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Teacher Ballad Poems | Ballad Poems About Teacher

These Teacher Ballad poems are examples of Ballad poems about Teacher. These are the best examples of Teacher Ballad poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Home schooling

Home schooling

My Grandson Jakob lives with me
He’s quite intelligent
Now he’s a ‘one of’ kind of lad
He’s deep and he’s intense
He used to go to the local school
Where bullies did abound
And though he’s such a peaceful lad
No peace for him was found.

So we took him out of school
And his mum, she teaches him
He’s showed since she has started this
That he’s anything but dim
His grades have shot up very high
Since he left that school
And no one bullies him no more
Or treats him like a fool.

And yet I hear so many say
Home schooling is real bad
So I do say to all these folk
‘Well you should see our lad’
He’s happiness just shines on through
He’s getting brighter ever day
I think home schooling is the best
In every kind of way.

18 May 2014 @ 0940hrs

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Grandparents they be two lights
Who may lead to wisdoms door.
For hopefully they've lived their lives
And made that journey to the core
And found the jewel buried there
Beneath the shades of sorrow.
And now these two be living life
No past and no tomorrows.

They be a pool within a desert
Where the grass grows lush and green.
A cool place where the kids drop in
To breath in air that's more serene.
They will be gentle, sweet, but stern
{If the need for this comes up}
But mostly kids look on these folk
To over fill the loving cup.

And when these ancient ones depart
And through the golden gates do stroll
The power that rules these mighty realms
{Once the aids have weighed the soul}
Will send them down as spirit folk
To help folks lives to flow
before they enter Earth again
To gain another chance to grow.

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Let the children speak

Let the children speak

No one listens to the children
We think they do not know
And yet their minds be clear and bright
With energy they glow
They come out with the wisest things
Yet folk just pass them by
And so we brainwash them with stuff
And make their minds go dry.

We tell them things we think we know
About how life should be
And try to make them all fit in
With him, and her, and me
Then we send them off to school
To train their memories
And then call this intelligence
Now all this boggles me.

We rob them of intelligence
And make them dull like us
And when they ask the big questions
We tell them not to fuss
We make them perfect little bricks
That fit into our wall
And so this world will never change
Unless we change our rules

23 February 2014 @1217hrs.

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A lesson from the Buddha

 A Lesson From the Buddha

The Buddha had been getting round
And listening to the crowd.
He’d often sat there silently
And heard them moan so loud
About their own sad burdens
And all the hurt they’d had.
So he thought up a little plan
That didn’t seem half bad.

He called the crowd together
Said “listen here you guys
I’ve been thinking for a great long while
And I have thought it wise
To grow a special tree for you
And here it lies before you
Now listen well to what I say
I’ll tell you what to do”

He said “this tree before you
It’s to hang your troubles on
Each one of you must go to it
And your troubles will be gone
As you hang them on it’s many branches
Then what you’ll need to do
Is take yourself some others burdens
And make them part of you”

The people thought that this was cool
It seemed a grand old way
To rid themselves of all their burdens
It was a happy day!
As each smiling so broadly
Placed there burdens on the tree
Then they thought for just a while
And they began to see.

As each the truth did hit them
More restless did they get
At least they knew their burdens
So each with no regrets
Did race back to that trouble tree
To grab what they had hung there
The Buddha smiled good humoredly
He had made them all aware.

29 July 2013 @ 1805hrs.

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Spreading joy

Spreading joy

I’d like to scream it out
Wake up, and come alive
Smell the air and fall in love
And let your soul survive
You’ve buried it beneath the dust
Of who you think you are
Because you think you be an image
When really you’re ‘the star’.

When you find the truth in you
You’ll know just who you be
And everything will lift you up
And all the mystery 
Will flood into your very being
And life will be so sweet
You might not get enlightened
But you’ll feel more complete

Oh, I could scream and cry
I want to spread the truth
That you only have to look within
Then you’ll have all the proof
So then it will be gone
The fear, and emptiness
And life will be a song of joy
Each day a sweet caress.

15 August 2013 @ 1715hrs.

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Words of the master

Words of the master

A man once asked the master
Which of us has the worth?
To enter in the holy kingdom
This man was down to Earth
And liked to ask the questions
The truth he had to know
The master looked into his eyes
With a deep, and holy glow.

A Rabbi, he took note of this
He thought it would be he
For he had all the virtues
Such a holy man he be
The master looked on past this man
Till his eyes lit on a child
He called the small child unto him
And at the lad he smiled.

He took the child into his arms
And said for all to hear
Those who be like this small child
The father he holds dear
They have the worth to enter in
My father holy place
The crowd they did not understand
Confusion touched each face

These words the master spoke, were true
To find that holy place
One must re find his innocence
Re-enter each that space
That each of us were born into
Each soul must delve within
And find the joy that each did know
When their days, did first begin.

16 December 2013 @ 1310hrs.

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The power of Scorpio

The power 0f Scorpio

Scorpio, she has the power
Her approach is so intense
She’ll delve into her deepest depths
Where her secrets are entrenched
She’ mostly mellow, but look out
She well might blow a fuse
From anger kept held deep within
Self -control she well may lose

She’s the saint, or she’s the sinner
Could be either one of them
But she will want to live her life
Not like the rest of them
Because she’ll like to ponder 
She’ll delve so deep within
Take a look into her dungeon
Get lost within the din.

She’s loyal to her loved ones
And never lets them down
Once she has accepted you
She’ll often take you down
To places most don’t want to go
Introduce you to your soul
Transformation rules her life
It be wrote within her role.

17 August 2013 @ 0633hrs.

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The man from Yem

Man From Yem.

Once there lived in the forests of Yem
A tiny grey haired man.
He always wore a happy face
And most thought he was grand.
His face shone out like the stars above
On a dark and silent night
As his voice it whispered love and laughter
And gave folk sweet delight.

He’d walk those bushland trails all day
And always he would learn.
He had no real desires did he
For nothing did he yearn.
He loved the wild beasts, trees and flowers
And the skies on a mystic night
How he loved those nights with the sky afire
With a full moon clear and bright.

He loved his life, and life loved him
And showered him with gifts.
But not those gifts that unwise folk
Might need to get a lift.
His gifts they were the gift of song
The gift of poetry
And too those gifts of happiness
And the gift of mystery.

The beasts and the birds all worshipped him
Like only wild things can.
They’d lie there at the old mans feet
He’d stroke them with his hand
As the gentleness within his soul
Would mesmerize their beings
And the whole of this mans magnitude
These creatures would be seeing.

One day, whilst walking through the bush
Two angry lads strode up.
They’d not felt love for a great long time
It was dry, their loving cup.
They eyed our man with angry scowls
Their looks spelt ill intent.
This old guys, these ugly beings
Had a yearning to torment.

The old man looked them in the eyes
No fear was in his being.
For All their shadows and their fears
His wise old soul was seeing.
He whispered words of wondrous power
And he felt the sky light up
And then he saw the look of love
As it filled two empty cups.

The two young hero’s howled like babes
As he held them in his arms
Showering them with the breath of love
And the shades of Gods pure charm.
The changes took these two sad lads
And they heard a symphony
As their hearts were filled with wondrous joy
That dispelled all misery.

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Here's to John and carla

Here’s to John and Carla
Oh what a lovely pair
I see they’ve come a long, long way
Their stuff is on the air
And many folk are listening
To what these two do say
As they give us each an act to do
And do it every day.

Once I heard their story
And I knew it was for me
Such a simple act they gave 
But how it made me free
From all that old insanity
That had dogged me for years
It took away that shadow
That little point of fear.

And now my life is happy
I am dancing on the air
A sweet bubble of laughter
Is with me everywhere
All it took was just one look
One simple look at me
Oh, how I thank that lovely pair
So very endlessly.

5 May 2013@1630hrs