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Ballad Happiness Poems | Ballad Poems About Happiness

These Ballad Happiness poems are examples of Ballad poems about Happiness. These are the best examples of Ballad Happiness poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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You are the Lover of my soul
the keeper of my heart
you hold the keys to both my heart and soul
I gave my keys to you to keep close and never let go
my love you are my world and my everything
you are the love of my life
the one I adore deeply
the keeper of keys of my heart
my sweet you are the one I Love deeply with all my heart an soul
YOU are my everything!

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Life is a many things
Sometimes life is a dark tunnel,
But every tunnel has a light at the end
I will be your lantern to guide the way
Cling to me and I will keep you from the darkness
Life is a giant battle.
I will be your shield and spear 
Your spear to pierce through the horrible people
Who want to harm you, 
Your shield to protect you
From the battles you cannot win your self 
life is many things my dear 
But I am here,
For you to use, to cherish, and love.
Life is many things my dear. 
But you are not alone.
I am here. 

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The country gathering

The country gathering

Sometimes the folk all got together
In the little country house
Now there was Tom the tiny tiger
Well, he could be a louse
But could he play that old guitar
Man! he made it speak
And when the folk did hear him play
He made their legs go weak.

There was Winifred the otter
How she did those drums
Her rhythm it could suck one in
If you were feeling glum
You’re legs would start to dancing
As you’d rise up to the sky
And all those troubles that you had
They’d fade away and die.

Now Mugly Minie, could she sing!!
She was the porcupine
She’d stand there with a glass of wine
And she’d just blow your mind
As Billie basset, the friendly bear
Would play that bass so cool
Now he was quiet, and very shy
But lord, he had it all.

People came from miles around
To hear those  fellows play
They’d dance and sing Chicago blues
Their hearts alive and gay
They’re going to be a big time band
One day, they all know this
But all they really want to do
Is play, that’s how it is.

24 July 2013 @ 1150hrs.

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If the world were full of hippies

If the world were full of hippies
there'd be nothing left to prove
except peace and understanding
and a little bit of groove

Noone would be homeless
Like many live today
We'd build beautiful communes
where anyone could stay

Together we'd make music
to the beat of mother earth
there'd be no fighting or war
Everyone sharing equal worth

We'd grow our own vegetables
 and create trinkets to sell
We'd open up our minds
break free from our shell

Every colour and every race
would teach one another
we'd become a united family
every sister, every brother

We'd bless all gods creatures
show respect for the land
Give free hugs to everyone
openminded to understand

Nature would speak to us
Our world would become one
with peace and understanding
and a little bit of fun

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25yrs of love for you

The first time I met you I will never forget,
I fell in love with you the moment our eyes met,
In December that year it was the best day of my life,
when we took our vow's and you made me your wife.

We didn't get engaged,
we didn't need that kind of thing
and 20yrs later you bought me a ring,
When I opened that present what a surprise
I've got to admit it bought tears to my eyes.

Two wonderful children,
a girl and a boy.
Over the years there's been laughter and joy,
there's been times that we'd  fight and argue it out,
but our love for each other was never in doubt.

For 25yrs we have been blessed
with much love and happiness,
and now to make our lives complete
three wonderful grandchildren for us to treat.

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Noonday Sun

Noonday Sun

Suffering, so much suffering astounds,
Suffering brings us to our very knees,
And cries out to us in sleepless nights,
In the morning, fatigued and wrenched,
Begging for a reprieve from the day,
The sun is blocked by the sound of our own doubt,
“Where is the end of all this?”
“To what end is this, Lord Buddha?”
And he points to the clouds,
And says, “Wait”
And in that moments waiting,
We think to our children,
And we look to their faces, smiling faces though still starving in tattered rags,
And we understand, that there is a brighter day for them,
For someone made the Sun I tell you,
For someone made the Sun,
And as the Son heats the clouds,
We feel the wind on our heat scorched faces,
And we say, “Allah, what is the meaning of this?”
And she says, “Wait!”
And in that moments waiting,
We think of Mother Jones pleading for her people as she speaks truth to power.
And as droplets of rain begin to fall into our sordid subconscious,
We begin to grasp the nature of a Grace that suffers with us,
And as droplets of rain begin to fall into our sordid subconscious,
We look to each other,
And feel the warmth of a Noonday sun.

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In Your Beautiful Eyes

As I look into your beautiful eyes,I see the world as i hope to see it

and that is as beautiful as your wonderful eyes are

with the holiness and glory of the Lord flowing around

with the Lord watching down on us

going through life together forever praising 

Him in your beautiful eyes!

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What are your Words of Poetry meant for Oh Sage

The wrothful man has regotiated his saliency,
The humble man has neglected his post of "Your Excellency",
Let the pirate look through my one eye of transpareency,
Hope my superman sings along to those dracula's frequencies,
These are not Bulls written in pure fantasy,
Our fleur-de-lis and its very ecstacy,
Not meant for agilely minded Perverts,
Spliffs meant for Godly minds,exhalling Wisdom and Truth.. Selah

Reading to the salient ears of age,
Your teeth gleaning this vast ears of corn,
Seeing men's rage shorten their years,
Or what your ladies who smiled at my no-beard-style have become,
Easy skanking is what my ears hear,
A tip of God given talents,
Many a quail showering my Sweet Heart with "Works so excellent",
God breathes his creative spirit to minds We call "Salient", Selah

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On sunlit wings 
I travelled 
High above the earth, 
in the realm of spiritual beings 

Mighty mountains 
and cool streams 
Azure oceans 
I live my dreams 
I live my emotions 

I am but a feather, 
beginning to fly 
My body 
My heart, 
carried high 

Clouds of purest snow 
Golden sun 
I passed below 

Another day, 
in the blue 
You could have it too 
Come up if you may 

Circles of eagles, 
in the blue 
You are all with me too 
High above, 
clouds of purest snow 
Together we flew 

Such love, 
in such golden light 
Circles of eagles, 
above clouds of purest white 

The higher I flew 
I met people I lost too 
My father, 
wings aglow 
Beside me, 
golden bright 
Circles of eagles 
High in the light 

A spiritual place, 
high above 
Touching space 
Such love, 
in golden light 
Circles of eagles, 
in flight 

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" have one duck... I saw it."
"no crickets, but yes, the sound"

~I have some fish, swimming around...

Who are you? And where do you be?
As I walk this forest, how do you, see me?
A cricket's sound, some fish around,
But you and you lost to my sea.
Why, do you two follow me?

An open door, extended before,
A hand, a smile, I waited awhile, with
hopes and maybe some fantasy.
I hoped you woulda, woulda hit on me.
But in retro, I did so see...

My time of past, dyes deep and fast,
a flow, a hum, my life was numb.
In a time of change, I rearranged,
the elements of my being.
I changed, to my Me Becoming.
And I stopped in my tracks,
while in my running.

Hanging there was Venus dear,
A photo I gave you, from above.
The Sun ablaze, the Moon amazed,
while I heard your Heart. My love...

But questioned I when you raised an I,
and you didn't reply to my song?
I sang again! And I glared at you then,
but you turned, as though I were wrong?
A butterfly, a kiss by your eye... and yet,
I still wonder why your park is gone.
And the Indian Sang, but you heard no song?

~Know. The journey is Long...

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When your day is not going well,
look around to find someone to tell
your problems and worries to...
unless you  lose heart and hope 
and make you empty and blue,
but will you cope with your hurt?

The wonderful joy of being alive:
lies in the secret of facing your struggles,
and change despair into love;
many don't try hardly enough...
they give up and wait for miracles...
others erase their pain with a laugh!

When your day is not going well,
try to say a short and simple prayer:
that'll give you more strenght to bear...
and if misery knocks you down, stand up again,
and start looking at life with new eyes;
all the way through...your courage will arise!

Finding a better way is very pratical,
and when you reach your goal...
you'll lend your kind hand
to even passing strangers,
and love them as your very special friends;
then you won't be lonely and sad!

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The Definition Of A Real Woman

(W)- A real woman knows that the wages of sin is death so she is not concerned about the wages of a real man, because money comes and goes like day and night; but true love comes just every blue moon. A real woman isn't loud and doesn't have to be the center of attention. Money is a gold-diggers virtue, while patience is a real woman’s virtue. A real woman is always wary of the image she displays to the world because she knows her children are watching her every move. A real woman’s wisdom comes from the teachings of her elders and the experiences and hardships life brings. A real woman is the wings that help a broken man learn to fly again. When you become the object of a real woman’s affection, winning is the only option.

(O)- A real woman’s main obligation is to better herself, before she attempts to become someone’s better half. A real woman is very obliged with all that God has blessed her with. When a man takes a real woman for granted, she makes up her mind to put him away into oblivion. A real woman is use to jumping hurdles because overcoming obstacles in life keeps her on the right track. A real woman doesn't spend her time worrying if failure is around the corner, because she occupies her freedom chasing her dreams in her most comfortable running shoes. A real woman is a hopeless romantic ready to be wooed with an odyssey of love with a real man by her side.

(M)- A real woman’s presence is magnanimous and captures attention because of the poised and elegant stature of her classy nature. A real woman is like the magnet of ecstasy. All women don't attend college or hold prestigious employment, but for many being the Valedictorian of mothers everywhere is the major of their lives. A real woman respects the art of marriage and believes in monogamy. A real woman’s life is the motion picture of sophistication. The mythology of a woman began within a man’s ribs and ends in the beat of his heart.

(A)- A real woman sticks to her man like glue and never abandons his side. A real woman has the ability to do anything a man can. A real woman has the power to fill the abyss of a man’s pains with joy. A real woman prays with her other half because faith is the key of remaining on one accord. A real woman will amaze you with the way she adapts to changes in her ambiance. A real woman is the architect of her own destiny.

(N) A real woman needs a man to understand and love her for everything she is and for everything she is not because a good support system is a leading factor in longevity within relationships. A real woman is the nexus between love and happiness. When you converse with a real woman you will realize that she is nimble with her every response. No man can ignore the nymph of a real woman, because it is in her D.N.A to be notable.

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My crazy cousin

My crazy Cousin.

My cousin calls me crazy poet
Cause I don’t think like others
I’ve not seen her since she was three
A Flower girl to us lovers
When we got wed in sixty five
But now we write and all
Oh lord, we two are so alike
It’s just remarkable.

In eight weeks time, she’s coming here
To good old western Oz
I know we’re going to get on well
I do, and that’s because
That girl is crazy just like me
And she likes a good old laugh
She seems to be a grand old bird
I’ll say on her behalf.

She’ll bring her man, and son with her
They’re all creative folk
She can paint and write as well
And boy, it is no joke
The kind of talent that they have
It will be a joy to me
To meet up with forgotten kin
I can’t wait for this to be.

11 August 2013 @ 1813hrs.

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Haggis and Drinks Mi Luve (Mythology)

Let’s hve haggis and drinks mi luve
Find de bes ina de ole land 
Lay yu head on mi chest mi luve
Whilst wi dance musik wid de band

Dance wid de band in de Highlands
Backyard jig good fer de ole soul
Tickle mi nose with yu gold locks
Tigether wi bade ead to toe’s sole

Call Fionn mi Luve with his jug
Nice poems he read at de gate
Summon the Clooties with a mug
Aye, they will cum and bles dis date

We’ll sail de river on Loch Ness
Kelpies will protect our flanks
Goddess Scotia says we bless
Oh mi chamin' sweet Sidhe, tanks

Aye! Mi sweet luve; Boobrie will fly
He will fetch up the Salmon Ring
And a knot cross de land we tye
Red Caps our guard til cum de spring

Then wid haggis and drinks mi luve
Goddesses'pipes blow dem great songs
In the grey mist we skip and dance
Then like Boobrie we fly with doves

Scottish Mythical Legends:

1. Fionn is a Scottish magician, warrior and poet
2. Clootie is a Scottish name for the devil.  The name originated from the word cloot, which  
    mean a division in the cleft hoof of an animal.
3. Kelpie is a Scottish water devil who lurks in lakes and rivers and drowns its victims.
4. Scotia is a goddess normally portrayed as an old hag with the tusks of a wild boar
5. Sidhe (Shee) is the Gaelic name for fairies in the Highlands of Scotland and also Ireland. 
6. Boodrie is a wonderful water-bird from the Highlands.  It haunts and protects the lakes  
    and wells.
7. Red Cap is a sort of short, stocky old guy with long gray hair and claws instead of hands 
    and fingers. He lives on the Scottish border and guard the ancient ruins of castles

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A Poetry Ballad

Ballad of the poet

When the moon kissed the sun, and light spread upon the earth. *hh*
Bright and early, 
early bird gets the worm.

With sullen time on stand by.... *DJ*"
Spurns emerald valleys that blur upon my new-found perch  *J.M.G*
While all nature wakes from slumber in timeless glory. *E.G*
Morning glory stroked by a ceremonious dandelion... whisper~   *K.D*

Bitter like morning breath.
Rooster crows, two songs, I share a note with him.
My cat rises to the sun of a new day.
Stretches into a c with her tongue curled and tail furled  *S.K.*
My coffee offers the sweetest taste after a goodbye kiss.
Clever and warm, I twinkle to the new morning light,
as I step outside, something pierced my heart..
~Wing broken, his bow in tow, arrows strewn, 
~No flight for thee, love lost, bent arrows I see,"  *R.M*
Everything I see, everything I feel around me.
Becomes a new song.
Born of many emotions.
I roll them on a paper without a pen. 
BUT!  In my mind they speak clearly to me~
Look into My eyes with your heart... and there you will find your soul  * R.A.D.*

"I hear an angel calling The beastly being within"   *R.S*
A new creation awaits beyond the path of dreams content,
Eros and Cupid both shoot through my heart."  *J.H.*
As the arrow's liquid enters my soul...    *RON*
Will that winged creature with the bow and arrows stop blinking his eyes?" *R.P*
He has stretched his wings too far this time.  *V.B.*
"His arrow of love is strumming my heart with golden grace.  *L.M*
A Halo'd smile upon my face.    * L.H*
Has suddenly turned to a grimace!   *G.S.*

(( feel free to add a line** in my comment box... ))

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Best Friend

I remember the very first time I saw you,
You wiped the sweat off your forehead,
I remember what all I use to say to you,
Followed my heart, I love you,
Maybe I needed to guard what I say,
Or express it in another way,
I hope I did you no harm,
Or is that what you call destiny,
Please know in your heart,
Eventhough how things played out,
My life and all its' worth,
Worth calling existing - living,
And without ever crossing paths,
My life would have been blah,
Words can not express how I feel about you,
Celebrate our love, if nothing more ever than be my best friend,
You are my very breath and hope of hearing from and possibly seeing you,
The very reason I make it through another day,
Our love we will celebrate far and away,
But in my heart, you are right here with me today,
I love you friend,
You make this world and all it contains worth living,
My heart smiles when it thinks of you,
I will somehow express my heart before I leave this earth,
So much I want to say,
I don't want to complicate things,
I just want you to be healthy, happy and carefree,
I know you love me,
You don't have to say it like I so often do,
I knew day one, 
When I became good friends to you!
I love you, boo!
I do!
Best of luck,
Live like you were dying!

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My Cousin Alf

Written by my Cousin Susan Northwood who thinks she cannot write. She wrote this poem for me. pleaser let her know that she can write very well, she is also an excellent artist. By the way, I am back from my holiday, and glad to be back with you all.

My cousin  Alf.

Whilst searching on the net one day
A name jumped out on me
Peter Duggan, as he is known
My cousin, that he be.
A crazy man, a writer too
Speaks his mind, I kid not you
He loves to argue, and debate
Gossip, and trivia, he does so hate.

He wrote me emails, all the time
And many poems in rhythm, and rhyme
His words were calming, made sense to me
Helped my fears,and anxieties.
Life for him had not been kind
Bullied, beaten, and a troubled mind
But here he was, helping me
With all my anger, that He could see

As time did pass, my life got better
Thanks to him, and all his letters
Back and forth, we wrote like mad
Happy laughing, and sometimes sad.
Now here in Oz, I've come to see
My cousin, and his family
Yes he's just how I imagined
Loves all life, and writes with passion.

He argues, talks, and often shouts
Sings, and laughs, but what about?
Yes, he's blunt, and can be rude
He'll shock you too, if you're a prude
But underneath his suit of armour
There stands a man, who's met his karma
All he wants is peace in in life
No more trouble. fights and strife.

There's many souls who cannot cope
With this loud, outspoken bloke
But I know where this man is from
He says it in his words and songs.
So for me he is not Peter
Or Billy, John or Ralph
He simply is my cousin 
Also known as Alf.

Written by Susan Northwood, for Peter Duggan.

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Life's journey long
Need for solid ground
Many rise and fall
On this merry-go-round
Not on this ride alone
My forever I've found

Oh, how she loves
She loves me whatever
My best friend, my forever
She loves me true
On her love I depend
Love never end, my forever

Dark clouds come
And life rains on me
Forever holds my hand
She gives faith to see
Not on this ride alone
Together we're free

Oh, how she loves
She loves me whatever
My best friend, my forever
She loves me true
On her love I depend
Love never end, my forever

Yeah, I'm here for her.. Here for forever

Oh, how she loves
She loves me whatever
My best friend, my forever
She loves me true
On her love I depend
Love never end, my forever


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love is the first point of HAPPY.
love is the first step to HEAVEN.
love is the first line of the HEART GARDEN.
love is the first day of the PEACE.
love is the first relation of OURSELVES.
love is the first person of our LIFE.
spread the LOVE. at last,
love will be the last point of your FAMILY.
that is LOVE.

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The storm

The storm

The sky above was filled right up
With big, black, monstrous clouds
The thunder hit the blackened skies
His voice so very loud
Forked all across the morning skies
Fiery fingers streak on out
Then the thunder rumbles loud and strong
And rain is all about

Oh how that rain came teeming down
Just like it’s on a mission
To wash away the whole damned earth
As with her quiet precision
Mother Nature puts the pressure on
To warn us human souls
Of the damage she could do
With the power in her role

The rain, It pours down onto me
But I don’t feel a thing
I’m covered by my wetland gear
And my heart begins to sing
For me, I love these thunder storms
With all their mighty power
Though some on seeing all this drama
Would hide away and cower.

17 August 2013 @ 1708hrs.

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The Song of the Loner

Cut out from the rest, feeling so left out I lay my head on my hands and sigh: Why did things have to happen this way Why is it that I was denied? Denied the basic friendship, A meager ounce of which could help, To grow in thought, deed, word and spirit, To help strengthen myself. Why is it that I feel the need, To sit in the corner and cry? The cold creeps in and I’m overcome By the darkness and void of the night. I lift my head and open my eyes, The tears they blur my sight, And through hazed vision I notice a single star, A lone beacon in the sky. The clouds they part and a million other stars Come out from hidden slumber; They join with that single star to make The glow in the night sky brighter. Combined with the light of the great white moon, They light up the earth below. Their twinkle and their glimmer reflects on the pool, Of tears lying on the floor. Suddenly the truth hits me: My life was playing right before me! I realize that soon the time would come When I would not be lonely. That there would come a day when I wouldn’t have to weep In self pity and dismay; That the clouds of hate and bitterness Would one day roll away. That the love and friendship I duly deserve Would fall like summer rain Refreshing my soul and replenishing my spirit Making me whole again. Yet till that day I have to wait And learn to shine on my own. So for now I stand up and wipe away my tears; My spirit no longer forlorn.

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With This New Day

I have lived, 
And felt the cost, 
Paid my dues, 
But I have lost_ You. 

 Still I pray, 
As chaos looms, 
And as my blue turns into grey, 
I hear__ 
The angels sing- In tune. 

 Don't be giving in, 
Don't give up my son, 
Or fade away, 
Lift your chin with the sun__ And rise, 
With this new day!. 

 I have lived, 
And felt the cost of all my wonderin ways, 
I've paid my dues, 
I - Have lost you. 

 I can hear the angels sing, 
Your in a mistaken land__ Lessons learned in truth, 
As the grey seeks out the blue, 
She will__ Your daughter my son--- 
She will return--- To You.

For I have lived, 
Felt the cost of all my walkin days, 
I've paid my dues, 
I- Lost you....

I wont be giving in, 
Won't give up my girl, 
Or fade away, 
I'll lift my chin with the sun--- 
And RISE-- 
With this new day...

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A Shared Dream

Chills of comfort
as smooth as skin 
grazing grey stones. 

In the next room-
technology is hard at work
churning, turning
while the guitar gently rifts. 

Harsh winds are whipping, 
we are lying 
above a pale yellow floor
across a hazy tundra.

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The birds are coming

The birds are coming
The birds are coming
The dusk be closing in
The evening silence, coming soon
Makes way for screeching din
Of crazy birds of pink and grey
All falling from the sky
Alighting near the feeding tray
As daylight starts to die

So beautiful, the sun shines bright
Pink feathers come aflame
As dancing, screeching, crazy  birds
Enjoying life’s sweet game
They argue as each pulling rank
Will try to get first feed
Those pink and grey galahs they be
A somewhat noisy breed.

Too soon, they’re gone
So very suddenly
They hurl themselves into the sky`
As off and flying free
They fly up to their safe abodes
Among the tall green trees
To slumber neath the starry skies
So wonderful they be.

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Green lush of green 
lush green is green
a leaf of language 
a branch of word 
a flagstone steps 

Heart of the earth is free, 
white flowers
Clean heart, 
fine arts literature
sketching art 
arable land 
planting gratitude

Green is nature 
cool breeze 
citing cloud 
loyal heart 
clarity of thinking 
for the future!

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I sometimes sit and wonder, dad are you with me? and are you sad?
I think of the time I had with him here on earth
He was a this frail, little man who loved the Lord 
He certainly did all he could, he loved yellow for he stood out in a crowd
My dad was a wonderful person and friend
You just had to do for him, he was always so happy and never sad
To have some help from time to time, he loved you to come see him
He was a true man of God
He went to church and gave all he had
He never had extravagant things
He loved the basics of having furniture and clothes
When I gave him the rocking chair for Fathers Day in 2008,
Little did I know he was getting ready to leave this earth
I remember being so very happy to see, the smile on his face
When I would come near
The thing I am trying to express for all of us is  to love your fathers and
Give them your trust
For you never know that this little man from God in yellow 
He may still be sitting in the church he loved. 
I remember always my father he was, the light of my life and now he is with the
Lord above
Love your fathers and let them know that you truly love them so.....

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Only as a friend, I thought you stood by me... I walked around blind, because i could not see... You were my knight and shining armor, my friend so dear and true... You gave me hope, when i was sad and blue... Only I not to realize, what you really meant... Until that winter day, when that text to you i sent... Looking past the imperfections, I told you with my life i have to do... So you told amazing stories, and said that i was amazing too... I thought if only you would realize, we are friends and nothing more... Now it is I who understands, its you who I adored...
Dec. 18. 2011

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My Husband

My Husband!
My Husband is the man of my dreams, my fantasies, and so much more. He can take my breath away with just a whisper of things to come. I can’t help but look at him and think my husband; the man of my life, forever mine.
My husband looks and acts professional as he lectures to a large group of people. They seem to linger on his every word learning as much as possible in the allotted time with him. He is smart and well-dressed but underneath a wild side that I know so well is there waiting to come out.
My husband playing while kayaking; splashing like only best friends and lovers would do. A kid at heart he shares his lunch and takes pictures to show his friends. He wants the world to know how fun it was and we plan to go again. So proud am I of my husband, best friend, and lover.
My husband has helped so many of my dreams come true. If you can dream it, then you can do it he would say. As frustration came, he my husband and fantasy would rescue me. My husband set my dreams soaring high as together we found a place the world could never touch us!
My husband is my soul mate and so much more that words can’t describe. Nothing can take him from me; for out of my dreams and into my life made special for me, my husband is everything I could ever want or need. Drawn to him somehow night and day our hearts beat as one. Together nothing is impossible as we share a love and bond that not even in death will we part. Our souls will hold one another forever!
Debbie Knapp	

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Hero for a very short time

Hero for a very short time.

Long time ago with some compassion
I raised a lot of money
For a country low on luck
And my mood became real sunny
When folk at work did make a fuss
And treat me like a king
Oh, this it made me very happy
It really made my heart sing

It was the day of the Christmas do
I was feeling kind of grand
I drank some beer, and had a ball
For me I did command
So much attention from these guys
And well, I drank too much
And then it all got out of hand
It did by just a touch.

Well I got drunk, right off my head!
And really ruined things
As with my great big cockney mouth
Much trouble I did bring
Then all these guys that praised me up
They done a backward flip
I was hero for a few short hours
Until I lost my grip.

13 March 2014 @ 1400hrs.

For Verenas contest, I was right

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My addiction

I have an addiction...
It dont matter what time of day it is my addiction is there...
Not always in the literall since...
But it is always on my mind...
I lay my head down to sleep at night thinking about you...
I sleep dreaming about you...
I wake up thinking about you...
Your always on my mind...
No matter what I do my addiction is always on my mind...
Even if your not the last one I talk to before I lay my head down to sleep...
I still lay my head down thinking of you...
I just cant get enought of you...
No matter what my addiction is there...
My addiction has a name...
Her name is Shelby Nestle...
No matter how much we text or talk on the phone...
Its never enough...
I cant get enough of your beautiful eyes...
I cant get enough of that beautiful smile...
I cant get enough of kissing your soft lips...
That feeling I get inside when our lips touch...
Or holding you in my arms...
This is a new addiction to me...
Never have I been this addicted this quick...
It scares the shyt outta me...
But then I love it...
You are my new addiction baby... 
You are my...
My heroin...
My ecstacy... 
My cocaine...
You are my own personal drug...
I cant imagine and addiction stronger...
You are my addiction...
I wouldnt even think about trying to break this addiction...
I wouldnt go to rehab for this addiction...
I like it to much...

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I conceived you in my mind.
I carried you around in the depth of my heart.
sitting under the tree of life,
I heard your song,my unborn child.I sang
it while I waited. I sang it while I waited.
I told your father of the song-
our child will sing.

He danced in morning glory,
he dance in morning glory.
I danced with your father
and he place you in my womb,
he placed you in my womb-
As we sang the tune;
We knew you'd be here soon.
I nurtured in my womb
-I nurtured in my womb.

And on the day that you came-
We were all familiar with your song
the day you arrived,
We all knew your song and sang,
your lovely song and sang.. you are alive.
We rejoiced in your song.

You grew up to be strong,
and when you did wrong,
we'd correct you with your song.
We'd caressed -with your song.
All the days of your life;
You shined our eyes with Joy.
When you returned
to where children come from;
Your life had been long.

The words to your song...lingered on.
We are now all gone;
 But your song still remains. 
From birth -
Your song still remains...
with those left on earth.


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The Long Way Home

trotting across my back field
there’s a storm brewing-in
it’s misty friend is climbing 
through the cold, prickly wires

Delicately drenched, 
as wet as 
a dog’s kiss,
there’s a-storm brewing-in
it’s casual pal is breezing-
bothering the wicker trees.

his smile- 
brightens my mind 
like the italian renaissance.
inhaling red tipped 
we chat under the glistening leaves. 

But there’s a storm brewing-in
it’s hamper full dirty laundry
is drying-
stringing across my back yard. 

his laugh-
is as pleasing 
as old dogs learning new tricks.
Just one more outburst, 
and I swear this storm will turn to stone. 

I bask-
his attention is as gratifying 
as a masters gentle stroke
just one more round of 
darting eyes and light hearted jokes.

I realize now, 
He grumpiness does best
to protect what’s raw and rare-
from the snakes who try to tear us away from home.

Like stumpy cigarettes, 
hanging off the tips 
of tough our lips. 
we’ll share each other’s worlds.
Yes, Like stumpy cigarettes, 
hanging off the tips 
of tough our lips.
let’s melt into each other’s worlds.

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Princess Angelina

Princess Angelina

Princess Tinsels baby daughter
Has grown up quite a bit
And my, oh, my, she’s beautiful
Oh, she has all of it
A heart of gold, a lovely form
And she’s so full of bliss
Her name is Angelina
So very sweet she is.

She has a way with animals
That seems at times like magic
She loves all people, all of them
And when their days are tragic
She’ll give them the milk of kindness
She has the healing touch
And even gnomes and bitter demons
They all love her so much.

Angelina, she is loved
By all who hear her name
Folk they come from miles around
To see this girl of fame
One day she will be their queen
And it is plain to see
That when she takes that station on
A wondrous Queen she’ll be.

6 September 2013 @ 0535hrs.

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Remembering those days

Remembering those days

I’m remembering those days
That I’d be there on that stage
Blowing a storm on the old blues harp
Oh man, I used to rage
Some said that I was the best
And I loved that ego boost
So I would wail those blues notes out
All hanging kind of loose.

The folk would come and buy me drinks
And praise me up a bit
And I would smoke the wacky baccy
Oh man, I really loved it
And then I’ get so bloody soulful
I’d forget just where I was
My eyes all closed my body swaying
Like a man completely lost.

Sometimes I’d open up my eyes
And folk were standing there
All their dancing stopped by me
With people everywhere
Just watching me the way I played
Entrancement on their dials
Then afterwards they’d buy me beer
And everyone was smiles.

But then I’d get stuck in the booze
And my head would start to spin
And with my big, loud cockney mouth
I’d raise a lot of din
Always got myself in trouble
Cause boy I loved me grog
I guess I’ve settled down a bit
Life’s really tamed this dog.

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I talked to trees about you. 
I told them “don’t they importunate.”
“I texted you already”
I miss you every day.
Will tell you I need to do something
Once upon a time in a faraway mountain
Speaking in a language
Only the wind and lost people understood
A group of trees stood

I told them “I usually talk to someone every day”.
It’s a big change to be in this mountain
And they the trees said
“So why don’t you talk to him everyday”
I told him “he is far”.
And the trees said “but you are still far”
I told tree “yes it’s both the same being far”
But here in this mountain I am not free
So this is a big change for me

So the trees said 
“You can still talk to him”
“We will bring your thoughts”
“And let it cross to oceans”
“Until your memory matches”
But I said if I keep thinking I might suffer
And I might run to cross the ocean myself
And the trees said “when we too feel this we pray to our maker”
“Because trees practice patience too”

I told them that I know that, but I thank them for reminding me.
I also told them “that because we talked everyday for a long time.”
I can be patient not to talk to him for a long time because God gave me that as a gift in advance.
So patience is just a small payment for this silence.
So I am calm already.
I told them “he loves trees too”
And he used to climb mountains when he was younger.
So they like you too

I also told them that you got your back pain from trotting the hills
So they told me “when you come back home talk to him about us”
They said “tell him we kept you company”
“And we tried not to let our twigs and branches fall on your hut when the wind is strong”
I also told them that you have lectures about trees.
And they drooled over it.

One tree said “oh he seems to be a good guy”
I told them you are pretty too.
There are many trees there.
Some of them have holes in the middle.
Wounds made from fighting between the military and the freedom fighters
But they stand still oblivious to their surrounding and their predicament

They are as tall as three to four storey buildings.
And they are thick while some have hollow centers
Ah trees have seen so many things
I hope they didn’t get tired of my staring
With my niqab they can see my eyes so tired

I have to sleep.
We will talk again tomorrow
The durian there is creamy
Gift of Allah to those who can’t go home.
In the month of Ramadan
I sleep and tomorrow we talked.

23 April 2014

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Lost and Found

To imagine after all this time that has gone by,
    I would be talking to the one that once caught my eye.
Out of nowhere one day she just seemed to appear,
   Just so incredibley surprising to me after all of these years.
Sharing all those thoughts and dreams we once had ,
   How we laughed at those days yet it made us a bit sad.
For the feelings I did not know she had for me ,
   It only makes me wonder what our lives would be.
Our hearts now beating as they did back in the days,
   How we are acting like children going out to play.
The love I feel for her has never felt so strong,
   A love that once was I thought was forever gone.
But to my excitement I can honestly & sincerely say ,
   The love that was lost has been found and here to stay.
This thing we have found in this love between you & me ,
   Joy and happiness for the rest of our lives is what I see.

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I will laugh as loud as I can..
Laughter that comes within me..
Laughter that shakes even me..
Laughter that may end up to tears..

I will smile as wide as I can..
A smile showing evenly my teeth..
A smile that goes all thru my eyes and lips..
A smile that may melt and encourage you to smile..

I will sing as like a nightingale..
Hitting the high and low notes..
Dancing even in carefree..
Until, I own a space of mine..

I will care as much as I can..
Remembering that Caring is act of charity..
Putting into mind that life will be better..
Doing it now not tomorrow..

I will forgive as I much I can..
For God from heaven, forgives me too..
For this will keep peace into the world..
For this will end feud or war..

I will love as much as I can..
Bearing into mind that this what my God wants..
Showing unceasingly without asking for return..
Knowing this will tight the world's bound..

by: olive_eloi
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This is beautiful world
A den we live in good
And this is my heart
A chamber I put you at

I never surrender await for you 
The dawn and the dusk came and go 
Now I found you I won’t let you go
The day you left silent me in sorrow

The world is not crazy
Those lonely days were laid for me
I crossed the high bridge of grief
I longed the days we simply missed

You let me feel no alone
Your presence is my own
You never let the sun down
You are the moon I head on

If you need the eyes to cry
I’ll lend you my tears to try
If you want me to fly
Let me adore you by

I love you everyday
Never any word to play
A replacement to this someday
I love you until grey. 

Don’t ever let it go again
Don’t try to leave me then
Don’t forget you are my given
Don’t let this love suffering...

9 December 2011- 11AM

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      Oh Paper Clip, Dear Paper Clip
      let me always sing your praises!

      You keep my pages held tight
      without the violence of stapling
      and yet your grip is so gentle as
      to release a sheet without a blemish.

      When the project in your care concludes
      you go back into the desk desk drawer
      with nary a complaint or a quibble
      and fall back into the stiff routine
      of anticipating the next chance
      to make yourself useful.

      You are so loyal and understanding
      that even when I ask you to be
      a hanger of christmas ornaments
      you immediately bend to the task.

      You don't even mind
      when I straighten you out
      and use you like a toothpick.

      You remain the consummate aide
      through both thick reams and thin.

      You have won my heart
      you little metallic angel
      and if Mother approves
      I have every intention
      of making you an honest binder.

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William part 1

I ask all to be open minded as I tell the story of my friend,  William .
There are so many prejudice in this World , from color to sex 

To me it has always been the soul , the person inside 
For one that is shallow will not experience life in true blessing 

William my friend was African American , he was fun and personality full of 'I am here "
William was Gay , William disowned , William called "A queer "

Well this is a lesson for all to know
God does not care what color , but the heart , what color it shows .

I had left my 1st Husband , with 2 children I had to support .
I was depressed , felt alone in the civilian World of a sort 

For when I got to Monterey bay , I was on a Military base 
Very shy and recluse , not leaving the perimeter of the land 
I opened such a big door when I left that abusive Man 

I had the tiniest apartment with 2 little rooms , probably 550 sq. feet I presume .
I will never for get the night He came to my door , William ," Girl, lets go dancing 
Let's go explore ! He called me 'The platinum Blonde "

We went out together and danced , he was amazing ! William energized any room . He Lit it Up ! 
For he had something inside his beautiful soul , no money could buy, nor silver or gold.

Well years went by in Monterey bay , I had fallen in love with a man , Lost so much time .

Time went by , after the man broke my heart ,I remember "where is William "
I missed something that lies  deep in my heart . The true Love and friendship of he I craved .

Now this story is long so go to  "William part 2  "be patient , be brave .

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Adieu Fair Pumpkin

A white pumpkin, how sublime
before the falling snow,
I'll warm the oven just in time
And in our tummies go!

So dear, so clear so virginal
This fair squash of thine
To take a sharpened knife at all
To it seems such a crime!

I turn it this way and then that
I cut its top and grin
I know just where that tin’s at
The one I’ll put it in…

Ah white pumpkin you’re bid adieu
As into your core I bore
Just as sweet and so yummy too
I’d ask for another encore!

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Crystal the fairy

The Fairy 

There was a fairy in a land
As beautiful as spring
Who brought the folk from miles around
Just to hear her sing
Her voice was like a nightingales
So beautiful and sweet
And everyone did love her so
No matter who she’d meet.

Just down the ways there lived a witch
As ugly as can be
She covered too from head to feet
In scaly misery.
She hated Crystal, fairy lady
And her hatred was so strong
That she wanted her to be destroyed
This witch was really wrong!!

She sent her evil servant down
To kill this wondrous fairy
He searched there in her lovely land
And he was rather scary.
He’d rough folk up and hurt them bad
Unless they told him true
Exactly where that fairy was
Oh, he was ugly too.

His face was such a monstrous sight
All lumps and bumps and creases
His breath was such an awful thing
It killed folk with diseases.
He loved to hurt, and maim and kill
His name was heard in fear
One day the lovely fairy lady
Of him at last did hear.

She told her friends “just show him in
He’s welcome in my home
Though folk worried, she did not care
She waited all alone.
She had no fear, no, none at all
This lovely Princess Crystal
Her being it was filled with love
Her heart was beautiful.

The beast came up to the fairy’s door
As that lady sat there singing
The evil one stood transfixed there
Such joy to he was bringing
That voice of beauty that he heard
From this sweet fairy’s home
The evil one began to weep
This no one had known.

He entered he her humble home 
And fell down on his knees
He begged the lady to forgive him
The fairy heard his pleas
She kissed him on his ugly cheek
And lord you should have seen it
The evil one, how he did change
He did, I really mean it.

His face became all soft and smooth
He became a handsome man
His voice took on a tender note
And his form it looked so grand.
He smiled at her with wondrous joy
And he asked her to be his
The fairy told him “Yes indeed”
His face just filled with bliss.

Then he went back and slew the witch
Who had sent him out to kill
This wondrous sweet and lovely fairy
No more she ever will.
Then they got married, he and her
The changed man, and the fairy
Oh, everybody loved them both
And none now found him scary.


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My Gull Wheels On

As a child empowered by youth, 
All is wonder, 
All is truth, 

Faith projecting as a wake, 
A child of God, 
Runs free these days, 

Oh Lord, I have been so blessed, 
To know your love, 
Feel your caress, 

Now I watch as the children play, 
And loving tears swell, 
...Thank you for this day. 

To feel the warm sun, wind and sand, 
A glorious gift, 
A glorious plan, 

Watch the seagulls as they wheel and dive, 
Searching for scraps, 
Screeching in delight, 

Never do they question - nor do they ask, 
For more than they need, 
Or more than they have, 

And in this spirit so free and strong, 
I live, learn and love, 
As my gull wheels on!

My Gull Wheels On
aka Michael Wilson

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The Story Of Love

He liked her,
She liked him
He looked back,
She looked back,
But she wanted a different him,
So he looked away, sadly,
Wanting to talk to her,
But never worked up the nerve,
Never stopped thinking about her,
She kept making fun of him,
He still wanted her,
But she got the other him,
But the other he got a new her, 
She, heartbroken, looked for him,
He comforted her,
They fell in love,
He got her,
She got him,
Now they live happily ever after,
Never letting go of their love

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Survey Of A Happy Life

Survey Of A Happy

The question I was
The couple answered;
it's Good-Flavorful
and lasting.
It is fun and
it's giving and
It is easy to
if you know the

It is hushed kisses,
smooth caresses
gentle movements
that induce deep-
gutted moans
it is pillow talk
and long walks-

A blood rush to
it is rocking chairs
and wheel chairs
It's thanking
God for each other -
for the ability
to remain meek.

And for our,
adored.. seeing the
past presented in
presence of their
Enduring and over-
looking each
Sharing of favorite
stories for the
Ump-tenth time.

The prayers,the joys
shared, produced the
unity that made
us strong. Strong
enough together to
withstand disasters.
Escaping cracks
and sink holes...

We who know,know
the value of
Also we see the
importance of
We knew how to live
we knew love then
and shall, in the

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The Fault Was Your Own

The Fault Was Your Own

With these words,I wonder if I shall break your spirit.
With these stones and stick,I plan to break you.
With this bloody revenge,I will have you wholesomely.

As you slap away m hand let's say our fear is only great toward me yet your cowardice actions are full of jokes

You nothing more then an eye sore,To prideful to even realize that'll you'll fall break before the day is done.

Tick tock,Tick tock. Your clocks running thin,for if I a prideful beast breaks I'll be sure to bring you with me.

Ha,such a dirty creature do you think you can hold me using such unpleasant scene from a forgotten past?

Of course not these be not your past but you near future,Repeating everything over and over until it to much to handle.

Turn around and drink your poison. Even though your no more child you seem to carry a burden not you own,I will have no regrets ending you pitiful life.

How about I become you poison and let me end you futile life.
I will decided how I die and not let some stranger decided who I am.For that purpose I wield this sword.

What a foolish person,to wield a sword for the person you love is what it is and not for the sake of some unseen future.How can you possible care of a future when you stick yourself in a shell and refuse to leave a past that has forgotten you already.

When will you stop with your nonsense.I have no past therefore my future is chained up,perfectly awaiting me.Let me repeat your punishment so you know.

As this we recite the lines as one.

With these words,we will break out spirits.
With steels and spears,we shall break our body's.
With these bloody revenge,we have betrayed each other for the last time.

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I know You Cape Breton

Hey, how are you

	Have you heard this one?
	Where there’s a midnight sun

		Listen to me now,
		Listen up young one
		One day I left someone

	Where did you say
	you were going?
	She looked so sad
	with her tears showing

		showing her a map of you,
		around the world to you,
		flying so fast at you,
		I left my Papua New Guinea,
		my home sweet home for you.

			So... like déjàvu, 
			You look so...
			Do I know you?
			No, don't say no...
			I know you!
			you were in my dreams

	You know that moment, 
	when you see her, 
	the light,
	that shines, 
	that lifts you high 
	into outer space so high

oh how I longed for you,
Just you and me,
your seasons, my wonder..
I wonder when thunders,
remind my mind, 
my sleeping child,
suddenly awake,
But Nova's away..

	They say people say,
	you'd miss home, 
	you'll miss POM..
	you said no,
	No, No, No
	you'll be home
	From winter to Autumn
	Just you and I
	you'll be fine

		So when the leaves fall,
		Or when snow falls,
		Remember me,
		Remember us,
		Our time, may be dying,
		Maybe someday I'll find,
		My child no child,
		and the sun so fine,
		I'll be home bound,
			To my Ocean playground..


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Hard World

I'm addicted to a dangerous love affair
This town is so crazy the rules isn't fair
I'm in church alone on the phone wondering if I'll ever found my home

Laughing with life thinking its not right
Run a mile through  the night
Dirty sneakers that the life
Walking in the rain with you by my side
Thinking about you all day
Sitting on a bench texting you on the phone
Everyday is my way
Knowing I'm young I still got to be strong
People tell me this is a hard world
But it'll be okay

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China sets

Oh, Let’s get married in a white chapel
sip coffee, listen to blues 
 and read morning’s headlines. 

Let’s get married in white chapel
Live in a brick house, build a picket fence
 and watch the good neighbors stroll by 

Cause he’s something to look at
Can pick him out from bustling restaurant
  just by his gait

Cause he’s something to look at
got a wide mouth, gaping grin 
 always fashionably late. 

When he’s nervous, 
his posture is fleeting. 
it’s unfitting, 
because he’s got the world together. 

When he’s nervous, 
his words 
string together like magnets 
across a refrigerator door. 

But then-
I’ll say something ‘bout my world views
and you’ll suddenly deliver the quickest line 
and I’m laughing
finally i’m light 

Oh, Let’s get married in a white chapel
sip coffee, listen to blues 
 and read morning’s headlines. 

Let’s get married in white chapel
Live in a brick house, build a picket fence
 and watch the good, good neighbors stroll by

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Home is on the inside

Home is where love is loud without a word.
Where silent understanding can still be heard.

Where, when your confused, you know you'll be understood.
Where loved ones  would take your pain if they could.

Where the people laugh with you, and never at you.
Where you are still loved even when they don't like what you do.

Where the ones who care are never too far.
Where you finally realize who you are.

Where you find a strong shoulder and a tender ear.
Where you can be vulnerable without any fear.

Where you can be yourself and never have to pretend.
Where you are comfortable in your own skin.

Where your sadness is divided, and your happiness is multiplied.
Where there is always someone on your side.

Where you learned how to share, love, and give.

Home is where your heart and soul will always live.

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babe dove

All of ma life I was dying for a touch like yours.

Then u made that a reality,

U held me in ya arms,

As warm as ya touch,

ya arms were.

U Gave me a sweet tender kiss,

These made me feel at home.

 Because home is where the heart is.

Now this is where I wan spend the rest of ma days.

I don't wanna loose ya touch again.

I will hold u so dearly

And love u with all my might

Because with u I can finally b myself again


It feels like the doves have been set free,

So they can fly in the sky nd sing sweet melodies.

But the baby dove will come back,

For it knows that this is home,

Where it belongs

Like the morning breeze,

 which opens up the flower's petals

As they release the sweet scent of freedom nd love.

I will be there to grab the love nd freedom brought back by the baby dove,

Nd we will live by that for the rest of our days,

I will take ya hand nd keep u warm al night,

and when eva u need me,

all u have to do is call ma name,

nd I will b there to do that u desire.

For I know u are my empire,

Nd it will put a smile on ya cute face,

A smile always accompanied with warmth, truth and love,

I will always be there

To shower ya with love.


If m nt there to answer,

Do not cry for me,

For the Mississippi is already overflowing with water,

Ya tears will make it worse.

Be hopeful for my return,

For I will always b back for u,

Cos I will never abandon u,

I will forever b wit u


I have always wished and desired .

Being with u is a dream come true,

I will give ma all for u to be happy,

because happiness is all I want and desire for you....

Please smile....

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Everything About Her

Everything about her enchants me
With her gorgeousness holding me captive
Dazzling as roses in their joyous mood
And refreshing as morning mist
Making me feel rising and rising again
With happiness becoming my daily routine;
Everything about her shines through my heart
For her love is powerful, strong beyond comparison
And every morning as fresh as flowing stream
Pouring out passion as sweet as pure honey;
Everything about her is lovely-
Everything about her is unbelievable
Her captivating smile brings relief to my everyday worries
Awakening my deepest affection
Together we are radiant with happiness
Each day with her brings memories to be cherished
Each day with her is a treasure
Any loving being would desire;
Everything about her is purified with sweetness

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Dawn is breaking

Dawn is breaking

Willie wagtail in my garden 
Sings a very special song
Telling me the sun is coming
Dawn will break soon, won’t be long
It’s dark outside with full moon shining
But soon the light will show its face
Green parrot makes his bell like music
How his song has so much grace

Kookaburra, he is laughing
Something funny has touched him
Could he be laughing at us human’s
With all our wars and crazy din?
Spring is just around the corner
And all of nature seems to know
As I sit here in the morning
My world it has a special glow.

Now the world has gone all silent
Waiting for the dawn to break
Soon the chorus is beginning
Singing just for loves own sake
All the birds will join the chorus
And my heart will start to sing
How I love these life soaked mornings
Such joy to me they always bring.

25 August 2013 @ 0631hrs.

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A Player's Deception

Lies and stories,
tangled in the master web 
of deception.
hearts broken,
 feelings hurt,
when another guy seems to think your no good
 just another girl after what
 he supposely has.
broken shards of crystline ice seem to pirece
every part of your heart.
surly you obviously need a new start.
You may think your in love but that is somehow 
a guy thinks he is going to keep you 
under his thumb.
 But that is what i call a 
Player's deception.
 Don't fall for the looks,
fall for his personalities,
 never choose for looks, 
that is advice for someone whose knows
 a player's deception!!!!

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It is...within the tiny things of early morning, that moment breaths alive, it is within the tiny whisperings, that a melodye the very dear and the antelope, play home on the range.

so goes the melodye of heart beat, that plays quietly the songs of soul,

here a rhyme is born of day-light coming so soon, through the early morning eyes of the moon-light, and the starry dreams of twilight's transitioning...

into the light of a love letter written to dawn.

soul to soul conversing, as in this love letter, the letters just join hands with the words and just march across the sky...and at the end of the rainbow, there be plenty of golden time,

way down deep on the inside, the inspired choir, of a bumble bee, or a butterfly, starts to sing, like tiny things that live,

flower to flower,
blossom to bloom,

watered and deeply cared for...

O' Eden.

I say, deep beneath the surface of a wishing well...where the pennies lay,

I wish a sun-rise.

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Those blessed wetland trails

Those blessed wetland trails.

The sun is shining lazily
The sky is azure blue
As green leaves dance with the morning breeze
The birds be singing too
They sing a serenade of bliss
And peace is all around
As all along these wetland trails
Blue lupins can be found.

The perfume heavy in the air
It speaks of wild geraniums
The young ferns looking soft and green
And all those tall wild gums
Give out a rather pungent scent
A smell I've learned to love
As parrots screech in blissfull joy
In those trees there high above.

The lake, she glimmers neath the sun
As the ducks give lazy quacks
My feet scrape on the sand and gravel
As I stroll along this track.
Trees all gnarled and and twisted
Form a tunnel just for me
Oh I could write forever
But for now, I'll leave it be.

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My Lover - My Friend

I look into your eyes and see

A soul I’ve known for a million years

Wasn’t looking for love

And yet you appeared

You came into my life 

Like a warm gentle breeze

With your easy way 

And sweet sweet smile 

Couldn’t help myself

I fell in love with such ease

My lover

My friend

My love for you

Will never end

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The mustard seed

A mustard seed

Our savior told a story
In his usual way
He tried to make folk understand
As he did on many a day.
He said with voice all soft and calm
“What be it like? God’s heaven
What story can I use today
How can I tell you then?”

“It be like what happens then
When a mustard seed
Is planted there beneath the soil
It be so small indeed
“And yet” he said “once it be planted
So large the tree does grow
And spreads its branches all around
Gives shade where birds can go”

Our Lord, he used these stories
When he did talk to folk
And all that then could understand
They gained from words he spoke
He told folk naught without these stories
Yet to his twelve disciples
He explained then everything
To them he told it all.


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Weather's Changing

The air is sweet, the sky is clear
I know for sure that summer’s near
Pass my sandals and shades my dear
I’ve joy in my heart and nothing to fear

Winter was dark and long and cold
Not even the sun could break its cruel mould
It rained so hard I’m glad my house could hold
But when winter ended, my heart turned to gold

I’m searching a good spot, my place in the sun
I’m yearning for laughter, compassion and fun
To stretch my long legs, see how far I can run
To find my soul mate - and say “You’re the One”

Well I’ve found a good spot, I’m searching no more
I’m laughing and running until I’m sore
My heart has mended, its really not raw
Now I can say “This is what I’ve been looking for!”

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On a summer day
The Queen and her Faeries
Went out to play
Amongst the whispering trees

So much joy to be found
Amongst the Whispering Trees
To hear bird sound
The red squirrels chattering in the canopies

All the trees were in full leaf
So many different shades of deepest richest green
With a blue sky above
Golden sun
A forest, filled with love
The beauty to be seen

Forest Faeries could be heard up high
Amongst the green leaves
Watching summer clouds passing by

They called down to a Summer Queen
Who was walking down below
“We have special gift for a King”
“Please accept this beautiful thing”
“From all of us so”

A beautiful leaf fluttered down
Greens and golds
Reds too
A beautiful leaf
In the shape of a heart, true

“A leaf”
“A leaf”
They called from above
“For a Kings’ cloak”
A leaf that would never die
Its’ colours would match seasons
A leaf from the forest faeries
Who live in trees, so high

The Summer Queen
Did know
Blessed all around
The leaf, she took
For a leaf of deepest, richest colour
Was perfect for a Kings’cloak
Tonight she would sew
a surprise

The kings’ cloak was called for
A Summer Queen sewed on the leaf
A King, the proudly wore
For, it shone with love
A gift from the Forest Faeries
and Whispering Trees

When the Earthen King died
The Summer Queen took
The very leaf, from his side
Blew on it softly
A sweet westerly breeze
Returned the leaf
To the whispering trees

A leaf of deepest richest green
mourned a King
The tears of the Summer Queen
Love and magic
The Whispering Trees
Took the king,
and made him part of everything

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This was not what I planed
It was never my intention
I went to see a concert with my friend
Along with his cute cousin

This is not something I’m used to
But I went to take you for a run
My amazement for you
Caught your attention

Yes I do know your name
I love you to death
You are my experimental gain
Relax, its human nature

It’s not what nice boys do
But we’re not all good
In fact we’re quite wicked
It’s hard to behave

Parents say that’s so wrong
Wrong to love someone
Someone who is gay
Gay is what I am   

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The Human,The Demon, And The Angel

The Human,The Demon, And The Angel

I'm the one who must stay
I'm the one who must kill you
I'm the one who must reverse time

I am to die when the new moon is in range
I am the one to be your executioner your taker of life
I am to observer and to take note of everything and of every life

Who are you to say I have no future
I say what I please for I am the bringer of death
I want to help I wish to free you I need to save you

There is no more time for my life 
You never had a life to begin with
She was free until you stole her very being

I am the human who must die
I am the demon who only wants her body for it kill
I am the angel who will take her soul once her body is gone

We are in one body
We are in one mind
We are three trapped by one bond

These times are different then the last 
These times are different then when I was young
These times are different then when the earth was made

Oh how we let this control us
Oh how we take our worlds and live for such granted
Oh how we let who we are put fear in our hearts

I leave this to you
I leave this to you
I leave this to you

We have exceed 
We have flown 
We have drowned
We have died
We have lived
We have made many wonders
We have created a new life
We have done evil deeds
We have done good deeds
We have but to wait for the one day
We have but to wait for our freedom
We have each other 
We have nothing but that
We have nothing but each other and to wait 
We have to wait for freedom

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my god its very bright

I am on a new day for this is the one that is here,i should be pleased as i have just opened my eyes my god its very bright what is the story ? has today got something good maybe a surprize not one of sorrow ,but one that keeps me alive,away from my sleep gets me out and abou't buzzing and laughing making others feel the same way ,let it PLEASE catch on and spread like a flu ,so the rest of whom they come into contact with can catch it to, a virus of happy thoughts that causes one to sing to hug all that is around you & not shy to tell them how they brightened your day, a bear hug given as you move on your merry way , reminding them to spread the germ for this needs to be shared, let the wind love distance of all other shores and when all have caught the happyness than we must also hug the trees for they hold the earth with roots so dear after all she is a pearl so beautiful alive with that of caring heart for everytime a loved one goes she cry the heavens with rain to feed the roots to grow the fruits ,we eat to see us through ,but happy virus may come to pass for one is not in that dream, i have just opened my eyes my god its very bright .

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Always thinking of you

Not being able to forget the  wonderful,
enduring love i have for you.
A graceful head turning hip- hop
Dancer always turning heads wherever you go,
it usually makes me want to melt like snow,
Now that your gone 900 Miles away,
 my heart is always and forever thinking of you,
Praying that I'll get to see you soon.

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Coming from the misty lake Lough Leane
Came a beautiful maiden of the name of Niamh
Upon a mare, for she is not from the world of man
A seraphic princess from Anwnn
Upon the shores she claimed around his kin
"I have came for Oisin son of Finn"
"Maiden you come to me so alluringly 
I am he, if we marry for all eternity!"

And so he rode upon her horse to the secrets of Anwnn
For he and she, they'd be happy for all eternity 

Come with me to Anwnn
I am she, your queen Niamh
I have come for you Oisin, son of Finn
Don't leave me or you'll see 
The age of man
The age of man
The age of man

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From a far, I was dazzled by your smile..
From a far, I was amused by that sweet laugh..
From a far, I was attracted to come over near..
From a far, You became the apple of eye..

Walking past a crowd of persons..
Eyes locked as I traverse to the path..
Beholding the gaze, unliking to break..
Excitement builds up, heartbeat thudding aloud...

Finally, We are face to face, unoicing the crowd..
Holding a quiet moment, staring underneath a smile..
I extend an arm, mindlessly falling to you..
Clamouring for your hand, squeezing polite...

Haywire, it might have been..
I do not care tor I haven't sin..
All attention focused fat not thin..
Mesmerized enjoying the romantic scene..

by: olive_eloi

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Last night I couldn't sleep,for thinking only you...
As I wrapped in warm embrace,your spirit tinted blue
To oust away thine pangs,in hopes to see thee smile...
I'll yoke ye 'pon my shoulders,to carry through this mile

To trade your tears of sorrow,and see them shed in joy...
I'd jest for thine amusement,and be your favorite toy
For thine malady been expelled,I'd invoke it banished 'way...
Taking it 'pon mine self,so you've strength to seize th' day

Though I'm not an king,nor prince 'pon ivory steed...
Th' possessions I've procured here,are thine if felt th' need
I'll sweep thee off thy feet,if not familiar with th' waltz...
To breathe ye 'cross th' ballroom,as an feather floating 'loft

Mark mine words I state here,and hold me to their true...
I'll prove I 'steem thee precious,as unfeigned I surely do
Just promise me one thing,that next time when your down...
You'll wear these words as armor,'til I mend thy broken crown


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A song about my cat

My cat went a roaming to find a new home.
Sing kitty,sing katty,sing Oh!
This cat was so clever he had his own comb.
Look up,now look down,stone the crows!

He went into the neighbours' and drank all their milk.
Sing,fridge raiding kitties.No,No!
Then he laid himself down on a piece of fine silk.
Sing,what the dickens,my lovely pillow!

He went to the butcher and ate all the steak.
Sing greedy,he's ruined my flow.
Then he went to the hairdresser for a shampoo.
Where else can a puttitat go?

He had no plastic,no money,no cheque!
Sing,cheater,sing creature,sing woe.
She sent for a Copper who paid the cat's bill.
And so  my puss came out all aglow.

Now my cat was glossy and plump and refreshed.
Sing:fancy,it all goes to show.
So he came home and said this place is best.
And he picked up his cello and bow.

He scraped some Sibelius and also some Grieg.
Sing: Northern lights can always glow.
But,he looked so self satisfied,I felt annoyed....
One should not let one's narcissism show.

But he was so handsome,I was glad he came home.
Sing,grateful,sing katefull,sing Ho!
And I hope he will never again want to roam.
Sing glory.sing story;Sing So!

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Dreaming About You

I am picturing us floating on a cloud
gazing into each other eyes.
Gently pulling you close to my heart
hoping we do not depart.
I wrap you in my arms imagining us taking 
a journey into time together breathing passionate 
words of love into your ears.
My fingers tips stroking throughout your hair 
with such divine affection and care. 
My body starts to create heat of passion building
 Feeling the smoothness of your skin-
my mind is fantasizing about our bodies interlocking 
as you softly say to me “come and be lost within me”.

Although my thoughts are just a hallucination
I believe one day we will have this romantic relation.
But the infatuation seems so true
I feel myself being a part of you.
It is you inside my mind
a fantasy with such a wonderful design.

(c) By Naomi Johnson

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vagabond cave

i welcome all
so don't be shy
answer my call
and open your eyes

for here we are free
and bold 
and brave
so walk with me
into our cave.

where we dance around 
the fire's light
or rest our head
or show our might

for here you are you
not me
so come and be
just what you like

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Far Away Place

All my fears melt away
And my flaws fall astray
Every once in a while at the end of the day
When I drift somewhere far, far away

My Far Away Place
Up there in the clouds 
In my Far Away Place
We don't hear a sound

You're here too I can see
That beautiful face smiling right up at me
I finally have you girl, all to myself
And our love's on the table now, 'tis not on the shelf

Far, far way in this Far Away Place
I can talk to you, seems just for today
So all my feelings to you I then speak
That your hand in love is all I do seek

My Far Away Place
Up there in the clouds 
In my Far Away Place 
We don't hear a sound

Your face is heaven, love, taking me higher
As you whisper, "that too is all I desire"
You fall into my arms as I kiss gently your face
Oh how I love my Far Away Place

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This man John Sherman

This man ‘John Sherman’

I started out with Ramana

A long, long time ago

Then soon I came Krishnamurti

Oh how I loved him so

Then Osho, he did show is face

The great man that he was

Then Eckhart touched the soul of me

I loved all them because…..

They had some wondrous things to say

That I heard from deep within

They spoke of truth so very deep

And so I did begin

To meditate and bare my soul

I was not good at this

But I did have some magic moments

All filled with so much bliss.

Then one day surfing on the net

I found this king of men

He told me just one act to do

That really was a gem

He told me ‘look at you’ my friend

That’s all one has to do

Now this was four short years ago

And I can swear to you….

This act ‘John Sherman’ gave to me

It really did the trick

My life is calm and peaceful now

And harmony does stick

With me all the blessed time

He gave me transformation

And now I want to spread his name

To every single nation.

26 October 2013 @ 0630hrs.

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I love my Mousey,
She lives in a field in BrushCreek, Tennessee,
Walking with her her of cattle,
As happy as she will ever be.

Without this there would be only she,
And i could make her as happy as me,

I miss her immensly, for thee i wish well,
For everyday i wish she wont sell, 
And I could show her in the Dekalb County Fair,
I would sell never an ounce of her.
Hehe not even one of her little white hairs.

Even when all the way over there,
Mine she is for no one but me to share, if I do so happen to dare.

Cute as a button,
A button her nose may well be,
Where I first touched her sweet little body,
Not once but twice sweetly,
For wherever she goes I could spot her, along with her sister and mother.

Many a mile away, for she is not at all,
Not at all what you would say a little grayish thing.

But a heifer who grows daily,
Only to shove the motherly tears away.
In my eyes though, she will always be, forever and always, my baby girl, my sweetie,
my beautiful girl, my Mousey

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Come With Me

Come with me

Set sail with me

Let’s set our hearts free

Come lie with me

In waves above the frail

Give me your heart

As I give you mine

Free from the worries

That life leaves behind

Wounded hearts have no place 

In the world we see ahead

Come lie with me

And let me love you instead

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Heartstone Christmas

A special time
When the sun shone bright
In clear winter light
Robin Redbreasts
Darted back and forth
Singing gaily
The splash of red
Upon the snow
As they were being fed
In a magical world
Belonging to you and me
Christmas , came
In our hearts
The joy of giving
Beneath the tree
In a castle
To the right of the Winding Stair
A great tree grew
A mighty fir
In soft winter light
The candles  lit
Upon a tree
Faerie light
Golden feathers from Heartstone Eagles
Were put on the tree
Ribbons and lace from the Queens
Glowing berries from the Kings
A living tree
Filled with colour
Decorated with love
For you
For me
In a magical world
Under a tree
Christmas came
In soft winter light
Kings and Queens
Gave generously
Gifts of love
Of tranquillity
Passed on through
A kiss
A touch
Under a tree
Faeries flew
Trees, whispered
A castle, lit
The love felt, too
A single touch
You give your self
To everyone
They share all of you
As they share too
Forever lasting
This is a Heartstone Christmas
For what is given
Is love
Under a tree
There is no greater gift
Then giving all of you
The light inside glowed
You wanted this,
and it showed
I want to share
A Heartstone Christmas
With you
Hold your hand
See the Northern Lights
Faeries too
For a Christmas at Heartstone
Is a time for love
A time to be free
Where the heart knows
Of everything
For it shows
In you

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My Favorite Indulgence

My favorite indulgence may sound strange to you, 
But it is something relaxing I enjoy to do. 

You may be wondering what could it be, 
I'll give you a hint,  no one else is involved, only me. 

Odd as it may seem that it's a fun thing for one, 
But i go in the shower and think of the sun. 

I feel the hot water on my skin and face, 
The feeling of purity is a something I will always embrace. 

The water runs down my back and through my hair, 
I love this feeling and it's something I won't share. 

It rids me of the fast paced day that I had, 
And I always feel happy, never sad. 

When my indulgence is over and my shower is though, 
Nothing can bring me down or make me feel blue. 

This is my secret that makes me smile, 
You should try it sometime, just for a quick while. 

By: Debra Baviello
Date: January 27, 2015

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My All

I felt my life was standing still
No dreams for me to follow
Some nights there seemed to be no point
In waking up tomorrow
The road ahead grew lonelier
And longer everyday
With no one there to hold my hand
Or help to guide the way
But then the clouds began to fade
The sun came shining through
And then my life began again
The day that I found you
You took away the loneliness
And wiped away my tears
You gave me back my dignity
And cast aside my fears
You gave the strength I needed
To stand up on my own
I knew with you beside me
I would never be alone
You always saw the best in me
Through all the good and bad
You’re always there to laugh with me
Or hold me when I’m sad
We’ve been through everything there is
Together we are strong
We’ve held each other up 
Whenever anything went wrong
I can’t remember loneliness
Or what I used to do
I know I’ve learned what life’s about
Because of loving you
You never hide your love for me
Your feelings always show
Please hold me in your life forever
Never let me go
I know that there’s a Heaven now
I know that God is there
I prayed that I would find someone
And God answered my prayer
For you are my lifes happiness
You’re everything to me
I couldn’t live without you now
You are my destiny
So never say goodbye to me
Never let us fall
For till the day I die
I’ll only ever give my all..

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Sat in a friends garden surrounded by plants, birds and bees.

Sat admiring each leaf and petal, all delicately made by the creator.

Looking at each bumblebee with it,s colours and watching it work,

moving from flower to flower gathering pollen to be made into honey,

that tastes so yummy.

Clematis, lavender and fig, so many plants all around me in one place to see,

so many species to memorise not so easy. The garden a place of beauty, peace

and harmony, a place of relaxation, rest and inspiration. A place to be close to

nature and in the presence of my lord sat at his feet.

A sunny day a comfy chair and a cool drink to  hand. Just sat in the garden, 

talking, praying and singing, me and the lord undisturbed, unbroken, undiluted 

pure sweet fellowship. The way it should be.  thank you God for the garden


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Never be silent
Share every word
Rejoice in the sounds
Of everything heard
Bless every vision
All things you see
For every image is precious
Lasting eternally
Rejoice in life's flavor
Whether sour or sweet
Variety in life
Makes things complete
Touch every surface
Explore carefully
The textures of life
That change constantly
Harness your emotions
While you sometimes release
Thoughts that bind you
To bring inner peace
Let the essence of today
Fill your mind's memory
With things that have passed
And some that will be
Moments are precious
While time marches on
No matter the destination 
Or road you are on
Enjoy every moment
In each breath you take
With the love you have shared
And the life you shall make 

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Ol' Blue

Ol' Blue
© FNF 4-12-2014

One never knows what fate will hold
Within the coming days
There's highs and lows, but none foretold
Until it is too late

My dear wife Sue and our son Drew
Died in a crash one night
Seemed suicide was my next move
Until Ol' Blue arrived

I bumped into a dog rescue
While tying up loose ends
I stepped inside and through the gloom
His look said, "Where ya been?"

I paid his fee and left the pound
A steal at any price
For I had found the wisest hound
Was ever given life

Ol' Blue was not so very old
That first day that we met
And yet he was a settled soul
And easy to confess

I took him home and fed him well
But nothing to compare
With how he calmed my tortured self
When darkness entered there

I shared my heart on many things
And heeded his replies
He didn't speak, there was no need
The words were in his eyes

Though fate was cruel, it, too, was kind
I'm coping by degrees
Thanks to a dog who almost died
Before he rescued me

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Ode rise of poetry death of the owl king part 2

Have no fellowship with unfruitful dark                                                                         black moors cold zephyr for now truth does spark                                                            a fire within the heart run far black dogs                                                                       truth defeats feeds seething flesh to the hogs                                                               Lord punishes high ones coven’s of death                                                                        trumpet of God host angels with one breath                                                                    though they all gather for the last battle                                                                       shiver satan for your own death rattles                                                                             it will not stand serpents cast into fire                                                                        Liars bewitch death’s end a molten mire                                                                           So beware their snares the child only sleeps                                                                     those who mutter and peep your sorceries keep                                                               as for me I know you have no keys so cry                                                                      my King cometh God’s Word upon his thigh           -     Based upon Erlking, Der Erlkönig and his supernatural death

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A Street Light's Prayer

A Streetlight’s Prayer

How shall the torrent of light from
Other men’s redemption spent be divided, shared?
Can I be spared from such a valid question seeking
What measure shall I take this night for day; timeless
In lesser stances set to shield all in swift decay – what shall
Our evenings last breath yield?
Grant us nightly in this sodium dot municipality’s system timings?
For in lungs deep recesses lurk the brightest idea.
Yes, I concede this value timing blue; how succinct is all that seems to fall from
splendor, the way my brother’s mark their time; oh, how I ache to know their boundaries,
The toll their souls must pass; I long of finding that seam
Within their dreams that turns our current inside- out; how unrelenting it all seems—how
they stave the waves of circumstance driven down by lesser demons;
 How shall I embrace them all? 
Will time run against the grain upon which sleek causation seeks to slip me up? 
This is all His doing, is it not?
What others bring and lay upon his feats of commerce,
Of movement, of joy!
Yes, for better be is all ado;
This is my truest hope for you: For I see it all now so
Clearly as the flares, which line the highway: how great this has all been…
How great this will – if eye only let it – be.

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Those Rare Jewels Called Positive Determination

I Am in 
My dreams 
have taken 
me there,
My stood 
gotten me 
Health and 
At least I 
am not 
found in 
How else 
could I be 
and God's 

If the 
were to be 
you would 
If I took 
defeat for 
would I 
till my 
Dying day,
If I didn't 
my dream, 
would I 
daily at 
For as A 
Man I 

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A Day Vs. A Lifetime

A day in love with my very best friend:
That's all I was given.
Straight out of Heaven,
God sent me an angel instead.
He sent me a lifetime of love til the end.
Thank you for that day.
Thanks for going away.
Now, I can smile and say,
"Thank you, God, for a day of pain,
And for the love of a lifetime that followed."

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When I was growing UP!

When I was growing up I WAS a ninja turtle
When I was growing up my cry could make blood curdle

When I was growing up I loved race cars
When I was growing up I believed in Star Wars

When I was growing up I played with toys
When I was growing up I kicked it with the boys

When I was growing up girls had cuddies
When I was growing up my fights were beauties 

When I was growing up I made a big mess
When I was growing up I cheated on my tests

When I was growing up parents were mean
When I was growing up I was never very clean

When I was growing up I did crazy things
When I was growing up I wanted wings

When I was growing up I colored in the lines
When I was growing up I destroyed the blinds

When I grew up I realized it was fun
Now I apologize for what I have done!  

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Before you

Before you:


Before you love was a word of foreign magnitude. It had no meaning, no depth, or even feeling, It was something I simply feel into blindly. I had grown accustom to pain, my lovers actions of immense throe causing heartache I had never wanted to know. My lips have kissed that of undeserving toads, like I was a wondering princess with wounds to show. My features were never found to be pleasing, my characteristics labeled as quite odd, making myself a curious handicap for any man to have, so the idea of prince charming was depraved, but then I met you.


Day by day a smile grew, I laughed with joy I had never knew, and an odd sensation even grew. My abdomen started to quiver with isolated flutters, butterflies causing jitters. My cheeks blushed with the perfect amount of rosy color and my once vacant mind rambling onward with thoughts of you.


Suddenly someone had become my day, suddenly someone had become my night, never in my life would I think all this to be true, but no lie could ever come from these words I write. For you give me reason to be happy, you give me love when I feel undeserving, and the kindness you show me is exhilarating, never temporary.


The way you care, the way you offer me compassion and show empathy for what I have to bare makes me feel strangely human once more. The way you touch my face, your fingers slipping through my hair, the way you stroke my pallid skin, whispering loving words in my ear, and the way you kiss my soften lips makes me feel wanted and every wall I have ever built suddenly no longer exist. I feel like a women, no longer a scared girl because now I know all the wondrous things love has to give.


Never do I want to lose my reason for vulnerability, I fully enjoy the free falling sensation and my heightened sensitivity.


And to think it’s all because of you.

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The Summer Breeze

One thing is certain about summer
It never last forever
Be that it may sometimes be a bummer
You will always remember the weather

The ocean breaths 
As you sometimes hear
Through the summer breeze
And the starry nights are clear.

Sweat and games are ever more real
With a summer breeze
It’s the coolness you feel
Which provokes a peace?

For it’s the memories you’ll steal!

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State of the nation

This world is getting tougher to survive everyday.
The cost of living is more than my pay.
It's going to get worse that's what the old folks say.
The bad times are here and here to stay.
Just look at the shape of the U.S.A.
we're afraid to let our children go out and play.
Maybe we all need to get on uor knees and pray.

Jobs are getting harder and harder to find.
What I own ain't worth a dime.
Inflation is up and so is crime.
Alot of real good people are in a bind.
Can't even get care when your in your prime.
Most everyone you know have fallen on hard time.
I can't help them out when i'm worried about saving mine.

Career politicians keep sucking us dry.
They tax everything we own and anything we buy.
Most of us blue collars will work till the day we die.
While the rich skate through life and don't have to try.
We all have to stop living this goverment lie.
It's about time we let that eagle fly.
Remember who made this country, it was you and I.

We the people can bring her back, and put this nation back on track.
We made her strong and that's a fact, and
Noone will ever be able to take away that.

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I glue myself to your heart because i know my love is only for you,i glue myself to your soul because your the only one that can fill this hole thats deep in my heart,i glue myself to this life of being with you because truly you are my might and each time we fight you dont have to worry because in the end all i need is you.

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Some think that happiness is having lots of things,
I dispute your mundane point of view and come Christmas Eve,
I would like to ride my sleight and be Santa for a night...
but I would need the fastest reindeers, not four wheels;
and down dark chimneys, I would quietly slide and soon leave
through the front door like a thief who's getting away in dim light.

I had better not see some of you peak behind a door,
you must be fully asleep, otherwise no presents at all;
I fear that not many will heed what I am saying and to those 
kids listening: more gifts I'll put under their fireplace,
but to the ones who are disobedient, nothing I will give!
Hurry to bed and make those wishes and in me believe! 

I hear someone giggling, not taking me seriously when I fantasize,
and just because I have a beard and white hair like your grandpa does,
it doesn't mean I am not fit to ride as a young man can and be on time...
tonight nothing can stop me from being Santa for a night: 
I must hurry and load my sacks on this sleight and riding away!
Look! I am riding over towns and cities, mountains and seas...I will arrive!

No evening has ever been so quite, every street  is buried in deep snow,
lampposts twinkle replacing the invisible lovely stars, only owls eyes glow...
ah, its a ghost town before midnight...usually kids stay out late and have snow fights!
Ah, slick children they are hiding behind windows with eyes as bright as lights! 
But feeling their little anxious hearts beat, I shouldn't be as hard as a rock...   
all this lonely, old man desires is to wish all Happy Holidays and be Santa for a night!

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She danced wildly amidst the crowd taunting man and woman alike
Though she was playing at all of our wants tonight

She possessed everything men like in a girl 
And the charisma of man to make the girls whirl

I say well done at such a feat
Her smile enchanting her voice sweet

Her hair a flame of yellow and black
Cut short to not hold her back

Her body lean and not lacking 
Her eyes a blue like a wave attacking

Bejeweled ears and a posture that was so
Captivating hearts began to slow

My gaze shifted head to toe in awe
Of this maiden that seemed to me all…

Then I awoke from my reverie to realize
That I will have to go with out this prize

To sea I go to conquer my fears
As I leave lifes gems behind with no tears

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The boy scans the horizon looking into his soul
And the beauty of the waves as they roll

Sun sits just above the lowest cloud in the distance
Today there is no resistance

Breaking into a run for Neptune’s playground
The beat against his board a familiar sound

Smiling to himself for the freedom he knows here
A break he sees the next one is clear

A few strokes and he stands guiding his board
Through the enchanting spray and the roar

A dolphin joins him on the wave their fun evident
A blessing of conjoining spirits now spent

A swell surges from the kiss of the tempest wind
Enraging the boys inner sin

Take hold of the reins Neptune he shouts
Again he braces for the watery bouts

The beach clears of visitors he makes his stand
Today I am no longer boy, but man

The companion sees his courage and swims near
Drowning is his inner fear

The crest of his wave broke only to rise again
Awaking the instincts within

He swims in front of his beast and stands proud
Turning his waist smartly to ride it out

He slips under the ripcurl entering the tunnel
A roar inside hint at disgruntled

The water closes in to seal him in
A chance to break him his back to end

Not quick enough he thinks to himself
As he races back to the beach in health

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LIKE AN ANGEL …………………angels…they really do exist…….. 

Looking into your eyes, 
I could see your undying love, 
Your wonderful smile brimming me up in joy, 
I just want to know, what makes you come back, 
To fill my soul with life and joy, 
You make me wonder of my soulless existence. 

Like an angel, you cast your spell upon me, 
Leaving me caught up in my memories. 
Your faith in me makes me to carry on 
To transcend over the horizon, 

You placed your hand upon my empty soul, 
You brought me back to life, 
Making my dreams real, 
Looking towards the sky, I could see your fragnant smile 

Like an angel, you rid me of my perils, 
You caress my soul as if I were your own, 
Dressed in white, you shine your light upon me, 
Helping me to wake from my soulless dream 

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My Special Gift Of You

Today is a very special day,
It is a day our hearts,
Joined together as one,
Making a new life,
And this is something,
That you can not find,
At the corner market,
It appears no matter,
What we do in our lives,
Or which way we turn,
We always turn up,
At each other's side,
For what reason,
We do not really know,
All we do know,
Is we can always turn,
To each other at anytime,
When we need someone to talk to,
The other person seems to always be there,
To conside in,
It takes time,
To find the inner beauty inside,
That you have,
And I'm glad that,
I have finally found,
This beauty and this love,
Within the special person of you.

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Best Buds Forever

I still remember that day when you were a kitten,
You were so small and fit in my hand like a mitten.
I knew when I held you I would raise you,
The love I felt was more than true.
I was with you at my grandma's till I could take you home, 
Then the journey of raising you began...

We brought you home and I showed you our house,
I still remember when you saw your first mouse.
You jumped out of my arms and made your attack,
I stood there and watched you get your afternoon snack.
Then we were deciding on names for you,
I just felt something with dexter and knew it was true.
I was only 8 and didn't know any better,
I did some things that I still regret.

I tormented you so bad,
Looking back it makes me sad.
But I grew up and knew how to take care of you,
Even though what I did when I was younger made me feel blue.
You grew up so fast,
I never thought me and you as buds would last.
But it did I'm so proud for that,
Because in the end your my cat.

Then came the day we would move into a bigger house,
But you never again got a hold of a mouse.
You were so scared but I took you under my wing.
I showed you around the house and you were so happy.
I redeemed myself from everything I had done.

Things got better between us as the days flew by,
The love strong that were flying so high together in the sky.
You greet me when I walk through the door,
I feel so touched that I fall to the floor.
I cherish every second that your on my bed or just saying hi in my room,
The smile that's on my face brings a tear that would make flowers bloom.

Now your all grown up and still getting older,
The temperature in my heart has gotten colder.
So cold because I know your time is soon up,
I'm struggling to figure out how full is my cup.
I only wish you could live longer and we still be together,
But we will always be best buds forever.

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Bind Him Up Forever

He spends his time in idleness, trying to find his place in this world, and looking 
for his way, though unaware he fails each time and falls deeper in despair.
He doesn't know that he'll never find happiness while in such woe, or know what 
it's like to be,... Really loved! 

My father, I come to you, lowly bent,...
Draw him nigh to thee, make him thine very own, walk before him, beside and 
after him; follow. Keep him so close, that your heart beats for him. Let Your love 
flow through him and Your grace bind him up forever.

In You, he'll never fear tomorrow and all his sorrows will soon fade away. 
Everyday will be sunshine, even though it's dark and dreary, Your light will 
outshine every cloud. His days will never be  so good that he is beyond the need 
of Your grace,and his days so bad that he is beyond the reach of Your grace.!

My father, I come to You, lowly bent...
Lift him from the miry clay and wash him in Your purified blood, then shall he be 
a part of your devine will. Make sure the path before him, lay out trials to teach 
him to trust You, and mountains let him climb that he may know endurance and 
faith.Through valleys of darkness let him wander that he will know you'll never 
leave nor forsake him and Your hand leads the way.

Let Your love flow through him, and Your grace bind him up forever!

(c) March, 25, 2008
Rosemarie Schrock

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Princess - A Sparking beam lighting my world

Filling the blank space of the heart hey my oxygen of love You braced the sand near the shore with an enriched almond in my life,
Oh my damsel !! Stupendously You are my love!!

Dipping in the soul of your's, relishing with the bunch of Jasmine,efflorescence is flushing on my way,
Oh my Queen !! Universally You vanquished my heart!!

Aster of my life,blooming Rose, alluringly captured the entire morsel occupying with an astounding charm of your's,
Oh my babes !! My lucid crystal,You shines forever!!

Heuristically resolved my problems filling with the stiff breeze unwrapping the emotions of love,
Oh my angel !! Happily You wrote the fairy-tale of my life!!

Near the samui bay, as like a relation between kit and boodle you spinned the petals of my life,
Oh my princess!! Drooping in your eyes I felt daunted!!

Implanting your waving leaves on my heart, melancholically removing the sad ness of my life,
Oh my lady !! zingels rangged in my refracting prism of soul!!

My starlit darkness is been flared up as if You are the brazen periwinkles balancing my world,
Oh my Pearl !! Lying in your shell of clam, Oysterically I Would love to clump throughout for all season!!

Adorably my dame-chick had gleefully connected me with every piece of my soul lusciously vibrating me,
Oh my doll !! Mirthfully You hit my heart a million times & blithely the spirit of yours made me solve the entire puzzle of life!! 

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He seems like jolly Santa driving a beat-up car 
loaded with lots of presents and while driving 
he'll be caroling, greeting everyone waving 
at him; and they should put on happy faces,
be kind to each other and exchange embraces...
never thinking it's old-fashioned and bizarre!

O Yule giver, reach out with your kindness,
it's the Holiday Season...why be so greedy,
and not share with the ones less fortunate? 
O Yule giver, touch them with your generosity
and they will once again believe in love, not hate!   
O Yule give, touch everyone's heart with your gifts!

The festive avenues are the mirror of wonderland,
shops displaying animated figures with merry eyes,
as music plays in a background of twinkling lights;
why shoppers are in such a rush...will the sales soon end?
Look at you, Yule ring your golden, glittering bell
and spread the Christmas cheer: you have a story to tell!

O Yule giver, remind them who will be born tomorrow:
a Savior and King to take away their pangs of sorrow,
will they believe you and gather around to listen?
They may have never heard of His birth announced by trumpets: 
was a stable fit for a heavenly king who God had gladly chosen?
But why such humbleness from instill love in proud hearts?

O Yule giver, you will dazzle and amaze them with a reading from the Holy Book, 
and if all stopped and heard of the Nativity story Herod hated:
the smiling babe, who wears no crown would certainly look,
and invite them in to worship Him whom a virgin conceived...
O Yule giver, proclaim the Shepherd who promises eternal joy:
seeing no color or race, but welcomes everyone into the kingdom of endless glory!

Entered in Linda-Marie's contest,
" Holiday Hearth "
Written by Andrew Crisci

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romantic christmas

christmas is about sharing,giving, and happiness,
but it also about relationships,
and love!

I can\'t wait to spend Christmas with you,
dancing all night,
and when out side alone with ur hands wraped around mine,
we will kiss, the snow will start to fall, 
and you will look in my eyes and say \' i love you\' .    

Like i said,  Christmas is a time for caring, sharing and joy 
But Christmas is also a time for relationships and love, even if you spend it with 
just your friend!

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Loving me for a lifetime

Wandering around I could feel I was losing
Every ounce of me seemed so confusing
My strength had left me, no longer strong
Everything I did just felt so wrong

Loss and trauma had driven my madness
Crying for help and feeling such sadness

Acting like a zombie my mind froze still
Losing every inch of power and will
The light had gone there was nobody home
Being trapped in a circus dome

Loss and trauma had driven my madness
Crying for help and feeling such sadness

But something within me pushed my soul
Pulling me back from the darkest hole
Igniting my senses I could suddenly feel
Lifting me away from my Achilles heal

Loss and trauma had driven my madness
Crying for help and feeling such sadness

Just a curve which makes me rounded
Keeping on my feet and staying grounded
Reaching out for love and ignoring my being
Searching for something without really seeing

Loss and trauma had driven my madness
Crying for help and feeling such sadness

Seeking hard and trying to find
Looking out for others and being too kind
Suddenly my eyes were fully open to see
The person to love and cherish was me

Loss and trauma had driven my madness
Crying for help and feeling such sadness

Loving myself was so hard to do 
Searching my soul without feeling so blue
Trusting senses and following notion
Finally putting it all in to motion

Loss and trauma had driven my madness
Crying for help and feeling such sadness

Now moving forwards with patience and grace
Feeling love with a smile on my face
Treasuring my heart in kinder ways
Looking upward until the end of my days

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"Michelle & Mookey"

Mookey and Michelle were lovers                           
Oh, how they could love                              
they were faithful until something went wrong                                                             
he loved her, but something is wrong                        

Michelle Is a good wife to him                               
that’s what he said                                                    
spent 50 dollars to by her man a picture                          
he loved her, but something is wrong	           

Michelle called his cousin                               
Just to see if he was there                                             .
said: brother-in-law,Has my baby been here?                                           
he loved her, but something is wrong                    

“you are a good wife and I don’t lie,                            
I won’t lie to you,he stayed with some girl he left this morning  
the gal is Tiffany Jones                                                 
he loved her, but something is wrong

Michelle went down to the bar                                     
Didn’t go to drink                                                         
underneath her shirt she carried a nine-milli gun                                           
he loved her, but something is wrong                           

Michelle looked over the car to see if he was there                                                    
there was Mookey on the stool holding Tiffany’s hand                                                 
he loved her, but something is wrong

Michelle stooped down beside the car   
Pop ,pop ,pop ,pop four shot let out
Right through the door
he loved her, but something is wrong

The first two hit Mookey
She heard him yell out in pain
The third one hit Tiffany in the leg
There were two new faces in hell
he loved her, but something is wrong
“Oh, it hurt, he yell
His left side was bleeding 
Her left leg bleeding
he loved her, but something is wrong

Michelle looked out the jailhouse
To see the beautiful life.
She could see the birds flying, she could hear them sing
he loved her, but something is wrong

Michelle said to the sheriff, “What is my punishment? ”
Sheriff said, “Michelle,It’s the electric chair for you”
he loved her, but something is wrong

This story is crazy but true,that shows that it is true
When people say men ain’t no good
he loved her, but something is wrong

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Dawn Becomes Electric

     Signs in the well worn path 
    led us to 
the dark angel side of forever 
   If 'you feel like watching as dawn become electric 
follow us towards the shining signs of reality 
   Did you not know 
that eyes which have seen sorrow 
may soon fill with tears 
Yes, and the masters] know 
  that reality is malleable.  
    are you ready to face the truth? 
    and are you ready to feel the joy which is coming your way?

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Writing In The Ability Of This One Saliency

We Must Make Way For Princes and Paupers,
Yes Pave Way, Blaze the Paths for Dukes and Drinkards,
Duchesses and Their Harem Of Rowdy Wanton Belles,
Who is She A Dame or A Damsel,
In Relating My Jaguar To Your Aspen We delved into spelling out the qualities of 
Their Opel,Citroen and his Jagged Hummer,
Who Will quell This Auto Duel Maybe A Benz,Toyota or A Funny Looking 

Angels that sat to crack and eat nuts,a sequel to the Epic "The Squirell",
Estates Reserved for the Esquire,One How many beds didst he deem to sleep a 
Your Nutty Officials,Their Sherriffs and Our Squires,
Issues We sat In saliency to discuss In Atlantis And The Consorted Eighteen 
Galaxy League,
Their Medula Lacks One and More Attractions..Hehawed Without a Glorified 
Nebulae..A Glitter to Sparkup Our Day,
Allow me beat these drums to herald the coming of My Asteroid Race Friends.

Friends Who deemed it feat to pay us Two Salient Visits,
Passing The soul of Man Intelligence..And Deep Understanding to matters we all 
had a light Alienated Idea Of...
Speaking of our Salient Meetings..I Foresee your Frighted Thinkings,
Augmented Thoughts In Wild Ratings..Men's Forbidden Call To Eat Warranted 
Fruits..May the Father Grant Men The Sight To See Through in Wisdom and More..
Men who have set the pace and Our Forever Lessons,
For Many are the Hurdles that Wise Men Scale To Achieve Perfection..

Let Guitar Strings Strum Slow Waltz,
To Enable Webster's Tricks and Magic in Grammer's Slow Rock,
Maybe Writing To Heads That have Seen The More..
Stiil I bid Godspeed To The Morrow And More..Selah.

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My Gorgeous Eyes

I see so much through these gorgeous eyes 
I've seen pain and misery through tears 
I've seen love and joy for countless nights 
I've enjoyed the pleasures of looking into  
The deep starry eyes of a gorgeous flower 
I see the rose petals blooming 
I see the the sun gleaming through those eyes 
I envision you in my heart and soul 
An may we awl hand in hand to the sea shores above 
To see his godly will bewilder your love senseless 
So close your eyes and envision me  
I see your beautiful body  
I see your beautiful mind 
I see so much through these gorgeous eyes  
I see me and you together for ever 
Through love and life itself. 
Now look into my eyes  
An see what I see of you everyday

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Small Town Big People

I look in the mirror and see the years gone
I can look beyond the glass out the window
To the yards of my childhood
I can smell the flowers and feel the grass ‘neath my feet. 
I can hear the music blasting on the radio
Mama callin’ me for supper.  

I yearn to go back to that danged town
I fought to get away and never look back,
I never wanted to live there again. 
I guess there’s a piece of me
There in that little town. 

The town is small and so are the events
You’re everyone’s business 
You can get a break and can’t get away
You don’t even have a say
You go to and from and people protest
And those same people will still put you to the test

I yearn to go back to that danged town
I fought to get away and never look back,
I never wanted to live there again. 
I guess there’s a piece of me
There in that little town. 

I made it to the big town K.C, 
Got myself a husband and a son and a place to live
Settled in and made a life, got a career
I swear I’ll never return to my best friend
Comfortable where I stand, 
Happy where I am 

I yearn to go back to that danged town
I fought to get away and never look back,
I never wanted to live there again. 
I guess there’s a piece of me
There in that little town. 

Well times are hard,
And people are ruthless in this cut throat time
Jobs are scarce and bills run high
You never know what you’ll hear at night
The people are small in this big town
Yeah people are small in this big town

I yearn to go back to that danged town
I fought to get away and never look back,
I never wanted to live there again. 
I guess there’s a piece of me
There in that little town. 

I guess the town is small
Just good ol’ boys and girls havin’ fun
Small place, small town, small world
People may talk and people may watch
But the biggest thing in that small town
Are the people after all. 

I yearn to go back to that danged town
I fought to get away and never look back,
I never wanted to live there again. 
I guess there’s a piece of me
There in that little town. 

-Heather Birdwell 9/22/2009

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The Many Insinuations In Your.......Eyes

Religion and his spiteful visions,
Race and her unholy irrations,
Madness the first lady of Death the Destroyer,
Sadness the Arch-enemy of Peace and Bliss,
Oh! His breathe just ceased,
To whom,To what shall we plead,
On what mountains shall Volcanoes feast,
To what unholy Earthquakes shall men not shake and kneel with skeletal frames 
that creak,
I have written for Kings and Monks,
Yes through My writings Paupers have become Princes,
The Affected the Most effective,
I have written for Salient minds,
This long have I beaten the Gongs of the gods to awake your passion for Nature,
Yes, Yes I have beaten this Drums so soft to herald the coming of a generation 
that will enjoy true bliss between Beast and Man,
Aliens as my info tech clerk, Oh what jerks,

The alchemy of Time and Fate,
It hovers around You your blessings of days agone, Just have faith,
Stretching to catch the Salient spirits of creativity the sage blows off his turbo 
nerves,like you thus fainty,
I have seen Men drink stale wine off Pigskins called"The Happy Flagon",
Amalgamation of Love and Truth has held me this Strong,
Naked am I, immersing financial wealth into this pool of Humility,
Do try when walking with my father not to look directly at his eyes,but following 
every pace,
Oh! The signs of time, Seeing my children whose bones are really filled with oil,
My spine's creak,cry and wail from this much spankings and your grandmum's 
severe waist rolls,
Only whales know the true disciplines of Gentlemanness,
Clumsy Spades,Hungry gents...Oh! Satisfying my willing maids.

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Healer Of Pain

A man struggles to see the light, 
Which shined so bright.
Darkness impours him and he fight's to break free,
But there's no light and he can't see.
The darkness is strong he trembles with fear,
He makes a cry to God loud and clear.
Forgive me for I have done wrong,
The evil around me is just to strong.
I come to you,
To help me through.
He opens his eyes and suddenly can see,
The light he had lost but now found for God answered him and set him free.
He thinks to himself how could I have been so vain,
But he forgives himself for he was saved by the healer of pain.

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a new york warmth

On and on  I don’t wanna go home
Just the lovely words of another sad song
Holding on, it’s too late to go home
Just the lonely words of another sad song

Every now and then
I don’t wanna turn left 
Just the path I martyr 
On the way to no where
Could you envision me 
No longer sadly
These are the lovely words 

As we go
On and on  I don’t wanna go home
Just the lovely words of another sad song
And we sing
Holding on, it’s too late to go home
Just the lonely words of another sad song

Back and forth 
Are the trials we cure
Would you hold me more
If you found me impure 
And we’re holding on 
Cause it’s too late to go home

As we go
On and on  I don’t wanna go home
Just the lovely words of another sad song
And we sing
Holding on, it’s too late to go home
Just the lonely words of another sad song

On the park side of town
Silence is a muffled sound
No apologies
Like sea gulls 
We are standing free
We’re holding on 
Cause there’s no better place to be

So let it snow
Go here, there, and before
She asked me to leave 
I kindly closed the door
Theses are the times 
We wish not to endure
We look for warm meals
Band aids
A sore throat to absorb the cure
Lungs commenced to whispers 
Profoundly within your ear 
A little something
To keep your thoughts pure
I could ask for no more
Than sun lit days 
That hover above the clouds 
And shadow 
The doubts we adore

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What actually happened
in the spin of those struggling years
was nothing worth mentioning,
just being hopeful and not really giving
of myself;  and that secret remained untapped
until I became aware of wishes...

An entirely new me
makes my presence real, not elusive,
when a murky night vanishes
through the full moon's luminance...
not to impede, but to appease
any emotion felt  instantly!

If instincts could teach me 
to avoid the dilemmas I am caught into inadvertently,    
I would make those sudden changes
to get rid of all indecisions;
and as need never urges me to set limits, 
I must show confidence and courage!

An entirely new me
challenging tomorrow without impatience,
living to the fullest of my desires...
to grasp that moment with eagerness ;
and what  will proceed great joy,
will not be comparable to what I will become!

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Belinda was a real knock-out,
the finest lady a lucky guy could find,
she let her desires explode in semi-darkness
as the ascending moon refrained from shining brightly. 

Our fervent passion took us to the extremes,
kisses sweeter than chocolate drove us wild,
hugs warmer than the evening sun lit our internal fire,
nights never ended their eternal bliss as sunrise dazzled and blinded us.

Where's my pretty the arms of someone else?
No, Belinda don't delude yourself: I was the best of your conquests,
gentler and more sensual than those one-night stand guys who used you and left!
Will you go back to those moon-lit nights when our rolling bodies were free of guilt?

I hug the pillow where her head rested after the explosion occurred 
in our bodies emitting sweat and the heaviest breath to enjoy the ecstasy,
then with kisses that only I could invent, I caressed her with my warm hands;
she smiled to let me finish what I started with eagerness and bring it to completion...
fulfilling my desires with insatiable sensuality! Oh, Belinda was a real knock-out!   

There was no gal more beautiful than Belinda...everything in her was perfection;
she only left a farewell note that the morning breeze tossed,
" Thanks for a wonderful night. " Was that all that she wanted? To use me and leave,
making me forever remember that Belinda was a real knock-out?

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This Time

Kiss me softly,
Don't hold back.
No stopping,
No thoughts,
No inhibitions.
Hold me with this,
Feeling that you give me,
That one you used to use to make me...
Stop thinking,
Pause breathing,
Heart beating,
No, throbbing, feeling.
Give me this moment,
Give us this time.
Love me once more,
And please,
Leave me peacefully this time.
No hurt,
No pain,
No explanations.
Just leave

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Connection Of Us

Our Love has a connection the connection of our hearts an soul which brings us 
into one
	our souls use the line of love to connect us so that our hearts may 
meet in the middle
	our hearts  then will to each other holding and not letting go fulfilling 
the connection so we may stay connected forever the connection will  follow us to 
our deaths then through the gates of heaven us side by side together our souls 
connected...our hearts holding on to each us holding each other in  our 
arms forever more...the connection of our love...our heart...our souls..and....of us...

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It Started With...

A kiss
So soft, so familiar.
Even after years,
I can't find any better.
One moment
Back, wrapped in your arms
And still, you're perfect.
My good luck charm.
I say,
"It's weird that you still hold me perfect."
Your reply,
"No one else ever fit."
But you left.
And I can, now, honestly say, "No regrets".
You've made your decisions and lived your life,
Just as I have done with mine.
So why is it now that you come back to me?
Right after I've found some kind of happy,
But still not the same happy you give,
But happy enough to live and let live,
To smile on a daily basis,
That's when you come and do this!
You pick everything up and turn it upside down,
Or maybe you flipped it downside to the sky,
And put the right side up.
Either way you put it, I'm stuck between him and you,
And you ask what I want, 
But honestly, I don't want to give either of you up.

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To The Honour of This Page

See as they 
wave their 
to you and 
the wind,
to my Jazz 
and Waltz,
waltzing it 
by the 
Are they 
Belles or 
Are these 
ones Fellas 
or Brutes,
The good 
guy or 
your comic 
To Egypt, 
Paper and 
This Salient 

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On  this  tattered  mat  I  yarn,
Bitten  up  my  rusty  thumb,
Reviewing  all  have  lost  to  dust.
This  sophisticated  explosion  about
To  be  awoken.
Wonder  breed  ready  to  conceive
Possibilities  links,
Growth  relatedly  started  as  my
Time  piece,
Unlucky  attitude, I  never  checked
How  I  trim  my  weeds.
Speed  stole  all  I  lead,
With  a   windy  shower  in  my  dreams,
I  never  knew  the  dead  sea  will
Not  sink  a  pin  neither  those  she
Breed  fish.
Neglecting  worship  for  my  gods
Became  a  choice,
Am  presently  stock  in  this  complicated
My  sun  begins  to  summersault.
I  started  to  trek  without  trace,
The  road  was  totally  empty  and
Strange  to  my  face,
I  sense  my  sandals  would  soon
Quench  for  teast.
Many  thoughts, I  have  spat  on,
My  tongue  rolls  out  of  control.
This  hole  filled  with  hungry
Toads  is  all  I  own.
Have  lost  function  with  the
Doctrine  hope,
My  hair  transcribe  into  my
Daily bread,
All  my  teeth  completely  disappears.
No  more, I  can’t  spread  what  hasn’t  
Been  said.
Above  the  clouds  is  sourly  for  the  
Dead,  like  me
Must  sink  in  this  earth.
No  unnecessary  tears  for  help, to
Wash  my  head.
I  write  in  deep  darkness, am  sure
You  can  tell, just  three  letters
Are  left  for  my  end.
I  await  the  call  of  any  friend.
Air  circulate  without  legs,
She  never  sleeps  nor  cheat  all  men,
It  frustrate  the  witches  and  entertain
The  birds  in  their  nest,
Interestingly  she  keeps  record  of  
Heir  under  her  care.
You  could  wish  to  rub  her  dress,
Never  disturb  chickens  in  there
Fun fare.  
                                                                                                       AKEWUSOLA  HABIB.

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Justice Done Right

Before you win you have to lose,
But make sure to think about the path you choose.
Cause the wrong one could ruin it all,
To where you stumble and fall.
Rise above the equation,
Getting rid of anger and frustration,
Even though it may not be a great situation,
Have to seek forth with pure concentration.
Keeping your focus to the light,
It shines with passion in the night,
Helping you burning so bright,
To give you strength to stand and fight,
Justice done right.

Before you win you have to lose,
Always keep a look out for that shortened fuse.
It could explode bursting  into flames with a huge cloud of smoke,
Spreading rapidly in all directions with no air to breathe everything starts to choke. 
Dying off seems the only way,
You start to day dream about yesterday,
Then it starts to fade away,
Your holding onto strings better left to fray.
Suddenly you see a light,
Burning with passion ever so bright,
You break free and continue to fight,
Justice done right.

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Come To The Well

Lord make us courageous to fight,
Lift up our hands towards Your light.
Jesus friend of sinners,
Open our eyes to the world at the end of our pointing fingers.
May we shine to that city on the hill,
Your already there waiting with our hearts for you to fill.
May we hear the toll of the ringing bell,
Make our hearts thirsty to come to the well.

May the glory of Your name be the passion of the church,
Let the righteousness of God be a Holy flame that burns.
We believe Your all to us.
To You the nations bow down,
To You creation cries out.
All things we hold together,
Your name will stand forever.
Majesty! You are Majesty!
For You and You alone awake our soul awake our soul and see,
For the world You love Your will be done let Your will be done in us.
In our hearts Lord,
In this nation.

Lord make us courageous to fight,
Lift up our hands towards Your light.
Jesus friend of sinners,
Open our eyes to the world at the end of our pointing fingers.
May we shine to that city on the hill,
Your already there waiting with our hearts for you to fill.
May we hear the toll of the ringing bell,
Make our hearts thirsty to come to the well.

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Write yourself the silliest song...
when everything seems dark and dull,
and all that can be changed for all; 
write and just sing along!

Learn how to fight your blues
with the quickest remedy:  think of sunshine,
never of rain;  dream of rainbows 
over the distant horizon!
For every sad mood that lingerd for too long, 
there's a world of surprises waiting in your song!

Most people think  that loving themselves
is enough to complete their mission in life,
but I tell you otherwise:  love others
more than you love yourself,
and you'll be rewarded in due time:
look at the lives of those great givers! 

Learn how to fight your blues,
and there's no way you can lose;
if everything were easy, nobody would complain...
going up-hill is too tough for the weak,
gather your strength and be the first to reap
whatever you deserved and wasn't given!

Write yourself the happiest song,
look up and merrily sing along!

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The Vision

The fire was out, the flame was gone
But one small shaft of sun yet shone
And that one shaft did make a hole
In that dark dungeon of my soul
I saw it as it broke that crust
And cast into the air was dust
Into that hole my hand did thrust
And deep inside that hole I found
The rarest treasure all around
A butterfly that spoke one sound
And "love" it said, then it was bound
Into the air and off it went
As if it were from heaven sent
The wind picked up, with newfound hope
My dungeon fell away to smoke
I found myself then in a meadow
And that was when I saw her shadow
Her silhouette was beautious fair
And blowing in the wind, her hair
Was moving with such perfect grace
It was then that I saw her face
It was the most enchanting thing
I'd ever seen. But then the ring
Did catch my eye. On her finger there,
A golden band with fiery flair.
But then and there she heaved a sigh
So fraught with woe, she began to cry
But my dark face must have caught her eye
For when she simply turned around
My heart began to leap and bound
And then I caught sight of her name
But NO! she couldn't be the same
As the other person that I knew
Of that same name, could it be true?
Her name was carved there in a tree
So that anyone who wished to see
Would simply look and know 'twas she.
Her hair was darker than before
But her beauty was all there. And sore
Was I to see her go with wind
That did begin to blow. So pinned
Against a wall behind me there
Forlorn with loss then I did dare
To scream into the wind with pain
Her one eternal lovely name

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U is for Unresistable, sweet and cute

L is for Loveable, a sweet angel

A is for Angel, heart of an angel

Y is for Young, Innocent and Good

L is for Loving, caring and loving heart and soul

A is for Awesome, Fun and Cheerful

H is for heartliy, Loving to all

a Sweet loving Angel

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Sitting on a smooth rock
as waves crash into it...foaming,
and splashing their salty water on me;
it is warm and soothing after burning
on dunes of sand...listening to rock,
and one of the songs caught my fancy...

The dreamer who follows the stars
is an unloved soul running from time,    
searching for secrets in this Universe...
but finding only sympathy for himself;
he can see the sea-birds in flight,
and wishes more peace at every sunset!  

This pen dashes all thoughts off,
to relieve this mind of unwanted clutter,
clearly seeing beyond the noiseless shore;
and like survivors of a shipwreck:
I let out a deep breath, to feel life 
at its best ,and joyfully play my clarinet...

The dreamer who follows the stars
 loses their traces into space,
they go further and further and disappear from his sight;
he counted them all when they stood still and shone
above the ragged canyons of a dreary moon in silverlight, 
and how can he hope for their return and not dream alone?  

Fugitive darkness gives away to dazzling sun-rays,
the shrills of the gathered sea-gulls, by the beach-house,
bring me back to an existence of joyful laughs; 
I am repulsively sad to have fallen into sleep,
to have missed moments that could have inspired, indeed,
another song for the dreamer who followed the stars!

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Strictly For Salient Clitorix

Ranks Are This High,
Just Like Banks That Sigh,
Clouds That Overflow,
Mights That Thunder,
Heights That Daze,
Depths Of Deep Passion..
That Caught All Including Your Slobbery Gaze.

Winds A-Rolling,
Clouds A-Calling,
Like Minds A-Floating,
Deep Sights Of The Morrow A-Coming,
Palm Covered Beaches A-Charming,
Your Beauty and Grace So Soul Warming,
Sweet Trust and Understanding..
Making Heated Sand Dunes,A-chilling..
The Flaming Sea Breeze In  Your Sweet Smelling Hair..Oh! What an Harmonius 

Pray For Thy Right Prince..
Good Men..Full Of Salient Thinkings..
Beware Of These Ranks Of Men..
Men That Blink,
Must Twitch,
Not Reliable..Always A Flinch,
Men That Bewitch..Must Stink,
My Sweet Belles Beware Of Evil Men..
That Fiery Heat Of True Passion and What It 
Revealed To The Soul Of Man..
Do Think A-While.

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The Lord's Presence

The Lord's presence blows through the trees 

as you feel the air flow past you

you just feel that He is there with you

there watching and proetcting you

and you don't have to be afraid of anything

because the Lord is there with you and everyone

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Most High

Most High,
Reigning in the sky,
Thats how he sees the Sovereign Lord..
It begins with a man,
A young man,
Walked with God when he was young,
Didn't know wrong from right,
Left the Lord out of his sight,
Was a troubled kid in his school,
His school life was sent in a whirlpool,
Failed a yr and worked really hard,
He passed got dealt two good cards,
But God dealt him a hand that would change his life forever..

A terrible accident had happened,
Lucky to have survived,
Lying face down,
He cant feel from the neck down,
Taste of blood in his mouth,
He blacks out,
Wakes up being helped on a stretcher,
He was put into a helicopter,
He blacks out again,
Wakes up in his room,
Not knowing whether he can walk again,
He cries out to a nurse,
"Will i walk again?",
She says "Your very lucky dear boy,
And there was no permanent damage, 
It will take time,
But you should be walking in no time.",
He smiles,
Tried to pick up he cup made of styrofoam,
But he cant,
He finds out his wrist was broken in two places,
And will heal on its own,
He notices a long scar on his knee,
He was told he did permanent nerve damage,
And wont be able to feel anything on it or around it,
In what felt like a long time,
He made a complete recovery,
Grew stronger with his legs,
Goes back to school,
A day after his birthday,
And thats when the nightmare began.. 

Then one day,
His parents saved him with their kind words,
His eyes were opened,
He saw everything clearer and brighter,
He accepted God's word,
Hes grown stronger through Christ,
He was redeemed by his Savior,
God's unfailing love truly means the world to him,
His walk with God have been a journey he can not explain,
But the smile on his face says it all,
He walks stronger and stands tall,
For he put his trust in God,
The Sovereign Lord..
Most High,
Reigning in the sky,
Thats how he sees the Sovereign Lord.

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Definately (Love)

He gave me a kiss with his eyes.
He, using his smile, held me wrapped so tight.
He brought me joy beyond words because he used none,
Made me sing to music without a song.
"But how?" You might ask me.
"Was it magic?" Maybe.
"Love?" Definately.
"Or could it all be a dream?"
But, no! It couldn't have been!
You weren't me when I was with him,
When he kissed me with his eyes,
When my knees went weak and I felt I could fly,
When I,
With all of my inhibitions gone,
Sang to music without a song.
So, was it a dream?
No, but love? Definately.

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Viper Rose

She grows in more than one territory
gaurded yet lofty, armored, but so smooth,
perfuming Day and Night with seductive melodrama, 
never leaves home without her crimson camouflage
nor without smiling thorns,
horns of hunger, an insatiable eater of hearts
an angel of love born in blood,
she will scream in circles for your attention
curl her petals at your touch
and season One with sensuous soil,
kiss with a hiss and convert anger into bliss,
a Viper Rose is never sold, only given,
you pay with soul for her texture
she provides the everlasting erotic admixture,
she is the rose that moves me to prayer,
the woman that wows me into baths of fire -

Happy Valentine's Day Eve ** An original woman that I love more than heaven -
By Poet - Adam/J.A.B.

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Lonely Heart

As I sat here, I often think of you.
I think of you in my arms as we listening to the rain fall.
I think of you when I think of warmth.
I think of you whenever I need to smile.
I find myself often thinking of you.
I think of you when I take my first bite.
That it could be you I'm feeding it to.
I think of you when I take each step.
That it may be one last step it takes to get to you.
I think of you as the sun rises in the morning.
That like a bloom on a dew morning, you have
brighten my day before my eyes even open.
I think of you while I'm lying here.
How wonderful it would be, if you was here with me.
I think of you as my heart feels loneliness.
But it is there I am fulfilled.
As my loneliness is far too real.
For it's there my heart cry's loud.
For a lonely heart to find its fire.
For there a thought of you is.
As mine is a burning of desire.
For you have filled a lonely hearts desire.

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It's You

You bring joy to my life
And I'm proud to be your wife
To cherish you
To play with you
So, come and you will see
The happiness you bring to me
You are the one, my kind
It was you I had to find
That smile upon your face
Takes me to that special place
Right where I want to be
With just you and me
You bring joy to my life
And I'm proud to be your wife
To find in you
All the magic inside of you
You are my kind
It was you I had to find
There is no end to our time
Only with you
It's you

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A kitten named Love


His gloved fingers loosely grab the tin cup as he sits slumped over.
People pass, barley glancing at the tattered man before them, their faces uncaring.
He has no home, no duplex or even apartment to call his own. Tonight he occupies a large box behind a local pizzeria, which sometimes if he is lucky the employees take pity and hand him a sack of three day old pepperoni. 

He rests his head along him arm, closing his wrinkled eyes before the rain comes. It bounces off his cardboard box fiercely and pools around his naked toes. A veteran for his country, he never thought his life legacy would be this, an empty box laying in an ally.

The night drags on with the raging storm, high winds, monstrous bolts of lighting and thunderous booms. Eventually the old man is awaken but not by the pounding rain but a purr. A kitten, merely a few months old has wondered into his lap taking refuge from the storm. Its orange and white fur drips as he shivers, yet his purr echos around the sagging brown walls. He sits upright and cradles the kitten, wondering why it didn’t run. Perhaps like himself  the small animal only wants a home. 

Its olive shaped eyes fixate on an empty bag of meat, its heart racing rapidly. The kitten is thin, appearing as though it has never ate. The war vet smiles and slides off his coat, he wraps the kitten gently then grabs his tin cup. Eagerly he shakes, panning for nickles and dimes. He washes windows even wipes away the grime. Never has he worked harder for $8.75 but tonight the man and kitten will eat from a bag that reads pedigree and to him that’s just fine. He has made a friend in the most unlikely of places and to him in the most needy of circumstances. Tomorrow the vet will rise and work the cruel streets of New York. He will face ridicule, people glaring in disgust, but he will gladly face it all to provide for his kitten he named Love.

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HE and his ART

Many hearts, each a beat
HE and his Art
Sympathy struck my soul within the Watts Towers
One man, broken, lost
Gave other broken pieces of life another chance to shine
With beauty and grace
Close to his heart
Close to god

Before his hand came down
They were just figures fallen
Pieces hitting
Rock pavement bottom

These objects, that once served propose
Once had value
No longer desired

Used and abused
Broken souls
Left to corrode

Do you know what it feels like to be alone in fear
In shame with no hope
Can’t look in the mirror

Thought to no longer have purpose,
On this earth
To no longer have beauty
To no longer, have worth


Sees art on the ground
His Hand comes down
A man, once broken and scared
A suffering alcoholic with a second chance at life
His heart and soul he bares 

Perhaps it was sympathy,
He felt that day
When he started to create, a place of hope
The skills to cope 
For the pieces left to waste away

Each broken object, each piece of junk
He gave a gift of serenity
To shine and glimmer
To live beautifully,
In company 
Sublime and serene

Surrounded by like others,
Once pieces left behind 
Alone, you seek cover
Together, in time

Is strength, and beauty
A vision of unity
A collective propose
Of vision and purity

What new perspective, from the inside to out 
Changes on the faces of the people about 
Seeing the junk, as a ship not sunk

In the shape of hope
And inspiration, a dream
Where we can go and where we have been

Reflect on this now
Of those who never saw
What the man’s vision was
Love, real and raw
In those broken pieces

With his signature, his heart
Left in different formations
Bottle and plates
Many hearts, each a beat
HE and his Art

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Thank You From The Bottom of My Heart -- For a Job Well Done

I have known you now for many years.  You have been with me through my hard 
times and lots of tears.

You have been there when my demons take me to horrible places.  You always 
make me feel so safe.  You helped ease my pain and most of all taught me how 
to trust.

I know that our relationship has been a professional one.  I can't help but 
imagine your life having fun with friends and family just enjoying your life.  I also 
see the caring and compassion that I have always benefited from and it has 
changed my life.

God has blessed me to have someone like you taking care of me.  I will always 
be grateful to you for your kindness and compassion which has continued to 
make me safe today.

I will eventually have to say good-bye some day, and I want you to know the 
memories I have will live on in my heart forever.  I'll never forget you.

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New Friends new beginings,
As we learn from one another
As we give to one another
lessons of live
lessons of love
lessons of understanding
true friends stand the test of time
you are a true friend of mine.

People come and people go
but my friend will stay 
my true friend I adore 
my true friend forever more.

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Stand Tall

"Stand tall" is what mom said,
But They all know Im hanging from a thin thread.
"I want to do this", I tell my friends,
But they all think Im doing this to become one of the trends.
I want to stand there and give all Ive got,
But Im afraid what they'll say,the hole lot.

Im shaking and terrified,
I dont want this to go on the downside.
I want to be told Im good and Great,
Cuz I wanna be the schools new update.

I might get a few laughing and telling me Im done,
but I want to make sure I furfill my mission.
I want to show off and thats no lie,
I want someone to make me cry.

Make me cry cuz I was so good,
I want mummy and daddy to know that the room was no deadhood.
I want to make everyone cry,
So everyday People would ask me to sing high.

Im afraid and that is true,
but This is what I have to do.  

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Worth Fighting For

Walk of fame,
Walk of shame.
But what is it really worth?
If we win,
We only live to fight again.
If we lose,
Then it was worth fighting for.

Road to somewhere,
Road to nowhere.
But what is it really worth?
If we win,
We only live to fight again.
If we lose,
Then it was worth fighting for.

Sea to shining sea,
Tree to rotting tree.
But what is it really worth?
If we win, 
We only live to fight again.
If we lose,
Then it was worth fighting for.

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love's divine, with italian fine wine, we dine, link hands and recline, the ambiance makes this so fine. I made her an offer, and the angel didnt decline, ill give you whats mine,love's unlimited divine attention, not to mention, devotion, tenderness, and affection. Your a cut above the rest, the finest selection. ill be your knight in a shining tux, and give you protection never negletion, or worse, seperation. This isnt a smooth operation, a game or dictation or donation,or a false allegation, you cant make that accusation. I tell you the truth, you can make a quotation. I want you, until the end of life's destination. We own the type of love that deserves an ovation. Its far beyond my wildest estimation. Since i met you, my life went through a reformation, you are my rehabilitation. i dream you, taste you and feel you in my meditation, with you always in my contemplation. when you need me, my dove, there will be no procrastination. Our love is like helium, its a total elevation, a gravity defying emancipation, a liberartion that makes my heart stop in suspenstion, thats how deeply i felt your connection. moments stored in my memory for recollection your my love's divine and my jubilation.

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Our Reunited Hearts

I stand here today   with happiness an joy that at long last our hearts are finally
reunited an connected once  again  and with the feeling that it will stay connected 
time an as we age our love will grow stronger and when we pass we'll die in 
each others
arms loving each other 

 the love connecting line connects us once more and when we pass through the 
gates of
heaven we'll roam together through the Lords Holy Land and forwever watch 
down on the
other love connected hearts and watch over them through there good an bad 
times and we
will be forever in love....Our Reunited Hearts

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The Blessings Of Another Day



Thank you Lord for waking me up, and starting me on my way.
For health, food and shelter, clothed in my right mind,
The blessings of another day.
You watched over me as I slumbered and slept,
Kept hurt harm and danger away.
Thank you Lord, as I praise your name
For the blessings of another day.
You bid my moments a while longer to roll on
Through your tender mercies and grace.
You gave me patience power and strength to run this Christian race.
‘Tis not by my goodness or much that I’ve done 
That granted me these good deeds.
But by your compassion and faithfulness,
And your promise to supply all my needs.
So I thank you Lord for loving kindness and care, 
And the joy you sent my way.
But most of all I express gratitude
For The Blessings Of Another Day 

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Open My Eyes

Open my eyes,
Let faith arise.
Believing there's hope,
When the pain is to strong I can't cope.
Your love is deeper than the sea,
It comforts my heart and frees me.
Your mercy is unfailing, Your glorious most high,
Keep me strong looking up to the sky.
I know that this isn't easy,
Its getting harder and harder to see,
That something good will come upon me.
In the Heavens You reign,
I lift my hands to believe again.
I reach to You at arms length,
You are my refuge You are my strength.
Your mercy burns like ember,
As I pour out my heart these things I remember.
You are faithful God forever.
So let my faith arise,
Open my eyes.

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Different ways and different people,
One thing we want at any cost,
Is to find real happiness,
We never wanted to be lost.

And it feels like a lifetime,
But suddenly we find,
It was there the whole time,
The happiness was inside.

Now our saviour comes to see us,
And he tells us one more thing,
We must stay strong and keep searching,
Searching deeply within ourselves.

And it feels like a lifetime, 
But suddenly we find,
It was there the whole time,
The happiness was inside.

We were blinded by the darkness,
Now into our lives we bring love and peace,
Pushing out all of the hate and anger,
So now we can love ourselves.

And it feels like a lifetime, 
But suddenly we find,
It was there the whole time,
The happiness was inside.

We find our comfort in each other,
Letting ourselves live in beauty,
So we live long and prosperous,
Together as one.

And it feels like a lifetime, 
But suddenly we find,
It was there the whole time,
The happiness was inside.

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The sun clothed the castle in gold
Before twilight
Magic to behold,
in the time before night
Such a colour to inspire...
A rose...
The colour of sunfire
The Faeries at twilight...
To make a rose, so beautiful
It would shine under starlight
Such a delicate bloom
Soft as a babys' cheek
Magicked by Faeries
A Summer Queens' perfume
A rose to seek
Emerald leaves glowed
Wrapped a rose
The colour of sunfire
In a walled garden,
that the Faeries showed
The Sunfire
Such wondrous light
A Faeries desire
Illuminated the garden
To Heartstones delight

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Fool For Love Destiny

Sometimes I think I am a fool for love
When it seems not to love me back
Trying to give all I have
Falling short each and every time it seems
A never ending battle in my mind
too try again or say screw it
But my inner soul will not let him be the winner
He says love conquers all things
Remain true to yourself and that
Quality shines like no other
A fool for love I am not,but
I will truly let my destiny find it
In the end.

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My dream come true

The moon rises and the sun sets this days is over and ended in an amazing way I finally got to see the true you who would of thought you would be so true beautiful on the inside and out as perfect as one can be could it be possible I've found the lady of my dreams a smile that can light up the midnight sky an eyes see straight into my soul but also has a sense of humor a thing truly hard to come by always keeping me smiling all day and night long 

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The sun cracks to wake the day,the smell of bacon in the air 
as I awake to start the day.
I remember
My grandmother in the kitchen, always with a smile,
I remember
Summer vacation was always fun,things to do,chores to be done,
grandma always made it fun
I remember
A scent, a smell, a song, a touch to bring all back
I remember
Those days are gone but in my mind grandma is still in the
kitchen with a smile.
I remember

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Ever get that sinking felling?
The one you can't escape?
I'm walking down a lonely road.
A passenger of fate.

Every day is torcher.
A self-sustaining hell.
Every moment's a blind approach.
There's no one I can tell.

But my conscious still retains,
Thing's could be much worse.
Indecisive actions, perhaps...
Or lying in a hearse.

Still, my heart is yearning.
For whatever could have been.
I feel the dagger burrow in.
I'm bleeding with this pen.

I've said all I can say,
Now I'll just be on my way,
Down that lonely road again,
I'll walk forever, with no end.

by Dylan

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Verse I

Don't ask for presents
and check your stockings
hanging by the fire place where the log crackles;
you are in for a big surprise this quite evening:
kids, dance with Santa on snowy Christmas's Eve...
put on the best smile and hear the reindeer's bells!


Kids, dance with Santa and swing your legs and arms 'till you fall;
jump up, go around once, stop, jump up, go around twice,
until his tired feet ache and you laugh at his funny groans! 
Get the hang of it, dance with him he's so nice...
hold on, stay on the dance floor...see Santa's belly bounce! 
Kids, dance with Santa and sing a lovely carol!

Verse II

Don't complain like grouches, and tell him he's another chubby Grinch;
he is a different kind of Santa...he doesn't bring any expensive gifts!
Oh, no Santa is not stingy, just the oldest messenger of good cheers; 
you may be disappointed a lot, but please don't tarnish his image!
He came here to teach you the new Christmas dance with rhythm;
watch his steps and learn to dance within the allowed range! 

I don't like those long faces, kids dance with Santa on this Christmas Eve;
you'll forget about your presents wouldn't want to leave!

Entered in Deborah Guzzi's Holiday Songs In Poetry Form. Style: Moderate Rock Ballad.
I will set my song to music and publish it next year. I doesn't have a melody to be sung
Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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The time and age we live in
calls for love that is true
sweet baby I have loved before
I have been alone and lonely
in the time I have spent with you
you have gave me more love
than anyone I have ever known
you have made me fall in love
all my love and all my kisses
are for you and only you
sweet baby you are the one
I want to love and only you

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The Creed In this Heat of Confusion...What Do I Do

Astronomical Ups and Downs,
Chronological In and Outs,
Agronomical Tractors and their Marijuana Out-fits,
Egocentrical Monks and Perverts,
Economical Charts and Cost pricing,
Methodological Costs and Expenses,
Sociological Frosts and Warm kindness,
Grease on my coat,Row this damn boat,
Can God's Clay Decay,
Can Ants learn to play in the Sunlight,
We must all roast and eat Vampires toasted in bread and salt.

Madhatters have learnt to  Drink Malt,
Five year olds have learnt to Drink more than one bottle of Beer,
You must have an eye for these and more of your roasted swine-in-Chilli 
Leave my colonies to be manned by my faithful and well trained Monkeys,
I will lead the assault for Rome,Paris and your little Malta,
I will sit and wait for the sun to Fall Asunder,
The day Bread never wants to called a Consortium of Crumbs,
Angels will come fetch your Rare Flowers...Oh! Cupid,
Your cup has drunken you stupid,
We are here for the big Fight sheath all Swords...Draw and shoot off your filthy 
barrelled guns.

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The lovely thought of being remembered...
rarely crosses the unperceptive mind 
of the uncaring ones who live life all for themselves,
and one day soon...all that will change;
on their last, expiring breath...
they cannot call on anyone who's not standing by!
How I like to be remembered...
is to think of me as simple and wise,
loving as true as anyone else;  no regret
for having been helpful and kind!
And this name will be honored and read out aloud
by a generation that never knew me at all,
and it's the legacy of an undying spirit:
still challenging and vibrant!

Many great men and women have come before me,
and I don't call myself the greatest...most certaintly; 
this decision is left to the lovers of literature;
all they will see is my distinguished signature
on the bottom of each poem and song...
how wonderful it would be to hear them recite and sing along!

On my a country  not of my own, flowers
will bob upon my gleaming grass,
and undearneath the cold soil I will rest;
and my body will become a skeleton without flesh;
it's everyone's destiny to turn into dust,
until we are resurrected by that  Almighty voice!  

Like the very fragile petals of a rose,so perfumed,
that will scatter before the flight of the gull;
I'd like to float as brightly as these after dawn:
to be elevated by my spirituality
and reach that place of profound serenity,
thinking how I like to be remembered...

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  Here are the drums of joy beating to tingle my breasts,
  To enliven the downtrodden spirit in me these drums....moves feets,
  It rhythmic outpour seeps through my nipples alleviating the sorrow in me,
  What a form of 'Art' that has placated my troubled mind.
  See my waist my love,can you hold it from swaying to this lifechanging
  It does no harm dancing more ferrociously to this graceful sounds,
  My heart is at peace,
  Fat is my soul that was amiss,
  Confident now am I as Mozart would find his fingers on the piano,
  All thanks to this DRUMS OF JOY. 
                                                            ANTHONY EDMOND JOHN

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A Hungry Poet

Walkin' through these streets without anything to eat. 

Dirty shirt and dirty shoes on his feet. 

Tryin' make it but the streets isn't easy. 

Pen in his ear with a notebook on his side. 

With this he plans his raise. 

He watches the birds fly away without a care in the world, in his mind he wishes 
he can do the same. 

But he steady find his self stuck in the street game. 

Black bandana round his forehead one around his leg. 

Even doe he knows the fast life goin' have him endin' up dead. 

"I'm goin' hustle till my girl and me pack up and live this city." 

That's what he said. 

He tried prayin' but nothing changed. 

"I don't want to do this but a brother got too eat." 

He had this state of mind since he lost his friends and family. 

Naw, not from death or sickness. 

"They just turned their backs' on me." 

That's what the young poet said as he shook his head. 

But he had one person he can still trust. 

Her name's Kelsea and she's his world. 

She's pretty, understanding, and you know having a good head on her shoulders 
was a must. 

She's so much like him in so many ways, a outsider lookin' in wouldn't even be 
able to comprehend. 

He said they're goin' be together till end. 

"If I turn that into a lie it's goin' be my worst sin." 

She believed in him and everything he do. 

"Don't worry Denny I'm goin' take care of you." 

In the back of his mind he knew it was way pass the truth. 

They sit on a windy hilltop lookin' at the stars holdin' hands. 

 until she said to him. 

"Well? What's its goin' be?" 

he replied back. 

"You already know baby. Time to hit the streets, 'cause I'm still hungry."

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Baby Abid

You arrived on the 25th Feb 2012.  The first sight of you brought joy to my life.
Your so preciouse and words can't describe how much how much I love You.

That baby smell is so sweet, your little smile amd tiny feet.
Your so preciouse words can't describe the love I feel for you.

You have change me for the best and evry moment I will cherish.
My little baby boy you bring me so much joy.

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I gazed upon the trees 
The beautiful trees 
A bramble rose in full bloom 
Framed in a castle window, 
a soft breeze 

Faerie Princess 
Soft light fell 
Upon your wings 
I am under your spell 

Soft light fell 
On a day... 
When only a Prince, 
can take you away 

Faerie Princess 
Soft light fell 
Upon your wings 
I am under your spell 

Oh Juliana! 
You cannot believe, 
unless you feel 
Deep in your heart 
The soft kiss of love 

Faerie Princess 
Soft light fell 
Upon your wings 
I am under your spell 

You returned to a castle 
Bathed in light 
Faeries and butterflies 
On a day,so bright 

Faerie Princess 
Soft light fell 
Upon your wings 
I am under your spell 

In a walled garden, 
of bramble rose and foxglove 
You cannot believe 
Unless you feel 
Deep in your heart 
The soft embrace of love 

Faerie princess 
Soft light fell 
Upon your wings 
I am under your spell 

Oh Juliana! 
Faerie Princess 
Soft light fell 
Upon your wings 
You captured everything, 
under your spell 

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The warm spring rain is a steady downpour 
 on this foggy eight- wheeler
parked by a dark highway seen from nowhere, 
as I hold and softly caress
your glowing photograph in my hands;
this wish seems impossible,
and imagining you next to me...
brings me closer to reality!

I trust, you'll remain faithful to me...
and mark down another empty day,
making you restless and insecure;
all in all, I am the same man you adored!

My feet trudge into the deep sand...    
making me wish that there was more
to life than this useless sorrow;
I have loved you and been proud of it,
and I hope to make you the happiest...
when all this comes to an end! 

I trust, you'll remain faithful to me...
as I am faithful to you to this day;
to give up everything we gave and felt...
would be none other than foolishness!

The spring rain has stopped coming down,
a patch of blue is seen though the bright clouds;
at least, my hope isn't completly gone...
that's  a good sign for a guy who only wished once!

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hoofs of remorse

seems you ride a similar hoss, i have a redhead yes of course, but she dumps me in the field of play, and pigroots till she gets away , gotta duck the tomato sauce, and the back hoofs of remorse, little Brumbie's run away...:) thanks David Williams "a pretty red head" Don Johnson

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reasons to be

When the flesh wakes the mans loving wife gives the man inside
the power to stand.
When the flesh works the mans children give the man inside
a reason to breath.
In times of fear the man inside hold his minds picture of his family near,
and know without a doubt
in his last moments
know, that's who the man inside was thinking about.

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RUTH C YORK    9/15/07

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Spring Time

I love the spring and what it brings
when the warm sunshine brings the 
flowers scampering through the ground
in such beautiful colors it can take your breath away

And watching the trees bursting forth with 
their leaves in a million different shapes
and the grass comes out to feel the warm sun
of  the first days of spring

And the rain softly touching each rose petal 
and every blade of grass with such tender love
that they lift  their smiling faces in harmony
and silently say

Thank you heavenly Father for letting us be
a part of your beautiful creation

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I Can't Explain Part 2

...I can't explain the secure feeling when you hold me and sleep I can promise that I love you ~ I can promise I won't creep I can't explain why you take over my heart You had me in the beginning ~ at the very start I can't show you that I love you, as much as I do I can promise you one thing though, what I speak is true I can't explain the amazement ~ when you catch me in a stare I can't explain to you how much it means just to know you care I don't know why I know know my babies will be yours I can't thank you enough, to fix my heart when it was torn I can't explain to you how much you mean Sometimes I take a step back and wonder, "am I in a dream?" To hold you close to me at night please know I want you to teach me to love you even more ~ please show I want to spend the rest of my life with you Please believe me when I say this, for it is 100% true I miss you even when your down a hall I hear random whistles and I look for your call For my father to love you, as he says he does It means so, so, much to me ~ it always was I can't explain the impact you have on my big heart Your everlasting love pierced through my world like a dart The love poison you poisoned me with will show But for now all I can say is that I love you ~ just so you know

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I adore modest women,
so soft-spoken and
very elegant,
who aren't looking for men
to seduce without being
atrracted to  them!

There's a shortage of men,
and they try to get whomever they can,
ugly, handsome or good- for -nothing;
all they want is pleasure, not a friend! 

I love simple women
who are fashionable 
and very sleek;
I love women
who can look in their mirror
and say to themselves,
" I'm beautiful! "
Honesty can make any man weak,
enough to give them much more!

Be careful of women who touch their face
when they laugh and pretend to like your kisses,
giving you the illusion of a full moon...
in the middle of a hot afternoon:
you will burn, but won't remember a darned thing;
and all that wasted energy for a quick sling!
I adore modest women
who don't wear lots of make up...
to hide a despised face;
isn't simplicity
another form of beauty?
I adore modest women
who undress you when they're hot...
they make you feel wanted without words:
and that's when my passion starts up,
and I become a real man!

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My Angel

Like a imperfect angel out the sky you came
After all the clouds and sadness in your rain
So beautiful you are with the love you bring
I knew inside it felt so right
I will love you all my life
Always give you my heart
I will give you my everything
Cause you gave me 
Peace and Joy

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The Clouds of the Sky.

the clouds of the sky are extremely wonderful and great, but I really enjoy the 
extremeities of the huricanes through the news and cnn I really wanted to say a 
pray for them.  I hope and pray that we have a government so good.  I watched 
the honor of it all.  Katrina was a wreck.

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Ever get that sinking felling?
The one you can't escape?
I'm walking down a lonely road.
A passenger of fate.

Every day is torcher.
A self-sustaining hell.
Every moment's a blind approach.
There's no one I can tell.

But my conscious still retains,
Thing's could be much worse.
Indecisive actions, perhaps...
Or lying in a hearse.

Still, my heart is yearning.
For whatever could have been.
I feel the dagger burrow in.
I'm bleeding with this pen.

I've said all I can say,
Now I'll just be on my way,
Down that lonely road again,
I'll walk forever, with no end.

by Dylan

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Binary Stars

In the slip stream of your soul
Maybe for only a few moments 
But worth every second
Every class 5 rapids that we've had
To traverse
And came out alive at the end
The heavy current of love didn't
Drown us
Because love is
The cetripetal force that holds us
Around us
Binds us

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Spill No Tears

Spill no tears for the years we've spent, have been good ones,
Shed not a tear because each day I've spent in the sun,
Do not weep, weeping willow for this love, do not cry for me,
Because I give myself freely, and I have no broken heart,
Lonliness is no more my love lies within me,
I gave myself to no one else this to the envy,
I shared not a day in anyone's arms, I've not enjoyed his charms,
I've kept my love warm, I've kept my love from harm,
If I am  in love where does this love live?
Will it give itself to me freely , if it should pass this way,
I'll speak not a word , I'll utter not a sound,
Your touch will overwhelm me , time alone will tell,
In the hours I've spent alone, I've written on the walls I climbed,
As my love sat on a shelf,
Your love will comfort me it will soothe the ache,
It will give to me and take the emptiness away,
Each night as I slept alone I dreamed of being someone more,
Than someone without anyone to love but,
Spill no tears , do not weep for me weeping willow,
The tears are on my pillow  I have cried them all,
In a dream about your love...

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Little Cosmic Serenade

My little silver shooting star,
such energy you do possess:
A chilling, silky elegance, 
from you, I would expect no less.

You twirl about me gracefully,
illuming, as I lay you down.
The planets play a raggish tune
while diamonds jive about your gown.

My little white marionette,
oh are you meant to play that part?
For there is not a single string
confining your resplendent heart.

You stagger-step so perfectly
into my orbital domain.
The Taurus comes to break our bond,
but quickly you restore the chain.

				~That said, the Sun began to set,
				 awaiting mother Moon’s reply.~

								My little flaming center piece,
								so gentle is your citric light.
								Your seared momentum shepherds me
								to compass you throughout the night.

								You never falter, though the dance
								has rhythms far from uniform.
								You brave the floor so passionately
								with feet as skilled as you are warm.

								My little spheric candlelight,
								how is it that you grant me peace?
								Perhaps it is your steady hand:
								O may this feeling never cease!

								You bend your knees as I bend mine;
								such mimicry deserves great praise.
								You are my other shining half
								who lifts me up on golden rays.

				~Together now, the two hold hands,
				 enveloped by each others glow.~ 

Our little black tranquility,
an endless plane for countless steps:
it’s here our joy first learned to dance,
a feeling we have always kept.

								We set the shadow-sky ablaze
								with symphonies of lows and highs.
								Into the night, we scatter dust,
								the twinkling-tango fireflies.

Our little distant chandelier,
a stellar lantern burning bright,
compelling and immensely grand,
we sway beneath its blessed light.

								For us, there is no solo act:
								our sep’rate ways we’ve never gone.
								How could we ever not perform
								the pas de deux of dusk and dawn?

				~Eternally, the pair will last,
			         for night and day must always be.~

				   A little cosmic serenade, 
				   the melody of time well spent.
				   Celestial bodies resonate
				   to compositions heaven-sent.

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Dear Poet, and A Genie Bottle

Dear Poet; knock,knock.
Who's There? Dr. Poet:
Dr. Poet Who???

Poetic Of Manthology,
I Grant You Three Wishes
Of Self-Indulgment.


TWO:) You And Me:

And THREE:)  A New Pen!

It's Truly Self-Explanitory
Don't You Think.....


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Our Silver Wedding Anniversary

Twenty five years ago today,
A young man woke on his wedding day.
As he lay there he thought of the good times to come,
Then a knock on his door, cup of tea from his mum.
Well son she said, the day has arrived,
Very soon you shall have your wife by your side.
He thought for a while at the words she just said,
Your wife by your side, went round in his head.
A smile then appeared across his face,
You’re right mum he said, I really can’t wait.
When at the church the nerves they took hold,
The best man gave a reassuring word.
The organ music changed its tune; the vicar gave a nod,
A couple that were so in love made vows in front of god.
That was twenty five years ago to this very day,
The young man that was me, 
The beautiful vision that stood by my side,
Wearing white old borrowed and blue.
Is the beautiful vision that is by my side still,
The one and only you!

For Marie with all my love, Mark

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Wishes from Angels

Before my fallen wings I plead
Let me carry out this deed
Find a love in desperate need
Of a white knight on a steed

I already have a girl in mind
Are souls have met forever bind
Lost in chaos, torn in time
She is my melody for this rhyme

If you let me lover her now
I'll go into the lights shroud
Commiting no unspoken vows
Salvaging a princess leaving proud

In her unrest she might die
I feel compelled to save a life
There is no reason or a why 
She can't be happy as a wife

A guarding angel I am to her
Send me to your beautiful earth
To enter a chance for rebirth
I am the remedy for this curse

I am speaking to the grim reaper
I need a miracle before I sleep sir
Letting you chase me creeper
Into the darkness ever deeper

Permit me to adjust my sails
Select a crew that never fails
Live through all the grails
Have a romance found in fairy tales

(her)He must be big and strong
Massive shoulders to carry on
The work that's hard and long
To keep me safe and right the wrong

I am sad to be like this
Crying moping and drawing a fist
To the sky, screaming a list
Of my problems little priss

Out of the shadows he came 
Bearing white, massive the same
Hushing me to comfort and explain
His business here, also his name

(Angel)My name is Micheal a worrior man
Here to change your coarse of plan
Bestow upon you an awakening fan
That keeps alive with a tan

Escape with me out of this place
Hurry, run, lets make haste
You'll remain dignified and chaste
Where no one can hurt your darling face

We could live somewhere exotic
Live the dream with love erotic
Just be us, excluding the chaotic
To decline is said to be idiotic

Grab an extra shirt and pants
We'll leave right now, expose this chance
To take hold of something with a glance
Of humanity with a slight reminisce

(girl)Alright, we can go
Somewhere warm minus the snow
Sleeping by the fires glow
Seeing more than we know

Somewhere I can where a dress
Running wild without the stress
Enjoy having emotional sex
With a man big in the chest!

(Micheal)You have made the right choice
I admire your sweet tone of voice
The way you walk and your poise
This is our moment relax, rejoice!

To this day I do enclose
A vacation that I propose
You could wear little clothes
Pushing away all your foes.

Crushing and deystroying all your demons!

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We look at what we have this hour of the day,
But where will we be when come what may.
The emblems on the hats and the money for the shoes,
The important pocked tronics
Are these your going tools?
Over priced jeans that are quoted by name,
The fancy cars bought low.
Looking at times like the best there is but,
Lowly thinking even though.
I ask you now with all that you have,
“Is your happiness really there?
If these things are really going to take you,
Can you tell me when and where?”
We have spoiled the child, spared the rod,
And forgot about, “IN THE BEGINNING GOD…”
Boys wanting to know how many babies that can make,
Instead of getting a job for the first one’s sake.
Little girls having boys and watching them rebel,
While thinking that is cute the mother’s aiming them toward HELL.
We have not allowed love to come in but,
Lust has had free course.
The children that are now coming into the world,
Feel all except remorse.
Is your fate in the clothes that are on your back?
Is your strength in the drug that we know as crack?
Are you scaled by the shoes that are on your feet?
Or governed by equipment that is found out in the streets?
You see the Lord has a plan and He knows where you should be
But it’s up to you to seek your “DESTINY”.
Into what are you getting and where are you going,
In whom are you believing and why are you doing.
Everything else is temporal and all is fading away.
Except you find your life in Christ Jesus and,
Be ready for that great day.
This very second as you read these words, chaos is in society,
And even though the LORD ALMIGHTY is still in control,

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The day drew near.......... 
Upon the wind, 
so light and fair 
Flowers falling through the air 

The South Wind Prince, 
came to Castle Heartstone 
Wearing a crown.......... 
Shining like the sun 
Gold and bright 
The Prince, spreading the wind 
Warm and light 

The petals began to fall............ 
The measured walk to the Great Hall 
The Crown, shining bright 
The Summer Queen ensuring this day........ 
Warm and light 
The petals play 

The pennants flew, 
a blaze of colour too 
Such joy to behold, 
in Castle Heartstone....... 
The shining gold 

For, The Kings were there....... 
Queens too........ 
Upon the Royal Thrones 
The Crowns, shone bright 
The cloaks glittered.......... 
On this day of wedding light 

The Prince entered the Great Hall.......... 
His hair, so fair 
It glowed in the light......... 
His Crown, bright........ 
To see the Princess.......... 
His heart did fall 

For, the Princess was waiting serenely..... 
At the end of the Great Hall 
Her dress, shimmering , 
with flowers of every colour.......... 
Every hue 
Her hair, plaited around a crown of gold........ 
She was beautiful too 
The Prince joined her, 
proud and tall 

The Great Hall was filled with flower scent 
Blew with a warm wind airy and light 
The Heartstone on the North Wall 
Shone bright.......... 
The Tapestries glowed........ 
For this was right......... 

A union of wind light and flower bright 
The Spring Queen and the Princess of Magic........ 
Created a new orchid........... 
The Wind Flower........ 
This was brought to them in the hall, 
for this was the hour.......... 
The orchids beauty could be seen by all 

They were blessed by all, 
who were in the Great Hall 
The love, showed 
The Heartstone glowed........... 
The stained glass West Wall, 
shone with all its might 
The Tapestries illuminated the night 
Flower bright, 
Faerie glow, 
Magic to show 

The South Wind Prince, 
carried the Flower Princess out of the Hall....... 
On a wind so airy and a wind so light....... 
The petals fall...... 
The Heartstone,  bright 
Off they went, 
deep into the night 

Castle Heartstone........... 
Filled with joy and love 
The Heartstone,shining above....... 
You are never alone........ 
In the Great Hall........... 
For the power is within us all 

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Ever get that sinking felling?
The one you can't escape?
I'm walking down a lonely road.
A passenger of fate.

Every day is torcher.
A self-sustaining hell.
Every moment's a blind approach.
There's no one I can tell.

But my conscious still retains,
Thing's could be much worse.
Indecisive actions, perhaps...
Or lying in a hearse.

Still, my heart is yearning.
For whatever could have been.
I feel the dagger burrow in.
I'm bleeding with this pen.

I've said all I can say,
Now I'll just be on my way,
Down that lonely road again,
I'll walk forever, with no end.

by Dylan

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With you

With every breath in my lungs,
with every death I die,
I will love you by and by. 
You are my best friend
you are my lover 
and my deadlist sin.

The one who I want to 
spend all eternity with.
People say love is only a myth,
but deep down in my heart 
I know I am true.

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As we open the pages of the Holy Bible
to search for the true meaning of Christmas,
it's awsome story still delights us...
even though the message is prophetical! 

The Wise Men traveled eastward to follow
the long trail of the bright star
through quiet and small towns
and saw wander in everyone's eyes,
because they didn't know that God
has sent His own Son to ease their sorrow!

They chased after that dazzling star of midnight
through the longest and coldest night,
so mysteriously devine
and amazingly bright,
to find the little smiling babe, born without blame...  
wrapped in linen clothes looking so calm,
as His mother watched over Him with delight ! 

The Wise Men kneeled before Him
and offered the joyful King their gifts,
and each one of them concealed its own meaning;
three stages of a prophesied fate
that would change the hearts of those believing...
and that demanded nothing more than faith! 

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In a dreamy way.... 
I saw you... 

Somethings, are 
Somethings, be 
All that I can see 
You are with me 

In a dreamy way... 
I was with you... 
All of today 

Somethings, can be 
Somethings, are 
I was here yesterday... 
I am today... 
In a dreamy way 
Seeing from afar, 
you and me 

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Stained-glass Angel

I wish I was a butterfly
with wings unhampered by the world,
and patterns unlike other sprites,
to flaunt as I cavort and twirl.

The sky would be my boundary:
the earth, my tranquil garden-grace.
When weary, I would rest upon
a flower sewn in emerald lace.

I'd land on vacant windowsills,
exhibiting my innocence,
until an adolescent hand
attempts to smear my tinted rinse.

Away I'd fly, towards the moon,
encompassed by the violet night,
together with the silent stars,
immersed within their brilliant light.

The heavens would adorn me with
a mantle made of coral dawn,
and with it, I would promenade
until the sun itself was gone.

I'd long for not a single thing,
for I'd be humble like a lamb.
I'd live my life devoutly, like
the stained-glass angel that I am.

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I see a better world that I can use Its far from you And inside me The reality is too much to handle anymore It's a place we all can love A place where all angels dwell Burnt in my mind everything you've done to me It saves me to go away It's my internal prison It's my only safe-haven I'm my mind there is a place That only I can control Your misery will haunt me no more As Long as I'm in my own reality You will be no more It's deep enough where you will never find But open enough to keep expanding I will not be stapled by your dominance anymore This is it i will take a stand A sky with death In it's smile Rolls across the night It seeks to know what is wrong And the thing is you I'm my mind there is a place That only I can control Your misery will haunt me no more As Long as I'm in my own reality You will be no more I'm my mind there is a place That only I can control Your misery will haunt me no more As Long as I'm in my own reality You will be no more I'm my mind there is a place That only I can control Your misery will haunt me no more As Long as I'm in my own reality You will be no more

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Who loves you~

My love for you will never die
for it lives within me
each day growing stronger
I live within my dreams of you
embracing you each time my eyes close.
memories of you fill my heart with joy
reminding me of when I was just a boy
dreaming of our days together....I fall alsleep 
my mind searching for you
I find you warm, beautiful 
held within the walls of my heart
you will forever rest.

By: John Cornell

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good day.

2:45 in the morning as I turn off the alarm before it sounds,
it's something that fills I've been doing all my life,
a scratch of the head as I look in the mirror, with a smile not a frown,
thank you for allowing me to wake and take care a my kids and wife.
as the cold water washes over my is catching a tune,
as I brush away the bad breath of night the smell of coffee fills the house,
a new day awaits a new me and I'll hold this filling way past noon,
as I tie the final lace on my boots I look over and kiss my spouse,
into the kitchen the clock reads 3:10am, right on time,
I pour my coffee pack my lunch and count my blessings 
never wondering what awaits me that would be a crime,
I take one last moment one last nothing missing
I turn off the lights and quietly open the door to start another day
work is a five mile bike ride away and in Jan. being cold is nothing new
as I start off down the street I take one last look up and say
good morning mom keep my family safe as I do what I do,
as I watch the other eyes that view a new day some thing is missing
their frown their lack of life the hollow sound in their voice
good morning is as piercing to them as a harpoon some not even listing,
the first words spoken negative, depressing, like waking up was there choice,
you read the paper listen to the news see it all around you,
hate...greed...lost souls swimming in fear of what will be...
cursing the past,regretting the present, and protesting a new,
we all have had our share we just hold it different that is clear to see,
if I listen to them long enough my smile turns to a grin...
and I think how can you be so pompous that you hate the gift of life,
I know "not all of us have had a good life" COME ON!...look within,
your breathing,you have,you may have lost love even a wife
but that is why we are given a new day,
I've had hate spoon fed to me as a child,I was told there is no tomorrow
I'm riches ever poured over me,I know that Is not the way,
every day is up hill,it's a new challenge...and I won't fill it with sorrow.
at days end I know I can close my eyes knowing I respected the day 
I made my wife smile I told my kids I love them and took advantage of it all
if this day was my last...I would like to know I spent it in a good way
not complaining, whining,or crying...I picked my self up I didn't crawl.

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Marie I-- Covenant To Thee

We're at the seasons' end I won't suffice to their Judgement for We can overcome I'm sorry I couldnt always be what you wanted me to be, My dear Marie But this is my covenant to thee We were born from the same flame you and I Without a shame we can discard the pain compared to our love it is just disdain The passion can not fly away My dear sweet marie This is my covenant to thee You're my escape when i need flee to The other side of the sea My single belief, my dear marie The passion of you and me flies away With the keeper of the bees Nightingales sleep and dream of our Starcossed beams, my sweet marie, It was meant to be This is my covenant to thee

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The Truth is in the Silence

Slowly I rise out of my dreams
As my loved one slumbers forth
so trusting, so peaceful in the night
I watch the rising of his breath
and delight in the closeness of his being
Here is the one, the man, the champion of my heart
Without this soul where are the boundaries of my heart -
where do they stop, where do they start?

This love, our love is endless
Like the summer breeze that cools you,
from the rising heat within
As you grasp the reality, the reason
The storm of the tempest that is passion
As he cares to glance my way
once again the fire in my heart soars madly
To think this is my love, this is real, this is true
The ferocity of my love moves like a storm
Ebbing and flowing like the tide
Always constant and vibrant, forever alive

As the stars in the sky shine and the
Moon glows with luminescence
So do the corners of my heart
When I feel the threads of your
outstretched love reach into my being
and stroke my inner soul with your unspoken touch
This silence of communication, this stillness
This is where the truth is....

How real and tender is that which is not said
That which is only felt, perceived as true
That emanates with a look for no-one else
but me and you
Within our silence we exist in our treasured truth
The truth of love, my blessed one,
The truth of life – and how I will always love you

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Oh how i greet thee
Today and Everyday
Bringing Sunshine, Joy, Happiness
From, Stress, Strain, ExhaustionMedical Relief Money Can't Buy
GOD Bless

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This fair Queen 
rides in soft golden light 
Only at twilight,to be seen 
Golden hair catches the sun 
This fair queen on the run 

With rippling emerald shawl, 
this fair Queen rides in golden glow. 
Only the faithful know it so 
For, the faithful know it all 

This fair Queen loves her folk, 
her smile, like the sun 
Intoxicating fun, 
the fair Queen can invoke 

This emerald green 
disappears in to the night. 
Not to be seen, 
golden hair, 
golden delight, 
rides far in to twilight. 

This fair Queen, 
bejewelled in green 
Golden hair, 
the like, never seen 

This ethereal Queen 
in gold and green 
Seen by the few 
Those who believe it true 

This magical time 
betwixt day and night 
The clock does chime 
This fair queen 
must ride with all her might. 

To go after sundown 
This fair Queen 
will lose her crown, 
willl never be seen 

For the kingdom of twilight 
the fair Queen rules all 
Bejewelled in green 
Golden hair ,so bright 
The dying of golden sun 
Her work is done 

This fair Queen will disappear 
at the dipping of the sun 
Bejewelled in green 
Only to be seen 
on a snow white horse, on the run 
When the clock does chime, 
at twilight time 

Golden whisper at dusk, 
fleeting flash of emerald green 
Scent of honeysuckle musk 
This golden Queen 
can only be seen, 
by the faithful few 
Who know it is true 

This soft chuckle of delight, 
heard only at twilight 
Tis my Queen 
That can only be seen 
in soft golden light 

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I’ll always remember 
Our nights in the city 
And the way your eyes shined 
Open wide 
With wonder every time 

And we’d talk about freedom 
Like kids always do 
And nicotine kisses 
On rain spattered faces 
Kept our loving alive 

Sing ‘its you that I want’ 
Its you that I want 
You make me smile inside 
I keep my arms open wide 
Its you that I want 

Sometimes you’re far off 
But I just keep singing 
Until I dance in your way 
And we’re together again 
We’re always ok 

With you I can ‘be’ 
Our silence is golden 
And just being still 
Nothing matters until 
The end of your stay 

Sing ‘its you that I want’ 
Its you that I want 
You make me smile inside 
I keep my arms open wide 
Its you that I want

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Rising from the Ashes.

I'm sitting here in this room
these four walls are closing in.
All i do is sit and think
about the things that might have been.
What could I've done,
what should I've done
to change the ending to this story?
what could i do,
what i should do
so this pain does not destroy?
i fall. 
I pray.
I beg forgiveness.
I stand. 
I rise. 
I feel God's presence.
I'm cleansed.
I'm free.
I am a new creation.
All these feelings rising inside, 
love, trust, happiness, pure elation.
The old me burns away,
the new me rises out.
Each and every step ordained by God Himself without a doubt.
He made me in His image of this I'm sure,
and I make a declaration today,
with a heart that's true and pure.
To do God's will and praise His name in everything I do,
and because of His love I will never be the same,
nor would I want to.
To continue on the path that i was following would be foolish and unwise,
so here i go one foot in front of the other,
and from these ashes I will rise.

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The Love I have For Thee

My heart is heavy for the hour
I asked the darkness to lend me loves enduring power
From dawn to dusk I think of thee
Should I pray to he who sits upon that heavenly thrown to set my spirit free

I beg thee
As I sit upon this dusty smoke stained asphalt, to let my heart be
Showering the dark for fear of what the angels may perceive.

Hear me now!
I am not queen of virtues thieves.
What I know is the sorrow love leaves

Touch my lips before you go
So profound that I should beg your puritan soul

He who view the works of evil proudly stands before my world with arms open to 
"This is the love of loves, that undying love, that is surely more than any other love 
could be.
This is the love that you have for me, and I for thee."

When the purple shadow creeps upon our parting, will this love that is the 
greatest love of loves still remain to be
Or will the angels cast it in to the voraciousness of the raging sea
Still the moon will capture its sweetness inside of me
Holding my heart with bitter sweet anxiety
Forever its hue remaining as a glowing presence inside of me

Having more than life can offer to the softness or our love we will surely see
"It is the love of loves that grows inside of me
Then the stillness of this love of loves will tear the sureness of what dreams left 
of this love we are straining to be

What is this love we can not let go of for fear of staining our souls with the 
aftermath of its agony
This is the love I have for thee..

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Piercing Eyes

The way that her eyes
Focus deep within
As if you're staring right into my soul
Knowing each and everything about me
Without having asked the questions

I want to freeze this moment in time
Just to keep it ours forever
We've achieved the ultimate endeavor
Now we are truly free

The way that you dance and you move
To the rhythm
The way that you close your eyes
When you're feeling the music
Oh, just to stand there and observe you being you
I get so completely lost in this moment

It must have been those piercing eyes

Everything that I do now
Is just an attempt to get the pure ecstasy
That I felt the first night we ever met 
The nervousness that I had that first night
Was almost unbearable

The way that you speak your mind
And you care what no one else thinks
You had a style all your own
Unlike anyone else that I've ever met
Could ever duplicate
We will work through the toughest of times together
No there's nothing
No nothing
That could ever stop us

Love will save our souls

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Have a Merry Christmas

Have a merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
May this very Christmas
Be filled with holiday cheer
Let everyday be Christmas
For the rest of the year
And have a merry Christmas
Filled with holiday cheer  (Chorus)

To all of those we know, to all of those we love
To those we have seen grow and like to kiss and hug
To our new family members and old familiar friends
Attached to the presents, written in the cards we send

Season's greetings and warm wishes with so much care
And good tidings of great joy I bring in this little prayer


To all those you'll see and to those who'll pass by you 
To all those you'll meet and to those you'll say "Hi" to
Acquaintances and strangers, the homeless and shut in
Remember them like family and treat them like your friends

Give them season's greetings, warm wishes with so much care
And gold tidings of great joy bring to them in this little prayer

But do not let it end, live a life of love and cheer
In and out of season share it in the New Year


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Darkness covered ever crevice,
When the angels of God betrayed the Lamb,
And the tongue of accuser, set us all down in the shame and guilt of self-
The sound of fury cursed our joy,
That we all bowed down and couldn’t stand,
And the pain of regret, set disease in all our arms and legs,
But there was one angel, an old black woman,
Who saw the light of day anyway,
And she took her cane and through it to the side,
And said, “Hey baby I’m a embrace this ride,”
No matter what, I’m a go to drive in movies,
And I’m a smile come what may,
And I’m a sing a song of roses, despite the darkest day,
And she began to flap her wings,
And the wind from her bosom spread across the cosmos,
And the world knew celebration.

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Your The Star

I remember everything you did to me
these photographs bring back old memories
i still hear everything you said
it's still stuck up inside of my head
as the tides wash in and out
always know what your all about
your fake smile starts to break
and finally you seal your fate.

Your the star
and im standing in line
maybe this movie starts on time.
Your the star
and only you come to mind
and your the one who's right all 
the time.

Like a slap to a tilted face
in my mouth i still have the taste
has this just been all a waste, of
my time.
In an alley against a wall
waiting for the other shoe to fall
by the phone but there's no call,
at all.

Your the star
and im standing in line
but it's fine.
Your the star
but you don't come to mind
for once it's finally not about you
this time.

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You didn't pass on 
You didn't die 
No such thing as goodbye 

Bittersweet somethings 
Bittersweet nothings 

One day soon 
You and I 
Running to the moon 
Past the blue sky 

Bittersweet somethings 
Bittersweet nothings 

I saw you yesterday 
and today 
for in my heart... 
you did stay 

How will you go? 
Such escapes, 
you cannot know 

No such thing as goodbye 
You didn't pass on 
You didn't die 
Bittersweet battle won 

We will meet soon... 
In the other world, 
or the next 

Such lives inextricably linked 
I belong to you, 
as you belong to me 
This is how it is meant to be... 
You know it too

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The real-life picture of mom,
hanging in the neat and cosy living-room
gleams like the smile of Mona Lisa;
her hazel,cheerful eyes radiate
when there isn't enough light to compensate,
her brown hair  matches the red gardenia
in the rosy,intrinsic background,
hiding a mistery yet to be found..

If Leonardo Da Vinci created that painting
to satisfy his self-gratification,
I invent words,in a different time,
to describe her gracefullness 
with a deserved adulation;
a mother who never achieved great awards
or prouded herself of independence;
love,patience,endurance and indisputable faith
were the virtues that made her so unique,
and none of those implied criticism...

Very often when I'm overtaken by sadness,
she towers over me like an impregnable fortress:
with the confident smile of a Mona Lisa,
so spontaneous without a sign of malice...  
to break the silence of an unspoken voice;
to inspire and motivate me again with thoughts
that lay dormant until they awake again
on the battered waves of my imagination...  

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We Stand Together

Who would have thought
We'd be standing here today
This road was hard fought
We made it anyway

Now we stand before God
And we start our new life
As we battle the odds
I'm glad to become your wife

I vow to love you
You vow to love me
To honor and cherish
And to love eternally

As man and woman 
We stand separate
As husband and wife
We stand together

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Beneath Heaven's Helix

~ Oh tender Heaven's Helix, ~

I wait for you on hilltop high!
The morning bulb has just awoke.
How shall you grace today's blue sky?

				The wind comes rushing fervently
				and marks the air with whistling rings.
				It brings forth waltzing butterflies
				with bright prismatic paper wings.

								They whirl about impulsively,
								not knowing that they've formed a line;
								and skipping in a blind parade,
								they twist about transparent spine.

				~ Oh regal Heaven's Helix, ~

				I wait for you by lakeside low!
				The flaming star has dimmed its light.
				What is it now that you will show?

The sky is filled with citric shades
and paints the pool an orange hue.
The pallid plane invites black wings
to dance along a massless screw.

				The pattern of these tainted doves         
				appears to be a braided bow.
				These ravens twirl with drunken glee,
				reflecting in the glass below.

								~ Oh joyous Heaven's Helix, ~

								I wait for you in pasture pure!
								The candle has been blown away
								to aid your luminescent cure.

				A pacifying zephyr lilts
				and from its breath come playful sprites.
				A gathering of fireflies
				encompass me with ivory lights.

They flicker all throughout the night
and cast on me their midnight-spell.
They wildly spin on magic wings,
just like a moonlit carousel.

				~ Oh sacred Heaven's Helix, ~

				I ask of you to bless this day,
				and carry those who choose to stay...
				beneath your fluttering spiral.

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I Love You

I love you because of your beautiful smile 

And your gorgeous eyes

I love you because of your amazing lips

And your "oh so sexy" style.

I love you because you're all I need

And because you make me feel needed

I love you because there's nowhere else I'd rather be

And because you make me feel so complete

I love you because you make me see the person you are

And because I can be the person I am

I love you because I'm in your heart,

And without you I would fall apart

I don't have to look deep to know where I belong,

It's always been quite clear to me

With you is where I WANT to be...

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A star lit night 
I met my true love... 
My delight 
On a warm summer night 

We met in a field of Moonflowers 
I took her hand, 
under starlight 
On a warm summer night 

A warm summer night, 
is all I need 
with you... 
Under starlight 

Such love 
with you... 
Under a nightsky 
The stars... 
Passing by 
Such love... 
Is true 

Under a clear Moon showing 
A field of moonflowers 
The colours glowing 

The shooting stars fell 
As did my heart... 
A field of Moonflowers, 
for you and I 
A love did dwell 

On a warm summer night, 
we took each other 
Under a sky, 
full of starbright 
A warm summer delight 
A warm summer lover 

In a field of Moonflowers 
Full of starbright 
We lay back 
and watched the Moons' flight 

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sweet tea

A spot of tea for you and me
It makes me ever so happy to see you today
Smile on your face gives me meaning and grace.
I have lost all track of time and place

Sweet sugar in my tea you’re the sweet sugar for me

A tea set reminds me of my inner child
Your beauty makes me go wild
More sugar yes please more sugar for me
Your sweet and kind you help me unwind

Sweet sugar in my tea you’re the sweet sugar for me

I kiss your soft lips it makes me smile
Drink my tea only for a while with you
Earl grey one more please stay don’t walk away
No words left to say I love you

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' ... For The Old Men ... ' (or It Ain't Over Yet)

He Thought, ‘Cause He Was Old
And the Other Guy, was Just ‘Sprung’
That He didn’t have a Chance To Hold
His Own, Against The ‘Young-Un’ …

And In Spite of His Many Years
… Worn-Well, Like Battle-Scars
The Boy, Wet, Behind The Ears
Challenged Him For Love, Thru War …

… The Rival, Dressed In Handsome-Glory
And showed His Young-Man’s Strength
And Polished Up, His Manners, Solely …
To Flatter, The Lady at Length …

So … The Old Man … Stopped His Visits
To The Woman of His Dreams
His Last Chance … and He’d Missed It …
Due To Failing Eyesight and Self-Esteem

But, the Object of Their Desire
A Woman, Fully-Grown
One of Beauty and Hidden Fire
Already Chose, What Her Heart – Known

So, She Went to See The Old Man
Her Senior, by Twenty-Years
And She Took Him, By the Hands
And This:  Is What He Hears:

“ … Hon, I’m Just Like Fine-Wine
Aged and Mellow, Taste Real Good
I Flow in a Smooth-Line
… and I Thought You Understood …

I Already Been In The Barrel
I Already Reached My Peak
My Vintage, Ain’t Just Alcohol
You Know, I’m Warm and Sweet

… and I Need A Man To Hold Me
Like A Decanter, Strong and Bright
… Crystal-Clear, Around Me
And Sparkling-Eyes, in the Light

I Need Him, Cut-To-Perfection
With Many Facets, At Each Turn
And Fluted with Affection
So, When He Pours … He Still Yearns

Now, An Old Decanter, Like This
Takes Time, and Design To Make
It Doesn’t Spill A Kiss
Or Fall-Down, Shatter and Break …

Its Been Tested, for Its Value
Adds Worth, to Any Room
I Give It, Its Due …
It’s a Genuine Heirloom !

Now, These Words, Go-Down Pretty
You May Think, ‘Don’t Mean A Thing’
But, I Need A Dose of Maturity
More Jump, Than Grape-Juice Brings …”

 - - - - - -

The Woman, Said Her Sincere Words
Then She Kissed His Weathered Cheek
And Wondered If He’d Heard
When He Still, Didn’t Speak …

… Then He Gently Grabbed Her Close
As It Finally, Soaked In …
… ‘It’s Me, She Chose ! …’
… The Old-Man, Gave A Boyish-Grin !

And He Held Her, Like A Decanter
Holds The Finest, Best Wine
… Caressed and Prized and Hugged Her
And Softly Whispered … “Mine !”

As She Swirled Perfumed Nectar
And Shy Drops Upon His Lips
An Intoxicating Sampler …
… The Old Man, Took A Sip …

Next Time, When He Saw His Rival
He Knew, He’d  Have Some Fun
As He Waited For His Arrival …
To Tell Him, ‘You’re Not Cut-Out For This One, Son …

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The icy wind blows down........ 
Snow flurries fall from the Princes' Crown 
Inside that wintry glow............ 
Is a heart beating............. 
Wanting love so....... 
Wanting this meeting.......... 

Who can touch the heart? 
Of a prince aloof and cold? 
Which princess? ,the love can hold? 

Steel grey eyes........... 
Hidden sparkle too 
The shyness revealed 
The Prince of the North to take.............. 
The beauty of every snow flake, 
and lay before a princess a gift of love healed....... 
Upon a snowy field 

For ,the Princess gave a gift long ago.......... 
A gift,so bright 
So one day he might............. 
Venture forth from the cold land.......... 
Under the gift so............ 
The gift of the Northern Light, 
and ask for the hand 
of the Faerie Princess........... 

The Faerie Princess, 
and her dancing light 
brought to the North........ 
Something bright...... 
The heart began to melt.............. 
Of the Prince that saw her 
Upon a snowy field 
and his heart did yield 

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To touch you

If only I could touch you now
your lips I would softly kiss
I would gently caress your body
with the warmth of my fingertips
To see you close your eyes and smile
to know these feelings could be
I would passionately make love to you
as your feelings make love to me
My heart is calling out to you
I know you can feel me inside
I believe our souls were meant to be
it is only a matter of time

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My Colie

In the night i cannot slumber
staring at the wall i ponder
what's it like to be together
after the distance dies away.

In the morning babe my heart aches
at the thought of you so far
i can't wait till the day break
and our souls merge as we meet
face to face.

And if you were lost in the darkness
I would shine a light for you
know that i would do it all
just to prove that i love you.

In the evening i am screaming
sick and tired of bad dreams
but your face is just so gleaming
chasing all my inner demons away.

As you stare into my eyes
you could always read my mind
know that i would never lie because
in my heart, my love you'll always

And if you were lost in the darkness
I would shine a light for you
know that i would do it all
just to prove that i love you

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the price of love.

Up upon the mountain sits a mighty dragon.
watching the world go by from a castal made of pure gold.
down in the vally below there on a wagon,
sits a maid so fair her beauity is well told.
the mighty dragon truly loves his gold,
it fills his heart with real desire.
but for all the gold he has lost his soul.
for the maid has set his stone heart on fire.
His love for her was driving him insane.
he could not  talk to her as a dragon.
he did not want to burn her with his flame.
He could not tell her he loved her in a love song.
the dragon lust for the the maid was out of control.
So he went to the only one who could help him.
I need to be a man, so I can love and grow old.
He explained to the old witch standing beside him.
Do you know what your asking? she sighed.
I'll give up my magic for a human soul, he replied.
The old witch did her powerfull magic as she cried,
to change the dragon to a man, who could live and die.
High on the mountain sits the mighty dragon king,
in the chair beside him is the maid as his queen.
His happiness came with a high price it seams.
but who needs magic when love can fulfill his dreams.

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Teardrops Fall

Bumped my head, hit my jaw
Teardrops fall

Lose a friend, in the end
Teardrops fall

No matter how things go
No matter what the call
Your eyes begin to flow
And teardrops fall

In church you start to sing
About the newborn King
And all about the cross
And our biggest loss

We look up toward the sky
And wonder why oh why
Our Master had to die
And teardrops fall

No matter how things go
No matter what the call
Your eyes begin to flow
And teardrops fall

And then you see the light
The stars are shining bright
Somehow you hear the call
And no more teardrops fall.

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I picked a flower of blue
Delicate and fine
I filled it with love
I filled it with sunshine,
and gave it to you
Each petal
Spoke of my love
Softest scent
Each leaf of green
Let you know
All that was meant
I picked a flower for you
Filled a heart
That was so blue
Turned into
A glowing sun
Now you know
That love and light
In you...

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The First

I am lucky and gifted
I wonder if there will ever be a woman 
I hear this chance calling my name
I see the podium before me
I want the vote of every American
I feel like I could rule the world
I touch the feeling of my victory
I say any woman can do this
I know how much pressure i will be under
I dream I am the first woman president
One day I will be that first woman president.

Dedicated to:
  all the Women in the world that can Succeed

Copyright ©2006 Jayne Dominique Miles 

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Black Velvet

Black Velvet, That to which falls the shade of a moon come that of our hearts 
desire engraved from the inside. Is it love we feel or the dark side of our lives we 
hear? After all, isn’t that what we live is the love of the heart? Is it not that to which 
tears us apart is the fallen of a moon? It is that of my beloved that I store there in 
darkness. As my life I seek for that of righteous. It is there the velvet falls as it 
darkens the stage. It is there I have found true love that one day it will stay. It 
soars as high as a mountain breeze but lays low as a soul below. That in a 
cavern beyond some hill I find that of some things to be real. I find in life is to die 
but to live for Christ is a rise. That not only is that road hoed but it’s also rocked 
with love. That in one, I could ever be so bless to have. That he gave me you and 
my veil blew a peep, which in my heart there was a light of keep. It came of fine 
silk and love from end to end. That you blew the veil in the wind as it lay upon that 
of a pond fill hole. Only for you to cross and none other I told. That in my heart laid 
that of a sunlight untold as you reveal that of my deepest soul. You have pulled 
that veil that dried the rain as the darkness fell that to which reins. You have 
found that of a black velvet drape as my deepest soul yarn for that of love’s wake. 
As I know I have found one of heavens born because you have made my black 
velvet worn. That through it you can see that to which is torn. And that’s my soul 
and my love for you is torn. That in you I lay all my cards that one day that velvet is 
torn and I find that of love not torn. That in you I find that shade to be warm as you 
have draped your on velvet across that to which is worn. For this a moon comes 
shade that in you have made my day. As my black velvet gives that of a heart of 
shade as my heart loves that forever in the days. As I love you under the 
darkness of shades.

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The long summer passed 
Dreamy days 
The beginning of a full Moon 
A boy for Autumn.. 

The Spring Queen and the King of Air 
Gazed out to a sky deep with night 
A touch of hand 
The stars bright 
A full Moon 
A baby, coming soon 

A Castle had lost a King 
A boy, to be born soon 
In Autumn 
Under a full moon 

The Autumn Queen came, 
in a swirl of leaves 
Gold and red 
The impending birth 
The Earthen King passed on 
Who will take his name? 

The leaves changed colour 
The moon rose 
Silver light 
Shone a castle, so bright 

The cry of a baby boy 
On an Autumn night 
A full Moon 
Shone bright 
All of Heartstone 
Joy and delight 

A tired Queen looked on 
A boy, so perfect and true 
Her face shone 
The faeries glowed 
A new King for Heartstone 
Under the full Moon too 

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lonely friends

I'm staring down a dirt road,
nothing for miles on either side of me.
I notice, I am alone.
Completly alone.
But alas I am not!
There is the wind, 
gracefully dancing about keeping me entertained.
And the earth,
strong and sturdy, there to catch me should I fall.
Then there are all the creatures, 
big and small, filled with more gossip than the trees, 
always there to keep my mind at ease.
How could I forget when they were there all along.
They've always been there helping me,
when ever I need them.
Some people are just blind to those kinds of things I suppose.
To consumed in all their own loneliness to 
remember whats just outside the door.
'Cause your never completly alone.

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Long Walk Home

All these years, so many years
all the pain i have endored
all to do with the pursuit
of you.
All the miles i walked alone
broken hearted, heart like stone
just to feel like i was somewhat close
to home.

There were days that i wondered
if i'd ever make it back.
There were days that i wondered
if i'd ever get on track.
There were days that i wondered
if i'd ever make it back.
There were days that i wondered
if i'd ever get on track.

To every pain inside my soul
felt like losing all control
but it was you who finally made
me whole.
Held my hand, you understand
never the one to let me go
and now i finally feel at home.

There were days that i wondered
if i'd ever make it back.
There were days that i wondered
if i'd ever get on track.
There were days that i wondered
if i'd ever make it back.
There were days that i wondered
if i'd ever get on track.

Baby when you show me how
out of hurt now i stand proud and all
i wanna do is be with you right now.
The track is long, the train is loud
but it's you im all about as all these
emotions start pouring out.

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Far in the West, 
over the blue sea 
Was the home of the West Wind Prince 
Who's crown, the colour of sunset 
The colour you would agree, 
The most beautiful since......... 
The Tapestries had been blessed 

The soft brown hair, 
with a crown , 
The colour of sunset 
This Princes' eyes........... 
The blue before the sun going down 

The wind so cool, 
The wind so strong........ 
The West Wind Prince............ 
Sailing along. 

Fresh and sweet 
This wind.......... 
This Prince...... 
The Princess he would like to wed 
The West Wind to the castle it led 

For the Kingdom of the West 
The Sunset Crown 
Worn when the earthlight goes down 
Such light! 
The West Wind Prince yearns for the light 

For the Sunset Crown........ 
So bright! 
Needs a Princess........... 
To stop the light going down, 
by being by his side 
The starlight 
To illuminate the night, 
when the sun does hide 

To the Great Hall, 
onwards he sped 
The Princess of Stars......... 
He wished to wed 
The wind cool and strong 
The Princes' heart to fall 
The Princes' heart did belong 

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Warm rain gushes from the bright sky,
to free all clouds of their heavy weight
and nourish everything below...
even the dry beak of a sparrow;
we didn't ask for it and yet
it came unexpectadly
to end our physical thirst...
another reminder of mercy!

The thirsty crows invade  
the drenched meadows,
once so dried-out and yellowed,
to resemble an arid desert;
water sustains life on this planet...
and allowes the low rivers to overflow
when winter can't bring any snow; all hope useless?

There'll be lots of  beautiful flowers this spring,
even those silent bells will joyfully ring;
a brighter sun will radiate... 
illuminating our path until evening:
so much joy in our singing,
a perfect time to meditate!

Warm rain gushes from the bright sky,
surprise sparkles in the unbeliever's eyes;
doubts make us unhappy and weak...
considering the dark side of things!
Vision makes us soar above the awesome stars, 
while despair causes our souls to die!   

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two lovers

Spark of light in pitch black room
This place of solitude becomes a tomb
Reading writings of great people of the past
Get stuck in a moment forever to last

Open your sweet lips to kill the silence
Two lovers meet by moonlight to fill empty hearts

Piece of pain silent and still
My spirit builds a life of free will
a harmony of notes sound soft to my ear
Inside of a beating heart like a drum I hear

Open your sweet lips to kill the silence
Two lovers meet by moonlight to fill empty hearts

Passion of love echoes through my lips
Above two loves walls hold secrets no one hears
Two lovers in each others arms for years
Two lovers close share their fears
Sitting close they wipe each other’s tears

Open your sweet lips to kill the silence
Two lovers meet by moonlight to fill empty hearts

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Small darting lights, 
through the whispering trees 
Through Heartstone 
Faerie flights 

A castle cannot be... 
Without a faerie 
Magic in the air 
What it all means, 
to you and me 

Lilting song 
from a Heartstone faerie 
Will touch you deep 
This where your heart does belong 

Love filled the air 
Music too 
Soft faerie light 
The colour, so rare 

Where it all began 
Lost in time 
The faeries found 
A land sublime 
The kings wrought 
A castle 
The faeries blessed the ground 

Through out the years 
Faeries were here, 
through laughter and tears 
The coming of the darkness 
were always there 

Small darting lights 
Through the whispering trees 
Through me 
Filled me with colour 
If you could only see... 
The heartstone 
what can be

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Labor Of Love, Infinite Grace

Labor of love, infinite Grace.

Eternal bliss, devine joy.

Power to save, devine works of faith.

Eternal salvation, Omnipotent One!

Fullness complete, encompassing light.

Sweet surrender, pathway of life.

Evolving love, wonder of wonders.

Hope desires, faithful One!

Gentle hands, leadership given.

Passionate father, forgiving forever.

Dwelling Grace,  A grand embrace.

Labor of love, infinite Grace.

(c) June 18, 2006

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Because You Touched Me

LORD, I am weak but not unable to perceive I am nothing.
      I have no strength beside thee, I burden myself with heavier loads 
and everyday it seems I fall further and further from thy Grace, but, 
You carry me through. All I need is You everyday,
                                 Because You touched me!

LORD, I have failed thee, I follow my heart and fall real deep.
      My heart alone is fragile, deceitful, and weak and I cannot trust it,
it seems I can't find my way around in this valley of fog, but,
You stand always with me and together we walk hand in hand,
                                  Because You touched me!

LORD, You rescued and saved my dyeing heart that I could not save.
      You are my only source of light, You open my eyes to see the truth before me.
You've given me Your steady heart to trust while my world churns on this
pilgrim journey. You shed Your light on every path, right and left,
                                   Because You touched me!

LORD, I look within as if to hide me, but see only darkness inside me.
      I have nothing to offer thee, for all I have is thine, today is another day,
clouds will block my view but Your Grace and Love shines right through.
Just one more day and I shall enter into Your rest,
                                  Because You touched me!

(c) April 8, 2006                                            Rosemarie Schrock

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Summer's showers for tender hands
stretching out to rainy skies...not thundering,
stunningly doomed by silence;
thankful hands showing gratitude:
pure love flowing from the smallest heart...
to rapidly move and thrill us
with its sincere feeling
and bring us back to that lost fortitude!

The wistling train rushes and winds through
the fertile plain sorrounded by misty hills,
the attentive adolescent  follows it 'till it vanishes;
he'll make great strides to achieve his goals 
and build a foundation that no one will ever undue,
whomever awaits fortune...doesn't have any dreams!

Summer's showers for tender hands...
for someone showing genuine happiness;
and he's desirous to know
the meaning of everything:
from the smaller things to the greatest things...
his knowledge must extend and grow
until his curiousity runs low!
What others despise,he adores...
when innocence is a reflection of purity,
many detest it with animosity!

Another train returns to the foggy town...
a town so lonely and without sun;
the jeering boy waves at someone,so familiar,
smiling beyond an open window...
someone who inspires him to dare:
to steadly feed his fervent ego...
to enhance his insatiable aspirations
that'll bring him greatness tomorrow!

Summer's showers for tender hands
that hold nothing within their grasp...
and need fond hopes and assurance;
a strinkingly handsome lad
catching butterflies with one hand...
a captor who fundles them as babies
and  sets them free to spring up 
to the illimitable,idle skies!

The joyous adolescent trots along
 the immense flowers' fields
humming his favorite song...
picking up one of each kind:  clover,
daisy,pansy and violet...
to give them to the one he loves more; 
he finally stops to make
a simple wish with open eyes:
to live a life full of promise
and make those good choices...
to let nothing stand between him
and his priced freedom!

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in a moonlit meadow 
A Heartstone was laid 
Borne from a shooting star 
Faintest whisper from the trees, 
was heard on the breeze 
The moonglow... 
A legend from long ago 

Elves,no one knew.. 
where they came 
For the Heartstone, 
amongst the trees 
The moonglow 

A single touch from the Heartstone 
Curious eyes revealed 
A strange glow, 
lit up the elves 
it will bestow 

They carried it many miles 
Through trees and forest wood 
Through mountain snow 
Closer to the mountain, 
the strange stone began to glow 
Such colour 
Such fire 
It touched all 
The elves,knew not... 
yet they understood 

Glow it did... 
The elves, 
they would bid 
Took the stone into the night 

Rocks and stones moved, 
forming a door 
A whispered word, 
and the stone was taken 
In to the heart of the mountain 
All was quiet 
Nothing stirred 

The first of many eagles came 
Circling the mountain 
The elves named the strange stone, 
with the strange glow 

For, all who saw 
For, all who touched 
Felt the glow, 
deep inside 
From then on... 
They were never alone 
Blessed by the thing they called... 

The mountain became known 
as Heartstone mountain 
Why the eagles came, 
No one could say, 
what was true 
Yet deep down, 
the Elves and the mountain, knew 

The Elves kept the secret many years 
they had trust in the Heartstone... 
In time.. 
It would reveal it'self 
To all... 
and an Elf! 

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What is a wife

A wife is a woman, loving and true,
A wife is a woman, that woman is you.

A wife is so special, so take care of her,
A wife is so special, for she’s always there.

A wife will support you, in all that you do.
A wife will support you, your whole life through.

You are my wife, and I’m happy to say,
That I love you more, with each passing day.

I Love you Marie

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Love that dies is never alive,
no matter how much you strive.

If you desire love to survive,
then you must know no strife.

Reach out and touch Gods outstretched hand,
He'll hold it securely in His near to His heart.

Love never dies, 
it is alive and forever will be!

(c) August 22, 2006  Rosemarie Schrock

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A angel wink apon American in2007

There in government in the warm winter of 2006 and2007
The government at war and leaves not normal or the 
trees a angel wink apon America and no oil bills for
the poor and inane,  the election soon and people
wondering if the votes is fix. news well quest of a 
nation and verismilitude is real and angels, the year
of the creator birthday party on earth is July the 4 started
in 2006 they paid the bill by warm weather and all is well
in America the years of the creator believe it or not, enjoy

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So soft, the night fell, 
I missed twilight 
A canopy of stars, 
upon my head did dwell 

Glorious night!, 
welcomed me 
Such stars! 
Such moonlight! 

The moon rose high, 
such quiet beauty 
I tracked its' passage 
in a star laden sky 

There is more here... 
Than  the eye can follow 
Than the eye can see 

So softly, did the night fall, 
a sunset passed 
Night and day never last 
The moon,the stars... 
Held me in awe 

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Night Time Prayer:Based on Psalms 4:8

Thank you father for another day that has passed
Thank you for the life,health,and strength
That you've blessed me with.
Thank you for all of your great love and forgiveness
help me to be the person you planned for me to be
when you created me.
I will both lay me down in peace and sleep
for thou lord only make me sleep and dwell
in safety.
Thank you for my family and friends,thank for all of the days or years
you've appointed for me.
Thank you for you constant guidance and ordering my steps
even when I mess things up for myself too often.
thank you for all the doors  that you have opened for me and my whole family
the ones i know and the ones I've never met thank you for protection in known and
unknown dangers in the land of the living.


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This ethereal glow, 
I feel on my face 
and deep in my heart so 

This soft light, 
changes me so, 
filling me with inner glow. 
My thoughts bright 

I rise with the light, 
turning slowly round, 
tip of fingers bright, 
swirling light abound 

This dusty lightstream, 
I leave below, 
full of golden dream, 
I had long ago 

A flick of wrist 
sends golden dust far 
further than any shooting star. 
These are the things I have missed 

To travel in a blink of an eye, 
to your favourite place 
in a blaze of white light 
and not wonder why, 
is a state of grace 

This soft golden glow, 
deep inside, 
far below, 
for I have tried 
and now bursting free, 
for it can only be me 

This innner glow 
of soft light,I embrace 
this love ,fills me so 
for I see your face 

Do not concern, 
for I have left this place 
and will not return, 
for soft light,I embrace 

For now,I am that glow, 
that I dreamt long ago. 
Golden sun and moon beam, 
I am that dream 

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you know you love me.

i can use the puppy dogs eyes,
or smile and flutter my eye lashes.
because im really a sweetheart.
even though i act shy, and sit in the corner.
i can turn on the charisma.
just because i look away, avoiding eye contact,
i know what i am.
the girl that loves cupcakes
and mad dancing.
hot pink polish
polka dots and argyle socks.
because ill make you love backseat kisses,
the cramps and leonard cohen.
give it a little while.
you know you love me.

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Bloody Morning

A big explosion
          near the docks
   A terrible tragedy by all accounts
Many gone, many left in tears
         The reporters tell us
this story today
       We absorb the impact
and get on with our lives
         But some lives
                have been snuffed out
     Let the crystal snowflakes 
come and cover the scene of
the crime
  Nature's white blanket
      will let us forget
The loves of the lost
       will feel pain
   but that will fade
with the new year
       Heartache is the order 
              of the day
But tomorrow the snow shall
            ease the pain
      Let's find healing 
                  in nature's gifts
It's the one chance 
     we have 
for happiness and freedom

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Our Memories





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No riches to be accumulated by me,
and no cathedrals to be built and penetrate
the vagrant clouds giving the resemblance
of a reachable Heaven so fuzzy,
because this mind is guided by faith...
and is not controlled by a limited furtherance!

I made big with God, not following the madness
which seeps into our imprudent soul,
and makes us see a false greatness...
forgetting that Man and God cannot be equal!

I've found no joy more thrilling and genuine
than that of our merciful and powerful God:
asking us to choose right and good,
and live without being inflicted by a single pain;
He opens our mind, fraught with danger, to awareness...
not to be obscured by a fiendish influence!

I made big with God, not being fanciful,
frivolous and inconsiderate of others;
offensive, hard-hearted and formidable ...
never incurring perils or losses!  

No violent storm swept me aside,
no intruder attempted to cut short my invaluable life;
I was always shielded by a massive rock,
unable to pierce my body and cause me harm!

I made big with God, unaware that 
He was always present in my thoughts 
deeds and words...controlling every single emotion,
every small step down the path of redemption! 

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Dancing in the rain

Teenage romance a tale of innocence and dreams
Back from the past into the present it seams
I saw your picture in the paper we met up one week later
And I promised myself that we’d never part

We went for some coffee in a small back street café
Your smile just as it used to be
We talked about the old times and the places that we wanted to be
Then she whispered
That she’d hope it would be with me

So put you coat on and let go dancing in the rain
Catch up from where we left off all those years ago
Come on baby come and fly with me
To the place where you and me can be

The immortal feeling that you have when you’re in love
Surrounds me like the clouds above
But back then you made me a hater you had your bags packed see you later
I don’t think I could go through that all again

I tried to forget the past as I starred into your eyes
To make things right with us this time
Return to me my darling for this night and forever more
Forever you and me

So put you coat on and let go dancing in the rain
Catch up from where we left off all those years ago
Come on baby come and fly with me
To the place where you and me can be

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A special time
When the sun shone bright
In clear winter light
Robin Redbreasts
Darted back and forth
Singing gaily
The splash of red
Upon the snow
As they were being fed
In a magical world
Belonging to you and me
Christmas , came
In our hearts
The joy of giving
Beneath the tree
In a castle
To the right of the Winding Stair
A great tree grew
A mighty fir
In soft winter light
The candles  lit
Upon a tree
Faerie light
Golden feathers from Heartstone Eagles
Were put on the tree
Ribbons and lace from the Queens
Glowing berries from the Kings
A living tree
Filled with colour
Decorated with love
For you
For me
In a magical world
Under a tree
Christmas came
In soft winter light
Kings and Queens
Gave generously
Gifts of love
Of tranquillity
Passed on through
A kiss
A touch
Under a tree
Faeries flew
Trees, whispered
A castle, lit
The love felt, too
A single touch
You give your self
To everyone
They share all of you
As they share too
Forever lasting
This is a Heartstone Christmas
For what is given
Is love
Under a tree
There is no greater gift
Then giving all of you
The light inside glowed
You wanted this,
and it showed
I want to share
A Heartstone Christmas
With you
Hold your hand
See the Northern Lights
Faeries too
For a Christmas at Heartstone
Is a time for love
A time to be free
Where the heart knows
Of everything
For it shows
In you

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I dream't..
Deep red..
Soft pink..

In the twilight..
I flew in to a sunset
For, a golden sun
Has sunk beneath
Leaving a colour trail
For me to follow

When life is a colour..
I was a sunset
In my dreams
Deep red..
Soft pink..
Indigo ..

For, a sun
Dipped below
A dark horizon
Leaving a colour trail
For me to follow

Stars, to awaken
With indigo
Sunset dreams
Soon forsaken

I wish...
For you to see
A sunset dream
That was me

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We have finally made it
Through this last year
Now we must face
Our deepest fear
On our own we must go
This wheel of life we must steer
Life is yet to come
It has finally just begun
Our lives now depend
On choices of thy own
Now one can’t afford
To sit around ad get stoned
We must make choices
That are very difficult
Yet the right one will reveal
Awards as a result
Your future is what
Only you make
Everyone makes
Colossal mistakes
Yet as y you grow older,
If you can believe in your ability
And not think the world is on your shoulders
You will lead
A life filled with joy
And rewards, yet this only happens
When one is employed
You choices from today,
And onward into the years
Will undoubtedly reveal
How your life will be
Just so long as you don’t
Piss it away, and you just wait and see
For you’re the one
Who may change the world
Just lead a straight line
Don’t follow your horde
Prevail you may
Yet if you shall fail
Pull yourself back up,, for that job you dream of
Is not unreachable
You shall find, after you get that job
That your check has always
Been in the mail

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In Your Eyes

In Your Eyes
In Your Eyes
The Future Is Seen
In Your Eyes
The road is clear and clean
In Your Eyes
There is Happines and Joy
In Your Heart
Much Love to Give
Ne'er to Depart
In Your Heart
The More You Give 
The Greater Reward
In Your Hands
You take Mine
In Your Hands
You Take Mine 

Peter LeBuhn 

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His Precious Bounty Shines Through

In a harborless sea I was sailing, being tossed too and fro by despair,
sinking deeper beneath an unlighted wave of woe;
surfaced by faith alone.

In a foggy haze I once wandered, trying to please while dismayed I was,
no good in me only Grace you see;
given from the one who set me free.

In a canyon of darkness I dwelt, being led by an unseen hand,
firm is the grip that will not let me go;
loving and strength is the One who gave.

In a valley of dust I tried and failed, accompanied by a presence so devine, 
standing by me is my rest and only hope;
eternity is just beyond the rise ahead.

In a joy encompassed embrace, forever I will remain,
 no fears shall alram me,
drawn nearer unto my harbor; my God!

(c) June 18, 2006

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The Good One

To be thoughtful of your soul
Is only paralleled by your goal
You were brought here to be living
Enhancement of our world

We can give you the time, we try to get the cure
You can’t make it on your own
You have to have your band with you
That the part that makes it whole

Everyone tries to get ahead
Sometimes at all cost
There are some around that think that
These things can make us lost

It’s because of the good people in the world
That we can coexist
It’s because of the good thought of others
That we can write like this

The pure heart is the reason for today
The good one is how we get by on life
Don’t believe the hype that always puts you first
It not always because of you that you meet your worth

You are a part of the pure heart
You are the reason for the stars
Thank goodness for your constant Soul

It’s people like you that make our life 
It’s worth living because you’re alive
Your benevolent spirit keeps up in this World

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Lyrical Verses

  Spilling lyrical verses
Keeping you warm
Your mind
Your thoughts
...At Every Glance
The lyrics I spill
bring thee closer
Feeling the warmth of your breast against mine
Whispering Secrets of Love in our ears
It appears
There is something here
You Lost in Me
I, You

They are the danger of Love
And the Pleasure of all things above

Peter LeBuhn

Copyright ©2006 Peter LeBuhn 

Peter LeBuhn 

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Keeps Me Sangin'

Jesus keeps me sangin'-!

I sing cause I'm happy, my heart's melody
I cause I'm free, yes, I know that I am free indeed
His eye's on the sparrow; I know He watches me
And that keeps me sangin'
He keeps me sangin'
Jesus keeps me sangin'-!  (Chorus)

I thought that I would never find someone so patient and so kind
Who had love that was just for me
Until Jesus came my way, He still sticks close to me today
So unconditionally

(Bridge 1)
He's always with me, never leaves nor forsakes me
And Jesus is the one thing my heart is sure of
So I-

Jesus is my Lord and God and His love is shed abroad
In my heart I do believe
And with my mouth I do confess and I am saved, His righteousness
Is so heavenly

(Bridge 2)
He forgives and forgets all my sins and my debts
And Jesus is the one thing that my heart is sure of
So I-

Now I need, and you need, and we all need His kind of love (2x's)
He forgives and forgets all my sins and my debts
And Jesus is the one thing my heart is sure of

So I- sing cause I'm happy, my heart's melody
I cause I'm free, yes, I know that I am free indeed
His eye's on the sparrow; I know He watches me
And that keeps me sangin'
He keeps me sangin'
Jesus keeps me sangin'-!  (Chorus)

I sing for joy inside my soul
Cause Jesus Christ has made me whole
His joy's my strength that makes me glad
And He's the best love I've ever had

(Fade with the Chorus)

Inspired by After 7's "Swangin'"

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Rocky, Rocky
Longed to be a jockey,
But poor Rocky,
Was far too stocky,

More muscles than the horse,
Eliminated him of course,

He tried to slim down,
To win the Derby Crown,
But failed at this,
And was destined to miss,
The goal he sought so bad,

He watched from Kentucky Downs,
With naught but frowns,
And angered that,
Those little clowns,

Had the job he did covet
And they did not love it,
For each of them, it seems,
Wanted to be a muscleman,
That was their fondest dreams.

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A silken thread... 
wends its' way, 
around your heart 
For, it is you I wed 

Woven in times past 
First glance.. 
Met by chance.. 
Love to last 

A silken thread, 
to make  white lace 
Loves' true course 
Our thoughts, read 
upon your face 

Such deepest love 
Sweetest love 
Blessed from above 

Love is a delicate silken thread, 
finding its' way 
Through African sun 
Golden sands 
Golden sunrises 
To lands of green 
Upon this wedding day 

This silken thread, 
from my heart... 
To you 
For love is true 

A love... 
Never lost 
Through times past 
Love to last 

Such love , I to offer you 
So completely 
A silken thread, 
flame lilies too 
For eternity 

I am by your side.. 
A band of gold, 
replacing the silken thread 
My love to hold 
For on this day... 
It is you , I wed 

Upon this wedding day, 
I give you my heart.. 
Silken threads and lace 
Together our lives, 
now unfold 
A love, never lost 
Sealed with a band of gold 

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A gentle glide high above 
Nothing to hear 
Except the flow of air 
over my wings 
I looked for you 
far below 

A sweet delight 
to fly... 
in such light 

I carried you high, 
in my heart 
In to the light 
In to the blue sky 

Such blessed silence 
over my wings 
Wind rush 
Suns's crush 

I leave this earth, 
for a brief time 
Flying with the sun 

Thermals abound 
Sun , all around 
A sweet delight 
To fly in such light 

If I could see the wind, 
see it flow over me 
Gentle rolling blue sea 
Such glee! 

Towering cumulus 
blinding white 
In the fresh blue 
Carrying me too 
Such bliss! 

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When winter became a Spring day..... 
The Spring Queen came ,with out delay 
She approached through the Whispering Trees 
Everything she touched, turned to green 
Fresh shoots,budding leaves..... 
Flowers to be seen 

The Eastern Wind, 
bringer of life and green 
Followed the Spring Queen 
The awakening........... 
The greening.......... 

The Castle gates opened wide 
The Spring Queen walked inside.............. 
The walled garden grown 
Welcomed into Castle Heartstone 

Her fingers touched the wall........ 
Instantly the flowers grew.......... 
In places not before seen 
Such is the power of the Spring Queen 

The air filled with the sound of birds............ 
Birdsong, too beautiful for words 
For, there was life everywhere 
The Spring days,so fair 

The mood of the Castle lifted 
The life,the colour 
The Spring Queen, gifted 

The bare trees filled out, 
the welcoming shade 
The walled garden transformed............ 
Colour spilling everywhere............ 
Spring is in the air 

Such joy and happiness.......... 
Bursting through 
The Whispering Trees 
The East Wind breeze 
The meadow flowers, so blue 

Fresh flowers filled the Castle........... 
Most of all in the Great Hall......... 
Where the Heartstone lay, 
on the north wall 

The hum of bees, 
buzzing on the breeze 
Spring honey,so sweet........... 
A real treat! 

The Spring Queen......... 
Giving birth........... 
To a new and beautiful earth 
The land lay green..... 
The flowers, to be seen 

These flowers,sublime 
The emerging springtime............ 
All too soon the days grew hot......... 
The days grew long......... 
The days had new meaning............ 
Soon it would be Summer Queens' time 
the intense greening 

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Gold sails of light, 
silently carrying me 
in dead of night 

Soft billow of golden sail, 
takes the lead, 
I hold the rail, 
watching increasing speed 

This dead of night, 
glassy dark blue sea, 
this silence, 
carries me 
Far,with gold sails of light 

I do not steer this vessel, 
I am its only passenger, 
my thoughts I must wrestle 

This glow from golden light, 
from sail, 
through the night, 
carries me , 
far on dark glassy sea 

No ripple disturbed, 
golden sails reflected 
on dark glassy sea, 
I am unpeturbed, 
no fear detected, 
for this ship only carries me 

No stars to guide 
in this dark of night, 
this silent ship does glide 
with gold sails of light 

For ,far ahead 
is an island 
bathed in soft yellow light 
is this where I have been led? 
For I see many gold sails, 
so bright! 

These golden sails of light, 
carry me 
back to the fold, 
for the precious cargo that they hold, 
is my soul 

I step ashore, 
I now know what is is for, 
my body I leave behind, 
a new beginning I find 

This dark glassy sea 
is not for me, 
gold sails of light 
are what makes it right, 
for this is meant to be 

For,in this new land 
the golden sails have spanned, 
carried me here 
For I have no fear 
For I am........ only me 

Gold sails of light 
over dark glassy sea 
Silently carrying me 
to island ,so bright 

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This light, 
that absorbs me, 
feels right, 
you see.......... 

My movements effortless, 
my lengthened stride, 
clothes tossed, far and wide 
for I run to you, 
for I want to be by your side 

This castle of light, 
of many rooms. 
Some of gold and blue, 
shines bright 

I run to the parapet, 
light all around, 
I leap and soar, 
the light knows what i'm destined for. 
I make no sound, 
for I am not ready yet 

I orbit this castle of light, 
keen eyes from above, 
looking for my love, 
flying in this unearthly air, so bright 

Waiting for her transition, 
to my plane of thought, 
for it is me she sought, 
of her own volition 

This castle bright and blue, 
holds me and you, 
in lustrous light 
of golden hue 

For I see you down below, 
on the parapet. 
Let your love flow, 
leap off and go, 
you know what it's for, 
your destiny, 
with me 

Castle bright 
of many rooms, 
some gold and blue, 
wondrous light 

For, as I love you, 
you love me too 
bonded in the white, 
light so bright 

Castle of light, 
rooms bright, 
you and I, 
time to fly 

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In our splendid universe,
there's more than diversity...
undiscovered planets:
like the warm beats of the heart;
huge skies of blue where anyone's
eyes cannot reach their infinity!

There can never be dark days,
and the pure joys of two loyal souls
will only lead to other unknown desires;
what keeps others from reaching this height,
and free themselves from what makes them writhe...   
without having to give up anything?
That secret lies mainly with us,
 jealously protected, but if curiousity overwhelms them:
we're holding the magic key...
to unlock this amazing mystery!

In our splendid universe,
all the stars take refuge in myriads,
and keep us safe from shadows,
so that we will not know sorrows;
and if the warmest sun shimmers
and breaks trough the darkest clouds,
when  another storm threatens its peace,
we'll be assured to behold its magnificence!

Unworthy  hearts search for an unreachable God,
but can't find Him where they wish...
until their wait becomes desperation;
why do they fail and turn back to the starting point?
We have that answer with an assurance:
turn away from all those dreadful
things that cause unnecessary pain,
and have a sudden change of heart !

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Showing Off

We're not showing off
And we won't put it off-
We're just praising the name of Jesus
But if we're showing off
Still we won't put it off-
We'll keep praising the name of Jesus   (Chorus)

There are those who think the Lord requires a solemn face
And there are those who quench His Spirit in this place
But there are those who sing and shout with hands and hearts to raise
And they are those who're free to give God all their praise

And if we're getting on your nerve-
And if we don't fit your format-
Well we've got a God to serve-
And we know it's going to take all that
He's pleased with that-	  (Bridge)


There are those who feel they know just how much it takes
And there are those who say we're going through a phase
So there are those who clap and dance with hands and hearts to raise
And they are those who're free to give God all their praise

(Bridge)    (Chorus)

Praise Him for his goodness, praise Him for his love
Praise Him with your voices, praise Him all ye lands
Praise Him with the timbrel and all your instruments
Praise Him with a loud noise, sing and clap your hands  (Repeat)

(Bridge)  (Chorus)

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Deep within a mountain 
At it's heart 
A spring flowed 
From it, love 

Water is the source of everything 
Love, life 
An eagles' golden wing 

A gemstone 
Filled with love, 
began in a spring 
A Heartstone 
The water of love 
Such light 

Heartstone mountain 
Welling deep 
In its' heart 
Love to seep 

Keep the love 
Keep the faith 
A mountain spring 
Love, life 
Can give you everything 

The water of love 
Touched you 
Touched me 
For in the heart 
Welling forth 
Flowing you see 
There is no other way 
What was always known 
A living Heartstone 
Within you 
Within me 

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There was an unhappy man,
who used to dream alone;
and he lived life day by day
as it sadly shimmers away...

What are the colors of your rainbow?
Can you change that outlook of dispised misery,
and be part of this human race?
If they are dark like the clouds of a storm...
you can make up your own lively colors,
and feel the new spirit breath in you suddenly!

What are the colors of your rainbow?
Would you consider a change,
or go on wishing what it could have been?
Inside of you there's something hidden,
afraid of being revealed and told;
be honest with yourself,
be kind and loudly laugh...
life is a great gift and must be lived!  

I spotted the same man, down my block,
reading the daily paper,
he was well-dressed
and ready for success:
shining shoes and a matching tie,
friends surrounded him with pleasure;
I gess he didn't fall for that lie...
he has finally found what changed his luck!

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Born under a starry night.... 
This I must tell.. 
The night, the star fell.......... 
Sent a daughter of light 

This clear night....... 
she came as a gift...... 
you see.... 
A daughter of light, 
in a world of night 
It was meant to be 

The heart was right, 
when that star fell 
It sent a daughter of light 
These thoughts dwell 

Only love can bring......... 
a girlchild..... 
on a night.... 
so calm, 
so mild........ 
Bathed in starlight, 
her heart did sing 

When stars fall, 
on clear nights 
Daughter of lights, 
come into the world 
Bringing their love unfurled 

A beautiful and rare event......... 
When a star can fall 
What a star sent, 
love unfurled, 
on a clear night 
A daughter of light, 
to illuminate the world 

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you bring me to my knees
you make me feel so pleased
you brought me down from my high
your the one that makes me feel good inside

you r my beloved
and noone else should care
you said that u loved it
but i know to beware

beloved (beloved)
beloved (beloved)

you seem to have me in your grip

beloved (beloved)
beloved (beloved)

and now i really dont trip
you aree the love~ I~~ admit...

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I was searching for destiny,
something to call my own.
A purpose if you will,
a seed thoughfully sown.
Like the healing leaves of the nations,
it was yet to be known.
Kind of like a king,  yet to be throned.

So I watered and prepared.
And as time went past,
I believed this was the seed,
the one that would last.

No love did I spare.
To my faith I held fast.
Upon my broken heart,
you let no shadow be cast.
So I continued in prayer,
and became blessedly aware.
That you were the seed,
creating this need.
That you are the tree,
I was yearning to be,
And that I am the branch,
known as destiny.

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When warm and gentle winds
flutter and lull the lustruous lilacs
so discontent of the primroses,
the drooping willows
deepen in their sorrows,
and as in an angelic apparition:
there comes into view
a friendly ballerina dressed in blue
to perform an ardent ballet
in her red dancing shoes that match
her golden,glazing barrette...
unlikely a hand-manipulated marionette!

Unpretentious and pretty ballerina,
invent another unrealistic aurora...
like the one that appears in the northern sky,
to make believe that is still daytime:
to attune your mood to a symphonic music
that can be enjoyed by us! 

When the blue-jays refuse to sing,
use your rhythmic swing
to overwhelm us with sheer delight;
this sentimental season 
repletes with amazing surprises:
to render and choose,
to keep in our thoughts and heart
the purpose of true reason!

Irresistible and elegant ballerina,
perform a dance rarely seen by critics...
be of a joyful spirit without nostalgia,
be remarkable in your gestures and steps;
a daisy opens its petals at sunrise,
invulnerable joy carries you to crimson skies...
to increase your strenght and make you shine
more than the radiant sun above the horizon...   

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My heart is broken into two
But its only between me and you 
The things that im trying to pursue
But I feel so misused

But you rather go on with her 
But you see me I’m not gonna interfere
But if you rather to be down 
Then you see me im going to move around

Because love is nothing to play with 
It’s a shame how u treat me like a two dollar ho 
Waiting to suck and blow
Why you treat me like a thorn in your backside
But during sex you always wanting me to ride
Respect my mind 
All the time 

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cascading light 
washing over me 
on sunlit wings 

fierce golden glow 
feather edged sundancer 

sun light in your heart 

goose pimples of pleasure 
sun trickling drops of pure gold light 
dapple on me 

sunbreathing,basking sunshine 
golden wings soar 
rush of warm wind, 
blinding white light 

blue silence 
calm of mind 
flex of golden wing 
on sunlit clouds of white 

pure joy of golden light 
pure joy golden flight 

feather of mind 
feather of heart 

sunlit heart 

breathe me 
soft golden journey 
my journey 
your journey 

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A mere speck on the dark blue, 
turning slowly 
Looking for you 
By the light of the stars 

Translucent glow... 
It is you... 
That I got to know... 
By the light of the stars 

Such emotion, 
was there all along 
A secret ocean 
By the light of the stars 

A caress of hand, 
brushed your thoughts away 
Your head on my chest 
By the light of the stars 

Love , reflected, 
in the colour of mars 
On the dark blue 
By the light of the stars 

A mere speck... 
Turning slowly 
Looking for you 
By the light of the stars 

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All That These Eyes Have Yet To See

I am here again
As I was before
Break it down to knees 
And ask for no more 
Over a coarse of time 
You hear a certain voice in a rhyme
Bleed from the eyes 
Now you can feel the stress in our cries
A soft bed 
Despite a home with the dead
Is all that these eyes have yet to see
My mission
To rise to a higher position 
Reach out with white palms
Not frightened
But I'm no more peaceful
Than I am calm 
Is all these eyes have yet to see
It's a simple poem 
Spoken in a lower volume 
At times we speak 
On scattered thoughts
Shattered dreams
And memories 
Of every battle we've fought 
Every morning 
I'm awakened by your hands 
Bless it be 
The structure of this man 
A family and smiles
A happy expression 
On the face of a child 
is all that I have yet to see 

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Life in my eyes.

   Look deep into my eyes and see what I found,
Look at my smile it's life's and undefind, untouched, and experienced.
  My demeanor....the way I walk and talk it's life's up's and down's,
A story stored, memorries harnessed, pain subsided, not unexperienced.
  To you I smile for I know not, for me I smile for I untied life's knot,

I seen life flourish, I seen life fade,I have seen life tarnish in a look.
  I've witness a life gone,I've witness life emergance, I witnessed a life so strong,
I remember my mom's last breath, I remember my kids first breath they took.
  I saw a life taken, I saw a life end, I saw a life stop like a sad love song.
  To you it's for not, to me it's what my eyes sought.

I felt life's heart aches, felt life's rain, but above all I felt my life break,
  Life in a bottle, life in a nut shell, life's begaining and life's end,
I've seen, witnessed, felt, remembered all at steak.
  I live for life raised me to see, fill, cherish and bend.
To you, it's just another breath, to me I now it's all mine till death.

So sing your sad story of pain, pity, remorse, teachings that should be untold,
  Frown, wine, speake of all you heardships blame it all on life,
Close your eyes to what's before you look away from what life beholds.
  I'll live, love, smile for we all hurt at one point and time it's sacrifice.
Live life's breath, live, love and just be, till death.          

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One Fateful Moment

I was nineteen, and he lived on my street. 
I don’t know when, I don’t know why,
But I ended knocked up and living in the streets. 
We were married, divorced, I guess that’s just the course of life.

‘Cause in one fateful moment everything changes. 
In one fateful moment life rearranges. 
In one fateful moment dreams can be shattered. 
And in one fateful moment, my life doesn’t matter.

Well I never figured, I was that way.
Until I saw her, on the subway one day.
We had some great times.
Together, we were happy and sad.

But in one fateful moment everything changes. 
In one fateful moment life rearranges. 
Catching her cheating, just wasn’t part of the plan. 
So now I’m running, running fast as I can. 

City, after city. State, after state.
I thought I was lost, couldn’t find my place. 
I was wondering how long I would last in life’s race. 
Then there was you, and you saw right through my disguise. 

It was that one fateful moment where everything changes. 
That one fateful moment where my life rearranges. 
Where my downs became ups, and my frowns were now smiles. 
Where my dreams come true, and my wish is just for you.

My one fateful moment was when I saw you. 

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Losing at the Game?

      Life is a tournament
which is played out
              on a large checkerboard
    The master moves his
while opponents quail at 
their posts
     It's a game which consumes 
  the heart and soul
As the clock spins 
            the game
                  becomes a vortex
With a sprinkling of respect
We utilize the forces we have
       Dive into the deeper pool
Play the game as best we can
    Someone will be victorious
in this battle
("the deeper pool "is a line from Lawrence Ferllinghetti's work)

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At Rivendell

 After a perilous journey
          They came to Rivendell
           A port in
A stormy sea
The home of Elrond
            Was a place of 
Songs and stories of Another age
Were the fare at 
                 This mystical shrne
The darkness of 
The Necromancer
              Had no power here
The golden race
              Made its home
And here was chosen
A company
              Nine Walkers
Sent out 
Against the Nine Riders
Men, dwarves, elves and Halflings
And the help of a powerful Wizard
Laid their planes to defear
The Shadow
 (From the chapbook - "Deeper into Middle Earth)              


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reincarnation of thy heart

Do butterflies fly in my mind when time has demised?
Do eyes glide tears of forgiveness upon me?
As a cold heart beat upon we, 
I am pondering in my own hell as I long for she,
Somehow I got to be the beginning and the end, 
The sunlight that brings life to thee as the heavens descend, 
After life like life we so heavenly in,
But Just Friends Feels like foes and we will never be so close,
The end is the beginning as we choose different path in life’s fork in the road,
Fait has so formality sawn a chapter in this bottomless heart,
My consecration to stay faithful to this scar,
When my brain waves gave unto the dark, light there you are, 
For the chapter is timeless as I slip unto my rest,
 That possesses reincarnation of thy heart,

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When a star is ready
It is filled with love and magic
When a star must go
For, its' journey is about to begin
It must be released 
From the highest parapet
So that others can see its' glow

To rise slowly
In a Western sky
Glitter bright
For, we never die
We are nothing but light

In a room full of stars
The love you have inside
Your light too
Is placed in a star
By a Princess
When a star is ready
It will climb high
The light filling the sky
Capturing the magic
Of you.

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A angel wink apon American in2007

There in government in the warm winter of 2006 and2007
The government at war and leaves not normal or the 
trees a angel wink apon America and no oil bills for
the poor and inane,  the election soon and people
wondering if the votes is fix. news well quest of a 
nation and verismilitude is real and angels, the year
of the creator birthday party on earth is July the 4 started
in 2006 they paid the bill by warm weather and all is well
in America the years of the creator believe it or not, enjoy

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The confusion inside,
but not in the heart
Loves' tidal pull
Sweet perfume...
from her...

All you can do...
To reach out...
Hold her close
Lovers play
How perfect she can be
Will she love me?

Soft hair mixed with mine
Only she can know...
My pink
Her love,

I will take her
in to my secret places
Soft satin sheets
Dainty laces
and love her...
like no man ever could

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That hidden being, 
that lives within us all, 
all seeing,all knowing, 
it answers to your call 

It defines the unique you! 
You cannot see it, 
touch it, 
yes!,but you can feel it too! 

This fire that burns inside you, 
throws out the shadows of your life, 
past actions,regrets too. 

The spirit cannot be blown, 
for the spirit is the light, 
that destroys the dark. 
This liquid fire of white 

The spirit needs you, 
to cherish its'  flame. 
Friends come and go, 
but love remains the same 

This bright swirl of light, 
loves the inner you. 
Eyes bright, 
for the person that you are too 

The spirit can be turned away, 
burned away. 
For selfish action and thought, 
reduces the flame 
of feelings you have wrought 

For the love you show, 
flame brightly burns so. 
Pure white light, 
eyes bright 

For the flame can wait, 
for the thoughts you create, 
for the love you learn, 
more it will burn 

Spirit bright, 
pure white light, 
eyes bright 

Let everyone see your flame, 
from where it came, 
give to all 
and watch flames burn tall 

spirit light, 
eyes bright 

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Feathers to fly 
Feathers to soar 
Feathers ........ 
are what you wore 

Feathers of gold 
Clothe you 
So I'm told 

Feathers to fly.............. 
Feathers for sky 

Such delights 
Such journeys 
Such flights 

Spread these wings.......... 
Experience these things 

Feathers to fly 
Feathers to ride 
The blue sky wide 
To not..... 
is to die 

Skim past, 
gnarled rock 
If it were your last! 

Clouds of blinding white 
Feathered flight 
Feathered wing 
Feathered tail 
You cannot fail 

Feathers given to me 
feathers given to you 
Feathers for all to see 
Feathers to try 
Feathers to fly 

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The Awakened Love Letter

Dear Jesus,

Not another love letter have I ever wrote,
that lifted my Spirit, and held such hope.
My life has never been better,
My heart never more whole.
Since the day you came into this world,
and bought back my soul.

You proceeded to love me, even more.
When everyday I could hear you,
knocking at my door.
You called me to me with love,
and asked me to open up.
You said you had a message
 that was sure to fill my cup.

So I invited you in,
and you took away my sin.
You held my hand,
and said this was the plan.
That in your precious love,
I am sure to stand.
And that nothing could seperate us,
Forever. Amen.

When it was time to go,
You promised to come back.
And take me to a place,
where love replaced lack.
I asked you when,
and you said I would know.
For the glory of God
will most certainly show.
The deepest of love upon your face.
Lifting your Spirit into that very special place.

Child of God

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Ring of bright water 
surrounds me 

Sun off water,throwing diamonds at me 
heat of sun, 
jewels blind me 

This far off situation, 
is to my taste, 
my imagination,my creation, 
nothing goes to waste 

Breath of warm wind fans me, 
hmmmm,suits me ,you see 

I have nothing here, 
but that's nothing to fear, 
for in this place, nothing is first prize 
second is,meanness,vindictiveness and lies 
That comes as no surprise, 
to the wise 

For the place I'm at , 
is more that big enough to swing a cat 
Come join me, 
for you will soon see 

That the sun throwing diamonds at me , 
makes me richer than you'll ever know, 
because I have the love of you 
and it makes me wealthy so. 
But people  find that hard to see 

They are blind 
in the land of plenty 

Warm wind fans the naked me, 
body and soul 
for all to see 
But I'm richer than thee 
for the things I care, 
belong in the place  I'm at 

Where are you? 
Struggling in the old world too? 
Come and join me, 
for you will see, 
that you will be richer 
than in the blind land of plenty 

For I'm in the place I'm at !

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My previous words, 
I have spoken 
return to me like birds 
strange how this has awoken 

For these kind words never die, 
but return to fly 
For good things we say 
are like birds at play 

Kind words will always exist, 
unlike shouting and use of fist 

kind words never die, 
they will return to fly 

These words echo, 
rebound if you will 
for good words never go 
they never maim or kill, 
always they flow 

these echoes, 
sound out your heart 
and beat like a drum, 
many good words to come 

for words never die, 
for the good ones fly 
bad ones decay, 
brought up another day 
swear and curse 
all for the worse 

the good words you hold in your heart and hand, 
release these words 
for they are your golden birds, 
let them populate the land, 
let them go 
for they will  return as an echo 

for golden words 
never die, 
but always rebound, 
as words of golden, 
let them fly, 
let them flow 
hear their sound 

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Scattered moonbeams, 
dance in the meadow 
Faerie dreams 
Wings glow 

By the light of the moon.... 
On a meadow 
Hoot of owl, 
cry of loon 
Faeries bestow 

Soft wind on the air........ 
By the light of the moon 
The faeries will be here soon..... 
On the meadow, so fair 

Scattered moonbeams...... 
Dancing on the meadow 
The faeries know 
Faeries dreams 

By the light of the moon, 
upon this fair night 
Soft silver glow 
Faerie light....... 
Makes it so 

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My anguish............ 
Burned deep 
The black heart to vanquish 
No pleasure to keep 

There is a girl out there.......... 
That feels it too.......... 
With a heart, 
beating through 

A girl..... 
With the prettiest eyes 
A single moment.......... 
Filled with light......... 
When she looked at me 
Heaven sent 
Heavenly sighs 

When you connect........ 
A moment in time.......... 
The eyes reflect........... 
A moment in light............ 
The heart squeezed.......... 
The moment seized......... 

A girl........... 
With the prettiest eyes 
Filled me with light 
My black heart vanquished 
Filled me with sighs 
What I wished... 
A moment.............. 
In her sight 

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Carried into the night, 
I felt a warm hand in mine 
Reassuring too, 
this was my time 

My life is gone now, 
I never gave up the fight 
For now,  I travel... 
In soft angel light 

The stars flew past, 
not a sound was heard 
The hand in mine... 
Soft hand warm, 
this was my time 
Through the night, 
like a bird 

The hand in mine began to glow, 
soft and warm 
Now I could see the feathers too... 
Not far to go... 

Angel light, 
carrying me 
Gold and  bright 
I stepped through... 
Left the night..., 
and saw heaven in sight 

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This cool river of blue 
gently flowing....... 
I flow with it too, 
my heart slowing 

Slowly turning in the tide, 
indigo sky above 
I cannot hide 
I cannot hide this love 

This cool river flowing, 
my heart slowing, 
my body showing, 
this river.......... 
All knowing 

My arms stretched wide, 
I cannot hide 
I flow with the tide 
This blue river............. 
my guide 

My love showing 
on this blue tide 
Heart gently flowing 
on this blue river wide 

Blue,gently flowing, 
for the  heart giver 
Blue gently showing 
upon the cool river 

The gentle tide, 
which I cannot hide 
My heart flowing too 
on this river of blue 

Slowly turning 
on this blue river, 
arms out wide, 
love deep inside, 
for the heart giver 

Love pouring, 
my heart soaring 
Gentle flowing, 
flowing with you 
My heart......... slowing 

You and I, 
an irrisistable tide 
Arms stretched out wide, 
gentle heart giver, 
upon the blue river 

Blue river wide, 
I cannot hide, 
my love showing 
Blue river............... 
Be my guide 

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A flame of purest blue
A Shadowfire
The beginning...
Of love
Of light
Living within you

With a Dreamstone
You can travel far
In your dreams
A Shadowfire to give

A flame of purest blue
That cannot be put out
A light that shines forever
In you...

On the wings of a Shadowfire
The eagle
That lies deep in your heart
Climbs higher and higher

Never let go
Of strength
A flame to ignite
Of purest blue
For a Shadowfire
Lives within you

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The colour, 
of a lovers' kiss 
Fills you too 
The heart cannot miss, 
loves' colour hue 

Such ethereal light, 
falling on your shoulders 
Took my heart 
Took my sight 

The scent of you, 
warmth too 
Such lovelight, 
inwards burning through 

Such light, 
fell upon me 
For, together 
It is meant to be 

Such intensity, 
for you 
deep inside of me 

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The sun dipped low.... 
On a horizon tinged with gold and red 
The sea calm 
Such things transient so 

When you become aware... 
What counts.... 
Is the things you share 

It takes time.... 
To understand... 
To appreciate a single day.. 
A sunset... 
Golden sand 
A chosen moment 
Heaven sent 

A flock of birds flew overhead, 
on a horizon tinged with gold and red 
One day... 
You will understand 
What is means..... 
To me.... 
What needs to be said 

All these things you can hold, 
in your heart 
On a stormy day 
On a horizon tinged with red and gold 
The reflected beauty within, 
is constant so 
The sea, calm 
Such things ... 
Transient though 

The sun dipped low 
Hid behind a darkened sea 
These things I hold... 
Inside of me 
With you.... 
What it means..... 
To me.. 
I hold deep so 

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When all around is dark and thick with mist 
When an eagles' feather glow brighter 
Your heart grows lighter 
For you realize what you have missed 

When a castle opens its' heart to you 
Amidst the whispering trees 
What lies in your self 
What you want to be 
Let your self go 
Be true 

The castle , filled with love and colour 
The flowers began to bloom 
Holly glowed 
Faeries danced 
Sweet song filled every room 

A new season took hold during the night 
For a summer queen, 
rich green leaves grew 
The air glowed with sunbright 

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Beneath Your Feet (Song)

From the first of my birth
Until my dying days 
I lived life expecting the worse in every case
Night times I couldn’t sleep
Seemed stress had me over whelmed
To strong to weep 
A fatal crush no individual would care to keep
An unforgiving face no man was prepared to meet 
Through the mud and water
Brutal thuds, a careless mans order
I smiled only to allow my spectators to live worry free
In my deepest thoughts
I only visualized those who would stand and burry me
Ashes to ashes, mysterious flashes 
Unto my final lay
My surroundings seem to hurry me
What else is one suppose to do
A failing adolescent whom rose to truth
Dreamt upon soothing times
To remove me from these shackles in my mind
A prison, a convict’s yard 
I couldn’t escape, seems the sun picks the bar’d 
A broken ornament, a gift from the scar’d 
The emotional down pours that reveal who we are
Who’s to say I’d never change 
Only to grow to be the same tainted man
Reality dawns upon my blister painted hands 
From alternators and scrap metal parts 
Only to submit them to junk yards 
For a true earned strained heart
That’s no lie; I learned my true hand to poverty
Casualties missing me, meant to be slobbery
Imprints of a father chasing after me
Now that the world prays me gone 
I reside beneath my own shadow 
Dwell against this concrete walk way all alone
No regret spots for me, suffering is my only home
Shall it be a merciful dawn, once it’s all shown?
Questions for which I can not answer on my own
Teary nights, not enough said in past conversations 
Deep within your regrets I could feel you mourn
A painful constipation
Subordinate clauses, fallen from the wrong information
Now above the stars 
I’m sheltered in my own constellation 
So go on, bury me
To my enemies, this is the last of me
Please bury me
No interest in your sympathy
Bury me  

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He Lied

She feels her life is over
And lost everything she’s loved.
He promised her forever
Then went back on his word.

He told her that he loved her
And that she was his world.
He couldn’t live without her
And together they would be.

She thought they’d be together
Until the day they died.
He told her they’d be forever
Then figured out he lied.

She figured out he lied
About everything and love.
Not knowing which side
But knew that it was true.

It’s been about a year
Since the last time they talked.
She hadn’t shed a tear
Until the day he called.

He told her that he loved her
And that she was his world.
He couldn’t live without her
And together they should be.

Now she’s all confused
Her mind is a mess.
She knows that she still loves him
But their love had gone west.

She’s so far in love now
That she is in a bind.
He lied to her for so long
How could she be so blind.

She wonders can she trust him
After he’s done her so wrong.
Should she still believe him
Since he lied to her for so long.

He told her that he's sorry
And that hed never lie again.
If only she'd forgive him
And be more than just a friend.

She'll give him one more chance
And pray he's not the same.
While keeping eyes wide open
And being cautious in the game.

It's been about a year now
Since she agreed to play his game.
He hasn't lied not once this time
And heartbreak no longer strikes his flame.

Their love this time is true now
And runs nothing but through and through.
Tonight's the night he'll pop the question
And ask her to finally say I DO!

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Lost Lost, Love Found

One girl, whose dreams and life were lost,
One girl, whose dreams and love were found,
Though her freedom was not hers.
One man, who both did love.

One whose love was untrue,
Died heartbroken and blue,
Did luckily find a new love,
But whose heart was not hers.

The other forced to wed the man,
Found out he was just for her,
He loved her and she loved him,
But complications, they did arise.

The man you see,
Met both and loved,
The corpse and the girl,
For both were unique.

To choose between
 The Dead or the alive,
Only one could be his bride,
Which one love was true?

Finally the hearts did lead them true,
The man and his bride both alive,
To be wed and married,
Forever in love.

The other whose love was lost,
Has learned a lesson of love and trust
Thought her life was stolen away,
She wouldn’t steal true love today.

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This cool river of blue 
gently flowing....... 
I flow with it too, 
my heart slowing 

Slowly turning in the tide, 
indigo sky above 
I cannot hide 
I cannot hide this love 

This cool river flowing, 
my heart slowing, 
my body showing, 
this river.......... 
All knowing 

My arms stretched wide, 
I cannot hide 
I flow with the tide 
This blue river............. 
my guide 

My love showing 
on this blue tide 
Heart gently flowing 
on this blue river wide 

Blue,gently flowing, 
for the  heart giver 
Blue gently showing 
upon the cool river 

The gentle tide, 
which I cannot hide 
My heart flowing too 
on this river of blue 

Slowly turning 
on this blue river, 
arms out wide, 
love deep inside, 
for the heart giver 

Love pouring, 
my heart soaring 
Gentle flowing, 
flowing with you 
My heart......... slowing 

You and I, 
an irrisistable tide 
Arms stretched out wide, 
gentle heart giver, 
upon the blue river 

Blue river wide, 
I cannot hide, 
my love showing 
Blue river............... 
Be my guide 

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Last light, 
Sky on fire 
Shadowy spire 
My heart calling 

My heart, 
the colour of the sun 

My heart given to you, 
at last light 
The colour red, 
last light sunset 
Come to bed 

My heart , 
the colour of the sun 

The colour red, 
Radiating on our bed, 
my heart,....... calling 

My heart, 
the colour of the sun 

Last light, 
The sky on fire, 
my heart calling 
My desire, 
I give you the night 

My heart, 
the colour of the sun 

My heart given to you........... 
at last light 
This magnificent view 
The colour red 
Colour sunset 
the colour jet 

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As I lay asleep I felt the presence of an angel. She gently whisper in my ear
listen to what I have to say. Oh angel how will I know on what path I must
go. She said just follow me for I will let you see. That which will help you
trhough. Will work together me and you. That someday you will see how
happy you will be.

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A gentle wind blew off the sea... 
It came to me.... 
Took me up high... 
Passed sweeping clouds 
What I can be... 

It took a small moment.... 
To realize.... 
The things I can do 
With a gentle  wind... 
From the sea.... 
Blue skies... 
Sun bright... 
Clouds of white... 
Levitating too... 

With a grey feather.... 
It came to me.... 
I can change what I want to be.... 
I can pass sweeping clouds of white 
Find out who I am... 
Not what I heard... 
The wind can lull... 
The wind can blow... 
Perhaps I am a gull... 
Only I ,will ever know... 

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I do not know where you came 
A bright day... 
Jewels where they lay 

Such things are free 
Emeralds and rubies 
Blue seas 

I still miss you 
I am not alone 
Shadows too 
Whispered moan 

Emeralds and stars 
Rubies and log fires 
If you were here too... 
Such desires 

Soft light, 
to fall... 
Jewels of fire 
Wt all 

Precious things, 
for me 
Emeralds and rubies 
Fiery light to see 
Fiery light to be