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Couplet Love Poems | Couplet Poems About Love

These Couplet Love poems are examples of Couplet poems about Love. These are the best examples of Couplet Love poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Under the Same Moon -3-Way-Collaboration-

 ~Under the Same Moon~

Our days are different, living under the same moon
Down here in TEXAS, life carries a different tune
This world spins on its lovely axis
Listening to our Tex-Mex of our English lexis
We share a world made with the trust of God's hand
Revealing the beauty that life continue to expand
Don't underestimate our football image of our Cow Boy land
A mysterious Mockingbird only we Texans understand
Surrounded by the sweetest Pecan trees
The Northern Winters come in like a breeze and a tease
We also have them Blue Bonnet fields that come and go
Tell me about CANADA, what makes its motion flow?
Branded like a Long Horn, with my Lone Star State pride
How about you, CHRIS A. What's up on your side?

Chris D.Aechtner
Different lives, different lands, living under the same moon,
waking up to the ghostly calls of the wild loon.
Look upon mountains and forests stretching into infinity-
mighty Sequoias and tall Douglas firs stand majestically.
I could offer stereo-typical images of hockey, snow and moose,
or sockeye salmon, maple syrup and the great Canadian goose,
but we Canucks are becoming tired of idly standing by
as the rest of the world dips its fingers into our Northern pie.
We are a nation of peaceful, open-minded hospitality,
shying away from brutality by offering liberal neutrality.
Before I blow my top as my strong emotions collide,
I should definitely step away from my nationalistic pride,
and ask about the Philippines and its tropical flair-
how about you Nikko, what is happening over there?

Oceans away, here I am, living under the same moon
Sun’s rising over there; here, dish runs away with the spoon
My sleep is whacked, so I’m wide awake when you are,
amazing how we can all be in one place even if we’re all very far
Where islands form the shape of an old man, waters hug our shores
Tropical Paradise here, when you explore the great outdoors
Awesome sunsets, bountiful fiestas, the warmest smiles to greet you...
We here just love to eat when there’s nothing else to do!
Colorful rice cakes, freshest seafood, the most succulent mangoes~
Sunny days or rainy days, the creativity here just flows.
Resilient. This is a word that pops to mind when I think of us Filipinos-
We bend and bounce back, no matter how hard the wind blows.
This is just a sneak peek, but I’d love to know more about Utah
Care to share what’s on your side, my dear friend Andrea?

      ( 3 Way Collaboration )

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- Valentine Jewel -

A timeless sense of joy a magical fairy dust sprinkle from the stars
My heart's flame one rhythmic and sensual warm dance

Listening to our sweet music echoes magic whispers inside the mirrors glow 
Power stands within the beauty romancing warm waves uniting flow 

In a halo of silver light shining luster deeply sparkles over wishes beam 
Each new moon embracing forever spotlighting precious silver ball in one dream   

Our love brought us together through life's destiny
Two souls have united entwined in love's single embrace
Beautiful snowflake you're one of a kind always unique falling true rings 
Softly warm melting desires lovingly touch gently finding Heaven sings  

When the gaze of my eyes meets yours
You bring me joy and happiness my dear valentine

A co write written by L. Mcdaid and A -L Andresen :) - 06.02.2015

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I'm still alive and I don't know why?
My heart survived falling from the butterfly sky

Caught by the hands of destiny
With visions only I can see!

My love I heard your call
Wings of a butterfly broke my fall

Love motion is in the air, a love no one can compare
Indulging a look-a-stare- that we both share

Reminiscing our love made out of stolen hope
Awe~:*! To  them butterfly kisses that felt so real

Flowing like Amazing Grace, 
A shining light upon my face.

I traveled fast and far, longing to be in your arms
I desire, the warm sensation of your charms

Your safe love will help me carry on,
With the strength and bond~the love you set upon

Nothing is better than a sensual butterfly kiss
Beyond the sensation of heaven's pure bliss

Fluttering in the clouds aiming for the moon
A dream of reality, out of my cocoon I bloom!

Valued by the art of true beauty and its rarity
True love flapping in the mist of clarity

I entwine that I am yours and you are mine
Bonded together till the end of time

With the vision my heart is no longer blind
Two broken hearts at last combined

I glide below to touch your lip.
Our lashes touch from tip to tip.

Caressing each other as our wings expand
Two hearts- kisses collide and land

Holding your hand reaching to the rainbow sky.
Kisses:*kisses:* like the butterfly!

Dedicated to *Nathan*

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In This Elegant World

Waltzing, I’m waltzing around and around with a one-two-three, one-two-three, to the sweet sound of the orchestra playing. I’m one lucky girl, for I’m with someone special who knows how to twirl me so masterfully, and the ladies so fair wearing gowns and with ribbons tied up in their hair move among us like swans, each a belle of this ball. Now we glide past the lights that adorn a long wall, and I hold up my skirt from the smooth shiny floor as I smile up with joy at the face I adore. For this gent, my pure love I am waiting to give. In this elegant world, it’s romance that we live! With a one-two-three, one-two-three, always I’ll be in the arms of this beautiful man leading me. For Ballroom Delights Contest

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Revelation in the Rain

She briskly walks in January’s rain, which drums the endless rhythm of her pain, pulling closer round her shoulder in the downpour the leather jacket he so often wore. Another day like this she can remember when he had worn the jacket, and against her he’d pressed as they stood kissing in the rainfall. The world could wash away; he was her all! No storm could stop their loving as they raced with great anticipation to his place. Before they’d even reached the bedroom door, they’d flung their rain-soaked clothes along the floor. Underneath the sheets, though cold and wet, they madly kissed. He was as passionate as winter’s storm away from which they’d run, and yet he warmed her like sweet summer’s sun! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ She‘s almost home; the rain has nearly died. She thinks of all the nights she lay and cried. While thinking how the rainstorm’s cold still lingers, inside the jacket’s pockets she moves her fingers. In the lining of one pocket, her fingers meet a crumpled piece of paper - an old receipt - its date from when, without a word, he’d left their town and in the city, by a drunk had got run down. The piece of paper gives her now a revelation- A high class jewelry store had been his destination. He’d planned to ask her very soon to be his wife. and bought a ring there on that last day of his life! His parents gave his jacket to her, yet she’d always guessed the worst for why he’d left. What happened to the ring? She cannot know. But now her tears with bitter sweetness flow.

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This Moonlit Night

On the balcony I stand this moonlit night Behind me she sleeps content within sight If I stand to my left, allowing the moons pass This lunar beam delights my beautiful lass Dark haired, tanned, amidst silken white sheets Two loves of my life in glowing right meet Open doors where I stand this moonlit night It's I whom she sees in the morn's first light

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- Valentines Kiss -

Forever dazzling golden memories treasure flashbacks
Floating always within deep waters mirror reflections

There's nothing in the universe that compares to you
Into our world of inspirational and beautiful dreams

Growing wings in loves light freedom flies
Inside dancing warm waves of feathered feelings

I believe that you're my destiny I see the shine in my life
These are the special things that make me love you

Soul touching beautiful blue rising sparkling diamond kiss
Salted from deepest ocean currents one dream sings 

Exactly where the ocean begins and it decides to meet
Making me want to live in the moment forever
Sweet lips burst with flavor tides turn as the piper fish plays music
Flying over the sea sweet tunes dancing in ripples of light 

With honesty and compassion a gift so great
I can only give you one thing my love is where you are

A co write written by Liam Mc Daid and Anne-Lise Andresen
thank you anne lise a pleasure writing this with you dear friend 

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In The Distance

Words like whispers electrify my soul,
Recharging me from the outside, making me whole.

You mysterious melody soothes me to sleep,
In my dreams we share the future we keep.

Eyes awake to the same twinkling star,
Miles away endless unseemly not so far.

Your words, soft caresses, I need to hear,
No need to hide, I read you loud and clear.

The sweetest touch that I have never felt,
We play the fate that we have been dealt.

Oh the enchantment of your poetic embrace.
Takes me to this fantastic fantasy of a place.

Spirit strong and sure, a heart of purity like snow.
You comfort me in tenderness, blessings you bestow.

I feel your passion for the passion of the purest kind.
When I read your words, inspiration I do find.

My friend, beyond the distance, I feel complete.
For in the night you have swept me off of my feet.


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- Valentines Kiss -

Forever dazzling golden memories treasure flashbacks 
Floating always within deep waters mirror reflections

There's nothing in the universe that compares to you
Into our world of inspirational and beautiful dreams 

Growing wings in loves light freedom flies
Inside dancing warm waves of feathered feelings

I believe that you're my destiny I see the shine in my life
These are the special things that make me love you 

Soul touching beautiful blue rising sparkling diamond kiss
Salted from deepest ocean currents one dream sings

Exactly where the ocean begins and it decides to meet
Making me want to live in the moment forever

Sweet lips burst with flavor tides turn as the piper fish plays music
Flying over the sea sweet tunes dancing in ripples of light

With honesty and compassion a gift so great 
I can only give you one thing my love is where you are 

A co write written by L. Mc Daid and A-L Andresen :) 

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Hand In Hand

Slowly we walk on the sandy white beach, hand in hand
A perfect Caribbean night, with sounds of the steel band 

A little kiss, a little hug, a little happiness from above
The two of us together in paradise sharing our deep love

Making memories on the first night of the rest of our life
That beautiful vision sent to save me, is now my wife

Playfully we both frolic in the surf, as the tide gently rolls
Not a care in the world, two free spirits baring their souls

The harvest moon is beaming high painting a perfect setting
Two lovers absorbed in each other, forever remembering

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Face To Face

Here we lie face to face How I long for your embrace I'll just lie still and enjoy the view cause baby I'm in love with you My path has been arduous like a black swan's song But finally, I am with you all night long. Feeling your hand upon my cheek Your voice smoky and sweet. Pleasuring the depths of my mind I'll be yours til the end of time My heart racing for your touch Yearning for this night so much You slipped silently, into my soul Fed my dream and made me whole I think of you at all times This rose bleeds between the lines Each breath I take, each beat of my heart You've had me from the very start Your words, your touch, your soul so sweet With you my peach, my life's complete Strong emotions, sweetest smiles, reflect beauty in your eyes. Fiery passion, ardent love, cascade our feelings to the skies

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YOUR HEART WHISPERS - A Collab with Shane Cooper

YOUR HEART WHISPERS - A collaboration with Shane Cooper

 Tenderly your heart whispers ever so soft and low.
 Warm breaths caress my ear as your love you show.

 Kindred spirits speak loves divine words that play.
 As your heart whispers through each word you say.

Oh, hold me close in loving arms, feel the warmth of my skin.
 Kiss me deeply passionately as our hearts whispers begin.

 Your hands caress my face tenderly, my lips part and I sigh.
 Our hearts whispers grow as my love for you I do descry.

 On silken sheets our bodies entwined two hearts beat as one.
 Lost in your brown eyes the web of our hearts whispers is spun.

 My hands move gently lower playing over your Ivory breasts.
 My kiss touches your ear our hearts whispers to love do attest.

 Soft sighs from lips parted, shared heart whispers heard in velvet of night.
 Whilst two lovers shadows dance on the wall bathed in pleasures delight.

 Holding tight and caressing with lips bringing sweet pleasures untold.
 On downy covers where two hearts whispers as one begin to unfold.

My lips caress sweet roses as my fingers play lightly over your silken thigh.
 Auburn hair frames your angels face, our hearts whispers take wing and fly.

 Fingers feather light, move in rhythm to the beat of your needs and desire.
 Hearts whispers of passion and delight ignite your soul in raging fire.

 Heavenly scent fills the room as loves passions begin to be met.
 Hearts whispers cry out as every desire filled on satin sheets wet.

 Two glistening bodies lay bare as souls become one in loves dance tonight.
 In perfect rhythm our hearts whispers shared in the shadows of candlelight.

 Lost in passion our bodies joined rising and falling in loves throws.
 Hearts whispers of pleasure unending as our lips join and time slows.

 Voices cry out in unison as hearts whispers the ecstasy of love sated Laying together in gentle embrace our love is forever unabated.

*Thank you so much Shane for allowing me to work with you on this passionate write darlin' friend...Love Mary xxx*

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Butterfly Wings

Like butterfly wings so fragile and soft 'neath my fingertips.
So feather like are his kisses upon my waiting ruby lips.

The playful flutter of his fingers that dance upon my skin.
Such sweet pleasures it brings like a sensuous forbidden sin.

His loving embrace so tender like the wings of a beautiful butterfly.
His words soft and heartfelt their beauty brings a tear to my eye.

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Soft Whispers

Soft whispers in the dark in the shadows of the lovers moon tonight.
As the stars sparkle like tiny gems in the soft glow of the moonlight.

She comes to her lover in a soft gown of ribbons and white lace.
As his loving arms await anxiously lovingly to embrace.

Her porcelain shoulders bare as her gown falls gently to the floor.
He caresses and kisses them as he aches for her love all the more.

Her skin so warm and soft as her lover kisses her softly below the ear.
So tenderly she pulls him to her breasts holding him oh so near.

Oh,to taste of her sweet lips as a crimson rose petal so red.
As they lay upon white satin sheets of the old victorian bed.

Flowing down her pale shoulders her long auburn hair does fall.
The candles are lit as two lovers shadows dance on the wall.

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Beauty Of The Rose - Valentine

A Valentine write.

I return from work I slowly open the front door,
Rose petals lead to the stairs across the wooden floor.

I put down my briefcase I take off my coat,
Across this wooden floor my feet seem to float.

The roses they go up to the top of the stair,
My shoes I sling off without a single care.

As I go up the stairs I do remove my clothes,
I just want to reach my most beautiful Rose.

At the top of the stairs the petals lead along the hall,
I follow them as If they were a siren call.

They go under a closed door to a bedroom of Love,
My heart Is In wonder I now seek my golden dove.

I walk through the door and what do I see,
I see my living Rose on the bed looking right at me.

In your red underwear you lie atop the bed,
You are my valentine from your toes to your auburn haired head.

A beautiful red rose you hold so close to your heart
I know from this beauty I never shall part.

You lay aside the Rose and your arms welcome me
This Is my forever Love shall ever be.

I do lose myself In our kiss so divine,
I am ever yours and you are ever mine.

Now you smile and light up like a sun,
My valentine our time has finally come.

As bodies do join In the primal scream,
Let us close the door on a valentine dream.

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Scarlet Lips With Honeyed Kiss-Repost

Rose petal skin soft as bare shoulders peek from cotton gown that falls to the floor.
Scarlet lips with honeyed kiss beckoning to be savored once more.

Soft brown eyes gaze at you pleading to be held in loving embrace.
As slowly your fingertips down the soft curve of my spine they trace.

Whispered breaths warm against my neck as your kiss you slowly tease.
Tenderly... passionately your lips savor ivory breasts waiting to please.

Soft moans of passion cry out through the covers of velvet darkness of night.
As hands gently guide down milky thighs to dew drenched petals of delight.

Come now my darlin' let heavens gate open wide for pleasures untold.
As you enter in and let your every desire be one as sweet ecstasy unfolds.

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Passions Sweet Nectar

Whispered breath brings sweetened moans on rose petal skin.
Inhaling soft seduction,awakening pleasures deep within.

Soft kisses down silken neck trail warm and soft.
As two lovers lay bare, high in the bedroom loft.

Gentle loving hands glide slowly over milky velvet thighs.
Two bodies ache for sweet release as softly she sighs.

Fingertips probe forbidden places with tender finesse. 
Moistened rose petals softly scented with each caress.

Savored delicacy from love's rosebud intoxicatingly sweet.
As two lovers come together when their passions they meet.

Passions sweet nectar so succulent it's juice smoothly does flow.
Shared between two lovers as the velvet night moves slow.

Two hearts that beat as one 'neath the soft glow of moonlight.
Two lovers lay in sweet rapture of heavenly dreams this night.

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We Danced Through Life

We danced amongst the stars that night
when joy had fallen far from sight 

We danced under the sun so bright
And when all seemed lost, we held on tight

We danced to the music of hummingbirds
And we danced in the silence when there were no words.

We danced in the shadows of fear and doubt
And we danced when we questioned what life’s about

We danced amongst the evergreens
That posed for painters winter scenes.

We danced in the winters bitter chill
And when we danced our world stood still.

For that’s what love was meant to be
To find the dance when we cannot see.

To write a new song when the music stops
With lyrics that caress every tear that drops.

For when the rhythm changes and tempo slowed
We’re called to dance with the seeds we sowed.

For life is hard, there is no doubt
But Dancing through it, is what life’s about.

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~Moon & Sea~

Hey boy won't you open that door?
Let's sing and walk by the shore

Come and spread out your eyes
Block looking for reasons, and whys?

The cosmos are more than a space to explore
Don't hide when I need.... Plus more.

Finish playing a master in disguise!
Lets find the perfect sunrise, sunset surprise. 

Put your arms around me
Allow your moon to reflect off my sea

Too much time has passed you by
Come outside with and view the horizon up high

I've got my eyes set upon you
There's no need to feel blue

Hey boy comes, climb up this tree!
I'm going to show you all the things you can't touch, you can't see.

Lets fit the luxury and beauty of this world into our play.
Don't say them words that will set me free to walk away.

Take this kiss and see how it feel deep within your heart.
Close your eyes in my garden, and draw with the fragrance of art

I want to take you into that space, astronomy love.
Making it easy to float with the clouds way up above.

Glide away from the blame of gravity and self destruct.  
Bounce of the dust of hurt when you fall and get cut.

Boy, let's hold in this perfect air together.
Leave the cold end of someone else's weather.

Follow me beyond the distance of chemistry.
I will expose your moon and explain the physics of my sea. 

Give it another chance and you will see!
Your moon, is skin deep, needing water from me. 

Turn on the tune in your heart, and listen to me. 
In every sunrise, the moon entwines with the sea. 

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The Universe of You

THE UNIVERSE OF YOU I have never seen a flower blush when I took it's hue and held it there a prisoner captive to my view. I have always heard the song that's in the autumn breeze playing taps in harmony with the forest leaves. I love the smell of rain that brings the springtime into bud and swells my love of nature into a teeming flood. I celebrate the cycle of the daytime into night and find an equal blessing in the shadow and the light. I've always felt affinity for all created things and surrender to the pleasure that their beauty brings. And though I could spent a lifetime sailing drops of dew I've never seen a universe as beautiful as you. I've often sat myself by gentle mountain streams and overflowed the dams that were holding back my dreams. I've breathed the scented forest on the mountainside and washed away my sorrows in an evening ocean tide. I've laid down in a meadow and debated with the moon and spent some quiet moments on the surface of Neptune. I got married to a zodiac with one of Saturn's rings then spied a super nova and went on a cosmic fling. I've run away to nebulae in galaxy brochures and bathed in scenes of wonders on distant planet shores. Every cosmos in creation could parade before my view but I've never seen a universe as beautiful as you. I've never seen a tree once withdraw it's shade and deny a creature the comfort of its aid. I've never seen any anger in the sun at noon when it burns relentlessly on the desert dune. At sunrise I take an oath to live with all my might and reinforce my gratitude each and every night. I could spend some hours riding on a crystal flake drifting wildly in a gale mindless of my fate. Many times I've been through trials or wind and rain and snow then sentenced to the splendors that the seasons show. And though I've searched throughout creation, I must say this is true I've never seen a universe as beautiful as you.

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Forgotten Valentine

An old house I am led to -it is the symbol of Memories in cobwebs - like those of old lost love. A storehouse for so many things buried in my mind. I open up its creaking door to see what I might find. Lovely notes of music come wafting down its stairs So poignant is its melody that my poor heart tears. It brings to me the image of one afternoon When I walked with someone in summer by the dune. I listen to the tickling of the ivory Picturing two people splashing each other by the sea. The music now is drifting to me soft and low. I see the setting sun. We’re bathed in crimson glow. Beautifully and slowly the notes keep being played. In the arms of my old Valentine rhythmically I’m swayed. The keys of the piano now are pounding fast. In the moonlight he and I are making love at last. Finally the keys are played as if they were caressed. And a bitter sweetness swells within my breast. Slowly creeping up the stairs I go to learn the truth. Who has played this long-time buried memory of youth? On the old piano’s bench, I see an imprint lies, And I think I can hear my phantom lover’s sighs. Forgotten valentine, will you please return And play again that melody of love for which I yearn? For the Incurable Romantic Poetry Contest of Kim Morrison

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I Love Horses: A--Z

I Love Horses: A--Z

A is for... Appaloosa. They have 
blankets on their rumps. 
B is for...Belgian. They work 
hard and can pull up stumps. 

C is for...Clydesdale. They're 
BIG bays with white fluffy feet. 
D is for...Dartmoore, a pony 
from the moors--so sweet!

E is for...Egyptian, the finest 
horse on desert sand. 
F is for...Fresian: Big black War 
Horse--a Knight's demand. 

G is for...Gypsy Vanner, a rare 
beauty like fairy tales. 
H is for...Hanoverian. The best 
all-round from England hails. 

I is for...Irish Tinker. A loyal 
horse that's black and white. 
J is for...Java Pony. He's 
Indonesia's working sprite. 

K is for...Knapstrup. He's a 
horse full of leopard spots!
L is for...Lipizzaner: Grey 
leapers known in the Big Tops!

M is for...Mustang. Wild and 
Free--roams America's West. 
N is for...Nonius: Big-headed 
black and drives the best. 

O is for...Oldenburg. Dressage 
ribbons just get bigger. 
P is for...Palomino. Roy Rogers 
named his, Trigger. 

Q is for...Quarter Horse, 
cowboy's fav'rite! Does 
R is for...Racking Horse. His 
ride's so smooth it will make 
you sing. 

S is for...Spotted Saddle Horse, 
Gaited beauty everyone loves. 
T is for...Thoroughbred. Racing, 
"The Sport of Kings", he does. 

U is for...Ukrainian Riding 
Horse: Beautiful born after 
War's end. 
V is for...Vlaamperd: Flemish 
black stallion and true friend. 

W is for...White Horse(Albino). 
The Lone Ranger's 'Silver'--of 
X is for...Xilingol. He's 
Mongolia's riding draft horse. 

Y is for...Yonagui, a chestnut 
pony from Japan. 
Z is for...Zebra: African wild 
but tamed by man. 

A personal therapist long past 
the end,
The love of a the 
love... of a Friend. 

deborah burch

For Cyndi's contest

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Faraway Queen

The moonbeams bore you in a cradle of light smiling   
warmly a cold blue winter moon rocking over and back thoughts

Midnight mystery howling to a silver reflection deeply echoes whispering winds
over Snow Mountain faraway dreaming stars twinkle in your treasure jewels 

Lost trying to catch your trail freedom inside love the spark igniting 
magic believing in a fairy tale ending dust in a thousand dreams enchanting

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Momentary Embrace

His hands sank through the air, almost motionless.
Time lacked its delicate, balanced consistency. 

The intensity built amongst passions hue.
Every moment permeates the stars. 

Natures’ perspiration silks the air. 
The slightest movements bring life’s meaning.

Hang on to every heavy inhalation 
Seconds turn to dust as time disintegrates.

For one fleeting breath you are everything and nothing.
For one momentary embrace you are someone and everyone.

The lust of God captured in a pupils’ dilation.
Love coils the climax across the skin.

With closed eyes and pouting lips.
Her soul is engulfed and set free.

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Sweetly Sings

Medicine of this soul faraway with a dream seventh Heaven looking across a sea
the other night went for a walk strolling against a cold wind distant thoughts

Crying seagulls on the beach looking around even snow lying in the sand 
it was quite an awakening cold cutting ice wind blowing across the brow

Listening to the echoing roars crunching of great cliffs tasting salted air
waves crashing thunder I thought of you as the surf sprayed on shores
Oh the moon as the winds howl laying golden whispers your name landing wishes fall on a star sparkling beams Heaven you came to me under a crystal blue white light 

An angel fallen who found one miracle lost in this world drunken in the chalice of love 
each drop dripping passion adoring loves beauty forever and always

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-Angel Of Light

Gazing faraway reaching to the stars twinkle silver 
shooting distant light of life orbiting inside one fantasy 

Blazing hot burning trails upon a flaming kiss
from out of this world flies to You a dream 

You lift me from darkness, it lives a star in your heart 
Come with me and see tomorrow, where happiness replaces sorrow 

Smiling weightless floating on magic dust spells cast 
the heart golden overflowing deeply sweeping sands 

A small moment of a lifetime, unaware of what it really was 
Creates art is demanding but ride the wind, catch a star 

Love flows pure washed surf inside the ocean waves crash on shore 
Tides turning emotions swell unfolding feelings wild horses at your feet 

Of music golden notes feels the dream really, but it's just fantasy 
Honesty precious way even with storms and lashing rain 

Enlightening eyes in one vision of a mind circling angelic beauty beholding love 
who openly smiles pure in amazing grace always and forever shines

 A co write written by Liam Mcdaid and Anne-Lise Andresen  - 04.01.2015

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A Flame Once Burned

~ My sizzling flame has faded in the midst of Summer's embrace and taken my virgin flower of delicately woven lace In subtle shadows and fading light silently in bewilderment I crumble without sight For each year of happiness and silver dream abound now a resonating memory silent without a sound As I walk the cobble stone path where our days had found no end I raise my arms above and pray for this love to mend If only a God-sent chance should fall my weary way this love I would cherish endless with each passing day In subtle shadows and fading light each memory of you held forever in soft moonlight ~ Contest

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Leprechauns, Fairies & All That I Need

Way back in the woods all nestled away
I found the place where Leprechauns play

To find the place I had to first find the door
Keeping it hidden is what the Waterfall is for

Behind the falls there lies a mystical cave
To scale the cliff one must be very brave

As you enter the cave these words are true
The most magical of places is waiting for you

The cave is not dark in fact it’s rather bright
For thousands of crystals are beaming with light

As you pass through the cave it is so clear to see
There are places on earth where men shouldn’t be

As I stepped out of the cave on the other side
My own amazement I could never hide

There were waterfalls, Rainbows & Butterflies galore
I felt as though I had stepped through Heavens door

As I took to the path it suddenly occurred to me
This path is made out of gold, as gold as could be

I looked at a tree stump and got lost in the spell
For the sign in front said, “The Leprechaun Hotel”

A hundred tiny windows were all beaming with light
For the sun had just dropped, dropped clean out of sight

A whole world had lit up right before me
Mushrooms were homes for Fairies you see

Sometimes in life we embrace the magic of a spell 
Mystical creatures in heaven, far as my eyes could tell

The fairies were tiny angels that lit up the night
I’ve never seen anything so beautiful and bright

Then all at once a feeling took over my soul
And I truly felt that it was time I should go

As I turned to leave I heard a Leprechaun say
From all of this gold you’ll just walk away

The fairy said, “One wish is granted to you”
“Make any wish you like and it will come true”

I explained how wealth was once all that I sought
And my dreams and wishes were already bought

You see God sent an Angel who planted a seed
That sprouted our love, which is all that I need

Inspired by a wall painting at my Dentist office
and written for my wife.

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By Dawns Early Light

Dawns early light breaks In the Heavens and soft whispers fall upon my ear,
Whilst the gentle caress of my love's hands pull me oh so near.

Body caresses body in passions dance within love supreme,
Love's desires ever flowing In this Love's early dawn scene.

Fingertips that glide over silken skin scented of musk softly to please,
Warm breasts that rise and fall from Love's lips that do surely tease.

Through kiss divine Love's river flows Into Love's ocean rare,
The Soul alight with love supreme Love's light beyond compare.

Soft sighs sing out as two lover's sillouettes dance to Love's song they play,
When dawns early light breaks In the Heavens and two bodies begin to sway.

By the dawn's early light Lover's embrace before rising sun they enthrall,
Passion and desire they always rise when dawn's Love comes to call. 

A Collaboration by Mary Jo Hoose & Michael P Clarke.

**Thank you Mike for helping me to get back into writing again and for being so sweet ....all my love always xxx**

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Softly You Dream

Your dreams so tenderly wrapped in satin pleasures 'neath pillowed head. 
As loves velvet touch so warmly embrace under downy covers in your bed. 

Deep kisses in the darkest of night you nuzzle jasmine scent in auburn hair. 
Romantic thoughts caressing delicately milky sweet softness of skin so fair. 

So moist your honeyed lips like morning dew on the rosebud in bloom. 
Whilst you dream of soft brown eyes beckoning to stay in your hearts room. 

Heavenly dreams that take you to an angels loving arms tonight. 
Where she takes you to her breasts so warm,so tenderly in plain sight. 

In heavenly dreams know you are my every desire my sweet addiction my need. 
Where two lovers embrace in satin pleasures and love tenderly plants it's seed.

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Lost In Love

Holding you inside one fragile beautiful flower blossoming dream
Sweet you are my love painting words breathtaking within all wishes

Silvery streak of moonlight shimmering a star 
only now I read between the lines trailing thoughts 

How can you ask someone to stop loving without care 
an impossible task even for the hardest of hearts  

If I were the last person on this planet sunshine through clouds 
that's how it draws to me you're asking me not to love you 

Misery likes company cuts deeper than a knife wounds beauty
never was the answer to love in our friendships face

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Loving is to through a pebble into the sea
and the ripple become a wave
to plant a seed
and it become a tree
to cook a meal
and it become a feast
to build a house 
and it become a home
to shine a light 
and it become a beacon
to speak a name
and it impart trust
to see what lies benieth
what is seen on the surface
to hear the secrets
of the heart being told
to touch and give 
comfort to a human being
to feel empathy instead
of sympathy in time of need
to let love be measured
by decades and deeds
where words are the least 
of expressions of these
but summerize the tears, fears
and tongue of our God
a relationship with both 
mate and Diety we laud
with works and prayers
love is more than words
it is the path we trod
love is a blanket
covered to keep warm
love is a needle
sewing socks while a fire burns
love is waking
before the break of dawn
love is baking and taking out
before it burns
love is a love note
during the day
love is thought
finding words to say
love is sometimes saying
"You can have it your way"
and love is duality in saying
"Lord give US this day"
where hell and high water
have no say
a sacred trust
in giving time away
love is forgiving all that
is abroad
love is not giving 
that which belongs
to God
the only place to find this love
it is the place we call heaven
up high above

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YOUR HEART WHISPERS - A collaboration with Mary Jo Hoose

Tenderly your heart whispers ever so soft and low 
Warm breaths caress my ear as your love you show

Kindred spirits speak loves divine words that play
As your heart whispers through each word you say

Oh, hold me close in loving arms, feel the warmth of my skin
Kiss me deeply passionately as our hearts whispers begin

Your hands caress my face tenderly, my lips part and I sigh
Our hearts whispers grow as my love for you I do descry

On silken sheets our bodies entwined two hearts beat as one
Lost in your brown eyes the web of our hearts whispers is spun

 My hands move gently lower playing over your Ivory breasts 
My kiss touches your ear our hearts whispers to love do attest 

Soft sighs from lips parted, shared heart whispers heard in velvet of night
Whilst two lovers shadows dance on the wall bathed in pleasures delight

Holding tight and caressing with lips bringing sweet pleasures untold
On downy covers where two hearts whispers as one begin to unfold

My lips caress sweet roses as my fingers play lightly over your silken thigh 
Auburn hair frames your angels face, our hearts whispers take wing and fly

Fingers feather light, move in rhythm to the beat of your needs and desire
Hearts whispers of passion and delight ignite your soul in raging fire

Heavenly scent fills the room as loves passions begin to be met.
Hearts whispers cry out as every desire filled on satin sheets wet

Two glistening bodies lay bare as souls become one in loves dance tonight 
 In perfect rhythm our hearts whispers shared in the shadows of candlelight

Lost in passion our bodies joined rising and falling in loves throws
Hearts whispers of pleasure unending as our lips join and time slows

Voices cry out in unison as hearts whispers the ecstasy of love sated 
Laying together in gentle embrace our love is forever unabated

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Love's Dreams Over The Miles - A Collaboration

"Love's Dreams Over The Miles."
A Valentine.
A Collaboration.

Your Love flows Its way to me every single day,
Growing stronger and stronger as It comes from miles away.

Your gossamer Rose caressing me my heart Is blessed,
Your Love ever gentle my heart does attest.

Blessed child of light within starlight dreams lie with me,
Within the heart Of God's starlight timeless sea.

Dreams of primal passion shall ever come to be,
The Temple of an Angel shall join as one with me.

Our Love dance silhouettes shall dance across the moon,
We dance to a white hot center when Love's glory does consume.

Now to drown In eyes of the softest brown bathing In liquid brown fire,
The song of my heart In all Its glory sings the song of our desire.

Passion ever stirred on In the heart of Heaven's domain,
After the passion dispersed Love true does remain.

Within the stars we ever find Love's own sweet bliss,
Come my Love let our heart's dance with every Loving Kiss.

I am ever yours and you are ever mine,
My sweet beloved you are my eternal Valentine.

Softly angel kisses are sent from across the miles today.
Loves sweet message is carried by songbirds across the way.

Tenderly two hearts are filled with loves words forevermore.
As passionate dreams two hearts dance through heavens door.

Butterfly kisses lay soft against ivory skin from lips warm and true.
When loving arms embrace anxiously the whole night through.

Stardust sprinkled down from heavenly skies of velvet dark tonight.
Whilst two lovers find their destined love hiding in plain sight.

Gentle caress from soft hands shown as my love for you will never part.
Fanning the flames of desires that burn molten hot within two lovers hearts.

Oh,let loves light shine through eyes mirrored, softest brown for only you.
As I gaze upon your sweet face my love I pledge eternally I do.

Fingers gently play in downy soft auburn hair where we lay.
As you pull me close your loving words in my ear softly you say.

Against the starlit night in soft glow of the moonlight loving hearts sing.
Veiled in heavens wonder two silhouettes mirror what love does bring.

Sweet destiny ever belongs to loving hearts yours and mine.
My one and only,for truly you are my eternal Valentine.

A Collaboration by Michael P. Clarke & Mary Jo Hoose. 

Mike I adore doing these collabs and thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me join my words with

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Heart's whisper In The night - A Collaboration With Mike Clarke

"Heart's whisper In The Night." A Valentine. 

 Are you the living rose your scent Inhaled deep of rose allure? 
Love's sweet perfection within my heart ever to endure.

 Are you the glorious passion that lights my every deep desire? 
The volcanic passion that shall ever light my Love's own fire. 

Are you the phantom of all my desires come within Love's dream? 
The beauteous vision ever held within each beautiful Love scene. 

Are you the Angel light that leads me to Heaven's sweet bliss?
 With each soft caress of your lips In a most tender kiss.

 Are yours the softest eyes In which I ever wish to drown? 
Do I see myself In their heart's fire of softest brown?

 Are you the one I hold close In the heart of each dark night? 
The living sun that burns with with Love's great glory and light.

 Come my beloved and let flow Love's sweetest wine, 
You are ever my Angel my eternal Valentine.

 Yes my love I am the the softest of the rose scent that you drink in.
 As loves perfect touch caresses your heart from deep within. 

Yes my darlin' love I am the passion of loves desire that burns so deep.
 As the flames of my love burn hot forever yours to keep. 

Yes my love I am the phantom that gently caresses your every desire. 
With softest kiss and rose petal skin within loves burning fire.

 Yes my handsome love I am the angel that leads you to heavens door. 
With rose petal kisses I place on your lips now and forevermore.

 Yes my love my soft brown eyes are your pool to drown within. 
Each night they mirror your love as sweet pleasures begin. 

Yes my precious love I am the one you hold close each night. 
As I whisper softly in your ear and hold you oh so tight. 

Now and always between us will flow loves sweetest wine.
For now and through eternity you are my precious. Valentine.

*Thank you darlin' Mike for sharing your hearts words with me once always to

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Sublime Valentine A Collaboration

"Sublime Valentine." A Collaboration.

 In the still of night the greatest beauty can my eyes see,
 An Angel lights my dark as In glory she stands before me. 

Come sit upon my lap and so close I shall hold you,
 My words of Love whispered tell of our Love so true. 

Brown eyes meet In a burning brand of soft brown fire, 
Within our temples we feel the passion's rise in desire. 

The night filled with sighs as whispered Love sings,
 We share a Lover's embrace enfolded by Angel wings. 

Love Is flowing within us and our lips do meet In bliss,
 Your lips meet mine In the sweet moment of Love's kiss.

 Gently I lift you In my arms I hold a living dream,
 I carry you to the bed where we shall share a night's scene.

 My darling I am ever yours and I know you are ever mine,
 In the living darkness of our night you are my eternal Valentine.

 Whispered breaths of love from two lovers hearts do sigh. 
Ever so softly like the angels that sing a sweet lullaby.

 Warm arms that wrap me like satin ribbons of red. 
As gently you lay me on downy covered bed.

 Soft brown eyes searching your temple of desire. 
Bodies entwine as one as passions touch create a fire.

 A single red rose you trail softly over ivory skin so light. 
Like butterfly kisses that tease and delight.

 Loves sweet scent floats heavily in the air as it lingers.
 As two lovers search out treasures with gentle fingers.

 Through the misty veils of warmest night dreams are found.
 With bated breath I wait to hear heavens rapturous sound.

 In the velvet shadows of night in heavenly dreams sublime. 
You are my love my sweet Valentine til' the ends of time. 

A Collaboration by Mary Jo Hoose & Michael P Clarke.

*Thank you so much for letting me join you in another romantic collab Mike darlin'...always as pleasure for me! Love always xxx*

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Did You Hold Me Close-repost

I wonder did you hold me close in your dreams last night.
Did you see me hold your gaze when you held me tight.

Could you smell the sweet scent on my soft skin of musk.
Did you make sweet love to me from dawn until dusk.

Could you hear my words as I whispered softly in your ear.
Did you feel the warmth of my breasts as I held you near.

Did a single rose you held trail gently upon my skin.
Softly caressing my face and slowly under my chin.

Did your heart long to make me yours and yours alone.
Did it please you to listen to passionate sighs as my love was shown.

Could you see the longing in my brown eyes as I make you mine.
Oh,taste of my ruby lips sweeter than the finest wine.

*I wonder my love... did you hold me close in your dreams last night.*

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The Luckiest Man

The Luckiest Man

I have found that not everyone is as strong
As the skies are wide and the days are long

But in life I have found there is this one
Whose bounty makes me feel as warm as the sun

And from the moment that she first caught my eye
I knew I’d be with her til’ the day that I die

That I would love and cherish her all the day through
And do all those little things we men are supposed to do

And spend my days lost in utter bliss
That I had this beautiful woman to kiss

And there’s one true fact ‘bout her being my girl
That makes me the luckiest man in the world

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         *DRUNKEN POET*

There I see him sitting like a dummy.
Asking me for more shots of rummy

Talking about his detox days.
Talking about his poetic ways.

Rhyming my eyes comparing them to the moon.
Whispering lines saying he wants too spoon.

Next thing you know his words start getting deep.
Poeting out words revealing he's the family's black sheep.

His blood shot level was releasing his emotional word.
Dreaming that I was in a bath like a dirty bird.

Intoxicated with a breath so refreshing.
Designing me a thousand  passionate ones in the meshing

Falling for his physical and mental temporary drunken state       
His sense of intellectual things where hitting me real straight.

Swallowing his words like a forbidden love potion
I excessively indulged him with more alcohol to inspire his motion

Admitting to me that love was his downfall. 
For me he fell from the stars and than began to crawl.

Proposing a toast for the sake of love
Rambling how I'm the only one he's dreaming of

Nourishing me with his ocean water of affection
Re-bonding his words for me to be his resurrection

Call me crazy for feeling the connection!
Allowing him to penetrate his poetry in me like an injection.

A character so loving above a 99% liquor proof test.
Romancing me with the disguise that he is the best.

Restraining myself from this drunken poet called my husband
Remembering that he is the one fool I can not stand

In his most charming rhyme he called me his rehab.
By that time I knew it was time to call him a cab.

Reminding him about his Alcoholic Anonymous class.
Now all of a sudden he starts acting like an a$$!

Putting his drunken sober poet mind  to sleep.
Anyways tomorrow he will still be the same poetic romantic creep!

BY: P.D.

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Good Guys Finish Last

Ladies you say, all the good guys have been taken
I am here to say, you're completely mistaken
A sensitive guy, let me introduce him
He is down to earth and his name is Tim

A sense of humor, a poet as well
Stay away from those guys, that treat you like hell
They say that good guys, always finish last
He'll keep going, when others are half mast

He'll open your doors, make you feel like a Queen
Others won't notice, But with him you'll be seen
So line up ladies, he could be your prize
His smile has sparkle, he has bedroom eyes

He wants forever, not just a one night stand
If you play your cards right, he'll ask for your hand
You can have honest, excitement as well
If you're the right woman, he'll succumb to love's spell 

Dedicated to my friend Tim Smith, a true romantic.

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                                       I'm SITD, WTSDS, WN1HGB4
                                       IOUD...IAG W@ I was looking 4

                                       It SHB <3. YSDIC? YSDIW8 SMH?
                                       I just WUWHIMA ESEM...NUFF...

                                       @TEOTD, I'll DTRT...Ill FEAR
                                       B/C TOM WNBL8 & the TIME WBG 1B1

I'm still in the dark, where the sun doesn't shine, where no one has gone before
Inside,outside, upside down...I aint got what I was looking for...

It should have been love. Why should I care? Why should I wait shaking my head?
I just wish you were here in my arms... every second, every minute...enough said...

At the end of the day, I'll do the right thing...I'll forget everything and run
because tomorrow won't be late and the tears in my eyes will be gone one by one

List of Chat Acronyms & Text Message Shorthand:


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A Sparkling Star

Faraway ambassador of light distant dream sailing ocean waves
begging golden spear of destiny strikes midnight bells ring 

Spotlighting beautiful stunning to the eyes priceless gem 
diamond brightly sparks on a shining jewel treasure find

Mystery shades gasping warm breathless smiles tides turn flutters the heart
beating drum roars as the arrow strikes sexy moonlighting beauty

Hot flushes sweeping deeply skipping flames on magic dust
wishes warm touching inside the darkest night glowing thoughts 

Haunting full lips silver pearl whispers silently dancing tunes sing
blowing across deep sands echoes over oceans kissing paradise moonbeams 


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A Golden Journey

You were eighteen and I twenty two That day at the alter when we said I do Since then the years have traveled so fast For us in a marriage they said wouldn't last They are too young, the voices said Much too young for them to wed They are just kids, they have no idea I doubt they'll even last a year But our love was greater then our age Together we stepped upon our stage Performed the roles of husband and wife Acting as one throughout our life And now after all these years are done We still meet each new challenge as one Our hearts have merged and every day Together face what comes our way Those that said it wouldn't last Are now just memories from our past It seems in fact our love was true I cherish my fifty years with you To my lovely wife on our golden anniversary February 3, 2012 Iambic Tetrameter

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I know that you would understand I’d be there if I could and hold your hand If you could look and see my footprints You’d see they never ever leave your side If you could see my shadow it would be next to you I’m with you every step of the way in everything you do Jan Allison 28th October 2014

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Bodies molded into one, golden by the fire-light Heat between the lovers touch could warm the coldest night Golden locks around her shoulders; the softest hands upon her waist Of all the sweets and wine been tasted- his lips the sweetest taste. Her cheeks were red like roses, and his eyes were bright as day, Imprinted on the others heart, there could be no other way Gentle moans and gasps of love, ensconced in lovers game Eros, Philia, and Agape, with neither lover tame. His heart was her heart, his breath was her breath Making love until time's end, and then his death her death.

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Kind Feelings

Never got to say all I needed too..
Motionless words as this bird flew..

Now I look out my window to reach 
your mind..
I talk to the sky and send feelings
that are kind..

On a quiet night when your thoughts 
are clear..
Out your window they fly with no harm
or fear..

If you smile for no reason, I'll know why..
Maybe just a few have reached your eyes..

For PD's contest... The reason I picked this piece is because this past month I was able to hear from this lady for whom I wrote this piece about.. I emailed it to her and she was so grateful that I still cared enough to write for her..It gave us closer and helped us both realize why we are better where we are now... love doesn't stop it just gets transformed into a better friendship...

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I am in L ove

I am in L ove,I am the L I am L avender,L eaving a traiL. Like the peta L of a fLower on your L ip at any hour. In my L ight you can see I am in L amp gLowing brightLy. In your L augh and your smiLe on your L ook and your styLe. Though in L ess,will be more in your L ife,tomorrow sure. © kashpoet ===================== Placement: 2nd; (June 2012) Contest:Alphabet Soup Sponsor:Nancy Jones

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To All Of You

There are times we are left to cope
With situations that drain our hope

Leaving us full of despair
At how some people just don't care

About the evil that they do
To good people like all of you

We are left to somehow face
That in mankind there is disgrace

And those of us left alive
Must find away to survive

As you pick up the pieces of your life
Without your mother, father, husband or wife

And some of you God forbid
Without the love of your kids

We must band together with a brotherhood
Show that in this world there is some good

Because we are together in this deal
We try to help each other heal

We seek in each other good advice
And offer each other sacrifice

We hold each other in prayer and song
As we continue to re-build the wrong

Because what else in the world can we do
Except let the light of good shine through

The evil darkness and despair
Of a catastrophic lack of care

We want you to know you are not alone
Think of America as a giant cone

And all of us are funneling through
Our prayers and hopes to all of you

Posted for Nathan's 9-11 contest

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- Valentine Jewel -

A timeless sense of joy a magical fairy dust sprinkle from the stars 
My heart's flame one rhythmic and sensual warm dance 

Listening to our sweet music echoes magic whispers inside the mirrors glow 
Power stands within the beauty romancing warm waves uniting flow 

In a halo of silver light shining luster deeply sparkles over wishes beam 
Each new moon embracing forever spotlighting precious silver ball in one dream 

Our love brought us together through life's destiny 
Two souls have united entwined in love's single embrace 

Beautiful snowflake you're one of a kind always unique falling true rings 
Softly warm melting desires lovingly touch gently finding Heaven sings 

When the gaze of my eyes meets yours 
You bring me joy and happiness my dear valentine 

A co write written by L. Mcdaid and A -L Andresen

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Deeply Hurt Love

Feet not up yet dreaming looking into the deep distant horizon screams
need to take turf in remembering howls across oceans mourning dream special wish

You would want a good fire tonight for sure ice stormy fierce cold cutting
out walking giant waves hitting of the shore thundering pounds lashing clash 

Today the wind fairly woke me up piercing wide eye opening vision
Then when I got home just felt ten years younger alive again one storm

Now that's a good omen laughing to myself carries one to the high Heavens
Must be the salted spray love mixed with sea mist smashes you to the ground love

New therapy go out to the sea front as gales howling with angry force break news
blowing giant waves crashing heavy of cliffs thundering roars echoes inside sad 

Wind spitting sea salt sand peppering the face in your hardened heart
hate remains your driving engine unforgiving hung up on the past 

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The Dog Days of Summer

We let down the top to soak in the sun
Now that the harshness of winter is done

As you let back the seat and put your feet on the dash
Saying, “keep your eyes on the road I don’t want to crash”

I truly must admit that I’m torn completely in two 
The coast has its beauty, then again so do you

As the beauty of the Sun is absorbed by your skin
Like a kid at the candy store I simply want to dig in

If life is a candy store sweetheart you are the treat
All the other candy I tasted, never tasted so sweet

The reason I love summer is because of the heat
The skimpier the bikini, the greater the treat 

I can’t begin to express how wonderful you are
Saying, “hey take a look at her I’ll steer the car”

At first I truly had no idea what I should say?
Though now it’s, “ok sweetheart, have it your way”

I think that is because you know these words are true
I may take look at her but I shall forever belong to you

Summer is a time that is as bright as the sun
Out goes the cold as it’s replaced by the fun

We have our barbecues and sit under the stars
Let down the tops and go for rides in our cars

Go tend to our gardens in farmer John clothes
Truly amazed at how fast everything grows

Go hang out at the river as well as the lake
Cover ourselves in oil than let our skin bake

Embrace the moments because these words are true
The days last much longer and the sky is so blue

The dog days of summer I reckon that’s so
We bark and howl at folk we don’t even know

If life is banquet then summer is the feast
I think we should gobble it up, to say the least

Written for john's Summer contest.

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Ghost Guitar

                               Ghost Guitar

I think of you and play you, any time of day
You understand my needs, understand what I must say 
You’ve always been so close to me, been a cherished friend
You’ve always been there for me, and will be till the end

You know my moods so very well, you know when I am blue
You pluck a tune from out the air and make me play with you
Then we will strum a rock song or a golden oldie tune
Then I know it won’t be long, till I’m lifted out of gloom

Ghost            guitar               in               my            hands

I know that people laugh, when they see me tug your strings
But they don’t know the happiness that our duetting brings
You take me off to places where the memory lays sublime
We travel through the years, back and forth in time

And when my baby’s far away and I’m left all alone
It’s you I cradle in my arms and know my songs are blown
By the winds of love, across the earth, the mighty sea
Knowing she will hear them, and hurry home to me
Ghost           guitar                in                my            hands
                                                                 my            hands  
                                                                                  da da da

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Snow White

Oh darling you have become an angel sweetheart blossoming regal crowns
one flake unique floating into dreams so beautiful they sing only you

Pure petal wings flutter dressed in the color of snow purest kiss of beauty
They dance particles ice inside warm love melts shining into the purest thoughts

A faraway star winking in the night sky neon grasps breathless 
Confetti crystals falling sprinkles gently laying a carpet upon the ground 

Whom embraces the outer body sweetly enchants I open four chambers 
holding all keys out applauding flutters skipping echo pops each beat

My queen warmly holds hands with the soul grace of a thousand swans in flight
Once bitten twice shy one kiss from you smitten I would say smiling overjoyed 

I will always smile in loves amazing grace in soft gentle tenderness the joy it brings
Wishing that one was holding you right now footsteps in deep sand begins touching 

Wow mirror, mirror what a dream baby who blew one out off this world spinning 
you're so beautiful smiling these eyes dazzling mirror reflections blinding

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Beholding Beauty

Amazing snowflake unique pure in deep beauty 
melting within deep warmness always trusting fate

Adoring one pulse in a million skips climbing steps
forever beats true blue crystal clear begging your kiss

Night within deep chambers embers glow 
a keystone turns lights on in satin darkness

The sun smiles warm thoughts coloring frosted jewels 
gentle beams touch softly as winter ice kisses vision rainbows

Closing shutters until tomorrow comes 
as the wind whistles and howls outside reality

Awakening sweetheart delights opening flowers bloom
blossoming within nine shades of beauty dazzling rose gold

Silver lining treasure cloud kissing pearl gem precious white
sailing dreams floating magical into another space
kisses blown silently blushing on velvet lips of a breath
sweetly carried on a stream of air whispering cotton candy

Touching ribbons flutter in your every single breathing sigh
most beautiful love dancing with the soul crowned princess cut 

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I would taste you up and down, 
From the top of you to your base, 
Nibble your ticklish places, 
Then kiss the smile upon your face.
I would pull you with sweet longing, 
To where only you could see, 
And place the deepest parts of me, 
Warmly within your reach.
You would fold yourself in my safety, 
Wrap yourself in my love, 
You would feel my passion enclose on you, 
And I would fit you like a glove.
I would fill your soul with nourishment, 
That only a good woman provides, 
You would release all your secrets into me, 
And I would hold them safely inside.
You would kiss me and whisper so sweetly, 
That from me you will never part, 
And gently, eyes down, I would offer to you 
The last piece of my heart.

© 2013
Ruby Honeytip

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When I was a child, you would hold me tight
When I went to bed, you would kiss me good-night

At times I know, I was really bad,
You were always patient, not often mad.

As I got older, my love for you grew
My perfect flower, covered in dew.

No matter what I did, I knew you were there,
Always willing to forgive, showing me you care.

When I got married and moved away,
I thought about you just about every day.

The child that grew under my heart,
Showed me how much of you, that I was a part.

At times I needed you but I didn't call,
I knew how much you worried about us all.

I had so much inside, I wanted you to know
So hard, it was for me, to let my feelings show.

Although I didn't say it, I'm sure you could see,
That you meant the whole world to me.

There was no time to say good-by,
So now, deep inside of me, I cry.

I know that you are happy, up in heaven
Some souls have no one, you have seven.

I feel so empty I don't know what to do,
You have taken my heart with you.

I will always feel this emptiness within,
Until, my dear Mother, I see you again.

Until then I want you to know,
I love you Mom, I loved you so.

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In the Wind--Collaboration With Casarah Nance

I heard my name in the wind where the willows do weep,
Such a moment of bliss I will evermore keep.

For I sat in the silence, just a moment or two,
With paper and pen, thinking only of you.

Then I scrolled out a verse, a most delicate rhyme,
Unaware of the hour; unconcerned with the time.

Till my eyes were made blurry by the sun through the trees,
As the sweet-smelling jasmine arrived on the breeze.

So I took in a breath, just as well as your heart;
It was beating for all, and no longer a part.

Then your touch, as the grass, teased my delicate skin--
Such sweet innocence this; or such wonderful sin.

Ah, the earth is our playground; our home is the sky,
As I proudly remarked, "Look how high we can fly!"

Thus I give you my love, may it evermore keep...
Hear the wind in the willows? They no longer weep!

Collaboration: Mel Merrill and Casarah Nance

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Lost In Loves Space

love the style of your morning kiss 
dancing lips deeply dazzling bliss

Catch you after curtain calls my dreams tonight 
until the sun kisses your eyelids with golden light

Beautiful in one's mind weakness sang a dream
just floated to you dancing upon sunshine beams 

Captivating ball of flames burning bright not the past 
radiating golden warm future holds destiny our torch shines a light everlasting

Holding inside believing crowning beauty silently whispers without sound 
Rising as night's tears leave a dew upon the ground 

Crystal blue clear the happiness within joy brings
inside every wish was your desire softly feathers touching wings embracing sing

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These Days

Met with you the first time, knowing not what I had just found.
Working days and nights beside you, walking unit’s hard ground.
Helping one another in and out of these day’s crisis.
Trust in easy comfort sharing secrets and our vices.
Blinded by your selfless nature under our same God’s eyes.
Colored hues of virtue burned into your soul it rides
Times enduring twelves in truth and depth of pasts and yet-tos.
Corners turning heads to tails in trails you doing time thru.
I have watched you suffer dating burden from his cold hand,
Wanting many times to tell you to break from that dead man.
Wisdom needing to remind me, hope was holding you still.
Losing grip, you make the change and years returning, Love will.
My prayers carry wishes for you, one day’s given good spouse.
Under Holy Ghost’s soft guidance, making your home, God’s house.
Sharing smiles and tears in keeping promise past the last day.
Into Christ’s embrace that shines you through a Heaven’s gateway.
Always just a thought away you will be after our end.
Grateful in my heart to have been given such a rare friend. 

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Looking Deeply into Your Heavenly Eyes

Looking Deeply into Your Heavenly Eyes

It’s such a beautiful Cosmos I see in your eyes My Love,
When I’m looking so deeply into your Heavenly Eyes.

I sense love, harmony and such passionate feeling,
As I ponder the warm images I see and feel so My Love.

As you look deeply into my eyes too My Love,
I hope you sense my desire, passion, and love too.

What more could anyone ask for in this life My Love—
For without Love any celestial metaphor is truly meaningless.

And so, sometimes late at night as I dream so deeply of you My Love,
I meld as one with the sight I see so deeply in your Heavenly Eyes!

And I want you to know that I shall be with you forever My Love,
And for the rest of my life and beyond—my heart is forever yours!

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved (January 16, 2015)
(Unrhymed Couplet)

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Created By Choices

Something evil this way comes
Sure as the rising of the Son

A single heart left to bleed
A lost soul with a dying need

When love proves it doesn’t care
In creeps darkness and despair

Angry voices from deep with-in
Scream I’m a fool once again

I now make my soul like a cave
It’s the darkness that I now crave

Around my heart I shall build a moat
With blood sacrifices unto the goat

Deep in darkness as a soul can be
Father of darkness come feed on me

She destroyed the love in my soul
I do pray that hate fills up the hole

Troubled souls with hallow voices
In this life we all make choices

My choices have left me degraded
I now hate the person I created

Into darkness away from the Son
Something evil this way comes

Yea, I posted this for Deborah's contest.
Believe it or not this is who i used to
be. Poetry is a truly amazing tool when
it comes to change, it transformed this
into the man I am. All I can say about
that, "Praise be the Power of God".

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To touch a dream

Dreams come in many forms
Some are cold and others warm

Some play like a movie in black and white
And some are no less than a guiding light

Some are visions of times to come
Some just simply leave us numb

Some we remember and some we forget
Some we cherish and some we regret

Some we just can't help but treasure
Some give us embarrassing pleasure

I close my eyes and dream of you
All the things I've put you through

See I had a dream that went sour
An awful dream of money and power

Then I learned one cold hard day
Some dreams take years to pay

Sometimes reality is clearly seen
Another will soon touch my dream

As these tears run down my face
Some dreams are just to good to waste

I can only imagine the pain in you
Trying hard to be faithful and true

Sweetheart some dreams are to hard to play
As I slowly start to fade away

A single year has came and went
I have seven more at eighty-five percent

Sometimes reality is sad as can be
Sweetheart I want you to let go of me

I learned love is worth more than gold
You deserve somebody to hold

This type relationship is totally insane
I want you to free yourself of my pain

If our love is truly meant to be
My dream will bring you back to me

Strength of character  is hard to find
As I treasure yours please treasure mine

I believe our love can break the mold
Be a timeless romantic story told

About two lovers who broke apart
In order to save each others hearts

And let their love be a miracle seen
By having faith to touch a dream

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Our single soul

As the trials of life come and go
Accept there blessings into your soul

Let them become without a doubt
A model of what you're all about

Don't let them get you all depressed
All things in life need be addressed

Let your spirit be like the wind
Your unseen dearest friend

As I see the lines in my face
Each a reminder of certain place

Do I wish they would go away?
Or that my hair wasn't turning grey

I have no desire to regain youth
For I have learned to speak my truth

When I was young I was so lost
I let my soul pay the cost

Running hard against the grain
Using drugs to kill the pain

Now I feel each and every day
Use the Lord to take the pain away

Do what I can accepting what I get
Treasure blessings that come of it

Thank the Lord through the poems I pray
Use what I need give the rest away

I seem to be driven by a single goal
Can you feel my heart and soul?

I slice them open in hopes they will bleed
Something that someone might need

The single fear I know so well
The fear that my words will fail

So once again I face my fear
As I write I shed my tears

Because these words are spoken true
My heart belongs to all of you

And through it's love I hope to show
We all share a single soul

A soul that is bound by love
Given us by the Lord above

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Fall From Grace

Like Wax Between the Feathers of Icarus,
                           The Structural Support Beams Melted.

                                     - They Held hands as They Fell -

The Copier Was Running, Fresh Sheets of 
Warmed Paper Slid Out From The Side.

                                     - He loved the Rich Scent of the Heat -

A Smile Crept Across His Face as He Felt
The Stare of Her Eyes, Gnawing at his Person.

                                      - Never Managing the Courage to ask Her -

Light Flickering From The Monitor Glinted off
His Morning Coffee, Office Life Was Tedious. 

                                      - North Tower Floor 108 -

Time Passed Slowly, But it Seemed To Pass Slower
As He Glanced Over Her Delicate Features:

                                      - Accentuated By Sunlight -

Communication is 98 Percent Body Language. Everyday
They Stayed Silent, But Spoke Novels With Their Eyes.

                                       - He made his Way to The Cooler -

Extending His Reach to Pick up a Cup, His Hand Met Skin;
Not Plastic. He Looked Up With a Nervous Embarrassment.

                                       - Big Brown Eyes Staring Back -

                                                      - The Calm before The Storm -

Rubbing his Lips Together as if To Finally Make That Step
Towards Introduction, He Was Interrupted.

                                       - The Impact -

Their Hands Met Naturally as The Dust and The Rubble
Fell About Their Bodies. They Dropped to The Floor.

                                       - Adrenaline Injection -

Clutching Her Hand and Weaving Through The Smoke
He Made His Way Towards The Exit.

                                       - Staircase Blocked -

                                              - Elevator Inferno -

Those Who Threw Not a Breath To Screaming,
Were Already Dead, But He Held her Hand tight.

                                       - Blindly She Followed -

The Wind Cascaded off Every Wall and Lead The
Smoke To Disperse as it Reached Open air.

                                       - They Stood in the Clearing -

The Fire Crept Up Behind Them, and The Ceiling
Began To Crumble. She Squeezed his Hand Tightly.

                                        - They Had No Choice -

One Leap of Faith, and Praying For Divine Intervention...

They Plummeted.


Inspired By The 9/11 Competition, Hope you all enjoy =]

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Valentine's Unicorn

Valentine’s Unicorn

A magical and most wonderful creature of times old,
With a holy soul filled with love and a heart of gold. 

Harmony, peace, and love pervade her very essence,
And they define all that is good and grand in her presence.

She loves poets, musicians, and all of us who so often dream,
And visits us all in ethereal visions on a radiant light beam. 

This Valentine’s Unicorn is a precious bearer of purest love,
Who possesses angelic power from the very Heavens above.

She lives in our hearts and souls as an enchanted dream,
And shares her love and trust with us all as we dream.

She shares our dreams past, present, and future—
And shall always be a spirit of majestic love in our future.
On Valentine’s Day her love is felt on Earth and in Heaven above,
As she sends us harmony, peace, and love on the wings of a dove!

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved (February 9, 2015)
(Rhymed Couplet)

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If You Are The Ocean...

If you are the ocean, then I am the mist
which kisses the morning the way children kissed
their mother at breakfast to start a new day
If you are the ocean, then anchors aweigh
We'll sail through the evening and on to the light
The daystar is dawning, we'll keep to the right
like Peter and Wendy to Neverlands' door
we'll sail on forever and touch every shore
If you are the ocean, come wash me away
to some misty morning and there we will play
on beaches you've loved all your lovely life long
If you are the ocean, then sing me a song
of sailors and treasures and I'll have to say
If you are the ocean, come wash me away...

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Short Stuff

You were always happy, always on the move
with a great zest for life and a heart full of love.

We loved you too and checked to see if you’d get mad
if we mimicked your habits, but you laughed instead.

When we were in school together, you often horsed around;
I ribbed you about eye trouble, eyes too close to the ground. 

You lived life with gusto, knowing your time was short;
playing hard, working harder, often with a jolly retort.

Honest to a fault, you saw the positive side of things;
kept things in order, solid rock with no mood swings.

Cut off jeans, gray tee shirt, tinted glasses, baseball hat;
great big grin, teasing quip, a big hello, a friendly chat.

You were the best teacher any student ever had;
I could call on you to help as though you were my dad.

You drove my school bus on many a winter morn;
dressed in brown coveralls, bottom legs frayed and worn.

You were there in summer, helping coach baseball games;
at football with your camera or turning cartwheels in the gym.

You taught us how to care, how to study, how to play;
how to work on the computer and make the most of every day.

So determined to learn, spending hours at a throw;
self-teaching all the things a teacher needed to know.

You are the poem of my life, who you were tells the tale;
your poem will last forever, healing memories never pale.

You wrote the words of this poem, pages of my life tell the story;
you will read them back to me, when we meet again in glory.

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Kiddie's Corner

Good morning, good morning, girls and boys
I hope you brought your Disney toys

Gather round in a circle close
Lets sing about the ones we love the most

Mickey, Mickey, your so cute and small
We love you the best of all

Donald Duck with his ducklings three
Dressed the same are his family

     Children, children wave your hands
     Close you eyes we're in Disney Land

Pluto, Pluto your silly and daft
You sure do make us laugh

It's time to count, lets have some fun
The Seven Dwarfs, seven back to one

     Children, children wave your hands
     Close you eyes we're in Disney Land

Dumbo flaps his ears and flies
Pinocchio's nose grows telling silly lies

Let all skip to Wonderland
Holding Alice's hands, going hand in hand

     Children, children wave your hands
     Close you eyes we're in Disney Land

     Children, children wave your hands
     Close you eyes we're in Disney Land

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My Soul Mate

Sweet laughter and devotion, I have shared with none.
This restless heart so tired, of being all alone.

I’ve tried the life of Paul, but it gave not enough.
My heart is overflowing with aching, needful love.

Lord, bring me a companion, but not just any man.
He must be one of valor, or leave me as I am.

Make him strong as Moses, a leader in Your truth.
And I will stand beside him, that I may be his Ruth.

Someone to correct me in, things I need to know;
Reproving me, thus gently, in order that I grow.

Bring me one like Jonathan, loyal to the end;
And I will love forever, this man that is my friend.

Even in the hard times, he will choose to stay;
And we will seek for healing, together, as we pray.

A Boaz to protect me, in safety He will lead,
That I may rest completely, in all that my heart needs.

Someone true like Joseph, my words he will believe;
His faithfulness long-lasting, when others would deceive.

And don’t forget Dear John, his loving heart’s embrace;
With eyes that will behold me, in honor, truth, and grace.

But mostly find the heart, of Jesus that forgives;
Then, with this man you bring me, forever I will live.

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On Valentine's Day My Love

On Valentine’s Day My Love

Our love is quite wondrous and enchanting all the yearlong,
And on Valentine’s Day its sparkles radiantly in Heaven’s very light.

As I look into your eyes My Love I marvel so at your very beauty,
And all the little things we do as One while renewing our love daily. 

We seek our fortune and destiny together in all we do in our life,
Making every second, minute, hour, and day count for an eternity.

We are so blessed My Love that God helped us to find one another,
And to make our union of love, respect, and happiness so special.

As we walk now through this life in love as a couple together as One,
So too our eternal souls will walk on Heaven’s footpath always as One. 

Valentine’s Day give us that time to reflect on our love so cherished, 
And on all the things that matter the most to us beyond any human strife.

And so My Love as we renew our special commitment of love on this day, 
We should rejoice in God’s blessing that our love will be One forever!

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved (February 7, 2015)
(Unrhymed Couplet)

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Desire for you intensifies as our time together arrives
I want you and I need you, only your loving satisfies

When we come together in the passion that we’ve built
There is no shame in my heart, for my lust I have no guilt

I have waited all of my life for a lover who will try
To see how much he can please me and even make me cry

With the pleasures of the flesh that I crave and I enjoy
Who knew a fifty year old man would be my boy-toy

Intimacy had been lacking in your bed and in mine
Until we came together and made love for the first time

I knew I had to have you cause I wanted you so much
You can get me going with only the slightest touch

And then our passion flames into a roaring wild fire
My baby you are the only one, the object of my desire 

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In Poetry

For whatever reason we write
Bright of day dark of night

The salty taste of a single tear
The love of one we hold so dear

The ever-changing cycle of seasons
Friends lost for various reasons

The ups, downs, highs and lows
The oh my God here she goes

The, I love her and she loves him
The shadow with an evil grin

The load that is too great to bear
Those who do and do not care

I have pondered the reason why
Poets share the tears they cry

Poets share their brightest days
Poets share their darkest ways

Poets offer their hearts and souls
All their failures and all their goals

Poets just like you and I
Feathers falling from the sky

Floating softly to the ground
We take our voice and write it down

Write it down for the world to see
The answers are found in poetry

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Eternal Valentine - A Collaboration

"Eternal Valentine."
A Collaboration.

My beloved take my hand,
Within the stars we shall both stand.

Beneath us on the earth below,,
People see a wondrous star shining so.

You are the star that shines so bright,
In the middle of the night.

My beloved hold so close to me,
Within God's beauteous timeless sea.

Come let us kiss the kiss divine
,My beautiful eternal valentine.

 Like the brightest star you sparkle and shine
Forever you are my starlight Valentine.

Angels breaths softly whisper to the heart and caress my Valentine.
Pledging my love and in my heart you'll forever be mine.

Brown eyes sparkle and smile as on your love they gaze.
My tender caress ever touching as love fills our days.

Oh kiss the kiss divine upon ruby lips where two lovers hold so tight.
Soft as the rose petal with dew that shines in the morning light.

Take my hand and lead me and ever I will follow your love so fine.
Now and always my darlin' you are my sweet Valentine.

So blessed am I that loves rose in two lovers hearts does lay.
Whilst gently words are whispered when two lovers hearts they play.

Heavens sweet song from angels bring love from your heart to mine.
Yes now and always my darlin' you own my heart my sweet Valentine.

A Collaboration by Mary Jo Hoose and Michael P Clarke.

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In Your Pillowed Dream My Love - A Collaboration

In Your Pillowed Dreams My Love

In your pillowed dreams my Love hold me close to you,
Hear me whisper my Love softly the whole night through.

Throughout the night my chest your pillow dreams float gentle and slow,
We walk to the stars my beloved dreams of Love gently do flow.

Tenderly from my honeyed lips ruby red I place a kiss upon your own,
Can you hear my heart beating gently as Love's sweet passion Is shown.

My hands shall caress you with gossamer touch as on love's bed we lie,
Peace comes to our Loving Souls as tears of joy our heart's cry.

Downy soft my auburn tresses fall across your chest In sweet surrender,
Intoxicated you caress and drink In the soft scent of curls you hold so tender.

Kiss my heart gently our heart's Love song we shall sing,
As our heart's ascend to Heaven on Love's own golden wing.

Two bodies this night were destined to be one 'neath the Heaven's above,
Within pillowed dreams holding close their one and only true Love.

A Collaboration by Mary Jo Hoose & Michael P Clarke.

Once again my thanks go out to you Mary for allowing me this chance to do this Collaboration. It was much enjoyed. May your pen ever run gold Mary. My Love always....MIKE. XXXX

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Lover's Valentine - A Collaboration

"Love's Valentine."
A Collaboration.

An auburn dream held close In my arms this beloved night,
Memories made within gossamer dreams of Loving light.

Let the hands of one unworthy touch an Angel's glory,
You are the light that ever makes Love our eternal story.

Within my heart a song In all Its wonder Is softly singing.
Too a special place In the stars my heart Is now winging.

Your lips meet mine as stardust falls upon us softly,
Our love ever flowing touching each other gently.

Within the night we find ourselves within love's sweet bliss,
You open my senses to all Love's pleasures with one kiss.

My beloved like the brightest star you ever do shine,
I swear to you In this Heaven you are my eternal Valentine.

Under stardust we share a tender kiss from hungered lips.
As we drink from loves cup and sweet pleasures slowly we sip.

Passions pleasures as two bodies lay bare 'neath the heavens tonight.
When soft whispers call out for two lovers hearts as loving arms hold tight.

Warm skin that glistens from loves burning fire.
Bodies entwine filled with loves sweet desire.

Longing looks shared from brown eyes aching for sweet release to come.
When two hearts are now one and beat to the same drum.

As the heavens open up through veiled dreams our love we share.
Within passions promise two lovers hearts hold a love so rare.

My beloved like the brightest star you ever do shine,
I swear to you In this Heaven you are my eternal Valentine.

A Collaboration by Mary Jo Hoose and Michael P Clarke.

Thank you Mary Jo, for doing these collabs with me, for trusting In my pen. It Is always a pleasure and an honour. May your pen ever run gold. Love always....MIKE. XXX

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My heart is frozen back in time
Looking back to when you were mine

Oh how our love and passion burned
You stole my heart, yet now I’m spurned

I still don’t know where I went wrong
My body aches - for you I still long

You drove an ice pick into my heart
Twisted it round and tore me apart

You ripped apart my very soul
I’m empty now, when once was whole

Your words were music to my ears
I’m left in silence with my deepest fears

If we could have another chance
Would I take you back for sweet romance?

I look at our photos and still I yearn
For you the frozen embers still burn

Written for Gail Angel Doyle’s Contest

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By Dawn's Early light - A Collaboration

Dawn's early light breaks In the Heavens and soft whispers fall upon my ear,
Whilst the gentle caress of my love's hands pull me oh so near.

Body caresses body in passions dance within love supreme,
Love's desires ever flowing In this Love's early dawn scene.

Fingertips that glide over silken skin scented of musk softly to please,
Warm breasts that rise and fall from Love's lips that do surely tease.

Through kiss divine Love's river flows Into Love's ocean rare,
The Soul alight with love supreme Love's light beyond compare.

Soft sighs sing out as two lover's sillouettes dance to Love's song they play,
When dawns early light breaks In the Heavens and two bodies begin to sway.

By the dawn's early light Lover's embrace before rising sun they enthrall,
Passion and desire they always rise when dawn's Love comes to call. 

A Collaboration by Mary jo Hoose & Michael P Clarke.

Thank you Mary for lighting the poetical spark within me again. May your pen ever run gold Mary. My Love always....MIKE. XXX

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The Poem

The poem that I write today
Has always been a thought away.
But do I think of trees, or birds,
As I slyly meter out my words?
Or do I think of spring, or fall,
Of summertime, the sea and all?
Perhaps it is a moon-rinsed night
That prods me so to sit and write--
Or it could be a drop of rain,
If not some nagging doubt, or pain.
What drives my pen to wander so,
To touch the sky; the earth below?
Of all the thoughts, both old and new--
I ponder most the thought of you.
And so the poet takes his pen...
Writes words of love, and falls again!


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VELVET KISSES - A collaboration with Mary Jo Hoose

Tenderly he lays her down on satin sheets and places a kiss upon her lips.
 Whilst gently his hands glide slowly down tracing her shapely hips.
She smiles an angel’s smile as auburn hair cascades softly against his skin.
She looks up at him through brown eyes knowing sweet pleasures soon will begin.
Inhaling soft seduction from ruby lips with velvet kisses that taunt and tease. 
Butterfly kisses trail over warm skin ever so slowly so passionately they please.

Her delicate ears warmed by his sultry breath then lips gift a gentle caress.
Her body shivers with delight as his tongue moves with exquisite  finesse.                    
Caught in tight embrace his lips brush softy, against her blushing face.
Velvet kisses cover silken skin, his hands touch her breasts like lace.

Her brown eyes shed tears of ecstasy as rose petals are turned to stone.
Hands move gently with a lover’s touch, joined they enter loves unknown.

Written with my dear friend Mary Jo. May you beautiful words flow forever!

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The wonder That Is you

"The wonder That Is you." A Collaboration With Michael P. Clarke

 Angels they sing of the wonder that is you so gentle and true.
 Their tears rain down from heavens cathedral of blue.

 The stars sing of the glory and wonder that Is you,
 They sing of a heart that Is forever true.

 For the loving heart that beats within your chest none compare.
 Gentle and romantic your hearts words always you share.

 Gentle and Loving Is the Love from your dear heart,
 Filled with gentle Love are the words that you Impart.

 Your voice so tenderly caresses my heart in pillowed dreams as I sleep.
 Eyes so soft for which I am lost and drown in their depths so deep.

 I drown within soft brown eyes as Love's watch we keep,
 Within the very depths of dreams so deep.

 Your honeyed kiss you place so tenderly upon my waiting lips ruby red.
 As we lay in sweet embrace on loves downy covered bed. 

Your lips upon mine In an Angel's sweet kiss, 
When I touch your ruby lips I feel such bliss.

 Never have I known such love from a heart to adore.
 A love that burns deep within my soul my very core. 

The emotions of your Love are a never-ending store, 
You are the eternal Angel I shall always adore. 

Oh, take my loving heart and promise to always be.
 My gentle angel, to my heart you alone hold the key.

 Take this beloved heart I offer you and give It peace, 
Within your Love all my pain shall come to cease.

 Yes the angels sing of the wonder that is you so gentle and true. 
My sweet Valentine my one my only love my heart I give to you.

 Yes the stars sing of the glory and wonder that Is you,
 My sweet Valentine the golden gates of Love let Us walk through. 

*Always such a wonderful pleasure writing with you darlin' Mike*

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Mama's Rocking Chair

My mama always loved to sit and read the Bible in her rocking chair.
Out on the cabins porch with soft scents of honeysuckle floating on the air.

The yard was full of chickens and us girls running barefoot we would play.
Back in the hollow a southern breeze blowing,emerald pine trees would sway.

The lil' hollow was filled with the aroma of fresh apple pie baking in the oven.
That my sweet mama made for us with gentle hands and so much lovin'.

Daddy worked hard to see we were fed and taught us to fish and such.
Protected us and gave us love and disciplined with a daddy's stern touch.

Left mama to teach us the ladylike things that we ought to know.
To say please and thank you and to church we should go.

I look now through these tear filled eyes at mama's old rocking chair.
Out on the porch wishing mama were still here reading out in the country air.

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The Wonder That Is You - A Collaboration

"The wonder That Is you."
A Collaboration.

Angels they sing of the wonder that is you so gentle and true.
Their tears rain down from heavens cathedral of blue.

The stars sing of the glory and wonder that Is you,
They sing of a heart that Is forever true.

For the loving heart that beats within your chest none compare.
Gentle and romantic your hearts words always you share.

Gentle and Loving Is the Love from your dear heart,
Filled with gentle Love are the words that you Impart.

Your voice so tenderly caresses my heart in pillowed dreams as I sleep.
Eyes so soft for which I am lost and drown in their depths so deep.

I drown within soft brown eyes as Love's watch we keep,
Within the very depths of dreams so deep.

Your honeyed kiss you place so tenderly upon my waiting lips ruby red.
As we lay in sweet embrace on loves downy covered bed.

Your lips upon mine In an Angel's sweet kiss,
When I touch your ruby lips I feel such bliss.

Never have I known such love from a heart to adore.
A love that burns deep within my soul my very core.

The emotions of your Love are a never-ending store,
You are the eternal Angel I shall always adore.

Oh, take my loving heart and promise to always be.
My gentle angel, to my heart you alone hold the key.

Take this beloved heart I offer you and give It peace,
Within your Love all my pain shall come to cease.

Yes the angels sing of the wonder that is you so gentle and true.
My sweet Valentine my one my only love my heart I give to you.

Yes the stars sing of the glory and wonder that Is you,
My sweet Valentine the golden gates of Love let Us walk through.

A Collaboration by Mary Jo Hoose & Michael P Clarke.

Thank you Mary for this write. Your words Inspire one to look deep inside ones own heart to find words. A pleasure once more to let my pen flow with your own. Let the hearts ever sing Mary.

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Velvet Kisses A Collab With Shane Cooper

 Velvet Kisses- A Collab With Shane Cooper:

Tenderly he lays her down on satin sheets and places a kiss upon her lips.
Whilst gently his hands glide slowly down tracing her shapely hips.
She smiles an angel’s smile as auburn hair cascades softly against his skin.
She looks up at him through brown eyes knowing sweet pleasures soon will begin.
Inhaling soft seduction from ruby lips with velvet kisses that taunt and tease. 
Butterfly kisses trail over warm skin ever so slowly so passionately they please.

Her delicate ears warmed by his sultry breath then lips gift a gentle caress.
Her body shivers with delight as his tongue moves with exquisite finesse.                    
Caught in tight embrace his lips brush softy, against her blushing face.
Velvet kisses cover silken skin, his hands touch her breasts like lace.

Her brown eyes shed tears of ecstasy as rose petals are turned to stone.
Hands move gently with a lover’s touch, joined they enter loves unknown.

* Thank you so much for allowing me the the pleasure of writing with you once again my dear friend Shane* :)

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Never Love Again

Sometimes I wonder if love is truth
The error of my ways in my youth
The price of love is too steep a toll
You give your heart. They take your soul
They say when love is on the wing
You can hear the bluebirds sing
Love can take away your breath
But then again, so can death
I’ll never answer love’s deceitful call
They build you up to watch you fall
Letter’s written with poisoned pen
I will never love again
On our knees for love we plead
Love arrives to watch us bleed
Nothing grows without the rain
The cost of love is undying pain
Trapped inside this lion’s den
I will never love again.

fictional-- for Sami's contest

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you can't

You can't choose who you fall in love with. 
You can't stop your feelings when they're like this.
When we're together my heart keeps beating faster and faster.
But when we're apart its a complete disaster. 
I don't know how to feel or even what to say.
All I know is this love is real and it gets stronger and stronger each day.

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Just Us

Just a girl, just a guy.
With our love we managed to fly.

Just a kiss, just love,
A helping hand from above.

Just an arguement, just a fight.
So much for making it right.

Just two people, just a busy street.
But then our eyes meet.

Just our love, just a spark.
A flame burning in the dark.

Just a girl, just a guy.
Pick up the pieces and have another try.

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Love's Dreams Over The Miles - A Collaboration

"Love's Dreams Over The Miles."
A Valentine.
A Collaboration.

Your Love flows Its way to me every single day,
Growing stronger and stronger as It comes from miles away.

Your gossamer Rose caressing me my heart Is blessed,
Your Love ever gentle my heart does attest.

Blessed child of light within starlight dreams lie with me,
Within the heart Of God's starlight timeless sea.

Dreams of primal passion shall ever come to be,
The Temple of an Angel shall join as one with me.

Our Love dance silhouettes shall dance across the moon,
We dance to a white hot center when Love's glory does consume.

Now to drown In eyes of the softest brown bathing In liquid brown fire,
The song of my heart In all Its glory sings the song of our desire.

Passion ever stirred on In the heart of Heaven's domain,
After the passion dispersed Love true does remain.

Within the stars we ever find Love's own sweet bliss,
Come my Love let our heart's dance with every Loving Kiss.

I am ever yours and you are ever mine,
My sweet beloved you are my eternal Valentine.

Softly angel kisses are sent from across the miles today.
Loves sweet message is carried by songbirds across the way.

Tenderly two hearts are filled with loves words forevermore.
As passionate dreams two hearts dance through heavens door.

Butterfly kisses lay soft against ivory skin from lips warm and true.
When loving arms embrace anxiously the whole night through.

Stardust sprinkled down from heavenly skies of velvet dark tonight.
Whilst two lovers find their destined love hiding in plain sight.

Gentle caress from soft hands shown as my love for you will never part.
Fanning the flames of desires that burn molten hot within two lovers hearts.

Oh,let loves light shine through eyes mirrored, softest brown for only you.
As I gaze upon your sweet face my love I pledge eternally I do.

Fingers gently play in downy soft auburn hair where we lay.
As you pull me close your loving words in my ear softly you say.

Against the starlit night in soft glow of the moonlight loving hearts sing.
Veiled in heavens wonder two silhouettes mirror what love does bring.

Sweet destiny ever belongs to loving hearts yours and mine.
My one and only,for truly you are my eternal Valentine.

A Collaboration by Mary Jo Hoose & Michael P Clarke. 

Another write blessed by your pen Mary, how gently beautiful the Love that flows. 
May your heart ever sing and your pen ever run gold.

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Sublime Valentine - A Collaboration

"Sublime Valentine."
A Collaboration.

In the still of night the greatest beauty can my eyes see,
An Angel lights my dark as In glory she stands before me.

Come sit upon my lap and so close I shall hold you,
My words of Love whispered tell of our Love so true.

Brown eyes meet In a burning brand of soft brown fire,
Within our temples we feel the passion's rise in desire.

The night filled with sighs as whispered Love sings,
We share a Lover's embrace enfolded by Angel wings.

Love Is flowing within us and our lips do meet In bliss,
Your lips meet mine In the sweet moment of Love's kiss.

Gently I lift you In my arms I hold a living dream,
I carry you to the bed where we shall share a night's scene.

My darling I am ever yours and I know you are ever mine,
In the living darkness of our night you are my eternal Valentine.

Whispered breaths of love from two lovers hearts do sigh.
Ever so softly like the angels that sing a sweet lullaby.

Warm arms that wrap me like satin ribbons of red.
As gently you lay me on downy covered bed.

Soft brown eyes searching your temple of desire.
Bodies entwine as one as passions touch create a fire.

A single red rose you trail softly over ivory skin so light.
Like butterfly kisses that tease and delight.

Loves sweet scent floats heavily in the air as it lingers. 
As two lovers search out treasures with gentle fingers.

Through the misty veils of warmest night dreams are found.
With bated breath I wait to hear heavens rapturous sound.

In the velvet shadows of night in heavenly dreams sublime.
You are my love my sweet Valentine til' the ends of time.

A Collaboration by Mary Jo Hoose & Michael P Clarke.

Thank you again for letting your Ink flow with mine my Kentucky Rose. Your words ever sing the majesty of Love so soft and gentle. I always look forward to the next piece together. Love becomes the sublime In your hands.

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I have heard that all women listen to Your words
Those captured by You, smell like myrrh and You.

I would call You, Sampson, but Your hair is more like wool
There You stood, clad in light colored hand woven garments.

I could see why women would await Your presence
Your yes is yes, and Your no, is no.

You're known to take Your women from rags to riches
Your servants know You calm contentious spirits.

One woman sat strumming on her polished guitar
Another with tapestry, was content You were near.

Other women waited your arrival with glee
They had already rested their case with Thee.

I wanted to be a part of Your crowded caravan
But it wasn't up to me; Your eyes took soul searching stance.

I could feel it in my spirit you agreed
Those untamed parts of me, were Yours to tame.


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A Different Kind of Love

~By chance we found each other ~
~Two hearts many miles apart~
~Linked together in cyberspace~

We talked for hours that first day
We never ran out of things to say
I feel I’ve known you for a long time
You’ve always been a friend of mine

Your heart has touched me here
I wish I could hold you near
Knowing that you are yearning 
For love your heart is burning

So I will instant message you
Tell you not to ever be blue
Share my joy and my fears
Not be afraid to show my tears

You can love me if you choose
My heart you will never loose
I can’t give the love you desire
The kind to set your heart a fire

Let me love you in my own way
As a friend with you every day
In your heart and on your mind
A truer love you’ll never find

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Heart's whisper In The night - A Collaboration

"Heart's whisper In The Night."
A Valentine.
A Collaboration.

Are you the living rose your scent Inhaled deep of rose allure?
Love's sweet perfection within my heart ever to endure.

Are you the glorious passion that lights my every deep desire?
The volcanic passion that shall ever light my Love's own fire.

Are you the phantom of all my desires come within Love's dream?
The beauteous vision ever held within each beautiful Love scene.

Are you the Angel light that leads me to Heaven's sweet bliss?
With each soft caress of your lips In a most tender kiss.

Are yours the softest eyes In which I ever wish to drown?
Do I see myself In their heart's fire of softest brown?

Are you the one I hold close In the heart of each dark night?
The living sun that burns with with Love's great glory and light.

Come my beloved and let flow Love's sweetest wine,
You are ever my Angel my eternal Valentine.

Yes my love I am the the softest of the rose scent that you drink in.
As loves perfect touch caresses your heart from deep within.

Yes my darlin' love I am the passion of loves desire that burns so deep.
As the flames of my love burn hot forever yours to keep.

Yes my love I am the phantom that gently caresses your every desire.
With softest kiss and rose petal skin within loves burning fire.

Yes my handsome love I am the angel that leads you to heavens door.
With rose petal kisses I place on your lips now and forevermore.

Yes my love my soft brown eyes are your pool to drown within.
Each night they mirror your love like as sweet pleasures begin.

Yes my precious love I am the one you hold close each night.
As I whisper softly in your ear and hold you oh so tight.

Now and always between us will flow loves sweetest wine.
For now and through eternity you are my precious. Valentine.

A Collaborartion by Mary Jo Hoose & Michael P Clarke.

Thank you once again for letting your gentle words flow with mine In collaboration. Always my pleasure and honour Mary. May your pen ever run gold. Love always....MIKE. XXX

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Soul To Soul - A Collaboration With Mary Jo Hoose

“Soul to Soul,”
A Collaboration.

Love so gently blowing in the ethereal breeze,
Kisses so gentle that with adoration tease.

Soft brown eyes that melt me with Love’s desire,
I forever bathe within their soft brown fire.

I lie within Heaven when you lie next to me,
Bodies touch within Love’s timeless sea.

Love does light my Soul with a Love so bright,
Soul to Soul brings the most beautiful light.

His gentle touch teases and taunts over silken skin with love.
Whilst softly I sigh from honeyed lips gentle as the coo of a dove.

My brown eyes they beg for sweet release to come all the more.
For my lover to open heavens gate as we knock on heavens door.

Come lie with me my sweet darlin' in fields of emerald green today.
Amongst pretty wildflowers where the weeping willow trees sway.

Hold me close in your loving arms ever so true with all your might.
Soul to soul my sweet love until the evening chases the days light.

There we lie come the moon of early evenings song,
I lie in the arms of my beloved where i truly belong.

You smile as our passion's rise deep within,
The glory of our heart's song shall soon begin.

Auburn hair i do brush from your beautiful face,
As my lips do caress your sweet bodies grace.

Our lips do meet and Love's divinity is our goal,
In this night of nights my beloved we are Soul to Soul.

Softly ivory breasts rise and fall as sweet passions abound tonight.
When my lovers gentle touch is heavenly over soft mounds of delight.

Tenderly love envelops two bodies as they lay bare glistening wild and free.
Under starry heavens they hold in sweet embrace 'neath the weeping willow tree.

Soft and gentle is the moment as their eyes meet when locked in loving embrace.
His hand ever so gently so lovingly caresses her silken ivory face.

My gift of love I give to you as you give to me.
Soul to soul our hearts now and forever will be.

A collaboration by Mary Jo Hoose & Michael P Clarke.

Once again you allow me to let my ink flow with your own and my heart speak with yours and i am honoured that you do so. May your pen always run gold and your heart ever sing. It has been a pleasure Mary. Your words sing. Love always....MIKE. XXX

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Pierce deeply, Cupid

I stand beneath a moon so bright
and ask for you to hear my plight 

I yearn to know my love's delights
for that, I'd wait a thousand nights 

My plea is gentle and polite 
my wish is simple and forthright

I need your help, oh wondrous sprite
to bind our hearts, forever tight 

I pray my lover's heart's your sight
and trust your aim be true and right 

I beg you, stretch your bow string tight
and send your arrow on its flight

Pierce deeply, Cupid, this I write
and make our love come true this night

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You speak of love as Chymistry;
as if t'were not a mystery
Yet no science can explain this thing,
of which poets write and minstrels sing

You speak of love as elements;
of atoms, bonds, not sentiments
Yet there's no formulae that can explain,
what Shakespeare's words doth make so plain

You speak of love as if t'were matter;
not a rhapsody, or a heart in tatters
Yet there's been no man, nor alchemist,
who'd concoct this thing we cannot resist

You speak of love as molecules;
as metals, crystals, things with rules
Yet there's no laws of love, nor of the heart,
no knowledge, skill, there's but the art

You speak of love as though you knew;
what part was false and what was true
Yet no substance is there to be measured,
only feelings, aye, these must be treasured

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Nothing To Fear

Way before the sunrise is when I start my day
I offer thankfulness in the prayer that I pray

I do love the morning with its beautiful sunrise
Especially when reflecting off clouds in the sky

My life is a journey with my soul as the guide
What makes it beautiful is my wife at my side

My children are my strength; encouraging me
I make sure that everyday is truly all it can be

My friends are many though old-friends are few
For I no longer agree with the things that they do

I still hold them all in my prayers and my heart
Nothing in this life could ever pry them apart

So what is the story the meaning of this rhyme?
The blessing is there if we just follow the sign

To accept the blessings the place we must start
Just be as a child and look through your heart

Be as a child; cherish every one of your dreams
If you wish to feed the river than become a stream

Everything will happen in its own time and place
You will truly find peace once you’ve found grace

Since love is the place where we all need to start
Remember, be kind and gentle to your own heart

One day, “Old Saint Peter,” will open up the gate
There is nothing to fear for heaven will be great

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A Failed Marriage

My shallow waters have failed to hide the deeper agony pulsating inside. I could forgive your lies but not forget. Do you have remorse, do you feel regret? Feelings were buried in a shallow grave as we failed to mend the love God gave. You failed to speak and I failed to listen, Fingers are pale where golden bands once glistened. Broken hearts called to each other refusing to bend. Not so long ago, I called you my best friend. Now, I'm left to grieve my failed marriage. The love we shared, your words disparaged. I could forgive your lies but not forget. Where is your remorse or display of regret? I can no longer burden myself with this shame. Standing tall, I have given my sorrow a name. I struggled to save our once happy home, but you chipped it away when you decided to roam. So goodbye I shout to you and to failure! Moving forward, your love is no longer my cure. My life is becoming a new adventure, and memories of your face are becoming a blur. Yes, I could have forgiven your lies, tried to forget, if your heart felt remorse or just a little regret. * a work of fiction For Nailed or Failed Contest (Black Eyed Susan)

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Redneck Love Song

I love the way you turn me on
When we sit on our sofa on the lawn

Your breakfast is the greatest dear
Scrambled eggs and a case of beer

I listen to each breath you take
Your snoring always keeps me awake

Remember walking up the hill
To get some moonshine from the still

A romantic dinner would be so fine
Two Big Macs and a glass of shine

You scratch your butt and wash my clothes
You watch TV and pick your nose

I'll love you forever to tell the truth
And when you smile, I love your tooth.

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Dear King-

# oi KING Mandalay

Influence by the element of air,
You had me at love’s first stare.

Ruled by the element of your water,
Emotions no one can slaughter.

You call upon me like a charmer,
Awaken me out of my outer body armor.

A cobra memorized by your romance,
With a trance of my belly snake dance,

I love your built confidence,
Flirtatiously lost in a hypnotic trance.

Sending a kiss to your sensitive toy,
One day you will be my silly boy.

Your dots fill up my sensual desire,
My passion adds burn to your fire.

I will add water to your thirst.
Motivate me; energize me, until I burst.

While the moon changes your mood,
Your key turns on my womanly jewels of nude.

All my emotions are out of control,
You roll me with the sweet dice of your soul.

A deep erotic ritual to feed the need.
Wanting more arousing the power of my greed.

I will aimlessly satisfy your pleasure of lust,
A loving environment absorbing the devils exotic dust.

Symbolizing our emotions and likes on the same level,
Your Cancer sign comes all twisted like a Tasmania devil.

Influencing the justice with my right hand muffet,
My Libra sign set on two strings like a puppet.

I will shove the love in to everything we speak of,
Secure my bloom with the wings of a dove.

Spoil me with your pride, and charisma of your heart,
Fantasize the beauty of the nature of our art.

Longing your slight touch with a hint of aggressive,
Around you I bury myself in the world of imaginative.

Your sign and element your gift thrives on me.
I exchange the feelings only you see.

Observe me; connect me, until you got my balance,
Have me, love me, and give me all your romance.

All though your ego gets in the way of truth.
My sweet love;-)  you are still the one I choose.

By: P.D.

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'Fallen Angels'

I watch as they descend from the sky
So many of them I can't help wonder why

Once on the ground they dance all around
Still the sight of them to me is so profound

Some voices come in whispers so low
Yet some billow causing them to echo

There is a reason they came down below
They bring a message of things we should know

~Angels descending,bring from above,
Echoes of mercy,whispers of love~

These angels didn't fall at all
Just upon us they made a call

For : "Fallen Angels" contest of Tracie ~*~Indigo Dreamweaver
~Quote of Fanny J. Crosby included in this poem as requested~

Written in the form of Rhyming Couplet
Written: 02/17/2012
4th Place Winner

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Couplets of Your Love

As I emerge from the dark, your light engulfs me.
Love ignited with a spark, and I trembled in ecstasy.

Just a soft caress, from the tenderness of your touch.
I adore you with all I possess, which may be too much!

Your moist butterfly kiss, makes my very knees buckle.
I'm in a state of bliss, for your tongue's sweet as honeysuckle!

The smell of your honey pot, awakes every one of my senses.
You've hit the exact spot, for you've removed my emotional defenses!

Your love blankets me, sending me spiraling above.
My heart recites your poetry, and I'm comforted by your love!

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Lilac Blooms

I saw you again yesterday
Our eyes met, you looked away

I remember the songs you used to sing
As I sit here and wonder if my phone will ring

Now I'm picking a glass of lilac blooms
You planted for me, back when we shared bedrooms

It's been oh so long ago...
But time stands still, as you say hello

The sound of your voice makes me quiver
 May the lilacs stay in bloom forever....

©Donna Jones

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A Love Couple Cuddling On a Couch

The cute figurine I am looking at now is one of a couple at home on a couch. The guy, at the end of the couch, comfortably relaxes, a pillow upon his left knee. With her head on the pillow there at his knee, his gal reclines sideways while they watch TV. On the top of the couch is perched a white cat, which I picture them now and then giving a pat! In front of the couch of this sweet figurine is their loyal puppy, completing the scene. How nice it is to be comfy cozy snuggling together, a picture so rosy. How precious the moments in one’s family, for with those we love is the best place to be! The link to copy and paste if you care to see this figurine, which costs $75 to buy!!! For the Precious Moment the figurines Poetry Contest of Nathan a

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Change of Season

It's the changing of the season
You should of told me.

I've worn out all my welcomes.
So I don't love you anymore.

I won't be knocking on your door.
Yes, you say you won't forget me.

I see it's the rainbow moon out tonight.
Though the summer days drifted off site.

You might forget me towards morning light.
For I shall have already forgotten you.

I've watched you many times come and go.
Through the shadows of the crystal moon.

I trace the memory of your face in my dreams.
I stare at the picture of you on the nightstand.

Feel the coldness of you come over me.
As the mystical lovers moon shines outside my window.

10/07/ 2013  12midnight

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Another Life

There in another life.
I walked along. 

There in another life.
You came along.

I felt you in the sun.
Where did the time go?

When we were one.
There in another life.

I felt your heart beating against my soul.
Where did the time go ?

When we thought we were in love.
Why did it not manifest for a lifetime.

On a bed of roses I lay with you.
But now I see them no more.

Why could we not dance this dance forever more ? 

Sunday 7pm   8/ 10/ 2013

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My Princess, my Queen

Amidst daisies carnations, roses and greens
By the window she sits in sunlight serene

Her hair tied back shows the prettiest of face
When i see her sitting there, i feel so graced

Many colours she wears but i love her in blue
Whatever colours she wears i love her so true

She turns and looks with those green emerald eyes
Everyday she looks different, everyday a surprise

Amidst daisies carnations, roses and greens
She is everything to me, my princess my queen

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If I Could Split Myself in Two

If I could split myself in two
One half of me I'd give to you,
The other half I'd send away
To be with her like yesterday.
Though it sounds harsh, this I would do
If I could split myself in two.

If I could split myself in two
One half for her, one half for you.
The half for her would win her back
To heal my heart and mend the crack,
To fix me up, made good as new
If I could split myself in two.

If I could split myself in two
The other half would stay with you.
While one half fixes years of tears
The Half with you would have no fears,
Would be devoted, strong and true
If I could split myself in two.

But I am not two, I'm just one man
So I'll swear to love you all I can
If you will take me cracks and all,
Be there to lift me when I fall,
I'll dedicate my life to you
And no longer wish myself in two.

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The Muffin and the Cupcake

        The Muffin and the Cupcake

Little miss muffin was resting one day
When a cute little cupcake came looking her way
The gaze he held, was saying one thing
I'm coming over to pull apron string                    

She blushed an blustered and turned all coy         
But couldn’t resist the touch of the boy
Was this the mix she had waited for
Since she had sprung from the old oven door                

He ambled over, his eye on her crest                     
He touched her side to physically test
He needed to see she was not a mirage
For he was battered by beauties barrage              

He felt the warmth that swelled from her heart
And swore that day that they’d never part           
He said, “My darling, with me will you run
I’ll take you a ride and we will have fun                

For you are my muffin and I’m your cupcake
And nothing will sunder the bond that we make”  
She took, his word, their lips came to meet
Was there ever before, kisses tasting so sweet      

The last I heard, they had run away
And merrily danced in their love so they say
So muffin or cupcake, next time you eat
You may have destroyed, but their love not defeat.

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Mabuhay, Andrea :D

Mabuhay, Andrea :D!!! Such a happy day, guess who's tapping the knocker? It's lovely Andrea, that's who! My Soup doppelganger! Why don't you come inside, oh I just love your eyes! I got truffles, tiramisu and I cooked you a surprise Better yet, let's stay outside, I just know you love the sun Let's talk poems, and food then throw in meter for fun! Here's my surprise,coconut and clam soup, my mom's specialty What day won't be complete without soup? Just me being goofy :p Food, friendship, laughter and one of the Soup's best as my company, I hope this won't just be wishful thinking, but a happy reality! *** Mabuhay is a typical Filipino greeting, wishing the recipient "Long Life" and it is also generally used as "Welcome!" -- sure would love this day to come true though ;) 04062011 --nikko :) for Michael's "First Words Over Coffee" contest :D

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There was a time

The pendulum motions to and fro,
From the clock upon the wall.
As the second ebb like grains of sand,
For one by one they fall.

Through the window of the dim lit room,
For outside, lies a world of grey,
For thoughts now turn to yester year,
That seems so far away.

With freckle on skin and golden hair,
Topped with lace like bonnet fair.
Upon a face a smile of glee,
As little feet splash in the sea.

A bucket clenched in fingers tight,
With spade to match its colors bright.
 In awe and wonder of many things,
 Through eyes so young that new life brings.

  N  Windle.   MMXI.

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Summer Of Enchantment

Warm evenings have that lazy feel,
As the sun sets upon the day.
An orange ball suspended,
As all cares now swept away.
The exotic smells in the perfumed air,
That lies heavy all around.
Mimosa now that in full bloom,
As its branches drape the ground.
Do you ever look at the sky?
As the stars come out at night.
When you’re held by that someone specials arms,
And don’t want to say goodnight.
Though no spoken word is  uttered,
As eyes gaze into eyes
It’s said there windows to the soul,
Mere feelings can’t disguise.
Love can just be fleeting,
With precious thoughts we steal.
And in that brief encounter,
We know that it’s for real.

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atop your hearth my soul doth rest
away from fear that grips the best

like ships at dock you gently tend
to aches and pains your love will mend

when evening falls you bathe your light
on loved ones gathered, hearts held tight

as daylight breaks, you conjure smiles
our travels filled with love for miles

and like majestic oaks that cast
your acorns nourish dreams that last

© All Rights Reserved

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Natures Beauty

Sunshine beams sparkles softly golden magic 
Breathtaking horizon of dreams spells casting 

Feelings, faces and memories within 
Shall follow the nature´s endless spin 

Creeping higher morning glory rising perfect splendor 
Smiling warm rays inside hot radiance glows 

Dizzy with pleasure, tears a falling star rain wet drop of heaven 
Total silence no vibration pearls on leaves dried 

Songbirds sing praise in a heavenly choir whistling tunes 
Enchanting dewdrops sparkling shivers, silver glistens 

Diamond shining clearly colors beauty awakening 
Rainbow riches polishing a heart to the highest luster 

Into a landscape of dreams and hope 
The green grass will grow for another tomorrow 

A co write written by Liam Mcdaid 
and Anne-Lise Andresen :) - 12.01.2015 - 
- Thank you anne lise 

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A lover Remembered

Writtem By Ryland Joshua Matthews
For Contest: Sentimental Love Letters 
Hosted By Poet: Audrey Carey 
A Lover Remembered

Sometimes I think, sometimes I wander
In my mind I often ponder

Where I would be, what I would do
If God forbid, I ever lost you

No matter how long, no matter the distance
Id travel that road to the end of existence

To feel once again that comforting place
Wrapped in your arms, a loving embrace

There are these things to witch I hold true
The seven great reasons I could never forget you.

The touch of your hand. The slightest caress.
In the heat of your kiss I know I’ve been blessed

Your taste is of honey that is fresh from the comb
Reminding me of solace, the tranquility of home

Your eyes so serene, in comfort I dwell
The moment I saw them, in love with you I fell.

Around you of Jasmine, the smell I remember
Erasing the fear, to you I surrender

The skin of an angel, through my hands I can feel
The unbridled passion, this has to be real.

The waves of your hair, in dark amber it keeps me
Locked at your side is where I truly wish to be

Never more daunted by the shackles of time
To me God gave you, and to you all that is mine

The End

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Lie in a bath of foaming suds to dream
Thinking that I am in your arms again

Can feel your heart beating next to mine
Sinewy legs, round my body entwined

Hot kisses up and down my spine
Whispers of undying love divine

Such dreams so sensual refresh you as true
But I wake up and find I’m not with you.

Dreams so deep do release your pain
Only to feel them begin to ache again

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A Voyage Into You

A voyage of you that starts with a kiss...
A ride taken slow without a spot missed...
Silky curves that have a life of its own...
Rivers of fruit that leads to your home...
Strawberry rainbows that encircle your body...
We drift into bliss as you surrender to me...
Hands that learn to speak on this tasty ride...
Where we lay on a stage where passion can't hide...

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Love and Live

                       I went for a walk on life`s mysterious path
                                     and that`s where I found it

                  Something alive,something trembling with pure joy
             a transparent gel in my hands

                    I keep you there for a fragile yet so eager
                     a desire to love and let live,comfort comes from a good heart

          It is your soul I`ve found,a treasure beyond any perception I have ever known
                  stir my emotions,to know that you are a part of my life now

                            To know that you are not enough
                             need all of you,my precious little twinsoul


 13th January 2012

 Dedication To Anne Lise Andresen

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The Painful Truth

I close my eyes to imagine your face
but pain invades and the image is erased

tears gather at the corner of my eyes
as i sit and remember all of your lies

I try to reach out to see if your there
but the feeling is cold and your presence is bare

reality stings as i tremble alone
searching for answers im left only to roam

puzzled and confused and in terrible disbeleif
how your goodbye was so sudden and unexpectantly brief

I struggle with knowing with what i should do
how to cope with the loss of someone I knew

but after what you did I know it was wrong
still you were the one to leave and be gone

I had hope that forgiveness would be more than enough
but as i was trying you chose to give up

now im left with emotions of many different shades
and the connection is gone as your memory fades

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The Day The Dog Died

The Day The Dog Died

The very day her dog had died ;
she sat alone and cried and cried.

He'd been her companion for many a day ;
she thought he'd be there when SHE went away.

She wept and wept all through the night ;
somehow, her husband would make it all right.

They got in the car and went to the pound ;
she, so discouraged, just looked at the ground.

"Pick out another", her old husband said ;
"You have to face it, your boy dog is dead."

Then the old lady walked slowly outside ;
tears rolled down her face, she wanted to hide.

Up rambled an old dog, a female was she ;
crawled into their car, as bold as could be.

The dog sat patiently waiting there ;
not moving a muscle, going nowhere.

"She just picked us out !", the old lady cried ;
"I thought I'd have no friend till' the day I died."

Now both the old girls sit in a chair;
discussing the world and going nowhere.

That little dog had a very sad past ;
now, she has someone to love her, at last.

She's given the dog a name, Dee Dee,
she listens intently, her chin on Mom's knee.

They pass the long hours being together;
in rain or snow, through all kinds of weather.

So, if this is a  "dog's life", lucky is she;
there's just not a  better place to be.

Perhaps they will leave on the very same day,
for, to each, there is no other possible way.

I think of them often....they'r gone from this earth;
I'm nearing her age and I  not nearly her worth.

Although. three little dogs sit on my bed;
listening and playing and tilting their heads,
at each and everything I say;
like it was important in some sort of way.

I understand the importance of each little creature ;
to someone, somewhere, for they are the teachers.

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A Miracle To Call My Own

The greatest joy I’ve ever known 
A miracle to call my own

So warm and soft and sweet and true
A blessing like I never knew

Worth every ounce of pain and fear
Each  heartfelt doubt and wondering tear

Can I be what she deserves?
Are my virtues fit to serve?

Each question harder than the last
All faded now into the past

I gaze upon her perfect face
Full of beauty, peace and grace

A life that’s only just begun
Shining brighter than the sun

My heart has swelled beyond extreme
An ever loving living dream

Gratitude and hope abound
Heaven sought and Glory found

Strength and courage multiply
Seeing through Love’s own true eye

The greatest joy I’ve ever known 
A miracle to call my own

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Nothing But the Truth

Tell me I am pretty and sexy and hot
Tell me you like everything that I’ve got

Say that my clothes fit me just right
Even if some things are a little too tight

Laugh at my jokes even if they are dumb
Massage my neck ’til your fingers go numb

Don’t get mad becaue I make more money
Do the dishes, vacuum, and call me honey

Respect me for my intelligent mind
Treat all my friends friendly and kind

Tell me that I cook better than mother
Say that you’ll never love any other

Kiss me goodnight and good morning
Make love to me without any warning

Call me at work just to hear my voice
Say that being with me is your first choice

Watch chick flicks during a football game
Give me a sweet little sexy pet name

Tell me my lovely face is all you see
But darling, don’t you ever lie to me

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Below a Douglas Fir

Below a Douglas Fir tree one beautiful moonlit night I sat there with my Missy as we viewed a lovely sight The aurora borealis was lighting up the sky Then something to my right suddenly caught my eye A gem from outer space tore across the cobalt blue Leaving behind a trail a quite spectacular view Two in trapped capture witnessing a shooting star We wonder where it came from, out there from afar We sat there for ages chatting about the sight we seen Phenomena such as this are generally seen in dreams Below the Douglas Fir tree that beautiful moonlit night We marvelled at it's arrival as it disappears from sight

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Greater Love

Greater Love

I shivered and watched him as the snow fell 
Frail, tattered clothes, bearded, no shoes, but--smell!
I thought--what a contrast--comparing sights,
But love was a lesson I'd learn that night!

Not from plastic steeples or rhetoric,
Philanthropy or emotional trick...
I would learn to look in my own mirror
For compassion, mercy, empathy--clearer.

       This complex multiple of nature lives
       In dying daily to Ego-------Forgives!

Then I saw neither black, white, red nor green,
But only insolence and heard him scream:
"Get away from us! You Freak! Reprobate!"
Then with his cane, knocked him down--oh such hate!

Top hat and tails perched with pride by the door
Assisting the dilatant he adored.
Snow was a gossamer curtain all 'round.
Vision obscured even steps on the ground.

       Lights came from nowhere as they crossed the street,
       Aimed for the dilatant--innocent, sweet.

Watching I saw from the shadows immerge
Sprinting like 'Coldstream Guard'--out past the curb,
That same man, pushing the dilatant fair
Out of harms way as he flew in mid-air.

Emerging unscathed from the ice and snow:
"Who was that man? Tell me! I want to know!"
The crowd huddled 'round like a football team
Gawking with questions of what they had seen.

       A donor card was his only ID.
       No name--just a wish--was all they could see.

Donor card cashed in...Science and query...
A grave in an obscure cemetery,
With small unadorned head-marker amends:
"Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends."

deborah burch©

*For Michael's "No Names on This Love Contest"

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Taken, never Forsaken

When I try to look back, it hurts to start A mother I was now in continual broken heart In the innocence of that Sunday quietly shopping away When my thoughts to humanity go in angered astray One minute he held my hand, the next he was gone In suspended silence I float amidst stared public throng Questions through confusion as to where I stood last Still feeling his hand, that loving maternal grasp Lights became brighter, louder were the voices Still confusion abounds in sporadic lost choices Who could have taken him, where has he gone So many voices not singing the same song Continually I dream about these words you've just read To the end of my days I can't think of him dead <*>

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The Kirk by the Sea

John chapter 15 verse 12--- 
This is my commandment, 
That ye love one another, as I have loved you.

There’s a wee Kirk overlooking the sea
Lowly and humble but special to me.
Inside is the font where I was baptized 
The aisle where I walked with joy in my eyes
The altar we faced when making our vows
With God watching o’er us, then as of now
The brilliant stained windows to Peter and Paul
Shedding their light of peace over all
There in the nave a white marble plaque
Honouring the ones who never came back
But of all of these pleasures that I want to share
Is the presence of love that waits for one there.

Contest: The Church by the Ocean
Sponsor:  Constance ~ My Dear Heart ~
Written by : Margaret Foster Sept 26th 2011

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Fire And Sweet

                                       The fire is burning where water can't reach...
                                    Our bodies are in tangles to where our lips meet...

                                Smoke has filled the room as the flames cascade high...
                                        A bed filled with passion as two lovers fly...

                                      Our words are drenched with juices so sweet...
                                          Ice cubes dissolve on skin laced in heat...
                                      I crawl to the spicket for just a drop to refresh...
                                       And then back to fire where I do feel blessed...

dedicated to my one and only

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The Lovers Dance

It was their night they shone bright as they danced their sweet dance
Two lovers embraced in their world of romance.

They laughed and they cried as their eyes locked in stare
It was their world for this moment as if no one was there.

And their steps they so flawlessly glided in tune,
To a melody that touched everyone in that room.

Their passion brought envy to onlookers there,
Who secretly questioned their own love affair.

But as the night closed and came to an end
The lovers were blind to what lie round the bend.

The house and the cars and the jobs that went bad
The kids drove them crazy and their savings were drab.

So they fought to hold on to the things in their life,
That caused them so much of their pain and their strife.

They fought with each other like enemies do,
And dismissed in their life everything that was true.

So when sickness and hardships and troubles occurred,
Their vows to commit seemed truly absurd.

Their home and their kids would now take a backseat,
For their moral obligation they chose not to meet.

So I Ask …
What happened to that dance they danced so well?
With passion and truth everyone could tell.

What happened to their dance where they held so tight?
What happened to the wonder of their glorious night?

What happened to the words that charmed their ears?
With a passionate rhythm that brought them to tears.

What happened to those vows that poured from their heart?
The “I love you forever and till death do us part”.

For these aren’t just words we borrow for the day,
From another who tells us this is what we must say.

We say them cause it’s what we feel true in our heart,
It’s a God given blessing we commit from the start.

But these words are now lost as they fall on deaf ears,
Since the pain and the struggles they’ve created these years.

So the lesson here learned dear people of odd,
Is that love is so fragile but made strong with our God.

So stop fighting for power and money or need,
For all of this nonsense is only our greed.

Keep God in your life and he’ll walk you through,
When heartache and pain and losses ensue.

For why commit vows in the eyes of our God,
And not call on him when life gets too hard?

For the truth of our vows we are all meant to see,
is that marriage is not, made of two, but of three

If reading these words ring some truth in your heart,
Decide that today you will make a new start.

Go hug your spouse and say something kind
Don’t let the small stuff cloud up your mind.

We’re all just lost souls who are trying to cope
If  not there for each other then where is the hope?

You see, the anger, the fight
that in us abide, Is only the insecure child inside.

So rise up above all this fear and this pain,
And see all the beauty that there is to gain.

By trusting in God and his will for you
Together forever he’ll see you both through.

For life is too short for our miserly ways
cheap on our love hence dreading our days.

He made us to love in all that we do
To wake up each morning and start us a new.

So pray for your spouse, ask God to be kind
To the person you prayed in the beginning to find.

They’re still the same person you loved from the start
But life and it’s troubles have hardened their heart.

You vowed that you’d love them in sickness and health
Now is your chance to show God what you felt.

So rise up my friend, don’t say that you’re through
For what if your loving God gave up on you?

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Loved Up

Diamonds smile in her solferino sky tonight.
Henna rose tendrils twine the trellis of her cheek,

lilacs twist and hiss in her hennaed hair,
snaking against the violet velvet backdrop of night.

Behind ecstasy-wide eyes her untold dreams
etch sinuous illusions on psychedelic silk screens.

She'll trip the fantasy light with him tonight,
dancing the razor edge of danger and delusion,

candyflip kisses clinging needily on her loved up lips.
Their iridescent amethyst laser light ride;

treading tracers, wading twilight's violet tide,
twining together in pulsing purple light.

An acid house glasshouse lavender love:
their forbidden hush-hush finger-to-lip love.

The single beam of her mind's strobe light on these nights
when a mauve mist envelops and enraptures her,

ambient trance chants entrancing her ear,
henna rose tendrils clinging damply to her cheek,

the tickle and pull of the dancefloor tormenting her feet.
Twisting and twirling in techno beat heat,

colours swirling, amping in lilac love-light,
whirling the purple heart party haze tonight.

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A Gift of Red

He caught me one night,
As I shivered with cold,
His words drew me forward,
As hearts stories were told.
Stories of love,
Of passions so pure,
Of lifes deep regrets,
Yet...his good humour endured.
Here was a man,
Complete and unending,
A man with deep talents,
A man worth befriending.
Now what he pulls forward,
With  his poetic display,
Is the opening flowers,
In loves sweet bouquet.
A beautiful saviour,
Warm arms outspread,
My hearbeat grows stronger,
For my gift of Red.

A tribute to Red O'Mara

© 2013
Ruby Honeytip

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Sure You Love Me, But

Sure, you love me…
But not enough to go the tougher miles
But not enough for tears but only smiles

Sure, you love me…
But only when the sun is shining bright
But only when I’m close not out of sight

Sure, you love me….
But not enough my straightjacket to be
But not enough the insanity to see

Sure, you love me…
But only when I keep demons at bay
But only when sugar coated words I say

Sure, you love me…
But not enough to fill my every need
But not enough to bind me when I bleed

Sure, you love me…
But in front of others my love you deny
But in front of others you just let me cry

Sure you love me…
But only when there’s no one else to kiss
But only when there’s no one else to miss

Sure, babe, sure you love me...
But this isn’t what love’s meant to be
But don't be surprised when I set you free

Eileen Manassian

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2012 resolution Vol 3

Another fresh year is here, I would love to banish from my life, worry doubt & fear. I would like to be joyous, true and live life each moment with zest, and give the people around me nothing but the best. I would love to talk, communicate and break mental barriers that are creations, and work hard towards mending broken relations. I would love to tell my wife to give me all her tears and fear, and take from me all my love the loving words she likes from me to hear. I would love to make an effort to be a good friend, to my elder daughter and put all petty misunderstandings to an end. I would love to stop to the people in contact ,the shoving, and spend more time in loving. I would love to stop being disadvantageous and outrageous, and speak only the truth and for that be courageous. I would love to fight my emotions all unfriendly, and cover them all with feelings that are friendly. I would love to learn to be sensitive, and towards others be open and receptive. I would love to practice not to crib about all the things life has not given me, and be greatful for the great things around me I have an opportunity to feel and see. I would love to learn to be content about all I have received, and focus now on giving and helping those, whom life has deceived. I would love to pray for world peace and plant more trees, and work to help out for carbon emission decrease. I would love to learn to be unforgiving, and be more tolerant and caring. I would love to right some of my wrongs, and be true to myself and hum joyous songs. Finally, I would love to learn to be humble and full of gratitude, and to do so spend some precious moments of my day reflecting in solitude.

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Could this be love

	Could this be love?

A kiss from a will o wisp
Elusive like stars that wink

Billowing like a silk scarf,
Delicately against your skin

Wishing at sunrise to see
It’s colors rustle and captivate

Like winsome eyes on a pillow
Or joyous laughter from a place

Past the shadows that sparkles
With an effervescence of fireflies

Making your toes tingle finally
And you say beautiful, beautiful

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The Beauty Of The Rain

“The Beauty Of The Rain”

As the sunlight hides our dreams cascade…
 Floating clouds over the world we made…
Raindrops dance on naked wings…
Sounds whisper as passion sings…
A pulse felt without a touch…
Like a kiss caught from my clutch…
Held tight as lips embrace…
While hands speak, and hearts race…
We savor the taste and feel from the rain…
As two bodies pour from what remains…


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Dream of Rapture

If I am dreaming let me dream forever
never let me wake from this sweet rapture
as I lie within your arms that hold me tender
wrapped in warmth and lost in sweet surrender
locked in eyes that show me what they're feeling
tasting wine laced kisses so appealing
as my melting heart is set on fire
the love I'm feeling fueling my desire
nothing else exists and I'm enraptured
dying a sweet death wherein I'm captured
lost within this land of never, never
if I am dreaming let me dream forever

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Familiar Taste of Betrayal

I’ve tasted betrayal before just like I have tasted lies
but each time it’s so bitter, the taste always a surprise.

I cannot expel this sickness you left to rot in my soul
the brittleness of your lies that made you lose control.

So I am left no resolution and more unanswered questions,
you told me it would be an hour when I’d only had seconds.

You came in as an infection and you’re leaving a disease
once proud I stood and yet you brought me to my knees

your taking me down and you’re dragging me low.
Why take my hand if you only plan to just let go?

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The Reflection

I stare in the mirror, my tears fall in vain
Can’t see my reflection through the veil of this pain.

Who is this person I struggle to see?
I don’t want to judge her but it’s surely not me.

This stranger I cast looks so tired and weak,
I wish I could help her but I’m frightened to speak.

Cause it’s dark and lonely in this shell where I’m bound
Where once there was laughter, is now void of sound.

and the beauty I knew in just yesterday’s time,
seems gone in an an instant with life’s rythym and rhyme…..

Then GOD he spoke child…What do you mean?
You’re more beautiful than anything that I’ve ever seen!

The reflection you cast it don’t matter to me,
What matters is that you can see what I see.

That your spirit is filled with a breath that is true.
And a beauty so deep that this world can’t undo.

I know that your journey seems to heavy to bear.
But I’ve given you family that love and who care.

So hold on tight through the dips and the turns,
For the ones who believe are the precious who learns.

And wether your journey is to stay here or go,
Please know I love you so much more than you know.

I wish I could tell you the beauty that awaits…
But you will know only, when you see heavens gates.

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                       Two hearts of lovers that beat as one,
                 Ignite each soul while kissing under the sun.

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Waves Crashing Against My Heart

I nestle comfortably in the sand, 
 Sitting next to you, hand in hand.

A cool breeze, and salt in the air,
 The wind picks up and whips around our hair.

The stars glitter and shine so bright, 
 I'm glad we decided to go out tonight.

Waves crash violently against the sand, 
 This is the most romantic night you ever planned.

So simple, yet so full of thought, 
 I'm sorry earlier that we had fought.

I see that you're a love so dear, 
 I also know that I need not fear.

As we sit on this white, sandy beach
 Its the sound of peace that we seek.

Lay me down and gently kiss my lips, 
 Place a hand on either one of my hips.

A sigh of content escapes my mouth, 
 As we stare at the constellations to the South.

I wish this night could last forever, 
 As we journey on our new endeavor. 

Sadly, it won't, but that's okay.
 As we enjoy ourselves on the beach we lay.

What is it about the ocean that makes me at peace?
 With each wave, my calmness, seems to increase.

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What She Wears

I don't know where to start, but I need to find the words
To describe something of beauty, that surely needs to be heard

If heard is not what they are, then these words must surely be read
For these words are written with heart, either way my words are said

You must all be asking, what these words are all about
If I was atop of Hacha Grande, these words written I would shout

These words are written about beauty, amidst the clothes she wears
It's about a Spanish maiden, what she wears, I can only stare

No matter the colours, be they vibrant, dark or others
Either way they cloak my eyes, so radiant in perfect smother 

Captured within her aura, dark locks in appearance blend
Entranced are my eyes forever, for my mind my views do send

To describe something of beauty, that surely needs to be heard
My eyes can only be truthful, to see her, I'm never blurred


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The Wind

You are like the wind

Gently guiding me by while barefoot on a beach
No matter how far, I’m always within its reach

Pushing me through rough seas like a sail
With you mountains are nothing to scale

Like the wind comes great change
And all begins to rearrange

You force the snow to sting my face
Foot prints in the sand you erase

You slow me down
Mountains still all around

I wait for your storm to pass
With each half full glass

But behind every storm
Lies a sunrise to keep me warm

In that light I shall lay
Because long I have waited for this day

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If I Were To Work a Miracle

If I were to work a miracle I know what it would be
In selfish quest I'd ask to grow in someone's company

Then we could prosper sharing precious moments in life
If I could have the same children, I'd pray she would be my wife

I would treasure the ground she walks on, in joyous harmony
For before I requested this miracle, she opened my eyes to see

Many things we share, architecture and music are two
There's history and geography, she says binds me and you

But it's the music that cements us, especially with Queen
If I were to work a miracle, then this would be my dream

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My Lord and Savior

If you mess with me
You're messing with an anointed pedigree

I follow God
He knows that I am flawed

Who He loves
I'll love

How He wants me to pray
I'll pray

Who he sends my way
I'll invite in my life with open arms

I won't forsake Him
Just as He won't forsake me

I know His Son died for me
Just knowing that alone has me in tears

Knowing that He loves me enough
To sacrifice His Son

God is my Lord
Jesus is my Savior

The Father of the Savior
Has given up his Son so that I may live free of Sin

Knowing that I can talk to Him anytime, any day, anywhere
Has me dropping to my knees

I pour my soul and heart into every prayer
I know He hears all I say

Most times He'll answer my prayer easily
Other times I have to work for the answer

In the end everything is going to be alright
Because I love Him and He love me

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A Valentine From Long Ago

Mine eyes espy thy golden hair No crown of gilded jewels more fair Wither you go, you go with grace Sweet one, ye who are so fair of face I beseech you, tarry here a bit Canst thou come and by me sit I come to ye on bended knee Oh, thou art the very heart of me....

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I Closed my Eyes to See, I now Dream

Today I sat and pondered and closed my eyes to see 
On a sunny island I strolled, knowing what's ahead for me

Closer to the beach hut I could hear our favourite song
Through the louvred doors I go, as I catch a scent so beautifully strong

It's emanating from the bathroom, amidst a plume of moisture, steam
Slowly I reach my destination as I continue into my dream

My eyes peer through scented vapours, catching a shadow within my sight
Lavender surrounds two souls as I catch shapes of pure delight

My love, my maiden, my Queen, having exited from her shower
Thralls the man in me attracted by her womanly power

She glimpses she sees I'm there, her towel is offered to I
Closer we move to each other as my hands wander to dry

Her nape, shoulders and back touched as if by an angels wings
The song that lured me earlier, my heart now joyfully sings

To her hips I reach, whilst to my knees I fall
My heart now racing faster, my hands in drying sprawl

To me she now graces, azure blue eyes look down at me
Beauty in she abounds, through loved eyes my love I see

Crimson lips allure to mine, as if in magnetic trance
Naked we are, touching brushing, we enter into dance

Two bodies in tender abrasion, hands in adventurous roam
Alluring desires excite freely in our sunny island home

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Never Tell

He smiles in my direction as he walks in the door
And laughs at my heart, now a puddle on the floor,
The people walking by turn, point and stare,
I repeat over and over, “there’s nothing there…”

Rains of passion, waves of homicidal angst,
You can’t look backwards and still walk straight,
A million signs are screaming out at you:
Stop-danger-watch out-you’re running too

Quickly, swiftly your friends all walk away,
I’d like to say something, but it’d be so cliché,
Silently you sit and watch them go,
Hoping inside that they don’t know,
Maybe they won’t know, but everybody knows…

I think of you and I think about stars,
Captured fireflies in marmalade jars,
Beautiful reminders of what may have been,
But the fire goes out, and they lay there dead...

He says, “The poison doesn’t do it for me anymore,
I need a pain to leave me lying gasping on the floor,”
My eyes go cloudy as he looks to yesterday,
I say, “I never meant to hurt you anyways...”

It broke my heart, I almost cried
To see you hurting, so broke inside,
Twist, plunge deeper, lemon and salt it so,
Some suffer in silence, I’ve come to know,
You’d rather be alone, you asked me to go...

The colors flew around the walls,
How I got here I don’t recall,
He handed me the bottle and I didn’t think twice,
"Just get rid of the pain, whatever the price..."

I think we danced, at least we may’ve,
Silly boy, to think I’d misbehave,
He said, “I bet I can change your mind,”
Slow down, stop, (learn to) rewind,

“Hold my hand,” I pleaded, to who?
I don’t think so, that’s not something I’d do,
Stop, not there, leave me alone,
I don’t want to be touched anymore…

A glance at the reflection as I pass a mirror,
I thought I saw a smile, but it disappeared,
Spin around and around, a crystal ball,
Reality’s a mist that surrounds us all…

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No Heaven Without You

The end of my life the beginning of my death
I shall start to slowly inhale my final breath

Fast forwarding memories race through my mind
There is one in particular that I’m trying to find

Is it of the hottest night or the brightest day?
I really don’t know how could I possibly say

White capped waves to snow capped peaks
As I start to exhale I feel so tired and weak

Funny how everything has started moving so slow
As my mind races to learn what it shall never know

Suddenly everything ceases as clouds fill my eyes
For I have frozen in the memory of you and I 

Nothing but darkness here at the end of the race
As my final breath of air softly kisses your face

As I travel through the darkness I feel no fear
I’m lost in the taste from the salt of your tear

They say eternity is no more than an equation of time
Consequences of our life heaven or hell shall define 

There is one truthful fact regarding my fate
Our Lord Jesus Christ will meet me at the gate

But I won’t go in that’s something I could never do
There is no heaven for me until I walk in with you

I’ll sit down right there just outside of the gate
I’m certain for you the Lord will let me wait

I know you’ll be mad because I waited so long
Sweetheart you are the message inside of my song

And the message my song shall forever send
It could only be heaven if I have my friend


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- A Little Bit Of Heaven -

Such a romantic place on a beach in Monte Carlo 
Simple little things in life catching one's breath 

Moonlight glinting of waves breaking off a white sandy beach 
Faraway thoughts brown eyes crying in an ocean dream song 

Spell of romance makes one forget the sense of anything 
Silent whispers echoes binding our chain together tides speak 

Do you remember the white doves that followed us along the beaches 
Each link in your arm magic walks closer feelings sing inside a joyous choir enchants

Nature nurtured by the desire to fulfill dreams makes time stop 
Holds deep sea emotions a galloping white steed races home in warm waves kiss 

The natures mesmerizing perfume of fragrant flowers 
Where destiny paints the joy in butterflies dance on a warm loving breeze 

Such is the passion in the depths of ones soul 
Jewels needle vision flies without wings heaven sings in a spiral coloring rainbows 

No barriers closed no reasons withstand 
The midnight moon shades blue embraced one shadow two become one dream 

A co write written by Liam Mcdaid and Anne-Lise Andresen

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While I Dreamt

Long hair, coal, coiled
‘Round fingertips, bone white.

O, my diffident lover,
How I waited for that night.

When I held you as you dreamt,
And kissed your quivering lips.

When we bathed in the uncloaked moonlight,
In an everlasting eclipse.

Sky, the blankest façade
Lit by nicks of white.  

I carry you into my dream;
I carry you into the night.

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Save The Last Dance For Me

Standing in the corner, watching all the love and romance
Watching the twirling couples with envy as they dance

The fast ones and the slow ones, they dance the night away
But I remembered what you told me, just the other day.

Yes you can dance if you long to, dance your night away
Dance until the dawn arrives, and the start of a new day.

But no matter how long you dance or which partner you dance with
Remember they just want to dance, they don’t have love to give.

The dance that is important is the last dance of the night
The last dance that you dance, will be with the one who loves you right.

When we are on the dance floor, and the rest of the dancers are gone
The dance will be for us my love, a dance of love that goes on and on.

On the dance floor of desire which is the dance floor of such love
We’ll dance the last dance together, as close as hand in glove.

The last dance will be a slow one, and will last our whole lives through
So save that last dance for me my love, the one that loves you true.

©~GG~ 10/01/2013

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Never Forgotten

Breathe in deep the sheltered sea
Whose mist holds mystic memory
The stars are falling one by one
Into the rays cast by the sun

To settle now with mornings dew
A memory lost that never grew
Hold them gently within your heart
Remembering love does not depart

Breathe in deep the sunrise hue
Another fine day to start anew
Step by step in forward motion
Memories kept with deep devotion

Debra Squyres
Poet friend, Robert Johnson, inspired this write. 
The first 4 lines were taken and adapted from
his words in a comment made on one of my poems.

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Marble in Columns on Green

On a slope graced with green
White marble stands in proud salute

For beneath these engraved pillars of memory
Lie the resting places of heroes

A solitary green fir looks down
As if sheltering the lost and the taken

So many names, from all walks of life
A father, brother a girlfriend or wife

On a sunny day, they glow radiant like their lives
On a dull day, they stand out against the greys

For the living, life goes on 
Tomorrow is another day

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By the Stream Beside the Meadow

On a grassy bank beside a trickling stream
I view her ebony locks of which I've dreamed

Naked she is bathing in translucent crystal clear
As I long for her shapes to shadow me near

This short distance between us in natures surround
For soon we will be in clinch on her sacred ground

Whilst all around there are sounds of wildlife lush
It leaves you in marvel as it quietens to a hush

I turn my head in this most dreamy of place
As I capture her beauty that nature has graced

The cooling waters from the pure running stream
Cascades down her body this fluid supreme

Her ebony locks down her body caress
Naked to bare we have no need to undress

On a blanket of tartan we kneel down as I dry
My love, my lady as we look into our eyes

Shaped undulations awaken thoughts in my mind
As I lightly touch my dreams start to unwind

Our adventurous hands now in wandering roam
Amidst the greens and colours in this harvest home

Beneath the blue, two torsos in mix
Feelings of desire have us joined in transfix

Pleasurable movements like soft rolling waves
Cresting in the breeze as we internally crave

Our love heightens in joyous serenade
By the stream beside the meadow, our love displayed

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He’d been dead for forty years
But she carried on each day
Got up at eight and dressed
Ate luncheon on a tray

No bride was kissed as well
No groom felt more complete
And one year was their gift
When Fate served them defeat

She should have followed him
But life grabbed her instead
Who is to say what’s better
The living or the dead

Each day as sun drew low
She tossed a glass of wine
Lolled on the white porch swing
And took a dip through time
His shadow found her then
She touched his rugged face
It emphasized the fact
No one would take his place

And though she craved wild nights--
Cold loneliness was cruel--
she lived her life alone
becoming no man's fool.

Victoria Anderson-Throop
12/30/12  ©

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In The Cafe With John

And so, my love, we finally meet;
the air is rare and the coffee sweet.

The words we shared in mutual fantasy,
the longing and yearning, are now reality.

From dream to hope, our springtime loving;
tender touches we have long been craving.

All our cold tear-lonely nights have passed,
warmed by the light of a love that will last.

All distance surmounted, our love to share.
These heartfelt words spoken to show that I care.

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My Testimony In Verse

I thought one day that I would surely die, But that was before Jesus, heard my despairing cry. I knew that only He would have the answer, For that dread disease we know as cancer. I fell down at His feet and started praying, Knowing He would hear what I was saying. I said dear Lord, a sinner I have been, And something happened in my life just then. I prayed from a broken heart that I wouldn't leave life lost, That He would save my soul regardless of the cost. He cleansed my heart making it white as snow, Now ever onward in His name I'll go. He healed my body making it good as new, Because He had a job for me to do. The job He gave for me to do that day, Was to witness to the lost along life's way. He took the tongue that I so long abused, And gave me in its place a tongue unused. He placed sweet peace and joy within my sinful heart, Causing me to wish I'd known Him from the start.

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Interlude Of The Dark

I watch how your eyes flutter on the brink of waking; and here, as I think in the moon's reflection, I drink in the quiet, my confidence shakes while inviting your touch, and longing your smile to wrap me in warm arms, embracing my solitude; yet, I'm lost in the parchment, the pale of the light, as stars in a multitude comfort me tonight. My lonely heart, confused, reaching out, seeing you, a face bemused with careless abandonment. You are deep in the center of your own universe, asleep and leave me alone with notion that you willingly go... far away to your dreams, to places I cannot know: With each breath, private, and shallow, I'm left, lost, bereft, and hollow without you. This I know.... I envy you, loathe that my slumber forsakes, so I could be with you, in that distant reverie. I hesitate, to wake you, I can't help but wonder, do you stream away on a cloud and with the mistress of your dreams ?
________________________________________ For Suz's Contest:"Let's Be Open" 7/12/13

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I feel so sad…so lonely,
Wish you were here to hold me.
Now that you’re gone,
All I can do is mourn.

Wish I could take back all that I’ve done,
So we can re-unite; together as one.
I miss you; I am so tired of crying,
Oh GOD! You know I’m not lying.

I love you with all my heart,
Do we really have to go apart?
I guess it’s too late;
You already walked out the gate.

You will forever live in my heart,
For me our love never tore apart.
You, my baby, will be;
The first and last person loved by me.

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Rather Small

Although it’s neither here or there
I do love the mountain air

Fresh and crisp with its own bite
The river flows through the blanket of white

It’s all in life that is pure and clean
The river sparkles with it’s own sheen

Up here in the air that is lighter than light
I open my soul through the words I write

Through my words I write out a show
For those who have never seen the snow

Every breath you take is like a dream
With eyes amazed at the beauty they have seen

You close your eyes to process it all
And realize we are rather small

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‘’ ‘ ‘ ‘’’ ‘’’’’ Like a lady-in-waiting in rags of night questions divide wrong from right, ripping faded threads without seams as daybreak continues its beams, its beams Again, yearning to taste the thrill of dawn clay feet slowly loitering, dawdling on for crystalline wishes that did not come to pass dazed eyes are now compelled to plead, to ask Was such existence just a dance of mixed fantasy? a fool’s waltz of pungent deceit and treachery a wrenching flood of wasted years cloaked in love masks and bloodshot tears And she hides behind aged trees and edgily slips While salt of pain pressed on Calvary’s lips, an echo strains she may be cherished still that only the cross of doubt haunts her will More shadows loom upon hills rancid green is this a tale of truth or lie, her twilight unseen? she breathes to touch stretched hours of time oh, will she leave or stay; tossing a dime, a dime © ‘ ‘’’’’ ‘ ‘ Contest: Debbie Guzzi’s Tell Me a Story By: nette onclaud

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Full Moon

Her face is wrinkled, cratered, and scarred;
It’s far from flawless; agèd; hard.
But when the night is right, she’ll overflow,
For about her is an indelible glow;
A glorious white that lights the sky
As I kiss her surface with my distant eye,
And stretch out my fingers for a feel
But she steps an inch back, arousing appeal;
I wish the nights would bleed over days
So I could bathe in her luminous ivory rays.
Cursed be the sun, for when comes the dawn
With an opalescent yellow yawn.

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Morning Smiles

Morning smiles that stay all day...
From sun to moon we had our way...

A kiss that starts with the shades down...
To a hug on the beach under stars found...

Lasting memories caught on pages flipped...
Remembering slow kisses slowly sipped...

(my first attempt at poem in weeks)

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A blessing in my life

I usually write in couplet rhyme
Its simply what I do it's not by design
It's just the way the words seem to flow
Into my head up out of my soul
I love the ones that are full of light
See they are what brought me up out of the night
People prove they care by the things that they do
So I write this light for all of you
I write it because I wish you to know
True beauty is born with-in the soul
The soul is a thing that cherishes the light
Do you not embrace the stars through the dark of night
Well as you do know my words are true
They may twinkle bright but not as bright as you
You are angels who covered me in your prayers
Let me know I'm someone worthy of care
I hold you all in my heart just like my wife
Like her you are "a blessing in my life"

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Wana Be Yours

When the nights turn cold and there's nobody at home,
I want to be that person on the phone.
When nothing seems right,
and the road ahead appears less than bright,
I want to be that person who holds you tight.
When no one seems to care,
and tears start running down your stare,
I want to be that person who's always there.

When pain damages your spirit secretly,
and sadness affects your heart equally,
I want to be that person to rescue your frequency.
When dreams go their separate ways,
and ambition goes up in a blaze,
I want to be that person to provide the desire within your gaze.
When barriers stop your smile shining,
as beautifully as dawn and all hope looks forgone,
I want to be that person who believes in you to carry on.

When happiness exudes your clutch,
and life's struggles are never a crutch,
I want to be that person who receives your touch.
When you manage to make it through,
and you look around to see who stayed true,
I want to be that person who hears you say,
"my Angel is always you".
When romance and commitment are mixed traditionally,
and comfort is thrown in additionally,
I want to be that person you love unconditionally.

When moments are in their prime,
and schedules become demanding along the line,
I want to be that person who receives your time.
When patience is taken to execute the perfect kiss,
and butterflies create an instance of bliss,
I want to be that person you will instantly miss.
When your tone is as joyful as spring,
and you believe you can do anything,
I want to be that person to change your life with a single ring.

No matter our individual flaws,
I wish to take a moment and pause.
Draw in a deep breath and steady my cause, 
as I caress your palm and reveal to you "I wana be yours".

For more poetry goodness visit 

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Four-Leaf Clover

Sometimes I just want to say
I reckon it doesn’t matter any way

I remember once I watched a ghost
Fly into a soul and become the host

As darkness inhales clear blue sky’s
Mothers feeling their children’s cries

In a distant bar there is a singer who sings
As two more betray their wedding rings

Gliding upon the dance floor of lust
If you burn the toast scrape the crust

On the other side of town a call is made
Another soul is offered up for trade

Trading tricks just to ride the white horse
Steady as she goes and stay the course

A little old lady about 60 pounds
Grabs her chest and hits the ground

A baby is born to the most awful fate
Parents drinking from the pool of hate

They had no love and with noting to hold
Play in the snow and you will get cold

An old man could no longer take the strife
He grabbed his chest and fell next to his wife 

I guess that is how strong love should be
If you have to go then please wait for me

As suddenly as it started it was all over
A man finally found a four-leaf clover

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Wisps of Wonder

           of wonder 
      over you 
cling around 
     the things I do.

Can't dislodge 
       your silky light,
strings and strips and webs  tonight,

          breath you in
       breathe you out,

        smothering ,

      in strands of doubt,

          why you left 
    and if you'll be,
  ever coming back to me.

  See these eyes 
     tattooed with grief?
you stole my vision like a thief,

in the darkest hour
     taking all my hope 
  and power..................

  I can't live and I can't die............
    with wisps of wonder 
        in my eye.

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Visit me in a dream

Come and visit me in a dream,

And tell me how you are,

Are you floating on a cloud?

Have you found the brightest star?


I know you're with us somewhere,

Even though you can't be seen,

Painting the bluest sky,

Or among the grass so green.


As I'm wandering through the park,

Looking up at the trees,

Daydreaming of the joy you brought,

Will you visit me please?


Just send me a little sign,

White feathers on the breeze,

To let me know you're happy, free

And put my mind at ease.


Or ask a passing stranger,

With twinkling brown eyes,

A cheeky smile, and baldy head,

To nod as he passes by.


Or maybe play a special song,

Loud, on my radio,

That could have been written just for you,

About all the love we've known.


Come visit me in a dream,

And tell me how you are,

I know you're there, a floating cloud,

And one of the brightest stars.

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H Garvey Daniel poetry friend

His students proud to so declare
He is a Chef Extraordinaire

Keeping love for evermore
His late wife, sweet Lenore

From his mountain he looks out
Finding inspiration all about

Writing words from living life
His past, his share of human strife

He writes  with such emotion deep
Poetry that often makes me weep

He hasn't written much of late
Ill health has been his recent fate.

But, thanks to God he's on the mend
My best wishes I daily send

For all my life, my dearest friend
HG, my love to you I send...

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Path of Life


         You have set for us a path that can always run straight,
               a path of life to love to choose restore and create
      This path of life confirms a truly unique freedom at hand,
          sun shining bright explores the path far across the land.                                                                                      

       Impressive light that opens many eyes so they can see,
         how bright and warm the blessings are this path of life is free.

       Some people claim their rich some claim to be really poor,
           through love and inspiration this path of life holds more
      Enjoy each awakening day through faith in immaculate conception,
       What incredible resounding effects God's word over minds perception                                                                                       

         A life of love and goodness giving to replenish some lost soul,
          It is up to you to choose God's path for life will be more in control.



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Spirit and Soul and Body Oh My

How I would love to tell you this life is fair
That the burdens you carry are temporary and rare
But the truth be told that until our glorified shell
Each soul will battle heaven and hell
How I would love to tell you that your spirit always wins
That if you just feed that part you will never sin
But that would be a lie too
For the war in our minds constantly brews
And our flesh wants to act when our hearts plead for peace
Because while in our skin, it will demand false releases
But the battle gets less and less, my darling, my friend,
When you reach out and grab the one with his extended hand
And the monsters, copied vampires, slip on crooked streets
When your love rests in the eternal heart beat
What I can tell you is that all you need to do is believe
Open your world, just embrace and you will surly receive
And the cares of this life will seize to remain
Like the nights, in your window, when you watch summer rain
Just hold on and stay true for he’s coming for you
Laugh and sing while you await your new set of wings.

By: Sabina Nicole

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Powerless By Rick Rucker Do you suppose that Cupid planned my Fate? And that I only learned it far too late? Did he search the whole World over, just for you? Knowing that I could not resist the things you do? Or, did he change you into someone that I could not resist? And that I would be a goner once we kissed? Did he make you far too lovely to look upon? And once I held you, all my sense would be gone? Are you really, really what I see? Or, are you just what I want you to be? Can a man truly find the object of his dreams? Can Love really be as lovely as this seems? Until these questions are answered, I will stay, Saying grateful prayers, for every single day, I have no idea what I might have done, That would have earned me the Love of The One, The One that makes my world turn around, The One that keeps my feet clear of the ground, The One that has transformed my Life, The One that has consented to be my Wife!

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Last Night - Collaboration with Casarah Nance

Take a sip of the sky, Oh what a sight. 
The sun is setting on our treasured night. 
Like romantic propaganda we sit hand in hand, 
and stare out into the shadows of the land. 
Such romantic beauty to behold, 
I'm holding you close so you won't get cold. 
Dreaming of lives together as one, 
as we watch the beautiful setting sun. 
I couldn't ask for a sweeter combination, 
like our poetry, we stir every sensation. 
The power of the flesh, the dance of the heart. 
On love's stage we play every part. 
Mother Nature in all of her glory, 
Plays the backdrop for our love story. 
Two hearts coming together as one, 
our new journey has just begun. 
We could paint a picture, we could write a poem 
We could call this a future, call it our home. 
Its more than words and it is more than lines 
When two lovers with a like mind combines

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One Love in a Lifetime

By luck you didn't see me as your bold eyes swept the room.
I stayed within the shadows as you poised to pluck a bloom.

I saw you take her hand and whirl her gaily to the floor.
I hurried to the exit, before I could see more. 

Hours later when I hear you quietly insert the key,
I wonder just what story you've concocted to tell me.

I do not want to hear it, I pretend to be asleep.
What I have to say to you can until the morning keep.

One love in a lifetime is how it was meant to be.
One love in a long lifetime, enough for you and me.

One love in a long lifetime would be forever true.
One love in a lifetime proved for you to be too few.

One of the no. 3 awards

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Seagull's Song

Sailing on a ship of dreams, through a deep and starlit night
The wind softly hums a lullaby, as the sails catch the pale moonlight
Indigo waters fade to lighter hues, when we reach the Morpheus shore
Where the anchor is tossed by a somnolent crew, in the place we are to moor.

The ship settles down in a harbor, cradled between two arms of land
As though lulled to sleep within this embrace, the keel leans upon the sand
The tall mast reaches up to the heavens, to nestle amidst the clouds
While waves gently rock the quiet deck, with each dip of its massive bow.

Troupes of fish dance past the stern,  silver scales casting prisms of light
While birds on the shore flutter exotic fans, with no thought of taking flight
Time halts to stand on its tiptoes, strained in balance it tilts and shifts
Then the stars wearily blink their eyes closed, and the tide sets the ship adrift.

The anchor is heaved and hoisted, each link draws a series of sighs
While the captain stands quietly before the helm, gazing at the brightening sky
His eyes crinkle up at the corners, emulating the soft rays of the sun
As Awaken brushes the horizon, with strokes of topaz, sapphire, and plum.

A yawn of breath unfurls the sails, with snoring puffs they billow
As tangy brine streams down my face, drops dew beads on my pillow
Floating thoughts of an uncharted course, bound on the seas of night
Sink as the waltz to the seagull’s song,  bows into the morning light.

Dedicated to Evans Mckeil, who gave poetry the voice to sing, and the feet to dance.

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Broken Words

  Tearing time into a token
broken words of wisdom spoken

on a cinder closely cleaving
burning on as you are leaving

brush me off your sleeve like powder
must I scream a little louder?

Can't you hear me ,can't you feel me?
ribbons black as you unreel me.

all the visions in my head
of everything you did and said

now you laugh and say goodbye..............
don't turn around to watch me die.

(for a friend)

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I'm Sorry Part 1

I'm sorry that I'm always sad, 
That I do things to make you mad.

I'm sorry that I've lost my hope,
I'm sorry for the ways I cope.

I'm sorry that I bring you down,
I'm sorry that I make you frown.

I swear to God that you must believe,
I love you more than you can see.

I'm sorry that my heart is dying,
I swear to you that I've been trying.

I'm sorry that I cannot see,
much future left in front of me.

I'm sorry that I'm so depressed,
I realy know that I'm a mess.

Writing this note's made me see,
Just how much hurt I've made you grieve.

I'm so disgusted with myself,
I'm so damn bad for your good health.

I know that It's hard to admit,
I've made this such a long hard trip.

I feel like I have ruined your heart,
Like I have torn you all apart.

I have a question for you dear,
And, yes, your answere I do fear.

You said that you missed her big picture,
When you saw, you changed your fixture.

For your sake, love, please look at mine,
Before your heart's put on the line.

I'm sorry that I'm so impatient,
I'm just afraid life's not worth waiting.

I really don't want you to leave,
I want for us to both believe.

I want to once again find hope,
But it will be hard on my own.

But then again if I'm too much,
I don't want to kill all your love.

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Pulling Back

Pulling back my broken heart 
Before you can finish tearing it apart
Now I am finally beginning to see
That you never meant to love me

Desire for me is not nearly enough
Why should leaving you be so tough
Your sweet ways and masculine charms
Won’t keep me happy in your arms

Love is needed, love is required
Without love, my heart grows tired
Of waiting for you to say to me
I love you as you love me

What will I do to slowly end
This love affair with my dear friend
Our weekends together will happen less
My phone calls will be less frequent, I guess

No longer will you hear from me
How deep my love for you can be
Fewer kisses and cuddles and late nights
You say you’re not ready, I guess that’s right

My goodbye will be so very slow
I will be gone before you even know
That we could have had it all, my dear
If falling for me wasn’t your biggest fear

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Into Eternity

If I were but a stone and you were a peach
Would you stay on your branch totally out of reach?

If I were a dandelion and you were the wind 
Would you help me spread my seeds, be my dearest friend?

If I were but a seedling struggling for life in the snow
Would you be the winter sun and shine to help me grow?

Babe when I was so stoned I was totally out of reach
You offered me your heart, the sweetness of the peach

Babe when I was an evil man spreading seeds in the wind
You saw the good in me and became my dearest friend

Babe when my soul was black as night my heart as cold as snow
You opened up my heart and soul then taught them how to grow

And now just look and you and I the couple that we are
Just a couple of happy quasars shining like a single star 

So never think in your life that I would ever go away
I will be right at your side until we reach our dying day

If I had but a single wish sweetheart that wish would be
Let us be in each other’s arms as we step into eternity

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My Poetic Assault (SLAM)

A woman's scream was the only sound, and so I rightfully put on my crown.
Like a dream, P.D. lasted 11 rounds, but has finally been knocked down.....

Sidney you fought a good fight, but the crown has always belonged to me!
You're a poetic parasite, and have no business calling your write's poetry!!

I have a slithering tongue, sending poetic orgasms throughout your mind.
My words will have you sprung, giving you back spasms as I make love to you from behind!

My word-play is sicker than bird flu, having you beg for a shot of antidote.
I'm branded on your heart like a tattoo, pouring poetic anthrax down your throat!

You had your chance at romance, but had a fear for my love's atmosphere.
I gave you love in advance, but thanks a lot, you wanted no Lancelot, So bleep you 

A sick fate, you chose Nate over a poetic heavyweight, so I'll be seeing you later.
Checkmate, your poetry I've come to annihilate, destroying you like a terminator!

So as I raise the title high above my head for all Poetry Soup to see;
A poetic bloodshed it will be, if another poet wants to slam with me!!!

*My fellow poets, i hope you enjoyed this fun write.  I love you guys at the soup,
but it's time you guys recognized the slam champ;) "The Poetic Warlock"

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I have got to go

For the piles of promises that were broken
And the avalanche of lies that were spoken

I have got to go, you know I've got to go

I have got to leave the lock of your arms
And escape from the spell of your charms

I have got to go, you know I've got to go

What we had was sweet while it lasted
But now it looks like our time was wasted

I have got to go, you know I've got to go

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Re-found Visiting Qualicum Beach

We met a few years ago, then suddenly you were gone
We danced the very last dance to our favourite song

Happenings in our lives took control of our tomorrows
That evening when you walked away, filled my heart with sorrow
   ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~            
When I heard the telephone ring, I answered and you were there
And we spoke of the past few years, these years we could have shared

The time flew by when we talked, sharing our pasts to date
When you said you'd like to meet up again, my heart just couldn't wait
   ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~           
When I picked you up from the Airport, you hadn't changed at all
Six foot plus with sky blue eyes, still leaving me enthralled

We settled into our night for tomorrows journey we'll make
To a rented cottage so idyllically set, down by the lake
   ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          
The morning came so fast as we set of on our trip
Again going over the years, picturing like a movie clip

Our destination now reached, refreshed we head for a meal
At a restaurant overlooking the lake, our pasts begin to seal
   ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~
Back to the cottage we go, as you gently take my hand
So dreamy under the full moon, is this what fate had planned

You play our favourite song, the one we danced to so long ago
As you take me in your arms, something in me flows
   ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~
We look into each others eyes as you ruffle my long blond hair
I see desire looking back from your manly sky blue stare

Slowly we discard our clothes as you lay me on the bed
Adventurous discovering hands declare our minds well read
   ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~
Our passion resonates, excitement fills the air
Years of catching up in delightful bodily share

We awaken in the morning, spooned within my reach
Our love has been reborn, re-found visiting Qualicum Beach

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A CLASSIC SUMMER IN GREECE for fantasy contest

                                A CLASSIC SUMMER IN GREECE

               Viciousness and mystery erupt on arid soil.
               Summer heat and idle time can make the spirits boil.
               Languishing in stuffy rooms with very little sleep--
               Night time flickers of the light-- imagination leaps.
               Heat that beckons times long past invade a fevered head—   
               Athena pleases lovers mid her goddess silken bed,
               Grecian legs march bravely –- prelude Olympian races--
               Soldiers dream they sail away to see exotic places.

               Heat waves shimmer landscape –men will do what they are told--
               Spearborn soldiers helmeted sing down a dusty road.
               Tho in mind they join their lovers whispering by the sea,
               Drink of mountain waters --rest their head on sweetheart’s knee

               Helen, when she sailed away –a wayward selfish wife
               Without a backward glance she risked the cost of human life--
               Was it the heat that made her crazed to do this foolish thing?
               A fit of summer boredom could create this witless fling.

               Autumn winds are blowing now-- Troy’s nights turn cool and fair--
               Does Paris try to ditch her --as naked Helen combs her hair--
               Does Hector tell his brother--get this woman out of here--
               Does Helen beg to stay-- and tell her lover not to fear?

               Heat can play the brain and make it dance a backward tune--
               Clarity as sun tricks down—repeats a former June,
               Perhaps there is a lesson learned from heat that sears the soul--
               Summertime romance will write us each a tragic role.

Victoria Anderson Throop ©

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I'm Sorry Part 2

I'm sorry for the ways I fight,
I'm sorry that I dim your light.

I'm sorry I'm so negative,
That I am so competative.

I'm sorry that I'm so outrageous,
I'm sorry my hurt's so contagious.

I don't want to see your heart eache,
Cuz when I do my heart it breaks.

I'm sorry that I'm not so strong,
But you inspire my hearts song.

I'm not alone cuz now I see,
Your light that's shining just for me.

I'm sorry that I'm up and down,
But, Dear, You win the patience crown.

My love for you's so strong, please see,
A fire burns for you in in me.

I know that It's hard to believe,
But God will help us, just you see.

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Out past the meadow on the hill up high 
Two young lovers on the fourth of July 

Blanket spread out on top of the ground 
Watching the town folk gather around 

Kids run around with sparklers ablaze 
The high school marching band plays. 

The smell of cotton candy fills the air. 
The excitement is growing at the county fair. 

Out of the way up high on that hill 
Was two young lovers one named Jack, one Jill 

The crowd is buzzing as the sun goes low 
Waiting for the mighty fireworks show 

Jack looks at Jill with love in his eyes 
In anticipation of the show in the skies 

Jill puts her head upon Jack's soft lap 
Gazing and wanting the night to unwrap 

The first firework streams into the air, 
As a glittering tail follows it there. 

A crackle and a boom it erupts in the sky 
Watching with awe as the following fireworks fly. 

Jack says to Jill, Oh how I love you so 
You give me fireworks dontcha know 

Jill smiles sweetly and gives him a kiss
This firework show she doesn't want to miss

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The date was set and the church booked up
Invitations sent out, colors picked, and a hall for the sup.

The bridesmaids and groomsmen had all been chosen
For the date for us on the calendar was now frozen.

The Maid of Honor could only one person be
The Best Man knew this day would be crazy.

For all of the planning, the work, and the tension
Would culminate in this day of anticipation.

The minister counseled us and helped us to plan
But the burden was on us, for this day to span.

We wanted everyone to be as happy with us today
That's why we took so long to plan it this way.

The floweres trimmed the aisle along the carpet white
While all our family and friends dressed festively tonight.

The music started to play as the couples walked the aisle
I was reminded not to cry, instead to give a big smile.

It was my turn to walk the walk now
"Don't slip, don't trip, don't cause a row.

It's the day of the wedding and there is my peer
One question remains, "What am I doing here?"

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Beacon of Light

Fear not the violent storm
I am comfort safe and warm

Treasure all you hold so dear
Taste the memory of a falling tear

Never forget things of the past
Let their wind fill your mask

Hold your course steady and true
Be the person I see in you

Through out your journey never fear
Know in your heart that I am near

Never more than a  whisper away
I'll always hear what you pray

I am the beacon, "The beacon of light"
Guiding you through this stormy night

I realize you are tired and sore
Come maroon your ship up on my shore

And after this storm has had its way
Tomorrow will be a much nicer day

A day for you to sit and write
Of the comfort found in a, "beacon of light"

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The Scent of Water

The scent of water

If summer sun at its vertex will not perspire,
How would I burning in hell will respire ?

If sparrow sits on mango tree with open beak,
I too am surely craving for a water streak,

If in the desert, the rainfall fails to revive,
How can I without your love survive ?

Loneliness has left me parched and dry,
Lover's lanes empty, pleasant meets a far cry,

The long dark night, seems so unending,
To my injured self, Is there any mending ?

If you can, give me a bit of sunshine,
Then why would I need the addicting wine ?

Hope is all that sustains my life,
Might take me out of the current strife,

The Scent of water, as clouds appear in sky,
Oh Rain! come rain, I am about to die,

Give your divine showers so as I may thrive,
Bloom may with tiny drops, even the cacti !

Written on 15/7/14
Contest- the scent of water
Sponsor- Faye Gibson

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Our Grandmother's Blessings

So many trials seem to be filled up with so much fear
So many ask, “Oh Dear Lord, what am I doing here”?

So many questions that I have come to know
If we just plant a seed, with water it will grow

I have a natural green thumb that now is wasting away
Along with a mind that does love to go out and play

Times I still ask, “How did this all came to be”
What was it that my wife was able to see in me?

She says that my heart was the most beautiful around
It still blows me away, for I clearly remember the sound

Her voice was so soft, her tone was so sweet
I was nothing less than pure evil upon two feet

Had been years since anything had took me by surprise
Ice cold is what the rest of the world had seen in my eyes

I looked at her smiled and laughed in my cold convict way
She smiled and said, “Why you want to be mean anyway”

I told her, “I reckon we are all born to just what we are”
She said, “So why are you a dope cook instead of a star”

That question stopped me right there dead in my tracks
I thought, “This girl is a looker but God she is whacked”

Last night her and I sat out underneath the moon
Two very blessed souls swinging in our sliver spoon

Just a little swing we built together out in our back yard
Place to just sit back and rest after a day long and hard

I once again ask her, how in the world could you ever know?
 “My Grandmother was preacher, I could see her in you soul”

Which led me to speak out my truth for I learned to not lie
"My grandmother was also in yours, answering the entire “Why”

Grandmothers we respected and held above all others 
Brought each of us together in the land born of lovers

Two Grandmother Spirits full of pure heavenly delight
Led their grandchildren into the valley born of the light

Now here we sit holding each other, each other high above
Because we share in the blessing of our Grandmothers love

Toni and I had lost our Grandmothers before we had ever met
though I knew of hers because she was a very powerful lady
and a down home speak in tongues Pentecostal Preacher that
had great respect up in these parts. After all these years we 
confided in each other that we could see our grandmothers in
each others eyes. Thank you and God Bless, MJ

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Hidden hearts

Hidden hearts

A tragic end
They meet as friends
With love that cannot be
You, duty bound
I dare not say
Just what you mean to me
These souls do yearn
These hearts do ache
With love no one can see
For quiet hearts
They hide away
This pain and treachery
So on lives love
In a quiet tomb
It waits with hopeful glee
To hear you say
I'm free my love
Come away with me
So till that day
I'll wait my love
On yon balcony

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As the Earth Revolves Around

Outside stars sparkle while daffodils await the morning sun.
Crickets sing their cheery song hoping for a night of fun.

Roosters and hens sleep hidden, snuggled in branches of trees.
Owls are awake, looking around, feathers ruffled in the breeze.

Inside, folks are fast asleep without a sound or a peep.
The sun is on the other side, warming the shepherds’ sheep.

Around the world people love and hate, it happens here and there.
Let us turn our hearts to peace; show tolerance everywhere.

Let us set aside our greed and use only what we need.
Let replenishment be man’s rule of thumb…please, God speed-

Value thrives in the soul of a man, not in what he “owns”.
Wisdom holds the key to love and to the Creator’s throne.

The heavens shine a warming glow; it does not hesitate.
Likewise let us show forth love and bring earth’s peaceful state.

Before the daffodils look up, let us end hate’s bitter cup.
Love one another around the world…God’s creatures…waking up.

When the night sky sparkles each star as earth revolves around.
May wisdom fill the heart of men and peace on earth abound. 

© March 26, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

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Let Down One More Time

Relationships can drag us down
They can take us to the ground

Sad how people can make you feel
Finding out what's in their heart for you is not real

They talk a talk you want to hear
You thinking they are sincere.

Really not trying to hide, yet hiding
Really not loving but lying

How will I ever know when the real thing comes along
Without having doubts from being wronged

Walking down this path at times is very hard
Winding down this path that has been so scarred

Afraid to love again not sure I can
Afraid to feel the pain where I have been.  .   

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Steal The Show

As I looked upon my Daughter Michaela it was clear to see
Two big beautiful blue eyes were looking back at me 

When I got home from Prison and she was 5 days old
Speaking of holding the warm after absorbing the cold

The happiness of childhood was looking up to see
A little bundle of love that was looking inside of me

She would lie upon my chest and then she would fall out
I think safety in her daddy’s arms is what that was all about

She had a beautiful smile as well as a beautiful glow
As I looked at every tiny finger and every little toe

Then when she opened up her eyes everybody knew
“Just take a look at those blue eyes she looks just like you”

No ones knows where life may lead but I know in my heart 
Made my end then started again so this baby would have a start

From the darkest night to the brightest light I can help her Soul
Perhaps in the overall scheme of things that always was my goal

I don’t think things are ever quite that easy, only thing I know
When it comes to beautiful babies, my little girl steals the show

Written for the Beautiful Babies Contest.

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I Can't Change the Way You Feel

Every since we went together, 
You've been on my mind. 
I care about you so much, 
I just can't leave you behind. 

Your smile, your laugh, your personality--heart 
Seeing you makes me think about what we should have had from the start. 

After all the lying, arguing, and crying, 
I wanted to be with you so I kept trying. 
I think I'm holding on to you because we never had serious love, 
We're suppose to be as close as 2 matching gloves. 

Letting other females take you away was the wrong move, 
If you want me back, you have a lot to prove. 
All I wanted was for you to be real with me, 
But all you did was lie. 
I lay down at night and I always wondered why. 

Someday I will accept the fact that we're not meant to be, 
I always wanted the key to your heart but you never gave me the key. 

I gave you my all, but I guess that wasn't good enough... 
I Cant Change the Way You Feel.

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Temptation reared its ugly head
Tonight as I lay in my bed
I considered what I would do
If I wanted to cheat on you

Looking on the singles sites
Staying up half of the night
Searching for someone new
If I wanted to cheat on you

Chatting with this guy on line
His conversation was sublime
Thoughts of my being untrue
If I wanted to cheat on you

Something is missing here
Something I really must hear
The emptiness might be filled, too
If I wanted to cheat on you

No one else could now replace
How I feel when I touch your face
Realizing this, I would be blue
If I ever cheated on you

So I will stay by your side
Waiting for the turning tide
For you to say, “I love you”
Knowing I’ll never cheat on you

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Bedroom Rhapsody, Collaboration by Mel Merrill and Casarah Nance

My angel wakes to dew drops through her misty, bedroom eyes,
Of what she dreams, the stars it seems, as begins the dawn's reprise.
Her ruby lips ignite a spark, and beg a gentle kiss,
This thing I crave, to love a slave, and until her waking miss.
Passion welling deep inside as she holds me tenderly,
As the cockcrow grants an added verse to our bedroom melody.
Sweet heat her touch upon my face, weathered by life's earnest way,
Made young again by love's refrain, as the lilting notes replay.
Ah to wake, perchance to sing, though now and then off key...
Still we harmonize to dawn's reprise--our bedroom rhapsody!

A collaboration between Mel Merrill and Casarah Nance

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Hiding in the Flow

Ask me not for which I write
I simply wish to share my plight

Searching for answers, one little clue
I don’t understand the things that I do

I reckon I lost it somewhere in a tear
Shed over someone that I hold dear

But how can I find it, where did it go?
I think its hiding somewhere in the flow

The flow seems as natural as it can be
My own special way of dealing with me

The thing about writing is that I love to learn
Somewhere along the way we all get our turn

Our turn is crucial and there’s no going back
I swear, I could get lost on a small oval track

I reckon that’s the thing I love about our site
I shall never get lost, not as long as I write

To me writing is not just joy it is also a key
That opens the door and then sets my soul free

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Until Then

Until Then
Dawn has arrived and I hardly knew it.
Sitting and writing, I thought right through it.
Feelings about God and the need for peace,
Obsessed my soul, brought hope; pure love released.

I wish that I could wave a magic wand.
And bring to all mankind a loving bond.
Causing the world to find that peace filled place.
Where thoughts of wealth and greed will be displaced.

Alas, my heart takes flight away from fate.
And binds itself to peacefulness this date.
To fantasies of kingdoms far away
Where leaders feel my thoughts and start to pray.

I dream the most miraculous of all.
Begins when they upon their knees do fall.
Then, pray to deity that rules their soul. 
And find that God by many names is called.

Then soon, love sparkles-- works its magic lull.
Evil thoughts and hatred vanish, null.
Peace and adoration upon men fall.
Oh, gift from God in heaven to us all. 

Peace upon the earth sings, knowing at last.
That only by forgiving evils past--
And putting down war arms by trusting God.
Righteous love can procure the earth we trod.

But, only man, with God can win this race.
When death by wars does retribution face.
And cause the world to find that peace filled place.
Where thoughts of wealth and greed have been displaced.

Around the world when evil has been ceased.
The earth will live a thousand years of peace.
Until then, sadness will greet each new dawn.
And soldiers who survive will be war’s pawn….

© Dane Smith-Johnsen 11-12-09

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Like No Other

Before the future and after the past
We have found each other’s souls at last

In the beat of a heart I was able to see
The rest of my life belonged to thee

When our eyes met it wasn’t a glance
Locked together in a forbidden trance 

For we had each given up on love
And being forgiven by Lord above

We were forever lost and on the run
Burying our pain by having our fun

Children scattered from here to there
As we stayed so high we didn’t care

We each knew when you come down
You lose your mask and face the clown

And that was something we couldn’t do
Until the day you met me and I met you

Unplugging the phone we locked the doors
I told you my sins and you told me yours

The people in our life just couldn’t believe
We found in each other the strength to leave

To change our fate was quite the chore
But there was noting we each wanted more

My children love you and yours love me
Because we have melted into one family

I wrote this poem because I want you to know
You beat with my heart and live in my soul

You have always been way more than my lover
You’re the friend I found who is like no other

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Set Love Free

I have never been this lonely, I have never been this blue
I have never wanted someone, like I want you
Lately I cry all night,  begging God to intercede
Thinking that your love was all I would ever need

Today, I came to realize, today I could finally see
That to ever have your love, I would have to set you free
I never really believed that old adage to be true
Set love free and if it returns it belongs to you

So set you free, I must, so I will do it today
Praying that your love will return to me to stay
If it does not return, then it was not mine to claim
And if it does return will I still feel the same

Fly away love, like a butterfly during migration
See what is out there, satsfy your imagination
Remember that soemone loves and wants you
My heart will be waiting, my heart will be true

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Discourse of a Rose

I found a book from long before
And thought to read the book once more.
The pages, yellowed, slightly torn;
The book well-read, now bent and worn.
And as I turned each page with care
I found a rose was lying there--
The symbol of a love repressed,
A rose between the pages pressed.
And still the rose was bloody red
While uttering the words unsaid.
The rose said all there was to say
So I left it for another day,
And placed the novel in the den
Until the rose should speak again.
The discourse of a bloody rose--
The one I picked; the one I chose.
And even now that flower grows
And sows whatever seeds it sows.


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Here Forever

Tonight, there is no question
Of how strong our love is
Honest, loyal, and true
Your compassion is far greater than his

You should never be worried
Or have any doubts
For, you my love,
I cannot live without

I love you and need you
And I've made my mistakes
Just know that, to see you,
I'll do whatever it takes

I don't see him that way
And you mean the world to me
Just let me show you
And you will see

That when I tell you these things
I'm not cheating or lying
And though I make mistakes
Please know that I'm trying

And, in case you haevn't noticed,
I'm here for good
To love you and treat you
Just like I should

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You say you want me to be free,
but really you just don't want me. 

Now i'm drowning in my pain,
standing in the pouring rain. 

How this fell apart is such a shame.
You made this in to some game. 

You were just in it because you had some thing to gain.
Your lies are driving me insane.

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Lost In Love

Lost in love,
Found in pain,
Can't get out,
All in vain.
Keep you with me
All my life.
Your words cut into me
Like a knife.
I lay in your arm,
Staying out of harm.
Keep me there,
Because i know you care.
Lost in love,
No more pain,
Don't want out,
Not in vain.

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The Fireplace

In its hearth, the reds and blues
A life of its own, for us to use
A warmth is given on cold eves
And adds romance, if one believes
No truer picture can provide
Than love near to the fireside
The heat, with embers burning bright
Serve well to make a warmer night
When the fire should die down
Two lovers heart still stay around

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Coming Back

Synopsis: The events in this poem never actually happened. I wrote this in a metaphor to 
express what was going on at the time.

The stage lights up,
The curtains rise.
I raise my head,
And look in your eyes.

Sounds come through,
The music plays.
This song's for you,
You're in a daze.

The crowd is vast,
The fans are crazed.
You're leaving fast,
You looked amazed...

I keep on singing,
I don't understand.
Your ears are ringing,
I look at the band.

They're still playing,
I walk off stage,
Drop the mic,
And disengage.

I'm running for you,
And you look back,
You keep walking, 
It feels like a smack.

I know you don't like it,
When i leave,
Pick up the mic,
And make you grieve.

There isn't much time,
At all anymore,
To see you be mine.
The music took o'er.

You couldn't take it,
Thats why you left.
Our anniversary,
I know I missed.

I know you planned,
And I ignored.
Now I'm banned,
From entering your door.

I finally catch up,
Tell you I'm sorry.
You give me a hug,
That night so starry.

I left the band,
We both kissed again.
I hope you understand,
I loved you more then.

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When sparks Fly..

When Sparks Fly.

The magic in our togetherness make's sparks fly. 
Years of me loving her, her heart will always be mine.

Our trials, our errors, through out our years. 
Seeing grandchildren we made, strikes me to tears. 

Two hearts we have still beat as one.
The magic of our love is like white morning doves. 

We are still young then turning so old. 
Magically we are still in love 7 times fold. 

I have found my soul mate early in my life's stride. 
We both believe our love, with togetherness is our pride. 

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He Left Her a White Rose

Its the morning after the night before
As i leave my new wife, whom i lovingly adore

My orders came through, overseas i head
With my band of brothers, not knowing what's ahead

    Married for days, whilst conflict takes him away
    Holding sheets where we slept, my memory bouquet

    At the bottom of our bed, there lies a virgin white rose
    With a note beneath i am in momentary froze

    I sit and stare as to what it might say
    Knowing this is the day my love flies away

My darling Tinks i leave this white rose for you
Its pristine appearance describes my darling so true

It symbolises you, so innocent so pure
With your love in my heart, i will return i assure

Think of the day, from these distant lands from beyond
For the morning after the night before, we will respond

    This virgin white rose, so bridal so pure
    You and its safety i will secure, for you to return for our future

    The day you come home, it shall lay on our bed
    And we will continue our lives, as you have always said

    I will go about my tomorrow's, thinking of you every day
    And prey that this virgin white rose, never turns deathly grey

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The Conveyor Belt

Sometimes I laugh other times I cry
As the Conveyor belt rolls on by

The poems that us poets write
Bright as day – dark as night

Trying hard to read them all
Sometimes I wish the belt would stall

As I read page after page
Full of love – Full of rage

It has became so clear to me
We are one big family

We share our love and our disgust
With open honest loving trust

We share our laughter and our tears
The beauty of youth and wisdom of years

From all walks of life and different creeds
We open our hearts and spread our seeds

This morning I’ve read about love so true
And why the streets gather crews

I read of how compassion should never die
And how nothing hurts worse than a lie

From good to bad and bottom to top
I’m an ex-con and he is a cop

But that’s all as irrelevant as it can be
For I am a poet and so is he 

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Loving Hearts

A kiss on the neck, a peck on the cheeks You turn round to me and our lips sweetly meet Our hands re-discover, yesterdays places As our loving replays, our sensual graces Our love will continue until one of us is gone Until that day happens, our hearts will sing the same song

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A Billion Soul Mates

A Billion Soul Mates By Rick Rucker I don’t think that there’s one “soul mate,” No more than there is a “perfect” date. In searching for a match, I easily found a glorious catch! To say I love her, makes me a liar, She simply set my Heart afire! When I saw her, I felt Doom, There she was, across the room, I knew my Heart would not long last, It would burn up very fast. I saw her first, then she smiled, Suddenly, my Heart went wild! Her face was like a Vermeer painting, Now, I was afraid of fainting! I knew that I would fall in Love, And said a prayer to those Above. I was struck so hard by her beauty, I forgot to do my “duty.” In my hand, I held a rose, But I was frozen, head to toes! In front of me, the Love I seek, Why can’t I get my tongue to speak? Finally, with an effort heroic, I tried to appear quite stoic, And not drool all over her, That we ate is still a blur, The first thing that I recall, When escaping from my thrall, We were standing near her car, The best date I’d had, by far. As I watched her car leave, ‘Twas then that I began to grieve. I knew I’d made the date a mess, What she thought, I could only guess. Driving home, I thought it through, And decided what I’d do, I’d not call her, in that way, I wouldn’t have to hear her say, That she’d not see me more, Which would drop me to the floor! After an agonizing week, I called her, and in a voice quite meek, And asked on another date, “Yes,” her answer, I can relate! A dozen more have we had since then, We’re planning on what happens when, We’ve become more than each other’s friend, And we will be together ‘til The End! And so, I’m trying to let you see, That if a common guy, like me Can find his Love, with this few dates, There must be a billion “soul mates” For each one of us, A dozen on the next bus! If you’ve not found her, don’t despair, She’s just around that corner, there!

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He's Looking

At first he is struck by her beauty and grace;
But then he is puzzled by the look on her face.
The look that she has says just go away;
Don't bother me now it's not a good day.
  As the look that he sees slowly slips by;
  He thinks he can see her in his minds eye.
  She seems held down by rules that boggle her brain;
  Trapped in a web known as anger and pain.
A beautiful creature locked in a cage;
She stands alone up on a stage.
She touches his heart he wants to reach out;
But too many improprieties hang all about.
  For him to befriend her is a hopeless desire;
  So he stands to watch as she sinks in the mire.
  He knows he can see her but he acts like he don't;
  He wishes he knew her but he knows that he wont.
He's helpless to help her no way to reach out;
Save one simple offer he wished he could shout.
Who ever you are what ever is true;
There is one who noticed, he's looking at you.

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Your Love Divine

Your Love Divine By Rick Rucker Like aged fine wine, I’m intoxicated by your Love Divine But I’ll not seek a cure, Just try to be sure, That with You I can stay, And with you I will play Life’s oldest game, The one that changes your name Given from Heaven above The gift of True Love! As we kiss, I wish to be always be like this Losing all sense of Time and Space, As my lips explore your Face, I don’t know How long I can go, But I hope to be In Love like this, for a century! Even if it’s less I can truly confess, That it was the Time of My Life, When you agreed to be my Wife! Now that I know it will transpire, Before I expire I will ever say, I crave to savor your Bouquet!

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Birth Of A Child

A woman shattered the night, with her agonizing scream
Sacrificing her might has dawned realization of a dream.

She has given me a wonderful heir, to bear my name
And left her sweet memories, for the spirits not wane.

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God's little children are precious,
They are gifts that God gives to us.

God will guide us to teach them to be sweet,
His word will help us to share, which is neat.

Jesus had experience as a small child,
He is an example to us, tame or wild.

Each child needs to see Jesus' love through us,
Through our witnessing, these children will trust.

Singing or saying a little prayer each day,
This will help little children to walk God's way.

Jesus' footprints are the way to the light,
We lead our children with all of our might.

God's pure and perfect love are what we need,
Leading a child is how we plant a seed.

Teaching our children to pray,
Helps them to know what to say.

They will learn to seek His wisdom and love,
These children will seek for strength from above.

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Matters Of The Heart

We've come a long way
I can honestly say
As I look to the past
I never thought we'd last
But look where we are
We've come so far
We've given and we've taken
We've done things forsaken
We've laughed and we've cried
Sometimes we've even lied
I've hurt you and you've hurt me
But our love feels like it was meant to be
My heart is yours and your heart is mine
It is rare to find a love so divine
Our love is strong and it will come to grow
Forever together is a long time you know
By your side, I will always be
I love you and you love me
We'll stay together and never part
As long as our love comes from the heart

Copyright © 2002   Shari E Davis

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You've Touched My Soul

You've given me more than you know
You've touched me deep, you've touched my soul
When your loving eyes look into mine
My heart melts and I stand still in time
You're the half that makes me whole
Your love so strong has touched my soul
Sometimes when we wake
It is sweet love that we make
As our love continues to grow
I'll do my best to let my love show
Each day that passes brings us closer together
It's hard to imagine this magical love could get any better
A life together is our ultimate goal
A goal we can reach because you've touched my soul

Copyright © 2002   Shari E Davis

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Our Lords Plight

This poem covers the greatest story ever told
Greater than all the kings and all their gold
This story will bring about deep reflection
Starting with the Immaculate Conception
Of all the stories this is the greatest of all
A complex child born in a simple stall
Quickly the news covered the land
A virgin would be Gods right hand
Inside of her womb a God to a son
Imagine this story has just begun
Everyone knew this child was born to design
Just open your heart and look for the sign
 Harrod was driven by fear of not being so great
The first-born son was Harrods fate
Jesus escaped the King and awaited the call
To become the greatest glory of all
This is my master this is our Lord
He is the wielder and we are the sword
He chose his disciples of simple men
Hear tell one was straight out of the pen
The Pharisees called on Pilot the king
At the end he said, “I wash my hands of this thing”
I wonder if when Pilot stepped up to the gate
Jesus washed his hands to seal Pilots fate
Or if he opened his arms to welcome him in
Forgiving Pilot of all of his sins
We took our Lord then nailed him to the cross
As far as humanity that was our greatest loss
But through all the loss just look at the gain
Bought by our Lord through sacrifice and pain
Over 2000 years after this child was born
He came to the prison to make my heart warm
Gave me a gift then our Lord set me free
I reckon the rest would be up to me
As you dress up the tree and hang up the lights
Think of the story of our Lords plight

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Together like Love

Together like peanutbutter and jelly
Together like the stars in the sky at night
Together like a pig in a blanket 
Together like the deep blue sea
Together like like the petals on a flower
Together like the word L-O-V-E
Together just like me and u
Together like the #2

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If Your Girl Only Knew

I was the girl next door
five five, nice shape
and the perfect hips
that got you licking your lips
you know hot to control yourself
and approach me like a man should, but
If Your Girl Only Knew

We became best of friends
but yet feelings grew
upon us both
now you in this situation
where you have to choose
Is it going to be her or me?
If Your Girl Only Knew

She comes around
and you show her love
she doesn’t know 
you’re in love with another woman

As you see me walk by 
your eyes follow until I’m out of sight
now your girl put her hand upon your face
and ask you why you look the other way
now you’re lost for words
If Your Girl Only Knew

Only if she knew
your man is in love with me
Only if she knew
you are on the phone with me 
for hours when you tell her you are asleep
Only if she knew
late nights you creeps with me
Only if she knew
that you’re trying to be with me
but you don’t know how to tell her
because you love me
Only if she knew
you will break her heart soon
and the sooner you’ll be mines

If Your Girl Only Knew

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The memories we shared together
Long talks and bird feathers
We used to sit outside on the porch
Laugh and smile as if no remorse

Those days became shorter
And long nights I cried for her
I used to run to her house after school
Listen to her stories as I sat on the stool

Reminisce of the times we had
And talks of the world being flat
The stories she told
Was  like a new beginning unfold

She grew up in a place of great evil 
But no one would believe her
Until the true story was recovered
And  most were of her

She lived a long life
Through the bitter night
I was her glowing light
Until fear overpowered with great might

I will never forget her
If only there was a cure
 I gripped her tightly 
And kissed her head lightly

Felt as her hands slipped away
And the night turned to day
I look to the heavens above
And send her lots of love

She was the blood in my veins 
And the nice nights it would rain
I visit her as much as I can 
Because I will always be her number one fan

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Marriage Bed

I am fearful and full of dread,
As I lay here on our marriage bed,

We have had yet another fight, 
And as yet it is our end of night.

He says he wants to show me he only cares,
But it is not love I feel as I lay there.

I say "No I am to sore and in pain."
He moves forward anyways as my tears fall down like rain.

I beg and plead and say "Please no more"
But that is not what for me he has in store.

I give up as my claims fall on deaf ears,
I just lay there in my  pool of tears.

I know he knows what he is doing,
That this is not my choosing.

What once was an expression and an act of our love making,
Has now become something that he thinks is his right in just taking.

The days that I used to crave and hunger for his touch,
Have now turned to an act I must endure as such.

Even though he knows this is wrong and our fight has really has no end,
He believes that in this and this alone our love will transcend.

As he is holding me there on that bed,
Another world is where I go in my head.

He is my husband and I am his wife,
I can't believe this has become our life!

I lay there numb of spirit and mind,
Waiting and waiting for the end of time.

I think of all the ways that I can make him pay,
But in the end as usual I stay!!!

This is not the life I bargained for,
There in this life has to be more.

Why with this one man is it hard for me to walk away?
With any other man I would not stay!

Now the time has come that I can take no more,
Though the time has not come to settle the score.

He begs and pleads for me to stay,
He can't bare for our love to go away!

I still love him and I know that is sick,
But we cannot help who our hearts pick!

I can however leave him alone,
I  won't write nor will I phone.

His days of cruel treatment and torture so vile,
Are long over, there will be no trial!

I have become judge, jury and executioner in this relationship!
You can bet there will no second trips!

Time to move on and to heal,
I cannot and will not give him an appeal.

A new life is what I am forever bound,
A new love is what I found.

He does not get all of me,
For now he is fine to let me be.

Will I ever be able to love again with all my heart?
Who knows, but now is the time to start.

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I love you Lord, with all of my heart,
I love you Lord, and this is a start.

I love you Lord, everyday,
I love you Lord, for what you say.

I love you Lord, for all that you do,
I love you Lord, because you are you.

I love you Lord, for giving us your Son,
I love you Lord, because you are number one.

I love you Lord, so very much,
I love you Lord, for your loving touch.

I love you Lord, in good times and bad,
I love you Lord, when I am sad.

I love you Lord, for setting me free,
I love you Lord, because you love me.

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My Heart Is Knocking

My heart's knocking on your heart's door
Your heart has never heard this knock before
My heart keeps knocking again and again
But your heart is scared and won't let me in
As the days go by and your heart gets to know mine
Our hearts will become intertwined
Our love will grow like a blossoming flower
Love will unleash its ultimate power
The next time my heart knocks on your heart's door
You won't have to ask what I'm knocking for
You won't be afraid to let my heart in
You will finally be ready to let love begin

Copyright © 1999 Shari E Davis

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My Lover and My Friend

Looking into your eyes I see the depths of your soul
Our hearts are crying out to one another longing for one to hold
Passion and pleasure in a touch that we know so well
Kisses, hugs and nibbles, and my barriers seem to melt

Free to love entirely and stirring up the flames
My soul is blazing untamed and I feel not ashamed

Your skin soft upon mine and mine upon yours
Keeping these secrets locked behind closed doors

Friends in the daylight and lovers through the night
Dreaming of one another out of touch not out of sight

It is only a short distance between these two souls
Astral projection and mysteries untold

This ring upon my finger a symbol of your love
White gold and some diamonds blessed by God above

In life you were my partner, my lover and my friend
Today you linger in heaven but my love will never end

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It's Just There

Looks and personality are a really great start
But most important is what’s in one’s heart
You must look deep into the soul to find what is true
That’s easy to do when I look at you
It doesn’t take much to see how much you care
It’s become quite obvious that love is there
Sometimes it may be hard to show it
But that’s okay we already know it
Our feelings for one another have really grown strong
Our love has become so powerful it will be lifelong
Looking at you makes smiling easy for me
It’s the smile on your face that I love to see
We’ve crossed a few bridges in life to get where we are
The strength we have inside will make our love go far
Just turn a corner and happiness can be found
It’s everywhere that we are; just look around
The feelings inside us grow stronger still
We love each other honestly and most likely, always will
Forever is a word we don’t often say
We agreed one day at a time is the best way
As I hold your hands and kiss your soft sweet lips
I can feel the love flow through your fingertips
There are so many reasons I fell in love with you
Everything feels so right, just like it’s supposed to

Copyright © 2002   Shari E Davis

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3 Simple Words

When I say "I Love You"
Do you understand
The true meaning of the words?
Of what's at hand?

That simply means
I'll do anything for you
And I'll be there 
Through and through

To offer you help
Or give you a hand
Or just to listen
And understand

It means that I need you
More than you know
And I'm doing my best
To let it show

It means that I'm here
Hoping you see
That forever and always
Together we'll be

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If I held you close would you mind?

If I said to love me a minute longer would you have time?

If I said to kiss me would i feel that you care?

If I looked at you for hours would you mind that I stared?

If forever is what i wanted would you promise to be true?

If I told you would you believe me If I said I love you?

If all these things I ask of  you, you tell me you can do?

Then theres one more question that I have for you .....Is your answer I do?

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He's just another fish in the sea
Or at least that's what they told me

They said, why would I want to love a fish
When I can reach for whatever I wish

Dry my tears, have some fun
They said, stick around, there's no need to run

They're building me a bridge I don't want to get over
Trying to give me a fake four leaf clover

But I just don't get it, why for me are they wishing
When really, I'd rather go back to fishing

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Scrolls of Time

As the sands of time pour through the glass
Trials will come and they will pass

As these trials come and go
It can be hard for love to grow

Often at night I close my eyes
And fight the tears I want to cry

Is it not true that through my words
Tears of love can be heard

As these tears start to flow
Through the essence of my soul

I let them melt my prison mask
And fade to memories of the past

In those memories it’s clear to see
With you is where I long to be

I feel I'm changing every day
Through the things I write and the words I say

Across all these miles, through the walls and doors
Your love the waves, my heart the shore

I can feel our love as it grows
Into but a single soul

Your name right next to mine
They are etched into the scrolls of time

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Rainbow colours

Written for my dearest friend Jan, my thoughts are with you and your family.

Rainbow Colours

Orange, white, black. Wings laced in colour lit by brilliant light 
Mine heart cry’s out and I weep before thy divine given sight

Mine soul is lighted by thy beauty that mine eye doth behold
Rainbow under constant movement, oh joyous vision doth unfold 

Thy Beauty fills mine heart and soul, such joyous colours fill mine sight
Lifting high, swirling , dancing on air, mine mind filled with light

God’s grace welcomes all those gentle souls with wing’s of rainbow hue 
Sweet  Jan your father dances in rainbow colours and will always love you

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I've gathered hearts for seasons, and the reasons are my own; 
I'll spend no end or effort to defeat a sweet love, sown. 

So, should you ask, my task is one that really feeds my greed; 
I'm Misery, by myself no fun, your heartbreak's what I need. 

Behind the guise of caring eyes, lies Grief, disaster's clone; 
My desperate end, is you, my friend, beside me, all alone. 

With "Dear John" reams, our vacant dreams, your heart mismatched as mine, 
I'll reel you in, with half a grin, and blame it on the wine; 

Then hold your hand, play understanding games with you awhile, 
And as you sleep, I'll try to keep from laughing and just smile.

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Piece Me Together

Silence and deaf ears.
Sad times and many tears.
Friends and family so relieving.
Eyes and hearts in me believing.
Times of trial hard to recover.
No time or love from another.
Welcoming arms and open hearts.
Help and comfort and a new start.
Take these things and piece me together.
Take away the bad things and I'll feel better.
Haven't you needed this yourself?
Will you add to it or will you help?
  Hold me close and never leave.
  Keep the puzzle together and you'll be an important piece.

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One Broken Heart

I had a crazy dream last night
In it you were holding me tight
Loving me with all of your might
Oh, baby it felt so right

I woke up to find you gone
You have left me here all alone
Gotta learn to live on my own
Lost the sweetest love I’ve ever known

Sleep escaped me after my dream
Tossing and turning every way it seems
Guess I didn’t fit into your scheme
This hurts even my self-esteem

Saw your face each time I closed my eyes
Every night since you said your goodbyes
Your leaving caught me by surprise
Feels as if it will be my demise

Promised myself not to cry any more
Didn’t know that would be such a chore
Your leaving has rocked me to my core
Now the lonely tears have begun to pour

Dawn came on a new day
The fifth since you went away
Lord, help me make it, I prayed
Wish I didn’t feel like I was betrayed

Two empty arms aching to hold you
Two soft lips needing to kiss you
Two gentle hands longing to caress you 
One broken heart still in love with you

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It was then under the full moon, where we found our mystery. 
There we gazed in each others arms, a new world did we see 
The breeze was blowing softly, both hearts were beating fast 
Sweet scent of lilacs in the air, our futures have been cast 
Molded from the deepest love, set afire by the heart's flame 
Wild whisper in the wind, our two spirits, into one they became 
Slow dancing with the fireflies, fulfilling each and every dream 
Our first meeting in person, together forever as one team 
It was no chance encounter, the stars had set it in motion 
A union blessed by the poetic gods, for our service and devotion 
Set out to explore the new world, This duet would surely see 
Love, peace, and happiness beneath the forbidden apple tree

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tease me

Look deep into my eyes seduce me with your stare.
come close and tease me if you dare

As if to almost have you and then you pull away.
like an unspoken promise for a later day.

You are so close now that you feel my heart beat
As i lay awake just holding you beneath the sheets

You feel me rigid and ready for you
But a little teasing is all you will do

Like dangling a meal in front of a starving beast
Who is tired of waiting and is ready for a feast

And you have teased me enough i cant take anymore
So i lean over and shut your door

I kiss you a little as if to tease you back
As i slide my fingers up your six pack

You moan and scream and whisper my name
Wow your enough to drive me insane

Your back arches as you grab the sheets
I see your toes curl as I glance at your feet

Your legs shake as your juices flow
like lava coming from a volcano

You lay back motionless as if you were dead 
You smile so big as your face turns red

You look at me and speak ever so slow
You tell me ( I love you, I don't want you to go)

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Life's Banquet

When I think of the Lord, I think of you and I
Just as when I look for rain, my eyes look to the sky

There is one thing in this life, that I can clearly see
Just as the Lord made me for you, he made you for me

Today was a real bad day, you know these words are true
Right up till the point and time, I made it home to you

Then just as it always does, your love swept me away
Just one smile from you, brightens up my darkest day

I love the way you stand by me, forever at my side
That’s why as I look at you, my eyes are filled with pride

At times I want to scream and shout, others bounce and run
Just the sound of your voice, makes those feelings come undone

I do not know what I’m trying to say, I just hope my actions show
That you are and will forever be, the most beautiful thing I know

And never will this heart of mine, lose one drop of its romance
For every single time I look at you, sweetheart I want to dance

Toni you are the beauty, and I reckon that makes me the beast
Since our love is life's banquet, know that I am here to feast

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Disappointment was never as lovely as she
Hope caught in my heart fighting delicately
She's always the dream that never fades upon waking
The cause and the comfort for all of my shaking

I like to glance over then turn carelessly
Just to see if it makes her come over to me
Her smile is infectious and wipes away fear
If it fades then I show her that I'm always near

Sometimes we are split by self-built barricades
So I break through our silence of awkward blockades
And no matter how often old times we recall
We'll forever laugh and the false walls will fall

They all think I'm crazy my truth to repress
Do anything for her and never confess
Yet silently love I continue to show her
It's enough just to feel that I'm getting to know her

But despite my devotion and adoration
There still remains space for one complication
The spark in my eyes grows colder and dim
When I am reminded she's happy with him

Surely love wants the best for the person it's for?
Not selfishly trying their joy to ignore
But however hard jealousy my heart will dent
If my darling is happy, then I am content.

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Guess What Phyllis, I Tagged You

After reading your comment to Sharon so true
I decided oh yes, I must tag Phyllis to

”Tag game” is about people sharing their heart
It would sure be special if you shared your part

It seems sometimes we just run out of time
Remember when a phone call cost a dime

So did a bottle of soda as a matter of fact
Remember the machines when they slid on a track

Well hopefully not because these words are true
Remembering those things means you’ve seen life to

So many changes between those times and now
Now days they have lasers that operate the plow

With me it all changed way faster than most
Years in day is the story of a convict ghost

But that is the past and praise God I am free
Exercising my right to tag Phyllis you see

Every game should have a Mentor Raul is his name
He was tagging us all without knowing of the game

I’m tagging Phyllis and giving honor to Raul
For without a doubt he is a model for us all

You know a while back the "Tag" game was a part
of our site. This was a very special part of our site
and Raul with his unselfishness writing Poem's to 
members on our site reminded me of this and to be
honest I tried hard to ignore the impulse. So in Honor
of "Our Mentor" lets bring that special part of our Soup
Back, spend our time writing of love instead of some knack.

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I write poems of love, paint pictures of life;
But nothing seems real, not until you're my wife.

I love you so strongly, all my heart and my soul.
My love is forever, to show you - my goal.

I've looked for you for years dear, trying to find my soul's mate.
Made mistakes and been lonely, but it's all been worth the wait.

God finally put us together, to make our souls one;
And i'll love you forever, even after this life's done.

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Will she go home?

  His life proceeded as before
even though she left his door
he still got up at half past seven
ate his gruel and prayed to heaven

 he still went out to plow the fields
and calculated all the yields
from cows and chicks and eggs that hatched
he mended fences,wove the thatch
that roofed his hut in from the cold

but subtle changes could be told
he used to sing the cows back home
and whistle when he was alone
he brought her daisies every night
but now they wilted in his sight

his hair turned ashen and his eyes
paled their  blue to winter skies
a tremor started in his hands
he wrote her name out in the sands

out beside the garden gate
and on that night
she chanced to wait
deciding  love beneath the pines
and there behold she saw these lines...

"she left because I would not say 
the words I'm writing here today,
        I love you
seems so very small,
   for when she left
   she took my all."

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My love for...Cystal Koelmeyer

Do you think love is real?
I do not know how funny I now feel

For a girl I have never seen… silent still,
Oh, I think I am climbing the highest hill

I have hated love as hell
I think it’s a cruel, colorful cell

But how on earth did I fell into this well
…With a Sri Lankan blessed bell? I can’t tell.

We all need someone to hold tight
All through the day and the darkest night

But I’d never wanted to fall in love … is it right?
Oh! I want her to be my might and me her knight

Love has given me the flu… 
My heart hurts, I have got feelings that’s blue

I can hear her sing, seducing me with a clue
Yet Crystal may not have known that this is true.

Love like a flower will fade at night 
Yet my love will be thy stars… a saintly sight

The stars may fade at the sight of daylight
But my heart will be with you both day and night

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Brought To Awe

When the sun hits the bellies of the humble clouds at dusk
I'm amazed, I'm entranced, I am but a speck of dust.
When the gulf eats the sun in a nibble and a bite
all my senses stand up tall to applaud the gift of sight
When the mountains cradle shadows 'gainst the pink of sunlit trees
you will find me deep in prayer toward the one with wise decrees
And when I'm standing next to you with our two hands intertwined
I am brilliantly alive with the knowledge you are mine...

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With a look,a kiss,a smile
sweethearts stay awhile

In hug,caress and touch
Love much

Inspired by Christie Moses poem title
'Sometimes Words Are Not Enough '

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Acid Reign

  Acid tears of salt and grief
all bottled up to send
across the ocean to a thief
who ran away again.
  archaic eyes in charcoal gray
painted on the wall
a mural of the way you stray
especially in the fall
In the fall
of love and hope 
you strangle me again
like the dead tree with a rope
fresh knotted by a friend.

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In Your Arms

In your arms is where I want to be
Holding you and you holding me
Tasting love on your sweet lips
It couldn’t be any better than this

In the night or early morning light
We come together, it feels so right
Loving you means everything to me
Our love will last through eternity

With you this close, my mind goes blank
I can’t breathe and I can’t think
Never felt quite like this before
Oh, sweet love, couldn’t ask for more

The way you touch me in the dark
You light the fire with just one spark
I catch my breath, you like that sound
As we enjoy the love we’ve found
 long to give you pleasure, too
Just tell me what you want me to do
I plan to keep you satisfied
So you will always be by my side

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Put on the red coat, put on the mask
Flash dancers wait just to finish the task
To raise up the curtain on all of these acts
I don't know for certain, I don't have the facts
But somebody told me that you were the one
to brighten the moonlight and turn up the sun
to call in the ocean when twilight enfolds
the seashore at sunset when someone beholds
that miracle moment when all thinking ceases
When lovers and losers are equal in pieces
of puzzles in Sanskrit cascading free
If you give me your hand you can take all of me
I haven't a coin nor a deed real or written
I know you aren't sure and you haven't been smitten
but yesterday morning I saw something new 
I think it was me and I know it was you
Riding a rainbow, boy what a blast
Do you think there's a chance for a love that could last?

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Planted with Love

My sweetest of flowers, they blossom and grow
From God’s miracle garden, from seeds we did sow
Hair of yellow, like daisies, and cheeks filled with sun
My sweetest of flowers; yet still very young

Each is an individual, though equally special, as well
In our garden of life and love, forever they’ll dwell
They are daughters of the earth, our love to receive
My sweetest of flowers, from love were conceived

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My Love is Dust

My love for you I dare not breathe it
For I am not perfect in any way
I fear you will break my heart again
So my love for you, I dare not say

I know in my heart that it's over
And I know we're only friends
But I wish I could figure out
How to make you love me again

But I know it will never happen
I couldn't compete, so I departed
You crushed my spirit, wounded my soul 
And left me brokenhearted.

My love for you, I dare not breathe it
For it hurts my heart to say
The man I fell mad in love with
Slowly pushed me away

I miss the man that I once knew
That guy that's hidden inside of you
That person died long ago
The one I love and I miss so.

I may still love you but I will learn
In the end I will get burned
Because what is love- only dust
Without loyalty and trust.

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My Treasure

He gives me a gift that is most amazing,
A love that is altogether blazing.

No matter what the issue,
Always ready with a tissue.

Loving me is not easy,
It is not for the faint of heart or breezy,

For that he does not care,
Claims he has enough love to spare.

He has a smile that is sexy and sweet,
It makes my heart skip a beat.

In his arms I know I will find
A haven that is only mine.

Loving him is a great and wonderful pleasure,
His love is something I will forever treasure.

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the Sound of Love

She said" my name is love 
and I've arrived,
to help you keep your world alive."
She gave the planet Earth a kiss
and said,"We'll start it out like this,
You do everything I say,
and I won't Blow you all away.
Now I've been patient ,more than kind,
but you know what I've  come to find?
You don't get it,never will,
you only want to fight and kill.
you know the adage,Spare the Rod,?
we have to leave the rest to God,
but meantime let's all do our best
to put this Love thing to the test,
now with what's left of these late times
let's share our love within our rhymes
and send this out a joyous sound
let brothers hear,the whole world round."

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Old Man

Don't cry for me the old man said
To the young man standing by his bed
The time has come for me to go
But there's something I want you to know
From the day you were born until this day
There is something I have tried to say
I have always been a stubborn man
But I think I can say it if you hold my hand
You will probably think it's long overdue
But the truth is Son, I love you

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To Give the Moon

With quill in hand I sit to write
To pour my heart to you this night
This evening beckons my hearts tune
As whence I stare upon the moon
Its pale moonlight calls out your name
Its shadowy light, flickering flame
It says your name set on the breeze
As for me, oh then, it weakens knees
For love, my dear, this poem’s write
A gift to you, I gift tonight

Please take, grasp, and so hold it dear
These words I pen, for you to hear
Cherish, love, please lock them away
So to read again, upon new day
But, when new eve then comes along
I’ll pen with verse another song
Allow then light from page to dwell
Within your heart, know it so well
That I have come to share with you
The gift of the moon; its pure view

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Love, Hate And My Fate

In my quest of life sublime
I face a mountain I must climb

There dwells up inside of me
A growing amount of hostility

My anger is growing day by day
Regardless of the prayers I pray

Like two grinding tectonic plates
One is love and the other is hate

As the plates slowly grind away
Price of hate my love must pay

Like a beautiful exotic dance
Hate is held in dark romance

Like a lone mountain flower
Love shall hold mystic power

The two sides of a single face
Only one can rule this place

Off to hell fallen angels go
Is this the fate of my soul?

Is the meaning of this rhyme?
Bound by the hands of time

For all to hear and all to see
Love and hate each dwell in me

Love and hate each have their goal
I wonder, which shall win my soul

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Physics of the moon
I feel the lunar ecstasy in your heart
Connecting our vibes from over 1500 miles apart
With every swing of my mood ring, my sensational heart will sing
An out of this world phenomenon tune, "you are my everything!"
Absorbing every phase the moon goes threw
Sending energy between me and you
When our eyes meet on the darkest side of the moon
Your body mass rotates like a cyclone hitting my land like a typhoon
Like the gravity that bonds the earth and moon together
Our souls will collide with a massive force of forever
The image of you appears at all times like a moon cycle
Like a cascade running all around my mind, like a halo circle
Our love and vision orbits through every star
Giving us light no matter how near or far
The stars throb around the moon like a secret signal in the night
While you inhale my energy that exceeds into the morning light
Like a rainbow that enters and vanishes into the twilight of our sky
Our first kiss under the moon beam will twist our tongues into a tie
A sweet magnetic shadow will remain under the half moon
Sweeping our love above the clouds to float like a balloon
Holding a reflection with the moon's tide
Our journey continued, side by side
Emerging our love to find its way soon
Like a love mirage with the physics of the moon


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God has a plan,
And it is out of my hands.

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This Very Day

Make a wish then live that way
Me, I don’t know what to say

Since one and one equal two
I simply do what I must do

The hardest choice I now make
I prefer my icing on top the cake

My taste is set I will never roam
In your heart, I’ve found my home

Your love is like a rush of power
A thorny rose of tender flower

I swear of this I could not joke
Be still the thorn inside the poke

Like a lake aside a mountain pass
Your eyes are pools of liquid glass

Inside those pools what I see
A hero is what you see in me

You’ve made a hero of a villain
In your arms, I’m happy Chillin’

Days to weeks, months to years
To you who comforts all my fears

I reckon that, which I wish to say
I would die for you this very day

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The Pirates Love

Out on the shore he looked away, drawn by the oceans crashing waves; out on the shore her
heart it broke, as she watched him stop to smoke.

They knew that ties of love would sever, that he would go away forever; ne’er to return to
this shore, ne’er to see her, his love, anymore.

And so the sloop the pirate boarded, where all his treasure he had hoarded; away he sailed
to far new lands, to take from others with his hands.

Though he seemed so heartless and cruel, even he had loved a girl; and on a shore so far
away, they hanged the pirate there today.

She heard the news, her heart it wept, and so she plunged into the depth; her body found
broken and maimed, death the choice she had claimed.

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My Favorite Thing

My very favorite thing in this life
To simply sit and talk with my wife

About our day or perhaps the past
Planning ways to make the future last

We are beyond desire and lust
Our loves more about friendship and trust

Mornings we share our coffee and toast
Night we cuddle who we love the most

To others eyes it’s amazing to see
To us it’s simply how life should be

She worries because I’m always so ill
Proud I never let it break my will

My mission is clear; journey is true
She motivates me in all I do

I fear my health is slipping away
Getting hard to make through a day

Honestly, I don’t know if I could
Without her love I doubt if I would

Lately, I feel as though I may die
Things are happening, I don’t know why

What makes me strive to do my best?
It’s for my wife I must pass this test

My favorite thing to do in this life
To simply sit and talk with my wife

Wow, that made me cry! All at once 
my blood sugar has just started falling
off the charts. By that I mean with a
completly full stomach it will just drop
to 60. They are going to start running
test today. Sorry about the poem. I sat
to write a happy poem, however, in the
ways that matter it is happy. At least I
never have to face these crisis alone. 
I love you all. For Farrah's contest.

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A Prayer for my Wife

                           A Prayer for my Wife

Now I’ll tell you all the details if I can keep from sheddin’ a tear
Last night when it got late and really quiet around here 

I got down on my knees, crossed my heart and began to pray
And in the darkness between me and God, here’s what I had to say

I love her so much Lord and I just don’t know what I’d do
I’m afraid that she won’t make it, that’s why I’m coming to you

Here with my heart open, at your mercy down on my knees
I’m begging’ you with every heartbeat, Oh Lord hear my pleas

I don’t know what your plans are or what you have in store
And I know I don’t deserve her and that she deserves much more

And don’t misunderstand Lord, I don’t assume any obligation
For your bounty in our life has exceeded all our expectations

But please allow her to live and me to be a part of that life
And I swear I’ll make this beautiful woman proud to be my wife

And if it’s not in your plans Lord then I pray that you take me instead
Cause’ I can’t live without my love, I’d be better off dead

And no excuses for my past Lord, but I’ll do better than I’ve done
I ask you only this, my lord, in the name of your Son.

I wiped my tears as I said my amen’s and prepared myself to stand
Stepped up next to your bed and began to caress your pretty hand

I stared off into space as all the memories came flooding in
Reliving each and every moment, over and over again

And as the first rays of sunshine, streamed in past the curtain
I felt an overwhelming peace calm my mind and ease the hurtin’

I felt compelled to kiss you so I pressed my lips to your face
And it seemed the room was filled in the beauty of God’s living grace

And you slowly opened your eyes and smiled for me to see
And I knew the Lord my God had given my sweet wife back to me

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In The Name Of Love

What is true love really all about?
Lets break it down and check it out

True love is about the highs and lows
Learning to live and learning to grow

Learning to give all that you have got
And never thinking, “like it or not”

It’s about changing the person you are
And never letting things go to far

True love is about a faithful friend
One who helps your heart to mend

Someone with which you can relate
Look to the stars and plan your fate

It’s about honesty and it’s about trust
Has little or nothing to do with lust

I once was lost with a barren soul
Then an angel made me her goal

She helped me face all of my fears
Never failed to understand my tears

She has stood by me through it all
Helped me to stand proud and tall

Taught me to live without addiction
Helped to heal my every affliction 

Gives me the desire to rise above
Be all I can in the name of love

Written for Antoinette to enter
into John's "Love Contest."

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Happy Birthday Carol and Antoinette

April seven is joined together in two special ways
My wife and Carol Brown were each born that day

In so many ways, they remind me of each other
For each one has the heart and soul of a mother

Like a great big clown riding a little bitty bike
Antoinette and Carol are the type we naturally like

Two separate women who hold pieces of my heart
Although, each one holds a completely different part

Antoinette was able to see what no one had seen
Inside of this nightmare lived a very beautiful dream

Carol’s beautiful heart was able to help me to see
Poetry Soup was exactly the place I needed to be

Two very different women with two similar souls
Played significant roles in my reaching my goals

One helped me piece together my shattered heart
The other helped me keep it from falling back apart

I think I’m truly about as lucky as any man can be
There are so many different people care about me

Carol is just one of many I love here on the soup
I’m lucky to have landed in such a beautiful group

Carol, never doubt the truth in these words I say
This is the highest complement I could ever pay

To be written alongside a poem with my wife
Means “I Love & Respect” every drop of your life

You’re the very first to have landed in this spot
Old friend I reckon that means I love you a lot

April seventh I’ll proudly find my knee’s and pray 
You’ll have a wonderfully blessed special birthday

i wanted to write Carol a Happy Birthday poem
but I wanted to give it special meaning. Anyone
who knows how much I love, admire, and adore 
my wife; knows that for me to place someone in
a poem alongside her, is the highest complement
I could ever make. Carol thank you for the love,
friendship, support and prayers you have given me 
over the years. I'm very honored to be your friend.

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Life In General

My life these days just can't be beat
To be honest it's quite the treat

Blossom's blooming upon the tree
Hummingbirds feeding peacefully

Blue jays bouncing across the yard
They're just little birds playing hard 

The mountains truly seem to glow
All covered white with winters snow

I treasure life with its embrace
My soul is now a peaceful place

My mind is on quite a mission
Out to better its position

To me this life is like a dream
My love flows like a mountain stream

So crystal clear and full of life
I serve my Lord and love my wife

Write my rhymes for the world to see
Beauty of life's simplicity

I'm a man that has found his plight
By serving God and shinning bright

In general it is going well
That's in as far as I can tell

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With You

Because of the person you are
My heart shall rest upon a star

Of the beauty that my eyes see
There is a dream in front of me

Of this lady that I adore
Another dream I can explore

Regardless of what I may be
So lucky am I to have thee

My heart it is a ball of flame
Burning bright the light of your name

Sweetheart you know my heart is true
I’m so proud to be bound by you

Bound by you and the arms of fate
Lets close the doors and lock the gate

Find that place only we can be
Share the dream only we can see

Let us let the world pass us by
Spread our wings and caress the sky

Sail right through a billowy cloud
As our song is sung clear and loud

I’m but a vessel lost at sea
Sailing your heart eternally 

My friend, wife and child’s mother
For me there could be no other

Why is my course forever true?
I gave my heart and soul to you

For Matt's contest

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To My Wife

Valentines is a very special day
To you my love I wish to say

Through this poem I offer thee
My heart for all eternity

My life is now a journey true
I live to simply honor you

My mission is to rise above
Symbolize the beauty of love 

To be a knight in armor bright
In defense of all that is right

Penning my soul for all to see
I cherish the soul bound to me

These words I pen are words so true
The man I am I owe to you

You delivered me from my plight
A soul lost in the dark of night

Taught me to love as well as see
The love of Christ inside of me

Antoinette your life is my quest
I vow to do my very best

To be a man who lives his life
In admiration of his wife

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Interlude in a coffee shop

To sip coffee with you,
Reading the newspaper,

Sitting close
Steam rises from my cup,

I relish this moment
Cherishing your smile,

Examine your face,
Lines, changes over the years

Still, I look in your eyes
And see the young man,

The hearth is still warm
And I’m thankful for that.

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Gone Almost Forgotten

Sometimes when my mind's lazy I think of you
The times that happen are getting quite few

Wreaked havoc on my heart 
What the storm did in its path

Sadistically rape my love
Then offered a black dove

Forged a degree to get by
A degree you have to lie

How does knowledge make gold
When there's a hole in the shoe sole

Shame on you big professor
You play my money and me a sucker

Me the poor illiterate woman
Fed clothes and shelter the educated man

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The Coffee House

The day he took me to Starbucks I figured I was gaining in luck Then all he did was complain How the coffee wasn't humane It wasn't fit for human comsumption The tasty treat was dry, their gumption In serving such unpalatable treat Oh well, another date now unsweet Starbucks I still love you even though Have to get decaffeinated coffee drink slow
Nathan thanks for the challenge Contest: Coffee House

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To Heaven and Back

I wrote my words of love upon the moon last night
Tiny black words on an orb that shone full and bright

In my heart I felt you reading my love letter
The joy I felt could not have been any better

And as the moon absorbed the words I wrote to you
I suddenly realized you were watching too

So quickly the response came that it touched my soul
A sign that the Goddess of Love was on patrol

What I sent to you, you kindly sent back to me
It was as if the heavens had heard my sad plea

From now on wherever your heart tells you to go
I’ll write upon the moon and you will always know

The love we share will endure to the end of time
Messages from the moon will carry love in rhyme

*Written for Michael’s Boomerang Contest

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The pitch of a lifetime

His life had boiled down to this one moment
Nerves shaking but could never show it

A lifetime of practice to get to this fall day
Always saying goodbye & never getting to stay

The half dirt covered plate at his feet
As thousands waiting to leave their seat

Years of not knowing if he could ever get here
He looks up and his mind never this clear

Cheers all around fade away
Today was his day

He has but a single task
The question yet to be asked

His stance he choose to switch
And from a knee here comes the pitch
		She said yes

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Life Without Dogs

What is it about dogs that make us love them so
I suspect a life without them is not the full show

Dogs are there for us, whenever we need
Without judgment, or intent to mislead

Their lives seem so simple, no stress, or strident demands
Eating, sleeping, playing, waiting simply to obey our commands

Even when times seem most intense
Just watching a dog sleep can help make some sense

Of things that are important, and those that are not
When dogs are up and alerted, that’s when one should possibly be fraught

What do you think gives them their sometimes fitful dreams?
I’ve often wondered, what is a dog extreme?

Maybe they worry for us, and that’s what frightens them so
Or it may just be a chase that was prematurely let go

Their lives can provide perspective on what really matters
Unconditional friendship and love that doesn’t leave one in tatters 

If you’re looking for solace, some piece of mind
Look no further than a dog, a companion so inclined

Max, Woody, Huck, Bodie, Boomer and Jake
All wonderful companions through life and some heartache

I wouldn’t change a thing, grateful they were part of our being
Their memory sustains us when we’re having trouble seeing

So I suggest, a life without dogs is less than it should be
Maybe think about a faithful companion, and see what it could be

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2 humans 2 hearts And 1 love

Once there was a girl with a tough personality. She was considered to be a friendly and talkative. She was extremely tough regardless of love and crashes. She had wishes and dreams but was never sure when it’s gone come true. She was hard working always to satisfy her family and be a great daughter. She was tough about love but at the same time she knew a special and incomparable person will come to her life, who will be very different than others. When and where she will meet him, she never thought about it because she believed that we shouldn’t look for love, the reason was that love comes itself. However let’s see how and where she finds that special person. 
One night after working so hard of her project she was bored.
“Oh God I am so bored let’s see if my friends are online I will talk to them but at the same time gone download a song” she got online but unfortunately non of her friends were online so she thought to herself why don’t I make a new friend she requested a random boy who she never knew before.  After a week passed and that boy accepted her request but they never got the chance to talk to each other.
“Oh this boy looks so cute but why can’t I talk to him” although she wasn’t trusting any boys but her heart would tell her that this boy seems to be a good boy. So she used to leave an offline massages for him in order to contact each other and be friends. One day they both were online so their conversation started.
Boy… how are u and how did u added me
Girl… I’m fine thanks well I was bored last week so I randomly added u.
They started questioning each other and she asked him have you got a brother or a sister he answered I have 5 sister but no bro. She reply but I have 2 sis and no brother. The time of Salah came and she had to pray and she asked if she can leave the conversation and pray but he was surprised that she prays. After she did her prayers she asked him why were you surprised when I said its time for me to pray? He reply afghans who live in foreigner most of them are not religious. 
Weeks passed and one day she was so excited.
Girl… You know what
Girl… I have a new baby sister
Boy… congratulations 
They kept contacting each other even though he had exams on that time but he would still take out some time for her. At the same time he would study for exams. 

Few month later they became best friends and one day he told her that he like her but she didn’t understand what does he mean by like. She called her best friend and told her he told her that he likes her but she doesn’t know why he said this because he loves her or just a simple like. 
Hey dude … he told me he likes me but I don’t know what he means by that.
My Friend…  ha ha stupid liking is the first step of love I think he loves u.
She also liked him but she needed time to know him more. He was so innocent and respectful boy she had ever meet. They became so closer and their friendship turned to love after a passing of time. She didn’t know much about his family and background but however she loved him and thought he is a right person for her life partner. 
For every relationship to became stronger and trust worthy it needs time. Relationships are like building a house. Some relationship ends fast because it was build quick and the foundation was not strong enough but some relationships last forever the reason is that the foundation which that relationship was build was strong. The foundation of every relationship is trust, promises, honesty, truthfulness, modesty, respect and most important thing is a true love. Be the kind of person you would like to be with. Some people come into our lives, make footprints on our hearts and we are never the same. People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.    
She always wanted someone who is respectful and modest towards girls. Someone who is honest but she never saw any boy with those qualities in him, she only saw those qualities in him.  Even though she faced so much hardships, impenetrability and tests in life however she knew that when Allah tests you, it is never to destroy you, it’s to teach us something in life that we do not know. When he removes something in your possession it is only to empty your hands, for an even greater gift. She learned so much from those test and tried hard to become better Muslim. 
 Now they know each other and they love each other a lot.  She has a full trust on him more than herself. Even though they sometimes have argument for some Issues but their love is strong enough and they are a smart people to find the solutions. No matter what we face and how we act towards it but it shouldn’t affect a person’s trust and love in relationship because it’s so hard to make one and takes a second to destroy it. This was a good story. It’s sad that it takes a long time for people to understand values and life. We as people are so consumed with our own lifestyles and duties we have made for ourselves. 
I miss him more then he could ever know, I often ask Allah why did he have to go? I fell in love and he means so much to me, if he could look into my heart then he could see. I found something so special and it is for real, being without my love is so hard to deal. I'll be here waiting until I can be with you again, because not only are you the love of my life you are also my friend.
I just want to tell you,
I think of you every moment of the day.
And how much I love you,
Words could never even say....

I just want to tell you,
I love you with all my heart.
I wish for us to be together,
Never shall we be apart.

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When two stars align

Up in the ink sky
A lone star shines

My eyes fixed on its sight
winking at me its diamond eyes

Empowers me to strive
To make a wish come to life

To bring someone special a smile
By love, a dancing light, beguiled

Crossing my fingers tight
That God, His love, my light

To trust His will, surrendering mine
To find he who will bind life with mine.

Our souls as one, an even brighter shine
As when two lone stars come to align.

Up the ink sky, my eyes search the night
Just to find your shining light.

By CarolineCecile
Copyright © 07.28.11

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Along Love Avenue

"Along Love Avenue" perfection in Life's journey seems an impossible task from first flow of breath, to final futile gasp. love is the key ingredient to achieve success on a road still driven toward human happiness. with an intimate partner to share in all things believing in each other, trusting on their strong wings. pursuing dreams as intense as deep breathing complimenting one's qualities, uplifting while steering. as cycles evolve in marriage and lovelight memories fashioned on the highway of twilight. old wounds and past hurts erase with new dawn immortal scars disappear as time lingers on. emotions exchanged as the road dips and dives engaging on lovenotes, perfection thrives. undaunted, the lovers embrace fond caress on the road still driven pure hearts ever blessed. *For Tracie's Contest.

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Stanzas of Love

I write of celestial moons and flying carpet rides,
Of seasonal hues and rising tides.

I write when golden light fills the skies,
And emerald hills enchant my eyes.

When the aroma of thulian roses scents the air
And wind blows the willows like Pele’s hair.

I write of all things that remind me of you,
How I’m sheltered by your shadow in all I do.

When I hear the call of a turtle dove,
I smile at the mellifluous voice of the man I love.

As a glowing garnet sun sets on a calm sparkling sea
Your love songs will echo eternally.

Our love will remain pristine and pure
As our souls combine and forever endure. 

© January 20, 2013

For 'My Valetine' Contest Sponsor: Suzette Crous

Decodeing secret message:
This message is to my mate when we met on one of my flights, hence the
flying carpet rides. The tides are because we live on an island in the Pacific.

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Angel Hearts

Angels lay their hearts across the sky.
Thing about that is, is there one for you?

What I'm saying is, you can pick anyone.
But is that the right one for you?

Who are they to say it's not for you.
Don't get me wrong, every heart should feel love.

I mean isn't that what it was created for ?
Every heart surely deserves love , don't they?

I'm just asking, do you know the right one ?
I know how it feels to have love dance around
your heart strings , then float away " poof" .
Just to let you know how it sometimes goes.

Who am I to tell you who to let pull on your heart strings.
I wonder is there a tender heart waiting out there for me.

As I see the angels lay their heart strings across the sky.
I reach for one  so I can fly . 

9/ 10/2012 Mon. 1:30pm

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Bambi and lily

   Who would have guessed/ the love carried for a beagle no less

   Lily howling at the moon/ with ears long as her toes our coon

   she gave birth to Bambi with no tail/ jack a be , 3 yrs later she is ours still

   no describing the love for our girls / dressed in pink shirts and curly frills

   the girls don't like when we leave home / they show us for leaving them alone

   the pillows torn and howling non stop / we love our girly beagles until we drop

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There are many, There are a few

There are many of those with whom you can go to bed,
There are so a few with whom you’d like to wake up,
And in the morning to greet the day that’s ahead,
With a smile to ask your love if it’s already a sunup.
There are many of those with whom you can just live,
Drink in the morning coffee, talk and argue or debate,
But … there are just a few to whom you can believe
And in every moments of life to be always straight.
There are so a few with whom you’d like to dream,
To watch the stars in the darkness of the night,
To be with your loved one in the same stream,
And never think who was really wrong or right.
There are so a few with whom you can keep silent,
Who understands you with a semi glance or a word,
Who knows that each heard word is just brilliant
As from the mouth of your darling it was said.
You so easily meet and… without pain you part,
With ease on the heart, just because…, and it is sad that…
There are so many of those with whom you can go to bed,
There are so a few with whom you would like to wake up.
©Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)

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Dreamy Delight

"Dreamy Delight" Lips caress the soft outline of tender silky skin in delicate circles moistening deep passion flames within. Arms embrace muscular form exciting nestled nerves while dreamy delight ignites cherished curve on curves. Legs entwine a throbbing heart in full thrust of desire as embers from the fireplace crackle shards of fire. Souls surrender to ecstasy as words inspire blank page illuminating thoughts content to live in creative cage. Dreams invade as love forever pursues to fantasize eventually crossing over to reality capturing love's prize. *For Michael J. Falotico's "Deep Dreams" Contest. *Nov. 10, 2012.

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Get It Flying

Try try with all our might
This time may we get it right
Another day does come
Still we are all thumbs
Is getting this done right
Really going to be our blight
Another chance is all we ask
Leave other tries in the past
Stop wait are we going to fast
Another let down have we cast
Oh my what a beautiful sight
Finally we learn to fly a kite
Gwendolen Rix contest Lets Go Fly A Kite Poem was written: 09/08/2006

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Undying Love

Many days may pass me by
but my love for you will never die

Although your love may not be true
I'll always have true love for you

My sad heart has lost its will to live
for to you my love I cannot give

Many days may pass me by
but my love for you will never die

Note:  This is the first official poem I ever wrote.
I was 15 and it was at this time of year (1978).
I thought it would be fun to share it with you.  Over 
the years I have made a few grammatical changes
but it is essentially the same.  Love, Robin

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Water And Fire

Such a disaster once had happened.
Water and fire had fallen in love
Master to hug the fire was maddened,
Was so much afraid to hug his love.

Strong arms of fire enchanted, gleamed,
All around him has brightened.
Pull over to her love water dreamed
But the flames of fire frightened.

Prideful and beautiful was the fire
With each coming day his love blazed
To hug water was his greatest desire
But …to do it he was so much afraid.

The same often happens in life.
They love, but are afraid to show.
With the real feelings they strive,
Different ways they forever go.

Can’t live together water and fire.
One another they only admire.

©Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)
The 28th of April, 2013

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The Storm

We lovers kissed as storm clouds rose and darkened early day,
Reunited again we held each other as storm winds made us sway.
Whispered winds swirled about as we lover’s sheltered true,
Softly caressing our bodies and blowing away the morning dew.
Slowly naked we did unpeel and pressed together in passions fire,
Kissing sweet and moving slow as lovers sing in personal choir.
Rain winds lap the cabin doors as if to condemn, defile, deplore,
As passion builds and cries aloud the storm outside rages more.
Beaded skins moved as one where words of love entwined our soul,
Enraging the storm it shook the world, two lovers lost within their role.
Gasped and teared, we clung to each other, till our bodies shake to rest.
The storms anger rages through and puts the cabins timbers to its test.
She leaves my side to meet the storm, naked, trembling, but with classic poise,
Opens the door and steps to meet the raging storm and its terrible noise.
It whips her body she cries aloud, claws her flesh and tugs her hair,
Yet stops as sudden and starts to cry its rain tears splash her skin so fair.
It gasps for breath at her beauty tall and brushes the hair from her eyes,
And leaves the world in silence now, except for its heart broken sighs.

Seosamh de Burca................. © 26th April 2013

Entered into Softly sensual contest

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I Can't Take My Eyes Off of You

I can’t take my eyes off of you
It doesn’t matter what you do
You have a great hold on me
Making me the best I can be

I can’t take my eyes off of you 
You are in me whatever I do
My love has such a strong flow
Cupid has hit me with his arrow

I can’t take my eyes off of you
In all that I am and all that I do
You are the one to keep me up
Your power overflows my cup

I can’t take my eyes off of you
In all the things I say and do
I think about it and it is true
Now what am I supposed to do


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Spinning World

Tonight, the big bright hanging moon is smiling
My spinning world is singing, lovingly accepting your ring

©Donna Jones

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Unconditional Love

Love isn't just a single word or feeling
Said to tickle an ear and leave you reeling

Nor is love abstract and void of care
But what one envisions and does all year

We convey our love by things that we do
When a loved one is hurting we hurt too

Love is conveyed by deeds not merely said
And connects us all with a common thread

Love is a word some find difficult to say
But it leaves an enormous price to pay

Love means when one hurts us, we forgive
Not five years later to bring up and relive

Love sometimes forces on us a long wait
But love never delegates us power to dictate

We don't have to agree with each other to love
For God gave me what I was unworthy of

What's held in your heart your mouth will speak
So before speaking do a mental critique

love is never idle or to be cast in mothballs
In short, I see love as a servant in coveralls

From Brother Jay's morning sermon
Happy Valentines day

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Dearest Momma

Dearest momma,
I sure do love you and miss you.
From this helicopter, I get a gruesome view.

Some friends are wading in the mud.
Carrying one wounded keeping him out of the crud.

I hate to say it, but Vietnam's like hell.
Everywhere you look you see fragments of blown up shell.

When will this war ever end precious one?
Will I see you at home or beyond the sun?

Keep praying for these copters to stay in the air,
and to keep us here in Vietnam, safe from all the fire.

Momma darling I must close this letter.
And we'll hope and pray all our days will get better.

Your loving son,

Jimmy Anderson "World of War: Vietnam" contest

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Best Wishes

2011 was here but is now gone away
2012 is here now with one extra day
I am not going to make a resolution
Simply because it causes me confusion
Wishing the best to all I hold dear
Joy,love,good health for this year

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Empty Castles

I eat "ice cream castles" from the air
Now there are no clouds anywhere
Within blue skies the world is clear
I stretch my hand to bring him near

Climbing upward on a "ferris wheel"
From luscious lips a kiss to steal
We know love, from "both sides now"
A pleasured moment a broken vow

Sad and smokey, tortured eyes
Within metal cocoon, we try to rise
As the wheel turns, we both shall fall
We want everything, but can't have it all

The ride is over, the game is done
I can't share our story with anyone
The castle crumbles, clouds back in the air
I dream my dreams, I can still smell his hair

Lonely is the path, some lovers choose
I sit with red wine and sing my blues
As smoke dances, on thickened air
I love a lover that isn't there

 I wrote this from a female perspective.
An Ode to Joni Mitchell's Artistry!
The words in quotes are from her song "Both Sides Now".

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Mirror Image

"Mirror Image" in the silent mirror a reflection of love stares a glass figurine emoting radiance with savoir faire'. a tender smile extends sweet thoughts to cherished hearts engraved fashioned for Eternity to love on journey paved. two lights illuminate to feed two souls once were starving wallowing in Sun's warm glow while Destiny stood carving. etching future memories lasting far beyond forever complimenting in every way as words touched too deep to sever. reflections often resonate both happiness and sorrow yet, you remain my counterpart for each endless tomorrow. from first breath to last we contemplate reflective view believing in our "love story" prefacing with "I Love You". *For Michael J. Falotico's "The Reflection Contest"

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The old red barn barely still stands,
tho rigid memories are vividly erotic.

At thirteen her changes long arrived,
mine somewhat volcanic by nature.

Winks and nods to belie our intent,
separate departures to decoy suspicion.

Hay loft providing that scratchy surface,
as we eliminate clothing for access.

The deed was finally now at hand,
full of pheromones and short of breath.

Consummate screams from parental chests,
cataclysmic wave of detumescence strikes.

Panic running as cold wind bursts my lungs,
hearing muffled belts busy raising her welts.

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Sweetly Loving Beauty

Returning a pearl within each silver breath lining one gem treasure 
sweeping over deep sea waves tides turn in loves pure pleasure

Blue unfolding white washed emotions, sweeping over feelings
touching feathers of an angel floats inside warm strokes a celestial being

Woven inside golden petals kiss the magic heart of this shell opens 
hovering fingers dance fluttering hot waves galloping upon the crest breaks 

Sweetly landing on the sands of loves sweet beauty happiness sings 
in paradise holding two souls join hands bells of Heaven rings

Walking towards a sun setting dream rose gold crowning beauty
Eden desire bites from the tree of knowledge faraway uniting hearts duty

Sweetly dance together in an ocean tune flying without wings 
salt of this earth wet lips tasting destiny kissing your feet love rings

Beauty graces sea nymph with eyes of diamonds and bright sea-gold hair
wonders of all majestic earth no other maiden glows quite so fair

Heavenly notes echoes sweetly in the majesty of her alluring love songs
praise pours forth as she shines to delight her ever adoring throngs

Sun and sky conspire to gift her a wondrously staged ocean of calm
all the astounded world bows and eats lustily from her gentle palm

Tales of her beauty greater than palaces of diamonds, rubies and gold
angelic countenance that was the envy of legendary fairy queens of old

King Poseidon bowed down in defeat, laying love vows at her dainty feet
unable to control the ardor of his massively deep white-hot love heat

She that wept for a day and time with but one deserving male human soul
soft touches and wet kisses with that lost prince her secret love goal

Returning as a pearl within each silver breath she offers her treasure 
sweeping over deep sea waves she rides, a dream of loves pure pleasure

A co write written by Liam Mcdaid and Robert Lindley 
thank you dear friend a pleasure writing this with you 

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Bon Jour

An eighteen year old sailor on the Riviera in the Spring
Mademoiselle Your smile can make my young heart sing
Cannes, Nice, Monte Carlo who could ask for more
I volunteered for the USO, so on duty days I could be ashore
I held her hand and said bon jour, i danced with her that day
Looking into her eyes, Aime-moi, s'il vous plait
Stopping by a sidewalk cafe, we had a glass of Beaujolais
Then I walked her home and promised to meet another day
Two days later I returned but she was nowhere to be found
I saw her one more time before my feet left solid ground
It was a one time memory, a love not meant to be
She returned to college and I returned to the sea
I still have those memories and the wonders that we saw
But to cry, i'l n'est pas necssaire pour cela.
I think back sometimes and it cuts me like a knife
France will always be a special part of my life.

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My Mother

My mother takes me to different places
and laughs at all my silly faces.

She runs me a nice warm bath
and helps me with my math.

My mother makes me healthy snacks to eat
and sometimes let's me have a treat.

She takes care of me when I'm hurt 
and cleans me up when I'm covered in dirt.

My mother talks to me about all the dangers
and reminds me not to talk to strangers.

She tells me not to lie
and wipes my tears when I cry.

My mother always brushes my hair
and teaches me how to share.

She claps for me when I'm right
and comforts me in the night.

My mother is 5 feet, 4 inches tall
and she is the best mother of all!

by Ana Espinola Collins

I wrote this poem for children years ago....I thought today was the perfect day to share it with everyone!

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Blowing a Kiss to You

From my heart's garden I pluck a rose for you then turn it to a kiss,add my love and warmth too. Before blowing I touch it and add my lips softness then teach it a little bit about how to caress. I know you are waiting there miles away from me so I look for wings that would carry it over the sea. As I look at the sky some clouds stopped and smiled they wanted to carry it over those thousand miles. So my dear you must keep your eyes closed and wait Soon you will be surprised by the tastiest kiss till date! ;) ===================000================== By:kash poet

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My October Bliss

September softly comes, then leaves; October breezes in
and with a touch of magic weaves her spell on us again,
for happily at dusk we tread our secret path through trees
that blaze in hues of gold and red as heaven turns cerise.

And as I’m walking with my love, a chill wind starts to blow.
we hasten to the entrance of a cozy bungalow. . . 

Our dinner’s fixed; a fire’s lit inside our hideaway.
Beside a fireplace we sit at this, the close of day.
As wood smoke rises to the sky, he warms me with a kiss,
which lends the sweetest quality to my October bliss.

For Brian Strand's
OCTOBER YOUR CHOICE any theme/any form max 16 lines Poetry Contest

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Eternal Hope

Eternal Hope You speak with your eyes and I hear with my heart. They tell of a love that never can start. But, somewhere deep, inside of me, This feeling will live through eternity. So, if Walter Mitty, I must be Then, that will have to satisfy me. Note: In Walter Mitty's daydreams he imagines himself to be heroic. That seems to be the common denominator throughout the tale by James Thurber. Written by John Posey 11/03/13

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Under Saltire Skies

I recall the very day, in every male teenagers wish It's to lie with one's first love and entering loves bliss Well for me it was so beautiful, below Saltire blue skies We lay in a field of Barley, looking into each others eyes To the heavens we looked for guidance, but it was there all the time It's the feeling of sensual adventure, two hearts in wanting find Counting her buttons I remember, whilst my heart beats so fast Seeing her heavenly beauties, left this Highlander in gasp It's when she teased me in it's removal, her breasts now fancy free Gravity in young never spoke, it simply mesmerised me My hands in hers now taken, her denim shorts now slide Down bronzed Summer skin, simply captures my eyes Her body excited, so pert, there's a hunger in wanting desire The craving to join as one, under Saltire skies in perspire Hands become clenched tight, with a promise of released in flow How wonderful it is, to be united where nature grows I recall this very day, in every male teenagers heart The excitement that delivers us, where many a lifetime starts

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I want a love for all time
a life-long melody    an endless rhyme
I want a love the angels bless
short on sorrow   long on happiness
I want a love that will place eternity in my hands
One that will reshape itself in life’s shifting sands
I want a love that will cross over    over to the other side
when it is time to lay my head down and close my eyes

Can you give me all of yourself    Nothing less will do
I will dedicate my life to you    it’s all that I can do
Will you take this love I offer and give back even more
Can you bring me happiness like I never had before
If I place my trust in you will the burden of it burn
Or will you cherish the gift and trust me in return

Will you want to see my face over morning cups of coffee
when passing years have erased all traces of youthful beauty
Will your wrinkled hands itch to caress my skin
Will your body desire mine    Will you want me even then
Will the wonder of our love still make us want to weep
Will the tears catch in our throats and make it hard to speak

When it’s time for me to pass over to the other side
will you give me the strength I need to leave your side
Will your love give my soul its wings 
to fly me up to where the angels sing
Can I take your love with me to eternity
Where I’ll watch over you until you are free

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I thought I felt the warmth of your heart
gentle and charming 

You stand before me like a thought,
a dream remembered in a dream

I want you to think of me as we 
are sometimes miles apart 

Without you my world is a 
dark place in time

I want you to remember secrets 
whispered in your ear, and smile 

You are the sunshine of my day
a star that is always bright

I have loved you more with 
each passing day

What I'd give to wake up 
beside you each sunrise 

I love you completely  with 
my heart, mind, and soul 
As you remember me, smile 
with peace in your heart 

You are my favorite  dream  
that has become my reality 

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Diamonds In Your Eyes

In your eyes, a diamond's remnants
Reflects the beauty of inner contentment

For only when polished, does its beauty show
Like the bright light, of your heart's glow

©Donna Jones

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Ohhhh Rain : Shower again

A small romantic rain poem dedicated to hubby.
wrote by Mrs.Madhavi.Suyog.Pagare

"Ohhhh Rain..Shower again!!!!! "  

Showering in the rain, 
Draining the pain!
Enflueraging the essence of arenicolous sand,
Feeling blessed porting on this beautiful greenary land! Trees were roaming 
under fiercing winds,
Thanks nature for benevolently so kind!
Sip of sizzling coffee With Caramalized sugar,
Cheers hubby to accompany me my gelling agar!
Wanna capture this Driplets of aromatic water nearby lake,
So that I can make an icy snowflake!
That's amazing, "but ohhhh God,  I wish my honey is here".

Wrote by Mrs.Madhavi.Suyog.Pagare  

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Remember that embers that fade in November May burn through the daze to dismember December
¨Inspired by fc

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Loving You--a collaboration with Deb Wilson

I'll be your Bonnie if you'll be my Clyde.
Together we'll swim out against the tide.

I'm your queen and you are my king.
I can't describe the joy you bring.

My best friend ever and the love of my life.
I want nothing more than to be your wife.

You get me like nobody has before.
You're my lover and so much more.

I know I'm your soul mate and you are mine
sure as I know the clouds' design.

I'm wrapped around your finger forever.
Loving you is my life's endeavor.

You are an angel that fell from Heaven;
From one through ten-you're an eleven!

You know you are all I completely adore.
I've given you the keys to my hearts corridor!

You are the answer to my raging desire.
My midnight dancer and you have me on fire!

You know you are my idea of perfection.
It's amazing how we share this spiritual connection!

You complete me in more ways than one.
Loving you is my life's mission under the sun!

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He's Sexy and you Know it

When I read your words they hurt a lot
Some men are men some others are not

Perhaps sex appeal he doesn't lack
With his power women take him back

He's a women hater of the worst kind
He lives to play his games with womens minds

Telling you somehow you are not enough
Through his dark lies you re-live some bad stuff

Yet in the end you come to realize
This bad boy is a devil in disguise

When you reject him he falls to his knees
You see the real him he is a disease

He never deserved you just walk away
For in the end you have the final say

Inspired by Becca's poem "No longer will she agonize"

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Melodies of Life

As we live each day trying to find out about life	
Questioning the misery and all the pain and strife
"Pilgrim on your journey you may travel far
Pilgrim it's a long way to find out who you are"
Sometimes it's hard to stay on the right track
You begin to believe you'll never get back
"All God's children get weary when they roam	
Don't it make you want to go home"
"Every day seems a little longer 
Every day love's a little stronger"
Now you pray That love will last forever
While Johnny Mathis sings about the "Twelfth of Never"
Now you've found the woman of your dreams
And all of the world is right it seems
She said that She will always be mine
"She's in love with me and I feel fine."

"Pilgrim" by Enya
"Don't It Make You Want to go Home" by Joe South
"Every Day" by Buddy Holly
"The Twelfth of Never" by Johnny Mathis
"I Feel Fine" by The Beatles

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Another Hand

God touched another hand as last breath slipped away.
Cradled a loved one’s head as hearts began to pray. 

God whispered I love you while angels near him stood.
Raised his soul to heaven cause He promised He would.

God granted his soul peace from life of constant pain.
Freed body from struggles and further family strain.

God allowed him to love to know all life’s pleasure.
But God loves him more than one can ever measure.

Copyright © 2011 By Caryl S. Muzzey

Fourth Place Winner ~ "A Short Poem, Please” Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Constance LaFrance
Oct. 1, 2011

Dedicated to Dickie, who lost his battle to lung disease, Aug. 23, at the age of 53, while waiting for a transplant.

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A Wedding in Autumn's Woodland Chapel

The fall has remnants of the summer, but the day's not hot, and all of our beloved are gathered in a woodland spot. Bearing their good wishes, they have walked the pathway to this autumnal chapel where I'll make my walk to you! Around us, in our wedding colors - fall's most splendid hues - is a bright mélange of flora with a sprinkling of chartreuse. The tallest oak here is the steeple, reaching to the sky; its leafy limbs have framed an arbor made to beautify! Your eyes are dancing, and you wear a sweet, cute pumpkin grin as I approach, adorned in flowing satin, argentine. Our union, blessed like nature dressed in hues of harmony, is sealed with loving kisses under a vermilion tree.

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Golden Pond

I was raised in the sticks where you never saw a cop
It was easily a two mile walk to the school bus stop

How I got to Thrillva's house was simply by hitching
We would hurry to the pond with no intention of fishing

Both emancipated and married when we hit seventeen
What a stir we made when we opted for the city scene 

Within a few years the city life had choked us out
So we moved to Alaska in a magical walkabout

Bought a hillside cabin house and had two daughters
Cherished annual vacations in Hawaii's warm waters 

We are proud grandparents now whose lives are full
Still live in the small town what most consider dull

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We are not yet one but no longer like sky’s distant two,
I sense your tender skin’s pulse and feel the lips’ pull of you,   
And   know  from  fire’s smoldering  iris I need look no further:
Orbiting closer, jeweled worlds swirl around each other

Like planetessimals,  no longer wanderers of ashen night,
Yet charted by twined veins, twinned together by buds so tight,
Gliding in space forever warmed  in heaven’s embrace:
A fresher paradise than that created on earth’s rockface.

What existed then as a seed in your eyes  faintly  glowing -
All around now, winds of celestial fragrance  blowing;
If lovers hold candles when  time of after-dusk trembles
Then two can be one united by stars’ and sands’ marbles,

With only paradise’s soul bare as vulnerability’s  essences,
This gift of near-sacred vow awakens everlasting senses.  
So,  on and on this carousel of dance and passion sustains -
Leaning on your hair’s trellis, you deign a kiss that ordains

A rehearsal of flamed vows for a lifetime in this bower
Where  fruits’ memories bathe in love's enthralling power.
Our star visible to all as if multiplied nebulae are ascendant:
A twin-point  merging  in the expanse of lit galaxies resplendent.


Submitted by nette onclaud
Written for competition  “WHAT LOVE MEANS TO YOU”

written  jointly by   
nette  onclaud   and sydney peck (both  members of Poetry  Soup)

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Mental Rhythm 2008 Version 2

Less stress
More Sex
More Partying
More Laughing!

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In Sixty nine, I was eight years old
With no idea, how life would unfold
That pretty young girl, who caught my eye
She had a peace sign, tattooed on her thigh

My parents place was called the Coffee Cup
She was their waitress, I was just a pup
I was intrigued, by her lovely blonde hair
With that Peace sign, I kept looking there

I couldn't get her picture, out of my head
I drew a big peace sign, over my bed
My peaceful dreaming, her lovely blue eyes
Hoping she'd choose me, above other guys

I found the courage, to express my love
She was more gentle, than a soft white dove
She said "Don't worry it will be okay,
you will find your true love, some future day."

When I see a peace sign, I have to smile
I picture that girl, with her lovely style
My very first crush, she awoke my heart
A special memory, a pretty good start

Kristen Bruni's "The Peace Sign Contest"

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"Act of God"

“Act of God”

 Past all understanding somewhere deep within,
 A desperate need to realize something must begin,

Can't touch it with your finger, you must sense it with your heart
 Life’s lessons take a lifetime few chosen vessels start.

To comprehend forgiveness, to feel mercy fall like rain,
Could never live within us had we not suffered pain.

Took a lifetime to discover, so long to understand
 LOVE is the only act of GOD that we can do as man.

 So love without abandon, just give and never ask
 Be free from fear forevermore, discard the stifling mask

 That keeps you from your destiny, that robs you of your peace,
 God made you such a lovely soul, when will that self doubt cease?

 Fear tells you you must keep it, Gods shows you… give it all
 Your choice to live with open hearts one ransomed from the fall

 Truth calls for you to hold her and embrace her child named Joy,
 Hear these words, oh dear one please, my broken heart implores

 To look into the cosmic mirror, find Christ in one's own soul
 To hear these distant longings, see life’s mysteries unfold

Behold the love unseen; hear the whispers of one's heart
To gain true treasure sought of's the only time to start.


Lawrence Schrank and Caron Balman
( the 30 year poem) 

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There once was a time when you can say unbuttoning was part of the foreplay. Every single button was a step to reach to a place they call garden of peach. Unbuttoning each other was like an art in a game which still now has few expert. Now a days people do not have much time and they quickly want to reach their prime. With zippers there is a vast change in scene I think you are getting what I mean. In this game people have less time to play zippers help them in that without much delay. ===============000=============== Placement;5th, February 2013 Contest:Buttons Sponsor:Susan Burch

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Money And Fair Words

With money and fair words he won her heart
With a flashy proposal promised they would not part

At the wedding the words I do he could not say
For in his heart he knew her love he would betray

So he ran from the altar and out the church door
Why he had done this no one was sure

Only he knew as he fled to his bit on the side
The poor bride collapsed and just cried and cried 

For he ran to be happy but it will not last 
For with women’s hearts he plays loose and fast

Her mother and father were shocked to the core
As they picked up their daughter off the church floor

Drying her tears they tried to explain
That one day she would love and overcome this pain

As for the girl she’s not trusted men for a while
Maybe one day a man will make her trust and smile

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For Marian

If I could I would return to a time of knights and kings
Of castles, dungeons, wizards and mystical magical things
I'd see Little John, Will Scarlett, the merry men and Friar Tuck
I'd stay away from the sheriff, I'd rather not push my luck

Robin was a hunted man, but he beckoned at her calls
For Marian he'd risk everything and climb the castle walls
His loyalty to King Richard made his men and he outlaws
They hid in Sherwood Forest, fighting for the cause

The king was in the Third Crusade unaware of the unrest
To become ruler of all England was the sheriff's quest
Through all this two lovers would light the evening sky
For Marian he lived and for Marian he'd die

A romance for the ages, A love that would never die
A love for all eternity to make the angels sigh
For King Richard his loyalty, for Marian his heart
To save the crown and England, Robin played his part

Richard returned to England to claim his royal crown
Robin triumphed in Nottingham bringing the sheriff down
There was peace and happiness all throughout the land
Robin knelt upon one knee to take his maiden's hand.

Robin Hood and Maid Marian.

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Rhyming In A Cup Of Soup

A poets paradise to share words and dreams...
Where friendships blossomed as smiles beamed...

A place to come in from the rain and always feel the sun...
Where love affairs of lines connect bound by none...

From one side of the world to the other we all touch...
A site built with passion for a poet who has grown so much...

I thank you Team Poetry Soup for a place for me to play...
Where I can write of love and life with my own rhyming way...

"What I love most about Poetry Soup"
sponsored by Carol Brown
1/10/2012 written by Michael J Falotico

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Delilah is a temptress with the magic of allure, but special potions or devices aren’t required by her. Women notice (enviously) her flawless skin so fair and the unusual style of her lustrous long sleek hair. She walks into a restaurant, a club, or any place. . . . Silence falls as everybody’s gaze rests on her face. The eyes of men are quickly drawn to a rosebud mouth before they ever let their lustful eyes start traveling south. That perfect mouth is painted pink. She lays one fingertip seductively upon her pouty luscious bottom lip. She wears a look “come hither” with the freshness of a girl, and violets adorn her silky chestnut locks that swirl. But merely entering the room is all she needs to do for everyone to notice her most beautiful tattoo. A rosy blossom at her eye the people see begin to bloom out toward her cheekbone, and then narrow toward her chin. A mark of beauty like no other they have ever seen: this flowery tattoo must be the symbol of a queen! Delilah only looks upon a man; his heart will burn, and then he will do anything, this woman’s love to earn. But the poor unfortunate with whom Delilah leaves will taste forbidden fruit, and afterwards, he grieves. That’s because Delilah cannot be with just one man. This was the condition of another’s vengeful plan. Because she spurned a powerful ancient god above, he ruled that she would come to earth to never taste true love. To keep her beauty, she must feel a mortal man’s desire, but having one man more than once extinguishes the fire. Should she stay with just one man, the tattoo near her eye will fade away and like that flower, withering, she’ll die. So the temptress - never staying in one place - moves on. A night of passion, then her victim wakes to find her gone. Having spent one night with her, his joy stays in the past, and she, that lovely goddess, is denied a love that lasts.
Written by Andrea Dietrich Inspired by the contest: "Tell Her Story" Sponsored by ~ Constance La France ~ A Rambling Poet ~

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Beautiful Day

I once fell prey to circumstance
Took away all of my romance

I bounced around from girl to girl
Learned every oyster has a pearl

Sometimes within the things I feel
My broken heart had lost its will

Lost in the game I had to play
I rode the “Top,” and spun away

Freedom was no more than a whim
My life was looking rather grim

Many lovers but had no love
I had no one to hold above

Many years since I had been free
My monkey had its hooks in me

Then came the day I met my wife
She brought romance into my life

She helped me up then helped me see
The beauty of the soul in me

We have faced so many trials
Together walked many miles

We faced our demons, faced our ghost
Scraped all the burnt up off our toast

Whatever trials we must face
It’s each other that we embrace

For within our love we have found
Nothing in life can break us down

There is no storm that we can’t weather
As long as we are together

Lord this poem to you I pray
Thanking you for another day

Another day that’s full of love
It is my wife I hold above

Trials come and then trials go
Together we reap what we sow

We turn trials into blessings
As we face what needs addressing

We live a very simple life
Together as husband and wife

Within our love it’s clear to see
Everything is as it should be

I just have one thing left to say
Is this not a beautiful day

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Echoes Of The Heart

Echoes Of The Heart

Those warm feelings that flow in my soul,
Reverberate throughout my body as a whole.

A small knot swells up inside my throat,
As I swallow hard that I don't choke.

I feel tremors from my head to my toes,
Feeling them bounce all around like echoes.

The excitement swells up from deep down inside.
When I hear your voice I get so tongue tied.

I often think of many different things,
What holds us together is not just strings.

In this world there's tons of things built,
You have patched me together like an old quilt.

When you are away I feel distant and alone,
When I see you, my heart rings like a phone.

This joy that I can only feel from you,
Holds my soul together like the strongest glue.

I miss you so much when we're so far apart.
Shudders run through me with Echoes of The Heart.

-For Gail's Echoes Of The Heart Contest

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a promise of a rose

everybody knows a dead beat dad
someone full of promises things yet to be had
everybody has a loser for a lover
what you see in them we have yet to discover
everybodys been put up and suddenly let down
and still you hold on to that imaginary clown
everybody feels what you felt and left
and you defend that dead beat unto the last breath
always believing the promise of the rose
is not just believing but knowing one knows
to some the promise of the rose is better than the rose

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My Perfect 10

If I picked my Valentine
she'd be a perfect 10.
She'd have blonde hair with highlites
and answer where and when.

She'd be a little shorter,
yet tall enough to kiss.
Her reach a little longer
to torture us in bliss.

Her shape would be the bomb.
As sexy as they come.
With hair up for the moment
I'd meet her at the prom.

She'd talk a little faster
with words I'd say are smart.
Yet keep me to attention
in hugs up to my heart.

A smile just like a lion.
Her face a source of pride.
One to show my mother.
And then to make my bride.

My Valentine was perfect
as I lost her way back then.
How was I to know that she
would find her perfect 10.

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The Lamp In The Shrine , She Kept Aflame

The Lamp In The Shrine , She Kept Aflame

(To give life and love, is the substance of a woman )

Every dawn, sprite in self, since her childhood 
a midst white frost, run to a shrine she would.
Among the Himalayan folds it stood, 
fed with virgin snow and made of  thin wood.

Aflame ,a lamp she kept, under a hood
in that shrine so sacred , where all found food
for body and mind, old and young, lewd and rude,
 weak and  strong ,life and love, holy and good.

Never once since her day did the lamp brood,
 fed it with substance of her own and brewed
She knew she should, as did other folks too, 
lamp of love if gone , life, would be gone too.

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Under the Christmas Tree

Under the festive Christmas tree
Down there we lie, just you and me

The lights have dimmed, but candles blaze
In tranquil night, my arm you graze

I lie still in this quiet night
Passion shines there, in your eyes bright

Your lips, they warm me with a smile
You let it nestle for a while

The colored lights on our tree blink
How do they know, I'm on the brink?

And then you love me, sweet delight
All else just blurs away from sight

No one to witness this exchange
As your hands play emotion's range

The fire gives that added glow
I am adored, and this I know

This Christmas, love has been reborn
As new vows by our lips are sworn

You touch my hair and plant a kiss
Under the tree, I taste sheer bliss

Eileen Manassian

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We Shared The Moon

We shared the moon.

A distant sky and worlds apart, 
Leaves me stranded with my heart,
Oceans weep and lap the shore, 
Emotions spill like a bleeding pore.
Memories swell, bob and flow,
Of happy times so long ago.
But now we’re lost to lives anew, 
The sea and sky looks much too blue.
I picture you still young in my mind,
I hope the years have been so kind.
The time slips by and all too soon,
I remember when we shared the moon.
A time long lost in youths embrace,
A tender kiss on your angelic face.
Moonlight shines and sparkles the sea,
I wonder do you ever think of me. 

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Together we Became One

Waiting, waiting, anticipating Wanting, wanting, loving relations Days, weeks and months the day has arrived To the airport we'll meet desiring our strive To me she walks, closer she becomes My heart now beating like a thousand drums A gentle kiss is shared whilst starry eyes meet For our waiting is over amidst emotional greet To the hotel we travel with small talk and kisses Knowing of what's ahead our desiring of wishes Music now plays into our evening we head As we await our moment loving minds will be read Slow dances, touches, our hands in command My mind now images her body so tanned Champagne now flows, down curves of she As I lap in lust this excitable he Entangled, entwined, we make loving fun For today's our day, together we became one <*>

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When Fate Decides

When fate decides to bring you love,
the brightest stars align above.

To fill each heart with eternal light,
to guide both through dark tunnels of night.

As sunbeams showering in gold,
create a glow of hope foretold.

Yes, love's written in brilliant skies
of sun and moon, never to die;

Of constellations bold and bright,
of cherished days beyond our sight.

When fate unites two hearts who dare
to vow true love, honor and bare

their souls creating a new life,
a family's born of husband, wife.

A promise to love for all time,
long after each are past their prime.

As shooting stars blaze overhead,
fate's kiss unites two hearts now wed.

When fate decides to bring you love,
each dazzling star shines from above.

A bond of love shines for all to see
starting the moment you marry me.

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A Is For Angel, Z Is For Zeal

A is for Angels who guard us night and day.
B is for Blessings that God sends our way.

C is for Church, a body of believers.
D is for Devil, that hateful deceiver.

E is for Eternal Life Christ purchased with His blood.
F is for Faith in God to keep us from giving up.

G is for Grace, God's undeserved favor.
H is for Heaven, our future home forever.

I is for Incarnation, God became a man.
J is for Jesus, the Son of God, the Great I Am.

K is for Kingdom, God's kingdom will never end.
L is for Love, on God's love we can depend.

M is for Miracles, wondrous things only God can do.
N is for New Birth - if you'll believe in Jesus, you'll be born anew.

O is for Obedience, God's Word we must obey.
P is for Promises, God keeps the ones He's made.

Q is for Quick,our Lord is quick to forgive our sin.
R is for Resurrection, Jesus died but rose again.

S is for Scripture, God's love letter to you and me.
T is for the Truth we'll find if the Scriptures we will read.

U is for Unity, in Christ we are united as one.
V is for Victory, through Jesus our battles are won.

W is for Worship, our God is worthy of honor and praise.
X is for X-alt the Lord with voices and hands raised.

Y is for Yahweh, the Hebrew name for God, so holy.
Z is for Zeal, a fervent devotion to God wholly.

This is just a taste of the treasure you will find,
If you will read and study God's holy Word divine.


For Cyndi's Z is for Zariah ABC Couplet contest.

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I Woke up in a Dream

I woke up in a dream on a coast I've never seen But somehow in a way, I knew I'd be here one day I'm detecting a touch of Spanish, language it is not All I see is leaving Galleon's, raped, now forgot I'm seeing centuries before me, colonial now so free The Japanese like them before, ravaging in spree On a beach I walk to the light, attracting I to enter I'm there, as I walk through, my viewing now centred Into this lush land I walk, not knowing where I'll be There's something that desires, I'll know when I see Walking, walking, walking, it's all I appear to do Clearer my mind becomes, I know I'm walking to you Further my weakened feet, stride through their weak I know at the end of my journey, I'll meet whom I seek A village, a town nears, as I look back to whence I came Awakening in this dream, praying this person feels the same .

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Across All Winds

Beneath tapestries of sky and clouds of ivory
In a waltz we dance on bridges and on alleys

Across mosques' minarets, we hear the prayers
Then descend to hear the mirth of avid card players

Upon extending roads, we both speed along
Shining with the city lights, singing its songs

With the freedom of vagabonds, with dusk and day
On the vast waterfront, we accelerate, we sway

Whether it was inner solace, or a touch of rage
On your seat I always, share and assuage

We face fierce gusts, we feel the distant sky
Across all winds, my bike and I...

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The sun sinks low within the sky as does his heart
For from his own true love he knows that he must part

Walks-With-Sorrow plays a song of lasting grace
To shield him from the tears cascading down his face

The silence of these woods brings him a sense of calm
And with his song he finds himself a healing balm

Way off in the distance there's a bride-to-be
With watchful eye just waiting for her man to see

The beauty and the ecstasy their union brings
Unaware of his decision she still sings

Songs of wonderment and glory she will carry
For today she gives herself to him to marry

But Walks-With-Sorrow knows that they can never wed
They will not be together in their marriage bed

Warring families forced them to keep their love hid
Passion for each other tribe elders forbid

So now he calls upon the skies to the Great Spirit
In the distance his bride cries but he can't hear it

Walks-With-Sorrow is a man so filled with pain
He'll never leave these woods or ever love again

By Deb Wilson
for contest"Tell HIS Story"
sponsored by Constance La France~A Rambling Poet~~

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Who am I?
Am I defined by what is near in sight?
Am I defined by what I have done,
Or am I defined by what I could become?

Perhaps I'm of no use.
To him, or her, or I, nor you.
Or perhaps I'm too misunderstood to be defined,
And it is something like understanding that comes in time.

And if to the world I'm never shown,
Yet in my own light I've grown and grown,
And so I can know no happiness but my own--
The reason for my smile, to you, will forever be unknown.

I do not pray for the world to know my name.
For it and verse; the letters are the same.
And if a man should find his sorrow in what he reads,
I pray his pain my words to keep. 

Should his eyes rain on my page,
Better tears than storms of rage.
And if a man should find his sorrow in what he reads.
I pray his pain my words to keep.

And if to the world you're never shown,
Yet in your own light you've grown and grown,
And so you know no happiness but your own.
Let the reason for your smile, to you, only be known.

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A true friend to me

A true friend isn't a daydreamer and won't daydream for you.
He isn't a bad wisher and will wish luck for you.

A true friend is a painkiller, he exist to heal your wound.
He is a consultant, there to help you grab and stand your ground.

A true friend is rare to find in a vacuum.
He is always at a wait by your door room.

True frendship’s beauty never fades.
Day by day, its beauty tree grows shades.

A friend who is always there whenever we need
Him most, is a true friend you and I need.


For: Becca Lucas's "What a Friend Really Is" Contest 

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Good Morning

I open my window not a worry or care
I refresh my mind with the crisp morn air
Run down the stairs to grab a quick bite
On this special day full of love and light
My love and I are about to be wed
In a few hours time to the Church we'll head
Good morning I beam, my bridesmaid appears
With a glass of champagne bubbling with tears
She takes out my veil and dress of brocade
My silver necklet and ear rings hand made
A ring at the doorbell, I rush out to peer
Good morning, good morning, my driver is here
Bouquets of flowers full of lavender scent
Button holes, presents and so much well meant
No cloud in the sky and the birds full of song
Good morning, good morning I'm singing along
A little church gleams in the snug of the hill
My groom waits inside to say"yes I will"
My whole world is filled with hope and with dreams
I walk up the isle, then he gazes and beams.

For Francine Robert's competition Good Morning

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No valentine on Valentine's.
I haven't met one yet.
Each year I wait another
for a person I've not met.
There's nothing I've done wrong:
yet waiting is in vain.
And all that's left is hope
that love's a ball and chain.

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Oh why oh why did I propose … In twenty-six years not even a rose! It was me who knelt down by the side of the bed Suggested to you it was time we got wed Both of us were footloose and fancy free On Valentine’s Day I asked YOU if you’d marry me You cracked a smile and I must confess I was thrilled when you answered me ‘yes’ Twenty-six years we’ve been together Our marriage vows will last forever We’ve never ever celebrated Valentines Day But there are three little words I want to say I’ll let the whole world know that I LOVE YOU These words are true and I know you love me too By the way ...this poem is true! 01~22~15 Contest: Magic Kisses and Valentines Wishes Sponsor Mystic Rose

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As we move through our daily life
Sometimes with heartache pain and strife
Along comes an angel with eyes of blue
Then you're convinced she was meant for you

As we wade through uncertainty, wonder, and fear
Thanking the Lord for someone so dear
That there can be such goodness beauty and love
Convincing me this is a gift from above

As God lifts me and heals me from my loss
There are unfound mysteries and bridges to cross
One of my crossings has led me to you
And to be by your side is all I want to do

We have both seen our share of sorrow and hurt
Then you find yourself in a place where they do nothing
but flirt
That's all gone now and I have firmly decided
By the Lords good hand I have surely been Blindsided

Copyright 2010

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Across the hills that sometimes taste the night
Your outline flits  beneath clouds that ignite,
Our glances touch , a never ending shade
Where milestones linger on joys that cascade.
Till refrains of fate moans a Wedding song
And pledging “I do “is one  vow adorned. 

Past river bend , waters spill dreams away
My  thoughts arise  in need of much to say
When evening tides brush this ache quite lonely;
Stars whisper, " Dream of us; there lies the key."
The knob is turned, I feel your breath once more
As essence of love wraps me like before.

To hold the moonlight in your eyes and gaze
Unto time now buried in past embrace;
I sigh and let heaven pamper my heart 
While candles flush as they did from the start.
To grasp all seasons making life complete
You hover around, musky air I greet.

Essence Of Your Love Contest: Gail Doyle
by nette onclaud: 1/29/2014

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Jesse Cold

Childish playful, maziness heart. . . . A loving touch of lovely art; Won't you see the sweetly trimm'd Everlasting heart been dimm'd? Lovely heart been tucked away Cutting edges, day by day Cov'ring the soul, so brightly lit. . . . With veiling that's so tightly fit But light pours out the lurid sea, Inside your heart shushed silently Hold on to fading gasps of love And all the sweet your heart dreams of

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I'm Amazed

Sweetie I'm amazed as words roll off your lips
Like the sweetest of honey I long for a sip

Sweetie I'm amazed by the way that you walk
That lovely movement as I watch your hips rock

Sweetie I'm amazed by the way that you think
Nothing compares to this satisfying drink

Sweetie I'm amazed that you love me so much
I'm electrified by your passionate touch

Sweetie I'm amazed that you're part of my life
All my dreams came true when you became my wife

Sweetie I'm amazed by the ways you have grown
Together we harvest the love we have sewn

Sweetie I'm amazed I'm such a lucky guy
You're  my valentine the apple of my eye

Written February 14th, 2013

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In high definition

In high definition... There is an old oak tree in our backyard. This old oak limbs weep like a willow. It branches out to the stars. The moon effervescent shines above. During the winter, the moss hangs low. I see the wind blow through its leaves in autumn. There is an old oak in our backyard Where a widow sits beneath weeping over love lost. The dawn has broken. The dew is high. This old oak is well defined. She has limbs that reach high in the sky. The sun photosynthesis makes each leaf shine. Her depth is sublime. This old oak is part of home. Many visitors she knows as a widower rests before he moves on. This old oak tree stands tall As a City's landmark. |__________________________________________________| Penned on November 22, 2014!

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Michael,let's sing 'Imagine'

Welcome Michael,I am so glad that you have come to meet me,
so many things I want to share with you over this cup of coffee.

I know your poetic heart Michael,and that you're a dreamer like Lennon,
I too love his'Yoko Ono' and 'Imagine' is one of my favourite song.

So,you do landscaping?That is a wonderful job indeed,
I also love sketching,painting and can play guitar a little bit.

By the way,how are you going to celebrate your birthday on April 17th?
This year you must invite me and I will be there with a surprise gift.

Oh,you have finished your coffee!Don't want another cup?
OK,let us start singing'Imagine',I am tuning guitar in B-Major Sharp!

© kashinath karmakar

Placement:5th;(April 2011)

By:kashinath karmakar (6th April 2011)

Contest:First Words Over Coffee

Sponsor:Michael J.Falotico

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Late-Flowering Love

Under molten autumn's tumbling umber we walk,
fingers clinging, hours disappearing as we talk.

Love gifts drift from kaleidoscope canopy trees -
gentle showers of confetti-colourful leaves.

Heart-scarlet berries glow hotly in hedgerows,
passion-flame petals burn on a late-blooming rose.

Susurrous russet whisperings as leaves cascade;
secrets shared in soft, sequestered shade.

Reaping this harvest of hopes and dreams
in the late golden gleam of sunbeams.

Melding as day gives way to mauve-mellow twilight;
communing with the misted murmurings of night.

by Charlotte Puddifoot
for Michael Falotico's 'Falling In Love In The Fall' contest

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Why do I Love You, You Hate Everything You've Become

There’s are ghosts in your head that just won’t die
While there’s a liar in your eyes on whom I can’t rely
And there’s a method to your madness, but no one knows
That something’s not right until its ugly face shows
Because the ghosts just keep screaming, too loud for you to hear
That when you thought I was gone, I’d always stayed right here
And though the liar tried to trick me, saying words you’d naught believe
So that I took on all your monsters when all I needed was a reprieve
But soon you tasted my blood to find that you liked the taste
Longing, wanting more, so you laid me waste
Though I begged and I pleaded for you my dear
You only heard and saw ghosts never really there.
And when you saw your blood, it proved the last straw
That horrible scream that unhinged your jaw,
I knew never again could I come to call you mine
As foolish a faith as that of a Divine.
For you, there was only the ghosts inside your head
Haunting your eyes and the liar with all his words yet said.

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You are very sweet
You are my treat

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My hand holds your hand

My hand holds your hand and that`s enough.
In the green`s intervals, the weather is rough;
The blue wind freed its own ghost’s chain
Following the rhythm of the crystalline rain;
With the leaf`s thrill and embrace`s embers
Patient ruby hidden in alabaster chambers, 
Far from the desert of mirrors, standing aloof
As vulnerable as the surge`s serenity`s proof;
Simple surmise falling down with the mist,
Suspension bridge above the yellow East;
Looking from the season `s round roof,
Solitude seems hit by a rueful cold hoof.
Like the violet dawns date with the pale moon,
Chapel`s morning joined the emerald afternoon;
Air angels with white wings are our mates;
Trees beg for heaven to let open the gates; 
We listen to inner chansons sung by Edith Piaf
My hand holds your hand and that`s enough.

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Turtle Soup?

Some call it an aphrodisiac.
They say it gives a man a strong back.

Like a good woman, turtle soup makes no sense;
 Can something so delicate be so intense?

Like a woman, the flesh has several delightful flavors.
Remember, each mouthwatering sensation should be savored.

When you taste her, bask freely in the sapidity,
Acquire the feel for this pure tortoise delicacy.

Don’t rush, familiarize your taste buds.
There is no such thing as a first sight love.

Recognize, there is a mystique behind that hard shell.
Did someone say turtle soup? That does not ring a bell.

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You In Mine

Your reflection is on the side of my heart...
I only see it when I'm alone and in the dark...

At times I can't breathe and I stretch for some air...
Gasping and swallowing fear and endless despair...

Through a past of drowning outside of discolored reality...
To falling into the cracks of hope and sense ability....

That reflection still stands the test of time...
For there is always a piece of you in mine...

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You Are Not Here

You are not here when I try to fall asleep at night
Alone in the bed where we held each other tight
You are not here when I wake up to a new day
Missing your laugh, your smile your special way
You are not here when I walk through our house
Where silence greets me quiet as a mouse
You are not here when I need someone to hold
To comfort my heart as moments grow cold
You are not here to share your kind gentle love
When I need it most I will gaze up above

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thoughtful paws

Place your hand upon my coat,
Watch me shiver so,
Pure ecstasy with you I feel,
Through my eyes I touch your soul.

For ill be there at your waking,
My tail, wagging to and fro.
In the evening bring you comfort,
When the days, stress has took its toll.

Can there be a friend so loyal,
Who will be there when you call?
In this ever changing world,
Some things never change at all.

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Let the memories kiss me gently
Be there dreams, be there plenty

Let our pores touch and caress
To each others eyes, love confess

Let hearts beat in perfect time
Bodies blend in sweetest rhyme

Let passion,desire rule our night
The joining born of all that's right

Be heart to heart, soul to soul
End the wanting make me whole

Be the ecstasy within that kiss
The fragrance of a night of bliss

Sate me so in this night of aching
Grant love afore the dreams awakening 

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My Stupid Boy Friend

2nyt u go w/ me ndr d blu munlyt
pls do 8 swithrt  f u luv me tyt

I’l w8 4 u @ ur bak g8
go awt ryt away wen evry1 s n bed

dz wer d las tx msgs  of my s2pd bf
ho 1nts 2 elop w/o myndng d concquens


Tonight you go with me under the blue moonlight
Please do it sweetheart  if you love me tight

I’ll wait for you at your back gate
Go out right away when everyone is in bed

These were the last text messages of my stupid boy friend
Who wants to elope without minding the consequence

Sept. 7, 2012

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A Stairway In The Sky

I climbed a stairway high into the sky, 
blowing a kiss, I had no tears to cry.
In a moment, all I knew was left behind;
on this quest, I felt blessed for joy I would find.
With a gentle nudge, my two feet stepped on air,
enveloped in truth yet not fully aware.
Pure love pulled me higher as I reached for the light.
The energy and peace were His gifts of insight.
Communing with Him, I was one with all creation, 
the unexplainable feeling, freedom and elation.
The warm winds fell silent, the clouds parted for me,
the sun shined on my face, I breathed eternity.
When I finally turned, I envisioned my life,
the glory of each dawn, the love, heartache and strife.
My time was not finished, I had more to do,
to run in the wind and swim in seas of blue,
to stumble and fall, then rise up again,
to be a mother, a mentor and friend.
He wanted me to love and worship Him more,
to forgive, live in grace, find peace and explore.
Following His lead, I promised to reach for the light, 
to live fully each day and to never lose sight
of this moment with Him, the loving smile on His face,
the beauty, connection, and joy of Heaven's embrace.

Inspired by Gail Doyle's blog, September 11, 2012

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Dysfunctional Holiday(adult content)

It's my turn to burn the turkey this year.
We'll all drink too much and end up in tears.
Relatives we love and those we hate
Will all show up, there'll be a debate.
Cranberry sauce or Cranberry jelly?
Would serve them all right if I didn't serve any.
At least one item I love will be broken.
At least one thing said should not have been spoken.
We'll start with compliments, lies of course,
Sing off key, laugh till we're hoarse.
Try to keep the arguing down to a dull roar.
Watch out for Uncle Harold, the man is a boor.
The children are the best behaved of the lot.
Uncle Harold's now loaded, the man is a sot.
Would everyone please just sit down and eat
And why does everyone want the white meat?
Two more glasses of wine and I will get through it.
Next year it's Mexico. Family? ..Well screw it.

Purely fictional, meant in humor , please take it as it is, a joke

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Slow Motion Love

I want to love you in slow motion
So the world feels our emotion

A love the whole world can see
Frozen in time, just you and me

With a kiss that lasts for days
Witnessed a thousand different ways

Where every second is used
And time itself is confused

'Til eternity gets a new name
Our slow motion love, the blame

I want to love you in slow motion
A frame by frame devotion

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The Blend that Produces Love

When we look toward sea, the mountains and the stars 
We send kisses to our Creator from afar
Essence of Godliness is love from the very start
Growth's purity in all life forms from common heart
We admire nature and have feelings for friends too
 There are many types of love, a source that renews
Stars twinkle in heaven and in lovers eyes as well
Infatuation seems much like a magical spell
A young mother’s face the radiant complexion
 Her new babe under breast, thus still in incubation
A special bond exists between owners and pets 
Unconditional love received of both, no regrets
Love is power to all life forms in their actions
Humans have moral choice in their chosen factions
True love in marriage two special devoted spouses 
Virtuousness of women makes homes of houses
A man that respects womanhood makes a mother proud
Not drunken wife beater on the town getting loud
When you mix faith, trust loyalty and devotion
Then you have perfected the loving emotion
*Entry for the collaboration contest on what love means

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Diamonds In Your Eyes

I say your heart is golden, so precious Every part of your skin is quite luscious I have to say the best part’s evident Is found through your eyes, a diamond’s remnants Your brilliant qualities is shown throughout Each part of the day makes me want to shout Your eyes sparkle and dazzle all of me Makes a desire, I want you completely Feelings of love have never been so high Affection in all pores, so much I cry In real awe I treasure your tender eyes In disbelief, diamonds snatched from the skies Surely your eyes amaze me, this I trust Their brilliance succumbs me, fills me with lust Russell Sivey Form Couplet (Sonnet) Contest: A Diamond's Remnants Sponsor: Gail Angel Doyle 1/8/2014

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In Cinderella Fashion:

Imperative to see what fits familiar feet
with slippered glass and sand blown memories
of times which swift occurred then swept away
the remnants of a luscious perfect day
to wishes in the wells of self-defeat
and tragedy too painful to complete
the harmony eclipsing shadowed moons
to cool the concrete footsteps sunken hewn

It's with this feeling that I trace your steps
and hope to feel emotions that are left
like elements unmoving, set in stone
I feel them beat my heart when I'm alone
and in this solitude I see your face
as real and as alive as my disgrace
from blowing passed integral memories
imperatively set beneath your feet.

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Micaela II

You're Still The Most Beautiful song,

That I've Ever Written

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Never say Never

For years and years having viewed their faces Their smiles, their joys, in so many places Oh how I wondered if I would mirror those joys To forget my past, and it's lonesome destroy We are told never say never in this world we live Sometimes around life's corner, shall end ones sieve How right these words would be, such wisdom prevails Never say never, let life's winds grace ones sails <*> Then came the day as I so wondered why That a Spanish maiden liked, I clicked to espy Images of Marillion, the singer Fish being his name As I viewed musical others, we liked just the same In a polite message I wrote, simply to ask why Will she answer me I asked, I'll just have to try A reply I received, declaring reciprocating sounds For our music was mirrored, now something abounds <*> Then came the moment that simply captured my heart Her first word was hello, could a dead life restart Our visions appeared followed by questions of ask Two strangers in meet musical tastes being our tasks Days weeks into months followed amidst track after track So much was told and shared, her knowledge never lacked Now when I look back to our music moments shared and seen Fish and others we thank you, for it's the music of Queen <*>

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Prelude to the Night

Prelude to the Night

DULCET words were WHISPERED  in an ELOQUENT fashion
With all the SPLENDOR that was due such action.

The LAVENDER was LILTING to and fro-

Wilting with rhythm of word and wain
the Lady would TRANQUIL and BLISSFUL remain.

Their romance hidden from our sight.
Something they would share that night.

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Collaborating in the Clouds

Collaborating in the Clouds

Dear Lord, so often I hear Your most loving voice
Are You calling me home or giving me a choice?

     The neuropathy is a challenge for I gave you
     But on your path to heaven, I will see you through

Please don’t judge me by the many tears I have shed
I am weak; You are strong.  By Your strength I am led

     Gentle lady, rest assured I’ll not judge in haste
     Only on the love you gave will your fate be based

How can I know I’ve given enough to others
Love for humanity, all sisters and brothers?

     Your kind acts have far exceeded your mistakes
     The love web you spun, I’ll be sure it never breaks

Will my parents and husband be waiting for me
When I come to the end of this lifelong journey?

     They are here with Me now, and John sends you a kiss
     They wait for you to join in their eternal bliss

*Entry for PD’s “Collaborating in the Clouds” contest
By Carolyn Devonshire, June 28, 2012 

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My Love

Separation makes your heart grow fonder, whether it's hours apart or a need to wander.
contest entry for SUCCINCT

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Birthday Wish Abroad

I have a birthday wish for you today,
Although words are not always easy to say.

In some ways, it does not seem right,
That you are not here and have taken flight.

My heart aches, but I really do understand,
After all, I still have your hand.

I know you have dreams you wish to come true.
This is my wish, my dream for you.

May your happiness be complete,
So in this life your will not feel defeat.

From my heart with this poem,
I cannot wait until you come home.

Edward Ebbs - Desert Storm 2005

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A Soul Awakened

There's moonlight swirling into the night;
keeping the distant horizon in sight.

Under the guidance of glittering dreams
life can prove happier than it seems.

As one awakens their soul at dawn
they realize their sorrows are gone.

They've packed up their troubles into the past
and come to find their bliss at last.

Life can be poetry in motion
when love is built on pure devotion.

The winds of time die down at last
though it seems they roll on by too fast.

Yet if  you've awakened your soul to love
the heavens beckon you from above.

The skies embrace you and rejoice;
how you carry on now's your choice.

written April 13 th, 2013

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Masterpiece Mementos

    "Masterpiece Mementos"









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Finely chopped Basil atop red tomato bisque 
A soup as fine as a sweet kiss from tender warm lips that risk 

Licorice scent adorns lean beef and carrot stew
Like sweet surrender to a love that recently renewed

Green glowing chopped chives dancing in butter alive
Alluring adorable lover dance 'pon motion thrive

Tasty heavenly honey mixed with Cajun spice
A little sweet with spicey desire sexy sugar nice

Like food love tempts all senses and brings to them life
Romance steps softly to lead the way to taste spice twice 

Sponsor: Sheri Fresonke Harper
Contest: Alliteration, Assonance, Consonance Couplet Alphabet
Written: December 12, 2013

Couplets in Poulter's Measure
12 syllables first line/14 syllables second line

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Lost In The Dark - Michael J,Falotico

* LOST IN THE DARK *                           ( Collaboration )

by~ Poet Destroyer

I'm crossing every memory in the dark.
I can feel your vibes missing their spark.

I reach out to touch your silent way.
You push me away with out a word to say.

Neglected by your arms, you will not have me no more?
My lids dim as you walk out the door. 

Without you I'm lost and this dark will forever exceed.
Can you for give me for this ugliness and greed?

by~ Michael J.F.

I was pushed and shoved to the ground..
Although I fell without a touch or a sound..
I looked up to see your surprising face..
Blindsided by you I lay in disgrace..
I see the pain and forgive ness in your eyes..
How can I can't stay here with all the why's..
Your tears roll down as I walk through shadows and away..
You have left our lives dark and in disaray...

  ( Collaboration with Michael J. Falotico )

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He struck a chord of measure with admiration, thump
With caresses of tomorrow’s wishes so silent, yet so trump
Hear the weeping violins that sway and gather sighs   
Posturing the polished voices of the moon’s rise 
Melancholy calling under a whistling breeze
Rapture, the winding wind dancing through the trees
Held together tender as birds in courtship of flight 
“Oh sing now sing” how contrite
Tides of crimson kisses roar with the sea
As you beat the drums of my mellifluous harmony
Wait, discover and then receive the sounds of our reprise  
Complacent lovers glance into each other’s eyes 

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No Wings To Fly

"My pen drips of sorrow and on this paper, I write each tear

I promised not think of you that way..
But in my dreams your smile haunts my day..

From coffee to dinner I'm free to play..
But late at night I hear the words I couldn't say..

If you only knew how my life is wrapped up in two..
But maybe then you would have stayed and not flew..

The wonders of love and pain are walking hand and hand..
But I'm not content to be a lost pebble in the sand..

I scribble on a paper what is etched in stone in my heart..
But my words don't have wings to fly , so for now we stay apart..

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When I Think Of You

When I think of you dearest Catie, I feel a sister’s love,
A love that's true, unblemished, sent from God above.

You have shown how much I mean to you,
By the way you care and the things you do.

No matter how difficult the task I face,
You stand by me each challenge embrace.

You have helped me when times were difficult,
When my heart was under the enemy's assault.

Across the miles our spirits blend and flourish,
A smoothie of love and compassion to nourish.

When I think of you, I know I am truly blessed,
When it comes to friends, God sent me the very best.

You inspire me to let God direct all my ways,
to follow where he leads, each and every day.

When I'm down and life has me feeling low,
I know I've got a friend, somewhere to go.

Your friendship always strengthens and cheers me,
inspiring me to be the very best friend I can be.

Joy ~ your lovingkindness is never amiss,
in my heart I will always call you, 'Sis.'

Written By Catie Lindsey and Joy Wellington

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In A Hotel Room

In a hotel room together, locked behind the door
A king-sized bed and heater, who could ask for more.

The bath is built for two the bubbles already on the bill
Bubble bath for lovers there can be no bigger thrill.

To wash the bubbles from his skin as he steps out in all his glory
Waiting on the bed for me, now there’s another story...

Two lovers meet in hotel rooms the magic goes on and on
To be entwined with the one you love with baby oil for fun.

To make love on the king-sized bed, to make love on the chair
No body is watching just the two of you are there.

Hotel rooms were made for fun not the weary and the tired
What better hobby could one have when one is retired?.

In fact I cannot wait now until I’m old and grey
And just hope these Hotels are open when it’s my retirement day.

© 6/02/2013

Contest Entry : In a hotel room .

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Happy is a Child

True joy is to hold a newborn child Their God's gift to make you smile you'll never find more earthly worth then two souls joining who give birth Grandpa's pride and Grandma's idle for these new parents it's their child To hold, love, teach, nurture and guide They do it all with a smile and pride All of the fear, worry, happiness and joy Unequaled by any store bought toy The richest people, you'll see around Are playing with children on the ground Long life, for a child, to breath earths fresh air Hear the echo, as all repeat the same prayer
Contest entry for "Children in rhtme"

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Love Is a Joyous Promise

As the nightingale sings so do I follow.
I'm filled up with joy and no longer hollow.

When the day lights up or the dark does fall
the weight's been lifted and I'm ten feet tall !

This face I see always in my dreams
is just as beautiful as it seems.

Love like this is just why I prayed;
in the eve's half-light it's why I stayed.

Day's slipped away and night lies glistening.
In the fields of my heart I'm quietly listening.

There's a sound like peace and passion like thunder.
This love's a fine spell I've been put under.

We'll traverse this world together-then sleep.
Now devotion's a promise we both can keep.

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Once upon a very long time in the eleventh century B.C.
There was a king in, Athens, who ruled both land and sea

To all was known as king Codrus*, a mighty warrior was he 
His enemies were much afraid in his kingdom once to be
Yet, the Spartans** war declared and marched into Codrus’s land  
Wishing all Athens to burn down, nothing vertical to stand

Codrus, saw the Spartans coming and his army he prepared  
To defend the holiest ground thus his city to be spared 
First he sent to ask the oracle of God Apollo at Delphi*** 
To reveal to the king, Codrus, who the winner would be 

God at once the answer gave: “The victor of war would be
The city of which the King is slain" that’s the way to be free
Codrus, was much determined his beloved Athens, he to save
Thus his kingly clothes took off, went the enemy to brave 
To Spartans the oracle was known, to their soldiers gave orders 
No one to hurt king Codrus, else they had to leave the borders

Codrus, as a peasant soon was dressed, ax in hand was he holding 
As he approached the Spartans’ camp, his fury was fast unfolding
Spartans, him, didn’t recognize and with a sword they cut him down 
But then saw that the king was he, wrapped inside that filthy gown 

Instantly their camp the Spartans broke and left that same day
To return to Sparta their city and found themselves at bay   

The Athenians then decided, by no means, a new King  them to find 
For none would love his land As Codrus did, with all his heart and mind

This the way democracy**** was born, some thirty-one centuries ago
When Athenians, the King’s powers passed to people, by only a single law

© Demetrios Trifiatis
   12 OCTOBER 2014

*Codrus (in Greek, Kodros) was the last of the semi-mythical Kings of Athens that ruled between 1089-1068 B.C. He is considered the finest example of patriotism and self-sacrifice. This is his story!
**The most powerful states in ancient Greece was Sparta and Athens..
During the time of the Spartan invasion of Athens territory in 1068 B.C. the Spartans consulted the Delphic Oracle, who prophesied that their invasion would succeed as long as the king of Athens was not harmed.
***At Delphi was the temple of Apollo, son of Zeus! One of Apollo’s duties was
To reveal to humans his father’s Will. The Greeks of old were doing nothing 
unless they were consulting Apollo who was the prophet par excellence.  Once 
Apollo was giving his reply the Greeks obeyed it to the letter!
****Democracy is the combination of two words: Demos and Cratos . Demos means the People and Cratos means Power so Democracy means Power to the People.

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Poets Passion

Poetry soup satisfies so well,
Comments making hearts swell.

A long awaited return to grace,
A writers haven, a sacred place.

Each one telling their own story,
Hoping for prestige, honor and glory.

Poetry flows the way it wants,
Bursting from one's own taunts.

Belief in those who believe in you,
A poets passion always holds true.

Dedicated to my loving soup family...

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When life decides to bring you love--

When fate decides to bring you love........ Its a blessings shower from Heavens above Guardian Angels sprinkling pixie dust, blissfully To bestow upon you, precious gifts of destiny Your paths could cross just one fine day You know when happiness comes --knocking your way Embrace with open arms, these are worthy treasures Each gem of the chest ushers in a life-time of pleasures. You are His chosen one, receiving delightful presents of Fate He marked one heart and kept aside, your special soulmate As you tie the knot of love, from within the soul's deep The promises made to a loving heart, you really must keep Nurturing your bond as you go from strength to strength Relishing the joys of matrimony through your life's length Honoring marital vows with all the faith and fidelity Sweetness of a graceful marriage filled with joy and dignity Virtues of humility, forgiveness and lots of patience Creasing out big and small worries with smiling persistance Blessings, prayers and wishes pour in from near and far As the bride and groom unite today under their lucky star! Inspired by Janette Fisher's contest: when fate decides.. I turned out a little late as the contest already has closed, but still posting the poem anyways.

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Not Cinderella

Back in time beneath gas light glow,
I watch where waltz music flows;
will you notice me all alone
too shy to make my presence known?
Awestruck by the sweeping beauty,
ceiling scenes painted heavenly
as though angels are peering through;
are they watching with me for you?
Pretty ladies in dresses fair
with feathered fans and coiffured  hair;
color abounds in satin and lace,
echoed on each expressive face.
Handsome men bowing gallantly,
requesting hands respectfully;
enthralled am  I seeing this world,
a gray oyster in shell of pearl.
Suddenly, you are in this room!
I shrink - fading wallflower bloom;
I doubt that you even know who
I am. How could I have dreamed you
would fall in love with one like me;
I turn to go, quietly flee.

Your hand touches my trembling arm,
your gentle smile dissipates alarm;
the room, quiet at your voice,
anticipates your happy choice.
Pumpkin coach, fairy godmother?
No glass slippers made to cover
my dancing feet; no prince charming
just you and a love, disarming.

November 17,  2014
Open couplet

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Valentine Poem

Valentine Poem

To say "I Love You" is a daily pleasure
One that I and my husband truely treasure

We met when we were young and are still in love
More now than ever, my gift from above

He says I am his angel, couldn't live without me
To open my heart, he has the key

Together been married for thirty-two years
Had our ups and downs along with tears

Our love grows stronger as the years go bye
True love never gives up, reach for the skies

Daughters and granddaughters, they are our gifts
Our love shared, our hearts uplift

Our soul is full of joy as we share
This love with our family to which we care

United as one till the end of time
My family, my life, my valentines

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Cherished Time

The hands of time just like God's love are eternal and unfailing. I count raindrops and cherish my day with psalm in heart, inhaling.

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I’ve journeyed to the highest peaks to glimpse beauty vast below
To gaze upon the Arch of earth, still higher one must go
I looked suspended from this world, the vistas I could see,
Behind me were the sun and stars, below humanity
So far away, I clearly saw, at last to understand,
 the most wondrous sight is love within that tiny speck called man.
I wanted most to know all truth, I've seen glorious realms on high
But now alone among the stars, in this place my dreams must die.
I’ve found all that I sought back then when I was in my teens
My journeys taken me too far to evermore be seen.
Yes truth I hold such beauty pure, was love I desired so much
But to know this wisdom deep within I’ve come too far to touch.
I’ve known such noble; selfless souls, gained treasures none can buy
Suffered such pain and misery, I’ve felt an angel cry.
I went too far, forgot myself, I did not count the cost
I see also from these staggering heights my hope for love is lost.
Weep not for me, I’ve few regrets…I chose my life’s endeavor
And though my time is past you see…through my children I’m forever.

Lawrence Schrank

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Chocolate and Caramel

Chocolate and Caramel
Go together very well

When these flavors do combine
It’s a pleasure most divine

A blend of sweet harmony
Brings about sheer ecstasy

Every lick is pure delight
It’s a pleasure out of sight

The creaminess is pure bliss
These flavors are meant to kiss

You’re chocolate; caramel’s me
We belong, oh can’t you see?

Everything ‘bout us is sweet
One makes the other complete

So come on, let’s intertwine
Our union will be sublime!

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Where Is The Blame

                                                   Where is the blame...
                                        When teardops fell just the same...

                                           Pointing fingers in the darkness...
                                          Only spreads a sheet of sadness...

                                    I never left, only walked backwards away...
                                Then you were small like a flower of yesterday...

                                  We faded like to two sunsets across one sky...
                          We both pushed tomorrow away as hard as we can try...
                           The tide of pain washed in and pulled us far out to sea...
                   Where we tumbled and drowned in a love that wasn't meant to be...

                               I could stand now and say I'm sorry till the end of time...
                         But you deserved more then a partime lover who only rhymes...

                                                      Where is the blame...
                                                        We both can see...
                                       Yesterday and today it's always on me...

                                                 ~dedicated to an old friend~

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A Missed Poem

HEART—we all have one,
And some of us share.
While others take a pass,
On the openness snare.
Especially if it means,
They must FEEL to partake,
At the HEART of all matters,
Bottom lines’ rarely fake.

HEART—it’s for lions, 
Both cowardly and strong.
It’s the stuff driving athletes,
Amidst competitive throng.
They’re messy things,
Broken and mended each day.
As humans react with emotion,
Heartfelt vulnerability on display.

HEART—it’s the separation,
Between right and pure wrong.
A natural order that precedes,
Head thinkers…thinking along.
It is HEART anchoring passion,
Like the roots of a tree.
Nurturing love inside humans,
Needed so desperately.
HEART—it’s to have,
And often to hold.
Defining quality-of-life,
As we grow old.
So suppress your desire,
To merely THINK things straight through.
Add some FEELING with your HEART,
Show your compassion anew. 

© Michael Wegman, 2014

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What Do I say

I see you over there with a smile on your face,
that makes you glow and stand out to me in this place.

I watch you to see if you notice my look,
You make my heart ache like a fish on a hook.

It's hard to approach such beauty I know,
I bide my time to let my confidence grow.

I try to think of something unique and special to say,
but I know there's nothing that others haven't tried to play.

Looking at your hair and longing to know you more,
What could I possibly say that you wouldn't ignore?

Your smile makes me melt in my imagination of you,
One mistake could easily push you away and it's through.

How could I approach you with such a beautiful attraction,
I feel we could have such love all I need is a good reaction.

If I can't think of something to say you can't refuse,
I fear that you'll be gone forever and I would lose.

Why has it got to be so hard, it can't always be,
Give you my love, but my love you'll never see.

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Loving You is Blissful - My Darling Hubby

          Again a small poem guys dedicated to my Darling hubby.. 
                          wrote by Mrs.Madhavi Suyog Pagare

 Loving You is Blissful - My Darling Hubby 

 Twilighting glow of the sky..
 Wanna fly so high..

 Sparkling amidst the million stars..
 chosen the crazy pal and so life is excellently par.. 

 As like the blossom were kissed by soft rain..
 Your arrival in life diminished all my pains..
 God has entwined me..with my emarald diamonite gem..
 Enlightening new vistas in life as like your next aim.. 

 At an astounding pace time flew..
 But When i didn‘t see you..I feel like..Life is been dew..

 Your divine presence in life rejuvenates me..
 Every tick of my heartbeat resonating wit your‘s or whatever it will be..

 Your innumerable naughtiness made me silly..
 But yep, your beautifying nature had an fragrance in life like lilly..

 As like snow crested the nestled mountains..
 You cuddled my a sip of fountains..

 Being With you, Life is euphorically elated..
 Full of high spirit and delighted..

 Thanks for being accompanying me my theist..

 Your admirer with lots n lots of Love:
 Madhavi. Suyog.Pagare

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Starlight Kiss

Awaiting faraway soul to guide fate the star shooting fireworks
catching one's breath destiny will spread this heart's wings 

To fly free with the spirits loving pure this is how one sees a dream unfolding 
wrapped up warmly inside treasure life growing stronger pure

With an amazing vision awakening sunshine just to see love happy 
surrounded by beauty always gentle humble and meek an angel sings

Oh I have walked the beach on a cold frosty moonlit night 
stars silver jewels as the moon smiles howling over and back 

A soul searches to find that one in a thousand dream whispering waves
blushing clouds swept away carried within warm wings kissing beats

About this poem:
an unrhymed couplet

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Indigenous I Am, from the Stolen Generations

This is a journey, a trip call it what you will It follows the footsteps of my ancestors, and allows my thoughts too spill Firstly let me take you back, to tell you so little of my past Indigenous I am, from the "Stolen Generations" I did not last This is why I must make this journey, to allow me to find the real me To retrace the few steps I made, to rediscover what my young eyes seen How ironic that the person I'll ride with, is the son of the then official Whose deliberation to round up us children, the scene, locale It's now the morn of our travel, where I look I find hard to see The peripheral of the distant horizon, is all that really captures me The town where I grew up so young, barely to the age of five Perth, now bustles like a termites nest, zig zagging in busily strive Into the bush we go, to a place where us youngsters so enjoyed Moore River Native Settlement, which soon became children void As I walk my arid lands, patterned in the heat of this day I recall with every step, where us Indigenous children played We could survive on the smallest of fruit, water we could easily find Even the son of the then official, said that we are a superior kind He marvelled when I spotted tracks, traces of where animals crossed Remembering back to when I was five years old, our lands always talked We opened up as we led our horses, introduced all those centuries ago They opened up my lands, rivers we walked, now the white man flows This is a journey I had to make, it's called, it's in my will No more "Stolen Generations" no more will my culture spill

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Give me something

Give me something, hold me tight
Take my strength, now win this fight
Here's my heart, no need to fear
I see your pain, inside your tear
Don't you worry, I am only yours
To be your own, and open the doors
Of love, and life, to take that tear
And take away, that subtle fear

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Some Dreams

Some dreams have no answers some dreams make no sense
Some dreams last forever perched upon a Razor-wire fence

Some dreams make us empty, other dreams make us whole
I once rode the breath of a dream right straight into my soul

Sometimes I search for answers to questions I have never thought
I used to think every dream had a price and it could be bought

I learned that dreams, which can be bought, are not dreams at all
Just another way for some fool to bang his head against the wall

I pray all throughout the day, in the circle I burn my sage
Isn’t everyday of our lives another beautifully written page

This is the way I have come to believe, it is everything that I see
Sometimes what is, is not what was, but it is as it should be

Life is made for living and we must all choose our path
The good, bad, happy or sad, it is up to us to do the math

So what does this poem mean have I not written it so clear
Dreams, schemes and old routines can drown our soul in tears

So if we are unhappy about the lives that we have come to live
Lets rely on a dream with Jesus Christ teaching us how to give

When we are willing to give all we have, the Lord will
make sure we will always have something to give. Be
strong in who you are and what you believe because in
the end you will pay the price of your actions. Let your
Soul be where you seek your answers for Christ lives
with-in each of us. Our mistakes prove we are human
our salvation proves we are redeemed and our love is
what proves we are saved. I love all of you more than
i could ever say. I hope that Gerard Keogh Jr. reads
this poem for i wish to dedicate it to him. What a
wonderful gift his poem to many of us was.

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When the party is over

I felt like venting, releasing steam
Almost like reflecting a dream
People blend and people go
Still I don't pretend to know

You change and I hit the floor
These chains just weigh more
If we close the blinds and hide
I suppose they won't mind

Kick everyone out, it's too loud
Pull the curtains, end it now
Put on pink or just the mink
I need a drink so I can think

They say love has a sweetness 
But it's not above a wet kiss
I'll treat you right and dim the lights
It's just us tonight, forgetting fights

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A Happy Day

In mind's eye I reminisce, watching children play   
of a spring day sitting here, seeing my children play

blessed to see their smiles, when they hit, slid or fell 
A happy day begin playing ball, in this story I will tell

A kiss and hug I get, dad please take us to the fair 
Seeing the rides, ooh's, awe's echo from our pair

Eating fried dough, peanuts, "Boy! see the games over there" 
We're playing with family and friends, as they make a dare  

Can't miss any ride that twists, mixes, spins or flys in the air
There's so much to see, ride and play with, in a day at the fair 

Hearing "thanks mom and dad" that night, walking to the car 
"Stay awake" they say as we move, you know they can't get far

This day all started with thoughts of fun, smiles and laughs 
both asleep, with their dreams, today, mom and dad can laugh 

Any poem you posted during this month of* APRIL ~except ~ No! No! Bunny poems, or Easter poems..NOR other contest entries.

entered by Tom Larrow

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I'm sorry I dissappeared

Things were difficult enough, before things had changed,
My mind rushed to deal with things that just got rearranged.

It's been so long and I'm not sure what to say,
My life took a turn on me, back on that day.

My eyes were covered with pain so deep,
Nothing had prepared me for this painful trip.

Things were moving along so smooth,
then one phone call, made my earth move.

I cared about nothing, but what was in front,
expecting you to be mad, for pulling this stunt,

Ashamed of myself for not being better,
Not sure I could say how in this letter.

But I want you to know, I missed you all so much,
Hopefully, I'm back and haven't lost my touch.

I speak to you now, from deep within my heart,
I'm not the same person, simply just one part.

Part of my soul has died and will never be the same,
I must grieve and move forward now without any shame.

I am so sorry that I left you all my dear friends,
All I can say, is that I will try to make amends.

I'm not sure what to expect, from pouring my heart out like this,
You should know that you all deserve better, I give you one big kiss.

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Ghostly Lovers

I wasn't about ghost goblins or Ghouls
I thought Halloween was for kids and fools

Then one October much to my surprise
I watched from a gravesite a spirit rise

He came towards me my body just froze.
He flowed into my mouth down to my toes.

I could hear his voice from inside my head
He said this is the evening of the undead

Just Twenty-Four hours to meet his love
Heading to lovers point high up above

Many years ago, he jumped to Death
Distraught by the loss of sweet Mary Beth

I could not resist we went where he went
Towards a beauty a gift heaven sent

Long auburn hair and a pretty smile
So very close yet more than a mile

My heart started beating, sweat on my brow
His feelings of passion my mind cried out wow

Before I could touch her he went his way
They flew off together their time to play

Happy Halloween to Lovers.

By: Richard Lamoureux 

For Russell's Everything Halloween Contest
Written October 12th 2013

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I needed you to see, yet you closed your eyes,
there could have been a we, if only you had realised.
I merely wanted your care, but instead received your denial,
with your heart no longer there, I was left feeling senile.
I gave you my time, and a person to cherish,
but you drew the line, for my sentiments to perish.
I wanted an us, but you wanted a you,
so despite the fuss, there was nothing left to do.

I walked away, believing things could have been altered,
with no time to stay, I left knowing my spirit had simply faltered.

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Early morning, uloma woke me up by a shining smile
Like sun ray from a bright dandy day.

Afternoon, she called my name and left me taken away
In deep ecstasy of lovely emotions.

My Uloma is faithful than a puppy, fairer than Fiona
And freer than breeze....

MY Uloma is a morning due.... cooling the hazardous climate
Of my past heart break....  ULOMA IS MY LIFE.

    Charles melody -Lightning Ink-

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The Fable (Pt. 1)

Love is the days in your past
Love is the memories that will last

Love is each breath you take
Love is each move you make

Now I am stuck on repeat
I can't move a muscle in my feet

I don't know what to do
Because I have truly lost you

The memories repeat in my head
I can remember every word said

Love can be a loaded gun
In the end it can be no fun

Our words set in stone
But now I've never felt so alone

I just wish our past was true
I just wish I could still love you

Every moment repeats in my head
Is everything between us now dead?

I just wish we could go back to how we used to be
I just wish I could make you see

I want to lay beside you in green grass
I want you to remember our past

So come back to me when able
Or is our love just a fable?

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Beast back to Love

Her decadent world
Brings tears to her eyes,
A carnivorous place
Filled with lies,
Upside down kingdom
In a storm
Only love that is written
Can keep her blood warm,
Truth emanates from her lips
As she dives in
Restores her grip,
She cannot let the task daunt her
The shadows cannot haunt her,
Reflection must take place
To win this inevitable race,
With God on her side
She can abide,
The ghosts of her past
Are fading fast,
A heart that radiates from up above
Can restore this beast back to love.

By: Sabina Nicole
Written: June 2010

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Burning Embers

I close my eyes; I see your face
You, this haunting melody I cannot erase

The smoldering eyes, the captivating stare
Forever enthralled is my heart... so rare

Dare I to dream of what could be?
The endless days and nights to see

Passion ablaze atop loves pyre
Sizzles brightest while escaping sighs 

Waft throughout the warm and cozy chamber
Then softly settles upon slow, burning embers

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My life with you is like the ocean in waves it comes and goes 
And just below the surface love is deeper than we know

Not once have I forgotten just where we began
Or how my love still grows with each touch of your hand

As the many years have passed our love has seen its trials
But I have seen it travel the distance of many many miles

Through every raging storm of life and all that we have seen
The magic of your love has safely carried me

Here before you now I stand to tell you how I feel
With all that is within me I know this love is real

So this year for Valentine’s Day I have only this to ask
Will you be my Valentine and let this love forever last?

*Dedicated with love to my wonderful husband, David.

Copyright © 2010   Lena “Lolita” Townsend

**for Deborah's "Who Love's Ya Baby?" contest

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Baby Shalom's Shattered Dreams

Daddy, mommy, why are you laying me down on the grave?
I was dreaming before that you’ll be putting me in my cozy crib.

Are you so remorseful and that's the reason you are crying?
I’m only five months old trying to understand  your feeling.

You got married so young and you didn’t know what to do
You didn’t  take care of me in your womb but, still I love you so.

I was dreaming and wishing you to nurture me with your love
Give all the things I need until I grow and make you proud.

I am so deeply wounded,  but I forgive you with what you did
I’ll just be your little angle to guide you both and your next kid.

As we bid  goodbye then , bring with you my shattered dreams
I do plead, to my brothers or sisters make them whole again.

Daddy, mommy, thank you so much for my very  beautiful name
Don’t forget your Baby Shalom whose love will forever be the same.

First Place
Contest: Unborn Babies Dream
Judged: 10/14/2012
Poet Sponsor: Scribe Marlon Linton

Written: Oct. 11,2012

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Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful disaster come into the light,
I yearn to give you comfort and save you 
from the night,
Priceless breaking heart,
I loved you from the start,
But forces from the dark are tearing us apart,
Striking stainless steal,
You must trust that I am near,
Every moment that we share 
makes the monsters disappear,
Delicate dismay
It doesn’t have to be this way
Once you taste blissful fruit you will want to walk
Into the day.

By: Sabina Nicole
Written: 9/22/12

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Take Me to That Place

Take me to that place where all my dreams come true
Where love flutters about and is ever new

Take me to that place where I forget to cry
Where delightful pleasures bring contented sigh  

Take me to that place where I’m forever young
Where my heart sings the songs for years left unsung

Take me to that place where fears cannot abide
Where fantasies frolic and thrive by your side

Take me to that place where passion is set free
Where nothing is denied but is meant to be 

Take me to that place of surrender and release
Where longings unfulfilled will finally cease

Take me to that place where life is promised sweet
Where peace, joy and laughter each day I can greet

Take me, my love, take me, I’m faint and forlorn
I promise in taking, you will be reborn.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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love has to be perfect
in each and every way

love cannot hesitate 
while eyes watch and wait

love should be original
spontaneous and surprise

love should be truthful 
not tainted with lies

love should be monogamous
that means one on one

love is full of sacrifices
each one nobley done

love should be forever
and never not die

love should show it's jealousy
to it's loved ones eye's

love is certianly the reason
of why someone cries

love should be a comfort 
always near by

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How to Fix a Broken Heart

A Broken Heart is sad to see.
To repair it, takes patience and TLC!

Recovery's a challange, of that, there's no doubt!
First thing you must know, is what bought it about!

With utmost discretion and a compassionate ear,
Ensure your advice and support are truely sincere.

Then if you persevere, and you really do care,
soon, that broken heart, will begin to repair!

He or she will be greatful, if you are discrete.
Your reassurance and inspiration will make the healing complete!

Consequently, the heart will be just like brand-new!
Therefore, "time heals all wounds", as they say, must be true!

by: Ralph Taylor
Contest:  How to fix a broken heart.
Written:  3/18/12

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When Fate Decides

When fate decides to bring you love
Clouds moved to show the stars above

You the crowning jewel of the stratosphere
Your breath of incense pervade the atmosphere 

None to compare at such radiant comeliness 
If I should fail you I crave your forgiveness

I’d be heartbroken if I should ever lose you
Because I feel I am wearing the luckiest shoe

I thank fate that of all I was the chosen one
To reciprocate the love of one second to none


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Dreamy Wedding

The wedding bells were in full swing, ringing
The choir in the church was melodiously singing
The groom saw the bride entering with a smile
It took his heartbeat, breath away for a while

He couldn’t wait to make her his wife
He’d imagined with her, his entire life
But before he could face her, came in her brother
He asked in an angry tone “How much do you love her?”

“As much as the sky spreads” he answered, it was true
“Okay then you can marry her” the brother said, “that’s cool”
The bride was now a step ahead, the groom’s heartbeat fast
Before he could see her properly, came before him a task

The mother it was this time, asking him to propose
“Very romantic it should be, else, I’ll oppose”
The groom sat on his knees and said “I love you sweetheart”
“I cannot live even for a sec, even with the thought that we part”

The mother was satisfied, the bride came further
With her next step, the groom faced her father
“You can marry her only on one condition
Give her everything she wishes for, you love should have no limitation”

“Sure” the groom said, and his bride was now before him
But before the priest could start, a lady entered in
“Stop this marriage! I still love you” she said loudly
“Tell me you still love me, don’t marry, and say it proudly”

The bride was surprised, her eyes filled with tears and worry
Just then the lady said, “Oops the wrong marriage, I’m sorry!”
The couple was now happy and they finally got their ceremony right
The groom’s face was lit up and the bride’s was bright

Just then someone called the groom, “Get up son! It’s your wedding today!”
It was then that he realized, it was a dream! But he was sure today was the best day of his life!!

written on 23rd Sep 2012
Written for the contest

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Hugs That We Once Shared

Hugs that we once shared, lasted just a glimpse in time
If only I could read her mind, and imagine what I'd find

Would I find a woman of truth, or a woman of trust
Or a woman with a mind, whose mind has turned to rust

To drift into another's world, and promise them the earth
Hugs that we once shared, does it really make them worth

They only lasted a glimpse of time, happened they never should
If I could turn back time, your damn right I would


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Too Soon

Lost in my loneliness, tears blur the fickle moon,
Its lonely face foretells, the day will come too soon...

April, 19, 2014

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The Light of Love

The silent light of love
Forms a halo above
And I a tiny firefly
With all my loving heart sigh
As it opens its arms wide
To accept me as a bride


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If I had a Broken Heart

If I had a Broken Heart

I would of done things different if I had known
Today I stand here all alone

There were no signs the day I lost my love
My "Only True Love" sent from above

A piece of me has been ripped apart
A piece taken from my hurting heart

So many tears streaming down my face
Oh so longing for your soft touch, your gentle embrace

Special reminders pop in here and there
Sweet memories cherished together we share

Your cologne lingers in your favorite chair
I cradle myself in it wishing you were there

I hug your pillow as I lay down to sleep
The lonliness seeps in oh so deep

To hold you tight as I hear our song
One day, together my love, where we belong

Contest by:  H Garvey Daniel Esquire
                   If I had a Broken Heart
                   July 7, 2012

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Hold me

Hold me in your arms and never let me go
Tell me if you love me; I really want to know
Set me here forever; let me squeeze your thumb
As you call me baby, and I call you mom

Give me all your love as I give you all of mine
I have not a single worry; with you I’m just fine
The comfort of a mother is way too great to lose
So hold me here forever even as I snooze

Keep me in your heart as I keep you in my soul
You are the only one that makes me whole
Even as I grow older your my greatest love
You are my angel sent from above

You are mines and I am yours too
I hope you know that I’ll always love you
So when things get cold and love is hard to show
Hold me in your arms and never let me go

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Below We Drifted

Holding hands, into our eyes we stare As we turn to the bleak that awaits us there Deafening creaks like thunderous roars Her arching back in ripping soar Screaming explosions as the waters seep Tears of many as life ends their keep Below the cobalt in a coldly drift Sinking debris in continual shift Our hands still held amidst disappearing lights We no longer focus as we enter our blight Below we drifted, two souls soon to be gone How many of us end up where we don't belong *~*

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Softer Than Fleece

I sit on my porch on this beautiful day
I will become this poem prayer I now pray

I have learned to enjoy the simple things in life
My daughter’s smile and the love of my wife

The way the leaves rustle in the morning breeze
God’s music always seems to bring me such ease

I love how the breeze softly kisses my face
Tis’ the natural wonder of God’s embrace

I have learned to love as well as learned to live
You know life’s greatest joy is learning to give

Give all that you are till you empty your cup
Have the heart of a lion, soul of a pup

The beautiful things truly cost not a dime
I’m trying hard to make the most of my time

So many years wasted so few left to go
There are so many things that I wish to know

I learn so many new things each passing day
Sometimes I feel like I’m slipping away

I’m trying hard to become all I can be
I owe that social responsibility

What this poem’s about I truly don’t know
Reckon it’s just another piece of my soul

A soul that has finally found itself some peace
What was once a rock is now softer than fleece

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A philatelic pandect

A is for an album to hold my stamp hoard,
B is for back of book where my “specials” are stored.

C is for the cancellation that causes such strife,
D is for definitives with their unlimited life.

E is for excitement, the thrill of the find,
F is for fiscal and its financial bind.

G is for the gum that sticks them in the post,
H is for the hinges displaying those I love most.

I is for imperforates, those joined with no holes,
J is for a Johfra box to soak off without bowls.

K is for a killer mark that destroys a stamp’s worth
L is for local stamps with a limited dearth.

M is for the magnifying glass used for searching out flaws
N is for the newspaper stamps that brought headlines to our doors.

O is for “officials” with a government cachet
P is for postage due when the sender fails to pay. 

Q is for the Queen’s head on all British stamps
R is for retouches and forgers re vamps.

S is for a stockbook for stamps that are spare
T is for tweezers to handle them with care.

U is for unused, a stamp postally mint,
V is for variety, it has a fault in its print.

W is for watermark to prove authenticity
X is for xanthic spots, rust, that strikes without pity.

Y is for youngsters and encouraging their dream
Z is for Zemstvo a rare Russian theme.

To see a stamp thrown in the bin, now that is such a crime,
I’ll revere it in my collection making it sublime.

Written 1st March 2013 by Rachel Fawcett. I am a Trained Nurse by day and spend my time off collecting stamps and trying to write poetry.  I haven’t been publicly writing very long and this is only the second poetry competition I've ever entered.  I love writing as it stretches my imagination and I enjoy the challenge it brings.  I love collecting stamps as they bring order to my mind. 

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My Endless Love

My Endless Love

We were kids when we first met
A love that we would never forget

We knew our love would grow as time went by
Time was on our side, the limit was the sky

The love we share so strong and free
God has given this gift to me

My true love stands by my side
Together we stand, no one can divide

So much love we had to share
Two daughters greated by us, nothing compares

Still oh, how this loves grows
My heart overwhelmes, only he knows

Our children look at us and desire this same love
Marriage and children, given from above

So the lord answers, and gives my daughters these gifts
Husband and grandchildren , my heart uplifts

Thirty-one years later, our love is like gold
We see each other grow as we grow old

My endless love, my husband, my friend
The Lord will keep us together until the end

The end meaning everything past this life
You will forever be my husband and I your wife

September 19, 2012

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Sexy Kiss

We share a look from across the room and I saunter into your arms,
No matter how hard I try to defy, I can never resist your charms;

You slip a hand behind my head and drag me into your kiss,
You tantalize my senses as I lose myself to bliss;

Desire takes over my body as you take my breath away,
We stand in utter silence, we’ve nothing left to say;

There is an overpowering smell of whiskey and cheap perfume,
But locked in a passionate kiss, we’re alone in the crowded room;

Your kisses taste so potent, I savor the exotic flavor of you,
Your intoxicating to my senses, like the sweetest morning dew;

Wrapped in a fervent embrace, our bodies meld to form one;
I lose myself to you and it’s only just begun...

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To know beyond knowing this beauty is real
despite all the missteps and the hurt that we feel
We must come with our brokenness, we need so to see
I will find what I know, will you find it in me? 
I am love for you darling, I am here...understand
I am here also bleeding with my heart in my hands
Please take me beloved to my home within you
Forever together all our dreams will come true
Its your faith in your vision that allows me to be
All you hoped for and wished for everything that you need
For you've watered the seeds of my heart with your tears
something new is becoming, I have cast off all fears
Yes my love is eternal, let our love not postpone
till forever sweet warrior nevermore be alone.



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Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

<        this poem is not about what is written, but what is not written
          like the smile upon her face that looks nil and somewhat smitten

          and lochs of hair hanging instead of with bows and lace
          tell me my angelic angel have you fallen from God's good grace

          has your garments of thread gone out of time
          has your dance with the butterflies gotten out of rhyme

         have you been cast from your lovers heart
         or are you just looking to start over with brand new start

         has clouds silver lining rained upon your dreams
         has leafs dance gone frozen in crystal streams

         time stands still amidst wondering thoughts
         time stands still when lovers cant be sought 

Written By Katherine Stella 7/4/11

Entry For A Rambling Poet's 
The Unwritten Contest
G.L. All      







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Why must you think your heart deceived?
I know too well I’ll not believe
You took my love its taste so pure
Known nothing in this world more sure
Your body moved so still so slow
Not what you said but I just know
We entered in that magic place 
That lovers go in quite embrace
The place were nothing can be taken
Only gifts of self awaken.
Memories of a passion rare
A sublime love beyond compare
We lost ourselves, became as one
You’ve chose to think it false and run?
I saw you at your very core
Your thoughts were mine and mine were yours
Why must you harm this beauty true?
Such violence to love you do. 


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A Loosey Goosey Love Poem

Well tickle me bum and call me Lucy
My brain's all befuddled and loosey goosey

Silly images have taken over my thoughts
'Twix dreams and reality I'm fatally caught

All my friends are thinking I'm loopy
They don't know why I'm acting so goofy

Here's the reason it's quite simple and true
This love sick puppy has fallen for you!

© Jack Ellison 2012

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Hard to remember my first kiss,
seems I’ve always been kissin’ and kissin’.

I’d pucker up and kiss Mother.
Dad would hug me and he’d get another.

Those petals got a whole lota use,
on baby sis’s toes, I’ll give no excuse.

Gram’s would kiss and kiss me again.
At five I had my first kissin boyfriend!

Teenage brought a kiss on my neck, 
a bit of tongue teasing, but what the heck.

College broadened my repertoire
till I met the one I’d been practicin’ for..

Now, on to that momentous kiss 
on our wedding day, well it was pure bliss.

A few years pass, I had my boy,
and needless to say, I kissed him with joy.

Lips, soft, plump and pink, I just love to kiss
I’ve always been a right kissable miss.

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My Sexuality May Be Too Much - Adult

Are you too shy to suck, lick, and touch?
If so, my sexuality may be a bit too much!

Are you insecure in the bed, uncomfortable trying something new?
I love to wake up to morning head, then return the favor on you!

Are you ready to just let go, and indulge in all the taboo?
Just let your sweet nectar overflow, as I ravage every inch of you!

Are you ready to lick me there, and nibble on my bottom lip?
I want us to make love everywhere, so move to the rhythm of my hips.

I crave the melding of our private parts, as we lose all control.
Let us become one beating heart, and offer each other our very souls!

I want you to do things with me, you haven't done with other men.
Let us make love through poetry, and indulge in every sexual sin!

I want us to suck, caress, massage and lick in all the places the sun don't shine.
You can feel the heat of my candlestick, as your voluptuous body is pressed to mine!

As the sweat glistens off my chest, I grip your round backside.
My saliva covers each breast, and you take me on a heavenly ride!

The grinding of your hips, takes my mind on a trip, and I can't take much more.
We both enter that mode, and explode as my fingers linger at your backdoor!

You collapse on top of me, and sex fills the air.
Panting in ecstacy, and I gently squeeze your derriere!

So are you too shy to suck, lick, and touch?
If so, then my sexuality may be a bit too much!!!

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The Calculation of Loss

I Love The Sound it Makes When The Fingers
Slide String, Switching From Chord to Chord.

                - Like a Straw Piercing Plastic -

Music is My Only Solace, My Withdrawal From
Everything, But it Neglects My Frailty.

                - I Can Hear Their Souls in My Fretboard -

But There's No Sight Any More, No Interaction,
No Touch, No Love. We Are Barren.

                - The Killing of Muses -

The Movement of a Thousand Fingers, Smoothing
Horse Hair Across Suspended Steel.

                - Washes Right Through Me -

They Snuffed out like Candles. One by One
I left Them, and They Went in all Directions.

                - I -

The First One Was an Icebreaker Session,
Right Into Reality, Seeded By Angst.

                 - II -

The Second Destroyed Every Perception
I Had of Love, But I Was So Young.


The Third Made Me Miserable, Masochistic
And Fuelled Entirely By My Loins.


The Fourth, Separated by Inconceivable 
Distance Through My Raw Isolation.

                - So Much Beauty -

But as I Stand Here, Sifting Through Nostalgic 
Debris, I Can't Help But Think... 

...I Lost so Much More.


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heart broken

For all my life my heart has been beaten and battered,
But now im afraid the peices have scattered

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It seems I wanted too much

It seems I wanted too much:
or may be just a touch.
May be a little bit more:
happiness with the one I adore.
May be a good morning kiss,
or sweet words: “My honey I miss”.

It seems I wanted too much:
to be happy as such,
to fly in the sky like a bird,
to be understood without a second word,
to listen to the songs of my Lord,
to give a smile and behave like a child.

It seems I wanted too much:
to live without any mistakes,
without any heart breaks.
I wanted my soul not to be cold,
to live without any storms,
to feel your heart warmth.

It seems I wanted too much:
to turn into a dove,
to swim on the waves of love,
to meet with you every dawn,
to have the wings of a swan
and never be alone.

It seems I wanted too much...

Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)

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Falling for the Beast

Playing cat and mouse were Beauty and the Beast
Right up to the moment the harvest moon ceased

To shine, that is, autumn winds ushered dark clouds
Even amber leaves were cloaked by misty shrouds

Alone on the terrace, Beast’s hand reached to her
Unfamiliar feelings in Beauty did stir

The masquerade party on All Hallows Eve
Beauty caught in his web, seeking no reprieve

Clouds now cast aside, moonbeams danced in the skies
Pulling his mask, Beauty unveiled Beast’s disguise

Seeing sensual eyes, her pulse rate increased
Conquered by longing for a man she’d called Beast

By Carolyn Devonshire for Michael’s “Falling in Love in the Fall contest
September 24, 2011

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If tame you want 
'Tis fools you’ll get
While fishing in Life's sea
But if you go a trolling
You may catch a fish like me
Cast out your line-- prepare for war--
There’s not a moment’s peace
And you'll forget your one nightstands
Heart grabs the tradewind breeze
Oh I had loved you mighty
Knocked the pluck right from your sails
Gave you babes and warmed your nights
And handled your details--
And fool you were to throw it back --
A love that topped them all
But one last chance awaits you here
To heed the siren's call
So swim upstream and fight the gales
That plague the stormy sea
Think of my love that grabs your guts---
There is no fish like me

Victoria Anderson-Throop
Nov 24, 2012

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waiting for a SECOND CHANCE

Pristine & white papyrus reams,
No more cradle words of my wanting dreams.

Recalled moments penned have been left at distance behind,
The dog eared papyrus now conceals folded words that spilled out of my mind.

Sad my sorrow dipped nib, that writes these rhymes,
Words flow and my feelings melt and are sublime.

Images of you blur in my mind,
But my love for you is mad and blind.

Agonies brimming ache festoon my heart a whole,
To be with you my, heart’s lone goal.

Yells and shrieks erupt within me and my love it screams,
On its vibrating decibels I try to cradle my dreams.

Nostalgic remembrance
Waiting &Seeking a second chance…………………………

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I Lost the Love of My Life Today

I lost the love of my life today
I held her hand as she slipped away.

Although my heart wished she would stay
I told her to go, that I’d be ok

for her suffering was too much to bear
And to wish her here would not be fair.

I lost the love of my life today
I’m struggling hard to find my way

She was the one who held me strong
When life was tough and all went wrong.

She was the one whose strength I clung
She was the one my soul had sung

And now she’s gone and I’m on my own
And alls I hear is this endless drone

My mind is numb and my body weak
My soul it has no words to speak

I lost the love of my life today
I Don’t even have the strength to pray

Except to say “dear God Oh WHY”
Why in the world did she have to die?

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You are My Romeo and I am Your Juliet

When we we’re young we we’re deeply in love
My daddy said no but cupid was watching us from above
And they we’re never going to let us fall apart
No matter how much my father wanted you to depart
And as he tried to separate us we fell in love even more
We’re not going to worry because we’ve been through this before
I remember when you were throwing pebbles on my window
And my father just wanted you to go
But I was begging you to stay
I looked for you when I thought you went away
Romeo, Romeo where art thou
They’re trying to tell me how I feel; I need you now
I was starting to feel like if I’m lonely
But you were never gone, you’re always beside me
He pressured us so much that we both died
But in this life our love is revived
And now we have time to do all things we wanted to
I was meant to forever love you
Because you’re my Romeo and I’m your Juliet
And we knew it the first day we met
We’ll be together even if we have to run away
If I ever go a day without you everything would be black and gray
This is our love fairy-tale
Our love is real so it will never fail

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Collision of Fate

How Long Has it Been Since Two Strips of Red Flesh
Have Puckered and Uttered The Word Blaze?

The Mind is Void and One By One the Carvings and 
Paintings of My Friends Diminish into Obscurity.

                       - Dust Covered Palette -

Father, I model My Entirety Around Your Genius,
Yet The Misery Does Not Subside Nor Relinquish.

Focusing On One Aspect at a Time, The Self
Destructive Pre-set in My Head is Running.

                        - Right On Schedule -

Pain is Relative, I Have Suffered More Than A
Holocaust Survivor and Less Than an Adored Child.

Sometimes The Acceptance of This Insignificance is
Enough To Make You Shine Brighter Than God.

                        - I Hope One Day -

                                 - Our Paths Collide -

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The vernal pool of Heaven opens Lenore looks down upon LOVE lost
Lotus blossoms floating on air , swallowing the Sunlight and Die in the Frost

The softness of  the Feathers of an ANGEL’S WING Touched  by LENORE and I
True sadness Entwines Our Hearts Together, FOREVER as ONE in Each Others Eye

These are the Words of YOUR Earthly LOVER, Harry YOUR Husband, He LOVES YOU
Shh!  Lenore Gestures with Her Finger to HER LIPS, My Beloves : “ Poetry; So True “ 

You are His Guardian ANGEL Asks LENORE  : “ I am “ “ KASHINATH “ Forever LOVE” 
Your wings Flutter so, “the Flowers  Singing, Dew crying to the Hot Sun ABOVE"

Lenore “Take  Words from My Heart, to My BELOVED : Serenade Him with  Infinity
Flap Your Wings, ride the Wind of Heaven Go to him, and say  I wait for His Eternity

               Inspired by The Contest " Reflection " Sponsored By
                  " Constance La France " ~ A Rambling POET ~
                           By HGARVEY Daniel Esqure -- HG
           Dedicated to Those Waiting For Us at The Pearly Gates
                                             5th Place

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Farewell my Angel

Farewell my Angel

She fell so far then out of sight, she lost all hope embraced her night, 
she could have been all that I saw, held firm her faith and gained it all.
My hopeful heart was shattered then, alas but this the sin of men, 
To embrace true love and then deny, this tragic sin makes angles cry
So much deceived within their hearts, as God reveals, His love imparts. 
How can she think, of course she knows… truth resonates each faithful soul. 
Can any doubt this love so pure, its heaven sent oh be assured!
I pray someday she see her sin and allow this love to live again.
And even if I’ve breathed my last my love for her eternal… fast. 
Lord help her find that special one who will love her just as I have done
Oh bring her back to touch this place where angels sing her dreams are safe, 
this blessed gift gives sight in part and strength to heal her wounded heart. 
Lawrence Schrank

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Paper Airplains To You

Thoughts spill on paper wings....
Comes to life in a poetic ring...

A paper airplane written just for you...
Words from a heart that fell in two..

They fly across your distant sky...
Reaching eyes while they whisper by...

A paper airplane that has to fly...
Sprinkled with hugs and care for 
a love gone by...

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First Date

One April day, that changed my life You lived nearby, a drive not far I picked you up, with nerves a rife Blessed my dad, had loaned me his car. I drove you slowly, together alone Savoring each moment, you smelled divine I loved your accent, the kind words you spoke Upon Air Base now, while I on cloud nine. Together on tarmac, we strolled and made small talk Watching planes fly, fortunate in your presence Inside one huge plane, upon stern gate we walked Clasping hands and hearts, my first glimpse of Heaven. It was our first date, the initial of many Thirty-seven years ago, on this April tenth Since then, our love remaining solid a plenty Selflessly sharing each’s unlimited strength. My lifetime a thank you, for giving me love Being the one, my affectionate soul mate Through mostly good times, quite many thereof Defining the source, it was that very first date!

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Little More in Your Embrace

Waking up early morning daily and join life's rat race, wish I could sleep a little more in your embrace. ========================================== Placement:2nd; (Sept.2011) Contest:Couplet Challenge Sponsor:Susan Burch

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Romantic thought

My thirst, to taste the sweetness of life, within your eyes
Will not be quenched, by watching the moonlight skies

Your eyes are like blue green pools, that envelop my soul 
With waves that caress my essence, making me whole

I see the waves pulsating, watching your lips, inviting my hope
Eagerly anticipating, life's true joy, held in your lips supple slope

As our fingers touch fingers, our lust, desire bursts into a flame
That light sky and heaven, as our love and devotion we proclaim

With our love, passion, and desire, at last released with our vows
Live Life with, Passion, Love and Laughter, no need to browse

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Dehydrate Me

She Sings about Love, But She's Broken
On The Inside Like a Dulling Light.

                - He Lost His Muse -
           - But She Lost So Much More -

Maybe None of us are Talented, Maybe
Love Perpetuates Creativity.

                - Onto a Steel Corridor -
            - Spattered With Broken Glass -

The Only Way Out of This is To 
Let The Waves Lap at Your Feet. 

                - So That The Shoreline Weighs -
               - More Than The Deepest Fathoms -

I'll Play With Fireflies in The Twilight, and They'll
Indulge Themselves in My Eyeline Reflections.

                - Fall To Your Knees in the Water -
               - So That The Salt Stains Your Lips -

Sink Your Teeth Into My Neck and Bite
My Mouth, It Was How Your Back Arched.

                - But Don't Ever Let it Bring You Down -
               - If We Burn, We'll Burn Together, Alone -               

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You hate your dad, I know
but I can't choose between you two...just no

I'm sorry.
You're right, I probably would never see
how bad I screwed up, but
without you, I've gone nuts.

Seriously, I will keep trying
to have you back, 'cause I'm crying.
I don't wanna lose you, o.m.g.
I'm really sorry...

I know I was a terrible girl
but I'm a clam and you're my pearl.
Without you, I have no value
without you, I'm no longer cool

I missed  everything we've been through.
Your voice when you sing, I'm glued to you.
Hey, I'm still your number one fan
and you'll always be my sweet, young man.

you're the water, and he's the sun
without you both, I'd be done

I hope you can just understand
I'll always wanna hold your hand
no matter what happened, I'll love you still.
We used to hang and used to chill.
now I'm mad we can't do that
but again, it's my fault the balloon went splat.

I'm desperate to hear you say
'I love you mom, it'll always be this way'
I want your forgiveness, seriously
I'm really sorry.

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Reflections of Love

         Reflections of Love

Where are we going, for love we chase                 
To places unknowing and cannot keep pace             

Sometimes fleeting, others at length                   
Always defeating our will and our strength                     

It spins like a feather on whirling pond                
Fixes no tether and guiles the beyond                               

It falls from the sky, erupts from the sea               
It does not ask why and is never free                   
It is all around, waiting to link
Not easily found as we may think

A shoulder it taps, direction it guides
Sensation unwraps but destiny hides

It’s hit and it’s miss, so often it tries
With mystical kiss, we don’t realise

Where we are going, for love we chase
A place never knowing, yet long its embrace

For ‘Reflections of Love’ Contest
Poem written 4 March 13 by R D Seal

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My Nan

I used to sit on my Nan’s knee; she ran her fingers through my hair
She told me all the stories of when she thought life was still fair

Many a time just sitting there listening to her stories told with mirth
I wouldn’t have swapped it for anything; there was nothing of equal worth.

Stories of my granddad, my mum, aunts and uncles too
Stories of the bombs landing, and all of them quite true.

To this day her old house, the wall tilts at an odd angle
When a bomb landed there, it blasted the streets only mangle*

There was always so many of us and not enough knees to go around
But I always managed to get one whenever we went round.

We were usually on the run, the rent man after money
Dad had got it to a fine art. Just booze no bread and honey

My Nan one did her anger flew, she struck him with a pan
I think it might have done him good; he started to become a man.

Those days now just a memory, but such wonderful though hard times.
No food no home no money but it was really great sometimes

A fondness there is for thing long past, whether good times or the bad
A time to remember the best of it, to get though it we should be glad

I still sit and ponder and feel her fingers through my hair
I’ll never say goodbye to my Nan, even though she isn’t there.

© 23/11/2012
Mangle: Rollers to squeeze water form the washing.
In those days the whole street used to share a mangle the owner would be the wealthiest in the road.

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a date for the diary

I wouldn't want to meet again the guy I met tonight;
it really was the saddest case of hatred at first sight.

based on a friend's description of a blind date

for Susan's What I Wouldn't Want to Relive contest

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PoetrySoup, a Free Site

PoetrySoup,about it what I love most is that,here every thing is free of cost. Post a poem,then and there you get comments free, you don't have to pay for any contest entry. And if you are at your best with some good luck, you can even win and earn some quick bucks:) Make friends,chat with them and learn about poetry all these things,you can do absolutely free. And those, who are young keep always in touch, freely you can get here your perfect match! © kashinath karmakar 2012 ===============000=============== Placement:3rd;(Jan 2012) Name:kash poet Date:22nd January, 2012. Contest:What I love most about PoetrySoup Sponsor:Carol Brown

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Questions Will Come

Preparing answers
For them.

The two of you, you're...?
Yes, we are.

But wasn't he your...?
Yes, he was.

And weren't you only...?
Yes, I was...

Keep your judgements,
We are what we are.

And you know something? 
I've never been happier.

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Forever Love

It’s hard living with a broken heart,
fortunately for me, my heart resuscitated with your breath of life.
Giving me what my heart was missing,
you revitalised love, granting the type of support needed to survive.

Never mistaken or misconstrued,
you are both honest and open in equal measure.
Craving no friendship other than ours,
we share a bond deeper than any ocean treasure.

When laying in the sheets,
I stare at you and find it difficult to speak.
feeling intense passion,
made perfect by our serene marriage at twin peaks.

Realising I am living destiny,
no longer shall my inspiration ever starve.
With a smile that overcomes everything,
I am complete; cherishing our forever love. 

For more poetry goodness visit 

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Mine Heart In Thine Hand

Fair is this pristine earth upon which thou stands With thy face t'ward the sun and mine heart held in thy hand On many a day, I am a quiet river flowing And I drink in thy laughter and windswept song How the twinkles within thine eyes set ablaze mine soul Thou art the sustenance which is required for life’s arduous toll As thou breathest in air, I pray thee, inhale all of me And place mine heart within thine for safekeeping with thee ~*~ 02/01/13
Note: For The "Old English Valentine" Contest Sponsored by Lisa Cooper Poetesslady

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Heaven's Door

Days drift on in cloudy hazy light,
lonely tears drip there till sleep consumes the night
and emptiness is filled with dreams of you,
please tell me what a mortal man can do.
You are the light that lit my days.
Who ever thought that it would ever go away,
and now I fear to wake when night is through,
to face this world without the kindest heart I ever knew.
But the clouds swept on and left me with your smile;
somehow, someway I knew you’d be there all the while,
waiting for my soul to slip through heaven’s door
to share our love forever more…

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Images of She

Everyday I view images, of a creature beautifully be
Through my eyes I see a maiden, such beauty in she thralls thee

It does not matter what she wears, or the way it's worn
She would look beautiful wearing rags, shredded ripped or torn

To her locks I mention, draped against porcelain skin
Like a magnetic I'm now drawn, her beauty draws me in

Next I value her loves, such intelligence abounds her soul
History, the arts and music, knowledge has been her goal

Everyday I view images, of a creature beautifully be
I can only feel so honoured, that she's fallen in love with me


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Gone, but not Forgotten

You'll never be forgotten, though you're no longer here.
It seems like only yesterday, but it's been over forty years!

Other children have been taken, yes, of course, we know!
But, to us, you are a treasure and we still love you so!

You were only with us, two plus years, they say that time will heal.
But, although it's been a long, long time, the pain is still so real!

God knew that you were suffering, He knew you were in pain!
So He decided to releave you, from the Tumor in your brain!

He took you up to Heaven, son, to give eternal rest!
He placed you in His garden, where He only keeps the best!

I'm wishing I could take a peek, in that garden, in some way,
to see just how you're doing, and make sure that you're O.K.

It broke our hearts the day you left, when the Good Lord called you home.
Bobby, part of us went with you, you did not go alone!

No, you'll never be forgotton son, what more is there to say!
You're always in our thoughts and prayers, we miss you more each day.

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Fond Regrets

“Fond Regrets”

When I think of all I had and lost I wonder how it’s true
Did I have a thankful heart back then grateful for what I knew?
I was loved so deeply then, I could not ask for more
She loved me like I did for her my heart and spirit soared 

I look behind and realize how happy I was then 
On only distant memories now I sadly must depend
Everything is taken now my love and children gone
Awaken to this lonely world its hard to carry on.
In just one year beyond worst fears nothing still remains
Nothing save deep misery my abandonment and pain.
Don’t you see the purpose don’t you know just why
I came to bring you hope again, hear my love just try
Our love the gift of ages, your heart told you its true
You cannot deny what’s in your soul no matter what you do
Where is her love I so need now I’m crushed beneath this strife
Where is my empath hurry now your turn to save my life…..


Lawrence Schrank

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Her little linen doll

That little linen doll from December
She gave me with her heart, I remembered.
By her tiny hands thus not as perfect
But ‘twas a memory I couldn’t neglect.
My little baby really tried her best,
I saw her stitching at night without rest.
And when that needle jabbed her soft, white skin,
She’d be strong, hid her tears with a large grin.
Then that day had come, her doll was finish
December twenty-fifth, I would not wish,
The Lord took her away, out on the street.
Just a young child, her youth’s still incomplete.
As we pull her out from the twisted wreck
Wrapped in her arms, something I wouldn’t expect.
There held in tight, her little linen doll...
The picture was so vast, I must recall.
I will never forget, that fateful night,
When the angels sang to the blinding light
But she is gone, what’s the use of regrets?
What was left will always be in my chest.
Our memories and times we were together,
Sewn in her doll, sealed by her endeavor.
Though the doll and my baby have come to past,
They remain in my heart, forever to last.

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To be alone

No one sees you walking by
No one cares to you say hi
You feel alone, with not a soul
Accompanying you inside this hole

Your heart is clasped with a cold hard touch
From a society absent of this it is so much
It hurts so bad when no one sees you cry
To be your friend no one cared to try

Look this way and your soul to behold
That I am someone that has felt the cold
Of a society absent and no one cared to try
To lift me up, because nobody saw me cry

Dear lonely person with no one to hold
Come seek friendship from me it's not to bold
Sure I tend to shy from the crowd
But I will listen to your heart that speaks not so loud

I do not pretend to be someone I am not
So of a true friend you have confidently sought
Look no further I will always care to try
For I always will be here to carry you when its time to cry

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My Cup Runneth Over

My cup runneth over at age seventy-eight Will it ever slow down to give me a break Thought ahead when I was a younger man Love in my seventies was not in the plan However in my mind I'm as active as ever Always can be found searching for pleasure Pleasures we dream from a very young age Like a male of the species locked in a cage Wanting so badly to explore the landscape All too soon our manly prowess escapes We resign to the fact our bodies can't perform As when our youthful stamina was norm Minds are still active as they were back then But the body's changed, takes longer to ascend It's all part of life, this unparalleled journey But we manage to survive all the topsy-turvy © Jack Ellison 2013

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Fall Again

Russet, sets a blush to the trees, while we stroll, in a gold rush, of leaves. The living skies, of Autumn, ablaze. Vaporous streamers in the sun's rays. Your hand, warm in mine, gives a squeeze. A soft kiss, makes me weak in the knees. We speak without needing words, yet, so meaningful, my heart is stirred. A silent conversation of love, offering more than I could dream of. I fall in love all over again, with my husband, my best friend.
Paula Swanson 9/27/2011 For the contest Falling In Love In The Fall Sponsored by Michael J. Falotico

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Not Enough

It is so I'm not rich with no money to burn
It is true I have no assets or profits to turn

It is only all of me I have to offer and give 
It is with this though you could not live

It is then I was told that it is not enough
It is what made wanting to go on pretty tough

It is in those words causing such hauntings untold
It is not enough shattered my heart and crushed my soul

It is not enough to hear what you had to say
It is even worse letting you go as you walk away

It is still in the shattered pieces of my heart you know
It is there my love for you that will truly never let go

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Plastic Flowers

I just thought as I looked at the table,
to love I am no longer able.
I look at the vase,
take a second look just in case.
It came to me,
our so called love I now see.
Our love may be fake but forever will last,
despite our troublesome past.
Plastic flowers I stare,
not real but who would care.
Our love is as fake as the flowers,
to revive you would need powers.
Yet fake flowers need no tending,
and love you are not sending.
You can just leave them their,
forever they'll last not needing air.

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Dreaming Into the Day

You waken from a dream of pure delight,
relinquishing the magic of the night.

But as you go outside, you find the hue
of sky is now a technicolor blue!

The grass and trees are greener; every flower
possesses now a greater fragrant power.

How sweet is everything! How can it be?
The answer, friend, is very clear to see.

When love has come to you, this is its way;
enjoy it! You're dreaming into the day!

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Deep Soft Trickles

Softly touching deep cords vibrate within,
The song within my heart with golden notes begin.

As sadness flows trickling In Cello magic,
Soul's storm It Is flowing In Violin tragic.

Like a river babbling wild free,
The heart has no bounds where Love has to be.

Sweet dancing upon ripples of air,
A waltz In the clouds with dream's lady so fair.

Flowing Into an open ocean's waves,
Upon your golden heart your dream Love engraves.

Singing echoes haunting our world,
Dream's memories before us unfurled.

Rising salted emotions suffering powerless,
Sadness grows and the heart loses Its prowess.

Baited breaths shawled deep held Inside tears,
Cold Ice cube memories brittle Icing fears.

Floating breeze fluttering gently,
Touching desires In Love's flame diligently.

Touching each string cries out,
What tunes shall these strings shout.

A songbirds lament,
In grief It Is sent.

A piano speaks so softly,
As Its keys play music loftily.

Telling one story In tune,
That shall ever be told before moon.

How sweet your beautiful words sung deeply,
How they did touch my tender heart completely.

A Collaboration by Liam Mcdaid & Michael Clarke.

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In plain view

Like a rusty old car, in plain view.
Me, unseen by you.

Received 1st place in "YOUR VERSE AGAIN any theme/any form max of 12 lines" contest

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Kissed The Sky

Two peas in a pod that would be my wife and I
We have grabbed a dream and kissed the sky

Two full-blown addict’s on a dead run
We lived our lives just to stay spun

Outlaws, lovers and partners in crime
Lost forever in the hands of time

Living just to somehow survive
Walking zombie’s barley alive

Found in each other the will to fight
Out of darkness and into the light

I love her more than words could ever say
We have helped each other live the right way

Forever bound to each other’s love
Giving Praise to the Lord above

Two peas in a pod that would be my wife and I
We have grabbed a dream and kissed the sky

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Fated Love

When fate decides to bring you love,
Brace yourself for a profound tug.
For strings that bind your knotted heart
Will find they’re being pulled apart,
Opening up to reveal a rift, 
Allowing tendrils of hope to drift.
Timidly taking those first few steps,
Testing the waters, feeling love’s depth.
As passion arises, erupting in flames,
You'll find your heart is forever changed.

TLH  ©  9-25-2012

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Evening Star

To my love wherever you are
I pray you shine my Evening Star

Sometimes in life we lose our way
Fall into the trap of living yesterday

Our memories become all that we are
For we have not just fell we fell to far

It can affect the happy as well as the sad
Can’t measure good till you weigh out the bad

More we hurt the deeper we fall
Be still the darkness of it all

At times reflection is a winning game
Face the fear of admitting our shame

Know that after we process our yesterday
We will no longer have that price to pay

Once we confess the sins we have done
Darkness flees from the light of the Son

To my precious love wherever you are
Please shine brightly my Evening Star

Written to my wife while I was in Prison
and lost until we were looking through
some old letters.

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Soulmates or emotional weights

Big and Carrie, a romance that carried
Passion, desire, hunger and thirst
But a bad boy’s love is what hurts the worst
For when one craves and gets an inner inch
For love that’s wings are clipped and stitched
Conditional flight takes root in one’s soul
They forget that unconditional love is the most important goal
For his kind cannot fill the voids inside her heart
Just like an addiction you want to stop after it officially starts
And when she finds pure love she does not know how to receive
For she is used to this man that always picks up and leaves
Soul mates or soul ties that should have been broken
For a writer that’s aware has a special token
Reflection on pages filled with the mind
Could have saved her from going back to Mr. Big in later times.

By: sabina
soul partners
Big and Carrie

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Better Man

I can't keep from calling you, when you never answer the phone
I just want us to talk it through but that can't done alone

My three minutes are almost out, so I'll just talk to your machine
I know your mad, without a doubt and your probably hating me

I was a fool to treat you that way, those things I said were cruel
Wishing I could take back that day, I am so sorry for hurting you

I wish we could talk face to face, just to give us a brand new start
Almost done now, don't push erase! I love you babe with all my heart

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The Frightening Dream

Walking in the twilight with my darling, hand in hand,
Was a joy beyond description, all sweethearts will understand.

We were laughing without reason, stopping now and then to kiss.
Only those who love as we do could know ecstasy like this.

Suddenly the dark had deepened and I felt an eerie chill.
His fingers tightened on my hand and pulled me closer still.

It was unlike a common blackout as electric power goes down,
When there is still a bit of natural light to turn the black to brown.

This darkness was an absolute, no stray gleam anywhere,
As if the sun, the moon, the stars were all no longer here.

My dear one was now dragging me, I could no longer walk.
I tried to phrase a protest but my tongue refused to talk.

The whole world had been silenced to degree I’d never known
As though completely vanished and we two were all alone.

Though I was void of any feelings as my darling ran in fear,
I was aware he raced for safety from a danger yawning near.

Suddenly the silence lifted at the sound of the alarm.
I was hanging to my pillow; it was not my lover’s arm.

The sunlight was streaming through the window and the door,
I welcomed it with ardor I had never known before.

Lying there to ponder on the meaning of the dream
I thought of Munch’s painting,  he’d entitled as “The Scream’’.

I knew exactly why my love had run as though my life to save.
I had been given a brief preview of dark silence of my grave.

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In My Hand

In My Hand

Your voice travels all around my soul..
Clinging to pieces that warmly unfold..

Temperatures rise as words are swallowed..
With silent gestures that our hands will follow.. 

Into the darkness of bliss we scamper free..
Where the rain of desire shines from you to me..

Stuck to each other till the morning air peels us apart..
All through my day the evening plays in my heart..

Now words drop like an hourglass of sand..
And a new poem now falls in my hand..

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~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ 

There is a place called Heaven,
that I hope for everyday.
I ask God to help me be a better person
by following Christ's way.

Somedays it doesn't come easy
to find compassion in my heart.
Or show forgiveness needed
to a friend who has torn it apart.

Jesus never said it would be easy
to pick up my cross each day.
Or remember to be thankful, 
and get on my knees to pray.

He said to trust in His mercy, 
and to give it to others in need.
Because of His Love and Sacrifice, 
of His words I take heed.

For Christ is The Bread from Heaven, 
and we are who He comes to feed.
Take part in His kindness and mercy,
from all sins we are freed.

The gates of heaven are open,
the veil has been torn.
No need to sit in sorrow,
no need to weep and mourn.

Christ has risen, 
Yes, it's true! 
Through Him, all things 
have been made new!

There is a place called Heaven that I hope for everyday.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

5/1/11 ~ Divine Mercy Sunday

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I Miss You

An appetite for the forest pines hunger,
respite and allusion do not depart.

As a feast awaits at the table,
my mind cries only inward.

Longing and desires and
blankets pulled over my eyes.

I sleep in a dream
in the desert cold

Clinging to a warm blanket, yet by
day I am alone and detached.

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Love in Motion

Take a child by the hand and set the wheels of love in motion
Lifelong blessings come; agape is the strongest emotion

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Sunset Blues

Miles away from the train rail track-
Baby girl lets not look back-

Walk with me, lets go as two-
And baby sing the sunset blues-

Don't worry bout the distance dear-
Anywhere with you seems all so near-

Now honey we can come as two-
And baby sing the sunset blues-

Now you left me by the train rail track-
With nothing else but to look back-

I look up high and think of you-
And by myself I sing my sunset blues-

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Romance of Rose and Star

The shinning sun, who warmly glows,
Doth send his ray to court the rose.

And enamored with her velvet way,
He proffers her the gift of day.

Then adds a string of dawn and dew,
In tribute to her crimson hue.

Thus blushing in her lovely way,
The rose invites the sun to stay.

The sun then smiling, with a gleam,
Bestows to her a precious beam--

That she may wed, though from afar,
This charming and enchanted star.

M ;-)

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Endearing Elements

Strong like a tree deeply rooted in the earth
We’ll remain…  like a rock, God is our strength

We are safe in the hollow of God’s holy hand,
Living in a lovely land, we’ll fear no sinking sand.

Weather the wind blows our tender tree
Even if storms swings our silent… sea,

Our love will only bow to the blue breeze
We’ll sail sweetly… we will try to squeeze

Look into my eyes it’s filled with fire
For you my love… a daring desire

My heart is hot steamed on a sincere stove
I’m on fire for my angel… sent from above

This fire of ours can be quenched by many waters
On streams or sea… our love will fill all quarters

With you by me we can sail safely on the… Nile
Sharing love and life in every nautical mile

The earth was build to accommodate the water
Wind and fire…love was brought them together.

~Just relating earth wind fire and water to love!~

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A Beautiful Rose

When speaking on flowers it’s true as can be
My wife is by far the most beautiful to me

She has the scent of both beauty and love
She is a beautiful Rose that I hold above

Like the Rose she burst of color and life
She is the single Rose my beautiful wife

I don’t know about flowers as you can see
But my wife is a beautiful Rose to me

For Brian's Contest

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Romance is Dead

Make me smile and feel as if I am the only one.
 Turn around and leave me bitter and forsaken.

Hold me close and kiss my lips, make me feel falsely safe.
 Run to her, with my taste on your lips and listen as my heart chafes. 

"No woman has ever treated me better", is what you say.
  If that is true, what leads your heart, body and soul astray?

Love me, leave me, lie to me, and think that I don't know.
 All you are doing is making my disdain for you crescendo.

Use me, abuse me, tear me down and try to hide what you do.
 For I will bide my time, foolish man, you have not the slightest clue.

Its a nice night for a stroll, crepuscular sky, with a repleted moon.
 Hand in hand, we saunter through the path to your impending doom.

I lean up and gently brush my lips upon yours smelling her again.
 Smiling, envisioning how you just walked into the lion's den. 

My body trembles and starts to shake, you think its because I'm cold.
 No, baby its because you're going to get your recompense fourfold.

My skin melts away and fur is now where creamy flesh once resided.
 Bones shift, teeth grow a blood lust ensues and your fate has been decided.

My teeth gnash into your body and soon you will be forever changed.
 This is your fate, now not only our DNA but part of our souls are exchanged.

If you're strong enough to survive the bite, you'll become loup-garou like us.
 You will be pack, no more lies, and cheating and no more mistrusts.

For treating me like I was your play thing, this is your punishment.
 People like you have souls that are black and malignant. 


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Again Last Night

Prisms floating in colored grace shadows of beauty upon her face Exquisite love of summer's light emerging afar into my sight   Gracefully approaching I watch her drift with heavy breath my soul she lifts In moments of grandeur a novel it seems   as peacefully once again I wake from my dream

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Those pearly gates

                                    THOSE PEARLY GATES
08/28/11             .
                  "True love can last a lifetime, but only if you forget to love"
                        The pearly gates of heaven is where you walked through.
                        The love we had for each other was everything we knew.
                                   Now that your gone I won't know what to do.
                                       My love for you is why I'll always be true.

                                      Cause you went first please say you'll wait.
                                 And together we'll walk through the pearly gates.

                          We've crossed alot of bridges and walked so many miles.
                           Now that your gone I'm not sure if I can stand the trials.

                                For me to hold you in my lovin arms just once more.
                                   When you were taken I was broken to the core.

                                       Cause you went first please say you'll wait.
                                 And together we'll walk through the pearly gates.

                                Layed on our bed I slept on the left you on the right.
                                     I smell your sweet scent in your pillow at night.

                                          I miss you my darlin I'll never love again.
                                       You are my only love I'll love you till the end.

                                         Cause you went first please say you'll wait.
                                    And together we'll walk through the pearly gates.

                                          I finally fell asleep with you on my mind.
                                           Why darlin did I have to stay behind.

                                               I'm left with nothing but my memories.
                                                    Our love our life was our destiny.

                                              Cause you went first please say you'll wait.
                                         Then together we'll walk through the pearly gates.
                                                 Teresa Skyles
Entered in Constance La France~a rambling poet~"A poem please"contest

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A Mothers Limits

Now, I love my husband an awful lot
But his cantankerous side is not so hot

We tolerate each other’s choices
But Football is a ‘no’ my inside voice says

Personally, I have a fear of ancient twisted trees
I WILL close my eyes, so guide me under them please

My children are like a heard of fighting elephants
There’s only so much my ear drums can take of their shouts and grunts

My parents are great, (now my head can't  find a rhyme) 
But I’ve have heard their stories from long ago one hundred million times!

The love I have for my loved ones has no limits at all
I will always be here with opened arms to catch them if they fall

So, football, twisted trees, fighting elephants and old stories
I have my limits I truly do but would I change things? No not really!

 For contest ’limitless’
5th place win

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You Can't Take Back

You can’t take back the tears I’ve shed,
you can’t take back the words you said!

You can’t take back the loneliness in my heart,
you can’t take back the feelings to depart!

You can’t take back the endless lies of deceit,
you can’t take back the miles of defeat!

You can’t take back the torture I’ve endured,
you can’t take back insecurities you’ve ensured!

You can’t take back the disloyalty to me,
you can’t take back the demeaning debris!

You can’t take back the selfish displays, 
you can’t take back the relationship of decay!

You can’t take back the need to dominate,
you can’t take back the destruction you did create!

You can’t take back the chaos and mental despair,
You can’t give me back, wasted minutes, days, and years!

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I Believe

As for the origin of holidays, I'm definitely not very smart.
I am a Catholic Christian, speaking simply from my heart.

Concerning Christmas and Easter, we have been doubly blessed.
We have experienced the great Love of God made manifest!

Christmas is the holiday that celebrates our Savior's birth,
The day God chose to send His Perfect Love to earth!

On Easter we remember the gift of His life, death, and resurrection.
We wait with hope in His return, with His Holy Spirit our connection!

As our Blessed Mother Teresa shared concerning love for God,
Be faithful in your service to Him wherever you may trod.

Whether you are Hindu, Christian, Muslim, or Jew,
The Creator of us all holds us with His Love so true!

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Mother's Empty Room

Small room with one door
Pale green carpet lines the floor
Two windows, shades and curtains
Pink roses scattered uncertain
Paneled walls remember
Our Moms love this December
Figurines rest on dresser tops
Some gifts, others from local shops
Flower petals that hold no scent
Potpourri in baskets, its fragrance spent
Jewelry in boxes free from dust
Treasures left to us in trust

As we walk in her room
Memories flood, it’s too soon
Our hearts rhythm the song
Her being gone seems so wrong
As memories waltz in our veins
Longing for her voice, still, in vain

Pictures now our fingers trace
With each touch, her remembered grace
Eyes, once blind, can now see
Pain and sorrow gone, her soul set free
Her voice, now strong, rings in heaven above
Carried through the air on wings of the doves

To all this and more, we longingly cling
How we’d love once more, to hear Momma sing


By: Debra Squyres  12-3-2010

NOTE:  Though I searched in vain for the first draft of this first poem I was unable to find it. It was much longer and filled with cliches.... This is the poem I spoke of in my "Poetry on My Poetry" poem.  Of course it is cleaned up a good bit now and I've actually changed the title to "Room of Memories"

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Into the Sunlight

My eyes recoil from the light--
Too long sheltered by the night.
The darkness, although cold may be,
Permits the timid eye to see.
And I have seen a billion stars--
The Milky Way, the Moon and Mars.
What can I see when it is day?
One shining star, too far away.
While love, that favored mystery,
She lurks in darkness, cautiously.
And though I crave the warmth of day;
The gentle rinse of beam and ray,
I find myself consumed by night...
Still sheltered from the sun, and light.

Into the Sunset Contest
Sponsor: Shadow Hamilton

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Sleep just for awhile

         Hush sweet baby please don’t cry         
     I’ll sing you a love sweet lullaby

    Never mind the boogie in your head
        Come lay on top of your silken bed

                      Sweep out things you can’t understand
                             As I play this song on the Baby grand 

                     You are quite special can’t you see
                    Many try to change like you to be

      So never think any less of your self
   Please come back being the naughty elf

Come let me sip water coconuts
From the word palm tree besots

            You have slept long enough
                 Grab your pillows shake and fluff

It’s just not the same without you
Please don’t send me to sleep too

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A is for angry, a passion hot and burning,
B is for beautiful, always a damsel yearning.

C is for callous, the ungodly wicked act,
D is for doting, such love can so much impact.

E is for energetic, big strong pocket Hercules,
F is for foolish, an unwise approach to my exercises.

G is for greedy, synonymous to a glutton
H is for hot temper, a destroyer of virtues gotten.

I is for impetuous, the risk of irrationality,
J is for joyous, a state of delight of souls nationality.

K is for kind, rewarding act of helping,
L is for loving, found a synonym for doting.

M  is for meek, angelic attribute and non-devil…,
N is for new, the same for the word 'novel'.

O is for ossified, father's rules rigid and fixed,
P is for peaceful, the calm feeling when kissed,
Q is for queer, strange like the itch from a peppermint balm,
R is for reliable, God's attribute in every Psalm.

S is for soft, the touch of a mother,
T is for tedious, boring, pants for another.

U is for united, one mind, a great entry,
V is for vociferous, my sister's repeated loud complaints to a tree.

W is for willing, not compelled like the call of saints,
X is for xenophobic, the fear of strangers' paints.

Y is for youthful, prepared to take on life's dangers,
Z is for zealous, the weapon of the power rangers.

So much fun learning vocabs of adjectives,
Like wielding magical powers of elves.

Ayoola Goodness Lanre is my name. Born 2nd of March 1989. I am a Nigerian. An 
English language teacher. A poet and other genres of literature. Love children.

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A Dozen Roses Multiplied

He's not a romantic guy, still he loves her so.
Sometimes she sits and wonders, why it doesn't show.

One day a dozen roses, delivered Federal Express.
A gift to ease her sadness, she held them to her chest.

Thinking through their life, the things that he has done.
His loving gifts of service, she places a rose on every one.

All the hours that he works, the times he is away.
Providing for their needs, he works hard to earn his pay.

The things around the house, that he takes time to repair.
Not the thing of romance, yet each one shows he cares.

The roses have multiplied, by all that he has done.
She sheds a tear of thankfulness, she is his special one.

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Wind Chimes Of Time

Holding hands to keep time from being wound...
Like patient wind chimes that spill small sounds...

Life inside a raindrop where the vision is unclear...
Upside down words that speak without a moist tear...

Still pictures of forever that coat our misty trails...
With street signs of misdirection that pull for us to fail...

A stumble or two teaches us the value of what we have today...
To always remember the cold and sadness before it went away... 

We hang on to the one thing in life that will always keeps us true...
Faith in where we are and how it will always be just me and you...

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I Made A Promise

Lukng @ u ryt now
I made a prmsing vow

I wnt u so much n my lyf
2 myk my drms so bryt

I wil hold u n my arms so tyt
Luv me wid ol of ur heart 2nyt


Looking at you right now
I made a promising vow

I want you so much in my life
To make my dreams so bright

I will hold you in my arms so tight
Love me with all of your heart tonight

For David's Contest
6th place Winner

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Treat Others How You Want To Be Treated

The littlest deeds still go a long way. 
So better the world and try it today. 

People don't realize the good they can do,
By holding doors open and smiling too. 

Try to be chivalrous, try to be meek. 
Try to be humble whenever you speak. 

Others will notice the way that you are. 
A light so unique, shines bright like a star. 

Relay the message, conquer the kindness. 
Replays impressive, actions are mindless. 

We live to laugh, and love to be loved.
Turn both your cheeks, when pushed and then shoved. 

Intuitiveness is a trick of the trade.
Instinctive bliss results moments well played. 

"Treat others how you want to be treated."
This motto of life makes smiles repeated. 

-Yours Truly

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                          - Your Hair Was Long When We First Met -

Flickering Over a Computer Screen Her
Projected Light Soaked into His Eyes.

                         - You Made Me Weep With Passion -

I Became Nocturnal Just To See You,
It Killed My Bones and Enriched My Head.
                         - Your Smile Moved My Skin -

Holding Your Hips While Your Hands 
Became Soaked in Dish Water.

                           - I Remember Clasping Them in Mine -

Leading You Up To Our Room and The
Love, it Exploded Through The Walls.

                           - Ten Years Later With Our Clique of Friends -

Your Hair Flickered Through The Candlelight
And Through The Meaningless Conversations.

                          - But It's Just Old Light -

The Various Candlelit Parties Strove On For A
Decade or Two and Your Beauty Multiplied.

                          - Nocturnal Again -

Although Our Appearances Where Grey We
Held Each Other on the Sand, Time Slipping

                          - Slipping So Quickly -

The Moon Fragrented The Sand A Crimsoned
White, and Your Skin Tingled Beneath Mine.

                          - I Held You Till You Slept -

                                         - You Were So Weak -

Back in Candlelight, Your Hair Reflickered, And You
Smiled Even Though You Could Barely Breathe

                         - I Stroked Your Hair -
                     - And Told You All About Us -

"You Are My Sweetest Downfall, I Loved You First"

It Was Repetitive and I Whispered It Right into your
Ear Until Your Breath Caught Up With Your Heart.

 - You Were So Weak -                       

              - And I Held You Till You Slept -

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His Screaming Silence

The absence of him speaking cries aloud
Hearts can bleed when there's no sound

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If I Gave My Heart Away

If I Gave My Heart Away... If I gave my heart away, Would you accept it, or say “Nay?” Would you hold it, close to you, Ever faithful, ever true? Or, would you spread it all around, By selling pieces, by the pound? If I gave my heart to you, What, exactly would you do? Clutch it tightly to your breast, And value me above the rest? Or take it now, to hold a place, 'Til you find a nicer face? Do I truly have a chance, To learn a lesson in romance? Flying high, my heart with wings, To study love, and other things. Or, falling fast, the outcome certain, To find that I am truly hurtin' Would you think my love a treasure, Full of fun, rife with pleasure? Would you call me, just for fun, To tell me that I am “THE ONE?” Would you think me soft and warm, Or just that “port in a storm?”

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Her Grandiose Sparkle

My hair stands on end with her around me Her hands surround all my entire body This leads me down the path of stunning blue A path that leads to a delightful hue Complete opulent feel made from this lace On all pieces of me throughout our space She livens my heart just by her kindness She brings special hotness with her likeness Right to me was her grandiose sparkle To that end there’s her sexy pink ankle Love can entertain our supreme insight Our hearts live mightily with pure delight Russell Sivey

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Give  away the real you
...our days are all too few

Give an inspirational word
...encouragement's too seldom heard

Give away your smile
...walk the extra mile

Give a hug & kiss was made for this

Give's never too late
life's ready to reciprocate

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Who's Romantic Now

Who's Romantic Now? My Hubby is so Romantic that he told me I had infinite beauty the other day. And he said he is going to prove it, by looking at me from infinity, far away. But that’s OK I have to say, for he looks a lot like me. And I send him daily off to infinity; as to work he has to be. Now what’s so romantic about that, you may rightly ask? You see… he was supplying my muse, so my poem won’t come in last. CSEastman: Written on: 4-10-2012 Contest: 1-6 lines of Romance & Love Free Poetry Contest

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"God's Bad Rap"

Love is Christianity not religion
Religion is devised of mind mischief!

Love dwells not religiously in a mind of mischief
But a mind swells religiously in it’s mischief!

So renew the mind to be Love’s kind
Dwell not religiously in the mind!

Folks, Love is all the reality there is
Not of ego of mind’s show biz!

Temporal lessons of life a quiz
To teach your mind where your Love is!

Your mind displays your tree of death
And by it’s tongue accomplishes it’s quest!

Speak now or forever hold your peace
Good advice, first determine your yeast!

Is it religion or is it Love
Of the mind or of a heart of Love!

There is no power but of God’s Love............................................(c Ro. 13:1)(I john 4:8)
Love, the power of your choice, death or life!............................(c Deut. 30:19)(Pr. 18:21)

Without the very mercies of Love
Humanity never would rise above!

The being of choice, life or death
Every human being has voice of choice!

Foolish to blame a God who is Love
For the death of your very own voice!


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'without reason for every season'

it crept up on me without a reason unquestioned love for every season Inspired by: David Williams' Twenty / Twenty contest Written by: Wilma Neels

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Stare into my eyes and make me lose my train of thought.
Kiss my lips good night with all the passion that you've got.


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Hide and Seek

Cat and Mouse: hide and seek
This could take an hour or week

No one wants to seem too bold
So we put our love on hold

A peek here and a peek there
Wondering if we really dare

Wondering what the seconds bring
Wondering if the phone will ring

Wondering, wondering:  peek a boo
You’re hiding…. but I SEE you

I see past that great big wall
Your heart’s ready for the fall

I know that you caught the bait
But I sit and wait and wait

I’m patient, got time of day
But oh, what if you get away!

Cat and mouse: hide and seek
Oh, my knees are getting weak

Oh, this heart’s sure to explode
The waiting’s gone to overload

One more second's just too much
No time for cat games and such

Hide and seek…is getting old
Here I am! My love is bold!

Ready? You'll be caught real tight!
Cause boy, your just out of sight!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Fire in the Blood

           Fire in the Blood

How we love your warming glow 
Yet know that we must fear you so
For you would set our hearts ablaze
With your subtle creeping ways

The warming glow the heart desires
Not roaring anger of your fires
Somewhere between we must control
For either side would steal our soul

First the flicker of your flame
Smoulders artery and vein
Finds the fibre to combust
Maybe love, more often lust 

How you make us volatile
When we meet deceptions smile
How your heat does dissipate
As your ashes cool to hate

Without you our blood runs cold
To hot, and angers hard to hold
But we love that place between
Hot passion and comfort serene

If only we could bring confines
Have you never cross those lines
But we love that which excites
And so accept the blood ignites

R D Seal 23 Feb 13

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~ She fondly engraves her signature,’ My Dear Heart’
With poetry that paints pictures, a style setting her apart ~
Those hands gliding with decorative touches and lyricism
So vintage like her soul ~ a woman of depth and mysticism ~ ~

Yet ~ she is more than a top rhapsodist; she is a staunch friend
Inspiring me to dip the quill down to the gut; to soar, to bend
~For word scenes that are uniquely dramatic, funny or divine ~
And every chance we get online, she shares her love of all time

“This is how my day went," ~we laugh and frown about simple things
Making  cyber world so warm, a space of trust that sweetly sings ~
Though I may be a ‘young’ souper, it seems we understand each other
Accepting our moods ~ and rising above petty site issues, rather;   *

*Constance plods on while her melody swoons  on renowned pages
Hosting contests quite strict with rules; but that’s how she really is ~
And now ~  I search for her in the forest of my withering dear heart
~ Wishing she would spring back; oh, don’t you think she must?  * *

                                             ~ * ~

For Cyndi Mac Millan: Missing Souper, We Love You!
By nette onclaud


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Broken Pieces

                                 My eyes closed as broken pieces fell to the floor...
                               Through my fingers they dropped by an open door...
                              The breeze blew in as I struggled to put them back...
                                         Some fit and others drifted into cracks...
                                    The hands of the clock don't flip back like pages...
                                   They only tick on and fade like curtainless stages...
                           As the door closes I stare at the pieces left on the ground...
                      Only to remember how the beat of two hearts made one sound...

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Words of Love

Words of love

From heaven I wish my wife could see
The words of love that come from me

Out of my heart and into my head
Come the words I wish I had said

From my lips to my wife’s ears
Hear the words that bring my tears

Joey I will never forget
That day and how we met

You and I started as two
I look forward to again be with you

I don’t know how or when it will be
Together again just my darling and me 

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I need to get out the walls are closing in
I'm going into town just to breathe again

A girl became my world and it grew small
The only place out was a restaurant or mall

I disconnected with most of my close friends
She monopolized my life and listed my sins

And then to hear that there was another schmuck
It was no good for me and also his dumb luck

Funny how angry you feel to one who's a stranger
Threatening each other with all kinds of danger

But tonight I'll visit a pub down on lonely street
You never know in that place who you'll meet. 

*This poem is one in a series of fiction poems
touching on this topic

Date: 6-29-14

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Sunshine, take me to your forever-summer land
	Take me to those dunes of honey-gold sand

Sunshine, make me know what it's like to feel heat
	Make me feel like the sky where sun and horizon meet

Sunshine, show me from whence the dawn first sprang
	Show me how the East blushed when light first came

Sunshine, teach me how to feel alive where rain never falls
	I want to know how to survive when in you I am lost


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For twenty-one years our love was tied
The one person in whom I'd confide
God knows we had a beautiful ride
You were my bride

Traveled together, we saw the world
We dreamed on the stars all unfurled
Life was a dance we gave it a whirl
You were my girl

In early morning we'd listen to chimes
Back door open we'd love these times
We were a poem with perfect rhymes
You were my greatest lines

Everything now births a fresh memory
Begging God for peace to let it be
Slipped from earth you're finally free
Still always you and me

Life feels so crushingly cold.. It's stern
Separated now by this blizzard's churn
What's happened leaves a heart's yearn
Inside.. where frozen embers still burn

*Yesterday my sweet sister passed into eternity.  This poem is from her husband's 
perspective as he's shared stories.  (We drove 13 hours yesterday so please forgive 
unanswered soup mail)

Contest: Gail's "Where Frozen Embers Still Burn"
Date: 8-24-14

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Text Talk- Lover's Spat

obe nstlc musbar omik uryy4my ptl iyo wbu? 2b or not 2b 1432 ________________________________ Translation: Overcome by events .........I need some tender loving care I know I messed up beyond all repair I opened my mouth, inserted my keyboard You are too wise for me...... praise the Lord! In your opinion......what about you? To be or not to be...........I love you too

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A little bit confused was beautiful Spring, 
She had to choose for life a bridegroom. 
Who will give her a wedding ring? 
Three men wanted to be her happy and bloom. 

March, April and May vied with each other. 
About their great love they quietly talked. 
April was for Spring like a brother, 
With March she just often liked to walk. 

Timid March gave her beautiful primroses, 
Out of snowdrops he made a wreath, 
He didn’t want to know any losses, 
He promised her the whole world’s wealth. 

Delicate and sweet was April. 
He gave her a necklace of brilliant drops. 
The life with him could be stable, - he said, 
She’d be rich and would get good crops. 

A wonderful May pleaded Spring: 
You are my love! Take my wedding ring! 
Be quick, Spring! Be my wife! 
We’d be happy together the whole life. 

And Spring trusted the handsome May. 
Without any delay she sewed the white dress, 
For the veil she took the apples blossoms. 
That was her best and the happiest day. 

The whole world was whirling in the dance. 
May was getting married with Spring! 
The Earth was full of love and romance, 
Happiness to all this marriage would bring. 

©Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)


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Love Flew Out the Window - Revised

Love flew out the window, the wind took it away
Hoping you would catch glance, but you did not look its way

There are no beats filling my heart, our love is now untwined
Like a captain abandoning ship, I will leave it all behind

Ears not needed for listening, there is nothing to converse
Two people branded by papers that are difficult to reverse

Feeling like a punished child, I am done giving reasons
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall...I just need a change of seasons.

©Holly P. Moore
   November 2012

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going home

Oh sweet love that’s now been taken,
Back to thy loving care,
Their life on earth you lent us,
To enrich ours while they’re here.
And now they are returned, 
Once again were on our own,
Give strength, and light our path lord,
In a world that’s filled with wrongs.
We know you have a purpose,
Yet to us it seems unclear.
But faith in you eternal,
Will help to ease our fears.
And when our time must surely come,
To meet you at the end,
To dwell in peace forever,
And to meet our love again.

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Two Halves Of The Whole

Secret kisses in the dark make endless night seem bright;
Endless kisses from the heart, my mind and soul's delight.

I alone know the gift you bring of rose-resplendent light;
Alone I know the things you bring, that bring my smiles to life.

Soul-safe in your arms, and this darkness sinks from sight;
Holding you, caressing you, our spirits one in flight.

The colours you bring, hues of rhodonite and rubellite;
The songs you sing, soothing vibrations through indigo night.

A loving word, a tender touch, colours burst and ignite;
A look, a smile, a certain style, I crave with all my might.

A love inspired by the sensual words that you write;
Loving you could mean, to me, there is no wrong or right.

With our words combined poetic vision takes flight;
With our words entwined lovers' hearts unite.

The warmth you bring, a click, a love that feels so right;
The love you give, a click, comforts me every night.

Sending messages with my keys, hoping to excite;
Receiving messages from your keys, our hearts unite

When you touch me in tranquil amethyst twilight;
When moonlight touches us in the grey and blue of night.

co-written by Charlotte Puddifoot and John Loving

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The Second Man

Am I doomed to live a tale I cannot simply complete?
Shall I always remember her with every knocking beat?

I loved a girl who was never supposed to be mine, 
I drew her sky with lilies and her ground with pine; 

Saw new horizons from the beam of her blue eyes, 
Never knew these radiant cyans could be made of lies;

They warned me not to dream far with a too-closed lid,
Vanity told me it is envy and my vision became turbid! 

First month was a walk in Eden with roses flying in between, 
Second month declared the birth of a love yet not foreseen; 

The third summoned all jealous gazes and murmurs in a chest, 
In the fourth she disappeared and no it is not some silly jest! 

I wandered far and long trying to figure out as much as I can,
Why the only girl I loved would run away with another man?

Does love deceive humans when it manipulates and controls them?
How easy for us to blindly fall into a cleverly-webbed state of rem!

A year passed me by with all of its months and weeks and days, 
I aged in that empty year but had to bitterly live that phase;

Just then I saw her striding along the road, a vision to be seen,
The girl, who haunts me still, was carrying a baby so serene!!

My heart grew colder as I greeted her with the words I barely mustered, 
The scene deadened me since then and left me again heart-flustered! 

(True Story - Happened between 1996 and 1997)

© Guru Jad 2013

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Why is it so that you have to fight ?
when you know you're all brothers and this aint right...
Why is it so that you have to be greedy?
when you have enough, more than the poor and needy...
Why is it so that you have to be jealous?
when you know its not right and may even hell us...
Why is it so that you are not thankful to the ALMIGHT?
when you see others can you bear such a sight?
Why is it so that you have become blind
with fame and pride just in your mind?
But the time will come when you all will see
and regret and weep and then no one will be

forgiven and will be sent to an unimaginable place no man has seen
and there they'll be punished and wont even have their family there to lean.......

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Speaking of Love

My wife and I have seen it all
The very spot were demons call

No will to leave or will to fight
Two lost souls living in the night

But in each other what we found
Two beating hearts one single sound

I love her more than words can say
She is the light that guides my way

She is the light that guides my path
She is the numbers in my math

If one plus one then equals two
She’s the meaning of all I do

She’s the smile that starts my day
The sunset that fades it away

Of all we do and all we are
Know my wife is my guiding star

For her I shall be all I can
A kind and gentle loving man

Our love is written in the stars
Our love has melted prison bars

Our love overcame addiction
Stronger than any affliction

Stronger than any test of time
All things from God end up divine

See that’s the blessing of our love
A divine gift from God above

What I cherish the most in life
I am a man who loves his wife

She is the better half of me
Always has been, always will be

Speaking on love all I can say
She made me all I am today

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Soft, moist clay settles on humus of the earth 
Whispering winds brushing drags of my girth
And graveyards dressed in gauze know he is there
While sorrow rips this heart almost, almost bare

If my heart still breaks in a field of tombs
Where my only love sleeps in pale of wombs
I’d rather lie on his arms with my starved eyes
Than slip into hours lonely, choking my sighs

And in this world, I trace my fingers on his name
Sinking into memories now in ashen forms, oh pain
As his laughter engulfs me in silence of graves’ melody
Deaf now in echoes of raked, raked eternity

I stare at roses gray like my ruffled hair strands
Planting seeds in our garden missing a pair of hands
The beats of a daily requiem skips, petals falling
Angels fair, bring me to him on near night calling 


HGarvey  Daniel Esquire's If I Have a Broken Heart
by nette onclaud

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The Bench

                                           The Bench

This evening I walked through the park, the old wooden bench was still there
And the memories of meets after dark, rushed in of the times we would share
She said, I will meet you at eight, I knew she’d be true to her word
Not once, was she, ever late, by the strokes of the town clock I heard

Long before her, I would  always be, to rehearse what I wanted to say
To dream of her touch heavenly, how her hair on her shoulder would lay
She’d settle her light form close by, I ’d slide my arm round her waist
On her face I would fix longing eye, then her loving kisses I’d taste

And how I remember the night, I knelt, asked her hand could I take
And at first, she teased, she might, then at last my heart didn’t break
She’d say, you are full of romance, is easy with you, I would say
She’d ask, if there was a chance, we’d be here when we’re old and grey

So I find myself sitting once more, on the bench where it had all begun
Though the years, have passed double score, I still hasten the setting of sun
I hear, eight strokes singing plain, and soon she’ll be sitting close by
We’ll meet at the bench yet again, where my heart waits with same, longing eye

Entered into, Black Eyed Susan, contest, On a Bench
Written 18 March 13

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All the Things I Never Told You

All the things I never told you
Are all the things I never will

All the kisses I never gave you
Lie dormant, unfeeling, still  

All the dreams that stayed inside me
Plans of how your heart I’d win

Are the dreams that haunt me ever
As I sit here and grieve my sin

All the fantasies I shared not
For they'd surely drive you wild

Are all the fantasies that burn me
For by you I’ve been reviled

All the love that I kept bottled
In my heart tight and secure

Is the love that rots away, dear
For this dying, there is no cure

My love, it is far too late now
To tell you how much you mean

For in your arms there is another
Whom you named your beauty queen

Still I sit here and I wonder
Think of all I should have said

Afraid I was, afraid and timid
To invite you to my bed

Yes, I could have warmed and loved you
Yes, I could have made you my king

Now I watch in abject sorrow
As your love makes her heart sing

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Today SOMEONE is feeling compelled to care for the fatherless
And SOMEONE is heeding the call for needy orphans in distress

As a result, SOMEONE begins to give, begins to serve, begins to go
SOMEONE decides to build an orphanage, sponsor a child, get in the know

SOMEONE realizes that 38,000 orphaned children age out every day
And there is SOMEONE who is screaming out that this is not okay

SOMEONE sees a child's empty future, and feels their lack of hope
SOMEONE knows without life and job skills the orphan cannot cope

Seventy percent in crime or prostitution, SOMEONE has a heart break
SOMEONE knows there's growing desperation with an over 10% suicide rate

SOMEONE is restless, in spite of all the efforts, that this problem only grows
SOMEONE is impassioned enough to ruffle a few feathers and step on toes

Finding a strategic solution to orphan care becomes SOMEONE's chief aim
SOMEONE knows there are a 153 million orphans and they're people, not a stain

SOMEONE understands that to reach orphans you have to reach their town
Discipleship in homes, schools, and businesses, SOMEONE isn't messing around

SOMEONE refuses to settle for welfare, band-aid ministry models that fail
The Gospel transforms the city, because SOMEONE decides to go tell

SOMEONE decides to be the Church, to have their actions say I love you
I've decided I'll be that SOMEONE, will you be that SOMEONE too?

*A Poem about deciding to be Someone that makes a difference!

Sponsor: Nathan A.
Contest Name: Poems ending with a question

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Goodnight Moon

<                                              Goodnight moon
                                    Only God knows if I'll see you soon

                                    As I stand under this canopy of stars 
                                    It looks as if you're riddled with scars

                                      From your illuminating harvest glows
                                   To those frosted faces from a winters toll

                                          You even play your peek a boo
                                          With clouds that shuffle by you

                                            Don't you know I love you so
                                         So please stay and don't you let go

                                               You're my guiding light
                                       My shining armor through-out the night

                                    The crickets are even playing our love song
                                             So let's dance all night long

                                         For I know the sun will be rising soon
                              And we'll start hearing yodel calls from a loons tune

                                             Well    goodnight moon 
                                          You've slipped away all to soon

                                                    It's been fun
                                        Dam ! now here comes the sun

Entry For
Deb Guzzi's 
Harvest Moon Contest
G.L. All










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Copyright © 2012 
(A Purpose So Clear) 

Like children we fear 
  In secret a somber tear 

Like learning to walk 
 Babies listen to talk 

And reach for a hand 
  To help them stand 

This too, we all must do 
  By HIS Hand made anew 

by: LP

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My Spiritual Valentine

My Spiritual Valentine

Our vows said, "Till death do us part"
My love you are forever my sweetheart

Although I am far, you are here with me
Our spirits to soar for eternity

Remember my love as the wind breaths on your face
This is me sending you a kiss from this place

My valentine to you on this special day
Beautiful cherished memories, our spiritual boquet

Written by:  Debra M. Falgout
February 14, 2013

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Spritual Gangster

You don’t want to miss this
But don’t be confused this aint Christmas
You’ve gotta get real my brotha and kiss this
I’m a spiritual criminal with lipstick

If you’re lucky you just might make my hit list
Coz I’m a murderer killing *****es ego’s with fake riffs
If you’re a moral criminal and do the minimal you can’t hit this
We must stand together my brother to beat this

Pleasure - pain, generosity - blame, loss - gain infamy and greed
It’s not hard don’t get angry and there’s no need to bleed
It’s just like John Lennon said when he said love is all you need
Stand with me my friend and let go of fear if you want to be freed 

I’ll mind punch you in the heart and give you a soul diss
Aint no big brotha gonna hold me and frisk this
You’re not lost or all alone coz my arrows fire straight and can’t miss
Things aint changed and love can still fix this

Pleasure pain, Generosity blame, loss gain infamy and greed
It’s not hard don’t get angry and there’s no need to bleed
It’s just like John Lennon said when he said love is all you need
Stand with me my friend and let go of fear if you want to be freed 
Love -love- love is all you need

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Let It Go

If I could I would erase the page
On all of your past sad heartbreak days
You know you're the one I love the most
But I can't compete with your past ghosts

Sometimes when we're making love
And we fit together like hand in glove
You use your body like a battering weapon
Not to show your love but as if to teach a lesson

Thats when I wonder are you there with me
Or off banishing memories that I cannot see. 
I am standing here right in front of you
Please forget the past, now it's just us two. 

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All That There Is

All that there is and what to give
Among this crazy world in which I live

Mastered the trip to being alone
Let the heart go cold as a stone

There I can and will be safe alas
Save for the fire of all that has passed

Walking along that last crooked mile
Stumbling around to the tune of a smile

So peaceful where the wind doesn't blow
Feeling deep inside that beautiful glow

All of this I have been bestowed
Traversing along further down that road

After all that I've seen and all that I am
Something inside yearns for the touch of a man

Been skipping around alone and so free
Yet chained by desire and being so lonely

For the One that will only love me
Not just for the ride and what they can see

Pray for the One who will love me like that
That's the One I will love back

It might be simple or it might be tough
And assuredly it would never be enough

To give all there is to give
Among this crazy world in which I live

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Dancing in Delight

Bring not showers to my eyes
rather, i shall dance in your delight.

Your joy, my reason for such bliss
your sorrow, the approach of death's cold kiss.

Your smile, being the sun in my sky
your hope, the twinkle in my eye.

Your heart, the balm of every wound
long forgotten when it's in bloom.

Your love, the difference between day and night
your heart's embrace, my Soul's delight...

I would not your Soul without your heart.

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A Place In The Sun

Shelter from the shattering storm.
I seek you God to keep me warm.

Deep in my heart I have no doubt.
My wounded soul is turned about.

He gathers me in His comforting arms.
Shines forth to keep me from all harms.

The radiance from His beautiful face
lights my journey and brings me grace.

With a band of cherubim by His side
Lord Jesus begs me not to hide.

" Don't worry child" He says to me.
"The stripes on my back will set you free"

This gives me hope for joyful days
as I bask in His glorious rays.

I could not have a dearer friend.
With Jesus life will never end.

for the contest "A Place In The Sun"
sponsored by Gail Angel

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A Day or Two

Isn't it amazing how love loves to speak
So I kissed her lips after each cheek;
When I looked longingly into her eyes
How much I loved her would realize.

My love was enough to move many mountains;
Her face seemed soft like streams and fountains;
Each time when a wave washed in to shore
My great love for her grew more and more.

While waiting for our front door to open
For her to be here, I had been hoping
And at night while looking way out far
Saw her endless beauty in each shining star.

Was welcomed each morning by bright dew
Even though she had been gone a day or two
Best day in my life for me will always be
When she returned back home to me.

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Valley of Promise

From the darkest of the days had I endured all alone; With a promise of comp'ny never set into stone. From the greenest of valleys and a glorious sky Did he step into me, just a lone passerby. He had promise and loy'lty, or so I had thought. . And every word that he offered I easily bought. To feel and to clutch with the purest of love And not a pain to touch or a worry thought of. To hear his heart beat was a symph'ny alone. . But a promise to remain never set into stone.

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burning within my soul

Fire is the burning within my soul
Half alive am no longer whole

Heat is placed there by providence
But I am living without self confidence

But the fire is lit for all to see
Look at my face to see the real me

When I bare my soul to all
The furnish shudders with the call

Look deeply into my eyes
But beware do not surmise

That all is fine within this place
Cos’ the ice maiden has shown her face

So fire and ice do not mix
One begats the other, know their tricks

But kept apart they live in harmony
Until another lost love kindles the agony

Contest :  Fire and Ice   Penned by Seren Roberts

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I Will Always Love You

My love for you has hurt me
oh, all the things I thought we'd be

Tell me, why were you so afraid?
Forced to watch as my heart decayed.

I waited for any word you'd send
did I wait in vain in the end?

My heart will not move anymore
locked inside your top dresser drawer.

You made a killer of your fear
but still I love you, my dear.

And when this has finally killed me
I shall slip beneath the sea.

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Freedom gives itself away

Everytime i think i am hiding
hiding from experience 
the thought flow forever blinding
captive in its omnipresence 
certain paths have no finding
beware of any convergence
a rigid view forever binding.
Seek to witness truth in beauty
witness the beauty in truth
a bite of apple can prove fruity
each natural chunk holds proof
change perception alter reality
experience the magnitude of truth
don’t assert the definition of congeniality.

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0ne precious moment

Sing softy sweet nightingale, 
Your notes make a soothing lullaby,
As a new born is cradled in its mother’s arms, 
Precious moment that must soon go by.
Ever watched, and protected,	
Made out of tenderness and love,
A gift granted by the great divine,
Watched over from the world above.
As you lie there, in bliss and innocence,
Bringing pleasure to those most dear.
For now just keep on sleeping,
And know there is no fear.

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A Second Chance

A Second Chance

For so many years I had my wife
Now it’s sadness that fills my life

I miss that time we would caress 
I miss the touch of tenderness

I talk to my wife every day  
Love is one of the words I say

I loved to smell my wife’s hair
I wish I had a lock of it here 

Your gone and out of sight
To heaven you will be my shining light 

At the end of my life
I will again be with my wife

In heaven again my wife and me
A second chance it will be

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Gods Resonance

There's A Fine Line Which Can Be Traced
Between love and Insanity.

                             - The Division of Gods -

It Spreads itself Through The Air
Like a Cancer To The Flesh.

                              - The Division of Cells -

He's Taken Shelter From The World,
Right at the Back of His Mind.

                               - The Division of Thought -

All This Worlds a Playground, And All
The Children Have Grazed Knees.

                                - The Similarity of the Human -

The Ethereal Bark Stains, Punched The
Time Card in His Memories.
                                - The Manipulation of Nostalgia -

He'll Stand in The Middle of the Swing Set
At 1am, With an Imaginary Sun on his Back.

                                - The Degradation of Purpose -

He Ponders To Himself That Loneliness Has No Alternative.
As He'll Never Share His Mind With Anybody Else. 

                                - The Destruction of Ignorance -

                                    - The Unachievable Bliss -

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only love

Close your eyes and fall asleep
Hold me tight go down so deep
Don't you worry about fearful dreams
I'll promise you safety with blissful gleams
I'll hold you tight and give you life
I'll take away your horrid strife
Don't you worry, now don't you cry
Loving you is easy, no need to try
Slip your fingers in tight with mine 
I'll look into your eyes, oh so fine
Put your hand on my heart and feel the beat
Take a step closer, my lap is your seat 
I'll kiss your cheek and move your hair
You'll look at me, and I'll feel your stare
Look at each other and grasp the moment
Let the feelings inside no more be dormant
I'll move in closer let our noses touch
Lean my head a little, but not to much
Feel your breath pass on my lips
Until our heads, each one dips
Our love is measured by grains of the beach
By the distance that the sun can only reach
Let me close I'll give you my all
Stand there close for when you fall

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Fixing a Rainbow With Words

I sat on half a rainbow and dangled my feet...
I think your on the other side, but to far to reach...
Maybe we can cast out some words to close the gap...
My ideas are near like a bag of thoughts sitting on my lap...
But I must choose the right ones to connect our lines...
Any diversion from this theme will leave us stranded in time...
So tender pieces will be built with care for each word to flutter...
And in the end a couplet of smiles will pull this rainbow back together...
Now a string of poems spread out across my sky to yours...
And all my thoughts and love find their way to your doors...

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Today Suzanne will wear a red tutu costume her mom made for Halloween,
her baby rosy cheeks will seem two roses of a garden with a satin sheen.

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Furbaby Love

Talk about your unconditional love.
These furball babies were sent from above.

When I come home they greet me at the door.
Then run and tag each other 'cross the floor!

I love to watch them on their window perch.
With wide-eyed wonder on a squirrel search.

Or watching birdies fly past their domain.
On sharp alert they listen to the rain.

Such comfort I get when I'm sick or sad.
When they climb in my lap I can't feel bad.

For special treats they get some kitty nip.
I roar with laughter as I watch them flip!

Just can't imagine life without these two.
That they enrich my world's so very true!

Written by Deb Wilson -November 2nd 2011
*for contest"Write Me A Happy Poem"
sponsored by Francine Roberts

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Activity #8

You're the air that I breathe
The calm to my seethe

You're the love that I hate
The one perfect mate

You're the way that I move
I walk in your groove

You're the pill that I take
With all that's at stake

You're the love of my life
Though you fill me with strife

You're the cloud in my rain
Confusing my brain

You're the hue in my clothes
So that everyone knows

You're the hunch in my back
It keeps me on track

You're the word on my lips
The sway of my hips

You're the way that I live
Though it's hard to forgive

You'll be the way I go
For I love you so

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In the Moment

Divinity ______ As quickly as morning dew has gone before a breath has touched the dawn I cry in compassion through lofty heights and drown in gardens of colored light Before a touch has fulfilled a dream I treasure this moment in eyes that gleam I pleadge an sweet devotee and fall in the abyss naked and free With words of hope and sweet poetry I touch her light of love's charity ______ As quickly as morning dew has gone an evanescent love sings her song _________________________________________ Poet ~ Rick Parise 12/27/2014

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My mother sweeping up the floor,
Or greeting neighbors at the door.
Stopping for a cup of tea,
With cookies and some milk for me.

She’d make the beds, do other chores
Before hanging the clothes outdoors.
My mother led a busy life
And still she was a happy wife.

The meals that from my mother came,
Would put all restaurants to shame.
She was the world to Dad and me.
She’s with me still in memory.

I see her shining chestnut hair
And tortoise comb to hold it there.
She kept it all in ordered check
Except for curls on back of neck.

She gazed at me with mother’s pride
Until the very day she died.
I know there’ll never be another
Who could love me as did Mother.

Mother’s always in my prayer.
I ask that she be happy there,
With floors to sweep or beds to make
Someone to love for love’s own sake.

By Joyce Johnson 5/4/02  Wpm # 2

For D P's Early Mother's Day Contest

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Two of a Kind

misplace this misplace that
and we’re both fighting fat

we’re two of a kind
you are quite a find

we’re not the Odd Couple
mine green hers purple

she’s diabetic
my brain went static

life’s full of ups and downs
found love in a sea of clowns

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Your False Intentions

This is the last time I'll be caught up in your trap.
False intent and callousness are feathers in your cap.

No one there to break your fall,your gaming days are over.
Nobody's home to take your call,go try to dance in clover.

I loved you with all my being,still you took more than that.
Your intentions not so easily seen,those promises fell flat.

You took my heart and battered it in a blitzkrieg attack.
Held my soul and shattered it;you never did look back.

Won't be the icing on your cake,don't even want to try.
All is not lost,I'm stronger and I've come to say goodbye.

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The Empath

“The Empath”

Fighting the darkness such a futile desire
It was I that once asked that my heart might inspire
Wanting destiny altered..refusing to see
Deluding oneself leads to vast misery
I asked understanding the deep mysteries of time
I have touched divine purpose and all things sublime
So why still do I ask for more answers within?
I must take up my cross that true life might begin
One day darkness, he answered…you’re forever alone,
You are the can never go home.
Why do you wonder if you’re cursed and or blessed?
You know all things beautiful but never can rest
To see love so clearly feel her beauty unfold
You must wander as home sick and give what you know
Your heart is the treasure you’ve paid with you life
The currency abandonment, betrayal and strife
Not for self have you paid, for true love cannot take
To know what you asked ones heart bleeds, it must break
Though forever concealed, it had to be true 
Still you have made all the choices it was all up to you.

Lawrence Schrank

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Golden Heart

I'm so done trying to lift my heart
That aches for when you did depart
and try to lift my chin and smile
even though its been awhile
since i have felt your tender touch
all this pain and regret, to much
time to think of what went wrong
my list of changes, is much to long
of what i would have done better
i hope that you see in this letter
that my dear, i hope you smile
even though it has been a while
since that day that I did depart
and mended is your Golden heart...

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In a land of Fantasy

Still around the corner, there may wait
A new road or a secret gate

My heart yearns and wails
For you, dark knight, to greet you with hails

Its been ten years since we made the promise
Of being together, sealed with a kiss

The angels do shine on your castle
Mine is darkly illumined by my own battle

Gloomy and lonely is the shore
Like me, it seems to crave the fairies encore

I shall wait as long as i shall remain strong
The dragons shall capture me only if my love is wrong

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Having a Wife

Having a Wife

What does it mean to have a wife
For  me it was someone to share my life

Someone to love and protect everyday
To love and cherish in everyway     

To have loved in the life we did share
To love so much and so much to care

In my heart to feel her touch
Having children and grandchildren to love so much

You will always be in my life
Till the end of time you are my wife

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My Mommy

My mommy has elmos laugh.
She is a part of the riverside staff.

My mother is really short.
Baketball is her favorite sport.

Peanut is my mothers nickname.
In basketball she brought her a-game.

She loves me a whole bunch.
She always takes me out to lunch.

My love for her will never die.
This is truly NOT a lie.

This poem is finally over.
Now she knows i love her.

By: Cherica Eckiwaudah

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For Love Of A Child

For love of a child, a heart was stilled A pledge to his son had been fulfilled A promise that although apart He'd be there always in his heart For love of a child, a father gone His baby left to carry on Without his strong and caring dad To share the times they should have had For love of a child, he risked it all To protect his little one so small Gave everything that he could give He died so that his child could live

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Sweet enough to Eat contest

Her angelic smile and darling face,
Melted away a bitter place,
Her graceful presence, genuine and sincere,
Helped my purpose to become exceptionally clear,
For pleasing sounds ran through her hands,
On zebra keys they seemed to stand,
Her unfermented, pure, natural sweet
Performed notes that danced to noble beats,
A delightful fragrance of sheer perfection,
Gave way to an emotional resurrection,
Beloved friend with a cinnamon heart,
Words cannot express where I yearn to start,
When describing a bud that has blossomed into a rose,
Pleasing to the eyes and delightful to one’s nose,
Careful selections of words must be conveyed
For her exquisiteness dries up all weeds that once laid,
In her garden of rejuvenation
Nectars only inspiration,
Not one part of her is stale, dull or stifling to ones appetite,
She is simply beautiful throughout the day and  beyond the night.

By: sabina nicole

Contest: sweet
Written: 7/7/12

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Married For Keeps

Our marriage is a promise from heaven above,
That we are bind with each other forever to love,
A promise not to give up when trials arrived,
A commitment into a journey,our goal to make it last.
For now we are both parents the pressure arise,
But the joy is more abundant for us to don't mind,
For our child is a gift, a treasure, an angel,
The reason that we have this most special bond.
Whenever we are weary and our faith is not enough,
We just prayed to God, to secure our hearts,
For we will keep our promise no mater how hard it seems,
We need to keep going, for our love to keep on  surviving.
As we age, i can't guarantee I'll be lovable at all times,
For i know i have my shortcomings, not easy to handle out,
And i have to say i always love you more enough,
At times you are annoying,it is still you that i've been longing.
My love for you has grown stronger through the years,
Giving me more reasons to conquer all of this fears,
Just remember the day that i said " I Do" to you,
It was my heart's promise that i will stand by you.
Lane (01/26/2013)

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A Kiss of Sunshine

The sun is in the sky above
Kissing me as if it wants my love 
And in my heart I feel this heat
And a sensation from my head to my feet
I feel the kiss of sunshine on my skin
Instead of ignoring it I let it all in
Even though it once burned me up
And then I had a traumatizing drop
But I’ll fall for you all over again
And I’ll wait for you right after the rain
I’ll fall in love when I know you’ll be mine
Then all I’ll want is a kiss of sunshine
Kiss me sweet and kiss me well
Don’t limit me like prison cell
And I’ll admit that I love you
Because I know you love me too

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love needs love

Love needs love in return
Like hunger needs food

Love needs love
Like order needs rules

Love needs love in return
Like sickness needs healing

Love needs love
Like secrets need revieling

Love needs love in return
Like thirst needs water

Love needs love
Like trust needs a promise

Love needs love in return
Like homeless need a home

Love needs love
Like desire needs hope

Love needs love in return
To aid those needing help

Love needs love
When love is by itself

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If You Were Ever My Girl

If you were ever my girl, how happy I would be
We'd go down in history, our names carved on a tree

We would walk the seasons happily hand in hand
Form girlfriend to fiancée, I'd take that marriage stand

As we enter our tomorrows, children we would discuss
To bring such joy to the world, by loving made by us

We'd grow every day much stronger, kids help to do this
Doing so much together is what's called family bliss

To see our kids prosper, and make their mark in life
As I view life's peripheral, I'm so glad you became my wife

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Fall Affair

Fall’s fire is written on every deciduous tree, A chorus of harmony displayed for all to see. The first frost paints lace on the window pane, Patterns and designs are never quite the same, The smell of burning wood floats in the chilled air, Signs that everything’s in place for a great love affair. Come together and cuddle close by the roaring fire, Sipping at hot cocoa, looking at your heart’s desire. It’s time to settle down with that special someone, Beachboys and parties of the summer are all done. The spark burns brightly on this lovely autumn day, Hoping this new simmering love beyond fall, will stay. Written October 1, 2011 By Lee Ramage For Michael J. Falotico’s contest Falling in Love in the Fall Won 4th place

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The Sower and the Reaper

You’re digging up the garden of you in my head
and taking out the stained sheets for the bed.
I fear the weeds that you could plant again
the thorn that may prick and leave a new stain.
How can I sleep in the bed where you buried sin,
yours and mine, in that game I couldn’t win?
You’re ripping up the bushes or roses and thyme
their sweet aroma of what once I called mine.
I had hoped in this a place that I could put you to rest
but you come with spades to dig up graves once blessed.
You seek the coffins that I hid away in my heart
to redefine magic that you made a dark art.
So you look through the drawers to find the sheet
where you played out the last of your deceit
like a puppet show with shadows, so softly it played
then you left everything here and slowly it decayed.
It took me years to let something new start to grow
to remove those sheets from the bed and hide them below.
And all I have tried to sow, you have moved in to reap
digging up things that are not yours to keep.

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I am 2

I am a couplet, a simple posy of two
lost in a sea of ecstasy, drowning with only You.......


My Number is 2
March 17, 1963

3+17 = 20
2+0 =2

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A Flame Once Burned

A Flame Once Burned

The new girl gathered her books as the class bell did ring
That’s when I noticed my heart’s spark began to fling
I followed her to physical Ed
I wanted to say hi but my boldness fled
Shafted by my own lack in doubting
Afraid her truth sparks would be most disheartening 
Next to the fire extinguisher the cafeteria door I did wait
Fueling flame of passion my thoughts which did innovate
I spied her and lingered the more inflamed
But the bow’s arm she tightly did clang
Sadly diminished my heart’s heaping flame
I stood at the door as she and he did pass
This flame which once burned seemingly did not last
Sadden and chard what had flamed so brightly
I bowed my head to walk away drably
But oh, I now gaze upon a most delightful redhead
Perhaps the flame again for her could instead

By Mark A. Goodson

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He’s there for me through thick and thin; Closer to me than my next of kin; With big ole feet, a long wagging tail; And a nose that’s never lost the trail; His long droopy ears have caught many a tear; But I always have comfort whenever he’s near; And I know whenever I am upset, He’ll be there, my loyal pet; He’s got my back, no matter what, My silly mongrel and devoted mutt; My baby Zeus, My faithful friend; The one that will be there till the end.

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"A tear"

“A tear”

I cried a tear for you today, let go all hopes for love
I’m hear alone still seeking “her” prayers ascending thrones above
So pure your heart I must not start to want your love for me
But when oh God will I find “her” I’ve known that ecstasy
Yet faith in love, in God all same, I ask for strength to wait
To behold the blessings in her eyes to touch those lips of fate.
When I think of you my sweet friend true, I want for you so much
To find the one who will hold your heart, your soul be safe to touch
Remember me my soul and pray to God that I also one day 
might find the “one” who must love me, to mend my broken heart you see
I guess the tear I cried today is as much a tear I cried for me.



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Beautiful Morning

The sun rises above the hillcrest,
 As does the joy of my heart;
 Rays of warmth and love,
 From her I will never depart.

 Fresh dew upon the grass,
 Young birds chirp in their nests;
 I watch her gently sleep,
 My love to her I silently profess.

 I enjoy the stillness and calm,
 Watching as she smiles and dreams;
 She brings me to stillness and peace,
 Like that of a slow flowing stream.

 My heart and soul flow with love,
 And I smile as I quietly reflect;
 I’ve been handed a sweet princess,
 A sweet princess to love and to protect.

 A vow to myself I make,
 As she quietly sleeps away;
 To love and always cherish her,
 Until my last breath... until my last day

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The Difference Between You and Us

You write ‘find me’ when no one is seeking
and sit in silence when you are speaking.

We can’t erase the memories
and it was a waste of energies.

You’re ready to ask when it’s the wrong question.
You know what to say but you forget the confession.

We can’t erase the blame
and it was a waste of blame.

You wait for whatever judgment will pass,
and sit collecting dust displayed behind glass.

We can’t erase memories of her command
and night by night they stay this hand.

Your heart blooms hope when words were ill spoke
and you laugh along, forgetting you are the joke.

We can’t erase what’s said and cope.
And her words bred sharp painful hopes.

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My Love

My love is a burning fire,
A strong desire.

It hurts and yearns,
But that's the only way to learn

There's good things too,
Like knowing my love is true.

But in my mind,
Love is a sin.

It hurts but,
I'm never giving in.

My love is good,
My love is strong.

It can't tell right from wrong.
When i fall, I fall hard.

I know its not good,
And I'd stop it if i could.

Buy still, at your heart i kneel.
I can't control how I feel.

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The beauty I am came at a large cost.
Sadness fills my heart for the love I lost.

The tattoo on my face is a mark of his love.
His love disappeared from me on wings of a dove.

This beautiful ring he placed it on my finger.
Said his love for me would never linger.

As he looked at me and walked away.
My heart was broken from that very day.

I sit her all alone with nothing to share.
There's no one to love me and no one to care.
                   Teresa Skyles

Entered in Constane La france~a rambling poet~"tell her story"contest

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Blankets Of stardust

Blankets of stardust, showers in sprinkles of gold
Bathing together in starlight, what beauty we behold

Golden stardust that’s magic, and lights up your eyes
Sprinkles all around us, our love gained this prize.

Blankets of stardust to wrap and enfold us so tight
This promise is for lovers, every moonlit night.

The Sparkle of love, sprinkles with each piece of stardust 
Entwined in the sparkles, and showers of golden trust.

Trust never to hurt or cause each other pain
Bathed in showers of stardust and love once again. 

The blanket of stardust that will pillow your head
Laying under the moonlight, no more to dread

Covered with a blanket of stardust, such a magical thing
Surrounded by the sparkles, wrapped as in a golden ring.

© ~GG~ 23/12/2012

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Be mine

I am only a novice
So when I am near you I get so nervous

I blame your beauty
It causes even angels to feel envy

But that's not the only reason why I want you
It's also your amazing attitude

You truly are great
I want to be apart of your fate

Even though your amazing, and I'm barely fine,
Will you be my valentine?

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Dark Horse in the Running

I love a dark horse in the running,
All feisty with so much cunning 

It's funny what they say you can't do
Simply put, they have no clue 

Wonderful when it is a shock
With a splattering of talent and luck 

Everyone doubts your skill,
They have no idea of your will

Listen to the message they send,
They will be standing at the end

Color that desire stunning 
I love a dark horse in the running

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Nature and the Heart

Like staring into the dark the more stars I see,
The more I try to forget you the more you appear to me

Like trying to put out a wild fire in the fury of the wind,
Trying to hide what is in my heart is useless in the end.

Like the waves in the sea during a raging storm,
I lost count of the thoughts of you that come in a swarm.

Like lungs in need of oxygen from the atmosphere,
My body longs for the presence of you here.

Like a volcano building ready to explode,
It’s hard to hold back this love overload.

Like a glacier floating so beautifully,
I keep most my feelings for you buried deep inside me.

Like a caterpillar stuck in a cocoon, 
Our love will never be able to bloom.

Like nature has destruction and life,
The heart loves and cuts like a knife.

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Rocky and Kitty's Love Story

They were predestined or so they thought
To hate each other;this lie they bought

Until one day when Kitty was straying
And Rocky caught a glimpse of her laying

So pretty and sweet out in the sun
His very first impulse was to run

But gazing at her he changed his mind
Even though he knew she wasn't his kind

Timidly Rocky rambled up to her
Heard the musical tones of that purr

He knew right then that he was smitten
Rocky just had to have that kitten!

Kitty yawned and opened her eyes
She looked at him and what a surprise!

She was struck by love at first sight
These two that normally would fight!

He carried her into his love nest
And you can likely guess the rest!

The forest's odd couple they became
The animal kingdom was never the same!

for contest"Tell Me About It"
sponsored by Francine Roberts

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My Dear

Your touch entices emotions in a wave-
With all the time to count one day-

My love for you around to flow-
The waters of eternity can show-

Softened with pools of immortality-
My love as are the drops of infinity-

If it happens, a need to cry-
I hope to show my tears can dry-
The apparent sorrow in the river of times-
Sounding through, rainless chimes-

My dearest you are to me-
More beautiful than the sea-

With the beams of heaven-
Off the towering mist shining-

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My Attic Treasure Trove

By Sashi Prabhu (zeauoxian)
Contest: treasure trove

Austerely laid my eyes firmly on my garden far side Tattered page piles, from my attic treasure trove, littered outside. I picked up a dog eared page of the days of sitting together, In this garden, cuddling and smooching in cold weather. On such a glorious winter day, I scribbled on this page love notes, A long time ago, by the way, in double quotes Nostalgic now the dismal, Melancholy tenors that fill in, Memories of “au revoir”, replete my poignant heart to its brim. A wind now blows this dog eared page & it flies by the old gum tree Dully chase it with some rage &as I see the page, begin to read all about me…………….. For the last two lines, the paper is vacant void & bare, Heart’s healed wounds to open with quinine drenched text I would not dare.

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Loom Woven Significance

This Ground Used To Be Firm and Damp, But Now,
Now It's Broken and Soured Like Sunned Milk.

Tracing The Breaking in The Soil in Bare Feet,
Crumbles the Dirt and Feels Good on My Sole.

Deep Within The Crevasses I Find Myself Scratching
The Walls of Soot With Bitten Nails.

Carving Their Names in One By One, Their Names,
All Etched in Stumps. It Looks Vague, Too Vague:

                - But So is Their Memory -

Haunting, Like The Subtle Crimson Creeping Its Way
Across The Lenses, Tinting Them an Obvious but Shallow Red.

The Recollections Are Like Fragmented Pieces of Record,
Badly Sticky Taped Back Together and Played Faintly.

A Collaboration of Memorium all Reeled Out In Expressioned
Noises. Just Rivets Holding Together Translucent Emotions.

By Finding Them, Their Memories, Their Names, How Their
Flesh Felt Slinking Up and Down Mine.

                 - I Find Myself -

A Determined Spectre of Insignificance Within My Own Mind,
Clawing Desperately at a Fantasy I see fit to Suit Myself With.

The Realisation Sank out of The Sky 
and Under My Flesh...

To Find Yourself, Look Inside The Tapestry of Those You've Changed.

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The Wall

When I first met you, you were full of pain, so you built up a wall,
and you hid inside, but your life was dark, and you lived in vain.

When you discovered I loved you, and you found out how deep,
that wall began to crumble, and now it's just a heap.

With no wall between us, life has been swell, no longer are you
living in an infernal hell.

Every day I want to sing, and thank the Lord for all He brings,
my love remains ever true, and each passing day I still love you.

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Mixology Brews blends mixtures concoctions

By Sashi.Prabhu(zeauoxian0
(18th February 2012 nite at Kentucky shack on colva beach)
I was browsing through the menu and laid my eyes upon interesting cocktails and mock tails.
I snapped up the names with the blackberry camera and wove them together to couplets.
Dedicate this one to my friends who love and cherish the cocktails and mock tails.

With love from zeauoxian, black lady, Tom Collins, Three peaks merlot, white lady, John Collins. Between the sheets, pink pusy, screaming orgasm, Pink lady, lost bikini, orgasm. Misty nite, hairy navel, ding a ling, Sunset, buttock clencher, Singapore sling. Lady killer, fuzzy navel, coconut diaquiry, Bloody Mary, fenny wenny woo woo, orange diaquiry. Pure calypso, climax, kick in the balls, Caribbean fever, planter’s punch, rocks for the dolls. Peach pleasure, tequila sunrise, margarita, Pina coloda, sunset, caipirnha. Coco colada, slippery dick, the hammer, Gimlet, sweet nips, tequila slammer. Passona orange, passona lime, sex on the beach, Orange blossom, lime blossom. Passionate peach. Gin fiz, Cuba libre, Roby Roy, Black lagoon, black Russian, beach buoy. Fight fiesta, stinger rum cocktail, side car, Negroni, pink elephant, brandy lime shot from the bar. Mohjito, long island iced tea, whiskey sour, Renaissance merlot, vina tarapoca chardonnay. All these heady concoction, Many of them and lots of action. The science of achohol blending, of the art of mixology, All these to the tipper is fun and to do with a smooth tripology!!!!!!!!

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Where is my beloved

Where is my Beloved?


Fighting dark specters and deep resignation

Only hope in your love is my soul’s preservation.

Just one thing I desire and she’s calling me still,

With her heart full of dreams, all I long to fulfill.

How can I be certain, know your more than a dream?

Yes, I feel you beloved for your closer than me.

One day I’ll behold you, get lost in your eyes,

open all the safe places we worked so hard to hide.

We were made to be one, I know this you can feel.

It’s you choice; it’s your dream that will make me be real.

So Ill seek you beloved, till the day that I die

in the next life still asking …for your  love I will cry

Some day I will hold you and vanquish all doubt

And well learn on that day what all life is about.

Lawrence Schrank

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Who Is This Person Called Granny

Hi there little child welcome to this life.
Its time for me to warn you about your Grandpas wife!
Most kids have two Granny's, other kids have none.
I can't speak for both of yours but I sure can speak of one!

Since you haven't been here all that long I'd better clue you in
on certain things that you should know so why don't I begin.

Granny is a special breed she thinks she knows it all!
But if you play your cards just right she'll be at your beck and call!

She is such a pussy-cat you really have been blessed
she's probably not the greatest one but she ranks among the best.

As you travel down the road of life, this you'll learn through time
she's always going to love you and that's the bottom line!

If you respect her as you should - the rewards will be untold
you'll find the love you give to her is returned one hundred fold!

If you're wondering how I know her - why I love her like no other
the answer's very simple -  the lady is my Mother!

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"Soul Of A Challenged Person, Life of a Saint Assured"

As I entered into the supermarket that day,
In bewilderment, I saw this young man, at play.
He smiled, I smiled, I wondered at this unique child,
Wandering up and down, happy and mild, each aisle.

Fourteen in natural years, my eyes swelled with tears,
Right away, he stopped his play, came to calm my fears.

Not like us common folks, these beings are quite unique,
Reminders to you and me, special at their love’s peak.

This special rose was of mind, about four or five years,
His concern and love for me, brought flood’s many tears.

They are especially born, not of common seed,
No hate or strife, loves of life, not serpent greed.
 Unique, never to hate, they never fake__ poses,
Coming to us Father’s love form’s, true blue roses. 
Honorable Mention

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His Final Letter

I now lie here alone, the wounded have joined the dead
Hours pass like years, my body, in shrapnel torn shreds

My duty, my love for my country, I can no longer give
Memories knowing I have lived, are now starting to sieve

Being so far away from my family, so far away from my home
Daylight like my life, allures me to a darkening roam

  To my love I write this letter, my wife my lovely Serena
  My words are all I have left, in this war torn theatre arena

  Remember when I moved in next door, you were first to say hello
  And the day when you asked me out, I was too scared to go

  I know we were only eleven but something clicked that day
  Into our teens we grew, knowing I'd marry you one day

  The day of our wedding, was the happiest day of my life
  For knowing my heart was true, when I asked you to be my wife

  Thank you for being who you are, and what you made me to be
  Never wanting me to enlist, to protect the land of the free

  I'm seeing places of our past, the greens, our courting grounds
  You playing with your lovely blonde hair, twirling it around

  Serena, my love, my friend, thank you for being my wife
  Tell our kids I love them dearly, thank you for being in my life

I'm growing ever weaker, as I write through redded stains
The darkening roam allures me, the light now starts to drain

~*~ Inspired by an image created by Serena Dunaway ~*~

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(A tribute to my parents.. and their maple tree)

Blustery Autumn days
Rainbow hues dancing down from our maple tree
Time's past so fast it's just so hard to believe
Still see rope burned branches from yester years
How quickly now it seems our body's have aged
Can't think and do as we used to do
Remember how we'd laugh and rake from 8 till 2
Those pain free Saturdays are all too few
Like our seasoned maple our time's drawing near

But what an amazing journey we've had
Yes, an incredible life we've had
Memories on branches not a single one bad
From our earliest days what a journey we've had

In Spring our family made
Six children blossomed into pure delights
Played under the branches till sunset brought night
Those happy sounds from our maple still ring clear

Then Summer's shade
Birds are singing where they want to go
Some family secrets only this maple knows
A trusted friend who won't talk but hears

Winter will soon invade
When love is still in Spring it's just not fair
Our maple will be dressed in snow but weak and so bare
Our hearts will be full, memories will bring warm tears...

Oh, what an amazing journey we've had
Yes, an incredible life we've had
Memories on branches not a single one bad
From our earliest days what a journey we've had!

Sponsor: Gail Angel Doyle
Contest: Memories On Branches

Note: Used thoughts from my poem entitled "Autumn Days" but too radical of a shift to just submit it with differing titled.  Feel free to contrast the differences.

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My Soulmate

      My Soulmate

You are my poem, you are the rhythm. 
Filling colours in life, you are the prism. 

Glistening are your eyes, pearls of dew. 
Words are melodious, your sound a coo. 

Sun rises for world, but thee aurora to me. 
Weaving moments into life, with you glee. 

Roses lovely, so fragrant my garden has. 
You are their colour,the aroma ,my lass. 

Mesmerising tunes,I play on my life's flute. 
You are the air flow,making tunes,O beaut.

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Never Part

by Michael J Falotico

                                             Jagged rocks my feet must cross..
                                          Flames of fire, to caution I must toss..

                                          To touch your inner soul is my quest..
                                          Until your eternal love I must not rest..

                                    Tree lined hills I will climb to the top and stand..
                                       My desire and passion will be your soft land..

                                      Arms stretched out wide to catch your heart..
                                        Once held in my hands we will never part..

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In The Pitch Dark

My lady called my name
Deep in the pitch dark we played a game

Tis the wonderful game of chess
But in the dark it was more of a mess

Two souls exhaled unabatedly in the dark
Their mission - one could be sure, was no lark

My entire being lurked excitingly in her garden
My thoughts - from whence camest this wonderful maiden

A degree of intense pleasure - simply unimaginable
The excitement that engulfed us - certainly indescribable

Our souls into one whole merged
Our goal, finally we have achieved

Now the night has grown much older
We lay in the pitch dark much sober

Reminiscing the immediate past encounter
Oh my gosh, lets not forget our maker

He set up this beautiful union
Indeed we shall continue to accept his communion

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Diamond's in Your Eyes

Gazing within the iris’s blue
Love gleams anew in facets so true
Gazing within the iris’s brown
Hope glimmers in facets where love abounds
Gazing within the iris’s green
Love flourishes in facets of merriment seen
Gazing within the iris’s hazel
Peace resounds in love’s faceted cradle
Gazing within the iris’s gold
Love explodes with joy for all to behold

So brilliant the cuts of each iris diamond
Animating love from their unique eye islands
Beyond iris’s color springs the spirit
A diamonds remnant, priceless, holds souls merit

    Title will be “Priceless Facets”
© Debra Squyres 2014/1/1

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Essence of You

essence pure of all you are
luminous as angel stars

clearly tracked your soul flight
vast pensive universe delights

soul fragrance unlocked, opened
this heart fast closed, broken

breathing you in draughts refreshing
love's rich, soft web enmeshing

two into one; sweet perfume
satiates sense in your soul room

October 11, 2014

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