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Ballad God Poems | Ballad Poems About God

These Ballad God poems are examples of Ballad poems about God. These are the best examples of Ballad God poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Love Story Gone Wild

when beauty met the beast
she was a cutie, he was a beast
she thought that she'd speak to him at least
and at least find out what made 
a beast, a beast

as the beast looked at her 
he wondered; what a feast
but the way she spoke to him
was gentle and curiosity increased

he found her some what pleasant
and laid his aggression aside
for now he'd grown accustom
and hoped she would abide

as time past he looked at her
as he never did before
tender conversations
brought his knees to the floor

she'd become his weakness
his task forever more
he liked to hear her voice
and see her walk through the door

on holidays there were presents
on birthdays a feast
each special day that brought her presence
was a holy day to say the least

now i am wholly human 
and i can tell you well
that jealousy fits us humans
and beast very well

one look at competition
can take us all to hell
we can never avoid perdition
when one other than God
we our souls sell

and from God comes the testing
old men and prophets tell
the beast asked God for patience
and God knows how to teach it well

the next time the beast see's beauty
there is a ring on her hand
he didn't care to mention it
but that was one thing he couldn't stand

worn down he ask her
what the ring meant on her hand
slowly she confided, it meant she'd
marry another man

the beast now was furious
he did not understand
that all these years confiding
he was suppose to be the man

what then would become of her
his conscious did demand
all the years he spent with her
were coming to an end 

yet love had one more service
his heart would command
tell the maid he loved her
and ask her for her hand

let all the powers of wickedness 
and goodness take their stand
upon this maids answer
i'll bravely take my chance

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Although Fertile Were the Fields

Although fertile were the fields, I plowed
That self-same earth lies barren now;
 Barren evermore.
 Still I shall not fear the wrath of God or Anyman
 For my seeds were sown in the wild and unsullied season
 Albeit the earth which absorbed the substance of my labors
  Yields neither fruit nor flower.

   Still what remains behind us after we have passed u nto nothing
  Is it the perception of ourselves by others
   Or the small and humble things that are the substance of my struggle?
    Although tertile were the fields I plowed
    That self-same earth lies batrren now;
     Barren evermore.
     Still I shall not fear the wrath of God or Anyman
     For my seedswere sown in the wild and unsullied season
     Albeit the earth which absorbed the substance of my loabors
      Yields neither fruit nor flower.

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A New Friend

I met a new friend today,
She lives very far away.
She hails from a far off distant land,
A country called Packastani.

We hit it off right away,
As we talked about our different ways.
We asked if we could become friends,
Even though we are from a distant land.

I said sure , that would be great.
She said cool , lets mark the date.
We played some games ,and talked for awhile,
Her picture looked like a princess coming down the Nile.

Even though we have a complete different view,
Friendship is only about me and you.
Our way of life may seem different and strange,
If friendship holds strong,it can be rearanged.

She is to be married in a very short time,
To the man she loves and thinks he is so fine.
Im sure they will be happy through out thier days,
ALLAH will watch over them in every way.

She said she is not sure if our friendship is for long,
Because after her marriage, it could be seen as wrong.
I told her not to worry , if that is thier way, 
For here and now ,we just have today.

Tomorrow may never come, its hard to say,
Only God and His wisdom know the way.
As long as we are good and say our prayers,
The gates of Heaven will open,and God will be there.


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Prayers For My Sister

My sister Shelia is in need of some prayers,
She hit her head in a bad fall,and at times she not here.
Her left side is paralised,with no hope in sight,
Only prayers give her the strength to fight.

I can see the hurt in her eyes , each time i go visit,
Not knowing what went wrong or why she was admitted.
We tell her she had a stroke,and there is no cure,
Only God and his goodness can help her for sure.

We ask Angels to watch over here through out the night,
Dont let her stray, but keep up the fight.
If the prayers are so many , i am sure God will hear,
Put peace in her mind ,so she no longer holds fear.

I would thank you so much and im sure my sister will too,
To know what perfect strangers prayers can do.
It can open peoples eyes , that could never see,
People get up and walk,with two busted knees,

Sickness get cured in a blink of an eye,
The power of prayer would never die.

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Love Story Gone Wild (revised)

when beauty met the beast
she was a cutie, he was a beast
she thought that she would speak to him 
and find out what made 
the beast, a beast

as the beast looked at her 
he wondered; what a feast
but the way she spoke to him
made gentleness and curiosity increased

he found her some what pleasant
and laid his aggression aside
for now he'd grown accustom
and hoped she would abide

as time past he looked at her
as he never did before
tender conversations
brought his knees to the floor

she'd become his weakness
his task forever more
he liked to hear her voice
and see her walking through the door

on holidays there were presents
on birthdays a feast
each special day that brought her presence
was a holy day to say the least

now i am wholly human 
and i can tell you well
that jealousy fits us humans
and beast very well

one look at competition
can take us all to hell
we can never avoid perdition
when one other than God
we our souls sell

and from God comes the testing
old men and prophets tell
the beast asked God for patience
and God knows how to teach it well

the next time the beast see's beauty
there is a ring on her hand
he didn't care to mention it
but that was one thing he couldn't stand

worn down he ask her
what the ring meant on her hand
slowly she confided, it meant she'd
marry another man

the beast now was furious
he did not understand
that all these years confiding
he was suppose to be the man

what then would become of her
his conscious did demand
all the years he spent with her
were coming to an end 

yet love had one more service
his heart would command
tell the maid he loved her
and ask her for her hand

let all the powers of wickedness 
and goodness take their stand
upon this maids answer
i'll bravely take my chance

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This World

This world as i see it,holds no love or peace,
The ones we once though of as neighbours and friends,
will now spit in your face.

They say thier way of life is the only way it should be,
If only they would open thier eyes,im sure that they will see,
There are many different walks of life,and no two are the same,
Thats the way God made us,and we are not to blame.

So rather then even try and see, just how different we can be,
They try and force thier way of life , on people like you and me.
Now its come down to war on earth, no matter  what we think,
Or how we try to fix things,its them whos broken the link.

If you have an answer to the problems we face today,
Put it in words in a poem ,so everyone can have a say.
It would end all the suffering and make this world a better place to be,
Not just for one race , but for others like you and me.

Now im going to leave you with this finial prayer,
May God look down on you favourable,
Greet you with a smile,
For he knows you tried your very best ,even since you were a child.

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It's so dark 
Why not close my eyes
My spirit whispers
You'll miss the sunrise
Life's so unfair
Why not just despair 
My spirit whispers
You'll miss the one who cares

The world may be grinding down
But my spirit's not giving up
The masses may wear a frown
But I'll always have enough

It's so bleak
Why not throw in the towel
My spirit whispers
Your moment is now
It's so cold
Why not hibernate 
My spirit whispers
That would be a mistake

The world may be filled with rage
But my spirit won't conform
Mind control a prison cage
But my spirit's free to transform

It is what it is
My spirit will define the word
So I can make sense of it
When the world says it's up-surd 

So while the world is filled with hate
I've never truly loved more
They say the planet's growing late
But my spirit sees dawn at my door

Dawn's at my door
Dawn's at my door

Dawn's at my door

*Through Christ, the spirit within sees life from a different perspective!

Contest: Verlena's "The Gift"
Date: 9-3-14
Poet: Lyric Man

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NO MAN STANDS ALONE - The Ballad of Barney Ross

No man stands alone
in the street, the ring or the combat zone
some lay in the gutter
some sit on a throne
but no man stands alone

At the age of fourteen 
he had a dream
to become a rabbi 
Chicago 1924
then his dad was killed by men
who tried to rob the family store
his brothers and sisters were sent away
to an orphanage where they would stay
and though his faith was blown away
he vowed to bring them home someday

To God and man revenge he swore
he walked with gamblers, 
hoods and whores
he fit right in 
then on a whim
he walked into a boxing gym
he fought Canzoneri in ‘33
for the lightweight title victory
he made up with God 
and finally
he could reclaim his family

Those McLarnon fights 
were the stuff of lore
the only man 
to ever put him on the floor
he won two out of three, 
then in the Armstrong bout
he nearly died 
but was never knocked out
then in 1941
the Japanese pulled a sneaky one
so he joined the marines 
and he got a gun
and he sailed into the rising sun

On Guadalcanal, 
he fought so brave
overmatched like old King Dave
he put twenty attackers 
in an early grave
for the one marine 
whose life he saved
in a hospital bed 
for months and days
they kept him in a morphine haze
then sent him home 
strung out and beat
to the pushers on the mean, mean street

Hollywood was very keen
to put his story on the silver screen
but they focused on the drug abuse
he tried to sue 
but what’s the use?
Barney Ross was brave and strong
they couldn’t keep him down for long
his rabbi said that he must try
to be a model Jew in the public eye

but from the public eye he slipped
like a phantom radar blip
they say he hunted Nazi criminals
and he ran some guns to Israel

Barney Ross was brave and strong
I thought that he deserved a song
he did some bad
he did some good
and he saved the world
the best he could

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Star Child

Constellations in my eyes;
Windows they're said to be.
Look into them now, and tell me what you see.

Calling every angel born in Hell:
"A child of the stars looking for his soul to sell.
So few are left to be birthed of Orion's Belt."

Soon they came; rulers of every layer.
Each to make their offer, 
And leave their summoning prayer. 

"Centuries of wisdom, and a mind that holds no time.
The past, present, and future are all close friends of mine,
And the Titans of the Universe I stand so close behind."

They opened all my wounds to taste how I have suffered,
Shamed me for my scars and all that I've recovered. 
Then mocked me for my weakness, known only as 'The Lover'.

"It is forbidden for us to deal a soul of the cosmos,
And you taunt us for what you wish to sell.
But we've found something in you to make us heroes down in Hell."

You are protected by forces greater than your own.
Should any God or Demon make you bow before him,
Death would surely find his throne.

It's your heart that we desire, and the love that you still hold.
Grant us this purity and surely you'll have more than this world can hold.
Let it be known that your heart is the heaviest to hold.

Surely it is quite the burden to bear.
So strange in it's nature, let us free you from it's wear.
Success will quickly follow and embrace you in it's care."

Yes! Take from me all that you desire!
No longer will I suffer in it's muck and it's mire!
Do with it what you will in the cold and the fire!

With their prize, they left with no hesitation.
Legion upon legion; Hells' United Nations.
All for their Master and all in celebration.

Lowly creatures is what they're cursed to be.
They know me by many names, they know me by many faces.
And my heart I've sold on every occasion. 

Fools! Surely they must know!
That every heart I give away
Brings me the love that stays.

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Lift a Spirit

It is that of a persons heart to which we live. The pain and suffering but at the same time the happiness that exist in the world. It is only human that we feel what we feel and act the way we do at times. But it is the most inner soul's being we strive to be who we really are. We all want the right person in life,the finer things we struggle, for dreams we find crush everyday as we fight just to merely exist and get by in life. But the love we have in ourselves is remarkable and untouch as we are what God wants us to be. No one said life be easy and he sure didnt make us sin free due to eve and the poison she brung upon this earth. But man is man as we face our weaknesses everyday as most strive to be better in some way and others just turning pure devilest ways. Its there we share the same dreams really you and me. You see,I am no different for if you cut; we all bleed the same color of red through our vains. But always stand tall and strong in your beliefs and doings in life, just as long as you know your right. But be not afraid to face the truth and consequinces of our actions. Its only God you have to answer to and no one else in life control the path you walk but that of a higher power. Sometimes,just be a friend of encouragement to one another and dont try preaching all time cause you saving no one. You just beating the bush with words that are loud but hearts that are hard. But be a friend cause that's one thing none us truely really have. Cause think about it, even they stab you in the back. But lift up a spirit even with a smile cause there be the true happiness and God's way of showing he care when he gave you love.

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I feel a shiver run down through me
From my head goose bumps to my toes
The Holy Ghost burns my body sweet
As throughout the Lord’s words echo love
And recognition unto remembrance 
Of repentance and all those sins that have past
Gathered would have been heaped upon me
A pile of coal blackened black
But, it was my Savior 
Who gave all the love that He hath
Forgave one as weak as I
As He atoned for my lack
And loved me more, than…
Unconditional, than could a mere man

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Why did God create a life
That wasn’t meant to be
Why did He give eyes
If they were never meant to see
Why did He put breath in you
Then take that breath away
Why give you to me
If you were never meant to stay
Why show someone happiness
And how it feels to smile
And fill their hearts with hope
If it can only last a while
Why did God create the sun
When all it does is rain
How am I supposed to laugh
When all I feel is pain
Why let people dream
Knowing their dreams will not come true
Why should I find someone else
When all I want is you
Why say there’s a Heaven
When it doesn’t help to pray
Why is there tomorrow
When I long for yesterday
What’s the point in searching
Knowing you’re not there to find
Why give someone life
If death is following behind
So why God when He took my love
Did He not take me too
For life is not worth living
If it means I don’t have you...

By Raina Hutchins, from the UK

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Preeminent is the birth of Christ.
We worship his life and seek his devise…

His dominant presence arises.
Aroused is our spirit.
Our soul is incandescent.
We are obligatory to the glory of God.
Luminescent is the essence of The Holy Scripture.

We sing gloriously.
We pulsate victoriously.
The Gospel is our voice harmonically.
Christ died on Calvary.

Hoisted to achieve amazing deeds, our life is a radiance of Heaven’s lights.
We worship the life of Christ.
Ascendant to prophesy of the world, peace is influential while war destroys.
Famine is metaphorically dumbfounded for the knowledge of God’s apostles.
Walk in rightful luminosity.
Insofar, your life is brilliance perceived.

We shout gloriously.
We pine exultantly.
The Gospel is our harmonic expression.
Christ died for our salvation.

Today we praise Christ, the Son.
Today we praise God, the Father.
One does not supersede the other.
Thru the Holy Spirit, we thump.
Through the Holy Spirit, God sends his Son.
The beat of our heart pounds in prayer as we bow.

Knees bent, by all means, amidst effervescent shimmering.

Croon praise!
Beatify the Lord’s way!
Our reliance is devoted to the Gospel resonated!

In mantra fortifies giving the highest praise to the life of Christ!
Refrain via song augments the Father and the Son.

Thru the Holy Spirit, we thump.
Through the Holy Spirit, God sends his Son.
The beat of our heart pounds in prayer as we bow.
Knees bent, by all means, amidst effervescent shimmering.
Penned on September 07, 2014!

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The tragedy of Loki and Freyja

It happened in the world called Asgard
Never heard by human ears
The history of one heart, scarred
And moved by love and fear

It's the story of a liar
Loki was his name
His heart of ice catched fire
The goddess Freyja was to blame

But he failed to tell her
And she moved on alone;
Now listen to what occured
In front of mighty Odins throne:

At that time the gods assembled
To feast upon their victory -
Many goddesses hearts trembled
The cause was Lokis flattery

But beautiful Freyja, angered by this
Stood up and stopped the flatterer
Lokis pride got hurt and he hissed
And with terrible words, he hurt her:

"Why do I need to shut my mouth
When your legs are wide open?
Of all the people here I doubt
You'd find one whom you haven't loved then!"

And before anything could be spoken
He left; a lonely god again
The bonds between them were broken
A lie, told to hide the loving man

But even gods sometimes surrender
To a mighty enemy, love or regret
He still was drawn to the other gender
To the woman he couldn't forget

He arrived at her chamber
Thoughts of apologie on his mind
Just to learn that Odin sent her
To a location undefined

And Lokis world again was grey
As he cried into the wind
"Why did you need to take her away
Just because once I sinned?"

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i  once had two friends, you see who were very close to me. But then  they did me wrong and hurt me very badly, It took me a long time to get over it. But I did get over it I took it to My father God in prayer. I forgave them  and now Ive  moved on and get stronger every day.  We may all  meet again someday thats up to God. So to my two friends  who shall remain nameless  God bless you both. from  John

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Some Of Us

Some of us get it, some of us don't.
Many of us start the work some of us won't.
Different rooms with unfamiliar faces
Similar stories from a myriad of places.

"Keep it simple, take it easy". That's what I hear.
Truly a blessing not to cower in fear.
Trying to be silent, absorb what is said
To leave the group hopeful, not filled with dread.

Thoughts of my brother now four years dead.
Still feeling pain over angry words said.
Knowing with his God he is at peace.
Asking of my God for some sense of release.

Struggled along the way to six months earned.
Know how to stir up hornets nests, that I've learned.
Hearing the wisdom of all the aged codgers,
Grumpy old men thinking they're Mr. Rogers.

Making amends to those I had harmed,
Most understood, while others not charmed.
My path is clear, of that I'm certain.
Others decide to raise their own curtain.

Failure of others is painful to see.
Not watching my ass, that could be me.
The beast is a menace, indifferent to all.
Some of us rise, too many of us fall.

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I'm gone from this leaving my mark on your heart, Gonna let go, Break free, and release the built up anxiety, created by You!
I gotta a New Thang!
I found something more, Moving on, I found inspiration, a new dream, a new path with a brighter light at the end.
You see this New Thang creates desires and strengths recognized only by God
It's all about me, I'm first feeling Mighty on this pedestal
No more selling myself short 
I deserve more I deserve better
What you couldn't see was all the love and work God put into me
A rare breed
a queen, a mother, provider, and partner 
One who builds empires
One that makes a difference 
But I thank you 
See with transgression there's progress
Giving me the ability to see clear and recognize what I wanted was right here!
All along waiting patiently 
they say time is of the essence 
Well Mine is right now
I'm focused, straight ahead, no looking back
The four chambers that rests within my chest cavity 
Forgives You!
Which enables me to unlock the gate inheriting the blessings God has for me
Hence My New Thang!

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It takes faith to believe, 
God really sees the poor;
Hears them crying out, 
Hopes and dreams for more.
This world's so insane..
But in a quiet place, 
I see my Abba Father's face;
His love for the lost and shamed,
And now I'll never be the same.

The Father's face gives faith to see
Through sacrifice I've been set free
To rescue others 'cause He rescued me
His hands and feet He made me to be

Its really hard to explain,
The pain and love in his eyes;
He gives me ears to hear,
Their restless, hopeless cries.
Now its all so clear..
I've been made His adopted son ,
The hope of Glory in me begun;
To care for the least of these,
I see your face down on my knees.

The Father's face gives faith to see
Through sacrifice I've been set free
To rescue others  'cause He rescued me
His hands and feet He made me to be

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(1 January 2013 – 12:01AM)

By this first day of the year 2013
I am asking anyone to forgive me if I have things done that hurt you. 
I was sudden with the firecrackers
Sounds of bullets flying in the air
This is becoming a culture
That by the end and start of the year there shall be having a gun fire
Is this so not to put a gun as inutile?
I have no new year’s resolution at hand 
But I wanted to do my best to change whatever things needed to be changed. 
Oh God please witness my changes to manifest in my entire being 
from good to very good, from ordinary to extra ordinary and from evil to no evil. 
Let me love memories of 2012 that I have
Please forgive me God through everyone’s forgiveness.
I love everyone and someone. 
Thank you God! 

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What Did You Dream Last Night

I blow my Saxophone strictly for the pleasure...Its my gift from God one of my many Treasures.
      Took care of all eight of my children; Some have college degrees.....I take things
like they come,never hard to please.  Took care of my dear ole dad tho he neglected me.
Used to steal moonshine,to help my ole granny.  Long ago I did that stuff, myself still a
boy. No small stuff do I sweat ,No strangers have I met. Work hard,hard play,moving
obstacles out of my way.I love my wife, I love my life "Hey what did you dream last night!
God I love my music:My music I love by God! Seventy years old I am,still working in the
mines.  "Hey what did you dream last night" When he hits the number he's doing what God ask...doing what God loves,sharing and caring; Blow David ...Blow Your Horn,against all odds,against all adversaries. What a good brother! Hey that's my husband! Hey that's my dad!..Hey that's my uncle Dave,loving his own and others. Passion is his saxophone. He said to write a poem,especially for him..I call him uncle Dave, you see,but he's really a GOOD FRIEND! 

                                                     End poem
Dave ask me to write this Poem

..he's amazing! And he is still working in the salt mines,playing his saxophone,playing
numbers,and house painting on the side..And asking what you dreamed.



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The Mirror of Abaddon

Fourteen-thousand years ago, a devil played a game
In his garden with an angel whom I shall not name.
The angel won or so he thought, “Now you must pay what’s due”
I’ll take your mirr’, your favorite one,  and break the thing in two.

The mirror was a magic one of evil dark and black
“The beauty of a perfect world, now what’s the fun in that?
This one’s far better, it twist, it pulls it shrinks before my eyes.
Instead of showing true reflections, this one shows me lies”

“I’ll tell you what, you won it fair, it’s yours but let’s do more;
I’ll help you break it here and now and it will be no more.”
The angel smashed it into two, his hammer in his hand.
“But why stop there?”, the devil said and smashed it into sand

The Devil grinned, “Good work my friend. See, I don’t even care”
He scooped a handful of the dust and blew it in the air.
Among the people of the earth, the grains of mirror blew.
The angel warned them “Close your eyes!” and blew his trumpet too

“What gift is this?” some people thought, Eve’s lesson was not learned.
and soon awoke with crusty eyes that itched and teared and burned.
“I see it now!” the faithless said “I am no longer blind!”
“Don’t be cross” the devil said, "Their eyes see now like mine".

Some were seized with a panicked fear, “The enemy is nigh!”, 
and with cruel rocks marched on their neighbors and sentenced them to die.
Others were charmed by shiny stones “Supplies are running out!”
The simple gifts that God had given were left to lay about.

Some saw themselves with grandeur high “I’ll wear this mighty crown”, 
I’ll be the King, you be the serf, and bow when I’m around.
The other ones yoked to the plow, “These types aren’t men at all”.
I’ll tolerate your presence if you're at my beck-and -call.

Of arrogance and fear and greed the mighty nations grew.
And men would starve and wars would rage for these unfaithful few.
So hear me now you righteous ones whom the devils would refuse:
In the game of life Good always wins, but bad will never lose.

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Listen to the buzzing, in your ears,
Listen to the humming, of your fears,
Listen to the baby, crying inside,
Listen to the pleading, in your lover's eyes.
Listen to the music, you have never played,
Listen to the sinner, who's never been saved.
Listen to the empty, silence of your mind,
Listen to the whispers, of man kind.
Listen to the never, heard nor seen,
Listen to the listener, who has never been.
Listen to the monkey, you know you really are,
Listen to the wise man, who's never been that far.
Listen to the dying, crying man,
Listen to the bottle, buried in the sand.
Listen to meaning, you never really meant,
Listen to the letter, you never really sent.
Listen to the lovers, who loved another one,
Listen to the brothers, torturing their mum.
Listen to the noisy, who never say a thing,
Listen to the silent, crying deep within.
Listen to the never, ever really said,
Listen to the dead man, laying in his bed.
Listen to the flying, dying man,
Listen to the solid, only made of sand,
Listen to the night time, they told you that was day,
Listen to the meaning, they stole an took away.
Listen to the singer, who never made a sound,
Listen to the thunder, in the lightning cloud.
Listen to the voices, you never hear within,
Listen to the last train's whistle, whistling.

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meaningful words

heavenly faces from angels I see come too me showing me things that will be. this evil is all around me bringing me too my knees. the father yahweh's  warrior ,I am, i'm also his scribe and bestfriend i'd like too think for my peoples sake. many miricles I've see in this world. the name of the holy Christ that died on this earth for our sin truly he was a teacher and friend.  I lye awake at night and god shows me many sites. visions of beauty that lets me know he's real his love they can never still many miricles I worked in his name of the holy Christ that died this earth too pay for our sin truly he was a teacher and a friend. I don't always do things right in the father's siteand my life throws brutality my way. god forgive my shortcomings this time for I was depressed out of my mind. allthese doctors would lock me away if I told them what  I hear and see for the rest of my days if I told them the things I hear and see, think god he releases my heart from that pain,but theres still nightmares that come my way and it happens every day come what may. I promise too fight for your Christians in this worldno matter the storm that comes apone me cause your love sets me free.

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Hera and Hephaistos

.Hera and Hephaistos.

Zeus and hera, King and Queen
Over all the Gods that ruled
In a fit of passion, one fine day
Made child, yet life was cruel
Hephaistos was an ugly child
All twisted out of shape
He walked just like a drunken man
Fun of him they‘d make.

The Goddess Hera felt a shame
In having such a child
She looked at all his ugliness
Her mind going all wild
She threw him from the mountain top
Into the deep blue sea
Yet Thetis took him down with her
For nine years there was he.

A gifted one he did become
A craftsman of renown
Forging artefacts of beauty
For the sea nymphs there to own
His anger at his Mother Hera
Was understandable
So he did work out his revenge
His plan was very cool.

He made a golden throne of beauty
And sent it to the Goddess
Who loved it, so did sit upon it
Yet though she tried her best
She could not get up from that throne
As it gripped her tightly there
She looked for someone to release her
Couldn’t find one anywhere.

They sought Hephaistros everywhere
To free his Goddess mother
And when they caught him he refused
He looked at one, the other
And told them I want Aphrodite
To be my blessed bride
Then peace made with his Goddess mother
One day he took her side.

This day when Zeus was beating her
His mother Goddess Hera
Hephaistros at his own peril
He did stick up for her
Zeus, he seized him by the foot 
And flung him from the heavens
Yet soon the two made peace again
And then peace it did reign.

The moral of this story folk
Is to tell you with respect
That your children are not there
Your glory to reflect
A child must seek his own glory
Not try to live for you
So listen to this story folk
And hear it’s wisdom true.

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I am a prison in this hospital bed 
Used to wake-up with a cross above my head 
Pity my race will soon come to its end 
My love for them Please send.

A plastic tube between my nose and lips 
Giving me air, glad I 'm sick! 
Gate of the white palace will soon to be closed 
Guardians of the empire seen in the post.

Outside the window of my hopeless jail 
Children playing by one and more than twail 
Deprived of freedom and happiness 
Laying in this bed full of regrets and anguish. 

Doctors said "soon you 'll be okay 
You need to take your medicines everyday" 
If only I can have a second life
I wish I can tell you "follow God's light".

Wish I can get out in this darkest sorrow 
Be most welcome my self for a better tomorrow 
To the King of white palace thank you for today !
Only prayer for you left as my medicine for everyday.

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And Then there was you

There was hue...There was dew..
A lot of smiles...& some tears too...
Lot of friends....trusted enemies few...
Known to me was bliss and happiness...
                                                                              And then there was You....

You walked in through the mystical light...
Full of blissful learning and pure delight...
I wished all harm be out of your sight...
I tried to help and be there with all my might...

You had many a story to tell.. ... lies shared little did i know..
One day all that i selflessly gave ...would be turned against my own soul...
I walked beside you in complete faith of all i was told....till God could take no more...
He stole the moments and tore me apart to maybe save and take control...
Why did the truth not come forth from you...i will never fathom...
When all i asked of you was simple facts..and never judged or held your heart for ransom...
In truth we could have served our noble it's pure light we could have stood so tall..
Why then did you not think to protect my heart...and let it in this well of lies fall..

Did you not but once stop and think of how i might feel...
When you realized all my spirit one day your untruth would steal...
For all the love and care i gave ... i got back a handful of allegations....
Enough to destroy my heart and soul and demolish all my aspirations...
Why i ask my angels did i deserve this humiliation...
So much strife , scathe , suffering and frustrations....
All i gave was undying care and genuine love...stood by you always...
Never did i let you down when needed..never did i walk away when your call heeded...
For all that was shared...Why wasn’t i spared....
To give me an ounce of honesty ..back i wish the person cared....

As life moves on...with some hurt and some hope too.....
As i try and remain to my life's purpose true....
I remember once i had my innocent heart and soul that believed in people and truth..
                                                                        ...And then there was You

Random Penning….Ruhi..

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Jerusalem, Jerusalem

parody,  ballad

I was a child creating kidstuff,
I lied and cheated just enough
to feel the guilt when all alone at home.
I copied homework from friend Sue
and passed it down the row to Lou.
We knew so little of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem  (chorus repeats after each verse)

When in the end, I turned a teen
I tried the drug and boozing scene.
With just a few bad trips, it all hit home.
I spent a weekend in the jail
I thought I’d died and gone to hell.
No peace in that place,  no Jerusalem.

So glad was I when they said to me
let’s go to church as family.
It was belief that brought us to Shalom.
We’d fought like cats and dogs for aye
There had  to be a better way.
True contentment began at Jerusalem.

Of course, there is a God above!
I know Him as the God of love.
He  made the rules and guides us on to home.
He wrote the law, then paid the price
Son, Jesus  came as sacrifice
so we could know the way to Jerusalem.

'Twas there I learned to place me last
to put God first;  now when they ask,
“How come on Sundays you never stay at home?”
I am one who found that lost chord
no longer scared to serve my Lord -
I’ve found the peace that comes in Jerusalem.

I did not take Christ’s name in vain
I am a Christian with much to gain
and thus I greet you with a hearty Shalom.
I cannot keep Christ to myself
I cannot put Him on the shelf
for He is the Way to blest Jerusalem.

Jerusalem means  place of peace;
Jerusalem needs no police.
we’ll see that when God comes to take us home.
Salvation means that we have learned
forgiveness never will be earned.
This gift is from the Hope of Jerusalem.

substituting these lyrics for Larry Cohen's Masterpiece 'HALLELUJAH.'
I make no apology for the up-beat nature of this parody.
Cohen and I just found different lost chords.

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my god its very bright

I am on a new day for this is the one that is here,i should be pleased as i have just opened my eyes my god its very bright what is the story ? has today got something good maybe a surprize not one of sorrow ,but one that keeps me alive,away from my sleep gets me out and abou't buzzing and laughing making others feel the same way ,let it PLEASE catch on and spread like a flu ,so the rest of whom they come into contact with can catch it to, a virus of happy thoughts that causes one to sing to hug all that is around you & not shy to tell them how they brightened your day, a bear hug given as you move on your merry way , reminding them to spread the germ for this needs to be shared, let the wind love distance of all other shores and when all have caught the happyness than we must also hug the trees for they hold the earth with roots so dear after all she is a pearl so beautiful alive with that of caring heart for everytime a loved one goes she cry the heavens with rain to feed the roots to grow the fruits ,we eat to see us through ,but happy virus may come to pass for one is not in that dream, i have just opened my eyes my god its very bright .

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Easter Day

Easter is glorious day,
Not only to enjoy,
The candy and Easter egg hunt,
But a day,
To rejoice,
In the Lord's resurrection,
Where He gave us,
His life,
To save us from our sins,
Which we all should remember,
And charish,
Each and everyday,
Of our precious lives,
In this world,
That His Father created,
For us all to live,
And gave us a choice,
Between right from wrong,
Which is not always easy,
But if we always turn,
To the Father and the Son,
We will always find,
Them by our side,
Carrying us along the way.

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Transformation of Thought

I thought I was living, but I knew I was dead
My essence was draining, leaking making me wish I could see
This wheel I ride was a simple device
Running down the road I knew it would never end
Forgive me for I have but one notion in this world
A crazy time, but it spits me in a kind of swirl
The existence of man is my one real legend
The dog came and put its head on my lap
Love so deep I felt it to my bone
Yes now I knew God was here
At last salvation, the time for wondering was over
I was really going home
Then the window opened and I was falling 
Help, help I screamed
Only the laughter echoed in my mind  

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Through the Years

I know I had to let you go
To be with God above
But one thing I will always have, forever 
Is your love
It’s been there through our ups and downs
Through smiles and laughter too
Through good and bad, through tears and fears
Our love remained so true
Through the years when things were tough
Or anything went wrong
Together we would work it out
Together we stood strong
Through the years you cared for me
You loved me every day
Through the years when I got lost
You helped me find my way 
Through the years when I was sad
You held me while I cried
Through the years, you’ve been my love
My strength, my rock, my guide
Sometimes when I'm all alone
I close my eyes and pray
That God will give you back to me
Just for one more day
So I could tell you one more time
How much I love you so
So I could hold you just once more
Before I let you go
I miss you every morning
Every night and every day
I’d give all my tomorrows
For just one more yesterday
I always knew how blessed I was
To have you in my life
Always I will wear your ring
I’ll always be your wife
I know I must be strong now 
For this mountain I must climb
To face a world without the man
Who always will be mine
I know you’re always here with us 
Our children feel it too
And no one else will ever have 
The love we gave to you
I know you're up in Heaven 
And to God, you now belong
But part of you stays here..
For in your sons…you still live on..

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It all came down to Love

So today I decided to put my hand on paper
And exhale the invaded privacy of my inner most
Tell of what my forbidden heart to love has been up to
Turning and rumbling inside of me
Creating a turmoil feeding my soul with pleasure

Yes... It is love this poor being of me is trying to express
Residing deep inside the unknown of my heart
The depths even I was scared to adventure
Full of leisure, pleasure and treasure only the believers can discover
Only cos love hurts... true love pains

Anyhow, let me tell of this smile on my face 
The fuel that powers the excitement in my energy
It is one feeling I forbid myself to fear or shut out
In fact I dare my heart to take that leap of faith
For with love comes joy and peace... God’s best creation

I fear not the disappointment love carries cos I’m a believer
I overlook the sadness that lies ‘neath its wings cos I have faith
I don’t mind opening the doors in the sacred space of my heart over and over
For love to reside one more time for God is love and God is in me
I’m ready to let the rivers of love wash over my fears

Love wrote its name across my heart... Next to it I engraved his name
With the brightest colours of the rainbow across the grey skies at dusk
For he is my angel and shall forever remain my very own guardian angel... 
I can proudly say I love loving him unconditionally... THANK YOU

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I Forgive You Mommy

I forgive you mommy,
thank you for those 
few weeks.

I admit it was strange,
the feeling was new to 

Thank you for letting 
me be a part of you.

You had your reasons 
why I had to go.

It hurt a lot when I was 
aborted, but maybe earth 
was never for me.

I'm in heaven now,
I'm God's little angel.

Don't you cry, 
I'll never hate you.

Thank you for 
bonding with me, 
sorry it couldn't be.

Even though I'm far 
away, I'll wait until 
another day.

When at heavens door 
you should appear, I'll 
be right there to hold 
you dear.

Written by: Poet Shi

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hello mr morrison

hello mr morrison
tell me, are the indians
that you saw when you were young
still on that dusty road?

did one take control of you
spirits now are one, once two
after that the arrow flew
and "squirming like a toad"

the brains of thousands tuned to hear you speak
the poet, philosopher and the tweak
the genius but never the geek
is welcome in my abode

i idolize the lizard king
let the long lost trumpets sing
love, despair, unholy things
found in his lost odes

resting in a grave in france
lucky me,i got the chance
to see him rest, but at a glance
on a motorbike he rode

to make a future lost as gold 

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When Thru The Mirror You Look

When thru the mirror you look,
It is but an image you behold.

That frame of putrefying flesh,
Whose frail and lusty minds, 
Have yielded to that lust from below.

When thru the mirror you look,
It is but an image you behold,
In which resides that diabolic soul
The Lamb gave each of us to control.

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My All

I felt my life was standing still
No dreams for me to follow
Some nights there seemed to be no point
In waking up tomorrow
The road ahead grew lonelier
And longer everyday
With no one there to hold my hand
Or help to guide the way
But then the clouds began to fade
The sun came shining through
And then my life began again
The day that I found you
You took away the loneliness
And wiped away my tears
You gave me back my dignity
And cast aside my fears
You gave the strength I needed
To stand up on my own
I knew with you beside me
I would never be alone
You always saw the best in me
Through all the good and bad
You’re always there to laugh with me
Or hold me when I’m sad
We’ve been through everything there is
Together we are strong
We’ve held each other up 
Whenever anything went wrong
I can’t remember loneliness
Or what I used to do
I know I’ve learned what life’s about
Because of loving you
You never hide your love for me
Your feelings always show
Please hold me in your life forever
Never let me go
I know that there’s a Heaven now
I know that God is there
I prayed that I would find someone
And God answered my prayer
For you are my lifes happiness
You’re everything to me
I couldn’t live without you now
You are my destiny
So never say goodbye to me
Never let us fall
For till the day I die
I’ll only ever give my all..

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A Lifetime Too Late is Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Dedicated to Renata 'Ronnie' Kanani & Danielle McCarthy (I hope!)

If a lifetime is too late...then...MAYBE...THAT-LIFE...WELL?!?!
You know..."Somewhere Over The Rainbow"...Just Might Be A Silly Song!
There was a Movie, "Where Have All The Gods Gone?"
And I wonder...YES...where have all MY GODS GONE?

A Destiny Delivered Late...really is...Late...and maybe...TOO LATE!

There is really...only one thing...THAT REALLY MATTERS...THAT'S LOVE!

Every baby...every little boy...every little girl...every teenage boy or girl...
Every working stiff...of every kind...every retiree...EVEN...THE GODS...

From carrot juice in wax your first the kitchen sink...
A cookie in your hand...and your laughing your first steps...
Is a Destiny That Starts Out Right...but SOMEWHERE OVER THAT RAINBOW
ARE BLACK CLOUDS...that await!

Do you remember...that first pulled pony-tail...that first unmanly cry?

A Destiny Delivered Late...really is...Late...and maybe...TOO LATE!

They say, "That a match made in heavenly"...well...

They say that..."Love is a universal principle"...and I'd like to believe it!
Because when...Her Heart Died...I Cried...and then My Heart Died!

And I would like to say..."Will YOU believe for ME and for US?"

Love is something...and someone...TO HOPE FOR...AND TO DREAM ABOUT!

"Somewhere over the Rainbow"...can be the most beautiful song...
But that depends...!

Do blue-birds fly...and do the stars in heaven shine...but DIE?

Lovers in the rainfall...IN something that I'd love to see...
FOR MYSELF...AND FOR HER (or for it may be)!


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God does answer prayers

we pray for understanding 
              God gives us the wisdom to understand
                   we pray for strength
              God gives us the power to be strong
                    we pray for courage 
              God gives us the opportunity to be courageous
                     we pray for forgiveness 
               God gives us a chance to  amend the wrongs
                      we pray for faith 
                God puts it in our sights to believe it
                      we pray for love 
                 God opens our hearts to receive it 
                       we pray for wealth 
                 god gives us the will to achieve it 
God just doesn't gives us what we want no matter how hard we plead 
but he does answer our prays according to our needs

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You are all together desirable
and so my soul longs for you
hold me close don't let me go
I need to know your love is true

I had not thought  possible
this kind of love to know
the kind that people dream of 
of our origins ages ago 

More beauty than hanging gardens
or the wonders of seven worlds
nor crafting by the hands of men
fallen   it's heights were hurled

Like the rain in desert places
and dew in a thirsty land
desire avidly your own embrace
and be led by your own hand

Drink from the well inexhaustible 
the everlasting spring of joy
whose word is rooted in virtue
which hatred would seek to destroy

A cistern in the desert deep
an oasis in parched land set
you draw the hearts of multitudes
lest the setting of love they forget

Like well watered resting places
where the fountains of the deep
saturate the flowering meadows bloom
whose treasuries our memories keep

Job 8  , Isaiah 58

COPYRIGHT © 2013 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

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Daydreams and Nightscenes 1

Neon skies and a Horizon of eyes
Paintings Staked on Innocent Walls

Halos and Wings, Time will say, “Time to Fall’’

Such are Daydreams and Nightscenes

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God Forgiver of All Ills

Oh God, forgiver of all ills,
To thee we lift one voice;
Through thee, our reason is instilled,
Our wills, granted free choice.

Upon the cross on Calvary,
Thy only Son forgave
The errors of humanity;
Our weakened souls, he saved.

Thy justice is all-merciful,
Rewarding self-control,
Then sparing tortures that befall
The sloth of weak, impassioned souls.

Thy heavens turn in symmetry,
To follow thy design,
The world obeys the Almighty,
For all power is thine.

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minimal distance


                 god bent.

                      heaven rain.

                            staight chair.

                                arched ceiling.

                                       round lesson.
                                              old verb.


                                                           foucet crooked.

                                                                 water shed.

                                                              turned wrench.

                                                                       side glance.

                                                                            lean hunger.

                                                                                torn breath.

                                                                                    god bent.

                                                                                         pupils burnt.

                                                                                              round sun.

                                                                                                 straight whiskey.



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Machel the Archangel

I know a woman,
With asian eyes, eqyptian features, and native tongue,
She is a hybrid, like Isis and Sheeba before her,
I met her on the dance floor,
And she danced like heaven itself was upon her,
In humility she soared like the eagle that I long to be,
And in that moment I sensed destiny,
I know a woman,
With a mind and heart that belong to God,
And in the beginning, we talked till the morning came,
Like rain in the sunshine, she spoke to my soul,
And in that moment I knew love,
But Satan is active, and he sought to destroy our love,
And he deceived me time and time again,
But she would not relent, for she knew not who I was but who I could be,
And in that love, in her belief, God sustained me,
I know a woman,
Who saw me abased, a child under the curse of the sin of the world,
She saw me unable to love, unable to feel, unable to protect her,
She saw me watch unmoved as her father destroyed his sacred body,
But she would not relent,
And in that moment I knew hope.
I know a woman,
Who saw me time and time again, cling to her with jealous weakness,
Who saw her father ascend into heaven, while the rest of us doubted his fate,
And as I cringed in cowardice, and as I with bloodlust reached to regain my destiny,
All she said was, “I believe!”
And in her perseverance, I knew redemption.
And now, we soar as two eagles, two boats, separate and distinct, but unified by the water
of life on which we sail,
I tell you, thought it is now my time to reach the sky in rhythm,
Her time will come, and through her love the world will know celebration!
Dancing to the rhythm of God above, and Machel the Archangel!

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Healer Of Pain

A man struggles to see the light, 
Which shined so bright.
Darkness impours him and he fight's to break free,
But there's no light and he can't see.
The darkness is strong he trembles with fear,
He makes a cry to God loud and clear.
Forgive me for I have done wrong,
The evil around me is just to strong.
I come to you,
To help me through.
He opens his eyes and suddenly can see,
The light he had lost but now found for God answered him and set him free.
He thinks to himself how could I have been so vain,
But he forgives himself for he was saved by the healer of pain.

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I see no future in tomorrow,
For the war coming,
The soldiers are ready for feud,
Just waiting for a trumpet sounds.

Following the illuminating light from the west,
And the Egyptian pyramid,
Watching over all.

Here we stood,
Depending on the enlightened,
Who blindfold's us?

We are scared to say,
But we know they hunt,
They are the oligarchy, 
The emissaries of cleft.

They’re mechanics of war.
They besiege by night,
Blood bathing,
Making demonic symbols,
Singing the songs of the Egyptian Mummies.

The death of millions of heads,
Give birth to crude oil,
Crudely they all smile in pity.
They forgot God never sleeps, 
We will rejuvenate.
By the end of the war,
And God will Judge.

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i am the voice of God through man
come all the way through ALTER CHRISTUS
holy and unquestionable for i am from sanctum Dei
a lot believe shed their blood even on to this day

i beg not to be understood but trusted and loved
impossible for you know for some tried but long gone
i am Christ in the person of man in all but wrong
do you know or what is the mind in unus catholica

what and where do you stand -with the lamb?
are ye already in the blood washed? or damned
the heavens we cannot all but understand
in ex cathedral we learn to know and love the one's we can

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Gifts From Heaven Above

Dragonflies fly around the pond,
As the timeless moonlight gazes on the river,
And the oceans white caps coast on the beach,
Along the sunset of a beautiful day,
Of this hard day of this world's pleasures,
We take the journey of this hard day of this world's pleasure,
In this Kingdom of God,
For even with the stuggles we have,
We climb the ladders of hope,
To find the fulfillment in our hearts,
That will bring us all the happiness and joy,
And maybe one day,
To the everlasting gates where we may enter,
For the everlasting life where we may stay.

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Most High

Most High,
Reigning in the sky,
Thats how he sees the Sovereign Lord..
It begins with a man,
A young man,
Walked with God when he was young,
Didn't know wrong from right,
Left the Lord out of his sight,
Was a troubled kid in his school,
His school life was sent in a whirlpool,
Failed a yr and worked really hard,
He passed got dealt two good cards,
But God dealt him a hand that would change his life forever..

A terrible accident had happened,
Lucky to have survived,
Lying face down,
He cant feel from the neck down,
Taste of blood in his mouth,
He blacks out,
Wakes up being helped on a stretcher,
He was put into a helicopter,
He blacks out again,
Wakes up in his room,
Not knowing whether he can walk again,
He cries out to a nurse,
"Will i walk again?",
She says "Your very lucky dear boy,
And there was no permanent damage, 
It will take time,
But you should be walking in no time.",
He smiles,
Tried to pick up he cup made of styrofoam,
But he cant,
He finds out his wrist was broken in two places,
And will heal on its own,
He notices a long scar on his knee,
He was told he did permanent nerve damage,
And wont be able to feel anything on it or around it,
In what felt like a long time,
He made a complete recovery,
Grew stronger with his legs,
Goes back to school,
A day after his birthday,
And thats when the nightmare began.. 

Then one day,
His parents saved him with their kind words,
His eyes were opened,
He saw everything clearer and brighter,
He accepted God's word,
Hes grown stronger through Christ,
He was redeemed by his Savior,
God's unfailing love truly means the world to him,
His walk with God have been a journey he can not explain,
But the smile on his face says it all,
He walks stronger and stands tall,
For he put his trust in God,
The Sovereign Lord..
Most High,
Reigning in the sky,
Thats how he sees the Sovereign Lord.

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Wasn't Enough

Why bother trying, You watch yourself dying, Crying out to God asking for advice, Help me find away to rejoice, Speak up and feel the noise, Only in away that He knows, And you cant explain, To Save you and take away the pain, You open your eyes and see the world is spinning, Trying to figure when am I gonna start winning, Sitting in a corner and your losing, Thinking why am I on this path that I'm choosing, You make one last cry for help?, But no ones around to answer......
Demons surround you, Nowhere to run, You look to the ground and you pick up that gun, Raise it to your head, But you can't pull the trigger, You place it out in front and start to fire, Thinking the bullets wont hit them and you don't believe they will only to call God a liar, Seeking away out, Time running short you scream and shout, Demons closing in stronger and awaiting a final attack, You stand your ground and try to fight back, But like a diamond in the rough, It Wasn't Enough......
Struggling to find peace within, You ask God to forgive you of your sins, Only to figure out its you, you can't forgive, Tension rises once again, You wonder is this the end? Fighting to survive with all your might, Suddenly day turns to night, Demons coming upon you, Your mind in fear you dont know what to do, You seek out a voice, Your ears filled with noise, Your eyes pin out Demons in all directions, Inching and inching ever so closely, You make one last cry for help, But no ones around to answer......
Once again the Demons surround you making escape a mere impossibility, You fall to your knee's and pray, Talking to God saying all you can say, You open your eyes and see a blinding light, Thus its the hand of God giving you the strength to stand up and fight, A war that lasted nearly a decade is coming to a close as it seems, But your still in question with those nightmarish dreams, The dreams bring you down but you try to stay tough, In the end, It Wasn't Enough......

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Each Time

Each time is like the first time,
Thoughts of passion will never leave my mind,
Romantic evenings after dark,
Your gift of joy make me rock,

I am thinking of your warmth,
So kind and so clear,
A climatic sensation,
Each time we are near,

I hope it is the same for you,
Each time we are alone,
I know I've found that Rib God took,
I am ready to start a home,

Each time you hurt,
It makes me cry,
Each time we part,
I cannot say goodbye,

Each time you laugh,
You put a smile on my face,
Each time we kiss,
You make my heart race,

Then we make love again and again,
You are my lover,
And my very best friend,

I am your man and you are my rib,
For God formed you from me,
To demonstrate how to give,

When we are together,
I know you are mine,
Each time is special and one of a kind,
Each time...

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The Unknown

My name is darkness
They are afraid of me
I am associated with evil
Nothing can be seen in darkness
Darkness and Light God created them both
But light is well liked, darkness is well hated
I darkness, the devil has used me to deceive and scare people
I wish I can be understood that nothing evil resides in me
It is just my nature that I am dark and fear of the unknown follows people who encounter or see me
When people die they think that darkness holds their loved ones
OR they are resident there 
Rooms and houses become desolate because it is dark
Darkness or night I am just as friendly as light or day
God created us both not the devil
Crying does not only belong to darkness even joy brings some tear
People even celebrate at night
It is deception and ignorance that brings the fear of the dark
I darkness am not evil God created me. 

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Believe It Or Not

Believe it or not, there will be a time.
When peace will be amongst all mankind.
Pain, death and violence will be no more.
Life itself will be worth living for.
As for the youth generation gap.
They will honor thier parents.
There won't be no peer traps.
And as for the parents arguments about bills.
Money shall be useless when we get over that hill.
Yes, right here on earth  where hatred  now  lands.
Love will conquer all and take it's stand.
Just as sure as white is the color of the doves.
All shall worship the true God in heaven above.
Just think all the animals will be free of their cages.
Hard to believe that since it has been unseen in ages.
You may have heard these promises before
yet , you have not found.
How peace can come upon this earth once more .
With love, unity and happiness abound.
I believe that there will be a time for by carefully
searching the scriptures you too, can find.
It's found in the bible book of Revelation
Jeovah God is our only means of salvation.
You think I am  just dreaming, that it's just all in my mind.
Well. believe it or not there will be a time.

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Birth of a Nation, Revisited

Birth of a Nation, Revisited.

Yo, In this birthing of new imagination,
Competitive flows stifle my creativity,
But in the inertia of lifting my sisters,
I am catapulted to new day and night dreams of joy,
My budget is tight cause’ I care more about poverty than riches,
And my freestyle flow is kinda weak, cause I’m a geek from the suburbs,
But God loves me still the same,
Tupac, Breed, Clapton, Mayard, prophets spanning generations,
Barak, a new kind of king that trades his crown for true democracy,
Democrats prayin’, Yo that’s a new day dawning,
Cause now its all over,
Cause when progressives start seekin’ the Divine,
That’s the whole code cracked,
Yo this path I walk is tired,
Yo this path I walk is tumultuous,
But when I see Barak steppin’ out of shells of racist idolatry and uniting a nation,
Then I know I chose correctly.
Yo this path I walk is tired,
Yo this path I walk is tumultuous,
But when I see apostles speekin’ of justice, mercy, and faith instead of straining 
over gnats of imposed sexuality, and swallowing camels of foreign fears,
Then tears flow, and I know its all worth it baby!!
Just me and Jesus, Just you and Jesus, Praisin’, Worshippin’, and putting up 
free swim centers in the projects,
What a Nation!
Not quite yet, but in the makin’
I can’t quite taste it, but I can see it,
And seeing is the beginning.
Yo can it be, I ask you?
Can it be, that we be the first Rome to voluntary step off its thrown of hubris,
To step off its thrown of unjust domination,
Economic silos destroying other folks sense of belonging,
And say to the World, “Yo God loves us, However you conceive of her, she loves 
us, and that’s enough, so let’s party!!”

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Mickal's Blissfuness

I came to the place of solace and beheld the joy of Mickal.  I dance the dance of 
jubilation as I awaited my turn to purchase my drink of bliss.  How could I not 
notice the radiance of yet, another magnificent creation of God?

Her beautiful olive-green eyes was filled with so much sensitivity and might.  
Then she encountered her friend and that's when I realize that this dove was a 
comforter for those whose heart's are heavy laden with sadness.

I proceeded to observe this tender soul as she dance the rhymic dance of delight 
and contentment.  Greeting's, thus did I softly uttered.  She smile and it was as if 
God  Himself had smile from the Heavens above.  It was at that moment that I 
realize that I was in the presence of  one of God's Angelic Being, that was 
disguised in that human vessel.

In the silence of my being I gave reverence to God for the marvellous fashion of 
Mickal.  Truly, today I was bless and found great appreciation in yet, another 
wonder of God Almighty.  Thus, was Mickal's Blissfulness.

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Poetic Justice

Visualize my children and you shall look
Upon the voyage of Captain James R. Cook;
It was the eighteenth of January in Seventeen Seventy-Eight;
Hardly a Hawaiian can forget the Date;
What befell upon the Islands was a terrible Fate.

During the Makahiki festival, Cook was thought to be Lono;
He would never live to see how he upset the (Balance) Pono;
The false god blew smoke from his mouth and had skin so pale,
Arriving on a floating island with a giant sail,
So Cook told them he was a God, never thinking this deceit might fail.

At first it went good they celebrated together,
But upon leaving the island, Cook hit nasty weather;
One ship had some problems and broke its foremast;
If they didn't turn around, the ship wasn't going to last,
So they headed back to the island faster than fast.

The Hawaiians had been generous and were generous again,
And even as the author holds this pen,
He knows "boys will be boys" and "men will be men,"
And the Hawaiian resentment, was starting to burn
For "this god who ate so much, but gave so little in return.”

When loose tools were stolen, men got even more irate;
Both sides Hawaiian and Haole began to fill with hate;
So Cook’s men stole a canoe and there was a small fight;
Nobody died, but the European sailors remained on shore for the night;
When they awoke, another of their large boats was missing from sight.

Cook was angry now and wanted his large boat back;
He marched on shore with marines, in an attempt to attack;
He grabbed him a hostage Chief Kalani'opu'u; 
In the wake, a riot began to ensue;
The Hawaiians got their clubs, while Cook waved in his crew.

Guns were fired, Hawaiians charged, and the Marines ran back to their boat,
And alone stood Captain Cook in his British red coat;
Cook was hit with a club, stabbed numerous times and killed;
Still more than two hundred years later the void can never be filled,
Like a cavity that's so deep it cannot be drilled.

What could the Hawaiians do?
It seemed as if the prophecies were coming true;
Death and demise would come from across the sea,
Though it never said what or who it might be;
Were these white foreigners, devils or the missing key?

One hundred years later, the Native Hawaiian Population was decimated;
Disease and materialism only helped to destroy all the Hawaiians created;
The US took their harbor and went on vacation on their white sands;
Now is time for change, the choice is in your hands;
Discover the truth, help return stolen lands.

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How is it Possible?

How is it Possible?

How is it possible that one can be a pluralist and still be true to the savior?
I am the way the truth and the life, he said!
Not confession or even faith, but I AM THE WAY!
And in him was life and the life was the light of men!
He is the light of the Bodhisattva!
He is the light of Buddha!
He is the light of Allah!
He is the light of Siva!
He is the wisdom of agnostic intellectuals!
He is the fury of feminist revolution!
He is the joy of liberation!
He is the burning beat of rhythm in the streets!
No man has seen God, but the SON OF MAN HATH PROCLAIMED HER!!
From the Jews who he chose!
To his humility to learn of the suffering of men!
To his exaltation!
The burning fire of love that transforms all things!
And so you ask, who shall not make it?
Some may see hell, but they will not stay there!
For God rains on the Just and the Unjust!
For God will have mercy on who she will have mercy!
And so, in the end, All shall be reconciled!
He is  the wisdom of the Vedas,
He is the weak and strong force that holds all things together!
And enabled Teilhard de Chardin to speak truth to power!
He is the light of Ghandi’s nonviolence!
He is the strength of Mary’s courage!
He is the love of mother God!
Dancing in Trinitarian Jazz, 
With the spirit that he wields and who wields him!
God of the Chosen!
God of Hagar’s son!
God of the East!
Lord of the Magi!
And King Supreme!
Though meek and Lowly,
He is unafraid of our exploration!
He is unafraid of the beauty of men laying with men, and women laying with women!
For he is love incarnate!
And he shall birth new Deborah’s and New Joshuas
To change the face of Arrakis,
For he is the Quizazk Zaterack,
He is the communion of the saints and the power of the ancestors!
And in him, he has reconciled male and female,
Black and White,
He is unafraid of justice,
And with justice he wields punishment on corporate monopolies and white supremacy!
He is unafraid!
Risen, Strong, True, Just, but Merciful.
And so in the end, all shall know the beauty of God eternal.
For we shall see Angels ascending and descending on the son of man.

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Last Night I Went to War

Last Night I Went to War

Last Night I Went to War,
On an unknown battlefield known to secret soldiers clothed in shame and 
Tongue speaking samurai,
Last night I went to war,
On an unknown battlefield with weapons of mass destruction,
God given warfare of a secret guild, 
I went to war not against Iraq, but the spirit of blind fundamentalism,
Last night I went to war against an unknown enemy who torments me day and 
With a brother from old who I love dearly,
A brother of great courage and integrity,
Last Night I went to war against my father’s cancer and mother’s insomnia,
Last Night I went to war against my daughter’s fear of isolation and my 
therapist’s impending neck surgery,
Last night I went to war for America and the freedom that it stands for,
And I’ve had many casualties,
I’ve heard voices telling me to drive off the road,
And I’ve felt dark forces rise up in my mind to steal the beauty of my 
Last night I went to war for my nation,
A wondrous eagle, young and impetuous, righteous and misguided,
And I felt the strength of the cosmos well up within me and I knew for a moment 
that God is real,
Last Night I went to war with a brother for life and longer for a 4 year old girl 
tormented by the beauty of her own soul,
And It through me off track and now once again I sit confused and alone,
But look into her eyes I tell you and see the peace of freedom,
To look into her eyes I tell you and see the peace of a freedom that alludes me,
It’s worth it, 
It’s worth every moment of torment,
For to look to that day,
That blessed day,
When all the Jews and Muslims and Buddhists and Hindus and Right Wing 
Christians and Atheists and Agnostics and Liberals and Conservatives and 
Blacks and Whites and Reds and Yellows and Communists and Murderers and 
Terrorists and Infidels and Thieves and Saints Alike are all on the same side,
To look to that blessed day when all are one and we look to the enemy and 
say “No not one Satan, YOU CAN’T HAVE EVEN ONE!”
To look to that blessed day I tell you, I am chosen beyond the dismal nature of 
this moment.
To look to that blessed day I tell you, I am lifted high above to the mind of God 
and know Joy,
I don’t care how many friends I lose or loved one’s turn against me, I will keep 
I will keep fighting in unseen battlefields,
Until all are one.

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Has God Forgotten Me

I’ve found myself just sitting here;
Surrounded by my tissues and tears.
Asking myself “could it be?”
That God has forgotten me
I know he says he’ll always be there;
Always watch out, and always care.
Yet lately it seems that he;
Well that he has forgotten me.

It started about two months ago;
I had been dealing with my foe.
And a lot of pain had been coming to my life;
I felt like giving up the fight.
Yet instead I had turned to God to help me;
Yet it seemed like he had forgotten me.

Things were starting to get worse;
And I felt like a walking curse.
How can a loving father as he;
Well, forget me.
I’d quitted my job b/c I couldn’t take anymore;
I was too mentally messed up and sore.
Now I’m barely making it on ends meat;
And the worse part is, I think God’s forgotten me.

My sister is sick and I don’t know if she’ll make it through;
She says she loves God, and I love God too.
I just think he may be busy with everyone else’s life;
To realize my sister is about to die.
Just when I began to give up all hope;
My sister awoke.
She says “I don’t know what could be the matter”
“But all of a sudden I feel much better”
She got up and whispered to me;
Do you still think God has forgotten thee?

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Only Trust in God

Was driving today,
Asking God Please
No traffic be.

Looked down at,
Oops! gas tanks out,
Please don't stop NOW.
Freaking Out now.

O My God!
Why didn't I refuel the car fast?
Scared to run out,
My car nags,
Driving in with anxiety,
Asking God,
Please get me there,
Before I loose my mind,
Telling me to me,
To trust in God
At all times.

My mind wonders off,
Darn it is too sunny,
Out in Cali,
Headache so strong,
Been 3 days long,
Please leave me off.

Back on track out me on,
Myself talking to me now,
Am not crazy,
When I think out loud.
Back on Praying to God
One more time 

Got to school fine,
Gas tank zero,
Car asked me to fuel ASAP,
My brain reads not,
On time to class don't know how?
Teacher was there not,
Why did I rush?
When I could take my time?
Classmates complain,
Why teacher is late?
No one knows.

The debate is on,
"Swine flu",
This class called Project Concept,
Why are we talking out of subject?
Teacher is curious who got one.

Here it goes discussing this,
Get everyone so hyped,
Butterflies in my stomach,
Scared to die,
Scared to touch anything, 
At any time,
I trust in God
Only God can change, 
In my life.


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A Child in War

As the dust burns my weary eyes
I push on and compromise 

Looking for a long lost dream 
Of swimming through the waters clean

Bombs echoing in the distance
Dead and gone in an instance

Praying to god for every breath
A candle lit for every death

It is here I sit all alone 
A heart that burns turns to stone

A concert of horror ringing clear
I run and hide all in fear

I steal and lie to survive 
Of my family I am the only life

Oh! Please set me free
My wish repeated instantly!

In my mind all is rage 
I feel locked up in a cage

When will this nightmare end?
A stray bull dog my only friend

During the nights we stay warm
We help each other through the storms

Our night lights, are burst from your guns
The politicians say we are the ones

The ones who kill day to day
For when I grow up they will pay

My train of thought, pains me now and then
When I know war is a means to an end

Sometimes I try to escape
But I was turned in for a stay

Slaving for the men of war
Sometimes a cook, sometimes a whore

Oh! Please set me free
My wish repeated instantly

I have to kill to get away
I can no longer bear the pain 

My knife slides across their throats
I’m caked in blood that coat’s

Before I could run I heard screaming
I continued my work while the tears were streaming

In a way I am glad I was caught
Now I can join that heavenly lot!

My hound of war was first feed to me
Then I was beat to subdue me!

Almost to the point of certain death
But they tortured my every breath

They kept me breathing for the rope.
They slung my body from the post

I choked and kicked all I could
While the others just watched from where the stood

Before I lost my failing senses 
I prayed to god just to end this

At that moment my prayers were sealed
A boy in the crowd revealed his steel

A rip of pain through the chest
The bullet entered and did its best

For a few days my body was displayed
For those under slavery to see who disobeyed 

After a few days my body was searched
Only a small diary was all the thieves could perch

Meaningless thoughts were rattled out of rhyme
A small short story of the life that was my time

Beckoning to those that are still at war
Freedom is a bullet wound for the soul to finally soar.

Oh! Please set me free
My wish repeated instantly.

That same boy who ended all this pain 
They ended him his efforts never vain

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By Catherine DiBuono I read about myself in a chapter of a book last night 
I just opened up a page to browse and there I saw my life
OVERCARE, it said, produces chaos and stress
Related to persons or events or just everyday strife
You over-attache and identify too
Not just with empathy but beyond what is due.
My God, I thought, it’s how I live every day
I thought that’s what God wanted,so I did it my way
So here I sit writing under blue sky and sun
Hoping God’s warming rays will show me the way.
God “threw me a brick’, saying open your eyes
What you are doing is OVERCARE and not God prescribed
Shame, resentment, guilt and more
I allowed myself to be engulfed, right down to my core.. 
My spirit so damaged, panic ten long years gone
Has returned with full force, controlling my fragile mind.
So its Your will, not mine, which I will implore.
Step by step, day by day, using Your strength to endure.
Heal my fear of driving ,get me out past my front door
Ease my mind back together, this I now implore. 
For this is my poem and also my prayer
That I balance my life fully, but not OVERCARE.

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Fight The Mere Fight

So it begins, A man falls into his reckless sins.
Believes in God, Talks to him everyday.
Little does he know, The pain is sure grow.
Acts of guilt, sorrow and self retreat brings him crumbling down.
God is more than what others think of to him.
He's Almighty, Glorious, Powerful, Freind, Creator, Lord, and Father above all.
Thus he learns everyday what he reads in the Bible to which he takes in at heart, He breaks into tears wanting a new start.
God and his friends are the only ones he can talk to, No one else seems to understand thus making talking about what he wants too to them very difficult. He doesnt know what to do.
With little time and so much weight on his shoulders its hard to see a brighter side, Before he knows it he will lose his pride.
So much negativity is surrounding him where he calls home, He talks to God explains what is going on and awaits a message.
A message so clear only he could hear, Though some cannot stand to wittness any longer.
Repenting God is something he cannot do, He wouldn't stay true.
Hes in a never ending battle with himself on giving up and fighting the mere fight growing stronger under God.
But its a tough battle.
He doubts himself.
Making a stand from living or dying is one he may never break free,
But he knows he's not alone and he suddenly can see.
The burning passion of a light,
WIth it he learns to fight the mere fight.

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Indescribable Awakening

People of God why can't you see,
The shining light that sets His believers free.
His mercy is so powerful its shakening,
His love is an indescribable awakening.

Darkness seems to be around,
The light is lost it cant be found.
People are sinning worshiping idols,
When times get tough they wanna give up becoming suicidals.
God is looking down on them shaking his head,
Wondering why these people are turning away making their own bed.
God stays hidden so we can seek Him,
It makes the light shine so instead of drowning we swim.
People of God why can't you see,
The shining light that sets His believers free.
His mercy is so powerful its shakening,
His love is an indescribable awakening.

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Unforgiveness Is Wickedness

Are you wicked before God?
Is there someone you need to forgive?
Ask for the gift of forgiveness—
So your wickedness may not live.
The anger and torture of unforgiveness—
Is not in the nature of love;
Give it all to God;
Ask for deliverance from above.

Unforgiveness causes depression;
Thoughts of death reside;
Only through the gift of forgiveness—
Can the demons be denied.
We have all had to deal with pain,
And hurt that’s often so cruel,
But God wants us to forgive—
Forgiveness provides renewal.

Because God has forgiven us,
He expects us to forgive;
Not hold thoughts of judgment,
That are nothing but unproductive.
They cause various illnesses,
And hold us in bondage.
God wants us to be free—
Freedom is a privilege.

God will gift you forgiveness—
All you need to do is ask;
If you think that you can do it—
You’ve under-estimated the task.
Only God can provide forgiveness;
He’s the one who did firstly forgive.
He will set you free from wickedness—
Enable you in love to live.

Featured in my book No. 1, "Poetry To Touch the Heart & Soul"
Copyright 2011 Maureen LeFanue

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Forever and Ever (I'll Always Love You)

My life began the day we met
The world, it looked brand new.
Colors brighter, music sweeter
And all because of you.
You took a life of sadness
And you made it oh so sweet
But now you're gone and yet.......

I love you more with each passing day
Though God saw fit to take you away.
When I think of our love, it still seems brand new
Forever and ever, I'll always love you.

 I still feel you close by my side.
The pain's so deep, it cuts like a knife
When you went away, my heart broke into little pieces.
But I'll put those pieces back together 
Because I know some day, we'll be together again.
But until then...............

I'll love you more with each passing day
Though God saw fit to take you away.
When I think of our love, it still seems brand new
Forever and ever, I'll always love you.

Oh, when I think of our love
It still seems brand new
Forever and ever, I'll always love you.

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A Fiery Mountain

It was there upon a mountain to which it came. 
That of a great flames as he stood on what appear to be a work of sapphire stone. 
As it was in a heart of love that felt to which was great desire. 
It was of true love to which it was as God descended there in a cloud of smoke and fire. 
That to which was written commandments of love as they had feared that of great love. 
It was there 3000 was slew as many had beg to keep what they knew. 
That of mercy and love did he have, especially when none follow what they had. 
For it was many signs showed in the eye’s but there was none to which had believed in thy.  
That of a heart we follow as we wish to be by his side. 
That in a blink of an eye we could all just die. 
But it was there on Mount Sinai to which swords was thrown when the 
people all sin in that of Gods throne. 
For it was to which he knew that of your soul as we seek that to which is true. 
And that is, Gods love through and through. 
It is there he parted body and soul as he to repent that of a hurt from inside. 
That of his fading love had they stiff-necked his love. 
But it was that of great love to which he send that of his sons love. 
That in him we all might be saved but in him he gave his life that to which he 
parted some men’s life. 
But it is that day of a coming that all will know that night. 
That to which will be of no mercy for they who sin in life. 
So repent thee there before the lord that he may spare you at door. 
That in your heart you may know that of him to which he will give you life in the end. 
But know that of where your heart is this day because God said there is a way. 
So believe me be, that it is a sword on the end. 
That if you don’t take him in, then you will drown in the end. 
Not that of just the sea but that of no love will you have but it 
will be that of a fiery flame to all will burn in flames. 
So quench thy thirst this day in him that in your heart you fine that of your love in him. 
But know that of your heart, that you know him in the end. 
And he may be merciful and spare your life from that of a fiery mountain on the end. 
With lots of love and praying for you and that is I see you in the end. 
With lots of love from my heart to you, that you may find that of your love too. 
And that is God's love and that is a burning desire of a love from a Fathers end.
That you may be spare from the fire on the end.

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His thought he could do anything he want steal rape
lie Virgin Marys son put God said no and then he 
hungs in his tempel because God loves women
because he loves babys well think of killing a tiny
baby well don't believe that God would hurt a 
tiny baby but to save its life he would his mother
begs for forgives to all women and children to 
please pray for him to change and pray for her
to be sane and pray for all to give love to all

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Unconventional God

the One Omnipotent God

does unconventional things

and many out there agree

until they find out that it means

His ways are passed finding out

but if we will simply obey

the world will see what God does

and hear what God has to say


So who directs God's Spirit to do as they feel 

He's the One who leads and guides and goes where He wills

Teaching us as we follow Christ we become unpredictable

Getting to know Him, doing exploits, strong and unconventional 

Would you do what Jesus did?

Would you say what Jesus said?

If you could see and hear your Father

Be so unpredictable

Would you do it how He did it?

Would you say it how He said it?

If you could see and hear your Father

Be so unconventional  [Chorus]

those full of the Spirit of God

do unconventional things

and many out there agree

until they find out that it means

His thoughts are not their thoughts

His ways are not their ways

and those God directs perform

and speak like Jesus does and says

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Divorce is not Final

The pain is back again, that no pills or bottle can cure...
I tried to set things straight, the TRUTH will come out sure.
They must understand, I did NOT leave, I was forced from my bed...
Against my will, with a gun to my head.
I was just ONE man against many, who wanted what I had...
My kids must understand, I am STILL their DAD !
I am a man who tried to hold my ground...
but there were four little kids around.
I was told to leave or no one would find my body again.
Hurt and kicked from town to town, I didn't have my friends.
They sold and stole it all, after they tore my family down...
I do not like being homeless and sleeping on the ground !
Fore no job can be found, when your name is trodden down...
so I do what I can and float around.
Disabled and riches GONE, it's not fair...
It was all MINE, kids, homes and cars, the judge don't care !
I had worked and paid for it all...
Divorce is a bunch of blood suckers taking it all !
The innocent take the horrible fall...
Dam you satan and the woman who STOLE it all !
But GOD is strong and this is not over yet...
They sealed their doom, you bet.
She does not let me see my kids...
so GOD won't let her live.
Eternity is a very long time...
to be standing in burning slime !!!

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The Train

It's been years since I've heard that lonesome whistle blow 
Or smelled the smoke along the track
And I've been getting the urge to go
As my memories carry me back
There's an old railway station with its' doors boarded up
Thats a monument to days gone by
It holds stories of passion, triumphs and love
And it brings a tear to my eye

I want to ride these rails till the day I die
I want to see the cities passing by 
To hear that lonesome whistle cry
And to camp out in the rain

I want to feel the freedom that the railroad brings
Listen to the song that the bluebird sings
Visit places where I can spread my wings
Oh God I miss the train

There's an open road calling out to me
There's a lot of places I want to see
The lure of the rails won't let me be
And it's driving me insane

I  just don't know what I want to do
To settle down would make me blue
Always looking for something new
Oh God I miss the train

I walked those railroad tracks
When I was just a kid
Throwing stones, singing songs
Never kept my feelings hid
I'd sit on those wooden benches
And watch the old man sell tickets to places far away
And daydream of cowboys and outlaws riding the ranges
On a hot and sultry day
Now those days are no more
But I'm still longing for
The mountain and valley and plain
Although I still yearn
I can never return
Oh God I miss the train.

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I Remember the Day

I Remember the Day
     By Dane Smith-Johnsen

I can remember the day like yesterday,
When the snowfall brought much glee,
One Florida church made a wish that year.
Flakes of snow they wanted to see.
Praying with hope, they entreated their God,
Asking together on knees. 
“We are so poor and no gifts will there be
For the Christmas tree this year,”
But they trusted in Heavenly Father's love.
I in their eyes great faith saw--
There were dreams that they dreamed and truly believed
“Send Christmas snow, God please.”

To show their great faith in God for the snow,
Paper snowflakes one by one,
Appeared each day in the bright sunlight
Thrilling, enchanting, and fun.
Then, many other people came,
When the snowflakes they did see,
They stayed to pray with those poor that day.
Snowflakes taped where others could see.

Some people not nearly as faithful as these 
Came mocking the poor folks’ glee.
And that was the reason (as many know,
In this place of poverty)
That the snow wish to God was repeated 
Saying, “Snowflakes, send to us please.”

And the snowflakes they cut for the window with care
Were like snowflakes school children make
With glittery paper of white
And one of the mockers that came there to fight
Remembered the good Lord above
Then, joined in the joy shared that night
And helped make many snowflakes with love.

Thus, Christmas never comes that I don't think about
The snowflakes that appeared one by one.
For the wish that they made was like no other wish
Those poor who had faith to believe
And all that they asked for from Father above
Were snowflakes in Florida showing God's love.
And that's what He gave them Christmas Day.
In the snow that God gave children played.

This is based on a true story...  It took place at a State Welfare Office, not a Church.

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The Word of God Is Living

“12For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.”  Heb 4:12 NIV

The Word of God is living and active—
Sharper than a double-edged sword;
Penetrates and divides soul and spirit;
Judges man’s ways found in discord.
It’s only by absorbing God’s words
That these words change the heart;
Led by the Holy Spirit—
Greater truth daily to impart.

The Word of God encourages—
Gives hope for life immortal.
After the breath (soul) departs
Death’s kiss becomes final.
Because the Word of God is living,
It’s like no other book;
Has the power to change lives,
When we use it as our guidebook.

The Word of God is powerful
Unlike the words of man—
For man’s words are not living;
In comparison are bland.
That’s why we need to pray
Before we open God’s word.
Pray for the Holy Spirit,
His understanding to be heard.

Because the Word of God is living
It’s precious to the soul,
Who searches for the truth;
Longs to find each keyhole.
It opens up the eyes
And softens hardened hearts;
Enables us to love our enemies;
God’s plan of redemption it imparts.

Copyright © 2009-2011 Maureen LeFanue

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There Is No Fear In Love

“18 There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. 19 We love because he first loved us.”  1 Jn 4:18-19 NIV

There is no fear in love.
Fear has to do with punishment.
The presence of fear itself
Is indicative of love’s abandonment.
We love because God first loved us
And love cements God’s people.
A world without love
Would be so scary and horrible.

There is no fear in love—
All fear is laid to rest.
Peace floods the soul
Even when submitted to life’s tests.
Fear is a lonely place;
A place from where peace flees.
Love knows no fear;
Love with peace agrees.

There is no fear in love
For fear is of the enemy.
Perfect love drives out fear—
A heartfelt testimony.
Whoever lives in love,
By love is made complete;
Knows love’s successes,
And escapes fear’s defeat.

There is no fear in love
For in love we find God’s presence.
In the presence of God above,
Fear must find its absence.
In the battle between good and evil,
Evil will surely fall.
Love is the conqueror—
The conqueror of all!

Featured in my book No. 4, "Poetry To Touch the Heart & Soul"
Copyright © 2011 Maureen LeFanue

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Oh God I Cant Do This

It's been so long since that day changed my life and darkened everything around 
me I relive all the time minute by minute cant go with out crying I find my self 
wanting to call you until I remember I reach up as high as I can with my arms so 
wide It just aint right to still be here with out you near me, I'll say it clear while I 
hold back tears I feel so helpless some days I dont think I can live through this 
oh god I cant do this. So many plans we envisioned about growing up and 
getting old what promise the future hold, I tried so hard to run away from that day 
because I just didnt know what to say still to this day I feel so helpless some 
days I just dont think I can live through this oh god I cant do this. Contemplate 
visting your grave after all these years with so many fears I cant bare I hope you 
understand all this just was'nt part of the plan I feel so helpless some days I just 
dont think I can live like this oh god I cant do this. What I would'nt give for one day 
with you to tell you how much I love you it was a blast the times we had from little 
kids so close to adults I'm totally lost I find strength in memories of you and me 
but its not enough to calm the hurt, I feel so helpless some days I just dont think I 
can live like this oh god I cant do this I feel so helpless everything has changed 
I'm not the same as day's go bye can I get through this your truly missed oh god I 
cant do this oh god I cant do this.

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rebial jesus

forgeting the bad as if i even could in my life
should i sympothise with my friends or be the jerk with a knife
how much can i take how far can i go 
listening to to you make me doubt what you know
it's sad to see this world so vain
it's no wonder we all go insain

look at her look at him i don't think they see
they love each other like god loves you and me
if you ask then it will be told 
the story that is all so old in time
love is based on honesty people are full of vainity.

open up your heart use more than just your eyes
i refuse to live in fear i'm tired of all the lies
when the muck of the world gets you down get away
i've found to get my head off the ground my music is the perfact sound and way
some times the world is so superphishal

you can play sports while your young
but the storied made by the music you play will last a life time
this music is mine this story is mine for life
the most steady of all is my lord the rock to my roll
my sword in every fight my god my lord the bass to the treble jesus is a rebel 
f@#$ the devil rightous is the man with bible and guitar at each hand this is my 

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Simple Message

Righteousness by faith
Is a simple message.
It’s all about surrender—
Giving Christ free passage.
For He’s the one who enables—
Us to serve and obey.
Provides the gifts for service;
The power temptation to stay.

Sometimes surrender means action;
Sometimes it means to be still;
Acknowledging our weakness;
God’s enabling power to fulfill.
Trusting God to complete;
The good work He has begun;
Believing for the victory—
Redemption to be won.

In this simple message
Of righteousness by faith,
We must learn to act upon,
God’s precious words of truth.
To trust and obey,
Even though we cannot see,
Is what God asks of us,
As a child upon His knee.

A faith that believes in victory
Is the type of faith we need,
Even though there’s no evidence,
Just as though there is, we proceed.
Christ in His righteousness
Has promised to cover our sin;
Cleanse us and make us whole;
With this simple message eternity begins.

Copyright © 2009-2010 Maureen LeFanue

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America God Is Asking You To Call

America, God is asking you. to call before 
into the hands of the hated one you will fall.
Yes America please look to God as He wants 
us just to pray even if we are walking in a mall.
0 America, it makes no difference where we are 
In the field or with our mends having a ball.
My goodness we can be in a small place of worship 
or in a. in a great cathedrals very spacious hall..
We just need to remember that we have a loving 
God and unto His name He just want us to call.

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Red White and Blue for God

Red for America and French and Glory Hail to the
Hail to your men for colors like fall the many colors
to your forlorn heart muluct not here never, We 
Stand and white of our eyes we sir we aren't Rome
we Sir aren't England Sir Know Sir we our his
Daughters and we on our knees for blast and all
on the 4th of July and we are your Son with guns
NRA we Sir are America and we stand, Give
US our God or She rides a horse of Glory and
WE our America and we don't die easy and 
we will always fly that flag don't make another
Don't make a new Law we like the old ones
WE Stand for Liberty the divine our Father
RED for our Children Blood Blue for skys
we knee to for your return and the whit for
his spirit and yes the stars in our eyes for
stonge men and women.

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Heavens Portal

I enter walking upon a golden hue
An odor of bouquets enter my nostrils
A fire of a love i have never known
Overwhelms me 
Tightening upon my  every being
Casting even the strongest to their knees
A glorious golden light brightens every shadow
And peace ,silence and awe  overcome my  soul
I hear the voices of millions singing
Voices barely heard
Yet they thunder forth
Singing, thanking God I'm free!
Suddenly my memory erases as I too become one
Oh how now I thank God
Praise God that I too am free
For frailty of words do lack
To really reveal the glory that awaits
For those who wish to  praise God
Thank God that you too can be free

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Prayers are answered by choice or creed...
if faith is stronger than belief;
put that glimpse of imagination to work,
and simply believe in yourself:
it will come to pass while you're awake, 
because determination leads everyone to believe!

Ask for an abundant harvest,
and be specific in your request;
and if it is earnest and motivated...
your wish will be granted!

Look out to the lulling grain and corn fields,
someone has planted their seeds...
soon to be sawed in an abundant harvest;
no one but God has the power to bless!

This truth was egoistically hidden from me,
hypocrites and deceivers told me otherswise:
to try my luck in gambling and giving money away;
what grief and disappointment I accrued from their lies!

Ask for an abundant harvest,
knowing that everything given
won't ever be forsaken;
but don't let folly make you one of the least!

Curse is equal to deserved pain,
because it has the same result,
and guilt is even greater than sin;
consider all before you answer your call! 

Ask for an abundant harvest,
with hands and eyes lifted up;
He will hear you...though you speak in a whisper:
distance won't stop God from opening His door! 

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Loud Cries and Tears

Jesus offered up prayers and petitions
And He was heard for His reverent submission
But His quiet times were not so quiet in His years
He made His requests known with loud cries and tears
	Unto God who would save Him from premature death
	And for those who needed grace and life Jesus wept
	Unto God who gave Him power and love to cast out fears
	Jesus supplicated with strong crying and tears  [Chorus]

Stir up your spirit like an eagle, get unsettled
Get alone with God all night like the time when Jacob wrestled
He groaned until the morning, He held on and overcame
All his struggles, he was blessed and given a better name

Men ought to pray always and never faint
Being alert and praying for all the saints
On every occasion giving God no rest
With all kinds of prayers and requests


Raise your voices like Apostles until the place is shaken
Pray til something happens for the cause undertaken
Like Elijah prayed seven times for the dry land
The abundant rain poured from a cloud like a hand

Jesus offered up prayers and petitions
And He was heard for His reverent submission
But His quiet times were not so quiet in His years
He made His requests known with loud cries and tears
	Unto God who would save Him from premature death
	And for those who needed grace and life Jesus wept
	Unto God who gave Him power and love to cast out fears
	Jesus supplicated with strong crying and tears  [Chorus]

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The Greatest Story Ever Told

Once upon a time~is the way the story goes
The virgin, Mary, birthed the Son of God
Wrapped Him up in swaddling clothes
Then laid Him in a manger, where shepherds came to see
The One of whom the angel spoke~Jesus Christ is He

Though King of kings and Lord of lords, He took no royal seat
But three wise kings who followed His star came to lay gifts at His feet
And as He grew, a boy of twelve, Jesus did His Father's Will
As a man to everyone He did good in every valley on every hill

The demons left, the dumb could talk
The dead were raised, the lame could walk
The blind could see, the deaf could hear
The Word of God He spoke was clear

Grace is His favor, we behold
And His Passion is the greatest love we've known
Full of truth and everlasting mercy shown
Jesus' story is the greatest ever told

As the people followed Christ~giving praises to His Name
Some religious leaders envied Him for His power and His fame
So when His time had come to die~He was arrested by them 
Though the Son of God was innocent, they said, "Crucify Him!"

He was wounded; He was bruised~He was rejected; He was grieved
He was disfigured more than any man on the Cross between two thieves
The punishment that brought us peace~with all our sins were laid on Him
Still He said, "They know not what they do~Father, forgive them."

(Bridge II)
He said, "It is done!"  Then Jesus died
Upon the Cross they pierced His side
And sealed the tomb in which He lay
Still God raised Him up in three days

{Bridge III}
Justified by the Spirit and seen by men and angels
He was believed on in the world~ and taken up to glory 
He is lifted up and still preached among the nations
Every man, woman, boy and girl need to hear His love story
Grace is His favor, we behold
And His Passion is the greatest love we've known
Full of truth and everlasting mercy shown
Jesus' story is the greatest ever told

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Friends for Eternity!

Friends for Eternity
To my wonderful son, Christopher, and my precious daughter-in-law, Amy

They say that friends may come and go
But there is one thing I know
You're my friend for eternity
Because God promised me so!

You've showed me how true friendship must be
Oh, how we laugh, sing, and dance
But one thing is for certain, you see
I will never forget your warm gentle glance!

You have been my encouragement, life, dream, and hope
When I've been sick, sad, and alone
I could always look to you with a single ray of glow
I'll never forget what you've showed.

Because friends may come and go
But the one thing I know for a certainty
You're my friend for eternity
Because God promised me so! Friends for eternity!
Alberta Terry

Copyright ©2008  AlbertaTerry
Has been published.  01/16/2000

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Who is Our Life

When Christ, who is our Life, shall appear
We'll be caught up~! To meet Him in the air
And our glory hid in God with Jesus Christ
Shall be revealed when we appear 
With Him in Eternal Life  (Chorus)

Some people say they got the life
And they think they have a better way
But the truth about their lusts and pride
Is with the using they all pass away

Yet they think it's strange that we don't run
To do the same excess they consider fun
And when ridiculed for the sake of His Name
Compared to Glory, it's nothing- take the shame


The world tells us to get a life
And that we live a narrow-minded way
But the truth we know will cause such strife
Because they're blind & deaf to what we say

But the Gospel won't be hid or overcome
For then it would be concealed from the lost ones
But if we suffer insults for the name of Christ
Remember in Him are all the meanings of Life


And when the sign of the Son appears in the sky
Then all the nations of the earth will begin to cry
For they will see Him come with power and glory from above
And see us in the clouds with Him they've spoken evil of


When Christ, who is our Life, shall appear
We'll be caught up~! To meet Him in the air
And our glory hid in God with Jesus Christ
Shall be revealed when we appear 
With Him in Eternal Life  (Chorus)

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The Lord Will Provide

The Lord gave Abraham a promise and a son
Through Sarah who conceived and laughed with everyone
For Isaac was the name in which all his seed is called
And his faith was evident and God's power shown to all
When He spoke to Abraham, "Sacrifice your only son
In the mountain of your Lord, offer up this innocent one."

Sarah must have had her doubts about what her husband heard
But Abraham said, "We will return, I beleive the promised word."
And on the journey of three days to the place of God's desire
Isaac carried his own wood, Abraham, the knife and fire
But then Isaac said, "my father", who answered, "Here I am"
"Here is the fire and the wood, but tell me where is the lamb?"

The Lord will provide
A Lamb to sacrifice
So you won't have to die
He'll give another life
Now lift up your eyes
It shall be seen from upon high
That the Lord will provide
A Lamb to sacrifice	(Chorus I)

And they came to the place, he built an alter there
Then in order laid the wood as Isaac stood and stared
Yet, he didn't say a word, although he could
He let his father bind him and lay him on the wood
For Abraham would receive him in a figure as it's said
Believing God could raise Him up, even from the dead.

As tears rolled down his face, he quickly raised the knife
But the angel called his name, "Abraham!  Don't take his life!
For now I know you fear the Lord to offer up your firstborn."
Then Abraham looked up and saw a ram caught by its horns
And he hurried to the bush and sacrificed the ram
Instead of his own son, who wondered, "Where is the lamb?"

(Chorus I)

Like Abraham our heavenly Father gave his only son
To a world who laughed and scorned and bruised this innocent one
Who never said a word as he carried his wooden cross
To a place called Calvary, the way made for the lost
He was nailed and hung upon that tree, He suffered, bled and died
And was lain within a tomb but in three days He was revived
Just as Abraham by faith spoke of the lamb God would provide
Jesus is the Lamb, the Lamb of God was sacrificed

The Lord did provide 
The Lamb to sacrifice
So none would have to die
He gave us His own life
Now lift up your eyes
Your Redemption draweth nigh
And see our God did provide
The Lamb who is alive!    2 X's	(Chorus II)

{Then in a strong chorus}
Jehovah Jireh, my Provider
In the mount of God it shall be provided
Jehovah Jireh, my Provider
In the mount of God He will provide

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The prettest girl in Town

There so skinny as a stick, so big as a kiss,  with color
of fall with red yellow, white, brown leaves, what is the
 color of the creators love all colors, yes all colors
 oh yes and glasses are neat and nice you are smart too
 In valley of hills of green  America I saw a angel of love
 Is God here looking at all the tiny pretty girls of different Color
 walking  to school and one had one leg and in a wheel
 chair and no hair and the angel wink at them to say
 bye he well be back to see all of you sweet girls and
 boys they like snakes and mud he loves them also.
 The boys like to get dirty but God understands he
  God is a orphan yes he is and he understands and
  Loves orphans also of course because he is a 



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Where Is He?

In the book of Matthew for everyone to see
It asks a very clear question, Where Is He?
Who are they talking about? Who could they mean?
They're referring to Jesus Christ, the new born king

There were  three men from far away kingdoms 
known as The Magi
They had come to acknowledge The Son of Man
thus fulfilling the prophecy
Guided by a bright star
on the eastern horizon
They travelled far to see the One that God
said to keep their eyes on
Born in a manger to the carpenter Joseph and the Virgin Mary
The Holy Spirit in the flesh,God's prodigy 
Laying in a bed of hay
He was sent  to show us The Way

We've forgotten what the day Christmas truly represents
It's not about gadgets, new clothes nor expensive presents
It's not about I-pods, plasma TVs or the new X-box toy
It's the day to celebrate the birth of our Savior the Deliverer of our Joy
We can't seem to remember that Jesus was sent by God from above
To deliver us and redeem us with the sacrifice of His blood
That was on the crown and the cross for all the people to see
But the one unanswered question remains
Where Is He?

The Jews betrayed Him, the Romans flayed Him
they kicked Him to the curb
They could not discern that He was God in the flesh
and His flesh was the Word
They tried to corrupt Him, then interrupt Him 
when all He wanted was to show them God's Kind
But the passion in Him had subsided because of their closed minds

Where Is He, the one we now need the most?
Where Is He, that manifestation of the Holy Ghost?
He's not at Macy's, He's not at Target, 
you can't reach Him on a Chocolate cell phone
Would you greet Him or mistreat Him
the heir to the heavenly throne?
If you were to see Him, could you perceive Him
as being the most important gift
that God had sent to us,
so our hope and spirits would lift? 

Where Is He, God's only begotten Son,
the child in the manger, the new born king, the Anointed One?
Many now believe Him, many now receive Him
that miracle maker from long ago
Our Messiah, Our Salvation the One we all should know

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song bird

Raven all around, beautiful, for God must have love you, once again,
saw beauty, love isn't in the eyes of beholder,  but in the heart, 
Red bird with one white wing, God must have seen your beauty.
awesome would like to many of you, Heart of gold but slow in
mind you see with your heart not your eyes or mind how profound
you are different with the Raven so many but know one see its
true beauty, wishes at the wishing well, a raven drop a penny
in for you, a angel send a penny from apon just to kiss your sweet lips the 
golden heart of a different kind of love. bye and bye how they love only
to say good bye from above like the dove pure in heart and mind from
the most high on a throne of love.

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Something Good

God is the One who makes something good out of nothing
Speaking light in the darkness covering the face of the deep
And the Spirit of the Lord is hovering over your waters
To give you form, fill your void and breathe you out of sleep   (chorus)

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth
And He saw all He made was very good for His intentions
But soon after the first living souls experienced birth
They chose death and now seek out wicked inventions
	So Adam and Eve again lie lifeless on the ground in sin
	But God raises up the dead because they must be born again

For we are nothing without Jesus Christ and without Him nothing we can do
But with the Greater One living within, Satan can't make 'nothing' out of you


In the beginning Satan wanted the heaven and the earth
He saw every good thing within it and distracted our attention
Until the Seed of the Woman crushed the devil's evil mirth
Through His death, burial, resurrection and ascension
	Now the flaming sword is turning to direct us together
	To reach out and take the Tree of Life, eat and live forever



Once our world was full of darkness
Then bright and shining through came the Light
To those who receive and believe in Him
To be God's children He gave the right
And now He sees you as very good
Every man, woman, boy and girl
Because greater is He that is in you
Than he that is in this world

{bridge and chorus simultaneously}


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Showing Off

We're not showing off
And we won't put it off-
We're just praising the name of Jesus
But if we're showing off
Still we won't put it off-
We'll keep praising the name of Jesus   (Chorus)

There are those who think the Lord requires a solemn face
And there are those who quench His Spirit in this place
But there are those who sing and shout with hands and hearts to raise
And they are those who're free to give God all their praise

And if we're getting on your nerve-
And if we don't fit your format-
Well we've got a God to serve-
And we know it's going to take all that
He's pleased with that-	  (Bridge)


There are those who feel they know just how much it takes
And there are those who say we're going through a phase
So there are those who clap and dance with hands and hearts to raise
And they are those who're free to give God all their praise

(Bridge)    (Chorus)

Praise Him for his goodness, praise Him for his love
Praise Him with your voices, praise Him all ye lands
Praise Him with the timbrel and all your instruments
Praise Him with a loud noise, sing and clap your hands  (Repeat)

(Bridge)  (Chorus)

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Silence has heard your cry

Silence has heard your cry
Emptying the heartache and pain
For you have captured our hearts
From the depths it will remain.
As you searched to comfort your soul
In the midst confusion appeared.
Transforming your inner most thoughts
Allowing anger to visit your fears.
For God knew your heart
As he visit that occupied space.
He saw your loving desires and 
wanted to take it's place.
Your willingness drew him near
Giving us an opportunity to see your smile.
Thank you for your presence
Now God may take home his child.

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Blessed is the Man

Blessed is the man
      Who does not walk in advice of the wicked
Blessed is the man
      Who does not stand in the way of the sinners
Blessed is the man
      Who does not sit in the seat of the scornful
Blessed is the man
      And only he will stand	(Chorus)

For in the law of the Lord is his delight
And in His law he meditates day and night
Therefore, he shall be - planted like a tree
By the rivers of water and his green leaf
Shall not wither, but in season he yields his fruit
And God shall prosper whatever he will do

      In His righteous way hearing all God has to say
      He will shine more and more unto the perfect day (because)


But the wicked are not so, they're like the chaff
Blown away by the wind and that's not the half
The ungodly shall not stand in the judgment
Nor will sinners congregate with the righteous
For the way of the ungodly shall perish
But God watches over everyone who'll cherish

      His righteous way and all that they hear Him say
      And they will shine more and more unto the perfect day (because)


Psalm 1

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Angel of Time

Angel of Time

Time began with us in love
We were born with the heavens above
We have lived through the ages
And worn many different faces
You are my angel of time
Live forever in these lines

This love will pass from God to angels
Through heaven and time it’s self
This love will never die
It is written in the fabric of time

We have through every soul in love
And every vow promised to the Lord above
We are the love that starts deep within
The part of life where all new things begin
Together, forever and eternity
Time began with you and me

This love will pass from God to angels
Through heaven and time it’s self
This love will never die
It is written in the fabric of time

You are my angel of time
Live forever in these lines

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Imagine if angels are real, and they look down in sorrow and gleeful expectation?
Imagine if God chooses some to come down to the earth and make things 
And they agree, for choice is real even in the hereafter.
And they agree to suffer as their Lord suffered.

Imagine if angels are real and they live among us.
Hooked on crack vials and bottles of Budweiser.

Imagine if angels are real and they submit to suffer more than most.
And they submit to live lonely and unappreciated.

But imagine if in a moment in history.
If for but a brief moment in the 21st century.
They stopped there bickering and self loathing.
And they stood together and lost themselves in the inertia of God’s love.

Imagine if angels are real.
And they came to earth to suffer for the good of humankind.
And for a brief moment in the 21st century they lost themselves in the inertia of 
God’s love.

Imagine the earth quaking underneath the inertia of God’s love.
And imagine music everywhere.
Beauty everywhere.
Sisterhood everywhere.
Cause the angels looked at each other and saw God staring back at them.
And they said, enough!!
And they crawled out the madness of satan’s oppression.
And they claimed the light of their remembrance and became beauty.

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Jesus wept for thee

Came to gather in his shadow   						 
Man Christ almighty be with thee     				                
Come to abode just a stones throw    					 
The way ask him in we pray thee             					
One lamb behold on tree rolled						 
One blood of all nations made he    				               
Hearts door posts anointing the whole                 			                
Slain from beginning a Holy seed        					
(Tears in our savior’s eyes they flow        				          
Jerusalem blessed be he      					                 
Tears in our savior’s eyes they flow 				          
Jerusalem blessed be he )                                  				
The prophets you did shoot your bow   					 
City on a hill God lightest thee                                    			                  
His apple turn to Glories old                       					
From all your ways to his cloud’s bow  					     
A new covenant made with thee              				                 
Under his wings that’s were you grow  					      
A faithful God that calleth thee          					
God sent he loved his world so           				         
Everlasting father humble he  					                
Born Son of God lots was foretold           					  
When you can say then you will see

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If God will,
it is well
that we love in unity
just for the eternity!

If until now you didn't feel
anything for me;
if until this day you didn't
want to believe me
when I talked to you 
about happiness...
now, it's strange that you
realize what my words
can do to an unbeliever,
unbeliever like you!

It could be pity,or
just that you need to talk
to someone about
the long put-off tommorrow
that brought you fear!

Let's love one another...
let's avoid being those two fools
bringing ruin to each other;
if God will,
we'll be happier
than ever before
and we'll never look
at the dark side of things,
because love and closeness
will get hold of us!
If God will,
we'll be dependable from the start
and plan things to improve the weakness
that ripped us apart!

If God will, 
it is well
that we love in unity
just for the eternity!

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I Surrender

I surrender my life,
It's out of my hands.
Through the good times and bad,
I will follow God's plans.

I surrender my family,
May they come to know Christ.
So that they can come with me
At the end of this life.

I surrender my love life,
The decisions not mine,
May God choose the person,
The place, and the time.

I surrender my everything,
My heart and my soul.
Because I know things are better
When God has control.

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23rd Time

Seems like the 23rd time I've done this.
Seems like the 23rd time to me.
That I have broken everything I hold dear in my life.
Killing all my dreams.

Seems like I was once a good father.
Two daughters came my way.
Seems like I've had two wives.
Neither that will speak to me today.

Seems like God was against me.
Probably from the start.
Seems like my God is heartless.
Letting my world fall apart.

All that I've held and all that i will.
All that I've bought and all that I sell.
Seems like peices of my heart and parts of my soul.
That have fallen from grace and now must go.

Seems like the 23rd time I've become sober.
And realized the pain that I've caused.
Seems like I've hurt so many.
Must be my 23rd flaw.

23 bottles and 23 drugs.
23  relationships swept under the rug.
Distance memories of loves that I've lost.
But nothing came at a higher cost.

Than the 23 times I missed Daddy I love you, please come play with me.
For that is the true punishment for the error of my ways.
No invites to celebrate their 23rd year.
Just this empty life I've lead full of empty tears.

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Stairway to Heaven

“Stairway to Heaven”

If my tears were a stairway leading 
back to you; and our memories a key that would open Heaven’s gate;

Would it be like it was before?  Would we laugh together again like before; Would 
we share the unspoken dreams of yesterday; 

The unspoken “I Love You's” would be heard;

I’d thank you for the memories we created;

Only God knows why it was your time to go;

no farewells were bidden for you gone before we knew and only God knows why.