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Ballad Jesus Poems | Ballad Poems About Jesus

These Ballad Jesus poems are examples of Ballad poems about Jesus. These are the best examples of Ballad Jesus poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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An eye for an eye

Though I am not considered to be a Christian, [I love most religions] But I lover to read the gospels of Mark and Mathew, so I wrote them all in verse...Peter

Eye for Eye.

Folk were listening to our lord
Such a crowd had gathered round
The news of this enigma
Had spread from town to town.
The multitudes all came to him
To hear the words he spake
He’d been speaking there for quite a while
And the day was getting late.

The lord with Passion in his tone
He told those multitudes
{There were poor and rich, and saints and sinners
The good Lords words, their food}
He said to them “now you have heard
An eye for eye, and tooth for tooth
But I give you another law
So listen to my truth”.

“Do not resist an evil person
When struck on the right cheek
Turn to him the other also
Just hear these words I speak
If someone wants to sue you
And take your tunic too
Then let him have your cloak as well
This, I do say to you”.

If someone makes you walk a mile
Then walk with him for two.
Give what one may ask you for
This be the thing to do.
If someone would borrow from you
Then do not turn away.
Hear ye this, it be the truth
These words you hear me say”.

Copyright © Peter Duggan

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Trust is Hard to Gain

How hard is it to get ahead in the this world,
When governments and societies fold
Their hands and say to everyone 
We're going through harsh times.

How does the trust of the one's in charge,
Bend laws and force opinions based
On capitalist ideals to bend the truth
To try to keep a peace beyond their grasp.

O how. O how. Can this be?
What can this destitute world now offer thee?
Regain yourself, O mighty one! Punch Forth! 
Offer the world your firstborn Son!

T'is the end of times, but you can still trust me!
There's always someone there. 
Lay down your ragged soul at last,
Your journey is at an end it seems
Lay down your trust in the only one who Beams

His Sunshine Will Offer You Rest.

My Man J.C.

Copyright © Andrew Hart

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The mustard seed

A mustard seed

Our savior told a story
In his usual way
He tried to make folk understand
As he did on many a day.
He said with voice all soft and calm
“What be it like? God’s heaven
What story can I use today
How can I tell you then?”

“It be like what happens then
When a mustard seed
Is planted there beneath the soil
It be so small indeed
“And yet” he said “once it be planted
So large the tree does grow
And spreads its branches all around
Gives shade where birds can go”

Our Lord, he used these stories
When he did talk to folk
And all that then could understand
They gained from words he spoke
He told folk naught without these stories
Yet to his twelve disciples
He explained then everything
To them he told it all.


Copyright © Peter Duggan

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The cleansing of the temple

The cleansing of the temple.

On reaching they Jerusalem
Our Lord and his disciples
They went into the holy temple
And Jesus saw it all
The nonsense that was going on
Those vendors selling doves
And money lenders everywhere
In this place just made for love.

Our savior saw this going on
I t irked him quite a bit
He turned these dealer’s benches over
He was having none of it
He would not let folk carry things
Through the temple on that day
He taught the people that were there
Said “The scriptures, this they say”

“My house it be a place of worship
For all nations to enter
But you have made it so I see
An awful kind of center
Where robbers hide” thus said our lord.
When the chief priests heard of this
Those teachers of the Law of Moses
Well this they’d not dismiss.

Their eyes were dark and anger rose
Within their foolish minds
Oh, they became afraid of him
Their hearts, they were unkind
They saw that he had reached the people
Who were amazed at him
And so they looked for ways to kill him
Their minds all hard and grim.

Copyright © Peter Duggan

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Did you forget who you are

Did you forget?
Did you forget that you are born of spirit?
Did you forget who you are?
Remember this.

You are not a mistake,
you were always known,
you're naturally fine 
more than flesh and bone.

There's another way.
it's a straighter path,
it's a brighter peace,
beyond Earth's wrath.

So follow me 
to the farthest shore,
where there are no more tears,
forever more

So drop the mask
and end this game
listen to my voice 
and remember this name

The name is Jesus 
He's the King of Kings
the prince of peace
of whom Heaven sings

Know this promise
you're a child of God
who lives for eternity
and can't be robbed

so whatever has happened
or whatever is wrong
the debt has been paid
for the price of a song

His blood has been shed
and it won't be shed twice
it was once and for all
and will ever suffice

So all is forgotten
and let it never be said
that you owe a debt
cause Jesus' blood has been shed

So did you forget?
Did you forget who you are?
Did you lose your way?
Are you lost in the dark?

Listen to my voice
as I shout in the dark
as I call you each by name
allow light to spark

a roaring flame
that will show the way
out of this world
what else can I say?

You'll not be abandoned
or ever left behind
I'll carry you home
so let me remind

Remind you of hope 
that will carry you through
just remember that name

Copyright © richard michael

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Words of the master

Words of the master

A man once asked the master
Which of us has the worth?
To enter in the holy kingdom
This man was down to Earth
And liked to ask the questions
The truth he had to know
The master looked into his eyes
With a deep, and holy glow.

A Rabbi, he took note of this
He thought it would be he
For he had all the virtues
Such a holy man he be
The master looked on past this man
Till his eyes lit on a child
He called the small child unto him
And at the lad he smiled.

He took the child into his arms
And said for all to hear
Those who be like this small child
The father he holds dear
They have the worth to enter in
My father holy place
The crowd they did not understand
Confusion touched each face

These words the master spoke, were true
To find that holy place
One must re find his innocence
Re-enter each that space
That each of us were born into
Each soul must delve within
And find the joy that each did know
When their days, did first begin.

16 December 2013 @ 1310hrs.

Copyright © Peter Duggan

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I have faith in you
though you left me alone
in the World of struggle
but i hope to meet you
on the Judgment day.

Copyright © sekitto Herbert Grace kisakye

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A  still small voice whispers this is not your hour
this is not yet your time to shine.
Another disappointment , another heartbreak
oh lord how long must I endure excruciated agony
of  betrayal its slowly ripping  a hole into my heart.

I cried for days with tears blinding my eyes,  I cry out
my God,  my God, where is my vindication
of these wrongs, that was committed against me
but in your most loving way you say.

That you must forgive their sins
remember I first forgiven you
so long ago on that old rugged tree.

We must forgive even in our pain.
we must forgive when they turn their head.
For your reward in heaven will be great
this will  make me so proud when I present
you with the crown of life.

Listen my love follow my ways
because I have the best for you.
Please remember  my sacrifice so long ago
the ones closest to me deserted me in my
hour of need and the other disciple
gave me up for a piece of silver,
and my father turn his head.
From the site of so many sins upon my flesh

We must forgive even in our pain.
We must forgive when they turn their hea.d
For your reward in heaven will be great
this will  make me so proud when I present
you with the crown of life.

Copyright © regina longino

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The Turning Ground

*    It Leaps upon the turning ground                                                                               winter is past the sun                                                                                               does bring the warmth of dancer’s spring                                                                     love rises buds begun                                     *                                                                                                                              The scent of coming flowers sweeps                                                                             away death’s sway new life                                                                                            It Leaps upon the turning ground                                                                             death lies untrue, no wife              *                                                                                                                                 It Leaps upon the turning ground                                                                                 the flowers, birds do care                                                                                             as life does fly towards the sky                                                                                    the song of love we share                                                                                 *                                                                                                                                As newness flames the hearts of kin                                                                            She sleeps only no breath                                                                                               It Leaps upon the turning ground                                                                                 but life steps forth, she weds

Copyright © John Beam

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Looking for Jesus

He did not have to
It was not mandatory

But He did.

Leaving the luxury
Of His Father’s splendour
His home of indescribable
Beauty and grandeur

He peeped
He descended
He came down
To me

The living condition 
In my habitation
Was one of discomfort and stench
Filled with broken promises,
Pains from the past,
Hopelessness for the future.

Yet He made up His mind about me
Unlike me-
He did not have second thoughts
About the weather,
The leaking pots
The rusty bath tub
The aged sofa
Or the things I had done
And had not done
He moved in with me
This Christmas
He promised me a love:
Never forsaking
Never dying
Never ending

Dear God,
If you are looking for Jesus this Christmas,
He moved in with me

Copyright © Dzana Madagu

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Ode rise of poetry death of the owl king part 2

Have no fellowship with unfruitful dark                                                                         black moors cold zephyr for now truth does spark                                                            a fire within the heart run far black dogs                                                                       truth defeats feeds seething flesh to the hogs                                                               Lord punishes high ones coven’s of death                                                                        trumpet of God host angels with one breath                                                                    though they all gather for the last battle                                                                       shiver satan for your own death rattles                                                                             it will not stand serpents cast into fire                                                                        Liars bewitch death’s end a molten mire                                                                           So beware their snares the child only sleeps                                                                     those who mutter and peep your sorceries keep                                                               as for me I know you have no keys so cry                                                                      my King cometh God’s Word upon his thigh           -     Based upon Erlking, Der Erlkönig and his supernatural death

Copyright © John Beam

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Crimson Blood Sunset

Crimson Blood Sunset

If I could grab a piece of sunset at days end.
I would nurture it the night through,
That at sunrise, there would be twice the light.
How right it is to be in light.
As darkness descends, to grab a piece of sunset.
And set time on end, such that endings seldom matter and beginnings dawn the 
night sky like second chances dripping dew drops of fading sadness.
Ah what a sunrise that would be,
If I could grab a piece of sunset on such a day that things went right and I fought 
like a soldier with a newly sharpened sword of kindness.
Such a sunset, Such a sunset, if I could grab a moment’s peace, I’d grip it tight 
and never loose that hold to what’s right.
If I could tell my wife I loved her and mean it.
I’d tell her a thousand times in a thousand tiny things that men do in passing, but 
make me shudder.
A thousand nights of sunrise I tell you.
A thousand nights of sunrise, telling time to stop its pestering.
Tyrannical time beckoning to days end.
But if I could grab such that sunset, bright, brilliant, rainbows of light convincing 
me of my savior’s love.
I would bask in that moment nurture it, such that at sunrise there’d be a 
thousand Jesus loves you’s shining for all the day to see.
And me too, shining bright in such that double sunrise,
Spawned from second chances from secret sunsets.
If I could grab a moments peace just long enough to stare beyond this endless 
night of fear and monotony.
Ah Pride, let me alone and leave me be,
To grab this sunset.
Embroidered with purple and crimson sunshine.
Blood stained sunshine, convincing me that Jesus loves me and there is nothing 
to fear.
If I could grab a hold of that crimson blood sunset, now that would be something!

Copyright © Woodrow Lucas

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Finding the spirit and the truth within

This poem came from verse two of the ‘Gospel of Saint Thomas’. This is one of the gospels that the church did not want us to see. How can the ambitious ones who want power over us, rule us if we know that salvation comes through looking within. Not just from belief. I bought this gospel, and was pleasantly surprised. Jesus says in this gospel what the Buddha, Lao Tzu, and many other great spiritual leaders, Say. This is the way I live my life searching for the truth within. I will never ever just believe. Not too many people know about this Gospel. The church has done well in hiding it from us…….Peter

Finding your own truth.

Jesus said to the people
So very long ago
{He really loved to teach these folk
He wanted them to know]
‘Let they who seek, keep on searching
Until one day he finds.
When he finds, he will be troubled
It will astound his mind.

When astonishment touches you
Over all you then will rule
You must seek then to discover
The truth so wonderful
As you realize the spirit
That dwells so deep within 
And know within your own experience
The truth beyond the din.

It is not enough to follow
The truth that’s found by others
No one else can give you truth
Whether sisters, or your brothers
Each person must discover it
And find salvation too
Through the liberation of his soul
That’s what we all must do

7 February 2014 @1323hrs.

Copyright © Peter Duggan

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Slayer of dreams and reality Bow down to his Therion Majesty Vowed to Be beyond Spiritual Supremacy, But too Frail, but too Weak, Were these words of The Transgressor of Our Argentine Destiny Reigned with Blood And with Blood You shall Fall Never denounce the ways of The Wicked For the Wicked you Have Become I'm Not your gracious Jesus Christ, Saving you from the blood-sodden Ice, But you Are The Beast Therion Majesty Can't control your own destiny The one who used to fight monsters, Became a Monster Himself Look beyond the Book, See the Truth lying there, Gagged and Hooked, Silence screaming to Be Free The Draconian Revelation Will Save thee The same Cold Pressure has erupt inside The Beast dwells in your Pride Dipped in Argentine and Insanity, Captivated by the touch Never looking beyond the Sin, For the Scene remains Empty I'm Not your gracious Jesus Christ, Saving you from the blood-sodden Ice, But you Are The Beast Therion Majesty Can't control your own destiny The one who used to fight monsters, Became a Monster Himself In your mind When the world Falls, Parodiso will open her halls But not for you, Inferno Cries out for you Forever Malaoda will Be your destiny I'm Not your gracious Jesus Christ, Saving you from the blood-sodden Ice, But you Are The Beast Therion Majesty Can't control your own destiny The one who used to fight monsters, Became a Monster Himself

Copyright © Wyatt Loethen

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Here In This Place

If Jesus walked through those doors today
Would you have a kind word to say?
Would you need more proof?
Would you be loving one another
Or judging your brother
In what you think to be the truth?

Well, Jesus is here in this place
I can see Him in your face
You are a temple in His Kingdom
He lives in all who believe.

If Jesus came and sat down by you
Would you be thinking what else you had to do?
Would you give Him place?
Would you be embarrassed to praise His name
Cry Holy and thank Him He came?
Would you know His face?

'We don't want to miss our blessin'
Lord, help us learn this lesson.
Open up our eyes and let us see.
Help us 'love one another'
Don't let us judge our brother
Before we talk about another
Set us free...
'Cause Jesus lives in all who believe'

Well, Jesus came through those doors today
He waits to hear what you have to say
In that neighbor next to you.
Will you choose to do the Father's will
Or sit in your seat very still
Knowing Jesus sits so close to you?

Now, Jesus is here in this place
Can you see Him in my face?
I am a temple in His Kingdom
And He lives in all who believe...
Yes, We are the Temple in His Kingdom
He lives in all who believe...

Jesus came through those doors today...

~by deborah burch 4/10/2006©

Copyright © Deborah Burch

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No Cross to Bear

In Heaven there is no darkness
No shadows anywhere
No gloomy day or cloud of gray
No longing to be there

No thorn to prick your heart upon
No crown to bear your glory
No nail to hang your vengeance on
No cross to bear your story

No courts of fleeting justice
No plotting to indemnify
No tyranny or slavery
No obstacle to rectify

No silver pieces thrown about
No master to betray
No kiss of death upon a cheek
No noose to take away

No rabble in the streets
No spitting or demar
No climbing to Golgotha
No looming from afar

No weight of heavy burden
No knees for falling hard
No kicking from a Roman
No lashing from a guard

No hammer swing or piercing ring
No blood upon the ground
No cry of dreadful mourning
No mercy to be found

No God forsaken love is torn
No thrust of heaving spear
No drink of horrid mockery
No stream of falling tear

No fault to be forgiven for
No sins to wash away
No ignorance for what they do
No dying prayer to say

No robe to place a wager on
No bidding chance to win
No die is cast in ridicule
No cloth of shameful sin

No tomb to roll a stone away
No rising from the grave
No wound upon a sacred hand
No sinner for to save

No soul to rise or waiting throne
No flash of blinding light
No dove to guide the savior home
Unto the Father's right
Chords - 3/4 time
1 4 5 1 - twice per verse Cross to Bear

Copyright © Mike Martin

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Amilius 500 thousand years ago we came upon the earth, in spirit form our natural state, the blue green planet searched, Amilius the first Adam came, first born of the one true God, We sprang into animal bodies, a subject of much mirth, no Frogs, death was no annhilatation. Some stayed too long in animal form and hardened, had to wait, went through the pain of death, the spirit joins his mates, 5 races started by Amilius, colors, black, white, brown, yellow and the red, Were started in 5 places, thoughts are deeds of the one Gods thought form, so the human race was bred. The Atlantean race were red of skin , In the mid Atlantic ocean, High explosives were used to rid them of Dinosaurs, Gas pockets joined the explosion, sunken land caused a commotion, almost annhilation.. Ra and Hermes built the great Pyramid, It took one hundred years, They were from Atlantis, where the sea drowning did, rear. Hermes the first and last Adam, Did float big blocks in the air, Thought form generated, Cut an shaped with perfect fair. Baptist John and Jesus studied, At the pyramid of Cheops, Initiated, prepared, thoughts flooded, Then they left the land of Egypt. Adam has returned many times, To help us here on earth, Not always noticed, steps Jesus climbed, Showed us the way to worth. Thoughts are deeds, from times of old, Could stop you dead, in deathly cold, Thought’s Indus valley Priests could hold, Your life gone in an instant. Don Johnson Why do we still have murderous terrorists, Fear is a great generator of thought form worry. Mass thoughts become deeds.

Copyright © DON JOHNSON

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Comfort, Comfort Me Lord Jesus

Comfort, comfort me Lord Jesus,
Comfort me in my distress
Wake me from this night of slumber
To Your light of peace and rest.

Never from me take Thy spirit
Though I walk away from Thee,
Restore within me Thy salvation,
Open thou my eyes to see.

When I falter to believe
That Thy grace is all-sufficient, 
Humble, teach me I implore
To know by faith what life is for.

When in sickness, shame or sorrow
Bind my wounds with Your embrace,
Fill my soul with consolation,
Promises from Your redemptive grace.

Then O Lord may I find Thee
When tomorrow comes my way?
Ever present Rock to stand on
May I always before You stay.

Jonathan M. Bellmann
25 August 2005

Copyright © Jonathan Bellmann

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Heavenly Journey

For God has guided you into his Heavenly Kingdom, 
for it is his promise to all that Believe. 
And so your journey has begun! 
And Jesus will hold you in his Everlasting Loving arms.

Poet: John J Myers
Copyright ©2013 John J Myers

Copyright © John Myers

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Angel's Wings

Angels Wings
By Linda Hays-Gibbs

I just had the most horrible 
feeling something is wrong
It woke me up with my heart 
drumming a drumbeat song
loudly in my ears
I pray all good will 
And God take my fears
whatever men may say
I shall pray and pray and pray 

Angel's wings beat over me
I knew though I could not see
And love like heat and peace 
flowed through
Into my pores and I knew
A Guardian, a messenger, a faithful friend
God's will to fulfill till the very end
A harbinger of justice like a dove
Sent to guide and care from above
His only reward His Master's love

My heart filled with peace and faith too
And I knew

Copyright © Linda Hays-Gibbs

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The Greatest Story Ever Told

Once upon a time~is the way the story goes
The virgin, Mary, birthed the Son of God
Wrapped Him up in swaddling clothes
Then laid Him in a manger, where shepherds came to see
The One of whom the angel spoke~Jesus Christ is He

Though King of kings and Lord of lords, He took no royal seat
But three wise kings who followed His star came to lay gifts at His feet
And as He grew, a boy of twelve, Jesus did His Father's Will
As a man to everyone He did good in every valley on every hill

The demons left, the dumb could talk
The dead were raised, the lame could walk
The blind could see, the deaf could hear
The Word of God He spoke was clear

Grace is His favor, we behold
And His Passion is the greatest love we've known
Full of truth and everlasting mercy shown
Jesus' story is the greatest ever told

As the people followed Christ~giving praises to His Name
Some religious leaders envied Him for His power and His fame
So when His time had come to die~He was arrested by them 
Though the Son of God was innocent, they said, "Crucify Him!"

He was wounded; He was bruised~He was rejected; He was grieved
He was disfigured more than any man on the Cross between two thieves
The punishment that brought us peace~with all our sins were laid on Him
Still He said, "They know not what they do~Father, forgive them."

(Bridge II)
He said, "It is done!"  Then Jesus died
Upon the Cross they pierced His side
And sealed the tomb in which He lay
Still God raised Him up in three days

{Bridge III}
Justified by the Spirit and seen by men and angels
He was believed on in the world~ and taken up to glory 
He is lifted up and still preached among the nations
Every man, woman, boy and girl need to hear His love story
Grace is His favor, we behold
And His Passion is the greatest love we've known
Full of truth and everlasting mercy shown
Jesus' story is the greatest ever told

Copyright © Leon Stacey

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Everyone is with someone else they can't stay apart,
and this sadness shouldn't be mine today or ever...
because His birth makes light much brighter
in this lonely soul searching for comfort,
and that's why I'm loudly singing for Jesus:  my Redeemer!

What I feel comes from a heart that desperately 
desires its tears to erase what has been its yesterday,
and loudly singing for Jesus:  my Redeemer does me good;
praising His coming and proclaiming Him my Lord!

Nobody more than I...has the urge to be consoled,
when arms don't open to welcome me inside;
and His mighty arms, although trembling and small,
open up in loving gesture to greet my call!   

Come Jesus, friend of gentle hearts and kind souls,
spend Your day telling me what is in store for me;
how Heaven echoes of the angelic, eternal voices...
unlikely the earth that waits for a Savior to end its misery! 

Without instrument, music sheets, or choir on a snowy day: 
I'm loudly singing for Redeemer in the simplest way,
and my gladness is expressed in every verse of my song;
oh, how I'd like to thrill baby Jesus with the words I sing! 

I'm loudly singing for Redeemer,   
as I shiver under the cold sky of December!

Copyright © Andrew Crisci

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Jesus Lifted Me!

I nailed my sins,
To my Lord's cross.
Leaving them there,
I suffered no loss!

The burden load I carried,
Was now so much lighter.
The life ahead of me,
Now is much brighter!

Feeling the freedom,
Of walking with Him.
Drawing strength from Jesus,
To turn away from sin.

Growing in love,
For ALL mankind.
Holding grudges no more,
In heart and mind.

Blessed by His Spirit,
Jesus lifted me!
Surrendering each day to Him,
I can live carefree!

Copyright © Neal Carl

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The Donkey Carol

(Chorus): My name is breda Donkey
               'Pon my back is de Christmas story
               A carry God's son an' mercy
               Down through the ages to wi glory
               De baby born in Bethlehem's manger
               Wi creator, redeemer, how stranger

Ole Balaam let mi carry him
Fi guh sell the Massa prophecy
An angel did appear to him
An' bring me square in history
               Ole Balaam saw a star
               Coming out of Jacob family
               Jesus coming from beyond afar
               To bring all sinners mercy

So one night breda Joseph call mi
Him seh O donkey come carry Mary
I know it was Balaam's prophecy
For Bethlehem's star was bright above me
              No room, no room for the baby
              Not a preacher in the earth was ready
              So mi call 'pon mi animal family
              Jesus cum guh mek yuh manger ready

The street was full of trafficking
While merchants count their money
Wi sang glory to man's joy born king
Jesus is the manger baby
              Hush Mr. cow nuh bawl again
              Red Heifer yuh sacrifice over
              Likkle lambs guh skip 'pon de plain
              Bethlehem bring forth the redeemer

Sweet likkle turtle dove you are free
The covenant of the ark is broken
Sweet Jesus bring love and jubilee
Same de greedy ole Balaam had spoken
              But mi is donkey an mi work nuh done
              A carry him before the cross
              Mi labor till de second coming of the son
              Sin is mi burden, but a him it cost

This song is written to the tune of Jamaican folk song: "Good evening, Mrs Cunningham
It is written for two voices that blend to sing the chorus, but sing each stanza in 2 parts.  It 
tells the story of Christmas from a donkey's point view, and yet stay true to the Bible 

Some words are peculiar to the Jamaican dialect for coloring of the song:
Breda: brother; 'pon:upon; de:the; wi:our; ole:old; mi:me; fi:to; guh:go
Cum:come ... had all words recapitulate to the Jamaican dialect even young Jamaicans would 
have been alienated --- for the language was not encouraged in our homes where it was 
considered bad talking. It is being revived through academics at the UWI again.

Copyright © L'nass Shango

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In the beginning the was word
And the word became flesh
It was a setup! When a virgin was with a child
And the little child shall lead them.

Et tu, Brute? Et tu, Brute?
In exchange of your brothers blood for the kisses of death? Oh! Judas!
Is that your brothers blood in your hands, oh! Simone Peter?
Betrayal is deeper than a cut in flesh itself.

"Let him be crucified" they said.
In brutality they forced crown of thorns on his head
Knowing not it was a prediction
It was a setup!

Untransformed minds mocked him,
bowed and knee before him 
Saying " Hail King of the Jews"
Knowing not the power of the tongue
It was a setup!

he dug his own grave
Creating the weapon
To kill the anointed
It was a setup!

They should have bound his arms behind,
Instead they crossed him, drank from the cup of confusion.
Bones crossed grievously,
Flesh ripped and blood pouring like water
To conquer, heal and to save children of God, they miscounted
It was a setup!

Eli, Eli, Lama sabachthani?
The Father groans for His only begotten son
for he knew no sin hence became a sin
For so He loved the world.
" it is finished "

The mouth of Sheol, swallowed him rejoicing
"You bite off more than you can chew"
Grave couldn't contain him for He has been crowned.
It was a setup!

By: Nosipho C Madywabe

Copyright © Nosipho constance Madywabe

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Unconventional God

the One Omnipotent God

does unconventional things

and many out there agree

until they find out that it means

His ways are passed finding out

but if we will simply obey

the world will see what God does

and hear what God has to say


So who directs God's Spirit to do as they feel 

He's the One who leads and guides and goes where He wills

Teaching us as we follow Christ we become unpredictable

Getting to know Him, doing exploits, strong and unconventional 

Would you do what Jesus did?

Would you say what Jesus said?

If you could see and hear your Father

Be so unpredictable

Would you do it how He did it?

Would you say it how He said it?

If you could see and hear your Father

Be so unconventional  [Chorus]

those full of the Spirit of God

do unconventional things

and many out there agree

until they find out that it means

His thoughts are not their thoughts

His ways are not their ways

and those God directs perform

and speak like Jesus does and says

Copyright © Leon Stacey

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My dearest and beloveth Master and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  Please forgive me
for all the wrong I have ever done to anyone in my twenty-six years on this your

Forgive me for all of my disbelief, all of my fleshly thoughts that are contriary
to the thoughts which you would have me to entertain.  Forgive me for all of my
past fornication.  I pray that your continue to give me the heart and mind to re
main celibated, until your appointed time for me to receive my beloveth bride
fom You.

Until then I pray that Your Holy Spirit will continue to direct my path and that
I will not grieve Your Holy Spirit, but be obedient to Him.  Lord I pray that You 
will continue to fight my battles for me and that no weapon formed against
me shall prosper.

I pray for your protection over all the soldiers which are abroad fighting for
the safety of all people in this Great Land.  I pray that your Angelic Host will
protect and be their discerning spirit in abrupt situations and circumstances.
Lord, I pray that we all will truly appreciate this freedom from not having to fear
worshipping Jesus Christ.

Lord I pray for all the sick and all the children which are subjected to abuse and 
neglect.  I pray for all the grandmothers and grandfathers that are in nursing 
homes everywhere that are being neglected by their family.  Lord you be their
family as You have been mine.  Lord I pray for all the prisoners in prisons 
everywhere, that they submit themselves unto You.  Lord I pray this prayer will
be read by all those who are in need of prayer and forgiveness.  It's in the 
Precious Name Of Jesus Christ That I Humbly Pray.  Amend.

Copyright © elijah prophet

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Thank You Jesus For Friendship

Truly Jesus you are an amazing Lord.  Without you putting friends in my life to 
allow me to see my way clear, surely I would have wrecked and ended up in a 
premature grave.

Because of the christian friends that you are now placing in my life,l feel so 
enriched and safe.  Thank You for all of the sudden friends that are in my life.  
Especially K.B. and T.G. and C.D.

I only pray that You will give me the wisdom to receive these new found 
friendship.  All my life i was a drug dealer and user and everyone that was
close to me only desire the drugs or the money or my body.  Only now do I really
rrealize that I had been living an illusion.

Jesus help me to understand this new way of friendship and appreciate it and 
Glory You inside of it.  And when i falter, be my strength and correction.  and when 
pain strikes my heart, give me the courage to share with these ne friends, 
instead of keeping it all bottle up inside of me.  Thank You Jesus for these 
incredible friends I now have.

Copyright © elijah prophet

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Jesus came to save us
and will return to earth unexpectedly
to estabilish an everlasting kingdom,
stronger than the rocks of the mountains,
which nobdy is caple of destroying...not
even Satan,with all his power,can try!

Jesus once came to bring us together as
many obeying children under one family;
He'll gather all under His throne
to make us perfect and holy:
we'll have new bodies and minds without pain,
and we will glorify Him eternally!

Jesus will reappear to open his pierced palms 
and say to the silent crowds
"Come and eat at the table of my kingdom
with the holy prophets and saints;
come and share with them the pure love,
joy,peace and happiness that my father offers!"

Jesus's gospel is about kindness,  
like imitating the very little ones...
if we are to enter the gates of his kingdom
and He joyfully tells us,
"Love like them and learn from them,
but don't harm or corrupt them...
because my judgement will be very harsh;
choose life to uphold fairness and justice!

Jesus hears the prayers that we utter   
when we go through hardships and unbearable days,
and He will grant only those that are sincere and truthful;
Jesus seeks good hearts to dispel their fears,
to console them when they don't choose the ways of the world... 
to suffer much,but never to give up to despair!   

Copyright © Andrew Crisci

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Jesus is Coming

In an eye's twinkle
Jesus is coming
For a church without wrinkle 
Or any such thing
So be holy and blameless
Jesus is coming
For a church without blemish
Or any such thing  (Chorus)

If judgment will begin in the Lord's on house
By the cleansing of the Word for a radiant spouse,
Then what will be the end of those whose ways are broad
Who do not obey the very Word of God?

While people are saying, "Safety and peace,"
Destruction will come upon them suddenly
But for you who are walking as children of Light
That Day should not surprise as a thief in the night


And if God's righteous people are scarcely saved,
If God's holy people just barely escapes
The Judgment to come with great terror and fear
Then where shall the ungodly and sinner appear?

[channel 2]
When the heavens pass away with a shrill sound,
The earth with everything will burn to the ground.
Now since the elements will melt with fervent heat,
What manner of godly people should we be?
In an eye's twinkle
Jesus is coming
For a church without wrinkle 
Or any such thing
So be holy and blameless
Jesus is coming
For a church without blemish
Or any such thing  (Chorus)

Copyright © Leon Stacey