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Haiku Pets Poems | Haiku Poems About Pets

These Haiku Pets poems are examples of Haiku poems about Pets. These are the best examples of Haiku Pets poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Haiku 004 at the Spring farm

the chickadee tweets

i eat my breakfast

without an egg

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Winter Coats


                                              The sentinel cats
                                     Guard post tip top of the house
                                            Growing winter coats

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Haiku 009 Still waters

erased for publishing

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My Dog

We share a bond
You rejected bird hunting 
I rejected war

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Fur And Feathers

Bunnies are furry
Chickens covered with feathers
But both can be pets

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My Sweet One

a razzmatazz sheen the feel of silken softness - petting ebony you settle near me small paws wrapped around my hand. . . your lullaby purr my happiness when you nuzzle me. . . can I be your catnip? A cat is of nature, right? heehee. For the (double) Valentine Haiku & 1 questionku Poetry Contest of Poet Destroyer A

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the cat acts crazy,
because its read your mind
think like a flower

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Haiku Town Dog

Town dog’s name -- Buster He limps on once broken leg But runs like a pup Story never told How Buster’s leg was broken Silence rule invoked Countless times I’ve asked But no one wants to tell me How this came about No one wants to talk About Buster’s tragedy They hide truth from me Someone will talk soon Of this there is certainty Truth exists somewhere The tomcat is mute Ne’er spoke a word about it I feel he is key Friends they used to be And friends they are till this day Friends don’t rat on friends.

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eyes of beauty

striking chartreuse eyes
   my true companion has these...
      beautiful kitty

written 1/11/2014

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The Kitten

the look of innocence
hides a deadly secret
kitten's gentle purr

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Dreary winter days.
Warm house, full dish, fresh litter.
We are happy cats.

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Dog Kisses

Messy dog kisses:
Most likely are full of germs,
But make me happy.

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Cat's Eyes

glowing emeralds
pierce the blackness of night
rare gems to behold

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hungry cat

the hungry cat - - by her Master's still form lies unopened mail © oct 26 2011 cgh

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Dog Pound (haiku)

Smell the bleached floors
Nothing but people swooning
Puppy in a cage~

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Haiku 3 - frightened toddler, playful puppy, sniffing dog

wobbly legs misstep
toddler tumbles to the floor
screaming with fright

playful puppy
spinning round and round
trying to catch its tail

dog sniffing the grass
searching for the perfect spot
to have a poop

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Chihuahua Princess

Chihuahua Princess a Mexican breed.. French kisser
I know it is not this and that... Sara

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dog haiku

dog breaks wind in sleep awakens and sniffs the air then bolts from the room
dedicated to dogs and dog lovers (the funny side)

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Bed Time

Shadows consume all. 
Belle's head laying beside mine.
Time has come too rest.

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Haiku 002 about my dog

My chichuachua

tucks her tail between the legs


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rat terrier cleans

rat terrier cleans cat's dirty ears licking them... truce twix opponents
The cat and dog got in my lap.. The Rat Terrier licked the cat's ears until they were dripping wet but very clean..

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Haiku Hound

When my dog is leashed And fireplug is far away Fireplug one, leash none

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Frodo was a rat,
Sam, my very gentle cat,
They finally met!

I leave the rest to your imagination.

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A man kicked my dog
A neighbor without a heart
God's law is his judge.

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Farewell Ginger

Walked her in the woods,
And on beaches; then crying,
We put her to sleep.

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Golden eyes shine still
Warm fur soft under hand
Sweet sipirt waning

Lelah D. Walters

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friendship Chihuahua loves cat... cat's ears sparkling clean cat can hear a pin drop on dirt a mile away.. benefits of friends
When I go out on the porch, the cat and the Chihuahua have to get in my lap..The Chihuahua cleans the cat's ears every time..The cat's ears are sparkling clean.. Written July 5, 2013 Out On The Porch

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The World is at...

Dog barks. Cat screeching,
Horns honking, bus brakes squealing. 
The world is at noise.

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Bright yellow parrot,
why are you afraid of ice..
have you heard of seals? 

Entered in Charles Henderson's contest,
" Very Strict Haiku "
The Seasonal word: snow
Written by Andrew Crisci
on November 6-2011

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Haiku 22

nighttime hammock -
the warmth of stars
in my puppies eyes

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Little Dog Sleeps

in cool, green grass my little dog's at rest -- rain clouds remain in shades of pink the sunsets low -- I call her name fragrant sweet pea swaying in the spring breeze -- moonlit memories *for my little Sweet Pea, now chasing cats in Heaven (?1995 - March 13, 2012) She always kept us on our toes. The house is too quiet without her.

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The beauty in a beast

The Majestic howl
The wolfs mesmerizing spell
The long winters veil

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A Haiku---the mocking bird

Wake, slumber no more
Buzz,buzz, buzz!,join in the buzz
Time waits for no man

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Wintry mornings greet
Waggy tails and little paws
My old toes are warm

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Mistaken identity

The royal cat nips                                                                                                     from staring morning glories                                                                                      drunkenly pounces

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A Cat

An unwelcome guest –
A cat sits on a wall
Beside the busy street!

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a hen flaps her wings

a hen flaps her wings
and flies up to the rooftop- -
vet trims her feathers

*inspired by our neighbour's three pet hens and their recently trimmed flight feathers

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The Calico Cat

the calico cat licks her lips and washes... dog food gone, cat smiles

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I See You My Little Pretty

under water fun
tiger lands crouch position
nostrils and eyes flared

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A Glimpse Inside

Tobacco resists,
The temptation in Berber,
Flurry angels fly.

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My Loves

They greet me always,
Rubbing fur against my legs,

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Feline Fancy

   sparrow sings 
   on rooftop -
   cat calls back

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Beautiful Flower

Pollination bee
Tasty flower for the soul
Fragrance at its best

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The Hunters

After a long hunt, 
Man’s best friends in fun horseplay, 
While the masters chat…

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the bowl aquarium

the bowl aquarium
i can hear fish breathe with me
beneath the ocean

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the cat awakens

This is my attempt at Haiku (I hope I got the rules right):

                                        a soft thud again
                                 silent approaching nuzzle
                                       gentle purring fluff

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stealth cat creeps

stealth cat creeps closer gets in my lap disrupts thoughts... muse has left the scene

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I’m alone in home 
This winter cold everywhere
Dog’s kennel is warm.

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Boy Are You Slow

look ancient creatures
marching through millennia
at slow steady pace

Tribute To Turtles  LOL

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The Sleek Furry Cats

the sleek furry cats
lying around after meal
me, on my sofa

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Who Cut The Cheese

feline for hire
mouse at it again
cutting the cheese

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A Black Shadow Caught

A black shadow caught
in a string of winter web,
afraid to get down

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Singer Birds

The birds are hamming They tweet, tweet, tweet, sing, sing, sing A precious music

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A Sturdy Robin

a sturdy robin
on my shoulder, kisses me
with his brown colour

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Tabby watching birds;
Sharp-eyed, poufy-tailed, statue;
Until squirrel arrives.

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The Cottage

Spiders build homes

in marrow. Beneath floorboards

the mice are playing.

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Two hearts pulse softly
as night feeds the light
	that opens the door.

		A purring motor
		vibrates the bed with
			contented whiskers.

			Unconditional love
			so grateful for a
				rough tongue on my skin.

				Deep satisfaction –
				a bed shared with a 
					toy mouse on a string.

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Your So Sweet

amidst grass carpet
bunny nibbles flowered bulb
expunges nectar

Tribute To Children

Entry For 
Carol Brown's Spring Contest

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Minute yet splendid,
you flutter with elegance:
each move poised with grace.

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Opposite Walls of House

Cute pet runs all day
Tries to fill the gaps between
Two opposite walls

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Bird's Eye

The watchful quick eye
Steady unemotional
Nothing escapes sight

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pale blue sharpie

the pale blue sharpie lies open upon the floor ... blue tongued chihuahua

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Go Fetch

a leap of great faith
time to hit the water pool
fetching is for me

Tribute To
Man's Best Friend

My Pup {Shadow}  LOL

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unexpected medicine haiku

youth returns to him
in the form of a puppy,
and laughter follows....

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frog in my pocket
why are you in my pocket
the tree is your home

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Curiosity Filled the Cat

Whiskers twitch and jerk
Cat talk aimed at silly squirrels

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He found his master,
Lying face down in the grass,
The dog cried that day.

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Here Kitty Kitty

                                              etched in own minds eye
                                          white kitten raising one brow
                                                  in crouch position

Tribute To The Kitty Cats     Meowwwww   LOL

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sneaky black cat on
the back of the couch likes to
lick oil from my  hair

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The Flame

Fire raging high
Mountain habitat unsafe
Rescue on the way

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Travel in numbers
They seek to consume and mate
They coo their sweet song


They are New York’s flying rats
Annoying, oh yeah
They poop on me and you, too

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Hungry Goat

rose, alluring red,

          loveliest indeed, but not to

                    a goat underfed.

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small bird with a catch

small bird with a catch
sharing message from nature
summer is ending

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Sun Blinding This Seal

Sun blinding this seal
A mammal, glad to see me
My favourite pet

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They Strut Like A Cat

they strut like a cat
in front of the greedy eyes
i sit watching them

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Every One Has Time

every one has time
to leave, red bird starts to fly
wings flap with new hope

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Flowers have pretty colors
Red, pink, blue, purple, rainbow
The colors last forever

Puppies are cute and cuddly 
They have wet noses and long tails
They are loveable and fun

Spiders are scary
They have too many legs and eyes
Spiders creep and crawl

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Friend Or Foe

                                                         bird in hand
                                                         friend or foe ?
                                                          you decide  ?