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The difference in the ism

Capitalism -
Is every man screwing everyone else.
But communism -
On the other hand, is just the reverse.

Copyright © Nitesh Aggarwal | Year Posted 2010

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The Mantra of the Government

The mantra of the government
(though I'm sure it's nothing new) is:
Take heed to
   what I'm saying
instead of
   what I actually do.

Copyright © Timothy Hicks | Year Posted 2014

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A texas size problem

One of the most gallant stands of courage and                                                           undying self-sacrifice which has been handed man                                                       through the pages of history is the defense of the Alpolvo                                                what global warming would look like if it were true                                                            not a polar vortex well some one correct                                                                         for scientist the problem is a dust bowl                                                                         Dust Bowl, also known as the Dirty Thirties                                                               without certainties Remember the Alpolvo                                                                   and the funny paper would not read                                                                               Al Gore snores in an igloo in Tijuana

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2014

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We are for-against the system

Our voices will never change the system!
Never shall anyone declare that
the youth will ultimately get what they demand!

Continue filling the streets with the leaders of tomorrow
if you wish and
tell us all how well that story worked out for you…

Freedom of expression is not a necessity in this society!
Believe those words when they say
Take that chance of going against the system

Slowly change the world into a better place...
You can keep trying to.
Just like every fairy-tale
you know.
Everyone wants to hold on to that little brink of hope.

That is the beautiful irony of how it really is.
A courageous Dream
always leads to
One will never understand the splendor of truth
until you look at things in one another’s perspective.

[Now read from bottom to top]

Copyright © Jeffrey Feghaly | Year Posted 2015

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A name became famous and so did attention it brought to a race, 
A quotable slogan was formed speaking of political changes at haste.

From opposing sides as running mates they developed a relationship speaking of 
Sending our Nations currency to foreign lands,
Take a moment off the Hill, look in your back yard to see our empty hands. 

This political mumble jumble as our children bellies rumble.

Shipping off our sisters and brothers to the battle fields,
Where fearlessly they fight and sadly some are killed,
They pray and wait to come home...come on now just sign a new Bill.

This political mumble jumble as our children bellies rumble.

Here is an idea! Give more of our taxpayer dollars to the trouble banks; they make no 
While thousands of Americans lose homes, cars, jobs, and watch their life savings sank.

This political mumble jumble as our children bellies rumble.

The parties, the parades, the chicken, lobster, and veal,
The Senate, The Congress, The White House, and the Capital on the Hill,
The time has come to strengthen a nation of humankind on our own playing field.
From the view of the common man, it is ‘We The People’ that should be kept in mind, 
Every time approval is given to spend another dime.

This political mumble jumble as our children bellies rumble.

@ Tunisia Torres

Copyright © Nacita Torres | Year Posted 2009

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A time tested honor
to be branded a goner,
just stand in the middle
of their circle of blame.
In this sex-crazed society
still obsessed with propriety,
it is you they'll belittle
to protect their good name.

*Inspired by the spot-on gorgeous frowny faces anchoring the Fox News Network. 
  Keep pointin' dem fingers boys! 


Copyright © Yoni Dvorkis | Year Posted 2009

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The ACORN squeals

The blowing pop under the wheel                                                                             Crunch a free meal seems to feel What a deal                                                                No work No bill rant just the New Squeal                                                                      The dull tumbling squirrels                                                                                          The whistle of no appeal                                                                                               Ah nuts! Road kill                                                                                                   ACORN

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2013

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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Let's not just stop
At our guns and ammunition
I bid you please to sign right here,
Sign this petition!
Let us dispose
Of our fire extinguishers too
Let's leave it the firemen,
They have work to do!
Let us improve the roads sobriety
And stop driving those risky cars!
Let us see how far we can take this,
Let us see just how far!

Copyright © Timothy Hicks | Year Posted 2013

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Operation Contemplation

To those who praise
the nation
as supreme -
hear me out.
To those who say
the individual
is the only thing
that counts,
let me tell it to you plain:
what sum exists
without the addends
that created it?
And let me say it again:
can you fill in the answer
without knowledge of A and B?
Well until we all stop
to look around
that remains to C.

Written March 4th, 2016
For the Equations Contest hosted by Anthony Slausen

Copyright © Timothy Hicks | Year Posted 2016

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Sells pitch for a bettermouse trap

The road map to the mouse trap                                                                                      Worst sells pitch ever for care                                                                                          Unhealthy advice get rich quick Gov cheese                                                                       If you can spare all you need is a few smart mice                                                              To stick their heads in the trap please                                                                              Do you know the stats do fat rats eat dead mice                                                             *                                                                                                                      -  ( Angry about obamacare Do not get mad get rich - Money Map Press )- infomercial

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2014

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I, Politics and Dilemma - dang, same problem with this title

i am left of center in life's enigma,
but in politics i am more in the write.
letters and words mix to cause confusion,
think carefully I right?

Hint at the irony, I'm trying to be bright,
With a letter that stands for individual might...

Copyright © Mike Kostashuk | Year Posted 2015

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Lay It on the Line


Take honesty; it matters.                     
Skirting an issue can shape
the truth until it shatters.
Guile provides means of escape.
Candor is what I desire
over cunning craftiness.
How many people will hire
one who’s extremely careless?
Truth in shreds, as I debate
deciding what to do next.
This is one November date
that leaves me more than perplexed.

written July 7, 2016

Copyright © Reason A. Poteet | Year Posted 2016