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Ballad Baby Poems | Ballad Poems About Baby

These Ballad Baby poems are examples of Ballad poems about Baby. These are the best examples of Ballad Baby poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The Day Her Garden Died

The day her garden died
Her husband was out of town.
She was all alone that night,
She had an unwelcome guest, 
He ravished her over and over til her inside was sore
She wanted to die that night, she was so ashamed,
and she never told a soul. 

The day her garden died
was the day she got the news
That the baby she carried inside of her 
Would never be born
For she had a fatal virus
The baby was now dead.

The day her garden died
Was the day her husband left her
He said she, should stay away from him
Her life was just too dim
That night she cried in agony
Her anguished gnawed within her 
And she couldn't stand the pain

The day her garden died
was the final straw, she was driven to madness
she lost everything, 
Now she's been put into confinement
for fear that she might kill herself
She wanted to take her own life
to end her misery...

Copyright © Sherene Jervis

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A Child's Dream Come True

As the sunsets at the end of the day,
And the night begins to fall,
So, does all the dreams of all the little children,
In their own wonderlands of their own,
Wishing and thinking of great things to come,
Hoping their parents will make these dreams come alive,
Cause dreams to children should become bright and gleam,
And all to them more than just alive,
All children want is hopes and dreams to become true,
But if you can teach them how to work hard at them,
They too can make their dreams become their own reality,
For any one person works hard enough,
At what they want in life,
They can have any one thing they want,
All they have to do is work really hard to make it real,
For believers can believe in themselves,
And strive to work toward making their own goals,
Their very own come true,
Which gives more satisfaction in life,
Than things being handed to you,
So always strive for the best,
And all your wishes and dreams can come true,
In your life if you want them too.

Copyright © John Hembree

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The Angel We Gave To You

The Angel We Gave To You...

He could have taken anyone
But no one really knew 
Of all the people in this world
God had chosen you

Your little face so beautiful
We loved you from the start
Every tiny part of you
Engraved upon our hearts

Every precious moment 
Every hour that you gave
Every time we held you
Was a precious memory made

We’ll never see you smile
We will never watch you grow
Which makes the time we had with you
More precious that you know

Everyday we'll send you
Love and kisses up above
For nothing’s greater in this world
Than mummy and daddy’s love 

In times of pain and sadness 
When we feel all hope is gone
We’ll know that in your sister, and our hearts
You will live on

And when we go to bed each night 
We’ll close our eyes and pray
We’ll put our hands together  
And this to God we’ll say

“You’ve taken someone special
Who we love more than you know
So brave, but very fragile
So with you she had to go

Please wrap her in your tender arms 
And love her like we do
And cherish every moment
The Angel…we gave to you”

For Ruby  xxXxx

Copyright © Raina Hutchins

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Read that
Aw, made me blush
You didn’t got my way to write a poem
Same thing I did to Lontie
That’s why I kept on asking you
Read here
Sulu Sail there
Indeed, you read it?
Yes, you know what?
I don’t know, what is it
You know the entire time that I was mocking you 
And yet you still have cornered me with your charm.
What do you think of that poem?
Charming, you really know your way to my heart no?
I love the poem I wrote because someone is inside it.
Was there any poem you have written without anyone in it?
Yes, but in this poem is only you is that someone
One poem of me then
Indeed this is the poem for you
Who has the most numbers of poems who have written about?
I mean, you have written about
No one except my life and journey
And right now this poem is you
What contains in my poems is my journey in life
But personified by moment
So to whom is that ilyimy line then?
Iloveyouimissyou that is for you!
Go, you're a flirt!
Isn’t it cute?
Lost for words as always
What do you mean?
No one has ever written a poem about me, but you.
My pleasure!

1:53AM, 9 March 2013
Sandakan, Sabah Malaysia

Copyright © Neldy Jolo

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I love you Anak. Allah knows that.
There would be a time,
You would feel how the love of your Ayah.
His love to you is eternal
I never had a quality hug of you.
You cry when seeing me because of the things said to you.
The things which you never understood what really happened.
You became the victim of selfish pride of individual.
Someone who does not care of the spirit of humanity and love.
Sooner or later you would be in my bosom.
Take care my Queen.
Allah is with you. I miss so much. 
Let me hug you from the distance.

Dedicated to my daughter, Ratu.

Copyright © Neldy Jolo

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Loosing A Child

It hurts very much,
When the one's you love,
Are ripped from your very life,
It makes you feel as if,
You are not up to being,
The person you should be,
In this dreary everyday world,
That can be so cruel.
So, think about how your life,
Is running it's very course,
And what changes you need to make'
To better your life,
In order to see the happiness,
Of keeping the beautiful thing,
You have created,
And brought into this very world,
So, you can keep this child,
Close to you in your life,
And watch it grow,
To bond with them each and everyday,
So, the child will never grow up,
knowing someone else,
As Mom and Dad,
Pushing you away from their life,
Till the day,
You will be totally gone,
From their hearts and minds,
Which is the sign of disaster all the way,
For it will be the hurt of a lifetime.

Copyright © John Hembree

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Last night I dreamt

Last night I dreamed

The dream I had was all in white
As pure as driven snow
And the whiteness of it all
Did bring me down quite low
There was something very scary there 
In the whiteness of it all
The sameness there in everything
Kind of drove me up the wall.

I looked into the neighbours yard
As the sun was shining bright
I heard an infant screaming loud
There bathed within the sunlight
Was parked a pram upon the lawn
Which glowed with mystery
My mother’s passion was aroused
I took a look to see

I peeped into that pure white pram 
A babe was lying there
All swaddled in a pure white shawl
Just white was everywhere
The whole wide world, Was beamed in light
It was a scary feel 
I found myself in corridors 
This place it seemed unreal.

Each corridor was long and winding
Like serpents, in my dream
And everywhere were locked, white rooms
This place to me it seemed
Like a hospital, insane asylum
Or something of this kind
I just ran round, and round, and round
With panic in my mind.

I could not find my room at all
And every one I asked
Just looked at me with blank expressions
It was a mammoth task
Trying to find where I was at
It almost drove me mad
And then I saw my. Daughter there
And boy! this made her glad.

She handed me the baby
And told me loudly “Take it”
And then I woke up from my sleep
It made me think a bit
As to what this dream was all about
It was the strangest dream
I’d love to get into my mind
And find out what it means.

28 July 2013 @ 1417hrs.


Copyright © Peter Duggan

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Missing Children

When children are taken from your life,
It is very devastating in so many ways to us all,
Some people say it is your fault,
To have the problems you have,
You have caused the distruction,
Of your own family in so many ways,
And you need to start making your own,
Correct choices in life to straighten things out,
For maybe then your children will,
Return back to you at your home where they belong,
For you to love and watch them grow,
So take things day by day,
And try to correct the steps you have made,
To where you can complete each task there is,
To bring your precious children back home,
To where they belong for you to love and charish them,
As a mother and father should,
Holding them each day they need you,
So you never get forgotten,
Each and every day of their wonderful lives.

Copyright © John Hembree

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I walk...
Now I am walking. 
There's a sun in the sky
Early birds fly.
Soaring high, 
in the clouds going by

Copyright © Neldy Jolo

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mother and son

Pride, Joy, unconditional love, football, hockey, baseball games, these are a few things that went through my head, when I realized I was having a son.

Watching my tummy grow, feeling you do flips, kicking me endlessly in my ribs, my goodness, I guess I shouldn't have eaten that spicy food after all but mom has to eat.

Hearing your heartbeat the first time brought tears to my eyes,  knowing you were healthy, was all I needed to know. Finally on July 28th of 98, I got to meet you, my newborn son. Surprised by your big blue eyes, you were a beautiful sight. I had to catch my breath, when I found out your birth weight, all ten pounds, nine ounces and 22,inches long, My God what did I eat?

The first one to hold you was your proud dad, he had love in his eyes, his life in his arms, He helped give you your very first bath. An instant connection he felt, forever it will last.

My bond between a mother and son is like nothing else,  my favorite time was when I was feeding you, with you feeding off my breast. My precious son Joshua, a young manyou are becoming, forever you have my heart.

Copyright © Jennifer Donnay

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The long awaited day now comes,
With cries along with bells and drums,
Her belly throbbing, spinning-chair,
For birth, for labor they prepare.

There lots of people shouting names
And nurses playing trolley games,
The doctor came as water broke
'To labor room', the sisters spoke.

The cries were roaring piercing ears,
The friends were filling, hopes and fears,
They rise their hands and ask to god,
To ease her pain while crying odd.

The labor room was quite something,
And doctors wearing apron string,
The beds were crowded lights were dim,
But doctor peeps and makes a grim.

The nurse then speaks 'the time ain't right'.
But patient's pain was total fright,
Again the doctor comes and peep,
To see the cervix while she weep.

The legs were wide the lights were bright, 
The cervix ripe and pain was right,
She holds the edge while pushing hard,
And doctor waiting, taking guard.

The hair is seen and doctors smile,
The time is wrote on nurses file,
The head is out, the shoulder's out,
The boy is out, the sisters shout.

With cheer-some tears, she sees her son,
The faces bright, the pain was done,
The heart is blown, the sheets are thrown,
The drinks are served, and heavens shown.

The grandpa born, and grandma's dove,
The husband takes the boy with love,
The joyful kiss on tiny feet.
While sweets are served in blissful heat.

The car arrives to take her back
The kins then walk as wolfs in pack,
But cries are heard in labor room,
With smiling faces, lilies bloom.
©Anees Rahman

Copyright © Anees Rahman

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I am trying to read a heart.
To read it from a pair of beautiful eyes.
Nothing that I can see.
Only a heart alone can see.
There is a heart I can hear. 
Singing along in a tiny voice I feel.
A whisper from it makes me smile.
A smile that eternally lives in the heart.
A memory to remember. 
I love you, peace.
Layag Sug!

Copyright © Neldy Jolo

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Toddlers yammering
Grinding wild berries
Misty hopes dwindle
As the rays gray over
Another gaze through the dark
As stars dance round the moon

Boiling degrees melting the night
I wake up to life’s norm
Another day, counted blessing
Dourer than yesterday
Optimistic the Red Cross drives by
Or more graves we shall dig

Whom do I query?
Whom do I turn my vex to?
Who has the reservations?
I believe the milk is not spilled yet
Cheers will still wheel around
Crying tears of deliverance

Strike the souvenirs
Haste to the cries
Behold you save a life
Patriotic to your belief
Don’t let hunger drown us
Tomorrow eager my ministry

Dust will shoe your boot
As you hustle and bustle
Loads will enervate your back
But the medallion is worth
From heaven open doors
Your shack shall brim over.


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babe dove

All of ma life I was dying for a touch like yours.

Then u made that a reality,

U held me in ya arms,

As warm as ya touch,

ya arms were.

U Gave me a sweet tender kiss,

These made me feel at home.

 Because home is where the heart is.

Now this is where I wan spend the rest of ma days.

I don't wanna loose ya touch again.

I will hold u so dearly

And love u with all my might

Because with u I can finally b myself again


It feels like the doves have been set free,

So they can fly in the sky nd sing sweet melodies.

But the baby dove will come back,

For it knows that this is home,

Where it belongs

Like the morning breeze,

 which opens up the flower's petals

As they release the sweet scent of freedom nd love.

I will be there to grab the love nd freedom brought back by the baby dove,

Nd we will live by that for the rest of our days,

I will take ya hand nd keep u warm al night,

and when eva u need me,

all u have to do is call ma name,

nd I will b there to do that u desire.

For I know u are my empire,

Nd it will put a smile on ya cute face,

A smile always accompanied with warmth, truth and love,

I will always be there

To shower ya with love.


If m nt there to answer,

Do not cry for me,

For the Mississippi is already overflowing with water,

Ya tears will make it worse.

Be hopeful for my return,

For I will always b back for u,

Cos I will never abandon u,

I will forever b wit u


I have always wished and desired .

Being with u is a dream come true,

I will give ma all for u to be happy,

because happiness is all I want and desire for you....

Please smile....

Copyright © busane shoba

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Just beautiful
Puerto Princesa
My first time
Visit the charm

The breeze of the
Sulu Sea
In the bay walk
touches me

The blue sky
The blue sea
Reflected the beauty
of Palawan

Badjao Inn
Restaurant Hut
PPC, Rizal Avenue

Copyright © Neldy Jolo

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The Seagull

The seagull

In the winter light she limps through
Frozen snow on the frozen ground
In the deepest night the starlight
Guides her back to the colder town

Baby, baby bunting
Mummy’s gone a ****ing
Gone to fetch a wheelie bin
To bin her baby bunting in.

I don’t want my wife to find me talking to you as if I care
Can I take you somewhere warmer?
I know somewhere I’ll take you there

How the clouds hold the snow.
Up above our heads a seagull
Flies across the storm.
Snowflakes slit his skin like razors
Next to me that bastard’s warmer.

Out on the moor where the sheep are buried
By the barn door lay the babe I carried

And the icicles are forming
And the bicycles are frozen
Down the street there goes the chosen
Up his bum there goes the bosun

And the misery and torment 
Are the only things for what you’re meant
Can you pay me back what I lent
I don’t wanna get my head bent. 

The trawler trails the gulls
into the harbours arms again
The seamen spill into the alleys
Waiting for the great adventure.

Copyright © Matt Lupton-Levy

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A Warm Embrace

 Tears, tears, falling down my face, like a free falling waterfall, just there for people to look at and enjoy, my body shaking, trembling, like a earthquake striking after a thunderstorm.

I look outside my body, at the pain ravishing my insides like a fierce runaway train, nobody comes to my rescue, they are content with waiting for it to pass, why won't anyone help me?

A warm loving embrace, please listen to me, I don't think anyone will come to wrap their arms around me, I don't have anything to offer anymore. I will roll up into a ball androck back and forth for this is how I sooth myself. Depression has a hold on me for there is nothing special left.

Copyright © Jennifer Donnay

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Sleep Baby Sleep

Sleep Baby Sleep

Sleep baby sleep
In my arms one more time
No more shall you weep,
Moan nor whine.
Now you shall know 
The foolishness once again
of being known and understood
by a being other than yourself.
In this one moment
Of finding yourself in other,
Your walls built to hold
Your well-preserved tiny-self
Come crumbling down.
There are no rules here.
Go with the flow,
Permit to be held, be bounced,
Warmed in the perspiration of other.
Close your sunny eyes,
Hold your feverish breath.
Feel the coupling.

Copyrights ©2015 All Rights Reserved. Nsamu Moonga

Copyright © Nsamu Moonga

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God's Own Son

As Mary rocks her baby boy
She's filled with sadness, filled with joy.
She looks upon that tiny face
And sees hope in every race.

Her heart is filled with a mothers glow
And she never wants to let him go.
She'll see him run around and laugh and play
And longs to keep him safe each day.

His life won't be an easy one,
His destiny hard, as God's own Son.

Mary sees the miracles he will perform,
The lepers healed and free from scorn.
The lame will walk, the blind will see.
She sees his love will set us free.

And she sees him on a cross.
She feels his pain and feels our loss.
She knows his life must come to this.
She sheds a tear and gives a kiss.

His life won't be and easy one,
His destiny hard, as God's own Son.

So as Christmastime draws near
And we are all so "busy" here,
With shopping, baking, trees of green
Let's ask, what does this really mean?

Let's take a moment from the fuss,
And think of all their gifts to us:
A mother's love, a baby boy,
Peace and comfort, love and joy.

For he was horn for everyone,
His destiny hard, as God's own Son.

Copyright © Bryanna Williams

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Without You (Song)

Daylight fade,
Burning through my eyes,
She walked out of my life
Again, I'm feeling low,
One more time girl here we go,
Now I'm falling, a final time,
Wish the sunlight didn't shine

It's getting critical
But girl I just can't help it,
I'm feeling miserable
Without you I'm so helpless,
I can't even sleep
Don't want to be, without you,
It's getting hard to breathe,
There is no me, without you,

And baby I try and try
to let you go,
The more I fight,
The more I know,
There's nothing in this life,
I want to do,
Without you,

Passing days,
I try to ease my mind,
I want make it this time,
because, she's really gone,
Lying here I'm all alone,
with nothing, to comfort me,
I'm hanging on to memories,

It's getting critical
But girl I just can't help it,
I'm feeling miserable
Without you I'm so helpless,
I can't even sleep
Don't want to be, without you,
It's getting hard to breathe,
There is no me, without you,

And baby I try and try
to let you go,
The more I fight,
The more I know,
There's nothing in this life,
I want to do,
Without you,

It's getting critical,
Girl I just can't help it,

There's nothing
in this life,
I want to do,
Without you

Copyright © Audonus Taylor

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My Chickie Doodle Girl

MY Chickie Doodle Girl
*   *   *     *     *     *     *          *          *         *         *
She`s four going on 40,
this child/woman girl,
A true gem from the deep blue ocean,
I`m the oyster and she`s my pearl.
Her bewilderment and fascination,
her audacity and grit
blows me to smithereens
every time I think of it.
Her bedroom a museum of things you do not touch,
of nick-knacks and trinkets from ages birth and on up.
Her stubbornness and humanity,
her temper and her trust,
changes from minute to minute,
“Dear God, give me strength to keep up”.
She`s expressive and animated,
with an abundance of humor and wit,
Her insight is abounding, there`s just no end to it.
Her devotion runs deep, it`s an unconditional thing,
She`s absolutely remarkable this small human being.
Shes got moxie, and attitude, and character, Oh Man!,
and SHE is my daughter, and
I Love Her With All That I Am.

Copyright © Ellen Androshuk

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Blatant Oblivion

The sun was setting against the city backdrop, City lights started coming on one by one. The bustling city traffic was beginning to ease, Party animals were getting ready to have some fun. In all, it was quite an amazing sight, Like a painting, completed, resting on an easel; Yet, something seemed quite out of place, Something felt like it just didn't fit in. For by the road, there lay a heap Some garbage bags covered in flies, I moved in closer and my heart just froze I could have sworn I heard something cry! Startled, I hunched over the heap of bags As I looked for the source of the sound, Nothing could have prepared me for this... I couldn't believe what I had found! There in the middle of that pile of filth, Lay a beautiful baby girl! Abandoned, hungry, unwanted, rejected Thrown away by some ungrateful souls! I picked up this poor little babe And wrapped her in my jacket, As I ran towards the nearest hospital, Just praying that she would make it! I sat there in the emergency room, numb, A policeman came over to question me, All I could think about was this little girl Given up on by her very own family! In the distance, electronic music filled the air, The party animals were dancing along... A lone street light flickered and burnt out; The painting didn't seem significant anymore. -Dedicated to the girl child. Female infanticide and child abandonment is real. We must work together, towards making a difference. Blatant Oblivion is not the answer.

Copyright © Samuel John

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Come back to me (if you still love me)

Memories, i want to erase.
In my brain and they hurt me so.
Do away those days where my baby loved me.

Love, i want to forget.
In my heart it is causing me pain.
Do away one who is still so precious to me.

Rain drops falling all over me.
My baby sees no pride in me anymore.
I got to let her go so she can be glad.
I know this moment will hurt me so.
I searched but there is no means.
Wash away all that is in me.

Words does not help no more.
Feelings does not give assurance no more.
Actions does not promise hope no more.
So, my baby, if you want to go...i am still me.
Come back to me..

I will be loving you even when you are gone.
I will be crying my hearts out for our love.
My baby...if you can still accept me for who, what and where i am.
Come back to me...

I will still be who, what and where i am.
My baby, ...if you still love me.
Come back to me (if you still love me).

Copyright © Yong Joo Lim

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To Bethlehem a virgin came--
A pilgrim and a stranger,
'Twas here she bore a baby boy,
And laid Him in a manger.

While shepherds watched their flocks by night, 
In nearby fields abiding, 
A host of the Heaven's angels came,
To sing the wondrous tidings.

The wise men followed, long and far,
God's guiding star before them.
They knelt before the newborn king
To worship and adore Him.

Mary's baby, sweet and mild,
The long awaited Christ child.
She called his name Immanuel--
God is with us; all is well.

Copyright © William Robinson

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My Littlest Angel

Poetic Lyrics By Thomas Lam Hsi

SAVE FROM Satan...who plays 'all' roles...the devil...the 'Lord Jesus'...
the 'Father'...the 'Holy Spirit'...all 'Other Gods'...and 'alien gods'...HE...THE
IS THE ONLY WAY TO GOD THE FATHER...and to an Actual Heaven!

If life is worth living, it's a life to live, to love, and to laugh,
But when the laughing stops, and the will is to die,
Then that emerald green valley, in the emerald green forest,
Where the palm trees swayed, in the glorious traded winds.

Was a panoply of confusion, where I alone cried,
And the only comfort was the Littlest Angel that stood.

Alone in the hallowing winds, the Littlest Angel remained alone!

The highest mount, on the highest sentinel, I swayed in the sun,
Where the mac nuts lay in the glorious sun, and ate we did, till all we ate,
And my Littlest Angel stood by my side, and he alone died, on the very moment of mine,
He alone stood, as he alone did, and lied all the same, as He [husband] lied all the time.

Was the panoply of confusion, worth every moment, if the panoply dies,
And my Littlest Angel dies, was life worth living, if he alone dies.

Alone in the hallowing winds, the Littlest Angel remained alone!

When Heaven dies, and my Littlest Angel dies, was life worth living,
If I alone cried, and if I cried alone, why then did I die,
For my Littlest Angel, is my Innocent Child, and if he alone dies, while they [siblings]
Alone live.
My life then lived, is a life all alone [housekeepers/'guardians'], and my Innocent Child
Alone dies alone.

For a panoply of confusion, is a confusion of lies, and a lying confusion,
Is the lie of all time, and a lie of His [husband], is the lie of all time.

Alone in the hallowing winds, the Littlest Angel remained alone!

In the midst of the hidden mango trees, was the midst of His [husband] lies,
My Littlest Angel stood by my side, till alone did I die, and his love for me died,
For me to live on, is the will to lie, and lie He did [husband], and a lie was I [girlfriends/

For a panoply of confusion, is a lie to die, for a lie to die, is a lie of mine,
And if Heaven is a place, it's a place to live, so, Littlest Angel, live longer still.

And if Heaven is a place, I know that we will live, for she [mother] alone knows
her Littlest Angel!

Copyright © Thomas Hsi

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where is springg

Hat gloves, boots, scarves, I thou chin t we Got rid of these already.. where is spring? It's not here : Minnesota yet, we are.still hearing of snow and rain, the weather man must have a migraine, we want spring to come, so we can trade in our Eskimo coats for a skimpy bikini to wear when we visit the beaches, the lakes, at our special hideaways.

Enough of the mittens, boots, scarves, boots, we want to snooze on our yachts and sit by the water, drink ice cold lemonade, beer, and eat ice cream and popsicles, we are.all suffering from seasonal depression, from not enough Sun, we.are way beyond our need to have some fun!

We.want to cheer on our minnesota twins, and enjoy the smells of hot dogs, nachos, and overpriced snacks, but right now all we see is a field of brown grass and cold empty seats,  our energy is so deplete, we really need some delicious hot eats, we want spring to come.and to come right now!! 

We are cranky Minnesotans who are getting irony, we want to know one thing, when OH when will Spring really be here? It's officially spring but it sure the check don't feel like it,  we want to see 80s 90s, and clear blue sky, not the 30s and 40s and cold wet sky!! 

We may be called Minnesota nice, but if we don't get our summer weather soon, you may see some orony people on the buses and highways, it's up to you mother nature, we have no say, but there's only one thing for sure,  we want summer here really bad, for we have suffered enough don't ha think?

You betcha!!

Copyright © Jennifer Donnay

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Our Creation

Simple things like love arent easy to understand
My pen trembles, my thoughts scramble 
All my monsters are weak in her presence
Its sad how they no longer seem ugly
she says I do not write poetry for her no more
I found simple pleasure in her presence
Thieving a man from his madness
Like a candle forcing the darkness to speak
We still play but no longer keep score
She is my poetry but...

But she says I dont write poetry for her no more
I left that role to my daughter sitting in her womb
Her tiny fingers like thunderbolts and tornadoes
She catches placental waters like raindrops
And scribbles like her father
Silent as the night before a revolution
At a bonfire listening to insects recite their stories
About their evolution and our revolution
She says I dont write poetry for her no more
In a world full of fury, sin and silence
Choices choose us. We got nothing to lose except strangers
I live poetry through her beautiful life
The beautiful matrix of our creation embedded in her belly

She says I dont write poetry for her no more
I let my faber castell assault the paper
I write about non existent revolutions
Spread propaganda like a library of lovers
No full stop to my literary nonsense  
I m like tepid pause in a witch's cauldron
I m a poetry proctor peddling my stories to wishing wells
I m a failing bridge giving her away to the chasm below
In one life there is a trillion choices
But in two lives there is none
She says I dont write poetry for her no more

Her feet burden with the weight of my world
My secrets and sins between her toes
I rub them off whenever I get a chance
Her legs long and divine like the history of my lineage
They follow behind the absence of my steps
She says I never write poetry for her no more
In my head I found answers, tenfolds of answers
Answers too complex to pronounce
So I decided to scribble this love poem on her maternity dress
She says I dont write poetry for her no more


Copyright © Prince Katlholo

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Baby Doll

When I was young, chic Baby Dolls were fun to dress and talk to.
To hope and dream with Baby Doll; those wishes would come true too.
What fun I had with Baby Doll; when she and I made just two.
That Baby Doll had clothes galore; and never did she have one chore.

She even had a car to drive; and the house we shared was so divine.
“When I grow up”, she made me wish “I’d really like to be one”.
My dream came true and I ‘m that doll I always longed to be;
But to those of you who think of dolls as mere objects of amusement;
You flirt, and say, “Hey Baby Doll”; then smile real big;
Your wide eyes filled with glee;

I cannot help it, if you think a toy is what you see;
So what I’ve learned to say real fast is,
 “don’t even think about playing with me”.

Copyright © Karen Abbott

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I pray for the day that you will tell me you love me and never leave me ,I pray for the night when you will make everything so right,I pray for the day that you will have my baby because truly you are a lovely lady,I pray for the night that would hold you and my baby ever so tight,I pray for that day in each and every way because when the sun sets  i know that all my dreams will be of you,o god i pray.

Copyright © fred bell

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When Cherry Tomatoes Fell By Enchanted Lake


I am making my way to New York, NY, but I must first get referrals from law
firms in Honolulu, HI, and possibly, Los Angeles, CA.

                         A child's heart is either destined or not...and
                         Sometimes we are not at all sure. But what we 
                         Are sure of is that the experiences of life, as well
                         As those who contribute to those young lives...
                         They do make a difference! And memories, they
                         Can be good or bad...or sometimes, in between!
                         And cherry tomatoes picked along the roadside,
                         As small hands...well, they are simply
                         Too sweet!

                             --A sage amongst the grasses and weeds--

A TEASER (full poetic lyrics are not disclosed here)!!! 


Copyright © Thomas Hsi