make your life bless for best. Pay why when die heaven give no money life. Said of game now dont take da words an miss name da fame. smh. Cause this world is vein, so i bleed outside to water my mainstream of heart filled out the box of art. A gift is but live so a gift is what give. Present I wake no mistake to my take of day, now I play a one way ticket of gold with sweet palace like chocolate for da kids an family. Can't stand it, well dat make manish no planish; know how to stand it. Nerves get on some badish. Then handle all debts publick an private no childish just so wildish. Judge me not 4 i break only da law of da land with out a sight of the man. Then I walk out this cell knowing every step I take is hell to heaven.

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dreams into reality

I had a dream of you again tonight...that makes it about 3years strong....i wonder what the real thing will feel hold see you smile for the first time...the first time you i put my finger in your hand and you squeeze i wonder what joy will course through my say your watch you watch you as you try to figure out the world...will i miss your first words...or when you crawl...the first time you try to walk will i be there to catch you when you fall...your first birthday...will i be the dad you need me to be....will i fail...all these questions and the worst one i havnt even said....i hate to think it but it has came into my mind every once in a while...what if i never get to meet you...never have the chance to fail or never watch you never have a chance to love never be a father...what if my dreams never become reality....

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love to a liar

Fill my heart with all it can imagine. Is as easy as granting a wish. Honor, love, and inspiration. Is , as easy as finding belife. Cuz, i never could of imagined a heart, turn so cold . Camaflaged, with ways of deciet. Proveing heartache and caious. To conquere all joy. My heart can only imagine the oposite of sane. Insane my theroy , cuz not sane to actually belive a heart full of day dreams of magesty and castles with you the pilot light. Where confidence n trust you catrepowrr my might. My heart can image , but imahine a heatt this true . Still be shadowed on all those who wish ill. I still find my love imagination full as heavens sun. But never imagined for all this pain. Your unfaithfulness, deciet, n cruel, infection. Broke my will to fight. Was the day reality came to light. Destroy n all my hopes desires goals and belives. Well my heart couls never imagine the way you decieve. But the day you take my lmage as a heart full of pure love and intent. Appreciated. Not crushed by your unkindness. Is the day for a heart to make me imagine a heart worth belive n and dreaming n possible. The same. Is the day love turns the liars to repay you, with same. Is the day my heart stops ache n for its endless amounts of pain.

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So Close, Yet So Far

It's like I'm there,
Standing behind a glass wall.
I've had a taste,
Just not the full platter.
I'm ready for the cake,
But all I have is batter.

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Moments to Reflect Voyage

Moments to Reflect
Dream voyagers seek reality with close eyes living within a big lie. Realist sees reality with their eyes open but their minds are closed life to them life is to be sold and not told. Traveling in this kind of world; it is hard for them to find that precious pearl, and it is not hidden, it is in plain sight if your heart is right. 

Those who are in Christ know where to go find that precious Pearl that can bring true reality within their world, free to live and to have  life without any sins. This is how their journey begins; walking in faith and living life right with no fear of the night. Treating others as they want to be treated, love is given without ending; as it is written. Keeping the Comments day and night eyes open to the reality of the Living Word that has been spoken. Placing the Christ first they know where their journey will end; everlasting life their voyage begins.

Those who dream and try to live a lie and those who called themselves realist will travel to and from getting nowhere fast; their voyage will never be done. For what they seek only comes from the One who sets high above upon His golden throne waiting on His children to come home. Everlasting life will be given and treasures that are never ending and this reality is just the beginning voyage to paradise you will be spending; this is what all should be seeking.

What waiting, no one can truly conceive; the wonderful Gift that you will receive if you chose only to believe. Faith is all need so get down on your knees and ask for forgiveness and let Jesus drive while you ride. 
There is only going to be one last journey all will take, a trip to paradise or to that fiery lake. The voyage that is called life is going to end, where are you going to spend what coming to all in the end? Dream voyagers seek reality with close eyes living within a big lie. Realist sees reality with their eyes open but their minds are closed and those that are in Christ know that the real voyage begins when you get down on your knees and ask Jesus to come in. When time comes to an end, dreams are for sleeper and having faith in Jesus will make you a keeper and true life begin and will never end.  Up or down where are you bound? 

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I sit down in each class
As time rolls past
Think my life is one big hour glass

For no test knows my dream
No quiz knows my future
Of all this are you sure
Is it all what is seems?

Do we question this path?
And face society’s wrath?

Of a world built on papers
With faceless names
Without that paper
Would we face the shame?

Should we slave away 
On these classes for which we pay?

Or do we step aside 
And in ourselves we confined

So not to measure our success 
By a title on our desk

But the satisfaction we receive
Because only then will I believe

That the world is not full of faceless papers
But a clay ball and we are the shapers

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Grief-stricken tossing my eyes on tomorrow,
Living in this world that’s full of sorrow,
Plagues, deaths; the whole ambience is horror,
Tangled and strangled in an envelope of terror.

Who owns the key to our motherland?
To open gates for love and eternity,
Love’s preserved and reserved for the loved,
For all I need is amity and humanity.

Tis not a hard nut to crack,
Just sit down and flashback,
All about being in a pack,
Not skulking and dodging as you duck.

Be optimistic and shun,
From hooliganism for it’s not fun,
Maimed, killed and burned,
While a cloud perished when gunned.

Animosity and cynicism to banish,
For the merits of concord you’re well acquaint,
Discard prejudice and let vanish,
As we heal the wounds that’s blossomed in hearts.

Rivers of tears we’ve shed,
But the memories seem to fade,
Sun’s sizzling hot but there’s no shade,
For me to cover my baldhead.

Humanity’s destiny is fostered on youths,
To bury and shoo old myths,
With sanity and taking the bulls by the horns,
We’ll weep no more and come up trumps.

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Break Free

Don’t tell me how I feel
You don't know what I’m going through
You’ll never understand
until you feel the same way I do

I wake up everyday
and even sometimes through the night
I’ll never feel the way I want
until the feeling's right

You may see me smiling
and you may think I’m fine
I’m only lying to myself
and I'm only wasting time

Escape the dream I’m dreaming
Wake up and realize
Nothing's free like love and living
So I'll push on until my demise

We have one life but two ways of living
So you can sit there and criticize
or break free from the dream you’re dreaming
and be like those you idolize

I’ve always tried to be
the only man I want to be
Now I’ve got to play the game
and never let the game play me

You never win the war
without going through some pain
and though I’m feeling sore
I will fight, and fight again

Now you see me standing,
against the highest wall
I tell you now, I'll keep on climbing
no matter how many times I fall.

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Dreamy Girl

She was within the greatest of them all
The strong but sensitive heroine
The sweet yet sassy, spirited girl
Who harbored thoughts that could inspire the world
She sang with a voice that could sparkle the skies
She drew tears from the earth with her cries
The ground she trod engraved her steps
The memory of her presence it kept
She molded life from a drop
Of what lay in her heart
And released dreams into the atmosphere
With the misted breath of her mouth
She stood on the brink
Of what is and what could be
She gazed into the distance
And dreamed

She was, in actuality, a frail thing
No brave warrior or beauty queen
A quiet and withdrawn soul
Hidden within a physical mold
Her only garment was invisibility
She could only boast of not being seen
And living in a world of sights and sounds
In which her own could not be found
She stared at the world from behind a glass
They stared back at her, but stared right past
A soul that was burning bright and long
And they couldn’t hear the reverberating song
The tears in her eyes
They couldn’t realize
And the dreams in her hand
They wouldn’t grasp
And so she went from day to day
With only thoughts and never a say
She stood on the brink of what is and what will never be
Turned her face from the skies
And cried.

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~ You should know ~

When it comes to love 
and be loved
Its hurt to love someone 
with no return.
When it comes to cherich 
and being cherished
Its hurt to like someone 
with no return.

When it comes to having 
inner peace
It isn't easy to overcome
When it comes to lurid 
Don't call, laugh it loud 
to overcome.

~  Take caution please ~

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A letter for you(2)

You must be patient. Look the world and don’t say anything
look at you :The language is source of misunderstanding;
And your rebel golden hair is waving through  
The maze that is golden, too: it will remind you…
I love the round of the wind in the maze.
I love the sound of the breeze, while I gaze
A playtful bird in a the sky an other bird whom run 
-Karen calls this ,challenge, the moments of sun…
Bogardo`s song: “Forests` Fairy, be child again and play with me…”
I saw a green kitten that grew as cat whetting her claws on a tree;
Then ,as Green tigress running a stag in the silent green ;
Impressing dress, swinging long dress lovely waving so green…
This dream ,Daniel ,you may translate at the court of your Queen
You must come back at the same poem,at the same time
I’ll wait for you in the same blessed unforgettable rhyme
Happiness always tip-toes and suddenly brings 
Not only words of optimism, but certain things
Ready to fly with us above the Fallen Crest 
Brave Caryl, the most verses usually unwritten rest
Outside the entrance with many mirrors and wonders.
I’m trying to reply with verses to wonderful senders:
I don’t know why your names as fresh as a daisy                                               
Sound me so familiar that they make me so crazy
To think I learnt your poems by heart once, in the past.
From my monastery called tomorrow, covered by light’s dust
Michael ,you wake up a dream whose echoing like rain 
In my heart's joyous exile, has broken that  chain:
Rapping, tapping, slowly entered my prayer
Taking part to the  River Prayer, my  dear;
But don’t bet on me, because I don’t know if It is written
In the forest to find what you search: I am a silent birch
With the inner song and the feelings of our High Church.
I am the happy lark who meets you, old pelerine Mark
I found …!I found good earth. I’m resting now on this Ark.
From swirled clouds ,the splendid lasting mark
Is hold in frozen seasons and forests dark?
As secret flame of love of life ,of kiss  Of Mark 
Admiring the flight of birds and, the song of the lark;
I stayed a lot and meditated in a hot milk afternoon:
Sue’s  dunes like shapes of acratered 
moon .                                                                       

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The First Time

For the first time,
I feel that life’s treating me right

Everyone’s talkin’ amongst themselves…

I’m sick ‘n tired of wastin’ time
I need to…train myself to become successful – 
Starting tonight.
My life has its ups ‘n downs…
How can I balance myself again?
How can I be more productive this week?
How much time does it take to make my life valuable?

Every now and then, 
I feel that there’s no way out of the cage

Everyone’s bringin’ up past recollections 

I’m willin’ to fight the good fight… but I feel like garbage…
My faith towards Him slowly decays away… 
How can I rebuild my strength again?
How can I reassure myself that I’m stronger than I realize? 
How much time does it take to accomplish all of my dreams? 

Every so often,
I feel that my family doesn’t love me

Do they still cherish me like hidden treasure?
Do they still love me beyond measure?

Everyone’s tellin’ me that I did a great job on my solo 

I don’t believe them entirely…but at least I got the audience’s attention  
My future is bright like the sun…
How can I make my dreams a reality?
Does God know the answer?
How much time does it take to taste a sprinkle of glory?

For the last time, 
I feel the need to reach the finish line

Everyone’s proud of me for trying my best 
And running with all of my effort
I’m willin’ to encourage myself to pass the test…
Despite my struggles, I’m doing fine  

My courage increases by the minute…
I outrun the competitive runners and I’m barely passing the test 

My cup is half full – I’m extremely grateful
For the first time, 
I feel that God has answered my prayers – 

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Don't worry, don't worry;
Give yourself rest.
Release fear and struggles,
And He'll take care of the rest.

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Port of Call

Port of Call

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

with the breath of the ocean a caressing balm,
soothing pained memories away,
to the swaying of a solitary palm.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

feeling the brushing away of all past turmoil,
on a quest for solace, ever so hard to find,
yet comforted by the crashing of the waves,
as the tide cleanses all pain,
and leaves despair far, far behind.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

drenched in a sea-breeze of mist,
that hushes the ache of bygone moons,
tasting the salty tang on my lips,
as the burnished sun,
over the distant horizon,

and dips.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

searching, ever searching,
for a slice of solitude,
as memory bids a final adieu,
reaching under the sea so vast,
and seeking comfort in the depths,
while embracing,
the tomorrows to come,
wishing that they be true.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

seeing my truths drown,
as they slip beneath the turquoise waters,

feeling my heart ablaze,
with a passion that rarely falters.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

yet knowing that I am home at long last,
wishing the waves would wash away,
the defences that once stood,
like an impregnable wall.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

I have found, at long last,

my final port of call.

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R - Riyadh, a city and capital of Saudi Arabia
R - "Raining Men" as lots of scattered everywhere..
R - Raging from other Arabs to Caucasians
R - Real masculine, maybe yes and maybe no..

I - I'm here about a year & 6 months
I - Interesting at first as all is new
I - In few months, I began to think twice
I - Inwardly, I feel imprisoned and treated inhumanely..

Y - Yielding me a greater awareness of life .
Y - Yes, it was my ambition to go out..
Y - Yondering all obstacles and trials...
Y - Yelping nothing but full determination.

A - Admitting,I did get what i like from here
A - Accounting from the fact that saving here good.
A - Allegiance to my family as well as my country calls me back..
A - Admirably, some nationalities prefers us..

D - determinedly, I suppose not to give up..
D - Death could only stop me from life..
D - Diligently, I'll walk each day with faith and hope..
D - Dainty, i must still appear to be..

H - However things are.
H - Hope rise up burning afire..
H - Hunterlike aggressive and brave
H - Honesty deep down in contentment.

by: olive_eloi 
aug. 22, 2013

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A Dream Of A Poet

My Dream is to reach out and inspire others no matter your color
You all are my sisters and brothers
I want to encourage them and remind them there  is hope you don't have to take your life with a rope or turn to dope
Yes we all have to struggle yes we all have been through the rain 
Soon the storm will end then that's when your new life can begin
I have faith that we will win
We have to take this stand together 
No I am not living in a fantasy world or using my imagination 
I am trusting our number one creation he never said it would be easy he said just trust and believe in he, this is my dream that I am bringing into reality 
You all will soon be set free
From all the heart ache and pain
There will be no more chains
Holding you back from your destiny
We all have to find our own identity 

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For Bob Dylan

Ramblin' Bob Dylan Blues
(For Bob Dylan)

Why does the sun dry up so many scattered tears

slipping down the coarse cheek of a million hushed fears

where no one is scalded though the searing fog clears

while prayers are mutely spoken even as the end nears

We shatter and scrape on demented knees

Blindly begging for mercy as it silently flees

Searching listlessly for salvation drowned in the breeze

That spits at the soft rose suffocated by a wheeze

I know now what I need never have known

Of hope that was trampled before it had flown

Into a wasted sky filled with hate that could drown

The giggling of the crowd and the crying of the clown

A hope so fragile that its wings were of brittle glass

Ripping the veneer off the sewers of class

Twisting the fabric of the weighed and costed mass

Who numbly waited hoping that it too may pass

For when shards of that hope in all hearts scurries away

To a darkness where crowded night is emptied off the heaving tray

'Tis then when sewn eyes shall behold that doleful day

When all shall tear at each other while on demented knees we still shall pray

For a lifting of the veil of that wilful deceit

That's wrapped up in a flag swollen with conceit

While the limbs splinter in the claw of a winner's defeat

Yet still the drums roll for the ill-fated souls chose never to retreat

From that drenched battle-ground where blood flows through a sieve

And love's lost song plaintively begs for a reprieve

From eternal loss which into raw emotion does cleave

Only to slip through the fingers and like grains of sand, leave.

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A sweetly-scented, earthy rain-storm,
she came to me,

thunderously raging with raw emotion,
she came to me,

drenched in the essence of truth,
she came to me,

she touched a chord deep inside,
she strummed away all emptiness,

she came to me,


she comes to me,


a gentle presence filling my life,

she comes to me,


a healing spirit soothing all inner strife.

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My Dream contest

If I told you what my dream really was,
You might think I had a serious buzz,
If I told you what was my fantasy,	
Some might think it could never be,

If I told you that late at night,
I dream of saving teens that live to fight,
Addiction, affliction, poverty and abuse,
 Where they are set up to eventually lose,

If I told you how I want to open an afterschool club,
With a music studio, a gym and lots of love,
If I told you it would be absolutely free,
 All the expenses would be on me,
If I told you there would be an art room too,
For all my future Picassos and Michael Angelo’s who

Never had anyone invest in them,
Our future generation of hidden gems,
If I told you it would be the hottest attraction,
Saturday nights would get a major reaction,
Drama plays, music gigs, art gallery’s made by our teens,
Authentic talent would become more appealing than becoming a street fiend,

Since schools are taking all these programs away,
Teaching to the test is the way schools now sway,
Many get lost in the tension,
No inspiration causes more suspension,
Children are more than just a score,
There artistic ability’s need to be matured,

Everyone is unique and 
My dream is to make a place,
Where at night kids won’t go out and waste
Their youth hanging out on the streets,
A place where they could make some beats,
A place to have fun and learn how to socialize,
Instead of growing up around hate, pain and lies,

My dream is to open it in the toughest spot,
Allow their work to make this building hot! 
Just maybe some would chose to come in and create,
Rather than stand in the cold and just sedate,
My dream is to make other teens dreams come true,
Give them a positive escape, and more options to pursue,

When I get the money, 
I will find away,
To transform the way our troubled teens 
see the world today.

By: Sabina Nicole

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Saturday Rain in Johannesburg

Saturday Rain in Johannesburg…

…With sighs of torrential passion,
the heavens shower teardrops,

weeping with me,
as memories of you come cascading back,

skin on skin, ablaze,
moist kisses, fiery,
gentle whispers of undying love, murmured,

in another life, another time,

far removed from my present, a desolate state of despair,
wallowing in the grime.


The rain keeps falling,
each teardrop stinging my face,

tasting the salt on my lips,

I wonder, do you still remember the caresses of my fingertips,

between breathy confessions, and vows of eternal love,

before you left me, stranded on an island of solitude,

wounded as a wingless dove,

bereft of life,
stripped of all traces of fortitude

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The mountains stand soaring, touching the sky,
Their snow-capped craniums held high.

The brooks and the rivers, crystal clear
Carry the Essence of Life - water so dear.

The air is always untainted and clean
Dust and dirt forever unseen.

The shrubbery and vegetation are flourishing fast
“The Slash and Burn age” is now the past.

Dreams, you see, are peculiar things,
Unknown and unseen into our mind it clings.

Some come true while others fade,
This dream, O Lord, let it not fail.

‘Coz this little dream is not just mine,
It’s yours and theirs; it is growing…the line.

Let’s not stand aside and stare away,
Let’s get into action and pave the way.

To make this world a cleaner one.
To make our short stay much more fun. 

Day by day, hour by hour,
Let’s build up our dream destination.


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Living the Dream

I am living the dream.
I stand here today,
Cannot believe what I am about to say,
But I am living the dream.
At times, it's tough
And it is not always easy.
I might be condemned
For choosing this path in life;
Some may think it's too bag of a risk.
When we give it our all,
Our passion and our might,
We can overcome and forget the fear
To become who we are meant to be.
I stand here today,
Another tear ready to wipe away:
You can do all you aspire to do!
Set your mind and never give up!
If I can do it,
You can too!
I can't believe I'm about to say this,
But I am living my dreams.
I am living the dream.

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I have learnt
How to plant a dream
To plant a dream
And watch it grow

To nurture it
With rays of joy
And nurture it
With rains of woe

Bring forth a dream
With perseverance
To bring it forth
With patience, slow

To hold a dream
Not let it slip
To hold it firm
But let it flow

See your dream
Breathe your dream
Live and talk, embrace your dream
Don’t let it go
Don’t let it go  

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shipwrecked dreams


My dreams are like shipwrecks at the bottom of the sea
Covered under seaweed, algae, gravel and rocks
Because at its birth, I didn’t give it enough stock.

A dream is like clay and I am the sculptor
And if I can not see it in my mind , then it’s
Because I allowed myself to be blind.

You have to hold it , and feel it, and see it take shape
Otherwise it will be much too late.
You have to shape it and give it a heart that breathes
And pumps life into its body and soul
Until that mold starts to take hold.

To feel it in your every being to the point
That’s the only thing you’re seeing.
It has to become a part of you
And you a part of it
Until it becomes like a glove
With a perfect fit.

I wanted it quickly - I wanted it fast
But when you’re in a hurry it will not last.
I gave it up quickly and dropped it on the floor
Hoping to pick it up again once more.

But it was picked up by the wind and to the sea
It started its spin -taking my dream to the shipyard grave
Where at last it could not be saved.

So to all dreamers - I caution you this
Hold on to your dream and don’t drop it.

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Just Dream

there's a dream inside
to possible the impossibility
to make sense a non sense
to believe the unbelievable
i think that what makes a faith is

there's a dream inside
to bliss the unhappiness
to let go a depression
to release frighten
i think that what makes a dream alive

it's harder to breathe
when you keep on waiting on your dream
but it's easier to live
when you believe in your dream

dare to be different
dare to be the unusual
dare to believe the unbelievable
i think that's what makes your dream alive

when your days are weary...just dream
when your nights are cold...just dream
when your heart's breaking...just dream
because life is part of a dream

just dream

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Space: The Starry Heaven

We live in a lonely universe. Observe earth from space and it is simply a vibrant celestial body, in miles and miles of emptiness. This poem emphasizes on the power of our imagination, in breathing life into this very nothingness.

Nebula's and galaxy's a plenty,
all perfectly align,
with such rhythmic precision,
and bow to the starry heaven.

they are perfectly radiant dreams,
of such gargantuan proportions,
of such admirable dispositions,
they gleam, they shine, they meet.

Such desirous temperaments,
never even try to swim,
in an ocean of a hundred universes,
but from where I stand, they do.

a million vantage points,
on a thousand scattered planets,
if such is the case than why,
am I not omnipresent?

Perhaps I am, from where I stand,
under this starless heaven,
eternal, horizon-less,
this lovely imagination.

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My Countless Wishes -Part 2-

I wish
To demolish my sorrow…
I wish
To forget the despair and gleefully grow…
To forgive and seek the challenges of tomorrow…
My downfalls and my failures…
I wish
To disappear
I wish
I had no fear…
For God’s near…
I wish
I could be a cheetah in the grassland
I wish
To store all of my energy for an evening run…I’d never give up in the process
I wish
My whole spirit could simply sponge in God’s nature and make great progress
And I truly wish
I could stick to my daily plans of building a sturdier relationship with God 
I wish
I had the merriness in my life especially during hardships…

My countless wishes
Brings me down to my weakest point…
My countless wishes
Overthrows me…but it helps me in the long run…

I wish I could forgive 
My daily regrets and breakdowns
I wish I could forget
My despondency – embracing my frowns 

I wish
To live a life without error
Without a care
I wish
To be flawless when I make my everyday decisions
And scare away 
The darkness that tries to make me give up
I wish
I had more time to overcome…
These waves of emotions

My countless wishes
Brings me down to my disheartened state…
My countless wishes
Are like walls from every direction closing in on me…
But it’s a convenient tool in the future…

I wish
I could be live in someone else’s shoes…
But what good would it do?
Would it lead me to the narrow pathway?
Would it inspire me to push all of my doubts away? 
Would it push away the blues?
Could He give me any clues?

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In The Future Looking Back

In the future looking back,
You'll be happy to see
How far you've come
And where you are today,
So make the most of this now.

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What is the American Dream

I was 5 years old when I first stepped onto this land of the free America, the place that I heard was the best place to be To live a better life to become better beings To chase the American Dream to provide for our family, the finer things The world tells us wealth and power is the number one But is that what really provides us the happiness at the end of our run? What really is the American Dream? Tainted by our materialistic desires, we believe that worldly success transfers into content But will we really forever be at peace with just these tangibles present? To achieve this American Dream means long hours at work away from our families and friends To hear everyday, “Daddy, will you be able to make my recital?” Or, “Honey, come home early today. Please.” To buy the family hundred dollar Nikes and thousand dollar Louis Vuittons But to have lost the word, “family” in its entirety No, this isn’t my American Dream The media tells us, Just Do It, and we’re all individuals but we’re all part of a movement Pressured by the media to buy what we can’t and to be who we aren’t In a world of rich be rich and poor be poor, We can never be content with just the objects of this world. True moments of happiness occur between family and friends To gain all of the world’s objects is in no comparison to the bond that a family holds To continue this spiritual value against the tangibles that will one day no longer be To earn self-confidence in the goodness of the future generation For this is my American Dream.

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District 13 Revolution

Fireworks slide down the back of my tongue

Some went north to imitate stars, 

knowing all to well they wouldn’t even make it to the stratosphere

A fire can’t breathe with no air

Ask that man in the alley why he has to shoot black skies into his veins to see them.

You probably have more in common than you might think.

Satellite transmissions making waves like the oceans they cover

Healthy food is expensive, while poison is damn near free!

There is a storm coming

Grab your blankets and I will tell you how it ends with a new beginning.

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The three fork

trees are building the walls
the sun shows the stalls
leaves color the roof
along the path I hoof

damped footsteps resonate
wait and hesitate
in front a three fork 
a forested torque 

along the smallest path 
with a homely lath 
branches move aside
light rises a new tide 

talking causes a blot 
a small hidden spot
with a heavenly gun
a pond mirrors the sun

©Ellie Daphne 2013

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Truth Through You

The all knowing,
showing our hidden
secrets of
deep crushes;
that boy in the back row with
long blonde dread locks,
snowy-blue eyes,
with hands that sweat
when he is called upon by the teacher,
though only you recognize this fact.
Or that girl,
always wearing chains
hair black and red,
too small to be recognized;
I don't think she cares.
They shatter our hearts,
when they promptly decline the return
of love.
Secrets of
hidden pasts,
the world; turns black.
You never realize the
the way your body,
without the help of your logic,
but the help of your daytime thoughts,
your desires,
shows your heart,
your basic wants,
your needs,
like the loves you want,
and the true feelings
of those
closest to you;
love, hate, jealousy.
As you are
as deep as an ocean
with your
shining subconscious,
with love,
like the sun's early morning beams
on a calm blue ocean.
You have more to hide,
than a cursed vampire,
always running from the truth,
though you are not he,
but a waiting woman,
beautiful in sight,
unforgettable in thought,
for the vampire steals your knowledge;
ensuring you that you are safe,
forcing you to relive those
pain filled moments
so that
he can
with the past
and future.
But you've already given
to him
the symbol of your sincerity,
through a promise.
A promise to stay with him,
to make things work,
solving each problem,
fixing every broken part,
a promise to,
in the end,
be together,
I take them easily,
from your willing hands,
your previous thoughts,
and the love you give me.
So when, that night,
me basking in the
bright light
of my favorite computer game,
battling others on the
fields of justice,
the League of Legends,
and you gradually rolled over
opened your eyes, glistening,
impossible to miss
even in the
dark, enclosed room,
and you ask of me,
with thoughts of purity,
"Come to bed,
I want to sleep next to you,
feel your warmth"
I lost myself in you,
and even though I wasn't tired,
I wrapped up in the large
warm blankets
draped my arms softly over you,
and lost myself to my own Subconscious,
in hopes you will see,
through the most inner parts of
what makes me,
that I truly, truly love you too.

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Written to:
Letter from Yokosuka by Nujabes (R.I.P.)

chord strikes in the middle of the night, lift me to stars falling
cuz no matter how close, i'm still far from calling
constellations from hibernation, i'm impatient
so i hasten to my destination
but you cant rush perfection as they say
and i learned that from my pop's lessons back in the day
he said "mayday was an excuse for you to drop;
but in the hay day, we all played to reach the top"
i can't stop, and won't with an audience behind me
like the Wise exclaim, "among common men you'll find me"
so if you want your wish, quit looking to stars
plant your feet, your dream is where you are

if you want your wish, quit looking to stars
plant your feet, your dream is where you are

teachers said reach for the zenith, but not seeing
what's in front of me is an image i couldn't sleep with
i guess i'd just miss it
i wanna capture the breath of existence no matter the distance
to see dreams cascade blue among the streams
through crystal clear currents that lead you to me
and a reflection in the pool says, "just be"
and an untamed landscape says, "trust me"
and we scan in awe, saying "it must be"
and we search as one, saying "above me."

why do i try to fight the spirit in me
high lights like stars live atop this city
why do i try to fight the feelings in me
high lights like stars live atop this city

and a reflection in the pool says, "just be"
and an untamed landscape says, "trust me"
and we scan in awe, saying "it must be"
and we search as one, saying "i love thee."

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The Determined Traveler

(Dedicated to KEVIN SKINNER, TURF (the Human Knot) 
and to all other individuals who don't have the means 
but have the will) 

I am not a horseman, I am not a sailor; 
I don't have a penny, I often asked for favor. 
I am an amateur who had not traveled far; 
My only compass is the Northern Star. 

I follow the star, I'm on a journey 
Crossing desserts, the swamps, and prairies. 
I heard the voices of the unbelieving; 
For them the journey is not worth doing. 

Lend me a flambeau for my vision is blurred; 
I am headed to a place where no one has explored. 
As soon as I'm back from my uncertain travel; 
I shall bring you the good news and things to marvel. 

The sting of ambition has pierced through my bones; 
As I carefully picked on the pros and the cons. 
For I'd never been as eager or determined than before; 
Though the road maybe confronted with a sudden detour. 

If the road that I follow may lead to nowhere, 
I shall not compromise my dream to blips of despair. 
In a dif'rent terrain I hoped not to fail; 
I shall conquer the woods and establish my own trail. 

The dogs that howled at my guiding star; 
Signaling aggression as I heard from afar. 
And the darkness that engulfed from here and to there 
Could not deter the ambition of a determined traveler. 

   Date & Time of Writing: 
   June 19, 2012 
   2:18 p.m. - 4:05 p.m.

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Follow Your Dreams

You need some time to heal In everything you go thru be strong. You may be feeling low right now but tomorrow will come and another brand- new day will shine And it will warm your whole heart and soul. Have faith, and follow your dreams day and night. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2014 Nov,13,2014

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Time for Change

Dominic C Cherry

I feel like time is wasting away
I keep trying
But todays just another day
My mind has escaped and ran free
But that isn’t anything of me
Or is it me
I have changed
But not welcomed my own change
I still can’t figure out what I want
I got you and you’re the only one I need
But I’m not me
I got lost somewhere
Now I’m stuck deep below the surface
Waiting to break free
Just trying to find the right spot
Thrashing through dirt seems too simple
I want to break free through the hardest surface
I want to let loose my mind
I want control, more control
The outcome isn’t just about me
I’m holding myself in
Just breathing, waiting for the chance
To be me
Did I overlook it?
Probably just a worry though
Usually is one
But how can this be right
It can’t be, I must be missing something
Wait! I used to just let everything happen
Now I’m trying to force things again
I need to relax
Take deep breathes and clear my head
But I’m falling so fast
I can’t do this to myself
I couldn’t dare do anything to her
I will not show fear
I will not be ridiculed
I came here to change this place
I didn’t expect it was this bad
But there are more like me
More who want to change
More who will change
And as our idea expands
They will need a leader to step up
I am that leader
The one placed here to change
To change life as we know it
And move toward a new world vision.

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Drops of sweats hovers my face..
As i walk ahead slowly through a phase..
In a whirlwind like the maze..
I find myself dreaming amaze...

Glued deeply buried on the ground...
I wonder how a melodious music sound...
I drum and twirl my fingers in round..
Fidgeting strings of triangles I found...

I fall back in a convergence of scenes..
Leaving away footprints that don't dim..
Beaming with meeknes of it seems..
Mimic the yonders and let eyes gleam..

Vibrantly shining in a spectrum of rainbows...
Vigorously rejoicing loud in the meadows.
Reflecting through vivid shapely shadows..
Amusing and beckoning, one will follow...

By: olive_eloi
sept. 09, 2013

Dedicated to: one who imagines


Gonna be a happy day, i hope

Blessed are those who have found in their heart that place called happiness...

Extend kindness...
Share a smile...
Project uniqueness..

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Free Fallin'

My desicion was made. I wouldn't allow myself to be controlled. If that makes me a rebel, then let it be. I'm a Rebel. At least I can Make my own choices now. I can love and care about others. "You are here by stripped from your wings." Then it was like someone had bound my wings and pushed me off a cliff. it felt like forever. til finally i reach the ground. When i hit, it felt like everybone in my wings had shattered. I had fallen. and It hurt so bad. but it was worth it.

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How glorious is Love ?
How magnificent it's depth ? 
How bright are it's visions ?
How true are it's directions ?
What can compare to it's shear delight ?
Where walking in it's sight
gives clarity to every living thing .
How bold are it's promises ?
It's paths hold wonder 
for every step taken upon it.
Vibrancy is it's assignation.
It beacons the heart ,
and whispers treasures in it's future.
It speaks of grand designs 
and builds it's dreams
into realities here to fore unknown.
In it the soul with happiness is filled .
Men have penned it's words
sang it's songs
and dreamed it's dreams .
It is desired above all other things . 
It's breadth is exquisite 
and vast are the many who
would sell all , to possess it
only to find it cannot be purchased .
It is a gift given freely 
it cannot be coerced 
No building can house it 
You cannot cage it 
It has no chains that can bind it
no prison can hold it , 
but within are  the floodgates of 
of heaven that waters all of life .
It is a fire that burns
all lies to ash
that purifies all intentions
and refines , polishes , and reflects truth .
Men have sought it's face
in every crack of his existence .
Men have apprenticed at it's feet
journey-manned in it's instruction
but few have mastered it 
and certainly only one has become it's Grand-Master .
But we run to reach for it's crown
we strive to bow our wills before it
to learn it  , receive it
then release it and set it free .
This the Rulers of this world 
would steal if they could  !

1 John 4
16 And so we know and rely on the love God has for us.
God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them. 17 This is how love is made complete among us so that we will have confidence on the day of judgment: In this world we are like Jesus. 18 There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.
19 We love because he first loved us. 20 Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen,cannot love God, whom they have not seen. 21 And he has given us this command: Anyone who loves God must also love their brother and sister.

COPYRIGHT © 2013 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

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A Dream within a Dream

Take this kiss upon the brow!
And, in parting from you now,
Thus much let me vow
You are not wrong, who deem
That my days have been a dream;
Yet if hope has flown away
In a night, or in a day,
In a vision, or in none,
Is it therfore the less gone?
All that we see or seem
Is but a dream within a dream.
I stand amid the roar
Of a surf-tormented shore,
And i hold within my hand
Grains of the golden sand
How few, yet how they creep
Through my fingers to the deep,
While I weep, while I sleep
can i not grasp
Them with a tighter clasp?
can i not save
One from the pitiless wave?
Is all that we see or seem
But a dream within a dream?

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Holy books says it all
You taught me how to crawl
This will never change
Never ends never fades
Dear God where you are?
Shattered piece of childish dreams
This will never change
Never ends never fades.

I can fight for all my life,
Not broken, not broken inside
Never be so frustrated,
Not going to commit suicide.

Fuc*ing faith will fall,
Mortals will stand tall
Hell and heaven are all the same
Live your life, don't die in vain

Only you and I can make 
A better world for tomorrow
Have faith in yourself
And wipe off the tears of sorrow

Make me scream, Make me cry
I'll never fail to try.
This night's has an end
No pain will remain

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Stand Tall

We can be strong;
Time to stand tall.
With God, we have it all
'Cause there's no room to fall.

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Fire and Passion 7x7

No matter what doubters say,
build your imagination! 
Just don't turn and walk away;
You control your destiny, 
Never settle for 'second';
Transform into anyone; 
Dream with fire and with passion!

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Small Little Victories

If we break life down into small little victories,
It won't be long until the battle is over,
And before we know it,
The war will be won.

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coma dreams

Once was a princess
never so old, so young

soul adrift in loneliness
never so asleep, so awake

caught by darkness
never so lost, so found

visions showing her choices
never so dark, so light

seeing herself as she is
never so bad, so good

waking to familiar voices
never so ill, so well

now knowing what life is
never so so, so hope.

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Imagination Castles

Imagination Castles

Sailing within the realm of imagination rewards
  all the soul, spirit and love that lives within
Flying among the clouds of fantasy, life and poetry
  gently inspires and kisses the hearts of women and men

Standing firm among the angels that wrap our glittering souls
  destiny changes at our mere whim and flight-filled fancy
Running alongside our beloved sends whimsical sparks to stir
  all treasure that romantic love and beautiful sex ever holds!

Resting upon journeys travelled deeply into huge, magical realms
  stamps our spirit with a solace and calm forever sought by man
Racing into love filled fantasies so deep angels must help us out
  sail, fly, stand, run, rest or race imagination creates any place!

Be rich in your great fancies and solid in your brilliant dreams
  love conquers all and all can be far more than at first it seems! 

Robert L. 05-13-2014

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Inspired By You

 Just because it is dark, it dose not mean that light does not exist
 with all your troubles, it does not mean that there isn't a way out
 even when he tells you that are selfish
 just know that you are not
 you protected your siblings and forgave your mother
 your voice rose high in the house of secrets
 pulling off the sheets, you saved all the others
 you closed your eyes and took a deep breathe
 and ended all the fear
 for the first time
 you Believed in me
 As the months followed, nightmares began
 awaking from the misery, and crying in reality
 you smiled to the surface and grew big in your heart
 you held your hands up high and said
 this, will not define me
 I am no longer a victim
 but a worthy hearted child
 always trying to make ends meet
 even when they all tried to help you
 their gentle hands still couldn't save you
 but then you remembered one important thing,
 when you believed for the end
 there was no doubt that it came
 you sprung up high and saw that you were free
 no longer will he hurt you
 and no longer will your creativity be wasted
 now that you are free
 for the first time
 you can Dream

 With the memories, life became hard
 when everyone judged
 your heart became nothing
 when man tried to use you
 your tears became nothing
 when no one could not love you
 your depression became nothing
 and when they all left you
 you became nothing
 stabbed in the back by the one you loved
 he lacked the idea of his selfish deeds
 by the range of a wife
 your mother loved more than thee
 you saw that you were falling
 and thought that the great and powerful was no longer with you
 but then you remembered that
 the dreams that made you
 were what kept you going
 that you, in your youth
 over came the broken past
 and when God created you
 he knew that
 you would be the one
 to Inspire many

 believe that your hurt will end
 that the best is yet to come
 Dream right now
 with all  of your present days
 that are soon to come
 Inspire yourself
 there will be those who will be

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The Dream

~A tribute to “The Slave's Dream” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow~ 

One night the slave had a nice dream.
And in the dream he was just free. 
He heard sounds of freedom's bold scream.
One night the slave had a nice dream. 
And saw the light of liberty's gleam.
No more felt flesh by whips just bleed. 
One night the slave had a nice dream. 
And in the dream he was just free. 

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continuing daydreaming in a dream with you,
wishing this dream will not end without you!
only stars are made to shine like this,
true memories that are made to miss.
times when the spotlight was just on me;
chances made real and true,
this i couldn't forget,
benefits made to reassure,
everyone made to remember me,
what made me more than survive this way,
true excitement of content.
day by day:
fame can be a lifestyle,
where even you can succeed, 
you will never have to shed a tear to cry.
even you can outdo the best;
better yet,
reach the unreachable,
where you can be the legend of your own fable.

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Insignificant Matters

To write a poem of which make a person change
is not so insignificant and strange
Without those people things will always be the same
then their would be the blaming game
I write this poem to the Insignificant out their
because they do not deserve the bad stare

To write a poem of which make a person change
is not so insignificant and strange
Without those people we would not be guessing
people would just plane stressing
I do understand how feeling are
because I do stare into the star

To write a poem of which make a person change
is not so insignificant and strange
Without those people we could not be our selves
people would just give up and leave things on shelves
I do think people that is insignificant are life batter
because everyone in life is not insignificant they all matter

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Walk the Dream, Fan the flame

This facade that we build
around our bones;
this walking dream

Shouldn’t be any different,
than what we keep in the night,
where the stars burn as freely 
as our hearts.

I say we stoke the fire,
throw it all in.

Watch the sand turn to glass,
peel the skin back
                    swallow the marrow of promise.

Let the light reflect.

-James Kelley 2013, All rights reserved.

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The Final Star isn't Born

(The final star isn't born!)  
    There is a star shining in the skies above you.
    There's a hell that likes to sink inside you,
    and there’s a ambition that stands beside you,
    and a dream that likes to catch you.

    Within these dark eyes,
    is a drop of our belief.
    As you fly in these blue skies.
    you’ll soon be up there in relief.

    With the world in your hands.
    Take a chance and take a stand.
    Tell the world another great story
    and with your stories in hand.

    Take the controls, take command
    and you are the star with the best glory.
    There’s been a mirror held to my face.
    Your face is what I see in place.

    I want to see it again and again.
    You are the dream of the girls,
    come and take us just for a twirl.
    We just like to know how’s it been.

    Your are the star in the sky.
    We will come to help you fly.
    lets take on this dream together,
    no matter whats going on with the weather.

(The final star isn't born!)

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A smile in a thought of a "forever" like this.
A dream from a star's one wish.
A love of a life from a fairy tale one told
To a child with an imagination worth a whole pot of gold.

Can you really put a value to something like this?
Like that feeling you get from your last first kiss?
Or the dreams that come true from a shooting star's wish?
There's no value worth more than all this.

A song from a night from a heart's first glance.
A sway from a dress from a love's first dance.
A rose from a thorn from a child's freedom.
A ring from a night from a tear from one.

Can you really put a value to a moment like this?
To a second in time so carefree as this?
To a heartbeat caused by pure peace and bliss?
To a child's eye lit by a shooting star and a wish?

Could you tell me what it's worth?
Or could you tell me which came first?
Was it hope for a future unknown,
Or happiness from the love that's shown?
Was it a dream from a fairy tale,
Or optimism after every fail?
Because the child that I've never seen
Is one without a single dream.

So tell me,
Can you really put a value to this?
To a first kiss?
A child's wish?
Pure bliss?
To this?
To this moment looking into your eyes?
To a fairy tale defined
By you and I.

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remains just out of focus,
an elusive portrait,

etched in the corner of the mind's eye.

sometimes strays into view,
a blurred mirage,
of burnished words cast in indelible dye.

steals fragments of each day,
a welcome thief,
of emotions left in some dusty space.

scatters my poems in the breeze,
an invited spell,
that vanishes into the wind without a trace.

renders me mute and so often blind,
the wild dreamer,
a seeder of impossible thoughts in the mind.

brings the elements of nature to me,
a gentle healer,
she unfolds my thoughts setting them free.

comes and goes as she chooses,
an untamed spirit,
soothing the very place that she bruises.

rouses me in nights of empty slumber,
a murmured breath,
brushing my cheeks with kisses too many to number.

remains to me the enigmatic one,
a burning riddle,
yet she stays with me as each torturous day is done.

my heart knows not why she stays,
my consistent constant,
filling up my nights and consoling my days.

deserves so much more from fate,
the truest soul,
she loves too much and knows not how to hate.

arrives again tonight as I lie awake,
a thoughtful shield,
my coat of armour in a world far too fake.

stays with me and within me stays still,
the true one,
and to dwell deep in my soul is where she always will.

from whose cup I have so greedily drank,
a giver of life,
I have not the words with which to her wholly thank.

knows how desolate a world this can be,
my sustainer of hope,
and of life and of breath is what she will always be.

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Paint the Town

I pause from painting a canvass of opinion, brush strokes colouring a solid red 
across the blank faces that warily observe. A compass points to the right (a dead
end) yet with no direction, escorting a stained brain in reverse: an unnatural place to start.

This taste is always freshest in the mouths of the hungry, which are forced to part
from an honest working voice to focus solely on the next meal. Who will stand
up to write THIS IS WRONG on Parliamentary walls to clear blinkered eyes? A hand

can paint and sculpture, but will also make a fist.  
A better world is open if we walk on through the mist.

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I will

The chance of ridicule rears yet again
Never once more shall I meet with disgrace
No matter what they say I will reign 
On top the podium’s paramount place

Can’t be fazed by the loudest commotion
Nothing can get in the way of my track
As a dream bound train I’m set in motion
Going the distance and not turning back

Passion for the game keeps me alive
Never forgetting what I want is the key
Trust me there is no one who will strive
More to reach their true potential than me

Don’t try to get between my dream and I
No matter the obstacle it can’t hold me
Cannot jump but I promise I will fly
Above all men one day, you’ll see

More crippled than the average man
Created without strength or skill
But as long as I believe that I can
All I have to do is say I will 

I will

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My Dream

My dream is of a better world
Where rivers run free,
Where our waters are unpolluted 
By debris thrown in by humanity.
Where crime is not known and weapons rare,
My dream is of a world
That overflows with care.

My dream is that we love each other,
Not by the colour of our skin,
But by the goodness that lies within.

Why is there envy?
Why is there hate?
Why shoud you be executed just standig by your gate? 
Why mut there be famine?
Why must there be war?
We have repeatedly asked these questions before.

Parents lead and children follow,
That's not always the case as we already know.
My prayer is that one day all this will cease
Then we can envision worldwide peace.

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Wings of Belief

We were given wings
Though their not seen
Their right there
Without us knowing
Yet we are aware.

Those unaware are grounded
Others begin to notice
They have a choice
To take toward the sky.

At first fear sweeps over
Legs begin to quiver
Heart begins to race
Staring up into space.

First step is always the hardest
As I wonder if I can reach it
To touch the cotton candy clouds
Gaze upon the setting sun.

Will I make it?
I thought to myself
Will I be able
To make it up there
Will this be a piece of cake?

I have to try
For me to fly
Toward the sky
I shall take flight.

Spread my wings
Swallow my fear
Take a breath
Time to take off.

Wings begin to flap
As I feel my body float
Feet no longer touching dirt
I was no longer on Earth.

Slowly I open my eyes
And to my surprise
I was high above
Endless sky surrounds me
The land below was smaller.

This must be what its like
To feel so free and bold
Once fear was discarded
There was no more worry.

With these wings
So strong and beautiful
There's nothing hold me back
I'm free to fly where I please.

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As I lay here in a prison cell of my lost dreams and imaginations. 
The many ambitions and passions that I once held so highly, slowly start to slither away. 
As I stay locked away because of the many distractions and temptations that behold amongst the outside world. 
I slowly curl my eyelids shut from the realities that are of today. 
Though I may dream amongst the heavenly stars that illuminate the nightly sky. 
Even in my dreams I hide from my own thoughts and fears. 
But when my heart comes near to the idea that generates the motor area of my brain. 
I suddenly refrain from my own dream as the words doubt and fear quickly become my vocabulary ally. 
And as I awake I look to get high just to start a chemical reaction with the neutrons to create a temporary distraction to my very own time. 
For you see its time that I battle with on a daily basis. 
And as the faces of the clock slowly move in a circular circumference. 
My reluctance to disagree that time simply waits for no man is acceptable. 
When it is actually regrettable to think time is simply on my side. 
But I still hide from the happiness that is destined to be. 
I can literally hear it call out to me through the vibrations thumbing off my cell block wall. 
Yet I sit here like if I need destiny to call and give me every instruction on how to reach her. 
Why am I so fixated on words instead of actions? 
And why are distractions so pleasant while dreams are so feared. 
For you see its fear that tells me to come near. 
And as a tear rolls from my face. 
I sit here mirroring the father sun until it's replaced by its sister darkness. 
Because in all honestly fear to me seems so heartless to my very own heart. 
But then I realize it's fear that simply wants to break me apart and put me back together again. 
Then fear will call herself friend and change her name to dream. 
So I can ride this bumpy road to finally reach my destiny.

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Never did I dream that
So intertwined, so separately
Our paths would cross this way
So intimately, so deeply

Never have my footsteps
So quickly, so easily
Fallen in sync with another's
So naturally, so happily

Never have I felt this way
So scary, so amazing
Grounded while flying
So proud, so full of awe

Never could I truly see
So oblivious, so blind
How ignorant my heart was
So selfish, so masochistic

Never was I treated
So respected, so admired
As a true equal
So fairly, so new

Never have I realized
So depressed, so low
That I have and talents and gifts
So precious, so eye-opening

Never have I loved
So sanely, so smartly
Nor have I been loved
So truly, so honestly.

Never did I dream that
So intertwined, so separately
Our paths would cross this way
So very intimately, so very deeply

Thanks for seeing me
Not my body, not my silhouette
Thanks for being selfless
So rare, so special

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In Between

There’s a moment when, crossing between two streetlamps, a double shadow appears,
arching from your fears, a body projected through years onto cracked concrete. 
So, stopping, you watch it split in separate directions, no fixed perfections, 
all later corrections point from now dividing as forces pull one into two, 
coloured red or blue at different ends of the spectrum, matter is best left some space,
life isn’t a race in the traditional sense, but against the perception of yourself.
Worrying is bad for your health, because as much as television may scream in your ear, 
grinding each individual gear, you need not wealth, 
but a hand to pick you up and dust you off when you fall,
no problem at all, giving pats on the back, setting the wheels back on the track,
in motion again you walk on from staring at your shadow, standing won’t help you grow.
And I know it says not to walk towards the light, but this time it’s alright, 
because looking back won’t help either. As a fighter, neither Rocky nor Rambo, 
you face the night ahead, spit to clear your mouth of lead, and strut on son, 
because you are only born once, and you only die once, 
but it’s what you do between the two that makes you awesome.

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Poetical children of the world

Poetical children of the world

We are the children…
Globally known
From seeds of wisdom
But never cloned
Originiquely designed individually
Expressing beautiful gifts of poetry
Kind-hearted thoughts
Linger from our minds
To our pens 
Filling paper with knowledge…
We are the children…
Giving to you all of us
From deep within our skin
Every single rhyme
That’s saving our lives – “LITERALLY”
It’s our choice 
To make the world a better “society”
We stand proud to “ONLY”
Give you the “best of the best poetry”

By: Aleasha Martin

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Je Vous Attend

Je vous attend, I wait for you,
as patient as death's rendezvous;
and just as certain as the sun
knows each tomorrow's overdue.

I wait well hid from anyone,
the devil's hope, and native son,
the gift of Hell, you'll not acquire,
until it's yours, when life is done.

Beyond each sunset's probing fire,
deep in the dark of your desire,
I wait to kiss all hope away,
and give you more than you acquire.

I wait for you beyond the day,
into the night that will not stay,
I wait in dark, your only friend,
And I will love your death away,

Deep in the night that has no end,
I wait for you, je vous attend,
Beyond the life you now pretend,
Beyond the life you now pretend.
© ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

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What the Mind Can Conceive-

The Dream.
It is bigger than me.
It has to be,
So that I may see
Where I am going 
And where I have been
And what I must do
To dream again.

The Vision.
It is far and near;
Not fully defined,
But very clear.
Just out of reach;
Within my grasp.
I must look to the future,
Not stay in the past.

The Gift.
It is my reward for living,
For moving forward,
Taking and giving.
Keep my eyes on my goals.
Make it a habit.
The dream is mine.
I will have it!

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I Dreamed a Dream Last Night

I dreamed a dream last night
Of flowers colored vivid bright
Of forests dappled rays of light
Of blue birds singing while in flight

I dreamed of whispers on the breeze
Singing gently through the trees
Of busy humming bumble bees
Winging by with wondrous ease

I dreamed of peace upon this earth
Of joy and laughter and much mirth
Of happy mothers giving birth
And others who proclaim their worth

I dreamed of oceans deep and wide
Of ebb and flow of changing tide
And how the froth on billows ride
And angels standing at my side

My slumber now has given flight
As I awake with great delight
Knowing that the world is right
Because I dreamed a dream last night

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Run freedom child; keep thy body low amongst the shadows,
Nay never look back, lets hastes speed excel your stride,
For the devil’s steeds ride behind thee, and they’ll show thee
No mercy, run freedom child, run, towards the distant horizon.

Travel beneath the lunar light of the lantern moon, let its
Rays of illumination guild thee, towards liberties jurisdiction,
To the northern boarders beyond slavery's killing fields.
Beware the night-stalkers whom ride by the white lightening’s
Flash and sting at the bared flesh with the task-masters lash,
Humanities wolf pack on a blood scent’s travel, biting at thy
Unsaddled heals, Run freedom child, Run, for they are a Coming!

Deep within the hollows divides listen to the whispering winds,
It echoes with a low mournful tone, a sounding’s rheum vibrating,
With a shock waves raw force of power, it is rails of freedom
Burning towards thee, Harken freedom child, and listen to the
Thunderous cries of the Underground Railroad.
A payments ticket price, is the will to survivor as a free man,
Stamped by the inner beating heart’s desire, to taste the air of
Liberation, and to soar with his winged appendages outwardly
Amongst kindred flock as equals.
Beware my friend for far above thee, two birds of prey are
At battles striking range, for your soul’s precious blood.
Behold the southern night hawk, struggles to drag thee back
 To entrance of hells gates plantation, yet the great eagles
Sharpened talons are driven deeply within its crimson bleeding
Flesh of ignorance, biding thee time to flee to freedoms
Safety zone.

Run freedom child; keep thy body low amongst the shadows,
Nay never look back, lets hastes speed excel your stride,
For the devil’s steeds ride behind thee, and they’ll show thee
No mercy, run freedom child, run, towards the distant horizon.

All aboard cling to the iron handles of the freedom train,
Ride by the light of the shivery moon’s lantern of illumination,
And harken to the sounding’s echo of freedom’s distant winds,
Calling unto the souls of all men to be free, to excel, and to
Soar with the currents of equality as equals, amongst thee
Brother’s kindred.


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Supreme Dream

I had a dream
It reigned supreme
of any dream I've had before
Bathed in light
and taking flight
I had flew to a distant shore

My wife was there
knelt down in prayer
and enveloped by a glow
I heard a voice
that said rejoice
The Lord God has saved her soul

She prays for you,
your children too;
and she has since she arrived
Release your guilt
that you have built
because God let you survive

God called her home
and now has shown
that she's in a better place
If you my friend
had met your end
This is not what you would face

If you could see
what hell will be
you would die while still in sleep
With just a glance
you lose the chance
to escape the fiery deep

When you awake
you must forsake
the sin you have always knew
Just like your wife
Give God your life
The life Jesus bought for you

When I awoke
my spirit broke
and I fell down to my knees
With sobbing prayer
I pleaded there
Lord forgive me please

Yes, I had a dream
It reigned supreme
of any dream I've had before
It saved my life
and I'll see my wife
Someday on that distant shore.

© L. James Tanner

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Who can won the War?

>Understanding, Up and down has a different level
>We need knowledge and experience to find a medal.
>Life is the combination of a different level
>Color, caste, race, religion, is a target feeble
>Is it natural discrimination or a variety of nature?
>Time has taken centuries for its identity a grapple ?
>Twenty centuries skill and experience is human growth pedal.
>We need knowledge and experience to find a medal
>A fight for power or a grace: the honor of bravery,
>Different matters have misunderstanding a level of slavery,
>Non co-operation or misjudged by the expectations
>What do you think: who can learn all about having a clevery?
>What is truth if God is one: religion has race and caste bundle?
>We need knowledge and experience to find a medal.
>How long time nature took to purify the water and fresh air?
>To grow healthy food: to differentiate the poison less affair,
>Time has taken a long to develop gravity for a planet?
>Why has only Earth a source of existence an oxygen care?
>Is natural process for welfare also not feasible?
>We need knowledge and experience to find a medal
>A process is for understanding, and sense of co-operation
>Experience and non-cooperation seems beneficiary dedication,
>Nature is powerful can ruin within few seconds if a man can do,
>but Honey Bees never mixed poison in their sweet production,
>Who can protect life and civilization if a person fails to handle?
>We need knowledge and experience to find a medal.
>Nobody can won the war: not a meaning of Liberty,
>Ancestor has tried all but struggle is a root of fraternity,
>Efforts for peace is a struggle by a dedicated person,
>We need rest after all a long struggle is natural eternity,
>Only peace can provide, a sense of Love; affection of cuddle.
>We need knowledge and experience to find a medal.
>Who can won the War: why does a person dream a War?
>How long a personal existence is? Only present is our,
>We need to learn more how to live on Earth?
>Future is uncertain: A dream of heaven is only a future,
>All Depends upon circumstances only nature can won a saddle.
>We need knowledge and experience to find a medal.

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Dream Big

~ Dream Big ~ It is hard to believe Sixteen years have passed Since the day you were born A bundle of joy The apple of your Dad’s eyes Your Mom’s little princess Her baby girl I knew it then and I know it now You are special Always will be The sky has no limit Neither does the Stars, Sun or Moon You will go far I know you will Be who you want to be and ~ Dream Big ~ Over the years you have grown Into a beautiful young lady Full of love Compassion and Kindness I love you so very much The sky has no limit Neither the Stars, Sun nor Moon You will go far I know you will Be who you want to be and ~ Dream Big ~ Here is to you One of the most beautiful girls I the world While some may say I am partial to you I know it is true Just keep being you The sky has no limit Neither the Stars, Sun nor Moon You will go far I know you will Be who you want to be and ~ Dream Big ~ It’s your sweet sixteen However nothing is as sweet as you I love you so much I love you like my own You will always be The apple of your Daddy’s eyes Your Mom’s little princess Her baby girl Yet you are growing up so quick I wish nothing but the best for you I believe in you The sky has no limit Neither the Stars, Sun nor Moon You will go far I know you will Be who you want to be and ~ Dream Big ~ Happy Birthday Michelle Love Aunt Jean

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A Dream Bestowing a Dream

A dream bestowing an unimaginable dream Is far beyond my imagination My dream cradles another form of creativity Freedom leads me out of troublesome society My dream bestowed another shard of vision It was far beyond my reality Our dream’s purposes will soon be fulfilled Freedom grants us tokens for two to search us out of trouble What if we took that getaway route? Would we lose a grip of reality or a segment of dreams? Don’t change your ways—you’re destined to have what you wish Reach out to snatch a sense of destination Confirmation has no reason to prefigure our dazzling palace A stunning dream mirrors in our delightful requests Marveled by the view of true ecstasy or eternal turmoil What if we look beyond realization? Would it open up the pathway to troubled reality? Look beyond our heedful dreams and your canvas of articulation Walk with me to a pathway that allows our dreams to become a reality Look down to perceive another dimension—outlying from the Earth’s alienated nations There you’ll find a dream drawing us into another atypical dream—we are lucky enough we had our freedom tokens in your “lucky” bag If we didn’t have them with us, where would we be? Far, far beyond our unknown adventure Our dream meddles with our restive reality Freedom has taken its toll into existence A dream bestowing a dream Is, in reality, beyond measure!

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His Eyes

His eyes are a cup of warm coffee
With swirls like soft chocolate notes
Deep like the ocean without a trace of blue
Hiding secrets and emotions too;

His eyes are chopped mint leaves
Adding a color like no other
The clover color touches the hearts 
Of all who dare to seek it out;

His eyes are golden flecks
That sparkle with every breath they take
A topaz color like clean jewelry
Scattered among the darkness.

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For Dr Martin Luther King Jr

For Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
You had a dream
of pastures of peace
where children of all hues mingled like rainbows
they silenced you, but your voice
resounds now in those pastures
not yet of peace
and your dream is still a dream
the dream you dreamt while others slept
you said that you’d been to the mountain-top
and they silenced your voice just then
before your eyes saw that promised land
of pastures of peace where children of all hues mingle like rainbows
now your vision is glimpsed in some pastures
not yet of peace
and yes, they silenced your voice
but your spirit their bullets could never tear apart
your spirit, like your dream
is mingled with the wind in all those pastures
not yet of peace
and until we give life to your dream
those pasture of peace
where children of all hues mingle like rainbows
shall remain simply your dream
so as we remember you today
and pledge that those pastures of peace
are nourished first in each of us
for only then will your dream will take root
and blossom into our shared dream
and the view from the mountain-top,
radiant and bright and full of hope shall seem
where children of all hues mingle like rainbows

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Dark Visions

Have you ever  had, Dark Visions? I have,when I was seven or eight
I had a dream one night, That was a nightmare, so vivid and so frightful
fear so intense, I wet the bed. My Father wore a badge and I told him what 
happened, and with much insistence we phoned the local authorities. ( Which he knew all of
them) My Dark Vision was of an Airplane a jetliner, on fire, going down.
I saw the flames, faces, colors and style of clothes. I heard screams, pleas to God for
help and prayers. When I woke up I was praying too, in a wet  bed. Two days later the FBI
knocked at my door, with questions after questions until they were satisfied. I felt
berated and alone. Thank God for my Dad. Then it hit me their last words to my Father," If
we have any more questions about the accident we'll contact you" real, it
really happened. My Dark Vision,,For thirty years I kept my Visions to myself, until one
day at work a friend of mine Marjie came to me and asked me if I saw things, things I
can't explain. I was floored, dumbfounded. I didn't answer. She said" I sense you had a
Vision and saw something you can't explain"  How could she know? I said " What do you
mean"? " I sense you had a dream that is troubling you, because it was more than a dream"
Gig's up, so I told her. She told me to write it down always write it down, So I did and
let her see it. 3 days later she came to me with a VCR tape, we were alone in the TV room,
so we played it. Suddenly in an instant I was flooded with the whole Vision, everything I
saw and heard. Shamefully a puddle formed on the floor at my feet, as I shook. Everything,
the Bus, the explosions, faces, the Soldier, the old man in the beret, The red headed
woman in the yellow dress and hat. It was in Israel. She had taped it from the news the
night before, the day it happened. 2 days after my Dark Vision.Now at 48 with many
conversations with my Priest and Spiritual adviser, I realize, what I thought a curse, is
actually a Gift From God. Because I am praying with them in my Dark Visions, I am helping
them. One thing I always remember from them is I tell them God is waiting for you, every
time. Then I wake up. 

 I believe my being there has brought some comfort to those souls as their end is near.
That comforts me!  God does work in mysterious ways..He has in me with...

                                           My Dark Visions!


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My Life

My life is a failure
Every time I try to rise up 
I fall down
My life is a failure

I dream of things 
Which I hope to achieve
But as I age
It seems to rise higher
As my life descends lower
My life is a failure

The more I try the harder it gets 
My life is a failure

No stop 
I am not a failure
I am a success
I am what was made of me
I am what I dream to be
I am what I make of myself
I am Lorenzo Carty

- Lorenzo L. Carty

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about the poet

I have dreams to flashes n from time 
to time I decide to put them down n 
people to read I'm plain n simple no 
big word nor complex easy to read 
,wht I try to say n explain sometimes 
is hard so I give up n go months 
without writing, I do this to relax, 
from the 4 books n many mini storys i 
keep coming up with,like I say, I live 
in a dream where people pay for me 
to tell n they get amazed when I tell 
them, thts not a dream thts how my 
life has been n how I lived it n have 
not gone insane, well not yet !."oh 

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Colors Of Freedom

Someone came to the door of grace
With a dream clasp at hand
A picture of white laces, picket fences
Glorious man holding her hand
Solid grip as if to say all this is all
This is me
This is all of me
Only this will bring happiness
Layered with peace
Full to the brim with joy
Sequined dream on a mind hill 
Of every up and small town girl
Sharing but one life vision 
Or is it but an illusion?
I came to the funnel of mystery  
Of which generations foretell of a history 
Face to face with the dream
Begging for some piece of me 
Some more of me at the brink of salvation
Craving for truth
Is this me?
Is this all of me? 
Inside my dream I saw 
Locks and chains on delicate wrists
Where every form of movement
Tears and breaks
That white has gone bright tinged red
Gone deeper and deeper in shade
Until black
Surely life is more than this
Is this life for all?
Is this me?
All of me? 
I closed the door of my once ago reverie
Found myself surrounded by divine sympathy
Cradled in mercy
of unexpected and undeserved
Comforted by hope
Life is more than just one dream
More than just one door
Or one corner of every road
Compelled to seeking truth
The choice of life more than its world-set guise
The limitless marvel of natural wonders
Color after color of surprising hues 
Life is more than every inch of a broken glass
As even splinters so deeply cut 
Also heals in time
Every breath that grasps life
Is worth another dream
For life is more than me
This is me

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A Broken Dream

 A broken dream shattered down life's open stream 
like a tear drop ripple the calmness of the water spread like an open wing 
of an eagle flying jet king 
letting out a sonic boom scream 
so fast that you never just saw what you seen
 among despair and doubt through the cold heat
surround in despair and failure its why I strive to succeed
yet it seems my life is old thread it comes out in seams as it frays
is this the read deal or am I still living in an open closed dream?
trapped in this mind prison a lockdown poetic king
Im behind the gates and the influence wont let me go free
I know I got the mind keys to achieve what I left behind
but my own addiction chains wont break this concrete
it wont let me leave
I must step up to the plate and do me a deed
broken dreams planted everyday just from a single seed
Life is really about death so take heed

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Late Night Peaceful Dreams

In the shadowy darkness of night's embrace
slumber casts upon me, it restful face
as visions through my mind do stream
a ribbon of late night peaceful dreams
Silken and willowy they do flow
as the breezes through my hair do blow
and tangle the dreams I dream of you
as the sunrise breaks it's morning hue
Soft and tender the night retreats
as with a sigh the dream completes
and filled with love anew and strong
my love bursts forth with the morning song
The shadows of night, again as my friend,
remind me of love that ne're shall end
as long as visions through my mind do stream
with a ribbon of late night peaceful dreams.

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Alas for the sun which kisses my hand upon bended knee, 
Today he blesses me and 
Whispers my chosen name.


Who among the common knew that ice could burn so brightly.
Or that water could fit so very nicely with
Today I am the world, its contents my game.


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I’m the unchained melody hidden within your
Inner soul, the lustful beating heart that ravishes
The male beneath submission’s wrath, leaving nothing
To remain but ashes of erotic residue behind.
I’m the lunar temptress, illuminating thy forbidden desires
By the moonlights influx, a translucent being shimmering
Between enchantments silken sheets of fantasy.
Wants gypsy rose of paradise, shaking my private tambourine,
For the golden bangles of my mid-night lover,
The highway man who’s stolen my heart’s pleasure,
And has left me aching for more.
The nineties twenties flapper, a dime a dance,
For a whirlwinds romance, your hotsy totsy baby,
Lost in the rhythm of the wild, reckless abandonment
Of music’s seduction beat.
Behold I’m the unsheathed rose thorn exposed,
The flickering of candle light burning at both ends,
The untied ribbons, releasing the loose tresses of
Locks of raven hair, that covers the moon at twilight’s
Hour of passion.
Salvation’s untamed spiritual descendant, casting
My vials of temptation to the winds of desert,
As grains of sand, that turns golden as they land,
At the feet of humanity’s thresholds bed chamber.
A glittering jewel of the Nile, sailing the isles
Of fertility beyond the ages, towards the shores
Of infinity within your arms my beloved pharaoh,
I your Egyptian slave, to be commanded at your
Whim’s wish.
Who am I, you ask in a night’s hushed whisper,
The one whom truly loves thee, just ask me and
I will become your heart’s desire, your woman of
Why again you ask, simply put the woman
Dearest beloved that loves you without
Reservations control, for you are the puppet
Master of my inner soul, and I love thee
Beyond reasons understanding.


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Dont Stop

Dont Stop
By: IzaDonna
Dedicated to DKronik :)

Have you ever felt that way
Feelings you feel, you just cant say
Your hopes and dreams, just fade away
The grave you dug, is where you must lay
And you just see life, passing you by
It takes all your energy, to just not cry
You pray everyday, to just make it out alive
Giving everything you have, to go on and try
To ignore the people putting you down
Fade into darkness, to not hear a sound
Trying to raise up, and reach for the crown
But feeling the possibility is all around
But you stand up, to face the fight
Tryin to bring yourself back to the light
Working ur ass off every day and night
In your heart, doin what u know is right
Rising above to beat the hate
Living your life, to fulfill your fate
The move to heaven, ya might be late
Not ready to go, determination ur trait
Doing it alone, it makes u strong
Telling your story, ur bio in song
Keep on going cause it won't be long
Where ur life gets better, u can do no wrong
Only u can be the one to better ur life
Ignoring the words, that cut like a knife
Livin ur fairy tale, husband n wife
Its okay to be happy, finally feeling right
Try and push yourself, to be the best
In hardships u definetly pass the test
Keeping ur head up, ignoring the rest
Its ur life, so move on with the quest
Go deep down, n find ur inner self
Get off the drugs, improve ur health
Take the negativity, n put it back on the shelf
In the circle of life, don't be the kelp
So rise above, be the one on top
Be the one to make, the dance floor pop
The ones looking down, use their ass like a mop
And just always remember, don't ever stop

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Another Tomorrow

Was shattered and broken, in pieces, unspoken,
I was losing life's grip, my mind started to slip.
Grief-driven to the ground, almost not found,
Future no longer sure became one giant blur.
My deep feeling heart split completely apart,
Nothing else mattered, concentration splattered.
Felt my inclination sink, was so close to the brink,
Never thought I could mend, figured this was my end.
For 5 years I floundered, relationships squandered.,
I had lost the real me, who I thought I could be.
Then came a dream's message, crawl from the wreckage,
Time to quash the depression, giving up is no option,
Awaken your spirit, transformation immediate,
Let the breakthrough begin, it starts from within.
Negating things negative was a forceful directive,
Look for the positive, do something constructive.
Felt my internal fog lift, watched it scatter and drift,
Wept clean joyful tears that were missing for years.
Found my purpose in life, toward something to strive,
Working hard every day sharing words I must say.
Months of daily exertion, mind and verbal assertion,
Rising up from the ashes with love and compassion.
Constant effort forever, not an easy endeavor,
When surrounded by pain, but strength left to gain.
Reaching out with my heart, the best place to start,
With a hope and a prayer, with kindness and care.
Though a lifetime it seems, finally chasing my dreams,
It took opening my eyes, each tomorrow my prize.

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Simple it may be, yet complicated to define.
Easy to preach, but difficult to imply.
A focused mind, a smiling face, 
A friend by your side, will change the phase.
Strength is inside, motivation is the cause.
Life might turn upside down, but it never takes a pause.

Welcome with open arms, the times to come.
Don't do things 'coz they have to be done.
Look for a target, work for a goal.
Problems will turn themselves into a mole. 
Whatever happens happens for good.
Remember those painful marks of childhood. 

Forget the past and move on.
Those moments, those days have gone.
People change, that's their say, 
You be the same, they'll learn that way.
Losers are not who leave others behind.
But winners are who still never cried.

Be like the fresh leaf, 
Which might fall in a storm, 
But still hangs on to life, 
Flowing with the waters warm.

Love is still alive,
It will be till the day I die.
Change might change your reason to live, 
But it doesn't change the meaning of life.

Reasons behind a change can be unknown, 
But the outcome lies in your hands own.

Keep smiling :-)

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I had a dream the other night
it was too good to be true.
but i guess the dream can be the future
with us together, me and you.

I hope things come together
instead of fall apart.
mabey in the future
god will mend my broken heart.

He will show me how dreams can come true
and he will take my pain away.
he can put someone in my life to love
someone who will stay.

I will get through the challenges
and the obstacles in life.
I will say goodbye to depression
hurt, anger and strife.

I will become a happy person
with the future to plan out.
in my dreams
is where its all about.

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The Dream

Lord, I had a dream of you
And saw your face up in the clouds
I knew that you were with me Lord
Though I didn’t know why or how

Why was I walking up that hill?
Who was walking by my side?
Why was I a child, Lord?
I don’t understand although I’ve tried

I think you spoke to me my Lord
Although your voice I did not hear
Did you forgive me for my sins
As I asked of you in my prayers

Was that hill the challenges in my life
The burdens I’ve had to bear
All the struggles I thought I fought alone
Not knowing you were always there

And was that person by my side
My Lord, God and King
Was my hand like the hand of a child
Holding tight to thee

I tried to understand my dream
Through so many troubled years
I tried to understand your words
But then I could not hear

I can hear you now my Lord
My eyes have opened I can see
Without your presents in my life
I am incomplete
I know my dream was not a dream
You spoke to me that night
And through your words of truth and love
A sinner found the light

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Live to Breathe

Have you ever been a stranger to your own mind, a pioneer of your own time? Did you waste a second pretending to be dead when you could have been living? Tell me what it’s like to live, to live in your cage, your stage. Tell me the secrets that lie between the bars and past the stars. Let me know what it’s like to walk in your shoes and sing your sad blues. Bring me a new measurement of what time once was without the one you loved; without your mom, your friend, your brother, or your heart. Cry for me, my shoulders hold yours and a thousand tears. Scream to me, about all your fears and all your anger from those who did you wrong. Breathe, breathe, and sweep up the memories you once lost long ago. You forgot how to swing on a swing or how to dance in the rain. Don’t be afraid to get wet when it rains because the sky just wants you to look up again. Remember that children still play like you once did. And I still stay, listening to you because I want you to fight for what is yours. You are yours, no one else’s and if anything this social media has taught me is that they lie. I will not lie. You are beautiful because you breathe, you are wonderful because you are alive, and you are unique because your eyes tell me a story. So look up, be the pioneer of your time. Live to breathe.

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The Coming

I come to learn, and make my coming prompt.
I feel my intellect in what I cannot understand.
I know by going where my heart and intelligence leads me.

We learn by doing. What activity is there to be started?
I hear myself jumping from eye to eye.
I come to learn, and make my coming prompt.

Of those helping me, who are you?
May God bless the Helpers! I shall give back to you,
And know by going where my heart and intelligence lead me.

A Letter is written on a Page; but who in the world may know what’s next?
The author goes on an imaginary dream come true;
I come to learn, and make my coming prompt.

Fate leads us into a whole world of unknown
For all who know, so don’t be afraid,
And, exceptionally, know by going where the heart and intelligence lead.

This dream supports me in a lovely manner. I must believe!
What goes around comes around. And is waiting.
I come to learn, and make my coming prompt.
I know by going where my heart and intelligence lead me.

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Count All Your Blessings Everyday

~Count All Your Blessings Everyday~ (Kyrielle) Make all your dreams for you just shine Don't look back just walk straight the line Celebrate your life all the way Count all your blessings everyday. Make all your dreams come true and glow Enjoy life to fullest and grow Remember that God loves you too Count all your blessings everyday. Keep all your thoughts positive and pure Make important decisions till you're sure Take good look and be true to you Count all your blessings everyday. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2012 February,07.2015

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Beauty of the Mind

A fiery solstice of tranquil compassion and lie high in the sky in a beautiful fasion, in a blanket of bright in the night as you look like a dream you had read of as a child in a book, so suble they move, well it seems it is so, but you could just be blinded from that terrible glow, now you thought of a dream that you could compare, but its not just a dream it is a nightmare, not lucid at all , you have no control like evading the gravitation of a timeless blackhole, do not be afraid it was all just a dream can be happy or sad, its whatever you percieve, just remember my pretender it is all inside you'll find, so many possibilities its the beauty of the mind.

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The free man don't be scared to dream

As i look through the misty fog
I see a man on the moore sitting on a log
Looking through his disguise 
And peering into his eyes

You can see his fear
Moving gently as i move near
You can not startle this man
Be as careful as you can 
You dont know what he is capable of
As you move closer you see a beam of light coming from above

I think to myself what could this be 
Its a sign sent to show you and me 
That all alone this man is free 
free to be anyone he wants to be

If you take away his freedom
A mere mortal he will become 
The same as us 
Trapped in a world so strict and robust 
Place in a circle where your told you belong 
No body knows what this man could of become 

His dreams taken away by the people who control the world 
Forever he will be controlled 
Forced to be
Someone he didn't want to be
One day when i look and see
I Hope he is back where he wants to be
Maybe he will return to be free 

Now you see the fog It isn't a barrier of sight 
Its in his own head blocking out a world of fright 
Maybe we can all learn from this man
Close our eyes be as free as you can 
Dont be scared to dream
His freedom of thought that is the beam
Always be free Make your real life better than your dream.

sandy jack 

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from this hatred and negativity my skin crawls onto the floor i am broken but not shattered i wont let this depleted hope be the death of me i will rise back from nothing with full wind in my sails these coasts will never skip these hollow eyes this fragrance of life will find refuge in these nostrils i put my heart up one more time its better there than in my stomach it has been beaten to almost nothing filled with incapacitating lies just open your eyes thats what this world tries to tell me just open your eyes why cant you just see the beauty they say i cant handle the responsibility i cant swing it in this reality the one that they have chosen not the same that we were born into its right here for the taking but through this neglect comes the heartbreak all thats left is to ask questions do you even own a mirror i see this earth on its wedding day nothing short of inspirational my breath becomes the wind my lungs cant find a use anymore. Joseph B. Garcia

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Even though my mind goes
To the days I lost most
I shall look up at the sky
Meet my dreams in that home so high

Even though my life blurs
In this life dark as mur/
I shall keep on the struggle
Till I free from this jungle

Even though I've known no hope
Lived a life full of yoke
Of this life cruel and unpredictable
Of that fate..…..
I shall keep on, till I am, but able.

Written between 2000-2003 
Just the young thoughts of the young mind

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Living the Dream

Wouldn’t it be weird if when you woke up this morning you were twenty years younger and you realized that the past twenty years of your life was really just a dream? If that happened to you what would you do? Would you want your dream to come true? Or, would you change a thing or two? When reflecting on your dream would you be disappointed with how things turned out? Would you have wanted the you in your dream to have made different decisions or followed a different path? Perhaps, to those people who died in your dream, you would have wished you were a little bit nicer; or spent a little more time with them; or taken the time to tell them how much they mean to you. Well, the fact of the matter is the past twenty years of your life were not just a dream and you cannot relive those years and do things differently. But, you do control the next twenty years of your future dream. If you wished you would have been nicer start being nice today. If you wished you had spent more time with your children I am sure, even as adults, they would welcome spending time with you now. If you wished you had read more pick up a book. In the years that are ahead you can say, “I love you”, to those not yet dead. If you wished you had achieved more it is not too late today. If you wished you would have been more charitable the needs are still there to be met. If you wished you would have written more letters you can start by writing one to me. No, those last twenty years were not a dream, but you are now living the dream of what comes next. Learn from the lessons of your yesterdays and don’t wake up tomorrow, wishing things were different … instead … make them different. And now, as I bring this poem to an end I hope for you a new dream can begin.

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Where are you my sweet spring time,
I’m heart sink waiting for thee, oh beloved
Of all the seasons, thou ‘art my favorite,
For yours is the very breathe of life itself,
The Mystic Rose grows within your warmth,
Nourished by the gentle breezes that you
Bring forth, a tender blossom of sacred beauty,
A timeless wild flower of single elegance.
It sleeps this brilliant Tiffany bulb, curled up
Tightly within its raw soil bedding dreaming,
Oh thee, oh sweet springtime, but frozen
She remains in a status freeze, waiting for
A soft whispering from nature
She comes be at the ready, child of the sun.
Beneath winters icy chill, lays fields of dreaming
Blossoms, here the verities of the pallet array
Dips into the rainbows stratospheres, melting
Within the earth below, to create the beautiful
Bouquet that spring will draw forth.
Nay the white hands of winter, smack harshly
Against my window panes of sorrow,
Yet within my heart is hope of the tomorrow,
And the glorious joy to come, with the on set
Of the promises of spring.
The burning logs of holiday cheer have lost
Their romantic luster, the sleds sharp blades
Are placed aside, it’s just too cold outside for
Laughter’s enchantment to take hold.
The shovels of white diamonds fields that
Once glistened so magically now remain
Dual and tarnished, just a chores aimless
Task of back aching pain to be done.
I’m waiting for the breathless color burst,
To feel the warmth of the sun against my
White skin of palest ivory, and to hear the
Street children at play once more, outside
My prison door.
For here I’m still looking out my window,
At a wintery wonderland of ice and snow,
Waiting for the spring, tired and weary of
The splendor of white lace, and snowflakes.
Where are you my sweet spring time,
I’m heart sink waiting for thee, oh beloved
Of all the seasons, thou ‘art my favorite,
For yours is the very breathe of life itself,
The Mystic Rose grows within your warmth,
Nourished by the gentle breezes that you
Bring forth, a tender blossom of sacred beauty,
A timeless wild flower of single elegance.

Dedicated and inspired by My Sister Poet Mystic Rose

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Infinity does it really exist
Only in a number you never question it
Infinity a word that keeps us wondering on and on
But for what so we could feel like repeat on a song
The fact of the matter 
its simply like a splatter of,
Color and sound keeping those thoughts that seem to wrap around
The mind.The time.or just this infinity line.

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Butterfly Dreams

Lost in the bushes today a butterfly
of my dreams someone should not find
I color them and now watch the flight.

The life is a merchant I meet in a way
he gives me a smirk and warns to be careful,
where is the sky and where it meets the earth
I remain in my thoughts with, without sunshine.

The time is a friend who tells me to be wise
before I could lose hope, I find my ground
there are millions of stars still in the sky,
I prepare to put them on my ceiling in a while.

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Dream On, Dream Off

Dream on, dream off,
set the world on fire just to put it out,
climb your mountain today to fall back down tomorrow.
Dream on, dream off,
from in front of a bull to behind a desk,
from a driver’s seat to a pit-stop pedestrian.
Dream on, dream off,
the lightbulb fades all too easily,
to become the moth to the bigger flame.

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One Pen One Page One Dream

Some say I write the truth.

They say if I sell my work my bankroll would skyrocket to the roof.

I say writing is just an everyday thing for me.

It's not a job; it's more like a dream for me
I do it out of feeling, I do it for fun.

I know when I have a child my gift is going to be pass down to my son.

I'll tell him everything starts out as a dream.

All it takes is one dream it seems.

To make a poet all it takes is one pen.

To start a book all it takes is one page.

But to make a great poet it starts out as a dream it seems.

I know what you're saying, what do all this mean?

To be a writer like me it takes one pen, one page, one dream.

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I want to be young now
Not after you die, I get to live 
When I am eighty and all the years behind me stare
into today with hungry eyes,
I will be too late for the northbound train

No not then, but now

I want to be young
when no wonder why a smile asks
but invites others to do the same and 
all frivolity is forgiven in the sun


I want to be young
where I look back not on my years lost but on you
where I live with love from a distance flown
and all my tomorrows carry me close
to dreams: realized 

- A. H. Sewell ©2015

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ON THIS DAY: 01.20.09

In 1963 Dr. King gave a speech in Washington D.C.
it was a most stirring address that became a prophecy
he made mention of a dream of an America he had invisioned
one with justice, equality for all and no more racial division

In 1964 the Civil Rights Bill was signed and enacted
that federal law designed to have racism in America impacted
yet the struggle continued and the battle raged on
but God had something coming up on the horizon

In 2004 a man of mixed race decided to take up the cause
a Columbia grad with a Harvard degree who did not stop to pause
based in Illinois he ran for the United States Senate seat
and despite the odds against him the opposition he did beat

In 2007 God move Senator Obama to the next phase
the Spirit compelled him to step up and enter the Presidential race
many thought he was an upstart and by many he was rejected
as he wasn't a part of the early movement and wasn't what they expected
But God will use any kind of man to accomplish His goals
all He requires is an obedient servant who allows Him to be in control

In 2008 the Democratic Primary was a most unpleasant fight
it was not only about gender it became about Black and White
but the youth of today stepped up, joined in and took a stance
and the young Senator from Illinois now had a fighting chance
and after the dust had settled it became a very clear choice
the American people voted and the world heard their voice

that young upstart Senator Barack Obama won the Presidential race
and now the most powerful job in this world belongs to a man with a Black face
but more importantly he's a man who doesn't distinquish himself by his color
he's the President of every American citizen Jews, Gentiles, Sisters and Brothers

It was not a coincidence that on the day he won his party's nomination
it was 45 years to the day that Dr. King addressed the entire nation
it was not a coincidence it was all God's design
that this young intelligent black man would have his season at this time

a people delivered from slavery into the ultimate seat of power
on this day in U.S. history African American's shining hour
to be vindicated and now elevated
to be validated and now celebrated

Oh yes we can for hope has been renewed and restored
Oh yes we can pray that peace will reign again once more
On This Day the Rev. Dr. King's dream become divine
On This Day January 20th in the year 2009

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The Dreamer and the Lover

Dream sweet
Float of your feet
Fly into the sky 
Touch the clouds as they pass by
Dreams of you are dreams of youth
Gentle hearts touched by hands so smooth
The dreamer and the lover live on forever
They share their thoughts like no other
Two lovers in one dream is more than just you and me
This is where we can be free to see
Our minds go restless
I can feel the stars, this dream is endless
I don’t want to wake up, I fear that it’s too early
I love the use of no gravity, but if you make this dream into reality
Then I'll open my eyes for you to gaze upon
There’s a noise I hear, it’s your voice
It had me startled, my eyes are opened 
Then you said our love has just begun

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How can I stop dreaming about you? 
How do I think it can be possible? 
How long is the dream and how short does the day run 
How discouraging it is whenever am been tap with hands that it has break

Dreaming about you is like been in the mix of those in honey moon
Dreaming about you is as tapping the taste of a honey
Dreaming about you is as endless as the ocean
Dreaming about you is like someone flying without wings

One blinks glints into me and causes sleepless night 
One glints twinkle twice at me and causes too much thinking
One word from you makes my toy of joy
One glance at you deserves and another because you worth it

Whenever am sleeping you pictures are with me because I need a scripture from 
Whenever am thinking I stretch straight to you first
Whenever am taking my dinner is like you are in front of I exchanging feeds to 
each other 
Whenever am out there in a super shop I dreamt of you picking what you want 

I mingle to single with you but it was a dream 
I riddle to reduce the hatred but it was a dream 
I protect to dictate the sadness but it was a dream 
I paint to feel the impact of love but it was a dream

When would I stop dreaming of you?
How will I stop thinking about you? 
Can it be of that of nature future?
Then how can I be swimming without swimming my hands?

Would I say the part called love flower leaf left my heart 
How can I shake those shackles of dream and make it real
Would I say the moon of love is not shinning upon me? 
How would I relay my to research my love to ply a reply

Oh dreams come true throw away the shackles of love 
Oh dream is ready to read my heart because it is written love 
Oh dream kindly fill the pill in my heart with love 
Oh dreams slogan that my dreams must come true through love

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Never Change It

A dream.
A hope.
A prayer held deep in your heart.

A goal.
A challenge.
Bound to tear your world apart.

You spend your life thinking about it,
Every waking minute,
Of every single day.

Couldn't there be another way?

It's hard to imagine.
Hard to handle.
Hard to grasp.

That all these things,
Will never be completed,
Before that final gasp.

When you have been nothing,
Nowhere near,
Close to who you wanted to be.

But if you really thought about,
Then maybe, just maybe,
You'd see.

Dreams can be wonderful,
Full of life.

But in a second,
They could be stabbed
With a razor sharp knife.

For even if you do succeed,
And finally reach that goal,
What you want.

It's usually your regret,
That always, Always,
Seems to taunt.

For in the end,
When you finally really think.
Even freedom is a bad goal to pursue.

After you've changed your whole life.
The choices you've made,
Will come back to you.

As you realize that possibly,
God may have planned for your life
To go this way.

To have so many empty dreams,
So many abandoned goals.
That's the way it should stay.

You should never have to change it.

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Child Dreamer

The view I see so beautiful a new horizon a bright sky
everything’s falling into place.
Vibrations have started paving the way for a new life
Magnificent sights and wonders captured within my mind
Excitement within my heart beating faster
Air I breath I'm feeling good
Born with a gift within my labyrinth
Like the magic of a crystal
Images I see time talks to me
I close my eyes century’s pass me by
Looking in the sky my mind can fly messages I hear
By the water my power grows
By the touch of a hand a deep emotion I feel
I am the messenger from the light
My life force has the everlasting glow
The road that I travel lies deep within a realm of enlightened thought
In this land I am a mystic
Abilities within my heart and mind have no boundaries
My wisdom teaches the children of life
My thoughts can move the megaliths
With the wave of my hand a portal open up
Through this dimension angels guide my inner soul
Listen closely an echoing voice calls out
Now watch as my arms turn into wings
Hold tight prepare for an adventure through fantasy
Higher 'n higher into heaven sky
The many sounds that surround
A breeze that breaths
Look into my eyes watch me turn into a star shooting through the sky.
Tonight something beautiful is about to begin
In a world of wonder everything comes alive.
In the corner of a small bed room, 
A sleeping child soon will hear magic. 
A picture on the wall. a battered guitar by the window
This picture is filled with visions of harmony and dreams.
That guitar is magical it works for any child that makes wish.
Outside the window a shooting star with 
the power and magic to create dreams into reality.
A gentle breeze rushes in; an angel like glow ignites the picture
A symphony of color engulfs the room.
The guitar begins to play. A gentle voice fills the air singing
Dream that dream watch 'n see 
What you have always known and wished for soon will become reality
You are the one we’ll come to know and love
I know you’ve been abused it’s in your eyes
It’s alright to cry open up let the emotions soar
You are the star, climb the sky show the truth to the world
Show them what you can do, we have seen you do it and we know
You’ve been hidden from so many, a child so gifted and beautiful. 
That little voice you keep hearing is you guiding you along 
There are no boundaries for you and I in life.
Dream that dream keep creating
Watch and see what you have always known and wished for soon will be reality

Details | Free verse | |

You Are Jamming My Dreams

I wait crossly
To get picked up straightaway
I wait optimistically
To step into the murky bowels of my car

I can’t advance…
When you’re dragging me to your feet
I can’t progress…
When you’re motivating me to be incomplete

I wait at ease
To get a ride home
I wait with heaps of crotchetiness
To jam myself into the jumbled car

I can’t drive on…
When you’re creating traffic in my dreams
I can’t carry on as fast
When you’re taking your time on the freeway,
Though your obedience beams

You’re jamming my dreams, sweet dream catcher
You’re liveliness gleams…It’s not what it seems... (2)
It’s certainly not what it seems…
Blame it on my dreams!
You’re just a dream come true…
It’s nothing that popped out of the blue…
It’s not that surprising
If you only knew…
Oh, you don’t have a clue…
This infatuation is positively true!

I can’t move on…I can’t drive on… (2)
I can’t ride on the road to victory…
I can’t burst forth by dashing proudly
Until you hit the brakes and cease from
Jamming my exotic dreams

I can’t travel on… I can’t light up the sky…
I can’t dream on and on and on
I can’t drift on and on
I can’t…I can’t move on
I can’t… I can’t!
Until you inspire me to gleam!

(the whispers grow soundless)
I can’t drive on…
I can’t drive on…
I can’t drive on…
I can't...I can't...
I just can't,
Dear friend...

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Dream of Reality

Dreaming is like traveling to another world
We dont know where we are going
But we can't wait to get there 
It's a place where we can be free 
But we can also be a prisoner. 

It's a place where we have no fear
But where we find new ones 
It's a place where we can slay our dragons
But still come out with burns 
It's a place where we see ourselver as we do and dont want to be. 

It's a place where the good witch helps us home
But the wicked witch will knock us off the yellow brick road
It's a place full of magic 
It's a place where wonders happen 
But also where tragedy strikes. 

It's a place full of love 
But also of hate 
It's a place where the sun always shines 
And where the rain never stops 
Sound familiar? 

Our dreams are like reality 
There is love and hate 
There is good and evil 
There is rain and shine 
But reality is just part of life. 

We can make our reality whatever we want 
We can slay our dragons and we may come out with burns 
But our good witch will always help us home 
Tragedy will happen but wonders will never cease 
And we can be whoever we want. 

We can make our reality a dream 
And we can make our dreams a reality 
So open you eyes and dont be afraid to dream 
Because if you try hard enough 
You can make your life the dream you want it to be.

Details | Couplet | |

Dancing in this Heart

I dove into the darkness for I wished to see
If the life on that side was the life for me
I tasted all it’s pleasures let them consume my mind
Turned my back on all I loved, left those I loved behind
It started like a dream that filled me with a dance
I was completely captivated by the dark romance
Everything that ever was truly seemed to be
Out there for the taking waiting just for me
I ran long and I ran hard strutting through it all
Let my soul pay the price behind a prison wall
I was just a simple wizard caught up in a game
Just incase you don’t know Jughead is my name
I have made my enemies and I left my ghost
I have taken Lucifer and nicknamed him the Host
The Host of Addiction is it not clear to see
Everything about that word spells misery
Then one day I met someone met her just by chance
I soon found myself lost to her seductive dance
In her arms I met someone who had been buried on a shelf
As I traveled through her soul she introduced me to myself
We noticed in other’s eyes a tiny ray of light
As we found in each other the will to try and fight
I dove into the darkness for I wished to see
If the life on that side was the life for me
In that life I met someone who taught me to dance
Then led me through darkness into the light of romance
That is why today I write for her this little rhyme
Letting her know she is still the dream dancing in this heart of mine

© 2007 Michael Jordan
All Rights Reserved

Details | I do not know? | |

Trust in prayer

Our tomorrow forms
by what was done today.
God will help us through 
you only have to pray.
Walk not the path that is wanted
go the road for you which is right.
Every dream we dream is possible
but,  you must keep this dream in sight.
Hold on to hope, faith, and beliefs
you can find strength within your will.
Trust that God will bring you home
when your heart is forever still.

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SSSHHH…Hush now in this the lord’s nursery,
Ideal incubators swaying within the stratosphere,
Are these soft powder clouds of white cotton?
Hidden within God’s winged kindred do sleep,
Dreaming peacefully. In the stilled silence just
Before dawn’s rising.
Uplifting cradles of vapors mists gently rocking,
To and fro, shifting in motions tender pace,
Blown by the breath of the lord on high,
Behold his angel children at rest.
Angelic creatures of the morn, awaking.
Bathing in the first light of heaven,
With sun kissed eyes opening wide,
Smiling rays of the everlasting blue skies.
Coverlets white lace wings of grace,
Slowly unwrapping exposing the beautiful
Figures hidden within, feathers ivory
Spreading, outwardly unto the silken winds,
Behold the birthing of the angels.
Elegance personified flying amongst these
Nimbus filled divides, soaring eagles of
Beauty, diving through the rainbows
Bands of colors array.
Collecting hail storms pebbles, crystal
Pearls of frozen ice, slicing between the
Thunder’s strike laughing as its electricity,
Brushes against their soften appendages,
Having a static cling effect.
One by one he calls unto them, to sing 
And welcome the dawn’s arrival, joining
In heaven’s mystical chorus their voices
Joyous, bust forth in harmonies greatest
Symphony, and thus the Lord their father
SSSHHH…Hush now in this the lord’s nursery,
Ideal incubators swaying within the stratosphere,
Are these soft powder clouds of white cotton?
Hidden within God’s winged kindred do sleep,
Dreaming peacefully. In the stilled silence just
Before dawn’s rising.


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In the March of Dreams this way . . . once more, never before

I’m marching in the dream 
It’s raining heavily and the sky is dark and flashed with electric white
Silver shards gleam down from the sky
To shatter the still and calm I love so of the rain
In the dream I am young as I am now
Full of life
Strong and full of grace like never before this moment
When I dream within dream of you standing there in the sunlight
Of the sighing of day light waning beneath the whisper of night cascading 
Like the dreams of yesteryear come once more to pass this way

Dreaming in the dream of another dream born of memories long and old
Lost again am I amid the rains pelting my skin briskly, warmly
Like your voice in my ear of when we spoke to clutch each other fast
To hold one another close within the span of memories
Needing to feel alive and whole and with one another
For the space between us still of the yawning days and nights falling softly
Lingering here and then as we lay spent, smiling, laughing in the echoes of pleasure
And I march on; I march on toward the East where I see you standing 
With your head held high and arms holding out to me
A bright smile somehow shyly kept across your beautiful face like a river
Fresh from the mountain of days reborn in the fullness of spring

And so I dream as I march under the raining sky and shatter spikes of silver gleaming
Of when and where I stand before you with a quiet smile of wars fought and won
When across these shoulders I carried the sum of world’s worries, 
Pains and lamentations deep and plenty folded 
Like the crystal I gazed within your eyes
When whisper of meaning deep as the sky unfolded within the stars above us now
Did you from across the chasm between 
And still under the thunder of time and when I hear you so close
I dare to reach out and stroke your face with a feather light breath
From jaw line to lips so sweet I weep in the pleasure of knowing you deeply
But I am marching, still marching and into the East I find myself cast
In dream and still more I dream as I dreamed and dreamt never of you before this
For never having dared to dream such as you, 
Could not for never seen such before have I . . .

I am marching in the dream
Under the raining sky that kisses my body briskly
Like the dream of your voice in my ear in the birth of day
When wrapped within you I did, was, and will be, I am to be once more
For the first

I am dreaming and in the dream I am marching
Marching under the silver gleaming sky I march

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if you can stand in the rain and not drown
then soon when you're lost you'll be found
if you are weak now but you get through the hard stuff
then pretty soon you'll never give up
if you feel like you're negative again
keep pushing through till the very end 
if feel upset like nothings going right 
keep you're head up and all you're dreams in sight

Details | Monorhyme | |

Let's Dance

I dare to dream of midnight lovers 
under a moons montage theme

just two silhoulettes dancing gliding 
like a king and queen

on a paradise island 
filled with enchanted dreams

hip to hip cheek to cheek 
under a candle lit beam

sherry filled glasses
 to the rims seam

intertwined and saluting 
to the nights scheme

do I dare to interfere 
with this magical burst of gleam

or continue laying dormate 
and flow down this currents stream

wake me not !
for I wish to continue this beautiful dream

of me and my lover 
dancing gliding to a lover's theme

Accepted For Deborah Simpson's
New Anthology  In Late Oct
Please Stop By Deb's Blog 
For Details And Submission Guidlines

Thanks Deb

Entry To
Crystal Bourret's 
Dare To Dream Contest


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Keep the Peace

“Keep the Peace”

 When the world doesn’t move to our rhythm we tend to lose our peace
If we yield and bend like water our pain would surely cease
God teaches us to be kind and gentle when we’re treated with anger and hate
We need to absorb this teaching or come to a fiery fate
This is what Jesus taught us when his limbs were bound with nails
Clear thought, love and compassion is the way that never fails
When the dark side seems to find us be strong and see the light
And let His warmth rush through you and tell you everything’s alright
For the world is in need of good words that strengthen and reinforce
And dream the dream of dreams and stay steadfast on your course 
Copyright 2011


Details | Quatrain | |

Distantly dreaming

Distantly dreaming of a life that has passed
Running and dodging the shadows it cast.
Life flies by, seems it moves way too fast
I hope this feeling grows and that it shall last.

Distantly dreaming of moments yet to come
I envision myself outside standing in the sun.
I see who I am and dream of who I shall become
The weight on my shoulders, it feels like a ton.

Distantly dreaming I just close my eyes
I see myself flying so high in the sky.
Moment like the breeze simply pass by
I feel there is no one luckier than I.

Distantly dreaming of reaching new heights
I give it my best it shall take all my might.
The past is behind but it has taken a big bite
A cold wind awakens as I pass into the night.

Distantly dreaming I just wish on a star
I see this big moon and it doesn’t seem far.
The light shines down to reveal who you are
I shall jump higher, for someone raised the bar.

Distantly dreaming I’m right back at the start
I’ve seen it before so I remember the part.
I see all before me with this dream in my heart
The memories become the glue so I don’t fall apart.

Details | Sonnet | |


          LUCID DREAM
I saw you dead. Now read between each word.
I thought the dream was mine, but it was you
who dreamt of me, a love song seldom heard,
though it was me, I guess you never knew.

Yes I was there, not making any sense,
and you, so young and beautiful would think
who is this fool, across my rusting fence?
And you'd not dream I am your missing link.

How could I be there in your restless sleep,
and touch your hand; remembering your eyes
when I awake, from what I thought too deep
to understand or hope to fantasize.

I saw you dead. I searched to find a gate,
but none was there and you had dreamed too late.

Details | Free verse | |

Three Become One

Mind thinks
Heart beats
Soul ignites

Blending like a smoothie
Swirling like a twister
Becoming as one
To bring creation to life.

Three elements
Make up the being
Working as one
For life to be.

Plucking the thought
From the source
Flows to the heart
While the soul guides.

Together the three
Set the idea free
Giving it form
For all to see.

Details | Free verse | |

The sliders

watching my life on repeat
the perfect human i am
here to teach the angels about innocence
and train the souls for the game of cheat death
the muse of inspiration points many fingers at me
some subtle and some very obvious

ode to the girl who in my dreams
had an apartment in the sky
slide on over and guide holly
through all of her rough times
train her good
for the project at hand
i will call you six
you know who you are singing french in april

they spy me from afar
and know me inside out
my dear friend whose on the verge of sanity
needs a man made miracle to help her out
This tool comes in handy but i call you marbles now
you have an army of your own
i take control
and this puzzle is for you to figure out

such sweet songs of the blasphemous world
a serial killer poster of a girl
and now this show takes a hold
unknowingly humbling and helping my brother
i see you inspire such change to force the cornered to fight for freedom
and now you know much of the stairway to heaven
i will call you scope as i freshen my breath and look through the glass

my little sister
her life is taking shape
three days grace of notice
she just might become everything you love
and she is not your toy so dont take the bait
encourage all of her goals and dreams
help her find who she is growing to be
i will call you sox
and there will be much to learn from what you teach

my little brother
dont forget to sink the Pink
my memory lingers on yet the new day has dawned
and this man made angel psychic sidekick
i call slippers
is pulling such sweet strings

for anyone who knows me
an object to crave to be yours
plan to fail or be uninvited
and i call this guardian soap for she plays an important role through many of my 

for those who dont know me
but we have an interaction
and your testing out this dream sea of conciousness to seek the truth
Our lady peace i call shells
will be working on those outside the sphere of influence
perhaps letting you in or building walls

i will need to slide
to fake my death and earn my prize
two sides slipping away and working together to plan to fail 
as i succeed
teaching amagic trick for the weaponry of the muse
in case this ever happens again

slide the note
the will of deaths vacation
and death by lottery scheme

this dream is governed by ten fingers plus one
when everything feels wrong
I call them shine

Details | I do not know? | |

Why do i love you still?

Sitting here thinking, thinking back
to all the times you hurt me,
Wondering why i still love you and why i still dream of you
Maybe it's your eyes
the way they make me feel so good inside 
or maybe it is the way you smile?
that makes me feel that i've never been so happy 
or the way i get butterflies in my stomach 
It's probably just the way you are
a funny sweet guy that anyone would love to be with
a person someone would dream of night after night
But after all the times you hurt me, 
i just don't understand what it is about you that makes me still love you
Why do i still love you?

Details | Quatern | |

A Dream...

A dream is something you can't hide,
it can take your life for a ride,
or it can send you to smooth sail
and gentlely move you without fail.

The soft sound of the tossing tide,
a dream is something you can't hide,
a fiery flame burning in your soul
that can't be erased not even at all.

Like the sparkling sun so high,
or the cool crisp feeling of a dive,
a dream is something you can't hide
it welcomes each and every side.

The silky soft rain against your skin,
the comforting cuddle from your kin,
the feeling no human can deny
a dream is something you can't hide.

Details | Couplet | |

The Waterfall of Dreams

I once had a dream or did my dream have me
Sometimes the truth can be real hard to see

I lived in the shadows of desire and lust
Landing where I may like particles of dust

My heart it was empty and my soul was so tired
As I tried to mask my pain by staying wired

Then one day something special happened to me
I closed my eyes, which enabled to see

In the same way as we scrape the burnt off our toast
The Lord delivered me from my addictive host

Then he opened up my eyes and taught me to see
Through the eyes of a man living honest and free

Everyone life is a river that flows down a hill
It’s an emotional ride full of heartache and thrills

But just beyond the rapids as rough as they seem
Put your faith in the Lord and ride the waterfall of dreams

Details | I do not know? | |

The Dream Of A Baby

Me and my mom sit all alone 
as she hums a very slow tone 
i close my eyes as i dream of life 
and what i will be a girl or a wife
as i drame of what i will be 
i thought of when she sets me free 
i think of what will happen today 
i will always be a step away
i dream what could really last
this beautiful world goes by so fast 
i open my eyes to find it right
the answer was as plain as sight 
it was my mom and what she will be
because at the time i was only three

Details | Carpe Diem | |


Some seek for something that would never be theirs.

Some fall back from life because they're scared.

Some go through life with people telling them what they can't do.

I know because I'm just like you.

But I live to prove people wrong.

A dream lives within everything.

A happy or bad home.

A happy or sad song.

But who really knows what the word "Dream" really means?

Well I do.

Doubt Really Encourages A Man - D.R.E.A.M - it seems.

Living to prove someone wrong that's what makes a dream.

Wanting to be something greater then you are, that's what makes a dream.

To try to live to help your family, that's what makes a dream.

Never let anyone tell you what you can't do.

They're mad at what you can do.

Make a name for yourself -  see me, 
the name's  Young Gifted.

Because I been in this game so long I'm known to be gifted.

What I'm trying to say is if God gave you a gift use it.

Let the haters talk.

And keep your dream alive.

Details | Free verse | |

Heaeken to the heart

Hearken to me the heart because

I’m the poet soup

Hearken to my precious treasures,

And abolish my pressure.

Hearken to the heart, listen to its

generosity; thou it is in the

left but it is generously right.

Follow the river and find the

sea, locomate your heart and

find the awaiting sae.

Hearken to the voice of the

rushing water, close your eyes and

feel the flow, hearken to the heart

because it forever grow.

Listen to me your heart for i’m your curve,

your call, your fond, your love, your

center, your essence and core, and the

seat of your emotion sitting in

that body core.

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Listen To - Loop style poem

(Loop style poem) Listen to the music from my heart Heart of mine is always producing Producing sounds of love and songs Songs of everlasting love and hope Hope that tomorrow is a better day Day filled of sunshine and true love Love that makes me dream again Again of so many beautiful things Things that have no price and tags Tags all invented by all men Men need find meaning of love in heart Heart that can always be pure and true. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2014 09.17.2014

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A dream comes true

                         A dream comes true.
                 Long awaited, now at last.
                 Bringing forth, now the dream alive
                 Conceived in mind, days and nights.
                 The laurels of victory, here they come.
                 Like a pregnancy, thus entailed,
                 The agony, the pain and fear alike.
                 But the joy of birth surpassed them all.
                 A dream comes true!
                 Costlier than money can trade
                 The heart becomes a fountain
                 And there flows the stream of joy

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for that special someone

i fallen for you
please hold me close
forever please stay
dont go away
lets dream together
be my one and only
live forvever

dont let me go
keep this moment
within our hearts
within this moment time
forever yours 
be my baby
take m under your wings
close my eyes think of you
my heart sings

fallen into you
my dreams
suddenly came true
within this moment in time
forever yours only
fallen for you
taken by a storm
eyes so gentle as the rain
you keep me safe and warm

gentle wispers of an angel
call me
tell me your my baby
listen to the angels
that weep
they brought u and me together
though were miles apart
youve captured my heart

i fallen for you
please hold me close
forever please stay
dont go away
lets dream together
be my one and only
live forvever

like a dream
nothing is what it seems
without you
i would be incomplete
my best friend
my angel
the one who makes my heart
skip a beat

truly an angel from above
gentle wispers
of a choir
while i see your face in my dreams
your the one i could love
be my baby....

Details | Rhyme | |

Dreaming Only Dreaming

I dreamed I was a writer, the pen I could not put down.
And in the dream my books would fill the Library in my town.
Ah, but too the Lord hath spoken says he. "There's no financial gain, its wealth 
will come to those who read the books that print your name".
This did not make me happy for I was almost broke
and I says "Lord there's no incentive when you do for other folk"
But as I floated around the Library for in the dream this was the case
I learned that money did not matter much when put in its rightful place.
It was here the thought occurred to me 'A Revelation of past years'
that is took this Library of books to release my childhood fears.
For I was known as a deep thinker, one rarely heard me speak
but when I put the pen to paper the Mississippi sprang a leak.
In flooding my experiences from page to endless page
I faced my inner shadow released it from it's cage.
Perhaps I misinterpreted for the Lord would speak no wrong
and sweetly, oh, so sweetly my voice returned in song.
For the first to read the books of course before they were put on any shelf,
was now  Author and Editor of the wealth I bought myself.

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Shattered Dreams

Some things in life don't work out , simply as we plan
Just one small mishap , can snowball out of hand.
That dream that you've held onto.
That one with in your heart.
Has now but all been shattered , and starts to fall apart.
Do you sit and ponder.
And wonder what went wrong.
What happened to that dream , you held onto for so long
Do you try and explain away.
The if's and but's or maybe's.
And totally convince yourself , it was never meant to be.
But maybe it was not the dream.
That one that was in your heart.
Maybe it's just lifes challenges
You face along your path.

Details | Couplet | |

Big Blue Marble

I had a dream the other night
Dreamt of flying, what a sight

Soared above our big blue marble
What I saw, I could only marvel

Inspired by the peaceful scene
The oceans blue, the forests green

If only man could soar so high
He'd view it all with a different eye

From way up there, no sign of war
No sign of hunger, of nations poor

Harmony reigns with joy supreme
Gliding o'er this tranquil scene

Call me a dreamer, maybe I am
Great way to be, I understand

What life's about and why we're here
Making friends, spreading cheer

Defining laws of right from wrong 
Singing a chorus of freedom's song

Looking forward to a better day
We can only hope and only pray

I had a dream the other night
Dreamt of flying, what a sight

Soared above our big blue marble
What I saw, I could only marvel

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I will fall asleep and dream of a place often forgotten
And drift off into a realm of angels and gold;
A single pathway leads there, rarely ever trodden
Existing in a city where age is never old.

The rain drops stream down, saturated with life
Filling the hearts around them with everlasting love
Burying in the meadows all discord and strife
And clouds full of light, hovering weightlessly above.

I will fall asleep and dream of a place void of night;
I feel the warmth of the sun embracing my heart
While I soak up the affection of the light
Glowing with joy and praise from an undeserved new start.

Details | Free verse | |

Belief in The Universal Entity

Belief in The Universal Entity
And was mankind created to dream for no reason
Locked in an awareness
Only physical
What we sense through this body
Is only an impression
Of the energy field
Created between each and every single atom
We touch reality
We know
We feel
This purpose of the divinity
Is to know
And touch
And was mankind created to dream for no reason
To desire and want
Faith it is said can make it so
Know it to be so
And it will be so
If all we would do is believe
So small we have become
So small
So small embroiled in our fear of death
So small
That we have forgotten life’s abundance
Creation did not create the lack
Of anything
Creation is after all everything
And in this all encompassing wealth of existence
We by the power of our awareness
Could do
Or have
Or be
If all we would do is believe
We touch reality
We know
We feel
This purpose of the divinity
Is to know
And touch

“Oh ye of little faith
I say unto you should you desire the mountain to move
It would move”
And was mankind created to dream for no reason
All the aspects of lack
Would vanish
The concord and promise of eternal love
And truth
Would give no other explanation
No need for greed
Or avarice
No need for struggle
Or gluttony
Or pain
They fall away as mere misjudgments
Of the undeniable truth
Of actuality
We were created in the image and likeness of God
And that which is divinity
Is the universal eternity
We are a single united
We are with, inside, we are God
You see there is no separation
Between us
No boundary of constraint
And was mankind created to dream for no reason
It is only because we have fallen
From the position
Of faith
No need for greed
Or avarice
No need for struggle
Or gluttony
Or pain
They fall away as mere misjudgments
Of the undeniable truth
Of actuality
We touch reality
We know
We feel
This purpose of the divinity
Is to know
And touch

Details | ABC | |

The Other Side

Do we really want to know what is beyond this world

    Only our minds can try to imagine if it is all turmoil,

Is the other side beautiful and full of light

    Or is it dark and lonely that leaves you in fright,

Can it all be so perfect and our souls have no worries

    Maybe not because you don't see anyone in a hurry,

To get to the other side

    Cause all that we fear might make us hide,

From the nothing that doesn't seem to exist

    Just like the last day on earth when we are all missed,

Our time will come for us to find out

    What is beyond the door to heaven or hell and then we all know what Life was all about.

Written By: Unique Poetry aka Michelle Born

Details | Lyric | |

Dearest Eleanor

Oh little Eleanor just turned one, two, three
She has curls that flow down her back and eyes bright as can be
My little Eleanor plays outside all day
Lives in a tiny house, but says that it's okay
Sweet little Eleanor, full of love and light
With only a tiny blanket to keep her warm at night

My darling Eleanor, life isn't what it seems
She's got a big ol' heart and a head that's full of dreams
Keep workin' Eleanor and maybe there's a way
Keep workin' Eleanor, you could make it big one day

Oh little Eleanor just turned eighteen 
Still as happy as she was when she was one, two, three
Oh precious Eleanor, your life has just begun
There's time for work and time for fun
My beloved Eleanor just bought her first guitar
She wants to be a singer and become a worldwide star

My darling Eleanor, life isn't what it seems 
She's got a big ol' heart and a head that's full of dreams 
Keep workin' Eleanor and maybe there's a way
Keep workin' Eleanor, you could make it big one day

Oh little Eleanor just turned twenty-three
Not as happy as she was when she was one, two, three
My loving Eleanor plays in bars all night
Her eyes are big and blue, but they're just not as bright 
My cherished Eleanor writes her songs all day
She clasps her hands together and prays she'll be okay

My darling Eleanor, life isn't what it seems 
She's got a big ol' heart and a head that's full of dreams 
Keep workin' Eleanor and maybe there's a way
Keep workin' Eleanor, you could make it big one day

Oh little Eleanor just turned thirty-three
She's happier than she was when she was one, two, three
My little Eleanor plays sold out shows
She's got millions of dollars to blow
Sweet little Eleanor made her momma proud 
Bought her a big ol' house that touches the clouds

My darling Eleanor, life is what it seems
She's got a big ol' heart and she's livin' her dreams
You worked hard, Eleanor and there was a way
You worked hard, Eleanor, I told you you'd make it big one day

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Friend, before life moves us to the parting ways
Let wisdom tell from rend of heart its lessons old
That you may take your journey springing praise
And mend with gladness dream and mirrored fold
               One road invites the universe of man to dawn
               The place we left in awe of sword and flash of fire
               Stumbling from purpose and lapping dew for ire
               Making the circle of return to the cradle of the fawn

It's two things the oracle challenges us to know
Where the road diverges into many different paths
What vision shapes the skill that need will show
To meet the tests that sever self from it thoughts
               And lift the eagle to the pinnacle of brimming star
               And say to soul you are worth more than you seem
               In any dissection of the flesh or weighing of dream
               The mantle is mask that pretends not who we are.

What if one branching path a wide lake must cross
What if another a snow-capped cliff must clamber o'er
And still the next has serpents slithering in the grass
And one stretch endless like miles of a sandy shore
               Shall the swimmer charm the serpents, swim
               The sands, and climb the mirror face of ice
               Against a different purpose will his dream suffice
               Or all mismatched paths not a meet a fate still grim?

O too many on the wrong path are embarked, too few
Their purpose know before the journey begins
The shipwreck on deserts straddle the sense as clue
Ignored ... self-blinded race, drowning in our sins
               He who foreknew us predestined purpose too
               Each tree is seeded after its kind, each man can
               Achieve only what is set in the primordial plan
               The broad way is littered with much too much to rue.

What use is choice unless some context tell the aim
For once and only once we choose the path to good
And joy, the river does not return, the sea is the same
Only at the rapids end. Not what I would, but what I should
               Is all I need to know. It's not the prize but the race
               We run is what we are destined for. Go now, friend
               And wing the light and for mist of truth contend
               The swift may run, but the wise the victory taste.

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Keep on Dreaming

As a child I used to constantly dream
But as I grew up, people shunned the very thought
They say that it's nothing and won't do a thing
Not if you want to get ahead in life
It was then that I began to follow them
But then I realized that they were wrong!

I'll keep dreaming as well as smiling
Because I know that my dreams are...
My driving force behind me
If I lose sight of them, then I'm done
But I won't let such a thing happen again
Because these dreams... make me who I am!

I know that you used to dream often
But somewhere down the line, it disappeared
Its ok to dream for it doesn't make
You any less mature
Don't let what anyone else says to you
Just follow your heart and open your mind, dream!

You can just dream! Don't worry
Just let your mind take you to new heights
It doesn't matter what anyone says
They just don't understand what we feel
And that's frankly just fine as is
Because those dreams... make you who you are!

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Beyond the truth the lie exists
for whom you die for whom you live
you don't know but HE exists
you don't know but you believe
with immense faith from within your deep

Who, if HE is, we can not define
it is all what we call DIVINE
you don't know nor do i
but still we believe, why?

you can't see the Sun in the night
but you know that next day is going to be bright
but our night is very long
and the faith is diminishing
but still we are waiting for our night to be over 
with your ultimate blessings

the morning will be a fresh one
with all our dreams to past
the day will be a precious one
don't know how long to last

but the truth will slowly rise
and be at it's apex
and eventually go down the horizon
and we will again relax

i fear to come out of this dream world
it is the fear of unknown
as the night has lengthened and the dream has deepened
the fear has also grown

a few revolutionaries are to be found
who have felt the warmth of the rising sun
who have marked the history also
Buddha, Mahavira, Jesus : few enlightened one

don't bind your mind nor burdon it with shackles
what you think or are potent to think
may be a key to mysteries of ages
and may be a miracle. 

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A Dream Within A Dream

Life is but a dream within a dream
Oh, how innocent that would seem
If all were true, we shall redeem
All our life lived in a dream.
If we lose hope this day
If we allow it to fly away,
Nothing will ever be a dream 
But instead will change ev'ry day.
We, like a gentle leaf,
Will fly into the cushion of belief
Gentle, as soft as it would seem,
 We are consoled in our grief.
Though we all silently weep, 
Though life may seem so deep,
Though it quietly will creep,
Life is but a dream within a dream.

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Whose Dream?

Whose dream is it anyway,
the lady in Hoboken
with the green hat,
the fellow on the bus
with the unlit cigar,
the guard at the desk,
your boss in the next room,

mom, dad, whose dream?
Claim it like your own suit,
the one you wear with pride
or at least appreciation.
From time to time,
take your dream out
and show it to the world.

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just to be different

No boat I’m swimming with the sharks
It would be so easy for me to drown
But winnings in my heart
I won’t stop until glory is found

I’ll get struck by lightning twice in the same spot
Before I panic
I’m not cut from the same cloth
Long ago I should have been lying next to the titanic

Got told I’d be dead by the time I reached 21 
Look at how far I’ve come
You didn’t think I could find hope from the dirt
You can suck my pen, swallow my ink and choke on my words

Wait, what did he just say?
Is he allowed to say that?
Quit being so sensitive I hope it offended you
I’m not going to erase that

I’ll say what I like
What happened to freedom of speech?
I’m not you, can’t say what you like
So there you have a reason to leave

I love being different 
My biggest fear was being the same
The worst scenarios couldn’t force me into quitting
The world will remember my name

I’m doing what they said I couldn’t 
What they said I wouldn’t
Let me be honest
I’ve done things I shouldn’t

But then again, who hasn’t?
Thoughts are wrong and this room needs padding
I’m doing what most in my life haven’t 
And believing in myself so I will leave all who doubted me saddened

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Child Dreamer

When I was young I would dream
I'd dream that I was famous
I'd dream of my first kiss
I'd dream to be a star
I'd dream to travel far
I'd dream with no convictions
I'd dream with no restrictions
I'd dream of the greatest fun
I'd dream that to skip and run
When I was young I would dream
I'd dream of all great things beyond
I'd dream I had a magic wand
Now that I'm older I want to scream
That all these dreams aren't dead
Reach inside and look ahead
Dreams aren't just for children
and dreams they will come true
so look into your hearts, deep within
and dream as children do

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The Coming Light

The dream of a day that will end the night
And the birth of a cloud come to see the light
Such tales will be told as our hearts take flight
Such power we find will be true inside

The dream of a storm that believes our pain
Only enters our minds when it starts to rain
Such tales will end once we see this game
That such desperate things start when we still blame

The dream of a darkness replanting seeds
And the end of a heart that held every need
Such tales that were spoken became disease
And such painful times end our clarity

Awaken the dream that recalls our minds
That we feel with our hearts through our open eyes
With such timeless tales surrounding life
It’s hard to believe that we could be blind

A new dream is found in the gathering rain
The love that I feel now speaks my name
And the eyes that reflect speak a million pains
But this story can’t end until it starts again

The dream of a day that began with night
We will live again through whatever skies
The tales of timelessly taking flight
Is the truth that I find when you are my light

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As I dream into reality of a World
A place where “War and Terrorism” have never been heard
A place where there is peace and no cruelty
A place where there is friendship and no enmity

As I dream of a world where mind is without any scare
Where the songs of natures beauty is what one gets to hear
Where the humans, animals, everyone live without any fears
Where everyone smiles and never drops any tears

As I dream, not for me, but for us all
To have a home to stay and Education for all
To have green gardens to play and food for all
To have quiet places to pray and health for all

But, I stand alone in my “dreams of reality”
As I hear the cries of hunger and poverty
Cruelty of War bringing the people to tears
Enmity and Greed giving us all a world full of fears

I ask, “Can my dreams ever come true”?
YES !! Only if with me I also have ALL OF YOU

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More Than Dreams

There are so many things to live life for.
It is always nice to keep an open door.
There’s so much to dream and hope for
Some dreams die but there’s always room for more

And it is nice always to keep an open door.
Let your heart and mind soar and be free.
Some dreams die but there’s always room for more.
Since life can give us more than dreams.

Let your heart and mind soar and be free.
And live your life the best you can.
Since life can give us more than dreams.
So work hard and make your dreams come true.

And live your life the best you can.
There’s so much to dream and hope for.
So work hard and make your dreams come true.
There are so many things to live life for.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


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The distant places I dream of...
are as alive as the loveliest memory,
never erasing that strong legacy;
unfortunately...time slips into tomorrow,
leaving beyond a faint vision of
everything passionately loved
or anything fiercely unloved,
receding itself into a thin shadow!

And as I grow older and weak,
I sadly recall the formidable days
of my very short youth;
very early in spring...hords of sparrows
and red-breast robbins
flew over the blooming hills...
to venture themselves
into another adventure of delight!

The distant places I dream of ...
are eternally carved into this nostalgic soul:
to visualize them as they unfolded yesterday,
making me deliriously cry in sorrow...
and wishing they'd appear to comfort me
in my uncertain hour of death!

I merrily walked under the lustrous cypresses
glancing at the lovers touching and dreaming;
their happiness was mine to imagine,
but fate had a different task to be given
to that chosen one willing to sacrifice himself!
Days have gone,storms have passed... 
the curse has been removed at last,
a trecherous curse to test my resistance!

The distant places I dream of...
lie under the respendant skies,
which adorn the lush hills with radiance;
I'd like to abandon myself to an idle state
and placidly sleep on the same meadow:
imagining to travel to far-away lands...
very different from the ones I had known,
but a twist of fate might turm my dice
and urge me to make the choice...and go back
to the distant places I dream of!

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So then she flew

Little Ila of warm Indian waters
   was born without fins but with feathers.
“Fishes don’t fly,” they constantly told her
   wings in water are just a bother.

Tightly she wound them close to her
   and tried her best to keep up with peers
Oh, she once even tried to pluck out her feathers
   so she wouldn't look like a fish out of water.

But as she grew, her wings became larger
   and surely you realise, swimming became tougher.
Was she the only freak of nature, 
    she spent her time in depressed wonder

Then she met the turtle who seemed wiser 
    and gave her a dream of a sky up higher
There’d be hills and vales and trees and flowers
    and an eternally bright cloudless summer.

The journey was arduous but nothing could deter
    little Ila to defiantly labour up to the border
Then the sun shined in her eyes, struggle just a blur,
   with a leap of faith soon she flew… out of water.

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The Dreamer

They said I wouldn’t make it
Because all of the odds are against me
That maybe I should just quit because
I am really tired and I may as well throw in the towel
But there’s a dream leaping on the inside of me that won’t allow 
Me to obliterate all of the hell that He has brought me through
In order to get to where I am now
My dream is what has keeps me reaching and pushing 
Even when I don’t feel like it
I am Dreamer and not matter what comes my way I have to keep pressing 
forward until my dream is birthed out of me and becomes a reality
Though things aren’t looking up for me 
And all of the odds are against
The Dreamer and the Restorer of me dreams 
Will cause me to overcome

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Dreams bloom
   from simple wonders.
They dance,
   staring with desire.
   at a distance-
      is reality.

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Just Like Yesterday

A different night, same dream as the night before
I heard you say my name, seen your image at my door
I tried to kiss your lips, but your image faded away
So I dropped to my knees and cried, just like yesterday
Your fragrance was in my room, smelling oh so sweet
So I wiped my tears and searched, but your arms I could not reach
Thought I heard you say I love you, but your voice was kind of fuzzy
And I couldn't see your face, staring back at me
But I know someday I'll find you, when I finally reach the skies
For this dream that I've been having, keeps showing me how you died
I just wish that I could touch you, and send this dream away
And hold you in my arms again, just like yesterday


{This Is Not Written About Me}

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Why can’t the spring sparrow sing, in its crystalline 
Cage of ice icicle bars, it flits and flutters against its
Chilling prism chamber, as tiny rainbows dance within
The icy walls keeping it a prisoner.
This poor lonesome dove of delicate beauty,
With its tender heart beating so rapid and
Swift, longing to escape from captivity’s
 Imprisonment of wintery ice.
She sings ever so sweetly, with enchantments
 Mystic melodies, trying to lull her capture 
To fall beneath charms elegant spells of
 Bewitchment, begging father winter to
Release this bird of paradise.
Evil is the sun, teasing it with its rays
Of warmth, caressing ever lightly the
Cages crystallized structure, whispering
Come out and play, soar amongst the 
Power clouds of heaven with us.
In grief’s sorrow the tiny creature
Raises her head, thinking of the dream 
Of the tomorrow, and it’s hopes promise
For soon the great thawing will set
This song bird free.
Outside the white lace snowflakes
Fall and the howling winds bash rocking
The holding cell, giving this small victim
Hidden within cabin fever, inside 
She weeps as her sweet songs turn to
But Mother Nature hears the melodies
Swift change of rhythm, it is the sacred
Signal slowly the ice cycles begin to thaw,
One by one they melt away, dripping one
Drop at a time, as a ticking clock’s second
Hand moves to the changing of the seasons.
Why can’t the spring sparrow sing, in its crystalline 
Cage of ice icicle bars, it flits and flutters against its
Chilling prism chamber, as tiny rainbows dance within
The icy walls keeping it a prisoner.
In a hearts adrenalin rush this tiny thrush,
Crashes bursting through to the outside
World of lights glory, shattering its prisons walls.
Split shards of ice glass descend outwardly,
As the sunshine kiss at her wings of healing,
Behold the song of the springtime, rebirth and
Everlasting love, climbs upon the currents flights of
Liberation, and is free at last.


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Let Freedom Ring

I Have a dream, his words echoed round the world
that one day every little boy and every little girl
would walk together hand in hand
As brothers and sisters in a colourless land

A dream that one day this proud nation
Would finally eradicate segrigation
that no one will be judged by the colour of their skin
instead on the chracter that lies within

Let freedom Ring from stone mountain in georgia
Ring from the peaks of california
Ring from the land of the pilgrims pride
Ring from every hill and every mountainside

A dream that the state of mississippi
Will one day understand the true equality
and live and work for the greater good
and treat each other like we know we should

A dream that we stand side by side
Hold on to our dignity and cultural pride
and walk together to a positive end
I have a dream today my friend

Let freedom Ring from stone mountain in georgia
Ring from the peaks of california
Ring from the land of the pilgrims pride
Ring from every hill and mountainside

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I dream...

I dream of a clean class room, where I can learn in peace... and not have to worry 
about if a bullet was meant for me.

This is America where freedom did ring and land were the pilgrims cried? 

I dream of new books, that I can read that don't contain written words of profanity. 

This is America land of the free and home of the brave? 

I dream of a decent place to eat my lunch and not have to worry if I might catch 
mad cow decease. 

This is America, the birth place of Lincoln and other great names? 

I dream of school that doesn’t have a guard at each door and metal detector just 
to keep me safe.

This is America the Beautiful, land that God bless and more? 

I too have dream of someday earning a degree. 

If this is America, where all these things have taken place and the same place 

where Rev. King had a dream? 

Then why is my school, the last place you would ever want your own child to be? 

Equal education and opportunity is still  just a dream for young black men like 

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Don't Let Your Dreams Get Away From You

So many people you see on the street
Are walking heads down with their eyes at their feet,
You tell from how they move they’ve let it die.  
You see an old friend and you ask him “What’s new?”
--He changes the topic to talk about you,
He hates to let you see his dream went by.

Everyone says, “Son, you’re wasting your life,
The years come down like a rusty knife
And cut the heart from out of your fantasy.”
It’s damned good advice but the kind you ignore,
You smile and you’re keeping right on like before,
That golden dream is your reality.  

Don’t let your dreams get away from you, 
There’s nothing that’s quite as true
As a dream of your own—it’s stronger than stone,
Don’t let your dreams get away from you
There’s nothing that’s quite as true.

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a dream

when father created his children
a dream was building 
a dream of faith and of love
the dream to return to him above
yet a shadow covered fathers dream
in to darkness unseen i as me
angel 7 6 3 shall shine fathers dream
back into heaven and shadow and
me at stair in its eyes will have victory
and shatter all its tricks and lies angel 3 6 7 
father of all children and brother to me
to set you all free me in its entirety
i am thee one sent shines freedom as it should be

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the american dream a poem for george w bush

only in america land of hopes and dreams. that is what they tell you they try to 
make you believe that if you want it bad enough theres nothing you cant acheive. 
just shut your mouth and do without while they all succeed .they say there trying 
to help people but there hearts are filled with greed. its all about the mighty buck 
and they will step on you and me just to get all they want .how much dose one 
man need. they tell you they are trying theres nothing they can do to make the 
dream happen for people just like you .theres people on streets that dont have a 
home and some of them are there of no fault of there own. trying to feed there 
family and come in from the cold. these are americans living in the streets men 
women and children denied the american dream .theres more deniles than help 
for them but thats the way it goes. they will look the other way and leave you in the 
cold. i speak these words from the heart becuse you see .not so long ago those 
people i talk about were me .me and my family they closed the factory where i 
worked they took my job away. they moved it over seas so they could save a 
dollar they destoryed pepoles lives but that did not seem to matter. they had 
more money to make ther wallets fatter. we all work so hard for this dream. and 
you think your safe but i hope you all here this they can take it all away .we are the 
richest country in the wourld that is what they say. tell that to all the people that 
are on the streets today. mr.bush dont you think its time to give back the dreams 
you promis .i know i want mine and millions of other people that you push from 
your mind .with every dollar wasted on things that do no good. we are asking for 
your help we know you will make it wright .give us back our dream so we will be 
aright .where not asking for much just our basic needs home food and health 
now thats the american dream .so as christmas comes this year mr.bush this 
poem is for you .i know you will never see it but i can only pray that some how this 
is sent to you .and you will see that it is better to give than it is to receive .so on 
this happy holiday all we want this year is to get our american dream back and 
live in peace next year. god bless and merry christmas

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Our Dream

  OUR DREAM (Dedicated to my friends at their Golden anniversary)

As we both lye down to be of rest
Fluffy pillows placed beneath our heads
A Dream begins for both as one
Blanket of envelopes the power of red

In this dream, they gathered all 
To the showing of honor and cheer
Toasting with laughter hugs with a smile
All of our friends we collected through the years

Children so beautiful all in a row
 Masterpiece to the eyes that have vision
Each holds the link to strength we call family
Placement of love in the heart no incision

Can you believe this is what we have built?
 50 years of the teaching and learning
Experience life in magical ways
 Kiss on my cheek, I glow, flames still burning 

A celebration they say is in order
 Lifetime achievement for what we created
 Values, Respect, Commitment and Trust
Just a few words held strong, never faded

Night in shining armor is I
Queen of the castle your throne
I defend always my soul mate
In this life together etched in stone

Hummingbirds flying resting on flower
To observe life’s beauty has gifted
Take a soft petal home for the warmth
 The cold sets in winter, desert, after Christmas

At the end of my day I find refuge in knowing
My best friend is the one I have chosen
Relationship manifested from a dream we both had
 50 light years away we remain together frozen

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 my dream or not mean
haveing it all
this fall
i dream of playing ball
waiting for the call
i dream of love from you
'after all i try to do

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So what do you think is life ?

Does  it  mean  just to survive?


If u never thOught over it,

I would like to tell u a bit.


Its not merely existing my dear,

Your  own  voice u need to hear.


Some good advice I’d like to give,

This is how I learnt to live.


I took life too seriously,

and God gave me misery.


I held it too tight,

and I couldn’t see the ray of light,


That God beams on all his children,

to help them out of life’s burden.


Then I left it too free and didn’t have any dreams,

God stopped helping me, as it seems.


Nothing affected me, I was indifferent,

At that  moment , a message was sent..


God said to me, here come to me,

You have nothing to do on earth as I see.


I was afraid, I was tense,

I wondered, “ Does my life make any sense”  ?





On every little thing, I was crying,

On all petty things, I felt like dying.


There was no inspiration,

just congestion.


Where am I going, I thought,

Thru all these years, what have I got ??


What is it that I finally want to achieve?

What is the dream that I just cannot leave?


I must have a dream for which I shall fight,

At that instant, I saw some  light.


The light shone on me,

It still helps me to see.


Whenever I’m lost,

in the life’s frost.


I know my destination,

my heart is filled with elation.


Now , I am ready, walking steady,

towards my dream, towards my goal.


I feel so complete, I feel so whole,

I had the courage to look into my soul.


And if you don’t have a dream, you are trapped in life’s mist,

You are not living ,  you just exist.

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"I Dream There for You are"

"I Dream There for You are" 

what if God is just dreaming 
and we are all just 
little pieces of  a big play~
pieces free to move 
in may different   ways~

divine  thought with sleep 
God's uninterrupted  dream of life~
we are now dreamed into being~

now his will is to watch  
the dreams with mostly  nightmares~

with closed hands 
and bended knee 
only the faithful will pray~


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I had waited all day long
I had waited all night long
I had waited enough beyond enough.
I had waited basking in the 
Euphoria of a dream in my dream
I had waited long enough
Forgetting that I am still waiting

I relish momentarily in our 
Hobo’s day time out
I speak to myself of a day
To come off my dream.
I dream aloud to myself of a day
To maw the forbidden fruit.
I soliloquy only to my very self
Of the hour to taste the fruit of life.

Could it be when I will be forbidden 
To eat of your forbidden fruit?
Could it be when your heart would
Have forge for itself another me?
Could it be then and when my seat
In your heart is crowned in lacuna ?
Or could it be when our souls must have
Soar very high to the stage above?

No, God forbid !
For on earth our love shall blossom.
Now, lets us loving unveil the veiled fruit
For I am still waiting but
For how long I know not.

Alayande Stephen. T
22ND April,2006

For  the one my heart have waited for and 
Still waiting for till this very moment.

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Mountain ,forest and stream..... 
I can dream 

I fly over them all, 
hear my call......... 
Such heights 
Such delights 

Golden feathers to fly 
Wings to dream 
Things are not what they seem 
I can, but try 

Mountain,forest and stream.... 
I can dream 

The golden feathers I have let go 
This wind I will follow 
Will be here tomorrow 

I cannot deny, 
that I am meant to fly 
Upon these mighty wings, 
my heart sings 

Mountain,forest and stream.... 
I can dream 

Feathery gold, 
set against rich green 
This I hold............ 
deep in my chest 
This is where I have been 
All these thoughts suppressed 

Mountain,forest and stream.... 
I can dream 

There is no denying...... 
The time is near........... 
This is the time for flying 

For the bird inside....... 
Bursting free......... 
Flying high..... 
flying free.... 
Nothing to hide.... 
For all to see 

Mountain,forest and stream.... 
I can dream 

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Dreaming Out Loud

Through my heart and past my soul
To a tear that I cannot possibly control
It's fierce but strong, with a passionate fire
That seeps through my heart like a burning desire
Because in my mind there's only you
Like a midnight dream that's coming true
At first, I might not hint nor sigh
But please hold on, please don't cry
If you possibly get lonely, just think of me
Im standing right here, you just can't see
And if you ever feel to weak
Just listen harder, I just might speak
Because physically I might have died
But you need to know, through this dream I really tried

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I had a dream the other night,
I woke up scared so full of fright.

Our Savior stood up on a hill,
This dream I dreamed it seemed so real.

Reading from a book these special names
I stood there and watched as the people came.

The names He read were His chosen ones,
But my name was not called, what have I done.

As their name was called I stood and watched them disappear,
And He looked at me like I was not even there.

Father I pleaded what had I done that was so very wrong,
You’re filled with bitterness is why you do not belong.

The pain I felt had tore me apart,
Unforgiveness had filled and darkened my heart.

This evil thing had claimed my place,
And stole from me my Saviors grace.

I watched and cried as they left that day,
I wished this dream would go away.

As I sat up on the edge of my bed,
Filed with shame as I hung my head.

Help me Father to overcome this hate filled spirit don’t let it win,
I turn to You, help me to make this bitterness end.

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As I sit here and wonder about my life,
I’ve shown that life’s a sacrifice.
Many dream of wealth and riches and gold ness.
Others dream of health and stitches from coldness.
A sacrifice is given, not taken by force.
By God this power is given.

A sacrifice of life, a sacrifice of death.
A cry of happiness and then sadness.
For we weep for the souls of our sisters and brothers lost by the wrath of God.

We sacrifice and find that everything will be right, 
But we find that it ma not on our knees in the night.
For a sacrifice is given, not taken by force.
But the one sacrifice I love is from God of course.

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She Dreams Away

she speaks in silent whispers
of an intimate dream inside her
the secret passes between syllables
as the night descends around her
she talks into the darkness 
like an old friend it awakens inside
to see her in all her beauty
and like the wind it blows her mind
she sees all the way through
as the other side opens wide
to receive her innocent gaze
and smiles with all its might
she stares into the mirror
waiting for it to reveal its truth
it retains her subtle glowing aura
and tells her the secrets of life
inviting her to fly away into infinity
she smiles and blushes so sweetly
without a word she is whisked away
into that dream she has held inside
the fantasy becomes her reality

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The flowers you hold for me 
Precious scent 
Filling me through 
My thoughts, of you 
What you meant 
What you meant to do 

Sweet flowers 
Following you 
What you do 
What you meant 
Your precious scent 

This sweet flower scent........ 
Following you 
This is what you meant 

Sweet sensual flower 
I breathe your sexual power 
Sweet flowers in my dream 
Precious scent drifting downstream 

Sweet flowers drifting downstream 
You and I................... 
This is our dream 

The flowers I hold for you, 
the love too 
Our dream 
Sweet flowers drifting downstream 

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Dreams Catcher Net

A rhythm in its dimension sparkling dance
Turn flap the tail without touching its spine
Host the wings fly its soul of its dream land

Crushed in erupted thoughts hoping a simple peace
Day and night throw the net to catch its wish
My light house guides edges of correlation 
Candle of dim dance of breath dream after my dead

Washed dark water witness of crying silence 
Free as reborn as dream catcher fly in story wings
Found humble treasures in my net
Fly to become free as nested in dream catcher's net

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Soothing silence, 
faint whisper of wind, 
such calm, 
as I sit beneath shady palm 

I close my eyes , 
feeling warmth on my face, 
relaxed sigh, 
this is my place 

For the job is done, 
my sleep has come, 
my dreams begun 

I drift away, 
book falls to my side, 
my dreams open wide 
my mind ready  to play 

I travel far 
to my blue sparkling star 
many miles of space 
crossed in an instant, 
no sense of pace 

A sparkle of blue 
and you can see it too 
For you and I, 
dreams open wide, 
cross the divide 

For dreams are good, 
take you far and wide, 
but poorly understand 
Enjoy the ride 

The  journeys I take 
in the infinity of my mind 
are one of a kind 
that I make 

No such thing 
as the impossible dream 
All can happen it seems, 
become a bird on the wing 

These clouds swirl below 
slowly turning 
not far to go 
This earthly release, 
my dream 
For I am at peace 

This limitless space 
My dream takes me far 
Dark world below, 
ahead sparkling star 
not far to go, 

This freedom of thought 
and mind 
overcomes feelings I have sought 
Travelling far 
to find 
blue sparkling star 

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We dream, hope
In love we cherish
Hoping to find happiness
Thinking its out there
Always searching, yearning
Too many never realize 
it is in the “here and now”
Dreaming and wishes
For something else
Longing for what will be 
Always thinking about, 
 when it will come
Rarely appreciating 
It is here now 
The dream  has come
We just forget to appreciate it
Living our lives waiting for Friday’s
Or this date, or when we accomplish that

Always waiting, wondering 
for our ship of dreams
On tomorrow’s ship that is always sailing
Scheming for the boat, often losing hope
not realizing 
Not living the dream 
 life is our dream
of appreciation of what we have
And making the best of it
Not lusting for what will be
Or another’s something
Its being something
Making yourself someone
It’s a smile, a gesture
A joke
It’s not the hope
Of tomorrow
Its living our dream today
Today every day
 all it brings
Tomorrows anticipation
Of it never comes!
And when it does
Too many find they are still
Hoping, dreaming of nothing 
Not living today!

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Crucial supremacy

The sun shines unexpectedly
And my eyes are still drowsy
I’ve gotta to find a way to fly
To another town but still under the same sky
Bitter days and coldly nights as always
I’ve gotta hold on for another day
My dream is high and it’s started to stray 
But hope confides in me and told me to stay
I need to fasten up my safety belt
And I will blast to the outer space
This is the feeling that I felt
I need to find a way to seize the future
I hold this body of mine
It’s burning with the flame of hope
The entire dream I have in mind  
This is the story I have to finish
Shady misery,
Stay away from my positive thought
I’ll take my boat and sailed away
I won’t let myself fall from grace 
I won’t pretend when I am sad
I’m only human in the inside
There is no superman in this earth
We’re just people with life plans
I will wait to find the future
When I find it, I will grab it
Keep it inside my pocket and hold on to it
And the past will be the book of appreciation
Don’t look back if you’re afraid
Every life has a meaning for every soul
The night will fly by in time
And the sun shines your day again
My crucial supremacy

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My Dream


I had a dream earlier this morning,
   It was like I was receiving some type of a warning.
I was told to reach out to all I could,
   And that things are fixing to happen that may not be good.
Repent and turn from sin,
   These few words kept playing over and over again.
It was a dream but was it real,
    I feel like we are living and seeing the breaking of seals.
Look up look up keep watching the sky,
    Is another thing that keeps flashing in my minds eye.
I feel so strange writing this down,
     But I was told to share it all around.
I saw a lot of fire throughout my dream,
     And I felt as if I could hear people scream.
There was blood all over the ground, 
     And your feet would stick as you walked around.
There is only one thing I know to say,
    We must turn to the Lord and shed our evil ways.
Ask for redemption before it’s too late,
    Seek out Jesus and change your fate.
Seek Him in prayer on bended knees,
    Seek Him and ask Him to honor your pleas.
God bless you all that read my letter,
    Jesus is the only way things will get better.

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Not A Dreamer

I tried to be a dreamer,
with those years of daunting doubts.

I tried to ride the dreams
but without rope there is no hope.

I held on tight to words, I wanted to hear,
the problem is they never brought you near.

I have settled now and stronger
in the meaning of perseverance.

To "let go" does not mean to stop caring,
it means I can't do it for you.

Each New Year brought another
promise of this year being the year of birth.

To "let go" does not mean I cut it off,
it means the outcome is out of my hands.

I with stood the time and waited patiently
yet this year has ended and so the dream lingers.

To "let go" is not to deny
but to accept what we had as merely a dream.

You see I never was a dreamer not
one to be patient for to long.

To "let go" is not to fear reality,
but to know the depth of the dream.

To let you go now to dream some more.
I will challenge the future and wait for love
once more.

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Dream Catcher

Watch the dancers
as they whirl around
Listen to the beat of
the drums
Will the dream - catcher work?
Move with the beat
Let your heart feel the rythms
Join in the dance!
A symbol - a sign is what you're 
waiting for
The dream - catcher will let you know
when the time is right
The ancients knew it 
So should we
Dream - catcher  - listen to our
Let our fantasies live!
Once feather points north
Shows us the way
to our ultimate destiny

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A touch of the book 
Ignites the golden flame 
If you know where to look 
Things will never be the same 

Words dream 
Words stream 

Flickering light 
Flickering pages turn 
Cover of night 
New things to learn 

Words dream 
Words stream 

If you know where to look 
Word streams, 
in my dreams 
These things in my book 
Page turning 
Golden flame burning 

Word streams 
Golden dreams 
Life streams 

The slimmest book 
Golden stream 
Word dream 
If you know where to look 

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a dream 4rm a dreamer

the heart of a woman falls back with night.
and enters a alien cage in it's plight,
tries to forget it had dreamed of the stars,
while it breaks on the sheltering bars.
the stage of the singer that sings her songs
are tones that repeat.
the cry of the heart till it ceases to beat while wondering will this be that day that
i march to my own beat ,or better yet i will be undefeted. hope i am cuz i'm still 
standing strong and tyr'na hold my own. so don't hurt me  just sing along with my 
song and let me countinue to dream the dream of a dreamer.

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I know I dream 
I love it so 
I live it so 
Its release 
This comforting peace 

All this in a dream 

When I dream 
How life can change 
How I can rearrange 
My life stream 

All in a dream 

Plunge deep 
Dive far 
These thoughts to keep 
Ever brightening star 

All this in a dream 

To escape our dismal reality 
The power of the subconscious mind 
Accept its unlimited totality 
New dreams to find 

All this in a dream 

Our thoughts entwine 
My lifestream 
Follows my line, 
in my dream 

All this in a dream 

I know I dream 
I love it so 
I live it so 
My escape 
I know it so 


All this in a dream 

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Dream Card

In dreams I saw it all,
Perfect lined up and all ajar,
I saw it clearly,
That things were going my way,
And there was nothing that barred the path,
I woke up and the dream was gone,
A situation like dream,
Soon came along,
But it was different,
Nothing went my way,
Till I worked hard,
Reality is different,
And is not from your dream card.

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Mountain ,forest and stream..... 
I can dream 

I fly over them all, 
hear my call......... 
Such heights 
Such delights 

Golden feathers to fly 
Wings to dream 
Things are not what they seem 
I can, but try 

Mountain,forest and stream.... 
I can dream 

The golden feathers I have let go 
This wind I will follow 
Will be here tomorrow 

I cannot deny, 
that I am meant to fly 
Upon these mighty wings, 
my heart sings 

Mountain,forest and stream.... 
I can dream 

Feathery gold, 
set against rich green 
This I hold............ 
deep in my chest 
This is where I have been 
All these thoughts suppressed 

Mountain,forest and stream.... 
I can dream 

There is no denying...... 
The time is near........... 
This is the time for flying 

For the bird inside....... 
Bursting free......... 
Flying high..... 
flying free.... 
Nothing to hide.... 
For all to see 

Mountain,forest and stream.... 
I can dream 

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There are Fantasies
There are Nightmares
Then They're Dreams
Illusions, Something making believe
Dreams are what you hope happen in real life
What do you dream
What do you hope for
What do you think about in your dreams
Happiness, Joy, Sadness, Anger
Beautiful Things, Sad Things
What excites your dream
Is it that you wonder about life
Do you wonder about others
Dreams Come, Dreams Go
Do Dreams Really Die? Well, No
Dreams are Forever
Dreams Last
We Dream for the Better Future
We Dream of a Better World

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I had a Dream (2005)

As a young girl growing up I used to feel that life was a nightmare
My sleep was my peace and the day I couldn’t bare
I used to dream a new life that was the real me
Expressing my self was in my poetry
No one understood the misunderstood girl
I was a dweller in my own little world
I never thought I would be happy until I woke
I had a dream and my little heart spoke 
It said “believe in your dreams and they will happen very soon”
“Don’t be silly and wish that you lived on the moon”
They came true, every single one
And now all my nightmares have gone
 I found love, security, got an education and a career
With all my dreams I hear a cheer
My dreams used to be just a dream
I was a destined failure, with not one lick of cream
Now I can’t stop living, I’m running so fast
I’m no tired yet, I look forward to breakfast
How did this happen I believe it to be true 
God turns them real all the dreams in you 
Never give up is all I say
Those who wait in hope, will have it all someday

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Have you ever dreamed a dream?
A dream so deep in thought, 
a dream you comprehend not.
A dream so far above your grasp
yet inside your heart.
A dreams a wonderfull thing 
that turns and turns inside your head
Untill one day when you dream has gone away
and all thats left is the memory of the dream you usto dream
And the recognizable thought 
That youll dream no more
and as that thought sink in and the tears start to pour
just like your dream thats when your life means no more