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Couplet Patriotic Poems | Couplet Poems About Patriotic

These Couplet Patriotic poems are examples of Couplet poems about Patriotic. These are the best examples of Couplet Patriotic poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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A soldier's friend

Slowly breathing with a steady beat
Boots are crunching you feel the heat

You inch on closer, looking around
Watching your friends make not a sound

You have been told to kill this man
A threat he is to freedoms plan

Hold up your rifle, take careful aim
Let go of the guilt your not to blame

Orders you follow a good soldier you are
Try not to think the size of the scar

That this order will bring deep in your soul
We raise the flag on top of this soldier's hole

I will give support, I will lend my hand
So you can brother, continue to stand

To fight for the freedoms of people everywhere 
Down your rifle I, with you, shall stare

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Once upon a very long time in the eleventh century B.C.
There was a king in, Athens, who ruled both land and sea

To all was known as king Codrus*, a mighty warrior was he 
His enemies were much afraid in his kingdom once to be
Yet, the Spartans** war declared and marched into Codrus’s land  
Wishing all Athens to burn down, nothing vertical to stand

Codrus, saw the Spartans coming and his army he prepared  
To defend the holiest ground thus his city to be spared 
First he sent to ask the oracle of God Apollo at Delphi*** 
To reveal to the king, Codrus, who the winner would be 

God at once the answer gave: “The victor of war would be
The city of which the King is slain" that’s the way to be free
Codrus, was much determined his beloved Athens, he to save
Thus his kingly clothes took off, went the enemy to brave 
To Spartans the oracle was known, to their soldiers gave orders 
No one to hurt king Codrus, else they had to leave the borders

Codrus, as a peasant soon was dressed, ax in hand was he holding 
As he approached the Spartans’ camp, his fury was fast unfolding
Spartans, him, didn’t recognize and with a sword they cut him down 
But then saw that the king was he, wrapped inside that filthy gown 

Instantly their camp the Spartans broke and left that same day
To return to Sparta their city and found themselves at bay   

The Athenians then decided, by no means, a new King  them to find 
For none would love his land As Codrus did, with all his heart and mind

This the way democracy**** was born, some thirty-one centuries ago
When Athenians, the King’s powers passed to people, by only a single law

© Demetrios Trifiatis
   12 OCTOBER 2014

*Codrus (in Greek, Kodros) was the last of the semi-mythical Kings of Athens that ruled between 1089-1068 B.C. He is considered the finest example of patriotism and self-sacrifice. This is his story!
**The most powerful states in ancient Greece was Sparta and Athens..
During the time of the Spartan invasion of Athens territory in 1068 B.C. the Spartans consulted the Delphic Oracle, who prophesied that their invasion would succeed as long as the king of Athens was not harmed.
***At Delphi was the temple of Apollo, son of Zeus! One of Apollo’s duties was
To reveal to humans his father’s Will. The Greeks of old were doing nothing 
unless they were consulting Apollo who was the prophet par excellence.  Once 
Apollo was giving his reply the Greeks obeyed it to the letter!
****Democracy is the combination of two words: Demos and Cratos . Demos means the People and Cratos means Power so Democracy means Power to the People.

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Dad Never Knew His Father

Dad never knew his father.  That soldier died in a war.
All Dad heard was brief stories of the man that went before.
Grandma had some pictures and some medals on a wall.
But Dad never knew his father which was what mattered most of all

I’ve done some family history, and seen the ship’s manifest.
I’ve heard again the story of the good ship Lafayette--
How Grandma and her children searched the waves for periscopes,
Knowing that one torpedo could blow away all of their hopes.

This could have been in any war.  Soldiers die and families flee.
But this was the family story that was handed down to me.
It started in old England, then to an immigration line:
A 3-year-old at Ellis Island, in July 1939.

They fled their burning country, to be called “war refugees”.
With help from an old uncle and a kind community,
Grandma made a new start here in the land of liberty.
They learned that Grandpa was killed in ‘44 in Italy.

I found online the letter, that my Grandma didn’t see,
About how the Sergeant-Major’s infantry company
Was caught out in the open by Wehrmacht artillery.
The letter said he didn’t suffer.  Was he really killed instantly?

I never knew my Grandpa, though I was named after him.
Though I served a different flag, I was a soldier like him.
I’ve seen my father’s scrapbook, and Grandpa’s medals on the wall.
But I never knew my Grandpa which was what mattered most of all.

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Why do people look at me
as if, I'm fruit from a poisonous tree

I'm not strange and wouldn't hurt a flea
yet they act, as if they see a killer bee

Avoiding eye contact, then running off
I'm brand new and not feed from a trough 

I'm not beautiful, just a piece of fine art
take a look, you'll see, what sets me apart

I may look big but, I'm an average weight
When you pick me up, your fear will abate

You can hold me with your hand, to investigate
If you want to learn the truth, don't speculate

People segregate, perpetuate or regulate fear 
Please let me educate you, about my sear

Put my butt, on your shoulder, and hold it there
As you learn, practice safety and always beware

I'm strong and powerful and benefit all mankind
Vision and sanity required, I can't read man's mind

I'm a new semi-automatic weapon with many a name
Man made, blame his greed, insanity for the shame

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What's in Our American Future

Is our American Nation, now the new frontier
by accepting All People that seek work and life here

I understand technology has shrunken this world
Did the Rights of Citizens shrink, as our flag unfurled

It seems that the loudest voices that you hear today
All cater to self interest, while trying to lead America astray

"We the People" does it still mean Citizens have the Voice
To decide what is best for America, We The People Make The Choice

When big money and interests from outside these states
Try to dictate Our Future, by buying people to act as mates

Remember the words shouted by Paul Revere on his ride
Listen to the cries from our ancestors as they seek to divide

When limits are the only solutions and if bans become fact
Citizens think for yourself, what you lose, and judge the impact

If our States Rights are limited, to a path by government as planned
It's our ancestors battles, blood and voices that put a vote in your hand

We can Teach All The Children of whats right and whats wrong
To pray, Trust in God, the value of family and how to belong  

We have been leaving teaching to others to seek and accumulate wealth
Without thinking coins can't buy an Angel or protect children's mental health

Their are so many different answers That We All Need To Discuss,
so cut those puppet strings, start thinking, instead of riding the bus

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On a Soldier's Death

His back meets the cold, wet grass under him,
his eyes meet the blue endless sky hovering over him.

The cigarette from his hand dies out as it meets the sopping grass below
He feels the blood escape his body that now is no longer whole.

As he stares up into the sky,
he thinks of the girl he hated to leave behind.

He thinks of his mother, her tears streaming down,
his father’s proud hand, as it strongly grazed his crown.

He thinks of the men fighting for their life,
He thinks of his enemy, ducking for his life.

He thinks of the reasons war even exists,
Maybe this isn’t the way one should even live.

The sounds of his men approaching feels distant in his ear,
the struggle to save a life is unyielding,
when the bullet cuts through the heart,
there is no weaker feeling. 

Slowly the sounds of planes hushes down,
The sounds of gunfire are stifled,

The missiles whistling in the background stop
and all of nature’s sounds just suppress, as they come to a halt.

The men become blurry as his eyes start to freeze,
The body that once fought, now turned to solid ice.

For the last time in his life,
he thinks of the girl he wishes he never left behind.

He thinks of his mother, whose tears will continue to run,
the father’s proud hand, that wont ever touch his son.

In these last few seconds, he does not feel scared,
as he spent this life fighting strongly for his homeland.

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The X Legion Attack Order

From: Governor Silva, Lucias Flavius

To: Commander, Legio X "Fretensis"

The Judean slaves finally finished the assault ramp.
Order the centurions to roust the legionnaires from each camp.
Give each of your legionnaires extra water and a double ration,
Then assemble the squares and set them in motion.
The last of the defenders are cowering behind the wall.
Well before nightfall, I should expect Masada fortress to fall.
Among Eleazar Ben Yair's Zealots are Sicarii assassins,
So ensure that each prisoner taken is searched for hidden weapons.
Capture as many as you can of them to be sold for slaves;
But toss all their dead off the cliffs--don't bother digging graves.
It may still be awhile before the Tenth Legions rotates back home;
When that day comes, I'm sure Vespasian will honor you all before Rome.

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The Flag is You -- Ground Zero

Your words became the thread that strung
the stars in skies so blue.
That represent the fifty states
of Muslim Christian Jew.

Your thoughts recorded secretly
in a cozy nook of night.
Are heartfelt for the victims
these represent the white.

Your hearts that grieved in unison
for an unknown toll of dead.
Beat sad but proud in every chest
and they became the red.

That flag they raised amid the ruins
The red the white the blue.
A symbol of eternal hope
Was planted there by you.

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On what the Spartans need

What the Spartans of
each country need is
their own legendary
hero Leonidas.

Volodymyr Knyr

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Dad Did Die

Dad Did Die

Why was it really meant to be?
Dad did die serving his country
And me and my family were left alone
Each day when the sun had shone.

I am still so lonely each night
And sad tears off have to fight
Never receiving a one last kiss;
Him forever will always miss.

It is now Memorial Day again;
My dad was one of many mighty men
Who for country had given his all
And for him one day God did call.

James Serious Mysterious Horn
Bolivia, NC Name of Father
Arthur Frederick Horn, CPO, AOC, USN

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Always Want to Abide

Wish I Always Was

Wish I always was in America
Perfect place where I want to be
My poem was inspired by Andrea
Who has meant so much to me.

Trees stood tall and rivers were wide
Found fragrant flowers and history
In America, always want to abide
Clearly seen and to me never a mystery.

By God was planned perfect and profound
While we are all safe, sane and secure
For American we soon will be bound
And then there start to take a tour.

America is were we finally did arrive
And all the people which we had met
Were glad that God had let us survive
How pretty was the stunning sunset.

Always inspired by Andrea
Who loves living in America.

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An American Born and Bred

An American Born and Bred

Have heard with pride many people say,
They love America and here will stay;
In front of house, is a flag that flies,
Under Carolina clear and bright blue skies.

So this poem with you want to share
And treat country and flag with care;
Give it much honor and also praise;
Even if raining or sunny, shiny days.

Do love them both like a small boy,
Who everyday plays with his toy,
We bought which was a drum;
America is where he has been from.

Born and bred to be a brave American,
And no matter what, will remember when,
He enlisted with eloquence when he said,
Always keep a flag folded under my bed.

Each morning will take it out with me,
So whole neighbor can clearly see,
My respect for God, Country and flag;
Brought one more in my lunch bag.

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War-Born Lullaby

I hear a mother softly cry
As she sings a war-born lullaby.

The song of a father who went away,
To give freedom one more day.

He promised that he would return,
Return from watching evil burn.

It was a promise he could not keep,
As now he sleeps an eternal sleep.

He gave his life so his child could see,
A land of freedom and liberty.

His body now rests beneath green grass,
His medals and picture behind clear glass.

His soul, however, is not gone.
His ideas and dreams are carried on.

She sings the song of war’s high cost.
She sings the song of freedom not lost.

She sings of a father’s sacrifice,
For his country and family he gave his life.

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Women In Military Poem (WIMP)

Come on now and get a load of him;
He looks so nice and stays so trim
And of course is handsome as can be;
When in shower all of him can see.

Body's so strong and beyond compare;
Likes looking at himself in under ware;
Has ego which is always expanding;
Great fisherman and big ones is landing.

Joined Navy but wanted duty on shore
So he decided to join the Marine Corps;
In parade would wear a sharp uniform;
He will start sweating when it gets warm.

Women all started to enlist in Uncle Sam;
Some joined Marines and became a "BAM";
Then there were others who did crave 
Being part of our Navy and are a "WAVE".

On back others didn't want to wear a pack;
Would now be women who are a "WAC";
At night, have guard duty over me and you;
Without woman, what would we ever do? 

James Hawthorne Horn
RiverSea Plantation
Bolivia, NC

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Pentagon Word Poem

Pentagon Word Poem of Seven Stanzas

I want my own way;
May have much to say;
From heaven was sent,
To be President.

God gave me a hint;
When I will repent,
A great day can be;
You just wait and see.

Love land of the free;
Is best place for me,
So without delay
Right here I shall stay.

Have been home at last;
Bygones will be past;
No longer some slave;
God, me He did save.

Will happily sing;
Birds start to take wing;
Freedom I have found;
Love hearing soft sound.

Started to say prayer,
For those everywhere;
God gave much for sure;
Help us to endure.

Wake up my fine friend;
World will reach an end;
God's Son He will send;
New life will begin.

James Thomas Horn, Retired Veteran
Central Themes are President Lincoln and Slavery

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This is a poem I just wrote for Veterans Day Meeting to be held at
RiverSea Clubhouse in Bolivia, NC on November 8th from two to

Veterans from Groups That Vary

Being a Veteran is what we desired,
From day we entered until retired;
For missions us they did select
From all fear and enemies to protect.

Even if in uniform or civilian clothes
Veterans we are and everyone knows
Perfect posture with shoulders drawn back
To dusk from new dawn's early crack.

Example for others have tried to set
Outside when dry or might be wet
At funeral of friend who was a comrade
Which was attended by mom and dad.

Bugle starts to sound TAPS in the air
For concerned veterans who always do care,
While here today when we all now meet;
America, no one will be able to defeat.

James Thomas Horn
Retired Veteran

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Life and Love of Lincoln

>> Life and Love of Lincoln

>> Saw many waves of worthy slaves; 
>> One day will end up in their graves;
>> Before to each baby had given birth,
>> To those living life on this earth.

>> All grow up to be women and men;
>> Life's cycle started all over again;
>> Brought into world by their wives,
>> Who would welcome all new lives.

>> Out in cotton fields had been picking,
>> As hands of time did continue ticking;
>> Later off to church, they liked to go;
>> Sang so sweetly and faces did glow.

>> Anything, they surely would do,
>> Which made many dreams come true;
>> Some may seem small to you and me,
>> By slaves who wanted to be free.

>> Lincoln's legacy had been passed,
>> Created by him forever to last;
>> While watching a play on some stage,
>> Was killed by person with much rage.
>> Life and love of Lincoln lingers on;
>> Up into heaven, he now has gone;
>> When Gettysburg Address, we do say;
>> Voice of him can be heard everyday. 

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Turn One More Page

Turn One More Page

With Republicans and Democrats, we are cursed
When we all truthfully, really are Americans first;
Might not agree with President's style and grace
But what would I try to do if I were in his place?

People, about things, have been known to gloat
And turned our President into a scapegoat;
To me it makes no difference what party he's in,
They still will blame him again and again.

There are also old Senators doing the same
By on our President placing all of the blame;
Republicans, his failure tried forcing to be;
All the trouble they started, can't they see?

A new proud President soon will be here,
And will he or she still have the same fear;
They may be popular and in high standing;
My only hope is that they have a safe landing.

So mere politics should be shoved aside;
All of those things which we had to hide
Will again be brought back to center stage
While in history have to turn one more page.

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Sons And Daughters Of Zion

Copyright © 2014

These sons and daughters of Zion
  bears the songs and trails of triumph.

Before the coffins are shipped
  and their bags are zipped.

These sons and daughters of Zion
  bears the songs and trails of triumph.

So, let not their Nation regret
  for their blood and sweat.

These sons and daughters of Zion
  bears the songs and trails of triumph.

But, represent them with pride
  not racism as most try to hide.

These sons and daughters of Zion
  bears the songs and trails of triumph.

So, please receive them with cheer
  it's only their enemies you fear.

These sons and daughters of Zion
  bears the songs and trails of triumph.

America, America, GOD gave this land to thee
  purge thyself from what we all now see
  for these sons and daughters of Zion
  who bears the songs and trails of triumph.

by: LPruitt
 composed:  12:25pm

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Incentive and Initiative

Incentive and Initiative

Cat was both purring and up had been curled
While watching our flag which was now unfurled
Blowing in breeze and by nothing being bothered
Like great, friendly new idea in being fathered.

God, new poem to me again, He has granted
Which into my mind was so safely planted
With meaningful purpose which was to give
You effort to write poems with added incentive.

Instead of just sitting there while you will stare
Write many poems like mine all beyond compare
And in everyone's soil which is always native
Will grow more poems when you take the initiative.

Jame Thomas Horn
Retired Veteran