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Couplet Summer Poems | Couplet Poems About Summer

These Couplet Summer poems are examples of Couplet poems about Summer. These are the best examples of Couplet Summer poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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King Sun and Goddess Sea

One summer day, enraptured by the Goddess Sea, King Sun shone down with all his might; most splendidly he moved the Goddess, for she rippled laughingly a shimmering reply to Sun in azure sky, and while reflecting that same hue where King Sun dwelt, her turquoise ripples lengthened, for the goddess felt herself now rising up with joy. Wave after wave was leaping, frothing. . . as King Sun more strongly gave his final rays to her. Then he descended low that he might kiss the lovely Sea on earth below - to kiss her soon before the last day’s shadows fell, and so he touched her where she’d let her body swell. With yellow gold, his final glow, he bathed her face, but when the night arrived with sable colored lace to drape the goddess, Sun had vanished from all sight; below Sea’s depth he’d sunk - to love her through the night. For Suz's "Let's Be Open" poetry contest and now for PD's Anything Goes Contest

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The Dog Days of Summer

We let down the top to soak in the sun
Now that the harshness of winter is done

As you let back the seat and put your feet on the dash
Saying, “keep your eyes on the road I don’t want to crash”

I truly must admit that I’m torn completely in two 
The coast has its beauty, then again so do you

As the beauty of the Sun is absorbed by your skin
Like a kid at the candy store I simply want to dig in

If life is a candy store sweetheart you are the treat
All the other candy I tasted, never tasted so sweet

The reason I love summer is because of the heat
The skimpier the bikini, the greater the treat 

I can’t begin to express how wonderful you are
Saying, “hey take a look at her I’ll steer the car”

At first I truly had no idea what I should say?
Though now it’s, “ok sweetheart, have it your way”

I think that is because you know these words are true
I may take look at her but I shall forever belong to you

Summer is a time that is as bright as the sun
Out goes the cold as it’s replaced by the fun

We have our barbecues and sit under the stars
Let down the tops and go for rides in our cars

Go tend to our gardens in farmer John clothes
Truly amazed at how fast everything grows

Go hang out at the river as well as the lake
Cover ourselves in oil than let our skin bake

Embrace the moments because these words are true
The days last much longer and the sky is so blue

The dog days of summer I reckon that’s so
We bark and howl at folk we don’t even know

If life is banquet then summer is the feast
I think we should gobble it up, to say the least

Written for john's Summer contest.

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Spring Vs Summer


~Spring versus Summer~ (Rhyme) Spring is slowly leaving And summer is swiftly arriving And for me that really matter Because the days are getting hotter I love spring but mostly I love fall That's when I really have a ball That's when the days are just kinder By reminding me when days are just better! I hate to see spring go, And for summer to my door just to show, I don't like to feel all the heat, Because that's when my body takes the beat I prefer much better the cold weather But I like it more when we are together, Lots of rain and winds start to fall and blow, Spring is about to exit and take her bow Spring is slowly leaving And summer is swiftly arriving It makes me sad to see spring go And for summer to my door just to show. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2007 January.31.2015

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Reposing Roses - A Summer Couplet

Reposing roses and dozing posies exhale perfumed sighs with nearing night
as the drowsy June moon softly suffuses scent-soaked skies with languid light.

for 'Lovin' Summer' contest

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A CLASSIC SUMMER IN GREECE for fantasy contest

                                A CLASSIC SUMMER IN GREECE

               Viciousness and mystery erupt on arid soil.
               Summer heat and idle time can make the spirits boil.
               Languishing in stuffy rooms with very little sleep--
               Night time flickers of the light-- imagination leaps.
               Heat that beckons times long past invade a fevered head—   
               Athena pleases lovers mid her goddess silken bed,
               Grecian legs march bravely –- prelude Olympian races--
               Soldiers dream they sail away to see exotic places.

               Heat waves shimmer landscape –men will do what they are told--
               Spearborn soldiers helmeted sing down a dusty road.
               Tho in mind they join their lovers whispering by the sea,
               Drink of mountain waters --rest their head on sweetheart’s knee

               Helen, when she sailed away –a wayward selfish wife
               Without a backward glance she risked the cost of human life--
               Was it the heat that made her crazed to do this foolish thing?
               A fit of summer boredom could create this witless fling.

               Autumn winds are blowing now-- Troy’s nights turn cool and fair--
               Does Paris try to ditch her --as naked Helen combs her hair--
               Does Hector tell his brother--get this woman out of here--
               Does Helen beg to stay-- and tell her lover not to fear?

               Heat can play the brain and make it dance a backward tune--
               Clarity as sun tricks down—repeats a former June,
               Perhaps there is a lesson learned from heat that sears the soul--
               Summertime romance will write us each a tragic role.

Victoria Anderson Throop ©

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Dandelion Wishes

Next to catching fireflies in a jar
Dandelion wishes, weren't very far

From that wonderful place we'd go
While believing all things are so

Before we knew that they were weeds
We giggled and eagerly spread their seeds

With the perfect puff of blissful white
Our secret wishes, each one took flight

As they gently floated through the air
Our dreams went too, without a care

Now, as they float through summer breeze
All they do is make me sneeze!

Aahhhh....the memory of dandelion wishes.......:-) 

© Donna Jones

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A Summer Couplet

A Summer Couplet When an April shower becomes a summer breeze Giant sunflowers will kiss your knees Contest: LOVIN' SUMMER: A Summer Couplet Sponsor: Andrea Dietrich

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Oak Tree Swing

There's a swing that is hung from a long oaken tree,
By a string where the young have a longing to be.

Where they fly to the sky, ever higher they go,
Till they cry, "Not so high! I shall die, don't you know?"

And they tread through the wold all around by the tree,
Where it's said ruins old can be found by a key.

How they thought many-a night how this fact could be true,
And they fought to set right while they wracked in a crew;

But they never could figure that blur in the tale,
So they clamber with vigor the fir by the trail.

They'd retrace to the place where the moss covered tree
Like a face, beamed with grace as it tossed o'er the lea.

Such a hold that tree held on their glad little selves
As they trolled songs of eld with the bad little elves;

And the song that they sing is a song specked with tears,
Of a long oaken swing cast along through the years;

Left alone by the lane, overgrown, never seen,
Ever blown by the rain, with a groan deep and keen,

Till a small little girl stopped a while on her way,
And a tall oaken burl with a smile bade her stay.

How she clove in a dive through the grove, and the tree,
How it throve, came alive in the cove, in the lea.

{Comments and critique by those knowledgeable 
about consonance vastly appreciated.}

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Summer's End

Potpourri of seasonal change drifts in the air.
Summer wanders near the clouds and everywhere.

Beach's pride of blazing sands is growing dim.
Soon the painted landscape wakes upon a whim.

Seeds are sown of Autumn's riches nearly here.
Summer wanes; we say hello to Autumn's cheer.

Leaves will change from sparkling green to golden blaze.
Now a bit of crispness lingers in our days.

Summer has it's wealth of fun and lovely weather.
Yet I adore the Fall when folks are drawn together.

Beauty all around and holidays I love.
Surely Autumn's sent to us from up above!

written August 31st, 2014

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Swirling drifts of sugared sand
slipping through your sun-jeweled hand.

Treasure seeking on the shore
as up above you seagulls soar.

Billowed hair on skin so golden;
for this warmth you are beholden.

Maybe hike a mountain high
and gaze into an azure sky.

Or waltz along a forested path
at times enduring nature's wrath.

In gardens and fields so lush and green
sweet summer fruits are everywhere seen.

A sparkling season of beauty and sun
too soon is ended once begun.

written 1/3/2015  for Shadow's contest

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Morning glory

For the hills they undulate and roll,
Set beneath a crimson sky.
Image liken, to castle ramparts past,
Now slowly worn away with time.
For only seconds before the dawn,
And the mighty sun to rise.
Once more its rays to warm the earth,
And ascend into the sky.
For little bird how sweet you sing,
As you usher now the new morn in.
From branch to branch flit to and fro,
Along the leafy wild hedgerow.
For amongst the green, a dusting fare,
Of pastel shades of color there.
For gentle are the flowers that spring,
Who’s petals blossom like fairy wings.
©  N  Windle.

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A Summer Couplet

The rain drops fall, the sky is black; leaves fly past the window pane
Coats are on and gum boots too, it's UK's summer time again.


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A Summer Couplet

I wear a coverlet of haze, from those summers I remember, where my barefoot toes touched fragrant grass, that withered in September
............................ 6/12/13 for Andrea

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Summer Couplet

Upon my knees in desperation     the parched sand trickles through my hand
the steady drumbeat of Summer's song      rolls like death across the land

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A Summer Couplet

Let's build a quiet fire beside the sleeping brook tonight
and lie beneath the stars to watch the sparks rise out of sight.

Written: 6/9/2013
For Andrea's "Lovin' Summer" contest

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A Summertime Couplet

This summer morn I silently slip very close to shore,
With every paddle pull I'm drawn to many years before.

June, 11, 2013

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A Summer Couplet

Moonflowers are night-blooming dwellers,
perfect for night owls and late night strollers.

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A Summer Couplet

~~ My dappled, spotted horses are running free and wild, on a day full of summer breezy wind, they prance, dance and glide. ~~ June 14, 2013 Couplet For the contest, A Summer Couplet

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That Old Red Barn

I still remember that old barn so red; a center point of my youth;
Pickle barrels in the cellar; cows on the ground floor and hay stored in the loft.

I rode the John Deere a thousand times in and out of her wide, always opened doors;
Plowing fields near and far, but with her redness never out of my distant sight.

She housed the cows we milked and the tools we used throughout the long, hard day;
And, she was our playground on those summer days when chores were done by noon.

I remember her beautiful, natural smell that our city cousins abhorred;
And, I knew every nook and cranny that I could hide in to get away from their whines.

We would swing on the rope out of the loft, landing on piles of freshly cut hay;
And, just lay quietly in the night with a cool summer breeze passing through her doors.

It was in this red haven that I birthed my first calf and learned how to set a broken leg;
And, it was high in the loft with my high school sweetheart that I first became a man.

The farm that housed that wondrous red barn is now a mall parking lot;
But, the memories of lessons learned within are forever blazoned upon my mind. 

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The Spirit Of Summer

In the wilds of my heart I dream of bliss.
The summer sun will proclaim this.

The shade of trees would circumvent
the heating that the skies have sent.

A mist of rain will feed the thirst
of gorgeous blooms in color burst.

The land has grown so lush and green
where fruits of summer can be seen.

The aroma of some barbeque
in some backyard is rising too.

Kids splash in swimming pool delight
while fishermen wait for a bite.

A happy smile lights up the faces
of vacationers going places.

This is a time without a care
when coats are shed and feet are bare.

Such is the joy of summertime
with warmth of spirit so sublime.

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A Summer Couplet

Children splashing in a plastic pool,
Eating popsicles and staying cool.

For Andrea Dietrich's "Lovin' Summer couplet contest"

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Searching for Summer

Nasty old winter is getting me down
I'm looking for summer all over town

I lift up a blanket of snow off the ground
Sadly there is no green grass to be found

My very next stop I'll go down to the beach
With waves and sand summer may be in reach

The lake is solid like a piece of glass
No sign of summer I'm freezing my ass

Summer summer reveal yourself to me
Sun warm my face place leaves on a tree

Hey wait a minute is that a red Rose?
I pick it up, place it under my nose

I'm so sad to say, the rose isn't real
You can imagine how sad I now feel

My search is over I know when I'm licked
As I head home I'm feeling real ticked

I see a young woman walking my way
Wearing a bikini on this cold day

A glimpse of summer my heart starts to race
I'm confused, yet there's a smile on my face

Searching for Summer contest
By Richard Lamoureux
March 14, 2013

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A Summer Couplet

Barbeques sizzle as spirits soar into the dazzling day.
Fun in the sun abounds as children ageless come out to play!

written 6/10/2013
for Andrea's contest

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Lazy afternoons

 A visit to my village in the month of june,
all that it offers you is a very short day and a lazy afternoon.

       Soft whirring of the fan making heavy the eyelids,
trying in futile to stay open over a paragraph in a book.

       With the little ones all wide awake,
 chattering over games of carrom and chess
sending about a crazy cacophony of voices.

       But with the red and green sherbets making up
for the tormenting heat outside.

       Competing over how many mangoes one can eat,
a one..a two..and there's no count how many more.

       The otherwise chirpy fruit orchard wears
 a graveyard like eerie mood of it's own in the hot summer noon.

       With not too many birds in sight,
yet you can sometimes spot a dog sulking in the grove hiding from the hot sunlight.

       While I continue to crib and cry waiting impatiently for the monsoons
a sibling in a faraway land keeps fond memories of his Indian summer afternoons.

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Fun in the Sun

Going to the creek,
Jumping off the peak.

Sitting around the campfire,
Eating s'mores and getting tired.

Going to the beaches,
And picking off leaches.

Rebekah Fry

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Sprinkling Relief

That blurry mirage of sizzling heat
As the trucks passed by, steam rose from concrete

Irvington couldn’t build a swimming pool
But came up with a way to keep kids cool

How I begged my mother to make the walk
For three hours of laughs and silly talk

At noon kids gathered in a cement pit
Sprinklers turned on, we enjoyed each minute

Refreshed, we passed beach balls or we played tag
But mostly we just ran a jig-and-jag

The park had swings, slides and arts and crafts too
But at sprinkler time, none of these would do

In the years before air conditioning
Torrid rays of sun we kids were shunning

Inner city children escaping heat
This was our favorite summer retreat

Moms, kids in swimsuits till showers ended
Ice pops passed out to the towel-tended

On weekends Dad drove us to the seashore
But sprinkler days with Mom I remember more

*For the “Hot Time, Summer in the City” contest

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A wish for Summer

Ah! If I could walk once again with you through the hazy pine-scented forest
and feel the trembling of your being as I your body with soft kisses caress...

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Summer Time Wants

Only if I could,
Just Only if I could;
In summer at the best,
Where it would be a fest;
In philly of course, 
Where you might see a horse;
I would have some fun,
So please don't run;
Only if I could, 
Just only if I could.

By: Andrew Okolowski

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My Summer

I drive the ten sixty-six
While I eat all the twix
Got to feed the cows hay
Yeah thats what I say
School is out
Sports are in
Now its baseball
No more kickball


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As Summer Moves On

The colors are turning
The leaves are now burning

As summer moves on
It's soon to be gone

And fall moves on in
To throw in it's spin

To turn leaves to red
And fall to the bed

That covers the ground
Under trees all around

A natural quilt
That nature has built

A patchwork of color
That go with each other 

A beautiful sight
Before falling white

The days pass along
As summer moves on

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Play of Summer

potatopancakes with sourcream
their taste is much more than a dream

summer brings bazaars and pancakes
along with ice cream and milkshakes

spring will be here with no delay
and then there's the summer of play

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A summer couplet

Aberdevines disperse in woods encouraging the leaves to shine
while skies will open to reflect the nature's wisdom and design.

© G. V. 06-14-2013
(Iambic Octameter)

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A summer couplet

 A bumblebee samples pollen from summer's bazaar
As a humming bird  hovers for a sip of nectar

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A Summer Couplet

Sunlight bursts with softness in the summer Rays shine, basting all with something warmer
Contest: LOVIN' SUMMER: A Summer Couplet Sponsor: Andrea Dietrich 6/11/2013

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Intrusion of Thought

Cushioned with green, warmed by the sun
Blue sky above, clouds on the run

Clovers three, with luck four clusters
Sharing laughs and belly busters

Pulling grass to make thumb whistles
Picking flowers avoiding thistles

Grasshoppers jumping blade to blade
Soaking up sun, avoiding shade

Ladybug, red, on a daisy’s white petal
Flies away as the heart back peddles

“He loves me” was the last petal plucked
“Does he really?” the intrusive thought struck

© Debra Squyres  

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A Summer Couplet - contest

Fuscia  bells tinkle with pollen for busy  bees to attain
Making sure next summer  the bells will ring again

Contest : loving summer.  13/06/2013

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Loving Summer

sunshine is blazing down, flowers sweetly fragrant 

Waft on gentle breezes through the beds so vibrant

contest: Loving Summer 06/13/2013

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A Summer Couplet

Spectacular summer sunsets bathe the western hill Beauty that inspires man to take up his poetic quill......

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The river has run dry, its bed is empty  sand.
Across the flower carpet’s  dim and dusty land
Penstemon and brave little Brittlebush,
Expecting an inundation, stretch in a rush -  
Spreading  petals and leaves which their vast
Tapestry  of color and life weaves  - but they fast
Revert  to survival tactics and retract petals in fear 
Of the drought of the Sonoran summer each year.

The poem’s title is taken from  Shakespeare’s HENRY   IV   PART  ONE

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A summer couplet

"Longer days of heat-filled scenes
The sun paints orange, yellows and greens"

For Andreas "A summers couplet" contest.

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My Awesome Summer

My family and I are in the airport,
Away from the land Laporte,
My brothers are swimming,
My dad is grilling,
Sitting around a campfire,
I am sitting in a swing with a tire,
This is my summer,
Its definitly not a bummer,
Whats your summer like?
Do you ride your bike?
Dont be a bummer,
Enjoy this summer!!
          By: Seaira Young

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  Whenever I smell the sweet aromas made by a log fire,
  I recollect past times of great desire.

  The crackling of the wood, the heat it produces,
  Only more and more memories induces.

  There was a time in college that I spent a Summer outdoors,
  Each night, around a campfire, with a dozen others.

  We sang and laughed and enjoyed life you see,
  Mostly, we enjoyed each others' company.

  Oh, we cooked our hot dogs and burgers too,
  But when the guitars came out, we knew what to do.

  We sang our songs of the joys of life,
  Few of us felt then the pangs of strife.

  Things turned that Summer, at least for me...
  My father died rather suddenly.

  I remember the call I got with the news,
  The fire, that night, had different hues.

  The coals that burned and sparks that flew,
  Foretold of a life...different and new.

  As I grow older and by some chance,
  Smell wood burning in a fireplace by happenstance.

  I recall that Summer when my world changed
  You might say, my life  was "rearranged".

  When I hear the hiss of embers that die,
  I think back to a time when I asked, "Why"?

  Yet, it is still the happy moments of that Summer I miss,
  With the sweet aroma of a wood fire, and its burning hiss.

  For I would not trade that Summer you see,
  It has a special place, here in my memory.

  And once in a while I go back to that spot,
  Where I was young, with passions so hot.

  The sound and smells of a campfire remind me...
  Those times are "burned" in my memory.


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A Summer Couplet

Now that it's summertime, do you know what I consider nice?
I would like any flavor of Italian water ice!

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My Thougts of Summer

This is my absolute favorite time of year,
For summer swim is almost here. 
Going to the beach to swim with my friends,
Then riding bike till the day's end.
Having picnics in the park,
Playing manhunt until dark.'
Camping with Channy, so much fun,
Sleepover at my house be the first one.
Making up stories all day long, 
Sitting 'round a bonfire singing songs.
Fishing with Dad and you won't believe,
The big one I caught, got a chance to leave.
So, may the winter air please, go away,
Because Summer needs to be on its way!!

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Summer is Fun

Oh summer is fun,
Until it is done.

I can't wait until school is over,
So I can watch Grover.

I love summer I really love it,
I also can't wait until I get out of it!

                 By: Keith Seeley :)

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Misty Morning

dewdrops are sparkling over cactus thorn like icy diamonds this misty morn cold desert wind through the Mesquite trees the sweet smell of sage lingers in the breeze as the sun climbs past invisible clouds the burning sky melts the misty wet shroud mercury is high but the air is dry somewhere under the tangerine sky

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In the desert

In the desert

When sun is at its hottest peak,
And your reflection is turning to sleek,

When sweating is making you drown,
And extreme thirst is pulling you down,

Nothing beyond sand as far as you can see,
Even the camel's courage is bound to flee,

Mummifying wind will set you to tune,
At a glance will transform to sand dune,

When eyes go red and dry in suffrage, 
What still keeps you moving in desert is a mirage!

Written September 16th, 2014
By Dr. Upma A. Sharma
For contest' In the desert' by Nette onclaud

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It's A Quarter of Eight

It's a quarter of eight and dark outside.
Summer has gone on her downhill slide.
I'm up before the sun has made herself known
And in a few short hours she seems to have flown.
I miss summer already, though she's barely gone.
Not looking forward to winter where nights are so long.
I'm already counting the days until spring.
Just getting through another winter, now there's the thing.
I don't like the cold, I don't like the dark.
Fall is so fleeting, it's barely a lark.
I can't wait for March when pussywillows arrive.
Yes, I'm counting the days 'til the earth comes alive.
It's a quarter of eight and dark outside
And the summer sun has gone off to hide

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When Summer Comes

When summer comes I go 4-wheeling in the mud, 
So excited to get covered in crud. 

Sitting around a big bonfire,
Sharing stories until we tire. 

Fishing till' dark, 
You can hear the annoying lark. 

There's just enough sun, 
To have some fun. 

And when there's long, long nights, 
Everything is all right.

By: C. Thomas

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My Summer

My summer is full of fun
And is always full of sun

It is fun to run and play
And to waste the day away

I like to tell stories by the fire
And hope that the marshmallows won't expire

After, I retire to bed
Very full and fed

I wake up to do it again
And really hope I can

Aaron Blake Staples

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Summer Enchantment

When I am under summer's spell,
I'm like a child at "Show and Tell".
I want to hold it in my hand,
To brag and shout, "Is it not grand?"
In other seasons I'm discreet.
I don't go skipping down the street.
The beauty of a sunny day
Takes my maturity away.
I quite regress to my past youth.
I'm young again and that's the truth.
I dream this February day,
Beneath inverted clouds of gray,
Of blazing sun and summer heat
And browning to a golden treat.
I yearn for sun upon my skin,
The warmth of summer seeping in.
Vitamin D my ardent crave,
I plan to bottle it to save.
In my Northwest home's winter haze,
I will still have my sunny days.

inspired by Christies "Soul of Sunshine" contest.

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Doggone dog contest

         "SUMMER TIME"

The dog days of summer come whetherwe want them or not.
Laying in a pool is better than being hot.
The dog days of summer are here from dusk til dawn.
We're all wishing for rain to water the lawn.

The dog days of summer are for swimming and fun.
Fishing or baseball even tanning in the sun.

The dog days of summer are hot enough to fry an egg.
Wishing the days were cooler so I wouldn't have to beg.

The dog days of summer are going to be over soon.
When school starts again you'll sleep until noon.

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Another Year

Our summer is late this year
Spring showers keep coming still
But the meadow is full of green
And glorious wild flowers seen
Patience, for the sun will shine
We'll have picnic weather sublime
Then begging for cool breezes
And relief from summer sneezes
Too soon the hills will  brown
And then be wearing winters gown
Seasons seem to fly right by
The year gone with a sweet sigh

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Summer Wonderland

  When I go outside to play
  It ends up being all day
  When it's time to think
  We just get a drink
  Cater to my wim
  We just need to swim 
  When school is done 
  There is hope in fun
     By: Jordan Yellenic :]

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Fall Lover

My springtime love was much too young.
He came before his flings were flung.

Beguiled by beauty in the spring.
His fickle love was passing thing.

A summer love was more mature
But much too hot to long endure.

The heat of summer soon will pass
And then I’ll be a lonely lass.

In fall I have a cooler head
To search for one to warm my bed.

Fall love survives the wind's first blast
And through the winter’s cold will last.

By: Joyce Johnson 9/25/11

For Michael’s contest “Falling in Love in the Fall”

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I can't wait for summer,
It won't be a bummer;
To play dodgeball,
And hope no one falls;
We will also play tag,
Beware of the flag;
It will be so much fun,
In the bright yellow sun.


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Summer is Great

School is now over, homework is done,
Now I am ready for summer fun!

I lay in the shade under a tree,
There are so many cloud shapes to see.
Spending my days on amusement park rides,
Spending my nights at a campfire outside.
I just can't wait for the memories I'll make,
Especialy when I go to the lake.

Summer night are long, I stay up late,
This is why I think Summer is great!

By: A.D.K.

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My Summer Fun

Summer Time is a great time of year,
You will be suprised of the noises you will hear,

Run around and play on swings,
Don't let the bugs bite and they have wings,

Go swimming have a good time,
Hopefully this poem does rhyme,

This is summer fun
Don't foget you get to run,

Enjoy your summer 
Don't be a bummer,

Keep the sun away
And enjoy your day,

Leave your homework at home
You can even by a nome,

This is summer 
Come on have fun and don't get dummer.

By: Abigail Hetsko

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Sports Summer

I can't wait for camp
Because I want to be a champ.
All the balls among for grounds,
Even on the pitchers mound.
My friends and I just met,
After swimming because of sweat.
They told us the water was cold,
But we went in cause we're bold.

              By: Lilly Houseknecht

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My Summer Dream

The Summer sun is calling my name, 
Oh, the juicy BBQ chicken on the flame.

Don't forget the swimming pool,
It will be hot, but I'll be cool.

My skin now has a sun-kissed tan,
Now my cousins will be jealous man!

The beach is best of all,
Where the waves are really tall!

So that is my Summer dream,
Time to go get some ice cream!

By: S. S.

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Summer, Summer, Summer

Vacation's on my mind.
While smeling the orange rind!
I'm swimming in the blue,
Oh I see a pretty view.
And I smell the lovely flowers,
But it seems they all have powers.
All I want are cold ice creams,
Or I'll melt from all these beams!
Now that I have played,
I want some cold lemoade.
So now that summer's almost here,
All I here is cheer, cheer, cheer!
But here comes the rain
I'll try not to complain.

By: Anna M.

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Summer Feaver

Baseball seasons here 
How many homers this year 
I drive fourwheeler all day 
I stay in the sun and bail hay 
Hope I get some money 
Then I'll buy some honey 
Sit at the fire all night 
hope mosqiutos don't bite.

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Barefoot Child

I remember summer fun as a child
Going barefoot, running wild
Catching fireflies in a jar
Making a wish on a shooting star

Skinny dipping in the creek
Playing kick the can and hide-n-seek
Riding a stick pony, with an old straw hat
Major league ball with a broom stick bat

Making pinkie promises with my friend
Hoping summer would never end
But all too soon the summer was gone
And before I knew it, the years had flown

Sometimes I wish I could have one day
When all the years just melt away
So I could go back then
And be that barefoot child of ten

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Summer Champ

I love summer,
With a new-comer,
We own a sports camp,
To create a champ,
I have a job, To feed a mob,
But it is fun,
In the sun,
Where i will play, 
Waisting all day,
Swimming with a crowd,
Every one so loud,
City people in the country,
Looking for a shady tree,
I can't wait for summer,
Please don't be a bumber.

Leah B.


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The weeping willow sways and dips
to skim the lake in a summer kiss
and fish respond from down below
to catch a sun beam

 ~Off they go
in colors grey and silver gold~

From gills of bliss a bubble blows...

And on the surface flowers shine
and move to touch their skin to mine
The breeze, she plays upon my hair
as bee's their daisy pollen wear.

My lips a smile to teeth do meet
as lids close their eyes to a wink discreet

The sun, a warm lizard skin to the clouds
settles on us.  I breathe to the summer sounds
and weep in the way that humans do
alone in Nature's rendezvous.

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Time Well Wasted

George talks about 'Them Cowgirls,"
While Willie's "Blue Eyes Are Crying In The Rain."

Tim talked about "Back Then"
And Bucky admits "It Was A Different Life."

Toby is a "Man Of His Convictions"
But Brad is "Better On Line."

Josh "Stopped Loving Her Today"
But Kenny said "She Can't Be Anything But Mine."
Does that mean one of them will have to "Walk The Line?"

Kenny says "Don't Blink"
Or you may find Tim is "Already Home."

"Tear Drops On My Guitar" has Taylor like Lambert
"Famous In A Small Town."

I arrived "Down In The Boon Docks"
Only to find Rodney was "Going Through Hell"

Rascal Flatts hit the "Long Broken Road"
Telling my Billy "You Are The Only World I Know"

Tracy Lawrence was talking to "The Keeper Of The Stars"
And Lee Greenwood was asking "God Bless The USA"

Toby Keith was bursting with pride as he said "I'm An American"
And John Michael Montgomery was busy sending  "Letters From Home"

Darell Worley asks "Have You Forgotten?"
Toby Keith replies with "The Taliban Song."

"Yee Haw" hollered Jake Owens 
While Steve Holy "Got A Brand New Girl Friend"

Direks says "Free And Easy Down The Road I Go."
While Tim and Faith were telling each other "I Need You."

Josh asks "Would You Go With Me"
As Dierks Bently agrees with me " Every Miles A Memory"

Kenny C. said "You Had Me From Hello"
But George prefers the "Beaches Of Old Mexico"

I saved this special song for the end.
Alabama's "Angels Among Us"

Every time I hear this song I break out in a cold sweat.  Many years ago my 
granddaughter Mariah in Casper, Wy was attending the summer camp, on 
Casper Mountain, for her boys and girls group. This group included handicapped 
children. Friday afternoon the children presented a program for the parents. It 
was magnificent. The children helped the handicapped children get on and off of 
the stage for their part in the program. The finally began with all of the children on 
stage.  They played Alabama's song "Angels Among Us" but the children all 
preformed it in sign language. There was not a dry eye in the audience.  A well 
deserved ending to a successful summer camp. 

God Bless, Cile

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Stolen Dreams

Do you ever recall the times we played together
Do you even remember the jokes we told one another
Maybe you think about those endless summer nights
And with the easy flow of the river the fireflies delights

I know you cannot forget our shared secrets
When my elder brother would look for us so vexed
When we raced all day and ate melted ice creams at noon
When we swam in the ocean so inviting and warm
Do you remember the years we grew so close
Do you think about the day you gave me that rose

I still remember the time you told me you were going
And you promised me forever under the great old oak
And when summer drew to a close our sad goodbye
When you went away never to come back my way

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Summer Love

Summer is a beautiful time of the year.
Flowers are blooming lovely,  and can be seen so clear.
Summer is about fashion, food and fun,  it can also be the perfect time to run.
I love summer because you see a lot of green,  and this is when I break out my
sewing machine.
Summer is a time when you should look your best,  so I sew clothes that I think  
look better than the rest.
Dresses, skirts, and pretty blouses,  I have even made a pair of adorable 
Summer is warm and  summer is sweet,  and this is when people really feel like 
a treat.
Ice cream, candy,  maybe a piece of pie,  I love summer so much I  hate telling it 

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Rise and Dance

Rise and dance in the summer sun
drink of the wine for you are young.

Kiss, love, hate, and be not still
for tomorrow may bring a Winters chill.

Take your passion by its hair
drag it through the Lion's lair.

Then if by chance you perish young,
you will be thankful for all you've done.

For you will have lived a noble life
by seeking on earth your paradise.

Then those who walk your grave will say
he died so young yet he died so brave

but if the years should pass you by
to gray your hair and still your sight,

then to your memories you will cling
no more your youthful songs to sing.

So drink the wine while you are young
rise and dance in the summer sun.

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Summer Days

Sweet summer days of yesterday I long to see your sun
The tanning skin, the smell of flowers, and all of the beach fun

The winter has made me an enemy of the days that remain cold
In fact the season’s dragging on that it’s just getting old

Through springtime and its new rebirths, I long to witness you
The sunshine of the summer sky and the many things to do

So, summer days of yesterday, t’is my intention to let you know
I count the days to your return, as these winter winds do blow