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Faith Boyfriend Poems | Faith Poems About Boyfriend

These Faith Boyfriend poems are examples of Faith poems about Boyfriend. These are the best examples of Faith Boyfriend poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Free verse | |

Paranoid love

Tell me that this fear is just paranoia in my mind, 
we're not straining, we're not struggling, 
we're not sinking, we're just fine. 
I'm not perfect my dearest, but damn have I tried, 
and I'll try harder but I know I'll have the same results every time. 
Do you want me all the ways that I am? 
With all the struggles and the tears and the clinging to your hand. 
I fear your getting further and Im left on the shore to stand, 
watching you in the distance with a bullet in my hand. 
Tell me all this worry, its just clutter in my mind, 
tell me not to worry that we're doing just fine. 
Cause Im scared to run you off and I feel Im falling deep. 
And Im so frightened of these thoughts that its getting hard to sleep.
All I know is that the heart wants what it desires, 
because of you the match inside has turned into a fire. 
And I feel the broken glass thats sticking from my skin, 
Wondering if you'll remove the pain or push it back in. 
My hearts frantic wondering if you feel the same, 
pleading and begging for more than just a saying, 
but to feel and to see that im not alone, 
with being in this love thats overwhelming. 
Once I told you that we didnt have a spark, 
but you were lighting up and I was sitting in the dark. 
And this fire, this blaze its wrapped in desire. 
Im terrified to lose you, I think I might die or, 
maybe disappear from all the pieces falling out, 
im going crazy but when i open my mouth, nothing comes out, 
and I cant explain to you why I just need to hold you close, 
why every time you leave Im scared to let you go, 
why these tears are building up behind my eyes, 
all I know is that the heart wants what it desires 
and it desires to be your wife. 
So tell me in my panic, that your words are true, 
tell my my dearest what I mean to you, 
tell me that this paranoia is all within my mind 
we're not struggling, we're not sinking tell me we're just fine

Details | Couplet | |

The Luckiest Man

The Luckiest Man

I have found that not everyone is as strong
As the skies are wide and the days are long

But in life I have found there is this one
Whose bounty makes me feel as warm as the sun

And from the moment that she first caught my eye
I knew I’d be with her til’ the day that I die

That I would love and cherish her all the day through
And do all those little things we men are supposed to do

And spend my days lost in utter bliss
That I had this beautiful woman to kiss

And there’s one true fact ‘bout her being my girl
That makes me the luckiest man in the world

Details | Tanka | |


LOVE God is always love Forever seek the kingdom; Praise the creator Keep giving what you can give Please endure until the end ANGELS Beautiful Heavens Protecting the meek ones earth Watching over us Helping us to cope with life Comforted with hope and trust MUSIC When you find rhythm You find your hearts inner core Celebrate the times Make them better than before Reminisce and dance all night

Details | Lyric | |

Chasing Butterflies

I'm haunted by the words you wrote 
Tell me what you want from me 
Don't tell me what I want to hear 
Tell me how you really feel 

I could be everything for you and more 
I'm telling you now I want more 
I'm telling you I want to be with you 
I want all of you... 
Do you want to be with me? 

I know you're confused 
I'm confused too, confused by you 
It's okay to be scared 
I'm here for you, I'll hold your hand 
This is a risk I'm willing to take 
But the decision is yours to make
You write of walking a straight line 
I'm here to tell you that now's the time 
Now's the time to face your fears 
Now's the time and I'm right here 
Now's the time for us to shine 
Come on baby, let's chase those butterflies 

November 30th, 2008

Details | Free verse | |

Smoke And Mirrors

Let's live in a fairytale, 
you can chase away the dragons, 
who's smoke breathes to life, 
the nightmares in my dreams.

I can be your Princess,
You can hold me in your arms,
Like a Knight in shinning armor,
And hush away my screams. 

No more wasted time,
with smoke and mirrors,
You're not a Court Jester,
lets speak the truth.

Will you say a sweet goodbye,
Or will you not shed a tear from your eye,
There's a dagger in my heart,
The icy pain is all I need for proof.

Diamond teardrops from my eyes,
Hurry dear, they say you must be quick,
To capture each before they dry,
The tears of when a Gypsy cries.

Are you, nothing more than a collector,
Do I hold no beauty in beggers clothes,
Lets face reality my love, you are no knight,
And neither a Prince if truth is to be told. 

And I am no Princess,
Did I once have you fooled?
Though once we lived as such,
Our love has ever cooled.

Must I break through,
Past the freezing layers of your heart,
To see if the thought still pains you,
Of us being forever apart?

I must open my eyes,
And live in the truth,
That dragons do not exist,
And are just fiction of the soused. 

You will not ever save me,
from their tongues of flame,
But burn me with your own,
And make me feel my shame.

You will not shield me,
from poisened arrows that fall,
but with the anger in your eyes,
I'll feel as if they've broken through the castle walls.

I was once, the Juliet,
That led you to your death,
Venom rampent through your veins,
Revenge seems to be your quest.

At each word you say,
It feels as though I'll die,
My heart breaks and shatters,
And you show no concern of why.

And yet at night you pull me close,
Whispering sweet nectar to me,
That makes me wonder,
Must we still live in their reality? 

Is there hope left for our fairytale,
To have a happy end?
Love like a fairytale, or Harsh Reality,
No time left to pretend, I must know the end.

Details | Senryu | |

A caring One

A caring one is more 
Than sweet fragrance,
Even when sweet fragrance ends,
The caring one remains...

Details | Free verse | |

A Beautiful Reverie

Here I lie beside you
My heart goes thump.thump.thump.
My soul dances inside you
Reveling in the texture of your own.
Electric and flowing 
The currents of our love
Glow like neon lights
Illuminating the hope in my eyes.
Though we're not moving
I feel so incredibly alive
Invincible to my past
Untouchable by all who lack
That gentle touch of when 
You lean in and brush my face
Your lips grazing my skin
Softer than a butterfly.
And then you gaze into my eyes
I fall into your depths 
Twirling like the autumn leaves
Melting into your smile 
Your soul reminiscent of summer.
You pull me into your arms 
And for a moment I'm lost 
Breathless and in awe
Staring in the face of pure exquisite love 
And there you are - holding it 
Glowing in the moonlight of my stare.
My heart beats - its drum pounding away
Echoing a song thats lost its words
I touch your cheek and smile
My hands cant stay away
My lips s l o w l y, draw near yours
Hovering, and then - 
Part, a soft warmth against them.
My eye lids pulling shut
Dragging me into a silent heaven
I pull away - and what seemed millennia
Lasted only a moment, a second in time
But this is our love
This is what you do to me
You make me invincible and fragile
Lost forever in a beautiful reverie.

Details | Rhyme | |

Blank Tombstone

(For Ryland Matthews' My Darkest Hour Contest)

Blank Tombstone
by Audonus Taylor

A blank tombstone
rests above deceased me,
As I dream of a future
far as any being can see,
No flower arrangements,
Not a rose seals my tomb,
No inscription of immortality
No "loving father" or "beloved groom",

Does such lack of bereavement
reflect me as mean and vicious?
No, tis the respect of the
deceased's eccentric wishes,
As family and friends shed
tears enough to swallow,
Bidding farewell to a heart
impenetrable and hallow,

For tomorrow never comes
to hearts heaven cannot reach,
For life has stripped away my faith
Never again will my soul be breached,
No paradise awaits my name,
For I am a non believer as I roar,
Away from me, did god decree,
my angel should forever soar,

Thus I chose to fade to nothingness
Or, be it so, the depths of hell,
Now, her wedded bliss to another
proves god's love as a fairy-tale,
She loves me not, he loves me less,
is the truth I shall forever concur,
Blankness reflects more than my name,
And a god would know what I am without

Details | Rhyme | |

Dogmatic Doctrine

Can I kiss a Catholic
or a Muslim or a Jew,
A Buddhist or an Atheist,
a Sikh or a Hindu?
Can I share their faith with them
and not condemn my soul,
To eternal persecution
in the Devil’s deepest hole?

Can I offer love to those
who are not always straight.
Who’s love is shared with their own sex
or either kind of mate?
If so, am I a pervert
who can’t pass through heaven’s gate,
is it true that love can lead to hell
as surely as can hate?

Can I really lead a life
rejecting all I find
that meet the inner feelings
that have formed within my mind?
Is it true that I’ve no right to choose
the things I want to do,
but just accept I must conform
to things that can’t be true?

If this is so, I’ll tell you,
then this life is really hell,
the Devil’s won already
we are bound within his spell.
But I’m sure that God Almighty
is around for All Mankind,
whatever path we follow
or whatever love we find.

Ivor G Davies

Details | Rhyme | |

How Can We Hurt The Ones We Love

How Can We Hurt The Ones We Love?

How can we hurt the very ones that we love?
How can we easily neglect our God above?

It seems like I often heard about many victims
Many times, it’s from a loved one who’s been with them!

The hate and the anger that boils from deep within.
Often “boils over” toward our family and friends.

It’s the love of Christ that we need to find!
His love can totally cleanse our life and mind!

The hearts of many families are bruised and broken.
By the harshness of many of the words spoken.

If we would allow Jesus to rule and reign.
We’d have little reason to murmur or complain.

If we would yield our lives to the master’s will…
The emptiness and brokenness, he shall fulfill!

If we could allow ourselves to sit at Jesus’ feet…
He can make any family totally complete!

If we could just listen to what Christ has to say.
His words of life would brighten our day!

As a family…  Won’t you give HIM a chance?
And allow his love to change your circumstance!

Won’t you allow his spirit to bind you together?
You can experience his peace today and forever!

He can change your family throughout!
This is his will and what God is all about!

By Jim Pemberton

Details | Free verse | |

Ultimate Sacrafice

I have found a pureness within him that my soul thrives for.
I am driven by the desire to please him without boundaries.
His image holds the power to freeze my movement, the vibration of his voice holds the power to tremble me. 
His heart holds the power to break me, his soul holds the power to expire me.
I believe in him for his intention and desire.
I believe in him for who he is and his worth.
I believe in his now and his future.
I believe in him for his knowledge and his potential.
I believe in his skill as a provider and his force to become.
I feel he is somebody I had once lost.
I feel between us a bond stronger than mankind can create.
A fate unknown, undecided, I give myself to him to have, to do with it what he will, to make it his own.

Details | Free verse | |

just breathe

five days of ecstasy
followed by seven days of anguish
trying to catch his breath
his ghosts, get there first
and he crashes

as reality sets in,
sadness overwhelms 

memories scattered throughout his room
serve as bittersweet comfort
forcing a smile, while on the verge tears
he begins to pick up the pieces left behind

he cues the music
songs not so familiar,
but ring true to his ears
classics for them in the making
he can't help but listen
and wonder if she can hear

as his head hits the pillow
he realizes, 
he can no longer smell her,
on his sheets,
or her comforting touch,

but he remembers her voice,
telling him to breathe

one day at a time
a motto his father lives by
now his life support
a reason to push thru
and wait for that one perfect day

he can finally grasp forever
in a not so distant future
he just has to remember to breathe



Details | I do not know? | |

Perhaps Its Love.

Its those silly little butterflies i get in my tummy,
Just thinking about him.
The gentleness of his touch.
The deepness in his eyes.
The sound of his voice.
the strength and meaning of his words,
The softness his lips,
As they sweetly kiss mine.
Its these little things about him,
That make me realize,
Just how much he means to me.

Perhaps its love.

By the look in his pretty eyes,
I can tell his soul.
See how much he truly cares.

The thought of him makes me shiver,
With willingness
And longing to be with him.

His gentle touch,
Sends me into shock.
Could this be real?
So perfect and such.

Perhaps its love.

His strong words leave me to feel such an impact on life.
Mostly because hes made such a huge one on my own.
His words are so meaningful and true.

The sound of his voice,
Makes me feel so safe.
So secure.
He gives me the protection I've always wanted.

His sweet kisses leave me speechless.
They are just breathtaking.

Perhaps its love.

This boy, is nothing less than amazing.
I must say, I've never felt this way about anyone before.

He has faith in me,
And i have faith in him.

I trust him.
Unlike i have ever trusted a boy before.

He is more to me,
Than just my boyfriend.
He is also one of my best friends.

Perhaps its love.

As we become closer day by day.
I couldn't ask to be any happier,
Than I am today.

Yet, he always seems to surprise me,
With the endless smiles he puts upon my face.

They're never ending embrace,
gives me an unexplainable feeling.

But, I must say.
Its the best feeling I've ever had.
In my life.

Perhaps its love.

This boy makes me feel special.
And that is something new to me.

He says sweet things,
That make me blush.

He cuddles with me,
At perfect moments.
In fact,
He makes every perfect moment,

This boy,
Is one who says exactly the right things,
At exactly the right times.
He has the most perfect timing.

Perhaps its love.

He is kind to me,
And his actions show that he cares.

The love and care i have for him,
could leave this world speechless.

I would do anything to make him happy.
Anything to please him.

Or as once stated by Skid Row,
"I would give my life for just one kiss.
I'd live for his smile.
And die for his kiss."

This boy is truly something special.
I would do absolutely anything,
Just to see him smile.

Because he means more to me,
that i ever knew was possible.

Perhaps its love.

Details | Enclosed Rhyme | |

Love Sleeps

I watch as you sleep,
You are so unreal,
I cannot understand,
This thing that I feel.

I gaze out the window,
It is raining, My love,
And I am most certain,
You were sent from above.

I lie down beside you,
I can feel your breath,
Believe I will love you,
Even in death.

With my head on your chest,
I can hear your heart beat,
In this sweet contentment,
I join you in sleep.

Details | Free verse | |

everyday in your heart

No matter how bad my day has been
I always look forward to seeing you again
you make me happy when i'm sad
you can make me forgive when i'm really mad
It's because of this I will never give up
I will never lose hope
When you feel as though your world has fallen apart
Just think of me and i will be in your heart
If things always seem to go wrong and you start to lose hope,
Just take out this poem and read it again
And no matter how bad your day has been
You will find that you still have my love deep within

Details | I do not know? | |

Touch Something Wonderful

Touch something wonderful

Grateful and fulfilled
The way you make me feel
I fly above love
Whenever I touch 
Something Wonderful..

All that God reveals
Like Heaven and Earth now has a bridge
You really haven’t lived
Until you’ve touch 
Something wonderful

As I’ve come to learn 
Wealth is having your support
And miracles are possible
By default…
It’s wonderful.

A wise man can see
When Angels tithe
In your life
Treasures untold
It’s simply wonderful

Effortless for me 
To enhance the man I am
Whenever I touch
Something wonderful

Confident and surprisingly secured
A covenant of love
Has restored me
It takes root right here in my chest
And my very life depends 
On something wonderful

Turn to me and know 
I am reliable
Undeniably Improved
Reveals your kindred soul

A sinful man redeemed
By your love
In my life
Did know?
It’s just wonderful!

Restless as the breeze 
I must admit
It blesses me
Whenever I touch
Something wonderful

The sweetest fruit to reap
Is the seed that lover’s sown
I finally home

A simple place to mend my wounds
Blood, sweat and tears
I prepared a place for you
No ups or downs
Will spoil me
You spoil me with loyalty
My feelings will never change

You mean the world to me
Your sweet concern for me
To turn and see you by my side
My prayers are realized
Just look into my eyes and believe

A wise man can see
When Angels tithe
In your life
Treasures untold
It’s simply wonderful

Effortless for me 
To enhance the man I am
Whenever I touch
Something wonderful

Details | Rhyme | |

Salty Wine

The wine in my glass
Salted by my tears
The blood from my heart
Pumps a million fears...
And day upon day
Becomes year upon years...

All this time,
I had to know...
Where you were,
And does time flow...
As slow for you,
As it has for me?
And will there ever come
A day that we...

Will speak again,
Will share our love
In wonderment
Of the stars above

And now it has
Come to pass
I share this world again
With the lass
Who's beauty lies
Inside and out,
And from the rooftop,
I long to shout...

"Thank You God!
Thank You so!"
You have brought her back
And now I know...

The flame still burns,
Burns so bright...
It turns away
The black of night...

And so I say
Miracles do come to me
See the Golden Light
And the love that must be.

Details | Rhyme | |

In Thy Heart, Thou Will Always Be.

I love him, and he loves me.
This world above, can not be!

The fate that is destind, is far
more than what can be seen.

In thy heart I will always have 
thou to be.

This endless love, might never
ceas to fail, but if it shall, I will
always love thou art. 

To the death of us, shall we part!

In thy heart I will always
hath thou to be.

My love for thee, is greater than
this earth shall ever be to me.

I love thou art, 

In thy heart, I say to thee,
Thou art shall always be!

I wrote this For my Friend Mallory Rees and Her beloved Tim Simpson.

Details | Lyric | |

This Aint Real

Your face, 
Made a fake smile, (you said)
I love you,
I need you,
I want you just for a while,
You told me,
That I made you smile,
All the things you said to me,
Are just words now,
How can we love,
When you love me for yourself,
(This Aint Love)

Chorus: 2x
What are we doin,
If this love ain't real,
What is this feeling,
That I feel,

I'm broken in emotion,
I'm broken in love, (you said)
I need you,
I want you
You're the only one,
I'm thinkin of, (so tell me)
How can we love, 
When there's always someone else,
(This Aint Love)

Chorus 2x
How can we love,
When there's always someone else,
How can we make up,
When you only love me for yourself,

verse #3:
You got me imprisoned, 
Inside your heart,
When kissed
I felt, Like we,
Would never be apart,
chorus 2x


Details | Acrostic | |

You are a precious gift of love

                   you're everything to me
                   a hidden longing deep within
                   just like the air breath
                   when I feel alone at times
                   you'll hold my hand tightly and being around
                   through my laughter or my tears
                   you'll comfort me and give me faith
                   you are a precious gift of love

                   you fill my soul with the meaning of love
                   for even in the darkest hour
                   when all of hope seems gone
                   thought of a still resilience voice 
                   to feel you within my reach
                   in my heart
                  you're always with me
                   there will be a place for you forever

                   now,a whole new world
                   just for you and me 
                   this bond between us can't be broken
                   my life,you'll touch
                   I will be glad to have you in my life 
                   I can share my interests with you
                   I'll search no more
                   cause you are a precious gift of love

Details | Elegy | |

The Lament For an Angel

All in one faded-black day (but let None forget) In my arms, her body lay (my life was the price to pay) A tragedy, through the lack of humanly shame (do they know pain) My darkly colleen has to suffer no more (Robert nor do you) Let me die (please hear my haunted cries) If I can not see Sophie tonight (live on with my grey) I'm just a mess of despairing words And broken nerves Another mourning, afflicted sight (through decay, love can remain) Solace, sympathy are just more lies She is all I need Until you decide she is just another sadist's toy My Angel, why did you have to fly so far away My Angel, just let one feather stay My Angel has flown away My Angel, why did you have to fly so far away My Angel, just let one feather stay My Angel has flown away (My body is amortal, die I may, Together, our hearts will forever stay)

Details | Rhyme royal | |

Give Praise To God

Let us pray this very day, that God will surely come our way, to 
give us wisdom and knowledge from above, but most imporrtant his
precious love.  Oh give praise to God everyday for helping us along the way.

His love for us is so real, it is the kind of love that helps us live.  We share
his grace, love and his power all of this and more because he loves us so.
Why be miserable, sad and blue? when you should be giving praise to God who
loves you.  Why not praise God from the moment you rise, to thank him for
his sacrifice.  

Praise God for love he shows everyday, no matter what we do or say, God loves
us anyway.  He blesses us daily with gifts from above, food, water, air, all of
this let us know he really do care.  So why not praise God  for his love, so 
jump, and shout, praise God without a doubt.  So let's praise God for his love.      

Details | Free verse | |

Final Adieu

Final Adieu

Let another sun set,
Let another flower wilt,
Let another autumn cast its gloom,
Let another tear role,
As ye part, and bid
The final adieu.

Suyash Saxena
St. Stephen’s college

Details | Dramatic monologue | |

To a Bride Without a Name

Oh Flora, Choral Beauty The Sun Rises With You Out of An Abyss of Chaos, Yet No Piece of Beauty Is Lost I Can't Grant You Nobility, But Our Love's Vitality Will Last Till The Gates of Hades's Halls They Will Push, They Will Pull, And Their Power Will Grow Just To Have A Piece of Our Love's Immortality For It They Cannot Wait Subdued By Desperation's Phantom But I Will Always Be One of Them So, My Dear, Please Understand I'm Just A Chevalier Drenched With My Sins The Hope Will Fade The Rose Will Turn Black The Promise Was Just I Lie, Though I Forbade I Will Just Be Another Empty Heart, Slain By Your Loosening Grip On My Sanity I Will Die, You Will Be Free Believe - It's The Way Things Must Be My Dear, Just Understand

Details | Rhyme | |


As the sun rises I feel nothing but you next to me. 
I feel so peaceful and so free
We've been acquaintances for quite sometime.
My only desire was that you'd be mine.
At this moment, the present 
I will always resent
My feelings for love I do know where it went
Somebody please tell me give me a hint
I want to please you in every single way
I enjoy being with you all during my day
I adore and love you more than anything in this world
I love you so, I'll do anything to keep you my girl
One look, one touch is all it took
At the moment I’m hooked
Emotions from the depth of my heart did not surface
Until I felt through your hug with that warm embrace
You are my soul, and my life
Baby, I wish you were my wife
I see you understand my need, my desire, my plea
And how I wished you would share it all with me

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. 

If you judge people, you have no time to love them 
Mother Teresa

Details | I do not know? | |

The Master Mind of Numbers

Ever since I have stepped into modernization, I have been pinched with values of the ancestors,
I cannot believe that the inside does not reflect the outside anymore,
When one says he or she has changed and become open minded, 
Is it only to make one feel temporarily pleased or is just to enjoy hurting a person,
Why has age become a factor or an excuse to start a new problem?

Every time a heart skips a beat, the warm sensation takes place, a friendly chat takes place,
Numbers begin to swirl around. The intellectual chat, attraction of like minds,
Or even the rebellious differences stand in a corner against numbers.
Time flies and so does one progress with various experiences. 
Does it matter if you are too old or young to be with someone?

Who gets to judge about numbers?
Nothing occurs very young but takes place during adulthood with mature thinking. 
How should one deal when age becomes a problem to a new relationship?
More or less, does anyone have the right to judge if one is not married at a certain age.
With observation, reading various articles, numbers have created a nuisance in the mind of shallow thinkers in many societies.

When all the feelings are right, then why do numbers go wrong?
Doesn’t sensibility, love, responsibility or even security count or is it overshadowed with age.
Still one may try to let go and filter some thoughts, but how does one filter attraction and passion.
Years have passed by and still the jackpot of excuses concerning numbers have polluted various communities. A spark of hope is still there when faith and true love will attain blessings from the higher self and well-wishers always.

Details | Heroic Couplets | |

so so missing you

I count the hours, 
and I count the days.
Oh how much I miss you, 
to pass the time I even count the ways.

I miss your voice,
I miss your touch.
I miss your soft  hair,
And I miss the face,
That I love so much.

How to describe it, 
There is no way.
I walk all around,
In a permanent daze.

I long to feel,
Your soft warm embrace.
And to see a sexy smile,
Upon your face.

I will not sleep,
Won't close an eye.
Until I know you're home, 
Safe and alive.

While you're far away,
And I am ok
I think of you out there,
In danger and alone.

This is the life before me you've chosen,
And I can't change your mind.
You've found your inner bravery,
And now I must find mine.

I miss you so much, 
To the moon and the stars.
And this feeling will go on,
Until you're safe in my arms.

Details | Rhyme | |


When I hear your name
My heart beats faster than usual
It's not that I am ashame
But It's just your name is too special..

Can't control the feelings
When I am with you
Can't stop smiling
When you hold me like you do

When you hug me then
I feel like I'm in heaven
You are a blessing from above
And you are the reason why I loved

I'll promise to love you FOREVERMORE..
And I will cherish you until the end of my borrowed life
And I will keep our precious memories as long as
we see each other in our next life..

Details | Epigram | |

First Desires

My prayers,fantasy,dreams,came true

Details | Free verse | |

The Truth About Love

Love is not easy
Love is hard
Love is time apart
Trying not to drown
Praying to stay loyal
Holding on to lover's promises
Dreaming of reuniting
Crying tears of hurt and joy
Thinking of you constantly
Asking God for all the best
Love is difficult
Love is not easy
Love is hard
Love is faith
Love is hope
Love is trust
But love is beautiful
Oh, so beautiful
And love is worth it
Oh, so worth it
Love is in God's Hands
Love is protected
Love will come back again
Reunion again
For God is love
In Jesus' Name
We pray

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We're In Love

I wanna hear you say
The fight is won,
The damage is done,
And we're in love.

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Fallen Victim

I have fallen victim so many times
To nobody's fault except only mine.
I will ask for forgiveness and have faith,
Even though I feel like I am not saved.

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This Thing Called Love

Twas just the greatest treasure,

that Mankind has ever found. 

Yet its bounty is not hidden inside a chest, 

nor buried underground, 

It won,t be all piled up and shining in a mound, 

You won,t need a key to unlock it, 

in fact it,s not even bound, 

Yet it can be found, 

by just about anyone, 

from a panda to a hound, 

You do not need x-ray eyesight, 

nor ears that hear the slightest sound, 

No, this thing-a-ling almost anyone can bring, 

In fact its all around. 

It comes from deep, deep, deep inside, 

with blessings from the Man above, 

It comes sometimes in an instant, 

sometimes it nestles in like a glove, 

What is this one thing, 

that makes you want to sing, 

and live peacefully like the dove, 

It introduces all Queens to her King, 

Why of course, 

this thing is Love.

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Bless it be Thee!

May 27, 2010

Bless it be Thee!

Bless it be Thee!
Truly, I love you.
My whole my new.
My heart your key!

Loose lips and free.
Realistically, I knew!
You are far and few.
I can justly let it be.

You know, it is Gemini’s Full Moon tonight,
The Universe is waking up figuring us all out.
Point me out as a random beam of Moonlight,
I am engulfing and enriching charts in route.

Swiftly suited, I stand in my place!
Bless it be it to Thee! A closed case!

®Registered: Ann Rich 2010

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Real friends

                Real friends
          When there's no one left,
to make some noise,
all that kinds of people,
surrounding you
are all gone,
no one else left,
and all you see is a mess.

         One person is all you need
always close by,
even though it's so late,
to call,to text,or even to  e-mail,
friend seems to be just a step a way.

        Friendship, so real,
seems to be just right,
I will be there,
to offer a helping hand,
as you will do for me,
no questions  to ask,

        It seems just right,
no need reason to fight,
to refuse,

         When there's no one left,
to make some noise,
all that kinds of people
surrounding you,
are all gone,
no one else left.......  
You and I.....

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Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You

Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You…

I have many times read in the Bible, “the golden rule.”
“Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you!”

I often wonder if many people 
really take this to heart.
This is where Christ’ love in action really starts!

Just think if we treat others the way
 we want to be treated.
Many relations would certainly 
be healed and completed!!

If we were to speak kindness the way 
we want to receive it.
Others would see Christ’ love in us… 
 And would believe it!

If we were serious about seeking 
a Godly way of living.
We’d see much more of Christ’
 love and forgiving!

The challenge is to simply do what
 our Lord is wishin
Applying “the golden rule”
must be our mission!

Thanks be to God for the way 
he treats us all the same!
May we humbly serve others
 in Christ’ name!

Giving to others the way we want to
 receive must be our goal…
If we’re going to receive the richness
 of Christ in our soul!

By Jim Pemberton

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What People Were and What People Are

People were
Many things.
Strange or not

People were
Different and
Odd and fun.

People were
Monsters but…
That’s not all

People were
And still are
Strange and odd.

People are
People. For
life is life. 

Yet not.
Not is lies.
Truth seeps from

Every mouth
Lies, lies, lies
Move, move, move

But somehow
Lies prevail.
Lies are life.

Lies are death.
Lies are homes.
Lies are pain.

Lies are truth.
Yet somehow.
Truth prevails.

Truth is life.
Truth is death.
Truth is home.

Truth is pain.
Truth is lie.
Truth is that.

Lies will die.
Lies will cease.

Truth will live.
Truth will be.

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Only Death Can Tear Us Apart

Your always in my heart & head,
 I still can't believe ur dead. We may
be miles & miles apart 
but I feel ur still close because I keep you 
always in my heart, 
Death was the only thing that could ever
keep us apart.

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is ignorance
a lack of understanding
is not for everyone

humans speak
and do things 
different than you
or your faction
or untrue
or stretch truth

what's the worry?
over someone else's beliefs 
takes you away 
from your own routine

is a waste of energy
needed for nothing
causing dangerous sparks
within one's mind
one's heart
one's soul
becomes contaminated
with preoccupations

vengeance breeds furious
often unexpected actions
of ill-will occur 
or changes for the worse 
in the shadows of good
taking over
"spiritual kudzoo"
none could tame

extinguish your dealings
with petty rage
of another imperfect being's mouth
cancer vanishes easier
with early detection
or at least learn
from your polar opposite 

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No one knows

No one knows,or will ever know,
what future holds,it might scare us all,
if you just dream,
your life might be sweet,
and have a hope,what your hoping for,
have a wish,your wishing for,
Let's take a chance,
and take it slow,
don't calculate, 
or measure,because
I  don't want to know!!!!!
What future holds,
if I do,all of us know,
it might scare us,so
are you ready to hold my hand ,
don't be afraid and go with flow,
just be my friend,and go with flow.

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Safe in Gods hand

some choices I make in life
people may not always  understand,
but i am safe in Gods  hand
he holds  me firmly in his loving  arms
and warm embrace
he brings peace to my heart and  smiles to my face,
some people dont seem happy because i have a boy friend
but they may not understand God has  my life in his hand untill the end,
I am happy  so hope you  will  also be happy for me
for that's the way God intended it to be,
so on lifes  journey  as  I walk with God and  grow
MY life is in his hands where I am secure and safe this I do know,
 my decisions in life  you may not always  understand
but be happy knowing  that I am safe in Gods  hand 


For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

 God never breaks a single promise.  amen

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All I want for Christmas is a haiku

Who, what, where, when, why should I feel discouraged, hmmm? you and I are one.

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The Traveller's Unclaimed Land

He says he loves me then he says he loves me not
He loves me today but by tomorrow I'm forgot 
He runs from my love but returns wanting more
I guess I'm to blame for letting the traveler explore, 
See travellers just wander and are never here to stay
They admire the scenery and enjoy the display 
They tour the land and ride the attractions
So memories become their only subtractions,
They search for an experience that is what they yearn
The condition once they leave is none of their concern!
So how can the land be devoted and true 
When travellers come and go out of the blue.
The present is now and where he's travelled to,
But the past he calls home so he must return soon
Most likely just a visit although time can only tell, 
But what he lusts is in this land and he knows it very well
He may call that place home but its this land that he seeks
Travellers on a mission never realize until they hit their peek
He continues to damage this land down to its core 
So what's left to offer when their is nothing left in store?
The resources were depleted and the land left bare
He comes and goes as he pleases it doesn't seem fair;
See this land has been abused time and time again
Seeds that were planted, were means to an end
But pleasure and satisfaction was always accomplished
Because this land provided where the homeland was disadvantaged!
But despite the history and despite the trust
Submit to his urges is something he must.
So this time around his departure is permanent 
Lack of faith and loyalty was the final determinant.
The damage he caused cannot be rendered,
So his visitation rights he has surrendered!
So leave this land I say and never look back
This is the path you chose I hope you can stay on track,
Cause travellers have memories of the lands they have stained
But the land only remembers the one that remained!

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Mam, no refund on love

No refund on love,

My mother have told me,
there is one way,
to a man,s heart,
 a good meal,
and glass of wine,

So, I went to the store,
to get three ingredient,
and bottle of red wine,

was ready,
so as I

wearing red, sexy dress,
but you,
you didn't come,

Next day I went to  the same  store,
to get refund on love,
Then a store manager have told me ;
no refunds on love,

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I'll be there

When your world comes down, I’ll be there in a flash
Whenever you’re broke, I’ll be there with your cash
Smoke love together, there will be no ash
Your heart is a race? What? Call me dash

With me you’ll make it, forget the wealth
No more pain you’ll face alone, not by yourself
You’re being push to the ER; I’m already in the room
If not enough carbon, I’ll help you bloom
If you’re going to slow, I’ll make you zoom
Explosion? Need help? I’ll make it boom

I’ll be there through hardship and pain
With my umbrella, let’s stop the rain
If your legs too weak, take my cane 
Whenever you need me, “I’ll be there” is all I’m sayin

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I have cried in my dream,

I have cried in my dream,

I've called your name,
in my dream,
last night,
but you never heard my voice,
my smile was quiet,
you've never notice that,
I was following foot steps in the snow,
you haven't notice,
I've told you  dream,
you seems to be ignorant,
I've told you ,
how much I love you,
you.... did not care,
I was waiting for you, did not come,
I've cried in my dream,
last night,
I was alone..
far a way


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The Heart Of The Ocean

You pick me up and fly me away;
Oh my baby, what a beautiful day!
Like a rock, you are strong to withstand the motion,
And your love runs deep, the heart of the ocean.

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miles a way

         miles a way......

I would like to be there, 
for you,
to kiss your pain a way,
since you've been for me,
 every step of the way,
when ever I needed you,
even tough,
were miles,and miles  a way,

And tonight,
this very Halloween night,
as I will walk the streets,
you will be here,
in my heart,
to celebrate
the one we love the most, 
miles can't kip us a part,
what matters the most
no one will know how close we are,
 even tough,
 we are miles and miles apart,

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Your Presence

Your presence I feel oh so near, it help me to relieve 
some of my fears of all my everyday cares, I feel your
presence eveywhere.  Whenever I walk down the street,
I can feel the patter of your feet.  I can feel you walking
next to me telling tales of what I mean to you and thinking
about all the things we used to do.

Your presence is so close, it's as if I can smell your fragrance
right under my nose.  I am thinking of your smiling face all
next to mines, telling me how you will love me until the
end of time.  Your presence is oh so strong and as I travel
throughout this day it lingers on.  When I decide to stop and
dine, it's as though I feel your hand right next to mines.  

When I sat down to eat, I can see your eyes staring into
mines, and you sitting there sipping on some wine.
Your presence means so much to me and this is the
way I want it to always be, me feeling you and you
feeling me until forever and eternity.

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Years passed like a lovely dream
Still the love for U hasn’t trimmed 
 I still wish
 I could bring those days back
So that I can live with U 
For years on the same track

I know its been 25 year
My love 4 U hasn’t reduced Oh dear
U r still the same Gal next door to Me
For whom I would climb any tree

U were the one with whom 
I shared the moments of pleasure
Joys, laughs, tears 
Which is the best thing, Dear
I would always treasure

Bond between Us is growing strong N long
The love we have would never prove wrong
Nothing could have asked more in life
M really glad to have U 
Oh My beautiful Wife


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Run Into Love

You make me smile even when the sad songs come on.
You make me laugh with every chance you get.
You don't even have to be here for me to fall for you.
I've played the backseat for too long.
Maybe now it's time to run;
Time to run into love.
What do we have to lost?
This is only life once.
We are only young once.
And I believe I am starting to fall for you.
What do we have to lose?
Let's dive in together,
Holding hands,
Into the unknown.

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U have gone too far indeed
But My love for U still possess the same creed

U were the one to grow in Me the love seed
Which grown into a beautiful plant breed

U were the one who did a great deed
To change My life and give it a new lead

U were the one who provided the care I need
By facing the problems which M required to be freed

U took burden of keeping Me away from unwanted weed
And in turn just wanted My love as a feed
Won’t forgive U God for the tears I bleed
U took her away from Me, against my plead

I would always preserve Ur memories and love beneath 
A sheath
And would love U always until I breathe 


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The Empty Rib Slot

Dedicated to all of the guys who helped me to make the checklist - thanks!

The Empty Rib Slot I think I might have A perfect checklist Highlights from men Gathered now missed Yes special highlights Each man carried some Now added to my checklist For a guy having it all in one This could be the key to find The man I’m dreaming of Not with bits and pieces One filled full of love A man made for me No it would be not I should fit perfectly Into an empty rib slot Let me share this list With every one of you Then decide for yourself If it could possibly be true My first check comes from This guy with dreamy eyes He deeply touched my soul Way more than ever realized He even had a special smile That made you want to grin No matter if life was down He encouraged me to win There was the big hugger With squeezes oh so tight He lifted me off the floor Like if I was taking flight He never did grow tired Of giving me those hugs I never had to ask for them He always did it out of love Then there was the dancer He stayed light on his feet He loved dancing with me Carrying rhythm and a beat Now of course on this list There certainly has to be That best friend I count on Who can also count on me I am even going to count The good points of quality Generated from my brothers And even from my daddy From them they all carry A very good temperament Always being so easy going Not looking for an argument When I am nestled in that slot With a perfect feel of passion All of his glory will then shine As it eludes from my reflection The most important one of all He who shares a spiritual side Being spiritually open with me Not allowing his beliefs to hide I know how this all may sound Like a crazy thing that I’ve got I want the man I fit snuggly with When I match his empty rib slot Florence McMillian (Flo)

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It's a promise

              It's a promise 

Every moment,
with every single breath I take,
it's a new promise,
new chance,
to make.
To make it  better,
then one before,
before yesterday.

Every morning,
after I open my eyes,
there is one more hope
for us,
one new start.
what should,
or could,
I do today?
that is better,
and different
then yesterday,

please ,
you....... tell me......
Weld a heart out of steel,
for you,
I can do that.......
Build a steel cage,
to cage my self in,
I can do that......
To live for you,
make you laugh,
I can do that......
Die for you,
so you don't have to,
I can do that.......

but. don't ask me 
to leave you alone,
don't ask me that,
you may ask,
but ......


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Be Still and Know that I am God

Be still and know that I am God

Be still and know that I am God
A God that can deliver
And give you Joy like a river

Be still and know that I am God
With conviction, he will let you know
Right from wrong
And in your heart God will
Give you a new song 

Be still and know that I am God
With my voice, I will Praise God in advance
I know that he will give me a second chance

Be still and know that I am God
In Psalms 23, the Bible says, The Lord is my Shepard 
With God I have a track record

Be still and know that I am God
The Bible says to rebuke the devil and he will flee
Pray that God will give you
Discernment to see

Be still and know that I am God
The Lord gave you the Power
To cast the devil out
Lift up your hands, and Praise
The Lord with a shout

Be still and know that I am God 

@ Copyright 2012
Do not copy without permission
Written by Anointed Author and Poet,

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Beautiful------- BLOOD-------- Stain:::::::::::::::::::::::::

Living amongst Hell's battles with little to gain aftermath brings stinging rain as beauty dwells in the blood of the stain

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will you let me be,
by your side ,
to kiss you and cover you,
when your lonely,
and tired,
to feel you hearth beet,
and  sweet smell of you,
on my skin,

will you let me be,
by your side,
any time your ready to sleep,
tell you a story,
and make you laugh,

will you let me be,
by your side,
when your trying your best,
and nothing seems to be right,
no matter how hard you try,

will you let me be,
be for you ,
by your side,
until I die.....

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Buried love

He is sleeping in my bed unsuspecting,
As I sneak out the back door again.
I stalk across the dimly lit garden,
Stricken with guilt, remorse, heart-piercing pain.
Even during blissful moments in his arms,
Your face flickers in the reflection in his eyes.
I close mine only to see your face again,
In the blackness, dark as night skies.
How can I be happy with someone else,
When thoughts of you haunt me, asleep or awake?
How can I smile up at him,
When its your features I'm trying to remake?
Even though he makes me happy,
Its nothing compared to the joy you brought me.
I start the car and stare at the lucky charm,
Remembering when you said, my happiness it will guarantee.
I guess it never did work,
Because now I'm sitting in this empty car,
Wondering how things could have gone this wrong,
When we had promised stay together upon a solitary star.
I'm driving down the familiar road,
Wishing an accident would take away this pain.
Better a quick unfortunate incident,
Than a slow death, plagued by guilt, going a little insane.
Walking through the wrought iron gates,
I cant help remembering the many times I've sneaked out.
Each time I reach the graveled path,
If you're worth the trouble, I doubt.
But I cant help stalking out the house,
You've become my obsession, my pilgrimage.
Praying silently he never finds about you,
For I'm sure he'll have me put in a cage.
I feel the steady calm rising as I near you,
Your voice is in the wind, the rustle of the leaves.
I can hear my heart beat in my ears,
I move to your headstone among the other graves.
As usual I trace the engraved heart,
Let a few tears slip and lie down on your cover.
Wishing the block of marble between would disappear and so,
For the last time I could see my sunshine, my one true lover.
- Miliya Parveen

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God gave me you

Love's undeniable journey 
explores all life,touches an 
amazing earth only you and
I can share between time.

All ups n' downs come with
Fortune n' price, but together
We will shatter a mountain of

A place we can go hide closely 
cuddled cave, against the 
Closure of your misled arms,
Wrapped tightly around a spin
Of Saturn's that ring me.

As Pluto's fire, breaks guard 
closer to the sun.....Where GOD 
GAVE ME YOU] And an UNchained 
melody to sing.

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Starcrossed Tragedy

A Silent Night's Hunt for a Tigress so blunt, Left the Fiend dancing with my Thisbe's Cloack But where was She? Her Drenching blood is all I can see The Night of Sanguine, The Night of Rapture, Tonight was meant to be All Behold This Tragedy ran by Dark Energy, My Lost Lover's Plea A seed of what is to come, In this starcrossed Tragedy, For I can not live without you, My Pyramus, All I need, My reason to Breathe One sight of me bleeding away from reality, started this tragedy and with me It shall Grow The Pain wasn't enough for me, To Live on with me Love without consequence, The Damned Saint, The Angelic Demon The Darkness of the Sea, Carries away with me, In this Starcrossed Tragedy A Star traveling across the moonless Night Sky, In the mid-summer of Verona, Fell from her glorious light, I have lost my guide, My need for Life Every balcony I'll climb for you, Just to Caress you once more But now it is too Late, My Juilet Let the Poison Fill me My Body dyed In silence, Dipped in Paralysis, Forging the Will of God, Feigning the Clutches of Death, My Romeo I prithee to you, See past The Illusion, Caught in the Webs of Love's delusion A Dagger reached my heart once To see you martyr for our love A Dagger reached my heart twice The Pain wasn't enough for me, To Live on with me Love without consequence, The Damned Saint, The Angelic Demon The Darkness of the Sea, Carries away with me, In this Starcrossed Tragedy Once the Morning Retired from her weeping The sun shined into her eyes, then his Lifeless, their dream will live on Every Petal will be Avenged The Pain wasn't enough for me, To Live on with me Love without consequence, The Damned Saint, The Angelic Demon The Darkness of the Sea, Carries away with me, In this Starcrossed Tragedy

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I still miss you

Visions stolen,
Heart beat raised
You still touch me,
In the castle in the air

I don’t want to miss you,
Truth is, I still do
The smile, those eyes,
I still miss you..

The path has forked
The world has split
Memories tainted,
I still miss you

I yearn for a rendezvous
To reminisce the cold touch
The twinkle, the chuckle,
I still miss you

Cries of laughter,
Strength of bond,
The waiting seconds,
I still miss you

Time does not reverse
The road unveils beautifully
But, some are unforgettable
And, I, still miss you…

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Corpse Bride

The braeþ of lyf -- I've Learned to fear
Though, ta'en it was, so long sinsyne
I've wroot my song of skreighs
He tore the lyf out of me
In sooth did she speke this to me - Cassandra was she to me
Wistful - I am no bride to be
Wistful - is this soliloquy of skreighs

I cede to thee, deathly colleen 
Though remains - façades of humanity 
Angel kind - wicce of my welkin dreams
Casted by the lote of she
Ta'en the hollow Herefro way - ne'er!
Caught with twain
W'ie or swain

Angel dearest so fair - love does not share
Seemed a crux, when eath is lone
I rose for thee - cede all of thy love to me
Or was this not meant to be
Eros's deceit 
So wistful - corpse bride I remain to be

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L O M L Always

The thought of her smiling gave me faith
From when we were little we bathe
My mother and her mother is best friends
They both took care of us and gifts they send
We pulled each others hair
And she was always quick to dare
When I smiled at her she knew it was no good
She learned to pull me up and she understood
I just wanted her attention and that she gave
She knew it in her heart love was my slave
From when we were a child with full of energy I had my way
She was the one who was my guide and she did not push me away
When I saw her cry one day and her eyes was so sad
I gave her a flower and I smiled at her and made her glad
When some one special leaves her heart
I sat by her and never wanted to depart
She is the love of my life always
She is the one who gave me my hope through out my days
So I gave her my heart and love from within
And I did not make it thin
I stood by her side since I was a child
I gave her my support when we were wild
She knew who I was and I let her go the distance
I did not hate her or give her resistance
My mother and her mother are great friends and their virtue will never end
Because of their love they both trusted us to live our ways to transcend
So my childhood friend was my best friend, and now my wife
She new it from the start that we part of each others life

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babe dove

All of ma life I was dying for a touch like yours.

Then u made that a reality,

U held me in ya arms,

As warm as ya touch,

ya arms were.

U Gave me a sweet tender kiss,

These made me feel at home.

 Because home is where the heart is.

Now this is where I wan spend the rest of ma days.

I don't wanna loose ya touch again.

I will hold u so dearly

And love u with all my might

Because with u I can finally b myself again


It feels like the doves have been set free,

So they can fly in the sky nd sing sweet melodies.

But the baby dove will come back,

For it knows that this is home,

Where it belongs

Like the morning breeze,

 which opens up the flower's petals

As they release the sweet scent of freedom nd love.

I will be there to grab the love nd freedom brought back by the baby dove,

Nd we will live by that for the rest of our days,

I will take ya hand nd keep u warm al night,

and when eva u need me,

all u have to do is call ma name,

nd I will b there to do that u desire.

For I know u are my empire,

Nd it will put a smile on ya cute face,

A smile always accompanied with warmth, truth and love,

I will always be there

To shower ya with love.


If m nt there to answer,

Do not cry for me,

For the Mississippi is already overflowing with water,

Ya tears will make it worse.

Be hopeful for my return,

For I will always b back for u,

Cos I will never abandon u,

I will forever b wit u


I have always wished and desired .

Being with u is a dream come true,

I will give ma all for u to be happy,

because happiness is all I want and desire for you....

Please smile....

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My First Love

(My First love), 
(The way I feel), 
(How do I), 
The way I felt, Within, 
I could never hide, 
So I told you girl, 
The way you, changed my world, 
oh girl, The way you looked at me, 
As though, I madeYour day, 
(Girl I could forget), 
The love We made, 

Felt, so good,
To me,
How could this be,
A girl just like me,
Who knows, the things,
I need,
(How could this be)
(A girl just like me)
My First Love, (Love)x4 

My first kiss,
I came across, a bliss,
How could I forget,
How it made me feel, girl

I'm still, in love,
With you,
In the back of my mind,
Chorus 4x

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Storm In The Wind

(Oh Girl),
You're like the storm and the wind, 
Tearin up the city and breaking the 
Whenever I'm around you girl, 
I get weak, 
You're breaking my heart, 
And tearing up me, 
Breaking my heart, 
Breaking my heart,  (Tearing up me)
(Ooh girl)
I know we will make it, 
Even though the wind is blowing 
careless at me, 
I can't do this without you girl, 
I'll get weak, 
Stop breaking my heart, 
Bringing me to my knees,
(Chorus) 2x 
Even though the love hurricane is 
blowing careless at me, 
I can't do this without you girl, 
I'm too weak, 
You breaking my heart, 
You're the storm of the week. 

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Leave love to the brave

LOVE shoves us into glistening meadows,
Of unimaginable warmth, where ecstasy glows
LOVE also leads us to teary graves,
Of uncontainable darkness, where pain enslaves
So, teenage girls trotting over,
To find the four leaf clover
I say, leave love to the absolute brave
‘cuz, It’s more than just a fluttering rave!

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A Box of Hope and Dreams

I keep my dreams and aspirations,
stored away neatly in this box.
Tied off with a pretty pink ribbon,
secured tightly with key and lock.

And every time I feel like a failure,
I open it, so I can again feel alive.
Arms of dreams tightly surround me,
giving me strength I need to survive.

I’ve hidden this box in a secret place,
where I’m the only who can see.
A beautiful box of hopes and dreams,
finely sewn with love at the seams.

This box is opened quite frequently,
especially when we’re apart –
this rhetorical box of memories,
in perfect synch with each beat of my heart

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Our Dream

We lay here,
alone with our thoughts,
side by side throughout our life,
that is what we dream…

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Why is it?

Why is it that school's say that they are preparing you for life, 

But really they are preparing you for more school?

Who knows?

That has always been on mind for the past few days.

*comment if you know why or if you have any ideas*


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So Much Love From God

God loves me so much From the heavens above He has truly given me So very much love Different types of love Each starts like a seed That grows deep inside Creating a special need First the undying love Is where it all starts With Jesus Christ placed Perfectly in my heart Then the individual love Of being one’s self As God made me to be Like no other one else The peaceful calmness That nature shares Offers the serene love To wash away cares The caring love of parents Is such a wonderful gift So many others have not And their spirits I try to lift The loyal love of siblings I am very thankful for Even with lives apart Our love is evermore Enduring love comes from My wonderful large family No matter the ups and downs They never give up on me The precious love of children My most cherished gifts of all Though my angels have all grown They are to me little dots so small The kind love of in-laws Is such a bonus I am given Making my loved one’s lives All worth a reason for living The joyous love of grandchildren Each a true blessing from above Bubbling joy flows from them all Filling me with a delightful love The devotional love of pets No one could closely compare To the never ending devotion That will always be there The faithful love of friends With truth of consistent fact I can always count on them To be there to catch my back True passionate love of a man I thought would never bloom I only dreamed of how it’d be So wonderful I would assume Now that I’ve been touched By the true passion of a man I feel the dreams come true Feeling so wonderful ‘tis am All these gifts of love God gives to me within Are opened very carefully As each is specially given For a seed of love to grow Takes patience and then some I enjoy each moment of growth As there is so much more to come Florence McMillian (Flo)

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           This is not my WORLD.

           You're my WORLD.

           You're my EVERYTHING.

           You're the FLOWERS, the GRASS, 

           You're my THOUGHTS,

           You're my EVERYTHING.
           This is not my WORLD.
           You're my WORLD.
          So now.....
                be part of my.....

                  *please comment if you don't mind, i'd really like to know your thoughts (fav poem if you like)*

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:sigh of relief:

Words spoken in silence,

[When language does not suffice]

Like a look or a tear, although concise

Can echo a lifetime in your ear,

Much louder than those you can hear.

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If I Could Fly

If I could fly, where in the world would I possibly go?
Up and away my wings would carry me,
My destination not known!
If I could fly, I’d capture all of the Sun’s rays.
Up and away!
What a sight to see with such a grand milestone!
If I could fly, 
I would always look below.
Down and deep!
My eyes focused only on you.
My journey’s still unknown.
If I could fly, I’d stay on top with memories buried to keep.
Down and deep!
What an experience just to fly through!
Such a waste without you!

If I could fly, I would soar with my best perfection.
Soaring with pride!
My life achieved.
My destination excluding restrictions!
If I could fly, I’d forever remember this glide.
Soaring with pride!
What a thought to preconceive.
Such bright reflections!
If I could fly where in the world would I possibly go?
Up and away I would go only with you.
My destination remaining incognito!
If I could fly, I’d want to stay up and away!
What an incredible zone just to pass through!
Such a magnificent plateau!
If I could fly, I’d fly only for you!

®Registered: 1997 ANN RICH

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Soul mate

Go Go Gone,
and those days are drawn,
when my sight was on you first,
where my heart drew arrest,
don't know what happened,
without you my life will end.

Join hands with me,
to go along thee.
your love makes my sorrows fly,
my dreams go high and high.

You are my heart,
where i paint an art,
to show everyone,
how much i love you then.

Every where I see you,
but no one can find thou,,
like water in a river,
my soul without you tremble with shiver.

when you just pass by,
I shine to see your eye.
it shows your love and affection,
Which you control it by function.

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The Complex Brain


To love or not to love that is the question 
Do I tell him how I feel;
Do I tell him how he makes everything seem surreal? 
Or do I stand back? 
Close my mouth like I've been caught up in a trap
Or should I squeal?
You make life seem so unreal 
This is the way you make me feel
You make life so surreal until;
Reality hits me, that you are no longer mine 
And we had to say our goodbyes 
It was no longer our time to shine
But forever in my heart you remain
I try to keep my feelings domain,
But I cannot resist the urge 
Of how you make me feel.
You make life so unreal 
So surreal 
Just by how you make me feel 
Is this love 
Or is this tragedy
When will my fairly god mother come sprout
And talk to me what all my dreams are about?
Will she give me that glass slipper or will I have to ask her?
I am always scared that my life will end in disaster 
Holding on, not letting 
My hope begins to show.
You saw the vunuablitly  in my eyes,
You saw how easily I begin to cry 
So you took it further, and pretend as if it we're over 
Maybe some things are better for us than we think 
True love can make our hearts sink
And our souls grow bitter 
And our skin turns old
We were once
So brave and bold;
And now we don't even have a place to call home 

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yelling loud

you say you love me 
you say  you care but when it comes down to it
youre not therre
youre just in the corner 
yelling real loud 
youre not worth *****without me 
u have any doubt

i fill my mind with silence i calm the storms
i close my ears 
but youre there 
screaming more
making my mind split into 2 
youre not the man i wanted 
i wanted someone that could do
what youll never do
look after youre daughter and me 
thought that made us 3 but its not u and me
youve decieced 
after the woumb youve been in
we r devided

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Faith not Fear

"Have faith and not fear
 I love you my dear."

How can a woman 
Such as myself
Resist these words
And not fall herself?

I am wary for a reason
For life has been unkind
Love has been shaken
And I have been blind.

I feel that I am unworthy
And that I am forever
Meant to be alone
That this I must endeavor.

You see me as strong
And sometimes outspoken
Yet I am still fragile 
And a part of me is broken.

I want to love again
And to feel the sun
Yet I feel I can't
For I am not the one.

The one who is happy
The one who is glad
For right now I am 
The one that is so sad.

I must admit though
Your persistance is 
Finally getting through
All of my emotional fizz.

I see the light is near
That I may finally be
Happy for once and
That someone loves me.

Please be patient
For sometimes I slip
Stay with me though
And my mood shall flip.

"Have faith and not fear
 I love you my dear."

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Your Love

Your TOUCH; so slightly Wounderful
Your SMILE; a warmth in my Heart

Your VOICE; so soothing to Hear

Your HUGS; a Brace for Ever Lasting Love

Your EYES; a Calming Sensation

Your LOVE; so Mezmerizing to Feel

   YOU; just a PERFECT Gift from GOD

++ Angel4eva++

( hoped you comment :)  ))

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We'll be

We'll be forever building gold mines
from scrap metal and taking
recycled energy to cosmic levels
through third eye

We'll go un-noticed until the heavens turn 
or if our chakras are not aligned 
constantly diverting negative thoughts 
through our meditative lights

We'll build a sandcastle from determination
and live life on the edge,
fulfilling divine order and witnessing creation,
living in the now and staying ahead

We'll tip the earth off it's axis
and trick subconscious mind states into submission
You can catch us in the wind transcending counter reactions
Bi-passing illusions of circumstances 

We'll have an abundance of the maximum
Enough love energy for all who attract our path
We'll be the ones in the light
asking for nothing in return but peace
at last

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My love for you

Do you ever feel like...
You have made the wrong choise?
You...are hurting love...
I feel like that everyday...when I see them...
I had him all to myself...and...I took him for granted...
And now all he does is let her hurt him...over...and over...
I would never do that...again...I already went through it once...
But she does it over again everyday...I dont see how...
How she could do that and still breathe...
I love him so much it hurts...hurts to breathe sometimes...
I feel like half...
The one half says, "forget him..."
The other one says, "steal him away..."
I try to listen to the one who says forget him...
But I usually hear the one that wants me to steal him...
Cuz he is the one I am supposed to be with...
I might be 14...but I know...
I know that I'm in love with him...
That he loves me
That we are supposed to be together...
I also know...I will die before she hurts him again...
Even if I die trying to stop it...
Let's just hope that it doesn't come down to that...

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addicted to you

addicted to you,I am
In so  many possible ways,
Seeking your love,
Cherish every word you write,
Deep in my heart,
I am addicted to your love,
My existence is no longer a  question,
I feel my path is with you,
Where my heart belongs,
Where my head rest to sleep.
addicted to you,I am
no longer in dark,
In stormy night, my light is you,  
courage, laugh,
no longer alone,
With you...... I am addicted,
And yet, not ashamed,
my dear,
Yes, addicted to you,I am

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The Storm

Rain falls on the roof
Each drop plays a familiar note
I toss and turn no sleep to be found
The storm rages on

A chill fills the summer air
My body aches with fear and longing
No comfort to be found inside
The storm rages on

Raindrops hit my face
One by one, they awaken my senses
To erase fear, doubt, and sensibility
The storm rages on

Lightning streaks across the sky
I am blind to the dangers ahead
In the flash of light I see only hope
The storm rages on

As fast as it came
The rain starts to fade
I retreat inside my shelter
The storm rages on

My thirst overcomes me
I am consumed by the need
To feel the rain on my face again
The storm rages on

The stars shine like gems
On a cloudless night
I toss and turn no sleep to be found
The storm rages on

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Let's Not Forget

Let us never forget that God has surrounded us with the best. He gave us
life,  and also has given us hope, as a matter of fact, God gave us more than
most. God love is oh so true! God is good to me and you. Never forget that
the World was made for us to enjoy and not destroy. We must all do our part
to spread God's love and keep peace in our hearts.

Help each other along the way and never forget to pray. Let's not forget that
God is the best and he want everyone to help spread his love, peace, and joy
around the world.

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Life must move on

Life must move on I guess
Yes we all had that before we met
And we made the two one
No more me no more you there was an us

Life must move on I am sure
Teenage dreams and desires must be put on hold
And welcome the realities of truth

Life must move on though it hurts
If we are meant to be for sure
I will be waiting at the other side.

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              SOUL MATE
I came in the name of He who gave you breath.
As certain as the emptiness of time,
as hopeful as your life, and meaningless as death,
I came to stay.

No holy water, no exorcist's demand,
can quench your thirst; your need for all I am.
I fill your head with things not meant to understand,
I came to stay.

I breath your name, tormented you may seem,
and sleepless is your night, I fill your time.
I am the joy of life beyond your dying scream,
I came to stay.

I came in the name of He who gives you death.
I am the calm and blinding of the light.
Forever part of you, I am your very breath.
I came to stay.
...........© Ron Wilson

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all about me

Caring, smart, loving, curious
Daughter of Vernon and Trudy 
lover of shopping, animals, crossword puzzles
who feels happy at school, sad when animals die, and alive when out doors
who gives love, kindness, happiness
who fears doctors, needles, spiders
who would like to see the black sea, Hollywood, and India
who lives in Clear spring, Maryland

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Fr. Christ said “I am the living bread that came down from heaven...

If anyone eats this bread

He will live forever

Who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, abides in Me and I in him"

Essential signs of Eucharistic Sacrament are wheat bread and grape wine

Communion with the Body and Blood of Fr. Christ increases the communicant’s union 
with the Lord God.

Receiving this sacrament strengthens the bonds of charity between the communicant and Fr. Christ

It also reinforces the unity of the Church as the mystical Body of Fr. Christ

The Church recommends the faithful to receive the Holy Communion at least once a year.

Fr. Christ Himself is present in the sacrament of the altar

He is to be honored with the worship adoration

To visit the Blessed Sacrament is a proof of gratitude

Expression of love

Duty of adoration toward Fr. Christ, Jesus our Lord

Written 09182012

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Permanent Love

There'll never be another, wonderful as you,
To make me experience feelings I never knew.
Your soft voice, to my ears, a melodic rhyme,
In the future, to seal it, the wedding bells shall chime.
I won't be the type to love a thousand girls with passing days,
Instead I'll be the one to love you in a thousand ways.

Giving me your love makes me a stronger individual,
Loving you, not just a habit, but now a repeated ritual.
What we now possess, a treasure you've been seeking for years,
You could  sense it's coming through all your past tears.
The heartbreaking trials of our past, only preparation,
For this perfect union, there'll never be separation.

For many others, their so-called love diluted with infatuation,
But ours so strong, in it we've experienced full saturation.
At times you wish to know what makes you the object of my affection,
So many words apply, it seems impossible to make a selection.
For if I choose some, there's so much I wouldn't say,
Because my love for you is so much, it could not all be uttered within a single day.
Our attraction remains as spotless as the feathers of a dove,
So strong, so long, two shall become one, truly permanent love.

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it hurts me alot!!!

It hurts me a lot, when you don’t understand me,
It hurts me when you listen to what I say but don’t understand me.

When you look into my eyes and can’t read them,
When you hold my hand but you didn’t mean it.

When you say everything is fine, when I know its not,
It hurts me a lot when I see you pretend.

Its painful then anything else in this world,
Its like watching you with someone else.

Its like you telling me its over,
Yes it hurts me a lot,
To be with you but not to be with you!!!
Yes it  hurts me Alot!!!

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Rose Petals

Glowing and white, pure liquid flowing
My heart is expanding.
And I hear angels singing a song that fills my soul.
Rose petals are falling.

A slow steady walk, a gentle loping grace.
My smiling man in all black
So gorgeous. So perfect.
So mine.
My face is shining.
The angels are singing.
Rose petals are falling.

A steady warmth
So strong, and so deep
That gentle heat fills me to my core
And I find myself falling


Rose petals are falling.

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Winds of My Aftermath

Feel the hurricane and taste the rain here in the park
Hear me wail and watch me as I make my mark
But do not tell me when it is time to go
For I will be playing here long after dark

Get lost with me here in the brush
Stay the storm that now makes us rush
Meet me here same time next year
And once again I will make you blush

See me stand there upon my mountaintop
Fear the gale as I tend my crop
We will leave for chance what I do not know
And I will beg for mercy, but I will not stop

Over there just beyond the bended trees
Beautifully bending by my gentle breeze
Near Ole' Shadow's Pass, there along the path
You will feel the Winds of My Aftermath
Yes, you will find me whispering in the forest on bended knees
Where you will feel the Winds of My Aftermath

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Coming from the misty lake Lough Leane
Came a beautiful maiden of the name of Niamh
Upon a mare, for she is not from the world of man
A seraphic princess from Anwnn
Upon the shores she claimed around his kin
"I have came for Oisin son of Finn"
"Maiden you come to me so alluringly 
I am he, if we marry for all eternity!"

And so he rode upon her horse to the secrets of Anwnn
For he and she, they'd be happy for all eternity 

Come with me to Anwnn
I am she, your queen Niamh
I have come for you Oisin, son of Finn
Don't leave me or you'll see 
The age of man
The age of man
The age of man

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Woman's wisdom

     Woman's wisdom

  Now it is up to you,
  have a courage,
  and look me in eyes,
  with your own words
  explain that moment 
  of welcoming  me,
  into your heart,
  telling  me what are the difference ,
  between me and them,
  as is important ,
  to accept you, 
  in this magical moment,
  and ask 
  that one question,
  that is on your mind,

  "Will you take my hand,
  will you crash my heart?"

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       don't call me Honey.......
       I am not a bee sh.....t.

       don't call me sweetie,
       that's how I call my daughters.....

       don't call me a baby,
       do I look like one?

       do not call me darling ether,
       that's how I call you,

       don't call me by my name,
       its for business associates only.

        you may call me Love,
       that's who I am,
       and what I have for you,
       my love........

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Tangled Hearts

Tangled hearst sore and fly
My sarrows to day did die
You have freed me from the past
I can love again at last
So I give you my heart as a keep sake
To hold, love and not break
I trust you to be there
 I trust you to care
You are a strong man who understands
Who I am and still holds my hand
Your touch is warm and kiss so true
I know I can trust you
You wont use me and leave
You know I wear my life on my sleave
I am here for you and you are there for me
My sweet sweet man how can it be
I never thought Love was real
But I can't stop how I feel 
So tangled hearts sore and fly
With you only tears of joy will I cry

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Obstacle Illusion

                         I look up at the intimidating sight in front of me in anger.
                                        A frustration so deep, so bottled.
                 I want to punch this obstacle, this enormous steel wall, but I refrain.
                           At least I still have my wits about me...somewhat.

                                           How do I conquer this wall?

                       I look to my left, the wall extends as far as the eye can see...
                                  and to my right, the same. No way around it.
                    My eyes dart up and follow the wall till it disappears in the clouds.

                                            "I am not afraid of heights."
                               I say to the wall...or myself. Doesn't matter,
                                           I will find a way up and over.

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Time has come for Me to depart
Its hard for Me to stay apart
Knowing that pain would just start
I kept U in dark My sweet heart

Days spent were really great
Cant forget the untimely wait  
U always made sure to be late
Just to see Me waiting at the gate

Ur memories being the only medicines , 
To get rid of the loneliness
And to get away from the stress
I know, those will never expire 
And would continue to lit the fire 

Would miss U
From sunrise to sunset
Dream of U
From sunset to sunrise

I know,
Days would not easily flew
My love for U would never discontinue
But For the moment 
I M steering away from U !!! 


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I RUN from FEAR.



I FIGHT cause of FEAR.

I'm FAR from you.

I'm SCARED cause of you.

You're the FEAR that I HUNT.

You're the FEAR that I FIGHT.

You're the FEAR that SCARED me for LIFE.

*Comment if you have any thought and if you like it. oh and some of the poems i write arn't 
always my feelings. their some times just to get through other people so they can have 
something to read that just fit's them.*


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My Love For You Is Easy

There is so much I want to share with you,
But my words are lost deep within me
I have oh so many emotions
How do I make you see

Life is not always that simple
Hear this from my heart
Our faith will concur all
As we stand here at the start.

Not speaking to you is going to kill me
You there and me here
But one day soon that will change
And I will finally have you near.

The Angels they did send you
The day that we met
Our love will last forever
As in stone it was set

Come fly, fly with me baby
Oh come fly with me
We can explore our love together
And set all our deepest emotions free

For the skies are without limits
And the tree tops we sour too
Perched upon a branch
Our love is forever true

I never meant for this to happen
But I am sure glad it did
Hearing your love and laughter
Makes me feel like a kid

Please never doubt my love
What is shared between you and me
Cause I am here to forever hold you
You just wait and see

But for now, I have to be patient
And except our destiny
But I promise you this my darling
You are forever within me.

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Love Spell check


This is for all of the people who have trouble with saying' in the
spelling in the name of LOVE.....


LOVE is just one of
The words' that people
Find trouble.....
Spelling Out...
This word is full
 Of complication's
And is the catalyst
For the renderning
As needed to form
Family relation's
Or just a conversation
    Piece for friends'
Fore their are those' 
Dose not get the true


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What is love?
It's a strong emotion,
It's a connection,
Either emotional or physical attraction.
The want and desire is there.
You need to develop it,
at your own risk.
So take a chance,
Live a little.
Put your heart out there,
To know you can love.
Love has its uos and downs.
You can't get a heartbreak,
if you don't love,
And so just take a chance,
Give your heart to somebody.
Someone who stands as a pillar in your life.
You should be able to love them.
If you give loveand respect,
you will get it in return.
As they say what goes around comes around.

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What effects has covetousness or Greed in our souls

Covetousness or Greed begets 
In our souls unkindness
Dishonesty, deceit
And want of Charity or Love

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Light Switch

Light switch: a toggle in which to turn something on or off...

Some would call it a gift
Others would say a curse
But I have dwelling inside me
A switch, a toggle if you may
That most don’t have 
And many wished they did
When I make up my mind
To flip this switch
That’s it
No more
I’m done
The end
There’s no turning back
Something inside dies
Withers away
The roots rot
And whatever’s left
Blows away in the wind
It’s a way of surviving
Easier switching off
Than to keep getting hurt
Let down
Than to have faith in someone
Only for them to toss you away
People aren’t born with this
It takes consistent, diligent effort
To make someone choose 
To install the switch
Or choose to continue to care
Years and years of building up
Until one day 
There’s nothing left to give
All that one can see
Is an unsurpassable valley
Full of debris and garbage
Where others threw your faith 
Your love
Another piece of you away
Once I flip it
The tie between us is severed
Never again will I choose
To let you near enough
To touch me
See inside of me
Take another piece of me
I’ve flipped the switch
No illumination of me
Only cold, lonely darkness

For the contest: The Secondhand Emotion

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No Title to This

Stuck at the bottom 

I'm caving in. 

One thought of you not here 

Puts me in a claustrophobic nightmare. 

I can't wake up. 

I may not see you again. 

Reality isn't different from my sleep. 

I'm still running aimlessly away to nowhere. 

I'm so blinded. 

Every second is hidden that I'm spinning in circles. 

Makes me reckless, violent, purple dead. 

Over and over something's wanting me to say 

I was a creep for treating you that way. 

Can you forgive me? 

I promise I won't make you cry. 

One more chance I'll be a loyal friend. 

Walk to your door. 

I'm closing in. 

Standing on thin ice there's no turning back. 

I'll say it straight out without fumbling. 

For once in my life 

I confess it was a mess. 

Screwed up everything special we had planned. 

But now I'm here alone. 

Hope is my only invisible ally. 

I raise my white flag to the skies. 

Will you operate my wounded heart? 

The stakes are high. 

But I'm willing to continue where we left off 

If you have room in your heart for rent.

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The Real Reason

I was so above you
And it was very clear to see
But I came to give you my heart
sacrificing all I had 
Just for shot at love
we started off so strong 
I actually thought it was you were worth it
We had a lot in common 
So it made easy for us to talk
We were going so good
But caught in the act 
You said you and I did not make sense
But I must admit I was glad It was over

Now the real reason I gained back my life
And You just lost best thing in your life
Thus why I smiled when I caught you kissing that other boy

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How to Invest in your Valentine Hours ?

How to Invest in your Valentine Hours ?

Daisies are Stubby,
Daffodills have a Spout,
Watch out for Cupid,
For He's Sure to be Out.

Poppies are Red,
Forget-Me-Nots are Blue,
Be Sure to get Flowers,
For your Little Missy-Sue.

Marigolds are Short,
While Sunflowers are High,
Chocolates are Sweet,
Prepare for your Cutie-pie.

Pink Pansies with Petals so Soft,
Lily of the Valleys that Smell so Sweet,
This Time and Day you Must Share,
Dinner on the Town will Be a Nice Treat.

Some Flowers like to Climb,
While many Others Seem to Crawl,
A Smile - Tight Hug with a Gentle Kiss,
Realizing your Efforts were Worth it ALL !

Written by William Arthur Tell

Lu 12:27 Consider the lilies how they grow: they toil not, they spin not; and yet I say unto 
you, that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

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Where Do I Stand

I stand at the crossroads
too many to count
I spin around in circles
seeing doubles all about.

He reminds me of my father
says I'm a lot like his mother
I just wish he could look deeper
than age or beauty and other.

I want to see him as God does
wish he'd see me in that light too
we look for things in common
but these are so few.

We each spend days alone
though we talk on the phone
we keep ourselves busy
we've got skills to hone.

I wonder where we're going
only God knows for sure
He's told me about changes...
a bit of what I'll endure.

We've both been hurt 
that I surely know
so I see we'll be taking this
a little easy and slow.

God can heal our wounds
binding up our hearts
He'll speak to us through us 
replacing any missing parts.

I know we're going somewhere
I'll take the road he does
we'll be carrying our Bibles
deep inside of us.


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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      the wish I try to hide,
                      is no longer a wish,
                      its a visible feeling I have for you
                      that one only can imagine,
                      waiting to be unleashed,
                      in a soft desirable kiss,
                      placed on sugary lips,
                      kiss that burns inside of me,
                      as is in you

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i miss you

i miss you

i walk into your heart without fear
i talk within your heart without tear
i hold unto your love; it say
told unto your arms, stay
come towards your eyes not in tear
i said as i whisper unto her ear
your heart beat i feel o' my dear
and the memory it brings so soothing my dear
as i looked a little closer to you
to bring your touch closer to mine
and drift my thoughts in yours same time
i realized 'am so far from you
and all alone; i miss you

poem: 'i miss you' 

from: 'fallen leaves', book no.11 of 2012 (oct.2012) 

onalethuso petruss ntema (opn) 
ntema's unique poetry (nup) tm

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Too Much Of Me

I feel like I'm all alone
Feeling like such a no one.
Al I do is Cry.
All I wanna do is hide.

It's taking too much of me.

Tearing me apart
Breaking me down,
It's killing me now.

It's stealing everything.

There's a lot,
That I didn't know
Somethings I wish was to be
Left unknown. 

It's pulling me under.
It's time to get over,
The fact that I was left alone,
Thrown, to the curb.
Hurt with no words. 

It's taking too much from me

I feel so dumb,
My body is numb.
You got up and left 
The person I thought you loved.

You Took All Of Me,
Maybe Too Much Of Me.

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You and I

You and I.


Your heart blazed,
with a warmth of spirit,



soaked in truth.

Your smile burned,
branding me permanently,



enveloping my being.

Your love was complete,
from the depths of your soul,


yet fierce,

bathed in silent knowing.

Your dreams were poetic,
fluttering in the afternoon breeze,
infused with the distilled essence of rhyme.


I squandered your generosity of spirit.

I vainly discarded your priceless poems.

Now I stand,




wasting away,

rotting inside, day by day.

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Love Right!?

People think they have to say "i love you" in relationships..
but no not really...

some times it makes me feel like i HAVE to say i love you if some one says it to me.

" i love you is a very very special word"

people have to understand that they have to be wise with the word "i love you" 

because if  you say it to anyone... then when you really mean it.. it wont feel ture....

*comment on what you think*

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MidNight Wishes

Even though i did not hear your voice tonight i'm still ahit,
I will go on like this for ever, i wont go out without a fight. 
I'll fight till the end of this life to win your heart,
All you have to do is tell me when to start.

The music blarrin in my head phones at 1:52 AM and i'm lovin it, 
cause it helps me remember your gorgeous smile like it was meant to fit. 
Wanting to feel your touch and kisses all over me ignites the fire in me,
Wanting to take you by your hand and run wild in a big sea. 

There aint much i can say to express myself but this will have to do for tonight,
I think its just that i haven't reached height.
You no I love you and that's all that matters or will ever matter to me,
I will love you till i die, like I told you before, cant you see? 

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Hello.../...Goodbye to Us

So eloquent the beauty absorbed around you;

You uplifted me by your sweet aroma.

Oh, I'm very sorry to say,

That day in May caused a breath to pay.

You stole my heart away

And cured my parading heartache;

Only if I'd known what would have brought that day,

Then I'd have hidden and gone another time.

I felt plagued and wanted to die;

As a lover would take a shot for you, I'd dodge infinity for you.

Yet only a stranger we both were, 

I'm here writing this letter swollen with a million tears of heavy cries. 

Maybe it could have been fate that we unofficially met;

A destiny resulting in both loss and gain.

A second's glance is certain to be the catch,

Since here I stand alone in the rain.

A passive reflection of sorrow illuminates from the scar;

My heart begins to beat slowly in rhythm with my eyes. 

The ticking of the clock abruptly stops;

"I know you're up there," I finally whisper  


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Sweet, candy love

Love is a splendid thing, painted sugary sweet, with pink purity. It’s an amazing thing, for two, who can only share this everlasting journey of truthfulness. It’s pure with honesty and undying truthfulness. For it shall always crave the pure, honest sweetness of its captive victims. 

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My pillar a dying log, 
had stood firm through tireless tides. 
My pillar a shrunken log, 
her skin depicts all her life journyings. 
My pillar shall break soon, 
She promised not to break so soon. 
With grace i had polish her frail skin, 
Fed her all chance had granted me. 
Her ground cracks and shall stable her no more,
If thee perish,curse the soil and its greedy mammoths.

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The full moon waxing

The amazing way we came to know
We each had some place else to go

where eternal sparks of passion’s fire
too hot to quench with earthly flesh

We understood our wants and needs
Taking eternity into account
never crossed our minds
when we evaluated our lives

We now step back and evaluate
our relationships
our accomplishments
and believe in our choices

We live a life our parents
could not even imagine
but the one thing they taught us
still holds true... the children are the most important thing.

rlm '08

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Simply Unforgetable

Lol here i go writing another big ass letter today. Gosh seeing you for those 15 min or wat ever is now making my heart sing. you have no idea how much i am happy right now.
you cant even imagine how happy i am right now. I GOT TO SEE MY ANGEL AGAIN.
gosh looking into your eyes was a nicest trip i ever taking. even on drugs i didnt have that big of a high as i got after seeing you.
FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUK! i am so FUKIN happy you can't even FUKIN imagine. lol. i wanna hear your voice so bad again. just to boost my high right now. lol. DAMN i think my heart is gonna stop right now of how happy i am right now that i saw an angel like you today.
Gosh no one ever made me as happy as i am right now as you. Damn i wanna see you so much right now. So how do you expect for me to live with just me. MUAH i love you baby.

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Nerves Gone Wild

Nerves in a jar, my life is a mess
I hurt form this world as my poem suggests
Cut from a rose that smells no more
Healing like a dove thats flown shore to shore
What became of our love thats anybodys guess
We forgot about thinking, now about what comes next

Some of the times I will remember more I will forget
It hurts today tommorrow I will give it my best
My head becomes heavy my mind becomes my nest
What to do with all of the love I have here hidden in my vest
Come to my sences my heart in my hand
I think about all of the things that I can
My now today I understand
I can will you the love to better comprehend
From here I wish you the world
The universe a best
Untill you are willing 
The person beside me is only a guest

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tell me why you know
about the once icy cold
that was in my heart

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My last dying breath

With my last dying breath, I will whisper your name. As my life slips away slowly, so does this pain. 
   Your name passes my lips, and releases it's grip. No more need to hold on, to this broken love trip. 
   Let me die all alone, you're too cold to come home. Now here in this light, your true colors have shown. 
   I held on for so long, said I'll never let go. But I've found peace in my soul, as my heart starts to slow. 
   Now burry me deep, in my own silent tomb. So heaven can take me, into it's uplifting womb. 
   I'll look down from the sky, as you struggle through life. And quietly pray, you get through all this strife. 
   At days end your alone, in your own bed of lies. And no one will hear, when your heart breaks and cries. 
   But  if you say you can fake it, 'til you finally make it. Then my life's in your hands, so feel free to take it. 

   For this life's not a game, we can play with no shame. It's a legend and story, that we leave with our name. 
   I'll go down in the books, as a man of good deeds. You'll go down with the world, suffocated in greed. 
   Now I'll spread my great wings, I'll look up and I'll fly. Leaving my last written passage, where I bid you good bye...

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Dark love revival

Hate, depression, and sorrow
wrap me in a shroud of darkness
suffocating me, making me feel empty
it hurts not knowing happiness
yet there is light, hope to help me through
why is this little light
this tiny bit of warmth
in all this cold 
how does it survive
why does it stay
is it trying to help
is it love, is that why it's warm
is it hope
is that why it's bright
or is it a person
I love in a manifestation of light
It's the girl I love and always will

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Here I am, restless in my bed again.
Wondering if I ever cross your busy mind.
Wondering if the sight of your face will ever light up my eyes again.
I am afraid of losing you.
Afraid that I will never touch you again.
I miss the memories we made.
How we made love everyday.
How every word you tell me comforts even the deepest fears I have.
I love you.
And because I love you I will justify how devoted I am to you.
Regardless of what happened, I will never give up on you.
I will never quit on the promise my love made to you.
Your love for me I could never repay,
And someday you will see that we were meant to be together.
We were meant to get married and have kids.
We were meant to live our lives with nothing but love to fall back on.
I love you.
And because I love you, here I am.
Restless in my bed again.
Wondering if I ever cross your busy mind.
Wondering how a perfect love can go wrong.
But I will never give up because I am in love.
I may falter, but I will never fail.
I am too persistent to fail on you.
You are my driving force, the reason I do my best.
But without you, I am lost. I cannot go on.
So I ask myself,
Why am I here restless in my bed again.
Wondering if I ever cross your busy mind.
And today I swear this vow.
I am not an angel but I am true.
I will always love you.

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In His Numbers

It always' takes numbers'
To save the Day,
November 22nd.....
Now that was a Day
John F. Kennedy was
Assonated on the very day
It was also my birthday
I was a Twin
Born, to be a friend
To the end..
Then their is Turkey Day
       Needless to say
It rotates every few years'
     On my birthday,
The Lord must have planned
               It this way....
My twin had Little Gwen
God's little gift from the Twins'
She was also born on the 22nd
Of November....
She was now to become
The next of Ken,
Fore sacred is Her name
But, still in Life///
She has Her own Lion
To tame...
Born to me on February 28th
I had two daughters'
Jamelliah and Malika
They always' say that I
Spell their names wrong
         As though, I was
      The Grim Reaper'
But, What the heck..
So, I say, get a Spell-CHECK
Then you will know what I mean
I have a Poetic License, 
My conscious is clean...
Born of different years'
Their mother is my
     eX-gIRL fRIEND
That is how it all began
No body knows how 
It will end....
You know the significance of
February 28...
If not, then you ought to...
That is a case for fate....
It wasn't the calendar 
The babies' were late...
How would you feel if your
Birthdate came every 3 YEAR's
Would that give you a chill
Tell me, how does' that feel
Now this Poem must end
And I just have to sit and think
Because, When I print this' out
I may just run out of Ink..
Oh', What do you think...?


PS: your friend in the pen/GF

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Two hearts beat, now beating faster; beating until they're one 
Two souls breathe, now breathing deeper; breathing until they're done 
Two lovers see forever, and forever is where they run 
One child comes home tomorrow for life has just begun 

Even when the rainbow's glowing, the skies can seem so gray 
Even when the wind's not blowing, the tides can turn your way 
And when the water's raging, beneath skies that seem so blue 
It's just your body aging, and it has nothing to do with you 

So now when our God comes calling, I'll hold your hand and stroke your hair 
Yes, as snowflakes start falling, I will look for you everywhere 
And Mother, as you start flying, remember as you rise above 
Marlene, you are not dying, but finding everlasting love 

One child goes home tomorrow to embrace the Father and the Son 
One child who knows no sorrow, for life has just begun

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Emotional Hole

I did not find myself to be so important
So I ask my friends do I seem distant?
When I ask the question I had received an answer, Yes
So I think that made it clear that I had been not the best
I am a friend of a friend that talks so many things
That friend talks to much it is insane and insanity it brings
I do care, about my friends they are all good people
They tend to stand on their high steeple 
Today I find myself not so aware
Disbanding my fear of regret and care
Walking many different paths I see that I have found holes
It is the path that people choose to use to fuel their rage with coals
Coals are partially burnt wood or fossils a piece of fuel
It is the source of burden and fire a rage of emotions that stands cruel
It can be warm and caring, but it also can be baring
I just start to feel so low, below the ground I keep on staring
I reach for my friends so many times I feel so ignorant at times
Just once I feel I should not rely on them when feeling I can not find 
I dig my hole deeper and I can not climb out
For some reason I am just full of doubt
I care about so many things and what I have is confusion
One person should be all I should think about to get out of that illusion
My battle in my heart and mind is not at all so pleasant
I feel so alone in an island that is shaped like a crescent
My emotions is like coinciding with a diameter of the semicircle
Not a full emotion that is complete like a circle
My feelings is circular full of incomplete thoughts, so much deeper
I feel it will wake up my evil half a evil soul that is a sleeper
What question should I ask myself? to believe that I am not so alone
As I feel like a person who is deteriorating to the bone
I ask my friends the same question once again
I figure I should do it, to know what kind of feelings I should end
So many thoughts that come out of my feeling
I feel like my friends take, an emotional trauma of stealing
They ask me questions and I answer theirs
But when I need mine answered I feel burning inside like a flare
Are they even friends when they do not take me serious in anyway
Just put me in my hole cause I feel nothing in their will be getting in my way
It's just so simple to answer someones problem
I answer friends with beauty of a rose, but when they answer mine I get the stem
I know the stem is very important in life, with out it how can a rose be a rose
With a hole to put the root and stem in how can it grow
The words we speak I guess is like all natural things we reap and sow

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Fool's Gold

I see you, I believe in you!
I die in you, I will behold.
Yes I will be a fool’s gold.
In the morning, I am two.

Come deep into me you fool.
Like one I’m your two fold.
Correct me now and be bold.
Your day is mine I do rule.

I scream I shout and I am loud.
Oh My God! Where art thou now?
Fly higher up in my white cloud,
I will show Him absolutely how!

Do me once shame it all on me! 
I am the only one you can see.

® Registered Ann Rich 2011

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Ray of Hope

 A season of storms we weathered
Fought against the waves of rain
Tried to build our own shelter
With what we had left
Scattered all around us
Only for it to be blown away
Leaving us naked
Exposed to the elements
Shivering from being soaked
We could feel it in our bones
Weary and worn
Our spirits beat down
Finding no relief
We began to seek escape
In all the wrong places
Only to travel in circles
With no direction
But we kept trudging through the mud
Against the relentless wind
Losing sight of the plans laid out for us
Losing sight of what we held close to our hearts
Only looking at what we lost
Losing the sense to fight
Until we were neck deep
Until we were drained
Until we had nothing left in us
Until it seemed all hope was gone
Of escaping this never ending season
Solid ground was nowhere in sight
Our knees buckled and we fell
Crawling with every last thing we had in us
Until we collapsed
The fight was over
Laying there realizing
What we were losing
That we gave it our all
Fought with all our might
But that we could no longer continue
This seemingly never ending battle
Our vision had become cloudy
We lost our way
We lost everything so dear
Raining pelting down on us
Mixing with our tears
Unable to hear our sobs
Unable to hear our hearts break
Over the roar of the thunder
We done all we could do on our own
The only place to look is up now
Look to the heavens
To see a break in the clouds
A ray of sunshine beams through
As the last drop of rain falls
Glistening like a diamond
We are bathed in light and warmth
Relief washing over us
A single ray of hope
Beckoning us
As the clouds roll away
Seeing the beauty
All around us
That was always there
Masked by a season of storms
Trying to survive them on our own
Instead of seeking The Shelter in the storm
We find the strength to stand
Embracing each other desperately
Realizing what we almost lost
Crying tears of joy
Something happened inside of us
Our eyes were opened
Our hearts softened
Filled with hope
Neither has felt before
Hand in hand
We began to walk in the direction of the Light

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Into The Blue

A place where I can go to let down my hair
Become that of a still smooth sleeping bear
Gone with the wind is my worries and cares
Into beautiful eyes, where mine can stare

As each grain of sand slips through my hand
I recall each time that I held your hand
The way you made me feel like a man
This is the place where I can escape,
From Lifes binding plans 

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here 4eva

When all hope is lost

when the birds have stoped

signing their sweet melody,

and the flowers lost their sweet scent,

when the grass started withering,

u were there for me.

u defied the odds and stood tall when i was down.

u were able to reach down on me

u reached my hand and pulled me up.

u believed in me even when i didnt believe.

u made me your hero.

and for that i regard as the best gift in my life.

i will rise again and be the hero in me that you have always seen.

i will stand by you forever.

naw i am a believer,
 all because of you.

and when i look over my shoulder,

i see the dark past that was my life.

and the thought of you brings light to all of it.

now i can walk with my head held high

because i kno wat m made of

and what i have to do.

i know i have to build you and i

a little heaven on earth

where we will live a happy life that all of us always dreamt of.

we came from humble beginings

and today we stood as legends in the name of love.

we wrote the story of our love in sand

hoping that the wind will not wipe away.

but we dont know of the happenings of tomorrow,

so lets rejoice today,

wat our love has created and brought upon us.

u have not deserted me,

In my darkest hour,

i will also be here with you forever,

for i know u do not want me to go anywhere.

you showed me how it is to love,

i will return the love you gave me

and will remain true to you as u have been true to me.

you are every reason, every hope and every dream i ever had,

and no matter what happens to us in the future,

every day we are together

is the greatest day of my life.

m going nowhere.

unless you push me.

but i will move with greater resistance.

for i do not want to go anywhere,

here is where i want to spend the rest of my days,

i have became happier each day since u came into my life.

and i want to share the happyness with you.

if you will let me stay and enjoy the happyness with you.

there will be obstacles in the journey,

but i think both of us will tacle the obstacle together and overcome.

u always had faith in me,

i also have faith in you, and will forever have that faith,

i plead with you to never loose the faith in me,

even through my downfalls.

m here with you and for you

M here 4eva.

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I Wish


That i did not have to see people on the streets
with no home, food
or even water or money to live on.


I could be in a band and be all i can be
like the birds and the bees
and how they fly so freely


That her heart wouldnt be broken and maybe if he loved her
she wouldnt have died she would have lived forever in his arms


That everyone could get along and that we all could be at peace, maybe the war would end 
and the sound of music can play again


that her or his bully would see if they keep up all this hurt and fear that they put on someone 
else by huritng them will soon end the world in sadness


My art could sing like the lyrics of a song
and that everyone could see the art teens draw from there own hearts
and there bleeding minds of there souls.

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The Broken Heart- Her Fatal Mistake

She smiles at two beautiful white doves
Prompting her to pray to above
Wondering will she ever find love
Her heart continues to ache
Pain so deep, she just can not take
The doves fly into the sky
Thinking she must be the reason why
Alone she is getting ready to say her final goodbye
Clouds creeping in… She begins to walk towards the lowering sun
Dreaming of that day she thought she met the perfect one
A young girl once ambitious and fun
Her heart ripped into two
Wishing for a simple fix, yet there is no strong enough glue
Still walking towards the sun
Ignoring what is about to come
A pain far too much to take
She chose to make that fatal mistake 

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Teardrops of sorrow

Teardrops of sorrow, stream down her face. As she thinks of tomorrow, and feels out of place.
Lies and infidelity, clouding her thoughts. She knows they were weaknesses, she could have fought.
As the one that she loved, slips slowly away. She lies to herself, saying she'll be okay.
Living her life, cold day after day. She'll one day break down, and quietly pray.
"Help me dear father, in heaven above. Help me be strong, and teach me to love. "
"Show me my worth, and my light that's inside. Give me my courage, and rebuild my pride. "

A hollow dark hole, sits in place of her heart. Cause her values and morals, have all fall'n apart.
What once was a sweet, and innocent girl. Is now lost and lonely, consumed by this world.
She'd sacrifice anything, just to fit in. Sacrifice everything, and give in to sin.
Loved ones may forgive her, but they'll never forget. She's strayed far from her path, but they won't give up yet.
Holding her hand, they'll help her get through. But it won't change the fact, that she was untrue.

She damaged the heart, of a very good man. Did things that he, just can't understand. 

Now I have no doubt, she loved him to death. But love's just a word, mumbled under our breath. 

For actions have always, spoke louder than words. And hate is the sound, most commonly heard. 

If you don't like the feelings, expressed in these lines. Then cover your ears, and cover your eyes. 

For a bitter cold boy, wrote down this letter. But he wrote it to say, that he's doing better.

Lying awake, in the mid of the night. He smiles and says, "I'm doing alright. "

Floating away, on an ocean of memories. He piles up the sand, to block off his enemies.

Moving along, he hopes she's okay. But he won't let the thoughts of her, get in his way. 

Lying awake, likely miles apart. They each fall asleep, with a hand on their heart. 

For life is a Story, often painful to tell. But sleep sweet tonight, for they're both doing well.  


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Lydia's DaddY

...eyes puffy                       
      caked up with cry

Daddy ain't comin' home
         she don't know why...
grown folk sadness
         ripping inside her

       All she's known about lovin's 
               in the coffin beside her

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Hope Through Life

I can't always tell you what I see,
Or what you'll have in this life.
But honey please believe me,
I'm striving to show you somehow. 

I'm begging Forever to hold you,
And I'm pleading time to stand still.
And if all the world needs to disappear,
Then all will be done by my will.

I've seen Heaven and Hell join forces.
I've wished on the stars in your eyes.
If ever I think that I've lost sight,
Well you're there to help guide back my mind.

And I can't fight the tears that keep coming
When I fall through the darkness in light.
And when I'm lost in lines and verses,
You know I'll find hope through life.

I can't always tell you tomorrow,
But there's a reason that I'm here tonight.
I'm not one for superstition; I keep looking for truth in this life,
But still I wish on the stars in your eyes.

And I can't fight the tears that keep coming
When I fall through the darkness in light.
And when I'm lost in lines and verses,
You know I'll find hope through life.
Yeah you know I'll find hope through life.
Yes I know that I'll find hope through life.

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This Is How I Feel

I have this urge to tell you I miss you, 
as if I have already met you!

So far away from eachother, 
but our hearts are connected together in a way
unknown to onenother.

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Fresh and crisp were the air and love,
Bright mornings and nights hovered from above.
Love was careless, faith was blind, hope leaped wildly,
hearts were kind.
I was sure, I was certain, I was positive.

Faults were carried to and fro,
Not from our lips did they grow.
You grew wings, I grew limbs,
Commitments masked themselves as whims.
Love was careful, faith could see,
Hope walked slowly, hearts did bleed.
I was sure, I was certain, I was positive.

Fresh and crisp are the air and love,
Bright mornings and nights hover from above.
Love is careless, faith is blind,
Hope is leaping, our hearts are kind.
You are positive, I'm still sure,
You are positive, love's yet pure.
You are positive, I'm still certain,
I'm still positive.

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Queen of The Vultures

One step into her aflamed path
With even an intention so good
Anyone could, yet none should
She knits your lips with her name
So you won't remember 
the one who's heart you hold
Your lovers' bane

Her Eden's Revenge is all she contains
The destruction of your soul is all that remains
The Queen of Vultures and Wargs
She serves Asmodeus and nothingmore
Sitra Achra you will surely find
Misstress of Mayhem
The lights grow dim 
You've found the blood of your love

"Just dream if it was only you and me
Far into the left side far from The Hand of God
Run with me into the deeps of Sitra Achra"

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A little Blue Dress

An evening on the shore
Where two people were made one
But became something more
The night of fun had begun
But there was more instore
A little blue dress had won
her smile had left mine floored
A sweet laugh that tied my tounge
Eyes that let my mind soar but
Before I could take a breath,
 my heart had plunged
deep into a sea of uncertanty
I was Wrapped up in a dream, 
Relations seemed to be something I had yet to feel in a while
A distance in between not emotions but miles
Years of built up blockades eroding at a rapid rate
Resesitating my ability to trust another mate
Her words that seemed strong as oak had me hanging on by a rope
Lured me in with a sweet false hope
So I poured my heart and her response was to choke
Pokin at the fact that Im the one who has to cope
Little did she know it was more than my heart that just broke
Now Ive lost it, trying to proccess these lies are making me naceous
Next time be more cautious my mother said, 
Its becoming a grind to deal with these losses again
And even though I feel as If I fell apart and landed flat on my face
God showed me I hit the ball out of the park and now were winning the race

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Time Heals All Wounds, But It Doesn't Rid The Scars

Faith lost, love failed All because of what's unveiled. And in this pain I have been jailed. It was not you, it was all me And no one else will ever see How these things all came to be But now it's lost, now it's gone I watch the sky for signs of dawn Yet I never played you as my pawn. I hid in dark, I hid in lies I kept it all from dark brown eyes I now await for harsh goodbyes. No one will see, no one will hear The reasons I held these secrets dear Yet visions' still blurred by means of tears I watched you rise, I watched you grow And that's why you did not know The deceit I had yet to show. It was your laugh, it was your smile That kept me quiet all the while Trudging every single mile You own my soul, you own my heart I can not bear for us to part Let me help the healing start I am a human, I am a girl And mistakes come about and whirl Causing rivers of silver pearls You do not believe, you do not trust This healing process is a must The reliance will rise up from the dust It will take long, it will take time And many, many clocks will chime Until our love's back in it's prime I love you now, I love you forever Please let us spend it all together I want to part not now, not ever.

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My Friend Is My Love...

I couldn’t read, I couldn’t write…
That my world would no more ever be bright.
With the morning sun I would rise,
The day ahead full with surprise.
He took me here, he took me there,
We planned the day for everywhere.
We sat together all alone,
Speaking of things, which were atone.

Our minds would argue, but hearts unite,
We kept opposing, although right.
He bought me chocolates I never shared,
I would joke on him, but he never cared.
He brought me flowers from the bushes around,
A red one hidden as yellows surround.
I always pretended I would never see
But in my heart I would just let it be.

Back in my room when it was 7 again,
I would sit quiet, and feel the pain.
As I realized that another day would end,
He would stay a day longer I would pretend.
With sleepless nights my eyes would swell,
Moistened with bitter tears and love’s spell.
The morning would come and go again,
But the realization would still remain.

And one sudden  day it was the day,
He kept staring at me and couldn’t say.
I made him promise he would never let know,
When it was time for him to leave and go.
But the look in his eyes I knew there was no next day,
I couldn’t make him stop, not in any way.
I ran away, far away from where he was,
Picturing him looking at me, as that was the last.

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intact and holy body

care for your body--
it is God-given; keep it
intact and holy

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My dream wedding day

Looking at the first blush of the morning,
I know its the perfect day for a wedding.
The big fat white wedding, the dream,
To which every little girl clings.
I tell myself as I watch the clouds turn white,
That this is the happiest day of a woman's life,
And that nothing should come in between,
The perfect bride and her groom.
I remember those young moments when I used to dream,
Of how our wedding would seem.
It was just like I had imagined,
A pretty day like today.
Slipping into my white dress and stilettos,
I think of the way you had proposed.
The way I had always wished for,
A dazzling ring in sparkling champagne.
I switch to happier thoughts from our past,
Holding hands, watching stars, laying on the grass.
We were high school sweethearts,
The perfect couple was what they called us.
We spent our days sneaking in a few kisses,
We used to pretend to be Mister and Mistress.
We were in love,
The crazy, eternal and rare kind.
Memories are shoved as mother comes into the room,
Holding a few red roses in full bloom.
Her eyes are teary and her voice is shaky,
As she whispers that she is proud of me.
Tears spill but I smile as I slide into the car,
Remembering the times you'd sing to me with your guitar.
The times you'd reach over and,
Tuck a stray lock of hair behind my ear.
I laugh silently as I remember on the way to the chapel,
You saying once you were the beast and I, the belle.
You  always bring little candles and gifts,
And laugh as I make my birthday wish.
I wonder if you'd be laughing today,
As you cut the wedding cake with the sugar bouquet.
If you'd remember our old ceremonies,
In the event of your new one.
I walk through the gates smiling at our old friends,
And take your brother's hand as his arm extends.
He takes me in but lets me go,
As we reach the door to the flowery hall.
I peek through the crack to see you there,
At the altar smiling, running a hand through your hair.
I slip in and move to the side,
As the wedding march starts to play.
In came the blushing bride, walking gracefully down the aisle,
At her friends and family, she nods and smiles.
As I hold my breath and wipe my eyes,
Our high school love story plays in my head. 
I remember the day we promised we'd never part,
Because I would always be the one in your heart.
But your bride and you exchange your vows,
And I find myself repeating them inside.
The priest asks you to kiss your bride,
And I quickly slip outside.
Because no matter how alright I say I am,
Letting you go was the hardest thing I had ever done.
- Miliya Parveen

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To Part is to Die

To part is to die;
Means forever that I
Will give my heart, body and mind,
Whenever to fight
For the rest of my life...

I will always try
To give you the sun, moon, and stars,
And everything under the sky.
I will forever strive
To quench you when you're dry,
If you're low, build you high.
Help you spread wings and fly...

To catch every tear you cry.
To never be the reason they fall from your eye.
Look into mine,
I promise no lie,
Together our dreams are infinite,
Let's bring them alive.
The world is divine,
So let's take our time,
And enjoy each treasure that crosses our line.
Thought the path may curve, each mountain we'll climb.
We'll never swerve and never divide.
Place your heart in my hand and I'll give you mine.
We'll put together our knots and let love make tie.
Swear on my entity, to never abandon your side.
No more, no less;
To part is to die.

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I Cherished

I Cherished our moments together.
I'll Cherish them moments forever.
I'll capture our love in my memories
right before it dies.
I'll forget about your love
when you get sick of me
and I can't say that I didn't try
to love you
but Ima learn to forget you
and girl I won't even miss you.
They say love is pain and vice versa
well if you keep this up
our love will get worser.
I can't even talk to you
I don't even acknowledge you.
I'm not even proud of you
I don't even smile for you.
If you needed visine I wouldn't give you
or drop or two
but if you really loved me
I'd empty out the whole bottle for you.
I held your love 
right here in my palms.
I held your body in my arms.
Girl when you got cold
I definitely was the one who kept you warm.
Everytime our love got old
the love was religiously then reborn.
I guess our love rebirth
would be the answer.
does my my opinion even matter?
Making our love work
would of been the answer
but was the love real?
that is my final question
and if it was
it would take you
only a couple of seconds to answer.
Recent Moments. Endless Memories
a deep emotion that's living within me.

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Drops of May Weather Storms

I know your pain 
Although I don't know what's happening, 
I can still feel the vain. 
Seems like the beginning is the ending 

One moment there's bliss 
It feels much like a wet kiss. 
But out of nowhere you see a mirror, 
"It felt so real," as you stand there alone. 

You try to make sense of it all; 
Yet everything begins to fall. 
"AHHHH!" you scream to the top of your lungs. 
Your blue eyes are running waterfalls. 

It hurts me to see a single tear, 
You're not the only one to hide in the room. 
Swallow your tears, don't let it drop, 
A splash will only cause more bitter props. 

But like I say, 
Tomorrow will always bring another day. 
So Faith, throw away your thorns, 
anticipating a happy God-given next day.

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tell me

you told me one time 
you cared for me day and night
no im lost with time

Details | Prose Poetry | |


She makes… rainbows sprout from her fingertips with every touch of my corpses flesh, her angelic
 presence, bringing sunshine to my cheek with lips unshaded, her kisses, were full of sun beamed 
pleasures and, all I could do was steal them, steal love from the heart of one whom I felt, I’d never be 
deserving of. Introducing life to the hands of one broken, tattered by his past and scared of the déjà 
vu. Only hoping that she, could wipe the waterfalls from his grassy planed face. When she did so much 
more with just a stare, she, penetrated his mind and made him fall so… so peaceful like. With truth only 
found in the way her hands serenaded his cheeks as her lips marinated his and we fade… into 
teardrops in the ocean, knowing I’d drown forever for a kiss on my corpse cheek just to know… that 
you’ll always love me and never hurt me… not like the others did. Fear is the death of bravery, but I’d 
soon go toe to toe with the rights to your eternity to prove that, we were made for each other. 
Carrying the cross for my own crucifixion if it’d show how much I love her. &you could pierce my body 
and all I’d bleed is the reasons I love her, then die and be reborn on the 23rd hour to prove that… I 
could never go a day without her. So I ask you, what else do I have to prove?

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You have a great gift
The lord is hear for you
He will not drift
Your heart will be renewed. 

He sought through your life
He built you strong

All that was failing is now a stone
Something more to stand upon
Another thing to make you strong
Your walk with god is so beloved.

There is peace he gives you
There is love he designs to anoint you

His blessings are perfectly organized
Each blessing given at certain times

He knows what tomorrow brings
He sees the scars that are dug real deep

Jesus made you so special
He has a promise 

Someone to bring you love
Someone to stand by you all the time
There are times when life feels endless
Just keep him in mind 
Show that you love him

By: Marissa Stoops
Dedicated to Jeremiah Hudson

Details | ABC | |

Sometimes I Like To Pretend Things Never Came To A End

Sometimes I like to pretend, things never came to a end. But over time, our love became a crime. I didn't know what we had, would ever end so bad. But then I knew things weren't right, when we started to fight. Now I walk down memory lane all the time, the pain is worst then committing a crime. We only caused eachother pain, but we were eachothers maine. I thought things would be alright, but I cried alot that night. I don't want things to change, without you my life is strange. You said you wanted me so much it started to hurt that you couldn't wait, now im just another person you hate. When you said you didn't care, I knew the person I loved was no longer there. You aren't the same, the new you is lame. We both fell, now it's hell. You use to always be here for me, like family. But now your nowhere in sight, things aren't right. Empty is all that I can feel, I still can't believe this is real. I didn't mean to let you get away, I didn't know what to say. Am i with the right guy, or am i telling myself a lie. I was afraid to loose what we had, but to you that choice was bad.

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The Imperfections of Humanity

We are not aware of what we are capable of
nor whether if it's wrong or right.
We sometimes have the will and might
and many of us will stand up and fight.

To show courage and strength
takes determination and motivation.
What am I talking about?

We cheat, we lie, and make mistakes.
We're not perfect in any way.

We weren't made to live forever
but made to live and wilt away.
We suffer through pain and it's hardships
And even sometimes experience love.

Yes, I've had thoughts of suicide
so I can fade away.
Realizing I had issues...
I didn't care.

I've always known who I was inside
and never gave up. 
I'm no philosopher like Socrates
nor do I have a college degree.
But I was raised to be somebody in this world
even if I'm going to fail countless times.

Enough about me.
Lets talk about the human race.

We will get up when knocked down.
We will fight for people we love.
We will live life like it's our last.
We will love ourselves for who we are.

We are only human.
Our imperfections is what makes us perfect.
Therefore, we are perfect in our own little way.

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Lost Hearts

Lost Hearts

We grew to love each other.
But you swayed away.
You turned an eye.
You started to break.
Now where are we?
Are you falling down.
Shall I end it here of this cliff?
That the end of you but you will always forget me
Never say whats isn't true I still love you.
You will jump before saying that again.
I love you even as I fall off this cliff.
As my lover fell to their death I could only see the tears as I wanted to be with them forever and ever,But who is to say that they died that day who is to say they did not live on.We were together but our hearts become lost until this moment love had only been a game now it was the place were we have died.Together we are lost together are hearts are bonded forever even if we are apart,love know no bounds.

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Stars shine brightly above me as I look up at the glowing full moon.
A cool breeze is blowing and
A soft music seems to play in the air around me as
I think of what life has given me.

This gift is more than I could have brought myself to ask for.
For the longest time I've been content to be there for others
Ignoring the fact that as I helped my friends find happiness, I have been alone.
Now I find that Life has given me a gift. A thing so precious that never again could I go
through life without it.

Life has given me you.
You, Suki, have become my life force. The very thing that keeps me going.
I love you with everything I have. Granted, it isn't much, but I promise you that it wont
be missed. I'll love you enough to make up for the materialistic things that I don't have.

The moon blurs as tears fill my eyes and I start glowing as bright as the shining full
moon above me and
I find that the music I hear around me that is so heartbreaking-ly beautiful isn't in the air.
It's inside me.
I never have to be alone again.
Never do I have to bottle things up for the sake of other people because I know I have
someone who wants nothing more than to have me cry on his shoulder.
I love him
And to the very core of my being I know he loves me.

Life has given me something I never dared to let myself dream of having.

Life has given me Suki.

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I was born in Babylon
Everyday I want to be alone
I prayed not to get low
Everyday Babylon claim more soul
I just have to go, seek for more show
I grow with no shoes under my foots
Ganger is my food, 
Mosquitoes sing the reggae allover my room 
Webs block my views, killing my crews
What can I do to survive when am buzz

Where is that place to get crazy?
That place you cannot erase,
That camp with more space,
Where you don’t have to get late
That place where you just want to be free from
“Babylon” Babylon” Babylon…I want to be free

If there is a question, it should be about relation
My action will generate your reaction
Is substitution the way to be free from Babylon?
The game is always ON, grow horns like Capricorn
Cut the vegetables; let’s be able to be stable

Details | Ballad | |

A Day Vs. A Lifetime

A day in love with my very best friend:
That's all I was given.
Straight out of Heaven,
God sent me an angel instead.
He sent me a lifetime of love til the end.
Thank you for that day.
Thanks for going away.
Now, I can smile and say,
"Thank you, God, for a day of pain,
And for the love of a lifetime that followed."

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Walking around the graveyard
Untaggling his hands from the pocket in his jacket
its clear in his head that he's screaming for something
that something is missing within his heart

Taking off his hat as he sits it on her grave
Pulling out a piece of paper
The death certificate that her name was signed on
a tear falling from his cheek 
he reaches down to pick up the flower he laid there before

crumples at his touch
sitting down the piece of paper
he asked her
how can i love?
when the one i want is not here?

tears fall from his eyes unto the paper 
he lights a candle
sits it by her tombstone

He lays down beside her
listening to the wind
hoping to hear her voice
something he longed for
something that he was missing

he falls asleep
holding the stem of the rose that crumpled before
The pedals fly away with the wind
and the flame of the candle burns out
the rain starts to fall

He lays with his eyes closed
He goes back in time
The rose pedals fall back unto the stem
The paper flies back into his pocket

He walks back into town
Back into the house he was at before
Back at her funeral
to the hospital they were at
When they found out she had cancer
To the church where they got married
To the time when he asked her to marry him
Finally to the place where they met

There story replays again in his mind
he lays cold on the ground beside her
The wind dies down
and the candle starts burning again

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Why is it

Why is it?
Why is it that I love you so much that I hate you with everything?
I believe you have moved on but why can’t I 
I keep trying to come and tell you the truth but with  our stubborn love, we  will never mend .
So to pretend I am not hurt or scared I just lie
But why..?

Why is it that I smile about the good times and have no memory of the bad?
Was it that bad that I had to erase it all?
Or was it just the worse experience I ever had
I told myself it was impossible, in love I will never fall
So what happened..?

Why was it you that was chosen
Who is cupid to decide my fatal attractions?
I knew in the beginning to stop because I felt myself losing
But I refuse to let him go as my distractions

So why is it… that I am so surprise that I am hurt?
Why is it that I am so mad?
Could it be I  am angry with myself for not being alert?
Or is it that I am just so distraught with the fact that I lost what I thought I never had!

JazzieAnn Brown   9/10/12

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It's raining, raining hard.
It seems Life is like a playing card.
I'm waiting, waiting alone.
There's a feeling that cannot be shown.

Walking alone in this mysterious place.
Why can't you see the smile on my face?
"I'm here." can't you see me?
"I'm just beside you." can't you feel me?

I whispered, but there was no reply.
Am I already free? why can I almost fly?
I touched you, but you can't feel me.
You're just there, standing still, close to me.

You come here everyday,
But why can't you hear the words I say?
how long have I been here?
It's the darkness that I fear.

The flowers you gave are still beautiful.
And the candles light gives me reasons to be hopeful.
I'm still wearing my pretty dress,
The wound in my heart is almost painless.

and one day you came,
after tonight it will never be the same.
For the last time, I looked at you.
For the last time, I said I love you.

And the time's ticking,
you have to accept that the shiny light's waiting.
I stayed here,with you as your lovely Ghost.
But it's time to go, so I can no longer be lost.

Details | ABC | |

I Can't Believe It's Really Over This Time

I really hate this feeling, sometimes I wish I could stop breathing. I don't wanna try, just leave me here to die. You were the thing that made my life living for, but your no longer mine anymore. I feel so much pain, sometimes I believe I'm going insane. I'm missing what we had, although it was bad. I'm always walking down memory lane, why can't you see my pain? I know people change, &&' things get strange. I guess I gotta face it, she's my new replacment. I can't believe it's really over this time, I feel as if i have commited a crime. I live in a world of sorrow, so I don't ever worry about tomorrow. I didn't even have time to cry, because i had already said bye. I feel like I'm digging a deeper whole, so I'm hoping Jesus will take control. I'm sorry for my dumb mistake, but baby now I'm wide awake.

Details | Couplet | |


Watch as your wishing star flys through the sky,
The way that your faith has been burned up so dry.

Watch as this barbed wire coils your soul,
The way that we love until we're burned in coals.

Watch as the dragon so fiercly stands tall,
The way that you know your opinions wont fall.

Watch as our beautiful family is built,
The way that we know that our roses won't wilt.

Watch as the wings mounted upon your back,
The way that a brilliance you never will lack.

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Prepare For War

Please let me leave this 
Let me speak to him once 
The one who I'd do anything 
The one who holds my heart

This alchemy of sin
Will never go unpurged
Get ready to burn
Lilith you are my mark
Prepare for War 
Demon whore

Anubis, my heart is mine
My love's revenge I will find
It's Time for war
I understand now
You are my mark 
Lilith reach for your armor
Prepare For war

I will meet my body again
I'll rip out every nail in my 
I don't care if it's God I Offend

You've destroyed my love
You've destroyed me
You've destroyed my heart's 
Lilith you are my mark
Prepare for war
Demon whore

Anubis, my heart is mine
My love's revenge I will find
It's Time for war
I understand now
You are my mark 
Lilith reach for your armor
Prepare For war

Only if I could let him know
This curse, this demon
Will not be our doom 

Anubis, my heart is mine
My love's revenge I will find
It's Time for war
I understand now
You are my mark 
Lilith reach for your armor
Prepare For war

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I Do Love You

I do love you,
I cannot describe it,
The love my heart and soul, and my whole being feels for you my love.

I do love you, 
I dream and daydream, of that day where you say I do,
Because that means you love me too.

I do love you,
You make me laugh when I am sad, and you pick me up when I am down, and you are the light of my bad day.

I do,
I do are just simple words, but they mean a lot to me,
You see, they are not just three letters, they aren't just two words,
These two words go a long way.

I do love,
You taught me how to contain myself, and not lose myself, and not get mad too easily, if I do, I can quickly recover from it.

So I want to say thank you my baby Dustin James Palmer, for being there for me and saying,
I do love you.

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Serenade To The Wolf

When we are rendered alone
And don't know where we should go
We new to overcome
The forces who drag us under

Some will persist to stay
But the darkness only grows ever stronger
It's time to anew

Though it gets harder every day
I'll promise I'll always live for you
There's no need to state your pain
I already see it in your eyes
We can break from their lies
Come and see what you have
come and see what you have is me

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Reservation for One

The words plunge into my chest like a poisoned dagger. 

I frantically tug at the cold knife but to no avail as the venom works its way through my body. My mind desperately attempts to wrap itself around the deadening reality, but the slickness of it is too much to handle.

My mind slips and as a last resort hits the panic alarm. I open my mouth to scream but the poison has worked its way to my throat and burns hotter than the 1000 lakes of fire in hell. I want to grab my neck but my panic stricken mind is unable to reason with my arms to perform even this simple desperate request. 

My knees buckle and I trip and fall, backwards I think. Think...thought...thoughts...none are there. Can't think. Brain dead...or close to it. A cold splash, more chilling than the deadly dagger, wakes my brain momentarily, long enough to realize I'm drowning and add that to the list of pain. Still unable to move I throw an upward glance into her eyes. 
my last chance, the ice thin line between life and death, in hopes she will toss me a rope, a stick, a smile, anything. As she turns her back, I close my eyes and invite the ominous death that is now seemingly warm from the coldness of her actions. 

My mind pieces together a few last thoughts of happiness, of her. The day we met, her smile, her eyes, her laugh, the sound of her voice that my ears welcomed with open doors and arms wide open. The venom and water seem to meet each other simultaneously at my heart as if they had reservations, 

I know its time. 

With my lungs filled and oxygen gone, body frozen, mind shut down, I miss her. I manage one last smile and mouth the words " I love u."

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The Devil's Lullaby


Details | Quatrain | |

Successful Relationship

For a joyful
Successful relationship
You need spiritual and mental union


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Every Mile

The one man that can truly make me smile,
He knows everything in my life.
Every inch, every mile.
He's my one dove,
When i'm surrounded by a world of crows.
It seems life has aimed a few bows.
But he has been swift and flew through.
Now i'm here to make him smile and laugh.
And he is here to help me pull through too.
It hasn't even been a year,
And i feel like i've known him my whole life.
I would do anything for him.
He knows we will always be near,
With plenty adventures ahead, 
All fears fled!

Details | Prose Poetry | |

Ninth Fable

 Ninth Fable 
Ninth Fable 
Tragic Love 
Internet Love 
The Love eye have for ewe is just the same as iff we wed. 
The feelings that she gives me are never filled with dread. 
But nothing she can dew would make me ever want to wind up dead but the 
living do the love they do the life time instead. Eye could walk the halls of memory 
and get depressed or eye could become a nun in convicted pleasure and rest in 
convent until death can dew us part death can give me rest but what of love. How 
can a man get so excited at a little green dot a few mouse clicks and then a cold 
white chat box. The ink is never wet upon mye crinkle paper yet there it is its love. 
When she smiles at me eye smile when she frowns eye weep a river of the 
stuffins kept inside it all comes flowing out to make a wrongful death seem 
somehow write the words upon the mended heart depart from worry and from 
woe and take the brand new start and soon it all works for love. Snow White she 
ate the apple and then fell to fast asleep but Charlax came to kiss her and 
awakened her to live. Prince Charlax kisses good. 
Live upon the creek bank fishing for dragonflies in a house of love. Mending heart 
of Charming. Making love in heart. Mye snow white turtle love my pookie 
pochoucntous love my internet thrall. We can have it all just hold on to my 
namme and love. 
Researchers have now proven that love can mend a broken heart. 

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Lunar Love II

Can this ever stop
The world is blacked by the lunar love of my heart
By the vapor of my mind 
All the tides have gone undone
The mist covers my sight
The beast comes out tonight
-- The Storm Comes --

Her eyes are the color of dyed blue
With her amber hair and crimson lips
She sleeps quietly waiting for the innocence of me
But I've already tosses her  in vain
I am the wolf she is the lamb
I've already condoned my  beloved Lillian
Agnus Lilium Iustum Decorem

The desire was so much
Lilith strapped me to her bed 
Forgetting the shame is just a 
Another winless game
Drive the wolf out of me
Take me away from this 
Take me away from the Lunar Love

The moonbeams light up my pale face
I don't want to be seen
Banished from this world I'll ever be
Drive the wolf out of me
Take me away from this
Take me away from the Lunar Love

I cry but the sun cant hear
Do I exist?
This eclipse took over
The savage is in control 
Now I'm left to face it all
Left in the dark where can we go

Lunar love is what we'll be
Lunar love is what we have

I try to Flee away from the scene
In thirst I was blind
Her blood stained on my hands
I must leave this land
I've killed my beloved Lillian
Agnus Lillium Iustum Decorem

The desire was so much
Lilith strapped me to her bed 
Forgetting the shame is just a 
Another winless game
Drive the wolf out of me
Take me away from this 
Take me away from the Lunar Love

Lunar love is what we'll be
Lunar love is what we have

The moonbeams light up my pale face
I don't want to be seen
Banished from this world I'll ever be
Drive the wolf out of me
Take me away from this
Take me away from the Lunar Love

The ghosts are tangled in my dreams 
They play with what was meant to be forgotten 
But I know there must be a away
To find the closure 
But so lost are we 
So lost I've been

Save yourself from the downfall
How close are we to the edge 
This is what the rage has done
This is what the sin has done

The desire was so much
Lilith strapped me to her bed 
Forgetting the shame is just a 
Another winless game
Drive the wolf out of me
Take me away from this 
Take me away from the Lunar Love

Lunar love is what we'll be
Lunar love is what we have

The moonbeams light up my pale face
I don't want to be seen
Banished from this world I'll ever be
Drive the wolf out of me
Take me away from this
Take me away from the Lunar Love

Lunar love is what we'll be
Lunar love is what we have

Forgetting the shame is just a 
Another winless game

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The Essence of Flesh...

Flesh has a funny way of keeping two people entwined;
It imitates two people, or one person,
Tells one’s secrets, 
But still keeps them safe in the layers,
Layers of flesh like layers of me.

The first layer is soft, golden, and touchable.
So touch me,
Feel the contours of my skin,
Stroke me because you need to,
Because I need you to,
Because the being of your own flesh wants you to.

Layer two takes everything in,
Inhales and exhales systematically,
But breathless in your vigor, catches with your every move,
And sighs and moves as your skin brushes mine,
So thrust and lust so sweet and soft so skin itself might shed its tears.

Third is rooted, thick, and strong,
To protect a frail body like mine from the strength of yours,
But fluid enough to dance and bend,
So long as you’re the one next to me as my partner.

So strange and tenacious is the changing flesh,
Often setting free tiny beads that dabble along and drip from my skin,
So heated, the droplet beads of you and I join
As they run along our legs and down onto the soft sheets,
Releasing the warmth so to cool us.

So then so smooth the flesh becomes,
Fiery inside but so cool to touch,
If touch comes so gently it barely feels,
So sensual and slow, one could experience the weight of a light wind,
While face to face our lips will meet, our legs merge,
Our bodies fall into one another’s.

And it is this very essence of flesh,
This imitation of character, that will tell you what you need to know,
The ease and readiness with which yours will happily enter mine,
That makes us one.

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Gods Myrical

Born into a life of hatred and abuse, 
Growing up I was so confused.
I didn't know what I was doing with myself,
I was being the best I can be at BAD by myself.

Believe me I was really good at it too,
I could sell crack to a priest, and believe me that's true.
I could lie my self out of any situation,
Without worries or any frustration.

But than it hit me like a ton of bricks,
A voice said if I wouldn't change I would burn in hell like sticks.
If I was not to change my act in time, I would be in a cradle, 
My life would be anything but perfect, it would be fatal. 

I trusted that voice and begone to change,
It was like opening a new book in life, it was strange.
Now side by side with God, I have nothing to fear,
My life is white as snow and all so clear.

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I dedicate my 2012 to the one I love most...

Ouch! I shake my hand and stare at the door knob in disbelief. 
I open the front door and wince as the scorching late morning sun burns my face. I close my eyes and think back to when I was kid, standing too close to the BBQ as Dad lit it...BIG mistake. 
   I close the door behind me and trip over my towel that had fallen in my chaotic response to the hot mid June weather. 
Confident from my recent gym ambition, I let my towel fall off my shoulder and reveal my newly sculpted body to the world as I casually approach the giant pool gate. 
I swing open the gate and walk in...that's when it hit me...SHE hit me. 
Laying on her beautifully toned tummy...I am a sucker for a woman's stomach; sensual, smooth, so full of subtle detail, the holder of life.
   I shake my head and snap back to reality in time to catch myself from nearly falling over. I lean down quickly and pick up my jaw from the ground in hopes she didn't notice. 
Her cardinal red hair up in a bun, or pony tail...I guess wildly as men do.
I walk by as stable as I can... "don't stare, don't stare, don't stare," I whisper to myself. 


   My heart beats so intense I can feel it pulsating through my temples.
I reach the lawn chairs and settle down 20ft from her. Directly diagonal to her right shoulder...her wonderfully shaped, perfectly curved shoulders.
I tell myself to look away but cannot help. 
An intense magnetic force pulls my attention to her, I try with all my being to fight it but cannot advert my eyes. I yell at my brain to drop curtains on my eyes but no response. Giving into her dream-like curved body, the sweet gently sweeping motion from the back of her neck to her luscious, tanned cheeked backside. Her legs are incredible. I continue my stare. A non perverted stare of course. I'm taken back to college art classes. The overwhelming amounts of anatomy classes and sketches...
Never had I seen such flawlessness. 
   Who was this girl laying by my pool? The most incredibly indescribable woman I have seen and yet, I had only seen half!

Just as if I was narrating aloud this profound experience, she turned over and rolled onto her back. 

Dying the darkest, ugliest death, then awaking to ALL of Heaven's golden warmth doesn't compare to when I looked into her blue-green eyes. 
Frozen in that moment in time, I had without a doubt, found the woman I knew I was to spend the rest of my life with.

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In Your Love

Every time you kiss my lips 
I am drowning, I'm drowning
Like a never ending abyss
I am drowning, I'm drowning
Every time you whisper I miss you
I am drowning, I'm drowning
In your love,  in your love.

Life doesn't seem dangerous
When I'm drowning, yeah I'm drowning
Don't take it so serious
Cause I'm drowning, yeah I'm drowning
I don't care what they think of us
Cause I'm drowning, yeah I'm drowning
In your love, in your love

~ Leonard Napierskie

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For three days I have done nothing but smile till my cheeks hurt
And I sit here grinning like a fool.
Three days. That's it.  Three days and I find myself falling hard.

It is like me to love quickly, but not like this.
You have no idea how significant it is that I've dreamed about you.  Including you, only
four people have ever made enough impact to appear when I close my eyes.
I'm laughing.
I'm sleeping well.
I find myself saying Suki just to have that smile spread across my face.
A warm glow fills me that I haven't had in a long time.

I find myself thinking that it should take longer than this. Longer than three days, but
then I smile and think of all the things you've told me that make me want to cry.
You've told me things no one else really ever tells me.
You tell me things that my heart needs to hear, but has been without and I'm just
And grateful.
And I think I'm crazy for falling so fast when logic kicks in, but logic leaves quickly.
Whoever liked Logic anyway.
And from here I guess I have only one word left to say.


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I shall love you as a Stranger

Carry not my love with a sigh.
Let it not drag your steps, pull you from behind.
Weigh not your heart with guilt and regret;
Grieve not over the good and bad Allah set. 

Let my love fall on your shoulders, light as a moonbeam;
Let it be a faintest blush of colour on the canvas of your dreams.
Let it be a breeze that ruffles your outstretched wings;
Let it echo every note you sing.

I shall remember your smile
As I count my miles.
I might stumble, even fall --
Pray for me but do no more.

For such is my love for you,
For it runs pure and true,
For there is One who
I love more than you.

When the passions of this world come to fade,
We shall meet in a far better place --
On a day when there is no shade but His Shade;
When through the Fount of Abundance the faithful wade.

When the Promise is delivered
When we are gathered among Believers
I shall search the eyes of Strangers
I shall come to you as a Stranger
And I shall love you far greater.

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My EmOCEANs...

Sometimes it gets to be too much, holding it all in.
Want to cry but I can't, so I grab me a pen.
The ink is the stream of tears I choose to imprison,
the word flow is the current of my very essence.
If you wade in my pools you are liable to sink
but if I feel you can swim, I might allow you to drink.
Will you be able to float through my complex oceans,
or drown yourself in the waves of my emotions?

Will you shower in the water of turbulence in preparation?
Try and capture in your grasp the nature of my notion?
Can you splash in the puddles of my pain, juices of my ambition?
I can only trust you if you come to the realization;
I am the current, I have been designated,
I flow like the tide angry or smooth never hesitating.
Everywhere you are but never a specific location.

I can't be contained and I can't be denied
But if you simply seek you will always find
My genorous current will never leave you dry.
I am the water that birthed the tides.

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The sapphire sun of what-were dreams
Setting in the forsaken east
My winters' desperation clung to your silent voice
Let death be a choice
Dusk revealed your truest nature
Before her argentine eyes
'Tis the darkest of tragedies, romances' maladies
Let your forgiveness be la Vie In this frozen air
The wings of my deepest despairs

Friend or foe?
The dagger close to my heart--
If your forgiveness is nigh
Let me know--or is this all a lie

Lilyheart Swain
Please don't give into your pain
You hold my soul on Eden's Edge

Your innocent flesh
Cradled in my broken arms
Forever you will be mine, forever you will stay
The snow caressing us as we tangle in deathly embrace
This darkness fades into amber innocence 
Hatred no longer exists
Forgive me
Come back my only

The winterwind tears carress me
With whispers, (of) Someone I Once knew
Calming the fears inside
But the pain remains
--hallcunary rains 

Dreams fading with the Enya in your eyes
With the darkness of your hands
The silverfears of the pale moon
Shine on you

Lilyheart swain 
Please don't give into your pain
You hold my soul on Eden's Edge

Your innocent flesh
Cradled in my broken arms
Forever you will be mine, forever you will stay
The snow caressing us as we tangle in deathly embrace
This darkness fades into amber innocence 
Hatred no longer exists
Forgive me
Come back my only

Your eyes search for mine
Oh how they shine, blue 
Sacrdice has a price
Heaven is calling us tonight

Cursed In shadowed illusions
Shall we dance?
Would there be a chance
Forgive me now
I will rip out every nail 
Of your coffin
I don't care if it's God it will offend

Lilyheart Swain
Please don't give into your pain
You hold my soul on Eden's Edge

Your innocent flesh
Cradled in my broken arms
Forever you will be mine, forever you will stay
The snow caressing us as we tangle in deathly embrace
This darkness fades into amber innocence 
Hatred no longer exists
Forgive me
Come back my only

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Freedom and Responsibility

Freedom makes man responsible for his acts that they are voluntary
Progress in virtue
Knowledge of the good
Enhance the mastery of the will over its acts

An action can be indirectly voluntary when it results from negligence regarding one should have known or done
Example, accident arising from ignorance of traffic laws  

Written 09182012

This poem doesn’t rhyme but it is a quatrain with a couplet.

The Form is: Sesta Rima

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What's beautiful

" What's Beautiful "

Written By: Rodney Riggins

What's beautiful is being together 
for 15 or more yrs with the one
that you truly love. What's beautiful
is watching your seeds grow to become 
adults and to have children of their own.

What's beautiful is love between two people
who are unseperatable and forever. 
What's beautiful is their smile as they stare at
one another as they gaze into each others eyes
seeing themselves inside each others pupils.

What's beautiful is the love they make passionately
under the stars blowing softly in each others
ears the screams of passion until the final
climax. What's beautiful is that feeling each
other get after showing who loves one 
another more or the most.

What's beautiful is being able to wake up with 
the one you love in the morning. What's 
beautiful is being able to thank the lord
for waking you up to breathe, live, and too
see life as a beautiful thing.

Life is beautiful

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things i should not have done

There’s a chance i took 
to make you very disappointed 
pretty much disrupted the kindness and tossed the patience 
a glass under the tap, emptying for something colder i guess 
the tag that i came with did not bear the warning, “Do not remove” 
an admission that some things i do with my freedom, can remove me 
can place me where i make sense to everyone around me 
as long as there’s distance there 
i get it now, fully understood 
the smiles around me as of late are perhaps for a mind perceived as lost 
Or, then again, an email about how i will 
“never. . . be right about peoples’ opinion” 
i have no loss for fear in my heart 
and gain from the strange we grew up in 
opinion is an onion 
so many write about for obvious layers 
i choose to be the farmer 
filling baskets and not worrying about what’s under the skin 
peel that back and try crying again 
like only you could, last time you did something bad

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Still remember the way U smile,
Making Me happy and so agile.

I know We haven’t met, its been a while,
I have been moving miles and mile.

Thinking of U , even  wen  opening  files,
I have stopped working , looks as if building piles.

Was never so alone, feels like been exiled,
Lifes  changed , From enthusiast to being mild.

Wen U were with Me , I felt like a Child,
Now  Ur memories  always turn Me wild.

I know Ur  Heart’s like a glass, its fragile,
Don’t   U worry  ever , 
Breaking a Heart , 
Never gonna be My Style….


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Black And Blue

Max Factor has yet to make

A lipstick in BLOODSHOT RED

The right rouge to camouflage my head

And bandages cover the cuts

But not the rage

Wish some hero would show up

And turn the page.

No pharmaceutical ointments in Wal-Mart

To soothe my broken heart

How can the pain ever end

if the healing is afraid to start?

Seems as if my troubles come in every hue

Dear Maybelline: What do you have in BLUE?

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If I Were Still Single

If I were still single
I will see love and life from a different angle,
knowing that what makes a wise woman
is beyond trying to please every man.
I will not look out for comfort and cool cash
from men who will dump me like trash.

If I were still single,
I will not put my mind on how to mingle,
knowing that single-hood is not a status,
but a season to be faithful and focus...
I will not flush the street with skimpy skirts,
only to be a cheap prey to some freaky flirts.

If I were still single,
I will never let my heart niggle,
knowing that I am not meant to be a liability;
looking for love will not be my priority,
I will metamorphose into an assorted asset,
to be found by man who needs more than a pet.

If I were still single,
I will read the tales of love-triangle.
Knowing that love is beyond deep feelings;
even sadists and rapist have...deep feelings.
I won't open my legs to some random guy
who only want to feast on my fruits and fly...

If I were still single,
I will let manners and modesty be my jingle,
knowing that make-ups can turn to fake-ups,
my man won't see a stranger... when he wakes up.
I will not look for a man with mansions,
but a man who has mission and clear visions.

If I were still single
I will look before I leap,
and not sell my self cheap,
my body is my business
my private platter is priceless.
if you can't wait, you are not strong enough,
I am a treasure so tender and tough,
I will crave a love-life that will last long...
I will wait for a man steadfast and strong.

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Give love to receive love,
give respect to gain respect. 
Give love a shot, 
don't waste life.
The bravest and riskiest thing you can do:
is to keep putting your heart out there,
and getting it broken,
until you mert the right one.
It takes strength and courage,
to never give up.

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Moving hearts from sadness

Rest me of your sad sounds
Listen for a moment to the silence
Arriving in you in bounds

Beg me for a wanted look
Seeing and missing is knowing
Leaving blank pages in a book

Share yourself like broken bread
Taste a notion of bestowing
Staying thoughts to my fleeting head

Join yourself to our wary madness
Touch of love for guidance
Moving hearts from sadness

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You think you might be in love.

You think he/her might be in love with you.

You think about a lot of things. Do you really know those things?

You think a lot, you worry a lot. 

But do you really HAVE to think or worry about those things?
  Or do you WAN'T to think or worry about those things?

Now that there is something to think about.


              *please leave a comment if you like it or fav poem if you might*

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You Are My Everything

Lately I've broken myself in
Feeling more comfortable
In my own skin
The places my feet
Have taken me
Lead to a complete turn around
Both directions seem so long
But I was in the wrong
I'm more than just aspiring
With you, with you tonight

I may run ahead
But I can't leave you behind
I just need a to get a view of life
And tell you what I find
You hate this place
I can see it in your face
You're just taking care
Of the fragile moments we've shared
Even with no words to speak
You are my everything
Even with nothing to keep
You are my everything
I'm more than just aspiring
So keep an open mind
With me tonight, with me tonight

I never put a patent on confidence
My arrogance leads me back to you
In this never ending race
And now with nothing left to lose
My words may sound cruel
With nothing left to prove
Keep looking ahead
With your eyes on the prize
I'll pay the price for 
The expenses you've occurred
Keep looking ahead
I'm not too far behind
To help you find truth
In all the lies
Carry the weight
When things become to heavy
Bring you up from your knees
When you're broken down and empty
Even with no words to speak
You are my everything
Even with nothing to keep
You are my everything
I'm more than just aspiring
So keep an open mind
With me tonight, with me tonight
Smile for me if you understand my happiness 
I'll care for you tonight, for you tonight

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The Perfect Man

My whole life, it seems
I've spent only waiting                                                  
For the perfect man
My mind's always painting

I've searched and searched
But the end's all alike
I'll go to bed empty
Sleep alone for the night

Suddenly, my hopes grow limp
My portrait fades to bland
I realize that my search must end
There is no perfect man

But you proved me wrong                                             
You showed me what's right
And handed back that paintbrush
To paint again tonight

But there is no need to paint
My work is nearly done
Because of her the colors returned
The light of love has won

My whole life of waiting
Has someone to end my strife
My dream has been accomplished:
The portrait came to life

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Playing the Game

Peek a Boo, I need u!!
I wonder..
In time, Will u need me?
For now 
I'll hold on to my vision of us
And not just what I see
I feel my heart holds the truth
But my eyes have no belief and doesn't agree
Cause with Peek a Boo luv
The out come holds no guarantee....
So peek a boo when I do see u!!!
Be ready!!!
Cause I would only want to see the truth.
As we pour out our souls in front of eachothers eyes...
Standing bare striped of all previous lies...
                    "Peek a Boo" 
I've seen you through... There's no more need to Peek my Boo!!!
My Heart see's and expects all of you!!!!

               ..............GAME OVA..............

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Not sure

          I'm not sure why!???
          if I love you,
          just  because,
          you make me laugh.....

          or.....just because
          you remind me to plug in 
          GPS on my way home,
          so you....
          don't have to worry sick to your stomach,
          did I make it to my home,

          Or , just 
          I love you....because 
          you have kissed me ,
          like no one else will ever do.....
          Why do I love you,if I do?
          even though you drive me nuts,
          when you say I'll call you,
          and guess what,
          you never do,

          so ,please , don't ask me why,
          I don't even know ,
          and don't care to know,

         but , 
         I think ,it's just because , 
         make me laugh
         like no one  else before,!!!


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Beyond the illusion of skin and polite talk a shadow dwells within me, whispering unto me my deepest ugly thoughts, my secret sins, my foul intentions and slowly devouring the goodness in me.

it draws its filth from my chosen path smearing it with deceit.

The stains of the fear of having to lose an anticipated love

loathing those you remember with hate and those whose care for you is bare,

an anger driven by a hunger to care, to feel, to live.

This pain that I alone understand and cherish is master

luring me with an apparition of a budding flower, a beautiful maiden women

who comes to me in full consciousness drawing me to a secluded place

where I am vulnerable with need for company and she feeds from this - my loneliness.

With her electrifying touch, her infectious smile and the maze of her luminous eyes

I beg her to enslave me. Her voice seducing my mysterious soul into a colourful trance of mellowing.

she lived for us, died for us and in death refused to part

in eternity seeking our unison,

in her existing even though beyond this realm

she erupts the fires of a longing an enfolding passion that quickly rises and towers down and over everything I have ever believed was.

From a dull world so familiar to me of grey, black and white she leads me on to a vast land of dreams that fills me with new emotions.

Colours freshly bloom before my eyes and all this for my heart to take warmth.

Now let me alone with this pain I am forever an addict to.

The stab of it stinging my dull being filling me with a high that thrills and fills my vacant space with a loud haunting scream.

Oh! I bleed this poem from my very soul, as she whispers unto me.

My hope in her goodness that shuns out the darkness that seeks to possess my soul.

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sing me a lullaby

Sing me a soft lullaby
to hush away my fears
Pull your arms around me
Wipe away my salty tears
Sing to me of muddy shoes
And someone asking for a dime
Tell me who rips your heart out
And handles it with care
Sing to me of angels and a whisper of a prayer
sing to me a lullaby
That ill sing my unborn child
Hold me tight and brush my hair
Away to see my smile
Sing me into slumber
Where happiness exists 
Sing me a soft lullaby
And ill finally get some rest 

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Perfectly Fine

I won't lie,
It was hard to say Goodbye.
The sight of you,
Was like my hearts cue.
It was then I knew,
That maybe it could be true.
I can't sleep,
For your in my mind too deep.
It may seem sudden,
But sweetheart, I'm still learnin'.
You got me restlessly turnin',
You got my heart desiringly burnin'.
My beat races when talking to you,
Are you sure your ready to make it us two?
I don't let down my guard,
But baby you sure did get far.
I lie down thinkin' of us,
Waking up with even more trust.
To me your mine,
To me this is all perfectly fine.
*By: Cali Mitchell<3*
*Passing a Love Note**

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God or Father Christ

Apostle is a priest
Eternal Son is the Apostle of Eternal Father
Eternal Father gave the name Christ when He was baptized by St. John the Baptist
He ordered the 12 apostle to preach His Gospel

He was the Highest Priest of the Universal Church
Universal means Catholic or Roman Catholic
There is a purgatory
Yes, purgatory is in the bible

The 2nd book of Maccabees, Old Testament
Purgatory or Purification
Intellectually understood 
All as in everybody should be under Eternal Son’s Universal Church

Eternal Son is the Highest Priest of the Catholic or Roman Catholic Church
It is for the righteous to call Eternal Son Father Christ
Eternal Father is in Him
Father Christ sends the Holy Spirit

Christians will be in the Purgatory
Until they learn from their Initiation before going to heaven
On earth is called Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults R.C.I.A. to be the true Christian
Three types are slain

Father Christ is the pathway to heaven
To face Eternal Father and the Divines
It is my job to inform everybody
Visit to know more

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Learning to love is like learning 
to laugh.... 
The enduring happiness,
The pleasure of falling...
It makes your heart beat 
faster than fast...
It makes you smile.

The joy of loving another is the 
joy of holding the person you 
miss most... Close....

The way your hands 
That feeling you know when 
that person is yours... And you 
get to say "He/She is mine."

The feeling when you know 
that you and this person will 
end up together....
That feeling when you know 
you both will last forever.

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I'm halfway down your spine- ready to reconcile my non existent faith in you.
I'm done hiding from the stupidity I call my brain, but what about the writers out there?- they expect me to shine brighter than a star in a dark, shadowy, black night sky.
I'm a poet, just look at my name.
"White Mountain" if you don't understand Spanish, but to my old friends it means "Beast."
Not like a lion, tiger, or bear but like Kobe Bryant or Kevin Durant- there's no messing with my three.
I'm in your mind yet your tail-bone says hi like a boomerang- slapping me twice as it returns.
I HAD faith in you, but what goes up must come down, right?
My mental state isn't so great, but I wouldn't call it severe.
You're all that I can see, so does that make me insane?

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Summers been too slow 
Tides never been so low
Days haven’t quickly gone 
But We still have to hold on
Fates never been so severe 
Eyes now just holding onto those tears
Waiting for the moment is tough
Even seconds without U makes life rough

Just need U to wait a little 
Bond we share is no more brittle
Passed through fieriest fire
 Our love will last for entire

Soon the flow will change
Tides will have an altered range
Would then be possible for self to steer
And navigate safely to pier

Promise won’t be late
Would be glad to see U
With those eyes comb
Standing next to gate 
Dear I’ll be coming Home
M coming Home.

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Lovers Departed

Lovers departed
Like two souls unwanted
Sent to Hell in a hand basket
To make it out on your own
Futures are uncertain
Hope can be lost
Place faith in the fact that
What could have been, never was

Hearts and minds tend to fight
An epic tug-of-war
All you ever wanted 
blew out the front door
And now all we do is search
For Mister and Miss Right
But did we just maroon them, each other, on shore?

Long words abandoned
For those softer on tongues
One plans the future,
The other plans today’s fun
Why can’t they both
Simply cross the other’s path
It’s for not lack of trying
Until turning one’s back

Memories have faded
Yet others return
Was it a fair exchange 
to receive the good for the spurned?
The wrong days will cut you
With fears and regrets
Sometimes we hold onto
What no one thinks is best

In the foggy uncertain
Only time can unfold
If happiness awaits 
Or you die old and alone

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The sapphire-dust sun of what-were dreams
Swallow the scene, setting In the forsaken east
All I see, all I know fades into the reaper's monotone grey 
Death come near me, by my only choice 
My wintry desperation subdued, clings to they silent voice
The dusk reveals my truest nature before her blank argentine eyes
Life; the darkest of all tragedies, Romances' malady
Let me feel your breath in this frozen air
Your pulse shorter than ever
Despair's void grows inside me
Without, you I will live no longer

Forever with me you will stay
The darkness caressing means as I lay by thy grave 
Hatred no longer exits
Come back to me

My Angel, why did you fly so far away
My Angel, let just one feather stay
My Angel has flown away

The winterwinds' tears fall on me
With whispers of you, someone I once knew
No matter in a dream or reality
Sweet tranquillity, stay with me
Calming the fears within
But the pain remains

The silvemoon's fears shine on you
Thine eyes search for mine
Oh how they shine, so deathly blue
If sacrifice needs a price
The dagger shows-
Heaven is calling us tonight

Forever with me you will stay
The darkness caressing means as I lay by thy grave 
Hatred no longer exits
Come back to me

My Angel, why did you fly so far away
My Angel, let just one feather stay
My Angel has flown away

Covered in shadowy illusions 
Shall we dance?
Death will be lie dominion
You are my only queen

Forever with me you will stay
The darkness caressing means as I lay by thy grave 
Hatred no longer exits
Come back to me

My Angel, why did you fly so far away
My Angel, let just one feather stay
My Angel has flown away

Just let me die
If I cannot see
This night 

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my beautiful cut

So many depths of your love went untouched, sweet dreams gracefully
caress the most uncertain parts of my mind. Countless moments of unfilled time do not 
discourage my good nature, i will love you anyways, you are my inspiration 
to trust. Foolish ways of my own immaturity reflect  a full heart 
  with empty arms, cruel intentions that you were better untouched have eternally faded 
away, nothing compares to my beautiful pain. The suffering is encrested deep, the pleasures 
od our past defeats the odds, a reunion of happiness is in pursuit. Only time will tell the 
overall standings of the decisions we've made, my only wish is when you think of good times 
that my name isn't in vain. 

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 I thought I was fine,
Walking the line,
 Independence is a must,
When losing faith & trust,
 Acknowledging love, 2 be only lust,
And nothing more than a dream soaring threw the dust.
 A tale that was told,
When I was yet so old,
 A fabricated feeling,
To leave us needing healing.
 Thoughts of peace & happiness,
We could never touch,
 Theres something more 2 this lyfe,
Then leeving feeling rough.
 But the things that you say,
And damn baby the way,
 The love that we make,
My body just cant take,
 Emotions over ride,
My mental state inside,
 My feelings now have changed,
& I pray you feel the same.

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A Blessing What is love

 Love is a blessing, and always will be.
For love still remains life''s sweetest mystery.
 Love works in ways that are wondrous and strange
and there''s nothing in life that love cannot change.
 Love can transform in the most common place,
Into beauty and splendor, sweetness, and grace
 Love is unselfish, understanding and kind.
For its sees from the heart and not from the mind.
Love is the answer that everyone seeks.
Love is the language that every heart speaks.
Love can''t be bought its priceless and free.
 A blessing from God above, oh shall it be.

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Non Catholic religions

You think Christ is not hurt
With loving what you thought is Christ
Loving Christ is being in His true Church
In Catholic or Roman Catholic you are not condemned but saved

In His Church
Ask R.C.I.A.
Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults
Is like a college Religion class

You will learn the truth
In other man-made religion bible are lies
What you’re reading is really the true Church
Not your own

It’s like a blind
Leading another blind
They would both fall in hell of fire
It is not the minister’s fault

Your own, rather take them with you
Both of you learn the truth
For every man they can be a deacon
Bishop and Priest are not with a wife

For Jesus Christ is a High Priest
Great Prophet
Only Son of the most High
The Redeemer

In RCIA, you will receive 3 important Sacraments
Confirmation and
Holy Eucharist or the Body of Christ

We want God to be pleased with us
Eternal Father told the people 
To Listen only to the Messiah and
The One I sent

What are these Christ like churches?
Non Catholic churches?
People in there are already condemned
Being in Catholic or Roman Catholic, you are saved

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The Box

I am in pursuit, of a box
That I will find later or sooner
Based on the rumor of rumors
I follow the not so yellow brick road
To pursue this beautiful box that over flowed
With ever thing I needed to make a better life
But the location of my box is a mystery
And lost in the history,
I contemplated the the victory, I'll achieve with defeat
But losing is for quitters, and winners never cheat
So I search for self-innovation
In hopes this box just might find my dedication, appealing
I've walked the walk and fell the distance
Just looking for the proof of existence
I mask my emotion but over looked subsistence
Yet still I insist.... This box is real
I searched and I searched and there she was
The box I've longed for has finally become
As real as real and as real as love
But the matter of the fact was so I thought
Yet asides the fact I took a chance
Opened the box and upon first glance
Was an I.O.U. and a tear of a virgin
I closed my eyes to my world end
But then came the glow of the prize inside
A radiant beam that pleasures my eyes
A golden puzzle piece worthy of none
But he who's created it and he who's come.
Now with that, I hold this puzzle piece
Close to my heart, and felt complete
So long I've searched to feel what I feel
Now with a kiss I ask, Do you feel real.

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Brittney Sweet Brittney

Brittney sweet Brittney
why did you leave that day
why would you ever 
want yourself to go away
I know they said
you weren't in love
but I know what ya'll had 
was a love from above
I guess maybe it was your time 
to be gods angel
but Brittney you left us all
mixed up and strangled
you were only fifteen 
when you took your last breath
I guess they really did 
put you and Sean to the test
you said in a note your love
was like Romeo and Juliet
a love ones heart 
could never forget
Sean said even death 
couldn't do your love apart
This you meant because march 20th
you stopped your hearts
together you lay there in silence
as I weep and ask god for his guidance
Brittney sweet Brittney 
why did you have to go away..

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Love Bud

It was a winter morning, last November
I recall my journey from my treasured frames
of amasses, titters and acts.
She was in an intermediate between red and blue
and her eyes pored out from all realisms
with a smile unnoticed on her face
Yet she burst forth with glory of her own platonisms.
Who so ever knew what she was questioning
But the forbearance that glistered
My heart answered for once
She wants to be the female monarch of her own world.
It was my keen ballet from core of my heart
her arrival was greeted with a rousing fanfare
I ruminated my own euphony
whether I'm being enamored or was it a desire.
I arrogated myself for a rime to perorate
I expected somehow to discover a woman who would love me
and embellished some oneirisms in my heart
A feeling that I was afraid of but then it seemed like am living for once.

Note: Dedicated to my Love, Piyali Shome

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Mortal Angels

Mortal Angels as people are unemployed these days
Ask help for certain Mortal Angels
Today and everyday
They will not refuse to assist you


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Love Coaster

It's perfectly natural to have these emotions.
I just wish I knew why I was so uptight. 
Maybe it's because I'm pushed in that
direction, sometimes, I don't know. 
What I do know, is that I need to focus
on what I am doing here, with my life. 
Everything I need to accomplish, to 
be exactly where I'd like to be, 
right now.
And that would be in my lover's arms,
from when the sun goes down, until 
it rises again in the morn. 
All I want is for both of us to not be
worrying all of the time, and just 
know that we love each other. 
Not to allow things to take over
how we truly feel.
I want us to be happy, content,
comfortable with everything.
In time, that will happen, but
patience is a main key, here.
I think love will either destroy you,
or make you stronger.
Right now, it is making me a 
lot stronger than I used to be.
It is making me do things that
should have been done, years
And now, I'm ready to start my
life with this person.
But that's just my view point on
I need to be around him more,
for him to determine if I'm 
"the one", or not. 
Although, I know he does 
love me. 
And I love him, unconditionally. 
I just need for him to have faith
in me because I will pull through.
That is how much his love means,
to me and he already is aware of it.
I just need to remain calm, think 
clearly and do what needs to be done;
and it will be.

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soft strength

pleasure leaks as your sweet harmony joins my vicious endeavors, a new genre for your love streams, my manhood elevates your passion capturing your emotions' allow me to bury my transgressions please rescue me from my intentions. purify my soul open my eyes to a love untold', conquer my heartbreak align my romance with the deepest parts of your fears, catapult my ambitions unmask my ignorance sweet dear for the sweet edge of my sword of bravery admires my prideful gain.

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Are You At A Place Where You LIfe Is Going Downhill FAST

Are You At A Place In Life That’s Going Downhill???

Perhaps you’re at a place, where your problems “overwhelm you.”
You just feel like there’s not a friend you can turn to?

You may feel like you’re all alone, and perhaps afraid?
There may have been many times when you tried to pray…

You may have asked for help, but no one seems concerned.
You’re at the point of wondering
 which direction to turn?

You may feel like life has given you ‘an empty bag.”
Things in life are going downhill, 
and seem to be a “drag…”

You may have tried every opened door that you can think of.
But there’s just no help for you that you can speak of!

I’m here to tell you there’s someone just waiting to get “involved.”
There’s no problem too big or small, 
that he cannot SOLVE!

His name is Jesus!  He’s as close as the mention of his name!
He can help you right now!  
Your life can be totally changed!

In his name...  All power on earth and heaven is given!
Won’t you allow him to give you
 a brand new life worth livin’?

He can and will do exceedingly above 
what you may wish or ask!
He can turn around and take care 
of the “most difficult task!”

I encourage you to give him a chance
 to turn your life around!
And allow his wonderful grace to plant
 your feet on solid ground!

He is and will forever be the God
 that I or you will need to call!
He is what life is all about and 
makes living worth it all!

By Jim Pemberton

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Is there such a flower as a despised blue rose...
the one I desperately chose
to sign end under a sad story,
which had neither passion or glory?

With tears so rageful, she thought it was the final goodbye;
why I didn't choose a more charming rose with a different color,
perhaps not as red as her unfaithful heart? It wouldn't have been a lie! 
Ever since, I have shunned and hated blue roses despite their splendor.

They tell me that the reason for my unbearable loneliness
is the urge for touching a face slipped from my grip and will;
if I am to blame...why did I love her with intense sweetness,
and nothing was returned besides a promise so brittle?

Let me see only red and yellow roses...but no tempting, blue roses;
I couldn't relive moments rejected by a woman so deceitful and ravishing,
and she smiled as they did, but that trust was distant from the beginning...
marring the lovely appearance of that blue rose standing out from others.

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I Felt You Feel...

And we stood there, together unknown,
Standing hand in hand, but minds all lone.
From the corner of my eyes I look at you,
Straight into the eyes, as you always do.

Lost in my thoughts I forget to blink;
And i just keep observing as you drink.
A drop of water run down your lip,
My fingers upset, as desires take leap.

I reach for the drop to wipe it down,
And the touch of your lip, my senses aground.
A spark of emotions engulfs us,
The instant you shiver, we hear the ringing glass.

Too late to react, too late to speak;
The audience welcomes with claps and leaps.
The moment was lost with the run of the flow,
And i never could tell, and you never could know...

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I know i am wrong!!

Oh Yeah! I know I am wrong,
Oh yeah! You won’t come along.

I know I never followed rules,
My beauty & mind are only jewels.

Oh Yeah! I’ve been hated for my attitude,
I know, my life will be lonely song.
I know you love me, I know I love you.
But you will not come along.

Oh yeah! I know baby I know I am wrong!!

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It's Not Your Fault

The thing about life
is that
it can end in an instant

When the rope of the
harsh words
wraps tightly around your 

Neck squeezing tighter
and tighter
you just want to jump

To end it all to end all
the pain
and the hatred and words

It is not only the words
that push
you over the edge

It is too the fists and
the feet 
that slam into you

Over and over
a break with out letting up 

Making you break down and slide down
the wall
and cry and cry and cry

One phone call can 
save a
live, stopping that jump

Stopping the self hate
spreading the love

The love i have for 
you will 
never fade or die and i hope

will make you better
to sleep
and to be able to be 

Happy again to 
be happy
forever and always with me

just remember and know
that it's

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have you ever!

have you ever loved someone 
so much you forget what they've done,
have you ever tried to sleep at night
but you hope and pray everything is alight,
have you ever found your one true love 
the one they say is from above ,
have you ever been turn apart 
have you ever been hurt in the heart ,
have you ever been hurt so much
that because of them you are scared to touch,
have you ever tried to talk 
but your heart says to walk ,
have you ever not known what to do
or know what is best for you,
have you ever tried to walk away
but heat says to stay,
this is how you will feel
if you don'know your love is real,

                                             By:Holly Davis

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What effect has envy on soul

Envy begets in the soul a want of charity for our neighbor
Produces a spirit of detraction
Backbiting and


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Forgave Me and Gave Me

He Forgave Me and Gave Me
Presented In A Posy
Tied With A Bow and Knots

He Forgave Me and Gave Me
Fragrant Forget-Me-Nots
Picked Fresh With Daisies
… That’s What I Got …

He Forgave Me and Gave Me
Plucked Fast From Wild Fields
and  Planted In Posh Pots

He Forgave Me and Gave Me
Posed Pretty In A Vase
To Withstand Wilts or Flops

Arranged By Pure Patience To Care
By A Professional Property Shop
With Prayer-Cards & Poultice-Packets
So Finger-Pointing & Pain-Poking Stops

Petite Flowers Under Peace’s Pillow
and Some Beside A Puffed-Cushion Cot
and Some On Pages of Perfumed Memory
or Scattered On Silver Platters Like Props

Some Petals Were Pictured In Pewter Frames
and Some Line A Pink Velvet Box
and Some Are In Porcelain Bowls
or Are Attached To A Pendulum Clock

… Or Pinned To My Ponytail-Hair
with A Pearl-Toothed Comb On Top
And Some Are Placed In A Promise Note
where Mercy & Hope, Ink–Blots

Thank GOD, There’s No Patch
 of Leaves That Chop
Just Slender Stems & Roots
and Seeds That Drop …

… to Form Silken Piles
Soft As Rain Plops
Yet Has The Power–Proof
of Ground-Truth In Plots

And I Was Pruned
and Paired Among This Crop
To Remind Me Gently…
Of What I Nearly Forgot

That Love Is Not Only
The Turning Pass-Key That Pops
Love … Is The Prime Slot
and The Platinum Lock

… Oh, He Forgave Me and Gave Me
The Fairest Forget-Me-Nots
Oooo, Land Sakes Alive!
He Loves Me – He Loves Me Alot!

And I Love Him – I Love Him!
Like Medicine Loves Pills & Shots
Yes, I Love Him – I Love Him!
Like Pyrotechnics Loves Hot

and Because …

He Forgave Me and Gave Me
Precious Forget-Me-Nots …

        Written & ©:  6/14/2013

             By:  The MoonBee

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Point of view

I,my eye,saw a good man doing some thing evil,
out of love...
i saw a "big bad man" give food to his family..
selling drugs...selling drugs
and when he got arrested all his daughter really wanted
was to give a hug...give a hug
"mr.goodguy" bought a gun and started acting like a thug...kinda like a thug
a rookie cop noticed they were both the same "maine",man...
put his mug shot all in the news,and the networks...
got 25 views...
the judge said "who is this young man to you?"
his daughter screamed out "let me go,thats my daddy"
"rookie cop" mumbled,"bastered..almost had me"
they threw the book at him while he took "the time",sadly 


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Violetta gave Alfredo a camilia,
reminding him to bring it back when it had finally faded...
to seal their kiss without its aroma;
would he have kept that promise when it had whitered? 
In a lonely room, with light barely filtering,
Violetta lays in that bed sweetly thinking
of Alfredo's hand comforting her and caring for her in the last hours...
but Annina is by her side, not daring to spread
the sad news that Alfredo has gone, hoping to return before she dies.

Violetta's eyes can hardly see...but her hands
are wrapped around Alfredo' cheerful portrait,
knowing that his love for her is profound and endless,
by feeling the warmth of his tender heart;
and getting closer to death, she wishes he won't return
with a faded camilia...even in Heaven that flame will burn!  

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Hold Me Tight

I need you to do me a favor It is a simple request Help me through this Hell Help me through this mess For my fears Hold me tight Through the cold hours Hold me for tonight I don’t ask for anything special Not a kiss or a relationship Just hold me tight No need to be connected at the hip Let me burrow into your shoulder Let me smell your scent Later, when everything is aright I’ll find my time well spent

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Lucky charm

Breaks an egg and out comes the sun
Begging for forgiveness
For lighting
Ducks sailing on the spikes
Women watching them trough keyholes,
Light diffracted into Meduses-
My happy face
Circularly deformed-
The brave man behind lens
Is the sunset’s zipper
Of the blue eye spot-
Her face – mechanic eyes
Lied on the floor, naked-
A pomegranate breaks beside her-
Lucky charm, said someone –

(originally written in modern Greek and released in February 2006 from Nocturnal 
Publications – translated here by the author)

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Stolen Souls

It sweeps through the nights, 
Is it an angel? a devil? or the angel of death, 
I lie there sleeping, 
It comes and my life disappears, 

I disappeared then i found myself flying, 
flying over the ruins the soul stealer left, 
I saw his face, 
I saw his pain, 
I'm sweating terribly, or are these tears on my face? 

I hear a scream then i wake up, 
Its white and clean, 
I hear a machine going: beep, beep, beep 
and his face looking at me, 
holding my hand, 

i suddenly remember the scream, 
my own scream, 
and the bullies dunking me underwater,
he was just glad i was alive, 

he leans closer, 
and we share our first kiss.

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New Relationships, New Standards

Another piece to someone new.
Hopefully they procede with caution.
Please dont hurt me
My heart has been though enough
Show it love, kindness,
Cause it to soar...not fall
Failure would cause utter destruction.
Well, for me anyway.
But I have faith in you.
I have faith in us.
Dont lie to me. I dont deserve deception.
Take me into your arms when I'm afraid
Get in front of the danger
Just dont let me face it alone.
Offer me your aide
Rush to me when I cry.
Very strict standards
Understand what your getting yourself into...
Love me with the best of your ability
Even when I'm mad..
Kranky, or when I scream
You have me now...

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What happend

What happend to those days. 
When everything was so simple with you...
Honestly I can't trust you anymore....
I don't know what to do....
I don't know you at all.... 
Sadly I thought I did
But you showed me recently. 
I don't know the person within...
I love you and loved you long... 
Yet it must not be good enough...
Since you have not proven me wrong...
Why is everything I do for you not enough....
I ain't perfect and never claimed to be...
So why do you expect this of me? 
.I don't wanna be like we use to be
But I wish we could go back to when 
you actually loved me.

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All I Know

I want to Hug you & Never let go
I want you to Hold me tight in your arms

Squeeze until our Hearts no longer Beat.
"Thy Shall Not Live Nor Thy Shall Not Die Without You By My Side"

You seem like you Care for me like No other
You seem like im Interesting
You seem like you See me as Beautiful

Sometimes theres No Words that describe how I Feel About You.

 All i know is the I Dont Want To Lose You.

-Brittany- (comment and rate if you dont mind. i like to hear what you think..thank you for reading :)  )

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I Need to Know

Are you in-love with me?
Or do you just love me?

I might be young, 
but I know I’m in-love with you.

I thought it was going to be easy,
It was before, but not this time.

Its been three months, my heart aches,
I can’t explain what I mean.

When I think about you, I smile,
Then I remember you’re with her.

I need to know,
Are you in-love with me?
Or do you just love me?

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what is family

Blood doesn't always make you family to me its loyalty and respect if I need you right beside me is where you'll be To me blood is not a big deal,To me it matters whos real and whos around when im up or when i fallen to the ground thats how i feel for me always ready to chill and for me will kill the people who always been there before and are here still

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Josette, Drive the Faerie out of me

She's Lost--I'm the one left to blame Forsaken by my potent manipulating game I've killed the one, My starcrossed heart Desires ...But not By My hands I Try To Follow her ghost But the fog and mist are too strong My eyes are rendered useless "You're Never going to Find Josette" The netherworld Spirits sang I Won't lose Heart I Will Win this Fight For My Sacred Josette's Right to Life This is what happens when The Devil's Adovocate Falls for Jesus's Greatest Bride This is what happens When The life of the disease Loves the cure it desperately hates Drives you mad But Wasn't I already? Josette, I'm begging you To Drive the Faerie out of Me

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Where's The Blame Contest Entry

Forgive me, please hear my call and answer, 
Tell me that you'll forgive me, for all the wrong I've done. 
I've punished myself everyday though it never seems enough, 
Scars across my flesh, haunting memories in my eyes. 
I wish I could hold you, gently, warmly, tightly, 
Pour into you my deepest grief, my sorrows, and never let you go. 
Im left a crumbled being on my knees, wishing you could hear my cries, 
Listen to my appologies and accept that I would be the one to rather die. 
Can't you feel it, my heart is breaking, shattered by what I've done, 
I'm sick and my body aching, knots in my stomach and Im hyperventalating. 
Please come and answer me, find a way to hear my words, so loudly screamed, 
You loved me once more than I deserved, love me enough now to absolve my hurt. 
Please forgive me Darling, I didn't mean to beg, 
There is nothing left of me but a shadow on the edge of the bed.

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Winter Moon

A December romance
makes my heart leap for joy
while wearing your key around my neck
I glow underneath the warm moonlight
with apple cider in hand
wishing we could be together
I shall be patient
for I know you'll be back for me

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Good boys

Good boys are hard to find these days,
with proper manners and good behaviour.
They treat your parents with respect,
they are honest with you no matter what.
They care for you,
Your feelings and your family.
They love you for who you are,
you don't have to change for them.
They know you inside out,
whenever you are happy or sad,
they offer their shoulders for you to cry,
then confronts the one who makes you sad.
He fights for you no matter what.
Good boys are very rare,
treasure them if you have them,
you're one of the lucky ones...

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Circular Life

Running to hide
Hiding to run
My life is a circle
When will this rotation be undone
Everything I do 
Its the same song and dance
A sheep in wolf's clothing
Yes a wolf at first glance
I can't help I am addicted to thrills
No words to describe how it feels
Honing my skills
Turning my heart to steel
Making my case to fight the devil
Stone versus stone
Fallen Angel versus Fallen soul
The thrill to shake the bone
Love made me
Then love destroyed me
Stuck with nothing to lose
And nothing to gain
Vengeance is what I choose
Standing alone 
Forgetting everything I've ever known
I can break this rotation
But it has to be now or never
All because I loved her
And she left me for dead
Destroying my heart
And messed up my head
Circular life
I am back to the night
I am back to fight

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If only you are with me!!

I can bear sun& the rain & storms,
If only you are with me,
Will always be smiling & happy,
If only you are with me.

All I want is your love,love in your eyes for me,
All I need is your hand, to hold me when I need,
Trust me, I will live on, if only you are with me.

Flowers will be beautiful, birds will be chirping everyday,
I don’t need anything else to see!!

If only you are with me!!!!

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Stop, Please, Wait

Did I do something wrong?
It seems like we don't talk.
Everything is changing.
I don't want it to.
I miss your voice.
The way it spoke to me.
Everything is leaving.
No words said.
Not even Goodbye.
You are walking away, as I start to cry.
Come back to me.
I'm not good enough...never was.
This life, this love.
It's not us. 
You are perfect, someone special.
Even though I'm to late.
At showing my feelings and hiding the pain.
I'll give you the best of me, if that's what it takes.
I'll give you the worse, if it means that you'll stay.
Just love me.
Don't let me fall.
Take me as I am.
I'm taking my time.
I'm scared. 
'Cause losing you means losing myself...

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The Love That Hurts

The greatest joy I have ever known is knowing you are calling on Monday at five thirty in
the morning before school.
"Hello, how are you?" and "I'll talk to you later."
Every word from hello to goodbye is cherished.

Your smile makes me warm inside, and how much you mean to me puts tears in my eyes.
I really think I love you. Actually, every fiber of my being is pretty sure I love you.
Warmth and acceptance and peace and deep contentment...
But there is a drawback.

I fear to loose you.
You are across the country, a thousand miles away, and I've let you down enough to
encourage you to focus on your college work, because that's important to you. and because
of that, it's important to me.

Except I can't encourage you to leave.
I can't encourage you to go.
Reader, my dear friend, as selfish as it is, I can't loose you.

I always thought that when you found the one you want to be with, the love would make
everything work.
I never expected it to hurt
Because as much as I love you, it would destroy me if you were lost. And I think about
loosing you a lot.
It's crippling, and horrid, and with something as unrealistic as daydreams, I know what it
feels like to burn. I can't imagine what it would do to me if it actually happened.

I am afraid to love you. I'm afraid to pick up the phone sometimes when you call, but not
for any amount of money in the world or any incentive would I ignore that phone.

The reason for that is that i love your laugh.
When I'm talking to you, you help clear my mind and I can think.
And the biggest reason, Reader, is because I am happy when I talk to you.

I love you. And you are precious beyond words and you are everything to me.
I have a love that hurts and it scares the crap out of me
And I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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In A State of Amnesia Falling Into Fantasia

Your love, like amnesia it made me forget all the dark forces against me they tortured me relentless then you put me into amnesia from the problems, hope came in the foresight of your prowess and the light emanating from your face what seems calm on the surface is often roaring within screaming, hair crazy like I'm the demon's descendant only strong feelings can push out the weak and those skeletons surface, hurt us and repeat so no ones around and I learn to hate me and no Love to be found because it gave me a profound amnesia. waking prematurely every other time I sleep seeking sanctuary why cant I be at peace? fill up a void come into my world exposed to be touched pay no mind I'm at home when the pain seems too much shut it off like a light now i'm all into peace a presence around me a love like amnesia I'm falling into fantasia calm as can be worries drift away forget how hurt I am for one meaningful day no I'm not the devil but I know who he is he once came to visit and make my soul his as a dark ball inside me consumes me at times i keep inching forward toward the many facets of mind knowing not showing much at all down in the sunrise revived by the fall a natural course of a star entering destruction like lotus flowers in bloom under a fog covered moon in the cold autumn wind healing old scars within practice the old magik into a new growing skill will it be enough the day which stands still worth fighting for.

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Tears are HOME in HEAVEN

We splash down the contour of Your cheek; We carry the word; YOU Long to  SPEAK 
We entwine together, leap to the Ground, Thanksgivings for the Love I have FOUND:
                                                        Y O U
               Inspired and Dedicated To My FOREVER :  “ BARBARA JEAN “
                                            To be Continued

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Open your mouth
and break this silence.
When was he given a licence?
This is your body,
You don’t always have to be sorry!
His hand on your jaw
Makes your face purple and sore
Is marriage,  a war?
Is this why you have come so far?
No money, just drinks, and bars!
Tacky  wowmen  and fancy cars.
he will learn
when the tables have turned
To hold you tight 
Instead of fighting, and  arguing
all through the night. 
You have to be brave,
You are not his slave
Feel proud to say
I made my move, i did not stay!

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Dedicated To A New Future

Every year is a new chance,
To do better with our lives,
But my life is still empty,
Without you here by my side.

I keep hoping that this year,
Will be different from the past,
And you won't be any where close,
To all the rest.

A part of me wants to believe,
That our lives will be,
As one as a couple should,
However, only time and God will see.

Take these words and cherish them,
Cause I want you to be,
The one who really touches my heart,
And proves that what I am feeling,
    Is not just a tease.

You can be my wife,
In the years to come,
If you want to show my heart,
That these feelings are very true,
     And are not dumb.

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Never Hate You

How are you today?
Are you still depressed with life?
Is it killing you?

This is crazy, babe,
You have got to understand,
I just want to help.

Why not let me in?
What are you afraid of, huh?
Why make it this hard?

Just let me help you!
Would it really be that hard?
I want to get it.

I want to help you,
Through everything you need.
I don’t want to push.

You make this too hard,
Let me try to comfort you,
But you can’t just talk.

I think I get it,
But how can I be sure, huh?
Just trust me, you’ll see.

We may not be us,
But it’s hard not to miss you,
The real you, that’s right.

Don’t know you that well,
But I do know you’re not this,
You are not this guy.

You’re awesome and sweet.
I know it’s weird to say, but
I could never hate you.

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all that i feel

Life has consumed me.
I am a harsh bitter shell of the hero I used to be.
An innocent boy full of love now flourished into a savage ripping, thrashing, selfish monster.

Yes, its true I am a monster and seemingly destined to wallow this way.
I find peace in little to nothing now and my heart cries out for love!
I believe its too late and nothing can be done salvage what was once so real.

This monster that so subtly guides me has damned me to this living hell 
"Is there no Saviour!?" i cry hoping for more but so faithless i cry.
There is a God who can redeem the love but why should he ever give me what i want?

I'm so selfish i cannot over come! i have no will, nothing to fight for.
It should be everything just to fight for the presence of that God of mine
but alas this monster has taken even that joy.

Why did all this happen? Everything was exactly as i needed..
I let it become this way with all my curiosity and ignorant "insight" of the world.
I realize now that I know nothing and never will I find what I am looking for.

Despair has wretched my inner most being and I am afraid that its grasp will never let me 
live but instead swallow me whole.
The life I long for sits boldly in my face but a can do little to achieve it for every time I reach 
my hand is slapped away and my body and mind are thrown to the ground so that i might 
pick these pieces up and learn a little humility.

But still it all seems pointless, why learn anything at all when you can truly know nothing?
Why should I try? why should I fight? I'm helpless, meaningless here. i am void an without 
purpose so it seems.
I want more but cannot have it. 

I just want to be accepted.

I just want to be loved.

I just want your everything so i can know i am not the only one capable of showing true love.

Selfish it seems because selfish it is. But what else am I supposed to feel!?
You think I never knew but i was watching all along.
You thought i couldn't see but the mirror behind you showed that silver blade.
I watched as you stabbed it through over and over again!

Yes, I know that not all of what i see is true but tone it down for what it is and yes I see the 
truth. You cant deny what you did and for it no excuse. What did this bald man give you that i 
didnt!? iI makes week sickens my heart and makes me want to die! 
Physical or not the emotion was betrayed! You say you love I saw that 
truth so why would you throw it away!? 

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God's Still Looking Out For You

He still holds the key to your living day to day,
He still feels the pain of your sorrow.
He still has the love we all need along the way,
and He knows we've got to face tomorrow.
He still dresses lilies, and blesses fields with clover,
over in the meadow, where you used to roam,
don't you know He's never forgotton one lily,
in that place you used to call home.

He still helps you struggle with the load you must bear,
He still dresses lilies and clover.
He's still with you even when you think He's not there,
and even when you're thinking it's over.

Everything's alright, God's still looking out for you.
He still dresses lilies, and He's looking out for you.
Everything's alright, God's still there in His Heaven.
God's still looking out for you.
© Ron Wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet
Yes. a song as well, and the first Demo version with video can be viewed on youtube, search for veebdosa,then selece GOD'S STILL LOOKING OUT FOR YOU.

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Glacier Eyed

Bleeding hearted
Glacier eyed 
Fire eating her insides
Lost scream
Locked in lies
No will to fight
Scarred skin
Hopeless breath
No touch of life
Broken chest
Chains breaking
Hands shaking
Glacier eyed 

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Lost Love Found by WLM on March 29, 2011

I need not scream
For the return of my dream
I feel so much better
For from her I received a letter
Her feelings were not of being mad
But of making me feel glad
She still wants me
And that is the way it should be
There was never a great cost
Nor even a feeling of being lost
When I heard from my love
All was still sent from heaven above
She finally did show
And my face had such a great glow
For me she does still need
So for now I will not concede
She still loves me so
In my heart I will always know
To me she will still marry
Now my head is not in a flurry
And a family we will still start
In mine heart I will sing like a lark
As God meant us to see
Together we will always be
In the simple breeze
I will hold her in my arms to squeeze
Now that I have my dear
I will lose all my fear
I have my best friend back
Oh God thank you for that
For with her I have no doubt
Thank you God I will never be without
She has made me so happy I still cry
For in my heart I do not want to die
All the feelings of dread
Have been put out of my head
To her I have so much to give
And for all of that we will always live
We must always treat each so well
My heart can only swell
I feel so young again
And that is where she will begin

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Beautiful Fairytale

The woman stares out the frosted window,
Shoulders covered in her cream colored shawl.
She begins to sing “beautiful fairytale, beautiful fairytale.”

Her husband’s truck rumbles around the corner of the little
Dirt road, She lights up like a shooting star across the night sky.

She stares at the dark complexion of his skin, and his golden brown
Hair, and his ocean blue eyes, as he walks up the path lined with white
Picked fence. 

He twirls her around and plants a kiss on her soft pink lips.
She Flashes him a smile.

She says to her husband: “My, I sure am happy  your home” with her
rather southern accent.  

“Me too. Me too.” He says smiling down at her.

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Noone Will Ever Take Your Place

Everyday I listen to songs that remind me of you,
 I miss you so much I feel lost I dont even know what to do
 This is the hardest thing I ever had to go threw.
I would give anything just to have you back, 
But I know thats not gonna ever happen so I dont know how to act.
Now your miles & miles away,
 If I had one wish it would be for you to stay. 
I just hope your happy and okay.
Since I cant tell you I love you to your face
 I'm writing you this poem to let you know 
our memories noone can erase and in my life
 noone will ever take your place.

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No one in this world , will take Ur place 	!!!

Seeing the horizon halfway drowned
As it looks all round
I wish U were around
To see the pain with which M actually crowned

Feeling the gentle breeze
Flowing through the seas
Sizzling rain drizzling away the lees
Always reminds Me of Our blistering memories
The moment I lost Ur touch
Anguish in heart increased such 
Life suffered severe drought
Really I never thought 
I would miss U so much
Depth of love with in Me still uncharted 
As the days pass it gets smarted 
Recalling the time We parted 
Agonizes the soul, Leaving Me like a broken hearted
Can’t wait for the day 
It’s really hard for Me to stay away
I swear 
Always wants to see
 grace on Ur face
Within My heart,
No one in this world
Will  take Ur place

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what I need

In this world full of hurt and pain,
I need a special someone who would help me through the rain.
To comfort me when Im sad,
Doing everything possible just to make me glad.

In this world I need a strong Brave Knight,
Who would never give up on my fight.
A knight who would dry away my tears,
Telling me to overcome all my fears.

A knight who loves me for who I am inside,
With him there's nothing more I need to hide.
A person who will still be standing so strong,
Eventhough everything has gone oh so wrong.

I need someone who is willing to give me more,
Someone I can call my Knight In Shining Armor.

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My Crafted Inferno

My Crafted Inferno
Tears fall like waterfalls from the broken,
Now finally love is now outspoken.
Because no one understands a love lost,
but what did I receive for this damn cost?
Emptiness, such heart break, and now alone...
I feel as if my strength, my soul, is gone.
What do I live for now day after day,
God please tell me if I can find some way,
To reverse this transaction free me now
God please, for I know you only know how!
but why would even you listen to me,
When I hate the person I am to be...
and as I write droplets fall to my page,
you've broke me now, I'll stay trapped in this cage.
Locked away for whatever price I paid,
My sins on the wall, the foundations laid.
I welcome my hell, the one I freely made.
I did turn my back! I should've just stayed!
Though I do know it's not your one intent
to make me live in my crafted torment...
I shall remain in my pain for these days,
And watch my demons torture me and stay.
For countless loves died in front of my eyes, 
leaving my destroyed heart asking you why?
My destroyed heart, will it someday feel new?
Can you send me my own angel to do...?
The much needed repair and save my life
and bless me enough to make her my wife!
Oh God please just once can you hear my plea...
Before that someone just gives up on me!

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The Truth Behind Love

A love is built on honesty
Not just that
But other things too
A relationship builds day by day
No one to mess with it

Here’s the truth
Love isn’t something you find right away
It finds you
All the time
The truth behind love is
It’s never really there
Until one day you found your lover
The truth behind love can be a heart breaker

Truth number 2
Is he loves you
He will stay with you
Even if you guys take a break 
From one another
If not
He doesn’t really love you
Maybe he never did

So the truth behind love
Can be ironic
No one really can know
Why it is so ironic
Is there really an explanation to it all
We can wonder until we really do know

But the truth behind love is painful and sad
No one wants to hear it
But yet they do
I never would have told you
If you never knew
My story behind the broken heart
That lies inside of me

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Zoloft and Prozac Anti-depressant 11202011

Eternal Father depressed
Enormous sins committed by people He made, Old Testament
Wanted to destroy the world
Jesus Christ stopped Him and made a deal

He will go to earth and take over for Eternal Father
Jesus Christ made Commandments
New Testament
Jesus Christ created One Church

All people to be universal
Catholic or Roman Catholic 
Jesus Christ believe people would understand each other 
Love each other

Prozac is like other man made religions, Generic Anti-depressant
Zoloft like Catholic or Roman Catholic, true anti-depressant
Prozac is like other man-made religions, generic anti-depressant
Zoloft like Catholic or Roman Catholic, true anti-depressant

Zoloft Churches would understand 
Love God with all your heart, mind, body and soul
Love your neighbor as yourself
The Second Greatest will cover the first Greatest and the 10 Commandments

The 10 Commandments
“Believe in the one God”

“Reverence in God’s Name”

“Love the Lord’s Day” (Sunday)

“Strengthen your family”
“Promote the Culture of Life”
“Marital Fidelity (Faithfulness)”
“Not Steal Act Justly”

“Tell the Truth”
“Practice of Purity of Heart”
“Embrace Poverty of Spirit”
Why are there other man-made religions?

People should listen to Jesus Christ
Other Christ like Churches believe in their creator
They are misleading you
Research, Ask around, true Bibles are in Catholic or Roman Catholic

Jesus Christ appointed 
"Whoever listens to you listens to me…
Whoever rejects Me
Rejects the One who sent me”

Listen from Catholics or Roman Catholics
Zoloft Church is true
People in Generic Prozac Churches are condemned
Zoloft Churches are saved

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I Lionized Denim

i lionized denim,in turn she spoke for me
i listened to sound,she gave me emotion
i gazed at a picture,made her feel beautiful,and she let me see whatever i wanted to see
oh,the things these women would do for me.
i gave Name definition,and she clothed me with perception.
at times it fit me great,and at times not so right
..just like denim

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You say you know no saviour,
You say you know no God. 
But find your scripts and rosary,
You'll need them when I'm done. 

Seven armies couldn't stop me.
Seven horsemen couldn't budge
All that I have inside me,
And that I've become. 

Never underestimate your enemies
I've got my scars for all to see
And I'm not done yet.
Never underestimate your enemies
Or what I'll do for victory.
Shield your eyes so you don't see
That I'm not done yet. 

Happiness; I've done all I can.
Loneliness, let go of my hand.
I've got my scars for all to see
And I'm not done yet. 

Drink your holy water and cleanse inside,
I'm waiting until midnight.
I won't stop until I hold your heart.
I won't stop until own your soul. 

This evil plays such a pretty song,
You know the words now sing along.
Oh the notes they sound so sweet
In this dark, dark, dark symphony. 

Happiness; I've done all I can.
Loneliness, let go of my hand.
I've got my scars for all to see
And I'm not done yet.

Never underestimate your enemies
I've got my scars for all to see
And I'm not done yet.
Never underestimate your enemies
Or what I'll do for victory.
Shield your eyes so you don't see
That I'm not done yet

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Been Through Everything

Shining from you,
Shining from me,
There's lingering hope,
Just to be free.

We've gone through the ups,
We've gone through the downs,
We'vd been through the smiles,
Been through the frowns.

Sometimes the things,
hardest in life,
Will turn out okay,
If we endure the strife.

And baby I love you,
You must know its true,
Cuz I would do anything,
To see you pull through.

We've been through so much,
We've cried; enjoyed laughter,
But now it is sure,
We are till death and after.

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World's not ending any time soon

The sky's going to fall and we'll all live.
No lie, no deaths, and no one will even notice the solar flares.
We're supposed to die on the universe's say?
Please don't take it personal but I really couldn't care less about what scientists say!
If you don't believe in God, then this is the perfect excuse for you on how the world will
For those who can't stand these superstitions, I'm with you all the way!
Now let me explain!

God cares about us
So he'll never let us die
At this point in time

When God says it's time for a change of venue.
Then don't be surprised if you find yourself on Heaven's Avenue.
Pinch yourself if you have to.
Just remember if you die you won't regret having a boo.
Not a scare to call you own but to add to your list and menu.

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They didn’t understand what I saw
They couldn’t see the deep passion, late at night in those baby blue eyes.
All they saw was a number and a reputation.
So you were 21 and captain of your hockey team?
In my eyes you were priceless and only old enough to drive.
The jersey you wore stayed on the ice and your skates were left untied.
You said the things only guys in fairytales would say, 
I called you my “Edward Cullen” and we kissed our nights away.
We were both so alike that it brought out our worst.
I would scream, and so would you, until our throats would hurt.
Sometimes you’d make me cry so hard that when I looked up you’d be crying too,
But no matter what life or love threw at us  I always knew that you meant it when you’d take 
my hand and pull me aside,
Cup my face and kiss my lips,
Or fall asleep at my side.
There was never a doubt in my mind that yes, boy, you did love me.
After that night when we watched everything end and we both knew it was for good,
I know I loved you and you loved me,
And maybe when time is on our side, we could be together

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The lovers soul

In you i see me
Its the sparks that bridge the gap
I feel i know you already
Though we've not long met

I feel the material melt away
As our souls resonate
To have found you feels like a lifes goal
I just know your my souls mate

I wasn't looking for love
I found you through gods grace
Yet somehow it feels like we've just met
At an arranged time and place

Though your here with me now
Who knows how long you've got there
Lets throw ourselves in to life
And fully embrace the time that we'll share.

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The One

My urges take control of me But I repel from expressing true feeling I lay awake on a sleepless night Dreaming of forever completion with a female People my age tend to take whatever comes to them And end up with players and loose blondes But I know what I want And my life is like an endless search for it Which I am willing to devote myself to Even If I die with the burden of my virginity My friends say I lack taste in women But in reality they are the ones without taste I'll find the one someday The one that stands out from the crowd And believe me It will be a beautiful moment And I will treasure her forever But is that really long enough...?

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I can't bear to be perfect anymore

I always knew something about you would fade.
Your words never could reach my soul,
But they ripped my heart in half.
With every being of who you are you tired,
And tired but it never worked.
And who I am seems to be frowned upon,
Time and time again.
I was never enough for you,
And someday you'll move on to something great,
To someone greater.
And we're gonna grow apart,
One day I'll see you somewhere and remember you.
You'll be a married man and far past us,
And it won't matter to you.
It'll still scar me and even if right now
I appear as the stronger one, it won't be like this forever.
I'm breaking down on the inside, I just don't show it.
And you don't know the control you have,
I just had to write you this so you would know,
That I'm moving on' and letting go,
Even though I don't want to.
You'll keep going about your life,
And keep regretting me like you have been,
And I've never regretted you.
I feel like I've been pushed down,
Pushed down, cut and pushed into the dumpster.
The sadness is this is no longer a poem.
This isn't a work of art,
This is a sad way of writing a letter to a lost friend,
A lost friend who shouldn't be lost. 
A lost friend who should still be mine.
But I'll give you my acceptance of moving on when it feels,
While it feels unbearable. And I've lost you.
Odds against me, I doubt I'll ever have you again.
I've never been enough for you,
And I can't bear to try to be perfect anymore.
I can't feed you the lies so I'm enough for you.
I guess I'll always be imperfect,
And unable to be yours.
Hopefully you aren't always lost;
Love and leave,
Joy and tears,
Mine and gone,
One day we'll see.

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Just For You

  In my dreams I have a place,
where I can leave the human race,
and make a world that's all my own,
where you and I can be alone.

   I'd tell you all my secrets there,
I'd give to you my soul to share,
and when at last, the day was through,
I'd make another, just for you.

   Nights would last an eternity,
and we'd count the stars, just you and me,
then, when we could count no more,
we'd lay against a sandy shore,
where face to face and hand in hand,
we'd step into the promised land,
where wishes, hopes and dreams come true,
I'd make it happen, just for you.

   In my dreams I have a place,
Where I always feel your warm embrace,
and if you want to feel mine too,
I'll make it happen, just for you.

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The Mourning Phoenix, Josephine

The Aphotic semblance rises against her face
The king of shame reigns over all
Her Hallows are mine
We are the same, Josephine
Explain to me this sacrificial empathy

"I'm living; the slowest way to die"
Hold on, my Josephine, everything you feel, is killing me
"I'm the lacunous lover, I must go to my ashened grave
In death I will lay, every word, every pain
I'm the victim, I can forgive
I can't go on - don't feel their wrath meant for me"

My name was meant for elegies
Not for the Wardens' acrimonies 
I can't look at a man without seeing a killer
I must go-
Not for the love of the death 
For the fear of life"

My Seraphic Josephine
Through the ashes you will claim victory 
Don't you say you must die
Elysia is in your grave
Through the ashes you will claim victory
My Seraphic Josephine
You are The Mourning Phoenix 

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If You Only Knew

My best friend, My x boyfriend, and the one I’m still in love with.
I know I have a boyfriend and he just happens to be your best friend too, but if I had the chance to tell you everything I would.
You and I still love each other like we did 3 years ago, but there’s nothing we can do about it.
I cant leave my boyfriend because I to scared of everything that will happen. 
I do love him and I do love you, but Who do I love more?
The one weekend I Saw you this year was the best weekend I've ever had.
We walked around like there was nothing else going on in the world.
The biggest smiles on our face, My lipstick on your lips, and the love in our eyes.
You and I even sang together on the park bench for the world to hear.
Shinedown is our favorite band because we both fit like perfect puzzle pieces in all their songs. 
I can't describe the way you made me feel with your big blue eyes, and the way you lifted me up like I was as light as a feather.
I know people might say if I love you so much then why don't I leave him. 
My answer is simple: I'm scared of being hurt… again.
Sure, every girl is sacred of a heart break but this girl? 
The bipolar , depressed, starving, love hungry, emotional, girl isn’t just scared she's terrified.
I do I love my boyfriend, but I don’t know who I love more.
Sure Dustin you broke up with me on my birthday 3 years ago, but we all make mistakes.
So for this years birthday you got me a beautiful “J” necklace, the color of my birthstone.
I know it might not sound like that makes up for it but the way I feel with you makes me feel invincible.
Every night we would go up to the hill, smoke a cigarette, and just hold each other. 
So if I had the opportunity to tell you  one thing that I regret not telling you.
It's that I love you and the way you make me feel more then everything in the whole world... except for Tyler, my boyfriend.
I'm sorry Dustin.

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If Only You Really Knew

I cant go and I can't leave 
I'm sadly broken from within between
I know that I probably should go
but every time my heart keeps telling  me, "no!"
you've changed so much, 
and you've lost your light,
now your filled with anger and spite.
you've stolen my happiness and my pride
you call me names and watch me cry
all my tears, sinking into all my fears.
you sit back and laugh with all the guys
joking like my misery is your biggest prize
when I met you , you were something so special,
something that shined like a ruby or crystal.
now your dull you should be ashamed,
your a little boy , you will never change.
god will give back what you've been giving
take this as a lesson in life's finer living. 
kindness and compassion can go a long way
maybe you should remember that, it could help you out some day :) 

This is actually a song that I wrote, Hope you enjoy! :) 
                                                 With Love,

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Being a woman is a gift.
Whether you’re black, white, red or blue.
It doesn’t matter as long as you are you.
Being hurt and punished by the men you love.
Is it their fault you f**ked with no glove?
Beaten, bruised, obeying all his rules.
Why not just refuse; refuse to be his slave, refuse to be his punching bag, refuse to be his last choice.
It’s time to stand up and raise your voice.
Tell him whose boss and why you took it all.
Remember the time he f**ked your best friend
Remember the times he said
“Baby I’ll be there until the end”
Remember the beatings, burns, cuts and bruises;
It’s time to tell him who loses.
Be the woman who can stand on her own two feet.
Be the woman who refuses to be with a man and be beat.
Life is too short to stay locked down
He continued to knock you down 
But its time to get up and get off the ground.
You’re free to be the woman you were meant to be…

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I love you with my whole heart and soul to the point that I will never let go. The thought of 
you, holding me, loving me is so pure and true. Anticipating the moment when I can look into 
your eyes and say those everlasting words.” I DO" 

I vow to honor & love you forever, if you will have me as yours… for better or for worst, 
through sickness and in health, I promise to take you as my husband, if you take me as your 
wife. Being bond together as one with you for the rest of my life.

This commitment I’m making to you will always remain strong. No interference or 
distractions will break this eternal bond. I’m giving you my heart, Baby. Please treasure it as 
much as you treasure your mom. I want our lives to be peaceful, drama free and calm. I 
cannot wait till we build on the family you already have. For us all to be happy, days filled 
with fun, love and laughs.

There’s so much in store for our future that I am excited for it to begin. As a strong team, if 
any obstacles were to arise, I have all the faith that we will overcome them. This is my 
Solemn vow, I will love you forever, you will never have to question “how?” I will support 
you, stand by you, motivate and take care of you. Respect you and trust you. More than 
anything, I will Love You without any doubts.

I’m taking this leap with you praying to God to bless our marriage and to be there helping us 
through. Baby, this journey that we’re about to embark on is all new. This is the first and last 
for both of us, so it’s up to me & you to make it work, and see it through.

Baby, please cherish my heart and take my hand. Vowing to love each other till the very end.

(Dedicated to my fiance)

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Use to be a good guy

I remember wen u use to be a good guy always had me happy  but now all i do is cry wondering if 
everything you were telling me was a lie? and is it really time to say goodbye? i hate feeling like this why me why? You turned into a diffrent person than you use to be you use to be so intno me that wasnt hard to see I just want you to be how you were at first this person you are now is beyond a monster This person you are now is way worst My heart hurts i just wanna burst

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Lunch with a friend

On the topic of dating and settling he said,
ninety percent right - is good you know...
Oh really, and then I wondered,
why is it he's still alone?

Then I got to thinking a lot
how it is that a man really thinks...

they want a body slim that rocks 
and her passion not a thing she forgot
A lady in public but a freak in the sheets
eyes that seduce and to cook she is pleased
With a personality that soars through the roof
and a heart you will never disprove

Why is it then, tell me please...
Why men always say "love me for me"
Pay no attention to what I don't own
or my less than flattering physique 
Just tell me in a week I'm "The One"

Some are looking for quiet
others are hoping for fun
Everyone's looking for love so
truly it comes to that thing we succumb 

They say that the ladies are digging for gold
But you gentleman are forgetting your older

You want to be flattered 
She wants to be pampered
You want a lady who's candy to sight
yet all your gold Is with the ex- wife

For all the plans men will speak
it's rare to find a bird in the hand
say what they will to get the girl they seek
but a woman needs more than HOPE from a man

Is it really about some standard 
or are we just too tired and damaged ?
what ever the factors
When it comes to remarriage
I really don't mean to disparage 
the percentage of factors should be more than alleged

All in the odd spoken, lunch with a friend :-) 

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Is he the one?

Is he the one that cares about me?
Is he the one that worries about me?
Is he the one that is in love with me?
Is he the one that loves me for me?
Is he the one that never wants to leave me for someone else?
Is he the one that I have everything in common?
Is he the one that will be there for me?
Is he the one that I was looking for?

Is he the one for me?

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My baby
My precious
My warm and glowing light
I cannot seem to sleep at night
For dreaming while I'm awake.

I dream of the kindness I see in your eyes
And I yearn to be able to hold you.
I dream of what Dubai is gonna look like
And how happy I think I'm gonna feel


Over and over I say your name, and only because it brings its you I've fallen in love with.
My Suki
are my
Lol, my friend I can't say it enough and I absolutely love it.
Love you.

Aw man, if ever there were words, I'd sing them to you.
If only there were actions that showed you strong enough, I would do nothing else but
dance them for you.

But let me tell you this, my sweet love.
I have my whole life to sing
My whole life to dance
My whole life to dream.

And I want nothing more than to spend my life doing those things with you.

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My Boy

My Boy Is Like An Ocean That Meets The Sea, The Strongest He'll Ever Be
           My Boy Makes Rmyths When He Speaks To Me
My Boy Is Every Thing To Me, I Hope He Will Never Leave,
          My Boy Eyes Tinkle When He Looks At Me, As If I Am The Star That Brought It To His Eyes
        My Boy Is My World And My Unborn Baby Is My Earth, God Want am I Supposed To Do With A Miricle Like This

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How Do I Let You Go

What will be
Will be!
I know of this, first hand
Your life was taken away
So abruptly!
I will 
Never forget
That day!
Till the day 
My body dies
I am with you, again!

“How was I to prepare myself?”
That kind of 
Life changing, event!
Didn't warn me 
Were permanently leaving!
I hope 
You know 
How much “I love you”
You will never be forgotten!

I don’t know 
Has got into me!
I feel you
Inside me
I see images
Of your face 
So clearly!
Am I crazy 
To believe in this, my love?

“Are you still with me?”
“Is my imagination 
Playing cruel tricks
Running rampant
I talk with you
As if 
You were by my side, right now

In my heart and mind
Your face etched
Like a blue print
That never fades
Your foot prints 
Still remain, beside me
My heart beats
Trying to make sense of everything!

Forgive me, my love
For being so strong in my feeling
For it has been a long time
Since I lost you, my friend
I haven’t
Got over!

My heart 
A mind of its own
To be with you, still!
To see you
To smell you
To touch you
To taste you
Last time!

I want to say “Goodbye” 
Once and for all!
We have
Brought out
The best and worst 
In each other
Rivers run deep
When it comes to you and me!

We have had our fair share of fights and arguments
Stubborn disagreements
All of them
You cease to exist!

I miss your lingering touches
Your hand, stroking my face
Your big, blue eyes
Looking into mine
Your warm lips
Your rough, unshaven face 
The way you
Kiss me
We make love, till dawn

I miss
All those nights
You kept me 
Safe and warm!
I miss
Loving embrace
I miss
“Am I ever going to feel the same, with another?”
I felt
In your arms, my love?

Do I let you go?
Do I set myself, free?
I am ready
To love, again!
‘Our eternal love’
Guiding me
In times, like these!

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Me No More

When will this stop, how much longer do I have to take all your bull,
It seems like everything I do is not good enough for you.

I'm tiered of falling asleep at night covered in my own tears,
I'm tiered of being your doormat, your one and only that you take out all your anger. 

When will all this stop? I am running out of words to make it all better. 
Only if you can feel what I feel. You would die already if you walked through what I walked through. 

I'm not giving up cause that's just who I am. I'll fight, unlike you give up and throw it all away.
So I'm fighting now, and there ain't *****you can do to stop me. 

The beast is released, get ready for a nightmare you only dreamt of.
You won't see me the same ever again. 

I'm dead to you, you can't call means tour own anymore. 
If someone will ask me if I no you, I'll deny it with a passion.

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Deirdre III

Don't you know Deirdre's Gone? 
Don't you know Deridre's Gone?

I stepped into room 8-16 only to feel tragedy 
The gatekeeper says your addicted to your pain
A lifeless cold barren soul put In the closet with the shades
Will he ever let you out?

How many days will this passion bleed away
We will be the ones to blame
Beware we've became their prey

An exodus from pain
Her life spent breathing in shame
Am I the one to blame 
Don't you know Deirdre's Gone? 
Don't you know Deirdre never said wrong
Don't you know Deirdre's Gone? 

"my decadence was just for you 
Though you have never cared what I've been through
Enter a world where empathy is clandestine
A world created by thee, just for me
The destruction in my mind 
Is why you want to throw the stone
Today I go past the gate''

I call your name towards nightfall's reign
But the guards take you so far away
A dark angel so divine
Cursed by the ones of Eden's Heart
I will avenge every tear

An exodus from her pain
Her life spent breathing in shame
Am I the one to blame 
Don't you know Deirdre's Gone? 
Don't you know Deirdre never said wrong
Don't you know Deirdre's Gone? 

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The Rose

bullets, and hearts
lifeless bodies piled in carts
a lonlely mortition chewing over sweet tarts,
ironic, bitter sweet
blood can boil if you can bring the heat
and the dead can move, provided with a heart beat
black roses on my grave
mourn my loss on this day
blood dripping from my heart every which way
injured, batterd, buised and tattered 
you destroyed it all like it never even mattered 
falling roses in the sky
drops of blood spatter my eye
i told you i would love you until i die
my word is true, i was nobody until i found you
but you dont love me do you
bloody petals on the floor
you say nothing because you love me no more 
heart beat stops
face flops
knees weak and my body drops
exctacsy to heartbreak 
fearless too forsake
death is welcome but never comes
your the woman to seduce, but never succumbs 
to entrap but never loves 
it makes no sence like poisonous doves
looks to thrill 
designed to kill 
you say that you wont but i know that you will
your heart constricts mine till it lays still
your auburn eyes can paralyze
your intoxicating presence washes over me like the tides 
lips so beautiful, do they speak nothing but lies?
so seductive you hold my heart as it dies
cunning and deceptive crocodile tears instigate angel cries 
the personification of beauty 
the face of an angel 
the heart of the devil
your siren song, sang to my heart sweet and long 
draws me in, i cant resist for it is too strong
i want you to love me
to breath me
im writhing 
and seething 
and weeping
thinking as im dreaming
on what my dependence on you is meaning
i want to hate you but your part of my being
and now i am seeing
that i must catch the falling rose in the wind
present it to you, and steal your heart then
The blood on the petals are angel tears
for the fallen angel has realised her fears
she has fallen for a mortal 
a boy
who was nothing more than a toy
being played to her ploy
and she takes this defeat with joy
the blackest heart has been turned pure
fallen angel fell for my lure 
my arrow aimed at her heart oh so sure
and she is mine.... forever more

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Our love is a: Broken Melodies, Barking Hound Dogs and Guilty Lawyers

We've hit a bump;
the melodies and notes that
resemble the feelings of our love
hang in the air broken,
and the silence looms over us
like fog in a cemetery.
It's easier to remember the
difference in all equations than
what reoccurs;
and so our hound dogs,
like our past fights
keep us up at night with eh
passing thoughts of
"should I be here?" and
"Is it worth it?"
And so we explain our case;
the lawyers inside us that
never wish to lose a fight,
all lawyers are guilty.
There never will be a time,
when two songs of
different tempos will make a
Let's start humming the same tune,
and break the broken desires.

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Im Done

Im done with yesterday
tomorrow's a brand new day
today has crushed my dreams
and everything between.

The hole inside is deep
your heart is what i keep
when i go to sleep.
I only dream of you
thats exactly what i do every night
only i can make it right.

Im done trying to find the love
the love that we all pursue.
I know your heart is my home 
but we are truly through.
No matter what you say
no matter what you do.
Our love has really faded away.
So now everything is clearly black and gray
but even though were done i love you anyways.

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Sacred Lorelei

The night has befallen me Rescue me, unchain me Sacred Lorelei Bleeding a passion of royalty Forever I'll follow your Argentine cloak with the most deadly pacts beautiful Witch Sacred Lorelei Tell me did the ravens Hear my cry My misery's plea Sacred Lorelei Was this all just upon a dream Lucidity becoming reality of my Sacred Lorelei A fiat of darkly desire from a most beautiful witch unchaining the burden of my misery All for my Sacred Lorelei

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Thoughts of you

It's the thoughts of you,
And what could be,
That makes the smile,
Inside of me...
Shine so bright,
Seen from so far,
Then exploding like,
Some massive star...
To scorch the clouds,
That line the sky,
So a piece of heaven,
Can move aside...
And clear a path,
That god can see,
So only you can find,
A way to me...
It's the thought of you,
That makes me whole,
So I'm thankful you,
Have touched my soul...

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Do We Have An Example Just ONE

Do We Have An Example?

Do we have an example of those
 who aren’t afraid to say…
“I’m going to bow my head
 to the Lord and pray.”

Do we have an example of those with a like mind?
To be respectful, courteous and kind?

Do we have an example of those who’ll take a stand?
Against the tide of evil 
all throughout this land?

Do we have an example?  Just one person?
Who’ll live by the Bible… 
And apply it’s lessons?

Do we have an example of those
 to teach the younger generation…
Living for God will give us a solid foundation?

Do we have an example?  Anyone to be found?
Who’ll spread the gospel 
to every city and town?

Do we have an example?  Can we look to YOU?
Who’ll try to live the way Jesus wants us to?

Can we find an example? With the courage to live?
Being Christ example with the power to FORGIVE!

Can we find an example?  Let me make this point.
There’s Jesus!  And he will  NEVER disappoint!

Can we trust this example?  Most assuredly YES!
In HIM can you find a security,
 a peace and a REST!

Will you be an example? And give your life to him?
And experience what it means to be “born again!”

His example of love can be yours and mine…
Won’t you give HIM a chance?
  While there’s still time?

By Jim Pemberton 

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A silver river down your face. You hang your heas in such disgrace. I've found you in this awful place. You've fallen from your spot of grace You've never cried in front of me, But now your weakness I do see. You cry and cry because of she, And all alone you want to be. I do refuse to leave your side. You are ashamned of how you've cried. You scream your wish that you had died, And here I come to be your guide. Never again will you walk alone. You now have love to call your own. You tried to cut rigt to the bone. You're caught tonight, tears on the phone. Let me hold you for this night. I will help you through this fight. Let us try with all our might. We'll sit here 'til you're alright. Now listen friend, and listen well. We'll walk together through this Hell. I promise you I'll never tell. Best friends forever, it ends well. Now you're in a happy place. I love that smile on your face. All of your pain we did erase. Live loving life, for it's no race.

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Do You Know Someone Bruised And Afflicted

Have You Met Someone Bruised And Afflicted? Have you met someone who’s been battered and abused? Their body all torn up, beaten and bruised? Have you met someone involved in a deep addiction? Causing harm to themselves and many afflictions? Have you met someone who seems to be “all right?” But chose the “dark path.” And not THE LIGHT! There’s many lives involved in many kinds of perversions. Many who’ve left their families for their “obsessions,,,” Only the blood of Christ can break the bondage of sin! Only Jesus can bring a complete healing deep within! Only Jesus can bring true love to a discouraged soul! He’s done this for me! This I surely know! I don’t know where I’d be if not for his mercy and grace! He picked me up and planted my life on a solid place! He traded the ashes of my life for his wonderful beauty. Serving him is an honor and my faithful duty! He truly gives a peace that passes all understanding. It’s available to you today! And can be yours for the asking! By Jim Pemberton

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it feels good to know 
I have found someone 
who cares as much 
as I love the sky 
as I love the rain 
as I love spring 
or a summer day 
it feels good to know 
I can look in your eyes 
and not be denied 
the love I feel inside 
is more precious than 
the first blooming flower
the first clap of thunder 
the first ray of sun 
after a shower 
it feels good to know 
where ever we go 
you are always with me 
by my side
and knowing you love me 
makes me fly
higher than the biggest plane 
further than geese on autumn days 
for I am undoubtably yours

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Sonnet 1

Love taketh my heart and soul
    it recaptured my trust
never again shall I stand sole
    for your love, is lust
I learned not to love
   Thy heart cast melancholy melodies inside
Thy love is love that is only loved by the man above
   For love isn't a vied
My heart seems to haste
   yet I suffered
Unquestionably your love can be replaced
   When love comes to push and shove, I defer
As lies come across my ears
   As much as my pulverized heart been through
I learned to put off love as it corker, belittlement, and depressed me for years
   Thy heart day by day grew

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Days come and pass by 
But Thoughts those never die 
Are always there in the mind
Questioning the heart 
Answers to which it tries to find
Y is it always thinking of only

Heart stresses to dream always 
Dreams of U and Ur craze
Tries to act more clever
Wishes dreams to last forever
For, It’s such a fever 
Cure of which is possessed by only

Life has numerous paths 
Now searching just the apt end
End to have U as a friend
From life that is all I desire
To have U as a breathe I respire
So that I spend
The rest of My life with only

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Friendship with U is so tender
That We don’t need to have a fender

Times changing and so is the trend 
But the friendship with U would never end

Be assured that U would find Me near
Whenever Ur facing problem to fear
Just close Ur eyes , I will be the one to steer
And free U out from the clutches, Dear

Times we spend together are still alive 
In garden of My memories they still survive

Just want to see U happy forever 
Full of joy and hint of sadness never

Never let smile stay away from U
Coz it’s the one thing possessed by few

Just wanna say,
Life’s paths have curves and bend
That always has a message to send
When We meet, We’ll also part
So in life there will always be 
New beginning & always a New start.

Nothing can break the bond & the continuity
Our Friendship will last through eternity.


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When The Fall Fell Down..

do you remember 

when we were so young 
when the fall fell down 
and the spring had sprung 
when the winter came 
and made us so cold 
when the summer flame 
found us playing and saying 
I hope we never grow old..

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What have you done

Unraveling threads of a desperately mending heart, I cry out “What have you done!” weighed down with shame, with untamed grief the anchors attached around my quivering feet.

Scornfully you mock my pain your heartless blacked eyes clanging at my blood drenched hands, nails layered with burgundy.

Thou paled and anguished, scorned and abused these tiny fingers frantically gather the broken shards that where you. With each slight hurt and every cold and calculated word the jagged glass drew crimson streams.

“What have you done!”

With love so bright, a luminescent beam of  pure serenity I know mourn.
No longer a lover or friend, forever a foe a minis to my rapidly beating heart.

Even though I stand laced up in cold metal chains, I pity you, pity with no end, casting my regret to the changing wind.

Tears, I’ll drowned myself in dying sorrow, the kind that never ends.
Simplicity of burden that is all I gain.

Trembling blushed hands, heavily wounded pride, even the department of faith is the love token you bestowed unto me. Now, snicker with accomplishment.

But behind these tear filled blue eyes my soul still flies.
You can only cross me, vex me, and wound me so many countless times.

New faith will be received over time,  pink thread will lace the torn partials of an aching heart, and the love from even a stranger will triumph over ever pain, clotting the wounds you inscribed on my skin.

Exciting anticipation, what an unexpected thing!

The account of you a memory now in my life’s ledger, A blank page layered with your name.
A memorial for when in love you should never have to utter, “What have you done.”

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Dream Come True

Dream Come True
January 12, 2011

I will not be blue
For my dream has come true
She has come to me
We will just let it be
I have waited so long
And my love has grown so strong
To have and to hold
For to always be bold
To let her know
How my love will show
To make it right
And look into the bright light
I want her to stay
For she will have it her way
She is so smart
I will sing like a lark
For she is mine 
In this day and this time
Our love will grow
To others it will show
Her and I surely long
For together we belong
And to her I yearn
Not a hint of concern
We will always be
As one entity

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Till Death Do Us Part

I lay awake, at night
Hearing your spirit, calling me
I feel you, deeply
Another time, another space
How, do I bring you back home?

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Bookending Part Two:

To reach deep inside of you and feel your heart beating in my grasp
To hold your fragile heart in my hands and cradle it 
With such tenderness and care like a newborn
To keep it safe from harm and let it grow again
To hold it tenderly and wash it clean with my tears of love and joy 
Wash away all of the taints placed upon it before me

To mend the broken areas
To feel it beating stronger with every touch of my love
To feel it begin to warm in response to my touch
Feeling the warmth radiate from within
And bathe in the glorious waves of love pouring from it
To bask in the glow of you and your love

To let my tears flow because they don’t belong here anymore

Washing away all of the previous hurt we’ve had to endure

To lie washed up on the sunkissed shore of loves sweet paradise:

Love 'N' Laughter CLiPiCs

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Nothing makes one forget the stillness of a warm noon
more than that memorable stroll
with our sweetheart as butterflies 
gently flutter over us to be admired, making us 
remember the tender beauty that spring was. 

Everything around us emanates joy,
harmony is seen everywhere in this forest, 
but peace isn't the only thing the traveler seeks,
and surely bluejays can arise much curiosity
with their songs that sound good to the ear.

Walk with us on flowery paths, say hello
to the timid squirrels with long, patchy tails;
rosemary bushes are fragrantly sweet... 
to remind all the tender beauty that spring was.

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Young in Love Again--- SONG 2

Every time I breath,
	I feel your arms around me;
     Holdin’ on so tight, that it makes it almost impossible to see.
The stars are dancing their own little dance, as we hear the drums
		Pounding in our ears.

I remember we were running through the trees,
Trying to reach the top,
Giggling and screaming at the top of our little lungs,
I wish we could go back and be
Young in Love Again.

I flash back to us growing up,
Catching each other in long silent glances,
With the same little question bugging me and you.
But then there was your girl; 
And she adored you, then I was always blue.

I remember sitting alone writing in my book,
Watching you stand there cuddling her,
With me longingly looking, dreaming I could be her and 
I kept wishing that we could go back to being
Young in Love Again.

Then there was the day,
	That long awaited day.
You had left her for me,
   And in sweet ecstasy, you kissed me.

I remember everything falling into place,
Walking down the aisle to you,
Standing there in black and blue;
Our dreams were finally coming true 
And we were no longer wishing to go back ‘cause
We were Young in Love.

But then things changed. . .
	One little change, we didn’t expect it to come.
        It was the letter sent for you to go.
		And in my head,
	Was all the bad, wondering if our precious little one would survive,
			From all my pain
				From this one good-bye. . .

And I remember going back to all the good,
Breathing out the bad,
Trying to forget the truth, that you had to go;
And we were praying together, 
That we could go back to being
Young in Love Again.

And I remember. . .
	And you remember. . .
        So we remember. . .
		And we pray. . .
				That if we meet again in another place. . .
We will be
	Young in Love Again.

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What Time Is It

What Time Is It?

Is it a.m.?  It is p.m.?  Sunrise?  Sun Set? Coffee time?  Tea time? Maybe it’s  time to unwind?

Animal know the time, nature know time. Maybe its mankind that has a problem with time.

Why do they say 24X7?  What’s wrong with 32X11? Would that get us closer to heaven?

A time for Church, a time for the offering, a time for preaching. Time to go to sleep, time to count sheep. Time to behave and not be a slave.

Time for work, time for pain and hurt. Time for happiness, gladness and sadness. 
Um! Even a time for timeout.  

Me and you, what are we going to do?

A time to  love and a time to thank him above.  Jimmy! Yes mom, ready for a treat, take a seat. Time to eat.
Dr. “G”

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Run real fast to a far away land ...

One day it will stop, and i'll take your hand
We will run real fast, to a far away land
Everything will be good, and we will smile
Everything we have done, will have been worthwhile

In this land 
there's no lies
In this land
nobody cries
In this land
We'll be okay
In this land
We will stay

Upon this day, the clouds part for stars
We will watch and know, this place is ours
So far away, that the sun will always shine
So far where the scents, and the scenes intertwine

In this land
you'll love me
In this land
we'll be free
To this land
I hope you'll come
Cos in this land
I need someone

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I'm Here

Drive me crazy
But I still love you
Treat me wrong
But I still love you

You walk away
Should I follow?
Are we just going to repeat this
Again tomorrow?

Another day
That you're upset
Wait a minute
Let me guess

I did something wrong
In your mind
Because in reality
I've been here the entire time

Never left your side
Never disrespected you
But still you treat me
Like I mean nothing to you

You told me
You want to be with me
But you act
Like you don't notice me

Because I am who I am
I'm going to stick it out
I'm going to fight for what I want
Til' I can't even shout

No matter what
I'll always love you
From beginning to end
I'll be here for you

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Independent with People

We are independent with people on earth
Our mortal angels are always there to assist us
But, we can never be independent in everything
God is our everything


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I have been at a loss for cumbersome syllables
And dislocated octaves,
Which tumble in lazy metaphors from lips
Smeared with cheap makeup in declarative shades
Of fire engine spectacles, muddy rouge,
Polluted sunset pink,
To mask a cadaver's stitches, preventing
My Heart's restless peaks from bursting forth
Into senselessness.

Where have cognitive examinations flown
Off to, cradling air with hollow bones-
With the flowers, or the cowboys.
Lucidity snatches at April's
Lionlamb air;
I catch falling words on your tongue, like

Strip my world, proverbial paint thinner
Peeling pseudo-realistic wallpaper
In sunburn fakes,
Of all falsities I've shacked my wrists with.
Paint over my
Red crayon scrawled morale
With You. 

Jenna-Nichole Conrad

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My love for you
is a countless drops of moist rain
perhaps that is the reason
I wish
It keeps raining
all day and night
perhaps that is why
I wish
monsoon be the season
all year long.
My love for you
s boundless part of my life
perhaps that is the reason
I wish
you to be my soul
thus will exist
life after life
and beyond.

My love for you
is soundless sea of devotion
perhaps that is the reason
I wish
to be drawn deeper and deeper
quietly within you.

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Heartless Fire

In my fervent heart,
You knew I treasured you
But you didn’t return those tender feelings
Just see the fumes arise from the consuming fire
Because my wicked desires wasted away into embers
I love you…I love you…These feelings are ever so new!
I LOVE YOU…I love you…These feelings are always true!
You knew I honestly adored you…oh yeah; I always did from the start
But you don’t consider those mild feelings—you wrecked those bits by bits
Ah! Now I’m crammed into the ascending fire, splintering me with the strokes of death
Because of my virtuous desires, I’m wasting away into the pit of corruption
I thought you were encompassed with my passionate kisses
But you wanted to chase after your callous blisses, now I’m faced with crises
I detest the thought of adoring you…but I have to admit—I love you!
I love you…I love you with all of my heart! Do you love me too?
I know the desires that I have constructed for you never occurred in your heart
I know in the bottom of my heart that you were only enticed by your sick pleasures
You’re dumping me into the raging fire and you’re a sneaky little liar
Because I ain’t lying like you do deceitfully to me—I’m in love and I can’t draw back my desire
You brought magnificence in my eyes, comforting angel
But I’m subsiding into the cavernous fire
Because I surrender to my legit desire
How could I free from the embrace that yanks on to me?
You brighten up my dreams and set me free from reality’s calamity
I love you…I love you…These feeling relieve me from the blue!
I LOVE YOU…I love you…I adore your every existence—do you get the clue?
You knew I kept this feeling inside for so long
Nevertheless, I feel that I belong
In your heart…In His heart…
In my heart…we’ll never depart!
You are my true endeavor
And I wanna win your heart forever!
You’ll always be loved because you’re above beautiful
But, you don’t believe this love will survive in this stranded palace
But I’ll attempt to win you with all of my might and I’ll defeat the malice
Our boundless love is like two fireflies floating in the midnight sky
But you disturbed our greetings and you didn’t even accept the feelings I felt for you
Why did you blow away our interweaved feelings of passion
And blew them away into the heartless fire?
My precious love, why did you diminish my eternal desire?
You knew I worshiped you
In my sensitive heart

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What if

I had it all.
The blood beneath the cold, dense, heart
beats as if it were nothing.
But what good would a heart be 
if it did nothing.
The mind just seems to baffle-
confuse both me and you,
no longer are you confused, but am I.
A sweet little butterfly,
gravity has no affect on me
i'm free, oh the freedom what glee,
there's no you and me.
Only after is there a space for 2
when 1 and 1 they become 1 whole
and 2 together,
they separate, without becoming one-
just as though life had died.
It's true what they say about dying,
no one ever learns until-
that moment, situation unfolds,
and instead of the light, it's dark
black, cold.
Instead of the angels, loved ones spirits,
it's the devils scold
and even after all this hyperbole,
I haven't even budged.
I'm old.
You just don't seem to get it,
I once became so young, now old
and all because of you,
you mystery of my soul.

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A cocktail of my feelings
Shadows of fantasy come alive
The images toy in my mind all night
Will they come true, i wonder?

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So-Called Good Christians

You have made a choice. 
You have chosen hatred. 
In our Heavenly Father, 
you have chosen not to rejoice. 
He is who spares the most awful dread. 
You have chosen to hate me. 
First it was the “N” word, 
the Afro comment, 
and my curly hair. 
Now you hate me 
for the religion 
that I have chosen to be. 
My faith gives me what is right and fair. 
I pity you for all your hate. 
But you made it clear my fate. 
A Mormon to this date, 
a Mormon forever. 
Your rage and hate 
prove my faith and 
choice of religion right. 
Your bigoted hatred
I have chosen to fight 
by giving it light. 
I want it 
in everyone's sight. 
Your rage and hatred is your only boast. 
But with it you are engrossed. 
Like you, your rage and hatred 
are nothing but compost. 
Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit 
gives me what I need the most. 
And for you, that is just 
too bad so sad. 

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I Will Make The Right Choice (Don't Feel Like Praying Today)

I don’t feel like praying for Rodney,
But I will keep doing it.
I don’t feel he will ever accept you.
I feel like I’m wasting my time,
Everything but You and me,
Is on his mind.
He wants nice things,
But he won’t open his heart,
To the one who will give them
To him. He’s not dumb.
He’s very smart. Right now,
He’s outsmarting himself.
Looking for all the wrong  ways,
To gain wealth. 
You already gave it to him.
We were totally the same.
Not feeling like we got,
Enough attention,
From parents and siblings,
Because God gave us everything,
We needed and much more,
To survive. He just won’t open,
His eyes to see that he is the star,
Of the family tree. Because God gave him,
The tools to rule within his gifting.
 Maybe one day, he will forgive,
Parents and siblings.
And accept that God paved 
The way for His wonderful life
That is ahead of him.
I don’t know why I still have the urge,
To pray for Rodney.
After all of the horrible things he did to me:
Stole my computer, kept my car out all night long,
Had this illiterate chick calling my phone,
As a result causing all kinds of confusion,
 In my home. Calling me everyday to get,
Him out of jail, stressing me so badly
That we lost our baby, not coming home
To grieve with me. I don’t deserve,
 Such mistreatment, But God still 
Wants me to pray for this dude.
I should have a negative attitude,
Toward him. I still don’t feel like 
Praying for him, but I am doing 
What God wants. Maybe Rodney,
Will do so too. So I choose like 
He has to make a voice to lift 
My voice, and pray for change,
In his heart one day.

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What Is Love

Love is accepting someone
For who they are,
They should shine in your life,
Like a brightened morning star.

Love is being there for someone,
When they are down and upset,
Holding them tightly,
And leaving them with not one regret.

Love is spilling your feelings out,
To one another,
And having compassion
For each other.

Love is having faith,
And having trust,
Because without these two,
The relationship turns into dust.

I'm here to tell everyone,
That if you really love one another,
Then you should be treated,
Like no other.

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Once I cared for a beautiful witch

You've fallen in love with the medium state, 
im calling above for premieum fate. 
i watch you fall further as did the best angel, 
i point my sword knowing not the best angle. 
Most to weild before me let fear consume, 
you know its not present but one might presume, 
that the quality is a curse. For fear is a power but it wont be the worst, 
its applying truth to situation, for my eyes are ALL thats needed for communication. 
One day you'll stop the falling and stand, and since you declined my aid, you are now in gods hands. ~

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My Grass in the Desert

The midnight magic sprinkles in the air.
I can hear the every breath that you take.
Closing my eyes I am so lost to any existence.
This moment is mine that I create.
So very, very much I am content!
My soul is engaged with such a paradise. 
I am aimlessly there.

Ah yes! Yes indeed, 
You are my grass in the desert and I am so very, very near.
The glitter is everywhere, 
I can breathe the every breath that you take.
Closing my eyes I am so lost for time.
This moment is mine that I make.
So very, very much I am entwined.
My soul is entangled with magic so sublime, 
I am without a single care.
Yes, yes, yes! 

You are my grass in the desert and I do often come there.
The radiance I stand and bear.
I can touch the every breath that you take.
Closing my eyes I am so lost without a cause.
This moment is mine that I partake.
So very, very much I am lost.
My soul is entangled in this web of mine, 
I am so very, very much there.

I am lost in time.
Ah yes, yes, yes indeed!
You are my grass in the desert and I am here to share.
Blossoms are blooming everywhere planting the harvested seeds.
My grass in the desert is all that I will ever need, even when so desolately bare!

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Never did I dream that
So intertwined, so separately
Our paths would cross this way
So intimately, so deeply

Never have my footsteps
So quickly, so easily
Fallen in sync with another's
So naturally, so happily

Never have I felt this way
So scary, so amazing
Grounded while flying
So proud, so full of awe

Never could I truly see
So oblivious, so blind
How ignorant my heart was
So selfish, so masochistic

Never was I treated
So respected, so admired
As a true equal
So fairly, so new

Never have I realized
So depressed, so low
That I have and talents and gifts
So precious, so eye-opening

Never have I loved
So sanely, so smartly
Nor have I been loved
So truly, so honestly.

Never did I dream that
So intertwined, so separately
Our paths would cross this way
So very intimately, so very deeply

Thanks for seeing me
Not my body, not my silhouette
Thanks for being selfless
So rare, so special

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True Love Awaits

You and me so intertwined.
I love the way your hand cuffs mine.
Love so strong, we can't go wrong.
Companionship is what we own.
Love, trust and respect is what we get. ?
-True Love Awaits ?

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Those Close to Us Can Cause So Much Hurt

Those Close To Us Can Cause So Much Pain Isn’t it amazing, the hurt and damage someone can do? Especially by the one who said; “I Love You!” Isn’t it amazing, how someone, which we’ve given our heart. Can betray our love, and “tear it all apart?” On that special day, when your vows were exchanged… It’s almost like “overnight,” some people change! Throughout this country, this seems too commonplace. As people seek their own desires… Instead of God’ grace. Isn’t it amazing, how anger, jealousy and bitterness begins? Even amongst our loved ones, that we have called “friends?” What’s more amazing… Is how God, in his mercy and care.. Still loves us. And he is always there! No matter what you’ve said, or what you do. God remains the same. And is always there for YOU! He is faithful! His commitment to you is strong and secure! His love is everlasting! And is 100% PURE! I stand amazed, as to how God still loves us. He asks for our heart. He wants to trust us! Won’t you come and experience his love today? He loves you much more than words can say! By Jim Pemberton

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More days await underneath the solar's resplendant sheen,
dishevelled hair battered by michevious whirlwinds;
and slowly approaching my bright chapel, I promise to commit no sins.

Lilies and daisies are held by a cautious hand which has known love,
she accepts them and gently kisses me on these unspeakable lips;
what need is there to whisper anything, if looks can replace all words?

We carefully plan the adventurous years with happy moments,
sitting on the shining marble steps of a medieval church shaded by pines;
and who is listening to our secrets, if not the hesitating and intrusive swallows?

November departs in a hurry, to permit the gelid winter take over the scenery,
leaves detaching from the melancholic trees, the robins shaking off the light frost;
this is their home, shouldn't winter show kind and not impart the worst?

I stretch my tiepid arms, to embrace all trees and creatures, like saints in their niches;
and yet they're too small to save them all, to protect them in the safest place of the heart.
and give them the warmest feeling...when the harsh winds will bring those frightful blizzards.

By the ice-covered pond, where pretty ducks glided on soft waves lured by a steady breeze,
I breath hard, letting all the ice melt and allow them to swim so elegantly and so free;
they are my eternal friends, more than humans are...they perceive kindness and return it.

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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The Visit

I saw you and my thoughts were unkind
 I wanted you so bad that I was out of my mind
 Deciding that the feelings were true
 So I picked a day to go see you
And it's down your street I drove
 Eyes wide open like a scared little doe
 As my knees almost caved
 One last look in the mirror I gave
And my finger bent as I rang your bell
 My mind was racing in a temporary hell
 I leaned over kind of in a craze or a magnificent daze
 For these were the directions you gave
Maybe I could see you a different time
 The relief made me want to lie there maybe die there
Immediately prepared to become your slave
 If and when for any time you gave
 And as I began to hate
 The crack around the door gave
 And standing there looking so great
 My emotions swelled my efforts had been paid
 I whispered, "So how are you?"
 You answered, "Good, so how about you?"
 We both instantly knew
 It was the love shinning through

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Meet Again

Spoken to as if unwise
I smile and then swallow pride

For this does occur to prove one thing
You really fear what I do bring

Giving love is my only concern
And from this love I hope you will learn

Approach all those whom you do not know
As if they are friends and not as your foes

It may happen in this life we will meet again
This often happens for good reason

We don't ever know who He has placed in our path
Mistreatment of these souls can create a small wrath

So when spoken to as if unwise
Smile and then swallow your pride

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My Reasons

The more I am away from you,
The more I want you here.
The more I do without your love,
The more I want you near. 
I know that it makes little sense
To want what's not around,
But there's just one true love for me
And that's the one I've found. 

We've gone through all the weather maps,
The sunshine and the rain,
But I would take a sea of storms
To be with you again.

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Wide eyes
lips hovering right below a scream
hair pulled into a fist
mouth covered
panicked eyes
heart rattling

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Walking on air

Don't you go,
Sweep me off my feet again;
and sing the song of the birds.

Say my name,
whisper it to me.
Then i'll know that you will be forever mine.

Watch me sleep,
Watch me fall into the clouds,
trying to run after you.

I don't want you to go,
I want us to start.
But everything is so still,
and I'm still light as air
and up so high.

I'm so close to falling without you on my side.

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Diary Of Lost Love Part 2, Dedicated to a Lady

She act like she cares
but she doesn't care at all
love is something she fears
but what is she fearing for....?
She said that she loves me
but that was all a lie.
If you truly loved me
then you would look me in my eyes.
I'm not a fallen angel
or a devil in disguise.
I'm nothing like the temperature
but I want our love to rise.
Our love was so hot
but now it's feeling cold
they called us Adam and Eve
but now were the Princess and the Toad.
Baby girl your so beautiful
I never ever lied.
Baby girl your so wonderful
I love that sparkle in your eyes
but when you left me
the pain corrupted my mind
but when you left me
I wanted to rewind time
to go back and love you
one last time.

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Fake Azz Brotha

Wht do men label men ?
This is the truth that I seek
A real man expresses his feelings am i weak ?
It may seem to you, but deep down inside lies the truth
That you will never ever tell
You portray your image that is fake azz hell
You call me a sucker because I can tell
My woman I love her without a doubt
Well go ahead fake azz brotha
You will be the one that's always left out !!

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Still In Love

Still In Love... My son came to me with a question on his mind. I said; “Not now son— I just don't have the time.” He said, “Daddy—are you still in love with Mommy?” “Do you love her like you did when I was in her tummy?” My eyes choked with tears; “Yes son I really do!” “I'm in love with her... and I appreciate you.” “Daddy—will you always love me like you do mom?” “Yes my son—my love for you will always belong.” I looked down and much to my surprise. There were tears running down my sons's eyes. He came running to me with his arms wide open. “Thank you daddy” were his words spoken. I picked him up and gave him a great big hug. As I let him down, on my shirt I felt a tug. His little arm reached up to grab my hand. I knew that what I said, he began to understand. I love his mom so much—my wonderful wife. She's been such a blessing- a great part of my life! By Jim Pemberton

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hurts so bad

im hurting so bad  inside im falling apart its getting hard to hide dont feel right anymore since u died.  What am i suppose to do when i dont want nothing in this world but you and that cant ever come true :(  i cant explain how i feel i just wish i could kick it with u still. i always loved you and i always will

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What you mean

Its cold in the morning at 6 am
Its cold to get up
Its cold to sit down
Its cold to look out the window
But then i see you
I am warm
Its warm to smile
Its warm to dance
Its warm to be around you
You are the sun in my cold dark world
if you ever left i would just refreeze
i would be lifeless
Nothing more than a animation of the dark
So please stay and warm my heart
as your heart splashes on my pad to make my art
Inspiration is your greatest gift

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To the one I see in a star
The brightest of them all and the 
Closest to my heart.

My Evening Star, sweet Ilion,
How you’ve helped me so.
You’ve healed me
And you’ve guided me,
But I’m afraid I must go.

For that one day is coming
So much sooner than I‘d like.
That one heart broken day where I will no longer see his
Beautiful blue eyes.

My Evening Star, so much loved, my
Star of Ilion.
I have but one request-
Take care of him when I’ve gone.

Ilion, he’s my life.
Precious Wolf Boy.
Nicodu Blue.
And when I move to that foreign place,
Give my heart to him
Because I leave it with you.

Ilion, my heart is his,
And it has been for awhile.
I just wish I could hold him,
To say I love him,
See him smile.

Take care of him, don’t leave his side,
Ilion listen to me!
Please just do this one request.
Please don’t leave him.
For me.

Ilion, you take care. How I’ll miss you so.
And remember, dear Evening, I will ALWAYS be there when the night sky is cold.
And when you miss me, let Nick know,
And you both can send me smiles.
I will always catch them, I promise,
And return them ten fold.

I love you, I’ll miss you.
Evening Star, sweet Ilion.
Remember to take care of Nick, but for now, I have to go.

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So strong and self assured
He rides alone always wanting more
Never satisfied with what's between those fences
His spirit will wake up your wildest senses

By the cross and thorns that is emblazoned on his arm
His substance runs deeper than his cowboy charm
A tame Christian man with a spirit wild
A man of God, he is your child

His reckless nature will never subside
Yet humble he still has his foolish pride
His heart is bigger than the tallest mountain high
And you feel weak when you look into his eyes

His hands so rough yet so soft to touch
For him no ride is ever too much
He welcomes the mystery that comes in the night
A lover at heart born ready to fight

The complexity of this cowboy man
Every woman dreams with him she would stand
Alone, looking at the midnight moon
In her dreams, she whispers...sometime soon


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Who was the foster or guardian and what are the natures of our Lord Jesus Christ

The foster father and guardian is St. Joseph
The husband of Blessed Virgin Mary
The natures of our Lord Jesus Christ are True God and
True Man


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The Words I Love You

The words I love You Are Strong and True, For my I Love You's Mean Forever I do! I said
Them Then And I'll Say Them Now "I Love You Baby" You Where My Final Bow. Sadly Enough My
I Love You's Are Gone, And It Breaks My Heart Wondering How Long This Will Go On.. I Need
Your Touch, I Need Your Smile..... What I Wouldn't Do to Hold You in My Arms For Just
Awhile. I'd Kiss Your Forehead While I Looked In Your Eyes And I'd Pray That I'd Never
Have To Say My Goodbyes. For My Love For You Is Strong And True Baby I Love You.. Forever
I Do...


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Forever-Part 1

Out on the beach with an amazing guy. The sun's so pretty, the sun's so bright. We're walking and talking about all our good times, against the world, hand in hand. Smiling and walking on the beautiful LA sand. We sit on a bolder and watch the sun set. It's an amazing day, one I will never forget. You slip your arm around me as we as we look at the beautiful sea. "I love you," I say as we feel the cool evening breeze. "I love you too," you say and pull out a small black box. I look at you, smile, and my heart stops. You open the box to reveal a beautiful ring. "Will you marry me?" you ask as my eyes fill with tears and my heart starts to sing. My smile gets wider as I say "yes". You pull me close to your chest. I gently kiss you as a tear rolls down my cheek. You brush it away and smile at me. "I love you," I say one more time. "I love you to baby," you say as you smile, "now your deffinitly all mine."


Today's the day, the day that starts the rest of our life. The day you become my husband, the day I become your wife. The last time I saw you was last night. But I woke up to a beautiful sight. A bouque of beautiful red roses lie on your pillow with a note on top. "I love you," it says, "and I can't wait to see you." I smile and whisper "I love you too." I take a shower and walk down to the beach to see how much is done. I step onto the hot sand and I feel the hot sun. It's almost done so I start to head home. I need to here your voice so I call your phone. "Hey babe," you say, "is everything okay?" I tell you everythings fine, I just need to hear you. I tell you I love you. You tell me you love me too. You say you have to go but you'll see me soon. "Okay, I love you," I say and look at the clock, it's almost noon. "I love you too," you say and the line goes dead. I look in the mirror and put my hands on my head. I smile and start to get ready for tonight. The first night of m new life.

I take a look in the mirror one last time. Just to make sure my beautiful dress is fine. I walk down to the beach and wait by the gate. I fix my veil and look at my friend. "You look amazing," she says and puts some flowers in my hand. "Thanks," I say and smile. I can't wait to walk down the aisle.

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No no no this stuff has got to go I am tired of your attitude in and out my door. 

My heart is not a revolving door In and out, out and in a vicious cycle a constant 

Why must this all way happen like this? 

why must you always argue and hit?

I often wonder can love really win? and I think to my self, only if you both try the 
very best that you can.

So no more o No's just go a head with the flow and when love knocks you down 
go out of that revolving door.


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It hurts me to see you so,
I swear it's true.
Watching and waiting is all I can do.
They always leave you but I never do.

I see you cry when you don't think I see,
All the tears you shed, they hurt me.
A comfort to you I can never be.
Your eyes, when me they see,
They scream, "Thou dost knowst me!"

Seeking, always, what's in a name,
Forever playing a forbidden game.
Holding back what we know is truth,
Getting other's to believe is like pulling tooth.

So here I sit and watch,
Seeing every blot.
Watching as you try and hide
Everthing that you keep inside.
Wishing that in me you'd find
Someone in which you can confide.
I have nothing for which you must be afraid.

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Poetic Nuptials

My love you have found me in my proudest hour.
My dear I found you in my prayers so clear.
Soon we shall be bound in harmony of power.
Soon we shall be together in a bond so sincere.

Take my hand and promise to love me forever.
I take your hand and swear to cherish your heart.
Holding hands honoring each other in this endeavor,
Now we share words that can never be torn apart.

Looking into each other’s eyes, glistening in love,
Seeing each other’s hearts shine in heartfelt gold,
Standing so very close, watched by angels above,
We fold together for our binding kiss does unfold.

Bound in matrimony today, we placed our rings.
Upon each other’s fingers, now our passion sings.

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Fall for me, Love

If I could personify my heart
I would see a lost, young girl
though her face seems child like and naive
her eyes are wise and cautious, aware of the world.

She stands near the edge of a cliff
the frothy chilled ocean beneath her
confused and scared, she looks back
at the path that made her reconsider...

The trail through the trees is quiet
the gravel full of regret
the safe ground is fear and uncertainty
the gentle breeze, lonely and unable to forget.

She faces the ocean again,
preparing to make a wish with a token,
when she sees her lover, standing on a bridge below
with his strong arms wide open.

"Fall for me, Love," He shouts over the waves.
His love and smile are bright
"fall and I will catch you."
He patiently waits all day, all night.

"...And if you miss," She yells to him
"I will surely suffer," with sadness in her reply.
She gazes past him to the dark ocean
and relives past mistakes with a tear in her eye.

She's jumped this cliff before
fallen into past loves' strong hold.
More than once, she fell again
into the heartache filled ocean, so cold...

She feels the scars on her body, 
physical reminders of emotional pain.
The plunge into the cold isolation is horrible; 
unbearable is the desire to remain...

It takes courage and strength
to get out of the dark sea, 
climb up the cliff face again and again, 
to reach the plateau of numbness and safety.

"My love, I could never let you miss," he says.
" Don't you know the joy of your heart with mine, alive and on fire?
Burning like the sun, singing for me
with love in your eyes while you glow with desire?"

"My love, I am yours, from now until forever.
Have faith that my heart is true.
After all, when I fell, you caught me.
Now jump, sweet love, and let me catch you."

If I could personify my heart, 
I would see a woman filled with love, hope, and charm
running towards the edge at full speed
and smiling like the sun as she jumped into his arms.


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life's insight

I had to be strong and not falter
Remember our wedding day?
You ran from the alter
Didn’t want to talk to anyone wanted to be alone
Remember our conversation on the cellphones?
You expressed your doubts
And began to shout
Recalling a fight from moths ago
When friends and us all went out

I embraced you with words
And foiled your concerns
We both couldn’t ignore
What our hearts yearned 

We shed our tear
And shared a cry
Look at us now 
We’re doing fine
2 years later a beautiful lady
Hugs, kissed, and endless smiles
Expecting our first baby

What a good mother
 You never scold
Lilly Ann we hoard like treasure
That’s our precious gold

We shed tears
And shared a cry
Look at us now
We are a family with our own house 
And we are doing fine

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Our Love

Look at me,                                                                                                       
what do you see?                                                                                              
It’s a reflection of your very own beauty.                                                        
We don’t need any mirror,                                                                                         
just a look at each other and we have the perfect picture.                                                                                                            The moment I opened my heart and let you in,                                                                                          I saw this great love starting to begin.                                                                                                          One day your arms will hold me anytime.                                                                                                   One day, all the days we live for will be yours and mines.                                                           One day you will ask for my hand                                                                                                                   and from that moment onwards,                                                                                                                  our lives will expand.                                                                                                                             Your sweet voice gives my heart a feeling that’s warm.                                                                        Your love is indeed an irresistible charm.                                                                                                                                      Your kiss makes me drop my head on your breast.                                                                                           It gives a feeling of shelter and infinite rest.                                                                                                    One day we will start the beginning of the rest of our lives together.                                                          And even when the world is over,
Only one thing will still hover;
And that thing will always be,
The love between you and me.

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Whistling Wind Chimes

Was it something my mouth openly said?
You make me simply wonder sometimes!
Just hearing the whistling wind chimes,
I wonder what goes on in your head!

I am always here,
You are always there,
We breathe in the same air,
The whistling wind chimes always carry me near.

Playing around in a challenging make believe,
It’s just you and me today.
We’re well on our merry way.
No tricks or treats to deceive.
I’m whistling in the winds at you,
And you do it to me to!

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Its a strong word,
but some of these feelings are absurd.
im confused...
was it not what i beleived?
was it a phony plan concieved ?
to just use me?
if so i hate you ...
so much  have to thank you.
for without your fake love it wouldnt of been so clear,
to see tha man above.
and when i say i hate you....
i really hate me tha way i was.
Fake hopes,Fake dreams,Fake love is all that it seems.

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What does the name Christ signifies

The name Christ signifies Messias
The Great Prophet
High Priest and
King of the New Law anointed as a man with the fullness of divine power

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His Eyes

His eyes are a cup of warm coffee
With swirls like soft chocolate notes
Deep like the ocean without a trace of blue
Hiding secrets and emotions too;

His eyes are chopped mint leaves
Adding a color like no other
The clover color touches the hearts 
Of all who dare to seek it out;

His eyes are golden flecks
That sparkle with every breath they take
A topaz color like clean jewelry
Scattered among the darkness.

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Fool For Love Destiny

Sometimes I think I am a fool for love
When it seems not to love me back
Trying to give all I have
Falling short each and every time it seems
A never ending battle in my mind
too try again or say screw it
But my inner soul will not let him be the winner
He says love conquers all things
Remain true to yourself and that
Quality shines like no other
A fool for love I am not,but
I will truly let my destiny find it
In the end.

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If no strong wall is found
and you cannot reach
the top of my castle,
please cling to this heart.

Others may give
more than happiness,
find in me comfort
and true compassion.

Please cling to this heart,
oh, cling to this heart...
and embrace it 
and embrace it,
to find the strength to hold on anytime you're weak.

Feel it with gladness,
it's a light that warms darkness;'ve found that patch of blue,
please cling to this heart. 

If beautiful roses 
cling to windowsills,
look! My arms are open...
to let you in on any day. 

I perform no miracles,
but I'd love one somehow;
be the reason I live and breath,
white flower of spring,
lead me to that sunny field...
please cling to this heart.

Entered in John Heck's contest, "Dear John".

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Sandra's Poem

Some people will count the days by minutes and hours
I spend it thinking of you in a field full of flowers
I can see the look on your face and the wind in your hair
And I think upon ways to go from this place and to there
The sun begins to set as you wait in that place
My view becomes dim and my heart starts to race
Just one last glimpse and I think I will say
That now I can smile, and wait through the day.

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Prominent Days

They were prominent days,
Guided with a traditional excellence.

Athletically exceptional and parallel,
As a man and a woman.

Silent partners of intellect,
Corresponding in languages that their friends wouldn't comprehend.

God's stern kingdom,
Complex and diversified.

They were an on screen romance,
Waiting for God's moment.

Choosing education as a companion,
Surpassing Romeo and Juliet.

Reaching for God's rainbow,
A step away from eternity together.

God's complex universe their home,
A divine destiny embraced with a silent friendship.

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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Is Jesus Christ more than one person and what do we mean by that

Jesus Christ is one in 3 Divine Persons
God the Father
God the Son and
God the Holy Spirit (Ghost)


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Caged Agony

She was caged in his mystery.
Just a glimpse into his soul;
And she saw the anger flow freely.

A father’s blood tainted
And with it came sorrow;
And with it came unspeakable torment.

There was not a person,
That felt the pain,
Its symptoms were distinctively his. 

Whispers like the wind urged him to be happy;
As though condolences could take away the grief;
Each face was featureless, each apology was a fake.

She found him alone and broken.
Within him she saw helplessness;
It was masqueraded by a need to remain strong.

On his shoulders was the World,
The weight of which was becoming too much,
Knees bent from the pressure.

He looked at her and their bereavement was matched;
Both cold from the tears,
Both were searching for their escaped faith.

A child was taken at her word,
Lost amongst the other realms;
She had felt empty.
Her sobs at night were heard by none,
Ridiculed by her traumatizing decision-
He saw her standing outcast.  

Their inward screams had echoed outward;
Only they could hear each other’s cries.
Drawn together in unity, a relationship formed. 

They were never perfect for each other,
But their voids were filled. 
They were very much alike, and yet so different.

They treated one another with disrespect.
It turned their love into rage;
This was followed by resentment.

Hands unclasped as their families pulled them apart,
Tears rolled from her eyes and his desperate struggle ensued;
He vowed to someday get her back.

He found himself anguished once more, as did she. 
For who would hold her now?
How would he fall asleep?

They would move on as all lost lovers do,
But no other love could be the same.
No lesson as great as the one that they had experienced; together. 

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Daydreaming in Blue

Every night
I would dream
and all of my dreams
were in black and white
That was until I met you
Now, I dream in the day
and all of my days are spent
Daydreaming in Blue
What a beautiful view
This sky, this sea, and your eyes
So beautifully blue 
And how it reflects off of me
and onto beautiful you
Now I'm stargazing at night
and thinking of you
and remembering violets
as I sit here Daydreaming in Blue
Suddenly everything is beautiful
and everything is new
My favorite color
is when I'm Daydreaming in Blue

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I just can't stop loving you.

I just cant stop loving you. Life with you is like a  brand new favorite love song I 
would like to play it all day long. You know the passion you feel when a song 
makes you cry that how I feel when look into his eyes, It fill just like that song 
when I try to remember the lines but I cant because he's on my mind. Buy now 
you must no that my heart could never lie to you and I just cant stop loving you. I 
will play that song all night long until the kids get mad or my CD get scratched. 
So I will say it once again a song is most definitely  like a man and you can tell by 
the way I play his song over and over again. And I will accept all the things that he 
choose only because I know  his love is true, and I just cant stop loving you.   

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his heart break and my new hope

he trusted her
a girl he knew,
he wanted her,
then from the blue,
she changed her mind,
and set him free,
she didn't want,
what they could be,
now he is alone,
and walks with tears,
i hope to wash,
away his fears.

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New Testament

The second part of the complete bible
It contains the specifically Christian Texts
Namely the Gospels, the Acts of the apostles
Fourteen letter written by Paul, Seven Catholic letters and Revelation


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I thought I was to be part of the talk
Thought that my coming
Over was of talking it over
But it appear, she has it over
This time around, all by herself.

My views never needed neither 
Nor my looks never a factor
She had the calabash in her hand
IBK, had it broken before my arrival
Yet, she was all over me pleading
“Please, I’m sorry, hope I didn’t hurt you?”

Alayande Stephen T.
23rd November 2007

Still in the bus at Ijan-Ekiti.

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sing it

I want to love you 
more than anyone has loved 
I want to give you 
all of my heart 
its easy to hold you 
when your feeling down and blue 
because baby I can't deny  
I have fallen hard for you. 

I want to see you 
more than anyone before 
I hope you know that 
I would never shut my door 
all I can say is 
I am true. 
Oh baby, 
nothing feels better 
than being here with you.

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Regrown strong

You wear me down, slow, aching, pain
Barely moving, dull, refrain
Each word a slice, a cut, a grab
a verbal blow, a push, a stab
this wall i exhibit, uphold, maintain
with no support, nourishment, sustain
breaks down, crumbles, falls, crashes
my exterior, breaks, destructs, smashes
feeling bruised, beaten, broken, battered
i lie in pieces, fragmented, shattered

A face appears, glimmer, glimpse, belief
A reach of faith, hope, wish, relief
Then yours i see, anguish, dejection
your torment, torchure, cruel rejection
i fall again, the end, my last
down and dark, hard, steep, fast
you care not, cackling, laugh, shriek
myself alone, pale, spiritless, meek
striding away, bold, defiant, shameless
off you go, abandon, wandering aimless

you skip away, gone, left
leaving me, presuming bereft
on your path so clear, intent, set
you dont not notice the stranger i met
appeared, unknown, by luck or chance?
his, grin, his air, his quirky dance
I watch captivated, seduced, in delight
no remorse, sorrow or contrite
upward, outward, setting free
he taught, remedied and aided me

all this flight and soaring high
didn't notice you approaching, nigh
upon spotting me elate with glow
no longer following status quo
you twist and turn, in final decide
no longer on clear path will you ride
you'll head to me for confrontation
but i no apetetite for interrogation
belly full of warmth and love
floating, mellow, aloft, above

with help again i built up strong
and knowing you are one in wrong
nothing you do, no scream or wail
can again return me to shy and frail
screech, anger, heat not wanted here
i will not let you hurt whats dear
we will be fine, we'll be okay 
as long as you keep and stay away
places switched, coward now you are
we keep frow your route much afar

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The distrust inflames me
A tainted image 
An angel fallen into the flames
How could he?
He stained my fantasy
Stabbed my trust
Maimed my dreams
And now all i have are ashes of what could have been
A dream killed too soon.

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A Relationship That Matters The Most

A Relationship That Matters The Most! I often hear about people’s “online relationships.” They often talk about this and their friendship. So often they will post about their “encounters.” Things important to them... And what really “matters.” Relationships are often sort of a difficult thing. One doesn’t know the consequences they may bring. Too often people wind up in some sort of confusion… As they try to find the one who’ll bring “a solution.” There’s a relationship that you need to find out… What the true meaning of a commitment is all about! This relationship is the most important one for you! Whoever you are… This one will always LOVE YOU! You need to spend time with the lord above! Allowing him to fill you with his enduring love! Only Jesus can provide the kind of fulfillment you seek! He can meet your needs, each day of the week! Only he can give to you true purpose and meaning! His mercy and beauty he is always revealing! Why not spend intimate moments with him alone? And allow him to be the lord of your life and home? The kind of love you need… You’ll never obtain! Until that day when you call on HIS name! By Jim Pemberton

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Forever-Part 2

Pacabells cannon starts to play. The gates open and everyone looks my way. Beautiful black and red roses line the red carpet that leads to you. You look amazing tonight too. I look at my white dress as I step into the setting sun. The light catches the black sparkles and roses on my dress and makes me look beautiful, makes me feel like one. A black rose on this beautiful LA sand. A black rose that belongs to a wonderful man. I slowly walk down the aisle. I walk up to you and I smile. There's black and red roses on the alter and I get up ther. I can smell their sweet fregrance in the warm evening air. The paster starts as I look at you. You say you vouls and I say mine too. You say "I do," and I do the same too. You slip yet another beautiful ring on my finger and kiss me so sweetly. We hold hands and walk back down the beautiful rose lined aisle.


We walk to the peir where there are beautiful lights hung up everywhere. I spin to look at the beauty and you lean in close to me and say, "wait here." You walk up to the DJ and request and smile as a familure tune comes on. I continue to smile and I take your hand. you walk me back out onto the beautiful sand.  "Our first dance," you say. My smile gets bigger when I here Amazed starts to play. You pull me closer to you as we start to move from side to side. My nourvousness is hard to hide. "You okay beautiful?" you ask softly as you gently run your hand through my hair. "Yeah baby, I'm fine," I say as I see people gather around and stare. We dance and we sway sweetly and quietly. We kiss and dance slowly. We kiss again and you start to sing along with the song. I've been waiting for this day, I've been waiting so long.


We'r walking on the beach again. hand in hand. you still in your tux, I'm still in my dress. This is our future. Together. Forever. The setting sun catches my ring. It shines brightly. "I love you," I say and we kiss again. "I love you too," you say and gently pick me up.

You carry me back up to the house. You carry me up sairs and lay me on our bed. You lay beside me and gently kiss my head.

We lay there and talk for hours and hours. We smile and laughas our future stretches on in front of us.

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the ship officer and a lady

The ship officer and the Lady 

As I waited for my ship to dock at the onion pier,
a clerk came and handed me a bag of garlic for
the ship, I told him I had not ordered any and
showed him my three silver rings on my uniform.
He smirked and said I must have borrowed it to
impress the gullible, I shrank inside the uniform 
and could not see my hands and feet. 
Met a lady who was waiting for the ship too, she
was the wife of the chief engineer, and together
we strolled to the end of the dock, where 
I resentfully threw the bag of garlic into the sea
where it swelled, became a life boat that slowly 
drifted away. Back at the spot where the ship was
supposed to dock we’re told the ship had come 
and gone. The lady sat on a pollard crying, took
her wedding ring off and threw it into the water,
I, who had taken Lasix 40, peed into the same sea 
and its water turned pink. “Truly, this man is
a saint someone whispered”. Confident again 
I swelled in the uniform and could see my hands 
and feet . The clerk asked forgiveness and kissed 
the onyx ring on my left index finger and gave me 
another bag of garlic.      

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Til the end of time

Dripping with hatred and anger since birth,
Angel from heaven appeared bearing self-worth,
New flame lit at a time of confliction,
The blessed feeling dawned an addiction,
Love came soon after amidst the struggle,
A beautiful rose grew out of the rubble,
Yet anxiety and fear doused the roaring flame,
Awake in the ashes no longer impervious to pain
Awaiting this love I will forever remember,
Perfection in life only exists as tiny embers,
Longing for these beloved embers to reignite,
Until the end of time for this will I fight

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Fallin For thee

Darlin I know i just met you
but baby cant you see 
every day ive been with thee
youve help me see the brighter side of me

Although your ways are yet strange to thee
I enjoy every moment i spend with ye
your the only one for me.

Every morning I have woken up with a smile upon thy face 
I go to sleep with ease
i don't know how'd id be without you. 
Without you in thy life I dont know where id be.  

So it is come to my conclusion 
That i am fallin for thee
I hope that you can see
That i love ye.

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a life inside of me

Ever since I was hurt...a life inside of me Ever since I loved....a life inside of me When I fell off the deep side of my heart....a life inside of me When they talk behind my ears...u can't hear my life... A life inside of can take my body... Not the can break my yoke an egg inside of me.. The storm is rising...the life inside of me... The blood is spurting .....the feelings inside of me And introverted broken soul...the life inside of me ....really? Can you see it!

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The Food Of Truth

In the Sacrament of the altar
Lord meets us
Men and women created in God’s image and likeness
Becomes our companion along the way

In this sacrament
The Lord becomes food for us
Satisfy our hunger for truth and freedom
Christ becomes for us the food of truth,  since only truth can make us free

With deep human insight
St. Augustine clearly showed how we are moved spontaneously
Not by constraint
Whenever we encounter something attractive and desirable

Asking himself, what it is that can move us most deeply?
The saintly Bishop went on to say:
“What does our soul desire more passionately than the truth?”
Everyone of us has innate and irresponsible desire for ultimate and definitive truth, the Lord Jesus, “the way, and truth, and the life”
Speaks to our thirsting, pilgrim hearts
Hearts yearning for the source of life
Hearts longing for truth
Jesus Christ is the truth in person

Drawing the world to Himself
The Sacrament of the Eucharist
Jesus shows us in particular the truth about love
The very essence of God

It is evangelical truth which challenges each of us and our whole being
The Church, which finds in the Eucharist the very center of her life
Constantly concerned to proclaim that God is love
Christ has become for us the food of truth

Church turns to every man
Inviting them freely
To accept God’s gift

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You noticing

You noticing me crying
You noticing me being happy
You noticing me being depressed
You noticing my smile
You noticing my frecklce
You noticing my brown eyes
You noticing my pretty face
You noticing my feelings
You noticing my shyness
You noticing me blushing
You noticing my braveness
You noticing my courage

You noticing me!

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Saved By Wings

I lied in my bed, awaiting an angel to take me far away
It happened; I finally lost everything I held dear to me
The rose of love died and wilted away in my frail hands
I had given up on a future that I could see being happy

Until a small dove, so carefree and pure came before me
Kind and warm-hearted, I found someone to call a compantion
He taught me to be myself and let me smile once again
I thanked him and I learned once again what trust was

The angel I know evolved from the kind little dove I met
He is someone I hold so close to me and I know is pure
I was reborn once I learned of the feelings I felt for him
He did not laugh or taunt me, but he smiled in acceptance

Yin and Yang are the way my past and present are seen now
One dark and horrid while the other is filled with light
I was so alone, feeling betrayed and unknown to anyone
But now I am content and cared for once again; thank you

My angel.

Dedicated to someone who saved me from a darker time in life.

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What does incarnation mean and what does redemption mean

Incarnation means act of clothing with flesh
So our Lord clothed 
His divinity with a human body
Redemption means to buy back again


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How were the merits of Jesus Christ applied to our souls

The merits of Jesus Christ are applied to our souls through the Sacraments
Especially Baptism
Which restore us to the friendship of God


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lo humnein tera itzaar kerna bhi chhor dia 

jo sapne zindagi the meri lo unko bhi tod dia 

tera sath maga humesha 

tera hath chaha humesha 

yahi dua thi humari 

tu khush rahein bhale he zindagi mout ban jaye humari 

lo tumse mukh bhi mode lia 

jo si the apne zindagi the meri lo unko bhi tod dia 

dur ho gaye teri khushi maan 

chhod dia tumein apna kehna sena taan 

lo de dia haq tera 

bhale tut gayea dil mera 

lo bhar liye ankhon mein asshoon 

bus dua rabse khush rahe tu 

yeh dil tut gayea 

ek din sansin bhi tut jayegi zindagi se 

ek din ankhein bhi ho jayegi band meri 

teri yaad bhi na styegi 

fir yeh zindagi bhi na humpe has payegi 

dhadkan ko bhi rahat mil jayegi 

fir main aur meri mohabbat sda keliye khamosh ho jayegi 

fir ishq ki kahani meri adhuri he khatam ho jayegi

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Divine Dream

Dreams guided by the Gods,
A future so refined.

A concensus between a man and a woman,
An hour of strength that could last a lifetime.

He held her near, 
Whispered words you couldn't hear.

They were both there because they chose to be,
He held her in his arms with a strength God given.

God held their hands in friendship,
A divine intervention that she was very thankful for.

Would they marry,
The Gods would have to decide.

She whispered words to him that she had longed to say,
A romance novel to be continued with God.

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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I Think Too Much

Ive always been different,
Worked out for me,
Never fit in,
My ways hard to see,

Been told I think too much,
Maybe some don't think enough,
To achieve goals in life,
Gotta make touch decisions, be tough,

Been with my man 12 years,
I've  always loved him
Cause I wont sign a paper,
I get *****and various disapproving grins
No reason to have presidents tied together,
Our love doesn't need to be gov. stamped,
It's meant to last forever,

Working for him 5 years,
Entreprenuer status I admire,
Motivation, drive, optimism, and passion,
These qualities in a boss, you'd never grow tired,
I get those looks, people think I'm dumb,
For believing this dream will ever come true,
It's coming along, it's coming along, now it's actually happening,
You'll apologize later, there's nothing else I'd rather do

When we talked rings,
Made it clear no blood diamonds,
Life's too precious for a pretty rock,
Why did something so inhumane have to happen?
Lab created, that's my request,
Got the Diana style, Simply the best,
When I look at my hand I only see beauty,
Couldn't support a rock coming from the line of duty

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For The One I Love

I've known you for a while.
Close to four years now.
Never really talked.
Never acknowledged each other.
Until one day in August.
You said "Hello"
You had my heart ever since then.
Talking more
Laughing more.
Building my spirit.
Finally being together,
Loving each other,
Laughing together.
Now its close to being a month,
Feels like I've know you forever.
I love you Thomas :) :*

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This is the man that I am

No need for a detective because I have few mysteries

Whatever you don’t find its trapped somewhere inside my mind

I put my life into words for the whole world to read

I hope you enjoy what you see

A South Korean English teacher by night

An avid writer by day

A helpless romantic somewhere in between

The smile and joy from my students is priceless

Seeing someone enjoy my writings is pretty rewarding as well

I feel that everything in my life is finally going well

From my writings you may find that hard to tell

Sorry I don’t write more fantasies or fables

To convey happy emotions and attract more followers

You are getting my life through my eyes

I don’t have a sweet tooth so I don’t sugarcoat things

I write what I have seen and how it has effected me

My adventures and journeys have been vast

Come with me on this ride

Together we can both be pleasantly surprised

With what I will write

This is the the man that I am

Find more of my writings and poems at

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Hello my darling, how do you do?
I have a question pertaining to you.
Why does your heart seems to be true
But your actions tend to make me feel blue?
I think we need to talk all this through
But I’ll do the talking instead of you.
When you stay out late, what is it you do?
The things that I’ve heard, I hope there not true!
Don’t say anything until I am through.
I’m tired of feeling this feeling so blue
So I figured out what I’m going to do.
For now on I’m going to go out with you.
I’ll see for myself if all of its true
And I swear if it is you'll be more than blue.
Now you may talk because I am through.

Hello my darling, how do you do?
I have a question that best fits to you.
You know that my heart has always been true
So there is no reason that you should feel blue.
And yes I agree we should talk this through
But now I’m talking instead of you.
What is it that you think that I do?
How can you think what you've heard can be true?
You had your turn so wait tell I’m through.
I’m sorry that you're feeling so blue.
If that’s what it is that you want to do
That’s fine; I’d love to go out with you.
The gossip and rumors you'll see are not true. 
Why would you believe them and make yourself blue?
This is my question so please think it through.

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When The Days Come To An End

I think about our first kiss
The gentleness of your lips
Oh how I wish you could be mine
I was ready but I know it isn’t your time
And I’m fine with us being friends
But to tell the truth when the days come to an end
I sit and think what ifs’ of if you were my companion
I may act like I’m cool
But if you ever notice I still cant take my eyes off of you
I’m so captivated I don’t know what to do
I try to get you off my mind
But every time I see a rose there my mind goes
And I picture your smile
I hear your laugh and see stars in your eyes
I can’t lie its been a while since I felt like this
I just cant help it
But I got to control myself incase of the big what if
Like what if you one day you say, Brian lets do this…
Best believe I’ll have you falling in love with me

MAR '12

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Twisted Love Story

I wish I could go back in time
To when I had hope
and you
Those were the best days 
of my life
I felt
It was like a dream that never ended
But you always wake up
Get thrown back into consciousness
I regret my mistakes
I gave you everything
you had no clue
Now I'm invisible
To only you
I knew that I would fail.
Love is...
Gloom                A gift
Anger                Happiness
Misery               Sweet
Poison               Everything you've ever dreamed
Uncontrollable   Beautiful
Breakable          Invincible
Horror               Full of Faith
Secrets             Broken Promises
A Torture Chamber for the Soul
Definite Security
Evil & Good
It was a slap in the face
As I struggled for words
Acted fine
I was a wreck inside
And no one cared enough to notice
I cried myself to sleep
No one heard
I began the Kiss
And He ended it.

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History of the Pretzel

Your bedtime prayers
Coupled with the right Scriptures
Yield "pretiolas"

To tie the knot with...
Thick, soft "bretzels" are folded
Like arm over arm.

Hard, brown pretzel twists
Are more than little rewards-
Sweet licks, salty bites...

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Midnight Lily

When we are all alone
when we don’t know where to go
we need to overcome
the feet that trample us to the ground
Some will persist to stay
others will fall for everything
if they don’t stand for anything
if you live for me
I’ll always live
and if u die for me
I’ll live everyday for you
Midnight lily; you are trampled underneath
as they watch and stare
waiting for a passion something to let you live
come and see what you have
come and see what you have is me
if you hold on now more will come
…they promise you
but if you always hold on
love can be true
leaf turns to leaf
live it when you can
We all fall into grief
 not all the same
lets be strong and rise again
show them whom you are
if you live for me
I’ll always live
and if u die for me
I’ll live everyday for you
Midnight lily; you are trampled underneath
as they watch and stare
waiting for a passion something to let you live
come and see what you have
come and see what you have is me
if you live for me
I’ll always live
and if u die for me
I’ll live everyday for you
Midnight lily; you are trampled underneath
as they watch and stare
waiting for a passion something to let you live
come and see what you have
come and see what you have is me
it seems to get harder
but happy can’t be happy
without sorrow

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Gettin left

I see nothin
and feel nothin
But i dont care becuase thats somethin.
Imma keep pushin till im gone.
Here and there i made a wrong turn.
But thats life.
Shell cut you deep with her knife.
Just got left alone and cold, and now my mind will swirl.
I got left for a girl.
Isnt that something crappy.
I just cant be happy.
Never gonna love again.
Ive tried and tried but i just get left in my sin.
I dont care though, im me.
And imma find something you'll see.
Still cant believe she left me for a she.

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an old story

this old story has been told before
this old story has been heard before
it's about one man, and one woman too
how they did their best, with the best that they could do

that one man, he fell down to one knee
said "woman, would you please marry me?"
that one woman, was sitting high up in her chair
she said, "excuse me one moment, I have to fix my hair."

she would talk about him, like no one else would
he would make her smile, like no one else could
well they got married, and moved on down south
said the cookin was better, and that's what it was all about

there ain't a whole lot of happy, in this ending
see the man would come home late, every single evening
he would talk a lil different, and walk a lil funny
he said to the woman, "I can't call you honey..anymore"

well that one woman, would cry on the floor
waiting for the man, to come walking through that door
that ol man, was out spending all his money
he had two or three, of his so called honeys

bankrupt and shamed, the man walked through the town
feeling alone, he put his knees on the ground
nothing was seen, but before him was a tree
he said, "I don't know who I am, but I know who I wanna be"

well the tree talked back, he said "stand up and be proud,
you see I was planted here, to give men like you a sound!"

"forgive him father, for he knows not what he's done."
the woman had said, when her hair was finally done
"I've been washed, by his only given son
so take my hand, and we can finally go home."

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It is that of a sweet and inspiring look.
That of an autumn’s beauty that captures your heart.
All full of colors with lines and curves through out.
That you can’t help but to gaze the mountain scenes you see.
For it’s full of wonders delights as heavens nature shines colors.
And a season enlightens.

For the beauty you see falls the leaves of the tree.
But it’s Autumn time that is here as nature brings eyes to hold.
It’s like being all wrapped up in the finest silk.
As we get lost in the pleasantness’ of a morning dew.
It like two seasons in one as love spreads about.
As I can just feel the picture my eyes behold.
And the wonder of the heart and soul.

That of colors grown of a beauty from within.
That it would be nice to touch the curves of the mountain.
And feel that of God’s blessing of love.
As I would run my hands across autumn’s love.
And enjoy that of her love and beauty she portrays.
And fall deep into her valleys and curves at play.
And soar like an eagle as I would glide wild and free.
As it’s a nice temperature day and I’m playing in autumn’s leaves.

It’s there to which beads of water fall as I enjoy that of an autumn lay.
As it is there her delights I experience.
As nature has produced something of such beauty and grace.
I love seeing and feeling the love of two hearts.
As to have you here next to me during this season it is.
I would enjoy autumn much better.
Knowing the delights you hold.

Because rather spring is in, autumn brings in cold winds.
And its days like that I’ll like to be cuddled up by a fire with you.
Or instead of me playing in the leaves alone.
I could play with you instead.
And we both can say, we enjoyed autumn this day.
And the beauty and love of her hills and curves to form.

I like another day to run and feel her curves.
And make everyday an autumn day.
Just because I have autumn’s beauty to love.
As with you, you would be my autumn everyday.
As I have found nothing but delights of beauty to love.

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A Brother Who's Offended

An "Offended Brother..."

"A brother ofended is harder to 
reach than a fortified city."
It seems like many brothers
 dwell on their "self-pity..."

Just look at how easy it is for most 
brothers to get offended.
It could be you or I...  Or someone
they've befriended...

Many stop having anything to do
 with a particular person.
They read God's word.  But fail to learn
 HIS divine lesson.

Jesus said; "Blessed are you when you're 
cursed, persecuted and despised."
So why do so many "brothers" hold
 "vengence in thier eyes?"

Is  there someone you know... 
Thay you've completely shut out?
Is this what being God's child...  
Is really all about???

If Christ really gave to us.  
What we certainly deserve...
Than his blood's atonement.  
Would not be perserved..

In spite of our sin and faults...  
God's heart bleeds...
He's so willing for forgive 
and to meet all of our needs!

Don't allow an offense to turn into
 a "huge brick wall."
Christ came to forgive...
 And to be a sacrifice for all!

By Jim Pemberton

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Those books which were rejected by the Council of Hippo
Being non-biblical belong to what is called the Apocrypha
These books of the Bible
They are often well worth reading as they offer much historical information

Not otherwise available
Some of these stories
Slightly heretical tendencies

The Catholic use of the word “Apocrypha”
Defined aboveShould be distinguished from the incorrect Protestant use of the word
Protestants use this term to designate the seven books of the Bible included in the Catholic Bible canon

But not accepted or found in Protestant Bibles
These seven books are
Tobit, Judith, Wisdom, Sirach
1 and 2 Maccabees and parts of Esther and Daniel

Protestants call the books
Found in the Catholic
The Pseudepigraphal books

Copyright, 2005, 2002, 1987 & 1981 BY DEVORE & SONS,INC.

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Like when I'm in your arms i am safe
Like when in running agaisnt the wind
All my loosing all my fears within
With every light seeping through
I couldn't dream of anything more immaculate
This is my dream Come and find me as a sleep
Selene took my from my sheep
Selene; forevermore shall In sleep
This is my dream Come and find me as a sleep
Selene took my from my sheep
Selene; forevermore shall In sleep
"Your beauty is all I seek
Come stay an enternity in sleep"
"cold mistress just leave me
I'm going throughly this star-caressed lands, wasted"
"You are for me
Shall be mine
together; never Lovelorned
Within an enteral rest
Passing through thy heart"
This is my dream Come and find me as a sleep
Selene took my from my sheep
Selene; forevermore shall In sleep
This is my dream Come and find me as a sleep
Selene took my from my sheep
Selene; forevermore shall In sleep

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Still going ever deeper after all these years
In rudimentary changes featured taunt in blinding fears
That soft pull of a heart will light a spark
Over head we can quietly look at butterfly's circling the wind
With ovart cluster filled with circling eagles
In summoned line formation to reach upward
A tug at the heart will light a spark

Still going deeper...

It's gravtitational pull may bring some down
Some lasting sentiment of praise withstand
To help embrace fate nor that in some cup to raise
In some darkened peril place with vile imaginative trace
Along loose lines by which to bind

Inside I still hide behind a garb filled with walls that are trapped

With hidden wounds to silence then bind to bite & devour
Shaded colors emmersed in radiant lights filtered to flourish

In many faces proned in traces looking back at me from peril strain
While the caged fury of the outside world is totally insane
Still going ever deeper then ever before...
A reckless abandonment from my fractured skull having ravaged body thrown on floor

Some shouts of peril to doom will seal your tomb along a sunset shore
A human heart is a choiced vice that can be used by choice
They are garland to grace your head
All her paths our peace yet some lead to the dead

Guard your heart amidst the perils that falter
Give me shelter to cry amidst the pain & turmoil
Branded my reflection in a sentiment of reprise
In strict adherance to the law from temporal recourse

Although a tear drop should fall sends a shiver down my spine
A fresh scent of dew will help swallow up the pine
A passage of unique fragrance sprinkled on the quaint existance
Within solace we can anticipate peace

Through a memory filtered in the state of complete retreat
Gone are the days to frolic in a haze
Today we are all second guess as a mouse is in some maze
It's gravitational pull will bring so many down

Shadows proned again into inhilation,
Heaven sent through angelic appease..
The choice of divination to some stuck twart existence.
Planted in my fragile computerized egg shell mind!

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Flaming Heart

If you would take a second
And try to just slow down,
Listen to people talk
And do not make a sound.
One too many times
Your heart has been broken,
Leaving you so hurt 
And with a mound of emotions.
I know your soul is torn
And I know you may be scared,
But we have all fought battles,
When we were the least bit prepared.
You know you try to hide
Your hurt and your pain,
Covering your wounds
So you never have to explain.
We always will have battles
God gives us lots of tests,
Don't you see that this is one.. To see how much you're blessed?
Take the time right now
To open your eyes and ears,
I am here to help you
And to bury all your fears.
Ever since day one
I have always cared,
Try to let one love you..with whom your stories you have shared.
I am your biggest fan
That, you already know,
Open up to love...
And allow your heart to grow.

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When Missing a Love One

She takes her ways so seriously.
He takes everything so hesitantly.
Both shared their lives since childhood.
Both were not misunderstood.
Their lives did not get complicated.
And so they decided to be dedicated.
They became close and very happy.
Her memory of growing up is so sappy.
He took the time to comb her hair.
She took time to be there.
She took a trip for a week.
He was emotionally weak.
Being away for the first time ever became a bother.
Both of them were not meant for other.
She was not home she felt not right.
He saw that she was full of new insight.
Their feeling becomes true.
They both said at the same time I love you.
She said she cried almost each night.
He said that he was waiting with a light.
She said she looked at the moon.
He said I hope she comes home soon.
Finally she came back.
She said he showed his emotions with no lack.
He said she said that she missed him and longingly.
She said he said that he was so lonely.
The final word is not words it’s just the look in her eyes.
And I know it is not any look that says good byes.

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Want more

What more can i do?
I couldn't do it alone.
And now that im free from it all,
I still want more answers...

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Like Alice in wonderland
I'll be Ann on magicland
And with my wand
It'll all be mine

Strokes of hope
Want to elope
And whoop
They will be mine

Warrant me the grace
To speed up the pace
Till i look him in the face
When we win the race

And the heart of gold
Engraved in my soul
Shall mine forever be
Till eternity doth part us.

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The Hypocracy that is me

feirce, furious, rageful,
passive, meek and mild.
infuriated, vicious,
gentle like a child.

irrationally enraged
patient, quiet and calm.
murderously violent,
kind with open arms.

a rabid livid maniac
affectionate and sweet
desperate and demented
benevolent up beat

awful, brutal, bloodthirsty
thoughtful and generous
relentless savage wild
humane fun boisterous

Nasty evil horrid
courteous and cavalier
vile Disgusting mean
attentive debonair

insane trapped forgotten
gallant noble free
some of the words that best describe
the hypocrisy that's me

James Thomas Mahauariki
Copyright © 2010

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What effects of Anger in our soul

Anger begets in our souls impatience
And too often habit of cursing

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When I

When i first met you I never would have imagined that I would have such strong feelings for you.
I never would have thought that I would dream about you
or miss being by your side
or get butterflies when someone mentions your name.
when i first met you i never would have thought
that i would love you.

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A Womans Touch

The gates of hell have been violently open. The world begins to rumble and scatter in fear. Earth’s volcanoes spew magma and ash from its core. The clouds quickly gather as the thunder and lightning signal the wrath to come. Earth’s crust opens its mouth ready to swallow cities and nation’s whole. Suddenly a white and peaceful light emerges from the horizon. This elegant and stunning figure seems not all frightened by all the chaos. She gingerly kisses and hugs the tormented man. All of this madness was inside the man’s mind. The stress and pressure of life almost got to the man. Drugs and alcohol never gave him relief but all it took was a woman’s touch.

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Friendship II

Truly a friend with such a good heart
that says things with a good start
A friend is a person who is close and dear
that does not go away or disappear
even when if he or she is far
that person can be found a star
To say a friend is true 
with likeness imbue
It is the time well spent
just to smile with help lent
So now your a friend so dear
with friendship that is clear

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Her Love

She never thought she would see the day
That someone would love her the same way
Every tear that she cried
All her life she would run and hide
Her heart turned to stone
Hating the feeling of being alone
Then he came along
Holding her in his arms, telling her this is where she belongs
Giving her nothing but happiness and love
He was an angel sent from above
Instead of cutting open her veins
She finds that in his arms is where she remains
She has choosen to live her life
Instead of choosing to die

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I Don't Know

My thoughts knows the truth
But I don't what to know.

My eyes can see her
But I don't what to see.

My head thinks about her
But I don't what to think.

My heart beats with her
But I don't what a beat.

My brain tells me to ask
But I know I should ask.

I know I know her.
I know I see her.
I know I beat her.
I know I should ask her.
But does she know that I know her.

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You Are My Beloved

You Are My Beloved And the Love Of My Soul… I am the rose of Sharon and the lily of the valley below… As the lily thrives among the thorns.. My love for you grows! As the apple tree lives amongst the other trees in the woods. My commitment to be with you is clearly understood. I’ve invited you to this banqueting table under a banner of love. Stay with me and comfort me. You’re a gift from God above! As I listen to your voice. May it leap from the mountain tops! In my heart… You’re more beautiful that the clearest raindrops! You spoke to me; “My love…” “Please arise.” I come to you and see the beauty in your eyes! My dove, you are in the cleft of the rocks. In a “secret place.” Let me see the beauty, that shines on your face! I shall always cherish and love you… Much more than you can give.... My love grows ever so deeper…. Each day you live! When the sun arises… And the shadows shall turn away. Your beauty arises! And brightens my life every day! Your beauty and wisdom is something to behold! You’re more precious to me than the purest gold! My love for you shall endure beyond the end of time! How I long to be with you! I’m so glad you’re mine! By Jim Pemberton 11/27/11 Read Song of Sol. Ch. 2

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There's a certain beauty.
A beauty in the ability to fall
Arms open,
Eyes closed.
In love.
There's a beauty in being able to fall without doubt,
Without knowledge,
Without awareness,
Without care.
Falling, with every intention of landing exactly how you want to,
With faith that what you want is exactly what will happen.
There's beauty in falling blindly.
No matter how many times you've been hurt,
Let go.
Arms open,
Eyes closed.
True love won't let you fall.
It catches you

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But why 
Should I cry
Over you.

Should I let my 
Insides die 
Over you

What was the reason
For this 
To me it’s all amiss

What did I do
To you 
For what was the purpose 
For this



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what we had

Tears running down my face
You were a big waste
Of time.

Crying not sleeping
All I been doing
Is weeping

Not eating not caring
'Bout anything except 

What we had.

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What 3 sins seem to cause most evil in the world

Dishonesty and
They are therefore to be carefully avoided at all times


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What do you believe of Jesus Christ

I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God
The Second Person of the Blessed Trinity
True God and True man
Great Prophet, High Priest and was anointed as the fullness of divine power


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Heart Broken To HEart Stolen

i still remeber my first kiss....
and can never forget the last...
her hugs are the things i really miss
but it pains a lot when i remember that she's now just a past
she stole mah heart she broke mah heart
she played with it and tored it apart..
we were together n everything was fine..
she always sweared that she'll ever be mine..
she loved me a lot,but left me for money,
leaving tears in mah eyes,she said i cant be wid u honey..
it was my heart dammed not a silly book,
for juz reading for a while how did you took?
i was goin through dark and i was goin through hell.
and i had no one to whom i can really tell.
i met a girl,i liked her as she is not like the rest.
even following lines cant describe her as she's d best..
my heart was broken i wanted to die..
you made me smile you made me cry.
for you,m giving my life a try
you gave me a world where i can peacefully lie..
i wasnt able to bear the pain it was enough..
you,my angel, yes you made me tough...
Your talk stole my heart long time ago
you are my everything and i will never let you go..

my heart skips its beat when i hear your name..
and now i think all girls are never the same
now we are something more which is nice and strong
I know in our relationship nothing can go wrong..
you are my angel..without you I would die
i know you will never show your love coz you very shy.
but still i will do anything,i mean anything for you
To let you know,my angel how much I love you......

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Let's Be In A Relationship

So you can crush my hopes

Destroy my dreams

Puncture my heart

Murder my self esteem

Vaporize my personal confidence

Humiliate my ego

While throwing me into an abyss of self doubt

On the bright side

You will give me plenty of new material

To write about

I guess I should be in a relationship more often

I guess this is the life of a writer

Find more of my writings and poems at

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The women stood in front of the table 
Her sad hands
With nothing
she looked at her daughter
smiles and laughter
i wish her the best
nothing less
the sun shines on your golden hair
i love you, dear
Dont get hurt
promise me you wont
take my hand
one last time
forever more
say that you must
just promise me you will dream
when i fade to grey
you are getting older 
you have a life
children of your own
you start to cry
clutch to my hand
ill never leave
im always here

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Memories are things that will never cost, 

they cannot be stolen, broken or lost.

Keep hold of the good and learn from the bad,

try to be hopeful and never be sad.

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What do we mean by our predominant sin or ruling passion

By our predominant sin
Or ruling passion
We mean the sin into which we fall most frequently and
Which we find hardest to resist


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Could you be the sum of 
the total equation

Could these be the results 
of many years’ efforts?

Could you be 
prayer answered?

Could you be 
the reason I am here, now?

Could all the misses and woes, past
Be the gain of you?

Could you be the missing parts 
of the knotty puzzle?

The balancing constituent of the equation?

Could you be the key 
that opens the golden gate?

the sure door
that leads to kingdom of fulfillment?

Could you be the one 
that makes all fit together?

Could you be the one 
that makes all things complete?

Could you be the missing link
the total sum of the equation?

Could it possibly be you?

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What do we mean by grievous matter

By ‘grievous matter’ with regard to sin mean that the thought
Word or deed which is committed must be either bad in itself
Or severely prohibited
And therefore sufficient to make a mortal sin if we deliberately yield to it

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The Bible is extremely difficult to understand
Even by Bible scholars
It was written in languages long dead
In the manner and idiom of the time

To interpret the Bible the Bible
It is not only necessary to understand the languages in which the Bible was written
But to understand the languages in which the Bible was written
Had the time they were written

The Bible, Therefore has to be understood
And for Catholics, the Church
Guided by the Holy Spirit
Is the official guardian and infallible interpreter of the Bible

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Soft Rain Drops

Soft raindrops fall like dew drops upon the grass
As I walk wearily down my street with this heavy load alone
No, it’s not a nature walk, but a walk to clear my head
Because he’s not free to take a walk, I walk for him and me
In hope, the rain will wash away the pain for him, I feel
Suffering shared, so easily conveyed, by the tears I shed
But soft rain walks with me out here 
And gently kisses my face
Camouflaging my flowing tears

Yet, as I come 'round the bend to my front door,
My leaden spirit slowly rising  
I see my rose bush thriving with  
Remarkable abundance of buds!
Soft raindrops fall, like dew upon the grass
Gently kissing each bud in view
I smile and I realize that like the beautiful rose
Out of this pain we will grow
For God sends soft raindrops to ease growing pain

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How To Prove a Man

How to Prove a Man

And when the queen  of Sheba  heard  of the fame  of Solomon,  she came  to prove  Solomon
 with hard questions  at Jerusalem,  with a very  great  company,  and camels  that bare 
spices,  and gold  in abundance,  and precious  stones:  and when she was come  to
Solomon,  she communed  with him of all that was in her heart. -2 Chronicles 9:1

I searched this 2 find the meaning of a Queen or her character. In this it says that she
heard of his fame and she came to prove him.  I think that when a woman comes to a man,
she comes to prove him.  He can boast to be all he thinks he is, but when he finds a woman
to prove him, she will bear witness 2 his greatness.  She will confirm his majesty and
become the jewel in his crown for all to see and know that he is King. But how does she
prove him?  By telling him all the questions of her heart, as it says in this passage. 
Now that's the hard part because of the wrongs of men.  She has a hard time doing this if
she has been hurt before. She will protect her heart and shelter her feelings, but that
will prevent her from being able to prove this man, if he be true or not.  But if she
takes the chance to ask the questions of her heart...then she may find a man that she can
honor by her proof of how great he is.  And he will be released from just talking the
talk, but made to walk the walk.  She will help to confirm that he is a man of his word.

Please come forward all Queens of Greatness and prove a man today.

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A Promise

I know that sometimes you pray,
I’ll make you the most secure guarantee today.
I lay in my bed about to sleep,
I can’t help but to think so deep.

Tears flow down my cheek,
My face starts to look like a creek.

I think of a different world then that I know,
Like when the gift of my heart was given in a bow.

If someone out there is who you are meant to be,
I want to see you happy even though I’d be dead if it isn’t me.

I know for sure I want to see our world age,
It wouldn’t be fair though to make you feel in a cage.

The tears continue to flow,
About a world I don’t wish to know.

I can’t hold you back on trying new things,
Even though I feel like getting rings.

I know I will put my heart through lots with hope of return,
However I can’t promise stalemate with my heart feeling the burn.

My nose is now running with moisture from pain,
I hold my pillow wishing it was your hair I brush like a mane.

Life has had many lessons already taught to me this I know,
When you finally find what you’re looking for don’t ever let go.

If this isn’t the world I’m meant to bear,
Then as always my life will be unfair.

My past is my past which lacks this burn,
This direction I hope we never turn.

With all the things physically I’ve been through,
Without hesitation I’d go through it all again for you.

Our date of remembrance is September twenty seven 2005,
 It’s the 1st date in memory I felt so alive.

As I cry some more hoping I won’t have to make a hard choice,
I realize our love right now is something to rejoice.

I ask that you don’t give yourself to anyone else till the end is near,
Each time I say this line out comes a new tear.

To say if you love something you should let it free,
It’s hard to believe they were talking to me.

I grab my tissues to try & wipe tears in shame,
I then realize it just brings my heart more pain.

I now close my eyes & count to ten,
In hope of getting rest so I can see you again.

This is hard to rest from with heart needing glue,
I just got to say it Larissa, darling, I Love you.

Please if you must take a step away,
Don’t ever forget those words I say.

I can barely say anymore,
Without dropping crying once again & won’t get up from the floor.

I love you Hun remember that forever more…..

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            VAMPYRE WEDDING                               
I make you mine tonight, to have and hold,         
   to lie forever in this love I feel,                         
I bring an end to ever growing old,                         
   and close your eyes, to all that is not real.               
I give you love, that others never know!        
   The joy of life found only in its end!                     
And dressed in love, we go, as we must go,                  
   into the dark! The night! The only friend!                  
I give you death! Then take you ev'rywhere!                
   To know all things; and answer to no-one!               
To have it all! To do as you would dare!
    within the dark, where life has surely gone!                
        I make you mine! I sink my teeth into          
        your waiting flesh, and drink the love of you!

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A Lonely Holiday

I feel so all alone, My Heart on the other side of the country
Never seeing, Never touching the mirage of my Dreams
Never hearing the Voice of my Angel, her Poems : a vocal Hypnotism
Pulling me into a deeper desolate devestating Loneliness
"Tidings of Comort and Joy" Wish I had some of that "WEED"
My Comfort : " Over the Rockies, through the hot desert sand
My Heartbeat :Far,far away; across this vast beautiful land
"Joy To The WORLD The LORD Has Come" Am I part of this world??
Why did HE not see me? How is it with HIS Heart : HE couldn't feel mine?
Has my life become no more than an imaginary opaque silhouette
I am so transparent. you can read the name on my Heart " Barbara Jean "

"Hark The Herald Angels Sing" to deafened ears, to eyes blinded by Love
Never seeing, Never knowing Companionship, togetherness : Forever
"Oh Come All Yea Faithful, Joyful And Triumphant"  I'm last in line!!
Barbara Jean , hold my Heart tight , wait for me until we entwine in Eternity

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Marie II-- Troubled Tides

Wake up with a dream on your eyes left with the hearts that bid you Goodbye Shadow Dreamer-- Poisoned Lover Venom seeps through the Way The Way you held on to Me There's a Thorn in your Heart I left it there so the dreams and your pain shall unfold Inside you and all of your Lithium Lovers You're my lover, My Dear The Greatest Enemy I had to Contend pretending with "I Love You" but I know you Hate me till Hell's End Is it in Vain? You Sleep with the hate How can you dodge the fate? You let the Dagger dance on your Tongue You are my beloved Enemy Marie

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Two Places

If a man could be two places,
At one time I'd be with you,
If yesterdays just traces,
Then I'll look for every clue...
Whenever you're not with me,
Baby I feel like I could die,
So I reach for the connection,
That we share across the sky...
With every single breeze my fingers,
Feel you in the air,
It carries thoughts of you that linger,
So it feels like I'm still there...
Then I wrap myself in silk sheets,
That you sprayed with your perfume,
While the candles you left burning,
Warms the scent that fills the room...
When I fall asleep to dream,
I hear the beating of your heart,
And with every beat between,
I realize that we're not apart...

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Last nite,he passed by
Shot so deep,so sly
The arrow beheld your name
Helpless, i succumbered

I sent him back
With your name on the arrow
With swiftness of a sparrow
He flew to launch attack

And this time
I hope a miracle unveils
That cupid will finish the job he started
The my blood was not be shed in vain
When he shot me last night

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Bright Blue Electricity

Bright blue electricity,
So beautiful those lights.
Shining starlight so lovely to gaze upon
When they ignite inside the cosmos.

Walk, walk in the moonlight,
Calming insight as it attracts my sense of sight.
Who knew I'd feel so free
In living my life with spirited might.

One kiss unto me.
My heart flutteringly takes flight.
Inspiring feelings 
Initiate graphite upon paper.

Wishing to again hold her tight,
To be in her life, yet fate has decided me
To continue to fight on
And to live with what's left of my lamplight.

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He Has Me

He Has ME

You act like a victim my dear

Though I promise you, you're not the victim here

We did absolutly nothing to you

But if you want to act like we did that go ahead and do

We dont really care what you have to say

Because we would rather you just walk away

You are simply drama that no one needs

So dear stop with the pointless pleads

No one cares what you have to say

When you messed with his head in that way

You may regret leaving him honey

But that doesnt change the fact that he has me

Only insecure people want revenge dear

SO just think about how YOU must APPEAR

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Prophecy 1

A man will find one woman. and he will lay the fruit of his labor at the feet of the father and 
he will return with the portion given to him by The Most High..and he will gain great joy and 
pleasure in adorning this one Queen with this gift from God.
Scriptures reveal the weakness of the meek is the strength of timelessness
I feel the cool wind blow on me and as the strong sturdy oak..and sway and bend to the 
rhythm of the wind
Although I stand tall
I bend low
Earth is the Lord and the fullness there of
But I was planted in the garden..and given dominion over all I see
The Metraton kneeled to pay me homage
Not because I’m worthy
but because he loved me so
And I looked and could see the throne prepared for me
and from my inner bone..he molded a mate to be my companion and co-dependant
Some one I could tell of HIS greatness
And she could teach the youth
So his praise shall be in my mouth continually
Every Day the Night replaced..every Night that is revealed by the Day
Opens the I can know him as my own!
Know HIM as myself…and He will be.
Prophecy. Prophecy!!
Ya understand?
Yes, I will
Written in the Torah as Surah
What was written..Shall be.. ’cause  no word shall return to him void
For what echo returns different then how it was sent.   
I am the echo of his consciousness…   I must return filled with his redemption
With the resurrection…The reward…and revelation
According to the promise of the ages
He provides,  you hear?  
Come all ye children of God!!... Come out of your foreign ways..And submit to the Keeper of 
your soul
No weapon formed can prosper against your sincere trust and faith 
Walk and be not afraid... For no Atrocities shall come nigh unto thee
The lamb's blood on the door post...was the sign to pass me over Lord
And it could not snare me
It was I when there was none  only my blood can be the sacrifice…only my sin can bring 
curse to the world
People can’t you see and know…what is really going on
Who HE is…and who you are destined to be.. 
Ausar….Obatala… Adonai… Yahweh…El-Elyon…Elohim…Medhanie Alem….Jehovah
'Igzee'abihier, let Jah be praised	

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Last Season

Together we dueled and alone you wept,
Deep-down I eked out
Which made me to read your mind.
I asked for your hands
And averred you to have it coming,
Oath taken, but you fell behind –
I couldn’t cope
What was bogging your mind. 
I asked you to be cadged and free your mind –
I just wanted you to be mine.

You realized and then you intimated the fact
Affirmed you then as a credence 
To what you have gone through;
Lightly I then asked for your hand.
You wept for, what you don’t deserve to
And fell down upon my shoulder.

What I deserve was only you
And once you felt
You avowed my heart.

All so far we shared word by word
And you started to smile back,
You raised your hope upon my longanimity
Yet my love for you felt back. 

Sketchy two souls yet intimacy inflated
Muted few moments and dustups uprose –
I heard your confounded voice,
Yet I fenced.
But then again,
I cried, I hoped and I implored
I bade for myself to grasp my heart.
Alone I felt and yet you calmed me
But thronged with fury
I realized, it was too late. 

Left you behind to your own world
Where you said you will be happy - 
The only thing that I couldn’t ceded,
The love that I felt for you could not be regretted.

I left alone once again with memories I cherished 
I smiled with drops of water from my eyes.
Days seemed to me as years,
And time gave up my tears.

You smiled back once again with a new life…
And I kept my promise, I didn’t look back;
You let me go where I settled no-where…
I lost myself leaving behind allegiance desire. 

I stand-alone myself without fear
A dire arouse and I took it as a dare.
I tied up myself and reveled with new aspire…
Yes! I left your memories, and I left it by. 

I heard your voice once again, yet I didn’t fumbled,
Your tears then proved me -
Yes! I can live without you, with no tears,
Yes! I’m living without you, with no fears.

I smiled once again and I started to live afresh
Where I left you behind to your own world
Where you said you will be happy - 
The only thing that I couldn’t ceded,
The love that I felt for you could not be regretted –
Yes! You were my love and you are
But I can live without you, with memories faded.

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Who Loves America

Once upon a good time, not so very long ago.
There was America, America the dream God used to know.
Where went America that all the world loved so
Once upon a time not so very long ago,
Where went America,the one the world loved so?

Who loves America, the way she's meant to be?
Who still loves God's dream
From sea to shinging sea, shining sea?

Who loves America, the world depended on?
Who loves America?
I can't believe she's gone.
God save America.

Well, anyone remembering that there is only one America,
see there is Latin America, and there is Middle America,
and there is South America, and then there is North
America. But what is the America everyone has always
gone to make themselves a better life? 

America. The only America.

See where it all started, and see who still loves AMERICA.

Just go to youtube and search veebdosa, and then select


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Mists of Love

Treasures to beheld
Never runs cold
Forever yours to behold
As You.. Forever mine
Through-out Everlasting time

Dreams of many Dreams
Wonders of True Kind
Precious and Priceless
Moments of Bliss
Sweetness given

From within Hearts
Souls.. Still Living
Hunger and Thirst
Between two
Love enormously Burst
Enchantment Between Us two
Glorious Colors of Love

Rainbows of Dreams
Tender-hearted Passion
To the Extremes
But then I wake up 
And find..
Twas Just a Dream
All this time...

Tho.. My heart 
tis Forever Real
Still Carressed.. 
with Love of Truth
That beheld You and Me
Such Treasures of Pure Happiness

Come let’s get together
For a life-time…. My Love.. 
Tis you love me.. as I believe you do..
as True as I love you
Dreams do come True... 
With God All things are Possible

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Your Angel

I'll be your Angel in the morning.
I'll be your Angel in the night.
I'll be your Angel in the light.
I'll be your Angel in the darkness.

I'll be the Angel who lights the way through the darkness.
I'll be the Angel who loves you.
I'll be the Angel who respects you.
I'll be the Angel who stands by you.

I'll always be your Angel,
For eternity and forever.
Till Death do us apart.

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When im needing love n affection all im feeling is neglection  I cant believe hes treating me so bad never felt so confused n so sad i feel like a lost depressed soul that lost everything i had i feel so stupid for believing him n trusting what he said now im broken hearted n misled over here halfdead im shaking with pain inside n out this is the worst i ever felt it feels like i have nothing at all n im not even inportant enough for him to call n he wont catch me if i fall betrayed unloved confused going crazy mentaly abused heartbroken n used So much pain n tears how could he do this to me after so many years

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Is it supposed to make me feel better to vent on a page
my insecurities in one unstopable rage?
Am I supposed to laugh at the irony
which is my life for me?
Can you really put me aside when I've always been there
because I don't want to be at your beck and call 
it's just not fair.
No more lies, no more frustration
no more stress or anticipation.
This time I'll be the one to let you go
and not a crease on my smile will let my sadness show.

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Deepening Our Union with God 10042010

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of Wisdom
Prudent are all who live by it Psalm 111:10

AREN’T WE SUPPOSED TO have gotten past fear-motivated worship and
Punishment-avoidance spirituality?
Didn’t God-as-Big-Brother step aside for God-as-Loving-Father?
But is it not “fear of the Lord”
Still one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit that we receive at our Baptism

Affirm in our Confirmation?
Jewish and Christian scholars alike have wrestled with the Hebrew phrase Yirah Adonai
Offering varied and rich commentaries
Recurrent among the interpretations

“Fear of the Lord” 
Means “awe and reverence”
As in this context

Can also refer to what we feel when we love someone
Deeply that we would do anything in the world not to hurt him or her
Or damage our relationship with love-ones

Taken together
Both meanings offer us profound 
Wisdom towards growing each day in
Ever-deepening our union with God

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Three O'clock in the morning
Know I shouldn't live this way
Time for him to leave
Smile upon my face of understanding
Inside...inside I'm numb
Try not to wear my heart on my sleeve
Can't bare to feel all this pain
Why can't he see what's in front of him
As he walks away with ease
I catch my breath
But he never turns around
And the door closes
I fall to my knees
Single tear rolls down my cheek
Begging the Lord please
Please, make him stay

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So strong and self assured
He rides alone always wanting more
Never satisfied with what's between those fences
His spirit will wake up your wildest senses

By the cross and thorns that is emblazoned on his arm
His substance runs deeper than his cowboy charm
A tame Christian man with a spirit wild
A man of God, he is your child

His reckless nature will never subside
Yet humble he still has his foolish pride
His heart is bigger than the tallest mountain high
And you feel weak when you look into his eyes

His hands so rough yet so soft to touch
For him no ride is ever too much
He welcomes the mystery that comes in the night
A lover at heart born ready to fight

The complexity of this cowboy man
Every woman dreams with him she would stand
Alone, looking at the midnight moon
In her dreams, she whispers...sometime soon

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Surprising Love

You see her sit there
lonely as she could ever be
sad and alone there
while crying gental tears 
when she looks at you she wipes thoughs tears smiles and waves

You look at the sand and then the water that 
crashes at your feet
surprisingly you see her walk to you.
while you thought what to say
you fell in love while just the glimps of eye to eye
is all they needed

You too can't believe the fun you guys
spent with each other every day
the love you shared
the faith between you guys
the gracefulness and hope

He told her he needs to go back to the army in a day
but when he leaves 
years past by and the love of his dreams died
from to much worry

"Oh, i wish i was beside your side" he cried 
over and over but couldn't change anything
"Come back" he cried louder.

Then in a coupe of days the man goes back to war
while he fought in battle as strong as possible
he gets shot in the back and in the heart
But the last words he said were

    " Im comin' home honey."

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Calming Breeze

Awaken my internal joy

As your soothing gentle winds

Hit my skin

I feel all the anger, restless and worries

Of life magically fade away

The air crisp and cool

Put the sky and my soul

Momentarily at peace

A deep breathe

Helps me appreciate

How truly blessed I am

Pain and struggle

I overcame

I wish more people

Could say the same

Forget the money and fame

I wish I could have

This tranquil feeling 

Everyday instead of just today

Find more of my writings and poems at

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Polar Souls

From the moment I first met you,
That fateful meet between the trees,
It was lightning in a bottle,
I knew one day you'd be my queen,

I see my souls reflection,
When I gaze upon your eyes,
You are the yin unto my yang,
Is what I now have realized,

You're the inspiration that I seek,
At your core the lotus flower,
You're the light I strive to see,
When I'm within my darkest hour,

Is it just love or is this lust,
Or are we justly lost in love?
You're my polar earth angel,
sent down from heaven up above.

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Listen To The Rain-Part 1

Listen to the rain. It sings. It whispers.

Listen to the rain. It heals. It covers.

I lay in the grass. Thinking. Wondering. The rain falling, splashing on my cold pail skin. Splashing on my hair. Dancing on my dress.

It's falling all around me. Covering me. Protecting me. My body. My heart. My soul.

Healing the wounds. Covering the scars.

I close my eyes and feel it's cold touch. Drop by drop. Sinking in my skin.

I listen to it fall. I listen to it whisper. I listen to it sing. I listen to the wind. Blowing screeching. Screaming. Pounding the rain against my body. Against the grass. I lesten to the thunder roll. Roar. Growl. I listen to the lightning crack and slash the dark sky.

I'm thinking. Wondering. Hoping. Hurting.

I'm thinking about you. Wondering about you. Hoping for you. Hurting for you.

I miss you. I need you.

The pain is unbarable. I can't stand to be away from ou. I can't stand not feeling your touch. I can't stand not hearing yur voice.

So I lay in the grass. I listen to the rain sing. I listen to it whisper.

I let it heal me. I let it cover me. I let it cover the scars.

I listen to the rain. It hides my tears. Washes them away. The wind carries waya my worries. My doubts. The thunder hides my cries. My sobs.

But the lightning brings you. Brings images of you. Brings memories of you.

I can't help but smile. I hold you dream catcher and tags tight against my chest. I hold our picture.

Another crash, another stike. I get you for one more night.

The sky gets darker and darker. More and more memories of you flash through my mind.

The rain grows harder, the lightning grows longer.

In the grass I lay, smiling, soaked. Clutching our picture. Clutching your tags. Clutching your dream catcher. The last memories with you.

I will meet you again. I will see you again. I will be in you arms again.

We will make it.

The wind dies down and the rain slows. The thunderstops, so does the lightning show. My show of you is over.

Sad once again I lay in the grass. Listening to the rain sing. Listen to the rain whisper.

I look at our picture. A tear escapes my eye.

I miss you. I wish I could be in our arms again. I wish you could hold me. I miss being with you. I miss hearing you.

Another tear added to my growing fear. My growing saddness.

Another tear for you. I miss you. I need you.

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Greek = origin, beginning
The first book of the bible which describes
Among other things
The creation of the world and of man


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i am stuck
where i arrive i don't ever know
but when i'm there
im just thinking when to go

moving forward, feels a lot like going back
and moving backwards
slides me off my track
i am stuck

when i walk, i end up running into a fence
when i talk, i never make any sense

where i arrive i don't ever know
but when i'm there
im just thinking when to go
i am stuck

my sails are open, let the wind come fill me up
but someone's out there screamin, "stay away from his cup"
so i'm sinking, to the bottom with no treasure
whose gonna search for something
that's better off forgotten

would you come out? and play with me
im just a poor old boy
who needs some company
i am stuck

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Guardian Angel

He holds her silently, he holds her close, he's there even though she never know. He takes away her stress; he takes away her pain, he takes her away from the world, she feels loved again. When people come and take him away, she is lost and scarred every day. Her hope of him is fading, her fear and heartache is growing. She misses his touch, she misses his kisses. Her angel holds her while she cries, her angel steadies her and holds her when she tries. He knows she hurts, he knows he's gone but he's been there, he's been there all along. She can't see him in the dark or in the light, but she feels her angel holding her day and night. "No need to worry, no need to fear, you may not see me, but I am here." He whispers as he kisses her head while she lays soft and dreaming in her bed.

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One Can Never Be 2 Sorry

I apologize for all the
times I never heard
your lonely cries, so
I offer you my heart 
to absorb every tear
falling from your eye's.

I apologize for never
being your back-bone,
but now I'm here to seat
you at the left of my throne.

I deeply apologize for
all the wrong I've done
unto you, and this is my
way to make it up," Will
You Marry Me?" in all
faith I hope You'll say," I

For I Truly Love and
Want To Marry You!!!!

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love strength

remember the things that stay under remember what keeps you in these things stay try not to throw them up they keep your mind in one place our sanity is sacred dont let it get taken we cant afford to give in the mornings pause forever even at the edge happiness cant be the only emotion loved the ones hated are only temperary as is happiness and passion love though can last with great strength even with the mixures of paper and metal relaxation seems like the desired feeling only when we're all mixed up with the wrong emotions and views we must not forget who we have decided to be

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A Rose or a Thorn

Our love is neither a rose or a thorn. 
One leaves us whole, the other torn. 
Which one is which? There is no trick. 
The first we smell; the second, pick. 
When we pick love we end its growth. 
Not just the picked but of us both. 
Together we must each have 'ground'. 
That's where love's nourishment is found

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In every passing moment I wish to be close to you, to hold you.
Loving you is easy when the skies are gray or when they’re blue.
Over the thunder and the rain I hear you sleep sweet dreams of a happy day.
Varying in cycles like the moon, may my love never be and let no one take it away.
Even if you cry I will be there for you to soothe and comfort you through your pain.
Your strength is in your concern for what is good and I’ve yet to see it wane.
Open is my heart to you with arms to follow.
Uniquely perfect is how I see you, please do not think my words as hollow

Every night I pray for you to sleep safe and sound
My wish is for your love but I meekly ask you keep me around.
If my words let you know how much I love you, they fail to compare to what I know in my heart
Let our love for each other grow anew each day with the experiences we gain when together or 
Yearning for you is not enough to satisfy my greediness, I long to touch and feel your soft skin
But do not think of us in lust rather a love which makes sheepish boys grin 
United with each other I always hope to be.
Running my fingers through your hair makes see 
Nothing in this world compares used or new
Simply put…I love you

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Welcome to Your Wife

If I were you for a day and you were me?
Could you love me more than I love you?
Would I love you more each day and be new?
Will the Sun shine bright in our eyes to see?
When will the Moon glow and lead our way to be?
When will the Stars shine bright by just us two?
Why does the dust give up its spurs on the dew?
Why are the doors locked with only one master key?
Welcome to my life,
Welcome to my home,
Welcome to your wife.
Welcome to this dome.
Welcome to the Sunrise this day in the light,
And welcome to the Sunset on this lovely night!
© Copyright: Ann Rich    2006

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Inlove With Her And Novacaine

Never knew love the way I know it now
Never will I know even when I ask how
She left and that was all
I'm trying desperately to climb outside this wall
I grip the roses stem and blood drips down my wrist
I drop to the floor, put my hands on my forehead while in a fist
We shared an oath from our lips to Gods ears
I placed myself in front of her knife to the heart to quench her fears
It killed me to love and lose
I'm losing sleep so I smash my clock back to snooze
I can't believe I thought she was the one to save me
It turns out she was the one to enslave me
My trust ran deep like blood coursing through her vein
I need to numb the bitter taste so I use novacaine
The thought of her is making my heart race
My walls are gone and now I have too much space
I think my loss is starting to hit me
I can't breathe at the thought that she will forget me
I fall from my knees with my face sideways on the floor
I grip the rose tighter & tell myself I don't want to love evermore
I'm fighting the truth and reality at this time
I'm in too deep, I'm too weak to climb
I feel a cold running through my veins followed by a last chill
My eyes are awake yet my body lie still
The lights are dimming and my life is flashing in spurts
I guess this is what it means when they say love hurts...

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Trust It

Can’t help how you feel.

I know your feelings may sound good or bad.

Or sometimes it could be the best feeling you ever had.

If your feelings tell you, you got to let it go - let it go.

But if it tells you to work with it then you know.

I say this because there’s a girl I’ve been feeling like this for a while.

So I’m just trust my feelings for now.

Besides how I feel still makes me smile. 

                               By Young Gifted

(Quote: Trust how you feel because you never know how that someone might 
feel about you.)

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Eyes of Emerald

eyes of emerald 
and sometimes gold
what comes out your
mouth no one knows

arms so strong
made of stone
i wish you knew
you do not walk alone

mind of a steel trap 
and soul of a young man 
showing your affection 
does not make you 
a weak human

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wasn't meant to be

through my heart,
you drag your claws,
you seemed so perfect,
even your flaws,

is it just me?
i can not tell,
is this heaven?
is it hell?

do i alone,
feel this way?
left to cry
day by day

could you feel
my pulse end
you left because
i wouldn't bend

eyes so cold 
heart so still
i give up
do what you will

as if my love
could keep you here,
you go and do
what i fear

could it be me
reading wrong
what i feel
oh so strong

from you
head to toe
telling me
to let you go?

i wrote this with a freind who was down..glitter to all

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So Amazing

It's amazing how I feel when I'm around you,
How my heart pounds when you come into a room.
I look at you and think: My God! How lovely!
And everything I am bursts into bloom.
I feel as though you must, you must be mine,
Not as a possession but a goal,
Something almost unimaginable:
The free devotion of another soul.

As though I were about to enter heaven
Or just within the hour condemned to die,
My mind with one fierce thought keeps running over,
With you, and only you, the reason why.

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She Will Live On

With incense burning, 
she ponders life, 
its many questions, 
questions with no answers. 

Why is she here, 
why is there so much pain, 
what will become of her, 
those that love her? 

Roy Orbison; 
A love so true, 
A love so beautiful, 
In every way. 

Closing her eyes she sees life, 
but not of darkness, 
but so beautiful, 
she remembers a time past. 

A candle burning, 
its light flickering in the soft breeze, 
slowly it diminishes, 
as with life. 

But even after the flame is gone, 
there are still the memories, 
memories that will live on forever, 
Life lives on. 

She will live on.

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Gleaming smile, 
reflecting life...
nurture with joy
what lives within.
Content heart,
reach out and share
with others your secret...
to live and breath easier.
Nothing can ease
the burden on your shoulders,
if the cause of its heaviness
is regarded with negligence. 
The hunger for anything
can be satisfied by wisdom,
not by wishful thinking...
godly thoughts lead to freedom.  
Control your desires,
and restrain your urges,
don't hope to get to Heaven... 
analyze your faults and kneel down.
Love whoever you choose,
make sure your fragile heart won't bruise
from the mistakes you can make...
once it shatters, it can't be reshaped.
Unlocking these secrets
widens your knowledge,
and prevents many headaches
from turning into rage.

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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God's Institutions

God's institutions
Do not fail...  his people do.
Some fail to love and forgive;
Some fail to stay faithful, too.
Some fail to stay concerned;
Some fail to step back and review.
Some fail to notice times and seasons.
Some fail to know what to say and do.
Some fail to pray and listen.
Some fail to see and hear their cue.
Some fail to love themselves.
Some fail to make old things new.
Some fail to change and grow.
Some fail to be creative with shape and hue.
Some fail to work and work again.
Some fail to laugh and play, too.
Some fail to hear God's instructions;
Some fail to follow them through.
So, it's not the institution
That crumbles; it's the people that do.

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and 'Ladies'

  and 'Ladies' young and old
do you even know
when i go into the grocery store
and how they come all around me
and i
not even paying attention
as they watch me squeeze this and
squeeze that
and they being all that you are
some what more and some few less
and they
take my hand and place it there
and in my hand they squeeze it
they squeeze it harder than they should
but i'm not paying attention 
and as i'm thinking about squeezing
that which needs to be squeezed
in my mind i am squeezing it more
and watching some become flushed
there faces grow dark and pink
so many
and so many my head spins around 
looking down as i feel
all of that juice run free
through my hands
and all of my critical thinking
has left me it's gone. 

Is It Poetry 

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Shall we Dance---Beholding Everlasting dance Forever-together

As he came...
Bent down towards me
He took me by the hand...
Led me out to the dance floor..
As the music played...
he held me close
his heart beating next to mine
warmth surrounded us...
soft... melodies played
I said... I am scared
For I never done this before...
He said.. no worrys..
I am here... my dear
then he whispered into my ear
Singing melodies of lyrics of song
As the music played
We swayed to the music
as held me close unto him...
his strong arms held me tight
dancing on through the night..
gentle as he... guided me
across the dance floor...
Sweeetness music played
More Beautiful then ever before...
Precious moments...

Then I woke up...
Twas just a dream
of many dreams..
But then again
was it???

Tis be soon...
As time shall be...
When moment comes
I shall dance the dance..
as He guides me 
Across the sky
Then between the stars...
To the other side.. 
Beyond... Glorious Love Eternity..
Sweeet Divine Precious moments..
Shall forever be...
Music Plays.. Melodies unto our King
Harmony of all souls
Whom belong to Him
Come... to Jesus
Lets Dance the Dance of Glorious Love Together...
Sweeetness of the Souls..

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My Vow, Love Always & Forever

Love Always & Forever, 

for some that meant never, 

wondering if you'd ever stay together with this same person...

Cuz forever is a long time, and it all depends on 

whether or not your truly in love with this person 

Truly devoted to this person, willing to give so much of yourself

to another individual, is a dedication more intense and important than any other.

It's right up there in the same category as being a mother.

All I need to know is that your ready and willing to give us a shot

I'm not talking loving me for a day, a week, a month, I'm talking always and forever

A lifetime if you will, to be devoted to one another, to honor, trust one another

yes to love another as much as you love yourself.

For richer, for poorer, for better or worst health

I want to make this commitment to you more than anything else

I want you to respond by saying, "I do"

I don't want to say these words to anyone else

you're the only one I choose.

I'm making this pledge to honor, respect & cherish you and only you

As we hold hands, look into each others eyes and say our 'I do's'

Were making the promise to one another, saying...

"Always & Forever, I Will Love You"

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Trusting Jesus For The Right Person

Dear Jesus.  Help me to 
trust you and wait.
That in time.  You'll bring me
 the right mate.

Someday, I desire to have 
a family and a house.
But I'm confused when it comes 
to choosing a spouse.

When this is going to happen? 
 I do not know.
Teach me patience Lord. 
 I need it so!

Help me to choose someone. 
 I don't trust my flesh.
If I do... I could really end
 up in a "big mess."

Take control of my thoughts 
and what I want to say.
Conforming me to Jesus.  
In a more Christ'like way.

Till that special day.  When I'll wed
 and say "I do."
Help me Jesus to find a mate 
who's in love with YOU!

By Jim Pemberton

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Your face is like an angel, calming and serene.
I pace back and forth just thinking of when you came into my life.
I honestly believe in you, I'm holding on as the days drag on.
I've become lost in your eyes and I can tell that I was offered a chance.
A chance to be the best I can, to pick myself up and not have a set plan.
Everyday is like a winding road where each turn leads to better things.
I'll hit bumps and get bruised but I'll never be hurt by you.

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What effect has Lust on our souls

Lust begets in our souls a distate for holy things
Perverted conscience
Hatred of God
Frequently leads to complete loss of faith

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You Are My Curse

I had to let it all go,
The day and night,
Their hours ran too slow.
It was more than just a fight.
I trusted you and knew you,
My love succumbed to the worst,
Faith and loyalty just wouldn’t do.
You became my curse.
I was pulled down to Earth’s plane,
And judgment did set in.
Then new days begin.
I stood parallel as many went insane.
My heart drenched and my soul crunched,
I couldn’t let my heart take this very much.
I died and I died losing each endless breath,
I swallowed the victory and ate your death.
You reaped and I sowed,
But I saw no one grow,
Not even you.
What was I to do?
I let it go very slow,
Now I am all grown,
And I’m on my own.
I died watching you go.
I will always remember begging mercy,
I will always know this pain,
You are my curse you see,
And nothing did you gain.
I can never just be alright,
I can never love you the same again.
I died watching you go out of sight.
You are my curse and forever in my heart you made an end.

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Your beauty and love 
touch me so deep
if this is a dream
forever ill sleep.
Visions of us on a seduded beach
your eyes reveal all
no need for a speech.
Waves from te ocean
Can not cool our heart
For this is internal
the salt will be sweet
our happiness raditaes
just like ths un
the day i met you
My life had just begun
Eternal embrace int he soft summer sand
we imagine our life 
our love
its just grand
As we lay there
past experiences remind
how our destinies we certainly kind
as hours pass
the sun dissappears
the one next to me
Protects me from fears
As i hope and pray
I see your face beam.
This is all true
Not just a dream.

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You're Gone

I don't think I'll ever be able to stop loving you.
So please, don't go.
I hate to think that it's almost your time.
So please, come home.
I've never felt this way about anyone before.
So please, stay mine.
I can't bare to watch you walk away.
But, I know you must go.
You're getting trained my darling.
To be the best damn Marine you can be.
I know you have what it takes.
Just come back to me safe and sound.
All I want is you to come back to me in one peice. 
But, once you're eighteen..
Which isn't so far from now.
You're going to get taken away from me.
The deployments are hard,
The days are short,
While the nights are long.
For every day you're gone,
I get quieter,
More lonley,
And I just feel like everything around me is going to not be the same.
I stare endlessly at your picture..
Just so I can see you're smile every night before I go to sleep.
I haven't heard you're voice in awhile.
You haven't called.
Oh please my love.
Be safe,
And come home to me.

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Summer's Here, Fall's Never Coming

I remember the first time you touched me, I pulled away, cause it just made me feel uncomfortable he said. She asked why and all he could say was,,, It's complicated. See he was like a pomegranate. Built with a hard shell on the outside, but lots of sweetness built up inside of him. He was just too afraid to let anyone in. He'd grown up tattered&beaten down like an overthrown baseball, the girls of his life being the pitchers and playing with him like he was a toy. They all had him dancing the night away making him feel like he was something special for the first time. Only to deceive and besmirch his kind heartedness. Until eventually all they'd wanted was his sweet seduction, Making love like the clouds were their bedroom, and the more these women touched him and received their pleasures, he died a little inside. Every other touch became another heartache, Every kiss and caress another nightmare for his daydreams, and every time his grandma leaned over his shoulder just to wrap his body and kiss his cheek to make him feel loved, all he could do was turn the other away.. &then came Summer, and he prayed fall would lay dormant, for he felt a satisfaction in her vocal cords and the symphony lips played as they dance to romance's acoustics. Stealing smiles and fanning cold chills to make it through the heat.. this season was special, so special in fact, that he asked it to stay forever. and for the first time he actually felt.. like he was special..

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You Can't Help Who You Love

I pray daily,
For my feelings to go away,
But I’m not so glad to say,
That they are still here.
I hope that we reunite,
Before the end of this year.
My love for you is indescribable,
I’ve never felt like this,
Before in my life.
When I think of you,
My heart trembles,
My lips quiver,
And my eyes water.
I don’t know if it starts from just you,
Or my desire to bear sons and daughters.
In which I had a chance for a new one,
But it no longer exists.
At night, I toss and turn in the bed.
Hoping that you will soon return home,
So that we can again spend private moments
In our love dome.
I pray daily,
 For my feelings to stay,
And that I’ll be glad to say,
They and you are here.
I hope that reunite,
Before the end of the year,
And that Lord blesses,
Us tremendously.
So we won’t have to continue,
To fight over money.
I pray often that the Lord,
Does these actions,
 For you: outward push and shove.
I guess that if it is God’s will:
You can’t help who you love.

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I've sin I've loved and I've lost I've won-

I’ve sin I’ve loved and I’ve lost I’ve won… I’ve lusted for another’s wife, only to 
taste the cold bitter steel of their knife. 

I’ve tasted loves bitter sweet rewards. Its harsh reality of broken hearts and 
dreams never forged. Its tender and gentler side which can be so sweet and 

Its divided house when two souls of the opposite collide into a mass of hatred 
instead of love. Its tender compassion that can help them too reunite as one. 

Its somber weeping cries in the midnight air…when it longs for a lover who no 
longer cares. It’s the mourning over a lover who has passed away like a gentle 
rain, that falls on the flowers on a warm spring day. 

Oh! The things that I have did, but not in the name of love…but that of sin. A blink 
of an eye and the favor of a grin? It’s the fool who passes those two signs, who 
will never know true love and know what it really feels like. 

For I’ve sin and I’ve loved I’ve lost and now I won. I found true love, but without the 
lost or the sin…but in the arms of my best friend. My wife.. my soul the very 
reason I do live.

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Prophecy 2

The Good Lord sent me from Zion… 
Arjuna!!... “I am that I am”!!!
The fowler goes round about me ...roaring like a wild Lion.. He desires to eat our young...our 
1st fruits
Fruit of the Prince of Power and The Warrior Princess!!
but the prophecy SAYS...!!!... U shall not prevail against the word of the most high
The call is out upon the whelps of the Lioness…and the chains of her Lion Cub… 
He devours the city…and is a terror in the eyes of all that stand in his path.
Rebellion!!!...Dharma Yhuda!...Jihad..
Maroons… Carib… Chemakum
He is the Mystic Mind…The Celestial Scribe …The Peculiar People… 

Lift up your hands in praise of HIM !!  For He heard your cry and mine!!..
He watered the hills from his chambers
The earth was satisfied…
Raise your hands and know..he can do all things...and his desire is to bring us closer to HIM!!
"Every day we rise..we give thanks and my humble ways"
My humble ways.  Making food meant to feed a few ..feed many
A home built 4 a many in love
Monies given 4 a few..  bless many
Prophecy My Queen..

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What effect has sloth upon the soul

Sloth begets in a soul
A spirit of indifference
In our spiritual duties and
A disgust for prayer


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Broken Promises

The spirit of the age has tempered vile degrade
In desolation it's will torn wild
We send vomit into letters exposed to loosened fetters
Erupted in mass chaos in its plausible quest
The more we want so the more we in turn invest
We wait in idol fancy as some lost souls in Sid & Nancy
We hurt then tie the tube getting loose lube filled with screws
We plummage into a violent existance isn't it relevant?
We think were alone yet we never are cause God is still in charge
In social regard toward difficult matters that appease
We lose sight of love & social need
In foot steps drawn in the sand someday we may learn & understand
In columns of rescued menure pile in its claim
The world outside is totally insane
A casual encounter with a so called friend?
The next day you got Aids, now you got pain!
The choices we make to appease the mind
In columns of choiced red, blue & brown....

Broken promises through its shattered glass filled with pain
Broken promises  can easily drive a man insane
A court jester will amuse the crowd as long as there is an occasion
Perhaps society is in need of a break on a long awaited vacation?
Closed minded sentiments filled in vile affection
The novice gets hungry stops at his local 7 eleven
Promises made in the dark have come full circle into the light
Broken Promises with advant garde choices made in the night
Elaborate decorum in want of passage;
We last a minute & grieve as the savage!

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I'm up again, awakened by the brand of her face in my dreams, wondering if she thinks about me as much as i do her, even though I'm far too timid to tell her that. Instead of being bold about it, I leave my enchantments of she in the essence of time, to always be remembered & never diminishing with its sands. Letting every opportune moment to just say, "Hi.. how's your day?". slip from the coil of nimble fingertips. More than happy to gaze upon the paralyzing figure of beauty during humble greetings &even give a smile so she knows im listening. I don't know what to call this.. It was like having my first crush all over again, thinking endlessly about that person, always smiling when her name pops up, all the cute things about it. Remember your first.. how that person gave you butterflies. I get that feeling everytime she's in the same room, so much that each day around her is like seeing her for the first time.. Having that same reaction, &remembering every minor detail. She had this proud aura about her, with a fierce walk, a bubbling personality and an even more bubbling smile. I remember asking myself who'd be more jealous, Mother Nature or the Sun, &the way light danced off the glow around her skin, it'd almost seemed like she had wings.. I'm gonna do it. Next time, i'm gonna talk to her, even if it means rejection it could mean acceptance and thats the only exception I need. I'll face it like a gunslinging Bruno Mars. &if I lose i'll die with a smile. Cuz you shot me through the heart staring in your eyes, so I might die a happy man today. &if I survive I'd love to get to know you..

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compare and contrast

Whether we where this or whether we where that. The girls that I’ve been with or the guys that you attract.

Any given problem have it known I got your back. I just hope that leaves it proven that a friend you’ll never lack.

Ever since I met you only good vibes you’ve been giving. You offered me your heart but mine you have been steeling. 

To get you gotta give that’s just called the cost of living. So if you need me scream my name as long as I’m still breathing.

It’s a shame that friendships die, so why not let this one last. Let’s keep trust and faith right here and let the time just slowly pass. 

If we agree or disagree it don’t matter its still a blast. And tell me that’s not perfect we compare and we contrast. 

The reason were this close is cause were different than the rest. We only speak straight up only real s**t we address. 

The special bond we have is the power we possess. Were examples for our peers and two symbols for the west.

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until you give it, you will not see it 
you quite simply will not 
oh, you can want it 
but ‘want’ is a form of ‘take’ 
and you can never take, to have -- except for anger and money 
that kind of want you can easily achieve 
“Give and take” has been a lie to you 
a practice you accept for a phrase you once heard 
no. . . you will not. . . ever. . . get this by wanting 
you want this? 
you gotta give this 
this one ain’t no passing by occasion 
first time you tried, you wanted – fair enough 
there ain’t no next after that 
you got the lesson when you kindergarten’d somewhere in your teens 
no in between. . . here 
no amount of years can pass 
no guarantee that if you didn’t pick it up then. . . you will someday 
listen. . . read well 
until you stop wanting 
you will not get, giving 
you will be without love. 

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In My Mind

In my mind we have been together since
we first met holding in my feelings until I
couldn't take it know more resisting telling
myself to wait your the only woman I want
to be with and its been that way since before 
you knew it if only you could take a journey
through my mind you would truly know the
things I think about everyday and night "In
My Mind" the baby you carry is mine until I 
step back into reality and realize I let my 
imagination get the best of me Loving 
you with all my heart I want to share the 
beauty of having a child with you a blessing 
that I hope someday to recieve with you but 
until that time comes "In My Mind" I will 
believe that the baby you carry is mine
am I wrong for the things that are running
through my mind wishing I was the one
so desperately wanting for my thoughts
to be true

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Falling for you was my biggest fear.
I was so afraid to begin know in it could end.
Afraid of holding you near.

I didn't want to fall in love.
I was so afraid that it would be nothing but a dream.
It was just to good to be reality.

So afraid of what could come to be.
Just scared to let you love me.

And I know you say that I can only be loved if I just let you in.
I've been broken down so many times and 
I don't want to take that chance.

And before I could even realize it,
You had made me fall in love with you.
I I'm scared but i guess I can give love a try.
Please don't leave me broken .

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Is It You

You are my Hope You are My truth You are my Love You are the reason For me I can't do this Alone always be there for me and I'll promise to Live

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I love you

My love will always follow you, 
even if you are far away,
or if it even takes a day,
my love for you is all i know,
so let it love,
 let it grow

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Where Are Those Who Seek The Lord

I've heard of those who say they're "happy and gay."
Where are those who proclaim; 
"Jesus is the only Way?"

I've heard of many who 
discuss creation vs. evolution.
Where are those who proclaim 
Jesus is the solution?

I've heard of many who dicuss 
an "alternate lifestyle."
Where are those...who for Jesus...
 will go "the extra mile?"

I've heard of many who say; "Jesus isn't real!"
Where are those who'll confess HIM 
with a passion and a zeal? 

I've heard of thousands who
sit in their church's pew.
Where are those... whom to Christ... 
says; "I love YOU?"

I've heard of millions who
 are on their way to hell.
Where are those who truly love Jesus?  Can you tell???

I've also heard of a redeeming 
savior's  mercy and grace.
His love has been extended to the human race.

I've heard of a master's loving 
call and merciful plea...
He says; "take up your cross and follow me!"

I've heard of  true gladness
 and overwhelming joy!
This is freely offered to every man, 
woman, girl and boy!

I've heard that now is the day of 
salvation & the accepted time.
For I am his dearly beloved and he is mine!

I've heard that very soon..  
Jesus is coming again.
Where are those who desire
 to be cleansed within?

I know that an abundant life
 is what Jesus will freely give!
Where you can find true life...
and a reason to live!

By Jim Pemberton 

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No Turning Back

I guess I may have waited this long,
Just to make sure that we endure,
The length of time you thought was  too long,
And all the reasons to be so sure...
Some lose friendship long before trust, 
Until what we feel may abate,
In relationships that grow into must,
Instead of compromising debate...
Turning wishes into demands,
As gestures become expected,
Holding less of each others hands,
While you slowly lose what connected...
But I gave time what we needed to find,
Which has made us much more mature,
And more inclined to recognize signs,
So that we could find any cure...
Now that we have been thru it all,
I believe that whats left intact,
Is minus what has made others fall,
I could never conceive turning back...

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Amen, Good Times

Her special month is November,
 My special month is December, 
Gather around the fireplace,
 look at the burning ember
 My special time to remember,
 Listen to the wind chimes,
 These are my good times,
 Hear my voice,
 Please feel rejoice.
 No time for depression,
 Time for love and affection,
 Streets filled with snow,
 We're under the misltoe,
 There we had our first kiss,
 I've never felt so much bliss,
 Listen to the wind chimes,
 These are my good times,
 Hear my voice,
 Please feel rejoice. 
 Its time for joy,
 Kids playing with their favorite toy, 
Gathering around the Christmas tree,
 Always something jolly to see,
 Looking back at the year,
 Not a single tear,
 Flying reindeer, 
Doing the shopping at the mall,
 Merry Christmas to all,
 Listen to the wind chimes, 
These are my good times,
 Hear my voice,
 Please feel rejoice. 
We're coming home,
 As a kid thats all we've known,
 Our homecoming,
 Our family singing,
 We're coming home again,
 Celebration with our children,
 We're coming home again,
 Bringing our souls closer to Heaven.

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Move on

A feeling of feelings that i cannot understand,
my life and my love, where will it land?
I've fallen down and don't know where i am,
there is something missing and i do give a damn.
I love that something, so very much,
now it's gone, with no sound & no touch.
I try to move on & make a new start,
But how is this done? when they've taken my heart.

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October turns November

Wherever the coldness and the stillness survives
That which precipitates to tell you that moisture has a better face
The sweating and the sneezing all tomorrow’s taste
And when erupts the numbness of another truth that looks so deceptive
Of a thing called infidelity 
Then a storm runs through the January streets
To tell me it’s even dark to think too deep
And then this jealous impulse that swerves in the heart
Becomes a heartbeat……..
And then I realize that the promise I made was false
You were always true, 
The falsified fact I told you
That you, my sweetheart are my heart
But it’s in actuality, 
Green-eyed perceptions that in my heart dart….

Details | Personification | |

Palms by the Sea

Oh this Sea from left to right,
How my mind gathers your visions to my sight.
You clouds stray from over here to over there,
And my lungs fill deep as they gather you into my air.
I am the neutral zone with all of my love that I share
The “Palms by the Sea” give my visions their true light!
In each I can see myself inside of a seemingly height.
The Palms by the Sea are my only solemn oath I fight!
 Up inside of the tallest tree I shall surely come,
Your Earth, your Moon and your Sun I shall make them all come undone!
I am you as you breathe my life and it is your love that I shall proclaim in the moment I seize!
Up inside of you I am proclaiming my every single genuine need.
The “Palms by the Sea” guard the shores for my more, my all, or even none!

®Registered: Ann Rich 1997

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you think you only know me, when you turn on the light...

If I think I’m Clever, Well, 

I should know, I’m really saying nothing

At All.


The Dead sleep in my Sleeves,

Whispering, They Point

How far to that Furniture polished, dyed brighter than blood,

Of far stretched Dream,

Of Rose, Easy  on the stem.

Hoo?, I knew?


the Wriggling through Wounds,

Of Air, Loose and Smutty.

Garish Shade of sometimes Lean, Battered Fruit of Fume and Harlot Queen,

Taste,  For your manner is moist, your eyes Far to Jolly.

Motionless vague {Lifts} of a Hand 

And steel fingers Drifting through Conflicted smoke.

Mere Glance, Of Flick,

 Pink Thorn Ash And throat bound Tongue,

Your Head Collapses from imagined Sins.

And Yet such 

Is my 



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First off, let me start off with an open statement
Let's not be naive anymore, sex before marriage is OVERrated
Your flesh takes OVER ya spirit, but he already came OVER your house
and now after u gave OVER your goods, he already wants out
but rewind.....the SEX is OVER so what's next?!
the dude who was all OVER you says that "friendship" is best?
the same dude that was in your bed cOVER 5 minutes ago
I bet he looks at you differently now, he pegged you as a h.....
and you know that aint true, but your mind is OVERclouded,
so now you question your worth in this world...yeah you OVER doubting
and now you contemplating OVER AND OVER again you dont know what went wrong
You gave a piece of your soul to him....consider it dead and gone
your mind is OVERloaded from all the guilt and pain
You wish you could do it OVER again, but this time it would change
please realize
You too beautiful to be going through all the stress and strain
You thought he was the one, thought he was your lOVER
but now he's OVER you....and he's on to another
you don't really need this , your life is torn in pieces
it's not too late beautiful, give your life OVER to Jesus
he would never hurt you, he would never take your soul
he'll take your emptiness away, he'll make you whole; OVERflow
YOU have the power to OVERcome, be cOVERed in his blood
you need a makeOVER so get cOVERed in his love
God will OVERride your sin, cause flesh was OVER you
so go ahead and repent for your sexual is long OVERdue

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Day After You ve Gone

When I awoke this morning the sun
was shinning so bright, I couldn’t believe
it for it should have be dark and gloomy…

Birds’ singing on high, singing in the
spring, this is not right for it should
be quiet and bleak…

I went to sit in that big old chair
cradling my head trying to understand
why you are dead…

Didn’t get the chance to tell you good-bye
or hold you in my arms for the last time…

As I set here I feel like we were cheated,
cheated to chance of that last hug, kiss and
to say, be seeing you someday…

The days will seem so empty without you
by my side and thank God for the memories
for if not I am sure I would die…

Keep hearing you in my head, I think
you are saying live in the warmth, sing
with the birds for they are telling you
how much you are loved…

Just know that when you hear my
whisper in your head that God has allowed
me to so  you are not to despair…

God has his arms around me guiding me
along until the day we are together again
and  I wish you happiness until that short
fleeting time is gone and you are by my side…

By Sandra Lea Hoban

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One chain
from the day
when everything was so black
and grey   
One chain
from when I actually care
about anything you have to say
One chain
from home sweet home
and home sweet home to stay

One chain 
from getting down on my knees
to say thank you, God, and pray
One chain 
from convincing myself
that I'm gonna make it
and be ok
One chain 
from feeling hopeless
each and everyday
One chain 
from being on my back
and under attack
when everything was so grey
and black
One chain
from coming out of the black and grey
into the light where I can finally see

One chain

  from breaking loose 
and running free

from leaving you
and loving me

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What is Anger

Anger is an excessive emotion of the mind 
Excited against any thing
It is an excessive desire for

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Things necessary to make sins mortal

Three things are necessary to make a sin mortal
A grievous matter
Sufficient reflection
And dull consent of the will

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As she lay quivering in anticipation, uncertain and dismayed, 

As her experienced lover prepares to mount his prey, 

Her mind says "Yes"... Her heart says "Wait"... 

As she lie in her innocence and tries to debate, 

As he approaches her unstained nest and prepares to land his plane, 

Her mind says "Come"... Her heart says "Wait!"...Again, 

As her thighs are trembling, ready to quake, 

Her body convulses, her nest begins to shake, 

He hovers like a vulture, spying for his meat, 

As she lay, so helpless, unsure and weak, 

He savors the moment as a lamb on a rack, 

As his talons initiate the final attack, 

Her heart is racing like a humming bird's wings, 

As her mind collapses, As he lands his thing, 

Deep into the cavern of his lovers cave, 

Died, is her "Innocence", buried in her grave, 

As her mind and body continue as one, 

She ponders her decision... "What have I done?" 

As she lies there, all wet and stunned, 

As her lover has just emptied his gun, 

As time goes by and by the time she knows, 

A seed in her belly begins to grow, 

From seed to embryo, a body takes form, 

As a pod on a tree becomes an acorn, 

As days become weeks, and months become nine, 

As she lie in a room, biding time, 

Her thighs begin to quiver, Her belly aches, 

Her nest convulses, shivers and quakes, 

As she lie on her back, as she laid before, 

Her lover tossed her out as if she were a whore, 

A flower begins to blossom in between her thighs, 

As tears erupt... Love Cries.

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until youre mine

until you're mine
girl i gotta find,
a way to make ya mine
to heal this scar inside,
unitl you're mine
I need to find a way
to have you where I lay,
I want you in every way
unitl you're mine
I wont go to sleep,
you got me in heat,
cuz I think about
(you- everyday)
but then again
girl ya outta reach,
and its killin me,
I know we're
I love your voice,
you're my first choice,
girl I pledge to be
your one and only
who will I be?
livin life without you,
I will be a bummed out
lonely fool,
I wont stop
until I have you,
imma try everything
to get next to you,
this not a dream
girl im diggin you
I can reach for anything,
but I choose to reach for you,
you're the missin puzzle that I need,
you're the missin piece,
thats you baby

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Damaged (part 2)

One particular guy took advantage,
Of my dad choosing him to be with exclusively.
He ended up being with me in private and in public, 
With this chick who resembled a beast,
Who did not resemble in any way of her hometown symbol.
Her appearance made a mockery of a Ruston peach
He had the nerve to call me a “b”,
In front of her and called the authorities
Only after a few days of visiting me at my home,
And getting busy with me.
My home and love life should be described as this:
Complete tragedy.

The list goes on of the men who did me wrong,
But it all links to how I was treated at home.
Like a puppet, walked over, talked badly to constantly
Always being told that I would let men get the best of me,
Always being told if I wanted to do certain things,
 That I would be another word for a garden tool.
Often I was called an educated fool.
Being held on to by someone who meant me no good
Was not helpful to me at all.
Often I wish that I had no dad,
Because he is the worst man that I ever had.

My home life was simply disadvantaged.
It was bad enough that we were poor.
Women don’t worry about a man:
Only focus on God’s plan
For you.
The real Father on whom I depend,
Your life he will manage.
Don’t settle for earthly men and even your father
Look to God for your inheritance.
So you won’t be damaged.

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Todays the day
The day I felt as if I died 
From not trying
It's my fault
It's my fault that this happned to you
I-I didn't know it would happen
That fast
If I only tried harder
Then maybe you wouldn't be 
Fighting to stay alive
This truly is my fault
I wish it was me instead of you
I wait be your side
In the hospital
Waiting for you to open your eyes
And tell me it's alright
With a hug
Your in this position
Saving me
I'm so useless
I can't do anything useful
Because of me 
Your about to die
I wish I could do something
I wish you could have my life
I don't care what it takes
I just want you back on your feet
Smiling to me
All I can do is cry
Till I fall asleep
I try to wake up from my nightmare everytime
I sleep
But this time
When I did
You were smiling at me
I started crying
Tears of joy
You were hugging me
Telling me it's alright
At that momment
I believed
Miracles do exist

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Misunderstanding (scene in one act)

You’re my scary movie, you know.
When you come, my nerves just blow.
But if you could look deep in my soul,
You would pick in all my holes.
And when I’m trying to say that I’m right
You don’t care and making a bite.
I’m sick of this all-year strives.
We are damned for two thousand lives.
If only you could mention my voice!
We live, not playing old toys.
All the best we’ve already said…
I’ll never ever make you mad.
I don’t understand you, my love.
This story of live is all about you.
We bring each other only huff.
So will you make up something new?

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Never-Never Land

I stare out into this huge blue Sea,
And the waves, well, they just carry me.
My mind drifts so far away,
Because the Ocean is where I lay!
I’m off to never-never land once again,
So take my hand and let this journey begin!
I listen carefully to the Oceans roar,
The waves, well they just help me soar.
My mind relaxes with my day,
Because the Ocean is where I always lay!
I’m off to never-never land on a hunch for so much more,
So take my hand and let’s find new places we can both explore!
I can see blue water with big fluffy white rolls,
Waves, well they just capture my entire soul.
My mind just helpless with my day,
Well, it is the Ocean where I lay!
Off in never-never land I can always see,
A gigantic Ocean covering over me!
Far away in never-never land near the Ocean is where I always lay.
Lifeless in the sand is where I’ll always be.
So take my hand and be lifeless with me in the sand.
Together, just you and me on our journey to never-never land,
Just lifeless in the sand, together you and I and always we’ll be hand in hand!

© Copyright: 1997  Ann Rich

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Forever-Part 3

We get off the plane and smell the lovely air. Hawaii. One of the most beautiful places. I look at you and smile. "This place is beautiful," I say, spinning around. "Yes, it is," you say and pull me close. "I love you," I say. I love you too," you say and kiss me. Hand in hand we walk into the setting sun.

The sun's poking through the shades in our room. "Good morning beautiful," you say when I open my eyes. "Good morning," I say and smile. "I've got a surprise for you," you say and smile. I look at you questionably. "Just get dressed and I'll show you." "Okay."

You take my hand and lead me down to the beach. "I heard you've always wanted to do this," you say and smile. You point to two goals. My face lights up. "Sand soccer," I say happily and look at you. You kiss me and smile, "I figured you'd like it." We walk down to the two goals and we'r e put on a team. We play for hours and hours.

When the game is over, we sit on the sand by the shore. "That was fun," I say and look at you. "Yeah, it was," you say and lean in and kiss me. "I love you," I say as you warp your arms around me. "I love you too," you say and smile. We watch the sun set on the beautiful sea before we head back to our room.

The next day we surf. We surf for hours. "This is great baby," you say as we sit on our boards. "Yeah," I say and smle, "you must really like doing this," I say and brush a srand of hair from your face. "Yes," you say and you lean in and kiss me.

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What Dreams May Come

What dreams may come When you reach the end of a rainbow When you find that pot of gold What dreams may come When you sail the seven seas When you answer the seven wonders What dreams may come When you learn how to fly When you reach Heavens’ gates What dreams may come When we stand hand in hand When we live heart to heart What dreams may come When our beginning starts When our love has no end These dreams will come When you look in my eyes When you take the key to my heart These dreams will come When you listen to my thoughts When you know everything about me These dreams will come When you’re not afraid of the future When we are one These dreams will come When I walk down the isle When we say ‘I Do’ These dreams will come When we live as one When we grow old together

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The Center of the Core

Walking these streets, wet or cold,
We run fast and reach for our all or more.
The corner we meet, daring and bold.
At last, I have found what I was looking for.
Taking you deep into the night, dark but very clear,
We’re dancing so sweet and wanting for more.
The corner we fight, bracing our lack of fear.
Still a Mountain of depths for us to explore!
Bringing you up for your only air, brisk but bittersweet.
Breathing fast and needing some of your more,
The corner we share, honest and complete.
At last, I’ve found the center of the core!
Giving my life to live with your air freshly anew,
Swimming with strife reaching for the only shore,
The corner we give, our hopes are that of few,
And still haven’t found that sweet nectar that I’m looking for!

®Registered: Ann Rich 1997

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Lord, Help Us

Lord, I know that there is something,
That you want us to do together.
What it is exactly- I don’t know.
But I do know that every moment
That we spend together it slowly 
Begins to show. It is hard to do this:
The feeling is so unusual. But I know for 
A fact that you don’t just want us to be 
Casual. I’m madly in love with him after 
Only a few months, and a bunch of
Stupid stuff that we both did. This is so
Weird but I know you work mysteriously.
So I pray constantly that we,
Walk in the path that you designed for us.
Lord, I know you want us for something 
That I can’t quite pinpoint. He knows too.
I love him; he loves you, and most of all,
We love You. Lord, help us to do what we
Are equipped to do not for us but You.
The kingdom needs us to do your will.
So that we will finally get what is for us.
You gave us the tools and the shoes,
 To walk together in love and not shame.
You know our family by name. Give us the 
Strength to endure whatever pain that 
Comes along with our walk. And I pray that 
You will constantly talk to our hearts,
And that we never part from each other,
Or You because I just know deep down,
That You have given us together.
A tough task to do and serious storms, 
To weather. Lord, help us to remain on task
And I pray that our love will forever last. 

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we lay in
we sin
but it  was not fix
we this
and that
that was way it at
wasn't sister and brothers
we were

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Risking Our Necks 11052011


Were first-century lay missionaries who accompanied Paul on his travels
His praise of these two indicates that their dedication was exceptional
I wonder if I am ready to risk my neck for the sake of another

Could I be that other-centered?
These questions lead meto ponder what my motivation 
For what I do
How ready I am to tend to those in need

I must constantly consider these things 
My society pulls me toward individualism and self self-orientation
Placing others’ concerns before my own
Going the extra mile

Doing without something I enjoy
Allowing myself to be uncomfortable or inconvenienced
These are tiny but significant actions
Enable me to risk my neck for the sake of another

Readings and Gospel
Romans 16:3-9, 22-27
Psalm 145:2-5, 10-11
Luke 16:9-15

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if it real it will appeal
it the the lords deal
no doudt
for us to work this out
thing don't go as plan
together we must stand
when backs against the wall

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So am a witch to your friends because they can't win and a home wrecker to your 
women who don't even no me, but when your homies are gone and your are 
away from home I am the one you come lay up on. I want to grow in improve not 
grow into you I am throwing my life away trying to love you, not to mention when I 
need you the most that's the time you all ways get ghost. I don't like who I am 
because of this life that I choose I am good enough to sex but not good enough 
to come home to. What's a girl to do when she finds herself loving a fool and her 
heart is weak and totally subdued how could she every fall in love with you. You 
tell your girl your at work, and you tell me you  have told her about us yet we still 
cant go out to eat in public in such. There is nothing worst to do then to be play 
just like a fool and you are searching for a dream that is to far to be seen, how 
will my life ever be the same with all the hurt that my heart is in because I choose 
to be with a man who has made me his other woman.

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Splashes of Hue, Vincent, and me

they're not listening still
explore with me if you will
vibrant colors
that could kill
explode with me
into Vincent Van Goht's
where we shall see
the beautiful side
of Huemanity
paint my picture
grey, red, yellow, and blue
color me
like lovers sometimes do
and draw pictures
like Vincent once drew
surrendering shadows of me
suffocated by shades of you
splashes of Vincent
suddenly come into view
watch grey doves take flight
into this starry starry night
flying high with all of their might

among a cascade of red shooting stars
leaving behind purple scars
diving into the vivid blue rain
they pass through a lover's pain
stroll along a memory's lane
and crash into an artist's stain
where only hopes and dreams
and memories of Hue and Vincent
and me

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My second chance

Is it possible that i have found the one i am meant to be with?
A possibility of a second chance at love?
A possibility of not being alone ever again?
Someone that won't hurt me?
Someone to share my life with?
Someone that will listen to me?
Someone that won't judge me?
Someone that will love me for who i am and not what they want me to be?

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Are You Keeping Bad Company

Remember bad company 
corrupts good morals.
So be careful when "hanging 
around the fellows."

What may sound to be 
pleasant and fun.
May cause your spiritual 
life to become undone.

The truths of God's word 
which you now instill.
Are guarding your conscience 
and your will.

God loves you and doesn't want 
you caught unaware.
For he is somebone who 
really does care.

If the company you keep
tends to pull you down.
Allow God's word to plant 
your feet on solid ground.

God will give you happiness 
this world could never give.
He will be by your side 
each day that you live.

May people around you 
certainly know,
You're Christ' example--
no matter where you go! 

By JIm Pemberton

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In Lifetimes Before

I have loved you,
In lifetimes before,
Right here and now,
I love you even more.

I can’t make you love me,
Not so sure you should.
Doesn’t stop the tears,
Or prayers that you would.

My heart doesn’t know,
What I have longed for,
Is out of my reach.
Or how to let you go?

I know I love you,
With everything in me,
But I am not the one,
This much I can see.

So I’ll go on loving you.
Forever and a day,
And pray for the time
When you walk my way.

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O Calliope

Will you help me find the words Oh Calliope I need a muse, something to inspire Oh Calliope Find the words to enchant Oh Calliope Everything I give Everything I write Everything I want Everything I need Everything I try You will inspire So come to me Enchanting me Oh Calliope You're all really need Oh Calliope The words I write Tainted by your touch Oh Calliope You are not to know What will become of thee Oh Calliope You are my heart You are my soul You’re all I used to be So whisper to me Oh Calliope Everything I give Everything I write Everything I want Everything I need Everything I try You will inspire, So come to me Enchanting me Oh Calliope I could always need you Something I can always use so go on enchant me oh Calliope Everything I give Everything I write Everything I want Everything I need Everything I try You will inspire So come to me enchanting me oh Calliope

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A beautiful Creation

Its no secret, Im a beautiful creation He is flawless and there is no exaggeration Just one kiss can be an addicting situation Together we can have beautiful relations Its been a while since we laughed, since we talked Since we've made love or that is what we thought But either way it was so passionate so soft He still on my mind, its been hard to get him off Does he understand this not a joke? Is he that afraid so he pretends he doesnt know?

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The Symptoms Of Love

As I Browse through her pictures for hours I Fantasize about the Love
 we could make staring with a Shocking Expression on my face as if
 she were standing in front of me Who Is She Where Is She and What
 Does She Look Like She is a Figment of my Imagination a Dream or a Fantasy
 that I want so Desperately to come True Is she hiding will she let it be known
 that she feels the way that I do will she give me a sign this is what I am asking
 Love that is not spoken of will never see the Light Of Day Therefore I scream
 out to the World to let my search be known for my one True Love I ask that you
 answer me so that me and you can Unite never will I let her slip away she is
 treated with a Desirable amount of Respect she is my everything and she is
 the last the last and only Woman to hold the Key the Key which I've held for
 so very long a Magical Key with this Key she controls my inner Life my Spirit
 my Mind and my Soul It is the Key to my Heart Deep inside my chest her
 name is written on my Heart as if it were a Tattoo.

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1 Corinthians 13 The Love Chapter

Though I may speak with the tongues of angels and men… Without God’s love, I am empty within. I’d become as sounding brass and a tinkling cymbal. In God’s kingdom, I would not be instrumental. Though I may have the gift of prophecy and mysteries untold… Without God’s love, I am just simply growing old. Though I may have the faith to move a mighty mountain… Without God’s love, I am simply an “empty fountain.” Though I may attempt to do good and feed the poor… Without God’s love, there’s nothing worth living for! His love suffers long, and is very patient and kind. It is everlasting and will endure the test of time. His love is not rude nor is easily provoked… It doesn’t seek evil, nor is unequally yoked. His love bears, hopes and endures all things. It rejoices in whatever a good report brings. It never fails, where prophecies and knowledge shall pass away. His love will encourage you in what you do and say. There remains faith, hope and a special gift from above. This is an eternal gift that we call his love. Won’t you accept his gift and start believing? This special gift… YOU too can be receiving! By Jim Pemberton Read 1 Cor. 13 1-8 and 13

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Fom Greek pentecoste = the fiftieth day after Easter
Originally feast on whichIsrael celebrated 
The establishment of the covenant with God
On Mount Sinai
Through the Pentecost event in Jerusalem
It became for Christians the feast of the Holy Spirit


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A Lot of Love 2 give !

Can I be true with so much love to give I am beautiful with a lot of sexappeal and 
my heart is open to all that I fill, I hate to think that I am just a whore for my love is 
true it just long for more, I can love many batter than the rest that’s what makes 
my loving the best I have a big heart that I so easily hand out always willing to 
give some one the benefit of a doubt. Just hold my hand and be my friend it dose 
not matter where I’ve been together with you is a whole new chance. 

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Everyone these days? So sexual
Ever stop for a day and think? Be an intellectual?
People need to quit bein cuddy buddys
Thats why your relationships sink like its muddy
Enough bars to climb over the stars
Enough curses to ride to hell in my car
Hopefully one day i'll eventually make it big
People need to stop pulling my heart like a rig
People will never understand or realize
What i can see and tell with my real eyes

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Quiet Attraction

‘Quiet attraction, you’re overwhelming elegance;

all I could do was sit there,

blushing could you tell?

No chance in moving just to re-think.

The wanting of being elsewhere,

I needed one more look before I left;

got the feeling you wanted that too.

Sadly just to many people blocked the way,

turned around, head down due to having no view of you.

Will next time be more difficult?

Awkwardness in a room full of people,

now your work colleagues becoming aware,

it is not so quiet now.

Making tales in my head,

multiple versions of the way we could meet

but need of seeing you someplace else without eyes watching,

without the heat of embarrassment waiting,

for these thoughts to be said.’ 

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What kind of sin is drunkenness

Deliberate drunkenness, always a mortal sin
If the person is completely deprived of the use of reason by it
But drunkenness is not intended
Or desired may be excused from mortal sin 

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#Christian #firstlove #HeLives #God #young #Kenny

I remember the stories I made up to escape my childhood.
I thought that would ease the pain and for a while they could.
One day I realized my soul was hungering for so much more.
It was then I found myself standing in front of a small church door.
It was there I met a sweet boy by the name of Kenny.
He was my first love and helped me to see so clearly
The thing I had been searching so hard for years to find
Had always been there and all I needed was a made-up mind
It would bring tears to my eyes to hear Kenny sing "Because He Lives"
And it was through that song that I discovered the ultimate gift God gives.
One day I was so humbled I made my way to an old-fashioned altar
Quickening with each step as to ensure that my legs would not falter.
It was there through salvation; I discovered his mercy and grace
I now completely understood why because he lived tomorrow I could face
That night the words in that song began to hold a whole new meaning for me
The words which were sang so beautifully by a boy named Kenny
I know that God had a purpose when he put Kenny and his family in my life
It was so I could finally see his goodness was there even in all the strife
I am blessed beyond words could express to have found Jesus in that church
It was on that special night in August 1994 when I first felt his majestic touch
I do not even know how to begin to express how much it still means
As his new lamb, my sins were washed in the blood until I was spotless and clean
Kenny, even though we may have not meant to be anything other than friends
I now know he had a purpose when your family into my life he did send
My life was completely filled with darkness until that one glorious day
When Jesus came into my heart, shined his light, and showed me the way
With such sweet grace when we ask humbly in his name he forgives
And Kenny, you should know my life is worth the living just "Because he Lives"

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Your the only one who can keep a smile on my face the whole time i'm with you. and when I get home I sit down and think of you, then out of nowhere you text me and say you miss me and you can't wait to see me again, and all i can do is smile and say i can't either, i dont know what it is about you, but you have some sort of control over me that I cant resist, when you kissed me it was a dream come true I cant seem to get you out of my mind.

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The sky made me do it.


Like the tongue of a wet dream, there is something over the sky.

Soaked red wings, the dampness of drowned naked day.

He looks over sighing

“The Wind has Penetrated me, Does that count as Fornication?”

I Sip pomegranate tea and stare blankly.

It is a dance, this.

Only Red and Lusty Syllables know it,

It is Nothing,

It is Shadow.

The Sky itself is scarcely moist.

I am waiting on words to come--- Divine, Violet and Brutal.

Action Adjective Sounds stirred with Verb Color.

Words to Swell Sheets, Close Curtains and send teeth biting into Wrists and Arms.

It is Raining Invisible Water, The Sunset Wildly Drunk on Itself.

Clouds Bite Deliriously into Soft-Hued Blue-Orange chunks,

The Moon Fights for its Place, impregnating stars with reckless abandon. 

I Look over, sip,

“The Sky is a Whorehouse tonight”

Fingers in belt loop, a sudden reply,

“Well then…”

Green eyes Glisten--- Holy Holy Holy, Eye-Lashes licking my soul,

“Should we…  leave the curtains open and really give ‘m a show?”

I look up, the rain tasting my tongue,

Flick out a cigarette, Immolate

And Send my Ashes to the Sky.


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Bye Bye Love Soon Another Day Be Ways Us

this fool took my heart now 
we braking a part the 
moon shine high bright
 in the ski in a 
distance my love 
passes me by 
eyes lingering deep
deeper then the big
blue sea 
i looked in dismays
then wondered away 
as far as the 
eye could see!!

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The Moon

                  The Moon 

 When I look up to the face on the moon, I wonder and hope your thinking of me too. 
I miss you with all my heart. 
I hope you miss me too. 
Nathaniel means your a gift from god, well in my heart your a gift from the moon. 
Shining down upon my night to light it up when it's black. 
Beaming down to the ground as i stand there in the dewy field. 
You never steer my wrong, you never take me to a wrong path, and your sweet love takes me through all that is thrown at me. 
The moon is what I stair at every night. 
Thinking and hoping you will still shine your light on me. 
Nathaniel I love you and someday hope to do half of what you've done for me. 

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Something Real







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Stolen Kiss

  " Stolen Kiss"

 I normally wouldn't be the one to break a happy home. but baby I do believe that with me is where u belong. 

Striving of perfection is striving  happiness and light.I'm looking for the triple threat I think ur worth the fight. 

I like the way ur social perseverance is what u showing. Life doesent have a shortcut for a place that is worth going. 

I don't want no problems but tell homie to stand back. Cause he don't have the features that this princess cannot lack.

Tell him let u free if u where his then you'll return. But do remind the kid that u can't keep what u don't earn. 

I'm a fight untill I get u that's promise not a threat. War don't tells us who is right it just tells you who is left. 

They say never shedding tears differs men from all the boys. Let's agree to dissagree baby bring me tears of joy. 

Were all blind about the future there's no thing that we can see. But I advice grow old with me cause the best is yet to be. 

I see you that you looking ur playing the tease me game. Ur worried of what you'll  loose but not conscious of what you'll gain. 

I just want a chance opportunities are golden. But right now ur heart is his and a kiss is better stolen. 

The ending  tunnel light can also be a train. I offer streanth to face it dividing all the pain. 

A remark generally hurts in proportion to its truth. You considering that I'm better it must hurt cause here's the proof. 

A goodbye is only painful if u again don't say hello. They say rain is not that bad if then it turns to snow. 

Its all been said and done its been real and its been fun. All I really want is you a daughter and a son.

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What is Covetousness

Covetousness is Greed
Part of 7 Capital Sins
Or Deadly Sins
Greed is an excessive desire for worldly things

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I'll Be your Angel

I'll be your Angel, who lights the way.
I'll be your Angel, who brings you joy.
I'll be your Angel, who loves you.
I'll be your Angel, who makes you smile.
I'll be your Angel, who shares Jesus with you.
I'll be your Angel, who becomes one with you.

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I Still Pray

Lord, touch his heart today.
I pray for a change,
Before his 29th birthday.
If not I pray,
That my loving feelings,
Would be erased. 
I pray that,
No love would ever,
Be traced back to him.
I don’t want to feel,
This way anymore,
But I still pray, 
That he walks through,
Your opened door,
Because I know for 
His life you have many
Great things in store.

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A Change

A change won’t come. So,
I don’t know what to do. I 
Guess I’ll pray for one.

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My last breath (one last time)

One more time I gaze into those eyes, one more time I try to see deep inside. 
One more time I Smell your sweet hair, one more time I feel your presence in the 
air. One more time i hold you in my arms, one more time I kiss you under the 
stars. One more time I tell you I love you, One more time I dream of you. 


With every breath I cherish you, with every breath I fall deeper in love with you. 
With every breath I find it harder to fight how I feel, with every breath more and 
more I realize whats real. You picked me from the beginning and I'll stay with 
you 'till the end, always remembering how you're my best friend. 


Your kiss leaves me hypnotized, your love leaves me paralyzed. Bringing light to 
my life, a few years down the road hopefully becoming my wife. You take the 
breath right out of me, filling what used to be a hole with a heart so clean. What 
did I do to deserve someone as great as you? 


My gift from God, my angel on earth, I promise to never leave you hurt. My lighted 
way, my brightest day, hearing your voice erases my pain and helps me let go of 
my shame. Your touch so gentle, your kiss so sweet, you bring me peace 
whenever we meet.


Everything they done to you, and all the pain you suffered through, all the things 
you could've been, I thank God you didn't listen to them. I will not leave you 
comfortless, I will come to you. I know theres pain that you hide, you stuff it down 
deep inside, whether or not it becomes too much to bear, I will never leave you 
suffering, standing there. 


I miss you more than you could ever know, I love you and am not afraid to let it 
show, we're still young so we take it slow, but no matter what I'll never let you go. 
Searching for nothing, wondering how I changed, thanking you for everything. 
Can't find the answers, I'm crawling on my knees, waiting for you to finally come 
help me.


And when the day comes and one of us should die, one last time I'll gaze into 
your eyes, one last time I'll let you deep inside. One last time I'll hold you in my 
arms, one last time I'll kiss you, hoping the rest of your life I'll be the one who 
miss's you. one last time with my last breath I'll smell you sweet hair, but unlike 
this life my love won't end there.

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From Greek kleroi = share or inheritance
The state of ordained men in the Church


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Twelve Apostles

Greek apostolos = someone sent, messenger
The names of the twelve apostles are these
First Simon, who is called Peter [Roman Catholic’s 1st pope] and 
Andrew his brother
James the son of Zebedee 
John his brother
Matthew the tax collector
James the son of Alphaeus 
[Judas [Jude]] Thaddeus
Simon the Cananaean and
Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Him
Mt 10 2-4


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What is Gluttony

Gluttony like Greed
Excessive desire of Food or Drink
Part of7 Capital sins or 7 Deadly sins
Jesus Christ requires one to confess

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My angel

Angels are real although most are 
not seen, my angel's real, but she 
doesn't have wings. My angel is the 
one I love, my angel was sent from 
above. My angel's the one in my 
dreams, my angel's the one that's 
never unseen. 

My angel is my love, my life, my 
angels always in my sight. My angel's 
the only one I see at night, the one 
I wanna hold so tight, my angel's the 
one who makes everything right. 

My angel brings me clarity and conclusions, 
my angel always relieves my confusion. My 
angel's always by my side, my angel's always 
along for the ride. My angel relieves the 
pain inside, my angel helps me overcome 
everything I've tried to hide. Now I'm 
gonna help my angel put her pain aside, 
and show her that she should really shine.

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' To Knight ... Tonight ' Medieval # 3

‘ Ode,  To  Knight  …  Tonight ’  

(Loosely) Medieval Lines # 3

To Knight … Tonight
Wherever You Are
Ride by Moonlight
and Bring Me A Star …

… A Star for Each Tear
Drop, Shimmering Bright
Thru The Darkness, Appear
Please … Tonight …

To Knight … Tonight
Oh, Where Are You?
In Peril and Plight
or Perhaps Prayer Too?

 “ … He’s Racing Beneath, The Same Hallowed Sky
With Truth On His Tongue and A Torch in His Eyes
With A Swift, Sure Sword and Strong-Shield as Allies
… Sounding Forth, Joyous, Victorious, yet Humble-Battle-Cries … “

To Knight … Tonight
Bring Me A Coat of Arms
Tis’ Your Man’s Might and Right
To Keep Me Warm

To Knight … Tonight
Bring Me A Noble Crest
For with Your Loyal Height
… You Rise A Prince … The Best

And My Hope Beams Farther
My Heart Beats Faster
As Abraham, was to Sarah …
Be Mi’ Lord and Master …

… and I wilt’ Polish Thy Armor
Til’ It Gleams, like Gold
I wilt’ Welcome Thee Warrior …
… like Ice doth’ Cold
Yea’ … like Ice, doth’ Cold
… like Bravery, doth’ Bold
… like Clay, needs A Mold
… like the Blind, Welcomes … Behold’

To Knight … Tonight
If Thee Be Late
 Others are not Quite …
… On Thee, I Wait

To Knight … Tonight
 Who Is To Be You ?
I Beseech Thee, Have Insight …
To Love and Prove True

… So Tonight … To Knight
Wherever You Are …
Ride By Moonlight
… and Bring Me A Star

A Star for Each Tear
Drop, Shimmering Bright
Thru, This Darkness, Appear !
… Please … To Knight …

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Never Find Love

You’ll never find anyone else like me,
Someone with so much generosity.
You’ll never be free from me.
I’ll be on your mind constantly.
No matter where you are or who you’re with,
Or who you try to get love from.
‘Cuz it’s like that song you’ll never find another
Love as good as this, 
‘Cuz it’s God whom I represent
And His love is the shhh the bomb.

You’ll never be treated like royalty again.
I gave too much for us to be just friends.
None of your fantasies will be fulfilled.
Your destiny won’t be revealed.
You’ll never find love as good as this,
Because the Master’s love flowed through me.
That is the reason for our long attachment,
And the magnetic attraction.

You’ll never be truly happy without me.
So, you can love that other girl.
It’s your loss to not have chosen God over the world.
You’ll never be able to look at anyone else with sincerity.
‘Cuz it’s like that song you’ll never find another
Love as good as this, 
‘Cuz it’s God whom I represent
And His love is the shhh the bomb.

1 John 4:8 
Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.

Romans 12:2
Be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that Ye 
may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect, will of God." 

Woke up thinking about this song by Something for the People titled My Love is the Shhh a 
song I used to listen to  before and after 
church choir rehearsal was released in  Fall 1997 I believe.

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Latin trinitas = the state of being threefold

God is only one but He exist in three persons

The fact that in English we have two terms

The triune God and the Trinity

For the same reality (one emphasizes God’s unity

The other the distinction (of persons in Him)

An indication of the unfathomable mystery of the Trinity



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My Mate

He has a lot on his plate,
Only you know the date 
The time and the place
That he will give his life away
To you. He knows that you 
Made the ultimate sacrifice,
To give all human beings,
Life. He knows that he’s been
Given a wife who loves him.
He’s not accepting the call now,
But I know someway and somehow,
He will lay his burdens,
Down at your feet.
I don’t know it in hours,
Minutes, seconds, years, months,
Or in weeks.
He is right now up the creek,
Without the right paddle, You.
He’s doing what he wants to do.
One day my mate will give you
The plate and it will be the best
Decision that he will ever make.

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I take my hand and move your hair out of your face, sitting here with you in such a 
meaningful place. Your eyes have the beauty of a thousand sunsets, your smile 
so captivating when you stop it leaves me in unrest. Your skin so smooth and 
soft, as is your hair that flows about. Laying under the stars on this moonlight 
night, all I want is to pull you close and hold you tight. A moment so perfect and 
full of feeling, until you must walk away and I am left reeling. Standing now in this 
beautiful place, staring into your eyes so full of grace, holding you in my arms 
one hand caressing your face. Your beauty is amazing as I watch you shine, 
thanking God that you are finally mine. In the midst of your presence I am without 
worry, so hard not to kiss you but I know there is no hurry. all these memories I 
share with you, this is indeed my wildest dream come true. No matter where we 
may go or what choices we choose no matter what this life brings I'll always 
remember you. 

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Food for Thought II

Many problems in the world
Church is one
Self-appointed kings are Founders
Of non-existent Kingdom

Heaven is our kingdom
The King is Jesus Christ
He started it and only Catholic or Roman Catholic Church
Be sure before you die, you're a Roman Catholic

Your God, is my God
Only one in 3 different Divine persons
Men and women are able to know the truth
We thought we'll be in our Kingdom

Disappointed when we knew the truth
We expected but we're cut with the double edge sword
First good impression is can be a lie
Hard to change a reputation

Our God is Jesus Christ
Cooperate with the grace He gives
To not sin
We ignore Jesus in our side

Just cooperate in His Church
He grants you to be very careful of sinning
Pay back what you owe
Unless each of you forgives your brother from your heart

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until I

until I
until I
until I felled in love with you

I was down and out
I want to scream and shout
because the heart aches Ive been through
love is so sweet
but love betrayed me
until I met you

until I
until I
until I felled in love with you

you more than a man
better than my ex man
who I just call a silly boy
never could be impressed
oh boy, he's just a mess
im so happy I found you

nothing cant break us apart
you emailin my heart
tellin me, how you feel for me
I was torn apart
my ex amputate my heart
I felt so lonely
until I met you

until I
until I
until I felled in love with you

from evil, you delivered me
(this so true)
you made me feel I can love again
(I love you)
I was losing faith in love
until I met you

"Im in love with you"

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God is waiting for you 11 38pm 11062011

There is no waiting line
He will not finish your sentences
 You can pray anywhere
He listens intently
Lovingly to all that you say

He cares for you like no one else can 
He has known you
Loved you intimately since before birth
Even better than you know yourself

Should you deny or forget about Him
He still waits for you  

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I Still Love Rodney

I still love Rodney.
I wish he was still here with me.
I don’t know why I feel this way.
He stole from me a material thing,
But it helped me get over,
My horrible dad but I’m still sad.
I’m madly in love with a thief,
That helped me to sleep peacefully,
That helped me not to scream in the shower.
This dude has both negative and positive power.
I want him to come back home,
So, that he can no longer roam,
The streets but roam all over me.
He’s been gone for three nights straight.
I pray that he will come back today.
If not some day, he’s good to me,
In some ways that I can’t describe.
I love to look into his eyes.
I love to watch him eat,
And watch TV,
And how he makes me scream pleasurably,
When he strokes me in between.
I can’t believe I love a thief.
That both stole from me 
and gave to me
Simultaneously, things that were non-monetary.
Only God knows why he truly came to my life.
Only God knows why he chose him to be 
My husband and I to be his wife.
I really believe that we were meant to be.
Yes, I still love Rodney.

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This hell

For fifteen years I lived in this place 
I call hell, it's a place I've come to 
know very well. Hiding inside my soul 
I dwell, running from the pain inside 
this hell. 
This hell is a place of agony and fear, 
as if everything is gone, and no one is 
near. The burning flames I see so clear, 
even in the heat your voice is what I 
still long to hear. 
This hell holds my soul is so burned and 
bare, searing my flesh, singeing each 
hair. I long for that day when someone 
will come, and all of this scaring will be 
The empty space in my heart unfilled, 
my soul crushed, and spirit killed. Yet 
I still wait for you to end my pain, 
and put out the flames with your 
precious rain. 
Your presence here, thickens the air,
erases the fear. Out of this place 
and into your arms I fell, I'm fully 
alive, and pulled from this hell.

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The perfect girl

There’s a girl I see everyday.
And I want to be with her.
I see the guys she been with.
And they never see her the way I do
I’m tired of waiting for my chance.
She needs to lose the boys she with .
And get with me.
Her beautiful brown eyes.
Shine bright in the light.
Her smile would bright up the darkest day.
I want to show her.
How it feels to be loved.
And want to be the guy that.
Will love her no matter what.
Even if her make up is running down her face.
I want to be there and say she the most beautiful girl I’ve seen.
I can’t help feeling what I feel.
I want to be the guy to call her in three in the morning.
Just to say I love you.
I want to be the one to give her flowers just cuz it’s Monday.
She makes my whole world perfect even if its just for one second.
I bet your wondering who this girl is.
This girl is you.
all I ask for is one chance.
I want to be able to hold you in my arms till the bell rings.
Walk with you down the hallways.
And everybody stops and say, don’t they look cute together.
I want to be the guy that makes all your hom girls jealous.
You need to stop messing with these lil boys.
You need a man to guide you through your troubles 
A gangster love is wat I have to offer.
I want to show you how the good life lives.
To have no worries.
cuz I’ll be there to protect you.
So come on girl. Please be mine
You’re the perfect girl.
So I’ll ask you this
Will you be my girl?????

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Love is not just a word
It's a feeling in the heart
So special and undying
Pulls two closer, not apart.

It is there to be shared
Among our friends and lovers
And with brothers and sisters
With our fathers and mothers.

The world seems much brighter
In everything that you do
By sharing those special words
Telling someone "I Love You"...

Yet love can be painful
It can hurt in many ways
When playing with ones' feelings
Eventually someone pays.

So special and tender
You need to use gentle care
For love comes from in your heart
And is meant for you to share.

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Some Day (You)

Some day, maybe next week.
Maybe even thirty years from now.
We're gonna find somebody to count on.
Someone who can share our dreams
Make the impossible possible...
When that day is here...

Tears like rain are gonna fall down.

Not every moment has to be perfect.
But when the times become rough
Being with you, the hardships seems so small

And the smiles will heal.

Every day when the sun will rise
I'll turn to you and watch you wake.
I know the day will be alright.

Don't you know...

Some day, maybe next week.
Maybe even thirty years from now.
We're gonna find somebody to count on.
Someone who can share our dreams
Make the impossible possible...
When that day is here...

I'll find you.

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Beat Through Your Wind

Your love whistled through my heart
Swung through my leaves
Danced with my soul,
And as we touched 
Our skin quivered
Tears were shed
As hands of Zues 
Which so tenderly caressed my every need
Breathlessness swept over my body,

You my master
The chief of my embodiment
You captivate my every move
And spread words of song a cross my bounty,

My everything you,
Darkness lit by the wonder streaming from your eyes.
You brought me to new heights,
Flew me upon the Alps,
Graced snowflakes upon my lips,
Traveled through my soul
And filled me with your love
The love none other could have gave
And you gave unto me.

You my morning 
My day 
By night I see your face as I close to sleep
Dreams wash through me
Wonders of the beauty which lay ahead
None other than your name plagues my thoughts
An entranced beauty
A touch of God and tong of angels
Your heavenly word rings aloud
Washing over me

You are my strength 
My weakness which entangles me
A web of a future tied to a string of matrimony
Ignighting a flame
So dormantly spent laid amongst tattered sheets
And tear stained pillow tops
Your praise lingers through me
Ringing aloud the wonder of you

A wisperer you are 
So galently arousing me
Intrigued a wanton spirit bounding back inside of me
As you stand before me
A shadowed figure
Streaming a moon lit future 
Spread amongst the stars
The heavens shine before us

Spirits rise 
As we fall into another
An embrace shaking the grounds
Heavens pour out cries
As we surrender 

Through the gentle breeze and tempered storm
I find peace in your arms
Where hell surrounds us 
I see grace in your presence
Silenced in your weathered ways
A fellowship of understanding showers me
As you clasp your hands upon my face
I'm surrounded by the awe settled in you.

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You Weren't There..

Though you may be sad loosing a loved one..
You weren't there When God lost his only son..

You may think you have many a debtor...
You weren't there when Jesus was betrayed with thirty pieces of silver...

Though you may be weary and laden with despair..
You didn't witness when they tormented him and didn't care...

Although you may be in agony and immense pain..
You weren't there when the Lamb was fatally slain.

You may think that you cannot carry on and life is grim..
You weren't there when they mocked and spit on him..

Although you may have too many worries at hand..
Look down, you weren't there when they put nails in CHRIST'S bleeding hands.

Although you think you have been badly scorned...
You weren't there when they forced on his head, a crown of thorns..

Though you may feel that everything in your life is going wayside.
You weren't there to feel the sword that pierced HIS bleeding side.

Though you may think that you really don't want to live.
Christ loved us enough to die on the cross, and he will forgive.

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taking my HEART

i found the ONE
he has my HEart
it didnt take long
to decide how I FEEL..
Now i know HES leaving ME
Taking my HEART
Giving his to me
Dont leave me
I hope he waits...
not forever...
but long enough for me
to get my life together
ILL be OUT of here soon
then ill go to college
together were doing WONDERFUL THINGS
giving his life
my drug
ALL i can say
ALL i can FEEL
he is my BOYFRIEND'
i wish i was as couragouse
i wish i was as WILLING TO GIVE
ALL  i can give is my HEART TO HIM
I LOVE HIM.......

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I feel you

I look into your eyes shining bright as they see right through me.

I lay in my bed at night while thoughts of you consume me. 

hastily making my way through the day craving your touch, missing 

everything that you have to say. even the littlest words still mean so much.

And then comes the day, when I finally get to see you, and all my pain 

flies away. When you look at me its all I can do not to kiss you, when I

feeI your presence near I wanna steal you away and hold you.

You help me see a lighted way even through my darkest day,

helping me escape what I've done, helping me avoid what others have

become. When it feels like the weight of the world is coming down

on me, and the only thing that gets me through this is what I see, what

I need, what I feel and I feel you.

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Our Love Test

I'm reminiscing baby, wishing you were mine
Afraid of all these feelings, waiting for a sign
My destiny my fate, it is all up to me
My head spins my heart aches, all I want is to feel free
Don't know if I'm waiting on a miracle, or the strength to carry on
But this love you say you feel, I fear by morning it will be gone
I don't want you... I need you, and mean every word I say
But I'm scared to look back one day, and see you walking away
Don't think I'm thinking twice, about my love for you
It's more than just a feeling, I love you I do
Forgive me for the times, that you doubted my love was true
And even for the times, I don't know what I did to you
I'm sorry that I hurt you, and keep on with no intention
The things we say the things we do, baby can you feel the tension?
You say you love me baby, and I hope it stays that way
When I cry your words come to my head, everything will be okay
I never thought I'd feel this way, you always enlighten my mood
The way we click the way we laugh, our love is crazy good
Please tell me that it's strong enough, to make forever last
Don't say it ain't worth fighting for, enough to front the past
These feelings drive me crazy, I'm burning up inside
I want to be yours baby, here's my heart please be my guide
I'm reminiscing baby, locked behind closed doors
This pain is just our love test, angels sent to make me yours!

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Silhouettes Captured

Animated in the night we fall prey to our love so sweet.
The ambiance is familiar for us both to be complete.
Flirty and sweet our love continues to grow more.
Guarded we share so many words that we adore.

Lightly we continue our lives in total faith and bliss.
Jealousy haunts us not we will listen not of this.
Magnetic love that attracts each other each day,
Memories of our past surround us in every way.

Privately we bond our love in style and gentle grace.
Openly we generate and show the faith we face.
Romantic things we do for each other through years.
Shadow our life and shows in each other’s eyes in tears.

Not of sadness, but joy and sharing of our love so strong,
Our silhouettes captured spiritually, without any wrong

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From the Greek Charis = gift, grace, favor, charm
A name for the gratuitous gifts of the Holy Spirit
As they are described
For example in Corinthians 12:6ff
The gift of healing
Miraculous powers
Speaking in tongues and
The gift interpreting them
Firmness in faith and so on
Also included are the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit


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How is it that the love of your life, comes only when you least expect it?
To look in their eyes and just know in your heart that they are the one you are 
supposed to be with, for the rest of your life!
What is it about the person right in front of you that captures you?
Is it their love?
Is it their personality?
Is it their way of showing that they care so deeply for you?
Or maybe; just maybe it’s all of that!!!!
All you know is that you are with the one you are supposed to be with!!!

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Set Him Free

Loose him Satan!
I declare victory for my hubby,
In the name of Jesus.
Crush the chains!
I declare that God will use his brain,
For the work of the trinity.
Set him free!
I declare that he’s what God made him to be. 
Hire him officially as head of our household.
So that we can finally stand as a team bold.
So that we with God’s help start our ministry,
To put function into dysfunctional families.

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What is Envy

Envy is feeling sorrow at another’s good fortune and
Joy at the evil which befalls him/her as if
We ourselves were injured by the good and
Benefited by the evil that comes to him/her


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The Keeper

I was washed ashore with Mountains looking over me and I could hear roaring Seas.
The sand covered me and my toes curled with sand dollars by the dozens.
I saw dolphins gaming and fish were everywhere, I even met their distant cousins.
The Sun was shining down on me and the Moon was jealous but the clouds gave way.

And I looked up to see the Stars shining and they told me it’s a most perfect day.
Salted lips and these palms fanned, I knew right then I was meant to be.
I stood alone at the shore and blue skies fled taking notice of little old me.
I was touched and moved balancing these visions I began to breathe.

I thought I was by myself, but I wasn’t, not this time.
Looking up I say leave me alone, be gone I’m on my own.
Looking down I am amazed at how truly this is so sublime.
You are the keeper of my secrets and I am of all the unknown.

Shining down upon me you are always standing right there,
Here I shall share myself with you and then I will begin to care. 

® Registered: Ann Rich   2006

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Within our Hearts and Minds--Shine

Treasure to behold
Love Endures
Truth of Pure Kind
Giving.. Unconditional

Here upon this Earth
Between two hearts
Treasures Worth
True * Love 
Giving... Unconditional 

Search and Find
Truth and Love of Pure kind
Cup Runneth Over
Glorious Treasure Fulfill
God Gives All
Pertaining to God's Divine Will

Moments grows Near
Enchantment of Hearts
Forever so Dear
Treasure of Bliss
Now through-out Eternity...

Come Find Love & Truth
Pure Kind.. Through Jesus Christ
Giver of Eternal Life...
Divine Love and True Happiness

No Mater wherever you go
No mater whatever you find
God has His Divine Hands on You
All the Time..
With Divine Love Unconditionally

As two hearts met
Here on line
together.. Moments 
we share...
Smile... beholding Love
Friendship... Truth
Love never ends.....

How do I know thee
How do you know me...
Within our hearts
We sense...
We know...
Spirits bonded
hearts entwined

But what if...
we lose
tis be
Brakes in-line..

Would you know me?
If you met me out there?
Within this world...
Would I know you?
Could I tell... Who you are...

Does your Heart-Light shine..
Out in the World.. too

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How I Feel About You, Now

I love you still.
I miss you so much.
I don’t believe that you know,
How much I care,
And constantly think about,
The short time we shared.
I don’t believe that anybody feels ,
The way I do about you  now.
I saw and still see in you, 
So much positivity.
God made you to be on top,
Not on the bottom.
You helped me so much,
In ways that I can’t describe.
I still look for you to walk,
Through the door.
But I know where you are.
God is working on you,
To become a better man.
I’ve told you over and over again,
That He has a special plan for your life.
I love you so much
I can’t stand the fact 
That you’re not beside me.
I constantly think and talk about you
And I pray,
That you come back home safe one day.
I have some good news for you.
I love you,
But you have to leave the awful road of the past,
And travel in the light of the future.
People are out here wishing that they were you.
Envious of the gifts God only gave to you.
The road that you’re traveling,
Along with time is winding.
You can’t go back.
You must move forward,
To the goals 
That you’ve said you were looking toward.
God wants you.
So get on board.
Right now I’m bored
Wishing that my man was at home
With me to look forward to us 
Both starting a family and ministry.
I know deep down that we were meant to be.
I don’t believe that your so-called friends,
 Feel  the same way as I feel about you now.
I love you so dearly.
I can’t wait to see you again.
If it is God’s will,
So that we can have long talks, walks,
Raise our children, do our work for the Lord,
And give each other life long thrills.

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What are the effects of Venial sin

The effects of venial sin are 
Lessening of the love of God on our heart
The making us less worthy of His help
And weakening of the power to resist mortal sin

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True Love

I wonder if he loved me? 
guess I'll never know
never had a chance to tell me so
He smiled at me that day
then God came and took him away
I always prayed for a man like him
Now I'm still lonely and my world is dim
I lay in bed trying to sleep 
saying my prayers for my soul to keep
I dreamed he touched me 
and whispered in my ear
told me the sweet things I wanted to hear
and then I saw a light shining from above
there was my man
my one true love

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From the Latin credo = I believe
The first word of the Apostle’s Creed became 
The name of various formulas of the Church’s profession of faith
In which the essential contents of the faith are authoritatively summarized


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A Dream

I had gone to my dream, where I passed by those memories’,
there I saw that world, what I had lost, the time;
the nature was painted… like the season of spring.
I had gone to my dreams, where I passed by my memories’,
there again I met with the time, the time now running back,
till I met the waters’- from my deserted eyes.
I saw my smile I saw my tears
I saw myself with my own mirror.
There I saw the days and those shadows,
again I saw those broken hearts and those gone away hands for hand.
I felt as if I am still painting my life in those hours;
Where to make a hope and to make a new dream.
I had gone to my dream, where I passed by those memories’,
Those were the pictures I got from the golden frame……
my dream.

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While You Are Asleep

I love to see you resting
I pray while you slumber
I talk to God about you
I ask Him to help me to help
You, and to help you
To help me. I give thanks
For you and Him, mostly
Because I believe for you
He made me and for me He 
Made you. I love you so much
So soon. I know that it is God
And not man that is in the middle
Of this romance. God loves you
And I do too. He is the only one
Who makes our lives complete,
And caused us to meet. I love you
So much that is why I pray for you
While you are asleep.

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Inside of me

A great sorrow is consuming me, tearing me 

from inside causing insanity. But you're the 

one who pulled me from my misery, and I'll 

walk through hell to make sure they don't take 

you away from me. They say that my 

expression of feeling is shown inappropriately, 

they say it's a sign of a teenage impurity. But

it's what's deep inside that they can't see, all 

these feelings down inside of me. 



As my world falls away, and I've yet to see a 

reason, all my emotions begin to decay and my

feelings go on the run. And I'm scared to be the

only one, whose hourglass is half full before all 

is said and done. These thoughts trickle down,

as all of your pain fills the air around. I guess

time is catching up behind me, but that doesn't

mean these problems are gonna control me. 



Again I found myself wandering around in the 

dark, filled with my anger, agony and the pain

that comes with being apart. My thought I'm 

thinking, I hope aren't misleading, I only want 

what's best for you, not what's best for me to

do. I'm tired of all the false accusations, all the

misinterpreted contemplations. It has darkened 

the light in my eye and created a hole in my soul,

but I'm still fighting hard not to lose control.



I told you I'd always be there for you, to always

help you to fight the pain you're suffering through.

But now I'm confused as to what to do, consumed

by guilt of the pain I'm causing you. My heart feels

as though it wants to shatter into ash, as if my 

body, mind, and soul were made of glass. I'm here

today only knowing that because of this I may be 

gone tomorrow, this thought fills me with anger, pain, 

and the greatest of sorrow.



I've been knocked from grace, and cast into hell, the 

agony eating away at my shell. It has come to the

point that at times I feel dead inside, running isn't an

option since theirs nowhere to hide. Crying out, because

I made you cry, the pain this has caused you is killing 

me inside. When you cry I cry, 'cause deep down apart

of me is trying to die, and there is no explanation, and 

no reason why.

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Purist Pain

Look through the "windows" of my soul..
See their "pain" as it takes its toll.

My heart beats with each tear dropped.
Try as I may they cannot be stopped.

Hoping one day my heart will be filled; with you again.
With the purist of love, that we once had; until the end.

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Food for Thought

Food for thought

An opportunity
How lovingly you respond to God
People say they believe, Eternal God 
Love Father Christ

Don't have any clue
What talking about
Hypocrite, harsh word
People harsh to Father Christ
Don't know it

People boast, brag 
They know Father Christ
Believe in Him
Yet, not in His Church
If truly believe, then why not His Church?

The word "Purgatory" is only in Catholic or Roman Catholic
Because later Christians will be in heaven
Some be immaculate there
After purifying their not confessed sins
People need Sacrament of Reconciliation

Only in Father Christ Church
Father Christ required His Church
Be available for His people


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Cracked Pots

This time has come to be apart,
the abusive actions weren't really that smart!
 In one angry moment you scarred my head,
You could have been the killer,I would have been dead!
I know amongst all the anger is guilt and remorse;
but,again ,you chose the violent course!
 When do you learn self control?
When do you set standards that reach your highest goal?
Turn to the Lord,be filled with his spirit,
Spread his loving words;so,others will hear it!
We're all cracked pots carrying his word;
yet,so many people starve that's never heard!
 Each individual pot has its' own hidden flaws,
"Share his message,""Rejoice in his laws",
This my friend will restore your soul,
Happiness will fill our hearts,making us whole!
We all know the Lord is always right;
as,through more Cracked Pots...Shines Heavens Light!

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Love story pt 10 ( only 91 more to go )

What has this world come to?
No right pair is ever right, no one person can divide.
Hold on to what you believe in but never let your memories fade.
Once you forget, it turns to stone. A heavy burden that plagues your very existence.
Your heart is filled with joy but never forget that with joy always comes sorrow without
the right words.

One second you're on top of the world and the next you're falling from fifty stories high.
Is there a way to stop yourself from falling?
You'll never know.

Eternity's a step away but you rewind the events in you head.
That little step ruined your life and now you're falling with no one crying by your side.
The burden in your soul makes you drop faster and soon you reach your fate.
You lost the battle with yourself and now you're stuck with your wings.

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His Assignment

He wants you to leave the streets alone.
He wants you to give up on smoking.
He wants to change your life.
God has given you a wife.
And has told and showed me and you ,
What to do and equipped us,
Way before we were born.
He wants us to witness to those whose hearts are torn,
That suffer from addiction,
 That hold grudges and hatred.
He wants to make our lives a movie,
For  only His glory. 
When we do our assignment, that only we can do.
He loves you and me and I love you.
I’m not perfect and you helped in ways,
That I never thought I could be helped,
And I really had problems with you a stranger,
Sharing my wealth.
God sent you life ,
So that I could finally be a full-time wife.
And that you could finally lead a home,
Because you are strong,
And many envy you.
People too feel the same way about me,
But I love you Rodney.
And I pray that before you and I leave this earth.
That we do together what God assigned us to do,
Because our life stories have a lot worth,
And can give many souls rebirth.

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God wants us to be,
Together exclusively.
You and me,
Nicole and Rodney,
God knows where you are.
It was amazing,
That He had me to let you drive my car,
And stay in my house,
Because he wants you to be my spouse.
He does not want you to wander around,
The streets like a louse,
Sucking the life out of yourself.
You are my man.
Can't you understand,
That God has a plan,
For your life?
It is no coincidence,
That you came into existence,
And that we met.
He wants to give you the good life,
So come back home to me,
Your loving, sweet, prayerful wife.
God had me do things for you,
That I would never do
For anyone else,
And for you ,
There are some more,
Better things in store.
But it is up to you,
To take the first step,
And He will do the rest,
To intervene.
God wants you to be,
With me.
So that we as one, we
Will live together 

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love song?

we happen to meet up at a beat up time in life

tried to speed up or read up on how to get by alive

both been hurt and both brought down in strife

came to realize that we both got the knife

we've both had heartache, and she wants to run

she doesnt wanna partake in events to come

although she seems happy, she's scared inside

im scared too, but we can both get through

she makes me laugh, and i can make her smile

so she slides away the pain, and trusts me awhile

you have to learn to trust, and you have to earn trust

it's a work in progress, and i've made mistakes

she stays true, no matter what it takes 

and i'll stay true, this is what love makes

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The man that God sent me is MIA,
Missing in Action. I’m not declaring 
That he is a POW. I’m praying
That he will leave the darkness,
And walk into the light. I know ,
Very well that he knows how to fight.
Right now demons are attached to him,
And won’t let him be,
What God designed him to be.
Imps who envy his intellect,
And the people who he attracts.
God wants him more than Uncle Sam 
Wants American citizens to be troops.
God made him tougher than a Hum-V 
To fight the enemy. I need you to be 
The man of my life. So ,that I could be your
Loving wife. Right now you are a MIA
That is doing things Rodney’s way and if you
Keep doing that. I will have to say 
That you are a POW. I don’t know why or how, 
I feel so strongly about you. Or the reason for 
My loving you so soon.  I guess it’s because God 
wants you to be on his platoon. I have also been a 
Prisoner of war to many men  that I thought I adored.
Addicted to feeling good from the wood 
And feeling empty indeed, but you don’t make me feel 
This way. I trusted you with things that I 
Would not trust anyone else with.
Because the Spirit was leading me to love
You and no one else. Because he wants to give 
Us wealth. Rodney is right now MIA and  while not
Doing the right thing, he is witnessing. I love my man
And I pray that one day he is next to the commander in chief
In destroying the wiles of the enemy.

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Mend Him to Break Him

She mends his broken heart
and makes it whole
then she rips it out
and destroys his soul
there’s nothing more destroying
than her endless heartfelt toying
and all the melancholy
she breeds constantly
in his mind

So he says when will
when will 
these charades end?
He does not know
why they even began

And the two dance their dance
a love again, like again
teenage romance
Their spirits were so high up
and then she tore them down
and his just keep falling down
buried into the ground

So he says when will 
when will
these charades end?
He does not know
why they even began

And now they’re broken up
and all his faith is lost
He has no faith in love
and he has no faith in God
He treated her like a queen
and she treated him like a dog
and his only love left
is the love he wrote for her in songs

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I Wish I Could

I wish I could stop loving you,
But I can’t because God says to.
I wish that I could stop thinking of you,
But I won’t be disobedient to my Father.
I wish that I had no desire to bear
Your sons and daughters,
But I do because God wants me to.
I wish I never met you,
But God has reason.
I wish I never let you in my life,
But God wants me to be your wife.
I wish I could stop doing all of this,
But I know that this is the Father’s wish.
I wish you would respond to his call,
That’s all.
I wish that you would do His wish,
So maybe one day I won’t regret
Feeling like this.

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The Only One

You are not the only one
What threat do I have on you?
And I am 3 hours away
That you have to write a letter
Why did it have to say? 
That he is all yours.

He really is not.
When he was with me,
He reopened the doors
Of the passage of our joined lives.
You said that it was quite hurtful
For your significant other and I 
To communicate the way we were
It is because we see eye to eye

Although you expect to be the only one who loves him
You must realize that you are not
And never will be the only one
Because I his beloved Peanut loves him
And I have and will for a long time

The Father God loves him 
Because He sent His only Son
To die for him, me and everyone
Not only had that He rose on the third day
With the power of love 
Only love that comes through Him lasts
I love Him with the love of God
Not just from my body
So I have news for you 
To yourself be true 
Don’t think with me he was just having fun
Girl, you are not the only one.

John 3:16
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in 
him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

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From the Latin credo = I believe
The first word of the Apostle’s Creed became 
The name of various formulas of the Church’s profession of faith
In which the essential contents of the faith are authoritatively summarized


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My Little Girl Who Had No Clue

Mt little girl who had no clue
lately when I look at you
My heart wonders
If your love holds true

Your stares at other guys passing by
In their Lexus BMW's and Limo rides
Can't you see I love you
For theres no other
I swear this is true
For my heart only belongs to you

My little girl
Who had no clue

Come here girl
Let me hold you
Like I used to do
Let me wisper in those ears
I love only you
Don't push me away
For my heart will be blue

My little girl
Who had no clue

I'm begging and pleaing
For I know theres
No other like you
Come take my hand
And let's say I do

My little girl
Who had no clue

Another song working on 
Let Me know what ya think

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Bleeding on the inside
Bleeding out my tears
HOlding on to my fears
of not being loved
not being sucessful
My heart bleeds for you
to take me away
hold me tight 
through out the night
and keep me safe and warm
tell me you love me
that im ur only one
that we belong together
and your not scared to care
touch me softly
hold me tightly
love me tenderly
and kiss me gently
im your princess
waiting for you
to come and rescue me
fight the dragons 
and fight the words
if u want me
come and get me
im right here
waiting for you
to realize what u have
and never let go
dont be afraid of loving
ill never do you wrong
ill never let you down
ur the one i love
and love is what i have
so while i wait for you
i bleed out my love for you
my heart aches and throbs
to be loved by you

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That Special Day

As I dress my self for the special day.
I whisper a prayer to help me along the way.

Looking in the mirror at my mothers beautiful dress.
She lovingly sewed together, so I could look my best.

My beloved is a mystery just for that special hour.
I smile to myself as I gather my bouquet of flowers.

The music plays, as I walk down the aisle with my father.
He winks at me, after giving me away to another.

Family gathers tissues and a hush covers the place.
As we exchange vows, he gathers me up into a loving embrace.

I barely heard the words "you may kiss your bride".
My husband raised my veil, kissed me tenderly as I cried.

We are now as one, united in holy matrimony, thus begins our path.
Together we will take on each day, enjoying each other as if was our last.

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Mend His Heart to Break It

She mends his broken heart
and makes it whole
then she rips it out
and destroys his soul
there’s nothing more destroying
than her endless heartfelt toying
and all the melancholy
she breeds constantly
in his mind

So he says when will
when will 
these charades end?
He does not know
why they even began

And the two dance their dance
a love again, like again
teenage romance
Their spirits were so high up
and then she tore them down
and his just keep falling down
into the ground

So he says when will 
when will
these charades end?
He does not know
why they even began

And now they’re broken up
and all his faith is lost
He has no faith in love
and he has no faith in God
He treated her like a queen
and she treated him like a dog
and his only love left
is the love he wrote for her in songs

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Help Someone

Life is what you make of it.
You can be in the arena or in the sidelines to sit.

Help a fellow brother, let them know you care.
Bring hope for someone that is in despair.

Give the shirt off your back and give to the poor.
Smile at someone and make their spirits soar.

Start a conversation and share a thought.
Let someone know that friendship is what you brought.

Stay with someone awhile, that has a broken heart.
Help them mend the pieces that unknowingly, fell apart.

Bond with someone who wants life to end.
Stay and listen and be that loving friend.

Pray for the heavy laden, chained to their past.
Let them know, Christ died for them, and their sins he has cast.

Forgive others that have done you wrong.
Forgive yourself and your heart will be strong.

Enjoy life and find happiness in the little things.
Try to think positive, no matter what life brings

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Catch Love My Lust Mind Life Its Memories Lost Behind In No

So much is running through my head 
The lies, the past, the pain, and cheats
I wish I could earse it all, but it's there
I see the faces of the 3 I loved and cared most about
I smiell his smell and I hear his laugh and I see him in my thoughts
When I touch myself I feel his touch
I see his lips, I feel them, he face again appears in my thoughts, but I cannot 
read him
He shuts me out, even when it's my imagination
I replay the days we shared and the conversations we dilected on
It could be the coldest day of one's life, but when embraced by life's most 
amazing sin it warms one's soul, mind, heart, and body
I fell into temptation and it killed her; the girl that once loved, the girl that always 
believed and saw hope, the girl that lived her own
They who live by what " THEY" see, is a failure to their own destiny

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His Match

God wants you and me 
To finally be a family
He wants us to see
That we were meant to be
That is why He brought me
Here from Monroe
To finally show
That He is the reason 
For our being so attached
And that it is our season
For the egg of divine love to be hatched.

Proverbs 12:4
An excellent wife is the crown of her husband,
but she who brings shame is like rottenness in his bones.

Ecclesiastes 9:9
Enjoy life with the wife whom you love, all the days of your vain life that he has given you 
under the sun, because that is your portion in life and in your toil at which you toil under the 

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It's late at night
Before the sun rises.
And I know you're home
Safe and sound.

I think about you,
Dream about you,
Whenever you're away.
For it is your heart's love
I hope I have found.

Before we met-
I knew no other
With such intensity,
Such a soul.
But now that I know you,
Now that we've met,
I know that I'm not alone
In this world so dark and cold.

Your smile
Brings me pure joy.
Your arms
Give me strength.
You're that perfect combination
Of man and boy.

Before you
I was never truly in love.
It was always just
With nameless faces
And empty hearts.

But now I know
What it means
When one says
one's "In Love"
For all I have to do
Is look into your eyes..
And see LOVE
Looking back at me.

Thank you, Tommy...   Love, Elena


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Giving Thanks

A hungry man will eat what you set before him;
A thirsty man will drink from the cup in your hand.
But the feast at the table is not his bread and wine;
It is the comfort and the love you are about to receive.

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Burning Embers

If things get weird
Or worse then I feared
At myself I will be furious
And it's something I don't think you will take serious
But I just don't know what you think
So I sit and stare without a blink
I am not ashamed when you see me glaring
Because then I know back at me you are staring
I wish I could read your mind
Then the answer I could find
But to me you are quite a mystery
How will this look in our history?
I want you to talk to me more
Or maybe I'll just walk out the door
Your voice on the phone so pure
It is all of my illnesses cure
I wish I knew just what you see
Your view of you, and of me
I hope you talk to me about it one day
But for now in your life I will stay
I'll be that girl who's always there
Who about, you might just care
So while you flirt with other girls remember
For you my heart is burning like embers

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Far Away..

Far Away.. 

Are you far away?
Please come back soon and stay..

Are you thinking about me to?
As much as I am thinking about you?

The time we spent together, how can you forget?
Will you gamble with fate and win the bet?

Escaping from reality is this love real?
Or is it what I think I feel.

Your smile, your eyes and your touch..
How can I forget that much..?

I long to see you and you hold me close..
Your the one I miss the most...

Details | Romanticism | |

Come back to you again

No I just can't do it I've tried
Everything I've had with you I can't take back or just leave it behind
The second I close my eyes
You are right there alone with me in my mind
When I open my eyes it's still the same
I find it hard to grasp that it's me causing myself all these damn mind games
And all this damn pain
Thinking about all our moments caught up in time
And no matter how hard you try they can't be washed away our being together was never 
any kind of crime
Remembering the sweet memories that had taken place
Pining over the fantasies I dream about that have yet to take face
I just can't forget you, my head won't let me erase
The screaming is so silent
Silenced are my screams
The quiet is ever so deafening
And yet there you remain in my dreams
The pain I constantly feel inside crys out so loud
But I never even need to make one single sound
Because you can see it upon looking deep into my eyes
True love need never be kept in disguse
However I keep the faith because this I've found
Our hearts have always beat as one
Our souls will be together forever bound
Anything between us that was ever said or done
Lets me know without a doubt that you for me are the only one
You feel the same way still for me I know
I was the one you could never let go
Someday maybe soon
We will find our way to each other like we always seem to do
One more time and yet again
What we have between us will not ever end
Cause let's face it we both know we can't pretend
You have always known I'd always be there for you
And you should defintly have known that I will come back to you again

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What a Rose Means to Me

In all my years, i've never met a person so unique.
Strength tempered by the toughest tragedies.
Seasoned by the deepest hurts and betrayals.
Sufferer of physical woes endlessly without complaint.
Pillar of strength.  With the heart of a little girl.
The only one too read all my journals.
Know all my secrets.
Share all of hers.
Take me into her family.
The only woman I wrote letters (with ink)...every day for years.
The only woman I've written poetry and music for.
A vision of beauty and sensuality like I never had known.
Wize beyond her years, yet innocent and easily hurt.
A woman who held me in the arms and sang to me as I flirted with death before.
A woman who supports me, as once I did her.
My protector, fearless and potent.
One with more faith in me than me.
The one who provided me with the greatest love of my life.
And best of all, my best friend.
Truer than true, more beautiful than my new organ.
One I spent 36 hours with in the hospital with, as she was unconscious and near 
One who kept a room for me in her house.
My co-chef on numerous occasions.
My teacher.  My student.
Forging ahead against unbelieveable odds to further her education.
A symbol of immense significance.
A dreamer of my dreams.  A sharer of my nightmares.
We somehow wander thru life together, in one way or another.
A soulmate, if ever there was one.
A classroom of life values and example.
A remarkable person.
She is my Rose.
Always was, always will be.
For near forty years.
A flower in the desert of life.
An oasis in a parched world.

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in my sleep

What if I died tonight 
Without you here 
to battle my greatest fear
I will not die from illness or suicide
but something more deadly than those togeather
I shall perish from not 
hearing your voice or 
feeling your touch
If I died tonight the cause
would be my worst enemy...

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Uncomfortable Skin

How I lived
I do not know.
I now look back and wonder
how did it go so long?
I was weak and afraid.
Too scared to open up.
Worried my darting eyes
would give me away.
I would look into the mirror
and wonder who was looking back.
A guest in my own home,
I did perceive.
A daily out of body experience
was the norm for me.
It took many hours
of ponderous thought
and wishful thinking.
Days spent silently fishing
for the unknown answers.
And one giant leap
of hope and faith,
that what I felt for you,
you felt for me.
I now fold it up
and store it away,
this suit of uncomfortable skin.

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True Love?

There was a single shy girl...
Searching for the soul mate
of her wildest dreams
So she went through all of the mystical world
Until she stumbled upon him...
Without even noticing
When he walked up 2 me...
Ever so shy like
As i started 2 know him a little more each day
...Then days turned into weeks...
And each time i saw him...
A feeling over came me
He confessed his love 2 me....
And i confessed mine....
We exchanged all that we knew
We ended up knowing eachoters names, favorites, dislikes, all....
But one thing...
Our voices....
We each had cells....
But we were in different states...
And i was scared
Took me....3 days when we started dating 4 me 2 trust him
And when i heard my phone ring that sweet delicate sound...
And all i could say was “Hello”
....His voice....
The purest voice that had been deeply burned into my heart
We were the happiest....
Then our world turned upside down...
Our parents found out about our relationship...
And we were forced not 2 talk 2 eachother on the phone...
But my love had a plan
At night we would call eachother
Just 2 hear how our day went..
2 hear the voices....
2 this days i fear we might never meet
But his delicate voice promised me...
We would meet
As always i believed him
Nothing in this world will break us...
I love u...

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Read the pages

The pain crawls through my body,
Nobody can see the pain.
My face is like a blank canvas
But my eyes tell so many stories,
Put me down, take me out,
I can't go on like this,
Nobody knows me,
No one is willing to travel the roads,
To read the pages of my past. 
I'm sensitive, I can't help it.
Take me in your arms,
Love me, take care of me.
Because I'll never do you wrong.
I'm loyal
I love you with every breath I take.
Without your love, I'm no one.
I can't make it without you,
I need you,
I know your scared,
But give me a chance.
I'll take care of you, 
I promise, I love  you
Walk the road,
Read the pages in front of you
I know you won't regret it.

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Sometimes Losers Win

Don't happen too often,
That is for sure,
When losers come up winners,
After years of failure to endure,
Like me finding someone,
I'd so desperately seeked,
For countless odd years,
With failure I reeked...
But somehow,
for some reason why...
Today was the day
When my luck was sky high...
When suddenly before me,
A picture I saw,
Was a great love of my life,
In great awe I now swore,
To believe in miracles,
And question no more...
The truth of God's mercy,
I'd never doubt anymore.