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Grook Philosophy Poems | Grook Poems About Philosophy

These Grook Philosophy poems are examples of Grook poems about Philosophy. These are the best examples of Grook Philosophy poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Thirst (Grook-y Look-y)

the thirst for knowledge
makes one drown in mysteries
the thirst for happiness
makes one drown in miseries 

** July 13, 2010---I'm writing this with a half-asleep 
brain golly can anyone tell me if this is better --
pretty please? Shucks such a puzzle why I can't
grasp this form?? I need to sleep!! & the wind's 
howling outside too!!! Thanks for all who'll give their insights

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Understanding With Patience

Coming to those that wait
Missed by those who do not hesistate
Lustful passions that make sense
Arising from the obscene

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No Middle Ground

It doesn't make sense
that older folk should drive so slow.
When the traffic light turns green
that means you should GO!
Yet at the same time
the younger fella likes to rev his engine hardcore,
not knowing he's still just a sprout,
still unaware of what life's all about.
The old man has only so much time left on this earth,
you'd think he'd want to show the bull who's boss.
While "big and cool" just wants to impress the ladies,
throwing everything he owns into the wind
not even caring what it costs.

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Studying God

Studying God
Will not heal us;
Becoming more God-like

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A way to buy time 
Taking the reality and making it askew 
But when caught for the crime
You stand by the mirror saying “how could you”

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Philo-spy the Sleeping Dog

Those with there eyes open are not always awake                                                 
Those with there eyes closed are not always sleeping                                                 
So if you go to take make sure he is not awake                                                            
For you may be surprized to see no peeping

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The pressure pot of emotions
Uncontrollably erupting 
Marinated often by a trivial notions
Immune to consoling 

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Agnosticism Debunked

   ex cathedra
      from a group so astute,
"For sure
   and for certain
      there are no absolutes!"
And who in the world could doubt
   their claim,
   solid like a stone.
Men whose duty it is to know
   that nothing
   can be known.

NOTE: ex cathedra is Latin for "from the seat of authority".

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If one searches too hard for happiness,
the result could end in great misery.
But if one is willing to find something less,
happiness might arrive within mystery.

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Scoop from a friend

1. Success of anything,
2. Doesn't come easily.
3. All men are not God
4. Compromise is two-
way things.
5. If a man wants you,
6. Nothing can keep him 
7. Nothing can make him 
8. If he doesn't want 

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Be Wise

Humility and discernment lead
Knowledge and wisdom follow
Use them as an example to succeed
And you will be them tomorrow 

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Human Being

being a human being 
means that we  
let things be…
no wonder this world
is like it is
so why not 
human doing?
human living?
human loving?

**July 14, 2010
haha ok, I'm putting this under grook 
too but I'm not exactly following the
rhyme thing...

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Parodox not

Proof do you see what I am saying                                                                          
not just playing with words that would be absurd                                                         
to point to a simple truth clear thinking                                                                       
in relation to circular reasoning  

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To believe is to have no doubt
To doubt is to halve a belief

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Born to die

Born to die
The helm of life is yours to command
Starts off sweet, before you know it goodbye


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Knowing What

Learning, a poor man’s dream,
Earning, a rich man’s scream,
They say, ignorance is bliss,
However, listen to this.
Knowledge is power.
As well, it may make you sour.