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Ballad Philosophy Poems | Ballad Poems About Philosophy

These Ballad Philosophy poems are examples of Ballad poems about Philosophy. These are the best examples of Ballad Philosophy poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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(Groom speaks...)
In this world are things to contemplate.
Therefore, life can be complicated.
Stairs we must climb to overcome conflict.
Heaven is an open door of realities.
As my adoration of you is metaphoric, 
I am blessed that you feel the same.
We are together as one.
Our passion flows.
Our ardor is aglow.

(Bride speaks...)
In this life are confrontations.
We must address our demons to form our inner being.
Nothing is more than the characteristic of self-worth.
I see yours darling and it is me.
May I be shallow in the passion I feel?
I adore you.
I am yours.
Let’s share this with the world.

(Groom speaks...)
I asked you to marry me.
You said yes.
My head start spinning.
I felt the depth in my chest.
Our marriage vows have been written.
Our big day has come.
I am your man.
You are my woman.

(The Groom says his written vows.…)
Complicated the world may be.
Our time together will be cherished by the passion we feel.
You are my paradise and my sunshine.
I am yours until the end of time.
Our life, as one, is intertwine with all aspects.
As a tree grows, so does our lust.
As a river flows, so does our thirst.
As a meadow brooks the crows, so does our fascination accept our conundrums.
I will ardor you forever.

(The Bride says her written vows.…)
Complicated the world is.
Our time together we cherish.
You are my sunshine and my paradise.
I am yours until the end of time.
Our life, as one, interweaves.
Life aspects will challenge each.
Our fervor defeats all our troubles.
As landscape flourish, so does our lust.
As lea bravado, so does our thirst.
As a meadow brooks the crows, so does our infatuation withstand any rival.
Our ardor is dominance.
Our ardor is exuberance.

(Bride speaks...)
I adore you my man!

(Groom speaks...)
And I, adore you my woman!

(Music continues to play in the background until the symphony ends.)

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Four in one, nine baptised,
I hear you say legalised fraudlence,
Promises air-conditioned highways and streets,
Salaries and wages without working,
An easy life made sweet and comfortable.

Now, all can join the bandwagon of rigging, 
Of Moonslide Marsslide victories,
With babies and peoples ritually sacrificed,
Received with glee by their lord, 
The god of politricks.

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Poetry Soup

Since joining just yesterday,
I have not had much to say,
As I sit here idle,
Waiting for a title,
I watch as you pass my way,

I am honored to be here,
While a select few may jeer,
Mostly I can see hope,
From the end of my rope,
Bringing about a joyous tear,

For all poets who have been called,
Disenchanted or enthralled,
Our mission always true,
We inform and move you,
To make you act or make you halt,

To rise above and expound the truth,
Or to lose ourselves in a groove,
Whether blatent or far out,
We live to learn - live to shout,
About love, laughter or the blues,

For although I may be new,
To this small poetic group,
I see what you've built,
With talent and skill,
Namely this Poetry Soup,

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Carpe Diem

Uncle John Waterhouse once wrote: 
Gather ye rosebuds while ye may
That means carpe diem
But if you’re not so daring, seize the day

You can seize the day by
Sucking the marrow out of life
Because one day, we will all keel over, die
And then become nothing more

Than food for worms
We all do what we can
To enjoy the life we have
But if you do not understand

There is a phrase I want you to remember:
It is something that you should know
This is how it goes:
Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero

But again, if you’re not feeling so daring:
Seize the day, trusting as little as possible in the future

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What are your Words of Poetry meant for Oh Sage

The wrothful man has regotiated his saliency,
The humble man has neglected his post of "Your Excellency",
Let the pirate look through my one eye of transpareency,
Hope my superman sings along to those dracula's frequencies,
These are not Bulls written in pure fantasy,
Our fleur-de-lis and its very ecstacy,
Not meant for agilely minded Perverts,
Spliffs meant for Godly minds,exhalling Wisdom and Truth.. Selah

Reading to the salient ears of age,
Your teeth gleaning this vast ears of corn,
Seeing men's rage shorten their years,
Or what your ladies who smiled at my no-beard-style have become,
Easy skanking is what my ears hear,
A tip of God given talents,
Many a quail showering my Sweet Heart with "Works so excellent",
God breathes his creative spirit to minds We call "Salient", Selah

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Martyr for the Unorthodox word

If I had over 10,000 dreams You'd be the only thing my mind could see Judgment couldn't be real Succumbing to the fear of this cold life Find a way to break through The self-destruction of wordly delusions Don't tell me I've lived so long in a lovely illusion Break me down until we find a Nirvanic state Then bring me a savior from transgressions An atoning sacrifice Send down to me a messenger for me to submit to Bring me the truth to break through The delusion Bring me the messenger to explain it all And let me leave behind Sorrow's caressing the earth The caliphate stole my heart Without a will to fight But I have the Means to be free I'll try to go with the word I believe But so many stones to be thrown Stakes to burn, limbs to break Faces to hate, scorns to taste Will I have the will to die Despite all of the tears no one will cry Sorrow's caressing the earth The caliphate stole my heart Broke my will Safetefied my soul Martyr for the Unorthodox word Sorrow's caressing the earth The caliphate stole my heart Without a will to fight But I have the Means to be free I'll try to go with the word I believe But so many stones to be thrown Stakes to burn, limbs to break Faces to hate, scorns to taste Will I have the will to die Despite all of the tears no one will cry Sorrow's caressing the earth The caliphate stole my heart Broke my will Safetefied my soul Martyr for the Unorthodox word

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Cupid Doesn't Care

Remembering that Valentine’s
Is just an off kilter lie
And love is cruel and hateful
A salted drink splashed in your eye

Perhaps you will live your life
For no one else’s fame 
Clutching for no other’s gaze
Far ways from the game

But no, you want to fall in love
Just like all the rest
Through warning friends will say to you
Alone is for the best

Gods look down and laugh at us
Like a sitcom, only real
And so they grin and snicker
And let their laugher out in peels

Hope is all we try to keep
When love just isn’t fair
There’s just no help for us you see
‘Cause Cupid doesn’t care 

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As I walk out into a deep sea of blue
I start to feel the new morning dew
Wanting to escape to the welcoming stars
I leave behind the pain of all scars

Swept away in this speckled blanket above
I know the stars are full of secrets and love
I ponder and share the thoughts in my mind
The dreams and secrets that I may once find

Soon I know this magical darkness will fall
And all will continue, our natural known call
So now let all found secrets be told
As will our sought out dreams unfold

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Everyone has to learn... 
To be a gull 
One day... 
It will be your turn 

In a sky... 
Perfect too 
Upwards I flew.... 
To meet you 

For, in us all 
Is a Jonathan Livingston 
Bursting through 
Gulls flight... 
In me and in you 

It is the spirit that takes us all... 
Reaching new heights 
New skies                                                                                                                        
New flights 

We all dream 
Some chose to be.... 
Gulls on the sea 
This is me.... 

As I sit, watching the going down of the sun 
The gulls swoop and turn 
I savour the thought 
Can I become.... 
One of those... 
Who fly until the day is done 

One day.... 
I will come as a gull 
Fly over the sea 
Swoop and turn with glee 
What it is to be free 
One day it will be 

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All I feel 
Not in the mind 
All in the heart 

I feel, 
and you are here 
All in the heart.. 
Is all I feel 
You are near 

All in the heart 

The eyes, see... 
The heart... 

All you feel.. 
Inside of me.. 
All in the heart.. 
All you can see.. 

All in the heart.. 
The universe 
Feel for me 
All you can see 

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Broken Dreams

  Do you believe in the things that you've always known,
Can you understand the things you've been shown.
   Is it the visions you see that make you believe,
Or is the feelings you get when you've been deceived.
    The pain you feel a never ending ache ,
Tearing your heart and soul from you every day.
    Time ticks slowly pounding away at you,
Throbbing heart breaking and there's you can do,
    Must I settle for these lost and broken dreams,
Because it has all the signs that what it seems.
    How much should a man endure to find his way,
It cant possibly be like this hard for me every day.
    There is nothing so frustrating as being so confused,
Especially when you've discovered that you've been used.
    I will get through this lonely phase I have no doubts,
But I'm sure there will come a day I'll figure it all out.
    Cautiously I walk the path that's been laid before me,
In faith I will continue for I know he will let me see.
    Life will be thrown at you in so many different ways,
I will be prepared for these things for the rest of my days.
    Broken dreams will be the learning tree for me to grow ,
Living my life with Joy Happiness is what I'll always Know.

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What constitutes a shoe?

What constitutes a shoe? 
The leather bound tongues of
inglorious pomp,
ambling midst the glades…
pugilistic caffeine panders 
solely to the soul,
ergonomically agile, 
bar the finest detail…

eye-lashed straps 
entrenched in the name, 
toiling syllabic misnomers, 
shorn against the scornful 
blood of erstwhile colonialism,
perpetually in memorandum…


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A true friend

A Friend.

Associates, I’ve had so many
But let us speak of friends.
It be a term so often used
But I’m the worst of men
When it comes to picking holes in things
And a true authentic friend
He be as rare as rocking horse poo.
On a friend you can depend.

A friend would be there to the end
He’d take naught for himself
Oh yes a friend be wonderful
And adds to life much wealth
You know that when the chips are down
And the whole wide world looks grim
That friend will always be with you
His light will never dim.

This be as rare as hens teeth
But when the day does come
That you find this special friend
Your life will cheer up some
She’ll always soothe and comfort you 
And make you feel real great
A friend is someone sent to you
By the tender hand of fate

Cherish him or her so much
Cause when some-one your heart does touch
There ain’t no treasure on this Earth
There nothing that could have the worth
Of the one who loves and listens to
And gives support always to you
A true friend he till forever
He will not betray you, never!

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The Lottery

I have won the lottery
Though the numbers are not drawn.
I'm promised that it's foolproof,
So my waiting won't be long.

I have my winning ticket
Mounted to the wall.
Each day I bow down to it
Praying for the draw.

These numbers are quite special.
A wise man told me so.
He said he got the numbers
From another long ago.

You've got your set of numbers,
But they are not like mine. 
I'd say that's rather foolish
Because my numbers are divine. 

There can only be one winner
And mine is guaranteed.
You'd better change your numbers,
So you can be as smart as me.

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The True Christian's Mission!

In my quest for this mission,
Many days and nights I prayed,
But plagued by selfish visions,
I asked what the Spirit had to say,

The battle engulfed self and spirit,
Screams of desire flooded my mind,
While fierce haunting demons appeared,
My voice of reason was such confined.

Yet the Spirit moves in silence,
And while this Spirit ever grows,
It ever gently reminds us,
By whispering gentle blows,

Thus the tranquil wind,
Burst in upon the storm,
And the quieting din,
Deafened hellish horns,

And in hush's sweet embrace,
The Spirit within me said,
Messages filled with grace,
Of how others must be fed.

Give them glimpses of wonder,
Inspire them with your faith,
Yes, give them much to ponder,
Yet in a much more simple way.

Don't lose them in scripture,
But to the word remain true,
Only teach that which is sure,
And that which you can prove.

There will be those who oppose,
All that I would have you say,
But this is why you were chose,
For this great mission today.

For you have been surely blessed,
With a faith complete and whole,
You've been prepared for this test,
Now go and share what you know.

And keep in mind your quest,
To gather the children who know,
That love's the answer to this test,
Upon which a true Church can grow.

Now I come before you today,
For help in spreading this word,
For its the Church we must save,
To find a path true and sure.

The end times are now upon us,
We need to be better prepared,
With a Church which is more just,
To embrace those lost and scared.

Our Church should always be righteous,
And offer salvation's warm embrace,
It should help the groom to find us,
And with our lamps full we will wait.

But our task reaches further still,
As there is much work to be done,
For we need to ensure God's will,
On earth as it is in heaven!

We'll teach love and forgiveness,
Of both trespasses and debts,
Our mission does not glorify us,
Rather the Lord who gave us this quest.

Once we believe our mission complete,
Humility will show us we have more to do,
And we will always endlessy seek,
That which the Spirit tells us is true.

And above all we will keep in mind,
That it takes a heart wide and great,
Filled with all the love we can find,
To pass through the narrow gate.

So a call to action must be made,
For our great holy quest has begun, 
Visit us whether or not you're saved,
At True Christian Church dot com.

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The Scholastic Mechanic!

Please allow me to introduce,
Without any pardon or excuse,
A man who needs no introduction,
To those he’s given instruction,

A man who has always helped me,
To understand extreme fallacy,
Through guidance and edification,
He spreads his extreme education,

Now he never reserves his lessons,
And always leaves his impressions,
Upon those he teaches his schtick,
For he is our scholastic mechanic,

Always he tinkers under the hood,
To find the best of what is good,
And now without further adieu,
I am proud to present to you,

A man who’s mind always races,
And affords us other head cases,
A view most definitely skewed,
By great wisdom and high I.Q.,

A man whom I proudly call my brother,
Who’s humble wit makes him tougher,
Than my boastful wages however manic,
…Our G-Man the scholastic mechanic!

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I Have Half A Mind

I have half a mind,
To just let go,
Let go of notions,
Which plague me so.

What's it really matter,
If I lose or if I win,
Isn't it that I played,
That matters in the end?

I played from the heart,
And gave it all I got,
With honor and pride,
I've attained this spot.

But like I said before,
You know I have half a mind,
To just let it all go,
No more effort, no more trying...

But the other half sustains,
That which I am thankful For,
Pushing me with great strength,
I can take flight and soar.

And the higher I fly,
From efforts past spent,
The greater I espy,
The grandness of men.

Oh I have half a mind,
To give up, throw the towel in,
But I still have half a mind,
To find a way to soar again!

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A Shared Dream

Chills of comfort
as smooth as skin 
grazing grey stones. 

In the next room-
technology is hard at work
churning, turning
while the guitar gently rifts. 

Harsh winds are whipping, 
we are lying 
above a pale yellow floor
across a hazy tundra.

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Pan and Satan

Pan and Satan.

One morning I was walking in my garden
When old Jupiter came up close to me.
And standing by his side stood fair Demeter
Who smiled at me so warm and tenderly.
She said “my son we’ve come to give our blessings
And we’ve a story we would like to tell.
Of how the great God Pan turned into Satan
And child I hope that you will listen well.

For Pan he was the god of natures beauty
And he wore no taint till Satan came along.
He’d play his pipes so gaily in the meadows
Though sometimes there was mischief in his song.

Then Satan said to pan “well I don’t give a damn
I’m going to steal your horns and make you me.
Then I’ll build a master plan and strike some fear in man
So always he will live in misery.
And that’s the way old Pan became young Satan
Yet still the old one dances deep within.
But if the two had never joined together
Then where would dwell the ugliness of sin.


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An eye for an eye

Though I am not considered to be a Christian, [I love most religions] But I lover to read the gospels of Mark and Mathew, so I wrote them all in verse...Peter

Eye for Eye.

Folk were listening to our lord
Such a crowd had gathered round
The news of this enigma
Had spread from town to town.
The multitudes all came to him
To hear the words he spake
He’d been speaking there for quite a while
And the day was getting late.

The lord with Passion in his tone
He told those multitudes
{There were poor and rich, and saints and sinners
The good Lords words, their food}
He said to them “now you have heard
An eye for eye, and tooth for tooth
But I give you another law
So listen to my truth”.

“Do not resist an evil person
When struck on the right cheek
Turn to him the other also
Just hear these words I speak
If someone wants to sue you
And take your tunic too
Then let him have your cloak as well
This, I do say to you”.

If someone makes you walk a mile
Then walk with him for two.
Give what one may ask you for
This be the thing to do.
If someone would borrow from you
Then do not turn away.
Hear ye this, it be the truth
These words you hear me say”.

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The Lord's Prodigal Sons

Fierce as cold winds blow,
On a blustery winter's morn,
The raging battle brings horrors,
Such that man has never known.

For the dark rapture approacheth,
And the Lord's wrath is at hand,
Salvation's gate now closes,
And woe is the fate of man.

I sit here now in stark terror,
As I read the prophets report,
I can't imagine any scarier,
Stories told me of my Lord...

And a man who soon comes,
To set all this in motion,
One to whom many will succumb,
A wolf dressed in sheep's clothing.

The story does have a great ending,
But only for those who believed,
Who found the message he was sending,
These few who will be received.

But what of the rest of man,
Who for pride or gluttony fall,
Just where do these men stand,
When we're through with it all.

Keep reading - the story's complete,
For after the gates are closed,
In the lake you will still see,
Those who were damned and opposed.

Now by fire we are seasoned,
Is a lesson we should know,
And thus we can now reason,
Where these poor souls go.

To learn more lessons,
And perhaps someday become,
After fair sessions,
The Lord's prodigal sons.

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A Selfish Prayer

It's hard when I see so much pain,
Filled with life's many hardships,
All these troubled souls praying,
For miracles through their worships,

Even at home they are lost,
And muddle through their days,
'Release us from our lots',
They cry out from their maze,

Yet I find it even harder still,
When I must stand here and watch,
With neither the way or the will,
To give what little I've got,

So Lord I pray you fill my cup,
Give me the success and station,
Where hope can spring from love,
To answer all this frustration,

Let me afford more than simple words,
Grant me the means to answer prayer,
Lay before me a path true and sure,
To receive great fruit I can share,

My life has taught me so very much,
As my prayers so often are granted,
I know what it means to be touched,
By the charity of the enchanted,

It brings a life of such great hope,
To you and all of those you love,
It helps you to widen your scope,
And great faith when times get tough,

So today Lord I finally pray,
For something I never have before,
I pray for riches so very great,
That I would never need to ask for more,

Vast wealth beyond Solomon or Jabez,
Great wisdom and eternal good health,
The power to shape the will of others,
And all the prayers I leave on the shelf,

And I pray that I remain steadfast,
In service to you through my fellow man,
And you answer this prayer however crass,
Before this poem is written by this hand.

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The Poem of Everything

With a mass influx of background radiation
Strengthens the idea of a cosmic inflation 
Ten seconds of magic starting with a bang 
Leaves religious hearts with a heavy pang 
What before was that of a mysterious bubble
Was to be unwound by the discovery of Hubble 
That creation is expanding at the speed of light 
Makes the naked eye struggle for a clear sight 
To only that of which our minds can observe 
Which some do believe is shaped in a curve 
Believed before that it was in fact much flatter 
For not in parallel lines can keep this dark matter 
In this space appears to be no electric charge 
Keeping Apollo at bay, and Armstrong at large 
What conditions would allow life of intelligent form?
Or withstand heat or the sweep of a galactic storm
Into the mass amount of scientific speculation 
The idea of which a metric theory of gravitation
Can imply through discovery of Einstein’s Ring 
Even light from a far, will make your eyes sting 
So even now we can see those many stars 
And some assume we could even have life on Mars 
But what about that gaping hole in the Milky Way?
That feeds on the mighty energy and light as its prey 
A region of spacetime where nothing can escape 
Hidden between the stars in its invisible cape
Through event horizon time ticks more slow 
To truly unravel space, that we may never know

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Revolution means Bloodshed we are not ready for

Since It's very hard living in these 
days & times

I don't mean pick up a gun & gather 
a group to help you run

A campaign

Must be created & implemented 
with Thought & Education

Unless you rather spend your time 
behind bars in frustration

Without freedom of your own god 
given talents

I'm not trying to say these words to 
draw interest through ballads

I say them to educate to the 
revolutionary thinker

Power is something we all think of

Rarely we realize what it really takes 
to attain

Power with the correct education 
will stabilize & stimulate the brain

Money will rescue you from the 
debts of poverty

Without a strategy to think

The oppressor is waiting for us to 
unite & fight

They have one button tactics that 
will blow us in the blink of an eye 

To supersede

We must revolutionize the mind to 
encourage ourselves away from any 
form of evil

"Revolution means Bloodshed"

So that means we must help socio-

Self encourage a systematic finance 
for our own people

Because we used to have ownership

What we must re create

Is a tactic 

Intelligently revolutionizing  black & 
white people empowerment

Re-developed economic  business 
entreprenuer thinkers

Self created invention & services 

That will annialate the mental & 
physical mass consumption of 
consumer dreamers

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Pipe Dreams!

In our lives filled with lofty goals,
We may reach for much beyond our means,
And as interest is piqued and grows,
We sell wisps of notions as our pipe dreams, 

Yet while news breaches concerned factions,
Of those who would off-hand discount our plan,
You may well consider these actions,
To be the final throes of a desperate man,

Watch me rush headlong at windmills,
Listen to my brave and salient battle cries, 
For with nothing I easily afford the shills,
This puffery of pipe dreams which may sink or rise,

Take account of what may be lost,
Incredible credible reputations,
So to me the onus is tossed,
And I afford pipe dream facilitations,

But as prospect becomes tangible,
And peppered pipe dreams begin to spin,
Overt liability then manageable,
The need for my Quixotic services thin,

The writing’s on the wall distinct and clear,
Yet I long for the impossible it seems,
Where I keep the company of the grand seer,
And remain the nexus of fantastic pipe dreams.

- Before I get too much bad press here I want you to know 
the term ‘Puffery’ means to build something up with flowery language.

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Tribute to bob Dylan

Tribute to Bob Dylan

I remember well when I was young
And music was my thing
There was Billy, Elvis Cliff Richard
And to me these guys did bring
Wonderful moments in my life
As I bought all of their stuff
But then this other guy came out
And Lord, that was enough

My interest it went to him
Who changed the status Quo
His name it was Bob Dylan
And me I watched him grow
From a young folk star, to a rock legend
He did change music’s face
As he prophesized some potent things
That would touch the human race.

He told us in his screaming voice
[As he played his mystic role]
That all the sons and daughters
Would be out of our control
He sang of the whole world changing
And I’m seeing that come true
Oh Yes, that old Bob Dylan
I loved what he did do.

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Forgiving The Unforgivable

Forgiving The Unforgivable.
I held my peace and sung a song,
that echoed through the righteous hall,
my right, my truth, all put to wrong!
As judgment fine had met the pall.
How can there be a better way,  
to tell the world of foul play,
than those, your words, that captivate,
and that, my looks, you separate; 
your lies, your tricks, my punishment!
In years to come a sure lament;
but life shall only last its days,
until the sun these men does gaze;
then deeds shall bind our spirits such,
would implore it the heaven's touch,
so again shall meet face to face,
when shattered is the time and space,
there I shall pardon and forgive,
as not in this dimension live,
and from this burden be relieved,
that had a trusting friend deceived,
and yes, I have just this to say,
that friends and foes alike decay,
but on that day, you I shall see, 
as an error of mortality.
I hold my peace and sing this song,  
That echoes through the righteous hall,
My right, my truth, all put to wrong!
as judgment fine has met the pall.
R.N.Khan, © 2012

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Silent times

Silent times

Sometimes, I really do not care
About anything at all
My mind goes kind of quiet then
My mode is kind of cool
And all I really want to do
Is sit here looking in
Forgetting all the world outside
Forgetting all the din

There’s a time to send ones energy
And circle it around
But then there comes a sacred time
When the harmony is found
Waiting there within the dark
To hold one cozily
A time to be in her soft clutch
And bask there happily.

Then when the muse has been recharged
It’s time to wander back
And let the words come pouring out
Cause just along the track
The wind, the flowers and dancing trees
Have replaced the mystery
So now the words they may flow free
With much more energy.

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Nothing Matters

Inspired by and based on L’Étranger by Albert Camus

I'm a stranger to you, even stranger to me
I'll pass you by like a memory
Of innocence and ignorant bliss.
I feel nothing every time we kiss

I feel nothing each day I'm alive
Nothing matters, we're all gonna die
When and how, I could not care less
I don't care for the life over which you obsess

It can be changed but should I bother?
This life is just like any other
So taciturn and disarrayed
Oh, didn't Mother die today?

Reflecting the sunshine on the blade of a knife 
To turn away or to take his life?
I stopped to think as he hit the floor
His breathless body took four more

Now I'm being punished for refusing to lie
If my life is the price then I'll sacrifice
I am not like you, I refuse to pretend
And if truth equals crime then I will not amend

It can be changed but should I bother?
This life is just like any other
So taciturn and disarrayed
Oh, didn't Mother die today?

But I found myself in this nothingess 
And learnt to embrace the indifference
The end is nearing but there is no pain
For some strange reason, I feel happy again

I'm a stranger to you, even stranger to me
My blind rage has washed me clean
Proud to say that in this life so absurd
I never belonged to your condemned herd

I could have changed it but I didn't bother
This death is just like any other
So taciturn and disarrayed
Oh, dear Mother, I'm alive again

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Time to Add More Love

The world's just not the same
This empire in decline
Roses don't smell as sweet
Only grow half their size

And I say....

Baby, doesn't it make you feel sad inside?

And I say...

Baby, doesn't it make you want to cry?

Let's protect ourselves 
From the coming flood
Won't need no bullets
Just our shield of love

Let's protect ourselves
From the coming storm
Won't need no raincoats
While love keeps us warm

Time to put more wood
On the dying fire
Of hope

Time to add more love
Gonna raise this
Sinking boat

And I say....

Baby, doesn't it make you feel sad inside?

And I say....

Baby doesn't it make you want to cry?

You're all I need
To get through this 
Doom and gloom
Your love for me
And my love for you.

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Its A Christian Thing!

It’s a Christian Thing… 

When our freedoms are challenged, and our faith is denied, 
When life hangs in the balance, equality decried, 
Our solemn call to action, necessary and good, 
May be called into question, even misunderstood, 

Freedom from oppression, on which our country was built, 
Our forefathers lessons, a nation's pride now distilled, 
Building society, where freedom can ring, 
I say with great piety, its a Christian thing! 

We always acknowledge, those with different views, 
Afford them the privilege, and the freedom to choose, 
But we built this great land, in this peculiar way, 
To give freedom to man, and what he has to say. 

But let us not forget, the reasons for these freedoms, 
To each serve our Lord best, and unite in these seasons, 
For it is love of our neighbors, of which we now sing, 
Our response to our Savior, it’s a Christian thing! 

America the beautiful, of which I am proud, 
Patriotic and dutiful, we answer out loud, 
Don’t tread on us, or our God given rights,
Don’t give us causes, for which we will fight.

Now as a nation, we will turn the other cheek,
For we’re taught patience, and when to be meek,
But don’t doubt for a moment, our resolve or the power of our sting,
As we give you time to foment, it's simply a Christian thing.

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Capricorn, the mountain climber

Capricorn the mountain climber

The goat he is relentless
He'll cimb the higest hill
Just a wee bit at a time
With his gigantic will
He tends to take life seriously
But he can laugh at his own self
This man will try to seek his fortune
And accumulate some wealth.

He be the father of this Earth
He likes to take control
And sometimes he will be considered
As drab, and often dull
He's reliable, you can count on him
When you need to get things done
He'll often work so very hard
He'll forget to have some fun.

He has a lot of patience
And he can put his mind
A hundred percent on anything
And him you'll often find
Working out some problem
Until he gets it right
And for the people in his life
He'll put up quite a fight.

23 September 2013 @ 1422hrs.

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A Saga Awaits You

The crowd pushes as your soul pulls,
You along your path to obscurity,
Where the light is engulfed,
By the clouds of eternity...

Timidly you lag behind,
Lost in the eddies of time,
And slowly you trudge,
To the same old grind...

But for the one who sees,
Dreams in splendored color,
The seeker holds the keys,
As one searches for the other...

Sparks of desire flood your mind,
While the cold dark streets glow,
From burnt embers lost in time,
And mounds of dashed hopes below...

You thrash and flail in utter desperation,
And you need that which can not be known,
Unless one is seasoned by your imagination,
When the dream is passed and the hope is grown...
Then it comes to you in a flash,
Love must be shared to exist,
So to others your hope is passed,
And your light escapes the mist...

The seeker surveys the vast multitude,
To find the source of the light,
Where the gift of hope was shared and grew,
Piercing the thin veil of night...

And to these dreamers is dared,
A glimpse of wisdom anew,
For you who love and share,
A saga awaits you...

Prepare to finally see,
The source for finding purpose,
In all that you do and can be,
Lies in what you can do for us... 

For selfish deeds trap us, 
And kindness offers you much more,
Once you apply this to practice,
Blinding light will pour forth...

And as the secret is shared,
Love rekindles the awakenings,
Among all those lost and scared,
Wonder and awe the new day brings...

Remember the grandness of this tale,
The next time you find yourself lost,
For what you offer is the holy grail,
So much hope... for so little cost!

My Gull Wheels On!

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Revelation Said In Stone Appeared an Eon ago of Shame and Sin, Something we all know But not it's rise, For is has already became Virtue Flaming Skies from an Angel So Bright The World's Cure for Soul-Blight A Hell on Earth A Savior's Worth So many Dreams are cast then Forgotten So many lives are brought up then just Thrown back down Maybe she is The Cure Maybe she is The Plan All Fear the Flame Failed Creation of Samael She Comes from the Deep She Comes from The Heavens' Vault To End the dawn of the Demon Purge this land of all Vice Kali Yuga will be nevermore The one of Sublime Cassandra, Bringer of Muspelheim Release me and Burn away this land Hold me by The Hand Tell me the past is just pretend Give me The Cure If this is your destiny Then May it be mine I would die in time I'm Just another Obstacle In the way of your divine Wings Forget me Cassandra For Doom was already meant for me All Fear the Flame Failed Creation of Samael She Comes from the Deep She Comes from The Heavens' Vault To End the dawn of the Demon Purge this land of all Vice Kali Yuga will be nevermore The one of Sublime Cassandra, Bringer of Muspelheim Valkyrie of Heart Angel of Grace I surrender to You Savior by Destiny Dispel all Tragedy Especially me All Fear the Flame Failed Creation of Samael She Comes from the Deep She Comes from The Heavens' Vault To End the dawn of the Demon Purge this land of all Vice Kali Yuga will be nevermore The one of Sublime Cassandra, Bringer of Muspelheim

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The sunyassin

As far as I know this is a true story about Alexandra the great...Peter

The Sannyasin.

Alexander said to Dandamis
"Old man you come with me
For I need me a sannyasin
To take across the seas.
Hey you be just a beggar man
I'll make you rich indeed
You'll live a life of luxury
With everything you need.

Dandamis standing naked there
With silence in his essence
He had no fear at all did he
In the mighty leaders presence.
He said "I'll give you nothing friend
And there's nothing that I need
So Alexandra drew his sword
Tried to make the beggar plead.

Dandamis laughed and said these words
With power in his voice
"You can put that sword right through my heart
My friend, that be your choice.
But I left this body long ago
I have no use for it
So pierce this heart my fine young friend
It won't harm me a bit.

Alexander he was beaten
By a fearless beggar man
Though he had won most of the world
Dandamis foiled his plans.
The beggar said "You say you're great
But that's not true at all
For any man that thinks he's great
He be merely a fool

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A Hopeless Being

A Hopeless Being.

Oh Lord! Before in hell forsake,
dreams do remove from all the men;
strip them, their hope away do take,
or shall in hell rebel again.
The dreams I dream they aren't mine,
but of that learner courting hope,
at nightfall are a humble shrine,
in peaceful slumber envelop.
in sleep such obscure visions come,
while vulnerable am I whole,
the hostile sights my heart do thrum,
in mixed melody is my soul;
their beauty what does signify,
and those faces that are ne'er real!
Now do our breaths they dignify
or negate all --that we do feel.
Is poor most a dreamless being,
with flightless nights and yearnings sour,
his curse is a mind of stable seeing,
disowning growth forevermore.
Isn't useless hope that ne'er pays,
is present yet as thin as air,
though in the eye it always stays,
but to the reason seldom there;
these drinks of dreams I do condemn,
but life and death come from this cup,
I might have given up on them,
but will they ever give me up.
R.N.Khan, © 2012

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I am not made a full blown beauty..
Nor I live a life of purity; charity & piety..
All I like to do is to live with identity..
Not of being a witty but a life of humility..

I tried to be a more social person..
Cracking out the shell I have put up..
Breaking from my own weakness..
Doing best in my found strengths..

I have craved to reach out to people..
Widening my horizon, increasing my knowledge and awareness..
Learning to acknowledge fellow human beings..
Regardless of who they are and where they from..

They said: "I must not do this as it is dangerous.."
but I stand to what I know: "Inside all human beings is the reflection of God.."
I give due and equal chance..
As my God have freely given me opportunities too..

We people are living in same earth..
Different are we because of status, faith or race..
Let not this be the reason for us to be divided..
Rather we must come in unison conquering divisions..

By: olive_eloi

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Ode to the NRA

I hear all these Democrat politicians
Tell their countrymen that we need gun control
What kind of idiotic pencil pusher?
Thinks that this country has to control

The very object that helped this country
Win its freedom from a tyrant monarch
I bet that none of these twig-bodied,

Pencil-pushing geeks have ever once
Been down to a hunting club
And have just for once talked to
The simple men whole liveleihood is

Just what they carry in their hands
It is not just what they hunt with
But it is their pride, too
That gives them them the drive and determination

To shoot all the deer and turkeys
That crosses their tree stand
That is why I salute all those people and the NRA
So we can tell all those beaurecrats to shut up

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The soul of the virgin

The soul of the virgin

Our Virgin is so practical
So critical she be
She’s always hard upon herself
Her words come loose and free
If she thinks that you have let her down
She’ll tell you this is so
She’s very clever with her hands
And she really likes to know.

She does her best in everything
Meticulous is she
She be one of the clever ones
She’s kind and she will be
A boon to anyone who needs her
She’s so dependable
She can’t abide in ugliness
Of any kind at all.

She has a downer on herself
She thinks she is not liked
She analyzes everything
She can look into your psyche
She won’t be fooled by anyone
And she worries about her health
Just to get to know this lady
Is a valid source of wealth.

12 August 2013 2 1300hrs.

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In Youth-less Age

In Youth-less Age

Though gentle, hopeful drifts we brood,
but age our wont be kind enough,
in threescores is when life imbued,
will partial be the earthly stuff;
but you'll still be my fancy then,
when Suns shall be the Shallowest,
and dry as those days --my fingers, pen!
Diluting the persistent best;
then shall I my own mind bereave,
when servile times would near a close,
but will your eyes, mine still deceive,
that greater truth than life propose.
The understanding of our earth,
up till we stay, --the way shall give,
entwine when with a lovers mirth,
we not our age but more shall live;
there I shall be a part of you,
though life may still not worthy be,
but time the hearts as one does sew
and breeds the soul's eternity.
Soon ladies fine with auburn head,
in youth's subservience shall grow,
with shadows white and lips blood red,
to whom the haste --the world will owe;
but, by the words that reason frowns,
and those that cost if cared for less;
within the gardens, across all towns,
just you my dame this heart possess,
as your my gardens cherished fruit,
could time nor age do you wrong,
your grace can shift a hand from mute,
such do my rhymes to you belong,
and the words, claims that come to me,
be their center, and my days renew,
until the time this soul is free,
and life us quells, an end pursue;
the end of the sojourn we made,
shall love then still be intense more,
when breaths and sight move to a fade,
like youth, your age --I shall adore.
R.N.Khan, © 2012

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 A tooth from a mouth 
 An eye from a socket 
 Plucked in a drought 
 Rot in a pocket 

 An empty space
 Where a throat might have been
 The caul of a face 
 The trace of a chin 

 A clasp and a brace 
 Fold like a grin
 Clot like a cake 
 Grate like a whim

 As ago meets afar 
 In the here and now
 In the crease of a scar
 And the pleats of a brow

 Written by © Raven Drake

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life Just Isn't

Life isn about keeping score of right and wrong.
It’s not about how many people you call.
And its not about  who you’ev dated, are dating, or haven’t dated at all.
It isn’t about who you’ve kissed, who you’ve hasd sex with , which boy or girl likes 
you or who played you or  who you’ve played.
It isn’t about the color of your skin ,or the color of the skin you date.
It’s not about your shoes clothes, hair, money, or colleges that accept or 
unaccepted you are.
Life just isn’t about that !

But life is about who you love and who you hurt.
It’s about how you feel about yourself.
Its about trust, happiness, and compassion.
It’s about sticken up for ya friends, and replacing inner hate with love.
Life is about avoiding jealousy, overcoming ignorance, and building confidence.
Its about choosing to use your life to touch someoneelse’s in a way that could 
never have been achieved otherwise.

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The joy of the pheasant shoot

The joy of the pheasant shoot.

Getting set for the big event
The good folk do their stuff
They beat the earth with sticks, do they?
With their little dogs so tough 
They flush those pheasants from the scrub
So all can have some fun
Killing them with smiling faces
As they fire beloved guns.

Then as the pheasants in a panic
They bolt into the sky
Our hero’s with their guns in hand
Make sure that hundreds die
As the air is filled with the cracking sounds
As birds fall all around
Just so these fools can get there jollies
These corpses cover ground.

I wonder sometimes if these hero’s
Have any souls at all
That they could get such satisfaction
Doing these acts so cruel
Sometimes it leaves me speechless
At the way folk get their pleasure
Killing beauty just for fun
Is an ugly kind of leisure.

10 September 2013 @ 1340hrs

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Election day

Election Day

Last week was our election
It’s been going on for weeks
From the space where I was standing
It all looked kind of bleak
The chance of labor leaders
Getting the ruling hand
There’d been some inside fighting
They weren’t looking too grand.

But when I thought about it
It didn’t really matter
All these fools, it seems to me
Are only noisy chatter
They promise this, they promise that
And then what do they do?
Nothing, absolutely naught
They say is ever true?

So anyway I was lucky
What by accident, I done
Was muck up on the valet sheet
I failed on every one
Of those boring little boxes
That were staring up at me
But I really did not want to vote
So it was meant to be.

11 September 2013@1720hrs.

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The power of Scorpio

The power 0f Scorpio

Scorpio, she has the power
Her approach is so intense
She’ll delve into her deepest depths
Where her secrets are entrenched
She’ mostly mellow, but look out
She well might blow a fuse
From anger kept held deep within
Self -control she well may lose

She’s the saint, or she’s the sinner
Could be either one of them
But she will want to live her life
Not like the rest of them
Because she’ll like to ponder 
She’ll delve so deep within
Take a look into her dungeon
Get lost within the din.

She’s loyal to her loved ones
And never lets them down
Once she has accepted you
She’ll often take you down
To places most don’t want to go
Introduce you to your soul
Transformation rules her life
It be wrote within her role.

17 August 2013 @ 0633hrs.

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It's Hard To Follow Through

Life is filled with trepidation
For both the young and old
But with a little dedication
Following through will take hold

Just follow through, your told

Remember when learning to bat
The ball went sailing by
Dad said there’s nothing that you lack
Just follow through and it will fly

Just follow through and it will fly

When a cute girl got your attention
And you had a chance to meet
How to ask her out, was the question
Just follow through; she’ll think you’re sweet

Just follow through; she’ll think you’re sweet

Then college was a load to manage
Too many choices blew the mind
Though was told to get an advantage
Just follow through; don’t fall behind

Just follow through; don’t fall behind

I was on the edge for marriage to begin
But afraid to make that committal
Yet, she’d follow me through thick and thin
Just following through answered the riddle!

Following through answers all riddles!

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Detoured Dreams

I always thought of heaven,
as a warm, New England Fall day. 
The leaves were shining brighter
than the street post lamps at midnight. 
I’m cruising along the highway. 

Passing scenic pastures, tiny plazas and singing-
perhaps we are all just standing
on the great shoulders
of the men and women who were before us?
Everything that was -is 
fortunately apart of today.  

And I write-
because it relieves my pain. 
I create
because it’s nice to remember how to love.
Am I therefore less worthy, 
if I one day choose to make money, 
off my lovely creations?

What if Hitler had become an artist? 
Legend has it at one time, 
that’s what he wanted out of life.

What if Hitler had become an artist? 
What if someone had embraced this passion, this skill?
He could have sipped wine, 
painted on blank canvases,
and basketed in reflection of the moon.

He could have
Made love, 
and wrote songs, 
and Praised God, 
for the fortune of being able to dream. 
He abandoned his love for creation,
His love of art, 
praised only the devil
and became crazed with hate,  
millions were slaughtered, 
millions had to pay the price.
How tragic can life be?  

But now, 
I’m Passing through scenic pastures, tiny plazas and singing-
perhaps we are all just standing
on the great shoulders
of the men and women who were before us? 
Everything that was -is 
unfortunately apart of today.  

we never know just how much
shutting down one little, tiny, persons dream
can effect so many other people’s dreams.
and the generations to come. 

What if Hitler had become an artist? 
 would it have spared us some?

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Another harsh Winter we must face It Matters not, no one can escape Fate Not Even The Gods With Bravery we shall Stand Strong In Care we shall advance onto Vigrid Fenrir Will Lay dead By Dawn's Perch Trim Your Nails, to Prevent Naglfar It's time to suit up; We Are The Einherjar Protector's of Ragnorak The Army of The Gods The Lovers of Valhalla All of Midgard will sing Of our triumph and their Defeat Sadly all will come, In a twinkling To An Utter End Madi, Magni, Sons of Thor Balder, Hod, Residence of Hel Lif, Lifthasir, of Yggdrasil Do us well Remembrance of our noble deeds Is all well enough Sing the Song We Are The Einherjar

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Baseball life?

What does it take to step up to the plate?
Every time there is a mistake

Life seems unfair at times and you get out
Other times "HOMERUN" is just shy of foul

Family and friends are your team
Communtication and practice prevent your defeat

Without it you make mistakes and get tagged out
or cause an ERA and begin to doubt

So when it happens that final day
when its bases loaded, two outs and your up to the plate

3 balls 2 strikes and your down by 3
You decide how its going to be

Sure, in the end it doesn't matter who wins or loses
The decisions in life always leaves its bruises

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Seduction of a Maiden Song Lyrics first notes penned England in May 2006

   By Victoria Anderson-Throop
        first draft notes penned on the moors of England in May 2006     (call also means visit)

I remember
   When its morning
I remember 
   breezy spring
I remember 
    all the flowers
I hear larks
  in meadows sing

I remember
   When its autumn
I remember 
  red leaves fall
I remember
   heartbreak clearly
I remember 
  your last call

Hopeless, Hopeless is my name
Endless, Endless is my shame

I remember
   that last summer
When the roses
  were so sweet
I can smell
   their fragrant kisses
When my world 
    was so complete

I remember 
   winter coming
When your kisses 
    turned to ice
I remember tears 
    were falling
I learned lovers
    pay a price

Hopeless, Hopeless is my name
Endless, Endless is my shame

I remember
  When its morning
I remember
   breezy spring
I remember
   all the flowers
I remember
  how to sing

I remember
  when  it''s morning
All the heartache
   of the spring
Love has stolen
  my sweet memories
I've forgotten
  how to sing

Hopeless, Hopeless is my name
Endless, Endless is my shame

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Life In A Vacuum

Life In A Vacuum!

Nobody seems to notice,
Nobody seems to care,
I live in a vacuum,
Where there isn’t any air…

And the heart in my chest,
Grows more and more like lead,
With my soul crushing down,
I’m left here with a frozen frown,

Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no…
It’s happening again,
Someone now says that,
They really like me and,
They’re my new best friend,

But no one seems to notice,
No one seems to care,
When there’s nothing more to give,
No one cares if I live,

Now with life almost gone,
I tried my best to prove this wrong,
The world’s full of people,
Who do not get along…

Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no…
We’re all out for ourselves,
We can’t see we’re the same,
Yet we don’t help one another,
but rather blow ourselves to hell,

Oh, No one seems to notice,
No one seems to care,
We all live in a vacuum,
Where there isn’t any air…

By My Gull Wheels On
a.k.a. Michael Wilson

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My Prayers


      Thy Prayer is Thy Word
      It is all way's with me
      I write them down as I pray
      That way, I can save them
      For some-other time
      For just another day;;
       I Let His Will be mind
       This, I do for so many reasons'
            This is not the blind
        Leading the blind...
                - Fore -
        He is always' on my Mind
        From now, till the end of time
        It give's me so much freedom
        His dream's are my faith
        An His faith is mind


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Those Rare Jewels Called Positive Determination

I Am in 
My dreams 
have taken 
me there,
My stood 
gotten me 
Health and 
At least I 
am not 
found in 
How else 
could I be 
and God's 

If the 
were to be 
you would 
If I took 
defeat for 
would I 
till my 
Dying day,
If I didn't 
my dream, 
would I 
daily at 
For as A 
Man I 

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By Tom Brown


Never once the good coming into the bad but the bad slowly becoming good
Evolving from one into the other like a seesaw of drama and reality
Varying only by what it is now
Every time hitting just as hard
Ripping into my soul only to heal itself over the hard times

Questions from before become questionable
Usually leading to more confusion
Initially meant to ease the mind but becomes
The never ending cycle of life

In this time my will is tested

Judgment swings it's hammer in due time
Used solely to set me free from one hell and
Soaring into what could be another
Time consuming hole in which I may not return from...but

Faith is
Only giving me the drive to continue
Life is a test inside another
Looking from the outside inward
Only to test me further and
Warranting me my chance at something better in the future

Maybe my life has more meaning than I thought
Yet I still find myself tested

Hopefully I can still go on
Eventually the tests will end
And my efforts to survive this will be noticed
Rewarding me my freedom
Then maybe I can find what I've always been searching for...

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La Sibylle Blanche du Rhin

La Sibylle Blanche du Rhin La Msytique est la Specatatrice du Divine Elle Parle au mot que je ne comprends pas "Soilel vous deffinissez est mien Pourtant vous, vous laisser il saigner Comme un nouveau vin Triste - ons ne Saurant Jamais Triste - ons ne Verront Jamias" Parle a moi, si prestine La Mystique La Sibylle Blanche du Rhin La Specatatrice du Divine Ton Voix sefane dans Le Chanson entrain de Mourir

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You Took The Bait

You work so hard, seven days a week
Our lives are separate. They have to be.
You're up in the morning and out by five
I'm just coming in and barely alive
I want to be with you but there's never the time
So I just have to miss you, pretend that I'm fine
I remember way back when you just couldn't wait
To get home and see me just like a date
Romance and passion were all that we knew
I cared what I looked like and dressed up for you
Well, at least I put make up on...what did you do?
Ooops there I go, the unconscious slip
This poem of love just turned into shi
My hidden agenda, the anger and hate
Projected on you like something I ate
That wouldn't stay down, digest and vacate
The vicious vindictiveness of love vs hate
We're arguing again because you took the bait      

Karen M Feist 

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Past The Last December

Inheritance squandered and strewn, appearing to discard his lessons of life, 
He became a wandering fool, starting over again and again, 
The destruction left in his wake, seemed to leave him nothing but torment and strife, 
But lessons learned along the way, secretly were stashed and kept by him, 

Now with greatest potential, finally he commits to redemption, 
Believing it essential, to share the knowledge of what he has learned, 
Our hapless fool now sets out, to design a most worthy commission, 
Which would finally allow, him to teach these lessons he has discerned, 

But now he knows he has gone, long past his last December, 
He’s seen far beyond, what any man should ever see, 
Now he knows much more, than he cares to remember, 
For this life-long tour, defined who he has come to be, 

He is a transient soul, never wary or vigilant, 
Yet ever watchful he grows… in the knowledge of his quest, 
But now is history, and the future is eminent, 
Life’s still a mystery, and he didn’t try his best, 

Where are his straws to grasp, and firm ground to stand upon, 
Should he be called to task, for that which he should or shouldn’t have done, 
Where is the ambition, he should have had all along, 
Just what was his mission, and would he have learned a different song, 

Answers can be all too easily found, once you have past your last December, 
But how can a sage’s logic be sound, as all of life’s lessons slowly fade away, 
And will he actually care, once there is much less to remember, 
As he has less and less to share… ignorance is bliss and this is where he will stay. 

So where does a December go, should you forget Spring, Summer and Fall, 
The stark cold winds begin to blow, hope is all but gone and prayers are hard, 
Might grace be found and faith rewarded, once there is nothing you can recall, 
Life’s passions no longer recorded, life’s last cruel and hard lesson plays its card, 

By keeping all doors open, he appeared the accidental sage, 
Holding the keys to wisdom, but the door opened a touch too late, 
For all he can remember, these lessons far too precious to trade, 
Now past his last December, sadly we watch his redemption fade…

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Silent pulses of Krileanine’s Pentagram Lure the young men of the hamlet Lönam Oh how she sains them with The Heptagram Curiosity killed the cat And made the Nightbeast Darkly, she commenced the ancient rite Performing in her Sluttish ways She’s preparing for the Full-moon Night Scream! Lycanthrope Lover Her host’s fangs Will pierce every innocent "Submit to my will You carrion ghoul Welcome to my Esoteric Hell" Scream! Lycanthrope Lover Whore of everything unholy You must Fear the Coming Of Muspelheim, Cassandra

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Working Man

Stiff joints, 
Tired to the bone, 
For mere coins, 
I work all alone, 

Rough hewn hands, 
Tarnished by labor, 
While times slipping sands, 
... Erode this old trader, 

Get a little ahead, 
Then quickly fall behind, 
What more can be said, 
Abound trudging this old grind, 

I give all I can, 
They take more away, 
Until left in my hand, 
Is less than yesterday, 

How can this be, 
How can I survive, 
When all I can see, 
Is barely staying alive, 

There's no promise for me, 
No hope of retiring, 
There's no future I see, 
Except one of perspiring, 

Where is the hope, 
When this road is endless, 
How can I cope, 
When I am left defenseless, 

No dreams can I see, 
No prayers answered today, 
But I work endlessly, 
To find a way one day, 

To find answers, 
Answers to my prayers, 
Where hope finally swears, 
To live up to my cares, 

And hope blooms, 
From the hopeless life, 
Which fills this room, 
Bringing me such strife, 

And should this prayer, 
Be answered by God, 
I know that I'll swear, 
To give him all I've got, 

But I know this is just, 
A passing dream of mine, 
And I will do what I must, 
To keep towing the line, 

And I know the Lord, 
Has others with greater needs, 
So he can not afford, 
The time to fool with me, 

An old salty soul, 
Who is truly lost and sad, 
But this is my role, 
And it really isn't all that bad...

by My Gull Wheels On
a.k.a. Michael Wilson

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Welcome To The World Of This Certain King

"Bring Me Wine,Myrrh and My Sweetheart Daughter Anabella,
My Little Anabella Loves To Listen To The Voice Of Salome,Her Lyre and Her 
Happy Serenade..
Tell My Scribes To Be Fast About Compiling The Exploits Of Their King In His 
Last Battle Campaign..What Is a King Without An Updated Chronicle..
Send In My Little Prince For His Voice As He Reads Through His Texts Of 
Poetry..Lures The King His Father To a Closer Salient Walk With The gods..
Tell The War Generals To Give Me A detailed Brief of Our Next Campaign.."

At Morn..
"Send In The Finest Of Thy Young Warriors..So I can Test My Stealth In The Very 
Face Of Battle and Danger...
What Have Young Men Turned Themselves into..So Lazy,Wanton and Unmanly..
Off My Sight Before I Seek Thy Skulls This Very Instant..
(In Privacy With The Head Warrior)..Oh! Sarskaas Your Young Boys Are one of the 
Best in The Region My Training Sessions Are Truelly Refreshing..Tell this not to 
them Lest you build the Fruits of Pride and Treachery in their Young Minds..
Do Usher in My Seductive Belles to Show Off Their Waists in Acts of 
Poetry,Dance and Linguistic Body Embellishments..."

At Noon..
"You The Dreaded Most Notorious KING Of the Valley..A Demi god,Invincible and 
Indestructible..As I Speak Kiss The Sole Of My Feet and eat this dish of Camel 
Dung mixed with fine desert sand..
Ax-Man when he finishes his dessert Bring me his Head on My 'Royal Golden 
Usher in the Wise Men of the South..For I want to converse with them in this 
same spirit of Saliency..
Stuff the roast Calf portions with a lot of herbs and Spices..You well know its the 
Obsession of the Men from The south.."

At Sundown..
"Usher in the different contingents of Musicians to Entertain my Salient Guests...
Wrap My 'Lotus Fumes' Quickly so I can Smoke this Life's Troubles Aways..And 
See Through the One Eye of the gods in Solemnity and Blissful Thinkings,
Head Eunuch Do Send A Servant to The Harem..He Should Tell My Queens to 
get A-Ready For Their Lord is in Good Shape for Royal Rumbles and More..
Oh! My Faithful Knights your War plans were excellent..Go Now Enjoy and Excite 
your souls as much..Retain your honour and have the War at the Back Of your 
Depart In Peace..Many A-Waists in The Harem are Restless.. 
I go in to Satisfy My Very Own.."
Welcome Again To The World Of That Certain King..

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How the I Ching came about

How the ‘I Ching’ came about.

Once there lived a wise old man
His name, it was Lau Tzu
This man he lived in ancient China
And what he loved to do
Was watch the birds, and all the beasts
And watch the rivers flow
He had no time for the foolish ones
Who’d say these words ‘I know!’

Folk would come from miles around
To hear this old man speak
Hanging on to every word
For they had come to seek
The secret of their lives, through him
Though he had naught to say
Except to flow just like a river
And live your life today.

One day he made to go and live
Where the forests, they grew wild
But he was stopped there at the gate
For the guards he had beguiled
They made him stop and write a book
Before they’d let him go
That’s how the ‘I Ching’ came about
A book to help folk grow.

26 December 2013 @ 1130hrs.

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A Question of Honor

Dedicated to Noor Al-Maleki You Try, You Try so hard To put Your will Over Me But I will Remain Free I am So Dirty and So Very Unclean So Please Condemn me Sentence Me The Crescent Is A Lie The One I shall Try To Defy Is it Just To Dispose What Has Dishonored You and Your Radical Views You Have set me Free, Can't You See I Won't have to face a Tyrant anymore Your gaze used to Stun But Now It Just Burns Under the Sun Never Enough to Be Myself Never Enough to Be Free I will not Bow to You I will not Kneel Before You Smothering Liberty Condoning Freedom This way is unjust This way only brings out our worse Hatred and Mistrust War and malice no know law You Try, You Try so hard to put Your will Over Me But I will Remain Free I am So Dirty and So Very Unclean So Please Condemn me Sentence Me The Crescent Is A Lie The One I shall Try To Defy Is Just To Dispose What Has Dishonored You and Your Radical Views I am The Flame you Greatly Hate I am The Flame you greatly fear Some cannot handle the truth It shows they are the Criminals You are one of them You're the problem This misdeed will not live on without the hate of your name Honor Is not real It's just an emotion that only you feel You're another bulwark Against the truth No one Will Bow No one Will Kneel You Try, You Try so hard to put Your will Over Me But I will Remain Free I am So Dirty and So Very Unclean So Please Condemn me Sentence Me The Crescent Is A Lie The One I shall Try To Defy Is it Just To Dispose What Has Dishonored You and Your Radical Views You Fear The Truth You Fear the reality you are the criminal against all humanity We must end these lies Before Honor Will Strike again You Try, You Try so hard to put Your will Over Me But I will Remain Free I am So Dirty and So Very Unclean So Please Condemn me Sentence Me The Crescent Is A Lie The One I shall Try To Defy Is it Just To Dispose What Has Dishonored You and Your Radical Views

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The Whiskey Ballet

Once in a while when we fall down
Rarely ever is there anybody else around
To take all of our sorrows and misery away
We seem to suffer to our dying day
A maelstrom of voices swirl through our heads
A bunch of mixed up words from what people said
Saying that this is what life is about
But this ain't what I want and that I don't doubt
I'm drowning the bad thoughts deep in my brain
I'm gonna slam a 60-pound and flush my mind away
I'll wake up in a ditch or in my bloody grave
The ballad of the whiskey ballet
It's cheaper for a bottle than a stinkin' bar
Where all the blasted bastards and the ditchpigs are
I like to drink alone with no one else around
I drink all I want on my own slammin' ground
I don't need someone telling me that I'm being too damned loud
I don't need anyone treating me like a drunk and foolish clown
I'll just turn around and belch into whomevers face and
waltz away on my own cloud by my own staggering pace
I'll be belching and mumbling,kicking and stumbling
puking and yelling,going to Hell andfighting and bleeding
The world will take heed and crashing and crawling
to the ballad of the whiskey ballet!!

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Perspective: Glass Lightning

Lightning creeps from 'neath the night,
or could that be a crack?--
for what I see could actually be
a break in evening's black.

Stained like windows in a church,
the night must be in pane:
a sheet comprised of sickly hues,
of ashen clouds and rain.

Someone must have dropped the night
and smashed the glass asunder,
for look!--the jagged lightnings run
and shatter into thunder!

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Foreign Devils

Foreign Devils

There’s an Indian
in a Indians world.
As crooked as a walnut tree,
but more devout than you’ll ever be.

I’d love to be a ships captain
sailing o’er the sea,
dwell in eternity,
aside a mermaid.

Here come the unforgiving Englishmen
all dressed up in red coats,
liken little tin soldiers,
come over in boats.

Here the sun burns everything to dust
It’s no place for the righteous or just.
So with clamour, sound your battle horn,
certainly not an invite to tea.

Watch out for Allah, Muhamid too,
lest cut ye all ta pieces,
Stick ye back with glue.

Mine tears are for Moses,
all thine prophets too.
Mine tears are for Abraham,
wasn’t he a Jew?

Heathens sharpen up your  spears.
Wanton harpies tarted up with paint, 
go tell the foreign devils
to pray for their saints.        

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Venus The Queen

A cold sullen night it was the day where the lights would come out and play A dream of dreams in which we couldn't wait The coronation of a celestial queen The brightness's everlasting fate This day was the time where we all could see unless the truth is too blinding Oh sweet bearer of light who's name brings all ignorant fright. Here she comes venus the queen etolie jolie Safe and serene you are the guide Comely and cunning Venus the queen, Etoile jolie Here she comes venus the queen etolie jolie Safe and serene You are my Lucifer Queen Comely and cunning Venus the queen, Etoile Jolie. How great we are to have such a light Where I can finally know my life A guide throughout this eternal night. Freedom and Independence is what you are Never astray a far But tonight the clouds are unchained. Here she comes venus the queen Etolie Jolie Safe and serene You are the guide Comely and cunning Venus the queen, Etoile jolie Here she comes Venus the Queen Etolie Jolie Safe and serene You are my Lucifer Queen Comely and cunning Venus the queen, Etoile Jolie.

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Windowsill pardons- 
Slit shard acrid bay, abhorring reason-
Neathe’ mire middling

Pittance purveyors-
Hark yarn tethered gout…
Purling midst ever- 
Nier passé-pout 

Yield son contraction-
Dour frail tore regret… 
Woken bout afters, 
Sundry intent. 

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Immortal View of Time

Immortal I stand at the dawn of time watching as history unfolds what will become of 
mankind. War and evil is said to be man made, but it was created by the Ancient of Days; 
long before the snake will entice the mortals to slay.

The land is green with promise of that which is unseen, seize the day while it is young is the 
battle cry of the old, carpe diem is dead and cold. Potential is something that is most not fully 
realized, and never surpassed. History is the story of man never learning from the mistakes 
they have made before; there is no new problem under the sun.

Little spiders in my brain running at the speed of light, each carries a little thought some of: 
joy, hope, fear, and delight. Another fly dies food for thought is consumed fueling my mind 
through out the night.

The war within is the one not without belief, that these ants, spiders, and flies live and die for 
something larger than what they are in this life. “Veni Vedi Veci” Caesar cried but what was it 
for that this ant died? Shakespeare wrote, he spun and weaved but with his web of beautiful 
words is he really anything more than a spider to me?

The Brink of the dawn until this point in time: you’re born, you live and die. Is there a point to 
try? The pages of history are all the same, but do your best to live it different in each day. We 
will put it on your grave that you dared to live for the new day, which never came for you 

Immortal I stand at the setting of the sun it seems like yesterday time has just begun; but 
now it’s done and these mortals had a good run. They have managed to find grace in the 
eyes of the Ancient of Days.

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Close your Eyes

Close Your Eyes……..

Close your eyes and go to sleep,to realize you’re in too deep.
You drift off to a dream,but what does it all mean?
Close your eyes then slip away,forget about what is today.
It doesn’t matter anyway,it just becomes yesterday.
Close your eyes it will be alright,maybe I will sleep tonight?
Close your eyes there’s nothing there,act as if you just don’t care……..
The dreams feel like they’re nowhere,where people stop and start to stare.
Close your eyes and go to sleep,the hill has gotten way  too steep.
Your eyes well up you start to weep,you closed your eyes then took the leap.
Close your eyes try to forget,the rain returns you’re getting wet.
It all was lost upon a bet,what you want you cannot get.
Close your eyes and drift away,it doesn’t matter what you say.
It’s just become the game you play,now it’s just another day.
Close you eyes and hold them tight,as you head into the night.
Greed consumes a bigger bite,happiness is consumed by fright.
Close your eyes and you’ll see me,see all the things that you can be.
Lost just like a ship at sea,wonder if you’re really free?
Close your eyes and dream some more,it opens up another door.
The things you get you wanted more,dream about what is in store.
Close your eyes and I’ll be there,like a ghost that appears from nowhere.
The future comes you pay the fare,it costs too much but you don’t care.
Close your eyes and I’ll see you,everything that you’ve been through.
It doesn’t matter what you do,it always was inside of you………
Close your eyes to this lullaby,thought I heard the angel’s cry?
It seems another son has died,no one knows really why?
It’s funny how the time just flies,close your eyes the day’s gone by……….
Close your eyes and touch the sky,it’s easy all you do is try.
It may appear you’ve gone too high,but spread your wings and expect to fly………

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Shadow of Memory

She walks in darkness in the light,
Rememberance the only sight
That fades
As the dawn breaks over the crest
Of the waves.

She finds rest and she finds peace
Inside the shelter of the leaves.
She finds stars that never cease
Beneath the night and endless seas.

Looks deep into the universe
And wonders at the light,
The thousand depthless, empty words
Unspoken in the night.

The moon is in her soul.
Who cares about control?
She's seen the world inside her eyes,
But she could never realize

That deep among the stars,
So deep inside the sea,
That deep inside the years' reflection,
Nothing still will be.

And time is lost and gone
As sunlight brings the dawn.
She's felt the sea beneath her eyes
Surrender tears.
She cries.

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For These, Child

With a sigh you breathe in heartache’s chill;
Locked in battles, you’ll remain trialled,
Stealing breaths from a grip that sure breaks will –
Why waste your tears on pain, child?

Grass scratching your back, sun kissing your skin,
The pure way someone you pleased smiled,
Music that plays chords that bleed deep within –
Here, spill your soul for these, child.

Let tears cool your cheeks as you sing, and show
YOU could make a moment to weep for – while
Your gifts and strengths are everything to know
You’ll love the life that’s yours, child.

For you’ll live the dreams you love so much
And learn sweet laughter when they fly wild;
In each goal you’ll shatter, every heart you touch
You never will quite die, child.

Copyright (c) Silverla StMichael 1998 (previously published under a prior pen name Sherry May Curnock)

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Strictly For Salient Clitorix

Ranks Are This High,
Just Like Banks That Sigh,
Clouds That Overflow,
Mights That Thunder,
Heights That Daze,
Depths Of Deep Passion..
That Caught All Including Your Slobbery Gaze.

Winds A-Rolling,
Clouds A-Calling,
Like Minds A-Floating,
Deep Sights Of The Morrow A-Coming,
Palm Covered Beaches A-Charming,
Your Beauty and Grace So Soul Warming,
Sweet Trust and Understanding..
Making Heated Sand Dunes,A-chilling..
The Flaming Sea Breeze In  Your Sweet Smelling Hair..Oh! What an Harmonius 

Pray For Thy Right Prince..
Good Men..Full Of Salient Thinkings..
Beware Of These Ranks Of Men..
Men That Blink,
Must Twitch,
Not Reliable..Always A Flinch,
Men That Bewitch..Must Stink,
My Sweet Belles Beware Of Evil Men..
That Fiery Heat Of True Passion and What It 
Revealed To The Soul Of Man..
Do Think A-While.

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When a god dies

Up in the clouds the king sits with no one around. His eyes roam to a fro walking the earth day 
and night yet with all his might he does not fathom the joy and happiness of these ants in his 
sight. Their life is short just days in his sight, but still they dream, love, fight, and die. Searching 
for a reason he left his throne. He walked among them and saw them as man; they walked 
upright, used reason and logic as he did. He came to a village a little girl cried I am so hungry, 
my father has died. The great king fed this family of three, but still they knew not the god-king 
he be. When they had ate the girl gave him a hug, the mother cried and bid him good-bye with 
love. This love was a thing he had never felt before, now he understood why they carried out 
their wars. The passion and pride that burns inside: a reason to believe, to fight, and to die. The 
deity returned high to his throne, having felt wanted he now felt alone; immortality looms large, 
it is too much to bear he needed a reason to live for, a purpose to care. The vastness of forever 
ahead no one to love nothing to live for the god-king dies. From his death there is a lesson to 
learn from his life, it is not how long you live but what you live for. Until you have something 
worth dying for you’re not really living

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Perspective: Petalled Planets

A single daisy blooms beside
the spacious path I gaily tread.
I take a glance and strangely feel
attracted to its garnished head.

And so I dip into the grass
to better see the flower's face,
or could that be a heav'nly sphere,
and I a victim of its space?--

a petalled planet, so to speak:
for who's to say that what I see
is not in fact a floral orb
with floating fields of gravity?--

the force that forms its atmosphere,
compelling colored leaves to cling
around its soft pollinic core
to form its planetary ring.

Akin to Saturn, I would think,
if only for its outer shape,
but look!--a foreign drifter nears:
a bee, see how it gravitates

towards the levitating plant
as if it was an asteroid?
It's quite a grueling task, you see,
for any creature to avoid

the pull of such a pretty thing.
I too am bound, much like the bee,
by sight and sense of smell, for they
are too the toys of gravity.

It would appear that we approach
the flower's face because it's fair,
but no!--that's surely not the case;
we move because our sight's ensnared:

the very spheres we use to see
are commandeered by gravity,
and made to move as if they were
some paltry piles of space debris.

The nose, a satellite that tracks
the signals of a scented source,
is not intrigued by fragrant waves,
but solely by the flower's force!

Suppose this captivating bloom
is all I think it seems to be:
then that would mean that space is green,
and gardens nurture galaxies.

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Aquarian Dream I-- The Rebellion

Centuries are unfolded Filled with corruption and lies Where's the change A tyrant has an iron hand But we are the diamonds We appear to be coal darken by ash But with so many years of pressure we became diamonds Ready to strike We are the vein cut open The red, working for the gold Deter the tyrant We can win, Rise up against the guards Fight for our voice Our suffering will not go on You'll know what it's like to purge from your sins So many years of pain So many lies gilded with hope So much death and decay This will not go unheard Deter the tyrant He'll know what it's like to cease to exit Fight for our voice Fight for our freedom There must be a way

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Profound, inevitable dreams

Incise through her mind like ripping seams

The hunger in his eyes

Even she feels a glimpse of despise

And everyday she ponders

Was it meant to be? She wonders

The dark nights of thunder and rain

What is it he wants? Her agony her pain?

But she refuses to give up, to cry

He just looks past her holding a wine bottle, dry

Outside is a world so deceiving

Like a poisonous Oleander, so misleading

Her eyes are lifeless, her hands are shaking

He apologizes, but she knows he’s faking

Red, green, black, blue

Life passes her by, in every single hue

A gun lies on her ripened, demeaning thoughts

Her tangled up, brawny knots

She puts her finger on the trigger

When suddenly she sees something marvelous, no; something bigger!

She looks at her little boy’s face

Existence itself is a race

His fragile arms around her neck

Amidst all humanity and wreck

Remains of silence have awoken

Her heart unbolted and had spoken

The last flash of air and light

An elevation of a whole new height

The emotions of regret vanished

However those lost moments of time were spent or rather banished

One more minute, one more hour

Love what you have today with all of your integrity and power

Honor, Forgive, Cherish what matters, before it swiftly turns sour.

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The lark of life.

In the green fields of Summer
I opened my eyes,
And dreamed of a time
Where I’d climb to the skies,
And as I grew up
With a song in my heart,
I knew it was time
For my dream to depart.

So I opened my wings
And I started on up,
For my song was my wine
While the air was my cup,
And as I looked down
To the place I was born,
The green fields were bathed
In the light of the dawn.

Then I sang such a song
In the vale of the day,
While my spirit kept faith
In a strange sort of way,
As I kept rising up
In my Abbey of blue,
I knew it was right
And I knew it was true.

The world that had borne me
Was far, far below,
At the birth of my dream
In the morning’s soft glow,
 And my song was aflame
With the fire of the sun,
As I started back down
To where I had begun.

I passed through the clouds
And my feathers were kissed,
With the light Summer rain
And the softness of mist,
I remembered my birth
As I fell through the haze,
In those green glowing fields
And those soft Summer days.

Then all of a sudden
I reached earth again,
And I looked to the sky
As I sought to explain,
How the ups and the downs
Of a life in the air,
Help my heart understand
How my life is a prayer…

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The Eagle's Gift

A being of ill-decree,
there, thoughts of 
loves, lost to betrayal.

Taking remembrance, a 
dove nestles amongst 
some branches.

The love and glory
of thine own, embarked
upon the mystery

As vigor pursuits
of fulfillment ensue,
let redemption entrail.

The mischievous bard,
did let on, a 
curious, chance of labor.

For the sorrows
of valor's past
so subtley mistaken.

A faint glimmer in
his eyes, suddenly
gave way to a 
slight interest,
o'er God, 

Let the perils
of failures of 
our past.  
Blessed. . .
not find, traitor.

Twilight settled
upon the lonely
desert setting, of 
rugged palms 
and mystic wallow.

With a whimsical
embrace to surety
and the galliance 
of the setting sun's 

A plan of divine
right.  An expression
of knowledge shared,
our El Dorado.

As the bard's 
spirit did chime
of righteous
victory.  Yes, victory
was sure to follow.

For vises of sweet
mysterious tidings,
due to his own accord.

The mistress gypsy,
there spied swaying,
as the Eagles rose 
and soared.

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Make every moment count...
this is the promise I make to myself,
to deny the certainty of death:
an assumption stripped of all reality;
and it daunts others, not me...
as long as I get that glimpse of eternity!

Be an essential part of the living:
sharing, giving, reveling, grieving and forgiving...
instead of rebelling against society,
and fighting against an invisible adversary;
but if your  aspirations
are the strenght of your goals
everything takes on a new meaning,
even making your story worth-telling!

Make every moment count
by being clever and not indignant;
never live by pride and greed,
or expect a bountiful return...
when nothing is being achieved,
and praise can't be earned!
Be of a keen mind and love patiently...
revive a broken spirit with the kindest word,
and reduce your worries to nothing:
and though the world's vanities cannot be changed,
make an effort to have your voice heard;
what is torn down sadly...can also be built up happily!

Make every moment count
and ignore the ticking of the clock,
to let awareness guide you through anticipation;
time is like roses with thorns:
it pokes you and makes you bleed,and unless
you show meekness and sympathy,
it won't hit  you low...but grant you victory!

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one dream too many

i'm standing at the gates of a great city.
who's wall's are torn like the limb's of it's men.
the battle hardened walk deathly bye me.
as i can offer them no recompense.
i walk among the ruin's of the temple.
step slowly over body's where they fell.
on my knee's i fall down at the alter.
and ask for god to lift me out of this hell.

i see a white horse standing in a clearing.
and in that instant it become's my hope.
it become's my guiding light steering.
me onto a place that i can cope.
Along the way i meet a few survivor's.
with their head's cradled in their arm's.
i offer them the use of the white horse.
but all's they want is for me to bear arm's.

i arm myself with a pen of poison.
sharpen up the wit's of my loose tounge.
the injustice i'v seen boil my passion's.
i'm ready to right these evil wrong's.
i'm of to watch these fool's kneel and pleading.
whip them with my speared retort.
i see the hatred out of their eye's bleeding.
and know their greatest punishment is their thought's.

so leave them in madness frail and shaking.
with blood stained hand's and blood stained soul's.
they will face a hell of their own making.
a hell they will burn in for ever more.
murder is a human disposition.
that we should sharpen our sword's and kill.
if you know the world in which we are living.
it's made for love,liberty and thrill's.

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His name is Jane S the hot dog man

His name is Jane S, that is the hot dog man, Morals or survial
Mac Nation, creation, the hot dog man, are hot dogs for
everyone, Mac Nation, creation, morals morals surivial Mac
Nation Creation Surivial Mac Nation the Hot dog man is here
Moral Jane S that is,  the Hot Dog man Mac Nation Creation

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Children of the Light

Children of light, Born of stardust
Living in a fragment, Living in a moment
Not to expire but to change, As all energy never dies
A vibration on the smallest singular molecular level 
An energy in everything even star dust
Dust which fed the primordial stew of earthly existence
And continues on in each of us
Children of light, Soon you shall shed the halo 
The coil of mortality, The frail limited body must go
Children of light, That vibration inside
 Will not cease but continue to thrive
As a Child of Light born from beyond time
Limited no longer by ties that bind
Oh Child of Light fear not the signs
For this life is but a moment by design
Children of the Light do not fear the eventual change
As you move forward from this confining space
Children of  Light there is no other way
You will be welcomed back into the warmth from which life began
As Children of the Light we shall all meet again
Bound by the very stardust, energy and vibration of the cosmos
And never to have to say good bye again
Good Bye sweet child of the light 
In a moment I too will be at your side

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The strangest things 
That life can bring 
The fire flowing 
My spirit slowing 

This desolation............. 
This rocky desert........... 
My imagination 

The deepness inside......... 
Can show........... 
The flame glow 

The burning blue.......... 
Inside of me 
I know it too............. 
What I see........... 

The empty me......... 
This desolation.......... 
Rocky desert 
As far as the eye can see 

The burning blue 
Inside the empty me 
What I can see........... 
Flickering too 

Tiny blue light 
Refuses to go out 
Blow with all my might 
Tiny blue light............. 
Shines on through the night 

Flickering blue light 
The end in sight 
This tall blue flame 
Now on the wane 

The burning blue 
The strangest decisions 
Life choice........ 
Blue flame......... 
Blue voice.......... 
Where I came.......... 
Burning blue.......... 
Burning through 

I see me .............. 
At seventeen 
Making the world turn 
This blue fire 
Begins to burn 
Flame keen 

The boy of seventeen 
The burning blue 
Flame keen 
I know what I must do 

The man of four decades 
The burning blue 
Flickering flame fades 
What to do 

These impossible things to do 
Burning blue 
flickering too 
What am I to do ?

The middle phase 
The burning blue 
Forgotten blaze 
I know it too 

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His name is Jane S the hot dog man

His name is Jane S, that is the hot dog man, Morals or survial
Mac Nation, creation, the hot dog man, are hot dogs for
everyone, Mac Nation, creation, morals morals surivial Mac
Nation Creation Surivial Mac Nation the Hot dog man is here
Moral Jane S that is,  the Hot Dog man Mac Nation Creation

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Mentors to a Young Poet

Author Note:  Anapestic tetrameter: two unstressed syllables followed by a 
stressed syllable.

So I queried some poets who dance 'cross our pages,
With such lightness and patterns and passion-filled phrases.
"When your guidance is sought by one earnest and wide-eyed,
Do you deign to reply just to prop up your self-pride?
Do you tell her, 'It's simple, just read all you can
About me and my writing, how fluid I am.'"

Or perhaps you're a mentor by nature and offer,
To pry open the portals and share like an author,
Who reveals all his notes although mental they be,
And takes pride in the craft of his new devotee.
Yes, 'mong even the great ones (we've heard of a few)
Magnanimity faded as rivalries grew.

So our resolute neophyte meets with the names,
Those whose art she reads daily, and counsel she claims.
With the confidence born of a spirit secure
Many veteran artists opine to be sure.
Some are eager to share of their passion for rhyme,
And the metrical rhythm and pacing they find

so essential to verse in traditional form
With the internal metronome setting the norm.
"Yes, but what about consonance, diction and sound,
And the imagery seen in a free verse unbound
By the strictures and structures of metrical scheme?
Non-traditional verse deserves no less esteem."

In the end all agree that emotion's the key. 
And the soul of the poet must yearn to be free
To give access to mystery, tragedy, joy,
Be the uncensored voice that will sometimes annoy.
Let your passion be sovereign, your unrivaled guide,
You are artist at canvass, palette at your side.  

Author note: In the last line, "palette" is here pronounced with the accent on the 
second syllable, as in French.  Thanks for reading.

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The Great Lighthouse by the Bay

In all my modest travels abroad,
believe me when I say
’tween the tigris and euphrates I’ve trod,
and seen a Great Lighthouse by the Bay;’

A magnificent construct, endlessly tall,
seemingly to the heavens it rose,
but no light shown in its depths at all.
An empty tower starting to decompose;

At one time a gold behemoth,
but now only vines cover its brick.
Stretching to it’s zenith,
almost with a quality of magic.

An odd design aswell,
no doors or windows on the exterior.
It wasn’t marked on the map pell,
and near lay ruins of those inferior;

The origin was of an unidentifiable race.
With queries in my mind,
we began looking for a trace
of any near mankind;

Deep in the mush,
we found a sort of makeshift native local.
Stepping out of the brush,
we questioned a local;

We were directed to the priest,
upon entering the makeshift temple,
scared eyes darted at us, and released,
he began after apologizing for his whimple;
’Our people have not seen the light for many ages,
but the stories of our ancestors show,
in the distant times of great sages,
that building emitted a saving glow;

My clan had a historic tradition,
rewarding those whose life was pure.
With a testing expedition,
leaving fate to decide for sure;

The prize-a secret spot where lay ancient groves
only believed in tale.
Where gold comes abundantly in huge troves,
and massive feasts that never go stale;

Life’s final test for those who bravely seek,
sailing down a vicious line of coast.
Jagged Rock and decaying trees of bleak,
with all the beasts that dark place can host;

But then one day the structure had appeared,
spreading light o’er the masses.
Allowing those navigators to steer clear
any Rocks or trespasses;

A gleaming gilded monument.
With no operators in sight,
or master crafters that could have beat,
its ornate workings to such a height;

Upon first sight,
the people knew the garden was now free.
By trusting the light,
they could cross safely;

Word of its mysterious walls,
was received by distant kin.
Bread was broke in our hallowed halls.
It united us then;

Over time, those from the city came.
Those slave, peasant, senator and king,
all to rid themselves of mans common shame.
Bringing gold, frankensense, mer and songs to sing;

Our people now thrived,
we quickly became a center of trade.
But most did not predict, what in the shadows writhed.
At our souls it rudely bade;

(Cont'd in part 2)

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you did'nt, did you.

you say that you are every man desire?  hey dude so you say that you are more 
beautiful then narcissis and that you are every woman thirst?  YOU DID'NT, DID 

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The Gypsy And The Georgio

She danced around the campfire,
As the flames reached into the night.
It was then that he walked by,
But she knew that he wasn’t right.

Maria was just a gypsy girl,
And with a georgio she fell in love.
But he did not return her affections,
And she had no help from up above.

Desperately she turned to the Devil,
She sold her family’s souls for evil things.
He turned her father into a sound box,
Her mother into a bow, four brothers into strings.

The Devil then took the six souls,
And he turned them into a violin.
Maria quickly learnt to play it well,
And the courtship of the georgio did begin.

The gorgio fell in love with her,
But the Devil had two more souls to claim.
He took Maria and her lover to Hell
And the violin fell to the ground, where it did remain.

A poor gypsy boy found it there,
He played constantly till he got a wife.
And ever since that fateful day,
It has been the musical symbol of gypsy life.

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The Great Lighthouse by the Bay part 2

(begins with part 1)

Though some say the tribal council foresaw the next event.
The disappearance of all the seers,
and as they went,
the people looked up with fear;

Finally the last one had gone,
along with the illumination of our paths.
And so, as we waited for the fires to once more dawn,
we again silently suffered from the coastal Rocks’ wrath;

But when word spread that gilded beacon lit no more,
greed overtook our brothers, as they decided on a change of plans.
They attacked us and razed our sacred lore,
building lighthouse others, these, of human hands;

Only, as mighty as it would be made,
however tall the tower,
no matter how many bricks would be laid,
it was no suitable substitute in power;

Frustrated, they then tried to rationalize and disprove the old towers greatness.
And upon hearing our moral gems, they would mock.
Calculating through their path without a real reasonable guess.
Their arrogance sunk them, as they became Rock;

And as friendly nations turned against us in a collective,
we felt the cold hand of civil unrest.
Our enemies took our people captive,
as our people did also oppress;

Many people made their own sect,
and blood was spilled by these cults.
Monuments to themselves, the leaders erect.
As foot soldiers are swept up in tumult;

Our tribe finally splintered,
and to this day the sects still track us as prey.
We are some of the last fundamentalists yet to be conquered,
which I am thankful for everytime I pray;’
He then tensed and pierced me with heavy eyes.

I’ve seen many of my friends hunted down,
and yet I’ve never picked up a soldiers armor.
The only clothes I wear are a priests’ gown
and ritual vestments while at the altar.

Life has indeed given me the chance to make riches,
I thank the opportunity, but always decline.
I think I’ve found where my niche is,
every Sunday, preaching divine.

I could have been wild,
in my younger days.
But perhaps its good and mild,
that can see through the haze.

But everytime I see that golden spire,
I ignite inside with holy fire.

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i met lucifer walking back
to my head this morning,
he was shaking the hand
of the sun in the morning,
his hands red-stained
of child's blood.

i asked him "why?"
"because i shouldn't have"
i asked him "why?"
"because they wanted me not to"
i asked him "why?" 
"because they have no life"
i asked him "why?"
"because their life is my life"
i asked him "why?"
"because the rules of the weak
are food for the strong, 
because it covers them"
i asked him "why?"
"because those dead are closer 
to life than those living"
i asked him,
his hands
wet with red,
"because all that's good 
wants to keep you static"
i asked him "why evil?"
"because change is necessary,
revolution, digestion, destruction"
i asked him "give me life"
he said, his hands dripping red,
"it is taken."

the hole in my belly
that my soul had filled
is as wet with red
as i watch the sun rise
on the death of my death.

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' Warriors ... The Battle Cry Song ... '

There Are Sounds of Ancient Thunders
There Are Sounds of Ancient Drummers
        Calling … Brave Warriors
         Gladiators and Warriors

And They’re Marching To The Cadence of Their Hearts’ Pounding
Marching, To The Cadence of The World’s Rage Resounding
They’re Going By The Beat of Their Heart’s Pumping
By The Steady Flow of Blood and Bloodlust, Tells Me Somethin’

               … Warriors …
         Courageous Warriors …


But, We’ve Seen These Men, Playing With Their Children
We’ve Seen These Sons and Their Laughter, I’m Hearing
We’ve Seen These Men, Loving Their Babies
And Tenderly Holding and Kissing Their Ladies

               … Warriors …
         Courageous Warriors …

2nd Chorus:

Oh Lord, Please Stop These Warriors’ Battle Cry
And The Battle Cry, Coming From Their Mothers and Wives
The Battle Cry, Coming From Their Little Ones’ Eyes
The Battle Cry, Coming From Warriors … When They Die

               … Warriors …
         Courageous Warriors …

Sticks and Stones, Swords, Arrows and Bombs
Lances, Knives, Hand to Hand Combat, Napalm
God Almighty, Oh, Thy Kingdom Come
Please Rescue Us, From The Kingdom of The Gun …

And Prophecy Is Marching – Listen, All Who Arms Bear
Warriors, Must Beat War Weapons Into Plowshares            ( Isa. 2: 4 )
And When War, Is No More, Then We Will Hear
All Warriors’ Battle Cry, Will Be An Amen Cheer !

              … Gentle Warriors …
            Peace-Loving, Warriors …

2nd Chorus:

Oh Lord, Please Stop These Warriors’ Battle Cry
And The Battle Cry, Coming From Their Mothers and Wives
The Battle Cry, Coming From Their Little Ones’ Eyes
The Battle Cry, Coming From A Warrior’s … Last ‘ Why ? ’

                … Warriors …
           Courageous Warriors …

How Can Flesh and Blood, Mortal-Men, Be So Fearless, I Wonder
Are They Strengthened By Duty, Love and Honor
Facing Danger, Death and Being Torn Asunder
Sacrificing All, As A Fallen Soldier …

                 … Warrior …
           Courageous Warrior …

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Aquarian Dream II- Leaving Kali Yuga

A glimpse in your gilded eyes Tells me all inside your lieing mind How can you Stand without a spine How can you speak without a will Failed to announce the pain Will they realize the illusion Is it all to late? The lies that are so common Have put up a delusion Infront Of the people's mind So deep away from the dark Will we come when father is coming For us, is it all to late? Soft little messenger I dare you to spread the word About our dying world All come far and near Listen to what we have been waiting to hear The walls have broken down The gates have been breached The Keep stormed in Praise and sing They have killed our king Our conformity is on it's last day All Black Skies have been tainted with grey Our flags are now just tinder The palace has all been burned to cinders Our Empire has fell Praise and sing They have killed our king I see the light of a dawning Age Let a new era begin An Aquarian dream a day where we are all free Inside our minds; our hidden refuge But there's no need to hide perfection Concordia shall be our queen Justice, independence, liberty are our only virtues free to be whoever our heart let's us be Go to the tower, strike the bell Soft little messenger And tell of Victory All come far and near Listen to what we have been waiting to hear The walls have broken down The gates have been breached The Keep stormed in Praise and sing They have killed our king Our conformity is on it's last day All Black Skies have been tainted with grey Our flags are now just tinder The palace has all been burned to cinders Our Empire has fell Praise and sing They have killed our king All come far and near Listen to what we have been waiting to hear The walls have broken down The gates have been breached The Keep stormed in Praise and sing They have killed our king Our conformity is on it's last day All Black Skies have been tainetd with grey Our flags are now just tinder The palace has all been burned to cinders Our Empire has fell Praise and sing They have killed our king

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Beauty of the Maliced-Night Come to me, Wake me up Forlorn I've been for Centuries My heart beckons for the day of the thought of You Glimpsing in my dreams I see you fighting through The Iron-Gate that held me too You ordered my death in such a Beauty-Blinding way How can I refuse? The dust and sand of the desert's wane Has left myself to Blame The lust and land of the Desert's Wane Suffocated me with the forlorn days I've met you my lover I've met you my execution I've met you my Loving Shame I've met you my Salome Salome, Selfish Lover Salome, Gates of Jerusalem hold you In Salome, my Beauty The Dust and Sand of the desert's wane The Lust and Loving Shame Has left Myself to Blame I've Met You My Salome

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What is a Spirit?

Does spirit just consist of breath,
 That natural inspiration
That starts at birth and ends with death,
 A lifetime's animation?

Each spirit lasts a certain time,
 Its precious share of being,
A span so fragile yet sublime,
 So very quickly fleeing.

Eternal life is troubling,
 To rational minds, deluded,
As, taught by Nature, everything
 Must end, ourselves included.

But spirits will keep right on growing,
 Even as aging bodies fail,
And learning, understanding, knowing,
 Remain life's peerless holy grail.

Spirit's a smile, a thought, a dream,
 A deepening friendship treasured,
A book, a song, a stray moonbeam,
 Too precious to be measured.

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Oh how i greet thee
Today and Everyday
Bringing Sunshine, Joy, Happiness
From, Stress, Strain, ExhaustionMedical Relief Money Can't Buy
GOD Bless

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I should go				            I’ll go			If I knew what was right
I should just go				 I’d go			    If I could do that too
Just write a letter			         And go			If I could sacrifice my heart
Say goodbye				        Then go			If I could see the outcome
See you later				         Just go			If I was strong enough
Tell you I love you			        Right now go		If I was brave enough
Scream out my misery			I could go		If I was wise enough
Cry out my broken heart		        I will go		                       If I wasn’t afraid
Wail across the sky my love	     I want to go		         If I wasn’t in love
I should just go right now		I won’t go		                     If I wasn’t haunted
I should go before its too late	       I can’t go		                      If I wasn’t
already lost
I should go before I cannot		I need to go		              If I wouldn’t fade away
I should tell you nothing		    I have to go		  If I wouldn’t fall apart
I should whisper nothing of this     I must go		                If I wouldn’t hurt you too
Bite my tongue				        I should go		            If I wouldn’t scream forever
Forget my dreams			      I’d go			              If I could escape in sleep
Smile and laugh my lie			      I’ll go			                If I could hide in dream
Joke with you for a smile		        I’ll just go		              If I could sing again later
I should go before I see you again	    I go			If I could love again later
I should just go				            Go			         If I could remember how
Because I cannot bear it			   Go			            If I was better than I am
The knowledge of another inside you	GO!!		  	          If I was anything at all
I should go				                    I’ll go away		If I was a kinder man
Before I really die			                 I’ll go and fall		If I was a promise
I should go				                    I’ll go today!		       If I were someone alone
I should					               I’ll go Tonight!!		If I were someone whole
Shouldn’t I go				                  I’ll go right now!!!	         If I were a warrior
I will leave you now 
And linger no more on the fringes of your life
If I am anything at all like you believe me to be
I will call you and wish you well, 
Wish you all the happiness I want for you
If I am a shadow of the song you see me as
I will just run silent 
And let you go like fate meant for us to be
Before you really knew me too
If I am a warrior, if I am, if I were . . .
I would lay down my soul and walk away 
I am not a warrior

How can I be . . ?

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The Ice King stood mockingly
The Shadowfire in his cold bony hand
The snow fell
On the land
Upon his freezing hell
Send me a knight!
With the courage to take this gem!
Otherwise I will shatter its' heart
In front of all of them
A Shadowfire cannot take such cold
Its' light needs warmth and love
Who will fight?
Came the cry from the battlements above
The Prince of the North
Cold blue fire in his eyes
Strode forth
To the Great Hall
To find a sword,
that hung on the South wall
To sever the head of the Ice King
Return Shadowfire to the Hall
Turn the Wraiths in to nothing
So many swords to choose
The lives of many
He cannot lose...
As he looked upon the South wall
A mighty sword leapt off
With a rasp of steel
It shot into his hand
All he could feel
Was the strength of all
Of Heartstone
Knights too
Five feet of magicked Faerie steel
As a light as air
Yet, strength to feel
It cut the air with a swishing bite
A sword to use...
Against the Ice King
To bring back the light
He must not lose
This battle between day and night
He strode down to where the Ice King stood
The Prince of the North
A duty to perform
Evil to overthrow
Evil to slay,
amongst the ice and snow
The Ice King put the gem into a leather pouch
Sword drawn
With a sly grin,
he went into a fighting crouch
The Prince,
his eyes on the gemstone
His sword drawn
The strength of Kings and Knights
He was not fighting alone
The swords clashed
Ringing steel
Steel, flashed
A Heartstone sword magicked and true
Took on a strange hue
The battle, fought on and on
Hours on the ground
Until night fell
The sparks from the swords
The strange glittering light
The clash of steel the only sound
The Wraiths began to screech and wail
For their King
For ,they could see
The Prince weakening
Beginning to fail
For, the Prince of the North
Such a dark desperate night
He called for his winter light
The Aurora Borealis came forth
It touched his sword,
with new and beautiful light
The Ice King could sense defeat
with a turn and wheel...
A sword flashed
A severed head rolled to a heel
An Ice Kings' frozen smile
The Prince of the North,
picked up the head of the Ice King
Threw it among the Wraiths
Then fell to his knees sighing
The Shadowfire he took...
From the carcass, the gem
Raised his hand...
The light burst forth
Illuminating the Prince of the North

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Four in one, nine baptized,
I hear you say legalized fraudulence.
Promises air-conditioned highways and streets;
Salaries and wages without workings,
An easy life made sweet and comfortable.

Now, all can join the bandwagon of rigging,
Of Moonslide and Marsslide victories,
With babies and peoples ritually sacrificed.
Received with glee by their lord,
The god of Politricks.

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Song For Your Love

Keep your eyes shut
And keep your mind open
And don’t let the world in your way

Just please be silent
And listen for a moment
Just hear the words that I say

‘Cause I fell in love again
But I didn’t mean to 
You must please believe me in this

All that I want now 
Is one hopeful moment
One chance to steal a kiss

It’s all because of
The way that you smile 
And the heat of your eyes on my skin

I just can’t help it
You’re more than I can take
Now if only you’d let me in

But you don’t know

You don’t even see it

But you’ll find a lost sailor
Washed up on your shore
And you’ll find that the sailor is me

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Twilight is Calling (Tears are for the Dead)

At one time I was the apple of his eye
But in a moment in the hospital he lie
I just 6, entered, and could only cry
He had changed so much since the last time
Twilight was calling his name
Mine being the same 
Yet, I didn’t know what to say
He turned his head a tear in his eye
And chuckled to choke back his cry
“Tears are for the Dead” he replied
And he turned his head back with no more word to speak
His words and actions were the last I would know
Till his funeral where the cries did grow
He left me with a legacy I didn’t quite understand
Still I tried to live by it as best I could plan
Everyday a new meaning comes to hand
That life is meant for the living and crying for the end.
When twilight is calling and I am on my death bed
I will laugh and with a tear in my eye, chuckle and turn my head
Laughter is for the living, crying is for the dead

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Paradise Still Lost

Paradise Still Lost

Ashen snowflakes descend
tears of sorrow for the fallen
angels weep in sorrow
gifts of divinity forsaken

Squandered seed spilled in rage
machine of man, far from Eden
takes matters into his own hands
fruit of the tree forbidden

Garden of bounty held in trust
the jester, trickster of illusion
sleight deceiver, seller of lies
the rapist of paradise, unforgiven

Lost in the eyes of the blind
man devouring man, sorrows coven
time immemorial, crosses mark
a barren wasteland devoid of forgiveness

Stephen (Stoic)

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The river flowed.... 
Dark and black 
Upon it a wooden boat  sped, 
on a river we all dread 

The sky hung low... 
Dirty grey 
The wooden boat..... 
Sped away 

No tiller, no oar.... 
Yet the wooden boat... 
Sped away 
Without a ripple or a splash... 
Searching for a starflash 

The river flowed... 
Carrying in depths, so deep, 
the souls of the dead 
The darkness showed 

The wooden boat sped away.... 
On its' deck... 
like a tiny star... 
There my soul lay.... 

The river flowed.... 
Dark and black.... 
The sky hung low 
Upon the wooden boat.... 
My soul glowed 
Like a tiny star so 

The sky turned , 
a dirty black 
There was no going back 
Down below, 
the souls.... 
Screeched and burned 

Upon the wooden deck.... 
There my soul lay.... 
The light burning strong 
The light, I pray.... 
Will not go out.... 
On this darkened day 

For all around on this night, 
deepest darkest water flowed... 
Black as jet 
My soul, burned bright.... 
My soul glowed 
The river... 
Will not claim me yet 

Upon the wooden boat.... 
A tiny star lay 
It was my soul, 
being sped away 

Upon the wooden boat.... 
Crossing the river 
Dark and black.... 
Cold shiver, 
no turning back 

A tiny star... 
Left the wooden boat 
Up it went 
Leaving  far below 
The river.... 
dark and black, 
The river.... 
Will always flow 

The wooden boat.... 
Forever searching far... 
On a river,dark and black 
For a tiny star 
No turning back.... 

A tiny star , 
left a wooden boat 
Far behind 
Up above.... 
The light beginning to show 
Down below, 
a river black and dark, 
continued to flow 

As for the wooden boat? 
On it sped.... 
On a night as black as coal 
Looking for stars amongst the dead 
To claim back.... 
On a river of deepest darkest black 
A soul.... 

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The God's of Greed

Pinnacles rise calling their name
Letters on an index they became
At one time ethics reigned
The slaves had value in some past day
Cast aside no longer having a place till his grave
The God’s finding cheaper more willing slaves
More riches for them to plunder 
Gold for them to save
A new land to take
Humanity they forsake
The God’s of Greed always thunder
That is not their fault that mankind suffer
That any man can be a God of Greed
Provided he serves only his own need
And use the slaves for what they be
Pawns in chess game
Played by the God’s of Greed.

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Kings and Queens

Sun dappled shadows
Reflecting spirit’s form
Moss covered standing stones
From afternoon still warm
The kings and queens of yesterday
Yet hold the evensong
Prayers for peace prosperity
A right for every wrong
With every war that has been fought
Upon these sacred grounds
Run fast the blood of future lives
And yet the drum deep sounds
Calling soul to hold a place
Upon the earth still fair
Stay the sword for truce by might
Lends your grace to bear
A heart that bleeds for all life held
Within the hands of fate
Behold the truth where patterns meld
And time she runs too late
The past and future meet as one
Where power thickens still
And stately folk are seen at night
Still gathered on high hill.

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The Sufferings Of The Dumb

With the dust whirling round the wheel,
The walls of throat seeming to seal,
In the sun bleached roads of soil-
Ran the feet of the bulls faster with toil.

Their shoulders hath blackened in time's course,
The wooden bar to them like a saw's coarse,
The ribs out of hunger come out as though-
To satisfy themselves with the rays of the yellow bow.

I know not and nor does the owner;
Since when these poor chaps has turned to labourers,
And from whence time's sharp wheel acted sharper to their neck;
Let alone to miserable dreams which it did wreck.

They look at the soil unhindered by any sound -
The sufferings of the blunt labour is the only that's
                                       through them is found.

Were we made humans by our maker -
For this day to turn from cruel to crueler-
To treat the dumb in a way as this-
By feeling of ours which we call to be the deepest feels?

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Destiny is going to shelter us all
(at least that's what we grew up telling ourselves)

When do we release the safety cord and settle down?
Where have the songs and the glowing fireflies gone?

Black, like the ash that once soared like an ember,
We all take the plunge from the open window of this interstate
(i will show you the country and all its secrets)
From this fog I can seem like anything you want me to be
I give up on my own dreams
I gave up on the old scenes
I'm the staring role in the candid secrets you're too ashamed to have had

Good night glass goddess
I won't ever find the time to treat you to my lies
(but that was all that kept you here)

I'm more alone now than I ever want to admit
I'm a smiling ball of hollow hopes and tragic shows
(forgiveness is giving up hope on a better past)

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I do not seek pity

You cannot know the depths and darkness I have seen
You do not know that challenges there have been
You do not know the heights of insanity I’ve seen
You do not know the road I’ve walked
You do not know how others talked
You do not know the shame I’ve hawked
I do not know what I have lost
I only know the paths I’ve had to cross
I do not seek pity
I bear it with humility
I wear it only within me
Others I cannot or will not envy
I face it alone
I do not seek pity
In the end everyone faces it alone
I laugh but have no pity
It was just meant to be

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A poets' anguish
In the tears of mine
Beautiful words
Spilled over
The anguish.......

I can see you now
For you belong to me
Beautiful words
On a restless sea
Spilled over
What I know then
I felt inside
Deep in me

I can discover in a day
The love in me
To give it all away
In poetry

A poets' anguish
A heart, full of tears
Spilled over
You knew this
All those regretted years

The ignited spark
Caused it all
A word storm
That lit up
All of my dark

I saw many things
Some beautiful
Some stark
All in words
A cilice wrapped around my heart
I felt the dark
Sensed the light
I chose to be everything

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Turn the page.

My heart races as time runs by too quick to notice standing still is I,
warmed by the days burden full from the nights closing curtain,
pen to paper my thoughts take over scribbles lines phrases on the paper they cover,
flashes of a time of a place far away searching for lines that still hide from the day,
inside roams a child within outside a cast of some one he calls a friend,
miss spelled thoughts for thats how I see it in my head,jumbled words always misread,
a laugh from he who is within a laugh for today he knows it was a sin,
the heart scared from a lesson learned long ago in many words it shows,
yet the bitter taste in my mouth isn't remorse suppressed anger are a pity party of doubt,
its the mornings coffee, the rest I let it all go years before now I just write to set it
for it's not what I'm going through but how I made it through,
look at the faces that fill the streets inside of them are poems words phrases they keep,
some times you can't make on your own and they don't know we don't have to go it alone
stop...look around you...your not alone...let it go...your not the only one 
smile and some one will smile back at you lend a hand know now where you stand,
the past is there to show how we aged the present is before us lets turn the page,
we all lived life's we never chose but how we are now is our choice this we must know,
get over it move on stop ...theres so much time to change... your life this moment is for not,
you are...two  words easy enough to say ...the words that come after... are for you to
I am some one, I am..., how would you finish it?what words fit?I am...
this is just a moment in our lives a moment to remember are forget moments in our eyes,
this write is just that words I wanted to say lines I wanted to display,
not looking for nothing in return I just wanted to write and now this page I will turn.

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SWORD,the anger of truth

The sword, 
buried deep in its' scabbard, 
tempered by fire, 
strength it holds, 
I desire 

Metal fashioned by human hands, 
skill from distant lands. 
Beauty of proportion and line, 
weapon so fine 

For the sword in its' scabbard, 
is like the truth hidden, 
brought out in anger, 
to do its' bidding 

Flash of steel 
I turn and wheel 
arcing round, 
truth be found 

For to be sheathed, 
nobody can hurt, 
no anger unleashed, 
no falldown, in dirt 

But truth must come out willingly, 
now and then, 
rasp of steel,but when? 

The sword always finds home, 
piecing deep, 
this sharp steel i hone 
makes truth weep 
blood and bone 

The truth used as a weapon of war, 
pulled out of its' hiding place. 
These are the things I saw. 
It takes no prisoners,only deaths' face, 
running down the blade 

This truth of metal, 
is in fine fettle, 
for the sword out of its' hiding place, 
with death you must face 
swish of air, 
into battle you must wade, 
heart beginning to tear, 
carry the truth blade 

Flash of steel,Iturn and wheel, 
arcing round, 
truth be found 

For the truth 
can be used in rage, 
to wound and maim. 
No wisdom of sage, 
to guide whence it came 

Flame bright steel,you must deal 
with the things you feel, 
for arcing round 
truth can be found 

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From a Hero's Eye's

I’m away from this world 
I cannot follow your sheep
The mourning inside
These elements we prefer to keep

I’m away from your tears
Whispers sound away from my ears
Your smiles linger below my fears
The moments inside
They seem to blossom and hide

Hero’s do not smile
I’m no longer your wandering child
Your Guardian, I cannot be 
Is there anyone who may cherish me? 

Your piano may play
What useless lines this melody may say
I wish that I had flesh
I wish that when I fell
I bellowed out with purity from the chest

I’m away from this world 
I’m away from your tears
Hero’s no longer smile
I cannot follow your sheep
I’m no longer your wandering child

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Meadows Set Abliss

As gentle winds parlayed
their enchantments
upon the galleys of
meadows set abliss.

Rose petals of romance
and desire, 
were softly strewn about, 
as lovers amidst a kiss.

As the golden sun
the treasures that are
found, thee within.

The grace of God's 
divinity hearkened,
embellishing our untimely

As the dew that nestled
the love we shared,
renewing our innocence

Our eyes revealed
the essence of
heavenly passions,
a unifying relic.

Sojourning as ancient
lovers do, 
upon euphoria's bliss, 

Gentle winds
parlayed the myth,
of divine love, 
in secret.

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All that I Am

Don’t leave me now
I won’t go 
Pieces of you
This is all that I am

And now you come to me 
You’re going to miss me
Asking me what’s wrong
And I simply reply, “Nothing”
And faintly smile
Days have gone by 
As I am your painted child
Yes you’re going to miss me 

Don’t leave me now 
I won’t go
Pieces of you
This is all that I am 

I have no family 
No parentals 
I am a rolling stone 
I know you’ve heard the song 
You’re going to miss me 
Look for me 
And find me no more you shall
Every move I’ve made seems foul
But you’re going to miss me 

“The funny thing is 
When you’re a rolling stone
You tend to live against the wind
But a stone weighs solid 
Therefore the wind cannot carry it
So in other words 
You become a burden to bear”

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This garden of flowers.......
Can be yours too
Follow me........
What you can see
What can be

This garden of flowers
I found in you
Deep in your heart
Flowers of blue....
Pink too.....

Such beauty inside
Wanting to be free
Your colour........
What it means to me
What it cannot hide

This richness I see
Flowers blossoming
What it means to me
My heart feeling........
The colours cascading

This garden of flowers
I found in you........
So precious too
The colours revealed inside
The heart sighed

This garden of flowers
You cannot hide..........
What you have inside
Colours to touch
Colours to feel
Colours that make it real

For ,The heart
Holds the delicate blooms
The colour booms
What I can see too,
in the garden of you

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On a day like any other
Two keys were found
One delicate and fine
The other, heavy and of an old design
The Castle had no locks on its doors
They were protected by Faerie magick
The keys were very old
No one knew what they were used for
Was this set an earlier time?
When such things protected treasures,                                                                      
from covetous eyes?
When such things were locked up pleasures?
A key, delicate and fine
Perhaps for a Queen
A key of iron
Made for a King?
To hide something?
To find a door?
In which to place a key
To find a lock
Perhaps this is what it is for?
The keys were special too
An intricate design
It took the Princess of Magic sometime
To discover the clue
When is a key not a key?
When the keys are made fit together
Two keys become one
A map of the heart could be seen
In the Great Hall
Was a small hollow
High on the South Wall
The keys entwined
Was this the place to find
The keys fitted perfectly
One key cannot exist 
Without the other
Such is nature
The trees
The gentle rain
Once in the Great Hall
The true purpose of the keys
Was revealed to all
A gold key
Delicate and fine...
Is love...
Is sunshine...
An iron key,
Heavy in the heart
Heavy to bear
The pieces, fitted perfectly

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Lady of the Lake

What happened with the Lady of the Lake?
I know she made a grave mistake.

I was the one to receive that gift from her.
My possession should have been Escalibur.

This weapon could have saved me, from who?
certain mens ego along with the arrogant few!

Those so-called Black Knights with daggers in place,
stabs un-defended hearts in innocent white lace!

Escalibur was given only to the prominent King,
not a Woman whom struggles for that prominent thing.

Wounds internally painful and true!
Broken hearts and a callused sole too!

With Escalibur, I could have rode on the breath of a dragon.
I could fight and defeat the Great Warriors, then move on!

Love, would not be so hard to find.
Hate, would be dealt with by sword and mind!

The Lady made a Big mistake,
who gave the sword to a man who threw it back into the lake.

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Without a plausible answer,
you let the good dreams live in the achiever...
dreams,not thoughts of an unduly child:
changing domitable ways to wild,
shouting harmful and volatile words!

Brother,you're going down the wrong road,
and that is not going to lift 
some of the weight off;
the barriers won't quickly come down...
they'll cause only division and more grief:
to lay dangers in places so unseen...
that's when everything falls apart,
unable to replace it with something with worth!

Without aspiration or natural passion,
you stop half-way through and stare at others
with envy,anger and defiance;
you feed on your contention
and instead of wishing well to those
who have made it through hard strides,
you deride,mortify and dehumanize anyone 
who has earned what you have not!

Brother,you're going down the wrong road
to make your existence so worthless...
like a stone that keeps rolling down a stream
without knowing where it will lead;
brother,it's not hurting others that matters;
it's depriving yourself of all that's good...
to make your journey safe and painless!

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As wrinkles become more furrowed,
and hair turns to a more visible shade
of  perfect silver to symbolize a decaying age,
we certainly ponder over death,
not too sure of what awaits us;
and an almost forgotten thought
reminds us of our lost youth:
that we are only young once...

And although we stumble
to reach a mile to our destination,
yesterday it only took a short time;
not to mention how we fumble
for the key to unlock our door and enter
into a peaceful place of wonder:
where memories still abound inside,
and carry us through without desperation...

Are we so feeble to entrust hope to a broken will, 
and not understand the grand plan? 
We can't stop half way throughout  a battle; 
we are still the warriors who can't be defeated,
and if we fall, we'll get up again: 
to push back the enemies 'till they have retreated...

To be of old age may be unacceptable
to those who look upon us with disgust,
because their minds are stripped of all pity;
to be young, indulgent and full of energy:
is something they relish in their thought,
untill they, too, must confront the inevitable....  

We are only young once to assume
the role of invincibility in a brief kingdom;
and if carelessness is pushed aside,
to let our spirit and conscience run wild:
we'll reap a bundle of  losses and regrets,
to hunt us for the rest of our unpleasant days...

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The sword, 
buried deep in its' scabbard, 
tempered by fire, 
strength it holds, 
I desire 

Metal fashioned by human hands, 
skill from distant lands. 
Beauty of proportion and line, 
weapon so fine 

For the sword in its' scabbard, 
is like the truth hidden, 
brought out in anger, 
to do its' bidding 

Flash of steel 
I turn and wheel 
arcing round, 
truth be found 

For to be sheathed, 
nobody can hurt, 
no anger unleashed, 
no falldown, in dirt 

But truth must come out willingly, 
now and then, 
rasp of steel,but when? 

The sword always finds home, 
piecing deep, 
this sharp steel i hone 
makes truth weep 
blood and bone 

The truth used as a weapon of war, 
pulled out of its' hiding place. 
These are the things I saw. 
It takes no prisoners,only deaths' face, 
running down the blade 

This truth of metal, 
is in fine fettle, 
for the sword out of its' hiding place, 
with death you must face 
swish of air, 
into battle you must wade, 
heart beginning to tear, 
carry the truth blade 

Flash of steel,Iturn and wheel, 
arcing round, 
truth be found 

For the truth 
can be used in rage, 
to wound and maim. 
No wisdom of sage, 
to guide whence it came 

Flame bright steel,you must deal 
with the things you feel, 
for arcing round 
truth can be found 

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I pull open a drawer in my heart, 
for it takes physical will to do so 
to reach for the feeling inside 

Some drawers are small, 
some big 

For what it contains 

Small drawers for hurt and meanness 
big drawers for love and patience. 
You decide on the drawers you will hold 

How many you want,you decide. 
The drawers open and close, 
friends and foes 
can live side by side, 
in the drawers of the heart 

The person you let in 
can open these drawers. 
The one you love never opens 
drawers of jealousy and hate. 

They never open them even though, 
they know its there, 
and they know it so 

The person you despise 
can open the drawers of hate and lies. 
Resist with all your might, 
keep them tight, 
for you must rise 

The heart of drawers, 
can draw your heart in 
pull out a feeling,mood 
and a sigh 

The drawers are meant to be opened, 
some willingly,some not 
for not to open drawers 
will allow feelings to rot 

Open and close, 
the feelings can grow, 
from the high 
to the low 

It will tell you what's best, 
in the drawers of the chest 

For the heart does know, 
of the open and close 
of which you decide 
of the feelings inside 

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All About the V Word V stands for vigilante

Roll out the barrel and we'll have a barrel of fun

I would it enjoy it more, if it were 2 barrels from a gun

Shooting a drug dealer, child stealer or a wife beater

This would bring a peak to my entertainment meter

I want to wipe the surface clean from all that is bad

The injustices of good people done wrong is what makes me mad

So I say why ask why

Let's hand them a sentence of a short piece of rope, a tall tree and let them hang 
high and dry

Let's put those on death row in a pool for a swim

Hook the battery cables to 10,000 volts and throw them in

Don't look at me, I'm not disturbed

I just want justice to be served

I believe in an eye for an eye

If you take a life, then you should die

A drug dealer wears a cross of gold

A bullet in the head and feed him to the gators before the body is cold

All these scum bags should be 6 feet in the dirt

It is all about the V word 

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The future is blue....... 
Blue as an ocean 
Blue is the view 
that I hold with you 

Shows such emotion 
Ocean storms 
Blue potion 

On my ocean 
The future is blue........ 
Blue motion 

This perfect harmony 
of blue ocean, 
and blue sky 
You must feel it...... 
Just like I ! 

Blue symphony...... 
Blue sound....... 
All around........ 
Blue potion 

Ocean, to roam 
Ocean, is my home 
Can you feel? 
My thoughts 
Can you steal? 

The future is blue 
Blue as an ocean 
Blue is the view 
that I hold with you 

Blue horizon....... 
Blue sky...... 
Blue ocean........ 
To lay your eyes on 
This is I 
My blue emotion 

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I reached out, 
to touch the sun 
Gold and red 
Down it dipped, 
night came 

The night sky 
brought forth its' stars 
Dlanets too 
darkening rush, 
the day slipped by 

I lifted high 
Followed the wind 
Followed the moon, 
in to the starlit sky 

This blue Earth... 
At night... 
Leaving a trail of stars 
The planets emerging light 

Martian red 
Venus, jewel bright 
What I came to see.. 
in all its' majesty 

Mighty Jupiter 
Chemical storms , seething 
Swirling below 
How it burned, 
in a night sky 
The Jovian light returned 

The suns' radiance 
felt upon my face 
in deepest coldest space 
Yet I sense... 
Jupiter, rising 

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look, listen, and let be.

created to be satiated having your dreams decapitated not what you anticipated? your
life...castrated now left to die to be recreated,
in motion you thought you were the chosen while others believed you soul was frozen lying
deep in the ocean with your eyes never open,
all the frustration temptation lack of motivation  has you missing the sensation of life's
creation while interpreting the wrong information,
years have passed and time is gone you hang your head wondering what went wrong while you
sing your sad country song,
this isn't what you seen this life how could it be so mean taking you and crushing your
dream now you see reality ,
it wasn't about the fortune and fame, or how far you get in the game, now to sit and blame
all the others when it was you who used your name,
no one forced you at all it was you who made the call now your left to crawl because you
never realized this is life's ball and the objective is for you to fall,
so as you sit and hang your head crying wondering what she said, but you didn't listen you
walked away instead leaving love in bed,
remember you were the one, the strong man with the gun having your fun while true love
faded in the sun,
you were right it was all about the fight as you stepped into the light and pushed with
all your might you thought you were such a site,
look around your not the only one in this town we all fall to the ground it was you who
thought we were clowns as you joked and we frowned,
the eyes you see are eyes that set the world free, the ones that seen you try to prove
your theory   as they took a knee and let it be,
your story is heard world wide, nothing new just a grown man left to cry, now that we have
your attention here's why,
life in front of you is on loan, not yours to waist on the phone or sit on a thrown not
listing to others grown,
take time to breath, listen to the sounds in the trees as I let you be you and you let me
be me the way it's meant to be,
find your life, find true love in a wife, make what's wrong right keep yours in site while
the stars fill the night ,
your fortune is love, your fame are blessings from above happiness is deserving of, and
your time should fit like a clove.
your dream is right there in front of you, open your eyes to a new find the ski of blue
know what is true.... and enjoy the view.

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A place you can go 
when hurt breaks you so 

Retreat within,find the key 
for there are many keys 
to the secret place 

Key for hurt and pain 
Key for imagination 
Key for magical lands 

The secret place, 
the key ,the door, 
only you know what its for 

Go within your self and explore, 
you are the keeper, 
you know where to go, 
to the door where gentleness will flow 

The secret place 

Your door, many keys 

Key to unlock your heart 
Key to love again 
Key to experience loss and pain 
Key to live and breathe again 

Many keys you can hold, 
but only one door, 
you decide,not told, 
The key you want and what its for 

Dont carry too many keys, 
for the keys are heavy in hand 
and heavy in heart 

The key of pain and loss, 
the heaviest of all 

The key of happiness, 
delicate and fine, 
made with pure golden sunshine 

Carry this key to your secret place 
the best key of all 

The key of love does'nt have a key 
merely warmth 
for this door doesn't need a key 
for there is no door to love 

Love is all around, 
not in one secret place, 
but in all of us, 
wells from within, 
flowing from the heart 

the secret place 

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The Prince of the North
Carried the gem
Through Whispering Trees
To the castle
Passing through Knights and men
From his hand...
A Shadowfires' wondrous light
For love will always win
In the battle between day and night
Across the walled garden
Flowers began to glow...
The Prince of the North
Strode forth...
To the Great Hall
The Shadowfire...
Gave off beams of lilac and blue light
The love inside
Conquered the wraiths bitter night
The Great Hall door
Silently swung open
Faeries danced
The colour bright
The Heartstone,shone
the Dreamstone,gleamed
The battle, won
Under a Heartstone moon
The Aurora Borealis flickered
Faerie light shone
Golden bright
No light could compare
To a Shadowfire
A castle...
Bathed in beautiful light
The passing of the Ice King...
On a wraiths' bitter night
Lilac and blue
Filled your heart
Love too
These things cannot be taken
Only given
If you let your heart awaken
A Shadowfire...
That lies in your heart
The colour known only to you
Will love you too

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I soar endlessly 
on an ocean 
so blue 
the wings ache 
I know... 

Such space 
in a world 
of such blue 
what I flew 
I know... 

Silvered wings 
on an ocean 
so blue 
it is everything 
I know... 

So many miles too 
in a dream 
on an ocean 
so blue 
I know... 

What is to become of me? 
the wings ache 
I soar endlessly 
I know... 

On an ocean 
the spirit flies free 
on the blue 
I know 

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Upstroke of wing 
Rising draught of air 
Pushing me higher 
In to white clouds, 
tinged with gold 

Such a fluid state of mind 
Through the clouds, 
my wings dissolved in to the white 
There is no such thing, 
as time here 
Only me 

The effort to get here, 
is nothing at all 
For, now I am.... 
Pure energy 
A fluid state of mind and body... 
A happening... 
Dissolved wings, 
in to the white 

Bright clouds roll by, 
there is no up, 
there is no down 
Only here 

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Shadows, flew 
across my heart 
Dark too 

Such dark beauty 
Such mystery 
Shadows too, 
in the heart 

Amidst the shadows 
A light grew 
A spark... 
A rose... 
That was me 

Spilling out 
Petals falling 
Colour calling, 
I heard it shout 

To travel 
so far... 
Mysteries of the heart 
Such dark beauty, 
becoming light 

The smokiness within 
The battle of light 
The battle of dark 
A curious whim 
A curious spark 

Light and shadows, 
flew across my heart 
Such beautiful things 
Cannot rest in the 
mysteries of the heart 

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On an eagles' wings 
I climbed high 
Saw many things 
Saw me 
Oh my! 

A golden feather, 
to fall 
Take it 
It is for you, 
hear its' call 

I saw many things, 
on an eagles ' wings 
My heart to follow 
An eagle feather 
I came to know 

On an eagles' wings 
Golden light 
Sky of blue 
My heart 
So true 
I saw many things 

So many things too 
My heart, 
I knew 
Knew it to be true 

My heart... 
My life... 
On an eagles' wings 
I climbed high 
for such things... 
Never die 

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I stopped by the river... 
Gently flowing past, 
such cool water, 
slaked my thirst 

I feel the waters pull on my hand 
secret chuckle flowing by 
Water, so clear 
you can see the river sand 

I picked up some river sand 
let it slowly trickle through my hand 
Am I grain of sand? 
Tumbling in water, 
so clear, 
throughout this verdant land 

Where is my place? 
Where am I meant to be? 
Gently flowing past 
Part of this river, 
becoming me 

Sweet waters, 
so clear 
In its' depths 
I am meant to be 

I stopped by the river... 
Or did the river stop me? 
I may never know, 
for in its' depths, 
a grain of sand 
is what you see 
what i show 

Swathes of weeping willow 
on the river... 
Cast a shadow, 
soft green glow 
in water 
so clear 

A grain of sand, 
in the clear waters 
of the river 
becomes me 
in this beautiful land 

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IT WAS 1969

In a starlit sky, 
a beautiful moon rose 
I watched it pass by 

I looked upon the earth 
and saw green and blue 

Frosted clouds of white 
Forests  stretched far, 
behind the night 

In the minds' eye 
such vividness 
belongs to you and I 

Where was i? 
Far way 
High in the sky 

It was 1969 
We came back from the moon, 
everything I could see... 
Was all mine 

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I looked from the edge of light 
Stared across and saw truth 
I stepped forward, 
and fell in to the night 

Down I fell, 
in no time at all 
Felt gods' hand 
Lift me, 
for in his love I did dwell 

In to the light, 
carried up high 
I saw truth, 
pure and bright 

I can fall 
any time at all 
from the edge of light 
I have faith, 
that will lift me from the night 

I see the truth, 
just over there 
Waiting for me 
across the night air 

The beauty in truth and light 
lay before me 
I could reach out and hold 
everything in sight 

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My Philosophy

Wisdom, the treasure beyond my steps
Here, undo the pleasure behind being left
Perhaps I should paint myself
Sadly here lately, I ain’t been myself
Life is not hard 
It’s just not simple 
Mark the laps of ages 
Forms of life written on tear stained pages
Your coherent view has now been refuted
My template of whispers, merely muted 
Life is not hard 
It’s just not simple
For all the things that beg upon me
A blind song for the average man to see
And if this attempt fails
Then just maybe the thought will prevail 
Life is not hard
It's just not simple 

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When a heart is heavy
The pain you cannot bear
Lift your eyes
I am there

When you feel all is gone
You feel desolation
Lift your eyes
It has only begun

When the tears you shed
Tore you apart
Lift your eyes
Look at me instead

When you feel angry
In a world of hateful things
Lift your eyes
Feel my tranquillity

When it is death you mourn
In your grief
Lift your eyes
You are reborn

When your heart is filled with joy
The beauty you can see
Lift your eyes
It is only me

For the love inside
Those loving ways
Lift your eyes
I cannot be denied

For, I made you
In my image
Lift your eyes
I have always loved you

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Sometimes the wind blows sometimes there's rain
somtimes there are people who don't know your name
Sometimes coincidence is all that you see 
when you walk down that path of curiosity
Sometimes people wish for things they don't have
sometimes there are people who just make you laugh
Once in a while the bells do not ring 
   at the church in the steeple on a quiet city street
            Ever wishing ever wanting sometimes
            looking for an answer of some kind
            Building sand castles on the shores
            of the sea
            As boats sail across the waters that be
                lost in a day dream... 
                   t's not what it seems sometimes
Candles are burning in the still of the night
lighting the way until they turn on the lights
Sometimes you'll be walking until heaven knows 
but you turn around and you walk back again
Sometimes your shadow follows too close
some people talk to you some people don't
The bells started ringing in the steeple today
I'll get up Sunday morning and I'll walk that way

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For days you hunt but nothing found, 
for the heart stone to reveal its' self, 
buried deep in shadowy ground 

This shadowy land that I walk, 
sometimes alone 
for I am the gatherer of the heart stone 

The heart stone, 
find its' glow, 
for it will surely show 
its' self to the seeker, 
for if it lies in shadowy room 
it grows weaker 

The heart stone 
does not like being alone, 
alone in shadow, 
hidden so 

The heart stone 
needs to be found, 
its' light displayed 
for living in gloom 
causes its' light to fade 
in shadowy room 

The gatherer will look 
in every shadowy place, 
seek out and reach, 
the heart stone, 
find its' place 

For it is bound 
in shadowy room 
all alone, 
waiting to be found, 
by the gatherer of the stone 

The gatherer of the stone 
will never tire, 
searching the gloom 
for the jewel of hidden fire, 
that lights up the room 

For the stone is in our shadowy place 
bring it forth to show its' face, 
throw off darkened room 
and let the heart stone bloom 

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Nakedness is seen
by a coscience in conflict;
nakedness is the fear
of hearts shunning their guilt...

It will be incredibly beautiful
to gently fall in a deep sleep,
hop on one of those clouds and float
on a lovely,unending and surreal dream...

Like Adam and Eve,
we'll be completly alone and safe;
innocent and unaware
of our own nakedness:
to wander off into the wilderness
with Guardian Angels on our side...

Wouldn't it be an awful pity
to lose all that is blessed,good and nice
for taking somebody's else wrong advice
and be found unworthy of joy?

It will be conceivably easy
to ascape from reality:
only loving ourselves timelessly;
thinking of happy thoughts
as we contemplate the endless stars
that that seem to welcome our sensuality...

Wouldn't it be wonderful
to be so thankful
to the Mighty Lord,
and to trust in His promise of prosperity...
than to be defeated by misery?

Nakedness is considered sleazy and lame
by eyes that are lascivious and unholy; 
nakedness is felt conspicuously
when we stare at our naked bodies in shame... 

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Pebbles tumble, 
to the shore, 
my thoughts tumble, 
my heart, 

My thoughts, 
my very core, 
are like driftwood, 
beaching gently on the shore 
Thes new things, 
what's it all for? 

Rush of noisy white surf, 
to the shore 
Thoughts churn, 
how things turn! 

Things I could 
Things I should, 
to the shore 

White water on high tide, 
my thoughts,feelings, 
this driftwood i ride 

Drifting to the shore, 
it has purpose, 
for the things you see 
are not a curse 
for what can be. 
Live the day 
before it is taken away 

This pebbly beach, 
the values it can teach. 
The driftwood 
to the shore, 
brings it to the fore 

This blue sky burns me deep, 
inwards I weep, 
for I stumble 
to find, 
the words of a kind, 
to make me humble 

For the sea 
in it's tidal war, 
claims my heart sore. 
This driftwood 
and the thoughts held at bay 
washed away, 
as it should 

For I start a new day 
with new driftwood....... 
to the shore