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Couplet Dream Poems | Couplet Poems About Dream

These Couplet Dream poems are examples of Couplet poems about Dream. These are the best examples of Couplet Dream poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Shooting Star

Sparkly, shiny, and oh so bright
Streaking across the sky tonight 

Wish I may, wish I might
Forever hold you in my sight

I wish a thousand wishes to you
Hoping all my dreams come true

Don't you leave me, please just stay
I have many more wishes I'd like to say

I wish for the sun to rise each day
I wish for the clouds to blow away

I wish for the trees to grow so tall
I wish for the baby birds not to fall

I wish that this world wasn't so hard
I wish my heart was no longer scarred

I wish for the day that you are found
For that day my Queen will be crowned

I wish for hope and peace and love
I wish to you, oh shooting star above

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In solitude I dream tonight
And watch a moth in fevered flight.

It’s drawn toward my quaint porch light
And flies consumed with all its might.

Through open window I can see
Its desperation shared with me;

How freedom in this world is light—
And we as souls are drawn to fight.

Though freedom’s light may cause our death,
It’s worth the risk with every breath.

I understand the moth’s sad plight
When drawn to the glorious light.

Though it knows not of human trust,
It buzzes on because it must!

For Chopped II Poetry Contest 
Sponsored by Craig Cornish

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-Angel Of Light

Gazing faraway reaching to the stars twinkle silver 
shooting distant light of life orbiting inside one fantasy 

Blazing hot burning trails upon a flaming kiss
from out of this world flies to You a dream 

You lift me from darkness, it lives a star in your heart 
Come with me and see tomorrow, where happiness replaces sorrow 

Smiling weightless floating on magic dust spells cast 
the heart golden overflowing deeply sweeping sands 

A small moment of a lifetime, unaware of what it really was 
Creates art is demanding but ride the wind, catch a star 

Love flows pure washed surf inside the ocean waves crash on shore 
Tides turning emotions swell unfolding feelings wild horses at your feet 

Of music golden notes feels the dream really, but it's just fantasy 
Honesty precious way even with storms and lashing rain 

Enlightening eyes in one vision of a mind circling angelic beauty beholding love 
who openly smiles pure in amazing grace always and forever shines

 A co write written by Liam Mcdaid and Anne-Lise Andresen  - 04.01.2015

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To touch a dream

Dreams come in many forms
Some are cold and others warm

Some play like a movie in black and white
And some are no less than a guiding light

Some are visions of times to come
Some just simply leave us numb

Some we remember and some we forget
Some we cherish and some we regret

Some we just can't help but treasure
Some give us embarrassing pleasure

I close my eyes and dream of you
All the things I've put you through

See I had a dream that went sour
An awful dream of money and power

Then I learned one cold hard day
Some dreams take years to pay

Sometimes reality is clearly seen
Another will soon touch my dream

As these tears run down my face
Some dreams are just to good to waste

I can only imagine the pain in you
Trying hard to be faithful and true

Sweetheart some dreams are to hard to play
As I slowly start to fade away

A single year has came and went
I have seven more at eighty-five percent

Sometimes reality is sad as can be
Sweetheart I want you to let go of me

I learned love is worth more than gold
You deserve somebody to hold

This type relationship is totally insane
I want you to free yourself of my pain

If our love is truly meant to be
My dream will bring you back to me

Strength of character  is hard to find
As I treasure yours please treasure mine

I believe our love can break the mold
Be a timeless romantic story told

About two lovers who broke apart
In order to save each others hearts

And let their love be a miracle seen
By having faith to touch a dream

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Beholding Beauty

Amazing snowflake unique pure in deep beauty 
melting within deep warmness always trusting fate

Adoring one pulse in a million skips climbing steps
forever beats true blue crystal clear begging your kiss

Night within deep chambers embers glow 
a keystone turns lights on in satin darkness

The sun smiles warm thoughts coloring frosted jewels 
gentle beams touch softly as winter ice kisses vision rainbows

Closing shutters until tomorrow comes 
as the wind whistles and howls outside reality

Awakening sweetheart delights opening flowers bloom
blossoming within nine shades of beauty dazzling rose gold

Silver lining treasure cloud kissing pearl gem precious white
sailing dreams floating magical into another space
kisses blown silently blushing on velvet lips of a breath
sweetly carried on a stream of air whispering cotton candy

Touching ribbons flutter in your every single breathing sigh
most beautiful love dancing with the soul crowned princess cut 

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Theatre of my Soul

The flying sent projections free to see,
from adjunct Astrals singing bold decree.

Perched on Pisces’s cusp, forsaking Plato’s cave,
Puppets casting shadows, chancing me a slave.

They hang from dreams of higher forms, allures
Contempt in self when loving carnal cores.

Haunted by women’s passions kept in Spirits,
Dawns my sleeping stages now inherits

Marionettes aloft eternal twists
of spinning truths with lies recalling trysts.

Killing prone volitions, changing essence.
Chosen starlight’s beings guiding presence.

Upon a love in purest form demands,
Forgotten suicides of ego strands.

Risking Pirsig’s fate in Zen and journey,
Waging sanity, a bounty worthy.

The stringing of my soul and bracing seeks,
A pulling truth beyond this death it speaks.

Alternating stanzas of iambic and trochaic pentameter

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Wishes and Dreams

I wish I could walk without feeling pain
I wish I could live my life again.

I dream of a time when I could run like a deer
I could jump like a gazelle with nothing to fear.

I could climb like cat and swim like fish
I can not do these things and yet I can wish.

I can dream of a day many years gone by
I could dream and pray for that bus to pass by.

I could dream my mum missed it and didn’t get on
I could dream she forgot my vaccination had not been done.

I can sit here and daydream day after day and wish that jab had gone right
I can dream I am fit, but I’m not, it went wrong, and now I have learned how 
to fight.

I can if not careful, wish and dream my whole life away
But there is no point in that, that’s what I say.

But the vaccine went wrong, and no wishes or dreams can it change
I just have to get on with my life, there is no sale or return or exchange.

Wishes are for kids and dreams are for bed
I wish I was a kid and could lay down my head.

I am tired and fed up and the wind is so cold
I wish I did not suddenly feel old.

I am reading this back and thinking boy, this isn’t me
I am going to get up and with a certainty

I am going to fix that toilet for once and for all
Even if I have to rip it off, that bloody bathroom wall.

Self Pity is over and I feel a bit of a nit
And my last dream is I am back in bed with Brad Pitt.

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Softly You Dream

Your dreams so tenderly wrapped in satin pleasures 'neath pillowed head. 
As loves velvet touch so warmly embrace under downy covers in your bed. 

Deep kisses in the darkest of night you nuzzle jasmine scent in auburn hair. 
Romantic thoughts caressing delicately milky sweet softness of skin so fair. 

So moist your honeyed lips like morning dew on the rosebud in bloom. 
Whilst you dream of soft brown eyes beckoning to stay in your hearts room. 

Heavenly dreams that take you to an angels loving arms tonight. 
Where she takes you to her breasts so warm,so tenderly in plain sight. 

In heavenly dreams know you are my every desire my sweet addiction my need. 
Where two lovers embrace in satin pleasures and love tenderly plants it's seed.

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In Your Pillowed Dream My Love - A Collaboration

In Your Pillowed Dreams My Love

In your pillowed dreams my Love hold me close to you,
Hear me whisper my Love softly the whole night through.

Throughout the night my chest your pillow dreams float gentle and slow,
We walk to the stars my beloved dreams of Love gently do flow.

Tenderly from my honeyed lips ruby red I place a kiss upon your own,
Can you hear my heart beating gently as Love's sweet passion Is shown.

My hands shall caress you with gossamer touch as on love's bed we lie,
Peace comes to our Loving Souls as tears of joy our heart's cry.

Downy soft my auburn tresses fall across your chest In sweet surrender,
Intoxicated you caress and drink In the soft scent of curls you hold so tender.

Kiss my heart gently our heart's Love song we shall sing,
As our heart's ascend to Heaven on Love's own golden wing.

Two bodies this night were destined to be one 'neath the Heaven's above,
Within pillowed dreams holding close their one and only true Love.

A Collaboration by Mary Jo Hoose & Michael P Clarke.

Once again my thanks go out to you Mary for allowing me this chance to do this Collaboration. It was much enjoyed. May your pen ever run gold Mary. My Love always....MIKE. XXXX

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By Dawn's Early light - A Collaboration

Dawn's early light breaks In the Heavens and soft whispers fall upon my ear,
Whilst the gentle caress of my love's hands pull me oh so near.

Body caresses body in passions dance within love supreme,
Love's desires ever flowing In this Love's early dawn scene.

Fingertips that glide over silken skin scented of musk softly to please,
Warm breasts that rise and fall from Love's lips that do surely tease.

Through kiss divine Love's river flows Into Love's ocean rare,
The Soul alight with love supreme Love's light beyond compare.

Soft sighs sing out as two lover's sillouettes dance to Love's song they play,
When dawns early light breaks In the Heavens and two bodies begin to sway.

By the dawn's early light Lover's embrace before rising sun they enthrall,
Passion and desire they always rise when dawn's Love comes to call. 

A Collaboration by Mary jo Hoose & Michael P Clarke.

Thank you Mary for lighting the poetical spark within me again. May your pen ever run gold Mary. My Love always....MIKE. XXX

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The Shifting Stars

I lay me on the grassy lawn
And watch the stars, they're floating on

While one comes out from round the eaves
Across the sky another leaves

The sky is slowly shifting round
So different stars are always found

The dipper turns just like a clock
Without a sound of tick or tock

It turns about that central star
That guides the sailors from afar

While with it sails Queen Cassie's throne
And all the constellations known

Tonight's a clear and peaceful night
The moon is gone, the stars are bright

I slowly drift to seas of dreams
Alights with pinprick starlit streams

I'm thinking all the charming while
With placid face and hinting smile

That when I wake in early morn
Some different stars will be reborn

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The ashen wind fills wafts of day that hides the sun, then drops away into the early Autumn sky, perhaps to dream, or just to die like one leaf falling from a pear, it stirs a final dream so fair, a dream turning bleak reason’s flow, it knows not which byway to go through wrapped fields of taunting rain it wanders, then comes back again like beats winging the Autumn air, so wondrously beyond compare. The swans of life stir ever on, and when the breaths of day is gone they tumble through her mist- filled night, as late dusk's jaws begin to bite. The crying of a lonely night, pine's branches drooping moonlit white as sighing winds touch heaven’s gate, without the need to stand and wait for every roaming rainclouds' stare, she needs to ask the why or where in moments when pain veils her face so sullen, yet so full of grace; as her swan wings clutch twilight's hues dripping tears from September's dues yet, eyes open their crystal plumes with hopes of flowers' newborn blooms © ------------ Contest: Joyce Johnson's The Rhyming Game By: nette onclaud

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Helped You Fly

I held your face and caught your tears..
On my fingertips they balanced and disappeared..
Swallowed your sadness with an open mouth..
Lifted grief away and showed what love is about..
Took a dream and gave you the starring role..
A place to run and play and feed your soul..
Now your free to dream your own..
Just remember me, your never alone..

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Sheltered Dreams Above The Clouds

Flying oh so high above the silhouetted trees
in stark of night salvation comes and floats me on the breeze.

I've sipped the sweet nectar of grace and laid forth all my dreams.
I'll likely fall but I won't fail,I'm nourished by moonbeams.

The light begins to filter through as dawn now beckons in.
The weary stars fade fast away and let the sun begin.

So goes the dance of sheltered wishes,destiny unspoken.
A painted sky will heal my soul and fix whatever's broken.

Tenderly I hold these dreams and see them to fruition.
Above the clouds are where they live awaiting love's nutrition.

Now every breath I draw will be succinctly mine to keep.
Eyes that see such dreams of beauty surely cannot weep.

written June 17th,2013
for contest "Above The Clouds"

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A Path of Sanity

Wandering aimlessly through life…
Scars of memories drop like a knife… 
Forks in the road where I always went straight…
Misguided souls who I would frequently debate…
My hands would feel their way into temptation…
While my feet stepped over contemplation…
Endless visions that my eyes drink in…
But always playing on the border of sin…
Till I pick a side that can hold my sanity…
I’ll just walk in a world without vanity…

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Storybook Dreams

Storybook Dreams

As sunset paints sky with liquid gold
Gilded dreams wait to tease bold
Wrapped in crimson robe’s affection
Mirroring tranquil books reflection
Within the fringes of a dream
Dance fancies waiting to be seen
Tucked sweetly in illusions bed
Pillow plumped under her head
Drifting off to fairytale land
While angels gently hold her hand
As the hour strikes midnight song
Rapunzel lets down her hair so long
Three bears dance in their forest den
Golden locks race across the glen
Snow White’s eyes from a kiss flutter
This prince for her and for no other
A pumpkin carriage with horses prancing
While Cinderella sparkles inside dancing
Riding on storybooks golden star
Her dreams taking her ever so far
Into pictured window’s storybook world
Where only her imagination can explore

~~~ Debra Squyres @ 2013~~~

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Natures Beauty

Sunshine beams sparkles softly golden magic 
Breathtaking horizon of dreams spells casting 

Feelings, faces and memories within 
Shall follow the nature´s endless spin 

Creeping higher morning glory rising perfect splendor 
Smiling warm rays inside hot radiance glows 

Dizzy with pleasure, tears a falling star rain wet drop of heaven 
Total silence no vibration pearls on leaves dried 

Songbirds sing praise in a heavenly choir whistling tunes 
Enchanting dewdrops sparkling shivers, silver glistens 

Diamond shining clearly colors beauty awakening 
Rainbow riches polishing a heart to the highest luster 

Into a landscape of dreams and hope 
The green grass will grow for another tomorrow 

A co write written by Liam Mcdaid 
and Anne-Lise Andresen :) - 12.01.2015 - 
- Thank you anne lise 

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Reality of the Dream

In the dream world I love to go and fly No matter what I do, I still go high During the day I go in an airplane Up in the air I go weirdly insane I dream of an orange sky floating there With purple clouds moving along somewhere In the daylight hours the sky is a blue It has clouds in quite a lovely white hue The city streets are amassed with people The dream contains so many parts feeble The fields of concrete are opened to cars Where in the evening you can’t see the stars Zombies run around looking for some blood In my dream I run avoiding the flood There are many stores on the wide sidewalks My days are made up with shopping and talks The poles in my dream are purple with eyes Nowhere I go do I ever despise There are many wires going from each pole In the daylight the sight is from the soul Dreams are cloudy and certainly unreal But the day is clear, real, and has appeal
Russell Sivey Contest: Dreaming into the Day Sponsor: Michael J. Falotico 5/14/2013

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Dream of Rapture

If I am dreaming let me dream forever
never let me wake from this sweet rapture
as I lie within your arms that hold me tender
wrapped in warmth and lost in sweet surrender
locked in eyes that show me what they're feeling
tasting wine laced kisses so appealing
as my melting heart is set on fire
the love I'm feeling fueling my desire
nothing else exists and I'm enraptured
dying a sweet death wherein I'm captured
lost within this land of never, never
if I am dreaming let me dream forever

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Stardust Dreams

Not a cloud in the sky
And we weren’t feeling shy
In the back of the truck
Wishing on stars for good luck
We shared our dreams
With the moon’s beams
Cloaked by the night
Realities out of sight

Friendship shared for years
Knowing each other’s fears
Stardust blankets caught our tears
As new hope filled our ears
Time escapes all meaning
When two friends are dreaming

Debra Squyres

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Dreams not forgotten

My dreams seem to happen by the light of the day Those lost in the dark seem to all drift away I don't need to be wealthy, I am rich with the sun with the grass as a pillow and the sky as my home All the riches I have, could be scarce and quite few.. as long as the sun is my lamp, and the sky, wide and blue... When the twilight descends, with a red crimson sun, Find me fragrance of loam, for a tired day done... I would cherish my bed where the heather is strewn I think I will stay for the night, 'til tomorrow is noon I might stay through the night, and search for the stars, I will look to the sky where forgotten dreams are While a cloud in the breeze, and the whippoorwill's song and a nightingale tune, takes me up to the man on the moon
_________________________ 5/23/13

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Lucid Dream Ink

A dream in tune with waking world,
meanings grasp conscious unfurled,
alive alliteration aligned,
beautifully poised and perfectly timed.

Lucid dreamer weaving webs,
create rising tide that never ebbs,
perihelion pendulum swung medallion,
riding thought speed's unbroken stallion.

All the while the rising tide grows,
does atmosphere expand does water overflow,
brain makes madness meandering call,
beckoning stars to earth they slowly fall.

Full lotus seated at Everest peak,
three eye's sight voice of mind to speak,
conducting planet's orchestral symphony,
nature moves to wave of hands rhapsody.

Awake in tune with sleeping world,
meanings grasp unconscious unfurled,
alive alliteration aligned again,
pen poised perfection safe from meaningless ink stain.

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He Wrote a Perfect POEM

I BOW to YOU : James, The Title “ I Closed my Eyes to See, I now Dream “
Caught my eye The form Couplet : (which I’m not Good at) Touched my Heart

A bit Critique: I wonder to myself ; why YOU did not Mention
The Softness of her hair; (Curly Blond : Ebony Tresses : Flowing  “ Auburn “)

 “Azure Blue Eyes” My Lenore had Emerald Green ; Reflecting in the Forest
Where  all of Nature Could be Astounded by the Mirror Images of Themselves

“A scent so Beautifully strong “  It lures the Man’s Heart; to indulge in Forever LOVE
“ my Queen” ,  my breath , my Heartbeat: My Everything I was born For; I die for

A massage “  Her nape, shoulders the back “  Creating a Moment of Pure LOVE
“ Beauty in she Abounds, through Loved eyes my Love I see" : entwined Eternity

Inspired by James Fraser’s POEM “ I Closed my Eyes to See, I now Dream “
                 Dedicated  to James Fraser, and all that He LOVES

Author’s Note :  I Thank-YOU James, for writing the Best POEM I Have ever Read 
I am putting this as a "Natural Couplet" I'm sorry it doesn't Rhyme Please Advise

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With You

Because of the person you are
My heart shall rest upon a star

Of the beauty that my eyes see
There is a dream in front of me

Of this lady that I adore
Another dream I can explore

Regardless of what I may be
So lucky am I to have thee

My heart it is a ball of flame
Burning bright the light of your name

Sweetheart you know my heart is true
I’m so proud to be bound by you

Bound by you and the arms of fate
Lets close the doors and lock the gate

Find that place only we can be
Share the dream only we can see

Let us let the world pass us by
Spread our wings and caress the sky

Sail right through a billowy cloud
As our song is sung clear and loud

I’m but a vessel lost at sea
Sailing your heart eternally 

My friend, wife and child’s mother
For me there could be no other

Why is my course forever true?
I gave my heart and soul to you

For Matt's contest

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I wish I were a poet to write about man and the tree
I wish all people could see
That life is beautiful and happiness is free
 I wish I could make all the children of the world happy
I wish all people could embrace honesty
I wish I could help the poor and the needy
I wish there were equality
I wish all peoples would enjoy liberty
I wish man would stop cruelty
I wish springs had not dried 
I wish the gap were not so wide
I wish our planet could be greener
I wish all hearts were tender
I wish friends would be sincere
I wish drinking water would be clear
                                                            I wish we heard birds at dawn
                                                      I wish peace would be the earth’s crown
I wish parents could be more understanding
I wish children would be more obeying
I wish people knew money is a bad master
I wish they could respect each other
I wish I had power to stop wars
I wish my town were not so dirty
I wish my dreams became a reality
I we made an end to oppression and violence
I wish our kids were taught justice and tolerance

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Ohhhh Rain : Shower again

A small romantic rain poem dedicated to hubby.
wrote by Mrs.Madhavi.Suyog.Pagare

"Ohhhh Rain..Shower again!!!!! "  

Showering in the rain, 
Draining the pain!
Enflueraging the essence of arenicolous sand,
Feeling blessed porting on this beautiful greenary land! Trees were roaming 
under fiercing winds,
Thanks nature for benevolently so kind!
Sip of sizzling coffee With Caramalized sugar,
Cheers hubby to accompany me my gelling agar!
Wanna capture this Driplets of aromatic water nearby lake,
So that I can make an icy snowflake!
That's amazing, "but ohhhh God,  I wish my honey is here".

Wrote by Mrs.Madhavi.Suyog.Pagare  

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Dreams Wish for More

A shared romance in haunting dance vision. 
Two souls dance inside dream-worlds prism. 

      Outside the dream that grows the heart. 
      A tale of deep sorrow keeps them apart.

Rainbow sparkles on dream-prism’s glass
True loves token inside dreams do last

      Outside the dream the dance is for one
      Stumbling feet finding no place for fun

Joyful laughter is heard with toes tapping
Gone are the tethers of grief overlapping

      Outside the dream in bitter-sweet steeping
      Remembering the dance in realities keeping

Inside the dream reality doesn’t score
Outside the dream dreamers wish for more

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I thought I felt the warmth of your heart
gentle and charming 

You stand before me like a thought,
a dream remembered in a dream

I want you to think of me as we 
are sometimes miles apart 

Without you my world is a 
dark place in time

I want you to remember secrets 
whispered in your ear, and smile 

You are the sunshine of my day
a star that is always bright

I have loved you more with 
each passing day

What I'd give to wake up 
beside you each sunrise 

I love you completely  with 
my heart, mind, and soul 
As you remember me, smile 
with peace in your heart 

You are my favorite  dream  
that has become my reality 

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Sweet dreams are found, in the purple sheen
Of a lady's skin, where egg and seed convene

On the darkest night, or upon a foggy shore
Moon, stars guide you, to where Angels soar

Earths sky's the canvas, for thoughts to explore
Without obligatory words, you can create the decor

Find sweet dreams, passion and lust will overwhelm
Choose your words carefully, as your taking the helm

As you Paint your thoughts, in words, time can't erase
Bodies and souls will entwine, a willing lovers embrace

Moon sinks into earth's horizon, as your picture's seen
The formula for sweet dreams, is at the geometric mean

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Eternal Hope

Eternal Hope You speak with your eyes and I hear with my heart. They tell of a love that never can start. But, somewhere deep, inside of me, This feeling will live through eternity. So, if Walter Mitty, I must be Then, that will have to satisfy me. Note: In Walter Mitty's daydreams he imagines himself to be heroic. That seems to be the common denominator throughout the tale by James Thurber. Written by John Posey 11/03/13

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It's not easy to live with every day problems,
Especially when someone expects you to solve them,

The minute that trouble has raised up it's head,
And balance the budget and make home made bread;

And making and keeping appointments and errands,
While setting a shining example as parents.

Sometimes I just wish I could go back to bed,
And dream a sweet dream and wake up instead,

To find I can take a day off to relax,
Perhaps read a book and not feel so taxed;

'Cause the house work will be there tomorrow for sure,
And I don't have to worry, my job is secure.

Who'd want all the worry I have all the time?
It's no bed of roses, no sweet dream sublime;

For I am a homemaker, nanny and nurse;
The one they all turn to for better or worse.

This is my castle and I am it's queen,
And I wouldn't trade it for anything.

(It's the most thankless job in the world --- or is it.)

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Equus Poeticus Variabilis

I’m riding your horse, no giddyap allowed,
simply plunge into the deepest unknown.

Your voice sets the pace, it whispers 
into the ears of my ride, sometimes they twitch

sometimes they find water, sometimes 
the waterfalls absorb all thought. I lean

over neck, sample horse blood like a vampire, 
like a computer’s command mode

taking over my brain, allowing my heart
to beat in tune, my feet to turn to hooves

and kick up or canter, moving with the rhythm
and flow, feeling the sweat of the sun

overhead and the damp of shady pines
and raking the grasses until they rustle over skin.

This is how I know you: the whisper on the wind
the stroke along my frame, the bed stead 

in which I dream, the places of unimagined
like a lure, a bait, overtaking me, leading 

me down a road I’ve never found
until you lent the movement of ride forever. 

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Dreams or Reality

The warm tingle down my spine, tell tale signs of a slight tan.
Freckles burst forth as flowers do, is it a dream or is this how I am?

Rolling down the grassy knoll, paddling in the stream.
Daisy chains loop round and round, or is this all a dream?

Running jumping like the deer, nuzzling softly on your chest.
Will I wake and find in fear, Tis not you, but just a dream at best?

To separate dreams from reality, this is hard to do.
Because my reality is a dream, when I am with you.

© 27 /05 /2013 

Contest entry:

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An Impossible Dream - A Cry of a Truck Pusher

An Impossible Dream (A Cry of a Truck Pusher)

The street is my home
It is where I belong
I know no love
So I make it not part of my daily vocabulary
One sachet of pure water
 Enough to perform the magic
In cooling down the body
The small lotto kiosk is my sleeping place
My heart was filled with merry
The day she looked my way
I wish to dream a dream
Even if I lost my memory
Her beauty I will always remember
But we both belong to different worlds
I push and pick before the hand can go to the mouth
She is welcomed with smiles	
With servants at her beck and call
What am I feeling?
Is it love?
But how can this be
Love is not love
I can only dream of her love
I can only visualise her embrace
I can only imagine her warmth and kisses
Oh! Allow me to dream a dream
I have long suffered on this street
For tomorrow may not be mine
Don’t blame me,
Maybe I have a slow faith
From her posture
I knew she were a creature
And it’s in her nature
To capture my heart
Oh! How I wish I were a preacher
To tell the world about the moisture in her love
Oh! How I wish I were a teacher
To lecture about how she will feature
In my future dreams.
But it is just an impossible dream
Because I am only a truck pusher.

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Loving You is Blissful - My Darling Hubby

          Again a small poem guys dedicated to my Darling hubby.. 
                          wrote by Mrs.Madhavi Suyog Pagare

 Loving You is Blissful - My Darling Hubby 

 Twilighting glow of the sky..
 Wanna fly so high..

 Sparkling amidst the million stars..
 chosen the crazy pal and so life is excellently par.. 

 As like the blossom were kissed by soft rain..
 Your arrival in life diminished all my pains..
 God has entwined me..with my emarald diamonite gem..
 Enlightening new vistas in life as like your next aim.. 

 At an astounding pace time flew..
 But When i didn‘t see you..I feel like..Life is been dew..

 Your divine presence in life rejuvenates me..
 Every tick of my heartbeat resonating wit your‘s or whatever it will be..

 Your innumerable naughtiness made me silly..
 But yep, your beautifying nature had an fragrance in life like lilly..

 As like snow crested the nestled mountains..
 You cuddled my a sip of fountains..

 Being With you, Life is euphorically elated..
 Full of high spirit and delighted..

 Thanks for being accompanying me my theist..

 Your admirer with lots n lots of Love:
 Madhavi. Suyog.Pagare

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Upon A Bed Of Petals

I am holding my hands over my eyes,
I want to listen to what sound resides.

I can hear the waves beating on the ground.
The slow rhythm of each wave as it pounds.

The squawk of a bird, I can hear far away.
Soft whispers, as the wind has something to say.

I settle back on the ground to listen.
On the warm ground I purr like a kitten.

The warmth I feel from the sun on my face.
Thoughts are roaming through time and through space.

I have a peace of mind it’s hard to explain.
Like the coolest water from a short summer rain.

My body settles down so softly in this land.
I’m lying upon a bed of petals in the sand.

- For Upon A Bed Of Petals contest

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A Dream

I had an enlightening dream
I could read minds so it seemed

I went into work
My boss thought I was a jerk

I visited my friend
She was contemplating the end

I next saw my mother
She thought I was my brother

I went in the church and saw Father
He was thinking I was a big bother

I was pulled over by a cop
He thought I did not stop

I visited my old bartender
He was just a pretender

I had to go back to bed
There were too many thoughts in my head

I opened my eyes and to my delight
I couldn't remember my night

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Dreaming Into the Day

You waken from a dream of pure delight,
relinquishing the magic of the night.

But as you go outside, you find the hue
of sky is now a technicolor blue!

The grass and trees are greener; every flower
possesses now a greater fragrant power.

How sweet is everything! How can it be?
The answer, friend, is very clear to see.

When love has come to you, this is its way;
enjoy it! You're dreaming into the day!

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Pieces Of My Dreams


                                             As dreams frequent our nights…
                                                 Disarray plays in our sight… 

                            We remember in the dark what we can’t see in the day…
                       Flowing in and out of reality as the pieces fall out of the grey…

                         A cold breeze from an open window splashes on my chest…
                               For the relevance of what I see may only be a test…

                                           The clock ticks and the hours spin…
                                           Daylight struggles where to begin…

                                           As lifeless dreams now sink away…
                                          I play on paper all through the day…

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Some Dreams

Some dreams have no answers some dreams make no sense
Some dreams last forever perched upon a Razor-wire fence

Some dreams make us empty, other dreams make us whole
I once rode the breath of a dream right straight into my soul

Sometimes I search for answers to questions I have never thought
I used to think every dream had a price and it could be bought

I learned that dreams, which can be bought, are not dreams at all
Just another way for some fool to bang his head against the wall

I pray all throughout the day, in the circle I burn my sage
Isn’t everyday of our lives another beautifully written page

This is the way I have come to believe, it is everything that I see
Sometimes what is, is not what was, but it is as it should be

Life is made for living and we must all choose our path
The good, bad, happy or sad, it is up to us to do the math

So what does this poem mean have I not written it so clear
Dreams, schemes and old routines can drown our soul in tears

So if we are unhappy about the lives that we have come to live
Lets rely on a dream with Jesus Christ teaching us how to give

When we are willing to give all we have, the Lord will
make sure we will always have something to give. Be
strong in who you are and what you believe because in
the end you will pay the price of your actions. Let your
Soul be where you seek your answers for Christ lives
with-in each of us. Our mistakes prove we are human
our salvation proves we are redeemed and our love is
what proves we are saved. I love all of you more than
i could ever say. I hope that Gerard Keogh Jr. reads
this poem for i wish to dedicate it to him. What a
wonderful gift his poem to many of us was.

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To dream or not

I came home late and went to bed,
pulled the cover over my head.

As I lay drifting off to sleep,
my mind’s thoughts went too deep. 

My eyes came open but I could not shift,
my body tranced, paralysis was swift.  

I felt the bed sink as I lay prone,
but no one was there, I was alone. 

As I laid there too scared to cry,
I thought for sure that I would die.

The weight of a body laid on mine,
feeling stress on my legs and spine.
I could not move, even vocalize,
I knew my mind had to focalize.

I laid there thinking it was just a dream,
I had to except it, I could not scream.

Ten years passed when the next dream occurred,
to others, this dream was quite absurd.

Again I was lying prone but asleep,
awoke when my neck felt a figure creep.

I shrugged my shoulders to make it cease,
managed to say; stop, give me some peace.

For years I have been free from this nightmare,
that left me loath sleep and dreading the scare.

Copyright © 2010 By Caryl S. Muzzey  

Seventh Place Winner ~ "A Fragmented Dream” Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Constance~A Rambling Poet
Oct. 4, 2010

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What Do I say

I see you over there with a smile on your face,
that makes you glow and stand out to me in this place.

I watch you to see if you notice my look,
You make my heart ache like a fish on a hook.

It's hard to approach such beauty I know,
I bide my time to let my confidence grow.

I try to think of something unique and special to say,
but I know there's nothing that others haven't tried to play.

Looking at your hair and longing to know you more,
What could I possibly say that you wouldn't ignore?

Your smile makes me melt in my imagination of you,
One mistake could easily push you away and it's through.

How could I approach you with such a beautiful attraction,
I feel we could have such love all I need is a good reaction.

If I can't think of something to say you can't refuse,
I fear that you'll be gone forever and I would lose.

Why has it got to be so hard, it can't always be,
Give you my love, but my love you'll never see.

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Knight in the Moonlight

I turned around and saw a knight
Riding a white horse in the bright moonlight

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Falling Thoughts

When this pen of mine runs dry…
Empty thoughts fall and die…

No one there to catch this descend …
Even the paper is not my friend…

Inspiration hides behind self-built walls…
Most words struggle to even crawl…

A voice on paper with no sound…
Cries to be heard inside a slow drown…

Eyes now close into a deep sleep…
Off to a place where thoughts shall seep…

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bucket list of wants

Tons more I wish to do, Much more I want to do, Before I am laid on the pyre facing the sky deep blue, Much more I wish to do………. I want to scale scary heights, I want to bungee jump without any fright. I want to travel rough terrains on bikes, I want to make it through forests and go on long hikes. I want to wander singing songs, I want to sing about how I mended my wrongs. I want to be creative again , I want to write about my joys thrills and pain. I want to pour my heart and passion in my works, I want to write verses & haikus without reactions knee jerks. I want to take many a calculated risks, I want to learn from the entire process without shortcuts or fancy tricks. I want to contribute for a good cause, I want to give without siphoning material or emotional dross. I want to untangle messed up issues, I want to wipe off tears with empathy laced tissues. I want to work on taboo subjects, I want to solve regression of y on x. I want to listen to my music loud, I want to pen my work in a place far from the madding crowd. I want to sow seeds and many a plant, I want to bask in sun rays that into my room slant. I want to drench in the rains, I want to make paper boats and sail them in the drains. I want to pick up from the ground and smell fresh wet earth, And then joyously have my speech filled with mirth. I want to boldly write about myself only for me, I want the world to know me & my mind as they will always see. I want to meet often the persons, who mean a lot to me, I want to be able to emote my passions and feelings of love and glee. I want to be happy about just any small thing, And all this I want to do before the last breath to my nostrils I bring. Facing the blue skies on my funeral pyre, I want to be on the best craft my soul can hire…. All this I want to do very soon, Before sets into me dreaded gloom. But the life I live is taking its toll, I am yet to get out of this oblivious hole. Time is just right to set aside, And take a ride Fulfill my wants and dreams that I nurtured in me to grow, And I had put away sheathed in a cocoon of time many years ago. Now I don’t want a moment long, And I will do what I want and sing my own song, And do what in me I let grow, Many, many years ago.
by: Sashi.Prabhu

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Three Dreams

As a child I had recurring dreams
Of Indians, death and gorilla themes.

The Indians rode on painted ponies,
So real they seemed, they couldn't be phonies.

Turned out they were real and scouts to boot,
My Dad was tapped out, ain't that a hoot!

The gorillas were loud and right outside,
I cried to Mom, I had to confide.

One morning she woke me and said "Listen up!"
My gorilla was only two bird dog pups!

But the worst of all was my dream of death,
I was dying or dead and couldn't catch breath!

Just how would I die and when would it be?
Turns out I'd have to wait years to see.

Mom said, "Never fear, for Jesus is here."
"Just pray to The Lord, and keep Jesus near."

Soon the dreams faded, gone from my life. 
Understanding my dreams, had lifted my strife.

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The fine line of a dream and a day…
Where two worlds clash into disarray…

The characters change as faces blur…
A stage of themes you can’t defer…

To a pathless journey with spaced apart signs…
Feeling my way through with hands not blind…

I wake into a place where I once only slept…
Onto the foot of a staircase with missing steps…

With no separation it’s all intertwined…
Where my dreams and days stay undefined…

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Kissed The Sky

Two peas in a pod that would be my wife and I
We have grabbed a dream and kissed the sky

Two full-blown addict’s on a dead run
We lived our lives just to stay spun

Outlaws, lovers and partners in crime
Lost forever in the hands of time

Living just to somehow survive
Walking zombie’s barley alive

Found in each other the will to fight
Out of darkness and into the light

I love her more than words could ever say
We have helped each other live the right way

Forever bound to each other’s love
Giving Praise to the Lord above

Two peas in a pod that would be my wife and I
We have grabbed a dream and kissed the sky

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Mysterious Dream

My bed felt like a zareba, hedging me in as I dreamt.
I had no mirror in which to peek, but I feared I was unkempt.

I watched the dream unfolding through my transparent lids.
I perceived myself as admirable, serving food to mate and kids.

Our residence seemed to be a cave, some of you would call a hovel.
The only tools that were in sight, was a prehistoric shovel.

The distant monolith I recognized as an Egyptian pyramid.
The leaders did not build them, their enslaved prisoners did.

They had not yet been invaded, all their bounty was intact.
I don't know how I knew this but I knew it was a fact.

My dream had started fading, though I wanted it to stay.
My lost ones were still with me on that prehistoric day.

I wanted so to hold them, my precious husband and my son.
I prayed the dream would be returning when another day was done.


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When we were young

As children we'd play,
and nothing could stop our fun or get in our way 
We'd play until the day's end,
and black, white, thick or thin didn't matter, if you wanted to play then you were my friend 

As children if wasn't out of normality to dream, we dreamed and dreamed 
We made our reality into what we wanted, no matter how silly it seemed 
With ease we broke through realities tightest seams
We would chase and become our dreams, no matter how hard it seemed 
As kids we could not only run, we could also fly,
 close our eyes and run, and watch the wind take us high
Who knew by closing our eyes,
we could then touch the skies 
As children, in our future we weren't CEO's laid back in a room, 
we dreamed one day we'd walk the moon 
we didn't read books, we made our own story, 
 and doing that expanded my mind further than any book every did for me 
As children we knew not of fear, 
we only knew how to play 
Despite the degree of danger, we made sure we would bring our dreams near
that so called fear couldn't get in our way 
Before we knew fear, 
 despite the chance of loss, we held on and loved things so dear
because losing these things isn't an option for a kid, because there wasn't the slightest questioning of if "if it did"
As children we looked danger in the eyes, 
and with faith in our hearts we'd touch the skies 
But now that we've moved on and grown,
we don't know where this faith in our dreams has gone.......

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Unborn Musings

I dream of my mother's face In her arms a sweet embrace Murmured words I want to hear From her lips I hold so dear... I know nothing of men's wars Or the pain of closing doors I don't know the color of my skin But know the heart that dwells within..... Still innocent in my unborn ways I dream of living peaceful days Some love to hold me by the hand And a friend or two to understand... >center>

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Beyond Unspoken

Beyond Unspoken

Beyond all fears this day must come, she dies my end as well. 
Was it just a glimpse in time; a dream a magic spell
Arrested by your vision pure from lost begins, awoken.
You were the one my heart longed for, a dream beyond unspoken
I’d wondered if my rescue comes in this world or the next
I’d lost all hope to see love's face but soul’s perplexed.
But now all hope has died for “us”, retiring to my darkness
Joy a distant memory replaced with pain and starkness.
I did so love you spent my heart, holding nothing in reserve, 
one day for your sake I do pray you’ll  give what you deserve.


Lawrence Schrank

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Little boys’ dreams are built from  the  play-sand 
And blocks shared with other boys by the thousand. 
Dreams  of rescue and protection are those of girls small,
And always by a shining armourclad knight tall.
Lovers dreams are woven from fine silk threads of gossamer
Wound in golden circles around the heart of another.
Happy old men fall asleep with dimly seen 
Visions of a lost past with no might-have-been. 

But our dreams are made from this flesh and blood here, 
And wooden walls and brick fireplace and windows clear, 
Built long ago with our sweated hands and brow:
We have no need of tomorrow, for tomorrow is now,
And filled  with the laughter and music of our own delight.
The golden blocks in our dream are shining bright, 
And by the silk threads of realized visions held tight.
Our dream is here and now  -   each day and each night.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Written    1  August  2012
Entered in Kim Merryman’s  Contest   -  What Dreams Are Made Of

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Dream Weaver

Moon dancer, in your petticoats, swirling on the lawn,
dewdrop drinker, night wind stalker, daughter of the dawn.

Castanets coil your fingers, diamonds drape your toes;
not equal, but greater, if with normal juxtaposed.

Beautifully different, a gypsy sort of soul,
one, who out of nothing, music can cajole.

Lightly stepping, ever reaching, walking upon air;
if searching, one will find you climbing heaven's stair.

Don't let the stale world change you; continue to pursue
your dreamy fabrication--living impromptu.

September 28, 2014

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Another Lamb

Golden wings with gossamer lace
Moonbeams shining from her face
Her soul is large. Her frame is frail
The time has come to lift her veil

She's spent her days in loving care
With nurse and staff and family there
But now another stands beside
He takes her hand and says, "Let's ride"

Forget the past. They'll do just fine
Your time has come to live divine
She stands on up. No ache, no pain
And smiles at her new found gain

Hand in hand they start to rise
Above the Earth. Above the skies
Time and space soon start to meld
Her only thought, the hand she held

They soon arrive at Heavens gate
The trumpets sound as they await
Another lamb into the fold
Just like the Bible stories told

Rockman  :-)

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A journey to a world of fantasy

Accompanied by a heavenly choir chant I dance. Shortly divided from the world of silence. I dance and dance, along with other lonely souls. An absolute veneration for the creator of joy and sorrows. Despite the sole of my feet bleed, I stay careless. And the exquisiteness of the red ornamented my flesh. I can feel the insistence of happiness to gain. As of being hypnotized, I ignore the pain. Oh there is life more life in this fantasy. Life that a poet could only manifest in his reverie. Fortunate, grieved, splendid, dreadful. A life that's full.

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The Call

A voice in a dream called my name
With it neither message nor any other word came

It was a speaker with no face 
Just a voice with gravity and grace

Why it called me I do not know
But the memory of it will not let me go

It did not wake me, did not shake me
Nor solace or enlightenment gave me

But this call I`d answer, the voice I`d follow
With dreams to fill the void in this life so hollow 

From a realm of chimera, beyond the wall
One night there came a call, and that was all

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Warm and gentle wind, blowing in the breeze
Laying in the hammock, putting my mind at ease

Blue skies above me, wonders never cease
Thoughts of you and me, together we're at peace

Your long and flowing hair, swaying to and fro 
Not a care in the world, nowhere to go

Your eyes sparkling, from the glimmer of the sun
Brand new life for us, together now as one

Visions of your beauty, puts a smile on my face
Once together, hopes and dreams we can chase

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the dream

surprised a dream can tic you off
and make you change your mind

when once my soul was once aloft
frozen in a wierd sence of time

adamant was my resolve 
to always love and stay

my words and conversation
my testament and concentration

all betrayed this very day
in a dream that i still question

why would God send a dream
that would hurt my love so hard

i know the answer and i admit it i had did it 
and now i get it, why question God

(My last poem about April)

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Dreaming With Eyes Open

Sometimes when awake I dream
Not as hard as it may seem

Searching my mind for it's light
I turn darkness into light

Others like reality
I choose dreams to set me free

For my thoughts can travel far
Going from here to where you are

Placed upon an apple screen
Now my dreams by you are seen

When awake with open eyes
My dreams are all realized

Dreaming into the day contest.

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Through Your Soul

Pardon me for this intrusion
But after all it’s my illusion

So I guess it’s up to me
Who and what I shall be

So as I crack another grin
Over the situation I am in

Read these words of my truth
We are as old as our youth

Age is certainly no reason why
Grab a dream and kiss the sky

Winner is I have been told
He who holds all the Gold

Let me add one small detail
I think gold will melt in hell

I traded in my Midas touch
A pot of Gold for a crutch

That’s all ok I don’t even care
I earned the grey in my hair

I earned the wisdom in my truth
Making Poetry my fountain of youth

I reflect on what my life shall be
Grab a dream and dance with me

We will dance from star to star
Embracing who and what we are

Maybe we will stop by the moon
So our dance won’t end to soon

Kicking us up a little dust
Shaking off a little rust

Then back to earth for a while
I sure do love the way you smile

Eyes dancing with pure delight
As they meet with mine tonight

Take my breath and words away
Tell me my love what could I say

Give me love or give me death
Come closer let me taste your breath

Let me feel your every move
Soft, slow, tender and smooth

Come explode with me today
As through your soul I softly play

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The Dream Stealer

Past midnight hour, there’s no dreams to keep 
The labyrinth walker has stolen sleep.

The keeper of the deepest dreams
Lets not the dreamer dream it seems.

The labyrinth walker stalks the mind 
Dreams locked away one gropes to find.

The deepest dreams the inner most desires
Kept locked away until memory tires.

Searching for that dream so deep
The one that is the one to keep.

The dream keeper steals and locks away
You pray you will dream it another day.

The labyrinth of the mind is deep
The deepest dreams are there in sleep.

But deep dreams bring desires too
We grope but lose like morning dew.

Through the labyrinth of passages in my mind
searching for dreams one hopes to find.

Stalking and stealing ones dreams you see 
Because the dream keeper is really me.

© 13/11/2012 ~GG~

Entry For Deep dreams Contest .

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Real dreams

Waking to the sound of rain.
Watching it trickle down the glass pane.

Walking into the kitchen and pouring some hot tea
Standing by the sliding glass doors and staring at a reflection of me.

Wishing I was outside dancing with the storm and the trees.
smelling the air filled with dampness and wrapping myself in the breeze.

Running into the wet forest with nothing but my bare feet.
Stumbling upon a lake so vivid and meek.

Holding myself in the rain as I twirl in bliss.
Waking from my dream I realize all of this.

It was a magical dream where everything was easy and free.
It was beautiful but yet so real to me.

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A Rainy Night Visitor

The air is drunk on the scent of trellised roses
Snails draw trails on a rain soaked white washed shed
Shapes draw eerie life like human poses
Stars reside among white clouds overhead. 

I saw her framed in the arbor in your garden
Chatting with kids now raising kids of their own
Her visit did not illicit a word of pardon 
She would be proud to see how they have grown. 

My shadow a shimmering path across the grass
Invited me into worlds now torn apart
But present tense reigned over memories past
As my mind bowed gracefully to my longing heart. 

I was not surprised or saddened by her presence
She is ever present in all that matters most
At times like this when I feel her very essence
I wonder who's alive and who's the ghost. 

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Picturing Stardust And Dreams

The branches of the whispering trees are woven with the sky.
They're forming lacy patterns as a tear falls from my eye.

So awestruck from the wonderment of moonlight-driven madness.
Now sparkling stardust blankets me and hinders all my sadness.

Warmed by the twinkling lights on high and drifting in the night.
I feel the dreams of yesteryear that brought me to this light.

The angels dance before me now well-cloaked in happy spirit.
A silence falls upon the earth but I no longer hear it.

As stars piece through the dark facade my feet begin to slide.
Across the heaven scented sky the moon begins to glide.

Dawn awakes,the stars slip down then slowly fade away.
Before they go they wink at me thus I begin my day.

written by Deb Wilson
December 26th, 2012
for "Blanket of Stardust "contest 

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Drifting In Dreams

Close your eyes, keep them tight,
Lay back now, and drift into the night.
Drifting in dreams,
Where magic is can be seen.
Powers are art, then magic goes dark.
Heart in a rage, Now you are locked inside of a cage.
And you cant get out...
The your mind fills with doubt.

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Nightmare of a Pilot

Gazing with a distant soft saddened stare,
Locked in a zone and I'm staring out there. 

Trampling emotions are mangling my soul.
A pilot flying solo with no self control. 

Headfirst - a nose dive in progress.
Thinking twice - a complex process. 

Falling aimlessly constant flashbacks in mind. 
Gusting wind rushing my eyes forcing them blind. 

Gravity's strong pull is more than my own.
No turning back, a decision full blown. 

Ground zero near, it's closing in fast.
Seconds from death, my breath at its' last. 

I'm screaming so loud I wake myself up. 
A nightmare repeated, my mind is shook up. 

- Yours Truly

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Pleasurable Nights

Basking in the beauty that is the night
Lovers embrace within dreams delight
Thoughts intertwine in each other’s arms
Succoring peacefulness, knowing no harm
A blissful respite from this earthly realm
Where worries smother and life overwhelms
Reconnecting thru wanderings in depths of slumber
For it’s here spirits thrive in time unencumbered

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Dream Drifter

A Hush falls upon the night,
As conjurations take full flight,

Sashaying through the misty dew
My thoughts drift towards you

Silently asleep lips lightly apart
Rhythmic intakes keeping time with your heart

A sigh, a gasp, a frown,
What could thy dreams be as the rain thunders down?

A smile in the darkness, a tug upon the sheets,
Covering your face as the coldness nibbles at your feet,

Eyes flicker for a moment then the moment is gone,
Soon the spell of the moon shall be broken by chant of a new dawn.

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No Man's Land

Avoiding me, I cannot quite seem to catch you,
You slithery fiend, in decision I choose to loathe you!
Fatigued as I am, I chase ever after,
Be gone my tired eyes and fade into the laughter,
Walking empty streets until the sun doth shine,
Until clouds beckon on a ribbon of yellow line,
The beauty that is doth captivate so,
An enemy, my timeless foe,
Never have we once been a friend,
But does it not depend?
I cannot survive without thee,
Until my dreams invade to set me free.

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I dreamed I was within your dream
You awoke and I did not, so it would seem

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Dreams and Reality

My eyes remain open
My gaze is sharp and outspoken

Yet my mind runs free
There where magic is the wife of mystery

Sometimes memory fails me
What did happen or not is totally hazy

How to recognize dreams
How to let out dumb screams

Easy said I to a man of sooth
Easy, see this world not as a truth

A world of illusion
Blurred with confusion

As for reality, it is yet invisible
Seen only in your mind's crucible

So the point of separation
Becomes not a point of great affliction!

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Dreaming Sleepless

She likes to dream on days cloudy and grey
to avoid focusing on her home of stay.
She likes to dream when she feels lonesome and blue;
to compensate time's passage for fortitude anew.
She likes to dream when sky beams yellow;
a bright sunny day cheers her countenance to mellow.
She dreams also in the dense black of night
just before struggling not to dose and enter fright.
She likes to dream after showers on a multi-colored rainbow,
beginning to show promise of future life destined long ago.
Perpetually wishing in thought on what she should do-
a child's coping mechanism for discontent needing rescue.

Dreams contest 
originally written in 1960's

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Drinking Absinthe

Drinking absinthe the color green,
snuck from Ireland in a bag unseen.

Dreams of faeries in my green bean patch,
chasing leprechauns I never can catch.

Into a cave, where St. Patrick sat,
on a rock, stroking an old fuzzy cat.

"What's up, Pat!"  I said with a slur.
"You know" He said "Drink is not your cure."

"Well, Pat." I slurred.  "It will work for now."
"Gotta go, I lost my bottle some how."

Back to the porch, I stumbled and crawled.
To awaken alone, with photos sprawled.

For the "Irish poem" contest

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She lay down and began to dream of death.
She felt the demon of soul's very hot breath.

Her crown of beauty was black as the night.
The demon of souls was her deepest fright.

Standing there with a gun in her hand.
Wondering how she got to this dead land.

Tombstones buried in the smoking ground.
In the sky flying buzzards all around.

When she awoke from her dream she was scared.
Cause she didn't just dream she had a nightmare.
                             Teresa Skyles

Entered in ~A rambling poet~Among the dead contest.

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Time Stop

Time Stop

There was a moment in time when everything stopped,
It was like a dream on an entirety with you.
It  there could be a moment to take back the regret, heartbreak and confusion I doubt I would.
I fear telling you how much I love you.
Thinking it ruin are forever relationship,Not knowing it was mutual. May we be of flesh may we be of soul may we have  that savior peace.
What rules then are our own? 
If we break that promise which bond each with a letter in blood.
As time stop the wind blows,we who bore so close taking the finally blow.
As we gaze into each to each tear streak face we smile and know.
Today we can be together forever in each other arm.
As though time kept going but for us,it stopped.So our moment int time where only the wind blew.
This is the most wonderful dream we have ever shared.

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A Piece of World Peace

Close your eyes and imagine this-
Paradise in a place of bliss.

World peace in a piece of the world.
Without loss and bombs never hurled. 

Snow that falls that doesn't freeze.
Sun that shines that doesn't cease. 

Fields of green with flies of butter.
People that laugh and never mutter. 

Manners are common and minds are at ease.
People are thankful and always say please. 

Lovers with a flame that doesn't smolder.
Aging in years but never look older.  

A land where the forever is real.
A scene where the sick always heal.

Throbbing aches and pains that never hurt,
Families and friends that never dessert.

As impossible as it all may seam,
Welcome to the place where I dream.

- Yours Truly

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Sitting in the classroom

I was sitting in my classroom and it was the month of december,
And in the class there was our english teacher as far I can remember.

It was very cold,
And in the classroom a story was being told.

The story was about a boy,
And his lost joy.

The name of the story was Oliver Twist,
I suddenly felt that someone held my fist.

I was finding the story to be crap,
And suddenly on my cheek came a tight slap.

I looked up and above me was standing the teacher,
And then I realised that in front of the class I had became a foolish creature.

In shame down went my head,
And my cheeks were molting red.

My eyes suddenly opened and I looked around,
And all my bedroom surroundings I could found.

I suddenly realised that I just woke up from sleep,
And it was a dream into which I got really deep.

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I Tripped, I Slipped

I tripped, I slipped into another world Of mountainous peaks and different birds Colours of pastels, in blazing hue Sucked into this scene that I never knew Gripping, flipping, I could hear myself talk In wondrous view as I enter this baulk My arms in flight as I reach these peaks Motionless entirely, these views I seek Kaleidoscopic prisms in colourful spew Whilst a sun appears in yellowed true In floating cascade I fly so free And when I awaken in the morn, I find I'm me <->v<*>

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MY LIFE will  be HEAVEN,
while you are with me.
MY LIFE will become DREAM,
when you leave me.
don't make me to dream of my life.
make me to live my life.

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Dreaming Life

What magic made dreams Then made life Made everything seem possible Then made life When I wake it’s gone Nothing lasts There alone The dream has past Always the dread That greets the light And a longing again For the magic of night Rendered risen life Curls from the heart The smoke of dreams Where end is start It’s there that I live More truly and whole Where there’s peace For a dreamer’s soul Once the day comes And some day no more A final night comes A dream I implore A dream long and worthy Noble and due A sweet note played To see eternity through

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Me and my Imagination

Am lying on the beach with you sunbathing next to me
Talking about life in general especially art and poetry

Discussing forms and such makes one dry and thirsty
A long cold drink or two is perfect we agree

Talked about the contests how much fun the forms can be
About the different judges with all we don't agree

Not sure if i am dreaming, things seem a little blurred
Not quite in vision you could say, are we talking slurred

Dangerous things imagination, you must agree
Turns the world upside down after a glass or three

We decide to write a collaberwation 
But the werds, wurds, came out wong, rong

Had a nap, across the dunes the snores could be heard 
Not too melodical  were the comments, how absurd.

I woke up just in time before my imagination went to town
Imagining us as lovers, bet that turned your smile to frown

Penned by Seren Roberts on 18/05/2014

Dave Woods Contest - imagination.

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Rising Again

Rising again, furnished with a bright dream
That led me to a noble path, graced with loving memories

So, i'm moving away from moment of despair
Looking to continue loving my purpose in life

For I refused to give up my treasured dream
Find meaning from every trial, with hope in my pocket

So, I had faith to keep going on, rising again and again-
-And planting seeds of hope with devoted heart

Making me a sailor with triumphant dream
Ready to move on, withstand other storms

While listening to melodies from deep waters
Charming my spirit, and making me embrace new sense of being

So, I keep rising, and rising again, love waiting on my new path
To carry me through a fulfilling journey

For I always believed, happines is forever in the midst of everything
Anytime, everywhere, it will always come to free me

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Shaft of light

It was a dark and lonely night
Suddenly there came a shaft of light
My heart was jumping out of my skin
While trying to keep all fears within
I became silent, my legs became stiff
I felt like I was pushed of a cliff
Then suddenly I saw a strange ship
I got so frightened that I bit my lip
It came and disappeared
Then again it reappeared
Is it aliens or just a dream?
Maybe some things aren’t what they seem

Date: 9 February 2013

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During my sleep no sound is powerful enough
to awaken me from the realm of harmful realism.

Hours roll and not being aware of a temporary death,
every past life's event I relive with bitterness and regret.

I flint as an airplane piercing misty and thick clouds,
not wanting to be trapped in any hypnotic state.  

People who harmed me suddenly come into view,
some are dead and still haunt me with their laugh.

I sweat as grass on a humid day, I terribly shake and fall out
of the bed...realizing I've left the realm of harmful realism.

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Finding Delight

I know the world can be very much mean
And that there are things that shouldn’t be seen
The world is a battled field covered in blood
I’m starting to drown, because of this flood
If only we could run away to a place
Sweeter than ecstasy, higher than space
Somewhere that we shouldn’t have to carry the earth
Especially for the ones who has been suffering since birth
I know the world doesn’t have any love
But we are being watched by God above
Let’s dream of a dream and let’s make it real
Let’s show the emotions that we shouldn’t conceal
I know there’s a place where happiness flows
And in that same place, there will not be foes
For everyone who’s looking for delight
All the darkness of your life will turn into light
Smiling isn’t impossible to do
I know one day joy will come to you

Contest: Chasing the blues away
Date: 5th February 2013
Deadline: 28th February 2013

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while I'm dreaming

He speaks to me while I'm dreaming
only he knows the reason why

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A Dream rewritten

In my dreams an elf gave me a seed
he told me to plant it as a good deed

I took it to the valley of rainbows
chasing off the oh so curious cows

Planted it loam that was so rich
soothing the soil to the right pitch

Watering it in with joyful tears
listening to it grow with open ears

Over time it grew to majestic beauty
flowers scented highly and so pretty

This was the Tree of Hope and Happiness
that casts away despair and weariness

I fell asleep beneath its protective leaves
and when eventually I awoke, it was under my eaves

I was home in bed, I doubt I ever really left
all the same I awoke from it feeling bereft

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Confessions of a souper

The day before yesterday was laced with dismay in every possible way,
Yesterday was better but has into the backdrop faded away.

But today is another day,
New stuff to think, do and say.

Today I will brave the world all alone,
And enjoy my freedom full blown.

I will live life with zest,
Try to do things, never second best.

I will live to be sensitive,
Towards others be more receptive.

I will live to be forgiving,
Be more tolerant and caring.

I will speak to all who walk my path,
Make peace with all and unnecessarily not unleash quaint wrath.

I will correct all my wrongs,
And tell this to all by making them my songs.

I will proudly write notes about the new me,
And publish and upload them for all to see.

I will work to be creative,
And learn to open my mind’s eye and not be obstructive.

I will always proudly wear my own neoteric attitude,
To succeed, master the skill of gratitude.

The day before yesterday was laced with dismay in every possible way,
Yesterday was better but has into the backdrop faded away.

And today is the right day,
To commence these fresh new things that I write and say

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Soul knows a tune, a sacred hymn;
Brave life's sand dunes in blood and lymph.

Soul knows the way, enchantment plays;
Brave then each day firm poise and say.

Soul knows a feel, a fate that hurls;
Brave strides now thrill all forms that swirl.

Soul knows the path, endowment shines;
Brave beyond stuff the guise divine.

Soul knows a sight, a love that guides;
Brave all things light to breeze life's tides.

Leon Enriquez
01 Apr 2014

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Killed By The Ferrari I Never Had

Killed By The Ferrari That I Never Had By Rick Rucker I might be the only guy killed by a car he never contacted, Though my life it surely impacted, My Father was a crazy sort, He bought a Ferrari, just for sport! It was a decision not too practical, But a choice very tactical, He remembered how he used to race, Thought it would put a smile on his face! A Ferrari as a family car, There were some better options by far! A family trip, a major feat, That thing in back, not worthy of the name “back seat!” I have always felt that I deserved, To be a little less reserved, Finding myself Alone, I’d taken to calling Ferrari dealers on the phone, To see what I could find, A dream that might ease my mind, Something Red, and Fast, That would cost a Fortune, and wouldn’t last! Just when it seemed at hand, The foundation of my Dream was built on sand! I found a new woman to share my life, To be my best friend, and my wife, She had only one thing that really made her mad, She’d lived in a fancy neighborhood, and her neighbor had, Some noisy Italian car, that he took out in the Spring, And she would never ride in such a thing! I asked if she remembered the make, Until she answered, a breath I didn’t take! A Ferrari, she said most emphatically, My Heart now beat erratically, Without my beautiful Lover in the next seat, A Ferrari wouldn’t seem as neat. That is where my Heart died, To never own my Italian ride, I will forever have to hide, That, deep inside, some part of me will have forever died! I chose her, you know, of course, But I was killed by a Prancing Horse!

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I Dream Big

I dream bigger than the tallest skyscraper
"They say I'm up and coming like I'm f***ing in an elevator"

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Never do i get anytime
what i always aspire
my fate has seemed to be
turned into a great liar ......
               was it really my fault
               to think about so high 
               that even my fortune
               was forced to utter a lie
but no i didn't dream so much 
that i couldn't have fulfilled
It wasn't a burdenon me
but i couldn't achieve it still
              I have always been told
              to dream higher and higher
              but how can I do so
              when idon't get what I aspire
I aspire many things
but rarely do Iget them
with misfortune following me
towards my mayhem
              My bad luck is always bad
              and my good luck is never good
              what can Ido in such a case
              when i tried whatever i could
Every time after a failure
I decide never to aspire again
but my adamant heart
never understands and still tries to aspire

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The Tightrope

Gather all those wishes and hopes
Have the guts,walk a tightrope;

It's all about determination,
How you use your imagination 

Grab your dreams, create a goal
Remain focused, take control

You are the one to make it reality,
Ideas are filled with a duality

Remember anything is obtainable
As long as believe its reachable

Fight for those wishes and hopes,
you can walk the tightrope.

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The mountains stand soaring, touching the sky,
Their snow-capped craniums held high.

The brooks and the rivers, crystal clear
Carry the Essence of Life - water so dear.

The air is always untainted and clean
Dust and dirt forever unseen.

The shrubbery and vegetation are flourishing fast
“The Slash and Burn age” is now the past.

Dreams, you see, are peculiar things,
Unknown and unseen into our mind it clings.

Some come true while others fade,
This dream, O Lord, let it not fail.

‘Coz this little dream is not just mine,
It’s yours and theirs; it is growing…the line.

Let’s not stand aside and stare away,
Let’s get into action and pave the way.

To make this world a cleaner one.
To make our short stay much more fun. 

Day by day, hour by hour,
Let’s build up our dream destination.


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When the eyes retire to sleep
Fantasies rise from domains deep
Dreams of a different type
Unlike the hectic schedule of life !

Dreams are lovely...dreams are sweet
With the power of imagination,those are lit
Unknown imagination....flowing inadvertently...
Like waves in the heart of the sea...!

Sometimes dreams are stuffed with fright
That makes one shudder in the mid of the night
Non-existent pain....absent threat
For a moment, that makes the mood upset !

But dreams are dreams....lovely dreams
Yummy like sweet & cold ice-creams
To ensure that the dreams shine in your eyes
Sleep early....wake late....& be a man wise !

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Was I Ida Strauss

I have a fear of drowning in deep waters, dark and cold;
I dream the waves are parted revealing Death's threshold.

I wonder, tremb'ling in my bed, if another life I've known;
Is there a body 'neath the sea, dissolved, bone of my bone?

                        * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

We boarded the Titanic, her maiden voyage from the shore,
Just the two of us together, me and my husband Isidore.

Grandly cradled on the ocean within the ship of dreams,
Unaware an ice tow'r waited in the frigid, black extremes.

Roast squab and French ice creams, champagne and caviar
Were the first class luxuries, sailing on beneath the stars.

Near midnight the vessel shuddered as though wounded in the heart;
We waited captain's orders to load the lifeboats, disembark.

"Women first!" the crew commanded; older men could also go,
But Isidore would not depart, the truest gentleman I know.

He entreated me to leave the ship, but like Ruth of long ago, 
I replied, "We've lived together many years. Where you go, I go."

We faced Death as we faced life, companions to the end . . .
Climbing the staircase to heaven, hand in hand with my best friend.

The story of Isidore and Ida Strauss is true; they were first class passengers on the
Titanic. Isidore was co-owner of Macy's. My connection to Ida is fiction.
The grand staircase on the Titanic was called "the staircase to Heaven."

Faye Gibson

June 22, 2014

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That November Day

I will never forget that cold day in November.
It will be a day I will forever remember.

Anxiously sitting in the courtroom,
Praying that this day does not end in doom.

All the testifying that day is said and done.
I am nervously awaiting my fate and that of my sons.

The judge is gone but only an hour,
The expression she is wearing is quite dour.

She sits down at her bench and gives her verdict to me.
They are going to take my sons, the three.

She says I am not a good mother,
She says her choice was no other.

I sit there in disbelief and stun,
I cannot believe they are taking my sons!

She won't let me say goodbye,
I am not given the chance to try!

I sit there in that vile room and cry,
Please wake me from this dream and tell me it is a lie.

Unfortunately it is no dream and I lose my breath,
This is hell for me, without the death.

I try to make sense of this some, 
But I cannot, I am way too numb!

Life without my babies, this cannot be,
Please someone just answer me!

What I have ever done,
To make me lose my sons?

I thought I was doing right,
By asking for help that night.

God, If only a warning had been given,
I would not have made that decision!

You would think the pain would go away,
It does not, it is still with me today.

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The three fork

trees are building the walls
the sun shows the stalls
leaves color the roof
along the path I hoof

damped footsteps resonate
wait and hesitate
in front a three fork 
a forested torque 

along the smallest path 
with a homely lath 
branches move aside
light rises a new tide 

talking causes a blot 
a small hidden spot
with a heavenly gun
a pond mirrors the sun

©Ellie Daphne 2013

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I’m feeling so tired, I look such a sight
Suitcases under my eyes, my skin is ghostly white

Could do with a tonic without any gin
A relaxing massage would make my face grin

Sun on my body and cool wind in my hair
A tropical beach, oh I wish I was there

Guess in my dreams these things I can do
If you want the same come and join me too

No cares in the world just for a day
Just a decent sleep and I will be ok

Jan Allison
29th August 2014

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A Wild Wish

Into the wild I wish to go
Where birds fly free and flowers grow
To lose myself in state of mind
That other folks will rarely find
I want to find that special place
Where not a man has turned his face
I wish to sail the unseen waves
Of wind rushing through wild caves
To climb the mountains in all their height
And once atop in the view delight
To smell a rose and run with deer
Out in the wild I'll have no fear
Far away from any man
The noise and bustle that rule the land
When darkness falls I settle down
And listen to the owl's wise sound
I'll sleep beneath the watchful moon
And stars that shine o'er silent dune
When dawn springs forth and sun comes out
Awake I'll rise with joyous shout
Into the wild I wish to go
In summer sun or winter snow
To lose myself and then I'll find
The part of me that once was blind

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Angel Disguise

Learning, sleeping
Playing, wheeping
Integrating in the whole
Like a brick into the wall

Hearing whispers all the time
His unconscious needs sublime
Singing songs or writing poems
Escape he seeks, uncommon knowledge

Seeking perfection (not to mention) he fights the infection
That tries to stop his ascension (to the far dimension)
In silence he screams
He, who has the big, bad sins

An angel seeks his long lost soul,
For him in order not to fall
With the power of the gods
He survives against the odds

A She is created
To fit the unrated
The wish to fulfill
The dream to come still

Beyond, there's nothing more
Purity has lost his soul
Seeking desire
He has fallen into fire

Intense the burning hits his soul
In his hell he's gonna fall
From the dream he shakes and wakes
To take a bath and learn for math

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The Coming Invasion

Contemplating world condition
  seems like a science fiction.

Putin playing Dr. Strangelove
  long range bombers above.

Even America has a role
  some long ago foretold.

Now, Mars seems nice
  better than Earth's ice.

Nations rebuilding their military
  coming invasions look scary.

Even ISIL rapidly popped up
  causing more chaos to erupt.

The world stage is being set
  these catastrophic threats.

So, who is he
  we all hear to be?

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coma dreams

Once was a princess
never so old, so young

soul adrift in loneliness
never so asleep, so awake

caught by darkness
never so lost, so found

visions showing her choices
never so dark, so light

seeing herself as she is
never so bad, so good

waking to familiar voices
never so ill, so well

now knowing what life is
never so so, so hope.

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From The First Moment

From the first moment I set my eyes on you my heart for you did glow 
My love for you ever since then just seems to continue steadly grow 

I know our love can just take us anywhere, any place 
I always want to see everyday and everywhere your face 

I want you to know that forever and ever I just love you 
And that for you my love and devotion will never stray 

I am aware that life can be at times hard but God made it simpler 
When HE gave you to me and thats when all my pain was easier to bear 

And now you and will just belong here and beyond together 
I like to think that you and I for each other will always care 

I can't even stand the thought of my life without you now 
We were meant to be together and let our love for each other just glow. 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 


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Noah and the Unicorns

A unicorn couple was admiring Noah's new boat
But were concerned the darn thing wouldn't float...

So they decided to go on down to take a  look
And met Noah, who was writing names in a book...

He asked if they wanted to cruise on a 40 day deal
They hesitated, reminding Noah that they were not real...

"My friends, we are all in need of a bit of a dream.
Come with us, In my heart you are what you seem"...

So the rain came down and it flooded the land
And the ark and animals were saved as God planned

Unicorns are part of our dreams to this day
So...if you
look closely at rainbows, you may see them at play....

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Dreams and Reality

We can dream on
Nights of dreamy fun.

A dream is a dream when achieved
If not souls could be grieved.

For some dreams, reality is far
Deceptive like a mirage afar.

For  reality, dream not alone
Other dreamers take as a loan.

Poetry world, a dream in my 
That turns me over in my bed.

My dream now a reality
In the poetry soup community.

Run with your dreams
Its reality takes you, great realms.

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The Life He Almost Lived

The space between what could have been
And the place he is living now. 
Started out as a tiny path
Became a major road somehow. 

At seventeen the dream was real
There was a contract in the cards
Quarterback of the football team 
Who had thrown one thousand yards

But on that fateful Friday night
A hit that was unexpected
Dislodged his lethal throwing arm
The scholarship was rejected. 

He is now a bleacher creature
A big fan of the local team
But with every passing touchdown 
He imagines what might have been.

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(Dedication: To the seeker-wayfarer within each living soul.)

There is a peace where stillness waits;
There is sure ease where soul knows gate.

There is a voice that calls in hints;
Poise is a choice to shade and tint.

There is a space where place and time
Reveals a face in sensuous rhyme.

There is a truth that governs all;
There is sure proof in peace that calls.

There is a time where space abides
In radiant chimes beyond the tides.

There is a smile beyond a face
Where a sure style guides time and space.

There is a feel, a certain urge
That comes to heal impulse and surge.

There is a dance within the core
Where change and chance greet fate and more.

There is a mind within sure heart
Where clear design attends all start.

There is a way within, beyond --
Where only play can chance upon.

There is a source that soul can know;
A certain course where light now shows.

There is a touch where soul can tell
A glimpse as such where heaven dwells.

There is deep peace where Spirit fills
Boundless increase with Love's goodwill.

Leon Enriquez
03 May 2014

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Only you

I long for respite from the light,
come hold me through this longest night

Only you, can bring me peace, 
only you, can give me rest

I seek comfort in your soft embrace,
please guide me to that quiet place

Only you, can bring me peace, 
only you, can give me rest

The weight of life, so light before's
become a burden I can't ignore 

Only you, can bring me peace, 
only you, can give me rest

I grow so weary of life it seems,
that peace may only come in dreams

Only you, can bring me peace, 
only you, can give me rest

I grieve, dear sleep when we're apart,
I pray your sweet relief to start

Only you, can bring me peace, 
only you, can give me rest

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Walk in the rain --Clair de lune contest

Listening to this haunting refrain
Reminds me of a walk in the rain

Can hear the raindrops as they fall
Stretching my legs I am no longer small

Faster I walk through my valley of dreams
Getting wet as the roads turn to streams

Splashing through memories held fast
Letting them go releasing troubles at last

The haunting refrain stays in my ears
Humming it quietly I lose my fears

Goodbye to loneliness am whole again
Thanks to the refrain and the pouring rain.

Inspired by the music .... Clair de Lune
Penned 25/5/2014

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God If You Will It

God if you will it, please give me a girl;
One with an eye that shines like a pearl.

I’ll show her love and respect and prove my potential;
And if you give me her soon this will be evidential.

For so long I have attempted to understand,
This sweetest emotion that turns people to sand.

Please give me a chance to experience you’re great gift,
With which hearts shall be mended and heads it will lift.

God please I beg you, please send her to me –
Sooner more than later, I hope it to be.

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BUS STOP I walked to my bus stop and there sat a man whose hair was all matted, his skin leathery tanned. His clothes were all dirty, shabby and worn you could see his resistance was all ripped and torn. Old cigarette butts lay down at his feet and his gaze was fixed out in the street. I don't think he sensed the sun in the sky, all happiness had rained from his eyes. He had all of his treasures in a shopping cart that he had taken from a local food mart. His currency was in aluminum cans that he had scavenged from garbage cans. I thought about him when he was a child did his imagination ever run wild? Did he dream he'd be famous, did he dream he'd be rich, did he dream he'd ever wind up in a ditch? My bus arrived and I sat down in a seat, looked out the window at him in the street. I left without saying hello or good-bye life moves on and so did I.

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I dream of the moon reaching for me
She is the muse I dream to see

The rays of her glory surround
When I am lost, She is found

She inspires many through Life and dream
Either by land, sky, or even stream

Let her light indulge me in my art
I pray to the Goddess that she may never part

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I Love You

I dream of your touch while you're away
I think of your voice all through the day

I dream of the day I can fall asleep beside  you
I think of whenever you say I Love You

I dream you're with me every night
Laying down and holding me tight

You're the reason my heart is whole
You're the love inside my soul

I think about you night and day
And i know it seems I always say

I never want to see you go
I love you and I hope you know

I love you with all my heart
And I hope we'll never be apart

We'll be together for all time
And I want you to know you'll always be mine.

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Let's Churn Some Butter

Just as butter is made my churning cream
Light that love and churn that dream

Churn it till it’s smooth as can be
Then generously spread it all over me

Roast me, toast me then throw me in the pot
Crank up the heat because I like it hot

No need to time it so lets explore
Churning our dream till we can churn no more

The longer we churn the smoother the cream
That’s what makes us a perfect team

Each forever willing to do our part
To churn our dream with all our heart

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Identity Theft

And if I felt it freeze my soul
I know I've finally lost control

And if it spoke to me in vain
I know I let it steal my Name

And if I take before I give
I know it claimed my right to live

And if I sought to make it real
I know the hurt could never heal

A dream of hate is still a dream
No matter how real it may seem

Because I try my best to love
I hope to join my Self above

Because I'm desperate for a Friend
I hope someday to make amends

Because I cry from loneliness
I hope I can escape from this

Because I give before I take
I hope He'll gently let me wake

A dream of love is still a dream
No matter how real it may seem

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Dream, Dream You Bother Me

Turned down the alley that led to my street 
walked in the door tired and beat 

On my desk were a stack of bills piled high 
was overwhelmed so I shuffled right on by 

Felt dead, went to bed with a pounding head 
When I woke, my apartment was a rickety shed 

I looked down and observed a purple dirt floor 
The sky was bright yellow when I opened up the door 

Black stars overhead in the middle of the day 
In the water of a pond I saw leopards at play 

A hippo sleeping high, top a coconut tree 
He opened one eye to take a look at me 

Tried to keep my cool as I walked on through 
At this point that was really all I could do 

There were clouds made of bees floating over my head 
Dripping honey on the grass that was crimson red 

I awoke once again with a heavy hangover 
You would think that by then my dream would be over 

But when I went out the door, what did I see? 
The hippo sitting high in the coconut tree 

He winked and he nodded with a gap toothed smile 
I decided to go back to bed for a while...

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What You Expect To Achieve For Today

~What You Expect To Achieve For Today~ (Couplet) What you expect to achieve for today It better be good and beneficial to you. Because what you decide for today, Determines what tomorrow will be for you. So start sowing very well and deep all your good seeds, And apply your knowledge carefully for all your needs. Don't waste your time crying for something that's already past, Get your priories well and straight because today doesn't last. Go and do something great with the rest of what's left of your life, And don't go looking for troubles and sorrows along this road full of strife. Watch carefully where your place down both your feet and where you stop, Be diligent of whom you give your heart and never make it with lies to the top. Because what you decide for today, Determines what the tomorrow will be for you. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2015 January,17,2015

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The Dreaded Dream

Sing me a song that will put me to sleep
And I promise my nightly noises will not make you weep,
For I dream aloud, battling the fogginess descended,
Awakening refreshed when that battle has ended,
There are no doors, no locks in this place,
A bit too gloomy but suitable to my taste,
Within the shadows, averting the light,
For they make my eyelids burn and writhe,
The sweetest of dreams are but a myth,
Cheating us, for Reality in comparison we find dreadfully unfit,
Exploring the depths of our languished needs,
Most will stand and stare at the few who succeed,
For though we may wish to be free of these fetters,
We often lack the bravado to seek out something better.

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I dream dreams Of a life that's happy Filled with love and laughter As pleasant as it can be. I dream dreams Of a warm and cozy nest; Not a house but a home Where all tensions can rest. I dream dreams Of bright and sunny days And cool breezy evenings, Caressing with their soothing ways. I dream dreams Of a stream's gurgling waters Flowing alongside hills and rocks Unperturbed by all trivial matters. I dream dreams Of contentment's fulfilling shade Whereby all ambitions cease But the dreams never fade.
I dream dreams

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Dancing in this Heart

I dove into the darkness for I wished to see
If the life on that side was the life for me
I tasted all it’s pleasures let them consume my mind
Turned my back on all I loved, left those I loved behind
It started like a dream that filled me with a dance
I was completely captivated by the dark romance
Everything that ever was truly seemed to be
Out there for the taking waiting just for me
I ran long and I ran hard strutting through it all
Let my soul pay the price behind a prison wall
I was just a simple wizard caught up in a game
Just incase you don’t know Jughead is my name
I have made my enemies and I left my ghost
I have taken Lucifer and nicknamed him the Host
The Host of Addiction is it not clear to see
Everything about that word spells misery
Then one day I met someone met her just by chance
I soon found myself lost to her seductive dance
In her arms I met someone who had been buried on a shelf
As I traveled through her soul she introduced me to myself
We noticed in other’s eyes a tiny ray of light
As we found in each other the will to try and fight
I dove into the darkness for I wished to see
If the life on that side was the life for me
In that life I met someone who taught me to dance
Then led me through darkness into the light of romance
That is why today I write for her this little rhyme
Letting her know she is still the dream dancing in this heart of mine

© 2007 Michael Jordan
All Rights Reserved

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Your Beautiful Morning

Dreaming seemless 'tween moonray and morninglight
waking to find a beautiful body just met that night
like waking from one dream to another
and one is happy to have met the other

A half-smile hidden behind cascaded hair
and the other so happy to have her there
even if 'twas for one night
'twas a dream worth waking to in new morninglight

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Keep the Peace

“Keep the Peace”

 When the world doesn’t move to our rhythm we tend to lose our peace
If we yield and bend like water our pain would surely cease
God teaches us to be kind and gentle when we’re treated with anger and hate
We need to absorb this teaching or come to a fiery fate
This is what Jesus taught us when his limbs were bound with nails
Clear thought, love and compassion is the way that never fails
When the dark side seems to find us be strong and see the light
And let His warmth rush through you and tell you everything’s alright
For the world is in need of good words that strengthen and reinforce
And dream the dream of dreams and stay steadfast on your course 
Copyright 2011


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The Waterfall of Dreams

I once had a dream or did my dream have me
Sometimes the truth can be real hard to see

I lived in the shadows of desire and lust
Landing where I may like particles of dust

My heart it was empty and my soul was so tired
As I tried to mask my pain by staying wired

Then one day something special happened to me
I closed my eyes, which enabled to see

In the same way as we scrape the burnt off our toast
The Lord delivered me from my addictive host

Then he opened up my eyes and taught me to see
Through the eyes of a man living honest and free

Everyone life is a river that flows down a hill
It’s an emotional ride full of heartache and thrills

But just beyond the rapids as rough as they seem
Put your faith in the Lord and ride the waterfall of dreams

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Big Blue Marble

I had a dream the other night
Dreamt of flying, what a sight

Soared above our big blue marble
What I saw, I could only marvel

Inspired by the peaceful scene
The oceans blue, the forests green

If only man could soar so high
He'd view it all with a different eye

From way up there, no sign of war
No sign of hunger, of nations poor

Harmony reigns with joy supreme
Gliding o'er this tranquil scene

Call me a dreamer, maybe I am
Great way to be, I understand

What life's about and why we're here
Making friends, spreading cheer

Defining laws of right from wrong 
Singing a chorus of freedom's song

Looking forward to a better day
We can only hope and only pray

I had a dream the other night
Dreamt of flying, what a sight

Soared above our big blue marble
What I saw, I could only marvel

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 A flurry of stars,
exalted moon,
purple midnight from a spoon
soothing indigo delight,come
taste a dream come true tonight.

Potions printed on the leaves
of pregnant avocado trees,
pestled up and mortared down
in cooscoos and the tears I found
falling from a bright cascade

in WindyMoor,a place I made,
trembling lightly on a hill
where children come to drink 
their fill,
of soothing indigo delight,come 
taste a dream come true tonight.

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Dreams make you feel like your in another world
It's like life is an oyster and you are the pearl

Deams can be funny but some can be scary
One minute you see a monster then the next a fairy

If you dream like me I can only recall one part
I wreck my brain trying to remember it from the start

It seem so real until you wake up and focus
That it was all just a dream yeah hocus pocus

You get into that deep sleep and you feel so good
I rather have my memories they don't leave like dreams could

Days are long nights are short what's a girl to do
But have more sweet dreams goodnight I hope you do to

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Loving Dream

Most people fall asleep at night
And dream of fantasies delight;
Those spawned by wakeful malcontent
Of dreaded pasts and all they meant.
But when the light begins to dawn
Their dreams all vanish with a yawn.
My dreams are themes they are but two:
I dream of love and loving you;
And when I wake and wipe away
Besprinkled sand to start the day
I look around and here I see
The loving dream lies next to me.

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Good Company

“Smoke a cigar with me and have yourself to a beer,”
I open my eyes and I’m all alone here.

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Lucid Dreaming

  Lucid Dreaming

There’s a place in your dreams
Where I’m told you can go
And know that you’re dreaming
But able to guide the dream show.

I’ve tried and I’ve tried
A dream journal I’ve kept,
But I’ve never been able
To gain control when I slept.

It would be such a wonder to know  
That my dreams could stop running so fast,
And turn to find your loving arms
Holding me tightly at last.

To enter this dream state is not easy
I’ll keep trying, its secrets to reveal
For to somehow find you in my dreams
Would be the wonder I’m longing to feel.