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Death Happy Poems | Death Poems About Happy

These Death Happy poems are examples of Death poems about Happy. These are the best examples of Death Happy poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Free verse | |


He was always so happy
strong and bold.
He'd give you the shirt off of his back.
He had a rough life
growing up through the depression,
but like he always does,
he got through it.
He has two boys, of whom he is so proud.
Moved from Regina, to Victoria.
He had the best life anyone his age could have wanted.
But ever since his wife died, 
he has not been the same.
But like he has always done,
he got through it.
Mind slipping, 
just a little forgetful.
That's how it always starts out...
But like always, he powered through it, 
until now...
He is not the same person that I used to know.
He been sentenced to the prison in his own mind.
Possessed by the thoughts of his dogs ashes.
He likes to play the blame game,
but we know he doesn't remember that it was him.
He wakes up in the night
shaking with pain, 
tears streaming down his face.
There is nothing we can do,
Oh well...
Two more tylenol.
Hold on to hope
for as long as you can,
It's only a matter of time now.
He gets vocal, a very loud tone.
He'll block you in your room
and make false accusations
But we know that it's the pain induced monster in him.
Tick tock, tick tock...
You can't handle the stress anymore
you have to leave.
Just hope for the best, 
maybe it will get better.
Surprise, it doesn't.
Your denial is foolish, everyone knows 
what happens next.
All results of

Details | Rhyme | |

My Departed Friends

             Oh! Those whom I loved and cared that left this world
  Enjoying the bliss of heaven when my heart wreaths in pain
  Free from anguish and agony and attitudes apathetic and cold
Away from burning sunlight of hatred, ruthlessness and strain

My loving parents and my little sister departed one by one
The infinite mercy of the Creator granted them joy of heaven
 For me the luscious trees of love gave way to burning sun
       The path of life turned thorn infested, rocky and uneven
 The lustful demons of merciless world waiting for me on way
               My only weapon, my resolute, indomitable will
With God behind my relentlessness I conquered life in a sway
Lonely nights followed crowded days dreary, dreadful still

Then showered on me God’s sagacious and profound recompense 
Through love and compassion my beleaguered soul thrived
    On desert of life came the rain-filled clouds of loyalty of friends
    Roses bloomed, nightingale sang, life’s elegance revived

         But happy days are shorter than the morning dew’s life
You Manzoor, Arif, Marghub,.Nisar, Mehmuda, Ismat, Harry and Jo.
Who were spared the pains of this world of conflicts and strife.
Tranquility of heaven is your destiny, Aftab, Ferreira and Remigio

Your abode has elegant pink shadows and golden sunlight
    Fragrant rivers and gardens with flowers of colors unseen
Pebbles of emeralds and rubies present the sight’s delight
Gushing fountains, silvery lakes, hills and valleys ever green

 These bounties are rewards of goodness and your virtuous deeds
Your kindness, your compassion, and your illuminated soul
The Creator, most merciful and benevolent gifts beyond one needs
     More than lofty aspirations and much beyond your goal.

    Happy though I am for you I must still complain
                      Why you chose to desert me; why you left alone
The leaping flame of loneliness is my destiny again
The path to eternal bliss you took, to me you should have shown

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Petals of Dream

City of glamor dressed in its finest; 
stars fall down at her feet. 
Crowds shout her name; 
pull the curtain and let the show begin. 

The mob turns on their wildness, 
"here she comes, bow down your head!" 
Let's toast our drinks, share her flesh. 
Pay for the glory, she offers free. 

But beneath her glance is a rotten dream, 
dying to be loved and shed her tears. 
With the arms of a warrior, 
Her wounds to be healed. 

Lights are off, rest in peace. 
The knight in shining armor has come. 
Pick up those petals scattered in hell. 
Happiness isn't a forever dream. 

Details | Free verse | |

My Love After Death

You can call my name but you wont hear me answer
At least no in this physical world
You know, my love, that I never wanted to be
Separated from you
What I would do to take everything back
What I would do to stop you from crying
You need to go on with your life
And just leave me as just a memory

Though I may be dead now, I still live
I am still alive within you
And know one thing now
I love you and will always as I eternally sleep

Hold my hand, isn’t it cold?
Well know that on the inside it is warm
To see you happy is a dream that I still hold onto
From this day forward
What I would do to hear your voice again
What I would do to express my love for you
But since I love you so much
I want you to be happy and move on

Though I may be dead now, I still live
I’ll be alive in spirit, honey
But I haven’t left without
Leaving you a gift as well as my will

What I would do to see you again
What I would do to say, “I love you” again
But you needn’t focus on me
For I’m still with you, just now a part of you

Though I may be dead now, I still live
You shall see a part of me again soon
Just 9 months from now
You will see some on me with a part of you
A new creation because of my love for you…

Details | I do not know? | |


i want to leave this world 
so you can no longer hurt me
huge mountains of rejection 
seem to be surrounding me
i don't want to follow
those who have gone
but there seems no other choice
when i'm straining to go on
i picture happy places
when i'm in my dreams
but to find a happy ending
is impossible to see
it's a single chair
in a cold, white room
no beautiful butterfly
breaking free from the cocoon

Details | I do not know? | |

~Unforgiving Soul~

Life can be beautiful and long. Or life could be short and depressing. Some people 
act happy when they are sad. Their anger will grow and only get mad.  Fear to live 
can be so strong. Some people will cut life short before they're time. They feel 
the only way out is suicide. For death is a gift that God gave us. But love is a 
choice that some don't follow. The hatred rejection breathes can turn you hallow. 
Your eyes tell the truth of an unforgiving soul. The darkness you seek is out of 
control. One day at a time it consumes you. Then at last your finally threw. You 
are bitter and heartless, angered, and cold. Sooner or later your evil will unfold. 
You have gone into hiding and left the light. Any chance you get you try to fight. 
The pain you buried so many years ago. The scars and fears of an unforgiving soul. 
Your day will come and you will forgive. The child you saved was abandoned and 
hide. Your life is peaceful and calm. Your little baby will grow up happy and 
strong. You saved a life and got yours back. You had so much pain and rage filled 
attacks. You can sleep without the dreams of a viscous man. Everything is Better 
now you can finally think. You stop and wonder why he took that last drink? Why he 
abused your young body? Where he was when he hid? Why he did the things he did? 

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Ding Dong The Wicked Witch is Dead

Globally, miners jubilantly jump for joy
Smiles on the faces of every girl and boy
The grins of a newly opened Xmas toy
Thatcher’s dead.

Trade unionists bounce along the street
Music blaring and the tapping of feet
From nurses to Bobbies still on the beat
Thatcher’s dead.

Street parties announced in the nation
Satan who brought economic inflation
Is deceased, now’s the time for elation
Thatcher’s dead.

Its times like this I’m sad I’m an atheist
And can only shout and wave my fist
And then go to the pub and get pissed
Thatcher’s dead.

Details | Epitaph | |


John was as a free bird, happy,
Living his life, happy.
When others were sad John, happy,
When John did go no one, happy.
For life is not long at all,
And man is a shadow on a wall,
A wall of time.

John our dearly departing 
Death will end his suffering.
Cruel death will do him a favor,
As he will carry him to his Savior.
Writing his will he creates the kiss of death;
This kiss marks him till his final breath.

Here comes a pale horse click, clack, click, clack
Upon it sits Death click, clack, click, clack.
Death rides down the street,
He stops, he looks
For the man with no heart beat,
He enters more silently than the best of crooks.

Death left while carrying John,
Got on his horse and carried on.
John is now in Heaven;
Where no heathen
Nor sickness roam,
Sitting by the white throne;
Walking on the streets of gold;
Never to become old.
Happy... Happy...
Eternally... Happy...

Details | Dramatic monologue | |

Fault Of Thyself

Fault Of Thyself

For every man there is reward.
For every man there are consequences.
Which kind of man are you?
For the brave man, there is honor.
For the cowardice man, there is desertion.
For the stone man, there is isolation.
For the weeping man, there is no shame.
For the anger man, there is violence.
For the patient man, there is a reward.
For the observant man, there is a puzzle.

For every woman there one man who fits her.
Be she the reward.
Be she the consequence. 
She is the Queen to the King.

Be she the honorable, for the brave man.
Be she the deserter, for the cowardice man.
Be she the isolatar, for the stone hearten man.
Be she right hand of no shame, for the weeping man.
Be she the perfect reward, for the patient man.
Be she the puzzle, for the observant man.

A man who can never handle a woman during her most awful, destructive days then he does not deserve her on her wonderful, perfect day.

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The pen is mightier than the sword

The pen is mightier than the sword

What is it about some people?
Have they no minds of all
To me their puppets on a string
As they follow all the rules
Whether they make sense at all
That’s all beside the point
They believe all that their leaders say
When it comes to the simple joint!

Our leaders they have called the shots
On this and all that matters
They come to us on the TV set
And I hear their foolish chatter
Our premier with pigeon mind
Was heard to say one day
That cannabis is a killer drug
Or almost any way.

Now I have smoked for forty years
And not once have I ever
Suffered from this gentle weed
These leaders might be clever
Or think they are, through their position
But to me they’re simply fools
But they give me cause to laugh out loud
They’re so damned comical.

23 July 2013 @ 1133hrs.

Details | Concrete | |

Silent Cries

Im look happy on the outs but Im sad deep inside. 
I know none of ya'll mother ****ers gonna see my silent hidden cries. 
Death's right around the corner so if I die I die with honor not pride. 
In this life of mine everyday is a do or ****ing die. 
Here in the land of OZ you face the truth even if it's a ****ing lie. 
Here you either do or you don't, ain't no such thing as giving it a try. 
Here fantasy ain't *****once the truth hits you finally realize. 
I was once a young lost soul trying to fit in and be just another one of the "guys".
 Smoking weed getting drunk feeling so dam low while getting so dam high. 
Flying so dam low at the same time walking so dam high Im fly. 
I know not one person here can understand or know my hidden cries. 
The only one who can truly understand me is the one who I pray to in the sky. 
I know I look happy but I feel like *****from side to side, 
I need to better understand my own silent cries......

Details | Narrative | |

Peace Tonight

I sleep in peace tonight.
Hope that day will come.
When I find you underneath the 
Waiting for me and a life that never 
For Eternal love will always be 
And you will know that I care no 
matter the troubles.
That even If death were to come, it 
be with us a couple.
I sleep in peace tonight.
Hoping my family loves, and so do 
my friends.
And that God may forgive for all my 
Because when I am gone, let there 
be not a tear shed.
But a laugh of remorse, and that you 
treed lightly.
For I will sleep in peace tonight.

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Last Kiss

Open your eyes to the ever turning skies 
I want to here with me through the night 
My heart yearns into your soul 
Burning as if newly lit coal 
I bravely submerg the embers 
That the time I have can be spent with you 
And I remember each kiss every moment 
I was caught in your love that for just this day I remember 
So what happened was a chance for your love 
A time that I kept in a locket tied with a kiss 
 I wanted you to feel, to love, to slumber 
And to awake in my arms with that times kept bliss 
I lay silient in an umber

Details | Acrostic | |


Judas betrayed Jesus’s whereabouts
End, was near
Son of God, knew this
Universe of the Son of the Divine Father, restored
Sins of man forgiven, Prince of our Universal domain, alive in the hearts of his children

Details | Narrative | |

In memory of Bob

In memory of Bob
A true story.

It was in spring of two thousand when I first saw Bob. I’d just started working at Perth Dental hospital, and in fact it was my first day there. I walked up to the front door of this building, but it wasn’t yet opened. So I turned around and went to sit in the bus shelter which was just outside the building. As I went to sit down I noted a dark skinned gentleman sitting there with a happy, benign look on his face. He was about five feet eight give or take a little, and he was rather a thickset man who looked like he’d done his fair share of hard work in his sixty years or more.

     There was something about this Gentleman that I could not quite put my finger on. He had a certain charisma about him; not the phony kind of charisma that one seen in the car salesman or the philanderer who messes with women’s heads, no, Bob had a kind of friendly smile for everyone that he met, and he seemed to draw people into him with his love, and gigantic heart. I knew as soon as I met him that Bob was most definitely for me.

      As Bob looked at me and smiled, the whole world seemed to open up. He said “Ow ya  going mate” in a loud ebullient manner, then we started to chat. Bob was like myself, a thinker, and straight away we started philosophizing about this, that, and the other, and it was like we had known each other forever. Then all of a sudden I found Bob talking about death, and the difference in the way the Maori people faced death, compared to the rather the silly way us white folk look at the subject with great fear in our hearts. Now this had always interested me, and  somehow it just seemed natural to talk to this Maori gentlemen on this subject, and we spoke about it till the doors opened and it was time to work.

      I don’t think anything happens just by chance, and I definitely have this feeling that Bob and I were meant to meet, and I really think this was a major destiny thing. I have found during the course of my life,  that as I am aging, I can feel something pushing me into a certain direction, and I always felt that Bob was part of all this; and I had much to learn from him. Although I have never believed in organized religion, and never followed one I have always felt deeply spiritual, and I have met many people who I learned from, and Bob was most definitely one of them with all his great wisdom and patience. As I came to know Bob, we had many dialogues together, on many subjects. Bob used to love music and could always have time to plonk away on his guitar. He used to come round to my place and we would play songs together, though both he and I were no Eric Clapton’s, I would bang around on my guitar and play the harp, while we would both take out turns at singing. We’d have a smoke or a beer or two, and we’d play songs all day long,  ahhh, I remember those days well, the memories are so strong.

     Bob was one hell of a man, I could tell that he had been a wild one in his youth,
But when I knew him in his sixties he was an icon of wisdom and virtue; he had a kind word for everyone, and gave all his time to anybody who needed him, always.
He used to hear me waffling on like an idiot, trying to make him like me [as I always did] but never once did he tell me how foolish I was, he would just smile knowingly at me. He used to stand there at the window for hours, just drinking in the trees, or the clouds in the sky, and yet he was so aware, I used to try to sneak up on him; it couldn’t be done. His awareness was incredible.

     Then one day Bob fell ill with terminal cancer, and he knew that he had very little time left on this Earth. He lay there sick for days in intolerable pain,  but you never heard one complaint from him, even when he only had days to live, he was still worrying about the welfare of others. When the day finally come for Bob to leave his shell; he was lying there in deep sleep, when all of a sudden he woke up, with a smile on his face. His children asked him ‘Dad, do you want some pain killers” Bob laughed, compassion written all over his face, and he said to them ‘Not one of you has a clue, have you’ and he died with a big smile on his face.

   His daughter got in touch with me, and told me about his death, and also told me that his last wish was to have me watch his soul leave his body. I felt very honored about this and went and sat with his body [as Maoris do]. I got the most peaceful feeling come to me [which I presume was his spirit leaving his body] as I watched his silent body, a Mari war stick and a beautiful rose lay across his chest. I still see it, and I feel blessed by it. He was my Maori warrior, and I adored the man.

Details | Dramatic monologue | |

The Duchess Of Paradise

She's highly sophisticated and full of undefiled wisdom
Yet a crowned Duchess in a paradise kingdom
Quite a beautiful angel flying with black wings
Covered in gold jewelry and precious things
She dresses like the women of ancient Egyptian class
Her wealth is generous and her money grows like grass
She loves orange scented candles with dark room flame  
She rules thirty legions of soldiers and Bune is her name
Her comely warrior voice can wake and relocate the dead
Her armies of soldiers gather around the cemetery
She is brave and deserves a princessly crown on her head
Her facility of speech and flair for words is legendary
A beautiful queen to be treated with respect and honor
Instead of blasphemy,wanton abuse and fictional horror

Details | Epitaph | |

Ruth Helen Uhrig 1888-1908

Ruth Helen Uhrig

1888 – 1908

I remember the Indian summers most of all.
The drowsy balmy days of late September and early October.
I remember the calming chorus of the trees,
Especially here in Clark Cemetery,
With the benign wind caressing the still branches,
Teasing and tickling the leaves,
Performing masterfully,
The silent music of a thousand lazy afternoons.
Listen. Can you hear it?
And I recall that afternoon in 1903
While standing under the shady pepper tree,
Here in Clark Cemetery
That moment of sweet virginal bliss.
That long-forgotten one second in time,
When that blue-eyed fox named Roscoe
Kissed me, a mere girl of 15, on the lips.
There, on the threshold to my very soul!
Oh, the true joys of life are so simple and so fleeting!
And finally,
To my friends in old Whittier town,
I discovered after my demise that, 
There is a happy way to die and a sad way to die.
And it will all depend on how well you treated people while alive.
Thankfully, I died the happy way.
In my sleep.
Dreaming of the silent music,
On a long-ago afternoon in September,
Under the old shady pepper tree,
Here in Clark cemetery

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If I Shall Grow Old 2K13

If these eyes shall become blinded, and if this
hair shall come to be combed thinly and grey;
No, it would not be the end of the world.
I would still see beauty therein this world through
the songs of Crickets and Feathered Songsters.
The breeze would yet whisper and trees still dance.
I would yet smell the freshly bloom of Spring.
I'd still endure Summer's sweltering heat.
I'd yet feel Autumn's leaves crunch 'neath these toes.
I'd still long to be fireside with Winter.
Disabled or not, perhaps I'd yet walk
therein wonderful imagination.
How I'd be forever young at heart!
Then just as one journey came to an end,
I'd indeed greet another with a smile.

Details | Carpe Diem | |

Questioning Life

Forget! Regret not, for it all has intention...
To attempt comprehension leads to double block wall.
In searching your question, much more loss is gotten, 
Confusion, dismay a deeper dug hole.
Infinitely seeking you strive for some meaning, 
the truth is quite simple you are not sole at all! 
Infusion connection the union eternal, 
Is easy to grasp when knowledge of whole,
is truly encountered from deep within query
The meaning the truth the love of it all...
Once trouble & strife and struggle are missing,
The clear light of being shows beauty once more.
Accept what is given agree to the treaty.
Fight not with your fears, and answer your call.
Find substance in living, step over delusions. 
Regardless of meaning, life’s radiance will soar.
So use this awareness these words and this practice,
Come forth tall and sturdy, head high and recall..
When sad and when empty in need of intention,
No doubts I plead! No need to explore!
Emotions you hold are sensed by your siblings,   
Your waves of sensation your truth and your soul... 
Are parts of us all, we are all together we are all but one!
In oneness we’re whole! 

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The pain I put in the ground.
For such a precious thing.
The family enjoys their meal.
They plant their leftover kernels.
And wait for me to tend to them.
An endless cycle in which happiness is born.

21 February 2013

Details | I do not know? | |

From Then To Now

Hand in hand we walked 
together into Reception
Nothing could stop us and 
together we were three
James and I LARP-ed Doctor 
Who for fun
We talked and laughed for 
Because no stress was in our 
Anna and I smiled and laughed
And jumped on our bouncy 
With nothing dividing us.

Side by side we walked 
together into Year 6
Some stranger stopped them to 
talk and broken we were alone
James and I talked about 
Doctor Who for fun
And we talked and kissed for 
But misunderstanding broke us 
Anna and I still smiled and 
And joked about our bouncy 
But secondary school was going 
to divide us.

With no one there I walked 
alone into Year 7
And a stranger became my 
friend and together we were 
Violet and I both loved Doctor 
And James found Dominic
So James and I talked for mere 
And school started pulling us 
Anna and I still laughed and 
Still promising to be friends 
Never letting it divide us

Suffocating and drowning I 
walked into Year 9
Hating how I was and feeling 
Katie and Chloe were so pretty
And Violet so funny and all 
were better than me
James and I hardly talked or 
saw each other
But we still made the most of 
our friendship
As we were like family, stress 
couldn’t break us apart
Anna and I laughed but I did 
not smile genuinely
Because the bouncy castle was 
long gone
And our schools were beginning 
to divide us

Dead yet breathing I stand 
right now
And I hate who am I and every 
single detail
Fights broke us up and pulled 
us apart
So I can feel Katie, Violet and 
Falling further out my reach
James moved house to a place 
And blamed me for never 
talking to him
But really it was because of my 
ex who was a girl
It was for something beyond 
my control
Anna and I were still friends; 
only by a thread
As she did not know about me
And how school broke me apart

So this is me now; I’m all alone
No longer the smiling young girl 
of reception
The only person talking to me 
is me
And the voice in side my head
You see; they all left me and 
always will
So now the only call I answer
Is that of my blades
And the darkness
That is constantly
Pulling me

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September Weather

Ah, the september weather is here,
the trees turn firery red and orange,
and the leaves gently fall to the surface.

Fall is here,
and the grass turns from green to yellow,
the souls of many change their ways.

From going on beaches in sun
to walking on wet streets,
with jackets on.

September weather is here,
too most it is depressing to see,
such change in the world.

But I love it.
The girlfriends and boyfriends go away,
and that makes me happy.
Then I go apple picking.

I pick red apples,
from low, hanging apple trees.
and I eat one, while walking down the trail.

Fall is here,
the time of death,
the last of sunshine.

I don't argue,
I love fall,
it is so cosy and it gives me hope.

Hope that a day will come again,
when the sun pops its head out
and the warmth returns.

September weather is the best,
when summer is gone, but not quite,
and the cool breeze sweaps through your open windowpane.

I love fall,
it gives me hope,
that with death comes life.

Details | Limerick | |

Not the material guy

Not the material guy

I’m not the material guy
Ambitions were never for I
I’m always the one
That gets noting done
I’m a dreamer, I cannot deny.

My mind it is not very clever
My heart is as light as a feather
My manner is free
Like a bird in a tree
And I never will worry, not ever

Just like a river I’ll flow
And always my heart it will glow
I won’t push the river
So life does deliver
A feeling that each day does grow

Until the day that I die
I won’t let a day pass me by
Without looking at me
At within, what I be
As always I’ll ask ‘Who am I?’

18 September 2013 @1800hrs.

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A Halloween Scene: The Morning After

I hope you slept well. I hope you slept tight
I hope the creepy crawlies didn't come in the night
Did you open your eyes? Did you take in the sight
Of a hovering figure, pale and white?

Did you feel the cold breath? Did you feel the sharp bite?
Did the moaning and screaming give you a fright?
Did you show all your fear? Did you hide in the light?
As your wide eyes and shivering make them excite.

Did you hear from outdoors, victims’ helpless calls?
Did you hear your name echo outside in the halls?
Did you feel the cold slime 'drip - drip' on your head?
Did you notice the finger tips crawl round your bed?

Were there hand prints and puddles the colour of red?
Were there blood trails of foot prints from the undead?
If you woke up and saw none of what I just said
I'm sure they'll return to your dreams instead

That night may be over but there'll be many more
The undead do not rest; it's what they live for
They thrive on the hunt with a dribbling jaw
So keep your ears open for that creak of your door

Watch for the long fingers that be unforeseen
That creep round the corner, all scaly and green
I'm just happy I lived to tell the tales I've seen
I just hope you all had a Happy Halloween.

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Drunk in the City of Angels

Drunk in the lost city,
lost in the vase beauty of the angels
drunk, smoking on park benches.

Freaks, trannys, whores and pimps,
looking at me;
a one of a kind.

No one has ever seen me on the streets of L.A.,
beacause I am a one of a kind,
a gentleman, a drunken buffoon.

I hurl myself at the bars,
and the whores look at me and smile,
and I wave them over, and they come.

40 bucks for a night a good fun,
a night of exotic pleasure,
in the heart of the sleeping angels.

Drunk walking,
two in the morning,
police stop me, sleeping on a park bench.

Warm always warm,
never cold,
the city that is lost.

A city known as the city of angels,
yet how many devils I have counted.
How much evil I have seen,
how much temptation rules in the gutters.

Walking drunk on madness,
in this dirty city,
as I look for a bar before last call.

I find one,
I go in,
order a beer.

I drink with pleasure
I start to write,
I light a cigarette and smoke.

A grey cloud forms around me,
"Last call for alcohol," the barkeep shouts.
I raise my hand, he comes over.

"What will yah have?" he asks,
"Another beer and my check."
On the house, free drinks, on the house.

After a night in the city of angels,
I find myself a cosy park bench,
and fall asleep, dreaming of the angels I had never seen.

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They’re everywhere
These pretty little creatures
On the serpent road to Exmouth
They be some of the features
Along with Emus, Kangaroos
And handsome birds of prey
These little goats be bountiful
They’re all along the way.

They be domestic goats 
Who’ve gone back to the wilds
Where they have bred one million fold.
As one moves along the miles
These little goats be seen so much
In their many shades and hues
Don’t know where they got their water
It be tough country too.

The weather here be hot and dry
As the sun bakes everything
And mostly here no rain does fall
To drinking water bring.
And yet these goats look healthy as
Such nimble little beasts
You’d see some dead there in the road
As the crows do have their feast.

That be the price of progress
That poor beasts have to die
That be the curse of human beings
Sometimes it makes me cry
Yet still they be so plentiful
These handsome little guys
Another little part of nature
That make love in me rise.

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Dawn is breaking

Dawn is breaking

Willie wagtail in my garden 
Sings a very special song
Telling me the sun is coming
Dawn will break soon, won’t be long
It’s dark outside with full moon shining
But soon the light will show its face
Green parrot makes his bell like music
How his song has so much grace

Kookaburra, he is laughing
Something funny has touched him
Could he be laughing at us human’s
With all our wars and crazy din?
Spring is just around the corner
And all of nature seems to know
As I sit here in the morning
My world it has a special glow.

Now the world has gone all silent
Waiting for the dawn to break
Soon the chorus is beginning
Singing just for loves own sake
All the birds will join the chorus
And my heart will start to sing
How I love these life soaked mornings
Such joy to me they always bring.

25 August 2013 @ 0631hrs.

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For You And Me

It  was  for you and me ,
That Jesus left His throne,
Bore the scourge and agony,
Shivered His flesh and bone,

It was for you and me,
He took the awry tour,
Towards the dreaded Calvary,
Summed His tortured  hours,

It was for you and me,
That Jesus bore the cross,
Paid the greatest penalty,
That death supposed be ours,

It was for you and me,
He wailed the gloomiest cry,
It was for you and me,
Jesus was nailed to die,

Oh, that you and I may see,
Our wickedness beyond measure,
Jesus to set us free,
In our stead bore the torture,

His love mysterious great,
Knocks  the door of all men's heart,
His mighty power recreates,
Renews our lives whole to restart,

It was for you and me,
When on the third day death sufficed,
The savior left His grave,
Victorious he arised,

He rose back to His throne,
Sitting by His Father's side,
Prepare! He's coming soon,
Today is to decide,

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Tea Time

Love in your bones, perfection, divine, a wandering heart pure is thine?
A moment in time, immaculate, sensual, alive, we align.
A mass of vibrating energy combines.
Lost here, safe there, warm dear?
Our love melts crippling fear.
There is no divide. No moon owns this colorful tide.
So now we jump! 
Inside my manic depressive ride.
Will I? can I? Abide? to society now, I have a bride?
Shirtless, shoeless, beard is long, happy am I.
Fear not, even King Kong.
Wife at home, smoking tea and high.
Jesus Christ! I sigh. sigh. sigh..
You pinned my soul, my thoughts and I..... 
Dreamed to die.
My, my, my.
Your cold hard shell.
I loved you then and wished you well.
A living breathing tree did fell.
Is it cold in this, your damp black cell?
For this happy fat sow.
Expectations melted, I chose, I allow.
By camp fire I love. I warm, with stars above.
Tea in hand, lying back, to know someday I will love.
I toke on tea, enjoying my smoke. I love it here, so real. 
For me, for me, I toast, I joke, this bloke owns nothing.
Sorry. I lied. Frothing. I do own something this lovely green smoke.
You strive for things, material and plastic, a waste of energy, I think, a joke.
Funny you see? means nothing to me, like you I wrote.
Happiness is. So very near, its here, shockingly clear.
Your mind, your head, to freely choose.
Before your old and dead, dead, dead.

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The Fire

Like all things that appear innocent, fire is in the pit of all.
Like a the clear sky before the rain fall, Like a rainbow after the storm
Our love was pure but the fire raged inside. 
Was it just lust or were we  in love
no one could of save both of us, Indestructible is what we thought we were but our weaknesses got the best. As we burned and burned with out the might to stop the  death that was awaiting us. 
What we thought to be happy was actually the manic of our affair. The memories will remain until we have the strength to detain, detain ourselves from each other, We may not have the strength to destroy what made us but we can stop this torture that we create
… Glass shatters just as our hearts when we walked away, when we walked away from all we thought was Important all we fought for. The fight was long and hard but even we couldn't save each other it was destine we were bound to be destroyed 
Like a fire when everything burns to the ground,When all is thought to be lost
we have to find hope without the weight of our destruction haunting us 
like a wild fire out control that exactly how we were 
it was our fate for our candle to burn out 
to burn the memories that might remain to burn all that attaches us to one another  like a fire we had to move on and still have hope that one day even with out each other we would be happy just maybe we could happy without each other one day, and just like a fire we were no more we had to burn before we created death and let others mourn..

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Burn Away


We have all lost our way
To see starlight gazers
And men with broken hearts,
Seeking love in all of the wrong places;
Vacant lots, where women all looking for something,
But not quite knowing what they look for.
We have all lost our way.

The only hope of humanity
Is the shining sun
That breaks through the blinds of my window,
And the faint memory of me and her
Lying on our backs in a grassy meadow,
Holding hands
Looked up and counted stars.

Cities burn away,
Sky, stars, moon, sun all burn away;
The grassy meadow
Where we once lay, all burns away
Everything burns away,
Memory and desire and love all burn away
With the snap of a finger, and a new man
In her own life,
And I burn away.

A picture of her hung high and praised,
A picture of me, in a dark box
That collects dust, in some lonesome
And dusty, cobweb infested attic.
And I burn away with a new day.
I burn away.

A nightmare that I can’t awake from,
It is endless and repeats
When thoughts of her are all over my mind,
I cannot take such nightmarish reality
Too see her and smile,
And she walks away without a trace
Of ever returning.
And I cry,
And I burn away,
The tears wash the fire away,
And turn me to ash,
The wind picks me up and takes me away.

And for one peaceful moment,
I do not cry,
I do not burn away.
For a moment I am happy
And I smile,
And go away for a while
And let them all sleep in peace.


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one man army of the appocalypse

2 million suicidal babies
the munchonsen of psychiatry
just pushed me over the edge
what do we say when we cross the border?
we're going to disneyland
what are we going to do when we get there
inform as many innocents what is about to happen

going to the only country
who has its digs in every war around the world
going to the only place that lies to earth
through a video box sitting in the corner to every family on earth
going to the place of plajerists and hacks
scouring the internet for good ideas
and we are going to destroy the lies of their doctors

poisoned adults
suicidal babies
with all the no brainers in existance
why is it you are the only country singing and dancing?
why are you soo proud of your happiness
but use hate speach you call comedy on every minority
no one on earth is allowed to be happy but you?

why would this many people be upset with your legacy
how nothing has changed
the internet investigation already underway
your internet fraud to destroy life after life
and become wealthy doing it
here's a vikaden to cover the stress that your a bad person
now lets laugth and dance
have group sex to make us feel better for the things we did

party on wayne, party on garth
the bottle picking homeless with nothing left to lose
the rag man who smells like gas
a cart full of glass
we dont need bombs to take you down
as your city burns from the ground
where you realise all the flat tires
something on the road 
the explosions of your vehicles
unable to provide aid
the investigation now under way

2 million guinea pig babies
we will come to enforce your right to your person
those doctors and lawyers
lieing cheating and stealing
im not going to lie
you will be murdered
and for this shiny new penny
the maffia and biker gangs have just been hired
have a good day

im not sorry to inform you
these people will get what they deserve
you have all the power
then blacklist me
and stop playing the victom
like you do at the karaoke bar

first i'll describe heaven
and there will be no victoms of that war
then we will describe our own hell
and you can die a martyr of earth's happy ending

your joke dressed in suicide
laughing, at the consequence of you not being a punchline
you know who you are and what youve been doing
the best suggestion of considering suicide
its a good idea, especially for you, trust me

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She's Gone to that Great Banqueting Hall

She's gone to that great Banqueting Hall
To her Mansion in the sky:
To sit with Jesus the King of kings
and all the hosts on high.

The pain and agony all have gone;
Peace has settled in!
She's looking down on all of you
with a happy, contented grin.

She suffered much in those last days,
Oh, what a time she had.
Knowing you were all at hand
kept her from going mad.

She's happy now in that great place,
a place that's very rare:
She hopes some day to meet you soon,
on the golden stairs.

"Be happy now, my dear friends,
Be happy, be at peace:
I've experienced something quite unique!
It has brought me sweet release."

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I Fell Into My Grave While You Watched

I Fell Into My Grave While You Watched

To fall down into the endless abyss
Your staying to watch me as I drift away from the world I once knew
What am I doing I losing control I'm going without word
Why do you watch from afar laughing as though my pain is some pleasure?
Is this the end of me? shall I die here ?
Why is it you watch me why is it you do not save me.I see you watching with a smile.
I thought it was love maybe it was greed that made you push me down down into my grave.
You seem happy maybe it because I'm dead?Yes that it
I'm happy again I was feared death but now i see it as pleasure
Why are you crying can't you not see me smile your tears or vain to me
I'm smiling as I see you suffer you killed me and now your paying for it
Here you are now you can stay by my side forever
I'm happy even more since you came now we can float together in this endless void you created
I can see your back to your old none selfish self may we both smile more

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I Cried Today

I Cried Today

I am thirteen today
You would think I would be happy
Yet it is hard to even crack a smile
With everyone wishing me a Happy Birthday
To me it’s not that happy
As today strange voices carrying on inside me
They say I don’t deserve to live 
They say I should die
I am thirteen and 

I Cried Today

My sweet sixteen isn’t so sweet
I just want to hide
Go back to sleep 
Or simply disappear
What is a girl to do? 
When she feels so sad, lonely and depressed
I don’t even have anyone to turn to
I am sixteen and 

I Cried Today

Today I am nineteen 
It is my graduation day
And while I am smiling on the outside 
I feel like I am crumbling on the inside
Those voices don’t give 
Never a break 
No rest for the wicked they say
I am nineteen and 

Today I Cried

I am twenty-one 
No drinking for me 
I am in a hospital as my first sip was almost my last
Who knew I could be so allergic
I am twenty-one
In a hospital and 

I Cried Today

I am twenty-five 
I thought I was in love 
Until I walked in on my fiancé 
In bed with my best friend
My heart feels so cold
I am so alone 
As my world has just turned upside down 
I am twenty-five and 

I Cried Today

I am thirty
I am working hard
To get back my life 
Take control of my future 
And actually see the possibilities of a tomorrow
It is a lot of work 
With a hard road ahead
I am Thirty 

I Never Cried Today

I am thirty-four
In a few short months I will be thirty-five 
I am not alone 
I realize I never was
Surrounded by people I love
People who love me
Married to the love of my life
My dreams are coming true
I feel so happy 
I am almost thirty-five and 

I Smiled Today

By: Jean Shular

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I dare you

Jimmy crack corn
And I don't care

Jimmy jumped the borne-
Silly like they stare

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A discussion on the round,
But it knows, it doesn't have to sound,
For, it is blamed for a crime it never meant to commit,
It's work was to bring smiles,and so it never did quit.

For seasons pass, it remains at halt,
It's passiveness after that though, is not actually it's fault,
But few seasons are such,
Which make it run,
Forever and ever,it's never done.

Runs fast, never worries of speed,
Someone else would nastily bleed,
Coz, it obeys, and changes speeds in seconds
It's our finger tips on which it reckons.

Three hands and a grip so tight,
With content the family bids good night,
But, their trust lies with the tough material it is made of,
For once if it loses the grip, it could break someone's head off…. ;)

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Look around you
See the faces surrounding you
All with different uses and tasks to do
What if it’ll be your last view?
A bitter truth no one reviews
No matter how long we stay, the end will definitely come knocking
A time to really have all the rest you’ll ever need
Being alone with your deeds and virtue
Whether the good or evil
Alone and awaiting judgement
People singing melodious songs
They tell you what doesn't kill you makes you stronger,
Blatant lie, cause what doesn't kill you wasn't meant to kill you.
We wonder and ponder
But at the end, all they do is lauder.
Not knowing death is like thunder
Striking and leaving a donga
Leaving us in confusion
Live life as a traveller, but take only what you’ll need along the way.
Funny how when you die they start listening
A journey worth taking for those who know.
Tell me, are you not willing to go?
For more?
For all the bounties and all the grace
All the sights, smells and the tastes
Will be forgotten without a trace
As if frozen in time and space
When you see his face.
You asked for mercy, that he gave.
Death, the undisputed slave.
We come making everyone happy, then leave making them sad.
Why are we here in the first place, if this is how we gotta go?

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Silently Depressed

Tears soak her face,
As she sits there quietly.
No one sees her crying,
And she’s happy about that.
She tries to keep it secretive,
Just to  keep away from questions.

The main question, 
That she feared was why are you crying?
Followed by,
Are you going to be ok?

The truth is she didn’t know the answer to either one of these.
There was no reasoning behind her tears,
They just came to her in spurts.
She was a genuinely happy person.
She had a loving family,
Happy friends,
A great life in general.
But for some reason she was sad.
Not sad, 
She was depressed.

There was only two people in her life,
That knew how she really was.
Without her telling them.
And those two people,
Were the only ones that could change it.

These two people didn’t even know,
That they had this power over her moods.
And she never planned on telling them.
Her mom had an idea,
That her daughter was acting different.
But when she asked her about it,
She said it was nothing.
And she believed her,
Which was a mistake.

She should have known,
Known that she was not alright.
Her daughter didn’t even realize,
Until she started to write.
She wrote down her thoughts and feelings.
In a different way.
Not using a diary,
Not using a letter.
No she used a unique way of saying how she felt.
A way no one would figure out,
She wrote her feeling down through poems.

And no one would decipher the TRUE meaning behind them, 
She was sure of it.
So sure, 
Because she didn’t even know!

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Gone to the Great Banqueting Hall

In memory of a great lady who died of cancer!

She's gone to that great Banqueting Hall, 
To her Mansion in the sky: 
To sit with Jesus the King of kings 
and all the hosts on high. 

The pain and agony all have gone; 
Peace has settled in! 
She's looking down on all of you 
with a happy, contented grin. 

She suffered much in those last days, 
Oh, what a time she had. 
Knowing you were all at hand 
kept her from going mad. 

She's happy now in that great place, 
a place that's very rare: 
She hopes some day to meet you soon, 
on the golden stairs. 

"Be happy now, my dear friends, 
Be happy, be at peace: 
I've experienced something quite unique; 
It has brought me sweet release." 

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My Eulogy

My Eulogy

Life has been so good to me, but like everything else,nothing last forever
My time is up on earth with you 
As much as I going to miss you ,I must go
But,before I leave let me say my farewells 

Mama,Thank you for always being there for me
Daddy, thank you for always providing for me 
I didn’t always show my appreciating while living
but don’t every for a second think that I 
Wasn’t appreciative. 

John, my only brother who I loved and let got 
Away with so much because in my eyes you could 
Do no wrong. I watch you grew up from a baby
To the person you are today… As I watch you grow over the 
Years I felt proud because you end up turning out to be great.

Shawn you and Liz have been my right hand girls since
The day I met you both and over the years boy,god has watch 
Us grew. You both showed me how real friends suppose to act 
You two are the only friends who I knew that always 
had my back

Timothy, you have brought out the best in me.
You showed me how to love and be free
My smile you brought that out of me 
I can really say you were put on earth for me
I’ll miss you and love you in the sky because the type of 
Love we shared you always be my guy. 

To the rest of my family thank you for being just that,
Who has always been by my side…

My farewells are over my body and soul is tried 
But before I go I must ask for one last thing 
Please no one cry over my name,be happy 
That I lived be happy that I’m free 
just be Happy because you were bless to even get a chance to know me…

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Missed out on the peanut butter cookies,
I was able to make the night before.

Blood vessels now bursting inside my face--
I was vomiting, and shivering cold.

Couldn't make those festive paper cut-outs:
Red and pink hearts on white lacey shadows.

And, Valentine. I love it. Sight and sound.
It brings many images to my mind:
Sea ships, gardens, and Victorian art;
Thoughts of persecuted priests, saints, martyrs;
The latest invisible reunion . . .

I sat up in bed, and then heard the news;
Grand-father had passed away that morning.
Although, happy about his new found peace,
And happy he may welcome me at death,
I couldn't help envy his new freedom.

My thoughts turned to Earthly matrimony.
Forty-seven years shared between the two.
My grand-parents: my Mimi and Pop-Pop.
Sixteen years apart they were--between deaths.

And then came, "Might I have a soul-mate too?
To Lady and Tramp spaghetti-kiss with?"

I wondered if I could have such love.
Not a puppy love. Not a Cupid love.
But, sacred love. A real love. A true love.
Forever yours -- Lakshmi and Vishnu --
Match made in Heaven above, kind of love.

I must say, this Valentine's Day -- a gem!

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Once upon a midnight dreary
I walked along the woods so weary 
So weary of heroin and nicotine 
That right inside took a ride 
A joyful ride to my mind
The ones who kept my heart up left
Meaning living, deeply digging 
Right inside me with no mercy 
They brought a lovely face of misery

My clothes fully torn
As if never truly worn 
By a normal human being
But an animal with raging horn 
My eyes slightly opened 
As if not wanting to see
What kills my every hope and 
Makes me want to truly be 
A person not belonging to this world
One having not a single sword...
My eyes slightly opened
Not wanting to see
My reality…

Like an animal playing predator
In front of other men, 
But prey I am and no other 
I cant deny it to mother nature
I miss the sunshine 
I miss the feeling of being alive
I want my mind to say I’m fine
And won’t stay this way I’ll strive
But every time I try to think 
Only think of a happy moment 
Not even living in that moment, 
My conscience comes and starts again 
By knocking at my door
And there again is the pain
Saying you’ll be happy no more 
Never again, never more…

I laugh with a voice so loud 
I can see the leaves shaking
Like an addict who just found
No more smack for escaping 
I turned into, with such rage 
Such hatred towards life
Just prey I am, in a cage
Having no chance to live
I crumble weak and weary 
Through this forest of blackness
Total darkness and I so blindly 
Fell in the abyss of loneliness
Looking around with eyes as red
As red red red as blood
With fumes growing and growing in my head
Fumes, vagueness, fog, a flood
Sudden flood of blood
So red, scared I am, so red
I fell, couldn’t stand
Can someone please give me a hand
Dad, dad, mom, Virginia please
I want u back, all back 
I want to ease
I want to end this hurt, this pain, me
I want to end me yes, me…

I saw him, I saw him coming
Instead of helping he started saying
Screaming, screaming and yelling 
Tapping rapping on my chamber door
Saying I’ll live no more
I’ll wait no more 
I'll write no more
I'll fight no more
I’ll leave just leave 
And never come back 
No more
Never again 

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Kiss of Death

Kiss of Death

Can you see my pain now can you see why I'm so depressed do you understand how or what I'm feeling no because you have never asked cause you don't care oh it sucks being the youngest no what about the middle child or the misfit or the child everyone picks on what about them suicide is an option for them because they cannot win the game of life and neither can I I cant fight no longer I won't try I give up with everything in me I'm not worth it I'm the middle child the misfit the one everyone picks on I'd get treated better if I wasn't me if I was my sister or brother I'd get it all and they think they have it bad one day in my shoes would they understand the guilt I hold or the withdraw of being human I'm a monster I only dream of death I will love you with the kiss of death a place where I take you so you can feel my pain too nothing will help nothing will pass by me only in me I have no feelings no soul and no reason to live I'll kiss you with my sorrow and I'll be happy around you so you have to guess who I really am I'm not happy and I'm not warm I'm cold my heart is frozen not rhyming with time my brain no longer breathing no longer sending pulses to my organs the blood rushes from my vain out into the open unto the blue carpet I can only wish of death for the Satan inside to take me away to the lake of fire where I burn forever and eternity but will it solve my problems yes will it make you understand when I'm gone that I'm all you have left from this disaster no bands caused my deaths only the game of life did 

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Gold Gates

Gold gates, smiles, and happy times,
Making songs, lyrics, and surreal rhymes,
Lay me down so close; so near,
Hold my hand right there,
The grips so tight,
The cancer to fight,
Hold my hand right there,
Love surrounds each wall,
As speed dial is Gods call,
Prayers and wishes sent to him,
Cares and hopes on the limb,
Talk is cheap but so clear,
Talk is everything to her ; oh dear,
Death is near,
But thoughts sheer,
For cancer takes one so quick,
It eats away at life so sick,
Never will life be so real,
As memories pull back as a peal,
Remembering the good and bad,
Remember the happy and sad.
Never regret and always forgive,
Because each days a precious one to live,
We’re creatures here on earth so small,
As we curl up to go on we start to fall,
Fall in wants and needs to be,
Hoping God will just see.
See that you can’t take it,
As we all wait; we sit,
Holding your hand so close right there,
We cherish who you are right here.
Right now times slow,
As the medicines hooked up to flow,
Hold my hand right there,
Knowing it’s not a dream,
Stitching each thought as a seam,
The journey of cancer of its own,
People all around; but she feels alone.
A need for her we’ll always hold,
As the thoughts become a mold,
Let’s be happy at this time,
Make her smile; be that lime,
That lime to twist it up,
Leaving laughs in her cup,
Hold my hand right there.
Family’s here but feeling far,
We stick to her as tar,
But each one of us will always be talking to your bright loving star.

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Choosing Forever

I listen to the crunch of gravel as I drive slowly down the center avenue of the cemetery.  I gaze at the headstones, clustered on either side, some showing their age, while all silently standing watch over those they honor.

I first came here two years ago while researching my family, to find the resting place of a great aunt.  That had been a sunny summer day and I was taken by the shade and shadow provided by the elderly trees that spread their wings of leaves over the landscape.  I was smitten by the beauty and the feeling of peace that surrounded me.

Today, my wife and  I have come for another reason. I've told her of this place and wanted her to see.  It is a gray and overcast day, a chill in the air, rain threatening to challenge the clouds.  The overseer said that we would find the section on our right after passing through the original grounds.  

I slow and stop, knowing instinctively that we have reached our destination.  Stepping from the car, we approach the stones of those who passed not so long ago.  The markers are sparse here.  Near the end of the second row, I see the two unmarked plots.  I remember asking about trees and am happy to see that a maple of young growth lingers near.  I don't know why that  is important, but it is.

My wife and I exchange words of acceptance.  We agree that we could be happy here, as if happiness is something that we hope to take with us.  Again, even given the gloominess of the day, I  experience the feeling of serenity I experienced before.  It is peaceful here.  I feel safe here.  I know that together, we have chosen our forever.

Bob Quigley

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I'm the Knife

I said, “Take my hand, girl, let’s go for a ride.
You gotta choose soon, you gotta pick a side.
Pick me, the good, or pick them, the bad."
She said, "Babe, I pick you." That made me pretty glad
We left Chicago, we chose route 66
Headed to Santa Fe to get our fix
Took a hit before we left, one hit for the road
Then we stopped in St. Louis to lighten the load

Takin' this ride was the worst decision
Cut your family in two, like an incision
The knife was me, babe, I'm the knife
Your family won't be happy with your life

Drained a bottle of Bourbon before we started our day
"Drivin' crazy is the best." We always say
The highway was our freedom, our only way out
Never thought this road would end, we didn't have a doubt
Stopped in Oklahoma City, where the fields are endless
We only had each other, it seemed we were friendless
Drained another bottle when we checked in for the night
Got crazy, made some love, and had a fight

Takin' this ride was the worst decision
Cut your family in two, like an incision
The knife was me, babe, I'm the knife
Your family won't be happy with your life
The knife was me, babe, I'm the knife
I don't know why you put me through this strife

Hit the road in the mornin', too early it felt
Checked on my arm and saw I had a welt
Well, my baby hits hard when the whiskey runs wild
Only time I love her is when her temper is mild
Stopped at Amarillo, ‘cause our car overheated
My baby said to me, “I don’t like the way I’m treated!
When you tell me you love me you're never serious!"
I said, "Baby, I love you, you're just delirious."

Takin’ this ride was the worst decision
Cut your family in two, like an incision
The knife was me, babe, I’m the knife
Your family won’t be happy with your life
The knife was me, babe, I'm the knife
When we get to Santa Fe you'll be my wife

Saw a sign, "Welcome to Santa Fe!",  filled us with joy 
Took a look at my girl, she sighed and played it coy
Took my eyes off the road just for a second
Then that light came, well it did beckon
Smashed my foot on the brakes, plowed into a truck
"Well," I said to my baby, "That's just our luck.
But don't worry we made it to Santa Fe!"
Too bad my baby's soul had flown away

Takin’ this ride was the worst decision
Cut your life short like an incision
The knife was me, babe, I’m the knife
Your family won’t be happy what I did to your life
The knife was me, babe, I'm the knife
I regret it all, what I did to your life

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I will miss her

You was so dear to my heart and its sad to say
But I will still think about you each and everyday
You took me in as your own 
And you did it all alone
Even though your not my real granny
I still love you like I love my daddy
I'm sorry I couldn’t be there
and it makes me mad that you had to die
but I'm so happy your in a better place
and you don’t have to see this sad disgrace
I love you so much granny 
And I'm happy to say that you don’t have to go threw any more pain
God has let you loose from that that chain
That almost made you go Insane
Its not bye its see you latter
And don’t forget I will miss you very much

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Family Members Gone

Sadness, loneliness and grief,
As I still live in disbelief, 
Both of them are gone,
Under the church lawn,
Gone under the soil,
And leaves me in turmoil,
My aunt and my cousin, both dead,
Laying in a casket resting their head,
I love them both, not because their family,
But because making me happy is their specialty,
They were taken by Him, it was too soon,
But that's what He wanted, He plays by His own tune,
They will be missed by many,
No one can replace them, u can’t find any,
I cry for them both, my tears will flow,
Not afraid to hide them, I make them show,
Will I ever see them again?,
If not my heart won't mend,
But I'll remember their both happy in heaven,
Just losing those two makes me feel like it was 9/11......

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The Cowboy Way

I’ve ridden many a trail in my life & regrets I have few
For I lived the life I chose & to the Cowboy way stayed true
I will not ask for a mansion when I stand before God’s throne
I’ll be happy with a bedroll, a good herd & a sturdy roan

A cowboy’s dream is what I lived for so many happy years
I had my spread & family, made a good living from the calves & steers
So do not cry when you think of me, for I would rather see you smile
Rest easy in the knowing that because of you, my life was not a trial

Do not stand around & speak in hushed & hallowed tones
For there is nothing in this casket, except for husk & bones
My Spirit saddled up & hit the trail, heeding the Master’s call
And though I ride for him now, I’ll miss you one & all

In the creak of saddle leather & the jinglebobs you hear
I hope you think of me & know that I am ever near
I ride a range that knows no end, no stampede or rain
And I’ll keep one saddled for you until we meet again

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Cordillia 2

You were small and still inside,
Now you never will come out.
Even though i never got to know you,
I still love you with all my heart.

There are many things i wanted to teach you,
so many things i wanted you to see.
But i know you are in a place that will always be beautiful,
You will always stay young.

You will have your sister to guide you there,
My family is always there to protect you no matter what.
I hope you are happy cordillia where ever you are,
I am happy knowing you will never experience heartache.

You will never experience the lies people will tell,
You are protected.
you are loved.
You will always be part of me and your dad.

Although i wish i could hold you in my arms,
But until we do see eye to eye.
you are in my heart.

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Free Fallin'

My desicion was made. I wouldn't allow myself to be controlled. If that makes me a rebel, then let it be. I'm a Rebel. At least I can Make my own choices now. I can love and care about others. "You are here by stripped from your wings." Then it was like someone had bound my wings and pushed me off a cliff. it felt like forever. til finally i reach the ground. When i hit, it felt like everybone in my wings had shattered. I had fallen. and It hurt so bad. but it was worth it.

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What is this place called Earth? 
Such a lot of grief and pain.
A beautiful place for people who are successful
A horrible place for people who undergo pain
Why should people undergo so much pain?
Why do people who have trust in God undergo such pain?
Is it simply because their faith is not as big as a mustard seed?
Or is it they have no faith at all and yet call for His help?
Our God is an awesome God that He heals all the people whom He calls, His children.
Isn’t the sand and the stone Gods?
Why aren’t the people who undergo pain not His?
Is it because they have ancestral curses?
Or is it that they are drowning in their own sins?
God is faithful and trustworthy no matter what your situation is….
He lends a shoulder to lean on, 
When our hearts are distressed and heavy laden,
Didn’t this same God send His Son to die for our sins?
So why not be grateful enough to die for our own sins
Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die..
Death is just material because eternal life is mightier..
Should we be happy or sad when we lose people who are dear and near?
If we are sad, we are being selfish by not being happy for them…
They are leaving us and leading eternal life
Is that not called selfishness????
Why is this life so confusing?
Is this the life our God wants us to live?
So that eternal life seems mightier…
Why can’t material life also be eternal?
Why can’t this life be sin free?
Destroy all temptations that spoil Gods temple.
People say it’s easy to preach but hard to practice…
People think its better left unsaid…	
Now, who is being selfish…?
Life is so confusing yet so true….
                                                              Written by
                                                              Casper Gavin White

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The Night of Unleavened Bread

Matzos slip into their mouths
Voices project merrily...tonight is
The night of Unleavened Bread

Lamb and other delicious
Meats and veggies... satisfies our taste buds 
What a splendid night it is!

Wine's brewin' in our wine cups
The dinner table - creates pleasant talk 
During this meaningful night

There's moments of quietude 
When it comes to de-leavening our lives
But, there's moments of gladness

On this night of peacefulness
Cheesecake - a delightful treat to savor 
During this night of pure bliss

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The Golden Door

How long have I been searching?

I fear I will never find

what I have been looking for

deep inside my mind.

I feel it there hiding

behind that golden door,

waiting for my return

and to mend what I have tore.

Absentmindedness has stained my consciousness,

creating turmoil at every obstacle I face,

destroying what I worked for,

while silently putting you in it’s place.

I loathe what I have been searching for,

because it’s been gone for way to long.

I hope when I find what I’m searching for,

I can sing it’s free minded song.

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What is Blood?

 A sharp blade of an emotional mess
The tears of other creatures from horrible success
Our hearts under the soil of an angel's wings that are blessed
And the redness always leaks from hearts fading more and more less

Sometimes it bursts and sometimes it hides
More Importantly the pain rises inside
From living the happy color to flowing out the word why
The truth becomes amazing to happy smiles that dies

Melting in the shadows to living very strong
Hearts like the music of pain living long
Something deep inside that's farther then gone
Tombstones defines the moments of rest in peace songs

Blood is anything that your hearts and tears can agree on.

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answer me this Jessy Clay Riddle

Answer me this
do you enjoy watching pain 
do you enjoy watching suffering
I fell in love 
but that means nothing to you
my heart broke
you never gave me a chance
I tried to make it work
was it never meant to be
you turned your back on me 
left me lying in my misery
to cry in pain an beg for you to come back
I know it wont happen 
you’ve probably found someone else
you must be happy
while I sit here depressed
the blade cuts deeper every time I think of you
soon it will pierce my heart
its sunken in
my heart will bleed for you
you’re the last thing I remember
such a happy memory
stained with reality
as the blood drains
my heartbeat fades away
I'm happy now
so close to you
its just a dream I awake
to face the pains of another day

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The Art of Living Part Three

Everyone was crying except for me, I couldn’t cry. I didn’t understand the full extent of the situation. The doctor comes out of the room and tells us that Helen is gone. Immediately I hear Renee saying “Grannies dead”. She cried, and after that everyone did. Mom asked if I wanted to see Helen one last time. I didn’t want see Helen blue and cold, I didn’t want to see her not breathing or moving. I wanted to see her alive, talking, and laughing like she usually does. Helen was a very bright person. When you were sad she would be there to cheer you up. I remember when Helen let me go up to the third floor of the blue house; we found records and cassette tapes. Helen let us have them; I remember they were Beatles records and Neil Young cassette tapes. She also let us have blankets and books on history. I would never give those records away.It was time to leave the hospital. I regretted not seeing Helen, I didn’t know if I would see her again because I wouldn’t be able to make it through the funeral service. I mourned the loss of her and I still do, so I will do anything I can to get this guilt out. I thought about the weekend again and how I could have waited one more hour till she got home so I could see her, but I left. Grandma Sandy said Helen was happy because she got to see her grandchildren wrestle. That Monday Helen was supposed to have a meeting about her will, but she changed it to a different day because she didn’t feel good. She scheduled it for the following Thursday, the day of her funeral. A lot of times I hear her voice and I see her face. I don’t know if it’s because I’m seeing things or if I’m hearing things. I think about her all the time, trying to keep her alive in my memory. I think of that day when I was sitting on the bus after that Metallica song I listened to the Foo Fighters- Let it Die. The lyrics read “Heart of gold but it lost its pride, Beautiful veins and blood shoot eyes, I’ve seen your face in another light, Why did you have to go and let it die, in too deep and out of time, Hearts gone cold and your hands were tied, why did you have to go and let it die?” It was around the time when Helen was laying on the floor, a few minutes before I heard the news. Sometimes I wonder if she was frustrated because of the way people perceived her, or if she was happy enough about the things she realized about herself that she could tolerate the way people perceived her and for that I think she was able to die in a happy state of mind.

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Among the dead

Among the dead 
By: Sami LaRose

To say dying is a trend these days would save me a lot of time.
Every morning I wake up, wishing and wanting to die
I push forward and try to stay strong; but the pain is just too strong.
I rather be buried six feet under the ground, with no pretty flowers to sit amongst my tombstone,
While I live I have a permeate frown.
I wish the sun would just come up for once and let me smile, it's been way longer than awhile 
But whoever controls the universe hates me
I always try so hard to escape myself
To be happy for one day is all I ask but I guess that's too much so
Slash, slash, slash.
Finally free from the hell of the living;
I can say I am happy now  

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Poems I live by

These poems are some of the poems that mean a lot to me. They tell a lot about me and my life and none of these are mine just some I live by. 

Isn't me 

Behind my smile 
Is a hurting heart 
Behind my laugh 
I'm falling apart 
Look closely at me 
And you will see 
The girl I am isn't me.


When I cry at night 
the only thing 
I can think to myself is...
How can I seem so perfectly fine 
In the morning 
Like nothing is wrong?
And how does not one single person 
Notice that I'm not okay? 

The prettiest 

The prettiest smile 
Hide the deepest secrets 
The prettiest eyes 
Have cried the most tears 
And the kindest hearts 
have felt the most pain. 

The girl 

I was the girl 
That was happy all the time 
I was the girl 
Who couldn't stop smiling 
I was the girl 
Who didn't know how to cry
I was the girl 
Who can be spotted laughing all the time 
Now I've become the girl 
Who thought of death constantly 
The girl 
Who faked smiles everyday 
The girl 
Who cried herself to sleep every night 
The girl 
Who has forgot to laugh 
But no one knows 
No one knows how I really feel 
And that's the worst part.

My death

The death of me is because of you 
I tried everything I knew to make you happy 
But everything I do is wrong
It breaks my heart 
I cry at nights feeling alone 
I'm hurt 
And scared I don't know what to do 
I feel so much pain 
I wanna die 
I wish for it day and night 
Don't make me stay 
With the lies you tell me 
You blame me for so much 
I didn't do 
I'm never gonna be perfect for you 
The death of me  
Will be because of you!

This girl I know 

She writes down on paper 
What's shes afraid to say aloud 
She shy around people she knows 
But confident around complete strangers 
She smiles on the outside 
But inside she's being torn into pieces 
By a boy who never cared 
She whispers songs to herself In class 
Praying no one listens 
She looks at her classmates 
And wishes she was normal like them 
She longs for strong arms 
To hug her and keep her safe 
She writes down songs that she loves to remember to download 
And listen to forever
She wishes she could be like the other girls 
She's insecure about herself 
And want's to be understood  
This girl that I know 
Yeah she's me!

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That Girl, Eve

A small place in England
a city rife with crime 
full of the homeless
the jobless 
lives a small 
defenseless girl 
who was once a happy child 
into an angry woman 

Eve was a small girl
Life was hard on the estate
Father and Mother deceased 
when she was three
She came home 
But for what? 

Twelve years on 
Eve sobs 
as noone is there 
to answer the questions
anger has built itself up 
Why me? 
she often asks herself 
questions fuel the rage 
till one day it becomes too much  

The tragic day 
came after her fifteenth birthday  
life was the death of her
the poor girl 
with glazed eyes
who watched 
other children at the park 
with their parents 
couldnt handle it anymore

The local papers
portrayed the whole event 
as if they cared 
if they had cared sooner 
this girl, Eve 
would be happy 
enjoying her life 
like the other girls her age  
but they didn't
and still nothing has changed

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I sat today midst the happy smiles
Of a children’s song, and for just a while 
I was happy too, for what else should come
From a happy day and a happy song

But it came again just like every June
When I feel the pain of an open wound
That on every other day I keep
Hidden far from view, buried oh so deep

But I guess that’s why they made the day
So that folks like me can’t just walk away
From the hidden chambers, vaults and tombs 
Where ghosts like this are left to loom

Waiting for the chance to emerge again
On that day in June; on the one day when
I can only sit choking back the tears
While the children sing…
And the ghosts appear

…Jeff Bresee

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Everything Is'nt Okay

Everyone says everything will be okay 

But I know nothing is okay nothing is right 

The pain is killing me each second 

Kill me it hurts so much 

Give me more drugs 

Make the pain go away 

Help me Help me from dying 

Help me from the pain 

Put me out of this world of hurt 

Everything is going so cold 

Nothing is the same 

Everything is turning black 

I can't see you no more It's so cold in here help me 

My soul is going away 

The pain is going away 

Where am I going 

What is happening to me 

Everyone lied to me nothing is okay 

I'm dying 

No one knows why 

I don't want to die 

I wanna stay here with you 

Someone help me please 

Save me 

Save my life from this cold death 


I'm yelling out but no one can hear me 


Can anyone hear me? 

Can anyone see me? 

Where is everyone? 

Why is everyone crying? 

Why is everyone dressed in black? 

Why are my parents on the ground? 

Why is my boyfriend carrying casket? 

Who is in the casket? 

Why is there music playing? 

Where am I? 

What happen to me? 

Did I die? 

Please tell me I'm not gone 

Their putting me in the ground 

All I see is people crying 

Help me I don't want to leave 

I see everyone putting flowers on my grave 

I see everyone getting into their cars and driving away 

One year later 

Everyone is happy 

Everyone is smiling 

They look like they don't miss me 

I wonder if they can hear me say hi 

I wonder if they know I'm here 

I wonder if he has moved on 

I wonder if he's happy 

I wonder if he misses me

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the whole thing

life death and in between
all is hard if not seen
hurt is there to bring you down
 love to lift you up both take your feet off ground
never knowing what waits next for you
woundering if his feeling are true

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123 nurse says push babies first breath babies first cry baby looking mama in the eye beautiful site
 123 baby teething baby shots so many tears mama wishes she could stop yet learning 
words and making friends well half way anyway teaching that no no can go both ways
 Shes mastering abc's and saying thank you and please all in 1 2 3 she might even be a prodigy
1 2 3 everyones applauding at her first speech and shes going out for ice cream chocolate her favorite flavor without the cheery on top just to sweet
daddy kisses mama on the cheek at least hes not not drunk just happy when  happy drunk he tounges he punches walls not tonight hes happy cause shes graduating
 1 2 3 shes about to pop the question daddy mama can i have a boyfriend an argument quickly ensues daddys mad cause mamas not taking it serious enough she laughed that was the wrong thing to do at home the girl goes straight to the room.
1 2 3 the arguing has finally ceased but theres a creaking down the hall 123 theres a stranger entering the room its to dark to see but she knows its her daddy hes come to give her a whippin at this time of night and hes telling her shes deserving of it all and tonight he says hell teach her about life 123 this this is wrong and they both know it hes going to molest her hes going to wreck her at 13 when she had her whole life ahead of her
 1 2 3 bang theres a gasp mama pulled the trigger daddy took his last breath theres blood on the  bed mama holds her daughter and cries
123 ambulance announce him dead on scene mamas put in handcuffs daughter goes to foster care mama in jail until the court date life is hell for the both of them till the judge speaks his peace he says for the crime commited i give you no time for protecting your child from a monster in the dark but i give you three seconds to leave this court room before i give you more than just community service and in 123 they escaped the courtroom to freedom never looking back   

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Why Change

Why change your life when someone dies
Is it because of hurt and love and depression inside
Why not stick to your old ways
Is it because now you know you have not many days
Why not be happy like you were before
Is it because the one you were close to isn't near anymore
Why not be doing something you love on weekends and fridays
Is it because you are afraid that you will lose your remaining days
Why not talk about them and try to think about them 
Is it because it hurts to say i wish i could see them
Why not be happy when you pray to the one above
Is it because you are afraid to ask him why he took the one you love
Why not go to church on the usual sundays
Is it because you really don't wanna see anyone's bright face
Why not keep your house brightened after someone has passed 
Is it because you miss the fun and joy you had
Why not be joyful when you're being praised
Is it because  inside you've really been crying for days
So why be sad when the person you loved is gone
Truth is, it's because your heart feels empty and alone

Don't Be Afraid To Live After Someone Passed. You Have A Life Too.

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Time Traveler

As he sits all alone in his rocking chair
the frail, old man smooths his thin, gray hair
With his companion, Loneliness, he whiles away the time
Rummaging through memories in the attic of his mind

A young man trapped in a decaying shell
Traveling back to years he still recalls so well
In a sense, seeming like many life times away
Yet, fresh in his mind as if it happened yesterday

He remembers happy moments as a child of three
A tiny tot bouncing on his daddy's knee
He revisits days filled with adventure and fun
Fishing and swimming under a hot summer sun

But his days of childhood swiftly come to a halt
In their place is found a fine, upstanding adult
He reminisces meeting the love of his life
She gives him her heart and he makes her his wife

A second World War and he hears duty call
Bringing visions of horror, watching comrades fall
Sights more horrific than any civilian can know
To this place in his time travel, he'd rather not go

He rushes on to meet with memories more sweet
Four children of their own as Life's cycle repeats
Too soon, childhood ceases and they are all grown
Leaving he and his wife, they go off on their own

His life continues to unfold in a melange of sorrow and joy
Grand child's births, the sad demise of his boy
Sixty happy years of marriage dwindles down to their final day
One last kiss for his Sweetheart as Death steals her away

Back to the present, motionless in his chair
Slumps the frail, old man with the thin, gray hair
Reaching out to his sweetheart, he bids Loneliness farewell
As the young man departs from his decrepit, old shell

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Better Left Untitled

  I can't understand it. I guess acceptance is just  not allowed. In a picture 
imperfect world where souls silently suffer  and thier bodies coldly fall to the 
ground.My heart left hollow. My mind filled with questions. The truth accompanied 
by a guilt stricken concience found.Different places in conversation with him left 
scrambling in my mind. The emptiness I feel when I realize he will no longer be 
around. A happy smile for every thousand tears. A mind twisting sequence. My 
watery eyes have not yet disappeared. Those last moments with him 
unkwowingly drowning in my own ignorance. My mind now collapsing 
remebering my blank second sense. Forgiving the peers around him who 
unkowingly dimmed the happy spirit he possesed. Only a bright light I noticed of 
innocence,kindness, and incredible happiness. He cheered my day with each 
caring hello. Little appreciated at the time ,treated like a blessing to my memory 
now. He took a piece of everyone whose lives he touched. Onlookers with heavy 
hearts and sad eyes. He was loved and he will be missed very much.

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To die before you die is worse then death itself.
Time doesn’t stop as you are sprung backwards.
Now you have to climb forward. 
Desperately yearning to revert to your normal self.
Desperately wanting something to spring you back to where you were, happy. 

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at deaths door

When they have a short time to live
And you’ve given all you can give.
When there s nothing more you can do.
Then you make the last days of their lives
Seem like it’s been paradise.

Show all the love that you’ve had locked up inside
This is something that you should not hide.
Bring up happy memories of times 
gone by, and of moments shared.
These are things in their mind that last.

Make their lives as comfortable as can be
For this is the last thing that they will see.
For some it is not easy to pass to the other side
Because fear makes them blind.
But it is a place of love and light
They will not see the darkness of night.

Don’t show your love when they are dead
Show your love while they’re lying in that bed.
They need to be loved while they’re here on earth
This is what we crave from our birth.

If the brain still functions on its own
Then so does the heart.
And from you they do not wish to part.
They are thinking the same as you
When they’re gone, what are you going to do.

Any bills that may be left behind
On your shoulders they will climb.
these same thoughts may race through
Your head, and it’s something that you both do dread.

But these are the first thoughts that 
Should be put into that grave
Give them happy memories that they can save.
Let them go to the other side comfortably
And on their face- that smile you’ll see.

We’ll all be going to that other side
And will need someone to welcome us there
And the love that you showed on earth
Will now be shared.

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As I shiver in the cold
No where to hide
No where to go
To me they lied

Everybody to me said
We all love you so much
I believed it in my heart and my head
They lied the whole bunch

Life a prison it has become
No rights no privileges I have none
That is the answer that is the sum
I stand alone the only one

I care no more
Life isn't worth it 
My heart has been tore 
I'm a bottomless pit

I couldn't care less
An unloved person in this land
The truth to you I confess
I am dying in this sinking sand

I can take no more
I'm at the end of my rope
I'm tired of my live being tore
I have lost all hope

I have no reason to go on
No reason to fight
They should be happy for they have won
I'm blind to it all for I have lost my sight

How I suddenly long for the taste of death
To brush my lips and to hug my heart
To take with it my health
And allow me from this world to depart

They've stolen my life
And turned my hert to stone
Putting me through strife
I will no longer condone

The ones who have gone on before me 
Are lucky they no longer suffer like this
How long to be like them set free
How I wished my life would take that twist

Death I beg you to
Over my body take control
My heart and body take control
For God has my soul

Oh but for death to
Wrap its arms round me
To silence the pain so true
To release the chains and set me free

I'm tired of this all
The pain is too great
Down to the ground I fall
For this is my fate

No longer will I fight
A struggle to put on
I long to exit this night
No longer accept the lies an cons

How I long to knock at deaths door
My blessed Savior and family to see
To walk upon Heavens floor
To be happy and free

People say they care
But unto you they lie
The pain no longer will I bear
For I give up to die

No way out
No other choice to make
This I have no doubt
I beg God my life to take

Happy is but a word now
For that I never am
For this to you I vow
Around my heart I place a high dam

author's note
This was written several years ago when I had lost 2 of the most important people in my life 
and was having bad problems with everyone else in my life

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Remembering Her in Eternal Happiness

Each day and night I cry,.....
Seeing her as if directly before my eyes so happy and beautiful with the beaming
florescence of sun blinding my sight.

Constant flashbacks in my mind of all the good one person could bring into 
one's life, without a doubt to make them feel so loved at times of pain and 
wonder hidden in I.

To a woman so dedicated to learning only the teachings of the All Mighty God,to 
speak into others ears to believe that HE is always there to rely on and the most 
powerful man there ever will be that can solve any problem.

The pictures and words froze in my mind hurts deeply to understand that God 
has taken her from Hell on earth to a wonderful place of serenity to heal and 
rejuvenate her soul for a new life in a place way more gracefully innocent that the 
planet earth.

Way above the clouds and higher that no eye can see, But into the soundless 
galaxy of peacefulness to one's self mind to finally be free.

Hoping in mind she will never forget seeing the never ending tears of grievance 
for only her a time that is desperately needed.

Looking up off in space with overflowing tears, questioning Him why?......

Visions of me seeing her as an angel of God, to express how much i do care 
(That  was never reflected) , and the needs of her in my life and how it's killing me 
slowly inside.

But then is smothered with words of God saying "She is happy now and not to 
worry.... She will always remember you as you do of her and could see the pain 
straight through my eyes.

" I Wll always breakdown and cry with sadness and guilt in my heart, but is 
stopped with her presence of joy."

"Dedicated to my aunt Kelly ,Rest in peace"

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Story of my Life

Yesterday my parents got drunk and wasted like every night but my dad did not 
Have the right to say the things that were said and did now we all have tears to 
Shed. The story is simple it just goes like this my dad left the room with blood on 
His fist mumbling words witch were unknown but his voice had a very awkward 
Then he collapsed on the floor and I rushed into the open door. When I saw my 
Mom lying on the floor I grasped her tight and said, " I can’t take much more". 
Then she opened her eyes and not thinking right pushed me away and grabbed 
A knife she said her life was bad and that it was only getting worse and now she 
Was gonna brake this awful curse. She said she wasn’t meant to live with tears 
Running from her eyes but the sad part is she never said good bye with fear and 
Anger bestowed upon her face she happily cut herself out of the human race. 
Grasped the knife tight as I pleaded not this way and she stabbed it through her 
Heart and with excruciating pain I grabbed her tight and never let go. But what 
Really caught my ears was when she told me please don’t cry, I was meant to 
I’m happy and now I’m free. But how could she do this awful thing to me I loved 
Her so much but now all I can do is say be kind and helpful to your parents love 
Them more the anyone else and hold them tight cause it could only that one 
For something to go wrong them they will be gone so please for me hold them 
Tight and even give them a kiss good night. My parents were drunk as usual and 
Don’t believe they meant the things they said to me, my mom was sad and 
By my dad, you see it can only take one stupid mistake from someone else to 
Cause so much pain, and tears will be shed and my story will go on till everyone 
Is dead. I love my mom so much but now all I can do is pray that she is happy 
And that I can see her again but I hope deep and within that she will be my 
Guardian angel my blessing from above but all I need now is a parent with love.

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 You walk , I see bodies, nothing but bones
The people look, you see that they lost their loved ones, not by choice
People crying
Remembering the war
The army killing people for enjoyment and laughs
Remembering what it was like to have a grandpa or uncle to hold you and laugh
The bodies lay  cold in the ground, no one to warm them
No food or bed like the people that killed them
You look at them, they look so cold, tired, and hungry
You think of all the babies that got killed, but why them?
They wanted to have a happy life
No one to be happy with
Their deaths were a tragedy that wasn't meant to be
People killed and people killing
Still bodies lay on the ground
Not a care or tear in the world from you
There is nothing you can do

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I step ashore 
I now know............ 
What is is all for 
To come this far so 

These people mingle, 
my thoughts tingle 
These spirit lights, 
change these dark nights 

This ethereal glow 
Emanates from the isle 
Known only to us so 
The ones chosen to be......................... 
The happy 

Dark glassy sea, 
protects me 
Those who live, 
those who forgive..................... 
Come to be 

Golden lives, 
step ashore 
They now know, 
what it is all for 
What the spirit contrives, 
golden lives 
Carried by golden dhow 

This golden dawn, 
new lives reborn 
The golden throng 
This is where they belong 

For the life now passed, 
the golden soul continues to last 
The spirit lights, 
that mingle 
Light up the dark nights, 
their thoughts tingle 

This happy place to be 
So far,far away, 
on the dark glassy sea 
Is much more than I can say, 
for the golden spirits mingle.................. 
and play 

Spirit world, 
my golden light unfurled 
Spirit light 
on an island 
So bright 

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My Happy Ending

Change is necessary. Happiness, impossible
How bad does it have to get before you make the changes?
You comfort the crushed ones always with the future
Why is it sometimes I can’t see your side of exchanges

Look down on me, see my bitterness, see my hate
See my effort, my tears, my constant plea for joy
How do I possibly get up from this ever-lasting fall
When I’m like a character that the director plans to destroy

My place in life is like a child’s broken old toy
In the corner, forgotten; when found, will be discarded
Every hopeless moment of fear, sadness, and depression
Feels like they’ve been looked upon and disregarded 

How bad does it have to get before you make the changes?
I fantasize about my happy ending, where I can fade away with a smile
How is it that death is much more appealing than life?
How sad that I long for it, my ideal happy ending, I've waited for a while

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Changes will come

    I open my eyes and the bright skies shine into my face, sometimes i'm paralyzed by 
how happy I can be. Nothing has ever felt this way before. I have never opened up this 
door and finally i'm ready to experience life and now it's coming. Grabbing, shoving me 
all in the right direction and I can't complain that i'm happy just being me. Fun, no one 
has to be around it's just me and myself and I can be glad all by myself. But i'm never 
alone, surrounding by a thousand friends and their all welcoming when ever. Tears have 
fallen down my eyes and I can taste the rainbow after the storms. Changes will come and I 
will never forget the lesson that I've learned, changes will come and I won't be the only 
one. I will survive. I will fight to stay alive. I will care, I will listen, tonight... 
changes will come.

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Happy meals

          Lately I have been thinking about how things used to be. When I was about 8 or 9 sitting in 
the back of my father's truck eating happy meals and I was just fine not a care in the world. I just 
couldn't wait to taste those fries or chew my nuggets and dip it into sauce. I used to go crazy for 
thoses kids toys in the plastic rappings. Barbie dolls. Little cars, robots that you could rearrange 
and rebuilt I was facinated by it all. At that time I wasn't tainted at all. My parents they seemed 
truly in love. I wish I could go back to that time. Before the arguments started. Before the 
accusations began. Before my father started to get sick. Before the best thing I've ever known 
started to disappear. Back to that age where innocence was plentiful and Illusions masked my 
gentle heart.  Because at that time we were picture perfect. I had a dad who loved me and a 
mom who would do anything to make me happy. That's all I needed. I don't know when it 
changed. Maybe sometime between 11 or 12 or when my happy meal got an upgrade. I was 
growing up and so little kids meals wouldn't full me anymore.  Neither would little kids fairytales. 
So along with my big mac I started to get big people's problems. I started to recognize  the 
picture for what it really was. My perfect family was cracking up and blowing in the dust. Every 
friday I used to get mcdonalls. Every friday since I was 5. I still practice that tradition. But some 
things are missing. Like my father's car. I can no longer fall alseep in the back seat and pretend I 
don't hear the arguing cause he's gone. So much for my happy meals. How that's for 
growing up?

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I hate that you have to see me go,
even if your happy about it,
losing somebody is tough,
even if you didn't like them,
or know them,
it's still just sad,
that somebody had to live,
the life that I had,
and now I say goodbye,
words you hoped never to hear,
from somebody about to leave you forever,
I love you,
I hope you know,
I hated l ife,
be happy for me,

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Tell me!

 Oh now,
Tell me you're stronger now,
Tell me you can see me from up[ above,
Tell me you believe in me,
 and that I can accomplish the things I wish I could.
Tell me you're happy where you are.
Tell me you'll wait for me at that door.
Tell me when my day comes you and Grandpa,
 will be my angels who'll lift me up, to my home above.
I never want to let you go.
So this is my way of saying no!
Grandma I love you!
Grandma I miss you!
Grandma I need you to satnd by myside.
You left without saying goodbye!
But that's okay I knoe this can't be the end,
I want to see you again.
I want to knoe,
I need to knoe,
I have to knoe.
So, please tell me.
Are you stronger now?
Can you see me from where you are?
Are you happy now?
And tell me you believe in me
 and that I can accomplish the things I wish I could.

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Memories:so sweet and innocent.
Memories:so kind and generous.
Memories:so happy and joyous.
Memories:so thoughtful and loving.
That is only half of it.
The half that we want to remember.
But the truth is there is a whole other half.
A somewhat demon half.
Memories:so painful and abrupt.
Memories:so hateful and sad.
Memories:so dissapointing and unworthy.
Memories:so taunting, true, and unrealistic.
Fact:every happy memory brings a sad one after it.
Sure you remember how fun and peaceful it was.
But when you least expect it a sad on hits you and you cry.
Just when you got think you got rid of a sad memory.
It comes knocking at your door front door again.
Memories:you want to keep but they dissapear.
Memories:you wish to get rid of but they won't go.
Memories:both good and bad.
Memories:just can't seem to make up their minds.

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Happy Place

The world is such a happy place
There’s nothing wrong, should stay as is
Love, peace and joy on every face
Living life just as you please
When darkness comes with each new night
Conquer it with light of laughter
Let children’s cries be smothered despite
Their suffering, happily ever after
And when clouds gather in the sky
To bring the rain that wash away blood
Bask in the sun, shelter, deny 
Or dance on gravesites in the mud
Yes, the world is such a happy place
There’s nothing wrong, should stay as is
Love, peace and joy on every face
Live life just as you please

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Why I'm So Happy

the other day a friend asked me
why am I so happy
I thought about  what to say
for I did not want to come off as being sappy
so I told him I'm so happy
just because I'm alive
I told I told I'm so happy 
because I have a 9-5
I told I'm so happy
because I'm a disciple of Jesus Christ
I told I'm so happy 
because God's in control of my life
i told I'm so happy
because I know my final destination
for I have no fear of death 
as I have eternal salvation

to travel on this expressway 
that many call life
to be content with your situation
without any internal strife
to go about one's daily routine
and not having to be stressing
to know you have the grace of God
and do receive His blessings
I am so happy just because I am me
and I have a ticket up to heaven
stamped with God's authority