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Grook Faith Poems | Grook Poems About Faith

These Grook Faith poems are examples of Grook poems about Faith. These are the best examples of Grook Faith poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Understanding With Patience

Coming to those that wait
Missed by those who do not hesistate
Lustful passions that make sense
Arising from the obscene

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Denotes hope,
Incarnate scope.

Emerging life,
Free of strife.

Faithful wait,
Defying fate.

Defining truth,
Absent proof.

Abiding trust,
From dust to dust.

Salvation come;
To bring us home.

Our expectations cease
With liberations’s peace.

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Studying God

Studying God
Will not heal us;
Becoming more God-like

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God's serenity tree

Not all fruit ripens at the same time                                                                                         
but it grows on the same tree 		                                                                          
Like the green herb seed with in it's kind                                                                               
with healing leave's increase's come with eternity

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Parabolic reflector

Like the blind men and elephant     				                                              each brightly shining his light         				                                              from the Kings light we see the light				                                                    apart we are just bouncing around groping				                                        strange things in the Dark 				                                                               From the heart follow the True light 					                                             be not like the five foolish virgin's reception				                                           walking in deception while you rant                                                                               The wise thing to do in the kingdom					                                             Go with those that already have a torching light  				                                     seeing this is but a light reflection on wisdom

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There`s nothing but gold, much gold, 
In the river bed you have looked at;
But gold and sand I always hold
In the green arms, where you sat
Crying the frustrating attempt
To choose the glittering sand!
In your powerful, holy,invisible hand:
What in the world can mostly tempt?

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Get your head out the sand man  										          lookup to the one who can                                                             						 like an eagle He will teach you to fly                                         								 never alone Bye and Bye

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In short, I meditate on the difference
Between Solitude and Loneliness 
None is rude , none try to undress 
The feeling , because high intelligence
Makes them find common recollections. 
While a lonely person need no directions, 
A solitary one has reasons for solidarity. 
Thus, all we need to live Truth in Charity.

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The Greatest is Love

The three fold chord not easily broken.               Faith hope and charity will never fail.       							           
what do you weigh?

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S.I.M. Boll-ism

Seeds of similitude of things seen , virtually                                                            
Icon’s deceive through their image’s                                                                             
the works of creature’s hands not the creator’s

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Eden's end

Flaming sword intuition                                                                                                    
a good doctor a day                                                                                                         
keeps the apple nonsense away                                                                                   
Thank you Jesus my great physician

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Prayer before meal
Prayer after meal
Archangel Raphael
Give us direction to our journey
Protect us from all evil or darkness
May he present our humble petition
To be blessed by Eternal God

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humanists a breed apart

Man born naturally                                 					 
you cant kill or breed it out                                                                                            
prone to error now they try to manipulate it                                                                      
M.D. DNA RNA by the way Sc.D. 			                                                     
Y O U  are not  G O D                        a grook on philosophy

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If you play with fire

Porn pyromania pyre  						    
Its your soul your hour that burns     					    
A war against your own                					    
As wars is       so theirs						    
Its waged making bones     						    
An eternal slave                           					    
A fire that consumes             	                			                 
God is willing none go there 					             
Beyond the grave                                                                                                           
*                                                   a grook on the word of God

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Ego maniac’s reflex                                            	                                                 
with inferiority complex                                                 		                
then come stay here rover   					                  
for it is death you obey hell it’s grave                				
Know nothing knower             						   
no Christ no grace  						             
Already under the wrath   					             
repent or parish                  						 
You do the math                						
You may say unfairish                                                                			    
it was Jesus who became your bleeder                                     		           
apologies needed for God so loved       Dear Reader

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C-LANGuishing buds

Gospel true words of warfare appear                                                                          
against spiritual enemies wield 					                 
They are meant to devastate  						 
Better served as pruning hooks plow shears                                                                  
amongst friends so they with care may appreciate                                                          
the fruit as not to consume to the root                                                                               
So when he builds                                                                                                         
he has more than shoots                                                                                                 -
                                              a grook on the word of God

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Hath God said

Yes , see King truth  						                 
here some proof  							    
a watched pot will boil                             					    
if you have patience too

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An Alpha and Omega stir

Hope i did i with a Poem      					           
Emotions even if it was anger                 				                
then at least i know you where                              			                  
AND Alive some what why not                       			               
Take turn turn to your spurn                                       				 
Ask your maker why you hurt           				               
View Hope you feel after him Love                                                                                   
*                                                                 a grook on faith