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These Haiku Humorous poems are examples of Haiku poems about Humorous. These are the best examples of Haiku Humorous poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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places I've peed haiku series

Sun glints off ripples
Play of light in sheltered cove
Scenic lavatory

Backyard full of stars
Footsteps crack on frozen grass
Moonlit lavatory

Forested mountain side
Above twisting single track
Rider’s lavatory

Over arid land
Falling rain evaporates
Hot Aussie dunny

Sandy beach stretches
Tropical coral waters
Pristine lavatory

Beneath St. Paul’s dome
Lies manicured garden
Monumental lav.

Copyright © scott thirtyseven

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Not much is known about him,
But all girls love him.

Saint Valentine's Feast,
On February fourteenth:
Mostly chocolates!

It would make more sense
To honor Aphrodite...
So then, why don't we?!

Copyright © Mark J. Halliday

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I popped my cherry innocence... a thing of the past Inspired by Andrea's contest 6th August 2015

Copyright © JAN ALLISON

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Haiku Reader Dies

Headline news lead bleeds
Accidental haiku death

Killed by tainted verse
Unidentified victim

Exotic poem
Attracts curious reader
Dripping vitriol

Extreme allergic
Reaction resulted in
Death of some poor schmuck

Industry spokes folks
Encourage illiterates
Stay away from words

Copyright © Jaey Peele

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The Internet: Rtrn

A void of Facebook
Creativity dies here...

Copyright © Dan Keir

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Haiku Hell

Haikus with beer go well, I was told So I sat down and I ate eighty-four And when I got through I’m here to tell you, There sure was a mess on the floor Written by John Posey 12/22/12

Copyright © John Posey

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Haikus About God: III

Beauty of nature
Why condense it down to God?
Isn’t life enough?

Copyright © Dan Keir

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Haikus About God: V

Omniscient guy
Yet he lets bad things happen
How can he exist?

Copyright © Dan Keir

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The Internet

Oh the internet
A battle ground for morons
Will we ever learn?

Copyright © Dan Keir

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Valentine Delight

Part 1.

Valentine delight!
I know it's just a first date...
I should spend a night.

I see what you want!
Although we recently met...
Let's live for tonight.

How tempting of you!
But what's a couple more days...
What if it's not right?

Copyright © ... Gigno

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Aliens at Your Bedroom Window

Don’t worry now child
There's no god, so worship space
You are not alone.

Copyright © Dan Keir

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The Owl Family

You're on my doorstep
You want a family pic?
Got any mice—rats?

Copyright © Paul Geiger

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Digital blackout
Another ecovictim
Saved by library

(Ecovictim refers to anyone impacted by any economy as of late. More specifically, me when I had to budget without Internet service and relied on the public library.)

Copyright © ... Gigno

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Cold, Flexible Steel

A serial of haikus, all addressing the same topic with 
a hint of humor; but advice that could save your life
or that of a loved one.  New to PoetrySoup, so I hope 
I'm not "out of order" with this submission or topic. 

Cold, flexible steel
Probing my dignity...

This “simple” exam
“…could prevent cancer.” they say.

We all have to die,
But not from colon cancer.

There's a downside tho’.
“Yuk! That, nasty brown liquid.”

“But boy, does it work...
Work and work and work some more. 

Baring your buttocks...
In a fetal position;

“No polyps", they say.
There are no malignancies.

Your colon’s okay.
It’s five years until your next...

Want some peace of mind?
Insurance may pay for it.

One “simple” exam
Can provide that peace of mind.

You might save your life.
Over 45?  Do it!

Cold, flexible steel.
On the other hand, what if…
Something else kills you?

Copyright © Robert Candler

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Gross Joke

Bugger nose

Finger goes

Roll roll roll

Poem written as a Ellip ( form of Haiku) for Ellip Contest.

Copyright © Mark Goodson

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Bacchus Not Caesar

Grapes hanging on vines
Nectar of great taste and wealth
Roman Senate drunk

Grapes hanging on vines
Nectar of great taste and wealth
Romans fought while drunk

Grapes hanging on vines
Nectar of great taste and wealth
Bacchus, not Caesar

© Rick Zablocki 2013
For Alfred's "Bacchus" Contest

This is not factual( as far as I know), just my attempt at play with words, though I'm sure there were a few drunk Romans....

Copyright © Rick Zablocki

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A good winter's cleaning

What are Cabinites                                                                                                          all things you find when cleaning                                                                                      cabinet dwellers

Copyright © John Beam

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fresh air

Much - too 
much fresh air -
too early - my mind 
slouches toward sleep - tea time

Copyright © Paul Geiger

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Grape Wine Drink

Glittering Purple 
So pretty it is so sweet
Fruit of history

Glittering Purple
So pretty it is so sweet
Taste of memory

Glittering Purple
So pretty it is so sweet
Drink from grape it wines

Copyright © Reynaldo Mast

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Copyright © Paul Geiger

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You are a killer-
Vegetarian or not-
You eat - smash insects

Copyright © Paul Geiger

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Black Bart

Black Bart the PO8
Robbed Wells Fargo in Cal state
His lifestyle—his fate

Claimed his poetry
Not his robbery should have
Jailed him…snobbery

Copyright © Paul Geiger

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Quandary - A Husband's Haiku

The dishes are done,
Kids are asleep and dreaming.
Want to watch T.V.?

Privacy at last.
The kids will not disturb us.
Want to hug and smooch?

The dishes are done.
No one will disturb us, but
She's got a headache.

Whatever I did,
It must have been bad, because
She keeps saying, "No."

Copyright © Robert Candler

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Shattered eggs
Fluffy corpse
Tooth Fairy in custody

March 10, 2013

Copyright © Rick Zablocki

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Road Rage

it must be road rage
more than the middle finger
the middle toe too

Copyright © Robert Heemstra

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Behemoth, biggest
born of earth upheaved—vastness. 
—Milton (I stole it) 

Copyright © Paul Geiger

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All About the Music: The Infinite Magic of Lyricism

Pop may be catchy
But not lyrically deep
Case in point: Chris Brown.

(N.B. Poem written after hearing "Don't Wake Me Up")

Copyright © Dan Keir

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Erato left me
Alone—why did she go—where?
Too many poets

Copyright © Paul Geiger

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City Haiku

The traffic, gemstones–
Folding cloud ships golden grey –
Coffee, toast and dreams.

Jogger’s perfume scent –
Intoxicates pavements, slate –
Men’s eyes smile, steam, sigh.

Rushing commuter –
Trains are early when I’m late!
Close my eyes, wish-damned.

Flirting passenger -
Mimics indifference, blushes.
Lips lick air, steaming.

Copyright © Suki Spangles

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A Christmas wish list
A quick glimpse into my life
Not much going on

Copyright © Dan Keir