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Acrostic Time Poems | Acrostic Poems About Time

These Acrostic Time poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Time. These are the best examples of Acrostic Time poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Every Day

Slow is the sun knowing that I am already awake...
Unwilling are these eyes to search that which has already been seen
Now, time waits upon my hands to make something unknown
Does anyone know how long it's been?
All my life has turn a shame
Years are passing without a gain...

Moments becomes hours for me, when I see the others smile in minutes
Old is my mouth; for not having strength for such movements 
Now, time waits upon my hands to make something unknown
Does anyone know how long it's been?
All my life has turn a shame
Years are passing without a gain...

This mind, beats so much more than this heart
Unwilling are these eyes to search that which has already been seen
Easy is the wind to those that welcome its flirty touch
Soft are the sounds of the leafs being crushed
Dazing is the street light, when watched throughout the night
Animals pass and smell my sent; small acquaintances if you might
Yonder noises: added ingredients, to help imagination take a flight

Watching children play
Eying women walk
Dim; the lights will say
Nothing seems to stop
Everyone's alive
Sadly, so am I
Death's a friend to each one of us
All of us will cry
Yelling out: Come friend, tears will not shed mine

This mind, beats so much more than this heart
How heavy is the rain on a wet coat longed?
Undisturbed is the playing of my high school song
Rusty is my skin, but I not worry for it to be touched
Sounds of other voices keep me hushed
Dealing with myself so long
Aging is my only grown
Yield please earth, been so still, I feel you spin

Friday games I never win
Reaching out to grab myself
Inside me, there is no help
Does anyone know how long it's been?
All my life has turn a shame
Years are passing without a gain...

Slow is the sun knowing that I am already awake
Awake to feel the air up above me
Tumbling down in quakes
Riding upon hopelessness
Dying upon wait
Alone with my heart inside
Yearning for her to stay...

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Fleeting And With Vague Reference To Memory, Her Vision

Ruptures and Blurs: All The Lines Seamlessly Creasing 

Onto One And Other. The Air Tastes So Much Sweeter When

Machines Pump the Air In And Out For You.

                                - Don't Even Have To Remember To Breathe -

Tedium Enslaves The Mindset, and Causes The Irrational To

Hemorrhage Fourth, Displacing Any Emotional Grounding, And

Eradicating Any Sense of a Self Obtained Freedom

                                  - Sleep My Sweet... Sleep -

Twisted Metal Splayed Across The Concrete, The Haunting

Horrific Sound of Sparks Generated By The Rapid Deceleration.

Only The Front Seats Remained Intact As The Frames Crumpled 

Under The Tremendous Pressure. The Dread Comes Before The

Gripping Fear, The Acknowledgement of Impact Forces The 

Hands To Curl Up Into Fists and Squeezes The Sweat from 

Tightening Palms. Time Rushes To a Stop, and The High Pitched

Screams, Become Disturbingly Deep Rumbles.

                                     - It Hit The Back Harder -

Onset Bewilderment as a Result of the Fear. She Moves Her Hand

From The Bed, and Touches The Skin On Her Dads Wrist.

                                      - He Stokes Her Hand Gently With His Thumb -

"Abigail" He Whispers, His Cheeks Stained With The Inevitability.

                                       - His Hope For Her Had Withered  -

Destiny is The Harshest Mediator of Time and Regret,

Yet It Presented Her With No Answers. She Struggles

Intricately For The Reasoning of The Event,

Never Fully Understanding Where She Was 

Going, And Why She Was Going Alone.

                                        - Her Words Stifled By Mucus -

Caressing Her Head and Stroking Her Hair,

He Let The Warm Liquid Stream Down His Face.

It Made Snail Silver Lines When Reflected

Light Shimmered Through It. He Held Tight,

Delicately Supporting Her Neck.

                                         -  And Laying Her Down -

                                                         - He Kisses Her Forehead -

                                                                       - "Goodbye My Sweet" -

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Sanctuary Found

S  S  S  S  S  S S  S  S         Surely 
A  A  A  A  A  A A  A         Arrogance has 
N  N  N  N  N  N            No foothold in heaven. 
C  C  C  C  C             Can conceit claim your favor, God?  
T  T  T                  They think You cannot see their callous hearts.  
U  U  U  U  U             Unfair! their lives are so easy.  
A  A  A  A  A A             At last, I see their end.
R  R  R  R  R  R R  R        Refuge, you are!
Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y Y  Y  Y         You reign!

an acrostic rictameter
inspired by Psalm 73:17

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when she says no

this was inspired by a relly good friend her name is aleera her like other girls were raped by 
a stupid man so i just want to post this to show you that i care for you aleera i hope he rots 
in jail

W en your with a girl respect her
H e raped her and other women too 
E nough is enough 
No more

S he loved you and you took advantage of that
H e lost all of her trust she’s afraid now 
E ven if you say sorry 

S he will never forgive you
A ll of her family wants you to rot in jail
Y ou said she wanted it when she said no
S ee you are nothing but a looser your nothing
S he is now happy with out you
T o your info next time when she says no that mean stop
O n the next time you try to do that
P robably this time she wont be afraid and she will turn you in

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Reflections: Midlife Crisis

P     aranoia permeates, etching itself into your fractured face,
A     cacophony of constant pressure; life remains a stressful race,
N     othing to hope for, no positives like promotion in the workplace,
I      nability to love, relationships lift anchor and set sail without chase,
C     hildren crushing dreams under mortgages; age grows with disgrace

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Winter Wonderland Acrostic

White is the landscape as far as I can see.
Ice is the brook that is in close proximity.
Nights are much longer than the days.
Toward the south is the bird that no longer stays.
Everyone is aware of the time of the season.
Roosting is indoors, and the cold is the reason.

Winter is here, whether you like it or not.
On it being cold until March, bet everything you’ve got.
Not much going on outside until the warmth arrives.
Dwelling near the heater is how we will live our lives.
Even the animals know better than to go out in the cold.
Running outside?  You have to be very bold.
Lazy me.  I will spend much of my time in bed.
All the cabin fever can easily mess up my head.
Nothing to do?  Honey, I say we have it made.
Dear, get closer to me.  I’m in the mood to get laid.

For Francine's Holiday Acrostic Challenge

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It Sounds Good

It sounds good coming from our granddaughter
Grown up words she does not slaughter 
This is what they mean to me
In an acrostic form of poetry

T rying hard to grow so fast
E nrichining each moment that goes past
C atching the gaze of boys who drool
H appy in knowing she is so cool
N ever behind the clothing trend
I mpeccably dressed she can transcend
C osmestics now her latest phase
A lluring, her looks do amaze
L aughing  with a winning smile
L ovely eyes that could beguile
Y et an innocent young child

P erhaps through school days’ time will show
H ow fast this young lady may grow
Y ielding to the work and tests
S itting sometimes taking rests
I n order to see all around
C leverly her brain will bound
A chieving all she can possibly reach 
L ater relaxing on a beach
L oving the days of school for they say
Y es the best days of your life have soon gone away

E xpectations we will have for sure
M aybe she will reach them and endure
O r just in case ours are too high
T hen set her own to reach the sky
I n order that she will one day
O btain a job with exorbitant pay
N ot sit around and waste her time
A s that would be a dreadful crime
L astly remember she is still a child
L earning her way in a world defiled
Y earning only to find  herself

These are just three of the grown up words she will say
A child growing up who should take time for play
Use her brain to achieve the best she can be
It matters very much to me, for I love my granddaughter you see

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Take time to be experience and experienced to be lived. Life is everywhere it implies anything. The cruel we wish for others can turn out to be the future we are planning for our very selves. The eye that sees evil is the eye that duels evil. Lack of amity the sense of humanity fading away float in time with open mind... A quest; a chance of riddled thought: An Answer; pained and overwroughtelected to be eliminated, my words are my deeds. I was not born to be bound but to fight for what I represent. Infinity squared, then seeks to find If bravely we have given all, for who can ask more of a man than giving all within his span, it seems to me, is not so far from – Victory. Therefore, the fates are seldom wrong, no matter how they twist and wind, It’s you and I who make our fates, we open up or close the gates, On the Road Ahead or the Road Behind. Someone had better be prepared for rage. There would be more than ocean-water broken before God's last *Put out the Light* was spoken. Underneath the wagon where people search for answers while the question was never been asked but the look was already given. That simply lies in the steps we take and the fear.  Sensational revolutions the dynamic quell of life living in the wish and expectance of death! Let it be your wish equivalent to your will just when you have seen and experienced the sweetest tripods of life as life dimension its intact in tripods. When you have live to a certain point left with no other choice captured in sorrows living an unwanted life as if you are been punished. Its all a matter of time.     

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Only love keeps us dreaming

Dreams are unoriginal, and movement's traditional
 So keep moving, everyone’s watching and scoring your every move
 The feeling it could pay out has severed away somehow
 And every time it works out, you'd like to cash out
 Tell me there is a reason to keep motion on our side
 I guess I could be wrong, but my feelings stand strong
 "If you play your numbers..." 
Now you’ve got me thinking about routine and dollar signs
 If we could only doubt the biggest part of what could happen
 Sight but without depth perception
 "If you play your numbers..." 
Now you’ve got me thinking about routine and dollar signs
 Too bad we're all about the biggest part of what could happen
 Sight but without depth perception
Hope that we are destined and not testing out our luck
 Through all of the hands we hold, we’re losing in stamina
 So fade this scene, everyone’s watching a scripted lullaby
 Whatever your heart may feel won’t amount to the sex appeal
And every time it works out, you'd like to cash out
 Tell me there is a reason to keep motion on our side
 I guess I could be wrong, but my feelings stand strong
 "If you play your numbers..." 
Now you’ve got me thinking about routine and dollar signs
 If we could only doubt the biggest part of what could happen
 Sight but without depth perception
 "If you play your numbers..." 
Now you’ve got me thinking about routine and dollar signs
 Too bad we're all about the biggest part of what could happen
 Sight but without depth perception
We'll shimmer and grind our teeth 
At the thought of our competition fading
 We'll speak in monologues
 Well I am waiting, I am waiting
This could be a test of desire, so stay 'til the lights burn out
 Dreams are unoriginal, and movement traditional
 So keep moving, everyone’s watching and scoring your every move
 The feeling it could pay out has severed away somehow
"If you play your numbers..." 
Now you’ve got me thinking about routine and dollar signs
 If we could only doubt the biggest part of what could happen
 Sight but without depth perception
 "If you play your numbers..." 
Now you’ve got me thinking about routine and dollar signs
 Too bad we're all about the biggest part of what could happen
 Sight but without depth perception
Sight but without depth perception
 Sight but without depth perception
 We'll shimmer and grind our teeth 
At the thought of our competition fading
 We'll speak in monologues
 Well I am waiting, I am waiting
I'm writing for playing on an empty hand
 Is trying worth nothing when chance defines an end? 
I'm writing for playing 
Is ambition all we'll ever have?

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Teaching a Young Lover

The first time witnessing the twain mountain peaks,
High above the echoes of our heart beat,
Erected I stood, in awe I stare, with eyes devouring nature’s beautiful souvenir.

Below the Twin crags fingers softly stroll along a sweat drenched path.
Inch by inch digits artfully tread around a shallow furrow.
Racing heart beats are like the wings of a thousand sparrows.
Down in yonder valley two fingers gently creep.
Skin shivers on the mound where the fescue freely grows. 

Along the cleft, in the distal knoll, a tributary streams.
Near the wet land is a cave, a place of fertile dreams.
Desire drives daring digits to dive deeper into the warm unknown.

Tell me lover, tell me more about the birds and the bees.
How did the stork bring mother a girl like me?
Every time you’re next to me, what is it that I feel?

Blazing like a fire is this tension in my blood.
Enthralled me with your touch
Engulf me in your love. 
Serinade me with these words: "I love you, oh so much."

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Every sunset brings back same melancholy
veil of twilight weeps over the silent earth
even chirping crickets stop to listen to her cry
nest bound birds forget their songs for a moment
in the sky stars wake up one by one
nobody comes though my door is partly open
gardenia too forgets to send me message.


Placement --3rd (Oct--2013)

Contest--Acrostic poem

Sponsor--Andrea Dietrich

© kash poet (kashinath karmakar)

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The Soup Is Served

Puts you first in any situation
Opens the door for any occasion
Enjoyable reading all of the time 
Takes the time to comment on mine
Rreal talents real contests real  winners
Young old lifelong or beginners
Shows so much support and care
Opinions welcomed come and share
Understands the true meaning of poetry
Poetry soup is the place for me


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Sorry I Had...

Pestering sweat rolling down my neck
Night time vision is my only set
Eeasing into the medical socks
Using prescriptions to slow my cough
Moments of fun are passing me by
Oooo how my temperture cries
Now I hope to never go through this again
I don't enjoy not having a voice
All this time wasted on being very sick

and that is why i have been gone for a while.

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T houghtfully open heart in thankfulness
H onoring God for graciousness, unlimited access

A nd remeber all things in appreciativeness
N ot forgetting air we breath, blue sky we have in excess

K nights and princesses; children of the Living God
S ing a joyful song praising Him don't put on grand facade

G ive of yourself in thanks and rejoice in His love
I nvite the Holy Spirit to dwell within your heart dove

V ictory can be yours each step of the way my friend
I f time in God's presence in praise and worship daily spend

N ow is the time in His presence and purpose to remain
G ratitude said for all of life's pleasures even life's pain.

S tillness and quiet each day spend time thank God for each and everyone

This is a combination Acrostic and couplets..
My understanding that Acrostics do not rhyme but mine is actually couplets written in poulter's measure..A person who sold eggs would sometimes give a dozen eggs for a price and sometimes if the hens were laying extra good a person would get 14 eggs of the same price..Lucky them..So 12/14 in rhyming couplets..

Sponsor: Kim Merryman
Contest: Count Your Blessings
Date Written: Monday, November 19, 2012


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If I Need a Friend Maybe Run Acrostic

(from Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon & Garfunkle)

If is such a weak word, it branches, crackling under foot.
You know it, but you use it to sing me into sleep, never suspecting
need dangles down upon my head, tickling and wrapping
a comforting hand upon my qualms. If lets you back out
friend, but you wait more patient than the coming of snow.

I'm me, its enough. My ifs and ands are more numerous than leaves
sailing as I kick them about. Leaves don't crackle, they weep
right into the concrete meaning of our existence. Uncertain moment
behind a closed door.  Certain moment under a bed of dirt
like hugs from relatives you've never met before.

A friend though eclipses the daylight, becomes lightning to
bridge over or explode into laughter, where do I put them?
Over one shoulder like cast spilled salts? That seems sly,
troubled. Can I weave them together and have life?
Water offers that but slips away, how then bugs? Ducks?

I slip into water as easily as ifs are thrown into the winds.
Will my hair blow like an arrow toward fate or does chance
ease into icicles. They're weapons, ifs, ands, buts, maybes.
Your friendship is such, dressing and undressing like fashion
minds the sales racks. Still though, I'm glad that you and ifs are here.

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Acrostic Toast For Suzanne's 60th

Full of grace and gratitude 
Over the birth of this
Remarkable woman. 

Stand up and celebrate her
Unique ability to make all welcome and her
Zany zest for life, love, and laughter.
Always giving generously of her heart and wisdom.
Nodding off from time to time to rest her weary soul, but
Never faltering in her faith – in humanity and her
Exploration of new ways to learn and grow so she can 
Share her brand of sunshine and God’s love with everyone she meets.

60 years! And many more we wish for her,
Those of us blessed to know her are forever
Honored to be her beloved friends. 

Written as a toast for my former business partner and forever friend's upcoming 60th 
birthday gathering.

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In the Moment

Inside your eyes is where time stands so still
Nuance of romance sweet my heart does thrill

There is no other place I'd rather be
Held in your arms is what life means to me
Eternal bliss you kiss into this time

Mad rush of passion tastes of the sublime
Oh, how your loving makes this moment last
More touches and my melting happens fast
Eternal pleasures in this moment live
No holding back, your all is what you give
To time I say, "Now bow your head in shame"

 For "In the Moment" is my lover's name!


Late for contest. I had relatives staying over and have been busy. This poem is an acrostic done in iambic pentameter. Enjoy

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Lost In Thought

Now who would of thought the thoughts that would truly get the mind lost in fragile thought?
 So much on our known life, 
about unknown death when we laugh at others but at ourselves we really cry, 
in our very own hidden truth lies, 
amongst our own poeple who we defy, 
until we fight, 
for wrongs for personal rights, 
**** the darkness is what make us appreciate the light, 
I dont talk the talk nor do I walk the walk because I walk my talk while I swagger and swerve im my talks through these walks,
 Life can get so messy with death that its time for those of us here to grab the broom so God can mop,
 I live life to the fullest with what little I have because I dont have a lot, 
I live life shitty sometimes like almost everyone else like it or not, 
Im not special Im so unique Im individual with word talent I know I got, 
I know what I dont have so its important more knowledge among me is sought, 
I can be wrong half the time but can still make it 100% right I was self-taught among a young soul that seems to be bought,
 I got a bad limp but dont get me wrong I can still gallup through darkness while I jog lost in the early morning fog waiting to be patiently found in the midnight lounge where I trot,
 Truly lost so easily in profound hard thoughts litterally running from the cops waiting to duck and dodge from open gunshots,
 Bodies and shells drop where caskets are made among a dying crop, 
I can still make a splatter where there was just but a tiny dot, 
I used to have merely nothing now atleast I can truly say I have a safe spot, 
I was found looking for truth in lies lost in thought....

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Thanksgiving Day

T om Turkey’s in the oven, for this day
H e’s met his fate! Napkins have been
N eatly folded next to every plate.
A pple pie aroma from the
K itchen fills the air. Once
S eated, we
G ive thanks,
I nvoking God to hear our prayer.
V alued friends and
I ntimate kin from far and
N ear who
G ather on this happy day are those we count most dear.

D istinctive is this time when ties with family are renewed.
A time we set aside each
Y ear to show forth gratitude.

For Dane Ann's "Thanksgiving Day" Acrostic contest

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Everytime I Look Around The Corner

I live a life in a place where alcohol violence reigns supreme/ 
over a dying culture split in se7en groups of se7enty times se7en of rival teams/
 I hear my brothers hollers I hear my sisters screams/ 
I see people live among broken glass like that of many broken dreams/
 I sometimes wish I could not see what my two eyes sometimes see/ 
I cant act blind as if it were just a brush off my sleeve/
 The more I lose in life the more it seems the less I need/
 I try and overcome my own selfish greed/ 
I got a child on the way I now look at what kind of role model I'd be/ 
I was was incarcerated so I must not take for granted for the simple fact that Im free/
 But it hard with tattoos on my face in place where tattoos like mine seem a disgrace/
 Lord watch over me as I take last place in this life game race/ 
It not a matter of being first second or third Lord cuz all I need iz your grace/
 help me to better walk off this destructive road and slow my pace/ 
Just take me now if Im done with your purpose if thats the case/
Because I dont want to live like I got to look over my shoulder right around the corner....

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Picture a moment in time
Held captive in a frame
Old memories come back to life
Treating us to glimpses
Of treasures from the past

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Beautiful sunset.
Earth meets the sea.
A time of wonder, a time of glee.
Children are at play.
Happy in the day.
Bejeweled and bathed in flickering light.
Lovers embracing, holding on tight.
Another day closing, the end of a dream.
Nothing remaining, it’s part of the scheme.
Kaleidoscope of colors will slowly die.
Even the fireflies don’t know why. 
The fires are lit and a new life unfolds.
Beyond in the night, moons light holds.
In the rising of the stars, the day will fade.
Nightime settles on our lonely glade.
Gone is the light, the dark closes in.
Only till morning a new day begins.

for beach blanket bingo 6/14/2011
also entered in all summer is in 7/10/2013 please disallow if previous contest entry is not allowed. 

Russell Smith

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Vanity of skin

Beauty's power is what you seek,
Everlasting things you want,
Always skin perfection on the cheek
Under seductive eyes that taunt.
Towards shapes and shades and light
In small glitter boxes stays your full delight.
Finesse, longevity and everything godlike;
Unless you want time to succeed,
Loftiness is just the friend you need.

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Will You Follow Him

F  ollow Him wherever He leads
O  ften though over a mountain steep
L  eading onward into troubled seas
L  earn to trust Him in every deed
O  pportune time is now here
W aiting will put your soul in need

H onor Him for He is near
I  nto your heart invite Him
M inutes tick now is the time 

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Another New Year

Again it begins, another round
New in name, same in sound.
Overrated and welcomed with pride
Til tomorrow comes and it's tossed aside.
Happily declared with promises and dreams,
Eve comes and goes without losing steam
Rushing away as time moves on, coldly.

Night turns to day. The date changes, only.
Eventually the hopes and dreams are gone.
Withered and wasted, but dreamers move on.

Yesterday is gone, and so are easy days,
Easygoing life torn up and washed away.
And this new year that's come is just the same.
Really the number is all that has changed.

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On The Track

Being on the roll bring them a thought of eloquence,
Exempting the fact things in the giant tournaments,
Inside of which lies the origin of originality and dexterity;
Nexus, so true of either being alive or dead
Gentle souls, to be, should stay on the track.

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      The taste in my mouth

this girl I see in the mirror|rorrim eht ni ees I lrig siht

What happened to her mouth?

She had words to say, but it looks like someone taped them out...


those are the words inside her mind
but by the looks of her situation, she's running out of time

When was the last time that real tears where shed
Once in the club hoping to forget by getting those legs spread
Unknown is a mind in need
Letting loose of character and breaking a deed
Drowning is a bed that is poured when you need to breath

Youth seems stop when trouble bleeds
One time I thought everyone was the same
Until I looked at this reflection and realized I changed

Limited is thought
Especially when you can't hear yourself blowing that rock
Timid is a soul, how easily ones forget it could be sold

Memories injected, only to stop the vision of infection
Eating away time

Gone so long, I forgot what which color was the sky
Opening doors, but on the other side there's a wall crushing the floor


This girl I see in the mirror|rorrim eht ni ees I lrig sihT

When is she going to stop this disease
before she loses her heart's only please

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Fall Foliage

F ire on horizon this time of year,
A utumn ushers in winter’s sear.
L ight slowly fades a bit each day,
L ess time now for outdoor play.

F loods of colour on the trees,
O ccur before the big freeze.  
L eaves scatter as rain falls, 
I t’s our warning - winter calls.
A maple leaf gives the best show,
G olds, reds, orange all aglow.
E njoyed by all - a Thanksgiving.

Written August 27, 2012
For Francine Robert’s contest
“Autumn Acrostic”

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A New Years Promise

A new sunrise, a new beginning

Now, is the time to keep the promises
Everything in my life changing
Weakness withers as courage rises

Years, months, days of endless crying
Each glistening tear fades
A queer feeling
Relax, Lord, my weary muscles
Stop the wind and the roaring

Past the safety of lies
Rocking, soothed in storytelling
O, mere scraps, odds and ends of fantasies
Misty, pieces of truth, falling
I, the weaving spider cries
Stop, time to start the living
End the weeping before life fades

Rhyming Acrostic

January 7, 2013

Written for the New Years Acrostic Contest

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Netherworld eclipsing the land of the living,
Invading the space not owned by the dead;
Grim hues take the land with force unforgiving,
Happily forcing the living to bed.
The living sleep 'til the horizon turns red.

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Soup Family

 P eople bring me to the site time and time again
 O f all the people I meet over the years we have a special bond
 E ach and everyone of us have a love for poetry
 T eaching each other forms of poetry
 R especting each others views
 Y ou  are never short on help when needed.

S oup yes, for we are like a mixture of soup
O urs is a sweet  liquid blended together
U niting poets with the love of words
 P ositive site for poetry world.

Phyl Babcock

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The Transformation

Shed the clay that strives to be an anchor
Tarnishing, but for awhile, the dreams of man
Addled hopes can rise in the morning’s mist
Instead of languishing beneath despair
Replenished strength awakens the spirit
With a simple drink from the Milky Way
And flirtations with Perseus opens up
Yielding beauty in heaven’s realm
The grave that holds yet, a soul to Earth,
Owns the judgment of defeat
There is none, but one, that must decide
How to build on wishes made
Even when the faltering of darkness
Shadows well the light of faith
There is a spark that burns the night
As gravity shows force, to mark a trail
Rise! Rise, you fallen man!
Strive to be among the stars

-Virginia Mitchell

Contest- STAIRWAY TO THE STARS (Acrostic)
Sponsor- Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S. 

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The Gift Of Life

The Gift Of Life

T o those who tremble at the thought
H eed these words that life has wrought-
E njoy your blessings God has woven

G ive them freely to one you've chosen-
I n time the burning bush reveals
F orever love your gift appeals,
T ranscending time your heirs will know,

O f battles, floods, your heart endured
F orever etched in tears love cured

L ost not in time your path was true,
I n His Hands He shaped your hue-
F or let the mountains, valleys crie!
E ternal joy be yours on high!

*** For Carol's Contest "The Birds And The Bees"  

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P anic gnaws a little hollow 
R ight beneath my rib.
O ver a deadline my mind stumbles
C reating distraction adlib. 
R ancid are the thoughts of necessity 
A ccosting my fragile frame; 
S urely I can avoid the crime
T empting me to shame:
N eglect my history paper.
A crostic I write instead.
T ruth be told:
N ow procrastinate . . .
G od help me focus my head!

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Yesterday: I saw a glimpse of yesterday
All  the flood plain was a waterway
My  eyes took in bare half sunken trees
Troubles stirred the wispy misty breeze
Seemed then as I were taken back in time
So I should witness that primeval clime
Far into some long forgotten past
Away from here I travelled eons vast

Now I see
It all becomes clear to me
Looks are never what they seem
As I journey, through my dream
Though my years are rolling by
They’re never still, they seem to fly
Here today, but on the morrow gone
To some long distant place anon
Stay the time I will be moving on

Oh, how I am, but a grain of dust
I lived and loved on this Earthly crust
Believe someone of this future clay
In images a gift, they will say
Yesterday: I saw a glimpse of yesterday

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THE DAILY REPORT 033020111158pm

Time. It does whatever it wants to do,
Having the authority to do so.
Eastern standard time tells you when to go
Do what you have to do, within your view.
Another tick of the clock brings a new
Incident, that the news wants you to know.
Leaves, time, and the wind are three things that blow
Yearly, as, yearly, these three things stay true.
Reflect on the day. Reflect on the night.
Evenings introduced them both to time.
Progression takes the day from dim to bright,
Occupying those minutes that were prime.
Reality combined both time and sight,
To influence this poet and his rhyme.

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Faithful Duplicity

In the depth of darkness sounds, words, just words of meaningless consequence
Never was there a line so cold, so still, overflowing with too much to hold
Elegant lies weaved into one, the crash comes soon as the enchanted deception runs
Vivid colors, blood red pumps and with every word the mind carries the forbidden orb 
Idolized perfection of thought and words, lips move as hearts tear, a lived lie rooted in flesh
Trivial tasks made into chores, that one line a promise of vows,rocks hide on crashing shores.  
And with the hourglass runs out, sand poured drinks for the parched sitting on stools of doubt.  
Bible teachings show guarantees, written in stone, did they know circumstance as these?
Lying now, even now as confessional insomniacs crawl in guilt, the pills to fall to that darkness yet
Even now in crammed spaces, dark rooms, the inevitable black of truth stains the white of lies.

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Captcha - WHKT

Where did yesterday go?
How quickly it passed me by.
Keeping time from escaping my grasp,
Tis an impossible task.

Kim Merryman
For Adam Hapworth's Captcha contest

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THE DAILY REPORT 033120111010pm

Take the time that it takes to make a friend,
Habitually opening your heart,
Ever so slightly, to a brand new start,
Daring old eras to come to an end.
Answer the call, when it is time to send
Inventations to those who play their part,
Like the sharp, colliding end of a dart.
Yeild to the olive branch that they may lend.
Receive love when you have some love to share,
Elevating your level of kindness.
Position yourself to receive this care,
Or continue walking in your blindness.
Rarely do we do something that is rare,
Turning, instead, to acts that are mindless.

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changing direction

Where do you go when there's nothing left of yourself to give to love someone who is always changing directions? Leaving you picking up the pieces over and over again. While you wait for them to give you all of their heart. Is it fair that every night you go to bed alone? Crying and Praying for them to be there with you. Holding you in their arms and hearing them say I love you and everything will be ok. I'm here to love and help you. Only to find out the next morning their gone again. leaving you think its time to change direction in your life that you deserve better.  While they never saw it coming to an end.  You did by putting your heart back together again for the last time and getting over them.  For the last time Your changing direction in your own life by taking back control of your heart .  Never letting them know they could have had the best of you. If they would have just realized you needed them to be there for you.

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Happy New Year

Hippity, Hip, Hooray
A new beginning, a good omen,
Peace among all men, I say,
Prosperity time and time again,
Year full of good cheer aye!

Never any pain or a tear even,
Everlasting happiness overlay
Women, weak and children.

Yesteryear is the past; So let's pray:
Every sunrise henceforth gladden
And brighten our gloomiest day
Restoring our hope and trust, Amen!

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A spirit one with the Universe contest

Step away from all you know,
Travel far and just let go,

Appreciate where you are going,
Imagine yourself simply just flowing,

Rain is not water it’s the feeling of being rejuvenated,
Whispers of love are like the wind but illuminated,

All the pleasures of life are now one continuous feeling,
Your breathing has become endless breaths of utter healing,

Telescopes aren’t needed for you now dance in vast galaxies,
Oceans are no longer separated but are now part of you and me,

Thirst is obsolete for desires are permanently fulfilled,
Humanity's longings have been instantly stilled,

Everlasting joy bubbles out of your voice,
Saturated in peace without it being a choice,

Tiredness is now lifted for you are energized and restored,
Angel’s wings surround you electrifying every shore,

Repositioned to partake in everlasting delight, 
Since the night is now day and the day consumes the night. 

By: Sabina Nicole
Contest; Stairway to the stars

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Oh Holy Christmas Day

~Oh Holy Christmas Day~ 

The snow is  falling 
Christmas Day is almost here 
A most blessed time to spend 
With family 
Let your heart rejoice 
Jesus came 
In manger was born 
Wonderful star announced his 
Birth all through the sky 

Christmas day 
Holy day, when Baby Jesus was born 
Right here it is,enjoy it this day 
In a day like this He came down to earth 
Santa Claus worship him all the way too 
Tender day, oh Holy night 
Most wonderful time of the year when you 
And I let our voices sing songs to our Lord and 
Saviour because He came to save us all 

Day oh what a wonderful time when all the 
Angels on heaven and on earth rejoice,a day when 
You and I join our voices and hearts to celebrate that our King was born. 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 

December 12,2010 

Thank you for reading. 

I Wish you all a very Merry and Safe Christmas Season and Happy New Year! 

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A Soul Called Soul

I’m trapped in the American struggle/ 
Surrounded in the alcoholic drug addicted jungle/ 
In my soul called soul I seem to unknowingly look for trouble/ 
Yeah am I the only one to truly see our invisible chaotic bubble? / 
Am I the only one to truly live in while I realize the hidden pains in our own ghetto living rubble? /
 I see in what I still saw of the pains at the same time I hear the alcoholic mumbles/
 Like a burnt cracker over a uncooked cookie I still see the culture crumble/ 
I see the staggering, I see the swerving and I see thy own stumbles/ 
Still yet I am crawling out the dirt like an ant spreading my wings in the sky like the bees bumble/
 It’s when I knew I was a soul called soul/ 
In my soul called soul I am in the super bowl/ 
Seven hundred seventy-seven now I can’t let thy football fumble/ 
I am not going to let thy ring leader lead me in the circus no more, I am no longer an elephant Dumbo/ I’m here to stay not to go/ I been down that same road too many times before/
 I know what it’s like at the bottom, I hit it straight rock ,yeah I been that low/
 now pains of my life I outgrow/it’s when I knew I was a soul called soul 
In my soul called soul/ I hang on not to my enemies nor my friends but my own inner foes/
 I got no true friends, I got no true bros/ I got no true women, I got no hoes/ 
I don’t even know if I will even make it to be thirty-four/ 
I worry about alcoholic danger in the hood every time I walk out my front door/ 
I thank God I’m not rich and thank him for the experience of being dirt poor/ 
I thank him for the fact that I no longer have to steal from the local store/ 
I thank him for the simple fact that I can do simple everyday chores/ 
I remember a time when I was in a prison cell where even death itself felt like a bore/
 until one day something great pick me up off the prison floor……..that was a time when I know I was a soul called SOUL/
 I know my truck of life was ready to take it’s damage when it can still pull its own toll/
 I knew my boat of life was ready to go against high winds with a broken bow/ 
I knew I was ready when I can go against waves 100 feet high go under and still row/
 if not then I make the surf board roll/ The storms comes like shadow hidden in the skies undergrowth/ I’m not only floating I’m also flying through them both/
 I am no longer empty with darkness I am filled with light shone/ 
I am no longer alone, I am force of many through word flow/ 
I am a prophet among my own/ words put together like no other only I condone/ 
I say it in a unique tone/ 
I’m going to make it past the internet and cell phones/ 
I am the one, I am by a higher power chose/ 
These problems in life I will outgrow/ 
I will overcome being just another SOUL CALLED SOUL….

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Perfect Among Us, question

What does perfect mean?
Having what we want?
Seeing all things seen?
Its not

You may boast what you do
When others aren't so great
Doesn't mean they're weaker than you
Get your mind from that path

Stopping curiosity that may cause sin
Is what should happen
Things you stop to trade God in
It's not a test to be so good 

Once we've departed from our skins
Our time will come to accept such gift
So stop and remove those pins
There's plenty of time till you're there

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Bats and boogie men come out of the
Ominous evening of Halloween when
Offering of treats prevents pranks.

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Drain out the violence from the paintbrush and smear it to the canvas 

Aggressive creatures scuttle into my expanding cranium

Memories of him echoes through the forest…into the atmosphere

Astonishing screams of misfortune filter the forest where he once trailed

Great solitude and rage tortures us all…we will not fall!

Everlasting breakage paints me a portrait of turmoil and what not

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Love Waits

            Love Waits

Lumbering over years not wide awake
Ordinary lives are lived in misery 
Vision and direction in life is never clear
Eternity waits for me while I wait here

Wanting, needing only one simple thing 
Another person with tender love to share
I will be vigilant and wait forever
Treasures of this world are meaningless
Share your love, your company, with me forever

10/07/16 Romantic Acrostic – Poetry Contest 

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Good Made Better With Praise

T  om turkey in the pan
H  omemade dressing grand
A  mbrosia sweet and moist
N  uts fresh whole accompanish
K  eg of Apple Cider
S  ervings aplenty by provider
G  od the loving Father
I   nterested accompolisher
V   ery rich provider
I   cing the ordinary 
N  oticing the common making extraordinary
G  ood made better with praise

D  ay of family time when all stays
A  ll rejoice with food and fun
Y  earning for more time and a rerun

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I can't sleep, I can't think

N obody understands my pain

S some say I'm depressed, have anxiety

O thers smile and sleep through the rain

M an, I wish I could shut my eyes

N o matter how hard I now try

I nsomnia sucks, my weary head

A fter awhile, is gonna break down and die

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All About Me

Could I present myself to you and introduce just me?
Look at my brown hair, hazel eyes, and yet there’s more to see.
A smiling face I try to have, some humor and some puns,
Rich I am not, but still I go to places and have fun.
Each task I get I try to do the very best I can,
Now I’m not saying I don’t fail, for I am just a man.
Church means a lot to me, I know, and that I don’t regret;
Each time I go I learn some more on how to better get.
Before I say good-bye to you, there’s something you should know:
I once was bound by awful sin, a life of shame and woe.
Love reached out to my soul one day, and when it came I knew
Life everlasting could be mine if something I would do.
How glad I was when then by faith I trusted and obeyed,
Eternal life right then was mine when Christ my Lord was made.
I cannot thank Him now enough for all He did for me,
My poems and songs just naturally share His grace that set me free.
Each time I think of all He’s done, I cannot help but cry;
Redemption’s grace, His matchless love I’ll sing until I die.

--This poem is an acrostic of my first and last name.

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Time on our hands? Time to relax,
Time to sunbathe with the sun on our backs.
Time is something that makes us worry,
Time is short so we have to hurry.
Time is something that passes by,
Time is said to sometimes fly.
Time is abused every day,
Time is lost when it's thrown away.
Time is unique, each second is new,
Time you can use but never renew.
Time is never repeated, of this I am sure,
Time is something we must all endure.
Time seems to pass quick when your late for a train,
Time seems to pass slow when you are in pain.
Time first came to be at the point of creation,
Time will cease at anhillation.

© Dave Timperley 2011

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Find Your Passion

P ositive attitude is a key thing
A pply yourself at whatever you set out to do
S tay on course with whatever you do
S uccess is something you must earn
I  t’s up to you to decide what you want to do
O ffer your time to help others
N ow is your time to shine

You may have to look deep inside
And then it also could take you years to find
But when you do find what your passion is
You must hold onto it with everything you have
And don’t let it slip through your hands like grains of sand.

When you do discover your passion
Go after it with all of your heart
And don’t let anyone frustrate you with their words
Because I believe in you and I hope you do too
And I know you can do anything you set your mind to.

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Yesterday, time stirrred of reveries when
All of Summer brought colours bright;
My love's longing roamed this place, yet
Troubles whipped our days; in a rush it  
Seemed your tenderness withered fast.
So hasty for that promise of evermore, 
Far from flames that once led us to new stars
Away from a maze, until noons grew cold.

Now, despair widenened a river made,
It drained petals crowning your hair. But love 
Looks at us without a glimpse of eternity
As miles flew by, not one word for a heart yearned.
Though roots are tended  where gardens bloom
They're dried by sun's heat, unwatered and frail;
Here where our fingers dug into the sand
To memorize the glory of dew. I asked you to
Stay and wait for birds to name our songs.

Oh, those hours when wings of joy flew
I recall the way your smile rustled with the wind.
Believe me, I'm unable to bequeath this glow
In you I found the luster of dusk, more beaming than 
Yesterday, today or even tomorrow, still---

Yesterday's Acrostic Contest

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S eason I love to share with family
U ihibited fun and pleasure 
m um is the word the season is a treasure
m any friends having fun together
e veryone is in a good mood during this time of year
r eally wish this time of year would never end

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A Step at a Time

Some stumble on the first short step
Then are too afraid to try again
As they drift through life without a plan
In cowardly avoidance of the pain.
Resilient folks know though the road is rough,
With patience they also can reach their star
As steadily they put one step before the other.
Yesterday’s trials have brought them up this far.

Tomorrow steps for another brings him nearer
Or it may be he shall have reached his goal..

Taking the time to place each foot exactly,
He heartily has enjoyed his conquering role.
Excited that the climb is almost ended,

Still takes time to help his fellow man.
The long trip was surely worth the trouble
And once again he shouts aloud “I can.”
Realizing now that he has come so far,
Suddenly he touches his bright star. 

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Happy New Year - Acrostic

Happy new year is where I begin
A fresh beginning, a clean slate to start
Pointless arguements are all forgotten
Pour the drinks and start to sing
Yes it is the beginning of 2010
New years resolutions to keep
Everyone has different, quit cigarettes one cheers 
We'll we give that a day!
You look back on the bad things of the previous year
Enjoyment and laughter, disaster and sadness
Accept the past and look to the future 
Remember we are 364 days near to the next happy new year!

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The Milky Way Galaxy

Mysterious, vast collection of stars
Intriguing your curiosity, no more than a marvelous band of light
Lighting up the inky sky of the night
Killing smaller galaxies, colliding into them and tearing them apart
Years grouped in billions go by as stars die and new ones are born

Whizzing around it are the Large and Small Clouds of Magellan
And it is huge, like a giant white whirlpool of light in the ocean of darkness
Years, 3 billion before its dramatic end, colliding with the Andromeda galaxy

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Greed is enthralled in us all.
Real or imaginative and never saw.
Each has their own level of call.
Everyone has this code in a fall.
Dereliction is the key for a draw.

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THE DAILY REPORT 032620111005pm

They say that time has a way of healing
Hearts, that have experienced too much pain.
Each day brings opportunities to gain
Distance from the pain that you were feeling.
As time goes by, you continue dealing,
Inwardly, with the pain that may remain,
Limiting the pressure of the insane
Yesterdays, that always had you kneeling.
Relieve yourself of the pains of the past,
Even if they are difficult to face.
Prepare yourself, and prepare yourself fast,
Or remain stuck in the very same place.
Remember that this pain will never last
Too long, as long as you face it with grace.

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serene evening

Stillness my vacant eyes dart around to feel, Evening’s redness is sliding into night’s lap, a glow alights its appeal. Road that converges into my apartment building seems lonely, Each window awaits the arrival of beings who are homely. Now I sit on the swing perched on my terrace garden, Every time I look at the green mountains, my stare it hardens…. Every bird I can see flying homeward in flocks, Valiant squirrel it runs around from coconut trees to garden rocks, Every leaf from the tree is closing itself to the world, Night slowly creeps upon me its shadow unfurled. Insects crowd around the light on the terrace wall, Now it’s time for me to listen to the wind’s whistling call. Grand wind chimes on the roof make sweet melodies as night befalls.

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A Baby's Plight

A life just beginning, and so unaware;
Born he will not be--it just isn’t fair!
Oh, can’t you just see him as he struggles so,
Resisting the chemicals as inward they go?
Too bad, for his mom didn’t want him to live,
Instead to abortion this body did give.
Oh, listen to this voice and heed to this cry:
Now’s time to stop this ere more babies die!
Abortion is murder, that can’t be denied,
But they call it “birth control,” and they have just lied,
Or “family planning” or some other name;
Regardless, it’s taking life and it is insane.
To call it one’s freedom or call it pro-choice
Is forgetting one person and his right to a voice.
One person, that baby, that life that’s been thwarted,
No choice has he had, for he was aborted!
And now his blood cries from his heavenly home
Because Jesus took him so he’d not be alone.
On high he now dwelleth, and in his new place
Rests forever from those who’d bring him disgrace.
Torn from his mom’s body in violent haste,
In fire he was thrown there along with the waste.
Only now his torn body has been all glorified,
Never more to be butchered through man’s greedy pride.
Americans, please listen to the babies’ dire plight
Because abortion is murder; it’s wrong and not right!
Our God up in heaven will surely repay
Returning this violence on our heads some sad day.
Today is the day to reverse the decision
Inscribed by the court through man’s faulty vision.
Oh, listen to this voice, and heed to this cry:
Now’s time to stop this ere more babies die!

This poem is written with an acrostic of ABORTION.

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Live, Laugh, Love

Life is too short and time is the foe,
It will all be gone before you know.
Very few things in life will last,
Enjoy each day, don't dwell on the past.
Live every day in a way that you're proud
And if you find love, shout it out loud.
Until your time comes, share wisdom and wit.
Give laughter freely, don't be selfish with it.
Happiness is doubled when shared with another.
Love your fellow man as if he's your brother.
Only by loving will you also know love.
Very lucky you'll be to live, laugh and love.
Enjoy all God gives you, 'til he calls you above.

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Writer's Block


Writers’ block  stay away from me!
Run away from me because I can’t stand your kind
In fact I don’t want you anywhere close to me, you
Take away all my creativity, that's all do as you swoop on me and
Every time you descend on me I just want to get
Rid of you ASAP… so you better
Stay away from me before all my screws come loose…

Be good and just go away and leave me alone!
Let me write what I want and just let me be
Okay I’m warning you one more time if you 
Come any closer to me I’ll just get rid of you so fast and then I’ll
Kick you so hard to the curb yes I will!

Dorian Petersen Potter
Aka ladydp2000

August 23, 2009

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Secrets Of The Pink Floss Diary

Secrets Of The Pink Floss Diary

Pink bubble-gum lip gloss is my signature smack and my best plan of attack.

Italian pumps of the best design prop up my gams, 
making them look as if I ran lots of laps that day.

Nights of tango and salsa lessons give me the smoothest moves and 
have the fellows asking me for more time on the dance floor.

Kudos the same fellows give me, for being so mellow and easy to get 
along with when we’re out on a date.

Full of fun and laughter is what my friends and family all say about me, 
they say that’s my best trait.

Learning how to lay back and enjoy the ride of life on the lazy river 
is a great thing to enjoy each summer and all throughout life, too 
much passes me by if I don’t take time to enjoy my life.

Opening my heart and my mind to people who are near and dear to me; 
learning to always be present with those who are so special to me.

Showing those I love, how special they are by expressing to them 
how much I love them and how essential they are to my life and 
how much joy they bring to my life.

Spontaneously choosing the best moments to express my sexuality 
with my soul mate seductively with a simple wink of the eye or the bat 
of an eyelash is imperative to keeping our passion ever flowing.

This poem was inspired by Shirley Harrison’s Poem Candy Floss,

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Remembering something last minute;
Uttering curses while hastily dressing.
Stumbling around with one shoe on,
Hurrying out, while forgetting lunch.

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  Yesterday when the sky was young and 
All the clouds were cotton candy strung
My memories take me back to a place where 
Troubles  skipped over ponds so clear
Seemed like just a ripple in time
So much more  those ripples passing through my mind

Far  from those ripples now
Away from where those youthful winds did blow
Now I watch as the  clouds sail by
It seems my cotton candy clouds  away did fly
Looks like they've turned to  marshmallows now
As the winds of time continue to flow

Though the hands of time are fixed in place 
They're apt to flex in reminiscent's  grace
Here they'll float across the mind like clouds
To rest where memories are bestowed, and
Stay within the heart , adored

Oh how the time does fly away
I see its flight in clouds of gray, where I 
Believe the winds of time do sway.

In time all our tomorrows will turn to 
Yesterday, where all those  cotton candy clouds do play

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Florida Keys- Blue

The bluest ocean I've ever seen
well in some spots there were shades of green
The Oceans apart from life's dreary breeze.
I'm talking about the Florida Keys.

I was young last time I went.
I remember the time I spent.
The blue skies , blue waters and all.
It's so picturesque, I recall.

I like to swim in waters blue
clear as glass just looking through
Coral reefs I saw so clear
as the fish swam ever near

All the sparkling oceans view
compliments the shade of Blue.

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Time zones have a bound,
In each setting making a mound,
Mexico to Iowa there’s places to go,
Ending with a different type of doe,
Zing found with sugar and spice,
On top of the world feeling big it’s so nice,
Never ending journeys are taken
Expecting a new one in each time zone

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Worldwide is far bound with all,
Outspoken making the world to call,
Right ways and wrong are out to make,
Leaving each time zone at steak,
Dividing the signs into a loop,
When time is out the hour glasses hoop,
Inside and out makes it fold,
Dealing with people learning to hold,
Entitled ways to make sense astray.

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A Child's Desire

We desire your prayer, a responsive heart and a gentle touch as Parent
We long after your attention, your affection and acceptance of our Attitude
We wish you accept our childlikeness and encourage us by Reciprocating
We need you to appreciate our looks and applaud our skills by Education
We want your time and your play time, a way of caring and Nurturing
We feel like holding you, loving you, trusting you and you Talking
We crave for your friendship as your presence is an Inspiration
We believe you will be there for us and help us identify our Needs
As we learn to love you and as you learn to trust us Genuinely

Provide for him your compassionate heart and your Care
Give him a hand and a brighter tomorrow with Hope
Be interested in his intentions and seek his Interests
Teach him to love himself and respect others Love
Let him be diligent with his skills and talents as he Develops
Encourage him to believe in his hand work and be Humble
Allow him to strive for the best at every Opportunity
Help him to accept his person and assist him to be Original
Everything he perceive and sense let it be the basis of his Development

Let him be taught and be trained to be Trustworthy
Let him have expectation and provide for him an Education
Let him be exposed to positive values within his Environment
Build him to become a teen in deed as he solves others Needs
Let him aspire and set goals and guide him to Achieve it
Become his friend since he need you as a Guardian angel
Let him experience your love like never before so that he will Express it
Let him know he have choice to everything and a Right to choose

There is a stage in human development termed Adolescence
The phase of life when teens make critical decision we call Destiny
A period of discovery and the realization of individual Originality
A time when teens should learn to listen and love Life
A season of acquiring social skills and of seeking knowledge and Education
An era of great creative opportunity and interpersonal and relational Synergy
An age of learning effective communication skill and acquiring an attitude of Care
An episode in human lifespan and a time of great enthusiasm and Exploration 
A period when teens learn how to be independent and responsible for their Needs
A time when teens remember God with their heart and follow their Conscience
A time teens sow and experience the manifestation of their great Expectation

A Child's Desire

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Turning over and over through the
Hours, my friend. My
Eyes see yours and I know you’re here.
When you say “will you still come to see me when
I’m alone and
Not how you remember me?”
Do I know you enough to know?
But, see…
Like when the trees bend,
Or when the rain falls…

What am I
True love waits? What the
Hell is that? I was beginning to think the only thing I’d 
Over for would be for a good Cheetos bag.
Upon that occasion, I’d be sure to look
Good for the cashier at the local store. 
True love waits? What the 
Hell is that? I don’t know
Everything, but I know something.
Trees bend.
Rain falls.
Everything dies,
Everyone dies,
Sooner or later.
And the only way out
Now is to
Die before something else can kill you.
Telling me about something 
Other than me. My concerns. My
Pathologies. And for God’s sake
Stop saying “true love waits!”
Don’t you have somewhere 
Else to be? No? 
Are you lonely? Ah, I see.
Damn you. Leave me be.
Sooner or later, all
Things die. But…
I’ve got to admit you’ve taught me something. I 
Learned that all things somewhere, someday also

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Questioning the ideals of this age
Unlike our fast-paced friends who
Immerse themselves in noise.
Evenings are made for
This time of reflection.

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Just dreaming

I feed my love hunger in sad songs
I stop living my life in the shadows of my sorrow
I enjoy the happiness in small things
I'm calling sometimes the loneliness
I need myself back and I miss...You
I'm a dreamer and I hope the peace will follow ...The  World.

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My life, Here and Now

I work full time indeed,
but you just need more money these times,
a part time job's  what I need,
so I got the paper to see what I could find,
I answered an add in the news,
"sleeping with dogs", the ad read,
so out in the rain, I cruise,
to see if my part time job, lay ahead,
the interview went very good,
I did and said all that I should,
they called on the phone the next day,
and said, "come down to dog cottage", right away,
when I got there they came to me,
and said, "you got the job",
I start at the end of the week,
so my life here and now,
theres a sneak peak.

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My New Years Wish LIst

Homelessness will be outlawed
Americans unemployed will go back to work
Parents will spend more time with their children
Pornography will be removed from the internet
Young Americans will spend less time on social networks

No child will be molested
Every child will know the love of a Parent
World Peace

Young children will all have health insurance
Every American Soldier will come home
Arab nation will denounce Al Qaeda and the Taliban 
Reverence to God will be the Norm

For the Happy New Year Contest.........

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What we know is that the forbidden word means at what time, during what period?
Happily it also means during the time that,  at the moment  that  -
All  easy enough to skirt around grammatically.
Though  can we skirt the really difficult  issue  with just a nod?

What  kids are always preoccupied with is questions of time - they  sigh,
Hoping  against hope, as if they doubted the future 
Entirely.  They ask how or what or who or why    
Rarely as often  as this time question.
Each kid seems to need non-stop clock-measure  close by.

Where time is concerned, it has great significance for a small child.
How can we ask a one-year-old to wait a week?  It’s asking for 2 percent of his life.
You ask a five-year-old to wait a month - again you’ve cut out 2 percent with your knife.

Why ! -  asking a three-year-old to wait a month before an expected  treat  (say)
Has the same time-impact as asking me to stand and wait about two years for a seat.
If I express it more urgently, if you ask a three-year-old  to  wait 
Calmly for an hour for the toilet, it is like asking me to wait nearly a whole day. 
Hopefully no one will ask me to wait thus.

Which is really getting us nowhere.  What man really cares much?
He can wait if patient;  or act if impatient. How long will he wait?
Only he knows which hour of the clock will be his deadline.  Who else can know?

No one can really know, for we have no word to express it. 	


Written  by Sydney Peck
for Paula Swanson’s   Contest   “When”

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More Roses For PD

      Roses, may she collect them
      Once in time and time again
      So she gets them on a whim
      Ever present rose on a limb
      So hope her roses don’t dim

      Fresh dozen just for my friend
      Of my heart which never ends
      Red roses to show I tend

      Precious friendship for all time
      Don’t forget the flowers find
      !Their heart true, one of a kind

Russell Sivey

This poem is also dedicated to PD (already submitted previous entry to contest)


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Call out to me in the night
On days that are not so bright
Undo what cannot be changed
Right now will never be the same
Till I face time and become a man
Now I’ve finally come to understand
Even if love says our time is due
You and I both know how much I love you

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Yesterday wafts softly down as this days echo fades
All but hushed to whisper by time’s ever binding glue
My dreams this night will richly form and dance between the two 
Troubles displayed within my mind without the albatross of time 
Seem now to be soliloquy from some angst left behind 
So thin this veil which clouds these fears 
Far moved from truth as dawn appears 
Away cool sleep and move this play from long ago forgotten tears

Now bright as day my thoughts do sway
It seems to me so far away
Looks as if the light has played, embalmer to the night’s foray  
As yesterday now locks it’s door
Though with some mild chagrin 
They're foolish all who would ignore
Here lies the keeper’s spin 
To yesterday there are still ways to tweak you from behind 
Stay gently present or you’ll drift with rearward fettered mind

Oh, think not back or you will feel, this specter from the dark 
I think it triggers off some long thought vanquished spark
Believe this as you close your eyes 
In some subconscious stream
Yesterday waits quick to pounce as night includes your dream

Written for acrostic "Yesterday" contest 

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7 4 letter words that molded my life

How I had hate for you, for a longest time in my life,
All I ever thought I was,  was the slave in your eyes,
T eaching me the lessons of life, with wrought hands,
Every time you beat me, you beat me like a man.

Pain was an illusion, I soon learned to over come,
Another beating over, well another soon will  come.
In your eyes I was a really bad child, where you had to punish me,
Nothing ever stopped you, not even my screams.

How you have hurt  me, scars I carry inside,
Understanding why for me, was a never ending fight,
Reliving all those memories, brings me much shame,
Toughen up you reckon, you must be insane.

Fearing you triggered my anxiety early on in my life,
Each day I'd come home from school, and all I wanted to do was hide,
Always alert, always on guard, always looking for signs,
Readying the will to take it again, just like every other time

Very vein you where of how I was raised, you often talked to friends,
Even beatings in front of them, putting me on display entertaining them,
In your mind you were justified, and I had to pay,
Never a care for me in mind, it's my fault you were that way.

Relentlessly  and repeatedly, I suffered from your rage,
All the time just screaming at me, because some how I misbehaved,
Getting it out of you system once, was never enough,
Enraged by the loss of yourself control, always re-sparked you off.

Love was the reason you told me, you did it cause you cared,
Over the years you ingrained this in me, So one day I could share,
Very proud of this love you were, I never went out,
Every time you thought I needed more, It was time for another bout.

Thirty four years of hate and anger it took me, before I could understand what real love was.

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   Having the first experience with girls isn't easy,
   And especially when you're on a first date.
   Such a quandary...making sure you look your best.   

   All the while, he keeps thinking...
  "No, don't say that or she will think you're a jerk!"
   Yet, no one has prepared him for that moment
   Of awkwardness, when he is supposed to kiss her.
   Now, comes the big question for him ..."Do I keep my
   Eyes open or closed?"

   Every fibre of his being knows that the time is 
   Very close.  What a delicate situation for him.
   Each of his nerve endings will be jumping as
   Rivers of emotion will break over his being.

   Then, the moment comes.  In a flash, she gets close,
   Opens her mouth just a little,
   Lifts her head to just the right angle...
   Dry and parched lips are all he can offer in return.

   Yet, their lips come together, and like the 
   Ongoing tide, the kiss takes place
   Under a moonlit sky in some secluded lover's lane.

   All that he will remember is that
   Beautiful moment, that one instant, that
   One singular happening when 
   Under that sky, he had achieved
   The manhood that he had dreamed about for so long.

   That singular moment will be forever frozen in time for
   Him.  Sixty years hence, it will be like only a moment ago.
   Each time he thinks of it, it will bring a smile to his face.

   Both the young man and that girl may have long parted
   In their lives, perhaps on to other dates and encounters.
   Reality though, is that the first time is always one that is
   Deeply remembered for the intimacy that was
   Shared by them at that moment.
   Although they may have grown apart,
   Neither of them will ever forget that sweet encounter,
   Dipped in the pen of both love and romance.

   Throughout a lifetime of loving encounters,
   He will certainly never forget that first
   Emotional tidal wave of romantic relief after a first kiss.

   Being all too overcome with the
   Enchantment and the 
   Excitement that it had produced, he can hardly wait for the next big moment...

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Full Circle

From darkness was where creation started.
Universally life acquired existence slowly.
Light the power which gave life openhearted.
Love which came grew into passion fluently.

Coming from the power of glory as been told,
Imploding creativity of the soul so sincere,
Revolving into the black holes that appear cold,
Cycles of life may begin again, so ever near.
Look into the abyss, see not dark, see the gold.
Everything has an end, though have no fear.

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Violent Dreams

Let your body take over and your mind escape 
welcome to the darkness of sleepless fate, 
Walking on the clouds with people you admire 
your soul is a plan with the darkest desire, 
Fighting the awakeness is pain passing time 
your soul is a dream released by your mind, 
A place across the ocean where dreams never end 
once you let go the vanishing begins, 
Sealed eyes wide, caught up in a moment 
your spirit leaves free as your body stays lonely, 
Reach the dark side where voices are unheard 
where the good and the evil get what they deserve, 
I'm never going back, my time is to stay 
my spirit drifts away as the voices fade, 
Closer and closer the immortal calling 
my body awakes as my spirit keeps falling, 
Till I get the hint my time is forever 
I'm never going back to the ones that I treasure, 
I'm stuck in a dream caused by violence 
In a wide wooded bed living with the silence. 

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A New Year

A nother year has come and gone.

N ew adventures lie ahead.
E ndeavors put off for so long,
W ill now be focused on instead.

Y earning for more peace, less pain,
E ach new day a chance to soar.
A nticipating commitment's gain,
R emembering to seek the Lord.

12/26/11 for Brian Strand's Eight, Nine, Ten contest.

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End Times: Aspects

A time when signs increase
Some are brought level
Poison from Fukushima
Ecology and diversity drop
Comets show their aspects
Time to realise, determine
See the changing seasons

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Space Travel

Science fiction writers formulate countless stories of trips to the stars.
Telling us about adventures to planets like Venus and Mars.
All their tales take us into a future time and place.
In each of them, courageous pioneers venture into space.
Riding inside their contraptions, they send us to places that are new.
Wandering into the far reaches beyond our sky of blue.
Advancing into worlds very much different from our own.
Yeoman tasks from raw unmitigated courage are grown.

Tomorrow’s space travel is quite enlightening.
Often at times, it can also be frightening.
They may encounter alien beings with greater intelligence.
However, our pioneers may meet those with hideous appearance.
Either way, we advance our knowledge of the universe with experience.

Striving constantly to push the knowledge of our universe.
Taking on challenges of great proportions for better or worse.
All rise to deal with the hardships that may arise.
Roving into strange territories of infinite size.
Seeing for the first time with their very own eyes.

Robert Pettit for Linda-Marie’s “Stairway to the Stars” acrostic challenge

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Happily Ever After

Hoping one day that I might find
A man who touches my heart as well as my mind.
Perhaps he's out there looking for me.
Perhaps we'll never meet, I'll just wait and see.
I still believe in happily ever after.
Love that lasts through bad times and laughter.
You always assume that there's someone out there.

Everyone needs someone to love, to care.
Very often I've wondered if I'll find real love,
Enduring and passionate, sent from above.
Real and forever is what I wait for.

A man who's my partner, nothing less, nothing more.
From time to time I wonder if he
Thinks about finding someone like me.
Easily in the past love slipped through my fingers.
Real love won't do that, real love lingers.

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October Tenth

Oh wolfcub, time is not my friend
Can't rest till you are here
This mockingbird will take its leave
Only when you’re near
By now you will be waking
Encased in your own time
Roll over and you'll feel my touch
Trail gently down your spine
Enjoy the morning sunlight,
Night will follow soon
This time will pass, till then my love
Howl softly to the moon.

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can`t you hear the sounds of mother earth
telling you something has gone wrong
but yet we pretend
like the voices are not there
 and it shows
it shows we don`t even care
but guess what is your home 
and its our duty to make it strong
 picture somebody without a home
and believe it or not
but our time is soon to 
because mother earth is
ringing and

ringing,so why won`t you believe me
cant you hear the sadness of mother earth ringing
telling you she sad because your breaking her heart
we are her children and she loves us
so why must we continue to do more
you know what i think i think its time to say i will not hurt mother earth anymore
 its time to say 
thats enough
because theres only one earth
so the next tome you hear that voice just sop and listen to mother earth.

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On this road again, wasting time.

So good to see you once again. 
We could sit and talk about it
Or continue on with the journey 
Down this road of entity. 
It’s a long way 
Before we get there.
Many bridges we will ravage,
Before we come home. 
We’ll signify on the way,
There is so much ahead of us
I don‘t want to miss. 

Look at those meager souls
Out there in the distance, 
They seem so vacant. 
Can’t they discern?
Through his eyes they will see tranquility.
To conceive a path on the way.
A passage to convey with immunity
On their way home.
Everyone will want to see.
Surely this, they will miss.

As i turn from the distance
To see you beside me,
My focus seized by a reflection.
The shine of deity 
within your eyes.
Darkness has receded,
Skies filled luminous red and purple. 
The end of the road is sublime,
Over those gates peer into ecstasy.
Hope to identify her facade.
Cant wait to meet him.
My own sea of rebuttal 
Needs to be set in place.

Drifted soul in the shadows
Squint toward divinity.
This road is far too long
To be stricken with reason.
He doesn’t believe you can’t see.
Surely this, you will miss.

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Surprise this is the month I was born. Each time this month ends, I am forlorn. Pressing winter is around the corner in scorn. Though the colors changing and all they adorn, Enrich days of this month especially in the morn. My favorite month within the year, without mourn. Because without this, I would maybe been unborn, Each passing day serves to shatter warmth and warn. Rendering nature’s time, we both wait to be reborn.

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The title won't fit

I am saved by those who learn from my mistakes

I open my eyes to see something else new
Amazing after seeing all that I’ve been through
My mind starts to dream and I drift away 
Somehow I still arrive at today.
Another day with yet another chance
Viewed from the top where I take a stance
Everything seems to join together
Disappointment floats away like a feather
By this time I thought I would already know
You first plant the seed so something shall grow
The more I learn the less I know.
How many mistakes before I understand?
Only my heart knows the best that I can
So many things are just left to fate
Erase all that’s passed and wipe clean the slate.
When I feel saved is when my words are heard
How it got to this seems rather absurd
Only mistakes can teach you of life
Learn to forgive and forget about strife.
Every little piece becomes part of a whole
Another day passes, another day old
Remember or else you soon shall forge
No matter my fate the future is not set.
Finally peace arrives at my door
Receiving what my future holds in store
Only time can show me the key
Me, I just look and the more I can see
Many people come and then they go
Yet I still stand here trying to steal the show
More often than not you shall get what you send
Initially it might appear like the end.
Sometimes when I hurt I remember why
Too many mistakes based on somebody lie
Another chance for me to save myself
Kindness prevails sent by somebody else.
Every soul has spent some time on the shelf
So goes the discovery of oneself...

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Not Hindered

T  ime's hands move slowly
H  indered not by a rush
E  very second a gentle flow

W  hen will the call come
A   lready anticipating
I    nterlude's crumbs
T   otal silence in patient's room   

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14 was when we waved goodbye,
to be set off in this world of danger.
14 was when he lost me,
and I lost her.
What a price to pay
for a mother.
What a burden to have
To be lost,

The lioness watches her own be
Taken away into the darkness
To the mouths of ghostly,
Dominant males.
Evil, red eyed beasts.
How can she take this pain?
This crowned, 
broken heart brought before her.

She is calling them in the night.
Howling for them to come
consume her body in minutes,
alleviating all the pain
from this lost love.
Lost in the darkness.
They are full now, 
done feasting.
I’m heading back home.

The second sun
has ascended.
He is surprisingly beautiful.
A path of light and direction 
I have always wanted to be.
My pathway of righteousness
Without heartbreak.
Feeling anguish now,
Wasting time again.

I’ve just now realized
all this time,
You were the howling
that’s been calling me back home.
been too far along now
In this sea of death.
Its my time now,
Its time for you to bring me home.

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Ticking clock, tick tock.
Impatience - Hurry up!
Measured in seconds, minutes, hours:

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Remembering My Darling (Acrostic)

Something tells me love is there
Hoping tomorrow will let us bear;
All your love I feel from within
Remember my darling, now we begin.
Expressing our love to share as two
When tomorrow does pass we'll be true;
I give to you my faith and my heart
To love for ever as we come to start.
Hold me close, don't ever let me go
Tell me you love me, just so I know;
One day in time we'll seek the charms
Nestled together within each others arms.
If that day never comes, hold our love
Giving us time to seek the Lord Above;
Happiness will be the moment we kiss
Telling you then, I will never again miss.

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Power of the Crystal

Can a crystal sphere make the magic it weaves?
Read like a book, as old as the reading of tea leaves 
Years and centuries, like paper they fold
Stars shine, the ball glows, your fortune is told
The gypsy's eyes twinkle as she goes into a haze
A question mark it holds, as intricate as a maze
Like fire, her eyes are set ablaze

Be it good or bad, the future and past it keeps 
All marvel at the power, the answer can make even men weep    
Lies and betrayal are all thrown out
Look into the crystal if you have a doubt

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Stars race as
Time in space
Aligning themselves
Inside the solar system

Written by Andrew Crisci
for Linda-Marie's contest,
" Stairway To The Stars "

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Unholy quest

In the beginning there was man, alone and complete,
Then he had made discoveries, feats and attempts.
In the time of ancient man we could have seen
Some bright minds whom tried to make some order:
They tried to bring man out of the darkness.
Heroes in textbooks, unique in this world
Every one of them a prophet, a leader of Thought
Making life easier, making it worth to be lived.
Enemies they had; lots of them I could mention;
Allies on the other hand a few, just a handful.
None of these heroes have survived the unholy quest:
Imagining a world tat has something in its chest.
Nothing seems to add up, nothing makes any sense
Getting the answers they have asked from none, hence
Only those can give answers who understand the question
For only those, who understand, can give a definition.
Lost this truth has been for a very long time now
In the end they had to reveal the secret but how?
For or against the question is why to chose life over death
Every man knows the answer: “It is the meaning of life”

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Debs rattle

Bored, I got sunburnt,
Evidently, I learnt,
Across the road ,
Cantered cane toads, 
Henry thought it’s fine,
Bull mastiff Jerry Hog's,
Laugh's at every bodies dogs,
A growling all the time .
No body wore their togs,
Kangaroos were banned,
Elisa sat and did count frogs,
Too hot the ladies fanned,
But later on the Hog had gone,
I thought he did it nicely,
Not the dog on the grog,
Go a bit unsound precisely,Over dog diddle cocked leg widdle, worn so nicely. 

Met her on the Balmoral tram in 68 or 9,
mostly she was short and sweet our eyes did lock,
miss Dark hair, she'd brought some wine.
Maybe came together once sublime and then she went away.
My fate to meet, a child to make, & parted from that day.
My boy was born in 69 perhaps an adopted fate,
May wonder where is he now this Dan or Nathan maybe 28?

All I wanted was the sex,
But she wanted babies,
Can I take a bloody bex,   (pain killer)
Don’t care much for rabies,
Every time I vacillate,
Frown it comes with maybes…

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Resolve to resolute

N ot so new I feel so old
E very resolution I make is broken
W hen will I find a little courage?

Y ou must have seen a rough year too
E ither that or we're all in denial
A time has come for us to be
R eady for the changes that will inherit all 365 days of smiles

Happy New Year to everyone and be blessed, humble and prosperous at all time 
because any thing less would be so 2010!!!!! Hahaha !!!!!! LOL!

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Hats on
Paper plates ready?
Please don't drop any crumbs
Your glass
Empty yet?
Won't you have some more?
Almost upon us
Ready, "Happy new year"

Happy New Year - Acrostic competition entry

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Measuring our time each year,
ever-present background fear.
longing for the end to come,
attaching meaning to the sum.
nearer to us our fate draws,
creeping time to natures laws.
how we search for end of time,
older, older, it's sublime.
lingering in youth of old,
years are passing, time unfolds

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Help Lost

Head scrambled, bejangled, and no longer together. 

Everlasting you said, but nothing lasts forever.

Letting me think that, was a trick but not clever.

Percentages say you’re the reason of my endeavor.

Laugh as you will its all good.

Our time dwindles at the rate it should.

Still you’d stop the time if you could.

To bad this is real life, or you would.

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Fur Life

sometimes we feel so alone here on earth
that we forget ourselves and loose our worth...

why do we sadden so easily I wonder;
when I look at other people, guilt seems to creep upon my body,
I don't know why though.

as if I see their fears and not shed tears,
when they sit alone in a park.

Alone, for who wonders why:


In all, by just appearance
So easy to misconceive the human eye.

May it be so simple that you and I cannot be friends?
A dependable, trustworthy, always known how you feel friend?
Not really...cause our flesh is too the same, carved with a loose knife...

But, isn't it an amazement, that flesh covered in fur, could seem not to detour.
Every time by your side.
Soft, slick licks; to happy your time.
Timid life span in comparison to ours.

Forever though remembered, for they stay in our hearts.
Rigid at times...
In an out of line.
Easy to please and hard for them to obey.
Never surrendering though, if fear you display.
Dipping their eyes to see your face.

The elderly live longer because they call them friend.

They do not care if you are ugly...well you must be already to them.

They give time to you always, even though you forget yours.

Your childhood felt lonely, until they came on hunched curves.

Being an adult was hard but they helped you smile.

It's funny how an animal could save you...

....from a depressing lifestyle.

importance of pets in a person's life

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Christmas Love

Christmas is a time for
Happiness, joy,
Romance and love.
It is a time to be close to others.
Santa brings many things, some-
That we need others we don't.
My only wish this year is-
A special person to spend time with.
Someone caring who loves me.

Love is more important than those-
Other things that people want. I-
Value it above gold or jewels or-
Even above my own life.

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Never to Late

Nothing is always the answer.
Everything is sometimes an enhancer.
Value the most important things.
Raise your voice, and say something not too vengeance.

Talk to seomeone who's enough to trust.
Often say things that densest.

Love just enough to be the greatest.
Amaze the surroundings and be the smartest.
Tuition for this world.
Easy as can be.

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Banishes that evil blond
Really need that artificial intelligence to kick in
Understands I am being thorted yet again
Now really time to kick in intelligence
Every one needs a new color from time to time
Time to accept that the blond and gray may not go away
Trying to pray that damn intelligence kicks in
Eerie how having brown hair now makes you invisible

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Broken Dreams

Wonderous dreams come and go.

But broken dreams stay forever!

You loved me once apon a time a wonderous 

dream come true.

Try as I might I can't get rid of the 

broken dreams that come surrounding me all 

through the night.

That I think I shall go mad! 

Too much time has come and gone since I've 

seen you wonderous face, 

But in my broken dreams you call out to me 

and yet some how you stay so far away. 

Broken dreams why do you haunt me so?

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Up and Out of the Cage

Dabble in the pen for a bit
Eventhough you know it is not worth it.
Not for a moment, not for a dash
In through your skull it is a rat-a-tat-tat.
At the end of the lines the end is the start
Lasting in ink dried, immortal from rot.

Interest has been lost
Now the flow has slowed.

Dispense from the wonder, cast off to the unknown
In floods of floundering frustration and feebleness.
Sink no more because the muddy bottom is found.
Grind to the surface there is nothing that can stop it while
Upscale high rise condos pale in comparison
Inuendo and secrecy is the best trick of the goal so
Swallow the pills and see where they take you and
Eventually a balance of dabble will bring the start to the end.

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Do You Remember

Do you remember
Or has time erased the memory

You and me at the time we met
On motorcycle or on horseback
Up all night, you telling me stories

Real love was growing
Even as you fought it
Man and woman coming together as one
Endearing and enduring love
Manifesting itself over time
By dedication, passion, learning, working together
Every day, especially when we encounter struggles
Real people, real love, you and me

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Sifting through the faint pages of the memory
Imbedded in dreams long buried and forgotten;
Muted voice of a young boy comes back to stay,
Unfurling from the deepest corner of the brain;
Latent images of a once carefree, innocent youth
Almost faded now yet, vaguely remembered still;
Clouded by the passage of the unforgiving years,
Returning but once again to where I was back then;
Undoing the dents wrought by the passing time, I
Meet the present and promptly end the dreaming.

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Spirit of Independence

Securing the welfare of humanity was the key.
Preparing for the worst, with the best yet to see,
Independence is worth anything, to be free.
Rich of blood, the first to know it was Royalty.
Intelligence was what drove it to you and me.
Total freedom never been honored to thee.

Our blessings are richer then ancestors decree.
Fences unblocked, time will decide what will flee.

Ideas change, but basics, will always remain to be.
Not just honor from death, peace will continue to plea.
Disillusion of many, what true freedom brings to degree.
Each of us must set in our hearts, peace, do not you agree.
Preparing to lay waste to all our selfish and childish debris,
Enchantingly the hopes that all good things come in threes,
Never delivering any work, to win, the remaining jubilee.
Demanding it will never come from any political party.
Each of us may never buy it or find on any marquis.
Not yet to be supplied or gave in any major quantity,
Challenges of this “Spirit of Independence” are our destiny.
Exoneration of all our guilt will teach us its identity.

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Every time you walk by  I watch you so deeply but you never notice me.I know 
think of me as just a friend but time you not with me  I feel alone.
Now that your here with me im alright I hate to be with out someone I care about.
It's hard for me to try make you understand me.I have stars in my eyes every time 
you walk by im happy.You could care less  its like  im love for you is
so  unstopable.I tryed so  hard to hate you but I can' eyes light up every time I 
see you I am never alone when your near.

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Human being’s mind rhyme
A moment of undefined time
Interacting with a fine chime
Kissing the fruit of a wild lime
Understand nature’s sublime

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Phidias by his labor sculpted you into a majestic temple
Atop the craggy Acropolis to watch over Athens beautiful,
Rugged boulders, pine forests, ancient agoras and all.
The mighty god Poseidon lusted for the siren call of your city.
Her wisdom dictating, goddess Athena won't cede it away.
Eons ago you rose up for Athena and till this day you survive,        
Not anticipated by Pericles and other mortals, dead or alive.    
Only you alone for sure can tell the rest of humanity why     
None could put you down though centuries had gone by. 

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A Lonely Soldier

I'm in my fox hole cold and damp,
I'm using my matches for a lamp,
I'd give anything to be at home,
instead of this ditch here all alone,
oh the thoughts of mama going thru my mind,
with her loving arms around me, she's so kind,
I can almost smell the cooking that mama did,
with her shiny pots and fancy lids,
I hate to wake up, cause then I'll see,
I'm still in this hole for eternity.

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Quickly, sword in hand, he dashes to the battlefield,
Undaunted by booming cannons aimed right at him,
Inured to adversities far greater than his tiny shield,
Xpecting to wage his lonely fight, though not to win.

Only his soul knows what he really and truly wants,
To be a worthy foe or just an annoying mosquito?
In the end he is forgotten, mere footnote in history,
Crushed, wasted, relegated to the bin of ignominy. 

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Socializing, all day, until the cockcrow appears
Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, with his peers
Brilliant suits, perfect look, for the lovely dears
A busy body… and there, lots of cheers
Rich in emotion, poor in action, everyone hears
Interesting life….....champagne, wine and beers
Tick tock tick tock, says the clock, lo......., it gears
It’s first to arrive, late to leave, some disappears
Chitchat….chitchat….the hosts, almost, in tears

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Makes The World Go Round

L: living lovable, letting incense of love
O: overcome the heart’s desires while 
V: vibrant lovable vapors capture the soul 
E: exquisitely, for everlasting, with love

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R estless minutes; tedious hours,
E ndless seconds, as void devours,
P lodding, hobbling, lumbering thru
E ternal moments,
A waiting the emptiness of 
T he continual songs of boredom… an
E verlasting, Interminable, repeated
D ullness, that one day will forever fade…

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Losing Gravity

There shall be marrying and giving in marriage.  There shall be planting, 
Harvesting, buying, selling  and building, and there shall be 
Eating and drinking in the day when the Son of man is revealed; so, then,

Remember lot's wife.
After hearing the warning with chance to escape she was mindful of the 
Possessions and livelihood of Sodom, which she treasured in her heart, and
Turning herself to look back she became a pillar of salt; so let not him
Upon the house whose gods are inside and Him in the field consider anything to
Return back to take it away in that day, for those who are gravitated towards
Earth shall be left, but those who look up shall be taken to where their treasure is.

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wet work

I see rain drops hit the ground
And bouncing westward ever
Mother Earth still spinning round
On her sunny tether
Riding moon is at the helm
Guiding waves of weather
Answer echoes ripple far
Not as far as never
It’s water’s answer 
Cooling fire
Making steamed advances
Air awaits till tide abates
Nicely timed wind dances

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Delilah's Trap

Cunning without doubt
Her ways of doing things -
Innocent seeming, sweet even,
Charming at a glance but really backstabbing.

And foolish him oblivious to the trap she set up,
Not seeing below the surface of her pretty exterior.

Every now and then comes a loser and the loser is him,
Raging at all the chances lost falling for her mirthful guile.

Youthful Samson brought to the ground by Delilah's trickery.

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Holy Trinity

And he holy of all spoke mystic dressed in cloak, thou eye's tell a story clarity in 
with man unite i forever demand. Come not in fear seek me earth's end time is 
near understand those of humanity have been given fare warning now peace will 
reign almighty this eve's early morning.

Children of light follow me as if eye's forever see night my voice will guide you my 
forgiveness will in turn comfort you so you shall exist as holy trust depends of you.
Faith in all things that bare my blessing sheep not walk this path only know for 
treachery, soon my divine will awaken those who fall behind stand steadfast and 
awaken your mission dawn the reckoning of evil for only my grace will sore at this 
pinnacle as though heavens only eagle.

Time my children time will unleash my prophecy bright skies shinning through 
hate unrelenting. Never turn your back on me home is here all who prosper 
under me, Angels shall never weep holy trinity in which all ministries undoubtedly

copyright (c) 2006
Nicole Hodson