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Haiku Beach Poems | Haiku Poems About Beach

These Haiku Beach poems are examples of Haiku poems about Beach. These are the best examples of Haiku Beach poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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golden grains of sand gentle waves caress our toes dreams walk on ... kiss you! Jan Allison 20th November 2014 Thanks to Demetrios for his assistance with the final line

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Haiku 48-54 Strolling along Palm beach

palm trees silhouette
against ocean's pastel hues
sunset's soft glow

misty horizon
oceans seperate his palm
from my tear

my floating sandal-
tumbling waves break
upon the shore

floating bubbles
before i tossed my pebble
dad breaks wind at sea

waves lilt upon the sand
coloured corals crunch
between our toes

low tide
dawn's golden shimmer reveals
a  coral reef

the tempest
a lone ship fades
in the mist

not for the contest but tnks Heather 
Ober and participating friends for 
the ocean haiku inspiration

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crimson tide

                                    pink gulls of twilight

                                            circle the hidden cove...

                                                    sand between our toes


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places I've peed haiku series

Sun glints off ripples
Play of light in sheltered cove
Scenic lavatory

Backyard full of stars
Footsteps crack on frozen grass
Moonlit lavatory

Forested mountain side
Above twisting single track
Rider’s lavatory

Over arid land
Falling rain evaporates
Hot Aussie dunny

Sandy beach stretches
Tropical coral waters
Pristine lavatory

Beneath St. Paul’s dome
Lies manicured garden
Monumental lav.

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her gray hair bridges the slate sky and tawny tide -- uneven footprints

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Peace of Nature

Peace of nature shows
how relaxing life can be
and can show you truth 

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my own favourite haiku - so far

Haiku for frangipani in bloom:

nocturnal bouquet 
of frangipani in bloom –
olfactory fruits

teasing aromas
adorning a young girls hair – 
swaying moonlit palms

moths seeking nectar
flutter, flower to flower – 
new buds at sunrise.

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Surf Therapy

Mother Ocean please
Send me waves of such beauty
I need Therapy

Dedicated to my Dad on Father's Day 2013
The man who introduced me to the ocean and educated me about it and gave me reason to love appreciate and respect it.

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Winter Wizard Beach

winter wizard beach
sunbathers turned to ice
gulls to puffs of snow

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'the ocean'

Abyssal, deep, the ocean flows and ebbs--drowning souls under, tide-like.

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Summer Haiku

across the seascape
visions infuse with sunlight -
footprints wane in tide 

summer waves roil sand
eroding lines and dunes –
salt water stings wound 

Summer’s orbit ends
fog chills exhaled breath - 
a lone ship calls   

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Churning Blue Water Waves breaking on the shore line Covering the sand

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Solitary blue

Solitary blue…
Pale foam marks each wave’s passage 
on soft moonlit sand.

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deserted beach

deserted beach walking with gulls and tide- letter from home

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                                                   MISMATCHED LOVERS

                                                            gale flurry
                                                  foolish love-struck vole woos 
                                                         dancing leaves

                                                          high seas throb
                                                over shoreline smooth stones
                                                              futile love

V Anderson-Throop  12/1/13

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It calls to me

Big island beckons Sun and surf are paradise; Hawaii calling.

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Haiku 73 Oceans And Mist

misty horizon oceans seperate his palm from her tear

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                                            glowing moon paints night 
                                        dimming golden light on beach
                                                sounds of hot music

                                             warm hearts and bodies
                                           dance with diamond kisses
                                            show rhythm step by step

                                            some one plays own game
                                            a few talk with each other
                                              keeping beach style on

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on the beach

on the beach:
two shadows

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Mood light and sunny Ready for some good party Dancing in the heat Nights clammy and wet Watching stars till midnight Love making so fun Days bright and so hot Out is the bikini suit Seas invite me in!

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Questionku 15

Tourist swimming
Pirana filled lake
Will he get out in time?

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Coconut trees

Coconut trees sway
in the Sunday evening calm …
fragrance of the wind

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Gentle Awakening

sea birds coo
ocean fog perturbs seashells
sun greets dawn

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Myrtle Beach was fun,
lots of surf, shells, sand, and sun,
and relaxation.

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Inhaleing the Sea

Foamy green waves crest
Delivering sweet sea gust
A heavenly spice

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sandcastle memories haiku

child plays in the sand
makes sandcastle memories
stick to each ripe rib....

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Natures Bed

Tiny grains of sand,
so hot yet, soft to the touch;
lovely beach bedding.

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“Then the Angel of the LORD called to Abraham a second time out of heaven, and said: “By Myself I have sworn, says the LORD, because you have done this thing, and have not withheld your son, your only son—blessing I will bless you, and multiplying I will multiply your descendants as the stars of the heaven and as the sand which is on the seashore; and your descendants shall possess the gate of their enemies. In your seed all the nations of the earth shall be blessed, because you have obeyed My voice.”’ 

— Genesis 22:15-18 NKJV

    Little grains of sand
Assembled along the shore
    —Meet sunlit water

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Bali On My Waiting List

Was it a fantasy?
Seashore breeze on caught
Live on a dream

Did I slept yesterday?
 'Cause the view was stunned
Stunned in Bali

Was it just fantastic?
Footprints on damped sand
Welcoming peace

Can I just be extend?
Bali is too great
But I leave soon

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Haiku Six

Ancient piece of wood
Washed up on secluded beach
Lovers seek it's shelter

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Central Coast Autumn

I miss Fall colors.
Monterey's only seasons:
Foggy and rainy.

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Natures Bed

Tiny grains of sand,
So hot yet, soft to the touch;
lovely beach bedding.

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Her Love

Sand between my toes—
Tears rushing over my feet
Phosphorescent waves 

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                       Absence by Shane Cogan

                      Lost at summer clock
                       Insomnia blue skies
                       Absent minded bliss

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Vacant possession Sadly strewn on golden sands Hermit crab’s new home
08~06~14 Written for Leaf - Feather - Shell – Flake Contest Sponsored by Andrea Dietrich ~awarded 5th place~

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     days final moment
ocean swallows up the sun
      departing sunset

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The Ocean Haiku

The thundering sound

The waves bring saltwater smell

Breath and feel the breeze

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white sand and smooth steps haiku

white sand and smooth steps
and thinking of nothing new
wholly frees me sane

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zing dynamism relish
bikini suit slim and thick
a favorite time of the year
PENNED ON JUNE 15, 2014!

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She lay on the beach
Men's eyes stuck, their third legs in
Standing ovation.

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off the windy coast
i live near the open shore
slimy jellyfish


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autumn full-moon-night

desperate pink shiny beach 

unwrapped by back tide

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dolphins' oceanfront morning show haiku

dolphins brightly smile
as they show off their talents
for eager tourists

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egret on sand dune
fish breaks surface and flies free
coconut pours milk

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Wafting Song

Belugas sweet song
Rides the air waves of ocean
Rare and beautiful.

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looking forward to leaping again haiku

i leap seeing it
the views a poor man's rich dream
home does not exist....

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jumping the high waves haiku

jumping the high waves
making the mind play hookie
the sanity heals

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beach chair peace haiku

in my beach chair peace
listening to john lennon
giving Peace a Chance

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At your tidal current
I seek through for rare treasures 
Plead your torrent's mercy.

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fishing boat sunrise haiku

fishing boat sunrise
viewed from an oceanfront deck
is just where it's at!

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sly sand dunes haiku

sand dunes all tease me
until i all but give in
i have no regrets....

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sitting on the sand haiku

sitting on the sand
loving life and feeling free
battery recharged

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BirthDay present from Me to Me haiku

love the island life
treasuring the brief feeling
serene sensation....

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fishing pier moonlight haiku

fishing pier moonlight
in a trance with my baby
not wanting to leave

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pure anticipation haiku

pure anticipation
being just steps from the beach
reward for the wait!

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walking on the beach haiku

walking on the beach
vibe like a breezy Christmas
grandest gift of all

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decadent downtime haiku

windows wide open
hearing the ocean express
decadent downtime

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body board shuffle haiku

body board shuffle
the water so inviting
the feeling....serene

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oceanfront beachhouse memory haiku

listen to the waves
may just sleep out on the deck
right under the stars

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sun mirror haiku

the sun is a mirror
smack dab on the ocean's tip
reflecting glory

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shrimpburger boardwalk haiku

shrimpburger boardwalk
embracing paradise found
kissing freedom's breeze

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key to the condo haiku

key to the condo
liking the open floor plan

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salt water face slap haiku

salt water face slap
the best wake up call ever
feeling mighty good!