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Funny Boyfriend Poems | Funny Poems About Boyfriend

These Funny Boyfriend poems are examples of Funny poems about Boyfriend. These are the best examples of Funny Boyfriend poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Limerick | |

Viagra Falls

There once was a man from Niagara
whose wiener's so long it would stab ya'

but when it got little 
his pills became skittles   
until he O.D.'d on Viagra

© ~JSLambert  2011*****A classic "stiff" competitor, standing "firm" amongst other "members" in the "thick" of the competition:) hope everyone gets "a rise" out of it!

Details | Free verse | |

The Biggest Jerk

Two days without 
The biggest jerk I ever knew
Two days without him
God, what am I gonna do. 

I'm lost inside this house
going crazy out of my mind
I don't know what to do with myself
Exasperated for hours at a time.

I'm not spilling tears
Just awaiting his return
I'm not feeling fear
I'm just lonely for his arms. 

Out the window
My eyes continue to gaze
Searching for his car
Looking for his face.

Headlights pull in
Flashing at my eyes
My heart beats harder
My spirit lights afire.

My feet moving 
of their own accord
Running, leaping
Barreling into his arms.

Smile breaks
Like the light
From clouds
On a sunny day.

Eyes Glow
Fireflies of sapphire
Twinkling in the dark
Like a diamond heart.

Fingers reaching
Touching and rubbing
Pulling closer
Feeling whole at once.

Lips busying themselves
To smother with a kiss
Where does it end
Where does it begin.

Two whole days
Without the biggest Jerk I know
I don't want to do it again
I don't want my love to go.  

Details | Sonnet | |

A Brutally Honest Valentine's

My darling enigma, my dove   
You’re the epitome of my love
Your smile shines at me pearly white      
Pale skin shines and glints in the light       
Silken locks, obsidian flow
Eyes just like ice, crystalline glow        
Peals of laughter ring like a bell            
Enchant me; I’m under your spell    
You walk with a musical flow
Tiptoeing with softness through snow

But, alas, you open your mouth
Utter tripe spilling out
If only you’d keep your mouth shut.

(Love from Anonymous) 

Details | Light Poetry | |

Retired Romance 1st of sequence- " IKE " and Jane "

...Now I ain't without notoriety,
Fact is.. I'm an old stalker with a walker.
She was big in the Purple Hat Society
and broke her hip,...while playing soccer.

When I met her, she was on the mend,
and she knew.. what I was after...
and I said I'd catch her when I can,
She said to push that walker a lil' faster.

She had her a "lectric wheel chair,
I just had my old walker and me,
she was pretty fast for a blue hair...
"till I crashed into her I.V. tree...

Well, they fitted my leg with plaster,
and I kinda forgot what I was after...
"till one day,
she wheeled in to see me,
Yep.  Said she'd come ta free me!

Now we sit together,
cozy up and talk about the weather.
We compare wrinkled tatoos,
and guess what they are,
we may share a shot of booze,
we don't go too awful far...

We keep our orthepedic shoes
under the same bed,
and I retired as a walker stalker,
meals on wheels keeps us fed
and we keep our teeth...
in the very same locker.

("Nite Nite, Darlin.")

                                            Composed and Written by-
                                                   Robert A. Dufresne

Details | Sonnet | |

Shall I Compare Thee to Your Mother's Arse

Shall I compare thee to your mother's arse?
Thou aren’t more lovely, but more flatulent.
Rough winds do shake it; and bring on a farce
And all her clothes hath all too short a rent

Sometime too hot-headed of hell doth burn,
And often is the true nature exposed;
And every foul from fowl; my stomach churns,
By reason, or by nature's raging closed.

But thy infernal diet shall ne’er start
Nor gain possession of which now I grasp;
Nor shall we meet again; let’s stay apart,
When in eternal sounds the voice does rasp,
So long as men can breathe or eyes can cry,
So long lives this, and I bid thee goodbye.

Details | Rhyme | |


Kiss saves and kills
Drop by drop KISS increases 
To form an ocean of EMOTION 
EMOTION in love billows
Around many pillows 
You lose control over your EMOTION 
Your EMOTION now sets you in MOTION
To the journey of no return. 
You may ask, What is bad in it? 
The bad IN it is at the END of it!

Details | Rhyme | |

Shameful Morning

not sure how she got here 
only know she needs to leave

underneath the stranger 
my arm numb; asleep, 
mouth a desert.
a hundred dead cigarettes dance my tongue dry 

princess of night 
exposed by light. 
get me out of this;
another dreaded morning mess. 

bed broken
along with my will. 
I swore never again; 
the lie is half the thrill.


Details | Ode | |

Quips My EX GIRLFRIEND revisited

     1.   My ex-girlfriend tried to impress me when
          She told me that she is "Fasting"!  And I knew
          That she was true because, I saw just how
          Fast she ate that basket of chicken.......

      2.  The next time that she told me that she was "Fasting"
           It was three (03) double meat Whoppers!  And I have never
           Seen three (03) double meat Whoppers go so quicK......

       3. My ex-girlfriend was so upset!  She explained that when
           She was young that she could bounce a dime
           Off of her butt.  Only now, when she bounce the same dime
           It only flops!
  So, I looked on the bright side and told her that now she can
           Bounce a quarter on her belly button and it only drops!

         4. The last time that I saw her, she was "Fasting" on a
             box of cookies.
          * And boy, those (03) box's of cookies sure went fast!

Explanation: That is none sence and no one got fat in the making of this pun!
    4. I just hate it when my ex-girlfriend call's me!  Usually I keep my
       cell phone on vibrate and in my front pocket. My EX-friend
        Know's this.  She also, know's that I have a bladder problem!  Every time
        she blow's up my phone it make's me pee!
        I know that I hate it, but she give's me such a warm feeling and I take
        what I can get!

     5. My ex-girlfriend is so stupid that she can't ever give me a piece of
         her mind!  She has to get an substitute..... Ha! Ha! Ha!   He, He, He!

      6.My ex-girlfriend, She alway's cut me short!........  She wanted to give 
         me a piece of her mind, buy, she didn't have enough brain cell's left! Ha! Ha!
         Feel the Joke! Uh!


       1.  When you "Pass Gas" and you know you did........
            And no-body heard it........ Is it proper to wait for someone
            to smell it first, before you say, excuse me..........
            Is it really too late....... That is what my girlfriend doe's!

       * I would just blame it on a friend!

Moments To Share:

       My ex-girl friend and I were discussing a poem that I wrote! She told
       me that it was an perfect oxymoron.......

       I told her that she was just a moron!

Words' To Live by:
       I was trying to explaine my mis-giving's to my EX-girlfriend......
       I told her that the problem was, not that I really love you, because
       I don't!  The problem is that I just can't get you out of my mind!

Details | Lyric | |


I'm polynonsensicalamorous;
For me,
Romance is calamitous,

I woo and charm,
And raise some alarm,
When I try to arouse,
... By flexing my arm!

Some days its almost ridiculous,
Whatever I do, 
It's frivolous!

So I dress to impress,
But I'm always despairing,
When I walk through the door,
I hear: "What are you wearing?"

They told me love was fabulous,
If you want the truth:
It's strenuous!

When I try to hit,
I always miss,
That hug I got,
...Should've been a kiss!

But if all is fair in love and war,
I should keep trying until I score,
And maybe one day I will cease to fuss,
If only I wasn't...

Details | I do not know? | |

The only one

                                                        The only one

My heart hopped,
Or I should say ‘stopped’,
I was shocked,
Because with me, he talked!

It’s me, the only one,
Whom he chose,
I’m the luckiest one on the earth,
It is like he has given me a red rose!

I was surprised, he’s so cute!
I stared at him, my voice mute,
It was like I was on cloud nine,
As if we were going to dine!

I was fully filled with glee,
The other girls did envy me,
He’s the handsomest, of all men,
And I said, “Yes, you can take my pen.”

Details | Blank verse | |

Love Song

Here’s what I’m thinking now 
at the end of the world: 

There are no atheists in foxholes— 
no theists in politics. 
If knowledge is power, 
and power corrupts, 
then why did I bother reading you, Cicero? 

Does it matter that I didn't’t love you? 
Would it have mattered if I did? 

There’s a poetry reading tonight 
whence I’I'll chide other poets 
who don’t sit alone. 
I won’t bring up death 
but I might have to breathe, 
even into a mike 
and mouth lines to get a snap or a boo 
maybe even a wince or two. 

Just maybe I’I'll talk about love 
and how following your heart is like following a dog— 
it only leads to vittles and (female dogs). 
But how many times have I used that line 
since the story I wrote about you, 
a witty and sexy and fictional you? 
Most likely I’I'll read something tonight about you. 

I won’t recite it from memory 
because I don’t think about you that much anymore, 
not even when I search for my socks in your drawer 
or when I put on the scratchy sweaters you give me, 
horizontally striped to bring out my eyes? 

I don’t remember your eyes 
except they are blue. 
And I don’t remember you, 
not even when I smell cucumber and apple, 
not even when I sleep on my side of the bed 
or when you walk through the door 
happy to see me; 
even then I don’t remember you. 
Does it matter that I don’t love you? 
Would it have mattered if I did? 

How about a few one-liners 
for the end of days?— 

Depression is self-awareness, 
which you’d know if you were; 
I need Ritalin to listen to you, 
Lithium to hug you, 
Viagra to feel you, 
and Valium to sleep. 

All you need 
is me standing there, waiting at home 
with turns of phrase and word plays 
telling you about why I hate Ayn Rand 
but want to buy as much as I can 
and how I love celebrity gossip 
and detest poetry slams 
and find rhyming trite 
except when I am. 

Hypocrites can still be right, 
which you do understand 
because you nod at my nonsense 
about fighting the man. 

But now, at the end of all things— 
I’m speechless and witless and pointlessly well-read, 
and you’re just sitting there, smiling 
asking me to pass the bread.

Details | Light Poetry | |

' Boot-Legged Mama '

Mama and Daddy was always Love-Dovey
She is His Sweetheart – He is Her Honey
First Love… Real Love  -  Forever True
Pa… I Pray to find A Man Like You…

Daddy Laughed and Put His Arm Round My Shoulder
And Said, “I’ll Tell You Somethin’, Now You’re Older
It’s got to do with Your Mother’s Fame
And Why I gave Her, The Nickname…

               … Boot-Legged Mama

                  Boot-Legged Mama
Blue-jean Shorts and Vintage Tony Lama
Walked thru the Door… of A Liquor Store
… Packaged so Pretty… Pa Just had to Pour

               … Boot-Legged Mama

Ma… Was there, to get 6-packs for A Party…
Pa… Was there, ‘cause of a Taste for Bacardi
He took One Look and Knew He Couldn’t Waste Her
Pa… Gave-up ‘Drank’… Just so He Could Chase her !

Dad, Said, ‘He’d Drowned in Dark-Eyes and Sweet-Aroma
Fine-Wine, Crystal… But Tuff’ Nuff’ to Down-Drama
Pa Claims, Mama’s Labeled by the F.D.A.
And Listed on Her Driver’s License is,  A.K.A.  …

               … Boot-Legged Mama

                  Boot-Legged Mama
 Genuine Woman, Who Made Him Wanna’
Take Her to be His Lawful Moonshine
… Married at Midnight – ‘cross The County-Line

               … Boot-Legged Mama

Alcohol’s in Trauma;  and Prohibition Told Her:
"Boot-Legged Mama… Done Drove Pa Sober !"
Now, Homemade-Hooch… is His Acquired Taste
180 Proof… Kicked All Over His Case !

Right Then, Mama Flowed into The Room
Pa, Teased and Said, “Still Full-Bodied and Perfumed !
Ma Hugged Us, then Handed Me – Old Boots and A Dress…
    (and good advice)… “Go Git’ My Elliot Ness…

               … and be a Boot-Legged Mama!

( Hey !... Did I Hear Somebody, In A Country Drawl ….
          Order Up A Bottle of Kicking Alcohol !
         Well, Here She Is… Y'all ! ...
                  Boot-Legged Mama ….

Well John (Moses) Freeman... You Said You Needed
Somethin' :)  to Read tonight, before kicking up your
heels...  Well, Here It Is (Have Fun - Son)


 (Thank You For All Your Wonderful Comments
Now, I Can't Get Thru The Door for My Ego.. (Smile)

Details | Rhyme | |


I got up at six this morning
Feeling kind of weak
I had a shave and showered
As I walked my bones would creak

I have very bad arthritis
But I can kill the pain
I just have to take Viagra
Then go back to bed again

My girl is exasperated
Found out six months ago
A Viagra in the morning
Will keep me on the go

I cuddled next to her
":Lets dance they're playing our song"
Sleepy eyed she lay there
Snoring all along

Next morning I woke up
A note said she was gone
"Next time you hear your music
You must dance it all alone"

Details | Imagism | |

My Secret Love Affair

Even though our time is just
A moment here and there
To me you’ll never be 
The average everyday affair

I know I’m just a picture 
In the memory of your mind
The girl you keep a secret
The girl you leave behind

There was a time I’d lay awake 
And dream of you and I
There was a time I wanted more
There was a time I’d cry

For love is never easy
When it’s given just by one
Love is never easy 
When for him it’s just for fun

Love is never easy 
When you think that it’s for real
But when the spell is broken
It's not love, but lust you feel

Your dreams diminish one by one
Illusions fade away
And in their place reality
Has come to have its say

So now I know the secret 
To a passionate affair
To just enjoy the moment
To live without a care

To take each moment as it comes 
With eyes now open wide
But always with your secret love
You just enjoy the ride...

Details | I do not know? | |

Your Mistake

'Love is patient'
'Love is kind'
The thought of love
Can turn you blind.

But... Now we must
Take some steps
To verify those
Deep regrets.

The first problem you see
Was that. . .
He lied about
You being fat

That in turn 
Led ya to
Beleiving that
He 'accepted' you.

Mirrors were made
For a darn good reason
And thinking you are nothing special
Is high, high treason...

But no!
He's perfect
And no! He's kind
Seriouslly sister
You've lost your mind.

The recipe to love Is that
You have to love your self.
It's not about your facial features
Or the size of ya belt.

The man should be a rock to lean on
And not! A heartless swine.
So please next time. Do pick him wisely
Make sure he has a spine!

Details | Dodoitsu | |



It's time to fix the mattress
fluffy pillows and blankets,
enough room for just one more.
BITE ME' if you can!

Swat after, swat, after swat!  
Red itchy skin, what the h3ll!
The open breeze feels real good,
crawling too bite NATE!


NOTE~ I've never been bitten by these insects,
I just love the way my mother would always say...
"Don't let the bed bugs bite!"

Contest: "Bite me!"  

**I bite Nathan, who'll probably will love it ;-)**...LOL...

Details | I do not know? | |

The break up- Footle contest

Cold stares
heart tares

Details | Rhyme | |

im just gonna snap okay get over it

i dont care who you are
or what you think of me
build me up and break me down
then take your "stuff"* and flee

i hate you 
you know it too
so bring it to my plate
take a point and hold my ground
to not spew all my hate

you were so nice in the beginning 
well, what the "heck"* are you now?
gone, love, thats what you are
a filthy ugly cow

i am still the nice guy 
lord, you have said so much worse
and still im here, i still get by
a blessing, not a curse.

i didnt snap hard enough to say what i meant

Details | List | |

I love

I love your soft kisses.I love firm but gentle touch.  I love the way you bite your lip.I love you soooooo much.
 I love the way you look at me.I love the way you smile.  I love the way you're shy sometimes,Every once and a while.
 I love it when you look at me, When I'm not looking at you.  You think I do not realize it, But really...I do.
 I love the way you cuddle. I love the way you sleep.  I love how you bite your lip when something turns you on. I love the way you rub your neck,when you are thinking so deep.
I love all of you,Your nose, your lips, your hair, even your smelly feet.  I love how you drink Dr Pepper. Morning noon and night.  I love how if someone puts me down your always there first one there ready to fight.  I will never stop loving you. You are so amazingly sweet.
 I love that I love you.I have loved you from the very start.  I LOVE ALL OF YOU,You alone hold the key to my heart.

Details | Sonnet | |

Gambling Shuggy—The Encounter!

"If I feel physically,
            as if the top of my head been taken off, 
                     I know it's poetry."
                       --Emily Dickenson


No money no honey from this honey
You may look but won’t rub this fine tummy;
That maybe so, but I ain’t no dummy
Shining like gold—don’t you touch this Emmy!

Pay gone, drunk, smoky, come acting thuggy,
Don’t treat me like an Egyptian mummy;
You have nerves to tell me I look yummy
Step back—know that I will not be chummy!

Say what, you will find another bunny?
Git, to your saloon playing gin rummy;
Tonight I’m keeping safe my sweet plumy
Leave—before I pull my New York Jimmy!

Swiftly, before doorknob hit your bunny,
Shuggy—I ain’t got time tonight bummy!

© Joseph, November 28, 2008
© All Rights Reserved

Poetry Soup International Poetry Contest
Semi-finalist Selection, Jan. 2009.
Poetry Soup Weekly Featured Poem 
Sunday, May 24, 2009, to May 31, 2009

Joseph S. Spence, Sr., is the author of "The Awakened One Poetics" (2009), which is 
published in seven different languages. He invented the Epulaeryu poetry form, which 
focuses on succulent cuisines and drinks. He is published in various forums, including the 
World Haiku Association; Poetinis Druskininku, Milwaukee Area College, Phoenix Magazine; 
Möbius Poetry, and Taj Mahal Review to name a few. Joseph is a Goodwill Ambassador for 
the state of Arkansas, USA, a college faculty, and a military veteran.


Details | Clerihew | |

Buffalo Bill

Buffalo Bill Stood in the rain and caught a chill Was very ill and in some pain He moaned and groaned…"This is a calamity, Jane!!"

Details | Limerick | |

Birds -N- Bees

Your raging hormones you must ignore
For desires will shake you to your core
Listen to your heart 
Before you embark
Make love with someone you truly adore.

Sciences class teaches us what we should know
About body parts and where they should go
Willie goes in Muff
Quicken breaths we huff
All consumed till body fluids flow.

But alas the girl did not have none
Boy finished before girl was done
He is satisfied
She is horrified
Damn the hype about two joining as one.

Details | Verse | |

The key to a mans heart

                                             Do you know?
                                      I have read that is to give
                                      him good and plenty food.
                                              Is that true?
                                   What about kindness and love?
                                        Faithful girlfriend or wife.
                                        Friendship the whole life.
                                     Be there for you in good days
                                               and bad days.
                                     Strong love will always grow. 
                              Do you find the key to your mans heart ?

A-L Andresen :)

Details | Quatrain | |

Dizzy With Love

I chanced upon a memory
that seems like yesterday
but it was really long ago
and oh, so far away.

It was a chilled November night
and in my thirteenth year
the stars were gathered in my eyes
for the one I loved was there.

We sat there talking quietly
I, full of nervous doubt
just trying to sound normal
thinking that I might pass out.

He was quite a few years older
a friend that had been true
I knew that he had won my heart
and I hoped he felt it, too.

My heart was beating way too loud
through my words I stumbled
and when he looked deep in my eyes
oh, how my stomach tumbled!

I thought that I would die right there
he made my dreams come true
he said the words I longed to hear
he had felt the same way, too!

He swept me quickly in his arms
and claimed that first sweet kiss
I never even had the chance
to worry I would miss!

There isn't much that I can say
it flipped my head around
and all the world was so devine
as I floated off the ground.

The time had come to say good night
and he kissed me once more
I said good night and turned around
and crashed into a door!

Inspired by John Hecks Egads, My First Kiss contest

*I was trying to act all cool and collected, mature.  I was so embarressed I wanted the 
ground to swallow me up! RG

Details | Sonnet | |

A Sonnet On a Tough Girl

I never will forget in junior high this girl who was a two-faced friend of mine. I can’t remember now the reason why, but she got mad for something asinine. She said, “I’m gonna beat you up! Be at the park, beside the water tower.” She then told me, “Bet you won’t show up.” That brat was MEAN! All day I fretted needlessly of what could be a real bad episode! So after school with my best friend, I went And waited for that witch; she never showed! With great relief, I then began to vent to my best friend of things that we could do to that “tough girl” - a chicken through and through! *True story & dedicated to my junior high school foe, who later went on to marry (and then divorce) the brother of my BEST friend! To read more about what happened later on with me and her, please view "ABOUT THIS POEM" which can be seen by clicking in the left hand corner above the title of a poem. For Carol Brown's Poetry Contest: ORNERY BEST FRIENDS

Details | Dodoitsu | |

Back Up Plan

He declared his love for her 

But kept his secret secured

The other girl he endured

     just for insurance

Details | Rhyme | |

Thank You

 I am strong because of you,
vulnerable no more.
I had to grow a backbone
when you walked out the door.

I am no longer needy
like the woman you left behind.
I've learned to stand on my own two feet
and I now know my own mind.

Independant and self-aware
I am now, because of you.
So I thank you for all you did
when you told me we were through.

I wouldn't be that woman again
if you offered me a million bucks
and as for you and your life now,
well I really don't give two... figs.

Details | Free verse | |

Consumer Complaint

Stop resenting me
For the way I shop
The things I do 
To make sure 
My  food is fresh

I confess I feel blueberries
In my fingers
To make sure they are firm
Not too ripe

I confess I shake 
Cans of spaghetti and ravioli
So that I know 
The sauce is not 

I confess I pull  frozen waffles
From the back of the freezer
Less likely that they thawed
And refroze into 
Oddball shapes

I confess I smell trout
Before I buy it
Placing it against my nose
In the most unabashed 

Spare me your hate 
About my consumer habits
When I know it has nothing to do with

As long as I bring you warm release
In the darkness of your desires
Pull your tangled hair the way 
You like 
Bite your darting tongue 
In mad hunger 
Deep appetite

As long as I reawaken the 
Primal animal hidden 
Turn your heat into a river
For a long passionate

As long as I attend quickly to your
Every lusty command
The craving of your nympho

Then  I can squeeze french bread
In quiet and peace
I can sniff cantaloupes
Without suffering ire 
Or grief

I’ll take you tonight 
In that filthy way 
You like

Until then

Leave me alone 

I’m shopping.

Details | Dramatic monologue | |



I love Cherries.
Red White and Sweet.
The Cherry of a virgin who’s never had sexual Intercourse.


Details | Epigram | |

Stuck On You

braces interlocked - told him no kissing

Details | Narrative | |

Red In The Inside, But Black In The Outside

This Poem is about the 'hard to get' attitude ladies portray to interested guys.

Despite my unbelievable swag repugnance is her reaction to my flow despite giving no attention to her she seeks every opportunity to shout "NO!" I seldom want to be friendly but she spits on me like a bitter foe I then don't give a damn about her and she takes it like a heavy blow Out of nothing, she creates a scene but all I can do is shake my head and say Oh! the more I mingle, the worse she gets but I'll not succumb and act so low she flaunts her male acquaintances for me to notice Okay! You have admirers, so? I guessed this is a one time attitude but it has been occurring seven weeks in a row When I register my presence around her her body rhythm increases as if in physio trying so hard to pretend makes her seem like a shy dancing Buffalo Then, I make her seem not existing it's not my fault; you reap what you sow signs of her sufferings begin to show as her body trembles in sight of me from head to toe what a pleasant feeling this brings seeing her drown in her own woe Finally! She concedes defeat and already surrendering showing by the way she's changing like melting snow now playing the nice girl, but my ignore? Makes her want to stone me with a Hoe I'm beginning to compromise emotionally too and I'm scared she will get fed up and go so, I create my chance and kiss her as she shows her joy like a swelling dough revealing her hypocrisy, exhibited right from the beginning. Since this feeling is now reciprocated, she shrugs off the attitude and dumps it below as a new damsel now emitting with an everlasting glow.

Details | Rhyme | |


On our first serious date; he grew excited
and I was primed to knock my guy off his feet.
Spending hours on the right dress, all horrid
Till a feathery wardrobe popped from the closet.

Yes! This dress will hit the roof…top-rated;
lined with plumes from neck down mid-thighs.
Upstairs, my mood claimed I must stay decorated
trying latest trends in beauty makeover,
armed with lipsticks, false lashes and gloss shaded.

The long wait made him quite frustrated
so, Mom served cream pie to ease the tension.
Forcing him to nap while I polish a vogue look,
never wore make-up, now I was fully painted.

I stepped down with new face truly elated
he woke up from my “hello”, and trembled.
Gee, I knew the male Richter scale zoomed 8!
Flaunting my hairdo, thick with mousse… inflated.

“I’m sorry, Ted, for being late, you really waited.”
He froze. He croaked, as if he saw an ostrich,
Squeezing his arm to ensure our date well handled!
“But, I can’t go, the burps; errr..the pie,” he cited.
“My tummy‘s acting up; I’m constipated!”

Vienna's Smile , You're In Candid Camera
by nette onclaud

Details | Limerick | |

Mars And Venus

On Mars it's a man you will see.
On Venus a lady will be.
     But what's so amazing,
     Will make all your heads ring.
They both get together with glee!

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Follow The Winner

 Some folks always follow the winner 

 I didn't even have the courage 
To tell you how you made me feel 
Your laughter 
Your body language 
Way back then, 
A wall flower. 

you thought that I weren't good enough 
Undeveloped beauty 

Now, Virtuousness, 
I am blooming; 

People always follow the winner

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Dear Miss Monkey Manners VI

Dear Miss Monkey Manners, I’m in need of your advice,
My boyfriend is a swinger and he isn’t very nice.
I’m a Proboscis Monkey so I exhibit a very prominent schnoz.
And the proposition that he put to me caused me to take pause.
He said that I’d make a perfect mate if I’d under go a tweak,
He wants me to go under the knife and get a larger beak.
But the nose that I was born with is my pride and joy,
And I really don’t want to change it especially for a boy.
He tells me that he loves me and that he’d immediately propose,
If only I would agree to see a doctor and get a bigger nose.

My Dear Gentle Nosey Nelly here’s the reply to your query,
I’m afraid that your boyfriend doesn’t see you very clearly.
If he did I am sure that he would see you as more than just a nose,
There is much more to a woman than the parts that she’ll expose.
So if he hasn’t figured out that what’s important is your heart,
Don’t let yourself be persuaded by him to change your body part.
Unless altering your looks will somehow bring you satisfaction,
Because his view of perfection is nothing more than an abstraction.
Be happy with who you are, a proud Proboscis monkey,
Just make sure whatever you do you don’t let yourself get chunky.

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I hate about you

 I hate the way you make me feel guilty about being jealous when other girls hit on you, 

 I hate the way you can go forever without even seeing or talking to me when your friends are around, 
but expect me to drop everything to talk to you when you want my attention.

I hate how you're so happy at times and I'm so sad, 

I hate how you treated me like *****but yet I'm the one feeling bad.

I hate how I feel so weak and you're so strong, 

I hate how you think you do no wrong.

I hate how you pretend that everythings okay, 

I hate how you took my innocence away and act sometimes like it ment nothing.

I hate how I feel so scared, 

I hate how I how fast I feel in love with you without a fighting chance.

I hate the way you look at me and just know when something is wrong.

I hate how everything we have means nothing to everybody else

I hate the way I feel inside, 

I hate the nights I spent alone and cried.

I hate how everything seems wrong, 

I hate the feeling of wanting to belong.

I hate how you're always in my head, 

I hate everything mean you have ever said.

I hate wondering how you really feel about me, 

I hate how you try to go out with certin friends you feel like you have to lie

I hate how when your job takes you away for long times I left with alone and want to do nothing but cry

I hate it how you can just come in and out of my life and feel like everything is alright
while I am the one that has to put up with the problems, family and drama every night

But most of all I hate the way I can't stop thinking about you, and I hate it even more because I know you know its true

All these thing don't make me really hate you, 
It just makes me lust you more an more and it feeds my wanting you right down to the core

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Jack Ace, Jackass

jack of all trades
master of none,
as he manipulates 
women for fun.

ice in his veins
and slick lil' snake,
he'll kill ta' steal the deal
real as he's fake

crowned heart breaker 
full trophy case,
but most ladies know him as
"Lowly Jack-Ace"


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Chimp Jim and Dandy

Once me and my chimp friend bald Jim
flew through a forest limb to limb
his opposable thumb
got caught in my ho-hum
thank God old Jim’s not real prim.

My name is Miss Fine and Dandy
Bald Jim often brings me candy
a banana toffee
always does it for me
and him, since he's oh so randy.

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Message to My X

I fell in love at thirteen
You might say I was quite green
I held his hand tight
He was out of sight
But now he’s being so mean!

At camp, spent days in a tent
His pride had taken a dent
We made up just fine
That sweet boy of mine
But now he seems so hell bent.

He needs some joy in his life
And though he has a great wife
A friend’s always nice
To add some more spice
But he’s afraid of the strife.

I’d shower him with such joy
But he's a silly old boy
He won’t come to play
He must have his way
My heart he’s used like a toy!

“My dear, why can’t you be nice?
Before you end it- think twice
Between you and me  
Let’s make harmony
You’ve made me pay a high price!

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Ol' Bess Was A Bust

Young and single, just got a job in a neighbour town, Thought I’d buy a flashy car so I could get around, My boyfriend at the time said that I should get a Camaro, It was new, orange and shiny, how could I be so narrow. I crowned her Bess and drove her home with pride, All my friends called, they wanted to go out for a ride. Summer was so much fun, what a splash I was making. Then gone, both summer and the boyfriend I was dating. Winter rolled in with tons of snow and patches of ice, Getting to work in my Camaro, was like rolling the dice. Ol’ Bess would skid to the left and swerve to the right, Wow, I held on to the steering wheel with all my might. So I resigned that Bess was not good in cold weather, Even with snow tires, she blew around like a feather. Then suddenly a new quirk started as I turned on the key, She spluttered, oh great, guess I won’t make the grand prix. Bess would start well at times then for no good reason, She’d stammer, then stop, reek of gas - in any season. Bess and I visited many auto repair shops by way of a tow, The carburetor was like a fountain, out of it the gas would flow. Apparently a carburetor is needed to make Bess purr, So I had it rebuilt, then replaced, oh the bills, what a blur, Then a starter motor and strut, remember Bess is brand new, After three years of aggravation, I traded her in, I was through! Guess a cool single girl may look good in a splashy sports car, But if your car doesn’t start or run, you won’t get too far. So I put on my sunglasses, look cool but feel like a real wart, As I drive to work in sleet and snow in my old Ford Escort. Written for Contest “Driving Me Crazy” Won 6th Place

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And Now, For the REST of the Story - 'NR'

So when-Jack-and-Jill reached the top of the hill
Jack couldn't stand still (Tried to snatch a cheap thrill)
Kissed Jill on the mouth
(Things quickly went south)
Then Jack said to Jill...'Can looks really KILL?'

Okay, naughty boys and good girls
Let's give Mother Goose one more whirl...

Once the elderly, eccentric Miss Muffet
Informed neighbors: 'Kiss-my-keester and stuff it!'
Thus poor Charlotte the Spider
Dropped and plopped down beside her
And Miss Muffet squashed her flat with her tuffet...

The title is a direct quote from the late, great Paul Harvey: Radio and Television commentator...

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'Altered Needs'

He was all fired up he had it all figured out this was it, the end of us "I need my space" or so he thought until she entered the room dressed totally different to what is “her norm” a black dress with high heels legs that go on forever, he almost walked into the bathroom door mouth hanging open "Err did you go to work like that?" he asked “Yep of cause I did, I always do,"was her reply Uhm, it's the first time I see you dressed like that Nonchalantly while getting rid of her clothes she replied, “Well now if you more at home and less "at work" You’ll see me more in my work attire then in my pajamas” Gawking at her scanty underwear, He saw her swing her hips as she left the room Confucius Joe was left behind, feeling less desperate for space and more a need for closeness

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You spoiled me with gifts
You always helped me out
You said you'd always be there
You were all I was about

I eventually let my walls down
I finally let you in
It only lasted 2 months
I'm not gonna let u win

You tricked and deceived me
Everything was all just a lie
Other girls you did see
Your bulls**t I did buy

But I learned real quick
I finally caught on
I kicked you to the curb
And now your f**king gone

I'm a great, loving person
You obviously could not see
Your not gonna bring me down
Your just another faded memory

So be a cocky, selfish, dick
And chase after tail
Tell all your bulls**t lies
Cause at life you will fail

Cause when your old n gray
And there's no more drama
A lonely, sad life you'll lead
So haha F**k You, that's karma

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I'm Not Five

I was going to jump on the bed at midnight
While she slept to wish her a happy birthday.
But she looked so asleep and it was so quiet.
I did it anyway because it's funnier to go through with it.
It's not like I'm throwing a nerf ball at her head.
So I get my knees on the bed and hop up-and-down
And "whisper-yell," "happy birthday happy birthday."
And she's not upset, in fact, she's giggling. 
And she whispers to me that she loves me.
I whisper to her that I love her, too.
And I leave the room with the bed
I just jumped and sang on.
And I'm 32.
I mean it's not like I fell off the bed
While jumping and hurt my head.
And made an owie.
I'm not 5.

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One Minute Man

A bouquet of flowers,
 Or the calm of the woods
I felt  one eyed willy in my rib
In an instant you became the minute man
In my midwinter dream
I smile and then I kiss your neck
As you whisper, honey “I hope you’re not upset.
Darn! I am so ashamed of this one minute man.
Viagra is all I can say… you

I still love you. Happy Birthday

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A 3 HOUR TOUR--Right here on Gilligan's Island---

Our love is like Gilligan's Island
but what we have is so much more
And to all the girls that I've loved before
they are but Brady Bunches on three hour tours

Cheers to the ladies on that Island 
but you're my "Mary-Ann" and my "Movie Star"
come take my hand-in-hand, with candy tan 
you're the best of both worlds,  but much better by far

I have "Profess"ed to be your "Skipper"
tho' I'm "Thurston" for you like I do Mrs. Howell,
when you "Lovey" dove me with coconuts,
I can't help but go nuts, NOW GET ME A TOWEL!~~


NAME= JSLambert
*Note: this Rhyme was written as a love letter-ish type of thang:) I hope ya' don't mind the weirdness of it all~:)JSL

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Your  love pricks me like a rose each thorn grows but no one knows Your so full of 
it as it shows so carry on now go on, go. I'm fed up with the phony and  i'm 
through with the tears, you couldn't pay me all your money to make up for those 
years. Someone help me I feel faint how could I think he was such a saint and 
worst of all I let me fall into a spiral down below. A magic called love carried 
by the dove of someone I use to know.

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purrfect answer

Why do you want me to take you back,
If I neglected you and favored the cat?

Why are you down on your knees, in tears?
Hey there goes Fluffy. Here kitty kitty, come here.

Oh what a good kitty you are. Do you want your ears scratched?
Does that feel good? Wait. What was that question she asked?

Hey. Where did she go? Did she get up and leave?
Ah well. Let’s go get you some tuna to eat!


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Full Circle

Just out of college, we would yearn for a touch
Sleeping together cuddled on the couch
Those were the days!
Of pre-wedding bouquets
Now I am told to go sleep alone on the couch

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Just in a split second-The sexuality of the lady in Red

Already in the bar at about 7:45pm, as weak as a 'just fed' serpent my body movements, so slow, like a turtle, walking in caution of danger, feeling so stiff like a concrete block, and even my heart beat, I could strongly feel which outweighs the noise, music and bells all combined. Then came this lady, elegant and sharp very beautiful and on skimpy clothing. She sat with the aura of royalty, just three chairs away from me. I was cold, stiff and lost in space and her short red skirt accentuated her voluptuous curves. She graced with divinity and was absolutely magnetic, her attraction was so axiomatic to be unnoticed. Her smile? They were inevitably contagious, and all one could do is to fall sick of a follow up excitement. She twisted her Neck gently and tenderly, turning left and right as she talked to the persons around her. Her words, so soft and peaceful, could turn even a Lion on. Her changing positions, switching legs to cross over the other, only made me more of a moron. My ego dropped, principles sublimed and I was in the depth of wretchedness and lustful desires, sudden heat from an internal inferno came out of me, Those wonderfully, shaped, spotless and artistic legs of hers, stopped my systemic circulation, increasing my lust for her. Nothing can describe perfection, not even close to this beauty. Her naturally curved circumferential breasts, which dangle as she speaks, sapped all oxygen in me. The way she licked her lips during any pause in conversation, so red, flexible and thin, has made me drown so deep in sin, Not even gallons of whiskey nor hundreds of bottles of beer could make me stare away from this rare creature. I just needed that particular soft touch from her, I needed to smell the stimulating scent from her hair, exhibiting such liberty like a loose elastic ring. A wonder of Nature and an epitome of sexuality, the symbol of masculine vulnerability and the object of love and lust, all in one package is what even the Angels covet the most, and here is one who is just three yards away from me. as I stood up like a transformed wrecked engine, with full confidence as though ready to face a panel, all of a sudden I heard "Honey, I am done for today, let's go home" coming from the bar Tender. As I stood up in shock and Heartbreak I checked my watch and it was still 7:45pm.

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SOUP Spoonin'

Online tonite
looks like 
a whole lotta' spoonin'
goin' on in the "Soup"

nosin' around the comment coral
I see love 
amongst the group

hot Soup!
not shaken
marriage scent in the air
no fakin'

where it leads...
we shall see
I know some 
are dippin' crackers in the "Soup"
but Lawd' knows 

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Mrs Hemorrhoid

You messed around 
and married a real 
"pain-in-the butt" man 

known throughout the land 
for ripping
completely deserting 
then leaving 
women hurting

his only claim to fame 
is over reacting 
and lacking class
a self-proclaimed pain in the ass
a crook with line 
and hook to cast 

things will never be the same
trade away your maiden name 
to Mrs. Hemorrhoid 
and wear his name with class.

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Loose Louise

There was a young man in a pickle
His girlfriend Louise was quite fickle
When the test came out blue
She told him it's not you
With others I played slap and tickle

* for Deborah Guzzi's  Limerick contest

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More Bounce Per Ounce

<            Betty Boop bought boyfriend Bimbo some basketballs to bounce 
              But being blind her boyfriend Bimbo bounced Betty Boop 
              Boy Betty Boop did boldly bounce bad

This Little Lady Is After My Own Heart
For No matter What She Does Wrong
Her Eyes Seem To Capture The One She Loves LOL
And Also One Of My Favorite Cartoons

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a kiss of sunshine

a kiss of sunshine pouty crimson horizon cock-a-doodle-doo

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Stoned At First Sight

Stoned At First Sight

Wayward woman thy loathsome countenance -
Who can behold such a ghastly glare?
Beguiled at first sight!  What ill-gotten plight!
Less yea turn solid rock - Take heed! - I would not!
No mortal man cannot  stare!
Just because we drank shots of SNAKE BITE
Doesn’t mean you’re supposed to have them in thy hair!

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Why I Don't Like Boys

You bellow and spit before my face,
Grabbing your crotch with pride,
Yet when I roll my eyes and turn away,
My friends are mystified,

Forgive me, but these oafs I see
Just do not have a clue,
Why would I date these monkeymen
When I can see them at the zoo?

In five years' time, perhaps your brain
Will struggle to the stage
When you've matured, and can manage to
At least act half your age.

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This Ones For The Guys

you muster up the courage 

to ask us for a date

then we play hard to get

we cancel or we're late

the articles you've read 

say to take it easy

if you call her too soon

she will think you're needy

so you play the game

and you follow protocol

but all you get in return is

you creep you didnt call

here's a bit of free advice

pay attention

i won't say it twice...

do these jeans make my butt look big

if you say yes you just called her a pig

honey how do you like my hair

answer with caution

answer with care

and if you're gonna look at tits and asses

please wear a pair of dark sunglasses

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Black Widow

She's got a plan
just moved to Florida
one week in the hole
a forced proposal...

maybe if I get a job with insurance;
we'll get married...
then you'll have insurance too!"

a bribe
the spider web is officially constructed
"Charlotte's web"
no...we'll name it
the Black Widow!

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You send bolts through my skin 
something I was never to 
accomplish with you, when I 
saw you it's like my heart sank 
to my stomach and I was in 
shock my body still my body 
heavy felt like when I moved I 
was about to fall to my knees 
you make me want to get 
inside my brain pick you up and 
take you out pick you one by 
one like a flower because I do 
love you and love you not.

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Not Sofa King Cool

College Dorm sleeps
Four per room
Keg party 
Too much Boom

Drunk freshman sleeps
Where he falls
Coeds toss him on 
The sofa 
Instead of snooze in
the halls

Sorority girl 
Named him  
“Sofa King Tool”
Now he feels like a Fool
Not Sofa King Cool

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You’ll never know how much you speak to me I just can’t fathom the beauty that I see Your heart goes out in everything you do Your mind spews rain of music so true I am lost in the light of your unimpeachable words Everything around me, in me, feels so damn absurd I futilely try and fight a battle never won And realize that I am already gone Ooooh I am mesmerized Oh, I can’t be surprised That I am mesmerized You can see it in my eyes Am I blushing? Am I rushing this through? Are you laughing? Oh damn, he knows it’s true I am mesmerized Oh, I can’t be surprised Oh so mesmerized He can see it in my eyes Knowing you’re far from mine You’re words still stop all time Because you’re so damn sublime You’re simply out of this world So just get out of my mind! Oh! I’m mesmerized…. If there was a way inside your mind There still wouldn’t be me to find You’re moving so blasted fast And I just can’t reach the mask Man, it seems so useless, to try and make you see That I want you beyond all reason, knowing it can never be As you thrill the crowd, as you kiss the girl I’ll just stare at your pictures, wishing I was her Ooooh I am mesmerized Oh, I can’t be surprised That I am mesmerized You can see it in my eyes Am I blushing? Am I rushing this through? Are you laughing? Oh damn, he knows it’s true I am mesmerized Oh, I can’t be surprised Oh so mesmerized He can see it in my eyes Knowing you’re far from mine You’re words still stop all time Because you’re so damn sublime You’re simply out of this world So just get out of my mind! So lost, so gone, this war was never won Mesmerized
* Dedicated to the singer Anthony Snape, And...a secret person that no one shall know about! Muahahaha! (except Becca)

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Every morning I got to work early so I can see surely. When I get there she is not there 
so I set and wait but surely is late. When she got there she said to me may I help you. 
YES I just wanted to ask you on a date does that sound great. No I will not take you on 
a date. I set and wait for you and you come in late and then turn me down for a date. 
Just wait you will be begging for that date. Now every morning I go to work late so I 
can see Kate she is great we just started to date. Today surely came over to talk to me 
may I help you. I just want to ask you on that date you had your chance now it is too 
late. I am now with Kate she is really great I think she will be my soul mate.

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I woke up this morning
Went to the kitchen
Looking for some-thing
To eat....
For this morning
I was on a mission
I went in-to the Cabinet
To open my favorite box
It was closed and It was sealed
I shook it, yet
I could not hear...
Surely they were gone'
And so was my last beer'
Fore there in the box
Their wasn't a sound
So, I placed it on the table
Then I sat down,
Only something was strange
I couldn't figure it out
So, I clinched my mouth
And dumped the whole
Thing out....
I was looking for some-thing
That sweet taste for my mouth
But, that nice crispy cereal
Was gone...
         With-out a doubt...
I ran to the bed room
And looked on the floor
Their was an empty bowl
The milk was still cold
So, I was perplexed
Didn't know what to say next
My EX was sleep
On her mouth I could smell CHEXS
But, what could I do
Cause I wouldn't go near her
Was this a thought
Or could it be real
It was so...
That was my best meal
My ex-GirL fRiend
Has just killed my last
Box of CHEKS
What will she do next
Heavens' why me
She is a Cereal Killer
Can't you see?


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A Letter To My First Crush

A LETTER TO MY FIRST CRUSH My Dearest Kevin My hands shake nervously as I write this letter The fountain pen drips the ink in heart-shapes Pieces of my heart as it reach out to you I just want you to know that loving you isn’t easy My dozen of Harlequins and my entire Mill @ Boon collection Have'nt prepared me To deal with a player like you I heard it through the grapevine, That you are heartbreaker and womanizer With only one thing on your adolescence mind My grandmother always told me, that Why buy the cow, when you can get the milk for free My grandma is a wise woman More like a heroine in my eyes I am the heroine of my life More like a Nancy Drew without a clue on how to love you I am never satisfy, I am curious And mysterious However I am very chary Kind of gal ^ I do believe that I am in love with you today However, I might hate you tomorrow Because you never know with a secret admirer To the man I love today They are nothing more than I can say. I will wait for your reply my love

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Girl in my Class

There once was a girl in my class.
One day I tried to make a pass.
My cheek still sting,
My ears still ring,
Yet married to me; Alas!

Details | Romanticism | |

Reflections in the Firelight

The wood is piled
my emotions riled
Sweet expectations
settle in my soul

Sweat dappled brows
my emotions drowse
sudden conclusions
fill in the hole

of my heart.

The fire started in the pit
warming ourselves 
in it's globe
and there we sit
like two lost elves
waiting to disrobe

Take your time,
The perfect man
does exist.

rlm '09

Details | Free verse | |

marking my friends on poetry soup.- the Lord helped me fight death and won.

i don't want to be just marking

time.  i died on november 20,

2008, during surgery.  i was

on a vent when i awakened 

december 2, sisters'

birthday. what made me llive

i'll never know.  i know there

are things to do on this side

of death.

i have no time for marking time.

i have a stupid bag hanging from

my side now.  i am supposed to

"get comfortable with it".  well

that was a laugh.

that was a laugh until i thought

of the people that had these

things with no hope of ever

getting away from them.

i am so lucky.  14 days i laid

on a vent, then 22 more.

i came home 3 days, 


i had
great pain in my chest...
well this is great i said,

a pulmonary emboli, 15 more

days, three days home.

then back to e.r. blood pressure

too high.  this bought me 

4 more days in e.r.

i am home now and finally 

have spent 19 days home.

i feel every pain and i feel

every time that i feel good

yes, i am never marking

time again.....there is

something about fighting

for your life and your sanity

that straightens things out.

i don't recommend it but

i wish i could let your hearts

know what i know.


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Clarissa's Valentine Diary of Passion- serial Acrostic

February 2009

Pretty in red, her tears start to flow
All dressed up and nowhere to go
She got dumped after he had his way
Sweet revenge follows this Valentine’s Day
 Into the river his body will go
One knife, an alibi, no-one will know
Now what better day for his bad blood to flow

to be continued…..

February 2010

Proudly relieved that she didn’t get caught
Alibi solid, her story they bought
Sweet Valentines’ Day will be all she wished for
She’s found a new love, couldn’t ask for much more
Incidentally she’s hoping and praying that he
On this day will make her a new bride-to-be		
Nothing good lies ahead, if he doesn’t  agree.

to  be continued…..

February 2011

Perfect in white, this she didn’t foresee,
Alone in the church, where the devil  is he?
Standing alone in her wedding gown
Somebody whispered the groom had fled town
Into the limo so no-one would know
Once again Valentine tears start to flow
Nobody dumps her, she won’t let this go.

to  be continued….
February 2012

Payback is lurking, his receipt she found
A step behind him she’s Canada bound
She has revenge written all over her face 
Smith and Wesson, in her case
It might convince him to take her advice
Or face consequences, without thinking twice
Nasty Clarissa, will he pay the price?

to be continued……



Details | Limerick | |

The Legend of Smelly Nelly

Smelly Nelly was quite a charming girl,
She wore her hair in braids instead of curls,
Bathing several times per day in the Jewish way,
Yet many scoffed and sniffed,
exclaiming she smelt like manure in hay,
Nelly used expensive oils and attars,
some came from lands very far,
Her raiments were made of the finest silks
but people still told her she smelt
like days old milk,
They shunned and booed her,
talking behind her back,
hoping and praying she would have a heart attack,
The gripe they harbored had nothing to do with
Nelly's smell, it was because her family owned
several oil wells,
Neverthelss, she brought her own lunch which made
her naysayers feel as if they were incompetent bunches,
The farce of living as the Joneses do, never appealed to
Nelly because she knew the value of a dollar,
So while folks snickered and stared, corking their noses
causing her despair,
She sat and ate her snicker doodle sandwiches with her
little pinky waving in the air,
Smelly Nelly they chanted everyday, but she shrugged
her shoulders and continued on her merry way,
Cartier, Chanel and Youth Dew were always in her backpack,
but she knew it was hard for critics to understand her modest lifestyle,
They all rumoured that she lacked!
Afterall, she rather "enjoyed" their ignorance,
watching them treat her as if she were a rotten as mere happenstance,
But Nelly soon conquered her critics by blossoming into a
lovely swan, forgetting about the negativity, and meanness,
leaving the penny section to stew in their own mess......

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Drive In

Frantic groping in the back seat.

Details | I do not know? | |

A Message to These Girls on the 'Net

This is a message to these girls on the ‘net:
You are just lucky I haven’t met you yet.
I’m on to your games – I’m well aware;
Let me warn you, I’m not easy to scare.

(Go ahead and flirt with him)

Type up your cutesy comments,
All those desperate texts? I hope they’re sent.
Call him a hundred times and two more;
Leave enough voicemails to make your voice sore.

(Show him how desperate you really are.)

He’s mine now – all mine – so you better get a hint.
I’m getting really tired of this stupid stint.
Go find a life; go find a boy in reality.
It’s not my fault your heart has been a causality.

My boyfriend’s “cute”, my boyfriend’s “deep.”
Man, do you really think he’s that neat?
He’s a good listener – I know – makes you feel like you’re something.
Let me inform you: you are nothing.

I'll remind you again, he loves me
And I’m the only girl he wants to see.
Your words mean absolutely nothing to him.
So stop it … he’s not interested.

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Long Live Love

A toss of the head
A flick of her hair
The wave of her hand
As her beauty did flare
Her bountiful step
The spring in her stride
Her laugh as we waked 
Hand in hand through the tide
Her mouth with its smile
As we wrote in the sand
Her cries of frustration
As sea coated the land
Those little I love yous
Meant so much back then
That on annual vacations
We repeat them again
For least we forget 
In the daily ado
Our marrital vows
Mean forever I do

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I Don't Give A Hoot

<                             beneath swollen moon
                               silhouttes conjoinment dance
                               hooting escalates  

Entry For
Sensuous Senryus

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Mo' Joe Skinny Legs and All (Limerick)

(Remembering the Great Joe Tex)

There once was a girl called Sweet Nellie-Rose
Who fell in love with a guy called Mo’ Joe
Guys said she was too skinny
‘Til Nellie wore that Mini
Skinny legs ~ mini skirt and all… wrapped Joe

I gotcha wondering just who’s mojo was working
that day :-)

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A Guy's Excuse For Missing A Date

A guy to his girlfriend on phone-

"I love you,you do too,
But now I also love someone else.
She doesn't fritter my money,shout,cry like you,
She's dark,beautiful,an enchantress.

She invigorated my spirits,mesmerized me,
I didn't even realize when the sun sunk.
We'll postpone our date of tonight,I can't drive now,
'Cause baby,I'm drunk!"

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First Love

Tongue tied, playing the fool
That day I met you, by the pool
First I splashed you, when I jumped in
Not the right way, for me to begin

Then again, I'm only Seven
You're grown up, I think you're Eleven
You gave me that look, a terrible glare
You had spent hours, working on your hair

I shrugged my shoulders, spashed you again
You said "you idiot, why are you such a pain?"
My friends all laughed, they thought I was cool
When you started crying, I felt like a tool

Romance never happened, there was another guy
He came and grabbed me, punched me in the eye
You said to stop it, he's just a little squirt
The punch not so bad, but the comment really hurt

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My Love Affair with Poetry

Nights when I’m alone,
Icy wind flittering through the window,
The absent warmth of love echoing in my empty room,
I have frequent love affairs with poetry.
Its pulsating words gush themselves out on the white blank page,
It caresses my every emotion,
Sending me reeling through a torrent of multiple ecstasy,
I scream with release as every unhinged secret is documented rhythmically, 
After, subdued by unthinkable shame,
I stash it away with the refreshing slide of a closed drawer,
I light up a cigarette and lie within the sheets like a film star,
I am who I choose to be,
Husband rings, why don’t I answer the phone?
I’m having an affair with poetry. 

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Woe is me-woe is me
Romeo Montague 
loved Julie Capulet
what e'er the cost,

but in the end it seems
lovers so torn between
fueds, can be lost.

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Relax Honey The Worms Will Play

Relax Honey... The Worms Will Play!

Oh honey one day,
We will both part;
To rot in graves,
And waste away:
Playing with worms,
And dancing with maggots,
As they climb all around.
Relax love all is well!
Soon we'll be down bellow,
Cavorting with the others, under the ground.

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Young and middle-aged ladies, who wear sundresses
when summer days sizzle, make the opposite sex notice 
how lovely and sexy their soft skin is;  curious guys,
of course, can't help staring at them...not once but twice!  

Watch them chatting on a bench of a park,
or just strolling down a busy street...
pushing their baby's stroller in the July's heat;
come closer to hear their silly talk!

Jan, my niece's friend, attracts me like no lady ever can,
she wears a colorful sundress she made herself,
and she talks funny to make everybody laugh;
some thinks she's crazy, but I'd love to be her man! 

Many women go to great lengths to get one of these...
the one that makes them stand out and get winks
from men who are easily distracted in the baseball's field:
they wish their wives looked like that...more strength they'd yield!

Fashion models draw admirable glances from an applauding crowd,
but they wear sundresses for recognizition, not for their soulmates;
so ordinary ladies wear them to find that ideal boyfriend or husband,
and admit among yourselves that it is a style of attractiveness!

Written by Andrew Crisci
for Constance La France's contest, " The Sundress. "

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They talk and talk
Running in circles
Trying to make sense
Of what they have, between the two of them.

They both have a lot of baggage, I suppose
Old wounds that haven’t entirely healed
Memories that tug at them when they indulge in reminiscence
Tears they have never shed, anger they have never expressed.

They are a bit like wary children,
Meeting for the first time across a playpen
Wanting to play, but cautious too
Awkward and shy, not sure what will happen
If he isn’t good at peek-a-boo
Doesn’t like to color the flowers pink and blue
And many such things which she likes to do.

Or worse yet, what if he is mean and a bully?
Pulls her pigtails and makes her cry
Destroys her drawing, draws a mustache on her pretty butterfly?
So she is cautious, and quiet as a mouse
Peering at him through her lashes, too shy to tell him to come close.

He, on the other hand, tries to look bored and impressive
And like he has done this a million times
Like he knows a lot, lot more than he actually does
The alphabet, the spelling of his name, songs and rhymes.

He has met girls before; and thought they were silly
Squealed too much, wore clothes that were too frilly.
This girl was no different; she wore a pink bow and carried a dumb doll
But there was something about her, which made him think girls weren’t so bad after all.

She, on the other hand, had never talked to a boy before
Nor had she ever wanted to
Boys were aliens to her, those loud sweaty things
Who eat their nose boogies, and always have something naughty to do.
But this boy, with his big floppy bunny ears;
Something in his voice and his laugh, too
Made her want to sit next to him, and pat his hand when he got a boo-boo.

So they sit, on far ends of the playpen, sneaking peeks at each other,
Making up their minds to ask the other to play together
And changing their minds the next instant-
Maybe it’s not a good idea to be so blatant.

Maybe they will become friends, before the bell rings, before the day is over
Or maybe they will be strangers forever.
However it turns out, they will be okay
Because that is children’s way-
They always end up finding someone with whom to play.

Neither of them knows how they feel about each other
Or if anything at all
All they know is that they want the other to stick about
At least long enough for them to figure it out.

So that is the story, of two grown-up children
Trying to make life happen
Reaching out for something that looks golden
But then again
Even if it they end up mistaken,
They’ll eventually find the right person
Somewhere in this big wide playpen.

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To All Who Wonder

To all who wonder to all of you
An urban myth, or is it true?
A story that happens after dark
A story set in a city park

An escaped deranged one-arm man
Who wears a hook in lieu a hand
Has gotten free the radio blares
He’s homicidal it declares

Two young teens lost in love
Practicing their craft then a shove
Was it the wind moving the car
Was it the maniac with the metal spar

They both jumped up to attention
He’s going out is his intention
Oh! be careful she did rave
No apprehension he was brave

Another scrape upon the doors
Her fear mounts, terror soars
I’m going out he again proclaims
She panics now, No! she exclaims

Before she knew it the handle scrapes
out the door the lover traipse
he looks around to her dismay
he jumps back in and wants to play

she’s too upset I want to leave
disgusted stomps the gas one big heave
as they roar out she takes a look
and on the handle a bloody hook

So if you’re out on a darkened night
Be careful make sure to do things right
It might be true it might be fable 
But beware the hook if you are able

Details | Cowboy | |


Tainted love 
or tired love?
Smug attitudes
and weak games
Look at you!
Your such a lame!
Me cry?! Ha! Not no more!
Five point five years
What a joke?!
All you do is lie
Keep smoking your life away!
Wake up before its too late!
Before this love turns into hate!
Your too old to act this way!
Your too comfortable
You cant stay!
In my life!
In my way!
Goodbye to you!!!

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The Black Mistress

Black Mistress
That's what I'm suppose to be
Oh, no not me
I'm not coming second to another woman
No woman is coming before me
Black Mistress
That's what I'm suppose to be
Come get your clothes if you can't spend the holidays with me
You live with her not me
Black Mistress
You want to buy my love when you want please
Oh, no not me
I have my own and I'm not selling my goods to no one but I'm still not cheap

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Wet Kiss

Kisses are like rain, 
they can bring a fruitful harvest... 
or a hurricane

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It's funny how you
want to be with me,
you just dont know
im a lil freak
if you cross the line
Imma make you see
what kind of freak
(I can be)

you wanna be
my one and only man
follow the rules
you gotta understand
get down (ahh)
get dirty
I need a freak
just like me

It's funny how you
want to be with me,
you just dont know
im a lil freak
if you cross the line
Imma make you see
what kind of freak
(I can be)

I got fellaz droppin drowse
like rain from the clouds
I relax, sit back, and chill
while im sippin on crystal

I know I look very classy
but I can get real nasty
just cross the line with me
I can teach you freak termonolgy

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Very nearly a love poem

We haven’t known each other 
For too long it must be said
Though I think you’re jolly lovely
From your toes up to your head
Your face is somewhat pretty
And your dress sense rather chic
I enjoy our conversations
And the charming way you speak
Those pretty eyes beguile me
That smile makes my legs shake
I’m even losing sleep, what’s
Going on for goodness sake 
My dearest please believe me
For all I’ve said is true
And it will not be too long 
Until I fall in like with you

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I RUN from FEAR.



I FIGHT cause of FEAR.

I'm FAR from you.

I'm SCARED cause of you.

You're the FEAR that I HUNT.

You're the FEAR that I FIGHT.

You're the FEAR that SCARED me for LIFE.

*Comment if you have any thought and if you like it. oh and some of the poems i write arn't 
always my feelings. their some times just to get through other people so they can have 
something to read that just fit's them.*


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We all know this one

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I,m in love with a girl 
That will never trade
Even if for a million dollars
But for a billion dollars
I would have to think about that one 
say yes if this make you smile today

Details | Dramatic Verse | |


always lights up a room
a smile as big as a lollipop
smells fresher then new cut hay
loving as a new puppy
works harder then a beaver
heart as big as the grand canyon
the specialists person in my life
cooks better then sara lee
fishs better then bill dance
more outdoors then davy crocket
sews better then a sewing machine
builds better then the amish
drives better then jeff gordon
glows brighter then the sun
thats why we love gina

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Trampled Roses

He cannot take his harsh words back She came unglued when he attacked So now he wishes to retract his rash in judgment, now that’s a fact! He brings her roses, as if to chat and acts as if there was no spat What’s up with that? She throws a fit She wants to hit him She has a tantrum She stomps her toes upon his roses He seemed to know why it was so but it’s a blow to his ego! Now tears are flowing with tissues going up to her nose for her to blow With damp eyelashes she wants to smash those trampled posies into his nosy claims that she drank too much booze! He is the loser He can’t soothe her With trampled roses off he goes his tail is dragging between his toes
…………………. For Paula’s contest: Trample

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I'll have you in Armageddon

I know you don't fancy my advances,
slim pickens don't describe my better chances.
Got a snowball's chance in hell,
but it fits me just as well,
I know we'll see Armageddon.
But, I've yet to learn my place,
I will try to win your gaze.
-I'll have you in Armageddon.

I know you picture me revoltin’,
and you despise my goin’ through the motions.
You threw out my best bouquet,
there's always next Valentines Day,
I know we'll see Armageddon.
'Cause I know that come what may,
I would do it anyways.
-I'll have you in Armageddon.

When the land drys up, and the damn goes bust,
we will see Armageddon.
But, no matter what the case,
come the day the end of days.
-I'll have you in Armageddon.

When the sky begins to fade, and becomes the Judgment day,
we will see Armageddon.
As he wash away the sin,
you'll see a smile upon my grin,
because the fire and the ash,
can't distract my one thought that,
when the Lord wants it all back,
I will take solace in this fact...

I'll be with you in Armageddon!

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The Real Reason

I was so above you
And it was very clear to see
But I came to give you my heart
sacrificing all I had 
Just for shot at love
we started off so strong 
I actually thought it was you were worth it
We had a lot in common 
So it made easy for us to talk
We were going so good
But caught in the act 
You said you and I did not make sense
But I must admit I was glad It was over

Now the real reason I gained back my life
And You just lost best thing in your life
Thus why I smiled when I caught you kissing that other boy

Details | Tanka | |

My valentine gift

This diamond ring shines with delight
My nails I polished
waiting for its arrival
The other fingers were excited too
They all rejoiced

Details | Ballad | |

Better Luck Next Time

My heart...can you find it?
I can't feel it in my chest
Ever since the emotional hit
Leaving me months of unrest

You'll be fine, better luck next time

Every woman looks like the same
Decent hair, poor skin and a sight of breast
Nothing but another bland dame
Why can't I simply just rest?

You'll be fine, better luck next time

Lying alone in bed waiting
my supportive roommates in love surround me
I can't bear the noise as I'm debating
What is next in life for me?

You'll be fine, better luck next time

....oh shut up

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Black Diamond Night

As he gazes at the beauty
that lays inside his hand.
He's hoping that she'll love it
'cause it cost more than his land.

He only loves this woman,
so he's hoping she'll accept.
The ring he got his gorgeous
and he just went in debt.

It's the only one he's ever seen
with it's wonder shining black.
He called the bank to get a loan
and they ask if he smoked crack.

He's driving to her house now
while thinking what to say.
He's not thinking about the diamond
or what he had to pay.

He gets there kinda early
to show her his surprise.
What he see's when he pulls up
pains his loving eyes.

He see's his lovely woman
in someone else's truck.
Then he just starts crying
and cussing all his luck.

He walks straight up to them
and she rolls her window down.
She says she doesn't love him
and for him to leave her town.

He's screaming and he's crying
'cause he's mad enough to fight.
The Black Diamond in his pocket.
Oh! What a crappy night.

Dustin Self (Black Diamond Contest)

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Burger Love

her quarter-pounder eyes edged with charcoal coaxed me inside. her round succulent body i savoured hungrily as from table to table she rolled. a small gherkin green nose sat on lips of tomato sauce surrounded by a cheesy smile. as my fingers touched i knew it was burger love.

Details | Limerick | |


And if I were some hair locks, you would be shampoo
Now if I were a swimmer, use you as canoe
Gee! But on second thoughts;
I will perhaps not.
Ever would I get the timber, light enough like you?

And if I were student, you I would construe,
Now if I were painting, I’ll try to paint you.
Gee! But on second thoughts;
I will perhaps not.
Ever would I get the colors, pretty enough for you?

And if I was a biker, you would be tattoo,
New morning grass I walk on, you glisten like the dew
Gee! But on second thoughts;
It will perhaps not.
Ever would there be water, pure enough like you?

And if I were a movie star, you would be debut,
Now if I were some cook, you would be my stew.
Gee! But on second thoughts;
It will perhaps not.
Ever would I get vegetables, fresh enough like you?

And if I wrote a mystery, you would be my clue,
Now if I had a balcony, you would be my view.
Gee! But on second thoughts;
I will perhaps not.
Ever would I imagine something wonderful as you?

And if were too lonely, we will together coo 
Now should I say I love you, without further ado?
Gee! But on second thoughts;
I will perhaps not.
Easy, it would seem too easy, I just like to pursue.  

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USA Marriage Justice Today

Oh, my sweet girl, come and shack up, with me.
We shall live on welfare and space out to see.
How many food stamp cards, we can arrange,
We shall visit for meds and beg for change.
Upon the riverbanks, we shall catch a cold.
Then we shall collect our oxy-cotton gold.
I shall gather clothes from good wills chest.
You prepare to go visit relatives in the west.
My sweet girl I shall give you no gold.
However, get you, giving us babies to hold.
A bed of daisies, I shall have waiting for you.
For freshening up our pet hound, old blue.
Our cousin Joe has a house that is so big.
We shall move in, us all, even with our pig.

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Walking with you all the way, because I missed you night and day. 
Holding your hand to help guide the way, in the light of the moon? 
Sunshine brightening our lives whispering ways, hold my hand, 
I want to be with you, up lift your soul in oh so many crazes. 
Hold you in my arms and remembering when our lives took us, 
Each to two separate places, what am I to do now? Eyes so clear, 
Pull your likeness... 
Closer to me now and cling to you at closed in spaces? 
Whisper in your ear that I have no grievances to spare, so come to me, 
Come to me now, I want you to be here, love me now, I have a life to share. 
The effects are rollin over our bodies, like it can’t decide, 
Caught in between here and taking you out to be the ride of your life. 

Details | Blank verse | |

Pages of the Book

On earth on a Mission
purpose redefined with singleness of vision
clarity came cause i sat to look
through the pages of the book

Some days skipped with nothing to dine
some nights slept with nothing to wine
yet more nourished than a royal cook
for i am best fed from the pages of the book

When I lost focus and fell
drowning in the depths of the well
yet I was lifted by an unseen hook
as i flipped through the pages of the book

What about you my dear friend
when the terrestrial race comes to an end
and death vomits all that it ever took
will your name be found on the pages of the book

Details | Rhyme | |

My Family and Me

It's amazing how quick things can change.
First your running with the kings, and then you're knocked out of range.
It's strange. I used to worry and stress over friends.
Now I've grown to be a man. Maybe know a few of them.
All that time I could of studied. Did better in school.
Got a job and made it big. Maybe now I'd be cool.
Who's the fool? Now who's the bull? I know that's not me on the top.
Life is always making turns weather you like it or not.
The past will always be the past. My glory days may seem gone.
But, now its time to start a new.The stories keep coming on.
I've got a new girl. She means the world to me.
She keeps me warm at night, my best friend, my new dream.
Since my car accident, still got a limp on one side.
Still working with my memory, still need a friend who can drive.
I love to Karaoke. I get noticed in bars.
My mom's always there to catch me. Tom's working with my mom's cars.
My sister's in the Army, my niece is a big part of my life,
Friend Zach keeps assholes off me, and God is my wife.
AJ's always there to help, Brian is my LOST bud,
Mary's out of school, Lil cousin, Hunter's a stud.
Grandpa still is my idol, JT is still the music man .
The Adam's still can party. Chris, living good on the sand.
I may only use one hand, but I plan to be the best.
At all I do in life, cause there's not that much time left.
The blood test that I took says Landon is mine.
I hope this all works out fine in time and help to make my son's life shine.
JC who's down in Georiga, my heart is screaming for you.
I hope that you recover well. It can't be worse then what I went through.
Uncle Jimmy where you at? Where's Matt, Corie, and Pete?
I know you all are doing good. Serviolo's are a hard team to beat.
How's the rest of the family? I love and miss you all!
I hope you all are standing tall and I pray we never fall.
These last words that I say, I say only to you.
We've got the best family in the world and you know I LOVE YOU!

Details | Limerick | |


My co-workers, like clowns, are laughing.....
plotting against me; I get an eerie feeling.
I am the nicest fellow,
sharing joy and sorrow;
guys have secrets they shouldn't be telling!   

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Volleyball was the only game we played so well,
that's what we did on long, warm summer evenings,
putting all the effort to win and that took a strong will...
but disappointment often showed on our worn-out faces. 

The aggressive girls smirked everytime they missed a hit,
I laughed hard to get them mad, but one of them was sly:
her name was Lisa and she found the perfect target...
I remember teasing her when she refused to comply.

What surprised me was her challenging looks full of vengeance,
" I will make you pay for this, idiot! " she kept on yelling,
but I continued laughing and having fun, thinking she was bluffing...
then Lisa threw the ball aiming at me, it hit me right in the face.

Ah, that was no friendly game, it was fierce competation!
And realizng how foolish I was, I ignored the sharp pain
and continued playing with the intention of winning,
I saw Lisa madly staring at me while she was recharging.

The pony-tail girls started to move quicker, the boys followed their belligerent grit,
volleyball was a game that either team wanted to win so badly:  cheat
or fair didn't matter, because nobody would have accepted a defeat...
unfortunately, the time was up and we all fell on the grass restoring our friendship.

Details | Free verse | |

The Note

The Note
Back in the dusty toe
Of the library cove
Was where we would go
Not with any books in tow
Just the need to let love grow
With you I would lose all control

Every once and 
a while we
Would leave each 
other sensual love notes.

Years later I went back 
After my divorce just
To satisfy my curiosity 
That was about 
To make me choke.

Back in the corner of the cove
In our old Grey’s Anatomy Book
Was where I saw my latest love note,

You left your name 
Your email address
And you’re handsome 
Picture for an 
Old bloke.

My heart leaped for joy
When I saw your note.

Details | Epigram | |

How Absurd

Somebody hacked into your facebook account?....
Sounds like it could've been me with cheaters doubt

Details | Quatrain | |

Adam's Side Kick

I’ve been a pain in your side “Why let me see…”
“You’re made from God but you say I’m made from thee?”
You talk to the animals and to the sky?
As the moon lights the night you talk to my…thigh?

You want to run bare arse all through the woods
We’ll if you keep doing that you won’t have ANY “goods?”
So, you don’t like the fig leaf. It’s a bad choice?
“Well, use your words! Speak up! You got a voice.”

“You work? So you say. Just what do you do?”
All we eat are the fruits and some vegetable stew.
I cry at the sunrise. I’m not used to these eyes.
And I still can remember being inside God’s sigh.

I cry cause the wind blows dust at moon rise
I’m frightened and wonder what’s the next …SURPRISE!
Neighbors? What neighbors? Toss the leave use a peel
what care I for the wonder of what you’ll reveal.

Eden was wonderful, and ignorance bliss
yet so is the delight of a your so human kiss.
I love you, I’ll stay no mater the plight
and raise up our children and handle the fright.

*dedicated to Larry Belt's Adam / A Pain in my Side

Details | Couplet | |

Prck vs Btch

Ladies say he's just lazy; he needs to get a job,
fellas say she's too crazy; she’ll scream then she’ll sob.
He’s a man who's a man-hoe; messing around with all these girls,
she's a flat out gold digger; simply in it for the pearls.
Ladies complain he's insensitive; he needs to learn to care,
fellas moan about her attitude; face her wrath if you dare.
A bunch of baby momma drama, is that you will get from him,
kids running around like a nursery, is that you'll find when she lets you in.
She say's he doesn't make her feel special, and is contemplating the breakup,
he replies that she's full of herself; looking like a clown with all that make-up.
He lacks the ambition to ever do something with his life,
she's just plain heartless to ever be considered as a wife.
He keeps looking at her friends; acting like he's going to make a move,
she's already had his brother, so there's nothing left for her to prove.
Girls say he's single minded; he's only after one thing,
boys say she's a lead along; they call her pretty string.
They never have a shape up; always looking rough with their nappy hairs,
they always have a weave on; bet they ain't even sure what hair is theirs.
Women say they hold their nose; he doesn't know basic hygiene,
men say they're appalled; looking at the love handles pouring out of them jeans.
He's merely a grown boy, who doesn't know a thing about chivalry,
she acts like a brat, always expecting him to the give out his currency.
She can't believe he's a momma's boy; 25 still living at the home,
he's shocked by her expenditure; caught buying shoes with her loan.

These are not the facts but the stereotypes,
when women are considered cold, and men are painted in prison stripes.

Pr!ck vs B!tch

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there once was a three legged dog
who thought he was a bullfrog
instead of a nap or a nip
he preferred a wet kiss
then had his way with a log

Details | Lyric | |

Dance to tha beat

dance to tha beat
to tha beat
to tha beat
to tha beat
to tha beat
to tha
dance to my heart beat

Boy verse:

Im dancin to tha beat (beat)
movin my feet
got my body in motion
to tha rhym of tha beat (beat)
she movin fast ay
im talkin nastay
we gone stay past eight
and go to my place

dance to tha beat
to tha beat
to tha beat
to tha beat
to tha beat
to tha
dance to my heart beat

Girl verse:

Im ready for wateva
you know wat i mean (mean)
lets get down to tha point
lets get down and dirty
I can make you fanticize
cus yo head between my thighs
when you look at my third eye
boy I make you mezmerize

dance to tha beat
to tha beat
to tha beat
to tha beat
to tha beat
to tha
dance to my heart beat

Girl verse: 

Im playin game of twister
im all ova tha room
im even on tha dresser
my body all on you
im playing game of twister
im all ova tha room
im even on tha dresser
my body all on you

we can dance on the bar
even make love on ya car
boy you make my heart roar
(roar, roar, roar)
you make my heart roar

dance to tha beat
to tha beat
to tha beat
to tha beat
to tha beat
to tha
dance to my heart beat

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Getting Off

Masturbation please!
I partake with just my hand
Makes my boyfriend mad

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i apologize to you


It has been a while
Since the last time we talk
We pass by like winds
Never giving each other smile
I know you're mad
That's not new to me
Can't turn back the hands of time
And it really makes me sad
It's never my intention
Of hurting you like that
It just happened...
Now, I lost your attention
Here's just one thing for you to know
It's hard for me to say sorry
I can't find it in my vocabulary
It's my pride which I follow
And as time passes by
It makes me realize
Is this going to be forever?
Is this really goodbye?
Courage is all I need
For me to say those words
Words hard to let go
Words where friendship could lead

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A not in love poem

Could I prefer thee to a bummer day?
You have less love and belong in a crate.
You drink my darling Bud, to my dismay
Your house’s lease hath all too long a date.

Often time I, so hot, from heaven shine,
And my gold complexion is never dim;
My every hair, so fair, never declines,
By scissors, or the barber’s ugly trim.

But thy infernal winter cannot fade
Nor lose possession, for no fair thou ow'st;
I wish death brags thou wand'rest in his shade,
So to be honest, well, you know you’re gross. 

So long as men can gag and eyes can’t see,
So long lives this, fingers-crossed it kills thee

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Electronically Speaking

<                                   elects not to open door by hand
                                     looks pretty stupid too                                     
                                     even an grandma can do it 
                                     calling all grandma's
                                     technology has gone to far
                                     really really to far now
                                     one does not need to be an rocket scientist
                                     nor an magician
                                     it's easy as one two three
                                     candidly smile
                                     tip your hats
                                     look both ways
                                     launch arms outward
                                     and pull or push  that's it

My Word Chosen Was

Written by 
Katherine Stella

Entry For Dakarai Cobb's
The Sonnet Man's Acrostic Challenge
GL All

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Shout it from the fooftops,
Yet keep it close inside,
A smile that lately never stops,
A smile a thousand faces wide.

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Just To let You Know

I’ve eaten the chocolates you brought last night
   in the box that was prettier then the taste of the candy
forgive me, I don’t mean to sound ungrateful
I’m not that kind of girl you know 
  one who is bribed by roses and Whitmans 

am I likely to fall for fluid practiced lines
  meant to make a girl swoon and fall in love 
for a careless hour of your time
  with your hungry, shallow anticipations…
of removing my pearls and chemise
  you know…
the one who waits with excited expectations
  for your silvery seductions...
just yearning to be seduced 
  by your lover boy’s touch
  or …
for a midnight tryst 
  that ends before it even begins
  oh yes... 
I see your majolica, opaque heart 
  It reveals the opacity of your dull mind 
you interest me not 
  my heart rises to the golden boy
the one who laughs with his eyes
he really does see me with his heart
  the one who listens- who knows the color of my eyes 
he spends $1 on my favorite kind of licorice

$20 for a meaningless box of chocolates or…
  roses meant only to impress
he's the one who learns quickly 
  he really wants to know things about me
those little endearments…
  you know...
like what my middle and last names are
  he knows and sees what I have to offer
it will be appreciated by a true heart 

for I am not an empty headed
  young, seductress 
to sweep you off your feet 
with empty lines and ploys 

I am not that she 
  who expects fancy gifts 
unloading your checkbook of it's contents
  putting out her soul for sale

I'm not some plastic Tinker toy 
  you put together and then pull apart
I think I’ll just wait until he comes along
  If not…
when I’m alone I’m happy 
  the smell of the dogwood
their fragrance in the breeze
  I’m okay with just being me

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You Turned Me Into Eggs Again

It's like your scrambling my brain in a skillet
 I can't tell what you said and I am left with no wit
When you start talking everything gets hot
 Everything gets blurry, I can't say if what I heard is right or not
The sizzle of the butter as it melts down in the pan
 The pressure rises as butters browning, now do understand
There go my nerves as the egg cracks making a sound
 There goes my heart as the edibles fall out
When you loose me again as the egg and whisk go round
 Here I am again as the omelet takes it's route

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A Casual Observation

In your eye's gleam the stars!
               It's the middle of the day...
We never end a night in tears!
               We just argued last night away...

I've never meet any one 
as beautiful as you!
               Yet how your eye's are drawn 
               to the girl next in the queue...

I think of you all the time
You consume my every thought!               
               I know you only think of work
               to fund bribes to keep my protest naught.

I feel the future is bright for us,
Beyond what I can see, My Dear,
I'll protect you, on me you can depend.
               Protection against you is wise 
               but I daren't complain,My Thorn,
               Beyond what you can see, is only next weeks end.

You're such a patient listener,
I hope my speech has not bored.
               By no means, I must confess,
               I am relieved of your fraud!

You'll always be in my mind,
My love has never cooled...
               That would because there is none
               I am not like others fooled!
I can barely bring myself to leave...
               Shame you will be back again!
Know I don't believe my luck...
               When it ends know you're to blame!

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Oh What Fun

 <                                                B y         G r i l l 

                                                   W i T h     J i L L

                                                   C r A c K i N G

                                                           A  t

                                                        B  i  l  l

                                                         W h O

                                                        T O o K

                                                          S i X
                                                   O x I C o T t O N s

                                                          A n D


                                                          G o T

                                                           I L L

                                                           O  H

                                                         W  h  A  t


                                                          S p I L L


Entry For
Nikko Palmario's
Life Without  U & Me
G.L. All




Hate Cleaning Up 
After Someone Else's Spills  LOL  

GL ALL IN Contest

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First Attempt at Limerick

  I once had a girl named Kate  
Who a Wolf tried to domesticate.       
      But the Wolf got mad,           
      and Kate wasn't glad                        
Now they both have to masturbate.          

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Strategic Advice

Don’t tell her she can’t, whatever you do,
or that is the path that she will pursue.
Her eyebrow will raise, ideas will spin.
It won’t be too long before she must begin.

Something inside her will seek to disprove,
the notion that anything, “Simply won’t move.”
At times it is handy. At times it is fun.
She’ll tackle whatever they say, “Can’t be done.”

The effort involved is not her concern.
Some times I watch her, if only to learn.
She’s always consistent, if you study her style.
Challenge her ways, and she’ll practice denial.

Experience reveals the way she’ll react.
I’ve used it before, as a matter of fact.
I told her, “No way, you can’t possibly be,
in love with a wannabe poet like me.”

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A Good Man Understands

A Good Man Understands.

Don’t forget to bring me back a kit-kat today :)

Pumpkin, where are you going?

OMG, look at this new app on my phone!

Babe, please stay and cuddle with me tonight <3

Honey, let’s stay in and watch a movie please.

Sorry baby, I didn’t realize it was just Brooke.

Wearing sweats to your parents’ GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT?!
Sweetie, do these pants make me look fat?

Good morning cutie? Want some breakfast? By the way I love You!
“Done PMSing? THANK GOD! I love you too”.

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Sally Got A Plan

In days past, a scratch
on a Willow at school;
Bill I want to catch!
I want a plan for a kiss,
having a longing for stars.
I do not want shy bliss!
Sally has Glory today,
owing to a swift plan,
Bill did not slip away;
Sally had a frying pan!

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I usually find the taste of coffee
Far too bitter for my taste
But this mocha is smooth 
And so sweet

Warm on my lips
And rushing hot on my tongue
Flooding my body with heat
And making me want more

I feel more awake with every sip
But can never get enough
Since mocha coffee is addictive
And if the taste is slightly bitter too

I want it all the more

Author's Note: Do I really like coffee? No. Like the smell, like the ice cream, but tastes icky.
No, this poem is talking about a person. This was written to tease him.
It's funny because he's mocha colored :)

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To Live Together

To Live Together By Rick Rucker I hate to have to live alone, Our love must be shared, on the phone, Meeting seldom, but as we can, Not a fun prospect for this crazy man! She knows that I love her, can’t stand to be apart, Not since she captured my Mind, and my Heart, Just lately, we have found a ray of hope, Drowning in the Sea of Love, we found a lifeguard’s rope, We found a place where we could live, To each other, our Love we would give, To awaken with her next to me, I would be so glad, and anguish free, I did not even have to scheme, To be able to realize this dream, Luckily, for the both of us, She goes about business, without fuss! When she asked me if I wanted to live together, I told her, my response dealt with when, and not whether! I told her, it would take me minutes to pack, And to carry my stuff, across town on my back! Whatever that I had to do, I would show her, that my love is true, Imagine, the two of us, living together, Through all the lovely Summer weather, I love heat, her not so much, She thinks that an ice tray, is almost warm to the touch! Of the heat thing, we will have to take care, I will run the heater, she can use the air!

Details | Free verse | |

Little Red

Full Moon Brimming 
On A Hungry Wolf
Fire still burning 
Words are not enough

Red Riding Hood,
You stopped me where i stood.
The basket you held, looked so good,
I enticed...And you fell... 

In the woods... safe and sound
We could not believe what we had found
Me in denim... and you it lace

We understood, each other so very well
Full moon brimming over with light
Gazing into the eyes of the other

The twin to me, I did see, in You.
Be careful with my heart, my love.

My running shoes are unlaced for now,
So lean back and enjoy the ride.
Embrace all the laughter, our lives allow.


Details | Limerick | |

Love at first sight

There was a young lady from Leicester
Who met a young man who impressed her
She was swept off her feet
And her heart skipped a beat
When he cuddled and kissed and caressed her

Details | Free verse | |

It Is What It Is -Tell Me No Lies-

I'll ask no questions -
You're the less is more kind,
But I'm clearly confused,
And seeing I'm blind
To what  you don't say,
The next time now,
You're going to stay?
You were wrong
When you left right?
If I remember to forget,
And agree not to fight,
Hey! while the sun shines there,
Or whatever the stormy weather
As long as its fair,
We can be alone together?

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The nocturnal phone
Conversation went on 
It became daily
She was down-to-earth
We became fond of ourselves

Our physical looks scared us a bit
Beauty and Handsomeness 
We both took with fate
She wasn’t moved even
When I feigned tribal marks

When I was still ruminating 
What are we into?
She branded it and slam it on my face
“A relationship” she averred gently smiling
I couldn’t go back to the word “friendship”

Alayande Stephen T.
8th of November, 2007

It is a continuation, still for IBK.

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Valentine's Day Love

As she walked in to the room The air filled with the smell of lilacs Sweet music drifted to my ears As she walked in to the room. As she walked in to the room My heart skipped a thousand beats My eyes saw the worlds beauty As she walked in to the room. As she walked in to the room Her smile enlightened my day Her shining hair moved my emotions As she walked in to the room. As she walked in to the room She embraced a young man nearby My dreams awoke me to reality As they walked out of the room.

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Blame It On The Rain

'Blame It On The Rain'

Well, I'm gonna' show you my redneck trainin',
An' I ain't gonna' have to do no strainin'
To pick you up an' throw you outta that door.
Well, I've had just about all that I can take
An' girl--you've gone an' made you a Big Mistake.
I'm gonna' use you to mop up all this floor...
I ain't takin' no more.

And I don't give a rat's ass where you come from 
'Cause I know you and you ain't nothin' but scumb
Tryin' to act like you are real High Class.
You been callin' my man on the telephone;
Goin' to his house and won't leave him alone.
Brace yourself! I'm here to whoop your sorry ass...
I ain't takin' no more.

Now I ain't the type that likes to cuss and fight
But somethin' in me's just gotta make things right.
I ain't sayin' nothin' else--it's all the same...
So we can do this here or take it outside
Or I can take you down the road for a ride.
An' I don't care if you don't think you're to blame...
Just blame it on the Rain!!

deborah burch©

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I was born in Babylon
Everyday I want to be alone
I prayed not to get low
Everyday Babylon claim more soul
I just have to go, seek for more show
I grow with no shoes under my foots
Ganger is my food, 
Mosquitoes sing the reggae allover my room 
Webs block my views, killing my crews
What can I do to survive when am buzz

Where is that place to get crazy?
That place you cannot erase,
That camp with more space,
Where you don’t have to get late
That place where you just want to be free from
“Babylon” Babylon” Babylon…I want to be free

If there is a question, it should be about relation
My action will generate your reaction
Is substitution the way to be free from Babylon?
The game is always ON, grow horns like Capricorn
Cut the vegetables; let’s be able to be stable

Details | Classicism | |

I got haters

i realky hate my life and all the fake people in it                                                                                                 People are hella fake just a bunch of haters trying to see the drama they can create thats exactly why i wana get out of this state because im surrounded a bunch fakes who hate                                                       
People always got to talk down just like cowards they do it when im not around.No matter what I do someone always has something to say and me and my buisness people talk about every single day thats what makes me wanna just get away Cowards and fakes are what they are I shine like a star why there over there hating and wont make it far.

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walk away

If I told you that I cry when we argue
You'd probably say its time for you to leave
You'd say I care to much and I want more
Than what you can give me.
But I'm not asking for anything.
I just want you near me.
I want to be honest 
But you have to stop
Threatening to walk away
If you were gonna walk
Away you wouldn't have let me stay
Something in both of us is not finished yet
I don't know how long this will last
All I know is that I'm not done yet.

Details | I do not know? | |

King to Me

Clamped down with no air to breathe,
Get off me, let go, I beg of you please.
One more breath that’s all that I ask.
I never understood heartbreak before tonight, 
but people were right,
Its leaves you hallow with no light.
I do not blame him, he was too good for me I realised,
But all I wish is that he didn’t see,
That’s so wrong but that’s just me.
I will do anything to be back with my baby.
If words would work I would send this to you,
But like I’ve said before actions will only do.
Believe me when I say no one has loved you more,
Just look into my eyes and you will see what I adore.
Love is a funny thing, it cannot easily be seen,
Surly I should have a flashing sign that says spoken for with glee.
You may not want me now, but that sign will be there,
Until we finally meet and our hearts we can share.
I will treat you like a king, because that’s what you are to me,
You deserve everything in this world and much more than me.
But I will do my best to support you,
In your darkest hours and the fun times too.
I will smile and pat your head because you know it’s true,
That I can’t imagine being with anyone in this world but you.
You may think I’m condescending when I pop out with such words like “your sexy 
ass too”
But the funny thing is, is that it’s totally true.
I’m glad you don’t see yourself as clearly as I do,
Because there is no way I would end up with bloke like you.
A kind and smart witted guy I have to declare, that you can have my heart,
As long as I don’t have to share.
That’s all that I ask, is that you love me back,
It’s not too much so please don’t grow impatient and crack.
When we meet it will be worth it I swear,
We will hold each other in our arms will be fair……..

Details | Free verse | |

you to me

because of you, my heart is filled with joy
because of you, we now have a little boy
i want more of your love like a kid wants candy
your love to me, is an alcoholic's brandy
because of you, i will never give up
because of you my passion erupts
your soul to me, a painter's new work of art
your warm embrace, a winter coat that heats my heart
because of you, i don't have to worry
because of you, i get home in a hurry
your rough but delicate ways oh so nimble
your arms to me like a seamstress' thimble
because of you, I'm never alone
because of you, i will never move on
your love and your passion, my reasons to be
because without you, there would be no me

Details | Rhyme | |

Just one wish

If I could have a single wish
And have that wish come true
I’d wish that we could always be
Together, me and you

I’d wish eternal happiness
A lifetime filled with bliss
To hold you in my arms each night
And feel your tender kiss

Just having you beside me
Is all I that I desire
You are the one I dream of
You set my heart on fire

I’d wish for you because, you know,
I simply can’t resist ya
But.If you don’t stop your moaning’
I’ll be wishing for your sister

Details | Light Poetry | |

Love; A Subject Of Conversation

I love you!”
“I love you, too.”
“I'm glad we got
that settled,
It's a good start.”

Like the cereal
in the bottom of the box?
or settled like nightfall?
or fog? or dust?
or bad debt?”

“Keep on,
 you won't be able
too settle your butt down,
the next time I see you.
Every way you settle
will be a little painful.”

“I love you, Babe!”
“I love you, too.”
We got that settled fast!
We're off to a good start.
Now, to determine,
“How much?”

Details | Couplet | |

Invisible's Invincibility

I am an invisible man.
Try and see me if you can.

Shy and quiet I remain alone.
Silent is my voice’s tone

No one can feel my pain and sorrow
As I hide inside of my burrow. 

Shadows consume my body and soul
As I embrace the misty cold. 

The reason for my unseen being
Lies in the fact I hate being seen.

This life and existence’s of my own choice
And I choose not to have a voice.

I am silent. Invisible. Inexistent.
Yet I am invincible, an immortal being

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Love Bug

The fire in your eyes burn
A rapid radiant glow

   A soulful stroll steps into
The twinkling of your toes

   The twist of your body responds
To the most generous gestures

   The harmony in your heart
Surrenders to a familiar notion
Of festive

   When the spectacular sparks
Trigger the twitching in your nose
And firecrackers flare the embrace
To explode

   Then you will finally feel the
Longevity of love in your entire life
   It’s enjoying the inevitable
Sting of the insect bite…

Details | Limerick | |

The stiff

(the word (moll) means a mobsters wife or girlfriend)

I heard of a wiseguy named Guido
Who suffered a waning libido
His disgruntled moll
Made a quick call
Now Guido is incognito

Details | I do not know? | |


You think you might be in love.

You think he/her might be in love with you.

You think about a lot of things. Do you really know those things?

You think a lot, you worry a lot. 

But do you really HAVE to think or worry about those things?
  Or do you WAN'T to think or worry about those things?

Now that there is something to think about.


              *please leave a comment if you like it or fav poem if you might*

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Joanna Davis

Bulging bags, a half eaten bun
Scribbled postcards penned on the run
Victoria station, just two stops away
From the end of another short holiday
Summers over, time to return 
To cooking and cleaning, the list goes on and on
Souvenirs a plenty; a mug of the queen
Galleries and gardens, no sight left unseen
Last hugs and kisses, watering eyes
No time for tears, or long goodbyes
Days we’ll long remember, You and I
Funny how quickly, the time’s flown by
I’ll write you; I promise, a letter each day
Until it’s your turn to come over, and stay

Details | Free verse | |

The Image Of Being In Need

The Image of Being In Need

My eyes are covered in gauze,
from dirt scratching 
both of my corneas.

My boyfriend leads me around
otherwise I'd find myself on my 
knees feeling the ground.

He takes care of me
and tends to my needs.

He accidently squirts 
ear wax cleaner
into my eyes instead 
of my prescribed 
eye drops.

Oh the pain,
I thought would 
drive me insane.
No apologies either!

He picks my clothes out
and helps me dress,
too close for my

The humility found in 
depending on another
for survival was not high.

So glad I'm looking
for a new guy now,
the image of me
depending on him
for a lifetime
is not a good one.

For he left me
feeling more like
a burden then
a friend in need,
to me that
makes him 
a bad seed
for me.

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Sonnet 18 reversed

Shall I compare thee to my Adelaide?
Thou art less lovely and less temperate.
Rough winds shake you, my bony lady May,
Adelaide’s lease hath all a better date. 

Sometimes too hot your eye of hell shines,
And often your ugly complexion dimmed;
And every fair from fair always declines,
By chance, or nature's changing course untrimmed. 

But her eternal summer shall not fade
Nor lose possession of that fair her ow'st;
Nor shall death brag her wand'rest in his shade,
When in eternal lines to time her grow'st,

So long as you can breathe or you can see, 
So long lives thou, and I will not love thee. 

Details | Rhyme | |

the world of love

“I love you.” 
“I love you too.”
His half crooked smile
Lets’ me know it’s true

His feelings for me are real
But do I really love him, like I love you?
I’m not sure about what I thought I once knew…

When I look into his eyes, I see the darkness, 
The mystery pulling me to wonder,
 Is this real?
Can someone be replacing the boy I loved so long ago?
Can someone actually fix this broken heart? 

“Let’s run away together and leave our troubles behind.”
I look at him like he’s crazy. 
“Let’s do it; just you and I.”
 Am I just as crazy? 

His lips are warm; not like yours but sweet and soothing
He holds me tight as he plans this trip of the world  
“The world of love” is what he calls it. 
I like it. “What places do you have in mind?”
“Anywhere you want to go, as long as I’m with you.”

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So, hey...
Wass all this 'bout Valentines Day?
Hell, ain't much more'n a play.
Peoples just acting the day away
T' git some roughin' later in the hay.

Been thinkin' 'bout this fer hours...
What's the deal with them flowers?
Ain't no really big WOW!ers.
Better sendin' 'em back to the plowers.

Oh yeah, and "I love you" on some dang card!?
What am I, a freakin' retard?
Mushier 'n a tub o' lard.
Y' know, after a while...
...some things just git tired.

What else I forgit?
Gifts I can't afford for s(p)it.
Lingerie or heart-shaped oven mit?
Hell, you know ain't nothin' gonna fit.

Now I know somethin' here's amiss.
Don't understand farther 'n i can piss.
There a senimenal romance somewhere's in all this.
So come on over here, darlin',...and give me a kiss.

Details | Lyric | |

if only

let me set your mind right
let me take you out tonight
girl let me show you a good time

"if only"

if only you let me
show you how I can be
I could be that guy you need
I could be the one to set you free...

"if only"
if only

Details | Dramatic monologue | |


********Their Are so many things' going on in this World that people don't know what to say or how they ACT........

Dear John:

I think that it is time
For Me to leave you alone
The last time 
I came by your house
You were gone...
It's not that I am
Your Sugar Daddy 
           And all that.....
        And certainly, not
     Your Daddy Mack
    But the last time
    That I saw you...
You had almost given
  Me a Heart Attack
We meet in the alley
Just to dilly and a little daley
But, something strange
Happen, In the alley...
And I am not one to fight
So don't think about
All the hipe'.
You droped your ID Card
Some-where in the yard
Some where in the alley
Their it was..
It was your card..
That it was a big fascuade
It said that your name
Wasn't John....
It' said Mrs. Sally
And I don't care if it
Were Steven Omalley...
Or just plain Smiley
Just not the kind of girl
That I should marrie..
Or even meet in an alley


The next time you meet John, and want to know what is up......
Just wait to see if she left the toilet seat up!

* This poem was not to pick some-one up! But, for them to listen at what
is going down!   Gary Fields'

******** This World is full of double meanings*******

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when you are with a woman... 
what is so hard bout being there for her every need 
what is so hard bout being there for her at all
she chose you for a reason
one i can't fathom
from reality your spinal cord had a chronic continuous spasm
i wish my girls well in their conquests
i wish my girls the best 
when they end up with punks who can't hold her own
it drives me up the wall
from sanity simple... you have seemed to fall
how can you look in the mirror and not cry
how can you call yourself a man... much less even a guy
how dare you criticize me, a woman... who can fulfill your shoes with more
to spare
a shame you exist at all... 
for some reason my girl for you proceeds to care
I love life I love people
I love people I will meet a week from today
but you, my child... you lack 
that to you is all I can say

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what is family

Blood doesn't always make you family to me its loyalty and respect if I need you right beside me is where you'll be To me blood is not a big deal,To me it matters whos real and whos around when im up or when i fallen to the ground thats how i feel for me always ready to chill and for me will kill the people who always been there before and are here still

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gonna get caught

gonna get caught
gonna get caught
boy ya gonna get caught
gonna get caught

pulling me with ya smile
melting my heart with ya voice
we sat and talk for a while
I like the way you made
me your first choice

you bought me drinks
you even danced with me
yo girl might catch you flirtin with me
if it could be
we can make history
bring new swag to chemistry


gonna get caught
gonna get caught
boy ya gonna get caught
gonna get caught

you with yo girl
thinkin of me
when I walk by
you winking at me


you with yo girl
wishin we could be
cuz you keep textin
keep textin me


I want you
I need you
I want to make love to you


gonna get caught
gonna get caught
boy ya gonna get caught
gonna get caught

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you open the window
you burning candlelights
you take my love away
we both making love all night
you think you have me screaming
oh boy i got you dreaming
cus this scene is fading, fading, fading

yo dream so suspense

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Drinkin Buddies

Pour a shot for me, pour a shot for you.
Swallow down, so quick is the liqueur.
You recoil in pleasure, it tastes good.
Set it up again, time to put up another two.

You think about forgetting the pain,
But your just making it all worse.
Slowly, slowly the picture gets dizzier,
Good judgement goes down the drain.

You love the crown, and he does his job,
Making you feel heavy then ultra light.
Words mind as well be backwards,
And all your thoughts, so many, he did rob.

You look at each other, sloppily thinking,
And you remember what you did forget.
Unsure if the other is feeling the same way.
Look away, wondering, both keep drinking.

F- it! You slow melt into the way it was.
Sooo goooood, but oh soooo baaaaadddd!
The restraint clock is over, time to give in,
You're already too far, no stop, no pause.

Tricky is the soundtrack, intense is the play.
Between are you two, crazy is this game.
Long, amazing, wishing it could last forever,
But you doubt it, you wake sober the next day. 

Was so much fun, and it was much shattering.
Again, you are so weak, you shake your head.
Your foolishness, your eyes drawn asunder.
But so much more then one night of smattering. 

You part, intense attraction you have to ignore,
But so comfortable and also so careless.
You try not look over you shoulder at the other.
Never again... Hell, till they put up two more.

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I Got Your Man

Do you have a boyfriend?
Do he treat you good?
Do he come from the hood?
Do he kiss good?
Do he smell nice?
Do he do you right?
Do he ride a car or bike?
Do he call you at night?
Do he ask is everything's alright?
Have he saw your mom?
Have he met you dad?
Well, it's all good cause I got your man! 
But you don't so talk to the hand cause your face don't understand!

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Super Man

I wish I was a superman,
-Or maybe a hulk,
Incredible, or huger, -Man, 
I could do it all.
I would save a day or two,
In my cape and flashy suit,
of red and gold and blue,
I would be a superman for you.

I know that I could be a great, 
the number one world heavyweight, 
belt around my waist, a check, 
for the champion, the best,
I bet that they would lift me up,
crowds would cheer and scream and stuff,
If only I could be a superman.

I wish I was a superman,
-Or maybe a hulk,
Incredible, or huger, -Man, 
I could do it all.
I would save a day or two,
In my cape and flashy suit,
of red and gold and blue,
I would be a superman for you.

If the trouble was to brew,
I'd be there in a sec.
I would fly at altitudes,
higher then any jet.
I would bend a beam of light,
I would stop a train.
I would rustle clouds at night,
I would make it rain.
I would do it all it's true,
I would do it all for you,
if only I could be a superman.

I wish I was a superman,
-Or maybe a hulk,
Incredible, or huger, -Man, 
I could do it all.
I would save a day or two,
In my cape and flashy suit,
of red and gold and blue,
Oh, I, will, be, a superman, -for you!

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Did Father Let You Go

My soul mate My soul mate
Did father let you go?
From the pearly gates of heaven
In due time we shall know
My true love My true love
Just being in your presence
My faced began to glow
Our first encounter was pleasant
My future man My future husband
Meeting you was a blessing
It happen so quickly you were my man and I became your woman
My time with you so far has been amazing
You had to be sent from heaven
Because when I met you I promised to be in a love recession

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Bruised Ego

I lusted after Deborah from my first day at school.                 
As did every other boy, her looks made them all drool.
On Valentines I sent a card despite my inhibition.
She responded with a churlish smile that set me on a mission,
I asked her for a date and she replied “well, that depends…
…in fact, on second thoughts, I’d rather we were Just Friends”

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Vengeful Relations

My best friend once
Told me that she
Had my back,
But then, I found out
What the problem was
It was that she really
Had my back
Yes, my best friend
Did have my back
And it sticks', pricks'
And it hurt's
All over, and over 
And over again!


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let me

let me make you unwind
damn girl you fine
let me set ya mind straight
let me open the gate
let me make ya bed rattle
make you shiver a little
girl it wont be long
before your branches get brittle,
you would like that
if I make ya ooz in the middle
and make you eaze down low
and make you play with my fiddle
and make a new song
makin new tunes in ya mouth
draining me dry
makin my stick have a drought
I got that fire
girl you know wat im all about
makin ya moan and scream
I wanna make ya shout
"ay boy ay boy, you makin me hot"
I have a whole lotta cum
and I just cant stop
if you let me stick it in to connect the dot

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A Love Poem

A Love Poem

Get under my shoe.
Crawl down there and flatten.
Spread yourself, ooze
Between the cracks of my heels,
Solidify with old gum and dog hair and
Stay there.
Squish when I tip to the balls of my feet,
Sink into cement,
Drown out in the moist heat of
Baltimore sunshine.
Stick to the blacktop,
Leave small chunks of yourself behind to
Dry out and crust over
For a dog to nibble,
Or a bum to piss on,
Or a crow to pick at
He’ll peck out your eyes, 
At least what’s left of them.
I’ll track the rest of you home through
Back alley water and random piles of
Dog shit.
Then I’ll loosen and scrape you with
An old gnarly stick,
Fling your remnants across my front porch and
Walk inside,
Without thought,
Leave you there to
Ponder your shit-and-scum-covered existence before the
Noonday rains come and wash you away.

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"Yesterday i Was, So A Blond" (Rock/Pop)

"Yesterday i Was, So A Blond"

yesterday i gave you the best of me
yesterday i need to be in your arms 
but yesterday is so dead and gone 

hook: SO! so long, so long, your so gone 
your just a want to be Don Juan
so now you can so the hell move on 

yesterday i was so blond 
but today I'm gona so move on
can hear your lies 
won't give us another try  

hook: SO! so long, so long, your so gone 
your just a want to be Don Juan
so now you can so the hell move on 

because yesterday i was so blond~


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Two Thoughts

There was one - then there were two...
they looked identical,
they sounded the same,
they even laughed the same way.
I saw one - she looked cute,
or was it the other one?
I talked to her - she seemed nice,
or was it the other one?
I asked her out - she said "yes,"
or was it the other one?
I picked her up - she looked stunning,
or was it the other one?
We had a great time laughing, joking,
and enjoying the time together.
I dropped her off at her house -
we kissed "goodnight" for hours,
or was it the other one?
While driving home, I couldn't stop thinking about her,
or was I really thinking about the other one?

For "A Dilemma" contest sponsored by Joe Flach.

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Lisa was the very first love of my youth,
even her voice had the sound of a flute;
how funny she looked with those huge, black sunglasses
matching her blue bikini...honestly I had plenty of laughs!

I surely approached like any other boy would,
trying to mentally rehearse my intent...
and finding courage took a planned incident,
which made me conquer her with an insincere word.

"Sorry for messing up your clean blanket,
the hot sand burned my feet and I got mad!"
I humbly said with the tenderest voice to win her favor...   
" No need to apologize. " she replied, touching her red hair.

And suddenly a summer steamy love began...
how delighted and how lucky I was to have gotten away so shamelessly
with my pretense, then she asked me to get off the hot sand
and sit on her blanket to listen to Cher...oh, she longed for her Sonny!

Lisa was the very first love of my youth filled with sensation;
when I open my cluttered closet, a withered carnation, 
she put in my tuxedo jacket, still evokes our last date...
the eighties were a joy to explore with her without any haste.

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Love SickLove

My lover really makes me sick!
I swear this is no mean trick
to get you to read anther line,
take more of your valuable time.

But my love really makes me shout
All these tiny little spots come out
My body heaves and rolls about
once again those spots come out.
Over arms, legs and body too...
I’m in despair, what can I do?

'LEAVE HIM!!' Is that what I heard you say?
Real life’s never quite that way
If it were really quite so simple
Your nose wouldn’t have that ENORMOUS Pimple!!

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Another Life

We met again after 23 years
Laughed, reminisced through all the tears

Now’s our time to begin this adventure together
Dancing, swimming, just doing whatever 

But now he seems strange like he has something to hide
Is it me or just my stupid pride?

Running around the house like paparazzi is outside
Trying not to be seen, always trying to hide

Is this fool on drugs or just paranoid or such
Whatever it is, he’s driving me nuts

Never wanting to go anywhere just leave him be
Maybe he just wants to be alone with me?

Can’t be that because he’s always in a hurry
Stops by in a flash then out with a fury

After much thought and inquiry I found he has a wife
This idiot was playing me because he had another life

You jerk, you idiot, just tell the truth I plead
I would rather be alone than caught up in your dirty deed!

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Ridin' Dirty On My Moped

In Carolina there is no helmet law
As my girlfriend complains, all I hear is blah, blah, blah
She is still stewing over me buying all the accessories in the catalog
I tell her to bow down to me, I am now the Big Bad Dog
I am now sportin' my new leather chaps
Up side the head, from her I get a smack
I will mark a new territory the Hell's Angels would fear to tread
Looking hard and ridin' dirty on my Moped
At this point, I tear the sleeves off my blue jean jacket
She tells me to stop trying to Mac It
I smile with my Gold tooth displayed
She tells me I need help, she drops to her knees to pray
Then she asks me if I stopped taking my Meds
I tell her I really love you, it's a Two seater, we can both ride dirty on my Moped
I tell her I haven't shaved for Five days
She says she sees the peach fuzz on my face
I look at her and tell her I am a 15 year old trying to make it in this dog eat dog society
Either get on or get out and miss my noteriety
She says she's had enough and besides it's almost curfew
So I depart to the trailer park and pick up that floozy Gracie Lou
I tell her to hang on, it could get wild, I am what they call pure white bread
She grabs my waist and is ready to ride dirty on my Moped
It can't get any dirtier, a trailer girl that smells real bad
I look back and recall, this was the best summer I ever had

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Quip's What Pinkee Would Say

1. I nee some bo, bo paper!

2. Kiss my

3. Liar, Liar sock's on fire!

4. Life is hope
    I need some Pope
    Hope is man folks....

5. Mercy Said No...No ischeca-duta in bed....
    Isch-cha-denta a pillow to night
    So daddy, Isheah-denta-ooo and I love you too.

6. I didn't Isch-cha-duae to day'
    But for my own sake I will pray this way

7. Mercy said no Ish-chu-de to night
    Cause I said so
    A pillow to sleep on my bed
    And a Gorilla in my head
    I am kind of scared
    That Gorilla might Ischeh-duta-eat me'
    Look under my bed Uncle Gary


Every little girl want's to Isch-cah-duta some-time's......   :-)'s.....Kiss>kiss

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A Casual Encounter

Many times I've told you that I love you
Always have and always will
We've had a lot of ups and downs
But as long as we stay by eachother's side
We can get through anything.
A casual encounter turned into a lot more
There was only one thing on our minds
We had no idea we would fall in love
No idea that 3 years later we would still be together
and have had a baby girl.
If that casual encounter never had happened,
I wouldn't have found the love of my life
I wouldn't have you, or our daughter
Two of the best things in my life.

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Take you

you're like the beautiful starz and the rainbows
I can take you anywhere you want to go
come ride in my shuttle, I have no cars
we can travel to venus and then mars
we can visit the beach and dance by the sea
we can make love under the palm trees
excuse me, do you think we meant to be
if you ask me I can picture you and me
living heaven on earth
growin old together(happily married)
I can take you to a place that no one goes
its somewhere ova the rainbow
take my hand, plz dont be afraid
to go to love land, real love is the way
I can put you in the zone
so you dont wanna go
I whispered in your ear
words no one told
now you gettin hot
I got your mind blown
now you dont wanna leave
you dont wanna go home
you're like the beautiful starz and the rainbows
I can take you anywhere you want to go
come ride in my shuttle, I have no cars
we can travel to venus and then mars

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Some people are scared of spiders,
Others are scared of lightning,
But to me, it somehow seems,
My boyfriend is scared of the ironing.

The heat from the iron’s hot plate,
Cause beads to form on his head
And the thought of folding all those clothes,
Clearly fills him with dread.

I sometimes think it would be nice,
If he’d give his own pants a press,
But his cheeks drain at the sight of the board,
And it isn’t worth the stress.

And I love my boyfriend,
And so I choose not to mither,
And end up doing the ironing myself,
(He’s not keen on the hoovering either!)

Maybe perhaps for All Hallows Eve,
I’ll scare my boyfriend to pieces,
By adorning the house with crumpled clothes,
And leave him to remove the creases!

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here comes 'his' lover he's 'gay'

  is it fun and a game, 
or is it insane.
just to keep milking it. 
the way, 
you all do now.
look at your hands.
warm and slippery.
yellow and dripping so wet.
and ever growing.
you're fevered and glowing. 
all of your faces so red.
rejected by him at the prom.
him by all of you.
ruffies you put in his milk.
He does not drink, 
what you think he drinks 
he is good.
and loved by all, 
just as he should.
and look at him now.
passed out cold. 
but how can you now.
how can you, 
and you and your friends.
as one squeezes, 
the brown paper bag.
and when one's coming up
each well worn flight of stairs 
the other's coming down.
and all of you giggle and *sigh.*
and all of that spilled milk.
milk all that white milk.
looking around it is every where.
it's on your faces, 
and on your hands.
those blouses 
you change and your skirts.
are soaked as well.
deep asleep, like a babe.
and yes you were knowing, 
now as he comes again.
and you know by now, 
know he's in pain.
and none of you seem to care.
here comes a lover, 
that none of you knew.
that a hunk like him could be 'gay'.
and you didn't know, that
he was gay.
feeding him all of those ruffies, 
like the three of you, 
have done in the past.
like the ones who, 
came to school the very next day, 
with out memories 
of those nights of the past.
what do all you think of
your selves now. 
and even more so do you now. 
as he lays on your couch, 
deep fast in sleep. 
alive in your hands moving how. 

Is It Poetry 

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Stuttering words, they fade away
dying like a flame gone cold;
Nothing much is left to say
but this need that's born of old,
old as the skies up above.

Now! Now! the fervent plea
sung by lips seeking a bond;
This must be... it must be...
frantic pants of souls love-burned,
dazed by desire's hot touch

Our eager lips cling together
urging on an explosion;
Time recedes, she goes further
borne by waves of that ocean
that sweeps across our hungry hearts.

Alas! her father, he walks in
and we spring far-far apart;
Babbling words to hide our sin
still it burns in our hearts
this earth-born need between you and I

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some love

can I have it
can I get it
you know I want it
baby boy I need it
some love
"Give me some love
some love
"Give me some love"

hey lova

thats not me yet

hey lova

thats not me yet

it will soon be,
just you and me,
just wait and see,
I call it destiny

hey lova

thats not me yet

hey lova

thats not me yet

give me some love
"some love"
give me some love
"some love

can I have it
can I get it
you know I want it
baby boy I need it
some love
"Give me some love
some love
"Give me some love"

girl I know you want this

your love

let me think about this

give me your love
I want your love

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Pizza Delivery Girls

If given a choice of sausage or pepperoni, or perhaps mushroom, peppers, or anchovy, this is what I would say instead: “I have tried a blonde and brunette, how about a redhead?” There is a pizza place owned and operated by Luigi. He has some of the cutest girls making delivery. They are the sweetest things this side of Italy. Just call Luigi, and one is on the way in a hurry. If you do not like pizza, would you like subs or spaghetti? For delivery, they cover a wide area of town. The food and the women are the best hands down. For me, I will take any girl any day. I feel hungry. I will call them right away!

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Let's Do It

I wanna do things to do no other woman have's before
I wanna make you cum so hard
That you would want more
The things I can show and tech you 
You would be shocked
I know I am young
And your old
But their is so much we can learn
And tech one other
So let's do it 
Light some candles 
And see what we can do
Oh baby
Don't be sarced 
We can do this
Don't worry Virgia 
Ant needed it 
I wanna see what you got old timer
So let's get it on.

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To Travel Her World

All over her world I'd love to go
To mountains of high and plains of low

To Patagonia of the Argentinian tip
I'll let my thoughts make that trip

Off to the Andes and Mount Everest high
With my hands I'll climb and sigh

Over many oceans and seas I'll sail
Investigating all over in total detail

Journeys can take ages and some unplanned
But this is a world, in my eyes scanned

To all who think this is my holiday chat
Upon my Missy I have painted the worlds map

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stubborn at the most
unfortunate moments
and quick with a
flabbergasted wit

he ambushes me from
the alleys in his mind
from behind
where four strikes
are uncommon
and frequently
commented upon

let's try to ignore the
inane flattery and take
into consideration
three screwdrivers deep
the fantastic premise this
is situated upon

has rendered my fat
and substance unfit
avocados are for brains
still, lavender for calm
we come together
in spite of
differing points of 

expatriated breaths
gasped and sighed at
in the dwelling I somehow fancied
as a home has suddenly become a

a complex and refracted
reflected gallery of smiles
and countenances
not discourteous
simulateously entertained with quips
and the locking of eyes
with the neighborhood bulldog

he arrives again
with breath like linament
stale tobacco and promises
we bicker and yell

no promise as of yet has transpired
above a certain hell
of vacuous emotion

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Valentines Day

Valentine Day is arriving soon
And your smile is as bright as the moon
So why don't you give me a kiss
Because this chance we cannot miss

Don't be wrong this is not some cheesy hook up line
Perhaps we can also go out to dine
Because your smile is a crime
Even when your face is covered in grime

So what do you have to say
Won't you be mine on Valentines Day
You and I cannot let this chance pass
Especially when you are one fine lass

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Getting the wind up

Oh! How can I forget your face
The tenderness, of your embrace
Your precious smile your gentle kiss
These things, I know, I’ll always miss
The way you’d squeeze and hold me tight
And making love all through the night
The way you’d talk the whole day long
Or sing that sad old country song
The times we had, and we had some
But sadly now the time has come
For this will be our final parting
All because you can’t stop farting

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Incited by her Allure Sensuelle...
a vulnerable man is noticed by all.

Quite by nature, I rarely frequent clubs...
loud music turns me into a demon from hell.

She brought me so many Martinis on the Rocks...
I drank them too quickly and took a bad fall.

The spell in the potion must have acted too slowly...
I showed her respect, but she became too sensual.

Discovering the foul play, I was dismayed by her madnesss...
she left in a hurry and disappeared down the crowded hall.

Entered in Jared Pickett's contest, " The Ghazal "

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I'm pushing this heavy cart 
without any strenght left,
and through isles swarming with shoppers  
I'm confused by the above signs;
I rush to the one I missed dismaying onlookers.
How can I be so forgetful...
shouldn't I have a list of all items
I use thoughout the week?
I admit that guys are different from gals
with their minds focus on household things!

Yes, we guys aren't as patient as they are,
looking for bargains is a thriftiness that bugs us;
and down those isles we go..not reading labels,
not comparing prices...just filling up our shopping cart
with food we don't really need!  And who will be embarassed
when the cashier tells us annoyingly that the credit card
has been declined! Oh, good grief...we don't carry enough cash,
to avoid blushing in the publice eye while the the line gets longer!  

My advice to you guys: before you venture out shopping, stash your wallet
with enough cash, or check the balance on your credit or debit card;
it's another way of being smart! And besides being admired, you may also find romance
while you are in line and a pretty girl smiles, trying to start an intelligent conversation...
leading to a date or even marriage! Do you get it? Look sharp, flash lots of money
and really get lucky! If you fellas do what I have suggested, 
you'll have broads flocking to you and your buddies will envy you for your luck!

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Romantic Dinner

Saying Whatever, Why don't you care
Why should I have bothered with you
I tried so hard without thanks
Should have made Beans and Franks 
I had slaved all day
In the Kitchen
now you get 

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Very tall, I mean not too short
A Plump, you mean
No, of a slim figurative expression
Yes, but dark in body colour
Not light enough to lit 
The room in darkness
Neither here nor there, is that!
Of the chocolate colour,
Is she hot-tempered, over-jealous or
Gentle like a dove without pretence
My head chorused at once
Still, dying of anxiety.

Does he have a beard?
Or his hair full of bush or baldness?
Is he looking mean
With a scaring scar on his face?
Or does he belong to the 
“Lion Entanglement Tribe?”
Is he a man with a tender heart?
Or with a heart-melting gentle touch 
Does he have a strong palm like the farmer?  
Or snores like a pig while on a mattress
She sighed a breath of relief to the day to behold
As fear of the unknown grip her body.

As cock crows in the dark early hours
It’s a day off the d-day
The day of emotional confrontation 
I smiled for the day to Romeo my Juliet
Suddenly, anxiety cast aspersion on my smile.

Alayande Stephen T.
12th November, 2007

It was inside an Ayobo vehicle, was going home for a revival.
Lion Entanglement Tribe means people with Tribal marks in Africa

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I have to fine tune
my ears to hear
exactly what you’re saying
please tell me 
it’s my imagination
oh hell why don’t you 
just pinch me to convince me…

Did you just whisper the words? 
“l love you”?
err, its not the first of April is it?
I guess you’re not joking
because you’re not laughing,
silly me is turning your confession
into something amusing…

Thoughts are racing 
through my mind, 
Do I say I love you too? 
Or do I just say me too?
Err I did not get the memo
on declaring one’s love
or I was absent from class on that day…

Someone please come to my rescue
better yet, let me go call a friend,
I’m sure one of my girlfriends
will know how to handle this situation
with more finesse 
than what this novice ever could….

While grabbing my phone
I head for the door,
turning around half screaming
“Hold that thought, I’ll be right back!”
Disappearing into the bathroom 
and closing the door behind me…

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Happy Birthday GROVE STREET E-N-T"

with the most~
"Quid pro quo per buck"
let me say ~
happy happy birthday to you ~
i lift up my glass with a~
"lyricvixen LYRICAL Toast"
and "VIP Clientèle HOT"
as to say to you ~
i hope you have a ~
happy happy birthday~
that only a
like you can do ~
happy happy birthday ~
to a

Happy Happy birthday Tati"

with the most~
let me say ~
happy happy birthday to you ~
i lift up my glass with a~
as to say to you ~
I hope you have a ~
happy happy birthday~
that only a
"GIRL IN A PINK Bi·ki·ni"
like you can do ~
happy happy birthday ~
as "HOT-O-licious"
as "Tati, GOOD GIRL YOU"


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Do young boys start thinking of girls
with imperfect make-up and pretty clothes
who look like Barbie in every sense of the word? 
I used to look at them and laugh,
thinking they were going to a party
rather than attract the opposite sex!

That's the time when girls were a fantasy,
filling up this head with unrealistic thoughts...
to have been the handsome Prince Charming,
and offer them anything on a silver platter;
and growing up I realized how silly I was...
I had little to offer, still carrying their books to school!

Somebody should have pinched me and told me
that at such age chasing girls was a game of hide-and-seek,
or a dance around-the-rosy to sing nursery rhymes;
even my teacher loved my greasy hair with that combed-back hairdo,
tight jeans and a plain t-shirt as handsome Travolta would wear...
only made me famous for an afternoon on the dance floor!

Those were the most exciting times for a naive boy like me
charming them with that look of lover to make them fall in love with me,
it worked, but after dancing they started giggling...whispering something
that made me appreciate the ingenuity that girls had at the age of twelve;
and would it had happened today, I probably would have gotten many kisses,
remembering their smiles, but not saying, " That's the time when girls were a fantasy! "

Written by Andrew Crisci
for nette oncloud's contest,
" ...At This Age "

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First Date

silken lies
blackest thoughts
~ first date

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Girls, just do it

To MAKE a pattern for feet socks
you trace, you cut, you sew
When making BIScuits
you MEAsure, then knead your dough
to make Love
YOU see, You need, You know

Yes, it was my pattern
to find a man 
to cut me up

I kneaded someone
to measure me

Not anymore
I'm reporting to the girls
I'm happy and sincere
Please hear

Change a tire
or be tired 
not guilty

Don't take out the trash
for once be brash 
He won't starve
except for your attention 

It's worth it
to just be you
it's sexy

P.S. you may need a new one to do it....

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Fifty-three Dollars and Forty-nine Cents

I've got fifty-three dollars and forty-nine cents
And I'm aiming on spending it all
I drove in my car
To this dive of a bar
And I'm planning on hearing "last call"

Mr. Bartender, please
You're the one who now sees
How much I''m in need of a drink
I came here to forget
I don't want to regret
And I would like to know what you think

She has left me again
Cause that bitch of a friend
Keeps on filling her head with all lies
So I'll drown in my beer
Since I'm having to hear
Another one of her goodbyes

I'll just leave her alone
Cause I know before long
She'll come running on back home to me
And I try to convince
Myself not to wince
It is what it is, let it be

But inside of my head
I keep thinking instead
What if this time she doesn't come back
What will I ever do
If we really are through
And I'm left with nothing but jack

I had fifty-three dollars and forty-nine cents
Minus six beers and change for the phone
She is meeting me here
For one last bottle of cheer
Now I won't be leaving alone

Confessions to a Bartender

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I've Got You Now

Upon a lonely Autumn night
I spied my prince by artificial light
Our eyes then met, and all was well
His voice, so sweet, said "Go to Hell!"

I laughed it off, assured he jest
And vowed that I would do my best
To win the hand of that valiant prince
By exposing my heart, my love to evince

For many a day, I followed his ways
Learning the patterns of his days
Careful to hide in alley and bush
Awaiting the moment of the ambush

My love, I knew, would fall to my feet
If ever I worked up the courage to meet
Aided, perhaps, with a hint of persuasion
Enhanced by the use of anaesthatization

Too shy to approach lest the ideal I mar
I followed the life of my love from afar
He seemed not to even know I exist
Oh, but I knew that that I could fix!

Upon a lonely Winter night
I spied my prince walking by streetlight
Our eyes then met, and before he could speak
I silenced him with professionally employed technique

Alas, we would finally be happy as one
Belong to me or belong to no-one
I'll have my way, as I always do
I know that I was made for you

Don't resist my psychotic persuasion
I've an episode for every occasion
An embittered word you devise to delay
Will only make you easier to sway

When in the darkness you feel fear
You can know that I am near
Waiting, watching, alway there
You will be my cross to bear

My dear, there's no reason to be blue
I promise I'm not going to hurt you
All I want is your fickle heart
You and I will never part

Something wicked this way will come
Resist all you want, we both know you'll succumb
Be it by poison, blackmail or lie
You can't escape me, however you try

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Relationship Math

They say one is the loneliest number,
And two heads are better than one.
But I say -1 is worse,
Because then you know what’s missing.
They say it is better to have loved and lost,
Then to never have loved at all
But they also say ignorance is bliss,
And knowing is half the battle
[Go Joe!]
The hell that is loss,
Is greater than lonely.
So I say screw them/they.
Learn to love yourself-
The only one who will be there for life…
Without you +1 or -1 doesn’t matter…
(It all averages out in the end…)

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I thought I was to be part of the talk
Thought that my coming
Over was of talking it over
But it appear, she has it over
This time around, all by herself.

My views never needed neither 
Nor my looks never a factor
She had the calabash in her hand
IBK, had it broken before my arrival
Yet, she was all over me pleading
“Please, I’m sorry, hope I didn’t hurt you?”

Alayande Stephen T.
23rd November 2007

Still in the bus at Ijan-Ekiti.

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' Mama's Foot (or Giant Step For Mankind ...' 37th Senryu

A Warm Heart, Cold Feet
Girl Told Guy, Now Marry Me …
… Kick Him In His Seat !

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the ship officer and a lady

The ship officer and the Lady 

As I waited for my ship to dock at the onion pier,
a clerk came and handed me a bag of garlic for
the ship, I told him I had not ordered any and
showed him my three silver rings on my uniform.
He smirked and said I must have borrowed it to
impress the gullible, I shrank inside the uniform 
and could not see my hands and feet. 
Met a lady who was waiting for the ship too, she
was the wife of the chief engineer, and together
we strolled to the end of the dock, where 
I resentfully threw the bag of garlic into the sea
where it swelled, became a life boat that slowly 
drifted away. Back at the spot where the ship was
supposed to dock we’re told the ship had come 
and gone. The lady sat on a pollard crying, took
her wedding ring off and threw it into the water,
I, who had taken Lasix 40, peed into the same sea 
and its water turned pink. “Truly, this man is
a saint someone whispered”. Confident again 
I swelled in the uniform and could see my hands 
and feet . The clerk asked forgiveness and kissed 
the onyx ring on my left index finger and gave me 
another bag of garlic.      

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The only one

                                                        The only one

My heart hopped,
Or I should say ‘stopped’,
I was shocked,
Because with me, he talked!

It’s me, the only one,
Whom he chose,
I’m the luckiest one on the earth,
It is like he has given me a red rose!

I was surprised, he’s so cute!
I stared at him, my voice mute,
It was like I was on cloud nine,
As if we were going to dine!

I was fully filled with glee,
The other girls did envy me,
He’s the handsomest, of all men,
And I said, “Yes, you can take my pen.”

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Nose to nose

Our bodys close
I feel the heat radiating, pulsating
The sweet smell of your cologne tickles my nose
Your making me quiver from head to toe
Breathing deep and lost
Skin so soft
All to be heard is our heartbeats,
As you hold onto your breathe
Your short gasps of air, my fingers gliding threw your hair
Bliss at its finest
Laughing supressed
Our actions take us onto the cold hard floor
Oh, how I love our tickle wars

Comment? :)

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Counting Green Fruit Loops

Counting Green Fruit Loops

Wearing his spandex boxer shorts outside in the snow
To get the paper, dancing to Dire Straits with my IPOD
And my sports bra on.  I notice the vacuum salesmen 
in the shop below our apartment, pointing and laughing
 at me!  Yet this brings me no pain really, they just like 
the curves they see.

They know I’m his Tid-Bits, that we wine and dine together often.
But I’m in love; my head is full of wormholes when I’m around him.
I don’t see this love convention drifting away or turning into a 
Nuclear waste site any time soon.

I just know this gig is going to last because we’re friends too.
We both believe that this UFO obsessed world is full of pain
And to keep from going insane, you need to count more then
Sheep when you have a bad case of insomnia. 

It’s better to go to the Hammond Kitchen on the corner, the one that
Rosie owns, where they have a cereal bar. Go there and count
How many green fruit loops you see, or buy a telescope and start 
Counting how many lunar craters you see on the moon.

Count until you fall asleep standing on your feet or fall 
Face first into the Listerine soaked tissue that’s piled
Up in the waste basket by the window, underneath
The medicine cabinet.  

If we can conquer our insomnia together, then we can
Conquer the world of green together.

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There's a quick remedy for those neglected smiles,
even your dentist won't tell you that...
it's still a well-kept secret;
grandma whispered it to mother,
and mother to daughter,
but not father to son? Isn't it hypocritical, boys?
All women must be kissed by impatient men,
and what's more attractive than
teeth whitened by inexpensive baking soda, guys?
It's time you made yours whiter than Paul's!

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This is the man that I am

No need for a detective because I have few mysteries

Whatever you don’t find its trapped somewhere inside my mind

I put my life into words for the whole world to read

I hope you enjoy what you see

A South Korean English teacher by night

An avid writer by day

A helpless romantic somewhere in between

The smile and joy from my students is priceless

Seeing someone enjoy my writings is pretty rewarding as well

I feel that everything in my life is finally going well

From my writings you may find that hard to tell

Sorry I don’t write more fantasies or fables

To convey happy emotions and attract more followers

You are getting my life through my eyes

I don’t have a sweet tooth so I don’t sugarcoat things

I write what I have seen and how it has effected me

My adventures and journeys have been vast

Come with me on this ride

Together we can both be pleasantly surprised

With what I will write

This is the the man that I am

Find more of my writings and poems at

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pacific ocean

i wish i could swim the pacific ocean and back. 

and when i came back to sit in front of a burning burning fire

until it dried me to the bone.

and for my skeleton to be hung above your bed

to act as a catcher of your night terrors

and it would work

because you would know that i was magical.

because i swam the whole pacific ocean and back. 

for you.

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Good Sex

You screwed me hard.
'Til I screamed your name real loud.
I came-now, you're gone.

Wrote Fall 2004
made it mild for poetrysoup because no profanity is allowed
while student @ University of Louisiana-Monroe

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I once knew two sisters
aptly named Flora and Fauna
I coulda loved them both
for sure I was a goner

Flora was a flowery lass
pretty Fauna was easy to envy
both sisters planted kisses
on cheeks so warm and friendly

Fauna could change chromatically 
instantly from green to red
emotions turned emphatically
joy morphed to anger instead

Flora bright-colored and perfumed
smelled wondrous and made me hot
she'd float in and brighten any room
while Fauna could definitely not

animal instincts gave way you see
though both sisters lovely when bare
Fauna tasted a bit green to me 
Flora blossomed her flower to share

© Goode Guy 2011-09-08

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Calculative Cupid

To greet the day, the sun does rise
overrun with golden flames.
To my surprise, that centered sphere
has a thing for slender dames.

His solar slopes descend on her
but a yard from where I sat.
He found for me a single point,
and acute young girl at that.

She sported quite a quadrant fair,
parabolic hips and chest;
and though she too thought I was fine,
I derived her somberness.

Perhaps our origin would bring
disappointment to her folks;
her bottled sobs did soon subtract,
and in tears, she softly spoke:

"Parental factors intervene;
our equation can't be solved."
I kissed her puckered sinusoids:
"but our bond will not dissolve.

Your father's but a variable,
and I know, with time, he'll change.
Don't fret--we're bound by constant love;
his approval's in my range.

It matters not where we may lie,
here amongst this earthly plane;
two points are always linear,
and a pair of hearts won't wane!"

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Calling Mimunna Mimunna

******Calling All Poet's*********

Mimunna is a switch/bate scham on the internet that has infiltrated our rank's......
Poet's, write and give her your love. Poet's take the floor and express your love
via E-mail!!!!!!! Get the write-up, up! Kiss>Kiss>Kiss-up!

*****She is at( Let her know we care!!!!!


Mimunna, Mimunna
I know that you love me
But, tell me is it me
          Or maybe
       My money
That you are trying
             To free
You wrote me on the internet
Told me that I was a catch
But, you are nothing to me
Not even an even match
I told you that I love you
      But, who love's who more
Are you a real person
       Or are you just
An inter-net whore
A whore on the internet
Writing me back
Seeing if I will fall for you
Maybe give you some scratch
Baby, your'e Scheme is kind
            Of wack
Sure, you can write me
           On the internet
And that is true
So, remember that
Their is just a little bit
More than just loving you
And that is this simply
This thing called {Poetry)
So, don't be a stranger
Check me out on Poetry Soup


Your friend in the pen/G.FIELDS

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Still going ever deeper after all these years
In rudimentary changes featured taunt in blinding fears
That soft pull of a heart will light a spark
Over head we can quietly look at butterfly's circling the wind
With ovart cluster filled with circling eagles
In summoned line formation to reach upward
A tug at the heart will light a spark

Still going deeper...

It's gravtitational pull may bring some down
Some lasting sentiment of praise withstand
To help embrace fate nor that in some cup to raise
In some darkened peril place with vile imaginative trace
Along loose lines by which to bind

Inside I still hide behind a garb filled with walls that are trapped

With hidden wounds to silence then bind to bite & devour
Shaded colors emmersed in radiant lights filtered to flourish

In many faces proned in traces looking back at me from peril strain
While the caged fury of the outside world is totally insane
Still going ever deeper then ever before...
A reckless abandonment from my fractured skull having ravaged body thrown on floor

Some shouts of peril to doom will seal your tomb along a sunset shore
A human heart is a choiced vice that can be used by choice
They are garland to grace your head
All her paths our peace yet some lead to the dead

Guard your heart amidst the perils that falter
Give me shelter to cry amidst the pain & turmoil
Branded my reflection in a sentiment of reprise
In strict adherance to the law from temporal recourse

Although a tear drop should fall sends a shiver down my spine
A fresh scent of dew will help swallow up the pine
A passage of unique fragrance sprinkled on the quaint existance
Within solace we can anticipate peace

Through a memory filtered in the state of complete retreat
Gone are the days to frolic in a haze
Today we are all second guess as a mouse is in some maze
It's gravitational pull will bring so many down

Shadows proned again into inhilation,
Heaven sent through angelic appease..
The choice of divination to some stuck twart existence.
Planted in my fragile computerized egg shell mind!

Details | Narrative | |

The Bow-Wow Song !

I was ‘ Walking ’ back from grocery shopping
When I saw something, that had me hopping…
… mad, I mean… at what I seen
… a Man treating a Dog, just like a Queen !

They rode past in a top-down car
She had shades on, like a Movie-Star
My bags dropped down, due to shock…
… Now… What She got, that I ain’t got?

… Her big ears blowing in the wind
Now, I know, that’s Man’s Best Friend
But the only reason, I figured, I was Walking
is ‘cause I need a new kind-of-Talking :

Bow-Wow!     Get my  tail to Wagging
Bow-Wow!     Ain’t too Proud for Begging
Bow-Wow!     Learn another kind of Language
Bow-Wow…    … see I can Manage …
Bow-Wow !
I’m slowly Learning How
-	    to Bow-Wow
                    and it’s Alright Now

Now, I knew, something was wrong with that Sight
Can my Bark, be worse than Her Bite?
I started to Listen to the Canine next Door
Yapping and a Howling – made ‘em give Her More…

Then I hung around the Local Pet-Shop
I Finally figured out “What They Got !”
The next Man came, I Said, “They’s Expensive,
You may as well, get yourself a ‘Mrs’…”

                    … Bow-Wow!
Bow-Wow!      Get my  tail to Wagging
Bow-Wow!      Ain’t too Proud for Begging
Bow-Wow!      Learn another kind of Language
Bow-Wow…   … see I can Manage
Bow-Wow !
I’m slowly Learning How
	     to Bow-Wow
                     and it’s Alright Now

Well… We were already happily Married, when He said, “Let’s get a Dog”
I sat up straight… went to sniffing, as silent-whistle-warnings, went off
I jumped in front of Him … and started to Tease…
“We don’t need nothing ‘round with Fleas !”

… and if You scratch behind My Ears,
I’ll make the kind of noise, you love  to Hear ! …

Bow-Wow!      Move Over Rover
Bow-Wow!      Fe-Fe, Its Over !
Bow-Wow!      This is My Growler
                     Git’ A Little Louder … Bow – Wow !

                 Bow-Wow… Wuff  Wuff  Wuff

         Carol Brown… This One’s For You Kiddo’
         And Your Great Sense of Humor (Smile)
              This Poem is From Bygone Days
(Wouldn’t You Know… The Silly One’s Always Survive)
                         Hope You Enjoy It….


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' Can She Pick 'Em ... ' 26th Senryu

‘ Can She Pick ‘Em … ’   26th   Senryu 

Boy, Can She Pick ‘Em !
From Machiavelli-Boyfriend

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Tinker And Me

A spit fire and one crazy chick.
One of a kind twisted the mind.
A first class tease drop ya to your knees 
Sometimes  makes ya question if both arent sick.

We found each other and sparks did fly.
I a said im wreckless drunk and crazy
She wrapped thoose arms around me and said 
well  so am i.

Takes a shot straight and hits like a man.
we had a hell of a first night.
Joking I  said  hey wanna knock over a seven eleven 
to which she said sure whats the plan.

On the way to mexico she slaped my face saying you aint
so tuff.
Such a devilish angle.
forget sweet and soft she  preffers it nice and ruff.

If i was to wonder I belive  she'd set me on fire.
she can problay  kill me fast but she'd torture me slow.
and for that kinda dedication i have to admire.

Placed my hand apon her knees she grapped it and put it
between her thighs.
I have to admit that bad girl makes more than my 
blood pressure rise.

Cops said not since Bonny and Clyde a happier couple
did they ever see.
It's such a shame they wanna imprison tinker and me.

Ya know on the run when ya stop in every state  
Wrestle ya probaly wont get far.
Had to sperate us when they relized were doing
more than snugglin in back of a cop car.

From   Americas most wanted to Dateline NBC
Seems Americas newest fun lovin criminals 
is Tinker and me.

Details | Burlesque | |

Anyone See Where I Put Part of My Face?

My bedroom wall and floor I did adorn,
With part of the face I once had worn
Now a real live Phantom I be,
Masked all up, so no one can see
Part bandage, part blood
You should have seen the flood!
Redyed my carpet sparkling red,
The color courtesy of my busted head

For several days I was a recluse,
For me it seemed of little use
To rise up,once again,
From my splattered bed,
To fall again and re-bust my head!

But clever tom is hard to stop
Even when his brain's a flop
I signed up for in home nursing
From my local escort service
This did not please that girl of mine
In fact it made her nervous
So she came over to help
Me see the error of my ways,
My head gushed more blood
For three more days
She left me in a bloody haze

Now in traction,
I pose no threat
Except to my mounting
Medical debt.

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It Works

Those leather pants fit perfectly
Against your skin. I can’t stop
Staring; You can’t stop teasing -
It keeps me up all night,
Struggling to

Keep shouting.
Nothing is resolved when you slam
The bedroom door - Don’t sleep
Angry. You know I hate it when you

Surprise me in the shower and
Turn the screws until I
Can’t even think. All the blood
Rushes to my head when I
Clutch the curtain – you know
I am there.
I see you see me as I

Hope we won’t wake up bitter in the morning,
Casting those cross couch glances and
Judging. Your eyes are killer

Aphrodisiacs, constantly seducing me
Like that time I had to
Pin you in the grass.
As the rain came down I kissed
Your lips and cradled you.
I can still close my eyes and hear you whisper

“You’ve left the toilet seat up again,”
I tell you that I’m sorry but we both know
In the dim light of the television set
I am barely listening.
You smile and shake your head,
For therein lies a flaw you choose to live with.
You swear, one of these days you are going to

Turn off the light and kiss
Every inch of my body
In honor of my being me,
And in honor of your being you,
I will return the favor.
Afterward, we’ll lie in love,
Smiling in a comfortable silence

Like the uncomfortable silences
At the ends of those trivial arguments
You start yet can’t finish.
There is no retort for my abashing.
You say you’re sorry but we both know
That you don’t really mean it,
So I make sacrifices I choose to live with.
I swear one of these days I am going to

Cook the most wonderful meal,
The kind where silence is a compliment
Ending with content smiles,

Doing the dishes,
Cursing at new shirt stains and small cuts
From knives hidden under soap water

We don’t really mind the healing process.
I sleep and think, Tomorrow
I should walk to the jewelry store and look over
Diamonds, as I think of our
Long nights, walking through lit up old villages
Cuddling on the couch in the television light
Drunkenly kissing beside bonfires
Sharing friends and glances
And love and life for good or for worse,
Carrying the same heart.

I can always push that button
That has you turn me on,
Be it a laugh, a smile, a sting, or a bite.
We do what it takes to make us happy
And it works,
Especially when you put on
Those leather pants.

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				Your love is like cold butter; 
									I am the knife.

It will not spread 

	will not move 

it’s hopelessly stuck.

Obviously, as a knife,
I have no need of butter.
		But look! 		Just over there!
			A hunk of bread!
I’m quite sure that bread
			        would go really, really well 
							       with some butter.
		It looks positively lonely, 
		just sitting there 
on the cutting board.
					Can’t you see it?

I’m one for sharing, you see,
	especially when it comes
		to things of which I have no want.

So please. 

For the love of that baguette,
				just go make nice.
								I’ll even help, smooth things over.
									After all, that’s what knives do.
						Besides cut.
(But I’d really rather not introduce you
			to the sharpness and serration.) 

						butter, meet bread.
						Bread, meet butter.

And maybe we’ll 
leave the utensils out of it.

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The Princess in her tower tall
With oaken door and granite wall
Sat sobbing at the window high
“Will someone save me” she did sigh
“Fear not young maid,“ a voice did shout
“For I am here, to get you out;
I have a cunning plan, so sly
To free you from your tower high
I’ll dress as does a man who’s poor
Then knock upon the outer door
And when the guard doth then unlock
I’ll beat his head in with this rock”
“Kind Prince” she said from up above
“You’re someone, I could truly love
But your attempt will be in vain
To rescue me you’ll need a crane
Although your planning may seem sound
I weigh three hundred and twenty pounds” 
The prince then pondered hard and long
And wondered where he’d gone so wrong
He yearned to be a Royal hubby
But not to one who’s quite so chubby.

 © John W Fenn   03-12-2008

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You Feelin' Me?

I'm not critically aclaimed,
I ain't got no money to my name,
I'm having ot hang my head in shame,
there ain't nothin' good about me,
I'll just have to wait for you to see.

I'm going to let you go,
and if you come back, we'll take it slow.
Look into my eyes,
and dang boy, please don't lie,
ah, come on, don' be shy,
tell me how you feel,
and be real.


I'm gonna beat you in the head with a giant hammer,
gonna cause a clamor,
I'm gonna drag your body to a hotel,
gonna crack you worse then the liberty bell.

You feelin' me?

I'm gonna stab you in the heart with a lit cigarette,
feel no regret,
I'm gonna scream at you,
and if you run I'll pursue.

You feelin' me?

Oh no, I don't think you see,
nobody lies to me,
I don't think you feelin' me,
I guess I wasn't meant to be on your family tree.

You feelin' me?

What do I have to do to knock some sense into you?
I'll give pain where pain is due,
I'll shoot you in the head with a water gun,
then I'll suffocate you with a hamburger bun,
I'll drown the eyewitness,
then practice physical fitness,
I'll chase you down when you run,
then I'll shoot you with a real gun,
I'll shoot you in the head,
bang, you're dead.

You feelin' me yet?

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Let's Be In A Relationship

So you can crush my hopes

Destroy my dreams

Puncture my heart

Murder my self esteem

Vaporize my personal confidence

Humiliate my ego

While throwing me into an abyss of self doubt

On the bright side

You will give me plenty of new material

To write about

I guess I should be in a relationship more often

I guess this is the life of a writer

Find more of my writings and poems at

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poor boy

There was a girl that was seriously in love with a poor boy, That poor boy could not be involved with her because he did not have any money to showe her that he loved her.
The poor boy made a lot of mayhem of his self, So he could love her and care for her, Then the girl ran away so she can be with the poor boy and be happy.

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i tried to stop your calcium intake so that you would never grow
i wanted you to shrink so that i could keep you in my pocket
and you could gnaw through the fabric and plunge onto my toes.

i would walk you everywhere that i go. you would see all that i see
eventually, you would be so small, you would crawl into my ear
and scratch through my skull. 

you could infiltrate my thoughts and penetrate my nervous system.
and then maybe you could feel all that i feel and realise that’s it's you.

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I've got the headphones in my ears, but nothing's playing. 
I've got you on my mind, but you're not here.
I've got you in my heart, but I can't feel you.
You're always right there, but yet, you're never near.

Our song is playing, but I can't hear the music. 
I'm just waiting for you to walk through that door.
I said, well shouted, some things I didn't mean.
We argued, but you've always come back home before.

Now, I'm curled up in your t-shirt on the big chair.
Now, my stubborn nature has kicked into gear.
Now, I don't really want to see your face.
Now, when you come home, I hope you feel fear.

I hope your heart starts racing as fast as your thoughts.
I hope you're nervous because you may have ran that red light.
You always love to make me mad, because you think I'm cute angry.
Then again, you're always afraid to lose me when we fight.

Your headlights flicker on the wall across from me.
Despite myself, I'm not angry anymore.
In fact, my heart won't stop racing, and I actually have butterflies.
All of this in anticipation of you walking through the door.

I keep my hardened, stubborn composure.
Until I see you come in with your tail between your legs and your puppy face.
One look and all of my stubborn attitude fades,
And I can't even remember why we were fighting in the first place.

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I am Not Poison

There are many types,
 of poisons, like poison ivy, 
hemlock, sumac, we also
have belladonna, and arsenic.

I am not poison, neither 
have venom, nor a virus…

Why have I not, heard from 
you for such a long time…

Did I say something,
that you didn’t like?

You can call or you come 
over whenever you want…

I am not toxic, nor am 
I venomous, nor do 
I have a virus...

I am not poisonous…

By Sandra L. Hoban

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I Love the Hell Out of You

I don’t know why I met you.
This is a big mistake.
I can only state,
That I never thought things would be this way.
As a result of us meeting and with each other spending time,
I can’t get you out of my mind.
As the clock winds, the feelings are true.
I simply love the hell out of you.

The way you talk with the Thibodaux accent.
The way you walk with your head high in conceited confidence.
The way you think with the street sense,
Makes me believe that you were heaven sent.
There are some drawbacks though,
You are sometimes stubborn and you have no dough,
But with everyone you meet there are some cons and pros.

I never wanted you in the beginning,
And sometimes I say I don’t want you no mo’.
But at the back of my mind and with my full heart,
I don’t want us to ever part.

I love you from the top of your head to the tip of your toes.
I even love to watch you rub your nose.
I’m just crazy about you, I suppose.
You call everyday;
I guess because you feel the same way.
I don’t know what else to say or do;
I simply love the hell out of you.

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The Life and Times of Sourmash

Her name came from her native heritage from the Navajo Tribe
I got this story because I offered her a bribe
She works at McDonald's as a shift leader
Her boyfriend, dropped out of school after the 6th grade, he goes by the name Skeeter
They take their showers with the laundry soap Dash
She has such a negative attitude, can't afford to change her native name Sourmash
Her boyfriend loves her for the free food and on her paydays
He has one shirt, the Toronto Blue Jays
They live in a singlewide, Wikipedia trailer trash
The deep love shared between Skeeter, McDonald's and Sourmash
She just bought her first VHS tape, the mini series Roots
Skeeter owes three more payments on his cowboy boots
Skeeter has Sourmash convinced she is a direct descendant of Koonta Kinte'
They sit and watch the movie as they eat their dinner on McDonald's meal trays
The carpet is stained red with Piggly Wiggly brand hot sauce
After drinking some Mad Dog 20/20 grape, Sourmash brags to Skeeter how at McDonald's she's the boss
They are convinced the laundry soap is giving them a rash
Good luck in your future with Skeeter, poor, poor Sourmash

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' In Like ... ' 38th Senryu

   Took Liberties, Son
Lassitude, ‘Cause Liaisons
 Are Just, Lust-Lonesome

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Hey honey
Have I told you
That I really
Really love you
If I didn't
Then their is provably
A really really
Very good reason


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Will You Let Me Sleep

Violet hues
Birds in flight coo's

Starburst fashion
Sun's hot passion

Crystal streams
Valleys of green

Sno-capped peaks
Eagles that speaks

Call of the wild
Echoes of a lost child

Can't seem to wake
From this dormate faith

Have no fear
For vision is  clear

Arrived at Heaven's shore
Was woken though by husband's dam snore


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Super Powers

Super Powers

I have super powers,
Haven’t you heard?

I can lift huge water towers
With my magic powers.

As fast as milk sours
I can make grown men cower.

My curves are so mighty
Just to see them,
You’ll find yourself
Running for hours.

My ears’hearing
Con penetrate thick walls,
When you’re miles away,
They will hear you
Singing about me
In the soapy shower.

When you kiss
My luscious lips
And sway with my
Slender hips,
You’ll moan
Much louder.

Because girls
As fine as me
Have super powers.

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Broken Promises

The spirit of the age has tempered vile degrade
In desolation it's will torn wild
We send vomit into letters exposed to loosened fetters
Erupted in mass chaos in its plausible quest
The more we want so the more we in turn invest
We wait in idol fancy as some lost souls in Sid & Nancy
We hurt then tie the tube getting loose lube filled with screws
We plummage into a violent existance isn't it relevant?
We think were alone yet we never are cause God is still in charge
In social regard toward difficult matters that appease
We lose sight of love & social need
In foot steps drawn in the sand someday we may learn & understand
In columns of rescued menure pile in its claim
The world outside is totally insane
A casual encounter with a so called friend?
The next day you got Aids, now you got pain!
The choices we make to appease the mind
In columns of choiced red, blue & brown....

Broken promises through its shattered glass filled with pain
Broken promises  can easily drive a man insane
A court jester will amuse the crowd as long as there is an occasion
Perhaps society is in need of a break on a long awaited vacation?
Closed minded sentiments filled in vile affection
The novice gets hungry stops at his local 7 eleven
Promises made in the dark have come full circle into the light
Broken Promises with advant garde choices made in the night
Elaborate decorum in want of passage;
We last a minute & grieve as the savage!

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Night Buzz

Night Buzz
Loquacious wife snores,
His mind’s reprieve, time to rest;
Silent time to think.

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There's No I In You And Me

Oh you do the dishes
And I'll mop the floors

Or you can do the trash
And I'll do the sewing

You can go to work
And I'll just stay home

You do the cows
And I'll do the chickens

You cook the meals
And I'll set the table

For there's no I In you and me
Can't you plainly see

So you keep the house
And I'll keep the car

You keep the kids
And I'll pay the bills

You do the shopping
And I'll  sit still

You call the cops
I'll call the lawyers

For there's no I in you and me
Can't you plainly see

You run away
I'll just Play

You made up your mind
Mine was just fine

You tossed it all away
Now I Just gotta say

For there's no I in you and me
Now don't you totaly agree

Tribute To Lasting Relationships   LOL
That Work Together To Make It Happen

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A Lovers Dream

As he lays there with a smile, her turns over and glares into her face...the love over
whelms he thinks back to the night that passed...the passion that flowed through
their body at such a fast rate...the love he craved was giving to in him in such excessive
amounts...he struggled to keep his hands to himself...wanting more...but..she was sound
asleep...he snuck out of bed into the kitchen.."now what should i make for breakfast?", he
asked he was cooking...the aroma woke her up...she stumbled out of bed, down
the stairs, into the kitchen...still sleep and tired from last night..she plopped into her
chair...he walked up...gave her a kiss...and placed her plate in front of her.."had a good
time last night?"...all she could do was they ate silently...their eyes
connected the whole time...thoughts cluttered his mind...ready to take her back
upstairs...he looked at the stairs...looked at her...and smiled...she got up...rand to the
stairs and he followed...when they got upstairs...they both hopped in the bed...grabbed
the wireless xbox 360 controllers...and played madden all day long...a lover's dream...lolz

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' Your Adam's Apple ... '

    Your Adam’s Apple, Let Me Kiss
When You Swallow, I Just Can’t Resist
  Let Me Pluck It Softly, With My Lips
And With My Tongue, Get One, Quick Lick

      To Savor The Sweetness
           Of Our Difference
          Taste These Urges
        To Your Manly Surges

         My Womanly Ramble
           Desires To Sample
          The Unique Example
   Of Fresh Shaved Adam’s Apple

                   Yummy !

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gostta be

I gostta be dreamin
this girl got me feenin
her swag makes my heart sing
she got me so thirsty
she moves her body slow
she turns up the tempo
I dont know which way to go
she got me sayin whoa

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We Get Along Where We Don't Belong

It’s totally inappropriate the way we act.
We fuss, cuss, and fight in the light.
But in the dark we act like two wild beasts,
In loving delight.
The only thing that we agree on,
Is when we want to get it on.

What is the purpose of doing this,
If we give each other like pits?
Needless to say, everyone has needs.
Why stop doing the deed with someone,
If he or she does it right?
Is that the reason some men cheat on their wives?

All I know is it is so weird,
How we can’t stand each other.
But we consider each other the perfect lover.
What is up with this?
The main person that we said is crazy,
In bed has your eyes all lazy.

It makes no sense whatsoever,
That person you hate so much,
Could be your best lover.
What is going on with us?
Do we need to go to the psych ward,
Or stay in bed and enjoy?

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boy you give me a rush,
boy just hush, hush
dont talk just touch, touch

I cant escape,
your warm embrace,
I cant stop this feelin,
your love runnin through my veins,

I cant explain,
what you do to me,
I cant contain,
the freak you bring outta me,

"boy you give me a"

boy you give me a rush
boy just hush, hush
dont talk just touch, touch
you give me a

feelin I never felt before
you give me a
chill that comes down my spine
you give me a
sugar rush
dont talk boy
just touch

you give me a
you give me a
you give me a 
sugar rush


boy you give me a rush
boy just hush, hush
dont talk just touch, touch

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' The Art Of Dancing ... ' (Part 1 of 2)

‘ The  Art  Of  Dancing… ’

Oh ! … How I Love To Dance
Why… Do I Love To Dance ? …
… it’s Rhythmic … it’s Ritual
The Body Is So Beautiful !

Oh ! … How I Love To Dance
Why … Do I Love To Dance ? …
If You’re Breathing – You Ain’t Still
Check Your Heartbeat and It Will …

Dance … Into A Fantasy
Virtual Reality
Dancing Makes Me Feel So Free
… Come and Do A Dance With Me

Dancing … is Good Exercise
Dancing … Adds A Spice to Life
Dancing … is A Natural High
You Can Do It … If You Try …

… Head, Shoulders, Legs, Feet
Get ‘em Moving to The Beat
Back, Arms, Hands, Hips
Shake, Stomp, Slide, Slip

Bend, Bop, Break, Bounce
Push, Pull, Prance, Pounce
Soul-Roll, Slow, Fast
Jump, Jiggle … All That Jazz !

Dancing … is A Form of Joy
Do It ! … Baby Girl and Boy
Keep The Music, Playing Please
Honey … Just Look At Your Knee !

When I Dance … I Come Alive !
Waltz, Cha-Cha, Swing, Jive
Circle, Square, Line, Freestyle
Tango, or Step – Side to Side

Innocent – Interaction
Expression – Satisfaction
Set-it-in Motion … You and I
… Aaw, Just Look At That Guy

Oh ! … I See You’re Moving Now !
… thought You Didn’t Know How ?
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! … He! He! He! …
You Dance ‘bout as Good as Me ! …

Supper-Club, or in My Room
At Your House … or Under The Moon
If I Hear A Real-Good Tune …
You Will Know, I’m Dancing Soon

… Dance … Into A Fantasy
         Virtual Reality
Dancing Makes Me Feel So Free
… Come Dancing Now … With The MoonBee

Posted for:  Jared Pickett, ‘Cause I Know
       He Loves To Dance… (Smile)


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Close Call

Cop a feel
Cop a lie

                       She's fourteen; Pop's a cop
                        What to do?

Cop an alibi!

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Rhoda not Rhonda

Rhoda not Rhonda
like the Rhoda from Mary Tyler Moore
but even more like Rhoda from "Rhoda"
any way Rhoda wrote a poem
i said Rhoda wrote a poem not Rhoda poem
"Who's Rhoda Rhoda Poem?"
NO! i said; Rhoda wrote a poem
"Rhoda Rhoda Poem. that's catchie"
never mind

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Roses are red;
That's  certainly true.
But it's clear to me
You don't have a clue.
So what is your rhyme
Supposed to do
In terms of winning
Me over to you?

Violets are blue;
Yes, that's a fact.
But that's nothing new;
I wish you'd had tact
Don't you have something
Better to do
Than using cliches
To attract me to you?

Sugar is sweet;
How far you have come
From being pathetic
To slightly dumb.
You think I am pleased
That you act like you're two?
How can I make my
Disdain clear to you?

"And so are you":
Was the end of your note.
I'm only amazed
By the fact that you wrote
This by yourself
But it's not gonna do.
It doesn't impress me;
The same goes for you.

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BackRoads-Ride Roundup

Honey, Let’s go on Calhoun Road
Its Saturday… Let’s Unload
Drive up to the Cul-De-Sac…
Stop the Truck… and Let’s Jump on Back
With the Radio on – Up- High…
The Bluebirds, will Wave – Bye-Bye
Yeah, Let’s Go Truck… on a Back-Roads-Ride Roundup !

Honk – Uncle Henry… Out His House !
Tell Him… ‘Get Up Off That 40-Ounce
Look at Him Trying to Make Us Hush…
Let His Neighbors Know… He Knows Us!
… We’re His High-Rolling Relatives…
(though He Uses Other Adjectives…)
Oh, Let’s Go Truck… on a Back-Roads-Ride Roundup !

You Know, What We Come Here For
Picnic and Party and Lay Outdoors
Got Money, Snacks and a Whole Lotta’ Gas
Let’s Head ‘em off Honey, at Our Underpass
My Baby’s Got 4-Wheel Drive
I’m gon’ sit back and Enjoy The Ride…
(Leave the Liquor and Let’s Stay Alive)  On a Back-Roads-Ride Roundup !

As Our Ranger Rode into the Sunset There
… Saw a Bronco Stampeding, Making Dusty Air
And Silverado, was Coming Up Fast
Oh no!... Little Mustang Slipped Right Past
And Uncle Henry’s Ram Looked Tuff ! …
On Our Back-Roads-Ride Roundup !

Back-Roads-Ride Roundup…

(I Posted This One For You John (Moses) Freeman.. 
(You lil' Ol' Trucker You - - - Enjoy)


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Ugly Betty Just Isn't Me

I’m sick of being an Ugly Betty wanna be.
I have better inside of me.
To hell with all that being pretty inside.
I think the outside should matter.

All these magazines tell me who to be.
They tell me how act and who to like.
Always talkin’ about the newest thing.
To hell with them and what they think. 

I am me and they can’t change that.
They want my body, 
And they want my soul.
All they’ll ever get is my dough,

The plus size is the new in,
It seems a sin to be thin.
One thing these models don’t know,
It’s not worth the dough.

All these shows tell me what to do.
They tell me how to act and what to like.
Always talkin’ about the newest thing.
To hell with them and what they think.

I am me and they can’t change that.
They want my body,
And they want my soul.
All they’ll ever get is my dough.

No need to be a Barbie doll,
Or anybody else.
Be your own true self
Don’t sit on anybody’s shelf.

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Can't Stand It Anymore

Can’t Stand It Anymore

Something’s wrong
Oh, it’s you…

I dislike your choices of what to wear today
I am put off by that complexion
I cannot stand that way you stand
With that superior air about you
I really can’t accept that way you giggle like it was a joke

I strongly dislike your straight A average
I really loathe your humor
I cannot stand your bubbly aura
I just can’t deal with your perfume
I absolutely abhor your choices
Of what you wish to pursue

I cannot stand your tediousness
I really hate your smile
I absolutely loathe your eyes
As equally as I hate your friendly persona
I just can’t look at that stupidly perfect little face
I can’t live with your little moans and groans
And especially not that annoying wailing you make called crying

I hate the fact that you’re constantly involved
I hate that little noise you make when bored
I hate your blatant honesty
I can’t stand the way you speak in riddles
I hate how you look at me most of all
Because of how you look at him

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Pretty Kitty

It's Saturday night and I'm cruising
Power poles going by like a picket fence
Just cruising the scene in my street machine,
looking for a queen who wants to do her best.
Bar hopping door knocking looking for a cat with claws.
Just petting her and letting her grab her whip and be my boss.

Lookin for a roadside attraction,
a lot of long legged action,
a place where I can chase,
a kitten all laced up,
with no one to swing her string.
Went downtown to the playground looked all around ,
and found a sweet thing like a candy machine,
doing naughty things on the dance floor,
shaking her sexy thighs.

I leaned over and told her as I nibbled on her ear,
"Take a drink of that bottle and grab hold of my throttle, 
let's fourth gear out of here."
We split the scene like a time machine,
like a freak streaking through the zoo.
Like a horny rabbit it's a habit gotta have it 
hit the highway doing a hundred and two.

She was my toy full of joy, my snack in the sack
All night I couldn't tame her flame. 
But when I got up at dawn my wallet was gone
that girl knew how to play her game.

Bar hopping door knocking
all the pretty kitties got claws
and if you pet her and let her 
do the night thing called the kitten dream
She'll walk away and say it's all for the cause.

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swirve on

if you got tha nerve
to getcha dance on
report to tha flo
and getcha lean on
from the left to the right
getcha swirve on
getcha swirve on
getcha swirve on

if you got the nerve
to getcha dance on
report to tha flo
and getcha swirve on
from the left to the right
getcha lean on
getcha lean on
getcha lean on

Im on the flo
I get my swirve on
everybody in the club
getcha lean on
from the left to the right
getcha dance on
if you got the nerve
move ya feet and bring it on

getcha swirve on
getcha getcha
swirve on
getcha swirve on
getcha getcha
swirve on

move ya body on the flo
and get busy
keep movin ya feet
and get dizzy
straight butta
when i glide across the room
I swirve on
aint nuthin this smooth

getcha swirve on
getcha getcha
swirve on
getcha swirve on
getcha getcha
swirve on

swirvin impala
bass is bangin
on 22s' while my rims keep turning
i hit the blocks
while my car keep swirvin
i swirve on
everybody lookin

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To Get A Man

What does it take to get a man?
I’m not sure but I was always told,
That all you had to own was four lips and a butt hole.
You don’t have to be smart.
You don’t have to be cute,
Because they don’t give a hoot.
They just want whoever is willing and able, 
To have a good time and end up,
Knocking boots.

You don’t have to have a brain.
You don’t even have to know your name, 
Not even his.
Listen, how stupid is this mess is!
I don’t know how to keep one,
That’s a battle that I never won.
I don’t know what to do.
The only way I see to keep a man,
Is to let them continue, 
To make a fool out of you.

Back to the four lips.
Wait, you don’t have to have, 
Nice sized hips.
Just two lips on your face,
Two in another place,
And a crack in between,
Your two posterior, exterior,
Kidney beans.
He will come.
There is no guarantee,
He will stay, 
Too long.
This recipe is to get a man,
In your home.

Wrote Fall 2004
made it mild for poetrysoup because no profanity is allowed
while student @ University of Louisiana-Monroe

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' ... For The Old Men ... ' (or It Ain't Over Yet)

He Thought, ‘Cause He Was Old
And the Other Guy, was Just ‘Sprung’
That He didn’t have a Chance To Hold
His Own, Against The ‘Young-Un’ …

And In Spite of His Many Years
… Worn-Well, Like Battle-Scars
The Boy, Wet, Behind The Ears
Challenged Him For Love, Thru War …

… The Rival, Dressed In Handsome-Glory
And showed His Young-Man’s Strength
And Polished Up, His Manners, Solely …
To Flatter, The Lady at Length …

So … The Old Man … Stopped His Visits
To The Woman of His Dreams
His Last Chance … and He’d Missed It …
Due To Failing Eyesight and Self-Esteem

But, the Object of Their Desire
A Woman, Fully-Grown
One of Beauty and Hidden Fire
Already Chose, What Her Heart – Known

So, She Went to See The Old Man
Her Senior, by Twenty-Years
And She Took Him, By the Hands
And This:  Is What He Hears:

“ … Hon, I’m Just Like Fine-Wine
Aged and Mellow, Taste Real Good
I Flow in a Smooth-Line
… and I Thought You Understood …

I Already Been In The Barrel
I Already Reached My Peak
My Vintage, Ain’t Just Alcohol
You Know, I’m Warm and Sweet

… and I Need A Man To Hold Me
Like A Decanter, Strong and Bright
… Crystal-Clear, Around Me
And Sparkling-Eyes, in the Light

I Need Him, Cut-To-Perfection
With Many Facets, At Each Turn
And Fluted with Affection
So, When He Pours … He Still Yearns

Now, An Old Decanter, Like This
Takes Time, and Design To Make
It Doesn’t Spill A Kiss
Or Fall-Down, Shatter and Break …

Its Been Tested, for Its Value
Adds Worth, to Any Room
I Give It, Its Due …
It’s a Genuine Heirloom !

Now, These Words, Go-Down Pretty
You May Think, ‘Don’t Mean A Thing’
But, I Need A Dose of Maturity
More Jump, Than Grape-Juice Brings …”

 - - - - - -

The Woman, Said Her Sincere Words
Then She Kissed His Weathered Cheek
And Wondered If He’d Heard
When He Still, Didn’t Speak …

… Then He Gently Grabbed Her Close
As It Finally, Soaked In …
… ‘It’s Me, She Chose ! …’
… The Old-Man, Gave A Boyish-Grin !

And He Held Her, Like A Decanter
Holds The Finest, Best Wine
… Caressed and Prized and Hugged Her
And Softly Whispered … “Mine !”

As She Swirled Perfumed Nectar
And Shy Drops Upon His Lips
An Intoxicating Sampler …
… The Old Man, Took A Sip …

Next Time, When He Saw His Rival
He Knew, He’d  Have Some Fun
As He Waited For His Arrival …
To Tell Him, ‘You’re Not Cut-Out For This One, Son …

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Handsome as hot dudes,
turning on those beautiful ladies...
whispering sweet secrets;
I have all of Romeo's charms
in these sexy eyes!  
Why do I love so many,
instead of just one? 
I am bound to have much fun! 

Have you seen my preppy clothes?
What about my dry hair?
It needs more conditioner!
This tuxedo, not well-ironed,
doesn't it match my shiny shoes!
Me...getting married?
Take my bride on honey moon?
Never, crying fool!    

On the beach with elegant shades,
they spoil me with kisses;
I'm the sheik of my harem,
anything I desire...
with the sign of a command!
Beauties so sensual,
don't ever let me grow old...
enjoy Romeo's charms!  

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Celebrity Blues

I was like Keyshia Cole saying that I remember when my heart broke
Thinking that I should have let you go
And this relationship, I should have let it go
Then I got like Ne-Yo

I was so sick of love songs and so tired of tears
While you were out, I was wishing you were here
Sitting at the opposite of him taking back my key telling you to go on boy
Maybe I should have kept you and be like Ciara, play you like a toy

Cause you were here to get my goodies
Not for me
So you can 1, 2, step
The other women you loved and left, but me you lust and kept

I thought it was forever you and I
But I guess it was time to be like Chris Brown and say goodbye
I thought it was big things poppin' and lil' things stoppin'
But obviously it wasn't on and poppin'

You out there meeting girls at the Holiday Inn trying to be like Snoop and Chingy
Watching them drop it like it's hot
When they're really not
But as long as you live, remember that you never had and never will have a girl who look
    so fly like me

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piss poor of a man

you a sorry piss poor of a man
you been around the block
you even slept with my friend

i dont see
why you cant get it right
you come in-late at night
we start to-fuss and fight
youre not actin right

you a sorry piss poor of a man
you been around the block
you even slept with my friend

im the kind -
who speaks her mind
boy you wasting my time
i think you should leave
cuz you keep hurting me

plz dont testify
dont wanna here no lies
you can not change my mind
you wasting your time

you a sorry piss poor of a man
you been around the block
you even slept with my friend

i guess you cant 
get it right
you will never
get it right
all i asked of you
was to treat me right

you slept around
"back then"
you even slept
"with my friend"
youre trifflin
"to the end"
you and me
"never again"

you never payed a bill
never asked how i feel
you never payed attention
never take time to listen

you a sorry piss poor of a man
you been around the block
you even slept with my friend

you think
you got it like that
when in fact it's not like that
you need to step on back
listen to all these facts

you a sorry piss poor of a man
you been around the block
you even slept with my friend

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Not US!! NO WAY!

the silvery shivers were something new
I hoped and wondered if you felt it too
there were so many words I wanted to say
and then I heard.. Not US! NO WAY!

you kissed my lips and held my hand
I wanted to claim you and move on with my plan
I prayed "I love you" is what you would say
but instead  you uttered Not US! NO WAY!

be my best friend you asked with a smile
never seeing my evil plot to bequile
and make a trip up the aisle some day
as everyone screams NOT THEM! NO WAY!

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I Hope It Rains...

I Hope it Rains…
I Hope it Thunders with Lightning
I Hope The Wind Kicks-Up, ‘til its Frightening
I Hope There’s a Hurricane Sighting…

‘Cause, that’s How I Feel, Right Now
‘Cause You’re Leaving Me Anyhow
After All the Love I Gave to You…
… Now, I can’t even Talk to You
… I Hope It Rains…

I Hope it Snows…
I Hope an Ice-Berg - Breaks Your Back at the Door
I Hope a Blizzard - Buries You… Ice-Age-Slow
I Hope an Avalanche ‘Catch ya’, as You Go…

‘Cause, that’s How I Feel, Right Now
‘Cause You’re Leaving Me Anyhow
After All The Love I Gave to You…
Now, I can’t even Reason with You
… I Hope It Snows…

… This is The Fury, of a Woman Scorned
… if I had my way… You’d Never Been Born !
… I Hope It Storms…

I Hope it Hails…
I Hope it Hits You in the Head and Beats You Down
I Hope it Crushes Your Heart and Dreams – All Around !
I Hope it Knocks Your Suitcase and Soul, to the Ground
… Honey … I Hope You Never Make it to Town…

‘Cause that’s How I Feel, Right Now
‘Cause You’re Leaving Me Anyhow
After All The Love I Gave to You…
Now, I can’t even Hold Onto You
… Look – Here Comes The Rain
… Here Comes The Rain…

I Hope The Clouds – Start Fighting
I Hope the Air – Starts Biting
I Hope You’re in a Tornado and It Starts Tightening
… I Hope it Floods Out There – ‘til You Look Like A Viking !
… Here Comes The Rain … Here Comes The Rain

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One Crazy Night

I met a man one crazy night
He was full of humor
He was full of might
He gave me three chances
To make a match
To prove to him 
I was one hell of a catch
We talked for hours
We talked till light
He had no sleep
O what a sight!

He went to work
I went to bed
I could not help it
He was stuck in my head
He made me laugh
He made me cry
I thought to myself
This must be the guy

He asked for my number
So that he could text
I wondered to myself 
What could possibly be next?
We met for the first time
And both were amazed
At how comfortable we were
We must be half crazed!

It has been five months 
Since that crazy night
Our hearts are spinning
In total delight!
Whenever we speak
Whenever we meet
Our hearts start to flutter
Our knees feel weak

Wanting to make it last
We are taking it slow
Not sure of where we are headed
Not sure where this will go
We want to be together 
Of this we are quite sure
One day at a time
Is what we will endure.

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He had playful brown eyes,
He was gentle, he was kind
The diamond in the rough,
I have always wanted to find

He is divine

He is the red that blazes across the summer sky
Walking along the ocean shore
There is no one I am missing more
Our fingers entwined, 
My heart beating faster all the time
Our feet sinking deep, into the sand
I lay you down, and kiss you softly without a sound
An echo in my ears, as my heart pounds
Your lips, my desire
Drink deep

My cheeks burn as if they are on fire.
Shivering, and shaking as you take my hand
As your warm kisses linger at the nape of my neck
Deeper in your pleasure I slowly drown

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Get Out!

Get out!
Don’t come back!
It was over when we started.
You don’t want me!
Let the door hit you,
Where the good Lord split you!
Hit the road Jack,
And don’t you come back!
I don’t care if you sleep
In a car, cardboard box, or a shack.
Get out!
You sorry sucker! 
I want a better lover.
Get the hell out!

wrote 11-20-09

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Men Tell Me Why

For reasons I'll never know tell me why men will never admit that they ever cry?

Why do we hide our feelings and try to keep them in check?
Maybe thats why we feel like Rodney  Dangerfield and get little or no respect.

We try to be macho and tuff in front of all our friends,
then when asked if your buying your girl some flowers and we say that all 

We can go out with the boys and drink a few beers, but ask us to stop for
directions and that is one of our biggest fears.

Well ladies I can understand why you think man is a puzzeling machine,
but I'm here to tell you this one is different, and this I really do mean.

So if given the chance I'd like to show I'm different and give you lots of love and
attention, just please let me do the driving if we go for a ride and don't ask
me to stop for directions.

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i feel you oozing out,
like a rollercoaser,
ima take you on a journey,
like a rollercoaster,
ima make you climax,
like a rollercoaster,
im not done yet,
this just begun

ima kiss and tease,
bring you down to your knees,
rub me, lick me,
you better aim to please

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Punk Boy of All Times

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Boys and girls,
Everyone else in the world wide world,
Spread it across the universe,
I’m proud to announce to you,
The punk boy of all times.
Yes, he’s a distasteful, disgrace of all mankind.
He’s not his, hers, and for darn sure not mine.

He dropped me more than a few lame lines,
And in time in love with him I fell.
Then, he started to show his true colors.
Yes, that ninja gave me pure hell.
He loves no one, not even himself.
This trifling ninja uses his genitals for wealth.
He’s bad for my and his own health,
A bad hand of cards in his life is about to be dealt.

Well today of all days,
I truly say that I announce to the universe,
A true curse.
He’s not his, hers, and for darn sure not mine.
Rodney D. Mack ,
The punk boy of all times.

wrote 2-20-10

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   by Amy Swanson (c) May, 1998

(dedicated to every woman who's ever had one of these!)

Hey now Mr. Satin Sheets, you think you're so fine...
   wouldn't give you the time of day, here's the reason why:

You're a womanizer, pulverizer, think you're so sly,
   but let me tell you something honey - your heart is like ice.

You try so hard to hide, but it's easy to see,
   there's one little word you need to learn... it's L-O-V-E.

Now I don't care how sweet you talk, but honey it's your walk
   that would make me come around, and give you my heart,

but lately, what I'm seein' just ain't lookin' too good...
   it's evident to me, that your soul is like wood.

You think you've got my number, but you still need the dime;
   gotta know for certain boy, you'll never be mine.

You try so hard to hide, but it's easy to see,
   there's one little word you need to learn... it's L-O-V-E.

Now, I'll admit, you had me in circles for a little while, 
      and all it took, was just one look, and a sweet... smile.
          But, baby, I've been down this road before;
               I took the scenic route... but I'm not taking it anymore!

So baby...

     take your velvet talk and groovy lines too....
            I ain't playin' anymore, cause it ain't cool.

Said you'd give me the world, all I got was a lie - 
    You gotta know, there's just some things that money don't buy.

I was looking for love, but instead I found you
    It's my opinion honey, you don't have a clue.

You try so hard to hide, but it's easy to see,
    there's one little word you need to learn... it's L-O-V-E.

Yeah, you'll be cryin' baby, that's easy to see
    til you learn about that little word, L-O-V-E.

go on back to school, learn a few things
                                   don't come back to me.

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Thirsty Clutch

I wanted something bubbly
Coke with ice cream trick
That fridge, again, empty
So I made my trip to Kwik

Swerving around this town in my horses
Parking up by the front door
No training could have prepared me for
What waited inside the store

Standing with her 2-liter of Diet 7-Up
If I just died, keep me here on heaven
I asked above not be taken so abruptly
Feeling luckier than sevens or elevens

Now she says that this place
Is wherever we stand here
Desiring her within my space 
Needing her crystal clear

That gentleness of her touch
As we let go while giving in
When love has got its clutch
In times we are skin to skin

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I am a man
I have three speeds
Fast, medium, and slow
Fast is great
Medium is fine
Slow is undesirable
and broken

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Real Men Don't Need Directions...

That's right...
The masculine species,
So endowed with great wisdom,
Knows everything by nature,
the world should be called "His-Dom"

Need directions?  Don't be silly,
We know where we are,
Well, sort'a, we just fool you gals,
And act Willy-Nilly

Assemble that item?
No problem at all....
No instructions needed,
You've got some gall

I'm so good at the assembly,
That when I am done,
I've got lots of left-over parts,
It's nothing but fun...

No need for you, to explain anything to me,
I'm a master of wisdom,
And it's easy to see...

Why we are so superior,
To Everything, and Everyone,
You need fast results,
We'll quickly get it done

There's only one thing,
That could bring any doubt,
When arguing with females,
They always win out

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ay mamacita

ay mamacita
ay ay ay mamacita
ay mamacita
ay ay ay mamacita

ay mamacita
wats yo name
the way you walk
yo butt keep switchin lanes
im lovin yo smile
girl you actin fowl
the way you drop it low
down to the ground

i like your features
and the way you dance
i wanna know ya 
i wanna be ya man
we can take it slow
i can be ya friend
the pleasure is mine
just dont recline (hey)

ay mamacita
ay ay ay mamacita
ay mamacita
ay ay ay mamacita

i like the way you roll
burberry clothes
you look kinda young
sixteen years old
it dont matter
i wanna get together
heres my digits
you can call m later

after the club
you can come on over
we can sit and talk
all on my sofa
you gonna open the door
so i can greet ya
in the dark hole
where i can feed ya

ima slither on in
then take it out
ima push it back in
juice oozing out (oh)

ay mamacita
ay ay ay mamacita
ay mamacita
ay ay ay mamacita

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old bones

Poetic Form: Heroic Couplets 
Printer Friendly Poem  
Old Bones  

Just throw these old bones in the backyard
I got tired of life
I've loved it hard
Don't go makin a fuss
Outta losin this old cuss
Just bury me
Like you married me
In my jeans
Take my pieces and maybe make some kind sense
Course, we'll argue about how you got it wrong


Originally submitted under my Mom's site

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Tidbits of Madness Part 3

I wish I was an Oscar Meyer weiner....cause then I'd be in somebody's buns.

"I shall return!" I said to my last wife, last time I saw her in 1989.  McArthur I isn't!

Why are women so much smarter than men?  Probably cause they have brains.

I never realized just how stupid I was until I went to the eye doctor's.  See "A bad 
day at the eye doctor's" poem.

My eye doctor seemed to catch on real quick as to how stupid I was.

I hate to say it, but I think Rodney Dangerfield would make a better president.

Excuse me, but what year is this?

Did you ever wake up and realize the best part of your day was over?

I have a picture of me, when younger, flying in the air,in my karate days, kicking 
butt.  Now I need help just to pick up the picture.

How did I earn the nickname "Skuzz-Bucket"- I don't even own a bucket!

I guess the best thing about getting old is you got less time to suffer.

Wives- I need a chain letter.  Alimony?  Can't squeeze an orange that's already 
orange juice.  Excuse while I take the pits out of my hair.

And to my fans, I say thanks- wish I could afford an air conditioner though.

My "friends" gave me a room aerosol air freshener.  Seems the main ingredient 
was Zyklon-B.

With friends like that, who needs enemies?

Have a" happy"!  What a crock!

My doctor said he'd pay me not to come anymore.

He wanted me to join the "Euthanasia Club"

I didn't pass the test, however- they said I was brain dead too long.

Even the Girl Scouts mock me- they ask me for cookies!

I once had a girlfriend named "Cookie"  She was cute, but her butt was chaffed 
from bed-hopping.

Ever try to nail a girl while she's hopping on the bed?

Well goodbye my friends- see ya'll real soon...(Genuine White Trailer Trash 

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She said to me to not even try
As I approached her with desire
The first thing noticed was her eyes
Leaving my heart burning with fire
I had to meet her, had to dare
She was elegant and ever so pretty
She probably noticed I was set in stare
So I then began to act witty
I couldn’t do anything to change her mind
With me, she would have nothing to do
Yet, she was the prettiest that I did find
But had contempt and a frozen heart, too
So, I walked away and muttered these words
To be interested in her is simply absurd

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She came to me by air
Milky white skin, long blonde hair
She promises me I will never be lonely again
I have her to love, I have a best friend
We shall never argue over petty things
With her there, the house will always be clean
Then one day Dana shows up at my front steps
Petite young lady, green eyes and a brunette
I realize by the end of the day
Madeline would just be in the way
That evening, I show Madeline to the door
I tell her I don't love her anymore
The next morning I realize what I have done
When I chose Dana over Madeline, I chose the wrong one
I leave Dana at the house to go find Madeline
While searching for her, I tell myself, this can't be the end
After days of searching, I find her in a second hand store
I approach to convince her, she's the one I adore
The looks I get as I give her a hug and a kiss
As I tell of my favorite things and she is at the top of the list
So we leave together to go back home
A bottle of wine, steak and disconnect the phone
Today I have to send both lovelies back to prostatic friends and lovers 
Dana will not return to me, to get a refund for her has made me frustrated
However, Madeline will be refurbished and returned to me like new
My Madeline, blonde hair and eyes of crystal blue

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its on

its on
and you know its on
we got it goin on
aint nobody goin home
its on
and you know its on
i got the club bumpin
everybody groovin

i doodle like a rooster
glide like a bird
when i walk
i make tunes ya neva herd

its on
and you know its on
we got it goin on
aint nobody goin home
its on
and you know its on
i got the club bumpin
everybody groovin

im on tha dam stage
tearin up tha mic
spittin hot ryhms
like Tina and Ike

i got money on my mind
its time to go
to the next hot spot
makin that doe
its a bird
its a plane
yea its me pha sho
flyin to the next club
to do a show

Oh no
i see this girl maxcine
she have a big booty
i never seen
from the left to right
i see the fellaz eyez gleem
she can recruit her own 
football team

I do tha lean
everybody scream
when the beat kicks in
everybody scream
from the left to the right
everybody lean
everybody scream

its on
and you know its on
we got it goin on
aint nobody going home
its on
and you know its on
i got the club bumpin
everybody groovin

people overseas
singing my song
I even got it on my ringtone

its on
its on
its on, its on

its on
its on
its on, its on

its on
its on
its on, its on

yeah, you know we got it goin on

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Delete This File

Kissing me, like a bumble bee
Sipping the nectars of my soul
Peeling out the skin of my skin

Yet still you can not overcome
The warm twinkles in my eyes
‘Cause I have a way to erase

Sad memories you’ve instilled
In my heart, through this cross
Of yours, hanging on my chest

If, you wonder how I will do it
Come close to me and see how
I press this…“Delete this file”

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My Shortest Date

it happened many years ago,
when I was young and handsome
I somehow wound up with a blind date
one I was never to forget

it was hate at first sight
not just merely distaste,
we seemed to loath each other,
of time and money, what a waste

we went to dinner as planned
our glares of steel and frigid words
I know this date should be "canned"

somehow by mutual agreement
we decided to call it a night
I drove her to a bowling alley
and thereafter took my flight

my wonder is, by now
how and why this was only once
it should'a happened more often
because I can be a putz.

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So fly

How do I describe  sun, moon,stars
In  the sky
 I saw shooting star pass by ,
I wonder why 
it was so high
I want to touch the sky,
 time a shooting star pass by
I often dream that I can fly
Souring through the sky ,
Up up and away
That what always say
Each and other night and day
My boo  said can I fly too babE-Y
I said come lets go lady
Remember not to close your  eyes
 We are On our way
To the top
Then I wake up when the night drop
The day bring day dream though
As I am munching on that toast
Then out the door 
I go,
no flying though

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The Noonday Orator

In a Sunday wintry air
The pigeons, the sparrows 
And the mocking birds 

Without array 
Congregated themselves 
Outside the family house
Listening, intently 
To the noonday oration 
Of Her Majesty, the Queen

Whilst I, I quickly picked
The various colors and shapes 
Of myself, my dignity

Shortly thereafter
She, fumingly, dropped them off
Through the guiltless window     

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relax your mind

relax your mind
cause its about that time
tonite we bump and grind
we cant waste no time

boy im feelin you
im hungry for you
if you do it right
a sista, might cook for you

plz dont say a word
im takin over (yeah) "word"
ima take it slow
up and down
i grind real slow

you climbing up the stairs
until ive reached my peak
you plugged real deep
then you erupted me

creme filin, oozin
my mind im, losin
i like the way you take control
this feelin-taken over me

relax your mind
cause its about that time
tonite we bump and grind
we can do it all night

relax your mind
cause its about that time
tonite we bump and grind
we cant waste no time

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kiss my wowsers

chauvinistic piglet
you and your niglets
can try it for free, 
my butt cheeks,
you can kiss it
im not finish
no thats not it
ima let them know
you aint about shhh
44 years of age
and still dont have shhh
get yo life together
before i call you mr it
lick between my cracks
and swollow my shhh