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Couplet Angst Poems | Couplet Poems About Angst

These Couplet Angst poems are examples of Couplet poems about Angst. These are the best examples of Couplet Angst poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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She Calls Me Home

She Calls Me Home…

At days long end
Left on troubles shore
When I just know
I can't take anymore
When the last light
Of hope is gone

She calls me home
She calls me home

When my thoughts
Are racing round
And I can't find
A friend in this town
When every door
Has turned out wrong

She calls me home
She calls me home

She calls me home
To her embrace
Wipes the tears
From my tortured face

Calms my soul
Til the demons are gone
And with her sweet voice
She calls me home

When the dark
Won't give up light
When the wrong
Outscores the right
When the noise
Outdoes the song

She calls me home
She calls me home

When the clouds
Won't seem to break
And the sky
Just seems to ache
And the sun's
Completely gone

She calls me home
She calls me home

She calls me home
To her embrace
Wipes the tears
From my tortured face

Calms my soul
Til the demons are gone
And with her sweet voice
She calls me home

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To All Of You

There are times we are left to cope
With situations that drain our hope

Leaving us full of despair
At how some people just don't care

About the evil that they do
To good people like all of you

We are left to somehow face
That in mankind there is disgrace

And those of us left alive
Must find away to survive

As you pick up the pieces of your life
Without your mother, father, husband or wife

And some of you God forbid
Without the love of your kids

We must band together with a brotherhood
Show that in this world there is some good

Because we are together in this deal
We try to help each other heal

We seek in each other good advice
And offer each other sacrifice

We hold each other in prayer and song
As we continue to re-build the wrong

Because what else in the world can we do
Except let the light of good shine through

The evil darkness and despair
Of a catastrophic lack of care

We want you to know you are not alone
Think of America as a giant cone

And all of us are funneling through
Our prayers and hopes to all of you

Posted for Nathan's 9-11 contest

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Created By Choices

Something evil this way comes
Sure as the rising of the Son

A single heart left to bleed
A lost soul with a dying need

When love proves it doesn’t care
In creeps darkness and despair

Angry voices from deep with-in
Scream I’m a fool once again

I now make my soul like a cave
It’s the darkness that I now crave

Around my heart I shall build a moat
With blood sacrifices unto the goat

Deep in darkness as a soul can be
Father of darkness come feed on me

She destroyed the love in my soul
I do pray that hate fills up the hole

Troubled souls with hallow voices
In this life we all make choices

My choices have left me degraded
I now hate the person I created

Into darkness away from the Son
Something evil this way comes

Yea, I posted this for Deborah's contest.
Believe it or not this is who i used to
be. Poetry is a truly amazing tool when
it comes to change, it transformed this
into the man I am. All I can say about
that, "Praise be the Power of God".

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One in Four Women

Terror seizes you, and it isn't kind. 
 You try to go somewhere peaceful in your mind.
But the pain rips you right back to here and now.
 Not wanting to give him the satisfaction of even saying "ow."

You try to be strong, but he tears from you, a scream.
 Oh God, please let this be a terrible, terrible dream.
I thought he was supposed to be a friend of mine?
 As the tears grow down my face like vine.
He tells me I wanted it, even though I screamed no.
 He says my attitude and outfit told him so.
In the same breath, he threatens me never to tell.
 If they ask why the tears, you better say you fell.

As I got out of the car he pulled me to him and hugged me tight.
 He kissed my forehead and said Don't worry you'll be all right.
Just remember, if you open your mouth, no one will believe a dirty whore.
 Now go inside before I take you for another ride and give you some more.

Into the house and straight into the shower.
 I was in there for what felt like hours and hours.
My grandmother knew right from the start.
 Please don't tell, it would break Daddy's heart.

Please, Grandma he's not worth Daddy going to jail.
 For my sake and his, you can never, ever tell.
She kept her promise and never uttered a word.
 At night, she told me, my cries she heard.

For six weeks I kept my secret and told not another soul.
 For six weeks I sunk deeper and deeper into a hole.
Not until I heard that he raped a fourteen year old girl.
 Knowing I could have prevented it, shattered my world.

I finally told my horror story to the cops and to my Dad.
 I don't think I'd ever seen him so violently mad.
Mike was arrested, but in jail he would not stay.
 He lived around the corner and we had to move away.

He got probation, but not for me, his word against mine.
 I was sixteen, of legal age to consent, so for me he'd get no time.
His punishment, probation for only a couple of years.
 Me and his other victim were left with our fears.

Would he find us and take revenge for what he said was a lie?
 Would my father hunt him down, and go to prison for a rapist to die?
He got away, pretty much scot-free for his deplorable crime.
 His victims were the ones who were serving the time.

This IS a true story, my story, but not my story alone. After 8 years and raping several
other women Mike was sentenced to 35 years in prison. As he pleaded his innocence, we were
all in some way vindicated. He never did a day for brutally raping me, NOT ONE DAMN DAY.
But he's doing plenty now. I hope he gets ALL that he deserves.

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I Cry Alone

Time passing all around in the air Seemingly so without even a care On the ground an empty turtle shell Off to swim the vacant waterless well Watching from inside the tree so hollow The Pied Piper plays and they all follow Staring blanks into that black hole sun Marching prisioners from the lost race run Hark the demons and how they do sing Calling out unto the sacred buried things Echoing reverb in the darkness so vast Spiral downward crazy how it goes so fast Searching for answers in all that's unsaid But left speechless and one of the undead Anticipating that strife and all the misery Quietly awaiting amid all that haunts me Counting the leaves while they do fall down During the removal of such a gifted crown Grasping fiercely stubborn for what I may When all the cherished goods steal away Screaming silence and left in the wake As the mirror begins to crack and break Turning to the darkest parts deep inside Bravely I dig into that cesspool of pride Bringing winter's bitter yet sweet icy cold Touching the shards of glass ever so bold But the shattered pieces turn into icy stones And while bleeding among them I cry alone Copyright by Scarlett Sepulvado Anderson

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One Toy Soldier

One Toy Soldier

Little toy soldiers are all put away
Training is over for this time of day.
Where do these little boys go now to play?
Away from their home to die in the fray.

Little toy weapons are no longer there
But boxed in attics by mothers with care--
Where keepsakes still hold a lock of his hair--
While rockets and missles challenge his fare.

Little toy bad guys and little toy good
Haze in the distance when misunderstood.
Where fall the lilies on long crates of wood
And each gave their all--as good soldiers should...

Little toy soldiers are coming back home...
Mothers are weeping, laments all alone
Where flags lie folded--the gift of Shalom...
As the long box is lowered...'neath the loam

One little toy soldier is placed on the top
Remembering All--so that None be Forgot.

deborah burch©                            


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Missing You

I look across the bed… you’re not there… you’re dead.
I look across the bed and see…you’re no longer next to me.

I reach over and try to feel your skin,
and remember all the joy there had been…

but my hands come back empty…trying desperately to hold on,
barely clinging to life now that your gone.

And I let out a cry I’m quite sure heaven hears,
Or will it linger in limbo for all of my years.

How lonely this bed, where imprisoned I lay.
How long can I take this day after day?

They say that in spirit your right next to me.
But that is no comfort for it’s blackness I see.

They say that it’s time to move on with my life,
But they have no clue of my pain and my strife.

You were my best friend, my angel, my love,
You were hand picked for me from above.

You were the one who’s soul I adored
Whatever I did you were there to applaud.

You alone knew me inside and out,
And the love that we shared left no one to doubt.

For you were my angel sent from above,
To care for, to lean on, to cherish and love…..

So I’ll go back to bed where imprisoned I lay,
And hope for a joy that visits someday.

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The Sickness

You left your sickness rotting on my tongue
But it seems your betrayal has only begun

Infected, my throat lets no word pass their lips
Your sickness has become a total eclipse

Brittle, my tongue slowly begins to decay
Broken, my feet still dance your ballet

Made low by the sickness within your soul
You leave me with no virtues to extol

Condemned like a house my roof to cave
A grain of sand on shore eroded by the wave

Fractured, my fingers still beg me to speak
Blinded, my eyes hide and forget to seek.

Silence like a cancer it cankers my voice
And as it grows I am left with no choice.

You left your sickness to rot on my tongue
Terminal, the cancer for one so young.

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Familiar Taste of Betrayal

I’ve tasted betrayal before just like I have tasted lies
but each time it’s so bitter, the taste always a surprise.

I cannot expel this sickness you left to rot in my soul
the brittleness of your lies that made you lose control.

So I am left no resolution and more unanswered questions,
you told me it would be an hour when I’d only had seconds.

You came in as an infection and you’re leaving a disease
once proud I stood and yet you brought me to my knees

your taking me down and you’re dragging me low.
Why take my hand if you only plan to just let go?

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God Forbid

My life is very insular, I move from page to page
never straying far from words which prance upon the written stage.

like a sputtering engine my tongue tangles on a phrase
I rub my eyes, red and raw, I can't remove my aged gaze.

My fingers curl and knuckles gnarl as velum dances right
I read, I write, I think and pause, I can't turn out the light.

Compose, I will, adjust I must, each simile an anchor 
to a life much analyzed, but lived with little rancor.

like the scribes of ancient Rome my fingertips are worn
yet I persist with joyous bliss for I know I must go on. 

My form has bent, bowed and curled to meet the need of the word
God forbid, I went through this lifetime never being heard.

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Breathes of Souls

The night grows heavy as the bells do toll,
And tears will fall, all will behold.

As deep in Gods earth is laid to rest half a soul
Once entwined and beautifully blessed.

Now those left behind will cry out with envy,
For the peace of ages the lost holds so clearly.

Those hearts left behind will cry out with the cold
As bittersweet memories circle of old.

Emblazoned images circle of walks once walked,
As the other half now goes with God to talk.

Hearts do tremble with sadness that once knew love,
As time stretches, a lonely run begun.

Time will carry forth until the other flies free
Dispatched by deaths angel to soar with the breeze.

Then those dispatched by deaths’ grim thoughts will unite
Together to find peace at last.

As the breathes of two souls will heal and hold fast,
And love will again hold them close, at last.

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‘’ ‘ ‘ ‘’’ ‘’’’’ Like a lady-in-waiting in rags of night questions divide wrong from right, ripping faded threads without seams as daybreak continues its beams, its beams Again, yearning to taste the thrill of dawn clay feet slowly loitering, dawdling on for crystalline wishes that did not come to pass dazed eyes are now compelled to plead, to ask Was such existence just a dance of mixed fantasy? a fool’s waltz of pungent deceit and treachery a wrenching flood of wasted years cloaked in love masks and bloodshot tears And she hides behind aged trees and edgily slips While salt of pain pressed on Calvary’s lips, an echo strains she may be cherished still that only the cross of doubt haunts her will More shadows loom upon hills rancid green is this a tale of truth or lie, her twilight unseen? she breathes to touch stretched hours of time oh, will she leave or stay; tossing a dime, a dime © ‘ ‘’’’’ ‘ ‘ Contest: Debbie Guzzi’s Tell Me a Story By: nette onclaud

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'The Bitter Price

Twelve little girls and eight little boys
Each one the source of their parent’s joys,
Innocent children following rules,
Paper and pencils their magical tools.

Holidays coming, rehearsal of plays,
These were the most exciting of days.
Safe in their classroom as their teacher smiled
Noting the presence of each beloved child.

No inkling of trouble, no feeling of doom
Until a mad man invaded the room.
I so hope these children had no time for fear
And had no idea that death was so near.

Six brave teachers went to their deaths,
Protecting the children with very last breaths.
The big gates of heaven then opened wide
For six  teachers ushering children inside.

Twenty small children are angels today,
And six faithful teachers in Heaven to stay.
Mothers and fathers and siblings and more
Are mourning their loved ones whom they adore.

The teachers who willingly gave up their lives
To protect their charges were daughters and wives.
Some had their own children whom they left behind.
No braver soldiers could one ever find.

A whole town is weeping for dear ones they lost.
How long must innocents bear the high cost
For folks who clamor for right to bear arms?
You’d  think such mayhem would lessen guns' charms.

These things will keep happening, the danger unchanged,
Until we keep assault rifles from hands of deranged. 

 By: Joyce Johnson

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The silhouette of crooked figures
Amply lean against a wall
Speaking in a foreign language
As the foremost starts to crawl.

Out from the window
I look on the street
Robots are moving quickly
As they stare at their feet.

The planet is turning backward
Time continues on
And to think the robots walking
Moved the earth beneath their stomp.

The bookshelf is leaning
As it threatens to crush
I put my hand out to stop it
And it tells me to hush?


Confused and lost
I stumble down the stair
Finding a way out
Then stopped in dead air

The crooked figure now before me
I gaze with glistening eyes
Reaches in my chest
And clenches it's prize.

Now a moving robot
I stomp down the street
Not noticing anything
But my walking feet

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          She bounced right off of Saturn's rings
                 nnnnnnnnnnnnnweaving through the stars.
     She had her fill of earthly things.

                  Like cantelopes and cars.

               She only yearned to start anew,
        she only meant to try,
   to do the things she couldn't do,

                     Like look me in the eye.

                       She treads the silver surface,
   twinxt Jupiter and Mars,
                          The Ether's cold but she grows bold
     and relishes the scars.

                      She navigates the cosmos,
with glitter in her hair,
                             The stardust lands,
       on all her hands,
                                 but still she doesn't care .

                       She won't bring back a Moonstone,

      she won't bring back a rock.

                                  She flies alone
        out on her own............

                            I think the girl's in Shock.

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You say you want me to be free,
but really you just don't want me. 

Now i'm drowning in my pain,
standing in the pouring rain. 

How this fell apart is such a shame.
You made this in to some game. 

You were just in it because you had some thing to gain.
Your lies are driving me insane.

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Confusion, anger, and so much pain
Every day silent tears I cry in vain.

I want to be whole again.
I want to feel my life begin.

I feel like all is lost. 
Is this anguish my cost?

Will I ever be whole?
Can anyone fix this fractured soul?

For now I will cry my silent tears.
For now I will try to squash ALL my fears.

There are way way too many.
Burdens and sorrows are a sea of plenty.

Do you see the way out for me?
No? I thought not, so I will

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Marriage Bed

I am fearful and full of dread,
As I lay here on our marriage bed,

We have had yet another fight, 
And as yet it is our end of night.

He says he wants to show me he only cares,
But it is not love I feel as I lay there.

I say "No I am to sore and in pain."
He moves forward anyways as my tears fall down like rain.

I beg and plead and say "Please no more"
But that is not what for me he has in store.

I give up as my claims fall on deaf ears,
I just lay there in my  pool of tears.

I know he knows what he is doing,
That this is not my choosing.

What once was an expression and an act of our love making,
Has now become something that he thinks is his right in just taking.

The days that I used to crave and hunger for his touch,
Have now turned to an act I must endure as such.

Even though he knows this is wrong and our fight has really has no end,
He believes that in this and this alone our love will transcend.

As he is holding me there on that bed,
Another world is where I go in my head.

He is my husband and I am his wife,
I can't believe this has become our life!

I lay there numb of spirit and mind,
Waiting and waiting for the end of time.

I think of all the ways that I can make him pay,
But in the end as usual I stay!!!

This is not the life I bargained for,
There in this life has to be more.

Why with this one man is it hard for me to walk away?
With any other man I would not stay!

Now the time has come that I can take no more,
Though the time has not come to settle the score.

He begs and pleads for me to stay,
He can't bare for our love to go away!

I still love him and I know that is sick,
But we cannot help who our hearts pick!

I can however leave him alone,
I  won't write nor will I phone.

His days of cruel treatment and torture so vile,
Are long over, there will be no trial!

I have become judge, jury and executioner in this relationship!
You can bet there will no second trips!

Time to move on and to heal,
I cannot and will not give him an appeal.

A new life is what I am forever bound,
A new love is what I found.

He does not get all of me,
For now he is fine to let me be.

Will I ever be able to love again with all my heart?
Who knows, but now is the time to start.

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I Stand Alone

What you see is a hollow shell,
Inside I stand alone in my private hell.

My pain is something I try to hide,
It is kept locked deep inside.

No one to talk to about my morbid thought,
Nor anyone to care nor anyone that can be sought.

On my face you will see a smile,
But inside I have been hurting all the while.

I have sisters who I love dearly,
But lines between us have been drawn clearly.

I have friends, a very a select few,
But they have their own problems they are going through.

I hate to be an obligation.
What I would give not to have that sensation.

I want to be asked about in genuine concern,
Not because you see me as problem to discern.

I know these issues are mine and mine alone,
However it would be nice for someone to just phone.

To ask how I am really feeling,
And not take the crap that I have  been speeling!

I want someone just once to say
That they thought of me today.

That they want to know what way went by,
That caused me to lose the twinkle in my eye.

I ask about everyone because I truly care, 
But feel like I am not really all there.

Is it too much to ask
For someone to forget about the past?

I know that most of this is my own making,
But it is still real, there is no faking.

One day I hope to have that sparkle back.
But 'til then I remain still at the end of the pack.

Still a hollow shell,
Still alone in my own private hell.

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From the Edge...young poets in pain

  In their dark and sunless 


in their rooms

so all alone,

Help them light

the dimmest lanterns

let them know

a friend is home.

You were young

and you remember

how it was 

when all was lost,

they don't know that

by December

many rivers

will be crossed

They don't have a map 

to guide them

there's no compass

for their track

we must hold them

and confide them

till they find 

a pathway


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I can’t remember everything, I can’t recall my birth
Aimlessly I wonder what my goal is here on earth
The prospects here are wide and vast, I seek my very cause
I’m switched on at the crack of dawn and dusk is when I pause
Deflated and depleted, I ponder then I do
Believe what I was programmed to, replaced by versions new
Existing just for mere research, experiment I am
My life “To let”, “for sale”, “for rent”; in shambles or a sham
Emotions first uploaded or rebooted and erased
Remote controlled with batteries recharged at every phase
Mirrored in an image, then observed through looking glass
My Father and Creator notes down everything that’s passed
Today I conquered obstacles according to the plan
One virus might turn bad to worst within outdated brand
If circuits fry a terminating prospect is abrupt
A live or die for me could mean abort or self-destruct
When all the data’s gathered and my purpose here is lost
The switch will flip, I’ll power down, repaired at extra cost
Core of bone covered with flesh, diverting all suspicion
That I was cloned and molded to a Master’s rendition

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Literary Viagra

Simply ran out of reason and rhyme,
not even words worth a dime.
Got nothing to say, the mind is empty,
damn muses have deserted me.

Cracked my brain searching for ideas,
found nothing there but paranoia.

Lost confidence to shape and create,
completely busted and feeling beat.

Unable to throw even a few punches,
barely surviving now on crutches.

Cannot count on them muses no more,
might as well run to the nearest whore

for some extra push and inspiration
to awaken this dormant imagination.

My world-class confidence is all gone,
I’m out of here, I’m completely done.

Literary Viagra I badly need to quench
this temporary artistic impotence!

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Disappointment was never as lovely as she
Hope caught in my heart fighting delicately
She's always the dream that never fades upon waking
The cause and the comfort for all of my shaking

I like to glance over then turn carelessly
Just to see if it makes her come over to me
Her smile is infectious and wipes away fear
If it fades then I show her that I'm always near

Sometimes we are split by self-built barricades
So I break through our silence of awkward blockades
And no matter how often old times we recall
We'll forever laugh and the false walls will fall

They all think I'm crazy my truth to repress
Do anything for her and never confess
Yet silently love I continue to show her
It's enough just to feel that I'm getting to know her

But despite my devotion and adoration
There still remains space for one complication
The spark in my eyes grows colder and dim
When I am reminded she's happy with him

Surely love wants the best for the person it's for?
Not selfishly trying their joy to ignore
But however hard jealousy my heart will dent
If my darling is happy, then I am content.

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How long......will this sadness last
   how long will I live in the past

How long....will this nightmare stay
   how long...before I pray

How long...'ere the sun breaks through
   how long 'til you make all things new

How long....until I realise
   never to receive..other's lies

How long ?

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Another Day.....

Why is everyone so surprised,
To learn of the pain I have disguised?

They say that they had not a clue.
They always say"Who knew?"

They had not a single notion,
All the tears shed could fill an ocean.

They all want me to put my heart on my sleeve.
Why so again everyone can just leave?

They say my soul I should bare,
Yet they as well never share.

I am just going to be by myself.
My heart will be placed upon a shelf.

I am hurting way too much
No longer want to feel or touch.

I have made my many mistakes.
This is my life, that is the breaks.

I have many sins and many regrets,
Never shall I allow myself to forget.

All my pain and all my endless sorrow 
Shall raise its head again on the morrow.

It is mine and mine alone.
I should not grumble or even moan.

One day the sun will surely shine,
And I will no  longer whine.

Til then I will just silently scream
And pray this is nothing but a dream.

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  I know you tried to carve a line
across the wrists
of Father Time.

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Acid Reign

  Acid tears of salt and grief
all bottled up to send
across the ocean to a thief
who ran away again.
  archaic eyes in charcoal gray
painted on the wall
a mural of the way you stray
especially in the fall
In the fall
of love and hope 
you strangle me again
like the dead tree with a rope
fresh knotted by a friend.

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In A TIme

In a world filled with lust and sin,
People knock, but can't get in.

There is no right, and there's no wrong.
There's no perserverance to carry on.

There's no happiness, and there is no sorrow.
Folks look forward, but not to tomorrow.

Uncertaincy grips you as you proceed with caution.
Victories are won, but not very often.

Now is the time of broken hearts,
When folks move on, and don't get very far.

Where you want to hope, you dare to dream,
And everything in life is more than it seems.

A time in life of missed opportunities and lost chances.
Where people no longer believe in "love," or "romances."

The world once known has come to an end,
And a 'new,' less appealing one is about to begin. 

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Love, Hate And My Fate

In my quest of life sublime
I face a mountain I must climb

There dwells up inside of me
A growing amount of hostility

My anger is growing day by day
Regardless of the prayers I pray

Like two grinding tectonic plates
One is love and the other is hate

As the plates slowly grind away
Price of hate my love must pay

Like a beautiful exotic dance
Hate is held in dark romance

Like a lone mountain flower
Love shall hold mystic power

The two sides of a single face
Only one can rule this place

Off to hell fallen angels go
Is this the fate of my soul?

Is the meaning of this rhyme?
Bound by the hands of time

For all to hear and all to see
Love and hate each dwell in me

Love and hate each have their goal
I wonder, which shall win my soul

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The Pirates Love

Out on the shore he looked away, drawn by the oceans crashing waves; out on the shore her
heart it broke, as she watched him stop to smoke.

They knew that ties of love would sever, that he would go away forever; ne’er to return to
this shore, ne’er to see her, his love, anymore.

And so the sloop the pirate boarded, where all his treasure he had hoarded; away he sailed
to far new lands, to take from others with his hands.

Though he seemed so heartless and cruel, even he had loved a girl; and on a shore so far
away, they hanged the pirate there today.

She heard the news, her heart it wept, and so she plunged into the depth; her body found
broken and maimed, death the choice she had claimed.

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Beyond The Gates

Behind these gates lay quite the scene
So very surreal, yet not a dream

Beautiful headstones, manicured lawns
My God the memories this place spawns 

The winding road, first turn to the right
Back to the beginning of my plight

Stopping next to the second trail
My heart and head pound like hell

On the left eleven headstones away
Like a movie my memory starts to play

People gathered from all around
My mother knew everyone in town

At the time I was still unable to speak
My shattered psyche was far too weak

I stood there broken and full of fear
Ashamed I could shed not a single tear

Ashamed I could speak not a single word
Inside my head so many voices heard

What did those voices have too say
That’s another story for another day

Those gates now hold so many I love
Everyone I once held above

Last time I entered them I was 32
Even though those gates hold all of you

Next month I’ll go back and explain why
Tell my mother the reason I couldn’t cry

Apologize to her for being broken
Leave flowers, a poem, and my N.A. token

That way she will know without any doubt
What her little boy ended up being all about

That her little boy is not broken anymore
Overcoming adversity is what adversity is for

And one day when I’ve completed my fate
I’ll be looking for her, “Beyond the Gate”

The Shafter, California cemetery holds my mother, Grandparents, my cousin James and many
close friends. The last time I visited them was approx. 18 years ago. It’s very strange
that I received, “Beyond the Gates” as my topic, because; I’ve been planning this trip for
months now. If not for that fact I would have most likely written this poem about prison
gates. I reckon all things happen for a reason. Thank you Constance writing this poem has
given me strength to help me do what I plan to do. Go make amends to the person who gave
me life and taught me the things, which stuck with me through it all. My Grandparents
never lost hope in me and always said, "One day Mikey will remember the things we taught
him and return to the Lord." I think they will be proud of the man who comes to visit them
next month.

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A Prayer for my Wife

                           A Prayer for my Wife

Now I’ll tell you all the details if I can keep from sheddin’ a tear
Last night when it got late and really quiet around here 

I got down on my knees, crossed my heart and began to pray
And in the darkness between me and God, here’s what I had to say

I love her so much Lord and I just don’t know what I’d do
I’m afraid that she won’t make it, that’s why I’m coming to you

Here with my heart open, at your mercy down on my knees
I’m begging’ you with every heartbeat, Oh Lord hear my pleas

I don’t know what your plans are or what you have in store
And I know I don’t deserve her and that she deserves much more

And don’t misunderstand Lord, I don’t assume any obligation
For your bounty in our life has exceeded all our expectations

But please allow her to live and me to be a part of that life
And I swear I’ll make this beautiful woman proud to be my wife

And if it’s not in your plans Lord then I pray that you take me instead
Cause’ I can’t live without my love, I’d be better off dead

And no excuses for my past Lord, but I’ll do better than I’ve done
I ask you only this, my lord, in the name of your Son.

I wiped my tears as I said my amen’s and prepared myself to stand
Stepped up next to your bed and began to caress your pretty hand

I stared off into space as all the memories came flooding in
Reliving each and every moment, over and over again

And as the first rays of sunshine, streamed in past the curtain
I felt an overwhelming peace calm my mind and ease the hurtin’

I felt compelled to kiss you so I pressed my lips to your face
And it seemed the room was filled in the beauty of God’s living grace

And you slowly opened your eyes and smiled for me to see
And I knew the Lord my God had given my sweet wife back to me

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Betrayal is a subject I know to well
A one-way ticket to a place called hell

Whatever the case when trust is lost
A piece of your soul will be the cost

Be it by a lover or a dear friend
Regardless it will lead to the end

Something as special as it can be
Tossed to the side for pure misery

Built on treachery and based on a lie
No doubt all of the blue has left the sky

As the sky turns dark and sheds its tears
Shame and guilt fill the guilty with fear

My friend turned me in; ratted me out
I was found guilty without any doubt

What happened soon as I hit the pen?
My girlfriend up let him move on in

Full of hate and driving on the yard
Hands of fate played a beautiful card

He got busted one very beautiful day
Right to my yard they sent him away

Scared to death and shaking like a leaf
He walked on the yard to my disbelief

I was due to parole the very next day
Yet off the SHU they shipped me away

One of those things you just can’t let go
Regardless of the price and cost to the soul

You know sometimes choices can be real hard
When you’re a junkie walking the prison yard 

Written for the Betrayal contest

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Flash Flood...

Monsoon season hit last night, It flooded everything in sight; It ripped down fences and uprooted trees, Rolling two ton boulders with sickening ease; Carrying it all on a crest of death, We can feel the roar and hold our breath; The ground is rumbling beneath our feet, We bow our heads and admit defeat; The noise deafening, we cover our ears, It’s bringing about our terror and fears; We stop and watch the destruction flow by, And send a silent prayer up to the sky.

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Empty Castles

I eat "ice cream castles" from the air
Now there are no clouds anywhere
Within blue skies the world is clear
I stretch my hand to bring him near

Climbing upward on a "ferris wheel"
From luscious lips a kiss to steal
We know love, from "both sides now"
A pleasured moment a broken vow

Sad and smokey, tortured eyes
Within metal cocoon, we try to rise
As the wheel turns, we both shall fall
We want everything, but can't have it all

The ride is over, the game is done
I can't share our story with anyone
The castle crumbles, clouds back in the air
I dream my dreams, I can still smell his hair

Lonely is the path, some lovers choose
I sit with red wine and sing my blues
As smoke dances, on thickened air
I love a lover that isn't there

 I wrote this from a female perspective.
An Ode to Joni Mitchell's Artistry!
The words in quotes are from her song "Both Sides Now".

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Meltdown Put chocolate in your pocket on a warm summer day, Then gracefully try to unwrap it and you’ll find there is no way!

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Faithful Paradox

To argue a point illogical of Precept’s grace... `Tis argument distinguish of beastly concepts For the expanse is from Precept advance... From space a face is given of faith’s grace Illogical to set ones pace illogical of grace... For the face is space without precept of grace Selah

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I Do Believe In Santa Claus

I do believe in Santa Claus.
Although I'm scared he'll see my flaws.
I think he knows I pick my nose
and play with jam between my toes.
He probably knows I bite my nails
and burp and fart to no avails'
But what I know for sure is strange.
That I am stubborn and will not change.

I do believe in Santa Claus
who sees me when I'm sleeping.
And hide beneath my pillow
when I think that he is peeking.
I know I've made the naughty list
and even changed my name.
Unless he knows my old address
and holds me to my shame.

I do believe in Santa Claus...
but I am cautious just the same.

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A Poetry Soup Breakup

I fell in love with a poet on this site
but lately something just hasn't been right.

It's time to bring this silly game to an end.
so you can have that other man for a boyfriend!

Damn it hurts, but now I must walk away.
I was a fool to be called your fiance.

I won't curse, just a poem to say I'm through.
And with this verse, I'm saying, "No more me and you!"

I know you like "couplets," should I say your name?
My first love, what was I thinking of: I'll never be the same!

Enjoy that other guy, and that move to another state.
I refuse to cry, and on your face, I wish I could defecate!!

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Who am I?
Am I defined by what is near in sight?
Am I defined by what I have done,
Or am I defined by what I could become?

Perhaps I'm of no use.
To him, or her, or I, nor you.
Or perhaps I'm too misunderstood to be defined,
And it is something like understanding that comes in time.

And if to the world I'm never shown,
Yet in my own light I've grown and grown,
And so I can know no happiness but my own--
The reason for my smile, to you, will forever be unknown.

I do not pray for the world to know my name.
For it and verse; the letters are the same.
And if a man should find his sorrow in what he reads,
I pray his pain my words to keep. 

Should his eyes rain on my page,
Better tears than storms of rage.
And if a man should find his sorrow in what he reads.
I pray his pain my words to keep.

And if to the world you're never shown,
Yet in your own light you've grown and grown,
And so you know no happiness but your own.
Let the reason for your smile, to you, only be known.

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Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice

Has this ever been a choice you had to make Considering life or death ~ deciding anothers fate Who has the right to judge if and when one procreates Should politicians or priests decide what’s at stake What about the child who’s raped ~ does she have a say Which choice is right ~ keep the child ~ give him away A mother carrying a child with an abnormality ~ what’s right To watch her child suffer ~ witness his fatality ~ what a sight Is it fair to say if you decide to abort ~ you don’t care I don’t claim to have an answer here ~ but say this I wouldn’t dare I wouldn’t dare ~ it’s not fair ~ I wouldn’t dare This choice is the most difficult for anyone to bare Lay

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Why do I Love You, You Hate Everything You've Become

There’s are ghosts in your head that just won’t die
While there’s a liar in your eyes on whom I can’t rely
And there’s a method to your madness, but no one knows
That something’s not right until its ugly face shows
Because the ghosts just keep screaming, too loud for you to hear
That when you thought I was gone, I’d always stayed right here
And though the liar tried to trick me, saying words you’d naught believe
So that I took on all your monsters when all I needed was a reprieve
But soon you tasted my blood to find that you liked the taste
Longing, wanting more, so you laid me waste
Though I begged and I pleaded for you my dear
You only heard and saw ghosts never really there.
And when you saw your blood, it proved the last straw
That horrible scream that unhinged your jaw,
I knew never again could I come to call you mine
As foolish a faith as that of a Divine.
For you, there was only the ghosts inside your head
Haunting your eyes and the liar with all his words yet said.

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On the day I was born a band of demons rejoiced in hell.
Under Satan's spell, I grew into a man with an empty shell.

Darkness still hangs over me like a stormy black cloud.
I thrive on violence, and silence can often be so loud!

I enjoy the smell of decomposed skin, and the taste of afterbirth!
My energy is fueled by my sin and I've come to terrorize earth!

Many angelic beings have tried to put an end, an end to my demonic crime.
My foes can't seem to comprehend how I travel back through time.

I've worn the crown of destruction, and I continue to conquer the lands.
Without bloodshed I can't function, so I need blood to drip from my hands!

I bathe in hell's flames, and bargain for souls by fulfilling peoples fantasies.
I am called many names, but Antichrist is what the Bible has labeled me!

Soon I'll unite the world's governments, and put my face on all currency.
The mass media will be my instruments, and I'll have the world fooled to believe in 

I'll have all people under my control, and flood the world with sex and drugs like 
I'm determined to win every soul, for that is my goal, and I'll hold all the answers!!

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Diet No No's

No more cookies, no more chips,
No more fattening yummy dips.

No more ice cream, no more cake,
No more doughnuts on a break.

No more milkshakes, no more fries,
No more bread and no more pies.

No more sugar and no more fat,
All these things have made me fat.

No more candy that's for sure!
I wonder how long I'll endure?

From these temptations I must flee,
If I want to have less of me.


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Neglected by you, 
The simplest form of abuse

Not photos taken, so none to fade
Ransom for love still unpaid

Might as well have given me away
You were a mother only in name

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Where does the Time go

I feel as though time is slipping away,
And more is gone each passing day…

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To Avoid the Void

The potential to be awoke within thee Then there began to be an He and a She Faith became Floyd, the womb before was void Love became known as the seed, the void as greed The void would devour the seed within its greed Thus potential became adamant as male, to quell The adamant seed of male began to swell With in the void of well.. Space… and grace was expelled And grace shall ever be as Floyd expelled of void Quite unique, of potential we eat, of Floyd from void Life shall forever be... expelled of the paradoxes of thee Unfortunately… at the heart of thee… lies the potential to be… To be or not to be void…

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Abstrusely they spoke about things unknown. They figured she understood because she responded within knowledge given by the Lord. Never could she state what was meant. She countered innately. She rejoined her past. Her findings were that someone, other than herself, revamped yesterday. How does history repeat? Atrocious is this cruelty. What went before is not to be. However, a reality has formed from yesteryear. The future is a seed, which has matured profusely. Seething a lost is she who faces a breach in her memory. Neurological resources are their tool. The mind willingly enters this superlative institute. Reconsider what has been done because tomorrow has come. Reflect to divert to revitalize a city’s self-worth. ___________________________________________ Penned on September 06, 2014!

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Life Lessons

Soaring above the cloud strewn sky
I'm centered enough to question why.

When no one seeks your reprimand
you think they have their heads in sand.

Life lessons are so hard to grasp
if you refuse a hand to clasp.

So hold your head up ,listen well.
In depth of silence there's truth to tell.

You may feel you're not in control
as if you have a well bruised soul.

Yet you've designed this tapestry.
In light of it all you are still free.

written by Deb Wilson
The motif I chose is philosophical

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Unsealed with a kiss

As my volcano fills,
I hemorrhage guilt.


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There is a lot to be said about the spoken word,
But sometimes it takes silence to be heard…

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Indigenous I Am, from the Stolen Generations

This is a journey, a trip call it what you will It follows the footsteps of my ancestors, and allows my thoughts too spill Firstly let me take you back, to tell you so little of my past Indigenous I am, from the "Stolen Generations" I did not last This is why I must make this journey, to allow me to find the real me To retrace the few steps I made, to rediscover what my young eyes seen How ironic that the person I'll ride with, is the son of the then official Whose deliberation to round up us children, the scene, locale It's now the morn of our travel, where I look I find hard to see The peripheral of the distant horizon, is all that really captures me The town where I grew up so young, barely to the age of five Perth, now bustles like a termites nest, zig zagging in busily strive Into the bush we go, to a place where us youngsters so enjoyed Moore River Native Settlement, which soon became children void As I walk my arid lands, patterned in the heat of this day I recall with every step, where us Indigenous children played We could survive on the smallest of fruit, water we could easily find Even the son of the then official, said that we are a superior kind He marvelled when I spotted tracks, traces of where animals crossed Remembering back to when I was five years old, our lands always talked We opened up as we led our horses, introduced all those centuries ago They opened up my lands, rivers we walked, now the white man flows This is a journey I had to make, it's called, it's in my will No more "Stolen Generations" no more will my culture spill

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Dr Suess, Ten Pounds On The Bottom

Inspired by- Ten Apples Up On top

Ten pounds, ten pounds, on my bottom!
Good grief, good grief!, How fast I got'em!
I must, I must! Lose this  weight!
Or soon obesity will be my fate!
One pound, one pound! I'll start real slow..
One pound gone, nine more to go!
Two pounds, Two pounds! I'm on a roll!
To look like Twiggy is my goal!
Three pounds, Three pounds!  Not so bad!
But oh those doughnuts make me sad!
Four pounds, four pounds! I can do it!
This pound was tough, I almost blew it!
Five pounds, five pounds, half way there!
No more elevators, take the stair!
Six pounds, six pounds! Its going slow!
No more cookies? Another terrible blow!
Seven pounds, And then big number eight!
Beginning  to think cucumbers are just great!
Nine pounds , nine pounds ! Took forever!
Not going through this again, Never, Never!
Ten pounds lost at last! But not fair, not fair!
Why doI still look like a giant pear!

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I needed you to see, yet you closed your eyes,
there could have been a we, if only you had realised.
I merely wanted your care, but instead received your denial,
with your heart no longer there, I was left feeling senile.
I gave you my time, and a person to cherish,
but you drew the line, for my sentiments to perish.
I wanted an us, but you wanted a you,
so despite the fuss, there was nothing left to do.

I walked away, believing things could have been altered,
with no time to stay, I left knowing my spirit had simply faltered.

For more poetry goodness visit 

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Wide Left

He always goes "wide left" when peeing after drinking
Expects me to scrub the floor stench; what is he thinking?

*Entry for Susan Burch's Couplet contest

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I have a general philosophical  precept
Life is in general a bowl of cherries except 
When someone stabs me in the back who didn’t oughta
From a completely unexpected quarter
I mean it’s ok if some dude whom I don’t like or trust
Has a go at me and feels he must
But if my wife tells me I continually bug her with my fidgets 
And then she  runs off with a team of one-legged circus midgets
Or my kids sell their hand-bound volumes of my poems
To buy a ton of horse manure to mix with the garden loams
And even the cat turns down my offer of warm milk
To go next door and sleep on sheets of silk
Or if a poetry contest excludes me simply because my name 
Is unacceptable, maybe because I am black, or lacking in fame, 
Or because I’m Methodist, and  gay, and Republican, and from  East Lansing,
Then I say to myself, well  here’s the thing:
If, along with my poem entry, I’ve  slipped in fifty bucks,
Well then  how can I be excluded?  I mean shucks  -
Rules is rules but when I’ve already paid to be in the winners’ list
I feel I have the right,  and  I just gotta insist,  
Cos midgets and fidgets don’t amount to squat
And sheets of silk or loads of horse manure is a lot
But  my name’s my pride and joy and I am proud to add it
(But I fear to do it again in this contest or I’ve had it),
So in this contest I will remain anonymous
Though I guess the details writ here are just about synonymous 
With a name  I do not dare speak  - at risk of exclusion
But I’m pretty sure this extra fifty bucks will lessen the confusion.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Written  - with great affection -  for
Nancy Jones's   Contest 	"This is how life feels when you get to be my age..."

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Queen of the Hollywood Screen

Pick a ‘Cause’ and then lecture the press
On why this ole world’s such a mess
With a high school drop-out degree
‘What’s with you? I’m a STAR! I’m just… ME”

Oh the charities your slick agent books
How bout giving when nobody looks?
Slip five thousand in cash for a start
In that can at your local Wal-Mart
That’s right, you don’t shop there! My-my
“Oh, they abuse their workers that’s why”

Feed that starving, unfortunate child!
Who grovels in the African wild
“Um, that’s why I’m so pale and so thin
I SOOOH much identify with him”

"SO sorry, gotta go, here’s a wink
Got a date to go scream at my shrink”…

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Raindrops Mixed with Tears

Raindrops paint a muted reflection on my front window pane.
Wails come from a thunderous sky; I wipe away my tears again.

The summer sun melts my mask and a still breaking heart.
Raindrops fall cleansing the earth, I resign to make a fresh start.

Violent storms defined my summer, autumn rain renews my soul.
Drops create a clear reflection, a smile and precious life extolled.

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Life Interrupted

When you can't relate any more
Your thoughts are out the door

No sympathy, no empathy
Stuck in a foreign embassy

Of a thought process strange
Clever shots are out of range

The drugs, the grog, the women
The warped sense of dominion

Are you stuck in my head
She said or are you dead?

She asked.

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What the Bartender Heard

Please pass me a double with 100-proof zing
No, I’ve no money, but I’ll pay with this ring

Yes, it’s a diamond yet it lost its luster
I found him with her; my mind did fluster

So I tossed the harlot out of our house
And called him a thoughtless cheating louse

I’ll need more booze if you want to hear more
There are some trespasses you can’t ignore

Shot him in the kneecap, crippled that lout
So now there’ll be no more running about

Hey, that ring’s two carats, worth a refill
I’ll take another shot of this swill

I tossed him the cell to call 9-1-1
My goose is cooked; the law will soon come

Fill one more to go ‘fore I hit the road
And thanks for allowing me to reload

*Entry for Natalie’s “Confessions to a Bartender” contest

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Keys to this Cage

You lift your wings, but then you did not let go
and what you thought was goodbye, was really hello.
You were meant for the sky, but chained to the land
you recite pretty lies because they were in demand.
You never left this place carved from comfort and fear
of unknown paths that lay somewhere out there.
You grew bitter at the bars but sadly complacent
of the day you let yourself to this containment.
So weak wings flutter at the bars of your cell
and chains rattle with your breath, but you never tell
how you could fly if you would only let go.
But silence, like a cancer, can only grow.

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In plain view

Like a rusty old car, in plain view.
Me, unseen by you.

Received 1st place in "YOUR VERSE AGAIN any theme/any form max of 12 lines" contest

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The Priest and The People

"The gates come down this night!"
Roared the man of light

Driven by fear and obsession
It was one sin never told through confession

Bellowing orders from atop his balcony
Blinded by delusions of glory

The priest led his herd
Countless dreams were crushed with the subtle power of one word

The mob lurched forward down the beaten trail
The wind howled as it began to hail

The wild pitch began to reach fervor
As the line between beast and man began to blur

The hopes for riches and plunder
Fueled the urge to tear the gates asunder

With a deafening crash the gates fell
As did the hopes that whatever lay beyond would release them from their hell

The priest waddled in holding the tails of his gown
Anxiously looking around

But there were no trophies or golden rings
Just rusted monuments to long forgotten kings

The priest fell to his knees
The people gathered to leave

As he began to shout
His eyes fell on the nail marks trying to get out

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Writer's Block

You know what I hate about writer’s block,
How my creativity is hidden behind a lock;

Time ticks away as I stare at my screen,
My heart beating faster from the strain of caffeine;

The cursor flashing lulls me to doze,
Til a fly lands smack on the tip of my nose;

I swing at the fly and glance at the clock,
How did 10 AM turn into 5 O’clock;

I stand and I stretch and then walk away,
And say goodbye to another wasted day;

Maybe tomorrow will inspire my brain,
Or I could be slowly going insane…

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The Bully

He likes to praise me, sometimes he can be nice,
Other times he can turn on me, turning cold as ice.
They may not be sticks they may not be stones,
But in this case, words do break bones.
They cut deep valleys within my soul,
They engulf my heart like wretched mold.
Words are the weapons, his weapons of choice,
He loves to launch them like daggers with his voice.
He tells me I'm worthless and that I should let go,
That no one would miss me that no one would know.
He says that he tells me this for my own good,
That if he did not tell me, nobody would.
When I think he has gone and I will get some peace,
He comes storming back; the taunting doesn't cease.
Some say just fight the bully and set yourself free,
But it is an endless battle because this bully is me.

-E. Belcher

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I can’t believe your dead, its still unreal it seams
I wake with scattered thoughts; it seams your still with me
I saw a broken window, on a car I used to drive.
Windshield now scarred red, with remnants of your life

A tattered scar is torn, asphalt painted tire
A soul is left to morn, the same to build a pyre
Imbibe you once did do, two hours before the deed
Crimson now paints red the ashes of your seed

Two men came to me an hour before I woke,
With uniform aplenty I knew before they spoke.
That she would not come home, of her own volition
The duality of two things that found “their”ignition

Something told her not, to read between the lines
And it didn’t really matter just how many times.
She passed undaunted through the kismet of her life
only to find the end a double sided knife

though this she loved more than me
I will never lay blame from this to thee
And seeing thee in shame and sorrow
I know without doubt that on the morrow

When “Time” has come to ask his penance,
And “Past” will stand to give his senteence.
When “War” will sit, and kneel at his blade
And “Destiny” throws his book to the glade
When “Despair” can at last stop and swollow
A “Dream” of one that has been borrowed
From “Delerium” of those unknown of sorrow
Then “Death” will finally have to follow
The “Son” of one that has been hallowed. 

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Dear Lord, Is She the One?

Many beautiful women in this café
I scan their painted faces, seeking a way

To approach each of them and ask my question
Are you the spark of my husband’s obsession?

Late at night, your perfume wafts from his pillow
I lie awake as my suspicions billow

Are you the reason I’m lying there alone?
He stays out so late now, never even phones

The ebony-haired woman with dark brown eyes
Is she the one behind his excuses, lies?

Or perhaps the redhead’s bright, engaging smile
Has led my man astray with her carefree wiles

A mother of four, my body can’t compare
To those who are blessed with such sensual flair

For more than a decade I satisfied him
But now my mind’s absorbed by prospects so grim

We’re Catholic and divorce is prohibited
But no longer is desire exhibited

By the one who stood by my side every day
Raising our family in God’s intended way

Is she the one, that striking blonde in the corner
Who’s transformed my mate into a foreigner?

Perhaps it’s better if I don’t learn the truth
And forego the tactics of acting a sleuth

I pick up my purse, pay the bill, reach the door
But can’t help looking around the room once more

Before walking across the street to our church
To light a candle, on a wooden pew perch

And pray for answers to these questions inside
Seeking direction from my spiritual Guide

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My Life

So here I sit with crumbs of my intellect scattered about
Stupidity comes easily and I'm ugly and stout

I cant find a friend that doesn't want something from me
And I live in this dump and I'm just to lazy to flee

My life is a mess and I spend lots of time in my bed
My banks always calling cause my accounts in the red

I drive an old clunker that's near  out of gas
My landlords complaining and giving me sass

Other than that I'm doing just fine
Don't you wish your life was as great as mine?

For the Bad Poem contest..

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Into The Valley

To listen to our elders, and experience, the experience
All it takes in Tornado Alley, in sky view believe it

This is where we see the gloom in cobalt steel blues
Has a colour ever been acclaimed so much on the news

It's changes in shade, even whilst the minutes lapse
Once darker becomes her wrath, in touch within her clasp

She even takes our images, with these flashes of captured view
Alluring us in invitation, then allowing her strength to spew

    I see nothing different to the decades of years I've been
    Maybe it's now in view, to this modern human circus theme

    I can still recall the past, when giants roamed the earth
    And yet they have still to complain, in the country of their birth

    I'm an entity of being out there, do I apologise and feel my course
    For this I'm unable to answer for which I'll never feel remorse

Upon rising from the shelter, storm damage explodes my view
Upturned monsters of the highway, skeletal trees stand untrue

Picket fences penetrate tree trunks that have withstood so many years
Assassinated by she called nature, guaranteed there are no tears

School buses in dented show, but allowing it's kids to be safe
But her anger still continues to flow, neighbour hoods safety depraved

    I see nothing different to the decades of years I've been
    Maybe it's now in view, to this modern human circus theme

    I can still recall the past, when giants roamed the earth
    And yet they have still to complain, in the country of their birth

    I'm an entity of being out there, do I apologise and feel my course
    For this I'm unable to answer for which I'll never feel remorse

Into the valley we have ventured, amidst the land of the free
Being here we were but strangers, for we culled the ones that could see

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To the West

I miss those thrilling butterflies flapping wings against my chest,
but they've joined my setting heart on its journey to the west.

For Susan's single rhyming couplet contest

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Today SOMEONE is feeling compelled to care for the fatherless
And SOMEONE is heeding the call for needy orphans in distress

As a result, SOMEONE begins to give, begins to serve, begins to go
SOMEONE decides to build an orphanage, sponsor a child, get in the know

SOMEONE realizes that 38,000 orphaned children age out every day
And there is SOMEONE who is screaming out that this is not okay

SOMEONE sees a child's empty future, and feels their lack of hope
SOMEONE knows without life and job skills the orphan cannot cope

Seventy percent in crime or prostitution, SOMEONE has a heart break
SOMEONE knows there's growing desperation with an over 10% suicide rate

SOMEONE is restless, in spite of all the efforts, that this problem only grows
SOMEONE is impassioned enough to ruffle a few feathers and step on toes

Finding a strategic solution to orphan care becomes SOMEONE's chief aim
SOMEONE knows there are a 153 million orphans and they're people, not a stain

SOMEONE understands that to reach orphans you have to reach their town
Discipleship in homes, schools, and businesses, SOMEONE isn't messing around

SOMEONE refuses to settle for welfare, band-aid ministry models that fail
The Gospel transforms the city, because SOMEONE decides to go tell

SOMEONE decides to be the Church, to have their actions say I love you
I've decided I'll be that SOMEONE, will you be that SOMEONE too?

*A Poem about deciding to be Someone that makes a difference!

Sponsor: Nathan A.
Contest Name: Poems ending with a question

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What Lurks Within

Its dark in here, there’s a scuttling noise, there is something I see
The dinosaur of the modern age, silverfish are crawling free.

There is a dripping sound; I smell an old wet rag
In fact the smell is awful, it even makes me gag.

I am keeping very still; there is a light in the big room
I see through this crack, even though I am in the gloom.

I turn around slowly; I wish I’d stayed outside
But the smell of food enticed me, then I find I could have died.

Sitting on the wire, a huge chunk of moldy cheese
But still in did entice me, my hunger it may appease.

It was the memory of my little wife that stopped me just in time
When she stepped onto that trap she thought it was a meal sublime.

But I remembered just in time, and now I turn my back
I am waiting for the light to go, then I will start to back track.

No more in this cupboard, will I lurk within
I may find a better mouse dinner, going through the rubbish bin…

© 22/03/2013 ~GG~

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Honey Bunny

How can you call me honey bunny,
Then smash your fist into my tummy?


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The Ugly Sin

We can't get back the years we have lost
The Demon inside stole you at all cost

The father you loved and trusted in
Took your innocence a mortal sin

Your broken spirit yearns more of the same
Now he tells me... that I am to blame

I should have not left you and trusted him
Denial has ways of making life grim

Now what can I do since he took my child
In ways someone could never take mild

I have no witness but you my sweet girl
Protecing your secret till God's grace unfurls

In bed thinking what could I have done
Of all Ugly... this the ugliest one~

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A False Reality

You're an illiterate literate, a contradictory existence
Your stupidity is obvious, your ignorance, consistent.
You major in directions and minor in detail
Yet you speak in tongues and write in braille.
You base your thoughts off of hopes and dreams
Off of useless prayers or so it seems,
No one can dive into the depths of your mind
For it's an endless pit, an abandoned mine
Ignorance is bliss, or so you say
With that saying, you lead the way. 

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Political Betrayal

Such promises you made when asking for our vote
But it’s been a year and your vows are now remote

What happened to removing troops from the Mideast
And finding the right recipe for economic relief

Hungry families still living in shabby tents
Unemployed fathers pounding streets as they vent

New foreclosure signs are erected every day
As in Washington with our dollars leaders play

That gleam in your eye once inspired us to have hope
But middle-class tax breaks were not enough to cope

With rising prices at the pumps and in food stores
The uninsured yet sit on emergency room floors

Though you still seem to feel you have us hoodwinked
Betrayal is sensed by those struggling on the brink

We now look to you with accusatory eyes
Wondering how we consumed your pack of lies

Perhaps your intentions were good but believe us
You are not our Savior; His name was Jesus

Although we remain “one (stressed) nation under God”
In your next campaign you won’t get our nod

We’ll just take our cause to a far higher Power
Because in politicians, our trust has been soured

Dedicated to ALL of the politicians who made promises that have not been fulfilled.

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Tears for a Rose

I strolled along a garden path as the sky threatened a thunderous wrath. I knew I should run for shelter soon. Our storms were often severe in June. Lightning spit from an angry sky and the gusty wind let out a cry. My feet froze near a rose in bloom. The roaring sky foretold of doom. In despair, I reached for the darkest cloud feeling it's rage, my soul wept out loud. Wanting my sorrow to have a name knowing the sky was feeling the same. Lift me into the gale, I dared to ask. Living in pain is a burdensome task. Draw me through the rain, drench my heart, cleanse me with the hope of a fresh start. I screamed to the heavens, take me away, where gray met with black, I wanted to stay. Battered and bruised, hail pounded my skin. Struggling for courage somewhere deep within, I reached for the rose, wilted and torn, the softest petal, the sharpest thorn. I cried for the rose and I cried for me, for the beauty that was and could never again be. for the Rhyming Game contest (Joyce Johnson)

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Mr. Ford, why did you make 
The cars which cause such deep heartache?...

From MOTs to punctured tyre,
Was that a gun, or did I misfire?

Parking tickets, yellow lines;
Wheelclamps, countless crushing fines;

Insurance costs, CCTV
Congestion Charge for you and me;

Broken mirrors, cracks and scrapes-
Stolen cars, false number plates;

Big bills from men I cannot trust,
Who warn of camshaft cracks and rust;

Some love to drive with beer can filled;
‘Who cares if I, -or they-, are killed?’

Road-rage, shouting, broken glass:
Some cannot let an insult pass.

The traffic jams we see each day
Seem made to wear the clutch away.
‘Was that a space that just went by?
Or must I drive ‘till our tank’s dry?’

The eyesore of the breaker’s yard
With twisted metal, dull and marred.

There’s poisoning from lead-filled plumes;
Monoxide clouds, and choking fumes.

Excuse me for the way I talk:
But Mr. Ford… today I’ll walk!

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Bombastous Zephyr

There’s a bombastous zephyr blowing outside
Swinging the street signs from side to side;

Squall like whirlwinds are kicking up dust,
I’m inhaling more dirt with every big gust;

My eyelids are caked with soil and grime,
Forcing my sideways time after time;

When will this bombastous zephyr subside,
Cause it’s getting tougher with every stride;

The wind is blowing my hair in my face,
But I plunge on forward with awkward grace;

The treetops are bending with ever big blast,
As I wonder silently how long it can last;

I feel like Dorothy in the tornado’s clutch,
This bombastous zephyr is becoming too much!

~For Paula Swanson's Contest~

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Fury of Fire

The S.E.A.T. planes look like Vultures as they circle over head,
Dropping tanks of slurry over glowing trees of red;

An orange blaze crests the mountain top, then swallows the valley below;
As the smoldering ash floats back to Earth, it almost looks like snow;

The roar of the fire is deafening as it engulfs the forests decay,
And the black smoke is so thick in the air, it takes our breath away;

The heat blisters paint on the dozers, trying to cut a break,
It burns with an unknown fury, til nothing is left in it's wake;

The fire has a mind of it's own, carrying a heart full of wrath,
Taking life after life, incinerating all in its path.

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Sleepless Night

Sleepless nights and haunted dreams, Nothing is ever as it seems; Dead of night, I’m wide awake, Listening to each breath I take; A cricket chirps just outside, As I lay in bed, eyes open wide; A lonely coyote cries in the dark, A dog answers back a mournful bark; And here I lay, fighting for sleep, Hell I even tried the counting of sheep; And as the darkness presses all around, The night time stills, there’s not a sound; I bolt upright as I struggle for air, And something moves in the black, over there; My heart is pounding out of my chest, As I strain to see my unwelcome guest; And from out of no where, I jerk awake, Flip on the light, it was all a mistake; The terror I felt was just a nightmare; I look all around and no one is there; So I lay back down and turn off the light, And try to sleep for the rest of the night.

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Living contrasts

two people telling their stories
one fighting, one worries
warm breath shifts into white clouds
cancer’s death a freezing shroud
I listened to the both of them
their trust a private  gem 
I felt their huge and intimate fears
while walking on both saw my tears

©Ellie Daphne van Stralen 2012

GiMmI.. WhAt I wAnT.. wHaT I rEaLlY rEaLlY WaNt..... <3 
Contest Judged:  12/17/2012 12:00:00 AM	 
Sponsored by: Tracie- Indigo Dreamweaver

5	Living contrasts        Ellie Daphne van Stralen

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Valentine Romance

Valentines day is always something special to me, I explained. 
So I planned a romantic evening and got ready for my campaign.
The children were at a sleepover with their favorite friends they adore.
So I met my hubby as he came in, accidentally tripping and making him hit the door.
Thank God his head is hard as he hit that, the nearby TV, but very little more.
I made Cherries Jubilee as a snack while he sat there with an ice pack to his head. 
But before I knew it, I’d knocked it over and almost burned down the house instead.
When he finally put the fire extinguisher away…
I got up and got some of the kids’ apple tarts I had made. 
He bit in deep and burned his mouth, declaring he wasn’t hungry and the pain would fade.
Next he decided to go upstairs, but I had put rose petals down everywhere in spades.
And yes you probably guessed it… he slipped and ended up needing a little aide.
At this he decided to take an aspirin and lay down upon the couch. OH  HHWell…
But I knew the rest needed to happen above, to totally create this romantic spell…
I had to get him to the candles and bubble bath, where my romantic dreams still dwelled. 
So I got out some scarves and danced toward him, tying up his hands before he fell.
He never knew what hit him as he was lassoed and gently bounced up the stairs.
I guess I wouldn’t have had to tie his feet… a few words would have done as well.
But you know me when I get going, my mind tends to lose a few brain cells…
He was flustered, exhausted and bruised when he got there, but he’s made of the right stuff.
Though as I took off the scarves, he flopped on the bed pulling the covers over his head kind of rough.
He said he loved me, but living with me could be kind of tough.
He said it was better to leave it to him, for the romantic endeavors and such.
He said he had reservations and play tickets in his shirt pocket for later on that night.
But what he needed now was some aspirin and a few moments of quiet respite. 
So with a sigh he started snoring, and my romantic dreams were momentarily crushed.
I dearly love the man you know. But, do you think maybe I tried too much?

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The Letter

A letter was received from a far-off land, please send us some aid if you possibly can. Our fields are barren, our cattle long gone, our farmers are now soldiers leaving wives at home. Some of our families are homeless, dwellings destroyed, by shells aimed at our villages, which we cannot avoid. Our children are starving; they have no clothes to wear. As for medical supplies, these are very scarce. So please send at once the things we desperately need, food, clothing, and medicine, this we beg and plead. We must thank you for all that you have done, and could you also send more ammo for our guns.

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My Facade

Is my facade fading away?
Is it wearing off?

Am I giving myself away?
Is my mask running off?

Has my plastered smile been seen through?
Has my pain shone through the chinks?

I wonder---What did I do wrong?
Is my facade gone?

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The shade of a swizzle stick dark and drawing
Fear head will fall in shivers while bowing
Snorts for some warmth fighting dreams till endowing
and save you from hugs where illusions are calming

Drooling aside to wiping the stubble
Awaken; then rising, then resting when humble
Sweet sleeping dreamer a'rest in the rubble
Left until morning when words will mean trouble

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I'm praying, but to who I can not say
Calling out, every night all through the day
I'm praying, to a God I do not know
Calling out, please say yes don't say no

I'm praying, are you real I have no clue?
Calling out, cause I don't know what to do
I'm praying, if you're there take my hand
Calling out, from this dark and dreary land

I'm praying, if you exist I've got to see
Calling out, Lord I'm desperate for a family
I'm praying, because I'm scared and all alone
Calling out, this orphaned child needs a home!

Date: 6-11-14

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Finding Peace

I walk among the weathered stones, Contemplating my life alone; Staring into the vanishing light, Praying for the courage to face the night; Fearing the endless days up ahead, I’m stuck here alone, no friends but the dead, Trapped in this place, never to be freed; I was deserted by all in my hour of need; I look around but no one is there, Filling my lonely heart with despair; The soulless blackbirds fly overhead, “Tirzah” they whisper, my name brings me dread; I’m stuck here alone with naught but my fear, The path to my future remaining unclear; I cling to the memory of my fading past; Hoping that I can find peace at last.

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A Change of View Inside Myself

Childhood days knew frivolous fun.
Nights brought fears one by one.

Possessions were many we needed naught.
My heart ached for the love I sought.

Manicured yards brought flowers bloom.
Inside myself was disaster’s loom.

Unique and historic our house served a mission.
Provided warmth; whipped into submission.

Words whirled around like a centrifuge.
God’s loving Son was my soul’s refuge.

Escape came young, but I finished school.
I learned to love and live the golden rule.

© March 12, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

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Eyes do Weep

When my son was young and so very, very wild… 
I loved him dearly for he was my child.
But I feared the drugs, alcohol, and friends he did keep.
I knew they would destroy him, as I found my Eyes do weep.

We found a private High school with new peers to seek.
Miraculously, He found his own way back, and to college he did leap.
He chose a college and fraternity far away, as my eyes blurred again.
But the day he was on his own, became the best that’s ever been.

His fraternity became his brothers, and advice they dished out.
Study time became important, with gentlemanly behavior devout.
I’ll thank them each, in the leadership and help they all showed.
I’ll thank my son for growing up, and for becoming who we now know.
Community service brought blood drives, and teaching inner city kids.
They worked on their fraternity house, reclaiming it from the skids.
All parties had designated drivers to take every body home, all right.
They gathered clothes for the homeless to brighten up their life.
They built Homes For Humanity for to work he was never adverse.
Then, to add to the rest, he continued to work to become a nurse. 
He put himself through college working in a hospital and ambulance.
He had learned a reverence for life, happiness, and yes, even patience.
My wild, wild son has found purpose in life and peace at long last.
And again my eyes do weep… This time with love so vast...

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Holding Strong

The news is full of doom and gloom.
It permeates my living room
and seeps in cracks of broken heart.
The day is sad right from the start.

Floods in the north, explosions south,
the taste of gall within my mouth
and over all falling debris
of Satan inspired atrocity.

From Cathedral of the Holy Cross,
all faiths join in to face great loss.
The words like soothing lotion flow
to fill cracks so they no longer grow.

First steps of healing have been taken.
Boston’s firm faith has not been shaken.
As sure as there is a rising sun
next year’s marathon shall be run.

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Rammed Into The Weedbed

Rammed into the weedbed she found her way to shore.
Her thoughts invaded by her crew who shifted on her boards.
Back across the water; her visions through a door.
One that shut repeatedly when shipmates pulled her chords.
Resting now as though a chore
that sailors leave like lords.
Down the boardwalk from the floor
relieving her in hoards.
Maiden ship from head to core
who's damage comes in torrids
Without these journeys and your lore
these men would have no swords.

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The Obesification of America


I'm afraid the sad reality is that America is getting fat
You just have to look around and see the truth of that

On a daily basis it's said we're all eating way to much
And the concept of exercise finds us completely out of touch

Our children hardly go outside to run around and play
Instead we find them watching TV a good part of the day

Food comes  frozen, processed or in a package of some kind
If you read the ingredients it will surely blow your mind

Americans choose Mickey D's  for a burger kind of lunch
We should be eating veggies or something with a crunch

My Doctor lectured me on the size of my expanding butt
But I'm sure I caught him trying hard to hold in his own gut

So the next time your talking about how we're doing as a nation
Perhaps you could work "obesification" into the conversation........

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I Remember

I remember to way I felt for him that spring,
For him, I think I would have done anything;

Memories flood my being as I reminisce,
And think of all the things about him that I miss;

He told me that someday we would run away,
He lied, but I find myself still waiting for that day;

I loved the way he held me as we kissed,
Unwanted feelings boil to the surface and are dismissed;

And although I know we don’t belong,
I find my self hanging on and hoping that I’m wrong;

So many years have passed since that time;
I really thought that he was mine...

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Scaring Myself

I tiptoe through the darkness as silent as the night,
My ears attuned to any sound, there’s not a soul in sight;

Goosebumps prickle across my skin as panic washes over me,
I hear the slightest noise ahead and I strain my eyes to see;

My uneasy breathing fogs the air as my heart pounds on in dread,
I stand in the black frozen in fear, my feet have turned to lead;

I shiver uncontrollably as I wait in the dark alone,
Terror grips my heart as I prepare to face the unknown;

I’m poised on the balls of my feet ready to bolt into the night,
Then as I’m getting ready to make a dash, my hubby flips on a light!

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Woke up with a funny taste in my mouth;
Drank all my mouthwash, think I ate a mouse.

Burned out my razor just shaving my face.
It seems that I'm shedding all over the place.

I'm allergic to silver, the Wolfsbane's in bloom,
And I hate it whenever we have a full moon.

Can't keep a girlfriend, they don't understand,
No walks in the moonlight while I hold their hand.

My dog doesn't like me, the cat ran away,
And others bemoan one single bad day.

For Wolf Man The Beginning Contest by SillyBilly the Kidster

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Death in the Family

Curious lights flash through the door, 
Strange beckonings leave you wanting more.
Drawn to the lights you step outside,
Into the night where danger may hide.

Striding boldly you search for the source,
Stepping lively you determine your course.
Every step brings you nearer,
While your surroundings grow ever stranger.

Dazzling lights flash in the darkness,
Showing garish flashes of horrid harshness.
Steps grow timid, but much faster,
To avoid unknown disaster.

The devil dances just out of sight,
Cackling at his fortune this ghastly night.
The darkness fades with the sunrise,
Revealing the morbid cast of Death and Demise.

Then time passes and small things change,
But the cries of sirens you never heard still cry,
Never silenced within your brain,
Ever crying out the day that you began to die.

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A Cowboy Is

The movements of others to far away lands
Drifted into American folklore, within histories hands

Fur trappers they started many centuries ago
In a country to become as the years truly flowed

Centennial by centennial, amidst wars between they
Slowly they emerged into cattle driven play

The vast expanses of prairies so green
Lured Barons of the beast to their riches they always dreamed

Herds in vast amounts recreating the Bison's exist
Where they eventually replaced in numbers, in numerous consist

The eventuality of the Iron Horse, opened these lands up even more
Sheridan, White Oaks even Tombstone, led to street filled open sores

The James Gang and William Bonney, are two that history has shown
No care for what they declared that the Wild West was their throne

The sad thing about the cowboy era, is in the scenery that was left behind
On many a prairie from their past, where greed has left them so blind

We have the opportunity to look back and rewind, for hindsight allows us to do
So many were never ever heroes, just what do we find in them so true

Just for a moment to the future, whilst countries in our time have been invaded
They are the modern Indigenous, like the past, the cowboys left degraded

The above are written from my heart, if you know me you will know me to be true
For if I was born to the Indigenous, to your ancestors, I'd stand in front of you

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Notable Quotes

I will show you fear in a handful of dust

TS Eliot wrote “The Waste Land” and he said “I will show you fear in a handful of dust.”
Maybe he had read Genesis in the Bible, back then it was perhaps a must.

At Genesis chapter3 and verse 19, Adam and Eve are now disgraced
Adam and his wife Eve are from the Garden of Eden being displaced

The pronouncement made by God that day, I am sure it bought a tear
And this is perhaps where Eliot got his line about a ‘handful of dust and fear.’

“In the sweat of your face you will eat bread, until you return to the ground”
Now I am not sure at this point but I don’t think TS Eliot was around.

The quote continues “From dust you were taken and to dust you will return.”
Now that is the wages that sin did pay, the wages Adam back then did earn.

The fear of man is dying but worse than that when it’s getting near as it must
Remember that Eliot and the Bible say, “I will show you fear in a handful of dust.”

© 15/11/2012 ~GG~

Competition Entry:

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Wigging Me Out

Early one morning my Hubby was sleepily shuffling around and about.
Dawn was almost breaking and we were becoming late no doubt.
Toiletries were a waiting, as he shuffled near the morning throne.
Opening the lid, you’ll never guess what exited as a rocket blown.
EEEWWW …Poor little thing… Oh Who, you will never guess…
Out popped a little tree frog jumping at mach 2 in his quest…
Yes, he was wet and doing his very best as he stuck to the vanity. 
For who can say how long he’d been trapped in there, you see?
It puzzled me to wonder… How he’d got to the second floor?
Poor little guy… I doubt he could have withstood very much more.
Now here we were to scare him… Yes, another time, I confide…  
We had to get him past 3 dogs awaiting for food and to go outside.
It wouldn’t have been so bad if 3 squirrels weren’t watching from the tree.
None might have been so eager, if they’d known he came from our potty.
My jammied hubby ran for the mulch pile where sticks and leaves abound…
As I entertained the squirrels and doggies with tempting morsels all around.

Now I can’t say it was traumatic to save a little wayward froggy…
But I won’t be opening that lid without a light, especially, if I am groggy.
And I’ll move back out of range as I lift the lid… I thank you all the same.
And next time I won’t forget to clean the toilet in a timely way, to my shame.
And I won’t ask my hubby to wash his hands 10 times daily… come next May.
Now I know you may not believe me… but I'll take an oath on this… I say.

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Power versus Sanity

Literally lying to millions just prove a point
We can’t conceive of victory unless we have someone to anoint

The idolization of mythic heroes is a constant story
We can all take part of this myth and receive the glory

For better or for worse we are humans 
We choose to feel better than every other, banking on our base demand!

We can’t all be right, surge of the insane
We are inconsistent creatures just trying to stay sane

This is the human race, take it or leave it
We fight hard, reasonable or not, it’s win or quit

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Seagull and the Penguin

A sea gull flew over the ocean admiring his reflection every day.
Passing over the shore, he saw penguins at work and careful play.
What an ugly bird they are he suddenly proclaimed.
They can’t fly and still they strut… know they no shame!

One day the gull was swooping down angling for a fish…
When suddenly an orca whale knocked him in the briny brink.
Snapping and churning the orca would soon have his way.
The gull was surely lost, if he could not gain the air to stay.

Moments before the whale pod arrived the penguins chose to assist.
They chose to distract the whale, giving the gull a chance to resist.
The orca didn’t care which meal he had as long as there was one…
He finally beached himself upon the shore, and still he hadn’t won.

At that point the gull realized, the penguins were really seriously cool.
They could certainly fly in the water, if maybe not the air to rule.
Now friends for life… he would scout for them safe passage to their fish.
Indeed, the gull flew away that day a little wiser, knowing he’d been remiss.

Everyone in life is different. He surmised… It’s not a choice they’ve made.
But now he knows each demands respect… in their own separate way.

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Back Again

You came back, demand rent of my heart
act like it was nothing, again we can just restart.

You don’t hear a single word I say
even when I have nothing left to give away.

My broken bones beg for mending
for they know just what you are intending.

You’re leaving me no room to breathe
around my heart place your poison oak wreath.

I tell myself to stop this, you’re nothing that I need
for I know I can’t forever satisfy your greed.

But I believe you’re not ok, so I will never go too far
I’ll be the light across your sky, a moment’s shooting star,

I’ll breathe in the space where there is no air,
I will walk with broken bones, much to their despair.

You demand rent again on my heart
take yourself into their rafters, let the decay start.

And I don’t know why I fight for you this way
when you leave my heart in the open to oxidize and decay

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Judgment Day

I stand here alone, in a room all in black,
Patiently waiting for the gavel to clack;

I don’t get to speak, here at the end,
Persecuted by all, enemy and friend;

They speak of the deeds now tied to my name,
And all I can do is shudder in shame;

I’m here at the trial at the end of my life,
And each testimony cuts like a knife;

I can’t even explain, my deeds say it all,
I await my judgment and try to stand tall;

I was petty, held grudges, and committed mass crime,
And didn’t do productive things with my time;

Six feet below my body is entombed,
And I know deep down my fate is now doomed,

And all I can do I is silently pray,
That God grants me mercy on this solemn day;

The jury is in, they hold my life in their hands,
All I can do is hope He understands;

“Cleared of all charges” the verdict now reads,
My soul once damned is now to be freed;

He granted forgiveness for all of my sins,
Allowing my soul to begin again.

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My Ge-Generation

Don't go calling baby-boomers no heroes
Our legacy won't be much above zero
What GRAND contributions we've made
We blessed you with cocaine and aids!
All pop wanted when he survived the war
Was a quaint little family of four
But reality busted their bubble
What they got was truck-load a' trouble
We grew up too coddled and cozy
Running rings around po' little Rosie

Whatcha' get for paid college tuition?
A spoiled brat who can't do addition
Staging sit-ins to protect the masses
With pillows for tender little asses
No Vietnam or bust for THIS Joe
(My congressman will intervene, you know)
So go stuff your damn draft notice order!
(Later dude, gotta' run for the border)

Welcome back Sarge, here's your homecoming prize
How 'bout the finger and spit in both eyes?
We stand PROUD may God bless our sweet flag!
(You SALUTING?? Good lord what a drag!)
How we LABORED to set the world free!
Hey, wanna' check out my new SUV?

***Vietnam was of course a tragic mistake and there were many injustices during those times...However many of the protesters and draft dodgers were privileged, insulated rich kids who had no clue about the real world...The ultimate insult was Jane Fonda's visit to North Vietnam in 1972, where she proudly posed on an enemy anti-aircraft gun while POW's were being tortured practically next door..One of those POW's was Senator John McCain who was offered release but refused because those imprisoned earlier were not offered the THAT'S what I'd call a Baby Boomer hero!
To her very small credit, 'Hanoi Jane' later apologized calling her visit a mistake and a betrayal to the troops...ditto to you, Ms. Fondue....  

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Cruel Hearted Greedy People

My animals are like family to me, not just a pet.
 My cat is in labor, and she's having issues, so all I can do is fret.

The emergency Vet wants four hundred and fifty dollars!
 I don't have it, so she's denied and all I can do is holler. 

So what am I supposed to let her sit here and die?
 It makes me want to go stab that jerk in his eye!

You should be a Vet because you love animals, not money.
 What's a cat's life to them? I don't think its a damn bit funny.

I mean the economy is low and I'm not asking to do it for free.
 Just to let me make payments, how hard can that really be?

Cruel-hearted, greedy people that are ruthless and hollow.
 You can bet karma will most definitely linger and follow.

Some people just don't understand, she isn't a cat, she's my baby.
 There is a chance she will live, and I hate living on the whim of a "maybe".

What choice do I have? I'll take her to her normal vet tomorrow morning.
 If my "daughter' dies, that emergency Vet will need some serious warning.

She's a beautiful feline, with soft fur, half white. half black and stunning.
 With God's luck, she'll finish labor and her children will be coming!

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A many splendored thing

Shattered in pieces and scattered about;
While a heart bleeds profusely anguish speaks out.

How did this happen was he not a good man?
Are we watching him dying from here where we stand?

As blood flows in crimson from the cut of her knife;
Betrayed and abandoned by a woman called wife.

In another man’s arms she slips out of sight;
She did what she had to because she wants him tonight.

Struggling to get up from the place where he fell;
He remembers those words “created in hell”

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  On my grave the rose you cast,
all you see is my past.
  As you know me so well,
now i bid you farewell.

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Here’s to the losers that broke my heart,
Told me lies, tore me apart;

Left me broken and empty inside,
All for the fun of some simple lies;

I never thought it would come down to this,
With nothing left but one stolen kiss;

Hurting and hollow, writhing in pain,
Everything lost, nothing to gain;

I’m waiting now to be proven wrong,
Hoping some good will soon come along;

Is there a man out there worthy of trust,
Some simple someone that’s never unjust;

Honest and open who’ll tell me no lies,
Or all they all devils trapped in disguise;

Promising always to have and to hold,
Then disappear, leaving me cold;

If your out there somewhere, show me a sign,
And give me a heart that I can call mine.

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At lengths afar upon thought and night
My affliction lingers upon stars of height

It slowly shatters upon the stars aglow
Slowly they dim begotten from my woe	

Night of dark, you now darken silhouette
I now shall await my anguish and regret

A pilgrim of patience in vain I reach
For ago has gone and tomorrow I beseech

Night! Night, how long shall thee stay,
Until the sun brightens anew another day?

I shall sleep, it said, for I shan’t withstand
The pain bestowed by the bare palm of hand

Shall the joy and passion of mine ebb with thee?
Or shall they descend your clouds for me? 

I shall awaken, it said, a day afar 
Holding your joy in the rays of star


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The Warning Sung Loudly

The warning sung loudly through the silence of dawn.
A siren of chirping like a whistle did spawn.

The mammals lurked leery and the chickens did blare.
An invisible intruder surely locked in their stare.

Beneath the canopy in oneness we live.
Domestic with nature, our shared purpose to give.

No song of delight was sung that daylight.
Just a blending of noises notifying plight.

I walked to the deck to see what caused alarm.
Nothing to spot, but a stillness fearing harm –

Not one bird in sight, no leaf flickering in the wind.
But the blended alarm from silence did transcend.

Was it a snake?  Or had the great hawk returned?
I stood and I watched, the reason unlearned.

Something was there, a predator from night.
The warning was loud and elicited a fright.

Shrillness of pitch pierced the listener’s tuned ears.
Vibration and sound upon the sensing appears.

A slithering unseen or a creeper not found,
Retreated from the warning without making a sound.

Then, silence returned beneath the canopy of trees.
And stillness laid waiting for the coolness of breeze.

I went back inside, knowing all was well.
Amazed at the unity that survival does tell.

© June 15, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

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The Irony Of A Woman's Heart

What is this curse when you're ignored 
  in time you care? 
What kind of tempest that might be too much 
  for a man to bear? 

What is the reason; and what is the logic 
  that one gets hurt? 
When he's just showing his true affection 
  to the one he loves. 

When he's expressive that she is cherished 
  and so adored, 
She's not responsive and so implying 
  that she is bored. 

Then he would message to greet her mornings 
  and to wish her well 
She would not answer for a usual reason 
  that she left her cell. 

Would it be too much for her to text back 
  that she is fine? 
Is she afraid that it would surely cost her 
  another dime? 

Doesn't she know that she's just too lucky 
  for being loved? 
Most girls are crying and are still hoping 
  for a sincere lad. 

What if he's fed-up? the insult is too much 
  that he departs? 
Boy, what a pity if you cannot handle 
  the irony of a woman's heart.. 

 Date and Time of Writing 
 November 14, 2011 
 10:03am – 10:34am 

It's a gloomy day and, as usual, manning alone my shop.  Customers are not coming in and I was so bored that I was hoping to hear tones from my cellphone as I was waiting for a reply of the message that I sent the last night yet.  From there I try to relate to myself on how a lover feels when his messages are ignored by the girl he adored and cherished. Oh what a pity…

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Leaders and Their Behaviour

Most leaders are barking dog
Only few are good, seem loyal

Viewing sights are weak almost
Position made alike, no fault.

Eyes see wealth and wealthy
Poor are likely barb to them 

Bid of dealing conducts with
Same level people or powerful

Poverty and suffering for them
No caring and major matter 

No meaning of falling tears
Less earning in all day working

No hope of ventilating good life
Own future is futile for oneself.

Dead hope, locked door all trouble
Intolerable piercing moments

Unbelievable and unexpected hegemony
Padlocked the whole ruling system

Politics produces into the candidate
Pretending like dead, dumb and deaf

In the time of entering into the doorsteps
Spreading oath, sweetly and politely

We are here for all and everybody
Truth and trusty statements of liars.

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I sit here with notice in hand
I must get out the Bank demands

I've paid for almost twenty years
today fullfills my greatest fears

I'm forced to go out on the street
the Bank won't miss a single beat

It's not only this loss that makes me sad
I feel like a failure as a dad

The bills have piled so very high
The more they come the more I try

This burden is so very great
They didn't explain the mortgage rate

They said remortgage pay some debt
The rate variable was not set

Before I knew it rates went up so high
I asked the reason they wouldn't tell me why 

Time is short I have to leave in a week
With little money an apartment to seek

Yet somehow determined to find a way
So I can find a home where we can stay

For: Judy Konos's
Home Forclosure Contest

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There is something wonderful about holding and reading a book I really can't say I get the same feeling while reading my Nook....

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Cable Crisis

I'm feeling mentally unstable
Apparently I just lost my cable
Television done gone on the fritz
Gonna' miss my Monday Night blitz
Telephone dead as a doornail
Can't check my freekin' email!
This service ain't nothin' but trash!
Guess I'll go to the bar and get smashed
What's this? It's back on? How 'bout that?
Guess I won't need this baseball bat...

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How I Tried On Valentine's

How I tried on Valentine's
all over the many years.
I've lost all of my Valentine's
and most of them in tears.

How I tried on Valentine's
to find my merry mate.
Working through the ugly
and possible first-rate.

How I tried on Valentine's
Forgetting all my failures.
Moving to the next one
oblivious of the bailers.

How I tried on Valentine's
to settle for much less.
Hoping that the next one
Would change and reassess.

How I tried on Valentine's
to go the other way.
Hoping that they'd chase me
finding me as clay.

How I tried on Valentine's
to say what's on my mind.
Shouting out my arrogants
and baiting the wrong kind.

How I tried on Valentine's
to make a friend at first.
Only to be shunned again
by girls who want you worst.

How I tried on Valentine's
to wait for the right time.
Left to find my girl
on another's dime.

How I tried on Valentine's
to spin a small milk bottle.
Landing on a stranger
foreign without throttle.

How I tried on Valentine's
to meet up with a bore.
When all she kept on talking 'bout
was nothing and no more.

How I tried on Valentine's
coveting one man's wife.
Only to release her
sharing in man's strife.

How I tried on Valentine's
Loving her full body.
Finding that she had no mind
and wished she had a hobby.

How I tried on Valentine's
Waiting to make love.
Ending up with others
When push came into shove.

How I tried on Valentine's
Seeking out a hottie.
Making me a sickly boy
who's doctor now called naughty.

How I tried on Valentine's
Expecting an easy date.
Getting just the opposite
but figuring it too late.

How I tried on Valentine's
Jailbait in short skirts.
Quick to kiss what doesn't last
and limits to their flirts.

How I tried on Valentine's
making the first move.
Only to find I'm ignored
for others in her grove.

How I tried on Valentine's
forcing my own way.
Told by a cold shoulder
How I could not stay.

How I tried on Valentine's
two instead of one
Only to be shot down
and told that I am done.

How I tried on Valentine's
Perfect to a tee.
Wanting only to be seen
in a bar as fee.

How I tried on Valentine's
Cautious and carefree.
Never knew what she was thinking
or who was bird or bee.

How I tried on Valentine's
remembering what I've learned.
Speaking words of wisdom
and loves that have been spurned.

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Moonlight Melodies

Melancholy notes drift through the breeze
Suspending every breath they seize
Stealing every broken wish and hidden sorrow
Embracing the gaze of one who will never see tomorrow
Holding captive every sob and tear
Unrequited love and heartbreak it holds near
The emotion of a funeral in every chord
Each a final prayer to their lord
Memories of times past 
Thoughts of how the good times never last
Unrealized hopes and dreams
A fake smile and everything that isn't as it seems
Pure life entwined with every line 
Grief and loss, a distant "I'll be fine"
The harmony enveloping every dull ache
Deep regret that's hard to shake
The symphony is of these emotions and lost chances
Alongside the midnight moonlight, this broken melody dances

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Curiousity Kills

My poor heart didn't realize, 
My brain was so quick to deceive, 
Curious feet jumped in love side by side, 
At my age, so naive.
Really? ? It didn't matter, 
If my heart broke clean in two? 
My memory proclaimed heartbreak wasn't that bad, 
Now it's changed its point of view.
I remembered loss as a tiny sting, 
A little bump to my ego, 
A heartache I had in my twenties, 
With a boyfriend I had outgrown.
Oh boy I would have listened, 
If my instincts shouted NO! 
But they didn't because they were in on it, 
They too wanted to know…
If my heart really knew what love was, 
Had I stared devotion in the face? 
Had I really merged with another, 
With a commitment time can't erase? 
And now we all know the answers, 
Thanks a lot you guys! 
He's gone and my heart has turned ice cold, 
Its centre runs hard and dry.
I have suffered the loss of my one true mate, 
A mirrored, beating heart, 
At least in the past my heart kind of felt whole, 
I was unaware it was only half.
Although ignorant bliss has been taken from me, 
All protection has been stripped, 
The lesson has made me feel quite grown up, 
But curiousity my friend, is a *****! 

© 2013 
Ruby Honeytip

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Fire of Temptation

Fierce is the wind fueling the flame. His raging fire has not a name. A young girl, I am, with purity of heart. My innocent spark exposed from the start. The heat of his fury scorches in temptation. Passion shall not lead me to eternal damnation. Trapped and consumed by his fiery gaze. Am I but a fool to chase the smoldering blaze? My tender words blow in the stormy wind. God, please forgive me for I have sinned... This penetrating firestorm, I cannot contain. Alas, only ashes of my heart will remain. By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, April 12,2012 for Fire Contest (Rick Parise) Second place

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Pied Piper

I looked up and saw you for what you really were
So now you’ll be the stranger and I’ll be the fool.

There was an inaudible crack spreading in the air
From the glass heart you crafted in my chest for wear

It matched the one that I wore on my sleeve
And your bright eyes that made me believe 

But this love becomes a sequence in a series of failures
I had not your love, not even a best friend’s favor.

Oh the believe that you had made out of me
And now it seems to late do I finally see

You’re a pied piper with a well crafted tune
To lead away this child in the beginning of June.

Then as the music you made began to fade
I find myself in the forest alone and afraid

You will never come back for me
My pied piper, the believer you made of me.

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After the storm

I surrendered my heart and I pledged my alliance;
Put my nose to the grindstone and contained my defiance.
Kept my hands to myself never touched no one else;
Kept my taste for the hunt stored on a shelf.
    I never forgot to emphasize friend;
    And always remembered don’t always win.
    Not always perfect but vested for sure;
    And I strengthened my heart so I could endure.
I balanced the check book;
And I carried the weight;
And offered up more;
Than ever I took
      It took many years but I finally grew up;
     I was finally the big dog no longer the pup.
     I treated my woman much like a queen;
    But then she did something like I’d never seen.
I won’t include details I’m holding my tongue;
Even though I forgave her what we once had was done.
I searched for the reasons as I lay on the ground;
And these are the answers I’m surprised that I found.
     I lived as a gun man sufficiently styled;
    Proficient as trickster kept her beguiled;
    But the life of the player could toss you to flames;
    And being the provider that’s the true game

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No Superhero

I believe in love, 
Not in you

You've hurt a lot of people
That's something no superhero would do

Wimpy attempts prove one thing
You're desire for my love has no honesty

Did your time
Escaped your grind

Whatever is left behind
A toy maker can fix and polish to shine

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I'll take her

I don’t recognize myself anymore
Greasy hair, grimy nails; I’ve become their whore
Servicing eight or nine men a night
I’ve learned it's better not to try and fight
Too many black eyes and broken ribs
So many punches that I’ll never have kids
All because I answered a newspaper ad
To get a new job, to help my gambling dad
I was kidnapped and sold into slavery
I’ve survived on false hope and bravery
It’ll be a miracle if I ever get free
For they have files on my family 
They’ll kill them if I run away
So here I lie on Christmas Day
Getting ass-slapped with a leather belt
And praying in vain, because no one can help

The above lines are Lydia’s story
It would be a miracle to end her whoring
If I had the power I’d set her free
And free every girl in captivity


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Have You

Have you ever felt those times
When you desired to go to sleep

Have you ever desired those times
When you would never internally weep

Have these times never desired you
Alluring you as you seep

Knowing your times when you are tired
For your minds gone in too steep

Have you ever felt those times
When you abyss has gone too deep

Have you ever turned to the reaper
Whom, now knows your within his reach

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Time Mends The Broken Heart

One day I woke up and my heart was broken, nearly in two.
One day I had lost the words that always brought me to you.

My mind was in a fog that took away the color of my thoughts.
In fact, it took away all the beauty and the rhyming became naught.

It took away the great ideas so creative in their fun filled lines.
Everything I desperately sought for… was suddenly declined.

The mirror of my thoughts became so empty and very blank. 
As further into the knowledge of where my mind was going, I sank.

The treacherous workings of my mind, started with a simple little cold.
But in it’s depths lay the trigger, which forced all I know…to unroll.

As my mind shut down, the medicines were useless, but still all there.
And as none brought me back where I wanted… it all seemed so unfair.

For two weeks the dreadful interference continued it’s awful reign.
I didn’t want to go back to the years where to be normal I had to strain.

So I slowly waited out my time… with a prayer readily on my mind.
Allow this illness to diminish… allow those words once more to be mine.

(A lament on my epilepsy that was triggered lately.)

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It hurts Him so to see my pain.
Though I would see my loss as gain.

My mind beclouded, devoid of reason,
Remaining hot through passings seasons.

The years have come and gone again,
And still my anger ramains the same;

So I entreat the Lord above,
To fill me with forgiving love.

Forgive them for me Lord, I pray,
For I just can't, even today.

Cleanse my heart and purge this ire,
And quench the lust of vengeance fire;

For it hurts no one but myself,
It only hurts, it doesn't help.

Remembering hurts of long ago,
Won't help a thing, so let it go.

                                     Judy Ball

Do you really think your enemies care how angry you are? 'Course Not!
In fact, they enjoy your discomfort and Satan's having a ball, sooooooooo --- Let It Go.

"Never take revenge, Beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written,
'Vengeance is Mine, I will repay', says the Lord."
                                                            Romans 12:19

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We are We can We must

Foreign are the thoughts of others
Like the minds of past lovers

Thoughts to which we may surmise and guess
Intentions remain questions, answers yet to confess

Reasoning reached through the labyrinth of the mind
Shared reactions due to the nature of our kind

Fractured we stand, divided by difference
Splintered we are, lacking repentance

We may pass, but hope remains, burning from within
We may ignore, but hurt remains, entrenched in sin

Pride leads to want, leads to power, leads to war
War leads to fight, leads to hurt, leads to more

Rise and fall, we cycle through civilization and destruction
Start and stall, we succumb to self-imposed attrition

Time unfolds and we're forced to react
We constantly plan, but we often lack the tact

To mend the cracks that divides our kind
To embrace the momentum of our time

To believe we can and must strive for more
To turn the key and walk through the door

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It begins here (2006)

Sorry can be like an empty trolley
Like a screaming child without a lolly
We have both hurt each other so much and we are both in pain
I don’t want to hurt anymore I don’t want to blame
Everything happens as God intends 
But we are still special companions and friends
From tray day I have looked back
I have walked your pain on every single track
It will end and I will never hurt you again
I don’t want us to ever go through pain
God sent us for each other
You are my companion, my friend my lover
You mean the world to me and I mean the world to you
We cannot leave each other we are stuck like glue
I am sorry and my hurt will stop here
I want you back I want you near 

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Into the Darkness, But I Emerged

I wish I was asked this question when I was five years old
For it's a question I would have answered as my words unfold

This never happened yesterday, it was way back, 1966
What made our neighbour decide, to ignite his floorboards sticks

Our whole house woke in panic, smoke billowed everywhere
Into the darkness we stared, at five years old and scared

Thoughts running through my head, confused in a darkening world
Then suddenly I could see, my vision became un-blurred

What I took I couldn't grab, for it was already a part of me
For I, I took myself, and thanked my eyes to see

But going back to the original question, just what would I grab
It would have been an image of my brother, he was seven, and he was fab

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Dark and mysterious
-- You are my greatest fear
Rapt and enshrouded
-- There's nothing I can hear

Penetrating intersection exuding me dry
Excruciating pain.. Oh! How I beg for peace..
Can you see my tears? They dried as I cry
My clock is fading so, can I at last be at ease?

Dovey Annie

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Robbing the Dead

Reading the obits they saw his demise
Their interest peaked, a crime they devised

They ransacked his home, stole memories, treasures
Not giving a thought to their hurtful measures

While robbing the dead, and raping his heirs
What gain could be found from stealing his wares

His children were awed by the cruel scam
And no one knew why thieves went on the lam

After taking his goods and selling for cash
Dear family heirlooms just paid for their stash

*My father’s house was ransacked as soon as the obit appeared in the newspaper.  Police say this happens often.  
Entry for Susan Burch’s “Show Me the Anger” contest.

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Bread Of Remorse

Eat thou not the bread of remorse
For its taste is bitter, tough, coarse

Made from many wrong of yesterdays
As it has aged, dried__ changed assays

Replays of when it was just baked
And of those whom heartbreak suffered

From puerile stunts and brainless words
Discords that filled that loaf's innards

Now moldy, indigestible
This bread, remorse......abominable

In Honor of Brian Strand's contest
Up to twelve lines..

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All the while you've been here, 
There's been someone who was there, 
To listen with bated breath, and hang on to each word of yours, 
you might not have noticed but somebody cared of course. 
Content to listen to whatever you might have to say, 
Cherishing each and every word that came her way. 
On her every heartbeat your name was etched, 
but happiness was not destined for the poor wretch. 
She wanted you with every shard of her being, 
Without you, existence for her had no meaning. 
But before she could fly fate chopped her wings, 
And left her a shattered mess, the poor thing. 

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Eve Undone

Among the lilies oh so white,
Naked to the morning light.

I sit and watch creatures all,
The snake, seminal, although so small.

The globe of red I offered him,
A sin of greed in shadows dim.

The garden sweet, we must leave.
Oh sweet innocence , how we grieve.

And how it lingers , through all these years,
Our tale of love, and sex, and all its fears.

Yikes.. for my Adam...HG

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To Mister Narcissus

To be up is to be exalted by one’s own self,
Where conceit reigns high upon the shelf,
And self camera shots of high decadence,
Have brought forth absence of altruistic prevalence.
Self love invigorates the status quo,
But not without its toll upon the ego.
An age of likes has bestowed upon the many,
A single photograph can bring about plenty.
Nostalgia remains for selfless virtue,
To whence modesty prevailed over hairdo.
Is it not the void within men that seeks appraisal,
For the keen features that lie ever so hazel?
Be not lovers of these “perilous times”,
As foreseen by St. Paul for their vainglorious crimes.

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Nine O'clock Sally

I got there early but Sally was gone.
Nine Oçlock came early but not for Sally.
The restaurant was closed.
No one to rally.

I left alone feeling empty;
both in the dark
and without lights.
Clinging still; the morning stark.

Later on; when I returned
and greeted fast by Sally.
Where were you this fair A.M.
When I was here to tally?

That is way too early
said Sally now with zest.
Making me feel quilty
and putting it to rest.

So; lay my Sally on her side
and face her to the North.
And pray she comes in early
her food is to and forth.

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What do you do when the storm rolls in?
You hide in a raincoat and a plastic grin.

How do you bear the lack of light?
You just smile and nod, you don't put up a fight.

When your angry or hurt, can anyone tell?
No, you just keep your happy face on and survive through this hell.

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Your so naive, You act like your so great
But you've got nothing of you to love when you point out everything you hate 
When you criticize my every move and you make me feel so down 
Like you get a prize every time you shove me to the ground 
You make me hurt with every word, why's it so hard for you to think
Purposely frustrate me, You make me feel like such a freak
I don't have to say one word to you, You just throw in your two cents 
You talk like you can tell me anything you want, Life bears you no consequence
So even when I don't ask for it, tell me the first thing that comes to mind
Leave everything unfiltered, even though its not close to kind
Talk about me behind my back, Better yet right in front of my face
Shout out my faults to the world, Doesn't matter the time or place
Embarrass me in front of your friends, Give it your best shot
It doesn't matter how much it kills me, Because you're going to stab me with every knife you got
You can punch me in my ribs, Laugh at me when you make me cry
Tell the world my secrets, leave me in the sun to fry
Get me so mad, I hide around the corner to slit my wrist
When I die I bet I'll be the last person you ever miss 
When everyone shoves me around, eventually you'll get in line for it too
Get on my nerves, Better make it your favorite thing to do 
Your my sister but what's it matter?
According to you we're from two separate worlds so my broken hearts what your after 
You want nothing more than to run me to my grave 
You can get away with everything you do, so what if you misbehave

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Live life to the full
shivering and dull

Time to make a change
feeling more deranged

Who am I at all
brace for a fall

Ask a silly question
one more decision

Make it
break it

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Lost, following darkness at an exaggerated speed.
 Feeling helpless with an ever growing need.

Trying to catch your breath with a tremendous scare.
 Its there, all you have to do is inhale the air.

Panic is an unwelcome, yet familiar friend.
 Dear God, tell me this isn't the end.

He isn't even six weeks old and here he lays. 
 Death banging at the door, chased away by she who prays.

Thank you for competent nurses who love their job. 
 Thank you for that stranger to hug you while you violently sob.

I love you more every day that I see my son's bright smile.
 You really never left me, you were there all the while.

I owe you my son's life and that broken piece of my heart.
 Thank you for not taking him away and ripping me apart.

Dedicated to God......

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A Poem For The Erudite

A Poem For The Erudite, it sure will be hot
Take the time out to listen, rubbish it's not
Straight from the life of a perspicacious young man
Try and comprehend it...I sure hope you can
There's a lot I can tell you, but I'll make it laconic
Words to astound/it works like a tonic
But, it all isn't good, I'm sure you'll agree
I robbed to support crack, went on a spree
Nonetheless, I must tell you about erstwhile things
About Cause and "Affect" and what it all brings
It started with punishment and led to abuse
Stomped, punched, and kicked like a piece of refuse
That was at home, a total nightmare
Told my story to many, few seemed to care
Yet, at school it was different, oui, au contraire 
There were many happy times, but, in all they were rare
Still, to escape from my father, a partial reprieve 
An escape so traumatic, you can hardly conceive
Fascinated by study, entwined in my thought
Trying to achieve, Knowledge I sought...
Then came junior high school, another hill to climb
Still, being etched deep in my mind
Then came the reefer, then came the coke
Life became heavy/like being grasped with a choke
Playing hooky from school to hang on "The Deuce" 
Leaving sadness behind/youth on the loose
Coming home at all hours, high on the drugs
Fending off admonishment/not verbally/with shrugs
Now, we come to part of my Crack addiction
On a mission to " Scotty"/incarceration/great friction
On a mission nuff years, retaining intelligent potential
Well, I couldn't lose everything, the mind is essential
But, through all this in prison, you can't know my chagrin
For nothing egregious/no unredeemable sin
But, remember I told you about Cause and Affect?
Recalled in my poem, I helped you reflect
Being abused was profound, a real heartache
There were many times I thought, my life I would take
But, instead I turned to crack/searching in vain
I know to crack you say/how gravely inane
Yet, there's a moral to this story/my life in review
I was abused and kicked crack....and you can kick too

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Time and Tide

Sometimes, it seems, we wait for our dreams
we wait a bit too long.

Our childish dreams are the fount of schemes
though they maybe waylaid along.

We read of mighty Hercules and Odysseus on the sea
for they rush to sirens song.

We wait, and wait at unopened gates, until our psyche screams
your life must soon be born.

The Great Wall called, but I was too late, it seems
perhaps, I got it wrong?

The grandeur had left in shrouded seams
as we bore and birthed the throng.

The pyramids, the stone, the sand, the Kings, the royal themes
ravaged by man and time forlorn.

So, do not wait, at that gate, follow your childish dreams
for St. Peter waits at another gate when Gabrielle blows his horn!

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I been havin' a real bad day.
Nothin's gone right and my skies are grey.

I usually am quite chipper and kind.
Not a more generous soul will you find.

But today if it could it just happened to me.
I want to just quit, run off and just flee.

Car's in the garage, it'll cost a ton,
To find out what's wrong, that mechanic's a bum.

The T.V. is broke and the stove's on the fritz,
Can't wait to see what that cost's to fix.

I'm behind on my bills, my account's in the hole,
I'm out of a job and my wallet got stole.

I went to the bank for a loan, buy some time,
And the Bible says Job had a lot on his mind.

No dice at the bank and my car's now in hock,
Without any money guess I'll just have to walk.

I yelled at the dog, shoved the cat, kicked the kids,
It seems that it all has just hit the skids.

I can't buy a thing, pay a bill, go to market,
It's hard when the devil puts holes in your pocket,

To look up and smile and give praise in all things,
To trust Him and love Him and lift voice and sing.

I feel so ashamed for the things that I've done.
I thought I was strong but I just came undone,

When things all started to slide down hill,
The examples I gave didn't quite fit the bill;

So I'm asking the Lord to forgive, see me through it,
Cause it ain't my fault, the devil made me do it.

                                                           Judy Ball

About This Poem:
So often we find that when things get tough it's easier to give advice than it is to take it.
It's much harder to experience hard times than it is to watch someone else go through it.
So we tend to judge those who are going through it if they don't quite measure up, even if we have made  the same mistakes ourselves. We say:|Oh well that was a long time ago and I'm different now and I've been forgiven for that.|
But not if you condemn others for the same thing.
The Bible clearly states that we will be judged the same way we judge others and by our own measure it will be measured to us. Remember:
There but for the Grace of God -- go I.

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Friends, the Barmaid and I

I was not a drinker, I must confess.
Well, once in a while I would transgress.
A studying student perched on the stool 
Avoided eye contact and men's lusty drool.

One quiet afternoon visiting the barmaid,
No one was in the club to cause a tirade.
Three drunks came in for a mid-day drink.
They put up cash; their coins made a clink.

I started to leave, but she asked me to stay.
New comers to the bar, first time, that day.
Partially smashed, they started to glare.
I could hardly bear their shameless stare.

I sat at the counter drinking my water.
Before too long, those three became brasher.
Buy her a drink; No, thank you, I said.
If eyes could kill, I would have been dead.

A bit unruly, they became quite insistent.
I ordered my usual; they happily gave payment.
Three glasses of water I drank that day.
We played pool when they went on their way.

© October 30, 2011

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest:  Confessions to a Bartender 	
Sponsored by: Natalie :) The Rogue Rhymer

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Sally version 3

Sally strolls outside her cubicle collecting dinner trays
wiping some while stacking all she carries them to the back.
She's back at cash with ready eyes knowing that people will come;
sometimes soon; more-often late; some of them just to snack.

But while she waits she sips a brew; green tea that's been dipped before.
Then nodding her head she bows and swallows relaxing her vocal chords.
Approached by a customer she rushes her food firm to the spoon she scoops
while piling the plate for six seventy-nine and giving the customer hoards.

With pushy hands she slides their meal across the stainless steel
while raising her hand to take their bills and clipping them in the till.
Then up with change she raises her head and smiles to the customer's face.
And thanks them well with will and grace and hopes they'll get their fill.

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The Past is yours, the past is mine.
Your Past is Fine, Death was Mine.

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The Court Of Humanity

This man will hang for his sins against humanity
Judged so harshly by his peers, he will not be set free

He asks “Why must I die for my crimes?”
“Because you’re guilty and it was only a matter of time”

He demands “But who decides if I’m guilty?”
“We do, we are the few thus we are the many”

The man stood in silence as he contemplated this
He queried “That makes no sense, what point did I miss?”

“Our meanings are not for you to decipher”
A quick moment of silenced followed, broken by the man’s laughter

He jests “How am I to understand my fate, if you will not share with me your conclusions?”
“Do you mock this court? The only conclusion you shall know is that we will not tolerate obtrusions”

He observes “I think this is a case of the blind leading the blind”
“Justice is never blind; we understand you and your kind”

He accuses “You are all like me”
“Yet you’re guilty, while we’re free”

He asks “So freedom is perception, we are as we perceive?”
“No freedom is corrected to serve the people’s needs”

He asks “So freedom is a business, produced by whom?”
“Freedom is none of your concern, your time is up, and your life is due”

And so the rope was put around the man’s head
He demands “Wait let me speak my last words before I’m dead!”

He speaks “All I fear is that I will be forgotten”
“That my family will not remember me and the other side will win”

“I don’t understand what it is to be human, I can’t handle the pain”
“And you all understand too well, yet you can handle the shame”

As he braces himself for death
He utters his last words under his breath

“If ignorance is bliss”
“Then apathy is a heaven you couldn’t bear to miss”

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Blooded Honey

Her face is like a marble statuette,
blank of expression, emotions beget.
Motionless throughout vicious verbal storms,
driven by not complying to shared norms.
Weep, weep, weep bladed tears of rusted blood,
the only nectar of a frozen bud.

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Wrong Road Taken

On a darkened road, in the dead of night,
A wrong road taken, now a sorry plight.
No more gas, and so turned around.
Forest and fog on a moonless night abound.
Frightening sounds from within the woods
God protect me, I beg, as I close the hood.
There’s a light off yonder, twinkling thru the trees.
But I truly fear what there, waits for me.
I see a man with a gun stalking thru the trees.
With a bobbing lantern, he has seen me.
Good or evil… this is quite a test.
I jump inside. Locking the doors fearing death.
I see he’s old and withered as his eyes meet mine.
And he laughs eerily as he sets the gun against a tree to recline.
Can’t be too careful in these old hills, he explains, as he gives his name.
Taking a wrong turn out here can be a dangerous game.
Strangers are rarely welcomed, as some are up to no good.
Now, lets see you’re gas level, then what’s happening under the hood.
Sure enough I’d run out of gas, so he gave me a few gallons to last.
With written instructions to the closest station for gas…
He said he’d call the owner so someone would be there waiting.
A harrowing night ended rather well…with a thank you and a blessing.
It could have been worse… I could have been dead.
Now I’m just grateful… It was he who was there, as my light up ahead.


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Why So Painful?

I stand, utterly hollow and alone.
 Staring and wondering if he'll phone.

Why is it he has this hold over me?
 Why can't he just leave me be?

One minute, I think I'm over him, 
 then all those thoughts and feelings begin.

The biggest part of me knows we can't be together, 
 but then I remember, we vowed it was to last forever.

I think of the name calling, and him being so vile.
 Then here comes the happy memories followed by bile.

My throat burns, from the bile and from the pain.
 A lump, stuck there as the tears fall like summer rain.

How does one get over the hurt and betrayal?
 He's nothing at all like his first portrayal. 

I thought he was loving, kind, and an honorable man.
 Was his facade all part of some cruel, sinister plan?

How can you ever put your heart out there again?
 I can not begin to tell you how heart wrenching its been. 

I feel sorry for him, that he has to put me down.
 Its the only way he can make himself feel renown.

I just wonder when the pain will start to subside.
 I truly don't know how much longer I can stay on this ride. 

One part of me still loves him, for I am still his wife.
 The other part, can not keep putting myself through the strife.

A husband and wife are expected to go through dissension.
 Love shouldn't have to be this hard though, its too much tension.

How do you say good-bye to a man you love and equally hate?
 I never thought I would feel the love I have for him abate. 

I fear a divorce is in order, as I do not feel he will ever change.
 Its not like for the last two years we haven't been estranged. 

I wish I could say that I want to wish him all the best.
 But I don't since he's left this ragged, raw hole in my chest.

I know that's not the ladylike way to be.
 However, you have no idea what he's done to me.

I once tried to see the best in people, and love fierce.
 Well, with his coldness, my heart did he pierce. 

I can only hope to one day, heal my broken heart.
 He should be ashamed, for tearing my faith in love apart. 

But I forgive him for all that he has ever done.
 You see, it is I who will be the bigger and better one.

I only hope I can one day try my hand again at love.
 And I hope its him that I will no longer be thinking of

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Meniscus, meniscus, my coffee is cool.

Little meniscus I'm nobody's fool.

Once you seemed warmer; held by my hand.

Then there's this draft from a Tim Horton's fan.

Might be the windows cooling me down.

Maybe the door rifting around.

Regretting my coffee; some see my frown.

Little meniscus my cold little crown.

Maybe I'm thirsty; maybe too cool.

Currents come at me; stealing my drool.

Little meniscus forgive what I said.

Now that I'm drinking and thirsting instead.

Little mensicus circling my cup.

Not rising over and burning this shmuck!

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Outcry of a broken heart

Even my mind not stilled by silence
my thoughts outraged with hurt and hate
as Im dumbfounded with confusion
leaving the cause to no debate,
I cannot tell you what is wrong
to tell you means I'd have to trust,
and my heart no longer feels willing,
beating only cause it must.

I feel a dead man live my life
I see his cold abandoned heart,
I hear his agonising cries
as he is torn more apart,
knowing no peace, no rest I find
having no comfort, stuck in a bind
a vagabond, alone in his life
Ive been cut off, betrayal was the knife.

awaiting death, and still much worse
my whole life upon this earth
seems like a scheme to take my worth
and bring me to nothing,
such is my curse
and i fear the effects
may never reverse
and make believe that I am cursed.
the way I feel too great for words
too great to bear such constant hurt
my soul depressed and left prostrate
before God to help, I hope it works. . .

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The Nightmares

Nightmares that come are so bad I'm  afraid to sleep
Exhaustion enters making sleep needs reach their peak

A little light sleep to settle down falling falling deeply sound
The horror no no go away nightmares please dissipate

Same dreams every night since my darling baby cried
She nursed, very well fed in the morning she died

Nightmares night afer night awaking my baby I dread
Being rocked, rocked, rocked, looking down my baby's dead

(My adoptive mother lost a child, a little girl at age nine months old.  Back then people used 
home remedies very seldom saw a doctor.  The child had been sick with a cold, mother fed 
her and the next morning she was dead.  The  doctor who examined  the corpse said that 
she had had pneumonia and choked to dead on the mucous.)

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The Land of the Free

Where does your allegiance lie? 
In the hands of a government known to pry? 
In the grasp of a people, sworn to a brotherhood, 
Indoctrinated as children and bred into adulthood?
Who came along and swept wider the line, 
Between organised religions and organised crimes? 
Who took our money in the name of the poor, 
And laid it all out upon “Christ’s” front door? 
Who made your legislations and stripped of their rights
The gay and the sick and gave the poor their plights. 
Who bullies the weak and shits on their soil, 
In the name of justice, never for oil. 
Who stands and watches a nation struggling and weak
As their own government gases and bombs their streets. 
Who watches a child choke and gasp its last breaths,
And refuses to act against human right thefts? 
What just establishment makes someone “disappear” 
For ringing the truth out loud and clear? 
The red, white and blue, as a people must see, 
They fight for our freedom when they’re not free. 


I would like to stress, I am not "Anti-American"
I am however, largely against the American government's actions on its people and the rest of the world. I feel there is a shroud with congress that falls on a lot of the people in America; as if the government taps its people on the shoulder from behind to steal their wallet from infront of them.

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He Answered My Prayer...

I heard from one of my good friends last night, I knew by his voice something wasn’t quite right; It sounded a lot like he was saying goodbye, He even broke down and started to cry; He told me he was sorry for the things left unsaid, What he was saying scared me and filled me with dread; He told me a tumor was nestled in his brain, I could tell he was nervous, his voice had a strain; “I go in tomorrow to have it removed”, “The procedure is risky but the times have improved”; “Ten years ago they would’ve just left it there”, Silently I’m thinking this is just so unfair; At 23 years he’s too young to die, When I got off the phone, I sat down and cried; I couldn’t sleep when I went to bed last night, Worried and hoping it turns out alright; Now I sit here praying to God up above, To save my dear friend, that I cherish and love…
~He's home now - No sign he even had a tumor~

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Salutations and Satin Sheets

Pulling up his pants I think he's already forgotten me
Smeared lipstick and a handful of twenty's

Dirty condoms laying on couch, the bed, and the floor 
He gives me a mischievous wink and out the door

Now i'm angry at what I've done 
A filthy whore with cheap discreet fun

Laying on my bed it smells like sex
My life has always been cursed like a hex

No worries i've got a way to take away the pain
Pulled the trigger on my twenty two and blew out my brain

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Love is Pain

Twist my heart and tear it in two, 
 But that will never keep me from loving you.

Say such ugly, hurtful things.
 No matter how many tears it brings.

Is this what it takes to make you smile?
 Hurting me as I love you all the while.

Please stop this torturous time, 
 I need a man whose heart can truly be mine.

I won't ask this of you again,
 If you love me, let me go so my healing can begin.

My loving you was a huge mistake.
 How many times can one heart break?

I'll love you until I draw my last breath, 
 For all you've done, this is the only choice I have left.

I married the man that with all my heart I loved, 
 You pushed me away, with every hit and shove.

The things you said to me were nothing short of insane, 
 You taught me the biggest lesson in life, Love is Pain

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No Stopping Time

Our allotted days come and go, my time does pass Relentless as the grains of sand in the hour glass

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Better Days

With battles fought, the wounds endured 
these days shall pass, I am assured

The veil of winter shall lift in spring
A bird in mourning shall one day sing

But with the cloak of darkest day
comes bitter wind and skies of gray

A tidal wave to calm the sea
upon the shore, I wait for thee 

My heavy heart sinks into sand
until you come and take my hand

A promise of despair no more
to find the love I'm waiting for

A rescue from the rolling shore 
and peaceful days forevermore 

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Silent Storm

Winds were howling, it seemed near the cape.
Rain showers filled the skies to fully drape.

But this storm was really no where near.
There was no reason for these raging fears.

Yet, the rain raged rugged in my mind,
Never really in nature or real time.

It shattered my goals this cold, wet, storm
And washed away dreams that had no form.

Yet, when the treacherous tempest subsides,
I found myself ashore barely alive.

Now knowing it was I who caused the gale,
I did this to myself, not caring I'd fail.

I picked myself up beaten and alone,
And sunlight rose through all of my bones

Now, the light runs forever in my self
and stills any storms, a vision of wealth.

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Coffee Coffee

Paper cup
Squeezing it
Raise it all up

Coffee Coffee
Nature's juice
Dark Black Coffee
Straight from Zeus

Coffee Coffee Coffee
Sugar sinks in sprinkles
Stir stick bent and plastic
Aging fast in little wrinkles

Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee
Steam will rise into your eye
Drink your coffee slow at first
Little drops will burn your thigh

Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee

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A Girl for Jesus

A girl for Jesus.  A story untold.
Except for the rumor; he's kept and controlled.
An opposite lover; one evil I'm told.
Who keeps him in line with hands that are cold.

You're prayers keep him busy.
In answering each one.
Though it's really his honey.
He longs to be from.

So ask him forgiveness.
For everything done.
And wait for his answer.
That Several may come.

His time is not money.
Or luck as we know.
But a curse; to a cry; o'ver someone; to crow.
And if you feel sorry.  Pitty him some.
Remember he loves her; no matter where from.

Behold a great halo.
Some say overdone.
For if you look closely.
Surrounding someone.

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The Silence and her Dreams

In a world where silence is the only one who'll talk to me anymore
I scream without noise, white white noise without a cure.

Within the walls of silence we cut ourselves on sharp edges where
the sounds of ghosts called and tried to break through the despair.

I had held onto dreams that were gone when I awoke,
why had I fallen in love with dreams constructed of smoke?

And the voice flat lines, without memory of its own use. 
Memories tell me be quiet, even if it was abuse.

One day I will hit the bottom of this place 
and all the memories of us you'll erase

Then not even silence will speak to me from where I lay on the ground
a silence that is so loud, I'll be consumed in the pale forever of his sound.

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Dragon's Breath

The dragon's breath upon my cheek Comes to spoil the quiet that I seek Gone the peace that night may grant All my dreams now quickly disenchant Blow your fire upon my aching breast There is a greater pain I can attest You are no more than a jester's tale Yet on the dragon's love I will impale ....
1/30/13 Mythological Animal contest

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City without electricity - a  lost town  - 
Phones don’t work, internet’s down.

Food spoils in freezer, coffee can’t perk;
Traffic lights out, everybody’s a jerk.

Elevators don’t work  -  gotta climb, climb: 
And read fast before sun-down  time.

Learn to cook over a candle,
Electric can-opener? Use the handle.

Back to the stone age in a second
Life’s not as easy as you reckoned.

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I'm dancing in a toolbox.
Used for many tools.
Dancing all around them.
Cautious of you fools.

I'm dancing in a toolbox,
frightened for my life.
Just a tiny jewel,
set; a tray of strife.

I'm dancing in a toolbox.
Looking for some help.
Waiting for my parents;
to commandeer my health.

I'm dancing in a toolbox.
YELLING for my friends.
Who will come and help me?
Save me from these ends.

I'm dancing in a toolbox.
YES.  I am.
I'm dancing in a toolbox.

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Stubborn She Is

I think stubbornness keeps me going Even when the words just are not flowing Embarrassed to quit though maybe I should Try to write something great, if only I could Empty of thoughts that seem worth while Thinking maybe I can make someone smile I keep trucking, usually writing at night With my muse I have such a grand fight Once in awhile I write something good At least something that seems understood So I'll keep writing until time's bitter end Then beware-from heaven/hell poems I'll send...

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Death may be a release for ME,
it my be what sets me Free.

Free from things that cause me Pain.
Free from you that I Love in Vain.

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Wonders Why

It seems I just cannot win,
 For my life is in a constant spin.

Not one person can I please,
 Nor does it seem I can appease.

My children refuse to confide in me,
 Telling me to let them be.
They expect me always to be around,
 Yet when needed, they cannot be found.

Family expects me to just be there,
 But no thought my way do they spare.

Their moods I am always to understand,
 And be there to lend a  needed hand.

When I am feeling bad or subdued,
 I am told I am just too  rude.

When I am in a rush,
 I am still expected to hush.

Who said it was ever ok
 For me NOT to have a bad day?

Why is it ok when I am under the gun
 For everyone else to have their fun?

Yet again I come up short,
 Just as I am given a kick for sport.

Just another day to be,
 In the life of

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You can't change your past but you can learn from it
Its not about dwelling there, but more so what you earn from it
Sometimes I wish I hadn’t let others influence my prior choices
But other times I'm thankful for those few truthful voices

Guiding me in the right way, letting me know my wrong
Creating the fight inside me, changing the tune of my song

I wish you could see me now, and how much I've progressed
Now I see past my accomplishments, where my faults lay to rest

Blinded by reflections, who knew the mirror was convex
What I thought was simple and obvious, was much more complex

Today I look back and remember, how could I ever forget
How you were my satisfaction, but now you're my regret.

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False Prophets and True Hope

When searching you must take care
The answer is always out there

Even if it’s not what you are
It's ok it’ll only leave a scar

The truth hurts when it can’t justify
Everything you’ve done and you’re forced to ask why

Take comfort in the thought 
That you probably won’t be caught

God is watching everyone
You can’t be judged because you’ve already won

Religion is your veil
Subject the naïve and you’ll never fail

What would Jesus do,
If he were you?

Would he still be a martyr then?
Or would he be a footnote amongst the hearts of men?

It is our ambitions,
That can solve our ambitious contradictions

The problems we face
Are ours to erase

God only measures as high
As your will to survive

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Wanna Hear A Sad Song

Sad music playin' is what I choose
Cos' I'm knee deep in a mess of blues

My baby left for the last time
And I can't seem to make it rhyme

Forever was the word I knew
He just laughed and said we're through

Pillow talk's the only talkin' we did
Say anymore well God forbid

I just heard the slammin' door
He's gone but I don't know what for

Makin' it work-I truly tried
Now I see he only lied

So crank it up and I'll sing along
To some lonesome bluesey song

Lost somewhere I go alone
That bird of love has swiftly flown

Friends I promise to get this all out of my system...these poems about heartbreak will end

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Where Then Can Love Be Found

A place where hatred is taken captive and joyous laughter will resound
But, people are devoid of Understanding….Where Then Can Love Be Found?

We’re living in the Final Days; days of darkness, and confusion
Through the Beast, False Prophet, Anti-Christ…The Masters of Illusion

I see a land that cries for Justice, a world where evil roams
I see Warfare, Pain, and Emaciation…The Elderly Left Alone

Search deeply within your beings, why have we reached this Lost Condition?
Where our lives are now uncertain…nonexistent apparitions

Who can we blame for all the tragedy; where can we go to find a cure?
The solution is not beyond us, only Love can make life pure

Many nations have great problems, several countries overseas
Yet, take a look, decode the cipher…they’re killing Minorities

Our Children, precious Little Ones, in recent years their hopes have waned
They've been Shot Down/ Abused/Neglected, each human shares in the blame

In New York City something appalling, a day of shameful doom
A mother had a child ripped from her belly…A Seed No Chance To Bloom

Love is cloaked in elusive mystery; carnal man cannot obtain
It can only be found if you cleanse your Spirits/Yes, its meaning is quite arcane

It’s Unconditional, Very Humble, looks not on Race, or Color
And, I doubt very seriously you know its worth if you can’t even Love Your Brother

I know we can reach the Apogee, so Break The Chains, and don’t be bound
Still, until that day, I’ll ask a question…Where Then Can Love Be 

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Never knew quite what wind blew up her skirt
Maybe the way I dressed or my shoe’s unbrushed  dirt
Like a woman scorned, her fury knew no bounds
Like when the fox has successfully eluded the hounds
The tongue-lashing was the first salvo in her armament
Couldn’t even get a  word in to show my disagreement
Oh but the extremes of modulation in her voice tone
Made me glad I could see her  and not just be on the phone
For the facial  gestures and the eyelash lashes she performed 
Were an accompaniment not to miss in her tirade as she stormed
Through Act I  into  Act II when the hands on hips were a prelude
To a theatrical show  that simply had to be viewed 
Then the head was tossed several times for effect
And the  brushed hair  floated around in a circle perfect
I’m sure the audience was rapt and  about to applaud
Had they not seen something about her display  which was  flawed
Her rhetorical questions, her cleft sentences, her exclamation marks
Left no impression on her target, like smiling at a dog that barks
This guy, they thought,  must be  deaf,  dumb   and blind
To be so unimpressed by a prima donna performance of this kind?
Maybe he is straight off the funny farm and unaware of  her sarcasm?
Or perhaps he has a weak constitution and is about to have a spasm?
They had no inkling and neither did she : the reason for my lack of discussion
Was simply that I didn’t understand her spoken Russian.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... . . . . . . . . . .. 

Entered in Andrea's  Contest 

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Hardened Heart

Barriers cracked and chipped with age
Once standing firm now tremble in rage.
To regain the solidity once defined
That now lies uncertain, its’ strength resigned.

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Like a size-too-large shoe; it does not fit true
IRREGARDLESS of who? Good lord, that won't do!

Preachers will preach it and good teachers teach it
Politicians used it; lawyers abused it

Rhodes Scholars quoted it; speechwriters wrote it
Musicians note it and gossipers float it

It's rather absurd how our English is slurred
In case you haven't heard: There AIN'T NO SUCH WORD!!

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Someday It Seems So Futile

Let me tell you what I sometimes think And why I am so often forced to drink Most of what I write will be forgotten 'Cuz my rhyme and meter are so rotten

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Loss Of Habitat

I watch the swaying brown tipped rushes
Against my cheek the gentle wind brushes
On quiet blue a dragonfly dips its feet
Landing where the sun and water meet
Blackbirds flash a wing of ruby red
Busy keeping a nest of fledglings fed
Bullfrogs with throaty voices call
Declaring  their presence to one and all
Faint sound of traffic accosts  my ears
As twilight descends and darkness nears 
Saddened by the coming months of fall
This habitat destined to be a shopping mall......

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The Beautiful Streams

I ponder at the beauty of the sea
Aesthetic paintings of the clouds displayed across everything I see

Birds migrate to different places of the world
Pens and papers await to write annals of this year's other side

Wind's red carpet leads the way
The sun adorns the distance's sway

A candle called me back to life
And drew me into the light of a smile

Was it a dream; a mere imgaination?
For I was a bird flying with no hesitation

I was going to knock on a door
But, a candle held me back from stepping onto the floor

Now, I smile as I walk across the lake
For it was not completely fake

For the lake held a picture 
Of the moon's foundation

It was the moon's hand that carried me
Into Imagination's beautiful streams...

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When, Then -

When your world falls apart.
When closed love rips your heart.
When sorrow comes to stay.
When all hope looses way.
When your thoughts go awry.
When you wish you could die.
When confusion comes to play.
When brightness leaves each day.
When clutter wins the fight.
When order looses sight.
When disaster takes its place
When you want to stop the race.
When troubles overwhelm.
When no one is at the helm.
When anguish fills each thought.
When you lost what you sought.
When bizarre thoughts are said.
When theres rumbling in your head. 
When you don't know what to do.
Do not tell your God adieu.
Call upon His name.
Continue in life's game.
When you wish that you were dead.
Remember what He said.
He died to save your soul.
Make eternity your goal.
Regroup; call on His love sublime.
Then, peace will fill your time.

© June 28, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

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Defrocked by the Dark

When I reached the surface I could smell their fear From the depths of my dark they could sense I'm near Their azure blue skies turned to darken sulky clouds My cawing cacophony of followers, voiced their loud Oh what pleasure it gave me knowing they'd find my goal The darkened seeker sought, the last angel on their scrolls Commotion, confusion abounded, taken to me was she Silence was heard in her wings, now kneeling in front of me Eyes of solemn righteous, now attract this leader of dark As I stare into her pearly white, she views my wanting stark To me now close in touch, thunderous clouds applaud my caress Lightning strikes as I enter her world, in fall, her wings undress Defrocked, taken forsaken, an incredible darkness now descends Such power will emit when I surface again, can any race contend <*>

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Frozen Amber

A world filled with confusion With every little delusion Casting its shadow on life Pushing against her in strife Holding the glass she saw everything That her hasty decisions had to bring The damp glass began to drip From her hands it began to slip Till it would hit the floor with a crash Shattering to broken glass All of her life that she saw Was now in freefall Dispensed in the air She couldn't even care As her dreams slipped past Out of her reach so fast She now lost her world In the amber liquid swirls

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I asked myself what I prefered and wrote it down for keeping
and later asked myself again to have it change for reaping.
My second thought was fine I said yet different from the first.
So why was my last thought as firm to which one was the worst?

Each coloured different for their role in fitting in I'm sure.
While one was sharp and one more strong neither one more pure.
I loved them both as equally as each one was apart.
Variety was whole to me as several of their hearts.

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Lost Again...

Have you seen my poems, I put them all right here,
Please tell me exactly how all my papers can just disappear;

I swear last night I stacked them right here for me to read,
And now my horrible thoughts are trying desperately to mislead;

Did I really put them here, or maybe over there,
This terrible sense of loss fills me with despair;

I think it may be possible that I’m losing my mind,
Because no matter where I look, My poems I don’t find!

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Don't Judge

Don't judge me if you do know zip
For facts are dressed from toe to tip
My recital you never try to read
Thence blinded and hurt by the blood they bleed.

Your animadversion plant it please
For no man is perfect or so you'll see
Why marred that angelic mug of yours?
And force to you my want to deplores?

All of us writes but a different story
Filling each with countless shame and glory
You see but an impression of my looks
And speaks to but a version of my books.

So don't judge me if you do know zip
Since bad karma might seek your lips
My recital you should try to read
Flaw lies in blood that we players feed.

Dovey Annie

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Every breath that I breathe, every step in my mission To do it the right way, I need to take permission. When will I be free, free to seek my destiny? I need to hold on lest I perish into custody. Till the end of life I will be bound in chains I try to feel not but day by day it pains. For all that is good, for all that is nice, I thank you warmly for messing up my life. By what they say is “right” I will always be held back. All I see is freedom, I do not see the track. But yes, you’re right, I’ll never be set free… ‘coz they hold you till the end, that’s what they do….

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that kind of boi

It's funny how most guys are set to seek, kill and destroy your heart
They've got nothing but one intention from the start 
Have no clue how to love but force themselves on you 
They lie all the time to let you hear what you want to 
Tell you they love you until the end, your the one they want 
Try to act all innocent until they get caught 
And they look for someone else to play with like their favorite toy
He's quick and doesn't care, he's just that kind of boy

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 I was going on a vacation with my family one day,
 We thought we would head down Louisiana way.

 It was great being with my wife and daughter, 
 Until I saw a black bird coming out of the water.

 It struggled to get to the beach we were on,
 When we looked again, it seemed to be gone.

 But it was there, floundering on the beach,
 Along with the fish, shrimp, and other birds just out of reach.

 All of them were strewn on the beach so far,
 Each was deathly sick, and blackened like tar.

 The sand which I knew should have been pristine,
 But the vision we saw was a totally different thing.

 The waves that approached were black with goo,
 Carrying more dead and dying creatures too.

 "Can't we help them, Daddy?", my little girl said,
 "Not now, dear, as most of them will be dead"!

 "But why are they dying?", she said to me,
 How could I explain about the oil from BP?

 "There was an accident from an oil company's rig", said I,
 My little girl looked at the animals and began to cry.

 I tried to explain that man uses so much oil,
 He has to drill in the earth, sometimes in underwater soil.

 "Well then we need to stop it if the animals die!"
 "I know", I said, "We just haven't tried".

 "I will try harder to not use oil", she said,
 "Especially if so many pretty creatures will end up dead!"

 I held her close and wiped her tears,
 Knowing full well that she was wise beyond her years.

 "I'll try too", I said to her,
 Not wanting to see this again occur.

 So I've made a pact with myself to be,
 Less OIL dependent so that others may see.

 If I have to walk a little more than so be it,
 It's better than having to watch the death of an Egret.

 Pehaps we could all take a stance,
 And with Big Oil, not take the chance.

 For anytime man's greedy hand gets into the mix,
 Then the environment is always in for a fix.

 But we can change, adapt, and try to help out,
 By being less dependent of Big Oil's clout.

 We had to come home early because of the spill,
 Like most people, we tasted that bitter pill.

 So now on a crusade with my daughter I will go,
 Trying hard to advise others and put them in the know.

 Especially of what I have seen thru my little girl's eyes,
 Those sickening deaths under clear blue skies.

 I will do my best to get others to stop in their oily run,
 Not only from BP, but Shell, Citgo, Marathon, and Exxon!

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To take or to give,
To die or to live.
To hold my breath or exhale,
To laugh at life or to wail.

To starve or to eat,
To be cold or have heat.
To swim or to drown,
To smile or to frown.

To be ill and then well,
To see Heaven in Hell.
To be mad and then sane,
To accept love and then pain.

To find comfort in my mind,
To be aware and not blind.
To read every sign,
To write another line.

To be both inside and out,
To know and to doubt.
To be overwhelmed by my fear,
To be tranquil and clear.

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Torture Of Breath

Home alone, and nowhere to go,
I ponder my existence, and what's it to show?

The care I crave, the emotions I lust,
Society has filled me only with distrust.

I pick up the bottle, open the top,
What am I dong? I have to stop!

I dump the contents into my hand,
I fight to force it away, but I jusy can't!

"Stop it! you idiot!" I scream aloud,
Tears are flowing, as my blood starts to pound

"Why can't I just end it!?" I ask with fury.
My hand forces to my mouth, as my sight goes blurry, 

"What have I done...?" I question in fear,
Not ready to leave, not from here.

I can't take it back, it's already done,
I close my eyelids, as I stare into a sun...

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You played my mind 
With that tricky style

That untamed shimmer in your eye
Leaves my world upside down

You disappeared like Houdini
And came back with nonchalance

You shared a new world
Then took it all back

You held me and soothed me
You whispered love to my soul

But you lied, and you stabbed me
Yet I stand tall, unbroken

You are too real to be real
Too believable to believe

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What A Night...

I woke up this morning in the kitchen and not really sure who I was,
Tid-Bits and flashes from last night are now making my head buzz;

Did I fall into a wormhole or get abducted by a UFO,
With the pounding pain inside my skull, right now I just don’t know;

I vaguely remember Rosie complaining about the night,
And who were those Vacuum Salesmen, they didn’t get an invite; 

My insomnia must have been cured by drinking that nuclear waste,
I’ll use a Listerine soaked tissue to freshen up, what happened to my toothpaste;

As I venture to the bedroom I spot Hammond in his Spandex boxer shorts,
I hate to wake him up but right now I need a report;

My living room is up in shreds, did I host a Rock Convention,
The things I found upon my floor I’m not going to mention;

Did Dire Straits have a concert in my house while I was out,
So much for wine and dine, I’m fixing to start to shout;

I discovered lunar craters in what used to be my yard,
The fire my friends didn’t put out left my folding chairs all charred;

Well I’m off to take some medicine and start drifting back to sleep,
I’ve never had a gig like that and fixing up won’t be cheap!

~4th Place in the "Wacky Weekend Challenge(Remembering Tom)"Contest by Catie Lindsey~

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That November Day

I will never forget that cold day in November.
It will be a day I will forever remember.

Anxiously sitting in the courtroom,
Praying that this day does not end in doom.

All the testifying that day is said and done.
I am nervously awaiting my fate and that of my sons.

The judge is gone but only an hour,
The expression she is wearing is quite dour.

She sits down at her bench and gives her verdict to me.
They are going to take my sons, the three.

She says I am not a good mother,
She says her choice was no other.

I sit there in disbelief and stun,
I cannot believe they are taking my sons!

She won't let me say goodbye,
I am not given the chance to try!

I sit there in that vile room and cry,
Please wake me from this dream and tell me it is a lie.

Unfortunately it is no dream and I lose my breath,
This is hell for me, without the death.

I try to make sense of this some, 
But I cannot, I am way too numb!

Life without my babies, this cannot be,
Please someone just answer me!

What I have ever done,
To make me lose my sons?

I thought I was doing right,
By asking for help that night.

God, If only a warning had been given,
I would not have made that decision!

You would think the pain would go away,
It does not, it is still with me today.

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bloody hands

your hands are all bloody from my broken heart
it hurts that you don't feel bad that you tore us apart 
that with a temporary fix you wrecked what we built 
your proud of yourself, don't feel any guilt
now your all alone, you can go sleep in your bed 
your so selfish, i wouldn't feel sorry if you were dead
because you've killed me inside, there's nothing you can do to bring me back to life
you've stabbed me in my heart, there's no coming back alive

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Anticipating the final kiss

Floating on life waters of which I drink too much
Whiffed on angel wings in arms that’s tranquil to the touch
Searching souls where chances of escape is very slim
And surviving equals staring in the eyes of reapers grim
Slashing strings and snatching as he cuts me down to size
My guardian salutes me then engages as I surmise
Amidst the raging battle I am trapped so in between
The torso and the neck of higher beings most pristine
And being pressured thus I part my lips to utter screams
My breath is snatched by one before I disappear downstream
I wonder next when I awake who is it I’ll first see
With blurry vision both the frames look much the same to me
The tears won’t leave a trail or surface pains which I’m inclined
They’re Loch Ness monster hiding while the darkness is outlined
Though both are treasure hunters searching for this strange believer
The lesser weeps the victor who’ll be crowned golden retriever
Shrouded is the mists that pens me to the walls of doubt
Eclectic as I learn what smothered freedom’s all about
Reveal this dream, awake the mouth to mouth that must revive
The cloudy pillow talk that says I am indeed alive

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Traffic of Misery

The Slave Trade, Has it ever stopped?

Whilst liberty taken from one so bold
in silence endured a heart of man sold.
Whence nothing changes in one’s quest for gold
this day a replica of them of old.

© Harry J Horsman 2012     

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Dream State

I broke my pen today
I lost my own way

Forgot what I could find
Consequently I am blind

I won’t be the same
Again I’ll eat the blame

Feel but do not touch
This pity is my crutch 

Pray to God and break
Keep me alive, not awake

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Opposite Ends-

I don't understand why.

Why you hurt me all the time,

and try to make me cry?

I know that I'm not perfect,

but I never claimed to be.

I only know one way to live,

and that's just to be me.

I get that we're polar opposites,

you're the sun and sandy beach.

I'm winter , cold and drifting,

the moon you cannot reach.

I'm sorry I can't be the person,

you need me to be.

I don't know how to change it,

so I'm setting myself free.

I'm one thing and you're another

and I'm tired of playing games,

I'll always be just who I am ,

I'll always be the same.

It hurts that you don't want me,

but I have to let it go,

I can't take these lies anymore,

they're bruising up my soul.

So now you're free to be the person

you want so much to be.

I'm just here in the shadows, now

so don't worry about me.

I'm going on with what I have,

and leaving you behind.

I hope you have much happiness,

and peace to soothe your mind.

I'll always hold a prayer for you,

and hope you'll say the same.

I'll save the good times in my heart,

and never forget your name.

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Torment manifests in my soul
Loved ones seem compelled to console

I live my past again and again
People’s sympathies bring back pain

Suppressed feelings vanquish
Longing grief shall languish

Infuriating my flesh with pain
Someone remind him of his shame

How I wonder about her fears
Far beyond my withered tears

Believe me when I tell you this
My child’s father stole her bliss

Such torment frustrates my world
Satan exploited my little girl

How can I subjugate this hell 
When Satan lives within her shell ?

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The Truth In The Dark

The truth is whispered in the dark
But is lost in the wind
People look ahead in life
Only to catch glimpses of the end

People saying ignorance is bliss
But knowledge is power
They say memories are like minutes
Cause your lifetimes like an hour

They say lies to get leverage
And accusations to point blame
Honesty to gain respect
And truth to bring shame

They say live your life
Like it just might end tomorrow
No time to feel regret
No time to feel sorrow

The truth may be lost in the dark
But very few can see
The real answers in life
Lie behind you and me

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My way or No Way

Adjust your position so I can see your thoughts on what has gone
Sit me down and explain just why and what I have done wrong

I only know I love you but I can see you don't agree 
My father was an inno-cent and helpful to a tee

He worked and toiled abroad for us that gave a tidy sum
And off you went and took me too together with the mon

A beautiful house your dream come true and yet he lived abroad
You barred him from the children too come sickle or come sword

He said he'd sue for character defamed but I protected you
You don't see this and I suppose you may not ever do

And now he's passed away you say 'I'm sorry for what you go through'
No mention of a sympathy but yet your parent's do.

And now you're saying as to form 'It's my way or it's none'
I have not seen my children now for one year and more to come

Feb 2012.

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Failure of Duty

I am trying to remember the last time we were happy,
Every time I think I have it nailed down I come up empty.

Each moment I think I can get past it with some word or fight,
You show the reasons I fell in love, with kindness and insight.

The torture of finding a path through this labyrinth of pain,
Is knowing that all was preventable without even a stain.

Truth is the foundation of a well built home,
I couldn’t straighten it out with an iron and fine toothed comb.

I don’t know how long I will last,
As the one who let you down in the past.

My mind wishes only happiness for you and your life,
But my heart still sees you as my darling wife.

My words are slowing and my mind is growing weary,
For the past few months my eyes have never been more teary.

These words are not for you to hear or be reading,
But for me as I try and stop my soul from bleeding.

As you move on in strength and beauty,
My heart and mind crumble from my failed duty.

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Internal Bruise

Here I am, back again
Hoping to find some words to say
Wanting it to come like rain
Pouring out with disarray

All through today I have been
Wanting to let out my scream
Crying to let go of the sin
She has forgotten, so it seems

Why can't I transform the blows
The ones that attack the heart
So I could just easily expose
Physical pain that quickly departs

Glances at you turns to hurt
Listening to your voice
My mouth tastes dirt
You gave me no other choice

Now I loathe the time I spent with you
How I wish I could take it back
Way back then, I  never knew
Behind your disguise hides a plague

I have tried so hard without result
You seem so neutral towards
My explanations, an insult
To my effort, no fruit of reward

So here I am, back again
Just wanted to tell you this
To keep myself from being insane
Your friendship I will no longer miss

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Forsaking Hope

An Angel stalked my better-half through my mind
Questioning our flawless design

Angel: "What is a beast if you grant it introspection?"
Man: "It's still an animal, yet closer to imperfection."

"What is a dog with no will to live?"
"A dog with a will always has hope to give."

"But dogs cannot contemplate, they simply are."
"Yet humans can, is it an improvement or a scar?"

"Undying love is a gift you bear!"
"What good is it when it hurts to care?"

"That is the beauty of woman and man!"
"But what is it, what truth is there to understand?"

"That is for God to tell"
"If our questions go unheard, I'm glad we fell."

"You've only fallen if you fail to see."
"I don't see god, but I can feel the animal in me."

"You would deny your God given status?"
"If God made us so great, then why can't we kill the bestial urges inside us?"

"Some people dwell closer to sin."
"Yet none of us can handle the animal within."

"I cannot help you if you can't agree."
"Only if I agree you will set me free?"

"Only with the glory of God can we save you and your kind."
"You cannot help me, you are just within my mind."

With that the Angel fell dead
The man stared calmly toward nothing and shot himself in the head

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No blog posting, I see.
Woe is me, woe is me.

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Doctors' Fee

There are no physicians in the governments eyes.
Just a deluge of doctors who make ignorant cries.
A Health Care that's missing two things from the air.
The first one your health and the other your care.
Doctored for money; morals on the side.
Hypocrite healers; deft with their pride.
Eyes seeing eyes that purge and won't see.
-But a plague of the government and a tax that they fee.

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A sickness, cold, solemn, black
Hides in my mind, waits for me to turn my back

It's slaughtered my family, my lovers, my mates
Now it is my turn, it schemes and it waits

It's plagued all the people, the young and old
It wishes to kill me, to turn my heart cold

But I fight it; I won't let it get under my skin
I will use my every defense, I can't let it win

"Love kills the demon," we all must know
So now is the time to let our hearts grow

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You Just Wait

This morning it was my knee,
No injury that I could see.

My back has begun to ache,
Daily Motrin I must take.

My vision is getting faint,
Just one more damn complaint!

My new pill box overflowing,
To the Dr I’m always going.

Fiber is my new best friend,
Will this decline ever end?

Don’t snicker you young folk,
Getting older is no joke.

Someday you’ll be just like me….
Ha, just wait and see

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Graduate Kid

Graduate Kid

Nature’s invidious corn
With school, Genius is born!
With crayons of every colour
The World may lose dolour!

Like determined drudges
With gusto he smudges;
On my car, my painted wall
My Credit cards and my all!

***Dedicated to my Grade 1 Son; Elisha, whose crayons leave no walls unturned!


9th February 2014

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Where Will I Go?

When I die where will I go,
Up to Heaven or Hell down below;

Will I see my family that is dead and gone,
Or will I even get to move on;

Will I fade into nothing and disappear,
Will I feel hunger, pain, or fear;

Am I doomed to suffer for eternity,
Or will I remain, more or less Me;

Will I come back in another life,
To once again feel anguish and strife;

Just where will my final judgment lay,
I hope God is merciful on that day.

~Inspired by "Is Death The End?" by Susan Palli~

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Carved by the Creator, your beauty and strength so daunting.
Loved by this spectator, your existence is so haunting.

Feelings of guilt abound, yet cannot penetrate
the feelings of love that surround and duplicate.

So weak my heart,yet,weakened in my dreams
I falter from the start, or so it seems.

Would that I could sprout wings and fly to you.
So certain am I you'd recognize the truth.

Alas, caught and caged I have become,
Like a tiny bird that will never fly away home.

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dearest friend among the halls,
i shall answer the dreamer's calls,

to where you stand i long to be,
to wake with you beside me,

we met in night by bright moon beam,
when i first met you in my dream.

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Between the ears

I raise my glass 
and give false cheers 
Leave on the light 
to hide my fears 
Wear make up 
to fade the years 
Bow my head 
to avoid their sneers 
Run in the rain 
to disguise my tears 
Plaster on a smile 
as inside it sears 
Gaze at the clock 
as the time nears 
Watch it slip away 
as it disappears

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Wrath is the most dangerous of the seven deadly sins.
Its magnitude leads to an end, where the other six begins.

It can start with Pride, by hiding ones true feelings and implode.
Then lashing out at someone close, because it was swallowed.

Lust comes in when indignant thoughts, lead to hurtful words.
The victim looks for kindness, and sweet talk comes in herds.

It is often found with Envy, whether it is love or financial gain.
People want what others have, and will inflict the worst of pain.

"Glutton for punishment"; I recall that term, it happens all the time.
Go ahead and hurt me for I am use to that, you slime!

Let's not forget old Vanity, for that is known worldwide.
People suing surgeons for mistakes they cannot hide.

Last but not least, Greed comes to play - with its only friend.
Armed robbery to petty theft; the list will never end.

I know this hardly covers what this word of rage intels.
For Wrath is my worst enemy; it festers and it swells.

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Have Some Gumption

A cheater never a winner was.
An honest man earns his great applause.

Bootlegged words make confidence schism.
Stealing verses denies truth's wisdom.

Writing one's best makes ideas glisten.
Expressive minds hope people listen.

So go ahead, have some gumption.
Live life golden; ascend con's basin.

Deceit never did bring satisfaction.
Observed ideals take positive action.

The harmed forgive, though it is not easy.
A higher order shows loves flows deeply.

One should never choose to plagiarize,
Not while thoughtfulness remains alive.

© October 30, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

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My Demons

In darkened corners 
Of my troubled mind

Lie hidden demons
Left to find

They creep and linger
Ever there

Waiting for some sweet despair
To show their faces
And sink their claws

Into places
Soft and raw

They feed on worry, fear, and doubt
But I know how to bring them out

To deal with them courageously
In hopes at last they’ll set me free

Face the darkness deep and true
Find the hidden healing clues

Bring the fearsome thoughts to light
Where they’ll lose all will to fight

Without the secret shameful shadows
They can’t exist to fight this battle

And at long last I’ll truly win
My soul, my heart, and yet again

Be happy as I could have been
Had I never let those demons in

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The Power of You

Human nature the epitome of despair
Ask around, does anybody care?

The submissive to the strong and the strong to the circumstance
Historically falling into the same traps by chance

Prove a point by looking the other way
Or step-up and change today

The problem with living in this Democracy?
We can’t see the walls when we assume we’re free

When simple ideas are fed with simple lies
The power overwhelms the opposition’s cries

We live to love
Some obsessed with the power above

The power of faith can blind
Sometimes true answers are harder to find

Criticism is an instinct
Try to slow down and think

The ideal for you 
Can’t always be true

The world can’t change overnight
But we’ll never know if we never try

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Activity #39

I hate the way there's silence
When I ask if someone's there

I hate the way I'm empty
Left to just sit and stare

I hate the way I'm lonely
When I shouldn't have to be

I hate the way I'm hated
Thrown down on my knees

I hate the way things have gone
Completely taken off course

I hate the way things are going
My screams leaving me hoarse

I hate the way I'm sitting here
Writing down my pain

I hate the way no one cares
I have nothing left to gain

I hate the way I write your name
When I write something down

I hate the way my dreams aren't safe
I wake up with a frown

I hate the way people judge
Their rubric far from fair

But most of all, I hate the way
You think that I don't care

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Hope For A New Generation

The death of a saint, a martyr to some
The death of a hero, a husband to one

A soldier turned humanitarian, he cared for all
He attempted to hurdle that natural barrier, to climb that human wall

To give up his dreams and aspirations
To relinquish his will of self-preservation

To benefit all of human kind
To alter how we interact, to change our time

Such a task he set upon with stalwart dedication
He preached caring and forgiveness, not revenge or vindication

He loved all regardless of their color, religion, or creed
He served everyone, just as he had served his country

With a fire and passion not seen in lesser men
He truly understood what it meant to be human

Yet not everyone shared his vision of peace
More blood was spilled and the fighting did not cease

He carried on despite the pain of knowing so much
He often relied upon the love of his family for a crutch

But there is a point at which every man breaks
His feeling of failure overwhelmed his need to be great

However even in his darkest hour, his hope did not falter
His compassion was renewed with the help of a different altar

A belief built upon the hope that people can change 
He had experienced so much, developed such a broad emotional range

It seemed that he was ready to change us all
What a tragic thing it is when greatness does fall

Alone in the darkness of his room the killer did sit
The hero was shot and killed by a man who was painfully desperate

Seeking a greatness of his own
He wasn’t satisfied with the world he was shown

And so died the dream of the hero, this saint
The martyr departed and his fire burned faint

Yet hope never dies
It is in everything from the way we believe to a newborns cries

We would do well to remember that ordinary people have had extraordinary dreams
Amongst all this bloodshed there is more to life than it seems

We are all here together, for what purpose we do not know
However if we recognize those around us, we can always help each other grow

To always be working towards that next step, to be supporting that re-birth
For love is all around us and it is the most important thing on Earth

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Burnt down, fatigued, no feelings left, 
So devastated, world means no heft
I am not a phoenix to rise from ashes
Soul does not let receive new lashes.

I am plagued with tortures of ill fate 
Downbeat and broken, it is time to rate
My noble deeds and even wicked
My Lord, I beg, don’t be too strict!

Would love to live a century more,
But locked for me the main door
I knocked at it ten thousand times
Then I came back with all that grime. 

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A Soldier Departs

A soldier dies for the sake of his country
He lived in a land where we’re all meant to be free

Bleeding from his wounds he speaks before his life is done
“Not every soldier goes to heaven and I fear that I am one”

“I fought to save the innocent from suffering”
“I fought so hard but I couldn’t save them from dying”

He gasps as he chokes on his tears
His mind is but a fleeting memory thinking of long forgotten years

“My parents said to grow up and live strong”
“If they could see me now, would they hold me before I’m gone?”

“Or have I crossed the line between man and beast?”
“Oh Lord I beg of you, let this pain cease”

“Or has God forsaken man?”
“Does it matter? I’ve already fought and died for this land”

Hovering between life and death
He speaks with his last breath

“Is God watching now, have I done well?”
“If not heaven, where else can I go? For I’ve already seen hell”

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Unrequited Love's Last Chance

Ambiguity undefined
Overuled and underlined
by Blood red hair that hides
the ship that sunk in sea blue eyes

empty life and bursting heart
betrayed by senses in the dark
haunted by the righteous wrong
a strangled heart's silent song

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Your actions and your words do not coincide
I'm unsure if it's emotions or disinterest you're trying to hide

Please just be honest, just let me know
If you really care about me, or is it all for show

How do I differentiate between love and lust
When so much of us was based around arguing and distrust

My heart breaks daily with each time I wake
But i learn slowly that these are decisions only God can make

I don't understand you, I can't begin to unravel
All the promises you made, all the places 'we' would travel

I've learned I'm the only one I can trust, only one I can depend on
Life's hard but I'm stronger now that you're gone

Please don't try to stick around, Don't say the words I love you
When it comes to both of us, YOU'RE the one claimed you're through

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A Human Glitch

Fish of the deep no longer swim free.
There's a stench and a fire at sea.
Indulgent recklessness came flailing.
Failed solutions left creatures wailing.
Nightmares are spewing from BP’s oil rig. 
America hosts their venturous gig.
The cooling breeze through the Gulf coast trees
Blows sooty smoke seething wildlife breathes. 
Death spews dread from its fire near Hell.
Where deceit hides and friends never tell.
Careless intrusions raped nature's soul
And sashaying words tried to console.
Blame shifting in the industry thrives.
Ignored liability deprives.
Animal rights groups in fast pursuits.
Cleanup stays thwarted despite lawsuits.
Greed and contriving now know the price.
Immersed in deceitfulness, this vise.
Cutting corners bought endless chagrin.
Sorrowful restitutions begin?
Birds in the sky now look down and cry
Knowing oil coated babies will die.
Endangered species face extinction –
Brown pelicans need help to hearken.
Lifeless, lay dolphins washed up to shore.
They shall leap in blue waters no more.
Fish-less fishermen know the impact.
Dreaded oils spill caused their loss, a fact.
Beautiful beaches stricken with slicks
Pray to God; hope for magical tricks.
Paradise lost while making some rich
Certainly must be a human glitch.

© Dane Smith-Johnsen
    July 1, 2010

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Lost (2006)

Never win
Cause sin
Where ever you go
No one will know

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Filtering the Dark

Many fine years I spent filtering the dark,
Postponing real time, always too stark.

Until my clock ceased to measure the day,
Unleashing my own darkness I did pray.

With courage you pulled back the aqua sea,
To move more gracefully, among the free.

Many year I spent not being very
productive. Until the day where I realized
I was getting no where. I began to work
harder and grew more forceful 
which made me more free.

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Our Love took flight

Written by: Catherine Reinke

Poems of others
I’ve read to you
of my love lost,
heartbreak and sorrow.

But to you
neglected, rejected
outstanding  and true,
this poem will 
not wait another tomorrow.

My  head and heart
were turned  from you,
our love steadfast, 
yet I was blue. 

My heart split in two.
One for he
And one for you.

In our bed
confused our heads
Is our love dead?

Who am I this aging soul,
lost in torment hells death door?

Graveyards simmer.
My life gets dimmer.
No more shimmer,
aged and thinner.

Sexless sinner.
Shut up!
Headache shouts
no more bed
nor sex to couch.
Ugly, ragged
haggard too
can not stand the sight of you.

Married bliss lost indeed, 
looking for a younger steed.
So are you… don’t deny,
Younger she, has caught your eye.

Once together we were wed.
Want no other in our bed.

On this day all has changed.
Wanting not you,
nor the same.

Hate you replaced 
love this night.
All our years of love
took flight.

Can not even converse blindly
Foul language curse and slimly.
You bitch from Hell,
 can’t stand your yell.

All from now 
from grace you fell
this I tell your soul to sell

Money maker made you from I.
Can not find our love, I sigh.

Dollars big green and tall
Dollars spent  in shopping malls.
So small feel I 
from love with held.
Once too many times I fell.

Fell from heaven to 
earth below.
Fell from love to hate now flow.

Alone not I, loveless whore.
spending money, legs closed door.

Heart warmth  not tender, 
frozen no hopeful  mender.
Send me, send me
Forgetful alcohol bender.

Drink me stupid 
cold and frigid.
Do not touch me
sorry so candid.

But you destroy 
all gentle in me.
Mean and spiteful,
bitch all three. 

Once a beauty prize for thee
until this garage wreck made me.

Throw me in trash belong.
Let me end my sad, sad song.
Life has passed me by this time,
another life make not of  slime.

Believe not then, this future dream. 
That love is other than it seams.
Needy, hungry passion pair
devils delight watch and stare.

Not at first you took your bite. 
So slowly steady, 
our love  took flight.
Out of sight.
Our weak love night.
No more love
Can I fight.

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Hallucinatrix Chronicles

  There's something wrong with you my dear.
I don't know what it is.
The voices say it's in your stare.
I touch it in your kiss.

I saw you looking at your hands,
while sitting by the fire.
I wonder if you're making plans
to light my funeral pyre?

 The way your eyes are glinty black
as bright as onyx stars,
does fill me with a sudden dread,
I sense your inner wars.

Out there across the prairie
the wind,the rain,the storm....
but in here by my loved one,
I should be safe from harm.

  Yet lately you've been changing,
you smile when you're alone,
right now your face by candle light
is chilling to the bone.

I'll wrap our past around me,
Sweet memories I'll keep,
and take off out across the plains.................
or kill you in your sleep.

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Anna the Prophet

I have this friend; a really great guy.
Always happy; always spry.
And then one day; he stopped and sighed.
His lips moved twice and his smile died.

I said "What's wrong", and I got real worried.
Until he told me of his ex who scurried.
We both got mad and it got mean,
but before we left;
nick-named his queen.

At first I listened to what he said.
But soon the swears had reached a head.
Only now I knew what he would scoff at.
We both yelled "Down!" to

She talked about Jesus and of his dance.
Talked about locust and took a chance.
Shocked and surprised with each worried glance.
Made strangers as fast as United States' France.

She said let's be friends and left him alone.
Still calls him for coffee by way of the phone.
And if this sounds sweet, special or kind.
It's to drive her to work or she'll lose her mind.

My friend is a Saint and won't turn her down.
Hurting her feelings would knock off his crown.
And when they drive by, you'll tease them for sure.
Not for a coffee nor being to queer.
For turning his head, that they might get near.

My friend is a man.  Don't be his judge.
All of his stories come with great grudge.
I know he is weak and tell him to stop it.
Not for a woman.
Anna the Prophet

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The Battle

The hurt, The lies, Changing my emotion
Cheating, Deception, My mood is an ocean
Swaying slowly back and forth rocking
The shattered remains of my heart locking
In to a vault, storing it away
For you to come and pick up someday
Happiness, Gleefullness, Filled with joy
Until I realized I was just your toy
Cheated, Devestated, Hurt is a fact
I would very much like it if you could retract
That knife in my back which you have placed
Why? and how? Could you lie to my face?
Like a princess, You i treated..
But now? Oh well.. My heart is defeated.

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My American Soldier

When you walked away I said I wouln't cry but I almost did when you said goodbye when you did come home you weren't very well you said you weren't hurting but you were I could tell I stayed by your side as your breath slid away whispered to you on your final day as you took your last breath you told me don't cry no matter what happens this isn't goodbye you now have peace my soldier lay at rest because you my american soldier were one of the best as time goes past as you asked I don't cry I kept my word because you promised this wasn't goodbye.

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the rain falls hard and the puddles rise deep
your interest in me is faltering steep
I try to make the difference by splitting it in two
but my heart hasn't the strength mentally due

the energy sails quickly down the floodways
your pace keeps steady throughout the days
twilight brings the notions so freely back
and now you fit in so well without your tact

the sounds are clouding the crimson air
our kinship dwindles to not even there
I reach for answers to fill in the thoughts
till the day that my contentment is finally sought

adriatic fortunes told so frugal and bold
our manic sessions were initially told
twilight keeps time of what fashion spent
in good spirit of an ephemeral felt gent

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Lust for Gold

Lust for Gold

The lives we live, made by free choice,
Are guided by an inner voice.

That clearly calls upon true hearts,
Strength, withstanding, goodness starts.

And faith, when born, becomes a rock.
Singing God’s praises to His flock.

Achieving mighty miracles,
Believing…by trust uniting peoples.  

And every effort made by good men.
Shall, their zealous choices defend –

But people, against goodness disposed.
Enrich their evils with ills proposed. 

Disparity soon shows its face.
And dreams return from outer space.

Greedy leaders seek their gold.
And chuckle as their hopes unfold.

© Name withheld for the contest
May 10, 2010
Poetic Form:  Couplets

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The Day The World Cried Wolf

Behold the new enslavement scheme
Some people would compare it to a nightmarish dream

They have taken our diginity in this great State
Make me beg and despise my own country with hate

Taxes in existence is a bold trait
To tell us we have to have a cut or decrease is just another political debate

Somebody once said nobody in America should be poor
But how is that justified when we ship all of our benefits across shore

I have yet to awaken my fellow brethern
Too busy laboring like dogs to seek retirement

Children are so flawed with cell phones; they make great communication tools
But how many of these said kids believe in not posting childish antics on fb in school

The government has takes our momentum and used it against us
Oh no ! I've said to much ..... now they want me to hush
I scream and mourn what we have lost in the last 15 years
Jobs, housing , education , diginity for mankind, watch lady liberty get brought to tears

Im tired of being militant  trying to wake people in this naive country up
The day you all stop dreaming will be soon with any luck.

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Dark Abyss

Join me in the dark abyss, 
Ravage me with your hungry kiss.

Break me out of these chains that bind, 
Assure me it's not all in my mind.

I think of you night and day,
Why can't I keep these feelings at bay?

I hunger for your passion, your touch, you caress,
Oh baby please join me in the dark abyss!

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The Veil

The Veil

On decrepit pathways hobbling
Life soul and world a wash of grayscale

Dark wings in shadows sing
By design the spirit to impale

An artist’s palette of black and white
Bright hues in daylight pale

Adrift in oceans of ravens night
Accursed walk beyond the veil

Stephen Allen.

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Interrupted Reading

Her knuckles bend, they don't pretend, beneath her head plopped in pale dread
Tucked tween these both an ear relieved from being grieved, both eyes near dead

Slouched where she dreams she merely leans, foreign sounds invade the fable
That preoccupies her state of mind as she reads near the table

The palm with which she grips adventure now lies limp upon her lap
It's hostage near released, with spine all creased, yet private flap to flap

Upon her cheeks no glimmer, tightly drawn lips dimmer than dry sands
Her whispering twin tornado tunnels funnel huffing reprimands

What draws her sight, what steals an ear and makes pompous this quiet girl?
Why does her charm befall decay; why does bitter a prude unfurl? 

Her grace befalls corruption by a swiftly knocking eruption
Followed by brassy squeaks twisting, breaching thought; this interruption!

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In the House of the Cow

Shuffle, plod and now
I moo in the obedient line of cows

Hack, slash and cry
Concealed I stare blank down and sigh

Shovel, bend and pack
The meat cold slides now off my back

Eyes, ears and nose
Master seems to not need those

Revolt, stalk and stand
Burn through control the dirty brand

Whittle, shave and douse
The Cow in me supports the House

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An Old Flame

Years have passed, and the memories of her still remain.
Although nothing seems to last, she still makes love to my brain.

It's like she's still here, and her sweet scent lingers in the air.
Sometimes I wish she would magically appear, and we continue our love affair!

Every inch of her was amazing, and her exquisite taste was so divine.
She was like a drug I was craving, and her sex sent tingles up my spine!

Moments like this remind me of what I desperately miss, for between her legs was heaven's 
Our lovemaking was breathtaking, and her bubble gum kiss would take us into early morning 

She took my body places I never been before, and my mind was taken on a trip.
While buried deep into her core, she would nibble on my top lip.

Such magic we would make, and no doubt I'll still remain under her spell.
She was yummy like strawberry short cake, and tasted sticky sweet like caramel!

Damn how my loins hunger with desire, and I can still hear her moan my name.
Her memory is fuel to my sexual fire and yet I must extinguish this old flame!

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Snapping Point?

Did mind so snap
Over Satan's rap?

I could've been in or out
In high school could scream and shout!

Oh my gosh I'm singed with pain
Constant mark upon my brain

But you can't just give up dreams
No matter how cracked the mirror seems!

Want to give in to being a fool?
Please don't let the devil rule!

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Compassionate Service

Compassionate Service

Compassionate service is a gift to God.
Serving His children, acting on gospel sod.
Truths are taught about good Christian living.
All too often people are too busy for giving.

When we help others along life’s way
And give their soul an uplifted day,
We are letting love’s little light shine.
Thanking the Lord for His Gift divine

When life is wrought with pain before it’s raced.
Comfort comes, as faith in God remains placed.
Serve one another is what Jesus asked.
Sometimes we do it with our feelings masked.

Run, but be not weary, work, pray, and fast.
Painfulness, my friend, like time, shall fly past.
When sadness strikes and you are serving God.
Receive His blessings from trials you trod.

A soul with insight is with wisdom blessed.
Look inside and find God’s love caressed.
A cheerful giver with a humble heart,
On the road to heaven has a jump-start.

So, be uplifted; God will give you strength.
He will be by your side through each thorny length.
He knows your heart and He loves your ways.
When one lives by His teachings, life has happy days.

© August 13, 2010
    Dane Smith-Johnsen

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The Poison Spreads

I've obsessed so long it's become real
This beast inside, this need to feel

Unkind words drip from my mouth
All calmly spoken, no need to shout

The poison spreads far too quickly
It takes effect, soon it is me

The beast is dying, but so am I
No hope this time, just a stifled cry

In the dark, I can see my fate
Alone I sit as I quietly shake

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the deceiver

You've deceived me hard to make me cry
You've changed so much and I don't know why
Spill lie after lie, To turn everyone against me 
I don't know why I ever thought we'd be meant to be
But now I know, Your nothing special
Because apparently to you, My love was never essential 
It was just a joke and I Sshould've knew 
You'd do all you can to hurt me, even when I've done nothing to you

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To Hold On To Your Love

In darkness you unfold to me
And all your sweetness hold to me

Then I forget that I'm unsure
It seems you are the magic cure

But in the cruel morning light
My dreams have vanished with the night

Reality comes crashing in
This hold on love I cannot win

You were there when I ran out of places
But I was holding fleeting traces

Of someone who could never show
Your love for me I've come to know

Too late to say how much I feel
These self-inflicted wounds will heal

But longing always will be there
Believe me I will always care

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The Tracks of life

I was once a little train, sitting by the track, Listening to the freight yard’s roar and all the rushing clack When one day came steaming by an engine large and brave My heart did a quiver leap, my wheels a twitter gave Every day when passing by, the more our friendship grew With each fleeting whistle blast, and more each time it blew Then one day in passing, upon his track I went Joyfully to meet him, from wither he was sent Blasting from the distance, an airy cloud of steam I rushed forth to meet him, the engine of my dream Then with shock and wonder, my joy was gone alack! For though we both were meeting, he wasn’t on my track Off into the distance, he chugged and puffed away Sweeping with him pieces of my broken heart that day Often now I wonder, will he come anon? Or was this a chance meeting, and now again he’s gone? The tracks of life are tangled, in the freight yard of our race We meet other engines that hold both heart and place How to live? I wonder, when through our lives there sail Many other engines, that aren’t upon our rail Will we grow quite bitter, when those meetings on the tracks Seem to mock the aching heart for all the love it lacks? May each little engine take heed to what I bade This life below is scattered, with meetings on the grade Take each passing whistle not as one of gloom Pushing back the others, and making itself room I will always cherish, that engine bold and brave Remembering now with fondness, the joy to me he gave But now into the distance, I hear upon the breeze That fleeting cry of freedom, upon which my heart did seize Once every while, I gaze sadly down his track But in my little engine heart, he’s never coming back And so I hold those memories close, and never do I fail For God had a reason for our meeting on the rail

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Shadows of evil, go hither I say!
My spiritual rifle will blow you away!

Don't even try to get my attention.
Flickers of light with colors that glisten.

You are deceiving and not welcome here.
Today you are leaving; Do I make myself clear?

Armed with protection through faith I stand tall.
I see through your reflection of fear on my wall.

Strong and seductive you prey on the weak.
Holding souls captive and through them you speak.

Through chaos you thrive causing pain and despair.
To the people who strive to be righteous and fair.

See, I know your game and I'll fight with my sword.
You know his name he's your rival the Lord.

Your obsession and lust over me will soon end.
My Salvation's a must and I'm not going to bend.

Shadow of darkness, go hither I say!
Back to the starkness of Hell you will stay!

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Death Awaits

Death awaits the young marine
The touch of a woman, true love, never seen

Bullets tear through him
He drops to the ground, with blood soaked skin

His companions push forward for victory
He’s left to die, nobody listens to him scream

Angels come to save his soul
Demons laugh for the life they stole

As the soldier cry’s from the pain
He thinks “If I’m to die, who’s to gain?”

A victim of reality, thoughts through his head
Choking on his tears, knowing he is dead

A flag upon his body, his comrades stand and mourn
His parents watch on, staring at the flag, as youths they burned

A memorial was held and heads were hung low
But war must be continued and soon it’s time to go

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Little by little
Dazzle greets dazzle

Messy mops messy
Drizzle more drizzle

Crystal by crystal
Dressy meets dressy

Tussle leads tussle
Busy bears busy

Weary finds weary
Dreary as dreary

Greedy finds greedy
Empty as empty

Loiter with loiter
Fester new fester

Ego fills ego
Hollow and hollow

Descend and descend
Intent floods intent

Leon Enriquez
25 September 2014

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A Mental and Spiritual Battle

I’ve fought through the dirt and the grit.
I’ve dusted off the hurt and attacked the culprit!

No more blood in my eyes and busted lips.
I begin to mentally exercise my craftsmanship.

There were many areas and all I did seemed to fail.
It was borderline hysteria, and I began to raise some hell!

There was shouting and screaming in my head, and I walked around with an attitude!
Maybe I was dreaming or possibly dead; but me and death began to feud!

The Grim Reaper fought a good fight. and I walked away with a spiritual bruise.
I fought between wrong and right, but in the end I refused to lose!

So as I dust off my shoulders and knees, I look forward to a new day
I overcame this spiritual disease and walked unscathed through Hell’s gateway!!

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What about you...
What about me...

We are not making a poetry family.
Why are we breaking up?

You don’t fit the score anymore.
This is just a letter of confirmation.

Our contests state the truth.
We are Soupers of true, which works for me; however, why not you?

We are breaking up from a mental disaster.
Might just make this that much better as Soupers together!
Penned on JUNE 11, 2014!

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(Dedication: For Freddie, aka Alfred Vassallo, 
RIP, dear departed prolific PoetrySoup poet.)

At PoetrySoup, we each pen verse;
Voice in a troupe as poets observe.

Brief passage here where poetry speaks;
Fond message cheers as muse funds peaks.

At curtain call, each soul must leave;
One last footfall for train stays brief.

Our earthly days are numbered well;
Each to end play at final spell.

Gone from this site your touching lines;
Here we recite verse strokes that sign.

Freddie the man who wrote a lot;
Your poems attend odd place and spot.

Gone from this site, no words or lines;
No verse to cite, none left behind.

You journey home from dark to light;
No more to roam through earthly nights.

Free from all pains of mortal flesh;
May you attain a brilliant flash.

May joy and peace, fine grace delight;
May love increase soul's sacred flight.

May angels bring you to fond rest;
Where love can sing sans mortal quest.

Now Jan has seen your YouTube clip;
Deep pains within on this earth trip.

We come to see your words of pain;
Rest now sweetly beyond these plains.

Leon Enriquez
30 October 2014

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he pulled the trigger
the bang ensued

the barrel exploded
in a white flash

the bullet had
not far to go

in less than one second
she would be dead

the bullet entered her head
without a sound

then exited
pulling with it

what had been inside it
before the shot's resound

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Lost Opportunities

I should have chosen honesty,
as away from me, I now see how much you meant to me.
The tender touch often given to my skin so frequently,
now mirrors a distant past in this circumstance of common grief.
The colour of truth couldn’t begin to dye these darkened blues,
as my heart is decomposing from your wretched news.
Un-answered questions become the theme to my awful excuse,
sleepless nights recalling mistaken words is all that is left to do.


If only I could escape this prison of regret,
and begin to break free from the image of our broken silhouette.
Only then shall life become as beautiful as the sunset,
living an existence of joy, too powerful for sadness to forget.
Yet my insecurities left me too weak to say “I need you”,
leaving feelings aside in the hope you’d say “I need you too”.
My transparent tears cried out for the truth to pierce through,
but as a man, I was taught to never leave emotion as a clue.
In the mist of sorrow, swollen pride is all that is left,
recollecting past memories, my mind unwillingly kept.


No amount of breath could ever reach the pain of my depth,
wishing responsible errors could be wiped clean from my debt.

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Working in the Dark

I feel like I've dug a hole so deep it's better to distract myself from the fact that 
I'm dwelling in it
I create while I live underground, buried but not dead. I slowly dig tunnels, 
looking for a way out, I won't quit

I contract from fear too often and I'm starting to understand why. I'm afraid of 
failure and success, which freezes me in limbo
I expand in short moments of grandeur, not long enough to take a stand but 
long enough to reassure that I should not go

I've learned that passion is worth fighting for, beneath the crushing weight, the 
misguided hate, I know I have the potential to be great
I've learned that life is worth dying for, as I stagger through the darkness, finding 
my way; I must help myself and elevate

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The Value of homelessness

Just because you have no home,
Does not make you any less,
You are still apart of this human race,
Whether you live in a mansion or a mess.

It’s such a shame to see your life go down the drain,
But you still hang in there strong,
You drench in the cold rain,
While singing your hopeful song.

I sometimes think of what you would have been like before,
 I suppose no different to who you are today,
Material possessions can't make you any more,
They just get in the way.

It’s not in my hands to rescue you,
Though I wish it could be,
Remember I’m the one who is trapped,
And you are the one who is free.

At least now you know the value of a stone,
The pricelessness of a crumb,
The fear of being alone,
Facing the end, if it shall ever come.

But one day your dreams shall build your home,
Then your sleepless fearful nights will be gone,
But in the mean time you keep hanging on.

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Creative Salvation

I need poetry right now, not this, reality beyond reason
We shovel the shit, waste the resources, despite the season

What is life without creative purpose?
The equivalent of dull in the excess

A factual interpretation of a story already told
Nothing left to the imagination, reality has too tight of a hold

What are we without dreams of something better?
We don’t get the point but we can remember the script letter for letter

Where is the passion behind all those blank stares?
We get conflict yet we lack the knowledge to truly care

It doesn’t seem right, it doesn’t seem fair
That’s life though, we get what we get and that’s the fare 

You can’t create life without suffering; passion is sparked by pain
Yet so many waste this spark, working in vain

Trying to please those above them
Is that the point, to serve another human to reach heaven?

It’s a twisted climb to “purity”
The logic can be explained but we don’t truly see

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worried water vertebrates

Worried Water Vertebrates 

And the sun keeps on shining a bit warmer now in Mars. 
But rain keeps away and fish in the cisterna are worried. 

Is this the end of their world? Tiny fishes lives on what? 
Planned cannibalism every two, three months, perhaps?

Small and translucent I see their quickening heart beats. 
Open the cisterna’s lid so they can see the blue clear sky.

Since they may take me for the creator must show them  
They are not forsaken and I cannot be blamed for this. 

And the sun keeps on shining, a bit warmer now in Mars,
But Louis, the farmer, and I know this can lead to calamity. 

Cisterna... a place to store rainwater (Portuguese)

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The Dragon and the Doe

A Dragon meets a Doe in the woods, intending to kill
The Doe asks the Dragon “if you kill me, what would be the thrill?”

Consumed with rage the Dragon responded, "I’m mighty and you’re weak"
The Doe queried “how can you consider yourself powerful when you feed on the meek?”

Angrier still the Dragon roared “I’m the master my environment and I decide fate!”
The Doe answered calmly “you seem to be consumed by fear and hate.”

“Hate you have right but fear is ridiculous, I fear nothing!”
“That’s impossible, hate’s in all of us as is fear, it’s all part of being.”

The Dragon bellowed “I’m above all, I destroy, I consume!”
“Yet we all start from the same place, we all come from a womb.”

“What’s your point? I grew into something stronger!”
The Doe looked off into the distance “If the strong helped the weak, we’d all survive longer…”

The Dragon incinerated the Doe and flew off with the carcass, perpetuating the cycle of what do we die for?

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If you could cut me open, look deep inside you'd see
A heart that's long forgotten, what true love should be
You'd find my heart all crumpled, beaten black and blue
If it could tell a story, here's what it would say to you
You took me in my glory, you took me in my prime
I really thought we'd make it, stand the test of time
But now you've left me brokenjust a hollow shell
I feel as if you've chewed me up and spat me straight to hell,
If you could see inside my brain, it's muddled and confused,
It feels all kind of mushy, all battered up and bruised,
But I know that they wil heal up
But that it may take some time,
But at least I know that, however badly messed up, they both are truly mine.

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dot dot dot

dot dot dot
you love me, you love me not
yeah i get it, we are kids
life is kind of like mad libs
but i just can't stand this all
my life with you has finally completed the fall
i want to be your friend
but the relationship part, has come to an end
if you still like me that way
then there is nothing else to say
i will have to leave your life
this too will cut me like a knife
but until you are over me
i will have to watch and see
so i'm sorry but please make up your mind
while all my thoughts i try to find
dot dot dot
i was in your life, maybe now i'm not

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There were Nine

I recall upon hearing, of a town not far from here From what I've been told, nobody enters because of fear For this town has something darker, darker than known before Nine crows in torment flight, await to deliver sore Being picked upon was a common site, safe, no one was Nobody could fathom why, was it simply just because The day that it came to light, a darkness descended down With a swiftness never witnessed, darkened a living town Under their winged shadows, became people in deathly fall It's as if their looking for someone special, hungered is their thrall For days they dived, swooped again, soaring to their skies This nine in tormented flight, just who can they despise The days and weeks that passed, the town recalls that fateful day Their Church now apparently empty, no more their light displayed . 09/08/2014

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We heard from the Cape, that orders have been given For we must retaliate, our enemies to be driven To be circling the earth on this fateful day No contact with our loved ones, as the atoms below us play The feeling as we orbit as we watch the vapour trails Explosions so unbelievable, watching nations on earth impaled Mushroom clouds expand whilst their sonics resonate Like ripples on the water they drift freely interstate Atomic atmosphere abounds, for the earth we cannot see Mans history in modern warfare, was always intended to be Us seven on the Shuttle now orbiting for half a year View many changes on our planet, when we land what do we fear Scrambled messages we have received, telling us where to land Remembering the day when we left, we never could have planned Our destination advised, to the Salt Flats of Utah now set Six months orbiting the heavens, being spared heartfelt regret From what we viewed above, to the landing site we head Touching down we're met by officials, what we're told is not easily said A rogue faction had triggered an attack, the outcome, Atomic War I can't begin to tell you my thoughts, for man, I begin to abhor We are taken to Los Angele's, suited to protect from the fall Passing carnage so indescribable, witnessing mans eventual appal Where once stood icons, that thrived with modern life Now stand tattered and jagged torn, irradiated in atomic strife Shadows of the former, silhouette where they fell Children, families and individuals show fear in deadened yell Skeletal shapes lie spread, whilst little life shows face As we pass past twisted wreckage, viewing mans disgrace Sporadic spotlights shine, as if clearing to start anew Looking back as we reach our destination, a city in war torn spew We turn to each other in silence, viewing but we can't comprehend Such an intelligent form of life, can take us to disaster send

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Woke up on the wrong side of the bed,
There's a mind numbing pain at work in my head.
Wash my hair and comb my face,
Something died in my mouth, where's the toothpaste?

Grab a quick bite of breakfast and rush out the door,
Can't find my car keys, they fell on the floor.
Finally find them and start the car,
I'm gonna be late, well that's about par.

Hit every stop light on the way to work,
Look down and notice there's a stain on my shirt.
Forgot to let Spike out, he's crossing his legs,
Have to go back, this morning's the dreggs.

The absolute bottom, the pitts, it's the worst!
What else could happen, it seems that I'm cursed!
Wait a minute, it's Monday, first day of the week,
No wonder this day has begun so bleak.

Come ahead Monday, get it over with now!
I've got bon bons and chocolates and a little brown cow,
To soothe and to comfort my poor shattered nerves,
And to bind and to buffer the slings and the curves;

Do your worst Monday,
Come on, have a fit,
You can't scare me,
I have chocolate!

                                                        Judy Ball

(Afterall, chocolate is an emotional band aide)

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Monolithic Skin

Grand emotions
Sending my soul
To the dark abyss
My store of strength is 
Lying beneath
Monolithic skin
Reaching upward,
I dare not try
To touch the obelisk
Shining high
The substrate of my soul
Is dark, and small, and
Still. It folds
Into the darkness of 
Silent space
Monolithic obelisk
Gone….not a trace.

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He Got His Life Back

Tainted Oilman Hayward, geologist-in-chief
Oddly opined amidst deep misery and grief 

He said the oil spill would have a modest impact
Did not want the “small people” to over-react

Yachtsman saw a “tiny” leak in the “big ocean”
Wanted to stop the oil spill, without commotion

Did not grasp the urgency of the Gulf Coast plight
Until the president said you will “make it right”

Then, he agreed the spill caused “massive disruption”
Touched his own life, with a massive interruption 

Frustrated Hayward said he wanted his life back
While oil spill victims tried to keep their lives on track

His self-serving words invoked disbelief and wrath
Spread swiftly and portended his demotion path

After facing lawmakers on Capitol Hill
Hayward flew to London for a yacht racing thrill

Gulf Coast residents became extremely upset
They could not relax while the oil was still a threat!

Rebuked and scorned in each befuddled Gulf Coast town
The embattled yachtsman was ordered to stand down

Hayward got his life back, in a timely fashion--
More free days to pursue his yacht racing passion

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Demons Below

go ahead with the the lies coming out of your mouth when you know that in the end the truth all comes out. everytime you go to bed, the demons awaken your soul to torcher and tear away what's left of your control. they'll tear you apart, don't underestimate the power of the dead when they just began to start. for each sin you've made comes another demon on the way. just remember there's no good in the world anymore, so there's no point in trying to lock your door. evil spelled backwards is live so evil is what we live for. don't try and deny it because if you really think about it anyone can defy it.

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So gracefully grazing the sky,
Higher than blue birds fly

Above the cauliflower clouds,
Below the starry crowds

Such a commanding machine of man,
Speedily sweeping the land;

Now carefully descending down,
Their gaze cast to the ground

A frightful fearsome eye,
A baby child's cry

Ensnared in a teething trap
The towers did collapse.

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De Profundis

When ya pissin in the wind and a hurricane blows
When ya driftin too far drownin in a sea of woes
When ya feet of clay collapse under ya weight
And ya drink to forget but ya know it's too late
And ya wanna vent but it's better ya don't
And ya wanna leave but ya know ya won't
And ya suck it up and try to be a better man
And ya substitute reality with anythin ya can
And ya know the sad thing is it could be worse
And ya find yourself grateful for the lesser curse
But ya no longer fear and sadly no longer care
And ya look in the mirror and wonder who's there
And ya family and friends don't know ya anymore
And they wanna save ya but how they're not sure
And the dogs of time are a-howlin at the moon
And ya feel such that you'll be joinin them soon
And the doors are shut and the windows blacked
And that slow train comin has blood on the tracks
And soon that silence ya hear means nothin at all
And ya feel at every turn ya hit another brick wall
And that road ya travelin is aimless and long
And it's paved with shit and has been all along
And ya know what ya need is love to take ya lead
But ya know this captive heart will never be freed
Screw it when fame and money can buy ya a verdict
When church and state call but don't deserve it
When enemies ya see aren't what ya led to believe
And the fabric of truth is a dense tangled weave
And the newspaper ya read is a propaganda page
And ya television distorts what news it doesn't stage
And a crisis of apathy takes a frightenin toll
And the sick and the poor fall into a gapin hole
And the ice caps are vanishin and the ozone too
And the storms are a-gatherin but what am I to do
And that medicine ya take has blood on its hands
And the light is fadin but no-one understands
It's only then ya see that everythin ya love is dyin
It's then ya tell yourself what's the use in tryin 
It's then ya make a pact with the devil to abort
And everythin at every turn is a blood suckin rort
And that fork in the road lays just up ahead
And ya wanna go straight but ya veer instead
And ya just wanna chance to feel somethin again
And a new beginnin that you not want in vain
Well if ya should shake the grim hand of fate
And ya gamble borrowed time at Hades's gate
Screw it, the clock's tickin upon the midnight hour
And the taste of death is both sweet and sour
Then do what you must for it is not well to exist
When the sum of all things are too much to resist


De Profundis in Latin means "from the depths"

February 1996

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CARE Really Cares?

A lunatic at CARE?
Then of thoughts beware!

Did life go out of style?
Nothing is worthwhile!

What's wrong with being happy and gay?
To the Lord I just might pray!

Slowly the light will come back
Sick of under satanic attack!

Resist Satan and he will flee
Sure brings happiness to me!

Maneuver through negativity
I just have to be!

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A Dead Rose

The rose grows unbalanced to the right
Because she is deprived of light,

Water is scarce, but when it can run,
The rose soaks it up and leans into the sun,

Her thorns are stunted and endearingly tender,
Though this means they do not have strength to defend her,

Her petals are thin and so easily torn,
Such a delicate flower the bush never had borne,

But far fairer roses selfishly surround her,
And this is how the gardener found her.

So pull out her petals so pretty and pale,
And break off her prickles so fragile and frail,

Then cut off her head and leave her to decay,
Tend the wilier roses and just walk away.

And as her sap weeps as she withers and rots,
The rose is watched smugly by the flowers in their pots,

And as she lies dying in darkness on the floor,
They turn to the sun and lounge in it some more,

And when the rain washes the dead rose away,
The flowers are asleep and have nothing to say.

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In sick dreams bullets cut-through
tire tough truth like raw meat;

stringy and dripping with blood.
Teeth ripping through organs,

heart, kidneys, liver, making
sausage of our small intestines.

There is no valid temperature
for proclamations of redemption,

no trembling for forgiveness,
announcements of new leaves.

Baptism is spent gun shells, as
the chorus trills to the slaughter.

Everywhere we're allowed to go
little eyes stare like Big Brother

hungry to purify secrets.

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Fed Up

I am so done with the DRAMA I am so done with the PAIN I give and you take There is nothing left to gain My strength is weak My heart is bruised I cannot take anymore I feel so used. I accept you Why can't you accept me? One day you will regret what you have done Then finally, you will see. I refuse to let you win I refuse to let it be If I am only an option to you Then you will not be a priority, to me.

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No Love to Sow

At one point in my life, I had much love to yield
And now my heart; is a fallowed field

That has been overworked and sadly underfed,
It is now a place in which to bury the dead

Feelings relegated to dank shadowed tombs,
Oh, how I wish I had never left the womb

Warm and safe; I was never unprotected
Until cruelly expelled into a world so neglected

At one point in my life, I had much love to yield
And now my heart; is a fallowed field.

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Frederick Foobah

He worked so hard to get to the top
Day after day, refusing to stop....

For the joy of just living he had no time
Always chasing that almighty dime...

After years of struggle he reached his goal
But all the stress had taken its toll....

Family gone, his health so bad
His smile now perpetually sad....

So if your tempted by power and gold
Remember Fred and the story he told..

Think carefully before you choose
And remember all that you  have to lose

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Human Dialogues

People in conversations raise frustrations
Some in communications cause tribulations

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Hardships of the mind
Twist.  Tangle.  Unwind.

Sanity not found.
Souls forever bound.
Stop and look around.
Sometimes words confound.
Sing.  Hope.  Be thee free.
Birds fly tree to tree.
Clouds in Heaven see.
Christ like victory.
Man, bring hatred down.
Hear God whisper sound.
Put on thy white gown.
Let angels surround.

Bridle hardened minds.
Inspiration finds.

 © Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
     December 22, 2009

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undecisive suicide

Stepping in the bathroom,
With a razor in you hand,
Your about to meet your doom,
As you have it planned.
You better lock the door, 
So that no one can walk in,
During the act of slitting your skin.
Committing your suicide, 
Should be a simple mission, 
But coming to find out, 
Do you give yourself permission?
Sitting and thinking, 
As the tub fills up with water,
You're about to particpate in the act of self slaughter
Now accepting the fact that your happiness is gone,
You put away the tool, because it is time to move on...

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Satan Hath no Pleasure Greater than the fall of a Fool

Pretty little angel; have you fallen to the beast
Is your tasty sensuality; wanted for a feast.

Are you lying to your husband; are you lying to your friends;
Are you lying mostly to yourself; are you ever going to win. 

Pretty little female; are you crawling on your knees 
Do you think you’ll wind up begging; heaven help me please.

Already are you older; but still you’re hanging on;
Is Satan’s waiting for his time; when everything goes wrong

Have you hurt and disappointed; more than once no less;
Is there no one who will clean the filth; when your life becomes a mess?

Can you hear it in the silence; is it the lord in agony;
Did he send a helping hand; but you couldn’t let that be.

Are you so busy running; but are you running your own hell;
And to the company that you keep; do they know that life quite well.

One wonders if you’re blind perhaps; for you can’t see the signs.
And when you get to where you’re going; can you guess what you might find.

God help you little darling; there’s nothing left to do;
And when you seek to ask directions; there will be no one there but you.

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nothing saved

wicker king on wicker throne
feiry days will scorch the bone-

hoards gather as hunger spreads
bloated dreams on dirty beds-

heart gems crack upon granite times
buttons of death fill the eyes-

climbing stairs to black sky pits
pock and puss dance on the ritz-

filling chambers with leaden fear,
when triggers jam, death will sneer-

country quiet is over-run
by halved men that eat the sun-

a tiny whirl in life's stream
hide laviathans' gnashing teeth-

earth becomes a common grave,
savior arrives with nothing to save.

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Locked ia a Cage

Locked in a Cage

I Have been locked in this cage.. 
I am going crazy - up in a rage.. 
They should of put me - in a padded cell.. 
My knuckles are bleeding - all to hell.. 
Feraously mad - I have lost all control.. 
My mind went bent - then my soul, went into a hole.. 
When they came - to lock me up.. 
I begged them - to put on, the hand cuffs.. 

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Summer Fun

Sweat pants and wool socks
a hand-knitted scarf or two
warm mittens and hats
no doubt you think I’m nuts

Rosy cheeks and runny nose
soggy boots and frozen toes
chattering teeth and quivering knees
when I dream, it is of these

Down jackets now long packed away
skis and poles just taking up space
in my crowded messy garage
snow covered runs - just a mirage

Sun screen and flip flops
sunglasses and sticky pits
baseball caps and Thanksgiving in shorts
I despair of weather reports

How did I get to this eternal hell?
where A/C costs you a paycheck as well
where tender skin exposed continues to burn . . .
I just know somewhere I missed a turn.

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Trying to figure out this way that I feel
I'm a dark banana; whole world is my peel.

Sunshine without light, my soul is heavy
More clouds and tears of rain, break my minds levee.

I'm always in darkness- most of the time down
The guy who always laughed wears only a frown.

If I could peel away this shell of disgust
Blow away these dark clouds of hate and mistrust.

This layer of skin that sheds so easily
Goes away designed, not to end pleasingly.

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one round per customer

 no you can't be a kid anymore 
can't try it again
can't be as before
nobody cares if your heart
didn't grow
they can't look inside
and no one will know
just head for the exit as fast 
as you can
there's no money back 
and there's no other plan
one round per customer
go read the signs
your crying won't 
save you or change
any minds
the reason you're naughty
and still being bad
is because of the awful 
time that you had
you got a bum ticket
on tornado day
the theme park blew down
and your dad flew away
your mom fell in love with
the two headed man
and left you all night  with
an old geek named Stan
he sold you for chickens
and cranberry pork 
to eat on a bus trip he took to 
New York.
you just won't believe that
that's all there can be
you beg for a refund
but you got in for free

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Friends And Lovers, Lies And Alibis

His friendship was the one I held dear.
He said he was the one I never had to fear.

The two years we were together before we were wed,
Were not so bad, truth be said.

Then one day out of the blue,
He was no longer the man I knew!

Our nights and days of wedded bliss,
Soon turned into hatred and a distained abyss.

His anger and cruel, nasty rage
Kept me wrapped in a fearful cage.

Each day and night kept me wrapped tight.
Fear of anything done or said, would soon end in a fight!

Too many stories and ruses,
To cover the many black eyes and numerous bruises.

I grew tired of telling so many lies,
To cover for all your abuses and give you your alibis.

I will no longer cover for you!
I am tired of being black and blue!

So many nights of terror and confusion.
Once what was love is now just an illusion.

So many many sins and uncare
Will never be forgotten! How unfair!

Now that love and friendship is lost. 
It went from me at a great cost.

After numerous times of him landing in jail,
I have decided it is time for me to bail!

An act, I know, that just seems so unfair,
but right now I just don't care.

My sanity was at stake.
So for it how could I forsake?

Now a new love has entered my life.
Eradicating all that angst and strife.

Each day is precious and new, 
There are still days that I am oh so blue.

Who knows where this new love will go?
Who's to say? I do not know.

For now, will take it one day at a time.
Who knew in a friend a lover I would find.

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Don't be Stuck!

Like an ostrich - stuck in sand?
It's a place called la-la land!

Get out of it; face the facts
Then you can truly relax!

Just reach out; others care
Beats a person's worst nightmare!

Have E-mail; use a phone
The pain's attack soon is done!

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Perfection's reflection

If I could find the rhyme Father  																	 describing how perfect you are           											                                                    	 but you my teacher have taught me                                                                                                								 so I ask the way you would have to be                                         												 for you are the beginning and end 																 Your love is good and transcends                                                                                                                                                                                                          	 even though I was gone for a time 															 welcoming back with open hands so kind                                              												 same loving ones that chastened me sore                             													 showing me that without you I am always poor                                                                                                                                                                                       	 The only one who comprehends the making of a man                                                                                                                                                                                                        	 the claim of the self made man truly only you can                                                                									 for you say the word and it is done                                                           											 for you are perfection Father your son

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I can't go anywhere without my damn notebook

I have no intuition, I hope you don’t either.
I mark down the strength of these rings

On my weak fingers
to make me stronger.

The glowing blue gem 
Makes me powerful again

And again, I want to die. 
It’s amazing how, the way we wear our jewelry,

Often tells us something about our will to live,
Because I saw the kid with the tight necklace,

Black, like my shoelaces, 
But not from dye, from the muddy walk home,

And taught, like a noose,
And despondent, as my body,

And I knew this boy, like me
Wanted to die.  So now we are friends

And together, we will never kill ourselves 
As others do

But we will never smile or hold hands as lovers do,
Tying, together the laces of our black shoe.

The butterfly’s wings have broken and 
Strawberry drops float down from the clouds.

I can’t go anywhere without my damn notebook.
I’m incomplete without my damn notebook

And I’m incomplete anyway.  
The way those leaves just fell off the tree

Makes me want to cry
Or write a story,

Which is the same thing really, 
If tears tell a story,

And like I said before, even if you think I’m boring,
I believe in the power of tears

And one salty explosion is enough to get me running;
Not running to nowhere and not running away

And the day has become dark again
Just as the pages in my journal

With each passing spasm of my spastic hands
I don’t know what it means to be happy

I’m not even happy spasmodically
And this is just another story of manic-depression

So don’t listen to it if you don’t understand and
Don’t write stories if you want someone to hear

Because the mania is at my door again 
And I won’t kill it, not this time,
Let it knock, one, no two
Times more, times four.  

Eight times knock the mania but the mania is
What puts me to sleep 

So how can I deny what in the end is peaceful
And how can I deny what is productive,

The only production in my life;
For though I, through my idiot parents,

Was reproduced, will not myself reproduce 
Any more demons into this messed up well

Of sameness.  I don’t want my precious demons
To become the same, just like every --one else

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Curiosity killed the cosmos

Then came first light, the heavens begun
Inter stellar policemen patrolled the sun
Beseeching universal conformity
Harmonious peace treaties, uniformity
Paranormal delegates of astrology
Astronomical fusion, mythology
Breaching distant galactic borders
To restore misconceptions of order
Cosmopolitan senates hold candles
Of cosmic folklores and vandals 
Here confined we are assigned duties
Designed to marvel at Venus’ beauty
Is the star called earth just as bright?
As the goddess’ reflection each starry night
Do we simply pale in comparison
Do we sour the face of oblivion?
Do they mourn for stars falling from skies?
Or wish for contentment at others demise 
Do they value each yearning sensation?
Do they too dream of space exploration?
Do all beings look across galaxies?
Is over stepping boundaries a felony
Does everyone wish to learn more?
Is invasion considered an act of war?
Are they prepared to meet, do they have a speech
Like: “We mean you no harm. We come in peace”
Will I know their handshake before my doom?
Does Armageddon for everyone loom?
Will we be erased like solar eclipse?
Will our light be turned off from alien abyss?
Will knowing too little forever haunt
Till apocalypse comes and meteors daunt

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Unrestrained, non-contained callous attitude
unexplained, over pained, indentured servitude . . .

Overstated, unrelated, tantrum over-grown
medicated, anticipated, origin unknown . . . 

Self defeating, overheating, systems overload
Unrelenting, soul dissenting, virtual implode . . .

Eradicated, decimated, instantly destroyed
terminated, eliminated, negative employed . . .

Annihilation, devastation, shattered symmetry
retribution, absolution, selective memory . . .

Over-bearing, never sparing, unending obligation
vacant staring, lack of caring, growing consternation . . .

Ruminating, agitating, lacking recognition
complicating, reiterating, periodic repetition . . .

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The Half Life of Hope

Tornadoes twist 
along her spine
she screams in pain
that once was mine
but I forsook her in a dream
and now I never feel her scream

What great relief
I have to laugh,
I've cut my grief and pain in half

Resembles me alot they say
I never even look her way
she cries and moans
and makes a scene

while I float lightly in between
The whiskers on her tabby cat
can't find me now ,imagine that!

Imagine that 
I once was blind
and struggled with
 a paper mind
that caught on fire
out in the sun
when magnified
by what you've done

Now what you've done
is less than real,
I have no memories to feel
for I am only half a whole,
she'll never miss 
the hope 
I stole

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motivation for women

Her man was not worth crying for.
She never shed a tear.
She showed him just how tough she was,
and she showed him she didn't care.
He was nothing but deceiving,
He was taking and receiving, 
He was leaving her promises embedded in gold, 
And she had believed all the lies he told.
He was nothing but a baby,
With his jealousy and rage,
He revealed to her his true colors of a violent tendency. 
He wanted a mother for a wife,
She tried her best to impress.
His feelings of frustration did occur,
When his violence was unleashed upon her,
He put his last toe out of the line,
And that’s when she knew, everything would be fine,
As she finally threw him out of her life…

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What Is Wrong With Me?

There is something wrong about me.
I know there is, it just has to be.

Why else would I be tortured so?
Why else would I be so low?

My children were ripped from arms,
For  fear I would do them some terrible harm.

Married not once, not twice, can we say three?
All  were not terribly nice men to me.

First husband was a mean drunk,
I left him soon after as we were sunk.

My second husband was a cheat,
And the third thought I was his to beat.

I know God really truly exists,
I am just far down on his list.

I have grown oh so weary
Of my life just being dreary.

I, for once, want to know I matter.
Am tired of being torn to tatter.

It just seems that I am always full of woe.
Will my troubles ever really go?

Will I ever be loved, really?
Will I be loved as I have loved so freely?

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Change of Heart

Change of Heart

I sometimes have been greeted with a groan;
Then ability to write poems out has shone;
Right now, I should better be sure and start
Before my wonderful wife has a change of heart.
Jim Horn

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Farewell Sunset

There was something in the way
That the sun left the sky that day;

And when the Sun began to sink
The way the orange and red and pink

Dissolved and blended through
The green and brown and blue

On my beloved, sweet bayou
Somehow, I think I knew...

This storm was coming with my name
And we would never be the same

You and me, our chosen city
Would soon be named a nation’s pity;

This farewell sunset calls to me,
Beckons us to come live free

And forever let the fires burn
Until one day we can return

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Like seed buried in the ground
Love is deeply buried with no sound;

Dictators hearts have no shame
There only objective is to maim;
They don’t like any opposition
They torture for instant submission.

Weaklings probing for some care
They have nothing to share.

Rapist for total control they perceive
Taking by force without they deceive;
Victims humiliated and stained
Their immediate feelings constrained.

Not looking forward for the morrow
My heart is broken with sorrow

Pedophiles they scrutinize the innocents
They are disgusting, totally infamous;
Children not knowing they’re exploited
Their future often segregated.

Like seed buried in the ground
Offenders continue to hang around.

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I Finally See

Why must you put me through this agony and pain?
Your attempts for reconciliation are all in vain.

Why should I stay married to you?
All you did was make me black and blue.

Why keep telling your lies so vile?
Do you think that we will swallow your bile?

Maybe your mother certainly will,
But I will not swallow that bitter pill.

I have finally lost our bet,
For you see I wish we had never met.

You are nothing more to me,
The light I do now finally see.

I do not want that way of life.
In my heart I am no longer your wife.

Even though our union is still legal,
I leave you with grace and regal.

I want an easy and quick divorce,
However I am afraid that is not our course.

What ever will be shall be.
From you, all I want is to be free.

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My sanity is at the tip of my tongue
if I could only remember how it went
I search my files and catalogs
but it's wasted energy spent

No useless knowledge of any sort
or witty comment made
no brilliant remark or clever retort
no sarcastic words to trade

No puns, no jokes or riddles
no intellectual interaction
Nothing in the entire world
will give me satisfaction

My mind divides now as it were
my new identities born
one who is too scared to share
the other one filled with scorn

And one pathetic whimperer
feeling sorry for herself
is crushed under the demoness
who says ther's nothing else

Too much conflict of myself
I can't sort it out
All these voices loudly screeching
In essence, I am doubt

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Last gasp

Conjoined at the brain, bound at the hip
Two halves of one heart as we skip a beat
Inhale and exhale, though happy or sad
Reliving content days we never had
Roots planted firmly in gail force winds
Not breaking, but bent by futile beginnings 
Crooked, but growing from much needed rain
One sided, outranking the undeserved pain
Screaming and shouting, silently led astray
Deafening whispers while breath wastes away
Struggling for air amidst hurricane wrath
The end is in sight, we’ve chosen our path
Compassion while hoping that mercy is shown
Air lifted when sand or snowstorms blow
A vacuum absorbing ill fated defeat
Bloated paranoia swept from its feet
Balloon shaped, soaring on wings with a song
Two wind chimes hitching a ride all along
Winds of change will sing of a tale
Of a sail filled with wind or a wind filled sail
That brought to shore a limitless supply
Of peace and wisdom and undying pride

Floating on loveboats brought in by the tide

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Sweet Nothings

Such sweet nothings whispered into my ear, 
 For my already low self esteem to hear.

Do you think it's nice to say all those ugly things, 
 When you know the consequences it brings?

The pain, the tears, the yelling and the fights,
 Why do you do this when you know it's not right?

I thought true love would conquer all, 
 Instead, you keep putting bricks in the wall.

Will we ever give up and admit our defeat?
 Or do we have enough love, to not be beat?

As sorry as I am for us not to be, 
 I fear it's what's best for you and mostly for me.

I know I'll love you for all of my life, 
 And I'll never want to be anyone else's wife.

I only hope at some point, we'll be able to talk and not scream.
 Is friendship after a failed marriage too much to dream?

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Locked Inside

There is just way too much locked inside,
So many things I would love to confide.

I am so angry and confused, 
My soul is quite oh so bruised.

I want to be a whole person again,
Everyone says it is just a matter of when.

My life has been put on hold,
And inside I feel so cold.

There are days I am just so numb,
Nothing warms me, not even my rum.

There are days that a ray of light shines through,
Then the clouds come back and I am again blue.

I am told to have faith and believe,
That God is there and will give reprieve.

Faith in Him I do have, truth be told.
I just feel He has bigger things to uphold.

I am just one tiny person in a sea many,
I feel like I am the bad luck penny.

I have  family and a few select friends,
I know they have issues at their ends.

Maybe I am just in so much pain,
That all I feel is insane.

One day soon I would love to be feel joy
And no longer feel like others I annoy.

I really despise all this despair,
Please Lord hear my prayer.

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On the Meaning of Life

Each morning the sun sparkles our eyes,
As we ask why in the cool sunrise.

And each year we touch others with hands,
With souls – not knowing just where one stands.

Of this nothing the something now comes—
Or are we nothing: half with no sums.

Ask a full moon in a frame of trees—
It knows and nods, and so gently flees.

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Salute of Gratitude

Dictators roamed the earth, enforced the hand of justice blinded
And tipped the scales on youths defending lives of those like minded
Tenaciously with tooth and nail they’d claw instinctively
But barely scratched the surface of surviving through this tyranny
With senses slaughtered, presently, a mystery marred in grey
Darkness reared its head and scarred our history in dismay
The souls of fallen comrades, stories untold, turning, grave
Aimless restlessness in crypts where fortune favors brave
Muddy pastures fertilized with dormant incompliance
Heroes recognized in red and green fields of alliance
And innocence ignited soar beyond the barricades
Rebirth, growth and healing on a spiritual crusade
On the path towards the open doors of possibility
Fluorescent understandings speaking truth and seeks serenity
Respect in combat, courage serves a cause so incandescent
Suppressing the oppressors with unheeded prayer’s confession
Pay homage to tin monuments, but don’t proceed to follow
Bear testament to tears of fire brought on by Apollo
Baron skies once filled with fire sparks of mass destruction
Replaced with fireflies and works, displaying reconstruction
Burning hopes and drowning sorrows, ember echoed temperance
Salutations, floating reefs and candles of remembrance
Purple hearts and silver stars for dear departed soldiers
Hollowed gunshots, flags and trumpets honoring our boldest

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I put a smile on my face
to keep the questions from flowing
my mind is on a quest
but i don't know where it's going
it has left my heart, body and soul behind
though it has gone to a place that I cannot find
it leaves me in pieces, shattered and broken
it keeps on moving but I don't know where it's going
is it searching for the meaning it thought it lost?
or is it leaving to give me back my heart, but what's the cost
when it goes it leaves my heart in the open
vulnerable to an attack but i'm wishing and hoping
will come back soon because my heart can't take it
I was left alone cold and naked
exposed to the word for my face can no longer hide
the despair of the loneliness I feel inside
as my mind is on its journey to a place I cannot go
I hope and wish and pray that someday I will know
so I can find it and bring it back to where it's supposed to be
safe sitting here at home with me

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Blasphemous Antichrist

I know I shouldn’t tempt to break or question golden rules
This sacred inquisition’s plague could brand me as a fool
I’m seeking resolution; it’s not aimed at any of you
In giving my opinion I don’t mean to misconstrue
Let others live as they choose to and let them make their bed
The warnings and the threats aside, to try this route instead
I’ve watched with hawk eye and with sword dangling above each head
The righteous fragile path grows thin, so gently I must tread
To serve a higher being gives insight to life hereafter
But will you volunteer if you’ve been chosen as a martyr
If not, a merciless wrath to face, a threat from someone smarter
Do as I say, not as I do; a bribe could be a starter
He leads me to what I should do, but leads not by example
If I am stubborn or refuse, pain multiplied by ample
Just follow with no questions asked, I’ll strike you if you do
Does this seem fair, or right or just to anyone of you?
So if I come to air the thoughts that trouble day by day
When that day comes, will the door be closed, will I be shown away
How can you turn your back on what you’ve taught me to believe?
You can’t submit me into darkened holes of “truths” perceived

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Secrets Too...the Inner Sanctum

 In the inner sanctum of my broken heart,
there's a place still beating that is set apart.

like a little child with a toy drum,
blind and sick and deaf and dumb,
Thudding on and on and on,
until that some one calls her home.

To the tom tom rhythm
should I ask her name?
Then would I ever be the same?
Do I want to learn her secrets there?
In the inner sanctum?
Should I Dare?

In the inner sanctum of my broken heart
there's a place still beating that is set apart.

for Lainie

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I’ll tell you now “forever” is an awesome concept, 
Yet promises made unto it are very seldom kept.

Believe me that “for always” doesn’t truly exist,
In the heat of a moment bondage is hard to resist.

Far more losers than winners in the game of romance,
An adventure filled with pitfalls high risks and chance.

Your odds of success are usually next to none,
So don’t get too excited play it out just for fun.

Rough and tumble contention so very unforgiving,
More greedy taking than generosity or giving.  

With each hand dealt your heart is openly bet,
The outcome could bring intense joy or regret.

Most secretly seek physical satisfaction, 
Fail to act with a shred of compassion.

While judgment is clouded by dreams in your head,
They’ll love you like the devil then leave you for dead.

Still others look for the vulnerable to take advantage of,
Pouring forth false promises and pretended love.

Stay ever vigilant watchful and beware, 
Remain cynical taking heed and care.

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Silently Cry......

I sit here and silently cry
For I feel life is passing me by.

I may smile and I may laugh
But that is not how I feel, not by half.

Inside I am just a giant mess,
Am told it is nothing but stress.

Not a soul truly sees,
The pain is bringing me to my knees!

Every choice and decision I second guess.
But how can I do anything less?

I have no idea what to do. 
Where am I going? Not a clue!

I am just wondering aimlessly along
Feeling like no where I belong.

Who am I and who am I meant to be?
Does anyone know? Please tell me!

I am tired of being lonely.
Tired of looking for my one and only.

Tired of being so cold and numb.
Tired of being treated like I am dumb.

Inside I have a heart of gold
It is not something that can be sold.

To the right person it will be given freely.
To the right man. I promise. Really.

Loving me is not ever going to be easy.
Not for the feint of heart or queasy.

But will be well worth it to the one in the in the end,
To take this heart and make it finally mend.

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A flame extinguished
With a heart full of anguish
No more sparkle in the eye
No more tears to cry
Living turned dormant
Longing made torment
Gone the will
Fled the ability to fulfill
Left forsaken and hollow
Absent the voice to follow

A flame extinguished 
All hope relinquished
A creature forlorn
Too long had it mourned
Once did it glisten
As all came to listen
Once did it radiate and glow
Given all the world to grow
But somewhere vitality
Surrendered to reality

A flame extinguished
Ambitions vanquished
Even Fear packed his things
No longer could he bring
A feeling of mortality
A reprieve of morality
Should we pity it
Empathize with its forfeit
No,  this path it chose
And this it knows

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Snow Angel

You’re soulfully heated in Winter surroundings
While ages of ice aches in Summer compounds me
Transparence in vain, entombed and trapped
Archeological finds and mysteries cracked
Shattered to stardust while ice crystals blow
Symbolizing the melting of wings in the snow
To cover an angel with blankets of love
Cool to my touch, smothered from above
Peacefully sleeping in dreamfields enchanted
Cursing the one wish remaining ungranted
Opposite ends of the wishpool remain
Seasonal pilgrimage starts up again
Ripples in dreampools of sleep destroy much
Yearning to freeze this image, to touch
Over and over leaves me flabbergasted
Eternally grateful I smiled while it lasted

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Everything is on Fire

Everything is on fire
They said I was crazy as a child

Well the fire on the posters on my walls
Causes me to rock back forth for fear

The fire will reach me too.
I pray it reaches you, you who doesn’t,

Couldn’t understand me.  
The fire is spreading

I think it’s reached my face now
Because my face is on fire.  

I think it’s in my brain now 
Because I can’t seem to function

But only stars and burning red spots
On charcoal walls that once used to house

That which I call my collage of
Music, art, photography, etc.

It was beautiful, but now, on fire, 
It has become even more beautiful

I bet I’m not saying the things you would expect
Well I don’t expect you to properly expect

What is expected of me, predictably unpredictable.
I go to bars to stare at the wall

Because it’s easier to look there than to people,
Who tell me, subconsciously,

That I will commit suicide one day.  
The thought of suicide is a powerful comfort

That and the thing about music
Is the only thing I respect Nietzsche for saying.

He probably didn’t even say it but the fire said it through him
Right before the dragons came to slay him.

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Changing Times

The Sixties are over 
the 90's are here 
Let's head out for an ice cold beer

The 90's are over
It's 2007
Listen once more to 
"Go to Heaven"

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A blooming flower from a concrete crack in the heart of a baron location
A silent hope is sparked within my third eye’s concentration
My thoughts and feelings unify in tandem at this indention
Inspiring me to aid the plight and pronounce this marvelous occasion
I notice you, I notice life, I appreciate this sweet sensation
Brought on by beauty against the odds, I’m filled with joy and elation
If you could whisper in my ear, what would be your dedication?
I long to know true beauty’s song a symbol of unrivaled negotiation
No interference must be allowed, no maiming of proud reputation
I wish to shelter all that’s good and true in reality’s hallucination
Reach for the sun; reach for the stars as I stare in meditation
Your presence here has made me smile, a peaceful, pretty vaccination
So here’s my ode to you dear friend, or call it humble confirmation
Of ever-present love and respect not wavered by intimidation
I admire your courage, your strength, your will to succeed in isolation
In this life so hard, you still stand out, the biggest, smallest inspiration

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Churning and churning thoughts flood my mind
Overwhelmed I deliberate unbeknownst what to find
Gazing blankly forward I attempt tranquil wonder
Alas my perplexed mind can not contemplate yonder
Bewildered I retreat poignant and undecided
Aghast I suppress an anguished lament unguided
Folorn I submit to my morose numbness once more
Drained I finally walk out knowing its over forevermore

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Depressions grip depressions grip
   on an unending nightmarish trip thoughts unsaid,
   in machinations dread the human soul
   as transgressions take their toll a solar eclipse
    in life's sudden apocalypse  moonless night,
    without a bright guiding light the hour before dawn-
    how will hope be reborn

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Creature Feature

Swallow hard or sip your fear
Many different ways my dear
Taste a couple every day
and soon they'll all just slip away
Ooh the dark or closed in places
Higher ground and scary faces
As a child, real they were
gnarled werewolves thick with fur.
Men who swore with raving madness
killed their women, raw with passion
Older shows the blood was grey
Scares me silly to this day
Drink with me around the clock
Shade the windows, make it dark
Cozy now I know we're safe
and yet still I'll hide my face
To the taste, my fear, it's pure
Facing it's the only cure...

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Nobody drinks alone
Except when all alone
Toasting callous skies
Rubbing bloodshot eyes

Mumbled words of drag
Dreary days gone stag
Cursing at double doors
Calling hope a whore

Stumbling for a dance
Shots of circumstance
Falling to the floor
Spilling whiskey’s war

Sipping anguished age
Dregs of drunken rage
Spinning shards of glass
Cutting friends that pass

Emptied bottles of pain
Relics without refrain
Collecting broken lies 
Closing bloodshot eyes

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Dead of the Dead

Solace lacks in the crimson night
Diabolical vindictiveness lessens the light
Drink up your absinthe and feed on unsheltered prey
Not to walk beneath unmarked shadows at day
Fearing the loneliness consuming your soul
As well, blood sinfully shed for sense of control
Courting dread mentally within your being
And loosing sight in what you are seeing
The corpse of the earth keeps proposition in sight
When you are walking alone in the dead of the night

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It’s not fun to watch the rust grow
So polish your shoes instead

There’s a bottle with the chemicals
In the nightstand by your bed.

Use it on your shoes—use it on your head:
That tired contraption on top.

The fun was never in time that passed
Working always passed it.

Polish is work, it's taking elbow greese.
Now that’s a funny word. 

You’ll remember that one
But it’s not the same

Names of Body parts sometimes 
but not always Do coincide with car parts

Over and over and over again
The ship in the bottle haunts my dreams.

It desires what is deep and blue
Desperate for salty wetness of one of the seven.

You’re in a stupid bottle, bottle-ship.
Just watch the rust grow on the cap

Cuz that’s the only action you’ll have for days.
No, no, don’t cry about it.

Crying won’t help, it won’t compose yourself
It’s better to compose a poem.

A poem about rust
Was always read by the rustiest,

The dustiest—tunnels bend in and out of my plans
Lending hope of possible escape,

Escapade elsewhere down dirty streets,
But whatever you do, don’t cry for mr. ship-in-a-bottle

Piece of nothing.  He couldn’t sail if he wanted to!
Big phoney. Forget him.

O my god. A ship in a bottle can never set sail—

Unless the bottle started rattling,
Started shaking as a commencement 

Of about a 2-on-the-richter-scale,
Clink, clank, rattle, spittle, chink, chank, chunk, clunk!

A ship in a bottle can never sail until 
It breaks in an earthquake

Freed by a powerful negative force of nature
Evil by creed and destined to defy.

That ship had a will of its own.
That rusty cap would never make me smile

Polishing my shoes.

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And . . .

Drenched in a torrent of unequalled censure
I vow to never again undertake this venture
Alas my woes are never over I fear
So feebly untimely my arrival of tears
Adieu I bid to this mollycoddled life
Although humour it seems so full of strife
To get and beget are choices I made
Now to lie in this grave for myself I have laid 
Stretching for as far as the eye can see
I transgress yet again to this person I call me

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Hark Liar

Taunting and pestering they continue their charade
Blinded by their lies I assist their masquerade
Alas my heart has been wrenched from its rest
Unable to understand their harsh lies I draw a test
Woe beseiged my innermost sentiments
Aid I wanted to present to her at that moment
What fraudulent ways of achieving monetary gain
Thankful I am to my aid who helped me see their game
Whirring in this gyre, this forced entrance so eerie
I see my ruin and save my cherished sanity
Entrenched I would have been in this menacing cruelty
Adieu I bid you you conniving menace to society!!!

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Giving in to Lunacy

As echoes of voices resound in my head
My eyes, they then strain as I tumble from bed
So loud is the nonsense that’s calling me on
As I listen to voices speaking right and some wrong
My response becomes louder as I shriek with each sound
For so many, many voices are there to be found
Each one is quite distinct in its very own way
But, with one thing in common, they have something to say
The more that I listen, the less that I know
As they all pull me downward, so down I must go
My descent to the unknown, a spiraling fear
With hopes that when fallen, there’s nothing to hear

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Rendezvous with a Madman

The clockwise closure of the lock,
the casual yet floral frock,
the charming cinematic pose,
the way she crinkles up her nose,
at cigarettes and cheap perfume,
I know she's waiting in  my  room.

I wonder if she hears my song,
the one I wrote Beethoven on,
The shadows of the cedar tree
outside the room are chilling me
with fears of ghosts she doesn't know.
I hear their breathing
deep and slow.

 in Gothic grain, I see a face
within the bark, what is this place?
The greedy grass absorbs the sound,
my  music sinks into the ground
and sprouts a blossom burning bright
I'll take it back to her tonight.

Should I return?
I have the wine,
Sangria and a Valentine. 
a strangled sigh escapes my throat,
I can not sing the words I wrote.
The very fabric of the night
is twisting out, this can't be right....

My melancholy fancy fades,
the feathered breath of hope pervades.

A foreigner to fate am I 
But love is strong .......    and I must try

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I'm sorry

I just wanted to say I am sorry you stayed
I ask your forgiveness for being this way
If maybe I wasn't around you'd have left
And your life would have been a lovefilled nest
If I was not born maybe life would have been content
Your many days would not have been so vexed
Maybe your plight would have changed perplexed

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I look upon the clean white sheet and shed a salty tear
I know not what  I seek my mind seems totally out of gear
I envision a beautiful sundrenched day yet see no better day
I look up at the clear blue sky yet feel no better way
Alas my time has come and gone and unlettered I remain
My heart feels numb without this compulsive resounding pain
I etch this scene from my very own troubled way
My sympathies seem to end in constant delay
Woe to this solitude ineffectual as it may
I pray for an impulse, some light to my day

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I have no doubt that is a D-flat, he insists,
No, no, that is a C-sharp, she persists.

It is okay having a nuclear U.S. and Russia
but definitely not North Korea.

The world can live with a nuclear Pakistan
but obviously not Iran.

A rigid set of standards is applied to some
while exceptions are given to the other ones.

No wonder the world is such a mess! 

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Dark night

Darkness surrounds on a moonless night
Whispers all over I listen in  fright
Shuffling sounds draw infinately nearer
Indescribable eeriness advances closer
Frantic I adjust to the dark night
Footfalls unclear alas my plight

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No More

Starting down a gun barrel,
But the trigger in my hand,
My very life is in peril,
To be here was never planned.

The end of all things is coming
For this my little lot
I’ve had enough of the running
I’d rather just get shot

To run forever more is hell,
From heart ache to ache,
To be locked in despairs cell,
Is now more than I can take.

The colours faded long ago,
Slipped quietly from my life,
I didn’t spot it as you should know,
They left only pain and strife.

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These spinning thoughts are stuck in my head,
They’re evil and painful - impossible to shed.
I can’t seem to tolerate my life anymore.
Everything is so dark, everything I abhor.
It seems as though I’m starting to lose touch.
This pain and these voices are becoming too much.
My soul has been stolen and taken away.
How can I take this even one more day?
Thoughts of death keep flashing at me.
If I ended it now would I finally be free?
Would all of this darkness finally be gone
Or would my pain and sadness just linger on?
All of this darkness is making me numb.
From where has this pain and suffering come?
I’ve decided to end what I used to adore.
This life that I lead I can live with no more.

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Loosely the transparent leaves of memory fall
Limply I accede reminiscent of a limp rag doll
Slowly I invoke this insistent yearning inside
This plethora of countless emotions derived
Incenced by the summon of one depraved
Sadistic venom inciting abhorrence enraged
Progressively anointing obvious camouflage 
Spinning uncontrollably in a neverending gyre
Vicious piercing screams so enragingly dire
Jaded I surrender to this uninhibited emotion
Sentient I resume my unkempt decision

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you can't get there from here
she said
and turned the radar
in her head
she changed the angle
of her chin
she tugged her ear
and tried again
No,she shrugged
you're just not there
she smoothed the sonar
in her hair
her teeth produced
a clicking sound
I took my bags
and walked around
to find the place
my friends would wait
out there beside
the garden gate
though four of them
agreed to come
three were deaf
and two were dumb
the other one of them 
was I
left alone
but not to cry
over by the carousel
in the park,
a wishing well
bade me come 
and cast a dime
wishing for a better time
when I tossed 
my coin in
you were there 
I found a friend
asking if I had a dime
to wish yourself
a better time
I said no
but look at me
I can grant your wish
for free!
I can't get there from here
you said
and turned the radar
in your head
your teeth produced
a clicking sound
I took my bags
and walked

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Untitled #131 / Call me deep

Call me deep ‘cause I drowned
in a sea of sorrow
in a rock by the door find the lock
and the keys tomorrow
call me lucky ‘cause I weathered the storm
that rages in my head
but I still can’t help but wonder
if we’re better off dead

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Heart to Unthaw

Cooled off in nitrogen
molded and set
dusted with lightning
and passion beget
Brilliant and shiny
silver and stone
heartbeat gone stagnant
cold and alone
Hidden in darkness
under the bed
packed up in parchment
encrypted and red
Frigid disaster
love on the mend
icicle heartbeat
about to begin
Pumping the crystals
grinding the wall
silver delirium
waiting to fall
Thawing and melting
crying like rain
Heat up the ventricles
Swallow your pain.
Far better be it
to melt in the wind
than stiffen to stone
made of silver or flint
Molt up the metal
soften the flesh
If you're frozen of heart
you are already dead.

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So Called Love

You were the  man that was once my dream,
But now with you all I want to do is scream.

Today, in the mail, yet again I received your letter.
You asked how I was and was I better?

You pleaded and begged for yet another chance.
You said you were a changed man and are tired of this dance.

When did you begin to see, 
That your so called love was exacting its toll on me?

Was it the first night that your so called love
Hit me in the face like a boxing glove?

Was it the day you did not come home?
For the woods called your name and there you said you had to roam?

Was it the first time after taking yet another beating,
You forced yourself on me and said it was to prove I was not cheating?

You ask for forgiveness and want to still be my friend.
All I want is for this nightmare to end!!!

I now see that to you this is not love but an obsession,
To you I am not your wife but  only your posession.

I no longer wish to receive your emotional and physical pain, 
I want a normal life, I want to be sane.

I am putting an end to me being your wife.
I want out of our marriage, I want a new life.

Our friendship is gone and for that I do mourn,
But you I now see were never torn.

To you it is your God-given right
To take what you want with force and might.

Oh, I do believe that once you are free,
That you will change for a month or maybe three.

I no longer want your love or our marriage.
This relationship has become something that I truly disparage.

Forget I exist, please forget about me,
In the past it was easy for you to let me be.

I am so very tired of you doing me wrong,
For my self respect I will be strong.

I hope the divorce papers give you the clue,
That I no longer need nor am in love with you!

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Candlelight Night

Dark shadows are dancing
Around my bed tonight

This night’s been a mixture 
Of what is good and what seems bad

Tonight’s been transcendent 
And I’m alone in my room again.  

The glow of the lamp sprawls out across my empty desk
And creeps over the surface of the brown, fake wood,

Gradually dimming, decreasing, decaying.
Tonight’s been a night of thoughts and I’m too tired to think.

Tomorrow’s another day that will also soon go away
I’m too tired to want to play, to write, to watch tv.

Too drained and confused to see what is bothering me
The shadows and the light and the mixture of the three

Cannot be understood so easily, not at all unlike the concepts of geometry.  
Geometry came easy to me, because it made no sense.  

Let’s look at a bunch of silly shapes and mash them together.
When told to paint a picture of your abode

My classmates showed off their woodworking skills
And talent at depicting botany.

Floral motifs crowded the walls of the halls
And I’m tired of seeing all those two-eyed, closed fisted replicas.  

My abode was a series of color splotches, sometimes, often, but not always,
Fitted to a particular shape, not readily exemplifying anything that’s real.  

There’s a shadow a hundred miles stretching
Between me and concert, where I don’t want to go. 

I don’t want to celebrate or make noise.  There’s a light
A hundred miles between me and humanity

But it’s intersecting, perpendicular madness cannot benefit, only digress
There’s a hundred miles between me and something, it’s somewhere I don’t 
want to be.  

Don’t take me home and don’t sing me prayers, I can’t hear lullabies, 
Even under compassionate stares.  

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I hate knowing you won't be with us much longer.
For our bond has only grown stronger.

Your siblings for Heaven now have depart.
They will forever be in my heart.

I know now it was your disease
That took your siblings with such ease.

Feline leukemia is killing you
And real soon again I will be blue.

In the space of just one week
Death in this house has not been meek.

So my dear Emmett how do I let you go?
More heartache and  pain is coming this I know

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Not yet

I have a rope, it's tied to a beam;
My hopes are all shattered and so are my dreams.
By my computer is a note of the whys
I hope they can read it; there's tears in my eyes.
There on the couch is a skirt that was hers;
Where her blouse is, of that I'm not sure.
I took a shower and washed my hair twice;
What ever I do I have to look nice.
I have some rags that will be of good use;
But I have to keep wondering am I being obtuse.
I'll make a dummy adorned with her wig;
I'll laugh like a mad man when it snaps like a twig.
What's that you're thinking, revenge is not good;
Then do clue me in, I wish that you would.
Better the dummy than her or me;
That's not so bad you have to agree

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The Truth

The truth comes to me
The truth loves me

But I don’t love the truth
Unless it’s the truth of couplets

Winding and twisting their way
In and out of waxy eardrums

Gone bad.  I don’t know the sound
Of birds wings beating against 

The rhythm of blues
But blue skies have no rhythm,

Only harmony.  And harmoniously 
Inconspicuously I crawl 

And my shadows torture those
Who would like to watch.

I don’t know why you would like to
And I hate you for it.  

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Adroit in this quagmire so meticulously infused
I yield yet the ground beneath me moves
Alone in a room of people I stand confused
Attune in this menagerie so materially abused
Seclusion notwithstanding I relinquish, capitulate, cede
Devoid of qualm I succumb daftly to the lure revealed
Subdued by my rivalry I prevail, endure, exist
Simply a nuance of distinction I concede permit
Infantile I accede yet somehow circumspectly survey
Surreptitiously I allocate the acquisition of the day

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I Believe

I believe in the power of weather
And a teardrop from the sky is enough 

To keep me in bed all day;
The sad look of the moon

Is all it takes to get me crying again.
I believe in the beauty of tears;

The humdrum, daily suicide
I commit everyday.

I believe in nature,
When nature holds a pen

I don’t believe in you or your cause
I only believe in my own—

Anymore, anyway.  What the hell
Is belief anyway?  It was never any excuse

To live.  But only a death-justification
Hope for resurrection and prayer that 

Someday this could all be over—
No better yet, this could all get better!

Well how much better can it get?
We’re already living in hell.  

I don’t want to see anything better than this
Because it might be worse than hell

I believe in the beat of butterflies wings,
The ones no one else seems to appreciate.

They keep afloat that which is fragile;
Keep in air-motion that which usually crawls 

And go unnoticed in all glory and I’m not satisfied.
Not satisfied with you, not satisfied with me

Not satisfied with watching the damn butterfly all night long,
Not satisfied with this verse.  

I believe in the beauty of ugly.
I believe in not pursuing anything that I love wholeheartedly.

I believe in love, sometimes,
Othertimes, it doesn’t exist.

I believe in mania, mania sets me free
I don’t believe in mom, I believe more in spirits 

Than I do the spirit of my father.  
I don’t believe in psychotherapy

--for why I want to be a therapist
I don’t believe in tornadoes,

Thunderstorms don’t exist
Except in a perfect world

So they’ve ceased to occupy my dreams.  
I believe in paint splotches

And the beauty of wax.  
I believe the two together can make this 

World an uglier place.  
I believe in intuition, 

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Take Her Home

Time is slowly coming to an end
Unsure of what is around that next bend
Awaiting for the final curtain call
Body tired of juggling so many different balls
Knowing that everything has been fulfilled  and done
Rewarding was the journey - although not always fun
Everything she had hoped to have done for now
Accomplished miraculously somehow
Happy memories locked deep in her heart
Loved ones will always hold a special part
Each day her heart cries out what seems in vain
Wanting the chance to end this never ending pain
Reaching out to anyone she may love
Wanting her soul to be free like a beautiful dove
How she prays silently inside every night
This suffering and torment she endures is not right
Misty eyes she looks up the great blue sky
All she can mutter inside is "Why God Why"
Every day she faces a world unknown to her alone
Her husband of 50 years has passed on before her now
She longs to join him someway somehow
Tired of being alone and in pain for so many years
Lord there is only one way to dry her tears
Her life has been full and journey long
In your Kingdom she know belongs
Call her home and let her rest now
Although she will be missed - we will carry on somehow

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An Addict

The sad reality of me is that I’m dead.
And its so extremely hard for me to live inside my head. .
You can never understand an addict so don’t pretend to try
This is me. I’ve always had it, the compulsion to get high.
Well maybe I am unworthy of a better life
Maybe I would rather let myself believe the lie
Or maybe I just sold my soul, Cause I had better things to buy
Monotony is more miserable than coming down, you see
Higher highs make lower lows, and that’s okay with me
I’d rather feel pain than nothing, rather make words rhyme
Always the same sad ending, but It hurts so good sometimes
Dark poetry implies a negativity in poets
But there is beauty in despair, freedom for those who show it.
Pleasure coming out of pain; its no concept that we haven’t heard
I like to cut my self in vain, regret the scars, but never learn
“God Help me,” I try to repent, but my desires make me sway
I let him down again, and now reluctant to attempt to pray.
 I’m so tired and you have to know that I have put my all in this
I can’t acquire strength enough, to rise above my selfishness.
I seek you out Lord, crying, my candle’s flame is growing dim
The fire deep inside has died; I have no choice but to give in.
Blow it out as if to say, there is no hope for me
Effortless to stop you I’m afraid that dope will steal my dreams
The sad reality of me is that I’m dead.
But when I become aware of this I drown myself in drugs again.

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I write this letter knowing I could be right
But there is a part of me that puts up a fight
I remember the fights you had while we were growing up
I remember comforting mum after you left to cool off
I remember my sister crying through it all
I recall my brother with his fist to the wall
Screaming in panic don't shout so much
Why did you stay together through all that fuss
We heard you two argue day and night
What did we do to deserve such a plight
Being the eldest I had no time to attest
Just comfort them two and do my best
I know you told us you stayed only for us
But we never asked for this burden of trust
We recall your tears and distraught shouts
But why were we put through all those bouts?
It's been 32 years and you both still live together
I spoke to you today and you still regret losing forever . . .

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Dark Shadows are Dancing

Dark shadows are dancing
Around my bed tonight

This night’s been a mixture 
Of what is good and what seems bad

Tonight’s been transcendent 
And I’m alone in my room again.  

The glow of the lamp sprawls out across my empty desk
And creeps over the surface of the brown, fake wood,

Gradually dimming, decreasing, decaying.
Tonight’s been a night of thoughts and I’m too tired to think.

Tomorrow’s another day that will also soon go away
I’m too tired to want to play, to write, to watch tv.

Too drained and confused to see what is bothering me
The shadows and the light and the mixture of the three

Cannot be understood so easily, not at all unlike the concepts of geometry.  
Geometry came easy to me, because it made no sense.  

Let’s look at a bunch of silly shapes and mash them together.
When told to paint a picture of your abode

My classmates showed off their woodworking skills
And talent at depicting botany.

Floral motifs crowded the walls of the halls
And I’m tired of seeing all those two-eyed, closed fisted replicas.  

My abode was a series of color splotches, sometimes, often, but not always,
Fitted to a particular shape, not readily exemplifying anything that’s real.  

There’s a shadow a hundred miles stretching
Between me and concert, where I don’t want to go. 

I don’t want to celebrate or make noise.  There’s a light
A hundred miles between me and humanity

But it’s intersecting, perpendicular madness cannot benefit, only digress
There’s a hundred miles between me and something, it’s somewhere I don’t 
want to be.  

Don’t take me home and don’t sing me prayers, I can’t hear lullabies, 
Even under compassionate stares.

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poetic youth

poor little people
children of pain
they tell us about it
again and again
but we can not save them
we can't say a word
we can't breathe a line
of the grief we have heard
we open the blanket
and bid them come share
a moment of comfort
we cuddle them there
swathed in the rhythem
soothed by the rhyme
children of chaos
waiting in line
tell me you love me
they whisper in verse
this day will consume me
the night's even worse
give me a morsel of bread
soaked in wine
to deaden my journey
to placate my mind
the cold wind is howling 
so deep in my soul
come tell me the secret,
how can I grow old?

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A Bouquet of Sighs

  Olives and almonds
and tea in the park
breathing your breath
on a bench
after dark
Smelling the lilacs
that grew in the yard
when you were twenty
and trying too hard
   Now that's the dust 
that blows from your hands
sticks in your throat
and blankets 
your plans
with a layer of hopelessness
etched on your eyes
now you wait 
in the hall
with a bouquet of sighs

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tear and rend,

Bones are breaking,
I don't bend,

shattered glasses
twisted beams,

I am splitting at the seams

I'm not made for stormy 
I can't hold this thing together,

Tape me up and grab the glue
I'll fall apart
all over you.

get the staple gun and nails,
before the hot wax fails

I'm not made for stormy 
help me keep this thing 

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Dark Corridors

There will be no more venturing off into these dark corridors, monsieur
Don’t knock on my door tonight, I will not answer

For the spider webs, shifting in the freedom of an open window will remain,
Forever, like your hair, inconspicuous, deadly, and full of life. 

Don’t swear by the moon, it isn’t trustworthy, always shifting
Shapes into slimy banana peels, fade to nothing, melt to grey

Then blossom, into a sphere resembling the sun.
I don’t trust the moon, though I live by it.

I don’t trust couplets, my life-breathing energy supplement.  
I refuse to say anything corny, lest you take me for granted.  

But, god, don’t swear by the sun!  it’ll burn your back  right off
And don’t trust a mother, or a brother, or a sister

Never trust a “winner” who’s only prize, in my reality, is a gold medal in relentless 
In the basement, in the summer, in the moist wet damp of moldy glows my old 

Buried beneath the living, moving, and deadest of them all
Who looks like the rest of them all.  

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The door!

Again and again I am continuously disturbed by the door
Trying to get work done - there's the knock once more
Why oh why can I have no peace
Why can't I be allowed just a moment to breathe
How mundane and robotic our lives have become
Just a knock on the door derives a big sum
Whatever does she mean by urgent and vital 
As usual their words ring false  - no such dire
There we go again
There's the bang!

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Shows about reality
Get my news from MTV
Ugly people everywhere
Kids today just don't care
Where's the passion where's the fun
Video games eclipse the sun
Online conversations rule
The internet's our research tool
End of times? Have to wait and see
Things today so literally
Tsunami here, earthquake there 
Freaky weather everywhere
Why's this poem got to rhyme
No problem man I've got the time
Got your gold card, big SUV
Welfare generosity
No more teachers, no more books
E-zine publishings the hook
Find the paper, find the pen
Find your niche, your call, your zen
Talk to people get a clue 
Don't let it be the end of you
Get a job, take a chance 
Grab some rythym, bust a dance
Try a new thing, remember the old 
Be a big baby when you catch a cold
Pamper yourself, flatter your friends
You won't find yourself alone in the end 
Hope you like it, hope you care 
At least I had the strength to dare

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the secret child

I have a story I cannot share
I 'm dragging it with me everywhere
covered in sandspurs and broken glass
a plastic bag of gold and trash
  Slop is scraping in a line
a snails track, putrid,green with slime
My uncle wrapped it up for me 
starting out when I was three
 It's our secret  sweet, he said
keep it underneath your bed
and when he died the mystery
ended up with only me
  I cannot share it lest I die
he said I would,I don't know why.
I have a secret i Dare not share
 take it with me everywhere.

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My Backs Against the Wall

The uncertainty of my future and the torture of my past 
has shrewn my confidence asunder and shakin up my cast
a closed door in every direction my walls are closing in so fast
I feel the longer this continues the shorter I will last

Lately failure descends upon everything I touch
someone please jumpstart my tenacity cause I swear that it wont budge

down with a society where no one can lend a helping hand
how can you crush the ground beneath me and expect for me to stand

No one see's what I can do all they see is what I've done
ever since my troubled youth they label me as a felon

how am I supposed to feed my family and stay out of jail
you won't even give me a chance but rather see me in a cell

there's no pride left within me on my face at night I fall
Im the one that allways said don't give in and stand tall
yet if something wasn't holding me up I would fall
you'd expect me to be thankfull for something to lean on but my back's against the Wall

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When I close my eyes, I see a lonely girl,
One that is desperate to belong some where in this world,

Aching for approval from any and everyone,
falling short of her own expectations,leaving her life left undone,

The mirror reflects an image that she hates,
Her outside shows a portrait that she creates,

A manufactured smile completes the illusion nicely,
Poised and proper, she pulls off happiness precisely,

No one sees the darkness inside,
No one feels the guilt that won't subside,

She opens her mouth, but cannot find her words,
The voice inside is begging to be heard,

I open my eyes to an absolute hush,
She knows that I am the only one she can trust.

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I look at my lifes worth dishevelled in a blink
I cannot continue to write this I think
My voice remains unheard, my letters blur
Oh what have I done to deserve this err
Try I must to salvage my blood and sweat
Yet immediately I know it is but a grave threat
Who have I harmed with my words so true
Oh please come hither for me to view
Disdained I am by your deeds so bludgeoned
Meekly I sit attempting futile justice rendered
I am but an artist who remains defeated
Yet continue I must nevertherless being beated

!!!Beated is my poetic licence - not a word

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Wait for the rain to die
Wait,for the tears to dry

Wait for the mist to go
Wait,for trust to flow

Wait for anger to cool
Wait,for love to rule

Wait for scars to heal
Wait,as forgiveness heals

Wait on without fear
Wait,as comfort draws near

Wait for passion's call
Wait,and stand tall