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Grook Introspection Poems | Grook Poems About Introspection

These Grook Introspection poems are examples of Grook poems about Introspection. These are the best examples of Grook Introspection poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Fear Not

To Him
our deepest
are like
To question
is not to doubt.
It just means

NOTE: I was inspired by Paul Callus's and Eileen Manassian's comment, on my poem, The Stars Remain Silent.

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He thought the unthinkable
He saw the unseeable
He spoke the unspeakable
His face was illusion
And his name was Lies.

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How redundant is it
to give out a word to the wise.
Is it not the fools
who most need the advice?

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No Middle Ground

It doesn't make sense
that older folk should drive so slow.
When the traffic light turns green
that means you should GO!
Yet at the same time
the younger fella likes to rev his engine hardcore,
not knowing he's still just a sprout,
still unaware of what life's all about.
The old man has only so much time left on this earth,
you'd think he'd want to show the bull who's boss.
While "big and cool" just wants to impress the ladies,
throwing everything he owns into the wind
not even caring what it costs.

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Maybe Next Time

I hear the refrigerator door closing at midnight The sound of another failed diet
For the Grook contest

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Mutually Exclusive

If to err is human 
and forgive, divine;
There are many more humans
than divinity in
this world of mine.

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History Lesson

History is an open book
If we would just turn the pages.
Perhaps it is fear that prevents a look
At life throughout the ages?

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Medicine, Undissolved

The first small steps
Upon the stones of freedom
Taste sharp and chalky:
Like medicine, undissolved.

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Daily Look Grook

Wake up each morning with a grook,
A verse of how your day should look.
And when it ends write in a book,
The path you planned vs that you took.

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A Concept

Concept of two people living together For more than a good number of years Without having spoken a cross word It suggests a lack of spirit simply That got to be admired in fish only.
+++ **Inspired by the fish photo on the contest page April 11, 2014 Form : Grook Dr. Ram Mehta Tenth Place win Contest: Any Poem #20 by Linda, PD

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Clear Writing

Write with clarity
To get your message through;
Attempting to be clever
May take a bite out of you.
Your reader will reciprocate
With understanding true.

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Pre-post, post-post, sometimes you are the post

If writing a message please mind your mind,
Exude effort to keep your thought on center.
As righting a wrong means you’re in a bind, 
Because you didn’t think when you hit “enter.”

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Dodge Ball

The always amazing and unassuming
flight from confrontation fright
The rude avoidance of acquaintance
with life’s challenges with dances
How can these issues of man survive,
and still claims the balls?

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A winning attitude is everything Especially when loosing

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read it or not
feel or forget
taste or plot
unpetted pet

laugh or cry
swim or drown
black or blue sky
does surround

happy not sad
life goes on
a lily pad
on a calm pond

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I think there's a hole
or a leak in my head,
all the words have spilled out
and left parts of me dead.

I can no longer muster
an original thought,
the words that I find there
are weak and distraught.

The well has run dry,
to coin a phrase,
but that, too, is trite
and seen better days.

Seen better days?
I've done it again.
You could fit my creativity
on the head of a pin.

Another trite phrase!
I've truly run dry
and now I'll be gone
in the blink of an eye.


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do I play the smallest part
footprints left inside your heart
is there any room for me
there inside of you

do you think "what could have been"
when you see me once again
or just play it as it comes
no other thoughts of me

forbidden fruits, ripe, in season
illicit thoughts, always pleasing
fantasies that comes to life
the stuff of dreams

did I play the smallest part
small footsteps across your heart
was there any room for me
there inside of you