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Funny Mystery Poems | Funny Poems About Mystery

These Funny Mystery poems are examples of Funny poems about Mystery. These are the best examples of Funny Mystery poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Burlesque | |

A Bad Day at the Eye Doctor's- a true story

"It was 6 or 7 years ago
Or so I'd like to think
I traveled to my eye doctor..
(I should'a seen a "shrink"!!)

My dad and I we awaited
In a filled up waiting room
Patients all a'seat
Magazines all askew
There wasn't much to say there
There wasn't much to do...

Slowly I did notice
Some odd glances made at me...
Some hand-covered conversations...
Some smirks I seemed to see

It made me feel self-conscious
They seemed fixed looking at me in my seat
When slowly I did realize...
That they were staring at my feet...

I looked down, and to my horror
And much to my surprise...
A sight I could not fathom...
I could not believe my eyes!!!

For one foot was well fitted
with tennis sneaker white...
The other a black dress shoe
It was a startling sight!!!

Now I found how hard it was
to hide one's mismatched feet
I wished to God to run out
And escape onto the street

I was red with great embarrassment
and shocked how stupid I could be!
Had I been that darn sleepy?
Or could I just not see?

Then it slowly dawned on me,
Well, darn it, here I sit....
Proves I need an eye-doctor...
and I don't give a sh__......."

Details | Rhyme | |


           JESTER   *''(] :-)

The best days come round and round
Follow the around the world
A Jester you are the crown
A Jester among the crowd
Searching for life from pole to pole!
A professional when it comes to clown
You got the soul to let it roll
Your too clever to hold a frown
Your parole has lost your control
A smile is all you know how to expand
You run - you play - you dance
Implanting a moment, so grand
Lifting the spirit with just one glance.
You are like a substance in high demand
You are the Queen to a blind romance
You stole the heart of a Nobel man
Jester we are at the feet of your command
Parted from the King, who does not understand
The crowd eating from the palm of your hand
No one knows what jokes you got planned
Suited up in  pinkish - purple - green polyester
Everyone bowing to you where you stand
Excitement towards the Queen, who plays the Jester
Jerking the kingdom of her land
Jester you play the role of the best mind molester!! 


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What Became of the Soul Stripped from Johnson:

"Sedimentary, my dear Watson."

Details | Free verse | |

The Toilet Dream Speaks The Truth

I had a dream
Where all my clothes
Were in my toilet bowl
Clogging it.

Apparently this means that
I am drenched in emotions
Which need to be released
And expressed,

So I wrote
This poem.

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It is now

Ain't a word, you said.
but it takes a daring gust 
for things start to be.

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The anomaly of irony.

Rolling through a bloody mess,
my master died alone no less.
His mercy was indeed a lie,
he said I lived but now will die.

His hand was swift with a mighty stroke,
within a thought my life was broke.
Oh how I lived, and he knew not,
but now I life to rot.

No foot, nor hand could move a limb,
Three days old and no sign of him.
And then he came at my wits end,
With strength alone I cant defend.

He lift me up and broke my jaw,
Just to laugh as I hit the floor.
He took a blade and made a fist,
stabbed his flesh, his vein, his wrist.

Now you're dead and now you're mine,
drink from me and you'll be fine.
I could not stand my masters site,
I killed him quick with my own bite.

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Adam And Eve And The Fig Leaves

Here's something I have been wondering
For so very long
If Adam and Eve wore only figs leaves
How did they keep them on

It couldn't have been a rubber band
And certainly not super glue
I just really have no idea
Do you have a clue

What did they do in the winter
When fig trees are bare
One leaf wouldn't last all year
I think there's a mystery there 

If only Eve hadn't eaten that apple
If only Adam hadn't taken a bite
I wouldn't be trying to solve this
And I'd sleep better at night

Details | Verse | |

Enigma's Calling

Extraordinary, I am 
Craving for unusual thoughts
Endless exploration without boundary
Understanding  the gift I shouldn't fought
Invisible drawings in my mind
Playing with the words in my head
My passion
The food of my soul
I feel so lucky
The random thoughts
A lifetime companion
A self esteem builder
A goal planner
Be my forever life saver
I write more
I talk less
I want to please
I chose to bore
What tickles me the most
Is to know what I'm for
Thinking is my love
When  my mind goes empty
That's when I hate
My day dreaming lust
Organizing things in my mind
Playing roles of simulation
Where images of art is my vision
And words of attitude is my heart

Details | Sonnet | |


I am looking right at you and you don’t even know it.
I will deter your intent and throw you off a steep cliff.
But in the air will be my snuff and gruff you can sniff.
Eventually I will have some sort of mercy of just a bit.

Surely we are above empowering manners of tat for tit. 
Maybe I’ll light a scented candle and blow you my whiff.
Or maybe I will strand you grounding your bones to stiff.
Opposed or decomposed and still composed I won’t quit.

Upside down,
Inside or out,
I’ll throw down.
I am the clout.

Don’t mistake my identity,
Either or, it’s your eternity.

® Registered: Ann Rich   2009

Details | Light Poetry | |

My Visitor

Something catches me form the corner of my eye
No one's home but I swear someone just walked by
There stands a man just beyond the lower stairs
Startled yet I'm not afraid as he looks at me and stares
I wonder who this presence is who's invading my home
He moves shooting a glance at me and proceeds to roam
Who's this strange man in the shadows Is he watching over me
Is there someone else he might be here to see
Once in a while he shows up to let me know he's here
I wonder if he visits  to see someone he holds dear
Is he just letting me know we are not alone
Is he lost and wandering trying to find his way home
This presence some may call a ghost who visits me
My grandson calls him Jack as he can also see
The ghostly presence shows himself just once in a while
When he chooses to drop by he always makes me smile

Details | Rhyme | |

Oggwool Fleece

In England’s pleasant pastures amid the free wild flowers
Lie pagan ways the wise ones do not mock
And one adept at harnessing these ancient rural powers
Was Oggwool Fleece, the black sheep of the flock

Oggwool was old, much older than the old oak it was said
Beneath whose boughs the dark sheep’s plans are sealed
‘Twas said the sheep had come back from the other side of dead
With the darkness in that corner of the field.

The farm hands better knew to venture in the oak’s strange shade
Or to the long grass that the darkness gripped
Where Oggwool lurked amid the spells and potions he had made
A sheep unshorn and magically undipped.

Not limited by four hooves in working his deft skill
Unhindered in ambitious sheepish plans
Harnessing the dark elves to do his dark sheep will 
Dexterously with little dark elf hands.

From that darkened corner of that English country field
His influence extends itself outside
His arcane woolly web through which his mystic powers wield
Reaching parts and persons spread worldwide

He has extensive vineyards in Italy and Spain,
He has mining operations in Peru
He owns a flock of ostriches down in the Ukraine
(Although he never quite intended to)

He’s engineering world events on scales beyond the ken
He has his hooves in business of all kinds
He interferes remorselessly in world affairs of men
With night-time thoughts drip-fed to human minds

Little green men fly through space in saucers flat and round
On interstellar missions without cease
But on their furthest journey yet, their enterprise is bound
To the ever growing plans of Oggwool Fleece

The politicians spin their words and armies shoulder arms
And yet do not beyond their small acts see
But Oggwool Fleece with thistle skills and other sheepwise charms
Is planning how to rule a galaxy!

Details | I do not know? | |

All Over the Place

Go figure.
Numerous trips to Disneyland in childhood?
Now part of me,
Shake him off?
Gave up long ago.
My face is lifted in warped muse,
Monty Python,
Where did that all come from?
Blame it on the Tucson breeze of carrying silly sand spells,
Only to be caught right between my mind's eyes.
Like the Los Angeles traffic is not enough writing over the edge.
Loving laughing-
What Heaven will do to bring smiling moments through friends.
Than out of the clear blue sky of nowhere,
Little child mentor,
Never heard nor read,
Joan from France,
Beauty of heroism.
Who am I to be blessed in your taunting loveliness?
Walking the voyage from the dark corridor of history,
Never picked up one of your books,
No desire of reading.
Seen in movies,
Close as I came.
Tell me Shakespeare,
How do you manage,
With him,
How big is my floppy disk brain anyway?
Who's next?
You walked in my life,
Poetry Her-
You carried the key,
Pen to write to release,
All I am in life,
And what is seen by the eyes.
It could be worst,
One channel of Reality Thinking,
Caught up in this world in my head,
Now I am awake!
Thank God,
I am blessed!
As I laugh,
I dare not asks what makes you tick in the poetry writing-
Here on the Soup Web,
I have a head-full already.

P.S. Having fun and letting it all grow wings and fly-
Mystery, what makes a person up to live life to the fullness?

Details | Bio | |

Big City, Big Shot Fool (Me)

A true story.

Here I was,
23 or 24...
Classed an "Executive"
NYC Dept Store Chain,
"Executive" label meant
I could work overtime
For one half of my normal salary...
But a fool sees stars
Where he should see crime

Promoted "Furniture Buyer"....
Big Ticket spot....
They seemed out to prove
Smart I was not.

Big Furniture Market,
High Point, N.C.,
Invited out to dinner,
By big shot vendor....
Oh...whoop, whoop, yea!

Of course, my stuffy boss
was there,
In the next chair
At this odd restaurant...
"The Factory" it's name,
After that night,
I was never looked at the same....

Big shot, Big City....
Big Fool....
It wasn't pretty....

The menu did start
Entrees priced more
Than my annual salary
And I'm confused
There's a boiler next to me!

So this Big City Buyer,
In his $99.00 suit
Ordered a shrimp cocktail,
Oh, what a hoot!

Lights flashing....
Like Studio 54
I had no idea
What I was in for!

Got my shrimp cocktail,
Oh, I do love my shrimp!
But the lemon wedge,
Was wrapped up
My mind now a' crimp

In this decorative yellow stuff,
All fit with a bow....
How do I open it, I wondered...
I wanted to know...

But I'm a Big Shot NYC Buyer,
Sure, I've seen it all....
How dare these dumb hicks...
Have such a gall!!

I took my fork,
I took my knike....
I started trying to open
This thing like....
It meant my very life!

I was struggling,
And sweating,
And frustrated and mad
Got some of the weirdest looks
I ever have had...

These Carolina Hicks...
Out to make a fool of me...
Slowly I realized
Everyone looking at me...

My boss's eyes swollen
In shame
How dumb his young buyer
Should be in a cornfield
And call himself "Town Crier"

Eventually I learned....
This stuff was called
Ridiculous I thought...
No cheddar or swiss
Like this had I ever bought...

In silence I remained
Through the rest of my meal....
To me the biggest embarrassment
To me the biggest deal....

Big City Hot Shot Buyer...
Dumb as a farm hand.....
Put in a Manhattan restaurant...
Without but a strand....
Of what was, what wasn't
Of how, and of why...
All I wanted to do
Is to crawl under a rock
And die!

(This is true!!!)

Details | Burlesque | |

The Saucers Have Arrived!!!

they're here!
the saucers I've waited for...
It's hard to believe...
we've waited so long!

with a sense of wonder,
and a sense of joy...
at their arrival....
oh boy!...oh boy!...

yes, this seems to be
a red-letter day..
I'm left with only...
one more thing to say...

when, just when, 
will we wait,
till kittens turn to pups,?
do you think I might expect...
to get the matching cups!...

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Yodels, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Ring-Dings

it doesn't take a lot
to make some people happy
a midnight snack of goodies
with that, oh so sweet, cold milk

could be Malomars,Fig Newtons,
or those yummy chocolate covered
just a small sampling of how
sometimes these small wonders
help us deal with bigger things...

my favorite is the milk, perhaps with
a Pepperidge Farm cookie too...
oh, the Gods were so generous
when they created such as these anew,

sometimes I barely remember
the late evening goodie raid
it's the tell-tale chocolate stains
on my pillow, or sheets where I had laid
that brings it back to me
the price that now must be paid

laundry a day earlier than planned,
another diet quickly canned,
how come I can't stand
the thought of my choclate covered hand
so tonight I hope I strand...
those devilishly delicious treats grand

should I tie myself to the bed?
and let an elf get them for me instead?

all right, this sweet talk is now done
say, I wonder about that bear-claw bun......

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Is It Just Me?

I wonder if I'm crazy,
It seems as though I am
I'm puzzled by so many things
Like what makes grape jelly
different from grape jam?

Or how anyone could have such low self-esteem,
To let their dumb commercials run
Are we to follow the dinosaurs?
And disappear beneath the sun?

Or how I could be so brain-dead
To find in my refrig,
Some food from the time
of the reign of Ramses,
How could I be so dumb?
The very thought, it scares me,
Makes my mind go numb.

Everything I buy or own,
I seem to lose real quick,
Is there a brain tumor inside me?
Or am I just mentally sick?
Too caught up in great thoughts?
Or just too gosh darn thick?

Sometimes I I find I wander
Into a room, and can't remember why
Is this for people normal?
Or did my brain just fry?

I guess there's no good reason,
To worry about things like this,
Sometimes your brain's on target
Sometimes it just can't help but miss.

Details | I do not know? | |

Your Mistake

'Love is patient'
'Love is kind'
The thought of love
Can turn you blind.

But... Now we must
Take some steps
To verify those
Deep regrets.

The first problem you see
Was that. . .
He lied about
You being fat

That in turn 
Led ya to
Beleiving that
He 'accepted' you.

Mirrors were made
For a darn good reason
And thinking you are nothing special
Is high, high treason...

But no!
He's perfect
And no! He's kind
Seriouslly sister
You've lost your mind.

The recipe to love Is that
You have to love your self.
It's not about your facial features
Or the size of ya belt.

The man should be a rock to lean on
And not! A heartless swine.
So please next time. Do pick him wisely
Make sure he has a spine!

Details | Ballad | |

Haggis and Drinks Mi Luve (Mythology)

Let’s hve haggis and drinks mi luve
Find de bes ina de ole land 
Lay yu head on mi chest mi luve
Whilst wi dance musik wid de band

Dance wid de band in de Highlands
Backyard jig good fer de ole soul
Tickle mi nose with yu gold locks
Tigether wi bade ead to toe’s sole

Call Fionn mi Luve with his jug
Nice poems he read at de gate
Summon the Clooties with a mug
Aye, they will cum and bles dis date

We’ll sail de river on Loch Ness
Kelpies will protect our flanks
Goddess Scotia says we bless
Oh mi chamin' sweet Sidhe, tanks

Aye! Mi sweet luve; Boobrie will fly
He will fetch up the Salmon Ring
And a knot cross de land we tye
Red Caps our guard til cum de spring

Then wid haggis and drinks mi luve
Goddesses'pipes blow dem great songs
In the grey mist we skip and dance
Then like Boobrie we fly with doves

Scottish Mythical Legends:

1. Fionn is a Scottish magician, warrior and poet
2. Clootie is a Scottish name for the devil.  The name originated from the word cloot, which  
    mean a division in the cleft hoof of an animal.
3. Kelpie is a Scottish water devil who lurks in lakes and rivers and drowns its victims.
4. Scotia is a goddess normally portrayed as an old hag with the tusks of a wild boar
5. Sidhe (Shee) is the Gaelic name for fairies in the Highlands of Scotland and also Ireland. 
6. Boodrie is a wonderful water-bird from the Highlands.  It haunts and protects the lakes  
    and wells.
7. Red Cap is a sort of short, stocky old guy with long gray hair and claws instead of hands 
    and fingers. He lives on the Scottish border and guard the ancient ruins of castles

Details | Couplet | |

Sweet Carmel

The taste of homemade Carmel so sweet/ everyone I know desires the treat.

After one night in the kitchen covered/ half the pan gone, next morning discovered. 

 Is it my beagle Lily whom loves any food? / she seems in a hyper beagle mood.

 I know I heard a squeak in the night / a dream ? No, for low was the kitchen light.
 T'was my husband, for he can't resist/ soft , buttered brown sugar , a Vanilla twist.

Details | Limerick | |

Voldemort, by contrast, was vanquished easily

Changed climate is not a surprise
With drilling for gas on the rise
Where can life forms hide
From carbon dioxide
And methane let loose in the skies?

Neo-druids auger gas wells
And add fluids with sulfurous smells! 
Are poisons they've tapped
With their magic wands trapped
Evermore by sorcerous spells? 

Votes and news seem not relevant
The unrelenting elephant
In all our best rooms
Is fossil fuel's fumes
And toxins we can't circumvent 

Details | Epigram | |

Big Little Oxymoronic Foot

Bigfoot had a bubbling baby brother—
They labeled him "lively little foot!"

Details | Haiku | |

Haikus About God: V

Omniscient guy
Yet he lets bad things happen
How can he exist?

Details | Free verse | |

Conspiracy: Who Killed The Easter Bunny

A crowded table, all suspended in shock 
The sound of the shot dimming to a ‘knock’
Only silence, except for the marching clock
The weapon still smoking; an anonymous glock

Loud cries arise from the elongated table,
Jack Frost is shocked, the Tooth Fairy unable
To speak whilst Santa is checking the stable
For clues on the erstwhile maidservant Mable

They searched for hours, called in C.S.I,
Panic set in, would the children all cry?
Sandman confirmed the bunny had died
Batman suspected somebody had lied

Guests were quizzed, interrogations began
The mystery unfolded when Santa Claus ran,
Grabbing the pies, he tried escaping in a van
But was stopped in his tracks by superman

Details | Free verse | |

A Mystery

Like smoke, the years accrue and vanish Still, I am a mystery unto myself! ~*~

Details | Haiku | |

Sunet Strip

<                                  well isn't that swell
                                lost another cool surfboard ...
                                      holy sharks galore

                                        beyond horizon
                                 the sun bids day well ado ...
                                       happy trails to you

                                       top of old smokey
                                  cumulus congestive skies ...
                                    coughing up a storm

                                        excursion riding
                                  using buoyant enforcement ...
                                      to capture the sun

                                       yacht and small vessel
                                  endlessly floats rippled lake ...
                                       feeling abandoned                                   

Details | Ballad | |

Pan and Satan

Pan and Satan.

One morning I was walking in my garden
When old Jupiter came up close to me.
And standing by his side stood fair Demeter
Who smiled at me so warm and tenderly.
She said “my son we’ve come to give our blessings
And we’ve a story we would like to tell.
Of how the great God Pan turned into Satan
And child I hope that you will listen well.

For Pan he was the god of natures beauty
And he wore no taint till Satan came along.
He’d play his pipes so gaily in the meadows
Though sometimes there was mischief in his song.

Then Satan said to pan “well I don’t give a damn
I’m going to steal your horns and make you me.
Then I’ll build a master plan and strike some fear in man
So always he will live in misery.
And that’s the way old Pan became young Satan
Yet still the old one dances deep within.
But if the two had never joined together
Then where would dwell the ugliness of sin.


Details | Limerick | |

Candy Lips

She wore red candy lips on Halloween They didn't know she was a vampire queen Her kiss was so sweet Swept him off his feet Sadly,no trace of him has ever been seen
Barbara Gorelick 7/21/12

Details | Limerick | |

Cosmology vs Cosmetology

Dark matter makes scientists sweat
Their telescopes can't find it...yet
What's lost could be found
If they’d just turn around
And gaze at a sexy brunette

Details | I do not know? | |

Why Are Church Doors Locked


I have been a member for many years. I attend when ever I can.  I pray and pay.
I guess, I took it for granted, but not anymore. I must stand up for all that want to know.  For all that need to know. No! I am not a  hero, but I would like to know. 

There was a time in my youth, when it was un-thinkable to lock a church door. Did congress pass a law, while I was sleeping?  Should I call the sheriff?  Why didn’t the pastor tell me?  Does he know? Did he lock the front door, side door, and even the back door? Does God know, the doors at the church are locked?  Saints, we are in big trouble.

Okay! Let’s get serious. Are you trying to keep something locked out? Are you trying to keep something locked in? This could be a sin. There are two individuals in the congregation that I can ask.  They certainly must know answer. After all, their name is Brother Lock and Brother Smith. Yes! The Lock Smith Brothers. 

Now if the Devil is locked up, when I leave church, I’m okay with that. You say, I should not worry about this.  Well! It is now at the top my list. I want to know more. It’s time to stop church crime.  

Dr. "G"

Details | Free verse | |

Thunderstruck Sunshine

The clouds shook
A thick, black, very wet blanket out
In the Southeastern quadrant 
Of the New Mexico firmament,
Complete with lightning
And growling, crackling,
Massive basso-profundo sound effects,
Inviting the sun to rest,
Take a load off, 

Abrasively radiant,
Helios glared a brilliant, heated, passionate,
Steamy smile
Into the arid monsoon skies

And refused Storm’s invitation
To lie down and go to bed

Details | Limerick | |


An Indian man was laughed at
for his long beard and big hat,
but much truth came out
of his wise mouth:
the next day the river dried at sunset!

Details | Sonnet | |

Twin Key

June 24th 2010

Twin Key

Hey, help me out here would you please?
Can you show me where all my whys go?
While you are at it search my I told you so.
More so, that alter ego I want you to seize.

Listen here and listen up, it has twin keys.
I tell you something else, do not tell it no.
It gets bigger and bigger a dynasty I know.
Blow a kiss for me send it my best breeze.

Roll out my red carpet,
Spit-shine your shoes,
Sit it down just park it!
Say I depart my blues!

Look out here there is two just like me,
God blessed you! I have my Twin Key.

®Registered: Ann Rich 2010

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Sshh! Chef's Busy in the Kitchen Making His Seafood Bisque.

Chef 's Winter dishes are simply delicious, not too much oil or cream.

Rich or plain,  taste tested to perfection, tiny portions sometimes steamed

He starts  the day with freshly squeezed orange juice,coffee and toast.

And embarks on a fitness journey along the seaside in Adelaide.

Today he is going to create a seafood bisque inspired by his walk.

This morning whilst  walking along the beach he noticed the outgoing

Tide and outlet  left a long groove with  definite honeycombe indentations

snaking parallel to the shore for a distance near a giant swirly starfish.

From an aerial perspective it looked  like a Christo dragon , hardened ripples

representing the scales and the sometimes swirling patterns here and there

where the giant Sea-dragon moved, slithered or shifted about in the sand .

The Sea-Dragon must have laid there for some time before he disappeared 

as his scales were deeply impressed and clearly embossed in the firm sand. 

A clear body of water flowed  in the center of this outlet echoing the scales

shimmering and gleaming with sunlight smoothly on the groove's surface.
Upon seeing this ,Chef etched it  in his memory and began to mentally gather 

ingredients for his creation.How could he give his bisque the dragon flavour?

Grilling the whiting, prawns and scallops  with butter  laced with honey , chilli,
cardamon + crushed nuts , garlic, a dash of brandy....... 
then adding chicken stock , lime , thyme ,cracked pepper , rock sea salt and 
finally pureeing the lot with a splash of coconut milk.

Details | Verse | |

Inevitable Bear

Oh lonely Inevitable Bear,
Padding claws, death in white
Sorrow in recurring nightmare
Instinct’s test; fight or flight?

Camouflage against the fence,
A challenge; my subconscious fear
Ominous slowly moving silence,
“Let me in, there’s a bear out here!”

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See Monkey See

The new year has arrived
With a new format for the brain
Made promises to myself
Made with intentions to keep

All the ones of the past
Now gone with an old year
One now at rest
One I gave all my best

New patterns 
New people
New thoughts
New harbor
New begin 
New me

Now like the old saying
It's time to
"See Monkey See"

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What are the Odds

He's speaking his mind

No woman around to hear

would he still be wrong?

Details | Limerick | |

Sons Of An Zeus Man

<                           once came along pair gemini twins
                             castro and pollux from third sign in
                             well sons of an zeus man
                             all from mercury clan
                             sharing wealth of intelligence sin

                            with ever compatible libra scales
                            along with aquarius that wales
                            fire signs given few
                            pisces they known too
                            beneath sun and moon's with semi's tale

Written By Katherine Stella  6/26/11

Entry For Nette Onclaud's
Zodiac Zones Contest
G.L. All

Details | Lyric | |

Sky Rockets In Flight, Unicorn's Delight

The origin of the unicorn begin's in
A time and habitat where we did not live in
In Another Galaxy it could have been in
Or in an unexplored magical dimension

It was a land overflowing with milk and honey
Pure and abundant was it's skillful offspring
Enchanted with a forest that lulls you to sleep
With it's down reaching hum stemming from the trees
The little creatures were cordial and could speak
The streams of life were the preachers of the peace
The fireflies dancing a mild ballet at night
Would arouse even the most dormant soul to sing 
But it was unicorns that governed the land
and so to say put everything under one's wing

A unicorn was considered the horse of the God's
It had the chiseled structure of a steeled spartan
It's horn holstered the power of a lighting rod
Sporting a mane as majestic as a mountain and
When it bucked on its hoofs the earth stood still in awe

They spent years on this planet protecting our spot
Behind the scenes in old men's wars they fought
But it was in the hidden rainbows with gold pots
Where their undisturbed and placid image was copped

Now its unfortunate we do not seem them nowadays
mainly because they did not embark on noah's ark
and all the CO-2 in the atmosphere we sprayed
means their world no longer remains and
Now their remains are just horses with no horns
and no potential to fly, so all they do is eat hay, ride and race
and when they die we just assume to make them into glue
JK! Happy Birthday!
* P.D. Unicorn Poem contest

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in a nut shell

       ''A nut, what else but''?.

        Peter Dome.copyright2012.

Details | Lyric | |

The confusing world of Poetry

The confusing world of poetry

Clerihews, and couplets
Acrostics, and Haikus
Me head is spinning round and round
Oh Lord I’m so confused
I’d like to read about the stuff
But I really ain’t got time
I’m too busy trying to write
In rhythm and in rhyme

I never was so very clever
I flunked in all at school
I guess me dad, he got it right
He called me village fool
He tried to make me turn out clever
But he didn’t have a chance
Cause I’m a dreamer through and through
You can see that at first glance.

So I don’t know about complex things
I’m just a simple man
But me, I’ve wrote eight thousand songs
And I’ve done it cause I can
The words roll out like a waterfall
And they come just like they are
And I talk about love, and I talk about life
And the flowers and the stars.

25 July 2013 @ 0925hrs.

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Just in a split second-The sexuality of the lady in Red

Already in the bar at about 7:45pm, as weak as a 'just fed' serpent my body movements, so slow, like a turtle, walking in caution of danger, feeling so stiff like a concrete block, and even my heart beat, I could strongly feel which outweighs the noise, music and bells all combined. Then came this lady, elegant and sharp very beautiful and on skimpy clothing. She sat with the aura of royalty, just three chairs away from me. I was cold, stiff and lost in space and her short red skirt accentuated her voluptuous curves. She graced with divinity and was absolutely magnetic, her attraction was so axiomatic to be unnoticed. Her smile? They were inevitably contagious, and all one could do is to fall sick of a follow up excitement. She twisted her Neck gently and tenderly, turning left and right as she talked to the persons around her. Her words, so soft and peaceful, could turn even a Lion on. Her changing positions, switching legs to cross over the other, only made me more of a moron. My ego dropped, principles sublimed and I was in the depth of wretchedness and lustful desires, sudden heat from an internal inferno came out of me, Those wonderfully, shaped, spotless and artistic legs of hers, stopped my systemic circulation, increasing my lust for her. Nothing can describe perfection, not even close to this beauty. Her naturally curved circumferential breasts, which dangle as she speaks, sapped all oxygen in me. The way she licked her lips during any pause in conversation, so red, flexible and thin, has made me drown so deep in sin, Not even gallons of whiskey nor hundreds of bottles of beer could make me stare away from this rare creature. I just needed that particular soft touch from her, I needed to smell the stimulating scent from her hair, exhibiting such liberty like a loose elastic ring. A wonder of Nature and an epitome of sexuality, the symbol of masculine vulnerability and the object of love and lust, all in one package is what even the Angels covet the most, and here is one who is just three yards away from me. as I stood up like a transformed wrecked engine, with full confidence as though ready to face a panel, all of a sudden I heard "Honey, I am done for today, let's go home" coming from the bar Tender. As I stood up in shock and Heartbreak I checked my watch and it was still 7:45pm.

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Stop Look And Listen

<                                               Look !
                                  Look deep into my eyes
                                 You are getting sleepy ~ sleepy
                                 By the Ring Of The Bell 
                                 You'll get up and Light The Candle
                                 Ring    ~~~~~~~~~~      Ring
                                 Now walk walk towards the sound of my voice
                                 Now kneel Kneel down by this stone fireplace
                                 Now wrap wrap those loving arms around me
                                 Now kiss kiss me on this waiting neck
                                 Now Don't Don't stop until I Close The Book

Written By 
Katherine Stella 10/21/11

Details | Free verse | |


Light of day
a visitor.

but here.

Banters at me,
"There is a
plan for you."

With hands spread
"From birth
to death..."

and waits 
for me.

Then in revelation,
"and in between..."

Comes the promise,
"is life."

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Kiss This

<                              master of disguise menacing havoc
                                I fear not your pronged fork and wooden stick
                                but one illuminates from presents sight
                                tis I carries master key whom ends plight

                               brushstroke if must with your evilness twist
                               for I stand strong from an Hevenly bliss 
                               poke and probe away with your woven schemes
                               tis I'll be the one laughing though it seems 

                               your inferno fire from gates of hell
                               diminished by just one shake from this bell
                               so bring on your barriers and good grief's
                               tonight I'll be the one with good night's sleep 

                               sowing not fear of satin's smitten grasp
                               but turning check telling to kiss thy ass

Entry For
Thvia Shetley's
The Devil Made Me Do It
Sonnets Only Contest
G.L. All

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Have You Ever Read

Dedicated to an author by the name of William Golding... Enjoy!!!

~Two boys meet on an island
~~One is skin 'n bones
~~~The other one is chubby

They discover a lagoon~
Ralph teases him by calling~~
him "Piggy" -  how mean!!~~~

Piggy asks him if
There are other people on 
The island with 'em

He has no clue
But this'll answer Piggy's question --
Other boys appear - 
All diverse shapes and sizes
What'll happen next??

You'll see...

Have you ever read The Lord of the Flies?
I recommend it if yah haven't read it yet - I must admit
It's a book full of adult words and it's simply...FASCINATING! - no lies
You should read it - or you'll regret it!

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Statue of David

Hard flaccid member
Statue stands erect

By Richard Lamoureux
David for David's contest

Details | I do not know? | |

Floop Goop Suprise

Kanoodle the poodle,
eats blue beans and noodles.
With sticky grey peas,
while he swings in a tree.

A brown fish on toast,
a pink bubblegum roast.
On crackers with cheese,
whilst dancing with fleas.

Red floop juice and blue goop,
makes a purple floop soup.
white fish eyes and black flies,
we've made a floop goop suprise.

as the floop goop cools off,
he starts licking his chops.
He feasts by a tree
then falls fast asleep


Contest: Dr seuss on the loose
Copyright (c) 2012
James Mahauariki

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Naked holes.

Imagine a life without holes.
An unstable world,a round figure of nothing.
A straight line,smells like ptomaine.
Holes are everywhere,white and black,
polychromatic,pretty and ugly.
Holes that you may fill,other you may not.
They can think,memorize,imagine.
Emotional holes,logical,positional,
in a chessboard,a second before a knight arrives.
Holes in my body,in your body,his or her,
screaming for pleasure,with or without morals.
Living there,breathe,judge the way you treat them.
A hole can kill you,can make you suffer.
They are in brains,in hearts.
In great losses.
When out of nowhere they are born,proud,
captivated eventually,died full of years.
Significant holes,in maps,in history.
They feed on hopes,feelings,aspirations,
organic,inorganic matters.
Holes reborn,only looked at us.

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to be a fish

Ever wonder what a fish will think
Why the heck it doesn't blink
Could they ever send a wink
If they're too fat will it sink
Do all cats like fish...even a link
Howcome fish really stink
Is water to a fish considered a drink
If a fish bends too far will it get a kink
Why is it male fish are the pretty colors like pink
Do poisonous fish spit out ink
When fish move their lips is it them doing a lip-sink
To be a fish let's call him Dink
If the water's warm will a fish shrink
Want to be a fish...maybe I'll re-think

Details | Clerihew | |

Charlie Chaplin - CLERIHEW

Charlie Chaplin’s his name
“Slap stick” brought him fame
Chuckled when I watch his flick
But never saw him “slap a stick”

Details | Free verse | |

funny man on the moon

heres how i see it
and heres how it is
living in this world where half of it is advanced
with indoor plumbing
cell phones
and a huge chunk of the globe is not
part of the world still has a hole in the floor for a toilet
and we say ignorance is bliss
oh funny funny man on the moon
the joke you really meant in the Hollywood basement
of one giant step for man
and one leap for mankind

Have we not clued in yet?
Do we not live blind leading the blind?
Am i the only enlightened who realizes
that we were in space probably 70 years before we made it public to the world 
and Nasa is full of it
oh funny funny funny man on the moon
why is society so gullible to think
that the governments technology hits the mainstream market
before they use it for years and perfect it and work out all the bugs
and then hands us something that just looks faulty
and we fall for it hook line and sinker

give me a moment
funny funny funny us
half the world buries their waste
and we flush it away
half the world has technology and half of it is in the stone age
and yet we seem to think
that whoever invents these things has no ties
or affiliation to putting us under their thumb
i mean come on do the math
they landed on the moon
how they tell you they send sattelites into space is a truth within alie
they made up 50 years ago
and were falling for it today

let me play
i get it 
society is dumb
I'll write something yesterday
say i wrote it today
no one will know what to believe
I'll even put a cowboy hat on
I'm sure those cowboy western movies
they had just as many cameras and cellphones
but didn't release them in the market

consider yourself a fool
if you don't think they don't have something in their pocket full of tricks they are 
working on right now
they're going to sell to the future
and no one gets the famous joke
the man on the moon told to the mensa geniuses
but a hush fell over the crowd
and I'm sure there was consequences for laughing
and chances are even they were blinded by the bling
life and blind leading the blind
such an easy concept to grasp
and man on the moon
your a funny funny funny man!

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Down in the 'burbs forest surrounds
Night gets darker than a cemetery
Walkin' about will bring on the hoopinchakey....
His hair stands straighter than a power pole
His wings are airy and sticky as a web
His hands are like cold rubber with sharp little points
Many have seen 'im but few will agree....
If they really seen just how many
Fingers he has
'Cause your feet get the power
Ya skin gets the prickles
Then ya know the

Details | Light Poetry | |

Awe Your Full Of It

<         twenty twelve

                  What The Hell !

                         cosmic conjuction
                               What's it's Function !

                                         ecologic collapse

                                                   Only Perhaps !

                                                             galactic beings

                                                                     I've Been Seeing !

                                                                             think it's all phony
                                                                                      And Full Of Balony  !

Entry For Gareth James's
2012 Contest
G.L. All



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Wise man offered rare crystal stone carnelian egg in bright orange hue, known to rejuvenate one’s home its power was said to clear the view, and guard chi from negative moods. When hubby roared and slammed the door; I held the egg to cast out feuds, his grumbling turned into a purr. Chanting on it like myth’s refrain, most valued gem, polished to glow; till sweet mate grew batty again, prized egg, he dug under deep snow. © *chi--- energy force

Details | Haiku | |

Your Going Down

<                           beneath waterfall
                        let your troubles wash away ... 
                             cesspool is waiting

Entry For John Freeman's
The Precept Natures Haiku
G.L. All

Details | Rhyme | |

October the 8th

The great hands of fate have squeezed their grip on this infallible date! Make way, fermenting 7th, for the intolerable October the 8th! Far, far away the lone lemur leaps with joy to celebrate- The great, insoluble, improvable, October the blasted 8th! D.W, dear, with quirks and beauty that torment and infuriate, Can you not see my flippidy- floppity- flimsy- fedazzled state? See how my nerves leave me prostrate on the coming of this most magical date! October the phone a-flippin, Charles J. Dickens, Squawking chickens, Sexy centaurs strippin, heart sta-ricken, danger dippin' - October the infernal 8th!

Details | Monorhyme | |

A Diamonds Secret

This happened with a girl I dated a while ago.
We knew each other for a long time, 20 years or so.
But growing up together, we never let our emotions show.
So I told her how I felt and she said yeah I know.
We started dating and we had a love that was beginning to grow.
A short while later her ex showed up, his name was Joe.
He bought her a nice diamond ring wrapped up in a bow.
I said I don't mind if you keep it, but he's got to go.
She kept it and wore it, but it started to eat away at me slow.  
A couple weeks later, the temperature got to freezing and below.
While sledding I asked her for a glove, and inside was a shimmering glow.
To this day she still doesn't know, but I buried that ring deep in the snow.  

***For Shani Fassbender's contest, "Tell Me A Secret."***

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Spooks And Sech Like

In the backwoods of Tenn-O-See eerie things is seen on Halloween night!
Stroll with me down a country lane - you'll see things that'll give ya' a fright!
I s'pose ya' could set by the far and read of sech frum an old-timer's lore,
But come 'long, boys and girls, if ya' dare and see them scary things galore!

A headless hossman races by yellin', "I've lost my head, confound it!"
Its disembodied voice keeps repeatin', "I'll have no peace 'til I've found it!"
From a leafless oak a body swings in the wind danglin' frum a double noose!
'Tis said an impromptu posse hung 'im fer filchin' hosses on the loose!

That old house is said to be haunted and mysterious lights is seen inside!
The story goes that hosts of fiendish ghosts and witches therein reside!
Passin' the old cemetery, I'm sure y'all will want to increase yer stride!
Leerin' ghosts and skeletons lurk there and they'll skeer ya' outta yer hide!

A spectral platoon of sojers is seen marchin' 'long that haunted stretch of lane.
A sergeant counts cadence and moans is heard from them that's sufferin' pain!
Spooky lights is seen waftin' to and fro and seem to be headin' our way!
Are they restless spirits with evil intent er lost souls that have gone astray?

A sobbin' wraith with glowin' eyes is seen floatin' jes' beyond the ridge.
With a piercin' scream she waves at us and leaps frum a nearby bridge!
So, my children, if its thrills y'all is lookin' fer and a real Halloween scare,
Come, take a midnight stroll with me 'long that fearsome lane, if you dare!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

Placed No. 1 in PD's "Any Poem You Posted This Week" Contest - Nov 2011

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of hungry child 
finds unsavoury fare 
in mysterious crevice of 

Details | Haiku | |

Cry Me A River

at the mouth of cave
aqua insurgent brushstrokes
cry me a river

Details | Rhyme | |


PT160, what does it mean
Sounds like a plane or some kind of machine
It seems to almost defy definition
Maybe it is some kind of condition

PT160, poetic texting in 160 characters of less
You are thinking, it's strange, that's my guess
But it is quite a challenge to obey the guidelines
160 characters or less, messages that rhyme in four lines

I would encourage you to utilize your poetic talent
To send a message of hope, words of encouragement
Maybe to say words not easy to say face to face
Loving words sent to someone in a far off place

Maybe you're thinking PT160 is quite silly
But those who have received responded positively
Smiles, days made better,thoughts provoked, appreciation
Sometimes just a few kind words can change a life's direction 

Details | I do not know? | |


I RUN from FEAR.



I FIGHT cause of FEAR.

I'm FAR from you.

I'm SCARED cause of you.

You're the FEAR that I HUNT.

You're the FEAR that I FIGHT.

You're the FEAR that SCARED me for LIFE.

*Comment if you have any thought and if you like it. oh and some of the poems i write arn't 
always my feelings. their some times just to get through other people so they can have 
something to read that just fit's them.*


Details | Free verse | |

Carol PART 4

Carol Brown my dear friend
If you are still talking to me that is
How did the mystery of Numb With Fear
Compare to the mysteries in my novels, Dear. 

Big Dog, Little One, 
Samuel, Sarah and Thunder
Did the poem live up to the 
The things they were under?

I just had to ask 
I hope you're still talking to me
Cause your opinion 
Is important to me.

I promise I won't pull 
This trick again,
Everyone will be onto me
So I'll have to behave.

Thanks for sticking by me. 
And I promise to keep you near
Once more I apologize and say
God Bless you Dear.,


Details | Acrostic | |



Bubbles, bubbles everywhere
Up the wall and all over the floor
Bubble bath in my toilet, I declare
Bubbles now heading out of the door
Looks like I'm having a bizarre dream
Every bubble perfectly clean
Spewing from my toilet like an erupting volcano!

Written by 
Vicki Darcy. 

Details | I do not know? | |

The Real Reason

I was so above you
And it was very clear to see
But I came to give you my heart
sacrificing all I had 
Just for shot at love
we started off so strong 
I actually thought it was you were worth it
We had a lot in common 
So it made easy for us to talk
We were going so good
But caught in the act 
You said you and I did not make sense
But I must admit I was glad It was over

Now the real reason I gained back my life
And You just lost best thing in your life
Thus why I smiled when I caught you kissing that other boy

Details | Couplet | |

I Could Have...

Upon the dusty shores I watched 
the calming waves of sea debauched. 
They seem to whisper in my ear 
then motioned me to venture near. 

Now had I known to swim not sink 
I could have held the salty drink. 

I drifted deeper into sea 
then felt my spirit wander free. 
I saw a phantom fierce and wet. 
His ghostly ship was sailing yet. 
The sea surged up, its laughter hard 
and caught the seaman off his guard. 

I felt the blow of pounding waves 
that pulled me deeper into caves. 
Above me, trackless waters grew 
then turned the sea a blacker blue! 

If only I had learned to float, 
I could have grabbed that raft or boat. 

The paling smile of sandy beach, 
grew far outside my grasp or reach. 
When doomed ships wreck when oceans flare, 
a ghost must turn the swells that scare,  
and sail them first with haunting kiss 
then cast the winds that howl and hiss. 

I dare you brave this unknown vast 
to see a specter raise her mast. 
Sea goers know who's at the helm. 
For it is I who ride the realm! 

But had I learned one swimming stroke, 
I could have wrote this as a joke! 

Details | Limerick | |

The Frog Who Could See His Future

While watching man jog to his friend
A frog croaked a future portend
Man finished his jog
By sitting on log
And that’s how the frog met his end

Details | Haiku | |

patience #30 angel card

not a natural 
has to be thought out and planned
who has time for that!?!?!?

Details | Rhyme | |

My Old Jalopy

There's no horn or radio
The heater and air is broke,
Paint faded with some chipping off
Been told it even has a bad choke.

Tire's are all worn even the donut tire
Around every corner they squeal,
Exhaust drags with some parts missing
There defently is no real car appeal.

The transmission slips in gear
No more is there get up and go,
I must leave early to get to work
For my old worn car goes so slow.

Wobble down to get to the store
Many people just stand and stare,
Others shake their heads and snicker
Wondering how i ever made it there.

There are no more payments on it
The insurance is cheap too,
I'll drive it until it fully quits
Then ill buy another one new.

Details | Haiku | |

Play Misty For Me

clouds abotomy
cut with a sheer percission
play misty for me

Details | Free verse | |

Poem Pinata

Please strike
the piñata
i have made for you
out of the  stripes of paper
and the glue,

In  the midnight hour
i have labored long
on this plump pig
of collaged letters.
with  corrugated metaphors
Sightless Find the weakest point.

let that guide 
your hand
the transparent rose
wrapped candy
shall flow
in libation of sound
pour down
like a quirky rainstorm
like silver
on the sidewalk
of your mind.

Details | Rhyme | |

Mystery Buff

'Twas a dark and stormy night", the whodunit book began!
I reckon that is music to the ears of an avid mystery fan.
To curl up with a book by the fire on a dark and stormy night,
With the lights dimmed low, it sets the mood perfectly right!

The corpus was found by the maid sprawled upon the floor,
And nigh him lay an elephant gun with a fifty caliber bore!
It appeared fairly obvious as to how the feller met his doom.
However,  in such criminal cases, 'tis best not to presume!

Enter now the debonair detective, a pipe-smoking chap,
Wearing a suit of tweed, sporting a deer stalkers cap.
In a practiced pose he mused with his chin in his hand,
Pondering what miscreant brought this feller to his end!

Could it have been the butler who did the dastardly deed,
Or the ne'er-do-well brother-in-law in a pique of greed?
Perhaps it was the work of a jealous, jilted lover.
He searched for every clue as over the body he did hover.

Aha! The astute constable noted there was no bullet hole or gore,
But nearby lay an empty bottle shattered about the floor!
Alas, dear reader, what did him in was no foe or friend.
'Twas that deadly, demon rum that brought him to "THE END!"

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

Details | Rhyme | |


Whew! Here Goes One,
Parked At My Rectum,
Its Warm, Its Deadly,
I Can Feel My Face Sweat- Silently,
Oh What A Task,
No Excuses, As I Must-
Sensitively Reckoning The Force It Amass 
With This Feeling Of Crystal Glass,
‘Its A Shame
Having No Younger Soul To Blame,
Oh Self Negligence,  
Such Is A Public Offense,
I Wish Nostrils Had Alarm Drills,
To Warn Them Of This Air Borne Thrills,
Defenseless As I Sit Here Transparent,
I Wonder, Why Am I So Apparent?
Though, They Heard The Wind Whistle,
Twas Ominous, Sounds Of My Concealed Pestle, 
Beating Polluted Air In My Pants,
Echoes And Bubbly Chants,
There Goes One Invisible,
Should I Go, Or Should I Try The Impossible,
Deny My Crime Inevitably,
Maybe, No One Knows- So Why Speak Unnecessarily?

Details | Couplet | |

Beyond the Pleasant Hill

Was just a walk beyond the road -- a shortcut past the bog,
No different than the night before but this night there was fog.
I climbed the pleasant hill from which the ‘yard had got it’s name,
So cold and dark it was that night, a dim light I did flame.
Blackest of the blackest eve’s I thought I might go blind,
So quickly paced, I past the stone’s of relatives that died.
Just past the breeze that got the willow shaking in the night
I saw someone just standing where my path comes into sight --

I wondered why tonight they’d chosen 
To walk the same path I was roamin’
A closer look, not man nor woman…
So still -- as if their form was frozen…
“They must be lost“, I thought out loud, no light to find the path,  
So maybe they’re just standing there awaiting someone’s laugh.
Or maybe they are frozen stiff by seeing my form too --
I couldn’t move though,  be it  just another passing through
My flashlight though, so dim, was shining on them, so it seemed…
…No looking up, no squinting eyes or arms to hide the beam,
How could they not have noticed me, the light is right upon them?
And just as I brought down my hand to light the way  so trodden…

I heard them move in front of me
That form that stood beside the tree
A quick response I shone the light
Back at the path ahead in fright
No person was still standing there…
Just Trees, beyond the path I dared --

I stood there for eternity a-gasp and scared to death,
Staring hard upon that spot where someone drew their breath.
They’re somewhere past the beam of light that’s dimming by the second --
The eerie melody from lonely crickets only beckoned.
A sudden crackle at my feet as if one stopped behind,
I felt my heart beat through my chest, I thought I’d lost my mind.
I thought I felt a windy chill then whisper past my ear,
But turned to shine my light upon no stranger standing near.

That instant -- I had dropped my bag and ran towards the gate,
I swore I heard them running too I had no time to waste.
So as I reached the entrance, looking back I think I said, 

“If you’re still there, I’ve changed my mind, I’ll take the street instead.”

Details | Free verse | |

Love Hurts - The Symptoms

Thoughts displaced by rolling palpitations,
From left to right grow these numbing sensations,
A face which spirals down, drooping from smile to frown.

Time hibernates in this moment protracted,
Legs bow and shake to our drama just acted,
Senses into overdrive, does pain show you’re still alive?

Oxygen masks, Coxes’ rowing commands,
Heart beat machines is what love demands,
“You need time to relax”, prescriptions from Quacks,
Is love just a commonplace heart attack?

Details | Dramatic monologue | |


....simply beautiful... it is of beauty to simply write such love letters of poetry, letters joining hands within a sky of words setting a background, upon the "Sea", setting sail.. within a wordsong, as playing winds, just swirl around beautifully of air, that blows a kiss to an angeled choir to sing in perfect key, life, the spice, the scented beauty of a rose in full bloom, the scented beauty of a heart beat, beating in time, with rhyme being so kind hearted and true blue of the deep.

Details | ABC | |

Dancing Remains

Starving cats shriek to a full, hopeless moon
The thick air drips with decay and rank ruin
Feral dogs scream, adding pain to the chorus
Extending an invite to those gone before us

Fred Astaire and Miss Rogers they clearly are not
As they stumble and scrabble up through Hadean rot
Their eyes wormy sockets, foul-toothed, dangling jaws
Macabre click-click-clicking sounds a hellish applause

Dry bones clack-clacking, grotesque, face to face,
Partner holds partner in hideous embrace
These skeletal dancers reek a rancid perfume
Unsure and undead, their lives re-resume

Their clattering waltz is relentless and jerky
As they dance to hell’s music, unrhythmic and murky
The conductor’s malevolent, ghoulish, reviled
His empty eyes glitter, black flames burning wild

Clarinets scrape the nighttime with fractals of silence
As violins offer melodies of mayhem and violence
Percussion and horns build a battlefield wall
‘Til there is no escape from the dead dancers’ ball

Details | Light Poetry | |

What Just Happen to My Spring

I looked out side to find a nice day in the month of May
And was walking in the evening just to say
I almost cried and my hands got cold
And winter month got so bold
It was so frustrating and out of the norm
And each person in their heart had a storm
It's the month of May what the! happen to spring
And my headache began to ring
Most people on the first day of May was so happy
And now they look out on the second day sappy
I just want everyone to know it is May 2, 2013
And nothing should be in between
So pullout your snow shovels in dismay
And things you should know will be okay
So good morning to all and to all a good morning
And I just want you to be out their in a warning
The snow is at six inches and beyond
And you will not see green grass in dawn
I help myself by writing this poem
And I will be staying at home
Crazy the weather became bad in May and nasty
I brought out some of my snack and that was tasty
I just looked outside while I was eating
As the snow kept on beating

Details | Haiku | |

Cat And Mouse Game

Cat types words all day
Mouse cleverly wipes away
It's a cat/mouse game

Details | Narrative | |


Love is someting on a daily basis that should always be displayed
A kind word,helping hands are ways it can be conveyed.
Hello there!How are you doing ?Or may I help you please.....
Are all but a few phrases that could be said with ease?

Instead.....its no thank you!I donk care or who are you anyway?
You're just trying to extend a little love and then they blow you away.
That's a nice dress,I like your hair or may I please see your hat?
All you can hear with a cold stare is what you think he looking at.

Our dear Father who lives up above,said to love everyone like your self;
I guess people these days got tired of that and put love back on the shelf.
We need to take it back down ,dust it off and give it another try,
Its not that hard to spread around even if its denied.

I still beleive that love has hope amidst the doom and gloom;
It may get better....I don't know?......before GOD comes,or when man
lives on the moon

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We are sick to think we have done something big.
We are in a daze and nothing more.
The cats that came were deformed.

They legs were made to dance.
They pantomime.
The rigmarole was a silent scream.

They were as colorful as butterflies.
They walked around with scary eyes.
The fat men that brought them were sloppy pigs.
They were sick to think they had done something big.

Immense the ravage these pigs were.
They were friends to the deformed felines.
They stomachs were made to prey human.
The raze caused confusion.

They were to form the great divided.
They walked around with scary eyes.
They would feast on the rodents that thrive in the ground.
They were to be taught this or they would be wiped out.

On a deadly morn, the cats woke.
By noon, the pigs honked.
The people of the City did their work.
This would be the day guns smoked.

The Cats lives were lived in dilapidation.
The Pigs lives were in slop.
The Wild Boars would try to convert.
The pigs were pigs ate by the humans.

The battle started.
The humans killed more.
The wild boars receded.
The deformed felines were destroyed.

~Inspired by the expressive art of poetry via storytelling, fantasy, fairy tales, tall tales, etc.~

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Untitled #299 / Plush yellow car

Yellow plush car, yellow plush car
squishy squishy
plush yellow car

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Draw close, Friend, should you desire a tale, Aye, I have come from the Queen’s bedchamber, But pray, my cup is parched, it demands ale and the quenched tongue doth better remember. Truth, I am a waiting-gentlewoman, ‘til this very night my lips knew no touch, By the rood, I swear I knew not her plan, Feigned melancholy, an innocent clutch. Then the King’s wife laid her hand on my cheek, Wild pleas met my ear, so forceful yet faint, Those eyes of Lesbos left me pliant, weak, A mouth consumed me, I yet taste its taint... Fool, I have you, men lust all are the same Now, your purse is empty of all ... but shame.

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True or False: A Little Teaser

 Here's something for you,
 To guess if it's true.
 About little old me,
 Just wait, and you'll see:
 On my dream wedding day,
 I went out of my way,
 To bid an adieu
 To my lover so true.
 The problem with this?
 It took one simple kiss,
 From that gentleman friend...
 For my wedding to end.

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Sheep Of The Apocalypse

The sundown shroud of evening fell
To settle on the city's wreck
Of buildings broke by wicked spell
Called by fate's destructive beck.

And from afar they saw the shapes
Stark, bleak against the red sunset
The ruined outlined cityscapes
Unknown misfortune met.

The country folk had little need
And rarely ventured to the smoke
But still they could not but take heed 
And wonder how those buildings broke.

So, from afar they wondered at
What strange calamity befell
The city that had been so great
But what they couldn't tell

A strange flock from the west emerged
The sunset blooded red their fleece
Had some uncanny demiurge
A flock of demon sheep released?

But, no, they were just simple sheep
That somehow seemed to be astray
Unanswered though the questions creep
To where the flock had been that day

The strangest tales are oft untold
And sealed before the tale's begun
Since they had sneaked out from the fold
What dark deeds had those sheepies done?

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Sweet Madeline

Joanna Davis

Sweet Madeline with her eyes of gray,
whose beauty could steal your breath away
With a body no shift or tunic could hide,
but admiring glances she took in her stride

Sweet Madeline with her eyes of gray,
would smile coyly, as she went on her way
Until Tom Bradley caught her eye on the Moors,
and her manicure hands turned into claws

Sweet Madeline with her eyes of gray,
stole Tom’s heart that very same day
She diced it with onions, paprika and spice,
then served it bien fait, on a bed of cold rice

Sweet Mad Elaine with her eyes of gray,
was still smiling sweetly...when they took her away! 

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Rainter! O my Rainter! What are you, Rainter?
Are you a new season tinted by holy painter?
Rain is falling hard even in this freezing winter,
Everywhere disgust roams like a lonely hunter.

The winter rain congeals brains, soaks hearts,
With its two ice-cold hands and crying eyes.
Nature is camouflaging itself in several parts
To display how changing carpet of Time flies.

Rainter, a fragment of Nature’s jumbled play,
Is nothing but a cyclic blend of its crude tools.
Some would sense it exciting, others may say
“Rainter, thou art disgusting except to the fools”

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If I Should Ever Wake Again

A same day started over at the beginning,
I awaken to the same ol' bull sh*t,

Last night, heard a loud breathing sound
Reminded me of a closet-monster

I hovered my ears and tossed and turned
Checked the ticking time again and again

Stared out the foggy window
Covered in the starlights dew

For a few moments relief had cut my mind
A different corner of thought

But it was destroyed by that flagrant beast
Who had the nerve to giggle at me

In the morning its breath scared my nostrils 
To scurry behind my ears and tremble

Its footsteps clammoring down the spiral of a stair
Yet I cringe because he makes me so mad 

I run to the mirror and see the monster before me
Me... and I realize by fright... damn! I snore really loud

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A kid of cunning

They call me cunning but Im only a kid
They call me stunning want to take a bid
I might gamble I might cheat
Lets just skip that beat
I've already confess 
My one true purpose
That to gain not give
For I want to live
Slated as a outlaw 
Accused as a thief
Why do i bear all this grief
Ha Ha many laugh but they are not true
Accused themselves and all there old world crew

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Frozen in time,
captivated by this enormous being,
the size of a small car.

his every move.
The way he used his hands;
so child-like.
With all the consciousness of the world, 
and graceless coordination.

of the visitors,
as they briefly called out for his attention.
Only for a moment,
then they were gone.

in an orderly sham. 
He sat there,
in his dark cave.
As if he was waiting for the light to find him.

on a boulder, 
squatting, and primitive.
Drawing in the dirt with one hand. 
Swatting a fly with the other.

His nature,
as he rushed to consume his food.
The females hovered behind him,
watching intently, 
like me.
His movement mechanic.
His presence powerful.
He was the king of his domain.

his magnificence, I watched.
How smart was he?
Could he feel my presence? 
Engulfed in the very essence of all that was him, 
I watched. 

how he felt, I watched.
Did he think he was still in the womb of Mother Nature?
Or, did he know the iron bars which embrace him now?

it happened;
our eyes met.
He noticed my presence.
His gaze intimidated me, 
But I did not look away.
He approached me.
I felt his eyes inspecting my soul.
A chill ran down my back,
I turned behind me,
only to find no other presence there.
When I turned back, 
we were face to face.
Separated by the sham,
And a two inch piece of glass.
Just me and him,
the two of us,
and the females hovering behind him.

His old eyes spoke to me,
They said 
“I am like you. 
I love, I feel, I hurt.
I am, like you.”

I put my hand on the glass
and with all the 
consciousness of the world,
he did the same.
With tears in my eyes,
I smiled.

Then, he pooped in his other hand
and wiped it on the glass.
This was a sign of endearment.
I laughed out loud.
And I swear,
He smiled back.

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apple sand

to time the rhyme or range of orange
when to smile and when to cringe
nothing fits but on the fringe
yet I find red yellow wonder
defining moments to unhinge
My orange dingy dinghey
the cold sea it's under
icily swelling nicely
A weighted wait
To float a boat

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The angst that fills my seeking heart,
Revealed to me a missing part.
More to life there has to be,
More that is evading me.

I’m looking for the perfect way
But it has slipped by me today.
Novels read gave not the right
Answer that I need tonight.

Nor in the airwaves, did I hear
Any revelations clear.
Not in a stream or bubbling brook,
It must be where I failed to look.

Among the traffic, I’ve not found
Worthy words that are profound.
Pay-per-view gave no reply
Leaving me to wonder why.

The stress of what I’m going through
Prevents my knowing what to do.
More to life there has to be,
More that is evading me.

I’ve looked beyond and far below,
Finding only what I know.
The angst remains with me, no doubt.
Resolution, alas, gives out!

Exhausted by my busy quest,
This hopeless heart decides to rest.
When, in my silent spirit heard
A soothing, but prophetic, word.

The sound was slight, a stealthy sleuth
Whispered, “John, Eight Thirty Two.
And once you see the perfect WAY,
Read Forty Six Ten, in Psalm today!”

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What A Liar

Eve Rules
  Adam Drools  {Joseph Spence }

My garden
  Beg Your Pardon

Succalant Mango
     Let's Tango

    Man Work Hard

More grapes
   Apples Ate

Bare Essance
   My preference

Why Oh Why
  Did Adam Try

Cause Snaked Lied
   And Humanity Died

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Why Won't You Work For ME

Why don’t you like to work for me?
I’m kind and gentle, not harsh or mean.
I need your help so I can stay clean.
But you won’t work for me!

I’ve seen it before, you work for others.
It’s not too much like cleaning gutters.
The task isn’t hard
I’m not catching you off guard.

You gotta be joking.

I’m waving my hand all over, right in front of your sensor.
Why wont you work u stupid automatic soap dispenser!

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your more of a mystery 
 when i don't know who you are.
 you took the fun out when you open your mouth.
 and even though i sat quite
 almost in ah at what was coming out 
 or the fact that i just spent my time listening to it
 .i find that your communication is pointless.
 and i want this moment in time
 that has me wanting to pull out my hair to end.
 BUT you keep talking! 
and me being who i am
 not wanting to shatter your ego
 so i ablege only on purpose.
 for the character that you are seems a little weak
 I must keep up my own appears so i do not speak 
yet wait for the moment to remove myself from this place. 
If i could go back in time this I would erase!

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You Don't Phase Me

dogs come cats go
just like moon waxing
Don't let it phase you

Tribute To Moon Waxing LOL

Also Don't Forget To
Turn Those Clocks Back

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Holy Crap

Na- Nu Na-Nu
greetings earthlings How do you do
I'm captain Zendor from planet Sur Render 
shazbot someone crashed into my spaceship's fender
hit me so hard made me go krap-poo

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lost, found, and liberated

i use to lie awake at night 
and ponder of this pointless life 
up for hours and not make a sound 
i once was lost but now i am found
my sea of confusion, like moses did part
the instant i let jesus inside of my heart...
but than i let out a gigantic huge fart 
and realized it was just indigestion 
than like a sensible person, i began to question 
and out of those questions, came rational thought 
and all of the things in school i was taught 
like critical thinking and following facts 
so i came to the conclusion: religions a quack 
now i live happily, in awe of earth's mysterious beauty 
and if you don't like it, you can kiss my patooty

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Strokes of sour power

Why would I wanna be lemon or lime?
When I could be lemon marang
It might feel good in my haven sublime
But there’s more left to do than just hang
The bumps and wrinkles of my skin
Reminds of some latter acne stage
But flavored juices from within
Show wisdomed hours on each turning page
Through leaves way up in the shady tree
The sun so often leaves me tanned
With hunger pains you came and picked me
Braving brush with wavering hand 
Nothing beats the view from up top
So high, it shows your dedication
Barked with lines that time can’t stop
For me a win-win situation
Convert me into something sweet
Or you could turn on your crusade 
To masquerade with sourpuss treats
And call yourself the lemon aide
No, leave me hanging high and dry
With shriveled smiles before I fall
I choose to remain here in the sky
Untouched till topsoil sprouts reform 
Who’s ever heard of a sour brigade?
That laughs and likes to play the fool
All gay and taunting the days away
The greatest trick I’ll ever pull

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Sometimes I wonder why I cry 
And why some people die

Sometimes I wonder why I lie 
And why some people spy

Why do people care to share 
A feeling of despair?

Why does the feeling of temptation 
Bring some people to frustration?

Sometimes I wonder why I bother asking why,

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Wood Pecker

Wood~Pecker; Wood~Pecker,
Peck My Tree Drive Me Hollow
Til' I Scream~Cream..

Don't Waste Time Go At
A Steady "Pace," So I Don't 
Loose Sweat Nor Faint.

Your Long Beak Slams Like:
Hammers N' Nails When My 
Heart, Pounds Hard N' Heavys 
Beat: Sending It Through The 
Roof: Is Where I Want To Go.

Another Good Blow,
With One More Ounce 
Of Good Love; I Am 
Bound To Give You
All That You Need.

Say's The Wood Chuck; Chuck....

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ode underwater

I've got this listing, sinking feeling
that I owed most of my life to my bank.
Hands in the air, reaching for debt ceiling,
yet another fine mess, with no one to thank.

Guns all put down, the pen reigns mightier
can't fight the bank, let alone hit myself.
Contracts contracted, assurances flightier
seems the whole world's overextended itself.

I ode some words, I owed some dollars
'course everyone I talk to is in the same boat.
Can't answer my phone for collecting callers,
looking to ourselves, line of credit, to float.

I'm maxed they've determined, but I'm appealing
my mortgage, in arrears, beyond my credit score.
All my creditors say that defaulting is stealing
I gave a stone and blood, still they want more.

Seems to everyone, I owe myself, that's no joke
shouldn't be depressed, but maybe I oughter.
Dunno if I'm myself, or like all nations folk,
I've underwritten much of this ode underwater.

'course if I owe some B and B owes to C 
and C owes somebody else...well back to me,
then it seems that we all owe to each other,
our mountain of debt is brother to brother.

Would some rebalancing of our balance sheets
starve our children, kick us out into streets?
Maybe we should waive our bankruptcy hearing
and admit it's to life we're really endearing.

© Goode Guy 2011-06-10

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Did You Know Love Was In An Accident

Did you know, Love was in an accident?

What! When? Where? Wow!  My, my. Tell me it’s a lie.
Can we pause for a moment of silence, focusing on love? Hold on there, love not gone. It’s real, but love wasn’t killed.

When did it happen? It was yesterday evening, I’m believing. It happen, when love was leaving. Everything seem peaceful, it was a lovely day, so they say.

Where was love? In a quite restaurant enjoying a delicious meal. And in came the unreal.  Love was taken by surprise; no one thought love would survive.

Wow!  All were speechless, love seem so powerless. As if someone had stolen all the joy. I am telling you what I know, but I suppose there is more.

I had warned love to be very careful. Always check out your company.  Don’t be in a hurry; look in all directions before proceeding, and definitely no speeding.

Poor love.  Made an illegal turn, and ran head on into trouble. Had a concussion and saw double. Forgot the basic rules of the game; avoid some situations, its okay to be ashame.

I believe love will learn to yield the right of way, on the next given day. It really didn’t have to be this way.

Innocent bystanders saw what happen to love. They said a few kind words while looking above. Someone dialed 1-800-Broken-Heart. It didn’t take long, the crew arrived and love was still alive.

Love is in therapy and recovering from love-gitis. They said it could have been worst; thank God there was no Funeral Hurst.

Sometimes our hearts get the best of us, especially in tender moments, warm occasions and special situations.

Thank you love, live long and always remember, sometimes things go wrong.
Have A Lovely Day…
Dr. “G”

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Inquiring minds need to know
why some things make no sense.
Like why the grass is greener 
on the other side of the fence?
And why is it when we're shopping,
looking for Pants to wear,
even though we buy just one,
they always come in pairs?
There's simply no rhyme or reason,
no wisdom, clues, or tips,
that explain why shipments are sent by Cars,
and cargo is sent by Ships.
Another puzzling question that puts 
understanding on the spot,
is why we park on driveways,
and drive on parking lots?
And what about this Teflon,
a modern miracle of Man.
If nothing sticks to Teflon,
how'd they stick it to the pan?
These are just some questions
that keeps us puzzled so.
And we'll keep searching for the answers,
because inquiring minds need to know.

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Prepared Fish

One True
God, God of
Heaven and Earth made
And prepared a great fish to eat
Swallow Jonah whole, threw-up
Jonah on the shore bleached white stinking to high heaven, ran preached three days 

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I love to watch the stars at night
I love when they come out to play
I love to see the moonbeam bright
And love when darkness turns to day.

I love when they come out to play
Like little people in the sky
And love when darkness turns to day
I see the twinkle in their eye.

Like little people in the sky
Playing with friends, dancing around
I see the twinkle in their eye
And on their face never a frown.

Playing with friends, dancing around
Forever happy this is true
And on their face, never a frown
It's only smiles for me and you.

Forever happy, this is true
I love to see the moonbeam bright
It''s only smiles for me and you
I love to watch the stars at night.

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Heaven for some

Heaven for Some 
It's said, by those who have been there and back,
that hell can at times be a boring place, pink
lightening and women that endlessly try a new
frocks on. Here are pools of banal sin, rivers
of pornography and small time crooks trying
to sell you fake religious icons, but not one evil
dictator around repenting his murderous ways,
or a capitalist swine now regretting cheating
workers of their pension rights. Where do they
go? Are they pardoned and sent to a privatized
heaven where they play high stake poker with
senior seraphs? I'd like to know before I rob
a bank. I'm fed up with stealing children's toys.

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The Stalking Sheep

Today I saw a little sheep, waiting by the gate 
Maybe it had gone astray through some mishap of fate 
But strangely it did not appear to want to go away 
Perhaps it was the same sheep that I saw there yesterday 

If I go out it follows me wherever I might go 
It stays a way behind me, but always remains in tow 
I don't know what its motives are or what compels the beast 
Nor from where it first emerged, from what mad farm released. 

At the supermarket checkout, by the door I see it wait 
As the cashier quietly asks me 'Is that your sheep out there, mate?' 
I deny the sheep is with me, but the sheep gives that a lie 
When it turns to follow dog-like, as I sheepishly walk by. 

I don't know what I ought to do, I doubt that the police 
Will care much for a stalker who has four legs and a fleece 
But still it is quite sinister; I feel some kind of threat 
But what it is, I don't know, for it hasn't done it yet!

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Poem Pending (Poetrysoup Poets Needed)

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue

(Poets, what's the first thing that comes to your mind?
Finish this poem and let's see how many different
endings we can get.)

Merry Christmas!!

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A look back

When I was a kid,there was alot that I wondered,
Alot I didn't understand,and some things that I pondered.
I was around four or five,and would do this every day,
So I figured I would share,it's funny some would say.
I wondered how the bubbles got in the bubble wrap,
Or how they got that Jack in the box,and things like that.
How did they get the pop in those pop rocks,
How did they put the rings on my favorite socks.
How do they twist the wrappers on a tootsie roll,
The colors in a tie died shirt,how they looked so cool.
Well now that I am older,I laugh at all of that,
Because now I know they don't blow up the bubbles in the bubble wrap.

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My Fear...

It was a typical Tuesday night, And I was riding after dark; The clouds had covered up the sky, As I took a shortcut through the park; I always took the same path, Around the monkey bars; There wasn’t a light to be found, No moon and no stars; Nothing seemed to be amiss, As I continued on my way; But I found myself wishing silently, I’d gone home earlier in the day; I found that very strange, Since I usually don’t mind the night; And I couldn’t help but think, Something wasn’t quite right; So I stopped my horse and listened, But there’s not a sound to be heard; And afraid to break the stillness, I utter not a word; My imagination is running wild, And Lil’ can feel my dread; She’s prancing to the side now, Ears pricked at something ahead; I’m trying to still my pounding heart, But through my veins it’s spreading fear; I struggle to maintain the silence, As through the darkness we move near; I can see something up there moving, Stalking towards us through the night; A horrible creature coming closer, I pale to the purest white; Then the animal walks into view, Like it’s coming out of a fog; And he lets out a happy bark, The monster was my dog; I’m feeling kind of stupid now, Getting scared so easily; Turns out the thing I need to fear, Is the imagination trapped in me!

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The Sock

I saw it there in the road: A sock!
How, thought I, had it come there to be?
Did it endeavor to escape a foot?
Discarded and black as the blackest soot.
Yet now it's found to be in front of me?

This will not do; This never knowing.
Investigation! I must insist.
Immediately my day has to stop.
Following this crumb that had come to drop
I halted the traffic who were now pissed.

Approach did I, all the horns ablaze.
Undeterred, I cried out "No never!"
But soon felt I anything but smitten 
To retrieve not a sock but a mitten.  
Another disaster altogether.

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The Parking Lot Duck-Head-another true tom tale

I live in a trailer park in upstate N.Y.
proud, dumb white trailer trash I is
don't really know well my neighbors
to me that is just as well
you'll understand far better when
you hear the tale I'll tell

across from my small single trailer
looms a large expensive double
but the weird guy living there
seems potential trouble

he has this most odd fetish
this obsession I find odd
he seems very territorial
like his brain was made of sod

he has, in front of his homesite
5 marked parking spaces you see
he has but one little car
and never has any company

he posted a big sign, "No Parking!!"
that's just what it did say
but weirder by far I tell you
and this I can't figure out to this day
he parks his little car,
in an angle so oblique
so he covers at least 3 spots
now I know just what it seems he does really seek
and it's so dumb I laughed so hard,  I grew weak
he's "protecting" his useless ground
which he doesn't own at all
it kind'a makes me laugh
at such moronic gall

he's very like a dog
so I wonder if he might
urinate around these spots
perhaps in the middle of the night
the thought, oh my!, that'd be a scary sight!
"marking his territory"
that's really public space
to me he seems buffoonish
a disgrace to the human race

I watch him through my window
sometimes when he comes out
this little round weasel clown-man
makes you want to shout
"hey, duck-head!  why not a barricade?
and keep out even more?
and maybe provide you with some shade?
or maybe a fence and toll booth
and armed guards to keep away
those who are a parking space thief?
and think just how it would provide you
with much, much more relief?
"cause you worry someone will park
in one of "your spots"
I guess this fear is your strong belief.

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Many things in life are left undone
for fear of asking or lacking a veritable fact,
in doing so our wish gathers dust,
and we still remain that child pulling the toy wagon....
but wait, I heard of Jeannie's bottle so tall and sleek,
which grants wishes to all seeking her vision!
Would we sit back and ponder defeat,
not try harder to glimpse into dreams after when we're awaken? 
I may waffle and laugh as a satirical jester,
but my frisky intentions cannot be hindered by a mere obstacle,
and as a pugnacious and fierce warrior... 
this battle I must win and seize Jeannie's bottle!

I will make many wishes and as I see them materialize,
I willl keep rubbing it until I lose the desire to fantasize!

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Speech Therapist Needed (Call 458-8968)

I know this might seem chidlish
But I always start to studder
When I feel the truth creeping toward my lips

The truth is….  It is…
I, I, I d-don’t know what im saying
I, I l-like our conversations
And I like y-your sense humor
As you laugh off how, I am all tripped up

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Stick It To Him { Footle } Light Poetry



                                                         Out there

                                                                       Used stake 
                                                                                He's baked

Tribute To Halloween   

Also Entry For 
Donna Golden's   Footle Fright

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Jesus Haiku

Jesus, tell me what
heaven, hell, and God are like.
Like, quiz me on it.

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(Part 1: The South African detective)

The search, I must warn you,
Was led by a Zulu,
A shaman and officer,
‘The pride of Maputo’

Called Mr. Malungo,
They say, ‘a witch he once wed’,
And that he tricked her, just to keep,
The little hili that she fed...

(But the truth, is much stranger,
 for you see, that ‘hili’ was his son,
 and his wife, well, she just left him...
 a bit of muti and a gun) 

And as for ’ubuntu’,
Well, he had it all wrong,
For that term, in izulu, 
Doesn’t mean:’**** you, I’m the one’,

   And so the water mouse,
   Swam against; the trusting current’s dead,
   The foamy figures that beamed below,
   Water mountain stead,
   His little head catching sunlight,
   Dots the liquids edge,
   And as a late, blooming flower,
   Sprouts amongst the round pooling red,

5 divers and 12 gunmen,
Now arranged in Malungo’s shed,
Whispering amongst themselves,
About, the bricks beneath his bed...

Summoned by the State,
To arrest a very sinister louse,
The famed and even ‘imagined’?
...Deadly, ‘Water Mouse’.
Heard of by many,
Seen by so few,
20 dead and counting,
To continue...

PS: Some South African concepts.

“Tsotsi”: means “criminal”
“Hili”: means “demon” (regarded as a sex demon who hides beneath beds that are 
not on bricks and whom grants wishes if caught)
“Ubuntu”: common word in South Africa that means “we are all one”

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The Quote

One day
A stranger came up to me
Speaking in riddles

He said:
Inspiration incites the inscence within that incarnates indigo indians.

I did not know what he ment until he followed up with:

"You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club."
                                                   - Jack London

I then

what he was 
talking about.

Do you?

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It's A Mad Mad Mad World Out There

I want to know
What happens after
This confrontation

Well  !
Well  !

Dr Jekyll


With potion


Mr Hyde





Mad !
Mad !
Mad !

Mad !

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old maid

There was a old maid that lived in a house, That old maid took a look under her house and she could not tell what is down there. The old maid took a candle and went down there and she saw a dead body and it was an old maid that was there before her. The old maid did not know what to do ? So she said I am out of here no more old maid in this house bye.

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Amid violence and deception, how does
         Man fined redemption?

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I am looking right at you and you don’t even know it.
I will deter your intent and throw you off a steep cliff.
But in the air will be my snuff and gruff you can sniff.
Eventually I will have some sort of mercy of just a bit.

Surely we are above empowering manners of tat for tit. 
Maybe I’ll light a scented candle and blow you my whiff.
Or maybe I will strand you grounding your bones to stiff.
Opposed or decomposed and still composed I won’t quit.

Upside down,
Inside or out,
I’ll throw down.
I am the clout.

Don’t mistake my identity,
Either or, it’s your eternity.

® Registered: Ann Rich   2009

Details | Limerick | |


What e'er became o' Angus McKess
Is a dark and troublin'  mystery,  no less.
But the cruel gossip bein'  
He was reportedly seen
Skinny dippin',  one night, in Loch Ness. 

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Don't Spill The Beans

let's See
     If He

Will Hang
     With Gang

Or Will
 Just Spill

How Many
If Any


Are there

In A

Year ?

Now Don't 
Leave Me

Hanging !   { LOL}

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             A friend of mine the other day
             stepped inside my brain
             No one has heard from my friend since
              A mystery that will remain.

             I opened up the cellar door
             to feel the surging heat
             I looked below and there behold
            was my missing friend at my feet.

            He beckoned me to follow him
             down a dark and dismal path
            I took the lead because of my greed
              and no sooner felt the wrath.

            The wrath I felt was my own wrath
             for I had fallen into my brain
             No one has heard from me since
              A mystery that will remain!

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                                                    Bulging lips mime mouth
                                               Wide open eyes to forehead


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Metaphoric Richness

He smiles at me.
As though the weight
Of psychedelic visions
Were insubstantial
And inconsequential;
A trivial thing.

Broad-shouldered emotions
Mushroom through 
Organic momentum
To greet my pain,
A throbbing haze
That is my post-script.

Narcotic serenity
Wraps around my brain,
Slurring everything
In my tilt-a-whirl scene,
Until the funhouse
Sweeps me away.

I feel myself shrinking
Like Alice In Wonderland,
But I am not afraid
Of the beautiful myriad,
Understanding how addictive
Compulsiveness can be.

Opulent pleasure
Invades my space,
Stinging reality
With a new perspective,
Numbing submission
In a morphine choke-hold.

Sound and color bend,
A sensational delight
Of exotic flairs
And pendulums humming;
It’s unlike anything I’ve known
Except for his smile.

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A billion of leagues
and one pair of legs

Hundreds of smells
So many tastes
torrents of views
innumerable colours
and one nose
one mouth,
two eyes . . . barely.

Countless strangers,
endless loves,
only one sex
and one heart .

Great opportunities,
a few good things
but an infinity of bad
and just one chance,
a short and brief life.

Patricia Evans

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Stay Away From Me...........

Stay away from me if you can
If not you may have to cry for long hours
That's what happened to the girls
Who ever loved me somehow

Pretty young faces were my weakness
I found it hard to stick with a single one
I had several at the same time
Sometimes I doubted to pick the right one

I never had anyone who was ever
Really devoted to me completely
It may be the reason why I had confusion
I even losed faith in Love many times

I tried to keep distance from the girls
Temptations comes more and more then
I don't have enough self control
I fall and it makes both sides cry

Is it what my real destiny ?
Then I want to fight with it
I don't want to be a loser
I am willing to change myself for a victory

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Worried and How

I saw a figure on the beach.
Was it a man or woman in reach?
The variance I know well.
However, I could not tell.
I do not dare to beseech.

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Soap Sally

Don’t go near the smoke house,
For Soap Sally lives in there,
She will sneak up from behind you,
And grab you without a care.

Then tie you up,
String you from the rafters,
Then slowly stir her lye,
Waiting for just the right time,
She loves to hear you cry.

Hotter and hotter her soap does get,
Boiling to just the right point,
To make the best soap yet,
Head first she will anoint.

Then stir you up and boil your innards,
Don’t think this is a joke,
Search around to find your gizzards,
Your spirit she wants to evoke.

Bring back your spirit,
Cause now you are gone,
She just, will not quit,
Your life has been foregone.

So when you are walking near the smoke house,
Be leery of what goes on,
Tip toe around,
Be quiet as a mouse,
Maybe, you’ll make it back home.

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Pro Predicament

Circuitous circular departures cleverly Sequester and  
embrace Inexpressible  moments of time.

Reexamine status, prevent  consciousness apathy, 
fabricate and reflect acceptance of self. 

precisely propose  to expose fallaciously filtered 
fantastical trickery touched theories.

Turn tasteless translucent tall tales into stable, sturdy, 
structured strands and threads of reality.

Penniless pocketless Poets put the points paralleled 
and placed above onto pure white pieces of paper.

 Once they find the ramble in their role they carefully 
command,Clever creative content to appear from thin vapor.

Amusement, bemusement, a resplendent  daring drawn 
out dark dance down a solitary diabolical descent. 

Lingering Layers let love live in a finely spun web of 
lazy, lofty, lyrical linguistic letters; lost lurking spiders cant
 reach the heights that sadness fled.

Poets are pros, pronounced proponents, that precisely 
reconstruct a feelings components that fails to leave any 
audience in a stoic state of stoney discontent..... 

Though they tirelessly endeavor to gain a fans approval 
and respect, they fail in fortunes favor. 
 Yet each day they commit make their art 
when most would be right to quit. 

Anyone can become a pro poet, 
you can tell we are devoted, though it should be noted 
if that's the readers intent, not a paid pro among us can 
come close to turning our 
thoughts into rent!

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The monster crept Into my house, quite late on Friday night
I wrestled and I struggled and I put up quite a fight
The onslaught was ferocious, when I thought I had him beat
He came back with such power that, he knocked me off my feet
We rolled around the floor for what appeared to be an age
Then looking in the monsters eyes, I saw his inner rage
I knew that he would never stop, but fight until the death
He smiled his sickly smile and hit me with his cocoa  breath
His ferocity relentless, my body soon turned numb
Resistance now was futile, and I knew I’d soon succumb
The battle lost, I opened up a bar of chocolate bliss
The chocolate monster blessed me with a chocolaty kiss
So if you get a visit from a creature such as him
He isn’t such  a monster don’t resist him, just give in.

© John W Fenn  28-05-2009

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Relationship Math

They say one is the loneliest number,
And two heads are better than one.
But I say -1 is worse,
Because then you know what’s missing.
They say it is better to have loved and lost,
Then to never have loved at all
But they also say ignorance is bliss,
And knowing is half the battle
[Go Joe!]
The hell that is loss,
Is greater than lonely.
So I say screw them/they.
Learn to love yourself-
The only one who will be there for life…
Without you +1 or -1 doesn’t matter…
(It all averages out in the end…)

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Just Love and Peace

Simple as that, just love and peace.
Writing for all who need a release. 
Writing for those who can't seem to find 
A poem that compliments days and nightime.

Dream time comes I wake but don't write.
No need to bother, be silly laugh light.
I plea for comedic, no drama because, 
it makes things pecuilar and creates too much buzz.
So the lesson plan today is simply just laugh.
Just peace and love, you hold the bat.

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Who does not wish to solve
The enigma of  socks
That go AWOL in the wash?
We count them into the machine
And then we try to count them out.

Yet ,no matter how carefully we try,
How often one disappears,
Lost in a black hole of the stratosphere,
Off floating in another universe,
Searching for a foothold,
Safe for socks.,
A sole survivor
Of an alien abduction
To spin yarns for eternity.

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Better Way To....

the better way to beat the mockers is to 
succeed far better than they have
she says the better way to 
make love is with me
'cuz i'm sweeter than the apple
she ate yesterday morning
better days come after the dark
that's the better way to 
tell what tomorrow will bring
and therefore i see no reason to be scared 
of what tomorrow will bring
the better way to 
eat is to chew with your mouth closed
in order not to ruin the fun in the act
sure you know what i mean
the better way to 
pay tribute to our lost loved ones
is playing the music by their favorite artists

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I have some explaining to do, kinda

Darkness falls, the night is creeping in.
A haunting feeling crawls on your skin.
Put the kids to bed and lock the doors.
You do so carefully, sliding across the floors.

There is something about tonight I just don't like.
If it is ever going to happen, tonight it will strike.
After a while they check on the kids, kiss there foreheads.
They pull the covers tight over them, they are secure in their beds.

Eyes widen with every little scratch and creak they hear. 
Blood rushing through their veins as if they were pumping fear.
They look at one another, minutes seem like hours.
They stare out the window, can't see anything in the snow showers.

Eyes begin to get heavy, but I must stay awake.
Because my family this creature will not take.
A short while later, they hear something on the roof above.
Dad grabs his shotgun and holds it tightly with his glove.

All of a sudden they see someone, he is caught.
The dad gets him with one fast draw and shot.
The kids come running and instantly drop their jaws.
What did you do dad, you forget its Christmas, you killed Santa Clause.

Ohh, I knew I was forgetting something about today.
Well kids merry Christmas, we got you 8 reindeer and a sleigh:)

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Just Do Not Get It

Speaking true-
Not good enough answer for the flesh,
What now I am trapped.
She burns with eyes to seek,
Another knot line on the bedpost,
Number who knows,
Quick thinking,
Because the truth,
She has no ears.
"Joan is her name,"
"She takes up most my time."
"Faithful she is,"
"Never leaving my side."
Dressed in red,
Len vision,
Failed in the conquer of another prey.
That was close,
I ask forgiveness from Above.
Laughter in Heaven,
"Forget it and walk away my son."
Knowing no one in my life,
Or is that far from the reality?
Poetry Her breathes her every moment within me.
Games on my part?
What about the Prey Seeker,
You know Red Fury?

P.S. Some people really do not get it, & cannot take the truth for an answer. 

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shore life for old sailor

Shore life for old Sailor 

I found a sweet shop in the middle of nowhere, bought a box
of Swiss chocolate took my sack of hay given to me by a kind 
farmer so I could make a mattress. Now I sleep on top of
the big kitchen table for fear of rats, with only a horse blanket 
between me and hard old oak. The candy seller’s daughter is 
getting married to her own image, a gilded mirror. Last night 
I fell off the table dreamed I was back at sea and the ship was 
pitching and rolling; bet I gave the rats a fright. 

I went to the wedding of the candy man’s daughter, it was
a sweet affair, colurful bonbons rained from the roof and
the priest looked as he was on a sugar rush, he cried when
she tenderly kissed the looking glass.
Things are looking up for me too, the farmer gave me another
sack of hay and a rat catching terrier. I never made a mattress, 
gave the fodder to a starving mule. I sleep in a hammock and
it carries my dreams across many oceans. 

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once there was an old man on a lane
he always had many cats
then he took a train
and went down another lane

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she held it tight
and sucked it dry.......
it was my bottle of coke!

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Witch Thief

To the one who stole the witch?
May your fingers easily twitch?

Your style and grace stinks.
May you spill all your drinks.

To be so daringly cheap,
Being such a lousy creep,

When you steal another choice,
You hear the lawman’s voice.

Are you sure, you weren’t caught.
By a hidden camera, I sought.

If you should choose, to return,
This witch of my concern,

The curse shall be revoked.
And jail you will not be poked.

You think you got away, without moan.
You think you are unknown.

Hidden cameras are all around you see.
Not known by anyone, other than me,

Technology is great, cleverly disguised.
I will wait until something greater demised.

Thieves are predictable and unwise.
Look over your shoulder, for a surprise.

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Salty, Sultry, Juicy Sweet

The hottest lines - one after the other I devour
Salty - sultry - tasty - juicy sweet like a toasted flower.
The ink runs from the corners of my brain,
Oh God, have I been eating poetry again?

I made the mistake of swallowing one set of rhymes when
The librarian appeared, putting on her necklace chain
Reading glasses while looking down her nose.
Her eyeballs rolled, her head shook out her woes.

Tearing off another page with her walking toward me,
She was about to release the dogs - I had nowhere to flee.
She stomped her feet and began to weep
As I crumble the next page into a heap.

She backed away as I snarl and I bark,
Crunch, crunch, crunch - swallowing all the way to the question mark.
Finding her nerve she approaches me with a moan,
Then I watch in amazement as she tears off a page of her own.

Folding it up in the palm of her hand, she smiles
And growls and shoves the whole page in while
Pulling out another book from a hidden pocket of her dress.
We sneak off together into a hidden recess.

The hottest lines - one after the other we devour
Salty - sultry - tasty - juicy sweet like toasted flowers.
The ink runs from the corners of our brains,
Oh God, have we been eating poetry again?

With baited eyes we snarl and bark,
Chomping with joy in this bookish dark.

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Who Moved My Slippers

Jumped out of bed this morning,
Eyes still closed,
Just to find my feet upon a floor
That was so cold,
Let out quite a shriek …
As Jack Frost had taken liberties
To nip at not just my nose, 
But, just to think, 
He had the nerve to pinch my toes...
Who moved my slippers?
Seems nobody knows!

A bigger question than that would be
Who had the nerve 
To turn down the thermostat, 
On a night which was freezing cold.... hmmm 
I will catch the culprit yet 
Then maybe pay them back 

Forget that and Jack
Enough is enough 
Now, give my slippers back!

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Small Sizes

How come 50 cents bags of chips
taste so much better,
than their big-bag cousins?
Or 7 oz. nostalgia coke soda bottles
have such a taste, oh, so devine?
I puzzle over such things,
I guess I'm just the wondering kind...
So it follows I should be happy,
To have this shrunken mind.

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Cough It Up

deep in the valley
cumulus congestus skies
coughing up a storm

Also Entry For 
Raul Moreno's 
Inspiration In Haiku Contest

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poor boy

There was a girl that was seriously in love with a poor boy, That poor boy could not be involved with her because he did not have any money to showe her that he loved her.
The poor boy made a lot of mayhem of his self, So he could love her and care for her, Then the girl ran away so she can be with the poor boy and be happy.

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Moon Shine Trilogy (Haiku Series)

fresh Moonshine
hidden jars in barn
country road


sweet corn from the field
natural grain distillation
liquid vapor flows


mountain still brewing
transforming barley and rye


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Nine feet tall now
Very slim mysterious
Dark cloud covers sun

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Art and life

Art & Life. 
 At the Oslo art museum we went to see Edvard Munck’s 
“The Scream.” Yeah I know that feeling. 
 I bought a print it cost about twenty Euros, it now hangs 
on the wall in front of me and it screams for me. 
 But his painting “The Kiss” absorbed me the most, it
 is one of the greatest sensual, painting I have ever seen.
There were many other paintings of great masters, but
I didn’t see them as “the kiss” blurred my sight.
There was a reverent whispering in the room, I didn’t
cared for, like being in a church where even a cough is 
frown upon. When my wife went to the loo I told a female 
security guard she looked like the woman in the “kiss.”
Her stern, blue eyes softened, she giggled and said: 
“But you can’t see the woman’s face in the painting.” No dear, 
but if I could it would be a face as beautiful as yours.”
 More guards came and I was escorted out of the building.

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I'm Just What Your Looking For

since the year of 1952 the city of st paul Minnesota holds
their annual treasure hunt the king and queen of snows
goes out to a city park and hides a medallion worth
10,000 dollars if you are the winner and your carnaville
button is register with the st paul pioneer press
which gives out 12 cryptic clues and this little medallion
could be wrapped in just about anything from diapers to cookies 
and the frigid weather here just may make you want to just
stay by the fireplace and sip on hot coco with family and friends
even lucky finder gets to ride along with the king and queen of snow
in the closing ceremony of it's torchlight parade
also watch out for the vulcans krewe for they like to dethrone the king
and leave you with a black smudges across your sweet cheeks

Tribute To The Winter Carnaville

Carnaville runs
Jan 21-31 

Also Entry For
Carolyn Devonshire's
Christmas In Your Town Contest

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The Mirror

What did my eerily observant mirror so boldly reveal 
to me this morning as I so cautiously gazed into its soul?

It quipped "Hey lummox,might as well limp back to bed, 
the eyes of the world will mistake you for an over-sized troll."

Many times it speaks this extremely critical 
evaluation of me.So often, in fact, I can no longer ignore.

I have been rather proficient at turning a deaf ear
to its snide, painful remarks, but now it's cutting me to the core.

It willingly continues " You better stop 
trying to appease the god of the gut.

Forget about bacon and eggs,
cookies and cakes, candies and nuts.

And yes, include on the list, donuts and pastries,
ice cream and chocolate, even Fritos and chips.

Crisco would be jealous of you, you tub o' lard. You've surrendered
to the demon of gluttony for so long now, I mean, c'mon, get a grip.

And let's be real here, this farce of an exercise 
routine you endear yourself to is all mirrors and smoke.

How many calories do you think you burn off
simply looking, be it so desperately, for your precious remote?

You might even want to drag your behemoth butt  off
the  couch while watchin' the tube and do some crunches.

Instead of waiting till the commercial break to
 waddle out to the kitchen to refill your beloved munchies.

Let's see, there's tennis, running, swimming, 
biking, even just walking..... exercise programs galore.

But nooooo, for you that means change doesn't it?
It's not worth it even though you barely fit through the door."

But as there are two sides to every story, so too is
there another mirror even more significant than the first.

It happens to be God's "love letter" that reflects honestly and with
prevailing irony.It captivates us with mention of real hunger and thirst.

It also talks of changes we need to make 
if we don't want life to "take it's toll".

Not so much on our fleeting flesh
as on our eternal soul.

These words, like a soothing salve, are 
universal.Oh yes, they are ours for the taking.

And they can buoy us and comfort us on those 
many days when that "other mirror" we feel like breaking.

Details | Burlesque | |

My Host, the Ghost...

Hair standing up
Skin rippled with fear
Breath coming hard....
Means she is now near

I've heard the moans,
Many a night,
Always at 2:20 am
I'm now prone to fright

Something yanking
at my covers,
From the foot of the bed,
Somehow I know,
That something is dead

Then the swirling mist,
Ectoplasm lips seeming
to kiss,
My heart so loud pounding,
My fear so astounding,
I'm frozen in terror,
The kind so much rarer,

I'd go for the light,
But I'm paralyzed by fright
I think I hear her, in the dim 
yellow moonlight
Though Im not so sure,
How much more I can endure

Now I know what to do,
Before I might see her anew,
From now on I will sleep
Where the dead don't creep

I'll make it my nightly aim,
To find a motel that i can well blame
Should the ghost follow me,
A law suit they will see...

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Jealously Bearded

Jealously Bearded
The computers afforded to the elite and working forces are not the dells everyone 
detests to use as free ones given in all the better libraries they are the IBMS. The 
number on the backs of them are plated in real GOLD bunion old. The screens 
are made of crystal glass and fashioned as a shiny mirror made to look like 
windows hanging in midair.  The mouse has three click buttons and seldom will 
ever break from the misuse the student teachers make the housing is made with 
titanium fair. The total concept is an old one the same old song and dance. The 
man needs to eat or work or graduate if a lover or a student user. The trap is 
baited with the silver and the gold instead of just plane cheese. The end result is 
at least one million dollars worth of please. Jealous is a simple word for me.

Details | Personification | |

The Private Cellar

I crept through the night just like a creepy crawler.
The smell of dust mixed in the reek of wine.
Lo and behold there was a crack in a mighty fine line.
Dripping and drooling with many more pleasures to be, 
The darn rats were the nastiest gnawers. 
Dark and dinghy I continued to look and see,
The Private Cellar locked with no key.
Back and forth my knees break and bend,
Leaning back reaching across the floor I’m at my end.
Walls and tunnels with no light in sight,
Lo and behold I’m a match to light in flight.
Panting and hissing with many more needs to please,
The darn bats were the trickiest thieves.
Cold and sweaty I continued to be a crook.
The Private Cellar is where I found the baited hooks.

Details | I do not know? | |

en T ro p y

Aver general question,
such as people always ask
A commitment some can't handle, thank you
(The question should never be asked of them, God Forbid!)
a promise few could make
Divluging strength of character, steel of the heart
enough to weather the storm,
The hurricanes, more like,
A question to 
constant, loving
en T rO    p y

Details | Couplet | |

Will You Let Me Sleep

Violet hues
Birds in flight coo's

Starburst fashion
Sun's hot passion

Crystal streams
Valleys of green

Sno-capped peaks
Eagles that speaks

Call of the wild
Echoes of a lost child

Can't seem to wake
From this dormate faith

Have no fear
For vision is  clear

Arrived at Heaven's shore
Was woken though by husband's dam snore


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Wrongful Reflection

You can feel
the rush
down to
your toes
when the cop
in your rearview
hits the party lights
and your trunk
is loaded
with bad news.

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Majestical Land

I was carried away up and over a topped stack just the other day,
By the oceans of blue cascading across shadows of magnifying rays of sunlight!
One by one they dashed through the trickery Sun as if they had no night.
I was drawn much closer in watching the Moon reflecting on the ones that sway.
Then I was taken by the swishy swore of the bouncy Sea rolling as the tide came in.
I just so happen to be taking a much deeper breath as the stars lit up like shields of sheer.
Breathless I just took it all in, over and over again until I saw there was truly no end.
Marveled, just down right marveled at the time I already just simply spend,
Then I saw a most wondrous bumbling bee, soaring aimlessly through Majestical Land. 
All in a single moment with time to spare, I saw balls of bouncing thunderous lights.
Then it was a much greater reach for a more logistical articulate helping hand.
Then I saw big white fluffy balls unfolding in the heavenly quaking open sky.
One by one colliding atop the luxury of just floating or shuffling them self right on by.
Marveled, downright marveled at what was passing me by, I just knew I’d die.
I absolutely was standing beneath the Majesties undeniably clever designated plans.
I saw blueprints and designs above the weighty scales and receipts.
What strategy for self-defeat with the books I write and keep!
Hooting and hollering cheering louder in Majestical Land, with my brilliant plan!
But then I was carried all the way back to the toppling stack,
The Majestical Land amazingly had not one single little lack.
“Marveling I tell you”! “Just down right Marveling”! 

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23:52 - That Dream

Isn't it funny how in that dream, 
Your car had changed?
Your laugh had changed.
Isn't it funny how in that dream,
Your voice had changed?
Your choice had changed.
Isn't it funny how in that dream,
Your house had changed?
Your vows had changed.
Isn't it funny how in that dream,
Your role had changed?
Your soul had changed.

It isn't funny how in that dream,
Your face had not changed.
I can't face this change.

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Winter in the Garden

Each winter the Ladder Backed Woodpecker
taps at the barked notches of apple trees.
The leaves have fallen and frost plasters the
limbs brittle enough to break by wind or weight.

This is when the Ladder Backed attacks.
Digs its beak deep into the trunk and pries
out her secret. This is when the woodpecker
sees itself exposed, the strange chagrin,

a grownups mind, ashamed of knowledge.
This is the same season our sad aged parents
were thrown out of the garden. This is when
the thought of good and evil broke bones,

limbs fell off, birds ripped through to the core, 
and a jealous God made us stewards of the world.

Details | Burlesque | |

I Wanna Be a Wrap Star

I got a gig at Macy's,
In the gift wrap department,
I wann'ed to be the star...
of this lowly store compartment,...
But outside this meager job,
I dreamed those dreams so big,
So in my apartment,
I'd hone my wrapping skills,
Prayin' wrap stardom would cure my ills...

Yo, bro, you'all hear me now?
I "axe'd" you to believe in me,
Now I'll show you just how,
I'll become "King a da Hood"
Even though some tell me how,
my wrap skills ain't all dat good

So here goes my openin' wrap
Doe'en tell me dat iz crap,
Yo, bro, wuz happ-n-ing
here an' now?
Cops chasin' everyone around
Can ya tell me Y? or even, maybe how?

Da' bee-ott-chutch dun left home,
Da' "bee-itch" said she wanna rome,
"Crack'in in some bore'd up buildin'
Stem pipe glowin' high flyin' red,
Soon enough, she be dead...

Don' bother me all that much,
Cause I got anodda' ho,
I'z kept 4 bee-in in such a clutch.

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My Santa

I kinda gazed upon my santa
Picture today

Early in the morning

He truly looked divine

I feel I would be right in my
Comfort  zone

With my santa

But like most people like me

Have to take time to think on

My Santa has a great smile

The hair white long

Beard the same

Rosy  cheeks

Witty,fun and funny

I called him this morning the only

Thing I got was santa answering

It said
“Well the fish has quit biting to
Cold to go”

I’m in the woods cutting fire 

So,you know what to do

LOL...My santa my comfort


Oh, how I love my santa

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Delusions of grandeur

With weary despair, I cast my glare amid the bottomless pit,
only to see your reflection, mirrored in it,
the whole of time, with just me to watch,
a beacon of light, waving a torch.

Chasing dogs through space...
With a child's playground, in an adults mind,
the cows are milking me, it must be time for tea?
Universal thought, with a timeless stare,
what delights do you hide under there?

So many aeons of civilizations,
all with just one realization,
to come to life with such dramatization, 
across chasms of time and canyons of space,
those dogs led me a merry race

Surge the transcendental shift, give your consciousness a healthy lift
and breeze through the Ether, with delusions of grandeur,
out among the worlds far flung,
You hear the wind? That's my song thats sung,
Feel the rhythm! Hear it pound?
subtle vibrations create stable ground,
with a twist of Higgs Boson, matter is bound!

The branches of life that spring from thee,
all the tentacles of a family tree,
and to think i'm still just a monkey!!
 Bring on peace and love and i'll go bananas ;)

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Dual Controls, Electric Blanket From Hell, Part 2

He was cold, and, suffering bad...
She was far too hot,
A cooling breeze...
She wished that she had...
So he turned up his temp,
And her's, she turned down,
And it's more than hard to believe,
Just how fast one can be turned,
Into a sad clown...

Further up, he turned,
His heat control number,
did he dial...
While she turned down,
On her's, praying for,
Relief, all the sweat soaked while...

But he just got colder,
While she started to roast...

But he just got colder,
While she started to roast,
It was fast becoming unbearable,
My dear aunt very near,
Turned to burnt toast...
And my favorite uncle...
Now near frozen solid...
In frozen fear he did clutch...
His oaken bed post,
Which, oddly, now seemed quite warm...
And this was, for sure, 
Never before the norm...

Now was the time,
For drastic action,
Each turned their temp dials
Up or down to the max...
Would'a been much more easy,
For each to learn, in a mere hour,
Just how to play jazz sax...

Now each was quite desperate,
And anguished beyond belief,
Burning and freezing,
There seemed no relief...
Who sold them this defective blanket?
Just who was that nasty thief??

Almost as if well practiced,
and seemingly on cue,
Each jumped out of their,
Respective  torture device,
Seemed all they could do,
Ready now to call an electrician,
Or psychic, for some sorely needed advice...

Next day, when their bedroom door,
They did finally unlock...
To finally check on inside,
Expecting some horrific shock,
Like the bed partly frozen,,
And part melted away...
Knowing that, if such should be,
They would have not a clue,
On just what to say...

The electrician soon did come than...
A $160 call...
For a 2 minute peek...
And even that was half stall...
One thing you could count true,
He was pissing off us all...

He explained to them...
The problem, he did diagnose,
It wasn't evil spirits...
It was not a ghost...

See each had,
their wires crossed,
The dual control temp dials,
Oh, brother!!!
And they had only controlled...
The temperature of the other!!......."

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My dog is a scientist

My dog is a scientist
And thought I never see
I think he has a lab set up
Right underneath me

I sometimes see him reading
The paper on the floor
Mums says it’s all in my head
But I never can ignore

At night I hear noises
And see lights from below
He’s making something special
I really want to know

Then one day I heard a noise
Coming from outside
It was giant space ship
And my dog was there inside

He didn’t see me watching
But I don’t think that he thought
That anyone was watching
Or that he would get caught

The next morning I woke up
Lying in my bed
Had I been dreaming
Was it all in my head?

And then I saw the clue
That would give him away
His reading glasses on his head
As he slept that day

I gently woke him up
And showed the glasses there
He looked a little startled
I told him I didn’t care

He told me all dogs are scientists
And live on earth in disguise
And work on secret projects
As dogs are very wise

So next time look at your dog
Take a closer look
For it probably is a scientist
Reading that mechanical book!

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happy poems

Two Sadorma poems

 Path unknown 
Yet walked before
My footsteps. 
Trees know me 
Turn winter into April 
Just to gladden me.  

Saw a saint 
Walking down the street 
Brutal rain  
Cold as frost
But the saint, comfy and dry
Under his halo.

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As Our Lifes' Changes

We all search for happiness 
We enjoy even the thought
We hope for all things of brightness
To join us as along life's road we trod.

Just trying to reach the top
Unknowing exactly what the top is
We work hard as young adults
Just like little honey bees
We gather our goods
Putting them all into our nest.

We journey on along
Hoping we are with our final mate
Even tho somedays are diamonds
And some are stones
Just like Neil Diamond said in his song.

So what is the meaning of it all
As age creeps into our bodies
You get older and yes you become wiser
But you are also much trier now
As age has a way of doing that to you
For it is all a part of the aging picture.

When your mind as well as your body
Finally realizes 
That these things you thought were so important
Can't go with you as your final journey you do make
They are left here for someone else to look through
And to complain about what a mess you have made!

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A Poem of No Purpose Done for the Sake of Writing

Dry skin caused by frozen winter winds
Caused by over washing
Too much caution given to cleanliness
The rough ridges distinctly defined
Will soon go away with care and time
These epidermal deserts
Are greatly in need of an oasis
Some lotion for lubrication
To make the redness in the deserts turn to tan
And now I wonder, why?
Why am I writing about my hands?

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Little by little befuddled
Overwhelmed; off track or muddled
Scatterbrained; astray and puzzled
Tapped out; tore up or bumfuzzled

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Global Trot

I’m out of my mind but I am just perfect and just fine.
I went around the world and what a blast it was for me.
I’m sent with a message from a golden gate master key.
I shook I rattled and I rolled brand new maps I did align.

I founded you and I demolished you but swam like a fish in line.
I ran to and fro as I was left behind thrown forward but I did see.
It is a global trot I tell you to survive naked or dressed just to be.
And then it came to be true and real that this was mine all mine.

So I sit in the seat with no defeat.
The world goes stupid and so mad,
But I stay clean and of course neat,
It’s just a silly little one time life fad.

Pain and suffering has just about killed me and you,
Together or apart it is a world we will always renew!

®Registered: Ann Rich   2009

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Home Improvement ... (acrostic)

Here I am

Pals to
May be
Not just
This temporary accomodation.

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Fate. A strange key
there on the board
do you see.the door.

"F8.two explore..."

Blue seas, know more.
~You said hi to me?
Counted your binary.too
Know hex
nod the mask
Know dec
count the glass and...
the cards.two
~yes. "dos amigo...."
~little kitten
Eight spoke to you.

One.Trip in the chip
set! How fun.d;
Can you giggle.with me...
Wiggle in the
Dance in the pixel.ease
;p my little smiley...
I come.and O!Please!

It's Me...
at the knees.


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The pains of trick or treating

In the dark outside, 
all the kids try to hide.
Door to door. 
Looking for more.

Running and screaming.
Not knowing the true meaning.
Of this night.
What it could be like.

I look around
to find my own,
and I notic to my horror,
that one of them is gone!

I have six daughters,
and the count is five! 
Which one is gone?
Is she alive?

Gather them around
They're all scared now.
Their eyes are big and round.
One's gone, they don't know how.

Now I'm yelling,
"Where's your sister? Where?"
Without a word they are crying,
and looking for her.

And where could she be?
Then they all just look at me.
"Mom, you're tired. Lets go home.
For our sisters not alone.
No need for scolding.
The sister you lost, you're holding."

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                   The world has heard of the golden years
                            Is it a myth or a phrase
                   When do they begin,when do they end
                    When you are young you can run the race
                    But when you're old you can't wash your face
                     Your bones ache in pain at night
                      Your joints are rusty ,and you lose your sight
                     When they tell you about the pot of gold
                      At the end of a rainbow,you can't hear
                                 Must be the golden years.          

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He grows in his garden

He grows in his garden porcelain lips; kisses for the rain.
And the flowers wanted to look out, so he planted a window pane.
He grew a shiny crystal eye; to wink at the sun.
And a thing to keep the prowlers out, so he made the gate to look like a gun.
He rooted there a metal clown; entertainment for the flowers.
And just so time would not make a fuss, an hour glass to sift away the hours.
He sprouted silver branches there, for the tired birds of June.
And an awesome golden harp is planted, in hopes the wind would play a tune.
He grew this magnificent china bird; to tease the worms.
And there by the gate a rubber mouse; insurance against the pachyderms.
And for all to see, a green jade thumb; ask not for what or why.
He grows these things, smart or dumb, to entertain a roving eye. 

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More tom's TidBits (TB'sTbs)

I'm still trying to figure this one out.  I noticed that Dunkin' Donuts had a 
site-  I tried it, but they refused to delived me a cup of coffee.
The TV show-"Everyone Loves Raymond"- does his wife know?
Ever buy the canned beef stew?  On inspection, it should rightfully be 
labeled "Potato Stew"
If PoetrySoup gets too intense, will they change the name to "PoetryStew"?
You might be too young to know this, but not so long ago, in a men's room, the 
urinal was one long trough on the floor, with ice in it.  Ice in it?  Don't order beer in 
such a place!

coming soon...tom's very very strange doctor....

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A Question of Chi…
I see. A man once known to me,
By the name of G.
His Madness,
On my Path.notes,
So float in my mind.
Playful and kind,
His voice on the wind…
Passed his Way on April's day.
I read the headline say...
With an ache and a chill,
I read, his heart was still…
S’okay, my mind say…
His voice has come this way….
Soke. A Do.

"...I left you my Lotus, Lion.Ness..."

What do I ride and who do I see.
Spyder come by to sit with me.
Gord.So guard I'll be. the Wind,
In the Guardian Sea.
Are you courting insanity...
Or is that just Me?

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Quiz Meg-a-Clue

Nice try Meg, answers-no, no, and Ho,ho,ho

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The Note

I was corner-stoned by many of you.
The note was dotted with a dash.
But this note was an ultimate smash.
I found a peephole and peeped through.
I found a bird gave him the note and away he flew,
Across the deserts and the valleys he was there in a flash,
Across the rivers and Oceans he made a great big splash.
He made it to the shore, but the note he began to chew.
He passed a timely test,
And his belly was full,
He did not stop to rest,
The note he had to pull.
The bird landed on the Oceans shore,
Singing praises of his rugged chore.

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The Gothic Perfumer

The dear old heart had an infectious laugh.
He'd capture the hearts of many a fair
maiden with his Baroque style and charm.
Like the magician uncle in the Narnia
books he'd be mixing and brewing potions
till the wee hours of the morning.
Fine port,Ramstein + Greek music blaring 
from the stereo.
White fluffy dogs + white cat matched the
Maestro's own Riccoco coiffure.
His guest waiting list was as long as
the red logie carpet.
Admiring female fans would always try to
take  over his lab to sharpen it.
Till someone once said "Dear Sir would
you ever find the right partner and 
settle down?"
With a twinkle in his eye and a little
Smile he said "Of course!"and gave a
little Buddha bow.

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Pass us by

If he made it so I can see you why no glance?
I see another and another, but there is no chance
You see us walking
But did you look up in the trees? 
How stupid can we be?
Our feet are harmonious 
Our stash inside
However we may be different 
You don’t even glance you just hide
Its all our problems 
Containing our will
To scream
Or lack there of and therefore will remain sight
For that lack there of we cannot take flight 
For these white walls will crumble
We will all stumble
Into the great depths of our thoughts
Trapped like a rat in a cage
Forever inflamed in this summer sky
Or this winter dirt
Do you see the sun reflect our growth
To grow up and see our differences 
But how will we know?
We all look the part
So I throw it back at you
The constraining will 
To scream

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As I sat there, in one of my most familiar settings
my mood completely changed gears
but for once it wasn't going downhill
At first, it felt as if I was just numb
almost melancholy, even
but I think it just took a while for the mood to click in my mind
The feeling I was going through was one I hand't experianced in...
...god knows how long
a sense of relief
A cool, soothing calm slowly took over 
I almost smiled
I had gained a tiny ounce of the hope that I lost so long ago
This time
I actually believed in the normal crap 
I usually try to tell myself
I was going to get my stuff together
really make an effort to get my life on the right track
I walked out the door and took a breath
of fresh, pure air
It felt as if a large burden was finally lifted off my shoulders
I walk to the car with the mindframe that 
I can make it through anything...
...The dark, mysterious shadow
that I din't seem to notice
drives away
On the ground
I could tell I only had a few minutes left
if that
I think I still see the cloud of smoke
from the gunshot in the air
but it could just be the haze covering my eyes
I finally smile
The last words I'm able to get out
before my last gasp 
of fresh, pure air
Marcus Jones

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Mansions in the Sky

The Stars lit up the skies and nothing could I see,
Except these huge Mansions that fly in the sky.
Swirling winds picked me up and carried me high.
Making trails in the clouds it was just me.
It was breathtaking just to be,
Afloat the top of mansions that fly.
The Moon was bright and the Sun a bit dry.
They were huge and magnificent to oversea.
 Mansions in the sky that fly above it all.
Mesmerized I went in and found no end.
None were too small.
None occupied, not even by a friend!
Mansions that fly fill a brilliant sky,
All emptied but not by I!
© Copyright: Ann Rich  2006

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where we still have to 
cover up our little dairy airys

can't open the windows
for in fear of it still may snow

but it did reach ninety eight in may
but soon how it went away

now nights reaching for that extra blanket
as temputures hits the low double digits

waking up to morning dew
butterflies can't and won't even land and chew

clouds of mattered grey
just won't let the sun come out to play

just raindrops tapping on my window
as the fury wind whips and blows

cotton balls fluttering thru the air
hearing aw choo's everywhere

not sure if the sun will ever shine
or if the temputures will get out of their binds

for I know july is right around the corner
and I want to be able to celebrate with other horner's

so june-uary please turn your other cheek
and return our sun for which we seek

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Tom's Tid Bits (Yet Again!)

How come they call it Labor Day when nobody works?
And why Pool-Table?  Where's the diving board?  the water?
How can you play "Draw-Poker" without paper and pencil?
Do Negroes really have bigger knees?
And Flashlight: A bright stage-light to highlight naked joggers?
I went to IHOP; I was so disappointed, the bunny was not in.
Is Racquet-Ball really that noisy?
Were Sanitarium Napkins designed for a psych ward??
And Condominiums: good Lord, they advertise prophylactics?
And Near-Beer; how close do you have to be?
And Poetic Terminology- methods to end a poem?
And Medicine Ball; how do you know what it's dispensing?
Bi-Polar? I got mine free.
Feedback?  Is it true some people have their mouths behind them?
Dry-Runs?  Diarrhea without the usual Sh_t??
Penn & Teller?  A bank teller's sordid affair with a chained down bank pen. 
(Caution, Sadism and Explicit Ink scenes)
Burn a CD?  What kind of moron is gona burn his Certificates Of Deposits?
Satellite?   To help one mount a horse in the dark?
Athlete's Foot?  Those who say they have Athelete's Foot should be prosecuted 
for maiming ball players.
Milk Of Magnesia?  Who is she?
Country Fair?  I'll wait for the Country Good!
How come it's a plus if a vacuum cleaner sucks?
Sometimes I feel left in the dust; I mean, even spiders have web-sites!!
Sasquatch?  A hairy ape-like creature who sat on, and crushed, his Timex watch.
Lunatics?  I hope Nasa provides our next moon explorers with insect repellant.
Politically Correct?  An oxymoron for sure!
Botswana?  A neighbor wiyh yacht-envy.
Coconut?  An insane piece of chocolate.
Congolese?  A structured rental agreement for certain Africans.
Decuple?  Releasing railroad cars.
Desultory?  Removing snide remarks.
Devote?  Removing one's ballot.
Dormouse?  A rodent tending the door at a rat nightclub.
Drag Queens?  What a horney King does with his reluctant wife.
Episode?  When a farmer named Epi plants his crops.
Fiddlesticks?  Frozen fish product with musical abilities.
Gnomish?  A knish for Jewish gnomes.
Mothball?  A part of a moth's reproductive organs.
I saw a commercial recently for "Extenze", to make "a certain part of a man larger"
However, I misread the dosage, and took far too many.  Now I have to drag "that 
certain part of a man's body" along the floor behind me.
I had a friend who tried it too....but it seems to have had a misdirected effect; now 
he has a 6 inch long big toe.  

more tomorrow


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A Wall et

One little line, two little lines,
three the Lions, four....

"... he wanted four more..."
"... In the green room,
under the floor ..."
"... where's the cornerstone,
to the wall..."

Get a pen. And paper too.
Draw these lines, like I teach you.
Then take some dimes,
Start. "On the One",
Slide them over
To the points on
the sun.One to One.
Can you run?

Forty years and forty knots,
I came to be from a game of dots.
So I took the dimes, drew the lines
and remembered the game once more.
A game of mind, taught in rhyme,
and the last dot left,
is the door.
4T For. and more....

"little mint for your tea... dear"
CIAO as in 'hello? write hear?'

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Demeter Dear

Am I early?
Curly whirly Sue...
Created me and
The Redhead too.

Sunshine the line,
Her fingers typed,
EnterWine d eLight.
Return to fLight.
On the Right Time.
Founded.The Kind Time.
Love on.Time.

".....Demeter is easily confused with Gaia or Rhea, and with Cybele. The goddess's
epithets reveal the span of her functions in Greek life. Demeter and Kore ("the maiden")
are usually invoked as to theO ('"The Two Goddesses"),..."

G.oodeeS GoodSea
a.s what it can be!
m.atter. only
e.ver changes....


W.hirly bird...
E.arly birdy...
L.ittle BaTMitten.Kitten?
C.atches the worm... but she never ate it.
O.phi, you see, said wait til Three.
M.erry, this Maiden...
e.nergized.... ;)

Like in a code of MorshMores...
~DeMeter is THREE.d;

Gratitude, the Attitude, for Healing our Waters. Inner, Earthly too.

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Spider Serenade

  Spiderese starts with a sneeze
now that's your introduction.
Hand off a fly and wink your eye 
a subtle sweet induction,

into the world of webby things
like dewdrops in the early spring
with twinkly notes you'll learn to sing
a spider serenade.

  I'm looking for the antidote 
to change the passage that I wrote
(at least she's not a surly goat)
and she loves lemonade.

Ms Purple likes the old cafe
she's gonna hang there everyday
until I figure out a way
to fix this mess I made.

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Wrong Planet

I seem to be on the wrong planet
Not 100% sure how or why
I'm telling you this truely
You know I would not lie
I left my spaceship briefly
And soon began to cry

What kind of planet lets bullets wiz about
People dying for their God
If that's what their God wants
I'd rather pray to sod

I crane my neck, I scratch my head
I look to find some reason
Perhaps on this planet so alien
It's people hunting season

I guess I'll have to chalk this site out
No intelligent life I see
No one on my world, I trust
Would ever believe me

I think I'll snatch a sample,
Of this race so wild
O'sama is my choice
So typical a child

Gods that demand murder
Are unkown on my home
And if it takes 10,000 years
I know that I must roam
To find the answer to this puzzle
And hopefully end this poem

I've seen slug-creatures with more morals
I've seen craters on many a moon
But if I ever come back here
I swear it'd be too soon.

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2 Piece Snack

When you are not too hungry
but you just want a snack
just think of the most savory treats
that will set you back

2 piece chicken nice and crispy
will eating it be too risky
feast your eyes on the prize
it's spicy enough to make the heat rise

tantalizing so full of surprise
gorging yourself until you are sated
trying to slow down until your laboring
breath has abated

while trying to focus on where you are at
while definitely enjoying your 2 piece snack

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Tom's Mental Driveling (Or Tom's Tid Bits)

What makes a beer lager?  By not being smaller?  
And I'm lookin' at a botttle of Heineken,
Boy, Ken's heinie must be sore!!
And just what was Pac-man packin"???
A thirty-eight??
Must one pledge first to get a club foot??
Someone told me GatoreAid had
electric lights....
But mine wouldn't light up.

Don't think I have given up on the open quiz-
Another clue: Who says lightning can't
strike twice!!??

You know you're likely in for a bad day,
When someone steals your burgler alarm.

My aluminum rap won't sing about
"the hood"!!

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All Fool's Day Sonnet

The wolves are out howling at the full moon
Jokesters are next and will be here real soon
I am holding tight to my silver spoon
See you in Dodge City when it’s high noon

My heart skipping and jumping as it beats
Knowing this day will be a fancy treat
Some folks are waiting to turn up the heat
I like this day because it is so neat

All Fool’s Day is remembered far and wide
With a smile I think I will stay inside
My heart will sing and also try to hide
Whisper All Fool’s Day and stand by my side

The wolves are out howling at the moon
Jokesters are next and will be coming soon!

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A Test Tickles...

Hey you... is this, your shoe?

One little riddle, two little riddle,
three the riddles, For...

five little riddles, six little riddles,
then seven said,
eight more...

I was about to stop,
look through this door,
til the ninth little riddle
said, Come. 2 the dance floor...

Get your watch. On.
Time to play, Long.
My name you say...
Did you think it wrong?

One day I cried,
thought I had died and
Called my dad to the door.
"What's my name...
this is insane...
Tell me father. More."

With your name?
You can bet,
It's been One,
and the same.

We brought you here,
as baby then, without your jade
you lost back when,
time was slow and a wind was low,
to the ground. It flew...
Through the balcony
and over the sound....
I watched you.
Saw your expression too.
Saw that sight inside of you.
We changed your name.
Started the game, with codes
on a lovely Summer day.

"Do you remember girl,
how to play?"

A test.Tickles...

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"Sticks and stones, may break the bones"
But Pixels always fix you.
Lighted licks, delightful flicks,
And sometimes, enchanted tones.

I counted them, their flickering flight.
I counted them, to include their light.
Our creation. MagicMotion.
In an ocean of A and D seas...

Mr.e, you said to me, I don't have voice.
But Miss Tree, came by at three
And on the clock, she said 'dos'.
"I'm the boss.... hear the bass"
My Name@ be.Ace.

Did you hear the music,
When you played that card?
Ambidextrous eyes...

"Lefty... when one is truly ambidextrous, the bridge isn't needed."

"Hard Drive" you say?
Try, 'dos' Amigo.

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Quietly you're on my Mind.
Quiet often, your in my Rhyme.
Questioning my write of Time.
Howling, at the Moon in the Wind.
History, saying that it's Here again.
Hearing. The Story of when....

"...Compassion is the Law of Laws..."

"... com w/ ;passion ..."
is the Law without flaws.
Sexy claws and s!xty draws...
Nibble in the middle of a
Sizzlin' riddle...

Passion is the pass ...
AND it's on.
The oooooo in the song,
The love and it's

Come pass it on...
On the compass, we're One.

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Jack And Jill

When Jack and Jill went up the hill
Each one had a quarter
Jill came down with fifty cents
I thought they went for water

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Twenty-five wounded pedestrians,
At my door...
Twenty -five
Barely alive...
What should I do?
Call twenty-five ambulances?
Twenty-five EMS?
How'd I ever,
Get in this mess?

Why's everyone always comin'
To my door?
Has it got twenty-five
Twenty-five scents?
Twenty-five invitations?

Perhaps I've gone mad
And no-one's there
I sit in my room,
And at the wall stare

Till they come to get me
Who-ever they are
If I answer the door,
They'll put my brain in a jar.

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I share with you, what I know.
I learned away, my love did show.
In times dis-pare, Frustration stares.
Anger builds and minds are filled,
With thoughts... and like the wind,
Given room to begin again.

Pressure builds the blood flow fast,
The ride is on... hold steady your last,
Breath of air. Know your heart...
And what lives in there.

It feels quite right, insight to hear.
But know your heart...
Where you've been in there.
You'll face it straight.
Never hesitate, take time to know.
See yourSelf, head on to grow.

Navigate, express yourself,
Your heart will cause your move.

When the Winds are on, all things are.

~We've Reached.The Operator.
~One upon a Star.T

~All things.WANaFeASTAble!

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The Place Where Dreams Begin

There’s a place I want to be
Far away into the Netherlands
Deep into the woods where mystical air is breathed
Here I’ll be a part of all that is real
In the mind
The place where dreams begin
Where even eagles fly sometimes
The sky is mystified with purple and velvet hues
Catwood trees blooming yellow leaves
Tonight all three moons are full of magical light
There goes a herd of kittens through the trees
The ground as soft like clouds as I sit upon
The imagination
Beetledoves are singing in wonderful tune
Netherlands live on, Netherlands live on
The ground moves and the waters are still
As the winds blow
There goes a fiery phoenix
I new they were real
I see stars dancing, holding hands
Swirling in circles through the twilight sky
How lovely there the unipig swimming up the waterfall
“What a beautiful world this harmony”,
Said the zebra sitting next to me
This here is a magical place indeed
The place where dreams begin
In the mind.

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Quantum Mechanics

I have a troublesome car
always something to deal with
makes me wanna go to a bar

I have around here
a handy auto service station
it should only be next-door!
cause when it comes to repairs,
I always need some more

now the station has an odd name
it's named Quantum Auto Repair
you might think this sounds lame
but if you really don't care,
I'll go on just the same,

Jim and Mike are the mechanics
that try to keep me on the road
I'm sure you know what's comin' next,
you hardly need be told....

yes they're Quantum Mechanics,
so slick with truck or car
they can fix about anything
you know how some people are

but last time I was there
I stumbled upon a book
that laid on their worktable
I had to have a look!!

sure, enough, Steven Hawking's
physics treatise
how could they follow this??
even with my lengthy schooling
this was something I would miss

I guess it goes to show you,
don't judge on cover-alls
'cause you might be surprised
on where the truth falls!!

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Super Quiz Clues

Clue No.1)  It can be associated with keyboard humor.
                2)Yikes / Strikes, Thumbs In Dykes!

Good Luck!!!  Please email to Super Quiz Poetry Contest comments, AND to me 
at so far I have been (with typical Tomfoolery!!)  
unable to retrieve any entries....I told you I need a "check-up from the neck up", 
did I not???  Thanks, and may the best poet win!!!!  tom

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New York

Bull Rider of Day and Night
Sperm of Population, Home of Insomnia
Place of Yellow Cabs and Nation's NASDAQ's Business
Highlife, Loud, Crime
City of making it Big:
When I am there I am told that you are strong, for I have seen NYPD Blue sirens 
everywhere, catching what might harm you or me.
I see the night approach as to cover me with blindness: Yeah in my mind crime 
might come for me.
Yet you are a Big Apple, and that apples are good for me: yet you are the Big 
Apple that has so much poison.
Is there away for me to escape the worm that may make me sick, and bite into a 
better Big Apple:
I feel confined like I am in a box with no way out I need my South for comfort,
High Sky Scrapers with flashy lights like among Las Veges show lights, you look 
Bold,and are in an A class line:
Tough as steel like Philadelphia's Arch, Sneaky as a King Cobra,
Open Arms,
Wonderful Shops,
Havoc Traffic,
Block Parties,
Big Bridges, Little Bridges, Over Rises,
Mostly clear starynites, like bling bling earrings, shine like high beams on a car.
Moments of terrible Migraines of the city with too many lights.
Land of many possibilities of many jobs and Famous Celebrities.
Wonderful Place of Famous Baseball Teams, Snowy Winters, Homeless people 
Begging, Home of Greed to the Bull Rider, of Day and Night, Sperm of 
Population, Home of Insomnia and Place of Yellow Cabs, and Nations.

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There's Aliens In My Cheerios!!!

cereal, great when you're in a hurry
and know ya gotta eat...
open up the cupboard
to chose your morning treat,

Capt. Crunch? nah, too much hard gristle,
Fruit Loops? nah, the colors make me dizzy
Grape Nut Flakes? yah gotta' be kiddin'
I'm sure to crack a tooth!!
Wheaties, far too boring,
if ya wanna' know the truth....
Ahhhh.....Cheerios!!  just right!!!
like Goldilocks' warm porridge.....
I've found one just right!!!
No longer have to forage.....

into the bowl, in comes the milk
about to add sugar....
should go down smooth as new silk....

what's that??  I was quite amazed...
a tiny flying saucer rising,
a tad bit milk glazed!!

holy cow!! what's goin on????
I could not believe my eyes...
then it suddenly dawned on me....
he was looking for the toy surprise!!

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Crooked crooks, babbling brook

In this crooked chair i sit
at this crooked table
at this crooked desk
and write my crooked thoughts
looking out the crooked window
out onto the crooked crooked street
thinking about how crooked the world is
when suddleny is top and realise
the crooked people arent crooks
everything is crooked
crooked jails
crooked hospitlas
crooked business men lawyers and politiicians
crooked churches crooked steeples
crooked believers crooked people

it was perfect perfect and crooked
crookedly perfect
perfect people
perfect houses
perfect airplanes
and perfect yachts
perfect make me sick 
keeping up with the joneses
perfect white teeth
perfect bodies
perfect hair
perfect health
thwey werent crooked?
were they?

croooked like me?
crooked like them crooked in a world full of rooked people and the crookedest 
thing to do was to stand straight
and make a show of it!!

whose going to replace all of this crooked ness and turn this beautiful now?

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Your Four Tires

You have made me so very fierce, 
So your car tires, I now will pierce; 

To find you car then, yes I must
Tire by tire, my knife to thrust; 

With an ice pick, should I swing, 
From your tires, be some air leaking; 

They may even give a 'hissssss', 
All four tires, I will not miss; 

Loudly can the tire blast, 
Loss of air will be so fast; 

A loud 'pop' might be the sound, 
Quick, your rims will hit the ground; 

And each tire I give a blow, 
Will make the sound of air letting go; 

May even give 'em a second slice, 
Cause you'll be paying the replacement price; 

Them four tires, I can so easily stick, 
And you won't catch me, I'll do it quick; 

It's your four tires that I plan to poke, 
And I want you to know this is no joke.

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Into the Night

Into the Night 
As I drift into a peaceful night slumber..
Sounds owned by the night, enter my chamber.

Crickets chirp a tune to share..
From the corners of the dusk; filling the night air.

The moon peers through the window, sprawling to the floor.
Making slight shadows, for creating a frightening folklore.

I hear little feet scurrying across the room.
It was a mouse, I think; escaping his foredoom.

Leaves from branches brush across the window screen.
The night was proving to be more then it seemed.

Moths flutter aloft a lighted street post.
A slight breeze ascends the curtains, simulating a ghost!

In the near distance, came the sound of a drummer.
Then out of nowhere, a flash splits the darkness asunder!

Rain patters down steadily on the worn rooftop.
Then the night went placid leaving a picturesque backdrop.

The smell of the rain renders me soporific.
Slipping into a dream, I ponder on tomorrow nights frolics!

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Nobody Told Me!!

Yep.....No one dun told me...
About that puddle out front....
No body bothered to warn me..
The truth I'd have to hunt...
I stepped in the middle,
Expecting, of water, just a little....
Of concern, a mere piddle....
Suddenly hit by this natural riddle....
I'll pass my life being befuddled...
Even when I sleep!

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Cookie Monster

I turn around 
And they were gone
I left them with my milk
That was very wrong

I looked at the animals
I checked the floor
Not a crumb anywhere
Just like before

There's a monster in my house
And this is no rookie
It doesn't like milk
But steals all my cookies

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As cars go... 
This was a good one 
Gleaming black 
A perfect car... 
for Cadillac Jack 

What's in a name? 
People have names for cars 
Pet names 
It's all in that peculiar car game 

Cadillac Jack was no different, 
but more of that later 
Dogs look like their owners 
Cars are the same 
It's all in the car game 

Cadillac Jack, 
was fat and chunky too, 
although he would never admit it 
The car did the walking 
Jack did all the talking 

Cadillac Jack, 
a cruising man you see... 
Fat and single, 
gleaming black, 
just like the car 

Cadillac Jack, 
works occasionally 
Never hard for the car he drives, 
takes all his time, 
for it is time he does lack 

Jack is hitting sixty 
and that is not on the speedo 
The car, is all he has, 
for he has no libido 

The car is his woman 
Gleaming black 
Soft and quiet 
It's cool in the back 

Rubbing down every sunday, 
waxed and polished, 
under a fierce sun 
Cadillac Jack is number one 
The car... 
Second to none 

This is Cadillac Jack, 
hitting sixty 
the secret is in the game 
the car... 
a wife in all but name 

Oh yes! 
The name... 
Jack told me once, 
so softly he muttered 
My dear... 
Her name, he uttered 
Myrtle Murgatroyd 

I nearly burst out laughing I fear 
Cadillac Jack, 
with such sangfroid 
Let it go, 
for he did know, 
the name of my car 
which I will not mention here! 

Jack died a while back, 
yet I see his car 
cruising still, like on a quest.. 
I look for a driver, 
haven't seen one yet 
Mrytle Murgatroyd, 
dressed in her sunday best 
All in black 

Like a true widow, 
she conducts her self with dignity 
She never hits sixty, 
you know... 

Myrtle is by a quirk of fate, 
a hearse you know 
Explains why she never went over sixty 
Just like Jack, 
she can wait 
for Jack is now in the back! 

that car is still cruising around, 
looking for a driver that can't be found 
Myrtle Murgtroyd... 
and Cadillac Jack 

They'll be back... 

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Tom's Head Scatchers

there are mysteries abundant
in our universe...
but some,
at least to me,
defy any rationale...

why do people feel
to have cell phones
surgically attached
to their ears...
and be oblivious
of who they are
with or their
regardless of
how awe-inspiring
nature  has 
strained to tempt them?
I have seen , in Manhattan,
not too long ago,
a sight that would
have called for
"the men in the
white coats"
more than one couple
walking the streets
one in a business suit
one in a smart work dress
BOTH talking on seperate cell
Both complimenting their
wardrobe with
ratty sneakers!!!
how'd I get on this planet?
did I miss something?
a decade or two?

why do we walk
around with
not like we're
getting paid for it...

or Fedex- apparently
Fed's ex has won
a big settlement-
she owns trucks
all over the place...

would would
possibly watch
not even in the
hightest level
psych wards
so why spend
millions to
produce and
air them?
go on a vacation!

please feel free to jump in
and add your thoughts
on human oddities
as you see them...


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Keeping Silent

Hidden under the old oak tree
it beams in darkness.
The sharp edges digging and pawing
gnawing to reach the surface.

With the echo of a chalkboard in my ear
I feel its heartbeat searing mine.
Shameful but not remorseful I’m silent
as I let her still call out it’s name.

Scars still are brightly lit on my arms
from those remorseless claws tearing at me.
I hated its eyes and purr and hiss
as it glared intently at me

Her sadness makes me hate it more
so much so I cant stop remembering.
The last moment in a handmade wood box
it screeching and clawing for air,
I say goodbye to that goddamn cat
I buried alive under the old oak tree.

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If you should cross a vampire
With a green eyed pussycat,
Would you get a flying kitty,
Or a cross eyed, bloody bat?        
If you should cross an umpire
With a runner at third base,
Would the runner get a better call,
Or an umpire in his face? 

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Bathroom Window

He came in thru the bathroom window,
No good intentions had he,
I was sleeping noisily,
In the next room, you see

I might'a been murdered,
I was to be robbed,
But he wasn't too bright,
At least not that night,

All he got for his troubles
Was very soapy bubbles,
Yeah, this clown was quite a dope,
Cause all he stole was a bar of soap!!

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Cursing the harpies

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

If only you knew the satanism
I'm leading telepathicly
something none truly understand
groupings, games, how this list is a rock of dangerousness
into the future of paranoia, power, deception, and tricks
something in time

slide slippers
slide shoe
slide six slide scope 
slide shells
slide spirit slide soul 
slide prophet, trigger, miss
slide shine
slide fade
slide shhhh
slide slide slide switch
slide soap slide marbles slide slippers
the harpies hot on my trail
i run and run and
just can't shake em

all i can do is say slide sneak
slide shine
slide slide
slide note
slide scope
slide six
slide shhh

slide trigger
slide shells
slide marbles
slide soap
slide fade
and then join me
watch the satanists 
figure out witch team of saints 
wears what labels as they 
curse and bless these objects 

slide soul slide prophet slide slippers slide soap
slide shells
slide miss
slide slippers
slide marbles slide shoe
try not to laugh as these items come circling around into one hand to another
from label to another
from one destination to plane
the pieces fit
harpies on my trial
feeding on my brains
nurturing my fear
immobilizing my hopes
who know suffering is so much better

slide slide
slide shine slide fade
slide saint
slide soap 
slide slide
slide marbles slide scope slide six
slide shells
slide marbles
slide uh oh
slide miss
slide slide
slide switch
slide curse slide psychic slide prophet
slide soap, slippers, marbles

the harpies
what are the harpies?
you'll never know
if you ever find out
if you ever see in your third eye the truth of this curse
then you're just like me
and we were there sliders in a parallel universe
slide time
slide fate
slide note

slide slow
slide six
slide prophet
slide six
slide spoons
slide sox

slide scope
slide trigger
slide shells
slide shhh
slide shine
slide fade

slide switch
slide marbles
slide spoons
slide slide  note
slide slide
got him
took awhile

slide shhh
slide time slide fate
slide soap slide marbles
slide shine, fade
prophet slide marbles
slide  slide spoons

slide slide slide switch slide soul
slide spirit 
note slide pass

slide slippers

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Robot ici 
There is a robot sitting ici on this computer 
He has a name and number but no freedom of religion 
He is soon taken from his places that he goes 
Big frog hopping in a little jargon pond 
Working on his nothing to complete  his daytime job 
Of standing on his pocket leaning overbearing moment of decay and death 
somewhere forgotten to be kept 
How many people am eye how many people must eye be 
Everyone is crazy in this new millineum of time 
Am eye the robot baseball player the batter up and pitcher 
Am eye still the cop the undercover thriller 
Am eye only the dishwasher in my white apron getting so wet and dirty 
Am eye the papermill employee scooping big heaping shovels of decay 
Am eye the dairy man giving all the milk away in bottles full of cow 
This robot was once human once full of life 

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The Kettle And The POT

The fire is under us both.
"The POT is black", the kettle confides.
"The kettle is hot", answers pot.
"I have carotts inside here", says POT.
"Potatoes aer my specialty", says kettle.
"You must be very hot my carott POT".
"OH My kettle, so aer you to make potatoe soup".
The fire is under us both.
"Why do ye call me black"?
"Attack" says kettle.
"You call me hot, OH now I`m boiling over".
Says POT, "I am simmering hot".
The fire is under us both.
The kettle and the POT.

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The Dishwasher

Tom the Dishwasher
Hand wash each time
Place in drainboard,
Always forget the gloves,
Hands get greasy, yuck, slime!
Drainboard sits on my
Electric dishwasher,
Used once in two years,
Just what is packed,
Between my ears?

Maybe cause the paper plates
and plastic utensils
Didn't fare so well,
Oh, you know how weird
Is Tom Bell

Should'a put a pinball
Machine, in that slot,
Play the Who's Tommy,
Bet I'd play real hot!

The one time I used,
sometime last year,
Still await unloading...
Is that laughter I hear?

Now if I was normal,
I'd be quite dull,
But never worry,
My brain is void and null!

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Tom's Challenge; Think This Through..

If I is what I was, was I what I is?  If I was what I wasn't, wasn't what I is what I is? 
What if I wasn't what I is, but I is what I wasn't?  If I wasn't what I wasn't, is I what I 
is what I was?  Well, if I wasn't what I wasn't am I what I wasn't what I is?  Was I 
is what I wasn't, was I what I was?  Okay, what if I was what I was, was I what I is 
what I was?  What I was is what I is what I wasn't, so therfore I wasn't what I was, 
or was I?  Was what is what what I was?  Was what I is is what I was?  Wasn't 
what I wasn't what I wasn't?  Was I was, I was if I was what I was?  What wasn't 
what I is what I wasnt what I was?  What was what I was, what I was?  Was what 
I wasn't what was what I I was when I wasn't?

Had enough?  I wasn't even warmed up, I just was what I was.

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An Infinitesimal Ton Of Stuff

Me a pack-rat?
Is you crazee?
I gots me a path to walk,
From one room to annudder
So who is you to talk?

I gotz at me fingatips
Alls dat Eyes could kneed
Like 1972 newspapers
Which I ain't gotz yet ta read

I think somewhere in dare,
I'z gotz an x-wife or 2,
I suspectz  from da smell,
Dat day ain't talkin' to mee orz youu,

Ann dat germain doog I'dz onss had
He 2 could be in dare,
Every onse in da while
I no-tis doggee hair

I'll cleanz it upp ladda
not now I iz too tyred
my housekeepin' I assure u
Iz someting to be admired...

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Quiz 12 Winner!!!!

Edgar Allen Poe(lice)
In a startling Photo Finish- Shar beats John Heck in a matter of mere minutes!!!
Congratulations!!   You two appear to be true puzzle masters.  I am impressed!!

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Twenty-Four ?
At my door...
I hear them knocking...
I hear them roar...
What are they?
Shapeshifting phantoms?
Ghosts of Holloween-Pasts?
Christy's Racoons?
I can't make them out
But they're there,
I have no doubt...
At my door....
God knows,
There'll soon be more.

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I like jellyfish a fish does not swim in my belly. 
I like them with lemon pepper and jelly. 
But when I am poor, I eat them by score, 
I catch them by fishing default. 
I dont count them at all. 
I am a merman, swimming for my mermaid, 
eating my jellyfish, I relish my fish, 
with lemon and pepper and jelly. 
And because I am poor I eat them by score, 
I catch them by hand, not while they swam. 
Relishing and swimming rhymes with 
My Mermaid she just loves Shrimpe, 
but She does not eat them up, or 
place them in dip. 
She feeds them to her strang pelican. 

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Originally From

How do you feel?
When someone is pointing at,
Only you, when you are sitting,
 In a group, at a dinner table.

Where are you originally from?
He asked me, when the other nine was waiting,
For my answer, why did he ask me only?
The meaningful answer demoralised me.

I am from heaven, I said,
I came to watch the Religious people,
They are claiming for Heaven,
They know to live on earth or not.

I‘ll answer to him, who send me on Earth.
He felt insulted, still seeking degration,
He attacked on me, in a classroom, 
When I was talking to someone, he abused me.

Although later, he apologised but still burnt,
When he insulted me again and asks me for apology,
They were unite against me, but still
I was fighting against their hidden agenda.

At the last day in training, a girl said to me,
At least I understand all, why they targeted you,
Because I talk to you, they felt insulted
I know, they are minding your colour.

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This or That

Your intention to work
  Or you are in, tension to work?

Your inactive position
   Or you are in, active position?

Your inapplicable action
   Or you are in, applicable action?

Your insincere effort 
   Or you are in, sincere effort?

Your insight of things
   Or you are in, sight of things?

Your inexpensive living
   Or you are in, expensive living? 

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Where's That Cat?

As the daisy filled grass,grows up high in 
the sky,As torrential rains fall down by the
by!The Sun sheds it's light rays ever and
about,Sending out it's interference,is a
graying like cloud!Darkness and gloom is
hovering up and above,Nature's own storm
covers as a cap and a glove!As the
Woodpecker does it's rat-a-tat-tat,While up
in a tree at it's very own base,hides a
hungry Tom cat,staring up very greedily!
Dog behind the house,gracefully stalking
that cat, Cat unaware of where that dog may
be at! The Mailman sneaks by to deliver
the mail, Where is that bothersome dog?
All barking and not wagging it's tail!

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Following me
to the places
I have gone
can't have been easy
for you.

Wanting to hold
me back; afraid
to let me~ be me,
has been a trial
you have endured well.

Today I sit quietly
thinking of the tribulations
I have brought into
your existence
and mine.

I thank you
for allowing me
to grow in my own way
becoming me~ day by day by day.

Holding me safe
as danger lurked near.
Foolishness races
knowing no fear.
The unknown a friend.

You know I can't promise
to behave for it would be untrue.
I will instead promise to try
to recall that you are with me.
close behind~ Protecting.

I will try not
to ever again
show you anything
that causes you
to cover your angelic eyes!

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Pretty Sh__y

Someone is watching me,
Not that I'm paranoid,
As you can see
This stalking person
scares me,
Somewhere else I'd
rather be,
Electronic bugs I
find all over,
Even hid in my
dog's butt, poor Rover!
Secret cameras, telescopes
pointed my way,
I don't know just what to say,
I've gotten some threatening notes,
The most obscene, from my poetry,
There's a strange car that
follows me,
I wonder what they
want to see...
I'll trick them soon,
And I know how...
I'll go out, and buy,
a dairy cow,
I don't know what
good that may do,
But confuse them with
my motives, true
I'll save up all the
lumps of cow dung,
And make a flop-pie
To throw at some,
The sh_t will fly,
And yes, oh my....
I hope I hit them,
in the eye.

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Random, Unintelligable Thoughts

RUT- that's the title,
Insanity- I'm a disciple.
You guys make me think,
in ways untried,
I'll treasure this site,
until I've died.
And maybe even after that,
How many lives for this cat?
Survived cancer twice,
And though it was not nice,
Worse pain I've suffered
by words,
Those sharp knives
that pierce the soul,
From anger seemingly
out of control,
Eight inch switchblade scar,
Which my skin did so mar
I hear words I question why said,
As if one were brain dead,
Like "that door is ajar.."
How crazy you think you are?
A door is a door,
A jar is a jar,
No way to confuse them
No matter who you are...
A brain just too lazy,
Or one who's simply crazy?

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Magnetic Me!

Wow!!  What a day!!
I shuffled across the carpet
too much today....
Back and forth,
Back and forth...

Didn't think of it then,
Built my Magnetic field up
Far too strong....
Back and forth,
Back and forth....

Papers from all over the house
Came flying, to cling to me...
Back and forth,
Back and forth...

But on I went....
Back and forth,
Back and forth....

Suddenly I reached a threshold....
Back and forth,
Back and forth....

And flying through the air I went....

Now I'm stuck to the refrigerator.....
I'm a memo holder now....
The paper grasped in my mouth
With clenched teeth,
Back and forth,
Back and forth.....

On it is says
In Big Red Letters;

Whatever you do....
Whether you come
From South or North....

Don't go Back and Forth,
Back and Forth!!!!!

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What follows the river, but goes nowhere,
Lives under the trees, and in the air
Yet you see it here, you see it there,
Oh yes, You see it everywhere.
I don’t know that it is,
I don’t know that it isn’t.
Hide your eyes, and its back in an instant.
It is as smooth as glass, but rough as can be.
It flies so high yet never moves,
Yet moves so fast, In the groves.
It falls down, then goes up.
What’s that in your cup.
Now I know that just gave it away,
Oh darn oh darn, it’s here to stay,
But this is good ,cause it aint bad,
Think of all the fun we’ve had. 
You think you know it,
Come now please show it.
It’s as red as wine, it is as black as coffee,
What oh what can it be.
You can feel it when it falls 
You can feel it when it rises
You can feel it when it surprises.
We need it to grow,
We need it to snow.
We need it to help the rivers flow.
Now I know you must have it,
And I am not trying to hide it, Maybe.
So what oh what can it be?
Well excuse me, But I must go pee.
Ah ha now we know it,
But it is not, Just similar to the lot.
Now I must go and help it flow.
But the answer I will tell you,
In backwards form,
So you cant look at it, And cause us harm.
Retaw is it’s name,
And yes it has so much fame.
It causes destruction.
It causes construction.
It is something we cannot live without.
So now you know it and you don’t need to pout.

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Toast of the Town

in this small village,
we have but one diner
I've sampled their menu before
and have but one complaint
the toast they serve with breakfast
seems like it came from bread
baked at the time of Ramses II

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Socrates Stole My Socks!

Now I know how he got his name....
He can put an electric dryer to shame!
Dryers eats socks,
Socrates does pilfer....
I wonder what happens,
If I send him a bill 'fer
All my missing socks....
Would he sock me one?

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My Tent

I figured out
How to make some bucks,
In this town,
Where you oft hear "Ahhhh, Schucks!"

I rented a tent- erected it on busy Rt. 9
Southbound traffic, 50 cent fine...
Northbound cars,
Well, that's a buck,
Ah, darn, it gal, twice that
for a truck

Hand painted signs,
And stolen hard hats
All I needed,
To make a fortune,
Oh, rats!!!

Why didn't I think of this
A year ago,
I'd be so rich,
That you know...
I'd open a hot dog stand,
with roadside beer,
To assauge any anger,
Calm any fear.

And get wealthy to boot,
Ain't that a hoot!
And keep traffic down,
When I wish to sleep
Make them turn around,
And homeward creep.

Boy this entrepreneur
Spirit of mine,
Will make us rich,
Will make us fine.

So here we go, the sky's
the limit.....
Next runways,
Pay or landing lights,
We'll dim it.....

Oh I'm full of money making ideas
Finally get myself out of arrears!

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Battlecreek Joust

When Kelloggs' jousts
with Post,
It's easy to find the host,
Just look for that Ruby Red Smile,
From her lawnchair seat, 
for quite a while,
Poppin' pocorn in,
With a fox's sly winning grin,

She dodges the poor fool's splash,
And is set to collect her winner's cash,
She'd bet on that poor fool,
Drowning in that puddle-pool....

One thing the fool noticed
with his last breath,
And his untimely death,
She'd pulled a clever one off,
To mislead others of his ilk,
She's now using GatorAid
instead of milk!!!!

For my Jewel of a friend, Ruby.

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In the shadow of the darkness, in the time we call the night
lurk the ghosts and evil spirits that cause us all to fright.
  There are those who ride the wind, some crawl upon the ground
  there is no way to hide from them, for they are all around.
They come in through your windows, they slither on your floor
some can enter with the sounds that come in through your door.
  Driven by a hunger, a frenzied need to drain
  some of them may take your soul, while others seek your brain.
They have one thing in common, they know the smell of fear
but you can make them go away if they get to near.
  To those of you who seek escape from the creatures of the night
  take a path you know is good know that you are right.
Tell them all to go away for you are not afraid
they may come up to your door but they will never stay.
  Take the time to think it out, else your life be filled with doubt
  thus you may well fall victim to those i speak about.

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Tom's U.F.O.

Yes, it's true....
My cousin stopped by,
To visit me....
And was horror stricken
To see
A U.F.O. in my kitchen!!
He was in such shock,
His pants he did pee,

There it was,
Black and mysterious,
Frightening beyond words!
His eyes rolled back into his head,
And out he ran,,
Screaming so loud,
He had frightened people running 
in stampeding herds!!!

As I stood, with alien weapon
In hand,
As the smoke of fear,
I fanned....

Yes, it's true,
The horrible sight
Of Tom's U.F.O.
No one would stay,
They all would never know....

For Tom's U.F.O.,
Not an alien craft....
The alien "weapon"
A spatula
Which they feared more
Than Dracula....
No, not an alien craft,
They all were daft

For Tom's U.F.O.,
Gruesome as it was,
To create a screaming "cuz",

Was an Unidentifiable Frying Object!!!!

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Primordial Man

   I followed in his footsteps 
but far back a ways you know
It wouldn't do for him to see 
the way the goblins grow,

from every puddle that he left
an entity ,alone ,bereft
has raised its' head to look
up from the muck,out of the ground.

some are fairies and the like 
and some are elves
and some are tykes
that soon may grow into 
a troll
to hide beneath the bridge
and roll
ole Tony down when he comes back
a strolling cross his
evening track,
he'll ask a riddle of the man,
and when he doesn't understand

he'll say "what have you lost and found
since you past by and went to town?"

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Not Thru Pregnancy

not thru pregnancy,
even without ecstacy, still
their numbers increase...

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Nineteen stiletto armed assassins
Lay in wait upon my roof,
While nineteen of Santa's reindeer,
Prance up there with stomping hoof....

A fearsome racket,
Nineteen decibles loud,
So busy is it up there,
It blew away each cloud

How do I get out?
I've had my nineteenth beer,
Nineteen more,
And I'll have no fear...

I know, I'll wait till nineteen o'clock...
Surely they'll be sleeping then,
And I can go out and restock...

But, darn, I bought too cheap an alarm clock,
This one only goes up to twelve,
And makes an annoying tick-tock...
Maybe I can on-line order
An alarm clock that goes up far enough....
Only problem is,
How do I pay for such stuff?

Then, that 'ol Bell brain kicked in,
And figured out what to do;
I took my magic marker,
And cardboard and some glue,
Remark the numbers 
the way I want them,
That'll work just fine!

Well, maybe I had too much wine,
And not enough to eat,
For nineteen hours I tried,
But could not do this feat...
I couldn't spell, or remember numbers too well,
Oh, I guess I'm stuck here,
The curse of dumb Tom Bell.

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Truth or dare

Can you keep a secret?
I'm mentally ill.
I'm a psychotic psychosomatic
paranoid schizophrenic
of the disorganized type.
Can you keep a secret?
I'm one of them
I'm an alien from a distant land
a spy from another time
a fed
hired from the past.
Can you keep a secret?
I don't think you can.
I'm Nostradamus writing poetry
here to find the secret passage
in the Royal Palace
while millions watch me
on television.
Can you keep a secret?
I'm a chronic self lover
suffering from codependent love hungers
a manic depressive
programmed to be
anal attentive
compulsive obsessive
with low self esteem.
Can you keep this a secret?

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Challenge Four

100 words or less, to rhyme, humor a plus..Feb. ten. Good Luck- email copy to, and post, please- winner gets a tom Bell Cookbook!

Brushing the velvety hair of the bald midget
Olives on the run
Hidden Puppy, Crouching pooper
New set of blinds
Gumballs on the bar
rock music in Chinese
Wally Eagle, ootty-booty-li-li
Mercedes Benz
Slip of the forked snake tongue

Good Luck!!

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Thirteen ghosts
Thirteenth floor,
Twelve plus one,
Don't want no more

Thirteen ghosts sinister
Inhabit my printer...
So I sent for the Lexmark Minister

To perform a printer exorcism
This machine prints what IT wants,
Even picks it's own fonts!
Some of this stuff I never wrote,
I tell you,
This machine's got my goat...

Paper jams and printer levitation
Nothing too odd
This machine ignores gravitation!

Lately it's words outshine mine,
So maybe I'll just say,
"That's just fine!"
Sit back and take credit due
To thirteen ghosts
And their Lexmark host.

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When Sun delivers shine skin starts to burn,
Body is seeking protection from sharp rays.
Water vaporises and converts as clouds,
Rain comes and air delivers weather cold.

My son came to me and asks about natural system,
Why does rain come down, why don’t clouds go up?
If water evaporates with the heat waves,
And how clouds stay in the sky to cover rays?

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Patricia, Patricia,
how nice to hear from you,
what I'm about to tell you,
is embarrassingly true

I bought a large can of coffee
not so long ago,
somehow I seem to have forgotten
something I ought to know

I was ready to open said can,
where and when it sat,
I looked around to see,
something odd as that...

how can I prepare this brew
in my world of dizzy mental dew,
for I don't own a coffee-maker
and this tale I swear is true!!

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The Mystery Of Darkness

The mystery of darkness, each has a tale,
afraid to go out, I have been there as well.

Many a night, as I sat all alone,
my house so empty, outside muffled moans.

Who could it be, why have they come,
the doors all locked, I checked every one.

A scratching so near,  are my screens being cut,
maybe it's a dog, my neighbors silly mutt.

Flood lights beaming, looked like a football field,
telling myself, this can't be real.

I looked out the window, and out of a shadow,
waddled a little raccoon, such a cute little fellow.

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Merchant's Revenge

I had a boss once,
Who owned a
furniture store,
A rather odd fellow,
Of this I can assure

If an unreasonable
customer gave him
enough grief,
They were in trouble, for to his
He had their credit card
number on file,
And after an adequate
They'd start getting
the oddest things
Cause that just was his style,

Strippers showing up at their work,
To make them look a jerk,
Sex toys too odd to own,
Delivered to their home,
400 roses, 10 cases of rum,
But this was not the sum,
Lots more for them would come,
On and on it'd go
Till they would surely know
Why 20 pizzas came their way,
Every other day.....

The best part, for him I sort'a knew,
Was that they'd paid for it all too!!!
And they never could quite guess,
Who, and why, was the pest!

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Dance, Ballerina

A few years ago,
In the depths of 
my deepest poverty,
I felt like having a drink,
But I had no money
or car,
So now I had to think

Then I remembered
in the basement,
Where my dad had
long ago started 
to buld a bomb shelter,
I had perviously seen
some old booze
And so, now I could
even choose

So down the trap-door
I went,
For the booze I did
follow it's scent
I found it and took,
A rather odd bottle,
that stood out in my look

It was a bottle with
a ballerina inside
Gold flaked liqueur
Many years it sat, untried
So I brought it up the stair
With a reverent sort of care
You could wind it up underneath
And the ballerina would
pirouette, to music of sweet relief

Well, I tried it, and to my surprise,
it was incredibly good, and lit my eyes,
Soon enough, and it was gone,
The best tasting liqueur I'd ever tried

I kept the bottle, so pretty it was,
And vowed I'd get more
And I could use a buzz

When I finally did check
Don't ya know it, oh heck,
No one had a clue,
So I did not know what to do,

Then it came to me real fast
On the internet I'd cast
And find this mystery booze,
That I so wanted to use

It came as such a surprise,
I could bearly believe my eyes,
On good old E-Bay
This is what they did say,

Bol's Ballerina, no longer made,
And if you had a pristine bottle,
You could easily be paid,
$1000.00 dollars or more!
My heart sank through the floor!

It was the most expensive fun I had
Thanks to my now deceased sweet dad.

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Traveler of deeds (2005)

You’ve been more places in a day I’ve been in a year
Dirty thing yet rewarding and keep me clear
Been in too many people’s hands 
Wrap you in tissue, bags or bands
A friend to accompany you in the department store
But when you’re gone I don’t know when you’re back for sure
It takes one of you to cause a fight between 10
Are you guessing what am I then?
A gypsy, a trouble maker and the bread and butter
Too much of you and people stutter
A travel with deeds and cause good and greed
You coat everything in honey
You are money

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Ever Do This?

I know I'm probably crazy...but tell me if you will....have you ever done this?
Walk into a room, and wonder why you did?  What was your intention, what were 
you looking for?  It's a bit scary...are you losing your last brain cells?
Speak to someone you've known, or lived with, for many, many years...and 
struggle to remember their name?  Read a book, mind wandering, and you find 
yourself reading the same page thirty times because you're not quite there?  I'm 
thinking of putting a chalkboard around my neck, with memos to myself.  But 
knowing how weird I am, I suppose I'll forget how to read.  So it goes.......

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my high

the intoxication of two bodies together,
the motion in mind its clever.
something to do alone,
or together as one.
the ways to complete this task is a simple treat,
you just need to feel the beat,
with a one two step
and a rock of ya hips
you have managed how to handle this.
have you figured out my belief

after the first few times
and tries
you'll have aches
and pains.
you'll get use to this new feeling,
only if you love what your doing.
this task is easy to figure out
or teach with out doubt.
have you figured out my belief

a few more hints then im done.
in groups its done,
a movement of passion
and sometimes fun.
this is something that must be done,
and can also be won.
just as a passion
or even occupation!
have you figured out my belief

ok ill tell you.
this belief is true for many maybe even you
i simple believe in dance,
a way to escape life for only a few.

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In The Still Of The Night

In the still of the night when
The moon is full,

And the wind ponder

The spirit gets busy rushing
Fulfilling their commands,

The crying and mourning drift
Through the air

In the still of the night when the
Spirits of the night like to lurk 

Eerie, creepy the cries bellows

The blinds start to crack with peep
Holds in place,

Trying to see what making such a

Man curiosity never falters always
Trying to see what’s good for the

Gander is good for the goose getting
Their neck caught in a crack..

In the still of the night when the
Moon is full

When the night spirits creep,creep,

In the still of the night when the
Moon is almost faded,

And the darkness turn to black 

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it's still a mystery
unsolved-thats me
triplethreat-thats me
no one cant compete
knockin down doors
you bowin down to my feet
im not gon stop
and i dare u hattas knock me
cause when i fall
you'll be still be lookin up to me

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Nay my preaty princes, he worries not of you
for he is like a breeze that is passing threw.
Often it will warm you or bring a shiver to your spine
remove the dust that's on you and clear the cobwebs in your mind.

With the moisture from his kiss he'll inject his love into your soul
remove the fears that shake you that to know one else you show.
He'll persuade you to confess the things that you desire
pull you from that pit where once you wallowed in the mire.

He'll challenge your contentions, change the nature of his shape
confuse you or amuse you, make you give what he can take.
He'll lay within your bosom as a man without a home
make you want to love him for you know that he's alone.

He is so many things, a nightmare or a dream
he'll make you laugh he'll make you cry, then he'll make you scream.
So never think you know him or the nature of his game
he's simply an existence that has so many names.

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I Am Not Somebody

I Am Not Somebody 
Holding up they head they drift write bye. 
No water droplets from the rain 
could evere slide in there. 
They look at everyone else to be nobody there. 
Have they ever registered they fellow man. 
If it is The Lone Ranger they would quickly look away. 
And decide it was noone But Claymore Mine was there. 
Why do they decide, 
that no one can compare to them. 
They are the cats meow, 
They do not ever plow or work for scratch. 
They carry worth upon they back. 
They are somebody. 

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Mister He

Who lurks beyond the shadows of the moon?
Who knows when tomorrow will ever arrive?
Do we know who the moral majority represents?
The answer is Mister He

For Mister He has been around far too long
He has embellished words, stolen mind
He waits for those unsuspecting innocents
As they are the prey that he dares to find

He hovers over us all, ready to attack
But to know him? No, we never see at all.
For he is the reason socks go missing
And down the basement stairs we sometimes fall.

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An Appetite for Socks


We load up our washing machine,
With clothes that practically, weigh a ton,
But why is it when we put in a pair of socks,
And then open the dryer door, we only find one?

Our washer and dryer is like the Bermuda Triangle,
We always deposit our socks by the pair,
You would normally expect, what goes in must come out,
But one of those socks manages to disappear.

This is one of the mysteries of the universe,
It doesn’t matter whether the socks are cotton or wool,
Maybe, just maybe, those socks turn into lint,
And that’s why those lint traps are always full.

Somewhere, there are close to a dozen socks,
That either my washing machine or dryer ate,
As a result, we have a bag of mismatched socks,
That are quite lonely, because they’re missing their mate.

Well, I guess it’s off to the department store,
Some more socks I will have to buy,
I know my appliances have an appetite for socks,
But what I really would like to know, is why?