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Haiku Memory Poems | Haiku Poems About Memory

These Haiku Memory poems are examples of Haiku poems about Memory. These are the best examples of Haiku Memory poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Violet tulips
Each petal flips, another
Memory of you

©Drake J. Eszes 

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As he cast his line
through brown pipe smoke and fog,
Again, he sits and waits.

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Three Abstract Steps to Happiness

reset at zero
all things homogeneous
return and be one

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haiku 9

plump ripe blackberries
drops of morning dew glisten
forgotten basket


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Bio in Short

It's been a good run
To the back side of sixty,
The short side of time.

First Hollywood kiss
Behind a pink crepe myrtle.
Thanks, Patsy Werner.

High school was okay.
Didn't help me to focus;
So, my mind wandered.

Surfed Bonzai Pipeline,
Big waves break into lava.
What made me do it?

Vietnam jungles.
I wondered why I was there.
America lost.

Smoking pot. Stereo.
Good fun in the seventies.
Psychedelics too.

And three wives later,
I finally found true love.
We're still together.

My destitute heart,
Saved by the sweetest angel.
I love you, Sandy.

Sooners are my team.
Most winning football program
In the Modern Era.

I am retired now.
But I have plenty to do.
Golf, primarily.

I've been writing more.
Perhaps I will write a book.
I have many tales.

I'd chase young girls; but,
Girls with a "grampa" fetish
Are so hard to find.

If I am lucky,
I will just drop dead one day.
With my peace of mind.

Yes, made a good run
To the back side of sixty,
The short side of time.

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River Of Blood

A river of blood.
The strong acrid stench of death.
Wartime memories!

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Memory Lane

are you feeling down?
strolling down memory lane
may bring happiness

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Haikus About God: IV

God made all people
But some better than others?
Stop being silly.

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Ruth by the window;

eating an  yogurt...

it's hurts the road of memory.

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Life In a Bottle

memories fading
transcribed to white parchment...
life in a bottle

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The smell that bought back memories

             An acquainted scent...
        That of soft, wet mud stepped on..
                 Oh! The good old days
        A haiku - 5 7 5 Syllable Count

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Survival of Abuse

Keeping the door shut
Agony hurts fear abuse
Survival the key

May 2nd, 2013 

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                   "Voluminous sweet
                            She bought me one and then leave
                                      On her grave I give".

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Stint that end

... stint of adventure,
all in six sequential dream.
Odyssey complete.

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Haiku 43

This haiku has been deleted due to possible publication.

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Summer Breeze

Summer breeze blowing
soft, gentle as silken touch
caressing my skin

In the summer sun
summer breeze feels like warm mist
as it whiff my face

Gently my hair falls
its long strands flying loosely
like feathers whirling

It briefly passes
leaving a faint memory
a touch of summer

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Recursive Mind of Mine

recursive divine 
echoing structures bygone
return to the mind

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takes you back to show
the right track you should follow,
raising its eye-brow

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                           WHITE NIGHT LOVERS

                        your shadow calls in moonlight
                        sweet breath of Cedar 
                        Fills me with winter longing

                        sun and moon
                        white night celebrates
                        each embrace

Victoria Anderson-Throop
Valdez, Alaska

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Total recalling
Becomes unpleasant at times
But so convenient

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Kananaskis is

Kananaskis is 
four-fifths a line of  haiku
Kananaskis is

With spring’s sudden warmth
serial avalanches thunder
one triggers the next 

Winter’s snow melting 
laughing, leaping, running to 
valley far below

Green slopes banded red
dying lodgepole pine,  memories	
of last year’s Chinook

Golden larch quivers	
as the first storm of winter
passes close tonight

As a boy, I came
to know this quiet valley 
father's special place 

Leaving highway to
where mountains reach to heaven
we drove the stone road

Fishing beaver ponds
dad came on bees, lost his specs 
on return  just bees

One night as we camp
a timberwolf comes to call
returns to dark night

On the upper lake
clouds mask the solar eclipse
but fish go crazy

One spring’s discovery
drawdown pools, teeming with trout 
who won’t touch anything

A five pound rainbow
beached chasing Peter’s lure
red stripe - jealousy

Late autumn, Lake B
big browns cruise downwind beaches
only we know where

A ski resort appears
wonderland needs paved roads
we protest in vain

Twenty years later
returning with my children
to an unknown place

If you slow to look
irate traffic leans on horns	
rushing to their lodge

My kids and I fish
a borrow pit now a“lake”
tourists' put and take

To a grizzly bear
roads are barriers wider	
than flooding rivers

Kananaskis is 
four-fifths a line of  haiku
Kananaskis is


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A Fond Memory

A dream on my mind.
A far distant memory.
A smile on my lips.

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Haiku 20

baby pictures
next to the army ones -
sunlight on both

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Haiku Seven

Kriss Kringle galore-
The sanctity of Christmas,
And blissful New Year.

Kriss Kringle: Germans word for 'Santa Claus' or 'Father Christmas',
 as being called in some parts of the world.

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tree gains ring each year
some are thin while some are thick
memories fill void

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Love Stories

Tragedy and Comedy
Blended and Beaten
Memories last a lifetime

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Memories await

twinkle of color
memories adorn each branch
stares await new ones

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Storm Part IV

Culminates in a washout
Stuffed camels get soaked

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MEMORIES - mixed forms


a disney moment
woodland      many peeping eyes
the thump of a stump

THE OLD CHEST (repost)

up lid    and
a thousand musty specters cry out
      with memories for but one      


kids on the dock yell
      throw peanut shells
              thrashing catfish


new year’s eve     with breeze
red and green wraps
                                the old cottonwood

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A Painfull lesson

Don’t touch stove.......
                                 Hot hot hot.............
                                                               Burn baby burn

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Memory Laps

ran from town to town
around and around for you
again and again

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Warm thoughts of fun times.
Smiles presented to others,
appear contagious.

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thinking of him

thinking of him a far off look and the ring has changed hands dec cghjr

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Slim Gaillard Remembered

Cee-ment mixer, put-
ti, put-ti…one lunger sound
Built houses—I watched. 

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Cherry Blossoms

The silk like blossoms

That bloom in the night time air

It captures moonlight

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Recursive Mind of Mine II

endless memory
direct links are not enough
when patterns subside

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Glowing Reminiscence

Basking in moonlight,
Old birds remember the nest.
Ruffles my feathers.

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The Great War

Scores of suffering stalwart soldiers stand steadfast in scarlet-soaked soil ----------------- (C) John C Michaels, 2014 Submitted on the centenary of The Great War (4th August 2014), in memory of the sacrifice of those who are no longer with us and to whom we owe so much.

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Concentrations loss

mind keeps falling prey
days past, great moments at play
a two coffee day!!

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                                                           photos in album 
                                                    camera snapped long ago
                                                        eye snaps memories

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Experience shared
Raises awareness
Lifts humanity

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Stoner's Lament

All those wee pot flakes
So carelessly whisked away...
Could use a joint now.

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At this very time
Is when the world stands still. Just
Not for you or me.

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Cricket - Haiku

     Cricket - Haiku

missing legs and sound
forest, rainless storm rages
remembers cricket

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                                              First day in school life
                                           sorrow blue innocent face
                                               one silent next cries

                                                Mom was in tension
                                           sister took care at that time
                                               seen tearing eyes

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Memories and Yuletides

on the little farm 
lots of young rabbits conquered
grandsons' heart and soul

grandpa and grandson
spoiled them up to winter's end
while the years passed by

a cherished flashback
excluding grandson's Yuletides 
when rabbits were gone

© Ellie Daphne

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Hurry Hurry

Memories in dust
stories being left behind
in this fast pace  life

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My boys unwrapping
their presents is God's gift to
my best memories.

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This is today's news:
A sinkhole swallowed a man whole
as the earth yawned

in the ancient land
of monsoons and man-of-wars
after the waters

ceased. One was portrayed as 
man suddenly gone, captured
live for us to see.

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twilight of memory

duskfall cloaks night
leaving hidden secrets ---
from mind's reverie

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Death at Kent State

Four students were killed
On May fourth nineteen seventy
Antiwar protest

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Haiku on Program

looking for program
over flooded memory
thinning and cleaning

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Victim of Fear

Growing up with beer
made me what I am today
a victim of fear

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Take rest

Bench by the lake
waiting for weary to take rest...
shining  plaque R.I.P

Read about poem please

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Shadow on a wall

A pure half empty glass
An old man meditation on 
Shadow on a wall of candle light!

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past memories

                                         past memories sad
                                     sit on me like a big toad
                                    croak all through the night

              past memories: haiku: copyright©Rajat Kanti Chakrabarty 2014

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Sutble Kiss

                                                   A subtle soft touch
                                           Moist but pleasurable feeling
                                                   A sensual love kiss

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edible amusement haiku

funnel cake fever
elephant ear excitement
candy apple smile

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Falling, Tumbling,
short on breath
in quick sand
worst than a 
black hole 
without a bottom

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Today is Friday
Tomorrow is Saturday
Next it is Sunday

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plowing the garden haiku

plowing the garden
hot summer sun bearing down
recipes in mind

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summer night backtrack haiku

back porch memories
of old front porch anecdotes
adds color to bland

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two girls take me back haiku

two girls play hopscotch
with push-ups steady licking
loving carelessness

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grandma's anecdotes haiku

grandma's anecdotes
on the back porch in summer
volumes for the mind....

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The Heralds of Winter

Out Into The Night
We Awaken Once Again
With Our Beers In Hand

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a yuletide moment flashback haiku

playing board games
christmas sugar cookie fun
lemon square custom

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frigid warm feeling haiku

walking my two dogs
in a rare southern snowstorm
frigid warm feeling

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oceanfront beachhouse memory haiku

listen to the waves
may just sleep out on the deck
right under the stars

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saturday night childhood memory haiku

hot chocolate night
a scary movie playing
the furnace on high

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hayride halloween haiku

hayride halloween
many bags full of candy
trick or treat later