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Ballad Boyfriend Poems | Ballad Poems About Boyfriend

These Ballad Boyfriend poems are examples of Ballad poems about Boyfriend. These are the best examples of Ballad Boyfriend poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Don 't walk out at that door 
I promise not to hurt you anymore 
I didn't mean to be a murderer 
All I want is to be your lover.

Let 's stay here inside our home 
When once love and lust we're shown 
Let 's do love in this king bed 
With petals of roses spread .

I thought you love my company 
But you 're loving me unfaithfully 
You 're keeping girls aside from me 
Seeing you with other gals happy. 

Now you 're happily seeing me dying 
That you got my flesh and everything 
This silly love is complicated 
I got you first underestimated.

Save this heart from anger and pain 
love me true, no more love game 
Baby don 't leave me like this 
This heart scattered into pieces. 

Copyright © Reuben Escarlan

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Heart Broken Eternally

A sorrow sets in deep in the soul,
 To love and not be loved back,
 Is aa shattering agony deep within the soul spreading, 
 A poison that clenches at the soul,
 Forming a pact to never love again.
 But to let bitter hate control every day of your life.

Copyright © Cheyenne Nienhueser

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Love Story Gone Wild

when beauty met the beast
she was a cutie, he was a beast
she thought that she'd speak to him at least
and at least find out what made 
a beast, a beast

as the beast looked at her 
he wondered; what a feast
but the way she spoke to him
was gentle and curiosity increased

he found her some what pleasant
and laid his aggression aside
for now he'd grown accustom
and hoped she would abide

as time past he looked at her
as he never did before
tender conversations
brought his knees to the floor

she'd become his weakness
his task forever more
he liked to hear her voice
and see her walk through the door

on holidays there were presents
on birthdays a feast
each special day that brought her presence
was a holy day to say the least

now i am wholly human 
and i can tell you well
that jealousy fits us humans
and beast very well

one look at competition
can take us all to hell
we can never avoid perdition
when one other than God
we our souls sell

and from God comes the testing
old men and prophets tell
the beast asked God for patience
and God knows how to teach it well

the next time the beast see's beauty
there is a ring on her hand
he didn't care to mention it
but that was one thing he couldn't stand

worn down he ask her
what the ring meant on her hand
slowly she confided, it meant she'd
marry another man

the beast now was furious
he did not understand
that all these years confiding
he was suppose to be the man

what then would become of her
his conscious did demand
all the years he spent with her
were coming to an end 

yet love had one more service
his heart would command
tell the maid he loved her
and ask her for her hand

let all the powers of wickedness 
and goodness take their stand
upon this maids answer
i'll bravely take my chance

Copyright © john loving iii

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Life is a many things
Sometimes life is a dark tunnel,
But every tunnel has a light at the end
I will be your lantern to guide the way
Cling to me and I will keep you from the darkness
Life is a giant battle.
I will be your shield and spear 
Your spear to pierce through the horrible people
Who want to harm you, 
Your shield to protect you
From the battles you cannot win your self 
life is many things my dear 
But I am here,
For you to use, to cherish, and love.
Life is many things my dear. 
But you are not alone.
I am here. 

Copyright © Trevor Bain

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Never Told You

Tired of talking 
‘bout weather
Other trivial things

Tired of talking 
‘bout food
The price of tangerines

You may outlive
This aging man
Before I go
Please understand

Never told you how 
I love you 
When I held you
In the dark

Never told you how
I love you
I was never
Very smart

I never told you how
I love you
When I kissed your 
Baby face

Never told you how
I love you 
And I pray it’s 
Not too late

I would  tell you, 
“That’s what men do…manly men don’t say,  ‘I love you’”
That was my alibi
But what men do should be corrected
What men do can’t be accepted 
If it makes your woman cry

Tired of talking 
‘bout scandals
Rumors of the day

Tired of talking 
‘bout old mistakes
Who deserves the blame?

The Winter of our lives
Is drawing near
Let’s change it to Spring
From year to year

Now I’m telling you 
I love you
Though the words are coming late

I’m telling you
I love you
And it feels so good to say

I’ll love you in the morning         
Love you through the night
I will love you through the tears
And all the tragedies of life

I’ll stay with you forever
Love you every day
Love you,  love you, love you
It feels so good to say

Love you, love you, love you, baby

Feels so good to say…..


Copyright © Catman Cohen

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I Think of You

I think of you every time
And wish I could say those words to you
The words that would disclose what I feel
Deep in my soul
And in my heart
Every time I think of you
Every time I wish I could see you
Every time I wish I could get closer to you
And whisper those words
That will set out our life in motion
That will give you a reason to think of me
And give us a reason to be!

Copyright © Charles Mwalimu

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She called herself London
On that day 
She fell from the sky
Child of apple blossoms
Dancing wildly
Into your mind

The snake that hung from her neck
Bites your hand
Expels you from Eden
Tears into the cool flesh
Of your madness
Posing as reason

Kisses you like a sweet lover
As though she really cares
Lets you 
Taste the passionate orchard
In her body’s secret lair

Wrestles with all your demons
Nothing quite compares
To the pain 
The indecent pleasure
In the waters that you share

Her name was London
Call her London

She called herself London
On that night
She prayed to the moon
Apollo’s lyre
Played darkly
In a portent 
Of your own doom

The hell she hides 
In her soul
Toxic drug you’ll never escape
You crave the milk of her touch
Her strange and dangerous ways

Kisses you like a sweet lover
As though she really cares
Lets you 
Taste the passionate orchard
In her body’s secret lair

Wrestles with all your demons
Nothing quite compares
To the pain 
The indecent pleasure
In the waters that you share  

Her name was London
Call her London

My baby, London
Call her London
My moon-girl, London 
Call her London

I love her, London
Call her London
Forever, London 

I call her London……

Copyright © Catman Cohen

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Johnny Football

Poetic Lyrics By Thomas Lam Hsi

SAVE FROM Satan...who plays 'all' roles...the devil...the 'Lord Jesus'...
the 'Father'...the 'Holy Spirit'...all 'Other Gods'...and 'alien gods'...HE...THE
IS THE ONLY WAY TO GOD THE FATHER...and to an Actual Heaven!

Johnny...those crystal blue eyes...have never lied!

The day a nation...fell in commotion...I nearly died!

Momma...dropped her pie...and Daddy...he just cried! never lied...a velvet touch of hide!'re a...Satur-day...special!

The kicked your heels...was special!

The time you...skipped a rock...'cross three ponds...was special! never lied...and to're...always special! got me in your your book!

The twinkle in your eye...the tickets...they all...forsook!

A smile...a flash...a feint...and then...a clever crook!'re my bible...and...then my book!

Johnny...when those velvet hands...take...only mine!

This plastic only!

Beads and last time! never all-time high!'ll...lite a nation...another...good 'ol time!'ll...lite my more time!


Johnny...and when...your tired 'ol hands...take...only mine!

This plastic gave...only to me...was...just unkind!

The the last time! lied...not I...but if you more time?

Copyright © Thomas Hsi

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My Lady, A Sailors Lot

Jumped on a ship in Boston
Set sail for the open seas,
Give my lady one last kiss
It'll be awhile she'll be seein me.
I said, "dont worry darlin,
I'll carry you right here in my heart;"
 I watched her wave with a tear in her eye,
You know it tore my soul apart.

Been travelin now bout four months
Or maybe a little while more;
Sent off a letter to my lady-love
The day we first made shore.
Told her how much i missed her,
And how i longed to hold her so;
Please know im thinkin of you baby,
But for now love i have to go.

Boson handed me a letter,
When we made the next Port of Call,
Tore it open like a kid at Christmas,
Now i wished i didnt touch it at all,
She said she was so lonely,
And she met a man who loved her so;
She said," sorry it had to be this way,
but its for the best you know."

Time seems to moves so slowly,
When the sea becomes your home;
Loves will come and go with the wind,
And you still wind up all alone.
Now the sea has become my lady,
She gently rocks me to sleep at night;
And though i miss a womans touch,
My soul will be with the sea tonite.

Copyright © Carl Fraser

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i need a kiss
so i can smile
i need a smile
so i can kiss
anyone can smile
anyone can kiss
so i can kiss and smile
let's smile just no kiss
let's kiss with smile
pass the smile to kiss
that is flying the smile as kiss
so kiss and smile
that is flying kiss
i love you smile.
layag sug!

Copyright © Neldy Jolo

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Fireworks Hill

Let’s go climb
And move back time
To that mysterious hill
Where a boy first met his girl

Long before 
The cynics arrived
Before the laughter died
And God returned the day to night

Where dazzling fireworks
Rained sparkles
On our lives
Two strange birds
Came together
And opened up their eyes

Let’s go climb 
We’ll move back time

Fireworks Hill, Fireworks Hill
Far from my mind
Never forgotten
Fireworks Hill, Fireworks Hill
We became one there
So very often

And there are vivid colors 
Blasting through the sky
Dancing rainbows 
I really want to taste
There is weeping smoke
Painting all the stars
Burning graveyards 
For the human race

Let’s go climb
And move back time
To that mysterious hill
Where a boy first met his girl

We’ll race to the edge
Fulfill our pledge
It was written in blood
The heat of our love

Oh, jump, baby, jump
We’ll fly away together
Jump, baby, jump
Our bodies joined forever

Let’s go climb
And move back time 
To that mysterious hill
Where a boy first met his girl

Fireworks hill, fireworks hill
I see the sparkles in the air
Fireworks hill, fireworks hill
I smell the dazzle of your hair
Fireworks hill, Fireworks hill
We flew to Heaven over there

Let’s go climb
We’ll move back time
(Forever…with you)

Copyright © Catman Cohen

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Rose Hips Lady

Rose hips lady
Your field is ripe
Bury my torn body
In that rain-soaked night

Taste those sweet confessions
On your baby breath
Lift this wounded flag
Into your burning nest

Oh, yes, I will
I will

Rose hips lady
Your field is ripe
Bury my torn body
In that rain-soaked night

Tame the roaring tiger
Never lets you rest
Take my last reward 
From your moonlit breasts

Oh, yes, I will
I will

Daddy’s gone hunting 
He’s gone away
Daddy’s gone hunting
Won’t be back for days

Left you with a lover
Makes a shrine 
Of your skin

Left you with a lover
Takes you down
Roads of sin

Left you all alone 

And the knots cut deep
Through the musk and flesh
Of hot regret
And the love you need
It’s a shadow
Never lets you rest

You release the Beast
From a well that’s wet
You will confess
That the love you need
It’s a shadow
Never lets you rest

Rose hips lady

Copyright © Catman Cohen

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You Broke My Heart EP

Today is Valentines Day, the day lovers enjoy to share, 
They stare into each others eyes and run fingers through each others hair.

But sadly I do not share in their excitement they feel, 
Because you broke my heart and the pain is so real. 

We used to spend all of our days and nights together,
I remember the picnics we would have on the beach in the beautiful weather.

All that changed the day you said you stopped loving me, 
And you said that you felt smothered and wanted to be free.

I pray every night in bed that you will love me again, 
And I put my feelings in words when I write with my pen. 

I know it won't happen and you will never return to my live, 
You broke my heart so bad and I thought I was going to be your wife. 

Nothing that happens on this day will put a smile on my face, 
You broke my heart into pieces and it's such a disgrace.

Debra Baviello
February 20, 2015

Copyright © Debra Baviello

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ME (ALL OF ME) My life revolves around your emotional pull. My heart thumps when I feel that we are not a couple. Our life must interweave. For today, I am not the loser. Our beings must not fray. For tomorrow, we both win. We are not against each other. We are the simple things. We are life complexity. You are all of me. Our disagreements are few. Our high and lows, we both know. We are similar in thought; however, we are quite different. Diversity this gives intimate and fulfilling. Just yesterday, you asked me do you augment my appearance. I responded and said, “You are all of me.” [16 Lines] __________________________________________________________________ We are not against each other. We are the simple things. We are life complexity. You are all of me. We walk together. We share our thoughts. We are so in love. We overlook our faults. We know that we are obligated to each other needs. In all said, you are all of me! [10 Lines] (This part is not to be included in the contest [Note: Unless the sponsor desires its inclusion]. This part is included to share the enter poem. Thanks for your cooperation in this entry. As a Poet, I would have cheated the reader, if I did not give all of me. :)s and hugs... Verlena S. Walker. Please read the Remix - ME (All of Me), which is the song.) ______________________________________________________________________ Sponsor: F. J. Thomas Contest Name: Sing To My Heart Entry Date: March 11, 2014 Motif: You are all of me. ~Please read About This Poem~

Copyright © Verlena S. Walker

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Only as a friend, I thought you stood by me... I walked around blind, because i could not see... You were my knight and shining armor, my friend so dear and true... You gave me hope, when i was sad and blue... Only I not to realize, what you really meant... Until that winter day, when that text to you i sent... Looking past the imperfections, I told you with my life i have to do... So you told amazing stories, and said that i was amazing too... I thought if only you would realize, we are friends and nothing more... Now it is I who understands, its you who I adored...
Dec. 18. 2011

Copyright © Rachelle Turley

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Emotionless,and a sorry Excuse

Can Things ever last,
When they happen so fast.
do these tears and pain ever fade,
Is Drama yet another day,
That I must play to waste the day away, 
and ignore the pain,
 that never seems to fade.
I know that game,
I played it so many times,
Emotionless is what i shall be,
 for all times and eternity.
Galeea's training proved right,
All little boys play the game of deception,
But they do not realize that some girls see it before them,
Some girls grow up to be woman and are looking for guys,
Who want to be man enough  to take any
Drama and pitiful lies that other little girls spread around to see,
 if they can steal that one great guy in their life.
Pity is what it is called when a Man falls into that pit of vipers,
Why can i not be like those vipers?
 because I am too smart and not so vain as the 
 others girls i see around me.
  Because  i am me  and  i just want to be me
and that is what i would like to see,
 For that is reality.

Copyright © Cheyenne Nienhueser

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Love dot com

A little something 
from his girl

A middle aged woman
With a young girls dreams
Was wondering just what
True love could mean

Friends said on lines
the best place to be
Looking for prince charming
Was totally free

A few strokes of the keys
And he was there to see
Prince charming indeed
There on the monitor screen

A message she sent
Along with a pic
A click of the mouse
Led him to her house

At last the meaning of love
has been found out
Now she finally knows
What every ones  talking about

Now over a year later
Every one can see
She found her true love
without paying a fee

Copyright © susan mayes

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Atrocious Nightmares

When you fall asleep
That's when it starts
Explosions and screams
Terrorize your heart

As your panic grows
The blood flows
Through the streets
Atrocious nightmares
Never leave you alone

When you fall asleep
A bundle of Love
My cradle of sweet

I want to be the one
I have to be the one

Baby, let me be the sponge
Absorbs all your pain
Wrapped around you
Protects you again

Baby, let me be the rope
Saves you from a fall
Standing by you
Giving it his all

When you fall asleep 
That's when it begins
Hysteria and mayhem
Spread 'neath your skin

As your fear mounts
The dead body counts
Jump like wounded beasts
Atrocious nightmares
Never leave you alone

When you fall asleep
A bundle of love
My cradle of sweet

I want to be the one
I have to be the one

Baby, let me be the sponge
Absorbs all your pain
Wrapped around you
Protects you again

Baby, let me be the rope
Saves you from a fall
Standing by you
Giving it his all

I want to be the one
I have to be the one
Don't you see?

I'm the one.

Copyright © Catman Cohen

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The Kind Of Hand To Hold

It’d be nice to have the kind of hand to hold
that is there when you’re sick,
your stomach buckling up into your knees.
The kind of hand to hold that says, “God Bless you!”,
when you sneeze.
The kind of hand to hold when you’re weary,
and the travels of the day have left you
better off dead.
The kind of hand to hold when you’re dizzy
and everything is escaping your head.
The kind of hand to hold that grasps your face
whenever it is you cry.
The kind of hand to hold that will stroke your 
hair when you damage your fragile pride.
The kind of hand that in the fourth month of a 
difficult pregnancy, will gently rub your feet.
The kind of hand to hold that you’ll never
want to let go once you meet. 
That’s the kind of hand I’d like one day to know.
That’s the kind of hand I’ve always wanted to hold.

Copyright © Maura McGregor

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I have neither gold or silver..
Sure, I do not have a fever..
Though at times, I shiver..
For something brings me to quiver..

Dear when I am near you..
I smell scents so pure in you..
Ensuing me to devour more..
Heightening my inside's lure..

How could I touch you sweet..
How could I caress you in gyst..
How could I solely stare at you such..
How could I envelop you tight in warmth...

I truly am thinking of you..
Could it be our hearts chained to tune?
Do forget anyhow the dues..
Mindless the talk, It's you I choose..

By: olive_eloi

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo

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Little Black Horse

little black horse, I've seen you around
little black horse, destined to terrorize the town
little black horse, you've seemed to have caught a mare
little black horse, with your long shiny hair

little black horse, why drag that mare around
death so coupled to you that she's destined to drown
fate cruel to her, to make her love
her soul tarnished and beaten, no longer white, and as pure as a dove

little black horse, do you not care at all?
crest fallen and withering, she still heeds your call
little black horse, she will die at your hand
yet her presence to you, just a mere grain of sand 

Copyright © lia allice

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Our Love

I love you 
and that will
never change.

Even though 
we'll age, not
our love.

From the moment
that I've held you 
in my arms...

I've treasured you,
I've loved you.

What we share
could never die,
I will love you all
my life.

The tenderness of
your kiss, blooms 
like a sunflower in
the sun.

You're my only love.

I wanna grow old
with you, spend
an eternity making 
love to you.

Be your quiet storm,
the one that'll keep 
you warm.

I wanna breathe you,
be your night and day.

Our love will remain,
even in the afterlife...

A continued romance 
that'll last throughout 

Written by: Poet Shi

Copyright © Poet Shi

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Time to Add More Love

The world's just not the same
This empire in decline
Roses don't smell as sweet
Only grow half their size

And I say....

Baby, doesn't it make you feel sad inside?

And I say...

Baby, doesn't it make you want to cry?

Let's protect ourselves 
From the coming flood
Won't need no bullets
Just our shield of love

Let's protect ourselves
From the coming storm
Won't need no raincoats
While love keeps us warm

Time to put more wood
On the dying fire
Of hope

Time to add more love
Gonna raise this
Sinking boat

And I say....

Baby, doesn't it make you feel sad inside?

And I say....

Baby doesn't it make you want to cry?

You're all I need
To get through this 
Doom and gloom
Your love for me
And my love for you.

Copyright © Catman Cohen

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You spoiled me with gifts
You always helped me out
You said you'd always be there
You were all I was about

I eventually let my walls down
I finally let you in
It only lasted 2 months
I'm not gonna let u win

You tricked and deceived me
Everything was all just a lie
Other girls you did see
Your bulls**t I did buy

But I learned real quick
I finally caught on
I kicked you to the curb
And now your f**king gone

I'm a great, loving person
You obviously could not see
Your not gonna bring me down
Your just another faded memory

So be a cocky, selfish, dick
And chase after tail
Tell all your bulls**t lies
Cause at life you will fail

Cause when your old n gray
And there's no more drama
A lonely, sad life you'll lead
So haha F**k You, that's karma

Copyright © Jamie Yost

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Love gone wrong

Glass shattered-
the bottles melting
that green-eyed feeling overcoming-
but the cause of it was you.
You're wandering eyes neglect me
while you pretend to look away
but I see right through those pretty brown eyes
and you definitely don't want to stay
I'm that safety net-
to a person who's my world
and while you
poke at my eyes
laugh at my fits
I know your real girl
and she's not the person you've been with
for a year now coming up
instead i'm just a distraction
trying to become better than you've had
but you can't even see that
I'm psycho- that's all there is to it
but remember when i'm gone
and realize my worth
that you were really nothing-
but a lesson gone wrong
a lesson that was supposed to relieve the grief
a lesson of love gone wrong

Copyright © Sarah Casey

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eternal love

Eternal Love. 
All those years ago it must be fifty gone
I still hear your sweet voice. 
Back then I didn´t know… how much 
I loved you… if you hear my heart beat now 
I´m so far away…will you remember me?
And if you do will you smile a secret smile 
and move your lips so I can see your 
the hidden tongue of love fulfilled? 
Lives’ beautiful harmony is given to me 
because I will always love you. 
In my mind I hear you whispering of love
and the promises we gave each other.
Now when the end is near I´m dying for 
your smile…please darling… remember me. 

Copyright © jan oskar hansen

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I miss you

I miss you,
I miss the warmth
In your sheepish eyes,
That unblinking look of holiness

I miss you,
I miss the sparkle
Of that breathtaking smile
That sent my heart racing for miles.

I miss you,
I miss the honesty
On your saintly face
Always promised me an old age of caress.

I miss you,
I miss the oneness
Of our last embrace
How I wish it can resurface.

I miss you,
I miss you
I miss you
Yes, I do

Copyright © Brian Mugere

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Cap'n and the Wench -part the fifth-

Cap'n & the Wench *part the fifth* Says the Wench to the Cap'n " We'll dabble in Real Estate!" So says the Cap'n to the Wench " 'Twould seem 'tis our Fate! As Tales are often Told from Time to Time & Again~ So doth it go twixt Wenches & those very Bold Men~ This Great Saga of the Cap'n & that Wench so Very Dear~ Had been begun then to continue Year after ever Year~ But all Sailors well know if'n they've oft Smartly Tacked~ Yer in Irons fer certain if'n yer Royals are Backed~ Makin' speed astern would allow such One chance to Box~ Mindin' Gales gone a'lee creatin' Naught but Fear~ Only a keen SeaWolf might again Sail as would the Fox~ All surely believin' his Great Ship could naught but Wear~ 'Twould be a course destined by Fate were the Helm hard a'Lee~ Maidens of the Depths gatherin' as Winds did'st now Howl~ Yet t'was a plot laid by SeaWolf as his heart Set him Free~ For Great Winds & Waves now did'st appear & Truly Growl~ From Deep Down under this Tormented Surface~ Came now to the ears of all Those now Enraged~ Softly with Empathy & Fanciful Purpose~ Silent Sounds heard well ~ all distinct Reason had Swayed~ Lee Rail's buried beneath Wind Torn Sea~ Gale a Howlin' thru the Riggin' & Spars~ From SeaWolf nary a word nor any Certain Plea~ His Eyes & that 'sprit a'fixed on Far Stars~ This Tale oft whispered in Taverns & Pits....... Ye'll hear it fer certain Bit by little Bit..... Pay Heed to Lessons Learned thus Herein..... 'Twere it to be Pleazure in life yer Truly to Win~ For Never Again Will Be Seen that Great Ship at Sea~ Only possibly for some who truly Set themselves Free~ In Dream Foggy Nights fiesty with Calm Swells~ Listen Well off in the distance for that Great Ships Bell! SeaWolf ©

Copyright © Caribbean SeaWolf

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God gave me you

Love's undeniable journey 
explores all life,touches an 
amazing earth only you and
I can share between time.

All ups n' downs come with
Fortune n' price, but together
We will shatter a mountain of

A place we can go hide closely 
cuddled cave, against the 
Closure of your misled arms,
Wrapped tightly around a spin
Of Saturn's that ring me.

As Pluto's fire, breaks guard 
closer to the sun.....Where GOD 
GAVE ME YOU] And an UNchained 
melody to sing.

Copyright © Carma Reed

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“Addictive” BY: Tyner Twine "Translate and you shall see." Without an ounce of regret and pain we parted ways in this city Love is nothing but the winds behind our backs and the long and winding road before us the little sea of lies turns into a book of promises A melody made of fragile glass Our hearts must have felt The coming of winter Because we faded with The silver lining You faded ‘cause your 'tomorrow' Is covered in gray Stopped in time and crying for yesterday The words that failed to reach me In our lonely dreams Became nothing but a river of tears The cold loneliness That passed us by The days when it was just too hard to bear The light we continued to search for and lose Became The blacks and grays we hold on to The dying 'flowers' Calls out to my conscience Ahh. And you became the truth I now believe in I know the words "I love you" Will not bring you back to me Our “Forever” is no longer here The moments that spreads like This fearful blizzard Disappears like your voice. The last sad words from me to you Was a tearful 'goodbye' In this frozen time (I want to keep dreaming) In this cold and fateful night Your light begins to fade And slowly slip away. The little truths of the white lies we’d hidden In the sleeping of the faith we once had, The impossible caress of wanting to forget you Haunts us in the monochromatic shades Here on to, I say good bye to you And what was once was true This will be the pledge That I’ll keep on breaking time and time again And so, until forever sleeps in reality I’ll see the sadness of this love And if the day ever comes for us to forget All of our tears will turn into blood The kindness which breached loving Turned into gray And trapped us in this time-stopped world And if our sadness brings in the light we had never seen Always remember, The end from which we are standing, …Is the birth of a sad beginning...

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