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Couplet Death Poems | Couplet Poems About Death

These Couplet Death poems are examples of Couplet poems about Death. These are the best examples of Couplet Death poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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In solitude I dream tonight
And watch a moth in fevered flight.

It’s drawn toward my quaint porch light
And flies consumed with all its might.

Through open window I can see
Its desperation shared with me;

How freedom in this world is light—
And we as souls are drawn to fight.

Though freedom’s light may cause our death,
It’s worth the risk with every breath.

I understand the moth’s sad plight
When drawn to the glorious light.

Though it knows not of human trust,
It buzzes on because it must!

For Chopped II Poetry Contest 
Sponsored by Craig Cornish

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O Bury Me-Repost

Oh bury me high upon a peaceful country mountain. 
By the stream of crystal waters flowing like an endless fountain. 

With it's emerald green hillside dotted with beautiful wild flowers. 
And tall pine trees that scent the air in a warm summer shower. 

Find an old oak tree with branches full for shade. 
Where the little birds sing to me from nests they have made. 

Oh bury me 'neath the sun so warm and bright. 
Where the moon shines full on a starlit night. 

Close to my beloved country cabin made of log. 
To be watched and protected by my faithful hound dog. 

Oh bury me 'neath Gods great cathedral of blue. 
Where eternal sleep is peaceful and true. 

* Even in death beauty can be found*

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Arabian Mist

"The Arabian Nights"

Underneath the oceans veil.
Mystery lies within.
Beyond Orion's belt, I shift my mind to sail.
Within me, every constellations hides secrets of sin.

Allowing me, to time frame the world of yesterday.
I found portals with no way-out.
Covering every bruise that my body had on display.
Drawing along the mist of no doubt!

I tie eternity into loopholes with no ending.
Singing a song that lacks the strength to be strong.
Trying hard to swallow words that have no mending.
Babbling at my tongue, when one's heart is wrong.

I hide in the light, away from the darken mist.
A sprint sensation lurking down-under. 
Anthologies written only to exist. 
A place that strikes louder than thunder.

Eyes that port and slow everything down.
Mysteries behind, a deadly desert storm.
Slaving under the 3rd crown.
Candlelight's guiding a new wedding form.

Executed in a thousand tales, of romance.
Knocking at my door ending another dream.
A sensual marriage with regrets, and loss of chance.
Dancing streams with no means.

Avalon, closing over an Arabic Night.
A story cradling me in bed.
By morning dawn I will no longer see light.
Waking up to another Arabian Night.

.              by;p.d.

NOTE~ I read the book 5 years ago.                  
the book is Full of mischief, valor, ribaldry, and romance,
plus more.
I based my poem On the Queen,
Who's Husband would kill his new wife after one night of marriage...
Most of my lines are metaphorical, about the mysteries and stories told...

enjoy~~  click about this note

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Before I die

cascading crystals fall......... like
rhinestones from the sky
      a shower of ,
    your endless love
    on me before I die.

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*he MURDERED me*

   he murdered me

I am 21 years old.
I lay here with my body cold

I always gave him the best of me.
Begging for his love on my knee.

I never listened to nobody's advice.
Only to my husbands lies.

He told me that he loved me. 
Beating me till I could no longer see.
One day he took me by surprise.
Now everyone around me cries.

It's to late to see he was not the right guy.
It's to late to tell all my loved ones goodbye.

Now I'm in a place where he can't touch me.
In a box called a coffin, only I see..

While you stay and rot behind in jail..
God came and took me away from your hell.

By; P.D.

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On The Moon

Thea, grandfather Alferd's dog died, she was so old and sick
Now is Thea on the moon, says Adrian who is six

Michael Jackson died so unexpectedly and abruptly
He is on the moon and plays with Thea, says Adrian who is a big fan

Betzy, grandfather Arild's dog died, she was also old and sick
Now Betzy is also on the moon with Thea and Michael Jackson and play all day

Great Grandmother died so unexpectedly and abruptly
Adrian who is six had difficulty understanding

Adrian who is six cried many tears for Great Grandmother
but comforted himself with the fact that she is sitting on the moon and
makes waffles to Thea, Michael Jackson and Betzy.

A-L Andresen :)  - A true story -

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Set Yourself Free

Go now, rest your weary heart.
Against the soft moonlit night.

Walk into the valley of peace and tranquility.
Loosen those chains that bind your soul.

Let them fall to the ground, never look back.  
Let the veil of time lift you up.

As the last breath of life seeps from your lips.
Float out of this world and into the light.

Through the veil of time, go now, no time to wait.
For now you are free, free to be who you really are.

Imagine you flying against the golden sun.
Fly with the spirits who light the nights.

Go now to the world beyond time.
Worn out with lost dreams are you.

Go now and let them come true.
Set yourself free from these bones. 

 Feb. 29th  2012   leap year 

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The Psychostasia

The Psychostasia
(The Egyptian Funerary Rite)

For seventy days I’ve been prepared
With oils and unguents ever so rare
And with linen bandages to and fro
Wound and wrapped from head to toe

And on this journey I’m prepared to start
By enduring the “Weighing of the Heart”
With Toth’s oversight we’ll see whether
My heart weighs true against Truth’s feather

Should it fall short the beast will devour
My soul to oblivion in my final hour
Yet should it measure straight and true
The Pylon opened I’ll be ushered through

And then I shall fall unto my knees
And pray that Osirus hears my pleas
That he acknowledge and clear my tears
And accept my soul for a thousand years

And cleanse said soul of all its scars
And make me one with the canopy of stars
And bless my children and my wife
That they may join me in the afterlife

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Bodies molded into one, golden by the fire-light Heat between the lovers touch could warm the coldest night Golden locks around her shoulders; the softest hands upon her waist Of all the sweets and wine been tasted- his lips the sweetest taste. Her cheeks were red like roses, and his eyes were bright as day, Imprinted on the others heart, there could be no other way Gentle moans and gasps of love, ensconced in lovers game Eros, Philia, and Agape, with neither lover tame. His heart was her heart, his breath was her breath Making love until time's end, and then his death her death.

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To All Of You

There are times we are left to cope
With situations that drain our hope

Leaving us full of despair
At how some people just don't care

About the evil that they do
To good people like all of you

We are left to somehow face
That in mankind there is disgrace

And those of us left alive
Must find away to survive

As you pick up the pieces of your life
Without your mother, father, husband or wife

And some of you God forbid
Without the love of your kids

We must band together with a brotherhood
Show that in this world there is some good

Because we are together in this deal
We try to help each other heal

We seek in each other good advice
And offer each other sacrifice

We hold each other in prayer and song
As we continue to re-build the wrong

Because what else in the world can we do
Except let the light of good shine through

The evil darkness and despair
Of a catastrophic lack of care

We want you to know you are not alone
Think of America as a giant cone

And all of us are funneling through
Our prayers and hopes to all of you

Posted for Nathan's 9-11 contest

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As The Wind Blows - Chan's Memory

As  the Wind Blows

When you feel a warm wind caress your face, do you think of me
Do you hear a soft voice whispering as it rustles the leaves

Sit, close your eyes; do you smell the soft scent carried on the wind
Listen to the trees, they sing a song that was meant to never end

So is the strength of my love, able to be with you though I am not there
Caressing your face through the breeze, its essence carried on the air

The song of the trees, the whisper in the wind, listen with your heart
I am calling to you love, our bodies separated for a time, but our spirits never apart

F. J. Thomas

Though I do not personally believe in heaven and hell 
the same way many do I would hope that, whatever your belief,  
you do believe that he no longer suffers as he was.

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Dying Young

I’m afraid of dying young
Of leaving things yet undone
I’m afraid I’ll leave this place
Yet not leave a single trace
I’m afraid I haven’t said
All that lives inside my head
I’m afraid I’ll disappear
And no one will hold me dear.
I’m afraid I’ve yet to touch
The hearts of those I love so much
I’m afraid I’ll never see
Who it is I’m meant to be
I’m afraid, for can’t you see?
Not much time is left for me.
I’m afraid, oh, I’m afraid
Soon I’ll lie silent in my grave…
With my stories yet untold
With my dreams yet to unfold
With my songs yet unsung
With my words yet on my tongue
With my passion tucked away
With no more prayers left to pray
I’m afraid……

Entered into Richard Lamoureux's Beginnings Matter Contest
March 3, 2015

I'm not sure why this is the first poem I chose to post on Poetry Soup. Maybe because the theme of dying is ever present in my mind. I lived with the knowledge that my Mother was dying from an incurable disease and that marked me for life.  Writing has also marked me for life. I've always wanted to leave something behind  to be remembered by. Most of the poetry I wrote up to this point was for family members and loved ones, things I'd share on special occasions. How I love writing. Poetry is more than a hobby. It is an obsession and a dream. It is therapy. Finding a site where I could actually post my work and get feedback was a dream come true for me. This was my first poem and my first taste of euphoria. Others who love words showed loved for my words. "The rest", as they say, "is history."

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Short Stuff

You were always happy, always on the move
with a great zest for life and a heart full of love.

We loved you too and checked to see if you’d get mad
if we mimicked your habits, but you laughed instead.

When we were in school together, you often horsed around;
I ribbed you about eye trouble, eyes too close to the ground. 

You lived life with gusto, knowing your time was short;
playing hard, working harder, often with a jolly retort.

Honest to a fault, you saw the positive side of things;
kept things in order, solid rock with no mood swings.

Cut off jeans, gray tee shirt, tinted glasses, baseball hat;
great big grin, teasing quip, a big hello, a friendly chat.

You were the best teacher any student ever had;
I could call on you to help as though you were my dad.

You drove my school bus on many a winter morn;
dressed in brown coveralls, bottom legs frayed and worn.

You were there in summer, helping coach baseball games;
at football with your camera or turning cartwheels in the gym.

You taught us how to care, how to study, how to play;
how to work on the computer and make the most of every day.

So determined to learn, spending hours at a throw;
self-teaching all the things a teacher needed to know.

You are the poem of my life, who you were tells the tale;
your poem will last forever, healing memories never pale.

You wrote the words of this poem, pages of my life tell the story;
you will read them back to me, when we meet again in glory.

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Before The Sun Sets

The sun set with a golden glow the day on which you I met
 On that special  walk in the beautiful  park as the sun set

The sun set a glowing red as I walked with no threat
Amongst the trees of different hues as the sun set

The sun set slowly going down dropping, to it I'm indebt
To enjoying every minute of color as slowly the sun set

The sun set quietly didn't say a word but drew
Others to come in and watch closely as the sun set

The sun sets for you and me my handsome dear
Come close lets get all we can from life before fully the sun sets

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In dead-man's land
red poppies grow,
Fertilised by blood,
sun and winter snow;
And on widows' weeds
streams of sadness flow,
Lost freedoms seeds
beneath ignorance goes
To no-man's land
where,there were but crows;
With Spring's new life
real peace they can know,
In the Morning Star's
perpetual glow!


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Found at Last


Heading into the light of the infinity mass.
Thrills over a new breath, a shining smile made out of brass 

Wondering if my energy will ever dissolve?
A slipknot tied on the world where we revolve.

Sublime in to a new kind of contrast.
A fate ending better than worse, no longer an outcast.

Appearing with TRONS no one solves.
Beyond and under where life really evolves.

Once death takes a toll real love will be found at last.
An afterlife so profound waiting~alas~alas!


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A Child's View of Death

A Child’s View of Death

People say now that Grandpa was thin
But he had plump cheeks; cancer had set in 

Each Sunday penny candy in my hand he’d place
And with rugged hands he’d embrace my face

To an impetuous toddler, his cigars smelled foul
But I don’t remember him ever sporting a scowl

On the way to mass my hand he’d squeeze
And no one ever mentioned his disease

But I’ll not forget the way mama cried
When she hugged me and said Grandpa had died

Though yellow tulips bloomed outside
I entered that parlor where emotions ran high

Grandpa looked peaceful, like he was asleep
I walked softly toward him, not making a peep

Where was that smile I’d come to expect
Not one movement could I detect

It can cause harm taking preschoolers to funerals
Death viewings can be the most frightening rituals

Fear lingered for months as I dreamt of him
Lying in a coffin, his skin cold and face grim

Children should remember those who have passed
Alive and happy, the way they’d seen them last

A fear of death plagued me for many years
I couldn’t accept that good people disappear

From our lives, to be buried in the ground
In thoughts of this loss, my spirits drowned

It wasn’t till later I realized the eternal life of souls
And that in both forms of life, we each have our roles

Be sure to tell little ones of God’s special home
And how our deceased loved ones sit by His throne

In coming to terms with this revelation
I learned to see death as a new life’s creation

*For Lay's "Darkest Childhood Memory" Challenge

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Leaving All I Know

                                                   This empty feeling
                                          So many places I have seen..

                                                   All I ever knew
                                                Leaving it all behind..

                                                 Thank you for the light
                                     The one that gave birth to my soul..

                                            Now my soul is in captivity
                                Darkness embraces its last bit of freedom..

                                                Leaving all I know
                            Awaiting my death in a cold and wet prison cell..

                                  My feet,shackled to the slippery floor
                 Fear of death written on the wall with invisible characters..

                                             The last spark of hope
         Licks my thoughts as a sunbeam squeezes itself through the tiny window..

                   "Oh,Heavenly Father..are you there to collect my tired bones
                                           ..or to set my soul free?"

                                           I await the bell to chime
                      Knowing they will come and take me to the executioner..


                                           September 2nd 2012

* Inspired by a song called "Hallowed Be Thy Name"

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Missing You

I look across the bed… you’re not there… you’re dead.
I look across the bed and see…you’re no longer next to me.

I reach over and try to feel your skin,
and remember all the joy there had been…

but my hands come back empty…trying desperately to hold on,
barely clinging to life now that your gone.

And I let out a cry I’m quite sure heaven hears,
Or will it linger in limbo for all of my years.

How lonely this bed, where imprisoned I lay.
How long can I take this day after day?

They say that in spirit your right next to me.
But that is no comfort for it’s blackness I see.

They say that it’s time to move on with my life,
But they have no clue of my pain and my strife.

You were my best friend, my angel, my love,
You were hand picked for me from above.

You were the one who’s soul I adored
Whatever I did you were there to applaud.

You alone knew me inside and out,
And the love that we shared left no one to doubt.

For you were my angel sent from above,
To care for, to lean on, to cherish and love…..

So I’ll go back to bed where imprisoned I lay,
And hope for a joy that visits someday.

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Death of a Knight

Blood surges through the deep gash in his armor
while the brave knight writhes in pain and cries in anguish.

The battle is over now and the knight drops hard to the ground
knowing that his life force is ebbing and his strength is waning.

With the battle finished the knight begins his final fight
with Death in his inevitable glory and result.

The knight’s blood now slows to a quiet trickle like blood tears
while key moments in his life flash before him lightening quick.

The knight finds his comfort in love of family and country;
this is a moment of solace as his body tightens in Death’s grip.

His blood now seeps into the ground itself and his breathing grows shallow,
and twilight moves to darkness in the knight’s final conscious thought.

The knight murmurs:  fighting, war, and duty to my king have been my life,
but now I must take leave of this mortal coil.

With that Death takes the Knight’s mortal body and the hand of God carries
his heavenly soul to everlasting eternity. 

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved (September 9, 2014) (Distich or Unrhymed Couplet)

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A gun so nice to hold
Firm grip from one so bold

Shiny bullets fingers do enfold
To only the brave guns are sold

Not only to the brave are coffins sold
Silk lined some are, but still rot and mould 

Not only bought for the unfortunate ill, we’re told
Not a perk for those growing infirm or old

Lives wiped out gone feelings left cold
Guns to the brave are always sold

Coffins the innocents do enfold
Firm to the grip, handles cold

A gun so nice to hold
A body not, I am told.

©~GG~ 16/01/2013

Contest Entry:

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Deadly Silence

The woods were still and without sound,
The night I hid her in the ground.

For Susan’s Silence contest

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Never Tell

He smiles in my direction as he walks in the door
And laughs at my heart, now a puddle on the floor,
The people walking by turn, point and stare,
I repeat over and over, “there’s nothing there…”

Rains of passion, waves of homicidal angst,
You can’t look backwards and still walk straight,
A million signs are screaming out at you:
Stop-danger-watch out-you’re running too

Quickly, swiftly your friends all walk away,
I’d like to say something, but it’d be so cliché,
Silently you sit and watch them go,
Hoping inside that they don’t know,
Maybe they won’t know, but everybody knows…

I think of you and I think about stars,
Captured fireflies in marmalade jars,
Beautiful reminders of what may have been,
But the fire goes out, and they lay there dead...

He says, “The poison doesn’t do it for me anymore,
I need a pain to leave me lying gasping on the floor,”
My eyes go cloudy as he looks to yesterday,
I say, “I never meant to hurt you anyways...”

It broke my heart, I almost cried
To see you hurting, so broke inside,
Twist, plunge deeper, lemon and salt it so,
Some suffer in silence, I’ve come to know,
You’d rather be alone, you asked me to go...

The colors flew around the walls,
How I got here I don’t recall,
He handed me the bottle and I didn’t think twice,
"Just get rid of the pain, whatever the price..."

I think we danced, at least we may’ve,
Silly boy, to think I’d misbehave,
He said, “I bet I can change your mind,”
Slow down, stop, (learn to) rewind,

“Hold my hand,” I pleaded, to who?
I don’t think so, that’s not something I’d do,
Stop, not there, leave me alone,
I don’t want to be touched anymore…

A glance at the reflection as I pass a mirror,
I thought I saw a smile, but it disappeared,
Spin around and around, a crystal ball,
Reality’s a mist that surrounds us all…

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The Murder of My Heart

Another stab, another wound, another scar to bear
I wonder if my little heart will find the will to care

It has been mutilated; its fibers have been shred
By all the hurtful things that to it have been said

Its beating is becoming faint, its rhythm is disturbed
Brought on by the rejection that on it was conferred

The blood is gushing out, a never ending stream
Perhaps it will finally stop while I sit and dream

The murder of my heart, was done without a scene
By the outer evidence, the job was very clean

The murderer got away, he left no fingerprints
No one knows his identity, for he left behind no hints

I buried my little dead heart and paid it proper due
The gravesite is a mystery that I’ll not reveal to you

Don’t bother to stop by and place flowers by the grave
Your pretentious act of kindness, your honor will not save

A murderer you are and a heinous one you'll remain
For though I have no heart, I still feel the phantom pain.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Great Sullen Wind

A breeze that once lay cool in morn,
is face of death as dark was born.
On pebbled beach and under guise,
from sea to shore destroyed broad wise.

Great sullen wind awoke this night
and made old oak tree tremble fright.
Though might in years, he stood and shook
for death wind sought and life it took.

In churches huddled in the mass
we prayed the Lord would let it pass
and so He did and had it done
so weathered storms would see the sun.

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Breathes of Souls

The night grows heavy as the bells do toll,
And tears will fall, all will behold.

As deep in Gods earth is laid to rest half a soul
Once entwined and beautifully blessed.

Now those left behind will cry out with envy,
For the peace of ages the lost holds so clearly.

Those hearts left behind will cry out with the cold
As bittersweet memories circle of old.

Emblazoned images circle of walks once walked,
As the other half now goes with God to talk.

Hearts do tremble with sadness that once knew love,
As time stretches, a lonely run begun.

Time will carry forth until the other flies free
Dispatched by deaths angel to soar with the breeze.

Then those dispatched by deaths’ grim thoughts will unite
Together to find peace at last.

As the breathes of two souls will heal and hold fast,
And love will again hold them close, at last.

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I Will Rage against the Dying of the Light

I will NOT "go gentle into that good night"
I will "rage, rage against the dying of the light"

For life was not meant to end in death
Our breath of life was heaven sent

But this is our morbid destiny
For Eve picked the apple from the tree

And plunged us into a world of sin
Where evil is birthed from within

And now death is part of life’s game
Because we filled our hearts with shame

But….I will NOT lie down and simply die
I will fight with every ounce… I’ll try

To cheat death and give him the slip
Before he plants his kiss on my lip

I will "rage, rage against the dying of the light"
I will NOT "go gentle into that good night"

I will blaze and burn in a brilliant flame
I will leave behind poems to my name

I will speak with eloquence, oh so fine
Before I become oblivious to time

I will NOT "go gentle into that good night"
I will "rage, rage against the dying of the light"

I will hold your hand one last time
And smile sweetly, a smile sublime

I will tell you to live and not to mourn
To drink in life and death to scorn

To be all that you were meant to be
For in that you’ll taste eternity

But most of all before I leave
I’ll make you promise not to grieve

But to rage and rage against this death
And live, truly live till your last breath

I beg you, do not go gently into the night
You must rage against the dying of the light

Eileen Manassian Ghali

In Response to the poem by Dylan Thomas, "Do Not Go Gentle Into that Good Night." One of my favorite poems!

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Visit me in a dream

Come and visit me in a dream,

And tell me how you are,

Are you floating on a cloud?

Have you found the brightest star?


I know you're with us somewhere,

Even though you can't be seen,

Painting the bluest sky,

Or among the grass so green.


As I'm wandering through the park,

Looking up at the trees,

Daydreaming of the joy you brought,

Will you visit me please?


Just send me a little sign,

White feathers on the breeze,

To let me know you're happy, free

And put my mind at ease.


Or ask a passing stranger,

With twinkling brown eyes,

A cheeky smile, and baldy head,

To nod as he passes by.


Or maybe play a special song,

Loud, on my radio,

That could have been written just for you,

About all the love we've known.


Come visit me in a dream,

And tell me how you are,

I know you're there, a floating cloud,

And one of the brightest stars.

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Time to Remember


In the pauper's field, the wild cornflowers bloomed,
nature's timeless blessing on those entombed.

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There is no spoon

When the sun has set like a ball of fire
colors like a funeral pyre

crescent moon in deep blue sky
indigo blue that sears the eye

crickets start their monotonous beat
praying in the sultry heat

hand in hand and heart to heart
infants waken with a start

old man takes his dying breath
soul escapes his body's death

spiders cross doorways with their web
a work of art so filled with dread

the rapping on the midnight door
the ghost who's there was here before

a child cries out, a nightmare dreamed
realities blur and rip the seams

what may appear as solid fusion
is just an agreed upon illusion.

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The Spirital Womb

The tragedy of a Miracle started today
Our Lord’s brutalized body passed away 

Of all the tragedies in the history of man
This is one I try to grasp, but never can

For some reason I find it impossible to see
We crucified the greatest man in our history

Through all of the gain and all of the loss
It was a predestined coin man had to toss

I wonder how Pilot must have felt that day
He washed cowards hands in a cowardly way

Beaten and tortured, his skin ripped to shreds
As a thorny crown dug holes into Jesus’ head

While nailed to the cross he had one final goal
Through the mercy of love he saved another soul

He saved that soul and then our Lord Jesus died
Can you imagine the countless tears that were cried?

As we all know Jesus' body was placed into a tomb
To my minds eye it was no less than a spiritual womb 

And from inside that womb salvation was born
For the tomb was found empty come Sunday morn

This is not how the story ends it is only how it starts
The Lord now lives up inside each one of our hearts

Even those lost in Prison, the ones like I used to be
Can turn to the Lord and then they will be set free

Freedom is a thing that I think we all strive to find
It is etched in our heart and engraved in our mind

I was locked up in a cell nestled tightly away
Facing several years that I would have to pay

Up inside of that cell I made my own decree
A true miracle was taking place inside of me

I was a very evil man and I was so proud to show it
In the wink of an eye I was transformed into a Poet

I learned there is only one way to truly be free
Ask of the Lord, “ Jesus please come unto me”

And just as the Lord Jesus Christ rose up out of his tomb
We can all live with-in the comfort of his spiritual womb

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Immersed in the sound of the low rustling wind
Memories and places they haunt yet again
Passed by so quickly as each falling leaf
Drifting and flowing on an unyielding stream
A current to carry from birth right on through
Filling our moments with cares which ensue
A mind lost in remnants of lovers and friends
Babies and children and time long since spent
Familiar, intangible, just out of reach
Longing for ghosts that my heart doth beseech
Winter is looming and summer is past
A time for remembrance the years gone so fast
Beauty is captured in my last breath of life
The sparkling colors in the warm golden light
Do mimic the glory and wonder be told
In those bright days of autumn and a life to behold

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The Last Sound

What will be the last sound whispered to your ear When it is you feel your soul parting from here Could be a lovers sigh while lying in their bed Or the coyotes call echoing instead A tear drop drifting down a cheek in sadness The sound that a bullet makes when it strikes your flesh The waves of the ocean pulling you under Startling honk of a horn as into traffic you blunder The final words of prayer with Last Rites given Hopefully not the words you will never be forgiven
Featured Poem on Poetry Soup, June 6, 2010

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I thought about him...

I thought about him today,
And I hope that he is doing Ok;

I miss him more than I care to admit,
His little smirk and courageous wit;

He always had something funny to say,
And he never failed to brighten my day;

His cute little phrases or silly songs,
In my eyes he could do no wrong;

He was always there no matter what,
With his worn out hat that was beat up and cut;

Barely surviving, just like him,
There till the end when he started to dim;

I hope he occasionally thinks of me too,
Cause I love him more than he ever knew.

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Birth Of A Child

A woman shattered the night, with her agonizing scream
Sacrificing her might has dawned realization of a dream.

She has given me a wonderful heir, to bear my name
And left her sweet memories, for the spirits not wane.

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Rainbow colours

Written for my dearest friend Jan, my thoughts are with you and your family.

Rainbow Colours

Orange, white, black. Wings laced in colour lit by brilliant light 
Mine heart cry’s out and I weep before thy divine given sight

Mine soul is lighted by thy beauty that mine eye doth behold
Rainbow under constant movement, oh joyous vision doth unfold 

Thy Beauty fills mine heart and soul, such joyous colours fill mine sight
Lifting high, swirling , dancing on air, mine mind filled with light

God’s grace welcomes all those gentle souls with wing’s of rainbow hue 
Sweet  Jan your father dances in rainbow colours and will always love you

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From a beam he dangled as the rope choked out his breath
So very soon to end his life as he does the dance of death.
     The grandma sees her grandson and has to take him down
     She lays him on the carpet that is colored brown.

High up on a structure eyes are starring down
Will blackout over come him before he hits the ground;
  The morbid and the curious have finally gone away
  There’s only those who clean the mess, it's just another day.

Dinner on the table with plate and fork and knife
The only thing that's swallowed is a pill to end her life.
  Who said that it is painless have they looked around the room
  The pain does carry on and on far beyond the doom.

With a knife the cut was made now blood spills on the floor
Soon the shadows of the dark will come in through the door.
    Who said there are no victims; reactions carry on;
    This tragedy repeats it’s self; through days that take too long 
With rocks put in her pockets in water not so high
She sucks the water to her lungs that's how she chose to die.
    The husband of Virginia Wolf, now he knows too well
    His days are filled with misery and his life's a living hell.

Desperate to escape he points the pistol to his head
The triggers pulled, a roar goes off; and just like that he's dead.
      When she opened up the door she saw the pieces of his brain
      The blood in puddles on the floor; was like water from the drain.

Blood is on her shirt; where she held him for too long
But it's simply far too late the life in him is gone.
    Who says that it is painless have they looked around the room
     I know the pain does carry on and on far beyond the doom.


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My Best Bud Joe

I sit and think what could have been	
a life with Joey, my best friend.

The many things we could have shared,
The special way he showed he cared.

At age fourteen he stood six foot five
Was big and strong and so alive.

Why wasn’t I there that fateful day
To try and save his life some way?

I had no way to say goodbye,
Why did he go, why did he die?

At first I blamed my God for this,
For taking him, the life he’ll miss.

But since I’ve come to understand, 
It wasn’t God but the fault of man.

The careless company that took him away,
Should be made to suffer, made to pay.

I’m still so mad it hurts inside,
I miss him so, I feel deprived!

It’s so unfair he died so young
Not knowing what he could become.

Now he’s gone and I’ll never know
How life could be with my “Best Bud Joe”.


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Second Chance

When death came, I declared that I could not leave soon
For I had not seen the summer flowers in bloom

Starting them from just a seed back when there was still snow.. white
As they began maturing, I could tell each one on sight

Just large enough to be transplanted that spring day
The blooms were visible in thought only, in May

The angel came in early morn to take me by the hand
I bid him let me stay because my life was just sand

Now I have a new responsibility here
Down where the flowers bloom and to me are so dear

Life is not just about the house, washing the dishes clean
It's about love, our fellowman;  only a few I've seen

Thank you death angel for letting me stay that day
I'll give this life that I've got left the best day's pay

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my brother the river

out on the water..............
 hear the music
 rise and fall 
it knows no bounds
and through it all
I see the colors of the notes 
a windy rain,
a mist that floats
so gently on the surface mode
just like the waves
display the code
the sunlight
dazzles in my eyes
is that you whispering 
you never knew 
the rulesat all
you said that 
you could take the fall,
somehow you thought
you were immune
to every madness
'neath the moon
and now we've washed
you out to sea
I told you so...........
you are 

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  I know you tried to carve a line
across the wrists
of Father Time.

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Be the Salt

Don't carry the dead back home
Leave them better left alone
Time will come to face those fears
Now your debts are in arrears
Grab the living by the hand
Tell them you still have a plan
Even beggarly and small
somehow rise above it all
Be the salt and not the dross
Claim the win and not the loss
Someone needs you to be strong
Fake it, make it right or wrong
"Till you really reach the place
where you learn to turn your face
to the only one who knows
how your inner garden grows.

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life does go on........

  I was not altered by your death,

unless you count my loss of breath.

I was not changed by your demise,

unless  you note my blinded eyes.

I'm still the person that you knew,

except for what I say and do,

It's just the same old daily grind,

except I've lost 

my heart,

and mind.

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Old Man

Don't cry for me the old man said
To the young man standing by his bed
The time has come for me to go
But there's something I want you to know
From the day you were born until this day
There is something I have tried to say
I have always been a stubborn man
But I think I can say it if you hold my hand
You will probably think it's long overdue
But the truth is Son, I love you

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Beyond The Gates

Behind these gates lay quite the scene
So very surreal, yet not a dream

Beautiful headstones, manicured lawns
My God the memories this place spawns 

The winding road, first turn to the right
Back to the beginning of my plight

Stopping next to the second trail
My heart and head pound like hell

On the left eleven headstones away
Like a movie my memory starts to play

People gathered from all around
My mother knew everyone in town

At the time I was still unable to speak
My shattered psyche was far too weak

I stood there broken and full of fear
Ashamed I could shed not a single tear

Ashamed I could speak not a single word
Inside my head so many voices heard

What did those voices have too say
That’s another story for another day

Those gates now hold so many I love
Everyone I once held above

Last time I entered them I was 32
Even though those gates hold all of you

Next month I’ll go back and explain why
Tell my mother the reason I couldn’t cry

Apologize to her for being broken
Leave flowers, a poem, and my N.A. token

That way she will know without any doubt
What her little boy ended up being all about

That her little boy is not broken anymore
Overcoming adversity is what adversity is for

And one day when I’ve completed my fate
I’ll be looking for her, “Beyond the Gate”

The Shafter, California cemetery holds my mother, Grandparents, my cousin James and many
close friends. The last time I visited them was approx. 18 years ago. It’s very strange
that I received, “Beyond the Gates” as my topic, because; I’ve been planning this trip for
months now. If not for that fact I would have most likely written this poem about prison
gates. I reckon all things happen for a reason. Thank you Constance writing this poem has
given me strength to help me do what I plan to do. Go make amends to the person who gave
me life and taught me the things, which stuck with me through it all. My Grandparents
never lost hope in me and always said, "One day Mikey will remember the things we taught
him and return to the Lord." I think they will be proud of the man who comes to visit them
next month.

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A Prayer for my Wife

                           A Prayer for my Wife

Now I’ll tell you all the details if I can keep from sheddin’ a tear
Last night when it got late and really quiet around here 

I got down on my knees, crossed my heart and began to pray
And in the darkness between me and God, here’s what I had to say

I love her so much Lord and I just don’t know what I’d do
I’m afraid that she won’t make it, that’s why I’m coming to you

Here with my heart open, at your mercy down on my knees
I’m begging’ you with every heartbeat, Oh Lord hear my pleas

I don’t know what your plans are or what you have in store
And I know I don’t deserve her and that she deserves much more

And don’t misunderstand Lord, I don’t assume any obligation
For your bounty in our life has exceeded all our expectations

But please allow her to live and me to be a part of that life
And I swear I’ll make this beautiful woman proud to be my wife

And if it’s not in your plans Lord then I pray that you take me instead
Cause’ I can’t live without my love, I’d be better off dead

And no excuses for my past Lord, but I’ll do better than I’ve done
I ask you only this, my lord, in the name of your Son.

I wiped my tears as I said my amen’s and prepared myself to stand
Stepped up next to your bed and began to caress your pretty hand

I stared off into space as all the memories came flooding in
Reliving each and every moment, over and over again

And as the first rays of sunshine, streamed in past the curtain
I felt an overwhelming peace calm my mind and ease the hurtin’

I felt compelled to kiss you so I pressed my lips to your face
And it seemed the room was filled in the beauty of God’s living grace

And you slowly opened your eyes and smiled for me to see
And I knew the Lord my God had given my sweet wife back to me

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Mildred Noland

I wish I had just one more day,
to say the things I wish to say.

To walk along behind your wheelchair;
How you could out run me just wasn’t fair.

Have our morning coffee; sit and chat,
once again call you an old senile bat.

Millie, I always admired your will to fight.
Talking with you made everything all right.

Funny how nature’s rules centrist and bend;
Millie you were much more than my friend.

You were the mother I so long ago lost,
you taught me how to face and pay life’s cost.

You were always there to lend me an ear;
offer advice, which I shall hold forever dear.

I will miss your voice; raspy from the smokes,
you were one of a kind who loved to tell jokes.

We found my family and we found your son;
two wonderful things, which we got done.

Millie you may have passed but this is no lie,
up inside of my heart you could never die.

The message behind all of these tears I cry;
I will see you later, I will never say goodbye.

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The San Quinton Kangaroo Rat (Endangered Species)

Arriba, Arriba as Speedy Gonzalez would say
The San Quinton Kangaroo Rat is dying away 

Baja California is where they do reside
On a little strip of land just 100 meters wide

Due to agriculture and progress it’s sad to say
All but nine-miles of their habitat was taken away

Truly nocturnal they only come out at night
Strongly territorial they’re ready to fight

Once numbering in thousands now 30 are left
How long can humanity go on being deft?

They bathe in the dust so its sad but true
In captivity they last just one day or two

When they are threatened believe what I say
Two-meters at a time they go hopping away

They mainly eat seeds, fruits, insects and such
Amazing kidneys allow them to not drink very much 

They rarely drink water because these words are true
Their kidney’s are four-times as efficient as the kidney in you

The odds they will rebound are far less then slim
San Quinton Kangaroo Rats fate is looking rather grim

Even if you don’t hold rats dear to your heart
In the overall cycle of life they play their part

Every species on earth fulfills some sort of need
The San Quinton Kangaroo Rat regulates the diversity of seeds

Plants, insects, ants, and birds need them to survive
Without the San Quinton Kangaroo Rat they cannot thrive

Arriba, Arriba as Speedy Gonzalez would say
The San Quinton Kangaroo Rat is dying away

Being one who spent years in San Quinton this
endangered species caught my eye. Reminded
me of the jail house mouse that would frequent
my cell. An odd sort of connection I'll admit but
rather interesting I reckon.

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Favorite Picture (Oh, What a Smile!)

No, not the portrait when you were young, my dear
Just a tear-stained snapshot at the beach that year

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My Final Bucket List

I've made my final bucket list
A wish to return such a beautiful gift

The gift to return a life for a life
For the one who supplied me, their blood sacrifice

Surgery required blood to keep me alive
Donated by a stranger so I could survive

I hope the check mark there on my donor card
Keeps a very special angel on guard

For a special someone who needs a good heart
To feel love and give their life a new start

Maybe a kidney to a child in wait
Run and play, grow up and date

I'd like someone to use my green eyes to see
How we are surrounded by God's beauty

My bucket list might happen after my death
But I'll know it's started with my last breath

If not for a stranger
My life would already be over

©Donna Jones

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Safe At Home

When I closed my eyes and fell asleep in the premature hours of dawn
I never dreamed Your face would be
The next I’d look upon
My vehicle came to rest against the square concrete pylon
And those who found me declared to all
“It appears as though he’s gone”
They said I had the look of peace upon my face so fair
And in my lap my hands were laid
As if God placed them there
Just underneath those hands of mine my Gummy Bears were found
How is it that they rested there
And were not tossed around
You chose for me the greatest dad and mother one could have
And my sister; she’s so beautiful
Will you hold her for me Dad
For all of those that knew me knew how much I loved the game
But they also knew I loved you Lord
And someday you’d call my name
I’m grateful that I prayed the prayer to receive you in my heart
Now I know for sure that heaven is real
And we two shall never part
My final game was played that day as I heard you say “well done”
I ran into my dwelling place
Where I’m truly “safe at home”

Dedicated to RJ Ledesma jr who was called from this earth much to soon. May you rest in the Lord's care till we see you again. October 29, 1992 - September 24, 2011

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A Marine's Poem - from Iraq

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death;
I look at this war and I’m exhausted, and so out of  breath!

I look to my spirituality for an answer to appear.
I’ve seen fellow marines die and “death” is what I ultimately fear!

The days seem to never end, and this desert is extremely hot!
I’ve witnessed the death of my friend and I ask God, why he got shot?

Yesterday, our platoon leader took a hit; two bullets to the back!
I want my country to know that we do this ---- for her and hope we make it out of Iraq!

I think about my family and I miss their warm and tender essence.
I wonder if my girlfriend thinks of me… I can’t wait to feel her presence.

I hope death doesn’t come for me; that I make it out of this hell hole.
I pray God forgives me for defending country; that I do not lose my soul!!

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Goodbye Granddad

Gravity pulls my tears into pools.
Im sinking in sorrow -emotional fuels. 

Just turn back the time, I just want a moment. 
To say goodbye once, to cherish and own it. 

I loved my granddad - a man more than great.
Paired with my Granny as the perfect mate. 

A montage of memories that rush my soul.
My eyes fill with tears, I'm losing control. 

Just keep it together, it's what he would want. 
They all say the same, but I stand in front. 

Happiness swells, yet sadness prevails.
Like Christ on the cross, with hands full of nails. 

Life has a reason, and death isn't treason.
-It's moving on up.. A lifetime's a season. 

I look to the sky and say my goodbye.
The time won't turn back, I gave it a try. 

I close my eyes and imagine this-
Paradise in a place full of bliss. 

World peace in a piece of the world.
Without loss and bombs never hurled. 

Snow that falls that doesn't freeze.
Sun that shines that doesn't cease. 

A land where "The forever" is real.
A scene where the sick always heal.

Life with infinite love, like gusts in the wind.
Two little doves, with eternities to spend. 

God has a plan, fool-proof to the core. 
Now Granddad's with him, a reward of much more. 

-Yours Truly

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Beachside Food and Drink Slinks

A is for algae, red, green, blue cells, soaking up sun, sliming teeth 
B is for bacterial mat, clumping underneath, earliest born, never asleep

C is for coral reef, the place we all find cover or the sand parrotfish chew and release
D is for diatom, all seeded calcium, all float free, all denizens barely seen

E is for eelgrass, nursery meadows of the anchovy, and other browsers of green 
F is for fan worm, filter feeder like a flower, 8000 species on which fish feed

G is for giant kelp, floating on bladders of air they’re forests of cold waters clean
H is for helmet, the royalty of snails who protect our feet, queen, emperor, king

I is for isopod, the chameleon crustacean, they color match what they eat
J is for jellyball, or cannonball jellyfish, not upside down or moon, avoid their heat

K is for keyhole limpet, favorite food of ochre stars, will erect its own wall
L is for laver, the sea lettuce of nori, it swirls red skirt as ocean falls

M is for mermaid’s purse, the sack of the skate whose yolk keeps them alive
N is for nerite, the prisoner striped snail of the rocky zone as numerous as a hive

O is for oyster drills, the snails that slurp oysters and use them to lay eggs
P is for pleurobranch, a sea slug answer for oranges, with one active leg

Q is for quahog, the bivalve seaman who can survive eating the mud
R is for rove beetle, the one waiting to snatch the unwary beach hopper for good

S is for saxitoxin, those red tides produced by mating that can paralyze humans
T is for tubular sponge, they squish, bore and encrust as space lends

U is for urchin, those spiny skinned balls, no eyes or noses but dig food in sand 
V is for Venus, Music Volutes dined or Vampire Squids skimming along land

W is for whelk, not the musically inclined, but the slow moving snail in a shell
X is for X and a half, the six rayed star, hungry for anything on the half shell

Y is for yucca, blooming on the beach, they bloom nice and tolerate the sand
Z is for Zostera marinara, the address of eel grass when they're feeling grand

All of this green life is what crunches, stinks, dries and slips underfoot
The rest that find the housing and dining compatible means someone’s on the look.

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Steve Jobs, Apple's Core

Steve Jobs, Apple’s Core By Rick Rucker I heard it, while driving home today, I started crying, I shouted “No Way!” The man that changed the World of Today, Lost his battle, He has gone away, He made the World of Tech very cool, And other marketers, appear the fool, I carry with me a smart phone, And I am not alone, A telephone of Today, It is my computer, when I am Away, I can check my stocks, It even plays music that Rocks, And, with just a tap, I can buy another “app,’ He designed the iPad, The best computer that some have had, He managed the design of the Mac, It changed our World to Technicolor, from Black! I am an artist, so you know, That for graphics, it was where I had to go, With a PC, a troubled course I had to find, My Mac just seems to read my Mind, Steve saw the World in a different Way, In 1984, he freed the World from Gray! They said that Steve was tough, Those that crossed him found it rough, Despite their heartfelt pleas, He brought Mickey Mouse, and his minions, to their knees! Because he would not bend, They saw themselves at The End, In what seemed quite a shock, They gave Steve almost all their stock, All he had to give? His animation, that let them live! The World grew a little colder today, Because Steve Jobs went away, His company still carries the same name, But, it was him that brought it fame, And, I might say more, Steve Jobs was Apple’s Core!

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Blood Moon

end time harbinger, blood on the lunar tides,
how you threaten mortal men and their earthly brides

the cool blue of death masks the lip of starless sky
reeking hellish revelations fearfully implied 

four horsemen gallop through the sea of blackest night
pestilence, famine, war, death bring the Blood Moon's bite

full blown the iris of the eye, no white is left 
life will end in bloody light leaving all bereft

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A Visit from Massacre Fairy 1st half

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the town
Not a creature was breathing, not one to be found.

Bloody hand prints swept the walls which once were white
Darkness overshadowed anything that had light

Little boys were decapitated and sprawled across the floor,
While little girls were skinned alive; hung as décor for every door.

Mothers had their jaws ripped straight from their heads
As their children screamed for mercy from their very own beds.

Panic and pain ricocheted off the walls
Pets were brutally butchered then stretched out in the halls

And Fathers were kept alive long enough to observe
Then their eyes were gouged only to dangle by an optic nerve

Fifty-six minutes is all the creature takes
To slay the whole town with its massacre earthquake

Agony rained something fierce this night
For this town was caught in the worst of plights

And the echo of dripping blood is now all you can hear
The stench swimming through the air is encapsulated fear.

To have dodged this slaughter would have been transmundane
For this monster, this beast was most definitely inhumane

It came through the windows and tore through the blinds
Grabbing any human or beast it could find

Then Slash the body! Gnash at the body! Bash them in the crown! 
And Thrash the body! Lash at the body! Mash the body down!

Then it rips out your tongue and swallows it whole
This fiendish freak has a heart made of coal

When wondering eyes caught a glimpse of what did appear
They knew it wasn’t Santa and his flying reindeers

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The Clothes We Wear

There’s a lady dressed in white. 
She smiles in the morning light.

There’s a man who’s dressed in brown. 
He scowls as the sun goes down. 

There’s a girl who’s dressed in blue
Who got her hands stuck in glue. 

There’s a boy who’s dressed in red.
It’s not his clothes, he’s just dead.

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A Visit from Massacre Fairy 2nd half


It was covered in black fur from its head to its toes
Its small eyes glimmered white like the sight of fresh snow

Razor, jagged teeth a quarter meter long
Its bite was considered to be bear trap strong

No lips, no ears, no nose on its face
Instead there were just holes, just a bunch of empty space. 

The fingers and nails grew together as one
Sharper than blades which were forged by the sun

And it carried a sack, but in it were trolls
That would jump out to grab the tormented souls

The drawing of the souls was the vilest thing to see
They shrieked and moaned, then begged for mercy

But before this act the hearts were ripped out
And the trolls gobbled them up without a shadow of a doubt

But then a glare of its eye and a twitch of its head
The trolls jump back in the sack or they knew they’d be dead

And it shrieked the same five words as it left like when it came
A bellow from hell, you could say sounded the same

If you were to hear these words, you could put its reign to an end
So with its saw-like teeth, your tongue it rends.

And when it’s complete, with no time to stall
The demons dash away, Dash away, Dash away all!

It is said to come back every fifty-sixth year
On the night before Christmas like this time here

To repeat the bloodbath on a town such as this
Leaving them no time for one final wish

So sleep light on a night which is said to be merry
For you might receive a visit from the Massacre Fairy.

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Memories Beyond the Door

I keep the memories locked away,
never to see the light of day.
Grief is just beyond that door
where I lie upon the floor
begging you "please don't die".
Asking God " why, why, why ?"
I closed the door on that day
to keep those memories at bay.
My heart, it could stand no more 
of what I'd locked behind that door.
Guilt and grief, sadness, pain.
Knowing I'd never see you again.
Suicide is such an ugly word.
Much too ugly to be heard,
so I keep the memories locked away
to never see the light of day.

for Constance's "Memories Beyond the Door"

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Another Hand

God touched another hand as last breath slipped away.
Cradled a loved one’s head as hearts began to pray. 

God whispered I love you while angels near him stood.
Raised his soul to heaven cause He promised He would.

God granted his soul peace from life of constant pain.
Freed body from struggles and further family strain.

God allowed him to love to know all life’s pleasure.
But God loves him more than one can ever measure.

Copyright © 2011 By Caryl S. Muzzey

Fourth Place Winner ~ "A Short Poem, Please” Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Constance LaFrance
Oct. 1, 2011

Dedicated to Dickie, who lost his battle to lung disease, Aug. 23, at the age of 53, while waiting for a transplant.

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My Gun

I feel for the miserable day,
They try to take MY gun away…

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Why Kristoffer

Hunted tirelessly..
From bastion to bastion, driven like a wild animal 

Your earthly freedom never found..
The senseless lack of love ruled your parent`s home 

You paid your price..
Now you rest with our heavenly Father,free from pain

May 16th 2012

Dedicated to 8 year old Kristoffer Kihle,abused and finally killed
by his stepfather.

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Copyright © 2013

Skittles and a soda
against a gun in its holster?

One day that scream
will be known as a teen
not a heinous lying Fein

What a sinister ploy and twist
with a loaded gun and no fist?

Had everyone sitting and waiting
doomed by a verdict just delaying

Was this just an optical illusion
or, a devious planned conclusion?

Now, this generation too afraid
wearing hoodies will get you dead

But, the Klan was still glad
hoodies they've always had

A verdict they too saw,
ushering in martial law

by: LP
edited: 7/30/13

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An Almost Endless Night

Something stirring, twisting, darkening in my mind
I wake to see myself through the faded windows of time

Still in this place of cold metal and stone
For too long now it seems that’s all I have ever known

So now I lie down and wait for tomorrow’s next big fight
Knowing in my heart an end to an Almost Endless Night

Crowded, Shrouded faces everywhere
Eyes growing cold from nothing left to share

Shackled down by the weight of their own enormity
Without Grace from the one their souls twist to deformity

But to those that believe a new dawn springs light
And an endowment of strength to challenge this Almost Endless Night

For a life unbecoming a man such as me.
A family awaits him patiently to see what he will be.

No longer wishing the road that desire brought him down.
Wants of the flesh give way to Gods, a harder road is found

A multitude of apologies never uttered to this plight
And never again shall I go down into this almost endless night

Exiting, vexing my mind screams freedom
In my minds eye I see the banner of Gods kingdom

Knowing that now all the prophesies ring true
Of freeing all the captives, the door I go through

Will take me now from this lands painful blight
And enter me now into the Sun of his never ending light.

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Pluck your soft and gentle strums, Forcing out your fading hums Sing forgotton words, now empty, That used to tug my tears a plenty Whisper through soft lips, the truth, Awakening your dying youth Words of saddening emptiness, Between the Bars, just one more kiss Mumbling lyrics, fumbling strums, Forcing out the softest hums Brush the air with every breath, Until all sound is put to death

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Who am I?
Am I defined by what is near in sight?
Am I defined by what I have done,
Or am I defined by what I could become?

Perhaps I'm of no use.
To him, or her, or I, nor you.
Or perhaps I'm too misunderstood to be defined,
And it is something like understanding that comes in time.

And if to the world I'm never shown,
Yet in my own light I've grown and grown,
And so I can know no happiness but my own--
The reason for my smile, to you, will forever be unknown.

I do not pray for the world to know my name.
For it and verse; the letters are the same.
And if a man should find his sorrow in what he reads,
I pray his pain my words to keep. 

Should his eyes rain on my page,
Better tears than storms of rage.
And if a man should find his sorrow in what he reads.
I pray his pain my words to keep.

And if to the world you're never shown,
Yet in your own light you've grown and grown,
And so you know no happiness but your own.
Let the reason for your smile, to you, only be known.

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Army of The Walking Dead

People tell me can you hear
those dark forces drawing near?

On this shadowed shard of night
traveling through the stench and blight.

These undead in wrapped attire
creeping through the murk and mire.

Ghastly in their evil space
slimy torso,dripping face.

Their intent's to see you dead
so they can eat your limbs and head.

Then you'll return as one of them
to cause murder and mayhem.

written by Deb Wilson
for contest "Zombies" sponsored by Leonora Galinta

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Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice

Has this ever been a choice you had to make Considering life or death ~ deciding anothers fate Who has the right to judge if and when one procreates Should politicians or priests decide what’s at stake What about the child who’s raped ~ does she have a say Which choice is right ~ keep the child ~ give him away A mother carrying a child with an abnormality ~ what’s right To watch her child suffer ~ witness his fatality ~ what a sight Is it fair to say if you decide to abort ~ you don’t care I don’t claim to have an answer here ~ but say this I wouldn’t dare I wouldn’t dare ~ it’s not fair ~ I wouldn’t dare This choice is the most difficult for anyone to bare Lay

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To My Sister

I feel your presence everywhere I go
 You know how much I miss you and how I love you so
 I try very hard not to be sad
That's when I try to think of all the good times we had
 You'll always be with me every single day
 But Oh! How much I miss you since you went away.

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When Shadows Fall

Summer is on the turn, into Autumn we now head So close this day approaches, inside many heads now dread We now view through our eyes, our windows of life What do we see now, do we absorb our awaiting strife Be like me and others and listen to peripheral sounds It's what we have come to know, it's us all around Day by day we view, the turning of life's greenery But what are we going to see after, on this future days scenery Is it intrepid anticipation, human wondering entering it's abyss We're the blind leading our blind, just what do we make of this *~* The eve of this reckoning day, in hourly wait we await Autumn has taken it's turn, are us humans in use by date This morning we have awaited, curtains drawn I view There's something different about the sunrise, sees me a through From my balcony I witness, now seeing from where I am Shape shifting no longer applies, I just don't understand In sorrow fill hungered loss, I lose life's lust for thrall From my balcony I now witness, I view when shadows fall *~* Inspired by "Touchstone's" <> "When Shadows Fall" from their album "The City Sleeps"

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Okay! I'll Settle for Cremation...

Wrap-me-up in a sheet, dig a hole, dump me in!
Let me fertilize a tree, would that be a sin?
Don't want no one cryin' over a shell of me...
Let me turn back to earth and rot naturally!

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My Heart Keeps Beating

Written By: Ryland Joshua Matthews
Date: Thursday, September 9th, 2010

My heart keeps beating

While my body dies, my heart keeps beating
As the world sighs, this heart keeps repeating

A strangled cry, a desolate embrace
Of a flower strewn grave. Of a lover erased.

A dream long ago fulfilled, it no longer lingers
Brought to despair by Thanatos’ brushing fingers

As my feet move me forward, one step at a time
I keep looking back to that witch was mine.

I can’t help but wander what wrath I did incur
To bring me to this place, this pain I must endure

At the precipice of madness my mind will now dwell
The horrors made real, all the ravages of hell.

And in this world what we sew we must go reaping
And even without a soul My Heart Keeps Beating.

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Sponsor:	                Dave Wood
Contest Name:   	Life is what YOU make it! 
Entry Date:              Thu, March 06, 2014
Motif:                        Life is what YOU make it!

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Summer Couplet

Upon my knees in desperation     the parched sand trickles through my hand
the steady drumbeat of Summer's song      rolls like death across the land

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Two reasons why we dig holes

Burying dead bodies usually takes place  
In fancy holes dug on some land space.

Most people dig those holes somewhere nice
But sometimes they don’t have a choice.

Some people burn dead bodies to ashes
And this really saves on available land spaces.

Sometimes dead bodies are buried at sea
And slowly sink into muck for eternity.

Other fancy holes are dug large enough,
For the removal of some valuable stuff.

Sometimes these holes are dug somewhere nice
And most times people don’t have a choice.

When all the valuable stuff’s gone offshore
The hole is back-filled and land space restored.

Today we can dig holes in the seafloor
Right through the eternal muck and more.

Holes should be dug to bury the dead 
And to remove valuable stuff instead.

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Serial sweetheart

She is watchful and ambitious in a nail biting fury
Another new victim another story

She pulls him in and caresses his mind
There in the darkest of nights where she finds

Keys are clicking faster and wild
The pupils of her eyes grow and her beat is riled

A tale and a lie or two, perhaps
A phone numbers and address now check out the maps

What to share where to go from here?
What will I say what will I wear?

A dab of makeup and perfume on her wrist
Her heart is rushing the thrill persists

Last but not least on go her black heel 
Her mind is moving like a spinning wheel 

Down the street she makes her way 
A smile of nervousness and she’s ready to play
Will he be there will he look like his picture? 
She wonders if he’ll like her or will he be her stricture

So they met and they smiled and carried on with there conversation 
In the quiet of their minds falling to deeper into temptation
He took a chance and asked her to go home 
Her eyes were perky and eager to roam
His lips were sweet his hands were warm 
Soon enough it was time to perform

He turned his back to pour the wine 
A chill of madness ran up her spine
She pulled out her bag and found the dagger 
And struck him in back where he stood and staggered
She finished the deed and ran the course
She had to hit him with a powerful force
Her mind was cleared and free from the rush 
She cleaned up her hands and watched his blood run in a gush 

His fluids continued to prevail across the floor
On she went with no apathy or shame
Beware of the serial sweetheart she kills for fame   

                                                                 ( Fiction)

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The Age Of Love

Let’s go to bed my darling girl,
He grabbed her by the hand and they did a quick twirl.

I fancy you right now so come with me,
His love was growing, that she could see.

Come my sweet one, let’s go and make love
I am ready for you now, my sweet turtle dove.

Wait my darling, just wait a little while 
I need time to get ready, you know my style.

You go up and I will follow you
And then you know what we can do.

He ran excited up the stairs, 
It was his birthday in an hour, and he wanted to share.

His lust was growing, his legs were pumping
She followed him, her heart loudly thumping.

Ready for a night of passion, his cheeks a faint colour of rouge
And a mound under the quilt, he thought was really quite huge.

She reached out, to climb over him
And watched as his smile turned to a grin.

Oh no you stop there, thats where I want you
This is what I have planned for us to do.

His eyes rolled backwards, as she thought in his ecstasy 
But his heart had given out, that much she could see.

Never mind he died while he was having such fun
It is a shame, she said - he was only just 91.

Die a "Fun "death

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Beautiful You

                                            Beautiful You

When Heaven opens up, I feel the spill; the rain; the pour - 
I know your heart still breaks, and you need to cry some more.

When you think you're alone, with no-one beside you to listen - 
Remember I'm here along side you, drying the tears that glisten.

          I see you in mind's eye; your soul is open wide - 
          I am not gone, I did not die; I'm always by your side.

          Through your eyes, I see; my soul can boldly stride - 
          Born again, I'm free, as together our world's collide.

Over lush green grass I canter, I sprint; I bound and play - 
Infecting flowers with laughter; a breeze tickling their gentle sway.

Twinkling star called love; it's beauty is you; love's abound - 
A playful sun through cotton clouds, and dancing trees surround.

          If the sunny breeze is a voice so warm; grass, loving hands so true - 
          If flowers and trees, a form - then the beauty around me is you.

          Linked by love, so symphonic; I know, we're never apart - 
          Calming sound, so melodic; It's the music of your heart.

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A Moment for Hope

The sermons nearly finished, suddenly a happening befalls my eyes Our congregation now sits silent, amidst echoing tearful cries An old man we know as Tommy, he's the retired Rector of our Academy Now lying silent on the stone cold flagstones, he disappeared from see Motionless to ashen in lie, worried faces in concern surround Whilst a face appears from the tears, slowly kneeling on this hallowed ground In tenderness sigh exhale, her hands now adorn his chest In gentle moving motion, resuscitation is now addressed Minutes appear like hours, when suddenly two eyes now open see Where I'm sitting like others around, what's happening in front of thee No miracles are cried out loud, simply a calmness by she who coped All because a face from our congregation, gave us a moment for hope <*>

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A Torn Heart Lives On

Dark veil of devastation and pain
covers her soul,she breathes in vain.

For the love of her life has left her here
to view the world through eyes of fear.

There can be no solace nor hint of reason;
simply a heart that knows only treason.

Some say he will dwell in a better place
yet streaming tears burn into her face.

Taken too soon and harshly at that
he's finished at last his mortal combat.

On crystalline waters he steps to the sky
and no longer does he question why.

Yet clouds of anger and confusion
have smothered her in some illusion.

She traces the timbre of his voice
and knows she has to make a choice.

He's gone but never from her soul.
In time she'll leave this deep black hole.

On a personal note: my dearest friend of thirty years lost her husband today from pancreatic cancer...this was written- tearfully -for her.

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Before I even watched your birth,
I had already failed you first.

Collecting bones in closets damned.
To proxies labor done withstand.

Mistakes go down with Jacks and cokes.
A childhood ends in perished hopes.

The years apart we will to stand.
Regret to always catch the man.

My sorrow carving name in stone,
A Father never dies alone.

Rob Carmack
Couplet : Iambic Tetrameter

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Soldier Boy

Soldier boy, oh soldier boy
Why don't you hide up those tears?
Hold in your mind those nail- biting fears
March till you drop, sing the marching song
Even though, for home you heart it does long
Don't cry no don't cry
Always care to try
Hold up your head
For death cannot tread
Oh soldier boy, oh soldier boy
Why don't you hide up those tears
For this night your safe, soften those fears
Lay down so quiet and hum your wholesome song
Hum how much for home your heart does long
Don't cry no don't cry
Always care to try
Hold up your head
For death cannot tread
Now soldier boy, now soldier boy
Could this be the morn when death does appear?
And I know it will be hard to hide up that fear
Don't let him in, it's just the funeral song
Pretty soon now for home, your heart will not long
You will not cry, oh do not cry
For you always cared to try
Soldier boy hold up that head
For now you layed on eternities bed

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The Ninth Of December

Daddy left Mommy, when I was two
She really didn't know what to do
Four little children under the age of six
Was a situation, she just could not fix

Christmas was coming, she didn't have a dime
The bills were piling up at the same time
She tried to focus on her belief,
Lost the battle and applied for relief

A county program, for the very poor
Barely kept the collectors from our door
So sad she was, by her lack of funds,
She couldn't buy presents, for her little ones

With grandma watching us, she left to go out
She never came home, we were forgot about
I was too young to remember Christmas that year,
It was years, before the whole story, I'd hear

Grandma tried hard to make it right,
She took care of us until Mom returned, one night
Branded in my memory, the day of her return
After nine long months, I would later learn

Mom never mentioned the time she was away
She loved us to the fullest every single day
Twenty-four years quickly flew by
When I think of the day it happened, I cry

God took my mother on the ninth of December
Unexpected, a loss I'll always remember
Going through her belongings, we came across.
A small newspaper article, that intensified the loss

How we found it I will  never know
This plea, with a picture, from so long ago
As I read the article, blurred by my tears
I was transported back, through the years

To a little girl on grandma's knee
Looking at a shabby, Christmas Tree
Crying for her mommy, who wasn't there
While grandma patted her silky hair

Grief, it hit me, no time to hesitate
When I saw the significance of the date
December ninth, the paper, said it all
Memory upon memory, I would recall

Two events, so many years apart
Yet, I could feel the child with a broken heart
Holiday Spirit, sad to say, I had none
Decorating that year without the usual fun

Mommies little tree, on a table it sat
Her homemade ornaments, and a tree mat
Going through the motions, I have to admit
All I wanted to do, was quit

Events don't shape us, they make us learn
Even grief, has its turn
Memories of a Christmas, thirty years past
Impressions, they fade, but still last

By Karla Null~Godsgift~

Your "Saddest" Christmas Ever Contest

Sponsored by Constance LaFrance~A Rambling Poet~

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There was a ballplayer named "Ron",
I would always run home to watch him on television.

He batted fourth and played the third base spot,
That's the corner they always called "Hot".

As a power hitter and great fielder he stayed,
Fifteen years in the big leagues he played.

An "All Star" player many times over,
Because he was a perennial "Gold Glover".

He wore the number 10 on his uniform,
But his emotions for his team on his sleeve were worn.

Ron Santo was this player's name,
He should be in baseball's "Hall of Fame".

He was tenacious about his life's view,
Ever positive, as he fought Diabetes and Cancer too.

I had the good fortune to meet the man,
And listened to his story of the "Black Cat"....SCRAM!!!

He raised awareness and millions for JDRF,
Gone now to the ages, this his legacy would be left.

One thing that all of you should know,
Wherever he went, he put on a great show.

On a "Field of Dreams" he now will play,
Where he can click his heels every day.

Swollen with tears now our red eyes we rub,
At the endearing loss of "This Old Cub".

We'll miss his radio groans, his sighs, and his laughter too,
Because like us, his veins ran only with "Cubbie Blue".

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Don't Give Up

Don't give up, fight till the end
I'll be by your side, always a friend
We will be side by side till morning appears
We'll stand there for when, the victory cheers
We are the army of freedom, death we don't know
We will fight all the day, our banner will flow
We left behind a wife and a strong hearted son
Until this war is over, and victory we won
We have won this battle, the war has come
We will stand hard and strong and never shall run
So come on my brothers sing the victors song
If you don't know the words then just follow along
We are the army of freedom, death we don't know
We will fight all the day, our banner will flow
We left behind a wife and a strong hearted son
Until this war is over, and victory we won
Now remember me brothers death came to show
Please tell my wife and my son they should know
I gave up my life, but the war now is won
My time here has ended, and God knows I'm done
Just know I'll stand next to you until the morning appears
I'll hold up your rifle, and settle your fears
I'm right here beside you just as a friend
I'll stand next beside you until its the end

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bona fide boaster

He always loved the roller coaster, the Triple Loop
Rode it seventy times and never puked

Hands in the air going down hills
He never tired of upside down thrills

He was a vet of the roller coaster
Not a newbie, or rookie, but a bona fide boaster

So proud he was, so sure of the ride
That he paid no attention to the signs on the side -

The ones that tell you to never stand up -
Well he did, and paid the price soon enough

He was decapitated within a second or two
His head flew like a ball, into the blue! 

Screams of fun turned to screams of terror
As everyone realized the rider’s grave error 

Blood spattered shirts, hair, and faces
Came in with his body, slumped in its place

The M.E. called it, “accidental suicide” -
Citing it as the ride of his life

And unfortunately, the ride of his death 
But at least he died happy, shouting “Wheeee”, with his last breath

for "die a fun death" contest

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Three Dreams

As a child I had recurring dreams
Of Indians, death and gorilla themes.

The Indians rode on painted ponies,
So real they seemed, they couldn't be phonies.

Turned out they were real and scouts to boot,
My Dad was tapped out, ain't that a hoot!

The gorillas were loud and right outside,
I cried to Mom, I had to confide.

One morning she woke me and said "Listen up!"
My gorilla was only two bird dog pups!

But the worst of all was my dream of death,
I was dying or dead and couldn't catch breath!

Just how would I die and when would it be?
Turns out I'd have to wait years to see.

Mom said, "Never fear, for Jesus is here."
"Just pray to The Lord, and keep Jesus near."

Soon the dreams faded, gone from my life. 
Understanding my dreams, had lifted my strife.

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I Lost the Love of My Life Today

I lost the love of my life today
I held her hand as she slipped away.

Although my heart wished she would stay
I told her to go, that I’d be ok

for her suffering was too much to bear
And to wish her here would not be fair.

I lost the love of my life today
I’m struggling hard to find my way

She was the one who held me strong
When life was tough and all went wrong.

She was the one whose strength I clung
She was the one my soul had sung

And now she’s gone and I’m on my own
And alls I hear is this endless drone

My mind is numb and my body weak
My soul it has no words to speak

I lost the love of my life today
I Don’t even have the strength to pray

Except to say “dear God Oh WHY”
Why in the world did she have to die?

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The vernal pool of Heaven opens Lenore looks down upon LOVE lost
Lotus blossoms floating on air , swallowing the Sunlight and Die in the Frost

The softness of  the Feathers of an ANGEL’S WING Touched  by LENORE and I
True sadness Entwines Our Hearts Together, FOREVER as ONE in Each Others Eye

These are the Words of YOUR Earthly LOVER, Harry YOUR Husband, He LOVES YOU
Shh!  Lenore Gestures with Her Finger to HER LIPS, My Beloves : “ Poetry; So True “ 

You are His Guardian ANGEL Asks LENORE  : “ I am “ “ KASHINATH “ Forever LOVE” 
Your wings Flutter so, “the Flowers  Singing, Dew crying to the Hot Sun ABOVE"

Lenore “Take  Words from My Heart, to My BELOVED : Serenade Him with  Infinity
Flap Your Wings, ride the Wind of Heaven Go to him, and say  I wait for His Eternity

               Inspired by The Contest " Reflection " Sponsored By
                  " Constance La France " ~ A Rambling POET ~
                           By HGARVEY Daniel Esqure -- HG
           Dedicated to Those Waiting For Us at The Pearly Gates
                                             5th Place

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Sister's Die

Under the hallow darkness of a November sky
Final grace came to her with one final sigh
Only the earthly robe is left now where she lie

"Project  U. F. O."     contest

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Santa Muerte

Let me out of my bony cage, where 
I`m imprisoned, filled with rage

Let me out of this mind, don`t mind
If you lose it for me, be so kind

Let me cut the silver cord
Hurry with your flaming sword

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Oh My Gosh It's Almost Easter

Oh my gosh it’s almost Easter
Time to get off my fat keister.

To buy a dozen eggs, or more
Coz now there’s five kids over four.

And one of them always cries
Painting eggs with stupid dyes.

I almost forgot the candy bars;
Who needs new brakes for the cars?

I don’t have time to talk to you
Where are the peeps or poops or pooh?

And then I’ll stay up way to late
Hiding eggs for Pete Rabbit’s sake.

I got to get all this stuff done
To make the holiday more fun.

But someday I’ll be all done with
This crazy Easter Bunny myth.

Wait!  I’ll save a pile of money
By killing off the Easter Bunny.

And lay him down in a casket
On plastic grass from a basket.

3/9/2013  For Clue Contest

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Heaven's Door

Days drift on in cloudy hazy light,
lonely tears drip there till sleep consumes the night
and emptiness is filled with dreams of you,
please tell me what a mortal man can do.
You are the light that lit my days.
Who ever thought that it would ever go away,
and now I fear to wake when night is through,
to face this world without the kindest heart I ever knew.
But the clouds swept on and left me with your smile;
somehow, someway I knew you’d be there all the while,
waiting for my soul to slip through heaven’s door
to share our love forever more…

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Gone, but not Forgotten

You'll never be forgotten, though you're no longer here.
It seems like only yesterday, but it's been over forty years!

Other children have been taken, yes, of course, we know!
But, to us, you are a treasure and we still love you so!

You were only with us, two plus years, they say that time will heal.
But, although it's been a long, long time, the pain is still so real!

God knew that you were suffering, He knew you were in pain!
So He decided to releave you, from the Tumor in your brain!

He took you up to Heaven, son, to give eternal rest!
He placed you in His garden, where He only keeps the best!

I'm wishing I could take a peek, in that garden, in some way,
to see just how you're doing, and make sure that you're O.K.

It broke our hearts the day you left, when the Good Lord called you home.
Bobby, part of us went with you, you did not go alone!

No, you'll never be forgotton son, what more is there to say!
You're always in our thoughts and prayers, we miss you more each day.

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Her little linen doll

That little linen doll from December
She gave me with her heart, I remembered.
By her tiny hands thus not as perfect
But ‘twas a memory I couldn’t neglect.
My little baby really tried her best,
I saw her stitching at night without rest.
And when that needle jabbed her soft, white skin,
She’d be strong, hid her tears with a large grin.
Then that day had come, her doll was finish
December twenty-fifth, I would not wish,
The Lord took her away, out on the street.
Just a young child, her youth’s still incomplete.
As we pull her out from the twisted wreck
Wrapped in her arms, something I wouldn’t expect.
There held in tight, her little linen doll...
The picture was so vast, I must recall.
I will never forget, that fateful night,
When the angels sang to the blinding light
But she is gone, what’s the use of regrets?
What was left will always be in my chest.
Our memories and times we were together,
Sewn in her doll, sealed by her endeavor.
Though the doll and my baby have come to past,
They remain in my heart, forever to last.

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Scars left behind

Gone was this edifice

Gone, sunk down the abyss

Memories only remain

Memories to keep me sane

To cherish them I shall

For such is my call

Ode to this great man

Who gave me a good stand

My favorite, among the elders

His death caused me to seek the avengers

Lonely, desolate and abandoned

His absence makes me so scorned

Gone was this great man

Seen as having an evil hand

He loved the child I was

And left me maimed with scars!

Name : Anoucheka Gangabissoon

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Daisy Chains

We make daisies into a chain.
Giggling, laughing, it starts to rain.
We lift our faces to the sky
and soon we're drenched, you and I.

I close my eyes for a moment , brief.
Opening them I'm consumed with grief.
My heart is pounding in the dark night.
Gone is my child, the meadow, the light.

Only in dreams do you come to me.
In morning light my tears run free.
I long for sleep to see you again.
Only my dreams bring relief from pain.

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World Around Me

The first time I opened my eyes
To the world full of many lies

I learned something around me
Looking everywhere, so much to see

Killing of people, wars for selfish reasons
Fighting for positions, cases for abortions

Hunger for power, unstoppable
Drug addictions, uncontrollable 

I see death with my eyes, a horrible sight 
A bad experience, but I’m absolutely right 

For Debbie’s Contest
March 12, 2013

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The prison of the keys

And now I've lost my papers,
My passport and my wife,
The very essence of
My identity and life.

My bank account is empty,
My cloths and garments sold,
My skin and bones are ashes,
Spread thin on the open road.

My old car's broken down,
No wheels to touch the floor,
The motor been dismantled,
Stripped clean down to the core.

The bailiffs and the policemen,
Have emptied my abode,
The promises I made you,
Have been auctioned out and sold.

The love I hold within me,
Is all that I now have left,
The rest is bleak illusion,
The bind man and the deaf.

The imaginary people ,
I thought were my friends,
Have left the scene forever,
As the road of life does bend.

And now I stand alone,
Upon this lonely hill,
I gaze upon the meanings,
The years have silently killed.

In the roaring storms of thunder,
In the lightning in the night,
In the whispering of the children,
In the white doves lonely flight.

In the dust of many ages,
That has settled on my soul,
In the ashes of my humanity,
That has filled my begging bowl.

The ancient breeze is blowing,
Calling me to my knees,
To behold the light within me,
In the prison of the keys.

more at

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War and Allegiance

It was there, in lands afar, where 
War knew nothing of disdain and mar

Where winds wafted zest amongst cavalry,
And dignity was a line drawn upon rivalry

It was a time when death beheld justice,
And when the sinful held torment for injustice
It was when nobility was a statue of gold,
And when religion, in word and action, was told

There was infidelity yes! Disloyalty, and deceit,
But goodness then, would always be there to compete
It is death today… it is venom in blood,
It is only plight, and fear of all but God…

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Murder by Text

He was our neighbor, just an average guy;
 walking every day, he did with such pride.

You cut his life short while texting on your phone;
 a tragedy that should have been avoided, I bemoan.

A mailbox you said you thought you ran over;
 two sheets for his body it took to cover.

Separated by yards, you tore him apart;
 ripped twain into as his family's hearts.

You said you must have fallen asleep;
 but there was a secret you couldn't keep.

Your story was later proven to be fiction;
 when phone records showed texting, the reason.

Then you got off free! No time in prison!
 What the hell is wrong with our judicial system?

Don't let this truth be you; save a few lives;
 under no circumstances should you text and drive.

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"God's Bad Rap"

Love is Christianity not religion
Religion is devised of mind mischief!

Love dwells not religiously in a mind of mischief
But a mind swells religiously in it’s mischief!

So renew the mind to be Love’s kind
Dwell not religiously in the mind!

Folks, Love is all the reality there is
Not of ego of mind’s show biz!

Temporal lessons of life a quiz
To teach your mind where your Love is!

Your mind displays your tree of death
And by it’s tongue accomplishes it’s quest!

Speak now or forever hold your peace
Good advice, first determine your yeast!

Is it religion or is it Love
Of the mind or of a heart of Love!

There is no power but of God’s Love............................................(c Ro. 13:1)(I john 4:8)
Love, the power of your choice, death or life!............................(c Deut. 30:19)(Pr. 18:21)

Without the very mercies of Love
Humanity never would rise above!

The being of choice, life or death
Every human being has voice of choice!

Foolish to blame a God who is Love
For the death of your very own voice!


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Why is it so that you have to fight ?
when you know you're all brothers and this aint right...
Why is it so that you have to be greedy?
when you have enough, more than the poor and needy...
Why is it so that you have to be jealous?
when you know its not right and may even hell us...
Why is it so that you are not thankful to the ALMIGHT?
when you see others can you bear such a sight?
Why is it so that you have become blind
with fame and pride just in your mind?
But the time will come when you all will see
and regret and weep and then no one will be

forgiven and will be sent to an unimaginable place no man has seen
and there they'll be punished and wont even have their family there to lean.......

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Copyright © 2012 
(A Purpose So Clear) 

Like children we fear 
  In secret a somber tear 

Like learning to walk 
 Babies listen to talk 

And reach for a hand 
  To help them stand 

This too, we all must do 
  By HIS Hand made anew 

by: LP

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Remembering My First Lost Love

Meeting my first lost love came unexpectedly.
Although I was young, I still remember him...sadly.
Dressed in  a dark dress without ribbons or bows,
Slowly walking into the room to see my dad's dad,
I saw my grandfather for the very first time...dead. 
He was handsome, like his picture, in a nice suit.
He had been out in the world on his own pursuit.
Emptiness, not knowing joys consumed me that day.
I wondered how it would have been with time to play.
His skin, pale and gray, was cold when I kissed him.
I wondered if he ever ran to the beach for a swim.
Hugs and kisses were never known and no Granddad laugh.
The preacher there said a prayer on Grandad's behalf.
In the chapel, there were folks I had never met.
Back in 1956, I felt my first regret.
Many times I thought of him as years passed by.
I wonder, would he wipe my tears if I should cry.
Or listen to excitement when I learned something new -
Long ago, when granddad died, we said adieu.
But even now, I think of him with family love
And hope we'll have a chat someday near God above.

June 7, 2012
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soupn Member Contest:  Remembering a Lost Love
Sponsored by: Gail Doyle

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We Made An Angel

We made an Angel for Jesus,
although he was tiny and small,
he’s now in the army of Jesus,
and helps to watch over us all.

Our baby was born in October. 
A beautiful blue eyed boy.
He appeared to be healthy and happy, 
he filled our hearts full of joy.

We had him for only a short time. 
His life seemed so normal at first!
Just before he was two, without warning, 
his health took a turn for the worst!

Six months later, he went up to heaven, 
to explain it, we won’t even try!
For a while, we were groping for reasons, 
why someone, so young had to die?

We kept on searching for answers, 
for what we could not understand?
Why God, would let this thing happen, 
was it all just a part of His plan?

All of a sudden it hit us, 
we knew just what God had in mind!
He let us make Him an Angel, 
to help Him watch over mankind!

Yes, we made an Angel for Jesus, 
although he was tiny and small,
but he’s big in the Army of Jesus, 
and helps to watch over us all!

Dedicated to Angel Bobby 
(Robert William Taylor -  1968-1971)

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The Innocent

         If only everyone could see today
         how innocent lives are killed away.

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My Escort is gone

Days are long and nights are short.
To last through time I will need an escort.
But yesterday I heard the news
my escort is gone, to heaven he flew.

I saw the feathers from his wings fell
in the lonely nights did time love to dwell.
Even so, I still need him nevertheless 
though I know he's there, giving me his bless.

It's easy to walk with a pair of legs,
to fly with wings, not some wooden pegs.
The flesh was raw but now it has rot
with attempts to untangle this strangled knot.

I am in pain, in severe pain
and all this sadness do I wish to feign.
But he is gone, everything is gone.
Hopefully I'll live to see the upcoming dawn.

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Journey To The Sun

We Constantly Refine Ourselves, From Head To toe.
The Erosive Qualities of Nature Scrape us Into Frailty.

Viewing Death as The End of a Journey, as Opposed
To The Beginning of Something Spectacular.

               - The Flame Collapses -

The Bearer of All Life and the Initiator Of Creation,
Has Come To Reclaim it's Abusive Population.

We Think in Spirals and Weave Through Untrustworthy
Miracles, Polluting Ourselves With Spirituality.

               - We Are The Damned -

  - And The Fire Will Burn Through Our Skin -

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                                                        .THE TEA PARTY OF TEARS
                              ."Each experience is locked within my heart and only I hold the key..."
                                                        .A tea party for just us two.
                                                        Bestfriends are me and you.
                                                  In church is when first we met as kids.
                                                 Always together no matter what we did.
                                                  We had good times through the years.
                                                  So much laughter and not many tears.
                                                      I'll keep you in my heart forever.
                                                    Bestfriends will always be together.
                                                   It broke my heart when you passed.
                                                    But our friendship will always last.
                                                 The white flowers I will lay at your feet.
                                                   In heaven is where again we'll meet. 
                                                            Teresa Skyles                   20-Aug-11
            Entered in Constance La France~A rambling poet~"A FRAGMENT OF LIFE"contest

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If you leave I will die

If you leave I will Die

These words spoken, nay more a yell
has put my heart deeper into hell.

Astonished indeed the grip held tight
from grandmas weakness came mighty might.

Her pleading eyes forever will haunt
until the grim reaper to me will taunt.

Across the states in airplane I flew
when call of grandmas dying became my news.

To sister and father these words she spoke
when Catherine arrives, tomorrow my last awoke.

With her visit she declare “I shall die
willing and ready, all peace have made I”.

Yet simpleton girl, granddaughter did make
“No death to you, a healing you shall take”.

Each day grandma’s strength vigor and glow
“Run away death, this passing I shall slow”.

So strolls in the park under brightly lit sun
granddaughter believes this battle is won

Such dependence a quick arrive
 now that grandmas been ordered …survive!

Seems her life saved now owe I do
grandma demands, switch of the shoe.

Walk in my stead weary she say
Bored beyond, each passing long day.

Her bidding I cry “What to do ?”
“Walk, chocolate? Fix my air tube too” !

Said  not in grace nor thankful choir
not kind to you, or nurse for hire.

The walls came in on me at last
must break free, these walls to blast.

An avalanche of tears came down
now grandma left with a terrible frown.

“You break my heart ,you must not leave”.
 And I to her, “I must you see”.

“But if you leave I know I die”.
 These words to me, did make me cry.

Yet out the door, I did make pass
 Knowing soon come, my  grandmas mass.

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Jada Mortensen

And so she was the girl from Bair.
With ocean eyes and golden hair.
Of heavy heart and light despise
Of cupid's dart and winter's cries.
There came a day when things did end.
Around the corner of the bend
There came a truck and in dispair
The loudest word was spoken there.
And so she left to who knows where.
Whilst many cried because they cared.
She roams around in circles too,
And whispering winds and skies of blue.
We raise our glass towards the sky
And smile a memory although she died.
No tears tonight, not ever one.
For there she rests inside the sun.
She is okay we know for sure.
In better days to now endure.
And so she was the girl from Bair
With clemency; a heart so fair.
And as we lay in bed and sigh,
I'd like to say to you Goodbye.

Rest In Peace Best Friend
11-21-1996 ~ 06-21-2011

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And he hears a voice for his agenda to run,  
 pursue it he must at the point of a gun.       
There's nary a single mistake that he can make,                 
 with God on his side his resolve just wouldn’t break.     

Against all advice he wages his lonely fight,                         
 giving vent to his demons, what an awful sight!    
When the smoke finally clears in the battlefield              
 there lies the sight of thousands of innocent killed.

But what the hell it is not his life anyway,
 the truth is he won’t have it any other way.      
The dead are pawns in the bigger scheme of things,    
 sacrificed in the altar with all that it brings.

Since he thinks everyone is wrong and he is correct,              
 he finds no need for silence that he may reflect.      
Yet after blood's been shed what has he got to show?         
 just a raging, never ending inferno!

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Living contrasts

two people telling their stories
one fighting, one worries
warm breath shifts into white clouds
cancer’s death a freezing shroud
I listened to the both of them
their trust a private  gem 
I felt their huge and intimate fears
while walking on both saw my tears

©Ellie Daphne van Stralen 2012

GiMmI.. WhAt I wAnT.. wHaT I rEaLlY rEaLlY WaNt..... <3 
Contest Judged:  12/17/2012 12:00:00 AM	 
Sponsored by: Tracie- Indigo Dreamweaver

5	Living contrasts        Ellie Daphne van Stralen

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Fury of Fire

The S.E.A.T. planes look like Vultures as they circle over head,
Dropping tanks of slurry over glowing trees of red;

An orange blaze crests the mountain top, then swallows the valley below;
As the smoldering ash floats back to Earth, it almost looks like snow;

The roar of the fire is deafening as it engulfs the forests decay,
And the black smoke is so thick in the air, it takes our breath away;

The heat blisters paint on the dozers, trying to cut a break,
It burns with an unknown fury, til nothing is left in it's wake;

The fire has a mind of it's own, carrying a heart full of wrath,
Taking life after life, incinerating all in its path.

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Death 2K11

Will death show at a moment unannounced? Will utter knowledge bath I post pernounced? Expiration - period? Kissmet Death? Death - a part of life? Life - a part of death? Life - a preparation? Time - illusion? For I know yet not such a conclusion.

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The Letter

A letter was received from a far-off land, please send us some aid if you possibly can. Our fields are barren, our cattle long gone, our farmers are now soldiers leaving wives at home. Some of our families are homeless, dwellings destroyed, by shells aimed at our villages, which we cannot avoid. Our children are starving; they have no clothes to wear. As for medical supplies, these are very scarce. So please send at once the things we desperately need, food, clothing, and medicine, this we beg and plead. We must thank you for all that you have done, and could you also send more ammo for our guns.

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When the Red Butterflies Fly

On a night in November with a full moon sky There is a graveyard in the Highlands where spirits fly Scriptures of old are chanted by the past As they rise through the earth as the red ones are cast Gravestones levitate with precision and ease As dark angels in black glide through the trees To a stone they surround as they circle above Slowly they transform into an ebony dark dove Upon this stone it perches as it awaits the await For when the red butterflies fly, the light they desecrate The sky turns from night into a reddy dawn As the moon hits their red their spirits now flown They land where they land, guided by the dark dove Their quest is to capture and lure life's love In the village near the graveyard on this November night A population in fear, in fright of their light Before the sun rises souls are drawn as if sprites No care for the living, their presence leaves blight A new day starts as if the previous night never happened For when the red butterflies fly, come this November night You may be summoned (!-V-!)

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It is what it is

I have endured life's up's and down's,
I keep to myself and don't make a sound.

I fight with my thoughts every single day,
nothing I do helps make it go away.

It's been a long road and a hard one to follow,
now I am at a dead end and my heart is hollow.

You can call me a coward but your not me,
I don't want your pity so just let me be.

Thank you for the help you all tried to give,
I can't take anymore I no longer want to live.

I feel that suicide is the answer for me,
it's time to release my demons and set me free.


                                                                  March 27,2013

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Shadows of Crazy Horse- Tashunka Witco

my horse runs freely wild                                                                                            my curls run like a river's child                                                                                   into mad battle run arror spear gun                                                                               through his shirt blood did not run                                                                             until they came for the Gold hills                                                                                    to run his horse once more freely to fulfill                                                                       as by his own blood his runs betrayed                                                                             a spirit quenched by a greedy stave

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Another Lamb

Golden wings with gossamer lace
Moonbeams shining from her face
Her soul is large. Her frame is frail
The time has come to lift her veil

She's spent her days in loving care
With nurse and staff and family there
But now another stands beside
He takes her hand and says, "Let's ride"

Forget the past. They'll do just fine
Your time has come to live divine
She stands on up. No ache, no pain
And smiles at her new found gain

Hand in hand they start to rise
Above the Earth. Above the skies
Time and space soon start to meld
Her only thought, the hand she held

They soon arrive at Heavens gate
The trumpets sound as they await
Another lamb into the fold
Just like the Bible stories told

Rockman  :-)

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Darkness Sleeps

Single file in a row
bare feet freezing in the snow
in a pile, bodies burn
all wait fearfully for their turn
ash and smoke clog the air
ringing with screams of despair
moving closer to their end
their minds begin to slowly bend
the snow is stained with crimson red
drinking in the blood they've shed
in the trees, starved ravens wait
to feed on those who've met their fate
more bodies burn, the bells tolls on
the moon reveals a scarlet dawn
as all the corpses burn in heaps
just for now, the darkness sleeps

By Morgan Mise
Written December 3, 2012

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It Wasn't Fair

I hear you whisper, but you're not there.
Your voice, melodic, floats on air.
I don't understand why you chose to leave.
My heart, rendered, alone it grieves.
Life was painful and oft unkind
but I never imagined what you had in mind.
I don't understand why you chose to leave
the life you had. Did you believe
death was better ... safer... more kind?
I never imagined what you had in mind.
I hear you whisper, but you're not there.
What you did to us... it wasn't fair.

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papa last words

When papa wanted to pass on
Though only God knows the unknown

But papa this day spoke like he knows
It's time and he will soon go

Lying in the field with me by his side
'My son, listen my son' he breathed when he slid

Yet papa had his soul with him by then
'Don't lift me up, just find me paper and pen'

"We met and trade in this world
And so we'll live it" he scribbled

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My Expiration 2K11

Mine eyes shall come benighted - Sunshine gone; Winded upon final stretch of marathone. Whilom self - A Brother - Cousin - Friend, Writer - Son; An earthly throb dealt its end. Fated finish line - Spirit delighted; Many questions answered when enlighted. O blues come - weep not at a shallow grave, As I'll be heart bound yet - Not in such grave. 'Twas a soul exhausted and it called home; 'Tis that same presence in such a poem.

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Fur Ball

<               my little girl came to me and asked for a pet
                 to me my heart just hasn't been quite set

                 but who could resist those baby brown eyes
                 and all those little wimpers and desirable sighs

                 so off we went in our broken down wagon
                 where the rear end you could tell was sagging

                 to petland is where we went
                 pocketbook really took a dent

                 odie and garfield was their chosen names
                 two bunny hampsters very different but the same

                 oh my little girl was not yet done
                 said mama we need hampster ball so they can have alot of fun

                  and don't forget their bedding liners
                  so their living will be much finer

                  but first you must buy them their cage
                  oh my little girl is quite smart for her age

                  she knows they like fruit and snacks
                  so she doubled order with ten sacks

                   ring ring ring ding ding ding
                   did it's cash register ever so did sing

                   eighty five fifty
                   well ain't that nifty

                   handed lady one hundred
                   mumbling under breath was said

                   left store in a hurry
                   with our clothes looking so dam fury

Written By Katherine Stella  7/3/11

Entry For Francine Robert's
Pick A Pet Contest
G.L. All

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Death Rides

Death rides a horse coal black-
Thee must know you shall not slack-

Run away, his red flame mane-
Unto all it is in vain-

For unto death, knows no laws-
Cannot tell, humanly flaws-

He rides in darkness every night-
Vain it is to run or fight-

Death rides a horse coal black-
Thee must know you shall not slack-

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In Mourning

For fifty-seven years his life to Congress Senator Robert Byrd did devote
Upon his death the headline said, "Democrats Mourn Loss of Much-Needed Vote"

*Senator Byrd had served in the US Congress since Eisenhower was president.

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Flying With The Birds

If I were to believe in you, would you believe in me?
If everything that I promised you actually came to be

If I were a beautiful rainbow, a reflection in the sky
Formed by the rays of light as your tears you cried

Sweetheart I am just a simple man with a complex plight
My blessing is you’re here with me, as this quest I fight

Sweetheart you know I’m a warrior, though I live like a ghost
I fight and write living my plight, inside the belly of the host

From shore to shore, a forever war, that will never end
Just today I got the word the host has taken another friend

Another soul another goal of course another wasted life
God I am a lucky man to have become one with my wife

Pains insane it shreds my brain and tears my heart into
I’m left here asking myself, “Was there anything I could do”

I have to write a eulogy though I just don’t know what to say
Here is a soul, another hole, for someone who lost his way 

Sobriety is really great but at times it is truly rather hard
You watch them take another friend and plant him in the yard

Another smoke, another joke another party has reached its end
Here I sit in a spiritual pit feeling totally lost about my friend

I hope someday someone reads what I say, takes another course
Pass on doing that shot, love it or not, death upon the black tar horse

So I shall write my Eulogy falling to pieces about my friend
Who made fun of the man I turned out to be, until the very end

But that’s ok it was just his way, right up until the day he died
The one true light shinning bright, lives inside of you and I

So will all of you join with me let your spirits pen my words
About a beautiful soul, who found his goal, flying with the birds

Very few people in this life that I love enough to let make fun
of the changes I made in my life. Addiction (The Host) took 6
friends in 2007, 5 in 2008 and this is the first in 2009. He didn't
overdose he was shot a couple of days ago in Chico, Ca during
a home invasion robbery over his heroin debt. I used to always
pay his debts when it reached this point with bags of Meth. This
time I couldn't go there for him and now he is dead. This is my
life, my gift and my curse. God Bless you all, mj

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You Almost Fit

You almost fit with harmony,
But almost would be the death of me,
You came real close to complimenting my space,
But real close would leave me in an empty place,
The puzzle piece I can no longer wedge,
I made my vow and said my pledge,
Later on deep regret would follow,
And once again I'd become hollow,
You almost fit with ecstasy,
But almost would be the death of me.

By: Sabina Nicole

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Hieroglyphs unknown by Champollion

Kids are playing with strange blue graffiti
So, they wrote several times: ”Neffertiti” …

And drew the most beautiful queen`s head.
The whole history of Egypt written in red, 

With sacred hieroglyphs unknown by Champollion:
The Pharaons` destiny dandles a dewy dandelion…

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                                                        Those rose petals
                      "My pen drips of sorrow and on this paper, I write each tear"

                                        . He was my treasure,my pot of gold.
                                  When he passed and it made my blood run cold.

                                  They laid him to rest so we put him in the ground. 
                              The rose petals in my hands I through them all around.

                                    My heart was broken when they said he died.
                         His rose petal covered casket is why my eyes will never be dried.
                                                                    Teresa Skyles     13-Aug-11
Entered in Constance La France~A Rambling Poet~"Just write"contest

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Death becomes me

Hand in hand, 
In this forbidden land.

A shadow so intense, 
I take offence. 

Gripping me, I severely thrust,
A violent rush. Who can I trust? 

I awaken to a voice or two,
Now met with my vision renewed. 

Shivers now take me to an unfamiliar place,
Where these silhouettes I now have to face.

My subconscious has known the answer,
Urgently summoning my intruder.

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The old man's daughter

Heard the old man's daughter
Screaming, touched once more.

I grabbed my courage and got my gun.
Walked out to the bare land.
Knocked down the door.

"You haven't met me, I am the only son".
Pulled the trigger and shot him dead.

Those weary eyes stared back at me.
Those last words ran through my head.

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On Bended Knee

awareness of what she had done
liberated tears, one by one

memories flooded her musing
sorrow struck for what she’d be losing

her vision began to blur
her words no more than a slur

“how did I get to this point”?
a moment, she could not appoint

where there was hurt, she felt numb
her core felt vacant like a drum

eyelids curtain, all became dark
nothing now but a question mark

“will God forgive and welcome me”?
I pray He will, on bended knee

April 21, 2012
For Paula's CONTEST "...and with a sip"

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My Days have Come, My Nights have Past,
Death has Come to Me at Last.

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The Feeling

From deep within a silence grows
Vastly spreading, yet no one knows
No one knows of what's to come
The Feeling is sudden, then it's done.
Often with pain, fits of sorrow
The Feeling leaves nothing, not even a morrow
With much haste, take one last breath
We all succumb to The Feeling of Death.

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Put Down NUKES, Put Up Yir' Dukes- - - - - - - --------

HUMAN BEINGS MAN...don't tell me it was necessary!
Couple hundred thousand people obliterated in a few seconds is beyond the realms of scary.

Truman you musta' been sniffin' glue know you didn't need to do it. 
I can hear ya' today giving the A-ok to the Enola Gay, "Kill 'em screw it!"

And not only did you pull it once, but you saw the need to do it twice. 
It wasn't like the "Little Boy" you deployed landed in a field of rice

No sir, ya' went and sent the "Fat Man" to devastate the city of Nagasaki even faster!
Just three days after the blaze reeking disaster plaster casting Hiroshima in disaster!

Now before ya' good old boys start raisin' yir' voice about December Seven!
Ramblin' off at the mouth racist claims and who is or isn't gonna be in heaven.

Half a century to think about whether or not two wrongs makes a right.
and ya' still can't see the sin in bringin' NUKES instead puttin' two dukes up in the fight?

Are you kidding me? Someone please tell me the rationale in evaporating innocent women and babies.
when the question arises of taking harmless family's lives....the answer is IFS, ANDS, or MAYBES!

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                         I miss him  

"come fluttering words, come drifting words to me ...."

My heart is as hard as those steps of stone.
Now he has passed and I'm all alone.

Bent to smell the fragrance of the flowers.
Has turned my tears into rain showers.

Death creeped in and took him away.
My colors of love have turned to gray.

Our love,life that we've both shared.
With the hurt my heart should have
              been spared.
He has passed and left me here
and my thoughts will never be clear.
               Teresa Skyles
Entered in Constance La France~A Rambling Poet~"what is she thinking"contest.
There is no truth to this poem it's pure fiction.

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                                              .Death took a life and left a soul all alone.
                                                  No one heard any screems or moans.

                                                They couldn't answer the question why?.
                                                 Who killed that girl,did she have to die.

                                                      Buried in a fire under all that ash.
                                                          Her life was taken in a flash.

                                              An abandoned bus is where her body was hid.
                                            Remains were so small they thought it was a kid.

                                               Police couldn't answer the why,when or who.
                                               Because of the fire it burnt up so many clues.

                                                   But when the police finally figure it out.
                                                 They will be found guilty without a doubt.

                                                     Her soul was lost but now it's found.
                                               Now she can rest and be put in the ground.
                                                        Teresa Skyles    August 21, 2011
Based on a newspaper artical.

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The leaves are crying 
Winter takes charge

The daylight is gone 
Quietness takes place

The church bell is ringing goodbye 
Angels are singing welcome

The time is getting high 
Check out what is left behind 

So quicker than thought 
Yet a life is gone 

Everyone will go this journey 
Time unknown to anyone is the reason for this goodbye in tears

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His Will

Months and months we tried and tried, wishing to conceive
what great joy we felt to find our prayers were received. 

Day by day we planned and waited for the time to come
when we would have a new born a daughter or a son.

Three months of sun, a pale green room, a crib by the wall
crocheted blankets and Teddy bears laying in the hall.

Then sorrow came with blood and pain, a baby lost
you see, not to be, my little girl her life was our cost.

I would not relive the day, though I dream it still
perhaps at heavens gates she'll be, oh, I hope she will.

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Evolution of the Ankh

In the ancient Egyptian culture
The Ankh represented life’s adventure

Crux ansata - Latin translation
Cross with a handle, strong foundation

When Roman Emperor Constantine
Envisioned his death in a dream scene

He adapted the symbol’s meaning
To reflect violence intervening

With a warrior’s death -- sword and spear 
Evoking in non-Christians supreme fear

Today the Ankh remains a symbol
Sacredly identifiable

With the power of Christian belief
All handed down from Sanskrit relief

I see the cross and eternal circle
As faith's evolution -- God's miracle

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Death in the Family

Curious lights flash through the door, 
Strange beckonings leave you wanting more.
Drawn to the lights you step outside,
Into the night where danger may hide.

Striding boldly you search for the source,
Stepping lively you determine your course.
Every step brings you nearer,
While your surroundings grow ever stranger.

Dazzling lights flash in the darkness,
Showing garish flashes of horrid harshness.
Steps grow timid, but much faster,
To avoid unknown disaster.

The devil dances just out of sight,
Cackling at his fortune this ghastly night.
The darkness fades with the sunrise,
Revealing the morbid cast of Death and Demise.

Then time passes and small things change,
But the cries of sirens you never heard still cry,
Never silenced within your brain,
Ever crying out the day that you began to die.

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Never Digress or Jest

I hope and pray, I never die like this.
For this would not have any bliss.
Running to a room with pain in chest,
Maybe from something I did digest.
Hoping to get rid of something thwarted,
Dying from heart attack as it departed.
Sitting upon a white porcelain throne,
This is not the way I want to be known.
Though hopefully my actions will pass,
Maybe oh maybe, it’s only a little gas.
If I were a king, then I wouldn’t mind.
Upon a golden throne they would find.
That I had died in gracious peace at last.
Though, my before mentioned place aghast,
Since I am no king, to pass away in jest,
There’re worse ways to die, then doing my best.

Written for
Sponsor Natalie The Rogue Rhymer 
Contest Name Die A 'Fun' Death Contest  

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The Visitor-

The town lay dark and sleeping,
people safe ,in beds were keeping.
Only I , restless , hounded.
walked down the street,
heart pounded.
What called me from my nightly slumber?
Something lonely, a despairing hunger.
Through the gate , a soldier stumbles,
in the distance , cannon rumbles.
Suddenly , in my arms he falls,
“1863? he said,” do you see the musket balls?”
His blood soaks through a letter,
he pushes in my hands.
“Give this to my Jeanette,
make sure she understands!”
With one last cold and wintry breath,
Like fog he disappears,
I’m bewildered , frightened,
for he didn’t know the year.
It’s 2013 now, and Jeanette is now long gone,
I keep the blood stained letter ,
in my mind the cannon echoes on.

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Waiting to Die

Hatred for life is symbolized by a knife ,
to slice the pain and forget your strife. 

Tortured by rage deranged and betrayed.
Amidst all the heartache the blood will be sprayed. 

Tears for fears of living a lie, 
time has a way of going on by. 

Waiting for something or someone or nothing. 
Just hating the world and waiting to die. 

-Yours Truly

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I'd thought I found eternal rest
cold hands folded, still, on my chest
but I hear echoes from the past
the trumpet's sound, fierce bugle blast

Coming alert, I look around
burst out laughing, see the sound
source - back to sleep with merry wave
at geese, goose-stepping on my grave ....

Alan McAlpine Douglas

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The Calendar

I check the calendar with fear.
I always do this time of year.

I dread the anniversary day, 
The time when He took you away.
God sent his angels down at night,
To bear you up in silent flight.

I wasn’t there to say goodbye.
I turn the calendar and cry.

I’d like to skip these days of pain,
But every year they come again.

I  cannot run from  loneliness, 
The date is  every where I guess. 

Won a 3rd

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The Quivering Rabbit

The quivering Rabbit lies upon the cold frozen ground
Ground of thorn thickets cockleburs and tall sun dried sage brown
The hidden openings  rocky places it had played its escape
The hounds of death had chased it from these it thought safe
It had prior since run for its life from such numerous hounds
Each experience taught it that life won- is a daily round
But the older and wiser the rabbit became
The fatter and slower- thus the hounds did gain
Tattered flesh its hairs viewed plucked with red stains abound
The dogs of death have ceased their chasing madding sound
For this now dying rabbit- its death now does face
The quivering rabbit does pay for its mistakes 
Breath the struggle- breath the riddled body desires
Breath of the last- till there is breath no more
The quivering rabbit stills upon the cold frozen ground

By Mark A. Goodson

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Lucky White Star

I miss watching my Luck man run,
Sweat glistening in the morning sun;

The smell of leather in the frigid air,
Tossing his head without a care;

The soft sounds of the stable yard,
The only place I let down my guard;

Telling secrets to my horse,
Just letting nature take it’s course;

The confidence he gave to me,
My Lucky boy, my trusty steed;

He leant me courage I never had,
He was always there, through good or bad;

My shoulder to lean on, by best friend,
He was there for me up to the end.

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Home is where the butterfly goes;
Somewhere no one may ever know.

Home is where the sparrow flies;
A nest in softest shadows hides.

Home is where an old man can die
In peace.

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Judgment Day

I stand here alone, in a room all in black,
Patiently waiting for the gavel to clack;

I don’t get to speak, here at the end,
Persecuted by all, enemy and friend;

They speak of the deeds now tied to my name,
And all I can do is shudder in shame;

I’m here at the trial at the end of my life,
And each testimony cuts like a knife;

I can’t even explain, my deeds say it all,
I await my judgment and try to stand tall;

I was petty, held grudges, and committed mass crime,
And didn’t do productive things with my time;

Six feet below my body is entombed,
And I know deep down my fate is now doomed,

And all I can do I is silently pray,
That God grants me mercy on this solemn day;

The jury is in, they hold my life in their hands,
All I can do is hope He understands;

“Cleared of all charges” the verdict now reads,
My soul once damned is now to be freed;

He granted forgiveness for all of my sins,
Allowing my soul to begin again.

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Cancer, I hate you with a deep passion
You took my dad not in a timely fashion

My dad was the backbone of our family
His absence left an aching need cavity

He held our family together with prayer
Away from Satan’s snare and hell’s fire

Then one day he was so terrible sick
We thought this must be a silly trick

The doctor said he had not much time
O no the family thought this is a crime

The best father there was down by cancer
Riding on a black horse this hated lancer

For Michael J. Falotico's contest

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Row of Rest

Such beauty lies on silent hills
As snow trails turn around like mills
Bare trees dance around in waves
As dark clouds turn the town to caves
A bridge far off comes into view
As black birds hum to something new
The sun struggles to paralyze
As fog just seems to mesmerize
Revealing century’s, stories untold
But by their size you know there was gold
Families reside in mansion paved with gray
While others have down sized in another way
Pale red flowers lay by one
A note card to somebody’s son
A light chill in the air at best
This endless row of eternal rest.

By: Sabina Nicole 

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the smoking bandit

hacked from earthly dust
as wrought by unwary same,
the smoking bandit rises
to stake its deadly claims.

as history bears us notice
for peace is what it tells,
the smoking bandits beguiling 
its heart be set in hell.

the smoking bandits theft be swift
its booty paid in death,
but no one in the land dare speak,
just stare with laden breath.

blood and war on mangled boors
the smoking bandit spews,
and reaps reward for all the more,
its victims whom ill knew

forever then let us lay smoking bandit
to rest; begone like setting sun.
and pry away its mask from face-
to see a smoking gun!

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Love Ending With Tragedy

Walking down road of life and 
we're talking. 
Sharing our stories- laughing 
and gawking. 

While expressing the troubles 
that made your day hard- 
A climax interrupted,
The ending was scarred. 

A bridge built to pass, we 
thought it would last. 
Like spilling a glass, our 
moment was vast. 

When all of the sudden- The End of our date. 
A murderous halt- the car 
stopped too late. 

You sniffled your nose, a drunk 
driver dozed...
Then BAM! - Our bodies were 
lifeless in clothes. 

It's noises of sirens we both left 
And a drunk put in cuffs with 
jail on his mind. 

I loved you a lot, but held off to 
I wanted it perfect- the right 
time of day. 

Now I know there was no other 
But to confront this difficult, 
"I love you" cliche. 

Carpe diem, just live like you 
mean it. 
Seize the day, or die like you've 
seen it. 

Every breath allows you the 
To rethink your life- ask her to 

-Yours Truly

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Blessing are never ending.....

Since Birth, Blessings are never ending....

Birth Parents wishful dream, Dream Parents anyone would say
Cute, Cuddly, Lovable, anyone would baby-sit and play 

Fun filled childhood, pranks, prizes, punishments, peers envy
Toys,Tiffs,Tears,Top Grades,Trophies in Academics, Activity many 

Cricket captain, carrom champion, competent at chess, badminton 
Athlete, Actor, Artist, Author, Poet, Palmist anywhere centre of attention  

Country's best College, brilliant academics, 
Friends, Love, Hotel, Movies, Malls, Parties, Picnics,  

Respectable job, great assignments, good Lifestyle, 
Career on fast track, work-hard-party-harder all the while  

Wise wife, 24 carat children, rational relative,  
Neighbours never neglecting, Friends supportive,    

Had health scare, got over with miracle rare
Lived life at my terms, terms very few would dare

Enjoying Life in moments, reading, writing poems, sketching
Active on social networking sites, socialising, travelling

With Life so momentous, Death too can't be any less
As ever Life rocks, never shall feel too early when Death knocks   

On Death, Blessings shall be just beginning.....

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The Deadly Dart

Wherever I go through out my whole life,
I end up struggling with lots of strife.
Thinking that my life is a total waste,
Wanting it to be over in a haste.

I can feel the pain inside my own heart,
Like someone through at my a deadly dart.
The wound is easing deeper and deeper,
Will the pain ever stop getting bigger?

Feeling emo is never a good thing,
Cutting your arm makes a really bad sting.
Blood is dripping from my arms and my heart,
Failing to dodge the largest deadly dart.

Drowning in all the lies and self pity,
I live each day but always feel sh*tty.
I have lots of thoughts about suicide,
But then I think about those who have died.

Those who have died not just from suicide,
But also those who are really nice guys.
...This "poem" was actually suppose to be a couplet (on any thing you want) for my english 
class but i made this kind bcuz i was feeling emo that day...and also after i was done i read it 
over and it almost sound like a rap song which, i guess, is kinda funny and cool.........

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When we come to a meeting
We are welcomed with a warm greeting

We come together because of a loss and pain
At our meetings, always something to gain 

We try to help a friend
With hope and talks right to the end

This is a place you may see tears
We all have those fears

Where here to help our heart and our mind
All the people here are so kind

We talk about our loves, the good and bad
Sometimes we may get very sad

We listen to what someone would say
Someone may cry and that’s okay 

One of our own had started a group, BSG
Bereavement Social Group come and see

Life is to live and then we die
It’s those in betweens that can make us cry

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Adam's Raven

As I stood at Adam’s burial today,
I was searching for comforting words to say;

I felt his presence and looked to the sky,
And overhead a mighty raven did fly;

And atop his wings I am sure,
The spirit of Adam’s soul did stir;

They leant me the courage to speak and be heard,
To give his family an encouraging word;

And I watched the raven and tried not to cry,
As he took Adam’s soul to God in the Sky.

(In my culture Ravens are the vessel's that take your soul to the next world)

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  On my grave the rose you cast,
all you see is my past.
  As you know me so well,
now i bid you farewell.

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No Home

Man with no home, where are you at?
I brought food to where you once sat.

"Here I Am!" A voice spoke free and bold,
"By this old bin, dead from the cold"

I was shocked to find him there,
his corpse lie froze, with a death stare.

At first, I wept at his sad fate,
then grew mad that I was too late.

"Weep not" he said.  "You loved and tried,
There are those who are glad that I died."

"My soul flies free and sings a song,
my shell lies cold, to right an old wrong."

For the One to One, one syllable poem contest.

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Death in the Dark

Just ordering one popcorn and a coke
ducking behind the seat now no joke 

Bullets gas masked crazy man and all the rest
It would never have happened in the old west

Guns there in holsters easy drawn now he’s dead

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Kill Me Dear

The most incredibly ironic scene
To everyone, it is quite obscene
A scene where a lover has to kill
Their soul mate, against their own will
They were trapped in a wicked game
One must die or it would be lame
If they choose not to abide by the rules
Then the world doesn't need more fools
The killing weapon is a gun
So that the injury cant be undone
How is it you're supposed to choose
When your loved one you can't lose?
The two truly loved each other
They can't settle for another
Their code was always and forever
Now, will it ever happen? Never!
She wants them both to stay alive
But she's in denial, both can't survive
She doesn't know what to do
It's just a dream, none of this is true
She closes her eyes wanting to wake
This cruelty she can hardly take
She sits still and cries a river of tears
Struggling to control her own fears
He's already made his choice
But he doesn't want to lose his voice
The pain he's going through is surreal
He wished, it, he could seal
Facing his fears, he walks the line
He convinces himself everything is fine
Walks to her with all his might
His temptation, he must fight
He embraces her, he can't lie
Because one of them has to die
He can't lie and say it'll be okay
Can't charm her with his usual way
He pulls the gun to his head
Logic from his brain has fled
She grabs the gun and yells "no"
The gun has become their mistletoe
Felt like forever, a final kiss
with an eternal bliss
"But honey, you're the one to live
Protecting you is all i have to give"
He puts the gun in her hands
"C'mon do it" is all that he demands
He puts her finger in the trigger
Pulls it, a small bullet with a, damage, bigger
The shot, echoing still in her ear
While he mouthed "kill me dear"

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Nightmare of a Pilot

Gazing with a distant soft saddened stare,
Locked in a zone and I'm staring out there. 

Trampling emotions are mangling my soul.
A pilot flying solo with no self control. 

Headfirst - a nose dive in progress.
Thinking twice - a complex process. 

Falling aimlessly constant flashbacks in mind. 
Gusting wind rushing my eyes forcing them blind. 

Gravity's strong pull is more than my own.
No turning back, a decision full blown. 

Ground zero near, it's closing in fast.
Seconds from death, my breath at its' last. 

I'm screaming so loud I wake myself up. 
A nightmare repeated, my mind is shook up. 

- Yours Truly

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The March of Time

Nothing can stop the march of Time…
We all dance to life’s rhythm and rhyme
For some the drum beats, oh, so fast
Announcing that nothing will last
For others it seems to go so slow
But this one thing I surely know…
When the time comes…we all must go…
When the times comes…
Whether I’ve danced fast or slow
I too must go…

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The Difference My Life He Did Make

The Difference My Life He Did Make

Precious are the memories which lift my soul
Soring to heights of remembered laughs
The joys having made eternal will always last
Good experiences for the lessons I did learn 
This life of a man who shared in kind
For in his living day by day
This man helped me in showing the way
A way of living as a better husband father and man
A way of living that I might stand
To stand tall for family friendship and right
That from this day-forth his trodden path reflects light
Light to shine when worries I do care
Light to glow my path when in despair
I rejoice to know the difference my life he did make

In remembrance of my Father-In-Law
Poem by Mark A. Goodson (son-in-law)

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Do breathe thy guilt today—believe not tomorrow be endless
Lest Death, failing to hear a breath, permit no forgiveness.

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Beyond the Pleasant Hill

Was just a walk beyond the road -- a shortcut past the bog,
No different than the night before but this night there was fog.
I climbed the pleasant hill from which the ‘yard had got it’s name,
So cold and dark it was that night, a dim light I did flame.
Blackest of the blackest eve’s I thought I might go blind,
So quickly paced, I past the stone’s of relatives that died.
Just past the breeze that got the willow shaking in the night
I saw someone just standing where my path comes into sight --

I wondered why tonight they’d chosen 
To walk the same path I was roamin’
A closer look, not man nor woman…
So still -- as if their form was frozen…
“They must be lost“, I thought out loud, no light to find the path,  
So maybe they’re just standing there awaiting someone’s laugh.
Or maybe they are frozen stiff by seeing my form too --
I couldn’t move though,  be it  just another passing through
My flashlight though, so dim, was shining on them, so it seemed…
…No looking up, no squinting eyes or arms to hide the beam,
How could they not have noticed me, the light is right upon them?
And just as I brought down my hand to light the way  so trodden…

I heard them move in front of me
That form that stood beside the tree
A quick response I shone the light
Back at the path ahead in fright
No person was still standing there…
Just Trees, beyond the path I dared --

I stood there for eternity a-gasp and scared to death,
Staring hard upon that spot where someone drew their breath.
They’re somewhere past the beam of light that’s dimming by the second --
The eerie melody from lonely crickets only beckoned.
A sudden crackle at my feet as if one stopped behind,
I felt my heart beat through my chest, I thought I’d lost my mind.
I thought I felt a windy chill then whisper past my ear,
But turned to shine my light upon no stranger standing near.

That instant -- I had dropped my bag and ran towards the gate,
I swore I heard them running too I had no time to waste.
So as I reached the entrance, looking back I think I said, 

“If you’re still there, I’ve changed my mind, I’ll take the street instead.”

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A Poet At Sea

                                                     Just a Poet at sea...
                                   A voyage across waters where I can be free...

                                      I sit with my feet up writing of the views...
                               Always knowing that my poetry will make small news...

                                The pages turn as I watch parents and children play...
                           I scribe tales of lovers and dreamers who set sail that day...

                            As the darkness filled the night only a quiet sky set a tone...
                                The moon is my light to scribble as I watch all alone...

                              The shaking of my pen as my paper is dusted in snow...
                Then screams of horror as water pours at my feet with no where to go...

                             I clench my book of tales and run to a point where I can be...
                                    And there I float as this world is eaten by the sea...

                                              As silence and cries drift fast asleep...
                               I close my eyes and die with only my poetry to keep...

written for DreamWeavers
Titanic contest...
by Michael J Falotico

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Most Important Thought

Strip away the day,
Your title and all your ways,
Take away your clothes,
Look into the mirror and watch truth be exposed,
For a man with all his plans,
And a woman with all her thoughts,
Cannot lead one into the Kings courts.
A smile fades with circumstances,
Life may serve you avalanches,
Dreams may vanish like mist above a lake,
What’s most important is when you die where you will awake.

BY: Sabina Nicole
Written: 1-1-12

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As I Bid My Soul Mate Good-bye

I won't be here tomorrow,love,and so I write
The sweetest whisperings of my soul to you tonight

I need to let you know just what you mean to me
When I was blinded by life's sorrows you helped me see

My deaf ears heard no music so you sang your songs
Everything you did was right and erased all wrongs

In blackest night opened my window and showed me stars
Introduced me to the meaning of Venus and Mars

In my loneliness wrapped your arms around me tight
If ever I was scared you chased away my fright

When I was thirsty,let me drink from your loving cup
And when I needed my soul fed you filled me up

My sweet darling ,you're the finest man around
Telling me all I need to know without a sound

So now my time draws near and how I hate to go
Leaving you here without me but it must be so

I'll be near you always,you can count on that
I am that little breeze that blows away your hat

If you hear lovers laughing,that will be me too
An angel in the mist,I will watch over you

So as I write these words I say good-bye my love
One day you'll be beside me in that glory above

* for contest "If I Had One Day To Live"
sponsored by Walayee Whitlock

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I think

I think about death in ways I can’t explain
If I told anyone they would think I’m insane
I think about life in ways I’d like to forget
If I told anyone they would think I live in regret
I think about joy in ways no one would know
If I told anyone they would think I can’t let go
I think about peace in ways no one would guess
If I told anyone they would think I simply repress.

But no one has seen through the eyes I behold
And no one has heard all the lies I’ve been told
But no one has walked down the roads I have walked
And no one has been watched to the extent of being stalked.

I think about stitches in ways no one has seen
If I told anyone they would think I had a bad dream
I think about love in ways no one has felt
If I told anyone they would certainly not melt
I think about heaven in ways no one could bare
If I told anyone they would wish I didn’t share
I think about demons like they’re right here with me
If I told anyone they would think I was melancholy.

But no one has seen through the eyes I behold
And no one has heard all the lies I’ve been told
But no one has walked down the roads I have walked
And no one has been watched to the extent of being stalked.

By: Sabina Nicole

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In his country, he says I would be called a fat *i*c* with my hips being thick.
He said his men would f*c*k me so much I would join the crowd of skinny lovers.

In his country, he states I would not have sex the way I want.
He pants that his men like a*s*o*e.

Plethora my people would shout.
Embarrassment has stepped-out.

In his country, is sex slavery.
His men would just snatch me off the streets to control me sexually.

In his country, I am not.
So why is he talking to me half-cocked.

In his country, terrorism to them is love.
To me he must be from an Arab World.
Penned on May 13, 2014!

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Gatekeeper to the compost pile
the boatman for the river Styx
I'm trying to cross the last mile
adventure's done, I'm calling it quits

Shadowed Charon silhouettes the dark 
lowly murmurs, "You got I.D.?
a passport, something of that sort,
something with a picture to see?"

I gaze at the black outline above
evaluating this unexpected request
Is terminus admission really that tough?
Do I need to comply to this behest?

"Sorry", I say, "I left my pockets in life
I assumed you'd have records here."
"We do", he replied, "our info is rife,
but identities we need to insure."

"Birth certificate, and two credit cards,
or driver's license and utility bill,
cancelled check, something of that regard
some documentation, you know the drill."

"But I'm dead" I stammered, "What does this mean?"
"Am I not permitted time to decompose?"
"This transition from betwixt and between
to eternity seems like I'm - indisposed"

"You, good boatman, may think it fine, but, 
to carry proof of identity, I must disagree"
"Sir, you must stand aside of the line.
Go back to purgatory and get some I.D.!"

© Goode Guy 2014-02-13

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Oh My Sweetheart, Clementine

Oh my sweet love, Clementine
I remembered when you were fine
But now you are lost for eternity
And you will no longer be with me

I miss your kisses and your face
I miss the way you lightened up the place
But now you’re very deep under water
All because you were no swimmer

Oh my sweetheart, Clementine
Do you remember when I was fine?
I drank some pills, though I was healthy
And now I have you right beside me

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Goodbye to you my Best friend
It’s hard to believe that we’re worlds apart.

 We were like strings on a guitar,
Making harmony and pleasant tones.

You were there when I took the first step,
And gave me directions ever since.

You taught me life’s valuable lessons
And saw me through my mistakes.

Unable to see the virtues you bestowed,
Cut-short by nature’s worthy call.

A decade now past and I realize;
This friend is gone but ever-green.

But with the gift of the Name
Like a tattoo I will always have.

And even if I hate to believe you’re gone,
Goodbye to you my Best friend.

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The Fukushima Fifty

A country's pride and circumstance
Has called the common man to dance.

Feet ablaze in a pool of pain
Seeking neither name nor fame.

Today's committed Samurai
You carry on, condemned to die.

You stand with hose in stead of sword
And do your best to save the world.

The world says, "Thanks" then moves along
And most won't even know you're gone.

But I'll remember; I'll declare
The Fukushima Fifty were there!

© 2011, R. Erin Lenth

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Fallen Angel

“Angels descending, bring from above, 
Echoes of mercy, whispers of love”
Glory abounded, light that was rare
Musical cherub now chained cold and bare,
Created for greatness, glimmered and gleaned,
Turned from the brightness, an Immortal machine,
Arrogance and vanity destroyed by rebellion,
Now a Fallen Angel, a force nolonger compelling,
Redemption polluted,
By views that were diluted,
The original sin,
To think you could win,
It wasn’t enough to be right under success,
You desired to be the ultimate best,
Everlasting wounds with eternal demise,
The most beautiful Angel now covered in lies,
Magnificence lost,
By the saviors cross,
The lake of sweltering fire,
Your new kingdom that has now transpired.

By: Sabina Nicole

Contest: Fallen Angel

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The Phoenix unfolded

Claw into me, then claw a little deeper,
Have you found it yet, My grinning Grim Reaper?
Whispering your apologies and then walking away,
As if rash actions followed by soft spoken words could sway,
A gentler side of me, my inside’s inside,
That not even I could ever hide,
Thus you exit my stage, mid sentence,
Your unfinished business leaving a silent resonance,
Upon blinded eyes I am beheld,
Misery and Mystery now magnificently meld,
Forming the thorns wrapped in my chest,
In my own theatre I am made: A Guest,
Sitting and pondering as Time saunters by,
Breathing in a darken truth, Exhaling a lie,
Too bond to live, too stubborn to expire,
Ashes to embers, Embers to Fire,
As the Phoenix rises and burns through the air,
Upon this ominous cloud, I sit and glare,
Gazing into the wilderness from whence I came,
Considering the path behind & before me, will I be tame?
Animals were not meant for cages and neither am I,
I am the Phoenix, born to burn boundlessly and freely fly.

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In loving memory of the love of my life

We're gonna be sad and we're gonna morn.
We know he's in heaven and no longer torn.
His pain is gone and ours still lingers.
From the bottom of our toes to the tips of our fingers.
We will miss him more than he will ever know.
But he's ok now cause we told him it's ok to go.
We will see him each and every day.
Through rainbows and sunrays.
His first breath came on the day he was born.
His last breath came on the day I'll always morn.
My heart is broke cause he left me here.
I hope I  can go on without the fear.
I will love him until the day I die.
Together later thats why I'll never say bye.
We will miss him so very much.
We'll always remember daddy's touch.
             Teresa & Pootie Skyles

In loving memory of Bunny Skyles Jr.

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Time Stop

Time Stop

There was a moment in time when everything stopped,
It was like a dream on an entirety with you.
It  there could be a moment to take back the regret, heartbreak and confusion I doubt I would.
I fear telling you how much I love you.
Thinking it ruin are forever relationship,Not knowing it was mutual. May we be of flesh may we be of soul may we have  that savior peace.
What rules then are our own? 
If we break that promise which bond each with a letter in blood.
As time stop the wind blows,we who bore so close taking the finally blow.
As we gaze into each to each tear streak face we smile and know.
Today we can be together forever in each other arm.
As though time kept going but for us,it stopped.So our moment int time where only the wind blew.
This is the most wonderful dream we have ever shared.

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No Warmth In The Kitchen

 Loose are the oven mitts that covered mama's hands. 
 Cold are her rustic pots and pans. 

 Stained are the pages of her favorite cookbook. 
 Lull hangs her ladle on its metal hook. 

 Hiding on the ceiling is the once dancing steam 
 of beef stroganoff's sour cream. 

 Silent is the spatula that served family guests. 
 Quietly the food processor rests. 

 Daddy can only cook up a sweat, 
 and I'm too young to read a recipe yet. 

 There's no warmth in the kitchen since mama's decease. 
 These objects are resting, but not in grease.

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Burying True Love

The rose withers where you lie
Despite the watering tears I cry

I placed it there upon the place
You lay in peace and eternal grace

Embracing the piece of smooth cool stone
I placed a kiss there for you alone

The love I feel I can not hide
I long to see you on the other side

©Donna Jones

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The Meaning of Christmas

The whole world loves to hear of the Babe who came to earth,
and will often pause to sigh at the wonder of his birth.

They marvel at the young Lad who sat in the temple that day,
astonishing the great teachers with the words he had to say.

They are pleased with Jesus turning water into wine,
healing all who came to him, feeding thousands at a time.

They see him walk on water, his power the waves to still,
his boldness, cleansing the temple, and it gives their hearts a thrill.

They hail him as a teacher and claim him as a prophet
but ignore the things he taught. Just what is it they all scoff at?

It is easy and safe to worship a tiny babe in a manger,
but the man hanging on a cross, to the world is but a stranger.

Is it birth or death we think of, when at Bethlehem our thoughts lie?
The real meaning of Christmas is that Jesus came to die.

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Dreaming Life

What magic made dreams Then made life Made everything seem possible Then made life When I wake it’s gone Nothing lasts There alone The dream has past Always the dread That greets the light And a longing again For the magic of night Rendered risen life Curls from the heart The smoke of dreams Where end is start It’s there that I live More truly and whole Where there’s peace For a dreamer’s soul Once the day comes And some day no more A final night comes A dream I implore A dream long and worthy Noble and due A sweet note played To see eternity through

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Un grand pas vers le Bon Dieu

Sweet short round sadness in the mirror may grow;
He writes her name twice on the mind`s first snow;
It is the moment to find a joke and make her laugh;
If he holds his dreams and her hands ,that`s enough;
A smile of the kidness with each cup of tea, and soon
As brought by Fancy`s Fairy in the blond afternoon,
The taste of honey mealt in bitterness of broken glass;
The subtle drums in his ears violently might surpass
The horses`galoop at the purple banks of his veins ;
From the green empire, where eternal spring reigns
The romp`s steps of imagery in the Plato`s realm
Composing an ode of joy or a long lasting psalm:
Child dancing, playing with the joyous rain,
 Like Narcissus at the sides of the fountain.
That parfume of violets :her hair and her eyes
Tactile, fragile china, cold glass solitude lies
In their unwritten novel: everybody may choose
The thrill of dancing among the Greek statues;
The rustling of the two doves following Love`s call 
 In the hand of Light,with overflown tumult in one soul. 
The step towards his heart and quickly her stop;
Without the slightest hesitation, all muscles hope
 Ready to caught a falling star still hoping
The crystalline tear prolonged dropping
Transformed in advancing recollections through:
Two masters of slaves and two slaves ,thus sum two.

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A Hamster Named Wiskers

On new years eve you came to me
in a little cage as cute as could be

so happy and full of life you were
with a little pink nose and soft  brown fur

everyday in your cage you would run on the ground
or inside your ball you would spin round and round

making everyone laugh with your soft little squeak 
in my palm you would sleep looking so sweet

but on christmas eve when you closed your eyes
while laying in my hand you did not wake to my cries

you stayed very still as if just in sleep
I pulled you to my chest and started to weep 

In my mind swam pictures of what we had done
that one year of your life had been full of much fun

that's when my mom came in and saw you there
my dad took you from me with the greatest of care

I wanted to bury you out in the lawn
but my dad said no and then you were gone

Goodbye wiskers your story may end
but  I will still count you my very best friend


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Heart Attack

I only had one heart attack
...but it felt like two.
When the second came,
it was quite true.

The wait seemed long
...but I knew it short.
'till the tests came back
and could now cohort.

The weeks went by
...but they felt like days.
I had missed the pain,
yet I feared the blaze.

The years have passed
...but only seconds remain.
Now I fear the heart.
Here comes the pain.

It's quiet and stiff
...but also dark.
Here is my death.
Goodbye; a lark.

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Twin Towers

God, not much is left for us to see
Terrorists came to destroy humanity;
Was so much suffering and also harm
As we cried out to You with great alarm.

Twelve years doesn't seem so long ago;
What happened had been a horrible blow;
Twin Towers with planes just did collide;
In heaven with You, newcomers abide.

Firefighters tried to save lives but died
And innocent bystanders helplessly cried;
Might be someone they may have known?
Small child without parents there all alone.

Although both buildings finally would fall
To God, we must pray and stand so tall;
A bright sun rose and then soon set
On Nine Eleven, a day we will never forget.

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You Can't Take It With You

The other day I saw the most pathetic thing I think I shall ever see!
It was so macabre and shocking that it piqued my curiosity!

Seems this old miser died having atoned for his many transgressions,
But was adamant about taking with him all his earthly possessions!

He had derided that well-known saw, "you can't take it with you",
And asserted, "Them's my things that took a lifetime to accrue!"

Even on his deathbed as he breathed his last and ceased to function,
He fretted about his stuff as the priest administered extreme unction!

In the funeral procession behind the hearse was a huge U-Haul truck,
Containing his suits and shoes, booze and gold plus all his other ruck!

Oft' I've pondered about that old tightwad and his ultimate fate,
And how St Peter handled the matter when he greeted him at the Gate!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c) All Rights Reserved

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Martin Luther King
God's praises he would sing
His dreams didn't die that  day
When his life was taken away

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Gun in Hand

Bitter hardened steel of death
Warm soft tissue fed by breath

From the breath steel comes to life
From cold steel a breathless wife

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Small Seed

One and only, great sweet dream
Lullaby, my sun beam
Moonlight’s music, sky’s first kiss
Stars and magic, my one bliss
You’re just a little seed; you’ll grow into your skin
And be filled with love from both hearts within
You’re just a tiny seed deep within the soil
I only hope that you didn’t spoil
I dreamt that you grew as tall as a tree
I dreamt that you were always there with me
But dreams don’t always become true
And I have never got to be with you
You’re just a seed; you’ll grow up very strong
I only wish that I wasn’t wrong
You’re just a small lovely seed 
In four months you started to bleed
My one and only, hold me very tight
I only wish that everything was right
Lovely infant, dear young dream
Golden daylight, my sun beam
You are the reason that I will always cry
Why did you ever have to say goodbye?

Dying more than ever before
Every time I miss you more
A first child that wasn’t born
Dead, now all I do I mourn

Baby only four months old
A treasure I never got to hold
Big hole in my heart tonight
Yelling “Why didn’t you hold me tight?”

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Harsh Wind

Her lost dreams resurface in the ripples of the creek.
Her eyes burn in flame-dance to rhythm of the drumbeat.

Mirrored on the water's face, buffalo graze on open plain.
Braves panther-stalk near, bows drawn with deadly aim.

Love clouded her vision, heartbeat obscured her sense.
Tall strength and laughing eyes weakened her defense.

Her man lies underground, buried the white man's way.
Yet in this foreign world, she's enchained to stay.

Regret burns a ragged scar, sorrow carries on the wind.
She craves arms to hold her or the comfort of a friend.

She honors the Great Spirit for her one strong son;
but with seven younger, her trek's hardly begun.

Her son echoes his father, Irish and Red Blood mixed;
may his iron pride avert the arrows his life inflicts.

But this brew is bitter; she sips its scalding flow
with an unnamed longing, and hunger for buffalo.

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The End is Far

Thus it began, the end - the end of all
For such is life it's said: a road of love
But love is frail, weakening til you fall
And death that wicked foe comes from above

The beginning ends, the end must begin
For that is life you know: a winding road
With twists and turns, littered mistakes and sins
But where is hope to lighten any load

The end ends happily ever after
For life is but a fairy tale you know
Full of tears and sobs – with smiles and laughter
Live your life - the end is far – death will go

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My Love, My Life

Come to me my Knightly Prince
with the sword you galently fence
On your steed you proudly ride
The battle calls you to its side

I await, your lady fair
as I twine my golden hair
I dream of you, my heroic sire
your memory fills me with desire

I long to see you all the more
to kiss the lips I hunger for
All night and day I long
for the arms that held me strong

Men are returning from the fight
Oh, how dark is this night
My heart pounds when I'm told
you lay upon the battlefield, cold

Alas, this just couldn't be
Your love, is your promise to me
Grief stricken, to my knees, I fall
Ranting and raving, your name I call

Holding sword of tempered steel
Can what my eyes see, be real
He comes, my heart skips a beat
I am lifted, swiftly off my feet

Lost I am in his embrace
then I look upon his face
Behold, alabaster skin, I see
The metallic smell of blood, on me

Pooling, congealing, as it flows down
turning scarlet, my silken gown
Clothes crusted with grass and dirt
my lover has come back, hurt

Slowly he came withering with pain
as the life from him, did drain
to see his lady, he had to try
knowing he was soon to die

Sinking slowly to the ground
he reaches, without a sound
Hands as cold as hardened clay
I see him slipping further away

Quickly I unsheathe the fatal knife
without my love, I'll have no life
As he breathes the final breath
I join my love, my life, in death

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An aspiring marine 
is assuredly green, 
but he's not as much green 
as a drowned marine.

Volodymyr Knyr

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Tale of a Monster and a Living Ancient

A time long last to a new beginning,
No one to condemn the last living being.
Fire sparks in its eyes
And it lays, as the other dies.
A mithril sword in the diamond cave,
The ancient being cannot be saved.
A new danger every single day,
He fights them off, keeping death at bay.
He flies by night, wings spread wide
No freedom to roam the skies by light.
Returning again to his forever home,
A brave knight slept from his mountain roam.
Seeing the monster, the beast roars
And the evil wakes, and the eagle soars.
A flash of heat and a sound of steel,
The ancient father had no time to reel.
He watched the monster as his fire died,
And the last dragon went for his last ride.

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Next to Her

In an instant and a quick flash
There was a crash near Calabash;
Won't see the one I love anymore;
Into my heart, a big hole it tore.

She isn't around and her can't hear;
To heaven has gone and did disappear;
No longer will remain in my sight;
Never will forget that terrible night.

On the news a message I just saw;
She died with my future mother in law
And father who with a friend had made
On front porch will sitting in the shade.

Her and whole family had been killed;
Was this by gracious God what He willed;
If only I could bring them all back;
I now am weary and have to hit the sack.

In my dreams every night, she appeared 
And finally as my twilight had neared
A question to my mind did recently occur;
Will you have me buried next to her?

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The Past is yours, the past is mine.
Your Past is Fine, Death was Mine.

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The father's skill

The father's skill on how to meet his end,
that's what for sure his children will descend.

Volodymyr Knyr

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(to my late husband, Sonny)

Time to repaint and to clean
I really need a change of scene
So I can make this room mine
Where we once spent our time

Redecorating my room is a chore
Because I have treasure galore
I can’t part with this or with that
I have to keep this little white cat

And this red stuffed frog that can sing
Of course I must keep my engagement ring
You bought years after we were wed
And the Harley cap you wore on your head

My bubble fairy is a precious figurine
I must put it where it can be seen
Oh, and the water globe music box
Along with these polished rocks

The models of a ’64 Ford
This replica of a sword
Boxes for my jewelry and trinkets
Books, music, and these blankets 

Memories flood into my mind
With each treasure that I find 
I can’t part with things that you gave
‘Cause my heart says I really must save

So Sonny, even though you are gone
Your memory will still linger on
With mementos of the love we knew
A love that was forever true

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If Looks Could Kill (April Fool's Day)

Pure hatred
Venomous looks

Poisonous voices
Arsenic hearts

Just remember
You don't want to be

My enemy

I'm dangerous
Looks can kill

Stab in the back
Gun hidden

Don't look away
You might miss me

I'm your enemy

So just be aware
I'm hunting you


I'll find you
Count on it because

It's April Fool's Day!   ;-)

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The Nightmares

Nightmares that come are so bad I'm  afraid to sleep
Exhaustion enters making sleep needs reach their peak

A little light sleep to settle down falling falling deeply sound
The horror no no go away nightmares please dissipate

Same dreams every night since my darling baby cried
She nursed, very well fed in the morning she died

Nightmares night afer night awaking my baby I dread
Being rocked, rocked, rocked, looking down my baby's dead

(My adoptive mother lost a child, a little girl at age nine months old.  Back then people used 
home remedies very seldom saw a doctor.  The child had been sick with a cold, mother fed 
her and the next morning she was dead.  The  doctor who examined  the corpse said that 
she had had pneumonia and choked to dead on the mucous.)

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The Night She Died

Murder was in his gaze,
As he seized her and slapped her face.
She knew then, she had to fight,
And that was the moment - she died.

He tore her clothes and scratched her arms,
but there was nobody to raise an alarm,
She tried to hold him back but he just pushed her aside,
And the second time that night - she died.

She did not even raise her voice,
But that animal, he left her no choice,
It killed her to do so, but she defied,
And a thousand times that night - she died.

When she begged him to kill her and he roared,
She couldn't hold it together anymore,
Her soul withered, she broke down and cried,
Coz that night along with her husband - she too died!!!

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     HE'S GONE

We're gonna be sad and we're gonna morn.
We know he's in heaven and no longer torn.
His pain is gone and ours still lingers.
From the bottom of our toes to the tips of our fingers.
We will miss him more than he will ever know.
But he's ok now cause we told him it's ok to go.
We will see him each and every day.
Through rainbows and sunrays.
His first breath came on the day he was born.
His last breath came on the day I'll always morn.
My heart is broke cause he left me here.
I hope I  can go on without the fear.
I will love him until the day I die.
Together later thats why I'll never say bye.
We will miss him so very much.
We'll always remember daddy's touch.
             Teresa & Pootie Skyles

In loving memory of Bunny Skyles Jr.

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Sea Shanty

As they were sailing ‘cross the ocean deep
They watched the sunrise and the diving grebe.

When up in the top, the lookout did spy
A storm advancing, with his weather eye.

The helmsman heeded the word from above
And steered the walty gal forth at a scud.

Night tide came fast and they were flooded by dark,
The waves surged and the salty, sea dogs barked.

The raw wind cut and the rain assailed down,
As men pooled together to fight off the drown.

The dodger succumbed, and the foremast fell
The ship was immersed in the maritime hell.

As dawn broke, with only waveson afloat.
The ocean had seized another game boat.

Good men will be mourned, and the tempest damned,
We left to ponder why they left dry land.

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A Life Saving Whim

We are going to Corfu, what a great thing,
Come on its booked, let’s go and buy everything.

‘Hang on,’ say’s hubby, 'In Corfu it rains a lot'.
'I want more sun, not the rain, we have already got.'

But it’s booked we are ready one week to go,
‘I want to change it’ he says, 'so to Rhodes we will go.’

At that time we didn’t know what a crossroads that was, 
Instead of Corfu, we changed it because,

My husband and I wanted more sun than the rain
That was the point in changing our plane.

Ok, we are at the airport, now watching and waiting
The flight we were booked on was just to the runway taking.

It stopped all of a sudden and smoke did appear,
The poor people on board, they could not get out of her.

We had changed our holiday on a whim because of rain
Fifty Four people died in front of us on that plane.

The plane we had booked but had changed at the end
Took all of those lives but our prayers we did send.

The crossroads had appeared we were lucky that day
We had changed our course and our lives that we can say.

But to the families of those that perished back then
We have never forgotten and ours prayers still go out for them.

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Salutations and Satin Sheets

Pulling up his pants I think he's already forgotten me
Smeared lipstick and a handful of twenty's

Dirty condoms laying on couch, the bed, and the floor 
He gives me a mischievous wink and out the door

Now i'm angry at what I've done 
A filthy whore with cheap discreet fun

Laying on my bed it smells like sex
My life has always been cursed like a hex

No worries i've got a way to take away the pain
Pulled the trigger on my twenty two and blew out my brain

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Upon a bed of petals

Upon a bed of petals of red and white
Upon a bed of petals where everything looks right
There she lies so perfectly still
Where her heart is a disaster so very ill

Upon a bed of petals of roses that were red
Her heart became cold then her body became dead
But no one will ever care; she’s a problem to everyone
So I guess that they are happy now that she is gone

Upon a bed of petals of roses that were white
I see her as angel shining very bright
There in the clouds floating up above
I hope that she is finally getting love

Upon a bed of petals where I don’t see her anymore
Where my heart breaks even more than before
And as the wind blows and those petals fly
My heart started to die right after I said goodbye

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View the world with a flash of light,
Yet every corner has a dark blight.

Infectious it spreads within perception,
Abusing the thoughts to a point of deception-

Tis just an abyss of belief-
Hope, passion, lost due to lack of relief.

Note:Entered this in the word I hate the most contest and didn't realize it said "4-6 couplets" I only wrote 4-6 lines. I apologize for that read the rules wrong.

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False lover

Chilling thoughts consume my mind,
I once found it hard to forget your kind,

Disturbing feelings dangle from former threads,
When I remember words you casually said,

Now you are just a ghost from long ago,
Yet, familiar spirits haunt me so,

I speak the word and then they flee,
You’re no longer the boss of me,

Nights underneath the moon so bright,
Over powered by his dazzling light,

It’s no wonder you had to quickly leave,
Someday the darkness you will dreadfully grieve,

Swollen by the times we shared,
Inside your box you were quite scared,

Spinning webs like you always did,
I made a vow and spoke my bid,

A pretentious weed stuck in poor soil,
At last my dear I need not toil,

In your garden of false delusions,
Our love was one massive illusion

I have bound you  forever by his infinite power
I now know who I am in these final hours

I forgive your sin but surely you will die
Without repentance to the One who is more than just in the sky

My name has been erased from you
For I have grown inside, I have been made new

With a tree of life and a garden of love,
With roses that blossomed and birds which are doves.

Purity, restored in spirit body and mind
Never again will you be able to find.

Me, my heart, my future, my now
In time you will have to bow 

And kneel
To the Creator and give an account for all the souls you tried to steel

But mine was preserved and your motives absurd
without these stories I would have had no glories
without the pain
My testimoney would be in vain.

Goodbye false lover,
Goodbye fake friend,
I always knew you and me would come to a chilling end.

By: Sabina Nicole

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The Day God Saved Me

December 18th I felt the urge to cry
I felt like taking my life

Giving all back to my Creator at once
Saying "what's done is done"

I walked in the cold hours on end
Contemplating death as a sin

I wanted to talk to someone about my pain
But If I told them of my feeling would they think of me as insane?

Still searching for something to gleam about
Hoping something innocent and beautiful will take me out of this slouch

Rescue and deliver me from this evil tenure
Convince me that I'm not the worlds biggest sinner

As the blood drips over the bridges edge
Should I step further and plummet into this river instead?

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The Battle

Here we go men! Into the valiant fight!
Where men become men and cowards flee our sight!

Iron will clang and feet will race;
As bullets are thrown at a frightening pace!

Men will be thrown and cries will be heard –
As we fly our way through the smoke like a bird.

But in the end we shall acquire our victory;
And together we’ll go down in the great epic of history!

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Dragon's Breath

The dragon's breath upon my cheek Comes to spoil the quiet that I seek Gone the peace that night may grant All my dreams now quickly disenchant Blow your fire upon my aching breast There is a greater pain I can attest You are no more than a jester's tale Yet on the dragon's love I will impale ....
1/30/13 Mythological Animal contest

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Rye Whiskey!

My Grandpa used to dance and sing,
Joy to my heart he always would bring;

Just a few bars, not the whole song,
Pretty soon I’d be singing along;

“Rye whiskey, rye whiskey” you’d hear us both say,
Or “Red River Valley”, if it was a good day;

All the old westerns, when I hear them I cry,
I don’t hear them often since Grandpa died;

No one sings “Old Faithful” no more,
It’s just an old song that people ignore;

He used to say “now that was art”,
I have to agree, I know them by heart;

I catch myself humming an old melody,
And I smile, hoping he’s thinking of me;

And to prove that I know it, I burst out in song,
And maybe in heaven, he’s singing along;

“If the ocean was whiskey and I was a duck,
I’d swim to the bottom and never come up”;

My Grandpa was so special you see,
And by having his songs, he lives on through me!

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Death may be a release for ME,
it my be what sets me Free.

Free from things that cause me Pain.
Free from you that I Love in Vain.

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New Beginning

Introduction: It’s a piece dedicated to the lullaby of a different kind. It’s something which has happened to many out there, but the experience is distinctively significant…

A priceless surprise, silenced all in its tune By a soft heavenly cry, from the delivery room Only a few hours was the night; so young Where for the first time, she opened her eyes, While by her side her dearly loved one For the last time, closed her teary eyes Father held her near and resounded to her cry; But all mother could share was, this lullaby – The long last beep from the ECG Echoed her heartbeat…The last goodbye Happiness and sadness broke through the night With streams of tears for mother’s plight; She never had the chance to hold her close But left precious prayers that never left her side As she came down to their hearts Her soul flew up high apart, The transfer of two lives through one, Their journey was complete and done Caught within that reverie He conveyed the Azaan through her ears, In the wake of such irony He fell down to prostrate in tears When all hopes seemed to end, father’s prayer did transcend O’ Almighty became her closest friend and had for her a Grande plan, Under HIS mercy and HIS guide, she flourished through the darkest nights To a new beginning – she set off to write.

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Two Hearts Kissed

Two Hearts Kissed

Thank God that families can be forever.
Now you and your Barbara can be together.
Separation by death has pains, tears rain.
And hope teaches of togetherness, again.

We two met, became “best friends”, loved and married, 
Although marriage passed, friendship remained.
No widow, I, but there is still some pain…and our son.
God, please comfort him through grief with shining sun.

One man, many children, our son’s father, my daughters' “Dad”
The tragic end to a giving life, lost in a blink…more than sad. 
Tears fall, souls ache, and demenors remain strong while hearts break.
X-husband, father, brother…and friend – too soon, the Lord did take.

My love I send to his children, sister, and to his every friend.
Dear God, a forever family prayer I ask for Barbara and him.
Please comfort those who loved him; he shall be missed.
And thank you for the years we shared…two hearts kissed.

Lovingly, Dane

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It's too hot in this house and the bugs are alive,
Shame they are not dead, my sleep would thrive.

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A slaughter so brutal, a murder so beautiful

The mind of an art.

A mastermind in the least.

Tearing out hearts.

A murdererous beast.

To think they'll find them.

Hidden so well.

Do all be condemmed?

To suffer as I dwell?

Sure I feel bad, maybe seldom.

As I walk over their bodies.

To think who'dve held them?

Not to care, in the very very least.

To keep a strong mind, a murder in the beast.

The search goes on, they'll never find them.

Hidden so well, but should all be condemmed?

Not me, not me- my stomach soaks lightly.

Hands and a mind, guilt is slightly.

The art of murder, a mastermind at rest.

I've slaughtered them all, brutal at my best.

The scene now grey, and my hunger is fed.

To know now all, those bastards are dead.

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The Deadliest Dinner

The feast was over, the diners filled,
When abruptly they keeled over and their innards spilled,
Unto an immaculate floor, courtesy was disabled,
Spewing their filth upon white walls and cluttered tables.

In a sudden realization of what had been done,
They discarded all valuables as they turned to run,
Only to discover the exits to be blocked,
Every crevice, window and door, barred and locked.

Petrified, the befouled guests sought out their charming host,
There He was, glass raised, about to give the evening's toast,
Bellies clutched as they collapsed into a sea of sweat,
Gaping at their frail pale friend, a foe never before had they met.

Weakened murmurs weaved through the majestic hall,
As the terror of recognition descended upon them all,
Then with a last shred of indignation, the Mayor declared:
"What in the bloody hell is going on here?"

"Hell it would seem, is a most appropriate word"
Said the host of the evening in a voice barely heard,
Not one of you have nightmares of the bloody wreckages left behind,
Manipulating and exterminating, all your friendships were well timed,

When I walked into your lives,you drunk deeply of mine,
You took and you took, I cooked and you dined,
But tonight is the night, you will hear the forgotten voices sing;
Of the ghost who hosted the deadliest dinner and made hell's bells ring.

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Into My Lungs The Murky Flows

Finding solace in the shadows,
Eyes burning from the day's glaring glow,

Looking inside for the flickering flame,
searching deep for something without a name,

Lost in darkness, the abyss taunting,
Clear thinking replaced by relentless wanting,

A voice in the distance, a whisper on the wind,
Insanity on the outside a manifestation of within,

Sinking deeper into the mire,
Clawing at the walls, reaching an inch higher,

Arms grow weary, breathing slows,
Into my lungs the murky flows.

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My Guardian Angel

There’s an Angel watching over me, in everything I do;
Even though I can’t see him, he’s out there to help pull me through;

I never have to worry, cause I know he’s always there;
And when I have a request for God, he relay’s my prayer;

He helps me make the right decision, when I’m being pulled in two;
And sends something to brighten my day, when I’m feeling blue;

A simple thought or a flower or bird, just something to make me smile;
As soon as I see it I know it’s from him, and I watch it for a while;

I know he’s out there somewhere, helping keep me out of harm’s way;
Just like when he was alive, he’s there to save the day;

He is My Guardian Angel, out there like a penny in my shoe;
And if your reading over my shoulder, Grandpa, here's a big Thank You!

~For Constance's Contest~

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Terrified of nightmares, all the lies they share,
Show me my one love and how hes more content right there.

See him with another one, see him in his lust,
In these dreams I see him and I watch in pure disgust.

I cannot read my heart, nor my hopless emotion,
I cannot tell if I am still or if I am in motion.

I feel like I am dying, as I see him lay with her,
I'm starting to feel dizzy as things start to go ablurr.

I see him so impressed, as she pleasures him so sweetly,
And as I cry around the corner hear them 'cry' contently.

I know he'd never hurt me, but it's so hard to believe,
When I'm seeing everything occur in front of me.

I know its just a nightmare, it's never as it seems,
but why must I be haunted with these horrifying dreams.

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Suicidal?Not me.
I'm perfectly comfortable and free.

I'm not really, I wish I was dead.
I want to be on my deathbed.

I'm fine, perfectly alright.
I'm super, feeling great tonight.

Alone, attempting suicide.Who knew?
No one ~ just you.

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Even Butterflies Bleed

Her face pales, into the insignificance of life
Cold like concrete with the greys of modern strife

Colours of her life have drained from her hurtful past
Memories of colourful hues have left her soul to cast

Where once she graced our presence and stood with freely breathe
She now lies in natures setting, lost for future grieve

Seasons pass above her, whilst around her new life seeds
For something feels her pain, it's the place where butterflies bleed

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Everyday is a battleground, I fight for every breath,
struggling to keep the pain of life from outweighing the finality of death.

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Putrefying Overthrow

I plan my murderous ways deep within my mind.
She is ruthless and demeaning and so unkind.
Telling no-one of my prearranged scheme today,
No-one that can discuss this deed in anyway,
She is uncanny, mysteriously, skulking in house.
I despise her fortitude making me her mortal louse.
She deserves this death a thousand times more.
She has traveled from this place and that store.
Shopping and traveling with a hunger unknown.
She is destroying my castle and taking my throne.
A widow stumbling upon me, not once but twice,
Her planned arrangement, slightly at any price,
Our merger won by nature’s fortitude and design.
Coupled in society we had lived in life so fine.
She was about to meet the end, my perfect crime.
Our unity really forbidden, calibrated in time.
This murder will never be traced back to me.
No-one knew she existed, a complete mystery.
Poison my choice for destruction for my lady.
An agonizing painful death for Mrs. O’Grady,
She was a female that held a gratified divider.
My prey and murdered victim was a spider

written by
Cecil Hickman

written for
Sponsor Susan Burch 
Contest Name Getting Away with Murder/Murderous Thoughts 

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Family Matters

Empty bottles lie strewn out on his floor
Tears stream down my face as we enter the morgue.

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Was I Ida Strauss

I have a fear of drowning in deep waters, dark and cold;
I dream the waves are parted revealing Death's threshold.

I wonder, tremb'ling in my bed, if another life I've known;
Is there a body 'neath the sea, dissolved, bone of my bone?

                        * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

We boarded the Titanic, her maiden voyage from the shore,
Just the two of us together, me and my husband Isidore.

Grandly cradled on the ocean within the ship of dreams,
Unaware an ice tow'r waited in the frigid, black extremes.

Roast squab and French ice creams, champagne and caviar
Were the first class luxuries, sailing on beneath the stars.

Near midnight the vessel shuddered as though wounded in the heart;
We waited captain's orders to load the lifeboats, disembark.

"Women first!" the crew commanded; older men could also go,
But Isidore would not depart, the truest gentleman I know.

He entreated me to leave the ship, but like Ruth of long ago, 
I replied, "We've lived together many years. Where you go, I go."

We faced Death as we faced life, companions to the end . . .
Climbing the staircase to heaven, hand in hand with my best friend.

The story of Isidore and Ida Strauss is true; they were first class passengers on the
Titanic. Isidore was co-owner of Macy's. My connection to Ida is fiction.
The grand staircase on the Titanic was called "the staircase to Heaven."

Faye Gibson

June 22, 2014

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Me Being Me

I know that I'm intense and sometimes I can be dark. 
I'm adventurous by nature, and always ready to embark.

If your senses elevate, I do not mean to be a tease.
My mind stays stimulated, so I feel the need to please.

I'm not angry or sadistic, and this you need to know.
Sometimes I'm masochistic but my bruises never show.

I am by no means lonely - to the point I sit and cry,
but I am only human so I might let out a sigh.

I use to be quite selfish, and would tend to go astray.
I broke up with some lovely girls who loved me anyway. 

There was a girl, God only knows my love for her was strong.
I left her for a good reason, but my method was so wrong.

Eyes of blue you haunt me; tiny dancer in my bar. 
Why did I let you leave intoxicated in your car?

I did not mean to go there; why I did I'm not quite sure.
Perhaps my mind is mending and my heart is still with her.

As far as what I want to do despite the things I've done?
Would be to share my lessons earned; no cost to everyone!

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the sound of oxygen pumping, the thread that holds the dying . . .

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Defrocked by the Dark

When I reached the surface I could smell their fear From the depths of my dark they could sense I'm near Their azure blue skies turned to darken sulky clouds My cawing cacophony of followers, voiced their loud Oh what pleasure it gave me knowing they'd find my goal The darkened seeker sought, the last angel on their scrolls Commotion, confusion abounded, taken to me was she Silence was heard in her wings, now kneeling in front of me Eyes of solemn righteous, now attract this leader of dark As I stare into her pearly white, she views my wanting stark To me now close in touch, thunderous clouds applaud my caress Lightning strikes as I enter her world, in fall, her wings undress Defrocked, taken forsaken, an incredible darkness now descends Such power will emit when I surface again, can any race contend <*>

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A Skeleton's Love

You’ll stay in my heart
Until death do us part
When the worms eat you out
And I’m buried in the ground

In the dirt with you I’ll lay
And forever and ever that’s where I’ll stay
I’ll remain by your side
Until with angel wings we fly

Life will never get dull
With you in my skull
You’ll never be alone
You will not face death on your own

You’ll stay in my heart
Until death do us part
When the worms eat you out
And I’m buried in the ground

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Chelsea Grin

Cut the corners make you smile,
Please just sit and stay a while.
Grab the blade and drag it through,
Drag it through the face of you.
Come on baby- baby please,
Wont you smile just for me?

Smile just a tad bit bigger,
Cock the gun and pull the trigger.
No hold on i changed my mind,
Cuz Chelsea Grin will take  some time.

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Another Crisis

Copyright © 2014 

Mankind rolling dices 
  causing another crisis. 

From police shootings 
  to hoodlums looting. 

Every month a new crisis 
  and we still have ISIS. 

Did Revelations truly see 
  a certain crisis before WW3? 

Mankind rolling dices 
  causing another crisis. 

Melt down those weapons of Mutually Assured Destruction 
  or thermonuclear war will be the ultimate extermination. 

Yes, the World is now MAD 
  and we'll miss what we had. 

Or, will it be you, or you 
  who reduced us to a few? 

by: lp/3:11pm

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 I was going on a vacation with my family one day,
 We thought we would head down Louisiana way.

 It was great being with my wife and daughter, 
 Until I saw a black bird coming out of the water.

 It struggled to get to the beach we were on,
 When we looked again, it seemed to be gone.

 But it was there, floundering on the beach,
 Along with the fish, shrimp, and other birds just out of reach.

 All of them were strewn on the beach so far,
 Each was deathly sick, and blackened like tar.

 The sand which I knew should have been pristine,
 But the vision we saw was a totally different thing.

 The waves that approached were black with goo,
 Carrying more dead and dying creatures too.

 "Can't we help them, Daddy?", my little girl said,
 "Not now, dear, as most of them will be dead"!

 "But why are they dying?", she said to me,
 How could I explain about the oil from BP?

 "There was an accident from an oil company's rig", said I,
 My little girl looked at the animals and began to cry.

 I tried to explain that man uses so much oil,
 He has to drill in the earth, sometimes in underwater soil.

 "Well then we need to stop it if the animals die!"
 "I know", I said, "We just haven't tried".

 "I will try harder to not use oil", she said,
 "Especially if so many pretty creatures will end up dead!"

 I held her close and wiped her tears,
 Knowing full well that she was wise beyond her years.

 "I'll try too", I said to her,
 Not wanting to see this again occur.

 So I've made a pact with myself to be,
 Less OIL dependent so that others may see.

 If I have to walk a little more than so be it,
 It's better than having to watch the death of an Egret.

 Pehaps we could all take a stance,
 And with Big Oil, not take the chance.

 For anytime man's greedy hand gets into the mix,
 Then the environment is always in for a fix.

 But we can change, adapt, and try to help out,
 By being less dependent of Big Oil's clout.

 We had to come home early because of the spill,
 Like most people, we tasted that bitter pill.

 So now on a crusade with my daughter I will go,
 Trying hard to advise others and put them in the know.

 Especially of what I have seen thru my little girl's eyes,
 Those sickening deaths under clear blue skies.

 I will do my best to get others to stop in their oily run,
 Not only from BP, but Shell, Citgo, Marathon, and Exxon!

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A Trojan course

Winter comes to steal all the color                                                                                   There is a plan yet to discover                   						                   As The cold begins to raid the night                                                                         The sun withdraws its warming light                                                                           The fruit more colorful, so also the turning leaves                                                    As the frost attacks these, Color hides in root and seed                                              Winter seems to have the upper hand                                                                        As leaves and fruit take a last stand                                                                          They fall to the ground withered and brown                                                           The treasure of color buried in the cold ground                                                        As winter celebrates the death of life, It is a small sacrifice                                      For the army of color is now hidden and ready to fight

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I Miss You

I miss the way you pull me close and tell me it's all right
I miss the way you stroke my hair and tell me not to cry
As the years go by the memory of you starts to fade
As if I'm stepping into the shade
The look of your face I start to forget
And I try not to fret
I know your not here today
But my world is turning gray
You are in my heart though
As I am beginning to grow
You are in a better place now
And for that I take a bow

In memory of Charles Moser

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The Monster

The monster became a living, walking nightmare
my dive into insanity, no longer perfect, containing a blank stare

I should resist, the monster will find me, run away with me
Pretend to hear my meager complaints, force me to see what I'm afraid to see

Blame and guilt, volleying right and left, up and down
It's crashing me closer, with every step, I'm falling to the ground

It's all a game, just play along, play the game, play it well
Brimming confidence, dissolved in thoughts, of what? I won’t tell

Demons, devil born souls, run quick, run fast, stand my ground
No sense of fear, n sense of foreboding, not even a slight sound

High speed, pursuit of hell, bent on going, bent on crashing
Giving into the power, life's faster, lights flashing

Crash and torment me again, my eyes close after all
The beginning of the end for me, feeling numb after the fall

Is there a way out? I'm different, distant and moved on
Listen to the water, calling, coaxing into death, I'm gone

Endless, empty cloud; dreamless oblivion; oxygen, exhalation
Am I dead? Still alive? Broken into pieces, I need motivation

Reality closes in, walls me in; until there’s nothing there
Death comes behind me, containing a blank stare.

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How thin is the line between love and death?
A poet's mind's length; a fine, raven  hair's breadth.
I remember clearly all those sweet times 
We lay after sex; all the low clock chimes
With your head on my heaving, breathless chest; 
The nights without you; alone; cold at best.
Between thumb and finger I twist the bond, 
The rope which we played with; with which so fond.
Muscle memory reties naughty knots;
As my mind's projector plays those old thoughts; 
It's ironic; those ties that gave us joy
Should end all the pain in this tragic boy; 
That the rope with which I tied fast her hands
Should snatch my soul out from the Devil's plans.
I slip down that knot; fasten the rafter, 
As I kick that chair, I hear her laughter.

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I feel like an autumn leaf,
Fragile in the wind.
Leaving the tree to fall underneath, 
With the life of the branch within.
I fall through the depths of time,
With a fluid, dance like motion.

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Broken by the vultures on a desiccating line,
that slithered from Missing, on a road without the signs.

A motion for a moment caught the never-watching eyes.
They haven't seen Missing and no one heard the cries.

A shape begins to form over the rising of the vapor.
The one who takes life's missing and cuts them with a razor.

The apathetic townsfolk in this god-forbidden place,
refuse to sieze the moment and check Missing for a face.

As night begins to burn the shadows into open skies,
a light begins to scrape them off the ground where Missing lies.

It shined down on a missing face that's pasted on the windows.
A mark was from a razor and there's feathers from the pillows.

They've taken and emblazoned them and shapes begin to clear.
The shape that's in the vapor has a face that's full of fear.

Missing has been found but it has always been too late,
for anyone like Missing doesn't have the time to wait.

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When Someone is Shot by a Gun

It certainly is no fun when someone is shot by a gun.

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the death of me

I heard today on the radio news
about diet soda's bodily abuse

yesterday's bit, a blood-soaked whack
about my likely acute heart attack

I remember well my last cigarette
years peeled away, never to get

back to an ever longer life
cutting truth with sharpened knife

that too much carbs will metabolize
my body to twice it's natural size

and also, all that fat I'm ingesting
will contribute to my heart arresting

crossing against a light, the J-walk trot
seems so pedestrian, could hurt...a lot

some terrorist's bomb, a flash done quick
more preferable than linger, diseased and sick

or maybe the decades old saccharine
that I used to drink will do me in

or a cranial aneurysm, a stroke ungenius
a wikileak bloody, arterial or venous

my cell phone may irradiate my head
and leave me the message that I'm dead

tomorrow something will, I'm sure be found
to insure that I'm no longer around

until then I'll continue on my path
trying to avoid the Angel of Death's wrath

will several billion or so, patient souls
remember that they have little control

so could just one notice, I'm the absentee
and remember something was the death of me

© Goode Guy 2011-05-24

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Terrifying Thoughts

At night all alone
Frozen as a stone
You try to rest your head
But you’re filled with dread
Afraid of the monsters who might get you tonight
I see you frozen with fear, I hear you screaming with fright
You play the scene in your head
And then you wish you were dead
That memory’s in your mind
There is no peace you could find
You see their faces; you see those rapists have no remorse
They finished scarred you and then they go and blame you of course
They say you craved it but you did nothing of sort
And now you’re pregnant; something that you wish to abort
You see their faces every time you close up your eyes
You start to ponder “Why did you meet up with those guys?”
You hear their voices playing like it’s stuck on replay
You try to shut it, but the voices just wouldn’t go away
You stay awake all night for fear they might come right back
Covered in bruises, all you see is purple and black
These terrifying thoughts are playing constantly in your head
You couldn’t take it; you were too petrified by this dread
 You breathe slowly, regretting every single last breath
You put the gun to your head and found some peace in your death

date: May 29 2013

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The Coming Invasion

Contemplating world condition
  seems like a science fiction.

Putin playing Dr. Strangelove
  long range bombers above.

Even America has a role
  some long ago foretold.

Now, Mars seems nice
  better than Earth's ice.

Nations rebuilding their military
  coming invasions look scary.

Even ISIL rapidly popped up
  causing more chaos to erupt.

The world stage is being set
  these catastrophic threats.

So, who is he
  we all hear to be?

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The Sound of Her Wings

Softly, she floats through the skies With wings she received when she died.

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Torture Of Breath

Home alone, and nowhere to go,
I ponder my existence, and what's it to show?

The care I crave, the emotions I lust,
Society has filled me only with distrust.

I pick up the bottle, open the top,
What am I dong? I have to stop!

I dump the contents into my hand,
I fight to force it away, but I jusy can't!

"Stop it! you idiot!" I scream aloud,
Tears are flowing, as my blood starts to pound

"Why can't I just end it!?" I ask with fury.
My hand forces to my mouth, as my sight goes blurry, 

"What have I done...?" I question in fear,
Not ready to leave, not from here.

I can't take it back, it's already done,
I close my eyelids, as I stare into a sun...

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Angel Disguise

Learning, sleeping
Playing, wheeping
Integrating in the whole
Like a brick into the wall

Hearing whispers all the time
His unconscious needs sublime
Singing songs or writing poems
Escape he seeks, uncommon knowledge

Seeking perfection (not to mention) he fights the infection
That tries to stop his ascension (to the far dimension)
In silence he screams
He, who has the big, bad sins

An angel seeks his long lost soul,
For him in order not to fall
With the power of the gods
He survives against the odds

A She is created
To fit the unrated
The wish to fulfill
The dream to come still

Beyond, there's nothing more
Purity has lost his soul
Seeking desire
He has fallen into fire

Intense the burning hits his soul
In his hell he's gonna fall
From the dream he shakes and wakes
To take a bath and learn for math

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The Vampire

She was a maiden with long red hair
A delicate monster to a heart filled with fear
Binding as one as he lays on her lap
As if he was taking an eternal nap
Love was strong but the pain was deeper
Did he know that she was a reaper?
The sense of desire was in the room
Complicated emotions felt like doom
A deadly attraction none can resist
The journey to death that couldn’t desist
Darkness overcomes the day
Shadows came and won’t go away
Alienated from the world, embraced in deception
Emptiness covered their hearts as they lived in corruption
He searched for comfort and found peace in her
She held him in her arms wishing they can last forever
Blood flooded up the place
Memories, none to erase
The vampire with a sorrowful heart
A relationship that will break apart
The lovers trap is love and passion
A gentle touch, a painful affection
Hearts slowly dying, one by one
With a suffering that will never be gone

Painting: Vampire (1895) - by Edvard Munch

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Mourning and Rejoicing

For Sonny, my late husband and my love for 30 years

I never knew just how empty life could be,
Until the day you could no longer be with me.
The house is so empty without your voice.
I know your leaving was not your choice.

All of those little things you used to do
Are left undone, since I am without you.
I can not understand why I was left to cry.
Why did you go? Why did you die?

Broken hearted and lonely in our empty room,
Sitting alone and wanting you in the gloom.
Feeling so sorry for myself will not change things.
I must consider what this change for you brings.

No more pains in your body today.
No more watching you wither away
No more dialysis three times a week,
Keeping you alive, but making you weak.
No more needles and hospital stays,
No more living in a drug induced haze.

You have gone to a land of no sorrow or pain
To live with the Lord in his radiant reign.
To a land where you live in an endless day,
Where the glory of God lights the way.

I would not want you back on earth in pain,
Living as you did and watching life drain
From your tired body and weary heart.
Even though it means we must be apart.

I must look heavenward even though I will miss 
The love in your eyes and the warmth of your kiss.
So at this Christmas time, my love, I must say
I am glad you are in heaven on His birthday.

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Anticipating the final kiss

Floating on life waters of which I drink too much
Whiffed on angel wings in arms that’s tranquil to the touch
Searching souls where chances of escape is very slim
And surviving equals staring in the eyes of reapers grim
Slashing strings and snatching as he cuts me down to size
My guardian salutes me then engages as I surmise
Amidst the raging battle I am trapped so in between
The torso and the neck of higher beings most pristine
And being pressured thus I part my lips to utter screams
My breath is snatched by one before I disappear downstream
I wonder next when I awake who is it I’ll first see
With blurry vision both the frames look much the same to me
The tears won’t leave a trail or surface pains which I’m inclined
They’re Loch Ness monster hiding while the darkness is outlined
Though both are treasure hunters searching for this strange believer
The lesser weeps the victor who’ll be crowned golden retriever
Shrouded is the mists that pens me to the walls of doubt
Eclectic as I learn what smothered freedom’s all about
Reveal this dream, awake the mouth to mouth that must revive
The cloudy pillow talk that says I am indeed alive

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Artificial Nocturne

                  An impressionist’s pastel painting of the foe,

Releasing unheard sighs of a sinner’s woe,

Mere wisps of his charred and tainted soul,

His empty eyes resemble burning holes of eternal coal,

Seeing only deathly pale faces lined and worn,

While following an eerie voice full of spiteful scorn,

Leading him towards lost corners of insanity,

Where he’s bound to serve ‘til the death of eternity.

Eidolon creeps amongst the bonfires of hell,

Where wretched souls burn and spasm in this fiery cell,

Him, hidden in illusions his mind created the surreal,

Captured spirit behind solid bars of steel,

His timeless existence in oblivion and spoil,

Still climbing higher and higher, to where he lays,

Where Eidolon walks cloaked in sinful ways,

A cloak befouled and woven in sin:

A weeping widow’s rope-round-the-throat,

A drunkard’s drowned body a-float,

Greedy lord whom robbed the poorly,

A psycho who raped his first child, mercilessly,

               Their damaged souls tarnish this cloak of sorrow.

(I know it isn't complete and it's kindda goosebump/nightmare material. Sorry about that.)

© Copyright All Rights Reserved

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A cold rain falls upon the ground,
Death in the gray day all around.
Muffled in mist of somber clouds,
Its cloak of darkness ever shrouds.
Obscured is the peace found within,
All that is and has ever been.
Under cover of leaden skies,
It waits patiently life's demise.
Each drop in melancholy sound,
The unspoken word of death found.
Bringing closure and setting free
All that was and will ever be.

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The first duo 
The candidate we can trust

Manifesto reads 
War against corruption 

The second duo
The best man for the jobs

Manifesto reads
The rule of law prevails 

The apex of the duo 
 The life shortened

The good interred 
With his bones 

Emerged from the interred 
 Bones of the second goods 

The third duo 
Manifesto wears 

Re branding Nigeria and Nigerians 
Witnessing is dislocation 

Witnessing is development 
Of predators

Maimings and murders 
Here and there 

The predators 
Is a celebrated gladiators

The manifesto 
Is like glint 

Let there be 
Food on the table,

Sleepiest sleepyhead,
Foundation of a state 

Engaged youths  
Re brand served and serving Nigerians 


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In Desperate Attempt

Chase your dreams,
If only, if only...

As the last words I speak
Pierce the hearts of the loved.

If he's anything like you,
Do I really want to go there?

It's a question of acceptance.
Fighting to wrap myself around it.

Just breathe, just breathe,
I stumble around feeling,

Glazed over in reality,
Nothing; not you and I exist.

Desperately looking at a legacy,
17 years in the making;

If only, if only,
I could chase my dreams.

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Forsaking Hope

An Angel stalked my better-half through my mind
Questioning our flawless design

Angel: "What is a beast if you grant it introspection?"
Man: "It's still an animal, yet closer to imperfection."

"What is a dog with no will to live?"
"A dog with a will always has hope to give."

"But dogs cannot contemplate, they simply are."
"Yet humans can, is it an improvement or a scar?"

"Undying love is a gift you bear!"
"What good is it when it hurts to care?"

"That is the beauty of woman and man!"
"But what is it, what truth is there to understand?"

"That is for God to tell"
"If our questions go unheard, I'm glad we fell."

"You've only fallen if you fail to see."
"I don't see god, but I can feel the animal in me."

"You would deny your God given status?"
"If God made us so great, then why can't we kill the bestial urges inside us?"

"Some people dwell closer to sin."
"Yet none of us can handle the animal within."

"I cannot help you if you can't agree."
"Only if I agree you will set me free?"

"Only with the glory of God can we save you and your kind."
"You cannot help me, you are just within my mind."

With that the Angel fell dead
The man stared calmly toward nothing and shot himself in the head

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Love in the close

Death - the still air stagnant with his death 
I see the lady, shattered on the floor, no breath. 

Dare I touch her, reach out? I can’t - I do, 
Cold eyes, a blank stare, soul flown, the ghost of you. 

She halts, the ingrains in her cheeks blowing
blooms like beacons, her heart is showing. 

I pull her, entice her, and bring her near, 
Trap her; iron tight, the beat of her unravelling fear. 

The case so bound, so wound, tight and close - 
cracked. Just once, and bare eyes turned morose. 

Only then, could I see the fissures, attempt the start, 
The start of stitching together her broken heart. 

Bethany Chipperfield

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Chorus of Angels

sounds of explosions all around
whitelight; ringing sounds

then the silent credits roll
and the light turns cold

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Promise Me

Promise me that you wont cry,
When my time comes to say goodbye. 

Promise me that my ashes will set free,
Drifting slowley in the endless sea.

Promise me you will always laugh,
While remembering our good times in the past.

Promise me to walk in the night,
Knowing dark is as good as light.

Promise me that you will stay strong,
Never let go, and always hang on.

Promise me that your heart will set free,
For this is not the end, but the begining, of me.

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My Knight in shinning Armour

Does he know - he lives forever -  in my dreams?
And that every vision I create - is through his eyes of green.
Does he know - I still walk with him - along the shore of Evermore?
On that path of make-believe - that led me to a castle door
Where as a child I - placed my heart - forever in his hands
And wrote – With all my heart – I love daddy - in the sand. 

In loving memory of my father:   October 29 - 1927- August 11, 2003 

September 12, 2009

4th place in Michael Jordan's contes 'Inside the Heart'

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After the Knock

Two young children play outside the house,
Inside a mother watches through windows folding a blouse.

With the kids in the back she heads to the chair,
When through the front window come soldiers, a pair.

One is dressed like her husband the other more like a priest,
Then came the knock, sounding like a relentless beast.

Her mind said just leave them outside at the door standing,
Her hand opened the door, on her knees she felt herself landing.

The soldiers told of her husbands fate,
Wanting them to just leave her tears could not wait.

The two young children came in the backdoor,
Seeing two soldiers and their mommy on the floor.

The oldest asked mommy what is the matter,
Come here my blessings, hugging, I will explain it later.

Her world had flipped, turned upside down,
He returned to her in a casket with a flag draped all around.

They had to drive from the airport to their small country plot,
She couldn’t count the people lined along the road, but it was a lot.

Each one waved a flag, some cried as if they knew her girls’ dad,
She’d never seen most of them, but seeing them now made her glad.

She saw signs that read “Welcome home Hero” and she filled with pride,
Even that couldn’t stop the tears, at the gravesite she just cried.

She stayed there saying goodbye, her family had to pull her away,
She’s glad they did for she wouldn’t have left his side that day.

She is exhausted, overwhelmed, she must sit down,
Then she sees the photo of him in a Tux and her in a wedding gown.

How could this be real, she’s too young to be a widowed wife,
He was her partner, best friend, the love of her life.

Now the hours have past his vessel is in the ground,
All the parties are leaving she’s alone in their home, not a sound.

She weeps in her chair alone in the dark no sound but the clock,
God help her find strength, a way to move forward, after the knock.

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Remember Me

As we lay him down to rest, we say our last goodbyes. 
The parting words are hardest, as we send him up high. 
The life of a child cut short, but he finally has his peace. 
His mom cries and runs a hand down her dress, flattening a crease. 
His voice comes to us, like the wind.
"Forgive me for what I have done, forgive me for my sin. 
Do not weep for me, do not shed any tears. 
Promise me one thing, that you will face your fears. 
I love you all but I must go. 
Remember me, but without the slightest woe." 

-In memory of Brandon E. Bitner & Adam Clayton Young 
R.I.S.P Brandon & Adam

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Hollow Puppet

Hollow puppet dancing on her strings,
Fear, fear please don't trim her wings.
Crumple down to hard dirt floor,
Never, never to dance any more.

Limbs this way, that way thrown;
No movement truly her own.
Dark, empty all around,
No purpose, value anywhere found.
Meaning escaped,
Fear evaporate.

Hollow puppet dancing on her strings,
Begging, desperate, please trim her wings.
Pain, pain go away,
Let me dance no more this way.

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War-Born Lullaby

I hear a mother softly cry
As she sings a war-born lullaby.

The song of a father who went away,
To give freedom one more day.

He promised that he would return,
Return from watching evil burn.

It was a promise he could not keep,
As now he sleeps an eternal sleep.

He gave his life so his child could see,
A land of freedom and liberty.

His body now rests beneath green grass,
His medals and picture behind clear glass.

His soul, however, is not gone.
His ideas and dreams are carried on.

She sings the song of war’s high cost.
She sings the song of freedom not lost.

She sings of a father’s sacrifice,
For his country and family he gave his life.

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A MINUTES OBSERVATION I took a walk today and happened on a spot Covered by spreading trees shading every plot A graveyard small and neglected easy to miss A place to sit awhile in peace and reminisce The graves some neglected a few well kept Monuments placed by those who had once wept Over many travelled souls now long laid to sleep Beneath the lengthening shadows ever deep I lingered my own spirit becoming quiet and still As those beneath me who had had their fill Of their lives and all that short sojourn meant An eternity to accept where they had been sent I too wondered just where I would eventually go Would my ashes be spread or would I be laid below I sat still contemplating life death and resurrection And of my own possible path to a magnificent heaven © DilysBrown October 2013

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Where Will I Go?

When I die where will I go,
Up to Heaven or Hell down below;

Will I see my family that is dead and gone,
Or will I even get to move on;

Will I fade into nothing and disappear,
Will I feel hunger, pain, or fear;

Am I doomed to suffer for eternity,
Or will I remain, more or less Me;

Will I come back in another life,
To once again feel anguish and strife;

Just where will my final judgment lay,
I hope God is merciful on that day.

~Inspired by "Is Death The End?" by Susan Palli~

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Who fought alone

Who fought Alone

Untimely death, why come so near
To taunt my soul with mortal fear.
I cannot go  - so unprepared
So full of life and yet so scared.
The world’s held nothing for me but strife
And yet, O lord, I cling to life.
A fatherless boy in a Gorbals slum
Who owes his being to a tot of rum.
The industrial school with its air of blame
The endless fight to remove its shame
And then the slump with its hunger march
That swept its way to Admiralty Arch.
The years of depression without any hope
With nothing to do but sit and mope
The look of misery in the children’s eyes
With nothing to offer but bread and lies.
The relief of war and work at last,
A future for those who had no past.
Must I lose it now, with scarce a taste
Of the honeyed joy in the desert waste.
Must the death knell come as my life began
To a forgotten  link in the chain Of Man

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I may be red, 
But she is dead.

Then he just left her there beside me,
Down by the roots of the big oak tree.

I have really sharp black thorns that hurt,
While she's decked in a torn blouse and skirt.

While he left with the heart that he broke,
She had words that she never spoke.

While she lies dead in the old bayou,
The words that she'd say were: I Love You.

Now that this sad story has come to an end,
I hope your heart isn't broken by your best friend.

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JANIS- Keep jamming in Heaven and raise the roof

I'm watching Janis Joplin on DVD tonight.
Man,  but she could sing the blues, even higher than a kite.

Her eyes look weak and heavy, but her voice is loud and strong.
No secret she was hooked on H, but still could wail a song!

She only wanted peace, and that to her was in the bar.
Singing out her message, but instead became a star.

A free spirit with a genius mind she used to ease the pain.
A talent with a heart too big to carry - caused a strain.

She was wise beyond her years, yet they focused on her past.
A memory she longed to shed, to prove them wrong at last.

Shunned again by her home town, was very hard to take.
Still, she was determined to stay true and not be fake.

The line that most defined her, how ironic, did betray.
"If it feels good do it."  Turned against her on that day.

No chemist checked the potency; Her dealer said beware.
Feeling good took cautions place, the needle her last prayer.

My personal tribute to Janis Joplin. To thine own self be true.

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Curled Up

Her skin white, drained
Her expression dark, pained
Eyes staring out, completely blank
Hair lifeless, dank
Her fingers curled, still
In her mouth, a cyanide pill

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Dragging on these Dingy bones,
Not much left except a soul.
This soul is locked behind the bars,
Trapped inside a million stars.
Locked behind the freezing glass,
Waiting for this time to pass.
This world will not be what you want,
No matter how you fight or front.
Counting all your open scars,
Looking at you broken arms.
Burning now within the fire,
Everyone calls you a liar.
But you know this isn't true,
Whats a boy or girl to do?
Trying to climb out of here,
Nothings quite as it appears.
Hate and love ,love and hate,
Trying to escape your fate.
Watching as the world has laughed,
Now you feel no more than trapped.

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I did a bio and you would be proud; I even spoke of you.
I tried to join you the other day and shot the needle too.

A Seminole with no control, still no one can compare.
Your dark black hair and deep green eyes made every groupie stare.

You led the way much like John; Yes, I still listen to the "Who."
Things have changed quite a bit, but bands still rock, though few..

There is a band called Evanescence, they are a cross between,
a Celtic orchestra and metal like we thought we'd be.

I remember when we got high you would always say.
"If I die before you do, promise me you'll always play".

I tried my love, but I was hooked and had to take some time.
I ended up in rehab, for I found poppy so sublime.

I met someone the other day who I talked with for a while.
He reminded me of you at first, but lacked your class and style.

I did not see him in a way where romance comes to mind.
I was caught up in your memory, but he was so unkind.

I am writing poetry right now; I'm censored and that blows.
I know what you would say to that, "Whatever, if it flows!"

Believe me I have pushed the limit here in many ways.
I am still a rebel, darlin; I just keep it in these days.

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The Anniversary Waltz

March 23, 1973

Thirty-two years ago, today, we said I do.
Now you have been in heaven for almost two.
As I do the anniversary waltz all by myself,
I remember that you never loved anyone else.

Together and then apart for six years.
We loved and fought and shed some tears.
Married other people and then each other again.
Guess we were just meant to be together, my man.

Now as your body lies in the cold, cold grave,
Another’s loving arms, I do now crave.
But I will never forget you and the love we shared.
Our daughter is a precious reminder that you cared.

Happy Anniversary, Sonny

I'll join you 

Written On March 23, 2005

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Death Rattle

I heard his horses hoof beats
His chariot grinding stones
When he cast a lifeless glance my way
He chilled my very bones

The horses’ nostrils flared and smoked
Their eyes were a blood veined red
His high pitched shouts of encouragement 
Just added to the dread. 

The horses seemed to know the way
On this much traveled quest
To the home of another passenger
On their road to eternal rest

As the chariot made a screeching turn
And vanished out of sight
I crossed myself for the passenger
And thanked God it was not my night. 

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I Hear The Angels Calling My Name

I hear the angels calling my name
Away from those devils not easy to tame,
Away from the sins that shape the earth,
Away from Satan laughing with mirth.

I hear the angels calling my name
Away from cupid’s faulty aim,
Away from a love that did not last,
Away from the horrors of an undying past.

I hear the angels calling my name
Away from a routine that is always the same,
Away from a life filled with despair,
Away from a heart broken beyond repair.

Yes, I hear the angels calling my name
Away from my troubles, Away from my shame,
Away from my loss, Away from my pain,
Away from my faults, only peace to now gain.

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They still wander with caution and fear in the remote swamps and grasslands 
of India and Siberia, and these carnivorous animals are the beautiful tigers.

They are trapped, poched, killed and their soft furs are shipped overseas for huge profits,
but their sad end is drawing near, unless some caring human really gets involved and acts. 

Their life span is shorter in their natural habitat, struggling for food and those caged in zoos
have a longer life expectancy...they never experience those hunger pangs in early noons. 

They are an extremely hostile species, ready to devour anything that has flesh and blood.
Does anyone wonder why they react so indignantly, don't they fear of being taken and sold? 

When tigers are attacked, they fight back and killing they prevent their threat of extinction.
Do we all realize their animosity for the huntsmen, who chase them and shoot them down?

Let's all feel some compassion for them...let's save them and give them freedom and dignity.
Let them roam freely as they did once in South Asia, living in full accord with humanity.

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Moonlight Shadows

The moonlight casts feint ghostly shadows
In the graveyard of All Hallows.
The clock strikes twelve high in the tower
And by the headstone stands a flower –
It’s Nature’s tribute and a sign :
These shades of John and Caroline
Who haunt this moonlit churchyard now,
Still faithful to their marriage vow,
Walk hand in hand eternally,
Forgotten by their family.

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Hope For A New Generation

The death of a saint, a martyr to some
The death of a hero, a husband to one

A soldier turned humanitarian, he cared for all
He attempted to hurdle that natural barrier, to climb that human wall

To give up his dreams and aspirations
To relinquish his will of self-preservation

To benefit all of human kind
To alter how we interact, to change our time

Such a task he set upon with stalwart dedication
He preached caring and forgiveness, not revenge or vindication

He loved all regardless of their color, religion, or creed
He served everyone, just as he had served his country

With a fire and passion not seen in lesser men
He truly understood what it meant to be human

Yet not everyone shared his vision of peace
More blood was spilled and the fighting did not cease

He carried on despite the pain of knowing so much
He often relied upon the love of his family for a crutch

But there is a point at which every man breaks
His feeling of failure overwhelmed his need to be great

However even in his darkest hour, his hope did not falter
His compassion was renewed with the help of a different altar

A belief built upon the hope that people can change 
He had experienced so much, developed such a broad emotional range

It seemed that he was ready to change us all
What a tragic thing it is when greatness does fall

Alone in the darkness of his room the killer did sit
The hero was shot and killed by a man who was painfully desperate

Seeking a greatness of his own
He wasn’t satisfied with the world he was shown

And so died the dream of the hero, this saint
The martyr departed and his fire burned faint

Yet hope never dies
It is in everything from the way we believe to a newborns cries

We would do well to remember that ordinary people have had extraordinary dreams
Amongst all this bloodshed there is more to life than it seems

We are all here together, for what purpose we do not know
However if we recognize those around us, we can always help each other grow

To always be working towards that next step, to be supporting that re-birth
For love is all around us and it is the most important thing on Earth

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Disasterous Night - 16 July 2014

A same night, a week back
Passed as the night, the week back
Took all away from me the person
Who was mine, my eternal life.

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Unrequited Love's Last Chance

Ambiguity undefined
Overuled and underlined
by Blood red hair that hides
the ship that sunk in sea blue eyes

empty life and bursting heart
betrayed by senses in the dark
haunted by the righteous wrong
a strangled heart's silent song

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A Human Glitch

Fish of the deep no longer swim free.
There's a stench and a fire at sea.
Indulgent recklessness came flailing.
Failed solutions left creatures wailing.
Nightmares are spewing from BP’s oil rig. 
America hosts their venturous gig.
The cooling breeze through the Gulf coast trees
Blows sooty smoke seething wildlife breathes. 
Death spews dread from its fire near Hell.
Where deceit hides and friends never tell.
Careless intrusions raped nature's soul
And sashaying words tried to console.
Blame shifting in the industry thrives.
Ignored liability deprives.
Animal rights groups in fast pursuits.
Cleanup stays thwarted despite lawsuits.
Greed and contriving now know the price.
Immersed in deceitfulness, this vise.
Cutting corners bought endless chagrin.
Sorrowful restitutions begin?
Birds in the sky now look down and cry
Knowing oil coated babies will die.
Endangered species face extinction –
Brown pelicans need help to hearken.
Lifeless, lay dolphins washed up to shore.
They shall leap in blue waters no more.
Fish-less fishermen know the impact.
Dreaded oils spill caused their loss, a fact.
Beautiful beaches stricken with slicks
Pray to God; hope for magical tricks.
Paradise lost while making some rich
Certainly must be a human glitch.

© Dane Smith-Johnsen
    July 1, 2010

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Raven by the Graves

I believe in the protector of the dead.
I see her every time I am there.
When I'm sitting by your grave,
thinking about the good times and bad.

She sits on top of your headstone,
as the most beautiful bird ever known.
Her dark feathers shines in the moonlight,
her eyes dark as coal.
She stares into my eyes when she near,
giving me a message very clear.

"Oh, my death Raven...
You have taken upon yourself to do this,
to protect the ones that are gone.
I love how you are close
so now we know their never alone.

I truly love you as a friend,
and I hope you're here in the end.
My dear Raven, understand
you are always in my head."

You have to understand that this is forever.
She knows what to do because she is clever.
No, She will never leave.
You would just have to believe.
She made this as her duty 
Cause she feels right where she belongs.

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A blood theater

Long ago in the faraway epic                                                                                            the story teller speaks in septic                                                                                        Pertaining of seven deadly romances                                                                          with a gothic shakespearean dance                                                                                   wrath greed sloth pride lust envy gluttony  
the story tellers voice flexes with epiphany                                                                      as  lovers of wisdom shrieking turn a deaf ear                                                                   for searching of their own soul they fear                                                             Spiritually unprepared for the death lurking there                                                              let Jesus mortify them all now if not when  where                                                              For the least of the seven will drag you to hell                                                              you set in a theatre loving to be scared time will tell                 * -  -                                                                                               John beam for the In faraway contest by Giorgio V. - spiritual

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Gender inequity thought harmless, normal,
causes gendercide in dark alleys less formal.

In        India,      China,            and Pakistan
Girl children when born are killed out of hand.

Still wet from the womb and with no regret,
they are poisoned or starved, seen as a debt.

The cost of their life’s enormous     dowries;
for in parts of our world       they’re property.

Sold if they’re lucky to live as      chattel
closed in houses less valued than cattle.

Equality    denied            by fathers, sons
new prostitutes formed by girls on the run.

        What of the gender equity crisis I say
the twenty-first century, still this way?

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Was always told that I needed to own a little land
Now I have the precious deed in a death grip in my hand

Next I'll need to mark the plot with an engraved stone
And not too long in the future this will be home

No one will be able to take this away...ground and sod
But my inner spirit being will be home with my God

(Thomas Wyatt style of 14,14,..12,12...14,14)

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Whispered Silence

I yell, but you respond not
I cry, but my tears do not spill
I fear that I might be left here to wrought
Now the dark cold is the only thing I feel

I reach to grasp your hand
But my movement is slow
My memories of you slide out of my mind like sand
But still around me, the darkness grows

Finally feeling to just give in
Your image appeared out of the dark violence
You looked upon me with a miraculous grin
You took my hand in yours, finally I have been
Freed from a whispered silence....

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Friend or Foe

Oh death where are you?
I'm the last soldier and I'm through.

Death please, please go away.
I'm just an old woman who wants to be with her grandchildren for another day.

Come if you want death I don't care.
I'm just an orphan and my life isn't fair.

Death can be cruel and death can be kind.
Its the way you see him its all in your mind.

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Toughest Assignment

He looked at his orders and left out a long sigh
Raised his eyes to the clouds and asked, "Why, God, Why?"
The toughest assignment of a long career
A message to be taken to a family held dear.

He arrived at the station and began his walk down the street
There was a feeling of anguish he could not defeat
He found the home he was looking for
Took a deep breath and walked to the door

The man's face became filled with fear
He knew in his heart why the soldier was here.
As he delivered the message that their only son had died
"Oh no, not my baby, not my baby," the young mother cried.

There was a look of despair in the father's sad eyes
And undeniable grief in the young mother's cries
Their son had been butchered, not killed in the field
There would be no viewing, the casket was sealed.

We will not retaliate as the lone church bell tolls
Our leaders don't want to look bad in the polls
There is a feeling of anger that through my body runs
As politicians sharpen their image with the blood of our sons.

At night, alone, he feels the tears fill his eyes
The soldier is haunted by the young mother's cries
The war rages on and he answers the call
The battle continues and more soldiers fall.

       We are in another Vietnam but this time it is not the war splitting the country. It 
is the apathy of the American people. We need to care. We need to recapture our 
patriotism and pride. We are watching our children die while the administration 
bows down and worships the oil companies. We watch as people continually 
violate our rights by abusing the first amendment. We are fighting a war for five 
years that should have lasted five weeks. I'll fight to defend my country, but I'll be 
damned if I'll fight so Shell and Exxon can get their hands on Iraqi oil.

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Goodbye to an Austin Angel

She was headed off to college at 18 years old,
News of the crash leaked out, and the mood turned cold.
She was the best person you could ever know,
When she danced with her team she put on a show.
Recently in Ohio, I found this rock,
With its angelic shape I found this cross-walk.
In the crosswalk I found my old best friend,
If only my heart could find a way to mend.
As a young country singer once sang, 
“18 years have come and gone,”
It’s hard at this point, it’s hard to move on,
I guess it’s time to move down the line,
I need a reassuring sign to ease my mind. 
Goodbye my friend, may heaven treat you well,
In the past, I will no longer dwell.
Hello my guardian angel, you are my eyes,
For you are with God, and He is wise.
Goodbye Tracie Lynn, you made people smile,
I’ll be there for you after a while. 

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Like royalty she came in the room,
Arm in arm with her beloved groom.
Weary smiles and dreary eyes
Follow her with strong demise.
For she was like a cruel disease,
Paralyzing all that she sees.
Her fingers painted poison red;
Scathes the flesh and as it bled
Triumph glowed a dreadful menace
On the planes of her sculpted face.
Whilst she who sinned without a care,
He, who fought to take his share,
Pursue a different kind of pleasure.
Carnage collision without measure;
Brutal strength that show no mercy
Dispose of lives so easily.
Words of pleading, although visible,
Lost in an attempt so feeble.

For those who tried to stop the blows,
Request Lady Luck to attend their show;
Hope is answered with vain stillness-
An eerie silence creates madness
Amongst the rest who wishes freedom
From this cancerous symptom;

They are the curse of our existence;
The cause of pain to limitless ordinance;
Nowhere to run, no place too far:

Meet Lady Malice and Gentleman War.

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A Beginning

A beginning
A start
A spark in my heart

A story
A tale
A cloud with a sail

A legend
A myth
A princess to kiss

A myst’ry
A crime
The very last rhyme

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Johnny Cash was great.
He spread love amid hate.
The man in black, that's what they called him.
A beacon of light when the world is dim.
He was a man full of emotion,
And so i give him my devotion.
He was one of the best.
Now he has been laid to rest.

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Waiting at the gates

Love is a thing that grows like a vine
It's message is clear just look for the sign
It's like a flower that grows from a seed
It's beauty will provide all that you need
It's strong enough to survive the hardest of task
Yet soft enough to let go of all of its mask
For there is no need to be what your not
If the one you love loves you a lot
When in love you forgive all the mistakes
And take more than you ever thought you could take
You learn to share more than you should share
As well as care more than you should care
Love is two people doing all that they can
To share in the power and joy of the land
Love is two people blessing each others hearts
And keeping the world from tearing them apart
Love is drying each others tears
And love is facing each others fears
Love is the beginning as well as the end
It's the comforting words of a dear friend
Love is till death and after its gone
The one left alone shall always love on
And after death conquers the left alone mate
Love is the other waiting at the gates   

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images of the dead

images I see that really be,like coal burning in my and hot like it's boiling my skin it quits then I see it again.images burning inside my head sometimes i'd rather be dead.where is my friend who believes me about what I sometimes see in my mind thank god it don't happen all the body it is wore too the bone my throat it only sings bitter songs.all my people they have turned on me for I never see lifes harmony.soon more people shall start cry as in my head more do some say i'm crazy and it's all in my head but I see people when they are dead.dreaming about how they died leaves me feeling empty on the inside.images of death in my dreams then I see their spirit in front of me driving me too insainity please god set me free!

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I don't want to wake I want to sleep.
If I wake I will just weep.
I wake up and for a second its all not true.
Then I remember there is no more me and no more you.
I want to die so I can sleep forever.
Anything you want to say?Its now or never.

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Suicidal letter

Throw my soul in darkest place
Switch my body and my face
Make me rat and bring me pain
Change the way I see the rain
Kill my will to fight for life
Take me with your bloody knife!

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My American Soldier

When you walked away I said I wouln't cry but I almost did when you said goodbye when you did come home you weren't very well you said you weren't hurting but you were I could tell I stayed by your side as your breath slid away whispered to you on your final day as you took your last breath you told me don't cry no matter what happens this isn't goodbye you now have peace my soldier lay at rest because you my american soldier were one of the best as time goes past as you asked I don't cry I kept my word because you promised this wasn't goodbye.

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Letting Go

How can your love hold me
When your face I can’t see?
How can it still fill my head
Each night when I go to bed?

Why do you seem so near
Although you are not here?
When will I finally be free
To let another love me?

Release your hold, set me free,
You can no longer be with me.
The time has come to let go
Though I’ll always love you so,

The grave has claimed you, dear.
You are no longer living here. 
Death has torn us apart,
Please let go of my heart.

I am speaking these words to you
Because I think I am ready to
Begin a life with someone new,
Though I will always miss you.

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Had To Be Hung

Had To Be Hung

How could he have been an outcaste?
Must have been somewhere in his past
To be forgotten, not remembered at all
While from God, he will await His call.

Him as he was should God try to take
After all of the hearts he often did break
On so many others himself would force
With misty eyes all found much remorse.

Had to be hung was proper thing to do
Who never had been like me or you
Horse leaper forward as it did lunge
From world, his life we then did expunge.

On his grave marker, what will it wear?
Here lies a killer who never would care
Looked up in sky and saw his soul pause
Name on grave left behind was a lost cause.

James Serious Mysterious Horn

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Sitting Alone Inside My Head

Sitting inside my head all alone
Wishing God hadn't called you home

It's the way he decided it to be
The day death took you from me

Sorrow filling my broken heart
Having been that way from the start

My love for you has no end
Through Heaven it must transcend

Our life together I must replace
With loving memories I embrace

Vast amounts of tears I have shed
Knowing life without you lies ahead

Sitting alone inside my head 
Many days wishing I was dead

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Lightning strikes our mighty old tree
Smoke bellows and all do flee

Having lost their only known nest
They crawl to the old house to rest

Climbing up my empty bedroom wall
Gravity pulls, but no it will not fall

Seeking out the crevice and the crack
Spinning it's web and forges an attack

Not there to do anything wrong
Starting fresh and moving along

Bringing fear at its mere sight
Hearing high pitched screams of fright

The spider just trying to make due
Splat!! Just killed by the old ladies shoe

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Telltale signs beyond the carrion eye

wicked heart beats will tale on you for sure																so do not enter through their Cracked door  															their light shining out to some degree     																 angels of night with true light disagree        															 you see on thee they have an evil eye                                                                                                                                                                                                   	wearing their death cap they devour with lies  															bowing to men like we they so deceive  																a sty mark the most worshipful receive                                                   												in knowing the dark they plot you reception   														wisdom's offer Eve's death by deception																making you think they are on the level 																 their light be dark behind door lies devil																  fellowship of blackness quote the wrong light                             													 the cloaks and daggers will not win this fight															Jesus the light in Him no dark at all 																the Way enter in His gate true light's call     															 have no dark fellowship reprove rather                   														deeds of evil men who burn to gather																so they may be brought from darkness to light		  													 satan's power lies to Jesus' true might

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A Night on the Road

On the crossroads of power and love
I find myself lost in sorrow

On the crossroads of power and love
I find myself awaiting the morrow

Before the scales of death and birth
I wash my hands in the river of time

Before the scales of death and birth
I ponder beneath the stars that shine

Within my soul a battle rages
Between Angels pure and Devils vile

Within my soul a battle rages
Yet I must walk my final mile…

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Be Wary Berry

Merrily cherries were chatting with berries on bunches of bushes below;
the cherries were scaring the berries with stories that every new berry should know:

"Beautiful cherries are succulent very so we became fruit of the sky,
but pitiful berries on earth where you tarry cannot please the tongue nor the eye.

Innocent berries I pray you be wary for mortal consumption is nigh,
and it must be scary to die along dairy in coffins that they call a pie!"

Hominal creatures with ravenous features were coming to pick their dessert.
But which one will sweeten the pie to be eaten the fruit of the sky or the earth?

"It will be scary when they pluck 'n bury your souls in their pies to digest;
I hear such a pastry is terribly tasty when given a berrily zest!"

Mary saw favor in that which had flavor so she found the cherries the best;
the cherries were shaken their rubies were taken to bake in a fiery chest.

Scarily berries were mourning the cherries who fell to a sugary greed;
although all the berries were no longer wary for cherries are tasty indeed!

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Carpe Noctem

They confine us to the dark,
So we will seize the night.
Shadows full and beautiful,
Full moon and pale starlight.

Closing eyes with parting lips,
And drawing final breath.
Drawing blood and lines of love,
Awoken in this death.

Pleasure, drowning, lost in you,
My skin lays bitten, bare.
The sweetest suffocation,
I’m loving, lacking air.

The moon has left me Lycan,
And you're allowed to bite.
They confine us to the dark,
So we will seize the night.

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battlefield cemetery

many passed by this crag today
to see where the dying soldiers lay
moaning, bleeding, crying for their mothers
perpetrators, victims and all the others

over glazed eyes malevolent with murder
stealing strangers lives like burglars
the honor, the horror, the howlers all
killing the killers, silencing stalkers

and now, the silence is deafening
sensed distant past, a hard reckoning
"'tis good", was said, "that war was hell" *
those of first-person know all too well

the pinnacle of human atrocities
yet we continue on, our selves to please
to wage, to wear it, to glorify
why we're willing, to kill and die

white marble now looms row upon row
to mark the rest of those lain low
and obelisk's and stacks of cannonballs
center places where the battles evolved

ironically we assert that we're civilized
there's a truth we stoically won't recognize
what can be changed to make this not so?
that it's we in the fields where the poppies grow #

© Goode Guy 2014-01-28


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as the days tick away

so death,
do I beat thee
every night,
softly, without
a fight?

so sleep,
do I dream thee
every day,
softly, within
my plight?

So Holy,
do I praise Thee
w' every breath,
Softly, with you
beyond m' own death?

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Grief was branded when you left
My knowing of the life greed theft.

Your passing was a lash to our lashes
and brought the feel of an intense pains of rashes. 

The breath you breathed last was not a gasp
But that which left an eternal breath a clasp.

I wish we could hold hands together
And where you ever could at the moment my forever.

The eternal breath revelation
Incomparable to this theft of death in action.
Our souls could but only wish a rest
A perfect rest more than the world's best.

At your covered earth void of the thought of breath
We are assured that yours is eternal rest even though it is death.

The breath you breathed was not a gasp
But that which left an eternal breath a clasp.


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Woke to Fire

He woke up in a place filled with demise
Sentenced, from a life occupied with compromise and lies
Decay scorched through his once mortal skin
He was now aware of all his unrepentant sins
Mounds of volcanos were overflowing with torment and fear
Screams from souls whose words he heard crystal clear
He was trapped in his own personal blazing cell	
This man realized he was suddenly in hell
Cry’s for mercy, he began to express with pain
He knew now he had took the truth In vain
Then, suddenly he was met by a sinister choir
Groaning “For eternity you will be continuously set on fire.”

Written: 4-24-12
Contest: Fire
By: Sabina Nicole

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The knife in my wrists is going farther.
The gun in my hand is rising.

The dagger in my chest is sinking deeper.
The arrow through my heart is being ripped out and I'm crying.

I know you're not a mind reader,
So this is what I'm thinking,

I feel like dying.

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Who Will Be Next

The darkness of Death
Steals life with an intake of its breath.

We hate this evil foe,
But all we can do is lay low,

Wondering if we will be the next
To enter the "Book of the Dead's" text.

We can do nothing but wait
To meet our deadly fate.

Who will be the next to enter Death's embrace?
Who will be the next to see God's face?

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As Youth

Watch, as the carousel goes round and round 
Watch, as the children jump up and down 
Innocence is theirs, punishment is ours
Life is a lesson, enjoy these short hours

When you’re in the streets waiting for your day to die
Watch and remember as the children run by.
For they run and play as it was any other day
Hopeful and dreamful, feeling joyful and gay.

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The Etymon

On the excursion of me where to start                                                                              discovery of self ended with broken heart                                                                          As a little word causing so much pain                                                                                to seek what is out there so much to gain                                                                         Similar to those around but not as profound                                                                      looking to others but guilt was my endless hound                                                              Not knowing they sought the same faults as I                                                                    if there was a word in pictionary it would be cry                                                                 Sad enough yet life said why die life found me                                                                   yet I was so wanting how would I ever break free                                                              Yet unkown to me I had a Father who left His thrown                                                      to live a perfect life to suffer bleed and died alone                                                            the Word found me bleeding dying I was not so atoned                                                      I put faith in you Jesus for it was never about me anyway                                                 by etymology it is all about you the truth the life the way

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Writers Rock

Like to get rabies.
That's the way babies rock.

Like nice highlighters.
That's the way Writers rock.

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Bye, Bye Robin

Bye, Bye Robin Williams

If only my peace I could now rest in

And wouldn't have to start over again;

All of my efforts which were fruitless

Now are of no value and totally useless.

Begins have begun and endings gone by;

Many things about myself, I had to deny;

What I felt was a false sense of being

And deep within me nothing was agreeing.

Conflicts continue on as they still persist

And if I lived again, what would I insist;

Time after time and over and over again

If I had prayed to God ending it with Amen.

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Her Love Was Lost

Her Love Was Lost

It was her love which I had lost
Wonderful and way above all cost
God made and could never measure
So splendid and forever will treasure.

Endless love was like a turtledove
Who I could never get enough of
While I was romantically inclined
Later had to leave her behind.

Did draft me and to war had to go;
Its purpose no one would ever know
Or be able to understand reason why
Some day soon many of us had to die.

Bombs blew up while weapons were fired
Last thing I thought about and desired
Was her kiss but now forever will part
Bright shiny bullet had pierced my heart.

James Thomas Horn
Retired Veteran
Bolivia, NC.

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Once I went to a hospital
There aids patient’s were on the beds with death’s proposal

As Aids is pronounced it is not so simple
To take every breath they cross huge pain hill

There I saw life and deaths fight
They hopefully fight for life but death was in their sight

For each breath they were given pills
But the gap between the world and patients make their life more terrible

Those people are far from life and closed to death
Those people with such short and painful life are kept away like filth

They are treated as if they have done crime
No one understand what brought them in such a time

They are nether fully death nor alive
By the physical and mental pain they prefer death, then to survive

On the other hand doctors does not allow them to die
With the medical power these half death people are force to survive

So Aids end is not so simple as Aids is pronounced
For these peoples terrible physical and mental death is announced

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Written by Catherine Reinke

Ancient sources tell us of one old God
forbidden from all others,
Yahweh declared he, from the sun,

named  him Baal. His ceremony enticement
many could not resist,
believe one God only’ certain  may  this one.

Each morning clockwork He would arise
feeding nourishment  they and plants alive.

Not only life give’th  He in  sun’s magnificent glory
 how few could understand
why Yahweh to war went with Baal.

Fought in heavens sky for power supreme complete
resistance forces fought immense
until victory found when Yahweh   produced his demon fail.

Destruction of our earth, when  Yahweh   flood waters  sent.
Save select few , Noah and they
in his arch rescue set  omnipotent God sail.

Declared… drown the followers of the sun!
Yet ,rise each morning Baal still won.

Today  from the watery grave they  have risen 
those who worship all that Baal The  Sun has given.

Plead  we now, no  more destruct  us for such love 
condemned to  wait return of the arch  homeless dove .

Mend your rivalry Yahweh  with Baal, we  pray
that   in service both, in gratitude and love we may.

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Its dark, wet and cold.
With friends I can pretend to be bold.
I'm alone, there is no one else here.
I'm alone with my biggest fear.
I cry.
I die.
I'm still alone, I'm still crying,
And all my emotions are dying.

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?Request from a Mother

I was requested by a mother of a deceased child to write a poem for her. Here it is. She cried until she finally got it all out of her system after reading my poem she said.

Outside there may be much bad weather;
I will gather up all of his things together;
Put them in room like he used to have them all;
Little Jimmy never grew up to be very tall.

Mom put things in his room and said,
"I will lay across his comfortable bed
And before twilight comes and nears
Will fill his bed up with all my tears.

She hugged his pillow and cried and cried;
Why is it that my sweet Jimmy had died
As she saw dawn again begin to break
Quickly arose after being wide awake.

A folded letter was lying on his bed
Started reading and here is what it said:
"To me, you were lovely and always dear
Next to you forever wanted to be near."

Letter was written only to be read by you
I'm sure about my life you already knew
I am here in heaven just God and me
And pretty soon His Son I shall see.

Arrange my room for some little boy
Who will truly love and thoroughly enjoy
It may be a cute, gorgeous girl instead
Who each day will be making up my bed.

She does like dolls, necklace and a ring
Every morning a song will start to sing:
"Love my new room so nice and grand
For me the fairest in all of the land."

Angels flew all around and high up here;
One time a lovely one was close and near;
Stroked fine feathers saving one for me
Which is the lock of hair you now do see.

I am still vey short and body is thin
And God gives me a great big grin
God's son Jesus is coming to supper;
After will have to brush lower and supper.

Ever again, I won't hurt anymore
Body no longer will ache or be sore
Was taken to heaven by an angel of mercy;
And to think, they almost named me Percy.

James Serious Mysterious Horn
Retired Veteran

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Cherished Memories at sunset

Before the sun sets I am cozy in my robe, snuggled next to my love's chest
Warm and peaceful knowing all is well in this world, my nest is at it's best

Before the sun sets, I want to hold your hand and remind you of our good times
Forgive any bad times; cherish your face that is close to my memories

Before the sun sets, gather the family close by my side and see the beauty life offers
Visual stimulation by a pallete of colors, illuminated by the great light giver

Before the sun sets, tell me you love me and I will see you in the morning
I will hold you to your promise, and be forever searching

**Inspired by:  "Before the sun" sets by Sara Kendrick
Sara, my mom, got me to using poetry soup and it has been therapy for me!

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It's a disease, it's a curse
It' a cure, it's a hearse.

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May Bee

Caution furry yellow legs									                                           While the open flower begs																			~                                                                                                                                                 A sweet nectar offering									                                           moistened by warm spring 																			~                                                                                                                                  Showers hot morning sunshine  								                                Uplifted pedals smiling wine 																		~                                                                                                                                      Steeping perfumes colors glowing brightly 						                                Brown yellow calves raise stepping lightly  																	~                                                                                                                                         Treading ever so softly tap step tap 							                           Waltzing he takes the lead snaps the trap  																	~                                                                                                                                         With stinger drawn caution in the wrong place 						                     Will not get you out of a winking death's face

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When it Comes my Time

When it comes my time
Please don't cry
Celebrate the life I had
Just say goodbye..
If I linger on 
Give me the right to choose
An artificial life
Would give me the blues.
Don't interfere, just let me be
I have the right to die with dignity
To leave my loved ones would be a curse
To be their burden would be much worse.
If you believe in the Father, Holy Spirit and Son
Then you know my journey has just begun
Let me be on my way, just hold my hand
As I start my trip to the Promised Land.
When it comes my time 
Please don't cry
Celebrate the life I had
Just say goodbye.

I believe each of us have the right to die with grace and dignity without 
interference from government or any other bureaucratic agency.

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When the Full Moon Beams

On a night in October when the full moon beams Marsh noises resonate, all is not what it seems The wind rustles the reeds with a haunting chilling sound As the awakening dead arise from their dormant cold grounds Black silhouette's are seen against a backdrop of cobalt blue The living now need to run, to escape this deathly pursue Carrying scythes and sickles, they lacerate all breathing souls To re-enforce their army, the living are their goals Screams and cries are heard, the unlucky in deadened red Whilst the fortunate survive, for a long night lies ahead A new dawn arrives, no longer scything sounds are heard As we step into the daylight, to take in what's occurred If you were caught in their open, your breathing no longer reigns More of the living perish, whilst his dormant armies gain In the village where I stay, we run and hide underground How ironic is it, it's where the living can't be found

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Did He die in vain, leaving no visible trace to remember Him by?
Did He fall into Satan's deceitful trap and let him continue to lie?

We can be victorious as Christ was and become immortal, 
let the evildoers destroy themselves with deeds so immoral!

Did His deviate from the holy path and be easily deceived by false glory,
no, He did not give into the Angel of Darkness, but resisted with hostility. 

We can be victorious as Christ was...truly divine and humble,
let others mock us with their irrationality, we will not tremble!

Did He speak against the tyrants of His day, to be praised for being bright?
No, He did not...but with His whip He cleaned a temple so impure and dark!

We can be victorious as Christ and be part of His prophesied kingdom,
and marked by true modesty and humbleness, we'll lose our humanism!

Did He want to die as an impostor to satisfy the ego of a would-be God?
No, He did not seek glorification without merit and be called the Word! 

We can be victorious as Christ was by denouncing all vanity and wickdeness,
not being crucified on Calvary as He was, but be resurrected as Lazarus was!

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The Disease

Crawling up my veins, I can feel it
The thought in my head, can I beat it? 

It has been a while now, it has become my only company 
Since I discovered it, I have been living in misery 

At first it was fine, I thought I was safe 
Until they tested me in metal things as dark as a cave 

The thoughts that run inside my mind 
"You're dying, you're dying", they're leaving me behind 

Helpless and useless on a bed 
The same place where I am going to end up dead 

These people's faces that I cannot stand 
Nurses and doctors stick needles in my hand 

All the people I thought were my friends 
None of them stuck by me to the end. 

But I didn't forget the tears my loved ones cried 
But in the end, they all seem so dead and dry

Me and the disease, now it is just a race 
So obviously clear from the paleness of my face 

It kills me, all the fake smiles they gave 
I wonder if they'll smile, after they place me in my grave 

And all the people around me, they don't understand 
But still, they stick needles so deep in my hand 

And now that I'm here, paralyzed and weak 
Nothing but another chance of life, do I humbly seek 

Tears fall down, and so does hair 
As empty as my soul, so is this life unfair 

All the misery and all the pain 
16 years have gone in vain 

The disease I fight, the disease I hate 
In my blood it so vigorously accumulates 

And none but God shall I try to persuade 
As my life so slowly fades

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He was a singer named Kurt,
Courtney Love made him hurt.
She tore his heart,
Right from the start.
Now he's dead and she's to blame,
She stole his legacy, his life, his name.
A single shot and he was dead,
She put a bullet through his head.
She wreaked his life,
As his 'loving' wife.

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A Beautiful Season

As I open my eyes the pain shoots through my head
I swear some times I think I would be better off dead

I love my wife, kids and friends, empty they would be
So I’ll remain that lonesome vessel sailing across the sea

They all know that I gave up, gave up all of my dreams
Those of all the power, glory and living blatantly obscene

I had power on the streets and power up in the pen
Know that I was once proud to be the very breath of sin

What is it like once we start trying so hard to change
Know that every facet of our life we must re-arrange 

One day I started teaching about trying to reach our dreams
You see it is blind people that walk through Demons schemes

Demons schemes are hard to see, do you know the reason why
Just like in a storm the clouds will cover, all the blue up in the sky

Demons schemes are like a dream, offering all the pleasure we may feel
Some days for me to not fall back on them, takes every drop of my will

See every single day that I stay clean and stay true to myself
I gain just a little more insight as to what is truly wealth

Wealth is a frame of mind, offering freedom to our soul
I write my poems because I wish to simply reach that goal

And the one thing that I wish, the one thing that keeps me here
Is because I hope that just one soul won’t go, through all my tears

You see I have tasted emptiness that is as cold as cold as can be
I only hope that one of you will learn, Please don’t end up like me

Today is tomorrows past, so make it last, be all that you can be
Praise the Lord every second and say, I wish to live for thee

Storms will come and they will go nothing ever changes that
Trust in God and know in your heart, his love is where its at

He knows our prayers before there spoken as we kneel to pray
Bound to his will as well as time, if our prayers shall come to bay

I Praise him for the pain I’m in because I know he has a reason
And at the end of all the pain, will come a very beautiful season

Yesterday I overdosed so I figured I should add that information in
To be a true example of right we must include even the accidental sin

I could not believe the words I heard as they said you’ve overdosed
Though the taste of death in my mouth was as familiar as buttered toast

See I have tasted death so many times that it is like a long lost friend
My life is still the same only difference is, the truth I will not bend
This story is the truth and goes with my blog

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he pulled the trigger
the bang ensued

the barrel exploded
in a white flash

the bullet had
not far to go

in less than one second
she would be dead

the bullet entered her head
without a sound

then exited
pulling with it

what had been inside it
before the shot's resound

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Like full-bodied youngsters they ruled the street
For a while - rude, unchallenged strength sweet;
Their short life  -    immaculate seeming. 
Hard heartless shells  -   cold, gleaming.

Now skin shrinks  to a nothing-life-span,
Revealing cigarette ends,  rusty beer can,
Chewing gum,  mud-and-dirt:  a  midden  -
Lifetime-accumulated  and  temporarily  hidden.

Now,  shrunk and cracked like old men’s skin
As they lie  and die dissolute  and thin,
They will soon be forgotten by all talk
As they bleed water  across the sidewalk.

Their pile of dirty secrets will  soon  be
Exposed in the sun for all to  see. 
The spotless snow  was a  perfect concealer.
Death the leveller is also death the revealer.



City snow heaps in the streets,  lasting from November to March,  become 
filled with hidden trash, which is  only exposed when the heaps melt  in spring.

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Standing alone in the rain,
Covered in blood yet feeling no pain.
I'm the one you all fear.
I will kill you without shedding a tear.
Killing is my way of life,
I kill with an axe or a knife.
I don't care who dies,
I look at the world through unfeeling eyes.
Its not my fault that I am like this,
I will take away your life to leave you in bliss.

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Who Love's Ya Baby

who loves ya baby
hmmm now let me see

I know my mommy did
even though her shoes I did hid

I think my daddy did
when I didn't make him snid

brothers and sisters well maybe just a little
when I didn't get in the middle

my grandpa and grandma surely does
for I'll do anything for them just because

I know my little girl loves her momma
even better than president Obama

my dogs and cats loves me
even if they continue to make me sneeze

even my close friends new and old still spark the love
for we will alway's go on and well above

paperboy surely does
cause I tip him for keeping my paper out of bushes and shrubs

milkman used to
when I didn't make him shu

bill collectors oh yes
for I'm their baby who they love the best

so who loves me
well lets just continue to see

Tribute To Love

Also Entry For
Deborah Guzzi's 
Who Love's Ya Baby Contest

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Blood is all over the place,
On my legs, my arms, my face.
Cuts everywhere,
Cut more! Do I dare?

Blood I've lost too much thats true,
Look at me don't forget me, I won't forget you.

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Son Had Been So Sweet

Son Had Been So Sweet

When my son died, it was such a surprise
And many, many teas came to my eyes
How hard I had cried and sad I was
Which is what every loving parent does.

Why would anyone take him from me?
Heaven is a better place where he can be
But still will miss him now that he has gone;
Had discovered he died just after dawn.

Maybe something different I could have done
To take care of and love my dying son
And of all those many things that I did
Were with love and God would not forbid.

He arrived in heaven and was never late
And now for me up there he will wait
At heaven's gate so me he soon can greet;
Here on earth son had been so sweet.

James Thomas Horn, Retired Veteran
Our youngest son Jamie who died at 
33 years of age on our 39th wedding 
anniversary August 27th, 2005.

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Bullet Through the Head

I put a bullet through my head,
Im good and happy and since I'm dead.
A wasted life what a shame.
Another statistic without a name.
I'm dead and cold,
Because under pressure I did fold.

I didn't stop myself reaching for that gun,
I shot myself now I'm done.
If I hadn't i would have killed,
Either way blood would be spilled.

My blood flows free.
I pray that no one copies me.

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The tears flow down my face never ending.
There's no one around so I can stop pretending.
I don't want to try,
I just want to die.
Alone, depressed its all true.
How could I be hurt so much by you?
You meant so much to me but you have killed me.
Without you I could be free.
Thats not what I want, I want us to be together.

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Scars, on my skin,
Why did I let him in.
Look at me why do I do this,
I need a conversation, a hug, a kiss.
Unloved and dejected,
Bleeding and infected.
A feeling in my gut,
I don't want to stop, I want to cut.
Covered in blood, I rise.
I think of excuses.Lies!
Scars everywhere,
I'm not ashamed and I'm not scared

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Stop right there before you die,
I throw away the knife and cry.
Living hurts too much I don't want to live.
I can no longer forget or forgive.
No! This has become out of hand.
The knife is now banned.
Please save me.
Don't be deaf to my plea.
Don't let me do it.
Hold my hand and guide me through it.

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I just need to cry,
Ever since the last goodbye.
Gone forever,
See you...never.
I miss you.
I don't know what to do.
You aren't here.
I'm alone with my fear.
I'm so afraid,
Last respects paid.

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Soldier's Love for Her

Soldier's Love for Her 

He had been shot through the breast
Then they placed his body at rest
While she was with tears in her eyes
Beneath bright sun and clear blue skies.

With rest of her life, what would she do?
She bent down and flowers picked a few,
Which recently were beautifully in bloom
Put in vase beside his picture in her room.

Thought of him and how he had been
And wondered where she should begin
Explaining things happening in the past;
How much longer will life and love last?

His life on earth was now over and done
And a new one in heaven had begun;
Her flag in front yard flies at half mast,
While his love for her will forever last.

James Thomas Horn, Retired Veteran

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You watched it all.
You watched me fall.
You watched my death.
You watched my final breath.
You watched them cry.
You watched me die.

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The foolish Death

I desperately yearn for the eyes of deception to become unveiled,
It’s as if I have the money to get you out of jail on bail,

But you turn away in disbelief,
Not realizing you’re headed for eternal grief,

I have the script, the perfect medication,
To heal you from your symptoms of spiritual sedation,

Yet you tell me I am not a physician,
And that you don’t need to come into submission,

Then I see you poor and starving on a roadside,
With eyes filled with tears and a heart occupied with pride,

This time I offer you a blank check,
With skepticism you turn your rigid neck,

Never even looking to see if what I said was real,
Just festering in all your pain, hurt and fear,

 I watch in sheer horror as you continue to feed your aches,
suddenly, In the blink of an eye, you realize you have made a horrific mistake.

BY: Sabina Nicole
Written 1-3-12

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Nothing Can Happen

I stare into the dark abyss
Midnight ice; a wicked hiss
Wading through the solemn storm
Deepest depression takes its form
Shattered promises and lost dreams
Happiness torn apart at its seams
Phantoms dance gleefully in the hail
They knew that your life would derail
Was it not they who hid in your mind?
Whispering their assurances, all will be fine
Perhaps today this wasn't the case
Hot salty tears trail down your face
An answer to the winter wind
Leaving fear with those who've sinned
Enveloped finally by sweet surrender
Inside fades a dull ember
Giving in, succumbing to midnight entrapment
Heaviness descends, of course... nothing can happen

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Double Murder

As the crows fly west, they can all smell a fresh meal,
The murder was swift, the body’s blood has yet to congeal.

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I Want My Mommy

as I lie in this womb
for it's my heart you'll hear beat soon

da beat beat beat
and da tapping of tiny feet

attached cord
was my mighty sword

words of disgrace
embedded in my taste

drug of ill fath
served on my plate

you have rather me died
than to hear my wimper and cries

I could of made you proud
instead of being wrapped in this tiny shroud

now I am someone else's angel
wearing a nice shinny golden halo

as my unspoken words goes out to you
I hope your next child won't have to go through this too

Tribute To The Unborn

Entery For 
Raul Moreno's
Unspoken Words Contest
GL All

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Johnny 's Song

He was born to sing upon his land
Now he's resting in God's Everlasting hands

Didn't matter who you were
That voice you'll remember for sure

A voice that could shed many a tear
Or make you just want to stand up and cheer

Oh how'll I miss this one hell of a man
Made me today of who I am

Across oceans far and wide
Johnny sang his songs with passionated pride

Now he soars amidst his eagle friends
High above the rockies bends

Oh Johnny this song's for you
As I sing about your eagle friends too

In Loving Memory 
John Denver  { 1943 -1997 }

Soar My Feathered Friend

  {  R.I.P. }

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Mom was a person of indisputable integrity...
teaching siblings the strict rules of equality.

A voice of tender words to remember her by...
a dazzling light invading my tenebrous sky.

Mother was more glittering and worthier than any gold...
with the purest faith and the wisdom of growing old.

I was very blessed to have had such a loving, nurturing mother...
her purity vanquished my vicissitude, and kept me from error.

She adored jewels, but she loved me more than them...
and she wore a long necklace of opulent elegance. 

I am very proud and glad to have inherited that spirit from the South... 
and reflecting on her virtuous life, it has given me strength and worth.

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To Kevin

The same tree blossoms that stands bare.
The same silhouette against sunrise and sunset.
The same tree stands in May that stands in December,
Once delicate with buds, and then with frost, bitter.
Spring to autumn, then to winter.
Fruit will ripen, bark will splinter.
Wisdom of nature, not of men,
We learn, we lose, not comprehend.

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My Daughter Reborn

I remember the day my daughter was born
Like she had been here before, but now reborn

Through the terrible two's she behaved like the rest
When she came to mingle she had a different zest

She spoke so young and observed all around her
She would talk to herself in private confer

Then along came school with it's different surrounds
She became more outgoing as if on common grounds

Her early teens came she was like a stranger to us
She would recite ancients scripts and bring us to cuss

Feelings I felt having never known her at all
But the day I followed her, scrawling on the church walls

I see her scribing,  ancient symbols and satanic verses
As she turns to me with Latin curses

She looks at me her eyes black that were green
Your no father to me my real fathers to be seen

My daughter my princess she falls to her knees
Her back rips open she smiles as if appeased

A black fluid appears, next a bulging mass
Dark wings unfold as I stare in agasp

She turns towards me again I can see pain in her eyes
Her eyes are now green and theirs tears in her cries

Daylight is now darkness, dancing shadows on walls
Black winged angels ringing humanities death knoll

Where my daughter is kneeling buildings are collapsing
The arrival, her father, as his black winged angels sing

I run to my daughter, masonry falls all around
As we collapse together on natures hallowed ground

She was never his daughter although she had been here before
For her eyes turned from black, because she loved me even more

We lie bloodied and bruised on natures battered floor
What happens when were gone, we have gone before

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(to David)

There is a thing people sometimes see
if they look long at the heavens, eventually

an arc of light across the sky
as a comet burns through the troposphere to die

it burns also to memory
its light and shape and symmetry

and once seen, is rarely forgot
Many things it is. I will tell you a thing it is not;

it is not sad.

Only perhaps, a solemn event
as the life of the comet is burned and spent.

no one should mourn the death all life must find
rather marvel at the trail of beauty it leaves behind

at the path of luster and the brilliance of light
that graces the heavens with the arc of its flight

seeing it, we are not sad that part of the universe flies to rest
but that, having stood under its arc, our spirits have been so greatly blest.

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The rest

Usually the best 
is among the rest.

Volodymyr Knyr 

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Kiss of Death

Angels of death, thieves of hearts
You are trapped once their entrancement starts
The only escape of their spell is eternal rest
Hades enjoys using temptation the best
His servants are well versed in his charms
Demons of magnificent grace leading you into his arms
Their beauty hides malicious intent
Their master is Satan, from fire they were sent
To lure those on the brink
Into the merciless pits of anguish they sink
Succubi and incubi, creatures of darker than night
Look instead to the light
It is so easy to fall to their enchantment
Their evil shows not a hint
False feelings take away every care
Past everything, into your soul they stare
Unbearable is the loss of their presence
Heartbreak involving them is intense
Once you taste their power you'll always want more
Yet, be it by homicide or suicide, only the end is in store
Kiss me now, steal my last breath
My darling, my love, my life and my death

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Even time is controlled by a clock;
surrender to its stroke, death isn't a joke!

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Little Alice

As Little Alice stepped through the looking glass,
She never though that her death would soon come to pass.
Into the house went,
Not knowing what the warning ment.
The bright colored bottles caught her attention,
She drank them and died in a way too horible to mention.
As her body crashed to the floor,
Little Alice was no more.

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There were Nine

I recall upon hearing, of a town not far from here From what I've been told, nobody enters because of fear For this town has something darker, darker than known before Nine crows in torment flight, await to deliver sore Being picked upon was a common site, safe, no one was Nobody could fathom why, was it simply just because The day that it came to light, a darkness descended down With a swiftness never witnessed, darkened a living town Under their winged shadows, became people in deathly fall It's as if their looking for someone special, hungered is their thrall For days they dived, swooped again, soaring to their skies This nine in tormented flight, just who can they despise The days and weeks that passed, the town recalls that fateful day Their Church now apparently empty, no more their light displayed . 09/08/2014

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Give Them His Love

Wife was beautiful when she walked by

And she always, really caught my eye

Like someone I never saw before

Who I would want to see much more.

My husband always troubled had been

And my life, at times, he would not let in;

What happened to him I had supposed

Was in on him his world had closed.

Wherever he was or had tried to be

No one could ever see his REAL ME

And times to himself he had lied;

With deep sorrow committed suicide.

In heaven, no longer has a worry or care

Which in past was hard for him to bare

And now while he's high in heaven above,

As you look at everyone, give them his love.

Tribute To Brian Williams

James Thomas Horn

Retired Veteran

You can forward any of my poems 

to anyone who you may want to.

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Love, The darkest angel..

Life, O how it means so little any more,
My heart was made of steel and the maker made no door,
How is it that my soul once seamed to sore,
But now the pain seeps through while leaving a pool upon the floor,
Nothing makes sense and I feel so confused,
She's left me alone, my spirit's been beaten and used,
But there's a cruel smile that crosses her face,
Like the darkest angel with some unquinchable taste,
A taste for a life that seams just out of reach,
So I'm left here alone with nothing to learn or no one to teach..

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Nooses hang upon the trees,

swaying gently in the breeze.

Self loathing rips through his chest,

a raging beast which never rests.

Unseeing eyes stare through the mist,

wondering if he'll be forgotten, or missed.

His wrists are slashed, his leaves stained red,

His heart is heavy like carrying lead.

As tears come to his eyes,

his final words,

a whispered, Goodbye.

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at the mall

when took a trip to the mall
to touch the statues and the wall
where all the names, etched in deep
of lives lost, remembrances to keep

and those greyed with that-day mind
come to remember or put behind
the ghosts of theirs killed that day
amends awakened to come and say

a prayer for the known and the not
and cry a tear for what they've got
that seems was given at high cost
of friends and strangers futures lost

vets want the rest to know their pride
and grieve with them for all that died

© Goode Guy 2011-11-12

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"Deterioration" Abandoned is this cold, dark house, The only life a half dead mouse. The hum of the flies behind the walls, And on the floor broken, staring dolls. The wallpaper peels, and rots, Away from loving pictures of parents and tots. A bed is flipped, And the curtains ripped. Rays of light shine through, And fall on the spot I shared with you. All the memories I've not forgot, All the times that we had fought. Now I feel so alone, Petrified, lifeless like a stone. My empty heart feels like this rotting home.

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the Bride of Thanatos

   Rapid heartbeats throb the rhythm
open up the final schism.
Dance around and  'round the flame,
till the beasties know your name.

  Heat the kettle on the grating,
stoke the fire,your fears are waiting.
Look deep down into the embers,
lies forget but truth remembers.

  where were you when hands were broken?
wishes wasted? Hopes unspoken?
Where were you when darkness faltered?
visions melted? Worlds were altered?

  Resting there with Thanatos,
While the ones you loved the most,
crossed the River Styx alone.
You failed us all,you can't atone!

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My souls is filled with verses and hearses
Looking for lyrics, My mind still searches
My mind isn't on a sprint but its running
When they read it, The aristocrats just keep shunning
Reading my emotions and you turn into a hater
I thought you were my friend, No, Just a traitor
Confused about the meaning and suffering of life
Confused about the hatred of using a knife
People say "You only cut yourself for sympathy"
Who the f*uck do you think you are to say that to me?
My writings, My thoughts.. So extremely deep
It's like someone compacted my emotions from a heap
I'm demented and twisted, But I'm runnin' the gauntlet
I'm so sick and spiritual even my ghosts are haunted
Under my bed there isn't a single heathen
But if i look into one you'' see a mirror full of demons.

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So gracefully grazing the sky,
Higher than blue birds fly

Above the cauliflower clouds,
Below the starry crowds

Such a commanding machine of man,
Speedily sweeping the land;

Now carefully descending down,
Their gaze cast to the ground

A frightful fearsome eye,
A baby child's cry

Ensnared in a teething trap
The towers did collapse.

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The Deceptive Illusion

I'm the deceptive illusion inside your first shot
Step up out of the cold and into the hot
Come join in the heat of my never ending fire
Dance to the flames of unbridled desire
I plant the heat of passion inside of your mind
As to your own soul I'll keep you blind
I'll offer you peace so you can rest
Numb that pain inside of your chest
I'll teach you to forget all your regrets
And accept my demons as your pets
I once was Lucifer but now I'm the host
Like smoke in the night I'm your ghost
I live in the mirror for all to see
Next time your in front look closer at me
If seeking wisdom tell me who is more wise
Then the master deceiver the creator of disguise
Come walk with me take my offered hand
I'll teach you to pillage and rape the land
After you're all used up and have nothing to lose
I'll find me another to walk in your shoes
You won't be lonely I say with a grin
I have an army of you inside of the pen
Faithful followers that I've left to rot
All behind trying that first shot

Everyone my name is Michael and I'm here to say
The deceptive illusion is no game to play

© 2007 Michael Jordan
All Rights Reserved

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Apostolic Announcement

All who seek to find grace, life and light, come enter through the door of Christ
Bring with you your burdens strong; he’ll forgive of sins and every vice

Let the eyes of your being, through your hearts, witness the truth and light
He died for us as man and came back to us divine, to end the constant night

For the stone that is cast is also the greater stone that he has pushed away
Allowing the rebirth, the forgiveness of sins to exist upon this very day

Asking not why He does so, just know it is done purely out of hope and love
For He has given us the chance, everyone of us, to join Him then above

Ring out, ring out, the bells that tell all of the world, that shares what we know
Go, with Him telling all, we have a chance at living eternal with Him, because He arose

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A Dead Rose

The rose grows unbalanced to the right
Because she is deprived of light,

Water is scarce, but when it can run,
The rose soaks it up and leans into the sun,

Her thorns are stunted and endearingly tender,
Though this means they do not have strength to defend her,

Her petals are thin and so easily torn,
Such a delicate flower the bush never had borne,

But far fairer roses selfishly surround her,
And this is how the gardener found her.

So pull out her petals so pretty and pale,
And break off her prickles so fragile and frail,

Then cut off her head and leave her to decay,
Tend the wilier roses and just walk away.

And as her sap weeps as she withers and rots,
The rose is watched smugly by the flowers in their pots,

And as she lies dying in darkness on the floor,
They turn to the sun and lounge in it some more,

And when the rain washes the dead rose away,
The flowers are asleep and have nothing to say.

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In sick dreams bullets cut-through
tire tough truth like raw meat;

stringy and dripping with blood.
Teeth ripping through organs,

heart, kidneys, liver, making
sausage of our small intestines.

There is no valid temperature
for proclamations of redemption,

no trembling for forgiveness,
announcements of new leaves.

Baptism is spent gun shells, as
the chorus trills to the slaughter.

Everywhere we're allowed to go
little eyes stare like Big Brother

hungry to purify secrets.

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A Mochary of Democracy

Watch away the seconds, the hands of time
Whether its a life of glamour or a life of grime
minutes make hours and hours make days
Good thing Bad thing the memory stays
The life you lead is through your own choice
dont be controlled stand up and have a voice
Bad life is hatred, a gaping big hole
we are all human just bricks in a wall
the more bricks you use the higher they tower
As the bricks increace so does the power
Truth is false, hope is gone
The land of the weak dominated by the strong
Another worl leader another bomb drops
being raised as a boy in a bubble but now the bubble pops
If the message is there to help then why is it so subliminal
If crime never pays then why is there so many criminals
This country is strong, protected by political fear
If the world is such a dangerous place, how much longer are we here

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The Sun Rise

The sun went to rest beyond the hills
and out came moon to enhance his skills
Holding his baby tight in his hands
stareing down others that enter their land
why did the sun leave and go yonder
where it's unloved I stand and ponder
I can barely see the other side
but this man dosen't run and hide
our fears some how make us stand strong
even though I know it shall lead to wrong
shadows approach and soon take face
not many could see how his heart raced
but I was so close I could have touched
his eyes were scared he shook so much
could his only love end every foe
he stood alone and this I do know
he was ready to go, ready to die
His fate was sealed before he was born
possesing the face of the truly scorn
I closed my eyes and then it happend
in one blink a session of cappin
I stood where I'd been to see it all
he was still standing, I knew he'd fall
blood flowed and it formed to my feet
a touch from a man fell by the heat
on the other side how many were dead
were their streets painted in the color red

When the sun rose it was red as warning
that the night had brought reason for mourning
every bullet fired did damage
nine men fired nine ended in madness

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In The Deep Recesses Of My Mind

In the deep recesses of my mind
There is no easy answer I can find

That answers the question why
On that day you had to die

I'm left alone to suffer in grief
From which I receive no relief

Together we were meant to be
Left alone now, it is only me

Every day as I begin to awake
Hoping your death was a mistake

Sorrow has taken it's toll
Invading my hollow soul

Our love will be forever entwined
In the deep recesses of my mind

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My mother was first to go. 
It was a battle but she gave it all she Knew.
She fought it till the end, until us boys put her in a casket.

Then our father was next to go.
Cancer just ate up his bones.
It’s been a tough five years for me.
Poetry blocks away my misery. 

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An open street, an empty night, a slight hum of the wind.
Yet darling is cluttered, and jumbled, and feeling fractured deep within.
The eyes gaze with a smile but turn away with a frown
Such an eloquent style as the pedals fall down.
The dance of the piano, and the hand on your cheek.
Such an eerie cold whisper as your hearts feeling bleak
The air fragranced green and gold and the darling off course.
The water is uncalm and the smile is forced.
The skin changes shades and the warm turns to raw.
This most horrifying scene was the darlings last straw.
The tuberose and lillys create a mood ever sweet.
The tires stop turning but darling cant move her feet.
The crowd starts to murmur uneasy and wait for her face.
Its just so topsy turvy she needs out of this place.
She stands for an hour holding red rose in hand.
She throws it in after him, but does not understand.
She feels angels and demons climbing straight up her back.
For a spot on her shoulder and for vision in black.
She screams and she smiles no one knows how she feels.
Poor darling's a mystery but her story is real.
You'd never know it if you saw her, her rays shining bright.
But deep down sweet sweet darling, she has never been alright.

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Forever and a Day

I was so happy the day I became your wife
It was with you I wanted to spend the rest of my life

I loved you with all of my heart
Never imagining we would be apart

It's been forever and a day since I last saw you
I've been left alone not knowing what to do

On that day your last breath you did take
Leaving behind pain and grief in your wake

Death came to soon and took your life away
Now pain cuts me like a knife everyday

From this sadness there is no relief
Wondering if I will suffer forever in my grief

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Surrounded by madness, engulfed in it's grip;
Through the door of insanity, sometimes we all slip.

A world filled with darkness, a bottomless pit.
Chaos and destruction, no one gives a spit.

Hatred and anger, well up deep within;
And nothing else matters, everything seems a sin.

No hope in my eyes, my faith has long went.
My reason for living, like my energy, well spent.

Somewhere at the bottom, i reach out a hand;
Hoping against all, on a kind heart it lands.

My world has all crumbled, there seems no way out.
Every move i make falters, i can't help but shout.

My night's filled with worry, my day's filled with dread.
My faith has long left me, i just want to be dead.

Somewhere in the darkness, reality strikes hard.
The pain is unbearable, i want to blow my brains 'cross the yard!

I reach out for faith, and reach out for love;
But darkness besets me, where's my God up above?

No one seems to love me, no one seems to care.
The whole world is my burden, alone, not to share.

The light shines no longer, I'm at the end of my rope;
Send me help, my God, quickly, or i won't be able to cope.

All i know now is pain, a great darkness inside.
So much anger and chaos, and nowhere to hide.

What's left of my life? Why should i keep trying?
The pain inside hurts so, all i think about is dying!

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The Listening Post

If I listen close
I can hear the gasp,
another soldier
the sound his last.

If I listen close
I can hear the cries,
another soldier
lost his eyes.

If I listen close
I can hear the thud,
another brave heart
the bloody mud.

If I listen close
I can hear the hiss,
the bullet's whine
the bullet's kiss.

If I listen close
I can hear the tears,
a young man lost
his mother's fears.

If I listen close
I can hear the young,
I want my Daddy
leaves their tongue.

If I listen close
I can hear the crack.
of twenty one guns
echoing back.

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Wisdom Of The Last Leaf

How can you ever reap my sweetest fruit 
When you cut me entirely from the root?
A root sage as the last leaf of autumn 
Descending downward to its unknown tomb
With its words of wisdom of which I sing 
In vibrant voice but you hear me nothing!

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Phantom Fingertips

 Kiss me in the morning,just before I wake to see,
that you're not really with me
just the breeze is kissing me.

cool and white the lenin curtains,
wafting soft across my lips,
lacy patterns tracing love so like your Phantom fingertips.

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Look Deep Enough

Look deep enough in my soul
You will see i'm not completely whole

Death has taken you from me
That's how God has planned it to be

Losing you has hurt me so
I hate that you had to go

Pain fills my heart every day
Wishing you could have stayed

Loneliness taking over my life
Still wanting to be your wife

In heaven we will once again meet
Until then, save next to you my seat

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I am at the end,
No one can see,
Bright , cheerful, loving, I be,
It's all fake,
That is the smoke screen I make,
If some relief doesn't come soon,
It may be all over by next noon,
I don't see a way out,
Oh my God, I just want to shout,
Help me please,
In time I want to freeze,
Even though it's my own doing,
I still want that cooing,
I just can't think,
It's all over in a blink.

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nothing saved

wicker king on wicker throne
feiry days will scorch the bone-

hoards gather as hunger spreads
bloated dreams on dirty beds-

heart gems crack upon granite times
buttons of death fill the eyes-

climbing stairs to black sky pits
pock and puss dance on the ritz-

filling chambers with leaden fear,
when triggers jam, death will sneer-

country quiet is over-run
by halved men that eat the sun-

a tiny whirl in life's stream
hide laviathans' gnashing teeth-

earth becomes a common grave,
savior arrives with nothing to save.

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A Tear Frozen on a Timeless Cheek

Life, lies, and deceit
A tear frozen on a timeless cheek

A past love, a past life
A new love, a tortured wife

A whirlwind of drinks and drugs
A push, a shove, a broken love

A rope, first flight, no life
A tear, time stops, no wife

The beginning, an end
The end, a beginning

Life, love, lies, and deceit
A tear frozen on a timeless cheek

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Breaking Point

My best friend is gone, Ended her life
Turned around and she cut herself with a knife
Body lain, Soaked in blood in the bathroom tub
Why did she have to join the suicide club?
Kassidy's gone, I dont know what to do
My other friend Savannah, Im pretty sure she's gone too
Got a knife, got depressed, and cut her vein
Why is this happenin? Girll you were my main!
Left me all alone just to bite the dust,
God d*mn this f*ck*n life's a bust
Cheated on everytime left and right,
Can't one girl be faithful for a night?
Haha my friend has a british accent, so cute
You have a gun? Point it at me.Click, Shoot
In December i really hope this world will end,
Because of everything my heart has too many hole to mend.

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A beautiful waste

Rough hands, not to a poetic nature.

A rough heart is to a brain washed stature.

To seclude a past dream, fate has built me solid.

To accomplish what I've decided not to, so diabolic.

And what has been unheard of, I have done.

To persuade a wicked mind that I'm the only one.

Oh what a genius, how writer's block envies me.

To the finest and fittest, none could ever be.

What a useless thing, a mind a terrible thing.

Not to waste, to the unheard of to sting.

Guts like a cardboard box, so cowardly at its best.

Water hits and it crumbles to rest.

Limp, un vivid- a pointless being.

The worse part is knowing, knowing what I'm seeing.

That I AM indeed a fake, that I AM cowardly at its best.

I should just crumble under intoxication- leave my lifeless body to rest.

What a beautiful way to die, a beautiful waste of creation.

To form new hands and a new animation.

A different perspective through different color eyes.

A heart made different, with my truth in disguise.

How cowardly I am, to start over clean.

Not knowing what I know now, not seeing what I've seen.

I am to melt, a beautiful waste.

I dare myself every racing bullet, that I'll be the next they've cased.

A heart, a mind, but stones don't mix.

They're segregated- I'm not- I need to be fixed.

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(In Memory of my Mother who 
journeys beyond earthly shores.)

A sad, sad day if I must say:
Your simple stay ended today.

In sleepy stay, you took to bed
Dreaming of days which now have fled.

Unlocked the door to see you sleep;
No stirring snore, no sigh so deep.

I rushed to check if you're okay;
No pulse, no speck or stir to stay.

A sudden gush of urgent stare;
Dial police rush to report fare.

So many flings of moment's past,
Pictures and things blur yet outlast.

A helpless feel plunged heart made sad;
Death comes to chill -- breath turned to bad.

Your wrinkled face etched four score scents;
Plus six years grace ere quest now spent.

No words can tell or measure how --
Your tale you tell right here and now.

So much anguish beyond sad ways;
Poise now languished, purged sacred stay.

No more sad pain, no lonely days
Or harsh refrains -- no more replays.

Your wrinkled face speaks of old age;
Struggles you graced in life's harsh stage.

The day's over for strife and pain;
Life's twin hovers: death speaks most plain.

The time has come to take you home;
A sacred psalm to rest not roam.

Leon Enriquez
24 June 2014

(Note: This is a short version of
a longer piece which I wrote last
year on 25 June, a day after my
late mother died at her home
in her sleep.)

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The Fool Kid Named Benny Pence

October had now come again just like it did back since,
The gunfighter Sam Holt had shot the kid named Benny Pence.

It was on All Hallows’ night with the moon high and blood red—
When Benny came lookin’ for him before he shot him dead.

Why would a fool farm boy try to draw on that gun slinger?
When he had no chance on God’s earth if he raised a finger?

But sure enough on that night, that’s what all the town then saw—
When Benny Pence raised his gun and said the fatal word: “Draw!”

But that had been a year ago come this All Hallows’ Eve,
And Sam Holt felt a cold wind blow that made him want to leave.

The harvest moon now hung above as Sam walked down the street—
He stopped for one brief moment at the place where they did meet.

Then like a dream that voice came back that meekly called him out—
Sam’s cold, sweaty hand then trembled as he began to shout:

“Don’t call me Ben! I’ll shoot you dead, and this time I’ll make good!”
Then Sam wildly drew and fired at the pale moon where he stood.

Somewhere a hoot owl screamed and Sam’s loud shots rang out on high,
As he fired and fired again at Ben’s shadow so he’d die.

But when the gun smoke cleared and that dim vision was not there,
Sam Holt now stood just a dyin’ in the dusty street square.

There were no gunshots in Sam’s body, no marks found at all—
His hair now white, his once ruddy flesh now a deathly pall. 

Yet when the town folk buried Sam, they noticed at Boot Hill,
Two other graves marked Pence by the one they had come to fill.

Benny Pence and his brother Bud, had died a year apart—
Both shot down by Sam Holt that feared gunslinger with no heart.

And so the three now rested within gun fire of the others—
Holt now dead of fright from those two departed Pence brothers.

And so each year it happened: other slingers would meet fate—
And die of fright All Hallows’ night when the hour was late.

So now folk knew the story of that fool kid Benny Pence—
Come back to revenge his brother each All Hallows’ night since. 

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On a Soldier's Death

His back meets the cold, wet grass under him,
his eyes meet the blue endless sky hovering over him.

The cigarette from his hand dies out as it meets the sopping grass below
He feels the blood escape his body that now is no longer whole.

As he stares up into the sky,
he thinks of the girl he hated to leave behind.

He thinks of his mother, her tears streaming down,
his father’s proud hand, as it strongly grazed his crown.

He thinks of the men fighting for their life,
He thinks of his enemy, ducking for his life.

He thinks of the reasons war even exists,
Maybe this isn’t the way one should even live.

The sounds of his men approaching feels distant in his ear,
the struggle to save a life is unyielding,
when the bullet cuts through the heart,
there is no weaker feeling. 

Slowly the sounds of planes hushes down,
The sounds of gunfire are stifled,

The missiles whistling in the background stop
and all of nature’s sounds just suppress, as they come to a halt.

The men become blurry as his eyes start to freeze,
The body that once fought, now turned to solid ice.

For the last time in his life,
he thinks of the girl he wishes he never left behind.

He thinks of his mother, whose tears will continue to run,
the father’s proud hand, that wont ever touch his son.

In these last few seconds, he does not feel scared,
as he spent this life fighting strongly for his homeland.

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From dust we came--when will we learn
That to dust again, we'll soon return? 
Rich and poor, master and slave--
All flesh lies equal, in the grave.

Bravado, boasting, arrogance--
Are but a sorry recompense
For the joys of life we push aside,
Just to maintain our macho pride.

Perfect looks of  face and form
Soon, will wither, from life's storm.
The only charm time can't control: 
Is the eternal beauty of the soul.

Wealth and power evaporate,
Upon our great departure date.
All our possessions--our very best,
Will, very soon, be repossessed.

In humbleness, I meekly state,
We're not the masters of our fate.
The great Creator, we must trust--
The One who formed us from the dust.

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Helping Hand

Helping Hand

If she were to die, the one you adore

Would you still want to live anymore?

And go to heaven to be by her side;

There's no place down here left to hide.

Suppose I sought a place for exclusion

To my life it would be an obtrusion

So I hope that God will understand

You are no longer here to hold my hand.

I should not want to sell myself short

But I will always need your support

And longer we have been separated

How much more time must be waited?

Often at night I may seem to snore

And angels are flying around my door

Why they are all here I now understand

To heaven will give me a helping hand.

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Masking the Monster

     dervish dancer,
do you think you have the answer?

Monster prancing 'cross the ceiling,
you go laughing,screaming
at the havoc you are wreaking,
can't you feel the life force leaking,

from the veins of unborn sons
who won't know what you have done?

           They will never see the ocean
      never lavish deep emotion,
on another soul so lonely,
ending this farce now will only,

heighten anguish in the others,
stop and contemplate your brothers.

Come down now and drink this potion,
you don't have the slightest notion,
how beguiling life can be..............

put on your mask and go and see.

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Prisoner OF Grief

I've become a prisoner of grief
From which there seems no relief

Sadness and loneliness fill my heart
It's been this way since we've been apart

Eight months ago you passed away
I think the sorrow I feel is here to stay

My true feelings hid deep down inside
Not letting others see the many tears i've cried

So I remain a prisoner of grief
All because death stole you like a thief

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Surviving in Memory Lane

Thanksgiving is almost here
In my heart your love I hold near

Apart we must now remain
Our love surviving in memory lane

My heart breaking as I plea
Lord, give the one I love back to me

For he is the one who made me whole
Sadness now fills my empty soul

Our love must survive time and space
Until once again I feel your embrace

In death we will once again meet
Where my soul will become complete

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Death Took You Away

Sounds of sweet music coming from your lips
The gentle touch of your finger tips

Your arms so lovingly around me
These are but a few things I miss from thee

Memories of you are all that is left
My life once full of hope is now bereft

Tears flow easily down my cheeks
This has been going on for weeks and weeks

My heart is so full of pain
Grief hitting me like a train

When all I wanted was for you to stay
Death came and took you away

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The Last Flicker

The circle is starting to come together, 
Like a storm you feel it approach and you brace for uncertain weather.

You know that your flame which once burned so bright, 
Will be extinguished like a star that shoots across the night.

You just hope that you made a difference and were the best that you could be,
That you led no one astray and was a good influence for all around to see.

And when your candle makes its final flicker,
You’ll be ready to go without a qualm and face this day with just a snicker.

You can never have things finished or completely in order,
No matter how hard you try it only gets harder.

My motto used to be “always try to leave things a little better than you found them,”
And I hope when I’m gone people will say, “Gosh I'm going to sure miss him.”

Or maybe he was a good guy or he was a true friend,
That is how I’d like to be remembered and thought about in the end.

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Death's Encounter

Today there's something strange in the air
taking lives without a care.
Thoughts of suicide and death,
of inhaling one last breath.

Oh what a gloomy day
headed down a dark pathway.
So many faces dead and gone.
Will the world last to inhale another dawn?

Today I paint a smile upon my face
without an ounce or bit of faith.
I watch the world slipping away
as I debate whether or not I shall stay.

The reaper is present here,
bringing an end to all our cheer.
We begin to question our own fate,
but for all we know it may be too late.

Is this the end? 
Will us and Death befriend?
Where will we go? 
Is it like they always told us so?

Who do we turn to? 
What should we do?
So many questions left unanswered.
So many words thought wise now altered.

What will come of the earth once we've died off?
Will everything just shut off?
Maybe our souls will still be here,
but left alone in darkness and pain so severe.

For now just listen up and behold
for we have come to the next threshold
where what's to come is but a mystery,
and you're allowed to bring nothing but your own misery.

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A Moment In Time

A moment in time is all we had
Your death leaving me alone feeling sad

All the emotions of grief I have felt
Life without you is what I am dealt

Joy in my life has been taken away
Unhappiness stays with me each new day

On that dreadful day you had to perish
Now i'm left with only memories to cherish

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A Bad, Bad Dream

In the far off distance the cannons make their report,
As we huddle in groups to show our support.

Blindly attacked, all we can do is to try to hit back,
Hiding in light, it’s at night when we assume our attack.

Outnumbered and outgunned since the government took nearly every one,
They made it illegal for citizens to possess any type of gun.

But some held on and it was a good thing that they did,
As the enemy infiltrated our borders and shores we retrieved them from where they were hid.

There is no Geneva Convention, and no rules to this war,
Brutality and chaos have been our strongest weapon so far.

This was the way it was given to us, so reverse play is fair don’t you see,
They wanted to take our freedom but that is something you won’t take from me.

It was like a horror movie that night that seems so long ago,
In the middle of the night it started with no warning you know.

Loud noise and confusion as mortars and rifle fire entered our peaceful little town,
People running and screaming and for no reason being mercilessly shot down.

9-11 was just a testing of the waters to see how we would react,
As they put together their plan for this unholy attack.

Our country has been divided and our resources are few,
But we’ll fight to our death, that’s all that’s left for me and for you!

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The Sands Of Time

The sands of time slowly trickle away
Bringing sadness each new day

Our souls forever entwined
As tears fall like rain in my mind

Drowing in this grief I always feel
From this pain my broken heart won't heal

I've cried enough tears to form a river
At times hard enough to make my body shiver

I wish I could feel you holding me tight
Keeping me close to you all through the night

Loving you since the day we first kissed
You will be forever missed

To heaven one day I wish to ascend
Reuniting with my husband, lover and best friend

As the sands of time slowly trickle away
Being with you again is what I pray

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Last Breath

You were such a meaningful part of my life
I was so happy to be your wife

I've been left behind and all alone
Forced to greet the future on my own

Learning to live with the pain
Thoughts of you always on my brain

Your last breath you did take
My heart now will forever ache

The love we shared was so strong
Death taking you from me was just wrong

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Somebody's Daughter

She was a bundle of fear walking down the street
With the memory of yesterday sill fresh in her feet
She remembers her Mother begging her one day
Sweetheart, Please don't let the life carry you away
The whole world awaited so she took a chance
Lost so deeply in the fire of his cold romance
Tonight you'll find her back out on the street
Somebody's daughter is now somebody's meat
Turning tricks for a fix a simple solution
Filling her soul up with pollution
Sometimes in the life miracles are found
As somebody's daughter walks through the town
After walking all night she was tired and sore
As somebody's daughter knocks on the door
Her dad opens the door with the biggest of grins
Wraps her up in his arms and welcomes her in
He promised her later they would talk for awhile
As he tucks her to bed with a big smile
He looked at his baby with a tear in his eye
Went back to his room and proceeded to get high
See for her daddies habit she had to hoe
Thats what addiction does to the soul
Next day she found him dead in his room
Right there beside him, his needle and spoon
Her mother took her home the very next day
No more of her soul will she have to pay
Trading death for freedom a simple solution
As hell gets offered a little more pollution

© 2007 Michael Jordan
All Rights Reserved

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Behold the bed of nails
    that lurks in chambers horror
beneath a bulging gibbon’s eye
    bleached skin to corpse-like pallor

A green-eyed lass lies bleeding
    the torment drains away
her paste-white body pleading
    his life for hers betrayed

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Crimson Faust

Shattered thoughts pierce into the flesh of the souls betrayed
Wicked wounds forced beneath the crimson blade
Her last pain-staking wish to be taken under graceful Cherubic Wings
Will fall with Faust- A sacrifice to which no knowledge can be seen
Darkens descends with sickening pride
Wounds sting whilst they start to cry
Deceitful settings viewed with pale, dead eyes
Blur and darken only to die
A soul being sifted into the hands of fate
Descends below in an abomination of hate
Stained forever in a loathsome, spiteful pain
The gate shall open for all the slain
Hell's angels cry for joy as they court solace with one another
They cried heaps of crimson rain down upon the newcomer
Then staring up with blinding eyes
Matricide children told her their lies
On how they've never done any wrong
Whilst the angels start to weep in a harmonious song
And to think woeful thoughts that had brought her to fault
A world's wretchedness brought her to a sudden halt
If only visible desire was shown to stop hurting her so
Lucifer would have perished her not, like a nymph-like foe
Wishing the diabolical hell was all a dream, 
She closed her eyes and began to scream
Tears began to streak her face
She ripped open her eyes in a menacing pace
Then staring down at the twisted nails of fate
She woke with sudden uttermost hate

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Grief Weighs Heavy

I cherish the day we became man and wife
You're the one with whom I wanted to spend my life

Death came and took you from me
I guess that's how it was meant to be

Grief weighs heavy on my heart
Not wanting us to be apart

I've awaken to a new tomorrow
It's still filled with so much sorrow

Knowing my future isn't with you
Wondering how I'll make it through

I miss you more than words can say
To be with you again is what I pray

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We,like annual flowers,fade,then die
As clouds evaporate up in the sky.

(American Doublet)

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Heaven, Your Home IN The Sky

Baby Leigh Ann died today
In Heaven now she must stay

Bobby's with her up above
Surrounding her with his love

Forever in our hearts they will remain
As we suffer through life with our pain

Tears flow easily from our eyes
Just like rain falling out of the sky

Our hearts continue to break
Wanting their death to be a mistake

Not understanding why you both had to die
Making Heaven your home in the sky

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I walked the field where others trod
history buried,'neath this sod

Forbears of nature,above and below
now in scenes of beauty glow

Alive with flowers,insects,birds on wing
below,death's voices,no more sing

Yet once,the opposite were true
when this same moment,for them,was new

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How Do I Go On Without You

How do I go on without you
This is something I must now do

Our life together was way to brief
Leaving me here to suffer from grief

My heart still breaks everyday
As I hold my tears at bay

Your death removed joy from my life
Wondering if i'm still considered your wife

Since I am no longer with my one and only
Life has been so sad and lonely

With each new dawn
I must decide to live on

Having seen life from grief's point of view
Do I really want to go on without you

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Mambo Music

Mambo music played all night long
Bringing such joy with every song

Teenage girls flirting with the boys
Dancing kids with their blinking toys

Mambo music plays in my mind
Tonight our broken spirits shined

We are back home now and their asleep
Didn’t take long to count their sheep

Taking them out was a blessed time
They drank soda and I drank wine

There is so much pain in our life
Husband died…I’m a widowed wife

But something about that Mambo
Dancing rhythms of the bongo

It grabbed my sorrow tore my grief
And brought us all needed relief

Billions of people feel this way
Does it get better none can say

Having your love stripped from your life
Managing the house still in strife

Never would I wish this on you
Broken inside feeling so blue

Mambo music brought a smile
Music and time heal with style 

(pure fiction....and dedicated to my best friend)

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How Much

How much heartache must I feel
Before I can begin to heal

How much time will I grieve
Before happiness I once again receive

How much loneliness must I bear
Before life stops being unfair

How much more grieving must I do
Before I no longer miss you

How much pain can I take
Before I no longer wish to wake

How much do I have to hurt
Before I can be buried in the dirt

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In Heaven He Does Wait

Grief is pain without the one I love
I know he's looking down from above

His eyes sparkle as he looks lovingly at me
Now he is finally forever pain free

No more suffering will he do
Trying to see death from his view

Our love strong enough to out last all
Even death's invisable wall

In Heaven he does wait
Until I come through the pearly gate

Reunited we will once again be
Together forever in eternity

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Death comes to you in the middle of the night,
Or sweeps you away in broad daylight.

This being mans biggest doubt,
Death is not to be talked about.

Where he comes from where he goes?
We have no tangible proof that shows.

The masters say there is a holy light,
In the beginning and during our last flight.

How do I overcome my fear of death?
By leading a good life and having no regret.

The moment I die I must do my best,
To become one with the light eternal rest.

The soul must merge with the super soul,
Forever to become part of the whole.

As long as i have much to give,
that is how long i will live.

At the end to death I must go,
Finishing a real tragic and funny show.

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Blasphemous Antichrist

I know I shouldn’t tempt to break or question golden rules
This sacred inquisition’s plague could brand me as a fool
I’m seeking resolution; it’s not aimed at any of you
In giving my opinion I don’t mean to misconstrue
Let others live as they choose to and let them make their bed
The warnings and the threats aside, to try this route instead
I’ve watched with hawk eye and with sword dangling above each head
The righteous fragile path grows thin, so gently I must tread
To serve a higher being gives insight to life hereafter
But will you volunteer if you’ve been chosen as a martyr
If not, a merciless wrath to face, a threat from someone smarter
Do as I say, not as I do; a bribe could be a starter
He leads me to what I should do, but leads not by example
If I am stubborn or refuse, pain multiplied by ample
Just follow with no questions asked, I’ll strike you if you do
Does this seem fair, or right or just to anyone of you?
So if I come to air the thoughts that trouble day by day
When that day comes, will the door be closed, will I be shown away
How can you turn your back on what you’ve taught me to believe?
You can’t submit me into darkened holes of “truths” perceived

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The entire Budhist monk"s life is but a preperation,
For his Death Point or moment of seperation.

The Jains have santhara,
Quitting life consciously to join with the paramatma.

The hindus go into samadhi,
Where there is no Congress,Shiv Sena,BJP or Samajwadi.

The Christian merges with the holy spirit,
Peace no more desperate.

The sufi mystic to become one,
Dances,twirls,prays,trances to get the job done.

Aghora means illumined with light,
Longing for Shiva in whom they delight.

Shamanism or the art of ecstacy,
The ultimate being one with the super entity.

There is no need to change your faith,
And on your old religion lay a wreath.

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I'll Cry With The Angels

The angels had wept the day you had passed
Tears, unbearable, forever to last
Even to this day, remnants remain
On the faces of many, reflecting the pain
The anguish, unbearable, disheartening so
Saddened by loss that you had to go
Beyond comprehension, could not understand
Why you were taken, my love, from my hands

Yet, each time there is sunshine, rays shining down
I feel of your presence, I sense you around
I cannot explain this, the feeling, the rise 
I can swear I can see you before my own eyes
In the presence of clouds as they take on a shape
In reflective blue waters or the ripples of lakes
In the flowers that grow to reach to the sky
In the bluebirds I watch that always soar by

I smell on each breeze a reminder of you
The cutting of grass after first morning’s dew
While springtime lilacs may die out and fall
I still smell the essence like a fragrant recall
Within these reminders I keep you with me
With hopes to one day be able to see
Until that day comes, I know you’re beside
So for now my dear loved one, with the angels I’ll cry

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One Force

One night
In fright

I found
The sound


To make

No deal
With steel

Knives thrown
They moan

This night
I fight

For life
My fife

I play
To stay

An elf

I say

Lost now
In foul

Lost course

One force

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You Called Me And Said

You called me and said
I'm not really dead

It was all a lie
I didn't really die

I was so happy to hear your voice
I loudly began to rejoice

Just then I began to scream
Realizing it was just a dream

A new day has began
As i'm left without my man

You really died that day
The pain I feel is here to stay

So many tears I have shed
Wanting you beside me in our bed

Our love still existing in my heart
Even though we are so far apart

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Some kind of creation,
Dooming us to damnation.
Try with all our might,
To win the fight,
With these hellish beasts,
Choosing us as their feasts.
One by one we go,
As the drag us below.
"Come on Sam"
Then 'Bam'!
They try to break in
And hit me in the chin.
Chromosome twenty four
Will make me hardcore.
I try to resist,
At this she insists.
I know you,
You'll be one of the few.

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Last Wish

To sift is my endeavor, lest I fail
to bring to harmony and to avail
the roads I've traveled on to sweet commune
the sun to blow a kiss to reach the moon
the trees to rain down water from their leaves
to end the parching season of the seas
where salt in rings has settled sugar white
and mad mirages flood the settled sight
To sift my thoughts, I'm sure you will agree
is of the utmost pertinence to me
To wrap the package up in memories
and gently set their sail upon the seas.

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Poetic Vandal

Divided devotion, like once parted ocean
A labyrinth of mere blinded emotion
Beating but bloated, ready to burst
Urgent ache to be free from this curse
Carve out our names, bound by a heart
Together forever engraved on bark
Destined desires, fulfillment somehow
Fortuitous craving must be filled now
Pronounce what I’m feeling on this old tree
Love oozes from ballpoint, but too far from me
My heartfelt gift can’t wait till later
When in death the oak transforms into paper

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You Are The One

You are the one
Who's hand I want to hold

You are the one 
Who's lips I want to kiss

You are the one
Who's body I want to snuggle

You are the one
Who's jokes made me laugh

You are the one
Who's music sounded so sweet

You are the one
Who I loved with all my heart

You are the one
Who I miss so dearly

You are the one
Who I need so much

You are the one
Who I can never have

You are the one
Who died that awful day

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Since The Day You Died

Since the day you died
Life has been an emotional ride

The numbness starting to subside
So many tears my eyes have cried

Emotional pain becoming part of everyday life
Grief cutting through me like a knife

Wonder how much pain I can endure
Before I just can't take it anymore

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Like the waning of the moon
The ethereal visage will vanish soon
Given mere moments to reconcile
To clear his name and make her smile 
For when he died the truth died too
But from beneath the earth what could he do
She had recoiled realizing he was a cheat
What a web of lies wove he, what deceit
He knew he didn’t have long
To prove to her that he did no wrong
He crept quietly and opened the door
To find his beloved strewn upon the floor
Given a strange feeling she lifted her head
Only to see the face of a man she knew dead
“Why have you come to haunt me?” said she
“Leave me alone go away let me be.”
“Liza listen what you know is not right
Listen for a moment then I’ll be out of sight”
After hearing his tale there grew a smile and in her eyes gleamed a spark  
His duty now fulfilled he then vanished into the dark

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Misguided Teen (Through his eyes)

I see you standing at the grave site
Familiar feelings come up and take flight
For I stood their mourning once too
Sorry for this pain bestowed onto you
I’m sadder today then I’ve ever been
This being that just turned sixteen
Please don’t be sorry or mad
Unanswered questions may leave you sad
But forgive my misguided deed
My short lived anguish now decreed
Misunderstood burden you must carry
Can’t stand to see this tragedy
I’d give anything for you not to feel this way
Except the event that brought you here today
Don’t hate me, please, soften your heart
Pray for this soul that must depart
I heard and felt the tears you cried
The stinging burn you felt inside
Was me praying for acceptance
A final request of remembrance
I caused suffering and made you yearn
And passed the point of no return
Wish I could take away your pain
Until that day we meet again
Helpless, but right through crying skies
Our tears still show grief undisguised 

"Dedicated to the memory of Winston Wayne Swartbooi"

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Grieving Coquinas... for Nancy

Coquina butterflies, in cases, in glass
30 years locked in my memory's passed
The beach just brought home with it's sand still warm
to a house full of love, to a brand new home
When he smiled then, when he caught her eyes
they remarried in whispers and sweet surprise
As a child I learned, and I learned it well
Drop into love, so with ease, I fell
I fell in a dream with the ocean's kiss
while thinking of them in happiness
'till the moment he wrapped the shore up to bite stone
'till the moment he told her he'd leave her alone
Not by free will did he swim out to sea
for the love of his life he would never bereave
Nay, but with sickness, an anchor in tow
He kissed her and smiled so she'd always know
She swam out so far, to the boundary of currents
and filled up the sea with her tears in her fury
She screamed 'till her lungs had shriveled in salt
and broke open emotion, engaging them all.
Coquina quiet in cases, in glass
in their home by the sea, in their infinite past
She'll love now no more for once you are bitten
there's no breaking butterfly wings, it's forbidden.

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My Blue Skies Have Turned to Gray

My blue skies have turned to gray
It happened on that dreadful day

My happiness washed away by the tears
Left only with our memories and fears

Your life cut short by disease
Death brought me to my knees

As my heart aches from the pain
Sorrow flowing through my vein

Beginning to consume my soul
This grief is beyond my control

Holding on to the love we shared
Life without you leaving me scared

Days are filled with such despair
Wondering if it's more than I can bear

...My blue skies have turned to gray

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 the darkness falls...the winter night
and I'm love's not right

you squall around the cabin doors,
you seep through rosin in the floors,

cold ,so cold you have become,
it seems your heart has frozen numb
come thaw the ice that stills your blood
I feel the floe,the mental flood,
of icebergs drifting,arctic bound,
beneath your chilling kiss I found,
slivers hanging from your lips,
icicles of death that grip

and there solidify the clime.....
zero in this soul of mine,
please don't haunt me as before
don't wrap your grief around my core
though true love is as strong as death
I can't survive your icy breath

the darkness falls....the winter night,
and I'm love's not right.

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He missed the warmth,in her arms
He missed all her feminine charms

He missed the softness of her kiss
He missed contented married bliss

He missed fulfilment in love's embrace
He missed intimacy,face to face

He missed his sweetheart helpmeet
Coming home,no one to greet

He missed the thoughts of his soulmate
Each day recalling their first date

Not for a second had he regretted his choice
Each minute now,he missed her voice

He missed his love so very much,
And sharing life with his old dutch.

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A Beacon

Life is short and fragile 
It’ll only last for awhile

I know, and you know
Who does not know?

Okay, raise your hand
It is now time to mend 

Yes, we will all be gone 
Soon, His will, be done

Like it or not, it has end
By a touch, of His hand

Like a fleeting shadow
Of today and tomorrow

So, why waste the time? 
In this nonsense rhyme

Of life, pursuing earthly
Things, which isn’t holy

Have you not reflected?
The joy of being elected 
Truth is given, unto you 
O, strive hard to be true 

Bear to carry your cross
For you, not to get lost

To the heaven’s throne
I want you, to be, home

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You missed nine of my birthdays; I couldn't even get a phone call

You missed all the opportunities to tell me how I've gotten so tall

You weren't there for me when I needed you and I hated you for that

Cause all this time you missed you can't get it back

When I was out there struggling trying to figure myself out

You were suppose to be the one to come in and remove all of the doubt

I'm graduating this year but let me guess you can't come

Why should I expect this time to be different from all the other ones

But it seems I need you more the older I get

I know there is a place in my heart you could fit. 

Do you see how this is affecting me, how much I hurt.

But you not here to dry my tears so they fall upon my shirt

So I ask you this question and for the answer I'll wait and see 

Grandma when I get to heaven will you save a seat for me.

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Grief Will Take You For a Ride

Grief will take you for a ride
From these feelings you cannot hide

Sorrow is now racing through my veins
Causing my heart to break from the pain

Sadness encompassing my soul
Feeling like i'll never again be whole

Death has taken you away from me
This isn't the way it was suppose to be

Our love now only exists in my heart
Wishing we didn't have to be so far apart

Please wait for me, my love
Until we meet again, up above

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Hide and Seek

  Why can't I wake to find you here
a bad dream took you off my dear
why can't it just be hide and seek 
you know I promise not to peek
and you can find me every time
I'll count to eight or twenty nine
if you'll come laughing through 
the door
I just can't like this game no more,
you're playing mind games
with my head
yesterday ,
I found you dead.
now just get up and
hide again
it's scaring me and I
can't win
I even gave you CPR
but you went off in
someone's car
That ain't the way 
to play the game,
your rules are
driving me
it ain't 
the fun
it was
so I 

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You are more than just a kitten to me.
You are a member of my family.

Today I know you were not you,
What  was wrong I had no clue!

I made a rush to the vet.
For I was not ready to let you go yet.

I let you lay upon my chest,
For that was your favorite place to rest.

The vet said the we were too late,
So now Jasper you are at Heavens gate.

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Living In That Lonesome Valley

No love can be found in this lonely old house,
The hardest thing in life is losing ones spouse.

But sooner or later that day it always comes,
And leaves us with only memories and loneliness from which to pull from.

And no matter what people think you never completely recover till you are reunited once more,
And can join that loved one that awaits you on Gods golden shore.

When you live with that someone special for most of your life,
Whether that someone special be husband or wife,

When the other half is taken there goes a very big part of what you are about,
The half you turn to for strength and support when you have days filled with doubt.

That is why they are called our better halves because in their hearts they hold our love,
This person God sent special, just for us and straight from up above.

So till that day comes, hold on with all your might to that one who is so precious to you,
For you may be the one left living in that old house with only those memories to get you through.

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The Walk

As I walk through the misty rain drenched woods 
I hear the whispers of my ancestors drifting through the trees

I have past here time and again, physically and mentally
The ghosts of deer and many rabbits and squirrels are here

Heavily worn deer trails have been my steady path 
The bases of many old trees have supported me lost in thought

The sound of raindrops pattering the wide leaves my tune
The flicker of winged creatures and the barks of squirrels echo

The sound of running water as I lay to drink from a stream
The hiss of a disturbed rattler and the chill of fear in my bones

The sound of hassling and soft footsteps of my best friend
We have shared these woods on strolls and jogs many a times

Often I have entered this path a very troubled young woman
But, after some time and thought, my troubles soon melt away

I will always remember these fine walks in my dreams
The smell of the damp Earth, insects, and the haunting quiet 

I lie beneath the ground very near my old walking path
I don’t know the name of the man who buried me in this place

He must have watched me frequently before he made his move
Dragging me through the woods, raping, killing, then hiding me

I have felt his presence nearby repeatedly over the years 
Paying me little visits from time to time, ensuring I’m still safe

I have haunteded these paths for many years, just another lonely ghost
Until he releases me, I shall walk these paths and dream of me 

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I have these dreams  I believe that are near.
Ones of my family and friends having tears.

Their standing around with much silence to hear,
as the preacher announces, the one who lies here.

I'm looking around to my family and friend,
whispering to few , "What's going on here ?"

No one acknowledges I'm even there,
as I start to drift up to see me lying there.

I frantically look back down at my kids,
as my tears start to roll, for I know I'll be missed.

I'm screaming to everyone, "look I an here."
No one responds, for they can not hear.

I watch my two daughters look to the sky.
Hysterically crying as their asking "Why ?"

I frantically reach, as I'm drifting away,
screaming out loud, "let this dream go away."

I wake up from sleeping , with tears down my face,
thinking of loved ones and their true proper place

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Something to Muse

Life isn't long
About that there is many a song
Cancer will take you away
There is little that you have a say
Life does with you what it will
Even though what it does may kill
Just live for what you choose
It is not something to muse
I have the choice
Let the world hear your voice
You have to be strong
Because this life, isn't long...

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Under a blanket of layered dust
Sat a trinket of eternal trust
Still bound in all its glory
A remnant of a woeful story
Oh how the memories  did linger
As it sought to find her finger
That’s what it craved  the most
To resurrect Ella’s fleeting ghost
Ella was cheated from her love
When the  Death grabbed her from up above
Her ring it was taken
Only to be forsaken
How she wished to put it on
To wakeup to the morning dawn
And turn her head and gaze at him
To hold once more her darling Jim

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The Execution

The convicts day of reckoning had finally come,
Only hours left he sat in his cell pondering and feeling glum.

Thoughts on what brought him here, and the terrible things he had done.
Just wanting life easy and a life filled with fun.

Sitting in his cell, he hadn’t really thought about dying it seemed so far away,
Then one day he woke up and realized today is the day.

Now time is the issue and his soul still wasn’t saved,
He had heard the story about Jesus and how He had risen from the grave.

All these years he had wasted and now was he too late?
To ask for forgiveness or was hell to be his only fate?

He fell to his knees in his cell all alone,
And cried out to Jesus, Lord please pick up your phone.

Lord the things that I’ve done I know they were wrong and I can’t take them back,
Lord I beg for forgiveness just once before I die I wish to know that at least I tried to get on the right track.

Then something from within felt so warm as he stood to his feet,
Like knowing the meaning of love, this was all new and wonderfully neat.

Just a few minutes later the old preacher entered in with the warden,
And they stood there and sniffed the air and said smells like somebody’s rose garden.

The warden said son it’s time and the preacher started to pray,
And the convict patted the old preacher and said, preacher I’m going to be in a better place before the end of this day.

They strapped him to the gurney and he took his punishment in stride,
With peace on his face as he left this world, not one tear was shed not one person cried.

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Space Age

The mystic lips of the moon
Propelled man to races
Sucked...lost...ended dust
In the silence of darkness

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Upon the arrival of it all,
It is still quite hard to recall.
Was it day or was it night?
Did she do it out of fright?

Who could of expected this from a sweet and innocent girl?
No one even knew that she was in her own little world,
For she hid her feelings, speaking to none.
Everyone asked "how had all this begun?"

She trusted no one, not even those who cared,
For there was too many things that she had feared.
Her fears came from the past.
She didn't want those brutal memories to last.

Not wanting things to repeat,
She decided to repress all of the heat.
She took everything in, not saying one word,
Knowing that eventually she would explode.

She lived life pretending to be fine,
But as time passed there was no sign.
Situations became more disastrous and confusing.
Her thoughts began to become more perplexing.  

No one could save her, not even the person she loved.
She thought that he would bring her above.
Above the sorrow and above the pain,
Above all these things she couldn't explain.

Everything to her was meaningless.
The things she tried to fix constantly became a mess.
Her stress had caused her to take her own life.
She had succumbed to all of the strife.

Tears was what was left when she had died.
It was amazing the amount of people that had cried.
If she could of seen how many people did care,
She would have believed that there was nothing to fear.

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Etruscan Rose

  Etruscan rose
a purpled blue,
I write a melody for you
Etruscan rose
magenta  shade,
for you this pollonaise 
is played.

Note like petals
spiral down
through Etruria
and "round
ancient ruins
of desire
falling on your
funeral pyre.

where your fragile form
in flames
departed .....
just your heart remains

Amphora ,
classic in design
Etruscan roses there 
entwine. to guard
your heart
as symphonies
and petals

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These spinning thoughts are stuck in my head,
They’re evil and painful - impossible to shed.
I can’t seem to tolerate my life anymore.
Everything is so dark, everything I abhor.
It seems as though I’m starting to lose touch.
This pain and these voices are becoming too much.
My soul has been stolen and taken away.
How can I take this even one more day?
Thoughts of death keep flashing at me.
If I ended it now would I finally be free?
Would all of this darkness finally be gone
Or would my pain and sadness just linger on?
All of this darkness is making me numb.
From where has this pain and suffering come?
I’ve decided to end what I used to adore.
This life that I lead I can live with no more.

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Suicidal Prayers

Suicidal thoughts, suicidal prayers.
Who gives a damn? Nobody cares.
I’ve brought myself up to be what I will.
Now just to keep life, I’m forced to kill.
I’ve been so alone as long as I know.
Just as I pleased, I could come and go.
Now this lifestyle I lead is simply too much -
A drug-induced daze - reality I can’t touch.
I’d be better off dead, but this should I choose?
I can’t win either way. Dead or alive I lose.
This world won’t accept me, should I choose to stay,
But this world wouldn’t miss me.  I’m no one either way.
I’m merely a wanderer who gets dreadful stares.
And all that I’m left with are suicidal prayers.

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Untitled #131 / Call me deep

Call me deep ‘cause I drowned
in a sea of sorrow
in a rock by the door find the lock
and the keys tomorrow
call me lucky ‘cause I weathered the storm
that rages in my head
but I still can’t help but wonder
if we’re better off dead

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Be Still My Love

  Be still my love
and wait for me.

 come fold your hands
upon your knee

 be still my love
and close your eyes
envision angels
in the skies

 be still and dream
of days to come
when we're together
in the sun

you've seen the 
and the night
the birds,the flowers,
all is right.

there's nothing more
you need to see,
be still my love,
and wait
for me.

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the mourning,morning air
the cortege passing
takes her there.
black on black 
and black again,
the morning funeral
of a friend.
Light so light
she has become,
lighter than the mourning son
brave as angels on the wing,
how she valued everything.

  Saw the good in me and you,
even though it wasn't true,
shared the bread of peace and love
wings of beauty like the dove,
flying low there on the wind,

the morning funeral of a friend.

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Alive at last and Death

 Feel the hollow heat beside me
as a ghost decides to chide me

on the marble bench I'm colder
as  the shade is growing bolder

disembodied bony fingers
trace my lips as terror lingers

I deserve this dark attention
for my sins too black to mention

I await my fate with pleasure
drugged with guilt in endless measure

has denied my real existence
now I yield to grave insistence

livid life now on it's course
recompense for true remorse

wraiths enwrap me and astound me
truly life and death have found me.

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The Old Crow

She commissioned her good humour to put up with it once more.
A reoccurring miscreant still knocking at her door.

A demon spawn of evil tricks he beckons her to open,
Incessant little parasite his ritual nary broken.

Away the door - it shuffles in without a care implore
She grasps the tome of many creatures and forgotten lore.

A paragraph within it’s pages brings a mental sight
The demon spawn of loathsome evil listens to the plight

Tired from the sinful stories that were encased within
She puts the Book beside the spawn that put her in the spin

Her snoring became silence as a quiet moment rose
Her weary face no longer knotted was now a happy glow.

His tiny fingers touch her face, obliviously adored,
“I love you nana” he exclaimed and gently shut the door.

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the Last One In

He would sit on the lawn with his soldier toys
there with the dog who was overjoyed
to wag his tail against attacks,
from ninjas
up and down his back,
until I called him in at dark,
while the other kids were at the park,
he could hardly wait to play again,
for he was always the last one in.

They said the same of him today.
I took the flag and walked away,
they said he went back 
to save a friend............
you know he was always ,
the last one in.

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When Love Fails....

   Yes it's all about love,
whether we live or die,
whether we laugh or cry.

  If you died before your time,
it was about love,
just where,what kind
we may not ever really know
but love has gone and made it so.

your mother died or left or killed
the little heart left unfulfilled,
your lover tore your soul in two
the pain was great and you were blue.

you're much too ugly /strange/too old
to ever have true love enfold,
your wretched //empty /awful self
and so you put you on a shelf
impervious to any chance,
of finding out a true romance.

No one understood or cared
about the marrow that you shared
your very blood and bones you poured,
out to the world and were ignored.

oh God ,that one could stand alone,
not craving flesh and blood and bone
to make us feel we have a place
we have to see it in a face

the face of love that wasn't there
and now you're gone,
we  don't know where.

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An Addict

The sad reality of me is that I’m dead.
And its so extremely hard for me to live inside my head. .
You can never understand an addict so don’t pretend to try
This is me. I’ve always had it, the compulsion to get high.
Well maybe I am unworthy of a better life
Maybe I would rather let myself believe the lie
Or maybe I just sold my soul, Cause I had better things to buy
Monotony is more miserable than coming down, you see
Higher highs make lower lows, and that’s okay with me
I’d rather feel pain than nothing, rather make words rhyme
Always the same sad ending, but It hurts so good sometimes
Dark poetry implies a negativity in poets
But there is beauty in despair, freedom for those who show it.
Pleasure coming out of pain; its no concept that we haven’t heard
I like to cut my self in vain, regret the scars, but never learn
“God Help me,” I try to repent, but my desires make me sway
I let him down again, and now reluctant to attempt to pray.
 I’m so tired and you have to know that I have put my all in this
I can’t acquire strength enough, to rise above my selfishness.
I seek you out Lord, crying, my candle’s flame is growing dim
The fire deep inside has died; I have no choice but to give in.
Blow it out as if to say, there is no hope for me
Effortless to stop you I’m afraid that dope will steal my dreams
The sad reality of me is that I’m dead.
But when I become aware of this I drown myself in drugs again.

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I gazed helplessly full of sorrow
Knowing that this boy wont see tomorrow
He laid there on the ground
Full of agony but cried not a sound
My eyes full of silent tears
His eyes full of silent fears
He will die because of quick money
Because of the dangers he failed to see
He played with fire to feed his kids and wife
Now his body will never again breathe life
He'll be remembered only through a grave
People will forget where his body laid
In his coffin his soul will rest
With two shots in his chest
He was just a youth trying to be a man
It was the consequences he didn't understand
Now he lies here with his last few words
"Tell my wife I love her," was all I heard

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This Business Of Loving You

I only have but one very sweet love 
And he makes me feel right at home. 
He bestows kisses all the time over me 
And he makes me soar right thru the sky 

And then he holds tight like no one ever can. 
His love will last I know for a lifetime span 
There's no one like him and this I already know 
And my love for him can only stronger grow! 

Always and forever I only want... to love you 
And in my heart I also know you love me too 
All through this life, death and eternity 
You'll still love me as much as I'll still love you 

Because life and death can never keep us away 
You and I belong together tomorrow and each day. 
I won't let anything in this world keep us apart 
Because you have already captured all my heart! 

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Jane Doe

Her golden hair moved in the breeze
Like cornsilk highlighted by the sun
Nobody knows what her name is
Or from where she has come

Her body was found by the roadside
Thrown from a moving car
It's now been three weeks since
And nobody has claimed her so far

Surely, she wasn't in this world
Without a family or friend
We want to find out who she is
But just don't know where to begin

Her picture is in the paper
Maybe someone will know
So she will have her own name
Not a headstone marked, "Jane Doe"

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Drummer Boys

   Two drummer boys rapped out a beat,
   As bitter cold froze hands and feet
   Both boys in war afraid to die
   True battle favours flying high
   Praying to live, until day's done.
   Dark angry clouds block out the sun.
   With blood now seeping from the dead,
   Their call of duty bringing dread.
   One drummer boy beats out retreat.
   But victory was not so sweet.
   Two drummer boys, they carried on,
   Both drums in time, for lives now gone.
   A tribute to, the brave now slain,
   And wounded soldiers who remain.
   Two drummer boys both sharing grief
   Their war for glory, no relief.
   Those two brave boys will never meet.
   Both drummer boys rapped out a beat.
   They died amid the battles noise,
   Two heroes now, two drummer boys.

   3/ 3/ 2015.

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A dolorous mournful miasmic hue,
colors all of my closing days blue, 
sweetness of days gone, 
that can't be retrieved, 
has me missing those souls 
whose death left me aggrieved, 
life should be lived with the relish of youth, 
before old age comes and 
confirms cold deaths harsh truth, 
mark clear the note that philosophers chime, 
get busy with life while you still have the time. 
New York City

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Perspectives (2005)

Dead bodies floating around
The world humbles helplessly to the ground 
We throw food away and feel bad looking at the starving east
This is happening on out doorsteps but no life is the least
Everything changes and it reminds us how lucky we are
Who knows when the next disaster is far