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Haiku Dog Poems | Haiku Poems About Dog

These Haiku Dog poems are examples of Haiku poems about Dog. These are the best examples of Haiku Dog poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Morning Pleasure

cat laying on top
dog sprawled across my cold feet
coffee tastes so good

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What Does The Dog Say

What does the dog say?
“I chase my own tail because
it looks delicious.”

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Log in the fireplace,
Enjoying a good author
While petting my dog

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A Dog's Life

Put on a leash
Sniff sniff sniff sniff
New place to pee

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Haiku 8 Dogs

looking out a tree 
stands, a deep growl vibrates, a
heedless squirrel plays  

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Haiku 39

steam rising
off hot metal -
a dog lifts his leg

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Some dog taught me this,
your head sinks and your butt floats.
It’s called cat paddling!

For “Primal Instinct” contest.    And the dog says’ “Oops, My Bad!”

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Dog Kisses

Messy dog kisses:
Most likely are full of germs,
But make me happy.

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Joyful Canine

Joyful canine

brandy warm eyes light
intelligent soft and bright
no language so right

dive after the birds
thrilling that they scatter wild
‘cross the azure pond

smiling the while, gay
tail wags the triumphant hunt
struts out the cold wet

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two squirrels on the fence...
our old Dalmatian
ignores my command

8/5/14 For Regina Riddle's Contest: "Haiku's Aha Moment"

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                                DOG SLED IN THE SNOW STORM

                                           wind sucks breath 
                                      hopeful frozen musher
                                              chases sun

                                                 frosty moon
                                          interrupts white fury 
                                            dog team glides

                                              snow ice smooth
                                       dogsled consumes white miles
                                                  moonlit bites

V. Anderson-Throop

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Ugly dog leaves his mark behind
The street-oak tree;
I follow it as a child

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Lost pet

Welcome to my home
furry little wanderer
relax till home found

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Loves of the street dogs;
Accompany even in death
Sticking on his friendship.

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Haiku 10 - tree lizard puffing chest, fireflies dancing, buzzing bee

perched on the branch tree lizard puffs up its chest like a balloon dancing in the dark fireflies paint lines of light in exquisite designs a buzzing bee the sleeping dog awakens then bolts from the room

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Soft curly fur ball
Lying beneath where I sit

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                                               monsoon lull-
                                       the street dog in search
                                               of a dry spot

                                   kash poet (kashinath karmakar)



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Haiku 3 - frightened toddler, playful puppy, sniffing dog

wobbly legs misstep
toddler tumbles to the floor
screaming with fright

playful puppy
spinning round and round
trying to catch its tail

dog sniffing the grass
searching for the perfect spot
to have a poop

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black and beautiful
expressive body and tail
my dog has it all

his body talks 'dog"
ears and eyes an open book
my dog 'writes' it all
endless love statements
provocative naughtiness
my dog does it all

his subtlety charms
his risible cleverness
our dog owns it all

I can read his lips 
and he's learning to read mine
my dog shows it all

clown and guardian
friend and people whisperer
my dog shares it all 

a walk with my dog
a playground and learning site
both learning it all

©Elly Wouterse

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Lazy and well-known
My dog awakes me as he wants chasing
The snakes out of the winter hell not I will!

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winter's rain

winter's rain deluge pouring buckets all night long... slept like a princess

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Moms Pillow

Mom is gone tonight
Missing her not in my way
Her pillow so soft

* New Puppy :) in the house *

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Pets Home found but lost

Home found, burned to ground
Owner believed all was gone
Your sight relieved him

** We found Buster on our door 10 miles away form his burnt home :(. He has been reunited :)**

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Dogs Haiku

Dogs run in the sun
Squirrels and birds are no match
For dogs in the sun

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Born in Paris into a cubbyhole;
Someone tossed me off in the suburb;
All what is left a bind around my neck.

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                                                   softy woolly fur 
                                        lovely small pug with short hair
                                               flat faced little star

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Quick-falling his large ears and bow, and my dog stare off
Ah, let me tell him again
I am not going out to play with you under the snows!

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                               THE DOGSLED RACES

                                    Restless yaps
                                    Teams of champion hearts 
                                    Race the dark

Victoria Anderson -Throop
Home:  Valdez, Alaska

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A Dog

   Looking deep at me,

Ben decides to look away.

   Back again, unsure.

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                                              Large dog dalmatian
                                     printed black spots on short hair
                                             God made nice design