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Girl Couplet Poems | Couplet Poems About Girl

These Girl Couplet poems are examples of Couplet poems about Girl. These are the best examples of Girl Couplet poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Who am I?

I am 

The red ripe apple of the sinful tree,
The honey suckle of the bumble bee.

The pink blushed rose Of the secret garden,
The stubborn spoilt lass,never in pardon.

The youngest daughter of the honeyed sun.
The castle dream girl in Sands Of fun.

The jealous lover of the crescent moon,
The blowing Wind in strong monsoon.

The first white swan in the silver lake,
The seizmic tremor of each earthquake.

The scarlet love bird on each window pane,
The falling tear drop of crystal rain.

The candle's flicker of each passionate flame,
The Mystery!mademoiselle,madam,or dame?

The Copper butterfly in each Serene Meadow,
The Sunday church girl in White snow's shadow.

The brown eyed maiden of deep blue Seas,
The pretty Woman of soft  strawberries.

The old fashioned lady in sweet proposal,
The gold stringed harp in music's motion.

The colored Smile on rainbow's face,
The flamenco dancer covered in lace.

The little Mermaid in pirates'streams,
The wafting wave in glittered gleams.

The twinkling Star Of black silk skies,
The lanterne light Of fire flies.

The Cindirella in glass slippers,
The happy verse of each romance.

The grown up baby who easy cries
The grown up lady who easy smiles.

The wishing feather of  a flying free dove,
The Veiled  young lady in the 'Power Of love'.


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That Girl in the Dress

Finally I've made it to paradise, surrounded by the sea
Tranquil blues in shadow, are what it's peripherals be

White buildings reflect the sun, an image I'll never forget
To watch our sun disappear, the most beautiful of sunsets

Whilst the night comes down, such beauty continues to be
My eyes now in capture, to the sight that confronts me

She stands in proud like stance, a lady unknown to thee
Tanned, so beautiful I witness, impressed my eyes do see

Torso shaped with black, white lace adorns it's low
It's the she that wears it's colours, that makes it's beauty flow

Hair of dark curls hang, like the "Gardens of Babylon"
Flavours of life emanate, my heart appears in throng

As I sit here in La Ola, on paradise by the sea
It's where I witnessed that girl in the dress, captured, I am thee

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She Carried Red Roses

I recall the story I was told when so young
Of a girl so beautiful, her life barely begun

She was all but fifteen on her way home from school
Taken at will by a crazy mountain fool

She disappeared, assuming they both went to ground
There was many a search, she never was found

Days passed, and weeks into years
As our community moved on, only her family shed tears

Then came the day when my story was retold
Inside my mind my memories to unfold

In another town far away from the past
Across the street my eyes did cast

For I spotted a young lady, with her father I presumed
But something clicked as my past was resumed

Thinking back to the reports and the newspaper clips
She always carried red roses as they matched her red lips

Is that her, that fifteen year old girl
Across the road living a different world

Do I intervene or lets things be
Is she the girl from my past I see

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If Your Girl Only Knew

I was the girl next door
five five, nice shape
and the perfect hips
that got you licking your lips
you know hot to control yourself
and approach me like a man should, but
If Your Girl Only Knew

We became best of friends
but yet feelings grew
upon us both
now you in this situation
where you have to choose
Is it going to be her or me?
If Your Girl Only Knew

She comes around
and you show her love
she doesn’t know 
you’re in love with another woman

As you see me walk by 
your eyes follow until I’m out of sight
now your girl put her hand upon your face
and ask you why you look the other way
now you’re lost for words
If Your Girl Only Knew

Only if she knew
your man is in love with me
Only if she knew
you are on the phone with me 
for hours when you tell her you are asleep
Only if she knew
late nights you creeps with me
Only if she knew
that you’re trying to be with me
but you don’t know how to tell her
because you love me
Only if she knew
you will break her heart soon
and the sooner you’ll be mines

If Your Girl Only Knew

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There sits my bonnie girl, frilly, lacy, all pink and pretty She boasts of an enviable collection of cute stuff - all Hello Kitty! A pearly, stone-studded shiny pink Kitty bracelet With matching rings and hair clips to tame her silky ringlets, A stylish pair of pink comfy kitty flip-flops To go with her smooth stretchy night wear tops! A sassy little Hello Kitty cross-sling bag she wears Pairing up with chic pink-framed kitty glares, Kitty pencils, erasers and rulers in a well-stocked tuck box Her fancy kitty pouches and folders she invariably locks! A multi-compartment kitty wallet to hoard her loose change All geared for summer with her Hello kitty swimming range, A glittery Kitty lunch box to pack her school snack As she sets off with her pink kitty back pack, Water tastes better in a kitty sippy water-bottle Pink all the way, for nothing else she'll settle! She'd paint the world kitty pink, if the choice is hers Well, I wouldn't be surprised if one fine day she purrs!! 19th Jan 2013

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Dear Rapunzel

It seems ages since we met over your long, golden hair
an hour glass on the table keeping the meter.

It seems like too many dress up doll days when we played
take me to the river but don’t get our feet wet.

It seems we lost our inner selves painting our faces
painting our nails, singing karaoke at the bars.

Oh, to regain those lost years of our youth, unwrinkled skin
turn back all the pages, like winding gold on a spindle.

Instead we have just leaves, grieves, and grandchildren
with their laser guns, plastic skin and smug attitudes.

They never challenged gamey little midgets with foul intent
they had us to pad them safely with money, love and scent.

Dear Rapunzel, do please let your hair down one more time
and play climb out of the cellar and up the apple tree with me.

Signed Your Dearest Play Mate.

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Education vs Family - girl rising contest

Just a young  girl with hope in her heart
Enjoying education thats when the rows  start

Father wants her to get married she is only fourteen
Sending her to  Pakistan to marry a man unseen

Her heart isnt in it so she has said no
Locked her in her room nowhere to go

Remembers a number thats  hidden in her beads
Needs her phone now to her mother she pleads

Do you want to see me married to an old man
Wringing her hands as she pleads with her Mam

Please get me that phone let me make that call
Or a life of heartache will be my downfall

Risking her life her Mam gets the phone
She dials the number asking for help whilst alone

The young girl hugged her Mam for the last time
Knowing she will never see her family again

By defying her Tad she is no longer their daughter
If found by the family, they would definitely slaughter

It brings shame on the UK this is happening
Where are our laws to stop it occurring

The rights of parenthood should be restricting
Saving the life of these girls who think education is constructive

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I am

As i sit here wondering, thinking 
i write everything that comes to my head,

Then almost instantly I feel a certain pungent dread.
This is my life therefore i must accept it,

I'm an ordinary island girl, a girl of the world
yet i do not feel defined by who i am

i am exotic, my wavy hair flows
my small eyes dart and with my voice i sing like a lark.

Beautiful i am. I am beautiful.
and yet i really don't know who I am 

is my olive skin with yellow hues the true essence of me?
it certainly is my individuality.

I am every girl out there that hates to love their hair 
their skin, their diversity and not really being one or the other. 

I am, I am that sea breeze, fresh like a rose with dew.
beautiful and delicate. 


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Beautiful Ghost

I feel such empathy when I look at you,
I see the pain you're going through,

I hardly know you, you hardly know me,
But we acknowledge each other silently,

Your face disgraces your usual smile,
And for a second I wish I could have it awhile,

The envied are so often the ones envying most,
The beautiful faces underneath, are the ghosts,

Scary, the masks we work hard to build,
Crumble like ruins of a wicked King's guild,

I hope all is well, that you'll be alright,
That sleep will come to you peacefully tonight,

And when life is cloudy, remember, dear one,
There are people around you to bring out the sun.

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You're Beautiful

Wow!... words cannot express,
Such beauty, such finesse.

The shape and color of those eyes,
No description will suffice.

Just like wine, you're finer when older,
And beauty to the eye of every beholder.

©2013 Honestly JT

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The Second Man

Am I doomed to live a tale I cannot simply complete?
Shall I always remember her with every knocking beat?

I loved a girl who was never supposed to be mine, 
I drew her sky with lilies and her ground with pine; 

Saw new horizons from the beam of her blue eyes, 
Never knew these radiant cyans could be made of lies;

They warned me not to dream far with a too-closed lid,
Vanity told me it is envy and my vision became turbid! 

First month was a walk in Eden with roses flying in between, 
Second month declared the birth of a love yet not foreseen; 

The third summoned all jealous gazes and murmurs in a chest, 
In the fourth she disappeared and no it is not some silly jest! 

I wandered far and long trying to figure out as much as I can,
Why the only girl I loved would run away with another man?

Does love deceive humans when it manipulates and controls them?
How easy for us to blindly fall into a cleverly-webbed state of rem!

A year passed me by with all of its months and weeks and days, 
I aged in that empty year but had to bitterly live that phase;

Just then I saw her striding along the road, a vision to be seen,
The girl, who haunts me still, was carrying a baby so serene!!

My heart grew colder as I greeted her with the words I barely mustered, 
The scene deadened me since then and left me again heart-flustered! 

(True Story - Happened between 1996 and 1997)

© Guru Jad 2013

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Diamonds in the sky - A girl's starry friends

a world changing impact a horrific explosion leaving a crater sixty two miles wide                loss of life can not be estimated an asteroid slams into Russia's countryside        -                               -                                                                                          But It may be the death of a diamond cartel for this event happened long ago                    and far away leaving diamonds all over this giant diamond clustered  bowl              -           -                                                                                                                           Trillions of carats fell more best friends than a woman could ever wear                            diamond remnants scattered from the sky is why cartels beware                         - John Beam

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The Bachelor Bunny

He was a charmer,this bachelor bunny.
The girls thought he was hilariously funny.

He'd go hopping into their briar patch.
Quite a few succulent carrots he'd snatch.

But the girl bunnies,they didn't seem to mind.
In the rabbity world he was quite a find!

One day he showed up in the valley.
He was hungry so he didn't dilly-dally.

Then one little lady took him something sweet.
She acted demure,despite those big feet.

Now the other girl bunnies were mad and jealous.
Cos' in her pursuit she was really quite zealous!

She'd decided this lop-eared boy would be hers.
He was just the type bunny the lady prefers.

But he indeed had another plan.
He grabbed her carrots and off he ran.

A confirmed bachelor bunny he would stay.
But he would be back another day.

for Carol Brown's contest"Bunny Rabbits"

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Fur Ball

<               my little girl came to me and asked for a pet
                 to me my heart just hasn't been quite set

                 but who could resist those baby brown eyes
                 and all those little wimpers and desirable sighs

                 so off we went in our broken down wagon
                 where the rear end you could tell was sagging

                 to petland is where we went
                 pocketbook really took a dent

                 odie and garfield was their chosen names
                 two bunny hampsters very different but the same

                 oh my little girl was not yet done
                 said mama we need hampster ball so they can have alot of fun

                  and don't forget their bedding liners
                  so their living will be much finer

                  but first you must buy them their cage
                  oh my little girl is quite smart for her age

                  she knows they like fruit and snacks
                  so she doubled order with ten sacks

                   ring ring ring ding ding ding
                   did it's cash register ever so did sing

                   eighty five fifty
                   well ain't that nifty

                   handed lady one hundred
                   mumbling under breath was said

                   left store in a hurry
                   with our clothes looking so dam fury

Written By Katherine Stella  7/3/11

Entry For Francine Robert's
Pick A Pet Contest
G.L. All

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GOOD GIRL GONE BAD one syl words

                       GOOD GIRL GONE BAD

                 Rough hewn smell of male scent
                 Takes her from her books
                 Most good girls zip to bad boys
                 Like fish to nice bright hooks
                 Her safe home was not safe now
                 Hawk eyes now climb her walls
                 Soft breath drew in and out two times
                 She heard the bad boy’s calls
                 Gone was her book mood now
                 The end had a new twist
                 Her safe life fled through rose tipped lips
                 That kissed a bad girl kiss

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Orchid Girl in Love........(Congratulations For our SweetHeart of Poetry soup and Her Ron)


           What can I wish to a dear friend, who always listens and understand?
              As She says her sacred vows,as she wears her wedding band.
             What can I wish for you,Our precious jewel, Sweet Linda Marie?
         May your House be a Home,filled with peace,great cooking and serenity.
         May Respect be your daily bless,and Happiness your long life dress.
         May you be patient in times of stress,May you be naked of stubborness.

         May you both live up to loyalty,Success to marriage is Honesty
        May you be lovers till you grow old,snuggle and kiss so passionately.
        May you find joy,Our lovely dove,May you find dreamland,Forever Love,
        as Jesus hold his hands upon you,as Jesus smiles from High above.

(To One of my best great friends on P.S Linda and Her beloved Ron)
    Wrapped with much love and best wishes On your Dream Day

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Kat Von D

Can you believe my fantasy girl is Kat Von D? I’d lay down for hours to let her tattoo me. She’s hot and gothic at the same time, As her needle pierces skin, her ink flow rhymes. A great portrait artist wearing jet-black gloves, That goes with the style that she’s so proud of. I get lost in the stars tattooed around her eyes. Her sexy inked skin bearing a black-toned guise. is the link, And she’s the beautiful host of LA ink. Nestled in her tattoo shop is where I’d like to be, Can you believe my fantasy girl is Kat Von D? ______________________________________________ Inspired by Christie Moses’ Fabulous Fantasy Contest

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Atlanta Dawn

Thinking of you Atlanta Dawn
I was her sucker her plans drawn

the marriage was hell
never rang my bell

said I gave her baby
never came no maybe

just another lie from hertThough at times she made me purr

love is much more than sex
she loved taking my checks

that was so long a go
Atlanta Dawn no show

maybe someday a child will come
one thing sure child’s life won’t be glum

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written 28th sept 2007

It's time to turn this around
 the answers I have finally found
The minute I looked into your eyes
 I immediately remembered, how to be alive

If I didnt go through, all those years of pain
 my life wouldn't be the same
Your birth, nothing less than magical, complete power of God's love....
For you shone through complete demonic darkness
ever since, I have been more than blessed
 you re-opened my heart
So I could again, play the part
I've been given a second chance
This time round, I wont forget to dance
 to love, open and freely
Its finally great to again be me

 I've turned my frown upside down
And it's from God's gift, when pure innocence was born
 my sixth child, a blessed tiny little girl

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Canadian Sally

Canadian Sally with red ribbon strings
tightening an apron fit to the seams.
Canadian Sally with jet-black hair
bound in a hat of bright red beams.

Canadian Sally with pockets of fortunes
sowing them out to us all.
Canadian Sally of sombre spirit;
patience like that of a doll.

Canadian Sally a twilight bust
who's wreath circles 'round like an aura.
Canadian Sally from love and joy
who spreads it around like a flora.

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Unfinished Life

Unfinished life

Joey was the girl that I married
For the years my name she carried

We made a family my wife and I 
When she passed I did cry

What will be with the rest of  my life
Someday again to be with my wife

I would like to say to my wife thank you
Also again to say I do

I wish she was here to see
What our grandchildren will grow to be

From a young girl to a woman to my wife
She’s gone and left an unfinished life

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Please Exist - I

The World is Too Big For Just Two People:

To The Girl Who Showed Me That Love is
Always Relevant.

To The Girl Who Found Me Through Swarms
Of Flesh.

To The Girl Who Explained That Love and Life,
Can Only Ever Be Relative.

To The Girl Whose Glance Sends an Icy Prickle
Shimmering Across My Skin.

For The Girl Who Taught Me, That If You Couldn't
Feel a Persons Heart Beating Against Your Chest,

... They Weren't Close Enough.

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How I Tried On Valentine's

How I tried on Valentine's
all over the many years.
I've lost all of my Valentine's
and most of them in tears.

How I tried on Valentine's
to find my merry mate.
Working through the ugly
and possible first-rate.

How I tried on Valentine's
Forgetting all my failures.
Moving to the next one
oblivious of the bailers.

How I tried on Valentine's
to settle for much less.
Hoping that the next one
Would change and reassess.

How I tried on Valentine's
to go the other way.
Hoping that they'd chase me
finding me as clay.

How I tried on Valentine's
to say what's on my mind.
Shouting out my arrogants
and baiting the wrong kind.

How I tried on Valentine's
to make a friend at first.
Only to be shunned again
by girls who want you worst.

How I tried on Valentine's
to wait for the right time.
Left to find my girl
on another's dime.

How I tried on Valentine's
to spin a small milk bottle.
Landing on a stranger
foreign without throttle.

How I tried on Valentine's
to meet up with a bore.
When all she kept on talking 'bout
was nothing and no more.

How I tried on Valentine's
coveting one man's wife.
Only to release her
sharing in man's strife.

How I tried on Valentine's
Loving her full body.
Finding that she had no mind
and wished she had a hobby.

How I tried on Valentine's
Waiting to make love.
Ending up with others
When push came into shove.

How I tried on Valentine's
Seeking out a hottie.
Making me a sickly boy
who's doctor now called naughty.

How I tried on Valentine's
Expecting an easy date.
Getting just the opposite
but figuring it too late.

How I tried on Valentine's
Jailbait in short skirts.
Quick to kiss what doesn't last
and limits to their flirts.

How I tried on Valentine's
making the first move.
Only to find I'm ignored
for others in her grove.

How I tried on Valentine's
forcing my own way.
Told by a cold shoulder
How I could not stay.

How I tried on Valentine's
two instead of one
Only to be shot down
and told that I am done.

How I tried on Valentine's
Perfect to a tee.
Wanting only to be seen
in a bar as fee.

How I tried on Valentine's
Cautious and carefree.
Never knew what she was thinking
or who was bird or bee.

How I tried on Valentine's
remembering what I've learned.
Speaking words of wisdom
and loves that have been spurned.

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Jada Mortensen

And so she was the girl from Bair.
With ocean eyes and golden hair.
Of heavy heart and light despise
Of cupid's dart and winter's cries.
There came a day when things did end.
Around the corner of the bend
There came a truck and in dispair
The loudest word was spoken there.
And so she left to who knows where.
Whilst many cried because they cared.
She roams around in circles too,
And whispering winds and skies of blue.
We raise our glass towards the sky
And smile a memory although she died.
No tears tonight, not ever one.
For there she rests inside the sun.
She is okay we know for sure.
In better days to now endure.
And so she was the girl from Bair
With clemency; a heart so fair.
And as we lay in bed and sigh,
I'd like to say to you Goodbye.

Rest In Peace Best Friend
11-21-1996 ~ 06-21-2011

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A Young Girl's Acceptance

August 13, 1965

Wearing a new, starched and ironed dress
She went to the meeting to confess
She had heard the gospel preached and learned
That her way to heaven could not be earned
She was covered by His loving grace
She felt a tear slip down her face

And they sang, “Softly and tenderly, Jesus is calling”

She sat through the sermon that night
Anxious to do what was right
To accept Jesus as her Savior, so true
To step forward because she knew
That the time for waiting was done
Believing on Him as the only One

And they sang, “Calling for you and for me”

When the congregation rose to sing
The invitation song that would bring
Sinners to kneel at the cross and pray
She stepped into the aisle right away
The preacher took her hand and asked her
What is it you seek, what are you after

And they sang, “Come home, come home, ye who are weary come home”

She said, “I wish to be baptized” with a sigh
Have my sins washed away before I die
Arise to walk in a newness of life
I want to be baptized into Jesus tonight
Her teacher came and helped her prepare
Her family and friends were waiting there

And they sang, “Earnestly tenderly, Jesus is calling”

Into the baptisimal water, she did go
To have her sins washed white as snow
She confessed that she believed He was
The Son of God come to earth because
A Savior was promised and He did come
Bring salvation to everyone
And they sang, “Calling oh, sinner, come home”

"Softly and Tenderly" written by Will Thompson, 1880