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Haiku Snow Poems | Haiku Poems About Snow

These Haiku Snow poems are examples of Haiku poems about Snow. These are the best examples of Haiku Snow poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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thick blanket of snow snuggling the flowerbeds with a winter wrap 6th October 2014
~awarded 4th place in Charlotte Puddifoot's contest~ ~awarded 5th place in PD's contest~

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cold crystalline clouds sparkling snowflakes slowly swirl winter wonderland 29th January 2015

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A Winter Haiku

Snow is just a mask 
Regenerating earths face.
A special peeling.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 

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Aurora and Avalanche

             a quiescent wind

     heralds the goddess of dawn

         ruffles her green gown


     mesmerised by break of day

           dizzy snow rolls free


   Contest: Aurora and Avalanche
      Sponsor: Anthony Slausen

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Snow-snow-snow everywhere-w

A man made of snow
Some kids gave him candle and wick
Turned to H2O

Snowflakes dance and wave
Like my Christmas memories
Unique but soon gone

Frosty wind made moan
And earth stood as hard as steel…
Snow on snow on snow.

Advice is like snow
Falls softer but dwells longer
Sinks deeper in mind

Snowflakes fragile things
But just look what they can do
When they stick together.

Fifty two snow names
Important for Eskimo 
As many for love.


First place winner in:
Contest: Snow Haiku sponsored Irma, SKAT

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Haiku 34

                                                  blood red berries
                                              cling to stark branches --
                                                 virgin snow glistens

Entered in Rick Parise's "one of your favz" 1- 8 lines
contest (old poem)

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haiku 20

snow drifts
howling north wind...
frost bite

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Wooden window , traditional 5-7-5

Wooden window creaks -
Tree branch swing hanging lowly 
Peeking sun thaws snow

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Haiku X 22 - Winter X 4

        1.          White silver crystals
                     winter coat over a garden bench
                     Summer dreams

        2.         Outside the window
                    the virgin untouched purity
                    the snow is here


        3.         Angels in the snow
                    White crystals flashes
                    The children excited

        4.         Blue gray clouds
                    Yellow ring around the moon
                    More snow coming

    A-L  Andresen :)

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White powdery wisps

Instead of the morning dew...

Winter's Wonderland

       * * *


Walking past the park

Wings made with childlike passion

Angelic Image

       * * *


Whitened droplets

Falling from gray clouds above

Catch one on your tongue

        * * * 


White covers the ground

Trouble starting the blower

Shovel time...again

       * * *


Chilled air on glass

Panes painted with icy hues

Scenes from Jack's palette.

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No Wonderland Winter

(just felt like doing it "blues" style!)

Snowflakes/Snow Snow Snow

falling on my “pane”
first snowflakes of the season. . . 
and more on the way


a tiny snowball   
once it gets started rolling. . .  
it’s all-consuming

Jack Frost

near frosty windows
beaming carolers smiling. . .
but they don’t know jack

Snow Angel

lying in cold snow
arms out, moving up and down. .  .
signaling angels

For SKAT's Snow themed Contest

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Childs Paradise

A child’s paradise 
Is a winter wonderland 
Gleaming with laughter and snow

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 
Just for fun.

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First Flakes

snowflakes whisper down
covering the once green ground
white carpet for prints

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Cumulonimbus towering vertical cloud graupel pellets fall

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Icy stars falling Crystalline H2O drops Building Earths blanket.
Contest: Hidden Beauty Sponsor: Rhonda Johnson-Saunders Entered: 1-19-15

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haiku 23

new fallen snow
heavy laden with moisture...
avalanche rumbles

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Another Stinking January

Another New Year!
It’s January again!
Too damn cold for me!

A freezing north wind!
Snowing and sleeting begin!
Long wool underwear!

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haiku 51

in pale moonlight
on  fresh fallen snow
footprints appear


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At a distance, snow
clumped beneath a pine tree 
plastic Walmart bag


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Haiku number 19

Winter snow deepens
Harbinger of Springtime nods
Snowdrops, more snow drops

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dark clouds blown away leaving a blanket of white the sun is blinding

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  hampered by deep snow

progress slow as molasses

           in January


 wild and howling wind

opens the portal wide to

  the reign of the wolf

21st May 2014
Contest: Two Haiku (Describing The Month of January) 
Sponsor: SKAT A

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Winter Haiku - diamonds in the snow

walk softly please streetlights are making diamonds in the snow

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Early Winter Snow

(American Style)

light powdery flakes
float down like fairy kisses
early winter snow

(Japanese Style)

fairy wings
scatter flakes
kiss my tongue

Note: The Japanese language does not use syllables. Haiku, in Japanese, requires the use of sounds, UP TO seventeen per poem, written in three lines, with a twist at the end.

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gentle comes the snow
wafting cool kisses of white
on my outstretched tongue

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Flurries fondle trees Trees pulse with felicity Leaves frolic in sun

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Wind Snow Seagulls

Wind howling forlorn
thundering through the tree tops
branches crashing down

Snow swirling, whirling
coating all in pristine white
like diamonds glinting

Hear the lonely shrieks          
as seagulls twist and hover
over the fishing boats

written 08/12/2013

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haiku 26

the melting snow sits
on the remnants of green lawn --
the smell of smoke 

Andrea D. Suggested the following changes

the snow melts
on the remnant of green lawn --
the smell of smoke

Chris A. Suggests some of the articles be removed

snow melts
on remnants of green lawn --
the smell of smoke

Rueben O. has made a valid comment too regarding the word remnant.
Jack Kerouac once said that haiku should be as simple as porridge and 
the word remnant is is a word best used in free verse.

As to whether it's Spring or early Winter I think the smell of smoke
shows nicely that folks have lit their fireplaces BUT I'm open to suggestion.

the snow melts
above patches of green grass --
chimney smoke

 Rueben now we have come  to the end of my desire to tinker ;)
Line 3 as it stands was MY Ahaa moment seeing how the cold and the heat
both occur in beauty simultaneously BUT my AhhhHA! may be your [so what]
that's fine..and it is GOOD to point out the fragmented line is tthe hardest to excell is the line where without [telling] by [showing] the poet tries to
communicate how they felt in awe....

*This is how folks work on a haiku :)

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Winter Scene - Haiku

     Winter Scene - Haiku

pine needles hold snow
ice, like broken glass, cracks roads 
winter sweeps it clean

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Smiles melt snow and time

Blue covers the white,
Snowdrops winning the winter,
Smiles melt snow and time.